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Agricultural and Technical State University - Ayantee Yearbook (Greensboro, NC) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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NC A A T STATE UNIV LIBRARY " 3 ' 0343 0362357$ C mx c , (U Archives P d Bluford h ' t. N C A T State UnweRW Greensboro, N. C. 27411 THE s tfantee 1946 Vol 1 Ml II Pllblishr,! ;, THE SENIOR CLASS I III (,UI( I I I I RAl WD I I CHNICA1 CO! I I (-1 dUI I s|i( )Kd. . ( . I 1)1 iOKI I ( ()M II I III Ik k ( 1 1 iii ' .i kimi |i (i l 1 lb I i III 1 1 i i I 1 1 S I Wll s I) M1 1 v I111 im Nixon ( )m k Hiw 1 I I 1 K 1 I W IS l. 1)1.1 FORI) Dedication . . We dedicate tliis the second volume o the lyntee, to ' in parents and guardians who have made out edu- cation here hi I. and I . possible. With the passage " I time, ii is ours to prove the merit l theii work and to uphold the ideals o the school. P ACE 2 foreword As the world moves on its social, cultural and scientific feats to a greater civilization, so A. and T. does her part in the develop- ment of healthy minds and bodies and strong characters, which will, in the future, be a vital Instrument of this greater civili- zation. The class of 1946 publishes this sec- ond volume of the Ayantee to show how A. and T. has grown and depict the activities of a year that will forever linger in our memories. It is our sincere hope that this volume will serve as a pleasant reminder of the the days in " Aggieland " . V A G E s T H E S ' C HOOL... ■40 V 3K RICHARD B.HARRISON AUDITORIUM Contents: THE SCHOOL FACULTY CLASSES ACTIVITIES SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS Pagi i 7 4e GoUeae, r v. DUDLEY MEMORIAL BUILDING Pagi li ' ' . . ' t- - ' V - " CROSBY HALL NOBLE HALL P ACl 7 NORTH DORMITORY :% ■■ • » ANN HOLLAND HALL (. i 8 ALEXANDER GRAHAM HALL p i. i ii PRESIDENT FERDINAND D. BLUFORD Our much esteemed President, who is always generous with encouragement, advice, and sympathy, and whose in- terest in us is never failing. P A (. H I ( FACULTY Pace m DEANS OF THE THREE SCHOOLS Left— JOHN C. MCLAUGHLIN, Dean of the School of Agriculture Center— WARMOTH T. GIEBS. Dean 0 School oj Education and Sciences Richt— JERALD M, MARTEENA, Demi 0 (he school of Mechanic Arts PERSONNEL DEANS VIVIAN F HELL Dean oj W •• ten WILLIAM H. GAMBLE Dean of Men PACl 1 : FACULTY 0 O r, M ci ii iw Br miiiw mii I ' lK Mil 1 Carr ( .en in k Cl NMM.II M 1)| I H 1 III RR 1 nu Ann lll ' IV I m si EUFHREY T. BIGELOW Secretary to President COLERIDGE A BRAITHWAITE Choral Mi sic FEARL BRADLEY English and Dramatics ETHBERT S. CARR Assistant Coac ' t THOMAS A CLARKE Sjjainish and History CHARLES W. CARTER Coach and History ALLIE L CLIFT Emih h VIRGIL A. CLIFT Education CHARLES L COOPER Industrial Education MYRLE F. COTTMAN House Directress WILLIAM II FOUST Brick la ii ma. Plaster in Cement Consrtuction C R A CUNNINGHAM Registrar HAROLD T. DELANEY Chenufitrit BESSIE E DERR Secretary to Veterans BERNICE EDWARDS Secretary to Treasurer KATHERINE EPPS Home Economics ] ' i. I FACULTY J. W. R. GRANDY Botany HARMOND EDWARD Horticulture CARRYE V. HILL English THEDA A HILL Physical Education H P. HUMPHREY Plumbinu WALTER T JOHNSON Rural Engineering EDWARD W. JONES Physics DANIEL G. KEAN Social Sciences CHESTER H. MARSH Custodian EFFIETEE MARTIN Physical Education ALMA MORROW Librarian ROBERT MARTIN Social Sciences SUZANNE C. MARTIN English BERNARD L MASON Music ROSA M. MABREY Commercial Education ROBERT MOORE Mathematics P A (.1 I | FACULTY i ' m 1 1 l ' l Mil l.l ' • I I I ' IMIIRI.I l ' l 1 1 i;» I ' M i VRU K i i i K i i i i Mk ' . y SlKII .1 ( I U I UK I 11(1 I I ' M IN. . I IIU il ' MI 1 HOM1-ON M 1 I kl I Mil I I ll h UHH I I MARY 1. PATTERSON Assistant Dietitian EVANGELINE PENDERGRAST Secretary to Re JAMES PENDERGRAST Chemistry THOMAS D PETERS English VIVIAN PICKARD HOUSE DIRECTRESS ELLEN REEVES Secretary to Ri JOSEPH S RUFFIN Poultry VEDA S STROUD ■ SS Adm inistl ' VIRGIL C STROUD English H CLINTON TAYLOR Art VICTOR it 1 ' , ' . r Director THELMA WADELL ALLIE L THOMPSON to Dan MYRTLE E. THOMPSON- MURIEL L THOMPSON E CATHERINE TRUED! I ! P AC] FACULTY • ■ RAYMOND P. WILLIAMS Welding LLEWELLYN A WISE Busincst Administration ROBERT L CAMPBELL, Ma.ior Assistant Dean vf Men ' W j CAMERA SHY CAMPBELL CLYDE DEHUCULEY Vocations THELMA COLEMAN Dietitian HUGHEY R ARNETTE Education CLARENCE E. DEAN Agricultural Education ANDREW C. BOWLING Electrical Engineering ARTHUR W FERGUSON. Ciipt. Military Science WADARAN L KENNEDY Dairy Husbandry FLOYD A. MAYFIELD Architecture WAVEDLYN N RICE rreneh ROBERT S. POOLE Tailoring MARGARET BOLDEN Home Economics DAVID G. SPELLER TailortiKi GEORGE A RODDY .•1 id Mechanics RAYMOND F EDWARDS, Lt. Col. Military Science Page i 6 Pag j SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SHERMAN U WILLIAMSON J ESS YE M. MI MS Vice President NANCY LOU GRIFFIN Secretary BESSIE DERR Assistant Secretary LOUISE M. E NIXON Treasurer l ' AGE l8 N ADA LIVONIA ALSTON Siler City, N C M wof Home Economics. Ambition: Teacher Motto: Smile and the world smiles with vou. cry and you cry alone. Activities Agricultural Association, 4-H. LELA PILGRA.M ALEXANDER 714 Whitted St Hendersonville, N. C Major Mechanic Arts Ambition: Teacher. Activitifs: Delta Sigma Theta, 3, ANNIE MARIAH BARBER i Ann i 206 W Pantcqo. St Belhaven, N. C Major: Commercial Education. Ambition Business Executive Motto As you climb the ladder to success he nice to the people on your way up. for you maj meet those same people on your way down. Activities: Alpha Kappa A 1 p h a Sorority 3, 4. YV S G A 4, Register Staff 4. Y. W. C A 2. 3. 4 EVA VANDELIA BLUFORD -Bluei [529 W Pike St Philadelphia, Pa Major: Biological Sciences Ambition : Doctor. Motto: He conquers who conquers himself Activities: Delta Sigma Theta Soror- itv (president i. Y W. C A., Beta Kappa Chi National Honorary Scientific Society, and Choir. REBECCA CHRISTINE BOONE iBeckv i Murlreesboro, N. C. Majoh Social Science Ambition Teacher. Motto: It avails little to know what ought to be done if you do not know how it is done Activities Register Staff 3-4, Physics Club 4. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororitj 3-4. Dramatics Club 3. LULA MAE BOYKIN Lului Clinton, N. C Major: Home Economics Ambition: To become an upholsterer Motto: Why worry, it uill probably never happen Activities: 4-H Club. Agricultural Association, Y W C A Sunday Si li.lfil CHARLES SUMNER BRABBLE ' Preacher i Portsmouth, Va, Major Social Sciences Ambition: To earn Ph D Motto: Be Prepared Activities: Y. M. C A , Tidewater Cavaliers. MAUDE LEE BRADY i Shortie i 719 E Salisbury Road Asheboro, N C Major Home Economics Ambition Teacher. Motto Kind what you want to do, then do it Activities: Sunday School (secre- tary i , Agricultural Association. ALLENE WILMAR BRANNON ' Lean i 697 Shaver St East Spencer. N. C Major: Home Economics Ambition: To be a nurse Motto: Not merely to exist, but to amount to something in life Activities Zcta Phi Beta Sorority. Agricultural Association. Student Council. Register Staff. Y W C A RUEBEN JEROME BRAY Rt 3. Bo.v 15S, Slier City. N C Major Biological Sciences Ambition : Physician. Activities Veterans Organization. 4. Omega Psi Phi. 3. 4 l 9 N ESTHER BROOKS Route c. Roxboro, N. C. Major: Mechanic Arts Ambition ; Teacher Motto: Knowledge is Power. EADIE E BROOKS Burlington. N. C. Major: Business Administration Ambit on: A successful accountant Motto: Strive not to equal but to excel. LUM COLUMBUS BROWN i Brownie Brown ) Bladenboro, N C. Major. Vocational Agriculture Ambition Instructor Motto: Freedom cannot be given; it must be purchased. Activities: Dramatics and Boxing. LAURA JULIA BULLARD i Lollipop) Heardmorit. Ga. Major: Commercial Education Ambition : Stenographer, teacher Motto: A tiling of beauty is a j forever. Activitie: Register Staff LOIS MARILYN CLAY i L I Ro.rboro, N. C. Major: Home Economics Ambition To become a dress de- signer. Motto: Anything that isn ' t worth doing well isn ' t worth doing at all. Activities: Y. W. C. A.. Band 2-3. Collegiate 4--H Club 1, 4. Agricul- tural Association -- Home Eco- nomics Association SALLIE BELLE WATIIALL COLEMAN (Saline l Halifax, Va. M jor: English Ambition: To da one thing success- fully Motto: Four things a man must learn do If he would keep his record true: To think without confusion clearly. To love his fellow man sincerely, To act with honest motives purely. To trust m God and Heaven se- curely. Activities: Sunday School, Alpha Kappa Alpha Soroity. 