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 - Class of 1960

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f ... , , A rw , I n 4 . , I 5 -V - 'S J.', I ' 5 1 X N. 5 A ' N ,. ., .V ny h 5.1, 1 JL: ,i :-14' . "ff H' X", ' K ff xi 'L . Rx W' ' - Qi':x,:,5,... 1 'X ' 1. . 'e -K vw .w.,,,A. ' 'r,'sl.x .1 w , Y, FEE' ' , r -f.-hw, Q I. 45. up g,., ,- MA V, -X, 5,5 , 4 5. ,, v . :Aaw--', - , . ,vm . 1,1 - , 1, V X, , ' W ' . 5 L.,,1i Sv' . " " ' J gs,-4:-Li., Lg y ' w : , - . X r- V nw --,jx in v .. N ,gr -, 4, ,Un .3 Q' vw . 'V ,' fp?-' M- - ' . pf, - X. Q. at KKN.-'pkYlDW?'si3' N 1 '51,-1Y,?..x-NEW NYY- , . :Q X ' -'fql ,Q .' 'B Al MA R n i In the Hills of Carolina stands do 2.23 My beloved North Augusta noiotherivean 'Twas there that teaehers lent zhgiilaid tolguide And taught Xme how to drink "en fhvrgcao Thy praise I sing, to North Augusta, You have my heart's devotion? Thy praise losing, North flovef Soon the parting time will cornel While in your wallsoyon gavegtolhe hTe"i My heart is bound Of my noble AlmyeMazgr5f 95' 'i E51 1- -X n, r1eIei'M.fHf 'A9iE'?R51REl ' 1: 5 4!1'39LYL!iiWJ4'!6"432WJ2Wt1iEV1?L'.!lXiilS1i!0Ix WALK WITH US THRUUGH THE SANDSPURS X i "S Y' S , 2 nu-smug... +W,,,WR f www, M. W f , W, 4, W ,f ff I ,ffyf X4 f J l X ' ffwy - f, Qvfw X u , ,gy M., W-.4-H. . -ww. srwg Mmwfn. ff M -g..vf+gy2 K . K f , f , ..,.,f f , ' H' n S WM' W Www ,, fs ff I ,X ff U , Q .W ' , , , f WWMM, NWf:W1.,m 4 w, M W ' , W W,,,,,m7 VW WN , - , 4' L , , . jg, Z Oyypmfwyvwf I W. MN, TTT T' L I X If A Nwmm-W ax- ma 44-WfWANW"'lWM Q wwsw4?Sf"WM'k S f 'A we A ,f X vw' aw, - f 'W NORTH AUGUSTA HIGH SCHOOL North Augusta, South Carolina LINDA FALLAW, Editor MARCIT HAYWOOD, Business Manager Q Y , Ziggy ff , fy 131k 1 U ij' xi? 1 If 11? MS, if .t afzknowlmlgu his four yw-uns with us all Nnrlll Augllslzl, lu llmnk I1 furhisim:umpzlr11lrl4-zlssislzlln-1-.:uul l1l1llllll'1'1'i1ll1'Ilitilillltl givvn ln4'om'hil1g m our lmskffllmll I1-um, we-, Hu- wnmr 1-lass uf IUUU, Slllt'lxI'lxlY mlmllmwllv thnx llmly sf-1-mul volume- ui .SIIIIIISIIIIIN lu Mr. filllllllxl .l. Hlllwl. THE STAFF LINDA FALLAW Editor BIARGIT HAYWOOD Business J1If17'll7'Q'6T CARLETON YALGHN Advertising .Uanoger GAYLE HIQRST Circulation llanager ANN BRADLEY Plzotosnzplzic Editor JIMMY C.u.ANIAs Candid Photographer HILDRETH CALILWAT Layout Editor XIARY LEE BLRKHALTER Senior Editor CAROLTN IXICLALRIN A ctizities Editor JEWELL GREENE Literary Editor JOHN SAMPLES Athletic Editor PAM HAYES feature Editor CHARLOTTE BIQSSEY Typist Chairman LINDA BODIE Art Editor BILLIE ANN SMITH DIANE GIBBS junior Editors LE GRAND NIOORER Sophomore Editor MISS FRANCES TODD Faculty Advisor CONTENTS Administration Student Life Students . Organizations Athletics . Features . Advertisements 6 14 42 104 122 136 148 Working together for the benefit of the stu- dent hody, the administration has given its time and effort without ceasing. Guiding, en- couraging, challenging the students, the fac- ulty is always interested in their Welfare. Here Mr. Stiilwell is conferring with the representa- tive department headsg out of many such con- ferences have come better student-teacher re lationships. i f To Appreciate Cur Superior nxgcfmilfabfralfion I . f-leafs v S Q 1 ew W zf 3? max? N SS . W .lwx ,W ., 4 Q Q ff ' 1 Mm f 91 f 7, WW I ' 1,1 W ff Q' ,Q I . M ? f,, W v, WUI Y 2, UUR TRUSTEES To the Seniors: The future is yours. It is not yours to own, hut rather it is yours to use. To serve, to learn and to do are the uses to which you-and only you-may put the future. No person can live alone and apart from all others. Others will serve you, and you will End your only com- plete satisfaction in contributing your time and talent to helping others. You can serve only if you understand people and the world in which you live. You have heen given the founda- tion on which to huild the future: knowledge which is indispensahle for helping others. After