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EN BEE N NURTH BALTIMORE HIGH SEHUUL Vulumefi 1944 FUREWUHD The Annual Staff of 1944 takes much pride in presenting the sixth edition of the "En Bee." Inside you will find many familiar faces and events. It is our hope that this book may serve in years to come as a reminder of the happy times of '44 at N. B. I-I. S. IlEllIlIllTIllN We, the Senior Class of North Baltimore High School, proudly dedicate this, the sixth edition of the "En Bee," to those boys serving in the Armed Forces who would have graduated with us in 1944. It is not often in the busy course of life that we are able to stop and think on certain fundamental facts. Too often, we are inclined to believe and to act on a philosophy that "I live for myself. lt is no one's business what I do." How- ever, we have but to look around us, close at hand and far away, and we realize that this philosophy is merely one of a child or an isolationist. More and more each day, we are coming closer to people of other races and creeds. The airplane, the steam- ship, the telegraph-all these have made the Chinaman our next-door neighbor. No longer do our lives influence only those in our block, but our influence has spread to all parts of the world. Each day as we walk down the street, as we talk to each other, someone sees us and may pattern his life after our actions. We should set an example for our fellows, for the younger generation, and for people far-away. If each day we remember that we may help or hinder someone else's life, we will change our philosophy to "l live not for myself alone, but for others, as well." EUNTENTS ADMINISTBATICN School Board Faculty Library CLASSES Upper Classmen Lower Classmen Grades ACTIVITIES Music Clubs Sports FEATURES Service Pictures Snapshots Miscellaneous ANNUAL STAFF SITTING: Bob Wissler, Florence Schroeder, Gerald Bassitt, Shirley Diller, Aris Mallas, Norma Leatherman, Maxine Will ams, Melvin Crist, Bernice Athei, P. tricia Church, Merlin Swope, lohn Hamlin. STANDING: Sara Trautman, Iune Smith, Gene Savieo, Mildred Chapman, Audrey Parsons, Gene Benard, Mildred West, Mary Kelley, Belden Freed, Ehel Lobdell, Kenny Zeltner, Betty Wymer, Iames Boney, Betty Wissler, Wallace Lcbdell, Eleanor Toth, Donald Weasner. Editor . . . . . . Maxine Williams Ass't Editor . . . . . Norma Leatherman Business Managers .... . . .Melvin Crist Aris Mallas Advertising Managers ....... Robert Wissler Audrey Parsor Activities Department. ...... Sara Trautman Mary Kelley, Mildred Chapman . . .Relden Freed Gene Benard Art Editors. . . Sport Editors. . . ..... Gene Savieo Charles Benedict Circulation Managers .... .... L ois Boyer Betty Wymer Administration Editors. . . . . .larnes Boney Iohn Hamlin Typists. . . ........... Florence Schroeder Merlin Swope, Bernice Archer Alumni Editors. . .Betty Wissler, Eleanor Toth Feature .... Shirley Diller, Virginia Northrup, Donald Weasner, Gerald Bassitt Publication. .Kenny Zeltner, Wallace Lobdell Senior Class Editors .... .... I une Smith Mildred West Class Editors. .Patricia Church, Ethel Lobdell This page sponsored by FARTHING PRODUCE. X X NNN WWW MXN x ll" X 7 I 4 if 5 BUABD UF EIJUCATIUN 3 9 E MR. D. B. BUS!-IEY DR. E. A. POWELL MR. M. E. FLECKNEH President Clark NORTH BALTIMORE PUBLIC SCHOOL Mas. GRACE sLoUGH MR- W. H- HESS E. E. LIEDY H. V. NORTHRUP Superintendent Principal . MM' ':.::?.2:"?. S1f',?,?3.Yf.fLi'L.m" f MR. CHANDLER MRS. MILLER MR. FAST MISS MOSS MRS. SPONSLER 'F s RSX E f. A MISS ROGERS MISS BLOOM fam?-1 A pgwzw ' 3? MR. BECHTEI. MISS REYNOLDS MR. WELDY MRS. HALDERMAN MRS. ME'I"I'I.E MISS TRAUTMAN MISS BECHTEI. MISS IDA FOLEY MISS ALVERNA FOLEY MISS MILLER MISS HAMLIN MRS. SIMONS MISS TARR 7 5' an 2 7 .Aw s PUBLIC LIBRARY MRS. B. O. MONG MRS. BETTY THOMPSON Librarian Assistant Librarian HN" '- SHIRLEY DILLEH ,UNE SMITH V. Plesidenl Treasurer CLASSES AUDREY PARSONS Presidenl XS'- WILLIAM Secretary BERNICE ARCHER ..Atch.. "Are You Kiddinq?" A Cappella 1, 2: Band l, 2: G. A. A. lg Home Ec. Club l, 2: Clarinet Contest 1: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Ir. Class Play 3: Cheer Leader 3, 4: Annual Staff 4. EUGENE BENARD ,.G.n.,, "Van Buren Lake In The Moanliqht Is A Lovely Place To Skate." Band l, 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 1, 2, 3, 4: Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3: Basketball 2: Baseball I: Boys' Glee Club l: Boys' Quartet 4: Ir. Class Play 3, County Scholarship Team 3: Annual Staff 3, 4: Solo Contest l, 2, IAMES BONEY num.. "I Like Them Short." A Cappella 2: Basketball 1: Band 1: Rifle Team U2: Annual Staff 4. MILDRED CHAPMAN ..MiuY,, "How's Gene Milly?" Glrl Reserves 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1: Annual Staff 4. GERALD BASSIT1' "Poo Woe" "Give Me KAI Ford Or Give Me Death." Band l, 2, 3, 4: A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4: Officer 4: Basket- ball l, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Boy Scouts l 2, 3: Vocal Contest l, 2: Boys' Quartet 4: Annual Staff 4 . CHARLES BENEDICT Mummy.. "I Live To Eat, Sleep, And Neck. tlispecially Neck,l" Football 2, Baseball l, 2. 3, 4: Basketball l, 2. 3, 4: County Scholarship Team l: Class Officer 4: Annual Staff 4: National Athletic Scholarship Society 2. LOIS BOYER uhm... "Always On Hand." G. A, A. l: County Scholar- ship Team lp Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Home EC. Club l, 25 Annual Staff 4. PATRICIA CHURCH Hpd.. "lt's So Peaceful ln The Country." G. A. A. I: Home Ec. Club I, 2: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Triangle Leader 3, Vice Pres. 4: A Cappella l, 2: Farmers' Institute Play 2: Ir. Class Play 3: Annual Staff 4. I4 l This Page Sponsored By MELVIN CRIST ,.M.l.. "Has Ouite A Way With The Girls." Band l, 2, 3, 4: A Cappella l, Z: Farmers' Institute Play 2: Ir. Class Play 3: County Scholarship Team 2, 3: Sr. Scholarship Test 4: Ir. Academy Of Science 3: Solo Contest l: Annual Staff 4: National Honor Society 4. RELDEN FREED HRA!