2. 3. 4, Y. W. C. A. 2. 3 4. Dramatics 2, 3. BERNICE BOBBIE CUMMINGS i Bonnie ) Trenton. S. C. Major: Flementary Education Amuition: Playground Supervisor Motto: We build the ladder by which we climb; strive to excel. Activities: Sunday School, Archro- nian Club. FRANK PERRY CUTHBERTSON (Festus) 131 W. 138th St. New York. N. Y. Major : Chemistry A mbition : Physician Activities: Veterans Oreani ation 4. Junior Varsity Basketball. 3, 4, Kern Klub. 4. Dramatics Club. 1. 2. 3. 4. Cavaliers. Motto: A mans reach should ex ced his grasp, else what ' s heaven for? ELLEN CLOTELLA DAVIS 719 S. Main St.. Marion. S- C. Major: Home Economics Ambition ; Designer Motto: Never explain — your friend don ' t need it and enemies won ' t believe it. Activities: Aericultural Association Student Council. Sunday School. HORACE DAVIS R(. 2. Bo.r 245 Wilmington, N. C Major: Biological Sciences Ambition: Doctor Activities: Omega Psi Phi V A I. E SO N . ' AMES F DAWKINS (Jimmie i 675 Ja-i St.. Spartanburg, S C Major Industrial Arts Ambition: Instructor oi Industrial Arts Motto Keep striving until von reach your goal. Activities: Omega Psi Phi Fratern- ity, LUCINDA A DEAN (Cindi I 144 Mitchell St Greensboro. N. C Majoi Commercial Education Ambition rapher. Motto : A A Successful Stenog- ne door shuts another re IIP Activities: Delta S i g m .1 Theta Sorority, Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society. FRANK SUMNER, II (SI a t. 1 103 Wc$t Thomas St Ma tor Business Administi ation Amb " t:on:Bu iness man. v ' i:tii If you worry vou ' ll die Activities Y M C A , 4, 1-H Club, CATHERINE JULIENNE DERR iKittiei n )9 6 Street. Hickory. N C M .i or: Commercial Education. A mbttion Stenographer. Motto: Many men know many thines; no one knows everything, Activitifs: V W. C A,, Alpha Kapna A 1 p h a Soror.ty, Registe- £laff EVELYN B K PICKENS iBcibfi Bex 2S. Whitakers, N. C. Major: Social Sciences. A mr ton To he a beautician and 1 o pet m v ma s t er s d e 2 ree . Motto What lias been cannot be c ha need, but that the tutu re is yours. Activities: V W. C. A W A A, Sunday School. 4-H Club. WINNIE ELIZABETH DIXON Route I, Bo.t, 104 Warsaw ' . , C Major General Science Am hi th »s- Medical Technician Motto: He is a w 1 -•■ man who knows what not to saj providing he dne n ' t .i it Activities: V. W. C A 3 I JAMES HERBERT DANIELS (Jim i 520 Carolina Avenue Rocky Mount, N C Major. Electrical Engineering Ambition. To be a great engineer Motto: The impossible takes a little time. Aciivitie Kappa Apha Psi Fratern- itv. Y M C. A, Electrical Engi- neers Club, President Pan-Hellenic Council. Vice President Student Council. Physics Assistant and Hon- orary Member of Physics Club. LILLIE MAE FORD Whiteville, N C Major Elementary Education Ambition: To do further study at New Y01 k University Motto Give to the world the best you have and the best will come b ai k 1 ' j ou EVA ALICE FOSTER 1 Red 1 1502 E. Market Street Greensboro. N. C Ma iiir Elementary Education Ambition To rise as high in the theatrical world as my ability will permit Motto He who criticizes himself finds it complicated to critcize nt tiers Activities Choral Society. Band. Basketball team. Cheering Squad, Dramatics Club MAGGIE ROSA FREE 353 Regan Street Greensboro N C Major Home Economics. Ambition To become .1 Home Demonstration Agent Motto The prize is not promised to the swift, nor to the strong, but he that endureth to the end Activities Choral Society, Agri- cultural Association •iWifi P A C 1 N ELNORA ELAINE FAUCETT i Polly i 1307Gray St.. Greensboro, N. C Major Commercial Education Ambition: Secretary - Activities: Ivy Leaf Pledge Club. KETRINA OTHELLO GRANDY i Kayo ) Windsor, N. C Major: Home Economics. Ambition: To become a Demonstra- tion Agent. Motto: Let us live so that the world will be a little better because we were born. Activities: Dramatic Club. Agricul- tural Association. 4-H Club. Y. W. C A., Delta Sigma Theta Sorontv, Student Council, and Register Staff. P.EULAH C. GRIFFIN (Sis) Fairmont. N. C. Major Home Economics. Ambition: To Teach. Motto: When climbing up don ' t look down on the person beneath you because you may be down to- morrow. Activities: Agricultural Association 4-H Club. Y. W. C. A., Sunday School. NANCY LOU GRIFFIN iSargel P o Box 601, Tryon, N. c. Major: Commercial Education. Ambition: Stenographer. Motto: Let one engage himself in what he knows. Activities: Sophist Society, 4, Y. W C. A.. 2, Glee Club. 2. ft ta ELIZABETH JACQUELIN HOWARD (Jackie) 19 South 12th St Wilmington, N. C. Major: History. Ambition: To be a Social Worker, Motto: To make the best better. Activities: Y. W. C. A., Dramatics. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. ROBERT HOLT Box 199. Lexington, N. C, Major: English. Ambirion : To be a College Pro- fessor. Motto: To live is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Activities: Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Kappa Phi Kappa Forensic Society 1, 2. 3, 4; Choral Society 1. 2; A Capella Octette 2; Student Forum Committee 3. 4. OSCAR HARVEY HINNANT iBig Hint) 1301 Sloan St.. Greensboro, N. C. Major: Mat hma tics. Ambition: To get a Ph.D. in Mathe. mattes. Motto: A man is no stronger than his weakest habit Activities: Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- ternitv 3. 4; and Y. M. C. A. JAMES W. HILL 1305 Vernon St. High Point. N. C. Major: Business Administration. Ambition: Life is what vou make it Activities : Kappa Alpha Psi Fra - ternitv 3, 4: President of the Stud- ent Council 4: Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society 2, 3. 4; Kappa Phi Kappa Debating Society 3. 4; Y M C. A 3. 4. WILLIE JANE HERRING iBill) Route I. Box 180, Garland, N. C. Major : Home Economics. Ambition: To be a successful Home Demonstration Agent. Motto: At the top, but still climb- ing. Activities: The Agricultural Asso- ciation, Sunday School. W. S G A 4-H Club. CLAUDIA MILDRED HEADEN Box 521. SHer City. N, C. Major: Social Science. Ambition: To do social work. Motto: Use what you have t make what you want. PA(, E N NATHANIEL HARRIS (Gnat) Route E, Box 461 Savannah. Ga. Major: Biological Sciences. Ambition: Psychiatrist. Motto: Struggle onward and up- ward. Activities: Choir 2, 3. 4; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity 2. 3, 4. EVELYN LILLIAN HAIRSTON (Ebb) 725 Gillespie .Street Greensboro. N. C Major: Elementary Education Ambition: To become a musician, Motto: Use no hurtful deceit: think innocently and justly, and, if you speak, speak accordingly . Activities: Choral Society. LOIS PRUDENCE HAMILTON iHampi 913 South St., Norfolk. Va Major: Elementary Education. Ambition : Teacher. Motto: All that I am and all that I hope to be I owe to my mother and father. Activities: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororitv. Tidewater C a v a 1 ie r s , Register Staff. MELVIN LENWOOD HARDY (Head Hardy) 224 W 9th St., Washington, N. C. Major: Chemistry. Ambition: Doctor. Motto: If a man ' s reach should ex- ceed his grasp what is the heaven for? Activities: Omega Psi Phi Fratern- ity. Chemistry Club, Negro History Club. Y. M. C. A., Boxing Club. Beta Kappa Chi Science Club, Pan- Hellenic Council. ANNA RETHA JACOBS (Beanie) Route 2. Box 278, CUnkton, N. C Major: Commercial Education Ambition: Model. Motto: The bountiful fruits of suc- cess comes to those with perserver- ance and confidence in themselves Activities : Register Staff, Dra- ODESSA BEATRICE JEFFRIES SOS King St., Greensboro. N C Major Commercial Education Ambition Office Clerk. Motto: Good things will come to those who wait. Activities: Choral Society ROSA BEATRICE KEYES iMamai 72S Cedar St , New Bern. N C, Major: Home Economics. Ambition: Model. Motto: Give every man thy ear. but few thy voice. Activities: Sunday School, Y W. C. A , Agricultural Association. WILLIAM A LAWSON 1016 University St Kinston, N. C. Major: Social Sciences Ambition : Lawyer. Motto ' Nothing in excess Activities: Y M. C A.. 1-2; Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity 3-4; Debat- ing 3. WALTER LEWIS (Powerhouse) New Bern. N C Ambition : Artist. Motto: To err is human, to forgive divine. Activities: Varsity football. I, 2, 3, Scroller, 3. 4 JACQUELINE OPHELIA LYLES (Jackie i 31 Grail St.. Ashevillc. N. C Major: Home Economics. Ambtion: Dress Designer. Motto: Life is what you make it. Activities : Alpha Kappa Alpha Sororitv. Dramatics Club. 1, 2, 3; Modern Dane. ' Group 1. 