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3 0343 oT9U63. r.D. BLUFORD LIBRARY N.C. A T STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO. N.C. 27411 tamm mfeH f.D. BLUFORD LIBRARY liCA T STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO. N.C. 27411 IlilllClLTIKIL m HKTH T ;( ' ll l(ltL COLLEliE OF CtROLIlt (irpruNboro, ! ' orlli ( ' aiiiliiia DEDIClTlfli GOVERNOR VV. KERR SC:OTT A star in thr crown of the state of North Carolina . . . thus, let his clccds be kno Nn. Seldom in tlie history of any state lias a goxernor been so well identilied with tiie best interests and lutiirc welfare of the innumerable groups over whom he exerts his guiding influence. Because of his efforts to understand the necessity of an equal educational system and his efibrts to promote it throughout the state . . . because of his efibrts to build better roads for traveling throughout the state . . . because of his efibrts to promote the general welfare of the citizens of the state, we dedicate this, our 1952 annual, to His Excellency, W. Kerr Scott, Governor of the State of North Carolina. TO Oil l ' RESII)E T DR. F. D. BLUFORD More than t scnt -li e years ago. Dr. Ferdinand D. Bluford dedicated his Hfc to the .service of this institution of higher learning. The cumulati e length of his tenure and devotion as president of the Agricultural and Technical College and the advances made by the college during this period are truly testimonies of his greatness. The enormous construction which is now under way is a visible tribute to the predominant character of Dr. Bluford. As the immortal William .Shakespeare once said. " " .Some men are born great, some achieve greatness, and some ha e great- ness thrust upon them. " Dr. Bluford is lixing evidence of the median of this quo- tation: Dr. Bluford has achiexed greatness. The story that will unfold in this book is one of progress, and it is only fitting that its foremost character should be acclaimed here, for Dr. Bluford is not only an educator, but a leader of remarkable ability. He is a son of this institution who has been endowed with the dream of its founding fathers. Moreover, he possesses a determined desire to play a part in the culmination of that dream. His success is recorded in the hearts of all students, alumni, and friends of the college. To the love and accord that is already his. the stafi ' of this 1952 .Av.antee Ye. rbook humbly and inadequately adds it tribute. 3 3 - o g — g 3 " o S G =« o — . " S P go " ■- M u n] c ' S o.S o M a ■a Q. 82 °S2 O c 2 CfllTElTS Dedication 2 To Our President 3 Forew ord " College Deans 8 Administration 9 Distinguished ' isitor 11 Outstanding Seniors 12 Seniors 13 Juniors 23 Sophomores 24 Freshmen 25 The Military 26 Student Activities 29 Music 36 Dramatics 38 Social Organizations J9 " Miss A. and T. " 41 Homecoming 53 Sports ' ' Green and Silver " Staffs 63 Student Life 66 Senior Roster ' 4 F (I II E )l II It II Wc present for your cnjoyincnl this hook of memories, the 1051-52 A ' lANTEE. It is our hope that this edition of tlie A •ANTEE will help ycni to remember ail of the little things vvhieli go to make up life here at the Agricultural and Technicaf College. We ha c tried to sho ' you as you see yourselves as you dash to classes, play on the athletic field, participate in the school activities, or work with enthusiasm on social events. Stones and mortar do not make an institution (jf learning; it is (he older faces that have lingered for years to guide and inspire students, and how the new faces have come quietly and dedicated themselves to the maintenance of the high principles of a college that make it worthy of what we boast. Of course, all of us will remember special events and friendships not pictured in these pages, but in the years ahead we hope that you may glance through this annual and .say with significance, " This is A. and T. as I knew it in 1052. " MW lll ' ILIIL li.S New Science Buildins; New Girls ' Dormitor Here are a iew of the New Buildings at A. and T. College Kiclund B. H.irrisun Audiluriuiii i iTsicicm s RcsKlt-ncr II }i I » s Dean Warmoth T. CiiBus D:an. Sclwul of Educatwii and Science Dean Jerald M. Marteena Dean, Sclhiol oj Mechanic Arts Dr. William E. Reed Dean, Schmil iif Agricultitre Dr. Frederick A. Williams Dean, Graduate Sc ionl lUtllVISTIMTIIII E. Ra - Hodgix Secretarr-Trcasurn- and Staff Nathaniel C. Webster Bursar C. R. A. Cunningham Registrar and Staff William H. Gamble Dean of Men lll)ll INTI!irill» Jkan VV. Spinner Dt ' dii of I iimen Samuel CI. Smith Dtan iif Tiadr Schniil Reverend CIleo M. Mc:Cov Diitrliir (ij Riliouius Ad vilirs Edward VV. VVaddell Dirccld) (if Hiiu. iiiu Project ami Siipnin- li ' iulcnl oj Butl ling- and Clrounds 10 ■k IIINTI IiriNIIKII VISITIIIt Dr. Ralph J. Bundle witli Picsidcnt F. U. Blulurd .iiid Dean W. 1. Gibbs ac T ' dI t uiiuiiciiccimiu Exi-rcisfs. Dr. Ralph Johnson Bundle, Director, Department of I ' rusteesliip, United Nations, addressed some 6,000 persons, 465 of whom were receiving arious degrees and certificates in the Commencement Exercises of the school year 1950-51. Dr. Bunchc, A.B.. University of California, A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University, even though of humble birth, possessing an insatiable thirst lor knowledge, and consccjuently made his own way through the University of California, winning the Phi Beta Kappa Key. He attended Harvard University, earning the degrees of Master of Arts and Doctor of Philo.sophy with distinction. Continuing his formal education. Dr. Bunche then engaged in further study in some of the leading uni- versities abroad. For several years, he was an inspiring teacher of Political Science at Howard University, and actively engaged in the study of inter-racial problems of this country. During World War II, when the State Department needed a man who under- stood the problems of minority groups. Dr. Bunche was the appointed mediator to Palestine where the same high intelligence, faithfulness and courage which served him in such good stead previously, once again characterized his world-renowned performance. C on.sequently, when Dr. Ralph Bunche addressed these 6,0()0 persons at com- mencement exercises, each attentive listener could visualize the indomitable character of this world-traveler, his great contribution to the solution of the problems of human relations, and his leadership in the effective use of arbitration as an instrument for settling the differences between races and nations, his most significant contribution to world peace. Most of all, the fact that Dr. Bimche has walked with and close y associated with the leaders in government throughout the world, he has not lost the common touch. nPMBHR mmm OlITSTiiyiK SE IORS Sampson Bi ie Preuileiil iij l ir Sliu rnl (jiuniil It is only natural that sonic nienibers of our class would ha c distinmiishcd thcmscKcs in achievement and ser ice to the institution and fellow-students. We pi turc below our nominations for the high position of " Outstanding Seniors. " Their contributions to the welfare and happiness of the student body have been many, but their honors have been few. We arc happy to .set them aside as those most deserving. Toj) rutv, left III ;;!, ' ( .■ Willi. un Bliiklc , Bcrlcn.i ( :,im|)l nil, Edward A. CarU-r, (llarcncc CuUs, Jcrrv Clrawford, X ' t-ni- estinr JoNiicr. Bottom row, Irfl la imlil: Baincy Putnam, McKiii M. Rittcr, Ruhcrt I ' . Sniilh, •()nlll■ Wuotcii, .Xilhur B. Woid. Howard L. W ard. 12 SE ioi{ (im {)n ' uu Left to right, silting: Robert Paul Smith. icc-Prcsidcnt; icnirr: C larencc C ' olcs. President; Sara Smith. Secretar ; Melvin M. Ritter. Editor-in-Chief of Vearljook. and Robert L. Little. Parhamcntarian and .Student Council Repre- sentative. TO TIIK SKVKIi; CLISS riu- Frcslinian Cllass of l ' M8 (the Senior CUass of 1932) has based its tour years ' work on three sayings of Theodore Rooscvch: " All daring and courage, all iron endurance of misfortune, make for a finer, noble type of manhood. " " Courage, hard ork. self-mastery, and intelligent effort are all essential to a successful life. " " Only those are fit to li e who do not fear to die, and none are fit to li T who have shrunk from the joy of life and the duty of life. " " The work has been hard and the competition keen. For four years you have made endless sacrifices in order that you would realize this day. Already you see the results of hard work. The real payoff will come to those of you who will be better able to face the hardships of life, and who will recei e a lasting joy out of ser ing mankind as a trustee for God and Humanity. May you remain loyal, sincere and efficient, and may you carrv with ou into the waiting world a proven message and much needed leadership. 13 N K I II K !j 7 Tnp riiif, Irfl In nghl: Gluii.i Y. ACJER, Willi.- H. ALLKX, B rnicc ALSTON, Miiric A. ALSTON. William D. ALSTON, ) )siu- E. AMARO, Asa W. ANDERSON. Snonil row: Bobhs Lcc ANDERSON. Fifd ARDREV. All.unvcr L. ARRLNGTON. Luther ARRLNGTON. Rudolph D. ARTIS, AIIkti a. . SKEW, RoIkti J. BAILED ' . I hull row: Coolidge BALLON, Euiuient BA.NKS, John H. BAR- BER, John y. BARNER, Leon A BARNETT, Rov L. BASS, " William M. BASS. Fourth rnw: John S. BE.■ TT ■, Samuel L. BLSHOP, Wi liam BLAKELV, Perlini ' BLACK. John R, BL. NK.S, Joe! BONDS, Willie J. BOO.NE. Fifth row: James E. BORDERS. Silas BOL ' LDLN, John M. BOW- DEN, Cranston BOYD, Chailes W. BREWLNGTON, Elmer I. BREWINGTON, Martecna BROADNAX. .S ' - 7 row: Charles L. BROOKS, Laur.i B. BROOKS, Herbert H. BROWDER, Alonza C:. BROWN, Geneva B. BROWN, Junius BROWN. Elizabeth B. BRYANT. 14 Finl row, left to right: Arthur E, BULLARD. Odessa I. BLRRIS, Ariluir W BURSON, Odoll BUSH, George E. BUTLER, James BUTLER, Xathan BUTLER. Second row: C:harles E. CAIN, Bcrlcna CAMPBELL, Waller H. CAXXADY, Willie M. CANTY, Julius R. ClARNEV, Wrnon M. CARSON, Edward A. ' c:ARTER. Third row: Albert L C:ARTER, Luvenia C. CARTER, V, D, C:HAMBER, Storlin NL CHESTON, Clarence L. C:LARKE, Emma W. C:LARK, Samuel M, CLEMONS. Fourth roll ' : Dan A. C:LAVBURX, C:harles E. C:OFl-E •, Clar- ence VV. COLES, Ycphvr B. ClOLES, Burnett C:OL- LLNS, Lonnie COOK, JR., Joseph L. COOPER. Fifth row: Jessie Mae COOPER, Thedore C:OPELAND. E. Ger- trude CORBETl " , Charles COTTINGHAM, David C:OUNC:iL, C:alvin S. C:0 VPER,, James V. C:OX. Stxtli row: Marjorie CRAFT, Jerrv C:RA VFORD, Lacv L. CRAWFORD, Geonje T. CURRY, Ressie CURRY, Archie W. DABNEY, William W. DANIELS. S E I I II II N 15 S } . I II l{ N Fi} l loic, Irfl III iiglil: Hazrl " . DARGAN, Hcrl crt J. DAVIS, Louise DA ' IS, Vcrs us J. DAN ' IS. Doris (J. DILAN, Rico R. DELOA ' I - CHE, Srth A. DOWNING. Second row: CJladvs G. DRAKE, S.iui DL ' I.A, JR., Alice R. ED- WARDS, Essie Mae EDWARDS. ' Elli,- El.I.lOir, Rex ELLIS, Mamie ENGLISH, Fitmt i row: Bol)l)ie J. FOSTER, John E. FOUNTAIN, Johnnie A. FREEMAN, Abram ' FRLNK, JR., Ola Mac FRYE, Jean Fl ' LC:HER, Eula J. FLLLER. Fiflh riiw: Ralph E. GALLO VA ■, Willelte E. GAXTN, Hasjene GERALD, Doiiis J. CiERRINGER, Jack H. GIBSON, Lonnie E. C;OOE)E, Alice GORE. Third rniv: Preston FAIR. James I. FARMER, John F. FARRISH, James FARROW, Josi-ph W. FE. NELL, Macev FERGUSON, . clele ( !. FOARD. Sixth row: FWton I. CJRAINGER, Gcorijia Mae GRAH. M, Katve CiRAHAME, Winston J. GRAHAM. William (;ra ' es, Urii cjREENE, Joseph w. (;reenli:e. 16 First row: Gwendolyn GUV, John M. HAILE, Ellis HALL, ance E. HALL, James D. HAMMONDS, Dorothv HARDING, Charles HARDEN. Second row: Reva M. HARPER, Nancv G. HARRELL, Pearl E. HARRELL, John H. HARRIS. Melvin HARRIS, Mary L. HARRIS, Tucker M. HARRIS, Third row: Warren S. HARRIS, Therese HART, William T. HATCH, William T. HAWKINS, Corina HEADEX, Fredrick HECH.STALL, Norm.i R, HEILIG. Fourth row: Lerov HENDERSON, James O. HESTER, Gladys HICK, Leroy HILL, JR., Rudolph V. HINNANT, Alene F. HOLLAND, Alfon!,n-r HOLMES. Fifth row: Elbert H. HOLMES, Luella ' . HOLMES, Guy HOLMAN, JR., Ruth M. HOOKER, Samuel J. HOSEY, Elbert H. HOUGH, Ernest HOWELL. Sixth row: Willie J. HOWELL, Frizell HUNT, James H. HUNT, Lionel ' G. JACKSON, Wilhelmina ' . JACOBS, Lu- cille JAMES, James F. fEIFRIES. S K i I U H S 17 N K I II I! N Fust row, left In riiihl: Nancev J. JEFFRIES, H.-niv JOHNS, Clordiii Mao F. JOHNSON, Ethfl |. JOHNSON. C:harlcs M. JONES, Maude K. JONES, Wendell V. JONES. Sfinnii rule: Willie JONES, Winston S. JONES, Herijeri E. JOR- DAN, Juanita M. JORDAN, Vernestine IO • ' NER, William C:. KEEN, Anius E, KEEEV. Fourth ritw: Clarence B. EEE. Vernette EEE, Daniel LEJETTE, Matthew T. LEGRAND, Elizaheth LENNON, Helen C. EENNON, Savannah J. EESL ' EUR. h ' iftli loir: EiHiis A. LINDSAY, Robert E, LITTLE, K. H. MAC:RAE, Frank C. MAHON, Mars H. MALLOY, Rachel ' . MANLY, Marv M. NfARABLE. Third row: Bertha KENT, James E. KINC;, Juanita B. KING, Sylvia KNIGHT, Qiieenie LAMBERT, Frances LAN- CiASTER, Leonard ' . EASSITER. Sixth row: Charles E. MAYO, Ernest McC:OLLUM, James M. McCOLLLIM, Letember McDOWELL, Roger Mc- KEE, Clinton McKOY, Willie B. McLAWHORN. 