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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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NC A a T STATE UNIV LIBRARY Illiililliiir " " r? 3 0343 0335609$ mmmmmmmmi Hi VV NV r • f ■■%.- ttc(€ctcc«t AccttcC%ecC ciKcC c f ' - ii. I Alfonso King Edilor James W. White Business Manager ■ I Published by the Senior Class of the AGRICULTURAL and TECHNICAL COLLEGE of NORTH CAROLINA Greensboro, North Carolina ecCcc tcau Mothers . . . Moulders of men. who have detird the hurricanes of Hfe for ns. «lio have niinislered lo our needs and given us aid — all of this exemplified in those aging wrinkles that ha e lieen wrought hy courage, love, sorrow, laughter, and tears . . . Those folded hands which have cared for us. worked. JcryChl4 that we might accomplish our olijedives and education — so that we might live our lives successfulK . For this we thank you. Mother . . . and with great pride and admiration we. the Class of 19.5.5-19.56. dedi- cate this edition of the Aya. ' VTKK to the Mothers of the Stu lents of the Agricultural ami Technical ( ' ollege of North Carolina. i|. , a%eciAa%cC li The school year 1955-56 has heeii a nioineiiUnis one ior A. ' I ' . College. This hook is iiileniled to suiiimatize. in pictures and lefjeiid. all the color and action thai ha c made thi ear n nloigetahle for us. We will never again he ahle to traverse the hoiuidaries of time and space making it possilile for us to relive the multitude of experiences characterizing the past year. The editorial stall has produced this volume for the specific purpose of recalling these events of 1955-56. The staff sincerely hopes that the purpose has hcen accomplished. No foreword would he complete it it did not ]iav trihute to those tireless, hard working iudi idiial who made it possihle. This edition is. in itself, a trihute to those persons. During the preparatory stages, things did not always look promising, hut these staff luenihers stayed until the final word was typed ami the final picture shot. As a result of this tireless energy, you now have the 1955-56 edition of the Ayantee. May you find it en- joyahle and amusing and may it hring manv. nuiuy nostalgic memories in the future. So here is vour 1955-,56 edition of tlie Ayantee. This is . Springt imc . . . V in the Fc li ' V .. -- r . •• y " r T 7 y . i f JUl.% m n MH ttCKt In Memory of Dr. F. D. Bluford Activities The Honored Sports Queens Greeks Administration Classes Senior Directory —DUDLEY HALL I 1 Our Late President — DR. F. D. BLUFORD 10 ecUccitCa(€ to acc e . . , " Lives of j;reat men all leiiiiiul us we may make our lives siililime: and ilejiartiuj; lea e lieliiml us lootpi ' iiils ill llie sands (d time. " These words are very a]ipiiipriale lor Uiis man. who de i)ted himself to a cause. What is the meaning oi this word devotion ' . ' ' It iiieans a Miehelangelo. lying painfnilv on his hark to paint the hroad spaces of the Sistine Chapel. A Louis Pasteur, slowly unraveling the secrets of disease. A George Wash- ington, holding togetiier the remnants id a torn and hatteied arniv. Dedicatimi to a cause partakes of all these. Hniiian experience lonfirins that there is great satisfaction in doing lor others, or for a cause, and higher the lexel of doing, the higher the level of satisfaction. President iihilonl dedi- cated hiiiisclt to a cause, A. T. (.ollege, and the sacrifice was great. and iacililies siicii as we have today, consisting of just five liiiildings and very few instructors. Its growth and dcNchipmciil. under his ahic adminis- tration is an outstanding success story in American education. Mere words cannot reflect the greatness of this num. Words cannot accurately descrihe the devo- tion to duty and self-sacrifice necessary to hiiild tlii iiistiliition liom ohsciirilN to the glorious posi- lioii it nou occupies. It is prohalilc thai in many instances it seemed impos illle. hut this man did not stop hecaii e he foresaw the A. iS. T. of today. He isioiied thoii ands of )onths which it could ludp. Dr. Rluford had the kind of courage pos- sessed liy only two types of liiiman heings — heroes and martyrs. When Dr. Bluford came to this college, in 1912, only 21 years after its founding, it was a I ' liild among institutions of higher learning. Li those days A. . T. was lacking in modern buildings To the future generations of Aggies who will only know of this great man through legend and to those who knew him intimately, we leave this to liis memory. 11 7 Cu nd S ' ' ' (! %(U4At iSSP?« Dr. F. D. Bluford and Dr the spotlight. Ralph Bunch share- One of the many scenes of the 1953 Commence- ment activities featured the newly elected " Mi-- A. and T.. Miss Shirley Richardson: Dr. F. D. Bluford and Dr. Gardner Taylor. Commence- ment Speaker. 1 Two Champions — Ezzard Charles, former heavy- weight hoxing Champion of the orld and Dr. F. [). Bluford: a " Champion. hy any standard, in the educational world. f, ' «a!J .-W!WW;v,!5B: ' ? ' ' Sluilcnl (iouriril met ti Iters are. lef to rip.hl : Di-ratur Morris. ISarliara fiurts. John (irifiiii. Hnln-rl I). Shaw. Sccrelarx : Herman SuHmi. PresirlenI: Rnherl Ik Lane. Vi( e-President ; Almcmcl Br (e. Austin P. Lane. Jr.. and Lueene Preston. Student auKCci A. T. Stll(lent ami P ' aciill . alike, take j;real pride in the variety ul ?tiident oigaiiizatioiis on the eanipus. Tiie e various cliilis and organiza- tions are media through which sliiih ' nis express their opinions of eanipus activities and develop their social, political and edncational aliilities. Leadei ' , and most respected campus organiza- tion, is the Student Council. The orgaTiization is composed of two memhers. each, from the four classes and a jiresident. elected liy the student hody. The Council serves as a means by which students get administrative ex]ierience on the proli- lems which coniront them. 14 i ML DuUMlTUin Al)Vl. Oin col NCIL From lejt to right: Rnhert B. Lane. Jessie Palmer. Alfonzo King. Janip? Koger. Elisha (ireenfielrl. Secretan : James . U hite. President: James Harrell. Vire-President: Frank D. iliingham. General Cherrv. Herman Sutton. ilhert Green- field. Robert D. Shaw. Parliamentarian: and standing is Mr. Jimmv I. Barber. -Advisor. SOPHOMORE COl NSELORS Front roil, lejt to right: Catherine . lston. Lillian Bur- ney. Doris Holmes. Thomasena Little, and Jacquenlvn Gibson. Second roti : Mary L. Blount. Parnell Vestal. Bettye Scott. Vivian . lexander. Shirlev Garvin. Marjorie Pavne. and Clarice Fugerson. WOMEN ' S GOVERNING COUNCIL Front roil, left to right: Ernestine Kinsey. Ruth Felton. Marjorie Scott. Jean Peace, and Lorelta Johnson. Stand- ing: Shirlev Richardson. Catherine Cook. Mildred Smith. and Frances Hunter. ' I ' lThiiical Iristilutp liil.-iiialioiial Krla ' . ' iiri- Cluli Y.W.C.A. Y.M.C.A. J, .J f ' f, LuL : ' ' Da {face remem %7 Fuiifnil uf |)i. |!|„f,,i,| Turki ' l)a Aulogia|ih Srckeis H.ilanil llaxcs Hciial Engiiieeriiig Srlmlar Formal Music 18 0%, €UAC ef(M n ttctt7 College " Tops " Visitors From Korea oun£ Lawmakers In " Hamlet Brass Ensemble Rest Period Final Concert 19 ACTIVITIES Homecoming Excitement An Evening " In " ' Itcliy Feet " Saturday Movie ' cc axct , anfU ut ' Piacfcn Possessing iciiKirkaljIe la lent, lliu inembeis of tlir Iiicluiid 1). [laniMin I ' Imvpi ' s llirillril aiidifiices vvilli such liil piddiiilions as " Cliildifii of llie Moon. " " Salome " and many illicr lop plays. Lnder the skilllnl diieclion of Sylvester F. Clarke, the Harrison Plaveis aii ' ainong llie lop collegiate thespians in the nation. It was a " lop " drama group. 22 ma afifi afi a ncK lc Saccctcf Two iiieinliers of tlie Deliat- ing Team. Samuel Tucker ami Leon Dixon, leceive final in- structions from Miss Parks, their advisor. ?ftacte% ance (S xaccfi The cameraman catches the dance group rehearsing a new routine for a future iModuction. 23 m ' .i:ia Wii.i.hms, Li. Col.. I ' SA I ' mlrssai III Mililiiiy Science ami Taclia " Olil suliliers never die — lliev just fade awav. " — The Army H.O.T.d. iiiiil oHers radels the oppoitimilv lo special- ize in any of eij;ht Inaneiies ol ' ihe army. A second lieu- tenant ' s commission is awarded the Army cadet who, upon i;raihiation. has successiiilK . completed four years of li.O.T.C. training. An eilicient staff of Army jjersonnel headed hy Lt. Col. Aiilncy Williams, facilitates the com- mcndahle operation (d the Armv R.O.T.C. program. THE I STI!I CTIONAL STAFF Marvin VVilsoii iccci cs liis (■iiiiuiiis ii ii as •l i . 1.1. in llir I nilcii Slalo ini Yuur Arinx is cost ( ' (insciniis iOi ' Ponce ' .0. ' 7. . " Off we go. inli) llie wild lilue voniler. " — The Air Force R.U.T.C. program stresses two points — (|ualification and al)ilily. Those Cadets completing four years of training in this unit are commissioned second lieutenant in tiie Air Force, upon graduation. Under the direction of Major Theadore ilson and a liigiilv trained staff of Air Force personnel, the A.F.R.O.T.C. unit at the college has as its primary aim tiie ))r()diicticm ot firing conuuissioned person- nel. TuEAUoRt; Wilson. Maj.. L SAF Professor of Air Science THE INSTRl C.TIONAL STAFF James Miulie-li and Ki-lix fiarlmur receive their ciimmissinns as 2n(l. Lt.s in llie I nited Stales Air Force. t Dean Gamble tal es a ride . . -- " Into the wild blue onder. Tropliy U,r tli.. R.O.T.C. Just in Case 1 .