2. 3; W. A A. 1. 2; Agricultural Association 1, 2, 3, 4. Page N DAINTY MAE McBRAYER iSti ing Beam 404 Mountain Avenue Bincksburg, 5. C. Major: Home Economics. Ambition: Dietitian. Motto: Let every man think for himself. Activities: Agricultural Association. Y W. C. A. RUTH NFLL McDANIEL 1431 E Eldorado St. Decatur, III Major Commercial Education. Ambition : Secretary. Motto: The secret to success — work. Activities: Y. W. C. A.. 2, 3.; Modern Dance Group 2. 3; W, A. A. 1. 2; Dramatics 3; Sundav School; Alpha Knppa Alpha Sorority. ALBERTA PEACE MEBANE (Bert) Route 3, Box 258 Greensboro, N C. Major: Elementary Education. Ambttton : Elementary Teacher. Motto Lifting as we climb AcTivurEs: Debating. Sundav School. ANGELIN PRISCILLA MEBANE (Pris) Route 3. Box 210 Greensboro, N. C. Major: Commercial Education. Ambition: Teacher of commercial ubjects. Motto: Be kind and considerate to r thers. Activities: Register Staff. Y. W. C. A MAGGIE RUTH MILLS iNunci) Route 1 Box X, Watha N. C. Major: Home Economics Ambition: To be a successful di- etitian Motto: To thine ownsclf be true; thou cannot be false to any man. Activities Agricultural Association. W. S. G. A.. Sunday School. Dra- matic Club JESSYE MAE MIMS l epper) 2524 Gravicr St., New Orleans, La. Major: Social Sciences. Ambition : Physical Therapist. Motto: Success depends on back- bone, not wishbone. Activities: Y. W. C. A., 3. 4; Regis- ter Staff 3. 4; Student Forum 3. 4; Physics Club 4; Ivy Leaf Club 4. SARA VIRGINIA NORCUM IS. V. N.) 438 South Henry St. Williamsburg, Va. Major: Elementary Education. Ambition: Recreation Director. Motto: Let ' s make life interesting for others. Activities: W. A. A. 1. 2. 3; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3; Dramatics 3; Basketball 3; Modern Dance Group; Choral Society 2. 3; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 4; Senior Council 4; Dormi- torv Council 4; Tidewater Cavaliers 1. 2. 3. 4. ISAAC JAMES OLDS (Maestro) 1801 E. Lexington St. Norfolk Va. Major: General Sciences and Chem- istry. Ambition: Pharmacist. Motto: Learn today as if you were eoing to live forever, live today as if you were going to die tomorrow. Activities: Pan Hellenic Council 2. 3. 4; College Band 2. 3. 4; Tidewater Cavaliers 2. 3. 4; Phvsics Club 4; Y. M. C. A ; Alpha Phi Alpha Fra- ternity; Chemistry Club. CARRIE BELLE PAYTON (Belle) 224 River St., GrimesUind, N. C. Major: French. Ambition; Teacher. Motto; To thine own self he true. Activities: Sunday School, 4-H Club. Dramatics. French Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. LOUISE M. E. NIXON (Nick) 65 King St., Hertford. N. C. Major: Mathematics. Ambition: To serve my race, mv country, and my fellow men, Motto: " Gcd Eternally Geomet- Activities: Pyramid Club 1; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority 2. 3 4; Var- Fitv Debating Club 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1 ; Sophist Society 1 ; Alpha KsDpa Mu 2. 3, 4; Sundav School 2, 3. 4; Reenter Staff 3. 4; W. A. A. 1; Y. W. C. A. 1. 3: Student Forum 3. 4; Beta Kappa Chi, 4. Page N I WILMER A PENNIX Box 435, Eton College, K C Major Social Sciences Ambition : Social Worker. Motto: Life is what vou make it Activities: Register Staff 2. 3; Phi Beta Fraternity 3. 4 MARY LOUISE PLUMMER i Plum i Bo.r 63, Ridgeway. N. C. Major: English Ambition: To become a successful English instructor. Motto Success never comes to a person who is afraid to face fail- ures. Activities: Alpha Kapa Alpha Sororitv 2. 3. 4; Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society 2. 3 4; Y W. C. A. 2, 3. 4; Register Staff 4. Dramatics Cluh 2. 3; Physics Club 4; Chapel Committee 4; Dormitory Council 4 MARY LEE POPE l Po i Bor 5264, Murlreesboro. N. Major: French. Ambition: To be ; successful teach- er Motto When the elevator to success is not running. I ' ll take the stairs Activities: Register Staff. Y. W. C, A. French Club. Dramatic Club CORINE POWELL ( Coon I Route 2. Box 21. Scotfnud Neck, N. C Major: Commercial Education. Ambition: Private secretary Motto: Conscience warns us a friend before it punishes us as a iudge Activities: Delta Sigma Tliet.i Sororitv, Y W. C A, W, A. A.. Debating Club EUNICE POWERS Route I, Bor 1S2. Wallace N C Major: Commercial Education. Ambition: Go into business. Motto To strive to seek and not to yield Activities: Register Staff. ALBERTHA B PRIX ' 5 St iref 3522 Thomas Ave Miami, Fla Major Elemental Education Ambtion: To teach Motto When the elevatoi to suc- cess fails, take the stairs DAN ' IFL R RAVE ■ Dan i 4 Walton Street. Asheville N ' Major Biological Sc.ence Ambition Doctor Motto: Be ye oil so particular, trust no living soul, walk cart-fully and slowlv around those thai are dead Activities: Band. Dramatics Club Aloha Phi ADha Y, M C A Chem isti club. Physics Club MARY F SIMMONS Bee Wee I 409 North Dudlcu St Greensboro, N C Major Home El- momics Ambition: Dress Designer Motto Do unto others a ■ ■■ I ' d ha vi " em do unto s Activities: Iy Leaf Club, Agricul- tural Y W C A LOTTIE M SKELTON 124 E Washington Street Greensboro. N C M roR Home Economics Ambition Designer. Motto Strive For The Besi (Vcthtttes Agricultural A- o Y W C A WII LTAM A SKELTON iBilli 1214 E Washington St i , i rboro C Major: Electrical Engineering Ambition: To become a succt ssful man in my field. Mono Do the difficult immediate- lv, the impossible may take a little i Activities: Alpha Phi Alpl E E Club. N ERNESTINE CARY SMITH 126 N. Dudley St. Greensboro, N. C. Major Home Economics. Ambition : Teacher. Motto: Give the world the best you have, and the best will come back !o you. Activities: Home Economics Club. SALLIE B. STEVERSON 403 Church Street Chapel Hill, N. C. Major: Elementary Education. Ambition ; Teacher. Motto: Speak not but what may benefit others or yourself; avoid Irtthng conversation. MARY ELIZABETH SUBER iMavl Route 1, Box 432, A Greensboro, N. C. Major: Commercial Education. Ambition : Help those that cannot help themselves. Moito: Good Ihings come to those who wait. THELMA LORETTA TURNER (Ret! 500 South Endor St. San ford. N. C. . Major: Tailoring. Ambition: Own a tailor shop. Motto: He can who thinks he can. Activities: Y. W. C. A, 2; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, 2, 3; Choral Society, 3, 2. CARRIE OPALEE W ATKINS ( Snook ) 1117 Broad Ave. Greensboro, N. C. Major: Commercial Education. Ambition: Stenographer. - Motto: Yesterday has passed — for- get it; Today is here— use it; To- morrow is coming — prepare for it. Activities: Physics Club, 4; Delta Sigma Theta Sororitv. 3, 4. LOIS EVELYN WILLIAMS Route 2. Boxe 81 Rocky Mount, N. C. Major: Home Economics. Ambition: Home demonstration agent. Motto: What do we live for it not to make life less difficult for others. Activities: Agricultural Associa- tion, 1, 2, 3, 4; Sunday School Stud- ent Council. P A (. I 20 CLASS HISTORY... REMEMBER WHEN 1 lie halls .nicl i lassrooms ol A. .mil 1 . College were nvei more alive than on Sep tembei I ,. 1942, when the members ol the class " I 1 « enrolled beginning Coin ol the iiinsi 1 1 11 il 11 I years in the history ol the school 11ns record breaking ilass was organ- ized under the leadership ol Kola K. New- some, president, Ezell, ui president, Catherine Richardson, secretary .mil Clyde Brown, treasurer. Eagei in integrate ourselves in to tin Aggie family, we sal oul in become .1 pari ol mans 11I the extra-curriculai activities ol the s hool. Bill Saunders, Waltei Lewis, .mil Gerome Hatfield became football heroes; Louise Nixon .mil Herman Standback made the var- s 1 1 debting team, an honoi seldom won li freshmen. The Olds brothers, Isaai .mil Ernest, became quite populai .is the km ol swing. I). mirl Ray, Eva Foster, Louis Dawson, lames Hill, and Willi. mi Skelton .ilsii re pr es r 11 1 1 il l 1 1 1 l.iss in tin band. Kaiiin.i Grandy, fames Saddler, Danie Raye, Louise Nixon, Perome Bray, Eva Fostei .mil Loniiii ' Burton became members " I the dra- 111. on 1 lull. As cheei leaders, |ames Saddler mil Ermenice Smith helped to cheei tin Aegies to uiinn during the lootball si.isou. I In honoi mils showed ili.u the 1 lass ol )ii was noi only active in extra-curricula] activities bin in theii curricula! activities as will. Having made an average ol 2.3 the lollowing freshmen were initiated into the Mijiiusi Society Louise Plummer, Bessie Dcrr, |osie Edwards, Louise Nixon, |ames Hill. Roberl Holt, Gwendolyn Rogers .mil Cather- ine Rh hardson. Our otlicers cluring out sophomore yeai mil ' Travis Banks, president, Mclvin Hardy, i i r piesident, Louise Plummci secretary, Corine Powell, assistant secretary. 