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' , ' ' . X,.4f1,.-.2125-5 , - . . ,- ,,. ., Y ,J',i-gm'-,- ' v - ' . 3 ,-,gl-'Q-rx' - A I J , C ' A 1 ' L M-'fb-m-.Qi-mwoasaw " I ' " ' X4 E -V Q ? - f V 4 V-M, .WA ,H.'?f:i ' Y i ' -if-1-:1!""'48961182'3"2ifqq'-EK,vy,l,.yQ,Q?:1f'2.-'ggi,ng-752,22-'-1,iE1'f1' -- H t -f t ."-1-ff' ff -xg: S K L f Q . .viE,, rzrfdmml an V ....,-cw-fu-.'9..., , , '4 'Ji """'4 -1-1-a.L ,,,,,,,,,g -..,....,,...,..,"""", .....,.,...........,. ,azz yas. ,K --.AA ,- ,,n Q-..A.vAm ,..... - . -X ' " ' f Qu-Q. A , Q, vs.. gy ii. Q, ' s I 1glnr"-""""4-:- ha.- ..--,. ' A. mf, Q A .,, A Y , . .. ..-.ff Y' - """'-Z'Z""'d' H an A V:.T..,..--W ,I V f, H X' U-.,,, ' ,, M " A' """"'W -..,,,,,,sz,,. a.. . .,,. , ...M r- 'una' : ,. -,., N, 7717, , .. I ,A,,.,:s-.., . -...Nha-H 1: .3 ag M aiffmkw nn. 1 -ik ,,,. I 1.- 'W tv Ju' ' , .. .ww -,ani ' H' J' " K f Z' ' i. 'W A 1 . f i Y "Av ' ' 5' 5 3 4 B Q 5,1 f 1 ,p e 494 M N3 NOB Y PR ESEN TS Ha L. Numa ji N ff Q25 M y SU Q J I 9 6 5 I0 'M THE 1960 W., ,M .... .. ...... ,....,.v.... . ,f Q X , xx , uni , 'rs r 1 ,E to it e in Q x ,f - ,333 W. , ,- V ,wo- Nortfi Babylon Senior Higtt Sotiooi North Babylon, New York Vol. I Lee Van Campen - Editor Jeannette Batten - Assyt. Editor Gail Huether - Business Manager Maui' Y M' H E ? a 1 1 ,ff f 'Ka fa .TT"N g IQ... .ali . .,,,' 1-'P-rm 635-ll? . -1 ' ,..,,1 ",x ' fx ' , s, . ' 1 s yn W' r 1 c, f 2 gif 15 emories, but much more is till ahead in the Jromise of that vhich is to come. Foreword A new school has been built in North Babylon. It is large and beautiful, and we think of it as one of the most fitting symbols of North Babylonis growth. How proud we were this past September when we entered it for the first time, and how much prouder we shall become as the years progress. All the planning and anticipation has rewarded us admirably. The senior class might well envy the teachers and under- classmeng for its members must soon leave, but the others can stay, and they shall see the promise unfold. We expect much, for now that it has been established, the school need know no limits except those from within its walls. The book you have just begun is attempting to show you a part of that which we feel so proud. A guide would be in order here, we thought. But who? And then we knew-Noby, our beloved mascot, our bulldog. 'CE P . nl Table o Contents Foreword . . Dedication . . . Administration . Faculty . . Seniors . . . Underclasses . . Activities . Sports ................. General Interest and Advertisements T O OUR PRI CIPAL V 3 V,,,. vt X , , : aff- ft? MU' The flrst ,raduatm class of North Babylon Semor H1 h School respectfully dedlcates thlS flrst edltlon of the Blazer to Mr Stewart Jonsson our pflfltlpal The prmclpal as the most Important 1nd1v1dual 1n the school IS responslble for the smooth functlon mn of the entlre school for the selection of the staff for coordlnatmg the varlous departments of ln structlon and for the schools actlvltxes Mr Jonsson has been more than an admmlstrator to the students of North Babylon he has been a wlllln frlend and hls ready smlle IS a constant proof of thls He IS always avallable for any one who has a problem and he takes an actlve lnterest ln all students Nlany of the features and furn1sh1n,.s of our new school are due to hls efforts But more lmportant than these phy sleal aspects of our school are the educatlonal pOllflCS to whlch Mr Jonsson has de voted hrs untlrm, efforts It has been throu h hlm that ln such a short tlme North Babylon has be come a school 1n whlch we can place a reat deal of pride We can be assured that under h1S leader shlp our school wlll contmue to achleve greater educatlonal ady ances IH a world that IS dally requlr ln more of Amerlc an schools We deeply and smcerely thank you Wlr Jonsson for be1n not only an admlnlstrator but a frlend and aduser durmf our years 1n hx h school qzaY1'f if 4 X , ty - . U . 04 i . .U I . . . . L., , L n . , ' . 1 9 ' . U . D . . . . . . - i . , . . . . . . . . U . . i Y . . , . I., . , . . Y . Y . . . 1 Y . . U Y I .I I . Y . b i . Y . - . . . U U . . u . A Y - , . P . V .i V y U . - . - C . Y. D . v . . 7 i . v . . . - ' rr '- - P , c . 7 . i ' , X . U 1 . . . s - - 9 O s Y. . r Y . .U I D C' ADMINIS TRA T10 Central Office A Message to the Members of the North Babylon Senior High School Graduating Class This school year of 1959-60 has been a year of change and a year of great educational progress for North Babylon. Our new Junior and Senior High Schools have become a reality and as a result we can be duly proud of our very new and very excellent High School program. Our school year started with many difficulties for our students, our teachers and all associated with the opening of these new schools. Construction work is now over and we are the proud occu- pants of two very outstanding buildings. Sincere praise is due all who have given so much to make this first year in our new buildings a success. As this most eventful year approaches a close, you, the Senior Class, you, the members of all other classes, and we of the Faculty cannot fail to recognize the real debt of gratitude which is owed the people of North Babylon for making our excellent educational program possible. I wish to extend my sincere congratulations to you the members of North Babylon,s first Senior Class, and to your Advisers upon the production of this very fine 1960 North Babylon Yearbook. Dr. William F. Phelan District Principal Mr. William E. DeLuca Miss Rosemary Huntington Mr. John J. Powers Assistant District Principal for Ad- Assistant for Personnel and Business Manager ministrative Services Instruction hun! --5 School Administration TO THE MEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF 1960: One of the milestones of success and progress of our youth in America is graduation from high school. This mark of achievement will be associated with you for life and the true significance of this achievement will be reflected by the admiration of the high ideals and standards required to attain this goal. The members of this class are singularly honored to be the first graduating class in the history of the North Babylon school system. The importance of this event to you and to our entire community, and the fulfillment of this educational ambition, must be mutually shared and enjoyed. The honor of being a member of the first graduating class leaves a permanent responsibility to maintain and ad- vance the moral, social, and educational ideals indigenous to our school diploma. It will always be a matter of extreme concern and profound interest to follow your many paths of life after high school graduation. Please keep with you a knowledge of the confidence, respect and warm personal feeling held for you in all your endeavors. As all of you pursue further education or employment, it is my sincere wish that you will attain every success in your new work. I hope that each of you will set your goals high and that you will employ the intelligence and industry necessary to realize the great and wonderful things everyone expects of you. Cordially yours, if . W Stewart R. Jonsson ' f ,, ff Principal ' r 'F I ? if Miss ,lacquelyn Horey :xxx Assistant Principal G u i cl CL TL C 8 lVlr. Robert Miller Senior, Sophomore Counsel lor, Student Association Ad viser We, the class of 1960, would like to show our appreciation to Mr. Miller for the guidance he has given us throughout our senior year. As our counsellor, Mr. Miller has been cooperative and helpful toward our undertakings. He has also aided us in the shaping of our future by giving us information and advice concerning higher education and business opportunities. We thank you again, Mr. Miller, for your helpfulness and interest in all our problems. Mr. Edward Slier Mr. Edgar Thomas Junior, Sophomore Counsellor Attendance Officer, Driver Education, Wrestling Coach, Assistant Football Coach usmess Educaztwn Miss Helen Tavoulareas H155 Sylvia Dropkm HFS ESUICI' HONOR Business Arithmetic, Area Co- Dlstributne Education Buslness Law Typing Whl-YPFVIVI8 Pm?-9 ordinator, Bookkeeping Student Store Moderator AdV1SEf HSEVENTEEN AND SEVENTY-TWO." Standing, left to right: Miss S. Dropkin Mr. R. Vanslette, Mrs. R. A. Parish. Seated, left to right: Miss M. Woycichowski Miss H. Tavoulareas, Mrs. E. Horton. if Mr. Richard Vanslette l 'Nfrs R Arden Parrish Shorthand, Secretarial Practice Office Practice Busmes 'krxthmetxc Citizenshi Education Mr Russell famarda Mr Joseph Allenza Mr Wllllam Angelus World Amcrlcan H1 tory Bowhng Team Amerlcan Hxitory World Amerlcan Hlstow Varexty Basket Coach Area Loordlnator ball Coach Mr Damel Dona hy Mr Alex Pottettx MY Lewle Ruqgman Amerlcan Hlstory Soccer Coach Amerlgan Hlgrory World H1 IOTY Around the starting on left, Mc-Sirs.: Allvnza. Donaghy, Pmreni. Globe, Camarda, Russman, D,Arcangelo Angelos. English -IE Mr. George Bama Mr. Joseph Fraitcs MY- Richard BYU . English 10, llrumatics Adviser English ll, 12, Area Coordinator Englfh- CROW I-ER Adviser Mrs..Anne Cunningham Miss Maureen Jones EUS-llSh English . Xl NNN lx is vo1'V"xw"" 9,4 U.,-v YQ if Mr. james Sullixun Engilixh. GliOWl,ER Adxiwr "Buol-c reports due next Monday." Standing, left to right: Messrs. Barna, Bray anfl Sullivan. Seated, left to right: Miis Jonas, Mrs. Cun- ningham. Mr. Fraites and Miss Montana. l ff!! Miss Pauline Montana English 'xl Industrial Arts, Art, and Driver Education K W Q M1655 A .4-vv"" Mr. Frank Ahate Mr. Frank Manhardt Mr. Richard Solat Mechanical Drawing, Driver Education, Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts, Industrial Design, Basic Art, Art History District Director of Audio Visual Aids Cross Country, Track Coach, Area. Coordinator ONE GROUP-MANY TALENTS, Left to right: Messrs. Abate, Horowitz, Manhardt, Solat, Harmeling. , 2 r Mr. John Harmeling Mr. David l-lorowitz Industrial Arts, Driver Education, Jun- Transportatwrl, Cer1era1MeIa1 I4 ior Varsity Basketball Science Mr. Raymond Kobielski Chemistry Mr. Harold Mahoney Biology, Wrestling Mr, Carl Smith Mr. Ralph Laakkonen Chemistry, Biology, Area Coordinator Bi0l0gY, PhY5iC31 Science Iltlgt all experiments work-Left to right: Messrs. Smith, Mahoney, , Tu . , . .- akkonen my 5 i 2 U hnguhfl ff' ' W' fr "gh U , ,V SIHEHWE mminello and Kobielski I . Q, Mr. Morton Wolfson Mr. Charles Tumminello Physics, Chemistry, Audio-Visual Adviser Biology I5 hysicczl Education Ur Charles Hel er Wllss Eleanor Mullm Mr Joseph Kaskoun DISIIICI Dlrector of Physmal Educatlon Phy lcal Educatlon Glrls Sports and PhYS1Cal Edl1Cal10D VHTSIIY F00Ib2-U and Athlellcs Cheerleadm 3-Hd Baseball Home Economzcs Nlrs 'Nlarjorle Floor Hormmakxn Aftd Coordmatur Beautlfym thu home wnhm our school Let to right Nlrs Abeles and Mrs Floor 'Nlrs Lxll1a.n 'ibeles Home makm 1 . S l - 5 9 v U . n C . v. U 1 . . f U . . - gi A .. A 5 ' g Speczal Areas ,fi Mr Myron Cohen Mr W11l1am Lon Initrumental Mu IC Vocal Mu IC VJ' -ff, MBS 'Nlarle Weber Llbrarlan Mr Dorothw baxton Mr Robert Bryant Nuree Senxor Arte .Av--" ,qv-""' ,.,...4w ...gnu ,1 -uv-" Q--an !s"' l""" ilu O f,,f A ' , Z e ,xg ,, X r X . . ' ' g R . 5' 5' . I S. j i . ' MLM, 1: Qww ,, X X u u I 1 ,W dull, and Kztchen Sta . . . ff Miss Anne Borrone Clerk to the Librarian Office Staff in Action Left to rzght Mrs Florence Qaks Mrs Grace Welling, Mrs. Irene Custodial Staff, Left to right: Mr. Scalfani, Mrs. Kuczkowski, Mrs. Kipp, Mr. Lanipman, Mrs. Keegan, Mrs. Dcickmeier, Mr. Dowling, Mr. Pannullo. - J! li,-P SQ? v ,. ,f x. Mr. Mario Pannullo Head Custodian Kitchen Staff. Left to right: Mrs. Bar ber, Olson, Schulze. Sepe, Katusha Meyer, Schnell, Ingrassi, Jew, Merkel Sterk, McCloskey, Mrs. Florence Mc Cuiree-Director, Donnelly, Mr. Ben- xenuto, Mrs. Silver, Marsh, Beierlein Martino, Chesonis, Abrams, Winfield Porcello. I9 s 1 i 20 'A-xx H' v- 9 s A' x " ' ' ,. as rw, 1 .A' n .... , V.. , gif 'P 'sie' -'Hf , Q 4 T -uijni t - QI-I F3',hEx.1.' .2...1't- W -G s'g"t 7' N lag "' K f Nflvcnnnni-nr-A-ir, 1-11: " O 5 --- --.Q Mr. James Smyth, Senior Class Adviser A pause in a busy year Sealed left to right Misses Leonetu Glusti Spinelli Gauge and Fry Standing Mr Smyth The class of 1960 has been fortunate in having Mr. James Smyth as a grade adviser for three years Although we wish to express our gratitude to Mr. Smyth, words do not come as easy as we might hope. We as seniors can now begin to appreciate how important a good adviser is and can see the qualities that are necessary. An adviser, above all, must be patient, understanding, and enthusiastic He must be able to see problems through the eyes of the students and have the experience to bring solutions to such problems. Through his guidance, our class, although it has been the first at North Babylon, has achieved such successful undertakings as the magazine drive, the .lunior Prom, and the selection of class ringsg and, because of these achievements, we can at this time look forward to an enjoyable Senior Prom and an impressive graduation. As time goes on, we might be better able to find words to thank sufficiently Mr. Smyth for his patience and untiring assistance. We feel we have been privileged to have you as an adviser as well as a teacher and we know we have been privileged to count you as a friend. MR. SMYTI-I Senior fjieers President MARY LOU SPINELLI Dancing Club lg Girls' Leaders Club 1, 2, 4, Sec'y 3g Softball 1, 2, 33 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Volley- ball 1, 2. 3, Honor Team 43 Cheerleader lg S.A. President 2g Junior Prom Committee 35 Bowl- ing 33 President 4. Vice President fx Secretary ACATHA LEONETTI Sec'y 3, 4, Dancing Club 1, 2, Sub Deb Club lg Volley- ball 1, 2, 35 Softball 23 At- tendance Honors 2q Honors 2, 33 Queen of Junior Prom 3. JOYCE GIUSTI Vice Pres. 4: Choir 23 Cheer- leader 2, 33 Dancing Club l, 2, Honors l, 2, 35 Hockey 1' Vol- leyball l, 2, Junior Dt-h lg Stagrrcraft Club 2. Treasurer S.A. Representative BEVERLY FRY Treas. 4g Junior Deb Club 1, 2, Dancing Club 1, 25 Choir 25 BLAZER 4g Bowling 33 Whis- pering Pines 3g Decorating Com- mittee 2, 3. MARYANN GAICE Class Rep. to the S.A. 4g Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 49 Choir 25 Sub Deb Club 1g S.A. 3g Honors 1. FRANK BASIL 1, 2g Boys' Leaders Club 2g Audio-Visual 3: Basket- ball lg Baseball 3, 4: Bowl- ing 4. .IEANNETTE BATTEN Stage Craft Club lg Junior Prom Comm. 3g Art Club 1, 2. 3: 2. 33 High Honors lg Honors 2, 33 Future Nurses Club I: CROWLER lg Asst. Editor of the BLAZER -1: Class Treasurer 3: College Club l. Top Left: ROSEMARIE BENTIVECNA . . . Washington Irving High School lg St. Vincent Ferrer High School 2, We-st Babylon High School 3. Top Right: FRANCINE BIANCO . . . Honors 23 Dramatics Club 25 Dancing Club lg Girls' Leaders Club lg Hockey l, 2: CROWLER 29 Choir 23 BLAZER 4. Bottom Left: WARREN BLATZ . . . Wantagh High School lg Wres- tling Club 2. Bottom Right: IRENE BLEIL . . . CROWLER 1, 2, 3, 4-, Editor-in- Chief I, 2, Feature Editor 3g High Honors I: Honors 2, 3g Attendance Honors Ig Junior Prom Committee 3g BLAZER. Senior Editor 43 S.A. 43 College Club, Sec'y lg Future Nurses Club. Vice Pres. lg Stage Craft Club 23 Choir 25 Dance Committee l. 2, 3. ANNA MARIE BEIERLEIN GEORGE BELL Bowling 2, 3, Choir 2, 3. -lg Choir l. 2. 