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' . m ' ; ■ i A TIME FOR US A ZJMS 30K US 1972 North Bend Central .High School North Bend, Nebraska I WJJVZSK ....28 A time to teach, a time to be taught S A time to think and a time for thought. A time for strength, a time to be u oak, l " And a time for silence, a time to speak A time to divide. a time to multiply, fi ; me to laugh, a time to sigh. A time to give. a time to take. A time to build. a time to break. After five years of putting it all together, Head Coach Dan Knight finally got what he was after. The North Bend Central Tigers captured their first league title since 1 In the first game of the season the Tigers were the subject of misfortune as Scribner slipped past the NBi team 6-0. The Trojans made the right move on a forced punt by the Tiger team in the first minutes of the crame and the rest of the came seemed to be a defensive o battle. Senior Al Eveland assured the victory againsl ( ak- land-Craig as he ran for two touchdowns and kicked both extra points leaving the Tigers with 11 and O-C scoreless. in in the second shut-out for the North lend team, Eveland stole the show by scoring all nine points on a 16 yard touchdown run and a 33 yard field goal. Now with two conference wins under their belt, the Tigers traveled to West Point where they were to play their first no n -conference game. As it turned out. the Central -Catholic Blue-jays were also victims of the tough North Bend defensive blackshirts. The Tigers came out ahead on this one. 13-0. With Homecoming in the air. and a slight chill. the packed 1 iger Stadium saw the home team rumble over Lyons 27-14. Although fourteen points being scored on them was unusual, the Tigers were still able to come up with enough scoring to win. Eveland scored two touch- downs, kicked an extra point, and then came back to pass the ball to Rick Spaulding for a two-point convi other scorers in the gan e .ere Mike Emanuel and Lyn I ucera Kucera had a one-yard plunge and Emanuel picked off an interception and ran it back 25 yards to score. The Tekamah -Herman match was well balanced all the way through the game After a pass from Steve Woita hit Spalding for the first score of the game, Eve- land wrapped it up when he booted a i3 yard field goal to end the game 9-6. The NBC team, now 5-1, Lowered their record more as they met the tough Columbus -Lakeview team. I ' he Tigers big play came when Kucera ran an intercep- tion return back 96 yards for the I ' .P. With only two games remaining and both to be played at home, they were neariug the victory of all victories. West Point fell in a close 12-6 battle. Then, tied in the league with Pender, the i igers knocked them off by a stunning score of 24 -0. Scribner ( lakland - ' rai-. 1 I ..I gan- iew West Point C.C. Lyons Tekamah -Herman Columbus Lakeview t Point Pender 1 I 9 13 9 1 i i : i 1972 Tiger Varsity — Bottom row, left to right: D. Hamilton, D. Gaskill, S. Scott, S. Settles, A. Eveland, S. Soukup, J. Wesch, B. Taylor, C. Emerson. Second row: Coach John Samuelson, D. Hamilton, T. Snover, B. Wilson, C. Cillis, T. Kort, R. Spalding, J. Minarick, M. Emanuel. Third row: Head Coach Dan Knight, L. Kucera, D. Vopalensky, E. Chromy, B. Shanahan, T. Johnson, M. Hines, B. Wilson, Ass ' t. Chuck Emanuel. Fourth row- Coaches Roy Vondracek and Ben Harvey, R. Wilshusen, S. Woita, R. Spath, B. Hines, andAss ' ts. Bill Lambrecht and Joe Vojtech. One NBC Tiger gets a different slant on football. ■ Ef Cliff Emerson speeds to daylight on one of his dazzling end runs. SKtSS " mrm ' " ' " " ?jf£ji ' , ,- . ' ' : • ■■ ' " ' " . Junior quarterback stew Woita hands off to senior scat - back steve settles during practice. Tiger captains Al Eveland (12) and Scott Soukup (75) pro- vided excellent team leadership throughout the season. The Frosh All-Star football squad— Front row, left to right: Bob Stiver, Bruce Spencer, Daryle Settles, Greg Carlson, Byron Gaskill. Back row: Nick Emanuel, Scott Bang, Charles Laudenklos, Carth Vopalensky, Jay: la, Matt Emanuel. Student coach Joe Vojtech helped out with the Freshman squad. This year ' s rich crop of senior gridders included: Dan Hamilton, Mike Emanu- el, Bill Taylor, Alan Eveland, Tom Kort, Steve Scott, Bernie Wilson, Terry Snover, Jim Minarick, Steve Settles, Jim Wesch, Rick Spalding, Dave Ham- ilton, Duane Gaskill, Scott Soukup, and Cliff Emerson. Football assistants Chuck Emanuel and , Bill Lambrecht. Offensive roach John Samuelson stud- ies some new plays. Football managers Mick Tank, Kevin Johnson, Rick lank, and Edd Granger proudly display the spotless training room. This page sponsored by Kort Amusement i o. ' Fullback Al Evcland up the middle. — . X 1 - ■ Head Coach Dan Knight coordinates his strategy from headquarters. Defensive Coach Ben Harvey does some spit re- pair work. y ondrace] Homecoming royalty Dave Hamilton and Becky Kucera. LynKucera, one of the many outstand- ing Juniors who helped land a Corn- husker Conference Championship. Candidates Jim Wesch and Peg Feala. 