Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC)

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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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NC A 4 T STATE UNIV, LIBRARY 3 0343 0191459% mmna MtMBaMMM . gsr fl ' :wi. ' ' ■ ■J■ WJ ' ' ■:■g ■! (■. " l:«rf■■a«■ Vl ! l W w., el JMla « ' ; ' tJ; jil ■«w■ . ' v tT ' Mna p■.? Tl w ' RWI . T;■■ ag l a J ■ am mt MMeai gl M, THE NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY-ONE AANTEE THE AGRICULTURAL AND TECHNICAL COLLEGE OF NORTH CAROLINA Greensboro, North Carolina itiiir ' -riiiiiiiiTii . li-;MHl ' ;HS Ol- THE STAFF ,h ll II, lih KKTT .III E ' lll ' ir (li;(»Kt;i ' : (!i;h;i;k issncinlt Ed ' tin- M liVlN S lNlii;liS Lnyuiil E ' lltiir ()i ' in:i.i DnwMNc Layout Staff ( ii:(Ht :l-: ,jAi;(;[:[ts Layout Staff William Lynch , , - , Layout Staj] H PriiNKLI liuxiinsx ilauaijtf www. V V l.AVoI T STAFl ' The 1951 Ayaiitt ' f Staff has tried to give you an Annual tiiat ynu can r hmv witli jiriile; ime that will adequately baek up ynur future boas ts of the ac- tivities, achievements, and events that took iihii ' c while yciu were here. .May it alsii ser -e tn remind you of the frieii lslii|is. Iiotli transient and lastin;;. you made here; the waiinth and liood fellowsliip you knew liere; and the livini; ami liA ' in.ii, walkini;, talking, and s(|uawkinj; du did here. It is our hope thai the education, experience, and ;dl ollici ' worlliwliilr iiievitahle results of your licing here will he nf incalculable value to ' nu in your -eai ' i-h for the liner of life. May each paiic help to remind you that you are leaving here lo live in accordance with the highest ideals, ambitions, and desires, ami to live according til the dictates of i;ood citizenship. H ' nr Kni lit Ijizzy .Saunders George Pettcy Tlicotlorc Sujufz I ' -ddie WilliaiiL-, -Toliii Bruwn Jo.-scph Lyles Puby Williams William Scurry Dorotliv Brcwton .TV A]) ISOKS ani (iicju;. ' Willui memt mil am itr i fGi T R ? ■ • U y- rf riijcn. riii .-lAi r James Beckktt. Jr. E lil»,-Ii,-Cht,j K- HknKV (llKVEN RKCISTEK : TAI-r Take line Aggie, multiply hiiii liy three thousand, add four years ol euUoge education, fun. activities and cuhure. Strain off the ac- tivities, mix with i)rinters ink. add tuns of paper and you have ynur student newspaiier. Take another Aggie, mix him witli desks, tyjiewriters, jiajicr, flash bulbs, indion ink. pictures, advertisements and. oh yes. erasers, add a few laughs, midnight nil. hours of toil, moods and a grin li ' nm ear to ear ami you ' ll have .James " Bugs " Beckett. Editor-in-Chief. His right hand man. the capable E. Henry Girven. Associate Editor and Business Man- ager, heads the list nf ardent workers. He is followed bv Arthur ' llrd, Ollie Xorman, Beu- lah Mitchell, Earn Periy. Willie Braswell, Cora Page, Ann Steele. Ophelia Downing. Lannie MacArthur. Sylvia Coleman. Henry Knight. Hanford Stafford. .lames Bridgett. Richard Moore. Marvin Sanders. .Inhn Roy- ster, Howard Ward. Richard Xnwlin, Samson Biiie. .Sanuiel Evans. .losue Auiaro. and many others. Our dependable advisors Dean War- moth T. Gibbs. Wendell M. Biyant and Mr. A. B. Lewis must be mentioned. Their sug- gestions and guidance helji to bring you the news vou made at . . and T. and elsewhere. M I;VIN .V. ANDER Art Editor Ophelu Dowmn,. Art Staff S.4MULL Evans Exchange Editor amsmmmmma Kinliu and Tck-vision Marhinr- Shop Sliur HiiiMiiing Ciiriifnlry Wrl.img I.aiimiry Eleotiicui Engineeiing Aulu Mcfliauics Calniifl Makinti ■■■■i Mam ■■What is different ire .••hall do todat : what is impossible we shall do tomorrow. " In tin.- wciild of conlu inii. four and int-judice tliese :irf -WdiYU to Livu By. Cieneral Dwiglit D. Eisenliowor sjioke and wn.te thorn during one of the AlUed ArniyV Campaigns. With hi. geniu.; for organization, lie had tlie power to ac- complish difficult tasks, to work, and he succeede.l mightily. Again he has been called upon to use his powers to hell- the nations of the world unite to end all wars and work together toward everlasting iieace. ••What is diftVrent we shall do today; what is impossible we shall do tomor- row. " Our staff, inspired by these timely words, has chosen his .luotation as the theme for this annual. We are ham ' y. therefore, to have our President, Dr, F. D. Bluford, encourage our efforts to bring you this publication. We are deeply grateful to our ad- visors, Messrs. Wendell M. Bryant and George E. Williams, for helping us com- pile our cherished memories at A. and T., for their tireless and timely help was not only an inspiration, but a lasting memoiy of the type of service our admin- istrators, faculty, and soon, we ourselves will render each day. Each face, organization, educational or social activity has surely helped us to io the difficult today, and with its expansion, A. and T, College and its ad- ministrators, faculty and students will be in a better position to " Do the im- possible tomorrow. " — The Editor. mmmm Twrmmmmm ' igm. wawKV ' im able of K ontenU Our Ailiiiinistr;tti(iii _ _ 8 Seniur __ .__ _ 13 Traclr Stmlents ___ _ _. _ 35 .liiiiidr Class - - ; 39 Sii|ihiiiiiiiii. ' Class .__._ , 40 DrilicatKiii _ _ _ , 41 1!. (I. T. C 42 Campus ( )i i;auizati iii __ 43 Auiiiuf; Our Sduvcuirs 60 Cauipus Activities _ 61 Hii- Majesty _ 63 ( ! hniiour 64 Swrrtliiaits 66 H(iuH ' i ' (iming Festivities 67 : |ioits Meuiiiiis 69 - tutl anil Ncmsenso 74 Seuiiir Roster 76 Dr. F. D. Bia-ford All h lK ;IMA DlHHAM Secretary In the Prisidenl o tki r y u c e it . Til lie ilriven tii work is oiip thing but to be inspirril tn work is Miinthcr. (iiiiik ' ii by this aihifio The Ai iicultiiral ami Trilinical Colk ' go nf Xiiifh CaroliiKi, unili ' i ' the capalik ' k ' adcrshi]) of l)r. Frrdinaiid I). Bliiforil as its president is sureessfidly meeting the iirrils nf the chaiij ini; educatiiinal [irocess throughout the nation. ' I ' hr eollege is enjoying its most extensive liilililiiii; pi ' ogi ' aiii and lielter eihieatiimal I ' aeil- ities unik ' i ' the abk guidanre nf President I ln- ford. We are aware Ihat our President ' s t ' tfnrts witli the full suppiiit of his administration, are help- ing us develop our potentialities, teaehing us to serve in oui ' best eapaeities and ]irepaiing is to meet, and deal sueeessfully with all pmlileuH that will come tn us in our future lives. LK. I) OX I ' HEXY m oLJa eanj Dean Warmoth T. Gibbs Dtan, School of Education and Science Dean J. M. M Dean, . hchnnic Ai ' t. O ' : " ::lin- IJk. William Reeh Di ' Ui Html. A( rieidturt Dt it ' Utnttitt Dr. K. a. Willums Dean, Graduate School iimwmmmssmmsm mmi Lzea iCve ' ' i;i i;,-Ai; AM) staif hkcistkar and stakf l.. l I., Ufilil N;iili:ini. ' l (■ W " rl»i,i. l ' ,ni-:ir: l)..riiili - H. Millei, Le ( (d ni ZiN-Mi s, .1 1 ' . .lohnsun .Mi , M S, WvmII Cam. W li.iii.n, Nmii.v C McChiin. liirlnr Hulil«iiil. M:i1:iIp .Ml. H _Tliiim|.Min Mr, V. H. A. ' Ciinniiii;li:i]]i— Rc-gislnn Alcxallilrr. Mrs. A. R. Ma- rv .Mi - A, .1 Mill- TRKASfRER AND STAFF L,U III r„,ht: Mrs. B. M. Ed WMrds. Miss R. Tnixl.r, Mr. E. R llo.kiii, Mi-s (; M. H.irn. Mr ll,..lLiin, ' rr. ' asiirrr; Mis: !■; Iv Cilirll nivW 1)1 ' MFA AMI T V I., II I,, ,„ l,l: Ml-, R.-. ' Ma Fl.ii allr.. Mr. Earl Clalk. Mr Wll liain H. (lamlilr, D.aii ..( Mm Mr. Eugi ' iio Maiiciu. Mr, , iilin Hiailtn ElURARY STAFF Mr. C ' liurlos C. Dean. Miss Clariss: Miss Eula Samiipls, Miss Fninics C Lri.-y Clark. Miss Alnicna MiiI.Iki.m ma I. Morrinv, Hrail Eilii ; M I ' carsall, Mr-s Mary I. Tliui DdUKlas irtcr. Mrs Miss Al- s, Tlirlni, ' MR. S. C. SMITH Assi.stoHt Stnlc Supcfiiitcnilinl oj Tm,le. V. III ' WOMEN ' . M) ST.U " F ,. 17 .. iH hl: Mis.s Mary Dozior, Ml- Myiili ' Xcsbitt. Miss Jean , S|iiiiiiii. Dian (if ' (iinon: Miss I.ii.illr Xrshill. Mrs, Katie TrenI, y lead ■V. - O ' V ' " d, " ... Dii, Ki.i: Fowmn Lnitguaijt iJt inn lini. iif Dn .1 A Colston J-:,liirahiii, Urimrllni III mmmmmm Ciii l( nil St II (f hjt 1,1 nijhf. Mrs Doiolliv Hmiifinl .1 .vs (. ' Ditltliiii, , Mrs. Thelina Colr- iiiali, Du tilififi ; Mr. Charle.? A nin.--on. C ii.sludifiii A.s.s ' l. D,rn, r,j Wo- 1)11 11. Mils. Cou- HKTT, Mrs. r;B:oR(;i, NA Witiikks. Sccirlnnj tij Pliifi tn nl Bu- rt ail and Alumni Ansocta- tiiiii. II,. al 1,1 F.llilll l, I), 1,11,-1, nil, I Dii I, . , sr.,s IiiliniLin ' Sl.ilT: Nii.M- Ki)s,0)n,i . |ii|. ' l.v. Stii- ilriil l,,,ii;,M. I ,i,l,l. Niir.-r ' I ' hriliK, W:|(I(1. ' II, Cillr v l ' livM.-i;,ii Dr. F. E. Davi.s. a l tcMAci L t JOSEPH LYLES. JR. TO THE SENIORS Graduating Seniors of the Agricultural ami Technical College. I congratulate you and wi?h you and tlios c who remain here at A. and T. the best of luck in all of your undertakings. I wish to comiiliinent the entire Ayantee Staff for their untiring work in the jiroduction of this sjilendid year book. Special credit must be given to Mr. Wendell Biyant. Mr. George Williams. Mr. .James Beckett, and Mr. Marvin Sanders. We. as graduating seniors, should be deeply grateful for the gtiidance of our president and faculty members in our preparing ourselves to meet tiie problems that face the world in its changing and conflicting crises. We believe that knowledge is the cornerstone of the temple of aspiration, and we know that what we have received from our teachers and books does not be- long to us but it is only committed to us in trust. Therefore, it is our duty t i administer it only for the good of mankind, its benefician,-. to the end that the world may become a kindlier, a happier, a better place in which to live. — Joseph Lyles Jr. Mr. L. a. Wise Senior Advisor 13 aj7p } 3 -u ' ad- Fill ' the fiivt tiiiir ill mil- li ' i ' s, |)ciiia|is wr ikiW realize the lull meaniiii; nf leaxiiii; i-nlle ' .v Sunn we will lie iareil willi prol)- leiiis ;iiiil ta U nf a leii e anil riiiiliiM ' il wniiil, a wiirM wlieie cMcli iiiii t laiiil liis nun unmiiil ami aeeciiii|ilisli hi- nwn uieal . The lllill ' e Vull |illl llltii MilllethlliL; I he Illiili- ViMl (len e I ' llilll It, The ali(i e seijiiii lia e held | Hi iiiiii.eiil | iii.