3. 'l-Z Allflifl Hockey I: Stage- Craft Club Visual Club lg Soccer I lg Dancing Club l, 23 Soft- 1: Wre'-tling Club 2 ball 2: Future Nurses Club I. lluming Club l. v PATRICIA BLOCK DORIS BLOWES HELEN BROWXE Babylon High School 1, Futurt- Xursw Club 1: Danc- llfimllli fllllll 1- 21 FUIUYC 2 'Z 1- in Vlulr 2' f'l1 ir 2 Yu ' lil ll T ' " Ura cr ,, . . , n , . rfcb .u , rcaf. 2, - matics 2: Art Club, Sec'y 1. ELIZABETH BUCHANAN Girls' Lcatlr-rc Club 1, .L 4. Honors 2: SA. 2 lltvckcy Honor Tcam 2 Baslcctball 1. 2. 3. 4 Hot-key 1. 3. -1-g Volley- ball 1. 2. 3: Softball 1 2, 3. CAROL BURGLUND Dancing Club 1: Girls' Lcad- ers Club 1: Choir 25 Honors 2g Bowling 3: Basketball 1, 23 Softball 1. 23 Library Club 1. 2: 'liwirling 1, 2. 33 Junior Deb. 5ec'y 1. MARIE CARPIO Dancing Club 1, 2g Honors 1 Interior Decorating Club 2 BLAZER 4-3 Jr. Dcb Club 1 Archery 3. BARBARA JO CAMPOLCNGO Cathedral High School 1, 2. 3. vs LORRAINE CARR Dramatics Club 2g Dancing Club 2g Choir 2. "Let Us Give 'flianksf' thanks to Janet Feltham, Marilynn Hartmann. and Robert Galbraith. LELAND CHRISTENSEN' Honors lg Stamp Club, Presi- dent lg Chess Club 2. GEORGE COBETTI William Cullen Bryant Hi School l, 2. Mr. Vanslette: "Now girls. it isn't really that complicated." gh ANITA CHANDANAIS Volleyball lg F u t u r e Nurses Cl u b lg Girls' FRANCES C.-XS.-XNIENTO Si-XLVATORE l.:-adv-rs Club l: Hockey Abraham Lincoln High School CASTELLANO l. 2. 3: Junior Deb Club 1, 2. Chess Club 2. 23 Softball l: Basketball l. CEORGETTE CLAQUIN EMNIANUEL CLOTHAKIS JOHN COADY Valley Stream South High Boys' Leaders Club lg Wres- Honors 3g Stamp Club 15 School l. 2g Archery 33 tling 2g Outdoor Club 2. Stage Craft Club 2? OU!- BLAZER 4., door Club 2. WALTER DENNINGER JOHN DEVINE DENNIS Dc VITA ROSALIE Dc ZECO Chess Club 1, 23 Camera Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Art Club 1: Wu-sllingr 1: Library Club 1: Junior Club 1, 25 Basketball Intra- CROWLER 1, 29 Honors 3. Dancing Club 1, 2g Studcnt Dt-b Club 25 Fire Prcvena murals 35 Honors lg Attend- Council 2. tion Essay Award 2. ance Honors 3. Top Left: ELIZABETH DIENER . . . GROWLER 1g Dancing Club 1, 2g Girls' Leaders Club lg Honors 35 Choir 2, 3, 4, President 3. Top Right: RONALD DILENA . . . Outdoor Club 1, 23 Chefs' Club 1, Honors 3. Bottom Left: VINCENT Di NAPOLI . . . Track Team 13 Outdoor Club 2g Science Club 2. Bottom Right: FREDRICK DONOHUE . . . Track Team 2g Soccer 23 Outdoor Club 2g Chefs' Club 2. I Ill Ill! PATRICIA DONOHUE BARBARA DROWNS CAROL EICHHORN Sub Deb Club 2. Volleyball 2g Softball 13 Bas- Dancing Club 1, 25 Junior ketball lg Hockey I. Deb Club 1. SHELDON EISS EDWARD STEPHEN EILEEN EUSTACE James Madison High ERLICH Junior Deb Club I, 23 In School 1. 2. 3. Tfafk TPHHW 21 HUYTWS 15 terior Decorating Club 2, OUIIQIOOI' flllllv 2Q Aulllfl- 4.1 Dancing Club 1, VISUHI Chill 1- 2g Bowling 33 Art Club 15 . sf? SALLY ANN FAZIO New Utrecht High School 1, Decorating Committee 1, 2. 33 Junior Prom Committee 3. EILEEN FELDMAN Choir Ig Dancing Club lg ,lun- ior Deb Club 13 Attendance Honors Ig Interior Decorating Club 23 S.A. 2. Madame Corsi et sos etudiants. ROBERT CALBRAITH Dramatics 23 Honors 33 Soc- cer 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 3g Choir 1, 2, 3, Pres. 4g S.A. 4g Boys' Leaders Club 2g Dancing Club 1, 2. JANET FELTHAM JLDY FIELDS STEWART FISHER Student Association 2, 33 Stage- Craft 23 Art Club 13 Stamp Club 12 Audit?- GROWLER 1. 25 Choir 2, 3, All-State Sectional Choir 3,41 Visual 1. 23 Outdoor Club 43 Dancing Club 1, Futurv Nur:-es Club 1, 4: 13 CROWVLER 3. Chr-crleadcr 13 ,lunior Deb 1,2. PAUL CILLIS BLAZER -1-3 CROWLER 3. Saint ,lobeplfs Seminary 1, 2 DONALD CALLOWAY Soccer Team 1, 3, 4. A11- Scholastic Honorable Mention 4-3 Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Basket- ball 1: Wrestling Club 23 Dancing Club 1. 23 Boys' Leaders Club 13 Art Club 13 Camera Club 1. Nvnnrila liartnil-Q 3 Que wtudianta--. MARLENE CARELICK KENNETH CELDERT Richmond Hill High School Dancing: Club 23 Attend 1.2, 3. ance Honors 33 Chefs Club 2. MARILYNN HARTMANN RICHARD HEINE S.A.1, President, Cirls'Lead- Chess I, 2, CROWLER 2, ers I, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 33 3, 4, BLAZER 4, Sports Edi- Hoekey 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1: tor, Cross Country 4, High Basketball l, 2, 3, Softball Honors 1, 2, 3, Band I, 2, 3. 1 2 3 1 e - BARBARA HERMANEK Stage Craft Club 13 Sub Deb Club lg Dramaties Club 2, Future Nurses Club 2. MARIA HERNANDEZ Sub Deb Club 1 CROWLER I, 2, 3, 4 Honors l 3 Volleyball 2 Basketball 2' Bowlin 2 . , g 3, BLAZER 4. Top Left: BRIAN HOLLENBECK . . . Honors 1, 25 High Honors 3g Math Club Ig Science 25 Art 25 Track 23 Bowling 3, Junior Prom 34 GROWLER 33 BLAZER 4. Top Right: DIANE HORYCZUN . . . Dancing Club I, 2, Honors 2, 3. Bottom Left: GAIL HUETHER . . , High Honors lg Future Nurses Club lg Cheerleader 1, 3, 45 Twirling 1, 21 Hockey Honor Team 2, 3, Bowling 2, 3, Basketball Honor Team 2, 35 Softball 2, 3, S.A. Treas. 35 Girls' Leaders Club 2, 3, 4, BLAZER, Business Manager 4-9 Co- Chairman Junior Prom 3. Bottom Right: LILLIAN HYNES . . . High Honors I: Honors 2, 35 GROWLER lg Sub Deb Club lg Interior Decorating Club 2, College Club 2, Bowling 2, 33 BLAZER 4-. gif x 1 9 DOUGLAS JACELON Soccer 1, Science Club 1. GEORGE JAHOSKY Baseball 1, 2, 3, Honors 1, 2, Math Club 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Leaders Club 1, 2, Soccer, All-Scho- lastic First Team 4. JOAN JORDAN High Honors 1, Art Club 1, Honors 2. 3, Library 1. 2, 3, Hockey 1, Softball 1, 2. JOEL KALLEM Chess Club 1, College Club 1, 2, Debating Club 1, Bas- ketball 1, 2, 4, High Honors 1, 2, History Club 2, Bowl- ing 3, Suffolk County Science Congress 3, BLAZER 4-. PATRICIA JORDAN SUSAN ,IOSEPHS BRUCE KAHLER Sub Deb Club 2, lntcrior Hockey Honor Team 2, 3, GROWLER 2, Honors 2, lle-vorating Club 2, Howl- Basketball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, Stage Craft 2, Soccer 3, 4, ing 3. Cirls' Leaders Club 1, 3, 4, Basketball 2. 3, fl, liaseball Libr a r y 1, Softball lntra- 2, Suffolk County Science murals 1, 3. Congress 3, S.A. 3. ROBERT' KANE- Math Club 1, History Club 1, Dancin Club 1, Honors 1, fl I Audio-Xisual Club 2, Outdoor Club 2. L'Somebody, hand me a bobby-pin and some bubble gum." ILEORCIIA IQA'I'l'SlI.-'I IRIS K,vK'I'Z NI.XlfREEN KICHN I,I'LiIllLillI'N Llub l: 5 t agm- Iluiivirig lflub I. 2: Stagzfv .irt fflub I: Dancing Club Craft Club I. 2: Sub Ilob Craft Club I: Nursvi Aid I: Sub In-b lflub I. 2: Club 1. 2: Ilunrvr- fl. Club I: Sub Deb Club lg H in n u rs 3: Allvrirlanve Sfrftbull 2. Ilrwnfvrg 2. NEIL KONIAR Ch:-W Club lg Xlalb Club I3 Collvgv Cub lg Dancing Club I. 2: liuskvlball Intramurals 1. 3g Baseball l, 33 Ilonors lg Scim-ncr: Club 1. 'Z' ROFENIARIE La S.-XIII Inlvriur Ijw-urating 2: Ifulurf' N u r-e-- Club 2: Alu-mlance IIIIIIUIN 2 "No doubt, anutln-r I.mit11fwr1." Xlr. Sola: implic-Q. PHYLLIS UAIIIIATE ANN LANOYWAY .IUDITH La PORTE Scif-nre Fair NIQ-ritorious West Iflip High School 1, 2, I7FaIl1iiliCS Club. TFOSS- I Award 3g Vnllm-yball 3. 3: Yf-arbrmk 3: Ilnnnre lg SIREN' Craft Clllll I. 2 Suffolk County Band 1. 2. 33 5"f"Y 2- Choir l. 2. 33 Future Nurses Club Sec'y 1, 2. 3: Dramatics lg BLAZER 4. 9. Z FRANCINE BIANCANARO MICHAEL MARINARO PXTRICIN NIKRKOWICH IOIS 'NIARTIN Cirls' l.f-aclvrs Club 1: Dane- H. Frank Carvy High School anmn Club 1 Q13 e Girls Loaders Club 1 ing Club l. 2: Hockey 23 1.2. 3. frat Ymr n Volleyball l Hockey 1 Vollvyball 2. Honon 2 3 BLA7ER 4- DHUCIH Club 1 2 Top Left: MARILYNN MARTIN . . . Sub Deb Club 1, Pres. 2g Danc- ing Club 1g Honors 3. Top Right: SHARON MCCABE . . . CROWLER l, 2g Stage Craft Club 1, Dramatics Club 1, 25 Dancing Club 1. Bottom Left: ANN MCDERMOTT . . . High Honors 1, 2: Honors 3g Hockey 1, 2, 3, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2. 3g BLAZER 4, Literary Editor, Art Club lg Bowling 2, 3g Basketball 2, Girls' Load- ers Club 4, GROWLER 1, 2, 3, 49 Dramatics 2. Bottom Right: FRANCES MESSINA . . . Bay Ridge High School 1, 2, 3. GERALD KIEZZACAPO Outdoor 1, 2, Audio-Visual 12 Sviencfr Club 1. DENNIS XIICHAELS SHARON MOORE Outdoor Club 1, 2: Science Mixed Choir 2: Drama Club Club 15 Boys' Leaders Club 1, 2, Sub Deb Club 2: Sec- 2: Baseball 3. rt-tarial Club 3, Stagv Craft Club 1, 2: Dancing Club lg Bowling: 3: Softball 2, 33 Rasks-tball 33 A t t c n rl a n rt e Honors 3. WILLIAM MORAN Math Club 1, Z: Svivnce Club 2, Honors 1, 2, 33 Track 3, 4, Cross Country 4: BLAZER 4. Managing Editor: Junior Prom Com- mittee 3. ARTHUR MORIN ANNETTE MOSCUZZA Chefs' Club lg Soccer 2, 3, Abraham Lincoln High School 43 Cross Country 1, llaskvt- 1.2.3. ball 24 Audio-Visual 1g Wres- tling Club 2. ROSEANNE NI l YSICARO ffirls 1.4-adn-rs Club l, Z. 3. 4, SA. 2. 3: Vive- l'r1's. 4, Class S+-Wy 23 Hovkey llonor 'l's-am 1, 2, 3, llaskvtball 1. 2. 3, Vollvyball 3, Softball 1. 2, Choir 2. 3. 4, BLAZER 4, Bowling 33 CllCPTlS3IllHg 1, 4. ANCELA NIOSI Bayside High School 1, 2, Stu- dont Assoviation 3, Honors 33 BLAZER 4. Mr. Potletti: "Spf-aking of Ancient His- tory, have 1 vwr told you how old Mr. Camarda really is?" PATRICK PANETTA Saint Annk Academy 13 Camvra Club. Pres. 23 Math Club 2g Band 2. MANLEI, PICCIONE Outdoor Club lg Honors 33 Soc- cer 1. 2. 3. 4: Chnl! Club 23 W'rc-stling Club 2. Mr. Kobielaki: "All tbnw mnnths wt-rvn't wasted, just ltmk at all that water?" SUSAN NOONAN Kathryn Nlrzkuley High Srlifml 1, 21 IZIAZER fl-3 High Ilonurs 33 lluwling 3. STEPHEN TTCONNOR Math Club 13 Clif-fs' Club 13 EIAINE OLSON Vlainetlge- High St-luml 1, Sci:-nce Club 1: Hutliu Club 2.3. 23 Uutdoor Club 2: llnwling 33 .'ltt:-mlarivv llonnrs 3. JACK PANTANO Basketball Intramurals 1. 33 Outdoor Club 23 Sciencv Club 2g Art Club 13 Math Club 1. JOSEPH PARRA EDWARD PETERSON Chpgg Club 2: Sgigncg Club Audio-Visual 13 Dramatics 23 Outdoor Club 13 Basket- 13 W'F0SlliIlg Club 23 SOC' ball Intramurals 2, 33 Track CPF 2- 3. 4-3 Art Club 13 Softball Intramurals 2. JOHN ROSSI ROBERT RUDOLPH PATRICIA RZEPA Audio-Visual 1: Came-ra Club Hicksxillf- High School 1, Dramativf Club l: Sub Deb wr Clubl 2 2 'S flll l 2 Dalllllll f'lll l l. 2: Outdm . , . Top Loft: JOHN SAMUELSON . . . Audio-Yisuul lg Math Club 13 Camera Club 1: Track 1: Outdoor Club 2. Top Right: FRANK SCALISE . . . Herricks High School l, 2. Bottom Left: DOUGLAS SCANNELL . . . Island Trfifls High School 1, 2, 3: Soccer 4. Bottom Right: JAMES SCAVETTA . . . Grmer Cleu-land High School 1, 2: Golf 3. . im . A: - - gl . in 5 Softball l7lll'LllIlllI'L1l4 l: llun- nrs l. 2. 3: Stage Craft Club 2: Hockey IIlll'8IllLlX'8l9 2: BLAZER 4: SA. 3. 4. ll,-XIRIMRA SXK5 BLAZER l'lt"21Il1Iit' Editor llRUWl.lfR l. 2. 3. 4 Ctrl- l.:-ucln-rf Club 2, 3 4: Ilot-key 'lln-am 2. 3, 4 Volleyball 2. 3, 4: Basket ball l. 2. 3. 4: Softball 1 2. 3, 4: Bowling 3: Bad minton 2: llraniatics 1. 2 El' Hi-fb Honore l 2 3 ' s y- - - Q 1 llrurn l.UIIlIlllllt'0 3: Whis pering Pines 3. 4, 4l ROBERT SCII.-XEI-RER DORIS SC'Hl'I.ZE XI.-XRS' ANN SIRACO Socce-r 21 Cborug 2, Chcerlvafling 1. 2, 3: Soft- Rand 1. 2: llunrrri 1: Ras- 'xllflilb-bvlhlliil 2: Camera ball 1. 2. 3: Girls' Leaders km-tball l. 2: Art Editor of Club 1: CROWLER. Club 1. 2. 3. -1: Hockey 2, 33 CRUWLER 2, 3: Softball 1. Dramatiws 1: Volleyball 1, 2: flllQ'1'l'lQ'LHl1YlQI 2 'S 2. 3. CHARLES SCOTT Jamaica High School 13 Bowling 2: History Club 1: BLAZER 4: Math Club 1: College Club 2. HEATHER SHAW THOMAS SHEA Dancing Club 1, 2, Clee Club Radio Club 1, 2, lg Junior Dcb Club lg Bas- 33 Camcra Club 2 ketball 2. BRENDAN SHIPLEY Hempstead High School 1, 2, Football lg Lacrosse 2. lg IR if-1 wr'-f HARRY SILIPO Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4-3 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Soccer 43 Choir 24 SA. 3, Dancing Club 1g Boys' Leaders Club 2. Mechanical Drawing for precision and WILLIANI S'l'.-KAI! Camera Club l: Track Tcuxn 2, 3. 4: Cross Country NT' ager 3, 4, l,.-XWRl'IXfIF SMITH limvliriu 2. 3: llailio Club S1-iviir-v fllub l: fluincra Club 2: fvnlf l:-gun 3. R0lllfli'l' SUNINIIQH l'Yl'lilIQlX SUl"l'll.XRlJ fflivfx' fllub l: llruinulic: -Stamp ffrafl fflub lg Sub fflub l: llfwf l.4'1illl'IN fllub Il.-I, fjluly lg Ibm-re 1.3: ll Uutvlvmr Club 2: ll:inf'inf,: Sffflball 2. Club 2: lla-kf-tbzill Z: lluw- ball 2. X MARY ANN SZABEI.5KI Art Club l: Dancing fllub l, 2 Honor- 3. hljh. uh, ynu ba-tml thc flarls nn the bias." MARTIN SKLLA KENNETH SUTELNIAN SHARON SWEENEY Math Club 1. 2: Dancing Cla,-ns Falk High School l, 2g Anrln-w ,I a c k s 0 n High Club lg Che-fs' Club 1, 23 Baseball 3. Sf-lmnl l. 2. 3. Honore lg Bowling 3. 4' BLAZER 4. use RONALD USCINSKI Radio Club 13 Track Team lg Science Club 2g Chess Club 2g Honors 2, 3, Student Association 3, 4. KATHLEEN Van CAMPEN Dancing Club 19 Girls' Lead- ers Club 1, 2, 3 4-g Vice Pres. 29 Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Volley- ball 1, 2. 3, 4-g Basketball 1, 2 35 Softball 1, 2, 3g High Honors 1, 35 Honors 25 Edi- tor-in-Chief of BLAZER. Top Left: LORETTA VELISEK . . . Stage Craft Club 1, 2g Dra- matics Club 1, 2g Nurses Aid Club 15 Softball 13 Hockey 1g Basket- ball lg Honors 1, 2, 3. Top Right: RUTH VERHEY . . . Nurses Aid Club 1g CROVVLER lg Cheerleading lg High Honors lg Junior Prom Committee 3g Honors 35 BLAZER 44 Volleyball 3. Bottom Left: LUCY VETRANO . . . Book Club 2, BLAZER 4. Bottom Right: JOHN VETTER . . . Chefs' Club lg Boys' Leaders Club 1, 25 S.A. 1, 2g Class President 2, 35 Basketball lg Baseball 1g Track Team 1. BARBARA Van DYNE 'NIARTIW Van YANTEN Dancing Club 1, 25 Stagg Radio Club 1 2 Camera Craft Club lg Sub Deb Club Club 2 lg Interior Decorating Club 2 N XXII FI X01 Ll ALYffl9I VUHS DONNA VL'Al.l.AflE 11 f lul e C l11b Hockvy 1. 3: Danving Club Dllnvingr Club 1, 2. ll nr: 1 1 13 1: Vnlleylrall 3: Baske-Ilia all n rs 3: Stags- Craft 21 Girl! Lvacl- n1r c 11l111t 3. e-rf fllub 1. 2. 3. 'I-3 Softball 1. 32 lloiinrs 3. H XRRX WEDW xl DT DANIEL WELIHJEN EUXVIN Wlqylygglgg BHl'Yl"'1 H1211 N'h""l 1- 2' 31 11811111011 lligrh 50111101 1. 2. 3. -l-, l,0Sl2I'1i1llILlll'. at else are the halls for but in niut III, ARLENE WESSNER Wc-st lflip High School 1, 2, Chorus 1. 2, Girls' Ensemble 1, 2, Volleyball 2: Library Aid 23 Spanish Club. Se-c'y 23 Bowling 35 Whispering Pines 35 National Honor S0- ciety 33 Rep. to GO. 2: .lun- ior Prom Committee 3. Back- Stage 3. ANGELA WETZLER Club 1. 21 Q.. . , 1 1' 5' Af! 5 A 1 2 1 1rl l.6HLlCI'S 1, 2, 35 Chef-plead. Inf' 1. 2: Hockey 1: Volleyball 1, 23 Basketball 1. 2: Softball 1, 2, BLAZER Art Editor 4, A11-State Choir 3 4-' Cloir 1 .,1 .2, -. 3, 4, All-flat? Sectional Choir 3 4 Top Left: ROBERT WHITE . . . Math Club Ig Audio- Visual Club lg Wrestling Club 23 Outdoor Club 2. Bottom Left: JOSEPH WIL- SON . . -Basketball 3. Roln-rt .-In lhfgfpr PllI'l'IiRI-15 NOT APPEARIXG simxffrii.