all, lo know what to do and to know how to do it are without meaning unless this knowledge is used. Day hy day, opportunities to help others will present themselves. It is at this point that you will reveal your- self most clearly to yourself and to others. lt is said that output equals input-or as phrased in the Book of Books, uAs ye sow, so shall ye reapf' For those who love you, the future can hold no greater opportunity or promise than that your genuine efforts will hring genuine rewards. Most sincerely, MR. HAMMOND BURKHALTER . . ..... Chairman MR. JOHN E. MCELBIURRAY . . MR. BENNETT COCHRAN .. IVlr. William Fallaw, IVIr. John N. IVlcLaurin, Mr. ww... VW' Z C , W' W -mi . . Vice Chairman . . . . Secretary Hammond Burknalter, Mr. Bennett Cochran. -qw-v ,...-W.1-.1--1--nnvn-w 47. -Af ,iv , ,pf W: , " 'f g,",,g4 05' in aff' 1 "' "' '-was f f W I 3 ,y " Q f , W-ww ' 7' , ,ff V,,!,,gYff in ' , ,My J, ,.., ..., l . , , , . bu- by E ZW! L X '21 7'-ff i f OUR AREA SUPERINTENDENT To: The North Augusta High School Students: l helieve that the historians will record the decade from l95O-1960 as the most eventful era in the proud history of the North Augusta High School. Most of you students have had the unusual privilege of participating in and heing a hrst-hand witness to the unfolding events of this decade. Truly you have heen the recipients of opportunities unlimited-in an environment and period conducive to the development of the hest that is in you. I sincerely hope that the future years will give you a deeper sense of appreciation for the ideals and traditions of your Alma Mater, and a proportionate awareness of your debt of service to those who follow. Yours very cordially, Dear Students, You are about to Complete a school year in which you have seen the end of one decade and the heginning of another. Do not spend too much time bragging ahout your accomplishments nor regretting your shortcomings. Look to the present and future with all of the wonderful op- portunities which they afford. You must have learned from the past that effort is required to achieve. Having Y learned this lesson. may you use the knowledge to help make this devade the greatest ever heeause you have done your part to make it great. I wish for you the hest of everything in the days and yedfi to COHIP. Sincerely. A ,aww-5 f, 1 Q Q ian 4 1 f' 2 OUR PR INC IU WW giw.-va V' 4.7. -In r-Ja ml lVAl r aww' .W fgwawwy mowws E www' ywww, M wwwwww lwMMwmw WMWW Z NM f ' aw l ,w 5 . ,V l 1 qwqwwm , 'M,"',f" ' 14-J ' . I r W W FWVM v .qv iilrs. Sandra Broun Miss Syliia Bryant Mr. Samuel Buist Miss Jean Clark Miss Lurline Commander Versatile Faculty Supervise Classrooms, Shops, Laboratories SANDRA BROWN. latin. l'iI1gllSl1fl:UfIll3I1 lvniversity, A.B.q Sponsor 1,'i i 3l.H.A.: Hobbies: Cooking. Sewing. SYLVIA BRYANT. Home Economics. History. Biology-Yvinthrop Col- lege. HS.: Sponsor of Future Homeniakers Association, Hob- bies: Traveling. Cooking. SAAICEL BCIST. Cheniistry-Clein son College. BS.: University of South Carolina. Master of Science: Basketball Coach: Line Football Coach: Hobbies: Hunting. Fishing. JEAN CLARK. English, Social Studies- Winthrop College. AB.: Hobbies: Playing the Organ, Reading, Golf. LCRLIXE COMMANDER, Library-Coker College, AB.: Columbia University, Appalachian State Teachers College, and University of South Carolina, Graduate Work, Sponsor of Library Club, Hobbies: People, Places, CAROLYN COX, Chorus -Wesleyan College, A.B.g Converse College, B.Mus.g Hobbies: Records, Sewing. VIVIAN CROXTON, Social Studies-Erskine College, AB., University of South Carolina, Graduate Work, Hobbies: Reading, Television. MARGARET DAWSON, Mathe- matics-Winthrop College, AB.: Hobbies: Fishing, Reading, Traveling, Television. Miss Clarirnonde Evans Mr. Calhoun Gault 55,5-1, Qi, FMS. tltfian Croxton Miss Margaret Dawson 4: 1 Mmm i .Z Mrs. Elizabeth Godfrey Mr. Webster Grayson Miss Lois J. Greene