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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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; XU::: ,i _ r IHi-ilu ipss jssax ' i m : ' :i i::J H li m ' Wi- .■tiiaSS £;;?i?- m. y ARMOTH T. GiSBS, PRESIOfNT Np, A T STATE UNIV LIBRARY ill 3 0343 0335870$ s-. - » ' -. «■ .; «V. ' «».-. m-:- .my .... : rsi i -i CD ■CC :5 cr S ' - ' t ' Mil It. The Ninefeen Humlved and Fifty-Seyem Piihlisherf by the Students of the A vicultiiral and Technical dnUe e nf INorth Ccirofifici. Greensboro, N. C. Arthur A. Keyes Editor-in-Chiej Horace V. Horne Business Manager The Inaumiration of Our President Thf year 19o6-57 marketl a new rra in tlir liinp and linlliant history of the college as Warnioth Thomas ( " rihhs was inaugu- rated as the fourth president of the college. Those of us of the college family considered it a rare privilege to witness the event which, the record shows, occurs at A. T. oidy once in a lifetime. The event, held in Novemher at Founders Dav. was climatic in the rise of " Dean " Gihiis. who had served the college with high devotion since 1929. The president was douhlx honored. I ' rior to the actual inaugu- ration ceremony, an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from his Alma Mater. Wile College of Texas, was conferred upon him h Dr. Julius Sehastian. its president, fir. (iihhs then had rlraped ahout his shoulders the hrass medallion. I)earing the college seal, emhlcniatic of the presidency of the college. Rohert H. Frazier. chairman of the personnel Conimittee of the Trustee Board, made ihis |)resentation. The guest list fi r this hislori ' event was much the same as H ho ' . ' If ho in American Eiliicniion. This was truly a shining hour for the college and its entire " faniilv. " Inauguration principals chat following the event. The names of those who marched in the proces read niucli like " Who ' s Who in . nierican Edura cation. " President Gibhs has the Etoctor of Law degree ron ferred upon him hy Dr. Julius .Sehastian. president of Wiley College, his Alma Mater. NUKSE THELMA WADDELL Director, College Infirmary Dedication . . . ... To a warming personality, (jne who has gone i|uietly alioiit iier dailv ta ks without eoniplaint or fanfare, vet exhihiting a dri ing ilevotioii to diitv . . . jjeeause of her tender lare in treating tiie ill . . . hecause ot lier ceaseless efforts to olilain the lie-t in laiilitie and ei|iii|)nient to ac- fonipli ii the joii and liecause of ail of her efforts to develop the program to meet the mediral needs of the students, we dedicate this, the 1957 AvANTt-;E to Mis- Thelma addell, our esteemed " " nurse. " SEBASTIAN I.NFIRMARV— A dream come true, that of " Nurse " addell. marked the completion of the new and modem Sebastian Infirman-. It ' s construction syrabolizes extensive planning, hard work and relentless efforts on the part of our honoree. Miss Thelma ' addell who heads the beautiful and efficient plant. Foreword The vear 1956-57 was flllfil uilli niaiiv clianaes and experiences lur all nl u liiileiil-. iaiully. and staff. It eaii liardlv lie expected that this puMicatioii offers a complete picliiie oi the places or tells a complete stoiv ol ulial iia- liappciicd hcie dining the past vear. We ha e no uav id depicting; the spirit which li es here and in um heaits. At it hest. this (dijme can present oids a lew j;lini|ises of this passing cinerama . . . some ol the people . . . some of the jilaces . . . some of the events. Of one thini; we lan he siire. the ]iast vear has heen truK eventliil. ins]jirin ;. and uoith cherish- ing as we turn tliroUi;ii the pajies (d time. I A View From Hodgin Hall i Table oi Administration President and Mrs. Warmoth T. CiLl) ' Academic Deans Administration Stafl Personnel Deans SI ;=; " si is! : --. :: Sihouis and Classes School of Agriculture School of Engineering Te( hnical Institute School of Education and General Studies School of Nursing ( " Lrtivltips i M.i. .. Student Civenunpnl Choir Hand Honor Societies Publication- Clubs and Organizations PIH Contents (Jcnii|ius Scenes and Humecoiniim Fe«itMns M I. anil Court ' " II ' Sm-Cl lli ' .l lis Spurts I-o.iiImII li.l k.( ' lliull It t.all . c. .f-. i ' p ' ■ [III 111 ;5_ J Dl ' DLEV MFMOKIAI. BMLDING Const ructpfl in a riifft renl era. [11 =- Dudley Memorial Building til! hold- it- own. for beauty and niajer ly. among the many newer -ilrurture . Probably, the mo t beautiful building on the campu?. it has lo-l nothing in pre-ticrp because it house? the main admini- lratixe funrtinn« of the rollege. It i nanier! for the ?erond pre- iflent of the in tilutio . Dr. James K. Dudley. Administrdtion rresideiit Wciniioth Tlioiiitis Gibbs A rare sort of jiersoiiality is Dr. Wariiioth T. (jililis, wlio assiinipd tlie presidency of the collef e after thirty years of devoted service, ih ' joined the college staff in 1926. Never too husy to consider liie [irolilciiis ol sludciils, he makes important decisions only after thorough deliheration. He is the father of three chil- dren, all graduates of this institution, hut has heen the liter al " father " to thousands of young men and women who have passed through these hal- lowed halls. He expressed host his love lor students and llic classroom when he said upon assumption of the high office, " I shall regret to give up teaching, for it has affordi d a close contact with yoiMig folks which I have enjoyed and shall miss verv nuich. " KIHsr LMi-i .- Ml-. M;iir.-. ' . nm- . (.l|.|i-. ,1 ll.lllM ' l ' ..i-hirn;ill ,linl llir «lf. ' 1. 1 " iir I ' r.-i.lriil. |,„s-.|.-s,.s ihr ;:riniiii. ' . Iiann lirfiN a ■l-ir-l l.a.K. " tin -llliric !(iM iif |u opif, lirr k ' rii inl ' Trvl Jn sliirUllt-. ail ' l ilc ' volimi In lariiil an. I (iiiti.I- i-nilcar li.r l.i llii- lirarl- iif lli. rolleg.- lai.iilv. -. -. Acatleniic Deans J. M. M RTtENA Dean. Faculties and School of Engineering L. C. Dowdy Dean. School of Education and General Studies J»H. W ILLIAM E. RtED Dean, School of Agriculture Dr. F. a. iLUAMS Dean, Graduate School Mrs. Willetta . Jones Dean. S ' hool or i.r !i!S S. C. Smith Dean. Technical Institute V J l ri:i tnir E. K Y HODGIN Svcn:ttir -Treasurer J Ki.i.i K. i.iiiiiii.i I line, lor ol I ' lihli, Keliihniis Dr. F. a. .] i kMi llirei lor ol (iiinlinn r Axliiiinistivitive Staff Rkverend (Ilko M. MtdoY Pirrctor of Religious Activities 16 ( ' main R. Stevenson tireiffir of Summer School ■■. ' »,; Personnel Deans THE DEAN OF WOMEN Mr ' -. OouiHa Renton. the new Dean of Women — " Willi the ro- operation of thf talT arui students. I feel I ran be of real servire to A. T. Colleop. " In her new position on our staff Mrs. Brnton ' s greatest aims incluflt-d improvement and invigoration of the acadpinic endeavors, cultural principle ' -, and social activities of the entire student body. THE DEAN OF MEN a lounselor and an administrator, our Dean of Men. W. H. (tambie. was a source )d inspiration to all d us — not just to the men. He remained in a constant stale of readiness to assist or counsel with the students at-larfze. DEAN OF MEN ' S STAFF The ' italT. connected with the office of Dean of Men. rendered in alualde ■■cr ices including everything from counseling to making our li - ing at A. T. a happy experience. The group included, from left to right : James Harris, Jinnni - i. Barber, Jesse H. Hop- kins. Mrs. Ro-etta H. Darlington, secretary; (leorge W. Bonner, Phillip D. Bonne and Artliur Headen. DEAN OF OME •S STAFF Those gracious, friendly and helpful folks who composed the staff for the office of the ' I ' -an of women showed unu- ual patience in ' baring our problems from day to day. Among I hose who served in this capacity, included from left to right : Miss Christine Williams, secretarv; Mrs. Inez If. Gold-mith. Mi s Mar- iraret L. ' Corbeit. Mr-. Mabel S. Rhodes. Miss Mary C. Williams. Mi- s Loui-e L. Pearson and Mrs. Mavis Brimmage. 17 FROM EVER " DIRECTION Ever day. on the hour, we passed from even direction in a continuous march trom class to class. Those are days, a happy and carf ' free as they were, we ' ll ne ' er forget. During our college era we saw all of these buildings rise Irom the old football practice field. and Classes i ri m i ili —m I I (.ann Hall I h. mIm,.,I of Agn.ului Agriculture Horlirultiiir In-aiJtifiil flowers J Physics— Ballistics uh! Enginfcrs — in the making En ClifiTy Hall — Sciiool of Engineering Fine Arts gineering Engineering Design Electrical Engineering III ]3S@lpis SllIIIHaiallwiSL •■■1 " - .:M t H ..-...n. i - JJ ■1 . • ' ■ ' :. I r.-l t. ' i j ' Vt -i • " ,r ' r ' - c •irj :rJSirf ' -se I aintin-i ami Deioratinj I ' luiiilting ! hfet Metal Shot- Repairing W.-Uling Tailoring Macliint- Shop Radio Television Masonry Refrigeration aiiil ir Clfinilitioning Cabinet Makitig Auto Meehanirs Carpentry 22 Ediiccitinn ciiid Genera Studies Hodgin Hall — The School of Education and Gr ' ntral Studies mmmmmmfmm Tlit IVlota (.lub School of Nursiim A nurse in Puldir H-altli rnakf- lu-i fir-t rali. alone The Nur iim School Staff 24 • ' -• H- --Hv ' 3 ' g|::!::: ' «!i rill- iiiciiiiinj: liill al Ln. ' ii Hi.-iJiljl I ' ltlidlj ic N ' ur-iiig Huw- ' I uiii Pn Tlio:?e Lectures Through For (lie Day V-, Va laiM ' k.. k ' T I THE MOSES H H I CONE MEMORIAL S. HOSPITAL mt-r MAIN d: ENTRANCE J-- 3 r m ggg ill ill III m : : rm 3 i i 3ii TIT ix m i SBi j i ■ •■ Our First fimducites in Nursiiiii Willi lull ;ic(ie(!itatii)ii. llit- fom-yrar uld A. T. College Sehool of Niirsiiio; awarded Barlielor of Science degrees to its first graduates. To (|ualify for the coveted certificates, the lii ' -loi -making class of filteen inemliers was taken through a rigid curriculum which in ol ed training in care of those stricken with liolli siru|ile and complex afilictions. The four-year program, during which time the students learned to care for patients with all kinds of illnesses, was marked hy intensi e clini al tiaining. The stmlents received iiualuahle experience lollowing tlie summer ol their so]ihomoic yeai- when they went to Veterans Adminislralion Hospital at ' I ' uskegee. Alahama to work with psychiatric patients. Aftei ' thcii ' junior ear. these nuising students learned rudiments in the care of tidieividar |)atients at Veterans Hospital in Oteen. North Carolina. In accordance with the di ersified facets of their chosen profession, the graduates chose varyino- fields ol nursing to entei ' — pediatrics, psyeliiatiy, ohstetrics. and others. The Nurses motto, " tender lo ing care, " is reflected in its fminidahle campus organization — the Teloca Clidj. Biggs. ER ESTl E Koute 1. Box 234 St. Paul. N(.rlli Carolina Major: Nursing Organizations: National Studt-nl Nurses Assotiatiun: Y.W.C.A.: Teloca Cluh. CnAvis, Dorothy T. 141! Poplar .Street Asheville. North Carolina Major: Nursing (hmini:alion: Ti-lma ( ' lub. Coleman. Julia Pope Post Office Garysliurg. North Carolina Major: Nursing Orsianizalions: Teloca Cluh; National Student Nurses Association. Cox, Betty J. 616 East Gaston Street Greensboro. North Carolina Major: Nursing Organizations: Teloca Cluh: National Student Nurses Association. GWYNNE. BlRDIA 244 Celerei Street I)an ille. Virginia Major: Nursing Organization : Teloca ( ' lull. HigS Chi Coli ' inan Cox 26 Haruv. Xora V. Route 1. Box 35A Snow Hill. North Carolina Major: Nursing Organizations: Teloca Club: National Student Nurse? Association. LoRK K. Jovt.E 918 South Broad Street Winston-Salem. North Carolina Major: Nursing Organizations: Tel iea Cluli: National Stuilent Nurses Association : . .C. A. McAdoo. Gertride 714 East Street Greensboro. Ni.irth Carolina Major: Nursing Organizations: Teloca Club: National Student Nurses Association. Oliver. Alice F. . ' 27 Flushing Street Buriinglun. .N. C. Major: Nursing Organizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororih : National Student .Nurse Association; Teloca Cluli. S. TTER VHITE. RaMONA Route 2. Box 16!! _ , _ Zebulon. North Carolina Major: Nursing Organizations: Teloca Club: .National Student Nurses Association. Valgh.n. ' anda Lee Route 7. Box 4.54 Burlington. North Carolina Major: Nursing Organizations: Teloca Club: National Studeiil Nurses -Association. Vereen. Vivian B. 407 Cecil Street Durham. North Carolina Major: Nursing Organizations: Teloca Club: National Student Nurses .Association. ATSON. Delores lOdl Morehead Avenue Durham. .North Carolina Major: Nursing Organizations: Teloca Club: National Student Nurses Association. X ilson. Bettie L. 930 Broad Street ' inston-Salem. North Carolina Major: Nursing Organizations: Teloca Club: National Student Nurses .Association. Wright. Ethel M. 615 West Linc(jln .Avenue Gastonia. North Carolina Major: Nursing Organizations: Teli c a Club: National Student Nurses Association. Senior CIciss Officers President EuGENE H. Pkeston ' . II l iili(inientiiiiiin I iee-l ' rr.udeill JamES LaWRENCE Srcrelary EvEI.YN Raskett Arthir a. Keyes lliisiiiess M(inii j,er Charles Norman Alston Tieasiiier F.LLis K. Kaglani Ser etinl-iih hiii. ' i KoBERT HoWLETT Sliidfiil Ciiiiiii il Hcpresenhitii es JeSSE PalMER, i ' .oiresiiiindinii Sccreh ry SuKLLA i)A Is (Ii.ARENCeE. Peoim.ES 28 -. -. - ■ ■ ■ ■ Senior Class ' Superldtives ' ' Seniors ADAMS. JOE I.OnS KnlitH 3. Box 31f) HaU-iiih. Nortli Carolina hijor : Intlu-trial Arl- Orgamzatwns: Scaliltanl anri Hla-I.- So irt : K.O.T.C, Offi.prV Club; Intlustrial Aru As-.ociatt(.n : (ia-ln W.iljir Kiiti.l Conn. li. ADAMS. LOUIS M. 2730 SuM|UHlianna Strept Philaili ' Ipliia. Pt ' iuisylvania Mill ' " " . Sociiiiiiiiy Minor: Serial Scienri Organizations: .M.C.A.: Veteran ' A ' soriatinn : Mn i ii hocial So- ciety; Geographical Society. ADAMS. P I L 2318 Haskell .•n .■ ColuMiiiia. Soutli ( Carolina Major : Vocational Iinlu ' -lrial Eflu alion Orgauiziitiniis: Indu-irial Arts Club; ' .M.ll.A. AI.DRIDGE. KENNETH Route 1. Box ]. " i7 l.aCrange. Nortli (Carolina Miiior: Kaiiio ami T. V. Repair Organizations: eteranV Association; G.L.(i.P. County Club; Y.M.(J.A. ALLEN. CLACDIA 841 N. Bridge Street Eikin. North Carolina Major: Biolosy ALLEN, MARY Riuite 1. Box 23 Holly Sprini s. Norlli (iaroiina Motor : Accountinji Organization ,: illi ' U ' liip ( ' umril ; ilu-ine-- Association. ALLEN, MONME LLLA Box 2V) BlaiHJir-, North Carolina Iafi " ' uininercial Education OiiHTza IMii l|ibd Sorority; Fellowship Council. Lvln-r Organization ' , Br.ard. ALSTON. DELORES DELCENIA Po t Offic- Br.x 12 Gulf. North (Carolina Motor : Srrrctarial Srinnc Organization : Bui ines? Association. ALSTON- CXKOL IN BEATRICE Hampton Street Sunimerville, South (Carolina Major : (itunmcrcial Education Organizations: . V .(].A.; Pan-Hellfnic (!ounciI ; Busitie eta Plii B.-ia S..rorily. Association; ALSTON. CHARLE.s NoKMAN 824 Morsinic Street Winston-Salem. North Carolina Major : Engineering Mai hematics Organizations: Omega Psj Pbi Fraternity; Y.M.C.A.; Engineering As- -rMialion; iu ' -loii-Sal ' iii Club. 30 Seniors (hgnnizntions: eter; ALSTON, (,EnR(,K. JK. 304 East Bright Strf-et Kinston. North (laroiina Mann: Applied Sociology Minnr: Sorial Studies r Association ; W ' .M.C.A. ANDERSON. OLI KH li. yOK South Main StrepI Louishurg. North Carolina lojor : Physical EfliKatii n Organization: .M.C.A. Orgnnizations: .W.C.A. Organizafions: ANDERSON. POLLY F. V. 3920 Gerniantown A enuc Philadelphia. Penn-- Ivania Mn or: Phy-ical Education linnr: So ial Scien ' e ft omen " - Athli-tic A M ciaIi..ii ; Phy-ical Education ( luh; ANTHONY. ALPHONSO ALONZO 1236 North Virginia Avenue Lakeland. Florida Major : Music Minor : History Mu ic Efl. National Association ; ( leographic Society ; Florida Club; Music Club. ARNOLD. JOSEPH KDW RD Route 2. Box 41 Jark ' on ilie. North Carolina !aii r : Radio anti T. V. ARTIS. (;LAI) S RliTH Route L Box 74 Parkershurg. North Carolina Mn or: Hnnie Economics Eriucalion Orffiinizntmns: Home Economics Club; Agricultural Association; ' lA .C. .; Fellowship Council. ARTIS. JOHNSIE ROMONA Route 3. Box 341 Kenly. North Carolina Major: Applied .Sociologv Minor: Social Science Organiznlions: Usher Bttard ; Fellowship (Council ; Omega Phi Alpha Snrorily. ASHE. JAMES E. Maribel. North (Carolina Major: Electrical Engineering Minor : Mathematics Organizations: Alpha Kappa Mu; National Technical Association; Vet- eran ' s Association. ATKINSON. MADGE LA RUE 301 Law Street Greensboro. North (Carolina Major: . oclal Sr-jence Minor : English Organization: Spanish Cluh. AUBREY. HAMLET 817 South Main Street Roxboro. North Carolina Major: Tailoring Organizations: Band; Technical Institute Club; Tailoring Club. 31 wmmmm Seniors BANNISTER. JAMES ERNEST H)8 Nurth th Str.