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I ' s I V X, 1,A'l-J'-fl: If k ""'l .,,I .t n E i H as E F E h CQEHHBKQEQ I Q' .-1 b ,wr ".'f3f?Ef25'- , zlwirffggx -- .1 X 'xt-: ,.N'4-Q'-. f .1 w m a? !' ' ,yi :jr if I .sf ' N, " at-' NCJISTH EJALTIMOIQE HIGH SCHOOL VOLUME 2 1940 CCNTENTS ADMlNISTIQfX'HON CLASSES 'VUIIVITI' S I' v LJ fXDVEIi'flSEMEP DEDICATION We, the members of the annual staff, dedicate this annual to Mr. E. E. Leidy, in re- spectful gratitude for the many services he has rendered us in our school careers, and for the cheerful manner in which he has always given them 1W'PT'Pi" vl- :I l A ' Wi ,. .s. 5- - .- 3fw,0f is G? rywuw '51 -fs 'ff i. 'f - -1 Lg 1 iifi ., f liggaf-f't4mv'gsu sf kg-ffgfi ' V. ' 296.5 FOREWORD 'In his own page the poet still we find. In his own page his memory lives enshrined --Holmes With our faces toward the future we think upon the things of the past. In this book the Class of 1940 are happy to record the events of yesterday in order that tomor- row's memories may be brighter. --Superintendent E. E. Leidy QQ' WW Q x ,Z 9 .F 5 4f'i5'I"..f?qS5Qi-. Q- -: ' ' -: : 5322:-t7:'g: N. 2 I ,zag-iv: - 3:-f 5- Q-.V af ,,,g-j5.j1::E"R?:2"1"" . 1 1gg5f".5,4 .h Q'-::71" U: J X' :gg -Q ,. lsr- -H" 1:-4. X ,I N :QE 4 Im: ' '- x rh -. -F, -gs. ,L 1 "Q --.f"-nQT--- . sssv-51'-.Q'-.. . "' f 'fsrl' xqji.-. I-.641-JJ' .K , X N '-,wv P In W Cp -' dwg 5, 2 'Q 4 6, sf any I O 5 I Q, it--' . ,Q-ig.SXuX.f-fl.-X ...X Xi 5 gf .a- W q I -- j,'.,' "5 .,Xrq1,a:'.tr ,.,F.Y, 7 X 5- V -.-L. -J -1. - .ff A .' Q. -. ' ' . '- , 4.' n . 5 : -, - - . -. . ,. ' I it-U14 - -- ., H L: DL .- x -. Ei'-Q' ' , ' r ' '-- X ,.f,,:c:v wg-his a A Aa.. Q25 . ' WWE? . f' V ' ' ' ' . T215 I . " -JS.- Y' - E+-'H ' 1 . 'J' lun.. ' .,I. ' . ' V -.. -1141 53-.Q ' Q " 1- X 'W' ,..-.' g, . ,- ,LX , , 3 EX ,X X in ' X,-:XXXJ .Ik gf-, .X gs? n -- ,hsizgfzll .rm . ':' 13' "7 ' ' f - 5-V' 'Xxx ' gg., , '. I f .. , 4 A I ,fp f' :Til-X XXX ,xr .gi Ei' .. - wc '- . .. .. - " 1- , ' P -if ' VA' 7 L" ,N .. . , A -I - - - 1 ' . ' - 'gi - :V X, . . - ' -' hw 1 --H. '.e - ", . V .,.- . h- X V . ,X J 'Vx -' ' . '- ' r- - ' ' 17" X 76 T.. :aux N' L? ' . 'ff-1-'-:' 5 7.5 L . ,we " . .'- .. . H A .L M. P . . - - L" , " , - 'f' X 7- V:-V .- '-Lx -1 F- ' ' .si A 1-' .rf - ' ' Q" F' H-:E 'Y N' Q -in 'W' J- 1' C A A 4 ' ' . 'tfifl Sf' . FT" - S! A Q' J" '11--. . . .1 '. 4 -..-W' .. -.-, ' AA- f--1 .. pg -- - 2545- .. 1 41,-LQ .L-. . ' ' fY"J,-' ' ' if . Y-. 1 ' 11: ,e.f-'- Q If-. ' "1 'f mf ' 'F' "Si " .H -- 4 : AY 1 'fy .,.--- ' X. I X.-iff-Q X., X. . ' 1 P- ..-i 21- 42 1.-: P K'-A -.M 4, - + ' ff- 29.:g.1- 3j"'fi"1q "5f'..-.- 4-- 4- ' ':i,:+f1.' v7."VW 14' - A-I."-. J ' .'-71. 'K '.-'V-Vvil r. . A , Ei - -J.. - "2 ,' if 'ff' -:N i4"sXggf:'. .i V? W A , , .. X.-Y. .A ,471 fuxxt-:X -fX...,-4, . X-1, X., avg .1 .- ,. -.J -f A fn -7 --. .1-'hr", 1- . af- -I .pri E .wzelpf f,j.fQ2315-.,5 +G nw. ,,A,,. J.. 2.1-gg.,--li 1.H,o, '.g-r'q,'g.11,,1 ,Q ff' ' rx ' - V"'w"'1'1Lfl- '-"ri 14"-4'?-,gf-Ei - - - 435. -Q X . . ,XXL Q -Q-.Q 2151. 55153. ,Xgp SL X- ' . A if- 'H '- X 'rf 'tibgx-.,X .Q x41-,sig - 1-Veii. 1, ' ' V ' I- I 1. 1- 7 f -,: A H- ' 'fi , J, . H.-. 4 A , f ' . ' .kgvj .Q- DJ AX .. " I j i"iQ'4'-'5v'f'.f -E:ffLR-ff'f- " 5: ..m.'fg"k.ii,iS1g1'5E , Q 1 a 7.1.1 WL 1571?-r X 4 --V 2 1- Lf- xiii'-'-53.17 xx -GU" V: 3' "ul-. rn is .-.' 3 ff. 5,3-,,:,. ,,, . . ' ' 332. 1-Pfe3Piv-A f 1:54 f, 4- - -X ,,,, .N-. . X 1 X. .- 1' 'ua 1-' ' " 'Lv-f.. 4- ni ' - ,- ., 5: -nw' f'-'S 'Qi' ,IV LL.-S -. '- "':'5-Z . ' U 'Q ' -- .. J TK. 'J ff'-"fy ' 'Q-L?'1'i'.- ,If .f el- ' , 'XFX ..,, 1.5 :fb XV X i ,:. ,F ,..X.lXX.:,,..XXM X. X +2 ' S. 2'-.44 -:fy-' 'A+ .gif fi'-2 -.EW -1 .-,L-' rg-g,.. . w- - fig: , -XX.:-'Xi ., 'iv X -. 'rv w:?'.' XI,-.' 1" A ia. FA' vii:--fi: 'milf '1S":. 5331. : Wi- 74 Y- - Qs-5-I., 5- ' ' F? ' Y' -11. - - . 19,5 1 -2" -' ' - , . . -" JN"-,x!l?1?.5" ' -. . 'i'1"'HJ-E '1 L - -' M.: -Jah A: 1-:wif-w f ,gf , X .Y 1, -. Y,-rg 4, xii- .24 -- , .. 1 v . -'-L3 i-111-f"f7'r. igf.-1:23-:P ' v 'V , 3 1 . . f rf .231-5" 1g. lejrf XX, . LQLQ5 '.-.N-1-:Q'g,..' X WW- . - f T LU 125'-'.-955.1-"ff, 32" , 5' i5A?f5"3T+l-1--51: ' " - Xp- -1 'ff-QE Y JE:-G b'.X'5X5'e" ,. , VW fi ' 11 A V .Q ?f5'?'w:"' .-n -.. - - -X fe A-..-A+--uf -3 .. EIS, XX A, s, .-,Tr . X.X,:, f.,f,LE1FYj-Fifi, X . ,A K' ' js, .' '. V- ' 1 " W' "fm '. ' . ,f' .- ' ---.'f.,,i1?--1 H.--1 'ix' ' El- Q ' 'fig' YF' ' . ' 5 f . - ., 'v 27 -' ' 'an'-. ln, X vs- - U.-L Xjg, - - .Q- E 71"I'. ,. - 'X ' ' Y 1:14 " 9, ,,,, rw. -' ' ,- . J-. A-li X, ' ' .,. FXXQXX if XX:-.. i . . ., 2.-x -f 1 ' fj?4:723w - ' 1 P .74 '51, ' E ' ' 'f "'fv'-"Tr" , ZWAE5, 4- NP, 21 X ,REAL XX 3 ' ' rm x.-1 I ..X i 'X'.-his V' , bw- ff'-1-'M-.:f.. - if X 1.-4e5,'L"fr.-. - .4 f.-J f1 .Y . Yt."':' 4, ,V ' F.. V-'i ' 4 . Ji- . -'-- - f 1 .--- 'EX T-js, HQ ' 2 - ' X ,,, ., , L. -1, X X Q ' - -, . , " . gf . -, JT" . fi .X 'lfrfff - fs, .gf , I . ' X lp .- 51 . ' ' few.. 'L 'A-fb. "1 g ' ' ' X 'L if. .4 H ' ' .- - f M. . ' f f 4 fc b . . T Q... I 4 -1 f f ' it EDITORIAL 'Q North Baltimore has an excellent high school. It is fully accredited by the state department of education. It has courses galore, to teach not only history, civics, the sciences, English gram- mar, and the history of literature, but such vo- cational alternatives as stenography, the keeping of books for businesses, home-making, and carpentry. If one wishes, he can even study vocal or instru- mental music, or athletic training. These courses are to aid one in broadening out in many, many directions, and they add a great diversity to life. They aid one in specializing, for this is the age of specialization. 'I 'll' 'll' I know people who will graduate from our high school, who cannot read. Oh, yes, they can read simple sentences, and common words, and they can gain information from books like the Hggld glmanac. There are, however, books which are written not to give information, but to give understandingg and of course, when you read a book like that you must look not just for what the author says, but for what he really means. You must explore thru the mire of facts until you get to the truth that is hidden on the other side. a There is a difference, you knew, between a fact and a truth. A fact is a simple, disconnected bit of realityg a truth is not only a harmonious aggrega tion of facts, but a knowledge of their relation to each other, and to truth in general. When these boys and girls I know run up against books like that, they are in a blind alley, and it is not entirely their fault. o It makes me wonder--before education builds in diversified ways, shouldn't it build a foundation? And before it lets us specialize, shouldn't it make us build a general groundwork of good things? And anyway, how can we study all these courses in dib verse and specialized things if we can't read? Why couldn't we, why shouldn't we have a course in read- ing, just as an extra-curricular actlvity? , ,ff - -423 .A 2 ll ,f HP. TGLuSmfii Mrs, haldvrman, Clerk ' s if 4 ret WH, . if :Vida Dr. Fowell, Freq. Hr, zushey 17. Mrs. Nong Mrs. Slough OUR EDUCATION' There comes a time in the life of each student when he must make an important decision. The time comes as he enters high school and the decision is found in the answer to the question, nwhat do I seek?n The student's entire life, the life of his children and his duties as a worker, parent and citizen will be affected by this decision. The answers to the above question are usually divided into two groups. First, I am going to high school to acquire truths, and to learn to re- tain as many of these truths as possible. I seek to use these acquired and retained truths in my daily life for years to come. Second, I am going to high school for a diploma, a good time and per- haps a bit of training for a job that I may get eventually. I seek to become an infinitesimal part a mere cog in the gigantic wheel of industry and with it, I hope, will come happiness and money. It is needless to say which of the two schools of thought is the better one. In the latter one, we get the Ford's River Rouge Plant, and the shoe-shiner at the city corner. In the former school, we see a barber using the truths acquired in high school by reading good books, listening to great music and studying great paintings. Our electric furnace operator may make more money than our barber, but this kind of riches is so transient and worrysome Our education provides us with riches that are in- separable and very satisfying--if we use this edu cation in the light of the first group which was mentioned. . operator of the electric furnace in --Edward Crist 0 0 I ! r:.b.1s. -ia Yum. " , . , , , F Lt y' SJA gr, Rgspgqaig, Mggh. hr. R. E. Rorthrup. krin. -. Jr' D' ' I' 3 N Kiss L. Pfcss, Languages Nr. J. 5. Nfldy, Wuslq L W N155 Q, Lgwig, Cgnnnpgjgl Hr. G. C. 3kancLer, kiatory Kr. C, Swurf1.auKh Loavh . , N153 E, Lefflerl Home LC. Nr. H. Eechtel, Ind. Arts Xia: H. N. Poling, English Eli Hersc-hell Re-uscim Guy Eomzer 'II-FS' 'Nong miss Fowles Mr. Ixsley Hr. Barker Nr. Simon Hrs. Kelley NPS. Leatherman V K H 1 L l Gram. v ' Sraue IV 1 a Tiss N. Bechtel Niss S. Lytlo Grade 1 Grade I MSS F. Hoa.-N. msg F. Hamlin Filfr G. '1'r-svfw nmku- 1: Grade I1 '-Pmiv A1- ? i, f ,Q - .1 :E I. T33 .V TI:-S. Dunn Miss C. Hiller' H155 H. Tart' Grade- VL Grade V-VI i- --V ,. .- - lx 'YNY -" e WF -YN 7- , - . ,M K, N X' 5 4' 2 5 o n si- -"X ., 'X 'L ""'ff-.wr r 2-BEEN 'J' 'D 'B -as-F3..s :9W'-'zf-?2:f- ' ' -TQ ve 1 1 , . '.- ff fb- ' ., w X .'. fi ,G .Q 5272- t, ag D ,. '-J , -1 waives:-sg-ff eifiigyif f :N , vig. N ,ggg --M U ni -I lu -44.1, , 1 ,-A masses I 1 i BETTY CHAPMAN "Chapin" Girl Reserve 2. 3, 4: G. A. A. l. 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Iunior Play. DONALD FRY lm!! EUGENE SWARTZ NWI! Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Nation- al Athletic Scholarship Society: Vice-President of A. A. WILLIAM BLAKE asm.. Hammansburq: Basketball l, 2: Sophomore Play. No. Baltimore: Basketball 3, 4: Football 4: Base- ball 3: Class Officer 4: Annual Staff 4: National Athletic Scholar- ship Society President of Ath- letlc Societyl. 19 fl Jug' HECTOR BONEY "alma" Football l, 2, 3, 4: Honorary Cap- tain 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Class Officer 1, 2, 4: National Athletic Scholar- ship Society. DONALD BAIGIR "Donnie" Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2: Class Officer 1: A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3. EVALYN HUTCHISON Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3: Annual Staff 4: Class Officer 4: County Test 2. IOHN ADAMS "Iehnnle" Basketball 2, 3: Football l, 2, 3, 4. CLOYDE SIMON "Bud" Hoytville: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Basketball l, 2, 3: Baseball l, 2: Class Officer 2. No. Baltimore: Basketball, Baseball. ROBERT SPONSLER Class Officer 3: Annual Statt 3, 4: County Tests 2, 3, 4: Iunior Play 3: National Honor Society: Senior Scholarship test. MURIEL WEITH Macon., Caro, Mich.: Girl Reserves l, 2, 3: F.H.A. l, 2: No. Baltimore: G A.A. 4: Girl Reserves 4: Glee Club 3: A Cappella 3. MYRON WIRICK A Cappella l, 2, 3, 4: Boys Glee Club l, 2, 3: Iunior Play: Far- mers' Institute Play 3, 4: County Tests 3: Boy Scout: Prince of Peace Contest lSecond Place in Countyl: National Honor Society: Senior Scholarship Test. GAIL BOYER Baseball 3, 4. . 