18 Fnsf roi( left to right: [immie W. McLEAN, Willarcl McLEAN, Duroths McNEIL, Owen S. McPHERSON, James S. Mf:- I ' ER, James MEACHEX, Hrllniin MEADOWS. Srtonfl rnic: Rohert A. MIKEI.L. John A. MILLER, Beulah C:. MITCHELL, Carolvn MITCHELL, MiMaid C:. MIT- CHELL, Irene G. MOORE, Florence K. S. MOORE. Third row: Leacha R. MOORE, Alfred V. MORGAN, VVinford L. MORGAN, Gloria MOSS, Thomas MOSS, Madison P. MULLEN, James T. MYERS. Fourth row: Ollie B. XORNLAN, Simon OLDEN, Thomas FACIE, John W. PATTERSON, Clora A. PATILLO, Dclbert S. PAYNE, Graften S. PAN ' NE. Fifth row: Edith M. PEARSON, John E. PELLAM, Marv M. PENDERGRAFT, C:harlcs F. PERRY, Larn A. PERRY. Flossie S. PHELPS, Martha O. PHELPS. .SV.v ( row: Ann C. PHILLIPS, Stanley PORTER, Jo.seph PO- TE. T, Curtis L. POW ELL, Rosa Mae PRICE, Walter PRK:E. Barney R. PUTNAM S E n II K s 19 N K . I II II N First rmv, left la right: Joseph A. RAINES, Morris W, RANDAI.K, Louis REED. Rohcit F. REID, Eitusi r. REVELLS, Wil- li.iin H. RICE. William I RICE. .Sirnnd row: Eariie RICHARDS. Amos (;. RICHARDSON, Les- ter H. RICHARDSON, Norris C. RICHARDSON, Bennu- B. RIDDICK, Melvin M. RITTER. Colman T. ROBERTS. 1 hnd row: Avidrcv M. ROBIN.SO. , EvcImi ROBINSON, Mau- rice ROBINSON, Mildred B. R()BINSf)N, flicero A. ROLANDS, M;n L. ROLKSE, Waved RLIFFIN. Fourth row: Alfred E. RUSSELL, Preston SAMPSON, Fred D. SANDERS, Flossie SAWYER, Xirt inia SCIALES, Eugene SCOTT, Mildred J. SCOTT. Fifth row: Rov L. SHIPMAN, David SIMMONS, Margaret T. SIMMONS, William L. SIMMONS, C:larence R. SKINNER, James N. SLADE, John D. SL. ' DE. .SV.v i row: Roger SMALL, William D. SMART, Doroth - SMITH, Harrison SMITH, James H. SMIFH, James W. SMITH, Roliert P. SMITH. 20 iiii First roll: left to right: Sara L. SMITH. " elina SMITH. ivi.,n Morris SMITH. Ira SXELL. . rthur SOUTHF.RLAXD, Jacob A. SPEASE. Charles V. SPRI.XG. Second row: Cornelius S. STEPHE.XS. Major B. SPRIXGFIELD. William SUTTOX. James E. IXIZ. Jerrv V. T - LOR, Mary F. TAYLOR, Shepard TAYLOR. Third row: Franklin M. THOMAS. David Thomas JAMES. Leslie V. TREXT. Ralph Stanlev TURXER, Eva UMSTEAD. Wendell R. O. AULS. Cleveland IXES. Fourth row: Petj!?%- W.ADDELL. Lessie M. WALRER. Lula L. W.VlKER. Eselvn O. WALLACT. Howard E. WARD. Zennic J. WARD. Lcroy T. WASHINGTOX. Fifth row: Alexander WATSOX. Pairicia L. WATSOX. ernell WATSO.X. William J. WATSOX. Ann WATTS. C:lineJ. WARREX, Eugene WEBBER. Sixth row: Eugene WHITE. .Xathan X. WHITEHURST. Fred W. WHITFIELD. Georsje WHITLEY. Ravmond C. WILKIXS. Doris WILLIA.MS. Dorris .Asjnes WILLIAMS. fM S E I II K N 21 N K I II II N Flcniint; WILLIAMSON, James well C:. WILSON. j. WILSON, Sea- Willii- G. WILSON, Sicrliiiff WINN, Pearl WOOD. Beatrice M. WOODAKD. Bryant WOOLEN, Yvonne WOO ' LEN. Arthur B. WCJRD, Daniel M. W RIGHI, William H. WRI(;H1 . Rudolph GADSON. Harold GILBERT. Johnnie C. GOODLETT. Olivia HUNTLEY, Lawrence JOHNSON, Gradv LASSITER. Roscoc L. LASSITER, Robert E. MILLS, Annie riddic:k. Thomas E. SINGLAIR, Henr P. WILLIAMS, Charles WILLIAMSON. JiMmkd mrnmtM ' 22 ammm Jl llll! (LINN IIFFIintS David M. McElveen President Charles Lett Vice-President Mary " . Jones Secretary Ruby Edwards Assistant Secretary EvANDER Cherry Treasurer James E. Bridgett Student Aid Rep. RuFis Kelly Student Council Rep. Dolores Jagcers Miss Junior Class LiNwoOD Smith Student Council Rep. .ir l()R fLlSS 23 sopiiiiiiiiu; fim iiFrirniN Harold West Pli ' suJfnt Ann Boone I ' ne-Pirsii enl C:i.YDE Marshall Sirre ary James Franks Trcaniicr Kenneth Taylor J firhawrntanan N II ni II )i II It i; i; 1 1 n n 24 FRESIHII CLISS (IFFICEKS EVGENE E. YOLNG President Charles E. Cofer I ice-Presnient Jackie Still Assistant Secretary Effie Gray Treasurer Ruth Hames Sludenl Ciiunii! Rep. nu ] cLiss 25 I ' MS T Li. CloL. Henry R. Sandridge nFil Tlll R. II. T. (!. MILITARY STAFF .( lu right: Maj. Raymond A. Xiontgonicry, Lt. Co . Henry R. Sandridge, Alaj. Thomas H. Wright, C:apt. Harold Jenkins, WOSG Fred A. Maddox. Second row: Sgt. Ree Hvitchine, Sgt. Silas Christian, M Sgt. David Vann, Sgt. Howard J. Maxwell. Sgt. Hubert L. Rich. OFFICERS CLUB INFANTRY R.O.T.C. DRILL TEAM 26 AIR R. 0. T. f. PAS T Major Elmore M. Kenned MILITARY STAFF Left to right, frunt row: Maj. El- more M. Kennedy, Maj. James P. Goss, Jr., Capt. Robert J. Friend, 1st. Lt. Walter R. Harlev. Back row: H Sgt. John D. Crau ' ford, T Sgt. Franklin M. Brown, S Sgt. ' cr- non E. Johnson, T .Sgt. Nelson L. Barnett. Jr.. and S Sgt. John L.Jones. AIR R.O.T.C:. AD ' ANX:E CORPS Left to right: 2nd Lieutenants J. W. Mitchell. VV. VV. Jones, C:. Dees, T. Terrell, H. Jones, C. Howell. D. M. McElveen. G. E. Fitzgerald. D. Cromartie, T. P. Brown, .S. Leg- ette, and G. Dennis. AIR R.O.T.C. DRILL TEAM 27 SUBBIRD .l ll IILIIIE ITI0; 1L SOCIETY The National Society of the Scabbard and Blade was founded in 1905 at the University of Wis- consin. The purpose of the society is to promote unity and close relationship, to encourage and foster the essential qualities of good and efhcient army officers. Through the ardent support of Major Thomas H. Wright, who made possible the organization of the first chapter of the .society, here on our campus May 19, 1951, the organization moves forward with the following brothers participating actively. From lijt t i right, first row: Willie Wilson, 2nd Lt.: C harles Mayo, Marshall Cbllins, C aptain: William Rice, Vance Hall. Second row: Norman Heilig, R. Bishop, C harlie Brcwington, W. Jones, Ernest McCollum. Third row: William Wright, Robert Mills, Leon Barnett, Ernest Ross, Richard Peace. TIIK I ' tLI T WW The Valiants are ever striv- ing to follow in the foot-steps of their big brothers. They are, from Irjl In right, first nnv: William Anderson, Robert Powell. Second row: James FaLson, Clharles Cloflfey, Uril Cireene. nrilE T ICTIIITILS MEMBERS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right, sitting: Robert L. Little, Senior Class Representative; Otealia Hayes, Sophomore Class Representative; Katye Grahame, Secretary ; James E. Matthew, Sophomore Class Representative; center: Sampson Buie, President of Student Council: Charles Bussey. Freshman Class Representative; Ruth Haines. Freshman CHass Representative and Linwood Smith, Treasurer and Junior Class Representative. TIIK STII)E T i ' (ir riL Through the splendid direction of the Student Council, student activities at A. and T. have continued to multiply and improve. This section, therefore, aims to present a cross section of life on the campus, includina; some of the highlights vhich all of us will, undoubtly remember and cherish for years to come. At the same time it gives a record of the outstanding events of the year and presents a panoramic iew of the actions that constitute and exemplifv the pattern of life at the Agricultural and Technical College. Student activities have grown steadily in scope and number since the early historv of the college until there are now over twenty-five prominent organizations on the campus. This division of clubs and activities is presented as a commendation to those students who made an effort to attain a broader outlook and a more complete education thro ugh campus activi- ties. Moreover, this is a record of college life outside the classrooms during 1951-52. 29 HOME ECKERS AGRICULTURE ASSOCIATION 4-H CLUB NEW FARMERS OF AMERICA FUTURE 1EAC:HLRS OF AMERICA 30 WILMlXCiTOX CLUB EN ' GI. EERI. -G ASSOCIATION ' NEW MEX ' S DORMITORY COUXC:iL IXTDUSTRIAL EDUCATION ASSOC:lATIOX BUSIXESS ASSOC:lATIOX 31 CHAPEL OFFIC:iAL BOARD YOUNG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION FELLOWSHIP COUNCIL YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOC:iATION 32 IMP I if V LETTERMEX ' S CLUB AXD SWEETHEART FRENCH CLUB WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION PHYSICAL EDUC:ATI0X MA- JORS AXD MIXORS C:LUB 33 NATIONAL geographic: SOGIETY First row, left In right: J. C:. Goodlett, R. Harper, VV. Rice, L. M. Perry, J. W. Smith. Srcuiiil riiiv: J. D. Brooks, L. H. Richardson, L. Blount. Third row: A. Baker, j. W. De- graflenrcidt, B. Putnam. KAI ' PA PHI KAPPA DEBA FINCi SOCIIE TV h ' row, left to right: J. Mickens, K. Gra- hame, H. West. Second row: B. Putnam, |. Marrow, E. Glark, G. Gatlin and C. Brooks, Goach of the Freshman Team. ALPHA KAPPA MU HONORARY SOCIETY First row, left to right: D. N. McElvcen, E. Flowers, M. V.Jones, M. Trisxan, D. G. Second row: R. Ellis, President; j. J. Davis, V. Speight, j. W. Mitchell. . ot shown: Ethel Johnson, and Dorothy Miller. ART GIRGLE Stinidiiig, left to right: Geneva B. Brown, C:. Little, (i. Floiirnoy, L. Staplefoot, Pro- fessor H. G. Taylor. Kneeling: J. Pettit, John Beatty. Sitting: V. Hatcii. 34 mimmmfsm mmm, BETA KAPPA CHI HONORARY SC:IENTIFIC SOC:lE ' rV Ft (III raw: J. C ' rawford, President. Sccund row: Dr. I. H. Miller and D. C. Deese. Third row: D. M. McEheen, H. Hyman and R. Ellis. SIGMA RHO SIGMA HONORARY SOCIETY Seated, lefl to right: Margaret Tris -an, Sara Smith, Berlena C ' ampbell. Stauding. left to right: James E. Bridgett, William Blakely, President; Barney Putnam, Mclvin Barclifl and Linwood Blount. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIIEIY First row: D. C., President. Second row: D. H. McEheen, and L. Barnes. Third row: R. Ellis and J. VV. Mitchell. Fourth row: D. S. Morrisey and E. VV. Artis. Fifth row: J. Co.x and J. M. Haile. Sixth row: W. W. Jones and H. Waters. Seventh row: J. Slade. Eighth rtjw: C. C ain and H. E. Frye. Top: J. Goodlett. JUNIOR AND SENIOR DORMITOY C:OUNCIL First ro!( left to right: V. Scales, G. Guy, G. Agar, L. McArthur, M. ' . Jones, V. Speight, Y. Wooten, W. Gavin, B. Wood- ard, B. Campbell, S. Moore, L. M. Walker. Second row, standing: O. Frye, P. Harrel, B. Jackson, M. Jackson, R. C ' .urry, V, .Smith, L. Harris, D. Jaggers, S. Coleman. V. Joyner, P. Robinson, F. Andrews, L. C olston. Center, sitting: E. Arringlon. 35 F.D. BLUFORD LIBRARY N.C. A T STATE UNIVERSITY GREEN.SBORO. N.C. 27411 MUSIC PRoi-Essiik HdWARU T. Pearsai I The Department of Music has had its share of the year ' s acti ities. Cilee Club rehearsals, piano and -oice students practicing their exercises, and music appreciation classes listening to records, were only a few of the acti ities that kept the building " buzzing. " Professor Howard T. Pearsall, Chairman of the Department of Music, assisted by Miss Rosc- niond J. Satterwhite led the Cbllegc choir to stardom, according to the many critics throughout the nation. Choral dirt-itur ni inu tin- ciownhiMl as ihe clitiir goes into a niusiial rnnz al its .uiiuial C.hiisunas Carol Scrsicc. 36 M II N 1 1 Walter F. Carlson Walter F. Clarlson, director of the symphony and college band, was always on hand to play for services. Starting off the year as a marching band, the band was an indispensable part of the football season. The one-hundrcd-and-sixteen piece organization entertained the fans with good fight music and diversified half-time antics. Appearing at the home games and most out-of-town games, the Band was put thrtjugh its routines by Mr. V. Penn. .Assistant band director. IHE C:OLLEGE B.AXD The .Aggies pride and jov. 37 {m u I iiiKRiNO nwun " Song of My Heart " was the first production of the Richard B. Harrison Players for the 1951-52 school year. Playing before ca- pacity audiences in a two-day stand, it was a fine tribute to our dramatics director. Prof. Syl- vester F. Glarke. Those persons who portrayed the leading char- acters of the play, Odessa Burris and Millard C:. Mitchell, turned in superb performances in ad- dition to the marvelous work of the supporting cast. The student iiody contemplates an entertain- ing season of productions of the same high caliber as that ex- hibited by " Song of My Heart. " 38 SdlllL OII(Jl IZlTI(l S PA. -HELLE IC; COUNCIL Sitting left to right: B. Williams. Jerrv Crawford. M. Trisvan. Secretary; M. Jackson, Treasurer; M. M. Ritter, Presi. dent: H. Stafford. S. Smith. R. Little. R. O. Kellv. L. Smith. THE GREEK.S From Alpha to Omega, the Greek organizaticns at the Agricultural and Technical College have joined in the progress of the college in the past year by increasing their memberships and admitting new pledgees. The Greeks on the campus ha e contributed, not only to the college ' s social progress, but also to the extra-curricular acti ities of the student body. Progress at The Agricultural and Technical College is a group project, and the Greeks are bearing their share of the load, in leader- ship, intra-mural sports, and college-wide activites. 