1!; H. C. candidates Scott Sou- kup and Nancy Allen. i Candidates i ;aro] VyhlidalandAlEve- land. Bonfire leads action up to Unmet ing game. Mike Emanuel and Connie Fleming candidates for the ' 72 Homecoming. Honorguards were, seated: Janet Widhelm, Pat Dunker, Sarah Emanuel. Standing: Bill Taylor, Dan Hamilton, Bernie Wilson, and Steve Scott. This page sponsored by Hoops Agri-Sales The energetic and industrious staff of the " Eyes of the Tiger " spent a lot of time in the " Think Tank " . Front row, left to right: Lyn Kucera, Gary Gillis, Bill Wilson, (Prostrate) Steve Woita, Don Vopalensky. Second row, seated: Randy Martindale, Stan Vala, Sue Widhelm. Standing: Dean Wesch, John Bridgeford, Ed Chromy, Robin Hoffman, Mark Mines, Anne VVilke, Pat Dunker, Betty Emanuel, Jane Emanuel, Leora Jurgens, Jo Rou- bal, Deb Dale, Frannie Vlasak, Clenda Legband. -, The Yearbook Staffers exemplify some techniques used on this year ' s annual Left to right: Co-chairmen Leslie Settles and Mike Shanahan; Staffers Al Eveland and Steve Scott; and Assistant Editors Steve Settles and Sarah Emanuel. 12 A ■ ; ' LETTERMEN ' S CLUB, Front tow, left to right; Al Eveland, Have Hamilton, Steve Scott, Mark Hines, Scott Soukup, Mike Emanuel, Jim Wesch, Francis Zakovic, Tom Kort. Second row Cliff Emerson, Sponsor Dan Knight, Bill Taylor. Terry Snover, Duane da skill, Bob Westerman, Dan Hamilton, Bernie Wilson, Frank Marxsen. Third row Tom Johnson, Roger S path, Steve Woita, Steve Settles, Rich Bollacker, Larry Hynek, Ricky Robert Spalding, MikeHynek, DonVo- palensky. Fourth row : Bob Shanahan, Bill Wilson, CaryCillis, Jim Minarick, Lyn Kucera, Randy Wilshusen, BobHy- nek, Dean Wesch, Ed Chromy. ' This page sponsored by Johnson Farm Equipment p .: : S ) P •I r I Lettermens ' club officers left to righl Mark Hines, Mike uel, Scott Soukup, and Jim Wesch doublet lition to the " Motorcycle Mama " Racing Club. i j JX I CTv J k Pep Club: Bottom row: Football Cheerleaders J. Emanuel, T. Semrad, N. Allan, C. Fleming, B. Kucera, P. Feala, S. Emanuel, T. Tawney, J. Widhelm. Row two: P. Neneman, M. von Rein, D. Dale, S. Wesely, S. Ehrich, Let- ter Cirls P. Dunker, M. Vopalensky, A. Wilke, J. Baxter, C. Martindale, J. Stiver, B. Emanuel, P. Bose, L. Nel- son. J. Soukup. Row three: F. Vlasak, V. Pabian, M. Pollard, L. Settles, C. Vyhlidal, J. Widhelm, I. O ' Hara, B. Rubottom, J. Satorie, K. Gladowski, J. Harms, G. Legband, S. Widhelm, R. Hanson, N. Christenson. Row four: M. Glodowski, J. Bolte. S. Fischer, A. Stieren, L. Yrana, N. Rehbein, L. Settles, J. Fujan, N. Harms, M. Scott, C. Barnes, H. Dahl. D. Hoy. L. Ford, J. Roubal, L. Snover. Pep Club: Bottom row: J. Wesch, N. Hansen, B. Mitties, A. Coen, P. Dunker, S. Kucera, S. Ferguson, D. Hoy, N. Ehrich, S. Legband, I . Kavan. Row two: M. Foy, P. Minarick, C. Cerny, J. Lambrecht, L. Woita, J. Mullally, B. Kmiecik, M. Dunker, J. Wolf, L. Bose, V. Tomasek, E. Vosler, Mrs. Robertson. Row three: M. Tawney, C. Dunker, L. Linbach, A. Lode, J. Soukup, D. Lockwood, T. Flamme, C. Carlson, J. Glodowski, C. Kavan, J. von Rein, P. Strickland, L. Johnson, L. Emanuel, K. Karsk, J. Vyhlidal, S. Albert, P. Kmiecik, S. Taylor, L. Hansen, J. Chromy, J. Lewis, N. Phillips, K. Diffey, D. Parks, D. Jurgens, C. Kracl. 14 V «r| 1 aw Mrs. Robertson a | " So . 1 ■ 4 i ■ : 1 3 Pep Club Ex. Board: Bottom row: Mrs. Hug, C. Vyhlidal, Pres. J. Harms, V. P. J. Widhelm, Treas. L. Settles, Sgt. at Arms, Kirs. Wilcoxson. Row two: B. Emanuel, M. Pollard, B. Mitties. Reserve Cheerleaders: Ann Coen, Pat Dunker, Susie Ferguson, Diane Hoy, Tiger Mascot Shelly Kucera. 