Mrs. Marguerite Hammond lVlI'S- JO Aim HU"'te" Faculty Assist Students With Extracurricular Activities ELIZABETH GODFREY, Foreign Languages-Winthrop Col- lege, A.B.: Lniversity of South Carolina, Graduate Work: Spon- sor of M.H.A.g Sponsor of Le Cercle Francais, Hobbies: Bridge. Horseback Riding, Directing Weddings. WEBSTER GRAYSON. Social Studies-Newberry College, B.S.: B Team and Baseball Coach: Hobbies: Bridge, Hunting, Fishing. LUIS GREENE. Biology-Winthrop College, A.B.g Lniversitv of South Caro- lina, Graduate Work: Hobbies: Reading, Traveling. MAR- GKERITE HAMMOND, Mathematics-Lander College. B.S.: University of South Carolina, Graduate Work: Sponsor of Student Council: Hobbies: Basketball, Tennis, Playing with Faculty members enjoy a coffee break. Daughter. JO ANN HUNTER, English, American History- Nleredith College, A.B.: Sponsor of Beta Club: Hobbies: Read ing, Cooking. REBECCA KKRTZ, Physics, Algebram-Vivomanis College of North Carolina, A.B.g Hobbies: Bridge, Tennis Knitting Socks. Reading. NANCY DEAN LAWRENCE, Com mercegvfinthrop College. B.S.: Sponsor of Future Teachers Association: Hobbies: Cooking, Bridge, Reading. FRED LIND LER, Mathematics-Newberry College, A.B.g Alabama Poly technic Institute, Graduate Wfork: Hobbies: Music, Reading Traveling. Mrs. Rebecca Kurtz Miss Nancy Dean Lawrence N' iii. 1 lrqr V. , g. ,V ef as Mr. Fred Lindler Mr. E. L. Lowe Miss Lenna V. Morrow Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy Miss FVHHCGS Todd E. L. LOWE. industrial Artsf--llorehead State College. B.S.: Hobbies: Reading. Furniture-making, Fishing. HODNEY Mc- DONALD. Band-Florida State linixersity. B.Xlus.: Hobbies: Hunting. Fishing. NlARlLYN 3lcXEll.l.. English. American History-Columbia College. .-LB.: Sponsor of Beta Club: Hobby: Bridge. LENNA Y. NIORROW. English-Yvinthrop College. .-LB.: Citadel. Appalachian State Teachers' College. With niuch ethciency Mrs. Kenneth Jones, the school secretary. performed her duties. Never having a spare moment. she attended to a variety of tasks-from handling all the nionej: paid in by students to filling out transcripts of seniors for college. Patiently and compe- tently she rendered service for both the students and faculty. Her charm and friendly personality endeared her to everyone. Graduate Work: Hobbies: Traveling, Photography, Bridge. ELIZABETH MURPHY. English-Newberry College, A.B.g University of South Carolina, Graduate Workg Sponsor of Yellow faclfetg Hobbies: Flowers, Reading, Sewing, Traveling. FRANCES TODD, English-Winthrop College, A.B.g Univer- sity of South Carolina, M.Ed., Duke University, Graduate Work: Sponsor of Sanrlspursg Hobbies: Reading, Traveling. Throughout this past year Mrs. Hope, the school dieti- tian, has provided nutritious and attractive rneals. A well- balanced diet contributes greatly to a personis health and well being. In addition to eliiciently operating the lunch- room, she is always willing to help with banquets or other school functions. Thanks to her careful planning, the lunch hour is a pleasant one. vm' ...M ..... 1 sa. ....- : f Student life at North Augusta Senior High ranges from daily assignments and classroom work to a wide variety of extracurricular ac- tivities. Combined, these produce busy and well-rounded students. This year has brought active participation in clubs, sports, chapel programs, and school responsibilities. Here is a familiar scene-the three o'clock rush. To Enioy Our Varied Sifmfmf OE Q X f f yi f ,J Z f ff ff X f 6 Qgma MQ W-bwwww. If S1 A Q, N E :vii Q , 0 W I mu f we-ff, M Q,wwm,f,.wmw,wWf,,, - 2 'X . +3 3 75 , , Q! , -1 Q! X Q1 Q 1 M ....1.,.. f K ,zz if W.. 'ZH Z? V, af? EgKi . y ff f y ,Q L 5 ' lx 4 5 :ai 5 Z' ,V 2 ' I V. , ' 23 ' Q' 2 , 0 K, '-S?" ASV , .fl-f , H4 W j W M 1, . . , V X f 7 4 4 Q X 23 - f 2 ,J J ,, f, f fg ? ' if ' 2 Q ie 5"-f 42 ,Z ' V ., , ,... , .Mg . my e ,, ' 'fq:,::.Q,y " -..:,:,:,:.g:' '.'v, ...mga-x. f W I MQW X Q f 2 f f f f ,Hp , l, Q X , X' ffff fr' Q x f Q h ' X sf J? XL! ff . tg-iw' wax' 151 342 Y I Q-. 