1 Ins yeai Roberl lloli joined the varsity debating team making three sophomores on the team. Gee, what .1 i lass!- fosie Edwards and [ames Saddler played leading inks in ihr dramatic hit " Little Foxes. " Weren ' t we proud when Robert Holi, [ames lltll. Wendell (ones. Bessie Den. Louise Plummer, Geraldine Powell, Louise Nixon, fosie Edwards and Gwendolyn Rogers ueii ' initiated into the Alpha Kappa Mu Honoi Society, the highest single achieve- mu lit a student can make. Also in. in-. ol the 1 lass affiliated with the mam othei Greek letter societies. Xintecn hundred forty-five found us juniors. Yes, dignified juniors. 1 his yea] we elected as out class officers Herman Stand - president, Mel in Hary, i ( e presi- dent. Bessie Den. secretary, and William ' ski lion. Measure!. Honors during tin yeai weni to Eva Bin ford who was crowned " Miss Coed. " During the spring electionsKatrina Grandy won tin title ol " Miss A. and I . " and (ames Hill was elected president ol tin student Council. Our st nun year, the yeai lot which we have been waiting is hen. One hundred and nine 111 luunliei we ale closing the book on loin eventlul years. Oui officers are Sherman Williamson, president, |ess e Minis, vice president, Nancy Griffin, secretary and Ionise Nixon, treasurer, fins year loin seiimis , n receiving scholarships foi having maintained an " A " average during theii junioi year. I In are Nam ( .1 ill in. Lucinda Dean, |ess e Minis and Louise Nixon. It is sad 10 think thai we must pall wllh these experiences, like none we shall have elsewhere, but the hut that we may take then memory with us through the test ol mu lives somewhat compensates foi then loss. Ruh in Christian influences ami tin gay fellowship ol oui college days, we go tordward with heads held high and smiles thai hide mu tears. -Loiisi Nixon, Historian. Pagi 27 CLASS WILL... North Carolina Lois Hamilton wills hei chapel scat in Guilford Counts vespers to Bertha Home. A. and T. College, City ol Greensboro, |ames Gilliam wills his size to Elihuc | une ;j. 1946 Borden, and his pleasant stay to lather Cowar. We, the (hiss ol ' 46, having reflected on Kertrina Grandy leaves her sincere wishes our past deeds at A. and 1 . and having looked ami hope for success to the Miss A. and I . ol into possible future conditions at our Alma l ' 1 17- Mater, do hereby bequeath to certain parties Sallie Coleman wills her ability to play it nui most valuable possessions, hoping that as cool to Evelyn Kemp. time marches on, said possessions will be ol Ruth Me Daniel will her dignit) to Essie some service to those we have lelt behind. Reynolds. Lois Clay wills hei ability as an amateur Loretta Turner wills her ability to use dress designer, and her sewing ability to Man the electrii sewing m achi n e to Bennic Drumwright. |. unison. Eva Bluloul wills her plaid skirl 10 Alene Brannon wills her ability ol wear- Clareece Peters. ing her hair in place to Ella Gamble. Eva Foster wills hei dramatic ability to nn Facobs wills hei dignity ,nu poise to Ann Foxworth. Evelyn Kemp. To next year ' s Miss A and T., Louise Willie Herring wills hei pigeon toes to Nixon leaves her scholastic ability, Eva Foster Essie Reynolds. leaves her versatility, and Ruth McDaniel lai Pope wills her legs to Olga Warren, her charm. inn Griffin wills her si e and scholastic To next year ' s Student Council: fames- ability to Margaret Schoffer. Hill leaves his executive ability. |acqueline Lyles bequests hei ability to To the line wat hers, the graduating dance to Lucy Boone, seniors leave (heir privileges with the hope Winnie Dixon leaves her quietness and that they will be used well. Inn not worn out. ability to keep cool around the male sex to Jcssyc Minis wills hei position on the Barbara Bill. Register Stall 10 Ellis Harris. Lottie Skelton wills hei ability to sew to Ann Barber wills hei chatterbox popu- Ann Forthworth. larity to Mary Landis. As executoi ol this oui last will and Corine Powell wills Five hundred dollars testament wc name our trusted successors, for escalators f 01 Noble and Dudley buildings, il» [uniors, 10 carry 0111 in lull each ami Sara Norcum wills hei alhletii ability to every clause herein contained. Mary L. Steele and hei pleasant smiles to In witness whereof, we, the Class ol 194(1, Gertrude Marsh. do hereunto set oui hands and seals, tins thud Maude Brady wills hei si e to Hattic clay • 3 1 [une, in the year ol Oui Lord, ig fi l.edbc Hei . Class ol ' pi. I. aura Bullard wills lie 1 ability to lead s k Nukci i. Testator. and write shorthand to Virginia Martin. Witnesses: Eunice Powell wills hei ability to talk last I .. A, Wisi to ' eai I [ones. | VMI s I 1 11 1 Elizabeth Howard leaves hei ability to gel Vwe Griffin along with people to Virginia Martin. Elms Harris P vc, 1 38 PROPHECY OF THE CLASS OF 1946 Wishing to know all the possibilities and probabilities ol the future experience in stor lor the members oi oui ilass, ii lias been given unto inc. 1 as the prophetress ol this great and good people, the lass ol 1946, to dream strange dreams and to see strange visions of the glories oi the years yet to be. s I look into the land ol the future. I can discern moving among the dim shadows ol the peoples yet to be, the familiar shapes m those fair and radiant beings who wen once m classmates, now changed and nan formed into citizens ol the world outsid . even as the) had long hoped to lie. The veil before my eves grows more and mote thin through the intensity ol m vision, and behold it is the year 1956. I am in the nations glory, New York City, making a tout ol that grand anil glorious place. Lo. who should 1 behold net me, none but OTlf be- loved president, Sherman Williamson. I had In ard ol his accomplishments .is an artist and he informed me that on the following even- ing lie was giving a piano recital in the City Hall. Being cr glad to meet someone whom I knew, I accepted the invitation to heat him. We ventured further anil as I in- quired about some of the other members of our (lass, he told me that mam ol them were In in» in that iit . He took me into apalatial drug ston, equipped with all the necessities one might want, and on quer) I found out that the proprietors were Olds and Olds. Inc. Alter leaving these two friends we traveled mon about the city anil we approached the " Savoy. " We noticed thai one ol the main .1111 ai lions for the week was a famous star ol stage and radio. Miss Eva Foster. Walking farther down the street who do you suppose we ran into? Our old classmate, Anna facobs, who was the first colored wo- man to become a Powers Model. Anna was attractively attired and she told me that [acqueline Lyles, who was quite a reputable cuss designer in New York, hail ilea ted the ensemble e-peiialh lor her. Working on In 1 stall were suih well known designers as Ellen Davis, Lois Clay, Lottie Skelton, and Man Francis Simmons. Sherman .ind I spent quite a pleasant evening together, bill il was getting late anil I had to be on my way. We parted and 1 walked on toward my hotel. On slopping at the desk to inquire il there had been any calls, believe it or not, Wilmer Pinnix. the night clerk, informed me there had been no calls but some of our old class mates had registered as gucsis 1h.1t very even- ing. Being very glad to see Mr. Pinnix, I stood at the desk and 1 hatted with him foi quite some time. From our conversation I learned that there was a National Medical Coinvention being held in that city anil quite a lew of our classmates were attending. Dr. Meivin Hardy, who is a promising physician 111 Raleigh. X. C; Dr. Eva Bluford Lane a surgeon al Walter Reed Hospital, Dr. Daniel Ra c anil Winnie Dixon who operates a clinic in Daytona Beach. Florida and Dr. Nathaniel Hams noted psychiatrist whose unusual abil ii had broken down racial prejudice in Sa- vannah, Ga. and had a large number ol white and Negro clients. A f t e r attending Sherman Williamson ' s ( oik ert. 1 caught the midnight train from New York heading South. When I went into the dining car, there was seated opposite me a well dressed young gentleman, who intro- duced hiniseil 10 me as William Lawson field scireian tor the N. A. A. C. I ' . You can imagine in cmbai resilient when I realized he