-ei ilminfiton. North Carolina Mii iir: Pluinhinp and Heating Orgimini!ions: Band; Tcrli. ln Iitute Club. BANKS. ELMER . ' 02 Winston Street Tlinina ville. North Carolina Mnjor : Music ! trior : History Orgfinizulions: Alpha I ' hi Alpha Fraternity; Marehin;: and Concert liand ; C(dle ;iale Orchestra ; Music Ed. National Association. BARNES. CLEVELAND 21. ' ) West Walnut Street Wilson. North Carolina Major: Rariio and Television BARNES. LONNIE , Route L Box 3LS-A Wilson. North Carolina Major: Applied Sociology Minor : Eng;Iish (hgaiiiziittons. Mpha IMii ( hiiega Fraternity ; Fortnightly Club; VNLC. .; Literary Club. BARNES. VAUGHAN North Wilkeshoro. North Carolina (hgnnizntwns: .M.C.A.; Veterans Association. BARNETT. T LM 1K;E 1727 Thurmond Street Winston-Salem. North Carolina Major: Biological Science Minor : (.Ibeniistrv Organization : tieographicai Society, BARNETT. THEODI.SSIA f)12 6th . enue-W Henderson ille. North Ciarolina Major : Physical Education Minor: Social .Science Oiiiamzatiuns: I.M.C.A.: Ceographic Society: Physii-al Ed. Majors Club. BARKKTT. JAMES RLDOLPH Box 62 Ceorge. North Carolina Major: Business , dminisiration Minor : Accounting Org!iniza!ions: " S .M.(i.A.; Sigma Rho Sigma Society; liuviness Assucia- lum ; ' icran Association. BARROW. WILLIAM HENLY Post Office Box 14i Bayboro. N irlli ( Carolina Major: Aulo Mechanic-- Organizations: Veteran Association: .M.C.A.; Auto Mechanic Club. BA.SKETT. EVELYN ELIZABETH 10.50 Pinkston Street Henderson. North Carolina Major : Commercial Education Orgiiiiization : Business A.ssociation; Y.W.C.A.; Future Teacliers of niiTica. 32 -., m . mi Seniors BASS. JESSE JAMES. JR. 513 South Chestnut Street Mount Olive, North Carolina Major: Electrical Engineering Minor : Mathematics Organizations: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Arnold Air Society; Pan- Hellenic Council; Engineering Association. BATTLE. HOWARD En ARD 1127 Star Street Rocky Mount, North Carolina Major: Physical Education Minor: Social Science Organizations: Y.M.C.A.; Letternien " Club. BEATTY. MATTHEWS Route 1, Box 181 Acme, North Carolina Major: Auto Mechanics •chanics Club; Coastal Collegiate (llub. Organizations: Auto M BEU., EDDIE. JR. 711 Hirkftry Avenue Sanford. Florida Major: Biological Science Minor: Chemistry Organizations: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; American Chemical Society; Floridian Club; Music Ed. National Association. BELL. MAR(;ARET VIOLA Post Office Box 213 Jacks on, North Carolina Major : Elementary Education Minor: Social Science Organizations: Alpha Kappa -Alpha Sorority; Sigma Rhn Sigma Honor Society. BENJAMIN. LAWRENCE 701 Allison Washington 11. D. C. Major: Physical Education }tinor: Military Science Organizations: Leitermen ' s Club; R.O.T.C. Officer Club; Varsity Eoot- bail; Physical E.l. Maior Club. BENNETTE. IVORY 0 " BERRV 804 Sampson Street ( ilinton. North Carolina Ma or : Physical Education Minor: .Social Science Organizations: Y.M.C.A.; Physical Ed. Majors Club. BENNETT. JAMES Lilesville, North Carolina Major: Vocational Indu ' frial Arts Organizations: Y.M.C.A.; Industrial Education Association; Photo ( " lub; Industrial Arts Association. BESS. EVA MAE 428 West King Street Latirange. North Carolina Major : English Minor : French Organizations: Delta Sigma Theta .Sororitv; Pi Delta Phi Honor Society Y.W.C.A.; French Club. BERRY, FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT Route 1 . Box 330 Pollocksville. North Carolina Major: Auto Mechanics Minor: Welding Organizations: Jones County Club: Y.M.C.A.; Veteran ' s Association: Auto Mechanics Club. 33 Seniors OrganiznfK soL ' iation. ItKTHEA. I AMKS TH(tM I ' nst Olticr i!nx -MH Liimhf-rton, Norlli Camliim Ma iir: Hu ' iin- - Admini ' lration Minor: Acrnunlin! Kapj.a l[.lia r-i Ki.thrnih ; .M.C. .; r.u int-s A- liKTHEL. WKON CL ( l»E ' A ' Vli) Thnnia ' - Avhiuh- Miami. Fliiriila Miller : i liy-ical Educal liiri hiii r: Sorial Srimr.- iirfiiiniziiliiin: Pli -iral Ed. Major- Cliil.. niCEI.OW. FRANCES EI.I AltETH 902 H.-nhow Roa.l (incnslioro. North Carnliiia Miijor: Social Scifiicf Minor: Mallu-tiiatif- IILACKMOA. WILLIAM A. 422 Cliestmit Street r.reensboro. Nnrtii Carolina Man.r: iiIm M. liaiu - Minor: W.l.lini: i:i, K KI.L. (11 l!LEs El A IS Kuutr 1. I ' m.x 270 Reiilsville. North Carolina Mdfor: General Science Minor: Social Science l|iha IMii Omejia Fraternitv: (ieo :rapliic Socict ; ri- Or nnizntions: iran- A-- ' -uciatJ IILACKWELL. jl Ell S ERAsTLS Miller Cafe China (imve. North Carolina Major: Flmtotirapliy Oraamzutions: .M.C.A.; College Hand; Mu ic Ed. National A-sociatioii. Ill ( K ELL. KncKi; Knut. ' :;. i;n l ' ; Roxhoro. North Carolina Major: Autn Mechanic-- Associalinii. zaiion ■ rlri (h iziiniz ' iliou s IILOLNT. CAMERON Hill WW :;W Hth Sire, I. Wr-i Vi ayncshnro. rcnr iia Major: Fhy ical P ' liiealiiiM Miiioi : ( Iciii-ral rjcncr I ' Ld. Ma|(M- CImIk V LC. . n.raphic.l 111 RH() V. EENDttOOl) Lost Office Box 144 Kayboro, North Carolina Mti or: Radio and Television Or aniznlions: Radii. (Jiili. ' .teran ----ociati(iii. liH I)LEV HEKIJERT H. 923 Glenn .Avenue in--lnn-Saleni. North Carolina Major: Riolojjical .Science Minor: Chemistry Offianiziitions: InhT nalional Hfljtiun-- Cluh; Mm ' - A.L 34 Seniors HKANNdN. CALX IN Ll U l 697 Shaver Slreel East Spencer. N. C. Major: Physiral Education ilinor: Social Science Organizations: .M.C.A.: Phy-ical Eil. Major ; Ciuh. BRATTON. WILLA A. 1031 Armstrong Street Greensboro. N. C. Major: Home Economic Minor: Genffai Science Organizations: Home-Eker Club: . .C.A. BROWN. CLENNIE L. Route 1. Box 34 Columbia. North Carolina Major: Auto Mechanic BRO N. CALSON AT ELL 906 O.x Street Durham. North Carolina Major: Masonn Organizations: Technical Institute Club; Veteran Association. BROWN. JACK MARVIN Roule 1. Box Irtrt Acme, North Carolina Major: Agricultural E ' .lucaticn -Minor: General Science Organizations: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity: Coastal Collegiate Club: N.F.-A.: Agricultural Association. BRl NSON. PECOLIA Route 1. Box 170 Hamlf-t. North Carolina Major: Elementary E lucation Minor: Histor Organizations: Geographic Society; Fellow-hip Council; Usher Board. I1R ANT. DOUGLASS RAY Route 1. Box 427 Rich Square. North Carolina Major: Radio and T. . Organizations: .M.C.A.: Ra«n« ' Club. BR ' iANT. HARRELL L. Routf- 1. Box 34 (Columbia. North Carolina Major: Chemi-try Minor: Malhematic- Organizations: .M.C.A.: American Chemical Council. Social : Fellowship BICK. HELENE 203 est 4th Street Tabor City. North Carolina Major: French Minor: Social Science Organizations: Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority; Pi Delta Phi Honor Society; Somen ' s Government Council; French Club. BIRCH. DORTHY LEE 9103 Hill Street Roxboro. Norlh Carolina Major: Music Minor: English Organizations: Industrial . rts Association: Vocational Education Associa- tion. 35 •■P IBIIil Seniors BUTTONE. LEROY S. 522 Black River Road Georgetown, South Carolina Major: Interior Decorating Organization: Veterans Club. BURCHETTE. BENNIE Box 78. Warrenton, North Carolina Major: Painting and Decorating BURDEN. BETTY J. Route 1. Box 2Q0 Aulander. North Carolina Major: Commercial Education Y.W.C.A. ; Future Teachers of America ; Fellowship Organizations: Council, R.O.T.C. Officers BURDEN, RUSSELL 20.S8 8th Avenue New York City Major: Accounting Organizations: Si nia Rho Sip;ma. Advanced R.O.T.C; Club; New York-New Jersey Club. BURNS. JOSEPH Route 1, Box 202 Morrisville. North Carolina Major: Mathematics Minor: General Science Organizations: Y.M.C.A.; Mathematics Club. BURNS, WILLIAM C. 614 S. Maurice St. Monroe. North Carolina Major: Radio and Television BURELL. TIMOTHY 1330 Clark Avenue W m--ton-Sa!em. North Carolina Major: Sociology Minor: Physical Education Organization: Winslon-Salem Club. BUSH, SHIRLEY ANGELE Route 2. Box X-10 Greenville, North Carolina Major: Elementary Education Organizations: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Dramatics Club. BYRD, MARY P. 422 Fulton Street Burlington. North Carolina Major : Institution Management Minor : (General Science Organizations: International Relations Club; Home Eckers Club. CASSIDY. WILLIAM 714 Bernice Street Durham, North Carolina Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Mathematics Organizations: Y.W.C.A.; Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; cation Club. Vocational Edu- 36 Seniors CHAMBERS. SARAH 957 ' . McCuliough Street Greensboro, North Carolina Major: Commercial Education Organizations: Business Association; Y.W.C.A.; Senior Counselor. CHAMBER. ROBERT 714 Bingham Street Greensboro. North Carolina Major: Painting and Interior Decorating Organizations: Art Circle; V.M.C.A.; Technical Club. CHARLESTON, VONNIE LEE 720 Church Street Wilmington. North Carolina Major: Home Economics Education Minor: General Science Organizations: Home Eckers Club; Alpha Kapp Alpha Sorority; Agri- cultural Association. CHERRY. GENERAL Route 3. Box 38 Taiboro, North Carolina Major: History Minor: General Science Organizations: Men ' s Advisory Council : Pan-Hellenic Council. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity ; CHRISTMAS, JASPER L. 401 Skipper Street Rockingham. North Carolina Major: Auto Mechanics Organizations: Auto Mechanics Club; Technical Institute Club. CL PP. BEECHER WARD 142M Maple Avenue Burlington. North Carolina Major: English Minor: History Organizations: Veterans Association; Day Students " Organization. CLARK, SHELTON LEEROY Route 1. Box 163 Hamlet. North North Carolina Major: History Minor: Social Science Organizations: Y.M.C.A.; Geographic Society; Future Teachers America. of Organizations: V.W.C.A. CLAWSON, LELE YVONNE 304 Lincoln Avenue Behnont, North Carolina Major: Commercial Education Business Education; Future Teachers of America; Organizations CLAY, GEORGE Box 147 Roxboro, North Carolina Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Masonry Veterans Club; Masonry Club; V.M.C.A. CLINE. HOUSTON. JR. Box 62 Taylors, South Carolina Major: English, Social Science Organizations: eterans Association. { Seniors COATS. JOHN nwin Huiih- I Ka Mitlali ' . iNortli ( ainliiia Major : (larpi-ntry Orginuziilinn : clcraii- -— nciaMon : T ' -rhnital In-liliih- dull. COl.I.KTT. WALTKK M.l.KN 204 Kankin Strrel Lenoir. North (!aroliiia lffiiir Social SrifMHf hniir : Biology Organization: Plu Uria Si ma Fratf-rnity: Y.M.(_!.A.; (it-ofiiapluc So- ciety; Paii-ll.llrnii ' C.iiiiicil. CONNOR. JAMES ARTHliR lyUS Crirr vriui.- ( ' liarloltf. Norlh Carolina Major: Electrical Engineering Minor : Matheiiiaticv Organizations: Veterans Associatioti : Kiigincrring -- Tcchiiical Association; Y.M.C.A. cialion ; National Organization.s COWAN. M ARI HELL fi.U Holt Street CoMshoro. North Carolina Major : History Minor : English Hoiil) ( JliIi; International Relations Cluh. CRUDUP. WF:sLE ALFRED Route 2. Box 22.S Zeljulon, North Carolina Major: Railio and Tele ision Or iiiiizalions: .M.C.A.; Teelinical hi ' liliile Chili; . ' terans Association. CHUTCHFIELL). HENRI W. Route 2 Pitt-horo. North Carolina Major uto Mechanics CLILBERTSON. CHARLIE EDWARD 509 S.R.R. Streel Salisbury. Nortli Carolina Major : Caliinet Making Orfianiziititin : Technical Institute Cluh. CI RR1F. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH T.W 6th enue. South West Hiciior . North ( Carolina Major: Applied .Snciology Minor: -Social Studies Organizations: Sigma Rho Sigma Hotinrary Society; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority ; Women ' s Co ernincnt (. ' ouncil ; Richard B. Harrison Players. CLTHRELL. JOHN WESLEY 711 (iiaham A enue W itiston-Salem. North Carolina Major : Physical Education Minor: Social Stuflies (hfionizutions: L.-iteruHM Cluh; Ph sir;,l Ed. Chih. DANCY. JULHIS PENCER R.iute 1. Box 25 Tarlinrn. North Carr)liTia Major : ccounti[ig Orgitnizution : Business (lull. 38 Seniors DA.NCY. Grifton. WILLIE jnSF.PH Box 62 North (Carolina Major: liu Mituii inr Admini-lration ziltton-.: 1 u-.n.- - n i;ilinn; I ' hi l;.-la itrina Fral Tiiity; l) Ki. . M I. E 141. (.crrt-ll Mr.-et (-rt-t-nshoro. North Carolina Major: O ninu-rrial Education Organi Societ zaiiuns: Si : Business gma Rho Siy:ma Hnnnr Sorit-t ; Pi Associalion. Onu-ga Pi Honor ( i •iauiziititm : Bii- Or anizations: En; i) Ki. N. nHTLE Koutf I. Box K.K a«lf-horit. North ).!arolina Major : ConinuTcial Eiluiation irs A " 0(iati..n: A .C.A. DAVIS. DONALD ELGENE 171 Corter Street Reiilsville. North Carolina .Major: Ma onry DWIS. JAMES PuM Office Box 321 Walnut Co e. North (Carolina Major : rchileclural Engineering Minor : Mathematics :in» " t " ring As--iii-ialion; t-t ran Association. DAVIS. NORWOOD CI RTIS 1017 Huntt-r Sir.ft Elizabeth City. North Camlina Major: Social Science Minor : Sociology Organization ' ,: Aljiha Phi Ome . ' a Fraternity ; Intt-rnalioiial Rf Cluli; I)()rinitiir (l i ory Council. DAVIS. SI ELLA ' 22 Oklan.i A enue. N.E. Washington. D. C. Major : Eli nu-ntary Education Minor: Sncial Sci» ' ncf Organizations: Geographical Socirty; " AX.C.A.; Future Teachers of Anu-rica. DWIS. THEODISE 12111) Ea-l-(.ran.l Vvcnue RiMk Mount. North Camlina Major : Imlu-Irial rt- Organization : Industrial Arts Association ; cterans Association. 1) VI . VEK(.rS 402 Oak Strrei Shtlhy. North Carolina Maior : (national Industrial Educatinn Minor : Industrial rt Organizations: Industrial Art-- X—in iation ( ub; Trchnical Institute DAWKIN.V R W 1103 Ashe Street (ireensboro. North Carolina Major: . ' Social Studies (hiianizatwn: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. 39 Seniors Orfumizations: ]u .M.C.A. DeBERRY, JAMES L. 606 Rosenwald Burlington, North Carolina Major: Social Studies Minor: History Bfta Sigma Fraternity; Pan-Ht-llenic (Council; DELOATCH. RALEIGH LENONARD Route 1, Box 78A Jackson, Norlli Carolina Major: Aulu Mechanics Minor: Welding Organizations: Y. M.C.A. ; Veterans Club; Auto Mechanics Club. DILLIAKU, JAMES P. (). Box 66 Bois:-e ain. Virginia Major: Architectural Engineering Minor: Air Science and Mathematics (hganizations: Arnold Air Society; .Scabbard and Blad -- o iatii n. Engineering Organizations: Me l)l . BENJAMIN (-eTieral Delivery anceyvilb-. North Carolina Major: Biology Minor : (!hcmistry Dormitory ( !ouncil ; Band. DIXON, LEON E. 18 Church Street While Sulphur Springs, West Virginia Major: Engineering Mathematic-. .Minor: Military Science Organizations: Regi--ter Staff; Alpha Phi . lpha Fraternity; Engineering Association; Kappa Phi Kappa Forensic Society. DIXON, ORA MAE Route I, Box 279-B LaCirange, Nnrtli Carolina Major : History Minor : Frenih Organizations: Pi Delia Phi; Omega Phi Alpha; Frmch Club; (Jeo- graphical Society. DOBSON, JAMES ALLEN 180 Adams Street Rochester 8. New York Major: Accounting Ofga iizaltuns: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Business Association. DOOLEt. BETTYE Broad Street Carrboro, North Carolina Major: Social Studies Minor: Sociology Organizations: Y.W.C.A.; Future Teachers of America. DIRHAM. WADE. JR. R.F.D. 4 Ml. Olive. North Carolina Major : Agricultural Marketing Minor : Agricultural Economics Agriiiillural Association; New Farmers of Americ Organizations: ECCLES. t:ARLTON 1218 Pearson High Point. North Carolina Major: Painting anil Decorating Organizations: Technical Institute Club: Mu Xi Nu Social Club. 40 Seniors EDWARDS, GEORGE LEONARD 1421 Nnrth CaldwfU Gastonia. North Carolina Major: Mus;ic Minor : Hi?