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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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r NC A 8 T STATE UNIV LIBRARY 3 0343 0336275$ l..J!h.......iiLiJi!iALlL ..A A M in . ' ! VWrMYiMl ' J»ll i ' mmmmm m. ■ j:m;.M This is an annual publication of the student body of The Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina f . C Editor-in-Chief Hi [H J» J ££ mi M imammmmwBmmm ontents During the school year many cultural and educational programs are presented. Shown above are Mrs. Pearl Bradley, William H. Chap- man, Juanita Hargrove, and Dr. Hugh H. Gloster of Hampton Institute — principals in tlic optninu phase (if tlie annua! English Einpliasis Series. M FOREAVORD 6 ADM I X I STR ATIOX 11 CLASSHS GREEKS EATIRES 34 80 96 SI ' ORTS lOG ACTIVITIES .118 Aiiiun ' j; the iiian) ' foreign students of our college eoinnniiiit) are Derrick H. Stone, Endego Bitowly. and Aletha L. Brown, who hail from the British West Indies, Ethiopia, and Liberia, respectivel) . 1 m -.■«? ' 3-w ' " ' ' ' ™™ ' ' :l| OREWORD A thrilling new chapter is added to the ever-chonging A. T. story. Through four-acts and countless scenes, the actors and actresses have appeared on the stage, taken their places, and emitted the lines written for them by the great Playwright. Some hove hod starring roles. Others have entered briefly, never to return in our time, to re-enter, perhaps, in another volume. Scenes have been set in varying multitudinous locales . . . from football game at Tallahassee, Florida to a college newspaper conven- J ion in New York City . . . from a choir concert at Gory, Indiana to a basketball game in Orangeburg, South Carolina. And in between the jaunts all over the eastern seaboard, the players have advanced rom the jittery emotional state of inexperienced actors to the finesse ■f|l% nd poise of the meticulous professional. Seasoned veterans now, they hustle to their places for the final scene of this human dromo. When the curtain has fallen, the play will be over, and they will seek parts in other dramas, on other stages, and the size of their roles will depend upon the account they have given of themselves here. t •• . t • " TBuTbefore we view the last scene of this production, let us scon what has already been recorded. Let us be critics, and perhaps we can predict the future of the play and its heroes and heroines. ' ZSSSm f i infoniial period of orientation BW PP W T!!»»W W " » edication As an attc ' stmciit tu the lastiii, ' teiidci-iR ' ss of Iut [jcrsuuality ... as a cini- (innatioii of the faith and encdura.uenient slie has yiven ... in aiipieciation for a stauncli devotion tiuU eelipses tlie hindinn ' i-eins of " duty, " we hmnhly dedicate this, onr nini ' teen hundred and lifty ei,-ht AV.WTKK to Miss Mai- Sai-et l . Collietl, Kesidenee CoUMSehir- for freshmen women students of Hol- land Had. A Alma Mater Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. A monument indeed! Aroinid thy base with grateful hearts Behold thy students kneel. We bless the power that gave thee birth To help lis in our need. We ' ll ever strive while here on earth All loyalty to yield. Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. The signet thou shalt be. Set by our great commonwealth Proud boaster of the free. She ' d have the record of her worth On granite not inscribed. Nay, let the children of her birth Proclaim it by their lives. CHORUS With joy, with joy, dear A. and T. Thy students turn from thee, To spread thy trophies year by year From Dare to Cherokee. Dear A. and T., Dear A. and T. Henceforth our aim shall be, By precepts wise and deeds more sure To bless the State through thee. The Arts of industry to wield Against an idle foe, A harvest rich from ripened fields Of what thv students sow. 10 . i ( W !i p i W F Ty ' , ' ' " ' W i ' » ' S ! ' WMW»y ; iM ' ) Pj y flT Administration ; The Board of Trustees The nienibers of the Board of Trustees in the order of appearance, reading from left to right are E. E. Waddell, George Sockwell, Henry A. Scott, A. H. Brett, Attorne - Robert Frazier, Chairman; Dr. War- moth T. Gibbs, President; W. B. Wicker, E. R. Merrick, James A. Graham, and Dr. Murray B. Davis. Dr. Warmoth T. Gibbs President f shall Iiiiil; i-i ' iiiciiilicr tlic cliallciiur (if tile many (i|j|iiirliiiiil ics of an atnniic aije. I ' i-i ' si(lciil (iililis has uatchi ' d Aunidaiid urciw t ' i-(!in ils iiil ' aiic) Id liccdnic (he thiid lai ' ncsl institnliiiii (if its kiml in tln ' wdihl. i ' ' iii- thirty years he si ' |- ' cil as Dean of the Si-IkkiI ci| ' Kduca- tiiin and Scicnrc and n iw runiplctcs his si ' coiid year as cnuinccr ol ' diir ciillc i- ' s dcsliny. His slicrcsscs |iro -i- his Icachinus cil ' t hr alucs and rewinds drii cd I ' luin the ac(|uisili(in nf knnul- I ' dyc and the cnltlN ' ation ol ' moral ,i;oodness and character. Miss Virginia Dniluini President ' s SccTi-tar ' Mrs. Lucille I ' iggott President ' s StenograpiuT 12 ■WP s ■ » .. M .-»» -« ». " f ». »»„. uMf sT»». ...» AMi. ,. Academic Dr. CAvn F. Haiikin Acting Dean. Siliool of Agriiiiltnrt ' J. M. Marteeiia Dfaii of Fatultirs aiul llu- SlIkhiI ut Kn ini ' i-riTiK Academic Mrs. Naomi W. ' nii Dean of tlio Sl1ic(uI uf Nursing C. S. Smith Dean of tlie Technical Institute Dr. F. A. W illiams Dean of the Graduate School 15 16 ■ .| | J. i " I ■» m y ww wwwMww ww Hill Officials F. E. Davis, M. D. College Physician Calvin R. StfVfiison Director of Summer School Ellis F. Corbett Director ()f Piihlie Helations Rev. Cleo M. McCoy Director of Religious Activities Mrs. Eiila K. Vereen Dii ' titian Dr. Arthur F. JacksdM Director of Guidance 17 EsnaEaBTTrTTSSEJii Wiliiaiii II. Dvan oi M.n Counselors Arthur Hradcii Pliillip D. Boone -■w V I Dean of Men Jiiiiinir I. Harht ' r Assistant Dc-an of Men |. (). Harris Cicoriic VV. Boiiiicr II II I III Pill I I I I Hill I Mini III II II III II I III! Ill IIIIIM rifiwssiE ' ms i " ! ' - ' :----: ' v .„, , v. ,.; • ■ • K.tiAtnkuvM i i!ii i ,: ;;t: Dean of Women ri Mrs. Oouitla D. Bt-ntoii Dean ni Wdnit-n Residence Counselors Mrs. Pattie A. Phin Mrs. Anna B. Byninn Miss 4aret I.. Corlx-tt -Mrs. Mavis Brimage Mrs. Jacquetta . rinstr()ng Mrs. M rtie NVsbitt Mrs. Inez Goldsmith Mrs. Sara B. King Miss Mary Charles Williams 19 Physical Education Calvin Stevenson Conducts a Class in Psychology Education De ices for Reading Control _-! Guidance Department: Key punch. Tabulators, and Sorters and General Studies 21 -i-mrrm- ' r — —-- —■ . . . .f . • Engineering . . . Frosliinaii Diawini; Class A.v ■«» - r .- --. .Jl J. :n I ' loriciiltiire ? " :-. -M- Plant Stiu 5S . . - i. " ' S% . At;roii(,niy 24 I ' oultrv MM c - ' .-.■.,• , ,iVL»...w ' Ai.-. .v .,! ;;. ' V(. . ■ aJjaiA ' ■ ' i M ■ . l l H tiJa . . J J;■:. ■LJ- ■J.1Jfcv l Ji In ■ ■• ■ ti— »i» g ' . Agriculture m w Testins irriciiltural Ecnnomics • r 25 ...lij ' Ji n_t KAj-r t t utt»tiuei:tiMiMM niat.iut»it y Mii i -Lrj ' u.t. tAi.i i i-.-f. " f : Teloca Club School of Nursing Classroom Lecture V- m «r V ?«r ■ ' vppiiaiaiw w!r»ftu wfWBWPWimT ' awmt rwra i,;c ' i A; ' V,.an)4);, ' : L. ' ' .i,S. :-iAV -i .i. j;tLit j i Ugtfeara ttiti ilUMi»i-i I I I lllll ■■■ » II iilWIMIIl li Medication l)y Iiijettinn nr - r r BD) ffm tI 1 1 ,; " " ' ■ Sterilization ,1lP Taking Blood Pressure Bandage Application W ' 1 5 jk Pediatric Nursing i_ Tf TKEnXaT Zii MUUi - = iil]ffl a gjl J Ji aaf tJtt3 »l dUlWJ anaii li .JM.4tt liw , Activities of the Technical Institute 28 A. Plumbing B. Autoni()l)ilc ' Mechanics C, Carpentry D. Refrigeration and Air C:()iKhtioiiing E. Photography F. Dry Cleaning and Laundry Management G. Machine Shop H. Radio and Television ■B A. Sheet Metal C. Shoe Repairing E. Painting and Interior Decorating G. Driver EtUieation I. Tailoring B. Cabinet-Making anil Upholstering D. Electrical Wiring F. Body Repairing H. Masonry J. Welding 29 ■ . .vv-».. «.«.« . . r.j... « A ,.. - ...4 Ai, , , .,,pt .„ instructional Leit t(i n ' ulit: McKiii Ali-xamlcr, J. Neil AniistidMt;, Mrs. Edythe S. Bagley, Mrs. Anita Baile , Dr. H. L.. Bailey, Miss Betty M. Banks, Lewis E. Barhee and Isaac- Barnett. A. P. Bell, William M. Hell, Dr. W. Archie Blount, Mrs. -Mildred Bonner, Elihue Harden, Mrs. Pearl G. Bradley, Talmage Brewer and .Miss Jean M. Briglit. Nathan Brown. C. I.. Burge, Ethhert S. Carr, Walter F. Carl.son, Jr., Mrs. Gwendolyn Cherry, .Mrs. Elizabeth Clark, Thomas A. Clark and Samuel Coleman. Mrs. Ernestine C. C ouiptou. Mar(|uis L. Cousins, Miss Carolyn E. Crawlord, Mrs. . ' un I,. Da is, James F. Daw- kins, Mrs. Gwendolyn Dickson, Dr. .Samuel Dmin and Dr. Cecile H. Edwards. Dr. GerakI A. Edwaids, Sydney . Evans, Paul M. Fau- cette, Sampson Foster, Dr. (Hiarles Fountain, George Gail, Alfonza Gore and .Mrs. Hutli M. Gore. 30 mrmmimmm . . . staff Left to right: Gerald Gra . Joe E. Crier, MeK in Grooines, Robert L. Hannon. Leon H. Hardy. Eddie D. Hargrove, John D. Harrell and Herbert M. Hcusihan. Miss R. Winifred He - vard. David M. Hinton. Miss Grace E. Hodges. Mrs. Dorothy Holder. Major B. Holloway. Leroy F. Hohiies. Miss Tiney Pearl Holmes and Jessie Hopkins. ' . . nthony Home. Mrs. Katie G. Huniphre . Dr. George V. Hunter, Calvin Ir in, Miss Florence B. Irving, Miss Shirle M. Jackson. Mrs. Bettye C. James and James L. Jenkins. Paid V. Jewell. Malcolm Johnson. Walter T. Johnson. Frederick D. Jones, Wendell P. Jones. Joshua Keame ' , Mrs. Carrye H. Kelle) ' and Dr. W. L. Kenned -. H. P. Kuang. Paul E. Leacraft. Dr. Frenise Logan. Miss Ma.xine McBrier, M. Philip McCleave, Cardozo McCol- lum.. Rev. Cleo McCoy and John C. McLaughlin. 31 us£i ' iufwtMMi-m . uy ,-.v, i. j.; iaM 4M ,t ;i» ttfU Mi instructional . . . ; u Left to riiiht: Curl MaTiiicl. Mrs. Nan P. ManiR ' l. Mrs. l.drriiii M. .Marrow. .Miss C:atlir n L. Martin, Josepli Meyers, CaKin F " . .Morrow, Murray L. Neely and James T. Norris. F ' orri-st J. Parks, Howard T. Pearsall, James Pentlergrast, Charles Perr . Bert Pingott, Dr. C:liarli-s V. Pinekney, .Miss Katrina Porelier and .Miss Mart;nerite Porter. Miss Dorothy Prince, Lewis Richards, .Armand Rieliard- son, Mrs. Anita M. Rivers, Dr. Howard F. Robinson, Dr. Leonard Robinson, W ' iMiam H. Robinson, Jr. and Dr. George C. Ro al. Dr. Gladys V. Royal, Nathan H. Sanders, Mrs. ' ilma D. .Searlette, Nathan T. Seely, S. Joseph Shaw, Clement G. Smith, Calvin Ste enson and John Marshall Stevenson. William . . Streat, Mrs, Veda S. Stroud, Dr. ' irgil C. Stroud, Mrs. Juanita Tate, H. Clinton Taylor, Arthur S. Totti ' u, Mrs. . lnia Lee ausc and Mrs. Kat ' e G. Watson. 32 tHH, i i4i -uii.uu i ,ii.ii i ,iiiJ4ia i n staff Left to right: Dr. Booker T. ' liite. Leonard White. Naomi . Whiting. Lester P. Wiggins and . ndre v WilHams. Mrs. I. E. Wilhams. James A. Wilhams. Leo Wilhams. Jr.. Ra niond Wilhams and Farris H. Willis. Dr. Ralph Wooden. Walter G. Wright. Charies R. Wyrick, Lee A. Yates and Miss Riibye B. Young. Faculty Members Not Pictured Mrs. Zoe Barbae Miss Helen Brown Isaiah H. Brown Miss Esther Cooke Clyde DeHuguley y Donald Edwards Miss Dorothv M. Eller Mrs. Clara Evans Sampson Foster .Mrs. .-Vnne Graves Dr. Artis P. Graves Charles L. Haves Alfred Hill Mrs. Sherma Lowe Miss Eddye Ruth McCarty Mrs. Mary Ellen F. McKee Wallace Mitchell Dorsey L. Morgan Albert Spruill Thomas E. Spence Dr. James L. Stuart Everett Thomas Alexander Washington 33 34 Bn Prom the freshmen to the seniors, the four A. T. Collego classes have exhibited this year a pi-ofound devotion to their individual causes and an enthusias- tic loyalty to our treasured Alma Mater. The year- lings themselves, fighting for the recognition so seldom attained by a first-year class, set a torrid pail ' in the contest for individual class honors, and einerged as stately journeymen. The sophomores, undaunted by the younger " plebes, " were spurred to greati 1 etilorts. The juniors and seniors proudly initiated a long-awaited social function — the Jiinior- Scnioi- Prom. ■ ■• ' • - - " f nn H r mTii itT i ninr r i a m» i i nfi iMn Outstanding Seniors Austin D. L; Milton Pt ' ters John Mack Clarenti ' Funnyc 36 Mary Lester Bobbv Moore Douglass MeAdoi liohei ' f Wliite • " ffWWBWWWBBWWWWWWWWW mmm ' mmmmimimmm mmmmm mmi Senior Class Officers . . Jolin W. Mack President Clara Flowers Secret Lir Alexander Parker Treai-urer Austin D. Lane and Bobby L. Moore Student Council Representatives 37 38 j. f w ,ij .»,- «--. ..jtflH yrtyy ,tv) at ' rt ..i af, Class of ' 58 Adams, James A. Architectural Engineering Alford, Charles Tailoring Alford, Howard L. Business Administration Allen, Robert L. Painting and Decorating Allen, Rollaiid H. Masonry Alston, Albert E. Elenientar - Edncatio Alston, Catherine Nursing Alston. George H. English Alston, Leslie E. Industrial Arts Anderson, Joel Masonry Anderson, Roy, Jr. Music Andrew, Lee D. Kadio and Tele ision Andrews, John F " . .■Vgricultural Education Andrews, V ' ernell Commercial Education Armstrong, Adrian Mechanical Engineering Armstrong, Henry, Jr. Agricultural Edneation Aytcli, Eunice M., Jr. Social Studies Bacote, Eniest, Jr. Physical Education Bailey, Onest L. Business Administration Bailey, Robert J. Accoimting ! «Jl J i WH « mt qfcmi M mr ' wr mwm ' mm ' iimmmmmimmifi ili Seniors n f% n iiilk Baker, George A. Mathematics Ballard. Tliurmon A. Accounting Barnes, David Industrial . rts Bass, William S(X.-ial Studies Bazeinore, Roosevelt, jr. Business .Administration Beebe, Urias Tailoring Belcher, Pernell Radio and Television Bellamy, Joseph L. Radio and Television Bell, John C. Auto Nieehanics Bell, Ralph Radio and Television Belfield, Fred, Jr. Agrouonn- Benjamin, James Soeiolog ' Berry, Fannie Nursing Best, Milford . reliiteetural Engineering Bloomfield, Nancy H. Commercial Education Booker, Ralph K. Chemistry Borders, Zeno T. WeldiElg Bowman, Nathaniel, Jr. History Boyd, Carlton . ceoimting Boykin, George B. Biological Science 39 ■ -jwr . -r.ri j««u-MVW.caafa ! j.j M f f ;ArrTff t»-J «tl »i «|Vff f7 tfflXl»y ; ;, , ■jttmA Class of ' 58 4Xdm r itri 0 9 J Mk Bracey, Archie, Jr. Met ' haniL-al Engineering Bradley, Joliii T. Biological Science Brown, Barbara Applied .Sociology Brown, Bartel S. Animal 1 liisliaiidrv Brown, James Business Administration Brown, Jessie L., Jr. Kadio and Television Browii, Leroy Social Science Brown, Marion O. Home Economics Education Brown, Samuel Electrical Engineering Bryant, Carl Agricultural Eduiation Bullock, Gary J. Architectural Engineering Bullock, Clarence Fine Arts Buriiey. Lillian Connnercial Education Burton, Bowman l liysical Education Bynuin, Betty Elementary Education Bynvnn, Freddie Business Administration Carlton, Margaret Nursing tlarter, Evelyn Applied Sociology Charter, James VV. Auto Nleclianics Chandler, Annie L. C oniuiercial Eilucatlou 40 ' i-nn i guiMnn mmmmmmmmmmmmmrmr Seniors Chandler, Inez Nursing Chern-. Clyde J. Radio and Tele ision CheiT ' , Henry M. Business Education Cheston, Helen L. Home Economics Education Clark. Edward Mechanical Engineering Clark, Margaret A. Applied Sociolog ' Cochrane, Julia Business Education Cole, Doris Social Studies Collins, Nathan General Science Colon, Domingo Business Administration Cox, Edith English Crafton. Eddie M. English Crosb ' , Louise Home Economics Curry, Robert Lee Fine , rts Davenport, . lfred M. Aniniiil Husbandry- Davis, Fred A. Industrial , rts Dave, Ellis Edward Physical Education Dees, Carl F. Chemistry ' Delaney, Ruby Nursing Dillard, EvehTi Physical Education O 41 ■ i iv . iit.-.- ji wf jig»wisi 1 rfTJPwnivM wj; Ra»t « HMt a - ftlIiPff fft i mr M l 42 Class of ' 58 Dixon. James A. Painting and Decorating Dixon. Herbert ' . Architectural Engineering Donnell. Peggy Institution Management Douthit, Alvis H. Biological Science Drayton, Leola Nursing Drew, Doristine Physical Education Dudley, Alfred Electrical Engineering Diipree, Norice Ilislorv Dunlap, Gloria Applied Sociology Evans, Robert N. Applied Sociology Faircloth, Doris A. Applied Sociology Farrior, Delouris Matln-niaties Farrow, James Agricultural Education Feaster, James Business Administration Fonville, Maybelle Histor - Forbes, Frizzel Fine Arts Ford, Jessie B. Tailoring Foster, James E. Physical Education Foy, David Applied Sociology Frederick, Dawsey L. Refrigeration and Air C ' onditioning tffll IPffffWf W WW ' MMBfllW Seniors Fuller, Jessie T. Biological Science Fulton. William F. Agricultural Engineering Funnye, Clarence D. Architectural Engineering Gallop, William Plnsical Education Galloway, Ruby B. Tailoring Gardner, Alexander Engineering Physics Gardner, Joseph M. Radio and Television Garvin, Shirley Social Studies Gatewood. Henry B. Social Studies Gause, Willie L. Business Administration Gaynor, Carl L. Industrial Arts George. Roosevelt Masonrv Gibson, Gertrude Business Administration Gibson, Jacquelyn T. English Gill, Charlie Auto Mechanics Gillard. Ida G. English Gilliam, Cleveland Business Administration Gilmore, Andrew G. Agricultural Education Gladney, Frances Nnrsing Gorham, Johnnie Agricultural Education 43 ml •t V- •-• - ' ■ - r j m ifmrnnmiMnrmiinriiiinnii Class of ' 58 Ai JfM Graham, Ruth Plnsical Education Gray, Mildred Social Studies Green, Agnes H. Physical Education Grimes, John H. Business .Administration Guest, Walter Biological Science Hall, Alvin B. Radio and Tele ision Hall, Herman, Jr. Radio and Television Hall. John E. Auto Mcclianics Hall, Troy Auto Mechanics Halsey, George Music Harper, Clarence Business Administration Harris, Margaret L. Mathematics Harrison. Milton G. Business .Administration Harrison. Vina R. Englisli Hastie, Calvin Cabinet Making Hayes, Beniice H. .Applied Sociology Hayes, Lillio M. Commercial Education Hester, Ralph Biological Science Hicks, hittie Nursing Hilliard, Milton Meihanicd Engineering 44 Seniors Hinnant. Theodore Biological Science Holden. Beulah Applied Sociolog - Hollex . Willie Lee Radio and Television Hollowa). Franklin D. Business Administration Holloway, ' illiani C. Electrical Engineering Holmes. Doris English Honablew. Lawrence D. Mechanical Engineering Horton. Charles T. Auto Mechanics Hunter, John H. Industrial - rts Jackson, Joe Louis .Applied Sociolog ' Jacobs, Erie V. BioIog - James, .