North Bay Teachers College - Polaris Yearbook (North Bay, Ontario Canada)

 - Class of 1971

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,aim v ,, .fs W ,, W ,W . " W .... WF ,M , , 7 "Y 1- A L ,S .- I' , A, ' gr f an-Y. Mmq W? f 5 N ,,', 'mf mufgw "Z:w1:,w ' g A M x Q " 'MWTQM Www M """' --- . wa. A """"'H , A xxx, ' Tub ,- f . ' , V I M 0 ,. M Q . wi X ...., ,N Hn' .HW A K W 2 'Onan H, Nm.. ' tv-nun W. Q - , Q W. " Q 'M A . 1 rf . ,.."'.Q glut' Xl ...ix- Tff-p . f wh I ,ig 1 ' new ,' , -' www "QT 2l1"a1" , I 4, ,,5, yvfiwv-.,, I P, F 55" flaw-ix,,', V' 'P , a ' ,X , " ' Y, I fm nr v I R, at IV W KM .X Yvxj Ylxxx., , W1 fi zu A . V- 1 vita' .1 U as ' 14 W5J1f5i.- ,YAVVM '51, HI' ', 'tgzv Aff "YH 6 N ww . ww. Q ,,. Q Q 45, ,Q 1 G s ' it 3' N X 1 :raw xv-fx kwir Q 105: .SE ff!! 1 Gln "J jx--, 'ir fu, ,af is 4 i.f.' "ui" If nghl Q ,fini- W- 4' J' V, V un! "I ,A i aw. 137, ar YM xx A, ,+- yf- ',a i ,AVY 4 2' ' v,'r 1Y4'g.' A ,.. i RK x 2 ,M-B-. ,JH Q 'Z sap ik 11' '- S ,-3. .. v 1 fy ,, Nw ikfr -ug lu jig? 3, 5.1,-X ,i Q. 1 im- vug 'U K. 1 J-:.,i,. . Q. izrqt .' xiii" 4' .2 ,QT N, , 1 --,K v',.- xy . ' f . , l A . 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Lic- ' 7 , . g4,fD'.g-3.4: no S., gfvgr ' ' ' ,- f f ,waxnrl a. .f ' QW?2f?5:ig,4:f.Y:f2 :IL-' .' " fn " iv,3,'-'v X' . +:-' -, fas+fQrfr.- -A f- . ,,.4,.,5,Q,.,. Us ,. ,4',awpL,4,?fs-pifwaxtg, -, 1'Tf5x?4f!1"'x 4.-L3i'155r.,-"i.. -V 'r 47- ' lags 1Q1g2'y:-.??el:"Va.5: rn? -.f 235,-'7 aw g.c-Q sf? 'Q 4 2- ug, ffiggwteffiefy :f.g' , ,-. 4. 'J , H , QXEf,4k,s,-gifkifkasir wg rffxiiyw . ,. pf-.-i.w.,3.:i5: - 4 .mrysfagwfaf "'f "-4521" 921 ' Viv- -'wr Y at J was Y, f4:Wn Q W. 457, am ,ss , 's Ours is a difficult and perhaps a confusing age. We find ourselves experimenting with it, discovering new things about it, even looking beyond it. I should think that young people would see this age as a time of great challenge - especially in this young and moving country of ours! For never before has Canada required the intellect, the ingenuity and the enthusiasm of her young people as she doestoday. But it seems unnecessary to elaborate on this point. You are already aware of the challenges before you and, in your studies and your activities, I know that you meet your responsibilities with ardour and resolution. I only wish to encourage your involvement and to express my hope that you will make the most of your talents and your education. With this in mind, I am happy to extend greetings to the students of North Bay Teachers' College and to wish you every success in the years ahead. 55 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Ottawa, 1970. Yi 9 'kg "i U , . im J . W MEI " ONTARIO MINISTER OF EDUCATION During your year at Teachers' College, you have studied the educational philosophies of the past and the presentg you have studied children and their natures and needsg you have observed teachers and children at work in our schools, and you have become involved yourself with teacher-pupil relationships. Undoubtedly, you have had opportunities, both formal and informal, to discuss your experiences, to think about them and to form con- clusions about education today and education in the future. In Ontario, as elsewhere, we have been experiencing an era ofunprecedented educational growth involving problems of more buildings, more children, more and different kinds of higher education and more money. As we now begin to reach the end of this period, it is my hope that during the seventies we can focus more attention and energy on other needs of our educational system. We all realize that it is no easy task to prepare children for successful living in a world where our society changes so rapidly. To me, there is an additional need - for not only must we create and build a society, we must create and build a society which meets the varying needs of many individuals. If we are to solve these problems, teaching will be no easy career for you, the teacher of the seventies. lt will demand the utmost in dedication, work and study. It is my hope, however, that each one of you will be successful in teaching and will experience the satisfaction which results from the certain knowledge that you are personally helping to shape a new and better future for all. Allen County Public Library am 900 Webster Street PG Box 2270 . . . Fm wayne, IN 462010970 Wlmam G' Dam' December 2, 1970. 4 'A Minister of Education. Aa I 'i 1 it.. .1 wi ' iff avg, ra 'V . X ai 563 f .-raail.. 1 , , r - s .fa-,sf vw.--:as i , gpg. -':wQ.Q,:.-waz Q , Wg, ,M,Wjsw' -. gfn , .A 5 a, as ., i f QL? When those whose pictures fill these pages read these lines, whether in the spring of '71 or at some later time, they will be under the spell of one consuming thought: the seeming brevity of the year at teachers' college. Here are the photographs of many persons one would wish to have known betterg the pressure of responsibilities and the relentless march of the days prevented our getting to "know" many people at all. We on the staff feel this sense of missed opportunity and estrangement with a keenness every spring. We cherish the many friendships we have made among the students. We regret that there was not time for more to ripen. Two profound commitments are made by a teacher when he enters the profession and are renewed throughout his career. He gives his