North Brook High School - Le Souvenir Yearbook (Cherryville, NC)

 - Class of 1959

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North Brook High School - Le Souvenir Yearbook (Cherryville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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f Cv I s- V- X 14,-Yflgi ' J 4 My K4 , , I Sq new I1 Q C , .Tf --1- -,1.. fx ' V . .- -V ' . .,V --, Y. f :L , f-fQ.'...' '- - -v-11 "" fi" 'a sf A .VJ f. " ' g - ' '.4 ,r .I Vu Y-13' Q. V I A ,:.ff1i"'g-' :pl ,Lf xr , HL. .Viiff r ' , gg . hqgf' ' '- :Y-S-'I .,g- A 5 A if V H ' '. "'A' -H21 .Vp .VFL V 'Q , ,.1-gf-gVbV '1l:.,.?g 4: as-e.'f. -'-1' Vn 'amqg --,VV-', Vssriss 5: 'Y' -W' , V- V: ..V V ,-A.-V. V-Q. V "H - .-m VV -P Nw: -MV-.V'-,:f,1, . w 'V - K -11 '- 1 7, ' ' 1. , ,Z - n v!! ' Y .. . 3- . V.. f.. , 2 A.- W V.V,' J., Vftfgf -fx.. -.- - V .,.4 V,,1,V, -..3,.V ,, ,, .V ., 2-, '-'-V :V, k ' . - ' -' 31,,..,..,1V1v r ,V,.- Vn -, ', . Q ,i T -' 1,-A '- ',':..u ,Vg-f g,g,,- 1 '. ' 7- - 5 5, V 4-.H-1 -. ,nv 2'- ' 'fr' -, T- V V VV MV' I--mV -' - ,. V ' V . - ' . Q- f"".'. -'-2, , 1. W 4 V - ' 11, br, ,, , - . .W ,. , , V . , ,.,,!,,,SVA..?., V! - 5:4 3 4- ., . 'J ' .- M M 4, Q , , . -, ' ' V I f P' 1 ., V '. I . -.V H' - ' ' ' -. l s xx I 1 A f 'ir' 3' "" .WF 14 ir 'l'4 S -'+'x JFAL ,-uh,-, V ,, , ws: QY-T--iL:',. . I , , . 1 ll . V . . .. . X . . . .. - , . . I ,1 ' . . , A . Q -A . x NX' . I -V. ,QC . . :Ni rl f T ' -11512 ',. ,, , . ',52U -2' ,., , A - l r . V , . .. Q ! - xv ' Q . . , , , Va , 1Vg12,:',,,,::1.--"'w4,V-:-wif" ".f'A S A V. ' A V ,. '-.1 in - Af' ' A U -, . u -f,f:- w-,tim--1.' V ., .. 1 ., .w- .V A WJ. - ..,,,fV-.-,'-1q,:Vx, -af' ' Tv V. , . , .V Vg . V,-V L V V, - ..W "1 1'us', 1fL!fW ' " A "'g14i'MEV?if"?3'F"..-A 'L' , ' -4 -- ' ' . -vii : 'fff'E-.-, . L31 2-" 'f 1 jg... ' M . 'if' 'fd-'F' " ' V' .': V.,-1 -.V ' - 'V . f. V - 3- ' f - . ..-L-- V5 Y qw' ---V .V:,-LV. :' 'ZA-2. 1 .rf 3',Q' 1 'agp . '-:zf 'f!ff:1,...-- nw ' xg- 1.5.-'CR-,LW ,Q 4: T-. -s.f.wVf 131. 1.1 .- V I-' V1 .1 ' 1-.1 - '-' . '- ' V' . QV " ' 1 , A, .VV iv!!- X3 5 v L -.Q 1 ve. 'W J' . - . xx ' 5 -v. x u, , , b,-,.g.',',-. . .'.v.,, ,f s,-i. ,. -' ' .'.-5' 1' '.',',0 Q "Q ,l -34 V'-',v . W" aj.-' ,-Q 1:15.',g.',fQoj.',v:-3.-?- Q,-..'J',g.-,-,. , 4-TP .41-1-'Z '-,-g.f1f'g.-2-3-'.'g--3 .-1-'g.'I'1v'I - . , , -.- -.4-.-5-'.-2-'vz-41-to . .e uv:-Q . . 1,4 ,' . .-,-5... -,...:,o,.g ,...-,fy . v,.-J,-,...-.-,.L. -,.-,-...- , ,5,',-,.-,.,..f,.j,-,-,Iv ,-gl., ,.,...L....-,.jf,.3,'.:,.',-,.,-. ,-,-.. ,Q ,-,. ,-,..,-.. . , h v " gig-j.:1A'.3.-1.1. 1.5.1.-3.1.-,56eg-j.5.35:,S.f,,I5.3.944,5'-J-ld.-:.9i.:f.:.:.713-1.5.1.-'I 5. W I A s .:,:,.,,. .- ,-,.,-,. ,.-, ,. ,.,-,.,, N.. .4.-Q, ,-,.7..,. , .- .,,,.,.1,.,.,, ., , 5 ,. ,. ,. ,. ,..,.,.,.,,.t,.,.,..,,,.,,. ..,...,,.,..,. ,,., , .. , h rl-1 - .'vQQ'1- 2- -1 xv .-:qv-3,-2-g.-Z-.-'aff''.',',"e'-1.-1-'02-'i'Z-:-6-geffiq-?.'!'f.-:--I-Q?'.':-g-' 6'-,'-,'f'.-75. . x fm-0-.--I '1'.."-wg-'2ff"f', ifwi'-:''-IZ-'I-"1if-'ff-:':.-be'J-:-S-'-.I-:-'. -:A '.-ff.-'.'5ff'5 - . . ,-.-,.-.-,. , , . 4. -, .,.-.--.,.-,.-,ng ,-..-, , , 5-I, 1, 5.-,.,...,-,..-1.-,-,.-l.-,f,-,.3,, .- ..-i. -,,,.f,.', --,H :1..f:' f-:Z-t':Ig.Q -4-7 -S-tier.-rf.-g.5..-:--4-gb:-:gg-:V-1.-.'f:-'4-:4:4:-?f.g:-:.:--4-5-:-1.1111:-fr.lcV:-:.-a-:f-13:-:Qgfr-5-:.-1-+. .4 gp .3 . ,.3,g1,. -j.A:.,.7 f -344, , ,- ,avi -f 1, .3 --,.g.5,:-.,. -5.3,.,.','.-,.-,:,-1.-,.,.3A -.L,. - .G .-,. ,-3,.- 5,A,.,.- .,,-,.,. , .-A.-,.1,...1.-f,.,.,.L.., .,.Y.: ..,.f,,.-,.,-,. ,s.,,',.-,.f,, ,,,..3. ,.', ,,,..,:,-,.,,.,. N. .f.g,v, ,-,..,-A ...,. ,. . ,.,,. , . .,, . ... . S, ., .,. , . ...., ,.., , , ,.,,. ., , -'-:--L-4 ,-tl:-5.072 1- '-'Tf.f':-5-:-ggi. .-' Q .- . 74 -'S-gba AZ- - 5 1-1-'I-:-rg.-'g--L -1.-.':-5-55.-X -gat. -,-:-- f.':- -, . A.. , .-2-,.-:mpg eg: -.-9,-.-' - .-: ,- -:.'.- ,. :.-4. , '. , ,- . ,--,.5.,.55e g,5,g..,,3..g.l.,.3,.g.,....g.-:.,.,,.,- f,,,.,.,,, g.- .- - - 1. .-,.g,- Q-,Q , -, , .....,. ,v,-,A ,.-,.,, ,..,,- .f,.,.. , .e ,. ,. , . - ,-,., ,,. ',., .,.,,,, I ,',1,4,'.',-' ,.g,f,.-1.0,-, 0 .-Ns 5,-vga,-,.',...:,:.',:.' -g.- 0 -J..-,..o,. v,.:.:,-og, -,.:,.j, ,1 .,-.. , . ' -an -,.,.1,.c.g,-g.g.q.-,Q 6.-5, ,., -,-,-3.7,-,.,.f-,, . - .--.5.-,-,., QQ, .,.,.-g..,.g,-4, ,-N - .3-A '-' m- o . ', :-'.',','.3-3.-,.',-1' - -1-7 1.',',-1.--.-Jap,-3 1.9 ' - -: ,.-',-.-gs. ,f:.- .-,.- 1 -',-3.-, .. ,,.,, ..., . ,. .-'.-,-'.v,.-'.-y. -g-,. - 1 - '-'-"-1.-5-5:'I-4:25.-24: 3'-'Q ,.3.,jf,'g.g::5.33:1 :K "Q l W 'I I W 4 Hx who teacher , i 'Y o out heipiui and undetsmanding has xendexed every sewice possibie xo uphoid ns, to one who has worked without ceasing, for our educanionai impiovemeniq xo one who encouiaged and guided us in aii out undertakingsg who has s wiiiingiy, iaithiuiiy, and with iuiiest ' I Ciass of '59, pxoudiy taught u he Senio venit" to . . . I capacity, we, 1 dedicaie this edition of "Le Sou Mr. Nathan Hail MARGARET LINGERFELT BRENDA ENGLE MR. NATHAN HALL ..BUD.. BOYLES Sponsor Annual NATHAN HOUSER TOMMY RI HARDS PA BRENDA SAIN ON MARTHA HO T HOUSER Ed lt or L D USER Ass,t Editor IN A HOUSER EARLENE GODFREY BRENDA BUMGARNER Staff v4 Wf!5Z RAEFORD DELLINGER, Chairman RALPH BAXTER ROY TAYLOR DWIGHT TALLENT DWIGHT WILLIS Board of Education Princqvalis Message May the years that you have spent here merge into the years that will follow to bring to each of you the joyous reali- zation of all your hopes and aspirations. Maxam Cooks MRS. ADKIN HOYLE MRS. CONE BEAM MRS. BOYT BAXTER MRS. F. C. BAXTER MR. MARSHALL HEAVNER, Janitor ?Mfff ROLAND BARNES Western Carolina MRS. GUY BEAM Lenoir Rhyne MRS. BLAIN CHILDERS Appalachian MRS. TRACY GASKINS Lenoir Rhyne JERRY GATES Appalachian MRS. DONALD GUESS Lenoir Rhyne NATHAN HALL George Washington University Lenoir Rhyne MRS. GERALD I-IALLMAN Lenoir Rhyne B. R. HEAVNER Appalachian MRS. C. B. MCMILLAN Appalachian K. P. PENDLETON Appalachian EVAN SHELTON Catawba MAX SHIDAL Mississippi State MRS. MILTON SMITH W. C. , U. N. C. MRS. MAUDE SPEAGLE Lenoir Rhyme JAMES BENJAMIN YOUNT Appalachian 4 I sir? 1 1: . ' V! . ,. -f xo ,, f 5 x . I X' X X S Q X X A, Q ML W 2 X Sw . - ' ,.., . ' - If 0' L swf A va, f , uj WV 1 ?'W?':,-Mel' L v -A Y Senior Class Ufjqoers President TOMMY RICHARDSON Vice President Secretary LINDA HOUSER NATHAN HOUSER Treasurer Reporter BRENDA SAIN MARY MICHAUX Sentinel