-il ioiis ami lia ' e hail e |ieneiiee- that will he a--ii.-- In lliiiii in yeai ' In eiiiiie. The. e ale liiil a lew wlin ha " e taken aihaiilajie nl ' Ihe iiian ' n|i|iiii tiiiiilie- that mil ' iii l il ill inn |i|-eMiil hii ' each Imleiit. ' i ' liey have lienuii tn realize the aini nf a i-nlle ' _;r eiliieal inn. ' i ' hoe. aliiiiii; with I he ntliev iiieinlicas nl the iii ' ailualiiii; elass. Iia ' e the loilnwiiin asset thai will liel|i ii tn lai ' e the la ks aiid iihstaele- nl ' the I ' litiire, Firsl. the ml elleel iial x ' iiinr. seenial, the lirnail kiinwleih e nf hiinian natiiic, and third, the liinial, piri- liial lailliire thai will li ' ad I he wnihl evcail iially In a e ' erlastin;; peace. I MI s liH I fu l.lilll nl SlililtNl ( 1)1111, ll ■ -ST- OshOKM II U |,.snM 1,, Mil I |l W II I HM M uur, SwiiiKs, |K. (r Mi SMI 1 n ilik jr. I) 111 kl I Ml AH I 1 ll A ' 1 W W II I I l I. KSII 1 «r«r r-:5 HtK-u Aluuu James H. Alexandria Si £mnd Mabio AliNander Paul O. Alston Ptuiiiiiift Al tuii Bciuarii Al-t.jn I-afic Alston James Avcnt Blanch Aycis Juan M. Alomanv Slieliidan Allen Willie Alexau .liia Kutli Artis Alma Bacote Josf|jli Baker 15 Walter Bailey Melvin Baioha Jessie Banks Frances Barnes I. r, .11111,1 (l_ liarm.- Wllllr li: I ' lidnrk lirlillrll Ha-k.lMll,; Li)ui.s Best li,,l U.lrll A. Huzrll hiiiiii;i iiiiiL-kiiian linli.Tl ii,.,st n,;nlr Hn ElllliT lihirkini TlUll.all I ' . 1 l)ul.illi lllL ' WloU All..! I l ' .l;,rk.ll Dunilliy liruL-k Ii ui I ' .MJuiiliax k;.hv;u.l l{ 1 ' . k- (■|:il.H,i: lin.lKrS l{i l,.rl C, llicuk,- 16 Uui.i i:. iiiuuu Dorothy lir .i Mi .loiiU H. liiouii l ;iri 1;mp mi Al in Liov.l .Iani( Hovkiu Erne. ' t E. liver.-: ■laim.- iJulluL-k H ' iirv ]Srv;tiii H.ivwuu.1 C:il.lw, 1 Mil 111 ( " allioim KeUir Bvrd Cliaik ' s Cain Hazel Cameron t hall.- Ch:in.lh-r Edward Caiier En r ni Chandler Eine. t Canada Chaile: Cliapman 17 Pftir Cliapmau Robert A. Chapman f » »»; 4 ' lE k Wlll ti.ii Chllds ll;i-kin Coble Cieorge Cluivis James Cijlenian Li uuaiil Culliur L ' laicucc Cini ' ' II:ill - (_ " (in xl Liiov Cuiun ' i- (Iraligc I ox Lawtonn ' (. ' lawloril Malgarct C ' rawfunl Holanil Dalomba Maxinc Conyers llansnn l)i ' Fnd l)(l,n: t Uinr - Dirki ' ll.s James A. Da is Cliurles E. Dixou 18 ' m Eugeiu. Dixou 1 49 , Julius Dixon Wilbfit Douglas Riiiloli Doswi ' ll ' llliulll Donnelly (Jl ' hrlia Downnig Jauth- liiiwim Dorothy Dula WiIIkuh 1)11 Kuliy K. Biu tn EiTolia Dunn l-ananurl Dtlltms Phillip Dunston D.wpy DuikLlt Obie Dureen Esslf Mae Edwaids Alfie,! Ivlwai.l fiiiiiins Kilwauls Charles Eddy Herbert Edward K lilhl.ili.h Ivhvai.l- Fi.Mik l ' :r,i...v | ' .x:in- l-JM ' IClii:li-l, l)a l,l I ' Jmhili.l .lc) ci ' iMrlrll TIhoI;, Ki, .1:1111, !•:. I-asinli Essii ' Kvorsdii .lilllH-S U. V Hnv l ' ■;lll l ll:iz, ' l Klrlrln ! ' ' l lli( ' Ciiiii- I,. l ' ,.,-t.i ;ill,l I ' .nvli M;,lllr l ' n;l,, Alllilll l- ' u 20 .1 1;,- Rul v Gaftis (.icorjir (Ji ' lsii I DoiMiliv L. Gram Roscno Ciianlha I ii.irlc ( iiirtm I ' .llt.v Galli. 1.1 X.ill.alU. 1 Gaulu.l- I ' linlUM- V. (;..,,,|llllll Wiiiiiu L (iij.hugs l- ' iank I . Knlan.l Giav Josppli W. Ha.ll, Williali. 1! H. .11. man Bint ha GaniH Man-, ila M. Jux-i.liiui- Gio.n U.jioiliv Giienlct l.iilTiui) Haiiiih.m .Ijiiiie.s Hannaii Hazrl Haidv lirlinir IlaKllli;; L.nii Hanlv WatTL ' U HaiTi: .Iiilin Hualing Itlirrli H:iim.H kX Thelma E. Hint ( 1,111 llri ' H:ir,lls.ill (IrK.I.I II ' IImI.I A.l.iy ll,irv y 1m, ink Alinloli llaliiH Tri.y W, Hiiycs N ' linicv Iliin N ' allKlllIrl Ilinr ' S (■|i,Mlr,,. V. Hiik.r.Min Hiiilnliili Hiiiniint Elton Haywood JoM-pli Hi ' iuliy 22 Rena Hemphill Leon (J, Hrni Gaffoi-d Hu.Igins Xoinian Huini.liioy H:nolil C. Holt Willuiiii Haitlcv Armon Ivey Jolm Horton Buwl Jack.-ou J;i(i|iilyn Hunt Clarence Jackson M:uv Jackson George Jaggers Jr. Vontell James fl;iroM Jolmson Arislee ' . Jessup James R. Johnson Geor ' se L. Jenkins Raymond Jenkins Lena M. Johnson 23 ' llll:iui .l.,lil|.., f:illllj .1,1 CllMlIrs .l.,ll. t ' lt iiimiiii .Junes Mm 1 1- .limes . u:,l, W. .lull l-i " Ii;il(l .Junes Tlieh,,, ' , 1{ II Iv.Hv .lami ' .s KiiiiDre Il:ui ImIIiii. ' Hi, ' l..n.l .1. .Iitse|j|| KuineM;iy llrl.n l ik L. ' linl.rll Helena LalnlM ' tli 24 Harvrv M. i.usMIr I Inn- Li-e :i. .- L.L-itor C;,,,i " ,. K. L.-,. Jr. William . I. l.iwi- Cecilia Little H.niv I.iP-r.,iiili( W ilhu Lewis KmviiioiuI Little LlJO|■ Loiiilon Aai.m 1.1 William l.vl . llira I. L.vnill Cirrir r Manning J. .1,11 II .Mal.iii, I ' anna Mai I in Eai ne. ' -I ino ALilone John Martin 25 H Alra . .Ma,- iui,m.! S|iiii(ri X. Ma»ciiliur; K-iii Mi-Caskil (iiol;-! ' 1 . McClam l,.a,,v .M. ' D.iUgal Klhrl Maltrsi) M.liin Mi-Cov Rul.rn MrEhalll H " I " H 1, MrAllisicr .lames MfCiee llli.iia .1. .M,l ' ,,lln Cliallcs M,-]),,iiakl K.llia MrDunald Da ' iil Mt:Gliee Li ' ilwrll Milnlvro Hlltiii MrLallMIl Mlll.i,, Mcl.r llai..l.l M. M.l.ian Walter McLarty Henry McMickens 2« ; ' «K«iaHii««i»!xa»siA»«itu«(««i!U. M. ' N J i t igi Pfi.T MrXair Wiiham McNeil .M:ti.T-liu Miller Oshome Meieye Clinton Melton Tliomas H. Miller Mary Milligan H.-rmaud Muchell li. iiKua L. Mltrlioll Fiancc Milling CliuilfS Monroe John Monroe William Mitchell Ak- and «_r Muuiuu Edna Montgomerj ' HmIhit H Muilin- Evelyn G. Morse John E. Murphy Foster Moodv Mary Murphy 27 tx W illi:im Mill .Ir .Itip Nixon H ' liiN Xnllll.lll W ilium Niiniii.iii l-u ' " Nrwsoni ■ liciu I Xrw uine CIniiI.- Ill, K..I..1I (Jv(il - CmiIi.tiiii ' i:iti (■li;ni,- IVLikcr Cli il. I ' almcr lllul (Iw. ll l ' ;ilir l I ' arkn Dinni- l ' :iili,- :Mhlrll I ' rillxm I-ll-h.i I, I ' alL ' iMc.l.TH-k l ' :iHi.- tl y« j Fi:aui. I ' liiu 1 , ( iihi- I ' niA ' 28 WMW»9VNa(:!WnffUP WWHWi FVrH4;;l Julin Peiiv Jr. I Lucille IVUr.-un TV Tv ri„.lii:i.- l ' lK,tlv Wall.. I ' l Uturg. IViuy ■ J Liaiui_ 11 I ' lllliiau ,I,mu.- Ka«l.- Etlgar l-. Kawls tiL FiGiJ Rccdcv IlMli Hl.-l,:,Ml nn Lnui.-i ' Hicli;ilil un Willi, HI. Ki.- LiR-Uk- Ri.l,ai.U..ii I ' .I.Mi. Ii. lir;;-!,... linnnir Kiil.iick Call Riou Fred RcMick ficliua K.KH-ll Wilh.ini linli Viisiil Unrlidle Joliii Kuvster HMuanl Huu r Ahni Ruc-kcr George Russell k. I M v;iiil Rovstcr J-. U] ' hi- ' lia Saiiiuiui ' s Ada Scalus James E. Sani " illi;nii Silr Ernest Short Johnny Singletary Curtis Smith William H. Scurry Jaiucs U. Siuilli .1. II, Smith Prinee Siiillh Inez Smilh Kan.lulpli Smith 30 liobi ' it Smith V.Wiv Loon Steele Willie Smith Xo arro Stafford Waller Stephens Wilkevj on Tallev Samuel Steverson John Tavio Kathleen Spencer »- ' . . j Theodore Suarez I.uthor Taylor Aiga Swan Thomas Terrell rii. ■ !.■,■ T;ibron Lelantl Thigpen Jamos Thornton j herwood Thompson Daniel Tillman Julius Thompson James Trammell ( liinivillc ' rrujil CLuiys Tuck Lfio - Tmiij .Saiali Tiiik Hirliaiil Tin-k Pfjirlr Turner ( fT! y Kirh iMl alr ' llllTlP i. Tniv V,ul,lrll Cliarlf ' s WaJe William Vinson Esther J. Walker 1 ' , r liini; Wall Ivlwaril Wake 1 ' | 1I - Wa lilllKlnll Colonel Watson Reginalii Webb Wil-.,ii W. ' aver Charl. ' s Wrl,!,, Lillian ' ave erne Webber 32 tfsiiKiiir!p:iiimin!asfiasiitiSiii ixgi ji ' . ' im i imT m a m ltr-i S;iimiel Whitakcr Aiiduv Wluu Eddie William Mildifd White Elijali Williams Fi.,i Wilhaiu, Maithew ' illiams Jane Williams Gillis Williams George Wilson Calle Wise Rubv Williams Alfred Wilson Alfred Woods Bobby Wright George Wright alter oods James Wright 33 s m Knv WliRllI Ricliaiil Wiiuhl Arlliiii Yniins; John L. Hairston illini I, V. .I:unc Wviiili Haiulv V:ites Fl.ilwn.i.l Huwc ' ll (ill IK; lloukur I, inn D. T.ambert " illi;im H. ' inkin .Idlin H. Blinks wL ' Svlvillr Hull Calvin Day 34 k ■■■ lacLc James Bell George Blouni Willie Be Annie R. Biancli W ' enilell Bniwn C ' liaiUe Binine Henderson Brown .):iaie Busii Kiiil ' h Bi ant Freilua Bullock Ada E. Carter K. C. Cathv J C. Chambers Boran Chambers CalMii B. Chandler Earnest Coates 35 F.O. BLUFORD LIBRARY Dougias cook N.C.A T STATE UNIVERSITY GREENSBORO. NO ' 7411 riVH ' S ,1 ( ' ..ZMll .! " .■ r D.inirls lidukci ' l " . Driver Wilhiiiii l)..UKlass ( ' li;iil.s hr I ' aillllH M Knorli J.iMies Faiiiit ' i .r vv ;illr, (lilii Klzcna H;ilt i:ui;ri„ C, Eiul Havwuutl Talfonl .I.imiMn .l..l,ii llu l. Lriicl Ilickson Hal i Jaik uii I.,.- .Ia,k-..ll Hill. Ill J.iT Jovnr I )a ' nl Juni ' S Cahin l.allian 36 t- ' ii ' iit ' xmsswaitaaia rx ' xvai ' invsrsia m. ' if ■J ' wyar (lliiin Lc ' C Quiuton C Luyan Hple-n Mavland J ' llin Manow .NalliMlu.l MrAllhlu Mai lull MiXiil Ellsi.l..- M.irhfll Anliui Mllrlirii Dm. ilia Millrr Jolin C. Morris Juhn Page Tliomas Patterson LtlOV Xlrholsoll Kicliaid Pearson Jiiliii Pluiiuner Juanita Phillips Charles Poole Clifford Rav 37 3 J. H. Rivers Lonnif Sniitli Peai] S. Koljbins Williain Spcnce (.M ' oi ' iie Konkwell I ' Ved ' J ' liompson Samuol Sranlling Williain T]iini)|isun Kenneth Taylor I ' ltix Wat. son .Samuel Trozler Homer Tmiberlake .itilmnie Wirkev HrivMioml A ' ilkins liuuker Wright Ernest Woolen Frnzicr Wright Amos M ' illiams Agnes Yourse 38 . ff- i tmg: w w m».g| Q funca v.: .irXIOR CLASS OFFICKIiS Melvin M. Hittei! -Treasurer Ann Watts Secretary Jerry Crawford _ , Secretary-To-Treasnrer Oloria Acer — Assistant Secretary Wendell P. Jokes President Verxestixe Joyxer -- Student Council Representative 39 BH m J opk r loynores CLASS OKFICKHS OF THK SOPHOMuKE CLASS ' m s ' niriil WlI.I.IAM (JuKifiS I (■( I ' lisidrnI Chaklks Lktt Si rn Inri MaKY V. JONKS Assishinl SifirfnriJ . . , DoROTIiV GnilWIN Trtiisunr l,HKKT Hl ' NTKR Sliifh lif Cauricil Ht i i .st itt- niivvs LiNwooD Smith ami Hobiokt Ham. Class H l i ' ( St iitnlivc to Siiiilitit Aiil Fitiiil . . . Eastkh PCatmon ' fiiisliicss MtiiKii i r Jamks Briugktt Chdiilain Wii.UK BaI.LARD Si ri caiit-iil-Arms .... William Daniels SOPHOMOHK e ' LASS OFFK ' KR J. 7l oOx jllcdtlc Ifii i.MK l r I. T. Calvin Ray Freeman We, the Student Boily ol ' THE ACRRTLTrRAL AND TEiHXRAL COLLEGE DF NORTH CAROLINA 01 (jreensbiim, North Carnlina with Pnifnund r;ratitu(le and Sincere Respect Deihcate Tliis page til the Memory tif First Lif.utexaxt Calvin Rav Freeman AYho graduated fmin A. and T. CnUege in the summer of 1949. He received his appointment in the reguhir army as Second Lieutenant on January . 