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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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W:i ' : ii NC A S T STATE UNIV LIBRARY ' ' llf ' ' ' ' ll ' " illll ' ' lliPllfl ' lllll| 3 0343 03397473 3g-];ffiffla ;:SSij fj 3jgt|W y- ii( ;ri3 ' ami« ' .t:s i i!9(Kgu i itdCvras{oai -tvj . ' ' ill tft iii i{ t m. H» .4 4 W ' «3 . v JM ■ wihb " h jcraOKvai ' JNPiw ' jcraBPs ai ' iwptyTt?BOTBp?i ■iMp itflUi lii DUDLEY HALL bv - IW 1953 C Cycmcee Published Annually by the Students of The Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina Gree?isboro, North Carolina Foreword III lattT Vfars to ciiiin ' , the day liy day activities of our four years here at A. .V ' 1 ' . uill he toiniitteii. Incidents of sjieeiai signitieauee, ho«evei ' , will reinaiu as reuiiiulers of our four years of C ' ollei;e life. Who will foreet the Presidential reee|iti iu !;iveii us Ihe first week of our arrival ? ' !io will toryet our freshiiieii talent iiielit! ' tt) will forijet seciut; ' our first honieeoniiiie win over Tennessee State Ciiiversity t; ' o u|i in smoke in the elosinn- minutes of the eaiiie? Who can liut lielp rememheriiie- how our footliall s(|uad wiin the CIAA ( ' haiii|iioiislii|) our so|ihoiiiore year and tlie National ( ' liaiii|iionshi|) the next vear? ' llo eaii hehi hut thrill at how our hasehall team won three eonseeutive eliaiii|iioiishi|is. turniin; ' in an un- defeated record the third yeai r Who will foiLjet the [lolitical cam|iaiens on the eaiii|ius with one candidate tiii|iloyiii ' a inohile sound system one earr Who will foreet the growth ot our collci c with the addition of ten new hiiildines? What xoiiiiii man will fornet liis first stay in the W. Kerr Scott Hall after those trying ' years in the harracks on North ( ' aiii|ius.- ' ' hat youiii; lady will foriiet the j ala lionu ' comiiiii ' s and her ride on a Hoat as an orifani ational (|iieen? Vho will forget the (li-eeks as they strine daily to outdo each other. Who will foreet the dances and other festiyities? Who will fornet the Ad- ininistration and faculty who sout;lit so hard to |U ' e|iare us iHy iur day in the out- side wiirld? What yoiini;- man in the A.l ' ' .l{.( J. ' I ' .C. will foi;;i ' f when the unit was first estahlisheil at the college? Who can iiut rememher the Ixceuin pronrains and the lii-illi.aiit |ierf(n ' maiices of the Ai;eies " " i ' ride and doy, " The Colleee ] Iarcliiiie- Uaiid ' ' ' Who can tori;et 77)c Mcssiiili and 77 c .SV;c» l.iixt ll ' i zv .v af Clirixt as rendered hv our Choral Society? Throiii;li this hook, the 1!).5;} Avantkk, we have souijht to run a story of words and j)icturcs of life at a great and growing institution. AVhere ' er crowds get together, and wheiieyer tlieri ' " s talk of sports. College life and Alma Maters sung, a chill of reineinlirance will chase up and down the spine of foriiii ' r Aggie and Aggierette. .loiin and .lane Doe, address A. M; T. College, Grccnshoro, N. C., l!)4!)-5;3. ' J. n: r -t ' ANuAnY from r.« m ui ri i«i ' i w • • • ■ I ? 3 « E ; 8 9 10 II I? I] M 15 16 W 18 19 a 21 y n n h ' li II nnvi ji f£mOAfir I ? } ! 9 10 IS le w la 13 ?3 ?3 1 ?s ? SEPTEMBER til JUNE at A and T I ■.•A i(t ii[ «] itt 1(1 :i ' I 2 3 4 S 6 ) i 9 10 II 12 IS 16 I? II 13 n 23 24 25 26 23 30 31 • ■ AP ? l ■■1234 . 6 ) 8 9 10 II I? 13 U IS 16 W IS 19 111 . ' I 2? . ' 3 :m b ;i. ; ' ;3 z? io • • MAY 12 i 4 5 C ) 8 S 111 II I? 11 14 15 16 U 18 13 2U 21 } 23 • 25 26 21 28 29 M JUNE . . . from November . . . FOUNDERS DAY THANKSGIVIN§j; |J|KE : ■.,■ r Sk Ql k T T ' j HK.H SCHOOL SKNIOH DAY The AgrlcuHurairittid Technical Colleg l-W North Carollru,, chat- tered 1891 for t rv JtoJntajned j ivitales fe l«™ funds. Coed H |)icturcs oil tlicse paoos arc tvpical of ac- of the loiiijest ((uaiter in tlio school year. From Sc|itciiil)er to Dcccnihcr. A. : ' I ' . College hustles luth a aricty of ]iroi;rains and activities which ]M)rtrn the ciithusiasin and interests of stud hts as tkev start a new year of college life. ■HaH«K««»B» » j u. . .»» ..i... ; ,.,.,,, .iara -. RELIGIOUS EMPHASIS WEEK WAIT TILL THE SUN SHINES JANUARY . . . FEBRUARY . . . MARCH SPRING STROLLERS MARCH WINDS r a V A LOVELY VALENTLVK PLANNING ACiALNST POLIO and APRIL Friini tlif veailv vi it of Ruv. Carniiiitoii tci diir KiisttT Hi)li(hi s, vi ' look tiirwaid to tlii ' si. ' events with grciit aiitieiiiation. Rain, snow, or sliine tlie winter (|uai-ter at Ai;nielan(l is full of exeitenient. APRIL SHOWERS EASTER PARADE wamsa m c»i : ' |? T( ■J ' Ijc ( itin ul .Mav Till K.O.T.C. Ball . . MAY and Then . . . ! MR. I.I.EWELLYN ADDISON WISE Dedication For every year since 19. ' 57, save tliTce, t!ie same small, quiet and gentle- manly figure lias appeared before everv Senior Class of the institution. Upon his shoulders have been sjied the tears of manj ' beladen seniors. He has never been too busy to listen and give advice to members of the various graduating classes, concerning problems of grades, finance and others. For his untiring efforts to guide members of the Senior Classes while serving 13 years as Class Adviser, we the Seniors of ' -53 dedicate our " Bulldog " edition of the Avantke to Mr. Llewellvn Addison Wise. laaa iiii ma BHHB .- . nl ' CAM PI ' S lUILDINGS Altli()uf;li our caiii])us boast of numerous buildings, there are some wiiicli stand out in our minds more vividly tiian others. Holland Hall, with its forever majestic look, is tlie women ' s dormitory that is blessed (if we may call is such) with the ])rivilege of iionsing- freshman younir ladies. Scott Hall, witii its 505 bedrooms, is a haven foi ' 1,010 yoiuin ' men. Inside its s])acious recreation room, tiii ' ee lounj es and five rooms foi- card playing, the youni) men enjoy a gloiious time after study hours. Murphy Hail, connnonly called the dining hall, is the building that piobablv acconnnodates more vi.sitors daily than any other building on tile campus. Here oui- college family gets its three well-iial- anced meals per day. It would be a great injustice to omit this iniilding. I ' l-ice Hall houses tiie bulk of tiie Technical Institute. It is here tiiat the students may learn every trade fi ' om car|)eMti ' y to i-adio and television. A worthwhile structure on a great and growing campus —that ' s Trice Hall. ' DR. F. D. BLUFORD . To Our President Dr. F. D. Hlufoid: During our stay lierc at A. T. you liave been an example of one " ho has at hear t tlie interests of all students. Your sincere and tire- less efforts for the betterment of the college has resulted in a bigger and better institution of higiier learning. To us you have been a great leader and friend, one wlio was never too busy to listen to our many and comjilexing problems. You have shown to us the need for prejiaring ourselves to live in a changing world. The inspiration wiiicii you have given us through your life and works will forever remain with us as an inspiration to greater achievement in years to come. Class of " -53 Wakmoth T. (iinns Dean, School of Eiliicafion ami Sc ritcr .h: Si ' I IK Dran of Womrn Jebali) M. Marteena Dean, School of Enginccrinij William Gamble Dean of Men Our ADMINI Vii,L[AM K. Ui:i:» Dran, School of JffricuUurc I Kl.l.H.lf U K A. IM.IA.M- Dran, Graduate Schiml Samikl (_ ' . Smith I)t an , ' I ' cell nival I nslii ufr K. R.w HoDiii.v S I ' c rit a r 1 -T rra s II rr r I.. A. WlsK Bursar C. li. A. C ' rXNIN(iUAM Ri ' tjmtrar Cleo M. McCoy Director of Rcliffion STRATION, Nineteen Fifty-Three The Ijiain Ijuhiiiil the mootli operatimi of tlie conihiiicil personnel and faeilities of the i;ieat A. iV T. College appear on these ])ages — Our ailnnnistration. To them il ' oes a lot of the credit foi- the many and varied nnproxemeiiN in all of the schools ami (le|iaitnicnts of the institvition. ' I ' ruly. tliev i-ceei e their share of criticisms, liiit the Administrative lieatls ot the college eontuuie to prc)i;ress m mcthoils anil procedures that make for a hini;ei ' and hetter A. S: T. Alma Morrow IIra l I,tl)} ariati Thki-ma Colkmax f ' -i) vAui) ' . Wadhfi.!. Kllis v. C ' IRHKTT Sitpt. of Buildings and (iroiinds Dirrctor of Pnldic Urlations Hani ' ohi) Stakkord DoHOTiiv Miller Jamks E. Bridcktt Laxxik McArthi ' r DotiiLAs Chamartit ( 1 IM .1 (IK v(, Outstanding Seniors " The Wheel That Turned 5J . k .M He Who Knows and Knows That He Knows . . . Is a . . . SENIOR Officers of tlie Senior Class are; Reading left to right: Clara Johnson. Assistant Secretary ; Hanford Stafford. Sgt.-at-Arms ; Willie Ballard. Chaplain ; David Mf- Elveen. President ; Robert Hall. Stutlent Coiinril Representative; Lindwood Smith. Student Council Representative and Ma ry V. Jones,. Secretarif. To: Members of the 195;5 Senior Class My dear seniors: Tlie hour to whieh -ou are lookini: forward to with nK)rf eagerness and impatience th.-m any other in yonr wiiole lives has almost arrived. We are dnini; the best that we can to prepare you for that great hour, whieh is so rapidly apjjroach- ing. so that when ymi have finished vour work here you will he able to take your places as capable, efficient and thought- ful workers in the various fields which you have chosen. New oi)portunities on a wider scale and a liigher level will be offered to you than have ever lieen granted to a graduating class of tliis institution, and I hojje that you will recognize them when they come, and that vou will realize that thev are given to you not only for your sulfish ends, but tliat you might lu ' I]) others. I trust that you will alwavs remember tluit as your Alma Mater is trying to teach you, tiiat you must give out of the abundance of your hearts and lives the treasures whieh have been so freely given to you. You are taking vour places in the world at a time when tliere is a great intellectual, religious and moral ferment. Vou will have to find your way in a complicated but great civilization and under institutions of freedom, the most perfect the world has ever known. T!ie training which you have received here will enable you to appreciate your unusual oppor- tunities and will make you sensitive to your obligations to your fellowman. Men and women with a tiiirst for knowl- edge will turn to you for liglit and others who have no convictions of their own and wlio do not know their own sentiments until they have heard them expressed bv someone else, will seek you for guidance. It will be very unfortunate for them, as well as for you. if you fail to give them a definite answer to the questions of the hour, as they will expect you to sj)eak the word that will give them light, kindle in their hearts a jiatriotic devotion and will make the social atmosphere in which they live sweeter and more wholesome. Vour Alma Mater is conscious of the ] roblems and difficulties that confront you and will be glad to assist you in any way that slie can. We trust, therefore, that as you go forward you will carry with you an abiding interest in your Alma Mater, that you will remember her in vour ] ravers and will constantly work and live so as to reflect her noble instruction ill your characters. We shall always be ha])pv to have vou visit us or to write us and let us know of 3 ' our progress and of your i)roblems. Vf yours, F. D. Bllford President SENIOR CLASS . . . nineteen hundred and fifty-three .w r- I ' rcnc. hit to ii( Iit : Alicrnathv, Maiv: Al)rains, Xornuin : Alexander. Rithard; Allen, (icorgc; Allen, Maiv: Allen, Thomas: Alston, ,Iose])liine; Anderson, William: Anes. Juan; Anijlin, Hazel: Arrintrton, Klla: Artis, Vavnn. Second roK: Askew, Malvin: Askew, (irace; Bailey, Samuel; Willie: Bennett, Kelly: James; Beverly, Stanley Blackmoie, Joyce K. William: Atkinson, F . Baker, James; Ballard, Benton, C ' ahin : Bethea, L. : Bigclow, John O. : Third roic: Bland. Billie; Bolden, Fannie; Bonev, Howard; Honey. Nathaniel: Boomer, C ' hcsleigh C; Boone, Philli|i; Booth, Mary F. ; Bowens. ' Allen : Boyd, Dorothy: Boyd, Eyirene: Boyers, William: Brame, Hamona. Fourth roic: BrasweJl, Willie (). : Hriekhou-e, William E. : Brid- gett, James E. : Brown. Aiuiie M.: Brown, Seymour ( ' . ; Brown, Thomas E. : Burch, Evangeline; Burton, Sue; Bryant, James; Butler, erna ; Byers, James; Bynum, Charles H. Fifth ro-ic: Caldwell, Beatrice; C ' am|), .lonnie Hay; (arson, Al- don ; Champion, John: Cherry. Evander: Chaney. Frank: Claud, iyian: Clement, Mildred C: Cohle, Connie: Cohle, lildrcd; Coleman, Louise; Coleman, Sylvia E. Si.rth roTc; Collins. :Marshall; Collins. Will H.; Cook. Stanley M., Cousin, Al])hus; Crawford, Billy; Cromartie, Douglas: Cro])|)s, John S.; Crowder, Charles; Cumlier, Elmo C. Crowdei-. Waverlyn : (iladvs: Dautjhtei ' v, Ernestine: Daniels. Davis, Dorothy; L. ; Dave, Dore- SiTiiitlt rou-: David, Edna H.: Davis. Artie Davis, William R. ; Davis, Willie tha; Dees, Charles; Degraffenreidt, Joseph; De- journctte. Nell: Dendy. Norris; Dennis, Cxeorge; I)e aughn, Ahr am. Eight It raze: Dixon, Jacob: Dickson, latooka : Dodd, Louise; Dolphus. Adelaide: Drake, John W. : Draughan, William; Dula, Betty; Duncan, Delbert ; Dunn, Marion: Dunn. Ronald: Dunson, Edward: Duren, Robert. 