-tory OrgunizatioTis: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity ; Music Eiiuealors National Conference; V.M.I ' . A.; tieographic Society. EOWARD.S. OLIVIA ELIZABETH liox SO- A Henilerson. North Ciarolina Major: Tailoring Organization: Omega Phi Alpha. ELLER, WILLIAM TERRELL 217 Church Street Thomasville, North Carolina Major: Applied Sociology Minor: . " Social Science Organization : Veterani ( . ' luh. EKVIN.FAYE ine Arden Morganton, North Carolina Majur: Nursery School Ed. Minor: Clothing Organizations: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority ; Agriculture Association; Pan- Hellenic Repre entati e; Futurt- Teat ' hers of America. EVANS, GEORGE FRANK 801 East 7th Street Sanford. Florida Major : .Applied Sociology Minor : Histor Organizations: Floridian Club; Richard B. Harrisu n Players. EVANS. WILLLAM HENRY Route I, Box 324 St. PauU. North Carolina Major : Masonry Organization : .M.C.-A. FARRINGTON, ROSS LEWIS ;ill Brooks Chapel Hill, North Carolina Majur: Matliematics Minor: General Science Organizations: Alpha Kappa Mu Honorary Society; Men ' - Ailvivorv Council; R.O.T.C. Officers Cluh; Perilling RiHes. FAULK. EDWARD DA ID 18-D Taylor Home- Wihnington, North Carolina Major: Chemistry Minor: Air Science Organizations: Y.M.C.A.; Air Force Association; American Chemical Society; Arnold Air Society. FEGGINS. LEWIS 906 Market Street Greenshoro. North Carolina Major: Industrial Arts FELTON, RUTH Route 1, Box 78 Hertford, North Carolina Major : Accounting Organizations: Y.W.C.A.; Business Association. 41 mmmmm Seniors FERCIISON, JAMES H27 Ka-t 81I1 Slr.-,-l ( ' liai l(.n.-. Niirlli Carolina l„i„r: Ra.lio an. I T.I,mh,.ii. KISHKK. AKKIMENIO 7IH I ' oli-al Ciiurl (.rrr.i.l,,,!,., Norlh Carolina Maim : ( nnunt ' rriai Education Kll l . l ' l HCKON I. U.uii. .1, Imix 77 l.illi. ' lnn. Niirlh Carolina hilor: rrliiliilural Engini-.Tin M fiiir: Matliftiialifv (Iriiiinizii ums: Enf;iii.-irin " .iiialion : Oni.- a I ' m I ' Iii I ' ral. i nilv ■ National So,iKl ,,f Sialiliaj.l an. I lila.i.-. FLEMMIiNC. BRUCE L. P. O. Box 137 Wooijl. ' af, Norlh Carolina hil " r: History tui«r IMiysirai Education nrf:aiiiz,iliuns: V.M.C. .: N.l.ran-- Clul.: E.I. Clul.. FOSTEK. CELESTINE y Charles Street l.l.n Com ' . Long Islanil. N.m " l.nk Mfi nr: I ' liysicai Education lnn r: Social Science Ornnniziitions: l|,ha Ka|.|ia Mplia S.,r,,ril : ' l.W.C. .: W.,iii,n ||i- li-li. ' s.,..iali..ii. F(l . KdBEKT a-liiti!ito[i .nu. ' Sanl..r.l. N.irlh (iar.ilina Miiliir: Voiatlonal Iminstrial E.ln.aljiTi Miriur: Arts (h iiniziiliim : In.lii-trial rlv ks,m iati..n. FOX. THE1,M 21)1 Walla.. ' Sir.-. ' l l ' ' arni ill. ' . inlh !aiolina l « ' f, | |dii ' d Sociology lmiir: So. ' ial Stu.iies Qrnaniznliuns: Fellowship ln i u So.ial So.i.t ; W .ini. iiV (i.tM-rnrnent (iouncil: Mod.-rn Itan.. ' tlrtniii. Ill ' l. IKFNE urn 11. dl W ilhani-.n Slr.-et Fayi-tteville. iNorlh i:ar..lina l « . ' r,- En li li l,,„„ Fr.L.I, (lriiiiiiiznlii,iis: lliii,;;a I ' lii l|,lia ..i.,jih: Fi. ' ii.i. Clnl,; , V.C,A. FRIDW i;il lA (., 217 East Hal.lilor.l v.nii. ' t.a-l.inia. [Norlh Car.dina Miijin ami Tel. ' vision Fl l.lDlill. ll Mi:i. 1;. 2:.lll Fast I ' nn. ' .ss Aim K.ja.l Virfiiiiia M ' l nr: ■Vr. ' hilc. ' tnral Pj];:in. ' . ' rin " ln„n: Malh. ' .nali. s (hf;,iiiiz ili,,ns: Nir mian Clid : Natl..nal Soci.-l .d S.aliliaj.l an. I IJIa.h ' I ' .n ' inecrinf: Asso. 42 Seniors Orinmiziitiiin : Mt (h iiniziititiiis FILTON. DAVID 114 Souili l.oTii: Str.-et Kin sin-r. South (Carolina Major : Clienii ti Minor: Mathenialii ' - i ' h i mi lory i! i--nr (!niiiuil, t. |)|) . .|() li: W II LI MS 1112 iNortli Prnn-yl ania A emn ' SoutinTii Pint ' s. North (Carolina Mft)or : CornnifTriai Fducation lUi-iiif- --otiati(iii; . .(!. .: Dilia Mjinia Tht-ta (; K1)NER. DENNIS F. ll ' -} [Janru-kt-r Dri r W illiamliurii. ir-jiinia Major: Bu incs-i Aihiiiiii-Iralion Minor: Account iii (hf:anizfili,ins: Kappa Al|)ha F-i Fratirnily: .M.C.A.: Bu?ine » A - -miatidii. GARNER. SHIRLE 525 Wrst 158 Strrrt New York City. Nrw York Major: HhXoTy Minor: Spanish CATLIM,. ANNIE B. Rout.- 1. Box 6-A Sunliurv. North Carolina Major: Tailorinji Otiianizudons: Tf( Iniieal Iu-liluli- ( ' luh; Tailoriuii Club. (;ATLINC. LAURA E. Routr 1. Box 6-A Sunbury. North Carolina Major: Secretarial Science (fr anization : Bu-ine-.s A ' - ocialion. (; V1N. JAMES F. 6()H Chapman Street Niu Bern. Nnrtb (.Carolina Major : Architectural En ineerinji Minor: Malheniatic (irgnnizatiiins: National Technical As-sociation; Engineering Association; Arnol.l ir Soci.-tN : 1 .M.C.A. (.FnR(,E. FRANCIS W . (.Ill Snutli Hill Stre.-i W ibnin ton. North Carolina Major: French Minor : Mathematics Oriionizations: Phi Delta Pi Honorary Society ; French Club; Y.NLC.A. (;E0RGE. HAROLD 14 Ihtli Street Lakewood. New Jersey Major: Applietl Sociology Minor: Social Studies Oriianizalions: VM.C.A.: Leitermen ' s Club. (ilBSON. CHARLES H. lOlU Cyprr- A e,uie Sanfor(L Florida Major: Biological Science Minor: Cihemistry (hfianizations: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity: American Chemical Society; rnold Air Society. 43 Seniors Or aiiizalions: Oftir GILL, JAMES N. 750 E. Salisbury Rd. Asht ' horo. North Carolina Major: General Science Minor: Military Science - Club; Arnold Air Society. GITTERON. WILLIAM 409 Cliffside Street Hi h Point. North Carolina Major : Phy ' ical Education Minor: Social Science Of dniziitions: eteian Association; Phy sical Ed. Major-- Club. GOINES. PALL J. Route 2, H..X 171 Pitl boro, North Carolina Major: General . cience Minor: Military Science Organizations: Y.M.C.A.; Officer Club; Scabbartl and Blade. (iOOCH. HERHERT L. Kouir 2, Box 221 Oxlord. North Carolina Major: Matheiiiaticis Minor: Military Science Organizations: Phi Beta Sigma Eralernity; Scabbard and Blade Y.M.C.A.; Officers Club. GOOCH. WILLIAM B. R.F.U. 1. Box 2 Stem. Norlh Carolina Major: History Minor: Military Science Organizations: .M. !.A.: Othcers (!lub; Scabbard and Blade. GOUUINt;, JOHNNIE F. 505 South Pine Street War aw. North Carolina Major : Applied Sociology Minor: Military Science Organizations: Officer-- (.:iub; Leiterinen ' v ( ' lub; Ayantef. Staff; Richard B. Harrison Players. GORE, McKlNLEt. JR. Wallace. North Carolina Major: Industrial Arts Minor: Military . cience Organizations: Scabbard and Blade Honor Society; Officers Club; In- dii-lriat Arts Association; V.M. ;.A. GHA . ETRliIJA 100 Broud Street .■ she dle. North Carolina Major: Secretarial Science Organizations: Y.W.C..A.; Business Association. GREEN, ERNESTINE J. yOO N. Muldrow Street Florence, South (Carolina Major: Home Economics Education Organizations: Pyramid :iuh: Hunif Ecker Club. (;keen. jame r. 704 Isb-r Street Goldshoro. North Carolina Major: Engineering Physics Minor: Mathematics Organization: Engineering Association. 44 Seniors GREENFIELD. CAMELIOUS Route 1, Box 17 Dudley. Nortli (Carolina Major: Industrial Arts Organizations: Industrial Education As oriation; Vetrrans Assdciation. (;RIER. MARVIN L. 612 lOlh Avenue Columbus. Georgia Major: Applied Sociology Minor: History Organizations: Geographic Society; Y.M.C.A.; Richard H. Harri-c»n Players. GRIFFIN, JOHN R. 1. 07 Murrhison Road Fayetteville. North Carolina Major: Social Science Minor: History Organizations: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; Pan-Hellenic Council ; Officers Club; Geographic Society. GUNTHROPE, BETTY SHE .S08 CeniPtary Street W innsboro. South Car dina MnjoT : (lomnierrial Education Organizations: Y.W.C.A.; Business Association. HAITH. ROSS . 734 Dunbar Street Greensboro. North Carolina Major: Architectural Engineering Minor: Mathematics Organizations: Alpha Phi Omega; Engineering Association ; National Technical Association. HAUBGRTON. HENRY G. 7.S6 Commerce Avenue Waynesboro. Virginia Major: Electrical Engineering Minor: Mathematics Organizations: Engineering Association; Veterans Association ; irginia Club. HALL. CAUSBY 437 Chestnut Street Greensboro, North Carolina Major: Masonry HAMMOND. JAMES DUCKETT 503 W. Darlington Street Florence, South Carolina Major: Chemistry Minor: Mathematics Organizations: Alpha Phi Alpha; Beta Kappa Chi. 45 Seniors HAK(;El " r. W ll.l.l AM .il2 Uuf.ii Sir.-.-i r..;iiiforl. Nnrlli Carolina Mft nr: Mi ' cliaiiic ' al Kntiincrriiifi Minor: Mathrnialio Ornnniziilunis: N ' alicmal Tiduiical A -oiialicn ; En in.-.riiit; s.i» ialiori. HARKJS. BETTE H. 111-15 158lh Slrcrl Jaiiiaira. New ork Mnjor: E.nplish l n,.r; nri;nniz«lii,i,s: Draiiiali.- i:lul.; . . :. .; 11. . I. In rliil,; E..rln]j:l,lK Cliil., HARRIS. CLEVELL lOiy East ISth Slr.-pl U ijiston-Saleni. North (iartilina Mii or: Elertriial Eiiiiinei ' iin); HARRIS. EDW Mill IIDEI.I. ' )17 Liiicl-ay Stii-.l (ii-i-nsl)oro. North Carolina Iaii r: I ' ailitini: ami Di-roratin;: Muinr: Hiisini-. Aiiiiiiiii tratioii Oraanizillluns: ' i.M.C.A.; Tfchnical in litul.- Cluli. H lil!IS. LEON RoNl. ' I. I ' .ox 208 V ' ir ilina. Virginia Miiinr: Auto Mi-i-hanio nI., M,.harn.- Cliil.; Y.M.C.A. Orciintziltmns IHRRIS. RICHARD L. R..III,. 2. Ilox 1611 WVllilrll. Nollh CaroliTKl i;„„„ " ami T.Lm-i. Or iiiniziiliori: Railio Ciuli. II MM. EH .NK K. Rout, ' 2. Box ,182 Rocky Mount, North Carolina l itin: rh iral Educatit.n hiii:i .Social Si-i. ' ro-c KaMralioii Chrh; l., lt.-rrrrciiV Clirli. Orfiitnizitlions: I ' l iiARi ' . i;R(i ek c Rorrtf 1. Hox 139 Elm City, North Carolina Miliar: Elfclrical Erifzini-i-rittg OrfUJiiiziiliiiiis: rt.raii- - ociation; Enjlini ' i ' ririg A -ociation ; National Tcilinical Assorialiorr. HAKVE ' i, M.t.d A. 234 Grccnwoo.l Srr.rl Srotlanil Ni ' ck. North Canilnr Mii iir: Rtisini ' Ns Ailmirri lralio Orgimiziiliiiiis: .M.C.A.; Ilusinoss A. ociatioti. 16 Seniors k.ji HAWKINS. CHARI.KS 440 . College Stm-t Bainhridge. Gror iia Minor: Chemistry rJ;anizati n: ; American Chemical Social v: liil.rnatioiial R.-lation- Cluh: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Y.M.C.A. HAWKI.Nn H0 AKI) LKO.NARl 216 A. York Street Greensboro. North Carolina Major: Social Scirnre Minor: History Orfianiziition-s: Mu i Nu Social Snciely: Kidiar.l B. Harrison Flayer-r; ( rofiraphical So " irt ; Tlu- Progressive Cluh. HAWKINS. OTIS W . 923 .South Main Stnel Loui r.burg. North Carolina Major : Physical Education Minor: History Orfianizalions: Letteniien " Cluh; Physical Kd. Major- Club. H WLEY. NATHEN . " )12 Nei ' -on Street Durham. North Carolina Major : Masonry Orgaiiizntions: Technical In-tilute Club; eleran- Club; 1 .M.C.A. HAtES. FRED 10U2 Pickard Street Greensboro. North Carolina Major: Masonry MEADEN. BENJAMIN E. Route 1. Box 134 Castle Ha ne. North Carolina Major : Plumbing Oruiinizadon: Tecliiiical Institute Club. HEADEN. ETHEL M. Route 3. Box .T PiIt--bc)ro. North Carolina Major: Elementary Education Organizations: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; Frencii ( " lub. HERRING. GALDONI D. 191o Fairfield A enue St. Petersburg. Fhirida Major : Elementary Education ifi aniziUivn:,: Futui ' ' Teacher of America; Zeta Phi Beta Snrorjly , HERRING. ROXIE Route 1. Box 172 (iarland. North Carolina Major: Home Economics HEt GHAN. CHESTER 2313 (Charlotte Street Green- boro. North Carnlina Minor : Applied Socio Ingy Organizations: .M.(!.A.; Clioir. 47 mmmmim Seniors HICKS, CHARLES Routp 5. Box 13 Oxford. North Carolina Major : Carpentpry HILL. GEORCE W. 1147 East Rlh Street Winston-Salem. Nortli Carolina Mnfor : Rrickrna onary (hfiiiniziition : in--tnti-Saleni Club. HINES. LEON McKINLEY Route 2. Box 140 Rocky Mnunt. North Carolina Major: Painting; and lierorating HOI,LV. ALFONZIA Route 1. Box 11-A Merry Hill, North Carolina Major: Auto Mechanics Or iinizaiions: Alpha Phi Omega; Auto Mechanics Club. HOLLEV. RUFllS , " 28 Spruce Street Suffolk. Virginia Major : Horticulture Minor : Floriculture Lsfjuirc Club; New Farmer , of America; Agricultural (trga Associa iitions tinn. Itivtihiti ■tlinns. ■ Club HOOD. ISALAH Route 2. Box .345 Henderson. North (Carolina Major: Auto M ■cbanic Minor: Machine Shop Veteran-- Association ; Auto Mrchani Club; Technical Orsunizaliuns. HOOKS. GEORCE THOMAS Route :i. Box hhO New Hern. North Carolina Mtiior : Business Administration Businrs! Association; Y.M.C.A.; Veterans Club. HORNE. HORACE V. Rnllle 2. Box 187 Rocky Mount, North Carolina Major : Elementary Education Minor : Social Science Or finizations: Y.M.C.A.; Ayamtkk Stall; H ho ' s ffho; Sipma Hho Sigma Honorary Society; Register Staff. HoliPE. CALVIN P. 206 E. Neil Street Goldsboro, North (iartdina Major: Auto Mechanics Veterans Association; Auto Mechanics (ibib. (hniiniziitions HOWIE. RICHARD Rl DOLPH 610 Church Wilmington. North (Carolina Major: French Minor: Social Science ih fionizofion: French 1ub. 48 Seniors HOWARD. ROBERT, JR. 16 Cape Fear ( ourt Strept Fayeltevilie. North (larolina Major: Physical Education Minor : Social Science Organizations: Lettermen ' s Cluh; Officers Cluh; Physical Ed. Majors Club. HOWLETT. ROBERT W. 725 Burn Street New Bern. North Carolina Major: Biological Science Organizations: Geographical Society; Lettermen ' s Club. HOYLE. CETHEL E. 416 Stewart Street Greensboro. North Carolina Major: Social Studies ISLER. JAMES M. Route 1- Box 269 Pnllocksville. North Carolina Major: Radio and Television Organizations: Y.M.C.A.; Radio Club. ISRAEL. JAMES C. Route 2, Box 12 Rowland. North Carolina Ma or : Architectural Engineering Minor : Malhetiiatics Organizations: Omepa Psi Phi Fraternity; Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. IVY. McCLAY H. 619 T Street Roanoke Rapids. North Carolina Major: Social Studies Minor: Sociology JACKSON, WALTER W. Route 3. Box 83 Chapel Hill. North Carolina Vojor : Mathf-niatics Mmnr: (general Science Organizations- Alpha Kappa Mu; Alpha Phi Alpha; Y.M.C.A. JAMES. CARLISE L. Route 2. Box 281 Ahoskie. North Carolina Major: Nursery School Education Organization: Delta Sigma Thela Sorority. JAMES. JOSEPHINE Route 3. Box 162 Ahoskie. North Carolina Major: Home Economics Education Organizations: Fellowship Council; Y.W.C.A.; Home Eckers Club. JAMES. LEKO Route 3. Box 162 Ahoskie, North Carolina Major : Animal Husbandry Minor: General Science Organizations: Y.W.C.A.; Agricultural Association, 49 Seniors ■ v A ' - nciat iiiii : JAMES, SHIRLEY Route 3. Box 162 Ahoskie. Nortli Carolina Major: Oomniprcial Education Organization: : Fiilun- Tt-aclH-r- of Ami-rira; Bus Y.W.C.A.: i Mi.K MafT. JAMIKSON. ARMENTHA K2fi Pr-arson Street GreeiislMiro. ISorth Carolina Major: Elementary Eiluration Minor: Sorial Sludii-s Orgfinizdlions: ' tAX.C.A.: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. JEKFHEIS. MARY EVELYN i ' .ux 19 Miliuji. iNorlh Carolina Major: Commercial EJucation A ' .C.A.; Alpha Kajipa Alpha SororilN ; Junior-.s.iiit.r (hfiani CdUnse zations lors. jzraphic tlli ' lls: llirtli ScK-ifty; ali ,ieffkip:s, j. Koul,. 3. Box 179 Mfliarif. North Carolina Mfi or: Itiolojiical Sricin-c Minor: Clu ' inislry an Cliciniral Snr ' ift : Arnold ir nal So, ' i,.