1950. Lt. Freeman was kiUeil m actual combat in Korea. AVe pay tribute to Lt. Freeman for his work, both as a student and as an officer of tlie .Armv of the I ' nited States. ■»» ■ R.QTC , v w x ' Left to right: Vairea S. Harris. Business Man- ager; Oteltia Hayes. Representatiie ; LinwooJ J. Smith, Treasurer: Sampson Buie, Jr.. Vice- Presidenl : James E. Br ant, Prejident : Vemes- tioe Joyner, Secretary ' ; Robert Hall. Reporter: Hi-ni H%man. Representaiivr. Standing. Left to Right: James Beckett. John H. Fudge, Roy Kimble, Treasurer; John Blanks. HenfaD Brown. . . , S and, Left to Right: Theola Farmer, Jennie Smith, Selma Roach, Les- sie Walker. Polly Washington. Henrj Hyman. President: Beatrice Woodard. Edna Montgom- ■■ry, Sarah Turk. Secretary; Verlie Etheridge. pm . ' idnd X(i cnllege cam]uis wciuid be coiii|ilete witlumt its organizations. Thev are as essential to the well being of the student as goml meals. ])hysical exercise, excellent educational facilities, and good instructurs. They lielji to develop the student ' s (lualities nf leadership and cn-operatinn. Tliey provide liini with friends, entertaimnent. culture, and social education as a means for c instruc- tively em]iloying his leisure time. They act as safety valves of lient-u|) enmtions. that (itherwise might l e detrimental to the student ' s mental ami physical health. ELTA SDGdA ' y ' OSVA MISS DKI.TA Makv .Iacksun Deltas, .W. . (».;, , ,, n, lil: Mary .I;ickson. ' ,-, ,.i, , ; Cora Patillo. firm: nnl-al-Arms: and Conlia !■ ' . .IiihiiMin ,S. r, i . , , ' h, nijhf. Ullic H. Xorman, RicnnJiiiii Sirnlnnj. Xiiia .((ilin nn. V i,-i -I ' ll siili III and ;. ( i n Pldliia; ' i ' rnrsimc Joyner, Vlmiihiiii ; Patiic-ia Walscm, Sliiilrv M()(jic. ( ' infi ' sjiiniiiiHii S ciilanr, Lp.- sii- ' alkor, Ro.ssio C ' un ' ' . Jx ' i jitii ' lii ' ; Louise Hari] . Xi ' lHr V. Urown, Dorolliy Miller. Maiion Harrell. Frances Haiiies, an. I Alease Mas- se nhiirK. Til iisiiii i Fiiiiil mir: Eilna M. Kennedy, Bealriee Woodard and Ann Riilli Watts. Prrsiiletit .... Virr Pifsiilnil . Trifistirrr .... !{• riiriliiiii Si ciilinif Mid IMedce Clnl. of Delta Simi.a Tliela l ' M{. MIl) fLi 11 olFlCIUtS LciiisK Davis Cum siiuiiilinii Sim Inn . Effie Elliot Ikene Choiilniu Hattie Barnes 1 ' k(:(;v Waudell Si I .-nl-Arins . . . Jcsephine Little DonOTHY D.WIS h ' riliiiii f MiLDRED MiLLETT ' Wg.iVMt WW BWFigHflgaP T ' gMtf ' ' iW? aim!£L } -;3 Alpha niADDA A U? SIA Alma Bacoto, Melvine Callioiiii. Hirlina ( ' ain|ilirll, ConslaniT Clino, Mary Murphy, WilliUc Ga in. Arrnlliia Tatuni, Geneva Bland, Mary Mill can, Frances Millings, EfRc Flowers, Margie Holmes, Katye Ciraliam. Sarah Smith, (jueenie Lambeth, Dorothy Carter, Dorothy MeXeil, Martena liroadnax. ' elma S])eisht. Xnl Siiiiini: Edna Montgomfa-y. E.ssic Everson, Ethel .lohnson. .Joy Riihardscm Xena Faiilcon, Gwendolyn Guy, Velma Smith, Pearl Harrel, Fannie p ord, Helena Lambeth, LaForcst Br ' ant, Maglene Lee, Rub.v Garfield. PLEDGE CLl H . 1 l ' ,. IliKRS " IVY I,EAF " Margaret Tiisvan, Mary Ryme, Corene Hamilliin, (iwendolyn Page, Geraldine Leggett, Mary Malloy, Ann Brooks, Ernestine t ' umber, Mildred Taylor. Helen Lennon, Lanie MeCarty. Louise Dobb. 45 PODPcao Omega Psi Phi Fraternity LU In uiihi . Saul Dula, Hi)ljbiL ' Auder- (111. John . .Sprlhiian, iiin!ol|)lt Jones, William A. Kul.iiiMiii, Halph Tiimrr. .I.ilin II Urnuii— As- ' i Dran ,,f Plodscrs. I)a lii ' iaiTn. liiilicTi Cali.T-:. Calvin H.Tll..n, I ' alwanl Wake, AllVrd Wood-, .laiui W ' oui ' ll. .) aiio Slaffurd, Enian- ucl l(.c ( , W ' dliani P. Silcr— 8gt.-al- Aiiii.-. William Bhikcly, Eddie L. Wil- liaiii , (icorgc Cliuvis — Keeper of Her- oids and Seal, Janie.s A. Coleman, Wen- ilill .lone.-i — Ass ' t. Keeper of Records and , " ral. Cornelius Stejihens, James Fisher — Ivee|ier of Finance. ' illie Smith, Ber- n.iiil R. Alston, Eugene White, Alberi li Hiinler, Kelsir Byrd, Winford Moi- mn, IJwen S. McPherson, John H. Fudge. ( ' harles Hicker.son, James B o y k i n s, Ch.irlis Jones. Warren S. Harris, Roberl M. Kijiiliell, Theodore P. Suarez, Basi- leiis. Xiit shown: Sherwood Thomi.)son — iirpnrler. Alexamh-r Monroe — Dean of Pledgees. I )MEC1A SWEETHE. KT " Ressik Cuiiui Lampodas Pledge Club of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Fitxl iiiir. Icjl to light: Hanford StatYoid — President, Ernest Howell — Reporter, iicrnnrl row Clarence Morri.son, Sandy McDonald — Parliamentarian, James Wright, Anthony Enbanks Leonard ]iarnes. Thufl roir: .Vldon Carson — Treasurer. J William J Rice, Foinih .i....Mi ,.i.-,v.. — .,,..-.. ,. . Bethea, James Bridgett, James McCullem— Secretary, Julian Plummii. C.-irlos Suarez. Roger Small, ImhcsI E Ros , W.ade D DegialTem.-idt , 46 if«ij , -. Alpha pcao AaPfflA Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity MiddU: Mrlvm Rittcr- Dean of Pledges, Howanl Kennedy. Charles Chandler. First nnc: George Gcigcr, Rudolph Gadsden, Stanley Cook — President. Arthur Word — Treasurer, Julius Dixon, Rosroe Edmonds, E. Heni-y Girven, Elijah Williams. Roy Faust, Charles Griffin, Frank Lambeth, Wilbert Doiigla;-, Rudoljih Sripio. Robert Little, Jerry Crawford— Reporter. Sccotid TOW. Lonnie Cook, Charles Wall. William Xeill. James Beckett. Samuel Evans, John Royster — Corresjionding Secretary, Osborne Hart. Howard Ward, Charles Brooks, Calvin Jones, Cecil Goins, Dan Killins, Milton Johnson, Wilbert Lanier, Benjamin Allen. James Bryant, Joe Fenell. V Fannie Ford ' ' Miss Beta Epsilon " Belford V. Lawson General Presidejit, Alpha Phi Alpha Frateiiiity Sphinx Pledge Club of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity First mw. AII frt A kcw. Alfred Moigan Tieasuier. Second roiv: Richard Nowlin. Charles Dees — Reporter. Amos Kelly, John Farrish — Semetary. Third row: James Tate — Vice Pres- ident, Robert Evans, Clarence Coles, Robert Smith — President. Rudolph Artis, Rudolph Hinnant. 47 ■•TA PraO ILADDDA -.«, " v. Annual Thanksgiving Project ' . ' " " « ' ' ■■ ' " I ' Ki ' l and ■l,,llnii,i 1,1 till mcdy " ' i-ilic Etlicridgo ' ■( ntlo Wooten Sclrn.-t Roaolio .Icniiii ' Sinitli «« r lETA PCaO DS ' u ' A te ,,u ' o -. ' I ' -- ,,VcoV X.. ..,v - Archonian Club Left to right Man- P. Watson Dorothy Valentino Gladys Coar Edna McDonald Alene Davis ■■MISS ZF.TA PHI BETA m Kappa ACLPCOA PSD Members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Hi-niy Hyniau — Polemarcli, William Lewis — ' iff Polcniarch. Gfnrge Jenkins — Keeper of Exelu-fiuer. Charles Webljer — Keeper of Rec- ords, William E. Donnelly — .Strategus, Ru- dolph Doswell— Lt. Htrategus. Madison Mul- lens — Historian. Stanley Porter — Reporter. Asa ■ ntlerson, Eil v;ii(i Carter. Eugene Ch.-indler. Coble. Harviy Lassiter. John Perry. Jesse Jackson. Charles Eddy. Elton Morris. Bernard Mitchell. Luther Marks. Coleman Roberts, . lfrcd Russell. Johnny 8ea ' . .James Hams, William Smart. .4k — . ( KAPPA ' S SWEETHEART Mis.s Shihlkv Moohk Scroller Club Lrfl til nijhl, brick row: Arthur Southerland, Fletcher Cira es, Willie Jone . Bernis Williams. Roger McKce. Middle row: Robert Oyerby. James .Mien. John Goss. Leteubei- MeDowell. j!rmT S Fryc. Fml row: Albert, Baker. Linwood Smith, Beinie Legelle. ..Mexander A ' ;itson, Hi ' John Freeman, .Taiiw ■Flvr■(n. I ■} Sr ' PDOD DS ' U ' A SlCMA Sigma Probates L ll In ,i ihl : furli I ' nwell, Harold Hoil , EIIh H;iII, Sainiirl Wliiltoy, Cluiilrs Joljn H. Baiiirr, E an ]in) vn. Crescent Club Members Lcjt to riijltl : Mi-lviu Chester, Chrisioiiher Kcnloi ' k— Secretary, Shepard Taylor, Rufiis Kelly, Ralph Edward, Charles Tyson, Royal Eherett, I ' lumer Alston, Hugo McLawin — President Not shou ' ji: Herbert Nelson — Treasuier, Lenwood Blount, William D, Alston, Richard D. Killens. J? ' A. MAOUZ P6ic aui- Aurora Club .MK.MHKKS i.)V AKHilHA CIJll Harlj;ii ' ;i Jai ' foun— PitmiIciiI , I ' Vain ' cs Andrew.- . — Vice Piesidenl. iMildri ' d .laikson — Tirasuipr, Marvelene Tillniaii — Sccirlan-. I ' liiiline Rob- inson — Assistant SiTiclan-, Rosa Ci:l - — Rp- poi-lcr, Bctilah Mililn l, liclly Thaiiirs. Avery IVI. Gieena. lottic Masscnlniis;, Vivian Pasco. I ' lic Alii ' diti Pleiliic ( ' IiiIj oi Siiiiiia Caiiiiua Itlm Smoiity was uif aiiizi ' d nil this ctiiiiiius tor the first tiiiif in tiic history (if the sclimil, OctoluM ' 21, 1950 liy Mrs. . iiiii(.. AV. Xcvillr, l!c ' j,iiiiial Dircctdr of tlir Ninth Kastcrn Synttikts, iif Hiicky Mount, N. C. Eleven wnnien studenf ss turiii the jileilge chili, Harliara Jackson, Pres.; Frances Andrews, Vicc-Pres.; Marvalene Tillman. Scct ' y.; Panlinc Roliin.son, Asst. Sec; Mildrcil .rackscin, Treas.; Rosa (iay. Hcimrter; Bciilali .Mitchell, 15ctty Thames. Lottie Massenbnry. A ' irvian I ' asco and , veiy Mac (!recn. The chartered eleven wmked afdimusly tn ciihiriic the i;riiii|i and sive it prestige on the eaminis. Since October 21, ]9. ' )0 the |iledi;e chili litis increased to 2Z liy the tiddilmn of Norma Quails, Margaret .hick.son, Mildrefl Ross, Launar Taylor, Ruin- Wil- liamson. Rosetta Bonds, Dorothy Odoin, Ethel Williams, Gwendolyn .Judge. . rimenta Pugh. Ella . riington ;ind Mtm- Booth. 52 Beta Kappa Chi Honorary Fraternity Lcjl lu lii hl. j,n„l IV, ic: Ar- thur Foy, Daw.sun Dursc. h ' uir roil ' : Robert Mullins. Henry Hyman. Geographic Society 5+ Debating Society Lijt to right: Gi--orgc- Kitzgi-mld, Margaret Cleveland. Alvin Rucker. Leslie Mae Walker, Samp.son Buie. Standing: Frank Emory, Barney Put- man. Finwood Smith. Mr.- , Pearl G. Bradley. Katye Graham. Jame.- Mar- row, Mary Taylor. Bernief- Hinf ham. Scabbard Blade a Kapa Mu Honorary Society Charles MeDonald. Mary Murphy. Aithur Foy. Dawson Dee e. Stcimd row. left to right : Daniel Tillman. Ethel Johnson, Rex Elli?;. Leonard H. Jones. 