19 SENIOR CLASS . . . nineteen L ' O ummmmmm».mmmm»LmmmmmMM hundred and fifty-three First 7-(ni lift to r ' lijht : l (lwal■ll . .I.iuies: Kdwaid-.. Ruljv; Ellcr, I.iiKue: Kubiiiiks, Aiitlionv : Kvaiis. James; Faison, James; Farrior. Hooker T. ; Fariar. ( ' . (i.; Farrow, elma ; Faulcon. N ' eiia ; Fisher. Willie: Fi er. Marv. Second r( 7c: Flemiiiij. Hruce; Flint. Georife ; Flooil. Daisy; Floners. Ktiie; Floyd. James; Foster, Dcditli; Franklin, Dorothy; Fi-eeman, Johnnie; Frve, Hen- ry; Fuller, Lillian; I ' ullcr, Mae: Fiinderlnirke, (ieorgc. Third rozc: (iaither, Samuel; (Tallowav. Levi; (iardner, ivian: (;a . Charles; Gay, Rosa; (iihson. Willie; (iill, Madelyn; (iilliard. Susie; (iilnuue. {Gwendolyn; (iladden. Sarah; (ilenn. James; (llenn, (ieoroe. I ' oiirtli rozi ' : (lodwyn. Dorothy; Green. James; Greene, Ayerv -M. ; (jrecne. Lu v ; (irecnlce. Fannie; Grey, Willie; (iri ro , William M. Ji. : (liitfin. .ALiry : (iritfin, Nancy; (iiiswell, ' era ; (iuyton, Hennie; Haith, Helen. Fifth roic: Hall, Itoliert; Hall, Vance; Hamilton, Corinc; Har- rell, Adam; Harris, Dorothy; Harris, E. Louise; Harris, Marshall; Harvey, Milton; HerringtoH; Walter; Hines, lary; Hodue, John W. ; Hollowav, Cecil E. " ' Sijtii roic: Holloway, Liry (. ' .; Holt, (iwendolyn: Horton, .loim: Howard, Lemuel; Howell, Alpheus; Howell, Ernest; Hudiiins, Charles; Hunt. Oliver; Hunter, Ella .AL; Hunter. Walter. Jr.; Huntley. Emanuel; Jackson. Arcliihald. Siirntli rnrc: Jackson. Herbert; Jackson. Lee; Jackson. lildred; JajTgers, Almeiia; Jennings, (iloria; Johnson, Clara L. : Johnson, Ernest; Jones, Dallas; Jones, Eva; .lones, George D. ; Jcmes, Gloria; Jones, Harold, Jr. Eic hth row: Jones, Lillie; Jones, ALiry V.; Jones, William W. ; Joyce. Cornelia M.; Kelly, Amos; Kelly, Rufus G.; Kenion, Clyde; Kennedy. Edna; Killens. Richard: Kiinhle. Doris: King. James; King. Raymond. 21 SENIOR CLASS . . . nineteen hundred and fifty-three FiiKt r nc hft to ii( lit: Kiiiii, Tlniesa: Lassitcr, ( " arcy: Lee, Austin; Lee. .Miigalfiic; LciJ ' cttc, (icnildiiie; IjCuette, ]iurnie; Lcuette, SaiiiiR ' l; Lc Sui ' iir. Shirley; Lett, ( " luules; Lewis, C ' laieiK-e; Little, ,Iose|iiieiie ; I,nckley, Lie ,. ■SiciiikI roic: ] L-Artliiii-, Laiinie; L•I} i(le, William; McCallum, James; k■( ' l)l•kle, Melviii; Met ' uUousJ-h, Connie; . L ' l)(iiial(l, Karla; k-Douell, John; ' INIeElveen, David; . kKov, .Morris; .McLean, Doris; Mc Lck- ens, Henry: ] L ' air, (iiirnee. Third rinc : : IcXeill, Bayetta; :McQueen, Marvin; Mack, Thom- as; Lillette, Heniy; Marrow, James; NLxrtin, Lois; .Martin, Reva ; .Massenl)erir, Roman ; Morgan, James ; Morris, Klton ; Min ' iis, Sliirlev; Morrisev, Doctor S. I ' tuirtli nnc: .Melvin, Jeffeison; Meiritt, Everna; Michaux, How- ai ' il; . Lller, Dorothy; Llls, Rohert ; Mitchell, John W.; . LtclR■ller, Willena; Monlg ' omerv, Helen; Parker, Lloyd; Parker, Rose; Parker. Ruth; Peter- son, Esther. Fifth rmc: .Nelson, Hul)ert; Nicholson, Charles; Xi.xon, Lxttic; .Vornian, Lklred; Xm-wood, Joel; Olden, Simon; Page, Gwendolyn. Palmer, Sylcster; Purnell, Leo; Reaves, Betty; Rice. William; llitter, Mozella. Si.rtli rou-: Philli]), Doloiise; Pinnix, Charles; Pittman, Charles; Pittman, Liry ; Powers, Harriet ; Powell, Langston ; Powell. Robert; Pvdicn, Cweiidolvii ; Roscoe, Sai-ah; Ross, Ernest; Ross, .Mildred; Ruckei-, Josephine. iSm- lit Ji row: Robertson, Chai-lie; Rol)ertson, Jason; Roijinson, Christine; Rohinson, James; Robinson, Pauline; Rodwell, Charles; Rogers, James; Rogers, Price; Short. .Iac(|uelyn ; Simmon, Ral|)h; Sinnns, William; Simon, rlessie. Eiijhth rmc: Ryan, Lirv ; Sanders. Cora; Saxon, Robert; Scales, : Iarsliall; Selby. David L. ; Sewcll, David, Jr.; Shep- herd, Edgar; Slii|)man. Frances; Smith, William; Smith, Willie; Snowden, Helen; Speight, Velnui. 2;t SENIOR GLASS . . . nineteen 21. hundred and fifty-three m9 f jr jM I ' lrst nnc. lift ' " lii ltt: Siiiitli. Aiiiin ' : Siiiitli. d ' ct ' d; Sinitli. l)«in|it: Siiiitli. lvii-1: Siiiitli, (ii ' iR ' va; Sinitli, Liiulwood; Smith, l{c ' i iiial(l : Smith, Rodners ; Stroud, C ' athiM-iiie; Sum- mer, Hattic; Suami. (lloi-ia: Swaiison. .Iiihaii. St{-iiii(] i ' ()7i ' : Stafford, Hanfovd: Staft ' ord. Louise: Staplcfoote, I.ynall: Statum, Artliur, Jr. ; Stephens, Irene: Stied, Henjamiii V. ; Stigtjers, ' irginia; Stocks, Chester: ' I ' ll pkiiis, David: ' rilhnan, Marvelene: Tilhuau, )ti ; Todd, .Moniv Til I id row: Swinson, Cahin: ' I ' ai ' i ' v, Mattie: Taylor, Doniiie: Taylor, Lauiuir: ' I ' avlor, Lois: Taylor. Miklred: Teri-eU, Timothy: Thomas, (ieorire: Walker, John; Wallaee, Beatrice: Wallaee. Olixei ' : WalK. Willie. Fdiirtli nnc-: Tyler, (ieorire: ' I ' ylei-, William: Trisvaii, Mari aret; ' aiiee, Helen: ' iiies, Arthur: ' iiies, ()ti : Wanstaff ' . .M iry: Walden, Constanee: Wells. Mai-y: White, (ieorne: VIlite, Lala : W ' ilkens. .Iiilian. ■ " ifth line: W ' ai-d, John: Watei-s, Haywood; Watkins, t ' harles; Watkins. Ida Ruth: Watson, .Mai ' v: Watts, James: Watt-,, Roland: Welih, Hoover : ' Wooten. Rut ' us; Woields, Zedekiak; Wright, Hooker T. ; Wright, .lames. Sl.iili nru-: Williams, H. Thomas: Williams, C ' leo|ihas: Wilis. Jei-emiah: Wills. ' illiam: Wilson. Delores: Wilson; Thornton; Wooten. Juanita: Wooten. .N ' ettye: Taylor. Shirley: Taxlor. William. Si-iYiitlt nnc: Wright. .ALirjorie: York. Dorothy; Massenhurg, Lottie; Mayes. MeKinley; .Mehane. Eftie; : lelette. .Mildred: Minis. Ha »ood; Owens. Wallaee. 25 He Who Knows and Knows Not That He Knows Is a . . . JUNIOR K : OfficciN of tlic .Iiinior Class arc as follows: Hciidiiui. left to lii lit: Mai ic llaii-stori, Jssixt- (lilt Strrcfiiri ; .lames Mattlnus, Sfiuliiit ( ' (iiiiicil J{ipri!iiiit(it ' r ' f; Williaiii l ' ' ai ' ini ' r, I ' lis ' idiiit ; N ' or- ns Plillll|is. Trciisiircr ; Otolia Hayes, Sfcrcfiir ; A ali ' i ' I ' artlow, Stiiilriil C ' diiiicil Hiprfsciitiitrt ' t ' ; N ' ot sliowii ai-i ' : ( ' laii ' MCf Iviili lit, V ' ui-1 ' rcs ' nliiit ; liOuis ' lnti ' , S(jt.-iit-.lriiis. He Who Knows Not and Knows That He Knows Not Is a . . . SOPHOMORE Tlie Sophomore Class i)ffifci-s arc. .« v( ( ' ( , c Y () Secrctiiri . Sfiiiidiii; : I ' .iul riuiliii. Vicc-Pri-.ti- lii ht: Odessa Swan, Trctisiirn-- Heiijaniiii I ' eai- iJcni ; Donald l ' ' airley. Scjt .-(it-.lniis and John son, I ' nisicUiit; and .Mildixxl Ciari-ett, Aisistaiit Keitli, I ' lirliiinuiildriiiii. ' ] FOKWAHi). MAiua: NO-OOO DAD 500 I.BS. OK BRUTE AND DESTRUCTION ' LET ' S FACE IT DARK TOWN STRUTTERS BALI. MR. XVI.Ol ' IIONE WE DID. WHY DONT YOU r I ' MA II,. MAN. .MAILMAN. WHAT HA E YOU (.OT LOR .M E :- m He Who Knows Not and Knows Not That He Knows Not Is a . . . FRESHMAN officers of tlie Fi ' fsliiiioii class, riii(liii( . left ft lii lif. ai ' c: Naiiiiil .laiidori, Scci ' ctiiri : Until Ann Carter, Trmsii iir: Annie l ' ' ari ' ar. Ri pnrti r; .In- st ' pli Gloxci-, Student Con mil Rcprcscntiit ' ivc; Jnlm M. Slcd c, President : .lames farter, V ' tcc- I ' k s ' uh nt : Dolcu ' es Wilson, Clituiiniin of I ' lotjidiii (. ' onnnUtci I KuIjv Dalton, Assistant Secrctarij anil Krnest Keith, Stndiiit Conned litpnscntntii ' C. R.O . MA.IOI! HOV V. SORRELL 1 ' . M. S. T. Infantry The A ;iiiiiltur,il and Tccliiiical ( ' ollcgu hoiists of not one, lint two, units of the Hesei ' eil Oftieers Tiainlnn ' ( ' (ii-|is. ' I ' hrouuli these units the vouul; men of the eollene nia ' (|uality tor, and he eoinniissioned Seeond Lieutenants in the I ' nited States Arniv or Air Foree. The IJurninn ' Tcn-eh of the Intant|- - and the Till ' . IM ' ANTHV S ' I ' Aff THE lADET RE(,IMF,N T STAFF TIIK INFANTin ' DUII.I, TEAM ' IHE CADET CORI ' STAFF 32 T.C. MAJOR ELMORE M P. A. S. T. KENNEDY. JR. Air Force Winii ' id Star of tlie Air Force arc the syiii- liols of the two K.O.T.C units of tlie eollei e. Aniiv and Air Force personnel are in charge of tile units wjiicji are orjianized as a joint corps under a Cadet C ' or])s C ' onnnander. ' I ' he efficient organization of these H.( ). " ! ' .( ' . units is exhibited in tlie higli morale of the " Dough- lio s " and " I ' ' lv hoys. " THE AIR FORCE STAFF THE CADET (.ROCR STAFF THE AIR FORCE DlilM, TEAM CADETS IN THE ' WILI) RI.UE YONDER " 33 R.O.T.C. Officers Club lifttdimi, fnnii Irft In riiiht an-: Firxl nnc : (u ' oi- i- , oiH ' s. Billy C ' rawfnrd. I, id I ' lirnrll, Aiitlidiiy Kulianks. Melviii Clirs- sdii. Acl.ini H.irrrll. William .loiii ' ,. Norris Deiidy. Cliarles fiay, Al|iluiis Hcwdl. Willie (iriy. C ' diinii- McC ' iilloiiu;!!. William AndcrMiii. Ernrst Juliiisim. .Iiiliii Walkrr. .Iiiliii Clifsiicy. Willie Davis. liieliard Killeiis. ' Rcilicrt liiitts. William Riee and Rimiaii I Ia.sserilierj{. Srcnii, ra-.c: Samuel I.eiiette. Melviii Clicster. Henry I ' rye. William Melver. t ' arl (iran- tliam. Levi Walker. .lames Rcidijers. Almonda .liilinson. Charles Anderson. James (ireene. Dnu.sclas Cromartie. Willie Cliisom. Calvin Benton. Willie Hallard. I ' riee Holers, ,lose|il] Defjratt ' enreidt. .and .loel Norwood. ThinI r(nc: .lolin Drake. Julian Wilkius. Charlie Rodwell. .Sanuiel li.ailey. Roliert .Sherrod. Charles .(.aekson, (norire Flint. .Vhram DeV.aujjhn. Harold Jones. David MeKlveen. .lames M;irrow. Willi;im Wells. David Thoni|ikins .iiid I.annston Powell. Fourth nnc - James Bridf;- ett. Buruii- Leiretti ' . William Wrii;lit. Haywood . Iims. .luliau I ' luuuner. Delliert .SimoTi (llilen. Hanford .Start ' ord .and ' I ' iiurmond Loiiir. ' I ' he Officers " I the eluh .l.-i Ma rtt. ; ifi ' -I ri ' iini Prfxidcnt. trill : cniitl , are U(l III rif lil, first trrlfiri : J. ' imes lirid- d David Th. lompkms, (■ " I ;)rj;e Fitzfjerald. Sr l.-al-Jriiix : Ceorye Hynum. Hrporlrr : I ' riei Rogers, elm nhiiii . % ...w Ift R.O.T.C. Non-Com Officers Club Till- Niii i-t ' (Mirs .ii-i ' . hi ' t til right: Walton, Mattlu ' ws. Spruill. Dixon. Pegj iiis. Wt ' stoii. Sintt. liriiiklty. Slcilj;!-. .loiics. mid .Stewart. Snnnd nnc: Beam. Blair. Reid. Faniiir. White. Pliilli]). Hardy, and Cliitks. Tlic ' otiiiTrs 111 ' tin clul) are. . tn rii lit: ■ v ; ' r,... .lames Beam. Trrasiirrr ; C ' liarley liussey. dent; Leon Weston, lii ' porier. Scabbard and Blade Valiant Club The incinlptTs of the National Sofiuty of Scaiilianl and JJladc arc: KnirHnf : William K. Mrhrr. Simnlnuj. I, -ft fa r ffht, lirsf nr,c: .loliii Hraki-. NOrris l rii(ly. Cajitain: William Audi rsnn, Adaiii 1 larnll. T rcasnnr ; and l)a ill TlinnipkiiiM. Si-nnid nnc: Willir (iroy, .1 .lint s lioiifi ' s. Kolurt Slicrrod. Seymour Hn. wn and (iforuv Mint. TInrd r n.-: Wil- liam Wi ' iyht. Julian Plummir and Roger Small. ' mmmi Till .ili,iiiK .111, fidiii Irft Id nyhl: Carltoii .(ones, Ernest Jolm- son and ll.irrv Kiilils. 36 Arnold Air Society Mtnibers are. from left to right, first rinc: JoliM Chesney. Dean of Pledges, Charles Dees. Ernest Johnson. Calvin Benton. Treax- urer; and Bnrnie Leijette. Secoiut raxc: . sam- uel Legette. Public Relation Officer ; William .lones. James Bridgett. Douglas Croniartie and David I.. MeElveen. Third nnc: Wil- li.ini B. rlls. Recorder ; . lniontla .Tohnson. Sijuailtni Ciimmander ; Henrv Frye. Tllonias Brown, and William Riee. Fourth rim-: C liarles Jael.son. Delhert Dunean and Han- lord . tart.ird. Dodo Club Til. I)()l)() and Flemmev Chi and John Duoh. re friim left la rif hl, tirxl rou.- William . ldriell :-ks. Si-c(jud nnc : Kenneth Tavlor. Oliver Peeler 37 The College Band ■THK AC.dlF.S ' Plimi: AM) .lOV The College Choir THK HKS ' l ' IN ()( Ar. MISR " ;JS WffgWW WALTER L. CAKI.SON Director of Bands The College Band The Atjoic ' s ■■])ri(l( ' and |i)y " - tlie 1 0 ])iece College Murc ' iiiiiu- Ijaiul. I ' citniiiiini; ' tin ' liest in IkuhI music ,111(1 I ' Xfcutiiii) ' , with ]iif(i i(iii, MiiiR ' (if the most intri- eate iiiaiiem ers. the liaiiil has iimmi td heeoiiie one of the rankintr colleii ' e nmsieal (iriiani atidns of the Nation. I ' lider the (lirectin-slii|i of Mr. W. I,. Carlson and .Mr. V. M. I ' eiiil. the hand ean |ieiform with perfeetion anv maneuver from the fonnation of tlie traditional A. 6t T. to an airjdane inovinu dow n a runway. " There Shall Be Music " HOWARD T. PEARSALL Director of Choir The College Choir From sinn ' inii ' at Sunday Nesper to Weekday Cha])el. the College choiv renders heautifiil and a]i|ireeiatiye inusie to the A. .V T. College l ' ' aniily. Answering to the call foi- classical or s|iiiitual music, the choir, under the direction of .Mr. H. T. I ' earsall and Miss Rosa- mond Satterwhite at the jiiano and Miss Yyonne Porter at the organ, has jirogressed to the [loint of excellence in the field of yocal music. The Student Council MclllliiTs of till- Stiulillt ( ' (PlliH ' il an-, fnim Irft In rii hl : Liriwixid Slilitli. Triasnnr ; Until H.ililis, Srcri-tary: Douulas C ' niiii.n-Mr. I ' nsuhiil : .laiiiis Mattlicws, Vic- l ' n-si,lri,l : anil .liiM-pli (Jloverj Frmliitian lit ' presi iitath ' f. (.