devotion to his pupils as individuals and he gives his devotion to "man's unending search for truth" . Sometimes there is unavoidable conflict between these concerns and one must temporarily be sub- ordinated to the other. This year at North Bay Teachers' College we have had to emphasize the latter of the two. This concentration upon the matter of education has been necessitated by the accelerated evolutionary spurt which education is undergoing today in response to a rapidly evolving and altering society. In our year at Teachers' College we are grateful to our associate teachers, members of the clergy, the stu- dents' council and other student leaders. It is our firm hope that collectively we have illuminated principles which will assist you, the graduates, in working successfully with boys and girls in the new era which is dawning. You have worked hard in your year at college and many of you have been an inspiration to us. May you find joy, friendship and love in your careers and lives! A. I. Johnson Acting Principal. l 3 Wise- " 'a As teachers' college graduates of 1971 you are about to embark on a career of teaching Canada's future statesmen, research scientists, diplomats, industrial tycoons, distinguished authors, celebrities of the entertain- ment world, explorers, inventors, professors, physicians, and the whole gamut of leaders who direct and inspire the rest of the nation. Each of these in his childhood sits before a teacher and learns of him. Just as surely you are about to embark on a career of teaching Canada's future murderers, swindlers, skid row bums, perverts, thieves, and what H.G. Wells calls the whole "floating population of cheats, sharpers, gamblers and parasites" who make life more difficult and expensive for the rest of us. In some cases you can guess into which category a pupil will eventually fall, but in the main you cannot know their futures. If you did, you would worry yourself sick about the poor ones and get an inferiority complex about the good ones. Nevertheless, it should occur to a thoughtful member of the graduating class that he is not without influence in determining all those futures. Along with the pupil's parents, friends, social environment, and religious mentors he shares the responsibility for that child's development. Since we remember our old teachers not for the lessons they taught us but for the sort of people they were, it follows that the influence upon the child is that of example more than of precept. Children have some sort of built-in radar which detects in the first few minutes whether you are worth their trusting or not. Making yourself deserving of that trust is the biggest step you can take towards becoming a great teacher. Best wishes to you for a long and successful career in the teaching profession. Melvin I. Curtis Vice- Principal , I 'Z 4 Another year and another graduating class has been recorded in the history book of the North Bay Teachers' College. Hopefully, we have all changed over the course of the year in a positive way. To comprehend the role for which we have been preparing is good. To fulfill this same role is quite another matter, but we must strive to do just that. Teachers in the true sense of the word are a rare breed. Therefore we must continually seek that ultimate ideal that I'm sure we all have. We have all experienced anxiety and joy over the course of this year. We have succeeded in placing both in the proper perspective. 9 . J' lS"""'+-Q.,-SMNN xx 'x Xe' Af'- 41 my Teaching is a combination of these two emotions that wage an almost see-saw battle with each other. Let us strive to maintain that proper perspective, for our primary concern is always the pupil. I wish to thank all the council members, Yearbook staff, club leaders and administrative personnel, for their help and selfless con- tributions in making this a successful year. Best wishes for success in future endeavours. P. Kusinskis President, Students' Council. gg - 3 4 if 'Qui Sl- cwlmtc' acc? STANDING, Left to Right: Bruce Locke, Carl Murray, Vital Shank, Peter Kusinskis Pres. , Bob Gernon, Art Yeo Treasurer. SITTING: Harvey Biel, George Dunning, Monica Martin, Eldon Byer, Roger Konopelky Vice Pres. MISSING: Lydia Szumylo. WM aff STANDING, Left to Right: Waldo Gundrum, Robert Michell, Lorne Weir, Brenda Doan, Vicki Smilanetz, Marilyn Wilson, Gene Santoro, John Weir, Par Lafleur. SITTING: Trudy Peloquin, Lynn Mallette, Emily Gencarelli, Eric Reiter, Mr. Schmidt fadvisorj, Ann Larocque, Joanne Donofrio. lb tfxsaiivi E, XWLQB wa 'QA 3 ,Q was-,W Mn we W Pat Lafleur, centre, Sports Editor, Lynn Malette, right, Activities Editor. Trudy Peloquin, left, Graduate Editor. Lorne Weir, left, Photography Editor, Iohn Weir, right, Literary Editor. EERHC LRXEHQFELRX, EEJETQQEG As Polaris '71 unfolds, the Yearbook committee would like to express its gratitude and appreciation to all those who gave unselfishly of their precious time to make this collection of memories possible. ,- ..-...M A 4 .mnmwzn-mr , ",1:-'QJ 1:1 FJEACKUJLTTZ? , -n 1 Q 3-i Miss E. Stevens B.A., Art M.Ed an A -fl , . "' - t D. I. Dufresne B. A. Administration P. Bertils B. A . Philosophy -Aff I Miss L. Regimbal B.A.,M.A., Dean of Women French Mrs. L. Surtees B. A . English II A.J. Johnson B.A. , M. Ed. Principal FJ. Bell B.A., M.Ed. Social Studies v- Ik JZ in : ' ' fr-is Q . - Nt-i": R. A. Davies ,.3iQa'l'- Hur B. A. , M. Ed. Q, ' Qiflii ':1.. ' 25'EE,llrL5""J'-':Qr',., Psychology ' . 