---I 1, "-n'-'IW Q1- tlvrson Frank llv Dc- Nr-il llc- Luca Top Right: ROBERT WIIK- MAN . . . Basketball Intra- murals 3. Bottom Righ t: PATRICIA ROLLO . . . Cheerleading 13 Art Club Ig Dramatics 1, Pres. 23 Student Council Al- ternate I, 23 Hockey Intra- murals 23 Future Nurses Club 2. "Oh, goody! l ! Alfred will be able to come to the Senior Prom." 777' 47 Right: H1157 ll,-INLLRS Doug Scunnell und Irene Alu-.irn jr'- Ahove HOST ATHLLIII Lu Vdnf mipen Curr Q ,lahogky Right 'lIObT LIKELY TO SULFEED Call Huether and Bill Nloran Reprinted by pncial permi IOH from tlie Saturclas Evening Po I f r pyflglll 1946 bs The Currie IJUIJIIQIIIIIF: Compam N 1 I III lisl Iln-5 mln-am ilu-u lhul Wir- fa-uirul 4'iIp I i I I I if I'J2l xumhl marry IIN' :up run-l likely lu num-1-1-QI." Right: - FOR THE SCHOOL Bill Moran and Mary Lou Spinelli V OT 5 Left: BEST LOOKING John Vetter and Joyce Cuitilla 1 For JOHN 1 ji Minn SENIOR HISTORY Do you remember w hen It was September 5 1956 and we were really truly hlgh school students Of course we were rather new at lt and even the bravest were a trifle apprehensive but manv things besides us were new ln that dear old Deer Park Avenue building There was a new principal Mr Stewart Jonsson a new student counselor now asslstant principal Miss Jacquelyn Horey and many new teachers Who will ever forget our carefully preseryed con fusion with three Smiths and a Smyth? Miss Rube may have pretended to be annoyed when we called her homeroom a travel agency but she was really secretly pleased And who had ever seen so many typewrxters all in one place before the busmess and typing classes had begun? North Babylon came 1nto 1tS own that year with freshman and junlor varsity teams and made a very good showing fthough somehow they could only manage to tle the Student Facultv Basketball game ln Februaryj This was the year Marilynn Hartmann served as Councilj with Angela Wetzler Virginia Albino and Judy Johnson as Vice Presldent Secretary and Treasurer respectively and Mr Camarda as faculty sponsor Mr Johnsons hallowed halls of learning saw many flrsts that year lncludlng the first issues of the Growler the Science Fair and the club programs It has been said that 1f one listens closely on a still day the strains of My Boy Lolllpop still echo in the room used by the ninth grade Dancing Club Socially this laid the foundation for those which followed In December the fresh man class represented by Angela Wetzler as Presl dent and Danny Lynch as Vice President spon sored the Harvest Moon Dance of which Angela Wetzler and Frank Basil were crowned King and ueen Mr Smyth was grade advisor In February the SA s ueen of Hearts Ball saw Janet Felt hams reign Some of us must remember to ask Ronnie Uscmski what Elvis Presley thought of the varlety show held ln April Not to be outdone the Citamards under Miss Warenchak presented Sev enteenth Summer ln May Suddenly It was June 50 and we were no longer freshmen In September 1951 we returned as the expres sion has lt wise and witty sophomores to the D P A buildlng where a new wing and gym were nearly ready We elected John Vettert, Sandy Vogel Roseann Musicaro and Jeanette Batten as PTCSI dent Vice President Secretary and Treasurer of our sophomore class Fall Promenade Wlth Frank Basil and Jeannette Batten as King and ueen and Le Bal des Cours were the two dances presented by the class The Student Council again sponsored by Mr Camarda and under the leadership of Mary Lou Spinelli as President Janet Feltham as Secretary Virginia Albino as Vice PICSI dent and Angela Wetzler as Treasurer featured Snowflake Festival in January Manny Cothakls and Maryanne Szabelski were coronated King and ueen The junior varsity teams again handled themselves well with George Jahosky really start IDD to shme and Harry S1llp0 twlnkllng in his own right Many of us found ourselves bowling in in Continued on p 130 'LP -Quin? DONALD PURDY 98 Comac Road much a part of the Class of 60 : 9 J J J: 5 F7 ' ' , - - as - - as . , L , 9 1 J Y - a I J 7 ' T 7 ' J 9 ' ' ' 44 aa - 7 7 ' Y ' . . Q , ' 0, 7 - GC 77 v Y . , ' , . . . 7 . . . U 7 ? ' ca - as - - a J ' President of the Student Association fthen Student tramurals that year. 7 5 ' 7 9 . - , . GG 59 ' ' 7 ' if I - - cc - as c ' , . ' 5 9 , ' , . , . . 7 - CC 99 ' Q . . ' . , 9 CGQ 79 - . . R , . ' s . . . . 5 . . ,L 9 9 ' as - ' , Though he has been unable to attend classes with us, he is very 1 H,. N 5, s . 1 .few ' "' 3:39 'zo lifd ovqrz '65 to 000 9 rin :.::??,..,2:, , A, s, ' u:::-ty... .' ' ' v 4. if , 5:-3 , 2 f -4' ,7 if f A l f: . I on , . 2 4 fr' " ,go 3 0 -vu o " ' 3 CQ ' no' sf" oo., 4 o f fn" ga: .:'x.j4-55 0 ' 'Y .Q C4 .' .04 N, go 225: " 1 s 'ffm ,L 52 ,,.....--- ...Q-l JUNIOR LLASS OFFICERS-Leif! In right: Mollie Lou King. 5. A. Rep.: Arnold Furiello, Treasurer: jobcpli Nlittnight. Vice Prcsidcntg Agnes W'elutuwicz, Secretary: Mr. E, Te- Hnrdn. Amlviwr: .lu Ann DQYOP. Pre-fidcnt. JU IOR The quick red fux jumpcd Uwr the lazy liruwn mlog. ...L 223k-AIR. RUSSMAN-Vlfnltvnz, left to righl: Y. Ba-ll. NI. liurrillw. S. Armogida. E. liuflriur l ini U, Uruuka C. BLllZt'I'M'Il. .l. Uvnular. .'lI1'dfUc', lvft In right: ,l. Amlcrwii, J. Ainslie, Y. Alliinn, BI. CdY'Llll.lFy', B. Bruna T. Avcdiriun, J. Adrugnu. Top, leff fo right: A. Buchanan, E. Boyle, L. Battuglia, R. Burnt-f. J. JAIIFCIIS, B. Abrams. ,4IlSt'lIff P. lnxnnini. ll. liunalwulldt, C- ililfllwlld. P. Cutulunu, W. Bernitt, R. Bodt, B. Capone. .1-W. 2014,-NIR. SULLIVAN-V Bottom. L. to R.: H. How ell. NI. Gagliardo, D. Cray. Harrington, J Haughey, B. Caskin, P. Ganley, B. Heron, M. Halas .lI1'rIrHr', L. Io R.: R. Ginocchio, ll. Hawkins, R Gcilen, C. Hurlel, J. Hammond. D. Caizo, A. Gubi lllfil. J. Urn-ig. Top, L. In R.: W. llagglunfl. li llornwr. li. llollvr, ll. lloclgv. pi. llvrh-r. P. illau hitz, E. Gordon. W. Hagcnkntter. P. Hirn. Absent: lt. braffen. L. hrs-vw-. New day in the old huilclingx. 205' NIR. MARRA-Bottom, L. to R.: M. King, S. Jew, C. Inzerillo, L. Junior, T. Kistner, A. Ingogglia, J. Johnson. Jliclrllv, L. to R.: J. Karlund, P. Kenah, A. Kent, B. Jenkins, M. Kuss, A. Lump- man, W. Leeming. Top, L. to R.: M. LaPlantc, K. Kahler, A. Kothe, E. Ingenito, R. Kall, G. Knauer, W. Kritsherg, J. Lambert. Absent: T. lndovino, D. Kimer, T. Jesaitis. Once upon a time there were thirteen colonies. 227-MR. DONAGHY-f-Bottom, L. to R.: C. Rodriquez, M. Pirreca, L. Purdy. C. Pearsall, D. Rodriquez. L. Perillo. D. Mugno, D. Pointon. G. Nilsson. Jfiddle, L. to R.: R. Uv:-ns. P. Mineo. L. Phillip-. P. Moser. L. Paulson. C. Pugh. H. Rosen, D. Rankin. Tap, L. to R.: T. Polino, L. Penny, l.. Nloglia. E. Norlell. J. Nlittnight, R. Paolantonio. Alfsenti J. Hadwin, S. Moss. R. Morin XI. Nawrath. v-1 NK 55 1 1 ' . 4 I 'a '1f1z'53f AJ 'W 4 3 ' f 3 1 1 -Q ily, Q.. Q D 41 s 5 f 1 5: Cf .1 LN J. llwnxk, 11. Dvrllllllll. ff. llralgyrttu, I.. I',I'l1'i44lIIl. ZIU X111. .X1.1.1'1Nf.X lflffflllll. f.. In ff.: 1.. JZTIINV. H. 4.11-11. lx. IJul11y. X. 151151111111-. 5. f.lllllIl. I.. 1.111111-N. J. J.ll1UI1il. 1l1'411lff'. L, ta R.: lf. llurnf. li, IJITF-11'F. J. ilnrlvin, NI. l3m11g11tnn. S. Bflllllilllllxf. ll. llutlvr. li. Jgllffllllllli. Top. L. to R.: ll. 11lll'I14'1I. .-X. lirun-. J. lirmm, W, Daly. IJ. Conti. 5. 11:1 1111-rn, fl. lfurr. K. 111114. .4lf.v'f1I.' J. 151m111a111. Xl. fI11tul.111u. W. frnffill. J. lla-Us-. R. fJ141nd.111:11x. 1'.. l.nrln111. J. 1J.llllllIl1'. l'N1Illil1'4'. tr1L111g1lf,'-. L'0l11f1Llsr1'S, and plutm-4. 118 HHS. WJLSON---Boltom. L. I0 R.: 5. ETIALIIIIC, H. Jlllgliill, F. lJuug1as. E. ifartvr, R. llillin. Xl. Filippeflli. J. 17'.Xrie'Q, J. Dunn. 11. 131111111111-1. Uirlrllr: -U, .-. J. llrukv. R. llcluuto, S. 1"e'r1ifa', 11. I-'.1l1y. F. Dil JJJAIVHIIIU. Top: J. 17u111ing41N. li. 1,l'JxIlLll'11N. J. Um-- Illilfl'-1, J". DHIL111. J. IJ:-You-, W. Ifdlmlm, P, DTYJLIIIIJ, .411.w11!: J. 1'1'14JIIlllIl. V. lwrx. IJ, 123111. lJil1 Ke-111111 cook. r'.L1n'! 9110? ES ew g 40-A F 9 50 sl ..,...--- J.. ...ii 211 51155 HON'1'AX.-X---Butlor11. I.. lo R.: J. Hwr11v'r. 1.2. 11:-11111, .X. 1xe11.1l1. X. 111-u11.111. U. 1Il1'iIrr'Il. ff. Jlublv-y, XI, 1ny11:1111. JIIIIIIIF, I.. I0 If.: J. Hrfnry. W, 114't'IlLlI J. 111-1111119-1'. li. 1l1111nik4-1'. fl, H111--1: Top. I., In lf.: X. J.ll'N1-. R. 111-111v'. J. Lllpfv. 11. 1111141-lf-uxkl Hfvnli N. 111-11111141111u1'1, lmrtnlw, 11. Fri'-f1111u11. 1. li. 11.111-, IJ. 1x111.1l.1. J. Iiutwn. K. kqllx. K.. J-rl111w11. It J1-11L111N. Il Hvl-1'1'. 1.. 11.1-Jvwll. 1.. 1Il1I'.l 209'-MISS JONES lfotlom, L. to R.: T. LinQ0n J. Lazar, B. Long, H. Lawson. F. Lumlmcrlz. G Logue, J. LaT0rrm-. C. LnValm, L. Lipsccy. Middle L. to R.: M. Limongello, R. Longo. A. Larsen, E Keuling, A. Kunzc. L. Lates, R. LCC, R. LaSalle, C LaRocco. Top, L. to R.: S. LoVetr4w, P. Lcipold, L Laufer, R. Lvilranri. P. Keiner. U. King, J. LaFem ina, N. Kunze. Absenl: B. Matson, B. Mineo, C Martin, C. Kfvvalcik. 'SThat's right, frank- furtersf' 125 MR 'NIAHONEY Bottom L toR P Nldc 1 h' f L 4 , . . i ' k'e, C. Musante, J. Ramirez, M. Martino, P. McCune, E. Mo-es, C. Miller, C. Lukashuk. Jliddle, L. to R.. J. McGrath, L. Marchuck. H. Miller. A. L'Abbate R. Hucke, D. Morton. T. McSherry. Top, L. Io C. Martin, R. Munginc. N. Lowit, A. McGill Martin, J. Muniz, J. Mugnanti, F. Musinski, D. Morubito. Absent: A. Xiincrwini, F. LeMif-ux McLean, B. Morabim. ,P. .R. "Parlons francais, please I " ..-.H 4 215-SIR. BRYANT---lfoztunz, L. to R J R Il K. Rcbehn, L. Roberts, P. Price. Jlzddle L to R J Potonm X I 1 X lidumi L Po in NI. Popuvich, ll. Rohr-rts, NI. Reimer P u1n.inf 1 11 Mu Quinn f IJ. Reynolds, E. Sappo, C. Repole R Rizzo R L wnl 1 r u L ur Ruin.-rts. P. Robiiolto, L. Scilmidlin, I SL.1r.1ng.c 11.1 A 1 4h'!ln L, 215 just browsing around. Real Underclassman! Main W.. X 1 4 '49 ' 2' Top: "Throw your carriages." Bottom: "Two from Column A, one from column 63 xx K Qf,14?LV ,! X . I! if X f XX ' X X X w 2 '-.5 , 1 ff X-X ,A 77, -' v U K. 4 I , af X!!! xxqxixf Kg f xp :X .I , 1 41 fkf ,X f Y VI X fx, rx X 1 1 J 1 ffm '13 1,41 it.. ,ol Q X. X rf if 'ww-W " jf' AW' Xffqwaf 'Ji' QQ ACTIVITY STAFF-Seated, left to right: S. Conroy, M. Gaige, E. Eustace, B. Saks, N Babb, A. Lanoway. Standing: R. Musicaro, J. De Voe. ww. W3 - if AbovegBUSINESS STAFF-L. to R.. Claquin, Bianco, Taylor, Huether, Ver- hey, Barber, LoValvo, Revere, Lano way, Gillis. Upper Right-SPORTS STAFFSfL 10 R N Babb C L1 ett R Q -5 L - 1 . A. Xgg' . . Terai. J. Curtin, R. Heine, A. Vohs, M. Sulla P. Gillis. 1 There has always been one unique quality to distinguish the Senior Class of 1960 from all others-it is the first. And so it is with the 1960 edition of the BLAZER-it is the first. Everything in it is purely original-we have had no precedents to follow. Starting from scratch as we did, a tremendous amount of groundwork was needed, and activity became frantic each time a deadline rolled around. Fortunately these pictures were taken before the staff started to show signs of collapse. Here they aregthe Staff of the 1960 BLAZER! -CD1 If X waeswwuuq '71 Above-TYPING STAFF-seated, I to r: G. Claquin, P. Taylor, F. Bianco. Standing: J. Revere, B. LOValvo. Left--SENIOR STAFF, 1 to r: P. Taylor, ll. Rodman, I: Bleil, P. Rzepa. Standing: A. NI. Beierlein, M. Hernandez, J. Fields. 68 FROM .C. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Seated, L. to R.: Mr. Miller, V. Albino. R. Musicaro. S. Aug. Stand- ing: L. Bleil, A. Cusato, M. King, NI. Caige, S. Conroy. The growth of North Babylon from a grade school to a Junior High to a full-fledged Senior High has marked the rise of our student government from a small Student Council to an all-encompassing Student Associa- tion, controlling all student activity in the Senior High. The Student Association includes representatives from every activity and each class, as well as homeroom repre- sentatives, and four officers. elected by the entire stu- dent body. For the year of '59-'60. Virginia Albino was elected President. Roseann Musicaro V.P.. Sharon White. Secretary. and Susan Aug. Treasurer. Mr. Nliller served in the capacity of Faculty Advisor for his second year. ENTIRE S. A.-First row: P. Mackie, M. V. Burillo, M. Frank, L. Forman, J. Rodriguez, P. Rzepa, S. Conroy, M. Santo-Martino, D. Schulze, A. Cognetta, E. Mangerie. Second row: G. Magnussen, J. Fields, I. Bleil, N. Babb, J. Aronica, A. Cusato, M. King. M. Gaige, R. Mus- icaro. l'liIiLlClTY AND SOCIAL CONlNll'l'TEESwSvuler1, L. to R.: S. McCain-. Nl. Burrillo. E. Ke-uling, ,I. Rodrigucz. XI. Marlin. C. Harly, T. Newmark. Standing: P. Mackie, A. Lanoway, R. Uscinski, NI. King, .l. Arunicu. .-X. Custulo, D. Weldon, S. Dr-Vne. L. Forman. M. Frank. 'YK Stud en + Assoc use is--.1 Nieman- NluAsng- N,-Q'-'Q -' N.S. ufilbf High Q r- -BO 3 2 " an t 5'678SlOlll1lfl4- Y. Albino. S. Aug. M. Martin. S. McCabe. A. Lzlnoway, J. Heidinger, R. Philippin, S. Peterson, J. Revere. Standing: Mr Miller. A COMPLEX MACHINE An organization as large as the S. A. can function more efficiently if it is divided into smaller committees- ' Social, Publicity. and School Spirit. These committees handle everything from S.A. dances to pep rallies- handbooks to student-faculty games. It is in the com- mittees that one may observe the heart of the S.A. it - MQHOOL SPIRIT-Kneeling, L. Io R.: E. Mangvire, S. Peterson. Standing, L. lo R.: R. Vrionides, V 5. Mc'Culn'. Judy Fields. D. Schulze. A. Cognetta. M. Santo-Martino. J. Hcidinger. N. Babb, S. Conroy. 59 he Oratorical Contest itself a state-wide development ken down on a county level. rposewise, the contest is d to promote the interest high school students toward ting historical developments to investigate the American y of life more closely, espe- lly through research on the nstitution. lthough it is definitely term- an "oratorical" contest, ora- y or the manner of presenta- n accounts for only twenty- e per cent credit toward de- ting the opponent. The clever of the English language d grammar counts also twen- five per cent. Fifty per cent wever, is concentrated on the ech itself, primarily its con t and the development of the ies contained. The contest ts were and will continue tc judged on the above points course, in the finals the win r will be awarded a 32,501 olarship to the college 0: choice. Interest Encouraged Mr. Camarda also states tha is the desire of the schoo at more students prove theii terest in this program whicl out hidden potential students." He feels tha high school is the changing attitudes, man people lack the to succeed in such However, this further one's high school year means a better or college. Contemplating the turn udents statistically, 0 that North Babylon hown little nterest. The average in this type of would be about five eight hundred. However, Mr. Camarda that even a larger would be capable this would be ap- forty people out Amazingly enough fourteen from this school ori- took part, thirteen girls GRC LER Students Behind The Scenes Insure Success Of Play Y ' 'STS wwf-r-uv,-pq, """"' .git ' 'ef-wr-w . rf .dai z'T""'.,,,,,,""'f" sk'-ig 'lx' Ax. for activities suggested by the studentsg a dancing club was mentioned by many people. If a teacher is willing to head a student suggested activity, if enough students desire it, and if there are no other objections, it will be set up. Some of the listed clubs may never become active because of a lack of stu- ff fa ' x W last year in high school a memorable one. Mr. Smyth, faculty advisor, said that something will be programed for each day. On Monday, there will be a Nationality Day. On this day all Seniors will come dress of their family's ality. An assembly program in the nation- in hon- or of the Senior Class will be held on Wednesday. For Friday, a dinner and so-i cial affair is being planned. L To top off an exciting week,i on Friday, there will be al Senior Day. At this time,ffor their caps and gowns." elected Seniors will take overlSmyth added. Harris, is set in the flapper era of 1928. It deals with the plight of Flory Patterson, played Linda Perillo, who is Sweet Sixteen and never kissed. She attempts to this situation from the Month of Charlie in Act l to the Month of Philip in Act Ill. A support ing cast of eleven helps her through the many trials and tribulations of her love life. and run the administrative jobs of the school and run the class- Sonietiinc durin this bust week Seniors will be measurec rooms. 