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I I 5 i uynfrocfncfion We, the class of 1947, wish to publish this En Bee as a remembrance of our happy times in North Baltimore High School. We hope you will enjoy our Annual as much as We have enjoyed bringing it to you. Worm gakimore ,SZAOOZ NORTH BALTIMORE HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING III lacked Llion We, the Senior Class of 1947, Wish to dedicate this edition of the En Bee Annual to Mr. E. E. Leidy, for his'many years of continuous service as Superintendent of the North Balti- more Public School. Mr. Leidy came to North Baltimore in 1922 to serve as principal of the high school under A. I. B. Longsdorf, the superintendent of the school. After the resignation of Mr. Longsdorf, Mr. Leidy assumed the position as superinten- dent of the local school. Since that time Mr. Leidy has served faithfully as the wise counselor and friend of the school and of the entire community. With' this thought, We, the class of 1947, extend our most heartfelt thanks and our sincerest wishes for all good things in the years ahead. Class of 1947 IV lechcafion Cui. Mrs. Vera Kelly? Kl Mr. M. E. Fleckner Mr. H. W. Hess Mr. Kenneth Adams NSZAOOZ l" Mrs. Vera Kelly ....... President Mr. H. W. Hess ........ Vice President Mr. M. E. Fleckner ............ Mr. Kenneth Adams Dr. I. R. Ianney Clerk Dr. H. I. Iczney OL? Pdf? Mn. Mong Mrs. Grace Bower Mr. E. E. Leidy ...... Clara Louise Smith Mrs. Lucille G. Hoffman Mrs. Bemice Foltz Mr. M. H. Brown Mr. Emerson Boltz Mrs. Georgia Monq Mrs. Thelma Bechtel .... VII ... . . . . .President . . . . .Vice President . . . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer ............Librarian Assistant Librarian FIRST ROW: Phyllisl-larris, Ruth Rush, Lila Chapman, Lyman Leathers, Betty Blake, Deane Parsons, Billy DeLancy, Marvelle Parsons. SECOND ROW: lo Ann Hamlin, Ruby Bassitt, luanita Fellers, Ioyce Bishop, Thelma Brurnbaugh, Patty Dulaney, Mary Benedict, Alice Wymer, Helen Long, Maxine Zellner, Maxine Glassford, Ioan Burton, Grace Fleckner, Rosalie Wolfe, Donna Dulaney, Esther Wittenmyer. THIRD ROW: Ioe' Kramer, Harry Garrison, lerry Lloyd, Dick Swope, Ray Roberts, Paul Derrick, Kenny Iudd, Dean Conine. lfLlfL1fL6L! QM Editor ...... .... L yman Lee Leathers Asst. Editor .. Business Editor Asst. Business Editor ....... Advertising Managers Circulating Managers . .. Typist . . . Features .. .Lila Chapman . . . .Betty Blake .Deane Parson . . .loe Kramer Alice Wymer . . ...Ruth Rush Ruby Bassitt Dick Swope . . .Ruby Bassitt Ruth Rush Billy DeLancy Donna Dulaney Mary Benedict Phyllis Harris Kenny Iudd VIII Feature Artist . . . Sports Editors . . . Activities . . . Senior Class Editors Administrations . . . Grade Editors . .. . . .Donna Dulaney . . . .Ray Roberts Kenny Iudd Dean Conine .Marvelle Parsons lerry Lloyd Patty Dulaney . . .Io Ann Hamlin Ioyce Bishop . . . . .loan Simon Lucille Mercer Esther Wittenmyer Maxine Zeltner Grace Fleckner Maxine Glassford Gaim Introduction .... Administration . . Seniors ......... Underclcrssmen . . . Activities ..... Sports ..... Features .... Advertising . . . IX VL mmoriam We Wish to dedicate this page to our remembered and beloved friend, Iimrny Sterling, who met his death nearly a year ago, but still, he is living in the hearts of all of us. X .fdcfminidfralfzfon G ELEMENTARY lst Grades Florence Smith Muriel Halderman 2nd Grades Grace Garrison Dorothy Smith 3rd Grades Alverna Foley Mrs. Gross 4th Grades Myrtle Bechtel Alverna Foley 5th Grades Ida Foley Carl Hamlin 6th Grades Florence Hamlin Carl Hamlin 7th Grades H Clara Miller Geraldine Sponsler 8th Grade Clark Chandler HIGH SCHOOL English Gladys Bloom Etelka 'White Margaret Miller Math Marcus Chilcote Commercial Marjorie Meyers Home Ec. Fancy Mae Reynolds Manual Training Harold Bechtel Sciences D. C. Fast History Gene Iones C. C. Chandler lack Larkins Music Olga Sonkoly Athletics lack Larkins Ofice Supervising the running of the North Baltimore High School is the job of our Superintendent, Mr. Leidy. He is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and Ohio State University, receiving his Bachelor's Degree at Bowl- ing Green, and his Master's Degree at Ohio State. 2 Mrs. Halderman Miss Smith Mrs. Garrison Miss Bechtel Miss I. Foley Miss Miller Miss A. Foley Mrs. Sponsler Miss Hamlin 1,-2, Miss Smith Mr. Hamlin ,., J' , ' " "U ' K M News sg 2 5 Sf Aff' 1 Q W TQ., f ir K' K QW, K .2"" , V -f Y., , ,. " f-Q' da I : ff ,gr ". 5:45 2 . 2 QQ ? . ff Q, i Miss Sutch '3 f me-H. M ,Z -5 Mrs. Gross Miss Bloom Mr. Chandler Mrs. Meyer 'f ei K Wifi? mf is , f f fm Q i I Mr. Chilcote Miss White Mr. Iones 5 , W A sisi 1 fl ,i i M -A 6 .xi J 56: 5 ,wifi-l . gg! ' Qi 365:33 ' A ,fb If Missa! l 4,-2,5 1 2 , i w eaisfgga ,iff-'ze 'H 2 fs ff' 5135 5, A ' 4 , el -,zine Mrs. Miller Mr. Larkin Miss Sonkoly V , 5 Miss Reynolds Mr. Fast Mr. Bechtel 4 Ruby Ann Bassiit ..RubY.. Sr. Scholarship Test 45 Band l,2,3,4y Girl Reserves 2,3,4p Treas. 45 Friendship Club 1: District-State Scholarship Test: Radio Program 27 An- nual Stafi 47 Ir. Academy of Science 1 Her initials are carved On every wall And on the desks In study hall. Mary Anne Benedict ..Mm,Y.. Sr. Scholarship 45 D.A.R. Test 45 Girl Reserves 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Ir. Academy of Science 15 Radio Program 25 District-State Scholarship Tests5 Class Officer 25 Friend- ship Club l. Margaret Ioyce Bishop uloyce.. Band 1,25 Ir. Academy of Science 15 Sr. Scholarship 45 District-State Scholarship Tests5 Latin Club 1,25 Annual Staff 45 Radio Program 25 Girl Reserves 2,3,45 Friend- ship Club l. Betty lean Blake "Betts" A Capella l,2,3,45 Latin Club l,2,3, President 25 Girl Re- serves 2,3,4, Triangle Leader 35 Senior Scholarship Test 4: State Scholarship Tests5 Class Officer 1,35 Friendship. Club l, Group Leader5 D.A.R. Test 45 National Honor So- ciety 4, Pres.5 Radio Program 25 Pepsi-Cola Test 45 Annual Staff 3,4, Business Manager5 Prince of Peace Contest 35 Ir. Academy of Science 15 United Nations Test5 Operet- ta 2. We remember her For her sports and all She was our girl athlete In basketball. In many years That come to pass Shall be remembered By her whole class Annual Work she's done That has come to pass Will be remembered always By the entire class. Charles Bowers "Chuck" Sr. Class Play 45 Hi-Y 25 Radio Program 25 Ir. Acad- emy of Science 15 Annual Staff 45 Sport Manager 3. Thelma Maxine Brumbaugh ..Red., Girl Reserves 2,3,45 Annual Staff 45 Radio Program . 25 lr. Academy of Science 15 Spanish Club 4. Ioan Mary Burton ulocm.. Friendship Club 15 A Capella 15 State-District Tests5 Sr. Scholarship Test 45 Girl Re- serves 2,3,4, Triangle Leader 3, President 45 Ir. Play5 Sr. Play5 Ir. Academy of Science5 Radio Program 25 Annual Staff 45 Latin Club 1,25 Class Officer 45 D.A.R. Test 45 Na- tional Honor Society 4. His friendliness forever Grew by the score As well as his ambition In the Marine Corps. That flashy red hair And broad friendly smile Will be remembered For a long, long While. As president of the group She really was swell And she's a pretty nice friend We think, as Well. Dean Conine "Coony" Varsity Club 4, Pres. 4: Span- ish Club 4: Football 3,4: Basketball 2,3,4p Ir. Academy of Science 1: Annual Staff 45 Radio Program 2: Baseball 3,4. Imogene Culver nletm.. Cygnet l,2,3g North Baltimore Sr. Scholarship Test 27 An- nual Statf 45 Girl Reserves 41 A Capella 4. W'1lliam Robert DeLancey ,.Biu.. Ir. Play 35 Ir. Academy of Science lp Hi-Y 2: State- District Scholarship Tests: Latin Club 1.2: Spanish Club 3,45 Sr. Scholarship Test 4. Champion in athletics And we always were proud To have him tum up victory In front of every crowd. She's always helping others ln her quiet way She helped us as a prompter In our Senior Play. His familiar laughs Which couldn't be beat To the entire class ' Were always a treat. Paul Derrick upaul.. A Capella 1,2,35 Ir. Academy of Science 1,35 Track 15 Stage Manager 45 Annual Staff 4. Donna lean Dulcmey ulean.. Girl Reserves 2,3,4, Officer 45 Friendship Club 15 Iunior Play 35 Senior Play 45 A Capella l,2,3,4, Officer 45 Ir. Academy of Science 15 An- nual Staff 45 Operetta 2. Patty Sue Dulaney gpm.. Friendship Club l 5 Ir. Acad- emy of Science 15 Girl Re- serves 2,3,4, Secretary 45 Spanish Club 45 Latin Club 1,25 A Capella i,2,3,4, Officer 45 Operetta 25 Radio Program 25 Annual Staff 4. He was sort of quiet In his own way But always flooded With friends every day. When she meets with a stranger As the years fly past There she leaves a true friend With a friendship that will last. We always will remember Those friendly smiles on her face That years upon years Can never erase. Iuanita Fellers "Nita" Friendship Club 17 Ir. Acad- emy of Science lg Spanish Club 3,4: Latin Club 1: Girl Reserves 2,39 Annual Staff 4. Grace lean Fleckner "Gracie" Friendship Club lg A Capella lg Senior Scholarship Test 47 State-District Tests: Girl Reserves 2,3,4g Annual Staff 45 Radio Program 2. Harry Garrison HHGUY.. A Capella l,2,3,4g Football 47 Radio Proqram 25 Ir. Acad- emy of Science l,3: Annual Staff 4: Hi-Y 2. Friendship that is Well worthwhile Can always be found In Iuanita's smile. Always sort of quiet In her little friendly style Always nice to others With a little friendly smile. We remember cheering loud For our football men Those cheers were his to listen to Co o o boys lets " me n n W, , ' win!" ' C 'K Maxine Ellen Glassiord "Max" Radio Program 25 Spanish Club 3,45 Ir. Academy of Science 15 Friendship Club l5 Girl Reserves 2,35 Annual Staff 4. Io Ann Hamlin ..Io,, A Capella l,2,35 Band l,2,3,45 Sr. Scholarship Test 45 Girl Reserves 2,3,4, Officer 35 Radio Program 25 Ir. Acad- emy of Science 15 Friendship Club l, Presidenty State-Dis trict Tests5 Annual Staff 45 Latin Club l,2. Phyllis Ann Harris uphyl.. Friendship Club 15 A Capel- la l,2,3,45 Ir. Academy of Science lg Annual Staff 4: Girl Reserves 2,3,4y Radio Program 2. We will remember always Maxine as a friend With the sort of friendship That will never, never end. 1 Thai friendly disposition And those sweet smiles, too Makes you feel better When she smiles at you. il, X- .lx Her snappy little "Hi there!" And her jokes by the score She will be remembered Forever, ever more. Ioseph Kramer ..Ioe.. Hi-Y 2, Officer: Class Officer 4:-Varsity Club 47 A Capel- la l,2,3,4g Ir. Academy of Science 1,31 Iunior Play: Sen- ior Play: Operetta 27 Radio Program 21 Solo Contest 3: Annual Staff 4. A Lyman Lee Leathers ,.LYmcm.. A Capella l,2,3,4p Latin Club l,2,3p Hi-Y 2, Officer: Senior Scholarship 'Test 45 State- District Tests: Class Officer 3g'National Honor Society 4, Officerp Radio Program 27 Ir. Academy of Science lg United Nations Test 47 An- nual Staff 3,4, Editor 45 Iunior Play: Senior Play: Operetta Z. . Gerald Lloyd uleny., Ir. Academy of Science 1,37 Iunior Playg Senior Play: Sen- ior Echolarship Tests: State- District Tests: Annual Staff 4. The