15 heerleaders. rop : Nancy Allen, Teri Semrad, Connie Fleming Becky Kucera, and Jane Emanuel. Wrestling . ' heerleaders, Left to right: Jane Widhelm, Peg Feala. Theresa T lv , • ney, and Sarah Emanuel. This page sponsored by Poller ' s Flowers 16 I? Cheryl Albert ' Bang Jim Beckman Jim Bridge ford Greg Carlson Jeanne Chromy Karen Diffey Jane Dorathy Carol Dunker Lois Emanuel Matt Emanuel Nick Emanuel Jay Feala Twila Flamme Bruce Fleming (fa 1 v m f ) e- r - v The issues seem a little cloudy to frosh class officers, from left: Shelly Kucera, Carol Dunker, Randy Mines, and Lois Emanuel. 1 Byron Uaskill Joyce Glodowski Kevin Johnson Rod Johnson Diana Jurgens Kathy Karsk Ted Granger Cindy Kavan Kirk Kavan Jan Korth Lori Hansen Mike Hynek Pat Kmiecik Shelly Kucera (not pictured) Charles Laudenklos Joan Lewis Dave Limbach Linda Limbach Patrice Minarick Steve Minarick Randy Mines I 10 Hey, where ' d you get those pictures? Debbie Parks Nancy Phillips Ton Satorie Daryle Settles Bill Sloup Russell Soukup Fred Spath Bruce Spencer Bob Stiver Pauline Stricklin Mick Tank Rick Tank Mam Tawney Sarah Taylor Vicki Tomasek Joan Von Rein Garth Vopalensky Eva Vosler i larol Vyhlidal Joann Vyhlidal Jean Wesch Virginia Westerman Susie Witthuhn Guy Zimmerman ?o Future teachers, First row, from left: Lea Woita, Terri Semrad, Margaret Pollard, Jane Widhelm, Jean Lambrecht, Nan- cy Harms, Martha Scott, Deb Dolezal, Doreen Lockwood, Jan Soukup, Jo Stiver. Second row fed Granger, Mike Hynek, Greg Carlson, BobHynek, Becky Kucera, Mary Yopalensky, Vicki Pabian, Julie Bolte, Teresa Kavan, Julie Glodowski, Linda Heese, Mrs. Schauer, sponsor. Third row Lynette Snover, Shelly Kucera, Colette Cerny, PatNene- man, Jean Satorie, Leslie Settles, Jo Roubal, Carol Barnes, Jean Wesch, Virginia Westerman, Beth Kimiecik, Steve Settles. Fourth row : Cindy Martindale, Carmen Kracl, Jeanne Mullally, Jan Wolf, Karen Diffey, Kathy Karsk, Joan Vyhlidal, Linda Limback, Diana Jurgens, Nancy Phillips, Jeanne Chromy, Sarah Taylor, Nancy Hansen. 1 ledia club members are from left, First row: Mrs. Robertson, sponsor, C. Carl- son, K. Hladky, S. Ehrich, L. Heese. Second row: D. Dolezal, M. Scott, N. Harms, R. Hansan, S. Halladay. Third row: H. Hanson, P. Shavlik, J. Beck- man. This page sponsored by Flynn and Larsen Implement .1 Mr. Masten enjoys a brief moment of relax- ation. Mr. Leehtenherger enjoys making out confidential reports. Mr. Nelson cheeks out some scheduling difficulties. Mrs. Robertson keeps busy checking in new arrivals. 22 Mrs. Smeall demonstrates some fine points of shading to Jim Walla. Mrs. Hug always seems to have a smile left for Deb bie Dale. Mr. Fittje recounts the exciting story of Ryan Durrant. Mr. Moller directs with trusto. " Math is never a problem " , quips Mr. Bohling to his students. We finally caught Mrs. Johnson taking some cookies out of the movie previewer. 23 Mrs. Holbrook enjoys using the overhead. Pn ' jectivi jesareMr. Vondracek ' s favorite pastime. ' rwo many cooks spoil the broth " says Mrs. Young. ' i . furner dishes out some trapezoidal theory. Mr. Pennington ponders the mysteries of educa- tion. Mr. Drudik proudly displays some of his pupils ' many prizes. 24 " No. Gary, the balance goes in this column, " Mrs. Mol- ler tells Gary Gillis. Mr. Harvey keeps a close eye on the freshmen. This page sponsored by Peter ' s Poodle Parlor Mrs. Schauer elaborates Mr. Rutledge tells the wrestlers why they should get a haircut. 1 ir. Svanda keeps his slide rule well-oiled. 25 Mrs. Arneal. vocal music, takes time out for private lessons. Mrs. Wilcoxson seems to think science is fun. Mr. Bohling, math, rules his study hall with an iron hand. Mrs. Ciemny helps her English students diagram sentences. Mr. Knight goes into shock as he discovers his order of 175 American history films was cancelled. This page sponsored by Al ' s Car Wash l The kitchen staff found the ingredients pleasing to everyone. Nurse Helgenberger goes frog -hunting. Maintenance personnel Ward Lundstrom and Susie Zimmerman have good clean fun at NBC. Mrs. Mines keeps busy keeping books . . . etc. Mrs. Karsk, secretary, says, " You mean you want to use the telephone again 1 : " ' Bus drivers Mildred Emanuel, Loren Anderson, and Jerry " Doc " Halladay. 2 7 m wm e Scrooge Js Christmas Musical J. Emanuel as the Future Spirit warns Scrooge of his future. Members of the Cratchit family; A. Wilke, A. Eveland, i . Barnes, M. Dunker, B. Sloup, and J. Beckman, prepare for a meager mas dinner in the musical, Scrooge. 