-.. "A Gentleman Through And Through." A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: County Scholar- ship Team 2: Ir. Academy Ot Science 2, 3, 4: Boy Scouts l, 2, 3, 4: Annual Stall 3, 4: Ir. Class Play 3: Farmers' Institute Play 2: Elimination Contest 1, 2: National Honor Society 4. MARY KELLEY HMUY.. "She Can't Make Up Her Mind." A Cappella l, 2: G. A. A. l: Girl Reserves Z, 3, 4: Class Officer l, 3: County Scholarship Team 2: D. A. Ft. Test 4: Vocal Contest 1: Annual Staff 4. WALLACE LOBDELI. "Wallis" "Easy To Get Along With." A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2: Annual Staff 4. This Page Sponsored By HOFFMAN'S DRUG STORE SHIRLEY DILLER "Diller" "She Speaks Her Mind And At Arguing She's A Whizz." Findlay Girl Reserves Z: Red Cross Club l. N. B. H. S. Girl Reserves 3, 4: Cabinet 4: D. A. R. Test 4: Ir. Academy Of Science 3: Class Officer 4: Annual Staff 4. IOHN HZAMLIN "Iohnnlo" "A Gentleman Preters A BIonde." Band 1, 2: Wrestling 2: Ir. Academy Of Science 3: Annual Staff 4. ETHEI. LOBDELI. "Ethel" "Friendly." A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. Club l, 2: Annual Staff 4. ARIS MALLAS "Aristotle" "Nothing Makes Me Sick." A Cappella 1, 2: County Scholarship Team l, 2, 3: Ir. Academy Of Science 2, 3: Winner In State 2, 3: Vocal Contest 1,.2: Winner l: Ir. Class Play Committee 3: Annual Staff 4: Sr. Scholarship Test 4: Nation- al Honor Society 4. I5 VIRGINIA NORTHRUP nnnny.. "She Will Settle For A King." Home Ec. Club l, 2, 3: Annual Staff 4. GENE SAVIEO "Pots" "Ye Old Meat Cutter." Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 2, Band l, 25 Base- ball l, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4. IUNE SMITH "sunny" "Tell Me More," A Cappella 1, 25 Girl Re- serves 2, 3, 4, G. A. A. lg Vocal Contest lg Class Officer l, 2, 3, 47 D. A. R. Test 4: Annual Staff 4. ELEA NOR 'l'O'l'H ...rmhu "Quiet And Unassumlnqf' G, A. A. lg Girl Reserves 3, 47 Annual Staff 4. I6 This Page Sponsored By RED'S RESTAURANT AUDREY PARSONS "Little Audrey" "Bashful?" G. A. A. lg Girl Reserves 2, 3, 47 Cabinet 45 County Scholarship Team l, 2, 3, Senior Class President, D. A. R. Test 4: Ir, Academy Ot Science 2: Slate Winner 25 Prince Of Peace Contest 35 lr. Class Play 3: Sr. Scholarship Test 4, Annual Staff 41 National Honor Society 4, Salutatarian. FLORENCE SCHROEDER uno.. "Do You Know Don?" Home Ec Club l, 2: Girl Reserves 2g Annual Staff 4, MERLIN SWOPE "Swoplo" "He Goes ln For Church." Basketball lg Baseball 2: Rifle Team 2, Annual Staff 4, SARA TRAUTMAN "Shorty" "Heard from Bruce!" G. A. A., Girl Reserves Z, 3, 4: Trianqle Leader 37 A Cappella l, 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff. DONALD WEASNER Nunn.. "The Pride And Ioy Of Burton's Grocery." A Cappella l, 2: Football lg Band l, 2, 3, 4: Boy Scouts 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4. MAXINE WILLIAMS "Mackie" "Red Hair ls A Gift Of The Gods And Few Receive lt." A Cappella l, 2, 3. 4: County Scholarship Team 1, 2, 3: Ir. Class Play 3: Annual Staff 3, 4: Editor 4: D. A. R. Test 4: G. A. A. lg Class Cfficer 3: Ir. Acad- emy Of Science 2, 3: Senior Scholarship Test 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3. 4: Trianqle Leader 3, Pres. 4: National Honor Society 4: Valedtc- torlan. BOB WISSLER "Louie" "Southward Bound. CV. BJ" A Cappella l, 2, Football 2: Ir. Class Play 3:'Annual Staff 4: Boy Scouts l, 2, 3: Senior Scholarship 4. KENNETH ZELTNER "Kenny" "Silence ls Golden." Rifle Team 2: Annual Staff 4. This Page Sponsored By BURTON'S CLOVER I-'ARM STORE MILDRED WEST HMM.. "Bashful But Sincere." Wayne Girls' Chorus 1: Mixed Chorus 2: 4-H Club 1, 2. Bowling Green Home Ec. Club 3: 4-H Club 3. N. B. I-l. S. Annual Staff 4. BETTY WISSLER "Wise" "Pardon Me While I Sneer." A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Triangle Leader 3: Cabinet 4: Ir. Class Play 37 D. A. R. Test 4: Senior Scholarship 4: Home Ec. Club 2: Vocal Contest 1: Ahnual Staff 4: County Scholarship Team 3. BETTY WYMER HB.. "Laughing Or Talking All The Time." G. A. A. ly A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4: Officer 4: Ir. Class Play 3: Annual Staff 4. a I7 BERNICE ARIS " BETTY DON RELDEN , GERALD x 2:2 X ELEANOR AUDREY EY MAXINE MILDRED C. SHIKI' SARA MARY VIRGINIA FLORENCE BETTY G BOB IUNE GENE PAT IOHNNIE IIM BILL RI EUGENE KENNY CLASS HISTURY SENIUH CLASS 1943-44 on their school careers. Those who answered the roll call on that day were: Richard Baker Robert Bretz Billie Carter Wallace Conine Melvin Crist Oscar DeWulf N. I. Dominique Ralph Dysinger Iohn Eaken Russel Grant Iames Henry Ioseph Karftt Karl McCartney Bemard Northrup George .Repass Norman Tapp Paul Whitehead William Massey Patricia Bayliss Evelyn Bland Betty Hasher Ruth Krontz Evon Mays Mary Macford Betty Cherdorf Betty Peters Dorothy Phillips Roberta Scott Marjorie Snyder Norma Tapp Maxine Williams Betty Wymer Doroth'y Matheus Wade Baltz Gerald Bassitt Harold Bloom Iames Boney Leroy-Bond lay Edward Davis Orval Gorman lack Haylett Dale Iohnson Arts Mallas Iimmy Mays Don Mossberger Earl Oberdorf lack Parsons Eugene Raabe Roy Snyder Iesso Von Scoder Alice Ackerman Emma Alexander Bernice Archer Mildred Chapman Margaret Dunn Ieanne Harris Mary Kelley Verna Lee Marilyn Miller Audrey Parsons Virginia Slaughterbeck Eleanor Toth Madalyn Campbell Gattha Rader Ilmmy Watkins Bob Wheeler Albert Massey Gene Van Scode The pupils that we picked up from the first to the ninth grade are as follows: Charles Ball William Blake Dale Damon Relden Freed Ierry Iulten Norman Rider Thomas Shamp Donald Weasner Donald Buffinger Lois Boyer Kathryn Franks Virginia Northrupp Eileen Raabe Bonnie Snyder Betty Wlssler Eugene Benard David Bumer Clayton Drake Iohn Hamlin Ed McMahan Ioseph Sabbe Charles Smalley Robert Wlssler Calvin Drake Pat Church Betty Grant Anna Barker Florence Schroeder Sara Trautman Helen Watson William Benedict Iames Clark Earl Ferguson The roll call in our Sophomore year was as follows: Gerald Bassitt William Blake Melvin Crist Ralph Dysinger Raymond Iohnson Don Mossberger Gene Savieo Norman Tapp Bob Wissler Iohn Letso . Laura, Boyer Mary Kelley Audrey Parsons Kenneth Zeltner Bemice Archer Mildred Chapman Virginia Northrupp Phyllis Phillips Florence Schroeder Eleanor Toth Bonnie Snyder Betty Wymer William Benedict Wallace Conine Oscar DeWult Iohn Hamlin In our Iunior year we lost the following: William Blake Wallace Conlne Oscar DeWulf Ralph Dysinger Ioseph Sabbe Anna Parker Betty Schall Arts Mallas Joseph Sabbe Merlin Swope Bob Wheeler Wallace Lobdell Lois Boyer Pat Church Anna Parker Eileen Raabe Iune Smith , Sara Trautman Ray Johnson Earl Rider Gene Savieo Merlin Swope Kenneth Zeltner Laura Boyer Dorothy Franks Ilene Krontz Phyllis Phillips Iune Smith Ruth Trautwein o Betty Schall Norma Tapp Ruth Trautwein Betty Wissler Eugene Benard Iames Boney Dale Damon Relden Freed Ierry Iulten Thomas Miller Don Shafer Maxine Williams Ethel Lobdell Don Weasner This year our class continues as before with lem when following exceptions: Don Shafer Phyllis Phillips Norm TQPP Ruth Trautwein Dale Damon Thomas Miller Raymond Iohnson Iohn Letso Don Mossberger Eileen Raabe fsck Roach We also gained the following: Shirley Diller Mildrel West lack Roach Norman Tapp Robert Wheeler Emma Alexander Laura Boyer Bonnie