39 tLPIIt kllMM ILPIII NllllllltlTY Mll » i fl . Alpha Kappa Alpha SorurilN, the lirst of the suiurities to be urbanized at A. and T., was set up here in 1932. The chapter has sought to encourage high scholastic standards and to improve the social status of the race. They are froin lejt lo right, Icneeling: Marjorie Holmes, La Forest Bryant, Ernestine C:umbcr, Queenie Lambert, Willette Gavin, Dorothy McNeil, Kat e Grahame, Assist. Dean of Pledgees. .Scaind row: Nena Faulcon, Sara Smith, Magalene Lee, Pearl Harrell, Louise Dodd, Anne Brooks, Sgt.-at-Arms. Third row: Berlena C:ampbell, Anti-Basileus; Mar- teena Broadnax, Lannie McArthur, X ' elma Smith, Margaret Trisvan and Virginia Scales. Standing: Effie Flowers, Gramateus; Ethel Johnson, Basileus: ' elraa Speight, Epsitoleus and Gwendolyn Guy, Tamiochus. J I V LEAF LVFEREST GROUP The " Ivies " are on their vva ... it won ' t be long before Alpha Kappa . Ipha will claim the following persons: Left to right: Shirley Taylor, Lucille Piggott, Shirley Gobbs, Delores Shaw, (iertrude Morrow, Betlve Lewis. Ruth Stephens, Juanita Moore and Marian Breedlowe. iin ri N 1 11 11 1 Tiirn siiiiiiiiiTV The Alpha Nu Chapter of Delta Sigma Thcta Sorority presented its annual jabherwock, an Hour of Clharm, a freshman tea, and a party for the freshmen during the past year. Seated in front of desk is Nellie Brown, " ' Miss Delta. " Others are: First row, left to right (seated): Eddie L. Jones, Anne Boone, Hazel Arnold, .Shirk ' s Moore, Louise Harris, Corresponding Secretary; Anne Watts, Recording Secre- tary; Lessie Walker, ' ice-Prcsident and Dean of Pledges; ' ernestine Joyner. President; Rcssic Curry, Treasurer; Edna Kennedy, Chaplain; Beatrice Woodard, Reporter; Ollie Norman, Rosa Price, Cardea Johnson. Second row, standing: Gloria Moss, Dorothy Dozier, Cora Patillo, Louise Dayis, Mazie Hairston. Temple Jackson, Otelia Hayes, Dorothy Miller, Irene Long, Peggy Waddell and .Sara Gladden. PYRAMID CLUB The Pyramid Club aims for the point of the pyramid. Those contemplating the achiexement of Delta ' s high aim are, lejt to right: Billie Bland, Clyde Marshall, Augustine Rodgers, Larna Perry, Mattie Craft, center. Dean of pledges Lessie Walker, Mary Hines, Thclma Palmer and Blanche Campbell. " ' IIITI nil Lllllllll NlllillltlTY The Delta Ihcta Chaplc-r of Iota Phi Lamlida Sorority was organized on the campus May 23, l ' M6. The Sorority l)C£;an in Clhicago, June, 1929, with seven persons taking the initiative to organize a sorority. The sorors have worked conscientiously to be of service to humanity. They are, from left to right: Yvonne VVooten, Vertie Ethridge, Gloria [(•iinins, ' s. l.uvenia Charter and P. McAllister. t; I. t) These youn ' ,;, inspiniiL; Loiiu pas ( They are, jivm Irfl In riglil, ullniii: Burton and center, Irene Burton. LOMEPAS PLEDGE CLUB the Blue and Vhile are forever striving to uphold the standards of " Dear Iota. " Luella Holmes, P ' annie VVorley, DoUie Chapman, Christine Robinson, Sue A. 42 Sllifll lillllll KHII Niiitiiitirv With their torches burning bright to guide them, the members of Sigma Gamma Rho strive to promote the high ideals of sisterhood. The members of the local chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, which was estaljlished on the campus last year, are: First row. left to right: Mildred Jackson, Treasurer; ivian Pasco. Frances Andrews. ' ice- President and Dean of Pledgees; Barbara Jackson, President: Beulah Mitchell, Secretar ; Ethel Williams, Ella . r- rington. Second row: Rosa Gay, Reporter: John Ora Pipkin, Miss Sigma: Lottie Massenburg, Parliamentarian. .AURORA PLEDGE CLUB Fhose who will keep the torch of " Sigma Rho .Sigma " " burning bright, are: . Massenburg, E. Taylor, G. Judge and M. Coble. Standing: NL Booth. First row, left to right: X. Florence, 43 •«Ctb« i ;ti phi itrn siiiiiiiiity " Zcta Phi Beta, uc lu r iju so, " arc words often echoed by the sorors of Zela Phi Beta. The Zctas, sistcis to the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, concentrate on their annual " Finer Womanhood " acti ities. They are, Icfl to riglil: Dorothy N ' alcntine, Anti-Basileus; Mar Pals Watson, Basiicus and Alcan Davis, Sccrctar . It [ ' . I. :r arc;H()Man pledce c.ia ' b The Archonians are the hllle sisters of the Zetas. The , loo, art- following the Zctas in Iheir " Finer Womanhood " activities. Hoping to reach the portals of Zeta are: .Sitlini;, left to right: Jackie Lee, Virginia Dewar, Velina Gibson, Barbara Shadden and .-Xmaza Cowan. Standing: Margaret Cleveland, Clharley Hancock and Ruth Dobey. Seated un flnm: Doroth) ' Greene. I LI ' II I I ' ll I ILI ' lll FIMTLIIVirV Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Inc.. the oldest Xegro and inter-racial fraternity of its kind, was founded on scholarship, brotherhood, and leadership in 1906, at Cornell University. Ithaca. Xew York. Yes. " " .Alpha Phi . lpha " the Pride of Their Hearts shall e er Ije high in the hearts of the folloxving brothers: First row. left to right: .-Xbram Mack, Eygm Campbell. Clarence Skinner. Jern. Crawford, " ice-President: . rthur Word. President; Joseph Fennell. .Albert .Askew. Recording .Secretary and Lonnie Cook. Second rozc: .Stanley Cook. William .Aldrich. Clair Davidson. Rudolph Gadson. Treasurer; George Geiger. Charles Dees. ' Robert Little and Mel in Ritter. Chaplain. Third row: Charles Brooks, James Tate, John Farrish. James Evans. Maurice .Mston. Rudolph .Artis. Marian Blair and Roljert P. Smith. SPHI.XX PLEDGE CLL B On the proving grounds, the .Alphas have their ever-striving " little brothers, " " the Sphinxmen, who anticipate " crossing the burning sands " into .Alphadom. With the high standards of the fraternity as their objective, are from left to right, first row: Samuel Michaux. .Abram DeX ' aughn. President; James .Smith, and Roman Massenburg. Second row: Steven Howard, Spencer White, James Harmon, and James Logan. Third row: Samuel Starnes, Louis Dunlap. Robert Butts and Wiley Bowling. Fourth row: Joseph Poteat. KIPPi lUMIl PSI FR TER ITY Kappa Alpha Psi was founded at Indiana University, January 5, 1911. It aims to motivate higher scholastic achieve- ment and to mal;c college life fruitful and happy. Keeping in mind their motto, ' " Achie ement ' " they are from lower point oj diamnnil: William Smart, Polemarch. Second row, lejl lo right: Alexander Watson, Keeper of Records and Charles Weljher. Third row: Bernie Leggette, Linwood Smith, Reporter and David McElveen, Lt. Strategus. Fourth row: Madison P. Mullens, Letember McDowell, Albert Baker, Henry Frye, Historian; Alfred Ru.ssell, Keeper of Exchequer. Fifth row: Willie Allen, Asa . ' nderson, William Gibson, Roger McKee and Bernis Williams, Vicc- Polemarch. Sixth rmv: Stanley Porter, Edward darter and C oleman Roberts, Lt. Strategus. Tup of Diamond: Frank CI. Mahon. S(. ROLLER CI.LIH Keeping in mind the prim.uA aim (jl Kappa Alpha Psi, (lie «n llers are forever attempting to achie e their highest ambition, " lo reach Kappa Land. " Standing from left to right, air: James Matthew, James Franks, Charles Bynum. Second row: William Matthews, Ru.ssell Scott, .John Slade, Bernie Grooms, Third row: James Wcrtz, Norris Phillips, Raymond Lambert, Willie Da is and Chester Hammond. IDIEIil FNI FIN FKtrUVITV Mu Psi Chapter of the Oine a Psi Phi Fraternity was the second of the fraternities to be estahhshed on the campus. The fraternity has four cardinal principles; Manhood, scholarship, perseverance, and uplift. The men ol Omega here at . . and T. strive to uphold these ideals. Thev are from left to right, kneeling: Cornelius Stephens. ice-Basileus: Winford Morgan. . sst. Dean of Pledgees: Charles Murphv. Dean of Pledgees; Wendell Jones, Basileus. Standing: Xorman Heilig. Keeper of Finance; Frank Sinmis, Walter Herrington. J. Wade Dcgraflfenreidt, William Rice, Saul Dula, Ernest Johnson, James . . Wright. Second roic: Charles Jones. William C Tavlor. .Albert B. Hunter, Eugene White. Owen S. McPherson, Jaster Horton. Lawrence Smith. Samuel Bishop. Bernard R. . lston, Handford Stafford. Third row: Samuel Hoscy, Keeper of Records and Seals; Ernest Ross. Chaplain; William W. Farmer. . be Williams, Leonard Barnes, John Thomas, Samuel Goodson, and Warren Harris. L.AMPODOS CLUB The Lampodos Club is the development stage for future Omega men. It strives to set a stage that is typical of the stage that has been set by great Omegas of the past. Those looking forward to joining the ranks of the Omegas soon are kneeling, mm left to right: James Dalaney. Lewis White. William Darden. Calvin C:handler, .Aldon Carson, Lester Richardson, James Campbell, Clifton Matthew, St. Matthew Edwards. Standing: Bruce Pagans. Willie Kilgore. Xeapolean Trusdale, Benjamin Shaw. Graven Givens. Isaac McCarty, Haywood Waters, James Beans, . lphonzo Drummond, Charles Jones, Larry H. Hyman, Rufus Mayo, S. Conclaves. I ' lll BKTI Mlilll PI!ITI ]I!, ITV I ' hi Beta Sigma Fratcrnil , the first iratcrnily to establish a chapter on the campus of A. and T. College, was founded in I ' MS and has worked earnesiK since then to uphold its motto, " Culture for Service and SERVICE to Humanity. " The Sigmas take interest in their annual project, " Bigger and Better Business Among Negroes. " The group is com- posed of the following brothers: h ' neeling, (ram left In nghl: Ray E cri ' tli. Treasurer; Ellis Hall. ' ice-President; Curtis Powell, President; Charles Parker, Recording Secretary; Richard Killins. Standing: Frederick Heckstall, Reporter; Willie Alston, Otha Sherrill, Harry L. Williams, Linwood Blount, Dean of Pledgees; Curtis C oates, Shepard Taylor, C haplain; John Barlier, , sst. Dean of Pledgees. CRESCENT CLUB These are the members of Crescent Club of Eta C:hapter of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Symbolizing the culti- vating ground to Sigmadom are, rom rfl In nghl: William Scales, James Floyd, Secretary and Treasurer; Norman Hayes, Vice-President; W ' illiam Hardy, Alfred Di.xon, Elijah Haddo.x, Reginald Lee, President. MISS I. T. fOLLEfiE Miss Wonne Wooten Dignin-. poise, and charm go to contribute to a good description of the first lady of Aggie-Land. Miss V onne Wooten. This lovely young lady, who hails from Mays- ville. X. C. reigns over our beautiful campus and its subjects, who number 3.000 or more. She is a major in commercial education and is a member of the Iota Phi Lambda .Sorority. Vorshiped by her many subjects, she has carried herself in a manner which makes all loyal . ggies look up to her and exclaim, saying, " There is our Queen, The .Supreme Lady of Aggie-Land. " " 49 FULL HOUSE . . . THREE QUEENS PAIR O ' JACKS SSiBSBSHBifa ROYAL COURT BERLENA CAMPBELL EARLA McDonald LILLIAN METEYE r f DOROTHY McNEIL mmmm mmimiagmiitiitmmm w m - ti . ' " . UttLii omecomut 195J The day was October 20, 1931. The place, Greensboro Memorial Stadium. The occasion, the annual homecoming festivities. Elaborate plans for this gala aflair had begun weeks in advance. Floats of di ergent designs were constructed; posters were disseminated over t he entire campus; welcome mats were laid out; the entire student body tensely awaited the colorful event. On to the stadium!! The band sounded out the last notes of the " .Star-Spangled Banner; " the whistle blew; the kickofl; and one of the greatest homecoming games e ' er witnessed bv this record crowd of some 20.000 fans was under way. For four thrilling quarters, a l)ruising battle ensued and when the final whistle blew the score stood, the A. and T. College Aggies 7, the Florida . . and M. College Rattlers 7. These two teams, meeting for the third time in as many years, were coached by two renowned grid mentors: William " " Big Bill " Bell and Jake Gaither. The series score reads: The A. and T. Aggies one. the Florida A. and M. Rattlers one. and one tie. The indestructible force had met the immo ablc object; two conference champions had clashed and proved to be an equal match for each other. 