was an old classmate ol mine. He informed me that he had visited several colleges in his lour. During this time he hail come across several ol our classmates. Louise Nixon had received a Ph.D degree in mathematics and v, as head of the Mathematics Department of Atlanta University. Charles Brabble w a s president of Livingston College and Maude Brady was a professor ol home economics 0. the same institution. Mary Louise Plummei was an English instructor at North Carolina Si. He College and Bessie Den was head ol the 1 ' AG I 2ij business department " Elnora Faucett was secretary to the registrar at T. and T. College, .iiul Lois Hamilton was head ol the Nursery School al her alma Maui. While in Greens- boro he met Sara Norcum, who was recrea- tion director at Windsoi Community Center. Robert Hold had finally realized the futility ol trying to teach English and was now head ol the iiiusii department al Howard Uni- versity. Lawson and I were so engrossed in our conversation thai we were both surprised whin the conductor came through and called the next stop, which was Philadelphia, my destination. So Lawson and 1 bid each other good-bye. In Philadelphia, I ran across [essye Minis, who was associate editor of the Philadelphia Tribune, a widely known newspaper. She was able to give me a lol ol information about some of our friends because many ol them had been written up in her newspaper. Anion;; those who bail made outstanding progress was fames Hill, who was tin progressive president ol North Carolina Mutual Life In- surance Company. Ruth M Daniel was the private secretary ol this important business executive. He had as stenogrphers in his establishment Catherine Derr, Lucinda Dean and Laura J. Bullaid. The head accountants were Sadie Brooks and Nanc) Griffin. [essye also told me Rosa Flee was lyric soprano and was at that time on a loin ol the South. Rosa Kcves hail become a model for Vogue Magazine. Marion Tayloi was a successful arc hitectural engineer and was at that tune drawing plans lot the palatial home of Mr. and Mis. Flank Cuthbei tson. There had also appeared an article which stated that among those who were attending the annual Home-making Institute at Bennett College recently were such successful home demonstration agents as Keti i n a Smith, lieulah Griffin and Ada Alston. Two ol the prominent dieticians present were Dainty Me 1 ' irayei and Maggie Mills. [essye was on her way to interview Annie Barber who was business executive with Enice Powers as her efficient partner. Oscar Hinnanl was success- fully carrying out his duties as president ol the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car porters. Loretta Turner was head ol the Alterations department at John Wannamakers Depart- ment Stoic William Skelton was sound con- trol operator with Columbia Broadcasting company, [essye could not think ol any others whose nam es had appeared in her paper re- cently. I was only in Philadelphia for a short- time, because I was on my way South. Upon my arrival In Atlanta, Ga., I was greeted by Elizabeth Howard and Claudia Headen who were doing social work in that city. And behold a change was come over the spirit ol my ision, and the veil was drawn ovet mine eyes shutting out from my vision the I hing To Be and 1 turned mine eyes Back to the Filings That are, sure that as " coming events cast their shadows before, ' only goodness and truth and prosperity shall follow all the clavs that ale- lo conic- to the fair anil talented members ol the class of h,i(i. Class Proprietress, Sai t u B. Ceil I MAN. P A G F. P a r. e 3 1 JUNIOR CLASS ' . KELLY DARDEX Vice-President ELLIS E HARRIS President ELIHUE RARDEN Treasurer Wi First Row. left Second Hnw .r fii rtiiht. Elaine Battle. Geraldine Battle. Deloris Boone, Wesley Cain, Julia Carter, ither Coward, Jerimiah Di«£s. Mary Drumright, Pauline Foust, Benjamin Gadson I a(; e 32 JUNIOR CLASS From Left to Right. Crawford Lane William Lee, Bertha Martin, Gertrude Marsh, Ollie McNeil. Louise Pearson, Mary Hinson, Edward Phillips, Jr , Jonas H Phillips. Nancy Rook--. Albert Saddler, and Althena Smith, P AC! CAMPUS SCENES 1 Waiting u the dinner bell L ' " Dope " ' ' 2 -Pm] Grandy " 4. Shortest couple on the campus. 5. Mai y and Ann [Mivrpcniiiir , Corn . ' ll i ' fi and .friend. " ' Tj j.i 1 ' the man about the campus Anna and Home. Just between us three. Mrs K C Epps. 11. Lane with books, 12. Undei the weathe 13. " Big Ten. " 14. The lovers. V A (. 1 £ piw mMj l V ' ■ i THE SOPHOMORE CLASS P G i ;jt rtW-V v j P AC1 THE FRESHMAN CLASS Pag i ;K HctUuti L 39 MISS CO-ED Lot™ M. Bri n vrd MISS A. and T K.ERTRINA ). GRANDV P AG] |i AYANTEE STAFF JESSYE MIMS EVA BLUFORD JACQUELINE LVLES WALTER LEWIS EDITORIAL STAFF ! JAMES DANIELS BUSINESS MANAGER ' » ' ' FRANK CUTHEERTSON ADVERTISING MANAGER R HINNANT THE AYANTEE rhe oldest record ol 1 In Vvantce goes back to 1939. We cannot sa whcthci this was the tirsl annua] published .11 A. and 1.. Inn we are certain the issue ol HI4ii will not be tin last. Ii has been a pihilcgc ami a pleasure to produce The vyantee. We haw tried to please you, and to give you a book among the pages ol which von will find pleasure in the years u come. We wish to taki this opportunity ol thanking all thost whose interesi .ml cooperation have made this publication possible. The efficiency of 0111 editorial staff has been an inspiration to 1 lu whole staff. We owe our deepest gratitud; loom an editor, Walter Lewis, for the excellent work that he has done for this annual. Withoul the efforts ol tin bu iness managers, the most tireless work ol th editorial stall would have been in vain. Under efficient management, out advci lising stall has done an admirable piece ol work. We hope that you will lik tins hook as much as m havi liked publishing II In) VOU. - 1 HI " . I 1 I S I l I Paci DEAN GIBBS Adviser ALTHERIA SMITH Vice-President mm LOUISE PLUMMER LOUISE NIXON President .JAMES LOVELL To send the dark imps cf ignorance scurrying; to light the dark corners of human life with the bright rays from the blazing torch of knowledge; to kindle an answering flame in the hearts and minds of the ambitionless; to mark a clean path to the avenues of service in personal living; io do all this is, in effect, the purpose of the Honor Society. Alpha Kappa Mu. Membership in Gamma Tau chapter of the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society is open to all students who meet the following requirements: 1. Candidates must have completed 90 quarter hours with an average of not less than 2.3. 2. Candidates must never have been suspended for disciplinary problems. 3. The society encourages participation in at least one extra-curricular activity. GERALDIN ' E POWELL UL JAMES HILL LUCINDA DEAN WILLIAM LEE BESSIE DERR Pag i ia THE STUDENT COUNCIL B WjV ■sr 1 t B JAMES H DANIELS Senior JAMES A HILL President Senior QUEEN JEFFRIES Freshman IRVIN STOKES Junior NORRIS MANN Sophomore ESSIE REYNOLDS Sophomore YOUNG MENS CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION THE RICHARD B. HARRISON PLAYERS [In Richard B. Harrison Players is " in oi the mos! populai and vital organizations on the campus. I he organi- zation bears the name oi the late Richard B. Harrison famous Negro actor ol the twentieth century. Operating as .in extra-curricular activity undei the the leadership [ student officers, ii offers practical training in the organi ;iiinii nl the theatre. Membership in the organization h open in .in student enrolled in the college during an) quarter, upon passing an entrance test. 1 1 v members receive valuable training in 1 1 H art nl acting, in the designing and construction oi si enery, in the diret ting " I plays, in the .111 ol tin. in u ,il make-up, in stage lighting, in theatrical costum- ing .mil in publicity management. With its interpretation nl both the classical and modern drama, it offers entertainment ol distinction to both the student bod) .mi I the citizens ol Greensboro. Mis. Pearl ( ,. Bradley is the faculty director. Ilu officers arc: Ai is Covington, president; Ruby rroxler, vice-president, I Lvelvn Smith, secretary; [uanita Milton, corresponding secretary; [eremiali Diggs, trc isurer. Pagi ii THE YOU NG WOMEN ' S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION .-- Officers and Cabinet Mary Louise Plummet II I I ' kl Ml ' l N 1 JeSSyc Minis Si ( R i k Lois Samuel 1 ki si u.i k I hill n Ledbt ttei Chairman. World Related Grolt Essie Reynolds ( hairman, Persona] Growth Groit Josephine Simmon Chairman. Sociai Responsibility Groit Xanry Biook Chairman. Christian Heritagi G»oi r . Altheria Smith Chairman. Social Com miitef. fuanila Iioomei Chairman. Pi blicity Commute! Deloris Boone Advisory Board Miss Vi i F. Hi l l | ISS ( KK I . H II 1 l iss Ellen Ri i i s Ml I HI 1) A. 1 III I luv i i ii ( I ii i lkv k I HI KIM El ' I ' S Pa ;i ;-, THE A. AND T. COLLEGE CHORAL SOCIETY Coleridgi A. P k ah hi i 1 1 . Conductor I i mi i Bardi n President Coleridgi A. Braithwaiti Conductot Lois Sun 1 1 s Reporlei The . ,md I, College Choral Society I Greensboro, North Carolina, has been featured on both NBC .mil (lis nation-wide radio networks as will as on local stations throughonl North Carolina. During the absence " I the Earned " Wings (her [ordan " Choral Enscmbel during the spring ol 1945, the Choral Society was dim ol Ion 1 college groups selected In tin Columbia Broadcasting s siciii 10 sin ; iii iis plan each Sunday morning lor an assigned length ol time. 11k A. and 1. College organization has travelled extensively In main vears, presenting concerts in practically every state in the eastern so tion ol ihe country. The conductor ol the Society, Coleridge A. Braithwaite, is an honoi graduate ol Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has completed formal re- quirements there foi the doctorate degree. Before entering the United Male. Army, he was on the faculty ol l-isk University, Nashville, I enncssee, and upon release in 1943 came to A. and I. College as Directoi ol Choral Mush, Pag j |( THE COLLEGE BAND I he Band lakes .in .hum pan in i hi !ii ol the College. Each veal n tours ilu statt Iroin e.1 1 to west .in well as sonic parts ol Virginia and South Carolina 1 he conductor ol ilns organization is Bernard Mason who is also an out- standing iolinist. OHKlRsol IHI (OM.1R1 M) I K( li: ' C KWDS CHARLES WOODS WALTER CARLSO: President Vice-President ALICE TERRY JOHN CARLSON LEWIS JENKINS Seeretarj Q:iaTtermaster — Librarian Tre isurer Pag i i; THE PHYSICS CLUB EDWARD LAMARR EDWIN HORNE MARY LOUISE PLUMMER Vice-Preside (K President Secretary i . i. 48 TAILORING CLUB P A f. 1 l ' l E ! IV RD LAMAR MARIAN TAYLOR President RIS COVINGTON Treasurer EDWARD CARTER The Architectural Engineering Club is composed of those student who have selected the realm of architec- ture as their lifetime endeavor with the knowledge that their contributions to mankind will be symbolized by the concrete, stone, and steel edifices that shelter man from the elements. It is hoped that through the association and the exchange of ideas pained through membership in the club each member ' s goal will be realized and we will join the ranks of the master builders. ODIE BLILLOCK CARL BULLOCK LONNIE FOSTER I ' (. r " ,ll b THE REGISTER STAFF 1945- 1946 . ' ESSYE M MIMS Editor ELLIS E HARRIS Associate Editor f LOUISE NIXON KERTRINA CKAVnv LOIS HAMILTON HUH )R! VI BO R1 - EDWARD LACY Sport WESLEY CAIN Business Manager repor II Rs SHERMAN WILLIAMSON Art Editor REBECCA BOONE THOMAS COOPER DELORES BOONE I I ' ls I s BARNABAS PARKER MARY POPE LAURA RUTH MARY L ANNIE CATHERINE EUNICE ANNA BULLARD McDANIEL PLUMMER BARBER DERR POWERS JACOBS P A C 1 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS d h CARDOZA McCOLLUM President JAMES H. DANIELS Secretary WILLIAM SKELTON Vice-President ELIHUE BARD Treasurer LEONARD CLARK Motto... Engineers do the difficult immediately, the impossible ma v take a little time I In I. I ( liil ol V and 1 College was Founded in November, 1936 l Prof. A, C. Bowling, .1 graduate ol Buckneli University, M. S. from ohm Slate. I In ] mi 1 lose ol this organization is i " assist the men who entci the Electric- al Engineering Field 111 solving the various problems thai Frequently occur. With ilic leadership ol oui able and proficient adviser, Prof. A. (.. Bowling u hose picture is not shown the E. I ■ . club has made unyielding progress. 1 ' A (. 1 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS In ngim i i Dm I ' ll, Dilln nil Immediately . The lml oisihlr Will Tuk, I Little Time P A G ] -, ; LE CERCLE FRANCAIS I.e Cercle Francais is an organization comprised oi Fundi students whose average is " B " or ;ilx i-. At present the organization lias a membership ol thirty- six students. The officers are: president, folin Dove; vice-president, Carrie Belle Payton; secretary, Virginia Pearsall; treasurer, Myitis Edgecomb; reporter, Inez fohnson. Advisors arc: Dr. W. V Rice and Dean V. F. Bell. P A (. 1 54 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION ' ■■• ' RELIGIOUS ( I. ss ()iii courses in religious education do nol n to compete with religious seminaries in teaching creed, doc trim and dogma. 1 Ik are not designed [01 thai purpose. Wc arc interested more in preparing trained lavmen who (.in in tin several churches with .m understanding ol intelligent church administra- tion and some knowledge ol how to maintain it. 1 Ik majority ol out people havt church connections and attend the services, rhere are 111. m aspects ol church administration that are f .1 high order, l m others arc not well planned and are poorh carried out, largely because Few, il any, ol the members have taken lime to learn methods ol improvement. 1 li " amount " I mone invested 111 (IhikIi property has grown to the point where, as .1 in. inn ol sound business policy, 11 should be in the hands l persons com- petent to safeguard its use .mil integrity. I ' m. 1 -,-, THE VETERANS ORGANIZATION 1 _Jt DR. CLEFT Adviser JEROME BRAY GILBERT THOMPSON President Vice-president n, • ' i EDWARD LACY Treasurer WILLIAM MOORE Secretary FRANK CUTHERBSON Reporter BESSIE DERR Veteran ' s Secretary The Veteran ' s Association here al the Agricultural and Technical College was organized dur- ing the Spring Quarter 1946. lis primary purpose is to promote the development of the social and scholastic life among the veterans and to establish a bond of fellowship among the group. When the association w - in i organized there were only twenty-four veterans enrolled in this institution, but at the time of tins writing the organization boast of a roster of 255. The mem hers of the Veteran ' s Association sen ed in all the bunches of the armed forces during the war and have now returned to tl peacetime pursuit of knowledge. They have integrated themselves in all phases of campus life such as athletics, fraternities, musical organizations and all other extra curricula activities. The officers are as follows; JEROME BRAY. President Gilbert Thompson, Vice-preside EDWARD LACY, Treasurer FRANK CUTHERBSON. Report DR. VIRGIL CLIFT, Adriser WILLIAM MOORE. Secretary P AG E 56 THE AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION Reading from left to right: President, Wesley Cain, vi c-presideni . Havwoo I Rodgcrs, treasurer, |onas Phillipcs, Sgt. ai Vrms, Albert Spruill. Seated left to right: Secretary, Louise Pearson, assistant secretary, Idell [on Reporter, Emma Parrish. Advisors standing at left: Mr. Grandv. Kneeling in centei Dean |. (. McLaughlin. Dr. . L. Kenned) i 1 - not pictured. 1 his association is composed l Agricultural students. It meets twice month- h for business and -.c 1:1 1 purposes. Pace -, 7 COLLEGIATE 4H CLUB — j , -««J»(H| ili WILLIAM MOORE President IDELL JONES Secretary CICERO DAWSON Treasurer P (. I -,K THE PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL ft MARY WILLIAMS Vice-President Zela Phi Beta JAMES DANIELS President Kappa Alpha Psi E- CATHERINE DERR Secretary Alpha Kappa Alpha HARRIS Psi Phi ELIHUE BARDEN Phi Beta Sigma U 1 I CLARENCE BARBER Apha Phi Alpha , ' - JAMES HILL Kappa Alpha Psi CARDOZA MeCOLLUM Omega Psi Phi LOIS SAMUELS Alpha Kappa Alpha U Il.LIAM LAWSON Phi Beta Sigma ALLENE BRANNON Zeta Phi Beta CRAWFORD LANE Kappa Alpha Psi ISAAC- OLDS Klpha Phi Alph; RUBY FRANKS Zeta Pin Be HAROLD LASSITER Phi Beta Sigma CHARLES WALLACE Alpha Phi Alpha RUTH McDANIEL Alpha Kappa Alpha CORINE POWELL Delta Siema Theta Paci The Pah-Hellenic Council was organized in 1P3S It governs the activities of all the Greek letter organizations on the campus. The membership consists of three representatives from each of the four national fraternities and from each of the three national sororities on our campus, .: chairman and a faculty advisor The council offer- annually to the student maintaining the highest scholastic averare for three consecutive quarters and who has participated