TOMMY PEELER Class Motto "Learning today, to live tomorrow" Class Colors Red and White Class Flower Red Carnation -. , , Nc- M FREIDA ELAINE BAXTER "Hoping not to cease 'til death. " TED SORRELS BEAM "Noise is the most impertinent of all forms of interruption. " ROBERT MARION BESS " Insist on yourselfg never imitate. " A . SARAH FOX ENE BOYLES "Live and Laugh. " "There is no rest for the messenger 'til the message is delivered. " GEORGE DEWEY BOYLES IR I "Embrace me, as I do thee! " FRED ELLIS BRACKETT "That indolent but agreeable con- dition of doing nothing. " MARTHA MARIE BROWN "Nothing but meditation?" BRENDA NA OMI BUMGARNER BRENDA JANE CRAIG "Life would not be worth living if we didn't keep our enemies. " BRENDA SUE ENGLE "The aspiration of my youth, to build. " VIVIAN MARLENE CRAWLEY "Slight DOI what's near though aiming at what's far, " MARTHA EARLENE GODFREY "---To speak from his character and not from his tongue---" MARGARET HAZELENE HOUSER "Thus to obey hath been our way. "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly. " NATHAN ELI HOUSER "Speak and tell us where we are going. " LINDA SUE HOUSER MARTHA MAE HOUSER "A year has gone, as the tortoise goes. " PATRICIA ANN HOUSER "Light seeking light do the light of iight beguile ---- " JAMES EDWIN HOWELL, JR. DALE GENE KING "And o'er his head flew jealousies and cares---" "Why should we live in such hurry and waste of life?" ELWYN RAY LACKEY "Though somewhat tardy I per- chance arrive. " MARGARET LEATHERMAN LINGERFELT "Manners, not words, make a lady, " DONA LD DEA N MA RT IN "It is better to learn late, than never. " CARL LINDSAY "Saying is one thing, and doing is another." GLENN ARLO MORRISON "Not by years but by disposition is wisdom acquired. " KATHLEEN MARTIN "In hopes o'1arnin', wut wuz goin' on." MARY MACON MICHAUX "Impulsive, earnest, prompt to act." TOMMY QUAY PEELER "Every man is like the company he wants to keep. " GLORIA I ANE POSTON "Love iz like the meazlesg we kan: have it bad but onst. " BRENDA KAY SAIN "Long wondering but not lost. " DONALD LEE TOWERY "There is no place more delight- ful than home." TOMMY FRANKLIN RICHARDSON "A vast expenditure of human voice, " I KENNETH FARRELL SAIN "Tis thee which the lover loves. " KATHRYN SUE TOWERY "Nothing is so difficult but that it may be found out by seeking. " SAMUEL STEVE TALLENT "You can never plan the future with the past. " WILLIE RUTH WELLMAN "A witty saying proves nothing. " FAYE WILLIS but yourself. " "Nothing can bring you peace, .y.3,p wg WAYNE ALLEN WILLIS "I shall be all the better for a snooze." JANE BEAM KEEVER Youth is wholly experimental." MASCOTS Lucy Beam Ashley Houser Last Will and Testament We, the Senior Class of North Brook High School, being of sound mind and body, do make and declare this our Last Will and Testament Ted Beam, will my name "Romeo" to Edward Ingle. Tobert Bess, will my height to Johnny Ray Willis. Buddy Boyles, will my temper to Tommy l-louser. Fred Brackett, will my Cherryville girls to Tommy Towery. Nathan Houser, will my Lincolnton girls to Guy Williamson. Jimmy Howell, will my title as Most Athletic to Tommy Houser, Dale King, will my title as Most Handsome to Max Saine. Elwyn Lackey, will my pack of Winstons to Guy Williamson. Donald Martin, will my love experiences to Dale Hoyle. Arlo Morrison, will my excessive pounds to anyone who promises to feed them as well as lhave. Tommy Peeler, will my flat-top to Bill Bess. Tommy Richardson, will my "mangy legs" to Sonny I-louser. Kenneth Sain, will my title as Quietest to Tommy Towery. Donald Towery, will my title as Cutest to Bobby Richardson. Sam Tallent, am willing to leave. Wayne Willis, will my "Hooky" days to Darrel Short. Fredia Baxter, will nothing to nobody because I need everything l've got. Foxene Boyles, will my title as Best All-Around to Rita Taylor. Martha Brittain, will my height to Marilyn Leonhardt. Brenda Bumgarner, will my title as Most Athletic to Marsha Baxter. Vivian Crawly, will my Spanish book to Mrs. Gaskins. Brenda Engle, will my title as Most Dignified to Rita Taylor. Earlene Godfrey, will my title as Quietest to Jackie Heavner. Hazelene Houser, will my good times to Linda Kay Houser. Linda Cooke, will my title as Most Intellectual to Ronnie Cooke. Brenda Craig, will my title as Cutest to Mary Ellen Willis. Martha Houser, will my title as Prettiest to Myrtle Brown. Pat Houser, will my ability to always do and say the wrong things to Margaret Miller. Margaret Lingerfelt, will my title as Most Influential to Marsha Baxter. Kathleen Martin, will my chewing gum to Jackie Heavner. Mary Michaux, will my tennis shoes to Mr. Yount because he needs a new pair. Jane Poston, will my old times at North Brook to my sister lkie. Sue Towery, will my typewriter to anybody who has an overcoat. Ruth Wellman, will my position in the lunch room to anyone who gets as hungry as I did. Fay Willis, will my literature book to the nearest trash can. Jane Keever, will my History book to my brother Mike Beam. Brenda Sain, will my good times at North Brook to Becky Beam. Nathan Eli l-louser Class History In July, 1955, a class of fifty-three Freshmen came to North Brook High School with educational steps of the child learning to walk. Un- der the expert care and the watchful eye of Mr. Pendleton and Mrs. Odell, we began to walk with a more certain gait in our education pursuit. To assist - as a clean hands and face detail - we elected two sets of officers in order that inspection might be more thorough. The chief officers were Pat Houser and Tommy Richardson. With our steps gaining more sureness, we ran and fell into the pur- suit of education, according to Sophomore standards. Our trainer was Mr. Peeler. When we began this part of the race we had forty-five contestants. For this stretch of the track we had as timekeepers: President, Nathan Houser: Vice President, Tommy Richardson: Secre- tary, Pat Houserg Treasurer, Brenda Craig: and Reporter, Brenda Bum- gardner. Our next step, as Juniors, began with forty-six members. Mr. Shelton was our leader. We chose as our guides: President, Tommy Richardsong Vice President, Dale Kingg Secretary, Pat Houser: Treas- urer, Brenda Craigg and Reporter, Foxene Boyles. We worked very hard planning and getting ready for our Junior-Senior Banquet. We presented