| of s,.j|,|,;,|,| an. I JENKINS. LOUISE R. Konic 1, Box 178 Viillar.l. North Carolina Ma ur: French Minor: Social Science Organizations: Pi Delta Phi Honorary Society; Zeta Phi Beta Sorority; French Club. .KIIINSdN. I10Vi KI E. 7()H (,lenii Street Iturliatii. .North Carolina Major: Physical Education Minor: Hi.story Or fiiini zillions: Veterans .Association; Y.M.C.A.: Physical Eil Majors Cluh. .lOHNSON. LAWRENCE 868 Sprinkle Street Reiilsvilli ' . North Carolina Miiinr: Music MiiKir: Military Science JOHNSON. LORETT. V LEE ' JO South (ieorgia .Avenue Concur. I. North Carolina Miifoi. l:ii..iness Edii.-ation Organizations: Women ' s (.o erntin-nl Coini.ii; Pi Oni.-:;! PI Ihi-ines Fraternity; Business Associatioti. JONES. ANNIE M. Route 2. Box 4U0 W ' llson. N.»rli] Car.-Iina Major: Applied S...ioh.ii;y Minor: Social Sludi.-s Orimnizutions: Delta Siynia Th.ta .Sir..rity: 111 Cluh: lloliln Cluh. JONE.S. CHARLIE T. Rouli- 2. Box 401 N.irth Carolina l ( " r- Auto Al.-.hauii iil.. M..luiiii. Cluh: ' I.Mi:. .: I., hi ttrf;iiiiiziilii it Cluh. .al luslMul. 50 Seniors Organize CIuli. JONES. CHARLIE T. Route 2. Hox 401 W iUon. Nortli (Carolina Miijor: Auto M -clianir M cliani.- Clul.; V.M.CA. Tecluiiial iii-tilutr JONES. EARLINE Route 2. Box 400 Wilson. Nortli Carolina Major: Accountinji Orgnnizntinns: Sigma Rho Sijiina Honiirar Society: D lta Sit:ma Tliela Sorority; Business Association. JONES. HAROLD G. 2001 Lutheran Street (irmislinro. Nortli Carolina Ma)or : Music Minor: History (hgiiniziitions: Hand; Music Ed. National Association. JONES. JAMES 22H Sinuiion-- Street Sanford. Nortli (-laroiina Major : Ma -onry Orgnnizalinns: Masonry Club; Y.M.C.A. JONES. JOHNNY B. Route 1. Box 84 Tryon. North (Carolina Miijiir: Aulii Mechanic- JORDAN. LENTON E. Rniite 4, Box 87 Ahoskie. North ( andina Major: Industrial Arts Minor : General MetaK Organizations: Phi Beta Sigma Fraternitv: Imhi trial Arts Association; VM.C.A.; Pan-Hellenic Council. JORDAN. WILLIAM 824 Tifton Street Norfolk, Virginia Major: Electrical Engineering Minor: Mathematics JOYCE. SARAH M. Route L Box 96 Walnut Cove, North Carolina Major: Home Ectmomics Minor: General Science Orgnuiznlions: L llii -liip Council; Omega Phi Alpha Sorority. KEARNEY. ALBERT Route 4. Box 155 Louisiiurg. North Carolina Major: Radio and Television Organizations: Radio and Television Club; Technical Institute Club. KEARNEY. ALFRED Route 3. Box 162 arrenton. North Carolina Major: Cabinet Making 31 ■IHi ,r hm ' k Seniors KELLY. WORSLEY Route 2. Box 143 Scotland Neck. North Carolina Major: Masonry KEYES, ARTHUR A. 812 Center Avenue Warwick, Virginia Major: Applied Sociology Minor: Social Sciences Organizations: Veterans Association; Y.M.C.A.; Richard B. Harrison Plaver.s; Who Who. KIMBLE. ELOICE CORDELL Route 3. Box 8.S Littleton. North Carolina Major: Commercial Education Organizations: Business Association; Fellowship Council. KINSEY- ERNESTINE 126 Laurel Street Greensboro, North Carolina Major : Commercial Education Organizations: Sigma Rlio Sigma Honorary Society; Y.W.C.A.; ness Association; Pi Omega Pi. Busi- Organization : Physi( LADSON, THEODORE 1512 Willow Road Greensboro. North Carolina Major: Mathematics ■Minor: Physical Education al Ed. Majors Club. LAWRENCE. JAMES HENRY. JR. Route 1, Box 2f)8 Stanley, North (_!arohna Major: Chemistry Minor: Mathematics Organizations: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; American Chemical Society; The French Club. LEA. JERRY 116 S. Obermeyer Street Greensboro, North Carolina Major: Industrial Arts LEE, JAMES FRANKLIN 2427 Sanilers Street Charlotte. North Carolina Major: Business Association Organizations: Alpha Phi Omega; Business Association ; sociation; Geographical Society. Veterans As- LkGETTE. NEAL NATHANIEL. JR. 712 Logan Street Greensboro, North Carolina Major: Fine Arts Minor : History Organizations: Art Circle; Mu Xi Nu Society. LEGETTE, VERDELL ELAINE Route 3, Box ■W Marion. South Carolina Major: Commercial Education iness Association; Fellctwship Council. Organizations: Bu: 52 Seniors Organization , Organizations Organizations Organizations. Council. LINEBERGER. COL NCIL. JR. 4.S9 ViV i 24 - Street Winston-Salem. North Carolina Major: Music Minor: History inston-Saleni Ciub. LITTLE. EDWARD 8-Bob Street Greenville. South Carolina Major: Biological Science .Minor: Chemistry American Chemical Society ; Geographic Society. I OCKE. LAVERNE DELORES Box 33 Zebulon. North Carolina .Major: Physical Education .Minor: Social Science onit-nV Athletic Association; Physical Ed. Majors Club. MAGNtSOHN. PATRICK LAMONT 2001 Hugo Avenue Charleston. South Carolina -Major: Agricultural Engineering .Minor : Mathematics Engineering Association; .NLC.A.; Dormitory Advisory MARABLE. WINFRED WORTH Route 2 Chase City. Virginia -Major: Auto Mechanics Organization : irginia Club. MASSEY. DILLARD THOMAS 807 Third Street Monroe. North Carolina -Major: Radio and Television Organizations: Technical Institute Club; V.M.C.A.: vision Club; S estminster Fellowship Foundation. Radio and Tele Organizations: MARTIN. GRACIE ALTHEA Armstead Avenut- Martins illr-. Virginia .Major: English .Minor: French Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororit : W omen ' s Go%ernment Council: Pi Delta Phi Honorary Societ ; French Club. MARTEN. LEON DE-LLOYD R.F.D. L Box 2U Roanoke Rapids. North Carolina Major: Biological Science Minor: Chemistr ' Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Dramatic Club. Organizations - MASON. WILLIAM DANIEL 640 Darr Avenue Farrell. Penns lvania Major : Chemi?tr Minor: Mathematics Organizations: Student Council P e ident; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Mu i Nu; Men ' s Glee Club. MATTHEWS. CHARLIE HUGH 1121 South Street Durham, North Carolina Major: Industrial Arts Organization: Industrial ..Arts Association. 53 Seniors MATTOCKS. ADWI C. Rouii- 1. I!.. 177 Ma ' ill -. North Carnlina Maim: Mirriir ( Jii-nii-lr lh ! iiizii:i„ns: K.ll r.C: rii..M i, s,„ j.n ; (lft,,,.|. CImI., MA KI,L. milN I). S03 (.loll. ' Mr.,-1 Sanford. North Carolina Major: Radio ami T MAYO. ELI l.iO ' Wi-sl Freema on .Slnt-I Edenlon, North Carolina Major: Fine .Arts Minor: History rt (jiilr; Fiiturt ' Tt-arhi-rs of . nn ' rii ' a: Kiiliaril II. Organizations Harrison I ' laytr ; Ay N ' lKK MalT. MrC.VRTV. l.s.sAC A. Rouii- 1. Box 30-A Coliiniliia. Louisiana lfifor: Soi iul .Scienre Minor: History McCOY. HOBRV RAYMOND Rout.- 2. l!ox 180 New Rem. iNorth Carolina Major: Auto Meehanies Minor: Electricity Orfifinization : . uto Mechanics ( luli. McCOLU M. CENE RAIMDMi 114 Orr .Street Kenicrsiillc. .North Carolina M iinr : rcliitictiiral P ' n iiiecririfi Minor: Mathentatics Ori anization : Eli-iincerili;: -Association McDOlCAL. JAMES ARVIE P. O. Box .S7,J Rowland. North (Carolina Ma or: Radio ajnl Tide i-ion Minor: None Organizations: ' .M.C.A.; Television Chili; et.rans ss, nical Institute Cluh. MiEARl.ANE. CEOKCE HENKIUUES I Ister Spriiifj; Trclawny. Jamaica. B.W.I. Major: .Agriculture Economics Orfniniznlions: I iiternatioiial Rrlalions CUih: .M.C, . MiKENZIE. KARL W. Sinitlnillc Post Office Jamaica. B.W.I. Major: .Aiiiirial Hushandry Minor: Ciheniistry Organizations- American Chemical Societ : American Dairy -Science Association; I iitci iial loiial Kela i- Clidi; VM.C.A- McNEIL. I.ILLIE CAROLYN H06 N. Morris Street Casionia. -North (iarolina Ma or: ( lommereial Education Minor: None Oriianization : Band; I ' lii-incs. s,,ciatioii ; " l-W-C. . at ion: Tech- 54 Senior McNeill, pall evans 702 S. Clinton Street Dunn. North Carolina {a nr: Matheniatit- Minor: (Jhemistn- McRAE. JOHN F. Route 3. Box 288 Reii spring?. North Carolina Major: Mu ic Minor: Hi tor Orgtinizntions: Band: . I.(;.A. MITNALL. Earl Cherr Hill Roa.I Princeton. New Jer t-y Mti or: Mechanical Enginerring Minor: Mathematics Organizations: .M.C.A.: Engineering A? ociati..n; National Technical A»ocialion. MIDGETTE. LYDIA Po t Office Arapahoe. North Carolina Mafor : Elementar Education .Minor: Hi tor - Organizations: Fellowship Council: Future Teachers of America- V.W.C.A. MILLER. JESSE Route 2. Box 8 Rocky Point. North Carolina Major: Math Minor: Chemit try Organizations: American Chemical Society: Math Cluh: Coastal Col- legiate Cluh. MOORE. CHARLIE Route 4. Box I70B Ahoskie. North Carolina Major: History Minor: French Fellow hip Council; French Cluh; Dance Group; Organizations: Ofiiani. Society Organization . MORROW. MIRIAM 1001 Lin.lsay Street Greenshoro. North Carolina Major: Elementary Education Minor: Social Science Mtions: Future Teachers of America: Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary MORTON. RCTH Route 1, Box 35 Nelson, Virginia Major : Elementary Ed ucat ion Minor: Art Fellowship Council. MLRPHV. JOHN R. Route L Box 180 Maysyille. North Caridina Ma or: Radio and Telrvi»ion Organization : Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity, MYRICK. WALLACE 222 Diamond Stret-t Murfreeshoro. North Carolina Major: Business Administration 55 ■■■■IHi Seniors NEAL, TIYETTE 2411 Chariot!. ' Street GreenshoFQ, Norlli Carolina Major: Commercial Education NELSON. PRUNELLA ELIZABETH 129 West 118 Street New York 26. New ork Major: Buf.ines Education Organizations: Omega Phi Alpha Sorority; Business Association; Pi Omega Pi Honor Fraternity. NEWELL. GEORGE E. Route 3. Box 498 Warrenton, North Carolina Major: Auto Mechanic- Orfianizations: Auto Mechanics C!uh; Technical Institute Cluh. NORMAN. SUSIE MAE P. 0. Box 172 Pisgah Forest. North Carolina Major : Conunercial Education Organizations: Omega Phi Alpha Sorority; Fellowship Council; Business Association. OHARA, ERA JEAN 925 Pollock Street New Bern, North Carolina Major: English and French Organizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Pi Delta Phi Honor Society; WonuMiV Government Council. ORMONl), RUBY LUCILLE Post Office Box 115 Maury. North Carolina Major : Commercial Education Organizations: Business Association ; Fellowship Council. OVENTON, BERNARD 121 E. Church Street Edenton. North (Carolina Major : Mechanical Engineering Minor: Mathematics Organizations: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity; Scabhard and Blade; Officers Chih. OWENS, MELVIN Route 1. Box 6 Parker-hurg. North Carolina Organizations: Radio and Television Cluh; Technical institute Club. OWENS. WILIJAM THOMAS Route 2. Box .106 New London. North Carolina Major : Industrial Arts Orgonizatums: Intlustrial Arts Association; Future Teachers of America; Trclmiral lii-Iilut.- Organization; Y.M.C.A. PALMKR. JESSE ALEXANDER 2k) Horiitr Street Il.iulrison. INorth Carolina Major: Social Science Orgiinizdiions: Student Council ; Geographic Society; Arnold Air So- tiety; R.O.T.C. Officers Club. 56 Seniors PANTON. CHARLES A. Long Bay. Post Officf- Jamaica. British X ?t indies Major: Agronomy Organizations: Inlt-rnational Relations Club; American Chemical Society PARKER. ALTER 422 Cullodan Street Suffolk, Virginia Major: Industrial Arts Organizations: Lettermen ' s Club: Y. C.A. PATTERSON, CATHERL E MASHBl RX 216 Folk Stret t Lenoir. North Carolina Major : Elementary Education Organizations: Hobby Club; Geographic Socirty. PATTERSON. ROBERT LEE 210 Horton Mr et Lenoir. North Carolina Major: Agricultural Engineering PATTON, EDWARD A. - ' " " 115 S. Clart-mont Avir-nue W insIon-Salem. North Carolina Major : Business Aihninislralion PAYNE. MO ES Pust Office Box 1006 Apopka. Flurida Major: Industrial Arts Organizations: Scabbard and Blade Society: R.O.T.C. Officer Club: Industrial Arts Association. PEACE. JEAN 122 Canal Street Fairmont, North Carolina Major: Biological Scirnce Minor: Cht-mi-try Organizations: Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Socit-t ; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society; Woman ' s (iu ernmfnt Council. PEACE. ROBERT Route 2. Box 338 Oxford. North Carolina Major: Auto Mechanics Organization : -M.C.A. Organi. PEACOCK. ROSA MARIE 900-B Carver Mill Gold .boro. North Carolina Major: Applied Sociology Geographic Society. PEOPLES. CLARENCE E. 1501 North L nderwood Avenue Winston-Salent North Carolina Major : Electrical Engineer Organizations: Student Council: Alpha Phi Alpha Kappa Chi Honor Society. Frate Beta Seniors Orgariizatinns Cnuncil. I ' hi PERKINS. JOHN Route ft Sali bury. Nortli Carnliiia Mtijin: Radio ami ' l " il( i-.iiin l;,-la Si-iiia KralriiiilM V Li:. .; I ' aii-il.llrinr PETER.SON. I1,I.IAM ft.H We i 44ili SiriTi Sa annali. (w-(ir;:ia lii)„r: liiolo v Organizations: Alpha I ' hi Alpha Fraln iiil : Mplia Kapjia Mu; l " la Kappa Chi: Sijiina Rho Sigma Hoinirar urici . I ' KI riFORI). CHARLES Roui.- .i Chapel Hill. North Carolina Mtiior: Electric Wirini; anil Motor Repair fhi nnizatlon : Trcimical hi-tilute i. u t. ricKE.NS. ce(iri;e 1.110 Cray Street ( ;i-eeiisl)oro. Nurtli Carolina Mii or: Industrial rt-. Orgnnization: Mu i . u Social Society. PILLOT, I ' EDRO San Ant.ui No. I(« Ponee. Puerto Piieo Miifor: Business Administration llrganizalions: ' l rei;;n Students Club; International Relations Cluh Veterans Association: .M.C.. . POPE. CLARENfiE 202 Center Street l.aurinhurg. North (!arolina Major: Elementary Edmalioii nrgiiniziitiiin: Mu i Nu Soi-ial Society. PRESTON. El ' CENE H. 1210 Ea-t .ir.l iiiston-Saleiu. North Caiolina Ma cr: Electrical Enjiineerins! ■ii-j l i Phi Frati ' rnity: Engineering As (lti;iiiiiz rjud.l (hganiz -s; I ' I.I l:i hi I PRINCI.E. JAMES Itit White Horse Pike l.awnside. New Jersey Mainr: nimal Hushandr ila s,i " iiia Fraternity; A; rieulliiral vsi,riatioii : PRIOR. IXlKlllin NN t:hesler. Virginia Major: Sociology Orlinnizaliims: Women ' - C.nernnienl Coiiiuil: VW.C.V.: Internatio Relations Cluh: Virginia I. lid.. RAEFORI). EMMA JEAN Rout.- 2. liox 84 Sanforil. N. C. Major: ( !oniniercial E.lueati..ii linur: Non.- nr.a,„za„ons: liusin.-.- A lation: l. -CX,: il..l.h hil.. 58 Seniors RAGLANU. ELLIS Route 1. Box 62 Oxford. North Carolina Mn or : Agricullurr Engint-i-ritifi Minor: Malheniatic: Orgtiniztifions: Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Social ; Rfta Kappa Chi So- rit ' l) : Mrn " Domiitorv (.[oumil. RAM E . E ERETT Rout.- 2. R..X 30.S (Mf elani!. Nortli Carolina Major: Auto Mechanic? Auto Mt-chanic Cluh: Y.M.C.A. Organizations RANDALL. CARL 295 E. Street Macon. Georgia Major: General Science Minor: Histor . Social Science Organizations: Coll - f Choir: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. RAY. LOUS 8 Gran ille Trrrace Raleifih. North Carolina Major: Auto Mechanics Organizations: Mechanic: Cluh; elerans Club; Y.M.C.A. REESE. RLTH MAE Lincoln Park Adder. North Carolina Major: Chemii tr ' Minor: Biological Science Organizations: IVIla Sigma Thda Snrorit : Fellowship Council. RICE. DANIEL WEBSTER Mrhane. North Carolina Major : Ma onr Oriianizatiiin : Ma-onrv Club RICHARDSON. EVELYN BLONDEAN 1176 Arldison Avenue in tun-Sab-ni. North Carolina Major: EIenientar Education Minor: Social Science RITTER. MARJORIE PEARLINE Rout.- 1. Box 32 Carthage. Nnrth Carolina Major: Elementary Educatinn Minor: Studies Organizations: Women ' s Government (Council; Alpha Kappa Alpha Soror- U : Richard B. Har ii on Plavers. ROBINSON. ARON. JR. RoutH 1 Garland. North Carolina Major: Historv " Minor: Sociology ' Organizations: Y.M.C.A.: National Geographic Society. 