North Caddo High School - Rebel Yearbook (Vivian, LA)

 - Class of 1959

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rf C' ' x X i. ,X Q, L I ff' U: X Q I -1. ' x - - f.. N . ' 1 I U Z U ,w K sh ,x 'x , N ,ff A . 7 X x . 1 'X H K5 . .Cx -:D D 3, ,df KJ Ei" ' Us V L 4.1 X 3 ef '- . 1 1 N Q. s " 5 '. .v u ,f f., I . W4 QV P K J L55 0"?'tJ!5 wc . X K Lmx. 91 -a X a 1 my x 3 7 3 X 1- --f .l,,':x 5 fx X wry X xr-1 . x 'f I v X 'L f 2x X -kj N V V X, G J ' ,, xl x " v gk x JQF xx..-Z ldv ' A f M Ni Xvs. s' K A . 'X . 1- ' 5 'Vx 1' 5 . J U' K x 3 'fx V. ' , ' Y 4 X J-X , in at NX- X xx' ,Jxx X1 L ' K, v IN H -, X h FY Dx N , H, r K4 '-- 5 J' - , 3 1. , f 1 Q L . , N X ,, N X v N - " .h , ' ' 4 ' ,Q f qN 1 Q , . X v , . ' ,V 5, - Jw 'XY ' Y 1 'HD X NX' N , V, . ' " rr- U- ' ' ,V V 4, , 1-3 1 I .T , A ,fm f N' 5' ,X f xv .- :W axf' I I .J ' V, x G V - V , X K-'V Cl-: x ' ,, K X-' , K - g .. . f f 9. - Q- - v X L 'X ' ' - 5 z'-I L 'im ' J ' J I xaff A 7' N -,, 1 - 9 , ' . 'O' ' W' v A '7' K 1, X .., "V V 61 45, fx f xi , I' W, I vfxt k 4 V , Q, A Bw A jj N fy, .. 5 -V 34 . " .4 Y 'If , x Ulf xxx ,X V A , ' C- r Z fx- U L, . X . M ' ' .f . V I QQ. X ' Y IJ J A ' , 'xx X V!!! JD I -A X.. il! Y N' J V 1 I , .I V Xkdsf Q! A - J W :- R ig-,R , -' fx., 'V L F! .L X X I N!-li f j , A I :V , ' 'X A 3 i N'-.iti .5 P xr, , ,ff-L. if :C .4k2.,,, rj X lfyt' A if H 7,-. 1' 1 'K ' '11 ' -N ' R, , Q. If , I K f Y K 1 . N , ,, 'Q A ' , fgjl V1 Fi , X' --. V , V X-Xa. K ' f l fglg 1 1 v .3:,,,1' N, 4 ' , ' 55, XR' ' ' 'U . ' 1 , - ,.f+' mf U X' , ' N . Q b ' I e ff' 'J PJ V .ff .1 .fl I . E -477 .V 1, I-F APK rl pp' 4" in It L' V ,w I ' ,z V ' Q 3 4 , r jf- I .1 . W' X 1" x f ,fl , ,, I N . E Q Q- 1 ,Nga k if ' Y' I 5,1 VJ A 'kg V I. ,. ' M , if I , -w ' ' 4 x f rw' , M A+ ,Ki 1 K , 5 7 Ajgfi I iff lx-Fxofgxg gi L ,Q . I N -'f I n 1959 REBEL presents NORTH CADDO HIGH SCHOOL VIVIAN, LOUISIANA V45 i Wy , Q 4, W bi ADMINISTRATION AND liltyt? Vlr Sanders and ecretarle Nlr 'Nloure and 'VI Hartllne attempt to lf-x el Cla mom enrollment CLASSES Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Hartline, and Mrs. Ellen Burr watch as Mrs. Jones, senior history teacher, calls attention to the bulletin board display of historical events. Mrs. Elder attempts to subdue the temperamental mimeo machine. Black and Red Day posters are made in the this talented senior-Dorothy Brown. --nl ,JI BU I V DAP K, V Art Department by Arlene Hardy and Jacob Goodman. outstanding seniors, smile at reading the notice of a class meeting. FEATURE A D A real Southern lady and gentle man Peggy Pardue and Jeffrey Brown, have been in school to- gether lrom the first grade. Dr. Pardue and Mrs. Brown, parents of these popular seniors, were also classmates throughout their school days. The speakers' table at the Jun- ior-Senior banquet seated such notables as these. 1 5 in 'ia Yvonne Dunlap is practically on the way to the banquet. t Mk JJ x X gg L I' , , . ' W? '4-Q Tommy Stinson, annual editor, directs the planning of the '59 REBEL. Virgil Pillmall, 0Ul' Silldenl C0lHlCil 1 l x f I Remember the hot days in September - band drills went on regard- less. ORGANIZATIONS school newspaper staff, is preparing the first issue of '58-'59, president, has been instrumental in making this year one of the best at NCHS. 1 T in +'-liesglii' PORT . Q .1 Y , V ' 4' ' Y Rebellc-HP I,fllIllHll'I'S warm up for Ihr- first g,:amvHthat with Jefferson. Nm 1- vp 1 ,ff 4-., 51 ,J sig? ' f 3, nh I , J. 1 G 'K - mmf' VM . , fimfwlkf a,!f,g, 'KP fy ww Q ,HV . kv .ffw J A' 6-61,- Q, '45, A 1 ,M VW, ..- ,M .W ,V , fy' 1 Y. J, ff, fm . 1, V. 41" 'il 'V w if , sig? , -1" 1 Tm., my A 3- '4 H+. fl . .,, , sv, L ev , N 4. , ,Q fe-.. 'L ' nw, ,,f"f'w?-'1' fr aug 5, f f ,. . Ei' .d 424 avr., AND SPIRIT xihlfg Tommy and Jimmy begm the initial planning to the '59 REBEL v U Al I fp -1" K! 'lc K Q s 6 WifF'J' is M43 swf xv, Ev' if 3 ! G 1 1-7.53: .3559 f A f 3 TSX-1 -r.,:,"4"1'. ,1 -,g i12l.'-'QF-'t" s f f, ,,41.,.,ll1, I f ,,-.,.g1, .1., rx!! AN 1 abr 'Za K s J lilvfvl 'i'v. 3 I 4 Q,-f-ffi fwi fins ' 2 V510 I ,-qv ry-I 5. 'fs :Q ffrfarii -.5 V, qyixfu 'Q I, Q 44141 fu. 2 fig' .s- DEDIC TIO To Mr. J. B. Yancy, who at all times has been pleasant, helpful, and cooperative, who goes his respective way in a gentle, manly, and dignified manner, and who, in all aspects of his personality, has endeared himself to the students and faculty of the North Caddo High School, we, of the yearbook staff, fondly dedicate the 1959 volume of THE REBEL. Miss Norvie Burr, Assistant Principal, advises Raby Stanley, Sandra Dailey, and Brenda Parker on a class problem. A INISTR n T10 fin MR. O. C. SANDERS Principal We find in him. our principal. Mr. O. C. Tsanders. a broad sense of integrity and an openhearted kindliness coupled with an uncompromising determination in our common task of making our still young NCHS a better school. We realize that he is always willing to listen to our side of a disagreement before he makes a decision concerning our standing in school. This has endeared him to us since we feel that he cares for us as an individual and always has our well-being in mind. P x!! A For the last four years Mrs. Norvie Burr. our assistant principal. has been one of our inspirations to strive to become better students and better citizens of our school and community. She always sets for us a goal that is beyond our reach. so that by planning care- fully and groping upward we come nearer to perfection than we could possibly have if it had not been for her high expectancy for us. Such a person receives a just reward. for each student feels that she is his personal friend and knows that she will go the limit in order that she might be of greatest help. She is always ready with advice and encouragement and her service to NCHS is unsurpassed. MRS. NORVIE BURR Assistant Principal ':l.i 5. 5- f 1 1, .I ',a - c 1 1 l.'l 5 'A v I V ,, a a lm' n I il MR. ALLISON Counselor This is Mr. Allisonis first year at our school. His purpose is to serve the needs of youth and in doing so guide us in choosing a career in which we may be both successful and happy. In carrying out this, he has given us tests, has interpreted them. and has come up with information that interests us and leads us to believe that he can be of help in formulating plans that will guide us to decide correctly in the big problems of our life. His patience. understanding. and sincere interest in our problems and future have endeared him to all of us. .2 ig MR W R ATKINS NIRS HAZEL BARRON 'NIR MARVIN BEAVER MISS TOMMIE Science Mathematics Eflgll h BI-ACKBURNE F CULTY TAFF Mrs. Williams science room is one of the most interesting at NCHS. Special microscopic study is being done here. MR. TOLLY BURNS MRS. ELLEN BURR MISS HELEN BURR MISS JOY COFFEY Agriculture English Latin - English Home Economics .-f ,,,zig', , .W 4 1 ' 'f a ' , ' ' 2Z'?4SQli f V " 1, f L, 'St ff. M574 MR, JAMES CREIGHTON INIRS, PATSY DOUGLAS MRS. VARIE ELDER MR. ROBERT FERRINGTON Industrial Arts Mathematics CUIIIIIIPICF Cllflral BIT-lFiC ,,,,,..-no-1' Miss Helen Burr is giving special instructions to senior English students, Judy Poston, Dorothy Brown and Vernon Pritchard. MRS. AMY GLEASON English loumalism 5. ,1 '- MRS. MARY LANE GRAY Home Economics Science rxfl 1 ' ta 6' 1 .f . - '- Q . W ,q,- , . V , ' if 3 l i X fig, . at L, Our program of studies is a comprehensive one, thereby permitting the stuclents lu 1-lmuse acaclemic' subjects as well us x'ur'ational ones. Fifty-one units are offered rlaily in the whole program of studies. Several members of the faculty are serving as of- ficers in the parish and state eclucatirmal organi- zatiuns. Mr. Creighton is presiclent nf the fiarltlo Parish Teachers' Association. Miss Helen Burr is Recording Secretary for the Delta Kappa Gamma organization. MH. JOE HENDRIKLKSON MRS. FRANCES Gunn Xl8lllt'IIlI:lllf'r English ,. fs' ' 4594 ,ia ff rw , ,W 'fag '1:'.'1L f' 4 gv' nfaff , 4' fr , f, ff. Fi F? il . ,s , I i 52 ,Zi ,Q 635,135 4 vii 3-iw QU FL ' YQ.. if' K . K l .- 1,- nf 2 ,fy f-Q9 Q f 2 .. lil A. MRS. CORRINNE BICKENZIE MISS LOLA PETERSON MR. WILLIAM MR. STAN POWELL Mathematics Speech - English PENIJERCRASS Boys' Physical Education M a Miss B1ackburne's art department is considered one of the best in the state. Here she is giving Jeffrey Brown, Teakus Weaver and Carl Nutt special help. MISS CAROLYN PRICE MR. ED. SIGREST Social Studies Civics Girls' Physical Education b Industrial Arts The pupil activity program complements and en- riches the classroom activities, it provides oppor- tunities for self-directed specialization in areas of the curriculum of particular interest to individual pupils. The participation by pupils in school clubs is extensive. Coach Stan Powell holds the position of president of the state organization of Louisiana Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation. MRS. ELA EL-I SPENCE Librarian MR. BILLY WIGGINS Boys' Physical Education , 4 I K ff r ' f' V:-,! 1,7 51 ' w,,,4 1' i 3" .V ,fr i if 51311 V is e rw f for aww. 1 I 5 , Jw- Q , , i J, .V V, ,il jqxx xx, , MRS- Ol-lgifz WILLIAMS Mr. James Allison is giving Mike Montgomery some pleasant guidance 10 ogy Under the direction of a full-time counselor a faculty study was made. The empha- sis was in relation to the selection of courses which would better direct the students into areas of study in which they were best suited. Two classes, Algebra I and Chemis- try, to experiment with accelerated groups of more able learners are offered this year. Through faculty meetings and personal conferences a study was made of problems in relation to the testing program. Daily Mrs. Hartline and Mrs. Moore do innumerable things for faculty and students to make the year more pleasant, their cheerful manner in favoring us makes us feel free to ask for assistance. , Below Mrs. Moore consults with the ring representative in regard to Senior ring distribution. MRS. ELLEN MOORE SECRETARIES MRS. FLORENCE Secretary to HARTLINE the Principal School Secretary ORIE TATIO DAY . l Prospwtiw- Fl't'4llIHf'Yl from Belcher. Nloorinpsport. Uil Lity. and Rodvs-a inevt at North Q5 Caddo High School In get acquainted. Orientation Day' is held annually' at North Caddo to acquaint the future Freshmen with our school and its of- ferings. Not only do the Junior High students see their future classrooms and meet their future teachers. hut they learn more ahout the courses offered. Not least, they learn that North Caddo is a school filled with friendly students who are always will- ing to lend a helping hand. 5 ?. Visitors sing the Alma Mater and Figrlit Song. Nlr. Sander-. Nlr. .Xllison and Nlrs. N. Burr pose with the yi-iting t-'ufliwrs and principal-. Raby Stanley. Sandra Dailey, Hrs. Burr and Brenda Parker CI JA .5 .5 4 nj SENIORS Presirlenl , , Vice Presizlenl Secrelary Treasurer Reporter Parlianzenlariarz Y N OFFICERS SPONSORS S DOROTHY MUELLER Mrs. E. Burr NESS H. Burr LARRY MCCATHRAN Mrs. A- Jones Mr. R. Mccluggago , RUBY MAE- ANTHONY , W i JANE TRAYLOR Mr, W, Pendergrass Mlss Lola Peterson EVELYN RANDALL GARY KENDRICK L . , 1 1 I II11 1 IIY1 IIII1x I 1 XI Ix I111'1111 X1l1111Ix 41.111 XI'X.IIIII'I II11I1x',X111I11x I I 1I 1I 511 IYIII I1111141- I11'1 Ii I- I.11 I,111I I11.I111 II11,11111.1 III1 111 1 III 1 I II I I11 1I1x I1 II ,I1111 1 - I111u1 I1 .I11111x II,111 II111111 .I11I111 X11111 I 1111 11 XI IIK III I II IIIIIIIIIX IIINNIII I9I.IIIIxXII1X.IlI1XNNX III1.N11111X1.1.:1 1I11111Ix III1I1II1I I3.1111I. II.1'I: I,1111. I1111111-115 II1111. I11N Iw11111111I1111s. I11'111,11I XII'XXXI1I'II.1,XI1N III1IIII111111111.I1:11: XX I IIIINN Ill III 511.1111 I If' . Ix I11--1-1 I III' '11--1I' I11'-I I,I1,1,, 4111, N1r1,,. III1 II1:11. N,1f'. N- .'I.'I'72 X11111 I1XIIXI1I1I'I,II- I1.: I11-fv ,1 . I11-1 .12 1 I 1-- II'-.'f'IIA. NIJ I X1. 3.1. II 1.1 T .1'1Z.1 I.111111. II1 .11I ,AH I I I1 I.1,-- , XI11,11I I I .I.,1.1.,.I1x1 I IIIII Ix 1I11lI11I I.IIlI II. I11lIX I XII I11-111,,.1,,11 :1,I11-1:11. , I-.11.1:. III I I1.:1. II X.I1III IIIX. X"' lin III IIIII XIIN IXIIXIN X11 II11I1. IYII I1IiI1XXX,I111I!II'IIIIN I1- I-11:-11111, X1TII1.11 1 I I 1 I I I I111.'1-111.II11111I:11-11I1.11I-1 I I II II I II I .1 x I1.f - N',1'1. IT.. 11111I II I 1I I11 X ,!v,. I111XXI N. IXXIIS .