55 College Ushers Lettermen Club Physical Education Majors and Minors Auto Mechanics Club y.M.C.A. Charter Members 57 m Baptist Student Union Fellowship Council Rev. Cleo M. McCoy College Minister Young Men ' s Christian Association The Association of Business Students if " - nmif iQ CJa i )a r ' oa2re 7 id Tli( ' nieinlK ' i ' s ,,f the lii ' a.luatiiiii; class IkiI.I iiiaiiy fonii iiicin(ii-irs liccaus,. ,if tin- rIT.irl ].ut I011I1 l,y |H-cial t;r iu|is an. I snnctics t(i hriiij; tn lli, ' cainpn tin ' iay 1 ( ' | ill .Miltuial fiitoi-tuinimait. Till ' iticlianl B. Harrison Players lia , ' .l.uic excellent work nialci ' llir .■apahli ' lircM-ti,,n ,,f Prof. Roy H. |}i,,wn an.l Mr. Sylvrstoi ' Clark. Thr lour majnr pro.lui ' tion.- i)rosonteil (lurini; our siay w.av ■■ Vutlicrnii; Hoiiilits, " ■i),T|i Aro the Hoots, " " The Little Fo.xes " ami " .lane I ' yre. " The Mnilern Dance (Iroup. (lire.te.l hy Mrs. Sherma Housii Lowe, presented several ilanci ' recitals. Periiaps the nioM outstauilinR were " Dance Television " anil " Dance (ices to thi ' Carnival, " The music remlereii hy oui ' ( ' lioral Society which was ilirecle.l hy I ' lm ' . C. A. Urailhuaite ami Prof. IL.wanl ' X . Pearsall shall Ion- he renienihiavil. The an- nu:il ( ' hristnias Concerls j reatly iinpresseil us. (hir hearts swell with jiriile when we think of our njusical a.u.m ' enations on llu- campus. The Kinlity piece coiiceii Hand and the one hundred and five l iece Marching Band have brou.nlit us state ,anil national recofiuition under the ili- rectiun of Prof, Walter F, Carlson, Cur nwn Pdiythin Vets i ave us plenty of iidod dance liiusie to niiike for niaiiy pleasant evenin,iis. We couldn ' t end this acknnwlcdi;enient of the cultural inlluences in our lives at A, and T. without payini; trihute to the Art Department. Prof. H, Clinton Taxlor .and his co-workers, .Mr. Ceoine A ' illiains and Miss Rosemary Lewi.s, ha -e hrounht us annual art contests and exhihitions, iucludin,i; the yeaiiv lra -elintj; exhibitions of reproiluctions of the wairks of the did masters, , ll these, and other influences, ha ' i ' done much to insure ihal we li ' a -i ' here cultui ' ed as well as eductited. CO College Band R.O.T.C. Banquet College Choral Society i m ■ ■ " n " 1 M| M L i ( w ™rl Ja ' 1 r- ' " -I ' u ' y - ' i fi JH f ; ■BHi E - -1- Mr. Howard T. Pearsail j College Choir Director ollegians Richard B. Harrison Players Modern Dance Group 62 L55. . n 1950-51 XIXA JOHXSOX Mixs .1. .t T. Selected by iinpiilar vote because lie jinsse.-ses the finest qualitie.s iit winuan- hoiid, " Her Majesty. " Miss Xina .Inliiisdii, is lionmeil, respected, ami loved by all uf Aggiedoiii. It is beyond our teeble imwer to aderiuatcly express the high esteem in which we hold her, the pride we have in her. and the joy we know in serving her. She so jjerfcctly rcjn-esents our most glorious Alma Mater. Our gracious queen is a ehcmistiy major and hails from Beaufort, X . C. She is a member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority and was twice listed in " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. " Long Live The Queen ! ! ! r Gi izmou t CaJjn WitcUi XKW YORK. XKW V(_)RK % ( lara jolmSon GREENSBora). X. c. Opketia WjattLvS HALEKiH, N. C. 65 IBM SurectAcoAtb.... Mm Jcfferiex ■MISS I ' EM " X V r Mail Delores Shaw " QUEEN OF 4-H CLUB " Miinoii l)iiiin -MISS Cl -ED " ) ' riiiiiie Wooten ■■MISS .irxioR CLASS ' f ( ' nthi ' finr II iihlianl " VETEliA XS ' SWEETHEART " Ihlin MrWilliams ' ■MISS HUTC " bmecom ng The greatest li()iiR-cnniin ; in tlie liistdiy of A. and T. College started with a boom on Thursday, October 25th. and histed for tln-ee wonderful days. Signs and ]iosters were put up. bonfires were buiU. fjueens were crowned, floats were made, old friends met. dances were held, and yarns were sjiun. The signs and jio-sters warned the bears of Morgan State that the champion- ship minded Aggies would literally tear them ajiart. The " Bears. " however not easily frightened gave a pretty good account of themselves before a])proxi- mately 25.000 spectators in holding tlie Aggies to a scoreless tie. The Aggies made their warning look good by winning tlie conference diadem although a victory over the Bears was denied. A. and T. got enough suppoii from the student body. Alumni, and friends to make the week end the most ala one ever seen at this institution. There were numerous affairs on the caiupus such as the Alumni dance, the Aluiuni barbecue supper and the portraying of the " Aggie Spirit. " Among our many visitors were the heavyweight champion Ezzard Charles and Dr. Martin .Jenkins, President of Morgan State College. 8l 67 . ' A f.imot id CIA A. r@OTMLIL €1 The students, alumni, friends, and well-wisliers of tlie cullcgc can be justly proud of the war uur athletic teams perfoniied during the past year. They have perf irmed in the most sportsmanlike ways and have bounced to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that they can fall and rise again. Coach Bill Bell and his cohorts must be complimented for the excellent work thev have done in liftins our athletic powers from the position of the tootstool to the most envied position in the conference. It has been a long hard task but even the most cynical must admit that athletically speaking A. and 1. had arrived. The football team proved itself bv scooping the CTA. championship. The baseball team won the same distinction. The basketball team showed signs ol coming into its own bv winning a CTAA tournament berth for the hrst time. The track and boxing teams have enjoyed reasonable success for quite a te years. Two athletic contests during the past year took on special significance for loval Xg- ' le rooters. A record Homecoming Day crowd of 25.000 saw the Aggies battle the highlv regarded Morgan Bears to a scoreless tie. A fitting climax to a alcriou- vear ' m sports came however on Thanksgiving Day when the Ag_gies took the measure of the high flying Eagles of N. C. College by the score ot 2o-13 to claim the CIAA football championship for the first time in twenty-seven years. 69 ' Sa. iii . - ' K ' W e FOOTHAI.L I IMWI) FOOTBALL RECORD Donald tjuarlcs No. 10, Louis Reed 11, Ber- nard Groiimes 12, Guy Mills 13, Ira Snell 14, SterUng Winn 15, Alfred Morgan 16, Robert Smith 17, David Kitheart 18, Colonel Watson 10, Clarence Hatten 20, Robert Park Smith 21, ■lack (iibsiiu 22. (Cornelius Stephens 23, George Funderburke 24, ,James Wall 25, James Fisher 26. Walter Hunter Jr. 27, James Carter 28, Jesse Jackscm 29, Cleveland Wright 30. Leroy Washington 31, Benny Duncan 32. Helburn Meadows 33, Williams James 34, Leroy Tyler 35. William Blakcly 36. Joseph Smith 37, Spen- cer Gweynn 38. Cravane Givcns 39. Sherwood Tli(iraps(in 40. William R. Jackson 41. MiHon Johnson 42, Carl Smith 43, Ottis Williams 44, Jiihn Monroe 45, Francis Wilson 46, Charles Lett 47. Richard Valentine 48. Alfred Farrar 50, Ar- thur Statmn 51. Abe Williams 52. Boyd Jackson .53. Stanl ey Porter 54. Henry .loseph 55, ' ' illiam Mitchell 56. William Boyers 57. James Smith 58. Henrv Gathers 59, Samuel Glover 60, George Fitzgerafd 61. William Bush 62, Jimmie Wil- liams 63. Clarence Smith 64, William Hunter 65, John Morris 66, Leroy Carter 67, George John- son 68, Charles Nesbitt 70. FOOTBALL FOOTBALL ACTION SHOT ..-« jf sfc, HKH (U)|) TH0MP?:iON AII-A ufiican -. ..,- y M ' lLLiAM ' Red ' Jacksox AU-Attwricfin William JJui.-i,- AII Amt " n ' nn} Sliiiwou.l Tliuiiiii .iu Diii.l Kiilii:iii Kill], ml ' :ili-iuirie Cnlum-I Watso GRADUATING SENIORS Bov.l .Tf,rk-i:n BASKETBALL SQUAD 1 1 150- 1951 Lrjl In Itii lil: Gfoigo Thomas, I);i iil Himllo, Haysvooti Minis, and Khun Ha_ ' vood. . . . Srcnml row: .lames A ' illi, ' inis, Jolni M orris, Lon- nv M. CI. tin. v. Mi.l.llrion. Walker. , . . TInnI r ni-: H. Walk.i-. Osborne Mi-lcye, .1. Flowias. Franc-is Gieen, Kranli Malion, and Waddles, . . . nl siiinni: Henry .losepli and -lames Kolimson. J)adxooikj Ifianidcujicrdaii d a dock 0(044? Thanh Ttej L qdti ior pixw, . . STUFF Tlow ihaii Jimht, . . WslliJUUJt ' lhjU.,. 9 oaW fot the, JaJULandAho cfhit... datUuj chu4 . . . rrumcu itmuj ' toj ' ' ft 5 m. a, ffwp j ' i iaJU TncufOep HONSENSE Wotldi cAoffssfV- Ciimi irdMuwrn ' JDorvt -Stoma m . JhoAft a I AjdjfSiodbyo . £ Ik)6 j£ abt , b bt J emor f o6L 06 Let ' Mathematics, Pa.; A|.|.lir,l ainfT. X. C; Aaron. Helen Gladys, Route I, Box 175, Hamlet. X. C; See. .Sei., Y. V. C. A. Simiiay School, We.sleyan Club, Alexander, Mabel Beatrice, Warrenton. X. C; Com, Ed., Tlie As.sociation of Busincs. ; .Students. Alemany, Juan M.. Box 22, Guayama. P.R.; Agriculture. Aiexaniier, James Henry. 