-Ubert . pplied Sociolog ' Jeffers. McKinely Biological Science Jenkins, Hattie Bea Commercial Education Jennings, Louis D. Biological Science Jennings. S lvester Business .administration Johnson, Rosa L. Commercial Education Jones, . lton Thomas Engineering Jones, Clenzo M. . uto Mechanics Jones. Fulie .Auto Mechanics I :l 45 yrffj: ' an»srKViVJ94ris i MifKvnmTrfftg-K ' inTimfri Y:i( - l ; Class of ' 58 Jones, F. H. Masonrv Jones, Huless Entjineering Mathematics Jordan, Otis Administration Keith, Rosa L. I ' li si(.-al EtluL-ation KelK. Richard M. Animal Husliandn ' Kemp. Arthur Masonr ' Kennedy, William T.. Jr. Radio and Telex ision King, Dewey Tailoring Knight, Joseph F. Applied Sociolog Knight. Matthew- Radio and Television Knox, Helen S. Tailoring Kyle, Frederick M. Business . tlministration Lane, Austin D. Business Administration Leak, James M. Biological Science Lee, Ralph Mechanical Engineering Lester . Mary Institution Management Lesueur, Robert W.. Jr. Biological Scienct.- Littlejohn. Alfred Applied Sociolog ' Lloyd, Clifton H. Music Locus, Curtis L. Agricultural Education 46 Seniors Long, Ella L. Tailoring Loundeniioii, Charles H. Clieniistn ' Lucas. Doris M. Englisli L ons, James Industrial Arts Mack. John W. .Applied Sociology Magnusohn. Patrick L. .Xrcllitcctural Engineering Malone. Burnie H. Engineering Mathematies Manley. Ida M. Connnercial Education .Monk. George Mathews, . rrenner .Nursing .Martin. Jerry E. Refrigeration and . ir Conditioning Merrick. Eliza J. Nursing Merritt. Milton . grieultural Education Miles. Kairl Ph sieal Education Mitchell, Francis Jean Plnsical Education Mock. William Business . dministration Moltitt, John E. Pliotography .Moore, Bobby L. English Moore. Charles Oliver Physical Education Moore, Detlirone Fine -■Vrts I :l II 47 t ' «iiTj«iyjj«»i»Mt.»fJ«yiT ' utr?nii«».:i»i«»if . :j,tnMi iaiM«.«.«m»ai »f,yi. ,. • " ' ' - ■■ i " J ' " " f " ■ ■ ' : ' ' Class of ' 58 iV ' k ¥ £f : k fM i b« Moore, Harry Aixhitt-Ltiiral Engineering Moore, James L.. Jr. Mlisie Moore, Robert E. Auto Mechanics Murphy, Charles Hnsiness Administration Nhirphy, Cicero L. Accounting Murphy, Clyde H. M.isonr - Murphy, Earl Physical Education McAtloo, Douglas Ilistol McCoy, Barbara J. Institntion Management McCoy, Coolidge ' ocational Industrial Education McCoy, Milton E. Radio and Tele ision MeCiillough, Lola S. Clothina " McD( ii.iid. Hezekiah Masoiir) ' McGaney, Eddie L. Biological Science McKinnis. Ceraldine Institution Management McKoy, Thermon Dairy Manufacturing McLaughlin. Maggie L. Clotiiing McLean, James E. Auto Meuhanics McLean, Ruby L. Tailoring; McLeod, Bruce E,. Social Studies 48 ' :.i i ,t.-!m. ' .jmiq.i i ' .iiffl Seniors McLinnehan, Glenn Ph ' sical Education McNair, Madelene Clothing McRae, Make, Jr. Business Administration Neville, Margaret Business Administration Newby. Margie Secretarial Science Newkirk, Roosevelt Radio and Tele ision Norman, Herbert Pliysical Education Nichols, George Auto Mechanics Oates, Johnnie Agricultural Education Oliver, Winnie Biological Science Orbert, Roy Electrical Wiring Owens, William J. Industrial Arts Palmer. Wilbert E. Radio and Tele ision Parker, Alexander Accounting Parker, Dorothy P. Home Economics Parks, John D. Chemistry Patterson, Charles M. Social Studies Payne, Marjorie Applied Sociolog ' Peace.Vincent Radio and Tele ision Perry, Gwendolyn Physical Education 49 y.«i;?g ' BtgT3 f jAwm.T t?z g« taK33iWMFJa jWrt yj»iifciM i. Kr i Class of ' 58 Peters, Milton L. Applied Sociology Pickens, William M. Biological Science Pierce, Pauline Tailoring Pittnian, Theodore Industrial Arts Powell, James M. Masonry Rasberry, Mary E. Tailoring Reed, Claude Painting and Decorating Reeves, Larkin Business Administration Reid, Nathaniel Industrial Arts Rhodes, Talmadge Social Studies Rice, David L. Agronomy Robbins, Roxena Elementary Education Roberson. Marvin Tailoring Robinson, Ojetta Nursing Rodgers, Nell L. English Ross, Hershell J. Auto Mechanics Ross, William H. Mechanical Engineering Royal, Earl P. Chemistry Royster, Cornelius Tailoring Rucker, Newton W. Agricultural Economics 50 . ' imwnn iTTwamfnniTTPBHB Seniors 4fWiDl U Rushing. William Engineering Mathematics Russ, Oneal D. Agriculture Russell, Margaret M. Clothing Rutherford. Millard Business . dministration Satterthwaite. Henr - S. Chemistr - Saunders. Charles J. Electrical Engineering Saunders. Janet - pplieci Socio!og " Sa • •er, Jeremiah D. Machine Shop Searc . Bett ' Commercial Education Sharp. A -ie Architectural Engineering Sharpless. Leslie F. Electric ' iring Sherrod. Ethan C. Industrial . rts Simmons. .Mice Sociology- Simmons. Benjamin W. Mathematics Simmons. Charles E. . gricultural Education Simmons. ElHot Fisher Masonr - Slade. Lee M.. Jr. - uto Mechanics Smallwood. William Business . dministration Smith, . lvoro Tailoring Smith. Lawrence Social Studies 51 ; j ' amiaitixttrsiBge ' mmsMiiwni ' nri ' ' vnaomt fiwtfBymfrfflWjRTTawrt i Lrffii frt ' -i r- , ._ Class of ' 58 Sinitli, Orbina Hi,stor ' Smith. William E. Social Science Sneed, Roland H. Sociology Somerville, Loretta Commercial Education Speight, Doris D. Ph sical Education Stephens. Benjamin S. Painting and Decorating Stephens. Robert L. Histopi ' Stone. Derrick H. Agronoms Sutton. Jerry Social Studies Sutton, Napoleon Masonr ' Swann, Frances -Nursing Tatnm, Ralph R. Mathematics Taylor, Milton E. Architectural Engineering Taylor, Roliert L. Accoimting Thacker, Coleman, Jr. Social Studies Thomas, LaSalle B. Industrial Arts Thomas. McKinley Kiigincering Mathematics Thomas. Willis [. -Machine Shop Thorpe, Earl H. -Accounting Thrcatt, Henri R.., Coniniercial Education 52 Seniors I Transeau, Jean Tailoring Trent, Graham Industrial Aits Tuppence, Charles W. Industrial Arts N ' ann. Gretchen Commercial Education Vestal. Lillian P. Social Science Vincent, Samuel L. Masonry- Wallace. Ella L. Institution Management Wallace. John D. Industrial . rts Walker, Barbara Jean Elementar - Education Watermann. William T. Industrial Arts Watkins. Marvin H. Historv ' Webb, Frederick. Jr. Music Webb. Willie Painting and Decorating Weldon. Solomon ' . Wharton, Man, " Nursing White, Hazel Matiiematics M. White. Robert H. Social Studies W ' hite, Thomas Business Administration Wilkins, Peggie Plnsical Education Williams, Ben F. Industrial Arts 53 ..-;5«i ' ;bji,j h ' r-.- Class of ' 58 Seniors Williams. Donald K. Architectural Engineering Williams, Johnnie Social Studies Wilson, Joseph A. Social Studies Wiiislow, Charles L. Radio and Television ' ise, Ambrad I ' Insical Education Womaek, Daniel, Jr, I ' insical Education Woodard, Wilson Worth) ' , Arthur l li sical Education Worthy, Clarice I ' aiiilish Wright, James A. Radio and Television Wright, Leona Nursing Wright, Robert . rchitectural Engineering Wright, Robert L. .■ gricultural Education Wynn, Thelma A. Physical Education Yonngblood, Lloyd Social Studies 54 ' TnTBrrjTBKEErrrrsrris Junior Class Officers The class to wiiich the seniors Idok tn replace their coveted positions is the junior class. With the able leadership of Alexander IcDaniel. tlie junior class promises outstandiiiu ' future chiiol leaders. The officers of the junior class were, insert: ALEX.WDER McDAXIEL. President; Left to right; ELWORTH E. SMITH. ice-President; ELIZ. BETH H. KIXS. Secretary; RAYMOND CRUMP, Treasurer; MYRTLE BROWX. Reporter; and WALTER McALLISTER and EDWARD JORDAX were Representatives to The Student Council. 55 Sophomore Class Officers Haviiiii ' ciiilurcd the " riuors " " of t ' rrsliiiiaii acadfiiiic oririitatidii, till ' sdijliiiuiorfs have Ix ' ciinic a ital part (if A,i;j;R ' lan(l. Tlirir class nff ' iccrs, with I ' ' iimI ,I(iiies as Pri ' sidciit, liavc (|nitp ca])aljly uplickl the traditions (if fdiiiicr sd fihdiiKiru classes. liicliidi-d aiiKing the officers of the sophomore class were, insert: FRED JONES. President; MARY HODGE, Secretary; BOB15Y CHAVIS, Treasurer; JOSEPH MITCHENER. Vice-President; ALLEN COINS and JEAN GILL. RD were Representatives To The Student Council. 56 Freshman Class Officers " Matliriiiatics, ( ' heiiiistry, I ' nuiisli, — is it jiossilile tci iiiastci- tliciii all. ' " sa tjic Kri ' sliinrn. Well, tin y ilid and many t ' liiiiid tliciiiscKcs scliolais of wditli. Tiit ' ii- ]ir( ' siilciit, W ' altiT T. .IiiliiisiJii, Jr.. (•(iiii]icti ' iilly li ' d tlieiii liirdiiL;!! tin- liia .i ' nf •■ l■l■(■ll " in tiicir t ' l ' csli- niaii vcai ' . The freshman class officers included, insert: WALTER T. JOHNSON, JR., President; ERNEST E. SHER- ROD, Vice-President; JOHNNIE RELL, and DA TD WHITTED, Reporters; ANNIE E ' ERSON, Secretary; RESSIE McNAIR, Assistant Secretary; BOBBY HARDY, Treasurer. LeROY PARKER and THEODORE BUNCH were Representatives To The Student Council. 57 ..v yg-;,::i..,iu i iR tate student legislative ?i[;uiy ri ' siihitions iiiiil ))ills of local, state, and national concci ' n wci-c dcliati ' d (lining the iii-oiiicss of this tiirt-o-day mock le ' islativc asst ' nilily at Kak ' i,;;li. Aiiioiii; those of cxtrcuic notoriety included: (1) inti ' oduci ' d hy Duke Uni- -ei-sity ' s Woman ' s Collej -e: " A Kesolutioii tinit all States " Laws and State t ' onstitnlional l ' id ' isions in l roliihiti(in of ln1ei--niarriai;c of the Races lie liepealed; " ' ( 1 ' ) iiiti ' oduced liy The A iSc T Collciie deh ' uatioii : " A Resolution to Amend Ihe Constitution of the Ignited States hy ReiK ' alin,n ' all Sections which iirovide for Trial y .Jury; " ' (. ' !) introduced hy the I ' ni- vei-sity of X iitli ( ' ai ' olina, with (iuilfoi ' d Col- lege as co-siioiisoi- : " A R ' solution coinniendin,n ' the lielated action ol ' I ' resident Kiseuhower and c indemnin,n ' the acti ins of (iuverncu- Orvil Kau- hus in connection with tlie liittle Rock School Integration ( ' risis. " Under the able leadership of George C. Cochran of State College in Raleigh, seated, the members of the Interim Council meet in plenary session hi A Ts Benhow Hall. The Honorable Harold Cooley, U. S. Representative from North C arolina, addresses the closing session ol the Joint Assembly. " Senator " Austin D. Lane, of The A T College presides over the closing session of the Senate. 58 i.i.iii. I ' -. ' . .:-.i., ,.-. assembly TIr ' .Stiuk ' iit Assenilily eoiivi ' iies once a yeai ' for tlie ijurpiise of ort ' oiiiii;- students in Xortli I ' arciliiia eolleues the oiipoitunity t i examine inipiiitant issues appnipriate to action by a state or national legislature and to discuss those issues in intelliuent deliate. " Senator " Ra mond Crump listens at- tentively as " Senator " Lane, presiding, responds to a Point of Parliamentary Inquin, . " — which was raised by " Sena- tor " Er in Watts from Catawba College. " Representati es Leon Nhirray and William . . Kibler collaborate on parliamentar ' strateg) ' , and " Representati es ' Coolidge McCoy and George Manning lobby outside of the " House chamber, preparing for a minority caucus. Dr. Alphonso Elder. President (it North Carolina College at Durham, presents the opening address in a meeting of both " Houses. " 59 .-fe .i ' « .-.« ,r V A T Si i r .o con. TW I, « .A.-. " . " " - " ' - " ■• " " " " " " ■ " • ' " choir float over the college nuulran«le .,,.nuainting fellow students with the .songs of During the school year, the group ZL:: ' K life me nories of depth, nrany lands, lyrical of ,oy and ' , ,- ' ,„, ,,,,t, j.Jente.l over the local televisu.n statu.u. O,. of the choirs rec.tals was " ,, ,„.„ .,,. ,„Uu.ded all along the MEN ' S GLEE CLUB: On its annual toui. the A 1. • - " He f ;™;7;;,™ " .r ' ii ' ww :;:c;» " Si „. ™.... ■■ ■ »■ ■ ■ ihe top-ranking among college vocal groups. X »-KJIU.-? ' .v l.1 ixaaBsnsBBRSBr ' Fusic lialls ill scvrii stati ' S (Hi llic I ' lastcrn scal)()ar(l raiis loud with tlie fli) viii. i-, grace- ful resnnaiicc of the A. iS: T. Colleoo vocal groujis in VXii . Tlic iidlilc ]i|-aiscs suu.u by some of IIk critics ill the world attested to the swellint rank of the A. tV; T. college among makers of music. Six featured soloists addeil to an alre.idy glowing ' record. They were Ernest ]j. Moore and James Spui ' lock, tenors; Lajoie llortoii, and Barbara Dav- enport, sdjiidiiiis; and ()tis Roliinson aiK Isaac Koyster, haiihiurs. The dexterous Howard T. Pearsall extended his tenure as choir director to nine consecutive years. Miss Shirley Jackson accompanied the ] Iixed Choir and Kverett Tlunnas was ac- coiiiiianist for tlie Male (Hep ( ' lub. HOWARD T. PEARS. LL Director Miss Shirley M. Jack , ci-()nip;liiist A) 62 A T II the liaiuls (if A. iV T. Cdllcni ' is culliiiiijilcil ;i iriiiii ' -liulucer (if i ;irticii)ati(iii in ami appreciation fill- the l)( st ill inslriiiiiciital iiaisic. The 120-piece iiiaicliiiii;- liaiid, w ' itli its iiit licale drill idntines and its electrif ' iiii; musicianship ackiKiwieducd no peers ainiinu ' its cDJlenc eiiunterparts. I ' he syinph(in - hand, xcrsalih ' in its ninlti-diverse I ' eiiditidiis " fi-(iin liaeh In I ' xip, " was the recipient (if the uratitiide (if hnth adiiiinist raters, e(hlcat(irs, critics, and students fur its triumphant iii(i(hieti(iiis. WALTER F. CARLSON. JR. Conductor IloluTt M. MuKlrow 1)111111 MLijor «lt= ' . «t.;.V. ' «X «kX- m-» " iK ' tl ' Tftanc m . . . » 63 MEMBEHS (.t the Cidnucil arc. left tn n-lit: ., {i ) I ' . PARKER, EDWARD JORDAN. RORBY L. MOORE, Vice- President; ALEXANDER GARDNER, Pre.sident; AUSTIN D. LANE, Executive-Secretary; WALTER McALLISTER, Treasurer; ALLEN T, COINS and JEAN GILLARD, Cor- responding Secretary. A T Executive-Secretary, AUSTIN D. LANE, is con- sulted hy Alexander Parker for " procedural rr(iuire- inents in securing a Student Loan. " Alexandei " (Gardner rrcsitlcnt 64 ,K. PKESIDENT visits PRESIDENT: A very typical event behind the scenes — that of Gardner seeking interjjretation of admin- istrative procedures and practices from the college President. DR. W. RMOTH T. GIBBS. Stcccic ( OlMCii The iiiuf-uieinlier Student Cniuifil. as it piM ' sently operates, is the official spokesman fur tile student IhhIv regarding- all matters that pertain directly or indirectly to students. As part of its diversi- fied functions, it acts as custodian for the Studi ' ut Activity Fund and tlie Student Aitl t ' und. Manned liy a senior president, wlio is elected liy popular vote, and two re|iresentatives from each of the four classes, tlie council this year adopted an all-emhracing pi ' ngram of activities. Tlirouuh its nudti-faceted connnittees, it Ijruuuht studenls into direct contact with tlie cmmcirs activities and eniii(.)wered them with council autlmrity. Vice-President. BOBBY L. MOORE, from time to time seeks answers to student-raised (jnestions concerning the weekly " menus ' " from the dietitian. Mrs. Enia N ' ereen. m Captain Leonard F. Turner CoininaiKl.iiil (it C ' atU ' ts -V MAJOH VM ' A) I,. Al,l.Ei Professor ol Air Scii-iicu Captain John W . Moslcy Dlnttor of Matiriil ROTC It is at iiislifiitidiis like this tlial the finest men ill the oi ' eatest eduiitiy ri ' eeive liasie iiistrnel ion in the Air I ' nree Reserve ( )t ' - liceis Training ( ' oips. Tln ' ii ' Lioal remains as always — " llyiiio status " in tlie woi-ld ' s iireatest Air Fmce. M Sgt. Augustine E. Fairfax First Sergeant Captain Cliarlts j. Coiliranc Adjutant T SrI. James J. Ware, Jr. Supply Supcr isor S Sgt. Bo d Jackson Education Technician S, Sgt. Phillip M. Smalls Personnel Technician Captain I.ynian L. Hubbard Education and 1 " raining Officer as The pei-soiialitifs and nroani- zatioTial activities lirre di-jiicted arc typii ' al (if tlic A.F.R.O.T.C. c a il c t s " in preparation I ' nr service and acliieveiaent. " Cadet Lt. Col. Bumie Malone Corps Commander Lillian 1 ' . Vestal " Miss ROTC " Margaret Neville " Miss Air Force ROTC " The Group Staff, left to right, consists of Cadets John D. Parks. E. ecutive Officer; Winfred A. Wilson, . djutant; Thurman Ballard, Group Com- mander; and Verable L. McCloud, Operations Officer. MMS , r, j GUIDED .MISSILE .ST. FF; persons keep the cadets " informed " throut;h perifxlic publica- tion of the GUIDED .MISSILE. . RXOLD . IH SOC:iETY: Under the capable leadership .it Cadet Lt. Col. Burnie .Malone, the Arnold Air Society boasts among its membership cadets who maintain high academic ratings and demonstrate outstanding military proficiency. 