(. The Powers That Be ' A. . ' ' T. Stiidriits taki ' nicat |iii(lc in tin ' ai-ii ' l iif student (irnanizatioiis on the eanipus. ' I ' lii ' sf ai-iiHis cIiiIin and nrnanizations nw nii ' dia thnnii ii which students ex- press tlieir ()]iiiuiiris of eain|ius acti ities and de eiii|) their social, political and echica- tional aljilities. l.eadei-, and most lespected campus or-uanization, is the Student Councih Composed of two menilieis each fr the four classes and a president elected li_v the stuilent hody, till ' Student Council serves as a means, li - which students net administrative ac- tion on the prolilems uhich confront them. .(UMOK .SEMOU tJOU.MITOUV COLNtll. . ( ' OTT HAI.I, SEXATK fii 1 ' t::.t [-4, I NATIONAL GEOGRAPHICAL SOt lETY ALPHA KAPPA MU HONORARY SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB BETA KAl ' PA (HI SCIENTIFIC HONORARY SOCIETY SIGMA RHO SIGMA HONORARY SOCIETY FRENCH CLUB AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY SOPHIST SOCIETY Srntrd: Coriiic H.iniiltcin. Left to rif lit : (iciaUiiiif Leni ' ttf, Henry Frye. Hfiinif Guyton. (Iwciuicilyii I ' aac Cliiirlts Ni-sliitt. Mattic Tarry. S. D.laiio Howaril ami Marv V. .Iiim-s. ' I ' l ' i- AvAxrKK Start ' .it o.-i wcirkicl ilay aud niijlit to u i r yon an annual that Portrays typical Afjftic Life, llcailid liy .lanifs lSriilii,t tt. Eilitor-ill-cllief and assisted hy X ' elnia S|ieiulit. . ssoeiate editor, and Il.uilord .Staf- ' F.1.. IA SI ' KK.II ' I ' . hxiiiuit, lutiliu- JAMES K. UIill)(.F l " r. Eilitorni rh ' irf IIANFOIil) SrAl ' FOIII). Itiisnirss Miir. ford. Business M r.. tli-- staff takes pleasure tt) present tlie Ayantek of ' .5;i. Altlioufi ' li it was not i;enevally known, the })eople itehind the scenes who workeil dili- fiently to produee the 1 k were: Mr. K. F. Corliett. F ' .aenlty adviser; M.-try . .Iinies. the ever-ready copy editor; Henry F ' rye. Literary editor; .S. Del.-ino Howard. L.ayont editt r ; and C ' harU-s Neshitt. photoiirajjhy editor. The copy staff tnenihcrs who ])ut time in lieyond the c.all of duty were Heiniie (inyton, ALattie Tarry, (iwentlolyn P.a ' e. Corine H.-iiniltoii. (Jeraltiine Legettc. Mildred Cleinent. ;ind .laetpielirie .Short. The literary st.atf nieni- hers were (ilori.a .Swann .and Iv .Sliirlex ' T.aylor. These were the " folks iMhinil the scene. " I ■ Tk VOTE NOVEMBER 4 " ' THE CREAM OF COLLEGE NEWS " GIVE BLOOD NOVEMBER 11—12 VOL. XLVIII— No. 8 A. and T. College, Greensboro, N. C., September-October. 1952 5 CENTS PER COPY Homecoming Celebration Slated Newcomers increase Enrollment Numerou Gigantic ] For an adequali of [he past ears No- College. When ihe „.if the clock had tu i.axxip: McArthlr . " ( 1 (I r-in-( ' h ief RICHARD MOORE Associatr Editor ' ' Deadlines " For tlic fii ' st tiiiu ' ill years, tlic Hcijistcr staff was lu ' ailfd liv a Wdiii- aii. Hut this L-av ' liavf received the l)est of the " cream of college news " in years. With an alile and hiijhlv (jualified staff ' . Miss ] Ic- Arthuv greatly improved the Hif - i. tfr. Mr. R. 1{. Palmer, joiniiiir the staff as faeiiltv aihiser, insisted on " Accuracy " and for the first time in years, the staff ' met all deadlines. Proof! You received your papers on time, didn ' t vou? Over 900 Frosh ' Enter Aggie Land Citming on the hocK ol one of ihc H-iggcsi building booms in the history ol the college, 9 " rt eager frcvhmen in- bailed A. anJ T. during Orientation Week last month. ITiis toI;il of new- comers is one of the highest accord- ing " to figures listed by the Registrar ' s i fnce. The huge class of frosh was well n keeping with the institution which (self is rapidly becoming one of the ' oremost educiitional insiiiuliori-s of ;he countr . The college enrollment his c.if is now 2S02 according to ;.isi: i figures taken b the Registrar ' s (Mfice ihus far Of this numb er more ■hdn !5ll(l are bo s, E pan. on Noted The large enrollment at . and T. Lomes at a time when expansion of (he college ts at its highest peak. . Some sears ago the college began a -o cral million dollar building pro- eruni which is now neanng its com- plelion. Finished thus far is the mil- lion dollar boys dormitory, the Tech- nical Institute, the girls new dornii- lory, the agricultural extension buUd- jng. and the chemistry building. Thes« jtiedic tcd at this year ' s com- ' ' •• ' ' •■ " • ' s which have •be library, ' iiinary sid- Sratrd: Jacqueline Short. Left to right standing: Jesse Williams. Helen Kelly. Hanford Staflford. Svlvia Coleman. Willie Ballard. John Cromartie. James Mitch- ell. Elizabeth Johnson. Gwendolyn Page. S. Delano Howard. Mary V. Jones. James Hridgctt. T. W. Wil- liams. Marjfaret Davis, and Lonnie Barnes. f m [||i m : i ALPHA PHI OMEGA L I " Alpha I ' lii OiiK ' oa, »f " ll al«u s w t a ci-. . . . " " .Miiiilifis ot tlio t ratcniity are: Center: l{iifus Kollev. Frail left ill riijlit, rmc: John Ilodtii ' s, W . Ia ' c Hallard, James Ferguson, OHvcr Peeler, James Ijec, .Merchant Singleton, Charles M. Mnrphv, Haiold West, .liiseph Bailev, IJoheit l{iilgley, Lawi-ence Stroud, and Thonias I ' l-iec. Seidiul nnc: Howai-d Boney, T. V. Villiam, .lames Ilill, Kugene Young, William -lones, Lonnie Harnes, l)a id Sandeis, John McLaughlin and Richard Kellv. Third nnc: William Wright, I ' ariiu ' v Reddick. Richard Riiliinson, Herman Wilcox. Wdli;im I ' ' arniei ' , Kenneth Taylor, Anthony Kulianks, Aldon (aison, William Hawkins and Willie Kerliv. Tllr cHlcrrs ..1 Alpha I ' ll! Ollirt;.! .ire, (nim Irft In nij},! : Hllfus Kelly. I ' r.Mihiil : Hnlu i( IU ll.l.y. ncr-l ' i;:s„l,lll: V. I,(c B.dlanl. Srrrrlari : anil William Wright. TrraMirir. THE GREEKS Tlicre are nine .social fraternities and sororities on the eampus, eaeli u itii its own special types of pro- grams and activities. Daily thev try to outdo each other l)ut are held in check liv the Pan Hellenic t ' oimcil, the guardian of the (irecks. The I ' an Hellenic Council, composed of three delegates from each .social fraternity and sorority, promotes inter-fraternal co-ojii ' ration and harmonious relatioiishi|i hetttcen the (ireeks and the administration. The spring social .season is highlighted liy the (ireek dances, among thcni are the " Hlack and White, " " Blue Rexiie, " " Mardi (Jras, " and the " Ka]ipa Kruise. " MiTjilicrs dl ' the Pan Hilkiiii- C ' oiuu-il are .-is toUinvs: Si ' atrd: Mary I ' . W.itsim. I ' lara .Idlmsdii. Mazii- Hairston. Ktlirl Williams. .Stanley Cook. Prrsiilrut ; .Sue Burton. ' elnia .Speiijlit. (ilori.i .li riniiiys and (. ' liristiiic Holiiiisini. Sccre- tari ; SlniiiUnr : . lfred Diekrns. Tliomas Mack. Norris I ' liiDijis. Hanford .St.illnrd, I ' icr-Prf itlint ; Chirenit- Knii;lit. Henry I- ' rye. lienjaniin .Sliaw .and .lames Mattllews. ® 2J ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Mll " ll. ' Jir AIi.Iki Ka|.|) i l|.li;, . . .Hearts llinl iiri- loyal .iiid li.-arts llial an- true. " I ' .rmtinii, hfl In r ' nilil. Iiu iiihrrs ,irr: Lois Martin, (Iwciidcljii Holt. l ' „-ttyi ' I.. Lewis, l- ' .ltie Flowers, E i hf til ni a : Lanriie McArtluir, , ' „..,7, , » ; norotli - York, Delores Sliaw, Syl- ia t ' filrniaii. 1 1 " il ii tiua : .lean B. Spratr rilis, (llnria Swariii. .hili-Hitsilriis : Nancy Morton, .lanie (;,.oiiwin, .1 ,il i- 1 1 ,i,l ,i, „iis : Ni-Tia l- ' anl- II. n. K. Sliirli laylor. Marie Iliilli-x. I.onise Dodil, l.neilli- I ' io ' otl. J iili-i: niiiuili as : .Ma;;alene I .ee. .Mar.yaret Trisvap, liiminrh- a.v; (lertrude Miirrow. ' elnia Sjieifiht, S il.- ' IAnns: ?:dria Stone, and Nettyi- Wiailen, III imrlcr. Holding tin- cidIiIitii is Allierllia I-attinier, " iVIiss A.K.A. " " We love llie s l.oxe tlie name of A.K.A. " Iti.uliiifi. 1,11 In ri. lil. iiiimhrrx nrr IIS fnlhm ' s. frniil ii.-.r: Norma .1. Cacldy, Virginia P ' islier, I ' atreia l.ainherl, Mary r.raneli and Atinie l.owrie. Sitliiifi: Mary rn.ild. Ann. lie Kelly, Margaret Moore, .l.ssie ( roiner. I ' iri-Prislilint ; Minnie .Skin- ner, l earlin Stewart, Sadie Hoone, .luanita li. Moore, .Issislniil Si i-rrhirii : I.illie MeNeil, It- pnrlir. Shnnliuii: Marian llieedlove, S.rrilnrti. Helen Kelley. Marv DolplMls, Anna Ui.yal, Annie li. Marlin, (trial Hads- d. n. .iNainta (, rnnsunr: Mildreil (iarrelt. Salvia Colenian, Ihnii nf rliililies; liarhara Di.dil, Prrsiilml : Bryant, Marian Miller, Ktlied I ' oareii, Irein ' Mallii , I.o i-l l. ' nller, Tresser Itoltinson. Marian , la s, Siininl -ir,-rns:,h 1,1 : a nil Ar .ie Art is. IVY LEAF CLUB 48 ALPHA PHI ALPHA " Alpha Plii Aljilia the pride cif mir hearts ami loved by us dearly art thou. " lifinlin; . h ft to rii bt. mcnihcni in ns fntbncn, httrk row: James Tate, Harvey Stewart, Joseph Ryrd, Robert Butts, Abrani ne ' auphn, ( ' hniilniit : Edward Canii»bell. William HiJsey. Ronald Craig, Marlon HIair. TlKHiias Mack, I ' lrt-Pn-Kultnt : Charles Nes- Ititt. Clair Davidson, Charles Bussey, Charles Mrook , Ctirraipuudinif Scrrettiri : Walter Wilcox. Scrrnid nnc: Alfred Morgan, Clar- ence Skinner. Wiley Bowling, Clarence Knight, Kmmett Banks, Spencer White. Treanurer: Charles Dees, Herbert l,t»gaii. Jame.s Evans, Stejihen Delano Howard. Front rinc: Coley Davis, Roman Massen- burg, Stanley Cook, President; and James Harmon. " As Sphinxnien we will e ' er be true to every Alplia cause. " Mtinlnry nri-. frum ft ft to rii ht .fftifiil. p ' roic: James Barnes, P ' rank Hayes, Prtnid ' iit : and .lulius lintwn. Srrond r " 7c : Charles Cofer, Marvin Wilson, llartpld Woodard, Ciyde Dungee, Alf )n .a Williams and Arthur Kihler. Sttindiii; , Third row: Clifton tlore, ArvJs Haslip, Mar- vin Dunlap. Charles Timberlake. Sernfnrit ■ Bruce McCloud, James McMurphy, Robert Jones, Isaac Willis, Trfa.siin r; Gilbert Car- well, ParlUimciitdrian: Earl Orr, Donald Farley, James White, Roland Michel, and Ted Chapiicll. t ' . . SPHINX CLUB 49 DELTA SIGMA THETA " HeltH with Inyal lu;irls vi- fratluT. t.i rt-iirw Mur vdws (if I(pvc. " Rini in; . fnuii liff " rif ht. nil- in I urn arr a.v fvllows. fnmt row: VhiivUh Paijre, Dorothy Harris. Holding the cinhl.-m is Ilillie Blaiitl, " Miss Delta " ; Aza- Ice Partlow, Trrnsiirrr : and Sarah Gladden. SinfttI: Clara Johnson, Prisidint : Dorothy DuziiT. ' an hilt nir ( " iiiiril RcprvnriUn- f!r : In-uv St. -| li.-iis, i ' ir - ' ns! lr„f: Doro- tliy Davis, Fiii ' inri»l Srmlorf : Kuth I ' arkiT. Louise Harris. ' It-Tnitlf .larkson, AiMif Bonne, Chrtjiliin} : Mart aret .(ones, and Miss Alhertha White. A lvis r. Statid- iiiii: I ' earlrne Foster. Lanrilie Cotton, Iz- etta Coir. Iir,„rir,n!i Srrrthtri : Daisy Kakcr. ( llrlia Hayes, Ma ,ie Hairston, Pan II. Ih „„■ I nnnril R,f rr.- n,tf(f!vf: Sherley Harrison, and Itiith 1 lames. Thr L r;.niids are, f,»i„ h ff h, rit ht, siiih ' l. first nnc: Ci-lessie C dlins, Mary Washin-ton. Trrn.- nr.r: and Helen WIL lianis. I r}iurh r. Sirantl rmc: Essie Jenkins, Ciirirdha Hrvaiit, l ' ' Joise D e, I ' nyUlt ' iit : and ( dossie Anders in. Stinidin; : Gloria HIaek- more, Sfrritnrif: Marie Powell, Cordelia Wells, Carntha Mitchell, Irene Stephens, hr„n of riohit ' s: Klizaheth Hill, ' ir - rn niilt nf , and I ' lielnia Aldrieh. PYRAMID CLUB 50 OMEGA PSI PHI " ThrdUgli t nys of joy and years of pain. . . . " Members are, from left to rit ht. kiiftlin; : William Ford, Haywood Waters. James Beam, William Farmer, John White and Bennie Woodard. S4rtnnl rou. ' . kuetfl- iiifj: Hanford Stafford, Editor: Benjamin Shaw, Benjamin Pearson, James B ridge tt. I ' ire-BnuileHu: Walter Herrlnptiin, Ktf jit r iif Record: find Sftil : Ernest Howell. fift. i- «».«.■ William Taylor. Knpfr of Fhiaiirf: James .Mcl ' (»Iluni, litnn of I ' ltdtittn: Rich- ard Dickson and Sebastian Goncalves. Cal- n Chandler. Sttnulhiff. front rote: Ernest Ross, E. Wayne Artis. Charlie Jones. James Johnson, Clyde Morrison. Charles Murphy. Calvin Benton. Ernest Johnson, Clifton Mat- thew. Robert Hall. Kft ur itf Pcnn- : Jtiseph Degraffenreidt and Samuel Goodson. Hork row: Scott Dates, P ' dwin Cook, Kenneth Kirbv. James .Jeffries and James Delane -. " We will keeiJ onr I,ami s well lighted. tl reading radiance of love, . . . " From lift to rifjht nifmlurs or . kiicfUnti : I., uis Turner, Trfuxurer. and James Smith. Stond- in : William Bowens, Scrrf-ttiri : i iuis White. Prf iidinf: and CIer)phus Hogaan. LAMPODAS CLUB 51 ZETA PHI BETA ' ■Zft;i I ' lii Beta ut- l(i i- Vdii sti, yimr ( ' r - nanii- .-.rls nur lii-art-. ajrlow " HitnVniii fnini hfl l„ ri,ihl. m, iiil.rrs „n „.- fi.llmrg, frniil mil ' . Marnarit (livi-land. Flnrinc Irvinp. Si ' i-aiiil rn-,c: Allrae Dnvis, Si rrihirii : Mary 1 . Walsoii, rr,si,l, ' ,it: Marie ' lurk. Tlilril nnc: Harl ara Slwiddcri. Barbara Williani- Miii. Shiiiiliiiii: ilina Chsmi, linisiirir: D.Mapthv .(ai-.,l s, I),.nit)i Valiiil ini, Virv- I ' n.- :, ,,,! „,„l lh„i, „f rhil Cliarlif 1!. Ilaliiaak, , ' , ,..,)7, r . fliarinltc .rniic-s. ■■ ..