whole senior class Is very proud To have Al Iolson In the crowd He makes a good leader He makes a good friend He makes pleasure That has no end. The women love his smiles The teachers love his jokes And he will be remembered And loved by many folks. Helen lean Long ..Iean.. Ir. Academy of Science 1: Friendship Club 1: Latin Club 1: Girl Reserves 2,3: Annual Staff 4: State-District Tests: Radio Program 2. Lucille Mercer ..LucY.. A Capella l,2,3: Friendship Club 1: Girl Reserves 2,3,4: Ir. Academy of Science 1: Operetta 2: Radio Program 2: Annual Staff 4. Marvelle Iuanita Parsons nnabby.. Friendship Club 1: State- District Tests: Sr. Scholarship Test 4: Girl Reserves 2,3,4: Ir. Academy of Science 1: D.A.R. Test 4: United Nations Test 4: National Honor Socie- ty 4, Officer: Radio Program 2:- Latin Club l,2: Spanish Club 4: Annual Staff 4. Always with a friendly word Plenty cheer to spare Always with a lot of friends Scattered here and there. . We remember that smile Which was hers so sweet And her personality That couldn't be beat. Always striving hard To do her very best Always striving also To please the rest. Ray E. Roberts ll ll Basketball 2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4: Hi-Y 27 Iunior Play: Ir. Acad- emy of Science: Radio Pro- gram 2: Varsity Club 45 An- nual Staff 4. Ruth Eloise Rush unuth.. Friendship Club 17 Ir. Acad- emy of Science 1: Prince of Peace Contest 2,3p Girl Re- serves 2,3,4g Pepsi-Cola Con- test 4: United Nations Test 45 D.A.R. Test 45 A Capella l,2,3,4p Operetta 25 Radio Program 2: National Honor Society 45 Sr. Scholarship Test 45 State-District Tests: Latin Club 1,27 Annual Staff 4: Band l,2,3,4. Evelyn Ann Shearer ..Eve.. Girl Reserves 2,3,4g Radio Program 25 Ir. Academy of Science lp Friendship Club lp Annual Staff 47 State-Disr trict Tests. Remember those exciting nights We'd shout aloud his name "Come on now, Ray, come on ole boy, A A' We Want to win this game!" Her swift, quick ways Are really great She made to all A grand classmate. She enjoyed always Making others smile She will be remembered For a long, long while. V. Ioan Simon NIO.. Girl Reserves 2,3,47 Spanish Club 47 A Capella 2,3,4p Operetta Zp Ir. Academy of Science 1,25 Friendship Club ly State-District Tests: Ra- :iio Program 2: Iunior Play: Senior Play: Annual Staff 4. Richard Swope "Dick" State-District Tests: Hi-Y 25 A Capella l,2,3,4p Operetia 27 Radio Program 27 Ir. Acad- emy oi Science lp Annual Staff 4. ' Esther Wittenmyer "Esther" Friendship Club 1: Girl Re- serves 2,3y Ir. Academy ot Science lg Radio Program 25 Annual Staff 4. We long will remember Her smiles and cheer That she has brought In our class this year. At Winning friends I-le's a real success Looking only in life For happiness. lust a little bashtul But really full of fun We will long remember Esther As a friend to everyone Rosalie Wolfe "Rosie" Friendship Club lp A Capella lg Ir. Academy of Science l: Girl Reserves 2,3,45 Annual Staff 47 Radio Proqram 2. Alice Louise Wymer HAI.. State-District Testsp Friend- ship Club ly Girl Reserves 2,3,4, Officer 3: A Capella l, 2,3,4y Ir. Academy of Science lg Operetta 27 Radio Proqram 25 Annual Staff 4. Maxine Zeltner 1 ..Mac.., Friendship Club lg lr. Acad- emy of Science lp A Capella l,2,3g Girl Reserves 2,3,4y State-District Tests: Radio Program 27 Operetta 27 An- nual Staff 4. She was a friend To all she knew A friend to me Rnd a friend to you. Where there is a stranger There she leaves a friend There is left a friendship That will never, never end. Her classmates remember Her pleasing, friendly way And they will always cherish Thoughts that cannot fade away. CKHLISI5 M019 ec? When Marvelle Parsons and I learned that we would receive our vacations from our bookkeeping positions at the same time, we decided to go to Florida and visit Ruby Bassitt. Ruby left for Florida just after graduation, you know, and we hadn't seen her since school. Ruby met us at the station, and took us to her enormous estate. Her husband was out playing golf, so we sat down for a chat. She told us all about our classmates. Ruby said that she and Ioyce Bishop had started a training school for would- be horse racing champions. It seems Ioyce never married. Her love affair of high-school days went on the rocks. Now Ruby tells us that Ioyce and the chief trainer are that way about each other. Perhaps their mutual love of horses will bring them together. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lloyd, the former Mary Benedict, are now living in the foothills of Kentucky. They eloped in 1948. They thought they would fool everyone by running off to Kentucky and getting married, but imagine their surprise when they ran into the Roberts and the Conines with the same idea. Mrs. Roberts is of course the former lo Ann Hamlin, and Mrs. Conine is the former Ioan Burton. Well, they all decided to have a triple wedding, and now they are all living in the hills of Kentucky, just a hill apart. Their beautiful, cozy twenty-five room homes were all designed by those famous architects, Garrison and Derrick, Inc. No finer homes can be seen anywhere. Maxine Glassford has just made her debut as a singer in New York. She was a great success. When the debut was over the first two people to congratulate her were the Iohn Gundars. Mrs. Gundar is the former Esther Wittenmyer. The Gundars are living on a large dairy farm. Every morning and night they milk 150 cows by hand. Esther says she isn't discouraged for soon their two children, age 5 and 7 will be able to help. With so much work to do, they don't get to go to many affairs. Maxine said that she had just seen the Kramer 6: Leathers Act the night before. Lyman Lee is accompanying playboy, Ioe Kramer, as he tours the country doing his impersonation of Al Iolson. They are a great favorite of the teen-agers. Lyman Lee has a special number, which he plays While Ioe is catching his breath between numbers. He plays "Chop Sticks". His rendition of this popular number simply sends his fans. - Miss Ioan Simon is now Superintendent of Nurses at City Hospital in North Baltimore. Her most promising nurses are Imogene Culver and Grace Fleckner. They are seeing plenty of action these days, what with everyone owning his own airplane. There are so many accidents. Their motto is "Actions speak louder than words". They neither one had much to say in their school days. Speaking of nurses reminds me that Maxine Zeltner is office nurse for an M. D. in Chicago. The doctor is none other than Dr. William DeLancy. Mrs. DeLancy, the former Iuanita Fellers, has a hat shop in downtown Chicago. She spends her time there when the doctor is busy. Her best saleslady is Thelma Brumbaugh. She certainly does know how to flatter the customers into buying hats. I8 C4144 Mop ec? on Z The Gerald Lloyd's are now in charge of the Lloyd Coal and Ice Co. Mrs. Lloyd is the former Ioanne Stephens. Their delivery man is the old stand-by Charles Bowers. Charles didn't want to leave North Baltimore because he was afraid he would get homesick for his cat "Myrtle". The name Myrtle has brought to my mind the fact that Helen Long is selling dresses for the Myrtle Mist Dress Manufacturers. Phyllis and Alice finally landed their Iohnny's and they are now steady customers at the Sensation Shop. That's where they buy those exclusive Cre- ations that they are seen wearing these days. The designer of these creations is Patty Dulaney. When Patty isn't designing clothes, she is touring the country giving beauty demonstrations for Cara Nome. Her close competitor is her cousin Donna Dulaney who has the same kind of job with the House of Tangee. The former Betty Blake is happily married to the eye, ear, nose, and throat specialist Don Courtney. Most of his cases are broken noses. They comelfrom Dick Swope's famous indoor football squad. That way Dick says they don't have to worry about a muddy field when it rains, as they did when he went to school. Rosalie Wolfe is now the owner of her father's restaurant. The younger set from Findlay still hang around the place. The restaurant isn't nearly so dull on Thursday nights now that Rosalie is in charge. Her schoolmate Lucille, and her husband, William Benedict signed a contract to do their special dance act for 51 weeks of the year. When Mrs. Barry Chapman, the former Evelyn Shearer, asked her why she only worked 51 weeks a year, Lucy replied, "Well I have to sleep some time." I guess.that now we are up to date on the activities of our classmates. To- morrow we start back to work, but I'm sure we'll be happy now that we know that everyone in our graduating class is happily settled. The Class of '47. I9 CAM W!! We, the Senior Class of 1947, of the North Baltimore High School, make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament in honor of those under us. I, Ruby Bassitt, will my way with the Navy to Lois Hoffman. Believe me, Dottie, you have to be there when the ship docks. I, Mary Anne Benedict, will my engagement ring to Bonnie Lloyd. Iet's keep it in the family, huh? I, Ioyce Bishop, will my Iunior boyfriend to any girl who will promise to take good care of him next year. I, Betty Blake, will my silly laugh to Donna Fast. Believe me, Donna, it takes time and practice. I, Charles Bowers, will my night job at Brown's to Bob Blake. That way you can't play pool every night, Bob. I, Thelma Brumbaugh, will my inability to get any place on time to lean Snyder. You've got a pretty good start already, lean. lust keep up the good work. I, Ioan Burton, will my nickname, "Stubby", to Donna Durliat. Stop reaching for the stars, Donna. Never stretch unless absolutely necessary. I, Dean Conine, will my football suit to Tommy Iulien. lust eat your wheaties regularly, Tommy. I, Imogene Culver, will my quiet ways to Rudy Gazarek. Remember, Rudy, Mum's the word. It helps to keep your mouth shut once in a while. I, Paul Derrick, will my job at Wirt's to Paul Miller. You have to be able to carry those big baskets of groceries, Iunior. I, Bill DeLancy, will my trips to Volmar's Park with the girls to Buddy Wolfe. Don't fall in the water, Buddy. I, Donna Dulaney, will my smallness to Noreen Chapman. lust have pa- tience, Noreen. I, Patty Sue Dulaney, will my way with Southemers to Gwen Holloway. All I ask, Gwenie, is hands off one certain Southerner. I, Iuanita Fellers, will my favorite song, Heartaches, to Shirley Downs. lust be sure your heart doesn't ache for the same guy mine does, Shirley. I, Grace Iean Fleckner, will my blushing to Shirley Holloway. Better slow down, Shum. You may even have to practice. I, Harry Garrison, will my way with the girls to Melvin Northrup. The use of a new car always helps, Mel. 20 CZ... W!! I, loan Simon, will my comy jokes to Alice McLaughlin. Get someone to listen to them, Alice, that's all you need. I, Maxine Zeltner, will my ability to speak Spanish to Marie Echelberger. A little studying once in a while doesn't hurt, Marie. I, Dick Swope, will my going steady to Doug Hess. A date with someone else is O. K. once in a while-if she doesn't find out. I, Lucille Mercer, will my good sense of humor to Donna Swope. Laugh and the world laughs with you. I, Rosalie Wolfe, will my rides in a rumble seat to Bonnie Sterling. Always carry a comb, Bonnie, in case it's windy. And it usually is. I, Evelyn Shearer, will my dimples to anyone who will use them for other than flirtatious purposes. I, Ruth Rush, will my seats in Government class to Pat Leaders. I had sev- eral, so you can take your pick. After so long, one seat gets monotonous. I, Marvelle Parsons, will my talkativeness to Lila Chapman. One thing, Lila, you won't have to practice. l, Ray Roberts, will my friendliness lespecially with girls! to Dud Kramer. 