'D '1.-.13 - -.-. r :QQ sv , lt EVELYN PATTERSON UPN.. G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4: Iunior Play: Glee Club 1, 2, 3. DANIEL REDDIN Football 4: A Cappella 3, 4: Glee Club 3: Iunior Play: County Tests 2, 3, 4: Boy Scouts: Nation- al Honor Society: Senior Scholar- ship Test: Valedictorian. KATHRYN SYMONDS "Kato" Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3. 4: A Cappella 4: Basketball l, 2, 3: Iunior Play. KENNETH HAYES "Kenny" ROBERT BALL Fostoria: Basketball l, Z: All- School Play 1. 2, 3: Chorus l, 2: Football l. No. Baltimore: Ir. Play: Football Manager 4: Schol- arship Team 3, 4. MARCILLE MCKEE "Cole" G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4: Girls Glee Club l. VICTOR FRENCH nom... Baseball l. 2, 3. 4: ADDUCII Siflff 4- GERALDINE HALBOTH uhny.. G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girl Reserve 4: Iunior Play. HOWARD HOFFSIS und.. FRED CLARK Football 4. IEANNE IULIEN uhwd.. Girl Reserve iPresidentl 3, 4: G. A. A. l, 2, 3: Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Iunior Play: Famrers' Institute Play 3, 4: Class Officer Z, 3: County Tests 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: National Honor Society: Senior Scholarship test: Salutatorlan. EDWARD BONEY Football l, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: National Athletic Scholar- ship Society: A Cappella l, 2. 3, 4: Boys Glee Club l, 2, 3: Annual Staff 4: Iunior Play. MARGARET DELANCY "Maqqlo" G. A. A. 1, Z, 3, 4: Glee Club 1: Girl Reserve 2, 3. 4: Institute Play 3, 4: Class Officer 3: County Tests 2, 3, 4. ' ANN BIEHLER "Annly" Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 4: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 4: Iunior Play: A Cappella 2, 3, 4: Farmers' Insti- tute Play 3, 4: County Test 3, 4: Daughters of American Revolu- tion Test 4: Class Officer 2, 3: Annual Staff 4: Chapel Commit- tee 2: National Honor Society 4 IEANNE NORTHRUP Hammansburq: G.A.A.g Basketball 2, 35 Sophomore Play: Ir. Play. IGHN BECKFORD amd.. Football lp Basketball 1, 2. MAXINE KITCHEN "Mac" Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4. tTrianqle Leader 47: G. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD HESSE Baseball 47 Basketball 4. LEWIS MCGUIRE "Mickey" Hammansburq: Basketball 2. 3: Baseball 2, 3 RUTH BUTLER "Ruthie" Basketball l, 2, 47 Girl Reserve 4: G. A. A. 4, Home Economics Club 4. fl HOWARD CAMPBELL ..Hod.. Football 3, 4: Baseball 4. PAULINE KLINHENN npouy. . Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Girls Glee Club 3. LELIA MALLAS HIM.. A Cappella 1, 2, 3. 4 lCustodian 331 Girls Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. l, 2, 37 Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4 Clrianqle Leader 4l: Farm- ers' Institute Play 4: Class Officer 35 County Tests 2, 3, 4: Chapel Committee 21 Elimination Con- test 3. 4: Annual Stall 4, Scholar- ship Test 4p National Honor So- ciety. FOSTER GRIFFITH ucrw.. Van Buren: Softball l, 2: Football 1, 2: Basketball 2: Band l, 2: Class Officer l, 2. No. Baltimore: Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3: Farmers' Institute Play 4. CAROL FILLWOCK "Carol" Rawson: Girls Basketball l, 2, 3: Girls Glee Club l, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 3: Iunior Play 3: Operetta l, Z, 3: F. H. A. l, 2, 3 lSecretary 23: No. Baltimore: G. A. A. 4. ROGER DOWNS GEORGE FOLTZ Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 4: A Cappella 2, 4: Boys Glee Club 2: Class Officer 4: Farmers' In- stitute Play 3: Iunior Play 3: County Tests 3: Boy Scouts, National Athletic Scholarship So- ciety: Annual Staff 4: Band l: Senior Scholarship test: National Honor Society. WILLIAM HAMPSHIRE Ham.. Hammansburq: Baseball l, 2, 3: Plays 1, 2, 3: Basketball l, 2, 3: Cheer Leader 2: Operetta 3: Pres. of High School 3. No. Baltimore: Football: National Athletic Scholarship: Baseball. MARY BIERLY Fremont: Beginners Chorus l: Etiquette Club 1: Choral Speaking Club 1: No. Baltimore: Girls Glee Club 3, 4: A Cappella 3, 4: Girl Reserves tpianistl 3, 4: Elimination Contest 3, 4. DORIS RENSCH "Kenshin" Girl Reserve 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4: Girls Glee Club 2, 3. MEMORIES Each of us has our memories, Whatever they may be, One might be that first night of ' adventure, Or climbing that highest tree. One might be the death of a loved one Or the birth of a little child, It could be the return of a lost pet, Returning home, no more to run wild. Yes, all of us have our memories, And we hold them in high esteem, Whether they're happy or sad, We rmnanber them in each little drown --June Harris ....l...J SENIOR CLASS MOTTO. . . .nDON!T TRY DYING, DIE TRYINGN COLORS. . . .GREEN AND GOLD FLOWER. . . LILY OF VALLEY PRESIDENT .... . .GEORGE FOLTZ VICE PRESIDENT. . . . HECTOR BONEY SECRETARY. . . . EVALYN HUTCHISON TREASURER. . . . WILLIAM BLAKE USOUP TO NUTSH SENIOR PLAY CAST MISS RICE, a dioticinn ........ ANN BIEHLER MRS. POTTER BEARS, middle-aged widow.JERRY HALBOTH VERONICA BEANS, a lovely patient. . .JEANNE JULIEN DOCTOR PILSRI, the administrator. .ROBERT SPONSLER BOB BENINGTON, a youthful detective. .MYRON WIRICK SELENA CATCHNELL, a spinster. . . MARGARET DELANCY CLAIRE DALTON, her fascinating wardKATHRYN SYMONDS DAMON GOODFELLOW, old grouch ..... EDWARD BONEY HOTFOOT, colored porter ....... DANIEL REDDIN DAVID STRONG, Olympic Games contender.GEORGE FOLTZ TRUDY TRUDELLO, movie queen .... EVELYN PATTERSON LINCOLN LONG, not seeking health.WILLIAM HAMPSHIRE Processional Opening Hymn Prayer Hymn Special Music Sermon Hymn Benediction Recessional Music Invocation Vocal Solo Oration Vocal Solo Oration Music Class Address Presentation Benediction BACCALAUREATE SERVICE NORTH BALTIMORE HIGH SCHOOL Hay 19, 1940 nOnWard Christian Soldiersn Rev. Robert Sidebotham UStand Up, Stand Up For Jesusn HTRUE VALUESU Rev. A. S. Bierly nFaith of Our Fathersn COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM May 22, 1940 Rev. C. D. N. Moore Myron Wirick Jeanne Julien Edward Boney Daniel Reddin Dr. J. R. Howe, President Otterbein College DP. E. A. Powell of Diplomas President Board of Education Rev. W. S. Noble George CLASS HISTORY In September, 1927, seventy-nine little chil- dren unravelled the ties which bound them to their mothers' aprons, and trucked off to school. The members of the Senior Class of 1940 who were in the grand march then, and have survived the jam session are as follows: 5 John Adams Ann Biehler Hector Boney Evalyn Hutchison Edward Boney Jeanne Julien Howard Campbell Lelia Mallas Donald Baker Doris Rensch Donald Fry Pauline Klinhenn Cloyde Simon Margaret DeLancy Myron Wirick Ro ger Downs Foltz Betty Chapman Geraldine Halboth Maxine Kitchen Evelyn Patterson Marcille McKee Kathryn Symonds Howard Hoffsis Robert Sponsler The orchestra was directed by Mr. Leidy with Bechtel and Miss Wilson playing lst violing Miss Monosmith and Miss Schaaf playing 2nd fiddle. While Miss Schaaf and Miss Nonosmith were impro- vising, in waltzed Victor French and Eugene Swartz followed by Kenneth Hayes and Jeanne DeGraeve. We did a folk dance, accompanied by Miss Trautman and Miss Peters on their 3rd trombonesg then we danced on and Miss Goldner and Miss Trautman rendered an obligate duet on their 4th clarinets. As Miss Tarr and Miss Foley were playing nFlat Foot Floogien on their 5th piccolos, in pranced Dan Reddin from the Akron Barn Dance. Following the entrance of this prancer, Miss Tarr and Miss Miller played NGet Out of Townn on their 6th pianos, as a farewell to our whirl through the elementary grades. The following left during one of the six intermissions: Miss Charles Brown Charles Cook Elirn Grames Lester Fergus Ardenell Damon Thomas Jackman Hazel Dominique Junior Latta Frances Heyman Lewis Meyers Donna Kennedy Roma Watkins Margucrita McGrain Eloise Hook Betty Phelps Doris Huffman Elva Mae Smith Mr. Chandler then entered the orchestra pit and taught Charles Brown, could join our a corn and had Mr. Wilson, Mr Weldy Join our ers took their Snyder came to and Mae Massey us some new steps so Aletha Libarger, Jack Orwtek, and Robert Reichenbaugh throng. Edna Thompson suffered from to leave. We were thrilled tu see Swartzbaugh, Miss A. Foley, and Mr. orchestra, When these new perform- places, Beatrlce Schooner and Mary fill the vacancies left by Jack Orwick A new dance hall called the uSusy Q H1gh,U has Just been opened by Mr. Ncrthrup. We get in the groove as we danced the Big Green Apple. As a green light shone on the state, President Hector - Boney, Vice President Eugene Swartz, Secretary Don- ald Baker, and Treasurer Roger Downs oresented a floor show with the rest of the dancers as a sup- pgrting chorus. Then as an added attraction, Foss ter Griffith, John Beckford, and Gail Boyer pro- vided further entertainment. we were be innins to et a little love-sick now , S as all sophomores do, sc we learned a new dance, the Blackout, and as the lights came on, we noticed our vainly verbose friend, Harry Dey, gaily flltting about the floor with our giggling classmate who suf- fered occaslonally from mild hysteria during this unique feature. President Hector Bcney, Vice Presi- dent Jeanne Julien, Secretary Ann Biehlcr, and Treas- urer Margaret De Lancey guided the rest of the dancers through a whistle dance. The two dances, the Big Green Apple, and the Blackout were introduced by our sponsor, Mr. Wilson. As a reward for our highly laudable record of participation in the marathon thus far, we earned a trip to the New Iork Wcrld's Fair. Thls was made possible through the efforts of President Jeanne Julien, Vice President Ann Biohler, Secretary Hob- ert Sponsler, and Treasurer Lelia Mallae, with the excellent cooperation of the remaining dancers. While in New Kork some unusual rug cutting was done by our sponsors, Miss Leffler and Mr. our return trip we found five stowaways Muriel Weith, Mary Bierly, William Blake Hough, and scoop-man Robert Ball of the Bechtel. On on our bus, Maurice Weekly Bea- con. The latter was unable to do much Jivin' because he was so busy taking notes on our activities. Now as Seniors we are more dignified, and due to the strain of the twelve year marathon we have relaxed into a quiet waltz. President George Foltz, Vice President Hector Boney, Secretary Evelyn Hutchi- son, Treasurer B111 Blake, and Sponsor Mr. Rosendale have provided us with corn plasters of humor so that we might end our marathon happily. We were in dire need of recruits, for some had left, so Bill Hamp- shire, Carol Flllwock, Jeanne Northrup, Richard Hesse, Lewis McGuire, Ruth Butler, and Cloyde Simon aided us in this respect. We have just received news that due to our endurance record, the Junior Jitterbugs V are going to invite the Senior Shaggers to a banquet on their Southern plantation. As a result of the severity of the marathen, the following dancers found it necessary to leave because of corne, calluses, blisters, et cetera: Sam Bretz Mildred Eninger Charles Brown Evelyn Hosler Andrew Dewulf Anne Kern Holland Fausnnugh Beatrice Schooner Virgil Grant Mary Snyder Ernest McMahon