1,,..::.f: S 1 Ms- .Xf V A,'55 3'::: 'X , M: we 5 -'-" ' fag 3 . -.-.. -- . 4- .1-za ff ffzfiffw' , ltd? E01 'WG Leading their English class in writing good paragraphs are Judy Hamilton, Steve Grifhn, Gene Williams, Faye Thompson, and Mickey Ruben. Using a tape recorder, Terry Williams and Doug Hixon improve their speech with Miss Todd's assistance. llRepeat that vvord once more," said Jimmy Machemer to Martha MCl.aurin. 1-4. English Is Important Because Because language is the medium by which a person communi- cates his thoughts and feelings to his fellow men, it is the most basic of studies. The English teachers strive to help the student express his thoughts clearly. coherently. and effectively through a study of grammar and application of these grammatical prin- ciples in paragraph development and theme writing. Mrs. lVlurphy illustrates the use of vivid verbs to her pupils, Uriiied 7+ ,qv 0 t lil 'Q' Carey Miller and Carfetce Nan Th" dr-gmame The famous sword nghting scene from Macbeth. It Is the Medium oi Communication Emphasis is placed on reading widely so that the student may gain ideas. increase his vocabulary. and acquire a better understanding of himself and the world in which he lives. This reading program is guided by courses in American Lit- erature which gives the student an awareness of the literary development of his own nation and in English Literature which gives him a ri-Qineeption and appreciation of his English heritage. P, -' 3-,niagara 'Ms Hunter and Dick Ulmer choose a ii llDouble, double, toil and trouble," chant the witches-Betty O'Berry, Mimi Webb, Gayle Howell, and Sharon Caswell. , L f page Bill Harper asks Miss Morrow a question concerning English literature. , -:,ii , 'c" iA,i i M, 0 M,,N,,,m,,,, , , f A -.V , s .,a ' N 17 X Jfirgg K . ff 5 Ze tiff -ez!! sw so 516K ' X ' Ss -:' .- yjt Eng. M22 5 ff! I iri 'J ' W , l. , f XSMZX f ..: t Could it be that lVlrs. Brown and Carolyn Gaines Find the translation of a Latin legend amusing? 3 af 4 -4, p-Q, M ' I A 1: fs--4 , 5 1 ' 'A+ Eff, f " Q -- a--e. . 0 Q. areas f Nur FQ .if t -v 'if-37 E., if 74 4 QW 't Y , .2 V I - , ., W I fl! , LV X W' 1 1 N .1 J il f T lk Q I . .Q 4, X , Ziff., man' l " 1 r AV 2 l 4. X .gf .f.y,'f ' f fe fy it it 1 ' xi" ,MMV I 5 '. 'f 'I ' A ,,,..,,,,,,,. ' A ,N I 4 ,,,,,, ,Q Q, . gf H t he ,ff f"' -,, 24,515 W ff ' . 5 .f N f . f Returning from ner trip to France, Mrs. Godtrey views with Laura Haskell and Floyd Fowler tier slides ot Paris, The Study ul Foreign Language Pruvidesallultural Background Students are offered the opportunity for study in two language fields-Latin and French. In Latin they study the language and cul- ture of the Romans, enriched by reports and special projects. Grammar and derivatives are emphasized in daily translations and vocabu- laries. The geography of the Roman world is studied through maps. wall charts. and Caesars campaigns. French. with the goal of making a pupil understand and of having himself understood. is taught with stress on pronunciation through taped French voices and records, Both basic grammar rules and reading the language are emphasized also. Songs. original conversa- tions. poems. and thoughts are used to stimu- late interest and oral practice. Club meetings aid in teaching the background of France and her people. Thus students are provided with a cultural background for personal enjoyment or fur- ther study. With a curtsy of the skirt and a tip of hat. French students sing l'Sur le Pont D'Avignon.'l the Home Ee Department and the Library Are Assets to the School The phases of home economies may vary from fashions to hair styles. to cooking. The girls enjoy experimenting with food and sewing problems and studying ways of saving time and money. ln the third-year Class. they study advanced sewing and cooking. Also. they