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 - Class of 1952

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gi :Lv-v,wg:1s:1-yf1.:.'L:.,.3--fl ,,,,l Wv., ,. f, ,,,, , ..-M ,V 1, 1 -v-H-,-1 1 V - - -. - V f .. - . .- . .Q . v v v v v'rv v v v v v v v v i v v v'fSr v v v v C v v v v v . hm v v v v 'v v v v v v v FORWARD lt has been the cum of thrs year s En Bee staff to present a year book based on the present but bu1lt for the future We hope that thls book wlll tell a complete story one wh1ch ernboches the 1ntr1ns1c Splfll of the school If we have succeeded 1n achlev mg a tanqlble representatlon of the feellnq of the students for thelr school n thls school year We have accompllshed that wlfuch we set out to do 'r 4 2 tl tu 1+ jr ju 1: 1 - I , . Ir ' In , , ' U . . . . 1, 4 . . . . 4' 1.. ' , . It '7 , In The Annual Staff .-. .- .-. .-. v. -. .,, .,.,.-4,-.,.-H,-, -. .v M., .v.,L.v. .v. v. .v v. .- -l ji fr In 1+ In ju 1 'I 11952 ENBEE E? Z. J ggi QQ dj Il XX W oarcl olj Eclucation Dr. Lloyd, Dr. William Calder- hecrd, Mrs Vero: Kelley, Presi- dent, Mr. William Hess, V. Pres- ident, Mr. Heckctthorn. Retiring Members Of The School Board Mr. Kenneth Aclcuns, Mr. Mel- vin Fleckner, Clerk. rw ELAINE HOFF SIS Elaine Hoifsis, a senior, willingly took the position of secretary after the resig- naucn of Alice Bils. ministration MB. E. A. VAN A'l'TA During the live years in which he ser- ved as our superintendent, Mr. E. A. Van Atta disclosed himself as a sincere and capable leader. Under his leader- ship the Student Council, the Safety Pat- rol and the Spring Festival has become part of our school activities. We of the En Bee stait, congratulate and thank him tor his faithful adherence to the i- deals of education. ALICE BILS The students oi N. B. H. S. were sorry' to see Alice Bils, the secretary to the Superintendent, leave after a year and a halt of faithful service. High School Principal M. D. Chilcote Bowling Green State University B. S. in Education Mathematics and Physical Science Elementary Principal Clara M. Miller Bowling Green State University B. S. in Elementary Education Mr. Chilcote will long be remembered by his students for schedules, tardy excuses, and just information in general. Also for his Willingness to help them with any problems they might have had. Miss Miller is our pleasant Elementary Prin- cipal who has charge of the first eight grades. 6- 6' figlzffx It, , If -R J acuity R. I. Barnes Bowling Green State University B. S. in Education Physical Education and Social Sciences. Harold Bechtel Bowling Green State University B. S. in Education Industrial Arts. Gladys Bloom Illinois University A. B.: M. A. ' Latin l, ll. English lO. El1zabeth B. Bo11ecxu Bowling Green State University B. S. Degree in Education Western Beserve University, Cleveland Physical Education Hygiene, Biology. D. Chester Fast B. S. Education, Bowling Green University M. A. Ohio State University Chemistry, Physics, 'General Science, General Math. Cleve: I. Collar Bowling Green State University B. S. in Education Music-Vocal and Instrumental, Music Grades l-12. K acu ty E Gene Iones B. s. in Education, Find- ' lay College. Physical Education, His- Robert G. Knesmct tory-Economics. Bowling Green State Un- iversity. Ir. and Sr. English. Iournalism, 7th Grade English. Lynette McCullough Bowling Green State Un- iversity. B. S. in Education. Geraldine Sponsler Vocational Home Econ- BF rl, G St t omics Gertiticate. Home vm Giilveggfg G 9 Economlcs' 7th and 8th Grade Mathematics. 7th Grade Geography. l C. Robert Smith Massachusetts Institute ot Technology, Bowling Green State University. . B. S. in Education. Eileen Sweebe EI1QliSl'1 IX. WOT1d HTS- Bowling Green State U tory, General Business. nivefgity, B. S. in Education Bookkeeping, Sten- ography and Typing. aculty Marylou Bauman Bowling Green State University Myrtle Bechtel Grade TWO Bowling Green State University Grade F our Mary H. Gross Gneonta Normal School, Oneonta, New York Bowling Green State University Grade Five Edith Chase Boltz Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio Grade Two Rob Bowling Green State University B. S. ln Education Grades Five and Six ert H. Bonhard Clark Chandler Bowling Green State i . I University . S. in Education Alverna Foley 'fades Seven and Eight Bewiine Green State History and Science University. Grade Three 3 'H , Muriel Halderman sity. First Grade. Florence Hamlin sity. Sixth Grade Lucy Haywood western University. Religious Education. i l Betty Wenig Bowling. Green State Uni- ver sity. Fourth Grade -5 aculty B. S. in Education - Bow- ling Green State Univer- Mrs. Hugh Iones Bowling Green State Uni- versity. N. E. Missouri State Teachers College. Eirst Grade. B. S. in Education - Bow- ling Green State Univer- Marie Shauk Bowling Green State Uni- versity. Third Grade B. S. in Education - Bow- ling Green State Univer- sity. M. A. Degree - North' Mrs. Wayne Sharp School Nurse - Grade 1-12. IANITORS Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Braeckevelt buts DRIVERS Maurice Hough, Ducky Holloway, D. C. Fast COOKS Mrs. Tracy and Mrs. Miller chool 6 P Mr. and Mrs. Braeckevelt kept the school clean and shining. We shall miss their cheerful help which they gave during our se ' mor year. Mr. Matheny, who is not pictured on this page, was not only a school engineer but a friend of all the students. The bus drivers brought the country students in to classes through all kinds of Weather. Be- cause they made good driving a habit those daily trips were lots of fun and many very hap- py memories remain. Mrs. Tracy and Mrs. Miller cooked those good hot meals Which we all enjoyed during the school year. Good healthful meals Were their aim. They aided the Home Ec. girls at all times and never seemed to mind the brews they made in class. When ever the class had need of the school kitchens they did all they could to help them. Thanks to everyone who helped make our last year such a nice one. Without them it Wouldn't have been such a memorable year. S EE N11 Q QR S wjcfh mwx W Y 1 L L, M' Senior Gfficers lim Clements Bob Kelley Senior Qllicers l 1 W Paula Rockwell ll l Iohn Sponsler Sharon Fast Florence Lorflerty IOHN ANDREWS "Archie" Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Cofficel' 21 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 Cofficer 23 Student Council 2, 3, 4 fofficer 3,45 Speech League 1, 2 foff' 1- cer2J National Forensic League 2, 3, 4, fofficer 49 Debate 1, 2, 3 One Act Plays 2,3 Foreign Language Club 2 Junior Classical League 3 Cofficer 45 General Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Scholarship Tests 4 Science Day 1 Drivers' Education 3 Operetta 2, 3 Junior Play Paper Staff 4 Ccopy readerj Pep Band 2 , Server-Junior-Senior Banquet 2 National Honor Society 4 Pres. Wood County Music Fest- ival 2 BONNIE CARMEAN Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 fofficer 45 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Senior Play One Act Plays 3 Paper Staff 3,4 CManaging editorj Choir 3 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Student Council 4 Preliminary District State Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3 4 Drivers' Education 3 Speech League 2 ENID CUPP "Enie" Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Senior Play Drivers' Education 3 Choir 1, 2, 4 Foreign Language Club l Preliminary District State Scholarship Tests 2 Paper Staff 3, 4 CBusincss Managerl BERNARD BUN DY "Bernie" Class Officer 1 1-Ii-Y Club 4 Foreign Language Club 1 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Track 4 Student Director of Senior Play Senior Scholarship Tests General Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3, 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Server-.lunior-Senior Ban- quet 2 IAMES CLEMENTS "Bambi" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 4 Football Manager 4 Hi-Y Club 4 Cofficer 43 Latin Club 1, 2 Choir 1, 2, 3 Junior Play Paper Staff 3, 4 CProduction Manager 45 Class Officer 3, 4 Science Day 1 General Scholarship Tests 1 2 3 4 Senio'r Scholarship Tests WANDA COOK "Cookie" Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 4 Junior Play Drivers' Education 3 MARY LOU DAMON "Lulu" Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Cofficer 43 G. A. A. 2, 3, 4 fofficer 45 Drivers' Education 3 Queen Attendent 4 Wood County Music Fes- tival 4 Choir Contest 3, 4 Typing Contest 3 Senior Play Paper Staff 3, 4 SHARON FAST "George" Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Band 2, 3, 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Cofficer 37 Scholarship Test 2 Student Council 2, 4 Cofficer 43 Speech League 1, 2 foffic- er ll G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 fofficer 2, 33 Wood County Spring Fest- ival 4 District State Solo and En- semble Contest 4 Drivers' Education 3 Junior Play Senior Play Paper Staff 3, 4 Prince of Peace 1, 3 One Act Plays 3 Banquet Server 2 RALPH FRANCISCO "Cisco" Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y Club 4 Baseball 4 Prince of Peace l. Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 DOROTHY DETER l:Deet1l Junior Play Senior Play Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3,4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Cofficer 33 Drivers' Education 3 Paper Staff 3, 4 Annual Staff Ccopy reaclerb Latin Club 1 Banquet Server 2 Pep Band 2, 3, 4 DICK FITTRO 'Tittieu Hi-Y Club 4 Paper Staff 4 Football 2, 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 SUE GARDNER "Susie" Band l, 2 Choir 1, 2 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Banquet Server 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 3, 4 WWW ELLEN HALSTEAD "Ellen" G. A. A. 1, 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 Cofficer 21 Choir 1, 2, 3 Junior Play Paper Staff 3, 4 Drivers' Education 3 CHARLES IIMISON "Chuck" Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Banquet Server 2 ROBERT KELLEY "Bob" Football Manager 1 Basketball Manager 1 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Latin Club 2 Banquet Server 2 Paper Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 Junior Play One Act Plays 3 Choir 1 2, 3 Hi-Y 4 fofficer 43 Student Council 4 Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Day 3 Drivers' Education 4 Operetta 2 Track 4 ROBYN HESS "Hesse" G. A.. A. 1 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 4 fofficer 3, 43 Class Officer 2, 3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Cofficer 35 Choir 1, 2, 3 Operetta 3 Paper Staff 3, 4 CArt Edit- or 45 Drivers' Education 3 Junior Play Senior Play Typing Contest 3 Gen. Scholarship Tests 3 Pep Band 2, 3, 4 Banquet Server 2 Foreign Language Club 1 ELAINE HOF F SIS "Elaine" G. A. A. 1, 2 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Drivers' Education 3 Gen. Scholarship Tests 4 Student Council 3 'FLORENCE LAFFERTY "Fluffie" Class Officer 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Pep Bland 2, 3, 4 Choir 2, 3, 4 'Wood County Music Fes- tival 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Cofficer 41 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 CEditorJ Foreign Language Club 1, 2 Banquet Server 2 Gen. Scholarship Tests 1, 4 Student Director of Jun- ior Play Speech League 1, 2 Debate 1 One Act Plays 1, 2 Drivers' Education 3 Student Council 4 Prince of Peace 1, 3 MARY ANNE LEAF "Leaflet" Band 2, 3, 4 Choir 2, 4 fofficer 45 Operetta 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Dist. Scholarship Tests 2, 3 Wood County Music Fes- tival 4 Debate 1 Prince of Peace 1, 2 Speech League 1, 2, 3 One Act Plays 2, 3 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 3 Foreign Language Club 1, 2 Pep Band 2, 3 4 Girls Ensemble 4 Science Day 1 Drivers' Education 4 Annual Staff 4 Student Council 4 TOM MONASMITH "Moni" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 4 Preliminary State Scholar- ship Tests 2, 4 Banquet Server 2 Drivers' Education 4 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 DONNA PROSSER IIDOHII Choir 1, 2, 3 Home Economics 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Paper Staff 3 Drum Majorette 1 Homecoming Queen 4 Banquet Server 2 NANCY MCLAUGHLIN "Flc1sl'1" Annual Staff 4 CBusiness Managerb Paper Staff 3 Junior Play Foreign Language Club 1 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4 Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4 Tri-Hi-Y 4 County Music Festival 4 Drivers' Education 3 Prince of Peace l. DANNY MUMY IIDGH-111: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 fofficer 43 Student Council 3, 4 Foreign Language Club 1, 2 Hi-Y 3, 4 Cofficer 45 Gen. Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3 Drivers' Education 4 Operetta 3, 4 Junior Play Senior Play Choir Contest 3, 4 Solo Contest 4 V NVood County Music Fes- tival 4 Science Day 1 MAURICE RISSER llsonnyll Montpelier, Ohio High School 1 Choir 2, 3, 4 Football 2, 3, 4 Hi-Y 4 Intramurals 3, 4 Operetta 2, 3, 4 Junior Play Banquet Server 2 PAULA DEAN ROCKWELL "Pc1uloL" Class Officer 2, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Cofficer 2, 43 Pep Band 2, 3, 4 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4 fofficer 43 Wood County Music Fes- tival 4 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Cofficer 3, 43 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 3, 4 CEditor 43 Foreign Language Club 1, 2 Junior Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3, 4 Banquet Server 2 Typing Contest 3 Dist? icholarship Tests 1, - 4 Senior Scholarship Tests National Honor Society 4 fsecretary 43 Gen.,Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3, 4 TACK SIEGEL "Scrub" Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1,2 , 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Foreign Language Club 1, 2 Hi-Y 4 Class Officer 1, 2 Dist. Scholarship Test 2, 3 National Honor Society 4 Junior Play Senior Play Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Paper Staff 2, 3 CSpoz'ts Editor 43 Banquet Server 2 IOANNE TOTH IIIOII G, A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Home Economics 1, 2, 3, 4 Speech League 1 JOE SHAFER IIIOGII Class Officer 1 Hi-Y 4 National Honor Society 4 Senior Play Senior Scholarship Tests Gen.3Sci1olarship Tests 2, Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 4 Basketball Manager 3 Baseball 4 JOHN ORVILLE SPONSLER llorvll Hi-Y 4 fofficer3 Class Officer 4 CTreas.3 Baseball 3, 4 Junior Play Senior Play Gen. Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3, 4 LOIS ZIEGLER llzigu Bandbl, 2, 3, 4 Cofficer 2, 3, 4 Choir 1, 2, 3, 4 ' Operetta 2, 3, 4 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Cofficer 43 Gen. Scholarship Tests 1, 2, 3 4 Senior Scholarship Tests Junior Play Senior Play VVood County Music Fes- tival 4 Debate 3 National Forensic League 3, 4 Speech League 1, 2 Prince of Peace 1, 3 Jr. Red Cross 2, 3, 4 Student Council 2, 4 Coffi- cer 43 One Act Plays 3 Oratorieal Declamation 3 Banquet Server 2 National Honor Society 4 Tri-I-Ii-Y 2, 3,4 Paper Staff 3, 4 CNeWs Edi- tor 4 Foreign Language Club 1, 2 fofficer 23 Pep Band 2, 3, 4 Girls Ensemble 4 Dist. Solo and Ensemble Contest 3, 4 State Solo and Ensemble Contest 3 Foreign Language Club 1 TOP GCY '-Y Y --NA'-m y v -bw L 1 ..- W ll JL L 1 NEA lt is now the year l962 and one classmate is writing to another just before the class reunion in the fall . Dear Ellen: Yesterday our old iriend and classmate Sharon dropped in to'see Don and me. Old S. George lives out west now and was on a tour of the nation. Mary Lou is, of course, Ohio's famous woman senator. Some of her de- bates l?l have received world attention. Wanda Cook is her personal secretary, and I hear from her that Bill is going to write a book titled "Lady Senator" or "Heaven Help the Nation." . Bob Kelley went out west after graduation and liked it so well he bought a ranch after he was through college. About two years ago our old pal lim Cle- ments went out to visit him. Bob gave C?l him a partnership. lim still maintains it would be faster to milk those lerseys by machine. Bob says it's cheaper and besides lim does it so well on the present set up. Sharon Fast went to college as you already know and then married Bam- bi. Her fast growing baseball team is Iim's pride and joy. Another arrival is ex- pected in time for spring training. Bonnie Carmean and Sue Gardner moved to New York after graduating from school. Guess what they're doing? Yes, they're models! lt's their bright and shining faces we see on all the magazine covers. Did you know that Elaine Hotfsis was married last week. Gerald Toth ii- nally popped that certain question. Enid Cupp has l2 children now. She saw E- laine the other day and. now l guess Elaine wants l2 too . Maybe they are chea- per by the dozen. Iohn CArchiel Andrews is engaged to three girls now. That is at last report. l hear he ll decide one of these days which one is the nicest. Iohn has his own Ccontinued on next page? ass rop ecy iContinued from preceding pagej disc jockey show and wouldn't you know "Perfidia" would be his theme song. just like the good old days. Lois Ziegler is now a navy wife. Last any one said they lived in China. Lois said they would try and be home for the reunion this year. Ralph Francisco joined the Air Force and became a jet pilot. Now he's a stunt pilot in the movies. The women adore him l understand. Dick Fittro has realized his life-long ambition. He retired the day after he graduated and was a multi-millionaire before he was 35. lDick married a v-e-r-y- rich woman.l Nancy McLaughlin joined the Waf's and is Captain now. Her new post in Arabia is really something out of the Arabian Nights. Nancy said in her last letter that she saw Sonny Risser, joe Shafer and Puz limison. Seems they joined the Foreign Legion to escape women. Robin Hess went to beauty college and has the nicest beauty salon tn Toledo. Her most beautiful customer is Dorothy Deter. Deet is married and has an onion farm right outside of Toledo. Danny Clvlarioj Mumy, famous television singer, has gone into the bakery business selling shortnin' bread. l hear he made enough dough to retire. I read another report in the paper yesterday about the new Secretary of the Treasury, lohn Sponsler. His clean up campaign is really hitting the head- lines. Now that Taft is in office, lohn's life is content. Tom Monasmith has his own pool room and the present crop of lr's and Sr's hang out there. Norm sold out to Moni after the fellows left for college. He said life was too dull with our boys gone. Florence Laiferty was editor of B.G.S.U.'s annual her senior year. We al- ways said F lo would be late for her own wedding' and she was. loanne Toth is back from an extended tour of the nation concerning her new book Bubble Gum." She always did love gum. Guess what! Ellen Paula Rockwell is now Mrs. Gus. After college she came back to N. B. and teaches English at the old grind. The old home town now has a Mrs. Brooks. Well that brings us up to date. Be seeing you this fall. Lots of love, Leaflet. enior Baby Pictures i Q. lllancy McLaughlin Dick Filt l'0 Sharon Fast Tom, Mary. lack Monasmith Don - Mary Ser-loo SCENES BY Rembrandii Q f Yo., 34, ' wi SENIOR! who amI? lkgf lflil I A" -an i i 'Se:noPf 41? ' fi EUREKA!! .. . . XI ha-Vg fum-.Ju'l'! Qiil i l U , ,. ' h .Wm , p- 1 Nou?-'56 Y Q Lf-3 9 Z .N QFD V ' I 1 X .xx w C ' N2 1 2 'a '11 'P v l'l SJW' QuLL. 5557? ,Sm E U N D IE R G R A D ,E S J UN IORS Lewis Bishop Pat Boney Harold Bonner Robert Bonner Charles Clark Rosemary Clouser Denny Dennis Darlene Engle Helen Perquson Robert Fittro Howard Flowers Arlene Freed Ted Gardner Ann Garrison Wilma Gordon Sue Grobly Bill Holloway Denny Hutchison loyce Iirnison Bob limison Nancy Larnbriqht Shirley Lindenman Thomas McGann Shirley Mercer J UNIQRS KContinuedl lack Miklovic Mary Io Monasmith Ina Moore Delores Morelan Lawrence Nunqester Richard Paul Gerald Perry Eddie Richmond Sandra Sewell Patricia Sheiier Bonnie Shilling . Barbara Simon Shirley Smith Anna Spillrnan lim Sterling Dale Swope V Mary Fern Vlfalier Connie Woodruff Howard Wymer Charles Zellner SOPHUMORES rucille Andrews Sandra Apple Loyal Bomer Lyle Borner leff Bouclrie Luella Bretz Fred Brumbauqh , Iolfm Bucher. loyce Bursiek Cherie Bushey l Bonnie Caldwell Barbara Cooper lim Curlis Sue De!