Edith Weott Harold Rsabe Irven Thompson Robert Reichenbach Harry Dey Vernon Snyder Maurice Hough William Weott Bill Mercer Lincoln Snyder Ann Peters Charles Shnmp Wilma Pollock Esther Campbell Eva Snyder Jeanne DeGraeve Having successfully completed this marathon, we shall continue our dances individually, each striving to attain more distinct success in future years, and in so doing setting e dance pace that, though hard to achieve, will be unsurpassable. "T" ' f X 9 xgxhkm- ef-, 4 --gi 'plfg CLNSS FEOTHEGY As I was sitting at my desk in the General Hos- pital in New York City busily engaged in work, buz- zer number 15 called me from clinical reports. I immediately left my work to see what the patient needed. Upon entering Room 15, I looked at the rec- ord concerning the patientg the nature of the illness seemed to be a nervous breakdown and the name of the patient written there was Hargaret DeLancy. Immedi- ately I glanced at the patient to see if it could possibly be the one I had known all through my high school days. Jerry: Uwhy, Margaret DeLaney, I haven't seen you for over five years. The last time I heard from you, you were working as accountant at the Griffith Automatic Fly Swatter Company. Is Fos- ter still president of the concern?n Margaret: uJerry, I didn't know you were working here. Yes, I am still employed there by Hr. Griffith. Say, did you know that Pauline Klin- henn was employed there too, until one day Foster came in and found her sleeping at the typewriter. QToo much night life, I guess.J Well, then I had to take over her work as well as my own and now I am suffering from a nervous breakdown. Before Pauline was fired, she told me that she had gone to see Myron Wirick and his Love Q35 Band. You know he has taken over the Glenn Miller program, and his vocalists are the uCutie Sisters,W Lelia Hallas and Mary Bierly. Pauline also said she saw a lonesome figure, who was none other than Fred Clark keeping an eye on Mary as usual. what are Ann Biehler and Jeanne Julien doing these days?n Jerry: UHaven't you heard about Ann, she has made good on the Lueh: gtrihe git Parade as the tobacco auctioneer. 'Tone thousand words a minute and noth- ing in it as usual.J And I heard that Jeanne is a roving reporter Qnewspaperj for the Qalatea Times. Could it be that she wants to keep tab on a certain sailor boy? Margaret, I just read in this paper about an old classmate of ours. Quote, nThc new Democratic candidate for the 1952 election is Daniel Washington Reddin, III, a favorite son of Ohio. Mr. Reddin promises to do away with taxes. His motto is Wm aaa Fha alas mats Lasse -" Margaret: NWho thought that North Baltimore would have a future president. In a letter I recently received from home, my mother sent me a clipping out of the Qalgjga Times telling of the recent wed- ding of Kathryn Symonds and Eugene Swartz with the most Rev. Nathan Ball officiating. Mother told me that Rev. Ball has become quite popular with the young people of his congregation.n Jerry: nwhile on the street the other day I met Muriel Weith and she told me of the homely Hearts Club she had formed. In her conversation she told me that, through her, Gail Boyer had found his one and only. By the way Gail is new head janitor at the school house. I suppose you have heard of Lewis McGuire's success as a cartoonist?n Margaret: nLewis McGuire, I don't believe I remem- ber him.u Jerry: nDon't you remember he is the boy who was constantly drawing airplanes on his bookkeeping problems. Ho is working for Walt Disney out in Hollywood drawing the cans of spinach for the Popeye cartoons.u Margaret: nWasn't that the most unusual airplane crash that Bill Hampshire had in the middle of the African Jungle! Can you imagine landing right on an clephant's back? I guess that Betty Chapman was hostess on his plane until she spilled a cup of steaming hot coffee down 3i1l's back. It was un- usual the way they found Bill Blake, the great animal hunter, who had been lost in that jungle for nearly two years. CI wonder how Bill liked his diet of roots and berries.Ju Jerry: uLast night at the movie I saw Egg Qheik, starring Chad Boney. It seems as if he has taken Robert Taylor's place as the glamour boy of Holly- wood. Chad has also suddenly taken a liking to classical music. Could it be because of his new heart interest, Deanna Durbin? I understand it was through Chad that Howard Hoffsis and Roger Downs obtained the job as hairdressers for M. G. M. studi- os. llmagine Red and Sam dressing Garbo's hair.J Do you find it lonesome here with nothing to do?n Margaret: UNO, I usually have my radio on. Mm, that reminds me it is nearly two o'clock and I always listen to Down Memor Lane with Donald Fry at that time. I like the program better since Donald has taken Lanny Ross' place. I guess Marcille McKee and Ruth Butler send their requests in regularly to be sung on Donald's program.n Jerry: Uwhat happened to those girls after they left school?n Margaret: nThey went models for Adrian.n to New York and became artist Jerry: uHere is a book I just finished reading--The History of the Origin of the Electric Mouse Trap By John Beckford. CMiss producing a genius in next book is going to Moss must feel very proud of the literary field.J John's be a biography of Victor French.n Margaret: nAbout an hour ago I listened to a game between the Yankees and the Giants. Victor was pitch- ing as usual. He won his fifth straight game today. You know I didn't know Robert Sponsler was married. I just heard of his marriage last week.u Jerry: nBut you surely knew of his success as a chemist. It was because of his wife's fthe former Doris Renschj large lingerie bill that he was led to invent a liquid to preserve the thin fibers of the garments. This proved to be his greatest dis- covery.u Margaret: nLast summer I had a marvelous time during my vacation at Yellow Stone National Park. Richard Hesse was my guide and'he used the same Ford he had while in high school. Because of its weakened con- dition, I was afraid it might break down any minute. Richard obtained a job for Evelyn Patterson fguess he was 1onesome.J It seems like wedding bells now. On my way home I stopped in St. Louis at the Campbell tearoom. Howard has a very good business and seems to like the work very much. Jerry, who sets your hair? It certainly is becoming to you.n Jerry: nwhy, Evalyn Hutchison has a beauty salon in New York. Jeanne Nerthrup works for her and she usually sets my hair.N Margaret: UI heard on the radio that the Qygljng Honcfgooners have just returned to North Baltimore a tor touring the United States on bicycles.n Jerrvg UI an afraid I never heard an thine about it.n V Ld Margaret: WYou surely hoard of the double wedding of Maxine Kitchen and Kenneth Hayes, and Carol Fillwock and Cloyde Simon. Both couples then toured the United States on bicycles. They returned to North Baltimore a few days ago and have new settled down to quiet farm l1fe.W Jerry: NI heard that George Foltz and John Adams have taken over the Rippeth undertaking establishment. Their business is rather poor of late. It seems that the people of Forth Baltimore are becoming more healthy everyday. Neither are the doctors as busy as usual. I wonder if it could be because the new marshal, Ed Boney, is demanding strict enforcement of the laws.N Margaret: WI think we have mentioned practically everyone in our class and what they are doing today. Oh, no, there is Donald Baker. Do you know what he is doing?U Jcrrv: nhhv yes he oined the Navy several years u G J 3 u 0 J Q J J ago and 15 new llvlng up to the true sailor code, leavinf a broken heart in every oort.u S4 U' .L Margaret: nOh, yes, I do remember hearing that he joined the Navy. The reason I called you was to have you get no a headache tablet. But never mind, my head seems better now. This visit seems to have out L nev life in me already.n .. -1- - .'.. i!,w95'.3f"fw 'ar had wMM+rw?HhW . J.-K in ..-,.f!- Q - 'U'-:w--' . ,,.: izaig 'i . . .. ,Q wifi? 'ravi ,sfgf -- fiffiffilf-s751..ffs1 j- f 1 , ,,., ,,..,,,., W, f?iEHEE5geqQpQg?efW'1 , lg! ,,sifQwggig?giQg api??:'fZ.,..:-:bl-1,TImi7""ff12-"' " ' V' I JV Li l"' , Nt' . .1 --M .. sc.. ,:-i5i,gu':.EZz.Z5v,gsQ' V-I -. CLASS WILL We, THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1940, of North Baltimore High School, North Baltimore, Ohio, possessing as usual, complete control of our mental faculties, do hereby bequeath.our many assets and liabilities to our esteemed subordinates, that they may better cope with problems of directing our institution. First: We appoint Superintendent E. E. Leidy to be the executor of this will and testimony. Second: To the faculty we leave our ugigglesn . which we hope will ring out through the years. Third: To the Juniors we leave all the assign- ments that we failed to get in this year. Fourth: To the Sophomores we leave all the fun we have had during our Junior and Senior years. Fifth: To the Freshman we leave the authority to become a love-sick Sophomore. Sixth: To the Junior High we leave our sleep- ing positions in Study Hall. Seventh: John Beckford wills his 1929 Deluxe Ford to Ralph Cook flt will get you there, even though you do push it.D Eighth: Ed Boney wills his voice to Herb Kinnan, better carry a basket, Herb--it's better that Way. Ninth: Gail Boyer leaves his job to Steve Ham- mock. 'For the sake of schooln. Tenth: Howard Campbell wills his ability to play football and his nickname UStaru to nSnapn Baltzg you better keep in training, Usnapn. Eleventh: Myron wills his musical voice to Bill McMahan for serenading the girls, especially the one on East Brotdway. Wish you luck, Bill. Twelfth: Goer Downs wills his midnight walks to Barry Chapman. Barry, don't go near the White Bridge because it's still Roger's favorite place. Thirteenth: George Foltz wills his flirtation with the Freshman girls to Dale Symonds. Sorry, girls: but Dale can still meet you at your lockers. Fourteenth: Victor French wills his writing ability to Bill Wirt. uOh yes, Bill, don't forget you're to take lessons this summer to bring you up to standard.n Fifteenth: Maxine Kitchen wills her Nchubby little figern to Evelyn Gainsleyg take it easy on the milk shakes and sandwiches. Sixteenth: Muriel Weith leaves her dwarf fig- ure to WMagg1en Adams. Some boys really do like them short. Seventeenth: Marcille McKee wills her typing and shorthand ability to Kate Baker. Keep up the good work, Kate. Eighteenth: Cloyd Simons wills his gay auto- mobile rides to Franklin Apple and Dorothy Church. Watch the country roads. Nineteenth: Gene Swartz wills his flashing smile and winning ways to NR1ch1eu Northrup. Just be careful, it either Hwoosn or uwows' them. Twentieth: Bill Blake wills his farming abili- ty to Eldon Martin. Oh, yes, Eldon, you do get in- to town once in a while. ' Twenty-first: Chad Boney wills his ha1r-tra1n- ing to Sam Moorhead. Sam, don't forget to carry a comb, there is never to be a hair out of place. Twenty-second: Bobby Sponsler wills his win- dow washing Job to Popeye Swartz: Robert prescribes Lux--1t's easy on the hands. Twenty-third: Pauline Klinhcnn wills her lei- sure time Cwhen she is supposed to be studying? to Jeanne Dukes. I hope you will have will