214 V. Corbm 8t., Concord. X. C; Music, Band, Manager, A. A- T. Collegians. Allen. Lona .Slierdean, Route 1, Box 219. Blanche. X. C; Com. ¥a ., V. W. C. A.. The A.ssociation ol Business Students, Assistant Secretary. Alston, Bernard Ross, 1208 Seventh St., E. Bradenton, Fla.; Busi. Adm., Amega Psi Phi p ' lateinitv, Flondtan Club. Alston. Paul Odell. Box 22.5, Sil.r City ' X. C; Biological Sci.. International Relationship Club, Geographic So- ciety, Future Teachers of America. Alston, Plummer, Littleton, X. C; Vocational Ind. Ed.. Y. M. C. A.. Ind. Ed. Society. Cre.scent Club. Alston. Thomas Isaac, Warrenton, X. C, Box 164; Voc. Intiustrial Education, Iniluslnal Ya . Assoc, Masonarv Club. Archibald. U. X. Jr., Clayton. X. C: . giononiy, N. F. A., Xatural Sci. Society, Solum Ceres Club, F. T. A., Agri. Assoc, 4-H Club, Y. M. C. A. Bajjtist Student I ' nion. Artls, Ruth Louise, Fremont, X. C; Soc ' . Sci., Y. W. C. A., Avent, James Edward. Route 2. Box 2U1. Enfield. X. C; Agriculture Education. X. V. A.. Agri. Assoc. Ayner. Blanche Elizabeth. H r Beaty Fort Rd.. Charlotte, X. C; Comm. Ed. Bai ' ote. . lma Leona. Home Ec. Society Hill. .S. C; Pres- ident. Home Eckers Club. . nti Basileiis Alj.ha Kappa Aljiha .Sororit.v, Sect. F. T. A., Chairman. Program Committee, Junior-Senior Counselor. Bailev. Walter Thomas, Clinton, .S. C; R. 0. T. C. Baker. Joseph C. 5545 Race. Philadeljihia. Soc. Football. Track. Banks, John Hubert. Routi ' 1. Box 125. G: Voc Ind. Ed., Auto. Mechanics Barnes, Fiances Mane, Route 2, Smithfield, X. C; Home El-., Home Ekers Club, F. T. A., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Barnes, Leonaril E, Jr., Wilson. X. C.; Bio. Sc. Band. Lampoilas Club, Cadet Capt, C(J. T. IJ. T. C. Baskeiville, Da id Jr., Vocational Industrial Education. Beckett, James Oakley, 2ti Morningside . ve.. X. Y., X. Y.; Bus. Adm., Sophist Honor .Su -iet ' , Jr. Varsity Basket- ball, T. A. B. S., A Phi A Fraternitv. R. " O. T. C. Olficers ' Club, R. O. T. C. Basketball Team. Y. M. C. A.. Int. Relations Club. p:dilor of The Heyislir, Scabbard and Blade Mil. Sc. Society. Editor of Tlu Aydiiltr. Bennett, Fre lerick H., 245 X. Elm St., Williamston, X. C.; Phv. Ell., P.E.M. Club, tieograi.hic Society, Int. Relations Club, Y.M.C.A., Omega Psi Phi. Berry, Lonzia J., 21S S. East St., Lee.sbiirg, Fla.; Arts, Omega Psi Phi Fraternitv, Ind. Ed. Assn. Best, Robert L., 211 E. Xeill St., Goldsboio, X. C; Med. Best. Louis Jr.. Route 1. Box Ii2. Keransville. X. C. Arts. Best, Lloyd D., 202 Virgil St.. Whitesvill Phi Beta Sigma Fraternitv Athletic Blackmore, Albert P., Route 1, Box 112, History. Blackmore, Emma L.. Route 2. c o I. Son, Tarboro, X. C; Home Ec, Home Eckers Club, Blackmore, Elmer R., Route 1, Box 112, War.saw, X. C; Social Studies, Dramatic Club. A.ssistant Business Manager Cieographic Societ.y. Spanish Club. Boomer. Charles . . Aho.skie. X. C; Phv.sical Education, Boxing Team, Y.M.C.A. Boone. Thurman Claude. Sedalia. X. C; Agriculture. Boykin. James G.. Route 1. Box 111, Turkey, X. C.; Bio- logical Sci., Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Branch. Annie Ruth, Route 1, Box DO. Liimberton Tailoring. Tailoring Club. (Trade), Brewton, Dorothy M., 15 Hamilton SI Fine Arts, Arts Circle. Bridgers, Clarence Allen, 1408 E. Xash St., Wil, Voc Ind. Ed. Broadnax, Irvin .Vnlhony, Box 234, Seaboard, ricullure. Varsity Baseball team. Brock, Dorothy Mae, Box 114, Panlego, . C; Home Economics, Home Eckers Club, F.T.. ., . gri. . s.soc.. Baiitist Student Union. Brown. Dora Blowe. Box 33, Courtland, Va.; Ho Y we A,, X.E.A, Ind. Pie- Ind. X. C:, Director. Warsaw, X. C; T. Lawrence tt X " . Asheville. X. C; X. C; X. C: Ag- [onip ssoc. Ec, Hu Iiuiu lrial Stuff. Al- Brown, Evan. Claiktoii, N. C; Bus. Addi.. Plii H -ta .Sigma Fraternity. Brown, Jolin H.. 1412 Samuel St., Cliarlotte. X. C; Labor and Imiustnal Relations, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity International Ki-latiun Club. Veteran Organization. Brown, Dorothy Mac, Bolivia, N. C; Home Keonomics, F.T.A., Home Eckers Club. Bryant. Henry Hugli. Trenton. N. C; Agnciillurc, X.F.A.. Agri. Assoc. Bryant, James E., Whitakers, N. C; Agru-ultuial Ed.. N.F.A., Agn. A.ssoe.. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternitv, Pres. student Council, ROTC Officers Club. Y.M.C.A., Solum Ceries Club. Bullock, James Anderson. 2122 Byrd St., Greensboro. N.C.; Busi. Adm. Cain, Charles Ervin. l. ' ilt bamimg Ave. i ' mn.sgrove. New Jersey; Chemistry. Biu. Sciences. Band, Student Af- filiate of American Chemical Society. Calhoun. Mdvine Ouetta. ytiO So. Julian St.. Norfolk, Va.; Elementary Ed.. Alpha Kappa Aljiha Fiatnmty. ' ii- ginian Club. Cameron. Hazel Murrelle. 953 E. Washington St., Green.s- boro. N. C; Commercial Education, Choral Society. Business Club. Canada, Ernest K.. Rich Square. N. ( ' .; Phy ical Educa- tion, History, liascball team. Carter. Edward B., m.i York St., S, C Adm., Baseball, Y.iM.C.A. Chandler. Charles Allen. Clarksville, ' irgmia ; Arts, Richard B. Harrison Players. Registci liha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Chandler. Eugene C.. Route 3, Box S4. Edenton. N. C.; Biological Sciences. Military Science. K.O.T.C.. baii team. Future Teachers Assn., Y.M.C.A., B.S.U., R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Kappa Alpha Psi Fiat. Chapman, Charles George, 421 Bennett St., Greensboro. N.C.; Bio. Sciences, Chemistry. Inlernatmnal Club. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. Chavis, George William. 33lj Salisbury SI., Wade.sboro, N. C; Business Adm.. Military Scienci-, (Jmega Psi Fiat., R.O.T.C. Officers Club, Business Assn. Childs, Winston, 910 Grace St., Wilmington, N. C; Bio. Sc., Chemistry, American Chemical Society. Coble, Haskm F., Athens. Ala.; Industrial Voc. Ed., Kappa Alpha Psi Fiat. Coleman, James Arthur, Spartanburg. S. C; Omega Psi Phi Fiat., French Club, Veterans Association, loreign Relations Club. Collier, Leonard Oni ' itilban. 530 Burkley St., Orangeburg. S. C; Business Adm.. tJeographic Society. Connor. Leroy. P. O. Box 11, Hookerton. N. C.; Mathe- matics, General Sc, Phi Beta Sigma Frat., Future Teachers of America, Math. Club. Conwell, Harry Lenn. Rich Square, N. C; Social Studies. Corey, Clarence David, Route 1, Box 149, Winterville, N. C; Vocational Industrial Education. Cox, Orange, 911 Chestnut St., Kin»;ton, N. C.; Music, Education, Choral Society. Band, Kappa Alpha Psi. Conyers, Maxine, LouLsburg, N. C; Home Economies, Baptist Student I ' nion, Agriculture As.sociation. Crawford, Lawrence. Green.sboro, N. C; Commercial Ed.. Business Assn. Crawford. Marguerite. 08 Columbus A ' e., Tuckahoe 7. N. Y.; Physical Ed., Social Science, Women ' s Athletic Association, Physical P2d. Club, Y.W.C.A.. Geographi- cal Society. Dae. Calvin C, Rt. 1, Mebane, N. C; Mat hematic ture Teachers of America. Davis, James Jonathan. 1010 North St., Beaufort, Voc. Ind. Ed,, Sunday School, Suj ' t. Debnani. Fred Perc-y, Route 2, Box 111, Raleigh, N. Voc. Agn., N.F.. ., Agricultural Association. Dawson C, 10 Meadowl)rook Si.. Pomona, N. Chemistry. Alpha Kai pa Mu Honor Society, Jour- nalist. Beta Kappa Chi Honorary Scientihc Society. American Chemical So -ie1y, Vice-President Club. Dixion, Eugene D., 425 Chatham St., Fayei trville. Agriculture. Phi Beta Sigma, Reporler. Dixion, Julius C., Route I. Box 1, Pee Dee, X. C, tional Agriculture, . li.ha Phi Alpiia Fraternity, R.O. T.C. Officers Club, N.F.A., Agricultural A.s, ocialion. Dixion, Charles E., 420 W. 3rd St., Greevillr. N. C. Business . dministiatiuu. Business A sociation. Donnelly. William Eugene, 914 Belmont . ve.. Yoimgs- town. Ohio, Bio. Sci., Kappa Aljiha Psi Fnilernity. Dean of Pledgees, Pan Hellenic Council. Douglas, Wilbert. Chadbourn, N. C; Pre-M ' d. . l|iha Phi Alpha Fraternity. The -American Chemical Society. S, Fu- C; C; C; Sphinx N. C; ; Voca- 7fi J enlor Ko ier — L ontinued Downing. Ophelia, Star Route. Box 19. Harrell ville. X. C; Fine Ai ' t. Art Circle. Treasure. V.W.C-. . Dowtin. Lindv. P.O. Box 2S5. Littleton. X. C. ; Voc. Imi. Ed.. Y.M.C.A.. Ma. oniT Club. R.O.T.C. Officer? Club. Ducket t. Dewey Maceo Jr.. 502 S. Trade .St., Rock Hill. .S. C: Bio. Sci. Dula. Dorothy. Route 6. Box 653. Lenoir. X. C; Home Economic . Future Teachers of . raerica. Home Eckers Club. Duncan. William Thomas. P. O. Box 933, Hamlet, X, C: . uto Mech., . iito Mech. Club. Dalomba. Fred Roland. Danville. Va.; Engli.«h. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Societ,v. Dean of Pledgees, Debating , " ociet_v, Dunn. Ecolia . sbui " v-. Route 3, Box 46, Zebulon, X. C; Agri. Ed.. R.O.T.C. Officers Club, V.M.C.A.. .■Sphinx Club. Dunston. Phillip. Route 3. Box 3I-A. Loui..=burg. X. C; Bus. Adm.. Y.M.C.A.. Bus. . Duren. Ruby King. 41T McGirth .St.. Greensboro, X. C; English, Richard B. Harrrson Players, Treasurer, Zeta Phi Beta Sororitv. Reporter, V.W.C.A. Duren, Wardell Obie. 143 W. M Cullock .St.. Greensboro. X. C: Auto Mech., Pin Beta Sigma, Auto Mechanic .Association, Eadely. Charles L.. 606 King St., Bennettsville, S. C; Bio. Sci., Kappa . lpha Psi Fraternity, Edwards, Griffin Arthur, 1009 Douglas X i.. Greenville. X " . C; Archetectural Eng.. Engineering .Association. Edwards. Rudolph Valentine. Box 238. Jackson. X. C; Math. Y.M.C.A.. Vet. . ssn. Edwards. Essie Mae. 411 Jackson .St.. Badin. X. C; Com. Ed. Edwards. Alfred H.. Box 19Sa. Onancock. Va.; Elec. V.u- gineering. Engineering Assn. Edwards. Herbert G.. 502 . ' troarch . ve.. Goldsboro. X. C; Ind. . rts. Ind. -Arts Emory. Frank Edward, Rt. 1. Box 316. Clayton. X. C, Voc. . gri-. Debating .Societ.v. Pres.. . gri. . .ssn.. X.F..A. England. Lindbergh Da id. 115 Ervin . ve., Xewton, X, C.: .Soc. Sc. Y.M.C.- .. Lampodos Club. Geographical So- ciety, Creative Dance Group. Evans, .Samuel, 60S Council St., Fayetteville, X. C; Music. French Club. International Relations Club, . lplia Phi . lpha Fraternity. E ans. Ta,vlor Robert. lUl King .St., Louisburg, X. C. Ind. Arts. Everette. Joyce Gertrude, Box 92, Harrellsville, X. C.: Soc. Sc. Y.M.C.A.. Baptist Student I ' nion. Everson, Esksie Louise, P. O. Box 103, Homeville, Va.; Home Economics, . lplia Kappa .Alpha . ' orority, .A.sst. Dean of Pledgees. Baptist Student Union. Junior and Senior Coun.selor, Vice-Pres., Agri. . ssn. English. Erie. 1025 Forest St.. Charlotte, X. C: Elementary Education. P.E.M. Club. Exum. Eurmal DuBois. SS6 Johnson . ve.. Xorfolk, Va,; Bio. .Sc. Y.M.C- .. Geographical Societ.v, Treasurer. Faison. James Edward. 525 X. Main St.. Rocky Mount, X. C Music. Band, Pres. Farmer. Beatrice Theola, Rt. 6. Box 215. Fayetteville. X. C; .Soc. Sci., Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Treaurer. Pan Hellenic Council. Faust. Rov Malcolum. 902 21st St.. Washington. D. C; In.i. Ed.. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Ind. Ed. As.«o. Fisher, James Randall, 133 Adams St., Steelton, Pa., Bus. Adm.. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. R.O.T.C, Officers Club, Fletcher, Hazel Lee, Box 124, George, X, C; English. F.T.. .. Baptist .Student I ' nion, English .Association, Fortnightly Club. Flythe. Marion L.. P. O. Box 291. Conway, X. C; Pliy. Ed. Forbes. Mattie Leigh. .504 .Sheppard St., Greenville, X, C; Phv. Ed., P.E.M. Club, French Club, W.A.A. Ford. Richard Gilbert. 