-Xrnrent Barbara Deter Bose Dishonq Ruth Echelberger Nancy Francisco Harry Franks r lim Hellman Bill Gercleman Robert Hillard- Har ry Hubbs Mary Ann Krontz SOPHOMORES lContinuedl Marilyn Laney Albert Leaf lanet Lear Michael Leonard lllfilliam Leonard David Luse Daniel McMahan John Monasmith Don Moore David Mumy George Myers Richard Seiler i Ann Sesok lackie Sheffer Madeline Shilling Dean Simon l lohn Smith David Sponsler Naida Troutner lanice Whipple Eddie Wirt f Paul Wymer Shirley Zeltner Leona Ziegler FRESHMEN Riff Elaine Adams lim Baney Wanda Baney David Barrett Shirley Benedict Charlotte Bickrneyer Barbara Blake Robert Bowers David Bowersox Carol Brumbaugh Sally Brurnbaugh Franz Carlton Si Carrnean Leonard Chapman Marilyn Coppes leanette Creeger Charlene Cunningham Dora Dodge Nancy Drake Phyllis Dukes lack Eshelrnan David Ferguson Millie Fittro Ronnie Freeland FRESHMAN CContinuedl lim Gordon Bill Griffith Alan Halstead Betty Io Hammon David Hemminqer Shirley Herrinqshaw Iohn Hutchinson Nancy Ieifrey Anna Belle lones Gale Kerr lack Crouse Patricia Lawson Gertrude Leaf lane Lloyd Leah Rae Lovell Mary Matuska Bruce Mauk Ned Miklovic Ruby Miller Bill Morelan Doris Nunqester lim Overmier lim Pixley Richard Pollom FRESHMAN Continued W Q' 1' i' Torn Reynolds Larry Plinehamrner Susan Roth Gerald Ruifner Shirley Sewell Sharon Smith Sandra Siraley lanei Teatsorth l Lonnie Thompson Alice Wellman Billy Wilkinson Phyllis Wisher Larry Woodruff Ruth Ziegler I ---.-. ,v..u.-u-x.n.l..l1J.I.E. 1 FRONT BOW Sandra G it h - ri it , Mary Chilcwte, Marianne Coppes, lanis Henry, Linda Carni- com, Sue Bowersox, Buth Kelley, Regina Kern Bose Marie Bear. SECOND BOW-Felix Cortez, Douglas Kitchen, Iohn Cr G A B' h ouse, reg Clark, Shirley Bils, Ruth nn IS op, Angela Sue Clark, Mary DeLaCruz, Dorothy Hellman. LAST BOW--David Coppes, Frank Brown, Gregory Archer, Dennis Connor, David Bisho Leslie Andrews, Gary Buchanan, Rich d B ' ' P, ar rumbaugh, Donald King. MRS. HALDERMAN-GRADE 1 FIRST BOW-Sally Woodruff, Sandra Boggs, Phyllis Ziegler, Becky Lloyd, Karen Snyder, Angela Shamp, Nancy Shafer. SECOND BOW-Bobby Mills, Anita Raza, Michael Meyer, Shirley Sines, Sally DeLaCruz, Carla Binehammer, Susan Spitler, Linda Spence. LAST ROW Bill T . - y reft, Bobby Spence, Ronnie Kocak, Bobby Beichenbach, Billy Smith, Da id Mott, lim Brown, Edsel Laney, Charles Mallow, Absent -- Lemv Swvflef V- MRS. BAUMAN-GRADE 2 FRONT ROW'-Rufus Reza, Dale Speirs, Donald Trett, Arthur Patterson, loseph McCart- ney, Billy Niqh. SECOND ROW'-Carolyn Werner, Wilma Sines, Mary Kendall, Sharyn Meyer, Martha Kelley, Kathy Walter, Sandra Morelan, Faye Rush, Karen Luse. THIRD ROW-Donnie Stewart, Gary Rayle, Michael Snyder, Timothy Witwer, Paula Kranz, Barbara Wymer, Anita Nunqester, Dianne Tefft. LAST ROW-Linwood Smith, Dennis Reichenbach, Bobby Lafierty, Danny Reynolds, Phillip Bucher, Adolfo Reza, Eddy Ziealer, Carl Matthes, Dick Simon, Mrs Bauman. MRS. BOLTZ-GRADE 2 FRONT ROW-Caroline lOI'19S, lovce BOWers, Nondas Griitith, Harriet Ives, Patricia Har- mon, lane Audenaert, Susan Ferguson, Carolyn B1-etz, Ruth Bland, SECOND ROW-lOH Hi9S'i91', Arthur DOdge, Steven Bush, David Harmon, Linda Bishop, Mary Bickmyer, Sharon Emahiser, Penny Conine. LAST ROW-Kenneth Gordon, lohn Drake, lr., Douglas Kaufman, Antonio Cortez, Rob- ert Hesse, Richard Clark, Forrest Blake, Gerald Carles, Mrs. Boltz. Absent - William Harmon, Richard Earl Clark, Donald Hummel, Gary Harris. 1 F l I , Mho. annum - L.i11AUI:i 3 FRONT ROW-Ierry Brown, Edward Bear, Michael Hoffsis, Patrick Kocak, David Conrad. ristine Collins, Sharon Evans, Davidean Cupp, IGCIHHS BL1Sl1GY- Tl-1IRD ROW--Kenneth Fittro, Donald Ferguson. Phillip BCIHGY, BiUY CTOUSGI ThO1'HCIS Boltz, GIG Ann Ebersole, Carol Kocak, Ann Bickmyer, Mrs Shauck. LAST ROW-Iimmy Krontz, Tommy Doering, Billy Ankney, Dennis Carnicom, lack Thomas, Ter lohnson, Lyne Buchanan, Gene Gordon. Absent-lGClH1'1ie ludd- Mloo r u.L.:. I -UMAUL U FIRST ROVV-Thames Leaf, Iames Lyle Miller, Dick Lloyd, Donald Williams, Larry Vandersall, Don- ald Roth, Richard' Mullholand, lr. SECOND ROW-Sheryl McLaughlin, Mary Paden, Elaina Schares, Barbara McCartney, Mona Smith, Cinda Nigh, Sandra Strawn, -Marla Roseboom, Brenda Williams. THIRD ROW-Miss Foley, Ierry Miller, Richard Trelt, Thomas Reynolds, Harold Reichenbach, Paul Vaughn, Linda Lindquist, Lois Shilling. LAST ROW-lames Thompson, Robert Swinqle, Iames Snyder, Larry Vaughn, Robert Miller, Iohn Wittenmyer, Robert Mallow, Dale Smith, Cat llina Reza. Ch ISISCONDIROW-Carol Cooper, Lucinda Carle-S. Rosemary Kelley. Iudy King, Loretta Bcrrrinql w 'U P l MRS. WENIG-GRADE 4 t FRONT ROW'-Iohn Clayton, Robert Dawns, Leslie Babb, Robert Brurnbaugh. SECOND ROW-lane Ann Gross, ludith Ann Church, Deanna Creeger, Patricia Bowersox, Shar on Griffith, Nancy Knepper. Beverly Harmon, Sally Griffith, lacqueline Blackman. THIRD ROW-Mrs Wenig, Mary Ann Anspach, Kay Ernahiser, Ethel Bickmyer, Gladys Bear, An- geline De La Cruz, Barbara Buchanan, Carolyn Apple, Beth Ann Heister. LAST ROW-Douglas Bretz, Howard Hoffsis, Larry Bishop, Robert limison, lames Bishop, Bruce Fleckner, William Bishop, Daniel Coppes. Absent Kaylin Clark. a l l lvl l MISS BECHTEL-GRADE 4 FRONT ROW-Robert Shamp, Dean Roseboom, Ellsworth Smith. SECOND ROW-Lillie Whitney, Margaret Miller, Iudy Shafer, Charlene Matthes, loyce Miller, 'inda Vaughn, Mary Lou Teatsorth, Sue Weith, Linda Lawson. THIRD ROW-Merlene Sterling, Shirley Boggs, Roberta Reichenbach, Nancy Pelton, Marilyn .inehammer, Diana Watson, Manuella Cortez, Shelia Mills. LAST ROW-Ned Slaughterbeck, Timmy Walter, Richard Swartz, David Swope, Harry Snyder, onnie Lindquist, Douglas Troutner, Roger Nungester. x l 4 i 1 l l l MRS. GROSS-GRADE 5 2 FRONT ROW-Wilbur Hosler, Dale Davis, Iim Drummond, Ion Bowersox, Ion Kiger, Ralph Ha Ierry Bundy, Kenneth Boggs. l SECOND ROW--Beatrice Chapman, Mary Brum baugh, Christina Hosler, B. I. Blake, Karen Grant, bara Harmon, Leslie Clayton, Linda Church, Nancy C ooper, Ianellen Coppes. A THIRD ROW--Richard Heller, Carole Brown, Ioretta Fletcher, Francia Boltz, Ioyce Bhaer, Pat He Barbara Abbott, Barbara Apple, Betty Ives, Mrs Gross. 1 1 ISASTI ROW-Blaine Dukes, David Bowersox, Rodney Clouser, Bob Curlis, Billy Bickmyer, Wayne . er, tep en Carnicom, lim Brurnbaugh, Hal Henry,Ronny Griffin, Larry Apple. Absent-Alfonso? ez, Larry Harris, Paul Chapman. , MR. BONHARD-GRADES 5 85 6 FRONT ROW--Kenneth Nigh, Donald Leaders, lay Dodge, Torn Brown, Roger Miller, Charles Rayle, 7 Keith Conrad, Torn Boney. i SECOND ROW-Marjorie Bundy, Margret Monasmith, Barbara Leaf, Carolyn Lloyd, Barbara Linsley, 1 Francis Ziegler, leannette Miller, Mary Miller, loan Shamp, Patricia Knepper. , THIRD ROW-Mary Buchanan, Iona Crouse, Sandra Campbell, Marie Cortez, Linda Drake, Harell 1 Plocher, Sandra Woodward, Doris McCartney, Patricia Patterson, Betty Reichenbach, Cheryl Morelan. l LAST ROW-Iohn Wagner, Ronald Mallow, Paul Bowers, Larry Mills, larnes Ziegler, Ted Bhaer, Larry Andrews, Harry Egbert, Iarnes Pelton, Larry Slaugh-terbeclc, Karl Haley, Denny King, Mr Bonhard. T l l 1 HAMLIN-GRADE 6 Nfl RONT ROW--Terry McCann, Iohn Bassett, Way ne Rush, Billy Mcliinnis, Larry Smith, Arthyr Emahis- onald Fittro, Ronald Rader. ECOND ROW-Gloria McMann, ludy Pelton, Maxine Richenbaugh, lgvonne Van Eman, Mary Sewell, ,la Troutner, lanet Sweebe, Ioyce Eriord, Phyllis Heminger, Rebeca Teiit. HIRD ROW-Dean Woodrutt, lane Damon, Roxie Griffith, Shirley Nungester, Dixie Mills, lune Wag- lerrie Gillen, Sharon Roberts, Wanda Sterling, Martha Sewell, Miss Hamlin. AST ROW-Chas. Miller, Iames Gerdeman, William McFarlan, Roger Freeland, Larry Krause, Carl rson, Robert Kelley, Bobbie Wymer, Wesley Wittenmyer, Guy Carlton, Tom Sterling, Iudson Trout, rt Swartz. Absent Roberta McLaughlin, Roxie Hutson. MISS MILLER-GRADE 7 ' FRONT ROW-Mary Ann Hosler, Sondra Freeland, Maxine Benedict, Doris Ferguson, Mary Lou Dukes, Beverly Blackman, Louise Brown, Cleora Snyder. SECOND ROW--Raymond Chapman, Edward Creeger, Gerald Fletcher, Nina Coppes, Mildred Hilt- on, Ester Ackerman, Beverly Conrad, Sandra Bushey, Miss Miller. LAST ROW-Iames Buchanan, Iames Brurnbaugh, Donald Apple, Gary Clark, Iudson Clements, Glen Vanscoder, lack Brumbaugh, William Curlis, Lee Dick, Harold Wisher. D l y MRS. SPONSLER - GRADE 7 EE I FRONT ROW-Iames McCartney, Mary Lou lves, loyce Overmier, Ann Mullholand, Karen Troutner, Shirlel Moore, Roberta Linsley, Francis Neier. l SECOND ROW-Larry Lang, lesse Mallow, Richard Sterlinq, Paul Swartz, Bonnie Whipple, Barbara Smitll ludy Walter, Mary lulien, Donna Rinehamrner, Mrs Sponsler. 1 LAST ROW-Edward Matthes, Edwin Lloyd, lack Roseboom, Rodney Monasmith, Michael Rockwell, lohl Miller, Robert Palmerton, Guy Mauk, Michael Roth, Bernard Straley, Franklin Neier. t l l t , l l l l l MR CHANDLER-GRADE 8 ' E FRONT ROW-David Hutson, Bobbie Williams, Dick Wisher, Charles Riechenbach, Dick Tetft, Mickey Leat,l Leroy McMahan, Carl Solarik, lim Iudd. SECOND ROW-Marlene McCartney, Nita Lloyd, Helen Copus, Sally Babbs, Shirley McCartney, Pat Charn- berlain., N G d ancy ar ner, Nancy Dodge, Mary Lou Deter, loyce Garrett, Nancy Buchanan P THIRD ROW-Roger Hoftsis, Kent Halderrnan, Helen Rayle, Frances Ives, Vivian Werner, Sue Babbs, Carol arsons, Kay Lear, Darlene Murny, Ianet Mincks, Shelva Woodward, Marjorie Renter, Maxine Cook, Nora Clark, Iulia Nunqester. FOURTH ROW-Dennis Hiqley, Garland Franks, David Connors, Paul Miller, Larry Boudrie, Bill Carlton, Ted Slauqhterbeck, Georqe Ir. Carter, Evert Ackerman, Bruce Overmier, Robert Gallant, Ierry Brumbauqh, Denny Mills, Ierry Rensch, lim Carles, Iack Monasmith, Gary Shafer. l 1 ACTIVITIES '1'f3I' W? K I it gittatzgr S' E, . is X in , Z ,rmwf .1 .k,.,.,.. ui.. sunior Crass ?resents tfBill'S Xigltf Ou? Did you ever wake up on a bright and sunny morning and remember you wrecked your family car? Well, Bill Anderson did, He wrecked his fathers car while trying to impress his girl, Patricia Harris. The day after the wreck Billls father tells him to get the car in condition, because he wants to take his new boss to play golf. That's right, Pat's father is the new boss, and since Pat had come home with a black eye from the wreck. Mr. Harris was on the warpath. He was determined to find the driver of the wrecked car-namely Bill. At last they find the family car has been sitting in the drive way all the time, and in the same-as- always condition. This must mean that Bill had ruined someone else's car. lnter- esting question, "Whose?" Then to add zest to things, Bill's little sister tries to buy a hundred pounds of candy with a marked bill from a bank robber. Bill needs Sl,000 to fix his car, while worrying about his lack of money his little sis- ter removes her father from the closet where the bank robber put him. Bill gets wind of these strange goings on and captures the bank robber. Gets the Sl,000 reward. Now he can fix the car. CAST Patricia Harris ............ Wilma Gordon Harry Rogers .......,.... Howard Flowers Bill Anderson ................ lack Miklovic Dottie ..........,......................... Pat Sheffer lane Anderson .................... Sue Grobly lmogene ........... .......... A nn Garrison Mother Anderson ........ Sandra Sewell Edna Forrest ................ Helen Ferguson Father Anderson ............ Tom McGann Sandra ............................ loyce limison Mrs. Harris .............. Nancy Lambright Goober Smith .........,...,...... Bob limison H. K. Harris ...................... Sonny Clark Lon Kormer ..,................. Denny Dennis Front row Clreft to rightl-Nancy Second row Robert limison, Ar- Back row-Charles Lambrlght loyce limison Patricia lene Freed, Shirley Lindeman, Ann Flowers, lack Miklovic, Tom Mc Sheffer Sandra Sewell Sue Grobly, Garrison, Connie Woodruff. Gann, Denny Dennis, Director Mr Helen Ferguson G Knestrict. Clark Howard The Senior Class Presents wlihe Inner' illyw Iohn Sponsler ...... Enid Cupp ,...... Sharon Fast . lack Sieqle Lois Ziegler ...... Ioe Shatter .......... Bonnie Carrnean .... Bernard Bundy ...... Mary Lou Damon ...... Danny Murny ........ Robin Hess ....... Mr Knestrict .......... Dorothy Deter .,.. l CC . . 99 Our Little Genius CAST Inner Wrilly Willouqhby's Aunt Willouql1by's Aunt Willoughby Adams Willouqhby's Aunt Carol Martin Assistant Director Marybelle Turner Stanley Ianet Marshall Director ,Trudy Marshall THE CORONATION Bill Donna Mary Lou Mary lo GOLLY! NOW WE REIGN THEIR MAIESTIES omecoming clcloration The North Baltimore Home- coming Game and Dance were held on Friday evening, Oct- ober 26. The local squad play- ed hard but lost to Bossford by a score of 26-20. On Thursday, October 18, nominations and elections were held to decide a queen and at- tendants. Those elected were: Oueen, Donna Prosser: Maid of Honor, Mary Lou Damon, Attendant, Mary Io Monasmith. Preceeding the game, the queen and her attendants were driven to the football field in a procession thru Main Street. The procession was led by the lo- cal Senior Band. The Oueen was crowned be- tween halves in an impressive ceremony by the gridiron cap- tain, Bill Winkle. Bobby Laffer- ty was crown bearer .The field was darkened and the band formed a crown with lights mounted on their hats while playing "Let Me Call you Sweetheart" in honor of the queen. Also during half-time, the band performed various formations such as "R" in hon- or of Rossford, Beautiful Ohio, and an N. B. for the Baltimore fans. After the game a dance was held in the school gymnasium at 10:15 p.m. and continued un- til l2:OO p.m. The queen and her attendants reigned over the dance. A very large crowd at- tended. 4 J w I 4 1 Hallowcnen Festive A huge crowd of more than three ousand persons lined North Balti- ore's Main Street and attended the an- ual Halloween festival at Memorial ield Wednesday night to witness the rgest of masked processions held here recent years. The colorful parade, featuring six chool bands, contained a long line of asked contestants, nearly a score of olorful floats entered by various organ- ations of the town, and the convertible utos containing the five contestants om surrounding schools entered in the ueen contest. As the parade wended its way rough the downtown business district, e start of the long procession reached 'Iemorial Field and passed in review efore the judges stand. As the remain- g entries in the parade reached the eld and passed the stand, the floats, ands, queens and contestants were as- embled over the field while the judging ok place. North Baltimore Festival Queen, Miss 'Donna Prosser, and her two attendants, ary Io Monasmith and Mary Lou Dam- n, rode on the Chamber of Commerce loat especially prepared for the queen. Jliss Prosser was not a contestant in he Queen contest, but was awarded a lgovernment savings bond. r Bonny Griffith of Van Buren was se- ected tor first place in the Queen con- est. Norma Sheerer, of Hoytville was elected for second place by the judges. ,hree prizes were awarded to the re- Eiaining contestants, Winifred Lee, of loomdaleg Donna Beck, Libertyp and 'ackie Hudson of Cygnet. Donna Beck Winifred Norma lcxckie Bonnie Lee Sheerer Hudson Griffith Chamber Of Commerce Float Hi-Y and 'rri-Ha-Y Float Grade Uperetra I lst Row: Frank Brown, Leslie Andrews, Dennis Connor, Bobby Mills, Karen Merrill, Becky Lloyd, Sus- an Spitler, Karen Sue Reynolds, Shirley Bils, Sue Bowersox, Sandra Griffith, Edsel Laney, Billy Smith, lohn Crouse, David Mott. I ' Znd. Row: lon Heister, -limmy Walter, Kathy Waflter, loyce Bower, Penny Conine, Harriet Ives, Nondas Gfflfflfh, llmmy Miller, Donald Roth, Dick Lloyd, Donald Ferguson, Richard Mullholland, Iirnmy Krontz, Carol Cooper, Rosemary Kelley, Lois Shilling, Brenda Williams, Elaine Schares, Lucinda Carles. 3rd. Rowr Carolyn Werner, Faye Rush, Karen Luse, Rebecca Linsley, lerry Bundy, Larry Apple, Iimmie Pelton, Larry Mills, Margie Bundy, l-larrel lean Plocher, Dick Swartz, lerry Brown, Richard Clark, Bobby Shamp, Carl Matthes, Tim Witwer, David Harmon, Linwood Smith, Carol Kocak, Ieanne Bushey, Cynthia Nigh, Ronald Rader. 4th Row: Lois Ziegler, ludy Church, Francia Boltz, Barbara Apple, Patricia Heller, Margaret Monasmith, lane Damon, loyce Errord, Roberta McLaughlin, Linda Drake, Evonne Vanaman, Sharon Roberts, ludy Pelton, Pam Troutner, lohn Clayton, Nancy Pelton, lane Cross, Douglas Troutner, Roberta Richenbach, Beth Heister, Pat Bowersox, Carl Culberson, Mrs. Collar. 4 oy lst Row: Shirley Sines, Phyllis Ziegler, Susan Fer- guson, Patty Harmon, Riggie Kern, Billy Nigh, Derald Carles, Bobby Spence. 2nd Row: Mary Kendall, Wil ma Sines, Paula Kranz, Sharyn Meyer, Martha Kelley, Barbara Wymer, Anita Nungester, lane Audenardt, Angela Sue Clark, Dianna Snyder. 3rd Row: Charles Mallow, Cfary Rayle, Arthur Patterson, lim Brown, Arthur Dodge, Mic- hael Meyer, Dick Simon, Mic- hael Snyder, Douglas Kaufman, Ioseph McCartney, Carolyn Bretz. 4th Row: Donald King, Rich- ard Brumbaugh, Greg Clark, Tommy Drake, Eddie Ziegler, David Bishop, Robert Hesse, Phillip Bucher, Dale Speir, Le- Roy Blake, Stephen Bush, Dan- nv Reynolds, Kenneth Gordon, Mrs Collar. Higli Sclmool Operetta Front Row: Ruth Ziegler, Arlene Freed, Lonnie Thompson, Sharon Post, Lois Ziegler, Ruth Echelberqer, Icrnet Tecztsorth, Mory Anne Lecri. Mrs. Collar, George Myers, Dale Swope, Don Mumy, lock Miklovic, Tom MCG-ann, Ed Wirt, Maurice Risser. State Scliolarsliip H Front Row: Pot Sheffer, Tome Lloyd, Ioyce B1-lrsielc, Paulo Rockwell, Sue DeAr1nent, Helen Ferguson. Back Row: Tom Reynolds, David Sponsler, Berncrrd Bundy, George Myers, Iohn Andrews, David Luse, Iohn Sponsler, David Bowersox. THE SPEAKERS TABLE lack Miklovic, Paula Rockwell, Iim Clements, Sharon Fast and Mr. E. A. VanAtta - left to right. According to tradition the Ir. class gave a banquet and prom for the depa t ing Seniors. This was held on Saturday evening, May l7th. The theme of the banquet was, "Rainbow Gardens." The cafeteria was de corated like a flower garden with a large sun looking down upon a rainbow Elves were depicted upon little white clouds and looked down upon the guests The program for the evening was: Toastmaster-Mr. Wind .......................................... .,.,,., I ack Miklovic Welcome by Ir. President-Miss Sun Ray ..,...... ......., A rlene Freed Response by Sr. President-Mr. Calm ............. .,...,.,,.., I im Clements Vocal Solo-Miss Blue Birdm, ..,.,,.,..,....,,. , .,.,..,,.,.,,.,.,.. Ruth Echelberger Toast-Mr. Storm .......,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,, M r, Ven Ang Pigrlo Duet-Thunderclouds ......,......,.,.... Ruth Ziegler and Elaine Adams Remarks+Mr. Rain ........,.............,...,.......A............l.......,.... Mr. M. C. Chilcote II'lSlI'U1'1'l9I'1lCIl Solo--Little White Cloud ,...,..,, ......,... C arl Culbertson ""f"' S 'Avi ,Mp ,, E Q HEEL . M 3 H acca aureate Sunday evening May 18, at eight o'clock in the High School auditorium baccalaureate servi- ces were held tor the graduating class of 1952. The North Baltimore High School band played the processional while the Seniors marched in esf corted by four Iuniors: Pat Shetter, Denny Dennis, Sue Grobly, and lack Miklovic. Rev. G. C. Dibert, pastor of the North Baltimore Methodist Church, gave the invocation and the scripture reading. The High School Choir sang several selections, "Hymn To The Trinity" and "You'- ll Never Walk Alone." The Girls Glee Club sang "Lift Thine Eyes." The sermon was given by Father Leo Aurelian, priest ot the North Baltimore The subject of his speech was the need of religion throughout a person's life and not just at the time Catholic Church. oi death. . Pastor oi the Trinity Christian Parish, Rev. George W. Crenshaw gave the Benediction. The program closed with the Seniors marching out to the accompaniment of the North Baltimore School Band playing the recessional. el ommencement The sixty-first Annual Commencement Exercises were held Wednesday, May 21, l952 at 8:00 P. M. in the High School Auditorium. The program opened with Elaine Adams and Ruth