power to keep up the good work. Twenty-fourth: Ann Biehler wills her appetite to Gloria Leatherman: could it be the Grocery Store influence? Twenty-sixth: Bill Hampshire wills his nmopn of curls to Ollie Harris. Girls always do like curly hair, donft you think? Twenty-seventh: Kenny Hayes leaves his latest njitterbugn steps to Bud Davis. Just be careful, Bud, whose toes you step on. Twenty-eiphthg nRedn Hoffsis wills his rod hair to Frances Swartz, providing Frances uses it for a step light when hitch-hiking. Twenty-ninth: Richard Hesse wills his perfect school attendance to Ruth Nichols if she promises to leave quietly. Thirtieth: Lewis McGuire wills his artistic ability to Tiny Boney if he will put a picture on every test paper. - Thirty-first: Dan Reddin leaves his neatly kept locker to anyone ambitious enough to clean it out once a week. Thirty-second: Foster Griffith wants uCorkn Holbein to have his salesmanship job, but you don't have to buy a car, Cork, walking is still good, Thirty-third: Jerry Halboth could leave her political arguments to many, but she may need them throughout her life. Thirty-fourth: Jeanne Julien wills her abili- ty to concentrate on two things at once, Csehool work and Alumnusjto Clymer. Thirty-fifth: Betty Chapman leaves her wearing of the red to June Harris--we hope Bill likes red. Thirty-sixth: Kate Symonds wills her gum chew- ing to June Hiller if she promises to chew it in ' Miss Lewis' room and get away with it. Thirty-seventh: Evelyn Hutchison wills her seat on Barker's bus to Jenny Belle Seiber. Be care- ful of the back, it is kind of nbumpyn. i Thirty-eighth: Lelia Mallas wills her way with the teachers to Elizabeth Blackmang try concentrating on the books. Thirty-ninth: John Adams leaves his winter hiking to Howard Aikensg you better get snow shoes, the snow does get deeper the further north you go. Fortieth: Robert Ball wills his brief case to anyone who will carry it to school each day. You don't necessarily have to have something in it, just carry it. Forty-first: Mary Bierly wills her piano play- 4 ing for Girls Glee Club tc Ruth Holbein, providing she hits a sour note once in a while. Forty-second: Don Baker wills his pipe and Prince Albert to Jack Halboth if he lets it out to air once in a while. Forty-third: Evelyn Patterson wills her night- life to Gloria Wissler, watch you donft follow too closely in Pat's footsteps. Forty-fourth: Doris Rensch wills her way with boys to Ruth Blake, but you don't have to go as far as Defiance to get them. Forty-fifth: Carol Fillwock wills her diamond ring to Dot Garnog you better keep an eye on her, Cork. In witness whereof, we, the Senior Class, the testators, have to this our last will and testa- ment set our hand and seal. WITNESS: Class of '40 E555 Xfxaf' I 1 First Grade Second Grade Third Grade - -- Tr'-7-rmlvg ' " 'va -,rr--11 7 - -- - FIRST GRADE First Row: B. Boney, J. L. Symonds, B. Woessner, Y. Kline, L. Willis, J. Swartzbaugh, J. Ralston, Jo Davis, Do Bobb, Baney, Do Roach. Second Row: G. Benner, J. Scott, W. King, F. Moss- berger, P. Wirries, B. Sterling, R. Bishop, P. Sponsler, J. Roberts, C. Wymer, M. Monasmith, D. Wenner, C. Franks, D. Steele, N. Shilling, S. Allison, N. Wymer, T. Snyder. Third How: I. Vaughn, D. McMahan, G. Rush, B. Mills J. Shafer, E. Nungester, L. Bland, N. Bland, K. Culver, B. Farley, L. Moore, R. Ackennan, J. Alex- ander, R. Parker, M. Palmerton, M. Chapman, R. Hellman, M. Shamp, C. B. Miller, D. Busch, B. Hos- ler. 3 SECOND GRADE First Row: P. Miller, Jr., D. Krmner, A. Parish, ' A. Crow, H. McCoy, J. Archer, A. Bils, F. Trout,' , D. Ritter, B. J.lSterling, G. Parsons, N. Yeager, ' Pa Baltz, Teatsorth. Second Row: R. Snyder, B. Gonnan, S. Northrup, B. Campbell, B. Hosler, L. Browning, B. Mills, A. R. Shilling, J. Clark, J. Fast, N. Townsend, H. Lickliter,-G. Bland, A. Baer, T. Kuhlman, C. Caldwell, R. Vandersall, E. Ke1ley,aP. Swartz, M. Hannon, N. Chapman, F. Engle. ' Third Rows, I. G. Spence, I. Tackett, R. Carles, M. Sochart, E. Baer, H. Hoffsls, R. Bierly, P. Pahnerton, B. Wymer, I. Nungester, L. Vandersall, K. Rush, F. Toth, R. Snyder, L. Kerr, K. Bretz, F. Blake, S. Chambers, H. Haynes, B. Ferguson, W. Cook. THIRD GRADE First Row: J. Metzger, B. Wolfe, G. Kerr, R. Gains- lcy, J. Wymer, E. Engle, G. Bland, B. Ritter, R, A. Zeigler, F. Good, M. A. Dannenberger, G. Sha- fer, G. Holloway. Second Row: P. Phillips, B. J. Woodruff, C. Hutchi- son, V. Wright, A. Nungester, V. Kinnan, J. Fran- cisco, M. Hennings, M. Toth, A. Farely, C. Simon, J. Brown, H. Green, W. Ferguson, W. Dukes, G. Grobly, E. Hellman, R. Blake, W. Moore. Third Row: P. Rush, L. Krontz, A. Moore, H. Schearer, B. Lloyd, F. Morris, H. Smalley, R. Northrup, C. Conine, W. Counterman, J. Hartman, J. Shearer, J. McCartney, B. Greeno, V. Palmerton, A. Henry, A. Bassitt, J. Parker, T. Julien. Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade FOURTH GRADE First Row: L. Snyder, R. Bretz, D. Liebold, H. Boyer G. Dukes, P. Smith, L. Chapman, S. Halloway, J. Stevens, I. Lindemen, I. Miller, L. Sterling, M. McGill. ' ' Second Row: D. Spence, K. Gorman, D. Hosler, B. ' Knaggs, D. Fast, C. Clark, Z. Snyder, L. Huffman, E. Trout, G. Toth, E. Hosmer, R. Phillips, N. Dull, R. Slaughterbeck,-R. Gazarck, B. Dusinger, H. Barber. Third Row: D. Parsons, M. Northrup, K. McCartney, R. August, K. Shafer, D. Hess, B. Wirt, J. Harris, H. Hilliard, J. Sterling, R. Roach, D. Mills, J. Weldy, S. Paul, G. Rensch, H. Moore. FIFTH GRADE First Row: R. Uolfe, L. Mercer, E. Wittenmyer, R. Rush, W. DeLancy, J. Cramer, I. Culver, P. Harris, M. Parson, O. Hosler, W. Sterling. Second Row: J. Ball, B. Brownlng, T. Spence, J. Bishop, M. Glassford, D. Watson, E. Schearer, C. Sanford, Ra Grilliot, J. Wymer, A. W3mer,'B. Blake R. Roberts, D. August, J. Lloyd, R. Deter, D. Sny- der, J. Ferguson, L. Parker. ' l Third Row: H. Long, A. Tackett, P. Thompson, K. Simon, J. Henry, H. Peters, L. Leathers, H. Weis- ner, L. Raabe, U. Straley, T. Brumbaugh, G. Wright H. Caldwell, D. Conine, J. Hamlin, G. Flockner, R. Bassitt. SIXTH GRADE First Row: L. Gainslcy, C. Alexander, H. Benner, K. Gray, G. King, R. Wittenmyer, R. Smith, R. Liebold M. Rush, R. Clark, P. Shamp, C. Krontz, H. Miller, Ee HO31.GI'o ' Second Row: H. Hosler, J. Simon, G. Phillips, E. Raabe, G. Warner, N. Culver, A. Tackett, D. Mathi- as, V. Palmerton, M. Bartlett, B. Kinnan, R. Grant D. Boney, S. Moore, G. DeGraeve, G. Busch, T. Mas- sey, M. Davis, H. Brown, E. Chapman. Third Row: H. Seibert, E. Kerr, P. Mercer, J. Win- gate, R. Himler, R. Chapman, R. Snyder, L. Bobb, B. Rush, R. Browning, D. Bland, C. Foltz, C. Gril- liot, J. Hoffsis,'E. Hutchison, M. Whetzel, E. Boyer, H. Deering, L. Chambers, R. Carles. V D l 3 I Seventh Grade Eighth Grade ir: 5.315131 LT lass ' 1' ,w "J SEVENTH GRADE First Row: V. Brown, G. Sterling, D. Rush, M. Mil- ler, K. Insley, B. Spence, B. Rogers. J. B. Smal- ley, J. Ju1ien,'B. Updike, Alexander, K. Simon, R. Bretz, G. Sterling, G. Parson. Second Row: O. Spence, Simon, O. Schooner, J. Pros ser, G. Conino, J. Harris, L. Eninger, B. Dannon bergor, V. Shreffier, A. Ackerman, D. Clark, H. Wright, F. Vananam, J. Parsons, R. Galloway, E. King, G. Watson, M. Barringer, F. Campbell, M. Wlthrow, N. Leatherman, L. Sterling. Third Row: W. Carlos, K. Palmerton, E. Withrow, B. Bucher, R. Northrup, P. Blake, P. Harmon, R. Krontz, B. Caldwell, I. Vaughn, Irene Vaughn, P. Whitehead, H. -.,. Bretz, R. Reddin, R. Renseh, E. Harmon, T. Benner, V. Turf, J. Cline. EIGHTH GRADE First Row: E. McMahan, R. Wheeler, J. Aikens, B. Benedict, R. Wisslor, B. Wissler, B. Archer, S. Trautnan, E. Raabe, B. Snyder, E. Krontz, J. Hosler, O. Dewolfo, J. Hamlin. Second Row: E. Alexander, B. Wymer, L. Beyer, A. Parson, M. Williams, V. Butler, H. Kelley, M. Chapman, E. Toth, A. Parker, D. Franks, P. Phil- lips, R. Scott, P. Church. Third Row: R. Hapes, D. Mossberger, W. Baltz, D. Weasner, E. Bernard, D. Burner, R. Johnson, G. Bassitt, J. Boney, A. Mallas, W. Campbell, E. Rider, R. Freed, C. Ball, R. Dysinger, A. Has- soy, W. Conino, M. Crist, J. Saabo, B. Northrup. Ipfllifililllili First Row: M. King, F. H. Hennings, B. J. Cline, B Gorman, B. Grant, D. Oskey, J. Mapes, M. Benner, P. Heckathorne, H. Hoero, R. J. Wales, H. Updike W. Clark, B. Ulch, B. Gray. Second Row: E. Ferguson, C. Roach, J. Julien, G. Brown, M. Gildea, K. MeGarvey, R. Holbein, J. Blackman, B. Schall, V. Cryer, A. Hammack, G. Hoffsis, E. Watson, E. Vaughn, M. B. Schoon, H. Watson, E. Schearer, B. Withrow, B. Mays, C. Healer, G. Reddin. Third Row: J. Clark, L. Sines, E. Weith, A. Smith, J. Slaughterbeck, B. Blake, D. Shafer, T. Shamp, C. Drake, H. Eninger, W. Ferguson, H. Swoebo, R. Yunk, C. Bartlett, P. Stephens, D. Mathias, R. Cook, G. Claybaugh, C. Smalley, H. Weith, K. Haldorman, B. Jackson, J. Winner. Junior Class Top Row: Blackman, J. Cook, Bland, Baltz, Lloyd, R. Cook, Chapman, Baker, Blake, Clymer, Nichols. Second Row: Crist, Holbeln, Klinhenn, Hamuack, Brown, Martin, Northrup, Archer, Kelley, Seibers, wlchner. First Row: Ulch, Roach, Smith, Halboth, Church, N. Kuslck, T. Kusick, F. Swartz, Hiller, T. Clark, R. Swartz, B. Clark. ' Sophomore Class Top Row: Gray, McCartney, King, N. Busch, Bechtel, Nchahan, Aikens, N. Conine, Skeeters, Whitehead, G. Chapman, W. Busch, Boney, Brown, Symonds. Second Row: Adams, J. Bonner, weTb, Seibert, Davis, Davidson, Harmon, Lloyd, Harris, Barrett, Ackerman, Hesse, Sewell, Updlke, Rider, Hoffsis, Apple, Meyers, Browning, Gainsley. Third How: Henry, Reichenbach, Dukes, E. Bonner, Harris, Archer, Noore, K. Chapman, F. Conlne, Whissler, DeGraeve, Garno, Leatherman, Ckurck, Stcrllny. ff? TP ,iffy 1 s 5115-'ff' QL lik QQ mb vii 11-fl Q wifi? l mx W f ,22 by 'LLLNIJ' FY O 0 l u5ff3z1na1ufeuersf2w SCHOOL DAYS When I have long been out of school My thoughts will often return To the place where my happiest days were spent, To the place I was sent to learn. I enjoyed school and my studies From the first day to the last, And now as I sit here and think Of those wonderful days long past, Oh, how I wish I could return To the place I was once sent to learn To see once more my old friends. Oh! Why did those days ever end? --Ruth Blake I f s it .