59 mm Seniors Organizulio ROBINSON, LAWRENCE H. Route 1, Box 47 Marj-ton. North Carolina .Major : KngVish Minor : Hl ' tory Internaliunal Relations Club. RODGES, LINWOOD EARL Route 3. Box 181 Golti-ljoro. North Carolina Mu or: Mechanical Engineering Minor: Mathematics Organizations: Engineering Association; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard aiitl Bladt- Society. RORIE, HAKVEV LEE 1814 N.E. Locust Avenue Winston-Salem, North Carolina Major : Business Administration Minor: English Business Association; Veterans Association; Wins.ton- Organizations Salem Ciuh. Orgiiniziiiions: ROSS. HOLLIS CARVER 419 Nicholson Street VI illiam burg, Virginia Major : Biology Minor : Cliemistry Kappa Alpha V Fraternity; Veterans Association; American iliemical Society. ROSS. LUMMIE 823 South A. Stre et Charlotte, North Carolina Major : Accounting ' ga Phi Alpha .Sorority; Y.W.C.A. ROUSE. ANNIE DORIS Route 1, Box 276 LaCrange, North Carolina Major: Social Science Minor : French Organizations: Omega Phi Alpha Sorority; French (_!lub; Wo letic Association. Organizations: Society. Geographic Ath- Organizations: Alpb. Club: Y.M.C.A. ROUSE. PAUL MURPHY 464 Coleman Street l,a(irange. North Carolina Major: General Science Plii Onw a P ' rattrnity : International Relations ROl sSLAl . MATTHEW H. Route 2. Bi»x 188 Wilkeshoro. North Ciarolina Major: Biological Science Minor: Science ROWE. JAMES P. Route 2. Box 226 Slantonsburg. North Carolina Major : Masonry Organizations: Technical Institute Chih; Masonry (4ult; .M.C.A. RUE. ALONZO JAMES. JR. .326 West Pine Street (loldsboni. North (Carolina .Major: Architectural Engineering Minor: Malhemalics Organizations: Engineering Association; Arnold Air Society: National Society of Scabbard and Blade. 60 Seniors RIMLEV. RICHARD E. 249 East Hampton Street Spartanburg. North Carolina Ma for: Pre-Denti tn ' Iinor: Chemistry Organizations: Kappa Alpha Pi i Fraternity; R.O.T.C. Officpfs Cluh. RLSTIN. KEITH WINSTON 35 East 9 Milp Road Richmond. irginia Major: History Minor: Physical Ed. Organizations: Lettermen ' s Club; Virginia Club. SADDLER. MARTIN LITHER 43 Young Street Concord. North Carolina Major: Radio and Television Organization: Radio Club. SANDERS. AZEI.L 1440 South 4flth Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ma for : Industrial Art Education Organization: Scabbard and Blade. SAVNDERS. SHIRLEY DAVID 1.301 Norfolk Road Suffolk. irginia Major: Radio and Television Organizations: Veterans Association; Radio and TeleMsion Club. 5AYLES. VERA REBECCA 428 Byrd Street Greenwood. South Carolina Major: Commercial Education Organizations: Business . ssociation; . .C.A. SCALES. JAMES H. Route 5. Box 594 Greensboro, North Carolina SCARBOROIGH. ROSA LEE .509 Harnett Street Wilmington. North Carolina Major: Social Science Minor: English SCOTT. MARGIE GLORIA 801 Cedar Street Greensboro. North Carolina Major: Clothing and Textiles Minor : Chemistry Organizations: Delta Sigma Theta .Sorority; American Chemical Society; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. SEARCY. MAGGIE CATHERINE Route 2. Box 86 Kernersville. North Carolina Major : Mathrmatic- Minor: French Organizations: French Cluh; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority; Pi Delta Phi Honor Society; Y.W.C.A. 61 Seniors Or iirnziitiitns CIuIj. Or iiiiiziilitins Clul.. SHOFKNER. MERNICE K.Hiir I, Box 158 ( irrrii ' .hnrri. Nnrtli Carolina Mil I IT : In-litiitional Mana enit-nt Minur : ( iiiifral Srii-ni c lnl.Tnali..iial HrlatK.n- Clul.: ' l.W.C. .: Il ..n. i:. k.r 11 . I MES Knlllr .. liox 204 Kf ' iih. Norlli Carolina Miiliii Aulo Mcrlianics Aiilo M.tIkiiu.- CInI.: V.M.C.A.; hisiiiui ly: .W.C.A.: iMiliir. SHEITON. NANNIE MAE Roui.- 4. Box 98 Martins illr. Virjiinia Major : Elenu ' ntary Eilutatiin Minor: Art Organizations: Virjiinia Cliili; ( Ini rapliif ' Teachers of America. SHEPARI), ARCHIE Rome 1. Box 265 Trenloii. North ( Carolina Ma or : Soeiolo iy Minor: Soeiai Science Orfiiinizatnins: Jones (iotlilty Cluh: Veteran i ' . i SHIPMAN. RAYMOND 415 MiirchiMMi Roa.l Fayetteville. North Carolina Major : I in hi--;! rial ArK Minor : Military Science Organization : National Society nf Si ahhanl ari ' l Blaih-. SILER, SAMUEL Route 2. Box 9 Snow Camp. Nortli Carolina Major: Radio ami Television Orgiinizalions: National Scahhanl an. I I ' Uuli- Society; Y.M.C.A. SIMONS. SAMUEL 55 (!re-;cent Street Asheville. North Carolina Major: Business Ailniinistral ion Minor : Account injz Organizatinn : Onir a I --i Phi P ' raternity; Busin(-.s Association. SMITH. PERKINS V. Ilhiniori Siivr ' i A-li Ml|r. N .rlli Carolina Mti iir : Erifilish Milan : History Orgiinizafiiois: I ' sh.T Hoar l : Krgislrr Stall: hil.-rnat lonal Relation- Cluh. SMITH. COR|)El.l HHl ' I ' liMUKi- Strert Alheniarle, Norlli (Carolina Major: Conunercial Educatitm Organizations: Business Association ; Fellowship Council. SMITH. CHARLES Knnle 2. Box 225 ( liarJhonrn. North Carolina Miijiir : Business Education Minor: Mathematics 62 Seniors SMITH. GKAinS 2225 Douglas Street lliarlottt ' . North (Carolina Major : (Idtiiiiiercial Education i i liiiniziittiius: ( [iii-i;a Plii Alplia: Business CIul). SMITH. JOHN A. Post Office Box 481 Creensljoro, North Carolina Major: Industrial Arts (hfianiziitions: Kho Sjiitiia. Hu SMITH. JONAH 321 South 7 Street Sniilhfieltl, North Carolina Ma or : Business Administration Minor : Accounting nf Club; .M.C.A.; Veterans Assorialion; Sigma SPEIGHT. JAMES THOMAS. JR. 912 Willow Road tireensboro. Norlli Carolina Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity; Rcfiisler Staff; Ai ' tf.e Organizations: Staff; Army R.O.T.C. SOlTHERLAM). MARY Route 1. Box 221 Magnolia. North Carolina Major : French Minor : English Organizations: Pi Delta Hnnor Society; French Ciuh; FeliowsJiip Cnun- ril: Y.W.C.A. Snl IRE. fran(.;es Marihej. North Carolina Major : Elementary Education Minor: Social Science OrganizalioHf.: Fellowship Council ; Geographical Society. STALLINGS. ROLAND Route 2. Box 234 Chincfuapin. North Carolina Major : Accounting Organizations: Sigma Rho Si ina; Business Associati( Associations; Y.M.C.A. Vete OrganiZfilii STATON. JOHN Route 2. Box 218 Halifax. North Carolina Major: Industrial Art- 1 tidu-trial Education A vnriation ; I.M.C.A. STOWE. JOSEPH 225 Lytle Street Reidsville. North Carolina Major: Industrial Arts Organization : Industrial Arts Association STEPHENS. ROBERT 1410 Underwood Avenue Winsion-Saleni. North Carolina Major : History Minor: Sticiology Organizations: inston-Salem Club; Y.M.C.A.; Gcograpbic Society. 63 Seniors Organization: Alphi STEWART. HARVEY 92.S MooHy Road Greensboro. North Carolina Maj r: Physical Eduration Minor: Military Science Phi Alpha Fraternity. STEWART, JAMES P. O. Box 346 Wliitscit. North Carolina Major : I3u-;iness Adniinistralion Minor : Economics (h anizatwn: Business Association. STEWART. VISTA 1719 Epp Street iirunswick. Georgia Major: Tailoring Organizations: Tailoring Club; Richard B. Harrison Players. STEWART. WALKER. JR. 802 Ninth Avenue East Badenton, Florida Deceased — April 19, 1957 STEELE. JOHN W. nS Treniont Street Thomasville. North Carolina Major: Business Administration Organizations: Bu -iness Club; Y.M.C.A.; Veterans Association. STEELE. NORMAN Route 2. Box 273 Clarkston, North Carolina Major: Auto Mechanic Organizations: Auto Mechanirv Clul»; Y.M.C.A. STOKES. FRANKLIN Post Office Box 18 Sanford. North Carolina .Major: Electrical Engineering Minor: Mathematics Organizntiiins: Engineering Assnciation. Richar l B. Harri- on Players. STREATER, THEODORA Route 2, Box 490 Wadpshoro, North Carolina Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Organization : Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. STRICKLAND, CHARLES Post Office Br.x 434 Wendell, North (iaroiina Major: Radio and T -h ' visi in Organizations: Radio and Tclcvi- ioti ( liib; Tic hiiical Institute ' Club. 64 Seniors SI GCS. DAVID Route 1. Box 308-B Snow Hill. North Carolina Major: Masonry SUGGS. DOUGLAS EARL Route 3. Box 259 Ayden. North Carolina Major: Auto Mechanics SUMMERS. CHARLES 406 Beech Street Green=.boro. North Carolina Major: Electrical Engineering Minor: Malhematic- Organizations: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity: Kappa Phi Kappa Fore enic Society; .Arnold Air Society: R.O.T.C. Officer- Club. SITTON. WILLIAM Route 1 .Arapahoe. North Carolina Major : Phy:?ical Education Minor: Social Science Organizations: Y.M.C.A.: Physical Ed. Majors Club. TALBERT. P l 1 102 Lincoln A enue Lexington. North Carolina -= -- Major: Biological Science Minor : Chenii-Ir Organization . LetternienV Club. TWLOR. LV1 P. 0. Box 3034 Fayetteville. North Carolina Major : Mathematics Minor: Air Science Organizations: Alpha Kappa Mu Honorary Society: Kappa Alpha P?: Fraternity : Arnold Air Society: Pan-Hellenic f iuncil. TAYLOR. CAMILLA C. 818 South Steel Street Sanford. North Carolina Major : Music Minor : History Organizations: Omega P i Phi Fraternitv; American Geographic Society TAYLOR. CURTIS P. 0. Box 4.S6 hitaker. North Carolina Major: Business Administration Minor: Social Science Organizations: Business Association: Veterans Club. TAYLOR. FREDERICK P. O. Box 226 Maysville, North Carolina Major: Physical Education Minor: .Social Science Organizations: Lettermen ' s Club: Y.M.C.A.: Jones County (iluh. TAYLOR. GARLAND 601 White Street Elizabeth City. North Carolina Major: Masonry . finor: Industrial Arts Organizations: Industrial Arts Club: Masonrj ' Club: Technical Institute Club: Y.M.C.A. 65 Seniors THOMAS. LETTIE MAE Knurr X Box .S18 l a--- it. ' ir iiii;i Miiliu ( !uniriirrrial Kilurdiicii .-- --iiri;iiinn: E ' llow-hip Cuum il; ( .i(ij;rdpliii Organizaiinns: llu ' -iii Society. IHdMl ' soN. ALICE KITH Route 4, Box 54 l.unilit-rton. North Carolina Mn nr : Krcncli MintT : History Orgiinizfitinn , Knui li ( ;liili. THORMIILI.. I KI() KDVIHE 717 Mroai! Avptiiir ( ir -iii--|)or i. North Carolina Mii iir : Hiisini ' ss Eihiralinn Orgitnizations: [ i Onirga Ti Honorary Srn irt ; l|iha Kappa Alpha Sorority; Hu ' ines Association. THREATT. DORA MAE 130 W.-t M.Collnii h Str.-rr Greenshiiro. North (Carolina Mnjiir: (Jonmiercial Education Organiziitinns,: »-ta I ' lii Beta Sorority; Omega Phi Alpha Sorority. TILLMAN. FRANCES ELIZABETH Hollum Hike Street WaHeshoro. North Carolina Major: onimerrial EHucalion Orgiinizfitiuns: P ' rllouship ( Inuncil; Y.W.C.A.: Bu- ' int- s A ' -sociatioii. TURNER. CHARLES FR NKLI[M Route 4. Box 143 Statcsville. North flarolina Uiiiir: Railio ami Television Orguniznliitn: Ha ' lio ami Trh i ' -ion (!ltih. TLICKER. SAMUEL LEE 372 I- ixie Broadway Street Winston-Salem. North Carolina Major: Biological Science Organizatiiins: Alpha Phi Alpfia Fraternity; Sigma Rho Sigma Hoimr Society; U Im ' s ft ho in -iinrriti fi ( oUcges and Universities. VALENTINE. EDITH LILLIE Post Office Box Hi Due West. South Carolina Major: History )liiii r : Fri-nch Organizations Fiitiir. Tra.h.i- .f iinri.a: VW.C.A.; (.foi:rapliicaI Society; l-riiicli (_ilulj. VINES. (AHL W. 2nr).A Cillespie Street Creen-l)orr , Norlli Carolina Mo uf Bii-irn-s tlniiniv|ialiori VINES. I! H(H.D C HI TON KW. " -. Crut-r Slrrrt Earnu ilh-. North ( laioiina Majoi : Applied Sociology Minor: Social Science Organization ' ,- Cco(:ra| ' liic Socirly; ' .M.C.A.; FcIImusImp Cmin. il. Of) Seniors kTk WAHK. FRANK BERNARD Houir 2. Box 262 Wiimin lon. Norlh ( Carolina Mfi or: Vocational ln !u-lrial E.luration Minor : In lu trial E ' liicatioii Or aniziiiions: .M.{ ' .. .: Imlu ' irial Arts Association. WALL. WARD BEECHER Route 4. Box 124 Rorkin :liani, North (Carolina Miijor : Music Minor : History (h iiniznlion : Vr-lcraris riuli. WALLACE. ERNEST HOWARD Route 2. Box 10-A X ' illianislHirg, Jrjiinia Major : Bu inrss Administration Minor : Mathematics Orgnniztitions: Y.M.C.A.; Business Association. WALLA(.:E. ROLAND THOMAS Route 2. Box 2284 illiamshurg. Virjiinia Miijor : Business Administration Orgatiizotions: Business Association: (Geographic Society; Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. WATKINS. JAMESENA D. L503 Gorrell Street Greensboro. Nortii Carolina Ma}or: Secretarial Science WEBB. jOSEI ' H Route I. Box 21-C Bnjton. North (Carolina Major: Ratlio and Television Organizufions: Coa-tal Colh- iate Club; Veterans Club; Radio and Tele- vi ion Club. WHITE. FRED OTIS K.tutc 1. Box 12 Ji ni- ilh-. North ( Carolina Major : Industrial Arts Organization : lndu--trial Art Association. WHITE. Mc:DONALD RoutM 1. Box A 116 Murfree .boro. North (.Carolina Major: Agronomy Organizations: Agricultural Association; New Farmers of America . LC.A. WILEY. ALBERT lani NAV. 137th Street OpaLo ka. Florida Major : Autf) Mechanics Minor: Bofly and Tender Organization : Auto Mechanic-- (.!lub. WILLIAMS. WINNIE McNEH.L Route 1. Box 264 Clayton. North Carolina Major: Elementary Education Mi nor: Social .Science Organization : Fellow- hip Council 67 Seniors WILLIAM. IH)IM;LAS 10f» HilUhorn Slrcpt Rdxliuro. ortli ( aroliiid Mitjor : Masonry Ofgiiiiiziititm : t ' icraris ( iluli. WILLIS. CHARLES AARON 1001 Rockingham Street Nc.rfoik 6. Virginia Major: Animal Hu l»andry Minor: Crfneral Srienrt- Organizations: Agricullural Association; Ncu Farmer ol America; Y.NLC.A.; American Chemical Society. WILSON, jamp:s knovie P. O. Box 293 Timmonsville. South Carolina Major: Agronomy Minor: Soils Organizations: Agricullural A- - nciatinn : New Farmers of America : Y.M.C.A.: 4H Club. WILE . WILLAKI) M. 1002 Firhard Street Greenshoro. North (!arolina Major: Radio an l Telex i-.ion Organization . Radio and Television Club. WITHERS. JAMES CARNELL H..ute I, Box hi Ruffin. Niirtli Carolina Major: Auto Mechanics Organization: Auto Mechanics Club. WITHERSPOON. FRANK P. O. Box 455 North Wilkesboro. North Carolina Major : Biology Minor : Chemistry Organization : Veterans Association WOODS. GENE KENNETH East Market Street Greensboro. North Carolina Major: Masonry WOOTEN, OSCAR 513 South Warren Street Wilson, North Carolina Major: Cabinetmaking WRI(;HT. JAMES DOUGLAS 703 Harrison Street Reids ille. North Carolina Major: Radio and Television Organization: Radio and Tclevi-iion Club. • YOLNG, DONALD BLKRElX 602 Mock Street Winston-Salem. North Carolina Organizations: I.ettermen ' s Club: Mu Xi Nu; Geographic Society. 68 Seniors YOUNG- JOHNNIE 804 Bellaire Street ( recn boro. North (Carolina Major: Auto Meclianics Minor: Welding ZEICLKR. JOHN 71.S Easi 6th Slrr.i Charlotte. Nnrth Carolina Ma for : Bw-iuf AJniini Iralioii Minor : Acfounlin Organizations: Rappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; Business Association; Alpi Kappa Mu Hunorary Society; Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary Soiiel . BROADHURST, KENNON E. 604 Julian Street (Freenshoro. North Carolina Major: (Chemistry Minor: Mathematics Organization: AnuTican ( ' hemiral Society. COINS. ARMENTIOUS 112 Raleigh Street Greensboro, North Carolina Major: Masonry With mixed emotions of sadness and gladne-.- commencement. prospective graduate- mo « ' in the traditional Mtu- towariU the Collect- (Quadrangle for 69 Junior VAass Oft iters Tlic clcclcd Iciilri- ,.| ill. JuMii.i t:ia-- wrir. Imin i-Si t.i riglil: u liM I). I,aiii . Ii.. Stuilrril ri-|iicM-alative; Joliii Mack. l)Usiness manager; ll..lili Nlncuf. presidf-nl; Alt-xaiiclrr (.arilin-j. Mmlc-iil Cdurn il i( ' preseiilali e. SoplKuiHue (liciss Off iters Those whij licadeci the .So|]|iiininre Class ucre. IriMii lelL lu liglil: Juliii II. I ' iiiiicN. ifpoilei ; IVarl (luiiiiiiigliain. repcirter: Caswell Powell, vice-president: Waller McAllister. .Student Council representative: John Miller, president: Munteiiia Crawley, assistant secretar : Barbara Hurts, Student Council representative; and Malile Simons, treasurer. Fresh nitin Olass Officers A giant griiup uf entering students soon banded theniseUes inlip a lli iiinkniu ' U j:anizatiiin uilli tlie aid of these fine (iHieers. They were, sealed: Henr Burrell. Curtis Reeves. Roosevelt Lawrence, presidejit: Sadie Wilson and Nellie Standfield. Standing are: Mar Hodge. Hinston Richardson, Fredia Moore. Allen Coins and Ethel Smith. HOLLAND ILALL — Home of freshman girls. probahK the most popular spot on the campus. k— 6 ft fi fiAfi fi 6 I la 2 6 i ft ft I ' a.. 1 tm 1 i h %• iH ' . ' ■t Activities CITED— Marjie Scott " Makes " Major Manin Chalmers is " Cadet of Month " " Angel Street. " a Harrison production, was a " hit. " Louis " .Satehnio " Armstrong (Monies to tlie Campu;. ' Into llie W il,l Blue louder. . . . " Sing! Men. Sing! HtlMEClXMI-NtT— Damp. Di-mal and Ui-a,trous IIm ' niiy K.OT.C. hi I u- Ca.l.