our Junior Play, "No Bride for the Groom, " in April. This proved to be a victorious year. We began the final lap of our race with forty-one Seniors, guided by Mr. Hall. For our captains we chose: President, Tommy Richard- son: Vice President, Linda Houser: Secretary, Nathan Houser: Treasurer Brenda Saing and Reporter, Mary Michaux. We had high aspirations: but, apparently, the race became too exhausting for five of our mem- bers, who dropped out. During the final lap of our race for knowledge, we begin to realize how very important learning really is and how we, the members of the race, are going to have to use our knowledge to gain our livelihood for the rest of our lives. Martha Earlene Godfrey 3 fi af! Nu 2. A is , ' W.. -aw- A Q r if ' A Sf' , f. W .0 .. ,yxv W. 1 4 O. Qi W 4 Plc'I'ure o Available Vice President MELVIN LOWE Class 0 fears President TOMMY TOWERY Secretary Treasurer Reporter PATSY HOYLE RITA TAYLOR LINDA HOUSER Judy Arthur Deanie Baxter Marsha Baxter Brenda Beam Dora Beam Bill Bess, Jr. Patsy Brotheron Myrtle Brown Nancy Cline Volena Cooper Jerry Craig Larry Davis Peggy Davis James Deaver Thomas Goodman Jackie Heavner Doris Houser Jimmy Houser Linda Kay Houser l 1 f mom 'N U lvlullli gay i F Q5 k if Q --Q if Sonny Houser Tommy Houser Dale Hoyle Patsy Hoyle Darrell Hull Edward Ingle Johnnie King Edith Leatherman Harold Leonhardt Marilyn Leonhardt 'FEL eel' Hugh Thompson Tommy Towery Barbara Wehunt Guy Williamson Ginger Willis Johnnie Willis Juanita Willis Mickey Willis Linda Wright Ronnie Cooke -x 'YS 45- Faye Lindsay Luella Lingerfelt Melvin Lowe Mary Jane Parker Jane Royster Linda Royster Max Sain Patsy Shull Dale Taylor Rita Taylor PNOYO NOT AVAILAILE if K ,Of Aff V, duff ,QM A+- , ' of u W, . f AQ X ,Q .,,. . ,. . 4 Q 5... X, bei, .M . A ff yn..- s. A I ' 'Az 'I , , V'-L Q- ' . ..-- Q xf' A A-1 , Q5 xl. M. .. Z V X ,.X,,,L -K-V,,.q.!'vg,.:g, 7. " 1 3' 'wx-vg. "EN .A WK . -. 5 y . 0 vw MU, .,,,,w,i ' 4? ,K SVA 94 A T.'?:' . 'I V ' -4, Pa j -I A .aa ,: JS NN A ig hx t if N 1 .5 , . . , . Q E A 'Q'-Q Q am L L A ' ' 4 ' f Y... f . Q-- ,.,, H fm -,fTf'.s"Y',, . 31' 3- 4,51 my ji- QXV J! L 5:33 A 5512? f 1 1 X 1, '. .' gp ,iff W 1 "M 3 .jj Q -,ey-4.ff', . w ,N ' 4 'xx' E? .. , .qgmfgii V' ,. 1' ,L 2 V k ', ' .."?:f+fv+ A Q . U Q 4 . x , ar -V V, 3 L 4 Q3 k 1 1- Q 1 Ax Q g, , ii. 5 . 5 y ' 1' .w if A , H Vq v , 1- if . , f fe? W I I l, Fgf mlf, ' . Q H ,. SQQQ f ki 5, P' as .4 ,,,1 W n -H ' L rw if Hs... 2'-:Qi 2 'T . LINDA EA KER President Class JANICE BEA M Vice President Offcers KAY WILLIS Secretary-Treasurer I PHOTO N01 AVAILAILI an, y ,, Q M91 'x X l,, IIAII , I e,Ie SHASTA LEATHERMAN Reporter Nancy Abernathy Howard Anthony, Jr. Harry Arthur Maxine Baxter Ray Baxter Becky Beam Janice Beam Ronnie Beam Maybell Bolick Jane Carpenter Carroll Cooke Rebecca Craig Joyce Crotts Carroll Davis Gary Davis Jerry Davis Wayne Davis Lawrence Deaver Herman Devenny Linda Eaker Norris Eaker Dale Engle Carolyn Heavner Barbara Houser Betty Houser Earl Houser Gary Houser Jane Houser Gene Hoyle Sammy Hudson Freida Hull Jimmy Hull Leonard Hull Harold Lackey PHOTO Picture Noi Available Picfure Noi Available Piclure Noi' Available Glenn Lackey Shasta Leatherman Shirley Ledford Elizabeth Leonhardt Paul Leonhardt Geraldine Lindsay Charles Lingerfelt Carolyn Lowe Charles Martin Dwight McSwain Annette Miller Margaret Miller Hershel Moses Frances Peeler Geraldine Peeler Galen Peterson Aileen Poston Brenda Powell Barbara Richardson Bobby Richardson Gary Richardson Paul Rudisill Earlene Settlemyre Glenn Sigmon Darrell Short Jimmy Smith Larry Smith Roger Towery Lee Warlick Reginald Warlick Larry Williamson Carolyn Willis Dale Willis Kay Willis Paulette Willis Randy Willis Ralph Wise Walter Wise Helen Wright Gary Yount Pic+ure Noi Availe ble QU ? m A I E X 5 ix W , Y, vp- 1, f? , TT' if if f' 12, . '. , 1 ' gv'g.f ,xr sig ., 3 'nf 3 Q S f ,g K V .A Y h fi RWM '41 -x 1 f , .1 W I if X sn 'S as s, y A f A5001 IND' NM AVAIAII Class 0 jqcers President LARRY BOYLES Vice President Secretary MICHAEL LOWE ELAINE LACKEY Treasurer Reporter PHYLLIS BESS JANET MICHAUX Ray Armstrong Brenda Beam Keith Beam Michael Beam Phyllis Bess Gary Billings Nancy Bingham Agnes Blackwell Gary Boyles Larry Boyles Robert Bradly Eddie Brendel Gene Brown Tony Cable Essie Mae Crawley Carolyn Crotts Charles Dellinger Larry Dellinger Joyce Godfrey Barry Heavner 700 BUSY x 35 , pq J mm nun-nun 4 Millie l-leafner Ruth Hoyle Jimmy Hun Ronald Hull U 'B-4 movonrn avail!! Elaine Lackey Ray Leonhardt Micheal Lowe Franklin Martin Janet Michaux Robert Moore Jo Ann Sain Dennis Shidal 1: .Eli Cynthia VanDyke Ola Watts Paul Watts Rita Wehunt Phyllis Williams Dwight Willis Mary Ellen Willis Billy Willis Maxine Willis Colon Wise Ray Wright 700 IUSY lla Dawn Brenda Shull Kathryn Sigmon Larry Smith Bobby Stiles Glenda Stines Faye Swink Dennis Tallent Gary Tallent Kathryn Taylor Doris Thompson Hubert Thompson 'gif-ag, f, Pr X -,, elzfnfpy ig f fiie L,, il W. --" 5' x v ' .fir :kk x ii? 'sf 4 NN. :9"'uondve Eighth Grade Larry Bailey Kay Baxter Dorthy Costner Carroll Craig Garry Bivens Annie Bolick Betty Crawley Edwin Davis Jim Bolick Ricky Boyles Wayne Ea ker Ronnie Gantt Brenda Brittain Clyde Thomas Brown James Greene Paula Sue Greene Kenneth Carpenter Patsy Champion Joe Heavner Leonard Henderson Shirley Clark James Cline Judy Houser Kenneth R. Howell . x IVMAKU V lf, as . u--f , PNDYO XZQ 1. x,, wanna: Geraldine Hoyle Bobby Ray Pruitt Shirley Hoyle Eugene Hull Vera Pruitt Larry Saine Katy Lackey Gene Leatherman Willard Sanders Joyce Stroupe Edwin Leonhardt Hal Dean Lingerfelt Hazel Thompson Bill Towery Mary Ann Lingerfelt Joan Lowery Hazel Watts Edna Dean Wellman Lester Martin Jerry McMi1lian Ann Willis Geneva Workman Kay Miller Steve Norman Hal Wright Barbara Yount 0 bidi MKII' nov IQWN 4- liar Syble Baxter Linda Carpenter Walter Cooper John Dellinger Nelson Dellinger Arnold Green Alfred Henderson Troy Lee I-louser Mildred Hoyle Billy Leonhardt Norma Jean Lingerfelt David Martin Martha Perkins Johnnie Tillman Sixth and Seventh Grades Jane Baxter Jeanie Baxter Paulette Beam Betty Costner Harold Devenney Carolyn Eaker Rita Foster Elizabeth Gladden Rachael Hoyle Eunice Ivester Burlene Leonhardt Linda Lingerfelt Dorothy Martin Harold Martin Penny Pendleton Franklin Royster