take part in interesting discussions on home and social life. The State Fair in Columbia ollfers a great deal in the way of helpful information to the FHA students. who attend the joint meeting of the Future Homemakers and the Future Farmers of South Carolina. wg. Se":' -:Ne E: gfs sity a ru"-Course meal, which they prepared. Jerre G, J .,-- C ffafder, and Lloyd Fowler place pictures in the Jitffdi rf, 19 mrnltl karen ff", 'o 0 ' fm 41' 2 in gh' f, Q ,ffl If ln Horne Economics Miss Bryant explains a recipe to her class. The library is the informational center around which much of the program of the school revolves. The atmosphere is friendly and informal. Students are encouraged to develop the 'clibrary habitwe-to browse and explore, to solve research problems, to read for information. recreation, and inspira- tion. Teachers and students participate in the selection of all library materials because they are chosen to meet the needs of the curriculum, reading interests, and abilities. The staff and teachers work to train all students to become inde- pendent in making the utmost use of the library. Looking at newspapers in the library is enjoyed by Wayne King. y fy yy,, , ,s i fi 5? x I f, I Q 2 if Learning to use a slide rule is studied in Mr. l.indler's Algebra II class. In geometry Billy Stevens learns to ind the size of an angle by a construction. llTne cube root of eight is two," explains lVlr. Lindler to Jack Fallaw ' .41 1 PIIN 5 1 ,Y 3 'ul VN-Kllx l - ,T rwstx , i ti 9 l8 QL.Xifl6 "iii M ee V Q ea.. lug 20 Mathematics ls the "Master-Key ui the Universe" Hath is a tool needed in everyday life. lts importance is increas- ing at North Augusta. Realizing that niatli is necessary for everyday living. North Augusta has always ollered four years of study. but bputnik has Caused more students to select tlie advanced courses. Algebra I and Algebra Il seek to train students to read a problem with understanding. organize the given facts, tlien solve for the evasive Plane geometry teaches the pupil to question "wliy?" while rea- soning for himself. and to appreciate tlie use of geometric forms in nature and in the works of man. Seniors who study trigonoinetry are encouraged to master nauti- cal. aeronautical. scientific. and engineering problems involving triangles. using logaritlims and tlie slide rule for easier computation. They are introduced to solid geometry. tlien study advanced topics in Algebra. Q25 Trigonometry students tearn interesting facts about solid geometry d. xg 3"-ery Query Ou-argon Ann Sanders, Sherry from MVS' Hammon - '5 92, ff gifs ine fundamentals of surveying. hir , Miss Dawson points to the linear equation drawn by David Hanshew. X ' X, -1- , V N., 0 .M . '-me t..,:'c-- 2 1 fa After the explanation of the biology lesson Miss Greene asks Dan Rushton to set up the microscope. In the biology lab Edna Moore and Kathie Smith dissect a crayhsh. Students Probe the Field et Science Understanding the fact that biology is the study of the living world. the sophomores are busy with microscopes, scissors. forceps. and scalpels trying to probe into the living to learn about the anatomical structure of each laboratory specimen. The juniors receive a basic knowledge of chem- istry by learning such fundamentals as the Metric system. valences of elements. writing chemical equations, and making some of the common elements. The seniors are undertaking to discover. describe, correlate and interpret the facts and phenomena of the inanimate world. Some of the problems solved include heat, light. sound. electricity. and machines. The ability to interpret these problems and to carry the fundamentals to any specific field is the purpose involved in the physical sciences. Nlrs. Kurtz reminds Steve Carter of the requirements for his physics workbook. f' ?f4-Q frail li ilu S ii gi'f!if,!,i,f K fit ........, ill il 'li www." iffy, H. A A X S X . 2, 1 Mm: 1 Sllfiiifaai 'fayte '.