-t llaltalic.n SialT i nui-.v W 11.1.1 M " . Li. Ci.I., 1 .S., . I ' rolf ' SMir ol Militiit) Siifixi ' aiiil Tactics Army h.O.T.O. " LtKik Sharp. Be Sharp, ami Act the Part " — The iiiciltd cif the Army H.O.T.C. rftli-il thi- Iraiiiing nf each cadet. One of many sucli rm installa- liuiis in colleges llnniigliDUt the I niled States, the H.O.T.C program affords each mali ' stnderit the uppurtuiiit to enter the Ainu as a commissioned (iHicer npon completion of lonr ear.s (»f training and one session ol snnnner camp. Scrntirnnis in its selection, th iigli in its instruc- tion, the unit here at llie i oilege geared its early training ageiula louanl connnissioning »ell-drilled. i|ualified imli iduals. I.ii ' ulenani (M)lonel Aulirey L. Williams, the presi ' ut I ' MSiT. hegan his tenure in I ' ). " ). " ). Kille Team 111,- 1)1,11 T.:n Kcfialia 111.- Air Force ROT lii-imclionai Siaft THtuDuHL Wilson, Maj.. L ' .S.A.F. Professor of Air Science The Group Staff Air Forte UIJ.V,. rill- »iiigeil slai oil till- llnlll(l,■ , [ lli,- A.F.R.O.T.C. cadet symbolizes his uiliiiiale goal — to lieioine a pilot ill the wiirhts greatest Air Force. The Air Force R.O.T.C. program stresses quaiifi- calioii ami aliilit . I luler the ilire( lion nf Majnr Theodore A. Wilson and liighK trained stall, these aims are accomplished. The Model .Aircraft Cluli Air l ' .,licp cind BIcule riir (:()KI ' sr KF ■ lup lira " - rompri r tlir Corp Staff of ilu- joint Army and Air FoiLf R.O.T.C. unit at the rollcge. The nu ' ii who ocoupifd llifse lii li posts intluiied: Charles (.a in. James Pringle. Walter Jackson. Corps conunaruier: Spurgeon Kitls aiul Jaiiif DillarLl. The Natiuiuil Soc iel nf aiul Blatlt- is a mili- tai limioi s. Mirl . It is ruiiipusrd of llnjsc advaticfil aitiiN arnl air cadit-- who tiiaiiitairi high scliulastic aver- ages and in di-iiH Hist rate outstanding inilitar pr(j- hiiencv. The so(iet uas ft.unded in U)04 and tin- unit at A. ii T.. II C ' )iii|)an . HUh Kegiment. was organized in Jannarv l ' r 2. The onmiander was ( adet ( ' .a|)tain Moses Paviie. The National Soi-iely of Scaldmril ami Blaile im-ludt-d lho--f cad ' -ls uhn had madr oni-Undiiii: m nrds in the two R.O.T.C. unit- Here are the men who compo- ed thr organization in 1956-57. AKMiLli AIR SOCIETY r)EBATING TEAM Arnold Air Soiietv The rnolH Air Soriet ' riiH itself prnuH « illi one of the finest debating groups. The unit participated in debates with Kappa Pi Kappa and competed with other A.F.R.O.T.C. units about the countr). Plans were being made for the annual trek to the I niversitv of Pittsburgh where the unit made an outstanding record last vear. The team was coached by Capt. J. W . Moselev. The Arnold Air Society was an Air Force R.O.T.C. honor societv for advanced cadets who maintained high academic ratings and demonstrated outstanding military proficienc . The A. i T. chapter was headed h Cadet Capt. Charles Gibson. MKMBEKS OF THE IM KSHIN ; RIFl-ES: Left (» umI " . icn-: Lmld ( .li-ailiam. Ku Farriiit;lun. I ' aul MiCuire; sfarnluig arc: M Kinltv Thoiiia-. ami .lanu- I tr-.on. Pershiiiji l itles GUIDED MISSI.F. STAFF; Tin- Cunlnl 1 n.s r «a- ||ir,l , aclvaiiieil A.F.K.(I,T.{ :. ra.l.-l . Berlin 111 l ' ):). " ! un.l.T llif pllLilancr of Major TllPOtlorc . ft il-c.ii. tlic ' iiap.r i- i m:. n iir.l uilli .I.M-liipni.nts in avialion. on ill. ' cainpii- an.i in llw ii, , Officers Club Army QiK ns To tlip irtors . . . Paul McGuire arrept- tlir- trophy in liehalf nf the Army R.O.T.C. given for the winninj: Roal at tlir lionn-- coming celehration from President Gihb . A ■■ " m V r w m M j i ■ . " W |H rv Li F te 1 » " H 1 V ■ ' M H " y l ml i, ■i W bl yy mmmmtmmmm The Stiiclent Coiintil TliP ronferencp table is rprognizeH almost universally as I he plarf for niakinji inlelligenl Hpci ion . ArounH our ronference table considering mat- ters of importance to tbe siudt-nt body, sal tbe Stuflent Council. ( .nntrar to the popular belief tbal tbr Siiiili-iit Council exists for the sole purpose of attacking administrative ac- tions, our Council arlually assi-itcH ibe Adniinisiration by performing very im- portant services for students. The Stu- dent Council administertd the stufb nl activity fund, sehedulrd social activities, fostered ■student leatlrrsbip, and repre- sented the student bodv in all i nlle;;e programs and activities. Uflicers nf the Council uere William I ). Mason. Jr.. presidentr Clarence Peoples, vice-pres ident; Austin D. Lane, Jr.. secretary: and Waller McAllister, hea iirer. I 80 WOMEN ' S GOVERNMENT COINCIL The omen " Government Council was founded at the college in Septem- ber. 1955. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for self-discipline, soc ' al growth, and experiences in self-govern- ment for the women students of the college. The officers were : Jeanne 0 " Hara. President; Dora Threatt. Sec- retarv ' : Gretchen ann. Assistant Sec- retar ' ; Tomiesene Mason. Treasurer. SOPHOMORE COl NCIL The Sophomore Council, one of sev- eral student organizations working in co-operation with women personnel, did an outstanding job during the year. One of its principal projects was work with entering freshmen girls in help- ing them become adjusted to their new ■surroundings, . " acrifiring a part of their vacations, they returned early for Freshman Orientation and did an excel- lent job. The officers of the group, included: Bertha Owens. hairman; Barbara Hill, secretary; Alice Sessoms. reporter and Esterline Smith, social reporter. THE MENS DORMITORY ADVISORY COLNCIL The Men " Dormitory Advisorv ' Council, organized in 1955. is an outgrowth of the old Scott Hall Senate which had it beginning back in 1952. With the addition of a new men ' s residence hall, the change wa- imperative. Aimed at giving the men self- governing opportunities in their li ing (juartrrs. the organization did much to cultivate a fine " esprit de corp - " among the men and maintain a wholesome rela- tionship all around. Officers included: Eili E. Ragland President Samuel L. Tucker ice-Pre-ident Austin D. Lane. Jr. Secretary Johnnie Jordan Treasurer Ro - Farrington Parliamentarian Jirnmie I. Barber Ad isor % .— ' ■ f wmum Publiiations V X HONOR ROLL LISTS 332 STUDENTS Aiho and G.ifdn. " A - . - ; .. -. «, c, j . i_ « ' v zi: i a — , _. Leon Dixon Editor-in-Chief The Reijister ■■Till- Cream of Cnllpge News " J ' , li{ . 1.. M. NUnKiiw Fariilt} Aiivisor Arthur A. Kkves Business Manager I k a:- Tin- liip laff nieinl)er iif the A. I " . Ki-iiister iIu■l .lell: senleil. Inml row: lioliljy L. Moore, assoriale eililor; Anna Patterson, reporter; Daviil Price, reporter; James T. Speight, jr., news eilitur; center row: Patricic L. Magnusohn, art eiiitor; George Alston, reporter; back row: Milton Martin, circulation manager; Handing, lejt to right: Horace V. Home, advertising manager; and William Chatman. Lk )N DlM ' N M) .| MI. r. Sl ' l.ll.Hl Assistant Editor-in-t.hiejs A y a n t e e Ai! 1 in If MUM.w Ki. i. K,liliir-ln- hict Staff (_.. I). Ft I Mi H. liu-. Assoriatr Editors 84 Rta TYPING STAFF: Mi -r-. F .|yii lla-kni. Tlu-lma Fox. and Yvonne Clawson (s-fah-ill and standing; are: Misses Dorothy Pryor, Shirley James and Austin Lane. ART EIMTORS: Eli Mayo and Patrick Ma-iui Bobby L. Mnoiu. Litenir Edilur BUSINESS STAFF: George Manning. Charles Alston, assistant business manager; Spencer Lee. Eugene Preston, and Horace V, Home, business PHOTOGRAPHERS: Johnny Ciooding. anil Leon Hine . i mMPii The Oollejie Rand rill- famous 1211-piece A. T. Ciillt ' i;f Marching Hand was IruU tlie pride and jii of Aggieland. During tlif xear it rTiainlaincd its liigli rating ami drew inori- tlian ui(linar atlcntion. Tlie griiu|i was also in di-iiuiiid iiir nicire oul-uf-town appearances than ever hcfiire in its lung liist(ir . Mr. Walter Carlson directed the group along with the assistant. Mr. R. II. L. Jones. Mii. Hii H Mill Jones Mr. ;dter F. ( arUoii ainl rTiii.iiiiin l i . .Iruiti majui. rh ' i k iHih-. itrfore llu- {iraiiil rtilianir. Colleiie Choir The A. T. College Choir reached a new plane of excel- lence during the year. Almost everybody knew that it was the hardest working outfit on the campus, but all of those hours of practice developed the organization into the finest the college has ever had. The group served the college well, both at home and awa . It had just completed its annual tour of the Atlantic Seaboard as this issue went to press. , - - How HU T. Plans LL Direrlor The group was directed by Mr. Howard T. Pearsall. chairman of the Music Department. Mrs. Rosemond S. Lawson was accompanist. Drcimcitiis rill ' Kirliaiil I!. Ilaiiisuii l ' la ci . uiidrr llir iliicrlicm of Sylvester F. Clarke, anil Jnliii M. Stevenson. Assistant Director, has been quite active this year. The main F " all production was " The Heiress " by Ruth and Augustus Goetz. The top Winter jjroduction was " Angel Street " In Patrick llaiiiillon. The Spring Quarter plans called for a more cntcrlaiiiing season than e er. The officers were as follows: President, Henry B. Lane; Vice-President. ,|une A. . niitlie; Secretary. Louise M. Smithe; Corresponding Secretary. fVlicia RIack: Ernest Miller. Parliamentarian ; Arthur . Kc es. Treasurer, and C. Perkins Smith, lieporter. Who S WIlO In Impr ran {InUe va iiml IhmvvHit ' ws Students wlm had distiiiguislicd llicinselves li leader- ship, outstanding achievement and in exenipHfying the highest ideals of the college were nominated to the select. " Who ' s Who in American Colleges and I niversities. " Among those who were elected for the high h(.inor. in- cluded. fr.pHi left to right, front row: Ellis Ragland. Jeanne J. Peace. Ruth S. Felton. Margie Scott. Jeanne O ' Hara. Jose])h!ne Currxe. Evelyn Basket!. Clarence Kunine: second row: Austin Lane. Eugene Preston. Jiphn Ziegler. Arlhur Ke es. Bidiby Moore. Samuel Tui ker. Jesse Palmer: third row: Linwood Kodgers. .-Mvin Tay- lor. James Barrett. Clarence Peoples. Walter Jackson. Ross Farrington: fnurlh row: O ' Neal Russ. Charles .Vlston. Leon Dixon. Eddie Favors and Horace V. Home. 1 i Q c 1 1 ii Jb 1 111 s ■ .im iAt m Alpha lidp|)d Mu The Alplia Kappa Mu Honor Society, InuniltMl in l ' ).S7. is a national organization uliicli aspires lo jiromote high scholar- ship. ctH oura e sincere and zealous en- (lea )r in all (icKls of knowledge and service; to culli alc a high order of per- sonal li ing; and lo ilc elop an apprecia- tion for scholarK «ork and scholarly endea )r in others. The nienihers includetl: Ellis Kagiand. Jeanne Peace, front. Second row: illiani Peterson. Edward Clark. Ruth Eelton. Jeanne O Hara. Walter Jackson, president; and Margie (J. Scott. Third row; Alvin Taylor. James Ashe. Bobhy Moore. John Ziegler, and Dr. Virgil C. Stroud, Advisor. Honor Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society is an outgrow ih of the Association of Social Science Teachers in Negro ( .ollif:(s. Ill ilic main, its purposes are; lo iTicourage slucK. promote re- search, recognize achievement in the field of human relations, to prmuole profi ' ssional growth and de rlop- meril among ils nicnd rrs and lo work logelhiT on prol.liiiis of mii- Inal inlercsl. 90 IWtii li(ii)|) i Clii S(ientiti( Societ The purposes of Beta Kappa Chi are In encourage ami acivanee scientific education through original investigation, the dissemination of scientific knowl- edge, and stimulation of high scholarship in pure ani a]. plied science. OFFICERS President II. SliKRUoou Sattf.RTHWAITF I ' ice-t ' resiilen ' lLLIA_M Peterso.n Secretary Gloria M. Scott Treasurer Miss LoLTSE XlXO.N Faculty Ailiisor James Pendergrast Societies I ' l Delta I ' hl Pi Delta Plii aim- to recognize achie ement denmn t rated in the study of the Frmcli language, literal ure. civilization and related suhjects. The niemher- of tliis society are tho e students who. during their cidlege careers have distinguished themselves in the study of French. The members of the PI Delta Phi Honor Society were: Mary H. Southerland. president: Jeanne O ' Hara. vice-president: Grarie . Martin, secretary; Francis U. George, trea urer; Eva M. Bess. Helene H. Buck. Eddie M. Crafton. Ora M. Dixon. Loui-e R. Jenkins. Isaac R. July. Maggie C. Searcy, Mr . Iris E. illiams. and Dr. Sa erIv N. Rice. Advisors. I ' i Umeyti I ' i The aims of Pi Omega Pi were to create, encourage, promote, and extend interest in sdndarship; to promote the ideal of civic lietterment tlirough the practice of good citizenship; to encourage and promote high ethical standards in business and professional life; to teach the ideal of service as the basis of ali worthy enter- prise. Among its officer- were; Loretta Johnson, president; Ernestine Kinsey. secretary: Maxine Dargan. corresponding secre- tar : and Purnella E . Nelson, treasurer. ' f m " TfT - -L .d«aa 1 i Y.W.C.A. Tin- oung Woiiifn ' :iiri--tijn As- -ociation is a gmup (ledicalnl lu a tirviri ' to realize full ami whnlrsomt ' li ill ' : lliriiuu;h a growing knowlcilgf n( (.oil. Upi-n lo woiiiftl stintrnls of all faiths, it i an organization which lilli ' d a poignant nt-ffi in the lives of lis nirmhcrs. Ruth Killon aiul Sylvia Ovtrton were president aiul vice- president, respectively. Y.M.C.A. Officers: Horacr V. Iliimr, President : Arlhur A. Kiy.--, ii ■■■ Prpsiilfiit; Wllllaiii II., Secretary; James K. Hayes. Treasurer; Maul Huu e. (1ia|i- lain; Paul Sharp. ' . ( iur ie |. .u.l inji .Secretary; .liiuniie J. ll.Mlier. Mr. II. Mur|il. . .lii .u-: Ruby Uelaney. I li,- (,lu.-eii. l ' |i|il ' l)SK Tlii Slu.leul Ciiri-liaii - .e eialicui 1- a (.lliiush : p ,,f slu.leiiN ami faculU uirrulic-rs nhii ,lr.,ne t,. , ,..■.. rr lu llieUlv. ' Kes ||,r lilfllieM ul. ' aU ni (liiiMlan llv lin aiel servue ami lo ti;i e ii pall in makin; Il|e--e itle;ils npeiali e on the enlle-ie eaiupll ami ll rcmi;ll li.e »„ihl. Ameriian Cheiiiical Suiiety Thf canipuii chapter of the Ameri- can Cht-mical Society ha l as it ohjectivt ' to acquaint young chemist witli the Itroader aspects of their cho-icn (iehl. An affiliate of tlu- Central North Carolina Section of the American Chemical Society, it did much to broaden professional contacts with those already working in the field. The Fortiiii»litl Club The Fortnightly Club, an organization inltT ' -tnl in lilrrature. enjoyed an outstanding year. 1956-37. Composed mainly of tho «:- majoring in English, it had as its faculty ad i-or. Miss Jean Hrijiht. a founder of the organization. Mil Xi Nu Suiicil Soiietv " Lo of ihi- Modern Arts " The newest social organization of the campus. Mu Xi Nu, organized in September. 195.S. has as its objectives: to promote a better understanding of the contemporary arts, to revive a lasting school spirit, to stimulate scholarship and to widen the arieties of programs on the campus. The officers included Douglas I). Mc- ioo. presitlent; Howard L. Hawkins, vice-piesi- lient; Walter bite. Jr.. secretary; . ' amuel Gee. treasurer: and Howard T. Pearsall. advisor. 93 ■■■■■II mi Aj ri(iiltui(il Assoridtioii An orifani aliiin as oli! as the college il--r|f. the A rinillural Association i-- a ;:rt iili whose nuiiilH-f- an- iiredominantly iruijui- in till ' . hm.l of A !riculture. It (lllrf oli|riii cs were lo stiinulair -ci.-nt ific acliicvrnii ' iit in ami apprrcialion for ad- anra, (v and iipportunilif in I lit- great indti-li of ;irirnlliin ' . Ph si( il Edu( ttiini Majors Club Th.