Ziegler playing "War March of the Priests" as the Processional. The thirty Seniors marched in, and as soon as they were seated, Bev. A. G. My- rice, the Evangelical United Brethren Church, gave the Invocation. A vocal Ensemble composed of Enid Cupp, Sharon Fast, Mary Lou Damon, Mary Ann Leaf, Florence Laiferty, Nancy McLaughlin, and Lois Ziegler sang "Prayer". lack Siegle, class salutatorian, gave his oration, and Lois Ziegler sang "Morning". lohn Andrews, co-valedictorian with Lois Ziegler, gave his oration. "My Task" was sung by a mixed quartet composed of Sharon Fast, Florence Laiferty, Maurice Bisser, and Dan Murny. Dr. Clyde Hissong, State Superintendent ot Public instruction, gave the class address. Mr. Van Atta then presented the awards to various class members who had done outstanding work, and then Mr. Chilcote presented the class to Mrs. C. B. Kelley. Mrs. Kelley, president of the Board of Education, passed out the diplomas. Rev. D. S. Witwer, St. Luke's Lutheran Church, spoke the Benediction. Miss Adams and Miss Ziegler then played the Recessional, "Pomp and Circumstance". k 'Toe 9 ie-dx ded +5 Ycioe TRIP f Q -WMMWM WW e- me wade 'Nkxexe QXX oo. KX GN -VG JY.b Ga . fkne of th ' e Year The QSO0065 oxeNpsqe o96,venq'o Q06 Qoeee Xofak do New 'Nkixke Exo 066 comb 6 9860 bet XCKVX Ckoe-Ce, 9 KO-Y-60 bei GXQY eseiw 2. SL ' E' E- fn cn CG 5 0 R C- A N I Z lvxodaitl A rj ESQ- J' 'V M N 'H WN N wp, W lf Tv Tiger Talk tall First Row: Enid Cupp, Lois Ziegler, Bonnie Carmean, Paula Rockwell, Mary Lou Damon, Sharon Fast, lack Siegel, Iirn Cle- ments. Second Row: Florence Laiferty, Robin Hess, Donna Prosser, Ellen Halstead, Wanda Cook, Sue Gardner, Dorothy Deter, MI. Knestrict. Third Row: Richard Fittro, Bob Kelley, lohn Andrews. Editor - In - Chief ....... Managing Editor ...... News Editor ....... . Sports Editor ...... "Fast's Facts" Copy Reader ......... Art Editor ...............,... Business Manager ...... Production Manager ...... Head Typist ...,,,,. T ,.,...... General Manager ....... Paula Rockwell Bonnie Carrnean Lois Ziegler lack Siegel Sharon Fast Iohn Andrews Robin Hess Enid Cupp Iirn Clements Mary Lou Damon Mr. Knestrict Front row-Ann Garrison, Pat Sheffer, Mary lo Monasmith, Sandra Sewell Paula Rockwell, Elaine Hoffsis, Robin Hess, Bonnie Carmean, Mary Lou Dam on. Second row-Delores Morelan, Ann Sesok, nh B V erie ushey, lackie Sheffer, Luella Bretz Mar A L f W ' , y nn ea, anaa Cook, Shirley Zeltner, Dorothy Deter Nancy Francisco. Third row-Nancy McLaughlin, Sharon Fast, Sue DeArment, Leona Ziegler Lois Ziegler Sandra A 1 Sh l , pp e, ir-ey Lindenman, Helen Ferguson, Nancy Lam: bri ht, M 'l ' ' ' g an yn Laney, Madeline Shilling, Mrs Sweebe. Fourth row-lanice Whipple, Shirley Smith, Shirley Mercer, Arlene Freed, Ann Spillman, Barbara Deter, Barbara Simon, Ioyce Bursiek, Donna Prosser, Sue gffrrdner, Sue Grobly, Enid Cupp, Florence Lafferty, Darlene Engle, Rosemary ouser. The first meeting of the Tri-Hi-Y was held on September 24 This was the an nual "big sister party" for sophomore girls, and was held in the North Balti- more park. The girls voted to be affiliated with the YMCA and to be known as the Tri-Hi-Y instead of the Y-Teens. The informal initiation was held on October l2th in the Methodist church. After the induction for the new members by the officers a tea was held. A Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y convention was held at Fostoria on November 17. Four members represented our organization. ' At the regular meeting held on Ianuary 28th, Mrs Gross, who has taken a course on Parliamentary Procedure, spoke to the members on this subject. A I-li-Y, Tri-Hi-Y district meeting was held at Findlay on February Gth. Shar- on Fast was chosen to represent the Tri-Hi-Y at this meeting. During the winter, the Tri-Hi-Y and I-li-Y had joint swimming parties in the Findl YMCAb" ' ay uildmg. The girls also treated the boys to a pot luck sup- per at a meeting held on March 31 in the school cafeteria. The customary Mother-Daughter banquet was held on May 5 in the school cafeteria. Front Row - CLeft to Bightl: Iohn Sponsler, Bob Kelley, lames Clements, lohn Andrews Dan Mumy, Dale Swope, Denny Dennis. Second Row - Charles Zeltner, Sonny Clark, lack Siegel, Howard Flowers, om McGann Ted Gardner, Richard Fittro, Bernard Bundy, Maurice Bisser. Back row Ioe Shafer, Charles limison, Robert Bonner, lack Miklovic, Pat Boney Tom Monasmith, SPONSORS-Mr Chilcote and Mr Fast. The North Baltimore chapter of the Hi-Y began the 1951-52 school year with only five members. These five were all seniors and had joined the Hi-Y the previous year. Seventeen new members were taken into the organization at two induction ceremonies held in the Methodist church-one in the fall and one in the spring. This made a total of 22 boys and the two advisors, Mr Chil- cote and Mr Fast. This was the first year that the North Baltimore Chapter practiced the gpen membership policy. This means any junior or senior boy may join the i-Y. The Hi-Y sent representatives to the Hi-Y camp CCamp Pittengerl and to the Hi-Y conferences held at Fostoria and Findlay. The I-li-Y members plan- ned and participated in combined meetings and in swimming parties with the members of the Tri-Hi-Y. Together with the Tri-Hi-Y members, they planned and took part in the Holy 'Week Services in the school. In the spring the Hi-Y members set aside a program devoted entirely to movies. Throughout the year the programs included speakers and discus- sions, and sometimes recreation in the gym. The Hi-Y sold copies of the "First and Ten" magazine, an Ohio high school sports magazine, in order to obtain the funds for the affiliation with the Nat ional Y M C A. ' tiudent A ounci Front row-CLeft to Ftightl-Mrs. Gross, Mrs. McCullough, Lois Ziegler, lohn Andrews, Sandra Sewell, Sharon Fast, Mr. Chilcote. Second row'-Mr. Smith, Nita Lloyd, Susan Roth, Bonnie Car- mean, Mary Ann Leaf, Sue DeArment, Florence Laiierty, Barbara Deter, Iudson Clements, William Wilkinson, David Sponsler, How- ard Flowers, Miss Miller. Back row-Mr. Fast, Robert Kelley, Dan Mumy. In 1949 a group of high school students known as the "Assembly Committee" Was organized for the purpose of planning monthly assembly programs for the high school. It soon became apparent that there was much more work that could be done by such a group, so in 1950 a constitution was drawn up, officers were elected, and the name was changed to "Student Council." Five teacher-sponsors were appointed who were responsible for assisting the students in recommend- ing, planning, and promoting worth-while activities. Luncheon meetings were held every two weeks, during which time business was transacted. In addition to planning outstanding assembly progroms, during the school year of 1951-52 this organization was responsible for the Hall Monitor Plan, the March of Dimes Campaign, the lining of the trophy case, and the initial steps for a Student Placement Bureau. Every effort possible was expended to support pro- jects such as "The Call" and the Easter Seal Campaign A committee i . s now working diligently to bring about better citizenship practices on the part of the high school students. Hall Monitors Front row-Eddie Creeger, Mary Anne Krontz, Ann Sesok, lna Moore, Sand- ra Sewell, Helen Ferguson, Patricia Shefier, lane Ann Lloyd, Maxine Benedict. 2nd row-Francis Anne Ives, Vivian Werner, Mary Matuska, Sue DeArment, Iudson Clements, Howard Wymer, lack Miklovic, Denny Dennis, Charlene Cun- ningham, Nancy leffery, Leah Rae Lovell. Grd row-Kay Lear, Nancy Dodge, Nita Lloyd, ludy Walter, Beverly Blackman: Ioyce Overmier, Shirley Smith, Arlene Freed, Barbara Deter, Elaine Adams, lan- is Minlcs, Susan Roth, Ianet Creeger, Mr. Chilcote. Upon recommendation of the Student Council, the hall monitor system was es- tablished in October, 1951. The purpose of the system is to observe and record all activity in the high school halls during classes. Three students are selected each period to serve as monitors. One at the end of each corridor and one at the intersection of the two corridors. Any student moving in the halls during class periods must have a hall -pass is- sued by his teacher. . I Any visitor to school, after securing a pass at the office, is checked and assist- ed by the h.all monitors. Since establishing this system, conduct in the halls has been greatly improv- ed, and it is felt that hall monitors have been an asset to the school. ationa orensic eague r l l I mi Left to right: Lucille Andrews, Lois Ziegler, Arlene Freed, Iohn Andrews, Barbara Deter, Sue DeArment. In 1950 there were three members of the National Forensic League. Since that time we have reached a total number of ten members. But have only seven active now after two graduated and one moved away. This year three degrees of Excellence were earned. Those earning them were David Luse, Barbara Deter and Sue DeArment. Arlene Freed also had this degree which was received in 1951. This is the highest degree earned by any student in our chapter. The main activity of the members in our chapter is debating. The record this year was ten wins and ten losses. The league also sponsored a Square Dance in April to obtain funds for the purchase of debate materials on next year's topics. Varsity Team 1 IK F RCN T ROW: Arlene Freed lim Overmier Bob Bowersox Sue DeArment BACK ROW: Barbara Deter Franz Carleton Mr Knestrict Ioyce Bursiek Lucille Andrews The first tournament that the team entered was at Port Clinton on Ianuary l9. At this debate Bob Bowersox and Barbara Deter were affirmative, Sue De- Arment and David Luse were negative. The team came home with a two win- four loss record. On February 2, they went to Sylvania. At this tournament two teams were entered. The varsity team consisted of Barbara Deter and Arlene Freed as af- firmative, Sue DeArment and David Luse negative. The second team was made up of Lucille Andrews, Franz Carleton, Ioyce Bursiek and lim Overmier. We ad- ded five wins and one loss to our record and tied for first place. The third tournament was held at Delaware. The varsity team was en- tered. Lucille Andrews also entered the declamation contest. We came home with two wins and four losses. On February 25, the varsity team and Lucille Andrews, as a declamation entry, entered the District Speech League Tournament. The team tied with Port Clinton for first and lost the chance of going to the State Tourney when the tie was broken. Mr Knestrict Arlene Freed Barbara Deter Sue DeArment Absent David Luse Debate lo enior' Band lst row-Mary Ann Krontz, Sue DeArrnent, Nancy McLaughlin. 