'Spread it on thick, Dud. Iust smile, and they'll believe you. I, Alice Wymer, will my red hair ribbons to Noma McMahon. The boys really go for them in a big way, Noma. I, Maxine Glassford, will my trips to Findlay to Patty Lou Sterling. Get cx boyfriend and you won't have to take the bus. I, Io Ann Hamlin, will my ability to get along with one man to Ioan Foley. lust grab him and hang on, Io. I, Phyllis Harris, will my favorite parking place to anyone who can find it. I, Ioe Kramer, will my ability to imitate Al Iolson to Bob Wirt. You won't even have to practice. lust think, Bob, no work at lastl I, Ierry Lloyd, will my wolfish ways to lim Moore. Cut out the cave-man style, Iim. Iust talk softly. I, Lyman Lee Leathers, will my bright colored sweaters to anyone who can afford them. Red just slays the girls. I, Helen Long, will my nightly rides in a Plymouth to Phyllis Palmerton. lust be on the corner-he'll come, Phyllis. I, Esther Wittenmyer, will my rides on the school bus to Francis lane Good. You'll have to get up earlier than usual, Francis. Class of '47 21 jnfereafing jAing5 .Qggozfzf jgniord Burton . . Hamlin . . . .... . Parsons... Mercer .... .... . Harris .... Blake ....... ..... P. Dulaney Long ...... ..... Burton ...... ..... P. Dulaney Burton .... ..... Blake .... Burton . . . Fleckner... Parsons... Bassitt . . . Rush ..... Culver . . . Burton . . . Blake ..... ..... Wittenrnyer Shearer Fleckner . . . . . . . Bishop . . . I. Hamlin... D. Dulaney D. Dulaney Zeltner .... ..... Most Pleasinq Personality Best Dressed ............. .... Most Studious . . . Best Looking Best Dancer ..... Best Iitterbug ........ Biggest Wolf-Wolfess . . . . . Most Carefree ........ Most Athletic Most Talkative . . Best Sport ..... Most Talented Most Popular .. Neatest ..... Wittiest ....... Most Friendly ..... Most Dependable Quietest ........ Cutest Couple .. Most Ambitious .. Shortest ...... Tallest ........ Most Courteous .. Most Allurinq Eyes .. My Ideal ........ Most Beautiful Hair .. Best Figure-Physique .... .... Most Bashful ........ 22 . .Swope Leathers Leathers .Roberts . . . . Iudd . . . .Iudd . . .Lloyd . . . . Iudd . . . . .Corrine .. . .Iudd . . . . .Conine . . . .Iudd . . Swope Leathers . . . .Delaney . . . . .Bowers Leathers .....Derrick .....Conine Leathers . . . .Delancy . . . . .Derrick Leathers . Roberts . .Swope Garrisor' . Roberts .....Derrick UNDERCLASSMEN Q E X ELEMENTARY X X si 5 x N' 1' , I I X vmior Cfddd FIRST ROW: Mrs. Miller, D. Swope, B. Knaqqs, M. Echelberqer, L. Garrison, P. Sterling, L. Chapman S. I-lalloway, M. McGill, Mrs. Myers. SECOND BOW: Mr. Bechlle, B. Brelz, D. Blake, L. Huffman, C. Clark, P. Leaders, I. Snyder, C Lawson, M. Norlhrup. THIRD ROW: I. Stephens, R. Cunningham, H. Moore, I. Benedict, G. Bench, B. Singer, D. Hess, H Boyer, B. Gazarak. FOURTH BOW: D, Fast, E. l-losmer, D. Parsons, S, Paul, D. Wymer, B. Wiri, G. Dukes, B. Greiner F. Philips, D. Durilai. CLASS SPONSERS Mrs. Myers and Mr. Bechtel CLASS OFFICERS President .......................... Douqlas Hess Vice President . .... Dudley Blake Secretary ..... . . .Fred Philips Treasurer . . . .... Bob Wiri 24 52,0 0lfVL0l"85 FIRST ROW: G. Holloway, E, Campbell, F. Good, B. Lloyd, A. Bassitt, M. Toth, G. Zierton, E. Raabe H, Shearer, G. Shafer, P.Rush, Krontz, N. lvlcliflann, B. I-Iosler, G. Kerr, E. Engle, B. Wolfe. SECOND ROW: R, Ziegler, E. Damon, S. Hutchinson, I. Foley, A. Nunqeiter, A. Henry, M. Henninqs R. Teasorth, l.. Moberly, l. Derrick, B, Ritter, D. Bobb, D. Iefferys, A. McLaughlin, P. Phillips, I McCartney, G. Helclberq, I. Metzer. THIRD ROW: C. Simons, P. Conine, G. Grobly, W. Dick, R Heilman, W. Ferguson, M. Green, D Swope, D. DeArmet, S. Downs, G. Francisco, D. Simons, D Mills, R. Northrup, B. Phillips. CLASS SPONSORS Miss Bloom and Mr. Chandlar 1 CLASS OFFICERS President ........................ .... P . Phillips Vice President . . ...... R. Roach Secretary .... .. .S. Hutchinson Treasurer . . . . .G. Holloway 25 gl"8f5Al4'L8l'L FIRST ROW: D. Kramer, G. Parsons, I. Archer, P. Swartz, I. Benedict, B. Sterling, B. Campbell, D Ritter, H. Hoffsis, P, Palmerton, B. Spillman, R. Carles, C Deter, P. Baltz, F. Engle. SECOND ROW: D. Davis, F. Toth, K. Bush, B. Wymer, I. Dunkle, N. Apple, F. Trout, A. Bils, T Fletcher, l-l. McCoy, F. Blake, M. Seibert, E. Campbell, B. Wossner, S Northrup. THIRD BOW: A. Shillina, N. Chapman, I. Fast, M. Harmon, G Kelly, R. Swope, F. Welch, A. Linhart B. Phillips, L. Vandersall, C. Caudell, A. Ross, N. Rader, I. Clark, B. Mills, M. Teatsorth, I. Blake. CLASS OFFICERS AND SPONSORS President .......................... Hugh McCoy Vice-President .. ..... Patty Swartz Secretary .... . . . ........... Bonnie Sterling Treasurer .. .............. Bonnie Campbell Miss White Mr. Chilcote 26 Patty Sterling . . . Patty Sterling . . . Donna Fast . . . Ianice Clark ..... Margene MCG-ill . Noma McMahan . Bonnie Sterling .. Ioyce Fast ...... Bonnie Knaggs .. Noreene Chapman Bonnie Knaggs .. Shirley Holloway Patty Sterling . . . Donna Bobb .... Lila Chapman . . . Bonnie Sterling .. Donna Bobb . . Doris Ritter ..... Lila Chapman . . . Bonnie Campbell. Freda Engle ..... Donna Durliat . . . Anita Bassitt .... Pat Swartz . .. Patty Sterling . . . Ianice Clark .... lean Clark .... Ianice Clark .... Bonnie Sterling .. Gwen Hollaway . Patty Sterling . . . A03 0 ju . . . . Most Pleasing Personality. . . . . ....Best Dressedl............ . . . .Most Studious. . . . . ...Best Looking. . .. ... . . . .Best Dancer. .. Best Iitterbug .......... . . . . . . .Biggest Wolf-Woltess. . . . . . ....MostCarefree.......... . . .Most Athletic. . . .. Most Talkative ..... .... .......Best'Sport........ ......Most Talented.... ... .Most Popular. . . .. ....Neatest ....Wittiest ....Most Friendly. . . . . .. . . . .Most Dependable. . . . . . : . . Ouietest ........ . . . . .Cutest Couple. . . . .......Most Ambitiousu... ....Shortest ....Tallest........... . . . .Most Courteous. . . . . . . . .Most Alluring Eyes. . . ....My ldeal............ . . . .Most Beautiful Hair. . . . . . . . .Best Figure-Physique. . . . ....Most Bashtul........... . . . .Outstanding Freshman. . . . . . . . . . .Outstanding Sophomore. . . . . . . .Outstanding lunior. . . . . 27 . . .Fred Philips .Douglas Hess . .Dean Parson .Douglas Hess . . . .Harold Moore .Dan DeArrnent .Pudge Conine . . . .Gerald Dukes . . .Fred Philips .Rudy Gazarak . .Iohn Benidict Dan DeArment .Douglas Hess . . . . . Bob Wirt .Gerald Dukes . . .Fred Philips . . . . . .Bob Will . .Iarnes Moore . . .Fred Philips . .Dean Parson . . . .Paul Miller .Duane Swope . . James Moore . . . .Gene Kelly . . .Fred Philips . . . .Loues Rose ......Bob Wirt . .Iames Moore . . . . .Fred Trout .Pudge Conine . . .Fred Philips 8l!8lfLfA Qu e FIRST ROW: R. Phillips, I. Sponsler, B. Winkle, B. Mills, R Gillen, K. Culver, I. Siegel, B. Henry, I. Toth, R. Paul, D. l-Iulchinson, B, Shilling, M Leaf, M. Damon, D. Deter, D. McMahon. SECOND ROW: E. Cupp, I. lawson, W. Slocum, S. Fast, P Rockwell, R, Franicsco, F. Lafferty, I Gardener, E. Nungester, T, Thompson, B. Shafer, C Iimizcn, W. Cook, R. Hess, D. Hilton, R. Hillard THIRD ROW: B. Bonner, K. Bretz, N. McLaughlin, T, Monasmith, L. Ziegler, D. Prosser, I. Roach, E Hoffsis, C, Purkey, I. Clements, B. Kelly, I. Toth, C. Franks, C. Chapman, M. Shamp, G. Benner. FIRST ROW: I. Symonds, L. Saylor, B. Leaders, B. Woessner, H. Haynes, G. Rush, W. King, P Sponsler, M. Baney, D, Busch, I. Gordon, B Gruber, B. I-losler, I. Phillips. SECOND ROW: D. Steele, I. Richards, A. Miller, B, Sterling, B Boney, C. Solarik, M. Benedict, W Cook, B. Bishop, I. Roberts, I. Scott, D. Roach, Y Kline, R. Ackerman, I. Vaughn. THIRD ROW: I, Phillips, B, Wise, M. Knepper, N. Gallant, G Snyder, C. Wymer, I. Nungester, F Long, B. Vandersall, M. Roach, T. Kuhlman, A. Bear, B Hosler, M. Monasmith, D. Rider, N. Wyrner C. Wymer. ABSENT: M. Chapman, I. Phillips. 28 EAA gi.. . l l FIRST ROW: D. Morelan, W. Gordon, M. Monasmilh, P. Cheifer, D. Enqle. I. Iimiscn, D. Dennis, R. Lloyd, T. Fletcher, G. Perry, E. Miller, L. Slocum, E. Shefistall SECOND ROW: Carl Hamlin, B. Simon, T. Gardner, S. Smith, I. Knepper, M. Yochum, B. Iimison, L Bomer, E. Richmond, L. Borner, F. Brumbauqh, H. Ferquson, M, Campbell, R. Clcuser, Miss Hamlin. THIRD ROW: C. Clark, T. McGann, B. Holloway, H, Bonner, I Lund, C. Wocdruli, I. Sterling, D. Gillespie, M. Lonq, I. Wise, M Kroniz, S. Beach, A, Freed. FOURTH ROW: S. Grohly, S. Sewell, H. Wymer, P. Boney, I. Micklovic, D. Swope, M. Rose, E. Wirt, L. Nunqesler, B. Chapman, M. Palme-rton, B. Caldwell, A. Spillman. ABSENT: M. Dunkle. L. Bishop, R. Fleminq, I. Moore. SEATED: D. Simon, I. Heilman, B Gruber, A. Leaf, B, Bowers. STANDING, FIRST ROW: I, Smith, D. Soonsler, H. Bucher, D. Dodae, B. Cooper, L. Breix, L, Andrews, D. Sheffsiall, C. Bushey, S. Chapman, I. Snyder. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hamlin, B. Gerdeman, P. Wymer, B. Gallant, H. Franks, D. Mumy, I. Sheifer, G. Phillips, N. Troulner, S. DeArmenl, B Gillen, M. Shilling, M. Rose. THIRD ROW: D. Luse, B. Palmerlon, I. Monasmith, I. Carter, I. Pixley, C, Hosler, .I. Whipple, L. Ziegler, B. Deler, R. Vaughn, R. Bear , ABSENT: D. Moore, G. Myers. TEACHERS: Mr. Hamlin and Miss Ida Foley. SMA Qin Q java! give e Mrs. Mary Gross, Miss Alverna Foley. FIRST ROW: D. Peters, R. Tefft, B. Williams, I Iudd, N. Lloyd, N. Gardner, N. Dodqe, M. Sheffstall, M. McCartney, H. Leaf, N. Buchanan, M. L. Deter. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Gross, I. Nunqester, G Shafer, F. Ives, L. Sterlinq, H. A. Copus, N. Lloyd, P. Dunkle, R, Culver, D. Hutson, S. Woodard, I, Carlson. THIRD ROW: S. McCartney, M. Phillips, D. Wisher, W Eisman, P. Miller, D. Apple, D. Hiqley, B. Palmerton, G, Vanscoder, I. Monasrnith, I. Damon, P. Chamlferlain. FOURTH ROW: N. I. Clark, C Parsons, H. Sweebe, B. Chapman, D. Mumy, M. Hilton, F. Campbell, E. Vlfhitsel, E. Ackerman, R. A. Vandersall, I. Rensch, I. Miller. ABSENT: K. Halderman. Miss Myrtle Bechtel, Miss Alvema Foley. SEATED: I Gordon, D. Heminaer, L. Woodruff, B. Morelan, L. McMahon, I. Hutchison. FIRST ROW. R. Freeland, G. Kerr, I. Kline, D. Shane, I, A. Lloyd, S. Brumhauqh, B. Blake, G. Leaf S. Smith, I. Krouse, L. Chapman. SECOND ROW: S. Roth, R. Hoffsis, C Solarik, P. Wisher, W. Baney, S. Stradley, G. Franks, B Bowersox, B. I. Wilkinson, D Nunqester, N. Drake, I. Thompson. THIRD ROW: S. Sewell, P. Lawson, R. Miller, T, Reynolds, E. Burton, D. Mills, I. Teatsorth, P Dukes, N. Gillespie, L. R. Lovell, S. Benedict, E. Adams, A Iones, M. Cook. FOURTH ROW: D. Ferguson, C. Bickmeyer, S. Howells, I. Barley, B. Mauk, N. Miklovic, B. I. Ruby R Purkey, E. Bard. C. Brumhauqh, M. Coppes, N. Vanscoder, I. Overmeir, ABSENT: C. Richenbach, R. A. Zeiqler. .TOMA Qu Q I econ gina e ...r ... Mrs. Garrison. FIRST ROW: F, Neir, A. Mullholand, I. Roseboom, D. Sterling, K. Troutner, l-I. Wisher, L. Lang, F. Neir, R. Linsley. SECOND ROW: D. Yochum, M. Iulian, I. Mallow, B. Smith, S. Thompson, M. L. Dukes, B. Whipple, E. Matthes, I. Brumbaugh, S. Moore, L. Dick. THIRD ROW: S. Bushey, G. Mauk, L, McGill, E. Lloyd, M. Rockwell, I. Clements, E, Kelly, G.'Clark, E. Ackerman, I. Walters, L, Brown, I. Overmier. ABSENT: B. Conrad, L. Fleming. QQ 1 Miss D. Smith WW W . W r Us as-i '.1. , f-34,4 FIRST ROW: I. McCartney, M. Ianney, I. Damon, M. l-losler, P, Swartz, M. Benedict, S. Nungester, K. Boggs, L. Smith, I. Buchanan, Miss Smith. I SECOND ROW: S, Freeland, M, Lund, W. Wittenmeyer, I. Gillen S. Shane, M. Roth, M. Ives, R. Chapman, M. Dunkle, G. McMahon. THIRD ROW: D. Ferguson, M. Ruhv, N. Coppes, R. Monasmith, I. Fletcher, D. Ewing, T, Chapman, G. Beach, D. Mills, B, Straley, B. Blackman. ABSENT: B. Overmier, S. Overmier, R. Singer, K. Laws. Emi gm e FIRST ROW: R. I-losler, B. Ianney, T. Emahiser, P. Troutner, I. Erford, R. Mallow, W. Rush, C. Hosler. SECOND ROW: I. Gerdeman, T. McGann, D. Bowers, R. Huston, M. Myers, T. Boney, K. Miller, M. Sheffstall, G. Bear, L. Fisher. THIRD ROW: B. MCFarlan, T. Bhaer, R. Freeland, L. Krause, R. McLaughlin, B. Wymer, G. Brown, K. Singer, B. Sterling, I. Trout, D. Davis. ABSENT: I. Fleming, I.. Drake, W. Heller, W. Hosler. FIRST ROW: I. Dodcxe, M. Buchanan, E. Vansant, M. Sewell, M. Sewell, R. Tefft, P. Bowers. SECOND ROW: L. Vaughn, T. Brown, L. Woodruff, R. Swartz, S. Campbell, L. Apple. THIRD ROW: Miss Smith, I. Bassitt, I. Miller, I. Sweebe, B. McKinnis, B. Biclcmeyer, W. Sterlinq FOURTH ROW: R. Rader, S. Roberts, H. Henry, H. Egbert, B. Sterling, I. Pelton, N. Shearer. ABSENT: P. Hemminqer, K. Conrad, C. Campbell, M. Richenbach L. Valenti, C1. McCartney. si ,SP xSELZ50lOAy It is better to mend one fault in yourself than a hundred in others. K. O.: Alice, I wish you wouldn't sing at your work. Alice: I wasn't working, I was just singing. Mr. Iones: Lyman, what is the shape of the earth? Lyman: My father says it's in a terrible shape. Marceil:' I wonder if Dick really loves me. Wave: Ot course he does! Why should you be an exception? Patty Sue: Do you think this picture does :me justice? Charles: Well, yes-justice tempered with mercy. Mrs. Miller: Why is.our language called the Mother Tongue? Kenny: Because Father seldom gets a chance to use it. A girl doesn't have to worry about her family tree if she has the right kind ot limbs. Miss Bloom: Rosie, you mustn't laugh out loud in class. Rosalie: I didn't mean to. I was smiling and the smile busted. Woman flees from temptation. Man crawls away from it in the cheerful hope that it may overtake him. 33 0lfL Some people don't lieg they merely present the truth in such a way that nobody recognizes it. Phyllis: I don't think I'll have any trouble adjusting myself to post- war conditions! . . . I always liked men, even as civilians. Mrs. Meyers: Are you speedy on a typewriter? Billy: I'm so speedy I work on a water cooled typewriter with an asbestos ribbon. Book Agent: You ought to buy an encyclopedia now that your son is going to school. Mr. Lloyd: Nonsense! Let him walk the same as I did. Eating Sweet Corn Eating sweet corn-say, lawzee, Please don't crowd too close to me. Corn a-slidin' through my face, I needs lots of elbow space. As the fellow said, my dears, I need room to shift my gears. Better set the platter near, Long about the 'leventh ear, Asking more seems kinder queer. With a fork some fellers stab it: I prefer to reach and grab it. You're no gentleman, by gee, If you count the cobs on me. Part of these I didn't earn- Hannah slipped me some of hern: That one with the ragged trim Probably belonged to lim. Let's not have no conversation- I have other occupation: Mouth's too full to make replies, Should you start your usual lies. Go on off, you chicken dinner! Golden Bantam, she's a winner! But don't fetch one ear along Like a high-toned restaurongg Pile it up like piling logwoodp Me, I eat it like a hog would. When there ain't no more to send me, Get a derrick to upend meg Carry me out but please don't bend me. 34 ACTIVITIES 3 gf , G 5 rf 0 I I f 4'- M AL' 'V XII X 0 W ef ACTIVITIES IP Mr. Bencxrd,'Mr. Bonner fnoi picturedl, Mr. Dixon Knot oicturedl. l 1-il . 49? ai L... was aglferia P. Pclmerton. I. Vuuqhn, I. Gordon. M. Knepperfljl. Long L. Sailor, A, Miller, Mrs. Dixon, E. Kline, R. Ackerrncxn, Mrs. Bernard, Miss Reynolds. ,J 5.,..ff. FIRST ROW: Miss Sonkley, Sylvia Northrup, Beverly Woessner, Gwen Holloway, Bonnie Campbell, Eloise Raabe, Frances Good, lo Ann Archer, Donna Swope, lane Benedict, Carlyan Deter, Mary Teatsorth, Ianice Blake, Phylis Baltz, Naomi McMann. SECOND ROW: lmoqene Culiver, Pat Swartz, Marqaruite Toth, Phylis Harris, Pat Dulaney, Ioan Simons, Marceil Henninqs, Lois Hoffman, Sharla Hutchison, Helen Shearer, Alice McLaughlin, Pat Philips, Donna Dulaney. THIRD ROW: Anita Bassitt, Ioan Foley, Wave Dick, Norene Chapman, Dan DeArment, Bob Wirt, Ioe Kramer, Reed Teatsorth, Iames Derrick, Shirley Holloway, D. Bobb, I, Zertin, Gloria Shafer, Ruth Rush. FOURTH ROW: Betty Blake, Alice Wymer, Ioyce Fast, I. McCartney, Roger Swope, Kenneth Iudcl, Duane Swope, Norman Apple, Donna Ieffery, Shirley Downs, Donna Fast, lean Francisco. FIRST ROW: Ruby Bassitt, Ruth Rush, Patty Swartz, Frank Toth, Denny Dennis, Mary Teatsorth, Melvin Northrup, Frances Good, Io Ann Hamlin. SECOND ROW: Sue Grobley, Barbara Woesner, Ruth Ackerman, L. Bishop, D. Swope, E. Wirt, B. Wise, Y. Kline, E. Engle, D. Swope. THIRD ROW: D. Gillespie, -I. Knepper, C. Solarik, R. Teatsorth, C. Twininq, K. Iudd, M. Yockum, T. Fletcher, I. Fast, S. Holloway, R. Roberts, R. Northrup, I. Kramer, 37 KQV!!! L! ' ' ' " TH" FIRST ROW:-L. Hoffman, P. Dulaney, R. Rush, I, Burton, R. Bassitt, I. Stephens, S. Holloway, L. Chapman. SECOND ROW: P. Harris, M. Parsons, A. Henry, A. Raabe, G. Holloway, N. McMahan, D. Dulaney, Mrs. THIRD ROW: B. Knagqs, D. Swope, E. Damon, L. Shearer, P, Rush, M. McGill, I. Foley. FOURTH ROW: S. Hutchison, I. Snyder, A. Bassitt, Clark, R. Wolfe, R. Ziegler, B. Ritter. Nungester, G. Fleckner, I. Culver, F. Good, E. Myers. Krontz, L. Moberly, D. Ieffery, G. Shafer, H. I. Zerten, E. Shearer, I. Bishop, I. Hamlin, C. FIFTH ROW: A. Wyrner, B. Blake, T. Brumbaugh, D. Bobb, M. Hennings, W. Dick, I. Simon, S. Downs, D. Durliat, I, Francisco, A. McLaughlin, P. Phillips, M. Benedict, B. Lloyd. OFFICERS President ....... .......... . . . Ioan Burton Vice President .... ....... R uth Rush Secretary ....... . . . Patty Dulaney Treasurer ....................... Ruby Bassitt Triangle Leaders-Lila Chapman, Ioanne Ste- phens, Patty Sterling, Shirley Holloway. Advisor ......................... Mrs. Myers Y-TEEN ACTIVITIES FLASH-G. R. name changes. We have a new, attractive, and self-explanatory name- Y-TEENS. A poll was taken last summer and most clubs agreed to the new name, Y standing for YWCA and the Teens representing the teen-agers themselves. Our first big event was the Round-up Party. Then at Christmas the girls made plaques for gifts and corsages for the hospital. Fifteen youngsters from the first three grades of the school were guests at a Christmas Party. During April We held Easter Services with 'the ministers of the Community as guest speak- ers. Our mothers were guests at our annual Mother-Daughter Banquet in April. A beautiful event-the crovming of the May Queen occurred on May 2nd with queen resid- ing over the annual May Day Dance. Our year ended with the Sophomores giving a Farewell Party for the Seniors. , ------Z - SEATED, FRONT ROW: I. Kramer, F. Phillips, F. Trout, B. Roach, R. Gainsley. SECOND ROW: D. Smith, D. Hess, P. Conine, R. Gazarek. THIRD ROW: Mr. Larkins, D. Conine, B. Wirt, K. Iudd. FOURTH ROW: R. Roberts, W. Dukes, B. Blake. Newly organized, the Varsity NB is "an organ- ization oi boys who have earned a varsity letter for playing any sport. The idea ot the Varsity Club is to increase the social life of the school athletes and bring them closer together. The club introduced Dad's Day at one of the football games last tall and hopes to make this a traditional event. The charter members of the club helped to put some of the neophytes through their paces dur- ing initiation. One of the "horrors" inflicted upon the new members during this period of initiation was the order that ties were to be Worn to school during this period. iThe secret was that the ties weren't to match the loud plaid shirts they were supposed to Wear . . . and believe me, they didn't.l The charter officers of this club Were: President ....................... Dean Conine Vice President ....... .... K enny Iudd Secretary-Treasurer .... .... B ob Wirt J.. Hn C324 FIRST ROW: R. Woesner, G. Holloway, P. Ballz, R. Carles, M. Teasorih, B. Wolfe, F. Blake, G. Parsons, I. Blake, S. Norlhrup, F. Engle, SECOND ROW: H. Hoifsis, I. Archer, D. Swope, I. Foley, S, Hutchinson, P. Philips, A. Basseii, B. Spilliman, B. Sierlina, E. Campblee, I. Derrick, B, Campbell, B. Lloyd, P. Swartz. THIRD ROW: N. Chapman, D. Bobb, M. Harmon, F. Fast, L, Vandersall, D. DeArmen1, P. Holman. D. Davis, I. Fransicq, A. Bils, V, Palmerlon, M. Henninqs. FIRST ROW: D. Blake, D, Hess, H. Moore, D. Canine. SECOND ROW: M. McGill, R. Bretz, R. Wolfe, H. Long, I. Benedict. THIRD ROW: R. Wolfe, I. Fellers, M. Parsons, B. Del..ancy, G. Rench, Miss Bloom. FOURTH ROW: T. Brumbauqh, I. Simon, P. Dulariey, E. Witterimyer, K. Iudcl. yr.