-la I ' hi Bi-la i ii -irc clear, .mr lii ' art.s will answer Miiir i-very eali. " Itii ' ilnifi. lift .. riiihl. niriiihrrs „n iix fnlluws. rnihr: Heriiice I ' .dlvards. Sr ;ii,l r r,c: Aliila Diek- eii-,, Srrrrhirii: l.oinellia Sriirlli, ( li-ii Mc- ( lMe,n, Trrnsiir, r: l-aiinie Kliisihl, I ' nshlivl. ACHRONIAN CLUB 52 PHI BETA SIGMA ' ■() Sigriit ' i dfar tliou lias tur yrars It-d liravf men strong and free. . . . " Mtnihi rs iirr. from Ifft to rh hf: Alfred Diekeiis, licporter: Josei h Druniwriglit, Kiehard Kil- lens. Curtis F. Coats, I enii of PinliUfs: William Hardy. Coleman, Norman Ilajes. .Tames Hodgers, Walter P. Tlioiii;is. Otha Sherrill, Pnsnh-nt: Hufus Kelly, Al- Iretl Stewart, Horrace Johnson, Harr Wil- liams, Serrctorii : William Scales, Jeremiah Wills. Tri-n»„nr: Collase Creen. Uaiiiu-.ii CuthertsoM and Juliii Champion. " We ' ll thunder hack along the line, our cause speeds (in its way. " Refulint . lift t . njiht. fhr numhrrs or»: Willis McMiller, D.inirl I.aiiirr. S,rnh,ni: Cllenn Smith. Hnlihy I,Ilh- ' . I rt ' !i ' , 1etit : Fred Hmun, iiiasiinr: arul Charles Harris. CRESCENT CLUB S3 SIGMA GAMMA RHO " Sijjiiia (iaiiitiia KIkp nt tlicf vv siiij; in rhnnis. " Sitfiin . hff f rliiht . front row: Kthrl Willi;. lUN, Itul.y Williamson, Vice- I ' rt sifhiif (tntl Diiui of I ' U ' thji ' vs. Second nnc: Mildred Jackson, Trf-nsiinr and " Miss Si irtia Gamma Ulio " ; Lnttie Massenl)erg, ! ' r, sUh nf : Klizaln-th ' l ' a StoiKliiii : l ' ranccs Shipman, Unsa ( lay, lir xirtfr: H I -n CIrissett, Ella Arrin lnn, S) rrctnri : and Carrie Jessui). " W ' c arc workinji ' Auniras . . . All fur one .iiul nnr fur all. Hear Sigma Gamma Hli... " f ,n,lin;, hfl !„ ri;,hl: I)cl .n-s K.-av.-s. [tiilli Taslor. and Helen Hall. AURORA CLUB 54 KAPPA ALPHA PSI " (» N ' ()l)le Kappa Alpha Psi. . . . " Mfin- liers of Alpha N ' u Chapter nt ' Kapjia Alpha Psi are, from Uft to r ' uiht. first nnc : Willi.- F. Chisom, Alexander Watson, James K. Matthews. Kefpt-r of Rfcordu: William C " . Stewart. Henry Frye, Polemarvh : Klton Morris, Roosevelt D. Harris, James K.. Franks, Philip Monroe and John C ' hesney. Second roic: James R. Harris, Jimmle Wil- liams, .lohn H. Slade, Thomas Sled M-, John W. Miti-hell, William C. Matthews, IlistnrUtn: Willie I.. Davis, Alton Thomp- son. Russell J. Scott, Repftrtir: and David H. McFJveen. Stroi ctiis. Third ntw: .lames K. Marrow, Kddie L. McGaney, Nor r is 1 ' . Phillijis, ' irf-P ileiuiirrh ; I Jhdwootl .1. Smythe, Lt. Strati ' f u.t : Raymond A. I.aiii- hert, Willie F. Gihson, Clifton M. Crimes. Hurnie I.efrette, Ktcfnr f Exrhriiiitr: Daniel L. N ' inson. Charles W. .laekson and Kdward H. Brown. " Stri in r to reach the goal w here hopes are hijrh. . . . " The Scrollers ;ire, fmni hft iltihl : Roland Walton, Mason Rainey. li.huni Srrall; Otto Pierce, Prc.iidtnf: ' l " lnpmas Mann and Mnrpan Hiiyd. SCROLLER CLUB 55 IOTA PHI LAMBDA " [iit.t iMii l,;imli(i;i (Hir llii|ifs ;itul ;iinis ■in- .111,-. . . . " -III,. I,,!;,,, „,.,.. A ' ,,,, ;,,,, fr„in lift In ritilil. SI, III, I: Irciii- llurliiii, Fiirinir Uiil-I.y. Sirriliiril .■iml -Miss Inta " ; Cliris- tilli- Id. hills, I, I, l-iri-l ' rrslililll. Sliliiilillli: Cl.iri. ' i .JiiiiiiiiKs, I ' nsiiliiil : . ' III, I .Sue Burton, hi, 1,1 „l I ' ll il, Ills. " Slri in t,i sfi-M- as u ,■ .ii Mriu ' . ' throuph. " Uiiiiliiiii fi-i,m h 11 III riiilil: Siii " Hurt, in, III, 11, „f ri,il,i, ' ,s: ClirisliiH- l),iiiii-ls. lii-tlk- l.i ' ai-h, . iiii,-ll,- Ciiv, . ' iiiil I ' liliiii .SiniiiMin. LOMEPAS CLUB 56 THE RICHARD K. HARRISON " PI.AVKRS THE KAPPA PHI KAPPA lOREXSIC SOCIETY THE MODERN DANCE GROUP THE CHEER INO SQUAD ( ' L A !i A T - 11 H A I N !■: J Oil N SO N ( iri. iiislidi ' ii. Ninth t ' ariilina Aggieland ' s First Lady With nrt ' ut priik, wc, tlir sviiiurs, salute tliu I ' lioicc of tlu ' student lidily fin- the 195 -5. ' } " Miss A. .V ' I ' .. " the chai ' iiiilig ' Miss Claia I.on-aiiie iloimson. Miss Joluisnn, a piiiihict of Dudlev Hii; ' li Scliool in (ircens- Ijoi-o, Has chosen for this highest honor hii ' ely because of licr warm personality and friendly sniili ' . A inenihei- of the Delt.a Siijiua Theta Soroi ' itv, she is active ni many phases of campus life, ranyinn ' from attilia- tion with the American (henucal Society to lienie ' a lo al meniher of the Campus Sunday School. A major of the Social Si ' icnccs, she warms the hearts of her lellou students as she reinns o cr the dominion of (;(;ii:i.AM), 58 t00 ' lVlAN ( lAKDXKH Cireensboro. N. C. ' ' Our Skin Deep Attractions " ' elma Gibsox Greensboro. N. C. .iLl MMivKi,rNi: ' I ' n.i.MAV Helen M ' im.iams Cli.irlott.-. N. C. Clri-iiislinrd. N. C. Alhkrtha Latimeh DoHUTIlV ' ALES TINE Fort I ' iircc. Fla. Dm- West, S. C. ■I ' kmim.k .Iacksox Anne HodNE l ' ' (irt I ' iirci ' . ' :t. W.isliin-toii, I). C. Eeeie f RAY Ht ' iidorson, N. C. Mamie Di NSTON Louislnirg, N. C. Bektiia S MlTIl Mor antoii. N. C. HOMECOMING lU ' iuititiil wiMtlicr jirex ailcil this colni-ful No cinljci ' (hiy ,-in the colk ' i c ' coiiiiiiuiiity busied itself to line up the floats for that lonif ])ara(lc to the stadnun. ThouNaiuls ot tails had ah ' eadv jaiiiiiied the stadium to staiidiiii; ' room only. After all, had not these same two teams, the ,Mori;an State College " Bears " and the A. K T. " Aggies, " fought to a ()-() stalemate two years earlier on the same grounds.- ' With the undefeated " Aggies " rated as the eountry ' s NO 1 team and the onee defeated " IJears " still considered a to|i contender for national honors, tlu ' fans settled hack for the game of the season. After sixty minutes of jilav and a gala half-time show of floats, (jueens, and hand maneuvers and music, the smoke cleared and the astonishetl crowd had witnessed the most uncxiiected upset of the season. The Morgan " Hears " had ni)iped Hie " Aggies " IH to 1 ' 2. 61 W I I m (iF.ORGE FlXDERBlRKE AII-C ' IAA I.iiu-liaokfv, l!i.52-.5:i James Stevens MiRHAV Neely DdXAi.i) ( rAni.[ ' lI.I.IAM lirsn Third Down . . . Two to Go FiJotball Team ■ " I ' lii- il.iv Wf iili ' t Va. State " ■■ ' I ' caiii down ! (lot set ! " I ' Mrst and ten t ' lii ' I 111- ' " Ai;,i;ii- " ' " " . ' ii ' t ' erics tliat I ' clio tliroun ' lioiit dill ' minds fi-rni tin ' jjast iiridiroii season. Vu shall never toi- et the eourat;e shown y the home team, from start to finisii. win or lose. Oiii- lioNs showed spirit jjosscssed only li the tiiK ' ehani|nons. Althoneh their season record of 7 wins and i losses is not spectacular, the " Aii ' iiies " dis- played feats to liold the spectatin-s spell- i)ound. Ves, oui- ho s are real heroes m the true sense of the word. " Smith liad a liolidav " Watcli out little man " (til) liinilnni, I, ft tn rWihi. jirxl rinc: liyiiiiiii. ' I ' lxic ri,-i. I.;unl.rrt, Il.ill. .niil Miiriv Sri;, lid you-; (l.iiil. Kdl.insuM. I ' liiwri-s. Dorsry. .nid Mar tin. ThinI r,n, ' : W, IK. Ham ilt.iji. ,l,ilnis,,ii. .Miiit. ]i anil Tliunias. " Men of the Hardwood ' ■ ' .Men (il tlic Ii,ii-(I ()imI, ' " till ' Ai niu lIii()|),sU ' rN rc|iicsL ' iit tiiu ni ' iiiu of teaiii (ii-k and co-oiK-ratioii as tlu ' v iiiinr onto the iiyni Hiiors to |ilav tlif l]t ' -.l ol caillf u trams. W ' ui or Iom. ' , tlicsr licart i ' !lo s uive the spectators an cMnliin ot thrilling I ' xcitcnicnl is tliry inarRaiMT tlii ' liall from cciitir to liasLft to lai ' k nji stoi ' cs anil moiT si ' iiri ' s. " .Vs ;in .Vuuir Ir.ap ■» score l)y Minis Fei-ix Haruis. ( ' lliu)l ' ' On the Ginderpath " Our College Ciiuk ' nneii have (li- tnigui heil theiii elve . iinlilv, over the year. Answerinti; to the call of sports fans for exeitenient whether it Ije track, high jump, hurtlle or pole vault, they have turned in amazing records. ' i ' he team ' s recoi ' d foi ' the year of l!)ol-.)!;! was vei v conmiendahle. The team won the Alaijama Hclay-, held in .Montgomery, -Ma. and the Tuskegee in titute Relays at Tuskegee. and was runner-up in the t ' amp Lejeune Relay for its best i-ecord in track history. The team placed fouiili in the C ' .I.A.. . meet liehinil .Morgan. N. t ' . t ' ollege and Lincoln L ' niversify. Our CiiuKrmen Bkht Pi(;(;ott " M 69 Love Racket ' Matt Biidwn, Ciuuh ii. Batter Up " " It ' s a home rmi ! ' " A familiar re- maik in Slumoiial Stailiiim v. vn tlir ClAA ( ' liam|iiiiiis ai ' o on the fielil. S|)i ' ing ' timu m (iieenshi)ri) tiiKK hun- dreds of AiJ ' iiies haseliall fans on tlieir way to tlie stadium to sec tlie Aggie " stick " hoys win anotiier game. Boasting nf a iccoi-d of tiiree consecutive CIAA C ' hani]iionshi])s. going undefeated in ' oli. tlie Aggie teams liave estahlislied a rec- ord of winch e erv Aggie is jiroud. Felix Harris. Coach I.rl ' l ill right, first rim. ' : Raymond .Icilnisoii. William Mil ' S. Eugene Tapscott. Jimmy Robinson. Louis Reed, . lfred Morgan. Second row: Lionel .laekson. Theodore Rustin Alfred Braxton. Harold Hair. Rufus McNeil. James. Seareliv. Thiril row: Earl Richards. Helburn Meadows. John Ratliff. LoMae Pridgen. David Kithoart. George E. Rouse. Bill Blakelr. asMBsam I). Tea, I ' lTs, inicii tir J iiniiir . ' C, Still cLiniiclitid)!. Miss A. . " v ' I ' .. lilliS C. I ' ' Iiirit ' iiltiir niajnrs? ? ? E. )!.S.. I,t.. Mrs., AH in om- s I u 1 1 1 1 1 1 r 72 H, " .Santa ' s lielix-rs " F. A HniHuht. ' II. H. V, nil lurk! ! . f»1P«S:;- A. When the Deans served puneli C. Take a Quart. Xurse E. Talking Trash B. The New Look F. The Teaeher and his work 11. Let ' s let our liair down " 4 - jSt SENIOR ROSTER AuiKNATiiv, M.uiv Anx. SM llnrl. ii Sln-ct, l,.iii.jr. N. ( ' ., lihmi ' iiliirii Kdiirtiluii,, Eiiiiliah. V.W.C.A., W.A.A. Al.KXAXiiKH. HlL-iiAHU FiiA.NK, 12(10 BiMllii ' s I ' onl Hn.iil, liittr, N. C. Anil, Muhiiiiirs. Ai.i.tx, Tiiii.MAs N.. limit.- I. H. SM. K;n,lli- illi-. N, C. liiisini.ig .lilmiiii.ilnili„ii, ■ ' .M.( . A.. Ni.r-I ' r, ..i.iiril .il ' ,l- eraii ' s Ass(n ' iatioM. Ax-Kss. .liA.N. C. ,. K. I ' D, I ' ui-ili) N ' ui-v... I ' uirtii l(in , ■Uiiilish. Frriirh. IntiTTialimiMl K.-laticns Ciuh. Fr -li Cluli. Ahhin(1ton, Km, a (iRAv. IJO JdhiisDii Strcfl. t ' ary. N. (, ' ., Itinif Eriiii )ti,iry. ' AV.f.A.. Ki-lldU .ship Coiiiicil, .luilair and Scllinr C ' iunseliir. Sipina tialnina Hlin Siirnritj . Ahtis. K, Wavxn, Box 2.57. Stantiaislpuri. ' . N.C, Hinl,,,,;,;,! Sriiiiri ' . rhiiiiislrii. ()nK-|. ' a I ' lii l- ' ratc-iiiily, ' ..M.C ' .A., 7 liU ' rican Clif iiiical .S(H ' !i-l_ . AsKi:w. W ' u.ijA.M r iiu ' AKii. liuuti- I, ] n 77. ( olirld. . f.. Jiirirnlliirr. Mlllhirii Srinirr. Y.MXW.. Omccrs Cluli. A-lKiNsciX. KvA (iRAca:, Uciutc 2. II. i INS-A. Dunn, N. C. hliHilhli. Fniiih. Fr.-n.-li Clnl., W . IMi.-r liiiar.L liwi.iiii, W. l.Kn. 72M A-,lil.- Slr.-.-t, SuHulk, ' a.. S.i,-i,,l„,,ii, Mini, nil Sfiriif-r. iiiul S„ri„l Sl„,li,.- . " I. Ml A.. Alalia j ' iii ( ni.-Ka h ' rat. Si-iTrtar , D.irinili.rj S.nal. ' , U, iiisl, r StatV. Circulati.)!! Manager. ni:xT. x, C ' ai.vix Hoa-u. mil Hay Street. M.irell. ' ail City. N. f.. Hiiilitt ifdl Srh ' Uff. I ' ht ' ini.- l I ' ll iiiiil . . ' ■ Sritni-t-. Orneija Psi I ' lli, Beta Kappa Clli. K.O.T.C. Otii.-irs Clnli. Bktima, .Ia.mis Kvaxi.i;k. HIS Haleigli ll.ia.l. H. ..■!; .M..inil. N. c. r;. i:,i„r„ii„ii. Ilivunv. .SiAXiiV laiKiiv. P. (). H..X IHT, I la mils. ill.-. N. C. .liilii Mirh ' i II iiK. Antii Meehanies (In!.. Ill.aniw. .I..IIX (Is.AH. I ' . (). B.i INa. llnrlinKt ' li. N . C riill.niiiii. Ill.Ai-KMi.K. :. .luvii: Kvv]:. B.. 112. Warsaw. N ( .. FJi mi iilii ril Eihfi-iiliiiti. Bl.AXli, liir.rii: n.ilil:rTl:. :fll2 S. ' ir(;iiiia SIn-.-l. I Iciliislior... N. ( ' .. lilimniliirii FiIiii ' iiHuii . Suriul ,s ' «. ; ■.«, Il.-lla Sif;iiia ' rli. ' ta .Snr(irit -. Biixcv. llmvAHli. I!.i . r,:l. Walla.-,-. . C. S.iriul Sri, iin. Ilhliini. V.M.C.A.. Alpha I ' lii OnieKa, C.-c ra ph .-al .S...-i.-t . Iiil.-rnatiunal C ' liih. B.iMV, N■A-[■|lAXl :l,, Hinite :). liiix 2r), Hose Hill. N. ( ' .. IHiiliiilinil Srii ' llrr. IlisI mil . V.M.C.A.. Ci llet;e Ch;i|iel. limii, ki-.ii:xi:. 12 Kelsey .Si.. Wellshiini. Ca.. liiisimss Jil- niininlniliini. Business Cinh. Bha.mi, Ka 1()X » C.vii.h.vx. Kimtt- . " . Bii 21. I l.-nih-rsim. N. C.. J iinii Frimiiniirs, Ch.iir. Il.plne K.-k.-rs Cliih. Bkaswkm,. Wii.i.u: Okaxiia. 4IIII .S. l ..a.l .St. l-;iV.:ilii-lh City, .v. ( ' .. (■iiinmrrrinl liihiriilinii . ' I ' .W.C. A.. N.. .. ,C.l ' .. Busi- ness , ss.K-, Jiii iuli !• Start. B«n-h-|, Wii.i,rA. r I- ' ,.. Hmite 2. II. . 1117. C.iluuihia. N. ( ' ., . I i rii ' iill iii ' i ' . BiuliuK-i ' r. .l.v.Mi.s K.. .In.. 517. W ' St.. W ', N. C. .Ipiiliiil Si,riiilii,,ii. .lir Siiiiir, ' . Oinefia Psi Phi l- ' ra- ternity, ' iei- Basil.-us. Sit ina Ulio .Sifitna .So.-iety I ' ri-s., ' K.O.T.C. OHii-ers Ciiih ii-.-- I ' ns., ( l,-..;;i-ap ' hiial S.i- t-iet,y Pres., Arnold .- ir .Sia-iety. Inf.-rn.ilion. ' il B.-latiiins Cluh. Y.M.C.A., I u.sinei s Manager, State Shuh-iit l.egistlatur.- 2 .Vrs., lii ' if ' iKli ' r Staff Feature I!la:l , v, x-i-ia: I ' alitor- in-Chief, ' y inerii-an Ciille ' e Student L.-.-ulir. H7,. ,« Wliii in .1 nil rirnn I ' iillii rn unit I ' llil ' r rsil lis. Blif.wx. Axxm: i(.. B.ix ll:i, l.iltl.-tiai. N. C-. ' ,,i„in,,-rii,l Ftlufiilhiii . Ass.a-., ' . V.C..