--14 .,q1,1,1 IU-. ILIIHXXX III-I7I1I-'H IIXI I I' 2,1 I11-1.1... Ix11I1.II II III I I IIIXXIIIIIIIIIIXX I'1 N Ix1'1 IL1111I.1 I I II I 1'1.T.X1'.1:..1.II1:11'1111x I11 1 I I XIII. XIXI11 IXXI X"' ..N1:1 I .1 I I 1 I 111119, I1.'1:- I1.11I,11- I1I I 1 1 I1 I I SENIORS OUTSTANDING SENIORS Tommy Stinson and Ann Richardson Clllil.LlC'I'l'li. WILLIAM CIAIIK. TUNINIY Ilanml. Spanish Club. Nlath Club. Treafuri r COOPER. .IESSIL FH.-X. Cirlf Sports Club CHILICS. LYNN l"l"A l'rm-sicle-nl. Al-H Club COI,l.llflI. SQXNINIY .-Xrl Club. Sllillllnll Club. Nlath Club CRAIG. CECIL FFA. 4-II Club. Art Club Chellette, William Clark. Tommy Cooper. .lvsfiv Cllilfls, Lynn Collier. Sannny Craig. Ce-oil CHAIN. JOHNNY l'll.X. CSI.. lvp Fqlllhl llllilllfx. LEON .1-H. lianrl. Choir. .-Xrt Club IJICNIPSEY. QIINNIF CSC. FHA. Sciviim- Club lJlfXl,. Alfliflx il-H. I"F,'X DIVINE. PATSY -1-H. FHA, Speech Club, CSC, Southem Accent, Choral Club 1 1 11 1 " 1 1 S P 1 5 1 1 1 411111 1.11111 11.11'11111 4,11l1I1l114' 111-11111-fx 1X111111 111.11 1'111-1 111X1I 41111 11 1111111 111 1 11-1 1l11111111111x X11111111- 1111111411 X111141- 1f111-'I' R4'Il11 1 1111 11111 1 XIIII11 1.4111 4111111111 131111111111 4111111-11 .1.111.1x 41.111411 1.11111 4 11111 1141X11N141x 4111114 1'1N1.1'.X. 111-,XXX 11X 111. N1111111g1 4111111111. X11 4.11111.11ax1311.1I1 ,Xrt 4 .1111 lN1XHXl1.lx.lPXl5X 111-11111XI.11. XXX X 1.1111 41 11,4,1: 4N4.1x1"11-11141111 1111-111'1-4114-111-"M I,lXI.H1,XX41XX1 4Q11.1I41X. 1iX1i11X111X 4 4 111 11- 11 ,.1.. 1 . 1 11111 17.1.1111 . 1.111r21rY 4 1111, 111.1'111.'1'4-111-14111111 11" KL17"'41'11' , 4 , 1111111 X 111x1 1 111-1 1111 4,11.1141X.,1XX11'.F 4,4 1111111 XX. .I 11.1112 . 1 . 1 1 L , 1.1.4. 1.1. 1:.1r ,.111 1.1. N 1 X1 1 11 4 I 11 1111. 1x1 XN1 111 41111.1... F1-111111111 1,.11111.i. '111-111 411111. 1"'111.11. 121 11- 11 111 11 X F- 311111. X1111.T.41.-.g.. 1 4 11.31. 11111 X' I E IOR OUTSTANDING SENIURS itiiugfi W vig Evelyn Randall and Pete Ballard GOOIJSON, IQNIYIA JEAN Rt-bell Clioir GUY, Jowiuxm FHA, Girl? Sports Club HARKNESS. TYUNNH Music Club, -1-Il Club GUESS. RONB Ili JEAN Band. Girls' Sportf Club. Kane- Hook Club. Future 'llc-avlivrf Club Vice- Pr:-fidf-nt. National Honor Sovivly HARDY. :XRLENE Girls' State. Latin Club, Spanish Club. President, Science Club. Rvbcl Stopprr. Rebolettes. Student Council, Junior Play. Chorus Club. Rebel Choir. Girls' Sports Club Goodson, Emma Juan Guvss, Ronnie' ,lean Guy. ,lllwiillllil Harkne-fs, H wnme Hardy, Ariz-no Harrington, Janirc HAlllllNGTON. .lANlCl'l Hn-bf-lf-ttf-s. Art Club. Spanish Club. Girl-' Sports Club Clif-inistry Club HARRIS. BILLIIC SPE -1-II. FIIA. Kant- Book Club H,-XTCIIIQR. IMRWIN FI-'Ai 41-H. HUC l'l.'XWlKlNS. NIILTOX Football. 71-H. Art Club. Choral Club. Track HAYGOOD. LESSTE LEE GSC. Pep Squad, Choral Club, Kane Book Club 1 , 11111 11111 11 11111 '11 1 1'111'1 11 11111 11 111111 173111111 11111111111 X11111111 111111k111- Lvwif- 1.- 111 11 111.111 11 1111 11 11' 111111- 11,11r.11- 111411 YM151111 11111111111 J11"1111r:11111 X117 1 Lug., 111111111 11111111 111111111 111,115 19 11 11 111111 111111"11'XX 1 x 111N1111111H. 1311 11X111N1111111111 IIN X. 1N111f X1.1D 11 11H1111111'11.-.,,, 11 111I11XX11 1'11X1.1. 111X1111111 1111- 111 1 1-114.'1: XXX 11lX'1'. .X1.1"1'11.1J N.1111.111,11 111111111 5111 1115. 1 111111. .111--1111111 111113 F1111 1111NT1Q11, 1111QHX111J 111'11111.1f. .IXNE 1,S1.111.X 1I11111I.1:..1XN11,.1'. 1,N1 1x1-QN11l111 .1x. 1LX11X 13.11 .1'. 111511. X"-'Il. N1 .11 4 f. X,'f11..1If 111-.5 NT. 1x1.'1'111.111,1'1UXN11f 111 X. N1'11.1.11 ' I 1-11.1 I A1 1 111 1 SENIOR OUTSTANDING SENIORS Ruby Mae Anthony and Jimmy Lee KIBLEH. MARIAN Band. Rebelettes. Treasurer. Spanish Club. Quill and Scroll. National Honor Society. Southem Accent. Business Manager. Rebel Choir. Girls' Sports Club. Student Council. Letter Award. Girls' State. Comets LANKFORD. MICKEY -I-H Club. Football I..-KW. Illl.I,lE NELL Southern At-cent Staff. Girls' Sports Club. Science Club LANTZ. JERRY Baseball. Football. Nlath Club. Chemistry Club LALRENTS. SHELBY Kane Book Club. President. Engineers Club. Math Club, Southern Accent. Student Council. Explorers Club if ft 52 ' 4 Lantz. Jerry Laurents. Shelby Law. Billie Nell Law. Sue Kibler. Marion Lankford. Mickey L.-KW. SIE FHA. tlirls' Sports Club. Rept. Medical Club, National Honor Society. IH Club LAWRENCE. DAVID Band. Hath Club. Xledical Works-rs, Science Club, Football, Track LEACH. FRANCES llanel. CSC. St-it-live Club. Ch'-mi-try Club. Kane Book Club, -I-H LeBLEL'. TOMMY Pelican Buys. State. Band. Math Club LEE. JININIY Speech Club. Student Council, National Honor Society, Rebel Staff, Quill and Scroll. Hath Club. Band. Altemate Boys' State . 2 I 14 1 II1x1I I.1lXkI Il I1,11144K I,4.14 I1 I44'11111X I1-H1411 IHIHIIN I I I NJ I I1 I1.1 I.1114Iv4 1 44.111 I111I 1 I..111x NI4411tI11'.111 IH XI44 11111 Ix Ill I1 NI4Il4111I4I IIIII I1 I'. XI4I'411.1II I IIIII XI I..1 I1 111 NI14I1.11I NI44,4'4- Ix I1 X 4 1 IIXXIN.I,4II4I"IIX NUI? IIXII NIQ1 NX I N11IIIIX44 4 IU, 41XXI.I1..IlIllIIIl,. I1 I411l I'14'NI111411' 4 4 N Xlhhx I 111144I1144x. II:-41111. I514 N411114I 4I1441'1 IIIIII IIIX NI4I.X4fIIIfI4N IIIIIII IINIININ. 441111 11 INI1144141 IIIX 1 I4411 14 4 4 III N1 4I. 4 I11I4. IY4141I. XI4'I: 4 '11I4 XI44 XIIIIIXX1I.Xl4I41 NI4ICl'.NIl4lIXIl 44 4 4,54 I-,,,-44111. 1f,,.kl,1,,,4 141444, 444, 1,14 4 IH,-L41 4 '.11. X114I11I1.I'x.l114'II4-1Ix4.Il1I4.I41I1II4,1I. I1',14r4. 114I441:' 4 41111 I X1 IZ4 N'1'4 XI 4 441:1114 14, ,I4IH4.I. W""-Ii "WX I' I' 414 4,, in Ir.44x NIIl4IXXII',IIIIX 1- . '- I 14" I4444f.- 4 IIIX III I 1 4 4414 XI I , 4 I A I-, .11 I4441- N'4'4. III 4 11I4. IN I'-Z.1r.44,,14- X" I ,441 4 K ,iff E IOR OKTSTA N DINI' SEN IORS V ww ry .,A, ,Www A I i f 4 f "W, . "w..,.K 4 W Q M 'V ..-.9 ... 1 If 'W'-H v . - VA , , i Q ' f . if A E 25.1 . i A ii N1 N' .W ,.- w r ,fs gy 'le 2 f Q L2 'L ' fm! Sue Barr and Gary Kendrick lVlCKXlGl'l'li, VERA Pvp bquafl. Spwf-li Cluln. llirlf' Chnir. Fpani-li Clulx MATH!-QVi'S. SHIQRHIIC " "----fm., mmqmf. ,. Spnrl- Club. Trvasurvr. Hand. Xlaj4n'vltm'. Fpzniixh illulm, Future' 'll-am-lie-rf, Fpzlfwli Club. 54-we-tary. Kanv llmk flluh. Xiu' l'rf--i4lf-nt, 'frra-iirvr. B3l'lfl5XN't'f'lll1'liI'l Xllvnflanl MILES. TUNINIY Art Lluln. HX.41-I1 Lluln fNlcNlll-L'XX. ffpX'l'HY South'-rn 'Xu-viit. Edit-ir. Nlakv-lp lfililor. l.ilJrary Club, I Pre'-iflv-iit. Xiu' llT4'Pl4l"Ill. Latin lflulm. Yin! lrrsidvnt. Klatli Clulu. DAR Award, lim:-Iifuii L1-advr. Svir-mv Klub, Naliunal Honor Swim-ty. Quill unrl SL-rfxll. fjlllxldllllllljl luniwr. standing Librarian. Girl-' Stan' Out ' 'Q M l S l Nii'Klliglll. Ye-ra filvxlillan. Cutliy Mallivw-. 5lu-rric' NliflLll1't4nl. lilainlq-ng Nlllvf. llvnnnx Nliclnlll. Sannnv MIIJIJLI-QTON. CIAI IJIQTTH Snuthf-rn .xt'L't'IlI. Kkirlf Fpnrh fllulm. l"llA. Roh:-1 Lliuir, 1-H lllulm Nll'lilllllfl,,l,. S.-XNINIY 'l'raf'k. 4-ll filulr. l"l".X Sf-viw-Iury. fllivnii-try lilulm NIOYINGUNIEIU. Nlllxli lffmtliall. 'l'rar'k. Art Lluln NlL'El-l,llli. DOROTHY flliural lllulr. Lu- I'iNlLiIlUlll1YN. l"HfX. UFC. Studvnt Cnunri l Naliwnal Hunur Sm-ir-15. Pvlivan liirl-' Flaw, I'rf-sinlvnt Pe-p Squad. l'rv'Ni4le'iit Fvninr Cla-N NICHOLS. llflilii Lo, F-lmaiwlrr. Math fllulm NORRIS. l.lf0 Fnutlxall. 'l'raCli. Art filL1ll. CUC I I1 I I I I' 1 1 1 1 1 II1I1 NI III 1 IX II1111-1I11 NI111'II11 Il'I'IX X11I111I- I N ITI I 1 I'11r I IIII I 11111 111 1I'II1I1 I I1111 I 1 I11:1I I'111111.11 IllI1 I 1 Il I1II I 111'II IX IXII I1 1 II X'II1 Il I III I111I I1 11111 IIIIIX II 111 II 1111 1 II1 INI1 II.1111I1II IWMII1111 IN I III 11'1'11' I' I1 III I 1 I N111 I'1 I P11-IIII I'I1IW 111111111 111111, 1 1 I I11I I I-11111111I1-X. IIIIIIII I 1 I1 1 Ix111111 II111k 1',,,,1g,Ai11- 1,11 I III I 1 III I1 N1111 N.1'11111.1I II1111111 '1111111 IIIIIII 1 I I 111 X 111 NI1'1 1-1'1. II.1111I N11-11I11.111 XX 11 X71 I111I1. I.:11.11'1 I 111 I I 111 I1111- N111tf. '1111I111! IIIIII 1I IIXI1IxXIXX I XI I .Q I 1,,, IIIIIIIIIXIIII.III1XIIN II X1 III I'11i11.11 I I IIII II1I I'l 11114 111111 I I I I III I"I'1IIIII' III I1-I I I N.1Y.11..11II-11111"x1 1"1 V11-' ' 4111111I N 'f11' IIIII1 IIIX 1 NI 1 I I 1 ' Iv: XIA1 "111, II 11" 11-1' II' II'.'1'1. 12111121 IIIIIIXXIIIIII. ,, I 1 1 1 1 I1 11 I"1 -1111111 N121 11.1I II 1 V ' III' IIIIIII XI , 1 1 1 I1.11,. X,1I,111.1 II1'1 ' N1 1 IIJ11 I I11:1, II1 :f Ii1XI11I.l,.I-QXIINX IIII IIIN III X. 1 II1'.1 N1-11'1.,II1. .Nf:1.1.II1I' Nt 1111 111111111 11111111111 1 1 , . E IOR OUTSTANDING SENIORS . Yr I LH. J f' "'A' fi ,Are jx fx x Bonnie Purvis and Virgil Pittman REECE, CLARENCE Math Club, National Honor Society, Latin Club, President Kane Book Club. Southern Accent Staff, Student Council Alternate to Boys' State- RICIIARDSON. ANN 4-ll Cluli. TN'Ll5llI'I'I', Rept., Vice President, GSC, Beauty Band, Pep Squad, Clin-4-rlcaclt-r, Rebel Staff, Quill and Scroll Hoittecoiiiirig Court Priiicf-us. Cliorue liOl5lQli'l'SON. JUDY Band. l-'llA. CFU. Spanilli. Soutlir-ni Accent, Choral Club, Stuclr-nt tfounvil HIQYNOLIJS. RITA FHA v 1 Reece. lllarwice Richardson, Ann Rolwerlwn. ,ludy RlCllMONll. YlAliGUlQRlTE FHA, flirlf' Sports Clulv, Cliorue, Rebel ROBIN, DALE Southern Acct-nt. Explorers SCOTT. JICANICTTR CSC SCOTT, PEGGY FHA. CSC. St'lt'IN'f' Cluli, 4--H Slil,l". CAROLYN Reynolds. Rita Riclimoncl, Marguerite Robin. Dale Choir Lo, li:-panolt-f. Choral Cluli, GSC, Future Teachers, Medical tlluli. Clit-miktry Cluli, Quill and Scroll, Pep Squad, Student Council. National Honor Society. .Alternate to Pelican Girls' Ftatr-. South:-m Aww-tit SHEIQK, JACK , 1 1, 1 1 V Y Ak F. K 1' .5 4 Tii'2Sqgg 5 1 f 1' 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 3 j1'.111111t1- 511111 1'1-gg N1-1111 1..1r111111 51-11' ,1z11'111 5111-,.k 5111- 511111111-1' H11-I 51-lU9l1'1"V N1141- 51111111 1' 111 5111111g--1' '1'11111111y 5111151111 1112111111111 11-11211 11111 T"NV"11'1 JL1111- 111151111 1 NI 1111111-1' 1f111111i1' XX1111 '1'1'ak11- 1111111 1i1NX1f11. S111 '1'11.'X111x1f11. 1f1.1fX111f11'11 13111111. 1-11. X1'1 111111, 11N1.. 511111111111 .X1'1111l '1. Xl 1111'111f11. 111'1'.X N11I11111.11 111111111 511111-ty. 11.11111 Sh'1'I'1'1C11'X'. 171111111' '1'1',11111-rl. 1111111-111 ,X111-111. 1'1111F1111g111.511111111.11111 NXIITII. 5151111 111111111 111111 1'11a111111. 1'1-11 511111111. XIQ1111-111 111111. L11- H1131 . . , , . , , 1 11111-. N1111111'.1 1.1T111,1. X1111111 111111. 5111111-111 1111111111. 1'x:1111 1 11111 1 11111 1'1'11X1Q1-.IL 111-fl IH 1.11111 511111.11'1. 1'111 11111411 1'11X. 111- 1'f-11.1!1111ff11-. N111111J1 1 1111. N1111111111 X1 '111.1'g1. 1111 1'1NF11X. '11iX1X1X 11111-1 11111111 1,"...1 111.11 F111111. 11.1-141,111L111. 12.11.11 1'-,11,111 1 11-' NAJ1' 1111. 111lI111. X1'1 111111. 1"11t1u'1' 1111'Ll1j111'f4. 1311.-X. C11L'Il11:1I'X' C11111. 111l1.N1111111.1 111111111 11111 XSIAQYIJ. '1'1X1 'l'11X1l.11I1. 1 XX1. N11111111111 111111111 N111111. 1'1'111u11 11111. 5111111 1j11i11 511111 5111111, 1'.-11 511111111. 1711 X. N..111111- 111111. 5111111-111 Cf11111f'i1. 1l51f. 511111114 , 1 1111 X111-111. 11111.11 1111l111'.11,.1.N1. 1x.1111 1111--1111111. 11,11 114. 1-11. X1.1f11 1 1111. F11111111111 .X111111 XXX1.1..111X111.11f 101-221.151 XX 1-Q XY1-111. '11-QX1xL F 1-111-'11.111. 111111. 11.1'1x'11'1111. 1-11 X11 111111. 1'1".X. 11.1-111111. 11111.11 111111 SENIORS Jacob Goodman and Peggy Pardue White, Don W'illiams, Thomas Willoughby, Arcliiu Withers, Billie Arm Zylks, ,lorry WHITE, DON Band VVILLIAMS, THOMAS 4'H Club and FFA Club WILLOUGH BY, ARCHIE FFA Vice Pri-fidcnt One Year, 4-H Club WITHISRS, BILLIE ANN Library Club, FHA, 4-H Club and Choir ZYLKS, JERRY 4-H Club, FFA, Explorrrs J UN IORS OFFICERS President .,,...,,,,,,777,7,77,7,, ,,,7 J AMES SPRAYBERRY Vice President ,77,.w. ,.,,,77, ,7.,,, P A TRICIA LAVINE Secretary ,,,, , ,,..,, ,,,,,,,, M ARY JANE MCKELLAR Treasurer ,,7. ..,v.e,A7eA.A,A7777,7, P ATSY LAW Reporter ,,,t,, ,, ,,,,,,,, JUDY HARWELL Parliamentarian ,,t,,,, PATRICIA SHIVELY SPONSORS Mr. W. Atkins Mrs. T. Blackburne Miss J. Coffey Mr. R. Ferrington Mrs. A. Gleason Mrs. M. Cray Mrs. F. Gunn 35 "1""' in l 'S' QA? , KM zjvrrx llunif-I-, Nlarx Hr-H1 llaxis. I'Nll'NTll IKOVQVZ ,le-rlx' Dmlf. Vim-slut l,f'I'iilH2l. 