53 ■ nmamrtw sa m fi ' sxM ' V CAtiA. etA-uv.: HOMECOMING FESTIVITIES NATIOHAL CHAMPS ' - ' " yM : : ,3n n V. ' ' ■f 1 he XjUuiuil 1 ujlljall t ;lkuu[Jlull ul l ' .i51-5_! FOOTIIiLL " lggi(« " . . . ' Iliillddgs " . . . " Clia These words will long be remembered in the hearts and minds of three thousand loyal aggies, not including alumni, well-wishers and friends. They were echoed loud and strong at the Agricultural and Technical Cbll ge, in Greensboro, North C arolina. and throughout, as the sports writers proclaimed the Aggies the 1951 Football Champ- ions; although they were denied a C.I. A. A. title by being the victims of an up.set at the hands of the Virginia State C ' oUege Trojans in the C ' apitol Classics in Washington, D. C. ■DQg 1 Thi ' v are molders of chaiii|)iuns; the coaches of Aggie athletic teams. From left to right are: Matthew Brown, Mur- ray L. Neely, William M. Bell, Director of -Athletics and Head C!oach: Bert Pig- gott and L. Felix Harris. THE bk; four Left to right: Jack Gibson (22) HB: Red Jack.son (41) QB; Lerus Washington (.il) FB: and Donald Qtiarles (10) HB. Little, but powerful Al Morgan ( o. 16). " The Toast of Aggie-Land, " moves in for a tackle. HERE, THERE, - i H EIERVIIHERE Helburn L. Meadows iXo. 33) is off on another of his sprints against X. C. College in the Carolina-Thanksgiving Classic. ' Tn Jackson we trusted " " — William " " Red " " Jackson . ll .American. .-Ml-C.L.A.-A. quarterback for 1951-, 2. I{ BASRE I BALL i LAM Left III i«lil: i Lir in Haiiston, Theodore HaU, Emanuel Teixeira, Hey- ward Minis, Mantley Dorsey, John Flowers, Lawrence McClenney, VVyatt Minton, Frank Mahon, George Thomas, James Williams, Raymond Lam- bert, Earle Kegler, and David Hurdle, tun ' eliii!;: Cloach Felix Harris and Manager Isaiah Walker. The l ' )52 edition of the A. and T. Aggies Basketball Team started the season with a talent-packed aggregation, luider the able coaching of Felix Harris. After a somewhat uncertain start, the Aggies at mid-sea.son pulled a startling upset over their arch rivals. North Carolina College, by a .score of 86-85. The deciding point was annexed by Da id Hurdle in the fading seconds of the contest. Frank Mahon was high scorer for the game with 28 points, followed closely by Lawrence Mc- C:lenney with 22 points. McClenney is expected to become the mainstay of the basketball team in r ' .T.I. This iip.set, along with suhsecjuent victories, label the Aggies as dark-horse contenders in the C.I.. .. . Championship race. Adding two points to the . ggies ' triumph over North Carolina College Eagles, is for- ward Ceorge Thomas, while his team-mates look on. JlMMIK II I I MS . ggie hoopster U lU lit KlJl h in action against formidable conference foes. BSSim i i , . " " " i, V mi w inn A ' A TEWIS TEiM The A. and T. College netmcn were runner-up in the C ' .I.A.A. Tennis tournament which was held at Hampton Institute, Hampton, Virginia. Participants Julius Martin, Asa Anderson, and X ' incent Moore. Julius Martin was a semi-finalist in the singles, gaining three (3) points. Asa Andcr- ,son was also a rated high in the doubles semi- finals along with Vincent Moore, racking up a gain of three (3) points. The teams totaled six (6) points. The winning teams made a total of eight (8) points. I i:. . is I i:. . i .(■ " (((; ( . Julius Martin, DcWiii Willis, and John Lockell. IIOXIIG Arthur Statum Whenever there ' s boxing, there ' s . ' Krt Statum, 1951 C.I.- .A. Heavyweight Champ. William Stewart William " Fly " Stewart, with a lighting left and an atomic right, rules the C.L. ' X.. . Bantamweight Di- vision. William R. WRiuirr Rockv Wright, Lightweight threat of the C.I.A.. . ■i mSEKILL The ' arsit B;iM-l),ill " J, ■.,,,, , „„ " « ■ li,v,l l,„-,, ,,, i i .. , Tapscott, p; Raymond Johnson, p; Lionel lack 1 n H |k ' rn ' u ' " ' V ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' " i - Eu a-nc game and a fittinTclh°ax to a ' utti .tsSSH .T h ' f° ™ " - « " ' -!; y ' - ' " Phc most thrillin, University, ,1-0. Lnada c:::i:nt ' : :: TrCJt;:T: : t -st ' ' ' " ' " " " " ■ ■■ 3»ft ' w. niiinii; I p l-,,r Another Atfgie Win They ' re off to a winning finish. These four Aeeic c.ndermen pictured here are diligentlv practicing for he final pavoff . Thev are: Edward Carter C I A A low hurdle champion: Delljert Pavne. anchor man for the mtle relas ; Archie Dabney, C.I.A.A. hic;h jump champion: and Pete Echols. C.I.A.A. pole vault champion. Coach Bert Piggott is the starter TRil(]K The A. and T. C ' oUcgc track team departed for the Alabama relays where they experienced cnor- nujns success in the indi idual e ents and relays. Even though they placed second to Florida A. and M. College, the following cindermen captured high honors in their respective e ents: Ernie Nimmons, the running broad jtnnp; Archie Dabney, the liigh jump; Pete Echols, the pole ault; Delbert Payne, anchor man for the mile relay team; Tony Wicks, (he mile run; Edward Carter, the high and low- hurdles. The latter recently participated in the Inc|uircr Meet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, cap- turing third place with a time of 6.4 .seconds in the ,SO-yard high hurdles behind the co-holders of the world ' s record in this event, Harrison Dillard and Meredith Gourdine. .• s tlic wind ROCS, so goes Edward ( " Hucklebuck " ) Oartcr. i -fllCMov. AiTl C,7 ' Rif " «»? ' ««.. ' ' J " RsT 1 m fl PT ' h ' n H First row, left lo rii hl: Hfnr Jones, Marsin Wilson, Roljert Tallcs, Ocic Bovers, Melbourne Bailey, Robert Lea. Second rou:- ' John Ginvard, Edward Carter, Reginald ' ictor, .SyKester Williams, .Anthony Wicks, .Archie Dabney, Oswald I.Nons. lliinf mif: Kenneth H.ill. Don Fairlev, Juan McMurtrv. John Bradlev, .Alexander Turner. 62 au m smiR ' ms AvANTEE Editorial Staff Standing, left lo iiglil: Ellis F. Corbett, Advisor; George G. Geiger, Student Adviser; Jerry Crawford, Business Manager; Barney Putnam, , ' ssociate Editor. Sealed: Melvin M. Ritter, Editor-in-Chief. Register Stafl Standing, left to right: James A. Long, .Ad isor; Marion Blair, Business Manager; Seated: .Arthiu- B. Word. Editor-in-Chief. The 1952 Av.JiNTee and Register Staffs ha -e toiled endlessly to bring to the reader of this Year- book, a reflective pleasure in scanning the year, 1951-52, at the Agricultural and Technical Clollege. This production is intended to provide the picture story of all phases of life at the college. Briefly, let us sur -ey the Ayantee and Register Staffs individually. The Ayantee Yearbook Staff was capably ad ised by Mr. Ellis F. Corbett, whose assistance and guidance were instru- mental in the final culmination of this publication. Under the expert guidance of Editor-in-C:hief Melvin M. Ritter, the steadying influence of Senior CJass ,- d iser George G. Geiger, and the staunch support of Associate ' Editor Barne ' R. Putnam, the Yearbook staff enjoyed the work resulting in its eventual compilation. The Business Manager of the Yearbook was Jerry Crawford. Literary Editor Leon A. Barnett produced some exceedingly representati e work in doing the bulk of the writing contained herein. Assisting in assembling this material were stafl ' members ' elma Speight, Stanley M. Cook, James E. Bridgett, Da id McEheen, Josue . maro, and Barney R. Putnam. Art Editor John S. Beatty must be complimented for his cflorts in beautifying this publication. In this he was aided by his staff " members William T. Hatch and Geneva B. Brown. Copy Editor, Lannie McArthur and her assistants, Mary Marable and Marteena Broadnax deserve unlimited tribute in preparing the final draft of this publication for the printers. They received no less assistance from the copy staff composed of Laura Brooks, Charles Brooks, and Charles Gay. Working hand in hand with the Business Manager, Charles Nesbit. rendered invaluable ser -ices. Working right at the side of Charles Nesbit was Assistant Publicity Manager, Hanford Stafford . Concluding the Ay.antee Yearbook Staff " , we have a person of no less importance. Photographer Howard L. Ward, whose diversified talents are plainly visible in this publication. " The Cream of College News " is still the slogan propagated by our college newspaper, the Register. It was just " that " this year in a most admirable way. Lhider the conscientious guidance of .Ad ' iser, Mr. James A. Long and Editor-in-Chief, Arthur B. Word, the paper enjoyed incom- parable popularity. The editorials were one of the most remarkable features of what was generally an exceptiona 63 1952 niHEE STIFF Ar t StafT Slandino Icfl 1 I II ihl: lohn S. Bcatlv, Editui : V lliam T. H ilch. Seal •J: Genc a B. Brown Art Editor. Pul.licity Staff Standing, left In iialil: Hanford Stafford, Howard L. Ward, Student Photographer; Samuel Starns. Sealed: C harles E. Xesbit, PubUcitv Manager. collegiate new.spaper. Several timely editorials concerninji publir opinion and other .student attairs were a distinguishing mark of the paper. Largely responsible for tiie afore-mentioned features were Ollie Norman, A.ssociate Editor; Hanford Stafibrd, Managing Editor; and Stanley M. Cook. The Business Manager of the sheet was Marion Blair, Jr.; who performed magnificently in this capacity, particularly in securing ad ertisements for the paper. The large sports section was edited by Sports Editor Richard Moore with the capable a.ssistance of Josue Amaro and James Bridgett. The person who kept up with happenings of other schools was Exchange Editor Rudolph Gadson. This coverage aided greatly in the final productions of the paper. The actual collection and preparation of the news was accomplished by Feature Writer Jerry Crawford, and Reporters Shirley Taylor and Charles Gay. Production Manager Lannie McArthur must be commended for her dependability and cf- ficiencv in sending the Rcgisln ofT to press. Ably assisting Miss McArthtir were members of the Copy Staff Slanding, lefl la right: Marteena Broadnax, Editor: Oharles H. Oav; Lannie McArthur, Mary Marablo, Assistant Cops ' Editors. . o sliincn: Laina Brool s, Charles Brooks. Literary Staff Seated, left to right: David McElveen, Barney Putnam, Leon A. Barnett, Editor; Stanley M. Cook; Standing: ' r!nia Speight. 64 REGISTER STIFFS Editorial Staff Seated: Hanford Stafford, Managing Editor; Stanley Cook. Editorial Writer: James Bridgett, Feature Writer. Production .Staff Standing, left to right: Lannie Mc. rthur, Production Manager. Seated: Marteena Broadna.x, Beulah Mit- chell, Mary Maraljle. Production StaH Mary Marablc. Marteena Broadnax. Beiilah Mitrhell. Mary ' . Jones, and Sylvia C ' oleman. Finally, the individual responsible for disseminating the Rfgislir to all parts of the United States and performing efficiently in this capacity was Circulation Manager Willie L. Ballard. The staff recognizes the inadequaces of the Annual and yet take pride in the result attained by hard work. The finished product may not seem too impressive now. but we trust that in future years, you may take this Yearbook from the shelf, brush away a decade of dust and use it to re- call, vividly, your days at the .Agricultural and Technical College. We are quite aware of the in- ability of cold words and pictures to capture the warmth and feeling that are truly attributes of human experience, but we have made an earnest effort to furnish you with a guide to memories. So. with humility, born of the immense responsibility which has been ours and with the innate pride that comes with a job well done, we humbly present the product of our efforts for your enjoyment — the 1952 Av.antee. Circulation Staff Standing, left to right: Charles H. Ga . Charles E. Nesbit, . r n Watts. George Fitzgerald. E. Shirlev Taylor. Sealed: Marion Blair. Circulation Manager. . rt Staff Standing, left to right: John S. Beattv. Geneva B. Brown, William T. Hatch. Editor. Sealed: 65 (! ' . r. niiDE T LIFE OFFICERS OF R.O.T.C, OFFICERS ' CLUB Distinguished Military Students RHYTHM EXPRESS Chucklini; over the al)surdity of the script is ureal luii for " Bobby " Debnaiii. Admirers, Rulh Parker and X ' ehna Gibson. Students at wurtc in the Auto Mechanics ne[)artinent HO OR Capt. H. A. Jenkins, Instructor in Military Science and Tactics of the Infantry R.O.T.C. receives the Army ' s Silver Star for gallantry in action in the Korean conflict. Col. R. F. Perry, then Chief, X. C. Military District pins on the medal as Maj. Gen. William A. Beiderlinden looks on from right and Dr. F. D. Bluford from left. William C ' Red " ) Jackson, .AU-. mcrican Quarterback of the . . and T. . ggies for two consecutive years receives congratulations from Coach Bill Bell, .Aggie Mentor, for having been named ' " Most aluable Player " at the .Annual Dinner of the Pigskin Club of Washington, D. C. Bell also holds the trophy which was given him for having been selected " ' Coach of the Year. " Ralph Johns, local business man, presents the trophy emblematic of the national mvthical football champion- ship to Dr. F. D. Bluford, as William " Bill " Bell, Di- rector of .Athletics looks on. Ellis Hall, Senior, is presented the Sears Scholarship by R. E. Jones, .State .Agent, .A. and T. College E.x- tension Service. Miss Mabel Powell and Mr. Samuel J. Whitaker look on. 67 ' t - y.l EXTRi-ClRRiniLilR ICTIIITIES The top pliutu shows some lourteen representatives honi A. and T. Clolk ' Se who attended the 15th Annual Student Legislative Assembly in Raleigh this fall. Expert riflemen of the Infantry R.O.T.C. Rifle Team (middle photo) are coached by C ' apt. Harold A. Jenkins, one of the military science instructors. They made an excellent record this year. The lower photo shows members of the Kappa Phi Kappa Debating Society of the college. Coach Roy H. Brown appears in center. The Debating Societ is contemplating permanently retiring the Tri-.Statc League Trophy which it has won for two consecutive years in addition to two major debates with Howard University and Hampton Institute. 