29 tft jfAi •2 wl 30 Sophomore class officers: Frank Marxsen, Marlene Foy, and Jo Stiver demonstrate their idea of women ' s lib. Marvin Andrews Lois Bose Bruce Busse Cheryl Carlson Colette Cerny Ann Coen Mary Dunker Nancy Ehrich Marlene Foy Mike Fujan Julie Glodowski Cheryl Gregerson Tom Hamilton Nancy Hansen Howard Hanson Randy Happel Cheryl Harter 31 Bob Hines Diane Hoy Lois Johnson Karen Kavan Teresa Kavan Vaughn Kinney Beth Kmiecik Carmen Krack Sally Kugler Dan Ladenbursier Kean Lambrecht Sharon Legband Doreen Lockwood Allison Lodl Cindy Martindale Bev Mitties Frank Marxsen Jeanne Mullally Ralph Nemec Mike Odvody ttr-i mk 3? Doug Pabian Ron Poulas Gary Ratkovec Donna Severson Jan Soukup Jo Stiver Steve Stricklin Teresa Tawney Linda Tipton Dallas Waters Jerry Wesch Lea Woita Janis Wolf Kermit Zimmerman Bob Hines isn ' t really puzzled, he always looks like that. What ' s up Doc? — Frank Marxsen, Gary Ratkovec, Randy Happel and Ed Chro- my admire the new Tiger. This page sponsored by Terra Nebraska 33 r i V Tiger cagers, Left to right Rick Spalding, Cliff Emerson, Mike Emanuel, Steve Settles, Dan Hamilton, Steve Scott, Bernie Wilson, Dave Hamilton, Vaughn Kinney, Tom Johnson, Bob Shanahan, Lyn Kucera. Zigers Zop Holiday Zoumcy Coaches Jack Pennington and Roy Vondracek proudly display the Raymond Central Holiday 1 ournament Trophy. On the Basketball scene, the Tigers, playing their last season with head coach Jack Pennington, were able to put together a 9-8 record. The Tigers opened their fight by trouncing Arlington. The varsity game was minus a majority of the senior power. The next victory came only a week later when the Tigers journeyed to Lyons, but fell the next night to a tough Valley team. The highlight of the year came in the holiday season when NBC came out on top in the Raymond Central tourney. The season went on and the Tigers won a few and lost a few which set the stage for the ' ornhusker Confer- ence bout. The host team, Logan View, eliminated the Tigers in the opening round. In the District tourney North Bend lost out again but this time it was to Howells. This page sponsored by Aqua Sales 14 i he reserve team was equally as stron ' . ' , in the record book with a season of 7-6. 73 Arlington to •.)•; Lyons 42 ' 1 Valley ' ! »;:) Pender HOLIDAY TOURNAMENT 63 Raymond Central :: ' 57 Osceola 16 55 Logan View G-l 17 Raymond Central 46 OS West Point -,:: Oakland Craig 66 s-: Lakeview 88 69 Schuyler T 1 ,,:: Tekahmah Herman ' .; ..:: Bergan CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT 57 ■JO Logan View 17 46 Scribner DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 57 58 How ells 86 " • - f I Tension mounts at the Loganview free throw line. Rick Spalding dumps in a free throw, This page sponsored by Reinecke Motor Co. Starter Rick Spalding 3 r i ]} n x .. - Starter Mike Emanuel Tigers Mike Emanuel (41), Dan Hamilton (51), and Bernie Wilson watch a Lo- ganview shot rip the cords. All Conference basketball picks were: Lyn Kucera, Steve Settles and Dan Hamilton. 6 s Starter Cliff Emerson 36 Reserve B -bailers included : Front row, left to right: Nick Eman- uel, Greg Carlson, Daryle Settles, Scott Bang, and Rod John- son. Back row Yaughan Kinney, Randy Mines, Tom Johnson, Bob Shanahan, JayFeala, Charles Laudenklos, and Bruce Busse. Big Bernie Wilson wins a tip. NBC ' s Reserves control the tip. 3 Starter Dan Hamilton 17 Starter Bernie Wilson Dan Hamilton flips in his patented hook shot. Coach Pennington finds time to smile during a victory. Starter Steve Settles t a District Champions Qmppkrs Zake 3rd Conference Crown The North Bend Central Tiger wrestlers did it again. For the third straight year the matmen won the Cornhusker Conference Championship. Topping off the season the Tiger 12 won the District meet and sent five grapplers to the State Meet. At State the matches didn ' t go well for Larry Hynek, Bill Taylor, Jim Wesch or Scott Soukup, hut it was a totally different story for Mark Hines, the NBC Heavyweight. Hines won all of his matches, thus enabling him to wrestle in the finals. Coinginto the last match, Hines was the underdog to a 6 ' 265 lb. wrestler from Plainview. Hines wrestled what seems to be his best match of the season and became the first State Wrestling Champion from North Bend. In the Conference tournament held in North Bend, the Tigers came up witli four champions in Bill Taylor, Ed Chromy, Jim Wesch and Mark Hines. NBC also had four Runners -up Don Vopalensky, Bill Wilson, Francis Zakovec, and Scott Soukup. The NBC team won easily over second place ( lakland, who earlier in the season upset the 3-year string of straight dual victories in the ( nrnhusker Conference