2nd row-Helen Ferguson, Mary Anne Leaf, Bill Wilkinson, Ruth Ziegler, Iohn Andrews, Paula Rockwell, Florence Lafierty, lane Lloyd, Tom Reynolds. 3rd row-Nancy Buchanan, Francis lves, Helen Copus Sue Grololy Phyllis Dukes Leona Ziegler i3argara Deter, lacky Shefer, lanet Teatsort, Genie Leaf, Karen Troutner, Barbara Smith, Sandra Freei an . 4th row--Mrs. Collar, Nancy Gardner, Ierry Fletcher, Dorothy Deter, Robin I-less, Nita Lloyd, Dan- ny Mills, Doris Ferguson, Lonnie Thompson, Pat Shefier, Mary Lou Dukes. 5th row-Larry Andrews, George Myers, Arlene Freed, Sharon Fast, Lois Ziegler, Sandra Apple, loyce Bursiek, Dale Swope, lud Clements, David Connors, lohn W. Smith. Drum Majorettes Lett to right: Nancy McLaughlin, Sue DeArn'ient, Mary Ann Krontz. enior and The North Baltimore School Band had a very active year. They marched, played concerts, entered contests, and in general, had fun. Their first marching show was put on at Arlington. The theme for this was "Vacation Time". , The following day, September 15, they journeyed to Swanton to participate in the annual "Corn Festival". The Band played at all the football games except two, these being at Clyde and Hicks- ville. .Among the many themes presented, the most outstanding, thought by all, was the theme used at the benefit game which hon- ored our Gene Iones. The Band first made formations which represented different sports, and then formed a G-I while leading the crowd in singing "For He's A Iolly Good Fellow". The next big event on the Band's calendar was the homecoming. The members worked hard to make this a special event, and came up with a very good show. While using their hat lights, they made a sparkling crown, and the state oi Ohio with the "Beautiful Ohio Riv- er" flowing along its southern borders. During the year short concerts were play- ed for different organizations, among these being the Beet Growers Association, Parent Teacher Association,and the Community ln- stitute. , To earn money for more uniforms and ac- cessories to the ones already had, the Band sponsored a tag day, and the members put on a minstrel show. Both were successful, and with the money earned, a new school flag, three maiorette uniforms, black citation cords, and identification patches for the uniforms were bought. During the basketball season, pep-bands played at all home games. The whole band accompanied the team to the tournament at Bowling Green On March 15, the band participated in the district band contest held at Bowling Green State University A mid-semester concert was given in the North Baltimore School Audiorium on March 28. The last performance was played at the Spring Festival. The Junior Band Row l: Darlene Murny, Mary Matuska, Mary Buchanan, Guy Mauk, Sondra Freeland, Phillis Hemminger, Mary Lou Ives, Elaine Adams. Row 2: Mrs Collar, Ted Slallghterbeck, Eddie Matthes, Ed- die Lloyd, Iohn Bassitt, Roger Freeland. . 01118 5 l Front Bow: Ianet Teatsorth, Nancy Drake, lane Lloyd, Ruth Echelloer L I . 9911 onnie Thompson, Barbara Blake, Susan Both, Mrs. Collar, Genie Leat, Mary Matuska, leanette Creeger, Lucille Andrews, Luella Bretz, Mary Anne Leaf. 2nd Bow: Mary Ann Krontz, Ann Garrison, Ann Sesok, Rosemary Clouser, Barbara Cooper, Naida Troutner, Shirley l-lerringshaw, Sue Grobly, Ruth Zieg- ler, Charlene Cunningham, Sharon Fast, Cherie Bushey, Mary Damon. 3rd Bow: Nancy Lambright, Shirley Smith, Shirley Mercer, Ann Spillman, loyce limison, lim Gordon, Tom Fteynolds, Bill Gerdeman, Tom McGann, loyce Bursiek, Sue DeArment, Arlene Freed, Lois Ziegler. 4th Bow Na M L : ncy . c aughlin, Barbara Deter, Sandra Apple, Shirley Lind- enma ,B b T ' ' ' n ar ara Simon, David Sponsler, lohn Hutchinson, Gerald Butner, lanice Whipple Enid Cupp Paula Bo k l' , , ' c we 1, Florence Lafterty, Leona Ziegler, Elaine Adams. Last , - y, onny isser, Ned Mik- lovic, lohn Monasmith Bruce Mauk G , , eorge Myers, David Mumy, Dale Swope, Denny Dennis, lack Miklovic, Danny Mumy. Row: Bob Bonner, Ted Gardner Bill Hollowa S R' Al the beginning Of the 1951-52 School vegr the chorus was reorganized under the direction of Mrs Cleva Collar. Since then the chorus has grown until it Stands at 72 voices. The first concert the chorus gave was o th 11 e evening of November 26 for the Parent-Teachers Associa- tion. Less than a month later the annual Chr" -' ' ismas concert was given at the high school auditorium. NO more perfermgnces were given bv the chorus until the first week of February when it sang at the F armer's institute. Following the concert all time and energy was directed toward the production of the operetta, "Tune ln". Cn March 7 two performances of "Tune ln" were given. The next day the solo and ensemble contest was held at Bowling Green State University. Twelve mem bers of the chorus were entered. Th f h ree o t e soloists and a girl's ensemblelreceived superior ratings which en- abled them to attend the state solo and ensemble contest at Ott b ' A , . er ein College. t the mixed chorus contest on March l5 the choir received an excellent rating. The last two Tuesdays of March and the first Tuesday of April representatives from the chorus went to Bowling Green High School to practice for the Wood County Spring Festival These representatives, along with representatives irom other count sch l y oo s made up a mixed chorus ot more than lOO voices. The actual per- formance took place on the evening of April 4. r B 'd ' esi es singing for the Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y sponsored Holy Vlfeek Services, the chorus's only other concert was the high school Spring Festival. The Jr. 'assieal League Row lz lanet Teatsorth, lane Ann Lloyd, Sue DeArment, Ioyce Bursiek, David Sponsler, Betty Io 1-lamman, Miss C-. Bloom. Row 2: Mary Matuska, Genie Leaf, Ieanette Creeger, Nan- cy Iettries, Millie Fittro, Charlene Cunningham, Susan Roth, Sharon Smith. Row 3: Nancy Drake, Ann Sesok, laclcie Shetter, Phyllis Dukes, Leona Ziegler, Naida Troutner, Leah Ray Lovell, Pat Lawson, Bill Willkinson. Row 4: lim Overmier, Bill Leonard, Elaine Adams, Shirley Sewell, Barbara Deter, Ruthie Ziegler, Shirley 1-lerringshaw, Wanda Baney, Robert Bowersox. The Iunior Classical League is a National organization ot students ot Latin and other students interested in the classics. The Ohio lunior Classical League was organized in Toledo in the spring ot 1951. At this organization meeting Dav- id Sponsler was made a member of the State executive committee. This com- mittee met in Middleton, Ohio, in October, 1951, to plan the annual convention, to be held on April 18-19, 1952 in Columbus with St, Aquinas High School chap- ter as the host. The chapter meets once a month and presents a program, both entertain- ing and instructive. Latin is made more alive and interesting through the medi- um of the league. At Christmas time Latin Carols were sung, and Christmas cards decorated the bulletin board. A panel oi "experts" conducted a "TV" quiz program. Prizes were given to the winning contestants. The questions dealt with things Latin and Roman. The "ldes ot March" was celebrated with a "Trip through Roman History," entitled, "Roamin with the Romans". JF. RCCI FOSS beatea: Sue De Arment, Lois Ziegler, Miss Hamlin, Miss TTT Miller, Paula Rockwell, lane Lloyd. Standing: Ronnie Griffith, Marilyn Rinehammer, Beverly Harmon, Larry Andrews, Darlene Mumy, Iudy Walter, Eddie Lloyd, Margaret Monasmith. The Junior Red Cross Council The American Iunior Red Cross is the junior membership of the American Red Cross and represents them in the elementary and secondary schools - public. private, and parochial. Founded in 1917 by a proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson, it is a part of an organized humanitarian program that gives its members an opportunityt h ' ' o serve ot ers in peace or war through channels correlated with the school curriculum. The Iunior Red Cross Council is made up of student representatives from each of the grades four through twelve, and two faculty advisors. This council conducts a drive tor funds every year in November and in th . , 9 spring, boxes are packed for children in the United States and abroad to stimulate understanding and good will. Nationally, Iunior Red Cross members provide service to the armed forces or to veterans' hospitals by the rodu t' f ' p c ion o special comfort and recreational items and holiday favors. F 'j 4 P The Projection l lulu Front row-iLeit to right?-Ted Slaughterback, David Sponsler, Robert Bowersox, james Iudd. Back row--Mr. Fast, Larry Boudrie, Ned Miklovic, David Mumy, james Overmier, The projection club, now in its fourth year, consists of the following: Sophomores-David Luse, David Mumy, David Spon- slefry Freshman--Bob Bowersox, Ned Miklovic, Iim Overmierp 8th grade-Larry Boudrie, lim Iudd, Ted Slaughterbacky 7th grade- three not yet chosen. The club is divided into three groups, each unit consisting of a member from each class. The duties of the Projection Club included the showing of edu- cational films on various subjects and the projection of the noon movies. Much credit should be given to Mr. D. G. Fast for the organiza- tion of the club. Mr. Fast instructs the new members in movie pro- jection and is the- sponsor and promoter of the group. .A lot of thanks is due the organization for its efforts in assisting with the visual aid program of N. B. H. S. Row Row Row Row Row G. A. A. I l i 4 A 1 l: Barbara Simon, Donna Prosser, Ina Moore, Nancy Lambright, Lois Ziegler, Mary Lou Damon, Pat Sheffer, Sharc Smith, Luella Bretz. 