Snyder CLASS WILL We, The Senior Class of 1944, of North Baltimore High School, North Baltimore, Ohio, being of sound mind and to the best of our knowledge do proclaim this our last will and testament: We, The Senior Class, will the Freshman our tardiness. Remember kids if you work hard enough you'll have it perfected when you're Seniors. We, The Senior Class, will the Sophomores our Iunior History and all of the maps, charts, note books and scrap books that go with it. Ohl yes, we musn't forget our slavery papers by all means. We, The Senior Class, will the Iuniors all cf our Macbeth assignments .lust be sure you get them in on time kids. We, The Senior Class, will the student body as a whole our many good times we had all through our school life. We, The Senior Class, will the faculty all of the rest of the student body and we only hope they do better than we did, truly we do. I, Bernice Archer, will my way with the Marines to Sara Iayne Moore. Next time don't leave so early Sara. I, Gerald Bassitt, will my ability to fix Fords to Dick Reddin. Remember Dick they're fragile. Handle with care. I, Eugene Benard, will my second period Study Hall in Miss Moss's room to Don Boney, Remember you're slogan Don, "You wanna neck?" I, William Benedict, will my basketball ability to Porky Northrupp. Don't forget the curls and hair-net, that goes with it. Better qet busy on those curls now Porkyl I, Iames Boney, will my trips to Hammans- burg to Roy Clark. Hope you do better Roy. I, Lois Boyer ,will my quiet way to Bessie Spence. lust don't forget your pet slogan, Bessie, "I don't get it." I, Mildred Chapman, will my pin-up boy tGene Autryl to Lulu Maxine Dulaney. Re- member Westerns are Saturday night specials. I. Patricia Church, will my peaceful farm life to Don Etoll. Don't forget cows kick, Don. I, Melvin Crist, will my ability to woo the women to Vic Truf. Iust remember Vic no lollygagging in the halls, Mel's against it. I, Shirley, Diller, will my ability of skipping school to Ioanne Foltz. Iust don't overdo it Foltzie. I, Relden Freed, will my way with the teachers to Kenny Iudd. Remember Kenny a red-head helps. I. Iohn Hamlin, will my Ford and trips to Hammansburg to lim Hoffsis. Keep up the blonde tradition Iim. I, Mary Kelley, will my way with a certain Iunior boy to Ioanne Foley. He can only wear one ring at a time Ioanne. I, Ethel Lobdell, will my friendliness to Martha Insley. Iust don't forget to smile. This Page Sponsored By GEORGE ZEIGLR l, Wallace Lobdell, will my smartness in B.A. to Gene King. Remember Gene, Bechtel will get wise sooner or later. 1, Aris Mallas, will my elastic stories to Norene Culver. Remember don't stretch them too far, elastic's out for the duration. I, Virginia Northrupp, will my diamond to Snookie Bobb. Be sure and hook your man before he gets in the Navy, Snookie. I, Audrey Parsons, will my ability to study to Alyce Sterling. Who knows it might even make you President some day. I, Gene Savieo, will my athletic ability to Lyle Gainsley. Remember Gainsley, stick out your chest and shake your shoulders. I, Florence Schroeder, will my way with the Hoytville boys to Toby Bonner. Remember the competition, Toby. I, Iune Smith, will my cave woman ability to get my own way to Isabel Lyons. Remem- ber and eat your spinach Isabel. I, Merlin Swope, will my parking place near Church's to Glen Parsons. This gas rationing sure helps, Glen. I, Eleanor Toth, will my dependability to Lawrence Raabe. Remember Raabe if you try hard enough you'll make it when you're a senior. I, Sara Trautman, will my shortness to Ruth Simons. Please follow my instructions Ruth, and don't eat too many vitamins. I, Donald Weasner, will my hallway tech- nique to Bobby Greeno. Watch out for teach- ers Bobby. I, Betty Wissler, will my sneering to Patty Sue Dulaney. Please don't over do it Patty. I, Robert Wissler, will my trips to Van Buren to anyone except Hoytville boys. Hands off Hoytville. I, Mildred West, will my neighboring ability to Iake Doering: ask Archer she knows. I, Maxine Williams ,will my leadership to Ianice Iulien. Better start, don't Wait till its too late, Ianice. I, Betty Wymer, will my ability to get my man to Rosemary Durliat. lust remember and stick to one guy, Rosemary. I, Kenneth Zeltner, will my bashfulness and quiet ways to Leland Hamlin. Get it Leland? Signed, The Senior Class of 1944 This Page Sponsored By EVEHFIT LUMBER COMPANY CLASS PHUPHECY Time: 1954 Place: North Baltimore, Ohio The other day as I, Shirley Diller, came in from my huge chicken farm, southwest of town, I decided to have my car serviced. I drove up to the Hi-Speed Super Service Station on the corner of Main and Water Streets, and who should I find but Gerald Bassitt, manager. In the course of our conversation, we brought up the subject of our former classmates and what they were doing. Here are some of the facts I learned about them: Pat Church has now become Mrs. Merlin Swope and they are living on a big cattle ranch near Hammansburg. Iohnnie Hamlin now lives on his 500 acre farm west of town and is doing so well for himself that he is now the proud owner of a new convertible. Kenneth Zeltner also has a nice sized farm just north of town and his wife, the former Audrey Parsons, can even milk now. Mildred West, another of our classmates, is living on the farm with her husband. They are really enjoying this nice peaceful farm lite. Wallace Lobdell is now a professor of Business Arithmetic at Vassar, a girl's college. Bill Benedict is now the basketball coach of the Galatea Tech Raiders. He has had many fine teams during his short time as mentor. Eleanor Toth now has her own Shorthand School in Denver, Ohio, and is doing a rushing business. Sara Trautman has completed her college education, and has taken over her sister's place at good old N. B. Mary Kelley and Bernice Archer are now operating their own jitter- bug school, and their most faithful customers are Betty Wissler and Ethel Lobdell. Maxine Williams is now Superintendent of Nurses at City Hospital in Toledo. Belden Freed is now chief demonstrator for the Mazda Electrical Company. We all remember his demonstrations of ultra-violet lights in chapel. This Page Sponsored By POST OFFICE Eugene Benard is now head electrical engineer of Central Ohio Light and Power Company. His wife and most faithful assistant, the former Betty Wymer, is helping him at all times. The war sure did change women's occupations. Iames Boney is the chief Advisory Expert of the Wright Brothers Aircraft Corporation. He always was crazy about model airplanes. Aris Mallas is now the proud owner of the Mallas Shoe Company in the great