-. panMA C324 ""'f-- 'n Kfcm WL ? FIRST ROW: D. Fcsi, B. Krifrqgs. SECOND ROW: A. Wymer, P. Hczrris, P. Dulcmey. THIRD ROW: E, Giiien, R. Guzorek, E. Hosmer. FOURTH ROW: I, Kramer, R. Rush, I. Simon, G. Dukes. STANDING: Mrs. Meyer, E. Wittenmyer, T. Brumbcuqh, F. Phillips. FIRST ROW: N. McMahon, A. Biis, I. Clark, D. Ritter, W. Dick, A4 McI.c1uqhIin, I. Benedict. SECOND ROVJ: B. Hosler, M. Toth, P. Puimerion, A. Rose. THIRD ROW: E. Racbe, L. Moberly, C. Deter, Miss Reynolds. ,,., 'nmm ome c01fL0mic5 KLA 41 LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Lawson, D. Smith, E, Hosomer, D. Fcxst, B. Kncxqqs, D. Hess, D. Parsons, D Wymer, B. Wirt, Mr. Fast, S. Paul, G. Dukes. LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Fast, I, Lloyd, I. Kramer, L. L. Leathers. ABSENT: H. Garrison. I 42 4 . ' J C. Bowers, R. Rush, I. Burton, L. Leathers, I. Lloyd, D. Dulaney, A. Wymer, I. Kramer, K. Iudd, I. Simon, Miss Sonkoly. The Senior Class play, entitled "Hilarity House", turned out to be a great success. It was a riot from beginning to end. The story centered around less Iordan, an old man with old fashioned ideas. His two nieces did everything possible to please him in order that he might leave his money to them when he "kicked off". However, they found it hard to meet his desires. He would not allow them to have dates and they had to wear their dresses at ankle length. Their boy friends tried to help them in every way they could. They even disguised as girls and posed as Mr. lordan's other nieces and really raised the roof in order to keep him from giving the money to them. But these other nieces were really supposed to be nephews. This caused much excitement, but it all turned out in their favor when leff Iordan learned that his nephews were no good. One was a crook, the other, in the reform school. Then the girls' hopes arose once more. They thought they would get the money when their uncle received word from his doctor that his heart Wasn't as bad as everyone had thought and he would live for years. 43 Vince 0 Race North Baltimore High School was happy this year to present eleven students in the Prince of Peace Contest sponsored by the Council of Churches in cooperation with the English De- partment. The following participated: Senior Ruth Rush ................ Peace in Our Time Iuniors Donna Fast .................... Atomic Peace Shirley Holloway ................ So Must We Lois Garrison .............. Peace in Our Time Sophomores Ralph Wolfe ........... The Fire of Prometheus loan Foley .... W ............. Time For Decision Freshmen Betty Mills ................ The American Way loyce Fast ........... Operation Foreign Policy Bonnie Campbell ................ So Must We Gaylord Parsons ............... Time of Crisis Freda Engle ....... The World Will Yet Be Free 44 'tw' The morning of Sunday. November 17, l946, these students spoke in groups in the churches. Bronze medals were given first place winners: Shirley Holloway, United Brethren: Ralph Wolfe, Church of Christ, Donna Fast, Methodist, and Betty Mills, Lutheran. In the evening these four and second place winners, Freda Engle, Methodist: loyce Fast, Lutheran: Ioan Foley, Church of Christ and Gaylord Parsons, United Brethren participated for cash prizes at the High School Auditorium. Shirley Holloway took first place, Ralph Wolfe, second and Betty Mills, third. The four Bronze medal winners represented North Baltimore in the County contest the last of November taking three of the four honors. Ralph Wolfe took first place at Cygnet while Shirley Holloway took first and Donna Fast, second at Pemberville. Early in December, Ralph Wolfe represented Wood County in the District at Toledo and Shirley Holloway repre- sented Wood County at Tiffin. North Baltimore is very proud of her entrants this year and it is hoped that next year a winner will go to the State. Sagffd Mcrrqene McGill, Party Lou Sterling, Shirle Y Holloway, B 45 ofmie S lerlin Q 'ei . A j SEATED: H. Moore, Manager: K. ludd, F, Phillips, D. Conine, D. Hess, B. Blake, H. Garrison, B. Boney, Manager. SECQND ROW: D. Blake, B. Wirt, R. Northrup, F. Trout, C. Conirie, R, Gazarek, D. Smith, W. Dukes. THlRD ROW: R. Gainsley, l. Kramer, E. Hosmer, L. Vandersall, S. Paul, R. Roach, D. DeArment, E. Hfzilman. FOURTH ROW: P. Miller, E. Engle, P. Holman, B. Miller, D. Dukes, D. Mills, D. Apple, T. Fletcher. The season opened this year with a lot of hard training and conditioning. There was a lot of time and effort spent this year to help build up the team. V Our first game came in the second week of school, September l3, when we were invited to play a night game with McComb. The McComb eleven had a large and powerful team which proved to be too much for the Tigers and handed them a beating of 390. Then the following Friday we traveled to Vanlue, where after a hard week's training, the Tigers were beaten again to the tune of 39-O. l also might add for the most part of N.B.'s games, both teams have shown very good sportsmanship. The next game the Tigers played was a bit closer than the other two. At the half time they held them down to a 6-O point lead. The second half, the Rawson eleven grew stronger and pushed over another touchdown to make the final score, Rawson l3, NB. O. The following Friday, Arcadia came to play here for the Tiger's first home game of the season. There were one or two new players who saw action in this game and did a good job, but again the Tigers seemed just a bit weaker than their opponents, and received an- other loss with Arcadia l2, NB. U. The following Friday, Carey carrie here to hand the Tigers one of the worst beatings of the season, the score being 54-U. Then we played another home game-this time with Leipsic, which turned out to be a big day for the Tigers and also their only victory of the year, the game ending with the Tigers rack- ing up a 26-O score over the Leipsic eleven. The victory was of course one of the events that made it a special day, but also the Varsity N.B. Club sponsored a "Dad's Day", in which all the fathers of the players were admitted free and given a special seat with their son's number in front of their chair. Liberty came to play our fourth and last home game with us, and handed the Tiger's eleven G 3l-l3 defeat. The next week the Tiger squad traveled to visit another old rival, Van Buren where they were defeated once more by a score of 31-7. Then to make the season complete, the squad traveled to Columbus Grove for a night game, which turned Ol.l to be a very close and exciting game, but the Grove squad proved too powerful for the Tigers and won by a score of l3-7. Total opponents score .............. 232 points North Baltimore total ............... 53 points Won l-elsost 8--Y-Tied O Bill Boney, Manager: B. Benedict, Asst Coach: lack Lazkins, Coach: l-l, Moore, Manager. Our season of sports this year was quite successful. Under the direction of their new coach, lack Larkins, the boys worked together 'and played some outstanding games of basketball. Mr. Larkins was assisted by Bill Benedict, a former graduate of North Baltimore High School. During football season, lohn Trojan, from Findlay College, acted as trainer. Bill Boney and Harold Moore served as team managers. For the first game of the year, theyoung and not too experienced Tigers journeyed to neigh- boring Bloomdale. All the town Cand the coach, tool were worried as to how this year's team would show up. The gym at Bloomdale was jammed full! In their first outing the Basketeers looked like a mid-season ball club, as they- downed Bloomdale by a 25-12 count. For their first home outing the ball club was hardily defeated by Van Buren 24-19. At the half the score was 13-2, the Tigers scoring only one field goal. Lack of experience slowed the Tigers as Van Buren played a slow and set game of basketball. The next game was a league battle with Hoyt- ville. The Tigers got off to a slow start but ended strong as they dropped Iackson 23-19, to win tl'1eir,second league game in as many starts. The following Tuesday the bucket-blustering Pirates from Deshler proved too much for the Tigers as they dropped them 33-24 for the sec- ond home floor drubbing of the campaign. Friday night, December 13, the Tigers from Baltimore hit their stride and found the bucket as they lowered the boom on Portage. A week later, December 20, to be exact, the Cygnet Zippers, Baltimore's hated rivals, luckily squeezed by Baltimore by a 35-33 count. The FRONT ROW:-A. Linhart, F. Blake, H. Moore, M. Green, Coach Larkins, I. Benedict, G. Dukes, K. Iudd. SECOND ROW: C. Conine, P, Homan, R. Roberts, D. Canine, F. Phillips, D. Swope, D. Hess, D. Homan. gz5LeLL4c1,!! Relient! game,was nip and tuck all the way and tied quite a few times. This dropped the Tigers to second place,in the Southem League of Wood County. The next night a traveling Mt. Cory team dropped in and received a shellacking 38-20, for the Tiger's fourth win of the season. During Christmas vacation the high school played its annual game with the Alumni and defeated them 30-28 in thrilling overtime game. There was a big dance afterwards which pro- vided fun for everyone till the small hours of the morning. After Christmas vacation lin which we en- joyed many a practice sessionl, the Bloomdale Bulldogs journeyed to Baltimore to take the Tigers' measure 23-19. This is undoubtedly one of the worst games the Tigers played during the season. The next game was scheduled with Wayne, but was cancelled due to bad weather. We then played our first game with the Liberty Lions, which came out a victory for ole "NB" by the tune of 35-29. The next contest was with a game Rawson team, in which the Tigers clawed viciously to a 37-27 win. The Tigers next ioumeyed to Arlington to take on the speedy Red Devils. The first half of the game was very exciting, as the score was close. ln fact it must have been too close as the Tigers opened up with both barrels the last half to turn the game into a riot. The final tally was NB 47-Arlington 31. Next contest was with Portage. The final score was NB 47-Portage 23. Then came the big game with our old rivals the Cygnet Zippers. The gym was packed to overflowing as the Tigers came from behind in the last fifteen seconds to whip the Zippers. I might add that our Ir. High beat them, and also our Reserves. The next iourney was to Carey. The Blue Devils were extremely hot that night as they beat the Tigers 53-42. We met Arlington for the second time on our home court and looked poor as we barely took their count 31-30. We next traveled to Liberty to squeeze through another close one in a thrilling overtime by a 32-28 count. The big day arrived as we drew for the county tourney. We drew Webster-Scots. In our first tourney outing, we sealed the Scots 31-25. We then met Olney and were beat out. Our last game was lost to Cygnet. FRONT ROW: C. Conine, G. Dukes, M. Green, D. Hess, F. Phillips. BACK ROW: P. Holman, D. Holman, A. Linharl, F. Blake. During the season, our Tiger Reserves were very successful. They won seventeen out of eighteen games, bowing only to Bloorndale in their first qarne of the season. Next year, we will see these boys back on our Varsity squad. Nov. Dec. Ian. Feb. 1946-47 Basketball Schedule 29 ........................ at Bloorndale 3 ...... .... .... V an Buren 6 ..... .... at Hoytville 10 ..... .... D eshler 13 ..... ..... a t Portage 20 ..... . . . at Cyqnet 21 . . . ...... Mt. Cory 3 ..... ....... B loomdale 7 ..... .............. W ayne IO ..... ..... cr t Liberty CWoodl 17 ..... .......... H oytville 18 ..... ...... R awson 21 ..... ..... a t Arlington 24 ..... .... P ortaqe 28 ..... . . . Cyqnet 31 ..... .... cz t Carey 4 ..... ...... A rlinqton 7 ..... .... L iberty CWoodl 66 Swope'-fTo the players he is known as "Legs", because of his height. His work as center was very helpful. In the tourna' ment, he made an excellent showing. ll Moore f--Starting forward on the first tive. Very fast on toot and helpful in the County Tournament. A lunior, he will be back on the team next year. 44 Benedict, -His outstanding long shots were very helpful throughout the season. He will be back next year as a torward on the team. , 77 Conineu- His good sports- manship added to the team. A hard tighter, he showed some outstanding guarding during the season. 00 Iudd 4 Outstanding guard. He was a big factor on the team. A good shot from all angles and a very cool player at all times. 52 55 Conine-- Reserve iorward on the starting line-up. "Pudge" is a Sophomore, so we are expect- ing two more years of outstand- ing playing from hirn. 33 Phillips-Outstanding He- serve forward. Fast on his feet. Since Phillips is a lunior, we are looking forward to his play- ing next year. 99 Dukes -- A hard-playing guard. Displayed some out- standing work during the sea- son. We are looking for him back next year. 22 Hess-Showed some out- standing work as guard. His help on the team was greatly appreciated. He will be back next year along with the others. 53 88 Roberts-A 5'-11" center on the Reserve squad. He played a fast, cool game of basketball throughout the season. SEATED: I. Phillips, B. Boney, M. Roach, E. Sterling, I. Shafer, I. Seiqle. STANDING: T. Monasmith, K. Bretz, I. Roberts, G. Snyder, C. Iimison, P. Sponsler, Manager December December December December December December December December January Ianuary Ianuary Icmuary Ianuary February February February February 4 rl SCHEDULE 1946-47 5-Bloomdale there .... 6-4BoW1inq Green here . 9-Deshler here ....... 10-Donnell Ir. High there .... 12-Iackson here ....... 16 Hammansburg ..... 19-Cyqnet there ....... 20-Bowling Green there. 16-Portage there ....... 20-Glenwood here ..... 21-Donnell here ...... 23-Bloorndale here .... 30--Iackson there .... 6-Cyqnet there 10-Deshler there .... 13 20 -Liberty here . . . -Portage here 54 We .. 12 .. 9 .. 21 .. 13 .. 27 .. 36 .. 24 .. 22 .. 34 .. 28 .. 16 .. 19 .. 10 .. 21 .. 15 .. 26 .. 26 They 18 30 16 42 19 19 19 12 4 21 36 13 26 6 34 16 15 Q1-1 ins' I' fr IU QF J' U ' b 'K fy' f'NN:A ' ' "1A i 1'A f ' 'f 3QQQ2? W4Qm1fwf wk? f f QQ l" I' ' - I it l A fz. ,, ' VVL' . ,,. ' 5155 - ffw5,Q3Hi M H E' tr . f x '7" .'. fl 4 4 v l , i l5 f'f"5 W L' ' .'.h, fyfl ' , K5'k' h:'A ' W'V TV!-if fweosfe pracftfe-E'Y'YNZ8i495 qfgyfg ft ,ef H E' I WJ 13, . " ye w I , ., i VM , g . . , ,- , A , ,, . I ,fgffff , . - M Mn V g3Qg2wsw5x5.Q ,W C 1 V- out, ba,-Ara! QU 7 767 ' 45'ef'f5 ID. C, ff' Q'r'4C'3 Jaan I, VE, f , L ,f f T 4, . e PAQ QYS 'P 'ks 4 per! the :DOGS fmmkevt .J f' . X V K: we ,, f it Q Ji wk ,I f 8 izi . 1 J .Q .wx v LT X uf. Q IKQ Q . 9 3 flying 77oSl'hj? leader: 562mg G , FAT Sy I Leffzfre fgut CA iff" iEsf'5'4'f-'fk"?i-Wi if V ig f JE 2, W Q 9 " H L 5 M 52,9 , R i .Q X1 3 N E f X1 ia 1 mi E ' L 5 1 'f 1 new 2 1 1 2 6 Q X K . . Q. : Mg, 1- . T' Sf? M' , 7 W ,... .1 5 1 ' '65 Qx 's L, lxi 4 V V g. ' 7 Y L. 7 iq K Zio f -rf,.,L,.f 2119772 ff? Alvfqiff-941.1 M117 - O W Q, J off ix Y zpfyf' fluff: were ff -me Agflfnff 4,47 C'-"'ff"f'Zfef rf' JEAN ""'G-M Jffr' if-f2'noG 'Juan-'ifil V !f4fff'! Lo r? " 'ffrfdni f,7a,"wjr" 8141113115 H, 1 wi Fu-slclaqf of. Sp H115 -' '--A 5' 5 h-y' 1 - -:,,,,, Q L. xii if , A.4, , J'6Ka- ,riff ,, l , . Www 1 K Friends lYl9l77j CL355 A lp I K Vacatxemimg N' ,5 .... rf' ff 'L V l . A nf 1- A -- 5. ' 3' I any 1 t ,Q ,. Q.- , Aw' X I S f' I-ji. R k x V5 V - 323 ' f W' .if 2' If f X wi Q Af? 2 .525- 4 K 1, fa ' Mfl 4 nf lg f 3 ,AA K ,wg ,L'- fd. Ji ..,.f,ff H 5 K f Q fm 3. 4, I , .1 , gi' h, 5, fm h I m ' M f , ' Q VA ' ' , i ,, I X gh, ,Mn , H 7 7 I 1 a iff A f g m 4-,gww Ji . 47f ,- 1 I K VV A I nf we, ,. A fx M 'ka Wh 3 t 3 9 A ww Q, X bw-'nanny rfgfmsl- Clfg fag The Hauling A V .ad ., l I . if A 2 I ff L . f ff YN . gi.. A ' Z fl 'U A6 jpoffwy, 5 M . , - Lf , A s, . I , K ,', ,k.k If Co mg, , f 9 Mid? cvfame Wa., by f4h8c'A Jie 7?'d f C'a'v'nc y1h7'?,J-ye .7-Janie . .Nu 'f,'....v,,.,. , M. dl H 132353. ' , v2fgjf5gg I ff E' ff' 45,, "11i1f1' W f fiff . Qi A 'F xiii' .Ji L B, . za ,V , 1 JA ,il .. ' - I fir' V if-3 g .X , Q '- Q , ' 4 . . Q 8 ' . as H Q jf llfllejsc Jie b6A"ee 6 .Q WW" Se-nior'S 7 ,L,L ,11n, m,, A 1 QQ.: gg W3 Q. , Q by Q H .. 0 ,1 ff , -I ffl' Qmgilgv 2, 3? Q L Su A 1 + P L 1 f s ,N 1' 1 x J aw K, ffaf Q , M mfr Y i K X 2 fig? ,agv kv 2 ' Q Q 4 Z may '44 i 1 ' ' .pf V- E ' ' "Ss4m9KNa" ', r 1 ,Q ..,: ...vf ,Q - Q 4f 'Wf"19 ? ' F4 as Q mx Z8 if ww H' ff j-5'170Ag e 7, g A lwa is SMR Navb- Vh eras 53rd 7 ffouwn -4 Lvve., Gund Hunt 1775 6f , f lQ 2 f oaks GooJ!7 ' U f A hywgrf 311, LDOOJ ,4ff 5-51,5 fffff ' 'W-f M -Dfw f- ' 0 f P1 ar f Q J A 5 M I 1 .5 , iX N. Z? 3 ' - ff Ai, 11 F7 7 I' Lefffn ,L2.,'e,,,.ag 9 S33 ., M1415 A ,, Jeanie 1 anvd 1j'n f 'X " A ?iWW'b ?l P ? ff i sf fx XE , 5 7, fff. 55 dfffva,-ff,,, X fl tj 7l?f" 7 ' x' nf f fi ff :L f . '41 we .fgffamni The Alumni Association of the North Baltimore High School was organized May 10th 1893 The organization consisted then of the first and second graduating classes, 1891 and 1892 The graduating class of 1947 will be guests at the fifty-first banquet. There were no receptions held the fourth or fifth year nor in 1945. ' Officers of Alumni for '47 Evelyn Kalrnbach Leathers, '18 ......... President Iessie Sterling Hess, '27 ........... Vice President Winifred Stephens, '34 ....... Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS OF ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 1' Indicates member is deceasedl 1890 'Nellie Adams Rockwell 'Kershner Dillinger Harold Katzenmeyer 'Laverd Smith 1891 Bessie Van Dorn Banks 'Zella McClaron Borough Anna DeVaughn Dean 'Nellie La Foy Ruth Morgan Rhineheart Birdie Shatzell Milliner Lillian Katzenmeyer Walters 'Ralph Richardson 'Charles Rockwell 1892 tNo Class Graduatedl 1893 Minnie Cox Butler George Katzenmeyer 'George Trout 1894 Clara Black Peter Elizabeth Black Iennie Burkhead 'Nettie Richardson Fausnaugh Zetta Radebaugh 1895 Laura Burrell Nigh 'Burleigh Bender Cliftie Fowles 'Hettie Harten Frances Hindall McKinney Estella Katzenmeyer Howe Carrie Lewis Straley Cliff G. Nigh 'Wilbur Nigh Ettie Norris Nellie Nigh Whitten Eva M. Rogers Q 4 n 'Arthur I. Rogers Frank H, Shatzell Charles E. DeVaughn 1896 Grace Adams Osborn Eva Cramer Burket Nellie Garlock Clevenger Daisy Perkins 'Minnie Shafer Marden Mayme Barnd Skibbie 1897 'lay Arnold 'Edna Decker Limbert 'Gertrude Foutz Claudia Hamman Shatzel Will Lano Della Martin Crocket Morando Mclfall Harry Whitten Scottie lustice Nigh 'Minnie Smith Spitler 1898 Susie Archer Neil Maude Adams Sloan Mary Fowles Flora Hasbrook Mahoney Saphronia Lyon Deter May Smith Bright 'Etha Swinehart Alta Winans Vogle Maggie Withrow Heater n . , n n 1899 Olive Cook Wilson 'William Eiting Addie Fowles Nieley Clara Green Morrison Doretha Henning Beckett Elsie Nigh Einsel Iennie Pugh Brown 'Bertha Studebaker DeVilb Nellie York Roberts n 63 iss 1900 Leota Bowers Emerson ' Venus Cooper lsiah Richardson Claudia Sybrant Henrietta York 1901 ' tNo Class Graduatedl 1902 Ethel Helfrick Hager Bertha lustice Eiting .Frank Black Roy Bowman 'Hazel McVitty Nielson Leslie Harris 'Wilda Hammon Galbreath June Smith West Jessie Stockstill Sly Hammon Arnold 'Estella Reid 1903 Clara Smith Mable Mercer Smith Chauncey Lewis 1904 Verna Mercer Hoover Charles Shanks Earl Katzenmeyer Efnel lustice Clark n Q ' Carrie Richardson Mays 1905 Trude Wooster Stella Smith Conley Mollie Baker Heminger Roy Niqh Bert Hough Irwin Shank Elmore Richardson 'Claud Grant Cleah Coleman Mary Stockwell Durtee 1906 Millie Anderson Winters Myrtle York Myrtle Davis Barth Ethel Deibley Shimmins Happy Foltz Switzer Ivan Barker Clark Sponsler Loy Ewing 1907 Edna Crawford Baker Creole lustice Nigh Iennie Wood Edith Mercer Bayamore Adda Sweet Grant Emma Bartz Raney Kate Wiley Hammon Earl Allworth Earl Smith Archie Peifer Haskell Sweet George Black Gerald Wilkinson Howard Fitzpatrick Frank Sterling Ray Donan 1908 Dot Cobbler Wilson Arthur Raymond Helen Wommer Hill Byrle Dowell Hallie Tarr Gladys Pilcher Rappold Alice Nigh Ruby Perry Smith Fairie Morris Hahn Agatha McVitty Sarah Smith Deitz Hazel Coleman Unger Donna Coleman Knodle Sarah Hummon Miller Gladys Parson DeWalt Mollie Noble Kissell Ida Foley Alice Robinson Sterkel Frank Baker Warren Smith Edward Wrede Curtis DeRhocles Harry Dotson Lloyd Mercer Howard Hamlin Howard Hollinger Ray Sponsler 1909 Lloyd Biehler Ray Bushong Hilda Eberle Biehler Emory Hough Sidney Netzorg Iessie Tirk Angel Clyde Chase . Earl Foltz Della Heizer Hazel Diebley Gertrude House Heinlen George Mays Donna Zorn Agnes DeRhodes Scarborough Clyde Frost Lynn McGee Grace Foltz Slough Edith Sterling Moore Ralph Shank Iessie Ernsberger Myers Fern Ernsberger Stratton Iohn Smith Paul Sweger Lela Waters Wirries Mary McLaughlin Stetzer Helen Lamfrom Neiman 1910 Ferne Langmade Adams Vernard Apple 'Clyde Beckett True Bosler Eva Hawkins Brown Mary Culver Eleanor Charrnley Zita Slough Cameron Bertha Ensminger Alverna Foley Marion Archer Fred Halboth Clair Wilkinson Royal Lower Helen Robinson George Wood Sophia Giha Hankish Zoe Davis Willtrout Margaret Pritchard Reeg Pearl Salisbury Nellie Rockwell McGann Clyde Heminger Glen Sponsler Gaylord Mills Helen Ritter Romey Iva B. Schumaker 1911 Ethel Bosler Apple Myrtle Bechtel DeWitt Britton Helen Baker Leidy Datus Bronson Leona Boardman Helen Knodle Bortz Vera Painter Davis Leo Craun Floyd Fulton Glenore Frost Ford Edna Ernsberger Iimison Margaret Manning Roberts Helen Hamman Howe Bertha Thomas Scellars 64 Verda Connel Sprankle Carl Knodle 'Gladys Ralston Charles Lawrence Harry Rogers Lawrence McCoy Harold Hough Belle Bickerstaph O'Leary Ray Henning Maude Swope Ordway Bernice Zorn Nellie Wood Solether 1912 Leah Franks Vera Foster Russel Foley Laura Foltz Dennis Elva Lyons Agnes Coleman Edith Campbell Fairie Miller Rider Clare McGuire Harold Cuppett Amy Hartzell Helen Kingsley Gail Beckett Verna High Brown Warren Noble Rose Roberts Ladd Bonnie Cross Bradley Florence Hamlin Noah Garno Orville Sponsler Etheline, Ralston Evans Leroy Eiting ' Ross Kuhlman Charles Ritter Miriam Pisor Urschel 1913 Orvtlle Beck Mary Bleckley Cook Anna Bosler Adams Iuanita Bronson Leathers Orville Cline' Elsie Ensinger Smith Howard Freeman Helen Gee Aikens lohn House Douglas Lees Raymond Lyons Helen Roach Rogers Ethel Santmire Spaythe Wright Sweet Cula Todd Rockwell . William 'Zorn Marie Weirough Moorehead 1914 Clair Bunting Beulah Bobb Bressler Ruth Coleman Gates Conwell Cross Necie Giha Etoll Edna Hamlin Douglas Haney Grace Lyons Rayle Elizabeth Wilt Iarrad Claude Pugh Daniel Reddin Mable Robinson Perkins Sarah Sloan Florence Tarr Reid Vallie Themes Shupe Verne Wilt Wilbur