- . Bkiiwx. ' I ' liiJ.MAS h ' .AKl., Hciute 1, Bux " -. , N .liiririilliiriil ICiliiriiliiiii. .lir Sriiiiir. Arm. Id Air S K.O.T.C. OIK.-.-rs Cluh, Y.M.C.A., New Farni.-rs u( . r Bvp.n. WAi-rrai Fnwiiin. .Sll ' l K.isenw .-ild Street. r.uriinL ' t..n. N. C. Mii«i,: Cai.uwii.t,. Biu-i-KKK. 117 .V.irth Creeii Street, M.irganton. N. C., Ell iiiinliii-ii Eihifiilioii, Jlisliirii. Future Teaehers iif . rnerii-a. ■.W.C.A. Caksiix, .-Vi.n.i.x I.i.i-.s. P. (I. I!,. I. " ).-,, Cat.iwha. . . C.. .1 i ririil- liinil Ell.. Drani.-ili.s ( luli. K.o.l ' .c. (im.-ers C lull. . (;ri- i-nltur.-il Ass,..-i.-itii.ii. N.F.A.. . lpli,-i Phi oiiiega Fraternity. CiiAiii-Liix, .Iniix .Vaiiiaxmi.. K.iiite 2. li.ix H.5, hu.|ua Siiruiss, . . I., .Iiiniiilliinil Eiliiiiili, ,ii. V..M.C..-V., Phi Bi-ti. SigTua Fraternity, N.F.A., Sunday Sehiail. CiiAi-.MAX, Pi:-ri:K. .-Vyden, N. C., IHoliiiin. lllKHliv. KvAxiirai I.ia.iii. :f(lli West .Mekiidey, Aydeli, N. C, .liirii-iill Ill-Ill Eiliiniliiiii. Campus Chureh ailviser, .M.C.A., Felluw.shiji C,iuiii-il, X.F.A.. Afirieidtural Ciii:khy, l-uruKii. li.iuli- 2. Bn !ll-. , . ulaiiil,-r. X. ( ' .. .1 i rii-iil- liirnl Eftiiriiliiiii. Cinsrcx, .Mia.nx I.ii:. 2. ' Ir.-ntiin, N. C, I rial .Irl.i. Ci Alii, l)iimiiiiv ' i -i. x, P. O. Box :17, Caiir.ui. N ' lrgiiiia. I ' liil. ' lnil E,li,nili„ii. Ili.ilurii. P,F.. I., W.A.A., -ir);inia Cluh. Ci.KiMEXT. Mii.iiHl.:li CnKNKl.l.v. Aiulersini H.ia.l. Bell.m. .S.iuth Carolina. I ' nininfrriiil Eiliiriiliini. Business Cluh. ' earhii.ik Staff. V.W.C.A.. Csher B.iaril. C.IBI.JJ. Ciixxin. (leneral Deliver), . sheliiini. N. C " .. .s ' .a-a Sfii ' lirf. Ciiui.E. Mll.uiiM) F " ay. .5117 Wiiiiill.iwn SIrei-t, . shehiirii. N. C., Ilnnif Erinmniic.i. Cm.i:.MAX. Liirisi: FKAxeexi:. II Fang Street, . sheville. N. C.. Cdiiiiiii rriill Eiliiritl inn , Business C.ii.K.MAX. Svi.viA l- ' .i l.A. 2217 N ' .irth 21st Street. Plilladellihia. Pt-lilisyl ania. I ' otiniirrriiil Eilni ' dliun. Y. V.C..V.. .Suiula) ' .S.-lnnil. F ' ellduship Ciiiint-il. F.T.A.. .Juniur-Seninr Busin.-ss . ssii(-i,-itiiin. . lph;i Ka])]).-! .Mi.h.-i .Siiriirity. Ii,-i t.ilrr Statt ' . Pr.iilu.-niin ( .ii.i.ixs. Mahsiiaii, III Mill i-ii, p. O, Bux 2H:i. .Mant.-u. N. C., . ' ilrrliiiiiiriil hlinjiiiii ' riiin . .-i I Sii.-ielv of Sealiliard and lil.-.ile. n7i. . Whii in .Inirririin l ' ,illr,„.i iinil V na-rrsitiix . K.O.T.C. Ottieers Cluh. Fugiiie.-ring . ssiiei.itiim. Aireraft Own.-rs aiul Piliits AssiK-iatiiin. Ciiii.ixs. Wii.E, H.i.iia:s, +(IH S.iulli C.-il.iwha Street. I..-.n.-aster. Siiiith. C ";na. .Iiijiliiil Siiriiilinjii. EiunnniiiK. CiiiiK. Si-vxi.F - .Mi:i -ix. (12.5 Krie .- v.-nut-. Niagara Falls. N. Y.. .Siiriiiliiiiii. Ili.iliirii. Itii i.ilir Staff. , vAXTia: Staff ' . Debating Team. Pan-Hellenie Ciiuiieil. . lpha Phi , lpha H ' raternity. Ciusixs, Ai.eiirs B.. 1 PI Be.-i-h Street. Creenshiir.i. N. C, , iirirnll nnil Eiliiriiliini. CiiAWKiiRli. HiT.Mi:, K.iute I. B.IX ;!ll(l. Wadeslmni. N. C. I ' liiixirnl Eilnriilinn. . l ililiiiil Sri.n,;. Ckawkiiru, I.Aev. lil Clli. Ill K.i.iil. Oastnni.i, N. C., Iln.ilni ' ss .III ml inn. Cbiuiatii:, Diil ' ul.AS. KIK Hull Street. Fax etteville, N. C.. Eri ' niiiniis. .lir Srimri. C.iuneil President, .Alpha Phi Omega. Ariinld Air Siiei.-t . , grieultu ral . s- Y.M.C.A,, Wli.i ' s Who in . merii-an Ciilleges and I ' niversitie.s. Ciiowi.KR. I ' MARlis III lUR-r. Charlutte K.ia.l. N. C. .I.irirnllnral F.ilnniliiiH . Sriinrr. N.F.A., ' .M.C.A.. Agri.-ul- tural Vssiii-iatiiin. S.-iilt ll.ill Sen.-ite. Cl-MBKR. F ' ,RNliS-rixi:. lUI Court. Williamshurg, A ' ir- ginia, Iliinic Eriiniimir.i. Sriiiirr. Sunday Sehoiil. Al)iha Kappa . lplia Sorority. Dorinitorx Couneil. ; af .hirirnllnriil Eil iiriilii.n . .lir Srirn,:-. Arnold Air .So.-iely. DAornr. Nkk. P. O. Box .-.211. A.-era W . Alri,-a. liinrnlliirr. K.O.T.C. OIK.-ers Cluh, V.M.C.A., New Farmers of Ameri.-a. Daxiiis, Ciaiivs . l,a-.xi:, Mir, North lllth Street, liKVAxr. .lv.M,:s W., K.iute 1, Box 1-2, Couneil. N. C. . , r Va - N. C.. rliii.iiinl Eilnvniiiin. Band. Ma.i.iri-tte. V .. . Inriil EiIihuH.ui grieiill ill,- .Vssoe.i 1 ion. N,F. . Cluh. I) vro II 1 RTv. Fi.Mo CARr,vi..:. ICH I Uli North Fast, W ashington. y -i, (- 1) C., .Irrhihrhirill Ennin, , rinn . Miilliiinnlir.i. " 1 ' .M.C., . BiR.ll. KvAXiallxi: C, ll(i:i Og.h-M Str,-,-l, Pliil,i,l.-lpl Elrniinliu i •;. .. Ili.iliirii. Csla-r l- ' .r., .. ( i.-orgr.iphi. .S,i,-i,-t . Bi RTox, Sii: . ii:asi:. Houte 1. Box .s. Fiuiuay Springs. N. C. I ' liil.iiriil Eihirnlliin., iril. W.A.A.. Iota Phi l.amhila S,i roritv. Pan llellenie Couneil. 1 " .F„.M. Cluh. Bi-n.iai. Vkhna Ksthi.i.a. P. O. Box li(r2. Uosehoro, N. ( .. Ilnnn Ernniiniii:i. 1-H Cluh. V.W.C.A,. Home l- ' ,,-k,-rs Cluh. Bin-Ts, KouiRT M.. Koiit,- I, Bos II. .larratl. N ' irgiiiia .1 t rirnll iiri . Bykhs, .Iwirs , iiii:n ' i. r, ' . .sth . v(-iiue Dri .-. Bradenton l- ' lorid;,. Iii,ln.ilri,il .Irl.i. , ss.M-iati.ill. Y.M.C.A. Divis, Aimiui; Ki.i .aim an . P. O, B.ix 7K. Ml. Ol.-.i.l. N, C,. Ehminlarii E,ln,„li„n. Fr,n,li. V.W,C,. .. F,r,. .. F.-llow slii|i Colin. -il. Pi-Ji Si|iiad. Dams. HiauiiRT T.. UIH K. stli Str.-,l., N. C., D,l " i ' u ' , " Kl,XA " K!. ' Hl.a (lorr.-l Sti.-.-l. ( i.-,eiishorn. N. C.. Fn!ili„li. Davis. HiHiiiin .1.. allll Five O.ik Slri.t. Be.uilorl, N. ( ,. Iliiiliiilirill Si-irncr. Dvvis Wii.j.iAM H., I HO Suniinitt Avenue, Portsmouth, ir- ginia, Cinnmirciiil Eitnvalion. Ass.ieiation, A irginia Cluh, Davis. Wil.l.ii. I.., liuutt- 1, Box 5, lU-lliMVi-ii, N. C, KIrrlririd Eiujincrrinu. Miithemiilirx, Kiipl)a Alplwc Psi, KnuilifcrijiK A.sstK ' iutiun, Fiirtiiiglit}- Club. D.iwKiNs, Jessiik. -Jliin K. Miirkrt Stn-rt. . i t, IL ' H. ( :ri-fiisliiir.i, X. t ' ., lliisillisx J,hlilnislrnli,„i. Dayk. fiiAHLiK A.. Knuli- :,, lS(p 111, Durhiini, N. C, V „r,ilh,uii) liiihislrml lithini liiii. . .M. Oavk. Doretua. 1 ' . (.). llux :i_ ' l, l ' ,urliii};t.iii. N. C. Eli ' miiil ' irii Eihiriiliuii. Ddan. Hciuubt 1!., II, I ' . (). II. i r,ls, . I;i lon, N . C, ' .- Itriii.ilril. Chi milt III. Mililiiiil Srii uri. K.O.l.C. (IIIiiit lliih. Dkuna.m. KiiBKHT M., :iH) C ' lrvfliiml St., D.ilivillr, : ., I ' hiisirnl Eiliiriiliiiii. Anuild .. ir .Sm-ietv, .Mplwi I ' lii . l]ilia Fratfrnity Inc. Deks. I)., P. I). H " V Jlil, lli.idli.iiirii. N. C. ,1 iiririil- tvnil Ktlunitimi. Air Sriniri . Degiiafferreiut. .Idseeii V.. .lit.. B(ix rjs, Pittslmrti, N. C, Social Hriinri ' , Mililrii i Sfiiiii-i. Offii-iTs Cluh, Cecigrnpliy Socii-ty, N.A.A.C.P., Onii-frii Psi Phi. DE.IdrRXE ' m:. Neee. . ' )l:i IIa vu(id .Strt-t-t, (Irecrislioro, N, C.. Siirlnl Scii ' lirr. I)em v. NdKRis F.. .Ih.. .11)7 C.-iili-iii.-il .Stric-t, Clint. m, S. ( ' ., Ilioliii iriil Sriiiirr.l ' lliniislril. Hc-hi K.ippii Cl.i, Al|ilia Ka|ip,i .Mu, Natiiilial H.icietv .if lli.iili-, U.O. ' r.C. (Iffii-i-i ' s Chill, Y.M.C.A. Denxis, CiEORi-.E C.. l- ' l. ' iT Wavi-rly Stn-.-l, C.iliiriilM... .S. C., Siiriiil Sririiir. . rli..lil Air .S.ii-ii-t. . lialiil. l)E ' AriMiN. . imA. i. .111., lims N. 7tli ,Stria-t, Wilminptiin, N. C, l ' .avi ;.. i(i hiiliisliiiit Ell Ill-Ill inn. Mililiiiil Sriilir, ' . R.O.T.C. HffiE.-r ' i, Cluh, . lpha Phi Alplii Fratiriii ' t y. Iiulilstri.ii I ' alii- catiiin As.sdciatitMi. Dixnu, .lacoh, Kiiute S, liiix 2(12, liurlinctiiii, N. C., l ' . .-.( i.i;;.i hiiliisliiiil Eiliiriiliiiii. Kadiii, .Arn.ild . ir Socii-t. . Dixii.N. (.Jeeex M., p. O. Hiix :«, KnfifUl, N. C, Eh m, iiliirii Eiliiriiliiilt, Snriitl Sliiiliiy. n.ilii). Cil.ADVs L., ;ilH CiliiitT . nnui-, N.W.. li.i.iii.iki-, ir- jriiiia, ( ' iimini ' t ' rinl Eiliiriiliiiii. Hiisint-ss Cluh, . lplia kapp.i ■Mjilia Sururit.v, X ' irgiiiia Cluli. n.u.Elil ' s. ,Saiiaii . .. 221(1 Ci-li;i SIrc-ct, Cliarl.ill.-. N. C, Eiiiilisli. Drae. iun. WiiMAii v.. .111.. Hi.iiti ' I. H.ix 72. Whilakrr, N. C, .li:rii- II 1 1 II ml Eil nnitiuii. N.I- ' ,. . . ' .s..i-i.iti..ii. Agricultural .Assdt ' iation. D.iiisEY. niiRiiTiiv 1... 121) .S. Zii.n .Strc.l, W iiiisli.ini, S. ( ' ., Ell mil. Eiiiili.-li. Ch.iral .S,i, ' i,-t , .Syiiipli.iiij liand, l.ita Phi l.aiiihil.i DiiAKE. .Idiin V., ' Kiiute 1, Box II, I.uiiih.Tt.iM, N. C., Mimir. Scahhard liliidr, Otticcr ' .s Cliili. DiEA. Betty C... +l(i .Stn-il. .S.W., lliik.iry, N. C., Elriiiililiirii Eiliiriitiiiii. llistarii. F.T.-X. Cluh, ( ii-ngraphical .Siiciety. De.vcan. Dei.he.rt B,, t7 ' rfrr.-ict , CiiH ' iiiiiati. Oliiii, Sarioliiii i. Arncild . ir SiiEiet. , Otiiia-r ' s Cliili. Drxx. Mariiix I.., US Wi-st Ilillsid,- Avi-iiui-. Diirh.iiii, N. C.. JiiiiliHiinil Scii ' iire. ( ' ri . Y.M.C.A , Ass.ui.iti-il M.-uihi-r lit ' American Chemical .Suciet -. DiN.v. HiixAEii A., Route 1, Box »r,. I l....k.rl..ii. N. C.. .Iiihi .Mi ' ihiiiiir. , utii Mechanic Cluh. DiREN. B.JiiEH ' r B., ( l)cli t ' r. . K.iiin.iji.ilis, N. C., liiisiiiis.v .III iiiiii.ilriilinn. KnWARUs. .Ta.mes .M., p. ( ). Bnx 7(i. Cuiii.i, N. I ' ., .1 ,irii-,ill iiiiil Kdiicfiliiiii. KliwAHiis. Hejiv Beathke. Kiiiitc .1. H.ix aO-.A., X. C., r,,„uiiiriiiil Eiliiiiiliini. Ili ' ramural Basketli.ill Team, liu.siness t ' luh, V.W.C.A., . ssist.iTit SeiTel;ir nf I.aUee Haiti]:. 217 Church .Street, ' nimn.i-.vllle. X. ( ' ., Ciimwiiriiil Eiliiriiliiin. W.A.A., Business Cluh, W. mien ' s Drill ■IValii. ICvANs, .Ja.mes F.iAv 1. 22(1 X. Fllii Street,, X. C., Mii.iir. B.iiid, .Mjiha Phi Alpha Fr.iteriiit. . KVEKETTi:. H.lVXl. li.lUte 1, Bnx llli, Kilist X. C, I ' linilinlllll I ml rial Kiliinttion, Miimnir.n. F.EBANK.s. Antihixy Vii.i.ia:m. tU Mniinie Street. I. nchhurg, ' a., hiiliistriiil Jrt.i Eiliiriiliiin . V.M.C.V., ' irgiiiia Cluh, H.d.T.C. (lUicer ' s Chlh, Al|ih.i Plii Oni.g.i Fr.iternitv. et, Charli.tte, X. C,, lliiili II 1 1 Fair. Pkestox. l+dl- Baxter Str. Sriettri ' . Faisiix. .Iames Hexry-, 1:)(I.5 X. Htli Street, Wilmingtiin, X. ( ' ., hiiliistiiiil Arts. Scahhard Hhide Mil. .Sue, Otiicer ' s Cluh, Wilmingtun Club. Farrar. Ceifton Caevin, R.F.D. 1, Box l:i9, Portsmoutii, ' a., Af rirulturftI Education. X ' .F-.V., Agricultural .Association, Virginia Club, Camera Cluh. Farhior. Booker T., Maple Hill, X. C, A iinninniii. Farrow. A ' A ' irgixi. , P. (). Box 73, Pantego, X. C., Enijlish, JJi.itin-ii. Y.W.C., ., CJeograiiliic Society. Suiida School Dramatics. Faiecox, Xexa -Mae, P. ( ). Box :tll, Littleton, X. C., Miitlii - iiiiitir.1. French. Sunday School, Y.W.C.V., Alpha Kappa .Mptia Sororit, ' , French Cluh, International Helations Club. Feiiuisox. Mace " y, p. C . Box 31, Wakella, X. C., Sncinl Scinicc. Feieds, Harry, Uoutc 2, Box 31.5, Farmville, X. C., Ilinlnilil. Band. FixEEY. .Ia.mes Thomas, Houte . ' ), Box 310, l)an ilie, ' a., Vucaliiiniil 1 niliLilrial Eilticatiiin. I ' Iniiiliinii. Fi .ER. .M, RY l.EE. 322 (iillner Avenue, X.W ' ., ' a., Mn.iic. College Choir. Fisher, Wieeie Tho.xias. ill)7-. Kiln Street, Xew Bern, X. C., IUl.iiiir.1.1 .liliiiini.ilniliuii. College Band, ' I ' .M .C..A., Business Club. Fee.mixo. Burn 1.., Houte I, Box 71, Wo.idlc.if, X. I ' ., 1 ' hii.iical Edncaliiin. Feint. CIeorue I)., 2(l. ' ili 7tli .Avenue, Xew A ' ork, X. A ' .. I ' hilaical Ediiriition. Mililnrii Sciinci . Sc.ibbard Bla.le Mii. .Society. Feihii). Daisy E., 177 Price Uoad, I.eaksville, X. C., Elinii ntiirii Eiliiciiliuii. Eniili.ili. Y.W.C.A. Flowers. F.ffie .Margaret. ■?()( .Miller Street, (ioldsbor.i. X. C., Iiiniiiii rcial Eil iiriiHiin . College I ' sher Board, College Choir 19.5ll-.51, Dramatics Club, .Association ol Business Students, Alpha KapiKi .Mpha Sorority, .Alpha Kap|ia Mu Honorary Socict. " , Who ' s Who in American fnllcifci and E nivcciilici. Fi.iiYii. .Iames. Route 1. Box 3, Fairmont. X. C. Foster. Dehith Iiia, Houte 2, Box 2(i4, Henderson, X. C,, Elcmi lllitril Ediiciitiini. Social Science. l ' ' utlire Teachers of America, ijramatics Cluli, A ' .W.C.A., Sunday .School. DoHoriiv A ' lRGixEv. Hcaite 2, Box 41(i, I.ynehburg, A ' a., Malheinalic.s. Siiciid Sciiiice. IMur Board, A ' .W.C.A., Suiulaj- School. Freeman. .Ioiixxie A.. Route 1, Box 147, Tarboro, X. C., Uioliiilical Science. h ' liYE. Hexry Fii.i., Kllerbe. X. C, llioloiiical Science. Chemiairii. .lir Science. Dramatics, Reiiisler Staff ' , Yearbook StalT 19.93, Americ.iii Chemical Society (.Altiliate Chapter), .Alpha Kajipa Mu Hoiiorar .Society, lieta Kapjia Chi .Scientific SocietJ ' , Kapiia Alpha Psi Fraternity, Arnold Air Soeiet , A ' .M.C.A., Campus .Sulida - School. Delegate for two years to X. C. State Student I ' .egislative Assemlily. Il ' i.. ' . Who in .liiiericiin folleiici and E niver.iil ii .■ (1952). P ' ri.EEH. lai.EiAx. Clen. Del., .Spring I, .ike, X. C., Home Economics. Fri.i.ER. .Mae Coieier. 731 Court, (ireenshoro. X. C., i ' ommerciiil Ediicalinn. Hicliard B. Harrison Players (2 years). Business Club, Future Teachers of .America. Fi ' NDERHcHK. Ceohge Frankeix, IOH W . Harrisou St., {iastonia, X. C., Ehitsical Edncalioii. Militarit Science. FootliaIl-A ' arsit. ' , Baskethail, I.ettermen Cluh, R.O.T.C. Otticer ' s Cluli. (iAiTiiEK. Sa.xifee Bei.tox. Box +1, .M a rsli v i 1 Ic, X. C., .hiriciil- liiral Eihicalinn. X.F ' .A., .Agricultural Association. (Imiowav. Levi. Route (i. Box 213, Mt. .Airy, X. C.. I mliisl rial Arts. Mathematics. Industrial , rts and l ' ' ,dilcation .Assoc, R.O.T.C. Officer ' s Cluh. (I.vHiixEH. A ' lviAX Costeeea. 