2: Ioyce Bursiek, Leona Ziegler, Cherie Bushey, Charlene Cunningham, .Nancy Francisco, Shirley Zeltner, Marilyr Laney, Rose Dishong, Lucille Andrews, Mary Ann Krontz. 3: lane Lloyd, Mary Ann Leaf, Ianet Teatsorth, Nancy Drake, Elaine Adams, Ruth Ziegler, Dorothy Deter, Mary I Monasmith, Mary Matuska, Ann Sesok. T 4: lackie Sheifer, Delores Morelan, Genie Leaf, Carol Brumbaugh, Sandra Straley, Phyllis Wisher, Robin Hess, Bonni Carmean, Wanda Baney, Leah Lovell, Pat Lawson. 5: Sue DeArment, Ioyce Iimison, Ann Garrison, Helen Ferguson, Wanda Cook, Marilyn Coppes, Shirley Lindenmar Sandra Apple, Phyllis Dukes, Shirley Sewell, Millie Fittro. ' Row 6: Arlene Freed, Sharon Fast, Shirley Smith, Shirley Mercer, Ann Spillman, Florence Lafferty, Barbara Deter Bonnie Caldwell, Enid Cupp, Sandra Sewell, Paula Rockwell, Sue Gardner, Sue Grobly, Nancy McLaughlin: Nancy Ieffries, Mrs. Boileau. 4 The first few meetings held were used to elect officers and to determine the various team members. During the Basketball season, Sheffer's team came out victorious. Dorothy Deter's team was the volleyball champs and was allowed to play the champion boy's team, Miklovic's. The boys won. G. A. A. members officiated at all intramural games. , Plans have been completed for soft-ball competition. This will give the l girls a total of three different sports in which to participate. i L April 29th, the Mother-Daughter Banquet was held at the Cafeteria. A mem- ' ber of the Bowling Green Physical Education Department spoke. An important l part of the program was the installation of Freshmen members in a candle-light l service. l A new constitution has been written and is up for approval. ationa Honor ocie I Bernard Bundy, Lois Zieqler, Icrck Siegel, Pdulcr Rockwell, Joe Shaffer, Sharon Fast, Iohn Andrews S P 0 R 5 LK Q ' Football Row 1: lack Eshelman, Larry Woodruff, Bob Bowersox, David MumY, lim Hellman, Bill Gerdeman, lim Russell, Allen Halstead, David Ferguson. Row 2: Bernard Bundy, Howard Flowers, lack Siegel, Tom Monasmith, Ralph Fran- cisco, Bill Winkle, Fred Brumbauqh, Danny Mclvlahan, Herbert Sweebe. Row 3: Mr Iones, lim Overrnier, Sonny Clark, Bill Holloway, Lawrence Nunqester, Iim Sterling, Pat Boney, Ed Wirt, Gerald Perry, Sonny Risser, Mr Barnes. Row 4: lim Clements, Bruce Mauk, Denny Dennis, Ed Richmond, Bob Kelley, lack Milclovic, Ned Miklovic, Iohn Monasrnith, Dick Pollom, Ioe Shafer. QV ootball 'l'he Tigers opened the season at Pandora where they played in the Football Preview. Their opponent was Vanlue. Mclvlahan intercepted an enemy pass in the last few seconds of play and ran about 30 yards for the winning touchdown. Clarkhkicked the extra point. . ln the first regularly scheduled game of the season, the Tigers traveled to Arlington to meet the Red De- vils. They had not been beaten since 1945 and had a winning streak that had run to 46 straight games. Only one tie marred this record. N. B. came from behind in the final quarter Wiih lack Siegel gOiI1g OVGI frO1'I1 The two yard line on a quarterback sneak. Captain Bi11Wink1e added the all important extra point. N. B. had upset mighty Arlington in the first game of the season 7-6 and had put an end to a marvelous winning streak. The next week the Tigers traveled to Clyde. The game, played on a hot, balmy evening, was a score- less affair except for a 57 yard run by Danny McMahan on a "Statue of Liberty" play for the game's only score. N. B. had won' its second game 6-0. ln the first home game ofthe season, the Tiger's opponent was a nearby rival, Bloomdale. The home club started out slowly, but led at the end of the first quarter as a result of Bill Winkle's runs of 72 and 82 yards. A Siegel to Monasmith pass was good for one extra point and Winkle plunged for the other. Holloway scored on a one yard buck. Mclvlahan scored twice on long passes thrown by Siegel. The fourth game of the season was "Gene Iones Night". All proceeds of the game were given to the Coach and his family to help them pay expenses incurred by their unfortunate accident. The Tiger's opponent fOr this game was Maumee Valley Country Day SChOO1. Siegel passed for three T D's, Francisco, Winkle and Monasmith each catching a touch-down pass. Winkle scored again on a 20 yard run and Holloway and Bundy also added six-pointers. Clark kicked four extra points. The next week the Tigers traveled to Fostoria to meet St. Wendelin. There they received their first defeat of the season 27-7. lim Sterling scored N. B. 's only TD. The following Thursday N. B. journeyed to Leipsic. There they had to come from behind in the last five minutes of play to win 25-19. Mclvlahan scored the clinching marker by returning a punt 70 yards for a touch- down. Winkle scored twice, once on a ten yard sprint and again on a pass play, Siegel to Winkle. A Siegel to Monasmith pass was good for the other TD. Winkle scored the only extra point. The Tigers returned home the next week to play Bossford in the Home-coming Game . This game was an offensive battle all the way, and although they lost 21-20, they made a good showing against the larger school. 'Winkle scored two touchdowns and Monasmith one. Clark kicked both of the extra points. in the HG-Xi to last ggrrle Of the SGCISOH the Tigers traveled to Hicksville. There the Tigers started strong, but had to come from behind in the last minute of play to win. Captain Bill Winkle scored all three touchdowns on runs of 43, 7 and 55 yards. The Tigers closed out a very successful season the next week at home. Their opponent was another nearby rival, VCIT1 Buren- MCMCIhg1'1'S long IUDS highlighted this game. He scored three times on runs of 29, 85 and 86 yards. Clark, Winkle, Bundy, Monasmith and Francisco each scored once. Clark kicked four extra points. Duke Flowers scored two points on a safety. The Tigers scored 216 points to their opponents 113 for an average of 24 points per contest to 12.5 for the enemy. Football Banquet 5 CLeft to Bightl Mr. Tom Bartlett, Mr. Chilcote, lohn Sponsler, Mr. Ned Garver, Mr. Bruce Sidebotham, Mrs. VanAtta, Mr. E. A. VanAtta, William VV'inkle, Mr. Barnes and Mrs Barnes. The Annual football banquet was held Dec. 5, in the high school cafeteria. Ned Crarver, star St. Louis Brown pitcher, was.the main speaker. Approximately 200 people attended the affair honoring the l95l squad who compiled the best won-lost record since l938. lSeason Becord 7-25. Bruce Sidebotham acted as toastmaster and introduced Garver who enti- tled his speech "Baseball As a Profession". Mr. 'V'anAtta, superintendent of the school, welcomed fans, Mr. Garver and members of the squad. Captain Bill Winkle, Mr. Chilcote and Mr. Barnes gave remarks. Music was furnished by Lo- is Ziegler and Sharon Fast. Tom Bartlett awarded the M. V. P. trophy to Tom Monasmith. Mr. Bartlett also presented awards to: Bernard Bundy for Best Sportsman: Bill Winkle, most dependable 7 Tom Monasmith, observance of training rules g lack Siegel, Howard Flowers, Bernard Bundy, and Lawrence Nungester, attitude toward coach. Head Coach Mr. lones presented letters and gold footballs to the following Seniors: Bernard Bundy, Ralph Francisco, Bob Kelley, Tom Monasmith, Sonny gisser, lack Siegel, lim Sterling, Bill Winkle, and Managers foe Shaffer' and lim lements. Mr. lones also awarded letters to luniors: Pat Boney, Fred Brumbaugh, Sonny Clark, Denny Dennis, Howard Flowers, Bill Holloway, Dan McMahan, lack Miklovic, Lawrence Nungester, Gerald Perry, Ed Richmond, and Eddie Wirt. Sophomores: Bill Gerdeman and lim Heilman. Numerals were awarded to sophomores: Albert Leaf, lohn Monasmith and David Mumy. To Freshmen: Bob Bowersox, Ion Eshelman, David Ferguson, Alan Halstead, Bruce Mauk, Ned Miklovic, lim Overmier, Dick Pollom, lim Russell and Larry Woodruff and managers Gale Kerr and Herb Sweebe. Phyllis Dukes, freshman cheerleader, received a letter and Bonnie Carmean was awarded a gold megaphone for her four years as cheerleader. fe ,Jim ifemewlfs meh 1 ? 1 I f l 1 AQ Qui' qQifqfky, S , 1 . 1 I 1, x 4 . 71 ' 1 4 1 R '4 - 1 f, X arsity Basketball Front Bow: Bernard Bundy, lack Siegel, Tom Monasmith, Mr. Iones, lim Clements, loe Shafer, Charles limison. Second Bow: Bob Bowersox, lim Baney, Pat Boney, Bob Kelley, lim Sterling, Bill Holloway, Dan McMahan, Bill Wilkin- son. The 1951-52 edition of the North Baltimore Tigers experienced one of their poorest seasons in recent years winning only 8 of 16 games and ending the sea- son with a dismal .500 won-lost percentage. The Tigers started the .season in fine fashion winning their first game on the home floor. Milton was the victim. They then lost their next three games top Cygnet, 46-40, to the defending State Champs, Grand Rapids, 59-38, and to Bloomdale, 68-44. The games with Tontogany and Hoytville were postponed be- cause of weather conditions. The 1-loytville game was played at a later date while the Tontogany fray was never made up. After the holidays, the Tigers came back to win three in a row, beating Liberty 49-34, Maumee Valley, 69-36 and Portage, 54-39. Then Fostoria St. Wen- delin came to town and several home floor records fell as the parochial school defeated N. B., 83-49. This was the greatest number of points scored against a Tiger quintet on its home court in history. lim Krupp, ace St. Wendelin forward, scored 39 points to break Mike Boach's individual scoring record. The Tigers then traveled to Weston where they eked out a 44-42 win. The following night the Tigers racked up their sixth win as against four losses by beating l-loytville, 53-41. Still traveling, the Bengals took a 69-49 defeat at the hands of the Carey Blue Devils. Returning home, the Tigers won a close game from Haskins, 47-46 and then got revenge from Cygnet by licking the Zippers 44-35. North Baltimore then traveled to Bluffton where they took it on the chin for the sixth time in 14 games, losing to the Pirates, 58-41. Upon returning home, the Tigers dropped the season's finale to Van Buren, 51-43. The Tigers ended the regular season with an 8-7 won-lost record. They ended up in a tie for second place in the Western League with Liberty. At the tournament drawing the Tigers won the toss of the coin and became the fourth seeded team in the annual affair. Their opponent for the first game of the tour- nament was nearby Bloomdale, who had defeated the Tigers earlier in the sea- son by a decisive margin. The Tigers played perhaps their best tourney start but, ironically enough, lost to the Bulldogs 42-39 thus dropping the curtain on the 1951-52 basketball campaign. This is the individual scoring for this Bengal Tribe. Pat Boney ............................ 