Wirt 1915 Harold Atchley Helen Bleckley Cook Eleanor Bechtel Pearl Boardman Smith Iohn P. Bogle Dorothy Clark Lathrop Ruth Clark Pratt Virgil Foltz Gerald Green Beatrice Harger Kuder Cleo Harrington Lulu Hoiisis Alida Hubbell Francis Kellar Eckley Mark Leatherman Wayne Mason Howard Wrede Charles Wylie Howard McCoy Donna Milboum Iohnson Mabel Snyder Wyant Clifford Wommer 1916 Roxie Boardman Gladys Bloom Berl Bonner ' Fred Borough Gayette Bosler Huffman Roy Campbell Mildred Decker Davis Edna Frommer Fritz Florence Haney Lyman Kalmbach Lee Leathers Zoe Martin Neuman Clara Miller Gladys Plocher Sponsler Marie Tracy Wiley Bessie Dillinger Gaines Verne Stimmel Ruth Van Dorn 1917 Elva Foltz Serpas George Goldner Carl Hamlin Bernice Harger Sweebe Ruth Langmade Rives Griti Lathrop LaVaughn Leatherman lohnson Lynn 'Leatherman Frank Messer Gail Nigh Marie Plocher Baker Florence Priebe Wichner Mabel Priebe Culver Norman Ralston Bessie Sloan George Sponsler Ruth Tarr Fausnaugh 1918 Muriel August Halderman Harold Bechtel Hazel Bell Ralph Brown Royce Calkins Deloy Dailey leannette Fausnaugh Fred Haas Sidney Hillard Dewey Horner Gail Huddle Charles Iohnson Evelyn Kalmbach Leathers Howard Milboum Robert Miller Elgy Neil Iohn Neil Lila Ralston Carrabin Dorothy Ritter Bleakmore Pauline Tracy Angel Larue Weirough Coe George Reddin 1919 Stella Baker Ritter Dwight Brooks Ollie Clouser Dailey Rhea Clouser Dennis Dwight Dailey Irma Gobel Carrick Alice Hoffsis Moore Hazel Kingsley Monasmith Treva Leathers Lanning Bessie Myers Isabelle Nigh Rohrs Avery Powell Francis Reddin Horn Charles Kelley 1920 Erma Bayliss Grandstaff Clarence Billheimer Marion Brown Weiger Helen Cashel Carlene Cavett Hines Leo Connor Mabel Davis Connor Wilbur Fausnaugh Bernard Fleckner Reba Harrington 65 Charles Hawk Ruth Henning Swigart Russell Laney Esther McMurray Elias Monasmith Ferne Smith Flora Sprague-Hoffman Clarence Trout Velma Williams O'Hara Ray Sterling 1921 Agnes Allison Benington Geneva Bushey Steiner Alice Deter Gillig Geraldine Dillinger Sponsler Fraulene Ferguson Thelma Fisher Bechtel lohn Fitzpatrick Ruth Foltz Heit Sterling Foster Ruth Freeman Quaintance Madeline Gibson Ruth Gordon Lois House Marjorie Huddle Buckingham Gertrude Monasmith Alge Eugenia McCoy Morrow Laila Nigh Wasson Ruth Nigh Durham Winiired Radebaugh Quiggle Gladys Richmond Borough Nellie Ream Ridgley Marcus Wilkinson Ruth lane Williams Merlin Wilson Velma English Cushman 1922 Glanche Goldner Line Robert Dukes Albert Henry Lucille Sprague Miller Lenore lohnson Helen Henning Ross Allen Bechtel Claire Wilson Erma Bobb Hartigan Ethel Strouse Romer Leota Snyder Hawkins Mildred Bloom Rees Clarence McClure Paul Miller Margaret McGann Adams Clara Clouse Pankhurst Georgia Trautman Sternamcm Clyde Nichols Everett Iohnson Margaret McMurray Chloette Thomas Watts Loleta Hollinger Chapman Neva Ackerman Carmean Maynard Ralston Adda Lyon Harris lva Deter Kuhlman Thelma Brobst Etheline Spitler Dukes 1923 Melvin Fleckner Elizabeth Harger Margaret Stevenson Miller Eleanor Wilkinson Beatty Doris Brubaker Leatherman Clematis Francisco Chlodelle Foltz Brown Ruth Strouse Grace Richmond Garrison Lucile Haley Rachel Conine Beucler Howard Baldwin Vera McGarvey Kelley Forest Dubbs Doris Willick Harpst Lenore Eiting Harpst Lewis Garrison Octa Bonner Sites Edith Brown Freshour Iulius Paul Paul Rockwell Alelia Myers Claren Bishop Carl Hite 1924 Esther Wommer Sadler Dortha letfrey Swope Helen Cavett Whittman Helen Red Rockwell Carol Foltz Hazel Campbell Carles Kathryn Haley Ella Davis Parscels Lettie Hennings Margaret Burton Kresser Lloyd Cupp Mildred Keith Helen Slough Larson Dorothy Peters Mettle Kathryn Slaughterbeck Shane Pauline Scott Gunderman Mary Paden Day Kenneth Hoffman Esther Garrison Dennis Flossie Foster Lightfoot lay Barker William Bishop Paul Davis Thelma Tyler Brucklacher Leota Hoiisis Thelma Deter Vandersall lames Fitzpatrick Lydia Abbott Swope Earl Conner Don Hite Harold Kingsley Rollow Leatherman Wallace Hite William Bayliss Wilbur Campbell 1925 Clair I. Blackall Ruth Eiting Schoonover Iohn Blake Dorothy Paden McCoullough Iames Cavett Marguerite Deter Ward Bessie Smith Cupp Sophia Matthes Yeager Walter Morrissey Lola Withrow Lois Wilson Fleckner Clarence lennings Dorothy Bosler Roberts Harold Leidy Donald English Dorothy Higbie Paulvena Stouifer Bayliss William Cleary Mabel Lyon Bishop Robert Wilkinson Chloe Oxenrider Snavely Edward Roberts Leah Wilson George Harold Ives Rita Conrad Hubbard Herbert Babb Lucille Rosendale Ernest Snyder Georgia Henning Coombs Mildred Earlywine Snyder Virgil Peters 1928 Mary Trout Butler Martha Wales Hibbard Helen West Iohnson Orval Bayliss Raymond Biehler George Brainard Roy Campbell Robert Edsall Dennis English Byron Francisco Robert Green Dale Keith Taylor McGarvey Paul Mong Oliver Swartz Lucille Abbott Knaggs Verda Abbott Ida Mae Barker Emma Doyle Patterson Glada Conrad Housely Esther Dillinger Brush Myrtle Ferguson Ross Ruth Foley Swartz Ethel Hennings Graydon Ieanette Holmes Kathryn House George Dorothy Laney Pixley 66 Helen Kendell Hopton Ruth Mullholand Klein Elsie Nigh ludd u Doris Poulson Dietsch Thelma Sherman Howells Marvel Smith Rosendale Helen Sommers Maxon 1927 Harry GL Roy lohn R. Lieter - Reba Foster Veva Kendell English David Wilson Emerson Boltz Mildred Paden Swartzbaugh lucile Leidy Myers Ruth Campbell Hamlin Geraldine Bosler Blue May Slaughterbeck Sentman Amelia Blake Collins Rebecca Wirick Gladys Guider Steegman Virginia Taylor Baker Carl Buchanan George Barker Leo Wirries Edith Chase Boltz Leo Eiben Gordon Merwin Iohn Wirrick Katherine Cleary Schart Evora Winkle Knifer Helen Dukes Swope Vera Culver Zeigler Howard Goldner Oscar Fleckner Stover Harger Howard Swartz lessie Sterling Hess Kathryn Slough Sproull 1928 Dorothynelle Snyder Gerald Bonner Kenneth Iudd Donald Kramp Cloyce Wood Cyrilla Dominique Helene Burton Dorothy Sherman Boudrie 'Henrietta Roberts Britton Erma Bishop Heminger Florence Finch Hermie Fredricks Otley Norman Nigh Lucille Stouffer Brady lack Heminger Alice Iackson Heidtman Alta Iackson Orville McKee Robert Garrison Charles Stevenson Edith Hess Brown Lenore Baker Harper Thelma Peters Swope Clyde Brown David Ten Eyck Harold Thomas Howard Barrett Helen Deter Heminger Beatrice Leathers Herringshaw Florence Oxenrider Wright Cleo Hillard Ford Simon Geneva Peters Swope Grace Henning Smith 1929 Ethel Cryer Wilson Christina King 'Pelton Grace Norris Hatch Raymond Garman George Buchanan Mary Louise Plocher Breyman William Holloway Dora Slaughterbeck Moore Imogene Moore Thompson lane McCoy Mays Ruth Kelley Troutner Morna Meyer Brisbin Elmer Meyer Mabel Northrup Bonner Lawrence Leiter Marie Morrissey Vemba Foltz Adda Snyder Carroll Mary Kramp Etchen Dorothy McFall Holloway Mary McCormack Gibson Dorothy Long Barger Marie Ebersole Sauter Lois Ebersole Moore Hylas Brown 1930 Vema Dixon Bland Lucille Bayliss Smith Robert Biehler Alice Leiter Grauel Lucille Cline Sewell Grace Meyer Marie Red Taylor Margaret August Lehman Dorothy Henning Hancuff Madonna Winbigler Fred Kendall Carl Reid Harry Fellers Woodrow Blake Marcelle Thompson Avery Marie Clark Earl Cryer Esmond Buftington Snyder Genevive Swartz Karafia Roger Ewing Iames Deter Oneta Sewell Laura Lathum Long Rolland McKee Vernetta Kreves Lake Howard Conner 1931 Wayne Wilkinson William Sprague Henry Martin Yochum Helen Garrison Westelle Bloom Clark Billy TenEyck Nina Hennings Meyer Clyde Buchanan Thomas Barrett Mabel Newlove Bernice Reichenbach Marian McKee Crocker Erma Northrup Parson 'Mabel Lyons McCracken Evelyn Barker Kiger Marie Simon Lois Kelley Kenneth Knisley ' Dwight Swartz Ruth Powell Lloyd Evelyn Foster Evelyn Vandersall Zinser Mabel Watkins Sugg Robert Smith Edna Brumbaugh Funk Stella Clark William Gerdeman Catherine Cupp Edwin Lloyd Alice 'Claybaugh Rader Mary Gazarek 1932 ' Victor Chase Harold Roy Stanley Little Madelyn Blake Conner Charles Bretz Norman Simon Geneva Hutchinson Rope Freda Clark Harmon Ioy Apple Edith Rider Harmon Bernetta Shafer Higley Paul Spitnale Lewis Lafferty Charles Carles Harry Hill, lr. Willis Laney, lr. Merle Brown Minerva Latham Eva Ellis Matthes Carl Blake Aileen Buffington Harter Cecile Stoner Shilling Harry Musser Wanda Guider South 67 n Louise Kelley Page Ned l-lerninger Henrietta Sterling Moor Merle lackson Genelle Laney 1933 Marcile Winner Teatsorth Francis Bonner Betty Paden Ex Madge English Yeager Robert Gahn Robert McLaughlin Robert Moore Eva Apple Ensman Richard Mullholand Ferne McCamey limison Leo Brumbaugh Ruth Kissel Bryan Vaughn Lyle Yeager Ruth McChesneY lirnison Velma lnsley Griner Cloyce Meyer Robert Ewing Yochum Mary Hennings Gross Iesie Copus Brumbaugh Rachael Peters Bushey Ardyth Iackson Bushong - Mary Apple Ebert Margaret Bassitt Arthur Brumbauqh Ioe Aikens lames Thompson Mary Waddell DeHaven Richard lnsley Velma Kramp lane Peters Steiff Frank Kovach 1934 Bert Abbott Richard Apple Kathleen Beckman Wittenmeyer David Biehler Evelyn Blake lane Brown Werner Helen Broughman Sweebe Lawrence Castle Howard Chapman Constance Cooper Trout Gerelene Dick Davis Merl Dietelbach . Lewis Dukes Ianice Hanna Bowersox Opal Harkness Watkins Ianice Heller Cavett Dick Lloyd Letha Shafer Andrews Pearl Slaughterbeck Zimmerman Winifred Stephens Vance Stevenson Len Trout, Ir. Robert Vanaman Winifred Wolfe Coller q 1935 Anthony Studenka julia Kelley Friedly Orville Brumbaugh Frances Doyle Keller Grace Kimmel Charles Miller Aileen Nielson Bierly Calvin Lyon Oretha Brown Lloyd Iohn Dixon Kathryn Rogers Adams Paul Moore 'Reba Wirick Fisher Gayle Insley Dana Ulch Dennis Earl Vanaman Eleanor Chapman Miller Frank Paden Erma Phillips Straley Roland McGarvey Elmer Cryer Glaida Stoner McLaughlin Paul Apple Iva Bushey Schatzel Ruby Kelley Dukes Ernest Gray Kathryn Sterling Dennis Vance Leiter Ruth Pollack Wise Cloyce McLaughlin Imogene Bonner Luman Clair Crouse Mary Ellen Ulch Bard Clifford Brumbaugh Annabelle Parson Norman Straley Martha Lloyd Dermer David Swartz Ethel Campbell Chamberlain Raymond Blake Dorothy Brumbauqh Robert Slough Robert Laiferty Oscar French 1936 Catherine Biehler Crabiel Clela Biehler Edith Blake Dennis Dorothy Bushong Sworden Leona Bryant Bassitt ReDora Brumbaugh Thomas Doris Conine Mosier Donald Cooper Betty Dillinger Cryer Eva Fretwell Ewing Evelyn Fry Aldrich Catherine Gray Snyder Orville Iames, Ir. Kathleen Kramp Ned Kuhlman Ruth Meyers Ebersole Ivan Meyer, Ir. Helen Newlove I-loward Plocher Evelyn Royle Wagner Alice Reese Mulholand Clarion Sauter Violet Shafer Iohnson Elizabeth Stotler Aileen Swartz Richard Thompson Ruth Tyler Laiferty Helen Updike Dwight Patterson llda Strite Bassitt Kathleen Loe 1937 Marjorie Lloyd Gillespie Lester Coppler Ramona Young Ethel Fern Roberts lean Stevenson Kresser Mildred Foltz Barnett Lester McLaughlin Calvin Crouse Carl Stoner Charles Benner Ruth Winner Paden Evelyn Campbell Overmyer Leone Fleckner Riesenberger lanice Buffington Dietelbach