68 THIS m THiT Right: Could it be that these students are thinking about using these pups for biology experiments? Right: No! This isn ' t just another congregation. It ' s the Aggie spirit that every student has especially when we defeat our rivals, N. C. State. f Left: Crowning the King, it ' s a good thing for him that it ' s onlv an act. f4ViJ( BtnYnf Li-ft: .Students, are there any questions? Huh! 69 »;. ' i m,-. m- i«; SHOPS Tailoring Radio and Television Welding C:abinct Making Machine Shop 70 CiMPL ' S iCTIllTIES Numerical Gvmnastics Burning the Midnight Oil . . . That hap- pened quite often, but was much easier when friends would get together. Let ' s ha e a party ! It takes all kinds of living to make a person . . . but it only took two kinds after 9:00 p.m. in new girls " dormitory . . . study or talk with vour friends. The Ebony Jokers having their onnual Chrbtmos boll. Estfmoting the sifuotion » a doily totk for Hiesc glomaur CAMPUS S mtngly it ! on oH-doy for fan Pnibobly HiU is tfis reown why Johany doesn ' t do kit liome-iroffc. Long Dntonce! calliiig Tom, Dick, and Horry, Men ' s Dormitory. Caught in the act. PRANKS M ■RHi ■b? l K MrJH PW w " Tit ■ 1 i W. mMi Ku hf ' Ul m ■n W ' - M He ' s n tTMibIc again, got his dotes raized-ap. Rain ot snow won ' t stop ttiij couple from taking their afternoon stroll on the campus. GJomoroos Delores Joggers is " Sitting on top of the world. " Giving o lesson on compusology. N E II II It I! II N T K It N. C, Snci il Sn. Enfield. Home N. C, Eckers Home Club A ri- 4-H Agkr, Gloria V., 208 Buffalo St., Shelby, N. C:., Commrma Ed. Band, Sunday School, ' . ' V.C;.A., Bus. Asst. Senior Counselor. Allen, Willie H., 308 North St.. High Point, N. C, .SV W Scu-nc, H slnry, Rappa Alpha Psi. Alston, Bernice, 1122 Gill St., Raleigh, N. C., Elemenlary Ed., History. Usher Bd. Y.W.C.A., Future Teachers of America. Alston, Marie A., 172 Fishburne St., Charleston, S. C., Elfuientmy Ed., Hntuiy. Alston, William D., P. O. Box 12, Littleton, N. C, Ai ncii tiira Ed. V.M.C.A., N.F.A., Agricultural Assoc. A tARo, Josi ' E E., P. O- Box 215, Guayama, Puerto Rico, Physual Ed., Math. Track and Field, V.M.C.A., P.E.M. Club, " Tlu- Register, Officers Club, International Relations Club, Anderson, Asa W. Jr., 3920 Germantown Ave., Phila. 40, Penna., Biolos,ical Sciencf. Kappa Alpha Psi, Varsity Tennis, R.O.T.C:. Officers Club. Anderson, Bnhli L. (tOl Monroe St. Lynchburg, ' a., Hus. Adm. Omega Psi Phi. Ardrev, Fred, Rt. 9, Box 657, Charlotte, History, Geographical Society. Arrincton, Albunyer L., Rt. 2, Box 254, Economit s. ' .W.C.A. Agricultural Assoc, Artis, Rudolph Douglas, Rt. 357, Box 175, Fremont, N. C, cultural Ed., Ai roriomy. Agricultural Association, N.F.A., Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Frat., Y.M.C.A. Askew, Albert A., Jr., P. O. Box 110, WilUamston, N. C, C trm- istry. Military Science. Cheering Squad, Alpha Phi Alpha Frat.. Officers Club, French Cllub, Choir, Y.M.C.A. Baker, Albert F., Rt. 2, Box K-6, Rocky Mount, N. C., Biological ScietKf, Military Science. Y.M.C.A., School Band, Officers Club, Kappa .Mpha Psi F ' rat. Banks. Emmett L., P. O. Box 93, Cihatham, ' a.. Physual Ed., Military Siinu-e. Officers Club, P.E.M. C:iub, Sphinx Pledge Club. ' iUQ % Barber, Jolui IL, Rt. 2. Box 501, Trenton, N. C:., Social Studies, " History. Football, Soltball, Baseball, Basketball, Phi Beta Sigma Frat. Barner, John ' ., Rt. 1, Lawndale, N. C:.. Agnciiltioe, Military Scieiue, iialagical Si mice. Agriculture A ssociation; N.F.A. , Cresent C lub, Officers Club. Bass, Roy L., Rt. 5, Box 5, Oxford, N. C, liwhgical Science, Cliennslry, Mathematics. Bass, William McDuffy. 343 Branch St., Reidsville, N. C, Horticulture, Agionomy. Agricultural Association, N.F.A., Horti- culture Cllub. Bauldin, Silas. Rt. 3, Box 16, Maxlon. N. C., Radio and IV. Beattv, John S., Rt. 1. Box 157, Willard, N. C.. Einc Ait, Militaiy Science. Art Club Register Staff. Bishop, Samuel L., 410 W. 37th PI., Birmingham, Ala.. Huuncss Administration. Omega Psi Phi Frat., Business Association. Black, Pcarline, 1506 Ashe Street, Greensboro, N. C., Home Economics. Blakelv, William H., 105 Fulton St., War .Sociology. Sigma Rho Sigma, Lcttcrmen ' s CI Baseball, Omega Psi Phi. Blanks, John A., Rt. 2, Box 210, Clarkton. N. C:. Phi Beta Sigma Frat. Ind. Arts. Association. Px - V Bonds, Joel, P. O. Box 65, Shannon, N. C... I ' licatmnal Indiistnal Ed. Forthnightly Club, Crescent Club, . uto Mech. CUub. Boone, Will J.. 142 Roseboro, N. C., Social Studies, History. Geo- graphic Society. Borders, James Edward, Jr., 338 Hudson St., Shelby. N. C)., Social Studies, History. Geographic Society. BowDEN, John Moseley, Jr.. P. O. Box 295, Faison, N, C:.. Cahinet- rnaking. BovD, Cranston W., 427 Wicklow. Pittsburgh Pa., International Relations Club, Geographical Club, Sigma Rho Sigma. Brewinoton, Charles W., Rt. 4, Box 124, Mt. Olive, N. C., Biological Science, Military Science. Basketball, National Society of Scabbard and Blade; Officers Club. Brewington, Elmer L., Rt. 1, Dudley, N. C., Business .-{dminntia- tion. Business Association. Brodnax, Martcena E., 407 Banks St. Greensboro, N. C., Com- mercial Ed.. Registers Staff, Yearbook Staff, Association of Business Students, Alpha Kappa Alpha .Sorority. Brooks, C harles L., 921 Main St.. Tampa 7, Florida, .Mat hematics, Military Science. R.O.T.C. Band, Alpha Phi Alpha Frat., Ohio, History, Hub, Football, Indiistmil Aits. Kappa Phi Kappa. Debating Society, Yearbook Staff, Floridian Club, Officers C:hib. Brooks, Laura Belle, Rt. 2. Box 112-A, Kernersville. N. C, Commercial Ed. Register ' s Staff, " ' earbook Staff, Association of Business Students, Y.W.G.A. Brown, Alonza Cassie, Rt. 1, Box 162, Roanoke Rapids, N. C, Vocational .■ioricullure. Military Science. Agricultural Association, N.F.A., R.O.T.C. Club. Brown, Geneva Bland, 302 S. ' irginia Street, Goldsboro, N. C, Fine .-irts. History. Basketball-Cheering Squad, Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority, Usher, Art Editor, Register ' s Staff, Yearbook Staff. Brown, Junius, Seaboard, N. C, Tailoring. Bryant, Elizabeth B., 4200 S. Vincennes . ve., Chicago, III., Secretarial Science, Dramatic CUub. BuiE, Sampson, Jr., Rt. 2, Box 126, Fairmont, N. C.. .igricultiiie. Military Science. Debating Society, Sunday School, Student Council, President; N.F.A. Agricultural Association. Bullard, .Arthur Edward, 1154 Duke St., Waycross, Georgia, Physical Ed., History. P.E.M. Club. Burris, Ho Odessa, Rt. I, Box 194-.A, Kingston, N. C:., Social Studies, English. Richard B. Harrison Players, The Shakespearean Club, Sunday School, Y.W.C.A., Fornightly Club. BuRSON, Arthur Paul, 812 Fairview St., High Point, N. C, Biological Science, Chemistry. Bush, Odel, Rt. 1, Box 150, Wintcrville, N. C, Physical Ed., Social Science. Y.M.C.A., P.E.NL Cllub. Butler, George E., 1022 West Herah St., Salisbury, N. C, Tailoring. Butler, James Luther, 1409 Fifth St.. Lvnchburt , ' irginia, .Agriculture Ed., I ' otatiomil .igitculture. Agriculture .Association, F.F.A. Butler, Nathan, 539 Crow St., Greensboro, N. C:., Mechanical Engineenng. Campbell, Berlina, Box 161-B Lillin. ton. N. C.. Social Science, History. .A.K..A. Scjrority. .Sigma Phi Sigina, Geographical Society. Cannadv, Walter Harold, Eneas Rural Station, Wilson, N. C;., Commeicial Ed. Business Association, Y.M.C.,A. Canty, Willie Marion, 329 Bower St., Greenville, S. C., Pailnnng. Y.M.C.A. Tailoring Club. Carney, Julius Rcddiek, Rt. 5. Box 315, Greenville, N. C, Agriculture Ed. .Agiiculture Association. Cl.ARSON, Vernon McKinly, 1900 Pansy St., Lynch Ijurg, ' a., Biological Science, Military Science. Intramuial Basketl all. R.0!T.C. Softball Team, R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Carter. .Albert Issac, 703 Patterson A e., Winston-Saletn, N. C., Business .Administration. Carter, Edward . shton, Rt. 2, Bridgeton, New Jersey, Physical Ed., History. Track Team, Kappa Alpha Psi, Lettermen ' s Club, Yearbook Clommtttee, P.E.M. Club. Carter, Luvenia Carolyn, P. O. Box C, Finchley, Va., English, French. Dance Group. Iota Phi Lambda. Virginia Club. Cheston, Sterling NL, Rt. 2, Box 274, Trenton, N. C, I ' ncational Industrial Ed., R.O.T.C). Basketball Team. Clark. Clarence L., Rt. 3, Box 3-.A, Ahoskie, N. C. Cabinet- making. Clark. Eniina W,, 409 W. Pantego St., Belhaven, N. C,. Home Economics, .Agiiculture . ssociation, 4-H Club. C;lemmons, Samuel Melvin. Rt. 2, Box 127. Zebulon, N. C:., Automobile Mechanic. Y.M.CI..A. Clvburn, Dan .A., P. O. Box 184, Lancaster, S. C. Electric Wiling. Coffey, C;harles E., 492 Billingsley Rd., Charlotte, N. C, Labor and Industnal Relatuoi. Military Science. R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Y.M.C.A., R.O.T.C:. Softball Teaml Coles, Clarence W., Soil Science, Chemistry. Dramatics, Internation- al Relations Club, Boxing. R-gister Staff, .Ayantee Staff, Alpha Phi .Alpha Frat., Agricultural .Association, .Vmerican Chemical Society. C:oLES, Zephyr B., 511 Bradley Rd., Danville, Va., Electric Wiring. CoLiNS. Burnett, Armour, N. C., Voc. .Agriculture, Biological Science. N.F.A., Agricultural .Association, Scroller ' s Club. C;ooK, Lonnie, Rt. 1, Box 208- A, Leaksville, N. C, Agiiculture, Biological Science. Yearbook Staff, N.F..A.. Agricultural Assoc., Alpha Phi Alpha Frat,. 4-H Club, Y.M.C.A. Coolidge, Bolton, Rt. 1. Box 98, Semora, N. C, Radio. Y.M.C.A. Cooper, Joseph L., 19 Hastings PI., Long Island, X. Y., Vocational Industrial Ed., Business. ClooPER, Jessie M., Rt. 1, Box 106, Como, " S.C. Home Economics. Home Eckcr ' s C ' lub, Agricultural Association. CoPELAND, Theodore, 1305 Linsay St., Greensboro, N. C, Auto- mobtU Mechanic. Corbet, Ella G., Rt. 2, Hillsboro, X. C, Elementary Ed., History. Geographic Society, Future Teachers of America, Baptist Student Union. CoTTiNGHAM, Charles, 106 Luther St., Greensboro, X ' . C, Agron- omy Education. AgricuUural Association, X ' .F.A., 4-H Club. Council, David J., Rt. 2. Box 43, St. Pauls, X. C, Applied Sociology, History. CovvPER, Calvin S., Rt. 1, Box 29. Como, X. C, .Agricultural Ed. X.F.A. Agricultural Association. Cox, James W., Rt. 5. Box 319, C:linton, X. C, Chemistry, Bio- logical Science. American Chemical Societv, R.O.T.C. Officers Club, V.M.C.A. Craft, Marjorie, 310 Rome St., Hartwell Ga., Social Science, History. Choral Society, Usher Board. Cr.a vford, Jerry, 14 Elm Court, Great Barrin ton. Mass., Chemistry, Military SiieTice. Register Staff, A-iANTEE Staff. Beta Kappa Chi, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Mu, Pan-Hellenic Council, R.O.T.Cl. Officers Club, American C:hemistry Society. C:r a wford, Lacy L. , 61 U nion Rd. , Gaslonia X ' . C. , Business Administration. Y.M.C.A., T.A.B.S. Curry, George T., P. O. Box 328, C ' hadbourn, X ' . C; Vocational Agriculture. X.F.A., Agricultural . ssociation. Curry, Ressie Z., 1214 Gill St., Raleigh. X. C, English, History. Dramatic Club, Debating Society, Geographic Society, Senior Counselor, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Shakcsperean Club. Dabney, Archie V., 107 Mike St., Leesburg, Florida, Physical Ed., History, arsiiv Track, Omega Psi Phi. Lettermen ' s Club, P.E.M. Club. Daniels. William W ' .. Rt. 1. Box 182-B, Warrenton. X. C, Electric Wiring. ' D ARC AN, Hazel ' ivian, 1417 Gorrell St., Greensboro, X ' . C, Biological Science, Mathematics, Chemistry. Darris, Herbert J., 509 Live Oak St., Beaufort, X. C, Biological Science, Mathematics. Choir, Rhythm ' ets, V.M.C.A. D.AVTS, Louise, C., 18 Morgan St.. . sheville, N. C, Commercial Ed., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Business Club. Davis, ' ergus J., 402 Oak St., Shelby. X. C, Vocational Industrial Ed. Trade leacher, Intermediate Band, Masonry Club, ' o- cational Industrial Ed. and Industrial Arts Club. Dean, Doris G., 1803 E. Market St., Greensboro, X. C, Com- mercial Ed. Delo. tch, Rice R., Rt. 1, Box 73, Jackson X. C, Agriculture. N.F.A. Downing, Seth A., 106 E. Gale St., Edenton, X. C. Vocational Agriculture. Agricultural .