- I ' lusii ' al E.liiialinn Major- Clnli I I ' . K. M.I. MT .-(I ill. ' iiilfn--l- 1,1 llin-c who [Mir-iir ) ifd f f— -ii nia I tiainiTiii HI Ihr -I ' llX- K.l " hrl.l. |,„||l lliri, a.ui w.ijM.ii -111. I. III-. Karl H, .1.1. 11 -.rv.-.l a- [.r.-iilciit ..1 til. ' or; ani Fi ' i ' inli Cluh I ' ll. ' I ' Chill, -i-rxi-il an iiut-taii.lin!; .■ a- an a.linn.l lo lli.- iiilL ' si ' ' ;- l.|.arlnniit of h ' r.-iH h. Il- ohjc. li .-- were -hiipl. ' . lo .l ' .lo|i an a|i|ire. latioii of the l- ' r.n.h l.inpiia i. ' . ill. |i.ii|il.- an. I tin-ir (IFI-ICKMS: I ' r.-i.l.iil. Ki.har.l Kinlolph II. .HI. ' : i. ' . ' l ' r. ' -i.l.nt. .|.-an (T ' Hara; Se.-- i. ' tar . Kill. I ll.a.l.n; As- ' t Seeretary. Ili ' Karrier; I r.a-iirer. Mary Souther. I. in. I; ( ioniniill. ' . ' (Iiairnian. Maf:-;!. ' .Searcy; il%i-or-, Mr-. In- William-. Dr. W. N. Ki. ' . ' . The Art Circle Tin- An (Circle, a student profi ' S ' iional ()r :ani atiiin for tlio--t ' wlio iiiajoriMl or [Tiirsue rl minors in Art, hail for it- fli- jdiivps the stimulation in intfresl and apprrcialinn in painting, lirawinfz ami nlalid fifld-i. Rohert ( arry was pri--i- diiil uf tlie group. Home Eikeis Clul) Tin- Honu- ErkfrTs Clul). a vtudcni professional ortranizalinn (if thnv,- majoring in phases of the Home Ero- iiomirs field, aimed at the lievelopmcnl of further inlcre-t in the firjij ihrmigh enciuiraged re:?earrh, study and a[ipii- ration. Thf organization touk on rene vt.i vigor during 1956-57 and through it f ' fTorts. several worth-while demonstra- lion-- in " hetter living " to the college rornmunity. Jran Riddick was president during the year. New York New Jersey Club I ' ll.- New ork-New Jersey Clul), eonipoM ' d of stuilent- who live in llie two stales, gave its metiihers an outlet from self-expression and co-operation. Hut of it developeil a fine lianil of friends which carried over inti their uti hojue eoniinunities. ' S SSr v Vir iiii(i niiil) riic [uirposr of thiv .lull is i„ lia c a closer social coiilacl ainnii ihc -linlrnls fruni ilic various parts n( III.- tah- of Vir-iinia. Its officers included : President, J allies R. Barrett ; Vice-Presitlent, Daniel Fulton: Secretary. Sliirlev Harris; Treasurr-r. Henry (i. Holi- liiirton ; Reporter. Arthur Keyes; lUistnes Manager. Dennis (Gardner and Oucen. Mrs. Rosa Jones. liiti ' inatiuiial IWIdtiinis Oluli riie I Miernalioiial Relations (iliih served it-- puipctse of crealinp within ils stamliiii; rd the dilTcrerHcs in people of varying customs and hackgrounds. iihcis and others who liad association with it. an under- 96 IVUisii Eiliuators National Soriety A professional organization, the Musir Eilucators National Society maintainefi a chapter here at A. T. Tlip primp purpo p of tli group was to in-till further appreciation for the i tufly of music for thn e who intenderl to pursue music education. fieojirapliiial Suiiety The purpo- p ' - of the (ieographical Society wrre to further geo- graphic interest on the campu- . to ascertain hetter way- to utilize the resources of our home region, to make geographical informa- tion funclinnal. and to foster field trip- to plare- of geographical interest. It officers included : President, (Jam ilia (ilemen-eau Taylor; Vice-President. Robert Howletl; Secretary. Lummie Ross: Treas- urer. George Edwards; Reporter. Mildred Gray and Chairman of Social Committee. Vera Bowe. Coastal Collegiate Cliih the (ioastal Collegiate Club was an organization which brought together a sectional group of students who live in that great eastern expanse of North (_!arolina. the Coastal Plains. Its objectives were ic» promote social adjustment and leadership among those who comprised the largest single segment of the campus population. New Farmers ol " Amt ' iiia Till- N(-w Fariiu rs of Amrrica al rln- (■(lilcjir, is an organization uliirli ( aniiil inurli the same olijrcti rs a tiir or ianization does at (he high mIhkiI Icvrl. rniiipi.siMl. principally of tho i- wlm hrM m.jiiher ' -hip ' " back home " in high - hiinl. members wish to perpduale i h al-- an ! objecti es of the organization in ( an awareness of tin- ini- pnrlanrr of scientific agricuhur.-. Mr- Donahl White was presichni ..f tlic cliaptiT. Vui ) )i I ' lii lt(ip|)(i FiMensic Sdcietv The Kapjia I ' hi Kappa Forensic Society, the (leiiating organiza- tion at the eiillegr-. -erved two top ohjerlives. the --t iniulat ion of interest in llie art of formal dis- cussion and an appreciation for forma) discussion of controversial issues. OfficiTs of the organization in clurh ' d : Samuel Tucker. pn--i- dcnt : Annie (Raines, sec retary; William Chap m a n, librarian ; Monroe Filler, trt-asurer and Leon Diiiglr. rrTK.rter- liulusti i il Arts Ass(»(i(ilinii The purim-e of ihl lii l.iMrial rN A ' ■social ion is to briri- ihr -hnl ' nls majoring in Industrial At I- mxl Wuw- tional Kducalion closei tM;;cihri ; to anpiiiini them with all new and present job opporliinilii--, in their helds and to lr r|op apprrrlahon for ihr lirld of -t.idv. The liidii-trial rls -M_.i.iat ion ' oii- -ists of siiidi til ' - lia ing si iiliar itit-i- •sts and aspiraliniis. Its olHeer-; included: Tresidrnl. l.en- on Jordan; ii-e-IVc-iditil ; .lante- IN-rsoii; Secret a r . Slowe; I t ' a-iiri-r. Mosrs Pa ne and Ho|ioilii. Chailie Mullhcus. The Riisiness Ass()(i««ti(ni Members of the Business Association strive to form a closer union among business students, maintain a closer liaison between themselves and the Business Department, provide for greater schidastic achievement, and strive for the molding of productive citizens for future service. It officers include Jolin Zeigler. president; Austin Lane, vice-president : Loreita Johnson, secretary; Thehna McCalnp, assistant secretary; William Small wood, treas- urer; Harold Neal. business manager and Earline Jones, reporter. Modern Dciiue Grnup The Modern Dance Group, a strictly oluntary organization, was comprised of ihoM- students interested in dancinji as an art. The group was one of ihr best that the college has had in a num- ber of years. During the year it pro- duced several demonstrations on ihf campus and away. The H()l)hy Chili (Growing out of a need for ailherence to constructive uses of leisure, the Hobby Club has as its purpose the pro- motion of recreational uses of leisure time. Its first year of existence wa-- marked by an acute persistence on the part nf it-; members to W- de ot edU dedicated to its purposes. Officers were Rosa Jones. Fre-.ident : Margaret Jones, X ' ice-President ; Mar Wells, Secretary, and Alice Simmons. Treasurer. National Future Tecidiers ul ' Auum iia Jai .V i;, I)il(ilr (iKII.Iri. ()fji ( ' rs: Prpsiilent. Ldf " l ..iiiir Claw-.-n; Vice-President. Marjiarei I.. Ilarri-: Secretary. Shirley James: Historian. K cl n 1 " . Ha ' -keti; Trea ' -urer. Loui: e Cro ' -liv. Tile James B. Dudley Chapter .f the Na- liimal Future Teach ' -rs of America is an organization wliich prides itself upon its aims in relation to the intentled teaclier. Its func- tions, dpsiCTjied to meet the personal and social nerds if those wiio rhoose the pro- fi ' ssion. evolve around the all-emhracing pur- poses of the organi .atiiin: To ilevelop among younfi people who are preparing to he teachers an orf:anization vhi h --hall he an integral part of slate and national education associa- tions; and to acquaint teachers in training with the history, ethics, and program of the organized teaching profession. Fellowslii|) Cduiuil The Fellow -hip Counril. an aftili- ate of the college ' s Department of Religious Education, was organized for the purpose of fostering Cliris- tian fellowship on the campus. It offered an excellent outlet for those students who had taken active parts in church activities in their home- towns. mw M f The Siiiuiciv S(h(ml I ' he rampuN Sniidin Sdiool i- eomlucterj lo ontri|iule in llie spiritual needs of stn- denK. tti fle elop within the -tudeni a mature -ense of values, to assist the studi ' ut in he- coming self-direct eil in social and spiritual life, to develop witiiin him a hetter unHer- -tanding of the Hihle and Hihiical reference , and to develop witliin llie student a hroad outlook on the world hased oji spiritual alues. Its officers werr : Walter . Jackson, super- intendent ; Edward W. (llarde, assistant -uperiTilendent; Delores Watson, secretary and (iharlie Moore, treasurer. The faculty advisors were Mrs, Inez. H. (nddsmiih ariil Mhert Spruill. The OGLP Cluh The CGLF (Mub, composed of student members who " hail " from the four big coun- lies in easlern . orth Carolina — Craven. Len- oir. Irreene anr! Pill, - eek to aid in the adju Inient of its members tn lollejie siluation. It a-pires to promote high scholarship and liflter relations among its members and with llir- college famih. It i officers included Jr., president; Theoi pie- ident : Fleanor Ktiiiieth Mdriiliir, Irt-a urt-r r I ' : Johnnie W. Graham. L R ) jilore Pullman, vict-- k ■ J ines, secretary and f- fc grl The Jdiies (Joiiiily Uliib Organize.l in 1411 b illiam Hnok • . tin- Jones (.!ounty Club ha become a perrnant-nt organization. Mure than one hutulrnd stu- dents from Jones Counly ha e at one t inn- been members. " One step at a time, but always fctrward. " the ciub aspires to uphold the biiih -tandards ei by it founder. OFFICERS: President, Archie C. Shep- hard ; Secretary. Odessa Brown; Treasurer. H len Clu-tnn and Vic.-Pre-ident. Frederick Ta lor. Winston Salem (;inh The Winston-Salem Club, all of ulio- members are natives of the neigblioriiig twin city was founded by its president. Robert Stephens. Its primary purpose is to bring into effect an amiabb- bond between it- members and students of A. .S. T. Mrs. Patlie Phinx is advisor. :fL:£ Ti ' (hiii( il Institute Mail - ii|) ol -tu.l.-nt- Willi diverse fields of interest in tln ' Tcrhniral In-litute. this organization is designed In M-urdituitr and promote llie artivilies of vocational -•tmlrniv. Ik offU- ' Ts for the 1956-57 term were Carlton E(( les, pre--idenl ; Auhn-y Hamlett. iic-prc idrnt : Margarine Sapp. -.i-i ri ' tar and Paul Adatn-., tn-a-urer. WmVui Cluh llir Kadio (Huh ga e iho- f student--, imlylng radio and li|. i inn. opportunity for research and d.- eIop- im III in after rla h nir . The group liad It-, greatest eiir in I ' ' iT and portends a . one of the fastest L rnulug profe--.ii)rial organization-- on llie carnpu ' . T«iiloiiii Oluh Oriiters Mr.iling cliirlly with modern Irend ' - and arlalions ill l;.iilntiiiL:. llie 111. nil. -T- .f ill ' - lailoring (dul. pride lliriiivi l .-- upon llieir a-piralion-. tn In- ina--ler- of iheir p ofe si n. Auhrey Hanilelt presided o rr tlie Clul. loi ] ' »: ()- 1957. IVListiiiry Cliil) ■|he pnrp..-e .d Ihr Ma-nnM Clul. i- lo de eIop leaders in the liiiildiii ' .: ]iidii lr and to li Ip prepare |lie student liir Ills jesp(nisi|jilll in oiiety. Ms „|i|eers In. hided: President. Hezekiah M.Dunahl: Vice 1 1 esiderit, Tluimian Kussell ; Secretary, .lanie I . Howe; Assisiiinl Secret ar , Arthur Kemp; Tiea -urei. eshit Spniill arnl Assisiaiil Irea-urer. John A. Coate-. Letteniien ' s V, u ) An organizatinn who-e membtr are all lettered atli- Irtes, ihe aim nf the LettermenV Club is to bring about a union between college athletes of similar high ideal? of leadership, manhood, sportsmanship and fair play. Eddie Fa ors wa- president. Donald oung and Lawrence Benjamin served as vice-president and secre- tary " , respectively. Hornsby Howell was the faculty advisor. The Usher liuaid The college L sher Board was an important part of the College Chapel. Its members were devoted to the ser ice and did commendable jobs on many extra- Chapel programs. Its officers included : President. Horace V. Home ; ice-President. Monnie L. Alh-n: Secretary. Earline Jones: Treasurer. Lillie Gorhara and AdWsors. Mrs. 1 nez Goldsmith, Mr. Lerov Holmes. !.V vv iL ' Jj Eiijiiiieeriiiji Assmiiitioii The purp »ses of the Engineering Association were lo promote interest in engineering, science and related fields: to exchange ideas and keep abreast of most recent development- in the field of general engineering. Its officers were Clarence Funnye. president: E. . Clark, vice-president : James Davis. secretar . and X in- fred Wil son. treasurer. Vetei ' tiiis Assuiijitiun The rterans Association, an organisation of those students who had sened in the nation ' s Armed Forces. was an excellent social-civic outlet. It ga e its mem- bers opportunity for self-expression and organized co- operation on those matters of importance to those stuilving under the G. I. Bill. All in Co ' -la " Ml " — Tliosf- annual Pli iral ' " Exam-. " " Men ' s Day, " But a LaJy Had to Be In It. Merry Xmas! Full Citi .riis. Now. Every Christmas — The Annual Cantata. Wailing For Their " ' dates. " 104 i eiie Life Campus Sweep, king of the Aggies. ma- Fu Study? Smooth. Man. Smooth. What -A. Man! 105 High Court. lh» ' -iluiIfiU prr y ami " Mi- A. T. " walcli the ' ame. le R.O.T.C. Float Took Top Honors. Honieconiini — ci (icilci Oitvision Every Yecir " Q ' s " Take Second Place. Thr Kappa Float Wa s The Third Placer. 107 (immmmms imsmmi wissmmaimmmfm r MVI H.W Features Miu A. " 7. A classii- example of all lliat is desired in a (|iiccii. .Insepliine Curi ' ve, Miss A. S T. for 1956-l ' ' . " 7. is a lettered aniliassador ol the pride and good will that pervades l u- carnpiis. As pari of lier radiant nature, she |)Ossessed the essential traits of a leadi-r. lint with her eleiti in to oHice she lironghl a fresh, sparkling. |iersoiialil and a keen appreciation tor duty. Her warm, genial nature rendered those in her ])resenee at ease. Not only is she a lieaut liy physical featnres. lint she s[ oke lieauty and acted lieauty anti Inn ri ' gal hearing was a poetic grace. Hail to our (pieen . . . the flower oi our hearts. ■■MI.SS A. T. " AM) 111-:!! Cut RT: E .r l..i.l al A. S T. were pleaded witli tlie eterli-it ■•Mi !- A. X T.. " Mi s Joseptiin.- Curry. ' . Hi.knrx, N. C. anW tlie ■Vuiirl " wliirh she rlio- r. Standing arnund Imt .irr: (ilnria Carter. I nlK . iii!rr-nii. ' I ' liirf a (iili-on and Mildnd (iray. f ' m • JOSEI ' lllNE CH!KVE— " Miss A. T. " For 1957 111 MARGARET JONES Mis.s Srnior WILMA JOSKl ' IIINE l ' iNN iffiiy (Jiiren EVELYN ELIZABETH HASKETT Air Force Queen ROSA S ' KES JONES Miss J ireinia GWENDOLYN SESSOMS Army Queen JACQUELINE BELL Miss Freshman BARBARA JEAN NELSON Miss Air Force ETHEL ETHAYER WRIGHT Miss Teloca MARGARET V. BELL Miss Alpha Phi Alpha BARBARA [)A(;(;s Army (Jiieen FAYE ANN ERVIN Miss Phi Bela Sigma LELE TONNE CLAWSON Miss Kappa Alpha Psi . , ' k M f m mli. m •: KOITH CAMERAN Miss Alphn Phi Onieiia JEAN PEACE Advisory Council Queen JUNE WILLIAMS Miss Ome- n Psi Phi ALICE W. SIMMONS Hohhy C.iub Queen FELICIA BLACK flridus Association Queen V MARGARET NEVILLE Miss Mil Xi Nil BETTY WYNN fiss Srnhhnn an,! Waclr GERALDINE ROGERS Drill Team Queen MARGIE GLORIA ?COTT Miss Army JOAN HOLLOW AV Air Force Queen . . . Stairway to the Stars . . . The longest " linn " of llie ear a nine-probates climbed the " stair? " lo Delta Mgina Thela. ( Greeks Pan Hellenic Council Mf-iiihtTs (if tlir Maii-Hi-llrnir (!oiimil wt-rr; i-.t-att-ill Carolyn AKtim. avsi laiil vcn-.