for the Tigers. The NBC matmen, who with a 5-2 dual record, suffering their only nther loss to Schuy- ler, pulled off a big one when they beat Wahoo for the first time. The Tigers were able to get another first place trophy by winning the First Annual North Bend Letter- men ' s Invitational. Individual winners for this meet were Rich Bollacker, Wilson, Taylor, and Mines. NBC was represented well at Blair and Schuyler where they wrestled to second place trophies and at Wahoo where they received a third place finish. Winners first at Blair were Bollacker, Wesch, and Hines; at Schuylerwere Vopalensky, Taylor, Chromy, and Hines. Bollacker was the only Tiger to take first at Wahoo. With eight returning lettermen and Coaches Samuelson and Rutledge, the Tigers will be after their fourth straight i inference title and out to send at least half of the team to State. Che Tiger fans will miss the excitement brought about by graduating seniors Hynek, Bollack- er, Taylor, Wesch, and Soukup. 39 ( t ■ - Varsity grapplers include, Back row: Mike Hynek, 98; Steve Minarick, 105; Gary Ratkovec, 1 15; Don Vopalen- sky, 112; Rich Bollacker, 119; Larry Hynek, 119; Bob Hynek, 126. Front row Bill Wilson, 132; Bill Taylor, 133; Francis Zakovec, 145 ; Ed Chromy, 155; Jim Wesch, 107; Scott Soukup, 185; and Mark Hines, Hwt. Managers Paul Hansen and Mick " Bank display their usual stand - up-and -cheer enthusiasm. Larry Hynek does some fancy footwork. j:i Reserve Tigers are, Front row: Howard Hanson, Roger Spath, Ted Granger, Russell Soukup. Back row: Ron Mueller, Fred Spath, Matt Emanuel, Ron Poulas, and Bruce Fleming. Ref Roger Berney takes a level- headed look at things. Bill Taylor uses his patented two -minute stall in the Husker conference tourney. Husker conference champs: From left: Mark Hines, Hwt Jim Wesch, 167; Ed Chromy, 155; and Bill Taylor, 138. Scott Soukup works for an escape during the NBC Club Invitational. Bill Taylor rolls toward an individual tournament cham- pionship. Bobby Hynek works hard to hold down his Oakland -Craig opponent. 4 2 Mark dominates another opponent in Comhusker conference tour- ney. Mark Hines, State Hwt. champion, Class C. State qualifiers: From left: Larry Hynek, 119; Mark Hines, Hwt. ; Scott Soukup, 185; Bill Taylor, 138; Jim Wesch, 11 . Francis Zakovec wins a conference tourney matcl Larry Hynek breaks down a tough Pender opponent. !• v -ImL Bobby Hynek shows why he likes kids. Formal homecoming. Anne Wilke gives her tongue a much needed rest. Casual homecoming festivities. OOPS! Bill Wilson causes another camera breakdown. ! ' , NORTH BEND CENTRAL H.S. 5 JRH I f [INFERENCE 26 SENIOR RECOGNITION . ' 3 IRI R HI MAJ I MICHAEL SKY NB! %J BjJTOISIRIi:! TRACK CIRQ ., It seemed like the marquee always needed changing. Student council, seated, from left: Sponsor Roy Vondracek, S. Emanuel, B. Shanahan, D. Lockwood, S. Kucera. Standing: F. Marxsen, R. Happel, D. Hamilton, M. Hines, E. Chromy, B. Sloup, N. Emanuel. 4 ' . — Jerry Soukup tries to translate his Bohemian Trac- tor Driving Manual to foreign exchange student Eduardo Campos. - V y l Rosa Benitos acquires knowledge of peace sign from Ameri can students. Eduardo and Andrea ' experiment with how to slide down a bannis- ter. This page sponsored by Hinky-Dinky Salomon keeps his distance when walking behind girls. Eduardo finds a friend in Mike (Manuel). This page sponsored by Fremont Mall FBLA members were, First row, from left: T. Granger, P. Ncneman, D. Dale, P. Dunker, J. Lambrecht, T. Kort, Jo Moller, sponsor. Second row: J. Satorie, L. Spath, M. Vopalensky, V. Pabian, K. Glodowski, B. Rubottom, Rod Lechtenberger, sponsor. Third row: D. Wesch, C. Carlson, L. Ford, M. Hynek, G. Carlson, R. Hoffman, Carolyn Hug, sponsor. Fourth row: J. Baxter, A. Wilke, D. Hoy, D. Dale, T. Semrad, L. Jurgens. FHA included First row, from left: J. Emanuel, C. Fleming, B. Kucera, T. Kavan, P. Feala, J. Stiver, C. Martindale, Marian Young, sponsor. Second row: S. Kucera, M. Glodowski, L. Snover, S. Widhelm, T. Flamme, V. Pabian, M. Vopalensky, J. Bolte, B. Kmiecik, J. Soukup, D. Lockwood, P. Stricklin. Third row: A. Coen, N. Hansen, B. Mit- ties, J. Mullally, M. Dunker, C. Cerny, C. Harter, N. Phillips, K. Diffey, K. Glodowski, H. Dahl, J. Dorathy. Fourth row: K. Karsk, J. Vyhlidal, L. Limbach, J. Glodowski, J. Chromy, M. Tawney, J. Lewis, V. Westerman, C. Dunker, D. Dolezal, M. Scott, J. Baxter. Fifth row: L. Woita, M. Foy, P. Minarick, P. Kmiecik, C. Albert, D. Jurgens, E. Vosler, L. Hansen, S. Taylor, P. Dunk er, J. Roubal, C. Kavan. 