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U1"I'S'llXXlDlXtL jl XIORS N01110 101111 11111111 111111 1'1I'ilIl1'i 11101111-111 Nilll N 1111 11111 1-0 LlIll1 1'01'ry 111101 14111411 ,VX1111 11111011 211111 B11l1XY1lI1111-1.11 'Hi 11111 T-1111 510016 111141 51111K 11114111 114111111 1.11111 211111 N1Ll1'f 13110 K11'RL'118f 1'111r1r'111 14111110 211111 X11-rrix qX11g1-1' S 's 'Q 1+ J 1' 1 '11, P11131 ROW: 1401111 Ly1111g 170St0rxz111. Peggy Flarity, ,10rry 51fCUN11 ROW: 171111. 1.i11f1c1: l:11'11'11L'1,. C101111a: 1T111y11, Bar 113111. 11111111 HOW: 1'AI'ii'f'I'. 1.i11: 1'il'ilZ1t'F. 13101110 1-00: Fuller ji1111111. 17011111111 110111: fQ11111f1111. 1111111111: fLi111u11. William 1Qr1111. Mary 100111. 171171111 110111: 111110. C1-110: 11211111611 JO11llI1f' 11a1'p0r, Mary 5110. 37 'Co 1 1- ' Q.. 'K .wx c ! Q1 wh. 4nf'5' --v x A ' V . . C 4+ T FIRST HOW: ,lurlx Harwell. l.awvram-e- Hi:-kman, Patrir-in Huh-mnlw. Clenda Har' Hwlliman. fihurlwlto Holt. Charlrf- HIIIIIIDIIIVF. FHCOXU ROXYZ Huy Iclum. I.1rr1'ai1w Jillllfxf. ,l. 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Perry: liountree. Harriet: Saulflvury. Kayg Savage. Jutlay Scott. Douglas: Sellers. Otto. l7ll7'l'll ROW: Sexton. Stephen: Shixely, Patrieia: Shores Bennie: Simmons. Sue: Simpson. llofez Slaughter. Wantla. Q QZT? -I, .. E ', 2 ef f. 6-' 7 7 X V ',7fp,s .rw 'E , 5 Eibf -5? ,,, , Ls. .HW - X , if 1'fWv 'mt ws ,, WV' 5 sk' 38' V Nm, 'W-ur " , . 1 ,iw I . 'T .Rx .ki R, tzkq ' Qu, 5, . g 'Xml ,wg , .-,, -f Q 5 K . n I si - 4, 1-5, XXlHx1'IlSHIl. I-Ol lx I li IJIXX : l'I'ill11'l'N XX llkmlwll. fylvn XX IHILIIIIF. Nllfl XX 11111-r-. lfilllflfii Xxllitrll. BVS-ll' Xhmflm-ll. IJ Illlil' Wwrlvy. I-'IFTH HUXY: flharlvf Wlittf. Curl Xxvlifilllll. Hflflzl XX'lmllm-x. lluxlzm Wigxgillf. Xvllif- .I1-url Wvynu. Sllt'I'lllEill XXVFIIII. SIXTH NNW: 'K' P IIRST HUNY: Silllllfil Smith. Alzum-5 T4pr'uyln-r'ry. Hula 'xlyl Flzmlvy. IHEIII1' SIUXUIIN. rum .Ivan 'lhzlxlull Yivki 'll-ugglxv. FlflfHXlJ WHY: lim-llx 'Inn-rrx. lfvlix 'lkl11.rl1iu11. ' llmlu VIXIIUIIIIIFUII. Nmlim Tlwrlllawll. ljmlu 'llnlfl Kay 'l1l'1rH0'l'. Tllllill LOW: Ilnrix ' M, lf34'lllIH'll, lJ1+nuI4l lIN'lllll'l'll. xii!! Yun ILM-4 fx:-itll Yivk. H1-xvrlx Xvlll1'llliIlf'. Hull 2 Bnllh - Hull x.-M, SQPHQMQRES 5 J , cf , - if 'S' '4!' A., President , Vice President ,, Secretary , ,,,, Treasurer ,, Reporler ,,,,,,, Parliamentarian V OFFICERS SPONSORS -- -f'f - KENNY TIDWELL Mrs. H. Barron Mrs. V. Elder Mr. J. Hendrickson Miss M. Kimmons f B' H. WEAVER Mrs. Olga Williams PAT MATHEWS LEWIS THACKER 4l if " 49 if ' i . , aw. lv f I 1 ? I I O15 Q , 1 i 'FE' . f ca: ... ff ,g ZZ K E 'xr YN N V,-rn' x 5 if ggi A 'A AAV- 2' Q ca, P ' r Lgviibf 3 'Sk in . V I W r ian 'n...,f FIRST ROVVZ Pat :Xclanis lion Aflclif-. Glenfla AlthX2lINlPI'. Tfrry .-Xlvxamler. l.infla WN., Anthony. Jininiy .-Xrniitrong. Bill Bagwell. SECOND ROW.: Barlrara Barr. Mary Lee Barron. Cheryl Bayliss. Bernive Beane. Nlary Honey. Linda Runner. Janie Bnrnniann. THIRD ROVV: Sandra Boyter. Jerry Ruth Brent. Jne Bra-nts. Martha Brice. Fhf-rry Brister. Edwin Rrfvuflarcl. Carroll Broun. FOVRTH ROWV: Jacqueline Browri. Ronny Broun. Kay Bruvc. Rulwrt Bunting. l,incla Butler. Katlileen Burton. Janws Burtnn. lfllflill HUXY: jvrrx Rutlvr. llivkx Bwrlex. Kflniivtli Hxrrl. Wvallavv Carl. Ck-f-il ffzirte-r. Ihilv l.llllPr. .Xnn Lnlmmm 1 ., I Q ' .. 1, f V L yt- ,.,. V 3 1-. Zz.. L xi V Q 1 if 3. '-an K V l X fa. " R, Gnu' OUTSTANDING SOPHONIORES Pat Rlordan and Pat Mathews . .J ---4 Paula Hudson and Kenny Tidwell n ff D4 FIRST ROW: Wayne Collier, Bobby Cook. Myrtle Cornwell. SECOND ROW: Gloriallean Courtney, Johnnie Craig. Bobbie Crain. THIRD RONV: Wvayne Crye. Geraldine Curry. Kenneth Darnell. FOCRTH ROW: Tommy Darnell, Karen DeFatta, Pat Demp- sey. FIFTH ROW: Dorothy Dennis, Linda Dickey, Judy Dominick. 43 nf-v-.0 115 A .. 3 1 1, . Q" - WQNQ, L fb , ' Div X for Q'Q' I 1 li NT I10Xi J P D 1111 1 arleg Hilitlllilll. I.x11fh1 lffl- . . , , 1 lfl UN 1 r11 uv l',tl11'11lg1-. 111151111 f'1'-t1'1'- 111 ru I'l1lflllllIl, 111111-tin' 114111-N. UW l1111l1 111 I Il 4 1r I111 l1l ll f 111 lllw. .la111f-I f11tl11-11-. 1.I1111'I1111' UV1 l'.x1'lx11 ffm-1-11. l',1l1ll1 H1111-. 1 11111 e uflvttc Hall. IflI"'I'H HUXXV: N nrrx 1 1f1r11te 11111 1I 111 1 ary 111 IIa1111er, 131111115 Im- f"v ar--Q I FIRST ROW: Harlline. Don: Hartline. Margieg Hart. Chester. SECOXD ROW: Hartzo, Altong Hartzo. Jerry: Hobbs. Xlac. THIRD ROW: Holland, Mary: Holliman. E. Z.: Hoots. Page. FOIQRTH ROW: Hudson. Paula: Huffman. Mary: Hughes, Marv. FIFTH ROW: Jones. Nina: Kendrick. Marieg Ketbley. Barbara. S' 1 'lit hav 'C' f angry is xx 'IP X Q' 4 ilu ln I'-,, wk , a , 5. im 1 3 , hir ghnm , l in .75 f'2 ' K. 3 1 lflllgll HUVK4: fllwria lllllgl. lJ2ll4X Lang. Olivia l.ivi11gQlm1. lane' l.msf'. lie-wrlx Nlan- xu-r-. llusl- Nlzmury. ,Il-we-I lim-an Nlurlin. Flfffflxll ROWYC Pat xllllllf'XNN. Billy Nlv- flurlx. Ilnylf- Xlflllllllfllll. 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Charlotte: Shelton. jay. 2 X-N .imq pf :,""'j'. waz., ., xl" Ag ' 4.3 Qt.. , E - ag' 'N' I . 2 , QLA, . I w awk . I ,,,V:- 2 il I V V .1 i ,, A I-.5 -, y Q. V K X f l Q r 1 il' L ma n MX. '1- I IRYIN HOXY: Cf'1'alr1irlz- SIIf'Ih2iI'fl. XIEIYQIQITPI Filwrt. flharlc-s Firnnmnl. Shirley Sillllwirll. Hcnnvr Slay. ,luhn Fnwllc-5. Ann Smith. FHCOYU ROW: ffinflx' Smith. Frankie' Frnilh. Linda Slllifh. Patrivia Smith. lion Slifillglfxll J. I.. Stvwurt. Fhirlvy Fullixan. THIRD RUXY: l"rv1lu SllIllIl4'f. Shvrrx Smurf-l1gir1. Hrvnulrl Tuvlu-lt. XLIIAIIIZI 'Xnn Tarxvr. ,lzinivv H.. ,. . v ,. .7 , ,. V ,.. lzulfw. lXf'IlIl1'lll lerrx Xxllllillll lvrry. UH lilll HUVS: IAIUIS IllilI'kf'I'. fx:-nny Inl- xwll. XII:-n Vkznnr- I11-zlrlualx. Uunnn- lxwn. .IPHIIIP Vzml. Diillll uatvrs. lxau Xxllirlrll. IlV'I'H HUXY: H. H. Wren:-r. Hzurxmrnl Whallvy. Puig XXIHIHIIIS. jue XXIHIHITIS. 'Xlffx Vvillif, l':il0f'Il Wynn EK fi ,io 1 is VV v f . Ag. .if A '1 A X52 xg 1 FRESHMEN President . .. Vice President Secretary ,,,,7,, Treasurer .. Reporler . Parliamerztclrian ,,r f A f A rirr . 2': OFFICERS SPONSORS A . DEANNE MCKINLEY Mr. T. Bums Mrs. P. Douglas NINA KAY ADCOCK Mf.0.LsB1su Mrs. C. McKenzie .. LINDA BY1-:RLY . BARBARA CHELLETTE Miss C. Price .... NANCY FLOWERS ROSE THOMPSON ' ELK... W.. Q , af 1 1 , W' l l' - .-V. 1 , mi - '?' f , . I 'g f , K ,. ,.,L - I V W' V 2f'!fg lw l l , N, fll .V ll x A X , g . Wi l l A 9 ..V-f V ,, x W , fl, 1 ?q2mJ :ll yfw W ' U :" n 1 Q , 1 xx S W-"" N A 1 .AZA ' if If l' 'X XS fi I ' I Wi 1 , 5 3 X 1 fm 55:5 KH l Y W ., . ,, '+ A VLA 56519 .J Aw l ia. l 1 W ,-V' lll , 5' : K 5 Q H .. I ,frf, ,vvv V W 2 V W-fl i'A' W,f fgwwww g-1v ,..- ",l ,, Jwyyvi Q ,:-v. lfiww .2,::V WW' aqi,mWl ':i" -vQ, f IWW A V ,. I he fwavwmv, if -I ll l V,V, V ' 7 ,,'f' 75 l"ll15'l' llflvlwz ,'xlIIll'I'NlI1. I3-vllllyz 'xlPI1f'f. ,lame-sz .'XflilIIlS, .lvrryz Aflvm-k. Nina: -Xrlrliv ,lr-rry: .'Nllmrlx. fllmlu: Nl:-xunrlu-r. ljlllllllllk SFCUYIJ llfwllz Alf'XilIIfll'I'. vlvllfllf' .'Xrmll1l. llilly: llamlv. Nlury: llurlms. Xiwllllillllf Hilrlllllll, llc-rl: Burns. Aurlrls: RZHPIIIZIII 'xflllllll 'lklllllll llflviwz Be-asmu. f:llllTl0SZ B1-llsml. Kvnrwllli llc-rgqllisl, lffilllflllf' llllllllflx ffzxlwlxn: llfml. Vfillimnz lirizln. Ttrllllllfl Briflgei. Uavifl. If0Il'RTH ROW' llriquw. 'xllllf lgrixtfm. llurl: liriflmx. ljvurlz lll'llll4NilI'fl. Xlargzurvlz lirmsn. :Xn1'il: Bryant, llurigz By:-rl:-5, l,imla1. FlIf'l'll lifwlt Curlier-. Cary: Carlisfz Chiarlnttf-: Cartf-r llzmny: ffurlvr. Xlnrris: Cll3lHllf'I'. ,lvswir-: fllwllvltf-. Gail: Clifton. Farl. 6 fin If ,W f V' l A ,W F RESHMEN Linda Byerley and Mickey McDade ,Qz FIRST ROW: Cook, Billg Carrigan, Claudg Corn Jimmy. SECOND ROW: Crain, Carolyn: Dake, Hileg Darden, Cleve. THIRD ROW: Dauphin, Latriciag Dempsy, Gus: Denig. Nancy. FOURTH ROW: Densmore, Jerry, Denton, Jo: Dickson, Doris. FIFTH ROW: Durr, Vickig Elder, Pat: Endsley Wayne. ff ,,,, . X R' u f'-5 , QQ"' Q N xi F 5 N a 4 : rf 'QW at .. 'El' ,,,. , L I PZ M ft l 1 ff his X Wx' E Ll' .l it s ", il t it M : - l . .A a l ' tc- .I l Ab 4? Q aa ig. , 5 ,, Y' , V r iz l : fl f lx, Wi P -1 t 2 5 2 irggm XX r 1 li mf 1 iglliiifa E Erifiii' . f 1. 5 , 4 ilts9'E'.x "!::'x A -8 7'5L VVAK W ""k ,fi by E Q :A 6 -l l -YA J l ., , arg, l' ' X 1 1 t t l 'V 1 ' ,f +31 x -Q W N 3 A V , xx E L .f ll t Wilt t W 4 M lk, - f 1' . Gs.'f'l 4--'G s Ex! 1 351 7 ai aria ...fad l7lllS'l' HOW: lftlwragv. Sally: lfulmanks. ,lac-k: Farless. janv: Farmer. Billy: l:3I'Illi'I'. Cupifl: Feitervanfl. Carol: l7estr-rvaml. Rwnalfl. SECOND ROW: Fields, Curtis: Fitts, Allrefl: Fitzgzf-ralfl. Kenneth: Flores. Funny: Floycl. fl. B.: Flowers. Nancy: Ford. Don. TlllRll RUYY: Caclfly. Qlyviaz Gilclfm. -Xllan: Colden. Robert: Colden. Barbara: Concl- son. Mary: Crffalmarn. Nlary: Crimsley. Doris. FOURTH ROYV: Grinage. Glen: Crumlwle, Pat: Guess. James: llalfnrfl. Juv: Hannter. lanwsz Harrington. Judy: Harflingz. l,Z1lltf'l3. l7ll7'l'll llflvlv: llartzf-ll. lTI'llltf'f'4I llartzn. Dvrrvli llarwvll. Joe: llawlcs. Danny. llc-rringx. Alillllll llvrring. Rufus: llincs. lanflt. FRESHMEN Nina Kay Adcock and Dean McKinley 9 1 1 FIRST ROW: Hines. Louise: Hines, M. 1.3 Holliert Shirley. SECOND ROW: Holcomb, Charlotte, Holli field, Linda: Horn, Jimmy. THIRD ROW: Hoss Mary, Howard, ,lirnmyg Humphry, Jackson FOURTH ROW : Humpheries. Charles: Hunter Gerald: Hurdle, Paul. FIFTH ROW: Idom, Lindag James. Charles: Johnson. James. s Mm? and 5 A ,E 0- ' - 2Zr"f C' "r P fx, Q I I IIIVI' IIUW: ,Imu-Q. IIUIN-rt: RIIXQIIIZIIIIIII. I!-II-in: Iif'lllII'Il'IK, ,Is-4um+': KffnxwfIx. Wvillium Ixing. lin-mln: I.a111g, XILIFIIILII I.:1r1g1NI1u1. IIHIIUIRIN. FIIIIIIXII IIUVIZ I.Lm. XIEUWIIII . . , , . . . 1-xv. IIN-iIimI: NIz1uI1Iir1g. Ifxa111gr-Iinv: NIz1xxiIIf-, IfIIr-rl. I"UI'II'I'II IUIWW: NI:-ffulmzm Ir:mIxiw'i XIwI,a11'lx. XXVLUHIQII XII-I1glII1I':111. I.lmIqa: NIf'I.:1rx. IIIIllI'I1'IIf'f NI1-IImI+-, NIir'Iwx: XI1-II1mzaIfI. IIvHNt XIl'II4IIILiI1I, fmil. I'II"'I.II IIUXXZ XIf'IIfme-II. IIIVIIRI1 XI1'Ii1-Ixx. IIQIIIIH' NI4Ixi:uIvx. IIv'amw1 XI4'IXII1I.f'N. 'IUrmr1x: NI+'XIK1Iwl1. Xl'lIu111': XI1'NL111141ru, 'II1fm1al-Z XII' - x Xv'lI.I11'IIX. In 'mul'-: I,r1xu-1'1-1111: ILIIIIVPI I.f'l1INVIl. InIm: I4-mx. Iwxu-1 Bn-Ixmi Imxw. ,Izmlf-v lllllill IIUXXV: I,l11-mul-. I,LlIYIf'Ii!I XIHIIIIII. Mm: NI4ir'lir1, Nr-4I:l: XIZIIIIVXKN. NIIIU-: Wu- bv ,U . ,, I .'. FQ!-.N N OLTSTANDIXG FRESHNIEN ' ' ' ' Sv f :wx K A x :"iXf'..,1 6- 'Xrthur Bateman and Beth Meares FIRST ROW: Nlears. Beth: Nliles. Josephine: Monk. Shirley. SECOND ROW: Moore, Freddy: Norman. Elaine: Xottinghani. Delman. THIRD ROW: Nottingham. Patricia: Oxforcl. llavicl: Parker. Joy. ITOIIIITH ROW: Parker. Pat: Patterson. Da- liah: Pearson. Thomas. FIFTH ROW: Pearson. Wil- lie: Penclen. Olixer: Perdue. Jewell. 55 -9-1' 1. ,1,,. . --.. 'ff " 2. 1 11 111.1 ?'x T T" I EX L ' 1 . "It ' er-I -27 '. 1. v fax- D If H47' I th I 5 0 s 1 E5 8 A 15, 1, 1 7 '17 Wk , gmt 9, maui -n , M if Q .., j .3 1: ix 'V -1.35 , l -Z i 'W 'ft X x M . IIRNT ROW ll erm Wlnard P P r111ft 1 er. Jfwk: Pittman. . i P 11111 txt r 1 rt 11111tf-xter If ld Pottn B bln. SECOND ROW: Pre 9 ll rt x mr 111111 c11 111 ' 1 -cv-1 . 1 He-11e'1u. u'111 i'1 1 1 I : ' S11-rrp: 1. Y: f 1. ly. FfJI'RTH ' .J-1-k." 1 ,'v1y. I' 1: .' 1- . 7 : 51-fry. ' '1-' : .. .i11c' .' 11111-1. .11 .1 5 i1. If . K W: 5 i1. .mi : Slllitl. ret: Smit 'I lil. 'r1'1:5 '. r'11:51it1.."'15111-.11f5. Q- - ... -14 -.... mr , Ma, W 1 I 11' 1, A ,, .au K OUTSTANDING FRESHMEN ,Ierry Adams and Nancy Dennig T 5 1 - 0 - I . S SAX. ga, , ' ' . I X 6 'L' ui i I 1 ,' FIRST ROW: Stahl, Judy: Stephens, Jack: Stevens, Barbara. SECOND ROW: Sweet, Saclieg Talley, Glen: Taylor, Patricia. THIRD ROW: Terry, Georgeg Terry. Ruth: Thomas, Carl. FOURTH ROW: Thomp- son. Rosag Thompson. Sarahg Tubs, Ann. FIFTH HOW: Varnell. Chesterg Vaughn, Patsy: Vick, Louis. 57 , fn 5 Q1- if 'Z' Q Y . -"2f . ' S . . 