(! . 26 Army Queens le- Helicopter Visit Cited! ■-■jwaK l e XfAe 0 ce% officers; club Officers for tlie Joint Anin ' and Air Force li.O.T.C. imils are (seated). James Adams. Fiiian- L-ial Secretary; and KImer McDaniels. Cliaiinian Program Conimiltee. Those standing, are: illiert Greenfield, Recording Secretary; Charles King. (;iKi|ilain; James W. White. Parliamentarian; Lawrence Jovner. Treasurer: Flosd lloilon. [ ' resi- lient; arul Alldiizo King. Vicc-Pn ' sidcnt. 28 %aMm ( a%fr BOARD OF GOVERNORS The Board of Governors for the Jonit Army-Air Force R.O.T.C. units are. ront and center. Floyd Horton. Chairman. First row: Alfonzo King, Earl Wynn, James Dobson. William J. Simpkins. Elmer McDaniels, Samuel Siler and Hubert L. Gooth. Bach roir: William Cassidy, Paul McGuire. Allen Holmes. John Scott. Theadore Thornton. Elisha Greenfield and Richard Rumlev. " S-ar 29 I ' 4 ii ' € :i 4fc •i ' " ' ■ " miHiiiiiiiifri ' iimfi The iiipmbers of B (:niii|ia]i . Inih llruiin.-iil ..I I In ' ,iIh.ii,iI o, i.h m| , .iIiIi.imI ,inil I ' .hnlr air. Irjl hi n ht : James Ru . Wilhert Gm-nfield. James W. While. Elisha J. Cicenlielcl. Alhm ,,, Kiiig. COMl ' ANV COMMANDER; Ehner Mt Daniels. Lawrence Joyner. William Caimailx. and Sajnnol Siler. Sca xcC Odd iade GROlil ' STAFF The Grouji Staff !.., lli, ' ii R.O.T.C. unit was composed of: l ' ;ii lia . ( iii ' cnfield. (!() I- MANDER; Wilhert (;n ' en(ield. K e.uli r Ollieei: Rcherl 11. Fane. .|: Janio DNIard. Assistant A-3: and Harry Archie. A-4. Members o{ the Arimld Air Society included, left to rinhl: Alfcmzo King. Elisha Greenfield. John . . ( ott. Wilbert Greenfield. Frank 1). Willingham. COMMWDER: jam- . White. Robert B. Lane. James Harrell. and Robert D. Shaw. 4% oicC 4c% S ccetcf CORPS STAFF Mendiers of the joint Army-Force Corps Staff in- cluded: Tont and center: Frank D. Willingham. COMMANDER. Lejl to ns:hi: James W. - hite. Deputv Corps Commander; John W. Scott. J-2: James Harrell. J-3: and Elmer McDaniels. J-4. Persliiiif. ' Iiilli inrinl.cis included, lejt lo ii lil: Earl W nn. Eugc-nc Kurio. ll..rt..ii. COMMANDER; Cliarlps M. KiiiK. EaHii ' inf JciMier, and Tliuiniiind Andnnvs. " Per Mi IRc e HATAM.ION STAFF Members of llir Arin li.O.T.C. Halallion Stall included, jnnii nml rcnlcr: I lo d llorton. (!()M- MANDEK. .(- () riiihl: Lawrence Joyner. S-1: Theodore Tlmnilnn. S-l!: Mien Holmes. S- ' i: and James Ro , Si. 32 Visitor Davifl N. Howell from Lilnria. Wist Africa, second from left T Opera Star Leontxne Price, third from left, after recital The Aggie Cheering Squad Bring in the new vear ;4cfa(itee Alfonzo King EiUlor-in-Chicj I 4 James Griffin Assoriatr Editor icvV ' J We, the Editorial Staff inemliers ol ' the AvAN " n;i-; iiave atteiii|ilcil in |ior- tiay in the pa.yes of the yeailioot; the spirit of f;rowth and development at the college this year. We have sought to hlend the new note of proi;ress with a reeording of the traditional ciistnms and happeniiif;s so typical of every college. Ill keeping with the trend, we haxe pledged our services to make this piililication. truly, worthy and rcprescntatiye of ihc promt ' ssixc iiiovement at A. T. College. We sincerely hope that we lia e accomplished this olijective. YKARBOOK STAFF Alfiinzu King. E(lilur-in-Cliief ; James Griffin. Assciciate Editor: James White. Busi- ness Manager. La iiut Edilurs arc James Kuger. Jcihnnv Jiirclari. Rutli Ann Carter. Austin D. Lane. Jr.. Literary Editor. Co|i Editors are Wiliie C Rohinson. Theima Faison; William Davis. Art Edit ir. Jolinny Gooding. IMiologra|iliv Editor: Samuel L. Tucker and Perry Palmer. Sports Editcjrs. Oilier nicmfiers of the slaflF are Elisha Greenfiefd. Williert Grcenfieid. Rohert Shaw, and Colonia D. Wilson. Copy Editor. Mr. EIHs F. Corbett is our Advisor. News and Produriion -lafTs at uork 7 1R.e( te% Billy Carpenter Willie L. Mosley ' S ILLUM n. Mason Editorial Slaf] The Register staff, under the able leadership of illie Moslev. Piillv Carpenter and W illiani Mason, reached a new plane of efficiency during the past vear. The Register, for the first time, was puhlished on a l)i-nionthlv hasis. It received several awards: fust place in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and first iilace in the A sociated Colleaiate Press. James Griffin anu E. Perry Palmer Adverlisins and Business Managers The Production staff at work " Etficiencv " is the motto of the News staff 35 aacC Walter F. Carlson Director Tlie Aggie ' s " pride and joy " is tlie 120 piece College Marcliing Band willi il 12 Majorettes. Performing the liest in hanii nul i(• and executing, with pri-(i .ion. some ol the most intricate maneuvers, tlie iiand has heconie one of the ranking college musical organizations of the Nation. Under the direction of Mr. W. F. Carlson and Ml ' . . 11. .loncs. the hand performed, with |ii ' i lection. nian maneuvers wliicli drew adjiiiration from music lovers and just " plain tolks " everwhere it appeared. The liigli slr-|p|)iMf; Nhijiiretles gs ' i. B.jvjj -r-r; fi, M iiji! ' : ■1 7 Cfl Under the direction of Mr. Howard T. Pearsall and hi able accompanist. Mrs. R. S. Lawson. the college clioir performed notably here on the college campus and in concert appearances through the East. e are grateful to them for their senices and the musical interest created among the college family. . Iks. R. J. Lawson Accompanist Howard T. Pearsall Director I t V — H lln,l,,„. IJiM.a (,re,.-nhel,l. Maigaicl J,.nes and Wilherl Greenfield. The local soeielv (if Al.l ' fl KAPPA Ml r- 7Hu THE HONORED . . . Included among those selected for ' " lup s lio Among S udents in American College? and I niversities " during the past year were: Front rou. lejl to riiiht: Alma Hodnett. Jean Hara. illie L. Mosley. Odessa R. Patrick. Shirley Richardson, and BilK Carpenter. S conJ rou. l ejl to ri ht: Ernestine Kinsey. Myrtle Cunningham Ella M. I ' lmipex. Marjie G. Scott, and Carulvn Norwood. Thiril rou. left to right: John Ziegler. James . hite. ilhert Greenfield, frank Amhruse. Alfonzo King. Elisha Greenfield. Samuel Tucker. Flovd Horton. alter McGee, and Herman Sutton. 1 h li SPORTS P wm n ' P Kxdei(C The sludents. alumni, friends, and well-wishers of the college can he justly proud of the way our foothall team performed during the past year. They have performed in the most sportsmanlike ways and proved heyond a shadow of (Imilit lluil thev can fall and rise again. Three athletic contests during the past year took on special significance for loyal Aggie rooters. A Homecoming Day crowd of more than 12.000 saw the Aggies lose a heart-breaker to Maryland State 6-0. On Thanksgiving Day the North Carolina College Eagles managed to carry the ball into pay dirt during the fourth and final quarter to make the score 7-7 which was the way the game ended. The game of the season featured Florida A M University, the team which t ' ame from behind to tie the score at 2 S-2}) in the final minutes of play. COACHING STAFK Mt ' iiil)ers of the coacliiiig stall fiuin left lo right arc: Rrrt I ' iggott. Melvin Grooms, William H.ll. lira.! C.acli: ami Murray Necly. Trapped b ihe charging aggies Lawrence Payne Pick; up yardage a J. D. SmitI blocks The powerful. Frank D. S illinghaii James Covial e es the goal lii ' €d dC Tlif liaskriliall learn ciulfd tlie regiilai |ila iiii; season with a lecoid ol J l- vins anil 6-losses. TIr ' Ajigies broke tlie jinx this yeai ' hv lirl ' eatiiifj; North Carolina College loi- lh ; liist lime since 1951, anil VViiislon-Saleni Teaehers College, one of the leading contenders for ihe (.;iAA ( ' hain|iiori hi|). One niernlier ol the Aggie s(|iiail. Iiillv l!o (l Smith, was placed f)ii the firs] Icam of the CIAA. Cat. IiiviN Coach r i-» u •- " ' , 44 Edtlie Wells snatches a reliouml Donald Young goes up for a shot as Joe Howi moves in for the rebound Coach Irvin gives his three " tall boys " a few pointers 45 » «r ffi -ff. «! : ii Johnny Gooding axm Since tlif CIAA has aliaiidoiicd lioxiiii;. tlie sport is not iollovvi ' d witli too niiirli rntliusiasm. Nevertheless our team is still fii;htinf; to u|iliohl the slandards of Aggieland. and exeniplilN i]ig the true sjjiiit of the Aggies. Solomaii Esteiling Holaiul T. Wall. II 1955 C.l.A.A. Champ: e aii Almost regular baseball champions in the C.I. A. A., the Aggies had " rough " sailing in the spoil (luring IJie 1956 season. It is easily ex- plained when unexpected josses were sustained as All)crt Smith and Paul McGuiie tuiiied " pro " folkiwing the 19.5.5 campaign. The boys, coached by Mel Groomes, finally got together aliout tiiid-season. much too late to be- come serious contenders, j.ikc ihc " Dodgers, " next year will be their year. E€ :iS-; Samuel " Sarge " ' Tucker xac Tlie A i;j;ies particiiialcd in the iimulI tiaik meets such as tlie Peiui Helay,-.. ) lll Citruliiia College Relays am) otheis. Iiiit added a new (iiie this season uilli pailiiipation in llie Onanlicii {{elavs. The relay teams took no hist places, hut well up in the ruimiui; in practically every meet, turning in second and third finishes. At press time for the Ayantuc. the learn was preiKirinj; hii- the annual CIAA Meet at ItallinKne. HeUT (i. I ' lCC.OTT 48 , (Mteco w i The 195.5 honiecoining activities created the usual eiitliusiasiii on tlie part of the stuileiils. faculty, aluiiiiii and friends. A 6-0 loss to Maryland State did little to spoil an otherwise gala event. ' • ' Z -I. FEATURES ' 7 C4 i { ' ? ' h It is the very epitome oi ' woriiaiilHiiKl ihat is exemplified in our clinice as " ' Miss A T. " Miss Shirley Richaiiij-Dii, of Wilmiii ldii. North Caro- lina, was selected for the hi h honor alliT an overwhelminj; majoiity of the students expressed their coiifideuic in her as ihc one ' " ahove all others. " She is an allra(ii c charmin " ;, graceful, distinguished examjilc of the finest qualities to lie had in our " leading lady. " Miss Richardson is a senioi-. maj(niiig in the field of Applied Sociology, and a collegian in whom we are indeed Hail to her!! pioud ■ « i?