'Q qw 1 A u . 2.+.:ff,.l+-s-'ue.1f... mi "3 . -.?2,f3.'f",,gf5f5f:'gz'f'. 'fair .- ' gif 'U' S.I. Pasko B.A. , M.Ed. Mathematics 8 81186 017980 SSSL M.I. Curtis B.A., B.Ed. Vice- Principal A. B. Reed B. A . Audio Visual L.C. Van Dusen Miss E. Thorn B.A., B.Ed. B.A.,M.A. Ph.D. Social Studies English I Methodology R. C . Barnett Philosophy Mrs. D. Knight B.A., B.Ed. Science AJ. Schmidt B.A. , B.Ed. Administration O. A . White B.A., M.A., M.Ed. Psychology D. Husband B. A. , M. Ed. Physical Education I.D. Ramsey B. A . , M. Ed. Music REEIIQGIHQDUBS ZNSTESUCTGDERS Rev. W.C. Kitto M.A., B.D., Th.M., D.D. Rev. W. F. Steeper Rev. Folz Rev. T. Heinze Rx 4 W, Rev. C.W. Cope B.A., B.D. Vfws , ff Rev. A.C. Young B.A. Sister Jacqueline O'Brien B. A . , M . A. Rev. R. S . Hiltz B.A. Sister Nora Murphy B.A. W5 Jan. 15, 1971 "The threat to freedom lies in the process of reducing human relations to a matter of fact. Human life is no long- er a dramag it is a routine. Uniqueness is suppressed, re- petitiveness prevails. We teach our students how to recog- nize the labels, not how to develop a taste. Standardiza- tion corrodes the sense of ultimate significance. Man to his own selfbecomes increasingly vapid, cheap, insignifi- cant. Yet without the sense of ultimate significance and ultimate preciousness of one's own existence, freedom be- comes a hollow phrase. "We are losing our capacity for freedom. New forces have emerged which regulate our actions. Modern man is not motivated anymore, he is being propelledg he does not strive anymore, he is being driven." Those are the words of Rabbi Abraham Heschel. They are depressing words. But they ring true, as you who will soon be part of the educational "Establishment" know only too well. We who participated in the Religious Instruction classes this year did so in the conviction that only the spiritual wholeness which is God's great gift to men can conquer those problems which Heschel decries. We hope the two weeks of discussions we shared with you helped you--at least a little--to see and revel in your and your future pupils' God-given uniqueness and significance. It is a great responsibility that our society places on your shoulders: you are to draw forth from boys and girls what they really are: but what they may never know they are without your help! God go with you in your task. The Instructors in Religion Mrs. D . Redmond Mrs. M. Mitchell I Mrs. D. Gigg PHOTO AVAILABLE Mr . A . Wilkinson CTUSTGJDEHEANS Mrs. N. Kersell Mrs. R. Sache big? Mr. L. Doucette Mr. D. Oshell Miss G. Godin GLRZAUDLUZAUJES Form 41 Norma Avram Timmins Loreen Boisvert Timmins Mrs. Mary Frances Deveault Haileybury Lynn Brown Elliot Lake ug.. Donna Blumson Shelley Burden - Anne Etches Corbeil 4:-"9 Jane Grigg Lively Callander Lively Peter Kusinskis North Bay Joyce Longhurst Windermere Mrs. Joyce MacDonald Sault Ste. Marie Jane Moyer North Bay 2 Margaret Muir Timmins Melinda Oshell Sudbury dia A . ff. 1 fa Mollie Petryna Sudbury Gertrude Piekarski Powassan Mrs. Helen Powis Richard's Landing Donna Rankin Sault Ste. Marie Debi Sapinski Timmins 'pus mill Daria Slipenky Sudbury 15 u 5. V K r 'xii Mrs. Marilyn Smith, B.A North Bay Dianne Socchia Sault Ste. Marie Victoria Alemany Naughton Paulette Allard North Bay Elona Andersen Sault Ste. Marie Nancy Anderson Sudbury Mary Jane Armitage Sudbury Bill Armstrong Larder Lake Mrs. Wendy Ashton, B .A Espanola 8 J if Sister Catherine Attwater North Bay Form N"f"""7 Elaine Aultm an Powassan Stephanie Bazzo Sudbury Delores Barnes Espanola ' f ii r 5 X ' ix fr Giselle Belancl North Bay Barbara Ballantyne Kapuskasing Mariclaire Barry La Sarre 1' ...qw mr' sv-""1'4' Anne-Marie Banting Alma B611uZ Sudbury Kl1'k13I'JCl Lake Q 'P P '1 Joan Bessette, B .A . Kapuskasing 5 ,ww ff Emma Bonin, B .A . Sault Ste. Marie Harvey Biel, B .A . North Bay X Lew Boucher Tlmmms Marsha Bourgeois Sault Ste. Marie .Aary Bolton Marisa Bozzo South Porcupine Sault Ste. Marie Giuliana Braccialarghe Sudbury Rebecca Braido Sault Ste. Marie Paul Brazeau, B .A . North Bay aim U V if f Gunta Brernmanis Sault Ste. Marie Valerie Brennan, B .A . Sudbury fb Donna Brophy Penetanguishene fMrs.j Frances Brown North Bay Ronel Brown Sault Ste. Marie Stephen Brunner South River Flavia Bucciarelli Chapleau KN Gail Buckley Sault Ste. Marie .'1 U Jo-Ann Burella Sault Ste. Marie 'G M f-Ny. E. . 1 P I . Jucleth Burgess Sudbury Mtn . Form Gerald Burk Sault Ste . Marie 'Q--4 Kathleen Burke Sudbury Eldon Byer fwud, Virginia Town .1 ' Janice Burns Sault Ste. Marie Judith Burnett Dominic Caicco, B .A Sudbury Sault Ste. Marie Dina Calvano Sudbury Barbara Campbell, B .A . New Liskeard fMrs .5 Heather Campbell North Bay ,,, Murray Campbell Thessalon rf' 1,2 xx X, W? Heather Cardinal North Bay Donald Carr North Bay Santa Caruso Sault Ste. Marie William Caven Sarnia Ronald Chase, B .A North Bay Sharon Chrest South River Marilyn Church Forest Marilyn Clark, B .A . Kagawong William Clarke, B .A Sault Ste. Marie Qtxirs .J Sonya Closs Sault Ste. Marie Iv Gloria Collison, B .A . Lively Terrence Conroy, B .A . Haileybury Jw A Carey Conway Willowdale Candy Cook North Bay fr S Artie Cooper Marathon 1 'M , xi' fMrs .J Patricia Cooper Huntsville Luigi Corrente, B .A . Sudbury Claire Costello Kirkland