1 my FIRST ROW: Ware, Bobbyg Wagner, Davidg Wall. Johnnyg Westbrook, Ronaldg Whatley, Cwendolyng Williams, Donaldg Williams, Faye. SECOND ROW: Williams, Juliusg Williams, Margaretg Wisdom, Jimmyg Woodell, Ruthg Worley, Dianeg Yar- brough, Andy. OUTSTANDING FRESHVIEN .....i,, Sunny Flores and Tommy Fheek Tommy Robertson and Gayle Cllellette Wi 3 Sarah Ellen Nlmrre Lucy Jane Burr FE TURES MOST BEAUTIFUL has: qi I WB' 60" SUE SIMMONS eo Q ful , N Si M 5 M 1 MM ' MM 43 xi 'S mf Vfwilr M M Q BEAUTIES H 1X it- 495 '9WV!b"xW-M M! .EW Su: cl: UN XXX hll H XHIJNUN '1aq,q,.yww,.K fin Y""r JIT ' IIAVN lflAl. W 551ig"' Swag, -W iv , Mk D Xa I Q' 7 F ' ' D I i L' I - v Q K 5 if ix V , 5 ,, ' 'K k"41f fix-lik. . ' NM AL 35-"A vi", . J N t L" xr tw' , .v.' .-F-ww - -M' f X, 1 V ' EI 'T'-1,3 V X XX .V I U BEAUTIES W 1- DOROTHY BROWN Q fr. PALLA HLDSON' BONNIE PURW IQ A ww if V 7 7 , O 5 V .4--' BEAUT IES SXIIN IYFTON '95 XNIIX BRINSON ll hU!lN 1'-'IUMA ...-1, Mini' RUBY MAE ANTHOEX ""?' OTHER BEAUTIES PATSY DIVINE . 411, SUE BARR QI'-Z7 JUDY DOMINICK YVO 2 ' E A x l' K :,. U k V Y 'VVVYW ' x P X Z 1' fg - ., fx E E SQ.. Vi A - ' 751 7' 5 2' it 2 V5 . rv M ' 'ww " X A ' 5 . 3 5 I . , "ix , 8, " f - r fi X ': K ' Q , U X , 1 ,D 114'-!f.,1,5w A , ' ,.f '. ky' E , IA I I : ,Y ll. ' 4 I - l , l rl . 4 ' , f ' X V. ' A A .l" 'SMH' I - if ' V A V fx I 'w I I ' if L NNE DUNLAP OTHER BEAUTIES l. f- :CH 'za' 'Br WM JANET GIIHENJS QHFRRY H XI L fix Q M PEGGY PARDUE f-Q GAY PLRX IS JUDY SAV XGE ' N X: Q m - I 'I . -1 V K 2 X 'ly 4 JJ '55, ,rf ' , r-1 I V A - K 1 1 J 'Wm ..,,,,, 1 1 . lug , 1' ' - , -' if I r .1 ,f I 4 "' X .?" .- 4 Q A If KG . l e S4- x sh C 5' I A if A .ab A 1 I M 1 qggdfyf L ,H S H F R N1 A N W Y N N HANDSOMEST LEU NORRIS CALENDAR GIRLS X I CAROL ANN BATEMAN KAY BRUCE January February X1 JERRY RUTH BRENT SHERRY MATTHEWS WVIHICR Apul -I . - -- rv-fx 'k'. fhlvu -I 1 . .- ,. f ,. ,W ' y . I 'J Ls I 'A O f 1 f I A fi l M OW. 1 In 'Q 75, xl... ,. -.', fn" : ' ""' , sn, v 1 1,5 1 I I B I I' I ,Q . I C 1 f N I 1 I1 Q! V E . 77 Q '7 'Q In CALENDAR GIRLS F1 'I' A 'I if S7 NJ 'ki HARRIET ROUNTREE CINDY SIVIITH May une 'AQ EVINIA LOU TVICDADE DIANE STEVENS u y August 'ki Y J L gf? it 175 V ,, 7' 'ajft' A ,fit w Q run- 1 s :".xZ: Is J I X I M I ' ' ' ' 1 '-.53 MQ 9:1 A fig , gi' , f ' za, ' f 9 3' X S 1 I A r h U' , . n 5' 'I h L 'Y , 0.5 . . ,Q 1 , J v , Z f f 3 ,f x fl its if A '?i F' Y I 1 ' I w ,. I . " fy f- I- -Q' 1 E ' I 1 f S' L .I W' I ", f " ' ' 'N 0 C"'f'I . . .. , I", ,Lfpq lj, , xii! N H 7 if t :rj f rw fm: I, ,kyhf y ., w, v 5 I Y" S 9,5 kd 2 'V z 11, E L'v N :S I x 9 r I I I l t fy l n i , Qs ,, U E 'B 5 5 '. fi . H 3, I ,, f If ,WU1-F , AI ..i,9'- - NT, ' -2 I . I - I1 CALENDAR GIRLS Af J ,rj f' fr BILLIE ANN WITHERS VICKI TEACUE Septembe1 October r,,f x J N NIARCY ELDER PATRICIA SHIVELY 'N ow embel December , . , . .. ,,.,, f'--f " --.-- .2 ' M . . N . 1.-6, Nt, v un fax C. Q2 f, ew-, A ,ya I Lx . 'X' I 95 S vp 'a SW A gf. E. L 9 r N E x ' c r ' 5 1 f ,Z vb , 0 A fr e ,' 5 . 'xl 9 T .A -v Y ' X .1 1 ,A , Y H ,D 1 3 tx, x ffl I f S 1 f--J I th Vg W .-. ii ec gh in . .,,-- Z' n-In--H - K Aj I gi ? ,-,B A .-Wu ? J , -h 4' fl: ' v fr Af ,E A F M E, K , . - rw . fa fine? LH 1 x' Q, xi i K' 2 1 f im, 95 A "ff I fy 2.1 2 1 ze , rx Q I N r 5 f f V. ,g ,. A a b X T7 C7 v 5 ,V 1 3 , 1 P ' Y , g .I :V 1 f 4 I sk, A 4 X1 4 f F A I . l 4 1 - - ' A f f' .1 ' , I - ' ' " .2 PELICAN GIRLS, STATE Arlene Hardy Marxan Klbler Dorothy Brown Dorothy Mueller Jane Traylor Cathy MCMIHHH Peggy Pardue ALTERNATES Carolyn Self Ronme Cue BOILHIC PUIWIS Eyflyn Randall Bemg selected to attend Pehcan State held each summer on the campus of Loulslana State Ln1yers1ty IQ an honor sought by eyery consclentlous Rebel Selected on the basls of character serylce leadershlp and cooperatlon these delegates study the goyernment of Lou1s1ana They occupy the Senate and House Chambers elect thelr oym goyernor and other offlcers and through actual part1c1pat1on gam a yyorklng knowledge of the goy ernment of thelr state PELICA BOYS' STATE Jeffrey Brown Jacob Goodman Tommy Le Bleu Wasne Prewltt Loyd NICKCDZIC Tommy Stm TERNI ATEN Clarence Reece Gan Knndnck Bohhs Ramew Junms Lee -Xlfred Hunt Noble Hoot and Larrs NIC Cathran e objectlxe of Bm Ntitc' 1 In er ufatc X4 uth 111 tl10 flutlc pI'1XllCf'C r1f'l1tQ am rn Jon lJlllllCN of LIll9I'lf"lll KIIIZCII lnp t 1 who 1 a plill for lI'3lIllI1f" 111 practlca meclanlr of f1mfr11111e11t ne of the l11 het ll mf r ll lw ln-I mrl en 1 lunmr Ctuflent 1 to be Gelectec to rcpreQent lllQ QLll0Ol at l,fllL'lIl Nhtc 111 ll4Ill1JI' Sought ln uf-rx true Junlor ebel , , ' . 7 j " , ' . '. ' ' son. 2 . "K .41 ' " l' L V: :L A . . I 1 - - - K, L .gf - , ' LH ' , '11 'f"" , -. K- ,f 1, A 'auf ' ,x I 'j AL 1 . f 1 ,' - ,' ,X ,' - - 1 - 5 .' - ' 'l-l'1 l'-.1 ' 'S. "',S, -5- l ESI gl ...I N I .L S . . I .S W H., t . . P . . I l 1. " . 0 . 'gl S 1 IS 1 in " 1 L ' , 'S L l PELICAN CHAPTER DAUGHTERS OF AMERICAN REVOLUTION C0011 Clfl en IIIQFIIIIHQP RPpre91'nl11Izz11 FXTH1 XIJIIII XX ll F111111 P10111 arrl111 haptfr t11 1111 11r0111l71!11111 Qp1111C0r61 the 6 l11l11111 nf the N FHS xepre 6111211110 'Ihr' 11111 111 Chapter of the Daughter rf XIIICTIL 111 Rex OIUIIOII a11nuaIls Qpomor a mod 11117111 pllffflllldgi' to the tate vapltol 51161111111 of the whool repre GIIIBIIXQ 1 h1111te1I 111 Qcnmr Qcholar and CILISIIIICHIIOH: 1r1 In ml Depf'111I1h1l1tx HIIICIIIIICIUCIE' truthfulne 1 x lltx 11111 PUIILIUWIIIN N0rx11v 11111perat1011 111urte-s and 11111 1derat11111 of nther IPBCIPFQIIIP per2onahtx elf control ahlhtx to aQQu111e reiponilblhty PHITIOIIQIII unielfwh IIIICTCQI ln famllx Qchool COINIIIUIIIIX and natlon ..: ,.l. I A .Y Tl ' 'Az 'fs Rl f'z II .Sf C 1. I'l 'Ll ra '..' .. ., I S- ". 1 '.v.,. ' S ' J-"1 1 F Fl ,- "1 ' ' "I C S I :E . .1 Q . P I I' F I' ' C- " ' 3' 'S 5 ' 1 'i ., 5 " ' ' 4- .S : . ' S ss.11-1 ' ."'. .I ' ' . ' :' - 5' ' S. , - ' . .. . Q " '. Mrs. Spence instructs a group of librarians in the use of the card index file. FRONT ROW: Brenda Parker, Frances Wilkinson, Faye Hargert. BACK ROW: Catherine Cagle, Andra Davenport, Mary Beth Davis and Mrs. Spence. SERVICE URGANIZATIONS if C. Bateman. B. Bozeman. C. NIL-Nlillan. ,I. Cithvns, Smillm, A. Hardy. P. Parduf-, B Kvthlfw I I'rayI0r. D. BIucIIc'r. II. RlIUIlII't'4', Il. Iirnmn. SECOND RUXY: Ii. Purxis. J. Cuudnlan N Pxttn n .uycI. ff. I'ar4Iu1'. J. Spraylwrry Z1IllI K. 'I'irIwm'II. 'IIIIIRIJ ROW: IJ, NIr'KinIs'y. Vs Laurvnts. C. Re'+"cr'. I'. I5aIIar1I. ll. Kr-ruirivk. 'If Stinson. I,. 'I'. Stinson. I.. 'I'I1un'Iu'r. J In a R. I Sc-If. NIR. IXNIES .XIIISON OI-'I"lllI'lRS I.f'II tw r11'I1t' XIrx IS urr: Rlllllly' I.wy1I. .L-1-xnlrly NIam1g1f-ri .IumIr IMMIII Irvaxurf-r: Honnim- I'urxiN. Ifirxl Yin- I'rf--i:Iv11I: Yirgil Pittman. I31wNi4I: Cary Kr-ndrivk. 5-'maui Yiw- I'r.-Niilmtz IILIFHIQII Sf-If. N-1-rf-tary: llarul Iidtf man. Rvpffrtv-r: ami Nlr. .XIIi-nn. URS XORXIE HLRR IIN- Ntu .Npul1.wr fl:-nl IIHIIIIVII ix 11 -e-rxi1'v mgxlruizaitiwulx mvlllllu-f'1I HI IIN' t'Xf'l'llIlXt' HIIl1'r'I'N l'Il1INt'Il IH IIN' r luliwnx. mul IIN' I1I'l'NIlIt'IlIF NI IIN' Iwur r'Iuss+'s. WIIIIIQ IIIIIVIII l...fIx, IIN'-llIt'IlIN HI v'IuI+N :mrI ur- TUDE T COUNCIL CLl'B PRESIIII-fNTS ANI! REPRFSENT.X'l'lYIiS U, Hnzenuni. Nlajnrettf-si C. NlrNlillan. T,ihrary Cluh and Southern Aves-ritz J. Cithr-ns. Los Eil38HliIlt'5l 5. Smith. tlliniri K. Hardy. The F5Il1iI1tIllI1I-I P. Partlue. Future Te-ar'lit-re: H. K1-tlilf-y. Cirlf Fpnrte lillllll .l. Traylllr. Future- Hwiiiw-intake-rx filulig lt. Ninn-ller. l,l't'Nillt'lll nf Sz-ninr lflae- and The Reliel- '-ttw: ll. Rntiiitrev. Inttifniqiii-tzitinrt-51 li, llrtmn. llwatl tlln-e'rle'a1lr'r. SECOND RUW: ti. Pardue. llruni Nlujnr: R. Lnytl. Stull:-nt tlwvunvil ,X-st-inluly Nlanagvr: Y. llittinan. T,ft'Nill1'I1l. nf Student Cnuiieil and Natinnal Hfininr Fwwietyi .l. tiootltnaii. Treasurer Student tiouneil and Preeids-nt nf Spf-eeli Clulxl XY. Prewitt. Art filulr: S. Laura-nte. Kant- Hunk tiluh: C. Reeve. Latina Sutlalitaf: P. Ballard. Hath Club: Tflllllltj' Stinsnn. Rell:-l Ftlitnr: I.. Tlian'kt'r. 1-ll Clulm: ,l. Tre. National Hniwr Suri:-ty Rep, The niain purposes nf the nrganizatinn fm- tu stimulate 1-loser mmpe1'atinii lvetween the faculty and the Students. to prmnnte xwrthy prnjem-ts in the interest of the entire Student lmdy. to prnnwte general student activities and ltr fnfter se,-lwnl spirit. Fonie prnjeets uf the Cnunf-il this year in-re. niusim- in the 1-afeteria. a gnml grumn- ing prnjevt. the polio drive. Orientation Day and Career Huy. The eXec'utix'e ulfivc-rQ conducted a discussion gruup on "Wirral and Spiritual Values" at the state ennxentiun .in Lafayette in Oetuher. The distriet assm-iatiun meeting was held at Yurth Caddo in the spring. THE REBEL STAFF Feature Editor SUE BARR '?TM7 Advertising Manager NELLIE JEAN WYNN Secretary ib- Edl'l0V Co-Editor TOMMY STINSON JIMMY LEE A t t W ..- Wk' r 1 Q Sports Editor Business Jlarzager Business ,Uanager PETE RALIARU EVELYN RANDAL NAN VAN HOOSE I AfIl7PVll'Sfl1g .Uanager Sales .Uanager Sales .Vanagvr BOB WILKINSON FRANK CLENIENTS RONNY IOYD Af'-1 Serretary SGCIFIGVJ' Secretary ANN RICHARDSON RUBY MAE ANTHONY MARY JANE BICKELLAR PATRICIA LAVIXE Sponsor MRS. OLA HICKS .L I THE REBEL STAFF Q , ..-1 A. V, y x ,,-.Lf -:J S 'H 1 K., , -W In , f .x X. ,, I , FP' "f ' ' . Q -, I I ZQQJRJ . ,M,..v" 55 , . 'K -+Ns...u...nV- 1' All, EDITORS AND BUSINESS MANAGERS Nan Van Hoose, Pete Ballard. Jimmy Lee. Tummy Stinson, Sue Barr, Evelyn Randall. 1 . i. s..L'.X ' ADVERTISING MANAGERS SECRETARIES SALES MANAGERS Mary ,lane McKellar. Patricia Lavine, Ann Richardson, Ruby Anthnny. Nellie J. Wynn. Frank fjlenwnt-. Ronnie Loyd. Bob Wilclinsrrn 77 S' wflwfz ACCEN STAFF FIRST ROW left to rlght S Smnh C Nllddleton B Sprm er P Anble P Lavxne C McM1llan SECOND ROW left to rlght 'Nl Carl R Slaughter S Law E Randall S Srmmons J Harwell THIRD ROW left to nght B Yeary C Reece D Robm and J M Trottcr NIRS ANU QLF-VON Sponsor 78 llanagmg Pzlzlor Ldthv Nh Nllllan Fl1lf0flH flue! Judy fhandlf r Aswslrznl lwlzlor l atm ld LANIIN AIIIITIISIIIIL, Uanahrr lwpzsix Sue law and Rita Slau lllll Kofax Rimlzrs uflx Hdrwe ll rnfl Pu lyn Randall IWUIIIH Frlltlr Su: Slnunun lub RIIIUIIUFJ Nl ry jane X14Kfllc1r Dall flulc IJ mm I ll l on mr L1 rvsdrml ln rt C 1In Stall Rzporlers lf nuth u L1 1 rm rr 1, fr ld Jalz R lun and 'Nldrw lan: .ir Supplx Store llanager Nldrw Jam Karl J, .I ' -Jul., ,I ...4l ' fx. " ' 'f ' Pvggy l'l1'FlQ'I'YdlI Angle Sporls Erlilons Clarerrve Rs-ew and Claurlvtle- Nlicldle-Inn J l I' Q 1+ - .lf I' lil " 5. Ru - Lvl l- .' ' .' Sufl- S ' , Hill- ls w. ll -tty Sp' gn J. Nl. 'lr tI'. llill YHry.l 1 41 ' .' . ' Q ' ' fl' I 2 SOUTHERN ACCE T Rl POR FERQ Llarencf Ref-ce Elualn th fhaclur Brnnda larker Nlary jane NlcKellar Pat Nlathevs Nlarcy Elder Faye Har :tt Carol Bateman Imda FdwardQ and Rolnrt lolden QEC OND ROW Raymond 'NIL Lvod Nadu Swut Nanrw l'lowr Nu: Skmnmr Sur Law Fxclxn Randall Judy Hamill Barbara Kcthlex anl johnm fllol n 7.2 ,..., was CATHY NICNIILLAX JUDY CHANDLER PATRICIA IAXINE Managing Edzzor Edztor ln Clue! Assistant Edzlor Q ILL AN WCROLL PlQ'l'If 111.11111-,1gI, IQYIQLHX H txtttlili Rl lit XY! IIUNH .MM-Q IH X1 INK Xlltf. .HIE ILILXSUN l,VF51'Il1'77I tiff l'rnWl,1y,, .NIVH'ft1V'wl7f'Il.Xl1Vl'f Rwywlrfr 511011501 FUN ii 'Vs ,ab 604' 'iz Jornlhx 1 ws 11 R 1 It 1 11 ,ds is 13- 4-1 ssh..- 11111111 lxll 1 YI 1 1 R nj 1 L1 Nlau ht 1 I t 1 Xt 1 Ill Ill N 4 IIXQ 1 tr t M JU ll' 11011 N tl 'f "A 1--. 'F , - " If ff., '- f' ' . 'F' .MW Y ., xv 7-'M 03 1 Q l I' U11 'Il Jul! t1hz111ftI1f1 Ifrun t.l1-1111111 .l111'.1t1 tmtfl 11111 .llllty Htrx -ll I .1511 X ,. 1, nf '5 - 1 y 't ,ov 5 47' '1 H751 E g - 1 I K 'KT 351 ffyt . ' ' 4, V - 1 f . A Bi 1:1 Xl' " " 111- Pnl 1111 l.LNtIl' fm' Inn tlltlllllf lv- Hlrllllj 111311 tml' Xl1K4'll111 kathy X111Nl'lz111 lhggx l'q111ll11' 4.I:11'111v' Nw-11 t..11'11ly11 51'lf Quill 111111 Fvwll ix .111 I11t1'1'1111ti111111I H1111111:11'x N4Il'if'tX f1-11 High Sf'lt..1I ,l1111111a1li-tx. 