-Association. Dr. ' SiKE, Gladys G., 414 Banks St., Greensboro, X. C, Commercial Ed. Business .Association, Dula, Saul, Rt. 7, Box 21. Lenair, X. C, Physical Ed., Social Science. Track Team arsitv. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Physical Education Club, X.A.A.C. ' P. Elliott, Effie J., 314 Pine St., Fayctteville, X. C, Commercial Ed. College Ushei-s, Choral Society, Business Association, Pyramid Club. Ellis, Rex, Rt. 1, Box 312, Whiteville, X. C, Chemistry, Mathe- matics. . lpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, Beta Kappa Chi Honor Society, . merican Chemical Society. Edwards, Alice R., 420-lOih St. X. E., Washington, D. C, Tailoring. Tailoring Club. Edwards, Essie M., 911 Jackson St., Badin, .X. C, Commercial Ed. Business Club, Sunday School. English, Mamie O., Box 13. Tasker, X. C., Elementary Ed., Physical Ed. Intramural Basketball, P.E.M. Club, ' irginia Club. Fair, Preston, 1404 Baxter St., Charlotte, X. C, Biological Science, Military Science. R.O.T.C. Basketball Team. Intermediate Band, V.M.C.V, R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Farmer, James L., 516 Bradley St., Dan ille, ' a.. Business .-id- minisliation. Farrish. John F.. Rt. 3, Box 5 " 6, Roxboro, X. C, Agriculture, Agricultural .Association, Alpha Phi .- lpha Fraternity. F. rrow, James E.. Pantego, X , C, Eme .irts. History. Fennell, Joseph W., 618 Campbell St., Bainbridge, Georgia, Chemistry, Mathematics. Boxing, Track, Glee Club, Choral Society, . lpha Phi . lpha Fraternity, R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Ferguson, Macey, P. O. Box 31. Wakulla, X. C, History, Social Science. Geographic Society. Foard, . dele C, 1708 Kivett Dr., Hi h Point, X. C, Elementary Ed., History. Dramatics. Fountain. John E.. 331 E. Hampton St., Staunton. ' a., Masonry. a. Club. R.O.T.C. Drill Team. Freeman, Johnnie .A.. Rt. 1, Box 14 " " . Tarboro, X . C, Biological Science, Military Science. Frink, Abram, Box 21, Southport, X. C., Vocational Industrial Ed., Iasonry. Frye, Ola NL, P. O. EUerbe. X ' . C, Commercial Ed. Dramatics. T.. .B.S., Fellowship Council. Sunday School. Y.W.C.V. FuLCHER. Jean L.. 2425 Masi St.. Xorfolk. ' a., .Music, History, Band, Sunday School, ' a. Club, Y.W.C.A.. College Usher, Baptist Student L ' nion. Fuller, Eula J., Rt. 1, Mebane. X ' . C, Tailoring, Tailoring Club. Gadson, Rudolph. Rt. 1, Box 19, Maysville, X. C, Mathematics, General Science, . lpha Phi . lpha Fraternity. G. LLowAY, Ralph B., 608 JuUan St.. Greensboro, X C, Com- mercial Ed., T.A.B.S. Gavin, WiUette E., 624 Poplar St.. Goldsboro, .X. C, Home Economics. Senior Counselor. College L ' sher, Y.W.C.A.. .Agri- cultural -Association, .Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Ger.ald, Hugene. Rt. 2. Box 63, MuUins. S. C, .Agricultuie, Science. Gerringer, Doris J., 212 Obermcycr St., Greensboro, X ' . C)., History, French. Band. French Club. Gibson, Jack H., 1269 Marcy St.. .Akron I, Ohio, Physical Ed., Military Science. Varsity Football. Track, R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Letterman ' s Club, Sphinx Club. Gilbert. Harold J.. 328 Percy St., Greensboro, X. C.. Business .Administration. GooDE, Lonnie E., Rt. 1. Box 64, Margarettsville, X. C. Agricul- ture, .Agricultural .Association, X.F..A. Goodlett, Johnie C, 137 Forest St., Greer, S. C., General .Science, History, Chemistry. Y.M.G..A.. Geographical Societv, Baptist Student Union, R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Gore, .Atlee, Star Rt. 1, Box 17. Supply, X. C, Vocational Agri- culture, Science. X.F.A., .Agricultural Association. Grainger, Felton I., Chadburn. X. C., A nruiture, S-ien:e. X.F..A. Agricultural .Association, R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Graham, Georgia M., P. O. Box 12 , Fair Bluff. X. C, Commercial EA. Business .Association. V.W.C.A., Ivy Leaf Club. Gr.ahame. Katye B., Rt. 2, Box 24, Raeford. X. C, Home Economics. Kappa Phi Kappa Debating Society. Student Council, .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority. Who ' s Who in .American Colleges and Universities, 1951. Graham, W ' inston J., Box 48, Proctorville. X. C, Ch ' mistry, Biological Science. Cresent Club, Student Chapter of .American Chemical Society. Graves, William ' .. 227 Durham St., Greesnboro. X. C. Business Administration. T.A.B.S., R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Greene, Uril L., Rt. 2, Box 303 ,Trenton, N. C. Animal Hus- bandry. Agricultural .Association, N.F..A., R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Greenlee, Joseph W.. 442 S. French Broad .Ave., Asheville, X. C, Poultry Husbandry, .Animal Husbandry. .X F..A., .Agricul- tural .Association. Guy, Gwendolyn, 266 S. Clinton St., E. Orange, X. J., Social Science, English. Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority. Junior and Senior Counselor. Haile. John M.. P. O. Box 334, .Alachua. Florida, Biological Science, Chemistry. Hall. Ellis M.. Rt. 1. Box 219, Orrum. X. C. .Agriculture, Bio- ) logical Science. 4-H Club. X.F.A., Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Usher Board, .Agricultural Association. Y.M.C..A. H. LL. ' ance E.. Rt. 1, Box 3, Cofield, X. C, Chemistry, Math - matic. R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Y.M.C.A., Scabbard and Blade Society, Hammonds, James C, 1406 Marion Ave., HartsviUe, S. C, .Ma- sonry. Y.M.C.A., Masonry Club, Sunday School, T..A.B.S. Harden, Charles. Rt. 1. Staunton, ' a.. Physical Ed., History. Va. Club. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Harding, Dorothy O., Pleasant Hill, X. C, Tailoring. Y.W.C..A., Tailoring Club. Hardrick, James B., " 26 W. 39ih St., Savannah. Ga.. Industrial Arts, Military Science. R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Industrial .Arts .Association. Harper, Reva M., 529 Patton Ave. X. W., Roanoke, ' a.. Social Science, Physical Ed. Usher Board, P.E.M. Club, Va. Club, Register Staff, Choral Club. 75 " i- - -! -.» ' ■- ' ' I ! Harrell. Pearl E., Commercial Ed., BusitifSi Administration. Regiitn Staff, St-nior Counselor. Sunday School, V.W.C.A., T.A.B.S., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Harrell. Nancy E., Murfreesboro, N. C, Social Scinice, English- Harris. John H., 303 Regan St., Greensboro. N. C, Busimss Admimstralion. Register Staff. T.A.B.S. Harris, Mary L., Ill Luther St.. Greensboro, N. C, Tailoring. Harris, Melvin L., Box 663. Kimball. W. ' a., . fusic, Htstury. Band. Harris. Tucker M.. Colored Orphanage, Oxford. N. C .. In- dustrial Arts, Mtlifary Science. R.O.T.C. Officers Cllub, N ' ocalional Ed. Club. Harris. Wirren S.. 2317 Oak St., Portsmouth, ' a.. Mathanalics. History. Omega Psi Phi. Hart, Theresa, 000 Benbow Road, Greensborn, N. C., Elenientaiy Ed. Richard B. Harrison Players. Hatch, William T.. 1006 William St., New Bern. N. C., Fine Arts, M Hilary Science. Art C:iub, R.O.T.C:. Officers Cllub, Register Staff. AvANTEE StafT. Hawkins. William E.. P. O. Box 483, Henderson, N. C:., Phyuca Ed., Military Science. R.O.T.C. Basketball, R.O.T.C;. Officers CUub. Headen, Corina, 701 N. 5th Ave., Siler City, N. C, English, History. Dramatics Club, Fortnightly Club. ip Hec:kstai,l, Frederick A., 421 Middlesex St.. Norfolk, Va.. Social Q Science, History. Pan-Hellenic Clouncil, Geographic Society, ■4 Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, N ' irginia Cllub. Heilig, Norman R.. Box 517, Kimball, W. Va., .Architectural English, Mathematics, Military Science. R.O.T.CI. Officers Club, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Scabbard and Blade. Henderson, Leroy. P. O. Box 244. Manson, N. C., Commercial Ed. Y.M.C.A., T.A.B.S. Hester, James O., 215 Johnson St.. Ruxboro, N. C:., Social Science, Physical Ed. Hicks, Gladys F., 3533-lOth St. N. W., Washington, D. C, Commercial Ed. Y.W.C.A., T.A.B.S., Baptist Student Union. Hill, Leroy, 829 Gary ' s St., Rocky Mount, N. C.. I ' ocational Agriculture, Social .Science. College Band, N.F.A., Agricultural Association, HiNNANT, Rudolph v., Rt. 313 Kenly, N. C., Mathematics, Business. R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Mathematics Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Holland, .Mene F., 201 W. Bradley Ave, C;ast(jnia, N. C., Tailoring. Tailoring CUub. Holman, Guy, Jr., Box 215, Mocksville. N. C., Social Srirnce, Sociology. Intramural Basketball. Holmes, .Mfonger, P. O. Box 181. Batsburg, S. C., Agritulture. Agricultural .Association, N.F.A. Holmes, Elbert H., Rt. 3, Box 202, Ocala, Florida, Agiuulinral Ed. N.F.A. Organization, .Agricultural Association. Holmes, Lurlla , 611 Crow St., Thomasville. N. C, Home Economic . Dramatic Club, Pledgee, Iota Phi Lambda, Agri- cultural . ssociation. Ho(jKER. Ruth Mae, General Delivery. Sanford, N. CI., Elementary luL, History. Basketball. HosEV, Samuel J., 98 Railroad St., Wheatland, Pa., Biological Scieru-e, Chemistry. C horal Society, Male Glee Club, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. HoucH, E. Haskell, 2317 Booker Ave., Charlotte. N. C:., Business Administration. Business Club. Howell, Ernest R., 508 Booker St.. CJoldsboro. N. C:., Pie-Med, English. Intramural Sports, Omega Psi Phi Fraternitv. Officers Club. Howell. WilU- Jean, Rt. 2, Box 163. Taylorsville. N. C, Ele- mentary Ed., Histoiy. Future Teachers of America, Y.W.CI.A. Geographical Society. Hunt, FrizcU, Chatham. " a.. Social Studies, Military Science. Officers Club Hunt. James H., Rt. 2, Box 135, Macon, N. C., Electrical Engi- neering, Mathematics. Engineering Association. Huntley, Olivia S. Wadesboro, N. C, Elementary : ., History. Geographic Society. Jackson, Lionel G., 627 6th St., West Palm Beach, Florida, Physical Ed., History. Baseball, Lettermen ' s Club, Florida Club. Jacobs, Vivian W., 967 Denhart St., Norfolk, ' a., Home Economics. Y.W.Cl.A., Home Ec. Club, Virginia C:iub. James, I3avid Thomas, Jr., Sneads Ferry, N. C:.. Indu ttial .Arts. Industrial Arts .Association, Scabbard and Blade, Officers CHub (ames, Lucille B., Box 57. Sandy Level, Va., Elementary Ed. Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, PM Club, French CUub, ' Oo- graphic Society. Jeffries, James F.. 152 W. Stokes St., Danville. Va., Business .Administration. Business Association, N ' irginia CUub. Jeffries. Nancy J., 808 Douglas St., Greensboro, N. C, Elem- rnenlary Ed., History. Geographic Society. Johns, Henry W., 30 ' inc St., Watersbury. C!onn., .Mechanical Engineering. Engineering .Association. Johnson, Clordia Mae. 1604 E. Market St., Greensboro, N. C, Elementary Ed., History. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Johnson. Ethel Jorinda. 323 Buffalo St., Shelby .N. C, English, Erench. French CMub, Y.W.C;..A.. Band, C ampus Sunday School, .Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society, .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority, Who ' s Who -51. Johnson, Lawrence L, 607 Style St.. Reidsville, N. C., Music, Military Science. Officers CUub, Band. R.O.T.C. Band Student Director, Choir, Rhythm Vets Orchestra, Valent CMub. Jones, Charles M., 1100 Albemarle Ave., Waynesboro. Va., Physical Ed., Social Scierwe. Varsity Track, Intramural Sports, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, X ' irginia Club, P.E.M. Club, Greensboro Health CUub. Jones. Maude K., 201 Shepard St., Elizabeth City, N. C, Home Economics. Y.W.C.A., Home Eckers Club, Agricultural Associa- tion. Jones, Wendell W., 201 Shepard St.. Elizabeth City, N. C, Commercial Ed. Business Club, Omega Psi Phi. Jones, Willie, 612 Lodge St., Wilson. N. C, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics. Engineering .Association. Jones, Winston S., Rt. Box 48 ,Waverly, Va., Vocational Agriculture. N.F,.A., A ' .M.C.A.. .Agricultural .Association. Jordan, Herbert E.. 845 ' ance St., Greensboro, N. C, Radio, Television. JoRDON, Juanita M.. Rt. 2, Box 160, Brown Summit, N. C, Commercial Ed. T.A.B.S. JovNER, ernestene, Rt. 1, Box 15. Franklin, Va., Home Economics. Women Athletic Association, Student Aid Fund Committee, Deha Sigma Theta Sorority, Who ' s Who 1951. Keen, William C, 519 High St., Thomasville, N. C, Music, Physical Ed. College Band. Kelly, Amos L.. 315 Conell St., East Spencer, N. C:., Physical Ed., Military Science. Basketball, Track, Scabbard and lilade. Sphinx Club. Kent, Bertha B.. 1707 We:iver St., Selma, .Ala.. Commercial Ed. T.A.B.S., Basketball. King, James E., Box 76, Ruthrrfordton, N. C:., Business Admin- isfiation. Y.M.C.A., T.A.B.S,, Fellowship Council. King, Juanita B., 710 Sevier St,, Greensboro, N. C, Elem.