67 Cadet 2d Lt. Frank E. Blasingame First Drill Tfuni Connnander of tl.r Sv}nn, Year Priscilla Lutze Miss Drill Tram and Air Police " Model Air -Craft Club . . . I ' lidcr till ' MiptTvisioii and scrutiny of S Sgt. BoniI Jack- son, tlic nicnihcis iil tlic Mixlcl Air-Craft CIiili arc jirovidcd many oppiirliinitics loi ' tine expression throni li tlir additional stniK and con- struction ol " IKini ' niacliines. " M Squadron 601 t TS ?X; lMl fe Cadet 1st Lt. Alexander McDaniel entered the military spotlight as a sophomore by becom- ing a flight commander and cadet 2d Lt. Sfjuadron 601 won honors as best squadron last year and appears a sure repeater in win- ning the citation again this vear. I i CATHERINE TILLERV " Squadron Qut-en " 1st Lt. . Iexander McDaniel Squadron Commander 2d Lt. Frank Barron E t ' cuti e Officer 2d Lt. 2d Lt. 2d Lt. 2d Lt. Harold Hurst Ernest Sanders Decatur Morse Roland Ellis Adjutant Flight Commander Fligiit Conimandtr Flight Commander 69 !■ Squadron 602 Squadron 602, close contender for " Best Squadron Citation, " is commanded by Cadet 1st Lt. Herbert F. McGee JOAN IIOLLOVVAV " Stiuadron Queen " 2(1 l,t. 2cl Lt. Duvid I,. 2tl Lt. 2d Lt. Willium D. Tootle Wasliinulon William Knox Joseph Taylor Fliulit Crimniancler Flight Cominander Flight Commander Adiiitant 1st Lt. Herbert F. McGee Squadron Commander 2d Lt. Winfred Wilson E centi e t ffieer Squadron 603 tff r S ,A a jr r«SNV Cadet 1st Lt. Elwoith E. Smith, Jr. efficiently executes the duty of Com- mander of Scuiadroii 603. Cadet Smith assumed command of the squadron as a result of outstandini; voice and com- mand abihtv. M. RG. RET BK. DLEY " SquiidroTi Queen " 1st Lt. EKvorth E. Smitll. Ji Sciuadroii Commander 2d Lt. 2d Lt. 2d Lt. Edwin L. Dukes Lueian Jolmson Evander Humphrey X ' crablc McCloud Flight Connnander Fliglit Commander r3 2d Lt. I u V. 71 Lt. Col. Aubrey L. Williams Professor of Military Science C apt. Henry L. Cody IiistriKtt)r and Adviser Military Scit-ncr III and IV Captain William L. Jones Iii.structor and Ad iser Military Science II Isl Lt. Theodore A. Adams Instructor and Adviser MilitaiA Science I Military Science Under the very capable leadersliip of I.t. Col. Aiibrev L. Williams, The Army R.O.T.C. remains the type of military preparatory nnit to be desired. Among the cadets who graduate annually with commissions, those who hail from among our ranks here at A. T. College frequently distinguish themselves among those mentally and physically capable to lead our Armed Forces in the vast area of modern strategy of war and tactics. M Sgt. SFC Tlionias K. Adams SFC Sgt. Sergeant Major and Heavv Weapons Lis ht Weapons Instructor and Norris Johnson, Jr Small Arms SFC Allison Webb, Jr. Willie Riles Field Artillery Instructor Training Aids NCO Repairman Supply NCO Repairman 72 ; m m- ■ «, BATTLE (;R0UP STAFF: . kiiilKi.s from left to right standing are. Cadets: Major O ' Neal Russ, S-1; 1st Lt. Charles Murphy. S-2; Major Bobby L. Moore. S-3: Henry Howcott, 2d Lt.. S-4. Seated is James Person. Lt. Col.. Battle Croup Cpmmauder. Under the superb leadership of Cadet Charles Loundermon: the . rmv ROTC Military Police. PERSHING RIFLES: Mem- bers left to right are. Cadets: Captain McKinley Thomas. 1st Lt. Charles Murphy. Major Bobby L. Moore, Lt. Col. James Person. 1st Lt. Thurman -Melvin. .Major O ' Neal D. Russ. Captain Daniel Womack. and Captain William T. W ' ater- mann. Cadet Lt. Col. James Person Battle Group Commander DORIS COLE .Miss . niiv ROTC 73 Tlu- iii. ' inluTs of SCABBARD AND BLADE, from k-ft to liuht sratid. are: McKiii- ley Thomas, Alvis Doiithit, Dtaii of Bletlj et ' .s; Harvey Long, Thoma.s Brown, Onest Bailey, Treasurer; Halyard Scott, Wesley Baldwin, Alfred Keyes, Tylas Grant and Daniel Womaek. Standing are James Person, Secretary; and O ' Neal Bnss. Scabbard and Blade Rifle Team Under the snper ' ision of the Detachment Sergeant Nhijor, Cadet Officers, Thomas and Bailey, members of the Hitle Team practice from " sitting position. " Army Drill Team The Ann Drill Team, imder the leadershii) of Cadet Lt. Thnrman ( ' Melvin continnes, as always, to set new precedents as well as aspire to new heights in the area nl Drill Team ])articip;ilioii in competitive activities. il hUiM ukt 1st I Drill Tr Joyce MoraRue Drill ' IVaiii Queen " 74 v: . •M ' ' iMt ' • ■ Company " A " Under the capable command ot Cadet MeK.inle Thomas, Company " A " of the Arm ' Hattle Group challent es the coveted position of Company " C " as the best precision-drilled company. Josephine Lynn " Sponsur " Cadet 1st Lt. Robert Twitty Executive Officer and 3d Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. Onest Bailey 2nd Platoon Leader Cadet 1st Lt. George Alston 1st Platoon Leader M MJfA Cadet Capt. McKinley Thomas Conipan Ct)innuindcr 75 Company " B " h- Ml i Cadet Capt. William T. Watemiann Cumpany ConimandtT Cadet 1st Ll. Alvis Doutliit Executive Office Second Platoon Leader Cludft (4ipt. Williain T. Watrnnaiiii (listiiigiiishcil liimscif not only as a junior cadet hut received honors while at siiinnu ' r camp. For these achie enicnts, liis position as Company Com- mander of Company " B " of the Army Battle Group is well earned. Jackie Bell " Sponsor " Cadet 2d I.t. Milton Peters 1st Platoon Lrade C:adet 2d Lt. Ernest Moore ord Platoon LcadiT 76 Company " C " lf : - 1, Company " C has. for three consecutive years, maintained the honor of the best drilled Compan in the .-Vrmy Battle Group. Cadet Captain Daniel Womack commands the compan ' and intends to maintain the much sought for honor. Laura Boykins " Sponsor " Cadet 2d Lt. Charles Loundermon Cadet 2d Lt. Fred Davis 1st Platoon Leader 2d Platoon Leader Cadet Captain Daniel Womack Compan Commander Cadet 2d Lt. Frederick k ]f E eciiti e Officer and 3rd Platoon Leader 77 w Within the Library . . . Many stiiiknts enjoy daily the current news matter made availahli- in the periodical literature room. The library supplies hinidreds of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual papers, magazines, hooks and other forms of periodical literature. To our helo ' etl l ' r ' sident, the late Dr. F. D. Bluford, this lovely memorial has been set aside. Nh s. Bluford, pictured above, enjoys many hours of leisure while reading her late husband ' s many books, articles, and certificates of commendable service, de otion to dntv, and service to humanity. A main flow of student activity centers around tlie second floor main reading room. Here they spend many hours in research and reading. Group stud)- ii available on special sections of this floor. ; 78 SBt Who ' s Who a 7 C(Aen4.itce . . . Ha ing distinguished themseKes b - leadership, outstanding achie enient. and in exemphf ing the highest ideals of the College, these were nominated to the elite. " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. " .Among those elected for the honor were, left to right, first row: Ida Gillard. James Spurlock. Jean E. Robinson. Milton Peters, Margaret Clark, . le.xander Gardner, and Bobb ' L. Moore; second row; James Person. Etlward Fa ors, Edward Nesbitt. Pearl Cunningham. Earlene Hurdle. Daisy O. Best, and Ra " mond Crump; third row; . ustin D. Lane. Roy . nderson, . le. ander Mc- Daniel, and Edward Clark. Persons missing from this photo are O ' Neal Russ, June Williams, Gladys Grant, and John W. Mack. 79 ff s From Alpha to Omega, the Greek letter orj Miiiza- tious of A. T. College represent a uiajor portion of campus extra-curricular activities. With a com- mon subscription to a spirit of " hrotherhood, " .the fraternities and sororities work hand-in-hand in 1 romoting activities beneticial to the welfare of others. An uusf ' lti h attitude marks the spirit of corpora- tion of the Greek.«. They are truly ' Mlicek ' ' in ideals and achievem.ent. J» The members aie left to riijlit, seated: WilK lA-Cette, Jr.. .Milton Baker, Linton Jordan. James Fanleon, .Sudie Munn, Walter MeAllister, Sher vood Satterthaite. Delauris Farrior and John Fiiine . Standing are Clharles Douglas. ' iee-I re.sident; Eiizaljeth Hawkins. Ida Gillard; Harold Neal. President; . l rtle Brown and Decatur Morse. The l ' ;in-llcllenic Couueil is (he ;iulliorilut ix ' e liiiil of .-ill ciiiniiu.s frateniifies juhI soi ' orif ies. Kjieli (Ireek lettei ' oriianizatioii aU ' ecled hy it.s Juiisdietioii is l-epi-eseuted liy (wo delegates. The piinie funetiou of the eoiiiieil is Joint aelion for maiiitaiiiiiig high standards in fraternity and sorority life at tlie institution. Til aceoi-(l;niee with its unwritten policy of di ' ei ' gcnt seleeti iii the council was presided o -er this ear li llai ' oid Xeal, a iiieiulier of the Phi Beta Signui l ' raternitv. 82 -xr - , -s — , ' ,?p FINNEY ANDERS H. SATTERWAITE i HARRIS t E. M ' GAINEY POLE MARCH " ' ' " ds J . " Q ,. ' f ? G.KOONCE W RUSH IN Kappa AlpheiP i cr IIerj Clvb D. M AD The members of the Scrollers Club from bottom to top, left to rii;ht, 1st row: G. Ledbetter, H. Smith. T. Day. M. Peters. H. Mitchell; 2nd row: V. Best. D. Edwards. . . Moultrie. R. Goode. K. Chappell; 3rd row: W. Smith. A. Brave, L. Cooper. D. Price, C. Brown; 4th row: J. Mitchener. L. Johnson. C. Moore, C. Harrison. E. Nesbitt; 5th row; E. Black- stone. R. Punter, G. Manning. 83 u Alpha Kappa Alpha " Our faith in thee is strong forever " . . . sang these members of Alpha Phi Chapter. Left to right the mem- bers are: Laura Bo kins, Barbara Samuels. Shirley J. Gillard. Wanda Gunnings, Lillie Jones, Eliza Merrick, Jacqueline Bell, Barbara Burts, Ysonne Pruitt. Catherine - llen, Beatrice Adderlej-, Minnie Powell, Anti- Grammateus; Mable Royal, Ethelyn Brinkley, Barbara L tch, " .Miss . K A; " .Margaret Clark, Anti-Basileus; Ruby DeLaney, Clara Flowers, Hodegos; Shirley Byrd, Glad s S. Grant. Basileus; Thelma M. Hayes. Episto- leus; Lucille Jones, Tamiochos; Deloris Speight and Ida Gillard. Grammateus. The Ivy Club In the order of appearance from left to right the members of the Ivy Club arc; Margaret . lston. Mary Hodge, Addie Gore, Christaline Clark. Mildred Duren and Felicia Black. 85 B ■i i» " jisj !fAr. 5«rwaiia3t aBiuv . " tJfiiUES»fi»asRL ' i ' ' ' " i " » - .A. PERRY M.RUTHER- 1 -i . FORD Ai-W 8. OVERTON »? Mil Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was tlie seeoiid of tlie fraternities to be established on the campus. The fraternity has four cardinal principles: manhood, scholarship, perseverance, and uplift. The men of Omega, here at A. T. College, strive to uphold these ideals. t ' " i: " B " ' 1 " . Delta Sigma Theta I ' We long to see incorporated within our acti ities the fulfilhnent of a task: making the world better than we foinid it. The mem- bership consists of, left to right, upper row: Doris Pierce, Yvonne Marable, Flora Martin, Agnest Green, Gretchen ' ann, Clarice Worthy, Delauris Farrior, Estelle Ellis, Eddie Mae Grafton, , j- delia Turner and Hattie Martin. Front row: Joyce Johnson, Esther- lene Smith, Doris Holmes and Myrtle Brown. Tlie " PYRAMIDS ' from left to right, standing, are: Earnestiut ' Bush, Ruthie Hall, and Murdis James. Seated: Lillie Pendarvis, Ehna Carlisle and Alice Simmons. 87 B 88 Phi Beta Sigma ■ji ■ ' ' - . 1.4 " Culluri- 111! " Scr nc, iiml SciARf toi 1 liiiiKiiiit) . Mrinbrrs left to right: l;in(iii C.ocipt ' r, I icasurcr; OlivtT W. Cannady, Corresponding Secretary; Charlie Parser, O ' Neal Russ, Decatur Morse, President; George Boykins, Morris Jones, Assistant Dean of Pledgees; Theodric Harris, Recording Secretary; and Lenton Jordan, Dean of Pledgees. Members not pictnred are Harold Neal and John Champion. Crescent Club The Crescent CHnb membership includes; Henry Momoe, I?obby Howell, Chaplain; I.;iwrence Olds, Treasurer; Willie M. Col- clongh, Vice-President; Alvin Brown, Secre- tar ; and Roger L. VVitliers])oon, President. Zeta Phi Beta " With feneiit heartb we pra , lur uu Zt-ta each day. " The membtTS troin lett to rii;ht .uc: Jean Riddick, Dean of Pledgees; Josephine Lynn, . ssistant Dean of Pledgees; Ruth Threat. President; Elizabeth Haw- kins, Secretary; Sudie Nhnin. Treasurer; Leverne Massenberg and Doris Greene. «ant -1-. Archonians Club The members are: Quinsetta Stevenson, Treas- urer; Martha McMillian. Secretary; Mildred Hunter, ice-President; Barbara Greene. Presi- dent. 1111 nil 89 90 Alpha Phi Omega " Alplia Fill Omega - we an- always eager " - Members are (bv alphabet); (A) David Clark, Dean of Pledgees; (B) James Cliestiuitt, Vice-President; (C) Charles Patterson, President; (D) Jessie p ilier. Re- cording Secretary; (E) Emory Peddick, Corrcsiionding Secretary; (F) Willie Webb, Chaplain; (G) Ralph Tatnm, Treasnrer; (H) C;liarles Rurns, Serge;irit-at-Arms; (I) Thomas Price, Historian; (J) Johnnie Williams, Chairman of Social Committee; (K) Bennie Washington, Chairman of Project Committee; (L) Fred Bel- field, Alnmni Secretary; (M) Lawrence Smitli, Parli;mientari;m; (N) P;nil Ronse; (O) Johnnie Gates; (P) Clyde Kelly; (R) l owman Burton, Queen Miss Loretta Sunierfield. Kappa Psi Chapter of . lpha Phi Omega, a National Service Fraternit , was established on t ' ' ' 1952, and has for its purpose the rendering of service to the student boiK ;unl lacnlt . ti. t the connnunity, to the members of the fraternity and to the nation. lph;i Phi Omega w;is hiunded December 16, 1925, at Lafayette Clollege, Easton, PennsvK ' ; le campus ni the ()uth of i» J « " .r . . ' ' ..v Omega Phi Alpha The Omega Phi Alpha, a service sorority, was estabhshed on the campus in 1955. The members are: Margaret Clawson, Jo Ann Gore, Catherine Alston, Mattie Hicks, Loretta Somerville and Julia Cochran. The organization i.s dedicated to the task of rendering helpful service to the college, the community and the nation, witliout thought of remuneration. During its brief history it has served these functions well. Its members work hand in hand to stress the development and to translate into functional reality, the ideals of finer womanhood, friendship and sister- hood for the promotion of the general welfare of humanity. ! 91 92 Austin D. Lane Editor-in-Chief Ellis F. Corbett P aculty Adviser William Sinallwood, Jr. Associate Editor Earl H. Thorpe Associate Editor ;4 f Mtee LAYOUT AND ART KDITOHS: (_:hu n(.r Bullock, LcHov Parker; CIIAIHMAN: Lula Tisdale, and Carl Bnlloek. »■ ' si- " t ■■« " ■•:, " i. Jdlinnie Gooding rliotographt-r TYPISTS: Left to right are; Misses Hattie Jenkins, Mildred Dnren. Ida Manley and Janet Saunders. The Chairman, Gretchen Vann and Margaret Neville are not shown. I ' r the pniduetioii of U s pioji ' d the inenilieis of tlie staff labored tireles.sly. The staff is aeeordiiiyly apprecia- tive for the services rendered hy Idoyd and Jveimeth Johnson, and especially for the cordial attitude and mosf cooperative spirit of Miss Jjoiiise V. Davis, Secretary to the Director ot I uhlic I-Jelations. 5e The Literary Staff inehides Hobby L. Moore, Chair- man; John D. Parks; and Douglas MeAdoo is not pictured. BUSINESS AND COORDINATION STAFF: Members, left to right are: James MeLeod, Allen T. Coins, Edwin Johnson and George Manning. 93 B HF. ' JTWf WT-in Cooper Hall Dormitory Officers til With the Assistance of Messrs. Barber, Kihier, and W ' asliington, tliesc Supervisors. President, and ' ice-l residents of the various floors and sections of Cooper Hall plan uionthh dormitory meetings, schedule events for the Recreation Room, and assist in the coordination of all acti ities in their new dormitorv. Junior -Senior Counselors . . . Otherwise known as student assistants, these Junior-Senior Counselors render valuable assistance to the Dean of Women and her staff. Their greatest areas of participation include a program of orientation, guidance, and general assistance for freshmen and sophomore women students. Its officers are Lucille Jones, President; Estherlene Smith, Seeretar ; .Ann Peoples, .Assistant-Si ' cre- tarv and . ladessa Willoughbv, Treasvner. 94 Pictured abo e is the txpical appearance of the room of I5etty Witherspooii and Lula Dennis of Holland Hall. Inside the Dorms . " I The fellows look forward with great anticipation to " Open House " occasions. Here they, along with several young ladies, listen to progressive " sounds ' " while visiting Curtis Hall. Room 2104. Scott Hall - that of LeRoy Parker and Lloyd Johnson, Alpha Phi . lpha and Kappa . lpha Psi aspirants, respectively. James Kibler, an outstanding citizen of the Cooper Hall family, pauses for a moment of reading. His roommate is " Philia " .Mitchell G. Ledbetter. 