Lake E3-47" Suzanne Cote, B .A . Sudbury Ronald Coulter, B .A Sault Ste. Marie Ross Court, B .A. Sault Ste. Marie Nancy Cowper North Bay iii? Patrick Cusack, B .A Sudbury Robert Cuthbertson North Bay ZS. Evelyn Crichton r m fMrs .J Ilsa Cyr Kirkland Lake Fern Cryderman Sudbury North Bay Krystyna Czerkas Chelmsford Lynda O'A1essandri Timmins Donna Decevito Edward Deresti Sault Ste . Marie Capreol William Demarco y North Bay George Daley Moosonee Dorothy Decker Sudbury Ivan de Bagheera Paul Dennis North Bay Sudbury Patricia Devon North Bay David Digasparro, B .A Sault Ste. Marie C3 Amelia Diniro, B .A . Sudbury I lg 4,1 Y ' r . t ' 1 r A fMrs.j Susan Digasparro Sault Ste. Marie Jocelyne Dorion Val Caron 'hi Joanne Donofuo Sault Ste. Marie Brenda Doan Sault Ste. Marie Angela Dragicevic Sault Ste . Marie John Donovan North Bay N129 Irene Dom alewski RObiD Draper Sudbury Englehart Barbel Dittrnann New Liskeard IV Judy Duclos Timmins A,..4-Q Emily Duffy North Bay Pauline Dufresne Sudbury Suzanne Dulude North Bay George Dunnlng, B .A Cobalt Louise Edmond Mattawa IOS' 'ul 'wav' Susan Dunjic r m Donna Erven North Bay Sundridge Luisa Falbo Sudbury Frank Farkas, B .Sc . Sault Ste . Marie -nw-W" - Shawna Farrell, B .A Sudbury J' Wi r ' S! 'f QA -ff' 9 I r fi 2 5 3 Q 'Y ga I e 4 1 'W 7 J, PKL . , Helen Federley Sault Ste. Marie V 6-M 'ffl Judith Fellman North Bay Nw! Nm""P"'fQ' Gina Fior North Bay 'YQ' Noella Fortin Caproel Sandra Foley New Liskeard Harry Fong Espanola X NJ? We WQQAIWQW Dorothy Fournier Timmins ri. iw Patricia Frawley Sudbury 73 C? Q 'J I I I u . 4 Celia Freire Timmins 73 Marilyne Gagnon Cochrane Janice Gauthier Elliot Lake Emily Gencarelli Sault Ste. Marie Robert Gernon Sault Ste. Marie fMrs.J Isabel Gardner Liz Giannunzio North Bay Timmins CMrs .J Gail Tremblay Virginiatown Lois Gibson North Bay Gabriella Gilin Kirkland Lake Peggy Gilpin Spring Bay Gail Girolametto Copper Cliff Dorothy Glaister Timmins E Robert Grant P arry S ound Judith Grant South Porcupine F0 r m Brian Grawbarger, B .A Powassan ,I 4'-'Af' Ted Gregory Kirkland Lake Linda Greig, B .A Sudbury Q, 'NF 'wwf--or Lidia Guido Sudbury J- Q ll in . Writ ' Q Us Peter Guillemette Timmins 3 Connie Hansen lf" 4' fi gc. Lynda Hayes Waldo Gundrum Markstay A 4' Sudbury wwf' C arolyn H arbar South Porcupine Linda Harman Walford Station Z' ml f Judy Hammell Susan Harrison 'Porcupine Clyde Healey Sault Ste. Marie Bracebridge Sudbury Stanley Herman, B .A North Bay Janice Hernden Sault Ste. Marie '5lv"1i Caroline Hurst Utterson ""'wu3 Sandy Hough, B .A . North Bay Laurie Hervieux New Liskeard Rhonda Hicks Connie Isabella Burwash Sudbury rv-S Brenda Humphrey North Bay Joyce Holmes Yvon Jean ' K ' Redbridge Fauquier V , . . I E, ,G ...Q W . ' Cathryn Hickey Sudbury ff !.,,,,, Cynthia Junkala Sudbury ' K. J 1599- ji Roger Konopelky, B .A . 'J Sudbury F0 r m Sharon Kosher ' Alan Kidd Sundridge Sudbury Christine Kowalski Sudbury 44 Cf""?P Robena KUIOYI QMrs.J Sophia Kotwica iilorrh Bay Sault Sre. Marie fir Mary Lou Krakana Timmins Gregory Kranlcovich South Porcupine Deidra Kreko, B .A . Garson .I afield' Kuff' Eugene Lala nde North Bay 1? A V All ' 1 '1'11v' , ,MV Norman Ladouceur Cartier A '5.'f""'f3" Madone Kruivitsky Malartic Gail Kullas South Porcupine CMrs.J Doris Labelle Val Therese Timmins Laurie Landers Patrick Lafleur Halleybury Paulette Lacombe John Landrie Garson North Bay Cv Jocelyn Langen xf NJ Blezard Valley Q., Pauline Larocque 'J " Porcupine 'L ' Tri L t . L t, viii ti 1' ' Q " 563 Q I rl Lg Z up a F 2 "1':::"' "' + William Lehto, B .A . ' Sudbury 4 4f'f' hi I Linda Lapierre .W -s. Linda Lawrence """' . Q-.0 f' Hanmer Kapuskasing ff' 3 5 f"!"' .,1 I 450 Ann Larcque Eugene Lekawski North Cobalt Kirkland Lake 4 CArs.J Dianne Larente Michel Leclair, B.A in North Bay Sudbury l l l QMrs.y Kathryn Lennox North Bay Q P David Lerpiniere, B .A Lively .awk Sally Lloyd Falconbridge , ,f' .1 Bruce Locke, B .A . Matheson Beth Londry Comber 'Nfl Nssu...-dl' Karen Longhurst Bracebridge Form ll' fi c" F15 Susan Loysr North Bay William Lawrence, B.A Kapuskasing s A ff' 1 ' E2 7 if ' L .. , " , 5 . .- .. ,. fill X , , Q ' 'f - f X ei x 54 5 .L ,.1 f '. l ,, w 14" ' . 21 . 12' - ffrfff :lH.i1'Ei - .:.4:,. B J -. W, 1 1 ..:-xii. ' VEQXEJ ff , L. , L. ,. .ma 5 Q-1--, A fMrs.y Lynne Lyttle North Bay Nl 5 , ,, Bernie MacDonald New Liskeard 415 J' I l I r f John Txiacisaac Timmins -.S Edward MacLean North Bay ,fx . fi in WX w-,pi Valerie Maki South Porcupine Rod Mackin Rosalie Maguire North Bay Tekhummah ru -9 , -4-f ,mr Nadine MacLeod Huntsville Joyce Maclaren Laida Maki New Liskeard Sudbury --.df Lynn Malette Schumacher ind' Q in. -1-n Q Q Donna Maltby Powassan ,4 I ,I Y 0 ll li , 1 4 Rachelle Mantha North Bay Beverley Mariash Val Caron Viola Marini Timmins ifinfm 5 S Monica Martin, B .A . Sudbury fMrs.J Sylvia Marsh Sault Ste. Marie Rosina Martone ,Ma Sault Ste. Marie '4'3Z'I".? Lila Massi Kirkland Lake Jack Maccaffery Huntsville 'KJ' 1-nl-.M-ul' 1 v ff 2 s ax ij I J QA A Lorna Martin Elliot Lake 5, Donna McCormack Whitefish Doug McDonald Onaping :S Evelyn McDowell Sudbury av-W HL Akamai Bob Mcllvenna North Bay Jennifer McIntyre Sault Ste. Marie William McKelvey Kirkland Lake fl! X V2 ., Z M, , c V 3 , 1 X f , i g Marvin McDowell Patricia McMahon Massey Kirkland Lake Gerald McQuoid C allander -'sqkl Silvana McQuoicl, CMrs .J