-. SaSs, 50 X J , aJfiie 51 JUNIOR QUEEN Mah.iie (Ji.ohia Scott FRESHMAN Ql EEN MoNTEFiiA Jedith Craui.i: SoniOMORi; ( ,)l KEN (;em:va Elizauktii Johnson SENIOR QUEEN Odessa C. Brown T( 6 (Jt y OMEGA P?I PHI QUEEN Mary C. ' ii,uams ALI ' llA I ' lll LI ' H OlEEN Margaret Viola Bell PHI BETA SIGMA Ql EEN Llla M. Cotton KAPPA ALPHA PSI QUEEN M.ARLY.N PaULETTE HiLLLW R.O.T.C. QUEEN M rg ki;t Dora Neville SCABliARI) AM) liLADf: Ol EEN ViiiOiNU An;n jC ll ;4( ieia(tcC dl! KOKCK II.O.T.C. QliEEN SiiiiiLEV Ci:(.i-i.i (Armor I)(ii: TiiRi:r.TT 1 ii LI ' 1IA I ' lll UMtGA QIEE JOH.NSIE RaMONA ArTIS lU SI NESS ASSOCIATION QIEEX (Ikku.dink H()(,krs c MEN ' S DORMITORY ADVISORY COl NCIL yi EEN Dorothy Lek Ja( kso VETERAN ASSOCIATION ul EEN CiRLisE Langston J [ES , ' e£ A Dki.dhis Wilson FjVKLyn Ei,izM)h:Tn B .skktt I Cand h ' AVE Ann Ervin Lkola McDamel Lele Yvonne Clavvson Jd.sEI ' llINE ElIZAISKTII (4 RRYE S(4Aeet cant Wilson Ruth Ann Cakter !i GREEKS mssm Li-jl III iii hl: Kil.nca Jiidgf. Allen T. Sniall. Blanch Faiili ' . William J. Sini| kiri . James Koget. Willie L. Mdsley. AKin Ta liir. John (jriHm. ( " aniUn ' iiru ikicI. Riiherl I). Shau. Ruth A. Carter and slanilini:,: Charles Baxter. President. l cut- eiiaUc auttcci Tlic niilaiilc raii-llfllfiiic Ci)iiiicil slaiitls ever leatly to any ami aU ( ' aiiii)tis social fratefiiitifs ami sorotilics in any riiaiiiier in wliicli ils ailvice is soiijjht. It governs, controls, ami ilisseiiiinales responsiliililics to all Oicek social oi iiaiii .alioiis on the campus, it is com- prised of two lepi-esentatives from each of llicse organizations, inomoting inler-fratenial co-operation and liai iiionious relationsliip lietvveen Greeks and llic administration. 60 afrfra iifr ' P c I icAcetAcmc ' pUKciamc tcd u%p n eta ' P Seta Lcfl III lifilil. Mlliii : Liila Ciill .ii. Ellifl llradiii . Dora Threell. Carolvn Alston. Sliimlini: Kulli Ann (!aiici. ( alrdonia Herring. Bcalriic Ncwmhih ' . Louise Jenkins. : Mi; ll ' .KI! (»K TIIK l!(:ni(() . lANS CM i; AliK. „•« ,•, ,. „ riiilil: .|osc|i|iinc I.Nnn. Klizalu-lli Ilaukiiis. r.riilali lla (s. Slnni ini : Tlicaflora Strreler. Fa p Irving. La- Vera Murrv. ' P eta So mci Eta Chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternitv. Inc.. was e..tal.Ii.hed on thi. canipu- in 191.5 Since tliat tune its cause has moved on its way to promote ■•Cidtiue lor Sen ice and Service to Hiimanitv. " iifr a ifrd iifr " Just a group (if AKA ' s . . . striving in our several va)s ... to make this «orl l more hriglit . . . " " sang members of Aljilia I ' lii Chapter. Le lo lii lil. .sillnif on jriml lou : Odessa Brown. Margaret Bell. Celestine Foster. " Miss AKA " ; Rebecca Judge. Vnti-tlrani- niatens: Gracie Martin. Margaret Clark. Si ' cnnd loic. sillini:;: Lovell (looduin. Anti-llode- gos: Tommiesene Mason. Doris Manley. Mar Jidfrevs. Vera Jeanne O ' liara. Thelma Faison. Grammateus: Rub lleLaneu A. Faye Oliver. Anti-Basileus; Ethel Poareb. Marian Thorn- bill. Mable Roval. Pan-Hellenic Representative: Ann Farrar. Hodegos; Elsie George. Ivv Rejiorter. Slanilini : Helene Buck. Willie L. Mosley. Basileus: Carohn V. Norwood. Epis- toleu.s: .Shirlcv Richardson. Frances Alston. Tainioehos. Missins. jioin picliire: Ethel Wright. Ivy Reporter: and Dr. Leadie Clark. Advisiu ' . Ml 1-1 A. ®HAI? 11 IK I.F.AF CI. 11! ACfr P 4i Maiilv deerls. scholarshi|i. and line for all iiiaiikinii an- llie aims of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fralernitv. The iiiemelir? of the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc.. Irom lefl to right in the first row are Robert D. Shaw. ParliaTiientarian: Erne. t Moore. Charles Hawkins. Willie Herring. Henry Howcott. James Barnes. alter Hall. Jr.. Chaplain. Bohby Moore. James D. Haiinnond. Theofel G. Harvey. Willie Robinson and Eddie Favors. Seconil row: James T. Speight. Jr.. Elmer Banks. Donald Foster. John Mack. Clarence Peoples. Reporter: Jesse Bass. Jr.. Leon Dixon. Vice-Preside nt: William J. Simpkins. Treasurer: William Peterson. Austin D. Lane. Jr.. Recording Secretary: Charles Gibson. Eddie Bell. Carl Randall and William Mason. President. Ilic members of the .Sphinx Club from left to right are Earl Thorpe. Alexander Parker. Howard Alford. illiam Tatum and Br ant Harrell. 1 V ' e tci Sci ma ta " When 1 was a pyramid I talked as a p; raiiiitl. I u]ulersto(id as a pyramid. 1 llmuplit pyramid: hut now that I have hecome a Delta. I am done with the ways if those in- to he Deltas. " Le]l to rinhl, from row: Mary C. Williams. President; Annie M. President and Dean of Pledges. Second row: mpey. Recording Secretary: Majorie 0. Scotl. lendin Jones. Miss Delta: Margaret M. .Jones. Vi Inex Gihhs. Sergeant-at-Arnis: Ella M Pan-Hellenic Council Representative: Eva M. Bess. Odessa Patric. Earline Jones. ' I ' hinl row: Frances Hunter. Assistant Dean of Pledges: Gretchen Vann. Corresponding .Secre- tary: Sadie Burris. Chaplain: Mildred Smith. Parliamentarian; Blanch Fairle . Pan-Hellenic Council Representative: Catherine Cook. Co-Corresponding Secretary; Hazel Arnold. Fourth row: Doreiha Rosier. Pan-Hellenic Council Ke|iresentative; Shirley Witherspoon. Treasurer: Myrtle Cunningham. Clarene Ferguson. Lois Jenkins. Reporter. Sol shoun: Carlise Langston. Jacqueline BrouTi. Maggie C. Searcy. CLUB t « 9 kc.X A. ' bfti rm w- mm ' -f rhr-ia .4 V. 1 jjjj ft r « »» I iM. I 1 Ome ' P ' P Desegregation — A av Mu Psi Chapter of Omega P?i Phi Fraternity. Inc.. Theme; Station. Integration — Our Destination. Members of the hiral chapter are. top roit : Ralph E. Lee. Samuel K. Simons. James k. Dohson. CKRS. ' illiam Cannady. Eugene Rorie. AKP. Spurgeon Fitts. Allen T. Small. Charles Summers. Berrv . Colemon. V. Basileus. Second rare: James Koger. James John- son. Otha P. Cox. ADP. Leon Martin. Warren illiams. AC. Robert " " foots " Turner. KP, George Edwards. Theodore Thornton. Bottom rou: Charles N. Alston. Keeper of Rec- ords and Seals, William Cassidy. Dean of Pledgees. Fred D. Thomas. Jr.. Basileus. Coolidge McCov. Chaplain. Eugene H. Preston. Jr.. Keeper of Finance. , THE LAMPOD. S CLUB Omci a ' P 4Cfr a ' I ' lif sjslors lu ' if rc|jr(. ' soiiUM.I in (iieekilniii wyv wmv i)1|rt lliari llm o mI Uiiirjj,a I ' lii Alplia. rill ' iiiPiiilicrs arr fmiii li ' fl lo righl. (iisl mii : Doris Lucas. CatliPiiiiP Aistmi. , I (ilia (uiliiaii. liainiiiui Aitis. K|)ist( ileus: Inez (joldsiuilh. I ' ruiii ' lla Nelson. L ' Hislorie; (Jladvs J aiilli. Kepoilfr; Ura Mae House. Bailiara K les. iraannaleus; and Inez Giblis. E|iisloleus llod as. S,-riir}il inn : MariKn llilliani. Assislanl llasileus: Mallic llirks. Kdith M. Cameron. Oiilipiiriii : Susia Nonnan, L ' Mosque; Rulli I ' rlhea. Sersir: Kai liellr i;rniiill. I iiiiis Ross. Irene Fa . Basileus: Margaret ( ' arllon. C nre enor: Annie Kouse. and Mornue Allen. 68 m 4 d(Z 4c 0(fte( They have crossed the burning sands into lliat ghjrious land of Alpha Phi Omega. Kneeling from lejt to right are: Robert L. Ilorlon. President; Richard M. Kelley. First Vice-President: James L., Harrell. Second Vice-President and Dean of Pledgees; Jessie F. Fuller. Recording Secretar : Paul M. Rouse. Corresponding Secretary; Ralph R. Tatuni. Treasurer. SlanJine Irani lefl lo right are: Samuel Dardon. Bernard Payton. Johnnie R. Gates. Alfonzia Hollev. John D. McLaughlin. Charles E. Blackwell. Norw.od C. Davis. Willie J. Webb. Johnie H. Williams. Charles Patterson. Fred Beheld, and l.lnd Hoover. The Phalies. seated jrorn left to right are: Robert C. Evans. President: Marvin Holt. Vice-President; John R. Murphv. Treasurer. .Standing, jrom lefl to right are: Nathaniel Kel- ley, Melvin L. Askew. Jerome Lenair. Edward Peel. L a w r e n c e Smith, Charles Lambert. Harold liripun. and McKinlev Gore. Wakmotii T. (iiiiiis Our Newlv KlecliMl l ' re--.i(l, nl ;TcCmc(tc4tn tca(t The iiiliiiiiiislialion A Soiiicp nf Guidance and Leadership. Wiiih ' riij(i iiif; our- nt(i.-.t exleiisive liuiidinp; program and improved educational facili- li ' s uiidfr- ihc alilc j;iiiiiarice ot I ' residciil lihitord. we were luuulicapped and our wav looked dark when he deceased. Deceiiiiier 21. 1955. However, this handii ' ap was removed aiul liiiht was once attain liestowed upon us when the trustee hoard met. Wednesday. P ' ehru- ary 22. 