48 ferry and tteeky J re Sweetheart Royalty Attendants Al Eveland and Martha Scott. King Jerry Dvorak and Queen Becky Kucera. Attendants Connie Fleming and Terry Snover. This page sponsored by Tipton Bowl 49 FFA members were. First row, from left: Mr. Drudik, sponsor, T. Snover, L. Hynek, A. Eveland, B. Taylor, J. Wesch, J. Dvorak. Second row: F. Zakovec, D. Wesch, J. Soukup, S. Soukup, M. Hines, T. Bolte, M. Shanahan, M. Hynek. Third row: R. Tank, H. Hanson, J. Minarick, J. Claussen, R. Mueller, B. Hynek, F. Spath, B. Fleming. Fourth row: S. Bang, E. Walla, D. Pabian, G. Cihacek, M. Andrews, R. Poulas, M. Tank, B. Stiver, R. Soukup. rffi i-isza Li. FFA officers, Left to right: L. Hynek, J. Dvorak, J. Wesch, J. Snover, A. Eveland. This page sponsored by Gillis Barber Shop VI . T JP Junior class officers A. Wilke, S. Woita, M. Hines, and R. Hanson take time out to work out on the weight machine. Steve Woita drives home a point to his classmate This page ponsored by Mini -Mart 51 at Jody Baxter Pat Bose John Bridgeford Nancy Christensen Ed Chromy Gene Cihacek Henrietta Codr Holly Dahl Debbie Dale Pat Dunker Ray Dunker Susan Ehrich Betty Emanuel Jane Emanuel Susie Ferguson Linda Ford Gary Gillis Marion Glodowski Cindy Oregerson Sue I lalladay 52 Andrea seems to get a chuckle out of Tom Johnson. Renee Hanson Judy Harms Mark Hines Robin Hoffman Debbie Hoy Bob Hynek Tom Johnson Leora Jurgens Connie Kavan Kent Kavan Bob Kracl Lyn Kucera Glenda Legband Crystal Luckert Randy Martindale Ron Mueller LouAnn Nelson Pat Neneman Doug Pabian Margaret Pollard 53 " School is easy, " chuckles Don Vopalensky. NBC ' s resident fashion plate Rod Walters exhibits the latest in haute coiffure at NBC. Jo Roubal Beth Scott Terry Semrad Laurie Settles Bob Shanahan Lynette Snover Janel Soukup Jerry Soukup Roger Spath Dan Taylor Stan Vala Fran Vlasak Mary Von Rein Don Vopalensky 54 m Daryl Eugene Walla Jim Walla Rod Walters Dean Wesch Dick V. e ; ly Sharon Wesely Jane Widhelm Sue Widhelm Anne Wilke Randy Wilshusen Bill Wi I ii in Steve Woita Francis Zaki ivec Jane Emanuel shows her credential 1972 Miss Congeniality Award. This page sponsored by Widhelm Furniture and App. Mark Hines concentrates. r 55 Cyn Kucera Sets New Sekool Keeords The North Bend Central track team got off to a fast start this season as nine Tigers won the Class C division of the Kearney Invitational. Randy Wilshusen was the only orangeman to win a first place medal. During the first part of the season the NBC team seemed to be in the shadow of the powerful Blair Bears. Blair won the opening triangular with Bergan and North Bend. The Tigers again fell second behind the Blair team at the Bergan Invitational. But when it came time for the North Bend Jay Cees Invitational the Tigers pulled up from behind to gain a tying victory with the Bears. And as it was in the beginning the Blair team again beat the Tigers in the Blair Jay Cees Invitational. Well now that the Tigers were all done with that team they had to begin worrying about defending their Conference Championship. With only a few duals and triangulars, and all of them in bad weather, the Tigers didn ' t have much practice time. With this in mind the Tigers hosted the Conference Track meet. After two straight years of reigning power the end was at a near. The cindermen fell behind rival Scribner and pulled out a second place finish. Now hosting the district meet the orangemen felt they fielded one of their best teams all season. They were able to take the runner-up position in the meet and also able to send five men to the State Meet. In his second year at the state meet Al Eveland placed 3rd in the discus. He was not able to place in the shotput. The 880 yd. relay team consisting of Lyn Kucera, Randy Wilshusen, Tom Kort, and Rick Spalding placed second and setting a new school record in that event. Lyn Kucera also ran the 100 and 440 yard dashes but was unable to place in the competition. Six school records were broken this year in the Track and Field category. Lyn Kucera was the big breaker as he set new records in the Long Jump, High Jump, 440 Yard Dash and anchored the 880 Yard Relay team. Eveland broke his own record in the discus an d Rick Spalding set new heights in the pole vault. The relay was the only other record breakers. This page sponsored by Burnhnm Tnsnranr Burnham Insurance Agency 57 Don