Callander Irene McRae Kirkland Lake Ronald Merrett Sault Ste. Marie Wayne Moar .,.,,.f Kapuskasing John Miller McKerrow my 'U F0 r m Diane Midcllebrooks ,.,,,,. -raw Robert Michell Huntsville Murray Moore Gravenhurst """"""' North Bay Llzette Mrron Caperol Margaret Millar Linda Moretti Powassan Timmins fi Cyril Morin Wahnapitae Tom Morrison Meldrum Bay x-,,J I Steven Moss Sault Ste. Marie f-J ,vf"'f Connie Mulligan Lively Carl Murray Schumacher Silvana Niro Sault Ste. Marie ll Donalma Nisbett Sault Ste. Marie Diane Nolet Timmins Michelle Norkum Sudbury Denis Novick, B .A Sault Ste. Marie Christine Olaveson Iroquois Falls 5 -x"'x Sandra Oliver, B.A Coniston fMrs.j Barbara Orr Caperol 1'73"D Marilyn Paul, B .A Sault Ste. Marie Angela Patrizio North Bay si Diane Guellette Sault Ste . Marie John Payette Sault Ste. Marie Linda Patterson Spring B a y Anne Pakula John Pearson Sudbury Sudbury Jo-Anne Pearson Echo Bay 'Ni ii Brenda Pellow Chapleau Riu Trudy Peloquin Sudbury il 'GQ Collen Piche r m Helen Prankie Sudbury Elliot Lake Robert Plaunt Mattawa Norman Poulin Norrh B ay la. Robert Prior Gore Bay WCW Michael Pritchard Richards Landing 'Q KN Beverley Purdon Powassan Raymond Renaud Timmins Ns... Robert Reade Kirkland Lake Jeanne Recollet Wikwemikong iii Guy Regimbal North B ay Donald Robb Sault Ste. Marie Eric Reiter, B.Sc. Sault Ste. Marie VT" fa Q .mv 1 ...ex if -- A ' Amt Maria Rossi Sault Ste. Marie 'NWN Wtlewsn-if Patricia Roy Ansonville Gail Russell Sundridge Q 1" we-5 I John Saho North Bay 15 xy ,4 -,, . it tty,-i '.f al , i HI 'xi ,, ' " . y. 1 .1 .1 K' J' 15 1' ,mi 41, I .. , t " -W ' 9-. Lynne St Germain, B.A vm-.ny Linda Sache North Bay Sharon Schofield Sudbury 'QM an-at Muff' Suzanne Sanfrancisco Sudbury 1 Maureen Sandrin 'xl Timmins Qi f?.1rs.J Carmela Sandra wetz Gene Santoro Sault Ste. Marie Sault Ste. Marie Pt wr-PM " x. 90- 'Lxytt vb- 4'a",,,m,,5. Kirkland Lake -gg W' in 'W Berylanne Scott C aperol Lynda Scott Timmins wt Rf' Q. M 11' Nicla Simonettr Sudbury fMrs.j Claire Shank Sturgeon Falls Sr. Lynn Pitfield North Bay Form Vital Shank, B.A . Vicki Smilanetz Sturgeon Falls Sault Ste. Marie Bethy Sielaff Sudbury David Smith Sudbury if T Q? as r 'S N K b g A v- r'?'?ffV. kr 2 Tom Smith Sudbury G0 WY X Qc, v,"'x . t.,., '3 A : nik-, .,,. . .sxggl ff Ap' .:. 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Q7-"TY Bre nda Thorpe Azilda 0 1 ll, Iona Tough Elliot Lake Edward Tricco Sturgeon Falls Form L Marie Tucker Englehart Rick Urso Sudbury di QW ' Q-.Nuvv Edith Veitch Matheson Kaija Tuohimaa, B .A Sudbury CMrs .J Lorna Verhulst North Bay Carole Vettorel Bracebridge Karen Vickery Eng lehart Bill Vrebosch North Bay wi' Rhoda Waite Sault Ste. Marie Micky Wallace North Bay W? 1-W, tilt? Judy Webb Sudbury aa,-'vi Q Stan Wallace, B .A . North Bay up f AJ -uf n IIA Ethel Webster Englehart tmxsw' Arthur Webb Sault Ste. Marie WJ, John Weir Timmins Lorne Weir Timmins 'A'-' fMrs.p Shirley Wight Coniston uafwmf Carolyn White Judy Wilkins Coniston .,, Blind River Y"""'T if Shirley Wilkes Sudbury pal BFUCG Wiggim John Wilkinson North Bay North Bay I Karin Wilson North Bay 144.1 ll Marilyn Wilson New Liskeard Lynn Windsor North Bay Wendy Witt, B.A . Sundridge Allen Woolsey Sault Ste. Marie 1' N01 Linda Wuorinen Sudbury fMrs.5 Rose Yaeger North Bay A 5 Patrick Yantha Huntsville Qu ti . 4 Xi Art Yeo Sault Ste. Marie Nui! Mary Zagordo Sault Ste. Marie :CW I fMrs.y Janet Zimbalatti B .A . North Bay , . A fMrs.J Angela Zuke Sault Ste. Marie Elizabeth Burgess Russ Ellerton Herb Eveleigh Gloria Kowch Frank Signoretti, B .A . S,-w .. wi' meg-WW' ...Qi Qmrwumrums ?aafc4aZa9q 65:45 A group of interested students have formed a Psychology Club under the guidance of Mr. White at N. B. T, C, to discuss pertinent problems of child psychology. Although the amount of research and in-depth study of a par- ticular topic which could be done was limited by the time available, the bv discussions proved to be quite beneficial and we realizedsome of the special situations which might arise in the classroom together with possible rem- edies. The major sessions were concerned with the general theme of excep- tional children. In relation to this topic, the members visited the West Bayfield School for Retarded Children and the North Bay Psychiatric Hos- pital. A problem discussed in the spring was that of drug abuse, particularly as it applies to elementary school pupils, and how this might affect the classroom teacher. Our experiences and exchange of ideas should help us to become aware of special classroom problems and thus make us more understanding and responsible teachers. -'t V ': aw r m.w-alzzzirwskei.-:.-1x..,' The library club of N. B.T.C. is composed of a group who seeks to maintain law and order amongst the books in the school library. Mr. Hall and Mrs. Coucill do an excellent job of keeping the library functional and a few of the students corne to their aid during spares and at 4:30 p.m. One of the tiring jobs for the library club hap- pens to be straightening out the shelves after prac- tice teaching weeks. It is quite consoling to know that the library is a place where study and research can be carried out in silence. 3 N I 151 - --Q ' A D nffj- N H- ' " " X. 