1956. and named W ariiiolli . (lililis l i iicceed the laic F. 1). I ' diiloid as I ' lesidcnt of A. (Si T. (:(dh-jie. I ' icsideiit fiihlis has hecn associated uilh llic iiisliliilioii since 1926. and had lieen dean ol llic School iil Kducalion and Science since 1929. c, ihc " (ilas ol 1956. " congratulate you. President (iililis. on the very high posi- tion ihal oii ha c so nohlv earned. We are confident that with lull support of your com- pclcul adniiiiishatiou. A. T. (College will conlinue to grow lo urdimilcd heights. Warmotii T. Gibbs Dean. School oj Eduvulion ami Science J. M. Marteena Dean. School of Eniiineerinf Dr. F. a. Williams Dean. Graihiate School S. C. Smith Dean, Technical Inslitule Mrs. Willetta .S. Jomes - Dean, School of Nursing Dr. Willlam E. Reed Dean. School of Agriculuirc C. R. A. Cunningham. Registrar: L. A. Wise. Bursar: E. Ray Hotigin. Secretary-Treasurer: Miss Alma Morrow. Libra- rian: Revert-nil Cleo M. McCov. Director of Religious Activities: Ellis V. Corbett. Director of Public Relations: Natalie S. Vaughn. Dean of It omen: William H. Gamble. Dean oj Men: Mrs. Zula K. Vereen. Dietition: and M. B. Grable. Superin ' endenl oj BuUdings and Grounds. .. ■AmiSiii£,: ' T School a TIr ' Biulcig) Laliuraloiy r m The Clieiiiislr Laboratory Horlicullure 4c nx uitccie Home Ecomimies Ill llic atnM)-.|ilu ' i( ' •! . l lla|p| il at work 7 Sc y d a urdm Oui fuluir Nurses i A Labiiraliirx Class in Eneiiieeriii ScAool a Sf cetM Archilectiiral Enyineeriiia; TKCII INSTITUTE Line il up CLASSES ■■Hi M m . y -9 .?r: %% ww j ■V i r . %c CLASS OFFICERS Le l Id liiilit: Jiiiiii ' s F. Evans ( Buf.iiiess Manager I : Myrtle Brown ( Cliairman of Social Coniriiiltrc) : Clyde B. Smith (Chaplain); Barhara Hill (Secretary): Decatur Morse (Stu(hMi( C ' JiMicil Kepre.sentative) ; Walter McAllister (President); Barbara Bints (Stu- dent Council Representative) ; T) o n o v a n Moore ( irc-l ' rcsidcnt ) : Maliel Simons (As- sistant Secretary); Harold Mitchell (Treas- urer); Joan Smith ( I ' arliaiuentarian ) . mcff So inamon c CFASS OFFICERS " Carnalions lo the Sophomore Class for they ' re ever stri ing. Success ' goal to gain. Sail on. Icllow-collcgians, for the race is now at the liall-«a mark. " Lf l III riiiht: Austin D. Lane. Jr. (Vice- President; .Scciclarv ) ; Chailcs Linidcrmcm (President); Armond l!r ce (Treasure]-. Busi- ness Manager; . ' student Council Kcpicscut- ative). 78 JUNIOR CLASS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Tlie Jimioi ' Class (illiccis incliideil. om left Id riiiltl: Ddiolliy Matlliews. Conespoiiding Srcrelaiv: J iliiiiiy Giiflin, Parlianientaiian ami Stiulciu Coiiiiiil Representative; Evelyn Baskt ' tl. Recoidiiip Secietarv; Alvin Tavlor, I ' li-sidciil : (]liaili ' s Alsldii, Vice-Piesidenl : (iiiiic ClauMin. Ticasiiicr; Eugene Preston, Sliid ' nl (liiiinril Rcprcsciilalive: and Richard RiiniK. ridl slioun. Lookiiij; over llic |ia l three years in retrospect, we, the Junior Chiss, oliser e vvitli some pride and nuieh gratitude the milestones of our devehipment. W ise men ImiUl the present in order to eope with the future. We trust we do not stri e with selfish aims for a greater superiority as indixiduals and as a class, hut thai we seek achievement in order to become lietter citizens. Through the attainment of such a goal as this we hojie to help bring the world closer to peace and harnu)ny. Therefore with this resolution and determination we turn to our senior year with anticipation and hope. 81 Se ia% . , , f 56 CLASS OFFICEKS Wll.BKRT GreenFIELO . . . President William J. Simpkins . . . f ' ice-l ' icsiilent Sarah C. Stubbs . . . Sccreini ) Edolimius Towns . . . Tieasiiirr Carolyn Norhooh . . . C.iti i ii-sjiDudiu ' i Sfirclmy Elimi J. Crki;ni ' ii;lii . . . I ' ai luimciiidi inn FR K I). W ' lLLINLII M . . . Srii i ' illll-dl - linis Theodore B. Thornton . . . Hii. iiic. .s ]laniiu:er Robert R. Lank . . . Simlcni Cauncil Representative Robert B. Shaw . . . Student Council Representative Floyd HortMii r Frank I). illingliam E. Perry Palnier OUTSTANDING SENIORS It is only natural that some mem- bers of our class would haye dis- tinguished themsehes in achievement and service to the institution and their fellow-students. We list here our nominations for the high position of " Outstanding Seniors. " By their fine demonstration i)f in- tellectual vigor, broad knowledge of human nature, moral and spiritual examples and excellence in their many pursuits, here on the campus, these " superlatives " have been lahled for success in their future endeavors. We are happy to set those aside whom ive consider, most deserving. iiards Elisha Greenfield Thelma Faison William Simpkin James Griffin Allen T. Small ScKcax ( CcKi . , . AllcM. CU ' ' Allen, Manila iM. Alston. George Alston, Grady Alston. Mac F. Ambrose. Frank J. Anderson. Johnny Anderson. Oliver B. Andrews. Eveljn Andrews. Tliurnian, Jr. Arnold. Hazel E. Arli . joe lialle . Itul.rrl L. I!aker. (JIarenee Hanks. Marion liaiincr. James liarksdale. linlM rl liarnette. James Barnelte. Russell W. Ha.xter. Charles ' TtMctee cMcCxed a(tcC tcf- cx Belcher. Daniel J. Bennett. Dorothy Bcnnetle. [!u. lii-ilc Blarkwill. Kowcna Blair. Corene Blocker. Joseph J. Blue. Osie L. Boone. Clinton W. Bowers. Elizah. J i Bowers. Mae F. Brailshcr. fii.liert Brasslia«. James Brown. Clinton Brown. Elloill. Jr. Brown. Mindred Brown. Odessa I.. Brown. Robert E. ilrowri. Rupert limnetic. Joseph I Drunson. Pecolia Se ii n ia . . . Bryant, James Bullock, Willie Burney, Cliailes Bunis. .Sadie Cain, Frank Cannady. William Carpenta . Billy Carnr . James rain.ll. Jaik ( arsitn. William Carlcr. Iiulli Ann (Jharlrs. I al(lv in CliiTrx. General Chrsimitl. Melvin (:ii.- l,,n. Del.crah ( ' lark- Mplianso Clark. J..lm (!cil(iriaii. Bi-rry Cocikc. KallieiMi CcM,kle . Maiha Tt ctee«t U(tc( ted aad tc - cx C(irnr . Julius Cnl ial. James Cox. Annette Crane. Sanders Cuiniingliani. Mvrtle Currie. Julius |lal|ilnis. ( " Iianipion Dallnii. liuherl Daniels. Frosty Darilen. Edward Harden. Percy Hardi-n. Samuel Davis. Myrtle Davis. Willie Dawson. James E. Dillard. Hulh Doekerx. William S. Dod- nn. Ijousi. Jr. Dauson. James A. Diaki ' . Corbert R. Seaion. ( Ca . . . Drakeford, Dilores C. l)iiMla|). Alexander I. Dunn. Leniy E. Dunn. n.iiKdd G. Eakins. Veinise Easleiliiif;. Sdlmeii Ecclcs. I)a i l L. Edwards. VVilla Faye Eller. I!. .Ian. I Evari . .lolni Evans. Ecro . ,| r Fairlev. lilanrl, Fairfax. Rosaline I ' aisdii. ' riirlina Farrar. Ainiic M. I ' aulkrs. .Arlcnr Farluns. Marion I ' aucette. I ' anI M. Fielfls. Ivlward Fills. Flniu Ifi cteat icmcCxecC a tcf- x Flowers. MtKinley Foster. Donald Foster. John C. Caddie. Teddv Garner. Willie Garrett. Patricia Gavsie. Farienian Gee. Baxter George. Elsie L. Gibbs. Inez Gilchrist. Charles Goode. Ruben H. Goodwin. Lovell Grandy. Ruby Greene. Vernie Greenfield. Canielious B. Greenfield. Elisha Greenfield. aymond Greenfield. ilhert Crifini. James A. rf Sem n ia . . , Griffin. James N. Giinislev. Helen Guifoid, Rainer Hall. Walter. ,|r. Hamilloii. Mae E. Hani). AiidrcH. Jr. Hardy. Troy C. Harris;(pll. Coniz Harr. HaruM (). Harper. I ' atsx V. Harris. James R. Harris. Verliiie Harris. Willie M. Harris. Wiilierl Hasliiif;. DesiiKind Hawsley, Joe L. Hawkins. James E. Healli. (;c(jrne ll.iiis. Khircd G. Ilriin-N. I):ni.l " TtMctecK undfied cutcC c tcf- icx Heslon. James Hill. Areola Hillian. Marihn L. H..l,i,s. Martain R. Hodges. allace T. Hodges. illiam Hodnett. Alma B. Holden. Earl L. Holmes. .Allen Holmes. Kathvrn C. Hooper. Doris M. Hoover. Llovd Horton. Flovd W. Hoskins. Marguerite Howell. James L. Hunter. Frances Jackson. Argeriha James. . oah M. Jaudan. oam Jenkins. (;eneva L Semox C z , . . Jdhnson. Andrew Johnson. James E. Jcilnison. Maurice Jolinson. Raxinond Johnson. Waher A. Jones. Eddie M. Jones. Clarence Junes. Margaret Jone.s. Rosa S. Jordan. Johnny Jordan. William ,|o ncr ' . Lawrence Joyner. Famiie R. Kenan. Ed) the Km, lie. Helen KiriL ' . Alfonzo King. Zeno N. King. William. Jr. Kinghton. Carol T. Koger. James R. ItMctee M tcOtecC a t - x Kuiiiegav. Eiisha L. K lp. Heiierv J. Lane. Kniieit Leach. Bettie B. Leak. Rufus L. Leak. Charles Lewis. James A. Lewis. Jiihn D. Livingstun. Annie L. Long. Durel G. Love. Johnnie. Jr. Lowe, . nnie Lueas. Williams Mangum. Charles M. Marshall. Percy Martin. Kemieth A. Mattiton. Charles Mayett. Joseph E. Mayfield. Lawrence McAllistoe. Freddie D Hi Section, i . . . McCullougli. Roy McDaiiiel. Klmcr McDaniel. Lcnia M(|)anal(l. Dandy McGhee, Walter T. McFadden. Doris McNair, Earnest McNeill. James McTillman. Helen McKell, Eva Middlelon. Curtis Miles. William Miller. Rosevelt Mills, Thurnian Mosley, Willie Moore, Thomas Murphy, Dorid M. Nrill. Howard H. Noel, Hattie Norwood, Carolyn atetee cC%cct (Znd t f- x Oliver. Carrie M. Otis. Alfred C. Palmer. Perry E. Parker. Abraham Pasehall. Doroth B. Patillo. Mack A. Patrick. Odessa Patterson. Anne M. Paytuii. Bernard Parry. Alonza C. Perry. Dorsey M. I ' eltit. John H. I ' ittianian, Kizz Poole. Marie I ' oarch. Ethel B. Pumpey. Ella M. Poindexter, Charles S. Poindester. Charles W. Poole, Daisy Porter. James T. i Scftco t Ca . . . Purris. Irene Rainey. Masmi Ravnei. Wilbert Kfiil. Ileatiico liirliaidsuiu Shirley Hcliliins. William I!nliiii..on. Willie Iiiilliii . Eliniirv I{(i . James E. |{ci als. Hoover Uoxe. Eugene Samuel. Siler Sliaw. Alfonzo Sliau. James SIkih. Koherl D. Slierman. Letliia Sliurney. Salmon Sil.T. Roy. Jr. .Simmons. Lcttie Simmons. Miles m r metccK UKcOted m c tcf.