-larN : mid Luiilli- JiiMc-. Jc.liri Mai k. Caclicriiii- Cook, Alvin Taylor, prcsiilcnl ; Lillii- ' ! ' . MiCallop. K a lir t. I.ouisf .jriikin-, ami Klln-j Hrailiiifi. Those standing aie: Jt-sst- Bass. John Ciriftin. Ki-nni-rii, and liiiur i)ainy. A iiirii)lici of llo ' Nalidrial I ' ari-I Iclleiiic CmifeieiKv. A. i T. ' s I ' aii- Hellenic Council (•o-orcliiiates llie activilies of and promote. (d-(i|K ' ralion between tlie sororitie. ' s and fraternities on the campus. Memliers of these Greek organizations automatically become members of the council. The Council, composed of two active members and the president of each (Jreek Croup, icprcsmls the interest of these members in all canipns activities. The Council functioned under the guidance of Dr. W. N. Hice. Alvin Taylor held the ofliie of |iresident of the Council. The vice-president vyas Carlton iioyd. uliilc liclcji Muck «as secretary aTid ()m " al Kuss was treasurer. . ■ • " AllLKiH Kappa Alpha P i Fraternil foumleiJ. Jan- uary 5. lyll. at Imiiana I ni er ity. Blooni- ington. Indiana. aj- incorporated by the ?Iatr of Indiana. Alpha Nu Chapter, here at A. T.. was founded December 30. 1932. M. r,Al«rV lAVlJ OFFICER? Polemarch HoLLIS Ross I ice-Polemarch Roland Wallace Sirategus James Lawrence Lt. Stralegus RlCHlRD Rl MLEV Keeper oi Records John Zeicler Reporter Clarence Flnnve Parliamentarian S. H. Satterthw.ute Historian James Betiiea Alplici Phi Omei ci " Alpha riii Omega — ui ' aie always eager " — Members are. left to riglil. lu|i: Hiil.eil lli.rliiri. presideiil ; liolicrl Kiddick. Jiiliiiiiie Oates. Kalpli laliiiii. Willie Webl). Charles I.aiiiherl. Ireasurer: Johnnie Williams, his- Iniiaii: Jessie Fuller, correspomliiig seei " etar : Fretl Helfiehl. sei ' retar ; I ' aiil IxDiise. recording serretary: Alphonza Holley and center, standing: Julm i hn|il] . Dean .d i ' lcdfi. ' cs. Hanked I.n Pledgees MeKin Chesiiul amJ Charles Cooper. Kappa I ' si Chapter ol Alpha I ' lii Omega, a National .Seiviee Frateiriit . was estahlislied in the campus in I ' . ' i2. and has for its purpose the rendering of service to the student hody and faculty, to the youth of the connnuiulv. to the mendjers of the fralernit and to the nation. Alpha I ' hi Omega was fomidcd I ' ecernher 16. l ' 2o. at Lafayette Col- lege, Easton Pennsylvania. 122 Oniegci Phi Alplui Tlif (jnifga Phi Alpha, a ser ice suniiilv. was e talili heil un the cam- pus ill l ' 55. The orgaiiizatiiiii i ileclii aled tn ihe la k nf leiuleiiiig helpful servile tu the college, the coiiiniiiiiit) and the natiuii. without thought of lenunieration. During its brief histor it has served these function well. Its members ucirk hand in hand to stress the devehipmenl and to translate into func- tional realit . the ideals of Hner wojiianhiMMl. friendship and sisterhood for the promotion of the general welfare of liuinanit). 123 l|,l,,, I- i.,.,„l an.l wr Lovr it. Alpha i W un.l.Tt iil Tiling. Echo ami rtM-cho thr Vnirrs of th.- Mni ..I . a I,|. " Tin- iiiriuliri;- of lit ' ta Ep-ilon Cliaph-r of llw Alpha IMii Alplia Fratt-rnity. inrlu-lfd : ett In ri hL si ' iilnl : J.-. r Jaiin ' - Bass, William PcttTson, VicM-Prf - i.ltiit ; Mart:ar -t ll.-ll. Cliaitl.T Su.-rthrarl : L. E i vanl Dixon. Pr -.i(|,-iit ; Ciui-y Har-irovps. Stand- irifi, hit to right: Ernest Moore, Howard Alfonl. Tylu (Jraiil, Bobby L. Moore. Janu- ; T. Speifiht. W illiani Hood. Charles Hawkins, Chaplain; Frank Morri ' . Samuel Tucker. Recording Secretary: James Hannnonil. Bryant Harrell. Charles Dou - la . Harvey Stuart. Last roiv. leit tn right: Clarence People. Treasurer, Elmer Banks. Austin Lane, Corrrspondinj: Secretary; Elsuorlh Sinitli. William Ma on. Parliamentarian; Charles (iil) on. Earl Thorp -. (!arl Kainlall. Paul (ioinv. aii-l John Mark. Alplui Phi Aipiici Achievement through leadership was the watchword for Beta Epsilon this year. Established here on March 28, 1929. the A. T. Colle; !- Chapter of tlie Alpha Phi Alpha F raternity. Inc.. has made Miueh pro iress in solidifyinji themselves on campus. Participation In eainpiis aeli iliis has established Beta E|isilon as a " leader. " Iridi idiially, lln- luoih-Ts at.- standouts as well. William Mason was ppfsidenl of ihr Slndi-nt (Council, (ilarence " Jack " Peoples and Austin I). Lanr were iie-prisid,-nt and s.-cretary respectively. Samuel Tucker was president of the Kappa Phi Kappa Forensir Society and captain of the track team. Walter Jackson was Corps (j)n.tnander of the R.O.T.C. Units and president of .Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Socir-ty. William Peterson was president of .Sif ina Kho Sijima and vice-president of Beta Kappa Clu Scientific SocirU and Alplia Kappa Mu Honor Society. Leon Dixon was Editor id ihr Register and Associate Editor of the Ayantkk. Hobby Moore was president of the junior (Jass ami Associate Erlitor of the Ayaistkk and thr Hi-gistiT. James .Spei j;ht was Batallion S-1 and .Associate Editor of till ' Mi-K and News Edit(ir of the Rvgistcr. Tin- annual Ida BanoNrt rouiidi-d i k jnd Wbit III ilu- yrar - - Ball and th. soeial events. Bla.k id (H.ld 124 Thr- iii. ' nili.T-- I.I llir Miiliii rill (Jiiiiihr " I llir l|ilui Kappa l|.lia S.iri.riU al A. ii T. in.lnd.-.l, fii.iii Irfl li. rijilit: (front nnsl-Doris Mauley. Clara Fluwir. Eliza Mirri k. Ia ()li iT. lilailys (.rani. (Iraiii- Marlin. Tlielma MiCalop. Jeanne (I ' Hara. Luoile Jones and Helene Buck. Those on the liaek row are: Ci-leviim- Foster, Ruby Delaney. Bertha Owens. .Armentha Jamieson, Ethel Wright. Mary Jeffrys, Mar. garet Bell, Margaret Clark. Marjorie Ritter, Vonnie Charleston and Ida Gilliard. Alplici ] i [)iu Alplui it .. On January 16, 1908. a uroiiji cif young women al Howard T ' ni- versity caught the in-ipiraliim uf a frlhiw stuilent, Etliel Hecl fnian Lyle. and initialed tin- iiii eiiHiit nf (ireek letter sororities among Negro women in America. Alpha Kappa Alpha wa among thf ' fir. ' -t of the Greek letter nrgani .alion-- to he organized. Ethel Herlge- man Lyle. wlio inlmdueeil ilir iriginal propo--al and whose efforts were greatly a-- ' -i ted h Ktliel K()hin on. a teaclier of English at Howard, was joined in thi unii|ue venture hy Lillian Burke. Beulah Burke, Margaret Flagg Holmes. Marie Woolfolk Taylor. La inia Norman. Anna Broun. Lucy D. Slowe. Marjorie Hill. Harriett Terr . and Sara Meriwealher I ' tter. The chapter ha as its local projects, the Scholarship Fund. A.C.H.R.. Hou-iing Project, and a Health Program. It is the aim of the organization to " he supreme in service to all mankind " and to fo- ter and promote the aims of the college community. r 125 Tlie Jiiemliers of Alplia Mu Chapter werr: (left lo right I first row: A. Margaret Joni-s, dean of pledgees and vice president : Margie G. Scott, pre- ident: Maggie C. Searcy. " Miss r)elta " and reporter; (iretchen Vann. corresponding secretary. Second row: Ardelia Turner. Eva Mae Bess, financial secretary aru! Pan-Hellenic (linincil representative; Myrtle Brown, June Wil- liams. Pan-Hellenic Tiouncil representatives; (larolyn Bragg. Vi ian Alexander. Horis Holmes. Ki-nora Satterwliite. Earline Jones, treasurer; Ruth M.J. Reese, assistant dean of pledgees; Mary Blount. Helen Joyce Jiduison. Kathryn Cooke, record- ing secretary: Mahel Simons. Delauris Farrinr. parliamentarian; l orislfne Dew. stTgeant-at-arnis. Deltci Siiinici Tlietci PYRAMIDS: Slrivinc l.. r.,i, li tlir happ nf [).lla -i .Tlioorl were: It ft to rit:lit ; iiinii- Maliililc. h ililic Mar (aafloti. prr-sifienf ; Estprlene Sniirli. Hulli M. ,1. Hi-r c, a sisrant (Iran of plr.lf;crs; Nannip Joynfr. Aiinc,-. H, (irn-nr, Mict- Hofl f . si-crrlary: Dnri Pit-nr anil A. Margaret .lonr-. I lev I I ' lidopes. Thr frmnrlpis of Ilplla Sigma Thpla Sdroritv visual- izpfl. in I ' tl.i al IliiuanI I iii crsil . an cirpanizalioii with aims riioir spriniis ihan surial arli il , ' lliey longi-fl III sec ilrM ' lii|i(il a union of lullrgi ' uiinn-ii based on ciMlain ranlinal |iriiiri|ilrs ami iilrdf cil In ii|iliiilil iiiflv idrals. Iiilii a liiind iif ilrM.liim tlicsr mililc uiinirn linniglil liiprthrr ciillfpc womi ' ii nf likr [lolcnlialilirs inn! driliiali-d In ihi ' aiiir i lcals and purposes. It? me-mber included: ' tented, first rou: (arllnn IJi ' il. kf- ' p-r ol peace: aniuei inioii-., KujrfiU ' I ruf-dajf. Milliar-I Kuiturlnrd. Jame A. Dob?on. editor to the Oracle: sernnd rou : Jame Moore. a =i lant keeper of finance: George Edward . hi itorian; Enin Cogdell. vice-basileus: Eugene A. Preston. Jr.. ba- ileu : Charle- Al ' ton. keeper of record- and seal; Cnolidgf McCoy, dean of pledgee-;: Leon Martin, keeper of finance; Spurpeon Fitts: third rou : Bernard Overton. George HaUIey. Bernie McLnne. illiam ' atermann. assistant keeper of rerortU and seal; Saller McAllister. Janie Israel. Paul Faucette. assistant chaplain; illiam Cassidv, Charles Summers, as-i ranl ilean of pledgee- , and Clemmenceau Taylor, chairman of -ocia! committee. Oiiieuci Psi Plii Mu Psi Chapter. Omega Psi Plii Fralernitx. was fnunded in 1911 at Howard I niversil). Basil all . it is established on four rardiiial |irinii| iles: Wau- hood. Scholarship. Perserveraiice anil I plifl. We firniK helie e in the equalil of all mankind anil have dedicated our li es toward this end. e pa tribute to those persons ho are ci»n tantl makinf: this goal nearer. " Cheers to Omega. Long ina vou live. Our love and devotion, we promise to give. e offer our services da by day. and promise to help you in every way. Long may you live, mav you never die. we are proud to be jnen of Omega Psi Phi. " Zetn Phi Betn AHCIKIMANS: " Zi ' lM Phi Beta, you ' ll- il.-ar to niir Ill-arts, wi- " ll answer your evir-ry rail. " In striving for Zi-ta, the nii nibt-rs of the Ari-honiaii Cluli were, from left to rifiht: Johnsie Thn-att. Doris (ireene. Kuhy MrLain. Suilie Munn. presi- ilenl: Helen Hunter, fieulah Baker, Creseent «..iIm,,iI; anil Jean Rediliek. Zeta --Mp ha Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority strives for " finer womanhom The niemiiers were, from left to right, bottom row: Dora Threatt, Theoilora Streater. Faye Irvin, (lalilonia Herring, Basileus; center Louise Jenkins, Carolyn Alsiim, Ethel Heailen; top row: Ruth Threatt, Shirley Bush, Josephine Lynn and Elizabeth Hawkins, rin- Zi-la I ' lii I ' li-la Siiniril liail lis lii- iiiiiiiii al llnuanl I iiiversity. January Id. I ' ' l!0. I ' V-cliiig the neei] iif liaviiifi; ati (Uilslaiiiliii}; iiiiiM-iiiiiil. mie that would he ill krr|)iiie uiih the ideals ii|i iii whirh the Sini)ril was fnutnled. the idea iif " I ' iiiri V aiihiiiMl Week " " was ailii|ili-il. Tlie aim nf this pnijeet was to show llie aliii- 111 ji-isiiii- time atid how In make use of il. The ttu ' nil. ers of Zeta . l|iha (;ha|itei are slri iiiy hard to uphold the ideas ol I ' iiier Wotnanhood. Memliers iiieliide: I ' resiileiit. (laldoiiia lleniiif;; Viee-I ' residenl. Dora Threat!: .Secrelar . Fa e Krviti: (!ottes|ioiiiliiii; .Seerelary. Carolyn Alston: Reporter. Shirley Hush; Chaplain. Theodora Streater: Pan-Hellenic Council Represent- atives. Kulh Threatt. .losephiiie Lxtiii and Dean of I ' ledgees. Ethel Headen, and Members: Elizahelh Hawkins atid Louise ,|enkiiis. 128 Phi Betel Siiinici F.ta Chapter of the Phi Rpta Sigma Fraternit . Inc.. was estahlisherl nn the rampus in 1915. Siiup that time its cause has moved on its way to promote " Culture for Service and Service to Humanity. " The chapter Queen was Faye Irvin. CRESCENT CLUB PHlBtilft SUjW l-VMt.VtJ 1 1 . iijeoi, ' i ' (.ivM(-o y y f ' ■■ ' ■ f f 1 i A iL 1 ■ 1 1 Vb: s. f ' OMBVE run fESlM JOYMPWN 1(4 SoailO« OBiU SiSiFE wen STUl PBOCtAiM w lOUD BtfttJllM PHI RET , IS-ntt LIFE. s -- Crescent 01 ub The Crescent Cluh is the Pledge group til the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Its Oueen was Beulah Baker. emagmmmism imm ir- ' iif mm ! ' ■-.} u .. Walter Parker Breaks Away For a TD. Donald Young Makes It Too Easy As He Drives in For a Layup. Sports ■Wi -if " i- •TWt THE 19511 l.l.||-. Ihr, hi,. I inlluh -l.-,l,hH " Foothall The Aggies had luugh sledding in the 1950 campaign. Starting oiT minus a sure starter at the quarterbaet; posi- tion and a limited bench, which began to show in mid- season, the team turned in its poorest record in a long number of years. In spite of its handicaps, it started off Hke blazes, whipping Central State, 26-7. West Virginia State and Virginia Union, all in a row, all by substantial margins, but then tlie .skies fell in. They dropped decisions to Mar) land Slale and Mor- gan, got back in the win column via Winston-Salem Teachers College and Virginia State, but that was all. Florida A. i M. Uni ersity and N. C. College were just too mucli loi the hajjless Aggies. Next jear is our )ear. Six seniors closed out collegiate competition careers. They included: Otis Hawkins. John Cuthrell. Jesse Everett. Waller I ' arker. Lawrence iJcnjamin and Kdilie Favors. Strali ' tiy .Scssion—Iiill llcll, .illii. ' lic iliicclni ami In-ar! roacli of fnnlliall jiftfs uvtT tralfjiy with u coacliHM Mflvin ir Hjnir i. Horn ' iby Howi ' ll, Bert I ' iggotl ami Murray Neely. ( iua( li I ' lgyolt clirMk-- Willi (.a|)tain aiiiiifl Tucker. laril- ■l.tls .l. The Icjss of tup |icrfoiiiieis via gradualioii llif year before dropped traek lo its lowest point since Bert Pig- gott look over. The team participated in five-major meets, but got Httle more in honors than " also ran. " Samuel Tucker, the outstanding performer and captain, graduates this year. Track The sport is in the process of rebuilding and should regain nmch of its lost prestige this spring and in the coming years. ■t lipf ' !■■ ' MS Tlif nicnihcrs of the track tt ani inrluilcd. from Icfl til riiilit : I front row i . Caul Harris. SaniutI TuL-kiT. Joiin Kibhlt-r. Tlionia? Rowt- aml Andrt- Fulton. Thosf on the back row an-: RavtnoTiii Gooi!, Robert Howard, Walter Watb. Kolicri F ' ulton and Felton Thnina--. AiT •■-i? IP (.(.ii: i!A ki:;tball team— 1956-57 Bciskethcill ' I hr l.ii-liirvt [,,,1 111 ihr athletic picture at A. ' [ ' . .luring 1956-57 was the lja»all Irani, almiit llir h.-st the college ha- ■ ! in 20-years. Cal lr iji. with a -mall iian.l ui tr.--hinan an. I soplunnort- -laji.lmit-, plu- Bill Smith ail. I Donald oiinti. tin- unly upperclassmen. completely electrified the ;l in inning 12-straight- uillunil a -ingle d.-feat. The team appeared to have hu.l ahoul evcrylhing hut experience, hul who . aied " experience. " anyway. The impre-sion ahont the ronh-rence wa- ijjal the ggie " hench " was everything that ariv coach wi.iil.l waril, Wlien Al lll.- wa- iiiiNir.l m ihr M..r;iaii .da-li at oiid--ra-..M. tli. ' appart-nt " hench " vani-h. ' i!. In -pih- .il ihi-. ihr t. ' arii . ' tnl. ' il up vMih K.-l uiii r.-cor.l to place second in lli. ( | t-ilatiiin (ainpaign. " 1).); lir.d, " ih. ' Imi - .[ii-ird ilie conference tourney, favorite- to win, hut thu e hope;. Mton failed. Th. y whipp.-.l twice defeated Morgan in the first round, droppe.l to twice defeated V in-ton-Salem in the second round and were thrashed h Fayf ' tteville. annlli.-r learn it had tlefeated twice in regular season to en. I up in the lowly li.iiiih idair Ml th. ' competition. Th.- l.-atn al-n d .-r-iI 10 ih. , l Kin I h. ' phlnr. ' I- hll hii and -upliuinoic -lai;. Il- hr-t round contest against Tennessee A. . I, ( naii. ' ii-. for a season ' s record of 17-8. •j i lio ih. .■oming .-ai vs ith ih. nliMii .)! ihi- fre-hmaii Cli jrl f Harrison Goes For a Rebound. 4 » ««« pB E J ' f " ' IZI :, . ■ ■KTi- PfS " - 1 1 1 » W as.. ' ft i il L ' — 1 The Crowd X as TIipfp — Acti( Bcisehcill Mel iTronmp . hearl Ra ehafl Cnarli. The Aggies, nnrnial kingpins in (!IAA basrhall rnm- peiiliiin. tonk a tuinliie in l ' )o6 in winning just one-half of their games, llie f)-6 record was aitniit the poorest llial it has hail in rmirlern day competition. The learn harf its problems in losing outstanding per- former in infielclers and pitchers, losses it could mil recoup in a single xear. These problems were jnulliplied in a ihange of cciaches just shortly before the season was to begin. TIIR I ' iST AGGIE.S— Appearpfl hearlcfl fnr a CI A Hap.

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