-.neo Sahra Lioyd, Tommy, Buck, iVIartha D., and Martha M. understand the directions, their chemistry experiment will not s-J za ,-3,3 As Gary Dixon knows, accurate meas- urement is necessary in physics. muh Viiavm 'fr E, sz s Buck Tifer the correct way to set up a chemistry experiment. I 23 'pveafzzf'afs1seaaw Zn, 3-:Ls ,M . X W4 ,,,, X ..,,,, , , W fig .- :,- ...:... , f ' s 3... my-f ff p X -W-sv' -aa.. Study hall time gives Ethel Bradley, Jimmy Turner, and Frankie Doster a chance to work on their American History reports, 'The roots of the present are deep in the past" is the theme of the his- tory students. In order to understand better the problems of the world to- day, the student must know what has come before. This is the primary aim of the sophomore World History classes. Junior year students learn to appre- ciate the American heritage in the required American History course. Along with the textbook, the students study current history as it happens. Projects in American history are varied. l The quality of a piece of cloth is explained by Sherry Moore A B in her Economics class, Grayson and Kay Florie. Bl In Economics the "ups and downs" of the stock market are discussed by Mr. ,ff Wy fffixl fy!! 'lilies' incltnlc book roports rclutccl to tlio unit of work lacing stuclicil. I'CSt'3I't'll papcrs. roports on related topics from current nowspapcrs :incl niaga- zines. posters. historical inoyics. reports on local points of historic intcrcst. and trawl accounts of trips made to historical places of national intcrcst. liiullotin lwoartl displays tiozitnrv tlic licst ot' tlivsi' projects. ln liciiiocixicy during the senior your. students acquire a knowleflge of tlic operation of tlcnio- rratic government under tln' tfonstitution. This aint of the course is to toavli tlotiiovraicy in action so that liettcr citizens will lw nnnlc to take tlwir proper placcs in tlio worlcl. Studies Makes Better Citizens ' :fy f 'af'a's World History book report, gggj ',-,Ii stkg material. Democracy and Communism are compared by Bonnie Wyatt Mrs. Croxton Ends some more information to he p Beth Parks and Jerry Belt with their American History projects. kgs 'SW' ...N f, ,wg sg, . f , gay' 3 . .M . fe a t ,.,a . t 4 ff'-:SC 12 . . ay ,,, A Wm .2 4- ' ff .:,, yt WZWW' Wt I -W, M 1 2. 'Z , I ! :Z-5:1 f ., .. ,,, fp -s ,--2-.,',., ,. -f .aft A f , ' i i:5E...f:rE'2'f-af 5 'F ' P . 7' 45' f 7 V ' Q... .'.,.53'f".,IgEt' 1 YL, W, ' 'Wm' . ' ' ' 11. . ' ' ' V ' Lf ' ps fs 1 N After nnishing his figure for mechanical drawing, Earl Blevins to Mr. Lowe. The Commerce Department seeks to train capable and eflieient secretaries. uCorrect practice makes per- fect" is the maxim that is stressed because ac- curacy as well as speed must be attained. They work hard to develop their skill in typing, shorthand. and bookkeeping. By using modern equipment, such as electric typewriters, duplicators, adding machines, and calculators, they gain practice in accepted business methods, To compete with the modern electronic machines, these girls must put forth great effort to develop work habits and personal qualifications that will put them in first place in the business world. 11:14 d e s c ri b e s it ,W ai 1 ff Industrial Arts and Commerce llffcr Practical Training ln the technical and industrial world a mechanical drawing employs a visible language consisting of lines, letters, symbols, and numbers to express ideas and convey technical informa- tion. Skill in drawing as a phase of planning and problem solving is important in connection with all construction of experimental projects. Those students who plan to become architects or engineers need this course. Vlfoodworking helps students develop insights and under- standing of the impact and importance of industry in Ameri- can life. Projects become means rather than ends. A chair, for example, has its history. art, arithmetic, botony. geography. English. and