- ix Siiiipkins, S illiam T. mall . George Smalls. Rosa B. Stnith. Albert Smith. Donald R. Smith. Mildres L. Snipes. John Speed. Gladys Speight, James Stanback. Arthur L. Stuhhs. Sarah Stafford. Osborne Stanlev. Cornelius Stuolton. Clatence Staton, Ar ies Statum. Art. Jr. Sutton. Hermen Tavlor. Gareth Throsheni. Henry Thompson. Charles Seac(n ( Cci i . . . ThonipsoM. Preston Towns. Edalphus Thornton. Theodore Threel. James Thurston. Alfred Walker, (leorge Wall, liichniond Warren. Thomas Watson. Rohert Weaver. Willie Wells. Rose Wemple. Beatrice White. James W. White. .Sherman Wiley. Sanmel Williams Christine William. Frank William. Mary C. William. Rohbins William. Warren -» KP 1 MctecK UftdtecC cutcC t tcf-4.Cx 1 )avis. W illiam T. Thomas. Fred X illinghan. rank D. U il iin. Delures itherspoon. Shirley W oodard. Bennie W uodard. Harstine X right. X irginia ynn. Earl Womble. Sarah Bright. Bobby Smith. Leonard 99 ; 4 ■•4 ' . ' - % 3,. . - -- V .v..- ' fj . -- ' • " V - ■Id -K ..t!i- ' ' ' 1 • j4 .- ' ' . M e(€ca% 1Ra iter ABRAMS, NORMAN. 3(15 Winston St., Thomusville. North Carolina. Music. Historv. Band. Musician C luh. ALLEN, CLLDDIK HA FL. Box :iy. Blanch. North Caro- lina, Fngiish, Sociology. F.l ..A., LKher Board. Fellowship Council, Chapel Comm. ALLEN. MARTHA MAZFLL. Route 4, Box 194. Oxford, North Carolina, History, Sociology, Fellowship Council, Y.W.C.A. ALSOTN. MAE FRANCES. 21f Bridgers St.. Hamlet. North Carolina. English. French. F,T., ' .. ' .W.C.A.. French Club. Women ' s Government Council. Fortnightly C luh. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. ANDREWS. EVELYN GFRTHA. Route I, Box 176, Pamplice, South Carolina, Commercial Education, Band, Business As- sociation. F.T.A. ANDREWS. THURMAN JAMES, .M18 Mclver St., Fayette- ville. North Carolina, Applied Sociology, Social Studies, Omega Psi Phi Erat.. Pershing Rifles, k.O.T.C, Oflicer ' s Cluh, Y.M.C.A. ARNOLD. HAZEL EDYTHE. Route 2, Box 177, Pelzer, South Carolina, French, History, Delta Sigma Theta So- roritv, French Cluh. .ARTIS ' JOE THOMAS. 2 Pine Street, Suffolk, Virginia. Plumbing. Steamfitling. Y.M.C.A.. Virginia C lub. BAILE " ' . ROBERT LEWIS, Apt. B-4. Fayelteville Rd.. Dur- ham. North Carolina. Masonry. u Force I rill Team. ' .M.C,. ' -. Masonry Club. BALDWIN. CHARLIE JR.. Pitlshoro. North Carolina. R.O.T.C., Officers Club, Y.M.C.A., Agriculture Associa- tion. N.F., ' . BAKER, CL, ' iRENCE. Route . Box 221), Kinston, North Carolina. Chemistry, Mathematics, American Chemical So- ciety. Y. M. C. A.. ReiiixUr Staff. French C lub. Fellowship Council, Mathematics Club. BANKS. MARIAN CHRIS ITNE, Route I. Box ?2 . Pol- locksville. North Carolina, Commercial Education. Business Association. BANNER. JANICE FAYE. P. O. Box hhS. Bladenboro North Carolina. Phy. Ed., Social Science, Choir, W.A.A.. Intramural. Mu Xi Nu. P.E.M. Cluh. Charm and Culture Club. BARKSDALE. HUBERT, 1 1 2 S. Gaines St., Southern Pines, North Carolina, Engineering Association, N.T.A. BARRETT. RUSSELL W.. Route 4. Box 192. Greenville. North Carolina, Ind. Arts. Boxing. Veteran Association. BENNhTl. DOROTHY GRAY, 11 College St. Extenston. C linton. North C arolina, C ommercial Edtication, Intramural Sports, Business Association. W.A.A.. Geographic Society. .W.C.A. BLACKWELL. ROWENA, Route 4, Box IIS.I, Oxford, North Carolina, Phv. Ed.. Social Studies. Modern Dance Group. Y.W.C.A., W.A.A. BLAIR. CORENE, 908 Curtis, Elementary Education, Soc E.T.A. BLUE. OSIE LEE, 938 MooJy lina. Elementary Education, graphic Society. BRADSHAW. ROBERT LOUIS. Route 2, Box 100, Cedar Grove, North Carolina, Tailoring, Tailoring Cl ub, Technical C lub. BRADSHAW, JAMES VINCENT, 359 Union St., Trenton. North Carolina, English, History, Glee Club, College Choir, Richard B, Harrison Players, Ki ' f;i. U ' r Staff. French Club. Cieographic Society. Y.M.C.A., Music Education. National ( onference. Fortnightly Club, English Fim C lub. Fellow- ship Council. F.T.A.. President. BUIF. EVA MAE. Rt. 2. Box 151. Williamsburg. Va. Busi- ness Administration. Virginia Club. Mu Xi Nu Social Society. C harm C ultural Club and Business Association. BRADSHAW, JAMES VINCENT, 359 Union St., Trenton. N. J.. English. History. Richard B. Harrison Players. Rii istii Staff. French Club. Creative Writing Club. Geographic Society. Y.M.C.A., Music Educators National Conference, Fortnightly Club. English Fun Club, Fellowship C ' ouncil, F.T.A. BROWN. CLIFTON LEE. Rt. 2. Box 372. Whiteville, N. C. Drv Cleaning. Technical Institute Club, Y.M.C.A. BROWN. ODESSA CORINE. P. O. Box 268. Pinehurst. N. C. Applied Sociology. Social Studies. Y.W.C.A., Geo- graphical Society. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Interna- tional Relations Club. Greensboro. North Carolina. Science. Geographic Society. Rd.. Greensboro, North Caro- Social Science, F.T.A.. Geo- 7th St., Winston-Salem. Accounting Military Trenton. Greens- Business BROWN. JR.. ELLK3T. 1413 E. N. C. Business Administration. Science. Officer ' s Club. BROWN. JACQUELINE MARIE. SOI Pavie Avenue, New Bern. N. C .. Home Economics. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Women ' s Government Council, Home Economics Club. BROWN. MILDRED JAUNITA. Rt. 2. Box 143. Greensboro. N. C. Commercial Education. Band. Intramural Sports, Business Association. BROWN. ROBERT EDWARD. Rt. 1. Box 7-A N. C. Industrial Arts. Y.M.C A. BROWN. RUPERT AUGUSTUS, 1800 E. Market St., boro, N. C. Business Administration. Swimming Association. Y.M.CA.. Mathematics Club. Virginian Club, Esquire Club. Intramural Athletics. BRUN.SCJN. PECOLIA. Rt. I. Box 170. Hamlet. N. C Elementary Education. History. Geographical Society. Usher Board. Fellowship C oimcil. BURNETTE. JOSEPH. Rt. 3. Box 82, Warrenton, N. C. Tailoring. Tailoring Club. BURNE ' i. CHARLES LENWARD. Rt. 1. Box 17. Council. N. C. Auto Mechanics. Costal Collegiate Club. Men ' s Dormitorv .Advisorv Council. Auto Mechanics Club. BURRIS, SADIE ANNIE LEE. Rt. 4. Box 302. Aiken. S. C. Applied Sociology. Social Science. Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Y.W.C.A.. Richard B. Harrison Plavers. Women ' s Government Council. CARNE1 ' . JAMES H.. JR.. 50K Miller St.. Goldshoro. N. C. Engineering Math. Physics. Senior Band. R.O.T.C. Officer ' s Cluh. CARSON. WILLIAM HARVEY, Rt. I. Mill Spring. N. C. Vocational Industrial Ed,. Veteran ' s Association. R.O.T.C. Officer ' s Club. CARTER. RUTH ANN. 809 Bloodworlh St.. Raleigh. N. C, Home Economics. Rti:l. tfr Staff, Band, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. CARPENJER. BILLY LOUIS. Rt. 2. Spartanburg. S. C. English, French, Ri;i!l tcr Staff. A aniee Staff. French C lub. Pi Delta Phi. Y.M.C.A., International Relations Club , Fort- nighll ' Club. English Fun Club. CHERRY. GENERAL. Rt. 3. Box 38, Tarboro, N. C. History. Social Studies. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. New Men ' s Dormi- tory Guidance Council. Y.M.C.A. CLARKE. ALPHONSO H.. Rt. 1, Box E-2. Scotland Neck. N. C. Radio Television. Radio Television Club. ' .M.C.A., Fellowship Council. CLARK. JOHN H.. P. O. Box 725. Knolls Development. Chapel Hill. N C. Business .A.iministration. Band. Concert Band. Intramural Baskelb.ill. Business , ' ssoc.. Ri ' U ' tci Staff. COLLINS. ALFRED OIIS. Rt. 2. Box 19. Norlina, N. C. Masonry, Technical Institute C lub. COOLEY. MARTHA EUDULA. Brinker Road. Barrington. 111., Agriculture, Horticulture, Agricultural Assoc, N.F.A.. Dramatic Club COVIAL, JAMES, 1102 Oakwood Ave.. Raleigh, N. C Busi- ness Administration, Social Science, Football. Intramural Sports, Letterman ' s C lub. Business Association. Sigma Rho Sigma. C RAINE. SANDERS. 227 Flint St., Charlotte, N. C, Carpentry. COX. OTHA PICKET!. JR.. 913 S. Person St., Raleigh. N. C, Vocational Ind. Ed.. English. Y.M.C.A., Intramural Sports. F.T.A.. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. CUNNINGHAM. M-iRILE OLIVINE. 1 1 10 Market St.. Greensboro. N. C .. Elementary Ed., English. Dance Group. Band. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. F.T.A.. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Y.W.C.A.. Sigma Rho Sigma Honor So- ciety. Fortnightly Club. CURRIE. JULIU.S ALLEN. Rt. 8, Box 6IA. Sanford. N. C. Biological Science. Chemistry. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Dramatics Cluh. French Club. Y.M.C.A. DOLPHUS. CHAMPION. 728 N. Davidson St.. Charlotte. N. C. Business .Administration. Business Club. R.O.T.C. Drill Team. Y.M.C.A. DALTON. ROBERT. I01I5 N. Long St.. East Spencer. N. C. Business Adminstration. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Y.M.C.A.. Business Association. DANIELS. FROSTY MAE, I0I9 S. 10th St., Wilmington, N. C, Elementary Ed., Social .Science, Geographic Society, F.T.A. DARDEN. EDWARD LEON. 103 Beech .St., Cireenshoro. 102 N. C. Vocational Industrial Ed.. B. A.. Track. Dramatic Club. Y.M.C.A.. Business Cluh. D.WTS. .NnRTlE LUCILLE, . rcola Rural Station, War- renton. N. C Home Ec. Ed.. Home Ecker ' s Club. Fello - ship Council- D.WIS. WILLL M TRO ' . JR.. Box 341. Salisbury. N. C. Fine . ns Ed.. Hislorv. .■ rt Circle. Ri-gisier Staff, . ' v. ntee Staff. Omeaa Psi Phi Fraternitv. ' ..M.C..A. DILL. RD. RUTH MILDRED. 1. 9 Prrce Road. Leaksville. N. C. Commercial Education, " i . C.A.. Business .As- sociation. DODSON. LOUIS JR.. Box 167. Rt. 1. Garland. N. C. Business .Administration. Business .Association. Geographical Societ , Virginian Cluh. Veteran .Association. ' .M.C..A.. Esquire Club. Mathematic Club, Fello ship Council. .Men ' s Dormitor .Advisors Council. DRAKE. REUBEN C.ARBERT. 