-' ,!g',it3y , H l ' '55 fa 1' Au 'QQ .,sg!5'--:.:r EQQQSE5F:EgQs:?2:5:P AQX gs sth,l. S PTEM ER First day of Sbhool Football game with McComb Football game with Rawson Football game with Carey OCTOBER Football game with Wayne Chemistry class visits Water Plant at Findlay Seniors select their rings Football game with Arlington Football game with Van Buren Football game with Ada Halloween Dance NOVEMBER Benefit show for Toy Band Football game with Forest Organ Recital on Hammond Electric Organ Rev. Bierly conducted Chapel Services Football game with Delta NOVEMBER Recognition service for Girl Reserves Seniors had pictures taken at Toledo DECEMBER Basketball game with Henry Township Chapel Services with Mr. Chadwick speaking on nJuvenile Offendersn Basketball game with Hoytville Chapel Services with nurse giving health talk Junior Play: nThat Crazy Smith Familyn Basketball game with Delta Basketball game with Tontogany Grade Operetta Basketball game with Liberty JANUARY Basketball game with Grand Rapids Basketball game with Liberty Rotary Program in Chapel Basketball game with Bluffton Basketball game with Bloomdale nSnowballn Dance FEBRUARY A Cappella represents N.B.H.S. in exchange chapel program at Bloomdale Basketball game with Carey . Senior select Commencement invitations Girl Reserve Potluck Supper FEBHUAH! Boy Scout Banquet 16-17-21-23-24 County Basketball Tournament Farmers' Institute Play to March l Girl Reserve Week HMI-Y1'TUI'1 " ' Girl Reserves gave Chapel Program Pictures taken for Annual A Cappella and Tiffin University gave Chapel program District conference for Girl Reserves A speaker from Wyandotte gave a saftey talk in Chapel A Cappella competed in the elimination contest at Bluffton 19-20 Girl Reserves sponsored Pre-Easter Service North West District H. S. Band Festival at Ohio Northern University Junior Class gave nsadie Hawkins' Danceu APRIL Every Pupil Solo Contest Scholarship test at Bowling Green Seniors took trip to Mansfield Reformatory Solo contest at Bowling Green First baseball game with Webster A Cappella trip to Columbus APRIL Baseball game Baseball game with with Music Festival Baseball game Baseball game MAY Baseball game Baseball game County track meet Baseball game Junior-Senior Baseball game Baccalaureate Henry Township Haskins with Hoytville with Portage with Milton with Hoytville with Weston Banquet with Milton services National Honor Society senior Play: "Soup to Nuts" Baseball game with Henry Township Commencement exercises Alumni Banquet ---.-Ns.---.v.v.-rw --.-p -.w--- ' - v. .-.-.-.-.-.-.. .. vava- f,- -.-.-.-vu.-A ,, -Ma.w.s -vw i 35 'UV"'I'WK3'dN YKYPHIT .-.- .. -A . .-. -.,+. , .-. .p....,....,' , ,l ,.,.,. . ,. ... wa.-N tm. . . .'.,. . .. ., . .,.,.l -.-MW.-.Y .- . .-.-.-.-. .-.-, . - . xxxg.-1'-u,.,. QQWMWQHFQ 6 fe Wi X- s A 5, .A .1 ' " 3 A -. w -.f. n. -. M nw-. -. s -. Q - me M W I ' G .,..,.M.f. t..,..,M..J .v.v.-.--.N-.-.-.-.-. ,v.f.vv.v.-4. .Q-.eww , - - ,A -- N ..t .w.w.-.-,......-N.-..-.V -v-- 5 ' N.-,.-.-M-..-.s-.K-.v. - "' ' a-.i',. -'f - 5 A, .- x.w.w.-.-.v.-.-.f.-.-.'4 .--. Ag -- k , 'ft " V s-.-.u.-.-.v.v.-mx... 'N' 11 .97 -, J ,. " "' - 'Qin v.-.xx-.-.v.-.w , -. . . ., , -, .w. . -I - s ,4 , .- , . - 1, A 4' W 4- o . W" ELEM GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The G. A. A. elected officers in the fall. Those elected were President Kathryn Symonds Vice President June Miller Secretary Janice Cook Treasurer Kathryn McGarvey Many activities were enjoyed throughout the year. A party was held at the beginning of the year. Five girls represented our school at Ada in a play day program. These girls were Betty Chapman, Kathryn Symonds, Marcille McKee, Ruth Nichols, and Ruth Butler. Inter-class volleyball and basketball games were held. The Juniors came through to win the volleyball tournament and the Seniors took the honors in basketball. Various other meetings and activities were enjoyed by the girls of this or- ganization. ' JUNIOR HIGH G. A. A. At the organization meeting in November the following officers were elected: President Sara Trautman Vice President Betty Wissler Secretary Patricia Church Treasurer Bernice Archer News Reporter Jean Harris In December a Christmas party and gift ex- change were held ln the High School Cafeteria. Various activity nights were held throughout the year. Seventh and eighth graders participated in volleyball and basketball games. The eighth graders emerged victorious in each. A play day was held in the spring. BOY SCOUTS At the present time the troop is divided into two units. The Explorer group is composed of boys fifteen years of age and above, is under the capable leadership of Mr. D. C. Fast, and the younger group is under the leadership of the new Scoutmaster, Ned Hemminger: Tho Explorer group is planning its annual spring trip. The younger unit is looking forward to camp. The trocp is sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce. The present troop committee is composed of Melvin Fleeknor, Chairmang Allen Bechtel, Frank Paden, Bill Gerdeman, and Tom Bartlett. HTHE JOLLY GIRLS OF HOME ECONOMICSU The Home Economics Club was organized in 1938. Membership in the club is open to any student enrolled in Home Economics. The Home Economics Club sponsors various projects during the year as part of its work. A style show or exhibit culminates the year's work. Meetings are held once a month, and in the fall of each year a party is given in honor of the new members. Club Officers are as follows: SophomoreVC1ub. President Dorothy Church Vice President Margene Chapman Secretary Elizabeth Bonner Treasurer Janet Bonner Freshman Club President Dene Oskey Vice President Jean Townsend t Secretary Myrtlebellc Schoen Treasurer Betty Withrcw GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION First Row: P. Church, R. Scott, A. Parsons, H. Wil- liams, V. Butler, K. Kcllcy, J. Harris, Miss Pol- ing, P. Phillips, B. Wymer, B. Caldwell, B. Cline, R. Wales, E. Roach, H. Adams, J. Cook. Second Row: R. Krontz, M. Moore, K. HcGarvey, P. Heckathorne, T. Clark, J. Horthrup, F. Swartz, V. Cryer, F. Conine, B. Dannenberger, L. Eninger, V. Shreffier, D. Garno, E. Archer, G. Conine, F. Campbell, J. Prosser, E. Gainsley, H. Weith, L. Boyer. Third Row: E. Raabe, B. Updike, D. Rush, J. Smalley, B. Wissler, E. Alexander, E. Krontz, S. Trautman, J. Smith, Boyer, N. Leatherman, B. Bucher, B. Rog- ers, H. Insley, T. Bonner, H. Alexander, J. Julien, G. Sterling, E. Bonner. Fourth ROW: J. Blackman, C. Fillwock, B. Schall, M. McKee, R. Butler, A. Ackerman, J. Kelley, K. Baker, G. Wissler, R. Nichols, R. Blake, M. Chapman, J. Bonner, J. Harris, G. Leatherman, K. Symonds, J. Miller. BOY SCOUTS First Row: D. Mossberger, R. Reddin, G. Reddin, B. Weasner, C. Bartlett, B. Wissler, J. Cline, E. Weith, C. Roach. Second Row: H. Weith, D. Reddin, E. Crist, G. Foltz, H. Wirick, W. Lloyd, R. Northrup, G. Davis, E. Bernard, R. Freed, L. Whetzel. Third Row: Hr. D. C. Fast, D. Bland, A. Bechtel, H. Aikens, G. Bassitt, D. Symonds, T. Lloyd, Hr. Ned Heminger. HOTE3 EC CLUB First Row: M. King, B. Gorman, W. Clark, C. Barber, J. Hapes, K. HcGarvey, D. Church, D. Oskey, B. Gray, O. Henry. Second Row: Miss Leffler, E. Schearer, B. Withrow, J. Townsend, B. Webb, A. Hammack, E. Vaughn, R. Butler, M. Schoen, B. Meyers, J. Bonner, H. Benner, F.'Conine. Third Row: E. Gainsley, V. Rcichenbach, E. Bonner, M. Moore, H. Moore, M. Chapman, J. Dukes, A. DeGraeve, D. Garno, E. Archer, B. Grant, J. Nor- thrup, K. Sterling. Girls Athletic Association Boy Scouts Home! EC Club Varsity Basketball Reserve Basketball fi" First Row: Second Row First Row: Second Row First Row: Second Row Third Row: VARSITY BASKETBALL Charles'Barrett, Oliver George Harris, William Blake, Edward Boney, Cloyde Simon. Jack Boney, Manager, Allen Bechtel, George Foltz, Harold Ackerman, William Lloyd, Henry Lewis Archer, Hr. A. Swartz- baugh, Coach. RESERVE BASKETBALL Joe Lloyd, Jim Winner, Bob Jack son, Donald Shafer, Charles Bartlett. Richard Cook, Wayne Ferguson, Richard Northrup, Harold Sweebe, George Reddin. FOOTBALL Allen Bechtel, Glenn Davis, Norman Conine, Bill McHahan, Eugene Swartz, Foster Griffith, John Adams, Howard Campbell, Deloy Bland. Mr. Swartzbaugh, Coach, Charles Barrett, Edward Boney, Donald Baker, Hector Boney, Oliver George Harris, William Blake, George Foltz, Edgar Chapman, Robert Ball, Manager. , William Blake, Billy Mays, Daniel Reddin, Harold Sweebe, Bill Hampshire, Fred Clark, Richard Northrup, William Lloyd, Wayne Ferguson, Keith Halderman, Donald Shafer, James Winner. December January February December January February 1959-40 BASKETBALL SCORES--VARSITY N. B. Opponents He nry 63 Arlington 27 Hoytville 19 Milton 55 Ada 5 Wayne 26 Tontogany 40 Leipsic 59 Grand Rapids 29 Weston 50 Van Buren 24 Liberty QWoodJ 57 Bloomdale 25 Bluffton 24 Walbridge 25 Bloomdale 19 Hoytville 12 McComb Cancelled Haskins 22 Cygnet 56 Carey 16 1959-40 BASKETBALL SCORES--RESERVE North Troy 22 Arlington 12 Hoytville 20 Milton 19 Ada 21 Wayne 14 Tontogany 20 Leipsic 50 Grand Rapids 24 Weston 24 Van Buren 24 Liberty Qwoodj 20 Bloomdale 11 Bluffton 9 Walbridge 26 Bloomdale 14 Hoytville Cancelled McComb Cancelled Haskins 15 17 Cygnet 55 20 Carey 7 15 Home Home There Home There Home Home There There Home There There There There Home Home Home Home There Home Home Home There Home There Home Home There There Hon1e There There There There Home Home Home There Home BASKETBALL SQUAD Name Position Years on Year in Squad 1- . ...., .-.- ...Q ... ... -. ..- .- .-.4 . . . .,. .. .,- .. . , .. ..- - ...... - -....-.--. School ...- x Ackerman, Harold F 1 Soph. x Archer, Henry G l Jr. x Barrett, Charles F 1 Soph. Bartlett, Charles G 1 Fresh. A Blake, William F 2 Sr. A Boney, Edward C 4 Sr. x Bechtel, Allen G 1 Soph. Conine, Norman G 1 Soph. Cook, Ralph G 1 Jr. Ferguson, Wayne C 1 Fresh. x Foltz, George C 1 Sr. A Harris, George F 2 Soph. Jackson, Robert G 1 Fresh. -sf. Lloyd, William G 2 Jr- . x Northrup, Richard G 2 Jr. A Simons, Cloyd G l A Sr. x Winner, James F 1 Fresh. M Lettermon 1959-40 season x Reserve Managers were Joe Lloyd and Jack Boney. Boys who played basketball in first half of season but were unable to participate in last part are as follows: Hector Boney, Eugene Swartz, Foster Griffith, John Adams, Edgar Chapman, and Stanley Baltz. STANDINGS INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL GAMES Team Won Lost Beckford 5 1 Ball 4 2 Winner 5 2 Cook 2 3 Sweebe 1 4 Davidson 1 4 Members of the winning team were John Beck- ford, Captain, Dale Symonds, Robert Skeeters, Glenn Davis, George Chqoman, Galen Brown, and Howard Aikens. hz X - X, ei: JsgeQ! QE. -F .X .. . . -V . - -:N ,L Q -.. 5. -xr' "-'U SENSE' ',, . -ff .. 'nz Feeirsf. BANQUET y A football banquet, sponsored by the Rotary Club was held November 20, 1939, in the High School Cafe teria. The food was donated by the merchants, the Aunt Jemima Pancake Company, and the Karo Sirup Com pany. nChiefu Maurice Myer was the speaker. The boys were treated afterwards to a movie at the Vir- ginia Theater by the manager, Mr. Ernest Walters. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE FOR 1940 September 13: At Van Buren 20: Wayne 27: Carey October 4: Arlington 11: At Delta 18: Open Date 25: At Ada November 1: Forest 8: At Leipsic 1959 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE--SCORES N.B. OPPONENTS September 15 McComb O O Home 22 Rawson 6 12 Home 29 Carey O 19 There October 6 Wayne O 7 There 13 Arlington O 26 There 20 Van Buren O 6 Home 27 Ada 6 16 Home November 3 Forest O 19 There 10 Leipsic 12 O Home 17 Delta O 54 Home ! FOOTBALL SQUAD Name Position Years on Year in s g Squad g School. 'Adama,,John 4 Sr. WBaker, Donald 4 Sr. Barrett, Charles 2 Soph. +Beehtel, Allen 2 Soph. Bland, Deloy 2 Soph. WBoney, Hector, Cap 4 Sr. WBoney, Edward 4 Sr. 'Blake, William l Sr. WChapman, Edgar 5 Jr. 'Clark, Fred 2 Sr. 'Campbell, Howard 2 Sr. 'Con1ne, Norman 2 Soph. 'Dav1s, Glenn 2 Soph. 'Foltz, George 5 Sr. 'Gr1ff1th, Foster .2 Sr. 'Hampshire, George l Sr. WHarr1s, George .2 Soph. WL1oyd, William 2 Jr. MoMahan, William 2 Soph. WNorthrup, Richard 3 Jr. Reddin, Daniel 1 Sr. 'Swartz, Eugene 4 Sr. 