133 lim Clements ......... .... 5 0 Tom Monasrnith ..... ,,,.,,,, 1 15 Chuck limison ...... .... 4 6 lC1Ck Siegel ........... .... 8 7 Bob Kelley .......... .... 3 6 loe Shafer ............. ,,.., 7 8 Iim Sterling .......... ..... 1 4 lim Baney ................. ,.,. 7 2 Bill Holloway ...... .... 1 2 Bernard Bundy ...,.,.. ,,,,, 5 4 lim Pixley ..g .... 1 North Baltimore Reserve Basketball Front Row: Bob Bowersox, David Sponsler, lim Pixley, Ned Miklovic, Ed Richmond, Bill Gerdeman B111 Wilkinson . Second Row: Larry Woodruff, Ronald Freeland, Howard Flowers, Bruce Mauk, David Mumy Charles Clark, Tom Reynolds, Larry Rinehammer, Mr. Iones. The North Baltimore Reserve Basketball squad continued on their winning ways again this year, ending the 1951-52 cage season with an eleven and four won-lost record. Had it not been for the sickness of numerous players durinq the year, the team could well have made a better showing. The reserve team started the season by- winning the first four straight games. They defeated Milton 44-3l, Cygnet 43-21, Grand Rapids 39-31 and gloomdale 40-24. The next two games were postponed because of weather con- itions. After the holidays they met a strong Liberty team and were defeated 43-30. Next they journeyed to Maumee Valley Country Day School to win by a 40-30 score. They were defeated the next two games by Portage 24-23 and Fostoria St. Wendelin 45-34. They went to grab two more victories off Weston and Hoytville. The Hoytville game was the postponed game. The Tigers went down to defeat at the hands of the Carey team by a score of 40-37. The next two games with Haskins and Cygnet were both victories for the N. B. Reserves with the scores 42-31 and 38-19 respectively. Next came the Bluffton five, but the N. B. team han- dled them fine by defeating them 33-25. Then came Van Buren and the last game of the season, the boys looked good and defeated the opponents 40-30. Baney played only five games with the reserves and played the rest with the varsity. Holloway and Richmond played in only 13 games. Clark and Flow- ers played in five games while Miklovic appeared in ll contests. The individual scoring for the boys were: Holloway .............................. 1 2 5 Pixley ............ ....... 1 13 lvliklovic ....... .... 9 3 Baney ........ .... Sponsler ....... .... 54 50 Cferdeman ....... .... 4 3 Richmond ........ 43 Flowers ........ .. . 1 4 Clark ............. .... 6 'Woodruff ....... .... 5 Mauk ............ . .. 2 Franks .............. .... 2 Rinehammer ...... .... 1 unior High Baslietlaall Front Bow: Roger Hoff- sis, lim Brumbaugh, Ga- ry Shafer, LeRoy McMa- han, Charles Wisher, lim Iudd, Guy Mauk, Bernard Straley, David Connor. Back Bow: Mr. Barnes, Larry Boudrie, Bruce O- vermier, Everett Acker- man, Ted Slaughter- beck, Guy Carleton, Herbert Sweebe, lack ley. The Ir. High Kittens had a good season by ending it with a ll-5 won and loss record. The Kittens won their first two games by defeating Milton 34-23 and Cygnet 27-21. They then met Grand Rapids and were defeated 34-17, and also were defeated by another strong Bloomdale team 27-23. Next they took on the Tontogany five and won 34-22. Then with a three and two record, they racked up another victory by spanking the Liberty team 27-16. After suffering another loss to Troy-Luckey, the Kittens came back to win two more, defeating Portage and Weston. Next came a strong Hoytville team. The Kittens went down in defeat when Hoytville scored the winning basket in the last five seconds of the game for a 41-39 decision. The North Baltimore lr. High then got. tough and won the next five consecutive games. They defeated Van Buren 24-19, Haskins 39-27, Van Buren again 21-17, Cygnet 30-25, and a close one with Bloomdale 28-26. That was the end of the regular season. Nezgt came the tournament. The North Baltimore team drew a very strong Pemberville team who defeated them 43-32. The individual scoring follows: McMahan l 07 Sweebe l OO Slaughterbeck 92 Monasmith 73 Overmier ' 47 Ackerman 30 Boudrie 1 7 ludd 6 Carleton 5 'Nisher 3 Shafer 2 Monasmith, Dennis Hig- 5 v F i enior High Cheerleaders Phyiiss Dukes Mary Io Monasrnith Ruth Echeiberger Bonnie Carmean , These are the girls who ied our cheering sections so faithfully and Well during the 1951-52 season. They kept enthusiasm aroused in the fans, and led with good sportsman- ship, even to defeat. And so we say to these girls, both junior high and senior high cheer- leaders, "a job Well done". Junior High Cheerleaders Nancy Gardner Doris Ferguson Maxine Benedict Mary Lou Deter . ,Q . 1909- OWS S . 1.919 PQ, Oni fum Nan. Suzxe. Mary p. 3 W 1 1 N . Oke 4 we AW' O 59 ei of! Q66 4 6, s 9 'ak 1 N E ,f ' 2 4 , gL?i,,af V , E --Y f wi , Wi g' ' X-,g -a2 M,',,,f , Q M.: M :.: X- QQ, ..,.,. 2 gf -F..-:EIii:Es:. 'JI'--:'I':' ff'-....,s: aaiiifiziii - ":1:::':,..:' ,. E5E5:5:5Eg:v -V 1fxgeg:5s ,f::EE:g"iY ,.,, 5 . - , 1 ,.,, f ,,.,, . 5 V ,E 'F ff-rwmfwy -M Mm :-::::- ' , MM, C, ..,. A wmwvf RQ , if ugly, ,X .,A. g A, ,'., "" I A' a:a:5::- -:-::s:s:a5s..: M 'W ""- ' WM' M f ww , Q M v 'mi ww'-9 1 Hg.. . ,M H , Ks f . -, I' ,',f:e-:2:2s:::1':p P'1:22::a:ae:-4-Z, Hb aisisisfiz, K .,., " 1': 5f5f55151f:lf' ,W X ' W as ' -aww W5 X 'W y- mim X we W. 1, ,,,' f -- 1 , I .,Q llliqu , W .:.., H, ,E ZZI AAZAZZ I EE bzzv V ., I N. B. Sailor Beware! MINSTREL SCENES TROPHY CASE MINSTREL SCENES MIN STREL SCENES, lr ': 9 O O ofa Q 0 O 90 809090, ooo go Oo , Q , oc 900.00990 oo 0 cQOoDoDo2poO 9 ooo 0o . 0 f K Y ' Q, 0 Q,-o ' n ' V-AAN -,.,1 ', ', 5 , 1-iiiii .- .i -g AA 11.-1 S i.- W --X ,.,--- .... - lun .... -ii -- i. 'A M' 'L -A-H 71.12.-YV-. -4- --- V "' ---r-.. ,--1. uv 2 L - ! 5 9 'f9""T 4 ,X 1 K- L .E , xxc' " 'fzi-':--n.-.. . 65' Ke X Bonme. f ,,.,. 2,,-LV.-.,,,L,!Q,. M x 45. N J? ' O 0 't J xiii 50 . Q Q u V y LC N WG used to have :D 5 Such plgasant, A g 4 .5 Corwevsatlohs , I X , urvtsl Yw stan-tal M . . it 'Z4'? talKmq back Q" r + , -1 4 XX 5 ' xx Sonny R,Sscr 1 "' ax, 1 . MY, 1 1 amaze. V ,ills III' S -N-s IBCYWQY C6 60 STAGE 92,4 DOOR A xl ef 2 B - 5ZQ,.6" I M my -L -- K .' ,MINI mrunnv L-' i' ix' .. f Ark Qay- ' lNED -- ' -A-, wr . L: , I JI! I fmerkzl 4 9 cf All Thx5 Q I . l -1- fi l X 4, ,ww ,, ':'z. .L 'N 'B - 'Q lf '- Uw IF THEY HAD AN ACT l.lKE. Ting g Eg!! WEEK, I como MAKE A NICE l.lv1NG" V X X 1 Shlfbh , ll 4' F355 L, 'rzrmevlts i '.l'fTT.'. y' 4595 , , QI. I 1 K " ASIA ,Y ' W A. A aff' + n "1 rgufsa swmmeas Frm vnownmc., Ann Thus sus vksrecfs me WHEN I Sm! Merc Go ovensonnol' 11 -1 Jolm Rh4lfCWS"'i'? Fw Ex O I U ,. Deal' SW! D06 tb cxrgumgtanggs beYoh:l our Control we 3Ye fovcul X- , to Jsscontmug our correspondence x Coen-sg nn body bvulelmq. There Pore Yau well nat rccaevt. the list twelve. lzssshg of nur 1.... ,,,,,,, course, Ehslosgd You wall fmel C-lieclt to ve..." -I . ,Bf.l"4Yly N 1 4 4 1 I f Congratulations Class Congratulations Class of '52 of 1952 NORBALT RUBBER CO, TURNER- FENSTERMAKER Extended and Moulded Rubber Parts WARREN'S MEN SHOP Phone 4321 North Bflaimore, ohio Findlay, Ohio Compliments of HUGHES DRY CLEANERS UHLMAN'S STORE CREDICOTT MOTOR SALES MARLEE BEAUTY SHOP COPIE'S BARBER SHOP CORK'S CLEANERS SHEBLPS SHOE STORE W. T. HOFFSIS GRIFFITI-I SALES SAM and JOHN FEESE Congratulations Class of '52 Congratulations 'To Class of 1952 Home Savings and A A -' 1111 f NTRAL omo Lien PANYi X BX - , H,-,, Bllildillg Association North Baltimore, Ohio North Baltimore, Ohio Vander all Implement ale Allis - Chalmers Farm And New Idea Machinery A. C. PARTS and 'SERVICE Tires - Farm Seeds - Batteries Phone 2191 North Baitimore, Ohio Congratulations Class of '52 WEITH' 5c to 51.00 STORE North Baltimore, Ohio Best Wishes Class of '52 DAVIS HARDWARE North Baltimore, Ohio Congratulations Class of 1952 FRANCE STONE COMPANY Compliments of Wirt's Market Corner Main and Broadway In North Baltimore Congratulations From I-loffman's Drug Store North Baltimore, Ohio Compliments of MORGAN'S TAVERN Play Shuffle Board North Baltimore, Ohio EVANS TYPEWRITER CO. Office Machines Office Equipment Cory and Crawford Sts. Findlay, Ohio SIMON'S INC. PETER PAN PASTRIES For Smart Wearing Apparel Furs and Millinery As Usual Simon's Lead I Quality and Price Phone Main 146 333 S. Main St. Findlay, Ohio "Master Cake Deco-rating n And Whip Cream Special" 231 South Main Street Phone 3910 Findlay, Ohio E Finest In Dairy Products SHN-A-PURE DAIRY Findlay, Ohio Milk Cheese Butter Cream Chocolate Milk Ice Cream Buttermilk "Always The Best" For Complete Dairy Service Buy SAN - A - PURE Compliments of Western Auto Associate Store HAROLD WAGNER, OWNER Phone 2513 North Baltimore, Ohio Compliments of Ml 8 RI and Red's Restaurant Compliments of McLaughlin Service O 420 W. State St. Phone 2495 North Baltimore, Ohio Bill line Compliments of LESTER THOMAS JEWELERS JACKSON'S BANNER COMPANY Findlay, Ohio Findlay, Ohio AL BASS WOOD COUNTY CANNING CO. INC Findlay, Ohio North Baltimore, Ohio You Are Always Welcome Here North Baltimore Food Center Super Markets Findlay Deshler Compliments of Overmier' s Rexall Drug Store 127 N. Main Street North Baltimore, Ohio The Modern Complete Drug Store Compliments of I'leekner's Store North Baltimore, Ohio Ben Franklin Store Deshler Q o 5 E. 5 cn 5 PF ID Q PH DEALER GEORGE ZIEGLER North Baltimore, Ohio Autograp s Printed by The News, Nonth Baltimore, O .Q ,

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North Baltimore High School - En Bee Yearbook (North Baltimore, OH) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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