in at least one major extra-curricula activity a Sal) scholarship ' I THE ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY The members of the Alpha Phi Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority are. Reading from left to right, t front row) Ora Jennings, Clark ton. Va.; Ruby Davis. Richmond. Va.; Deloris Boone. Enfield. N. C; Lois Hamilton. Norfolk. Va.: Ruth Jones, Newport News. Va; Salhe Cole- man. Halifax. Va.; (holding lift ' of insignia) Rebecca Boone, Winton. N. C; (holding right of insignia! Nancy Rooks. Wilmington. N C; Bernita Spellman, Baltimore, Md.; Betty B. Bell. Jackson, N. C; Sarah V. Norcum, Wilhamburg, Va.; Mary Drumwright, Woodsdale, N. C; i Back row J reading from left to right Clarice Peters. Greenville. S. C; Elizabeth Howard. Wilmington, N. C. Mai James. Faytetteville. N. C; Lois Samuels. Winston-Salem. N. C; Anne Barber. Belhaven. N. C; Bessie Derr, Hickory. N. C; Olga Warren. Newport News. Va.; Atheles- tine Wat kins. Tuscumbia. Ala.; Ruth Holmes. Lexington, N. C; Naomi Ramseui . Kings Mtn.. N. C: Louise Pluinmer. Ridgeway. N. C; Audrey Erown, Newport News Va.; icentert From left to right: Catherine Derr. Hickory. N. C; (Treasurer) Ruth McDaniel. Decateur, III . iFresident ) Cora Allen, High Point. N. C; (corresponding secretary ) Evel n Kemp. New Rochelle, N. Y ; i Vice-Pies. and Ella Gamble. Red Bank, N, J , (Dean of Pledgees). Those absent when pirture was taken: Jacqueline Lyles. Asheville, N. C; Sabina Anglin. Martinsville. Va.; Altheria Smith. Warsaw. N. C; (eeci and Nettie McGimpsey, Morgan ton, N. C. (reporter) . The establishment of the Alpha Phi Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority marked the beginning of the chapter of a sorority on the campus of The Agricultural and Technical College It had ils beginning January 21. 1932 and has advanced rapidly since that time. From Alpha Phi has come manj of the campus superlatives over the ears including; Miss A. and T.. Presi- dent ni the Student Council, and many others It gives an annual scholarship to the highest ranking freshman girl. The Sororitj also contributes to many National Project;; as. The Non. Partisan Council on Public Affairs, The Mississippi Health Protect and the N A A. C. P. P A G I 60 THE IVY LEAF PLEDGE CLUB OF THE ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY Pictured are (from lefi to right) Mh s Louisi Peeler, Myitis Edgccomb, [essyi Minis. () Pearl McNeil, Omeata Howard, Elnora Faucett, .iltt Douglass. ( arolvn Brown, Man Glmph, Minnie Sutton, M.n Sinimons, Man Simpson, Geraldini Kennedy, Viola I ' aylor, Clementine Davis, Doroth Bradlcv .111! Doroth Mclver. (nun (lefi t " right) [osephine Simmons, vice-president, [ulia Carter, secretary, and Mildred Bnant, president. P i. i 1.1 ALPHA MU CHAPTER OF DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY . I he Delta Sigma I hcta Sororit) was founded 1913 at Howard University as .1 result ol the action ol the active membership to reorganize .t local Greek Letter society which antedated Delta b five years. The founders ol Delta Sigma Theta envisioned an organization which would reach out into all parts ol the country and bring togethei college women ol like ideals, potentialities ami attainments lot the mutual benefits which such fellow- ship affords .mil lot promoting social and race betterment. rhis organization conceives the faith in Negro people and stimulated l tin highest ideals ol womanhood, loyalty, scholarship and senile in playing an important pat i in national life. The oil nets ol the Alpha Mu Chaptei ol Delia Sigma Iheta Sororit) ate as follows: President, Soror Eva Bluford ol Philadelphia, Pa.; Vice-President, Sorot Mae Bradshaw ol Mebane, N. C; Corresponding Secretary, Mae . M Mtlliauol Fairmont, . C; Recording Secietary, Doroth) Draughn ol rarboro, V C; rrcasurer, Thelma Marina ol Stanley, . C; Reporter, [osie Copeland ol En- field, . C, Sergeant at Aims. Louise Nixon ol Hertford, . (..: Chaplain Ion it. i linnii oi Sanford, . ( ;. Our Sponsors are Sorors Ellen Reeves and Katheiine l.pps. P a c r. 02 THE PYRAMID CLUB . The purpose ol [lie I ' m. mini Club is to attain high scho!asti cfliciciicv, to develop i ■ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 r service, and to i.f- the ideals ol Delta. 1 lie officers are as follows: President 1m i i- Harpy— Detroit, Michigan. Vice-President, Bi vnchi |i n Boomer— Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Set retary, Felecia ). Payne— Chariot tsville, Virginia. Treasure) .Virginia Holm —Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Journalist, Sadij I) i Asheville, North Carolina. Sergeant-At-.irvis, 1 1 i i I- . Miii Stuait, Virginia. Chaplain, M m Dozier -Sailers, South Carolina. RUTH FRICE LUCILLE BETTIS ESSIE REYNOLDS IDELI. JONEs .TUANITA WIMBUSH ALICE PERRY LUCILLE TATUM RUBENA WATKINS louise pearson elora McAllister rose smith Paci 6a ZETA PHI BETA P A f. E 64 - , WILLIAM LAVVSON President J " } Pagi 6 JAMES HILL Polemarch JAMES DANIELS K nf R nnd Exchequer GEORGE TILLETT ALBERT SADDLER WILLIAM LEE P AC I lid ' JAMES MCLEAN Vice-President NORRIS MANN President WADSWORTH GRAY Secret SAMUEL HILL Treasurer JEREMIAH DIGGS Crtapl P AG] 6 - « X - J k CHARLES GADSEN Dean oj Pledges MELVIN HARDY Vice Baslleus EDWIN HORNE ELLIS HARRIS Basileus CARDOZA MARION McCOLLUM GEORGE Keeper of Finance Keeper of Record f- k i CADET REGINALD REEVES LUCILLE BETTIS " Miss Mu Psi " HOWARD ROBINSON Founded National!) November 11,1911 MARION TAYLOR IF HORACE DAVIS " k AH 1 HUH MERRIWETHI ,R 1 ' c 1 68 ' I . ? -ft TLLIAM R TOLLES Treasurer CHARLES S ARIS WHITTED COVINGTON Vice-president President THOMAS WILLIAMS Secretary { r • V - gr - — i THE LAMPODAS CLUB Ml I ' M ( II V 1 ER OF THE OM1 (. I ' M l ' HI 1 R i ERNITY The Lamped as Club i- composed of thore men who seek the mysteries of Omega and the Brotherhood that l es within the domain where only those imbued with certain fundamental prerequisites can ever hope to enter. The Lamp:das Club through H5 challenge to the individu- al to seek thai which many aspire but few attain is a contributing factor to the preparation of its members for future succes in later life. HERMAN WILSON LOUIS H NEWBERRY MARION ERVIN CHARLES S CHATMAN MARSHALL SIMMS THOMAS LANG JOHN KAY r ffl7 77?7777r7?T?77r7?%777?77Z?Zffl2ffmrA BARBARA ' BtiL.SwetTMtfPT ALPHA PHI ALPHA FRATERNITY P A c I 70 LEWIS JENKINS Vice-President DAVID WAGNER President SPHINX CLUB BRADSHAW WHITE Treasurer LONN1E FOSTER Secretary JAMES JOHNSON Reporter THE1.MA CAMPBELL " Sweetheart " P A G E 71 30 i SARAH NORCUM Assistant Secretary ( BESSIE DANIELS ANGELA McCOY OLGA WARREN .-CRANK CUTHBERTSON INEST OLDS ESTKRINE CHRISTIAN GERALDINE POWELL Treasurer Secretary Vice-President SOPHIST SOCI ETY The Sophist Sni ii i is the pledge club to the Mpha K. .1 1 ] n Mu Honoi So- ciety. In order to ju.ihl foi membership in this society, .1 student must havi .111 average ol 1101 less than - ' .;;. Freshmt n are eligible after one quarter with the above average; upperclassmen arc eligible an time the have .111 accumula- tive average ol _ ' .;. The menibeis t tin society air: fanie Blacklcdge, Clarence Hardison, Virginia Pearsall, Willi. mi Brown, Edward Clark, |ames [ones, fames Lilly, Francis Martin, Doroth) Mclver, Hannah Rivers, Yvonne Simmons. -rgic Smith, Lillie Hairston, Fannie Smith, Annie Steele, Fannie Stroud, Ma garei Lewis, Carolyn Brown, .im Griffin, fessye Minis, | hn Hazel, mm Knight, Nfatlic I 1 1 1 _; . |iilin Lambeth, Sophia Holley, Rub liu Ki. Mildred Bryant, Vzalea Douglass ami [.awrence Zollicoffer. THE NURSERY SCHOOL ITS FUN TO CLIMB ON THE JUNGLE GYM Chug! Chug! Chug! I ' m a hi l It lii I jmll the big hunts Chue! Chue! Chue! Page 74 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Miss Effietee Martin. Director i -ntiJU+ • Miss Martin is dii alumnus of Allen College and Indiana University. She holds the Master of Science in Health and Physical Education from Indiana University Miss Martin formerly served as director of health nd physical education for women in the Summer High School at St Louis, Missouri and Fayetteville State Teachers. BASKETBALL From left to right: front row: Bernice Beaman, Edna Wallington. Gardenia Johnson. Pauline McColluni, Lucv Freeman tall sophomores on first team i : Second row : Mae B. Ashford. Ester Meeks. Argie Smith, Sue Dell McCalop, Agnes Brown. Mary Cox, MODERN DANCE GROUP Sitting center front: Miss Effietee Martin, director; Ruby Martin. Alice Galloway. Mable Mum ford. Collie Benton. Eernice Beaman, Ella Gamble, Ess:e Reynolds, Evelyn Kemp. Mable Graves MAY DAY ACTIVITIES Mn jorettes May Pole Wax Queen and Attendants Modern Dana Group Tumbling P A G ] 76 HOME COMING ACTIVITIES HOME COMING ACTIVITIES 1 " A (. 