even Latin. As Miss Lawrence corrects a bookkeeping test, Gail Dickens and Sandra Morris wal to turn in their paper. Planning to be secretaries Diane Miles, Julia Boone, Elaine Pentecost, Judy Sherrill, and Brenda Story try to type their best each day. Lili UA good Serve may win tlie ganie. reminds Miss Evans to Janice Wells, Sandra Stevenson Laura lVletts and Betty Robertson, Physical Education Develops Muscular Coordination and Sportsmanship The program of physical education and health for North Augusta High School students is devoted to strengthening bodies and en- couraging good health habits. Through group and individual com- petition. teamwork. sportsmanship. and skills are developed and improved. Besides calisthenics. tumbling. and building pyramids. students may participate in class games. The boys play football, basketball, soccer. softball. and tennis. A wide variety of sports is also oliered for girls: archery. ring tennis. shufileboard, and many varieties of games played with balls. Discussions of teen-age health and social problems make up the prominent part of health classes. 1 -Y: fi a 's played by the girls' gym class. The boys jump high for a rebound. A good point in basketball is brought out by Mr. Gault l The Band and the Chorus Contribute Muoh to the School Year North Augusta's growing music department is a living tribute to the many people who have worked so hard on it. The band, composed of 40 members who have fine instruments and uniforms, has come a long way from the first N. A. band-of ll members. Not only has the group developed as a well-drilled marching unit, but also great progress is evident in its proficiency as a concert band. The chorus has been re-established this year by Mrs. Carolyn Cox, who has done a beautiful job with the students. The chorus has contributed much to the school year by participating in many chapel programs and commencement exercises. Although it is relatively new, the music department is becoming well-known in the state for its excellence. 'i " ""' ' -25,21 'W 'iw-mm, 4,.,,.,Vf f My ' , M, W ,, 0, Q ,W riff , yzflwiqzw M' , Listening to lVlrs. Cox sing is a delight to Dean Dockins and David Rucker Band music is given out by lVlr. lVlcDonaId to Barbara Blitchingtorr and Ann Glowing. The Flute Section ofthe band reliearses forthe state contest. Linda Porter' and Kay Hanlon help select music the chorus' chapel program. QS Varied Activities Make Student i I l Lite Interesting Yaried activities make up student life. Hours of study-at home and in the classroom-provide the means for each stu- dent to attain his goal of graduation from College or a chal- lfllging job. School clubs sponsor many worthwhile projects. By helping to publish the Samfspzzrs and the Yellow laelret students gain valuable training. Throughout the year inspira- tional and entertaining assembly programs are arranged by the student eouneil. the two publications. and the Beta Club. Seasonal sports add interest to the passing days. During foot- ball season pep rallies. led by the cheerleaders and the band. keep morale high. Students eagerly antieipate Homecoming game beeause the Closely guarded identity of the queen is revealed. ln February the juniors begin planning for their play. which is later presented to help tinanee the .iunior-Senior Prom. The seniors are busy with nominations. eleetions. publishing the yearbook. Also. invitations hay e to be selected. Caps and gowns must be ordered. The days pass rapidly by and soon Comes lune l with graduation. .SN li l l l i l t t. gi Ls S B. wk Jack Howard and Richard Montgomery are certainly putting the Li't Black Book to good use as they make a date for the basketball game. Twirp Week is enjoyed by Jimmy Arnett as Charlene Hutto carries his books. I' the iibrary students cram for midterm exams. 