'Sweebe, Harold l Fresh 'Thompson, Irven 3 Sr. Symonds, Dale 1 Soph. W Lettermen Manager: Robert Ball BASEBALL AND TRACK Twenty candidates reported to Coach Swartz- baugh for baseball this spring. Only a few letter- men remained from the team of last year: William Blake, Victor French, Eugene Swartz, Richard Northrup, and George Harris. With many a new face appearing in the line up, those who looked favorable were William Hampshire, Lewis McGuire, Gerald Whitehead, James Winner, Ralph Cook, and Wayne Ferguson. A nine game schedule was established for the boys Eight boys reported for track this year. Those boys reporting were Bill Wirt, Glenn Davis, Allen Bechtel, Delmont Brown, Harold Sweebe, Roger Swartz, Jack Slaughterbeck and Donald Shafer. FRIENDS Friends are important to everyone, In sorrow or joy, in work and fun, A friend kindly greets you with a smile, And makes you feel, that life is worth while When sorrow arrives he is always near To bring happiness and good cheer, In work and hardships he has a way To let you know, he's your friend every day. school a friend is kind to you, home he is very thoughtful, too, He is ready to serve you and do his part, In every need he has a very kind heart. In At Every day we meet a new friend, Today our thoughts to them we send, Yesterday and tomorrow are other days when we meet again and choose our ways. A friend is willing to share our sadness, He is also ready to share our gladness, Why can't you and I be a friend too? For someone may need a friend like you. --Dorothy Church -' I Baseball and Track Back Row: Mr. Swartzbaugh, Boyer, Clark, Campbell, Blake, Hampshire, French, Simons, Mc Guire. Second Row: Shaffer, Adams, Griffith, Swartz, Bechtel, Davis, wlitehead, Northrup, Brown. Front Row: Chapman, Cook, Winner, Ferguson, Jackson, Haldernnn, Stevins, King, Reddin. Junior High Basketball Left to right: Mossberger, Conine, Etoll, Baltz, Vanaman, Nc Mahan, Coach Bechtel, Saabe, Wheeler, Bassitt, Benedict, Johnson, Ball. Toy Band First Row: Boney, Scott, Benner, Sterling, Moore, Alexander, Bretz, Bishop, Trout, King, Roach, Miller, Hosler Second Row: McCoy, Kelly, Rush, Teatsorth, Kline, Yeager, Shilling, Archer, Ritter, Crow, Willis, Baltz, Bobb, Swartzbaugh, Mossberger Third Row: Allison, Parish, Sterling, Chambers, Nungester, Vandersall, Roberts, Toth, Rush Wenner, Mills, Chapman, Bils, Townsend Clark, Wymer, Kuhlman, Harman, Palmerton, Swartz, Blerly, Hoffsis, Blake Fourth Row: woessner, Symonds, Busch, Banery, Gorman, Phillips, Northrup, Ralston, Wymer, Ackerman, Campbell, wymer, Carles, Seibert, Nonasmith, Steele, Haines, Cook, Sponsler, Nirries, Parker, Snyder, Rider, Shaffer, Snyder, Bland, Vaughn, Bland Drummer Girl: Joyce Fast, Leader: Jeannette Davis North Baltimore School Band First Row: Kelly, Metzger, Kuhlman, Miller, Straly, H. Benner, Judd, Toth, Hosmer, R. Gainsley, H. Brown Second Row: M. Dannenberger, Good, Woodruff, Woesner, Swartz, J. Fast, Zeigler, Hamlin, Hamlin, Harris, D. Fast, Grobly, Green, Liebold, Dukes, Teatsorth Third Row: Gainsley, Ulch, Cook, E. Blackman, Heckathorne, N. Benner, Schall, J. Blackman, Archer, wales, Doering, Kranmer, wirt Fourth Row: Clark, Crist, D. Boney, P. Whitehead, Dysinger, Smally, J. Boney, G. Brown, Jackson, B. Dannenberger, Prosser, Leader - Adams HIGH SCHOOL BAND The high school band, under the direction of Mr. Horace Smith, has progressed rapidly during the last year. The band has played several times away from home, namely, at the 1959 Wood County Tomato Festi val and at the Wood County Tournament held at Bow- ling Green. It played at football games last fall The band competed in the contest at Ada this year and received a rating of three, a good record. TOY BAND V The toy band is composed of children from the first and second grades. The present leader and drummer are Jeanette Davis and Joyce Fast. This organization was formed in 1928 with Ken- neth Hayes as the first leader. Others following him as leader were Norma Jean Kelley, Madalyn Moore Donald Etoll, Lyman Lee Leathers, Shirely Holloway, and Martha Ann Dannenberger. Former drummers were Henry Lewis Archer, Jimmy Winner, Kenneth Judd, Donna Fast and Reed Teatsorth. The band plays twice a year at the Christmas program and at the Community Institute. THE JUNIOR HIGH CHOIR The Junior High Choir was organized under the direction of Myron Wirick at the beginning of this year. The officers are President, Bernice Archer, Vice President, Robert Wisslerg Secretary, Mary Kelley, and Treasurer, June Smith. They have been very active in participating in this group which will help prepare them for a more advanced type of choral work in Senior High School. They have sung at the Armistice Day Chapel, at Christmas time, and at the Community Institute. They are planning to sing at the Wood County Music Festival to be held at Bowling Green, Ohio, on April 26, 1940. D VOCAL-INSTRUMENTAL CONTEST On April 5, 1940, a vocal-instrumental contest was held in the high school auditorium. All those winning in their respective groups were eligible to participate in the Northwestern Ohio Contest held at Bowling Green on April 12. Those who placed first in their respective divisions were Virginia Cryer, alto solog Ruth Holbein, soprano solo, Edgar Chapman, tenor solo, Edward Boney, bass solog Jean Wales, clari net solo, Eugene Bernard, trombone solog Jack Boney, saxophone solo, Donald Mossberger, french horn, Gerald Bassitt, baritone solog Delmont Brown, piccolo solog and Ruth Holbein, piano solo. Those winning at Bowling Green were as follows: Ruth Holbein, sopranog Edgar Chapman, tenor, Edward Boney, bassg and Delmont Brown, piccolo solo. HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS Under the direction of Mr. Stanley Weldy, the chorus represented our school at Columbus, April 19, in the state contest. Our mixed chorus became eligible as a result of winning first place in the Class "BB" group at the Northwestern Ohio District Contest, held at Bluffton. Outside of the two trips mentioned above the chorus has taken but one other trip, that being to Bloomdale for a Chapel Program. The A Cappella Choir has sung on various other occasions for the Rotary Club, The Eastern Star and Farmers' Institute. of X " . Xo,,, 'T f X f x,.ff' f IT- S wf..x - X K I. - xQf' A . 1 1- ,V 1 - W- V , ,l -. -Hill. A Cappella First Row: Tounsend, Oskey, Barber, Garno, Cline, Moore, J. Harris, Wales, Cryer, Heckathorne, Nichols, Hammack, Smith, E. Archer, Shaw, Symonds, Mapes, Dukes Second Row: N. Chapman, Gainsley, Holbein, McGarvey, Miller, B. Chapman, Ulch, E. Blackman, Bonner, Leatherman, Biehler, Bierly, J. Blackman, Benner, Seibers, wichner, Browning, Julien Third Row: Whitehead, Martin, Bechtel, Davis, Bland, Adams, Kelley, wissler, Mallas, Cook, E. Bonner, Baltz, G. Chapmen, Jackson, J. Boney, weith, King Fourth Row: Archer, Drake, Reddin, wirick, D. Brown, Foltz, Harris, Boney, Baker, Chapman, Northrup, J. Lloyd, Cook, whetsel, G. Brown Junior High Chorus First Row: Crist, wittenmeyer, Bonner, Prosser, Harmin, Brown, whissler, Trautman, Bucher, Smith, Archer, Whissler, Bretz Second Row: Myron wlrick, Directory Freed, Leatherman, Alexander, Phillips, Campbell, Butler, Dannenberger, Harris,-Conine, Mapes, Bretz Third Row: Bernard, Parsons, williams, Kelley, wymer, Updike, Schooner, Boyer, Spence, Julien, Northrup, Reddin Axhual Staff Junior Flaw 1 W r'S ixstit mtv WLLANNUALWIUSTAFF I O I O O O Associate Editor . Class Editor . . . Activities Editor . . Editor 0 0 0 0 Advertising Editor . Chief Typist . . . . Administration Editor Circulation Manager . Business Manager . . Advertising Stencils Activities Department Sales u u s A o o Q I 0 O O O Ilistolqy Q 0 0 Prophecy . . . C U I H I O O O O O F . Robert Sponsler . . . Edward Crist . . Hector Boney . . . George Foltz . Evelyn Hutchison . . Lelia Hellas . . Jeanne Julien . William Blake . . . Edward Boney 0 1 1 o Ann Biehler Boney, W. Hampshire . . Victor French Griffith, D. Baker Symonds, B. Chapman Myron Wirick .Halboth, H DeLancy I I U Go I Advisors . . Miss Elizabeth Leffler, Kiss Martha Poling, Miss Cargil Lewis, Hr. Ralph Rosendale ANNUAL STAFF Seated: Jeanne Julien, Robert Sponsler, Hector Boney, Ann Biehler Standing: Lelia Mallas, Edward Crist, George Foltz, Edward Boney, William Blake, Evelyn Hutchison. JUNIOR PLAY Seated: Delmont Brown, Kathryn Baker, June Miller, Hr. Rosendale. Standine: Jack Halboth, Frances Swartz, Janice Coon, Edward Crist, Jeanne Kelley, Richard Nor- thrup, Frances Smith, Eldon O 1 Hartin. FAHHERS' INSTITUTE PLAY Seated: Ann Biehler, Howard Aikens, Janice Cook, Foster Griffith. Standing: Jeanne Julien, Floren James, Robert Hong, Myron Wirick, Lelia Hellas, Margaret DeLancy. -W- -., ...--1,... . ..,,,,..,. THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY In order to be eligible to this society, a stu- dent must excel in scholarship, service, character, and leadership. Those elected this year were Jeanne Julien, President, George Foltz, Vice President, My- ron Wirick, Secretaryg Ann Biehler, Treasurer, Lelia Mallas, Robert Sponsler, and Daniel Reddin- The local chapter was organized February 1, 1967. COUNTY SCHOLARSHIP TESTS Five students placed high in the Scholarship Tests, given in Bowling Green, on April 6, 1940. They won the right to represent North Baltimore in State Tests as a result of winning either first or second place. They were Richard Northrup, first in American Historyg Betty June Cline, first in Latin I3 Betty Gray, second in Freshman English, Paul Stevens, second in Algebra, and Daniel Reddin, second in Physics. A total of twenty-seven other students also took the tests. On March 50, 1940, six seniors competed in the general Senior Scholarship Tests at Bowling Green. The tests included the fields of English, mathematics, history, science, reading, and vocabulary. Robert Sponsler and Daniel Reddin placed in the upper 25 per cent of the group. The four remaining students re- presenting our school were Jeanne Julien, Lelia Mallas, George Foltz, and Myron Wirick. -- - A - J - ' 2-T' s , '-.-LE: , -s -- t' U' .1- gl Q Q3 : - -- ' i ':gt '.j,5? Q , 3' .4 ...., .1 ' . ,, . - r ff . I lf inf I .i., , Qs!! Ei d: 1' . 's e '3.-5-:Ya ' '1?4T'ff F5 . fr -:' -T' 211-. ' iivfiy-Qigi i -35' E : ' i v' . x , , . 1- ,. . '1. , . s ."5Z" g3.u ,-'k f . if I g-i3- Q-2 . 11 1. I ' kia- 3 vb ts- sis S 1. ---ra - - - Q- . Q ' 223511 -.-. Nm 33,-5 sig. , x ,M-... .hw E , . ,A ilwxgzti s.eetf2v::n r': asus. - .ull ,mm - ' V .'vxawkkms-ASSsq'e:sQ:r5sg33S312,'S-SLS-iff'if -1 'ag' Ng-21:33 '. '. x Q., -, , ...-, hw 'I i N i . -S- erif 'ihxwgs' -411: xi:--'qk-Q-,,.,' -'Testi "' .islet- Q' T-Us' '6:"""g if-f' 51'x"r' "si-"QF Ass' Waiif' ' . "Q -1- 4 5'?f.?:" 'TM J' .' i?:.?i-:-'-':,v"Pvf":Pfgf3q1f f -' ."'.:'gJ5T.f' ,l-'-f7-"-,.--'- .-cz '- 4.2"f7 95 -fu." ti-"'v"f'-" "'?:f j ?-.-145-Y'-S' V 9 ' " -.' ' A-Mi .' N-:rs K .- M- ' " x-151-I 133,-,gszl-. - 313.-:1 3 96. .