city of Galatea. I can still remember his interest in shoes from our school days. Don Weasner and Bob Wissler are now running the WGW Super Market. They seem to have followed their old steps. Flossie Schroeder has now taken over the management of Weith's Five and Ten Cent Store. Her chief clerk at the candy counter is none other than our own Iune Smith. Melvin Crist is now head of Baltimore's own broadcasting company known as station N.B.H. His private secretary and receptionist is another of our classmates, Lois Boyer. Mildred Chapman is now playing opposite Gene Autry in Holly- wood. If I remember correctly she always was one of his fans. Virginia Northrupp is now a torch singer in New York's favorite nightclub, the Stork Club. We'11 always remember her singing in chapel. Gene Savieo is now a star hurler for the New York Yankees. He won 22 games last season and broke Bob Fellers' record for strikeouts. This Page Sponsored By WEI'l'H'S 5 AND 10 tundl NORTH BALTIMORE GRAIN ASSN. in-s Q--9-1 ,fh- mw ,,, ,Mo -as I 1 WH, '36 Q!! YE' fs QF, ,pau 4' .df -wr' li' 4- K -ny' W! 'PT ,fs H.. ,Qs I, ,Q Q1 wig' 80" . . wil' if .Q ,,----. vtvrvs 'OSH :Q is 'F' JUNIOR CLASS 24 -' 1: 'fi 1 x,,f"v ef' :gifs ww FIRST ROW: John Vanaman, Robert Routson, Ioan Foltz, Dorothea Zeltner, Phyllis Burton, Gail Conine. SECOND ROW: Gene Kina, Victor Turf, Maxine Dulaney, Ianis lulien, Betty Roqers, Ioan Prosser. THIRD ROW: Don Etoll, Glenn Parsons, Virginia Shreifer, Betty Updilce, Esther Withrow, Ioan Shinew. FOURTH ROW: Raaer Northrupr, Bessie Spence, lsabel Lyons, Marilyn Vifithrow, Alyce Sterlinq, Martha lean Insley. FIFTH ROW: Dick Reddin, Thelma Bonner, Norma Leatherman, Rosemary Durliatt, Barbara Bucher, Della Rush. ,fi -as ,r ' it "' qs' I X C 3 V y 1 fs' ff' XENA , C N3 'dh 900' x .1 xx 5 N: .. W ,dr-vu in K I i X - 1 I D X Qt! lg lf' Slim S S:-:sa .Qo- ,rt,,, t : B 9 X . 'W XX f SJ X '36 -vs:-f FIRST ROW: Ruth Simon, Gloria Warner, Donna Bisell, Sara Moore, Betty Wise, Everett Beyer. SECOND ROW: Ethel Kell, Hazel Miller, Pauline Mercer, Kenneth Gray, Clarabell Krontz, Leland Hamlin. THIRD ROW: Charlotte Foltz, Pat Shamp, Mariam Dreishach, Marlyn Bartlett, Viola Lobdell, George Bush. FOURTH ROW: Norene Culver, Leona Bobb, Loise Grant, Goldie Sterling, Mary Whetsel, Marcus Davis. FIFTH ROW: Roberta Lyon, Donna Coppler, Germaine DeGrave, Ianet Seibert, Don Boney, Howard Doerlnq. A SIXTH ROW: Donna Sterling, Estella Hutchison, Erma Hosler, Edyth Sterling, Lyle Gainsley, Roy Clark. SEVENTH ROW: Howard Brown, Iames Hoffsis. -'K QQ!!!-I 44 Q-Q ix 'Mg' . in W f it ' I E, 'fi I QQ 4l!"' 'cw 2 ' , X :ii alt P25 V Q X +5 J Ili P' i' as G1 q:.,, I 155 f 5 li FIRST ROW: Ruby Bassitt, Ioyce Bishop, Esther Witten- meyer, Marian Phelps, Iuanita Fellers, David August, Harry Garrison. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Peters, Patty Dulaney, Mary Weasner, Lucille Mercer, Ioan Burton, Richard Chapman, Ioe Kramer. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Shearer, Maxine Zellner, Patty Thompson, Phyllis Harris, Albertine Grilliot, Deane Conine, Charles Bowers. FOURTH ROW: Helen Long, Ioan Simon, Alice Wymer, Mary Benedict, Donna Dulaney, Kenny Iudd, Charles Ball. FIFTH ROW: Thelma Brumbauah, Ruth Rush, Donna Watson, Grace Fleckner, Betty Rush, Lawrence Raabe, Ierry Lloyd. SIXTH ROW: Doris Ulch, Maxine Glastord, Freda Herr, Ioan Hamlin, Marvel Rush, Dick Smith, Lyman Leathers. SEVENTH ROW: Norma Ford, Betty Blake, Marvelle Par- sons, Rosalie Wolie, Dick Swope, Bob Gillen, lack Wymer. EIGHTH ROW: Ray Roberts, Harry Manhart, George Letso, Ralph Hemmler, William DeLancey. FR- .-f-fg it 1 ., A 'ZF wr' 0- N we .ss Q- , M , .ew- wfv swf ' fi . . Q X W, X . X - as ' W .K X. X 4 x . ,gil is 5 .fs get ...M W' X ess: .T " "' W Wi .av Mem ,,.. ,gk .RSV an - x X M 4... , ,HH yi, RW -nug- X X - K ' Sf - -gX-. ,t 1g NJ - S , -4-0' g t ., xg we I SF ,X gy A ,N 5 as FIRST ROW: Bonnie Knaggs, Lila Chapman, Dorothy Snyder, Ioan Stevens, Harold Coldwell, Reginald August, Rudy Gazaret. SECOND ROW: Cecile Clark, Ieanette Rechinbach, Patty Lederes, Don Wymer, Norman Dull, Bobby Dysinger, Iim Sterling. THIRD RONV: Keith Shager, Evelyn Gillen, Gladys Miller, Gerie,Simons, Gerald Toth, Gene Hosmer, Lawson. FOURTH ROW: Pearl Palmerton, Shirley Holloway, xi EW an-f wwf arm, '36 Dorthy Hoffman, Charles Spence, lohn Weldy, Harold Moore, lohn Benedict. FIFTH ROW: Dorthy Letso, Donna Fast, Margine McGill, Iames Wymer, Haven Boyer, Stephen Pauli, Douglas Hess. SIXTH ROW: Leorabelle Sterling, Viola Wise, Alberta Crow, Richard Deter, Richard Singer, Iames Harris, Deane Parsons. SEVENTH ROW: Melvin Northrupp, Russel Bretz, Gerald Dukes. FIRST ROW: Naomi Clark, Kenneth McCartney, Iunior Rechindollar, Reverta Northrupp, Donna Bobb, Earnest Heiloman, Marseille I-lenninqs. SECOND ROW: Barbara Ritter, Ralph Gainsley, Bob Blake, Eva Campbell, Velma Snyder, Clarence Conine, Evelyn Damon. THIRD ROW: James Metzer, Ieane Francisco, Dawain Swope, Ned Rader, Bonnie Lloyd, Betty I-Iosler, Ioan Foley. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Iulien, Noami McMahn, Betty Kitchen, Gwendolyn Holloway, Gloria Shatter, Richard Letso, Wayne Dukes. ,Qt Qi "-T' QQ fm an FIFTH ROW: Alberta Henry, Reed Teatsorth, Ruth Ann Zeiqler, Charlotte Hutchison, Mary Lou Gallant, Leo Lawson, Marqarite Toth. SIXTH ROW: George Hoffsis, Danny DeArment, Dale Mills, Max Green, Louise Krontz, Buddy Wolte, Ray Miller. SEVENTH ROW: Gerald Herr, Eugene Helsberq, Warren Ferguson, Anita Bassett, Harold Harmon, Pauline Rush, Richard Roach. EIGHTH ROW: Francis Good, Howard Hilliard, Ada Nunqester, Clarence Simon, Walter Connerman, Gerry Grobley, Loren Phyllips. NINTH ROW: Betty Woodruff, Loren Snyder, Elmer Engle, Eloise Raabe, Helen Shearer. 'Rib FIRST ROW: Phyllis Baltz, Sylvia Northrup, Darrell Gee, Tommy Kuhlman, Franklin Toth, Norman Apple, Carol Deter. SECOND ROW: Ianice Clark, Helen I-Ioifsis, Harold Haynes, Franklin Blake, Clyde Wymer, Michael Roach, Freda Engle. THIRD ROW: Noreen Chapman, Evelyn Bear, Norman Gallant, Eugene Kelley, Marion Perry, Alice Bils, Mary Teatsworth. . FOURTH ROW: Iane Benedict, Ioan Archer, Iohn Dunkle, Vern Grilliot, Fred Long, Ioyce Fast. FIFTH ROW: Solie Tackett, Paul Miller, Edwin Snyder, 1 'Q' 'P A x 'iw , 2 I Lawrence Vandersall, Keith Rush, Phyllis Palmerton, Marilyn Seibert. SIXTH ROW: Ruth Charles, Bonnie I-Iosler, Betty Mills, Wayne Cook, Hugh McCoy, Patricia Swartz, Bonnie Campbell. SEVENTH ROW: Aouieda Shilling, Cecil Collwell, Albert Bear, Gaylord Parsons, Robert Wymer, Catherine Drum- mond, Doris Ritter. EIGHTI-I ROW: Norma Yeager, Harry Lickliter, Dudley Kramer, Ivan Nungester, Robert Vandersall, Bonnie Sterling, Beverly Woessner. NINTH ROW: Alberta Crow, Mary Harmon, Fred Trout, ll Mhtw Q. 