414 Banks St.. Greensboro. N. C. Mathematics. Science. S mphonv Band. DUNL.AP. ALEX.ANDER ISI.AH. 61, Dawson St.. Wilming- ton, N. C. Social Science. Histor . Intramural Sports. Fellowship Council. Kappa Phi Kappa Debating Societw I.M.C.A., Band. DRAKEFORD. DELORES CONNIE. 201 Fifth St.. N. W.. Charlottesville. Va.. Sociolog . Social Science. French Club. Dramatic Club. Virginia Club. DUREN. DON.AL GR.A ' ' . 900 Locust .Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C. .Applied Sociology. Historv, Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Societv, Omega Psi Phi Fraternitv. Kappa Psi Debating Team, Dramatics, ' .NLC-.A.. W ' insion-Salem Club. EAKINS. VERNICE. Rt. 2, Box 4I». Burgaw. N, C. Agri- culture Education, General Science, N,F..A., .Agriculture ,Association, " ' ..M.C-.A. ECCLES, DAMD L " l BROOK, Rt 1., Box 86, Clemmons, N, C, Biological Science, Chemistrv, French Club, Winston- Salem Club. ■ ■.M.C.A. ELLER. ROLANDO FLOYD. 1131 Grav Ave.. Winston- Salem. N. C Vocational Ind. Ed.. Varsitv Baseball. Letter- men ' s Club. Mu Xi Nu Social Societv. Winston-Salem Club. EASTERLING. SOLOMON. 122 Chase. Favetteville. N. C. Fnslish. Phvsical Ed.. Boxing. Lettermen ' s Club. ED S AKDS. V iLL.A FAt E, .v)2 t. Stronach Ave . Golds- boro, N. C Elementarv Ed., Social Science. .Mu Xi Nu Social Societv. F.T..A., Charm and Cultural Societ v, Women ' s .Athletic .Association. EVANS, JOHN AND1, JR., Rt. 1, Clemmons, N. C, Bio- logical Science, Chemistry. French Cluh. V.M.C.A.. Winston- Salem Cluh. EVANS. LERO ' ' . JR.. Rt. 1. Box 70. Walstonhurg. N. C. Business .Adminstration, .Accounting. Baseball. Intramural Sports. Business -Association, ' oung .Men ' s Christian .As- sociation. Men ' s Dormitorv .Advisorv Council. FAIRLE . BLANCHE STUBBS, lIlBvrd St., Favetteville, N, C, History, Social Studies, Delta Sigma Theta Sororitv, French Club, Geographical Societv. Usher Board. FAISON. THELM.A LOUISE. 1306 Seaboard St.. Goldshoro. N. C Commercial Ed.. College Choir. Charm and Cultural Cluh. .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sororitv. Pi Omega Pi Honor Societv. Mu Xi Nu Social Societv. Business .Association, the .Av ANTEE Staff. FARRAR. ANNIE NH RTLE. Small St.. Pittsboro. Norih Carolina. Elementarv Ed.. Social Science. -Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority. F.T..A.. ' .W.C..A.. Geographical Society. Charm and Cultural Societv. FAUCETTE. PAUL -MALEAN. 716 Willard. Durham. N. C. Vocational Industrial Ed. FITTS. ELMO RAYMOND JR., Rt.. 3. Box 77. Littleton. N. C- Painting A; Decorating. Technical Institute Cluh. Veterans Club. FLOWERS. .MCK1NLE1 ' JR.. 246 E. Bell St.. Alcoa. Tenn.. Vocational Industrial Ed.. ■ ' .M-CA.. Veteran ' s -Association. FOSTER. JOHN EDWARD. Rl. I. Bo 1I8A. Kittrell, N. C, Chemistrv. .Math. Boxina Team. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternitv. FOWLKES. ARLENE DELORES. Rt.. 1. Box 48, Green Bay, Va., Home Economics Ed,, Home Ecker ' s Club, Fellow- ship Council. GARRETT. PATRICIA .ANN LAMBERT I MRS. I, 1045 E. Eighth St.. Winston-Salem, N, C, Commercial Ed,. ■ ' .W,C -A-, Winslon-Salem Cluh. Business Club. Hobbv Club. CAUSE. FREE-NLAN. Rt- 1. Box 81. Shallotte. N. C. Biological Science. Chemistrv. ' ' .M.C.A. GAVIN. CHARLES AGNER. 624 Poplar St.. Goldshoro. N. C Fine .Arts. History. .Art Circle. Men ' s Dormitorv Advisorv Council- GEORGE! ELSIE LEE. P. O. Box 221. Elizabethtown. N. C. English. Spanish, Choir, Fortnightlv Club. Y.W.C.A.. Geo- graphic Societv. .Alpha Kappa Sororitv. GIBBS. INEZ, ' l26 Spring St.. Charleston. S. C, English. Social Science. V.W.C..A.. F.T.A., Delta Sigma Theta So- roritv. Omega Phi .Alpha Sororitv. Fortnightlv Club. GILCHRIST. CHARLES. P. O. Box 32. Wagram. N. C. Applied Sociologv. Social Science. .A.F.R-O-T.C. Rifle Team, ■ -M-C -A-, Basketball Team. Intramural Sports. ' ■-M.C.A,, Geographic Society. Day Student ' s Organization. Interna- tional Relation Club. GOODE. CHARLES EUGENE. Rt, 1. Box 60. Macon. N, C. -Animal Husbandrv, N,F,.A. Phi Beta Siema Fraternitv. GOODWIN. LOVELL. 206 Woodview .Ave.. Spartanburg. S. C Biological Science. Chemistrv ' . F.T..A.. .Alpha Kappa -Alpha Sororitv. GREENE. VERNON MCCOY. 113 Railroad Ave.. Oxford. N. C. Masonrv. Y..M-C-.A-, Masonrv Cluh- GREENFIELD, CAMELIOUS BRlNStON, Rt- 1, Box 17, Dudlev. N. C Industrial -Arts. Industrial Education As- sociation, Veteran ' s .Asscciation. GREENFIFLS, FLISHA JAMES, Rt. 2, Box 50. Seven Springs, N. C, Biological Science, Chemistry -Air Science, -Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Societv, Beta Kappa Chi Honor Societv. National Societv of Scabbard Blade. Honor .Air Societv. Men ' s Dormitorv -Advisorv Council. Group Com- mander ,A-F-R.O.T.C., Officer ' s Club, Av.vntee Staff, U id ' s li ' ho in Anwruaii CoUeees unci L ' niversities. GREENFIELD, WA ' VMOND MONZELL. Rt. 1. Box 17, Dudlev. N. C Commercial Ed.. Business .Association, Men ' s Dormitorv .Advisorv Council. GREENFIELD, WTLBERT, ' Rt. 2, Box 50. Seven Springs. N. C, Biological Science. Chemistrv. President of Senior Class. -Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Societv. Beta Kappa Chi Honor Societv. National Societv of Scabbard and Blade. .Arnold .Air Societv. Officers ' Club. Group Executive Of- ficer. Men ' s Dormitorv Council. Editor of -A.F.R.O.T.C. Guided -Missile. Av vntee Stxff. H io ' .s IVho in .American C " tU ' i:t " i and L ' nivcrsitits. GRIFFIN, JA-MES ALPHONSO. 2116 Barhamville Rd., Columbia. S. C. Business Administration. Register Staff. -Av vSTEE Staff. Stude-it Union .Association. Inter-collegiate Conference Council. " ' .M.C.A.. Business .Association. Presi- dent. Men ' s .Advisorv Council. R.O.T.C.. Band. HALL. WALTER J.ACQUES. 25. Dot St.. Leesburg. Fla.. Biological Science, Chemistry, Marching Band, Concert Band, Brass Ensemble, .Alpha Phi -Alpha Fraternitv, Le Cercle Francais. Register Staff. -American Chemical Societv. HAMILTON. E. M.AE. 501 S. Benbovi Rd.. Greensboro. N. C-, Commercial Ed.. Pi Omega Pi Honor Society. .Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Societv. Business -Assoc. H.ARD ' ' . ANDREW C. 248 Lincoln St.. Concord. N. C. Electical Engineering. Mathematics, .Arnold -Air Society. Engineering .Association. Y.M.C..A.. Officer ' s Club. Wel- fare Fund. HARD ' . TRO ' C. Rt. 3. Box 313. Enfield. N, C-. In- strumental Music. Mathematics. Men ' s Glee Cluh. Band. ' i.M.C.A.. -M.E.N.C. HARPER, P.ATS ' VICKS. Rt. I. Box 99. Essex. N. C. Tailoring. Y.W.C..A.. Fellowship Council. Usher Board, Technical Institute Club. Cultural Societv. HARRELL. JAMES LINWOOD. Rt 2. Box 159. Windsor. N. C. Biology. Chemistrv, Air Science. .Alpha Phi Omega Fraternitv. ' .M.C..A.. Men ' s Dormitory .Advisorv Council, .Arnold .Air Societv. Officer ' s Club. HARRIS. VERLENE. 829 Polk St.. Charlotte 6. N. C. Elementary Education. Social Science. F.T..A.. Geographical Sccietv. Fellowship Council. ' V ' .W.C.-A. HARRIS. V ILBFRT. Rt. 2. Box 185. Maxton. N. C. Ma- sonrv. Crescent Club. Masonrv Club. H-ARRIS. WILLIE METTIS. Rt. 1. Box 132. Dover. N, C„ .Agricultural Education. .Agricultural .Association. N.F..A. HANSLEY. JOE LOUIS. Bonlee, N, C, Plumbing. HAWKINS, JAMES E., Rt 1, Box 90. Kittrell. N. C, -Aericulture Eneineerins. Malh, N.F.-A- HE.ATH, GE0RG " E EDW ' ARD. RFD 1, Box 55. Painter. Va.. Vocational Industrial Ed,, Industrial -Arts. Veteran ' s .As- sociation. .Auto Mechanic ' s Cluh. HENR ' . D. D.. 76 A Haglev Park Rd.. Kingston. Jamaica. B. W. I., Agronomy. ' I ' .M.C.A.. N.F..A.. .Agriculture. .As- sociation. International Relations Club. HESTER. JAMES ROBERT. 207 N. Robinson St.. Chapel Hill. N. C. Music. Historv. Marching Band. Svmphony Band. Saxophone Ensemble. Woodwind Ensemble. Rhythm Vets Orchestra. Music Educators National Conference. HILLI.AN. - I.ARIL N PAULETTE. 904 S. Maurice St.. Mon- roe. N. C. Sociologv. Social Science. ' .W.C..A.. Usher Board. Omeea Phi .Alpha. Fellowship Council. HINES. ELDRED CLINTON, 1014 Orange St.. Fayetteville. N. C Men ' s Glee Cluh. Choir. Geographic Society. " ' .M.C.-A., International Relations Club. 10.3 HODGE. THEO WALLACE. Rt.. 2 Box 229. Wendell, N. C, Electrical Engineering. Math. Engineering Association. N.T.A. HODNETT, ALMA BOLDEN, Rt. 1. Box 270. Reidsville. N. C. Elementary Education. Social Science. Y.W.C.A . Geographic Societ , Women ' s Student Government. E.T.A.. Women ' s Athletic Association. Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society. HOLMES. ALLEN. 