95 ' Hb. On each college campus there will invariably be found young ladies who will be referred to as " Queens, " " Sweethearts, " and Miss . ' ' The task is enviously difficult to select from j many who obviously qualify. Wo belie% ' e, however that We have successfully selected tht- ••queens of queens ... " |{ arettaJi J Reprt ' scntint; the cpitDiiU ' of finer womanhodd is tlie clioici " ot tlic stiidciit IkkIv — " Miss A. T. " Diiriiii; her rcijiii Miss Jiiiu ' Williams has triih ' niaintaiiud that extra grace, frieiulhiiess, poise, and dignity such as one would have in the " first lady " of the student bod . Her perfect character and cordial smile simply add to the many fine qualities whicli o cr ' heln iugK reserve for her this hon:)r. 98 SI A T Sm QUEENS Delphine Br aiit " Art Circle Sweetheart ' Clara Flowers " Miss Scabbard and Blade " Estella Wiggins " Jdiies County Queen ISIIjiL lj ftUm ' Jiia lAni7jj ' M)K4in .J QUEENS 100 Josephine Wilma Lynn " Miss l Iii B -t;i Sigma " Harbara E. Samuels " Miss Sopliomore " Theresa Louise Gibson " Miss Kappa Alplia Psi " m QUEENS Shelh Gean Thompson " Miss Teclinical Institute " I Estherlt ' iie Smith " Miss OnicBii Psi I ' lii " - BS Marjorio Gorham " Miss Teloca " : - . ' i2««!if jai ifr:5;i:_ t rzt:£ffii i3UJ«AiaauBKEtEy QUEENS 102 Edna Jetferies " Industrial Arts Queen " hirt;ari_ ' t Ncsillt ' " Miss Mu i Nu " QUEENS Clarice Worthy " Miss Delta " Mabel L. Simons " Miss Co-ed " Pa O V ll r 4J xi Loretta Ivis Somnien illf " Miss Alpha Phi Omega " 103 . ' ■.«t .z i »• - " ii.a-f -.iy n KSiK m-ixfunsruiaz Di LiZri AriiAiri jiijii AiiJ iii. ' i i QUEENS 104 Lola McCullough " M()hl) ' Club Queen " Novlet (Jeiricf Hiintt-r " Miss Jiminr " Ida Manley " Miss Senior " L QUEENS Ida Gillard " Miss Alpha Plii Alpli.i " Ji Felicia Black ■ ' Wtt nins ' Association Queen " N 105 ■ WTlTiifiiiMlnMlit tllM ' ilfUiirr ■ iir ' ■ " " - ' ' ■ ' ■ ' UCMMiliUtMaH fa-t;urricalar activities whicli uiaiutain tlie gieafest interest of the college ci mmunity are un- doubtedly " Sports. " ' Pai-ticipation in Football, Basketball, Track, or Baseball, as a playei- or spectator, provides the basic motivation i ' nv the maintenance of school spirit — the ven- " life " nt the college itself. A. • T. College lias consistently manifested in its players, through indoctrination, the importance of " give and take " as well as the satisfying lewards of " fair play. " Exemplification of these basic assets has kept us aT ong the top late teamt of the nation. i a! OOTBALL 111 iiitr (if a s(i-s(i 4-. ' M iccdril, the 111. " )? Aji-.n ' it ' s cm II sti-diii; at tlir cihI (if llic season anil linisliecl sccdiiil ill (M.A.A. W ' illi a 4- ' 2 IraLjui ' rrcord. Tlic Atijiics stall lc(l the spurts wurlil with an early scasiin (i-li tic with llirid natiniial rliaiii|iii)n Ten- iR ' sscc State rnix ' eisit y. The (iiil deeisix ' e loss liy tlie Annies was a 4L;-(i (lefeat liy this year ' s national c ' luniips, Florida A. iV: M. I ' nix-ersity. Vei ' y sironn, defeiisix-ely, the Annies were ]irolialily tile stroiiui ' st team in the leaniie at season ' s end. lyoiik lint in " 5S. Bert C. l ' i,U«i)tt llcail Ce.icll - I ' ciotliall Coaches Neely, Piggott and Groomes concentrate on a forthcoming " play " with great anticipation! St( rliii " Siiiitli " Walks it Out! " Arthur Worthy carries the ball for a long gain against ' irginia Union! 109 r " • ' ■ - ' tmiy ' -,t i - ' .-v. ' , 1937-5S BASKETBALL SQUAD Standing from left to right the members are: William T. McDowell. Walter Holtzclaw. Vinson Miller, Charles A. Harrison. Bernard R. Haselrig. Joseph P. Gotten and Charles W. Tupponce. Kneeling from left to right are Donald Edwards, . lvin . . .Attles. Joseph Howell. Bennie J. Robinson and Gerald F. Junior. Joseph Howell Team Captain STAHTING FI E: Herbert Gray. Joseph Gotten, Charles A. Harrison, . l in . ttles and Joseph Howell. . tr w m ' ' ' ' y -v. iiv iA ' r yfiK r ? 3: liJ{ :i ? -- - [ ' i i rin. ' r9 ' We Won ' C.I.A.A. Visitation Championship " Under the coaching of Cal Irvin, our 1957-58 basketball team bnmuht home the " gravy. " Joe Howell was selected among the iiidi iduals rating " All CIAA Selection for 195S, " and ,AI Attles and Joe Cotton were among the " All CIAA Tournament Selections for 1958. " Thi.s is just the beginning. With one banner year behind us, the best is yet to come. oe Cotton — Receiver of the coveted Most Valuable Player Award! " ' em Both " C.I.A.A. Tournament Championship " As a third i reat challenge, the team departs for Graniblin. Louisi- ana lor a tr) ' at the NCAA Regional Playoffs Honors. Coach Cal Irvin " To tlic victor — the spoils! ' 13 TRACK BERT C. PIGGOTT, Coacli " Dii; " " Wtiioii Gopelaiid ' l " HE 1957-5.S •1HA(-;K SQUAD: I ' ictiind alxivc tlic iirmiiIkts arc left to risllit, standing; Ed- ward Hlackston. Elijah McMillan, LIdniI Johnson, Hoscoc Fcnncll, John Snecd, Howard Walker and T renc McGinnis. Kneeling, left to right, are; James Slade, James Skeeter, ' er- non Gopeland, Hohert Bailey, Ba inond Goode, Paul Harris, Marion Harrison and John Brooks. 114 T7r,n:;,r t BASEBALL Action ' 115 You Guess! ' . p:iv-;. -:V --mjl Kiiv! It ' s Neshitt! J(K ' " and Al " " Readv!, 2, 3, K ' : On vour mark!! ■BatttT-Up — " Chico ' Coaches " Pow ' o v " 117 sr i ' ■ ■?!■-■ 7 - T ' V ' T ' " ' ' ..- £ i ; Honorary Alpha Kappa Mu The Alpha Kappa Nhi Hciiior Society has as one of its caicliiial piiiieiples hii;h sciiolarship. The officers are: Bobby L. Moore, President; Edward Clark, ' ice-President; Margaret Har- ris, Secretary-Treasurer. Sigma Rho Sigma The Sii;ma Hlio Sii;nia Honor Society suc- cessfully launched out to realize its purpose to encouraiie study, promote research, rec- ounize achievement in the field of human relations, promote professional growth and development among its members. Members from left to right are: . lexander Parker, Dean ot Pledgees; Bernice Hayes, Elworth E. Snnth, II, ice-President; James Spur- lock, Lillian Vestal, Treasurer; Willie Cause and Austin D. Lane, President. The new discoveries in this " scientific rennaissance " furnished fuel in promoting the purposes of Beta Kappa Chi to encourage and advance scientific education through original investigation, the dissemination of scientific knowledge, and stimulation of high scholarship in pure and applied science. Officers: H. Sherwood Satterthwaite, President; Edward Clark, Nice-President; Coolidge .McCoy, Treasurer; John D. Parks, Programme Chairman; James Pen- dertrrast. Eacult , ' dvisor. Beta Kappa Chi 120 Societies Pi Delta Phi The aims of this organization are to recog- nize achie ement demonstrated in the study of the French language, literatme. civihza- tion. and rehrted subjects. The members from left to risjht are: Delauris Farrior. Ida Gillard. Vice-President: Eddie M. Graf- ton. Secretan. : Bobby L, Moore. President: and Isaac July. miii Ba Pi Omega Pi The cardinal principles of Pi Omega Pi are to create, encourage, promote, and extend interest in scholarship: to promote the ideal of civic betterment through the practice of good citi- zenship; to encourage and promote high ethical standards in business and professional life: to teach the ideal of service as the basis of all worthy enterprise. The newest honorar society on the campus is the recenth organized Kappa Delta Pi. an erudite society- established to embrace those of outstanding ability and achievement in the field of education. Its ranks remain open to those interested and who meet the entrance requirements. = Kappa Delta Pi 121 1 , ; ' ' iii iw-it ' ,u-;t-. ; i :.7 ' ; JP i ' . r i?ifi»iJ J idk y : " «:w7.i7TTnT fTP7iiwn FASHION EDITOR: Mai Hodge and Thomas Marshall, Feature writer. Register Staff MRS. LORENO MARROW Facult ' Adxiser J . Under the supervision of the Co-editors and the Facidty Adviser, the Register Staff has continued to print the " Creme of College News. " Reing the official college newspaper, it provides complete coverage of all phases of college activity. At left are: Raymond Crump, Art Editor; Spurgeon Cameron, Reporter; Charles H. Chapman, Reporter; Alonzo Stevens, News Editor and Milton Martin, Feature Editor. mma From left to right are: Maxine Zachary. Typist; AA ' illy LeGette, Advertising Editor; and Da id L. Price, Business Manager. The Top echelon includes; Bobby L. Moore. Douglas Mc- doo and Clarence D. Funnye, Co-Editors. 123 Organizations ' TH.e Tliis Stiiiiriit Ciiiristiaii Association is a Fellowship of students and laciiltx nuMnlx-rs ulio desire to discover ior tlieinscK (s the liighest ideals of Christian livinij anil service and to have a part in making these idi-als operatixi ' on the college canipns and throiigliout the world, Olticers: Fred Whitlock. President; Paul A. Sliarpe. ice-Presideiit; Charley Moore, Secretary; Ernest Johnson, . ssistant Secretary; Charles Lundernon, Chap- huii; Joseph Mitchi ' iier. Treasurer; jininiie Barber. . d- isor. Dedicated to a richer and fuller knowledge of God in order to enhance more wholesome living, the Yoiuig Women ' s Christian Association is an organization whose doors are open to young women of all faiths. The Fellowship Council was organized for the purpose of fostering Christian fellowship on the campus. It is an affiliate of the Religious Activities Department and offers an excellent outlet for students who have taken parts in hometown church activities. [ 4. jaio jia»mtj,t u iai! t i t a Or ganizations Saccetcf An affiliate of the Central North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society, the campus chapter has as its objective to acquaint young chemists with the broader aspects of their chosen field. Kappa Phi Kappa, the official debating society of the college, has two primary objectives: the stimulation of interest in the art of formal discussion, and an apprecia- tion for formal discussion of controversial issues. Its coaches are: Captain John Mosley and Mrs. Zoe Barbee. The cardinal principle of the A. T. College chapter of tlie Music Educators National Society is to fulfill turther appreciation for the stud ' of music for those intending to piusue music education. Its officers include: I-!i)bert Muldrow, President; James Louis Moore, Vice- President: . nnie Loan, Secretar ; Frederick ' ebb, t:hairman of the Program Committee. 125 .5:- -!?• m - Organizations The International Relations (JInb served its purpose of creating within its members and others who associated with it. an understanding of the differences in peoples of varying cultures and backgrounds. ( ea % fr ic C ScKiietef ' The Geographical Soeiet ' strives to furtlier geiigrapliic intt ' rt ' st on the campus, to ascertain ways to bettt ' r utilize the resources o( our home regions, to maki ' geographical information tuiictional. and to foster Held trips of geographical interest. Officers are: Jolimiy Williams, President; Clarence Harper, ' ice-Presiilent; Delauris Speight, Secretary; and James Holm, Treasurer. ■t.OXER.S OF THE MODERN .XHTS ' The objectives of Mu Xi Nu are to promote a better niderstanding of the eontcniporar - arts, to revive a lasting school spirit, to stimulate scholarship and to widen the varieties of programs on the campus. The officers are as follows, left to right, kneeling: Samuel Gee and Alonzo Stevens. Standing left to right: Roland Sneed. Camilla C. Taylor, Nhirgaret Neville, Douglas Mc. ' doo and Willie Harris. 126 H Hi i mmm mmm SKs:; Organizations Tlie Veterans Association, an organization of those stu- dents who had ser ed in the nations Armed Forces, was an excellent social-ci ' ic outlet. It gave its members opportunity for self expression and organized coopera- tion on those matters of importance to those students under the G. I. Bill. a%Cattc ( u6 Officers are: I resident, Allen Durant; ' ice-President, Willie Dunham; Secretary. Diamin Croslin; Assistant Secretary, Gertrude Gibson; Business Manager, James Brown; Sgt.-at-. rms, Eugene Blakeny; Parliamentarian, Robert Alexander; Reporter, Lelar Samuels. With a histor - as old as the college itself, the Agricul- tural .Association is comprised mainly of majors in the School of .Agriculture. Its cardinal principles are: to stimulate scientific achievement in an appreciation for ad antages and opportunities in agriculture. The of- ficers are: Cleveland Lewis, President; Thermon Mc- Ko ' . ' ice-President; Dolly Horton, Secretary; Addie Gore, Treasurer; Louise Wallace, Chairman of Pro- gram and Social Ciommittee. _r- r. i, „■ Organizations The purpose of the Engineering Association is to pro- mote interest in engineering, science and related fields; to exchange ideas and keep abreast of most recent de- elopments in the field of general engineering. The club ' s officers are: Clarence D. Funnye, President; Win- fred A. Winson, Vice-President; Lucille Jones, Secretary. Tlie officers ot tlie Business Association include Earl H. Thorpe, President; Robert Bailey, Secretary; William SmalKvood, Parliani( ' nt;u " ian. Its members strive to form a closer union among busi- ness students, maintain a closer liaison between them- selves and the Business Department, provide for greater scholastic achievement, and strive for the molding of productive citizens for futm-e service. The Industrial Arts . ssociation seeks to bring the stu- dents majoring in Industrial Arts and ' ocationaI Edu- cation closer together; to acquaint them with job oppor- tunities in their field and to develop appreciation for the field of study. Its officers were; Lenton Jordan, President; Tlieodore Pittman, Vice-President; Carl Gaynor, Secretary; Al- jolson Hilliard, Treasurer. riBS The Auto Mechanics Club is organized to give those students, studying Auto Mechanics, opportunitv- for de- veloping their own ideas of mechanics. The group had its greatest year in 1957-58 and was cited as one of the fastest growing professional organization on the campus. 7HcU( ' ief cc6 The purposes of the Masonry Club are to develop leaders in the building industr " and help prepare the students for their responsibilities to society. The members are: Mar in G. Work. Chairman of Social Committee; George N. McKesson. Ernest L. Johnson. Vice-President; Joseph O. Joyce. John Boney. Joseph Sutton, Jr.. Arthur B. Kemp, Secretar) ' ; Hezakiah . McDonald. President: Joseph K. Wilson and F. H. Jones. cUU c id Dealmg chiefly with modem trends and variations in taOoring, the members of the tailoring club pride them- selves upon their aspirations to be masters of their chosen profession. The officers are: President, Willie Durham; ' ice-President. Margie Wyn: Secretan, ' , Ger- aldine Alston; . sst. Secretary. Ruby McLean: Treasurer, Robert Alexander. The Radio and Teles-ision Club gives opportunities for research and development in after class hours. The officers are: Matthew Knight, President; George Wil- liams. Treasurer; Isaac Royster, Jr., Secretar)-. (Wilbert Palmer. Business Manager, is absent from picture). i ££i :}itA«£i» ir iiiii;iJ!Mu:iP» ' Z %Abiv-. y - ' ' 7 . " f,? ' !- y??;v?1?M . fWfJ ' ) •».?■ Organiza tions ?? a { ' Hk ' Hdbin (Hill) has as its purpose the piomntioii of recreational uses of leisure time. The group originated two years ago as a result of a need for adherence to constructive uses of leisure. The members of the organ- ization are; Doretha Branch. Thelma Hayes, Clarice Worthy, Alice .Simmons, Mrs. Inez Goldsmith, Faculty . dvisor and l ola McC ' nllougli. The Home Eckers Club, a student professional organi- zation of those majoring in phases of the Home Ec- onomics field, endeavors to develop further interest in the field through encouraged research, study and ap- plication. 4tt ( iicie The Art C ircle, a student professional organization for those majoring or pursuing a minor in Art, its objectives; the stinnilation of interest and appreciation for paint- ings, drawings, and related fields. Its members from left to right; Jean E. Roberson, Secretary; Dethonie Moore, Pre.xy; Louis Artis, Frizzell Forbes, Vice-Prexy; (Seated) left to right; Walter Harris, Treasurer: Lula Tisdell, Heporter. t 130 999 Organizations " Pnwe i. % The French Club served an outstanding purpose as an adjunct to the Colleges Department of French. Its objectives were simple, to develop an appreciation of the French language, the people, and their customs. Members of New Fanners of America strive to per- petuate ideals and objectives of the organization in de eloping an awareness of the importance of scientific agriculture. Their Officers were: Henr ' Armstrong. President; O ' Neal Russ. ' ice-President; Walter Mc- Allister, Secretary; John . ndrew. Treasurer; Charlie Summers. Reporter. Tlie ' oman ' s . thletic Association is comprised of women Physical Education Majors. Their officers are: President. Frances Jean Mitchell; ' ice-President. Rosa Keith; Secretar . Gwendolyn Jean Perry; Assistant Sec- retary " . Ann Chandler; Treasurer. Thelnia ' nn; Ad- viser. Mrs. Ernestine C. Compton. r-yi3£x aMiHea2i ?.ti ' - 1 ;«W; ' .ij fl««JcC: rl f ' ' ' " ■ ' ' T ' - ' " ii ' ' i?JTV ' iV t " rTgygwi ' i Organizations C P uatiei £itd Tlie C.G.L.P. Counties Club, fomi osed of students tioni the four big counties in Eastern North Carolina — Craven, Greene, Lenoir and Pitt, seeks to aid in tlic adjustment of its members to tlie college situation. It aspires to promote high scholarship and better relations among its members and with the college community. The members of the Coastal Collegiate Club are stu- dents hailing from the largest single segment of the campus population, the Coastal Plains of North Caro- lina. The aims of the organization are to promote social adjustment and leadership among its members. The motto of this club is, " One step at a time, but always forward. " The club aspires to uphold this motto and the standards of the founder, James Hooker, who set it on its present permanent foundation in 1911. Among its officers are: David Lee Moore, President; George W. Koonce, Vice-President; Odessa Brown, Sec- retary; Rosa Lee Mumford, Treasurer: and Raymond Brown, Reporter. 