1 78 ATHLETICS V G I 80 FOOTBALL j .? ' " ' ; ' -». m • ' ■ ysi ' tit MURIEL REID I.EfiOY CHILDS ROBERT REEDER CHARLES WEAVER i.,|-, VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM T A (, I Hi II BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM R. (). I . (.. B SKI-T BALL 1 1- AM I ' a (. i. 82 CAMPUS SCENES 1. Restful moments for a G. L 2 Smiles 3. Snowbound 4. Look A There 5 Sice Pickings Pag i s- ; 6 Anotiier Smile Love Is Great Collegiate What a freshman ' Persona t 11 Three Pals 12. Such Charm 13. Dimples 14. Snow Balling 15 A Greeting For Spring 16. -Red " ' Foster CAMPUS SCENES Lone Triumphs 6. Brothers and Sisters At A Football Game AOA AKA 7. In Case You ' re Interested, It ' s J. Chambers G. 3 Hamlei 9. Gee! Personality Plus 10. So Nifty 11 The Million Dollar Smile 12 Botony Must Be The Smite 13 A Senior Personified 14 Don ' t Fall or You Might Break 15 Physical Fitness 16 What ' s The Trouble ' On The Beam The Gang As The School Dan Ends Oh Gosh ' But She Is Wonderful Such Innocence. Pag i 84 CAMPUS SCENES m I 3 ha " _ J 1 " Matter N 5. Oh That Lucky Shrub 2. Does The Flu7 ie stit! Exist? 6 .4h ' Such Diomty 7 f-, jr „ Stroll 8. .4 Punve Frc.m Study 4. Tico Pals Pace 85 9 Ifi The Mimms 10- Relaxtul Moments 11- Rela.rful Moments 12 They Were E.rpeudnb e 13 Army Bound 14. Symphony Kid lo. Football .4cr;rrt ' 16 Such Charm ALMA MATER 2 ea A. and 7. Lj ric by MRS. S. B. DUDLEY Kustc bu CHARLE3 E. STEWART Arranged by HARRY B. BAKER Deal . . and " .. Dear . I. and I . I monument indeed! Around thy base with grateful hearts behold thy students kneel, II i bless the powei that gave thee birth To help us in our need. We ' ll evet strive while hoc on earth III loyalty to yield. CHORUS With joy, with joy, deal . I. and T. Thy students tin n limn thee, Id spread thy trophies yea) by year limn Dare in Cherokee. Drill I . mill ' " .. Dim I. niul ' . The signet thou shall be, Set by mn great commonwealth Proud boaster the free. She ' d Imrr the record n hn worth On granite not him ribe, Xux 1 let the children o hn birth Prot liiim ii by llini lives. Dun I. mill I -.. Drm A. mid ' . Hence forth otn Ann Shall be, By precepts wise and deeds more sure To bless the State through thee. The arts nl industry in weild . Igainst mi idle foe, I harvest rich from ripened fields ( j what thry students sow. P A (. 1 ,S| The Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina AT Greensboro i Co-Educational Institution i Rated .is .111 " A " Grade college l the North Carolina Department " I Education the Southern Association l Colleges and Secondan Schools, and the New York Board ol Regents. Acc UlcUed Plo f,lam It luck Will £ talde £%te to- QiaJLcale. i+t 3 IfeaAA. Courses leading to the B. S. degree in Agriculture, Engineering, Business Home Economics, Science and Education. Graduate work offered leading to the M S. degree in Agriculture, Mechanical Industries and Rut il Sociology. SENIOR RESERVE OFFICER S rRAINING CORPS SENIOR RESERVE OFFICERS IRAINING CORPS MANY SPECIAL VOCATIONAL 1 TRADE COURSES I S. VI 1 1 K s GUIDANCE CEN 1 IK Fali Qi kiik Begins September 17. 1946 im fuvihc) Information, Address: I I). BLUFORD, President A. and 1. C oik i;c . Greensboro, N. C. P A I, 1 S7 VISIT OUR MODERN PLANT COMPLIMEXTS SANITARY DRY CLEANING CO. I hi Prompi and Dependable Service in Dry Cleaning It ' s . . . SANITAR Y 106 North Dudley Street Greensboro, X. C Phone 7 (53 Pace 88 Congratulations To The Graduate jniaMx le A ew4 Gente i WE CARRY A COMPLB IF. LINE OF Ml DENTS NEEDS SLationen . . . Eoilei Articles . . . Confectionan . . . Tobaccos . . . Solt Di inks Mr. D. F. Wmimik. Manaeei Ike. r n " bULLto: II Handle A Complete Lint Of SCHOOL si IT1 II s . . . DELICIOUS SANDWICHES soli DRINKS... lOIl.FI ARTICLES I ( CAPLE, Manage) P ic i 8y At Jlaii. . . " THE NORTH CAROLINA NEGRO IN WORLD WAR II " ;ur; Page Volume Dealing Willi the ( ionti 1 1 1 1 1 ions ul " The North Carolina Negro on The Home and Foreign Fronts In World War II " HISIRVK VOIRCOI ' VMm III WRITING l NEGRO INFORMATION CENTER P. (). Box 2137 (.KM NSBORO, N. C, Publishers V a i; E 90 CAROLINA FLORIST I ; I asi Washington Street Phonr 7 1 1 ' j si Immiii I George. Manager, B. V, A. and T. Further study: Oxford I niv., Oxford, England: Read Univ., Reading, England | U°. R. (.k m i. li. Consultant, B. S., A. and I. College, ' 40 Furthei study: Cornell University Leonard Cooper, Secretary and Treasurer, B. S., A. and T., ' 43. Furthei Studv: Ndi York Si 1w ! ol Design Southside Hardware 1 R [ I M 1 1 EMEXTS WD 111 II Dl R II VRDW R1 -,. ' ; South 1 lin Stn 1 1 PHOX ' I 2-2lo6 A ' 1 ( ' p With I in ■ R I I ) I 1 1 1 FUTURE OUTLOOK SUI1SCRII 1I ) v, -,, i i K 1 R E KM M KM I SllU I I Phone ; 1 ts8 Pagi Smith Loan Jewelry Company " Money to Loan on Anything " I Value " 5528 South Elm Street Nat Silver s " Tailoring as you like it " -•07 South Elm Street (.Kl 1 NSBORO, . ( ' .. Service Shoe Shop For Fine Shoe Rebuilding [. X. Davis. Proprietor 303 BENNETT STREET Davis cc Marks Shoe Shop riie finest in shoe repairing 8221 ., East M.u kit Street Compliments i Dccles Oi ynn s Drug Store We carr) ;i complete line ol drugs 900 1- s I MARKE1 STREE1 PHONE 3-1415 1 A (. I COMPLIMEXTS OI GATE CITY PAINT COMPANY no NORTH GREENE STREET I ' lloM ;-i T i,, Paints, Vrtisi Supplies, Wall Papei Congratulationi I " the Senim Clan JONESBORO CASH SERVICE GROCI R II s ■ Ml Is PRODUCE Phone 3-1513 igog Easi Market strict Mil K Ml kl-s M)I) s M VGAZIXI S CAKES ETHEL ' S BAKE SHOP 8iu 1 asl ki 1 Mi 1 11 VISIT LEACH ' S BEAUTY BARBER SHOP ' ALL , ,-,;•, Foi appointment 971 I WI WASHING ION STREI 1 (.Kl i NSIIORO. . C ALLEN GROCERY Countn Produce - - - - Fish - - - - Groceries Fresh Vegetables 1801 L VS 1 M Rkl 1 S I kl ■ 1 I The stove that appreciates youi business P AC 1 1)3 Compliments of FOUST BEAUTY SHOP Nancy Foist We make loveliness lovelier Eight experienced operators to serve you Phone 9433 812 E. Market St. Enjoy Life with CAMPUS LIFE A Monthly Pictorial Magazine ot Negro College Events NOW ON SALE ... 15 Cents REYNOLD ' S 103 North Dudley Street Congratulations to the SENIOR CLASS COLLEGE GROCERY Across the street from the campus THE JEWEL BOX " Greensboro s Gift Store o over 20 years " 134 South Elm Street Compliments o SASLOWS. INC. " Greensboro ' s Largest Credit Jewelers " ■2 14 South Elm Street S. T. WYRICK CO. Ottice Supplies and Equipment Drawing Equipment iiq North Gri-km Strh-i Compliments of ANN LEWIS 1 13 South Elm Street DRESSES - Sl ' llS SPORTSWEAR MILLER FURNITURE CO. Furniture Quality 3 1 1 South Elm Street Greensboro, N. C GREENSBORO LOAN CO. Grkknsboro. N. C. 128 E .Market St. Opposite King Coltmi Hotel PHONE 2-2614 Unredemmed articles and new merchandise at bargain prices P a c; e 94 McCadens Dry Cleaning Cleaning— Drying— Pressing— Tailoring DEPOT 903 Easi Markel Street PLAN ' ] 821 Ashe Streel PHONE 20025 Congratulations with Best II ishes BROWN ' S Fi nerai I)iki roRs— Morticians Equipped Ambulance— Da) oi Night Since 1886 Dial lime) 918 Easi M.u kcl Si Gru- NSBORO, N. C. Compliments i Burtner Furniture J12 South Elm Street Greensboro, North Carolina When m are in nerd ol furniture see MR ROY BUR I 1 R c|i«i East Green Streel High Point, X. C. ll ' icii you want service with a smile VISIT The Service Grill kio N01 ill DmlliA Streel COXGRATUL I770.VS in the Graduates l 1946 I Jine at... Raleigh s Restaurant " The Home of Good Food " 1 -, 1 1 East M.u kci Streel PACli 95 HILL ' S GENERAL MERCHANDISE Since i n t» 82 | l-.isi Market Streel (.Kl ENSBORO, .V. C. Sub-postal Station No. 7 Compliments Fashion Shop ■joS South El mStreet GREENSBORO, N. C. • • Kay Jewlry Co. 239 South Elm Street Greensboro, N. C. • • I-iii Style and Quality Visit National Shirt Hat Shop 2 1 -, South Elm Strict Greensboro, N. C. • • Complimcfits f TURNER ' S CLOTHING STORE L ' L ' 7-li South Elm Streel .l;i 1 NSBORO, . C. • • Compliments »f Paramount Grill We Specialize hi Fine Foods !) 7 East Market Street (.Kl 1 NSBORO, . (. ' .. • Pag 1 y i Archives F. D. Bluford Library N. C. A T State University Greensboro. N. C. 27411

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