Judy Willis Fourth and Ffh Grades Mary Ann Bess Tommy Bess Kenneth Bolick Thais Dellinger Wade Dellinger Barbara Foster Evelyn Green Michael Green Alfred Henderson Andrew Hoyle Grady Leonhardt Sara Leonhardt Janice Lingerfelt Bayne McMillan Layne McMillan Rita Pendleton Yvonne Pruitt Sarah Thompson Jerry Baxter Johnny Beam Mary Ellan Carpenter Kelly Childers Thelma Cline Johnny Eaker Ronnie Engle Donata Foster Walter Gladden Georgia Hoyle Shirley Ivester Patsy Lackey Becky Lowe Terry Pendleton Mary Lou Pruitt Ronnie Shidal Linda Turner Lanny Wehunt Johnnie Wellman Walter White Clyde Williams Kenneth Williams Clara Gladden Verlene Henderson Manley Holtyclaw Elizabeth Howell Steve Martin Ronnie Martin Terri Shidal Reyna Tillman Bobby Wellman Irene Williams Mary Ann Williams Third Grade Kenneth Baxter Lynn Baxter Nancy Baxter Wesley Beam Woodrow Black, Jr. Wayne Brittain Christine Cline Anna Raye Dellinger Lynn Dellinger Frances Eaker Rebecca Eaker Garry Gales fijj Q L Qhunf when pictures were mad. I C First and Second Grades Thomas Baxter Nathalee Brittain Janet Dellinger Minnie Gladden Ellen Green Jerry Greene Marie Green Walter Godfrey Nancy Haynes Poneses Holtzclaw Kathy Houser Jean Hoyle Ruth Hoyle Joe Leonhardt Rebecca Lingerfelt Linda McNeely John Whitworth Elizabeth Baxter Donald Beam Jacquelyn Beam Annette Brown Kathleen Buff Larry Costner Myron Dellinger Zenuis Dellinger Sue Alice Eaker Frances Foster Debra Gaskins Johnny Green Patricia Ann Haynes Diane Howell Patricia Hoyle Doyle Leonhardt Larry McNeely Jerry Pendleton Lenny Pendleton Kathy Turner Brenda Willis Bus Drivers Babbling Brook Staff M , QL ' fi ii 5 ij ,..,-M. 5 ,, --f -fl ,,, f W v,,, , , , ,,.,qwl""" " dwg- Cutest BRENDA CRAIG DONALD TOWERY Best All-Around FOXENE BOYLES TOMMY RICHARDSON Most Intellectual LINDA COOKE NA THA N HOUS ER Prettiest and Most Handsome MARTHA HOUS ER DALE KING Qu ietest EA RLENE GODFREY KENNETH S A IN Most Iryquwztial MARGARET LINGERFELT TOMMY PEELER Wimlesz MARY MICHAUX JIMMY HOWELL Most Likely to Succeed PA T HOUS ER NA THAN HOUSER Most Dependable BRENDA ENGLE KENNETH SAIN Most Popular MARY MICHAUX TOMMY RICHARDSON Most Dignwed BRENDA ENGLE DALE KING Most Athletic BRENDA BUMGA RNER JIMMY HOWELL Miss H i Miss MARY MICHAUX X MARGARET LINGERFELT BRENDA ENGLE FOXENE BOYLES PAT HOUSER NATHAN HOUSER EARLENE GODFREY Marshals 3 2 M ' QW menfnfgy MRS. CHARLES BIGGERSTAFF No. 2 Principal MR. ELI HOUSER Appalachian and U. N. C Appalachian MRS . BEVERLY I-IEAVNER' Lenoir Rhyne MRS. KENNETH HOWELL Appalachian MRS. ED SAIN Appalachian MISS LUCILLE UPTON Appalachian Margie Abernathy Phyllis Beam Earl Blanton Phil Brendle Arnold Craig Hazel Cook Billy Davis Tim Gantt Matha Gantt Wayne Gantt Donald Houser Nelson Houser Belinda Johnson Earl Leonhardt Barbara Miller Joyce Lingerfelt Johnny Miller Judy Tallent Michal Taylor Juanita Upton Brenda Willis Gene Willis Eighth Grade Eunice Adams Terry Baxter Judy Beam Gary Boyles Rita Carpenter Steven Cook Annita Craig Pamela Heavner Barbara Humpries Joyce Tallent Virginia Tallent Linda Taylor Teresa Taylor Floyd Willis, Jr. Mildred Willis Sixth and Seventh Grade Johnny Arthur Gayle Brotherton Charles Cook Judy Craig Earlene Davis Ruby Davis Chris Diciaccio Joyce Engle Mary Frances Moore Martha Moses Merlene Richardson Jimmy Stevens Eddie Towery Harold Turner Jimmy Vandyke Calvin Wehunt Patsy Wilcox Gary Willis James Abernathy Masie Canipe Carol Chatman Dale Houser Nora Faye Leonhardt Johnny Miller Carl Moore Gerald Turner Kenneth Upton Carolyn Willis Danny Willis Jerry Willis Lee Willis Shirley Abernathy Fzwh and Sixth Grade Y'-A Jewel Adams Betsy Author Thealda Brendle Lucille Cook Ann Dellinger Walda Hughs Russell Hull Kathy King Jeketta Leonhardt Mary Lingerfelt Larry Settlemyre Larry Stevens Bobby Tallent Janet Taylor Lee VanDyke Patsy Wehunt Cynthia White Bobby Willis Eddie Willis Terasa Willis Wilma Miller Paul Moore Loretta Parker Mark Seagle Johnny Tallent Raymond Wehunt Sherry Wehunt Jeanie Wehunt Dennis Willis Judy Willis Margaret Workman Fourth Grade Kenneth Baxter Edison Brendle Evelyn Canipe Winona Canipe Jane Cook Loretta Craig Sheron Craig Ann Dellinger Rickey Jenks Sheron Lackey Don Lingerfelt Second and Third Grade Doyle Beam Nelta Faye Boyles Trudy Brendle Charles Chatman Vangie Chatman Grady Cooke Nathan Gantt Reba Ann Houser Maxine Hull Roger Ledford Linda Mauney Alfred Moses Patricia Ann Seagle Cathy Self Ferrel Self Clyde Wehunt, Jr. Lynn Willis Clara Workman Ray Vandyke as -, ,,,Q S . 3' sri x s sk Eirjjur y ,aug ' is i 8 s 4:4 ' . ,L y Shelby Adams Billy Beam Patsy Boyles Gail Canipe Barry Carpenter Pearl Cook Minnie Cook Randy Cooke Teresa Davis Judy Engle I. T. Hughs Phyllis Hull Bruce Johnson Zona Moses Carol Shidal Danney Swink Evelyn Willis Norris Willis Peggy Willis Herman Workman First Grade Donald Abernathy, Fonda Brendle, Lynn Brendle, Donna Canipe, Jerry Carpenter, Ann Chapman Daisy Chapman, Donald Chapman, Jancie Craig, Debra Davis, Randy Davis, Debra Decciccia Dinnia Engle, Jill Gantt, Debra Heavner, Lesta Faye Helms, Ralph Hughes, Chucky Jenks. Dennis Mosteller, Kay Richardson, Nick Seagle, Candy Shidal, Bobby Swink, Jimmy Wehunt. Rita Jean Wilcox, Cathenne Willis, Harold Willis, Karry Willis, Patty Willis. MRS . HARRY ARTHUR Appalachian MRS. JOHN HEAVNER Appalachian No. 3 Princzpal MR. LUTHER HOUSER Lenoir Rhyne and Appalachian MRS. BRYAN HULL Lenoir Rhyne MR. WILLIE HULL Lenoir Rhyne MRS. MITTIE LACKEY Lenoir Rhyne MRS. KERMIT PENDLET ON Appalachian Ftrst Grade f 3 Kenny Cline L Ramona Boyles MF Danny Buxton Tony Cooke Carlostine Costner Kathy Houser Roberta I-Iouser Audrey Hoyle Darrell Hoyle Elbert Hoyle Gary Hull Randy Hull Wanda Hull Cindy Gantt Eddie Gantt Nina King Jane Lingerfelt Alene Martin Dickie Mitchem Thad Norman Terry Reep Kenneth Sigmon Junior Sutton Helen Swink Niles Tallent Tony Tallent Steve Walker Jane Warlick Jeanette Willis Steve Willis Bobby Wise Ronnie Workman Second Grade Joie Bivens Bobby Bivens Stuart Davis Clara Gantt Michael Helems Kathy Hull M. C. Houser Clarence Leatherman Kirby Leatherman Linda Lingerfelt Jeanie Lynn Glenn McNeely Donita Mitchem Jean Hoyle Connely Parker James Parker Marilyn Proctor Johnnie Richard Rita Sain Juanita Shull Wanda Sutton Donnis Tallent Billy Williams Sue Willis Ricky Willis Lynn