'lhv 111111 wt thi- 11rgz111ixa1ti1v11 i- tt' chin-Imp int-r'fl illlfl fu-tvr whim-w111+'11t 111 j1+111'1111Ii-tiv writhtg. it rf'1xz11'rls ituflrnts I1 ha - xwrtwtl 1111 thfl N1-t1111.l 1111111-r 1111t 11111 111. Nh' he-rs must hun- 21 "B" ttwrgtgv illlfl la ' N1-111141 11 ywar 111 It' of tl - I hlfal' S. Its fl11gg1111 ix 1--lx t1'11th 111111 truth Nhull mukc 31111 f1'e2v." Hit' gg 1-1 vlktfllllll' Fltltwtn ATIO L HO 'OR OCIETY VIRCIL PlT'fNIAN ,IININIH LEE CAROLHN SELF DOROTHY NllfEl.LER Pete- Ballard Presirlezzr Vive Presiflerzt Sef-refary Reporter ,lulxa Chandler ,lacolv Qrorlrnan Ronmc flue -Xrlf-ne Hardx Xlfrul Hunt Gary Kendrlck 'Nlarron Klbler Shelbw Laurent Sue Law Cathy NIc'NI1l1an Pe gy Pardue Bonnie Puru Rua Slau hier Jane Traslrr Bllubs Ram x lax lwn Randall Llarence Reece axera e uf wa Q cl me eader lnp clraraf tfr fl Q X ne are IJYCICLIUI lte of member lnp m the unc-lx bponwr NIR RIC H XRD XICCLLCC-XCE ' L u ' ' ' ss . 1' g ' g H 1 Y' r"' Q fl' 1' ' ' l ' An ' ' g ' "B" wr lfettcr as yll a- br V V qu'l' in l " 5 '. " ' ' . an sin- ' . I A h j h V .5. 3 x S . . ll Sf", R91 ' '1?5'?'L-f ' ' 'F S - 1- 116, X. 13 W xx. W ' ' 'Q gg ' . g 1, J . K -im it in FIRST ROW: P. Holcomb, lf. 'fliackc-r. W. Slaughter. J. Harringtun. CQ. Sclf. C. Pariluv. B. Purxif. XI. Mr-Kellar. P. Pardue. SECOND ROW: S. Samla. R. Morris. F. Le-ach. ll. Nlurria NI. Connell. P. B. Parker, F. Clemvnts. XI. Carl. THIRD ROW: H. Wiggin-. O. Se-llvrs. NI. Harp:-r. R. Ymliu- tim.-. F. Lytton. S. Wynn. C. Walk. FOFRTH ROW: J. Cralilw. J. Spraybc-rry. K. Dixon. Kcnnctli Owrmyer. J. Briggs, R. Loyd, C. Dyer. B. Carter. Mr. Atkins. FIFTH ROW: E. Law. BI. Powell. J. Lantz. II. Adger. C. Eastman. A. Willoughl and Gene' Half-. ly. P. Riley. S, Svxtfm. J. Ilvr-N. V. Dr-Fatta. T. LPBIEU IUIYN IIII. NIEXIISFRS In!! IH right: VI'-xv I'.u'fIuu Nlary Juni- XIr'Kf'lIar. Ilvllilny I.LlII"I'. Ilrvrnlai . I . N1"f"I"" IJLllI'i"I'. II'-p1irt"1': RUIIIIIO' Imvi. unll UII11 Nllf-r-. Irv-1+If-nr. IXIN XII W. Ii. YI '.S ' Realizing the iiecrl fur IIN- rlisr-m'm'y aml rlcvelcipmcnl of FVIVIIIIIII' ability Ihr: rf'lf'lll'f' flf-parlirimrtf are prm''e1'y nmwrtiiriity fm'.II111w FIIIIIPIIIF mlm flimx' zilviity fur r-rc-ativ- Q I'I'Nf'iII'f'Il. WW' Fr-if-ntifif' amrl If-vlillwlwgif' ziliility i- ll rare' aml prcvinii- Ff'X4Pl1ff'fA. E XIOI' ' A I zimlt FO: 'Ib uplwlfl In tlif: In-Nl uf my ability. thine iflealf rfarlitii vw of ITIIP gr-if'I1r-rl C. H. P RDUE, SENIOR CIENCE CLUB N-.- FIRST ROW: Q. Dempsey. D. Luccous, P. Holcomb, L. Flash, B. Floyd, N. Wyml. SECOND ROW: NIL Atkins, B. Lambert. S. Wilson. I. Cates. P. Shively. V. Teague, C. Self, L. Prewitt, B. Crain, Hrs. Williams. THIRD ROW: O. Sellers, S. Smith, D. Waters, F. Leach, P. Dominick, M. Elder, P. Angle. FOURTH ROW: H. Wiggim: R. McLeod, C. Hart, B. Wilkinson, S. Boyter, S. Simpson, O. Livingston, L. James. FIFTH ROW: J. Lantn D. Lawrence, B. Carter, C. Watts and C. Dyer. 1 fwf OFFICERS President , , ,, ,, BOB WILKINSON liire President RAYMOND MCLEOD Secretary , BARBARA FLOYD Treasurer NIARCY ELDER Sponsors XIRS OLCA WILLI-HIS VR WILLIAM ATKINS FIRST ROW: L. Byerley, Y. Dunlap, G. Briggs, C. Holt, S. Mathews, C. Bateman, P. Angle, N. Flowers, Miss Peterson. SECOND ROW: H. Rountree, N. Adcock, P. WiHiams, B. Bozeman, P. Lavine, P. Elder, P. Law, J. Halwell, M. Vlfilliams, M. Elder, G. Fletcher. THIRD ROW: J. Gholson, J. Teustch, C. Hart, A. Bateman, R. Golden, G. Lindsey, J. Lee, J. Goodman, O. Livingston. .Jacob Goodman, Presidentg Carol Bateman, Vice President, Billie Bozeman, Secretaryg Jimmie Lee, Treasurer, Robert Golden, Reporter, Chester Hart, Sergeant-at-Amls. ENGINEERI G CL B CY3 Y 3 TTY Sh lb l.. urents, Ronnie Lo'd. Jim Bowen, Bill Ba well, Carlton Dyer, ,Ie Dees, J. T. Johnson, n cent Defatta, Gene Hale. NIR. CREICHTON The purpose of the Engineering club is to develop culture and to promote interest in the field of engineering. This is accomplished by field trips, special projects, such as the telescope shown below, and special literature. To belong to the engineering club, one must have a "Bu average. F UT RE FARMERS OF MERICA FIRST ROW: NIL Burns, C. Simmons, S. Synn, I.. Thacker. C. Mitchell, C. Dominick, Sue Simmons, FFA Sweetheart. SECOND ROW: J. Wall. P. Hoots. J. Shelton, D. Richardson. D. Bomaman, A. Dial, J. Fields, A. Hartzo. THIRD ROW: J. Ford, J. Stevens. A. Yarbrough, A. Floyd. J. Purdy. T. Sheek. FOURTH ROW: D. Hartzo. B. Pearson, R. Terry. F. Gresham. D. Hatcher, D. 3IcCathran, D. Worley. FIFTH ROW: B. Farmer. P. Parker. J. Armstrong. KI. Lankford, J. Morris. J. Sheek. C. Dyer. R. Idom. C. Worden, D. Putman. and J. Zylks. r. Bums' first period class is being President. Lsnn Chile: First Vice taught by visitor. President. erry arues: Second Yiee President. Onnie or ey: Third View President. Lliarlie French: Treasure-r Chri- IJtlllIlI'llK'I'll Reporter. I.ouis Thacker: Sentinel. Sherman Wy nn Parliamentarian. Charles Simmon- Secretary. Sammy Xlitchell 'not shown! NIR. TOLLI BURNS .-lift isor 4-H CLUB ma .. ,K 1 Ffa I A. Martin. C. Gibson. J. Wynn. E. Wynn. K. Cagle. 5. Iavwe. If, Thavker. J. Lowe. L, Bunner. R. Terry. SECOND ROYV: T. Dunlap. L. Filnmtlns. P. Angzlv. R. Anthony. fx. Richardfun. XI. Lank- fnrd. C. Head. S. Skinner. L. Sartttr. P. Taylor. and IJ. Waters. THIRD ROW: B. J. Crain. R. Yvfuodell, T. W'iUian1s. L. Thacker. fx. Willie. J. Sh:-tfk. l.. llmninivk. J. NTl'KI'TT3f, A. Yvilloughlly. FOLYRTH ROWY: J. Stevvni. P. Parker. A. Yarhurnugh. J. Adarns. IJ. Rivhard-on. NI. Hawkins. J. Zylks. T. Wltaver. FIFTH ROW: C. Craig. J, Wwilliarne lf. Fic-ldi. IJ, Barnum and G. Bt-ek, NIOTTOg To make the best hetter PLEDGE: Our head to Clearer thinking Our heart to greater loyalty Our hands to greater Service UFHCER5 Our health to hetter hx ing. Fur our vluh. uruntrx and wmmunitv Sporzsor , . L.. Yxonnw Utmlap. Sw-rvtary: .Xnn Richard-nn. YM- Pr'--ident: an Lwui- 'I'I1at'kf'r. Pr'--ident. NIR. TOLLY BLRNS Lv-ft In right: Elizabeth Thack'-r. Rv-pnrt'-r: Peggy .'XngI'-. Tr:-a-urer FUTURE HOMEMAKER OF MERICA nog... if FIRST ROW: D. Grimsley, L. Fedd. J. Farles, B. Scott. Sweet. J. Lowe. ,I. Lowe. BI. Barron. N. Wfynn. SECOND ROVF: P. Holcomb, A. Martin, E. Thacker, D. Payne. E. Mayxille. R. Blackmon. P. Smith, R. Terry. THIRD ROW: S. Roberts, A. Johnson. S. Law, C. Middleton. I. Denton. R. Reynolds. I.. Anthony. J. Dominick. B. King. FOURTH ROW: J. Guy. R. Woodell. A. Gerald. S. Smith. P. Divine, C. Head, R. Morris, A. Bames. K. Saulshury. FIFTH ROW: S. Simpson. B. Kethley. I. Traylor, S. Sexton, J. Herring. J. Crain. I.. ldom. N. Taylor. E. Hale-. NI. Harper. I 5 NIOTTOg Toward new horizons PURPOSE: To encourage democracy in home ancl community life and to further interest in llomt- Ec. FIRST ROW: Secretary. Anna Lou Cerale: Presi- dent. Jane Traylor: Vice President. Elizabeth Thacker. SECOND ROW: Treasurer. Suzanna Sexton: Songleadf-r. Pat Smith: HiQtorian. Mary Lee Barron: Reporter. Sadie Sweet. NIISS COFFEY HRS. CRAY I n l 'f I l,a.- ' 'gl u .O FUTURE HOMEM KERS OF AMERIC Senior Home Economics majors, Johnnie Crain and Jimmie Herring demonstrate the proper way to set a table. 'U--v.. SUZANNE SEXTON Parish FHA Queen Left to right: Linda Anthony, Parish Reporterg Suzanne Sexton, Parlsh Historian: Judy Dominick. Parish Parliamentarian. FIRST ROW: N. Adcnck. L. Byerly, N, Ifestervan. P. Holcomb. P. Pardue. S. Mathews. NI. NIC- Kellar. K. Trotter. P. Curlee. P. Mathews. L. Flash, S. Wilson. P. Hudson. SECOND ROW: C. Self. NI. Carl. C. Bateman. J. Harwell, S. Simmons. V. Teague. P. Shively. I. Eaton. J. Ward. R. Guess, C. Holt. H. Rountree and D. Mueller. THIRD ROW: P. Angle. L. James. NI. Groll. S. Smith. B. Bozeman. C. Caldwell. L. Thacker, L. Edwards. I. Ramey, S. Connell. P. Law. P. Lavine. FOURTH ROW: R. McLeod. S. Crain. 1, Savage. ,I. Lawrence. J. Cithens. S. Lytton. R. Slaughter. L. Anthony. N. Van House. and B. Volentine. OFFICE RS President. Peggy Pardue: Vice Pre-id:-nt. Rnnnie Gut-ss: Secretary. Patrieia La- xine: Tre-5.urffr. Patsy Law: Rr-ptrrter. Nlary Jane XIPKQ-llar and Parliamentarian. Patricia Shin-lx. Sponsors Enfleavors to develop in young people the quali- ties nf personality and r'harat'ter. with emphasis twward leadership. Tu inform young people uf the inspiring history of the .'hlI1t'I'Il'Z1H sf-huol sy stern. MISS HELEN BLRR MRS. XORYIE BURR Sponsor. Hrs. Gleason: Bill Sue Harris. Susie Smith. Lorraine James. Ronnie Guess. Lessie Hay- good. Patsy Dominick. Frances Leach. Ruby Anthony. Sandra Wilson. Sherrie Mathews. Judy Chandler. Anita Bellett. Peggy Pardue. Patlicia Shively. J. NI. Trotter. Shelby Laurents. Vincent De Fatta. Bob Wilkinson. Clarence Reece. The members of this Club desire to know more about books and their authors. The reviews of books chosen by members are given by volunteers from the club or by out- siders. An annual event of pride to the club is the reveiew to which the entire student body is invited. ,c-1-ff Pre-irlr-nt. Shelby lniurentsg Vice Pre-iilent. lhlggv l,L1I'Illll'1 Secretarv. J. Nl. Trotter: HRS. AMY fLl.l-QXSON rea-urfr. Sherrie Nlattliews: Reporter. Ruby Arnliftnyi n KEY CL B . , K w we ' FIRST ROW: J. Goodman, B. Bauer, B. H. Weaver. J. Brown, K. Tidwell, V. Pittman, R. Loyd. C Pardue, K, Dickson. SECOND ROW: J. Kennedy, J. Butler, J. Cravoe, P. Riordan. J. Lee, B. Ramey J. Cholson, J. Briggs. THIRD ROW: J. Elkins, C. Reece, G. Kendrick, P. Ballard, T. Stinson. S Sexton, M. Adger, Mr. Allison. rid.. me vx 0 7? 1 i fl Qc 6 C 'xl , F fn, C hifi, J Q The Key Club is a service organization for boys in the upper three grades. It was organized this year under the sponsorship of the Kiwanis Club of Vivian, and has among its aims training in leadership responsibility and good citizenship, usefulness to the school and the communities, and following the ideal of giving primacy to the human and spiritual rather than to the material values of life. The North Caddo Key Club is associated with Key Club International, an organization with member- ship covering the United States and Canada. MR. JAMES ALLISON .Sporzsor ,,,,a.,.,M-9 I V W ,L 5 , K, . I , , 2. h , . , , , , 4 . , ,thx , Cary Kendrick. Presidentg Pete Ballard. Vice Presidentg Pat Riordan. Secretary: Jim Briggs. Treasure-rg Tommy Stinson. Cleve Pardue. Jerry Butler, Board of Directors. LATINA SODALITAS fm f i...-wi" Jacob Goodman IS calhn the number for the game Lanna FIRST ROW Pete Ballard Lorame lame Cathy NIC 'Nhllan SECOND ROW Carol Ann Bateman Clarence Reece Dale Chlle THIRD ROW Nhss Burr tandlng Perly Rlley and Bob Wllkm on PLRPOSE To brlnv 1nto close relat1onQh1p thoie lIlCl1X1fll13lQ mtereited 1n the study of the anclent clasalcs of Greece and of Rome H1 the appreclatlon of 1'l1ytl'1OlOg1C3l lore and 1n the knowledge of nord 0I'1glI1S CLARENCE REECE JACOB GOODNIAN CAROL BATENIAN Preszdent Vzce Preszdenl Secretary E VL" 'wg' 1 LORAINE JANIES DALE CHILE: NIISS HELEN BURR TICGSIUBF Reporter Sponsor 93 ws I 'Vi 'v . A. . . J ' ' -, ' . , ' . 1'-wa' f- 1 ' pr -1 A - A , h i5ylf'f4fgi". ' ' 3 145.-A .A ye A af 'M we . L I .Q , f , f I l - - Q. - rv , - , g s . . , s, l - - . : A , , 5. : , , s , . . . R . D .. - - C " 7 7 7 . . . We A ' ' 3 r f M LIBB BY CL B 'WW Cathy Cagle, Andrea Davenport, Beth Davis, Anna Lou Gerald, Faye Hargett, Judy Harrington, Frances Hansell, Shirley Holbert, Dottie Luccous, Patricia Luccous, Ellen Mayville, Judy McDonald, Joe Morris, Latricia Dauphin, Brenda Parker, Joyce McCormick, Frances Wilkinson, Meg Williams, Nancy Dennig, Charlotte Carlisle, Cathy McMillan, Suzanne Sexton, Lynda Edwards, Dixie Payne, Wayne Prewitt, Barbara Kethley. The library provides teachers and students with the materials they need and helps them learn to use and appreciate them. Its aim is to establish itself in the heart of the school so that teachers and students will consider it their own, and use with pride its sources for information and pleasure. OFFICERS H ,,,,,,,,,, , CATHY MCMILLAN ,, SUZANNE SEXTON , LYNDA EDWARDS , ,,,,,,,, .i ,,.,,,, DIXIE PAYNE BARBARA KETHLEY President , Vice President , , Secretary ,,,,,,, , Treasurer . Reporter .. MRS. .ELA MAE SPENCE Sponsor OUTSTANDING LIBRARIANS 'Q I.IXD,fX EIJXX IRIN ANNA LEW GERALD JOE CE XICCORXIII Ix C-XTHX NIacNIILLIAIN DIXIE I UNI- IIXNNI NIXIUX A4 wg- "" I ,A 'I 01 V., I , I ii fn ' I ,J L President HARRIET ROUNTREE 1 Vice President JOHN CHOLFON Av' fir- Secretary Treasurer CHARLOTTE HOLT JO EATON Q 1? Sponsor NII55 NIYRA KININIONS . X X ! Judy Savage Otto Sellers Kay Trotter Nan Yan House Left to right: Harriet Kountree, Nan Van Hoose, Judy Savage and john Cholson. 