132 JiLUB, SI Organizations Comprised of students desiring to express themselves through the art of dance, the Modern Dance Group is strictly voluntary. During the ear. it performs on the campus as well as a va ' . Those pursuing professional training in the Physical Education field, both men and women enhanced their interest through the Physical Education Majors Club. (P.E.M.) Its officers included: Earl Nhnphy. President; Otha W ' ilkins, ' ice-President; Thelma W nn. Secretary; Delois Speight. Assistant Secretary; hory Bennett, Treas- urer; and Mrs. Ellen McKee. .Aidviser. , n organization whose members are all lettered ath- letes, the aim of the Lettermen ' s Club is to bring about a union between college athletes of similar ideals of leadership, manhood, sportsmansliip, and an unusual sense of " fair plav. " The Clubs officers were: Edward Favors, President; Edward Nesbitt, " ice-President; Ra - mond Coode. Secretary; .4rthur Worthv. Treasurer. ,.5-- -,».. - . t -igfeI«IKH3SV, yrrrmrT f rtmnmm Organizations Composed mainly of English Majors, the Fortnightly Club is an organization interested in literature enjoyed during the school year. Under the Advisership of Miss Jean Bright, its officers include: David L. Price, Presi- dent; Spurgeon Cameron, ' ice-President; Margaret Har- ris, Secretary; Charlie Moore, Treasurer. 70u t M.Scdmt ( The VVinston-Salem C ' lub, founded by Robert Louis Stevenson, is composed of students who are native to, iir live in VVinston-Salem. Its primary purpose is to bring an amiable bond between its members and the remainder of the A. T. family. Its officers are Billy .Moore, President; Joseph Johnson, Vice-President; Bes- sie Littlejohn, Secretary; and Alvis Douthit, Treasurer. ' Hcia puXK iu Composctl of students of the Catholic faith, the New- man Club ' s officers are Lucille Jones, President; Leon Dingle, Vice-President; Viciutis Donnelley, Secretary; Ernest Grant, Treasurer; Mrs. G. Dickson, . dviser. »• B Organizations In order to strengthen the bonds ot friendship b open discussion and co-operation, the New York-New Jersey Club, comprised of students from those two states de eloped lasting home-state acqiuiintances. Its officers were; Bruce Sands. President; Barbara Hurts. ' ice- President; . ddie Gore. Secretary; and George Manning. Treasurer. Tlirough precept and example the Charm and Culture Club, under the advisership of Mrs. Inez Goldsmith. is e er treading the road to increasing the status of the young women in the . nierican Society. cu uUa ( (u6 The aim of this club is to have a closer social contact among the students from the state of ' irginia. Its officers include: Johnn ' Johnson. President: . 1 Little- john. ice-President; Jo ce Clarke. Secretary: and - nn Lassister. . ssistant Secretar ' . ,? - V»5: £ ' tj:-{ jiAJ ' i.V: i UMi£!i i.( ' f»? (J:- ' -fUi- Dramatics Club lolin Marshall Stcxenson Director RitlKird B. Harrison Players |S " Jean " • ?» huh? Well? Features Selecting for their first and main fall production " The Death of a Salesman " by the Richard B. Harrison Thes- pians, Mr. Ste enson was lauded by compliments by a vast number of those who witnessed the protluction. Thus, they were off to a great start. " Antigone " was the spring production. As with all productions presented In- the Richard B. Harrison play- ers, it was superb. Oil tliis gala occasitm liigli school seniors from all over the state visit our campus to enjoy a tour of the campus facilities, lunch, and an afternoon foot- lall game. They come by the thousands!!! by School Bus . . . . . Charter Bus V " s •:■ ■« ' ; amec( (HM ;4ctc(AitCe President and Mrs. Gibbs " take in " e erv moment! For sentimental reasons " Homecoming " is. without a doubt, the most exciting occasion in the entire school vear. To the present college family it means an opportunity- for festivities, celebration, and true ex- pression of the . ggie-land spirit. For the graduates and friends of the college it means reunion, re- capitulation of time spent within these academic portals, and an occasion to observe people of similar vocations and professions as the ' assemble to com- memorate and enjo " Homecoming. " ' The traditionally outstanding . . T. College marching band. June Williams " .Miss A. T. " T: Tlic ueLa.-,iuii uuukl be iin-uiuplcti. ' ithuut the usual " Welcome Alumni. " The famous Florida A. 6v- M. Band! 139 iH. 2? t • ' •♦iHe.-t . ' " Homecoming " Activities . . . Personalities . . . Events I Dean T. E. McKiniic) ' , the niaiii speaker and President Cibbs Niivi ' ml ir 1, 1957 »T j-ti. ■A-4r-, ■ acutcCen ' " Dacf. M t M C(AC(tU The pri .e of thi ' oceasiorj — Tlianksiiiving tnrkey! f mm " Jackie, Catherine and Theresa, " three Aggie-land beauties, admire the t ' pi- cal Christmas-time poinsettas. Man gala celebrations and religious observances signify the birth of the Christ Child — the Saviour. Many rejoiced, some wept, many presented gifts to friends and relatives, and many gave thanks. The Christmas Concert processional! From the Omegas ... to all . . . Merry Xmas. The Cafeteria Christmas tree! 143 Student " Miss A. T., and Court " — Readv ' : Attir till- Uance! " Y " — Champions « 144 Life . . . Student M Student Firing Line V . T Life Real Snow Dig those " crazy " styles - tB Short Life ! 9 Hey Gang ! Sophisticated Musicians — Brass Ensemble M Heart " Thrnb " ' No Real Handicap Splash Party . ' f P( Anyone for a Game of Basketball ? 149 TWTMRPnrpiTtWrmjfmM Lyceum Attractions Memorable Occasions B " Spearheader " in C.I. A. A. Championship ReHgious Emphasis Week The ' .-Mphas ' Commemorate " Founder s Dav " Dr. Eppe.s — Xesro fli.sti.i) W itk 151 Fraternity Sorority " Probates " Signiu ' .s Winter " Dogs " and Sweetheart I Miscellany " Pledge Clubs " J KAPPA ALPHA PSI - " Scrollers " ALPHA PHI OMEGA - " Philias " George ' . Cai- er Hall Ferdinand D. Bluford Librar ' 1!: if Julian Price Hall ROTC Buildina Murphx ' Hall Gregg Cherry Hall Annie W. Holland Hall Campus I ' 1 = ' = " . - . nmH Um ' i I I I 3 3 [i= " " " r " H 1 ««Ki«. ' . Austin W. Curtiss Hall Charles A. Hines Hall W. Kerr Seott Hall Charles I. Cooper Hall Dewitt C. Benbow Hall Samuel P. Sebastian Infirmary Roscoe ' ard Hall Cliailib H. Moore Gvmnasium • . In Conclusion As the F:artli I ' ntatos so as to east the illusion that the sun " rises " and " sets, " so does the life of the college student evolve, from the first day of nnitrieulation to the last nmnient of the Com- meiicenient exercise. This does not, liy any means, di ' iuite tlie end — hut rather, the heginnini; ' of the opiiortunity to " liv ' " and iierjietuato the human race, to supply the Karth with thi i-esourees nec- essary for the highest Jiossihle li el of human habitation — to contrihute to humanity that for which the Alniiiihtv has created us. The Editor-in-Chief - .i i Senior Directory Adams. JamKs Akthlu; 710 W ' aihington Street; Santord, North Carolina : Major, Architectural Engineering : [inor, Mathematics; Organizations, Engineering Association, YM- CA, N-T.A.. Boxing Team. Sports. Alfokd, Charles W. ; 511 South Booker Street; Greensboro. North Carolina: Major. Tailoring; Orqanization. Tailoring Cluh. . ' l.FoKii. How . KD Lek : 305 Johnson Street: Trinity, North Carolina: Major. Business . dministration : Minor, Social Studies: Organization. ' ;, Choir, Men ' s Glee Chib, Alpha Plii . lpha Fraternity. Wesley Foundation. Board of Directors and Speaker. Veterans ' . ssociation, YMCA, S.N.E.A.. Business .Association. Committee of Religious . ' Vctivities. International Relations Chii). Chairm.m Program Connnittee of Methodist Student Movement. Allen. Robert L. ; Route 1. Box 14: Manson. North Carolina: Major, Painting and Decorating: Organization, Technical Institute Club. Allen, Rolland Hayes; 7(ti West Washington Street: Leaks- ville. North Carolina ; Major, Masonry. Alston. Albert F. : Carolina ; Major. Studies. Alston. Catherine W; 409 West Rosemary Street; Chapel Hill. North Carolina: Major. Nursing; Organizations. Tel- oca Student Nurses -Association. Omega Phi .Alpha Service Sorority. Alston, George H.; 1513 Dunbar Street: Greensboro. North Carolina; Major. Eniilish : Minor. Sociology; Oraanizations. ROTC. Officers Club. Alsto.n " , Leslie Eugene: Route 2, Bo.x 103: Scotland Neck. North Carolina; Major. Industrial .Arts; Minor, Drafting. 1513 Dunbar Street: Greensboro. Nortli Elemcntarv Education; Minor, Social McCke; K ' lUte 3, Box 72. Mebane. N.jrth [T. Masonr ' ; Organization, Technical Insti- Andersox. Joei Carolina: .Mo tute Club. Anderson. Roy. Jr.: 2P) Orange Street; Oxford. Nortli Caro- lina: Major, Music; Minor, English; Organizations, Male Chorus. Choir. Baiul. Tutorial Staff, English Association. N.E.H.C. Andrews. John F.: Route 1. Box 176; Pamplico, South Caro- lina; Major, Agriculture Education: Minor, General Science: Organizations, Wesley Foundation, N.F..A., Chaplain. Dormi- tory Proctor. .Agricultural .Association, Fellowship Council. Andrews. Lee D. : Route 1, Box 182: .Acme. North Carolina: Major, Radio and Television; Organization. Technical In- stitute Club. Armstrong. .Adrian Henrv ; 516 South 8tli Street: Wilming- ton, North Carolina: Major. Mechanical Engineering; Minor. Mathematics; Organization, Engineering .Association. Armstrong. Henry, Jr.; Route 1, Box 182: Elm City. Nortli Carolina ; Major. .Agricultural Education : Minor. .Animal Husbandry; Organization. . N.F..A.. .Agricultural Association. Richard B. Harrison Players. W ' esley Foundation, Geogra- pliic Society. AvTCH, Eunice Monticello, Jr.; Route 1, Box 90: Griffon, North Carolina : Major. Social Studies ; Minor, Sociologi,- ; Organizations. Choir. Men ' s Glee Club. French Club Modern Dance Group, C.G.L.P.. Geographical Society, VMCA. Vet- erans ' .Association. Bacote, Ernest, Jr.; Post Office: Parkton, North Carolina; Major, Physical Education: Minor, Biology: Organizations, A MC.A. Veterans ' .Association. Bailey, Onest Lee: Route 3. Box 204; Raleigh, North Carolina: Major, Business .Administration: Oraanizations, Scabbard and Blade, ROTC, Officers Club, Business .As- sociation. Bailey, Robert James. 3720 North 16tli Street : Philadelphia. Pennsylvania ; Major, Accounting ; Minor, Business .Admin- istration ; Organizations, Varsity Track, Intramural Basket- ball and Football, Tutor in Accounting, Kappa .Alpha Psi Fraternity, I.ettermen ' s Club, VMCA, Business .Association, Veterans ' .Association. Baker. George .Allen; 1624 Rolay .Avenue; St. Petersburg. Florida; Major, Mathematics; Organizations, Mathematics Club. A ' eterans ' .Association, A■ IC.A. Ballard, Thurman .Alonza ; 124 East 13th Street: Scotland Neck. North Carolina : Major, Accounting : Organizations, Scabliard and Blade. .Arnold .Air Society, Cadet Welfare Council, ROTC, Officer ' s Club. Barnes. David; Route 5, Box 3106: Reidsville. North Carolina: Major, Industrial Arts; Organizations, VMCA. Industrial Arts .Association. Basemore, Roosevelt. Jr. ; 2500 Queen Street : Portsmouth. ' irginia ; Major. Business Administration : Organizations. Business .Association, YMCA, Geographical Society. Bass. William; 2825 Comborne Street; Greensboro, North Carolina : Major. Social Studies : Minor. Sociology ; Organi- zation. French Club. Beebe, Urias: Route 3, Box 49; Fayettevillc, North Carolina; Major. Tailoring: Organizations. Technical Institute Club. Tailoring Club. Belcher. PernEll; Route 2, Box 12, Plymouth. North Caro- lina ; Major. Radio and Television. Belfiei.d, Fred; Route 1, Box 75; Rich Square, North Caro- lina, Major. .Agronom - ; Minor. Chemistry: Organizations. .Alpha Phi Omega. .Agricultural .Association. N.F..A. Bellamy, Joseph Lloyd; Route 1, Box 75, Nakins, North Carolina: Major, Radio and Television; Organizations. Tech- nical Institute Club, Radio Club. Bell. John Clarence; Route 1. Box 288- .A. Hubert, North Carolina: Major, Body and Fender Work; Minor. Car- painting ; Organizations. .Auto-Mechanics Club : Y ' MCA. Bell. Ralph; Route 1. Box 85. Clayton, North Carolina: Major. Radio and Television: Organizations. Railio Club. Technical Institute. Benjamin. James; 322 Beech Street, Greensboro, North Caro- lina: Major. Sociology; Minor. Social Science; Organiza- tions. Y ' MCA, Geographical Club, Veterans Club. Berry-. Fannie Mae; General Delivery, Davidson, North Carolina ; Major. Nursing ; Organizations, Religious Life Committee, Westminster Fellowship, Teloca Club, National Student Nurses .Association. Best. Milford: 211 E. Neil Street, Goldsboro, North Carolina; Major, Architectural Engineering; Minor, Math: Organiza- tions, YMCA, Engineering Association, Veterans Association. Bloomfield, Nancy H. ; P. O. Box 653, Hamlet, North Caro- lina ; Major. Commercial Education ; Organizations, Business -Association, Y ' W ' CA. Booker, Ralph K. ; Route 1. Box 75, Varina, North Carolina: Major, Chemistry: Minor, Math; Organization, Journal American Chemical Society. Borders, Zeno T. ; Route 1, Box 103, Shelby, North Carolina; Major, Welding; Organizations, Technical Institute Club. Bowman. Nathaniel, Jr. ; 290 Pennsylvania .Avenue. Reids- ville. North Carolina; Major, History: Minor, Music: Or- ganizations, M.E.N.C, Geographic Society, Extra-Curricular Acli-iitios, Band. Men ' s Glee Club. Boyd, Carlton; 203 Grayson Street: Marion. North Carolina: Major, Accounting; Minor, Business .Administration: Extra- curricular Activities, Chairman. Tutorial Staff of Student Government, 1957-58. Executive Editor to Year Book. 1957- 58; Organizations, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, .Assistant Dean of Pledgees ; Representative to Pan Hellenic Council. BoYKiN, George Ben.|amin; 1519 Campbell Street, Caimleii, South Carolina: Major, Biological Science: Minor, Chem- istry; Organizations, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, ' YMC.A. BracEy, .Archie, Jr.; 702 Douglas Street, Greensboro. North Carolina; Major, Mechanical Engineering; Organization, Engineering .Association. 158 Bradley, John T. : Box 60, Lake Lure. North Carolina; Major. Biology: Minor. Social Studies; Ori ani:atioiis. Vet- eraTis Club. Y ' MCA. Brown. B. rb. r. ; 1413 Pisgali Roail. Greensboro. Xortli Caro- lina : Major, . pplied Sociologx ; Minor. Social Science. Brown. Bertel S. : St. . nns Bay. Jamaica. B.W.L; Major. Animal Husbandry; Minor. General Science; Organi:ations, International Relations Club. Newsman Club. Brown, J. mes Cornelu ' S ; 3147 Ross . vcnue : Charlotte. North Carolina; Major. Business .Administration. Brown. Jesse Lee. Jr. ; 125-D Ducan Smith Homes. Laurin- burg. North Carolina; Major. Radio and Television; Organi- zations. Technical Institute. Dramatics Club. Radio and Tele- vision Club. Brown. Leroy ; Route 4. Box i - : Savannah. Georgia; Major. Social Science; Minor. History. Brown. Marian Odessa; Route 1. Box 7-. ; Trenton. North Carolina ; Major. Home Economics Education ; Minor. Gen- eral Science; Organizations. Jones County Club. Home Eckers Club. Agricultural Association. YWC.- . Brown. William Curtis; 1205 East 14th Street N. E. ; Wiu- stnn-Salem. North Cardina; Major. Electrical Engineering; Minor. Mathematics; Urganizalions. YMC. . Engineering -Association. Bryant, Carl; Route 1, Box 25, Moncure. North Carolina; Major. .Agriculture; Minor. Dairying; Organizations. .Agri- cultural .Association. Bullock, Carv Jordan ; 605 St. John Street ; Tarboro. North Carolina ; Major. -Architectural Engineering ; . [inor. Math- ematics; Organizations. Engineering -Association. ' eterans -Association. National Technical -Association, YMC-A. Bullock, Clarence Ch. rles; 2525 Ludlow Street; Norfolk, Virginia; Major. Fine -Arts; Minor. History; Organizations, Yearbook Staff, .Art Club, Virginia Club. BuRNEV. Lillian; Route 1. Box 21; Council. North Carolina; Major, Commercial Education; Organizations. Business -As- sociation. Marching and Concert Band. YWC.A. Sunday School. Burton. Bowman ; Route 2. Box 83--A ; Oxford, North Caro- lina ; Major, Physical Education ; Minor. Social Science ; Orqanizations. -Alpha Phi Omega. Physical Education Club. terans ' Club. YMCA. Bynum. Bettye Leone; 1199 Daye Street; High Point. North Carolina; Major, Elementary; Minor. Commercial Educa- tion; Organizations. Business .Association. Lusher. Mu Xi Xu. Y ' VC-A, Future Teachers of -America. Bynum. Freddie Eugene; tli West 20th Street; Winston- Salem. North Carolina; Major, Business .Administration; Minor. Social Science; Organizations. Winston-Salem Club. Carlton, Margaret Henry ; Route 1, Box 231 ; Warsaw, North Carolina; Major, Nursing; Organizations. National Student Nurses -Association. Teloca Club. Omega Phi .Alpha Service Sorority, Sampson Club- Carter, Evelyn Lee; Route 1, Box 123--A ; Blounts Creek, North Carolina; Major, .Applied Sociology; Organizations. Future Teachers of America, Baptist Student LTnion. Carter. James Warlington ; 1220 E. Washington Street ; Gord. North Carolina; Major. -Auto-Mechanics; Organiza- tions. A ' MC.A, Auto-Mechanics Club, T. I. Club. Chandler. Annie Laura; Post Office Box 567; Clarksville. Virginia ; Major, Commercial Education ; Orqanizations. Band, YWCA, W.A.A.. irginia Club. Chandler. Inez Bonner; 1607 West Third Street; Green- ville. North Carolina; Major. Nursing; Organizations, Telo- ca. National Student .Association. C.G.L.P. Club. Cherry, Clyde, Jr.; Route 1, Box 101; W ' indsor, North Caro- lina; Major. Radio and Television; Organizations, Radio and Television Club, Technical Institute Club. Cheston. Helen Lucille ; Route 2. Box 274 ; Trenton. North Carolina; Major. Home Economics Education; . finor. Gen- eral Science; Organizations. -Agriculture -Association, Home Eckers Club, Jones County Club. Clark. Edward Winfielu; 105 N. Jackson .Avenue; Dunn, North Carolina ; Major. Mechanical Engineering ; Minor, Mathematics and -Air Science ; Organizations. Dramatics Club. YMCA. Beta Kappa Chi-rccorder. .Alpha Kappa Mu — " ice-President. Fellowship Council. Engineering .Association — ' ice-President. Spirit Committee (associate chairman Sunday School. .A. T. Superintendent. Officers Club (.Air Force ' ROTO, drps Commander (ROTO, Tutorial Staff. Cochrane. Julia Mae; 809 Beatties Ford Road; Charlotte, North Carolina ; Major. Commercial Education, Organiza- tions. College Choir, Omega Phi .Alpha Sororit -. Business -Association. Collins. Nathan; 1414 Russell Aveiuic; Charlotte. North Carolina ; Major. General Science : Minor. Mathematics ; Organizations. ' MC-A. ' eterans .Association. Geography Society. Colon, Domingo; 32 Mora Street; Ponce, Puerto Rico; Major. Business .Administration; Organization. International Re- lations Club. Cox. Edith Cameron; 505 RR Street; Sanford. North Caro- lina; Major. English; Minor. Social Science; Organiza- tions. Omega Phi -Alpha Sorority. English .Association. ■ Crafton. Eddie Mae; 601 Burnside -Avenue; North -Augusta. South Carolina ; Major, English ; Minor. French ; Organiza- tions. Pi Delta Phi French Honorary Society. English -As- sociation. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Crosby. Louise; Route 1. Box 243; Linden. North Carolina; Major. Home Economics Education ; Organizations. Future Teachers of .America. Western Foundation. Home Eckers Club. -Aggie .Association. Curry. Robert Lee; 201 James Street; Kannapolis. North Carolina; Major. Fine .Arts; Minor. History; Organizations, -Art Circle — President. Route 2. Box 69; Raper. North iinal Husbandry ; Minor, General F.F..A.. Veterans -Association, -Agri- D.wENPORT. -Alfred M. ; Carolina ; Major. -An Science ; Organizations. cultural .Association. Davenport. Barbara Jean; 1117 N. Rulge -Avenue; Winston- Salem. North Carolina; .Major. Chemistry; Organizations, .American Chemical Society. College Choir. !; Tillery. North Military Science; R.O.T.C. Officers Davis. Fred .Alvin ; Post Office Box 1.5 Carolina; Major, Industrial .Arts; .Elinor, (iraanizations. Industrial .Arts -Association. Club. YMCA. Dave. Ellis Edward ; 209- .A Clement Street ; Oxford. North Carolina; Major. Physical Education; Minor. Mathematics. Dees. Carl F. ; Post Office Box 249 : Chadbourn. North Caro- lina ; Major. Chemistry; Minor. Mathematics. .Activities, .American Chemical Socict}-. Intramural Basketball. A ' MC.A, ' eterans ' .Association. Delanev. Ruby Hildarenk; 1402 East Carolina Street; Wilson. North Carolina; .Major. Nursing; Organizations. -Alpha Kappa -Alpha Sorority. Teloca Club. National Student Nurses -Association, Baptist Student L nion. Dew, Dorisi.enE; 903 East Green Street; Wilson, North Caro- lina ; Major. Physical Education ; Minor. General Science ; Organizations, Iodern Dancing. Choir. Cheer Leader. Par- liamentarian of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. P.E.M. Club, Womens -Athletic -Association. Geographic -Association. Geo- graphic Society. Secretary of Y C.A. Dellard, Evelyn Kyzee; Box 30; Martinsville. ' irginia; Major. Physical Education; Minor. Social Science; Orqani- zations. W " .- .A., P.E.M. Club, YWCA, Intramurals. Dixon. Herbert ' ernard; Hi Olive Street; Rocky Mount. North Carolina ; Major. -Architectural Engineering ; Minor. Mathematics ; Organizations, Engineering .Association. Xa- tii ' iial Technical .Association. -A. T. Chapter. Dixon. James .Alexander; 904 Leonard Street; High Point, Xorth Carolina; Major, Painting and Decoration; Organiza- tions, X ' eterans ' Association. Donnell. Peggy -Ann; 909 Ireland Street; Greensboro. North Carolina; Major. Institutional Management. 159 DurTiiiT. Al i- Hiukkt; 2. 22 Thurmond Stret-t ; Winstuii- Salem, North Carohna ; Majiir. Biological Science; Minor. Chemistry. Military Science; Ortjanications, National So- ciety of Scabbard Blade, Winston-Salem Club. Officers Club. Debating Society, International Relations. Dk.wtdx. Leola ; Route 1. Box 63; Summerville, South Carolina; Major. Nursing; Organizations. Teloca Club. Na- tional Student Nurses ' Assi ciation, Weslev Foundation. YW ' CA. DiDi.i ' X. Alfred D.. Route 2, Box 80: Aurora, Nortli Caro- lina; Major. Electrical Engineering: Minor. Matliematics ; ( h-i aiiications. Engineering Association. VMCA. DuNLAp, Gloria RozKxia; 742 West 26th Street; Winston- Salem, North Carolina; Major. Applied Sociology; Minor. Social Science Organization. VWCA, Sunday School. DupREE. NoRiCE ; Route 5, Box 103: Greenville. North Caro- lina: Major. History; Minor, Applied Sociology; Oriianizn- tions. W.A.A.. C.G.L.P. Club, Geographical Society. Future Teachers of America, YWCA. Evans, Robert Nelsox; Route 1, Box 150; Clemmons. Nortli Carolina; Major, Applied Sociology; Minor, Social Science: Organizations. Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society, Geographic Society. International Relations Chil Winston-Salom Club. Faircloth. Doris Ann; 510 McICoy Street: Clinton, North Carolina; Major. AppUed Sociology: Minor. Social Studies; Organizations, YWCA. International Relations Club, Geo- graphic Society, F.T.A., Corresponding Secretary of Inter- national Relations Club. Farrior, Delairis: Route 1. Box 305: Jacksonville. Nortli Carolina ; Major. Mathematics : Minor. Frencli ; Organiza- tions. Delta Siitima Theta Sorority, Pi Delta Phi Honor Societv. Farrow, Jimmie Leon : Agriculture Economics ; Oriental. North Carolina : Organization. Glee Club. Ma for. Feaster. James Harold: I30I I ' othwell Street. Greensboro. Nortli Carolina; Maj( r. Busine s Administration: Organiza- tions , Geographic Society. Wteraiis Association. Busines:- Association. FoNViLLE, Mae Bell; Route 5. Box lOl ; New Bern. North Carolina: Major. History: Minor. English; ( )rganizations. B.S.U.. Fellowship Council, C.G.L.P., Geographic Societ . English Association. Forbes, Frizzell L ' Ouvertl ' rE; 705-25Ki Street, N. W. ; Win- ston-Salem, North Carolina; Major. Fine Arts: Minor, His- tory; Organizations. Art Circle Club. Winston-Salem Club. Ford, Jessie B., Route 1, Box !61 ; Fairmont. North Carolina: Maj n Tailoring ; Organizations. Tadoring Club. Technical Institute ' Club. Foster, James Edison ; Route 1, Box LS4 ; Kittrell. North Carolina; Major. Applied Sociology: Minor. Social Science: Organization, YMCA. Fuv, David MaCnard; 1863 Evenitt Street. Greensboro. Nortli Carolina; Major. Applied Sociolog ' : Minor. Social Science; Organizations. Geographic Society. Choir. Frederick. Dawsev, Jr.; FVst Office Box 122: Warsaw, North Carolina; Major. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: Organization, Veterans ' Club. Fuller, Jesse Foy: 421 Cross Street; Asheboro. Nortli Caro- lina ; Major, Biological Science ; Minor, Chemistry, Organi- zations. Band, Alplia Phi Omega Fraternity. Fi ' LToN, William Finley ; Route 2, Box 55; Kernersville, North Carolina ; Major. Agricultural Engineering : Minor. General Science : Organizatmns. N.F.A.. . gricultural As- sociation. Funnvr. Clarence Uelmonte ; 42 (Jueen Street ; George- town, South Carolina ; Major, Agricultural Engineering : Minor, Mathematics; Organizations, Presitlent of the En- gineering Society, Editor-in-chief of the Register. Kappa Alpha Psi. Sunday School Teacher, Geographic Stjciety. President of the Library Committee, Intercollegiate Council of Greensboro. Ntjrth Carolina. Gallop, William McClaide : Post Office Box 103 ; Har- binger. North Carolina : Major, Physical Education : Minor. Social Studies: Orqanizations. Gymnastic Team, P.E. Club. YMCA. Veterans ' Club. Galloway, Rl " by Bethel; 205 Marshall Street, Greensboro. North Carolina; Major. Tailoring; Organizations. Technical Institute Club. Tailoring Club. Gardner, Alexander Blduy : ni8 H Street. New Bern. North Carolina ; Major, Engineering Physics : Minor. Electrical Engineering : Organizations. Student Council President. eterans ' Association. Who ' s Ji ' lio m American Colleges and ( niz-crsitics. Gardner, Joseph M., Route 1. Box 232; Grifton, North Carolina ; Major. Radio and Television : Orqanizations. C.G.L.P. County Club. Technical Institute Club. Garvin. Shirley Maic; 514 North Marietta Street, Gastonia. North Carolina ; Major, Elementary Education ; Minor, Social Studies: Organizations. Spirit Committee, Baptist Association, YWCA, Sophomore Counselors, French Club. Gatewood. Henry Benjamin: Route North Carolina ; Major. General Science : Organization. YMCA. I. Box 315; Wadesboro. Science ; Minor. Social Gatse. Willie Lee ; 4121 Cambridge Street; Philadelphia. Pennsylvania ; Major, Business Administration ; Organiza- tions. Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary Society. Business As- sociation, ' eterans ' .Association. Gavnor. Carl Lee, Post Office Box 15; Hobgood, North Carolina; Major, Industrial Arts; Organizations. Industrial Arts Association. Georce. Roosevelt; Post Office Carolina. Box 214; Clia.ibourn. North Gibson. Gertrude; Route 1. Box U ; Mount Holly. North Carolina ; Major, Business Administration ; Organizations. VWCA. Charm and Culture, Secretary of the Sophomore Class, Business Club. GiBSiix, Jacquelyn Theresa. 1924 W. Emanuel Street, George- town, South Carolina; Major, English; Minor, History; (hu anizations. YWCA. Englisii Association. Choir, Dra- matics Club. Gill. Charlie A. ; 10 ' ' Forsyth Street, Thomasville, Nortli Carohna; Major. . uto Mechanics; Minor. Welding; Organi- zations. .Xuto Meclianics Club, ' eterans ' Association. GiLLARD, Ida G. ; Route 1, Box 180: LaGrange, North Caro- lina; Major. English; Minor. French: Organizations, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority— Secretary, Pi Delta Phi French Honor Society — Treasurer, Richard B. Harrison. French Club. Pan Hellenic Council — Secretary, English Association. Senior Class — ' ice-President. Gilliam, Cleveland ; 1207 E. Elew Street ; Winston-Salem. North Carolina; Major, Business Administration; Organiza- tions. Business Association, Veterans ' Association. Winston- Salem Club, GiLMoRE, Andrew Graham. Jr.; 1101 N. Fayetteville Street: Dunn. North Carolina; Major. Agriculture Education ; Minor, (ieneral Science: Organizations. N.F.A., VMCA. Gladney, Frances Utuise; North Carolina ; Major. National Student Nurses Route 1, Box 499, Greensboro, Nursing ; Organizations. Teloca. Association. Gorham. Johnnie Wesley, Route 3, Box 484; Wasiiington, Nortii Carolina; Major. Vocational Agriculture; Minor. r.LMieral Science; Organizations. Track Team, C.G.L.P. Coun- ty Club, N.F.. ., YMCA, Agriculture .Association. X ' eterans ' Association. Graham, Ri ' TH Helen; 8{J9 W. Whittington Street; Greens- boro, Nortli Carolina ; Major, Physical Education ; Muii r. Social Science ; Organizations. Modern Dance ( iroup. Band. Majorette Captain, W..- .A.. and P.E. Majors Cjlub. Gray. Mildred S.. Route 5. Box 35; Henderson. North Caro- lina ; Major, Social Science ; Minor, Sociology ; Organiza- tions. Sigma Rlio Sigma. S.N.E.A., Senior Counselor, Geo- graphical Society. ' WCA, Dramatics Club. 160 i» Greex. Agnes Hayes : Route 2, Box 96 ; Brown Summit. North Carolina : Major, Physical Education ; Minor, Social Science: Orinuiizations, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Kappa Delta Phi Honor Society, Physical Education Majors Club, Women ' s Athletic Association. Future Teachers of America. YWCA. Grimes. Johx Hubert; 809 High Street, Marion, North Carolina ; Major, Business Administration : Organizations. Geographic Society. YMCA. Veterans Association. Business Association. Guest, Walter James ; 804 Macon Street ; Greensboro, North Carolina ; Major, Biological Science ; Minor. Chemistry : Organizations. Mens ' Chorus. Newman Club, French Club. Hairston. Vina Ruth; Route 1, Box 57; Walnut Cove. North Carolina; Major, English; Minor. French; Or janizj- tions. Debating and riting. Oratorical Contests. Kappa Phi Kappa Forensic Debating Society, Spirit Committee. Fort- nightly Club. Student N.E.A., Senior English Majors Asso- ciation. Story Writers. Register Staff. Hall. Alvin Bernard ; Box 29 : Barber. North Carolina ; Major, Radio and Television; Organizations. Technical In- stitute Club, Radio and Television Club. H. ll. Herman. Jr.: Route 1. Box 14; Edenton. North Caro- lina; Major, Radio and Television; Organizations. Radi ' i and Television Club. : Edenton. North Carolina; none: Organizations. Auto Hall. John E. : Route 1. Box 137 Major. Auto Mechanics ; Minor, Club. Veteran Club. Hall. Troy Thurman; 1800 East 5th Street; Winston-Salem. North Carolina ; Major, Auto Mechanics. Halley, Willie Lee, Jr.: Route 2, Box 146; Windsor. North Carolina; Major, Radio and Television; Organizations. Radio and Television Club. Halsev, George Thomas. Jr. ; llOS North Sixth Street ; Wilmington. North Carolina; Major. Music; Minor. French; Organizations. Band, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Hargrove. Calvin. Jr.; 501 Gulley Street; Goldsboro. North Carolina; Major, Agriculture Education; Afinor, General Science; Organizations, Dramatics Club, N.E.A.. YMCA. Sunday School, Boxing Team. Philly Club. Harper. Clarence; 1015 Franklin Street; Thomasville. North Carolina ; Major, Business Administration : Organizations. Geographic Societv, Business Association, Veterans Associa- tion, YMCA. Harris. Margaret Lucille ; Route 3, Box 403; Thomasville. North Carolina; Major. Mathematics; Minor, Physics: Or- ganizations, . lpha Kappa Mu Honorary Society. Future Teachers of America. Fortnightly Club. Tutorial Staff. Fel- lowship Council, Llsher Board, YWCA. Harrison, Milton Garfield; 443 N. Green Street: Morgan- ton, North Carolina ; Major, Business Administration ; Organisations. Business Association, YMCA. Fellowship Council. Hastie, Calvin ; 621 Swann Street ; Wilmington. North Caro- lina: Major, Cabinet Making and Upholstering: Organiza- tions, Technical Institute Club. Hayes, Bernice Alredia; Route 2, Box 96; Brown Summit. North Carolina; Major. Applied Sociology ; Minor, Social Studies ; Organizations, Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary Society. Hayes, Lillie M. ; Route 1. Box 22S; Turkey. North Carolina; Major, Commercial Education; Organizations. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Woman ' s Government Council. Herndon. Monroe Harrison; Route 4. Box 231: Lincolnton North Carolina: Major. Accounting; Organizations. Sphinx Club. Register Staff " , ' eterans ' .Association. Business As- sociation. Hester, Ralph J.: Route 2, Box 120; Cedar Grove, North Carolina; Major. Chemistry; Organizations. American Chem- ical Society. Hicks. Mattie Elizabeth ; Route 1, Box 225-A, Ervin North Carolina : Major, Nursing ; Organizations. Teloca Club, North Carolina Student Nurses Association. Omega Phi Alpha Service Sororitv. HrLLiARD, Milton Gary; Route 1. Box 243; Nashville. North Carolina; Major. Mechanical Engineering; Minor. Math- ematics; Organizations, Engineering Association. HiNNANT. Theodore; RFD 1. Box 136; Lucama, North Caro- lina ; Major. Biological Science ; Minor, Chemistry ; Organi- zations. YMCA. Future Teachers Association, American Chemical Society. HoLDEN, Beulah M. ; 828 Gotten Street ; Raleigh, North Caro- lina; Major. Applied Sociology: Minor, Social Studies: Organizations. Choir, W.. .A.. F.T.A.. Dance Group. Geo- graphic Society. HoLLOWAY, Franklin Delano: Route 2, Box 116; Roxboro, North Carolina: Major, Business Administration; Organiza- tions. Veterans ' Association, YMCA, Business Association. Hollowav, William Clour a ; 2029 Lincoln Avenue; Winston- Salem. North Carolina: Major. Electrical Engineering: Minor, Mathematics. Holmes. Doris Ruth ; Post Office Box 181 ; Batesburg. South Carolina; Major. English; Minor, History; Organizations. YWCA. English Association and Delta Sigma Theta So- rority. HoxABLEw. Lawrence Dickerson : RFD 1. Box 186; Cres- well. North Carolina; Major. Mechanical Engineering: Minor. Mathematics: Organizations. YMCA, Tutorial Staff. Engineering AssociatioiL 102 Woodlawn Street : Lenoir. Auto Mechanics ; Organization. HoRTON. Charles Terry ; North Carolina : Major Auto Club. Hunter. John Henry; 1207 South 9th Street; Wilmington, North Carolina ; Major, Industrial Arts. Jackson, Joe Louis. 304 East Bright Street. Kinston. North Carolina; Major. Sociology: Minor, Social Science; Organi- zations. Dramatics Club. YMCA. Geographic Society. Register Staff, Richard B. Harrison Players, Newman Club. Acme, North Carolina ; Jacobs. Eric Von, Route 1, Box 326: Major. Biology; Minor, Chemistry. James, Albert Verxon. 