1109 Market Ave.. Farell, Pa.; Bio. Sci. Foster. Lee Carrie, Spindale, X. C; Phv. Ed.. W. Phy. Ed. Club. Vice-Pres. of Phy. Ed. Club. Fowler, Walter Edward, 6 Crolon St.. Ossining X Y • Ind. Ed. Foy. .Arthur Lewis. 1401 E. Market .St.. Greensboro. X. C; Chemistry. .American Chemical Society. Student -Af- filiate Cha] ' ter. Beta Kappa Chi Honorary- Societv. .Alpha Kap|ia Mu Honorarj- Society. Fudge. John Jr., General Delivery, Perry, Ga.; oe. Ed.. Omega Psi Phi Fratemitv. Tailoring Club, Pres. GaAson. Rudolph. Route I. Box 19. Mavsville, X. C; Math., -Alpha Phi .Alpha Fraternity. Garfield, Foster Rubye, Goldsboro, X, C.; Com. Ed., -Alpha Kappa -Alpha Sorority. Garris, Bertha. Green-sboro. X. C: Soc. .Sci.. Geographical Society. Y.W.C.A. Gardner, Xathaniel Rhodes, 424 Young .St., Thomasville. Ga.; Com. Ind. Ed. Garett. Eugene Xorman. 2601 E. Market .St.. Greensboro. X. C. Plumbing. Gattis. Virginia Ruby. 909 Rawhut St., Burlington. X. C; Elementary Education, Choral .Society. Geiger. George Garey. La Roache -Ave., .Savannah. Ga.; Bus. -Adm.. Bus. ,Asso.. -Alpha Phi -Alpha Fratemitv. R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Giddings. Vernon Lee. 19 Bay St.. Montclair, X " . J.; Phy. Ed., Y.M.C-A., Omega Psi Phi Fratemit.y, Interna- tional Relations Club, .American -Association of Health and Physical Education. Goodruni, Thomas Emanuel, 456 Griffin .St., X. W.. -Atlanta, Ga.; Bus. -Adm.. Sphinx Club. Goodson. Marcella .Mae. Route 2, Box 40, Robbins, X. C; English, English -As o., Geographical .Society. Graves, Frank Harold. 227 Dunham .St.. Greensboro. X. C; Bus. Adm.. Bus. As«o. Grav. Lee Roland. Rt. 2, Box 2S, Hemingway, S. C.; -Agri. " Ed., X.F_A. Griffin. Charles Rick, twl X. Lincoln Ct., Jacksonville, Fla.; Bus. -Adm.. .Alpha Phi -Alpha Fraternity, Bus, -Assn., Y ' ,M.C-A., Vet. -Assn. Greenlea. Dorothy Evelyn, X. C. ; Com. Ed., Bus. .As.=n. Green. Josephine, Rt. 1, Box 116, Jackson, X. C: Home Economics. Grantham. Roscoe. 503 Griffin St.. Goldsboro, X. C; Mechanical Engineering, Engineering -Association, Sec. Gafford. E. Hudgms, Box 2S9. Greensboro. X. C; -Administration, Business Club. Hairston, John L.. Pine Hall. X. C: Electrical Engineer- ing. Engineering Society. Future Teachers of -America. Hamilton. Luffboro Glynover, 429 Calhoun St., Thomas- ville, Georgia, Vocational Industrial Ed. Hardeman, Frank M., 2S5 Seele St., Xew Biaunfels. Texas. Industrial .Arts. Xewman Club. Harding. Harding Earl. Greenville. X. C; -Agriculture. X.FA.. -Agricultural -Assn. Harding. John Frank. 605 Vance St.. Greenville, X. C; -Agriculture. X.F.-A.. -Agricultural -Assn. Hardison. Clarence L.. .Sneada Ferry. X- C; .Social .Science. Hardy. Leon Heindon. Palatka. Fla.. Ind. .Arts. Hardv. Hazel, Greensboro, X, C,; Social Studies French Club, Hargatt, Queen. 9261 Lincoln St„ Greensboro, X. C; Bio. Sc. English. Harrel. Marion E., 2601 E. Market St.. .Apt. 8B. Greens- boro. X. C; Social Studies, English. Delta .Sigma Theta Sorority, Harrell. Xancy E. 2601 E. Market St.. Greensboro. X. C; Social .Sciences. English, Basketball. Ping Pong Read- ing. Dancing. Fortnightly Club. Harris. Warren Stanley. Ed. i- Sc, Math., Omega Psi Phi Fratemit,v, .Asst. Dean of Pledgees, Business Mgr. of Student Council. Business Mgr. of Virginia Club, Treas.. R.O.T.C. Officers Club. Hart. Thelma E.. Suffolk. Va.; Elem. Ed.. French. Dramatic Club. Harvey. .Addie Mae. Danville. Va.; Physical Ed. Hermbv. Joseph K.. Jacksonville, X. C. ; Business -Ad- ministration. Hayes, Troy L., 527 XeUon St., AVake Forest, X, C; Electrical Engineering. Math.. E. E. .Association. Havwood. Elton C. X ' ew Orleans. La.; Ed. .Sc., Physical ' Ed., Basketball, P.E.M. Club, Scrolled Club. Hemphill. Rena Mae. 112 Hill St.. Gaffnev, S. C: Social .Sciences. English. FT A.. Y.W.CA.. B-S.r. Henry, Leon Othell. 719 Broadway, Metropolis, III.; -Archi- tectual Engineering. Mil. .Sc, Math.. E. E. -Assn.. Y.M.C.-A., Veterans -Assn. Hickerson. Charles W.. Ronda, X. C; Ed. i Sc. Chemis- try. Omega Psi Phi Fratemitv, Xatural Science Club, Officers Club. Hines. Xathaniel L.. P. 0. Box 144. Bladcsboro. X. C; Comm. Ed., -As. n. Students, President. Hinnant, Rudolph Vandora. Route 33, Box 209, Kenly, X. C; Ed. A Sc, Math., Business .Admin.. Sphinx Club. Math. Club. Holt. Harold C. O., Sali ' burg, X. C; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Ini-.. Officei Club. Hooker. Girrie. .Sanford X. C. Gen. Deliverj-; Masonry, Masonry Club. Horton. John J.. 1005 Day St., Morehead City. X. C: Vocational Industrial Ed. .Auto Mechanics. Military Science, Y. M. C. A.. Omega Psi Phi Frat. 77 Senior iKoiter — Continued Hann;ili, James M,. Gen. Del.. Sedalui, X. C; Pliysical EtI., lilu. Se., Cieugrapliieal .Suelcty. Hunt. Jaecjiielvn V .. Bo. 513. ISalt ille, A ' a.; Cumin, Ed., Va. Club, ' Modern Dance Group. T. A. B. 8. Humpln-ey. Norman Leo, P. O. Box ti41. Elizabolliluwn. N. C ' .; Musie. History. Band. Hyman, Henry, Jamaira. N, V.; Arehileetual Euguioering, Pan Hellenir Council. Pre. ' ., Kappa Alpha P,si Frat., Poleniarch. Beta Kappa Chi .Scientific society, Student Council Member. Ivey. Aimon D.. Roanoke Ka|udr-. . . C; Agriculture. N. F. A.. Agri. Assn. Jackson, Boyd, 221) Graham Chapel Hill, X. C; Pliy. Ed. Jack.son, Mary Virginia, yui Hampton St., Laurens, S. C; Bus. Adm., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, President, Bus. Club. Jaggeis, Henry George Jr., P. O. Box ijU ' J Dallas, X. C; Music, Music Club. James. Sontell G vendal, -n. 222(1 W ' aslnngion St W . C. A. Columbia. W. A. A. Greensboro, X. C; Dean of J ' ledgees. Moultrie, Ga.; His- 296, Norlina, N. C. Hist. A Future Teacher; Xewark .S. X. J.; X. C; Bus. Adm., O. T. C. Officers ' S. C: Phy. Ed., P. E. Club, V. Jarman, Tall ' ord Lee, Route 1, Box 122, Jacksonville, N. C; C. I. Masonry. Jackson, Clarence, 519 Bennett St., Sociology, Phi Beta .Sigma Fiat. Jenkins. Raymond Erwin. 21U 4tli St.. toiy, Y. M. C. A. Jenkins. George Lee. Route 2. Box Agriculture. Kappa Ali lia Psi Fraternity. Xew Farmers of America. President. Agricultural Ussociation. Johnson. Lena Mae. Route 1. Box 75. Gable, S. C; Ele. Education, V. V. C. A.. Geogiai)hy Society. Johnson, Millou Rus.sell. 15U7 Blair Ave.. Cincinnati. Ohio; Phy. Ed.. Aliiha I ' l.i Alj.ha Fialeinity. Johnson. Xina Mae. 2117 Queen St., Beaufort, X. C; Chem- istry. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Vice Pres. Math. Club. Student Affiliate Chapter American Chemical Soc.. Sec. Junior and .Senior Counselor Club. President. Johnson. James Russell. 11)97 Piekard. Greensboro. X. C. ; Eng. Dramatic Club. Dance Group. Geogra|)liical Soc. Johnson. Harold, Pomona, X. C.; of America. Johnson, William R., Hi; Badge Radio. Jones. CaUin L., Box 215, Mocksville, Aljiha Phi Aljiha Fiat.. Treasurer. Jones, AUerata, Spring Hope. X. C; R. Club. V. M. C. A.. Geographii- Soc. Jones. Clarence Porter, 2104 Marshall , ve., Xewport News, Va.; Animal Husbandry. ' iiginia Club. Agri. A.ssn. Jones. Charlie McCleancy, Route 2. Box 163, Enfield, N. C; Com. Ed., Y. M. C. A.. Secretary. Business Club. Jones. Clement ' .. 11 Wallace Road. Fragirione. S. C; Voc. Ind. Ed. Jones. Murris Jo.seph, S26 W. Ocklawalia Ave.. Orala. Fla.; Bus. .Vdm., Bus, .-Vssn., Lanipodas Club. Flondi;in Club. Jones. Herndon Leonard. Hendei iin ille, . . C.; l ' ' ine Arts, Y ' . M. C. . ., Art Circle, . lpha Kappa Mil Honorary Society, President. Jones, Rii ' hard, P. O. Box 2,SI. W uitmi. X. J one.s, Welister Xoah. Gieemille, . . Kellev, Roswalden O S.. 141 Beech. Ind. Voc. Ed. Kibler. Thehlia Lul slier. i ll7 Putman Y.; Bio. Sc. Killins. Dan, 20S W. Madison, Ocala, Fla.; Pliv. Ed., Alpha Phi Alj.ha Fiat., Floridian Club, Ph.vsical Ed- ucation Club. Kilgore, James H.. Greenville. S. C: Le Cercle Francais. Kimble, Eilward Roy, Lilllrlnn. . . Beta Sigma Frai.; I ' aii Hellenic Council. X. F. A.. Solum Ceres C ' lub. Kilhcaii. D.avid M., 70 Gaslonia, X. C. Dramatic Club. C; Bus. Adm. ( ' .; Bio. Sc. leensboro, . . C. ; Brooklyn, X. Fr. m-li, Y. M. C. A., ( ' .; Agriculture, Phi French Ho 111. B. ' aula ill X. C. ' .I.lwell SI Y. P. A., Charlotte, N. C; Business Assn. Kornegay. .losepli. Roule Social Science. Knighl. Hi ' urv Jr.. 312 X, Bus. Ailm,. Y. M. C. , Laiubeili, Frank T.. 1901 Third St., Durham, N. C; Bus. .Vdm.. . lplia Phi . lplia Fralernity, Business Lambeth. Helena Carney. 410 Beech St.. Greensboro, N. C; Com. Ed., . li lia Kappa Alpha, Pres.. Bus, Assn. Lambirt. Lina D.. 1435 Biillon. Niirfulk. Va.; F lemenlary Ed.. Y. W. C. A., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Lanier, Arnold Wilbeii, Leesburg. Fla,; Music, . lpha Phi Alpha Frat. I.arsha, William Marion, 200 Raleigh St., Greensboro, N. C; History. Student Council, ice Pres., Pres. of 14tli .Senate of .V, C. .Student Legislativi ' Assembly, Inter- national Relation Club. Lassiter, Harvey G.. 1301 Madison, Baltimore 17, Md.; Electrical E " ng., Kappa Alpha Psi Frat. Lassiter, Wade N., Wilson, N. C.; Agriculture, Y ' . M. C, A., N. F. A. Leak, Eccles. L., Box 2(r2. Ansonville, N. C.; Agric. N.F.A.. Agriculture Association. Lee. Dons Odella. P. 0. Box S7. Woodville. X. C; English, English Assn.. Y. W. C. A.. Geugiapliical .Soc. Lee. George R. Jr.. P. 0. Box 355 Pittsboro. N. C; Math-, Mathematical Club. International Relation Club. Lewis. Willie James, 212 Parker St., Leesburg, Fla.; Bio. Sc. Lij.scomb, Henry, P. O. Box 7. Clover, ' a.; Bio. .Sc. Y. M. c. a: Little, Haywood Raymond Jr., 5001 Bladstone . ve., Cleve- land 4, Ohio; Ind. Arts. Little. Cecilia E., 199 Franklin St.. Addor. N. C; Com. Ed. London. Major Jr., 122 N. Dudley .St.. Greensboro. X. C; M.ath. Logan. Qumion C. Route 1. Box 74. Laki- Lure. X. C; Masonry. Lucas. Aaron Lee. Spring Lake, N. C; Agr. Ed., N. F. A., Agn. Assn.. Y ' . M. C. A. Lyles, Joseph Jr., 206 E. Valley St., Spartanburg. S. C; Bio. Sci., French Club. Lynch, Lee .Mfred. Forest City, X. C; Fine Art Circle, Y. M. C. A. Malone. H, John, Huiite 1. Box 249, La Cro.sse, Va.; Com. Ed.. Bus. .M.ilone. Ernestine E.. 115 X. Luther St.. Ciieeusboro, N. C.; English. Manning, G ge. S24 King St., Green.sboro, N. C; Voc. Agn., Y. M. C. A., N. F. A.. Agn. Assn. Marrow. Jolm H., 750 2(ith St.. Xewport Xews. -d. Auto Mech., Auto Meeh. Club. iigmia Club, R. O. T. C. Officers ' Club. M.