96 If-ft In right: Charlotte Holt. Jo Eaton. Kay Trotter and Otto Sellers, LO CONQUISTADORE These students assisted with the Spanish instruction offered the Accelerated groups of the North Caddo Parish Junior High Schools, meeting with these pupils in Mooringsport and Belcher. if ., ...,..i. ,,... JANET GITHENF President FAYE HARGETT Reporter Kathleen Burton LOS ESPANOLES 'YN s.- DOROTHY NIUELLER BARBARA KETHLEY PATRICIA LAVINE Vive President Secretary Treasurer MISS MYRA KINIMONS Jerry Ruth Brent Jim Briggs Sponsor Linda Edwards Lynn Fedd Linda Gholson Gene Hale Paula Hudson Ann Smith 97 .eeeee I are LO ESPANOLITO H QW FIRST ROW left to rrght B Nleare C Carllle C Lang: I Stahl C 'NIcD0nald L Hme L NIcCathran and D Patter on SECOND ROW left to r1 ht A Hardy WI Hardy Q Robin L Smalley G Bngg R Kavanaugh L Daughm NI XIcKellar and NI Wllllam THIRD ROW B Bozeman ,I lN1ch0l S Colher D 'NIcKmley 'NI NIcDad6 .I Butler and V DeFatta 'is 'Hal Y"-vs' ,l ARI ENE HARDY President 1 -4 BILLIE VIC BOZENIAN Izre Preszdent Al Tsar' S NIH KEH NIQDXDE DEXN XICRINI LH Treasurer Program fhlllflllllll 98 NIARY JANE NIQKELI AR Qerrelan NIINN XIHR X KINIXIONS .Sponsor A N, ,..l -- ....:..,..-.N f ,.,,,WW,7 W f 'H ff , u"' ' N, , ,-- - ,A If r W V, . -a 2, GS . ' , .a 'z 'C , I .. M -, 1 x ., N' -1 Q f ' . V, I ..k v -4 ' 1 '9 ".x -1 - - nh 0, .15 ' . fr' ' . 0'- . J Q - of, 1 I - ff' ,, rx. 9 , 'A . ,Q I , Q v g ,. .v ' f v' fl ' W .4 I 4, . . 45 4 ' , ,. ,. A I 1 ,Q 1 V- , , 4" 'jf ' mf- ' 'X - . I . Y . , . . . 5, . s , . , . , . . , . 5, . . , . S . . , g : ,. , . . ', M. S, . , . s, . , . , . . . , . . 5. : . , . S, . , .. ', . . , , . , . . , r my f-41 , , , :fy X I I .A , I A 4 Y , . i 44 ATIO L HO OR SOCIETY WEW 'NIENIBERS FIRST ROW' Kay Trotter Nlary J NIeKellar Johnny Chol on Knne Hale Jerrv Dee Cleye Pardue Jams Sprayhcrrv SECOVD ROW Arlene Hardy Sandra DHllPV Han Jean Croll Carol Bateman Brllu Mt Bozeman Lmma Lou 'NIcDade Charlottr Holt THIRD ROW J T John on Nlorrl Adger Ronnle Loyd Stephen Sexton Patrtela Iaytne Judv Harwell Brenda Parker FOURTH ROW Shelby Laurent Cary Kendrlek Ronme fue Etldtr Law Perry Rlley Frank Clement anfl Harrrett Rountrte Dorothy Brown 'not hownr New members for tlua honor socrety are taken tn ln the sprlng EN FIRE IN-XTIONAL HONOR SOCIETX FIRST ROW V Putman J Lee C Self D 'Nlueller J Traylor C NICNIIIIHTI B Puru SECOIND ROW B Ramey S Dalley H Groll C Bateman B Bozeman E NIcDade C Holt THIRD ROW J T John on NI Ad er R Loyd S Sexton J Sprayberrv G Hale NI NIcKellar FOURTH ROW P Rrley F Clements H Rountree B Parker .I Harwell P Lavme S Laurent FIFTH ROW R Slaughter C Reece G Kendrxck A Hardy .I Goodman R Guesi P Pardue SIXTH ROW J C-holson K Trotter C Pardue J Dees E Law 'VI Klbler J Chandler and Evelyn Randall . 1 ' ,. ... , 1' f 5 , 1' . 1 5, J ', , -s. I' ' t : , . y,r U' , , 1 " ', , r , ' - . 1 . . 5 ,. s , I v , 1 J h' 14 , , - . v I V. I S, f ' ' , ' l'sS. " ' S, O C 1 . , , v , : . ,. , , , .. , . ' , . , . 's. V : . , . ,.. ' , . , . " , .. , . . Z . . S ,L- g , . ', . ,- ' ., . - I . , . , . , . , . , . , . 5. : . , . , . , , , . , . -, . . : . , . 1 ' , . , V ,-- y - 1' ' flgllklll PFITIC ll,Xl,I.XRlb ISUIEISX RXNIFY l'r l",Xl'fll'lIf l iw l,ll'.SI.lft'III f.,,jL MRS. HAZEL BARRON Robert Aflcock Sponsor Alfred Hunt Gary Kendrick 7 rllullllllf lmlllvll jimmy Lu- K JXNIC 'l'li'XX IDN 'INNININ 41I.XIiK lQl,'XlilfNiQlf lilflflll' Sf'IT1'fllf'Y TH'l1.NIlll'f lft'jlHlf""f GUY -'xlexanflfif Sammy llollior Donald Hempffrley 97 Jerry Lantz Shelby Laurmts David Lawrence ,.., I? my - um., Cary ljmlxffy flatlmy Xlf-Nllllzm jr-rry Nivlmlx I00 Virgil Pittman I. Nl. 'lfmzwr PARALLELEPIPEDS FIRST ROW left to rlght Jane Traylor Tommy Clark Robert Adcock Lee Roy W1ll1ams Davld Lawrence 'Nlrs Barron and Cathy lNlCM1ll3Il SECOND ROW Sammy Collxer Donald Hemperly Tommy LeBleu Gary Kendnck Gary Llndsey Jerry Lantz and Bobby Ramey THIRD ROW Jerry N1Cl10l Clarence Reece J NI Trotter Jlmmy Lee and Walter Nloore Two unlts 1n lY'lEltl1CH13llCi are requlred for graduatlon but our mathematlcs depart Sohd Geometrx and Trlgonometry are offered ln the senlor year lf the Qtudent has had a xear of Plane Geornetrx The H13-lOI'1tN of the memberahlp of thla organlzatlon Paralleleplped haxe elther an A or B axerage The prerequmte for membershlp IS that memberi muat be m the Solld and Trlg claacee , . : Z V s . . , . ' , 4 . . . : , , v , , , , - I . S, , . . . , r . ment offers advanced courses for those who wish to major in it. 4, . N . .5 . . , ' , ' as as aa ve v - ' - s, . , -m. Q6- 41 in l THE PAI T BOX FIRST ROW: E. Thacker, P. Holcolm, Doris Crimsley, P. Smith, J. Chandler, I. Harrington, R. Thompson, M. Hardy, S. Fulgium. SECOND ROW: J. Craig. L. Holifield, J. Brent. R. Blackman, P. Hudson, K. Cagle, K. Saulsbuly, 1. Parker, G. Lang. THIRD ROW: S. Simmons, I. Harwell, R. ROW: Miss Blackburne, J. Scott, B. McCarty, G. Adams. M. Montgomery, S. Boytcr, Sexton, Whatley, C. Purvis, B. McBride, M. Elder, S, Ethridge, K. Watson, N. Dennig, E. Randall. FOURTH ROW: Miss Blackburne, J. Scott, B. McCarty, C. Adams. M. Montgomery, S. Boyter, S. Sexton, S. Skinner, J. Morris, S. Smith. FIFTH ROVV: J. Pease, I.. Darden, S. Collier. C. Craig. W. Prewitt, T. Miles, I. Dees, J. Bounds and B. Finley. OFFICERS Right to left: Pri-sith-nt, Wayne- Prewittg Vice Presi- dent. ,Im-rry Dees: Secretary, Sue Sinimonsg Treasurer .Iucly Harwell: Reporter. Sur- Skinner, U . M Sponsor MISS TOMMIE BLACKBURNE .6 J N AIVIS AND PURPOSES at To incite a greater appreciation of art and wk to develop the hidden talents of NCHS stu- dents enrolling in this course. 'V' 'U . ' am-'fQF5?S.?i5',K! Ann Richardson, Sally Lytton, Dorothy Brown, Sue Barr, Judy Harwell, Vicki Teague SPIRIT OF OUR SCHOOL ff? CI-IEERLE DER 1 HEAD CHEERLEADERS Dorothy Brown, Sue Barr, Ann Richardson, Sally Lyton, Judy Harwell, Vickie Teague. ALTERNATE CHEERLEADERS Patsy Law ,Ianiet Cvithens The NCHS cheerleaders have at- tended the S.lVl.U. Cheerleading School, the largest in the South, the past three summers. ln the daily competition at the 1958 session they won first, second or third place honors. A cheerleading clinic is held each spring here at NC. This clinic familiar- izes the leaders with the basic skill, general knowledge, yells, stunts, skits, and songs that are an important part in training to be a good cheerleader. FRESHBIAN CHEERLEADERS Linda Bwerly 'Nina Kay Adcock. Nancy Dennig. Daliah Patterson, Beth Mc-ares, Charlotte Carlisle. t. f' 'ti g REBELETTE FIRST ROW: J. Cithens, P. Law, E. NIcDade, D. Mueller, M. Kibler, M. Davis, B. Kethley, J. Savage. F. Somner, and Vicki Teague. SECOND ROWY M. Hardy, C. Holt, S. Ethridge, J. Brent, C. Sr-lf, S. Connell. B. Volentine, J. Crain, J. Harrington, J. Harwell. THIRD ROW: Kay Watson, A. Hardy, H. Rountrec-, P. Smith, K. Bruce. N. Van Hoose, L. Flash, P. Shively, P. Holcomb, S. Barr. FOURTH ROW: N. Adcock, L. Byerly, N. Dennig, D. Payne, S. Flores, B. McBride, O. Livingston, ' P. Lavinc, S. Smith. D. Brown. FIFTH ROW: S. Sexton, S. Simpson, M. Williams, C. Shelby, C. Robins, C. Hall. D. Ivorlcy, A. Coleman. C. Holcomb, S. Lytton. SIXTH ROW: B. Ketllley, J. Eaton, R. Matthews. C. Carlisle, B. Meares, I.. Edwards, S. Roberts, ,l. Ward, C. McCrary, A. Richardson. SEVENTH ROW: J. Chandler, L. Haygood. J. Herring, J. Traylor, D. Patterson, B. Springer, A. Davenport. Sponsors . , I . I ? mf 2 . ff-"ai " " " " k I :gg-'sfgl .Q , . I . ,,. , ,if , . if , . r, H MISS BETTY .IACKS MISS MARTHA MASON I05 :Y A 1 ' I A"?':'g Xa .tg , ' '- .' rs- rl 55, hiya- . I.. .H ,. ' f I '. ' ff - , 3 1: I , , . , A I ' - -eil nlx . , ' f OFFICERS Right to left: DOROTHY NIl'EI.LER l'resi1Ier11 ENINIA LOL' NICIJADE l"1'f'e Presideril MARY BETH DAVIS Seerelzzry NIARIAN KIIILER Treasurer BONNIE KE'I'HI.EY , Reporter GRADEATING REBELETTES Arlene Hardy. Marian Kihler. Dorothy Mueller. Bonnie Kethley, Janice Harrington. Carolyn Self. BACK ROW: Jimmie Iirrin Betty Springer, Jane Traylor. Judy Chandler. Lessie Lee- Hay- good. and Johnnie Crain. The pep squad is a service organization which pro- motes school spirit, supports athletic events, and performs at school functions. High standards are set for the members so that it will well represent the quality of our school. CHEERLEADERS, ALTERNATES AND FRESHNIAN CHEERLEADERS ' 1 9 Linda Byerly. Nancy Ur-nnig. Nina Kay Adeoek. Charlotte Car- lislv. Vicki Teague, Judy Harwell. Sue Barr. Dorothy Brown. Sally Lttton. Ann Richard-on. Beth Xleares. Dahlia Patterson. Janet Cithens and Patsy Law. REBELETTES DRUKIKIERS: E. L. Nlcljade. J. Savage, P. Shivley. B. Yolentine, L. Flash, P. Lavine. Vicki Teague and Suv Barr puff- beside the "Wheel" the Rebel tram runs througli. REBEL STEPPERS - FIRST ROW: M. E. Connell, C. Holt, S. Ethridge. J. Brent. C. Self. NI. Hardy. SECOND ROW: N. Van House. A. Hardy. H. Ruuntree. P. Smith. K. Bruce, K. Watson, Jccowilvwi MQ X, ff f. .f 7 C 1 . AN l , . X A, 9 S93 xt FlRST ROW: B. Wilkinson, A. Brinson, M. Groll, T. Clark, P. Angle, R. Guess, E. Thacker, J Kendrick, G. Purvis, M. Elder, P. Hudson, S. Simmons, C. Bateman. SECOND ROW: R. Anthony C. Hamilton, L. James, T. LeBleu, P. Matthews, C. Hart, S. Crain, J. Bornaman, B. Sartor, R Thompson, D. Waters, W. Carl, N. Wynn, J. Lawrence, J. Gholson, S. Sexton, L. Methvin, B. llozt- man, L. Anthony, J. Goodman. THIRD ROW: B. Manners, S. Hall, L. Sartor, S. Wilson, R. Golden A. Martin, K. Dixon, L. Goodman, T. Sheek, O. Bowman, J. Moore, D. M Kipley, R. Kavanaugh, J Crahbe, W. Pickering, P. Ballard, D. Byerley, D. Richerson, J. Kennedy,JJLwQo O. Sellers A. Searcy, S. Mathews, D. Nichols, B. Minschue, S. Boyter, J. Ramey, W. Kennedy, E. 'illis, l. W McKnight, B. Bauer. FOURTH ROW: E. Wynn, L. Hollifield, B. Floyd, A. Brinson, B. Barr, J Densmore, G. Kendrickt, V. Pittman, G. Lindsey, C. Pardue, M. Adger, G. Carlisle, B. Ware, D Wagner, R. Festervan, W. Moseley, J. Fuller, J. Elkins, J. Sprayberry, R. dcock. FOURTH ROW: John Paul Bellette, M. J. McKellar, B. H. Weaver, J. Howard, . Pinka d, Homer Slay, J. Lee, J Gates, N. Festervan, B. Ramey, R. Loyd, T. Stinson, W. C ' r, R. T ckett, J. Corn, R. Sessum, Paul Parkman and Nancy Flowers. L fl w'.lif lliifgt . X 9 Director Drum Wajor NIR. R. R. AICCLTJGCAGE CLEYE PARDUE III 1 ul Til' XNIJINQ IMNII XIIQXIISI-QRS FIRNI' ROW: J. Kvllm-dy. I'. Iludwn. J. llnnn ' fn nivk. J. Kofmirivk. lf. Iurclur-. Nl. xIt'K4'IIllT. I:E.lI!'IlIliiII. R. .XIIIIIOIIQL N. I'.!'NIt'I'XilII. R. K5NUIldllgIl. SIZQQUXII ROW: J. RIkins. J. Fpraylwrry. T. illurk. A. 5:-arvy. II. Rainey. P. Hullard. 5, SPXIIIII. 'I' Ftin-on. ll. K'-rldrick. II. NIvKinIz-y. T. Lf-III:-11 and XI. ,Mlgr-r. OFFICERS FIRST ROW: J. Kennedy. B. Bauer. C. I-Iartt. J. Spraybcrry. K. Ilixwn. R. Adcock. I.. Goodman. Svarcy. J. I.:-v. II. Ranwy. G. Kondrivk. Sextnn. T. Sxin-nn. NI. .'XfIg1f'r. T. I.:-Blf-u and I. Llark, BAD FIRST CH.