4' ' , ' U ' . . O ., l REPORTERS-Left to right, seated: C. Pearsall, S. Conroy, M. Kuss, J. Rodriguez, M. Frank. Standing: M. Dieckhoff, G. Pugh, G. Magnusson. ' GRC LER Editor-in-Chief Stephanie LeVanda Business Manager Martha Kuss Second Page Editor Mary Gagliardo Boys Sports Editor K Walter Haglund Girls Sports Editor Geraldine Waters Fourth Page Editor Marsha Kuss Art Editor Geraldine Waters Exchange Editor . . Janet Heidinger Photographer 'Ernest Daher Faculty Advisors . ..- Mr. James Sullivan Mr. Richard T. Bray Reporters: Susan Conroy, Marion Dieckhott, Linda Dunton, Carol Hartel, Gary Magnusson, Ann McDermott, Carolyn Pearsall, Michele Popovi.:h, Lois Polins, Jerome Radwin, Jenny Rodriquez, Tom Soriano, Irene Bleil. Count Our Blessings Christmas is only three days away, and with 5 A l Copenhaegn, The people there he renizirkc-qi were impressively friendly. Following his stay in Copen- hagen. Mr. Johnson spent three flziys at the World's Fair in Brussels. lielguiin, In his opin- ion, the Russian exhibit was niosl iiiiprt-ssive. lie said that it showed strength and pointed to the fat-t that the Russian people ure lar more aflvancerl than we realize. Mr. Johnson reeretterl not being able to stay longer in liurope, He enjoyed his trip nnirnensely and ex- pressed bi5 desire to go again. we will witness today. Apf"'i"irnately eight hundred students and tea? ll be seated comfortably in OUR nes 'ium, being bale to see and hear pf We have our librarv. are now far from full they will be stocked alumni, you The E' ca 6 other thirs- l0 DOH pl beat they rdf ever v Finz' img Th perl- fu 1,4 4CP flltii D in their towns on tom as Nleii Right REPORTERS st-md L to R s 'lm onroy I Bleil T Aiedisian L Polins, ze e-- . atticlf pt flziys! - - 1 - -5 - C ', . ', . ' , . ' . it Standing: J. Fields, L. Dunton. 1, S 1 tor .x ti 1-1 it nam lrinrl Kl'illC'il ns s1.ll By BARBARA SAKS ii the shelves t eeded to! Although the North Babylon Alter the bands exciting per- C SC 00 5 ' v - .Ma - 'i e fonznancc- of the Seventeenth, all nusson W. Ha lund F. Waters R. Heine. Village Relatively Lee Van pair of r Linda Dunt for the 1 and Ann NI Great Uncle ol' skeletons .lust in Ie "Do Not"Op the normal exam .,.. other teache the hoods o lflllw -... Just in pictures quit-1 .1 bit hziveirt 1 than Carol can heur ty Left-'SPORTS STAFFS4L. to R.: G. Mag- k - S y 1 y KWKLAI l!Ulll 5CllUUlh. CUI1' 'lhe bzinfl nienibers i.lL'l'UI'filllQ i'lUflt'w to section are: 101105. Saxes- i.Ul'l'2llYlC Blichels tgracle WI- 84. Ann Daher t7i. Gary St-liwzirtz 41411. anrl Robert it -: ' Grex t- tlli, Rob:-i' B i sko f9i. a n rl Bi'w"1 ,v or flli. Tron. bt-1' K h 1 A f - Bernn Lo Val Tlit-ro 'lllllitillllt' le 7l s .m lmv' ,pas-saw I . .- im ' e',gQyw1vr a QW I, W 1, . w Y ' ,, ' me , ,Aw A gi K f , , , 'S L x as .2393 4 'x.l M -ff, 4, f'-"- Q. ., 8 , R THE JU IOR REVUE and PROM 'C7 x fx 1 Above-YPERFORHERF in V Left-REVUE CHAIR REVUE-L. 10 R.g C, Pear- vi' 'X HEX: Marsha Frank. Pa sail, L. Forman, C. Caru- -.,,- X , 1 Siailiflirl. Sona. M. King, M. Caval- in lary. J. Rodriguez. H. Elfaft. 'L' C. Pugh. Seated, cloflfzrisni P. Staimlein. KI. Frank. R. X ,' I: Wickert. A. Herter. i " Rf4luwvPROXi 'XXII HFYIYF COXINIITTEES'--arozinal tablv: L, Furman. J. Rodriguez, NI. King. S. Wvhite. M. Caval- lary. Dew:-, J. johnwn. T. .-Xvf-disian. B. Elfa-t. Slamling. L. to R.: R. Wickert. A. Herter. Mr. TeBord0. E. Sommer- lad. Ni. Frank. J. Niiltnight. P. Staiwlvin. WI-II PERING PI ES P' we X LQ Wfxafaffg, 0 I tdtaldrmv ,I furtn L Ptt 5 Lf-Vandw L ,Iumor 'I Nleymr Mr Horton adviser Although lt IS startlng Qlowh wwlth few ICGUCQ and no funds tho Lxtcrary Magazme PIOIHISCQ to he a fme puhllcatlon Already the CIIIIOFQ haw Qhossn that than are lnterested Ill quahty rather than quantlty and actnelv envourahe cleatne Vfltlllg Judy Cllftlll 1G I rhtor ln Chxef and Stephanle Ie Vanda Asswtant I'cI1tor Thelr Qtaff Includes P Qatalano 631016 Leggett Lynn ,Iunmr and I'h9reQa Mewer W1 H01 lon IQ thel wultw AIIYNPT '2"""' as 5' TWV D-L, I o ful tl II Hr-rmax Rm man II fthu C Jaho ks NI Cagllardo u e U 4 I Xln Q F TURE TEACHER FUTURE URSES CLUB ' PIOYII - fs , 5.4-. 4 ' 10 f ? Y FUTURE NURSES CLUB CHARTER GROUP OFFICERS E. Freeman, Secretary P. Kenali, I re-sident P. Cunley, Trrusurer LIBRARY Al DE Above-Seated, front row: M. Twaddle, E. Freeman, M. Burrillo, N. Dolan. Seated second row: H. Anastasia, C. Canley, P. Ganley, P. Ke-nah. Standing: E. Olsen, V Caskin, P. Smith, B. Caskin. P. Blackie, J. Haughey. P. Roberts, P. Rzepa, G S. Nlues, Vim- Prvsirlrlnt Xlmanti-. P. Zim-me-k. ll. Elfast. Moss. Mrs. Saxton. T .E I.- N A' f , lxf l f ll U 4 gl f N ll ldllf llarinm 511111111115 Hrs! ww. mu Xnd ld ld IBN Slmzrfzng serorzff mu X P 21 UPU N Nl N 0 .. .'111'f' H1 J .. ' rf' . . UW!! . A. . 1. Yrr . ', "r F' 1 . , 'rIrr1t. . Nl -' . ur: J. Walk -r '. ' . . 1 'wr . -- -ggf' . . . Suri v. .. 1 . . fn' v. . liiyfvf- JEANNETTE BATTEN IRENE BLEIL RICHARD GULZ ARDI RICHARD HEINE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY X i it GARY GUARDIAEER 4 X BARBARA SAKQ ANN McDERMOTT PAMELA TAYLOR 76 CITIZENSHIP 5 Lf LEADERSHIP SCHOLARSHIP SERVICE The flfteen semors plctured on thls page lepresent the charter members of the North Babylon Semor Hlgh School chapter of the Natlonal Honor SOCIEIX Membershlp ln lhle group li one of the h1gheGt honors a hlgh School tudent can obtaln for to be chosen a per on must demonstrate that he IS a good cltlzen that he hae attalned a hlgh schola tlc as erage that he ha exhxblted qualltlee of leadershlp and that he has been actxve ln school HCIISIIIPS w""'Qr CAROLE LEGGETT JOEL KALLEM CAROL BURGLAND BRIAN HOLLENBECK C AIL HUETHER LEE VAN CAMPEN rF'5N. 4 L I ARLENE WESSNER s 'f . E ' R W 1 I S M E I . 7 V. . t l x . . S . 7 7 S K N t I ,s -,,.. x ' 5 P 5 V ' LV M N W A J, 5 fi. V- :V I MA THLETE A CONIPETING FOR Ul'H SCHOOL are-: Richard Heine. Klarslia Kusf. Gail Huether, Barbara Salv. William Nl:-ran. Sl'lIff'lff llrian Hollvnlwck. Kffith Yvltf-r. Slanzlirig, L. to R.: R Yanlanten. A. Pellicane E. Phillips. L. Bloglia. B Nloralmito. Hr. Ahatv. C Knauer. R. Teresi. R Rudolf. R. Ainger. M Becker. H. Andersen, E Pf'lV'f-UH. J. Anderson. Bottom, L. to R.: C. Mez- Lavapff. NI. Fvudcri. I.. Pvrrvtta. D. King. 77 s 0- X Io- L THE NIIXED CHORUS--L. to R.: Mr. Long, E. Carter. H. Howell. E. Nlangerit-, A. Beierlein, J. lnkpen, B. Edholm, F. NHYHTPZ. F. Hanson. G. Ahbruscato, P. Lesler, J. Froelich. K. Kamlianis. C. Barth BI. Filipelli, I. Ramarez, A. Wetzler. 0' Sewontl: l.. lliflangi. ll. Die-ner. J. Fields. Xl. Divckhoff. A. Cognetta. J. Roscigno, NI. DeCamill0, J. Hutson, N. Cold' -thin. 5. l.ovf-tro. ll. Cruse. D. Valenti, F. Curtin. NI, Siraco. B. LoYalx'o, C. Harty. P. Siraco, P. A. Kunze. Third: C. Wat:-rf. ll. l.oYalxo. li, Caskin, V. Gaskin, P. Wall. I.. Hoglia. B. Galbraith. li. Lehman, J. Greig, J. Haughey, L. Forman. J. Fe-lthaui, J. La Porte. K. Linzenlmarth, C. Heron. T, Avediaian. Fourllz: l'. Smith. A. Larson, C. Erickson IL. llragotta. C. Tomford, M. Ribaudo. .D poco rfit m m 5 5 bb THE CHANlPl0NS-vAn- gt-la WR-tller and lion Valcnti wc-ru se-lvctvd for tllt- Eafte-rn Se-ction. which I' is a group of the most I t - .T- talentt-tl young singf-rs on D' IPP a gmpo g , . the East Coast. 1. In his moth-er's kec in La 1 el P , g, y ' 2. Cease your mourn-ful weep - mg, Seek 1 THE CHANSONETTES are, L. to R.: K. Linn-nlyarth. J. Eroelich. L. Roberts. P. l'ric"m'. J. Fit-ltlx. and E. Nlangc-rio. ing, Lay the Christ child ing, Seek the Christ child SING GLORIA!-The Chorus rc-he-arsus under Mr Long's direction. mf' 1 l wg L. Q . 1 I . af- -Q41 1 til y A .,. f W' f , 955 NJN.-'J-,m'..., :fait 4 44-Lirg - 11 fl 1 .4 ,a . , 'nh' ' 'sql 'Aff QU' ,4- Lf:- v-in 5 V fi + gm 3 S M- . S M 4' ,, kr-Ml-QA W ' A f W, M. - UQ - rf ,K fr my A . , f 'W f ' HQ? YQ! fm' 85 ,A K. . XX Lg .. ,, m.. X E V f .1 x I .L ' f f h ' AA nl K fl! W. ,. " ' :if , iz 3, 'Y 3 L iifmisg ssmfvlfffffiikx 5 A r ' 1 .X I.IYICI,Y P.-XCfI'I ix wt Iry the llanm- I5umI. aI-41 In-a4Im-aI Irv NIr, trnlnn. 'I'In- me-mln-rf arc: .w'r1lr'1f. -I-FUHI. l.. In R.: R, WI4'km't. Il. Schwartz. I.. NIif'I1avI-. X. I,ilIlt'T, H. Cuttv. SPIIIIHI, bark, I0 RS. I., Iiwnuxeru 4I'urtiuIIy hicI1I1'nt. I". Ixnfff-r. R. Utlirltf-nl, II, Nlillvr. I'. Palm-Ita. I.. Grffvfz R. Iivinski. Stumiirzg: IJ. VaIQnti. NI. Ilic'f'IcI1nIf. Nlr. Cult:-n. SENIOR HIGH HAND XII-INIIIERF --ff L, to R.: R. Galbraith, A. Jarvis. I'. IXe1nf'r, A. ffrwg, R. Yriunide-N, I. Luzar. fl. Rf- ole, I., Creve NI Ili fItI1wff I X1 nic: Ii U t..-I ,. lr 'i v , . . we-nx. R. I-:-flrund, ,I. xIf'fII'i1III, E. Sappu. IIIXI' IIUX IIIXYS .X IQUUI. 'II IMI 'Ikhut Imp i- Iuvk XIVIIILIIII. and It IIII ml 1 III: I nd N4 v rw :I 1' IJ .-Q45 . th'--X ,XX nga, N-. K W BEHIND THE SCENES -Prom Committee mem- bers, L. to R., front, seat- ed: Nancy Bahb-Deco- rating, Barbara Saks- Favors. At table seated: Marsha R 0 d m a n and Brian Hollenbeck-Public ity, Gail Huether and Cary Thr- pau e that refrc hes" Guardineer -- Co-ordinat- ing, Lee Van Campen and Bill Moran-Bids. Stand- ing: Mr. Smyth, Jeannette Batten-Decorating, B 0 b Schaefer - Refreshments, Mary Lou Spinelli and Roseanne Musicarrklln- tertainment. . wulrl haw- danced all night" 6. 'e. . ,.,,, Q l x, I f AN f N A ROYAL COURT Attendant tand ln around Queen L to R Jeannette Batten Que 'Noonan Ann N10 1 'Klan Lou Qpmelll Josef- LIU I1 Janet Felt ham 447 ff7 1 1 ff GIRL 9 LEADER The main purpose of the Leaders, Club is to promote interest in athletics and to pro- vide service for the use of the school. The girls in this club have satisfied the mem- bership requirements, and show a keen in- terest in sports, by their fine record in afterschool athletics. Their offi- cers for the year 1959-60 are: Pres.-Judy Curtin, V.P.-Nancy Babb, Sec'y-Judy Johnson, Treas-Carol Barber, and S.A. Rep.-Jenny Rodriguez. DO THEY REALLY CALL TH.-XT A SHORT CRAB? Sue Aug and Judy Johnson laugh at the antics of Lois Cruse, :Xlyce Vohs. Doris Schulze and Barbara Saks. cutting capers on the parallel bars, Shown brlow jroml, lo R are First rou lNancy Dolan Julianna Roi no Jamie Dxoralm Joan Zahodnick Elaine Babb -Xudrey Kenah Sue Wendenber Nlargie Petruzzeli Second row Carol Hiller Sallx Curtin Ellen N10 P Pat Kenah Carole Leg ett tall Pu h Wllchele Cavallary Eleanor -Xme fail Huether Third row Skippy DeVoe Paulette fannml 'Nancy Freriks Sharon White Jenny Rodriguez Judy John on Judy Curtin Carol Barber Marylou Spinelli Ro :anne 'NIu lcaro and Lee Yan Campen Vg Barbara Saks HN'liNllI'C5 Bob Galbraith as Irene B11-il and .-Xnffie WY:-tzler look on P 1 Wm r rx n 1 ll I I 1 lf7l 11 N UI 1 X IIXI I4 rf Scrum Weak mrludf-fl 1 Tumabout Dax ulwn thf Ilul Q IIN umnrx IH mn 1 f 1 NPIIIIIIS and the- 51 mor DHIIIGF xsluvh look plat? 'it tlf beaullful Huntlnglon Trmn Home THL NENIOR DINNER W X5 -X C SLA XPFAIR and ilu nm mi diSK'll!-405 it PREPAR.-XTIONS FOR THE SENIOR PRONI here mth Rarlwara qak P111 Horan Fall Huethfr ami Rfvnnw l fimki. were madv in advance, and thiQ Oster wa P up in Hare-h. - - Y jg .f V X 541 n f ff! x A I f Q 4 1' fx ' X , , I, I f 9 W I, J 5 'X XX, s N NN A J f Q A f V .F 1 C f 4 A 7 i L1 : 2 ,V i 125 Q 'P I fj N X I , ' X V5 4 I V, 5 E f ' I , ff! If! 'X i fl' f 1 A -f ' Q 1 l I 1 I i I i 86 X . .Q 3, I as 4,25 dxx-Af: ff' Jimi' Hg 5 , Y W mt I 4 . , .fu , W, ,I f. ' pix' ' ,Aff is 87 J IW ,yrihr ., - y.,: :3H T :M t 'm' Saw q : It U fig? . l is ,WA in 6 , xiiizv ,Jn ,A F: I 'QI . 5 gif M . I i Q x ,A m ,Q a X ' - Qi 4 X K 3 1 , 5 I , Q . K 'lf A v '? F 1? - , if 6 gg H I , AW. I f , y s. . -, . ,- " 'f' J' I ' ' I F t f' if V 511' ,I 7- . . ,W U' xg f' if X XE . SX ' Q : V Q Q . a ' , - Q A' N ' W7 ,f- 5 Q R Us x' Q hits' gk- 4, i . 1 , 42- '42 .Q . .3 'Z DON C U.I,.0WAY Varsity hooters gather arouml liU2ii'll llttllilglllf for rlllllt' small I The forward line was f'tllllptlSt't'l of lloug Fc-annell, Artie Morin. Alex Kamlmanis. Harry Silipo and lion Calloway. The halfhaek positions were 1-overerl hy George Jahosky. Bolt Galbraith anrl John Vetter. The fullhaeks were Holi Wit-lcert aml Manny Pit-- cione while the position of goalie was adequately covered by Bruce Kahler. Additional strength was provided hy Lanee Penny. Bob Forella. George Bell and Don Ahearn. The Junior Varsity team ran up an 8 aml 2 rerforfl as several players provirlecl hope for the future. ,IX . 501. f. lt H Top: Nlr Donaghy tcoachb, R. Wickert Wi. lfdholm, P. filauliitz. IJ Heist-r. J. Soika. R. LeCrand P, Kr-inf-r. P. Ftalmlr-in. Bottom R. Daugherty. E, Calloway. C Schwartz. A. Kamlmanis. P llyrland. E. Folmm-rlarl. R. -ln dr-rss-n. Ylvmlwr- of xarsity snluzul pt-rform a fumlzlmentil man uni 'rrF- '1"" Lf JL f . x . " '? . W Q 19 515539 3, 1121? 2.m ,. K" 3"' ," QM ff,'f'L'!?f!f?1'iQLf S1 K A -,, W' ' 1 t ,q -X L 1' I f Q33 ,M Navy P Q1-1-"' 925m S W, W, 'x 2 W x if , P S U bw! 1 ll' L- f 5 pq' ' X N Q ON O ,X N X ' ' 5 v-1-A-W-Q ,.qa. . -. .. , -- x mv5 ,Q .., I V 2 .. Aga, 1 1 gf. 1' I Q 3 ,wg - 1 Wi V , - Q H , 5 'JW' 'A N, f' ,I ls., Q ' f ,,A. K Q 9 K4 ,38f1"f .- +91 6 I . N ' 4 f 33 f ' I'-e Q Q 2 if X3 ' E ,, 1 V I 1 5 4' 'I rf' My . qi 1. anal jimi QI: . - me , ' CROSS COU TRY North Hahylmfs Harriers finished a Sl1i'C'f'SSflli season this yr-ar. They ran up a perff-1-t sc-ure nf I5-I0 against Wf-st Buhylmi anti sf-wral ezthvr tvmns fell hefort- them invlufiing Hrc-ntimnrl and West Islip. Bula Wisnif-wski was the star harrier and hs- was ra-xxarclorl fm' his f-ffnrts hy il trip tn Colgate: where hv partivipatvfi with the State-'s hast. Daw Reynolds and Cary ciLl3ffiil10PI' wvrf- two rztltstanclingz I'L1IlIlf'I'F who fnllmwf-fl Roh Wisniowski. The team was rnunrivd out hy a bevy of wnnpctitors including Greg Martin. Charlvs Johnson. Dun Ahrains. Bill Nluran. Tom Ifrasc-ella. Uivk Heins-. Ronnie- Owns. Mike La- Plantv. and ,luhn Khrens. Bottom- Cnarh Nlanhardt NI. LaPlante. fi. johnson. G. Martin. and Wi. Ninraft. Top - R. Owns. J. Ahrvns, T. Frascvlla. D. Abrams, G. Guardinevr. R. Wisniewski. Absent R. Heine, IJ, Reynolds. Gary Cuardine-er tleftk and Hill Bob Wisniewski, pride of Mr-ran work nut, the harriersh On your mark! 5? anna I , l ' - . -Q - . Mst , ' Q Q f .rg V vm .Y O u I v X .N3"'x"- fm'- .f WW, + - x -F' - N -laik, 7 I '52 1- -J s I 4 .fi v L Mix L . ,mvi-1,. X GLX I ' n W sf -fi .