'Mr - Q Q." The Chess Club was formed early in the college town. The club pursued the promo- tion of intellectual pursuits of the college community. Members of the Chess Club in- cluded Eric Reiter, Mike Leclair, Harvey Biel David Lerpiniere, Iona Tough, Ted Gregory, Carolyn Harbar, Morris Sorensen, Dennis Novick, Lynn Malette and Waldo Gundrurn. IN THE PICTURE, From Left to Right: The Club Executive: Waldo Gundrum, president: David Lerpiniere, vice-presidentg and Mike Leclair, publicity director. " if 1 eb' 'Z 6 VZ 66 G IMMERSION - FRANCAISE Le huit janvier la Villa Loyala nous a accueilli pour une fin de semaine d'immersion frangaise sous la direction du Pere Albert Regimbal, du Centre des Ieunes et de la Culture de Sudbury. Les reactions indiquent que l'experience c'est revelee tres volable, tant au point de vue pedagogique generale qu'au point de vue communication et communication en francais. Voici un commentaire representatif. Cette fin de semaine m'a permis de connaftre mes confreres plus que pendant les quatre premiers mois de l'annee scolaire. Pendant ces quarante-huit heuresj'ai senti qu'on formait une vraie famille et que chacun etait pret a se compromettre sur le plan de l'amitie. Le club francais ajeris une part tres active a la soiree du Carneval le cinq fevrier. Malgre la tempete les membres du club se sont rendus en grand nombre afin d'assurer le succes de cette entreprise. .a!"?" W Nm iigfalf uh vw , ' ' '-qi: ' 'N " . H. 4 'W 1 1' ' , " 1fn?'F is-, 5. 5 . . 3 Weeeeeel llj Les mathematiques sont vrais giteaux Quand presentees par M. Pasko 12j La cantiniere aime bien chanter Cela depend de M. Ramsey 13j La cantiniere aime bien les hetes Cela depend de Mme Knight 14j La cantiniere aime 1'audio Et M. Reed c'est son Credo 15j La cantiniere est toute petiee Cela depend de M. Schmidt 161 La cantiniere aime bien l'art Mlle. Stevens fournit le decor 17D La cantiniere cause des surprises Cela depend de Mme. Surtees 18D La cantiniere ne sait plus lite Et Dr. Thorn va bien souffrir 19j Et quand vient la methodologie M. Van Dusen montre son genie 201 A 1'heure de la biblio M. Hall gagne le gros lot 1-A -.-. -v--fr- p y Q g K -n-f.vwvn-v wiuuwm-n A .. ,f Aw.-.-.,.. EEL!! READERS f A Y , 1,-ge Cmnt! M 6151-2 k 22:53 ' WX NY e 4 M ,x 5, , s .4 M pov- mix X ,rf I . y Maw ba-....... vw-vs-mf V-M. X X X Q Q Q65 , . XE f --1,1 EHVHNQ To dream a dream And hold a hand To see a light And touch the sand To play a game And see the end To touch a lip And on love depend To take things as they come And enjoy the good with the bad To give what all you can And forget what you might have had To strive to make things better And love with all you possess To accept others as they are And always do your best. Pat Lafleur Form '7 MT? QEQQLWBQCQQW QGYEJSHES They had come sometime during the night A band of four hundred And erected their tents along the river At the edge of town We did not welcome them We did not drive them away They were free spirits They lived as they pleased We envied them this freedom Seererly Within our hearts But me would not admit it Even to ourselves So we hid behind our masks of pretense And were ashamed. Sonya Closs Form 3 self' l iOrd.voociS PM 525299559 l R E P L 4l,N.ll.'b1G Spfecc 'L' U 'LLJ Sarnhon PC, OO Tree lik NTS PREPARE FOR THE BEST ,ul ,....-fxf?C'1 ,f'XS .W',, ,A Ll A E S A LUJLLQWUBRE iz? . gi FORN .f V-YQ QQQQQQQQQQQ -1-'Q y ff PA' Q"?"1..5, us vm JN' U Fifi? I .I Ph, ww'-or ' if" 'E' sr" wi iff? nnwg f 0000 fi , f WW.-N,W.,.,,, ,ff 4? ia w1dQ:5!?'5fWZ"' Wm ...W 1 1 .nllilh Hlalciaisn :tllldlhw fuliulnu lIiO0l6OU, UIIIOQ un S96f94x hilt! fm OG? wr 1 ""' My I X A W WW f S, ,. V, A ' ,Jw I IQ I ki!! ,304- we ik? A - .4 gina'-' 5' b.q7'L4'53i 4 4 li Mm ff ,, W . 1- f.,. .9 k r '. . -ug' . ww' :J 4 surf, - f . 5 W, XZ 'Wu s V I :sg 1 05 E My f? E, if Q ff f? X Oxk R EW fig 2 Q' ,W fu I fcf .4 Y ne' 4 ff hz. Q , 2 Q 5 n W6 fi if . 'F 'lg 'O 'A,. ,V PQ: - '1, . n- 35' '4 . . f , 2' rf' 4 Q 11 4' f , 4 , f ww,- M-"" wif' A E' Q 4 xx A 4m Www +0k'f'0 I WY 5 ' wg?" 1 .v" XZ., I vvw wg ?!'.m4g3g, zwaiazazoaam v0.44 Q A GAAIQ ,Af x NXXQ 55.5-A.-x.-wa-A. QQ 9.949495 v op, Wg QM P ONQ ik! 9 ZOEQQM, ' Q ?.gg.g2'2g.a,3 05 'NW-l a 5 505,505 5 A hi vo'wwevo1 ,9.4.4fOQ9,994,QeJ ooeoggobg M96 e'M'w- ?Q'o'v"o"3Q'4? -4.004394-fa Wesauoygg if p 1 i 'J K I I 15 F , i 4 E 5 Ya? CK ' A 4 W SN M ff? i K A 1 I ' K M S 4 1' SAA 5444 4 4 M14 'Nl 9445 4 4 14444 R444 W 9 4 b Q ., I so-swwv u- ?Q'A's'5W?!2C ?oWo'o'6W M'o'o'o'Mi i's'o'o'o'o'o'.4s'1 ?o'Q's'o'o'M Qofmfdofofofm L K A M 44 ,KA KK MA KK HA GK sag Sam M I U 5 A si -1 i 7 -asv' T? ER A -up C T H C3 E T E ZA G . Hi! H IN G uri, TQ E YQUNLC-I A young quivering sapling Shaken by a strong wind, Threatened by burning fire, Bordered by a troubled sea, With bended limb to the ground lt-endangers its youthful weak roots Stripped naked by the airg The tempest of uncertain birth. Pat Latleur Form 7 f5'a':Lm- -,.fl"fl 113' TEACHERS? UINHTE It has been said of our schools That they are run by a lot of fools Teachers study and work day and night To give their students a knowledge of 'right'. Is it true, we're a sorry lot? Are our morals starting to rot? Is it wrong to be good and 'straight', Or is it better just to hate? We are teachers! We must love! We cannot allow ourselves to be shoved Into the dark and out of sight, For an education is every man's right. Let's change our image and our stand! Let's spread knowledge across this land! To give every child an equal chance To spear hatred or love with Knowledge's 'lance'. Iohn Maclsaac Form 8 Q I S x -'33 A if THE ENE? HN SHCGEQIT The wor1d's spinning Wheels turning Noises exploding Coldness at absolute zero Pressure- pain- pressure My mind-my mind Collapse--Col .... but then... A precious thought A reflection of a mincl's eye A hope ofa weary soul A gloom in a dark abyss What the aim--Why the game What the cost--Why so lost The end in sight to soothe. Pat Lafleur Form 7 11" 'Wx mv? f-- C Q D . N Tiki' '- .23 .gw'iw"' H' "- x M . Y ' jpzfi -, K H 3 - .xfwm -' '. ' 4 'X ' A L Y- .luv .N-, AT, ' f I 'T s , ,W-1 W-- ikibfixi NEW xv'-. 