Yarbro " in - if-v s' rf QW ., . Chucky Owens Malvin Parker Allen Short Dianne Shull Christene Sigmon Peggy Smith Paul Swink Vickie Tallent Gary Willis Roger Willis Jimmy Wise Joan Workman Third Grade Donald Abernathy Brenda Boyles Keith Brendle Ronnie Cooke Cathy Davis Rita Houser Marilyn Houser Kay Hoyle Patsy Hudson Ray Ledford Kathy Lee Jane Leonhardt Q , gg Phillis Billings, Dean Brendle, Carolyn Cooke, J. C. Cooke, Allen Davis, Wanda Davis. Tracy Gantt, Bobby Houser, Steve Hoyle, David Hull, Bobby Jenks, Buddy Leatherman. Eddy Lowery, Frances Martin, Peggy Peeler, Chucky Pendleton, Charles Sain, Joy Sain. Loy Sain, Jr. , Nelta Sain, Herman Stives, Linda Sutton, Brenda Swink, Linda Swink. Dean Walker, Kenneth Walker, Dean Willis, Ervil Willis, Janice Willis, Stanley Yarbro. Joyce Yount. ' Fourth Grade Bobby Boyles, Marlene Brendle, Terri Cable, Carolyn Cooke, Dean Crawley, Steve Gantt. Patricia Gantt, Milton Heavner, Steve Hudson, Steve Houser, Robie Houser, Becky House: Frances Houser, Jimmy Hoyle, Jimmy Hull, Joyce Hull, Patricia Hull, Judy Lee. J. D. Lingerfelt, Betty Marison, Carol Norman, Glenda Sain, George Shull, Wayne Shull. Carol Sigmon, Mary Alice Swink, Sharon Willis, Harold Wise, Dan Wise, Guy Workman. F Wh Grade Sixth Grade Dianne Abernathy, Gary Abernathy, Charlene Blackwell, Gerald Boyles, Johnny Boyles, Leon Crawley. Bobby Davis, Steve Davis, Mike Gantt, Gwendolyn Hallman, Kenneth Houser, Dean Houser. Linda Houser, Dixie Leatherman, Ioyle Leatherman, Cathrine Ledford, Bernice Leonhardt, Kenneth Martin. Kathryn Mitchem, Jaunita Parker, Eddie Peeler, Gattis Powell, Tony Sain, Jeanette Short. Don Sigmon, Loretta Sutton, Buck Swink, Dennis Williams, Sandra Willis, Larry Willis. Edith Morrison Hazel Morrison Joyce Norman Norris Owens Judy Parker Myrene Parker Ralph Parker, Jr. Lonnie Reep Dean Sain Warren Sain Ronald Short Bobby Shull Jerry Shu11 Virginia Smith Louetta Sutton Keith Towery Linda Willis Tommy Willis Maxine Wise Dorothy Workman Larry Bingham Clara Bivens Glen Boyles Ted Cable Joyce Craig Ronnie Davis Elderado Heavner Keith Houser Steve Houser Dale Hoyle Ruby Hoyle Patsy Lee Burl Martin Mildred Martin Larry McNei1y Seventh Grade 1 1 7 I Wllf , I I 1 l Beta Club ,f . -, W as as vs ., .9 ff is 3 Z: if is ' in 'X 'flu FHA. Club F. F. A. Officers MAX SHIDAL, Sponsor President Treasurer TOMMY RICHARDSON TOMMY HOUSER Vice President Reporter DALE KING KENNETH SAIN Secretary Sentinel BUD BOYLES SAM TALLENT Senior Dramatics Club junior Dramatics Club Senior Glee Club funior Glee Club Xfiiilflll Physical Education Club Future Teachers of America my Akin Qg3:f3 Aw.rafA my lawns pgnvig 1 av 1 - K an , i 3 c ,gig-fu K - eva. ' " me Sm . M ,.,, W AMERICAN Science Club foumalism Club EDUCATION Library Club 4-H Club 11 1 L v -,L , F f. ., , ,X I V 1 . I - VV an H, ,jg r -- ,I -r H. org ' 1 - , . -K, ,1-..-- -1 ., Q- W -.7 . i-, ,vmxr l 1' rj.-.1,gp I : ,, V 5 U, .Lk . :Ni D .h mtl. L A.f,1,'..,!-3, fe t 1 4 Y 6 , ,1,1,...A:,y.. V, in . 1 , 91.5, hy A - 4 :4 ,whit ,sb x c, K . N3 A V 5 ' lg- -3, fa ,-.,j- fy A . .. .n k :ck ' ' , ... ,, J ',.:,-. ,.-,Hz ,g- 1, - .. ' '. M , 1..,-- . , A' W -.f, ' -51,1-A 1- I, . W l'.!' rv'- f gi .l' 5-, -m fs,- J, gf, v., Q , L , . WX I, xx F4 '. .. 1, - ' .1 , WEB. fax, , f -mg-, di aw ' ' 2 11.z't':f. Q A , ,.. f ' if if 'gf 'gh of-H.,.?+ ..'--WF" ' M513 ,Jw-..v4 f.wfff-, .f A I'..f. " 3 L 1 ,,-, V. :Eff 5 ' My , ,-,,, J r -jimi?" 3 'EM -.., Q K 's at North Brook .gg . .k - ,N - , . . -.. .......lL -L-- -lflul 1-'f img----S---4--A 1, .'---ihiigdli-5 ' PAT HOUSER FOXENE BOYLES Co-Editor of Le Souvenir Editor of the Babbling Whois Who Brook TOMMY RICHARDSON Editor of Le Souvenir President of Senior Class President of F. F. A. BRENDA SAIN LINDA COOKE Miss North Brook Vice President of Senior Class ' f""T"P5!9fB' ' BRENDA ENGLE MARGARET LINGERFELT President of F. H. A. Artist of Le Souvenir .at North Brook MARY MICHAUX Miss Hi Miss President of Beta Club TOMMY PEELER NATHAN HOUSER Treasurer of Beta Club SCCFCVNY of Senior C1388 Lnfmzza Captains .xg Q- 'I' 3 fa . , ,E Q .5 . A X 1 sr L. EAKER . ...'.3 T' + J. ROYSTER M. BAXTER L. LEONHARDT MICHAUX M. LEONHARDT B. BUMGARN ER L. ROYS TER N. CLINE P. HOYLE M. BROWN M. BAXTER F. BAXTER I. BEAM QNX-v 4 A ' 11' E , 1 , yn.. ,,,.ww T. PEELER E. INGLE E, HOUSER N. HOUSER 5 if , f , ii G. YOUNT I. HOWELL H. ARTHUR T""'u sl' Q. ' ' E 'Lk J? Y 1' R. BESS T, HOUSER C, COOKE Manager MR. JERRY GATES MR. BENNY YOUNT Cheerleaders TOMMY TOWERY, Chief PAT HOUSER RITA TAYLOR CAROLYN LOWE PYLLIS BESS JANET MICHAUX BECKY BEAM MICKY LOWE 3 -1-Q., -A ' .4 , E5-H 'ff we -,I 'on ,fj .ey ftp, LS.-fly fIy0s,1j 'Alix - f' . Xsvfw' ff' we OUR THANKS The 1959 Senior Class of North Brook High School takes this opportunity to thank each of our advertisers and friends for making this Yearbook possible. We urge each of our friends to patron- ize those who have made this Annual a reality. THE CLASS OF '59 1-I-,,,. ,',,,, DIXIE LUMBER co. Lunfmber and Building Supplies Quality Service Phone ID 5-2472 Cherryville, N. C. HARRELSON COMPANY The Store of Latest Fashion Cherryvi1le's Oldest Department Store Cherryville, N. C. Pre scriptions a Specialty HOUSER'S DRUG COMPANY Phone ID 5-6011 Cherryville, N. C. RFEE FERGUSON HARDWARE COMPANY General Hardware Paints - Sporting Goods 103 East Main St. Cherryville, N. C 1 DELLINGER s PEQPLES JEWEL SHOP BARBER SHOP "Gifts for All Occasions" Phone ID 5-9109 Good Luck to the Seniors Cherryville and Kings Mountain, N. C. I , Ed Chapman Dave McGinnis Howard Henkle Proprietor L. L. MCGINNIS Che rryville , N. C. CHERRYVILLE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Current Dividend 3 1f2f7o Phone ID- 5-6151 Cherryville , N. C . MARVIN S. BEAM A New Kind of Ford 322 East Main Street Cherryville, N. C. J 8. B TIRE SERVICE 117 N. Mountain St. Phone ID-5-6801 Cherryville, N. C. HOMESLEY TRIPLE H H H CHEVROLET CO. , INC. X 0 I .Q XP rv 4 . Sales - Service Since 1931 .SJ I when ln the CHm'R0I,r31 . - I ' Mood for Fine I Cherryville, North Carolina Cherryville, North Carolina cARPENTER's gigs MSILQ IWWI , lauIF'4I 2 Undertaker - Arnbulance - Embalming Qwilsh EEEQIIYN Phone ID-5-6711 Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of FARMER'S UNION FURNITURE C0. AND SUPPLY CO. "Values Pour From Rainwater's Phone ID 5- 6022 Store" Cherryville, N. C. Cherryville, N. C. STROU PE QW LQ FLORIST N N11 I' Z Complete Floral Service 210 s. Dixie Street if K Phone ID-5-4711 Cherryville, N. C. CHERRY MOTORS fj fi yn If L. ' CHERRYVILLE FEED at SEED A Complete Line of Seed for V Every Farm Need G al E1 A 1. Baby Chicks - Fertilizer - Seed ener ec. pp iances Cleaning D' F' BE We Specialize in Crushing Phone ID-5-6832 and Grinding Cherryville, N. C. Phone 1D-5-6719 D mms? Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of K. B. BEAM, INC. Insurance and Real Estate Agents: BLAINE CHILDERS FRANK HOYLE - MILTON LOY, JR. Phone ID 5-6851 Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of CHERRYVILLE NATIONAL BANK Large or Small - We Welcome Your Account "A Complete Banking Service" Jw E Cherryville, N. C. QQ "Try Our Drive-in Window Service " gp" X E 3 : 552 x ,YJEE , : .-:Hg I . .,.. "' p-A ES' -- AZ X Q x Y RUTHERFORD ELECTRIC MEMBERSHIP CORPORATION Phone ID5- 600 11 Courtesy Inspires Confidence Only Through the Satisfaction of Our Members Compliments of DR. W. L. ARMSTRONG Cherryville , N. C . THE EAGLE "The Home of Good Printing" 118 W. Main Street Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of W. J. ALLRAN, JR. ATTORNEY Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of fa-BY-Wm' ALLRAN'S ml1Tl14"v,' FLOWER SHOP "Flowers for Every Purpose" Phone ID 5-4091 Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of fm DRUG CO. K-2 The Rexall Store Cherryville, N. C. SHAKE SHOP Sandwiches - Ice Creani Soft Drinks Owner, MRS. DEWEY HARTMAN Phone ID 5-9176 Church St. Cherryville, N. C. Y , Complime nts of DR. T. C. PAIGE OP TOME TRIS T Phone ID 5-9240 Cherryville, N. C. ALLEN 5, since 1920 Kerosene and Fuel Oil CHERRYVIL-LE pure Ice Quality coal ICE AND FUEL Dial ID5-6861 Cherrvville, North Carolina Md, J , - lui, ,NWI 114 f.,,,.... FALLSTON BARBER SHOP OSCAR MORGAN Fallston, N. C. Compliments of BLACK'S TEXACO Manager, CURT BLACK Cherrvville, N. C. Give Your Car Longer Life R SMITH'S if 44 VAIIIS 'QQPQS H Parts and Service gy' if Rx Fallston, N. C. L' Q 5, '1- Phone -'al .TE 8-7351 A CITY LOAN IS: GULF SERVICE ww FINANCE CORPORATION GRILL Used Cars - Good Service Phone JE 8-2642 Fallston, N. C. Phone ID5-6650 Cash When You Need It Cher ryville , N. C . COSTNERS UPHOLSTERING 8: AUTO TRIM SHOP "We Don't Do the Best but None Better" Phone 7825 Fallston Road Shelby, North Carolina BUILDERS SUPPLY "We Build Anything" Fallston, N. C. CLINES FLOWER SHOP "Flowers for All Occasions" HAMRICK BODY WORKS Body Works - Welding CX,- 7 ' QI "We Repair Anything but a 'fig ' Q. Broken Heart" - -,eg A' -, - fr. . Phone 4385 Lawndale X Fallston, N. C. STAMEY A. M. BOGGS 8: SONS FUNERAL HOME Gins, Feed Mills, Grain Buyers Phone 5011 Phone 7176 - Lawndale Fallston, N. C. l WRIGHTS JEWELRY STORE "Fine st Jewelry at Lowest Prices" Fallston, N. C. Fallston, N. C. Compliments of THE STAMEY COMPANY Fallston and Polkville, N. C. DlXON'S STORE "Trade With the Friendly Folks" Fallston, North Carolina DICK STROUP LUMBER COMPANY Finest Building Supplie s Fallston, North Carolina ELMORE AND PEELER FEED AND SEED JE8-7139 Lawndale, North Carolina. Compliments of MARSHALL BLANTON'S GROCERY and B. 8: J. GROCERY F allston Road Shelby, North Carolina CAROLINA MADE Carolina' s Fine st Flour EAGLE ROLLING MILL Shelby, North Carolina O LUTZ AND YELTON OIL COMPANY Crown Products UHUWN Shelby, N, c. NEHI BOTTLING co. C mpliments of DR. WAYNE F. BOYLES Phone HU7-6041 Shelby, N. C. T luca, N. C. Compliments of CHERRYVILLE RADIO 8: TE LE VISION 104 West lst Street Phone ID 5-9656 A. C. BEAM, JR. TILLMAN'S MOTORS USED CAR First in "h - First Class 0' ' WQPS Used Cm raffrumruuf pf ,, 'KA V V! U 0 ..--x. JE 8-7609 X 'IW Belwood, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of CHERRYVILLE , TALLENT S INSURANCE AGENCY AORAN B' MOSS DRYGOODS STORE and E. V. MOSS Cherryville, N. C. Route 52 Vale, N. C CARLTON c. G. Bovuss YARN MILLS' INC' GENERAL MERCHANDISE Manufacturers of Combed Peller Yarns Flour, Feed, and Seeds Cherryville, N. C. Toluca, N. C. Compliments of Rov a. TROY , GROCERY MARKET S LIVESTOCK YARD "The Most of the Best Q for the Least" - - 9 3 Cherryville, N. C. Shelby, N. C. CLEVELAND APPLIANCE 8: FURNITURE CO 212 East Main Street Cherryville, N. C. TOM HULL'S GROCERY 8: GARAGE Vale, N. C. CHERRYVILLE CONCRE TE PRODUCTS Solite and Concrete Blocks Precast Steps and Tile Phone ID 5-6751 Cherryville, N. C. KURL UP AT KATS' Permanents With the Natural LOOK Phone RE 5-8771 Route Z - Vale, N. C. Compliments of DR. F. D. EDWARDS Toluca, N. C. Compliments of LUTHER L. HOUSER Vale, N. C. Compliments of HANK BROTHERTON GROCERY Phone 5-5894 Route Z - Vale, N. C. Compliments of S. M. ROPER LAWYER Lincolnton, No rth C arolina TILLMAN'S TV AND MUSIC SHOP Skateland Lincolrton, North Carolina fl P BELK-SCHRUM CQMPANY , .IWNIII ru fL,..,.A I Compliments of Lincolnton's Largest Department Store Lincolnton, North Carolina - Iffljff KJ I Compliments of STROUP'S SODA SHOP Watch Repair Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of SAINE GROCERY Linc olnton, North Carolina Compliments of HARRIS CITY PAINT S TORE "DeSoto Paint" Wallpaper - Floor Covering Phone RE5-2511 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of DIXIE GROCERY, INC. Wholesale Grocery Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY Goodrich Tire s Phone RE5-5141 Lincolnton, N. C. Turn Into TURNER'S "The Friendly Store" 119 East Main Street Lincolnton, N. C. G. M. PEELER 8. SON BROOME-EARLY FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE Feed - Seed Fertilizer - Poultry Lincolnton, N. C. COMPANY G. E. Dealer s CURT BROOME BUD EARLY Phone RE5-7089 Lincolnton, N. C. See FRAZlER'S STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP For Clothing - Shoes Portrait and Commercial and Photography Dry Goods RE 502152 Lincolnton, N. C. Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of' A I ,. LX L L BANNER ROLLER MILLS, INC. "Caro1ina Queen and White Satin Flour" Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of RUDISILL'S SUPER MARKET Phone: RE5-5308 Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of FARMERS 8: BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. , INC. Phone RE5-7331 North Popl r St a Authorized John Deere Dealers Lincolnton, N. C . Compliments of Compliments of ROCKY-FORD SUPERIOR LOAN HATCHERY at Baby Chicks Phone: RE5-5112 Lincolnton, N. C. FINANCE CO. "Small Loans Are Our Business" Phone RE5-8322 Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of G. S. SAINE PLUMBING 8: HEATING CO. Phone: RE5-8681 Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of LINCOLN INSURANCE SERVICE, INC. Fire - Auto - Casualty and Allied Lines "We Pay Dividends" JOHN A. CROMER BOB RAMSEUR Phone-RE5-7531 Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of C. G. BINGHAM Intersection Nos. 10- 18 Route 1 General Merchandise Vale, N. C. Compliments of E. I. SAINE GENERAL MERCHANDISE Goodyear Tires and Tubes Intersection Nos. 10-18 Route 1 Vale, N. C. Compliments of GRILL GRILL "The Place to Meet All Your DINING ROOM Friends" , Plate Lunches JOHN S. HEAVNER, Proprietor Sandwiches - All Kinds Route 2 Vale, North Carolina Route 3, Vale, N. C. Compliments of TAYLOR MILLING COMPANY Proper Grinding Approved Formulas Security Feeds Accurate Mixing Vale , North Carolina Compliments of W. R. CARSWELL V TER EN S GAS AND OIL O. H. VENTERS GROCERY Route 2 Phone RE-5-5912 Vale, North Carolina Route 1, Lincolnton, N. C. Plunm W. C. WILLIS 4 PLUMBING 5 X -A Q - GUUU X A lf? sn? ix 0 Q-dx ' 1-1 "Call Us for Your Next .Io Phone RE-5-8903 Vale, North Carolina bl! DRUMS' FUNERAL HOME 8: FLORIST Ambulance Service - Funeral Directors 2.00. 00 Burial Insurance .fig T543 Ambulance Phone 1 Florist RE 5-5321 Q ' RE 5-7511 :mv Lincolnton, N. C. C0mP1imentS Compliments of of HEl.EN'S BEAUTY SHOP "Your Loveliness Is My Business" Vale, N. C. Phone RE-5-5924 ANNIE LEATHERMAN General Merchandise Route 2. Vale, N. C ,ffrf-frgfraz-C 'nsyysw 5935! ' F3 ,O -fb,-1.1, Y N' adn U . IS our: mzsr KN' THOUGHT BEAM'S GARAGE Accurate Wheel Balancing Electric and Acetylene Welding Grease and Oil Change Motor Repairs Route ffl Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of SERVICE STATION AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE J. RAY BEAMS Phone ID 5-5494 Route ffl Cherryville, North Carolina .....,.,.:..f,-31:.-,.-:Qfg.1f2iii'j S N 1 S RADIO AND TV SERVICE For service Calls Dial RE 5-5966 Route 2 Vale, N. C. Compliments of BLANTON'S PARKER'S GROCERY B OCC Gas OARDING HOME Motor Oil Service "For Aged Men and Women" Route 2 Vale, N. C. Matance, New Jersey J. M. BEAM 81 BROTHER "Our Fifty-fifth Year" Building Materials, General Contracting, Lulnber, Paint 7 . ll X - 1 0 - 'Effff ' D ' R QQ, I to R Q W tttt D D A ' , A wb Sn.- xl if V I """' J. M. BEAM M. S. BEAM Dial RE 5-8982 Vale, North Carolina QS S. Q Q if "T ww-If N V il- U NLM, r lk Tmg1.l.vll'L M- I: will F I 'v ai? " M x 1 T ll , f ' "a f---' f 11" ,E ' mi. J. C. WEHUNT 8: SONS Cotton Ginning Gene ral Merchandise Route l Cherryville, N. C. HELMS' STORE General Merchandise Highway 2.74 Cherryville, North Carolina Compliments of LOUlSE'S T13 Q BEAU TY SHOP For Quality and Service at Lowest Prices Dial ID-5-4801 Route 1 Cherryville, N. C Compliments of WINN-DIXIE STORES Lincolnton, N. C. BLAIR CARPENTER CABS Two Way Radio System Dial RE-5-5333 Lincolnton, N. C. Our Aim is to Serve the People SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT ANTHONY BROTHERS Groceries - Meats Gas - Oil "One Stop Service" Phone 6009 Cherryville, North Carolina uccess to the graduating class ..--?- . BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANV BY Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of 191111 my K NATICNAL BANK Lincolnton, North Carolina Fifty-five Years of Service "A Friendly Bank in a Friendly Community. " LINCOLN-HARDWARE COMPANY, INC. Shelf and Heavy Hardware Phone 5-5281 115 South Academy Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Established 1904 Telephone RE 5-5071 LINCOLNTON BUILDING 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION 210 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of BURRIS HARTMAN'S CLINIC STORE DR. RAY BURRIS Linc olnton, North Carolina DR. E. S. BURRIS DR. RISDEN BURRIS Linc olnton, No r th Car olina Compliments of DR. BOYCE P. GRIGGS Linc olnton, North C ar olina Compliments of C. E. LEATHERMAN Linc olnton, North Car olina FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Savings Insured to 510, 000 Phone RE 5-2042 Lincolnton, North Carolina SIMMON'S INS URAN CE COMPANY 109 S. Academy Street Phone RE-5-2988 Lincolnton, N. C. COBLE DAIRY 'Try It and You'11 Always Buy It" South Government Street Lincolnton, North Carolina eil '+ . sf A lx-- 32 a. .Y SX?-ix AMBULANCE AY WARLlCK'S FUNERAL HOME Join Our Mutual Burial Ass'n. 24 Hour Arnbulance Service Phone RE 5-2521 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of LINCOLN AUCTION CO. G. T. GILBERT, Auctioneer Phone RE5-8395 Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of JEWEL BOX Watches Diaxnonds China Cryst Silver Phone RE5-5326 Lincolnton, N. C. al Compliments of JOHN FRIDAY Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of S. E. RICHBOURG OP TOME TRIS T Lincolnton, North Carolina E I AP'Compliments of ROBINSONS Exclusive but Not Expensive - Phone RE5-8371 Linc olnton, No r th C ar olina, Compliments of NEWTONS C-ROCERY Radio and TV Service Gas - Oils and Feeds Phone Lawndale 2168 Lawndale, North Carolina Compliments of 6. 2 1 fy cur N' cuRL Q A , .N 9+ We Brush Our Way to Beauty L Dial RE 5-5496 Highway 2.7 Rt. 2 Vale, N. C. I Compliments of NEWTON IMPLEMENT CO. Phone IN 4- 0491 118 West A Street Newton, N. C. "Good Equipment Makes a Good Farm Better." Compliments of PROCTOR WHOLESALE CO. Hickory, N. C. Compliments of H 81 H GARAGE Q'-7'Exo General Repairs - Car Wash ,M QQ Oil Change and Grease Job ' 11 'ww A AUT , REPAIRS 'fix ,lj ' .Im-,Y 9 F of ' Highway Z7 Rt. 2 Vale, N. C L.8.R. OIL CO. Phillips 66 Distributors Dial Hu 7-4221 sheiby, N. C. Compliments of CAROLINA DAIRY Shelby, N. c. CENTRAL SERVICE CEN TER Appliance Repairs of All Types Phone ID 5-6662 Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of DR. JOE PHARR Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of EAGLE DIME STORE Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of CATO'S Your Friendly Store Smartest Fashions in Town Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of TRACTOR 8: IMPLEMENT COMPANY B. C. MOORE 8. SONS Authorized Ford Dealers Phone RE 5-2298 Lincolnton, N. C. INC. Lincolnton, N. C . Compliments of LUTZ-YELTON TRACTOR 8: TRUCK CO. Dari-Kool Bulk Milk Tanks International Harvester Dealer Shelby, N. C. Complime nt S of FRANK P. HEAVNER Sheriff of Lincoln County Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of RHODES-RHYNE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Bedspreads Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of RAMSEUR HARDWARE 'Q .H D A I Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of CAROLINA CHAIN SAW CO. Distributors for MCCULLOCH CHAIN SAWS Shelby, N. C. C. Compliments of FIRESTONE HOME 8: AUTO SUPPLIES L. LINEBERGER, Manage r Phone RE5-5601 218 East Main Street Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of RHODES-CORRIHER IMPLEMENT CO. Allis Chalmers - New Idea New Holland Machinery Phone RE5- 2.69 1 Night RE5-8582 Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of MCGINNIS TIRE RECAPPING 619 N. Aspen Street Lincolnton, N. C. HOWARD'S CREEK fm X 53 ff- 'N ... ,, .. '55 PEW DRAG STRIP I ,I -L-Q .1 L 'R WE l N 5 - Races Every Sunday 2:30 Owner: JOHN GILBERT 4 112 Miles West of Lincolnton, N. C. CHERRYVILLE '9' I ia NURSERY Complete Landscape Service W ' Q ' Lawns a Specialty Sale Yard and Nursery 1 Mile West of Cherryville HOWELL STROUP Cherryville, N. C. 5 if I I Compliments of DR. MARSHAL AGNER Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of CAROLINA DIS TRIB U TING CO . Shell Products Lincolnton No rth Car olina Compliments of SMITH TEXTILE Lincolnton, North Carolina ROGER FURNITURE AND DISCOUNT HOUSE Phone RE 5-7580 Lincolnton, North Carolina RHODES 8. BEAL OIL CO. Phone RE 5-8652 Lincolnton, N. C. Distributors of Atlantic Petroleurn Products Compliments of LINGERFELT ELECTRIC CO. RE 5-5522 Linc olnton, N. C. LOWE'S OIL 8: SERVICE CO. "Eve rything in Petroleum Products" Whole sale Esso Dealer Day Phone - RE 5-8301 Night Phone - RE 5-8529 Lincolnton, N. C. HEAFNER TIRE CO. Sales Service Mohawk - Tires - Remington Recapped - Retreaded Vulcanized Phone RE 5-7251 Lincolnton, N. C. MULLEN'S TEXACO SERVICE 603 E. Main Street Phone RE 5-7571 Lincolnton, N. C. PLAZA GRILL A Place for Fine Foods and the New Home of the Pizza Pie Lincolnton, North Carolina U 1 .1.19 v EQ on X ' ' 1 6122 KJ 5 Z -Wbv l i JOE 8. JIM'S FOOD CENTER Phone RE 5-5261 Route 3 Lincolnton, N. C. 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Complete Slaughtering Processing and Freezing Service Phone RE 5-7241 Lincolnton, North Carolina LINCOLN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS "One Call Does It" Phone RE-2543 1220 East Main Street Lincolnton, North Carolina Lincoln County's Leading Furniture Store CHAIR C0-' INC- Goonm-sunnls Manufacturers of Dinettes Bedroom Suites and Four-Post FURNITURE COMPANY, INC Beds East Sycamore Street Phone Re 56101 Phone RE 5-2541 ' 1 , C 1' , , Lmco nton North arc ma Lmcolnton, North Carolina Compliments of GLENN MILLS, INC. Lincolnton, North Carolina Q ug Lf Ty S ? cfm 5 J . 5 , T, WQXLA 'I 'J . QQXX ' If 15N 11 S , Q " K A in I 4' Bosr BAKERY T'Pdl"i TH' Cir? , NN H5322 WI 5111097 3 DAYS ..v Q Shelby, N. C. l l'i Z P . "' JW' MlTCHEM'S JENKINS INCORPORATED CLEANERS Cherryville, North Carolina For Q art C1 a , g . u 1 y e nin Regappmg , One Day Service Goodyear Tires - Batteries 103 E A d St t Home and Auto Supplies ' Ca emy ree Phone ID 5-9232 ID 5-6255 Cherryville, North Carolina Q. '- s 1' 'Eg g I :N 'hs , Qinq if. Compliments of CAROLINA FREIGHT CARRIERS, INC. D. F. BEAM Phone 6811 Compliments of LINCOLNTON BOWLING CENTER R. L. CHRONISTER, Owner Lincolnton, N. C. C. G. BEAM Che rryville , North Carolina LINCOLN COUNTY FARMERS MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE ASSOCIATION The Only Insurance at Cost Over 955, 000, 000. O0 of Insurance in Force Reliable and Dependable Established in 1895 Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of CRONLAND CENTURY THEATRE 8: HARDWARE, INC. Lincolnton, N. C. B STARLITE DRIVE- IN . W. SNYDER, Owner Lincolnton, N. C. Compliments of WALKER'S TV SERVICE Shelby, N. C. CARL WEATHER'S WELL BORING SERVICE Weather's Concrete Phone HU 7-6143 Route 5 Shelby, N. C. Compliments of SPURGEON HOSIERY MILL, INC . Lincolnton, N. C . Compliments of JERRY'S GRILL Sandwich Shop Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of CENTRAL INDUSTRIES Compliments of DR. F. M. HOUSER Cheri-nit Cherryviue, N. C. Cherryville, N. C. Compliments of WARLICKS X . 0 S53 -are FLOWER SHOP X When It's Flowers, Say It With Ours , W Shelby Highway 7 Dial RE 5--7612 'Im' Lincolnton, North Carolina Compliments of Compliments of AUTO BEAUTY SHOP FRIENDS Upholstery and Body Repainting and Lincolnton, N. C. DAYBERRY PAINT 8: SHOE SHOP and RAMSEUR'S CAFE and DR. LACKEY off' DSW 49" affjfyi GD JAX-SPX , Qgify eve ci LINCOLN NATIONAL BANK Of Lincolnton, N. C. MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION TAYLOR 'LUELESRFWS ,9E?M,!'A"'Y 1W'7Qa I ef--V . -' V9-' 'V ,, 'Q ' . . V-5 ' .V r'.V.f,. - . ,lpn M -4 .. 1' VJ . 1. qi' '16 1 Q. -.. 1 .-5- , ' VVQYTLEF I al we :U .. ar ' ' f V V ' V.. fx V- my V. Jag' VVVXVAQ, ' ' V tg . . Af ' ..jVL1,.'.ZV-' - Q12 r-.-. ., .. . ' 'ff' .fu-11:21 . 1, 7-"IV'f'V Mx ., . , 'L V T. - .X 9- V'-' "1X"f'3 QF- X' 'T-WF' V' V " -im, VSV . 3b,QL1glVf5:MfVig ff' V -'VV -.g - VV ' V. V- Q. . . ,VLPVV1 ..4gV-,,Q,!V.,- Vg., V V, M VV.-id- . , . ij za E., V ,, . , ' V ' VV?" 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Suggestions in the North Brook High School - Le Souvenir Yearbook (Cherryville, NC) collection:

North Brook High School - Le Souvenir Yearbook (Cherryville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


North Brook High School - Le Souvenir Yearbook (Cherryville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 76

1959, pg 76

North Brook High School - Le Souvenir Yearbook (Cherryville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 126

1959, pg 126

North Brook High School - Le Souvenir Yearbook (Cherryville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 85

1959, pg 85

North Brook High School - Le Souvenir Yearbook (Cherryville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 7

1959, pg 7

North Brook High School - Le Souvenir Yearbook (Cherryville, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 125

1959, pg 125

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