'lf if is in 'nf FIFTH ' R' T ' Q of i'i 'il E A .,.,,A H. xx M A, 5 i 3 me , if iii- y , 3 3- I , f J iii 'W' K' S, , S' if -am-H new in " 'Q -'QW' --' SQ' f5g,,"f , , 3. , ii ,L QW I WN ,,N, ,M er, is FIRST ROW: Bobby Hosler, Ronny Gillen, Wayne King, Barbara Woesner, Delores Busch, Deloris Rider. SECOND ROW: lack Phillips, Robert Sterling, Bill Boney, Billy Leaders, Marilyn Monasmith, Ruth Akerman. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Bretz, Buddy Mills, Dewiqht Roach, Mable Benedict, Thelma Snyder, Iacqua- line Richards. FOURTH ROW: Gerald Rush, Peter Letso, Deloris Steele, Marilyn Chapman, Yvonne Kline, Janet Davis. FIFTH ROW: Phil Sponsler, Bob Bishop, Dorthey Bobb, lean Symonds, Barbra Wise, Carol Wymer. SIXTH ROW: Naomi Wymer. FIRST ROW: Carol Chapman, Florence Latferty, Iimmy Clements, Russell Heilman, Charlotte Franks, Darlene Crow, Mary Ann Leaf. SECOND ROW: Elaine Hotfsis, Bonnie Shilling, lack Siegel, Tommy Thompson, Enid Cupp, Dorothy F 0 U R T H Deter, Dickie Paul, Wanda Slocum. THIRD ROW: Lois Zeiqler, Betty Drummond. Chuck Iimison, Ioe Toth, Tommy Monasmith, Cora Belle Miller, Ralph Francisco, Sharon Fast. FOURTH ROW: Paula Rockwell, Esther Nungester, Denzel Richdollar, Iohn Sponsler, Robert Hlllard, G H A D E Billy Shaffer, Max Shamp, Ioanne Toth. FIFTH ROW: Daisy Hilton, Ioan Lawson, Robert Bonner, Bon Henry, Denny Hutchison, Ioan Roach, Bobby Kelley, Iimmy Medley. SIXTH ROW: Robin Hess, Wanda Cook, Danny McMahan, Danny Mumy, Mary Lou Damon, Donna Prosser, Gladys Miller, Billy Winkle. 31 AQ' fe.: 'F "' ei Mlm if 'XM - ef -fe l N -' f- ,t Q.-rv ' A 'w W, '-,..4 4 il if Y, , ..:. we 1,,. go it fl K 46 THIRD EIIIIIIE FIRST ROW: Betty Letso, William Holloway, Delores Morelan, Lewis Bishop, Ioyce Iimison, Iohn Wirick, Ioan Wirick, Lyle Bomer. SECOND ROW: Marty Yochum, Helen Ferguson, Howard Wymer, Shirley Smith, Dick Miller, Evangeline Sheifstall, Ray Lloyd, Rosemary Clauser. THIRD ROW: Darlene Engle, Denny Dennis, Carmi Tackelt, Tommy McGann, Sandra Sewell, lack Herring- shaw, Connie Lou Woodruif, Loyal Bomer. FOURTH ROW: Larry Slocum, Io Ann Wise, Richard Yeager, Barbara Chapman, Charles Clci, Patricia ii R fi W ,Ah I I., A L X , .I 5 ' K :L N xx A I A E 2 -in E y .. I , , L X Q . , :Qfj aa ' , 4' " Q .MIL .. N. s- f al I U mb ,gb- qv' ,,. il 9 I ,A eifjp I' 4' "- if N, I , -":' I 8 M N' T X r if ..2.l K 3591 W ,E A H ..., , Mm l k mh- Sheiier, Eddie Wirt, Phyllis Davidson. FIFTH ROW: Mary Ann Krontz, Gerald Perry, Sue Grohe ley, Donald Scoville, Bonnie Caldwell, Eddie Richmond, Carol Allen, Harold Bonner. SIXTH ROW: lohn Monasmith, -Mary Io Monasmith, Bobby Iimison, Margaret Palmerton, Fred Bmmbauqh, Patricia Ianovich, Melvin Tressler, Mary Dunkle. SEVENTH ROW: Carolyn Snyder, Dale Allen Swope, Rozella Bear, Lawrence Nunqestor, Arlene Freed, Earl Miller, Ruth Tressler, Pat Boney. EIGI-ITH ROW: lack Ray Miklovic, ' ' M 1 ,I ' , Q-. as W, 5 "1 ,,,:, , - - .P , I E . , I 3 5 1 x X Q , ag QQ 39: an xl' . ...Q , and 36 -usllbf Q. ww 'lf' - :SS ' 1 2 . N'-is 'LES ' , mln, :QR X x ' x wav' aim. SEEUNII GRADE FIRST ROW: Madeline Shilling, Lucille Andrews, David Luae, Albert Leaf, Leon Ziegler, Dorothy Weldy, David Mumy. SECOND ROW: Annita Troutner, Doris Nungesler, Iimmy Plxley, Iames Hielman, Paul Wymer, Sharon Bushey, Clarence Snyder. THIRD ROW: Beverly Gillen, Melvinna Sleighlon, Carole August, Nancy Kreiger, Iohn W. Smith, Bobby Bowers. FOURTH ROW: Anita Sleighton, Carol Miller, Charles 1,:S., , Nan" al U' , T V ,. ... X .. .4 ef! x R 'lr e X r e xx X X S 'iii' 44" QN- Hosler, Darlen Shefstall, Luella Bretz, Harry Franks, Harold Snyder. FIFTH ROW: Ianis Whipple, Dene Simon, Iacqueline Sheffer, Sue DeArment, Danny Mills, Herman Crow. SIXTH ROW: Ruth Vaughn, Iunior Carter, Iohn Bucher, Barbara Deter, Sandra Chapman, David Sponsler, Billy Palmerion. SEVENTH ROW: Dora Mae Dodge, Billy Gerdeman. 'vip . r - Q fli- ,W QR 9 V' ,jf W' W is Q Q 3 Q, . m 'Ll . QS' ...un ,,,..,-.-ua, ,-. M A '. 1, -.,,. V "' lu , flaw! Y ' FIRST ROW: Elaine Adams, Barbara Blake, Elaine Burton, Shirley Sewell, Leah Rae Lovell, Phoebe Tackett, Maxine Cook, Sandra Straley, SECOND ROW: Lonnie Thompson, Shirley Benedict, Patty Chamberlan, Iulia Nunqester, Sharaon Smith, Gertrude Leaf, Ruth Ann Zeiqler, Sally Vaughan. THIRD ROW: Patty Lawson, Phyllis Wisher, junior Tressler, Mildred Hilton, David I-leminger, Donald Apple, Donna Sue Shane, Wanda Baney, FOURTH ROW: Tommy Reynolds, Iimmy Baney, Iimmy Iudd, Leroy McMan, Gregg Mettle, Charles Rechinbach, lane Anne Lloyld, Mary Lou Ianovich. FIFTH ROW: Iackie Crouse, Iimmy Kline, Ronny Free- land, Dick Wisher, Iohn Miller, Roger Hoitsis, Shirley Herringshaw, Phyllis Dukes. SIXTH ROW: Lenord Chapman, Alice Woodruff, Charlotte Bickmeyer, Ruby Miller, Anna Bell Iones, Pearl Miller, Nancy Drake, Carol Brumbauqh. SEVENTH ROW: Laloveen Scoville, Garland Franks, Billy lim Wilkinson, Billy Morelan, Bobby Bowersox, Gale Kerr, Bobby Palmerton, Ned Miklovic. EIGHTH ROW: John Kreiqer, Ierry Lee Rensch, Iames Overmier, Richard Baer, Bruce Mauk, Iohn Hutchinson, David Ferguson, Nora lean Clark. 9 7 Q-5 'ig ACTIVITIES fi-g 5552 W ,J, if I ,INK x ' Ln ' U' .-... . x J- 1 v ii 1 .--lv, -ev-w-uv-. 4 ' Lvv I A 0 5 -1- 5 gf XYA I lx' if - NATIUNAL HUNUH SUUIETY STANDING Arls Mallas, Audrey Parsons, Melvin Crist, Maxine Williams, Relcl Freshmen Iunigrg William Delancey Lyman Lee Leathers Betty Blake Ioan Burton Norma lean Ford Marvelle Parsons Ruth Rush Alice Wymer Sophomores Marcus Davis Marilyn Bartlett Leona Bobb Germaine De Grave Miriam Dreisbach Charlotte Foltz Estella Hutchinson Roberta Lyon Ruth Simon Donna Sterling Mary Whetsel Roqer Northr-up Glen Parsons Richard Beddin Victor Turf Maxine Dulaney Rosemary Durliat loan Foltz Norma Leatherman loan Shinew Seniors Melvin Crist Belden Freed Aris Mallas Shirley Diller Mary Kelley Audrey Parsons Iune Smith Eleanor Toth Maxine Williams Betty Wymer TTNTTTSTHTLATSHTP TEAM SITTING: Maxine Williams, Mary Kelley, Shirley Diller, Bob Wissler, Betty Wissler, Audrey Parsons STANDING: Helden Freed, Melvin Crist, Aris Mallas. H T. T. T. TEST I SITTING: Audrey Parsons, Mary Kelley, Betty Wissler, Iune Smith. STANDING: Shirley Diller, Maxine Williams. This page sponsored by WIRT'S COMPLETE FOOD MARKET IUAPPELLI FIRST ROW: Donna Dulaney, Donna Sterling, Roberta Lyon, Ruth Rush, Ioan Burton, Lucille Mercer, Marian Phelps, Ioe Kramer, Billy DeLancey, Sara Moore, Leona Bobb, Rosalie Wolf, Phyllis Harris, Sara Trautman. SECOND ROW: Alyce Sterling, Maxine Dulaney, Iuanita Fellers, Donna