- I di "x ' 5f-M' ,, 'gx ' ' ' -: " ' W' Eff ' f 4 1 1 N '54 M ' , WN whim 93 7 VARSITY-KL. to RJ, Bottom: Harry Silipo, Bob Forella. Jack Greig. Top: Bruce Kahler. Bill Sullivan. Hob Galbraith. Erwin O'Leary, George Jaho- sky, Coach Bill Ange- los. Absent: Joel Kal- lem, Joe Wilson, Peter Nlineo. VAR ITY BA KETBALL North Babylon High School's first varsity basketball team enjoyed mixed success this year. Playing in the tough A-2 league with no experience, We managed to upset Bay Shore for our only league win. We lost many tough games including a 52-50 decision to Patchogue on a last second desperation shot. Never- theless. we were well respected by the other teams in the league as we often lost after maintaining a lead for a good part of the game. Against non-league teams North Babylon was at its best and remained undefeated in four Contests. George Jahosky supplied most of the scoring punch throughout the season and he was one of the leading scorers in Suffolk Cotmty with 228 points. Bob Forella and Bruce Kahler were the second and third scorers while Bob Galbraith did a very capable rebounding job for the team. Jack Greig and Harry Silipo were the playmakers and outside threats. The bench was composed of lrwin Oilieary. Joel Kallem, Billy Sullivan, Peter Nlineo. and Joe Vvilson. Jahosky drilulvlvs in on a fast break. Left: S i 1 i p 0 scans the des fe n s e before'- movmg ln. Right: Kahler and Galbraith fight for re- bound. S C O R E B O A R D Galbraith jumps at center while Jahosky and Kah- ler look on. Half Hollow H Fayville Newfielfls Wlest Babylon Half Hollow H ills ills Babylon , , Bay Shore , Patchogue Amityville Sayville . ,, West Babylon Babylon Bay Shore Patchogue ., , Newfields ,,tt, Amityville 36 59 27 -17 16 Tl T6 Ol T1 T3 59 55 -19 52 56 80 J2lllU5lif Forrella Kohler Galbraith Greig Silipo 0'l,f'ary Nlinvo Sullivan ot. 246 155 129 T5 T2 45 17 13 5 Avg. 15.1 10.3 8.6 5.8 5.1 3.0 2.9 2.2 1.0 JN. lMSKE'I'l3AI.L -Bottom: N. Lowit. R. Walsh. B. Nlineo. R. Wickvrt, B. Kah- lvr, A, Fariello, Coach--Mr. Harmel- ing. Iiarlf fparlially hiddenl: W. Coffin, D. Rvynolds, A. Buchanan. A. Jarvis. J. V. BA KET BALL Xlllllrllgll their 11-voxtl was not nlilslzllxrlirug. Nnlli lialn- llvll S . H11 4apslc'1's plan-fl 16-rx 114-ll untler Lnaell l"lilI'lll1'l- lllzl. Fewral players on the team vxl11lritvtl proftlse talent. 1' -x I Nl 3141 1 11 X 1 ll N lx lll ll2il'I'tlN'ly missetl the i'6lllUI'y mark as he clumpecl 98 points. Dil-k Walsh was an ar-voltiplisliefl playniaker as he assisted llaxe llt't111lltlS. 1 hlll ln came ll late in the season to hold clown 111 renin pot Furth 1 lrenf th was proxlfletl lux Ed Costello. Brute xlllltli Holm Wlckert Arnie Fariello. Bill Coffin. ll 1 14 1 ll s Far Left-Ross Kahler lea 1: for rebound as others look on in tense Amityville game won by lN. Babylon. e ar l.0ftfStarting team C 0 n fe r s with Coach Harmeling in brief time out. Far Lvftw Dave Reyn- olds drives in for a layup. Near Left-Jim Ainslie jumps for the top as other players are tense for action. Right -v Kenny Sutelnian inoves 'A .N I A ij in for tag. Below lloach Kaskouri tutors fir rl s t rin g Catcher F r a n k Basil on arts of i sv '5 3 ,, . . .'a.ff - .ff-w'f 1. V! YyXR5l'l't -- Bottom. fl., lo RJ: .l. l.i1'ata. E. ffostvllo, K, SlllPl- man. ll. Silipo. G. Chliviny. A. Fariello. N. Koinar. Top, KL. In RJ: yt. Kothe, R, For- rz-lla. fl. .laliosky R. Callvrailh. F. Basil. ll. Xliehaels. li. lfruse. Coach-Kaskoun. BA EBALL North Bahylon Completed its first season in Varsity League A competition this year. Nlr. Kaskoun was able to Count on his main- stays of the two previous ,l.V. teams. Roh Forrella worked on the mound as our numlier one starter. Shortstop was 1-overed by George jahosky who also sup- plied 1-onstant hitting. .Xt first hase Kenny Sllltxllllilll returned to holster the teamis halting power. Frank Basil completed a strong lrattery at vateher and eontinued his 1-lutvh hitting. Bolm Galbraith and Harry Silipo rounded out a strong team. hitting, . .qw 1 ff U - -f V ., LX, 119.19 lllilfli- HEX P-- -Bottom. fl.. to HJ. X. Jarux. K. Uvl-1'I1lLig+3r. N. lmwsll. Wal-h. I". Zauru- Tup: If 0-LF'dff'. R. thorn, J Schae-fr-r. Fil, Silwr- L Y llick W al-lx fr-lx u- pitch Iruw- thfl m1-uml. I51 mk H1 1 Y II xx th lm x MA M04 'YWH ' J .s P,-Jzgq 'Fw M--ag. 1 E M pg P 5 ww rf' 'vw I i . xclgqx' fl 1 yin" '35 f 8 1 'hs-. T' .gli ' -r-mv 41- 1 1. f- ' f - 'su W M G + . - , f -'if' J. ft M " ' M 5 I 3' I i ' . - 'H 1 . ' M. ' .' ' ' sly 'f QA?-'p . AL . A I BA '-A, Mauna-...-.. ,f - Y I 017 , , ' i 'il' SP-UV w- 6 A 'P . w, ' A u 4 X 4 We lg M , P x 0 ' 1 , V Q! x -L M 5 i I, 'X Xu f x I , 1 2 , J 7 if K M ' :sr A x 3 159' A ., ' if 95 ' A 4' " .4 ts 5 5 JKQXXEIF L' x U ,Qui I U 3 'ff-sq, ' ' 5 x 'W A 1 iw K m ,,tM Qs .1 s-'?M'f f .5 if 1, y 4 M Q ' f, -'NUM 'sa , 47' , ,- 4 1 1 Q xf-4 n .A Z ,, , , .I 3 1. A ', , f W f rf i ' 'f ' 0 L ."- 4 v. 4 I ' ,ka .1 . 1' af f' ' aff agp ' gf' .M 5-f V, I iff! ' X' 2 ' ,I 1 f gn ,. , Q Ulf' i 4 .--, W' if om ff? ,Y gf W ,Q iis K xg f q V ' MJ? P:-YL v , ' 1' ' -.4 ' Ze ff " 3 -a if gg. ' ga' lax 1 , Kg a ,. V- 5 . ,gg ' 5-,A ,xx .,' ,4 4 ' '-1 , 01. 1 A 1 fin?" 'X 1-+4 1 01 Hlyb "'r ID 9' N' INTRAMURAL TEAMS-E. Babb, N. Babb, L. Van Campen, A. Kena A. Chandanais, B. Saks M Popovich, C. Deders N. Dolan D McLau ff' Q 33 'at fy at ws :VIN ' ll. S. Wendenburg. P. Kenab, R. Nlusicaro, F. Lambertz, C. Barber hlin. N. Freriks C. Tomford C. Leggett M. Spinelli, E. Moses at - -, , . g , , . I E. Ames, M. Sutcliffe, B. Tasker. J. Curtin, A. Vohs, G. Huether. when the leaves begin to ebange toll r-an be sure of two things: itis fall antl the girls will have skinnefl knees because ol Fielfl Hoeltey This year unfler the leatlership of Mrs. Nlelflroy' anrl Nliss Nlullin our sehool eompiletl a reeorrl of l win. 2 losses. anfl 5 ties. The reeorrl. however. fl06SIl-t tell the entire story. :Xl- though laeking a scoring punch. the team showecl great tlefensive skill. as was seen not only cluring the season but also at the playflay. So goorl were the stalwarts of flefense. lurlx Curtin. Naney l7reriks. Carole Legzgett. anrl Van Campen. to 2 . Q name some. that five teams were helrl seoreless. ,Xt the Playtlay at Heekselier State Park a compliment was paicl to our tlefense unit when Lee Yan Campen was ehosen the teanfs most valuable player. The future teams seem assuretl of some measure of sue- cess. but the loss of the Seniors will surely be felt. Sueb players as Nlary l.ou Spinelli. Lee Van Campen. Gail Hueth- er. :Xlyee Vohs. Carol Barber. Anita Cbanclanais. Carole Leggett. Naney Babb and Barbara Saks will infleefl be missed. Li i ARD North Babylon 41+ 0 12a 0 North Babylon KD 0 t2l 0 North Babylon ll! 0 f2l 2 North Babylon Ill 2 f2il fl .No you rlon't. l saw it fir-tl" l 1 1 V A R F I T Y-Left fn Right: Judy Johnson. Row-ann Nluxirvarw. Mary Lou liurilln. Gail Huether. 'Nliche-le Cay- allaiy. Sharon White. Maryann llaige. Skip- py' l5eYoe. RTO! Pir- luretll: Nl. Frank. J. Rodriguez. we Lelfs Cheer! Let's F ight' Leafs Win! Whatever the team. wherever they are playing. you ean he Sure that a certain group uf girls will he there tn t-heel' nur teams un. Tllese are. uf vmirse. the Vllt'CI'll'li4ll'I'F. The Jay Vee girls. all peppy' snpliminires. lecl liy Elaine Balmly. and Sue Wenclenhurg. proyiciefl spevtators with many' stirring moments with their original eh:-ers. The Varsity' cheerleaders. captained hy Mary ann Gaige. tleseiye mueh merit and recognition for their tirelc-SS enthusiasm. Their eheers. many' original. were exeeuterl with precision anti grace. Une thing is certain. the t-he-erlearlers constitute a yery yital part of any' sports program. for it is their function to inspire the Spirit of all otherv. J.-X X Y Ll:--Le!! to High t 5 Jeannette Watleyg Swan Wm. denhurg. Luix ffruse. Elaine lialyli, lietty llulnyy Xlarggarwt 3. , l'e-trulff-lli, Beluwff-FOOTBALL t.iHlfERI.l:iAlJlfRS Front rout J Benatar. E. Babb, B. Dolny, J. DeYoe, Bark row: J. John son. NI. Burllo. Nl. Cavallary. 9. White. .. W' K, fix gm., . , iff. . .3 "we only came in second," reflects Miss Mullin. HONOR TEAM-Baci: row, L. Io R.: Carole Leggett, Mary Lou Spinelli, Alyce Vohs, Judy Curtin, Nancy Freriks, Miss Mullin. Front row, L. to R.: Skippy DeVoe, Marilyn Sutcliffe, Lee Van Campen. Below-HYou guess i 3 i 4 s if who they are, we canlt tell." .- .'-Q, BA KET The basketball season opened for the girls in a big way. ln the first game at Bellport, both the Jay Vee and Varsity teams came home victors. The Jay Vee team won two of the four games played. The Varsity team was undefeated in its four games. The most important event in the season, the sports day, took place on Saturday, February 28 at North- port High School, Here the Honor Team placed 2nd in the S.C.G.A.A. The first game No. Babylon won, defeating West Babylon Q22-105. The second game, an extremely exciting encounter with Babylon, exhibited our team's outstanding team work and cooperation. The final result was North Babylon 36, Babylon 30. CL.-XSS HONOR TEANIS--lfrnl. mu. fl.. In RJ: N, Fririkf. Nl. Spin-'lli. .l. lfllrlin. U, iilltillltif. T. l.ins0n. Nl. Pupovicli. Cmzter mic, fl. to RJ: ll. I..-ggi-tt. B. Saks. NI. Fulvlifliv. ll. 'l'u-kvr. 5. lTvYm-. l"rnnr mir. ff.. lu RJ: l.. Van fiilllllwll. S. W'a-ml:-nlmrg. lf. llalmlw, fl, W't'Illl'lL1'I'. l., Cr It was after this game. that a value-fl svniur lurwarcl :Xlycv Vuhs. was injurerl while the lvain was gixing the game ending vhs-cr. ln the last ganna Xu. Babylon inarlcerl her pwviuusly l1Illllf'IlliFllPfl i'vf'm'rl lay losing lu Xorthpurt hy ai scant two points. The rf-mrfl heath during the if-asm: ancl ut the playclay. slums tl!'lillltElf ai lll2lI'lit'Il iinprmvnwnt in our girls hasketlmull team. Uur girls shuulfl lie- given lnuch vrm-flit fur thvir harrl wurk anfl f'Xll'6ll1f'lf guml playing and Sportsmanship. Mary Lou Spinelli. the Hrmur Teainis Captain. re- veivecl the most valuable player awarfl. Scion lf BOX .l.V. N.B. lll Bvllporl 'I V. Nfl. IST Bffllpnrl 22 .l.V. NB. lfr So. llunl 25 V. ill Su. HUIII. 'J l.V. XB. 18 Win. Floyd I0 ' V. NB. I1 Wim. lfluyfl I2 J.V. NB. lf, Half Hnl. IT V. XB. S31 Half Hui. 133 na-lim' 'nsllfi who ln-Qilalvs i4 g1uar4lvd." ri-fI1-f-r- Yanvy a Ilflflgb forwarel againxl thv "lJnulnlv-Pick," TUMBLI G and APPARAT U 'Kit fisfyt W :Klmw "lJon't wzry, Nlarilyn. l won't fall!" a ures Judy' Johnson. a 1 vs fan an l rlrfam Qluppx lit oe Left N Prerilt and 9 Wendi-nber form a human arch In the interim between basketball and soft ball are personal sports Team sports tram girls to work together Ttllllblllig and apparatus gnes each girl a chante to better her own physical ability. This year, for the first time, lNorth Babylon entered a personal apparatus meet. Girls of out- standing ability in tumbling and on the trampo- line and parallel bars had a chance to illustrate their prowess here. A .iflffifzy .J i iw f-sr -,251 ,, . ' fi X Q Q v I -Z Q nn.. 3 wig- .fi :lg " - ' ' ez, 1 '- A .V f' jk' 4 . ' U' - up I K M' - 2 .-uv In ,yga ' J , 8, . ,.7g I V A , t 1 by ,L In Q- NN: 7' 'E BIA nf ., 9-,iffy jf lr'fif?tg"",T','ia-'rivyjgb335 V' V-,,n1'mg,,Q, gff Fiixwxdif ' j , 1 V: 3 jg, " " f- 'fa --1? 'ff' Knit 2l:aQ'Mf,r2fwif 'fi4'kff: '.if-Tiff 9 . .. aff,-15,2 1' ff 'Ti 91 f er Tjh'V5ik'W fits! f 1 V - LQ J OF T BALL lfr1f'l.' roir. ffm!! to RlA"l1flj liill' l bara Saks. Paula Carliinni. Lev Yan lfainpe-n. Nlary Lou Spine-lli. is Carole Leggett. Gail Huether. S Q ggi Jennie Rotlrigruvz. Judy Curtin. R lg f ' ' 'i 'l Alyet- Yohs. Front row. flmjt to 1. Q 9 X Riglitk Nancy Frm-riks. Carol I .9 X95 t Dvtlers. Nancy liahh. Pat Kenah. A Carol llarher. V Aa . I p L , X Q v-w. w R M, I K. , H ,W 5' i 'f wif? A ' K r 'ggi ex. ' ' ' ,Cleft , . , wmmwv-.1 'N AXLLIE OOP! . . . Nancy is vatcln-r: :Xlyce is halter. W Poor pitt-lier tlitln't know what was tln- V n H matter! A A- I Spring hrings with it an opportunity for the girls to show ull their talents on the softhall fliamontl. North Bahylon girls are no 1-xvmptioii anti with girls like Xanvy lluhh antl Doris 5c'hulze voinposing tht- hattery. tht- season was lrright. Not concentrating on one aspect of the game. our girls ext-elletl at the plate as well. With hatting power furnished hy Nlary l.ou Spinelli. Lee Van Campen. .-Xlyce Vohs. and lucly Curtin. it is not surprising that many games were won solely on power. Not slouclxing on defense either, XB. clirl win tnzuiy games on this superb ability. Viewing the defensive play of Lu- Van Campen. :Xlyre Yohs. Klart l.ou Spinelli. Carole Leggett and lucly Curtin. we may look with pride upon our softhall team. Wvhether we win or lose. softhall is a gootl sport on which to entl the st-hool season. wwik. f -K L-1 N-msg , a "I'll smash you!" Fareground: J, Curtin, Miss Mullin, M. Sut- cliffe. Background, front row: M. Popc- vich, M. Petruzzelli. L, Cruse, S. Wendenburg, Back row: E. Babb, B. Tasker, D. Schulz. Tennis is a sport newlv arrived to our school 'Vlost of the girls are still in the amateur stage, but halt progress S with such determination as the girls have? Never! THE GOLD KEY WINNERS ln every school there are a select few that have that valuable ability to excel in various activities. Such are our schoolis first COLD KEY WINNERS. The Cold Key is the symbol of the greatest achievement in girls' athletics. Lfnlike the boys who win a letter for each team made the girls must compile their "points, until set goals are achieved. The highest of these goals is the Gold Kev. lpictured to the right are the girls who had won their Keys by the time of publication of this book. Others are expected to have them by the end of the year.l RightfTHE GOLD KEY WINNERS-'Front row: Let Van Campen, Barbara Saks, Nancy Babb, Back row: Mary Lou Spinelli. Alyce Vohs. Gail Huether x X C In 1 fx- K ,xy 7 IJ sw , , 1 vm. 3 2 M X I lf, X 4! f! I lilly W 7 ,f"'.4' K k " "IK vw 5744516 1...- z z,..,,,Z-L+" L- A, Iggy, 'Wx M...-w",,,,-f' ,M-Q-'f ""' Y'1""' , Luna.,-': 2 . -4,1,m+--" whno 5 I ..f1 -- 1 ' ,,."xy'- I.,rf ' ,. fx- -xx .swf -1 -. Ku K' AW' ' ' Q , :.1.' X. ., ., :f,.A , -1,-,,:'.,., .V . ' "....x'.,1y ,,,1 .lwggf I , "fx ..1! " ,.f.5-Mft! ,ww Board o Education 1 Around table, f'lor'l.'u'ise: Mssrs, ,lohn Pom-rs, Busincs Manager: James lJuHami-I. Treas- urcrg Alfred Leeds. Attorneyg Donald Long, Board Memberg Dr, William Phelan. Supervis- ing Principalg August Ginocchio, Prcsidentg Mrs. Helen Rowena Spader, V. Presidentg Mr. James Lawler, Board Member, Mrs. Ruth Guardineer, Board Member: Mr. Robert Horn, Board Member. and Mr. Claude Coomes. Board Member. orth Boo lon New York This is the page of the North Babylon School Board. In truth. the whole yearbook owes much of its existenoe to this dedicated group of men and women whose influence on all schools of the community has been very successfully felt. This is North Babylon's first yearbook which you are reading. and bringing it to you was not without its difi- culties. but the task of the yearbook staff must pale before the realization of what creating North Babylonis first high school entails. Yes, we owe very much to the School Board. , lyf , Left-The busy, bustling Senior High as seen in a rare moment of inactivity. Below--Some elementary-grade students seen in front of their Upon reflection it is easy for us to realize just how much we are indebted to the administration and teachers with whom we immediately work, but those people we do not see, the School Board members, are liable to be temporarily forgotten. This is not so as far as 'Lthe Blazeri' is concerned, for from the very beginning when the yearbook was little more than a plan and a hope, Mr. Marra and the staff were fully aware of how much support came from the School Board. At this time we should like to sincerely and humbly thank it. Y 1 1 AboveiThe Phelps Lane School where some North Babylon pupils their educations. Left-'Old Glory flies over one- of North Babylon! newer glories, Wood's Road School. school begin IIS Q. bags' .W 1.04, BRAIJTX SECRETS OF THE AGEQ an demomuated lx lHf,1'IllJLI of the 'Nldkcup Club adn us 'NI Nlullm and Mr Cunnmgham look on LIFT THAT BARREL TOTE THAT BALE' The Stagcurafi Llub 1 workin hard a munbexs Tllllllllx Ward Alex Kambams Don Alnam Ray Dolmlnns and Robert Forclla ds mon llall II6 HUNTING FOR RARE STAMPS ARE: Mr. Russ- man, R. Ovens, A. Bova, R. Maltvsv, J. McGrath, R. Schilling. and S. Fisher. POETRY TAMP XWITII 'IRI IC XIUN XSTH. III XIII. ur 1- 1 y tw: XI. Input" . RllIIIlI'l'l, NI, Rmlmzm. :intl X. Nlvllffr mutt. ini- AND CO1 4 Tl I r , Tv -vw CHESS - nv Y"VivAWiiiv-v viviviw R+ sf' fjIlIQfLKXl,X'l'Ef Ban'.l.'grmU1rl.' L. Shuttleworth, L. Phil- lip-. Ii, Ilwll:-nlwvk. A. .