2SJ 2 Read Street ; New Haven. Con- necticut ; Major, Biology; Minor. Social Science; Organiza- tions. Choir. Audubon Society, YMCA. Jeffers. McKinlev; 1000 East Washington Street; Lake City. Florida : Major, Biology ; Minor. Chemistry ; Organizations. Male Chorus. Choir. International Relations Club. Intra- mural Basketball and Football teams. Jenkins, Hattie : 706 Edmondson Avenue ; Tarboro. North Carolina ; Major, Commercial Education ; Organizations, Business Association, Yearbook Staff ' . Jennings, Louis Delano; 207 Johnson Street; Roxboro, North Carolina; Major, Biological Science ; Minor, Chemistry ; Organizations, YMCA. Organic Chemistry Club. Jennings. Sylvesta Lee; 207 Johnson Street; Roxboro, North Carolina; Major, Business Administration; Organiza- tions. Veterans ' Association, YMCA. Johnson, Rosa L., 318 Church Street: Sanford. North Caro- lina ; Major, Commercial Education ; Organizations. Business Association. Jones. Alton Thomas; 420 S. Memory Street; Whiteville. North Carolina: Major, Fine Arts; Minor, Historv : Orqani- zations. Art Circle. F.T.A., YMCA. Major. Biology ; Minor, Jones, F. H. ; Tryon. North Carolina: Chemistry; Organizations, YMCA. Jones. Clenzo Melvin; 100 Douglass Street; ■inston- Salem. North Carolina; Major, Auto Mechanics; Organization. Band. Jones, Eullie; Route 1, Box 94: Tryon, North Carolina: Major, Mechanical Engineering ; Minor, Mathematics. Jones, Huless Edward : Post Office Box 532 ; Gastonia, North Carolina: Major. Engineering Mathematics; Minor, Physics; Organizations. YMCA, Engineering Association. Jordan, Otis ; New Street ; Murlreesboro, North Carolina ; Major. Business Administration ; Organizations, Business Association. ' eterans Association. Dramatics Club. 161 162 Keith, Rosa Lee : 504 Brookvlew Apartment : Salisbur ' , North Carolina; Major, Physical Education; Minor. Social Studies; Organizations, Dance Group. Physical Education Majors Club. W.A.A.. YWCA. Relly, Richard M.; Route 1, Box 110; Raeford, North Caro- lina ; Major, Animal Husbandry ; Organizations, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. Post Office Box t 32 : i;onry ; Organizations. Raeford. North Masonry Chib, Kemp. Arthur Brook?; Carolina; Major. Ma YMCA. Kenxedy, William Tofy, Jr.; 21312 Marions Street: Cheraw, South Carolina; Major, Radio and Television. King. Dewey Arnold; Post Office Box 941; Tryon. North Carolina; Major, Tailoring; Organizations, Tailoring Club, Technical Institute Club, X ' eterans ' Association. KNrGHT. Matthew; Route 2, Box 245; Tarboro. North Caro- lina: Major, Radio and Television; Organizations. Radio and Television Club. Knox, Helen LeE ; Brookview- Apt 22F ; Salisbury, North Carolina; Major, Tailoring: Organizations, YWC. , Tailor- ing Club. Kyle. Frederick Mallov ; 510 E. Cook Street : Bedford, Virginia ; Major. Business Administration ; Organizations, X ' arsity Football, Intramural Softball. Officers Club, Busi- ness Assnciation. Lane, Austin David; Route 3. B(tx 246- A ; Henderson. North Carolina: Major, Business Administration; Minor, Political Science; Organizations, Mixed Choir, Men ' s Glee Club. Presi- dent — Sigma Rho Sigma Honnrary Society ; Executive- Sec- retary — The Student Council. Men ' s Dfirmitory Advisory Council. Association of Business Students, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Editor-in-Chief— AVANTEE. YMCA. Jl ' ho-s Who in American Colleges and Unii-erstties. and Secretary — North Carolina State Student Legislative Assembly, Par- liamentarian Veterans Association. Leak, James Marsh ll; 81S East Divine Street. Dunn, North Carolina; Major, Biological Science; Minor. Chemistry; Organizations. Y ' MC.A. Virginia Club, Drill Team. Rifle Team, American Chemical Society. Lee, Ralph Egins: 744 Lawyers Lane; Columbus. Georgia; Major, Mechanical Engineering ; Minor. Mathematics ; Or- ganizations, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Engineering .Associa- tion, Lester, Mary Marie; Route 2: Rnxhoro, Nortli Carolina; Major, Institutional Management Minor. General Science ; Organizations, Band, W ' C.A, Hume Eckers Club, Agricul- tural Association. LesEur, Robert Wilson, Jr. ; 526 Rosenwald Street ; Burling- ton, North Carolina; Major. Pre-Medicine ; Minor, Chemis- try; Organizations, Air Force ROTC, Model Aircraft Club, Y ' MCA, American Chemical Society. Dormitory Council. Littlejohn, Alfred; 1202 E. Vance Street; Murfreesbom, North Carolina ; Major. Applied Sociology and Painting and Decoration; Minor. Social Science: Organizations, Veterans ' . ssociation. Statistician — Letternien ' s Club, Technical Insti- tute Club, President— X ' irginia Club. Llovd, Clifton Hrr.n. M7 Highland Avenue; Rocky Mount, North Carolina; Major. Music: Minor, History: Organiza- tions. Band. Dance Orchestra. Veterans Association, YMCA, M.E.N.S Club, Choir. Locus, Curtis L. ; Route 1, Box 222; Stantonsburg, North Carolina ; Major. Agricultural Education ; Organizations. Livestock Judging, .Agricultural .Association and N.F.A. Long, Eli. a Louise: Route 1, Box 673 ; Kannapolis. North Carolina; Major, Tailoring; On anizafions. Tailoring Club, YWCA. Ujundermon, Charles Henry; 196 Betts Street; Danville, Virginia ; Major. Professional Chemistry and Matiiematics ; Minor, Military Science ; Organizations. WMC-i. Virginia Club, Army Officers Club. American Chemical Society, Lampodos Club, Military Police. Lucas. Davis Marif. ; Route 1, Box 15; Knightdale. North Carolina; Major, English; Minor. Social Studies; Organiza- tions. Omega Phi Alpha Sorority. Tutorial Staff. English Association, English for Fun. Fortnightly Club. Richard B. Harrison Players, Future Teachers of America. Lyons, James; Post Office Box 357; Bethel, North Carolina; Major. Industrial Arts; Organizations, Industrial Arts As- sociation, Veterans ' .Associatir n. Mack. John Wesley ; 115 Avenue D ; Darlington, South Carolina; Major. .Applied Sociology; Minor, Social Science; Organizations, College Choir. Men ' s Glee Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternit} ' . Magnusohx, Patrick L. ; 2800 Glee Arm: Denver. Colorado; Major, .Architectural Engineering ; Minor, Mathematics ; Organization. Engineering Association. Malone, Burnie Houston, III; 510 South Lafayette Street; Tuscumbia, .Alabama : Major. Engineering Alathematics ; Minor, Air Science and Physics ; Organizations. Scabbard and Blade, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Corps Commander, Arnold Air Society, Pan Hellenic Council. National Society oi Scabbard anrl Blade. M ANi.Kv, Ida L f.; Cofield. North Carolina: Major. Com- mercial Education; Organizations. Year Book Staff, W.A.A., Business .Association, Pi Omega Pi. Martin. Jerry; 112 New Street: Kernersville. North Caro- lina: Major. Refrigeration: Minor, Air Conditioning: Organi- zations, Technical Institute, ' eterans ' Club. A ' MCA. Matthews, Arkenner J.; Box 200 N. Wright Street; Bur- gaw. North Carolina; Major. Nursing; Organizations, Na- tional Student Nurses Association, Teloca Pender. Duplin and Sampson Counties Club. Mayo, Leonard; Route 1. Box 180; Hillsboro. North Carolina; Major. Mechanical Engineering ; Minor. .Air Science ; Or- ganizations. Scabbard and Blade Society. Engineers Associa- tion. Mkrrick. Eliza Jane; Post Office; Navason. North Carolina; Major. Nursing; Organizations, National Student Nurses Association. Teloca. Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority. Baptist Student Union. Merritt. Milton; Post Office Box 41; Wilson Mills. North Carolina; Major. Agricultural Education; Minor. General Science; Organizations, .Agriculture Association. N.F.A., ' et- erans ' Club. Miles, Kairl Thomas: Route 2. Box -18; Princess .Anne, Maryland ; Major. Physical Education ; Minor, Social Science; Organizations. Baseball, Letterman ' s Club. Physical Education Major ' s Club. Mitchell, Frances: Post Office Box 17; Coffeld. North Carolina: Major. F ' hysical Education; Mini r, Social Studies; Organizations, W.A..A., P.E.M.. YMCA. Geographic Society, Intramurals Association of Basketball. Mock. William; 1215 Gorrell Street: Greensboro, Norlli Carolina ; Major. Business .Administration : Organizations. Band. Newman Club, Business Association. Moffitt, John Franklin; Route 1. Box 37; Franklinville, North Caritlina ; Major. Photography; Organizations. Tech- nical Institute Club. Monk, George. Jr.; Route 1. Box i 2: McCall. South Carolina; Major, Mechanical Engineering; Minor, Mathematics; Or- ganizations. YMCA. Engineering Association. MfH)RE. Bobby LeE; 1217 N. Jackson Avenue; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Major. English; Mint ' r. French: Organiza- tions. Men ' s Glee Club. Advanced .Army ROTC. Vice-Presi- dent of Student Council. Vice-President — Alpiia Phi Alpha Fraternity. President — Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Societv, Editor-in-Chief— The Register. President— Pi Delta Phi Hr mor Society. Literary Editor — The .Ivan tee. Who ' s Who in .-imeriean Colleges and I nii ' ersities. Treasurer of the Baptist Student L nion. Mf OKE. Charles Olivkr : 109 Raleigh Road; Lexington, North Carolina; Major. Physical Education: Minor, Biological Science: Organizations. Tennis Club. Social Club, Physical EducatR n Club, Intermedial Football. B MtKiRE, Dethorne: Route 1. Box 321: Washington, North Carolina; Major. Fine Arts: Minor. History; OrganiDoHon. Art Circle. Moore, Harrv C. ; 5931 Smnmer Street; Philadelphia, Penn- sylvania; Major. Architectural Engineering; Minor, Math- ematics. Moore. J. mes Louis; Route 1, Box 135; Castle Hayne. North Carolina; Major. Music; Minor. Frencli ; Or,iani:ations. Music Educators National Conference. Band, Omega Psi Plii Fraternity, Keeper of Finance. MaiRE, Robert Ernest ; Star Route ; Vanceyville, North Caro- lina; Major. Auto Mechanics; Oraaniaalion. . uto Mechanic Chib. Murphy. Ch- rles Edward; Route 2. Box 319; Burgaw. North Carolina ; Major. Business .Administration ; Minor, Military Science; Oraanizations. Business .Association, ROTC OiTicers Club. MuRPHV, Cicero C. L. ; Box 231; Burgaw, North Carolina; Major. Accounting; Minor, None. Murphy, Clyde Harrisox ; Route 1, Box 314, Whiteville, North Carolina; Major. Masonry; Orqanization. Masonrv Club. Murphy. Earl; 518 First Avenue; New Bern, North Caro- lina; Major. Physical Education; Minor. Social Studies; Oriianizations. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., P.E.M., YMCA, Jones County, Veterans ' Club. Mc.Adoo. Douglas Dec. tor; 1319 Pisgah Road; Greensboro. North Carolina; Major. History- English ; Organizations. The Register. Richard B. Harrison Players, Ayanlee. Mu Xi Nu Social Society. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, ' etcrans ' Association, Fortnightly Club, Geographical Society. McCoy, Barbar. Jean; 10-B Columbus Terrace; Winston- Salem. North Carolina ; Major, Institutional M.inagement ; Minor, General Science; Organizations, Home Eckers Club. YMCA. McCoy, Cdolidge ; 905 Boxboro Street ; Durliam, North Caro- lina ; Major, Wicational Education; Minor, Industrial .Arts; Organizations, Industrial .Arts -Association, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. McCoy, Miltun Edison; Route 2, Box 522; New Bern, North Carolina; Major, Radio and Television; Oroanization, Radio Club. McCullough, Lola S. ; Route 1, Box 746 ; Mullins, South Carolina; Major, Clothing; Organizations, YWCA, Hobby Club, Home Eckers Club, Charm and Culture Club. McDonald, Hezekiah Van ; Route 2, Box 80. Parkon. North Carolina ; Major, Masonry ; Organizations, Masonry Club President, A ' MCA, Alpha Phi Omega Pledging Club. McExTiRE. Sadie Brovvnlee; Route 1. Box 86; Tryon. North Carolina ; Major, Elementary Education ; Minor, Science ; Organizations, Art and Dramatic. McGenEy. Eddie Lee ; 1207 Elliott Circle ; Fayetteville. Nortli Carolina; Major, Biology; Minor, Chemistry; Organizations, Kappa .Alpha Psi. Fraternity- President. YMCA. I.R.C.. ' et- erans ' -Association. McKinniE, Geraldine; Route 2. Box 105; Pikeville. North Carolina ; Major, Institutional Management ; Minor, General Science; Organizations, Home Eckers Club, Y ' WC.A. McKoy, Thermon; Route 2, Bo.x 111; Clinton, North Caro- lina ; Major, Dairy Manufacturing ; Minor, Chemistr ' ; Or- ganizations, Agriculture Association. YMCA, Beta Kappa Chi Baptist Student LTnion. McLaughlin, Maggie Lee; 2013 Bain Drive; Fayetteville, North Carolina; Major, Clothing; [inor, General Science; Organization, Home Economics Club. McLean, James Edward; Route 1, Box 52; Lilhngton, North Carolina; Major, Auto Mechanic; Organizations, .Auto Mechanic Club, YMCA. McLean, Ruby Lynn; 306 Canal; Fairmont, North Carolina; Major, Tailoring; Organization, Y ' WCA, Tailoring Club, Technical Institute Club. McLeod, Bruce Edward; 407 North Cleveland Street; Win- ston-Salem, Ni rth Carolina; Major, General Science; Minor, Social Science ; Organizations, Veterans ' -Association. Geo- graphic Society. Band, Newman Club. McLinnahan, Glenn Thomas; Route 2. Bo.x 330; Lauring- bury. North Carolina; Major. Physical Education; Minor. Social Science ; Oroanizations. Varsitv Baseball. Intramural Basketball and Football, P.E.M. Club, Lettermen Club. McNair, Madelene; Route 1. Box 235; Hope Mills. North Carolina; Major. Clothing; Minor. General Science; Organi- zation, Home Economics Club. McRae. Make; Hamer, South Carolina; Major, Business .Ad- ministration; Organizations, Geo.graphical Club. B..A. Club. Neville, M. rgaret Dora; Lhiiversity Lake Road; Chapel Hill. North Carolina; Major. Business .Administration; Organiza- tion. I ' ear Book Staff, Register StalT, Business Association. Mu Xi Nu, Scholarship Committee Secretary, Sophomore Counselor, Student Council Representative. New BY, Margie Ann; Box 341; Siler City, North Carolina; Major. Secretarial Science; Organizations. Choir, Business Association. Newkirk, Roosevelt; Route 1, Box 37, Atkinson, North Carolina; Major. Radio and T.V. Oroanizalions. Radio Club. YMCA. Nichols. George Kenwood. Jr.; 256 Cudd Street; Spartan- burg. South Carolina; Major. .Auto Mechanic; Organizations. Y " MCA, Model .Aircraft Club Supply Officer. .Auto Mechanic Club. Technical Institute Club. Norman. Herbert Joseph; 28 Lafayette .Avenue: Annapolis. Maryland; Major. Physical Education; Minor, History; Organizations, Football. Physical Education Club. Lettermen Club. 0- tes, Johnnie R. ; Route 3, Box 70: Mount Ohve, North Carolina ; Major, Agricultural Education ; Minor, General Science; Organizations, President of .Alpha Phi Omega Fra- ternity, Reporter for N.F.A., YMCA. Registers Staff. Oliver, Winnie De LoreE; Route 4. Box 355; Mount Olive. North Carolina; Major, Biological Science: Minor, Chemis- try; Organizations, YWCA, W.-A.A. Orbert, Roy ; Route 3. Mebane. North Carolina : Major. Elec- trical Wiring and Motor Repairmg. Owens. William J.; Post Office Box 88, Creswell. North Carolina; Major. Industrial Arts; Organization. Industrial Arts Association. Palmer, Wilbert Earl; 3107 Wickham .Avenue; Newport, A ' lrginia ; Major. Radio and T. ' .; Organizations. A ' eterans ' Club, ' irginia Club. Parker, Alexander; Route 3, Box 12B ; Mount Gilead, North Carolina; Major. .Accounting, Minor. Business Administra- tions; Organizations. X ' eterans ' .Association. Y ' MC.A. Sigma Rho Sigma. Parker, Dorothy Perlins; Route 2; Garland, North Caro- lina: Major. Home Economic Education; Organizations, Home Eckers Club, YWCA, .Agricultural Association. Parks, John David; 509 Benbow Road; Greensboro, North Carolina ; Major, Chemistry ; Minor, Mathematics ; Organiza- tions, Beta Kappa Chi, .Arnold .Air Society. Patterson, Charles M. : 507 Cross Street, .Asheboro, North Carolina; Major, General Science; Minor, .Air Science; Organizations, Officer ' s Club. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity President, Veterans ' Association. Payne, Marjorie A. : Route 2, Box 151 : Williamsburg, yir- ginia; Major. .Applied Sociology; Minor. Social Studies; Organizations. Senior Counselor, Virginia Club. Geographic Society. PearcE, Vincent DoW ' NEy; 311 Sycamore Street; Oxford. North Carolina ; Major. Radio and T.V. ; Organizations, Radio and T. ' . Club, Veterans Club, Technical Institute. PearcE, Pauline; Route 3, Box 341; Kenly, North Carolina: Major, Tailoring; Organizations, YW ' C.A, Technical Insti- tute Club. Wl ' .W BIR HHiH-J! Jl Pekrv, Gwexdolyx Jean ; 603 Gray Street ; Durham. Nortli Carolina ; Major. Physical Education : Minor, Social Studies ; Onninications, President — Hobbv Ckib, ' ice- President— W. A. A. Peters. MilTox L. ; 169 Parrow Street; Orange, New Jersey; Major. Sociology; Minor. Military Science; Organi::ations. Football. Baseball, ROTC. Officers Club. Lettermcn ' s Club. Athletic Council. PiTTM. x, TheiidorE R. ; Route 2, Box 68. Grifton, Xurth Carolina; Major. Industrial Arts; Orqanizations, Industrial Arts Association — Vice-President. C.G.L.P. Counties Club. Wesley Foundation. YMCA. A ' eterans ' Association. Health and Safety of the Dormitory. Powell, J.vmEs Melvin; Route 1. Box 2ZA: Whitcville, North Carohna ; Major. Masonry; Oriianiaatioii. Masonry Club. Rasberry. Mary Elnora ; Route 1, Box 52, Ayden, North Carolina ; Major. Tailoring ; Orrianizations. Band. Dance Group, Tailoring Club. Technical Institute Club. YWCA. Reed, Claude Dexnell; Route 1. B " x 1 : Starr, South Caro- lina; Major. Paint and Decorating; Orinimzaiions. Technical Institute Club. YMCA. REiD, Nathaniel; 62 Z Beamon Street: Rocky Mount, Nurth Carolina; Major. Industrial Arts; Organizations. Industrial Arts Association, YMCA. F.T.A.. " eterans ' Association. Rhodes, Talmadoe: 916 Lincoln Street; Kinston, North Caro- lina; Major. Social Studies; Minor. English; Organizations. Choir, Male Chorus, Geographical Society, International Relations Club. Rice, David Lee ; Route 3. Apex. Nortli Carolina ; Major, Agronf my ; Organizations. Agricultural . ssociation, N.F.A., YMCA, Fellowship Council. RoBBixs, Roxana ; 315 Murray Street; High Point. North Carolina; Major. Elementary Education; Minor, Social Studies; Organizations, Future Teachers of America. YWCA, Geographic Society, Dramatics Club, Baptist Student Union. RoBERsoN, Marvin C. ; 808 Coleman Street; Raleijili, North Carolina ; Major. Tailoring ; Organizations. College Choir. Men ' s Glee Club, YMCA. RoiiGERs, Nell Lolise: Route 2, Box 75. Cre well. N .rth Carolina: Major. EngHsh ; Minor. French: Organizations. French Club, English Association. Dramatics Club. Ross, Hershell J.; Route 2; Shelby, North Carolina; Major. Body and Fender Machanics ; Minor. Machine Shop: Organi- zations. President — Mechanics Club, Technical liaskctball Team, YMCA. Ross, William Henry ; 5021 Sun Avenue ; Norfolk. Virginia ; Major. Mechanical Engineerring ; Organizations. Football, Engineering Association, Chairman, School Spirit Committee. Royal. Earl P.: 621 William Street; Clinton, North Caro- lina; Major, Chemistry; Minor. Mathematics. Biology. Phy- sics ; Organizations. American Chemical Society. RoYSTER, Cornelius; Route 2. Box 115; Roxboro, North Carolina: Major. Tailoring; Organizations. Tailoring Club, YMCA, Veterans ' .Association. Kui KEK. Newton Willis; Route 4; Anderson, South Carolina; Major. Agricultural Economics. Kusiiixr.. William: Route 6. Box 62; Jacksonville, Florida; Major. Engineering Mathematics: Minor. Physics; Organiza- tions. Kappa Alpha Psi F " raternity. Vouni; Men ' s Christian Association, Engineering Association. Rr-s. O ' Neal Dewitt; 1119 Wright Street; Wilmington, North Carolina ; Major. Agricultural Education : Minor, Military Science; Organizations. ROTC, Officers Club. N.F.A., Agricultural Association, Phi Beta Sigma Fratermty, -Mpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Scabbard and Blade, IVIto ' s li ho in . ' hnrriciin C l!cgcs and Cnirrrsilics. Ki s hLi.. MAnr.AKKT Martin ; P, O. Box 93; Hilishoro, North Carolina; Majnr. Clothing: Organization. H(tme Kckers Club. Rutherford. Millard Filmore; 509 Catawba Street: Marion, North Carolina; Major. Business Administration: Minor, Accounting: Organizations, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Bus- iness Association, Veterans Association. Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil. Sanders, Charles Joseph; 628 Warren Street; Greensboro, North Carolina ; Major. Electrical Engineering ; Minor, Mathematics; Organization. Engineering Association. Sandlix. Hubert R.; 301 Court Street; Jacksonville. North Carolina; Major, Radio and Television. Satterthwaite, Henry Sherwood ; P. O. Box 44 : Roper, North Carolina: Major. Chemistry-Mathematics: Organiza- tions, Band, I. II, Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society. American Chemical Society. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Saunders, Janet Joyce; 556 Woodend Road; Stratford, Con- necticut; Major. Applied Sociology; Minor, Social Science; Organizations. Library Ways and Means Committee, Cheer Leader. Mu Xi Nu Social Club. YWCA, Geographical So- ciety, Baptist Student L nion. Assistant Secretary to Scholar- ship Committee. Sawyer, JerEmia Dault; 1303 Mint Street; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Major. Machine Shop; Minor, Electric Wiring; Organizations. YMCA, Technical Institute Club,, Machine Shop Club, ' eterans ' Association. Se.xrcy, Betty Geneva; Route 2. Box 86: Kernersville. North Carolina : Major, Commercial Education ; Organizations, Business Association. Sharp, Avie: 1008 North Morgan: Shelby, North Carolina; Major, Architectural Engineering ; Organization. Engineer- ing Association. Sharpless, Leslie Frezzell; Route 1. Box 297: Chinquapin, North Carolina: Major. Electrical Wiring and Motor Re- pairing. SiiEKROD, Ethan C. : Route 1, Box 80; Hobgood, North Caro- lina; Major. Industrial Arts; Organizations. YMCA, Indus- trial Association, Dormitory Council. Simmons, Alice ' eaver ; Route 2, Box 283: Ahoskie. North Carolina : Major, Applied Sociology ; Minor. English : Or- ganizations, AVCA. Hobby Club, Baptist Student Union. Charm and Culture Club. Simmons. Benjamin. Warren; Route 2, Box 245; Roberson- ville, North Carolina: Major, Mathematics; Minor. History; Organizations. YMCA, Coastal Collegiate Club, C.G.L.P. Club. Mathematics Club, Intramural Sports. Simmons. Charlie Edward; Route 2. Box 233: New Bern, North Carolina; Major. Agricultural Education; Minor.. General Science ; Organizations. N.F.A., Agricultural .As- sociation, YMC. . Wesley Foundation. C.G.L.P. Simmons. Ellh tt Fisher: Route 2. Box 107, Meredithville, ' irginia ; Major. Masonry ; Minor, Plastering ; Organiza- tions. Masonry Club. Slade, Leo M. : 409 Franklin Street ; Williamston, North Carolina ; Major. . uto Mechanic ; Organizations. Baptist Student Union, YMCA. Fellowship Council, Technical In- stitute Club. Auto Mechanic Club. ' eterans Club, Sunday School. Smallwoijd, William T. ; P ' 45 N. 32nd Street: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Major. Business Administration: Minor. Ac- counting; Organizations. Business Association, Geographical Society, YMCA and Yearbook Staff ' . Smith, Alvora; Stokesdale. North Carolina: Major, Tailoring; Organizations, Tailoring Club, Technical Institute Club. Smith, Lawrence L. ; 5 Hudson Court : Greenville. South Carolina; Major. General Science; Minor. Military Science; Organizations. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Geographical So- ciety. Smith. C)khix : Route 1, P ox 12: Chadbourn, North Caro- lina; Major, HLstory ; Organization, tieographical Society. Smith, William Edward; 115 Robinson Street; Clinton, North Carolina ; Major, Physical Education : Minor. Social Science ; Extra-L urrii ' ular . Iclii-ituw, Intramural Football. Intramural Basketball, Track. Swimming Association ; Organizations, Physical Education Majors Club, YMCA. 164 Sneed, Roland Heebeet; 1115 North 5tli Street; Wilmington. North Carolina; Major, Applied Sociolog - ; Minor. Social Studies; Extra-CurncuUv Actiiilios, Band; (}rgani:ohon. Mu Xi Nu Social Society. SoLOMDX. William Weldon ; Star Route. Box 23; Littleton. North Carolina; Maior, Radio and Television; Organization. Radio Club. Somerville. Loretta I.; 2U4J Walhrook . venue ; Baltimore. Maryland ; Major, Commercial Education ; Ortianizalions. Omega Plii Alpha Sorority. Fellowship Council, Business Association. Si-EiCHT, Doris Delois; Route 1. Box 75; Snow Hill. North Carolina ; Major. Physical Education ; Minor. Social Science ; Onjanizaiions. . lpha Kappa - lpha Sorority. Pan-Hellenic Council, Women ' s . tldetic . ssociation. PE.M. Club. Fellow- ship Council, VWC. , Dormitory Counselor, Geo.sraphic Society. Stephen ' s. Benjamin Sherw(Xjd; P. O. Box 553; Brown Summit, North Carolina ; Major, Paintin,? and Decorating ; Organization, Technical Institute Club. Stephens, Robert Louis; 1410 Underwood .Avenue; Win- ston-Salem, North Carolina; Major. History; Minor. So- ciology; Extra-Cnrrtcular Activities. Intramural Basketball; Organizations, Winston-Salem Club. Baptist Student Union. Public Utility Club. YMCA. Sti: ne. Derrick Hugh ; Manchioneal Po. Jamaica. B.W.I. ; M.JIor, Agronomy; Minor, Chemistry; Organization. Inter- national Relations Club. Sutton. Jerrv; Route 3, Box 24; Rose Hill, North Carolina; Major, Social Studies; Minor, History; Organizations. Wes- ley Methodist Foundation. VMC. . Cicographic Society. ' et- erans ' Association. Sutton, Napoleon; Route 1, Box 379; Kinston. North Caro- lina : Major, Masonry. Swarns, Frances Wilson; 930 S. Broad Street; Winston- Salem, North Carolina; Major, Nursing; Organizations. Winston-Salem Club. Teloca. National Student Nurses As- sociation. Tatum. Ralph Rucker; 1529 L ' nderwood Street, N.W. ; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Major. Mathematics; Minor. General Science; Organizations. Alpha Phi Omega, VMC. . Veterans ' .Association. Mathematics Club, Winston-Salem, Club. Taylor. Milton E. ; 681 Randolph Street; Davlon, Ohio: Major. Arciiitectural Engineering ; Minor. Mathematics ; Organizatio n. Engineering - ssociation. ' eterans ' . ssocia- tion. National Technical Association, VMC-K. T wi.OR. Robert; SOS Lincoln Street; Kinston. North Caro- lina; Major. .Accounting; Minor, Business .Administration; Organizations, X ' eterans ' .Association. C.O.L.P. Club. Bus- iness .Association. Thacker, Coleman. Jr.; 1326 E. First; Winston-Salem. North Carolina; Major, Elementary Education; Minor, Social Science; Organizations, Geographical Societ -. VMC- , ' et- erans ' Association. Thomas, LaSalle Benjamin; P. O. Box IKl ; Rockingham. North Carolina : Major, Industrial .Arts ; Minor, Science ; Organizations, Industrial Arts Association. V eterans ' .Associa- tion. TiioM. s, McKi.nley; Route 1, Box 122; Garysburg, North Carolina; Major, Engineering Mathematics; Minor, Militar Science and Physics ; Extra-Cnrricxtlar Acth ' itics, Rifle Team, Intramural Basketball: Organizations. YMCA. Sophist So- ciety, Pershing Riflemen. Scabbard and Blade, Officers Club. Mathematics Club. Thomas, Willis; 413 Hattie -Avenue: Winston- Salem, North Carolina; Major, Machine Shop; Minor, Masonry; Organi- zations. VMC.A. Machine Shop Club. Technical Institute Cluh. Thorpe. Earl Howard; 1507 East Edentnn Street: Raleigh. North Carolina ; Major. .Accounting : Minor. Business .Ad- ministration : Organizations, YMC-A, Business Association — President, Pan Hellanic Council. .Alpha Phi . lpha Fraternity. Inc. — Recording Secretary. Threatt, Henri Ruth; Post Office Box 195; Pageland, South Carolina; Major. Business Education; Organizations, Col- lege Choir (Secretary I, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority— President, Business Association. TransEau. Jean Carol; Route 2; Clemmons. North Carolina; Major, Tailoring; Organizations, Winston-Salem Club, Tech- nical Institute Club, YWC- . Trent. Graham . . : Box 43. Parksley. ' irginia: Major. In- dustrial Arts; Organization. Industrial .Arts .Association. TuppoNCE. Charles William: Box 55; West Point, Virginia; Major, Industrial .Arts; Organizations. Industrial .Arts As- sociation, A ' arsity Basketball. Vann, Gretchen Claudette: Box 248; Turkey, North Caro- lina ; Major, Commercial Education ; Organizations. Year- book Staff, Register Staff, Women ' s .Athletic .Association, VWC-A, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority— President, Mu Xi Nu, Baptist Student Union, Sophomore Counselor. Richard B. Harrison Players. ' estal, Lillia-M Parnell; S7 West Pinn. .Avenue: Southern Pines. North Carolina ; Major. Social Studies ; Minor. Eng- lish: Organizations. F.T..A., English .Association. A ' incEnT, Samuel L. ; Route 6, Box " 4S: Greensboro, North Carolina; Major. Industrial .Arts; Minor. Masonry; Organi- zations. YMC.A. Masonry Club. Technical Institute Club. W.JiLKER. Barbara Jean ; 10-B Columbia Tenace : Winston- Salem, North Carolina ; Major, Elementary Education ; Minor, Social Studies: Organizations. YWC.A. Future Teach- ers of .America, Usher Board. W. ll. ce, Ella Louise: Route 3, Box 186; A ' anceboro, North Carolina; Major. Institution Management: .l iiior. General Science; Organizations. Home Eckers Club, .Agricultural Association, Fellowship Council. L ' sher Board. C.G.L.P. Club. W.VLLACE, John D. ; Post Office Box 527; Wallace, North Carolina; Major. Industrial Arts: Organizations. YMC.A, Industrial .Arts Association. Watermann, William Thomas: 225 North Long Street; Charlotte, North Carolina; Major. Industrial .Arts: Minor, Military Science; Organizations, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity (K.R.S. , Industrial -Arts .Association, Advanced Military Science (.Armyl. W. TKiNS, Marvin Hyatt; 1503 Carrell Street; Greensboro. North Carolina: Major. History; Minor, English; Organiza- tions. Dramatics Club, Debating Society. Webb. Frederick, Jr.: Route 1, Box A-9: Scotland Neck, North Carolina; .Major. Music; Minor, History; Organiza- tions. Band, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, M.E.N.C. Webb. Willie James; Route 2. Box 171-B; Windsor. North Carolina: Major. Painting and Decorating; Organizations, .Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. Wharti5n, Mary Ann; 1728 Thurwood Street; Winston- Salem, North Carolina; Major. Nursing; Organizations. National Student Nurses .Association, Teloca Club, Winston- Salem Club. White, Hazel Marie; Route 3, Box 4; Siler City, North Carolina; Major, Mathematics; .Minor, Chemistry: Organiza- tions, Kappa Phi Kappa Forensic Society, Spirit Committee. Fortnightly Club. White, Robert Henry: Route 2, Box 9: Richlands, North Carolina : Major, Social Studies ; Minor, So ciology ; Organi- zations, Richard B. Harrison Players, " eterans ' .Association, F.T.A., Dormitory Council— President, Geographical Society. YMC.A, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. White. Thomas Edward; 804 Douglas Avenue; Greenville. North Carolina ; Major, Business .Administration : Organiza- tions, Business .Associations, Choir, Men ' s Glee Club. WiLKiNS, Peggie Jean; 917 Bennett Street; Greensboro, North Carolina ; Major, Physical Education ; Minor. Social Studies ; Organizations. Dance Group, Majorette, Geographic Society, Physical Majors Club, Williams, Ben Feard; 316 Bay Street; Mullins, South Caro- lina; Major, Industrial .Arts; Organization, Industrial .Arts Association. 165 mL ' — • ' ' • «. -■ » ■-• r ' - ViJSTii ' .xi-.- : M, ' Jiiii cVietn avr i ViLi.i Ms, DoNALii K. ; lOlQ (latt Street: Xortnlk. Virginia: Major, Electrical Engineering; Miiuir. Mathematics; Oraaiii- iiiioiis. Engineering Assuciation. ' irginia Club. Williams. Johnny: Route 2. Box 258: Rose Hill, North Carolina; Major, General Science; Minor, Social Science; Onjanizatiomis. Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, r.eographic Society. Veterans " Club. YMCA. Williams. June Aletha; 160 Central Avenue: Samt Augus- tine, Florida; Major, English; Minor, Social Science; Or- iiiinizations. Dramatics, English Association. VWCA, S.N.- E.A.. Senior Counselor, French Club, Miss A. T., Delta Sii-inia Theta Soritrit} . WiLsox. Joseph Ar f.z; Route 1. Box 151: Teachey. Xorth Cari ' lina; Major. Social Studies; Minor. Spanish; (Jriianica- tlons. Geographic Society. ' eterans ' Association. WiXsLow. Charles Linwood: .i Cox Street: Hertfonl, Xorth Carttlina ; Major, Radio and TeIe iMon: (Jri anizalioiis. Tech- nical Institute Club. Radio and TA . Club. W ' jsE. Amura David; 632 First . vcnue Place; S.E.. Hickory, Xorth Carolina; Major. Physical Education; Minor. Social Studies; Organizations. Veterans ' Association. YMCA. P.E. Majors ' Chib. WoMAiK. Da. ii;l. Jr.; dlM) Warren Street. Greensboro. X.irth Carolina; Major. Physical Educatii u : Minor. Military Science; Organizations, Xational Society of Scabbard and Blade, Physical Education Majors ' Club, Ad anced Military Science ( Army ). WooDARO. Tommy W ilson ; 305 East Cole Street ; Dunn. Xorth Carolina; Major, Biology; Minor, Cluinistry : (h-- ganizations, YMCA, College Sunday School. Worthy. Arthlr L. ; 1204 Xorth York Street; Gastonia. Xorth Carolina; Major, Physical Education; Minor, Sricial Studies; Organizations. Football. Track, C.G.L.P. Club. Lcttermen ' s Club — Treasurer. X ' eterans ' Association. Worthy. Clarice; 2i 45 7th Avenue. South: Saint Petersburg. Florida : Major. English ; Minor, History : (Organizations. Choir. Delia Sigma Theta Sororitv. Hobbv Club, Cliarm and Culture Club. English Club. YWCA. Wright. James Albert; 1121 South 9th Street; Wasliington, North Carolina ; Major, Radio and Television ; Organizations, W-terans Association, Technical Institute Club, Radio Club. Leoxa Reaves; 1320 Bowman Street; Burlington, Xorth Carolina : Major. Xursing ; Organizations. National Student Nurses Association, Teloca. Wright. Robert; Route 1, Box i ' ! , Wallace, North Carolina; Ma 1(0 ' . Architectural Engineering ; Organization, Engineer- ing Association. Wright. Robert Lee ; Route 1, Box 196 ; Bessemer City. Xorth Carrjlina ; Major, Agricultural Education ; Minor, ieneral Science : Organizations. Baptist Student Uni in, Agricultural Association. X.F.A. — Treasurer, YMCA. Wyxn. Thelma Alease; Route 4, Box 48; Ahoskie, North Carrilina ; Major. Physical Education; Minor. Social Science; Ch-fianizations, W omen ' s Athletic Association, YWCA, P.E.M. Club, Geographic Society. Yoi xGiiLoon, Lloyii Jackson: 515 Xorth Alice Alabama; Major, (ieneral Science; Minio-. ( h-ganizations. NMCA, Geographic Society tions Club. Street ; Dothan, Social Science ; Foreign Rela- n Autographs 166 Autographs mm I i fe BHi B 1

Suggestions in the Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

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