4-Q14 .- '11 .n , v vii JJ -. 'HR wg: ,-.W ,A-.1,a,,'x-,gem ' v ' 'IFXME fx W' ' . Mi 3 6 Q as A 15 v J X ' 1 A , t ' 1 .. lu Q 1-1 X dw. H. g 1 ' ' 'O-QQ" ' X , 'f 'Ani -' Ff,JalS"i!' . -DA. A .- I ., s-.L1- x "+- at ,Q 'h , -I M . t .9 K 4? -1 4 .IA Q 3' Q 'gif' 't , -'-'L' s Aa ,I 1 Q. ,A 'I 5, ln. i, Z -'35, mu-:ge-. r' 4' .5- ,A is .fy , . 16:1 1,. 'W 11, fha 'If ' "-A-sf zjxiu. ,' '- wx, f 41,-4 '-ia. -1 I O Ju. Q. L' ,F Y 4 sl g- HN. wr 1-I-D. 4. ' fs T13 'Si '55 'o 1 . 3 ' 1 ' ,gi ., ' i, 1. V ' Y, - .M . - f "7 .. psy . .Lu '.-'EU' . 1511-:PL ,J .- , 13 S' V: fig, -53, ,etjfi j 5, 1- EQ' , 4, .1QJ.i3""7g'?5'45 - Q' . ,' 1 -.Y 'g ' ::?'f:"!'-GH2gr- f "' '- .' . ,J 1 V ,, '-' ' ' -.1 J. .7 N2 Y 95 U. .1c3p.., N jig.-35?--:JE , 4 P' f f?fj'.5fi,f.,' 3 fn ,J , f.if'Z..ll:5, ,Q 22 LKB 4? 13.Sa5'iQa'.W1'Qf Y is ' 4, , 2 A A - 'SU 1 'Q vm 'iii pw' 1 Q a JD,--qu no 5 l w , -5. W I .U ..- -.. 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Q T, ,qw 'QW 'M .Q 1' J R x is fx' gag' Q . ' f X. Q ,K R' 'N , f my Y -J 7 Ax! ' an 'A' U A ' X f- X ..,, ,..., 13? ' A, Q y ' 5 ,,..f Q? 21 5 s -um '-in V , 1 ,V --VA ,, 1 L, K A 2 as .N 'f-1' Q, M 15 H9 f 'Q Mx - N W' :Kg , 5" "" IJ. . wg? 1 SP ' ,V i OK. ,G YI 'E k i i 'E 1 1 w N ? 5 y . E ' i 1 93 4--9' - 508 IR SGD TLP f xt' ,R LRE E1 Q M mmf m-1-""'Nwn v. ,Y Q. 41 5 Al .MQ 1 ' f' 'ix 'fi 5 'ff .-f-'ia' ,in N' 'wan l-...Ns """--- X I . N " . N E033 QDTEQEERS HARD TWGDEZHSQ 31. ?Q,4:1:.V 5- ,j. A ., V-,A I i I! KEEP YQUDUR All THE I UKBBE Awards J i QUT GD? GUTTER lllnq 'K 1 . WW? rw!! 4' M' A ,,,.M-,TM .mm ,Q ll f' 25? lag, EW ,JF , 3.29 gs 1 'TEH ...qw O ,X , .. if I ' V X N X .fam Vie ,. ,. .. 1.1 .' N .,., N,,,: . ., ., x A NW s l, UUE? -Q 'mf , rr' ff 3' f b ,B . 'QQ 1' pf' 101 45 W iff 4. ,K in I-. 1 sn" gi- Q Un "'--M-sl' Q i - U I 1 2 A A 4 i Q 1 V I 5 it-'Q' af", gen amz 'Ur Ms ZEA VQH-'XTHSH A Math isn't ' dull anymore. Q0 '?- '- '-Z-:""iS'.. lf' 1:1 lVloyer makes it fun and easier to grasp with the worId's finest learning aids. Take the Theodolite our young student is using, for example. With it, our Plane Table and Trundle Wheel or l0O-foot tape Call shovvn belovvj, accurate mapping of classroom, corridors or even outdoors becomes a stimulating adventure. l-lovv high is the school flagpole? The Clinometer Qfrontl vvill help him to find out. What's the diameter of the class volleyball? lt's easy to measure vvith our Vernier Caliper frightl. Or, he can find for himself hovv Archimedes' principle vvorks vvith our sturdy plastic Capacity Measures Cleftl and Displacement Can lhelovvl. ln fact, vve offer more than 700 mathematical learning aids for 10-to-13-year-old students lf you'd like to knovv more aboutthem, just contact: IVIOYER Division, Vilas Industries Limited o Moncton o Montreal o Toronto o Winnipeg o Saskatoon o Edmonton o Vancouver. "rlriif:rlk.illle Polyshapes J , , lor makin 9 lg ld THE ONTARIO ENGLISH NogfflliiiiTf'T53'I'fge CATHOLIC TEACHERS' TeachIng Careers ASSOCIATION ONTARIO TEACHERS 1260 Bay Street Toronto 5 OntaI I0 Federaton of Women Teachers AssocIatIons of OntarIo OntarIo Secondary School Teachers FederatIon OntarIo PublIc School IVIen Teachers FederatIon ODTHYIO Engllsh CatholIc Teachers AssocIatIon L AssocIatIon des Enselgnants Franco OntarIens EverythIng for Home School or OffIce Text Books Loose Leaf Supplles Chalkboard SupplIes Wfltlng Instruments 37 if if -f T welcomes Into the TeachIng ProfessIon the graduatIng students at North Bay Teachers College who choose to make a career of teachIng In the Separate Schools of the Provlnce The best remembered personalItIes of all the ages have been teachers and always WIII be for teachers are the buIlders of tomorrow the future of cIvIlIzatIon and the destmy of the IndIvIduaI IS In theIr hands Your professIonal organIzatIon WIII ever be ready to assIst you to advance the Ideals and obIectIves for whIch It stands and to offer you professlonal servIces whIch are ImpossIble to obtaIn as IndIvIduaIs FEDERATION AffIl IHTGS IVIrs IVIarIe Kennedy Presldent Nlagnejectors Brlstol Board School AldS IVISQIC Markers BRUCE OFFICE May we suggest a Save for the LIttIe Thmg you lTTIgITt otherxwse 129 NlaIn Street West North Bay OHTHFIO never buy Account? The GIft Centre CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE 9 I I I I ' . . I , I I I I I . . . . I D I I ' . . . . . . ' l J u 4 . u - - ll ' I ' l P , 1 T I 0 . . .. - .. - S- A 3 E n , , j Nfl I - .. - 'Q u ' u , 'V . I . - fi I I 5 You have considered your future. You know that the teacher for tomorrow's child must be a person of whom miracles are expected. You have experienced already the demands made of a teacher's time, stamina, creativity, patience and innate optimism. Notwithstanding, you