Bisell, Grace Fleckner, Patty Thompson, Howard Brown, Harry Garrison, Bob Routson, Lyman Leathers, Pauline Mercer, Ianet Siebert, Flossie Campbell, Betty Wissler. THIRD ROW: Norma Ford, Miriam Driesbach, Estella Hutchinson, Germaine DeGrave, Thelma Bonner, Betty Wymer, Marcus Davis, Richard Swope, Kenny Iudd, Richard Chapman, Norene Culver, Edith Sterlinq, Ioyce Bishop, Betty Blake, Norma Leatherman. FOURTH ROW: Ruth Simon, Charlotte Foltz, Gloria Warner, Viola Lobdell, Ethel Lobdell, Dorothea Zeltner, Gene Benard, Gerald Bassitt, Roger Northrup, Relden Freed, Dori Boney, Maxine Zeltner, Ioan Hamlin, Alice Wymer, Maxine Williams, Stanley Weldy, director. JUNIUR BAND LEFT SIDE. SITTING: Bob Gillen, Sue Grobley, Bob Iimison, Denny Dennis. RIGHT SIDE, SITTING: Melvin Northrup, Iohn Sponsler, Elmer Enqle, Tommy Monasmith, Bob Kelley, Paul Miller. STANDING: Helen Smalley, Freda I-Ierr, Raymond Miller, Shirley Holloway, Paula Rockwell, Martin Yocum, Reverta Northrup, Carl Twininq, director. This page sponsored by VIRGINIA THEATER and FLECKNEITS STORE BUY SCUUTS SITTING: Albert Lienhart, Charles Bowers, Dale Mills, Eugene Heldberq, Haven Boyer, Ernest Hiloman. SECOND ROW: loe Kramer, Ierry Lloyd, lim Sterlinq, Douglas Hess, Iames Harris, Eugene I-Iosmer, Stephen Paul, Georqe Hoffsis. THIRD ROW: Lyle Gainsley, Bob Wissler, Gerald Bassitt, Donald Weasner, Kenny Iudd, Dick Reddin, Relden Freed, Marcus Davis, Howard Doe-ring, Iames I-Ioffsis. SENIUH BANU SITTING: Howard Brown, Barbara Bucher, Ruth Rush, Patty Swartz, Ruby Bassitt, Mary Weasner, Melvin Crist, Don Boney, Euqene Hosmer, Franklin Toth, Robert Gillen, Mary Teatsworth, Ice Kramer, Reed Teatsworth, Ruth Ziegler, Ioyce Bishop, Bob Routson, loanne Hamlin. STANDING: Carl Twininq, director: Gerald Bassitt, Leland Hamlin, Freda Herr, Ray Roberts, Kenny Iudd, Iames Harris, Iohn Weldy, Relden Freed, Gene Benard. This page sponsored by CENTRAL OHIO LIGHT and POWER CO. GIRL RESERVES FIRST ROW: Donna Bisell, Germaine DeGraeve, Sara Moore, Leona Bobb, Clarabelle Krontz, Martha lnsley, Betty Raqers, Roberta Lyon, Betty Wissler, Betty Wymer, Patricia Church, Sara Trautman, Iune Smith, Bernice Archer, loanne Prosser. SECOND ROW: Mary Kelley, Miriam Dreisbach, Louise Benedict, loan Shinew, Mary Whetzel, Maxine Dulaney, Barbara Bucher, Thelma Bonner, Bessie Spence, Esther Withrow, Donna Sterlinq, Pauline Mercer, Estella Hutch- inson, Mildred Chaoman, Eleanor Toth, Maxine Williams, Miss Roaers, Leader, THIRD ROW: Shirley Diller, Charlotte Foltz, Norenc- Culver, Norma Leatherman, Rosemary Durliat, Isabell Lyons, Flossie Campbell, Ioan Foltz, Virqinia Shrvlller, Marilyn Withrow, Dorothea Zellner, Miss Moss, director, Phyllis Burton, Gail Canine, Marilyn Bartlett, Ruth Simon, Audrey Parsons, Mrs. Ruth lane Roberts, Leader tnot picturedi. FIRST ROW: Freda Herr, Donna Dulaney, Lucille Mercer, Patty Dulaney, Marian Phelps, Marvelle Parsons, Ioan Burton, Phyllis Harris, Marlyn Miller, SECOND ROW: Ioanne Hamlin, Ioyce Bishop, Grace Fleckner, Helen Long, luanita Fellers, Mary Benedict, Marilyn Peters, Betty Blake, Ruth Rush. THIRD ROW: Betty Rush, Maxine Zeltner, Ioan Simons, Maxine Glassford, Albertine Grilliot, Ruby Bassitt, Mary Weasner, Alice Wymer, Miss Moss, director. This Page Sponsored by UI.CH'S HARDWARE AND FOOD CENTER AND PATTERSON? CHEEB LEADERS Bernice Archer, Norma Leatherman, Barbara Bucher STAND UP AND CHEER Stand up and cheer Stand up and cheer for dear old Baltimore, For today We raise the orange and black above the rest Our boys are fighting and they are sure to win the fray, We got the team, we got the steam For this is dear old Baltimore's day. -I. Stanley Weldy RAH RAH FOR BALTI Rah Rah for Balti Balti will Win Fight to the finish Never give in Rah Rah Rah You do your best boys We'll do the rest boys Rah, Rah, for Baltimore This page sponsored b LLOYD COAL AND ICE COMPANY 41 Y VARSITY TEAM COACH BECHTEL A fine coach, very popular with the players and fans. Should turn out some are-at teams for North Baltimore in the future. t GENE SHVIEO lol-IN VANAMAN Senior Iunior The rifrlit qiiard and a time sfitshot. llis position will lift tr hard one to till next year, DON BONEY Sophomore The rr-qiilar riqht forward playina in his first year of varsity competition. Should he a qreat help in the next two years. l BILL BENEDICT Captain Senior The left forward and lead- ina scorer of the team. Se- lected as an All County Forward two years in a row. Another position to be iilled next year. This page sponsored by FIRST NATIONAL BANK H. P. MALLAS Varsity center. A qreat shot and fine rebound man. A unanimous choice for All- Coiinty Center, A valuable asset to next years squad. GERALD BASSITT Senior Played the lett quard posi- tion and was a qreat team player, Another vacancy on next year's team. GENE KING Iunior A tall center who will be available tor next years team. MARK DAVIS Sophomore A reserve guard who saw a good deal of varsity action. Should be a valu- able man next year. LYLE GAINSLEY Sophomore ROGER NORTHRUP Iunior Another reserve guard who saw considerable service this year. He will also be available for next year. A reserve forward that saw varsity action. Small, but should go great guns next year. This page sponsored by UHLMANS STORE MARLEE BEAUTY SHOP TWININGS MUSIC STORE HOWARD DOERING Sophomore Another forward that did not see too much service this year but should be great help next year. VARSITY BASKETBALL The 1943-44 edition of the North Baltimore Tigers opened the season at home on November 21, against Liberty. The locals won the game by cr score of 48 to 26. The next week the boys went to play their old rivals Cygnet. The Zippers had too much for the Bechtel coached quintet the score being 48 to 27 against us. 