729 Pcarsoii .St.. Cireenslioro, X. C., Ell IIS ico I Ed Ilea I ion . (Iay. HowARii. P. O. Box U5, Spring Hope, X. C, Siicitll Science. Cay. Rosa Mae. P. O. Box +42. Uiurinburg, X, t ., Ili.slorii. Sigma (i.imm.i Rho Sororit} ' , Sigma Rho Sigma Honorar.v Societ.v, A ' .W.C.A., Sunda.v School. (;iu,siix. W ' lELiE H ' raxk. 3(il Chestnut St., Darlington. S. C, liioloijical Science. I ' heniist rii. Eeiiister Staff ' , American Chcmie. ' il Society, Kappa .Aljilia Psi Fraterliit , Y.M.C.A. ( iii.cilRis ' i . Ma.ior. 5 09 Roosevelt .St.. Louisliurg, X. C., Voca- tional Indnstriiil Edncalion . Ehiinliini . (ill. MORE. tiWExnoi-Yx A ' iRGi.viA. 2412 Cliarlotte St., Cireenshoro, X. C., Eh.ilsical Eldncation. Itistnrii. Dance (iroup, Intraiiiural Programs. P.E .M. Club. (iiEl.iAitii. SisiE CoKXEEiA. 713 Bliiford Cnurt. X. C, Commercial EUlncotiou. CIeaddex. Sara Beeee. 2 ' 2K Reed St.. High Point. X. ( ' .. Elemeularii Edncalion. listorii. .Modern Dance, Softball Intramural, A ' . V.C..A., Delta Sigma Theta Sororit. -, Geo- grajihic Societ.v, Future Teachers of .America, Lusher Board. (ii.Exx, Ceokge R., 1N31 Maryland .Ave.. Wiuston-Salem. X. C, llioloiiical Science. Ci.Exx. .Iames H., 419 High Street, (Ireesboro, X. C, Mechani- cal Entjineerinit, Mathemntics. Engineering .Assoc. tiooii.sox. Sa-mfee Cliftox. Ralcigh, X. C., Eniilish. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. (ioHE. James Lofton, Wamjiee, S. C, A iiricnitnre. 77 CiiiniVYS-. DoHn-niv M k. ■J.5I)S C ' lia])i-I St., Nurf.ilk, ' a., hi .iiral Kiiiu-ii t in u . (Ikavks. William. JJT Diirli.iiii St.. ( Irt-i-iishnr... N, ( ' .. , ' H,v( f ' .s.v .hhnini. t rnli m. (Jhlenl. . vi:kv .M vi . U.iiiti- _ ' . hn :i(ll). ' rrciiton. X. t ' .. Stirinl Sriiiiri. Ckllvl. Ja. iis .Vutiiik. I . (). licix J7t. l.oiiislnirt; ' . N. t ' .. ' h lsi ' -nl i:,l„,„li„ii. l!i,il,Hiir,il Sri, III, . iiiiil Milihirii Srii iiii , Intriiinural liaski-thall ami Vcillrvliall, Stud.-ni Si-natr K.O.T.C, Otticer.s (lull, V.M.C.A. (iliLUNK. Mahv tu.AKvs. Itdute ' .i, Ilijili Pciiiit, N . ( ' .. Ell nil iiliini Eiliirnliiiii. Siiiiiil Hi-iinri. Y.W.C.A.. Fciimv sliij) Ci uiii-ii, Sumlay Sclliaii. A. ' 1 ' . Ciillcf;i- Ciia|i.-1, Suiuiay Si ' liciiil. Chlk-N-lll. F.vnnu: Mai:. 171 .SIutwoikI St., Clna-nslniri). N. ( ' ., I }i!l.ili ' itl Ediiriitiini. Ckky. Willie H., nm " ) .M.iiii St.. l- ' ariin iiic, N. C. Hiuli„iii-i,l Sririiri ' , Scaliliaril anil nia lf, li.O. ' l ' .f. Oliii-t-r ' s fliili. Ckikhx. Mahv Kvli.v.n. P. ). Hiix (iol. ■i ' r.vim, X. C, I ' .iiijlisli. MathiiiKilirK. .Miilia Ka])]ia Mil Honorar - .Si cict. . Ckihi.v, Xaxiv .Mil. Iliiiil.- I, Hi L ' s.s. ' l ' ' ;nriiionl. X C , I ' lliisirnl Eiliiriilinii, GmiMS, WlLl.lA.M .Maiihi ii. . .111.. Uty C ' lia]H ' l St., Xorfiilk I, ' a., Hinlijrt . Sin-iiilii, it, Siiriiil Sririiri ' . ' irf;iiiia ( ' liili, Y..M.C.A.. Aljiha Plii (lim-ca, Siii liiim irt- Class I ' rfsiilfiit. Chiswkll. Vlra (hl.llA. Uiix llli. Kiiutr I, ( ' iiluiiiliia, X. C, Innii- Eiiiiii,,iiii:i Eiliiiiilioii. Hoiiir Kki-r.s C ' luli. ' i ' .W.C.X. (uvTi.x, .Mai:. I lallslaird. X. ( ' .. I ■iiiiiniirriiil liiliini- lliiii., Vi ' .irl k Staff, Y. X A.. Hiisini-ss A.s.soc. IIaitii. Hli.k.n l.i.iisi:, Hiiiitf 2, Hux M. V. ,m Ciili.t;!-, X. C, Ehiiinifiini Eihinil inn . Ilishirii. Y.W.I ' . A., Fiitiiri- Ti-ai-lu-rs iif . iiierica, li-M{. ' ra|ilii(al Siicit-ty. +-H lluli. Hall. Hiiblht. 914 (. ' anilina .Avf., Fayetteville, X. C, Miilhi- ntnticn, General Srieiire. Student Council, .Studi ' iit . ssenibl. -, W ' hii ' i Who in .hneririin i ' lilliiien itiiii I ' niz ' i i-yifii x, . nn ' ri- can Student Leader, Olnena IM Phi, Matlieni.itics Chili, KiiKineerilig . .ssiieiatiiiii, ' ..M.C.. ., Sunday Sel I. IIaii. Va.vci: F; K.illte I, Hcix ;!, Ciitiekl, ' X . C., Clli niisi ril . Miithi niiilii-s. lieta Ka]i|ia Chi .Seieiit:(ie Siieie ty and Xa- tiiiiial Society of Scalihard and Hlade. II.VHHLLL. Adam. P. (). Hox . ' JS, Faison, N. C, Snrial Sfinli ' s. Mililiirii iSrienre. Y.M.C.A.. R.O.T.C. OfKcer ' s Chih. X.i- tioiial Society of .Sealiliaril anil lilade, Ceojjraphie Socielv. IIaiikis. K. Iahise, .{12 Pattuli j ve., X.K., Hoanoke, ' a., I ' iininii ii-iiil Editeitliiin. .W X ' .A., X ' irjiinia C " liiti, (. ' lub. Delta Si|tma Theta Sorority. IIakhis. Dorotiiv. mi;l Itef an Street, (Ireeiisiioro, X. C., Ell nil nliii-n Eihiriitiini , Delta .Sifjiiia ' J ' heta ,Sororit , Women .Xlhlelie Association. llAiims. .Maktiia ()., lilill F ' .ast IJtli Street, Cllarlotte, X. C. ( ' onimerrial Ednriitinn. II.vRHis. Marshall. Uoute 2. Wilkeshoro, X. ( ' ., A inirnll nn . Harris. Mllvin I,., Kimli.ill, W. ' ;i., . lii„ir. Harris. Ti-cklr .M.. P. (I. Uo :ii;, (Kford, X. ( ' ., I niliisl linl A rl.i. II.iRVLv. Mil.ins . iriio so. Hoiilc I, liox Mi, Council, X. ( ' ., Aiirirnllnriil Kil . Arriciiltiiral Association, X.K.A. Chill. Hatiiwav. .John W., F ' denton, X. ( ' ., hifirli itninij. Hattln, Ci.arlmi:. Cresskill, X. .1., Snrinl Sriinrr I .ctternicirs (lull, Footliall ■|-eani. nMOiixornN. Waltir C, 1 I S2 .Viimi Street, Waycross, (ia., fliilfieiil Eilnniliiin. Ili.iliirii. Ceocraiihic Society, P.K.M. Chill, Omega Psi Phi Fratemit.c. HlNLs. Mary I.illii:. Uoute I. Sanford. X. ( ' ., ll ' iim Erinuunirs Eilnnilii.n. Suiidav Sel 1, .W.C.X., Holm- F.ckers. Clioir. 1-11 (lull. llolHll:. .loii.v W., .hi.. Hidjr, .Nl)7 Ajils., Fort {■ ' .llslis, ;i.. Ml rlmniriil Elli ilirerinir, I ' .iifriiiecriMK . ssnciat ion, .Alpha I ' lii Onicfia Fraternit.Y. lloLi.oivAY. Cull. Kajil. 7l)t dak Strict. Xew liiTii. X. ( ' .. Illlsiiie.iH Ailniinislnillnn. College H:iml. Clloral Soci,-ty, ■Hie .Association of Business .Students. lloLi.,iH-AY. .Mary Clcklia. :ill2 K. (lodliold Street, .Marion, S. ( ' ., Elemenluril Eihiriilinn . Social Seienec. Choir, I ' uliire IimcIi- er.s of America, Y.W.C.A. lloRTox. ,)oiis ,Iasiu:h. IIIIW li.i.l SIreel, .Morehead Citj. N. C, Miilheiniilir.i. Mililiirn Si ' ii nn . I Imcg.i Psi Plii Fr.i- teriiitc, Beta Ka|i)ia Chi Honorarx ,Sociel , llowARu, I.LX.VLOi. Xoioi.vN. I(l|7 -Mticm.irlc .Street. Wayiies- hiiro, ' a., Hiniritl Srietire. llowARii. Wiiiii; T., iwr, Court D., .lacksouYille, X. C, Aiirl- fnllnnil Eilnrntiun. Orticers Chili, Agricultural A.s.sociation. Ilowi;i.L. . i.i ' ni:rs Booki:h. lioiitc 2, Box 117, Cherr. ville, X. ( ' ., A i rirnll Ill-Ill Ell iieiil inn . Mililiiril Seii ' iiri. Xew Farm- ers of ; inerica, ' ' ..M.C.A.. Association, Ollicer ' s Chill. Ho n:i.i.. F.RNisT HuiiARn. .50H Booker Street, (ioldslioro, X. C. I ' re-Meil.. Enijlish, State Student .A.s.semlily. Omega Psi Phi, International Helations F ' Clull, M ' ios ll ' i.i iii Amerirnn Cnlli 1,11, iinil rilivenilies. I loll ILL. Wii.iii: .Ila.v. Uoute 2, Box lli:i, Tavlorv ille. X. C., El, inrnliini Ell lliillinn . Hint. Oi.ivir Oiinn. Uoute 1. Box, Uo.iriii ' UiYer, X. C, Elielririil Eniiiiiii rinii. M iillii mill i,s . ' I ' .M .( .. ., Engineering . ssociatioii, llixTLR. Ki.LA Marli:. Uoutc 1, Dox , ' ill.5, Whitaker.s, N. C, El, nil utiivii Eilnriiliiin. ni.itorii. Future Ti ' acher.s of Amer- ca. Cshi-r Hoard. IllNTI.lY. K.MAMlL. Ilolltc If, BoX llS, W II 1 ro, X. C, Anin Merhanir.s. HrNiLLV. Olivia 7IS Courl, ( irceiislioro, N. C, .Iackso.v, .Ami iiniAi.ii. 2:il. ' ) Fast, Col, Drive, ' rainjia, Fla., Iiiiln.itriiil Ail i. Industrial .Arts .Association. ■ I.vcKsoN. IlLRRLicr, .■i7n ) Chandler AYCllue, Chattanooga, Tenn., Elertrifiil Eni ineirinii, F ngineering Association. .Iackson. I,i:k Daxill. P. O. Box (»1, Fiagle Springs, N. C, r. . Eil.. Tiiihirini,. .l.vtKsox, Mii.iiRL.ii I.orisL. liox 4, (Ireenfield, ' a., Ehinentiirit Eiltiriiliiin. Eniilinh. Dramatic CIuli, Senior-CouMselor, Sigma (iaiiima Uho Sororit.Y, " ' .W.C.-A., F ' liture Teaeliers of .Amer- ica, I ' slier Board, Sunday School, F ' ellowship Council., Daviii ' 1 ' ., Sncads Ferry, ' a., 1 inliist rial Artn. .Iamks, I.iicii.i.L. Sandy Level, ' a., Elinienlant Eitnrittinn. .Facclrs, Ai.jiexa Dolorbs, 311 South Oakland ' , Dallas, X. C, ' ' Inlhin;!. Fellowshili Council, Senior Counselor, X..A..A. ' .P., .Agriciillural .Association. .Itxxixus. (Iloria .Mal. Uoute 2, Box 2KI, So. Boston, Va , IJnnie Eriinnniirn. Nurser.v School Fjducation, .Agricultural Association, Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Sunday School, +-H Club, Y.W.C.A., Pan-Hellenic Council, Virginia Cluh. .loiix. Hlxrv W., :in ' ine Street, Waterhllrg, Conn., Merhani- r,il Enifineirini , F.ngineering . ssociatioii. .Toiixso.x. Clara Lorhaixe, Route 1, Box ' A.W, (Ireensboro, X. C, iSiirial Srienre, Cheniinlrii. Dramatic Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sororit. -, . merican Chemical ,Societ. ' . .Senior Coun- selor, Sigm.i Hho Sigma Honorary Societv, ' ' .W.C.A., Pan Ilcllenic Council. IIV oV Hlin iu A nieriinii Cnllriie.i iinil l ' iiiv, ' i:iilies. Miss .A. ' [ ' .. .Assistant Secrel.irx of Senior Class. .loiixsox. F.KXisT. 12111 X. Nth St.,, X. ( ' ., Meihiin- iriil Eniiiiieerinii. Tutoring (.Math, Physics), A.F.U.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Omega l si Phi F ' raterint.v, Faigineering . ssocia- tion, .Arnold .Air .Society, Otiicers Club. .loiixsox. LrcY .May. ■ ' ifius McKinney . ve., D.illas, Tex., ' ' iiinnien ' iitl Eilnriilinn. .loiix.sox. Haymoxu C, 1S21 Davis Street, .lacksonviile, Fla., I ' hjisieiil Eilnriiliiiii. P.E.M. Club, Florida Club. .loXLs. Dallas Oiili .l. Ili2 South Street, Mount . ir. . X. C, ' I. Eiliirnlinn, .loxEs. C.KoRm; D., P. O. Box t4:i, I.uiiilierton, X. C, .Irc i ' - hrhiriil Eniiineerinif. Miilh.. Mililiiiii S,-i,nrr, .MX ' . ., F.ngineering Association, Officers Club. .loXLS. OlORIA Fl.l .AUKTII. Uoutc 1, BoX H, Wllilsctt, X. C., II nine Ei-nlinniirs . Himie Fckers Club. .lo.xLS. II.VRRoLii. I7l(i .Shi-rwood street, tireensboro, X. C I ' lii niriil Eihiritlinii. .loxLS. I.iLlii: l.Mom:xi. Route 1, (ioldston, X. ( ' ., Eliniriilnrii Eilnriilinn. Snrinl Sriinrr. Sii. ' iiia Uho Sigiii.i llonorarv So- ciety, W.A.A. .loxLS. Mary Viroixh. . ' lO.S .Mckinley , viiiiic, ( ireeiiville, X. C., Errnrli. Enilli.ili. ' learbook Staft ' , Eriii.iirr Staff, ' .W.C.A. .Iiinior-.Senior Counselor I ' sherlioard, l ' " ello ship Council, Aljiha Kappa .Mil Honor Societv, French Club, Interna- tional Uelations Club, ll7io ' . Wlm in .iinrririin Cnlli, ,r.i iniil riiivrr.iiiir.i. inr,i-r,2. .loxis. WllllA.M WllKRLli. II, Route 1, Box 1:)2, Uillggolil, ' a., ell, iiii.ilrii. ,lir Sririiri . Beta Kapp.i Chi. . riiolil . ir Society, Sphinx Club, Cheiiiical Society. .loRiiAN, .h VMLV Mii.Tox. Routc 2. l!o M , Brouii Summit. X. C., Cnniini rriiil Eilnriilinn. .lovci:. M. CoHMi.iA. I(i2ll Kast lllli Streel, W inston-S.ilein, X. C., Mii.iir. Hand. .lovVLR. V, L 1,1 1:. 1127 Forsjili SIreel. Th.mi.isvillc. X. C, Siirliil Srii nn . Krii.Y. A ios I.iRov. :tl.-i Correll SIreel. S:inford, X. C, l ' hii»iriil Eilnriilinn. Militar Sciciuv, Socielv of Scabbard and Blade. Klli.v. Ulirs Carson. Route I, Box III, .Morveii, X. ( ' ., Ilinlniiiriil Sriinrr. I ' ri . Y..M.C..A., Westminister F ' ouu- dalioii, Chemieai Soi ' iety, ll ' io ' .« U ' lm in .1 nirrirnn ( ' nllnii.i nn,l I ' nivrinil iex . Alpha I ' lii Omega l ' ' r.iternily. 78 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternit ' . Student C ' «»uncil, College Usher. KiNios. Ci.vDK Ci-AiDis. 225 Brewer Street, Asheboro, N. C, Jiinlotjiral Scifttcf. KKNNtDV. F-i XA Marie. 506 Date Street. Fernandina Beach. Fla., Etif linh. Frfurh. Delta Sigma Theta Sororitv, Freru-h Club. Kknt. Bfrtha B.. ITd: Weaver Street, Selma, Ala., r,nn- iiii rrifil F.dttritfiim. Kn.MNs. Richard Iav.. Route 1. Box T. Fairmnnt. N. (_ ' .. rr,-M.d., ChfniUfrj,. Y.M.f.A.. Ottiiers Club. Dramatics Club. litfihtf-r Staff. Kimbm:. Doris E., 27(MI N. Biirwo.)d Street. Charlotte. N. C, ' ' " iiinifrriul Edurat ' mn. KiN ;. Ravmonij. 512 Buick Street. Rcpckv Mount. N. C.. Prt-Mfd. KrvG. TiiLRfSA Mae. Route 1. Box 2+S. Spring I ke. N. C Home Economics. Gfueriil Science. College Csher Board. V.W.C.A.. Home Eckers Chib. Eassiti:r. Cabky. 310 S. East Street. Raleigh. N. C. Eu,iii.- h. Frmch. Choral Club. A. K. M. Honor SiK " iet . French Club, Y.M.C.A.. Mens Glee Club. Law.. I awbence. 111-113 Street, Pittsburgh, Pa., Ilhtnri . Leak. Abthir Burhelx, 451 Madison Street, Reidsville. X. C, Bujihiefifi Administration. Lee, ArsTiN Roosevelt. 127 Depot Street, Roxboro, X. C.. Phiisical Educntion. Lee. Magai.exe, 422 Cole Street, Cireensboro. X. C-. Commercial Education. Legette, Bt-rxie. 815 Cameron Avenue, Winstnn-Salem, X ' . C., ( ' he mist r II. Mntht nintirs. American Chemical Society, , rnold Air Society, Beta Ka]ii a C " hi. Kajipa Aljiha Psi. Legette. Geraldine DrmRLs. Route 3, Box 54. Marion, S. C, f ' lmmerciiil Educniimi. Y W.C.A.. Business Association, Yearbook Staff. Legette. Samiel I,ee. Route 3. Box 132. Mullins, S. C, Eiec- tricnl Ent itiferin; . Matht iiititict, Y.M.C.. ., Engineering As- sciciation. . rnold . ir Societi ' . Lett. Chari.ks. 65 Fonda Avenue, Battle Creek, Michigan, I ' lirntininil Jndu.