-XIRS FIRST ROW: N. Wynn. S. Mathews. R. Guess. J. Kennedy. IS. Bauer. J. Bornaman. R. Manners. P. Par- duc. SECOND ROWYI J. XICKQIIW. J. Goodman. Bob Wilkinson. G. Kendrick. Sextun. R. Ramey. R. Ad- Cock. K. Dixon, M. NICK:-llar, BONNIE PURVIS PEGGY PARDKE Head .Wajorelte Feature Twirler JACOB GOODMAN Feature Twirler Pete ,W v BAND CAPTAINS Ballard, Bobby Bamey, Gary Kendrick. ' , , L Q ,L f fl 4 A Q 4 f '3,Ai , 4 NIAJORETTES: B. Purvis. X ALTERNATE MAJORETTES: P. Matthews. S. Hall, P. Hudson, J. Dominick. G. Purvis. Peggy Angle-. S. Mathews. M. Elder, S. Simmons. B. Bozeman Marching Company front led by Drum Major, Cleve Pardue HI, The band forms the X from the Company front position and during the homecoming halftime show. then moves back into Company front formation, . NJ , N ' lx! L. K W. X The Grand Entrance of the NCHS Band at the homecoming fes. The band standing at parade rest prior to entrance during the home- tivities. coming halftime performance. ll2 PFC! Y PXRDUF Band Sweetheart Peggy Pardue efconed by Cary Ke-ndrlck Attendant Sherry Nlatthew eicorted by Bobby Ramex C4 F Lf-ffl f if by NL CHOIR FIRST ROW: L. Flash, B. Meares, N. Adcock, C. Robins, E, Goodson, P, Dominick, L, Butler, J. Poston. M. Barron, J. McCormick, S. Smith, C. Self, W. Chellette, A. Hunt, C. Wall, P. Elder. H. Slay, L. Darden. SECOND ROW: J. Savage, M. Norman, V. McKnight, F. Smith, M. Coodsun. S. Dailey, G. McDowell, C. Smith, F. Hartsell, J. Eaton, J. Robenson, C. Holt, C. Middleton. D. Mueller, M. Richmond, H. Rountree, N. Norris, M. Kibler, A. Hardy, B. Anderson, J. Arledge. T. Weaver, C. Dominick, A. Eastman, M. Hawkins, R. Emfinger, J. NICCIHIY, and Jim Bowen. THIRD ROW: L. Dickey, C. Hall, J. Ward, A. Smith, C. Holliman, R. Matthews, C. McCrary, A. Barnes, D. Chiles, R. Woodell, J. Brown, G. Williams, M, Matthews, T. Williams, B. Powell. R. Hunter, J. Gildon, T. Townsend. OFFICERS reszdenl ,,,, , ,.., ,. .. .. . ,..,,, SUZI SMITH ce lreszdent .,.., .. . W., ....... ALFRED HUNT Secretary ,,,,,,,,, .... H ARRIET ROUNTREE Treasurer ..... ......... D OROTHY BROWN Dlfegggr MR. ROBERT FERRINGTON CHOIR FIRST ROWV: C. Holt. 'lf jones. lf. Smith. A. llartly. Nl. Kililer, S. Dailey. Nl. Barron. C. Shelby. SECOND RUW: 5. Smith, C. Sr-lt, Nl. Richmoml. J. Poston. P. Dominick, L. Butler. C. Nlitltllt-ton, A. johnson. THIRD HOW: P. Divine. E. Goodson. D. Mueller. D. Brown. J. Eaton. H. Rountrve. J. NIc'Corrnit'k. and Norma Norris. Suzi Bowen 'not shown? Ralph Emfiner. W.- ALI.-STATE CHORUS Smith. Dorothy Brown. Dorothy Mueller. Alfred Hunt and jim SOLOISTS Carolyn Self, Susie Smith. Alfred Hunt, Joyce McCormick. The Choir has enjoyefl a very success- ful year. receiving a superior rating at the District Nlusic Festival. which is near per- fection. the .point for which the group is always striving. The Vesper Service. given in December, is one of the most beautiful performances presented on the NCHS stage. ACCUXll'ANl5'l'S Dorothy Brown, Carolyn S1-lf. llarrim-t Roumre-e and Arla-ne Hardy. The Calendar girls are a feature number of the annual Beauty contest. Left to right: Carol Bateman, Kay Bruce, Jerry Brent, Sherry Matthews, Harriet Rountree, Cindy Smith, Emma L. Mc- Dade, Diane Stevens, Billie Withers, Vicki Teague, Marcy Elder, and Patricia Shively. The fancy skating team is composed of Billie Law, Quinnie Demp sey, Linda Dickey, Sandra Bridges, Betty Terry, and Judy Mc Donald. Y'-V' The Rebel Seven composed of Bobby Ramey, John Kennedy, Jacob The Student Council sponsored a good grooming program and Goodman, B. H. Weaver, Bob Wilkinson, Gary Kendrick, James these above participated. Left to right: Carol Bateman, Pete Bal Sprayberry and Pete Ballard, play for various school activities. II6 lard, Jacob Goodman, J irmny Lee, Linda Edwards, Dorothy Mueller Suzi Smith, Paula Hudson, Billie Bozeman, and Arlene Hardy. wiv-Jw x, NA! if' Nu SPORTS II7 FOOTB LL 11 -li -I Q 1- F1 -p--..... ap...- xi: -T. FIRST ROW: W. Moore, Manager, W. Terry, C. Giles, K. Tidwell, C. Wall, M. Montgomery, R. Loyd, F. Clements, J. Nichols, A. Hunt, Manager, and H. Sasser, Manager. SECOND ROW: Coach J. Hicks, Coach S. Powell, J. Brown, J. Lantz, B. H. Weaver, L. McCathran, J. Moore, M. Powell, Coach B. Wiggins and Coach E. Sigrest. THIRD ROW: B. Carter, J. Posey, J. Dc-cs, J. Fuller, J. T. Johnson, V. Boyd, R. Pinckard, C. Carter, D. Milton, C. Worden and L. Thacker. FOURTH ROW: R. Brown, L. McCord, P. Riley, L. Norris, J. Cildon, D. Smith, M. Hawkins, B. Powell, J. Weaver. J. Arledge and M. Lankford. SENIOR LETTERMEN COACHES 4 . 3 f 1 t , ..c,, , 1 . Marion Powell, Mickey Lankford, Milton Hawkins, Mike Billy Wiggins, Foothall and Basketball, Stan Powell, Foot- Montgomery, Coach Sigrest, Larry llcCathran, Charlie Wall, hall and Track, Ed Sigrest, Head Coachg and Joe Hicks, Teakus Weaver, Leo Norris, William Cildon. Football and Baseball. FOOTBALL ff' JEFFREY BROWN WILLIAM GILDON MILTON HAWKINS Back Tackle Tackle- MICKEY LANKFORD JERRY LANTZ MIKE MONTGOMERY End Halfback Guard LEO NORRIS LARRY NIUCATHRAN BILL POWELL End Guard H3IfIJ3C'k WY IJILTX NNIIIH LHXRLIE XX XII TE-KKI H WE-XX ER Tanklr Tafklf Iullback A F OOTB LL ix JERRY ARLEDGE Guard VANCE BOYD Tackle 'Sv- JERRY DEES End RONNY LOYIJ End l2O I JIMMY FULLER Tackle LARRY NICCURIJ Qllanerlfack FRANK CILENIENTS Halflrark ,W J. T. JOHNSON Cc-nte-r JIM TONI MOORE Halflwafk XIARIUN WDW FU. PHRRX RILEW fl-,XRL xw'1,Rl,I.iN Halflmavk 'l'ac'l-Jr ql,.m,.r FUOTB LL M All-IX WILLIS CECIL CARTER RONNY BROWN End Center Halfbavk ciml, cunts mx MILTON DAVID NICHOLS 'ra.-k1.- Emi Quanfrlwfk JININIY PUSEY RICHARD PINCKARIJ WILLIAM TERRY Enml Guard Guard J feb LFWLIS 'l'Il.'U.Kf1R KENNY 'IillJXYlfl.I. H. H. Wllf,-XYl':R H1141 Halflmavk 'Kll1UFI"flliil'k Frank. hehind Blur- Flyvr 24, looking for a way out. Larry. throwing In Frank. and getting protection from Lewis. Perry Charlie' and Bill. ilimi wi' make' that fir-I ri:-un? Hvy. gvt nff my hack! William, Carl, Delta, Jerry, Milt, and Jeff sweating the play. Bill Powell finds running room. Are you gure. Coach? Who can-f almut the ballgame? Tense monwnt for thf- :anew on the lwnvh. Tr-akuf. going: fur a gain against N1-villv with B. H.. Hill. Milt. ant JPITQ' gf-tting in Ihr' art. .-fn' viiny.fe-o-liriglv-111'-4-liiv-agaill-INr-xilli-A Kvnny. gyttiiigg iivlp against N--xillw from annihf-r liig nm-. liirgnk I GIRLS' SPORT CL B FIRST ROW: l'al IXIZIIIIFWS. l'. Rzmlm-. Y. Dunlap. l'. Hmlgon. NI. lfhle-r. P. clllI'Il'f'. K. Troll:-r. NI. fNICKr-llar, I.. Ronnm-r, J. Lowc. J. CIour!m'y. SICCONIJ ROW: X. 'l'a5lor. If. Randall. F. Wilson. N. IrI'SIl'I'Y3ll, R. VIIIIUIIIITSUH. C. Holt, I.. Iiyf-rly. R. Anlllony. Nlis- Nlason. l.. Sarlor. .-X. SIIIIIII. and S. Hall. THIRD ROW: R. Gut-ss. S. lioylvr, J. Ranwy. J. Raton. J. I.awrf'ncv. II. IIUUIllI'f't'. I.. Holli- field, IS. Purwis. Ii. Rom-rnan. ff. Hvarl. II. Watt-rs and R. Sanur. FOIIRTH ROYY: II. Ximulwll. N. llvnig. F. l.4-avh. l'. llorninick. 5. Crain. R. Wood:-ll. J. ffoopvr. ll. Xlillfllf-ton. 5. Fkinns-r. A. .'XlHN'j'. J. Hunllc-. Y. NIl'KIlIgIlI. l"ll"'l'I'I ROW: I". SLIIIIHVT. K. Rruvv. ,I. Wunl. 0. I.ivingslo11. J. Crain. J. Ilvrring. J. Scott. ll. Kl'Illll'y'. JK. ilvralml, S. J. IJHIIIIIIIVIQ. SIXIII RUVV: I.. Jannvs. l'. .-Xnglv. BI. Croll. R. Morris. I'. SllIYl'ly. F. Simmons. Y. IIIULIQUO' and li. Floyd, I t is the purpose of the GSC. to e-ncourage intf-rest and participation of girls in sports ancl to develop values which 4-an be rc-alizerl from thc-so sports af-tivities. UIWIIQIQRS SPONSOR It 1 Bonnie Kethley, Presidentg Bonnie Purvis. Vice President. Joann Rams-y. Secre- MISS Martha MHSOII taxyg Sue Law. Tre-asurcr. I28 vt? il. Qffl ASKETB LL wfaS'fwQwmQ 5'i"4f" l f ,, ,, , A A , , 1, , ,MVK ,H ' ' ' 5 ' ' K swan ' ' 1 ,uawf . ' 'lf 'MS I ' 3' F A A-SQUAD: K. Tidwell. S. Wfynn. W. Collier, J. T. Johnson. P. Riordan. SECOND ROW: P. Riley P. Ballard, S. Sexton. T. Stinson, J. Burton. K5 I.. ILL J I-ll LM. ,A .ur A ,w" A' ' 2 1 6 A x . k X A . 32 il 3 C . f I 4 uv Q35 V P :pix .I ii n -1-"- 1 l-g 1 1 ski: mfg-f BASEB LL FIRST ROW Joe Humphrey Charles Spearman Jerry Lantz Willie William Ronny Loyd and Frank Clement SECOND ROW Howard Sessum 'Vlanager Kenneth Pettit Jeffrey Brown James Parker and Cecil Giles THIRD ROW Edward Arledge Danny Davi Danny Moseley Olan Bow man and Bill Bagwell W"-X. mb :ami Q 'li-nh' ,ur FRANK CLENIENTS CECIL GILES JQE HUMPHREY CE'l'll6!'f16ld First B359 Secona Ba P The seasons schedule included such 554 Q teams as McLeod, Bossier City, Bradley. Fair Park. Minden, Springhill, Atlanta and St. Johns. ,Mlm f Willie William- at hat in the game with Springhill. -AA DISTRICT TRACK CHAMPIONS FIRST ROYV: Lynn Butler, second place in Broad Jump and Hop-Step-Skipg Kenny Tidwell, third 440 Relay, M. Powell, third 440 Relay, Virgil Pittman, fifth Pole Vaultg Lewis Thacker, third Mile Rung and Douglas Poole, third 44-0 Relay, fourth Mile Relay. SECOND ROW: Jerry Curlee, third High Jump, fifth High Hurdles. fourth 880 Relay and fourth Mile Relayg Chall Holland, Ed Mc- Arthur. fourth Mile Relay, 44-0 Yard Dash, Mike Zaleski, fourth Mile Relay, Sammy Mitchell. THIRD ROW: Glenn Cox, third Hop-Step-Jump. fourth Broad Jump and third Javelin, Butch Mc- Laulin. first Pole Vault, second High ,Iumpg Thomas Mertensg Perry Riley, first Shot Putg Herman Farless. first 100 Yard Dash, first Low Hurdles. second 220 Yard Dash, a.nd third High Hurdles, Donnie Wisinger. fourth Discus. Not shown: Leo Norris, third 4-410 Relay, fifth 880 Relay, and fourth 220 Dashg Pat Allen. fourth 880 Yard Dash, fifth Mile Run. xx asks. SENIOR TRACK MEMBERS FIRST ROW: L. Butler. J. Curlee. E. NIC.-Xrthur, H. Farless. and D Pool SECOND ROYV: C. Cox. B. T. Niertens. and D. Wisinger. Trophy won by the Champs. QS n ' ' , .mf y "1 X . ,I A 1 ' a"'L,M A A fm. fs H . N '-ii' JM -1 Xp 1 ' 1 , 1 , , , fx . . i ,My w,,1f,iL,W, !kH , Q- A W ? w 5 , 'M r 5 -1, 1. u- L 4 AQX I t 1 4 Il ' .rr ' if- ' , J 4 v '-kk3nu1iEg f ... 1 ,Ar- 1 V f X MAP" ",, f, 4' sf 'x x. M , ma'?4'7l"5 n !"'i W1 L """ Aux 'bs 9 ,, fit. 1 ,W .., :- 4'-. -vw - ' A ' 'Gtr 4. -44 Q.-.L ,-f 1 "' '3- A 9 T43 ".. H 5 ,mx ' T, fr' 'Ax fi ' N Ma C x emo M A C,x Imtwrunting Que-vn. Bonnie- Purvis. and escort Larry Nlvflathran. Larry. a veteran line-man. was rvcovering MHUEH stung' Patfy Law. Mvkt It-uguv and .-Xnn Rim-hard-tm un thv firxt nm. Sally Ly Dorothy liruwtm. Suv Uarr and ,luciy llurswll un tht- hack row. Nu wtmrivr Cltvvrln-u4lm'rQ arm- so fupf-rf T111-y arf- truinefrl ut une- nf thv ltutinnl ln-at m'lu'e-r- lvadf-r svltmfls. sm"H'1 U idn't know you Ioukctl so e-lvgant. Oh Rebelt-ttv-'? Freshman c-h+3crl"all"r- and Rvlwl Steppflrx takv timv out tw really pow. frum an injury on Octubvr 31 4 Htvrnefcoruing, an oppurtunf- timv tu ln- nn the- injureid list. Y X7 '2p,w4gg.f M ff tw- -f-W4 A M-'tin-Q Yivki. Patq: Judy and Sally taking a "breather" be- twf-t'n Classes at SMLY. t if 'wel f. -"' 1 -1 f if 'Ik 'Q YN ff-.I tt 'ng "'. U -Q tw' H4 F' if ff A .hh 'Sw "iv ,, A . as ft 5 q lla .PI P F Q ta - n. J' ,. Q 1 ' 1 llltv-wrlvavif-rf. Hvlvv-l Stwppefr- and Rvlwlrttw- in a fvfrmal pow. .Xrf-n't Sui Ilrnufi uf Ihmnf I35 IN MEMORY Wle shall long wrttcrttlwl' you for your happy flispositiou. your thoughtfulness for others. your QIPIlf'l'OllS way of sharing with others :mtl your loyalty to thosv prim-iplos mul friomls you helfl moSt float: PATSY BYRD DUNIINICK if-lf Jimmy Lee, Tommy Stinson, and Evelyn Randall sell an advertisement to THE TREES MERCANTILE of Vivian. Mrs. Childress and Mr. Allen give their ok. to the copy for the ad. 4 , , wr". 11, f 4, 4 X C! , LJ L11 LHC! 5- .,-,'j,!' 