-Xnflerson. Tarnuw-ki. Hr. Johnson. R. Holzer. l'lUfP,QfUI1lII1f W1 KYIIQlJf'TQl. T. Shea tl. Cuarflin'-fir. R. Heine. N. Kumar IIT. Nlr. f.i1lIILll'llLl IIIIIILIFIF ai llllillfllll f th lu ' v llll L NTERESTINKL SPECIMEN is diswla 'cd IW Iminluvv VIIIIIUSIQISISZ Doris Blrmwws, ,law AQIIALIQIILI, Ann W1-Imcr, LIYIIIIIILI I I . I-. I'1 1 rr. I.0lll4 IILIIIUQIILI, Yvuynv Fnlcy, Rogvr Mullcsv, Stvvn- Ifrlivll, ,Inhn RIIPIIIP. Rolwrl Frllm-l1stn'r, Mr. Tumminvlln. LAB QUAD vf' I.. to R.: Lllllii l'mIuuf. 1091 Kallvm. Roy Or-Isvlxlugrn-r. In-nv Blivl. Put Prim-. Joanne I.uLLu'. XII: Smith. I I8 ART, PO TER, PHOTOGRAPHY rtfvrvniat RUN Kalllf-r ie ills: vroatur wwf Nnhy. WEN IN THE IJAHK rnmn are-: Mr. Wulfwll. F. Jvnkin 1 N fi Q s 4? J! x X fx f ia!! - l Xxnya' Age-yi! X X559 Xxii Q. .A X K XQ Xi, X Xxx! XX R. .Xn dcrsrmn. M, Tatum. K. Vnrtvr, and E. XvCl'liI1gPf. XVLJ' Emi" ...,f"' FXNCY ISR! SIIWORK if vxeruterd by I1lCIllIlf'I'N of thf- Pu-In-r illub an Ur, Sola! lmrkx 'In 3I?II1bf'1'H of Art Club, from I.. to R. are Kneeling: P. Mak-ymkuw, A. Buchanan H, Shipley, H. Cuhring. C, Abbrufoatu J. Ds- Luca. Slanrz'ing: Mr. Solat, D WA:-Ich-n. If, fialluwuy, U, Logue-, U Frhultzr-, :L XY-f'lZIO'I', P. Ftablvin, H. Lf Yalvn. J. Uattrn, R, Hum-zcwski, J, flraw ford, I, DiGangi. II9 ORA TORY IRIINIJS RONIMXQ COUINIRYNIFN 0 HISTORY Wd, 'xi V3 o ll IJ ka I Hallrm llll u n ucc a C .utm anrluzg I 0 C omr 1111 1 All I20 I I CURRE T EVE T LATEST TREND -L. In R.: T. .-Xvidvsian, C. Fchiavom-, J. Sc-fterak. R. Wal-h, Furr',2m1n11l.- R, lluzzardi. Hr. Ruf-nmn 7 1 ..,fb""u TOO XLXNY CUUKS SPUII. THE ISROTH-fl.. Io R., Stanrlmg: J. Pwtullla. H. Hull'-r. J. Wmnl-. J. Mitlnight. Mr. 'Ie Iifvrdw. H. lh-malv. J. IL- Ym-, IJ. Film-rthnrn. F. Quinanc. F. Jvnkin-. W, Kritxlrr-rg. lf. Ufvlun. B. Minvvv. Hmmm: llaxi-. H Nlnrin, H. l.Ur1g1,,.I,Sts'l1lik. I2l Right---fl.. to RJ: Hr, Mahon cy. 5. Caxtcllano, I". Uvrnquist T. Currie. C, Carr, R. Rosen. U. Raskin, P. Dyrlanml. F. lla Iiivru P. Bencini. RADIO if 1 1' I Almw' flmfl I0 Riglltk J. He-nry, R. U1-ch-rs. R. Biggio, ,I. Licata, I. Katz. D. Ahearn, F. Hanganaro, F, Ilanxen. E. Fe-ldman, S. Mcfjalw. S Sweene' -X Welutowirv 'XI K1-rn NI N. , 5. A . ., A . . . . Rilmaurln, B. Buchanan, R. Uv Ze-gn. P. Ufwnnlnuv, P. Southard. Mr. Harmfllingz. Left--WATCH THAT FINGER, EDNAI IL. to RJ: A. Piacvnli, Corbin. H. Miller, L. De Maio, C. Rfwberts. E. Ames. J. Rf-ndina. NIT. Hurnvvitz, INDUSTRIAL ARTS FOR GIRLS ,NA an "Demi , : i ,.4n... J,.,.,,,1:b K Q MATH LEARNING HOW TO IQSE A SLIDE RULE are Neil KfVI1lHl'. Ilrian llrvllvnlwck. lfmil Fnmnwrlatl. Marsha Kusi. rmrl Ilill Moran, Thr-ir inftructor if Xlr. Smyth. f2:lC'lllIY aflxiwr. THE SIQB DI-IBS LOOK OVER A HOOK OX GOOD GROONIIXIQ. a- His T. gin-N some pointers to the girls. ,V 4' I iw I 'Khin 8 3 lim 1 x 'IHONIQ IQIHIF WIINIIJ .X XIIQXY IQOXIIS. a- Hr-, I"I1mr Ilv-lpx IIIPIII 1'xpn-rims-nt with nf'w hairdos. I23 .v.l, THE THINKERS-L. to R.: F. Bianco, P. Rollo, A. Fariello, J. Hammond, D. Raskin, R. Vrionides, B. Galbraith. Standing: L. Mar- tin, Mr. Pottetti. BOY ' GYMNASTIC LefthMUSCLE MAN: Dan- ny Welden on the rings. Right-TOP MAN ON THE TOTEM POLE is Charlie Abramo, as Dan Welden watches. Below-RETAILING, L. to R.: Miss Dropkin, R. La Salo, L. Velisek, J.-Coady, C. Tomford, B. Meany, R. Bodt, B Heron, M. Szahelski, D. Loguisto, L. Martin, V. Craffco, G. Claquin, R. Morin. I 5 -flu 'E Curfi. N. Culvlxtf-ill. I1uc'v Yclrarm. BRHXHECLUB I TRODUCTH? fwmi SIXfN0 TRLTMP! In fu1'cgr1,rund: Ruth Verhey, Marilyn Futclifffl. Mrs. Horton and Lee- Van Campen play a hand of bridge T0 FRE CH 1. F1511 111j11111x1: FHENCIIMLQN 'E' Ilxlllilj thmr xs111'1w. L. In R.: Uh. I TROD CTM? 1. P' ff 'fr ,L f we 4 Q -f.,.,:,M, ' .QV W.. 1 A.. 1. K. ,. :,, 3,4 1 I. f I, 'Q' . J V ,ff X ' TTT PA III I DER 1 rs 1 Hartm 1 111 R. DiDic, E. ,art- , . . amm n . , ffu a. w-. , ", T E. .Y f 4 1 , , - ' .4 ,, I25 CONGRATULATIONS From The North Babylon JUHIOI' Hlgh School Parent Teacher ASSOL1dt10H 1959 l960 PTIIN lpal Aseletant PI'1HC1PE:ll Pre s1dent V114 Plcelmlent C 0II'LSpUI1d1Hg Seeretar V Ref oldlng Seeretarv Tre 1 ure 1 HlSlIJIllH COUI1i1l Delegate Patrnk W lq1I'W3I1 4 harles L Heffmgton 4 ather 1ne R McDermott idx A P16-sion ngud L Sulhx an 4 enc M Wolfort l+lo1etlf laffle luhal Fuller Ruth A Regan W.: . a VN! 1' Vice President Conrad P. Kiesel i: ' ' , J 3 ,T 2 . Fi S 2' 1 ' he , ' ' CONN HATIJL ATIONIS OUR SENIOR CLASS IHONI II F SENIOR HIGH SCI-IOOL P.T.A. ,Y , , I A I I I ,, L I TO , T ,1 I , . , , , VT AIVJ Semor Hlstory Cont From Page 50 In the Sprlng the JV baseball team was yery happy that Frank Basll Ceoroe Jahosky Harry SITIPO Sandy Vogel and Bob Galbralth were mem bers The next year Kenny Sutleman was a wel come addltlon Those of us who took Tlme Out for Glnger ln March were well rewarded After that we took tlme out for at least we told our teachers we dldj to study for thls year was to be our flrst encounter wlth REGENTS ln subjects such World Hlstory Typlnb and Geometry By June we consldered ourselves well deservlng of our vacatlon Imablnel It was September 1908 and we were Junlors All that year we watched Wlth lnterest as the new school grew on Phelps Lane and Deer Park Ay enue MCHUXNTIIJC back at the old school las lt was affectlonately calledj the Student Asso CIHIIOII was belng led by Vlrblnla Alblno Cary Gardlneer Janet Felthan and Gall Heuther and the Junlor class of John Vetter Sandy Vo el Agatha Leonettl and Ann Boylan Mr Mlller was faculty sponsor to the SA as Mr Smyth was to the Junlor Class The class then presented Fall Fantasy ln Noyember ln order to present Agcle Leonettl wlth the grand prlze m the junlor class mabazlne drlye and to Dlve honorable mentlon to Judy Fleld Dou Jacelon and Bob Calbraltll The S A held the Jln lc Bell Jamboree ln December The bl dance howeyer lndeed the bl event was the Junlor Prom Melody of Spflll presented ln May 1959 A cle Leonettl made a beautlful queen attended by Jeannette Batten Susan Noonan Joyce Gulstl Angela lNl0Ql Mary Lou Splnelll and Janet Feltham Because of the newly planned schooly ard all lntramurals practices and home Dames of fall and sprln sports had to haye partlclpants lm ported to Belmont Park Rumor has lt that summer plc IllL1CCI'S found SUUXCHITS of the archery session and lnfol med the Park Commlsslon that the lndlans had broken reservatlon Our class was represented ln track by Gary Guardlneer Joseph Parra and l30 Charles Abramo The basketball team dld yery well 1n 115 last excluslyely JV season Dramatlc ally father went to Mars very successfully ln May and we agaln be an to hlt the books for our annual tanble wlth Albany Then as Mr Bolos used to say Graclas a Dlos lt was une The new school was really truly flnlshed and It was proyed when we entered for the flrst tlme as students nly word Seniors ln September 1959 As one practlcal upperclassman put lt only a year to by After beln properly orlentatcd se set about our studently dutles We elected Mary Lou Splnelll Joyce Glustl A D16 Leonettl Beverly Fry and Mary Anne GHIUC to the Senlor Class posltlons of Presldent VICC Presldent Secretary Treasurer and S A Representatlye lVlr Smyth seryed falthfully as class sponsor In early October we recelved our senlor IIUDS ln the flrst Rm Soclal at North Babylon Hlbh The WltCh s Blew was held on October 30 under the ausplces of the the Student ASSOClatlOH WNlllC1'l thls year was led by Vlrblnla Alblno Roseanne Muslcaro Sharon There were so many thln s to plan for' Senlor Week lMarch 21 251 for lnstance 1V1ary Lou Spln elll was chalrman of the Probram Commlttee Sharon McCabe of the Food and Table Deroratlon Commlttee and Joyce Culstl of the Turnabout Day Commlttee The preparatlon for the Senlor Prom hot underway wlth Jeannette Batten as rhalrman of the Dccoratln Commlttee Ancela Coonetta as chalrman of the Refreshment Commlttee Call Huether and Carol Barber as co chalrmen of En tertalnment Blll Moran of TlCkCtS Barbara Saks of Favors and Bob Galbralth of Publlcltv 1We all walted ea erly for our lat bl dancer Looklng so to the future we all of a sudden reallzed that our days ln North Babylon Hlhh were numbered and eyen those who complalned the loudest of the ball and chaln were more than a llttle sad 0 June 27 1960 we would say thank you and bld good bye to lNorth Babylon Hloh School . . . . Y Y ' - ' ' J 0' Y 1 . . Y - 1 . J ' 7 7 T 9 , 5 . ' - ' - ' g . . gg . 0, ' Y f 77 - Y sc - - 1: - v J ' 7 p s . - . . ' , Y , ' X ' 7 . v . . W as H 7 V . . , . , v . . U , . ,, Y , . ' ' ' mf' , ' gf , ' ' I , V 1 GL 797 ' v n ' 4 , v , v . . , . . fm. . 'T - 7 a v M 1 c 1 . AV. Y . . 7 Y 'U ' 7 5 T 2 , 7 v Y - 54 ,, 1 5 Q 1 ' 1 , .L Y 1 ' Y , . g Q U ' . . . U . . . U V M U ' - rn 5 I ,' -U as - 7 . Yf9 . . U f D 1 . . . . . , 9 J 9 . U. . . . y Y 9 7 . Whlte and Susan Aug wlth lVlr. Mlller as sponsor. LC V . U Q . 7, . T - . C 7 U . . U . . U . .Y U. . ' ' ' s, g 1 ' . - ,. ' - . , l . 44 ' U va - I l l 2' ' ' , . 'sl . 7 v r y 7 ' 'g D v 0. v I, V' I : ' ' C6 ' 7, ' Q u 9 f ' gf g . C' U v . ' , n 'T l p Q A n l . J I' , .., 1 .I ' - ' ' 0 ' Q 'rr ' ,. 5 , U S C' 4 H F1 ' . U V . . . - L 7 , K I ., U . I 'L I ' ln' ' , . . s ' 5 v . , 7 1 v v . Q . 1 1 s is ' ,, Y I K - n V . i H 7 , N , 1, . , v T 1 'rr . 1 ' - . 7 New Car Painf Job! I Wi+I'1 Genuine Baked Enamel Q Choice of Many Colors Q Body and Fender Repairs BABYLON AUTO PAINT SUFFOLKIS LARGEST SHOP 34 Railroad Ave. MOhawIc I-555I Compliments For Prompl' FUEL OIL AND BURNER SERVICE CUSTODIANS e!B ASSOCIATION Moh 4193463 NORTH BABYLON FUEL OIL NORTH BABYLON N Y Cong ratulatlons an Best Wishes THE NORTH BABYLON LIONS CLUB l l I aw - 3I Brookside Ave. d fm 0 ,ff 'X BEST WISHES to THE GRADUATES OF THE CLASS OF I960 SECURITY NATIONAL BANK OF LONG ISLAND MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION to the Class of 1960 WILLIAM F MORAN Insurance Congratulations f Q I C OHOI' em 1I'St This fine class- YOUR class WILL ALWAYS BE KNOWN AS THE FIRST TO GRADUATE FROM GREAT NEW SCHOOL YOUR BADGE OF MEMBERSHIP THIS ELITE GROUP YOUR CLASS RING WEAR IT PROUDLY IT WAS MADE FOR You BY AMERICAS FIRST JEWELRY MANUFACTURER CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES BILL FOX 521 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK REPRESENTING J ZW fy JEWELRY S FINEST CRAFTSMEN CLASS RINGS AND PINS CLUB INSIGNIA MEDALS TROPHIES PLAQUES DIPLOMAS COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS Q . TTI LII 'S h , h . of b ' E BAUMERT'S CONFECTIONARY 94 Deer Park Ave. BABYLON, NEW YORK MO 9-9744 HOMEMADE ICE CREAM AND ICE CREAM CAKES JUniper 6-7970 "THE VELVETS" BROWN OPTICIAN Inc Gulld Optlclon 45 Deer Parlc Avenue BABYLON L I Success for Ihe FuI'ure COLONIAL MANOR CIVIC ASSOCIATION INC Phone MOhawlc 9 9520 CUT 81 COMB BEAUTY SALON 765 Deer Park Ave Opp Senlor Jr Hugh School NORTH BABYLON L I N Y ELECTROLYSIS SLENDERIZING ESTABLISHED I8 YEARS BARBER MOhawk I 6I I2 0, Men ancl MARTIN S llll BARBER SHOP Opposl+e No Babylon School Mann Bldg MARTIN PASSEGGIATA 78I Dee Park Av No Babylon L I For Your Drug Slore Needs NORTHBEE PHARMACY I-Iave Your Doclor Phone Your Prescruplnon VITAMINS O COSMETICS BABY NEEDS PROMPT FREE DELIVERY SERVICE E """1 769 Deer Park Ave No Babylon L I AL , . - f . f , . Women IL-' Pc Mo 9-0755 1 X- A, T0 THE CLASS OF '60 Be vlctorlous and be glorlous In everything you do The dances the games the rallles too We re sure will be remembered by you Now we must be endlng So we wlll be sendlng The best of luck to you STUDENT ASSOCIATION SPECIALIZING IN MIMOSA TREES QUALITY NURSERY STOCK THE STABLES GARDEN CENTER, Inc. Opposiie Sunse'l' Ci'I'y Shopping Cenfer II4I Deer Park Ave. NORTH BABYLON DEER PARK 2-5I22 MOhawIr 9-9582 789 Sunrise Highway Mohawk I-3939-HONG No. Babylon, Long Island SUNRISE HOUSE Operafed by BABYLON CATERERS, Inc. Banquefs - Weddings - Carerers CATERING FOR ALL OCCASIONS In Our Dining Rooms or aI' Your Home Your Hosf BANQUET FACILITIES TONY SINICROPI, Mgr. FROM I0 TO 400 ,lo JOSEPH JEWELERS 'DIAMONDS o WATCHES 0 JEWELRY I52 Deer Park Ave. BABYLON, L. I., N. Y. MOhawIc 9-3444 BANK OF BABYLON Babylon, N. Y. The Communify Bank Wirh Offices fo Serve You in BABYLON, DEER PARK WEST ISLIP, and NORTH BABYLON MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION I' e CLASS OF 1960 Compliments of PARKDALE CIVIC ASSOCIATION Good Luck o th WARM AIR HEATING O VENTILATING I AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS TRIANGLE !X----- SHEET METAL X womcs, unc X SINCE I9I7 lI5 NEW HYDE PARK ROAD Con'I'rac'I'ors and FIEDSTONE 3 8700 I FLORAL PARK 46568 Good Luck ln the Future From SUNSET LANES Home of Norfh Babylon High s Inframural J V and Vars1'fy Bowlmg Teams A Eff E I'-E E E E E -L , ,A L. I., Y. Manufacfurers COMPLIMENTS LEON D DeMATTEIS CONSTRUCTION CORP ELMONT NEW YORK CU:-I 55500 BUILDERS OF NORTH BABYLON JUNIOR 81 SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL of 820 EImonI Road iss - Charfer Buses For Sighfseeing Educa+ionaI Trips Conveniions-Picnics-Ball Games-Church Groups INTER COUNTY MOTOR COACH, I c I1 243 DEER PARK AVENUE, BABYLON, N. Y. Mohawk 9-0309 Mohawk I-6363 DeLuxe Modern Coaches Reclmmg Seats GERTRUDES LADIES APPAREL RACY STATICN ERS Inc AND YARN SHOP 40 Deer Park Ave BABYLON NEW YORK OFFICE and SCHOOL SUPPLIES Greai' Souih Bay Cenfer Deer Park 2 9420 999 W Monfauk Highway S W BABYLON NEW YORK MOHAWK l3450 BEAUTY SAI-0N II67 Deer Park Ave NORTH BABYLON N Y I I s - I 0 I I . 