- +1 . -2' ' -. .mes,s'?3ss.mS::LSSs:f:ims: -5,kT'3'f?7' '--,g-,.,rY-- NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY "Eligibility to membership in this society shall be limited to those boys earning an athletic letter and whose average in their school work for three cen- secutive semesters is equal to or higher than the general average of the school, and who have exempli- fied the highest type of citizenship and sportsman- on The following boys were eligible in this seein ety in the 1940 school year: Allen Bechtel, Glenn Davis, Richard Northrup, Hector Boney, Edward Boney, William Blake, George Foltz, William Hampshire, and Eugene Swartz. w-a 7' P -kfmesei "'e- A 0 gr .Qc ,al .. -I -4X M" ,X J " 1 .. +11-:li-f'w:f:'::' --ff. --fs:--'..1w.-A 2.-:f---. AMERICA America the beautiful America the free How glad I am that I live here And not across the sea, Over there they're waging war For all are trying to even the score The French and Germans and the rest Are fighting to try to win success. But in this wonderful country of ours We are all loyal and free And there is no war to sadden our hearts In this land of liberty. --Alice DeGraove Sitting: Standing: First Row NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Jeanne Julien, Lelia Mallas, Ann Biehler, Robert Sponsler, Daniel Reddin, Mr. Northrup, George Foltz, Myron Hirick SCHOLARSHIP TEAM Clifford Hosler, Ruth Blake, Har- garet DeLancy, Phyllis Heckathorne, Madalyn Moore, Betty June Cline, June Hiller, Gloria Leatherman, Elizabeth Bonner, Robert Sponsler. Second Row: Evalyn Hutchison, Jeanne Julien, Third How: Alice DeGraeve, Ann Biehler, Janice Cook, harcille HcKee, Lelia Mallas, Jeanne Kelley, Anna Hammack, Mar- garet Adams, Gloria Uissler, Vir- ginia Cryer, Allen Bechtel. Jack Henry Halboth, Robert Sheet- ers, Deloy Bland, Daniel Reddin, William Hampshire, Delmont Brown, Robert Ball, William Lloyd, Rich- ard Northrup, Edward Crist, Paul Stephens, Howard Aikens. NATIONAL ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP SOCIETY Sitting: Standing: William Hampshire, George Foltz, Hector Boney, Edward Boney. Allen Bechtel, Richard Northrup, William Blake, Glenn.Davis, Eu- gene Swartz. Nafioooi Honor Society Scholarslip Teamwy National Atrfgffc Scholar-ship Society Moore Alma Arc Christmas Play First Row: Second Row Third Row: First Row: Second Row GIRL RESERVES Virginia Reichenbach, Mildred Moore, Elizabeth Bonner, Mary Bierly, Frances Conine, Doro- thy Jean Dukes, Eunice Roach, Ruth Blake, Kathryn Baker, June Hiller, Kathryn Symonds, Evelyn Hutchison, Muriel Weith, Doro- thy Church. Miss Moss, Pauline Klinhenn, Uargine Chapman, Betty Meyers, Elizabeth Blackman, Betty Chap- man, Jeanne Kelley, Evelyn Patterson, Doris Rensch, Ruth Butler, Marcella Clymer, Lelia Mallas, Ruth Nichols, Janice Cook, Frances Smith, Geraldine Halboth, Maxine Kitchen. Margaret DeLancy, Jeanne Julien, Ann Biehler, Betty Mae Ulch, Margaret Adams, Gloria Wissler, Dorothea Garno, Alma Archer, June Harris, Janet Bonner, Frances Swartz, Alice DeGraeve, Evelyn Gainsley. CHRISTMAS PLAY Jeanne Symonds, Jeanette Davis, Doris Ritter, Ilene Jo Lindeman, Larry Kerr, Jack Swartzbaugh. Marcus Davis, Eugene Hosmer, Barbara Kinnan, Sara Jane Moore, Aris Mallas, Charlotte Foltz, Esther Schearer, Lyman Lee Lea- thers, Howard Doering, Donna Fast GIRL RESERVES In a candlelight service held in November, twenty girls were recognized as Miss Bourquln, Dean of Girls of School, spoke of the meaning of Code which is As a G ' T T I will G I R L R E S E R V E S This group of throughout the yea such as friendship Halloween, Valenti as groups working speakers who prose Miss Crafts of Foe in Europeg Mrs. He healthy and Mrs. F Camp Pittenger, th new Girl Reserves. the Fostoria High the Girl Reserve irl Reserve I o face life squarely o find and give the best try to be ' racious in manner bmpartial in Judgment eady for service eyal to friends will try eaching toward the best arnest in purpose eeing the beautiful ager for knowledge everent to God icterlous over self ver dependable incere at all times girls met each Monday evening r, holding discussions on topics , courtesy, vocations, enjoying ne, and April Fool parties, or on various projects. Among the nted topics of interest were toria, who told of her travels rsberger of Tiffin, who spoke on isher of Tiffin, who told of e Girl Reserve Camp. S As a service project the girls collected old toys, repaired the needy children for was hostess for a ence at which abou During Girl Reserv sented the activit sembly program, an fifteen women who series of meetings m, and distributed them among Christmas. In March the group district Girl Reserve confer- t twenty schools were represented e week in February the girls pre ies of Girl Reserves in an as- d held a joint meeting with the compose the Town Council. A before Easter emphasized the meaning of Lent and Easter. At a Mother-Daughter Tea in May the officers for the coming year were installed. The closing meeting of the year honored the senior members. Cabinet members who directed the activities of the year were as follows: President Jeanne Julien Vice President Betty Chapman Secretary Frances Smith Treasurer Janice Cook Program Chairman Service Chairman Music Chairman Pianist Ann Biehler Kathryn Symonds Jeanne Kelley Mary Bierly Triangle Leaders Lelia Mallas Evalyn Hutchison Maxine Kitchen Margaret DeLancey THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS BELL Operetta iGrades 1-67 December 21, 1959 One Hundred and twenty-five children took part in the operetta. The main characters were as fol- lows: Arie Mallas, Santa Claus, Sara Jane Moore and Charlotte Foltz, maids. Others taking part were Lyman Lee Leathers, Marcus Davis, Donna Fast, Jean- ottc Davis, Jack Amon Swartzbaugh, Junior Deering, Barbara Kinnan, Ilene Jo Lindenman, Doris Ritter, Gene Hosmer, and Hugh McCoy. sk x e f " M1121 'aw' ll gqvfl, "Q" :1:1.:' . ,. - .-xt " M1533- NS" .s 'd2"i"' ' ' r XP -'va T: I-1.-. .-wg? 3'af.e', -1 5.1 4 ,m ifigf 43?'4f3'f551ffE'sv'f1L1. ' 'le 69331 fwhwftfgf I ' 5 :.,:,'53:3':T1fJZi? fx X - 1 +4 -.- - Mx- . - V jj Qsqshgyx Egwamy f ,M ' - ,Qxjfwqaeipahanxr gas . ff- P' a5Qf:..:s-sr-1 Faasfaf " mt- - FRESHMEH Charles Bartlett Richard Cook Clifford Hosler Robert Jackson Billy Mays Paul Stevens Edward Weith Jim Winner Winifred Clark Ruth Jean Wales Howard Aikens Allen Bechtel Jack Bone? Carl Davidson Glenn Davis Howard Gray Earl Hoffsis SOPHOMORES Gloria Wissler Delmont Brown Edward Crist William Lloyd Richard Northrup Hector Boney George Foltz William Hampshire Daniel Reddin Robert Sponsler Eugene Swartz Myron Wirick Ann Biehler JUNIORS SENIORS Betty June Cline Virginia Cryer Betty Gray Anna Louise Hammack Phyllis Heekathorne Madalyn Moore Kathryn McGarvey Dene Oskey Myrtlebelle Sehoen Ruth Browning Margaret Adams Elizabeth Bonner Alice DeGraeve Jean Dukes June Harris Gloria Leatherman Ruth Blake Janice-Cook Jeanne Kelley June Miller Betty Chapman Margaret DeLancy Carol Fillwock Evalyn Hutchison Jeanne Julien Lelia Mallas Marcille McKee Geraldine Halboth FAVORITE PASTIMES ANN BIEHLER . MB. FAST. . BILL LLOYD. . DANIEL REDDIN. ROBERT SPONSLER HR. NORTHRUP. . GEORGE FOLTZ. . HECTOR BONEY. . . . . .Talking . .say1ng, "frhat's rights" l I I O . .Ann Hdmmack . . Arguing with the teachers I O O O . .Teasing someone Freshmen girls Sitting with Gloria Leatherman E. BONNER H R. HOLBEIN. .Hoytville Basketball Team ELMA ARCHER. . MISS LEWIS. . DELLTO NT BRO WN . JUNE MILLER. . FRANCES SWARTZ. "Jitterbugging" . . .Hall Duty . . Showing off . . . Smiling . Green Parrot s. CLYDE BALTZ. , . .aaneing FRED CLARK ....g.... . Mary Bierly EU.'s:1P.1J BONEY as BARRY czmPmN.' . . . .singing ROGER svmamz ....... . . . . Fighting JERRY JULIEN. . CLAYTON DRAKE. . . Getting in trouble . . . . . Loafing ROBERT NATHAN BALL. . . .Reporting up-to-date news HENRY ARCHER. . . . . . . . Elizabeth BBICKMBD Ffh 9 N i ""'-' """r - -Y - 1' --- --- 3- .a...-.. OUR WRITERS While I think that our writers have done an excellent job and have produced for us and for our school a very fine annual, I am afraid that they have neglected themselves. They have written fine' articles portraying the achievements of most of us, but so far as I know, they have failed to give us an idea of what they have done. This condition I propose to improve at once. First of all we must consider our editor-in- chief, Robert Sponsler. He is a man of great origi- nality and daring. For instance Robert has been trying for years to set a new style in boys' wear- ing apparel. He has felt that it would improve the health of the male population of our school if they were not so nearly choked to insensibility by the necessity of wearing a necktie. Therefore he has pioneered in this field and by setting an example of himself, he has attempted to convert the boys in school to a healthier way of living. The home- town expects great things from you in the future, Bob. , Our business manager, Miss Ann Biehler, is an- other person whose courageous and self-sacrificing endeavors have hither-to-for been doomed to obscurity How often has she heroically attempted to lift the dark curtin of gloom fran our laboring English Class. At times when we were in the darkest despair, and almost devoid of the hope that we should ever under- stand the masterpieces of Shelley, she has encouraged us to a new hope with her ever-ready giggle. Miss Biehler, we all hope that you will continue to bene- fit mankind in this most beneficial manner. Miss Geraldine Halboth is a person most worthy of comment. Upon her frail shoulders she has taken the monstrous task of defending the Democratic Party against all opposition. From afar she hears and heeds the call of her gallant leader and steps forth as did the ancient gladiators, to defend him and his principles in a mortal, verbal combat. Geraldine, your future is clear. Politics will beckon, nor will she call in vain. An unselfish person who will never be forgotten in our high school, is our activities editor, George Foltz. Untiringly he has attempted to bring light into the lives of the Freshman girls. First one and then another he has honored with his attentions. Few boys in the history of our school have made so many different girls happy. George, while your future is obscure, it will never be dark. "Dc Rc THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION The Alumni Association of the North Baltimore High School was organized at the home of Miss Nellie Adams on West Broadway on Hay 10, 1895. The officers chosen at this meeting were as follows: President . . . Mr. Andrew Kershner Dillinger Secretary . . . . Miss Nellie Eugenia Adams Treasurer . . . . . . . Hr. Harold Katzenmeyer The organization at that time consisted of the first two graduating classes. The first class con- sisted of four people: Nellie Adams, Kershner Dill- inger, Harold Kutzenmeyer and Laverd Smith. In the second class were the following: Anna DeVaughn, Lillian Katzenmeyer, Nellie LaFoy, Ruth Morgan, Zella McClaren, Ralph Richardson, Charlie Rockwell, Birdie Shatzel and Bessie Van Horn. Since the organization of the association, fifty classes have graduated from the local high school, including the class of this year, there being two years when there were no graduating classes. A few years after the organization of the asso- ciation, the following constitution was adopted: ARTICLE I This association shall be known as the Alumni Association of the North Baltimore High School. The object of this association shall be the renewing of old school memories and friendships, a building up of all that is possible for the betterment of our Alma Mater. ARTICLE II All persons who have graduated from the North Baltimore High School shall be considered as members of this association. The Superintendent of Schools, the Husie Teacher and the High School teachers shall be associate members of the association. Every member shall be assessed annually the sum of fifty cents, which shall be paid the Secretary be- fore the annual banquet. Every member attending the annual banquet shall in addition to the annual dues pay the cost of their plate. ' ARTICLE III The officers of this association shall consist of a President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treas- urer. The officers shall be elected annually at the annual banquet and serve until their successors shall be elected. The duties of these officers shall be those usually performed by such officers. ARTICLE IV This constitution may be amended at any regular called meeting by a three-fourths vote of all members present. 