4 gf? J if B Q! V K , , iQ ' x J I 4- , , - .uf 'lf' J ., 1. , f X.. fj D - f' J ,r f 1 I lj? ADS I L I eb SERS ii? Simi? ph Xxqkxigfa xii if wi x P K X X N LLQQ 31 Fw ,Q V x xiii Xi F 1 QQIAFOQ iw A i F-X Ri' 'wwf' cewag S4 A fig? f , E EPHONE AND TELEGRAPH C0 ANY X F? K X fl , k 5 Xe X F. f A .x YQ! Lf ' N -,vfie , ff' , f XMAS M ge 1 N 1 N -A-' y, f KKQY ,x W Y -. iv figs .f N 'T -Y N ' 5 7 ai ? BJ " X x N A' Q 1, 5421 f QV' Q Q, X 472544, gl tif- fi . X I I 5 N ll Q , , f KQQ Km. Ag T: Q- 5.6 ,Tk , it R . E x f I - ' V M . b S - g1Yi1k.xQ I 3 H M 1 "' L-aiifggl Q4 X S ' ' X X mx h S 5 H L f N Q52 ii ' - 0 ' W 1' 1' I I ffl , A 7 W , d Q fzww CAHN ELECTRIC CO. Your Philco and Mo'l'orola S+ereo-High Fideli+y and Television Headquaders Shrevepor+ 708 MILAM ST. PHONE 3-8375 Gay Purvis, escorled by Mr. Wall, is greefed by Mr. Sanders. C. G. STYRON Shrevepori' HERFF-JONES Class Rings ' Commencemeni' Announcemenfs COLLEGIATE Caps and Gowns Convenieni' Service Mike Elder drives fhe Senior Princess and a'Hendan+ in-.Ann Richardson and Doro+l1y Brown. A sad looking group-Who drowned? nigff7i9SfUffA Qf' fll9 DW," 7X-J Now- enjoy both lightness ggi lift! X Royal Crown coLA Better Taste calls for RC Zi HALL'S MEN'S AND BOYS' SHOP "NorI'h CacIdo's Only Men's S+ore" VIVIAN, LA. Complimenls of NORTH CADDO DRUG PHONE 5730 VIVIAN, LA. Congrafulaiions, Seniors of I 959 MODERN CLEANERS PHONE 4550 VIVIAN. LA. Harwell and Linda Flash of Ihe Homecom g f -JMX rl' are driven in by Tommy S'Iinson. Gay Purvis and Judy Dominick are being driven on fhe field by Jimmy Lee. CADDO PINE ISLAND CORP. Phone 6426 OIL CITY, LA. Congra+uIaI'ions From Your Dependable Druggisl' REXALL DIXIE DRUG COMPANY PHONE 3230 vlvlAN. LA. JOHNSON AND KNIGHT POULTRY AND EGG CO. Wholesale Disfribufors of Fancy PouI+ry and Fresh Eggs Vclci Teague and Sue Barr assisi Mr. Sanders ai' I' omecoming presenla ion. CompIimen+s of FLOURNOY JEWELERS 5I9 Marshall Sfreei' SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Com plimenis of NATHAN'S AND OIL CITY FURNITURE OIL CITY, LOUISIANA OIL CITY DEPARTMENT STORE and OIL CITY CASH AND CARRY CALDWELL'S Oil Well Cemen+ing and Sand Frac'l'uring Phone 650I Phone 6952 OIL CITY, LOUISIANA Our Congrafulafions 'Io Nor+h Caddo High School and fo THE REBELS May you excel bo+h in your siudies and spor+s. And always be proud of your high school days. AYERS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS TOWN HOUSE SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA WILBANKS CO., INC. Case Traciors - Evinrude Mofors Sales and Service BOSSIER CITY LOUISIANA PEACOCK CLEANERS Where Cleaning Is an Ari' 835 NORTH MARKET On Ihe Way Io Shreveporf SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Phone 2-883I The Rebel Sieppers look up Io 'Iwo of 'Iheir favorife R9b6IS. L60 Norris and Mickey Lankford. I GIBBS IMPLEMENT CO.. INC John Deere Sales and Service Myer Wa+er Sysfem 300 Spring S+. Phone 3-3575 SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA OIL CITY BANK OIL CITY, LOUISIANA BUDDY IDOM GROCERY Besl' of Luclx VIVIAN LA. PHONE 7339 VIVIAN MOTOR COMPANY Your Friendly Ford Dealer VIVIAN, LOUISIANA TILLEY'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER For CompIeI'e Car Service PHONE 53I0 VIVIAN, LA. AI' Homecoming 'Hue Band begins a special fo AI Ilalffime 'Ihe Band gives a special show. GRAY'S LUMBER AND SUPPLY CO. PHONE 3I I0 VIVIAN, LA. CITY AUTO SUPPLY Auiomoiive Parfs and Accessories A. C. POWELL - Owner Phone 2lI0 Vivian, Louisiana SMITH MOTOR COMPANY Home of Ihe Swepi-Wing Dodge and PIymouI'I1 VIVIAN LOUISIANA Year In . . . Year Out L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY ATI'LEBORO MASS Class Rmgs Club Insugnla Honor Awards Medals Trophles Dlplomag I 'r Personal Cards nvr+a :ons Fmesf n ualliy Servlce Design BOB GRANT BOX BATON ROUGE LA ALWAYS x O READY TO SERVE YOU Vw REDDY KILOWATT yo r 'friendly eleclrc ser e lecfr Hes acly + p y +h ry cho I program SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRIC POWER CO ww sr 2' NA TIONAL BINX OF SHREYIPOIT "l.UUISZ8lAS,,DLHS'1' was Vlvlan Branch , . O i Q 0 1 I 0 2I I , , X 0 P 0 - SJ " t l 0 3 A if ' ' V '. , :42:i:f":'jj """ " A ., A . u . 5 . ,r,., V,'- ' if Til vanl, is always ready 'lo serve you, wifh Fficienf v W V and cheap e ic service. ' re , foo. .r,, ""' - " ohel ou wi eve s o . Com pIimenI's of SIMMONS OIL FIELD CONSTRUCTION P.O. Box 385 Phone 6760 "We Wire Flowers Everywhere" VIVIAN. LOUISIANA PHONE 78I0 VIVIAN. LA. Fine Furnifure BAUER HARDWARE FURNITURE COMPANY Your Frigidaire Dealer PHONE 4460 VIVIAN. LA. The Junior-Senior Banquel brings ou+ Ihe Rebels and 'Iheir ladies. Complimenis of SAM'S DRIVE IN PHONE 4257 v1vlAN, LA. The Soufhern 'Iheme of 'Ihe spring banquef in 'Ihis mural of 'Ihe colonial home. VIVIAN LUMBER COMPANY, INC. "Serving 'Ihe Ark-La-Tex Area Over 45 Years" Complimenis of SIMPSON AVIATION CO.. GI1 AU DREY'S PET SHOP P.O. Box I26 Phone 7-2396 GILLIAM, LA. HOSSTON, LA. CompIimen'I's Io Ihe Seniors WILLIAMSON MOTORS Your CHEVROLET Dealer Phone 55I0 Vivian, La. Sepfember days begin 'Ihe swimming classes P.E.-Coach Powell, insi-rucling. usi waiiing in Iine 'Io have Senior pidures made. G 8. B BUTANE COMPANY Buiane - Propane Service P.O. Box 965 Phone 8410-8038 VIVIAN. LA. Complimenfs of YOUR SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER DON WILLIAMSON GLASSELL-HICKS CO., NC CoHon Fadors SHREVEPORT, LA. FOREST LUMBER CO. Can Take Care of Your Building Needs PHONE 5350 VIVIAN. LA. ROY IDOM 81 SON Gas Oil PHONE 85455 VIVIAN, LOUISIANA Congra'rulaI'ions From WI LSON'S COUNTRY STORE PHONE 72 I 0 VIVIAN. LA. The Spring soflball fournamenl' provides exci'IemenI'. Marion Kibler. Harriei' Rouniree and Frances Leach perform WlLSON'S APPLIANCES Phone 6280 Vivian, La. The Friendliesi' Sfore in Ihe ARK-LA-TEX M W ws 00 sHREvePoRT. LOUISIANA Jjffu Qualify Apparel for Ihe 'EJ AM, Enfire Family! I LL .n oo. 4- "-1, 6- -b D J t 'Jr V ' 06 to the ,y . 1' L , -nexL.,1- I '-Q, pf. -lp, QU. FASHION HEADQUARTERS FOR THE CAMPUS CROWD --"'i - Seibel' 'f .la-.aflqau lhe fashion zenier ol ARK-LA-TEX Young Sei' Shop FOURTH FLOOR Young Execuiive Shop SECOND FLOOR HARBUCK SPORTING GOODS, INC. Your Sporl Specialisls 302-304 Texas Slreel' Phone 2-8765 SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA :ij If fyeissgssgsiggsg' ' -I ii ' L 22252252222 FW 1, Q X532-3355555525255 T E5-12? NL-I2f:2ie'.1ss:22225225112 .aa XL::'--4:.':::1ii-Ti"."Z':.'.'. 1-.:1.1-. ., , . i ,A ,17,,e3,Q,,3o5,3-23 M --v,. ,S -. VIH A V W, ,775 -. - V . - - ,.. "' 4 ' I if 21 ez: 1 S F"""T ' ' .if ' 'f -7 f5?fv.f5,a I 720 TRAVIS ST. ' SHRlVEPOlT,LOUlSlANA AII Regular Commercial Subiecfs Tauglnl' "Original Gregg SI1or+I1and College of ShreveporI"' 1 I I I I Y I P C I U Cheerleaders in acfion a+ one of 'Ihe Friday pep meelings GRIFFIN Cleve Pardue, Drum Major. leads the Rebel Band out SPORTING GOODS STORE Baseball - Baslcefball - Foolball Traclc - Elc. Our Lines Rawlings, Riddell, Converse, Sou+I1ern. Red Fox and Ollmer Lines 38l3 YOUREE DRIVE PHONE 7-7l4I SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Complimenfs of NORTH CADDO SPORTING GOODS VIVIAN, LA. PHONE 2460 Congrafulafions Seniors of '59 SINCOX GROCERY We Deliver PHONE 42I0 VIVIAN, LA CongraI'uIaI'ions G. D. BYRD MERCANTILE . . Seniors of 59 Dry Goods - Shoes - Hardware , I Groceries Semors' Radios - Televisions - Refrigerafions FERGUSQN Washing Machines Your Business Is Appreciafed Come In and See Us: BELCHER. LA. GRO. AND MARKET Choice Meafs Fresh Vege'I'abIes PHONE 7750 VIVIAN. LA. CompIimen+s of RED RIVER GIN CORPORATION GILLIAM, LOUISIANA The Jr.-Sr. banquef Iasf spring was a high successful enferiainmeni. Anoiher view of 'Ihe banquet Congra+uIaIions 'Io Ihe Seniors of '59 THE DIXIE COMPANY PHONE 74:0 vlviAN, LA. CompIimen'I's of TREES MERCANTILE CO., INC. PHONE 5030 VIVIAN, LA. VIVIAN JEWELRY 8: GIBRICH Tofs and Teens Congra'I'uIa'I'ions Seniors of '59 The soufhern Iheme is carried ou+ in I'he cake decorafion for 'Ihe Jr.- Sr. banquet c,,,,qf 'W?5iff.Z,,2 ,, 4 'N ' ek , .--. V. Qjiii I I Iwi I in , 3+ ,,.,. 2 V ' II' 3, 5 it ,im McKENNEY's I I. , TEXACO STATION - K .srzg XX fi P.O. Box 283 N A ' HOSSTON, LOUISIANA , I Y, W b ' The RebeIIeHes gef fancy af one of Ihe homecoming games. KIBLER INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance Service "A Cour+eous Driver Is a Safe Driver." PHONE 8I29 VIVIAN, LA. Safefy - Service - Sa+isfacI'ion WELCH TV AND RADIO SERVICE PHONE 4769 VIVIAN. LA. J. D. MARCOM SERVICE AND SUPPLY Ready-Mix Concrete Bulk Frac Sand Bulk Oil Well Cement PHONE 6230I OR 6275I GILLIAM, LOUISIANA Sfudenf Council served coffee +o 'l'he facully on ihe The crowd is beginning fo gafher prior io a gridiro 'l'l'I' day of school. D Rosenrs C0m'ff"e"'s GRocERY 8. FouNTAlN Free Delivery "Visi+ Our Founlain While You Shop' GILLIAM. LOUISIANA PHONE ao RooEssA, LA. CompIimen+s of FINANCE CO., INC. HANNER FUNERAL HOME PHONE also vlvlAN, LA. CongraIuIa+ions DAVIS GIFT 81 JEWELRY PHONE VIVIAN, LA. Miss Jacks and some of Ihe cheerleaders dep home a'Her 'Ihe SMU cheerleader school. CongraI'uIa+ions HEATH'S CITIES SERVICE STATION Texas S'IaI'e Line PHONE 85444 VIVIAN. LA. Judy H., Sally L., Vickie T., and Paisy Law on 'Ihe SMU campus. Congraiulaiions ART FLOWER SHOP INSURANCE AGENCY Owner: MRS. DAN BALDWIN 2055 E, Texas Phone 87500 Vivian, La. BOSSIER CITY, LA, LONNIE G. HARDY Insurance Service WYNN'S GROCERY AND MARKET Phone 7-2I7I Box 74 HOSSTON, LOUISIANA BALLARDS SERVICE STATION Phone 7-92II RES. PHONE 7-2296 Box 277 HOSSTON, LOUISIANA Leaming some fancy sieps and Iriclrs af SMU Palsy L., Sally L.. Sue B.. and Vickie T., surround Miss Jaclcs. BAYOU STATE OIL CORP. Lubricaling Oils SH REVEPORT. LA. HOSSTON, LA MANNERS STORE 2 Miles Norlh of Hossfon R+. I GENERAL IDA. LA. MERCHANDISE its Le'r us show you our Super marlrel' of fine cars. HARDY BUICK, PONTIAC AND RAMBLER 625 s. PINE sr. VIVIAN, LA. 4-can CompIimenI's of IDA GASOLINE COMPANY IDA, LOUISIANA The RebeIeHes are in posi+ion Io back +he Rebel I e WESTERN AUTO Davis Tires Wizard BaH'eries Phone 7750 VIVIAN, LOUISIANA W- C- BURR- owne' Dial 6562 Oil Cify, La. X S X ' . j - E. H. WHITE, INSURANCE Our Produci' Is Properfy ProI'ecI'ion ancI We SeII 'I'I1e Bes'I' TELEPHONES Office 4060 Home 2960 VIVIAN, LOUISIANA The homecoming courf gefs Iogefher for a phofograph. CompIimenI's CompIimen+s of of McDOWELL 81 COOK WHITE WAY CAFE VIVIAN, LOUISIANA I PHONE: 7330 F, 1 .fs c NICHOLS DUSTING 8: SPRAYING SERVICE R. F. D. NO. I, IDA, LA. PHONE Hossfon 7-2I92 Seeding - Fer+iIizing - De'FoIia+ing D. F. NICHOLS H. D. NICHOLS 7-2I9I 7-2I93 CompIimen+s of MONTY'S ELECTRIC MOTOR WORKS L. G. "MONTY" TEUTSCH Box 697 Phone 6672 Oil Cify, La. WILSON BROTHERS APPLIANCES Phone 6280 VIVIAN. LA. Complimenfs of F. E. HARGRAVES 81 SONS DRILLING 342.1 Roberi Golden and Billie Vic Bozeman gei' fog H1 ai 'Ihe dance. Complimenfs of "PIGGLY WI GGLY" VIVIAN. LOUISIANA CO.. INC. OIL CITY, LA. Who is Judy H. dancing wiih? Larry and Sisier RHOADS GARAGE AND GENERAL REPAIR PHONE 7-2651 HossToN. LA C. G. HALL ConsIruc+ion Confracfors P.O. Box I 80 Telephone 6-239 I Gilliam, Louisiana HARVEY HOLEMAN 6-208I W. E. PRYOR 6-264I Congraiulafions Rebels H. G. TOWNSEND CO. SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA Complimenfs of H. A. BELL Your Pan-Am Dealer BELCHER. LOUISIANA Mrs. E. Burr instructs a group of seniors- W Clarence Reece, Mary .lane Carl, Chris Domi- nick, Ronnie Guess, Ann Lou Gerald, and .lane Hurdle. AN DERSON'S General Merchandise RODESSA, LOUISIANA Com pIimen+s of DIXIE SEEDS, INC. GILLIAM, LoulslANA I 1- Miss Burr discusses Senior class business with Charlie Wall, Judy Poston, Marion Kibler, Sue Law and Micke? Lankford. '12 ffxilwl' ' " TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 'V1eVvc"': Fw' Ye-avzzcoks Are Tape'-vwmcie I ll' I AA M AL L 7 ff M N mcaoffv JWLJNQM'-' J9 pygjygw S305 if UQJZLQCP-ff Jw' MX Jfffzfxiwfa 4' 7-'LJN-..4,pf,,4u,f Q f v1C':...,-6.-Noafv-iq 5 Z X-L 'Q-kr Jef gbgwzz ruff! qfffjmj :gif- JQQA-Z w MLQJWMZAJZQ Mali 41, Qfyrnwc I NMA,MJ'M0V0 UMM QWQJQV ,OW pw JM X fn , 'XZZMMA .Lil-.. dia. MQW J 9 . xy, ' . U SAQPJW ' A .Ns N k XL XJ' ' Cpu V Nr .Y nvvkk , Q.- ,. yy , W ,IV , ' , V. ' k ' .N X N ' ' i 1 if ' A U . ! A A' Y li 4,7 .. 5 b Q ' VL," , X ,- I " f I if x , K X in V 5 ,n ',-K ' ' 5 r,iw A 'A 1 ' jf? ' " . 'W' 'X' ' 4' .5 L , r '7f f A Q, i sv . ,V , I ' I! l , V7 ,1 NX a , f ' A .3 W vf Af ' fm " '- . ' 3 f f X 4 ,,V. A , , A. i kj ., Wg- L- ,f ff 7 1 I ,XX of ' 1 3, .Z 0 y .,.,., ' --, Q 'K-'qu a 1 I ' A J , - 'JVM' if 3. fn A Ali if ff W M M Ji vi , -.f.,l.,.Xa,,, . Q3 4 LfXV"v-l. RRY, Q A 1

Suggestions in the North Caddo High School - Rebel Yearbook (Vivian, LA) collection:

North Caddo High School - Rebel Yearbook (Vivian, LA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


North Caddo High School - Rebel Yearbook (Vivian, LA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 82

1959, pg 82

North Caddo High School - Rebel Yearbook (Vivian, LA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 119

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North Caddo High School - Rebel Yearbook (Vivian, LA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 67

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North Caddo High School - Rebel Yearbook (Vivian, LA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 152

1959, pg 152

North Caddo High School - Rebel Yearbook (Vivian, LA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 50

1959, pg 50

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