1707 Harrison Ave.. Winston-Salem. N. C Biological Science. Chemistry. Scabbard Blade. Honor Society. Officer ' s Club. HOOPER, DORIS MARIE. S(14 Julian St., Greensboro, N. C ., ( ommercial Ed., Business Association. HOOVER, LLOYD WALLACE, 414 N. McCrory St., Ashe- boro. N, C. Music. Math. Band. .M.C.. .. Alpha Phi Omega Eraternity. Brass Ensemble. Music Educators. Na- tional Conference. HORTON, ELOYD W., Rt., 1, Box 9. Pittsboro. N. C. Biological Science, C hcmistry, R.O.T.t . Rifle Team. Men ' s Dormitory Advisory Council. Sophists Societ . Alpha Kappa Mil Honor Society. Pershing Rifles, Valiant Club. R.O.T,C. Officer ' s ( lub, Cadel, Honor Committee. HOSKINS, SEPHIA MARGUERITE, 41.1 Jaun St., Marion, Va., Math, Physics. Math Club. HOWARD, ANNIE (. ., Rt. 2. Summerfield. N. C, Institution NLinagement, Home Ecker ' s Club. ' I ' .W.C.A. IIUNIER. ERANC ES LOUISE, 428 Solomon St.. Charlotte. N. C „ Chemistry, Math, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society, American Chemical .Society, Women ' s Government Council. Tuteral Staff, H ' lui ' s It in ( Anifiicttn C( ' ( ' et tiiul V nivcisitics. LIVINGSTON, ANNIE LEE, Sawdst Lane. Laurinburg, N. C ., E!ementar Ed., Social Science, Dance Group, Dramatic Club, Eellowship Council, " I ' .M.C.A.. College Choir. Charm and Cullura! Club. MICKEL. EVA. I.Ml.l Orchard St., Greensboro. N, C., in- stitution Management, Home Ecker ' s Club, Y.W.C.A. lAC KSON. ARGERTHA NEVORA. M)h E. Mullins St.. Elor- ence, S. C ., Commercial Education, Business . ssocialion. Dramatics Club, Women ' s .Athletic Association. lAUDON. NAOMI RUTH, 2410 Lee .St.. Brunswick, Ga,, Home Economics Education, Home Ecker ' s Club, Y.W.C .A, JENKINS, LOIS GENEVA, Rt. .1, Box yi . Whitevillc, North Carolina, Clothing. General .Science, Dance Group Women ' s Athletic Association, Delta Sigma Theta .Sorority, E.T.A., Home Ecker ' s Club, Usher Board, Y.W.C.A. JOHNSON. WALTER. JR.. 1117 Langford .St.. Asbury Park. N. J.. Architectural Engineering. Mathematics. Intramural Football, Intramural Basketball, Officer ' s C lub, .Arnold . ' ir Society. Engineering .Assticiation. JOHN.SON. MAURICE JEROME, h(l6 Caic Street, Eliza- beth City. N, C, Industrial Arts. JOHNSON, RAYMOND NAVARRO. .1(l2. ' i Williams Ave., Neviport News, Va., Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Varsits B.tseball, National Technical Association, Engineer- ing .Association. Lampoeias Club. JONES, EDDIE MAXWELL, 604 Cedar Street, Beaufort, N. C, Engineering Mathematics. Physics, Brass Assemble, College Band. JONES. MARCiARET M., G-.1 Washington Terrace. Raleigh, N. C ,, Biological Science, Chemistry, W.A.A.. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Beta Kappa Chi. American Chemical So- ciety, Y.W.C.A.. Women ' s Tutorial Staff. » ' ni ' ,v Who. JORDAN, JOHNNY. Rt. 1. Box 2 y. Burgaw, N. C, Bio- logical Science, Chemistry, AvANTlll. .Staff, President of Costal Collegiate Club. Co-chairman of Social Committee of Senior Class, Publicity Committee of Senior Class, American Chemical Society, Y.M.C.A., Men ' s Dormitory Advisory Council, JORDAN, WILLIAM HENR , Rt. I, Bo 2. ' i2. Burgaw, N. C. Mathematics. Cicneral Science, Costal Collegiate Club, JO ' iNER. EANNIE RUfH, 904 S. Main Street, Earmvilie, N. C .. Home Economics. Home Ecker ' s Club, Usher Board. JOYNER, LAWRENC E TLIRNER, P, O. Box 62.1, Oxford, N. C ., Biological Science, Chemistry. National Society of Pershing Rifles, American Chemical Society. Men ' s Dormi- tory Advisory Council, National Society of Scabbard and Blade, Y,M.C.A.. Officer ' s Club, Cadet Welfare Committee. KEENAN. EDYTHE Ml HE ITIE. Rt. 1. Box 298, Chin- quapin, N. C ., Tailoring, KING, ALEONZO. .120 Nelson St.. Mount Olive. N. C. Business Administration. Air Science, Einancial Secretary of Men ' s Dormitory Advisory Council. Financial Secretary of Air Force C adet Welfare, Intramural Basketball, Editor- in-Chief of the AvANiLt, Vice-President of Officer ' s Club, Executive Officer of Arnold Air Society. President of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade, Business Associa- tion. Squadron Commander, Air Force R.O.T.C., Wiio ' s Who. KING. ZENO, JR., Rt, 2, Box 224. Washington, N, C„ Masonry, KORNEGAY, ELISHA LENUEL, P. O. Box 1.13, Trenton. N. C. Biology, Chemistry, .American Chemical Society, Men ' s Advisory Council. ' V ' .M.C.A. KOGER. JAMES RUEUS. .104 Holdcrby Street. Reidsville. N. C. Applied Sociology, Social .Science. Boxing, Choir, Male Cilee Club, Sigma Rho Sigma, Y.M.C.A,, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Year Book Staff, President of Junior C lass. Delegate to Student Legislature, F.T.A.. N. C. Club, Esquire C lub. LANE. JOHNNIE. JR., S19 N. John Street. Goldshoro, N. C, Chemistry. Mathematics. Men ' s Glee Club. LANE. ROBERT BARTELL. 447 Parksping Street. Henderson. N. C .. General Science, Air Science. Debating Team. Basket- ball. Air Force R.O.T.C ., Intramural Football, Student Rep- resentative Vice-President of Student Council, Men ' s Dor- mitory Advisory Council. Y.M.CA., Student Council. Kappa Phi Kappa Forensic Society. LEAK. CHARLES IHOMAS. ' 401 Duddley Street, Sanford, N, C .. Industrial Arts. Mathematics, Band. LONG, DUREL GRAY. Rt. 2. Burlington, N. C. Biological Scicicc, Chemistry, Chemical Society, Day Student Or- ganization. LOWE. ANNIE LEE, Rt, 1, Shelby. N. C. Elementary Education. Art. Art Circle. Geographic Society. F.T..A.. Fellowship Council. LUCAS. WILLIAM STEWART. Route 1. Box 12. Knight- dale, North Carolina. Applied Sociology. Social Science. MAJF ' LI. JOSEPH E.. P. O. Box 261. Rich Square, North Carolina, History, Economics. MARSH. JOHN WILLIAM. 704 First St., Monroe. North Carolina. Masonrv. ' i ' .M.C.A. MA ' i ' EIFLD, LAWRENCE. 261-D Windley St.. High Point. North C arolina. Shoe Repairing, Business, Technical In- slilule ( lub. Veteran ' s C lub. McAILISIER, FREDDIE DAUGLAS. 1620 Slater Ave., Faycttcville. N. C. Tailoring. Choir. Men ' s Glee Club. McDANlEL, ELMER MARVIN, 109 Gilmer Ave., N, W„ Ronoke, Va,, Applied Sociology, Economies, Geographic Society, Scabbard and Blade, McDonald, SAND-i NORRIS, 711 Poteat Court, Greens- boro, North Carolina, .Social .Science, History, Band, Day Student ( lub. McEADDEN, DORIS EARLENE. Rt. 1, Box .176, Monroe, North Carolina, Nursery School Education, Home Ecker ' s Club, Y.W.C.A. McGHEE. WALTER THOM.AS, . " l.s Chestnut St.. Hender- son. North Carolina, Physical Education, Social Science, Band, Track, Gymnastics, P.E. Club. Sigma Rho Sigma, H hit ' s Who. Intramural Committee. McMlLLIAN. JOYCE PANSY. 42.1 Barges Lane. Faycttcville. North C arolina. C ommercial Education. Choir. McNAIR. ERNEST IHERMAN. 104 Short .St.. Dunn, N, C„ Electrical Engineering, Engineering Association. McNl ILL. JAMES THOMAS. P. O. Box 469. Red Springs, North Carolina, Welding, Technical Institute Club. McllLLMAN. HELEN. Route 2. Box 94. Bear Creek. North Carolina, Tailoring. MICKEL. EV.A. I .MJ.1 Orchard St., Greensboro, N. C. In- stitution Management, Home Ecker ' s Club, Y.W.C.A. MILES, WILLIAM. McKINLEY, Route 2, Box 48, Princess ,Anne, Maryland, Physical Education, .Social Science. Varsity Baseball. Nlen ' s Intramural Director, Assistance, Letter Men ' s C lub. MILLS. IHULMON. Route I. Box 8.1. Vanceboro. North Carolina. Biological Science, Chemistry, Y,M,C,A.. French Club, The .American Chemical Society, MURPHY, DORIS MARIE, Rt, I, Box .1906. Pollocksville. North Carolina, History. Social Studies, Geographic Society. NEILL, HOWARD H., Route I, Box ISO, Council, North C arolina. Chemistry, Mathematics, Costal Collegiate C lub. President, .American Chemical Socictv, Library C lub, Y.M.C.A. NOEL. HATTIE MAE. 406 Third St., Martinsville, Va., Physi- cal Ei-iucation. Social Studies, Intramural Sports, ' ,W.C ..A.. Virginia C lub. P.E. ( lub. W.A.A. NORWOOD. CAROL N VIRGINIA. 60.S Bradford St.. Flor- ence. S. C, Commercial Education, Women ' s Athletic As- sociation, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority ,Secretary, Business Association Secretary, Pi Omega Pi Treasurer, Business Honorary Society. Cultural Society, Pan-Hellenic Council (Ass ' t, Sec) IfU OLIVER. CARRIE MAE. :i4 Nolh. Clinton. N. C. Elemen- lar Education. Hi tor . F.T-.A. ORMOND. RUB ' l LUCILLE. P. O. Box 115. Maury. N. C. Business .Association. Fellowship Council. P.ALMER. EDMUND PERR ' l . 331 Flint Street. Charlotte. North Carolina, Business .Administration. .Accounting. Busi- ness Mgr. of The Resister. Sports Editor of the .A ntee. Chairman of Committees for the Senior Class. President of the Y.M.C..A.. Business .Association. Fellowship Council. College Chapel .Advisory Board. PARKER. ABRAHAM. Rt. 2. Box 247. St. Pauls. North Caro- lina. Tailorine. Men ' s Glee Club. College Choir, Tailoring Ciub. PASCHALL. DOROTH ' i BLANCHE. Rt. 1, Box 84. Norlina. North Carolina. Ph sical Education. Social Science. W.A..A.. P.E.M.. ' .W.C.A.F.T.A. PATTERSON. ANNA MAE. Rt. 3. Box 6, Rockingham. North Carolina. Elementary Education. English. Register Staff. Day Student Organization. PERR ' l. DORSE ' i ' McKlNLE ■. Rt. 2. Box 208. Wendell. North Carolina. English. Sociology. Phi Beta Sigma Fra- ternitv. Treasurer. Fortnighth Club. F.T..A.. Y..M.C..A. PIERCE. GEORGE CARNES. Box f 2. George. N. C. Busi- ness -Administration. Social Science. Representative of the American Tobacco Company. Business Association, ' .M.C..A.. Veteran ' s Club. PO.ARCH, ETHEL VIRGINIA BRIGGS. Route 2. Box 16. Stony Creek. Virginia. Home Economics Education. Home Ecker ' s Club. .Agricultural .Association. Virginia Club, ' .W.C..A.. 4-H Club. .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sororitv. POOLE. MARIE. .Apple Street. Graham. N. C French. English. Marching Band, Le Cercle Francais, Pi Delta Phi. POOLE. D.AIS ' ' R.rCeneral Delivery. Graham. N. C History. Social Studies. Band. Geographical Society. F.T..A.. Day Student Organization. Hobby Club. Senior Dormitory Council. POMPEI. ELLA MAE. 249 Eighth Avenue. Drive South West. Hickory. North Carolina. Nursery School Education, Home Economics, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. V.W.C..A.. Home Echer ' s Club, Women ' s Governing Council. POINDEXTER. CHARLES WILLIAM. 