-ntary Ed., History. Dramatics. Knight, Sylvia, 537 Whitten .Ave, Henderson, N. C, Commercial Ed. Y.W.C.A., T.A.B.S. Lambert. Queenie C., 1435 Bolton St., Norfolk, Va., Elementary Ed., History. Virginia Club, Usher Board. V.W.C.A.. -Alpha Kappa -Alpha Sorority. F.T..A. Lancaster, Frances M., Box 66, Farmville, Va., Afusic, History. Music Club. " irginia Club, C ollege Band, Choral Society. Lassiter, Grady, Coficld, N. C, .Machine Shop Practice. L. ssiTER, Leonard V., Rt. 2, Box 218, .Ahoskie. N. C, Business .Administration. Library Assistant. Lassiter, Roscoe L., Clofield, N. C:., .Automobile Mechanics. Y.M.C.A., Scabbard and Blade. Automobile Mechanics Club. Lee, CUarence B., Rt. 1, Box 9, Snow Hill, Ala., Electrical Engi- neering, Mathematics. Senior Band, Engineering Association. Lee, Vernetta L., 2516 CUiapel St,, Norfolk, Va., Music, History. N ' irginia CMub, Band. Legette, David, Rt. 3, Box 148, Mullins, S. C, I ' ocational Agri- culture, Science. LeGrand. Mathew T., 702 Sevier St., Greensboro, N. C, Chem- istry, Mathematics, Military Science. R.O.T.C. Officers Club, CMiemistry Society. Lennon, Elizabeth, Rt. 2, Box 161, Chadburn, N. C, Commercial Ed. T.A.B.S., Y.W.C.A., Sunday School. Lennon, Helen C., Rt. 2, Box 161, Chadburn, N. C:., Commercial Ed. Y.W.C.A., T.A.B.S. LeSueur, Savannah J., 2601 E. Market St., Greensboro, N. C, Home Economics. Lindsay, Louis .A., Rt. 1. Box 155, Wliitsctt, N. C, English, Sociology. Fortnightly CUub. Little, Robert L., 42 Doe St., Greenville, S. C.. .Applied Sociology, Military Science. Student Council. Student Legislative As- sembly, .Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Scabbard and Blade, R.O.T.C. Officers CUub. Mac Bae, Kenneth H., 1209 Wright St., Wilmington, N. C, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics. Engineering Association. 76 Mahon. Frank C, 785 Home St., Bronx 56. X. V., Physical Ed., Social Scitncr. X ' arsity Basketball, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Lettermen " s Club, Mallov. Mar - H., P. O., McCain, N. C, P iystcal Ed., Biological Science. V.W.C.A., Women Athletic . ssociation. Physical Ed. Club. Manlv. Rachel ' .. Rt. 3, Box 77, Ahoskie. N. C. Home Economics. V. V.C.. ., L ' sher Board, Agricultural Association. Marable, Man.- M., 500 Boyd St., Greensboro, N. C. Commercial Ed. Register Staff. Mayo. Charlie E.. 130 W. Freemason St.. Edenton, X. C. Social Science, Military Science. Scabbard and Blade. McCalllm. Ernest, Rt. 1. Box 13, Rowland. Xorth Carolina. .Mathematics. Military Science. Mathematics Club. Scabbard and Blade. R.O.T.C. Officers Club. McC.ALLOLM, James M., 1508 Fitch St.. Winston-Salem, X. C, Industrial Ed., Military Science. Omega Psi Phi Fratemit -, Industrial Ed. . ssociation, V.M.C.. . McDowell, Letember. Agronomy. Plant Physiology. X.F.A., V.M.C.A.. 4-H Club, . gricultural . ssociation. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. McKee. Roger. 1050 Armstrong St.. Greensboro, X. C. Business Adminstration. Militan Science. R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Letter- men ' s Club, Kappa . lpha Psi Fraternity. McKoY, Clinton L.. P. O. Box 386, Red Springs, X. C. --1 ' ' - culture. X.F.. .. Agricultural . ssociation. McL. NHORN. Willie B.. Rt. 1. Box 297, Grifton, X. C, Home Economics. Fellowship Council McLe.a.v, Jimmie W., Rt. 2, Box !61, Lillington. X. C, History, Military Science. R.O.T.C. Officers Club. McLean. Williard J., P. O. Erwin. X. C ' ., Biological Science Military Science. R.O.T.C. Officers Club. McNeill, Dorothy M., Rt. 3, Box 290, Red Springs, X. C, Social Science. History. Geographic Society, Y.W.C.A., . ipha Kappa - lpha Sorority. McPherson. Owen S., 633 Pittman .St., Waycross, Ga.. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics. Dormiton. " Council, Engineering .- ssociation. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. McIvER, James S., R.F.D. 343. Sanford. X. C, Agriculture. V.M.C.. ., 4-H Club, Agricultural . ssocialion. Meachem. James, 2601 E. Market St., Greensboro, X ' . C, Business Administration. Meadows, Helburn. P. O. Box 88. Creswell. X. C:.. Physical Ed., Military Science. X ' arsity Football. Baseball, R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Lettermen ' s Club. MiKELL, Robert A., 428 Jefferson . ve.. Anderson, S. C, . fe- chamcal Engineering, Mathematics. Engineering . ssociation. Miller, John , ., 1605 Pittsburgh . ve., Winston -Salem, X. C, Tailoring. Mitchell, Beula G.. 302 Currie St , FayetteWUe, X. C, Com- mercial Ed., Business Administration. Register Staff. Sunday School, T.A.B.S., Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority. Mitchell. Carolyn . ., Chestnut Hill Rd., Wilton, Conn., Sociology, History. International Relations Club. Mitchell. Millard, Rt. 2. Gar sburg, X. C, Mathematics, Generaf Science. Dramatics, R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Mathematics Club. Moore, Irene G., Rt. 5, Box 129, ReidsviUe, X. C, Physual Ed., Social Science. Moore. Leacha R.. Star Rt.. Box 40. Harrellsville, X. C, Com- mercial Ed. V.W.C.. ., T.A.B.S. MoRGA.N, Alfred W., 88 Park . ve.. Manasquan, X. J., Physical Ed., Military Science. Football, Baseball, Officers Club, Letter- men ' s Club. Morgan, Winford L.. 611 Spring St.. Wilson. X. C, Vocation Industrial Ed. Glee Club. Omega Psi Phi Fraternitv. Pan- Hellenic Council. Moss, Gloria T., 2601 E. Market St., Greensboro. X. C. Com- mercial Ed. Choral Society ' , Business . ssociation. Delta .Sigma Theta. Moss, Thomas, 107 Brown St., Thomasville, X. C, Business Administration. Senior Band, , ssociation of Business Student. Mlllen. Madison P.. 106 Lewis St., Roanoke Rapids. X. C. I ' ocatwnal Agriculture. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, .Agricultural Association. X.F.A. NKtirs, James T., High Point. X ' . C, .Masonry. Sunday School. .Automobile Mechanics Club. Pyramid Masonr) ' Club. Norman. Ollie B.. Box 1 " ' 2. Piseah Forest, X. C, Commercial Ed- business .Association. L ' sher Board, Y.W.C.A., Register Staff, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Olden, Simon J., 2367 E. 15th St., Brooklyn, X. V., Industrial .irts. Education and .Military Science. Track, I.E. .A. .Association Officers ' Club. P. CE, Thomas J.. Rt. 1. Box 5. Henry, ' irginia. Cahinetma!:ing. Patillo. Cx)ra .A.. 403 Hall St., Franklin. ' a.. Physical Ed., Biological Science. VV.A.A.. Physical Ed. C;lub, Fellowship Council, Who ' s Who in .American Colleges and Universities, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Y.W.C.A., Women ' s Athletic -Association. Patterson, John W, 1304 Lindsay St., Greensboro. X. C, Agriculture, Science. X.F.A., .Aericultural Association, 4-H Club. Payne, Grafton S.. 202 Dyce St.. Charlottes ille, X. C, Sociology, History. Intramural Basketball. Geographic Society. Pa -ne. Delbert S., 4914 Brown St., Philadelpha. Pa., Chemistry, Military Science. Football, Track. Officer ' s Club, Lettermen ' s Club. ' Pearson, Edith %L, Box 531. .A. and T. College, Elementary Ed., Social Science. Basketball. Softball. Soccer, French Club, Geographic Society, Cheering Squad. yjl pENDERGRAFT. Man. " M.. P. O. Box 662, Chapel Hill. X. C, Elementary Ed., Physical FJ. Future Teachers of America Y.W.C.A. Perry, Charles F., 19 Clay .Ave.. Xorwich. Clonn.. .Mechanical Engineering. Engineering .Association. Perry, Larn A., 851 Camel St.. Winston-Salem, X. C. Social Science. Physical Ed. W..A..A., P.E.M. Club. Geographic Society. Pyramid Club. Pellam, John E., Box 306. Rich Square. X. C. Agriculture Ed. Intramural Sports. .Agricultural -Association, Officers Club. Phelps. Flossie S., 216 Johnson St.. Roxboro, X. C, English, Secretarial Science. Switchboard Operator, Secreiar -, Ed. De- partment, Secretan.-, Agriculture Department, Secretary, Dean of W ' omen. Phelps, Matcha O.. 503 Bennett -St.. Greensboro, X. C, Com- mercial Ed. A Phillips, .Ann G.. 903 Dillian PL, Reidsviile, X. C, History, Social Studies. Choir. Zeta Phi Beta Pledgee. Porter, Stanley C. 5431 Westminster Ave., Philadelpha. Pa., Mathematics. .Military .Science. Football. Kappa .Alpha Psi, Scabbard and Blade. Lettermen ' s Club, Officers ' Club., Joseph M.. 1446 Corcoray St., X. W. Washington. D. C, Business Administration. Y.M.C.A., Business .Association, Sphinx Club. ( Powell. Curtis L., 1207 Dawson St., Wilmington, X. C, Industrial Arts. Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Officers ' Club. Choral Socier ' , Men ' s Glee Club, Industrial Ed. .Association. Dormiton,- Council. Price, Rosa M.. 406 2 X. Gilmerst. Greensboro. X. C, Physical Ed., English. Modern Dance Group, Physical Ed. Major and Minor Club, Women ' s Athletic .Association. Price. Walter. Rt. 1. Box 26. Littleton. X. C. Agriculture, Agri- culture Ed. .Agricultural Association. X ' .F.A., Y.NLC.A. Pl-tnam. Barney R.. 18 2 Cherr - St. .AsheviUe, X. C, Social Studies, English. Kappa Phi Kappa Debating Society, Sigma Rho Sigma Recognition Society. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Societ ' . Geographical .Society, Fortnightly Club. International Relations Club. Officers ' Club, Sphinx Club. R.aines, Joseph A., Jr., 2708 Old Lexington Rd., Winston-Salem, X. C, Business Administration. Business .Association. R.AND.ALL, Morris W.. 502 Benbow Rd., Greensboro, X. C, Vocational Industrial Education. Reed, Louis. 63 " ' 5 Park Ave.. Varren. Ohio, Physical Ed., Ele- mentary Ed. Football. Baseball. Track. Lettermen ' s Club. Reid, Robert F.. P. O. Box 321, Jefferson. S. C, Vocational .Agri- culture. X ' .F.A., Agricultural .Association. Revells, Ernest T., Rt. 2, Box 44. Selma. X. C, Agriculture. X.F..A., .Agricultural .Association, 4-H Club, Y.M.C.A. Rice. William H., Box 1952 X. Main St., Anderson, S. C, Social Science, History. Geographic Societ ' . Rice, William J., 917 E. 9th St., Winston-Salem. X. C, Social Studies, .Military Science. Spanish Club. Omega Psi Phi Fratemit ' , Y.M.C.A. Officers Club. Scabbard and Blade. RiDDiCK, Bennie B., 400 Maple St.. .Ahoskie, X. C, Vocational Agriculture, Biological Science. Y.M.C.A., Officers ' Club, Agricul- tural .Association. Rjch-ards, Earlie X., 328 Pearl St., Henderson, X. C, Business Administration, Military Science. Business Association Officers ' Club, Y.M.C.A. Richardson, Amos G.. Rt. 2. Box 18 " , Wadesboro, X. C, Agri- cultural Ed. .Agricultural Association, Y.M.C.A.. X ' .F..A. Richardson, Lester H., Rt. 1. Waxhaw. X. C, Vocational .-igri- culture. Military Science. Lampados Club. Y M.C.A., Agricultural Association X.F..A. 77 • -■ . ■- - .v »■»• Richardson, Norris C, 1735 Rice St., Hartsvillc. S. C Vocational Imluilrial Ed., Tailoring. Tailor ' s Club, Campus Sunday School. RiDDicK, Annie T., Rt. 2, Box 86, Bclvidcrc, N. C, English. Hriloiy. Cheering Squad, V. V.C.. ., Shakesperian Club. RiTTER, Melvin Mid., 447 W. Codorus St., York, Pa., .ieriiiiltiiral ErI., .Military Safme. Yearbook Staff (Editorl, .Mpha Phi . lpha Fraternitv, ' Pan-Hellenic Council, N.F.. ., .Xsricultural .As- sociation, ' Officers ' Club, Who ' s Who .Xrnone Students in . [nerican Lfniversities and C olleges ( 1050-51 -52 K RoBtRTS, C:oleman Thomas, Box 22, Ellenboro, N. C., .igruilltiiral Ell. Kappa .Mpha Psi Fraternity, . i;riciilttiral .Association. Sunday .School, Y.M.C.A., N.F.A. Robinson, Aubrey Mildred. 1635 Marion St. N. VV., Washington, D. C., Home Economics, Biological .Scicncr. Home Economics Club, .Agricultural .Association. Robinson, Evelyn, 871 F .Avenue, Hickory, N. C,, Elrmnilary E,l., Physical Ed. Y. M.C..A.,4-H Club, Usher Board, Choir. Robinson, Maurice Matthew. Rt. 1, Box 156, Lynch Station Va., .Agricultural Ed., X ' irginia C:lub. Robinson. Mildred Blue, 812 Benhow Ril , Creensboro, N. C, Elementary Ed., Physical Ed. Majorette, Choir, P.E.M. Club. Roland, Cicero .Alexander, P. O. Box 126, .Aurora, N. C., I ' o- cationat .Agriculture. Rouse, Mary Lois, Box 450 LaGrange, N. C., Home Economics. .Agricultural .Association ,Y.W.C.A., Fellowship Council. RuFFiN, Waved, Star Rt., Windsor, N. C;., Physical Ed. Basketball, Baseball, Individual Sports, Sphinx Club. RussEl.L, .Alfred Earl. P. O. Box 147. Munson. N. C:., .Agricultural Ed., .Military .Science. Kappa .Alpha Psi. .Agricultural .Association, 4-H C:lub. Pan-Hellenic Coimcil, .N.F.A.. ' .M.C.A. Sampson, Preston, 493 Cole Street, Greensboro, N. C., Conimeicial Ed. Business .Association. Sanders. Fred D., 815 East Market St., Smithfiekl. .N. C., .Agri- culture. .Agricultural Association. Sawyer, Flossie Katherine, Rt. 2, Box 114, Edenton, N. C., Home Economics. .Agricultural .Association. I ' ellowship Council. .Sunday .School. Scales, Virginia .Ann, 730 Harrison St.. Reidsville, N, C, .Music English. Band, Senior Counselor, .Alpha Kappa .Alpha Sorority. Scott, Eugene, P. O. Box. Clover, ' a.. Physical Ed., Histoiy. Intramural Softball, Y.M.C.A. Scott, Mildred .Joyce, Rt. 2, Fuquay Springs, N. C, lailoimg. Tailoring Club. SniPMAN, Roy Lee, P. O. Box 391, Forest City, N. C, Mechanical Eng. Y.M.C.A., Engineers ' Association, Scabbard and Blade Fellowship Council, Officers ' Club. Simmons. David L., 94-08 56th .Ave., Elmhurst, N. Y.. .Agicmomy. 