Vopalensky matches strides with Al Eveland shows his gold medal discus form. Rick Spalding .... It ' s a bird! No, it ' s a plane! Big Bcrnie Wilson puts his best foot forward. I ■k. 1 M v 1 : 9K+ is n opponent in th Cliff Emerson grimaces for those extra inches. Roger Spath stretches out in the stretch. This page sponsored by Jansen Hardware Zigerettes Add Volleyball Mrs. Henrietta Turner ' s brand new volleyball team included, Kneeling, from left: Coach Turner, D. Winkelman, R. Ladenburger, B. Kucera, S. Emanuel. Standing: J. Stiver, B. Emanuel, B. Neneman, C. Luckert, C. Gregerson, J. Soukup, S. Kucera, L. Limbach, J. Emanuel, C. Carlson. The NBC Tigerette track team: Kneeling, from left: S. Kucera, V. Westerman, J. Chromy, T. Flamme, J. Von Rein. Standing: B. Kmiecik, J. Soukup, P. Neneman, B. Kucera, J. Stiver, L. Limbach, P. Stricklin. Center: Coach Turner. 60 The Art Club display their talents in the Art show shown below. The budding artists are; Left to right: B. Westerman, I Spath, B Hynek, R. Mueller. K. Limbach, J. Baxter, B. Taylor, T. Foltz, Mrs. Smeall, sponsor. Second row: A. Stieren, K. Murphy, S. Settles, S. Scott, M. Vopalensky, J. Bolte, R. Martindale, B. Wilson. Third row: P. Shavlik, L. Vrana, S. Fischer, V. Pabian, T. Kavan, P. Dunket, D. Winkelman, T. Bolte. This page sponsored by North Bend Eagle M» -V . iklli Pep Club Manquet features Mob Zerrio. m - — rjayMhW . ' » jSb Nebraska Cornhusker Bob Terrio was the guest speaker. Pat Dunker enjoys the festivities. Nancy Jurgen; starts Gary Jurgens Memorial Fund. Mrs. Schauer receives a well-deserved note of appreciation for her culinary support of NBC athletics. This page sponsored by Kruger Feed and Seed 62 The varsity cagers receive their awards. I i Carol Vyhlidal presides. Coach Samuelson rewards his district championship wres tling team. The conference championship gridders chuckle at Tom Kort is named the first recipient of the Gary Jurgens award. Duane Gaskill ' s quip. This page sponsored by Downtown Beauty Salon 63 Row one: Jean Wesch, Connie Fleming, Carol Barnes. Row two: Kathy Hladky, Alice Lodl, Colette Cerny, Beth Kmiecik, Virginia Westerman. Row three: Kermit Zimmerman, Sue Holiday, Cheryl Alberts, Joyce Fujan, Jane Dorthy, Anne Wi Ike. Row four: Vicky Tomasek, Fran Vlasak, Jean Lambrecht, Janet Widhelm, Bryan Gaskill, Randy Happel. Connie Fleming, Jean Wesch, Joyce Fujan, Cindy Kavan, Colette Cerny. This page sponsored by Dairy Dream f,4 tow one: Patrice Manarck, Sherry Ehrich, Nancy Hanson. Row two: Kevin Johnson, Leslie Settles, Kathy Karsh, Dindy Kavan, Shelley Kucera. Row three: Francis Zakovec, Nancy Rehbein, Stan Vala, Dick Wesley, Joe Roubal, tuss Soukup, Janel Soukup. Row four: Barb Rubottom, Mary Dunker, Julie Gladowski, Bob Hines, Guy Zimmerman, ' at Kmiecik, Nancy Phillips, Cheryl Harter. Barb Rubotton, Fran Vlasak, Jean Lambrecht, Janet Widhelm, Bryan Gaskill, Randy Happel. This page sponsored by North Bend Grain Co. 65 -»- Clarinet Quartet was composed of Allison Lodl, Colette Cerny, Kermit Zimmerman and Beth Kmiecik. This page sponsored by Omaha Public Power District 66 I f fa « I § tl « a £ ' I ' ,— i: §m» K mj? rJLLfi Mixed Chorus--Row one: C. Fleming, J. Baxter, M. Dunker, B. Mitties, J. Lambrecht, N. Hansen, M. Fujan, V. Kinney, J. Beckman, B. Sloup, S. Ferguson, C. Kavan, C. Cerny, Mrs. Arneal. Row two: K. Karsk, K. Diffey, M. Glodowsky, S. Wesley, M. Kavan, S. Scott, S. Settles, T. Granger, D. Settles, K. Glodowsky, J. Satorie, C. Luckert, A. Lodl, T. Semrad. Row three: P. Feala, L. Settles, L. Heese, B. Rubottom, C. Gregerson, P. Neneman, L. Snover, R. Martindal, R. Happle, J. Fujan, Nancy Alan, C. Barnes, M. Scott, C. Gregerson, J. Bauer. Row four: L. Nelson, N. Harms, P Bose, M. Pollard, B. Kucera, D. Hamilton, A. Eveland, R Spalding, B. Wilson, S. Emanuel, C. Vyhlidal, A. Wilke, J. Emanuel, J. Widhelm, M. Von Rein, N. Christensen. This page sponsored by Barnes Oil Co. Vocal Soloists--B. Mitties, J. Baxter, P. Bose, A. Wilke, A. Lodl, C. Barnes. Triple Trio--Row one: J. Fujan, L. Settles, N. Allan. Row two: C. Vyhlidal, P. Feala, C. Barnes. Row three: S. Emanuel, B. Rubottom, B. Kucera. 67 Row one: J. Baxter, M. Dunker, B. Mitties, N. Hanson, J. Lambrecht, S. Wesley, S. Ferguson, C. Kavan, Mrs. Arneal. Row two: B. Rubottom, K. Kavan, V. Tomasek, C. Luckert, M. Von Rein, L. Snover, K. Glodowski, J. Fujan, J. Bauer, T. Semrad, C Vyhlidal. Row three: P. Feala, L. Settles, M. Glodowski, K. Diffey, P. Bose, B. Kucera, C. Greggorson, A. Lodl, N. Allen, C. Barnes, L. Settles, N. Christensen. Row four: L. Nelson, N. Harms, L. Heese, K. Karsk, S. Ehrich, C. Greggerson, M. Kavan, P. Neneman, J. Satorie, M. Pollard, J. Widhelm, A. Wilke, J. Emanuel, M. Scott. ; } ) ,V. ' .