- ' trinl Ed urn inn. .Into- Mi rhunlr. " . Fitotball Team, Ix-ttermen ' s Club President, ' ice-President of CIa s for three years. Intercollegiate Council President. Little. Joseph exe Elizabeth. " (16 Willard Street. Durham. N. C. Phi sicnl Education. Histoni. . ll Girls " Band, W.A.A., P.E.M. LocKLEv, Inez, Route 1. Box 70. A] ex. X . C. French. Social Science. International Relations Club. Y.W.C.A., French Club. Senior Counselor. Mt Arthur. Lanxie Virginia. 10 South Street, Cromwell, tonn.. Commercial Education. College I ' sher Board, Sunday Scliool. Fellowship Council. Forum Conmiittee for Cam] us. .Junior-Senior Counselor. Busines.s Club. Treasurer, Y.W.C.A.. President and Treasurer. Board of Curatiirs. Secretarj " , Alpha Kap]ia Alpha Sorority, President, Class Reporter. M ' ho ' . Who in American Cidlft es and ( ' niventitieit. 1951-52. Student I, gislature Assembly-. McCoRKLE. Mei.viv Franklin. 2121 X. Main Street, Kan- najiolis. X. C. Bi ' dni lral .sV(Micr.-f. Histttrii and Chemistri . Choral Society. Y.M.C.. . McCallcm. James Monroe. 150H Fitch Street, Wiiiston-Salem, X ' . C, Vocational Industrial Education. Military Science, Dmega Psi Phi Fraternity, Dean of Pledgees, R.O.T.C. Officers Club. McElveen, David Henrv. Route 1, Box 35. Pamlico, S. C, Chemist rti. Air Scitnrr and Math mafirs. Student Legisla- tive Assembly, ' 51. ' 52, Class President, two years. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Stragetus. Beta Kapi a Chi Honor Society. Secretary. , lpha Kappa Mu Honor Sticiety, Vice- President, American Chemical Societ " , . rnold . ir Society, Who ' s Who in .Imt ricau Colhfies and I ' nil ' i rsities. " 51. ' 52. McLean. Doris C, Route 1, Lumberton, X. C, Biolotjical Sciences. Physical Education. Modern Dance Group. College Choir. V.W.C.A.. Fellowship Council, Usher Board, Vice- President, W.. .A.. Publicity Manager. McXeill, Bavetta Buck more. Box 112. Warsaw, X. C-, Comm( rcial Education. Fellowship Council. Business Club. Mack. Tiio ias . bba.m. 115 Avenue D. Darlington, S. C, liinluffiral Sciences. Chemist ri . Band, Ret ister Staff, Alpha Phi . lpha ? aternity. Pan Hellenic Council. Marrow, James Edc.ab, s32 Gay Street, Rocky Mount. X. C. Agriculture. Milifaru . ' yciencf . Kapjia Pbi Ka]ipa Forensic Society. President. X.F.. .. Secretary. R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Secretary, Student Council, Kappa Aljiha Psi Fraternity. Martin. Lois L.. Box 1( 6 Xo. 2, Madsion, X. C, Home Economics. W.A.. ., Y.W.C.. ., Home Eckers Club, Presi- dent, Alpha Kappa . !pha Sorority. Martin. Keva Mae. 2324 Booker Avenue. Charlotte. N. C, Tnilorint . College Usher Board. Tailoring Club, W.. .A. Masse NBERG. Roman Haves. Route 2, Stony Creek. Vn.. Applied Sorioloi if. Mil it art Science. Richard B. Harrison Plavers. Y.M.C.. ., Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternitv, ' irginia Club. Massenbehg. Ix ttie Lee. R.F.D. I. Box 2. Ston ' Creek. ' a.. Home Economics. Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. President. H mic Eckers Club, Y.W,C.. .. Fellowship Council. Maves. McKinlev. Route I, Oxford. X. C, .lijriciilturnl F.du- catittn. Richard B. Harrison Players, X ' .F..- ., Sunday School. Fellowship Council. Y.M.C.A., Treasurer, Agricultural As- sociation, Board of Curators. Melett. .Mii.oREii Almiba. Alachua. P ' lorida. English. IHsftirif. College I ' sher Board. Reporter. F ' elbiwship C )uncil. Y.W.C.. . Miller. Dorothy . nna Fave. 302 W. Sullivan Avenue, Gas- tonia, X. C, French. Ent lish. Varsity and Intramural Bas- ketball, Register Staff. Student Legislative Assembly, Girls ' Drill Team. Y.W.C.A.. W.A.A., Vice-President, " French Club. Reporter. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Alpha Kajijia Mu Honor Society. Mills. Robert Eugene. Route 3. High Point, X. C. Mathe- matics. Hist or I . Scabbard Blade X ' ational S .x_ iet ' . MiMs. Haywood. 605-2nd Street. X.E., Washington. D. C-. Phiisical Education. Military Science. College Basketball Team and Baseball Team, Physical Education Club, letter- men ' s Club. Mitchell, .lohn William, P. O. Box 53, Hallsboro, X. C.. Bio- chemistry. Air Science and Biological Sciences, Y.M.C.A., R.O.T.C. " Officers Club, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society, Alpiia Kajipa Mu Honor Stxriety. President, Arnold Air Society. Who ' .i Who in A no rican Collects and [ ' niversiti s. 1952-53. MiTCHENEH, M ' lLLENA A., Routc 1, Box 12 " . Siiiitlifiekl, X. C. Enylish. Histury. Intramural Sj orts. W.A.. ., Sundaj School, Y. W.C.A.. Women ' s Dorinitc)ry Council, Secretary. Morris. Shirley, Route 3, Box 24, Franklin, Va., Commercial Education. MoRRisEV, Doctor Steven. Route 1, Box 165, Turkey, X. C, Chemistry. Air Science, Aljiha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Beta Kappa Chi Htmor Society-. American Chemical Societ " . Officers Club, Y.M.C.. .. Arnold Air Society. Morrison, Clarence Rocisevelt.. 600 Cameron Ave.. Winston- Salem. X. C. Vocational Industrial Education. Omega Psi Phi Fraternit ' . Morrison, Madis n Edward. 299 X. View St., Spartanburg. S. C, Applied Sociology. Motley. George Haywood. 503 X ' . Beech Street, Greensboro, X. C, Mechanical Enyineeriny. Move. Cecil Edwin, 703 Walnut St., F ' annvillc, X. C, Pre-Med. .Xelson. Hi-bebt IL. Route 1. Box li»9, R .bersonvilIe, X. C., Agriculture. XiciiOLs »N. Charies Bernard. 43s Xorris St.. Montezuma, Ga., Biological Scii nces. Chemistry. Y.M.C.A.. Ri gisff r Staff. XixoN. " joE W.. 241 W. Whittington. Greensboro, X. C, Bio- logocal Sciences. XoBSiAN. MiuiRED Heiex, 77 Piuc Grove Ave.. Asheville, X. C. Commercial Education. Dramatic Club, Business Club. Parker. Lloyd Gabbison. Route 1. Box 119, Jacksonville. X. C. Masonry. V.M.C.. .. Masonry Club, Technical Associa- tion, Industrial . rts Association. Parker. Rose Marie. Route I, Box 36, Branchville, Va., Elementary Education, History. F.T.A., College Usher Board. Pabkeb. Rith Elizabeth, 2012 Hassell St.. Greensboro, X. C. Physical Education. Social Studies. Intramural Sports, Dance Grou]i. Delta Sigma Theta Sororitv, P.E.M. Club, Reporter, W.A.A. Page, Coba Gwendolyn, P. O. Box 373, Lake View, S. C, Commercial Education. Ayantee Staff, Registi r Staff. Busi- ness Club. Palmer, .Sylvester. Box 55. Xorth Wilkesboro, X. C, Auto Mechanics, Auto Mechanics Club. Pearson. Edith L hie. Rmite 1, Box 93, Manson. X. C. Elementan Education. Pendebgras-t " . Mary M., P. O. Box 662, Chapel Hill. X. C. Elemt: ntary Education. Peters. Elmeb B. T., 712 Martin St.. Greensboro. X, C.. Mechanical Engineering. Peterson. Estheb. Route 1. Box 322. Dover. X. C. Biological Sciencfs. Chemistry. College Choir. Phillips, Dolobise Winnoh a. 2( ' 5 Powell Street. Greensboro, X. C, Commerical Education. PiNNix, Charlie Solomon. Route 1. Box 127. Etiand. X. C, .Into Mechanics, Auto Mechanic Club, Y.M.C.A. 79 Pipkin, John Ora. P. O. Box 192. Mm I.mi. X. C. Eiif li. h, Sigmji Gamma HIio Sunirity. PiTTMAN. Chahi.fs Uobert, ISM Cdtta;:! ' Stn-rt. Kairin ml, N. C. f ' biwi.sfri . Ma the mat iff. Richard H. I larrisoii Players, Treasurer and St ape Manaper. PrrTMAN. Mary Ai.kk. 12l)I Highland Avenue, Rooky Mount. N. C, Binloj lral iSrirurfs. Aljilia Kappa Aljiha Sororil . Crainrnateus, ' .W ' .C.A. Pi.rsiMi;B. J I ' M AS Stani rv. ' 29 ' .iO Lansiiip A c.. I ' urlsirintitli, Va., Music, liand. Lampndas Cluli. U.O. ' r.t ' . Ortieers fluli. Powi:i,i,. RoBKRT Earl, (JIO S. Poll n-k St.. Sehna. N. C, Matht ' inafir.t. (ivnrral SrJpiicf aiitf Milifarjt Sririicf. R.O.T.C. Officers rinh. National Society of Scabbard and RIade, V.M.C.A. Pnwiir.. I.ANcisTov IliiRNAHn. (JIO Pocahaiitas St., Ilaniptdn. ' a.. X ' oratUmat Iminsfruil Eii urati ' w . I lu u. t rial Jits. H.O.T.C. Officers Club. P(» vnHS, Hahhuit iM.izAHirnr , Unnte 1, Uii (», Willard. N. ( ' .. ■Jiif ll.-h. listari,. . X.A- Fclluwshi!! Cnitiril. (lirls " Drill ' I ' eani. Pn.i.KN. {iu-KM)o[. X Ki.AiNi;. lS:j:i 2nd Street, I.yncliliurp, ' a.. ' ' annul ' rria! Eihiratiaii , Choir. " ' AV.C ' .A., Uusiness Club, Sunday School. Pl-RNi:i.L, I,EO (;.. Route 1. Rox 112, Purtsinmith, ' a.. .h;rir„l fiirp I ' Jdnratian. N.F.A., Y.M.C.A., H.O. ' i.C. OIVk-.ts Cluh ' irpinia Chib. Rrt i.itrr Staff Havnoh, Wmiiih. Route S. Rox 45, Clinton. N C,. hut, i.- t rial A rty. Reavi:s. Ui:ttv .Ii:ax. 15 ' aIentine St., Mull ins. S. C.. ' ' am- )iifrrial hUturatian. Rich. Wiuiam IIi:nrv. Jr.. Route 3. Ai ex, N " . ( " ., J iiiirnltnia} Eiinratiati. .lir Srirnrr. Arnold Air Society, Air Force . s- sdciatinn. . pricultural Associatitm, ( )fficers Chili. RiTTKB. Mn?.i:ij A Hi;icnii:NA. Route I, Rox :i2. Cartjiape. N. C. Elf nuntari Eil nratiun. U i. ' itari . Gcnf ;ra])liical Soci -t . HoRiiRTS, IU:ri- -i; W ' itli ihs, 519 Heimctt St,. (Jreensbnro, N. ( ' .. . If ilirfl Sarialnffi . RoinRTsoN, Cii AiM.ii: A NTiKiN V, Routi ' 2, Rox (i ' jA. R a lei ph. . C, .li rlrullnral E t iiratinu . R.O.T.C. Offict-rs Club. Na- tional Society of Scalibard and Rlade, Air Force Association. Arnold Air Society, N.F.A.. Agricultural Association. HoHKRTsox. .lA.sfhx DAvin, Jr.. U04- Calvert St.. Norfolk. ' a.. ] ' orat!aiial liidunfrin! Ed lira Hon. Had in and Trhrisiaii. Scott Hall Senati " . Industrial Education . ssnciation. Choral Society, Male Clee Club. RouixsoN. Cmristixk, Ri»ute 1, Box ( 7, Macon, N. C.. llonu Erouamim. Nurmrii Srhatd Eduratiau, Iota Phi I.aniluia Sorority, Treasurer. Y.W.C.A.. Pan Helli-nic Council. Secre- tary, Frllowsliip Council. Home Kckcrs Cliit», Agricultural Association. RoH[xs(»N. pAtj.iNK Ai.viTKH. llJOf) 17th St., Taiupa. V ; ., Eh tilt II tar 1 E duration, lliafnrii. Choral Societj ' . Senior Counselor. ' . V.( ' .A., CoMepe I ' sher Board. F -IIowship Coun- cil. Sunday S -hon|, Aurora Ph-dpe Club, [■ ' .T.A.. Floridian Club. RoHiNsov. Ja.mis Kuwarii. lltl W. 11 2t b St.. New ' (.rk. N. Y.. rhi sirnl Ednnitiini. Sarial Stndir.- . Co|h-pe Basketball and Baseball Teams, E,,ii.strr Stat " , l. -ttrrinrrrs Club. ' ice-Presi- dent, P.Pl.M. Club, President. RonwKi.i.. Ckari.ik Thomas. Itoute 2. lletnltrson. N. C., .h ri- rultural Ethirafian, Militar, Sri, nr, . NF.A.. ' .M.C.A., Apricuitural Association, RrHiKRS. Ja.mi:s I.tthkr, Jr.. Bunn. N. ( ' ., J ijriniU ural Edura- tinii, Militarii Sririirr. Basketball, Phi Beta Sipriia Fratern- ity. Scabbard and lilade Society. N.F..- . Apricuitural .Association, Y.M.CA, H(iscoK. SAHAir Bkrtha, Star Route, indsnr. N. (.. Cnni- nirrrifil Educitimi. Business Club, ' I ' .W.C. A.. W.A.A.. Pei S(|uad. Ross. Krmst Kr.MiR.. Bettsvill -, Mtl., ' unti aial Industrial Eduraliun, Militari Srirnrr. ' ln s W ' hu in .Imiriran r„t- hijcs and ( ' nivrnsitirs, ' 52-5:i, . Omepa I ' si Phi Frateniit , Scabbard and Blade, Dormitory Ciunu-il, N.A.A.C.P. Ross. Mii,j)RKu K,vi;r.vx, Route (i. Box 27t, Salisbury, N. C,. F units. Ilninr Eranuniirs. ,Sun(Ia - School. Drama lies Cluh, " ' .W.C.A., Fellowship Council. - Club, Prrsi.lenI, Collepe Chapel. KvAN, Mahv Esri[i:R, Route I, Bo 2it:{. Wiiulsor. N. ( ' ., Unnu Ernnaaiirs. Fellowship Couruil. Home Kckrrs Cluli. Apricui- tural Association, . ( . . Saxi)i:rs, Cora I.i 7(i Cliestnut Str -et. Cheraw, S. C.. I ' ador Saxon, Hoiu.h. U!l E. Washinpton A e.. Kinston, N. ( ' ., Indus- trial Arts. ScALFS, Marsifai.i. F , Route 5, Box 227, Cireensboro, X. C, Pbi siral Eduratinn. listnrt ., Daviu I,., Rt.. Lake I.andinp, N. C.. J;irirulfuraf Edn- ratiiin. Skwei.i.. Daviu, ,Ir.. IK Washinpton Drive. Forsyth, Ca., Ma- sonrji, Y.M.C.A., Mastmry Club, Vice-President. Sharks. VijiNui: Vax B., 214 S. Georgia Ave., Concord, N. C.. SiiM ' HFHii. KniiAit, 1402 Julian St., Greensboro. N. C., liusinrss Administration. SHritHon. RoBKicr (oiant. IHIM Drew St.., N. ( ' ., EIrrtriral Ent inrrrint . Scabbard an i Blade. Oftici-rs Club. Shipmax. FhancI ' S Andrews, P. O. Box 2: 1. Liberty, N. C., Eniili.ih. Frrnrh. Dramatics, Sunda ' School. Sipma (lannna Rho Sorority, ' .W.C.A,. L ' sher Bo ' ard. Fellowsliip Council. Freiu-h Club. Short. Arhli: .rvcurEi.YN. S Baker St., Greenville, S. C.. Comnicrrial Eduralimi. Dramatics, Rcr ijitrr StaiT. Avaxtei: Staff, Business Cluh, Reporter, Y.W.C.A., Interracial Club. SrMM(.Ns. RAi.i ' ir. .ht.. P. O. Box 121, Trenton. N. C. Auto Mrrhanlrs. Auto Mechanics Club. SiMMs. Frank. 