Edwin Clark William Cryer Fred Abbott Robert Bushong Lyle Bassitt Arthur Barber George Hampshire, Ir. Harold McKee Hazel Medley Betty Alexander Church Pauline Metzger Kuhlman Richard Sheffel Robert Shupe Richard Bretz Cletis Harris Strite Bemadine Watkins Norman Swartz Dick Adams Arthur Patterson Lois McGarvey' Vanaman 1938 Margaret Aikens Bartrum Emerson Apple Gladys Barrett Barrie I-lermine Barth Bassett Charles Beck William Blackman Raymond Bland Robert Boney Madelyn Bonner Pingle Elizabeth Brumbaugh Drake Ruth Bushong l-lillshaefer 68 Paul Butler Thelma Claybaugh Davis Velma Canine Mary Cress Bowman Bruce Esterly Donn Foltz Bernadette Gildea Ruth Gray Quick Betty Harris l-lartranit Betty Iulien Wilkinson Betty Kuhlman Slaughterbeck Helen Leidy Nichols Betty lane Long McMahan Wilbur Moorhead Melville Nielson Elwood Rensch William Roberts Iohn William Sterling Margaret Stotler Kathyleen Straley Grogq Mary Studenka Mary Townsend Griffith Velda Whitehead Moorhead Eileen Williams Wise Mary I. Wolfe Blackman Kathyleen Yeager 1939 Betty I. Bassitt lane Biehler Roberts Rosemary Blohm Harmon Velma Chapman Tann Thelma Canine Evelyn Kissell Kiqer Evelyn Coppler Foltz Marceille Dixon Boney Clara Francisco Meyers Pauline Fry Ann Iames Marjorie Lederer Williams Margaret Lyon Dwenger Margaret McKee Arlene Monasmith Bonner Naomi Rider Miller Lestia Mae Roach Snyder Kathleen Smith Kubik Vcrdis M. Stephens Helen Yunk Donald Barber Ioe Barrett Benny Baumgardner Lowell Benard Robert Blackman Iohn Crouse Lawrence Etoll Lewis Ferguson Harold Garno Richard Gray lack l-lolbein Floren Iames William Kitchen Claude Loe Charles McGarvey, Ir. Daryl Metzger Maurice Miller Robert Mong Richard Smith 1940 Ann Biehler Mary Bierly Ruth Butler Betty Chapman Margaret Delancy Miller Carol Fillwock Lang Geraldine Halboth Evelyn Hutchinson Morrow lftanne lulien Boney Pauline Klinhenn Shaller Lelia Mallas Freeman Marceille McKee Evelyn Patterson Doris Rensch Ankney Kathryn Symonds Smith Muriel Weith Maxine Kitchen Elsea lohn Adams Donald Baker Robert Ball lohn Beckford William Blake Hector Boriey Edward Boney Gail Boyer Howard Campbell Roger Downs George Foltz Victor French Donald Fry Foster Griffith William Hampshire Kenneth Hayes Howard Hoffsis Lewis McGuire Daniel, Redclin Cloyde Simon Robert Sponsler Eugene Swartz Myron Wirick Richard Hesse 1941 Marcella Clymer Garno Frances Smith Clouser Kenneth Sterling Elizabeth Blackman Arche Delmont Brown Eunice Roach George Holbein Roger Swartz Annetta Bell Church Ralph Cook , Theresa Kucsik Knight Ruth Nichols lanice Cook I' Henry Lewis Archer Frances Swartz Garno Mary Kucsik Reynolds Ruth Blake William Lloyd Betty Ulch McGuire lack Halboth William Clark Vivian Damon Conine leanne Kelley Russell lune Miller Crouse Troas Clark lenny Bell Sieber Eldon Martin, Ir. lames Hammock Edward Crist Mary Evelyn Smaltz . Helen McLaughlin Sidebotham Nellie Williams Statler Stanley Baltz Richard Northrup, Ir. Merle Klinhenn Mervin Fogle Herbert Kinnan Melvin Coppler 1942 Harold Ackerman Margaret Adams Zettel Howard Aikens Elma Archer Charles Barrett Allen Bechtel, Ir. Robert Benner Deloy Bland lack Boney Elizabeth Bonner Mumy Norman Busch Margene Chapman Frances Conine Carl Davidson Glenn Fogle Evelyn Gainsly Coppler Dorothea Garno Holbein Carmelita Haneline Davidson Howard Gray Raymond Hesse Earl Hoffsis lune Harris Blake Mary Iirnison Myers Monetta lones Hesse Raymond King Gloria Leatherman Ray Mitchhart Roy Mitchhart Samuel Moorhead Wilbur Wirt, Ir. loseph Lloyd Gloria Wissler Richard Savieo Dale Symonds Evelyn Swope Seibert George Chapman Mildred Moore Mumy Emily Lobdell 69 Glen Davis 1943 Mariel Benner Esther Shearer Virginia Cryer Ruth Jean Wales Kathryn McGarvey Foltz Mary E. Gildea Kellar lean Dukes Iones Bonnie Ulch Atkins Florence Hennings Irene Shinew Hampshire Mary Updike Ruth Holbein Kinnan Clarablee Routson Herr Madalyn Moore Phyliss Heckathom loanne Blackman Wensie Ann I-lammack Dene Oskey Betty Gray Cole Betty Withrow Grace I-lottsis Hogan lane Sterling Kale Mary King Ralph Yunk Paul Stephens Ross Stockwell Keith l-lalderman William Mays Lloyd Sines Charles Bartlett Don Zeltner Edward Weith " Lloyd Whetsel Clyde Roach Clittord Hosler Thomas Lloyd larnes Winner Galen Brown George Reddin 1944 Bernice Archer Eugene Benard Iames Boney Mildred Chapman Gerald Bassitt Charles Benedict Lois Boyer Solarik Patricia Church Swope Melvin Crist Reldon Freed Mary Kelley Wallace Lobdell Shirley Diller lohn Hamlin Ethel Lobdill Aris Mallas Virginia Northrup King Gene Savieo lune Smith Eleanor Toth k, lr Audrey Parsons Iohnson Florence Schroeder Merlin Swope Sara Trautman Baudel Donald Weasner Maxine Williams Bob Wissler Mildred West Betty Wissler Betty Wymer Kenneth Zellner 1945 Donald liltoll Iohn Vanaman Glenn Parsons Ianis lulien Gail Conine Martha Insley Flossie Campbell Robert Routson Thelma Bonner Eugene King Esther Withrow Betty Rogers Isabel Lyon Virginia Shreffler Phyliss Burton Maxine Dulaney Floyd Cbenour Bessie Spence Stroud Ioanne Foltz Roger Warner Ioan Shinew Victor Turf Roger Northrup Ioe Ann Prosser Norma Leatherman Dorothea Zeltner Barbara Bucher Alyce Sterling Betty Updike Marilyn Withrow Richard Reddin 1946 Marilyn Bartlett Donna Bisell Leona Bobb Donna Coppler Norene Culver Miriam Dreisbach Charlotte Foltz Germaine DeGraeve Topping Estella Hutchinson Gorrell Clara Belle Krontz Pauline Mercer Betty Schall Ruth Simon Donna Sterling Whitehead Edythe Sterling Mary Whetzel Betty Wise Sara Moore Iohn Baird Donald Boney Everett Boyer Howard Brown George Busch Howard Doering, Ir. Edward Chapman Roy Clark Marcus Davis Lyle Gainsly Donald Gonyer Kenneth Gray Donald Halstead Leland Hamlin lames Hoffsis Donald Peters Dale Damon WIRT CREDICOTT 6 WORLEY Moron SALES SALES Frigidaire Refrigerators and Ranges OLDSMOBILE PQNTIAC DEEP FREEZE GMC. Trucks North Main Street North Baltimore Bo1en's Huskey Garden Tractors Power Lawn Mowers 233 North Main Street North Baltimore, Ohio Dial 3161 WEITH'S 5--1.00 STUHE Shop at Weith's and Save" DISHES TOYS North Main Street North Baltimore, Qhio 72 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1947 FROM BURTON'S CLOVER FARM STORll North Baltimore. Ohio BARTLETTIZE YOUR INSURANCE Compliments Phone 3491 113 East Broadway North Baltimore of Compliments SAM AND IOHN FEESE Of H. R. RIPPETH 73 Q 61,660 Qfogramd Bassitt .... ...... L one Iourney Benidict ..... ................ R oad of Life Bishop .... ..... L one Ranger Rides Again Blake ....... ............... M usic Box Bowers .... ..... O ut of Doors Brumbaugh .... ....... ' 'Red" Skelton Burton ..... . .Hearts in Harmony Conine .... ..... I nside of Sports Culver ...... .... Delancey. . Derrick .... D. Dulaney P. Dulaney. Fellers .... Fleckner. . . Garrison. . . Glassford. . Hamilin. . . Harris .... Kramer .... Leathers. . . Lloyd ..... Long ...... The Quiet Sanctuary ..........QuizKids Thin Man . . . . . . . .Poets Corner . . . .Queen for a Day . .Right to Happiness . . . . . . . Let's Pretend . . Everyloody's Farm Conga Rhurnba Time . . ..... Life Can Be Beautiful ."Iohn's" Other Wife .Stump the Professor .. Boston Symphony . . . .Calling All Girls .........BoysTovsm Parsons ..... ..... K ay Kyser's College of Music and Knowledge Mercer .... Roberts . . . Rush ...... Shearer .... Simon ..... Wittenmyer ..... Wolfe ..... Zeltner .... Wymer .... ludd .... Phelps .... Plain "Bill" Superman . . Information Please When a Girl Marries . . . . . .Lady in White . . ."Bob" Hope Show . . .People Are Funny ..........WakeUpand Smile . .Of Men and Books . . . . .The Chesterfield Supper Club Sunshineflouse This page sponsored by Brown's Factory. UHLlVlAN'S STORE North Baltimore, Ohio LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR Dry Goods Millinery MENS FURNISHINGS Shoes Phone - - - - - - 3521 Compliments Compliments of of HARLEY BUc:HER's KUD1-:R's. BARBER SHOP RESTAURANT 75 DRAKE ELECTRICAL and SINCLAIR STATION FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 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CIISO Home Freezers PRoPERTY AND 1-toUsi3HoLD GUS Gnd Greases INSURANCE We use only genuine II-IC Ports Phone 2381 Congratulations from .!4!fLl4fLlfLlf 83 NAME Ruby Ann Bassitt .... Mary Ann Benedict. . M. Ioyce Bishop ..... Betty lane Blake ..... Charles Bowers ..... Thelma Brumbauqh . Ioan Burton ......... Dean Conine ....... Imogene Culver .... William Delancey . . . Paul Derrick ........ Donna lean Dulaney. Patty Sue Dulaney. . . Iuanita Fellers ...... Grace lean Fleckner. Harry H. Garrison. . . Maxine Glasstord . . . IoAnn Hamilin ...... Phyllis Ann Harris. . . Arthur Ioseph Kramer .... Lyman Lee Leathers. Gerald David Lloyd. . Helen lean Long ..... Marvelle Parsons .... Lucille Mercer ...... Ray E. Roberts ...... Ruth E. Rush ..... . Evelyn Shearer ..... -. . . V. Ioan Simon ....... Esther H. Wittenmyer Rosalie Wolfe ...... Maxine Zeltner ..... Richard Swope ..... Alice Wymer .... . Kenneth Iudd ....... Marion Phelps ...... NICKNAME THEME SONG Ruby ........ .... .......... l t 's All Over Now Mary ...... ............. A nd Then It's Heaven Peggy ........................ Bell Bottom Trousers Betts ............. Aren't You Kind of Glad We Did? Chuck ............................. Marine Hymn Red. .Casey Would Waltz With a Strawberry Blonde Ioanie. . Cooney . lean ..... Billy .... Paul ..... . . lean ..... . . Pat ..... Nita .... Gracie ..... . . Harry. . Butch. . . Io ...... Phil .... Ioe ..... Leathers ..... Ierry. . . lean ........... Dabby ..... . . Lucy. . . Ray .... Ruthie. . . Eve .... Ioeie. . . Shorty ..... Rosie . . . Mac ..... Dick ..... Al ........... Kenny. . Marion . Give Me a Little Kiss, Will Yuh Huh? . . . . . .Bless You for Being an Angel .............TimeOnMyHands ......................Scatterbrain ................Don'tFence Meln . . .You'll Always Be the One I Love . . . . . . . .I Came ,Here to Talk for Ioe .....................Al1ByMyself ..................It'saGood Day . . .... You Keep Coming Back Like a Song Heartaches . . . . .For You, For Me, Forever More ...............IDon'tKnowWhy Mammy Humoresque . . . . .Let's Go Back and Kiss the Girls Good-night Again So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed Bil1yBoy .......................IustMyBill .. . .For Me and My Gal . . . . .Ohl Iohnny Oh! . . . Anniversary Song . . . . . . . Nursie, Nursie . . . . . . .Five Minutes More ............Roses In the Rain . . . . .I Can't Begin To Tell You . . . . .Open the Door Richard ........Either It's Love or ltIsn't ......................Love Letters ...................I'mSoLonelyand Blue Sponsored by Hoffmcm's Drug Store Compliments oi BILLY ROSE'S NITE CLUB WINES LIOUORS BEER Congratulations from GGOD SERVIE CENTRAL OHIO LIGHT 8. POWER COMPANY ? O gf: gnlzrulfy 9-,cuffs j CZm,96mmf5 of me guy Qifzfing omloany IQ,-mm O! 7 94 7 n ee 85 A UT O G RA P i-I S 2: S . 1 E :Q 4 .

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