0 Class of 60 From the JUNICRS CLASS of 61 Success to the I One Stop Sole and Service INSURANCE REAL ESTATE For All Your Insurance Needs SCIIGS R6l'lI'ClIS MORTGAGES GENERAL APPRAISALS HOMES APARTMENTS HEALTH AND ACCIDENT BUSINESSES THOMAS A AGUGLIARO RICHARD N PIEPER INSURANCE AGENCY Lcensed Real Es+a+e B oIcer 36 Deer Park Avenue BABYLON N Y Mohawk I 3655 Mohawk I 3656 Compllmenfs WOOLWORTH'S PETERSON S sunSe+ c+y shoppmg came DELICATESSEN Telephone MOhawIr 9 0740 MOhawIc 9 7000 C0mP""'e"+S of RALPH E WRIGHT Inc WESTWOOD ESTATES CIVIC ASSOCIATION Plumbmg Heahng Apphances I92 Deer Park Ave BABYLON N Y LIFE . i . r For I SI'op Shopping of I I ' r . , , of NORTH BABYLON TEACHERS ORGANIZATICN Compliments f I x I I D P It 2- 935 . eer ar 5 Complumenls of NORTH BABYLON LUCRE-I-lA,S Lubricalion - Accessories - Mech. Work l2ll Deer Park Ave. De 2-7045 HENRY MARINO l235 No. Deer Parl: Ave. NORTH BABYLON JOSEPH CORCORAN Nor'l'I1 Babylon, L. l. Besl' Wishes From SHERWOOD PARK CIVIC ASSOCIATION Levolor Venetian Blinds Vertical Blinds Audio-Visual Blinds In Fabric Or Melal Linen Fresh Blinds For Traversing or Slalionary Slcylighl' Blinds Molorized Blinds Delenlion Room Blinds Amslerdam Blinds are cuslom made in our own modern Faclory from lhe Finesl of Levolor componenls and can be manufaclured lo meel' any require- menls. Our experience and consulling service is available lo you wilhoul obligalion. AMSTERDAM FABRICATORS CORP. l65-7 Classon Avenue BROOKLYN 5. N. Y. Call: Ulsler 7-330l THE NEW CONCEPT lN BOWLING Vlsrt the Vlklng Room Cocktall Lounge and Restaurant Charcoal Brolled Steaks Our Specialty Buslnessmens Lunch Monday thru Frlday Startlng at l2 oclock noon Open Bowling at all tlmes Entertainment Frlday and Saturday Evenings l24l DEER PARK AVENUE NORTH BABYLON Long Island, Phone Deer Park 2 247l sUP1fIxrSEO N. INN EfTlNQ ROOM FNALR BX I I 0 I O o I I ' I 5 O . . O r Deer Paris 2-7340 TV and Radio Anfennas DEER PARK RADIO 81 TV, INC. AuI'I1orizecI Sales and Service AII Makes d Brands VINNIE LUBRANO D CONSULTANT Deer Park 2-7I22 DECORATCRS GOODCO MAN U FACTU RERS and DISTRIBUTORS, INC. Upholsfer g D sh MocIer Sip o D TONY SENATORE S + JACK FRANKEL NORTH BABYLON NEW YORK Compliments of ALLEN SCHOOL FURNITURE ART d SIGN MATERIAL UNUCUZP BABYLON ART CORP MOI, IKQQ776 SI' S RUDYS SERVICE STATION 795 S O H I A D BABYLON N Y WALTER S I HOUR CLEANERS AND LAUNDERERS MO 90838 MOHAWK STATIONERS LET Us IHa ry a cI Bobi DO IT SCHOOL SUPPLIES-FOOD I62 D P kA BABYLON L I N Y Nr+I1 y on an . . . In anl rl I C Vers I203 eerP IrAe. , , N B byl N, Y, IHITOCIUCIUQ I209 eer Parlr Avenue Opp I Ciiy . an n aw - i creen and I Draughfing Equip H -Lubrica+lon-- y. N , 3 by' N. Y Tires Ba eries ccessories 768 eer. Park Ave. 1 I' n We Deer Park Ave., o Bab Ion Know How! KARSTEN S BAKERY AUGUST KARSTEN 80 Deer Parlc Avenue MOHAWK 9 0824 OPEN SUNDAYS CLOSED TUESDAYS LUCY S PARK LANE LU NCHEONETTE Lunch and Fountain Servlce Il5l Deer Park Avenue NORTH BABYLON DEER PARK 2 979l FOR THE BEST HOME MADE SALADS COME TO Paul s Delicatessen 777 Deer Park Avenue Tel MOHAWK IOI66 Deer Parlc 2 4I26 Pizza to Talce Out PIZZA D AMORE The Be-ST In Plzza II50 Deer Parlc Avenue NORTH BABYLON LONG ISLAND SUNSET SHOPPING CENTER Plzza Sold Whole and by SI ce l5c Congratulations to the flrst SENIOR HIGH GRADUATION CLASS North Babylon From THE WEEKS NORTH CIVIC ASSOCIATION FREE PARKING KING FONG FOOD MARKET Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge 760 Dee' Park Avenue Orders ,O Take Ou, NORTH BABYLON NEW YORK Tel MOHAWK 9 II79 FREE DELIVERY THE GREAT SOUTH BAY loss MONTAUK HWY DELIOATESSEN SPECIALTIES SHOPPING CENTER BABYLON L I I I I I I . ll ' I ll NORTH BABYLON, N. Y. - of Congratulations to the First Graduating Class of NORTH BABYLON SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL From T. S. GREEN STAGE EQUIPMENT Syracuse New York Phone MOHAWK I2407 JOHN LEITCH Prime Mears PouI+ry DeIlca+essen Try our CUSHY DUFF Sausage 245 DEER PARK AVE BABYLON L I EDDY S MORRIS Flnes+ Sodas and Food Inc I263 DEER PARK AVE Q 90 H dson S+ Q 70 Urban A e DE 29892 9893 NEW YORK I3, N Y WESTBURY L I CA 6 6900 ED 3 2000 I . I . No. BabyIon's S+ork Club Machinery, Tools, IndusI'riaI Supplies . U . V . AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS FROM THE CLASS OF '62 CONGRATULATIONS Compliments of Insurance Is Assurance A C COLBY MACHINERY CO Inc I83 Centre St N Y C I3 CAnaI 64I40 MURIEL WESSNER sa E JERICHO TPKE Lute Underwriter MINEOI-A PI 7 I55I PHQENIX MUTUAL HARDWARE wmoow SHADES GARDEN SUPPLIES VENETIAN BLINDS HOUSEWARES TABLE PADS Oftlce PAWS 290 WM-S ART HOME suPPLY co ROSLYN HEIGHTS N Y H53 Deer Park Avenue 2 Blocks No of So St Pkwy DEER PARK 2 5330 Bus Mohawk 91147 Res Mohawk 9 3459 CHARLES LoVALVO, Inc Plumbing and Heatlng Contractor FURNACE BURNERS AIR CONDITIONERS OIL BURNERS YOUNGSTOWN KITCHENS WATER PUMPS WHIRLPOOL WASHING MACHINES G E RANGES 762 Deer Park Avenue NOIIII BabYIon N Y ., . Mf'Yfai' ""00 No. BABYLON. N. Y. I , . . ' .1 BABYLON AUTO SU PPLY CO. Paris and Machlne Shop Work 668 Sunrise Highway BABYLON L I N Y Phone Mohawk I74334 ooNALo c HANLON fggdwfff Complimenfs of BUS DRIVER CUSTODIANS ASSOCIATION Tel DEer Park 2 8652 3 BRIGHT LUMBER CORPORATION Complefe Lune of Bulldmg MaI'erlaIs MASON SUPPLIES SHEET ROCK MOULDINGS DOORS AND SASH D NORTH BABYLON N Y EMERGENCY WASHER SERVICE Dishwashers Dryers Service Par+s Aurhorlzed BIacks+one SaIes and Servuc 783 Deer Park Ave Pk2 BABYLON HARDWARE l289 Deer Park Ave No Babylon L I N Y SCOTT SEEDS FAIRBANKS MORSE FERTILIZERS PUMPS PEAT MOSS WELL AND PUMP SUPPLIES Long IsIanc.I s OIcIesI' DlsI'rlbu+or of Ihe Flnesi' Turf Malnfenance Equlpmeni' SALES AND SERVICE Trac'rors Mowers TlIIers AIIlecI Equlpmenr TRACTORS 81 IMPLEMENT CO INC MALVESE MOWERS 8: EQUIPMENT INC 530 Old CounI'y Road HICKVILLE LONG ISLAND N Y Overbrook I 7600 "1 J wwf!! 1 I283 eer Park Avenue . 9 .I . I I NORTH BABYLON. L. I.. N. Y. EagIe Pain+s Deer ar -7477 .I . Ben J. Moore Pain+s Free Delivery NORTH BABYLON JR. SR. First a dream, then a hope, now a HIGH reality Compliments KELLY 81 GRUZEN Architects PHOTOGRAPHY W ROBERT A. FALLER 88 47 2O8I'I1 S+ree'r OUEENS VILLAGE 27 N Y I'IOIIls 4 3959 Por+raa+s In I'I1e Convenience of Your Home NATURAL COLOR FORMAL BRIDAL PORTRAITS CANDID WEDDING ALBUMS PATRONS MR AND MRS WALTER F BATTEN MR LOUIS J KOVACS MRS J DOYLE MRS C LABBATE MISS JACOUELYN HOREY AND MRS A LA PORTE MR AND MRS W HEIDINGER AND MRS JOSEPH MEZZACAPO MR STEWART R JONSSON MR AND MRS GEORGE SAKS MR AND MRS WALTER VOHS MR. AND MRS. J. L. HOLLENBECK MR. AND MRS. AGOSTINO LA PORTE MR. . . . . . MR. . Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs and Mrs Mrs an an an an an an Allers rs Mrs rs Mrs Mrs Mrs BOOSTERS Ar+hur Abrams C Ackerly L Allen A M Allison S Amafo Byron Ames Anderson E Anderson E A Anderson Mr and Mrs F Cavallary Mr and Mrs P Cavanagh Vlrglnla B Chrlsfensen Mr and Mrs E Chluchlolo Jr Mrs G Chrlsle++ Mr and Mrs V J Cerfoma Mr and Mrs A Clvardl Dr W J Clarkson Mr and Mrs John Claqum Mr and Mrs Mnchael Cogne++a Anna Jeans Hallan Resfauranf Anonymous Mr and Mrs Joseph Aqulllno Mr and Mrs E Arcuprefe Armk s Mr and Mrs D Armyn Mr and Mrs James K Audubon Babylon Office Equlpmeni' Company Harold Bally Sr Ford Bancroff Gu + Shop Mr and rs Mr and Mrs Barber s Colban Famlly and Mrs r and Mrs Mrs an an and an an an Edward Mrs rs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs M Conaugh+on Charles Conway T Conway Cooper C R Corbin E Cordes F Corbe'r'r Louis Corre C Corsa L B Cramer and Mrs John Cramer Mrs Mr and Mr and Mr and rs Mrs Mrs Bass: s Fruli' and Mrs J Belerle and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Besl' of Luck Mlss Dorofhy and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs G Barber T Barron E Barlow L S Beecher m W Belerleln BelHer Benedlci' Bucalo Class of 60 Blanco J Blanda Bonansmga A Borelll Joseph Borga and Mrs Wrllnam H Boyce and Mrs Richard Boylan Mrs K Brewer Mrs Lyman Brooks Bruno and Son Shoe Rebuilding Mr George L Bryanf Mr and Mrs A Buchanan Miss Buchanan an Mrs an Mrs an Mrs an rs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Mrs Clarlssa E Carr and Mrs Roberi' Buchanan A Brunner and Family Richard Burnell Dommlc Cabuzlo Campbell Harold Canmng P Canmm W Carley Carr Sam Cas+rlannl and Mrs Waller Crane T Cunningham and Mrs John Darra Mrs Allce Deane and Mrs Salvafore Dell Isola and Mrs Vlfo N DErasmo and Mrs Richard DlNapoln A Dohf John Ann Donnelly and Mrs Chesfer Doughfy and Mrs J Doyle and Mrs Raymond Drake and Mrs Paul Drummond Wllllam DuHamel an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an Flel Mrs M rs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs rs Mrs rs J Dundas Samuel C Dunfon P A Edholm Rudolph Emurd Karl Eriksson Vmcenf Eula A Evans An+hony Farone Frank Farrell Leonard Fehr E Fern Roger Fessaguei' M Fmno Jerome Fischer Alberf R Fisher Wzlluam Fl+zgerald schmann and Mrs Vlcfor Flores and Mrs J Franklin Mr Mr S Henrle+'ra Frederlcks and Mrs George Frosch Mr. . . . ' . - . I I Mr. d M . . . ' - - ' Mr. d . . - - - -I I Mr. d M . - - - Mr. d . - - - I Mr. d . . - - I Mr. d . . . - I- Mr. . . I I " M . . ' ' Mr. d . I I I Mr. d M . . . ' I I I Mr. . . ' ' Mr. d . . I M I ' I Mr. d . ' I I Mr. d . . ' ' 'f . . . . M . . Mr- - I I I Mr. . " ' Mr. . Mr. . . . - u I Mr. . ' ' MV- - M,-I I I ' ' Mr. . ' . ' Mr. . ' Mr- - ' l I Mr. . ' - Mr. and Mrs. Bergin I ' Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . Mr- I I Mr. . ML I ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' Mr- . ' Mr. Mr. d . . Mr. . ' ' . Jr. MV- d - - Mr. I ' Mr. d . . . I I Mr. d . I Mr. d . ' - ' ' Mr. d . ' I I Mr. d . . I I I Mr. d . ' Mr. d . M,-I d I Mr. d . Mr. d . . ' Mr- d - - ' Mr. d I ' Mr. d . Mr. d M . ' ' ' MV- d - - ' Ml-I I Mr. d M . 0 MrI I ' Mr. d . . . MrI I I ' ' MT. d M . . . . Mr. . . MV- ' I ' Mr. . ' I I Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' ' - D . BOOSTERS and Mrs L Fryer Mr J Galbralih Mrs J Galuano and Mrs M Gallano and Mrs D Galloway Mrs A Garllclc and Mrs B Gagluardo Mrs W Geng Mr and Mrs G Geoghan Mr R Glallenza L Glanconherl Mr and Mrs P Glangaspro Charles Gllberl' and Mrs F Glllls an ah an an an ah rs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs E Grlfflfh and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Grace B Harfmann and Mrs and Mrs Edmund an an an an an an an Mrs rs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs F Haszfo Hauschlld Hechi' W Helsel Harold Herrmann Mul+on Hershhorn M Hull Wllllam Hull Richard Holland D Holzer G Hopper and Mrs and Mrs Clare Huefher Howland R M Goldsfeln Gorman Godden W Graham Grlmaldu Granovslus Gro'l'e Gubu+osa Guhrlng Ingham Mr Franlr Huefher Mrs Franlc Huelher Gall Hue'I'her Ronald Hue+her Mr and Mrs Harold Humphries Mr and Mrs George Hu+son Mr and Mrs Alberl' Hynes Mrs Paul La Clair Mr and Mrs G La France Florence Lamber+z Mrs B La Monfagne and Mrs J lnzerlllo Paul Jablowslcy and Mrs G Jahoslcy va Jenluns and Mrs E Jensen and Mrs Jew A Johnson and Mrs A Johnson Emma Josephs Mr and Mrs Wm Jordan Sr Mr and Mrs Waller Jumor Mr and Mrs Kalman Mrs P Kelleher Mr and Mrs F Kennedy Mrs R Kershaw Mr and Mrs Edward Klewra Mr and Mrs O'H'o Klnbacher Mollie Lou Kung Mr and Mrs J Klem Mr and Mrs Edward Komar Evelyn Kuss Mrs G Haegele Mrs Mae Hall Roberf Hall W Haller and Mrs H Hansen and Mrs and Mrs an an and an Mr an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr and Mrs Paul Langona E Lang Famuly and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Clara Lechner and Mrs Wulllam LeggeH S+ephame and Edward Le Vanda Mrs R Llllubrldge Mr and Mrs Roberf Lmder Mr and Mrs G Lockwood Mr and Mrs D Long Long Island Movers Mr Joseph Lo Piccolo Mrs Charles Lo Valvo an an an an an ah an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs A A Lanoway H La Planfe Allie La Porfe J azar Joseph Laznovsky Joseph Lovlzlo John H Lyons Joseph Macchla Mahiese Joseph Marmo Waller Marsden Edward Marhn Mrs Lynn Marhn Mason W G Hansen Raymond Hard Roberf Harrunglon Allen Hari' Harold Hari' J Hari Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Maureen and Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Ma+'l'hews John Maura+h a Maxwell James Mazzucro Mr John F McCabe Mr. . . , - - ' Mr. . . . - ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' Mr, Mr. . . Mr. d . . . . ' Mr. d M . Mr. . . ' Mr. d . ' . . Mr. d . . ' . . . Mr. d . ' ' ' . . ' Mr. d . ' . ' ' ' Mr. d . . . . . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' ' Mr. d M . . ' . Mr. d . . . Mr. d . D. ' Mr. d . E. . , Jr. Mr. d . D. ' ' . . ' Mr. d . A. ' . . Mr. . R. , ' Mr. . D. ' . . . Mr. . L. ' Mr. . A. . . Mr. . . ' . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . . E ' Mr. . . Mr. . - Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . . L Mr. . Mr. . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' ' ' ' Mr. d . ' ' . . . ' Mr. d . . , . Mr. d . ' Mr. d . . . Mr. d . ' . Mr. d . Mr, Mr. d . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . Dr. . . . . . Mr. d . Y . . Mr. d . ' P + Mr. . . . Mr. d . . . , cl . . . . Mass Carole Lo Valvo Mrs M McCabe Mr and Mrs L McCloskey Mr and Mrs E McAuley Mrs M McMaclun Denms McQueenue A Messma and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs N J Monfello and Mrs T Moore Mrs Ellzabe1'hW Moran Wllllam F Moran and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Rose Musucaro an an an an an A Nerl' Mr and Mr and Mr and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs R Meyer Joseph Mlllcs Lamonf McMillan Carl Mlnsfrell Warren Morch Fred Moscuzza Vmcenf Mulligan G Murdfer Murray C Murray Jr John Muslcaro Andrew Nabor J Nardl Roberf F Nardlello Andrew Nelson N H Nelson Franlc Nlosl Francis J Noonan J Norwood Edward OC9lIk an an an an an an Bn Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Ernesi' Olson Thomas O Rourke A OH' George A O++o Marlo Pannullo Papp T Paschalldes Mrs J Pa++erson and Mrs Douglas Paulsen and Mrs Harold Pedersen and Mrs John Perrm Roger Phllllppln Famlly Mr Joseph Pucclone Manny Puccnone Mrs Mance Plcclone and Mrs C H Plopper Mrs Joseph Polmo and Mrs Samuel Polms and Mrs Joseph Poluh Mr and Mrs Ponhcello Mlss Mary Pynn Mr and Mrs J Quaranla Thomas J P Quinn Mr and Mrs Sfephen Racz Mr and Mrs M Radwm Jean Ramirez Louls Ramirez Mr and Mrs R Raus Barry Rava Mr and Mrs Charles Raynoha Wllllam J Rencher Duane Revere Francis Revere Janlce M Revere Mrs Marne Revere Raymond Revere Mr Raymond Revere Wllllam O Roberfs Mr and Mrs Lesfer Rodman Mr and Mrs Harry Rohrs Mlss Jean Rollo Mass Pa+ Rollo Mr J W Rosa Mr and Mrs W Ro+hschlld Geraldine Rzepa and Mrs Henry Salafy and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs Scalzo and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Henry Salafy R Sanford D Sanfamarla J Scaveffa Jerome Schaefer Charles Scheele Mrs Lllllan Schlclc and Mrs C Sco++ and Mrs C Scrlvam r Kuri' Sehrlg and Mrs Mrs le and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mrs E Smlfh Anihony Slano Joseph Sulva C Simpson Herberl' Slxfen A Smllh and Mrs F Sml+h and Mrs S Smlfh and Mrs Thomas E Smn+h Michael Sofarelll Nucl: and Dons Sofarelln Nucl: and Mary Sofarell: Mr Palrlclc Sofarelll Pe+e and Kae Sofarelll Mrs Myra Sfagman George Sfecher Mr and Mrs D S+one Mr and Mrs Ralph Sfrohm Mrs D' S+rulson Ralph Suarez Gus Sucrafo Jr Mr and Mrs James Taylor Alfonso J Teresl Eleanor M Teresl Mr. . . ' Mr. . " ' ' , Mr. . ' . Jr. I ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' ' . Mr. ' ' . , , Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' ' , , , Mr. . . . . , ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . , . M,-D . MF- - . . Mr. . - Mr. . . MV- d - Mr. . . ' Mr. d . . ' , Mr. d . . ' Mr. I . MT. d . Mr. . Mr. d . . . Mr. 0 - - . ' . A. Sciarrino - - - Mr. . . - -. - Mr. . . ' ' M . ' Mr. d . Mr. . ' Mr. d . ' , S' h Mr. d . . Mr. . ' Mr. d . . Mr. . . ' Mr. d . . Mr. . ' MF. d . Mr. . . ' Mr. d . . ' , . ' - - Mr. . . ' MF- - Mr. . . ' MV- - Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . . . . Mr. . ' , , , Mr. . ' ' , . an an and an an Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs BOOSTERS Roberi' D Teresl Charles G Theller G Thomas Paul G Thunberg E G Tredemann Arihur Tonne Town Haven Inc Food Shoppe George Tracy Mr and Mrs J Trrolo Mr and Mrs A TroH Mrs Edward Udall Mr and Mrs OH'o Umlauf Henry J Usclnslu Mane A Uscmslu an ah an an ah an Mrs M rs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Roberi' Vail Joseph Valder Paul Van Dune S G v6lIS8k John F Venaslu Domemk Veraldl Verderosa Family Mass Lee Verdl Mrs N Verhey and Mrs T Verhey W Verhey J Ward and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Ivan Wafley Mrs V Warley Mr J Weber Mrs E Werner M Welizner Jeweler Mr and Mrs Bull Welling Mr and Mrs Richard Werner Mr Alber+ Wessner Jr Rober1'J Weslhoff and Mrs and Mrs ob Wnckerf and Mrs and Mrs Ger+rude Wlnlcler and Mrs R M Wilson Mrs Margaref Wolff and Mrs H Wood Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Wood Mr and Mrs. Daniel Woodhouse W Ward R Warren P Wafers Rudi We+zler Harry While Rober+ Waclcer+ L Wilson I' Mrs M Woods an Mrs W Wrrgh'r an rs E Young an Mrs Wrllnam J Zaflm an Mrs W Zlenfelc an Mrs R K Zlmmerly an Mrs Donald Zoeller an Mrs W Zombelc Mlss Anne Borrone Mrs Marlorle F Johnson Mr Wllllam E Long Mr and Mrs W Mahoney Mr and Mrs R Marra Mrs Florence McGuire Mass Margueru+e Mlcclche Mr and Mrs Roberr Muller Mlss Llly Nunez Mr and Mrs Clay+on Ovens M E Sher Mrs Beafrlce C Spencer Mlss Marne E Weber Mr. d . . ' MV- d - - . Mr. d . 