523 Greenville Ave.. Staunton. Va.. Arrhitrrtural Eni inrrrinft . Omepa Psi Phi, National Society of Scabbar l aiul Blade, H.O.T.C. Officers Club, Enpineerinp Association, R.O.T.C. Infantry Drill Team, CfUUTuander. SiMox, Jfssh:, 4(i0 Salislniry St.. ' a(iesl)oro. N. ( ' ., Elrmrnfari Edurntion, Ilislari , Wonu-n Athletic Associa- tion. Smai.e. RoiKiiR 1... Route t, ]!o 2 i!», Windsor. N. C., Indu, trial Arts. Sinclair. ' I ' ho.mas Euward. !i!llO Warwick Ave., Newport News, Va., T ' . . Ednratian. Mnsanri . Smith. Axni; E.. 230 W. Wall St. ' , Milledpeville, Ga., t. ' mrral Srirnrr. Mathrmntirs. Smith. Crkku I)., 2(i01 East Market St., Greensboro. X. C.. Prr-Mrd. Smith, Dwhiht, B i 2H 2 , Timberlake, N. C, A tirirultnrr, Eronmnirs. X ' .K.. ., Apricuitural Associaticui. SjiiTir, Earl, Rcuite 1, Box (iliA, Belhaven, N. C., HusinrsH Adntinistroti ' in. Smith. Geneva. 410 Patton . ve.. N.W.,, Va.. Ifnine E ran amirs, I ' sher Board, Fellowship Council, Y.W.C.A., Home F ' ckers Club, S:mith. LiNW(M)n .Iame.s, Route 1, Box 44, M ' arrenton, X. C. Sorial Srirnrr, Militarii Srienrr. Debatinp Society, Student Assembly, Riiles Committee, Calendar Committee. President of Fresluuen Class. Student Council, Vice-President and Treasurer, V.M.C.A., Kapjia Alpha Psi, Rejiorter. R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities, Student Eeadershiii Publication. S.MiTH, C., 10:Hi Best St., Greensboro, N. C., ' ' ani- mtrcial Eduvalion. Smith. Recinalu Kenneth, P. O. Box IH. . lachua, Fla., Phi siral Ednratian, Snrial Sritnri . Choral .Societv . Dra- matics, P.E.M. Club. Floridian Club. Smith. Roikur K.. I Ids Owen Place. Washinplon, D. C., Jlisfnrit. Militarif Srirnrr. Otticers Club. Y.M.C.A., tleo- pra])hical Club. Smith. Wieeie. 917 Benton Road. Cireensboro, N. C., P. . Edn- ratian. Antii Mrrlianirs. Smith. Wit.t.ia.m Arth th. I(i50 Washinplon . vc., Charlotte, N. C., Industrial Arts Ednratian. Senior Collepe Marcliinp Band, Senior Collepe Ci ncert Band, Lamp Club. West- minister j " " oundalion. M usic Clul), N ' eterans .Association, Presi lent. Sneee. Ira. 12to 2iul Street S.E.. Canton. Ohio. A pplird Sari- oh,; ! . lM.otl all Team, I.ettermLMrs CIuIe Sx..wi)EN. HiEiN B., P. O. B ix IH5, . urora. X. C ., Unmr Eranamirs, Hom I ' U ' kers Club, Fellowship Council. ' .W.C.A., New F ' armers pf America, Delta Sipma Tlu-ta Sorority. Si-iuiirr. A ' ef.m A Rcth. Route I. Box 75, Snow Hill. X ' . C, Mathi matirs. Frrnrh. Stuth-nt I .cpislativc Assembly, .As- sociate l ' ' ,ilitor of -ViANii " carliook. Senior Counselor. Dramatics, Ri tiistrr Staff " . I ' sher Board, Fellou ship Coun- cil, Y.W.C.A., Freru-h Clul . . lpha Kapjia Alpha Sororitv. . Ipha Kajipa .Mu Ilouiirarx Society Reporb-r. P.iri H -I!enic Council. American Student Leader. ' ll ' n .s 11 ., ,( Am.rirau ' ■ollrfirs and f nirrrsit irs, 1952-53. .SrAEi- ' oRn, Hanforu Dozieh. 512 N ' . (ith St., Wilminplon, N. C., Malhrniatir.t, Air Srirnrr, Ilijttari , Eri istrr Staff, Manapinp I ' ' ,ditor, .Arnold Air Societj-, Pan Hellenic Council, ' ice- President. M.ithcmatics Club. R.O.T.C. Offici-rs Club. Omepa Psi Phi I- ' ralcrnily, Editor, X. A. A.C.I ,. Business .Manapcr. A VAX tee Staff, Business Manapcr, . ir Forc» ' Ass ciation, American Sludi-nt Leader, Who ' s Who iu Am.riran Caltrt rs and I ' nivrrsitits 1952-53. STAifoRii. l u ' isK Colston. P. O. Box H51, Fh)rence ' illa, V n., Ent lish, liialai i , American Chemical Society, F ' ellowshii) Couiu ' il, Treasurer. 80 ■■■i.i,..iijMi i |.ii ra w. aiw,. A. - ' STAPi.i:rc iT. LvxELL, Jb.. 910 Ricli Ave. Win iton-Saleni. N. C Fiiif Art. . Statvu. AsTHrB. 24 Mechanic St., Bethlehem. Pa.. Phi i ' irnl Eil lira f inn. Football Team. Lettersnien ' i C ' hth. H«ixinp Team. STt:i:i.E. Ann D.. Harmony. N. ( ' .. Comm rrini Eflnrn iint. Stephens. Irene Long. 301, Sherandoali Ave.. N " . V., Roanoke, Va.. t ' ommercinl Edurntinn. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Business Club. Virginia Club, Stewabt. William Cahtn. Charlotte, X. C.. Phi xirnl Eihirn- tion. Stiggers, ' IBGINU GWENDOLYN, 803 Scrier St., Clreensboro. N ' . C, Php icfil Etiucation. Stocks. Chesteb. Route 1, Box 93, (irifton. N. C. AiinrttUural Education. STRnro, Catherine Beatrice. 50-5 Benbow Rd., Cireensboro. X. C., Elt tnf-ntarj Edurittinii. Su ' ANN, GLi»RiA SwANsoN. 674 Davis St.. Danville, Va., Mathf- mnfirs. Frt nrh. Student I-egislative Assembly. Avantee Staflf, Senior Counselor. Y.W.C.A.. Fellowship Council. Alpha Kajij a Mu Honorary Society, Reporter, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Society. Vice-President. Alpha Kapjia Alpha So- rority. Vice-President. French Club. President, International Relations Club. Sunday School. American Student I eaders. SwANSox. Ji ' LiAN WiNSLOw, 224 Stcwart St., Danville, Va., Biijtineijis A drutnht ration. SusiMERs. Hattie, 327 X ' . Dudley St.. Greensboro, X. C, Applifd Sociology. SwiNsoN. Calvix, Jr., 1010 Wainwright Ave., Wilson. X. C Phyitical Education. Military Sciencf. Band, R.O.T.C Of- ficers Club. Tabby. M.xttie L., Route 5. Box 149. Henderson, X. C, Com- mrrritil Education Yearbook Staff, Rttjinttr Staff, Bu.iinffSg Club. Tate. James E., 40S Pugh Street, Lexin gton, X. C. I ' . . Edu- cation. Radio. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Tavlob. Donxie Banks. Cumnock, X. C., A uto M ' chaiiic. Band. Tavuir. JERRr Wade, Route 2, Box 5tj, Pilot MuuntHin, X . C, hidujtfriaJ Education. Taylor. LaL ' nur, Route 1, Box 197, Snow Hill, X. C, Home Economic. " . Taylor, Lois Vitiax, 336 Port Republic Road, Waynesboro. Va., Erif li h. Social Science. Choral Society. Taylob. Mildred Louise. 308 Sunset Drive, Chapel Hill, X. C, Commercial Education. V.W.C.A., Business Association, Pep Squad. T. YLOB. WiLLi. M Charixs, Jb.. 818 Stccl Street. Sanford, X. C.. Cbf mi try. Mnth( mattes, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Aljiha Kapj)a Mu Honorary Society. Beta Kajijia Chi Honorary Soi-iet) . American Chemical Society. , rnold . ir Society, V.M.C.A., Otficers Club, n ' hn.y IVha in Amrricnn r.,iu,n: and I ' niz ' ' r.iitie. " . Pledge Alpha Phi Omega. Tatlob, Edith Shirley, Route 2. Box 3-5S, Fremont, X " . C. Elementary Education. Ent li. ' th. Kapjia Phi Kapj a Debating Society, Rtyi-ster Staff F.T.A.. Yearb.iok Staff. Student Leg- islative Assembly, . lpha Kajipa Alpha Sorority. Alpha Kappa Mu Ht norary Society. Geographic Society. Tebbell. Timothy H.. Roanoke Virginia, Sociology. Thomas. George A., Camden. Xew Jersey. Phynical Educntiitu. Thompkixs. Da td L., 811 Gray . venue, Winston-Salem. X. C.. Bufines. " Ad minist ration . Aljiha Phi Omega, Scabbard and Blade Society, Business Asst clatinn. Officers Club, Y.M.C.A. Tillman. Mabvelexe Ix RETrA. 421 X. Caldwell Street, Char- lotte, X. C., Social Scieucf. Tillman. Otis Edward, Route 1. Bo 3 K), Wadeshoro, X. C, ( ' hemi.ilry. V.M.C.A., W ' ht n W ' hti in A merican ( ' olleyeit and rniz-t r. ' itif.t. 1952-53, Beta Kapjta Chi, . merican Chem- ical Societj " . TiM n " HY. X ' oRMAN. 1220 E. Washington Street, Greensboro. X. C-, Tailoring. Towxsexd. John L.. Route 2, Dillon. S. C " .. Shoe Hepalriny. Trent, Leslie Waymax, Box 43, Parksley, A ' a.. V . I. Educa- tion. Autfi Mfrhanic . Trisvax. Margaret M.. Route I. Box 40. Jarrett, Va., Iliietnry. French. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Alpha Kap) a Mu Honorary Society. Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary Society, Geographic Societv. International Relations Club, French Club. Todd. Mobbis Lliweixyx. 912 Palmer Street. Portsmouth. Va., Vncational Induntrial Education. Military Scienct. Scabbard and Blade Society, Virginia Club. R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Tyi-ob. GtORiiE . LP HIS, 414 Pine Ave.. Xewport Xew s. ' ir- ginia, Vncatitmnl Induftriol Educnfion. Ma.yftnry. Tyleb. William D Route 3, Box E. 60, Oxford, X, C, Phyjiical Education. iMSTEAn. Eva .Mae Ola. Box 3s, Oxford, X. C, Commercial Eductttion. VixEs, . rthir, Jr.. Route 1. Box 2t. " i. (ireenville. X. C.. Iudu.- - trial Artit Educnfion. Mathmtatirs. " .M.C.A.. Industrial Edu- cation .Association. ViNrs. Ons Berxabb, 602 ' ance St„ (ireenvllle. X. C-, Bu.- ' iue.iy Ad miniitf ration and Accounting, T. BS. Y.. I.C.. . Wagstaff. rvBY Elizabeth. 801 . pple Street. Burlington. X. C. Eugli.- ' h. W.KLDEN. Constance Carol. Route 1, Box 50. Halifax. X. C, Eh nnntary Education, French. French Club. Future Teach- ers of America, Waldex, Maurice ' enabll. 317 Hall Street, Franklin. Va., Engli. h. Walker. John H.. Slielby, X. C. Agricultural Ediicntinn. Walk KB. I.fvi ' inson. Mehane. X. C. Biological Science., Alpha Kajijia Mu Honorary Society, Beta Kappa Chi. Waij., James Kinxith, 5003 Ames St., Washington. D. C, Jnduj trial Art. Football, Varsitj " , Officers ' Cluh, R.O.T.C. Quartet. Wallace, Beatrice LaVerxe. Route 2. Box 231. Williamsburg, ' a.. Elementary Education. Social Science. Sunday School. Y.W.C.A.. Fellowship Council. A, T. College Chapel. Waluce. Oliver, 603 Leibert Street, Bethlehem. Pa.. Mechani- cal Engineering. Mathematiczi, Boxing. Tutor, Beta Kappa Chi. Engineering Association. Letternien ' s Club. Walls. Willie Guy. P. O. Box 1132. Pinehurst, X, C. Dry Cleaning. Basketball. Softball. Veterans Club. W.vRD. Johx. Jr.. Route 4. Box 31 C, Wilson, X. C. Mathe- matics. Gem rnl Sci nce. Y.NLC,. , WoRELDS. .EBEKiAH, Routc 2, Box 154. Frcmont, X, C. Auto Mfchanic.f. Washixg ton, Leroy, 125 West Lincoln Street, Carlisle, Penn- sylvania. Phy.iiral Educatt ni. Watkixs. Charles. 815 English Street, Greensboro, X. C, Business Admtni.ttration. Watkixs. Ida Ruth. Ill Lincoln Street, Cireenville. South Carolina. Dress Making. Watsox. Lkry Patsy, General Delivery, Graham, X ' . C, Bio- logical Science, i ' hemistry. Symjihony Band, Zeta Phi Beta Sororitv. Pan Hellenic Council, International Relations Club, Y.W.C.A.. Waters. Haywood Lee. Route 1. Box 41, Fremont, X. C. Biological Science. Chemistry. Geographical Society. X.A.A. C.P.. American Chemical Societ% " . Omega Psi Phi Fratern- it.v. Y.M.C.A, Weli . .Mary Elizabeth, 63 Holly Road. Atlanta. Georgia, A I ' died Sitrinlogy. Physical Education. ' .. .. .. P.E.M. Club. P ramid Club. Usher, Fellowship Council, Watson. " erxell. 808 Glendale Avenue. Durham. X ' . C, Mu.fic. Watts, James F.. 941 ' argrave Street. Winston-Salem. X. C, Tfiloring. Watts. Rolaxd Smith. 1109 East Davie Street, Raleigh. X. C, Auto Mechanics, Webb. Hoover. Garysburp. X ' . C. Tailoring. White. George. 119 X ' orth Elm Street, L iuisburg, X ' . C.. Carpentry, White. Lala Lee. Route 1, Box 73. Cofield. X. C. Conimtrcial Educatinu, Business Club. Dramatics. Sunday School. White HURST, Xathan McKinley. 3205 McKinley Street, Suffolk. ' irginia, Vocational Industrial Education, Tailoring. WiLKiNs, Julian A„ Route 2. Box 141. Spring Hope, X. C, Horticulture. Landscape r e. igning. R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Y.M.C.A.. Agricultural Association. X.F.. . WiLLi. MS. B. Tho3IA.s. 175 Boder Street, Akron, Ohio. Electrical Engineering. Mathematics. Kappa Alpha Psi, Scott Hall Senate, M ' ho ' . Who in , merican College. and Fni- ve entities. Engineering Associatitin. Williams. Carl Willis, P. O. Box 92, Dallas, X. C, Mathe- matics. Wiij,iAMS. Cleophas. Route 1. Box l-. . Claremont. X ' . C. Agricultural Education. Fellowshiji Council. X.F.. . Club. . gricultural Association, Y.M.C.A, Willis. DeWitt. 912 East Second Street, Plainfield, Xew Jer- sey. Pre-Med. Wills. Jeremiah. Route 1, Box , Littleton, X. C, Agricul- tural Education. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, X.F.A., Agri- cultural Association. Y.M.C.A. Wills, Wiiliasi Blouxt. 145 East Gale Street. Edenton, X. C Agricultural Education. .Hr Science, Arnold . ir Society, . ir Force Association. Y.M.C.A.. X.F.A.. .Agricultural As- sociation. WiLsox. Alfred, General Delivery, Windsor, X. C, Physical Education. 81 SI rift. N.irlli A(i;iiiis, .M;iss 11. . U!l, (Kfc.rd. N. C. i;.:,li Whmis. Ciuhiis. I. ' , Il;ii M.illlr,,,,,!!,:-.. W ' llMlN. ' riMiKNIuN, Kimtc ,111,1 r,l,rU-i,iii. WlMUlKlv. McMiiiiv. 1 Kid I)i- M-y Avinlir. I ' ,v;ili-lmi, llliii.ii .■n :;i. x .l,hi,iiiixli;ili,,ii. WrririRS. Daisy. Hifili Pciilit, N. C, IChiii,!,!,,,-,! l-:,li,,;,li.,„. WdoTEN. Jai ' Mta Wilms. Holiti- 1, Hex li ii, lilMiliril.or N. C, Elem,nl,irii Eiiiir,ili„n. Iliiiilhl,. V. V.C.. . WnoTuN. Ni;rrvi; ' . NX. H.iiiti- 1. I!.i lijli, N. ( ., Elimnihirii E,liii;iliim . Il ' ish,,-,i. . ]A ,i K:ili]i;i AljiliM .Sn r irit -. .StMiJDr Couiisflor, WciTKX. Hiirs Kaki.. 1112 N..rlli .li.iiii .Str. ' .t, ( N. c. ;. . . ■ . Mini,,,- ! s,-i,i,,;. .y x .. iiiii,i-rs ( luu. Wiihiiii. li(K]KiH ' I ' .. (Irmislnvrii. . C. W ' ltiiiHT. .I. :mi:s , ., W ' illiaiiislmrt:. N ' irjrhii.i, ' m.vmm. .1,1 ,iihiiK- l,;ifl,iii. ' H!(;lir. Wir.liv.M Hisuv. ircfilshnri). N. ( ' . Vri,;iit. .M »H,ri.iiir. ll ' l .S.iiitli F,i). ' litli .Stri-rt, Piilatkii. Kl.irilla, S, ,,•!,, I S , ,lii.i. Hiiliini. (uMipritliliic Socictv. Floridiaii Club, f.W.C.A. " N ' liiiK. DdHnidv C, 230(1 — 2:Jr(I .Vvctuu . Taniiia, Fltiritla, English. IntiTiiational Uflatitiris Club, Cieograiilik- Socictj ' , lliisiiK-ss ( ' !uli. .Mjilia Kappa . lplia Snntritj ' . 82 tms mmw m mm AUTDGRAPHS sa«iag»?ay. i... .r,. ...-.»» »- ll 1

Suggestions in the Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

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