'I' 'K The first reception was given for the third class, which graduated in 1895. This reception took place in the home of Kershner Dillinger on South Tarr Street, Friday evening, May 26, 1895. The reception for the graduating class of this year shall be the Forty-fifth banquet. There were no banquets held for the first two graduating classes, nor for the fourth and fifth. U The officers for this year are as fellows: President. . . . . . . . Muriel Halderman Vice President . . . . . Leah Franks Secretary-Treasurer. . . Alice Mullholand GIFTS FROM CLASSES In 1924 the class started a fund for scholarship, to be increased by the following classes. Since the classes following did not participate, the fund was transferred to the Athletic Association. In the year 1958, another fund was started for a trophy case. A :QS m .. J.. -R -Q t . T 5!:S k,'.' Nth ' c l lf - 5155? 1 ., I IUMEQE 'Cz 1 X V " 51 mi UV Q - r b LN mbk .Q-g'?R1g x 1 1 Q J' 2- -3 . KHUQTEHSEUHEHTLES KJ: 'iz' ir 4 Ii 65 ffawfi d,,. ff? 4 , AE 5 4 v fi. S . ff "N -1. ,-, 1 X x ' ' .u":,,, ., .1 . ,. ,. 5 . 4 ,1- if Ln 1- 5.5 w. .N 7. I Q. w 3 . xx' .u Z n QL ,, A 5 I il. U -S' nt, . Y 4, L WA 5' v -Y-, , L .z-' -v 3, . . f -gf 1 , , . J. ,. F, Q '11 ea "3 f h g A KW .. 4, 4-. in H as v " '11 K W' A L 5 uf- L 4 '1 2 -1 W Ji .,. 1 1. 4-Y Lil. ' A L ,- P i 1: fl' w in .1 s s W ,145- .1 5 , 3 cqifs' " fc -4 --' -- ,sf-Q. , W' 1" ffk 1 ' fn ,Sf v"" .f . 1'- Q K 4 - .- 1 .. .Y - . f - ' ' '. , f wfhgqggh . . S H. g ' ,, 45-Y. S, ,f F P, . ,1- .,f:' .- fy?- ,.k. 1 3 , ., v .Ext T - W? .xt 9- ' ,.- wr- , .,.- ' ., S 4 .rf .5-E-ig. ,seg 'V N81-'. M '. s n -,:g .:z-, . yv' Tr". 2.6 ig: . 'JT 'Qzk-. bf ., 31, ff. 1- .f'-Mb Q if-'. ' -f. I "1 V 'S3'-:Sl 3a,i,,2'f, ., - ' - -,pE'Qm:" 1 "" a .JN Tim 354 . 1' 'ff , L-Lyiiii' . ,555 -..l w . If - 1 -. , - f,'4c',1"H f. 1 L 1 ,Q ' :JL I U Ji- .Tv u: '-s ,... -f 341, ,h -. . , 1 .. V '41 -', lv -. .,'. W. . .1 , if J' rf' gt. .gr + !,,,.',v ' . ,A .. n A 4 lf .mi - -f -A 'WA ' fi L- -Y f . 55-,Q A ' 1 A gif' "Q, n -n . ' ' g, .. I 1' - -W , 1 , Q , -01 ,g -- 1 .- .4 - P .if ' F' ' .V-um, v-, ,Q 1 - ' 4 5 X Ng., -'- -- V .. -X..-'.:, . ','N, LQ ' 42. . .' "'1j.,Z ' . --59" ' . , , .,.Q.,,- 451 'L 1 , P I. 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AUTCQwMQ:T1vE LIQHTINQJSTARTING, GREASING, BA TT EIUES TlRES, CHL. 7. EVERETT LI,II' IIBI2R 53 SUPPLY QQINI WXNY 'ff "" , r',fS La: Us ADJ U 'I QU IQ ABC IfION'I.IILY VAYIIJIEN 'I ,VLAN POM IQEPAIIQS FOIQ 'IIIE II CJNIE DI-:CINE Qgwl BEST wus:-IES 55, I CQIfI?LIIfIfN'IS I.. Xx. L QF EVERYTI-rl NG EOR THE I-KDME I SINCE ,gm PIIILLIPIS IIAIIIBUIACIEIIA SIIQH COR, MAIN ff I3 RID. N, 13. NZ., B,15xLTl'vtf"",RE, 5l,,,,,f3 CITY f-,, I r' fffx Ii L I SHO? A I 6 PIC. BAL IIIIIOISQO. , Q Y MGE Rf ,J I IVIIEN IN NEED Q UIQ AND IQADI NIQEPAIIKIIICJ -N A5 LJII PHONE 2 724 CCDMPEIIVXENTS QE ELGYD CQAL AND ICE CQAL AND ICE PHONE 2551 NG. BALTIMCDRELU, A A do ,Zag -. , . QS' ax.. , .qv-, . wax. .wgw was vfgf- ls arwgww - 415512: ' A .U -, N .giatgaffu . My fX, - fy 1 what ' 5. ' . N . 'X-'-'-N X J? .. 143' A f .in if ., QQ: AgQgRyQSiNw'QQuxXigf '51 frm fm- t -ff -' 1' "'l' ff 1 '. M f 'h17f'f,,".t Z I F Coming out of a four year grind with hQj'l4':' flying colors is something which gg- ' if ' serves a hand. Education is cer- ' L-'X 'Q'-..-f321fig2',,,3L2,QEN?f 4' H -, -. .q-Q1:'4fs'i3W'ik fafnly no snap. It's a tough rack- H A et, and when you can manage to whip SQ?QfRfq 1f'fw55k it into shape, it means you've got w gFfIfg something on the ball. That's why f ,. we give you a hand. ,y,L- Wf.,.agay YNSWQQSS Speaking of hands, we can honestly give MARATHON one for it has plenty on the ball, too. Both MARA- THON Gasoline and MARATHON Motor Oils are economical, dependable and high in quality. We recommend them to you without qualifica tion, and we back them with our reputation. M ,xfnfxzmrelors u , . 4, , - XL THL Rwfwff-' GASOLINE MOTOR OIL fLECTRlCA1 APPLIANCES ,F F f 5 1'lA1iDXlVfXJQ.E lO9'lIl NO.MArN ST. No, afwramorta, o. ELA STIAN BROS. CO MFG. JEWELERS C' ENG RAVERS IQOCHESTEIQ NY Write for free catalogue on emblems for High School Clubs Engraved Name Cards NO. BALTIMOIKE PACJUNG CO. MEAT PACKERS f LIVE STOCK BUYERS ,VHONE 2801 sA55a'r'rE3 SINQLAIJQ 5'fA'HoN movie 3911 N o. amrlmosaz, o. - ---f Y . Y .. . Y -. W I ,:A W ....--....-..---....-.-.... -. ...l...--..-....f-..-.- ..,.... Q. , 5 R!PPE'i'H fH'EBl,! fi. QHGE FIG N FUNERAL , ' J 4 , 8 V HCDIVXE No. afxL'f'mQ1a5,0. g NO. g fxL'f1mom5, 0. CQjXll?Ll,X!IEjX'-VS M EAT ?N""'X Iflfitf OF No. afxL'rm1Qm5,o. ETLDLUS IKE5'fUMNf C Q WK P L I i E X5 T Z ff? iw MKS. MISS. V'!AL'fEIkS A ND DAUQI-i'fEIS VlRGlIXllfX THEATER NQIQTH BA LTIMOKE, SH IO .v-Y,-H - -. ,- ..--.. -in , .......-..-.-.........n-...Q-.-......-.Q Y' 7' A--. ,.-YY Y rl, T I F F I N U N I V E R S I T Y QSuccessor in name to Tiffin Business Universityj SALIENT FACTS PERTAINING T0 TIFFIN U. Q11 An industrial school of collegiate grade, offering two year graduate courses, and four year degree coursesg Q21 National so- roritiesg Q51 Fraternities, Q42 A complete coterie of athletic activities, football excepted, Q53 A symphony orchestra, Q61 A mixed chorus of thirty voicesg Q75 Every type of collegiate so- cial activit g Q81 Literary societiesg Q91 A weekly assembly and program, QIOK A free employment service for first and future place ment. More than 5,000 students have accepted positions to date. Over 1800 have been placed in industrial office or civil service posi- tions since Jan. l, 1950. 215 were placed in 1959. One student placed in a position, as an average, every forty-eight hours, or every other day, since May, 1955. There is DEFINITELY N0 UNEM- PLOYMENT for young men and women well qualified along business lines, and who possess average personality and a willingness to work. Write for list of approximately 500 acceptinp positions since Janu ary 1, 1959. f - - :' "C COMPIMQN fp JOUFFEAJ 0, ale fffosai 'lirk L-.,X!X: HARDWARE,STOVES, 'X ' J' 'Q FURNHORE Bfvifdffi SHO? DIAL 3211 NCD. BALTIMORE Q, f' "f"'Xf" ,f- f--1,-af QU Lf JM Us 2 ULHMANJ 5 IUISL If ffl I ICJN wares nmov TO oem: GOOD GULF GAS-AOT0 MENS Funzmnsf-HNOS' R EDPH R LUBRIC!-XYION--WAS!-l!NG ' MILUNERY DRY GOODS PHCDNE 23:1 No, Bl-Kl.TI.,O. A SHOES HARRY Wm No. afmfmorzgo. 'IQM 3,1XIQ'fLETT CQIVKPLIIVXENTS OF h ss. is h A I, lk, . b , -3,43 13.5" . T5 - , .21-' :Z 5 -Q 41 ,T .. 1 -- .. , my . BOWLING GREEN, Q ' H if ' fr CONWLIMEN fb 'NUDUQ J 0? ' Kf.S'fUIkfXN'f NCD. BfXL'flMOKE,O. PHONE 2301 COMPLIMENTS OF CQPEYIS Salam FLOIQA BEAUTY p, r r',r'r :I fN r XIVLIQ Vldf ,. , X Jr J J PHONE !OOl NU. E5fXL'flMfJ59f,fJ- so.mAlN sr. Noef-m.,0 I QC' Ol. W .-,H fr.-V ' -rf 3 X ,N X352 xx. 'Z 0 4 ef, 24 CQM?UMEN'l'5 XJ FF STQIQE Wise ST No, afx L'rm1Q5aa,o I JN. 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' N 55 XNXx.x'x .. ' .2-. 'J Lf?-5ff2E1'. WEN xr .Y mm.. -'btw '-:kin 4 .mi l A 0 RSM ix M , ax E D S j . FEEDS ' .Q lfa ff-S W f Xx-J ' 1' 3 R A N D 5 X' ,3i f1PEl,'.'v2e,,1i31ig5 F L0 U R FEED E06 MASHW ECRRKHHEC No amfrmfmozaf M om me ia OHIO f-J , I, ' X 01.35 X49 Mar x..., - ' COIfI?LIIIfIEN'IS OF CQ. PHELPS PHONE 2 SEII MQ. a,LxL'r1I,Io:I5,Q, P-TQQDNTIAC Ol. DSMCYBILE Y WIKI MOIQIQ SALES Luau cms 37 NQMAIN DI!-NL'27'55 mQ.s4fxL'r1I,IQ:Qa,o, CQI1I?LI1XfIEN'I'5 OE I CALKIN5 DAI KY FfXIkI,fI BREEDERS OF GUERNSEY CAT TLE I J COME' LINIENTS OF - ff- I I II'fII:,ONp QIQLUNC rl No. sfx Liv I mm ap. ff," M I L L Q Ik J APIQCDDIJCQE CIKEAIJI EQCJ 5 EQU L-LILY NU. ELA LT IIMIOI4 E, Q PHONE 237'I IICDFFIVIAINIS DRUG STORF ETHE BEST IN FOUNTAIN SERVICEXX No. afxL'rII,Iosa2,o. WE DELIVER ?HONE 352'I I-IERII-IQIXIES CO. DESIGNERS AIXID IVIIR. SCI-IOOL ANU comes IsweLIzv,eIzAouArIQN ANNOUNCEMENTQ MEDALL CUPS f TRCJPHHS INQANAPQUSNNWANA. IEWELEIQS 'IO NEJII5 sm., 2 D 50911, Ifnfmfu 5 5, Q. DIILEJQE I ,r , , FIJ H ,I,IQg9,I,I FI NDIAY HAY AND SIJQAW DIAL '99 DIAL 'ZCICD7 NORTHWESTERN OHIO 'S LEADING FURNITURE STORE FOR PARTICULAR PEOPLE EQWATEIZST. DIALQIQI N Q ELA L'IIMo5a5,o, s nd I aQ,I,mII,ILII fb QI TS Of 5 f fx f' f' Q' I ' P x -VVXF DMV xr-xrf .Jf,JifIx,f, Jrfxflxjll r5IIJ.ofX-IIIfIJIS: AA , - DIAL 234-I NEW: X X P CI, ' rv f' D NO.BAL,,MK1,RE,Q I IIxJ.DfXLIIJfIxJ1iL,J. I V V , , If ,,,Y,,w V ,I . J . hw A N . i - 'pi :JT ' gli! Y ,A -Q. gg f M 's. if Evolvn b 'g, J,J 'I if L fn 9 Jw , Xu 'Fl' . Q-,G Jia F 1, - . QQ ww has A cloth' '14, g 6 . Vx x f e 'R' ' ,Q ,Eugen A Basket! Q ,ffl ,MQ . 'L . n -4 . Y' 9' l f after' V5 V, LVWA4 Q A-.1 O0 t QQ 5"fLli" ,gl kms' Q ,N teq' he 06 an W 6 ,R dt A QB fH4m,gv' img? '5. Ag 5 , - ' lark " A-Q0 as Is tnat nice, D.C.? High hilt xfogdff Barometer M He 'xt wf'5'g.'- P-0009 ist HW It'S your own fault We 1. , iv'-1 . 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UPHCJLSIVEIQINQ KE ?AlKlNG AMJNINGS - VENETIAN BLINOS AUTO GLASS w.T.l-IOFFSIS '37 3O.MAuN ST, Smm-1 Shoarmc Gooos AND I HVSPEZD SERVICE if' I " 1" X ELECTRIC CLOMPANY N' YAUNJI, REFRIGERATORS, SPQRTING LUBRICATION WASHINC, fC STKE f :"'r 1 C'03?.S?EA51Ef27f!5 MUN? -WJ "We wish the best of luck to the graduating class of 194O." A 'XII 'NDC "UT , - - - -JP., f'...... f' .J x.. cmlcorf Mo M MK , : -xl 76 5' Jfs.J.,.,' A T1-IOUZED Dlimflai C , B U' ' A S HAD ONEY FQRD-ME1ac,uRY LINCCLN ZEIM-:YR CQMPLETE UNE OF B X rg' f. f I-XLLIS Cl-MNLMERS fxjfw-JVlI'K5 THE fXNNlJfXL STAFF SINCERELY THANKS ALL THOSE WHO HAVE HELPIZD MAICEI POSSIBLE TEE PUBLICATION OF THIS ANNUAL Cl, if N PRODUCING this yearbook we hope it will recall, in the years to come, many pleasant memories. Each year the Gray Printing organization is happy to play an important role in interpreting through yearbook staffs-events ol historical sig- niiicance of many high schools and colleges.. . . by Fine Letterpress or Distinctive Gray-Lith. your happy days are recorded. Pictures in this book were reproduced directly from photographs without the expense of engravings . . . GRAY-LITH will save you considerable money in the production of your annuaL FUSTURIA, 0. 1888 1940 PIIUIE 638 Largest Producers of School Annuals in the State Established 1383 fi' . ,tn -hkwth-,,,t, N 'S awww ii If V ri 7. I 1 I K. H 1 11 J .z 1UiiioU I 4 E 5 I 4 i W fx 4 'Y Q 1 3 . , .

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