'I'he Tigers hit their scoring stride the next week whipping Portage 54 to 42. Vanaman leading the scoring with 22 points. The following week the Tigers played 3 rather unimpressive games losing l and winning 2. They lost to Van Buren 35 to 25 and won from Hoytville 54 to 27 and Tontogany 35 to 13. The latter game being played at Bowling Green University as a preliminary to the college game. During the holidays a group of alumni got a team together and challenged the Tigers. The score was 40 to 26 in favor of the High School. Those performing for the Alumni were: Blake, Winner, Bartlett, Sterling, Benard, Northrup, Straley, and Brumbaugh. After the holiday season the Tigers traveled to Mt. Cory and lost 56 to 47. The Tigers next met a great Bloomdale team. In a close thrilling battle the locals won out 33 to 30. The game was featured by some great defen- sive work by Vanaman. In the next game on the spacious floor at Liberty the Tigers completely overwhelmed the home team 58 to 29. Harold Bechte1's team next met Cygnet again hoping to average the earlier defeat by the Zippers. The game started out to be a real thriller, but the second halt our boys couldn't locate the bucket and lost the game 59 to 38. The fans who saw the next few games saw a rejuvenated team playing inspired ball. The boys had a drive team spirit that was lacking in the former games. They first won from Portage on the small Portage floor 59 to 29. Traveling to Ada the following Friday, the Tigers completely bewildered their opponents with their whirlwind attack and thus pinned one of the most decisive losses ever given the Bulldogs by a North Baltimore team. Savieo played a tine all around game getting 10 points on long set shots. The Tigers continued their terrific pace in the next game with Hoytville. The final score was 85 to 30. Benedict led the blitzkrieg with 45 points. Savieo played perhaps the most brilliant ball of his career collecting 21 points. Bassitt This Page Sponsored By HARRY WIRT I-'INDLAY AUCTION HOUSE A FRIEND played a magnificent floor. game besides feeding the ball in to the forward, time after time. The law of average caught up with North Baltimore in the next game. A fighting Carey team ran a comparatively drowsy group of Tigers right off their feet. The score was 33 to 31. The Tigers ended their regular season at Bloomdale in another thriller. The game was close all the way the Tigers finally winning out 36 to 29. In the County Toumament North Baltimore drew a very weak Bradner team as their first opponent. The locals had entirely too much for the small Bradner team and won handily 46 to 14. Vanaman had one of his greatest nights as he got a total of 24 points. A very tough Walbridge team was the Tigers' next victim. The locals played perhaps their best ball of the year in subduing the team from up North by a 34 to 24 score. Vanaman again led the scoring. ,ln the semi-finals North Baltimore again met their dreaded opponent Cygnet. The game was close all the way. And the end of the first half found the Tigers ahead Z5 to 20. In the second half Cygnet began hitting and slowly overcame the deficit. The final score was 46 to 41. Vanaman's great shooting and defensive work made' him a unanimous choice for All County Center. Benedict also was placed ,on the All County Team at forward. Savieo received honorable mention. The first game of the District Tournament saw the Tigers running over a poor Wakeman team 56 to 22. Vanaman again had a good night hitting for 25 points. Woodville was North Baltimore's next opponent and the team that had previously beaten our old rival Cygnet proved that they had too good a com- bination for the locals. The Woodville five proceeded to give a great demon- stration of sharpshooting and handily won from the Tigers 50 to 36. During the season the Tigers won 14 games and lost 7. They scored 945 points against 715 for the opponents. Benedict led the scoring with 336, closely followed by Vanaman with 287. Savieo with 109 and Boney with 113 were next in line in scoring. Bassitt had 49 points to his credit. This page sponsored by HARDY BANKING CO. GIHA CONFECTIONARY HO!-'FSIS RESERVE BASKETBALL TEAM FIRST ROW: Howard Doering, Richard Chapman, Lyle Gainsley, Victor Turf, SECOND ROW: Dean Conine, Manager, Marcus Davis, Gene King, Roger Northrup, Ray Roberls. IUNIOR HIGH TEAM FIRST ROW: Iohn Benedict, Harold Moore, Iames Sterling, Eugene Hosmer, Norman Dull. SECOND ROW: C. C. Chandler, Coach, lames Harris, Douglas Hess, Rudy Gazarek, Iohn Weldy Babe Roach. l BASEBALL AND TRACK TEAMS FIRST ROW: Bill Benedict, Roger Northrup, Gene King, Gerald Bassitt, Gene Savieo, SECOND ROW: Howard Brown, Lyle Gainsley, Marcus Davis, Kenny Iudd, Harold Bechiel, Coach, Donald Bonev. Howard Doering, Leland Hamlin. L. C. GERDEMAN 6 SON H. R. RIPPETH 1-nm nnn'rut1'1' r Q13 W S89 Q,-L5 nw RAYMOND IOHNSON ALLEN BECHTEL BILLY MAC MAYS ROBERT WHEELER WADE BH!-TZ RALPH DYSINGER Q L' ,. ., :Q V , , ks .'-. , I, la I if J . RLER Ae - .. . .. , I' .N kg . 7:16 , V ' KELLY CROUSE WILLIAM BLAKE A GHLIN CLOYCE MCL U WAYNE rsncuson I , Qi f mmf: DALE DAMON RAY KING "CHIP" BONNER , 1 , '-si .. Y f fi' ' JAMES Hmvlmocx RONALD McGARVEY FRANK PADEN IRA DYSINGER WILLIAM ROBERTS Q wi R SSS :X X3 CARL DAVIDSON MELVIN COPPLER A. Q s ..-q. in :AA 55 -X X, ,,... pr-. QR Rik. mu. s DON MCMAHAN gg, PAUL BUTLER DONALD BENNY BAUMGARD NER fs DANIEL REDDIN ww .:, A Z HOWARD GRAY DON SHAFFER GEORGE HAMPSHIRE DELOY BLAND RALPH YUNK DONALD FRY CHARLES BENNER HENRY ARCHER .K 5 gwfi HARRY ENINGER LAWRENCE ETOLL 'QD IIM CAVETT BILL CLARK ELWOOD RENSCH sw. OSCAR FRENCH ! . I I GMI. BOYER Dxcx THOMPSON RICHARD SLOUGH , GENE SWARTZ STANLEY BALTZ I TZ? FLOREN IAMES -'V LOWELL BENARD MORRIS SLOUGH f 1 , IAMES WINNER VICTOR FRENCH x., E if -. ,,,. I DICK SMITH IOI-IN CROUSE WM. HOLLOWAY GEORGE BARKER GLENN DAVIS ED- BONEY ROBERT BONEY 'Cm I if ,I ii , I if ...Q , N - ROY MITCI-IHART Ng km CHARLES BARTLETT lul- Win. GAYLE INSLEY KENNETH GIIASSFORD is DON FOLTZ CHARLES BARRETT . .322 Lb y'2""' 'u1""""'f' ,Q ff ,E nf. Q E 4 'wxss V fl W fx. EARL HOFFSIS WA YNE WILKINSON VELMA CONINE THELMA CONINE GEORGE CHAPMAN 1 DALE SYMONDS LESTER McLAUGHI.IN MARVIN FOGLE IUNIOR MCGARVEY ,AMES DETER GEORGE FOLTZ ROBERT BLACKMAN WILLLAM KLTCHEN: BILLY TEN EYKE IACK HALBOTH TOM LLOYD HOWARD PLOCKER HOWARD WEITH nf ,www W-.MM 5 A 3 L cg W 1,72 Q' ' " ' 'V -1 -A l CALVIN CROUSE 1 1 CARL CHAMP Q 'Sx ROBERT TAPP DICK SAVIEO and IACK BONEY CLAUDE LOE EARL VANAMAN NED HEMINGER CHARLES BLAKE EDWARD WEITH GENE WHITEHEAD HOWARD CAMPBELL A Q MARY LOIS HOUSE RALPH STEPHENS BILL HAMPSHIRE 04, sh x CORK HOLBEIN MELVILLE NEILSON . Z- ' M lb l A fl 1 l 7 '4.'s. xllI l '1X X T . 1 L4 lllil XT 3' PQ x Q ., x A -X 1, fn A Y . Y 4.0 Q9 ELEC ION Bon . ' - 43: meer: ,M Hema Q , Nw I oo-060 , ag sms " ph F65 QASOI-"E Yi, Q RA1'lO'. i BQDK-5 K 81:3 lf ,, , , 1, c. "DO THEY STILL TEACH SCHOOL HERE?" S777 555 Ho GGL MBE -.LYWX CON 1 01q,C sq HSS Cl 4,5-S BOND SALE vw 905 QW' 5 THEME SUNES Bill Benedict ........ Patty Sue Dulaney .... Mary Kelly ............. F. E. Leidy ................. B. Wyrner and G. Benard ..... Don Etoll ............... Betty Wissler ..... Sara Trautman ..... Don Weasner ......... Sara Iayne Moore .... C. C. Chandler ...... F. M. Reynolds ....... Virginia Northrup ..... Norma Leatherman .... Don Boney ......... Kenny Zeltner ..... Barbara Bucher ..... Maxine Williams .... Lyle Gainsley ..... Bemice Archer .... Ray Roberts ...... Edith Sterling ..... Iohnnie Hamlin ..... Margaret Foltz .... Iune Smith ......... Aris Mallas .......... Mary lane Weasner .... Melvin Crist .......... Ioanne Foley ....... Howard Brown ...... Maxine Dulaney .... Alice Wymer ........... Gerald Bassitt .......... P. Church and M. Swope. Shirley Diller ........... Audrey Parsons ..... lake Doering ...... Glen Parsons ..... Pete Savieo .......... Rosemary Duliart ....... I. Foltz and B. Spence. . . Miss Moss ..... . ..... I ......."ILoveMe ..."Ohl Iohnny Ohl ................."ILoveYou ................."E1mer'sTune . . ."People Will Say We're In Love .........."WaitForMeMary ........"Chatterbox . . . . . . . "Scatterbrain . . . . . ."Beer Barrel Polka . . ."No Love No Nothing . . . . ."Ston'ny Weather . . . ."You Talk Too Much . . ."That Love Of Mine ................."Goofus ..."I'll Never Smile Again ............."MissYou ......"He's MyGuy ..........."SmallFry . . . ."Gertie From Bizerte . . ."Prince Charming ......................."BillyBoy ............................"Flash ...."He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings Three ................"Shoe Shine Boy ....................."Iealous . . . ."Slender, Tender, and Tall ..............."Tag-A-Long . . . . "Cow Cow Boogie ....................."ILikeTo BeLoved ..........................."DoILove You "You Better Give Me Lots Of Loving' Honey . . . .......................... "Our Love Affair . . ................... "That Soldier Of Mine .................."Angry . . ."I'm So, So, So, In Love . . ."Teach Me How To Love .............."ShooShooBaby . . . ."Gobs Of Love For The Navy . . . . . . ."Always" "Whispering . . . "I'rn Old Fashioned I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 9 P-Y-5" .,US.NS,. GMP 11,0 .-1. "COLD" "He'S MORE THAN A DENTIST' "N B'S NURSE" 'TISHERMAN IAKEH "AN OLD SCHOOLMATE l'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER Archer's gabbings Benedict's braqqinq Bassitt's crooning Ford's seniors Reddin's dancing Kelly's flirting Weasner's wolfing Zeltner's bashfulness Parsons' backwardness ' Moore's B. F.'s Iim Boney's tallness Toth's dependability Savieo's admirers Cl'1apman's guitar Wymer's giggling Church's faithfulness Swope's farming Boyer's quietness Crist's griping Trautman's running here and there Smith's smirking Betty Wissler's sneering Bob Wissler's girls and curls Vanaman's appeal lsexl Ethel Lobdell's friendliness Wallace l.obdell's helpfulness Free-d's ultra-violet lights Williams studying Mallas' jobs Northrup's skipping Schroeder's tininess Diller's dirty looks Bonner's Hoytville friends Benard's big mouth West's pleasing manner Sonny Chapman's quiet way Durliat's diamonds fWe wonder where she got the last one.l Foltz's box office job Spence's silly actions Iudd's iokes fPure corn.l Don Boney's expressions Bucher's soldier Leatherman's sailor Miss Moss' assignments Miss Bloom's smile Miss Rogers' Typing Classes Miss Reynolds' Home Ec III Class Mr. Weldy's Home Room lTake your seaisl Mr. Northmp's "Sir" Mr. Fast's grading Mr. Bechtel's "B.A." Class NO KIDDING 108 Y MOWHY-an 411- o'f 'lv eff Lk Q Po mf fo Q00 sch 4, TODAY S TOMORROW HMIRIAM 6 RUTH" "RUTH" "BUTCH'S LEGS" ,CHI 4.36, LLOYD SINES AA-B T174 Oo r PLA Yp? 'N X, ,V ,IN Foltz And then theres the story about the airplane Spence What about it? Foltz You wouldn t get it anyway Its over your head. gf cami PAGE Q Q Q Boney: "Don't you know Sir Cumference?" Iudd: "No, I never mei him." Boney: "That's funny. He gets around an awful lot." U i l Miss Rogers: "Can you operatea typewriter?" Mel Crist: "Yes, I use the Biblical system." Miss Rogers: "I never heard of that one." Mel: "Seek and ye shall find." D I D Mallas: "My billfold is like Florida weather reports." Sara: "What do you mean?" Mallas: "There's never any change in it." D Q D Mother: "Relden, how are you getting along in grammar. Relden: "Swell, I ain't had a bad mark since when school begun." I D D Audrey: "Did you know the answers to all those questions on the test?" Maxine: "Sure! I said 'no' to every one of them!" U l Q Miss Moss fatter writing sentence on black- boardl: "Can anyone tell me anything pe- culiar about this sentence?" Benard: "Yes, teacher, the writing." 1 D Q Weasner: "What's that gurgling noise I hear?" Rosemary: "That's me trying to swallow that line of yours." Old Hand: "But these seeds you're planting are biennials. They won't flower until next year." Bisell: "Oh, that's all right. I took that into consideration and made them sell me last year's seeds." I' i 1' Sterling: "I'm sorry I ever married you." Benedict: "That's nothing. Think how sore all the girls are that you cheated out of a chance at a good husband." l' Q l' Bassitt: "Don't you like my singing?" Laetherman: "SingingI Well, you have only one small defect. No matter whether I play on the white keys or the black, you keep singing on the crack." l' Q U E. E. Leidy CDinner Guestl: Will you pass the nuts, Clark?" C. C. C.: "Yes, I guess so, but I really should flunk them." Q U Q Mrs. Iudd: "Now, Kenny, be a good boy and say 'ah-h-h' so the doctor can get his finger Out of your mouth." i Q i P. Church: "I'd like to buy a new hat." Sara Crather deafl: "Hey?" Patty: "Nol Straw." Relden: "Did you shave this morning?" Melvin: "Yes." Relden: "WeI1, next time stand closer to the razor." Q Q 1 Doering: "Did you have any luck on your hunting trip?" Chapman: "I'll say I did: I shot 17 ducks." Doering: "Were they wild?" Chapman: "No, but the farmer who owned them was." Davis: "Lyle, am I made of dust?" Lyle G.: "I think not, Mark. If you were you would dry up once in a while." V. Northrup:,"The man I marry must be easy to please."' A F. Schroeder: "Don't worry, dear. That's the kind you'll get." 15 sY5'06 Q15 O 65 oc-5 03 SYN' XY "OUR owN DEBUTANTI-I" 41v SH OR' 405-,, HTY. "A SUNDAY DRIVE" "LEGS FOLLY" "SWOON CROONER BONEYH "THOSE BONEY BOYS" 'ZTRU E BEA UTy., HBATHING BEAUTY "SMOOCHlNG" "TIRE TROUBLE" "OFF TO SCHOOL" "DREAMING" "IT DOES RUN?" FUTURE SCOUTS" "IUST LIKE HIM" RUTHIE A 1. r., .. -,: .51 ug Q ss H Y "GUESS WHO" "POSED" OUT FOR A SPIN "KENNY AND DON- REAL FARMERS" "IS THAT NICE. GLORIA?" OH, WHAT A GANG "LOVE, KENNY ,Q I of iff: Z4 1 4'- 5,611 N FACE THE SUN Don't hunt after lrouble, But look for success, You'1l find what you look for- Don't look for distress. If you see but your shadow, Remember, I pray, That the sun is still shining, But you're in the wayl Don't grumble, don't bluster. Don't dream and don't shirk, Don't think of your worries, But think of your Work. The worries will vanish, The vlfork will be done, He sees not his shadow Who faces the sun. . n:q qQ.,n1g... 1 xx Q A XX N lg' s I 5 V' R I

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