♦ ' . ' • i r » Row one: L. Settles, J. Baxter, J. Emanuel, A. Lodl, N. Allen, C. Barnes. Row two: J. Fujan, T. Granger, D. Settles, R. Happel, V. Kinney, B. Mitties, A. Wilke. Row three: P. Bose, B. Kucera, S. Settles, D. Hamilton, C. Vyhlidal, S. Emanuel. 68 {juniors Work Mard on Prom -» .1 . - iiiit t i i t - - (T The bar was impressive, but the punch was weak. 69 The entrance was only an inkling of the beautiful things to come. The Juniors tell each other what a great job they did. No, Ann, it ' s TWO to the left and THEN right. 70 There ' s nothing quite like sitting in your own Hawaiian garden and watching the ducks and deer. Kai Mauna J$ Prom Zheme % Mr. Nelson seems to enjoy the hula dancing Oh, well, somebody had to clean up. ■ ' Senior class officers, From left: Jim Minarick, Becky Kucera, Bob Westerman, Dave Hamilton. A few seniors discovered some new virtues of the Media Center. 72 =s wl Jim Claussen Jerry Dvorak Nancy Allan Carol Barnes JoAnn Bauer Roy- Beckman Rich B Slacker Julie Bolte Tom Bolte Jean Claussen Seniors of 72 i Daraly n Pale D :-b Dolezal Pat Dunker Sherry Ehrich M ike Emanuel Sarah Emanuel 7 1 aul Fischer and Boris Woltemade ap- pear locked in another classic duel, Cliff Emerson Alan Eveland Peg Feala Connie Fleming Tom Foltz Sandra Fischer Joyce Fujan Duane Gaskill Kathy Glodowski Dan Hamilton Dave Hamilton Paul Hansen Nancy Harms Cheryl Harter : ___ 74 M checks for irregularities Linda Hesse Kathy Hladky Larry Hynek Susie Jurgens Marilyn Kavan Tom Kort Becky Kucera Rose Ladenburger Francis Langhurst Kathy Limbach Jim Minarick Kathy Murphy Irene O ' Hara Vicki Pabian 75 Barbara Rubottom Peg Parks Jean Satorie Nancy Rehbein Martha Scott Roy Beckman and Dave Woltemade show why they were picked to supervise the construction project. Steve Scott Steve Settles Leslie Settles Mike Shanahan Paul Shavlik 76 Scott Soukup Linda Spath Rick Spalding Ann Stieren Loretta Vrana Bill Taylor Carol Vyhlidal Mary Vopalensky Jim Vv ' esch 77 Bob Westerman Dave Woltemade Janet Widhelm Jackie Ustahol Bernie Wilson Deb Winkleman I i %. 0 7a f i Senior Pep Club girls cheered on the team. Mike Shanahan displays his skill as a gymnast. 78 laughing The graduating seniors prepare to leave all of the and the secure stability of student life at NBC learning Hotdog! Let ' s Go. Zke Seniors Walk the Cast Mile w w% .- ai£j Senior Class motto. Daniel Michael John Shanahan re- ceives his diploma from Board Pres- ident Lloyd Roubal. ' ,tf ,- WM iJSJf I 80 Nick Sloup receives his diploma after 4 years of strenu- ous study. Valedictorian Nancy Rehbein gives thanks in her address for all of the educational opportunities -at NBC. Salutatorian Connie Fleming gives her graduating address. " Sunrise, Sunset " is the song chosen by the Senior triple-trio for the graduation exercises. WOLF INSURANCE AGENCY 652-3911 North Bend Wagners Supply 652-3464 North Bend Nebraska DOC ' S CHAMPLAIN 652-3369 North Bend Farmers Telephone Company 652-8492 North Bend Nebraska XMPLIN 3 2 Locker Plant Leonard Dahlheim 652-8280 North Bend, Nebraska FREMONT NATIONAL BANK 721-1052 Fremont Moser Funeral Home 24 Hour Ambulance- Oxygen Equipped 652-8159 North Bend Cedar Bluffs Fremont Watt ' s Store Food and Clothing Mike Chapman 652-8114 North Bend B3 JACOB ' S FLORAL-BRIDAL SHOPPE 1915 E. 8th Fremont Paden Construction N. Hwy 77 721-3521 Fremont Nebraska Fremont LARSON ' S STUDIO 721-0967 Nebraska North Bend Oil Co. 310 W. 6 652-3383 North Bend Nebraska B4 Thomsen ' s Shop 705 Main 652-8332 North Bend Nebraska » p i P ,S V PHELPS PHELP ' S TOBACCO— CANDY INC. 305 N. Park Fremont Bill ' s Drive-In Liquor— Beer 652-3928 Ralph ' s Electric Refrigeration Gamble Store 430 E. 6 North Bend Nebraska 652-3405 North Bend 8 5 La Violette Pharmacy Walgreen Agency 652-8105 North Bend Nebraska POLLARD ' S IMPLEMENT 652-3405 North Bend HAMILTON OIL CO. 652-3351 North Bend North Bend Alfalfa Inc. 539 Main 652-8173 North Bend Nebraska 8 6 Jim ' s Used Car Market 652-3200 North Bend Nebraska Kruger Variety 652-3902 616 Main KARL ' S REGISTERED JEWELERS Fremont Nebraska North Bend Nebraska fnler colleyicito press

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