4-H Clliib, .Agricultural .Association. N.F.. . Simmons, Margaret J., 906 Julian St., Greensboro, N. C, .Social Science, General .Science. Register Staff. Simmons, William L., 719 South Main St., Marion, S. C, .Agn- cultmal Ed., Science. Y.M.C.A., N.F.A. Sinclair. Thomas Edward. .Jr., Vocational Ed., .Military Science. N ' irginia CMub. Industrial Arts Club. R.O.T.C. Club, Track Feam. Skinner. Clarence Roosevelt, Urail-Road .Ave, Hertford, N. C, Chemistry, .Mathematics. Sphinx Club, .Alpha Phi .Alpha Fra- ternity. Slade, James Norfleet, 125 W. Carteret St., Etlenton, N. C:.. Biological Science, Chemistry. A ' .M.C.A., Simday Scliool. Student .Affiliate Clhapter of .A.C.S.. College Cliapel. Received .Alpha Phi Alpha Award for 1949-50. Slade, John Daniel. 430 Church St.. Williamslon. N. C. Vo- cational Industrial Ed., Mathematics. .Automobile Mechanics Club. Small, Rodger Lee, Rt. 4, Box 209 Windsor, N. C:.. Industrial .Arts, Military Science. Senior Band. Y.M.C.A., Track Team, Lampoda Ciub, Industrial .Arts Club, R.O.T.C. Officers ' Club. Smart. William David, 84 Peak Ave, Milford, Conn., .Mathematics, English. Intramural Sports, Kappa .Alpha Psi Fraternity, Y.M.C.A. Smith, Doiothy, 810 Thomas St., .Albemarle, N. C, Commercial Ed. Y.W.C..A., Sunday School .Association of Business Club. Smith, Harrison, 115 Speed St., Elizabeth C:ity, N. C., Indiutiial .Arts Ed., .Mechanical Drawing. Industrial .Arts Club. Smith, James Hilton, 421 Pollock St., Beaufort, N, C, I ' ocational Industrial Ed., .Military .Science. Smith. James Wesley. Box 231, Dry Fork, Va., Social Science, .Military Science. Sphinx Club, Y.M.C..A., Geographic Society, Officers ' Club. Smith, Robert Paul, A. and T. College Smith, Sara Louise, Kings Mountain, N, C., English, Social .Science. .Alpha Kappa .Alpha .Sorority, Y.W.C.A. Interracial Club, English .Association, Dramatics, Richard B. Harrison Players, Fellowship Council. Smith, N ' elma L., P. O. Box 32, Leechville, N. C, Erench, English French Club, English Major and Minor Club, Internationa. Relations Club, Y.W.C..A., .Senior Council, .Alpha Kappal -Alpha .Sorority. Smith. X ' irginia Morris. Rt. 3, Box 24, Franklin, Va., Mathematics, General .Science. Intramural Basketball, Choir. Virginia Club. Snell, Ira, Jr,, 1240 2nd St., S. E., Canton, Ohio, Social .Science, .Military .Science. Football, Lettermen ' s C:lub, R.O.T.C. Officers ' Club. ■ Southerland, .Arthur, Jr., ()01 Forker, Laurinburg, N. C, .Mechanical Engineering, .Mathematics. C)ollege Band, Officers ' Club, Engineering .Association. Spease, Jacob .A., 1343 12 Underwood -Ave., Winston-Salem, N. C)., Business .Administration. T.A.B..S. Springs, Charles W., 815 W. 25th St., Winston-Salem, N. C, Tailoring. Stephens, Cornelius S., 2604 Wharton St., Philadelphia, Pa., Phy- sical Ed., Military .Science. Varsity Football, R.O.T.C!. Officers ' Club, Lettermen ' s Club, P.E.M. Club, Who ' s Who (1950), Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Scabbard and Blade. Stringfield, Major B., Rt. 1, Willard, N. C, I ' ocational Industrial Education. ■Sutton, William, .Armour, N. C., Vocational .Agriculture, Science. N.F..A., 4-H Club, Y.M.C:..A., .Agricultural .Association. T. TE, James E., 408 N. Pugh St., Lexington, N. C, Radio, .Military .Science. ' arsity Track, R.O.T.C. Officers ' Club, Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity, Taylor, Jerry W., Rt. 2, Box 56, Pilot Mountain, N. C, In- dustrial .Arts, Military .Science. Y.M.C .A., Industrial Ed. Club, Taylor, Mary F., Waverly Va., .Sociology. English. Y.W.C.A,, N ' irginia Club. Taylor, .Shepard. Rt. 1. Gresham, .S. C, Vocational Industrial Ed. .Mechanical Ihau ' ing. Industrial Ed. .Association. Phi Beta .Sigma Fraternity. Thomas, Franklin M., Rt. 2, East Bend, N. C, .Automobile Me- chanics. Trent. Leslie W., P. O. Box 323, Parksley. Va., I ' ocational Industrial Ed., Military .Science. Virginia Club, . utomobile Mechanics Club, Industrial Arts Club. TtiRNER, Ralpli S., 427 Spooner .Ave., Plainfield, N. J., .Mathe- matics, English. Penn-Jersey Club, Engineering Club, Omega Psi Phi Frat. Vauls, Wendell R., 127 Chester .Ave., .Annapolis, Md., Tailoring, Choral Society. Vines, Cleveland, Rt. 2, Farmville, N. C, .Agricultural Ed. N.F.A., 4-H Club, Y.M.C.A., Agricultural .Association. Waddell. Peggy J., P. O. 783, Spindale, N, C, English, Mathe- matics. Clollege Ciroir, Y.W.C.A., College Ushers, Shakespearian Club, Delta .Sigma Theta .Sorority. Walker, Leasie M., 149 C St.. Lake Wales, Fla., Commercial Ed. Debating .Society, .Senior Counselor, T..A.B..S., Delta Sigma Theta .Sorority. Walker. Lula L., Box 55, Ruffin, N. C., English, History. Wallace, Evelyn O., Rt. 2, Box 231, Williamsburg, Va., Com- mercial Ed. T.A.B.S., Virginia Club, Y.W.C.A., Fellowship Council. Ward, Howard L., 1625 N. Trade St., Winston-Salem 5, N. C, I ' ocational Industrial Ed., .Automobile Mechanics. Register Staff, .Ay ' Antee .Staff, Industrial .Arts Club, .Automobile Mechanics Association. Mpha Piii .Alpha Fraterniey. Ward, Zenie J., P. O. B x 227, M ysville, N. C, Butiivss A 1- mintstration. T.A.B..S. Warren, CUne J., Box 371, Rt. 1, Belew Clreck, N. C, .Agricultural Economics. 4-H Club, .Agricultural .Association. Washington, Leroy T., 125 W. Lincoln St., Carlisle, Pa., Physical Ed., Military Science. ' arsity Football, R.O.T.C Ofticer.s ' Club, Lettermens ' Club. Watson, .Alexander, .Music. IIi loiy. Band, Rhytlim ' ets. Kappa .Alpha Psi Fraternity. Watson, Patricia L., 408 Leonard St. High, Point, N. C, English, Sociology. Dramatic C:hit , Shakespeaiian Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Watson, ' ernell, .Music, Ilistury. Band, Orchestra. Watson, William J., Box 133, State I ' caehers College, Fayetteville, N. C, Industrial .Arts. Industrial Ed. .Association, Y.M.C.A., Lampodas Club. Watts. .Ann, 446 Byrd .St., Greenwood, .S. C, Cornmerciat Ed. Register Staff, T.A.B.S., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. 78 Mi T ?M Webber, Eugene, 313 Jcnning St., Shelby, N. C, Vocaltonal In- dustrial Ed. Industrial Ed. Association, r Iasonry Club. White, Eugene, 2834 LaSallc St., New Orleans, La., Architectural Engineerings Mathematics, General Science. Engineering Association, Omega Psi Phi. Whitehurst, Nathan. 3205 McKinlcy Ave. S., Norfolk 6, Va., Tailoring. ' irginia Club, Tailoring Club, R.O.T.C. Officers ' Club, Veterans Association. Whitfield, Fred W., P. O. Box 274. Farmville, N. C, Vocalionnl AgricuUuTc, Music. Band, N.F.A.. Agricultural Association. Whitley, George, 811 Respass St., Washington, N. C., Music, History. Band. Wicks, Anthony B.. 4051 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia, Pa., Biological Science, Chewntry. Track. WiLKiNs, Raymond C, 1205 Wallace Street, Winston-Salem, N. C, Tailoring. Williams, Dorris Agnes, Box 283, Welcome, Maryland, Biological History. Williams, Dorris Agnes, Box 283, Welcome, Maryland, Biological Science, History. Y.W.C.A., Newman Club. Williams, Henry Plummer, 715 Prospect -Ave., Bronx, N. ' .j Biological Science, Chemistry. American Chemical Society. Williams, Charles Pershing, Ellenboro, N. C, Physical Education, Hnlory Intramural Basketball. Williamson, Fleming Theodore, A. and T. CloUege, Hnlory, Social Science. Wilson, James J., Box 258, Magnolia, N. C., Vocational Agriculture, Biological Science. Intramural Sports, " .M.C.A., N.F.A., Agri- cultural Association. Wilson, Seawell, C, Rt. 4, Box 65, Burlington, N. C, Cabinet- Ala king. Wilson, Willie G., Rt. 2, Lawndale, N. C, Tailoring, Military Science. R.O.T.C.. Officers Club, National Society of Scabboard and Blade, V.M.C.A. Winn, Sterling, 717 10th St. S. £., C anton, Ohio, Social Science, History. Football, Lettermen ' s Club. Wood, Pearl Celestinc, Rt. 1, Box 93, Conway, N. C)., Elementary Education, History. WooDARD, Beatrice, M., 517 N. W. 8th St., Gainesville, Florida, Physical Ed., English. Modern Dance Group, Physical Ed., Majors and Minors Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Women ' s Athletic Association, Floridian Club, WooTEN, Bryant, Rt. 1, Box 54, Macclesfield, N. C, History, Social Science. Intramural Basketball, Geographic Society, International Relations Club, Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary Society. WooTEN, Deliah Y., Star Rt., Box 12- A, Maysville, N. C, Com- mercial Ed. Miss A. and T., Fellowship Council, Student Coun- cil, Business Club, Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Senior Council. Word, Arthur B,, 407 Nowlin Street, Roxboro, N. C, Business Administration, Mili aiy Science. The Association of Business, R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity. Register Staff, AvANTEE Staff, Student Representative on the Lycem Committee for the College. Wright, Daniel M., 03 Congress St., Charleston, S. C)., Electrical Engineering, Mathematics. Engineering Association. Wright, William H., 2101 Miller .Ave, Richmond, Va.. Agri- culture, Biological Science. School Band, Scabbard and Blade, Virginia Club, Agricultural .Association. Blount, Linwood Dallas, 1106 Moreland Ave., Durham, N. C. Biological Science, History, Military Science. R.O.T.C. Officers Club, National Society of Scabbard and Blade, Geographic Society, Sigma Rho Sigma Honorary Society, International Relations Club, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. DoLPHUs, Sarah Adelaide, 2210 Celia .Ave., Charlotte, N. C, English, History. English Club Organization. DuREN, Obie W., 143 W. McCuUoch St., Greensboro, N. C.. Vocational Industrial Ed. Automotive .Association, Phi Beta Sigma. Edwards, Elnora P.. Rt. 3, Box 224, Snow Hill, N. C, Dress- maknifi. Home Ecker Club, ' .W.C)..A., . gricultural ssociation. Etheridge. Vertie M., Gen. Del.. Murfreesboro, N. C, Social Studies, History. Pep Squad, Geographic Society, Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Pan-Hellenic Council. Foster, Bobbie }.. 823 Moore St., ReidsviUe, N. C, English, History. V.W.C.A. Gadson, Rudolph, Rt. 1. Box 24, Maysville, N. C, Mathematics, General Science. Register Staff, Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity, Geographic Society. Haile, John M., P. O. Box 334, Alachua, Fla., Biological Science, Chemistry. Alpha Kappa Mu, American Chemical Society. Hammonds. James C, 1406 Marion .Ave., Hartsville. S. C, Vocational Indtistnal Ed. Business Administration Club, Y.M.C.A., Masonry Club. Kearney, Mattie B.. Rt. 2, Box 42, Macon, N. C, Di ' ssmaking. Home Eckers. Lee, Clarence B., Rt. 1, Box 9, Snow Hill, .Alabama. Electrical Engineering, Mathematics. Senior Band, Engineering Association, LiNNEY, Chauncey A., Rt. 1, Box 51, Hiddenite, N. C, Business Administration, Machine Shop Practice. Association of Business. Mills, Robert E., Rt. 3, High Point, N. C, Mathematics, History. R.O.T.C. Club, Scabbard and Blade, Y.M.C.A, Moffitt, Jacqueline Ethelda, 611 Law St., Greensboro. N. C, Physical Education, English. Modern Dance, Basketabll Team, W.A.A,, Ivy Leaf Pledge Club, Physical Education Majors and Minors CUub. Moore, Florence L., 5931 Summer St.. Philadelphia, Pa., Com- mercial Ed. Business Club, Senior Clounselor, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Usher Club, Y.W.C.A., Pan-Hellenic Council, Who ' s Who, . nde S. c Rice, William Harold, Box 1953 N. Mail .Social Science, History. Geographic Society. Slade, James N., 125 W. Carteret St., Edenton, N. C, Biological Science, Chemistry. Sunday School, College Chapel. Student . ffiliate Chapter of .American Chemistry Society. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Williams, Minnie B.. Rt. 1. Box 274. Snow Hill, N. C., Ihess- making. Home Eckers Club, Agricultural .Association, ' .W.C.A,, College Usher. Nines, Otis B., 602 ' ance St., Greenville, N. C, Business Ad- ministration, Military Science. Officers Club, Y.M.C.A., Business Club. 79 ■mm AUTDGRAPHS PRINTED AND BDUND BY EDWARDS £. BRDUDHTDN CD. RALEIGH, N. C. ritaMi kMii iyju« miJl il M»» M»MIM»ai«liaBMI j Mtt lR!iftM ' iaiteit; ■MMMi Migig»;»t ' »MK3BmiiR iMVrtittfaMJi «a aMg gaK5

Suggestions in the Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

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