61 ' " : Calvert St.. .An- napolis, Maryland, Business -Administiaiion, intramural Basketball, Intramural Football, Business .Association, Y.NLC.A. POINDEXTER. CHARLES S.. P. O. Box 36, Nathale. Va., Business .Administration. Biologv. Business .Association. Y.M.C.A.. Veteran ' s Club. PORTER. JA.MES TI.MOTHY. 218 Culpeper St., Culpeper, Va.. Chemistry. Band. -Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Beta Kappa Chi Scientic Honorary Society, -American Chemical Societv. National Technical .Association. POWELL. -MARIE. Route 1. Box 161. Emporia. ' a.. Physical Education, Social Science, Choir, Dance Group, Dramatics Club, Intramurals, W-AA., P.E.M- Club, " WCA., Usher Board. PURVIS. IRENE EVERTA, 1022 South Ashe Street, Greens- boro, N. C. Commercial Education. Business .Association. P-AYNER. WILBERT, Rt. 3. Box 45. Clinton, N, C, In- dustrial .Arts- P.AR ' i ER. GILFORD. Rt. 3. Box 4. Clinton. N. C. Masonry. REAVES. GRACIE M.. 422 Valentine St.. .Mullins, South Carolina, Commercial Education, F.T..A.. Business -Associa- tion, REID, BEATRICE GWENDOLYN, 323 Wilson St., Franklin, Va., Elementary Education, Social Science, Y.W.C--A-, Geo- graphical Societv, Fellowship Council, F-T-.A-. Virginia Club- RIVERS. EDG-AR B01KIN. 2463 North 19th Street. Phila- delphia. Pennsylvania. Chemistry. Mathematics. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, President, .American Chemical Society. ROBINSON, WILLIE C Route 1, Dunn, North Carolina, Biological Science, Chemistry, Choir, Glee Club, Av.xntee and Register Staff, French Club, -Alpha Phi -Alpha Fra- ternity, Men ' s Dormitory -Advisory Council- ROYALS, HOOVER M., Rt. 4. Box 100. Windsor, N, C, Agricultural Education. N.F..A.. .Agricultural -Association, -Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity. ROY. JAMES EDWARD. 325 ' Beech St., Greensboro. N. C, Biological Science. Chemistry. Military Science. R.O-T.C, Officer ' s Club, Scabbard and Blade Society, .American Chemical Society. SH.AW, ROBERT DELANE, 520 Edens Ave.. Lumberton. N. C Biological Science. .Air Science, Student Council, Men ' s Dormitory .Advisory Council. -Arnold -Air Society. Pan-Hellenic Council. Cadet Welfare Committee. R.O.T-C- Officer ' s Club. N.C.O. Promotion Board, -Av.xntee Staff, Alpha Phi -Alpha Fraternity, Rfginer Staff, SHAW, JAMES MARVIN, 1410 East 5lh Street, Winston- Salem, North Carolina. Vocational Industrial Education, Industrial .Arts. Boxing Intramurals. Basketball. Football. Winston-Salem Club. Rieisicr Staff. Dramatics Club. SHERMAN- LETHIA MAE. 715 South Eighth Street. Wil- mington. Nonh Carolina, English, History. Fortnightly Club, Dramatics Club. SHUR.ME ' V. SOLOMON EDWARD. 154 E. Second St., .Macon, Georgia, .Architectural Engineering, Mathematics, Engineering .Association. National Technical .Association. SIMMONS- LETTIE LOUISE. 307 Griffin St., Wilson, N. C, Commercial Education. Business .Association. ' ' .W.C.A.. SI.M.MONS. MILES ERVEN. Route 2. Box 231-A. New Bern. North Carolina. .Masonry. Technical Institute Club, Treasurer, Masonry Club. SIMPKINS. WILLIAM JOSEPH. 929 Kershaw Street. Aiken. S. C. Biology. Chemistry Military Science. Dramatics Club. President. Reinsier Staff, Kappa Phi Kappa Debating Society, Y.M.C-.A-. Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity. Inc., Treasurer, Pan-Hellenic Council. H ' ho ' s H ' ho. Vice- President of Senior Class. R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Campus Cigarette Representative for R. J. Reynold ' s Tobacco Company. SMITH- -ALBERT EM-MANUEL- 1117 East 130pr-. Chicago. 111.. Ph sical Education. .Military Science. Varsity Basketball, R-O.T-C. Officers Club, Letterman ' s Club- SMITH, -MILDRED LAURANA, 1204 Cedar St., New Bern, N- C- -Applied Sociology, Social Science, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority , Sigma Rho Sigma Honor Society, Women ' s Government Council. SPEED. GLAD ' iS ELAINE. Post Office Box 126. Fuquay Springs. N. C Elementary Education, Social Science, F.T..A-, Geographical Societv- ST.ANLE ' . DONALD RAPHAEL. 505 Mulberry St.. Beau- fort. N. C. Industrial .Arts. Mathematics. Basketball and Band. ' I ' .M-C.A.. Engineering .Association, Kappa -Alpha Psi Fraternity- -Men ' s Dormitory -Advisory Council- STUBBS- S-AR-AH CATHERINE, P. O- Box 5, Gibson, N, C-, Commercial Education, Cheerleader, Business Association, Secretar of Senior Class. SUTTON. HERMAN. 309 South Herman St., Goldsboro, N. C. Chemistry. .Mathematics. President of Student Council. .American Chemical Society, B.K.X.. Alpha Kappa Mu. V.M.C-A- TAYLOR- GARETH C . 601 White Street. Elizabeth City, N. C, Industrial .Arts. THO-MPSON. PRESTON EARL. Route 3. Mebane. N .C. Tailorine. Tailorine Club. Technical Club. THORNTON. THEODORE BURNIS. 1315 South -Alston Ave-, Durham. N. C, Industrial .Arts. Band. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Student Council. Na- tional Student .Association. .Athletic Committee. ' .M.C.-A-, Industrial Education Club, Guided Missile News Staff. THURSTON. ALFRED ERNEST. 124 N. W 10th Ave., Pompana. Florida. Biology. Chemistry. Track. Lampodas Club. ' .M.C--A., -American Chemical Societv- TOWNS- EDOLPHUS CHINOR, P. O. Box 102. Chadboum, N. C. .Applied Sociology, Economics and History, Intra- mural Football, Basketball, Varsity Track Team, Dramatics Club, French Club, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Geographic Society, Pan-Hellenic Council, Esquire Club, W.-M.C.-A., Fellowship Council, Men ' s Dormitory -Advisory Council- WALL- RICHMOND- JR.- " 28 East Davie, Raleigh, N, C-, Welding- Technical Institute Club- WALKER, GEORGE WILLARD. Route 1. Box 207. Vir- gilina. Virginia. Biological Science. Chemistry, ' ' ..M.C.-A-, -American Chemical Society, Virginia Club and Pershing Rifles, WATSON, ROBERT LEE, 412 Pennslylvania Ave,, Rocky Mount, N, C, Biological Science, Chemistry, Dramatics Club, Y-M-C-A-, Intramural Sports, WTLLS, ROSE E-, 307 V ' inston St„ Thomasville, N. C-, Commercial Education, Business ,Association, Ivy Leaf Club, Richard B- Harrison Plavers- WHITE, JA-MES WILLIAM, P- O- Box 2, New Canaan, Conn,, Physics. .Alpha Kappa .Mu. National Society of Scabbard and Blade. .Arnold .Air Society, Men ' s Dormitory Advisory Council, ,A antee Staff, Engineering -Association, National Technical -Association, French Club, Officer ' s Club, Cadet Welfare Committee. Mathematics .Association of .America, N.C.O. Promotion Board, H ' ho ' s H ' ho. WILEI ' , SAMUEL ERVIN, 716 Royal St., East Spencer. N. C, Carpentry. WILLIAMS. CHRISTINE. Route 1. Box 65, Walstonburg, North Carolina, Commercial Education, Usher Board, Fellowship Council, Business -Association. WILLIAMS. FRANK -AUSTIN, 714 Person St.. Fayetleville, 105 N. C, Sociology, History. Intramural Foothall. Y.M.C.A., Geographic Society. Men ' s Dormitory Advisory Council. WILLIAMS. WARREN ERVIN. 1818 E. Pettigrew St.. Dur- ham. N. C. V.M.C.A.. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Mathe- matics Club. French Club. Men ' s Dormitory Advisory Coun- cil. WILSON. COLONIA DELORIS. 307 Hackney Street. Wilson. N. C. Secreterial Science. Cheerleader. Women ' s Athletic Association. Y.W.C.A.. Business Association, Yearbook Staff. Chairman of Program Committee for Senior Dor- mitory. WITHFRSPOON, LUGENE SHIRLEY, Route 1, Box 318, Lancaster, S. C, Clothing, Delta Sigma Theta Sororitv. Home Fcker ' s Club. Y.W.C.A. WOMBLF, SARAH CATHERINE. Siler City. N. C. Com- mercial Education, Business Association. Y.W.C.A. WOODARD. HARESTINE EVANGELINE. 1000 Mercer Street. Wilson. N. C Elementary Education, Social Studies. Y.W.C.A.. F.T.A. W NN. WILLIAM E.. 518 Fast Washington Street. Suffolk. Va., Biological Science, Military Science, Intramural Basket- ball, Football. Officer ' s Club. Pershing Rifle. Military Society. Virginia Club. Union Association. CO.X. ANNETTE ASCFOLA. 818 South .Steel Street. San- ford, N. C, Physical Education, W.A.A., Usher Board, Dance Group, Geographical Societv, Intramural Sports and the P.M, Club. BAXTER, CHARLES, 303 Rockspring St., Henderson, N, C, Biology, History, Band, Mu Xi Nu, N.E.A., Men ' s Dormitory Advisory Council, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and Pan- Hellenic Council. McDANIEL, LEOLA, Box 153-A, Garysburg, N. C. Ele- mentary Education. Social Science. Y.W.C.A.. Fellowship Council and Geographic Society. RICHARDSON, SHIRLEY MILDRED, 807 .South 12th Street, Wilmington, N. C, Applied Sociology, Social Science, " MISS A. T., " Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary Society, Who ' s Who, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Dramatics Club, Women ' s Governing Council, Radio Broadcasting Com- mittee, Athletic Committee, and High School Senior Day Committee. GRIMSLFY, HELEN INELL, Route 3, Box 255. Ayden, N, C„ Home Economics Education, Y.W.C.A., Fellowship Coun- cil, Usher Board, Home Eckers Club, 4-H Club and Agri- culture Asso ciation. WILLINGHAM, FRANK DAVID, 618 Vermont Street, Law- rence, Kansas, English, Air Science, Corps Commander, R.O.T.C.; President, Letterman ' s Club; Men ' s Dormitory Advisory Council, Football, Sergeant-at-arms, Senior Class; Commander, Arnold Air Societv; and R.O.T.C Officers Club. 106 IB Printed and bound by Edwards Broughton Co. Raleigh. N. C. , E ' -C ' r

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