-irtin. John Wesly. 61.S Wood St., Wilmington, X. C; General Science, American Chemical Soc. Martin. Reen Fannie. Roule 1, Box 24S. McLeansville, N. C; Agr. Ma.ssenberg. . lease. Route 2, Box 31, Stony Creek, Va.; Home Economics, Home Eckers Club, Future Teach- ers of America, Historian, Senior Coun.selor Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Treasurer. Massenberg, X. .Spencer, Route 2. Box 246. Louisburg, N. C; Bus. Adm.. Business Club. V. M. C. A.. Crescent Club. Mattison. Ethel Elizabeth. 222 Danii4 St . Andei.son. S. C; Com. Ed.. Pyramid Club. McAllister, Robert L. Jr., 1309 Tiemoni Street, Boston 20, Mass.; Voc. Agr.. Y. M. C. X.. Solium, X. F. A.. Agr. A.ssn. McCaskill, Samuel Esau, Camlor, X. C; Voc. Agri., Phi Beta .Sigma, Agn. Assn. MrClain. George Edgar, 2(;ill K. Market, Greensboro, N. C; History. F. T. A., Pres. .McElrath. William Ruben. Roule 2. Box 200. Greenville, S. C; Agriculture. N. F. A. .Mit ' oy. Mrlvin Thomas. 1419 Floys Si.. Lvnclibuig Va.: Phy. Ed., P. E. M., Va, Club. ' McGee, G. David. Roule 2, Box 57S, Oxford. N. C • Voc. Ind. Ed., Voc. Ind. Club. McLaur.n, Clarence Hugo, Route 1, Box .SO A, Fayette- ville, N. C.; Agr., N. F. A., Agri. Assn. McLean. Milton. Routi ' 2. Box 106, Lillmglon, X. C; Agn. Ed.. X. F. A., Agri. A.ssn. McCullum, Gloria Jean, Abington, Va.; Com, Ed. Mi-Donalil. Ruth Edna, 706 Logan St., Greensboro, N. C; I ' lementarv Ed., Arclionian Club. .Vb Donald. Charles J.. 2694 E. Lake St., Tamjia. Fla.; Chemistry. .Mpha Kaiipa Mu. Pres.. Beta Kappa Chi. .McDougal. Leroy Jr.. Box 373. Roland. N. C; Agri., X. F. A.. Agri. Assn. Mi ' IntTie. Ledell Stevenson. Route 2, Box 166. Rocky Point. X ' . C; Voc. Agn.. Agri. Assn.. Y. .M. C. A. McLarty. Walter Leroy Jr.. 590 Burke St.. Monroe. X. C; Voc. Ind. Ed.. F. T. . .. Masonry Club. International Relations Club. McLean. ClilTnrd H.irol.l. Box .■)6. Carthage. X C; Ind. Arts., Ind. Ed. McMickens, Henry, 1174 Grothe St., Jacksonville, Fla.; Applied .Sociology. Y. M. C. A.. Sphinx Club. McXair. Peter Jerry, Route 1, Box ,364, Plymouth. N. C; Agri. 78 ■S enlor iKostei — K ontlniAed McNeil. William Kenneth, 508 S. Geo. St., Gold.sboio. X. C; Elertrical Eng-, Elec. Ensineering Assn. McWilliams, Helen, Route .S, Box 1.57, Enfield, X, C; Com. Ed., Y, W, C. A., Fellowship Conned, Bu.s. As?n.. Vsher Board. Melton, C. Clinton, Route 3, Box (i ' a. Alsoskie. X, C; Agri.. X. F. A.. Asri. Assn.. R. O. T. C. Offieeis ' Cluh. Meteve. O.shourne. 2903 24th Ave., Tampa, Fla.; Phv. Ed. Melvni, C. BaiclilT, Elizabeth City, N. C; English. Miller, Drualla. Route 2, Box 207, Whiteville, N. C; Tailoring. Milligan, Ellen Mary, Route 3. Box 119, Charleston, S. C; Histoiy, Alplia Kappa Alpha Sorority, Y. V, C. A.. Baptist Student Union. Milling. Frances Ethel, 123 Mitehell St.. Greensboro, X. C; Com. Ed., Alpha Kajipa .-Vlpha Sorority, Modern Danee Group, Mitchell, Bernard Metehell, 704 ( ' uiuberland St.. Greens- boro. X. C-. History, Kappa . lpha V Frat. Mitehell, Herman Rudolph, Route 2, Box 20, " ), Clayton, X. C; Agri., X. F. A., Agri. Assn.. . " oluiii Cerces. Mitchell, William Theodore, 001 Parker, Goldsboro, N, C: Agri., Agri. Assn. Moody. Fester, Box 191. Maxton, X. C; Bu.s. Adm.. Bus. Assn.. Vet. Assn. Monroe. Alexander. .512 S. 13th St., Morehead City, X. C: Voc. Ind. Ed., Omega Psi Phi Frat. Monroe. John R., 2S Cleveland .Ave., Mniristown. X. J.; Bus. Adm. Monroe. Charles Henry, Box 49, Route 2, Wilmington, X. C; Mechanic Engr., Engr. Montgomery. Edna Beatrice. 310f ' 2 Lookout St., Chatta- nooga, Tenn.; French, . lpha Kappa Alpha .Sorority, Y. W, C, A,, La Circle Francais. Morse, Evelyn Grace, Route 1, South Hill, Va.; Elemen- tary Ed.. Baptist Student I ' nion. Y. ' - C. A., A ' irginia Club, 4-H Club. Murphy, Earl .lohn, 417 X. Davis St.. Kui.slnn. X. C; Mech. Arts. Murphy, Mary Dolores. 307 Second St, N, W„ Moultrie, Ga.; Phy. Ed.. W. A. A., Y. W, C, A.. Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Societ.y. Sec. Alpha Kappa . liiha Sorority, Parliamentarian, P. E. M. Neeley, Jo.seph Jr., Columbia, S, C; Eng. Physics. Neill, William D„ Route 1, Box 74. Council, X. ( ' .: Voc. Agri., Agri. As,sn., N ' . F. A, Newsome, Myrtle Lucy, Route 3, Box 229, Williamston, X. C: Agri., Y. W. C. A., F. T. A. Ximmons, H. William, Route 2, Box 77, (.)lar, S. ( ' .; Agri., Alpha Phi Alpha Frat., Agri. A.ssn. Xixon, Willis Joe, Xichols. Fla.; Bio. Sci., Geographic Soc, Floridian Club, Norman, Henry E., Box .306, Cre.swell. X, C; Bus. Adm.. Bus. . .ssn., Vet. Assn., Y, M, C. A., Tailoring Club. Oliver. Charles, 50.5 Jacob St., Thomasville. X, C; Bus. .Adm.. Bu.s. Assn. (Jverby. Robert Lee. 912 Douglas St.. Green.sboro, X. C: Ind. Ed. Owens, Ray Victor, 124 Broad St.. Columbia. S. C; Agri.. X. F. A.. Agri. A.ssn. Palmer, Charles Rufus Jr„ Kerncrsville, N, C; Soc. Sci. Parks. Frederick. 90S E. Pine St.. Gold.sboro. X. C: Pre- Dental. Chemistry Club. Parker. Charles McCvae, Route 3, Box 105, Sii.iw Hill N. C; Bio. Sci.. Phi Beta Sigma Frat., Pan-Hillmic Council, R, 0. T. C. Officers ' Club. Baplisl Student L nion. Y. M. C. K.. Science Club. International Re- lations Club. Parks, Dennie E„ S.34 Austin St.. Green.sboro. X. C: Ind. Arts. Pate, Elisha Leonard, ,508 E, Park Ave,, Sa annah Ga Bus. Adm., Y. M. C. A.. Business Club. Pearson. Waddell. 459 W. Hampton Ave.. Spartanburg, S. C: Ind. Arts,, Ind,, Ed, Assn., Y. M. C. A., Vet. Assn. Perry. John Jr.. 237 Shrew.sburg Ave.. Red Bank. X. J.: Bio. Sci.. Kappa . lpha Psi Frat. Perry. Roy Carter. 735 Home St.. Bronx, Xew York- Bio Sci,. Y. M. C. A., Fellowship Council, R. O. T. C. Ofiicers Club. Sphinx Club, Bennett-A. i- T. Social Committee. Pettcy, George Grant, Roaring River, X. C. ; Bus Adm T. A. B. S., Sphinx Club, Year Book StalT. Price, Walter Hubert, 729 West St.. Erwin, X, C ■ Agri X, F, A., Sphinx Club. Agri. Assn.. Y. M. C. A. Priestly, Thomas Richard. 2390 S. Galvez St.. Xew Orleans La.: Phy. Ed.. P. E. M.. Varsity Club, Pre., Catholic Club. Pulley, Herbert Allen, Spring Hope, X. C; Agri., X. F. A.. -Agri- .Assn. Richardson. Ir -ing Roose ' elt. 317 Child. Leesburg. Fla.; Phy. Ed.. Geographical Soc, Physical Education Club. Rawdes, Edgar Thomas. Route 1. Box 696. Suffolk. Va. ; Agri. Rawles. James E., 1302 Lindsay St.. Greensboro, X. C; . gri.. X. F. A., . gri. A.ssn.. Solum Cerces. Rea es. Maxwell James Jr.. US Regan St.. Greensboro, X. C; Phv. Ed.. Omega Psi Phi Frat.. Florida Club, P. E. M. Club. Rice. William Blakely. 1221 Gray Ave.. Winston-Salem, X. C.; Phy. Ed.. V. M. C. A., Felloxvship Council, Ph -. Ed. Club. Xatural .Science Soc. Richardson. TaiciIIc. 1841 Kentui-ky . ' e.. Winston-.Salem, N. C; Com. Ed.. Bus. Assn. ' Richardson, Louise, 1S41 Kentucky . ve., Winston-.Salem, X. C; Home Economics. Home Eckers Club. Riddick. Bennie B.. 400 Maple St.. Ahoskie. X. C. Voc. . gii-. Y. M. C. A., Agri. Riddick. Fred T., P. O. Box 202, Winfall, X. C: Voc. Agri. Rigsbee, Blanche, 312 E. St.. Durham, N. C; English. Riou. Dalzall Carl. 1,363 X " . W. 64th St., Miami, Fla.; Bio. .Sci., English . s,sn. Roache, Rcgema .Selma, 509 Fig .St.. Cape Charles. Va.; Home Ec. Home Eckers, Iota Phi Lambda Sorority, Pan Hellenic Council. Robinson. William . lexander. Box 236 Body Road. Eliza- beth City. X, C.; Bio. .Sci.. Omega Psi Phi Frat.; Pan Hellenic Council. Rochelle. Virgil Priestly. 105 McBeth St., Union. S. C; Elec. Eng., Electrical Eng. Assn. Rockwell, George E., 1030 Eighth Ave.. Tampa 5, Fla.; .Shoe Repair. Rouse. Howard Jr., Route 2, Box 131, La Grange N C; Phy. Ed. Rucker, .Ahin, 711 Ila.. . " Anderson, S. C; History, Kappa Phi Kappa, Debating Society, RiLssell. George Lewis, Gen. Del., Lanclis, N. C; Phy. Ed.. P. E. M. Club. Westminister Fellowship Council. Royster. Edward William. Star Route. Box 71, Littleton. N. C; Agri.. Y. M. C. A. Roy.ster. John W., Route 2, Box 150, Roxboro, N C; Com. Ed., Business Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Frat. Sanders, Awiiilla Marvin, 1200 W. Kentuiky St., Louisville, Ky.; Fine . rts, .Alpha Phi Alpha Frat., Pres,, Art Circle. Sams, James E., 1291 Washington k e.. Bronx, X " . Y. Saunders, Ophelia Lizzie, Route 2, Box 206, Latta, S, C; Com. Ed.. Y. W. C. A.. Business Assn.. F. T. A., B. S. v.. Treas. Scales. Zemobia Ada. Route 2. Box (!0. Ridgeway. Va.; Elementaiy Ed. Short. Ernest C. 223 Culharell St., Portsmouth, Va.; Agri.. Virginia Club. Y. M. C. A . Agri. Assn. Siler, William Perry. 717 Devereaux St.. Goldsboro. N. C; Voc. Ind. Ed., Omega Psi Phi Frat., Masonry Club, F. T. A. Scuriy. Wi lliam, S06 Lee St., Farell, Pa.; Phy, Ed.. P. E. M., F. T. A.. International Relations Club. Geograph- ical Soc. Singletary, Johnnie Erie, Route 1, Box 26, Bladenboro, X. C; French., French Club, F, T. A., Club. Smith. Curtis I., 421 Warsaw Ct., Gold.sboro, X. C- Voc. Ind. Ed Smith, Inez., Route 2, Box 101, Cameron. X ' . C; French. Zcta Phi Beta Sorority. English Assn.. F. T. A. Smith. Prince E.. Rt. 1, Box 148, Winterville. X " , C; Voc. Agri., X. F. A., Agri. Assn. Smith, Robert P., 3 Walter St., Morrlstown X J ■ Phv Ed., .Scroller Club, P. E. M. Club. Smith. James Hilton. 421 Pollock St., Beaufort. X. C; Voc. Ind. F.d.. Lani|)odas Club. Masonry Club R O. T. C. Otficers ' Club. Smith, Vanderbilt James, Xichols. Fla.; Bio. Sci.. Geo- graphic Soc. Floridian Club. Smith. John Henry. 1002 Cottage Grove, Greensboro X C; Bus. Adm. Smith, Randol]ih Webster, P. O, Box, Turkey, X, C ■ Bio Sci.. Y. M. C. A. Smith. Willie Jr.. Mullin, S. C; Agricultural, Omega Psi Phi Frat.. X. F. A. Spencer, Kathleen Mary, c o Mrs. Ella King. Pantego, X. C: French. Stafford. Xovarro C, 04 Tyson St.. Greenville, X ' . C; Pre-Med.. Omega Psi Phi Frat.. Math. Club, American Chemical Soc, Y. M. C. A., R. 0. T. C, Scabbard uwl Blade. 