have chosen to become a teacher. Congrat- ulations! May you never regret your decision. At least once every teaching day you will ask yourself "Why", "Why am l teach- ing? " "Why am l doing this? " Your continuing concern for the "Why" of educa- tion will always shape the "What" and "How" of your teaching. I U The Federation of Women Teachers' Associations of Ontario is pleased to welcome you as associate members of this organization. As you offer your determination, idealism and orientation toward service, so do we offer your resources to assist you in your professional and teaching obligations not only in this year of pre- paration but throughout your career as a public elementary school woman teacher. lVlarion Evans for the 35,000 members of FWTAO Compliments of EMPIRE BOWL 454 Fraser Street lacross from the Empire Motor Hotell North Bay, Ontario Phone: 472-2711 16 Five-Pin Lanes lAll Automaticl OPEN Seven Days A Week 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. Keeping pace with an THE NORTH BAY NUGGET Best Wishes ever changing world ..... Compliments of FOSDICK S BOOK STORE 150 Maine Street West Phone 472 7380 North Bay, Ontario 751, . ,:,W..,,ft ,Q W - W - 1 ,,. . ,..,,y,5.v4,p1Q-Ag',5g1:vfv.m,4n'gv-f4r'r-He14w:r"'-:'1'1'z " f - ,. ' . 1 if1".',f's7!,4'AVr5"5K'f?Tfi'?5a 554-fifff ' rf' r- 1' A QA., wig, 4 G -S . WAZZIYQQT fi 13.1 :Q g1,L4.fl- ', .:,5,,'fgc-ggi., 1. iff. ' , m , 745 ' if-Q 'L s-'iff 3"'i' A2 7vf'3"f,,wf f 'L ' 'r4"f"? 1' "' ' -' 'l T ' " ' 1 'f ' ' , J?-5 4- gf,,.5f.4.g:-ff'.:, s:5.l ,,,3fL .,,! 4 ,Wal f . s- f - ,I . 1- A N 1 tx - W ' ' J- - ,fr ' is 1' , V , ',.' "M ' 'f 05:3 "1 - X - 4 . .-:ff avr- , :xx-A.. 5 ' V... 5. f- J. U , ,K W,z,,iM,,,A , ra I., I , .Ai 1 V. .af-t iff, . 4, 1 R s - ff.gft,3,-.f4wf..lA, r ,. , A r 1-V. ,., I ' Qi 5:-up .e ff y M W ,gt a' V , 4 gf + ' . -N . f , . ,Q 5 G " .' Q is Welcome to the teaching profession. I'm Al Robb, President of the Ontario Public School Nlen Teachers' Federation, representing 13,200 members and the Provincial Executive. We're happy to have you join us, and wish you every success in your chosen profession. However, as a principal with 24 years' experience behind me, I can assure you teaching may not be what you expect it to be at times. lf you want an easy time, with plenty of holidays, and a life free from cares and worries, you've come into the wrong line of work. Teaching can be a tough, frustrating, and especially tiring job. But every so often, just enough to keep you in there struggling, the rewards come -- in the form of a shock of under- standing, as a child suddenly learns what it was you were trying to teach him, in the appreciation of a parent assured about his child's progress, in a few words of praise from your principal for a job well done. There are pitfalls, too, and Federation can help you avoid them. And if you do find yourself in a jam, turn to Federa- tion for help. Whether it's a matter of salary negotiations, counselling and relations, professional development, community relations, or any other professional matter, give us a call. We are as close as your nearest telephone or another staff member. These are services we can perform for you. Now, what can you do for us? First, you owe it to your profession and the children in your classes and to the community to give 100 ofo effort to your duties. On top of this, you should become involved in Federation activities. During your first few years of teaching, you may find yourself short of time for any Federation activities beyond the branch or district level. Later, you can enlarge your interests to include activities at the provincial level, where there are committees, the Provincial Executive and the annual Provincial Assembly to occupy your spare time. lt's asking a lot from a new teacher. But remember, the strength of Federation lies in the willingness of its members to devote their time to these volunteer activities. Without volunteers, Federation could not operate. So support your local district activities, attend your meetings, volunteer for committees, and take an active part in Federation affairs. Federation exists to serve you. You are Federation. Help us provide the many services available to every member, from the most recent teachers' college graduate to the retired teacher on superannuation. Federation is people, working for people and better education in Ontario. P A - N .. S R Q ' , . 1 1 ' '3 ' "fix-"' 5 .F W3- a . 'X " - - 4 ' , 5' s - Kf fb . ..AQ A x 1 if 0 ' pl. ' ' 1 9, , 4 w ' -C ' q' , ' ' .. ' O, ' , f ' T, ' . 5' . 'N ' , A js P ' , 1 ' N f bg- . H 5 D .1 - x an . '- 4 V ' , 1 :Q VL? K X a I jp! I 2, wwf- "f '5 5 F' ',. ..g?7" ' ...f 4 ,, ., .S A 5 ag P W ,Q l ' Q .A A -- 4' , 2 .' T W' 'f + L., x I w Q .1- ,' , 5 .sf5:l4Lm, 1' . D 1 'Hg .5 'U--f 0 1 "I : Y , "N 1 . A ' ' F. - ' .. -L ,' ' :.' if 0 'F' 'Q .A " Y. - Q , A- , V dv A Q .nr I .,, , 'fkiu 1, ,N - -, , QV- - ' - la .Fl ' sq tt H P?-.. ' A . ' 1 1- ,' V , -.-. .lui ,,, I ' - fi ff -I Q L ,- mb -- --- "M ' ., at .fax ,Q M .5 Qq, " U . 7 ff" 'ffm 1Q'Q 2 rf f t ' ' fx- X '.ff1,f',f 'y "" , ! I V pt' ' ' 'la A . I' . 5 - b A ' , l X' 'V . 1 '- 5 X ,tlfkqb A L, . A . . r ' '- . 0 U 1 Q . s. 9 if-nn ,aim v ,, .fs W ,, W ,W . " W .... WF ,M , , 7 "Y 1- A L ,S .- I' , A, ' gr f an-Y. 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