0 Mr. d M . . Mr. . . Mr. d . " . ' Mr. d . . . Mr- d - - ' Mr. d . Mr. d . . . ' .I Mr. d . Mr. d . . Mr. d . ' ' . n . Mr. d . ' ' Mr. and Mrs. P. Van Dyne, Jr. Miss Pfaullne Monlana Mr. d . , . Mr. d . . ' - . - Mr. d . . ' "- - 0 Mr. d . ' ' l- t - Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' B . Mr. . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . Charles Abramo 120 Hr hbrld e Road A lzght heart hues long, Donald Ahearn 39 Drakeford Avenue I d hlte to be shy but tl e gzrls won t let me' Irene Ahearn 39 Drakeford Avenue Danczng, through lt e lacquellne Anastas1o 138 Hubbards Path It Her rtendshrp zs u ort having Alan Anderson 80 Irunc Avenue Why talte llfe sertously' You won t get out ahve anyway' Robert Anderson 2 Gary Lane uzet and smcere James Aspromonte 22 Parliament Place The znest are 0 ten the quzetest Nancy Babb 99 Gracle Drlve She s jolly and cute boot' and clever to Carol Barber 025 Beach Street Ever orzt ard backlt ard never Frank Basll 147 Scott Avenue Stand baclt gzrls don t mob the bo ' Jeannette Batten 93 Lakeland Avenue She s just one grand pal Anna Nlarle Blerlem BFD 5941 Lakeway Drne Very much a part of North Babylon Hzgh Geor e Bell RFD 9953 Fulton Street A gentleman rom head to toe entor Dtrectory Rosemarle Bentlve na Noltm Avenue Eter lzappy ever gay Franune Blanco 10 Embargo Place Vzm vzgor and vztalzty rolled znto one charmzng glrl Warren Blatz 166 Columbus Avenue Stzll uater runs deep Irene Blell 31 Lakeland Avenue A lzttle nonsense now and the ts rel :shed by the best o them Dorls Blowes 12 Rhoda Avenue fast plazn wonderful' Helen Browne 67 Herman Avenue Frzendltness ls an asset Ellzabeth Buchanan Bets 220 Llberty Avenue Carol Burolund 6 Jean DTIVC More un per mzle Barbara Jo Campolun 31 Strathmore Drne The znest there ts among us Marle Carplo 616 Hawthorne Avenue One ue ll be sorry to see v Lorrame Carr 626 Interlaken Lane On the light fantastic toe I orrazne sltzps ltghtly so Frances Casamento Fran 14 'Nlont omery Avenue Nothzng, LS really ztorlt unless there I9 somethzng else to do Anxta Chandanals 68 Rhoda Avenue Smzlzng yet bash ul' leland Chrl tensen Z1 Powell Court Blessed zs the man u ho has nothtng to say and can t be persuaded to say rt' Georgette Claquln 32 Hunter Avenue uzet and reserved zs she Salvatore Castellano a 2 Blrchfleld Avenue Hzs good humor IS like a ountazn nez er dry' Emanuel Clothakls Manny 1121 Deer Park Avenue What 1 l No gzrls ln heaven? Leone me here John Coady 125 Veromca Lane An all around guy Georoe Cobettl 81 Pace Drive Past unknown present con used ture hope ul 39 Klme Avenue Dozng what she ound to do cheer ul sort o way An ela Co netta Angel Lonofellow Avenue Frzendly to all who cross her path Judlth Corbln 19 Brooks Avenue She has a common sense tn a way that IS uncommon Thomas Corbin 'I ommy 19 Brooks Avenue And a rzend quzte true Thomas Currle Tom -19 Veromca Lane Accept no substitute Betty Jane D8Vld .31 1 Populas Street Blessed zs the gzrl :tho has nothtng to say and can t be persuaded to say tt I59 Q . 1 ' B' 1 .S .. ' 'ar ' sf 519 ' ' S ' I . . . V . V. , , ,' U l 3 r . , .1 I r , . , .V , . . ' . CCS 1,7 y . ' - ' 66 3, f ' . f ' r ' . . 1 H I' ' . . f - .. . r' q 1 A 1 w I Y I- ' v U . Q ' ' . 4 . u ' 9 f 9 fu' N - . cc yas f - f- f - I A true friend to all who know her. Jgan Coffin , ' f in a . . 7 f f - s - T j' ' . fr 0 if 9, ' U C so ." V F . l f 1 , f - - - f , . lea e. ' - . ', ' , ' y. ' v QQ W 75 1 gg 97 , , , cc as A 2 ' 1 1 F ' . S 1 1 I ' 1 1 ' . ' ' ' . 2 1 ' l 1 ' . . . , f . A . . , f I ' 7 . Frank De De 27 Powell Court Good natured Nell De Luca 1331 August Road A mmd o your own lS uorth our 0 your rrends Lucllle De Malo 21 Central Avenue Sweet lS she Richard De Nlgrls 643 Emplrla Avenue Accordzng to Dr Hamm page Walter Denmnger 63 Central Avenue One man can Ido tl alone so I ll help hrm do ll John Devlne 160 Klme Avenue Blessed are they who mazntaln a stl ence or they shall not be quoted Madrson and Belmont Avenue Easy gozng Rosalie Dezego Wrlght Place Lzke granulated sugar very me Ellzabeth Dlener Betty 68 Pond Place There s a lovely sparkle about her Ronald Dllena 84 Kane Place lust one of the boys Vmcent D1 Napoh 979 Llttle East Neck Road A quzet pleasant manner urns many rzends Frederlck Donohue 153 Walker Street When opportunity knocked he com plazned o the nozse Patrlcla Donohue 91 Hltherdell Lane A rtendly smzle or uorthuhtle thzngs' I60 Barbara Drowns 5 Herman Avenue A eertam meet qualtty Carol Elchhorn 29 Stowe Road Radtates quzet rzendlzness Sheldon EISS 733 Hlghbrldge DIIVC I m educated now u hy stay any longer 9 Steven Erllch 540 French Avenue The mzghty man o the automobzle Elleen Eustace 56 Pond Place A pretty good lookzng brunette Sally Anne F8210 125 Mayhrook Road Pretty? Witty' I ll sa Erleen Feldman 528 Davls Street Janet Feltham 143 Weeks Road I studzes znter ere wzt why study? Jud1th Flelds Judl 15 Eastws ood Drive She smzles and the u orld smzl er Stewart Fisher 328 Wlcks Road A ace on the darkroom loor Beverly Fry Bev 66 Phelps Lane A re lectzon o good taste May Ann Galge 135 Llberty Avenue Small sueet hard to eat Robert Calbralth Bob Mount Avenue A man every meh o the way he s over slx eet tall' a good time es uzth an Donald Callonas 13 Duke Street Thzs boy v got the beat Marelene Garellck 98 Woods Road She speaks acts and behaves just as she should Kenneth Geldert Kenny 64 Anderson Avenue Sometzmes I szt and thznk somelzmes I sztl Paul Gxllls 105 Weeks Road All the quallfzcaztons o a regular guy all rolled mto one Joyce Glustl 12 Thoreau Road Blow the u hzstles ' Sound the alarm here s one gtrl who s ull 0 charm Vlctor Craffeo 119 Weeks Road A su ell guy and a good rzend Walter Granger 12 Floyd Street A swell guy to the end Gerald Croothouse 107 Mlller Avenue A guy uho knows hrs own mznd Gary Guardlneer 51 Lakeland Avenue Always a wtlltng u orker Robert Guhrlng 9 Henry Avenue Why all thzs hurry Joy ce Gultllla 172 Edmunton Drlve A quzet most attractlte lass Rrchard Guzzardl 1372 August Avenue What me uorry9 I haven t mzssed a bzographzcal sketch yet' 'Vlarllynn Hartmann 159 L1berty Avenue Athletzc zs she 'f' 'Q ff . -, m f' . . . , ' I 'Y 9 . . . . ' . .233 . . H ' f - .. . U f I v ' 9 - :lf f I ' . ' f-, yf f f- . , .- 1 f ' DCIlItiS De Vita A good steady worker. . ' if . . f . , K ' h. P .. 7 ', f f - . P f . f . f, , .V Q . K. " ' -Y 1, , U, 1 - I d 1 I f' 'f - 1' , p f , 1, ' . f - - Rlchard Helne Dlck 19 Pell Avenue E zczency plus Marla Hernandez P9 Lloyd Avenue A j,00dZL0I'!I1ZLllllllIl.flV9 Ind a uayl Brran Hollenbeck 6 Leed Lane Wzll go to the top IJIHIIC Hory czun 406 LlV1IlCQtOIl Avenue uzet as a cyclone Gall Huether 95 Carl s Stralcht Path Blushing IS the color o vzrtue L1ll1an Hynes 180 Whlttler Avenue But I want to take a buszness course' Douolas Jacelon 4 Southwood Lane deep Geor e Jahosky 18 Veronlca Lane Our cheerleaders delzeht Joan Jordan 130 A Ocean Avenue A genuzne redhead' Patr1c1a Jordan RFD 41 Erlanger Boulevard uzetness IS best' Susan Josephs 296 Sylvan Road Is a rzend quzte true' Bruce Kahler 162 Edmunton Drxve lxeep smllzng, tt makes etery one uonzler uhal you L8 been up to' Joel Kallem 02 Seley Drne All ln alla gay ,gentleman Robert Kane Bob 9 Reno Place wa9CllllHlly mzxed uzlh gentlemanll H653 beorD1a kalusha 1 Floyd Street A llttle gzrl ln a whzrl 1r1s Katz 29 Anderson Avenue A lug zgzrl ln a whzrl Maureen Kern 150 Mont omery Avenue Frzendlzness IS an asset Nell Komar 13 Jean Drlve Thts lad with curly halr goes through the day without a care Phylhs L Abate 721 Hlmhbrldge Road Never underesttmate the power o a woman Ann Lanoway 33 Burnace Lane She seems quzet and dzgnz Led u ask someone who knows her' Judlth LaPorte Judy 36 Dean Street So t spoken attractztcness Rosemarle LaSalo 71 Westchester Avenue Her behavzor zs all sense and all sweetness too Carole Leo ett 21 Mohawk Drrve A pleaszng personalzty such as hers pays Ing dwzdends Joseph Leo Joe 60 Claremont Avenue Traznload o ambztzon A atha Leonettr 143 Prospect Avenue Some stars just tumkle others shzne John LlCat8 4 Jane Drne He ts noble tn thought John Lxlllbrrdge 160 'Nassau Avenue Neuer a dull moment WllllaIH Llpcsey 1 159 '1 hroop Street I ztbeamans uork llldol Bermce LoValvo 15 Brookslde Avenue Szlence ana' sunshzne blend Catherme Lukeman 1104 Deer Park Avenue Says ltttle but does thzngs Peter Maksymko Pete 172 Weeks Road Most zn qualzty' Franclne Mancanaro Fran 25 Ida Lane Sparkltng eyes' Vllchael Marlnaro 135 ueens Avenue A quzet ellow wzth a rzendly smzle Patr1c1a MafkOW1Ch 844 Klme Avenue A shy appearance but never doubt shes a mtschzetous character Look Out' LOIS Martln 72 Kane Place A suzt o zmportance and depend abzlzty Manly nn Martm 102 Huches Lane Cute clever and ull 0 f Sharon McCabe 164 A Deer Park Avenue A bundle o nonsense bound with a rzbbon o orzgznalzty Ann McDermott 16 Deer Lake Dr1ve What do you mean I ll cause World War 1119 Frances Messma 57 Weeks Road She znds homework an unnecessary evz Gerald Mezzacapo 11 Eastwood Drlve Born to be happy 6l I . . as - as w U. , . . . ik If 5,B.u,, ff" . ' " '. f7 el 1. 1 ' ' . r v ,' , ',l ' I Y. q l ' . . J . . s , 1 f , . . l g l . . I ' as va s v Uk. Y ' . l ' , U GG 97 7 'KT . .U . - - - , ' ' f . . - 1 ' ' ' f f ' - U' U' . . , b I . ' , Silent men like silent waters run ' 1 7 , 1 H . 3 , ' Ci 57 ' s . ' 5 'Y I n s f' ' . . 0' 9 Org ' 'v f f un' I ac sa A 7 1 ,f K . . rg . All y , p IL' ' , a ' ' ' 1 ' . 5 . . . . , , u . , I ' f - l r. ' f, V ' l. Si 97 K ' ' rl 1 '- Ll . I DCIIIIIS Nllchael 43 Kune Ax enue A gentleman rom loe lo hearl Sharon Home 16 1'1HHlll1OIl Ax enue A Qoorl rrenfl moore than lc Wllllaltl 11101111 93 Wllgllll btreet Hzs ehtu ul gllll ht xpcahx l11s pl IS au! 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"F 3 ' Harry Slllpo 63 Prckwrck Lane liorn to be happy Nlary Ann Slraro 26 Lincoln Road 4 ,gzrl who llnous her oun mmd Law renee Smnth Larry 160 Emerson Ax enue He studzes uhen there IS nothlng else to do Robert Sommer 22 Llberty Avenue The ladies man Patrlua Southard Pa 50 Scott Ax enue Plenty pleaszng Nlary Lou Spmelll 66 Pace DIIVC Popular pleastng ull 0 pep Wllllam Staab 630 St George Avenue Pamela Taylor 106 Woods Road Tzeznltles uzth that speczal magzc Robert TCFCSI 51 Blrehfleld Avenue A rzenrl to all uho llnow htm Laurel T1ppett 162 WlCkfl61d Aw enue Come uhat may she s the same good sport etery day James Trees 6 Rhoda Axenue ling Trees rom lzttle acorns grou Elsre Tretola 128 Greenwood Drne A rzendly heart uzth many rzends Ronald USC1HSkl 33 Parllament Place Smeere rzendly clever and true many warm rzends hes rzght ully ue Samuel Vo el Sandy 63 Henry Avenue Otereautzous Alyce Vohs 161 Marcy Street Frzendlzness I9 an asset Donna Wallace 13 Leeds Lane A dash 0 pepper salt and sugar Harry Wedm aldt 1009 Deer Park Avenue CONE V Danlel Welden Danny 1106 Amerlca Avenue Smzlzngly we roll alone Edwm Wenlnger 815 Lmdermelr Drlve Our gazn IS Hamden s fConn j loss' Arlene Wessner 141 Edmunton Drlve U . g Gb 79 ' LY - ' ' 1 .. D 7 , f s . . f - ' cc 19 't' li tf7 . y . . f ' " f ' ' ' ' ff s - sf f - ' I . ' ' ' l 9 -lr , b s I . ' 1 .Y ' f f ' , - f - y, ,- - - d . Theresalovely sparkle about her friendly personality. as as F g at 0-' M ' 7 ' 1' " ' . - . A 3 f f - - 0 . 4 f . . I I . 1 h as ' I ,vs - if - ' ' f f - -h fn- - 4 ' - , Hrs rzendly wlt accompanzes his Nlartm Sulla Marty 119 Creems ood Drlwe Don t you teachers kno L about the Fhzld labor law 9 Kenneth Sutelman 121 Glen Road He s not only good but good or something Sharon Sweeney 129 Maybrook Road Frzendlzness IS an asset Nlary Ann Szabelskr 1121 Deer Park Avenue She loves a latldze Jamce Tamalunas 92 Greenwood Drne lanzce zs relzable uzde au alte com pletzng all she undertaltes Stanley Tarnowskl 63 Dollard Drne He IS stzll a ter the ellou u 0 rented u orll NIILDHCI Tatum 19 Thomas Drlve To be jolly best becomes thzs young man Kathleen Van Campen Lee 200 Llberty Avenue Buster than a one armed paper hanger uzth hwes ' Barbara Van Dyne 111 Hunter Avenue Domg uhat she ound to do zn a cheer ul way' Martln Vanzanten 177 Throop Street lzlte radar always on the beam' Loretta Vellsek 6 Herman Avenue Szncere very wzllzng to help Ruth Verhey 40 Whlttler Avenue E zczency zs the motto o thzs young gzrl Lucy Vetrano 211 Tompkms Aw enue 11 srnzle zs the same zn any language John Vetter to Seley Drne An ela Wetzler Angle 17 E Foster Blvd She ll hzt a hzgh note 0 success Robert Whlte 116 Terrace Aw enue Flymg through lzfe Robert Wlkman 3 12 Sunset Court A quzclt sense o humor Joseph Wllson 87 Deer Lake Drlve Last but not least U fall XZ Amzable and easy gozng Kia? :N Tooc H I63 SWE ? ig, CLASS f Zff 1960 fx THE FIRST AND THE FINEST X A J- if iff, , GF wf M T 4 T VW A UTO G RA PHS HTTOCRA PHS 4 UTO C R A PH A UTO GRA PHS 1-.w -an avfww H Q.. "' .I

Suggestions in the North Babylon High School - Blazer Yearbook (North Babylon, NY) collection:

North Babylon High School - Blazer Yearbook (North Babylon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


North Babylon High School - Blazer Yearbook (North Babylon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 149

1960, pg 149

North Babylon High School - Blazer Yearbook (North Babylon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 72

1960, pg 72

North Babylon High School - Blazer Yearbook (North Babylon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 40

1960, pg 40

North Babylon High School - Blazer Yearbook (North Babylon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 89

1960, pg 89

North Babylon High School - Blazer Yearbook (North Babylon, NY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 138

1960, pg 138

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