79 J enlor iKosiet ' — Continued Strflf. Elsip DpRov. 13H5 Slmlllr ,S|.. Wmston-Siilcni, X. C: Bus. Adm. ' Stophras. Walter Ruflls. RRB Woodart Avr.. Wilson, N. C; Bio. .Soi. Suaipz. Theodore C. Jr., 4IG Pierce St., Pierce, Fla ; Pliw Ed., Omega Psi Phi Frat., P. E. M. Club, and FI..1- uiian Club. Swann, Alga, Sanford, . C; English. Zela Phi Hda Sororit.v, F, T, A., Y. W. C. A., English Assn., Fort- nightly Club, and Mothoilist Student Organization. Tabron, Chester, Wilson, X. C; Bus. . dni.. Business Club, Geographic 80c. Talle.v, Fields Wilkerson, Xrw York Cit.v; Voc. Ind. Ed., ' oc, Ind, Clul). Tavlor. Luther Sylvester, Xel,son, Mo.; Bus. Adni. Tavlor, John Weslev, 217 X, Dudley St„ Greensboro, X. " C.; Voc. Ed., Y. M. C. A. Terell, Edward Thomas, Charlottesville, Va.; I ' liy. Eil., P. E. M. Club, Student Fnion, Vet. . .s n., Sunday School. Thigpen, R, Leiand, ti74 Vance St., Henderson, X, C; Biological Sci. Thompson. Julius . ., 1104 Uoirell St„ Greensboro, X. C; Bus. Adm., Si hinxmen ' s Club, Thomp.son, Sherwood, 1(12 Catherine St,, Poughkeejisie, N. Y.; Phv. Ed., Omega i ' si Phi Fiat., R. 0. T. C. Officers ' Club, P, E. M. Club. TlK.rnlon. James Svndor. Hox 203 A.. Xalhalii ' , ' a.; . gn- cultural Ed., X. F. A. Club, Virginia Club, Y. M. C. . ., Baptist Student I ' nion, F. T. A. Tillman, Daniel Thomas, Route 1, Box 300, Wadesboro, X. C; Bis. Adm,, Business . Alpha Mu Honor Soc, Trammell. James Robert, Route 3, Rogers ille, Tenn.; Bus. . dni,. Business . ssn. TruitI, Granvllli- Handy, Roiile 1, .Snow Hill, Md.; Hls- loiv, R, 0, T. C. dffii ' crs- Club. Tuck. Gladis, Route 2, Box (18, Roxboro, X, C; English Tuck, Richard, P, O. Box 3S4, Lawreneeville, Va.; Archi- tectural Eng. Tuning. LeeRov, Roule I. Box 7, " ), Union Hall, ' a,; Voc Inil. Ed.. Y. M. C. . ., Auto Mech. Turk, Evelyn Sarah, . |iex, X, C; Home Economics. Zela Phi Beta .Sororl •, Home Eckers Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, Sec., Y. W. C. A. and F. T. A. Turner, Pearl, Route 2, Shelby, X. C; Elementary Ed,, V. W. C. . ., Baptist Student Union and Sunday School, Valentine, Richard Edward. 2, " i24 Lexington, Spiinghcld, Ohio.; Phv. Ed. Vinson, William Oscar, P. 0. Box 36, Wilson Mills, X. C; Bio. .Sci., Geograjihical Soc. and America Cliera. So ' . Wade, Charlie Gordon, P. O. Box .33, Pee Dee, X, C; Voc, Agrictiltiiral, Phi Bela Sigma Frat. Waddell, Troy J. ' rome, P. O, Box 783, Sjiindale, X. C; Phy. Ed., Y. M. C. A. Wake, Edward Arthur, 212!) X. W. Fifth Cl., Miami, Fla.; Mech. Engi., Omega Psi Phi Frat. Timbcrlake, John, 2420 Feirel Road, Durham, X, C; Tailoring, Walker, Esther Jone ,-,IK) Slewart St.. Gieen.sboro. N. C; Elementary Ed. Wall, Pershing Edwanl, 24ti Pearl St., Albemarle. N. C; . pplied .Soc, Washington, M. Pollie, Fayelteville, X, C; Social Studies. Zeta Phi Bela Sorority, Pres.. Westminister Fellowship, Pan-Hellenic. Watson, Colonel, 4S,5 Liberty Ave., Donora, Pa.; Phv Ed Waye, Lillian, Route 1, Box 323, Leesburg, Fla.; Com. Ed. Weaver, Wilson .Sentell, .500 6th Ave,, Jacksonville Ala,; Voc. Ed., Vet. Club, Industrial Ed. A.ssn. Webb, Reginald Hall, Scdalia, X. C; Bio. .Sci.. Interna- tional Rel;ilions Club. Webber. Verna, Cherry ville, X ' . C; Home Economics, Bap- tist Student Union, Future Teachers of . merica, .Junior and .Senior Counselor, White, Mildreil Lour e, 420 S. Queen, Kinsman, X, C; Home Economic. Whilted. Juilg. ' . 614 Charles St., Birmingham, Ala.; Bus. . dni , Tailoring Club, Y. M. C. A.. Business Whitaker. Samuel, Route 1, Box 116, Swan Quarter, X. C; Agr. Ed., Phi Beta Sigma Frat., X. F. A., Y, M C A Wilson, George Hall, P. 0. Box 113, Carthage, X. C; Ind. Arts. Williams, Dreil Louis, Route 1, Box 546, Suffolk, Va.; Radio Electronic. Williams, Jane Louise, 515 E. Jefferson Si., Americus, Ga,; SocioIogA ' . Williams, Eddie Lee, Richmond, Va.; Voc. Ind. Ed., Omega Psi Phi Frat., R. O. T. C. Officers Club. Williams, Elijah Jr., P. O. Box 38, Aiken, S. C; Business Adm., Y. L C. A., Bus. Assn., Geographic .Societv. Alpha Phi . l|iha Fraternity. Williams, Gillis, Roule 2, Box ' 69, Point X C ■ Ind. Arts, Scrollers Club, Ind. Ed. Cliib. Willi;ims, Mathew, 743 S. Main St., Roxboro, X. C.; Bio. S.i.. . lplia Phi .Upha Flat., Geography Soc., . nierican Chemical .Soc. Wisp, Calbie Williams. Gen. Del., Batesburg, S, ( ' .; Scni.i1 Studies, Woods, Alfred Eugene, 812 Bwarnock PI., I ' hil.nlelplua, Pa.; Voc. Ind. Ed., Omega Psi Phi Fral, Woods, yalter Bylthe, 4422 Geo. R.I. Hii iniiigliaiii. . l,i.: Soc. Sci. Woolen, Walter Jr., Rotite 1, Box .326, Bladenboro, X, C; Agr.. Crescent Club, .Agriculture , ssn., X, F. A. Wright, Booker T., 311 Bennett St., Greensboro, X, C; Tailoring, Tailoring Club. Wright, Bobbie Frank. 1709 Lindsay St.. C.reen,sboro, X. C.; Phy, Ed., Physical Ed. Club, R. O. T. C. Officers ' Club, Lampodas Club. Wright, Frazier Thomas, Kings Min. St., St. Clover. S. C; Auto Mech. Wright, 0. Richmond, 717 Brood Ave., Greensboro, X, C; Agri. Ed., X, F, A, Wright, George, 1212 W, 15th St., Annisloii, Ala.; Elec Engineering, Electrical Engineering , ssn, Wright, Roy Willrim. 974 Illinois, Detroit, Mich,: Phv. Ed Yates. Handy. Roule 2, Box 218. Loui.sburg, X, C; Ind. Ed., Y. iSI. C, A. Young, . iihur William, Route 2. Box S4, Clieri ' ville, N. C; Agr. Eil, X. F. A., Agri, A,ssn.. R. O. T. C. Officers ' Club. Young. Leak Ailliiir. 3 ' 23S Manton . ve„ Philadelphia, Pa.: Com, Ed., Bus. . .ssn.. Phi Beta Sigma Frat. 80 rade J indents Alexandria, Willie. 1505 S. Cluin-li St., fharlotto. N. C; Carpentry. Barrett. George V., P. O. Box 281. Wingatc, X. C; Shoe Reiiair. Bell. James Marvin. Dover Mill. Shelby. N. C: Auto Mechanics. Be.s.s. Gardner Willie. P. 0. Box 11. Pinetops. X. C; Tailoring. Blount. George C.. 306 George. Farmville, X. C; Car- pentry-. Brown. Wendell D.. Ruthville. Va.; Tailoring. Brame. Charlie. Route 3. Box 336 A. Hcnder.son. X. C; Shoe Repair. Branche. Annie Ruth, Route 1. Box 90, Lumherton, X ' . C; Tailoring. Bryant. Thomas Ral|ih. X ' ewport. X. C; Auto Mech. Bullock. Douglas Frederick. Henderson. N. C; Masonrj ' . Bush. James Salvador. 500 Vail St.. High Point, X. C " : Auto Mech. Caldwell. Hagwood Earl. Route 2. Box 251. Clinton. X. C; Cabinet Making. Carter. Ada Elizabeth, Rovite 3. Box 147. Dan ' ille, Va.; Tailoring. Tailoring Club. Viiginia Club. Cathey. R. C. P. 0. Box 138. Brvson City, X. C: Tailoring. Chambers. J. C. Route 1. Box 54. Marshyille, N. C; Masonry. Chambers. Baron. Route 1. Box 149, Pageland. S. C; Ma.sonry. Chandler. B. Calvin. Box 43. Glatto. W. Va.; Carpentry. Coate.s. Earnest David. P. O. Box 2.36 I.awndale. X. C; - uto Mech. Daniels. Joe Cullen. Gen. Del., Wintervillc, X. C; Ma- sonry. Daye. Charlie Alfred, Route 5, Box 25, Durham, X. C; Auto Mech. Douglas, William Earl, Route 2, Box 138, Sanford, X. C; Auto Mech. Drivers. Talefero Booker. Louisburg. X. C; Auto Mech., Vet. Assn.. Automobile Club. Farmer, James R. Jr., 5 Pearl A ' e., Greens ille. S. C; Tailoring. Grant, Dorthea, Route 4, Burlington. X. C; Tailoring. Tailoring Club. Gilmore, Walter, 2412 Charlotte, Greensboro, N. C.; Tailoring. Gist. John. 305 Hamlet St.. Union S. C: Masonry. Harrell. Gerald Francis, 352 Regan St., Greensboro, N. C; Carpentry. Hart. Elzena. Moultrie. Ga.; Tailoring. Haywood. Earl Manuel. 831 West Thomas St.. Rocky Mount. X. C; Masonry. Hick.son. Lenel. 309 Beach ' st.. High Point. N. C; Auto Mech. Huston. John William. Route 2. Box 13. Cleveland. X. C; Auto Mech. Hollomon. William Rogers. Route 3, Box 2 ' .;. Ahoskie, X. C; Tailoring. Jackson. Lee Daniel. Eagle Sjirings. X. C; Tailoring. Jack.son. Harry T orenzo, ,3.306 Chestnut A ' e.. Xewport Xews. Va.; Tailoring. Jones. David E.. Route 2, Box 113, Whiteville, X ' . C; Shoe Repair. Kirkpatrick. Melvin. 201 Green St.. Charlotte. X. C; Shoe Repair. Latham. Gamaliel Calvin, 817 West St.. Xew Bern. X. C; Auto Mech. Lee. Glenn 0.. Gen. Del.. Pcachland. X ' . C: Tailoring, Mays. Earl. 709 Logan St.. Greensboro. X ' . C; Tailoring. McArthur. Xathaniel Archie. Route 2, Box 275, Mt. Airy, X. C: Ma.sonry. McXeal. Marion Clifton. P. 0. 230 Kinston, X. C; Radio Serving. Mitchell. Eugene, 430 Harrison St., Hampton. Va.; Car- pentry. Morris. John Calvin. P. O. Ellenboro. X, C: Auto Mech Xicholson. Leroy C. Star Route. Box 46. Warrenton, X C; Tailoring. Paige. John Jacob. 607 Paradise. Monroe, X. C; Carpentry Patterson. .Alexander Thomas. Route 4. Box 92, Winston X. C; Masonry. Phillips. Juanita E.. Route 5. Box 159. Durham. X. C. Tailoring. Plummer. p ' ulkner John. Route 2. Henderson, X. C. Tailoring. Rankin. William. Route 2. Box 429. Greensboro. X. C. . uto Mech, Ray. Clifford. ,505 Foster St.. T ' nion, S. C; Ma.sonry. Rivers. John H,. Route 2. Box 237, Leesburg, " Fla. Masonry. Rollina. Edward Charles, 531 E. Front St.. Owega, X. Y. Masonry. Rooke. Charles W.. 408 Oberlin. Raleigh. X. C. .Scantling. Samuel Henr ■. Route 1. Sylvania, Ga.; Auto Mech. Smith. Lonnie S.. Route 1, Edwin, X. C; Tailoring. Spence. Willie Leon. Snowden. X. C; Electric Wiring. Taylor. Kenneth Charles. 802 E. Church . ve.. Knoxville, Tenn.; Tailoring. Thompson. William .Sampson. 511 Martin St.. Greensboro. X. C; Shoe Repairing. Thompson. Fred James Jr.. Box 6Hi. Forest City. X ' . C; Tailoring. Watson. Felix Louis. 1415 Siiiithfield St.. Raleigh. X. C; Tailoring. Wicker. Johnnie W.. 320 Lee St., Raleigh, X. C; Tailoring. Wilkins. Raymond Camp, 1328 Columbia, Winston-Salem, X. C; Tailoring. Williams. Amos. Rt. 3, Box 295, Loui.sburg. X. C; Auto Mech.. Y. M. C. A. Wooten. Ernest Lee, P. O. Box 235, Pinetops, X. C; Tailoring. Yourse. Agnes Marie. 512 Beech, Greensboro, X, C; Tailoring. 81 fexf! J MMiMi 1 m

Suggestions in the Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) collection:

Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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