'Q 4H '-..,, . J! t, - f' -Xe. t' Each change of class ticks off another hour until the end ot the day, With the help of lVlr. Stillvvell, Bobby Hamilton registers for his senior subjects. f' MW V mmm ywlkw, ' W 2 H W X ' ff'z sg W M fw f Ja, l iWm f,W ,Z " W , X ,, K :W ,M 4 WW4 Q ' M ff f M, W,.',,-ff' f i i ay, Admiring their black and gold class rings are Jo Hill, George Bradley, Jockel Haywood, and Camilla Baker. Jeri Simril helps Buddy Day with 57 his gown for graduation l 1 J! On College Day many seniors are interegfed in learning about Furman University, lVlr. Gault presents the North Augusta Star Player of the Week Award to Warren Grifhn, Cao' Hayes s-:: 'es tfe nmscal background as Ann Sanders narrates an l'Ode to the Sandspursf' This highlights the SANDSPURS circulation drive 31 921' ff in ., Y ,, gil! .ng 4 gl ,Q ef V., 9' 1 W? I J WSF E 155 X mmelmvmw W Q9 V I T 31-f"S i"f"" l4S"'Scc"'ing sponsors are as follows: FIRST ROW: G. Ferguson, J. Andrews, M. Zier, J. Mumford, S. Anderson, B. Thompson C N ht : Tift -fron. SECOND R-Ohh. June Barton, Jo Hill, June Kilby, Tessa Wadford, Martha Dyer, Dianne Nipper, Joyce Culbertson, Gayle Howell l X35 ' iff News Dost-er H 'clretli Callaway, Sara Jones, Sara Williams, and Linda Neely. THIRD ROW: B. Hamilton, B. Harville, J. Fallaw, E Bl N Betty Ee'-fy Dane Gbps Becky Rourk, Martha Templeton, Judy Hamilton, D. Edvvins, D. Rucker, W. Cooper, D. Montgomery, R P ,i. :id The 1959 Homecoming Queen-Martha Templeton. 1959 Football Season -Mmm, z During sports seasons the Cheerleaders add pep to the school with decorations. Receiving awards at the All Sports Banquet were Louis Lee, Scholastic Achievement Award, Mike Joy, Ouzts Most Valuable Scrub, Jimmy Mumford and Dan Edwins, A. L. Metz Blocking Trophy, Mike Zier, Goldman Sports- manship Award, and Sammy Anderson, the North Augusta Star Trophy awarded to the Most Outstanding Player of 1959. BELOW-The Girls' Basketball Team were honored at the All Sports Banquet. W 1 victorious Beaufort game W ' "' wif t f X fu , X X Q-XYDN LR9 If takes A ' rf NN 1x ' K Of:tLw'e-5. Q 'any Cav uaut m triumph J nf' .1 'G a rest tetvpf-r' 'hp fast rock nd Lf f C225-2" fd Has d 'W X My W, ,. ,. fww' ,ff .xm11 WfW X X .WWLQWWIAQ At the end of each school day the Rag is folded and put away. Pam Linda Carleton, Rusty, and Larry rehearse their iines from the Junior play, You Cant Kiss Caroiinef' N. pu.. w mf. HN ex 5 Jimmy, Waiter, Betsy. Betty Buddy Bnb Frances and Martha capture the atmosphere of France at the Mardi Gras. A gay :':za supper is enjoyed by the members of Student Council Mrs Hammond and Mrs Godfrey 'Vw 414' X , Q' mf M M Q . N- '-t1-:NQSEai.1Q..E3ggtgft:t -- -. .,l. 5 'ia 'N X, 1 ' ' - -V " 'i V 3. ' "'-ur mn-ww. S fe"'--un s ae ' .' i , .X 1 i Vw... 5 .JZ I Fw-un., ir 1 fm... 1, 7,5 M.-a,,,,, ww... 5""M"--s- ru-,.....,, sw... , Ham radio enthusiasts--Jimmy Nichoison, Bob Lee, and Gary Dixon-have great fun pursuing their hobby. Morning devotional is given over the pubiic address system by Mike Srnith. Cast for UYou Canft Kiss Caroiine": Myra iMi5s Jamesoni, Jinirny KJohnnyJ, Linda ilfaroiinei, Rusty Uoeb, Frances iSusieJ, Sharon CSalIyH, Joyce CShirIeyD, Larry CMiitJ, Pam Ueannetteb, Carleton KVViIiiei, Johnny IStanIeyJ, Wyatt il-iowiel, I-iiidreth fBunnyD, Ann iPati, Connie CMa Randi. -'V-c. 1-rn--3 -L, Q-1, if j,,-mmfv. ,VL V, F, 3, H. 5 if- ai I' f , ,i i i f' ff f f gf i t 4, g , 4 it ' 5 ,V S ""r. me , gf 5 i:3i":'S'i'Y's e..,,, NWS. , 1 f 9 5 4 5 ': L 5 + A 5,6 , ? 4 4 iw i i , , ' ,, ., , X , , ,, Newwat ' , i :, if L5 f ig Z: 5 :Q Z i Q i 5 i aww! is 3 E 2 2 2 ,I , M 1, 1 M WW. ,.,.w..-Q,-n,..a,.--,,,M,, ff - it C N, A if , 3 5' 7gg,m,,gg,,n,la ' IN , Many boys were lnterested ln hearing about Clemson College, 3' Q "" ' 'vw eb"-'cake ls served to Sue and Lynne by lVlrs. U. .J . ., , R, AH-. . , L . 'lui ,l " land, G 1 5 e 2 Q .nays long at the end of the break. Hope. 39 Though the bell is ringing for the next class, Ann doeSn't seem in E1 hurry ww A V Gerry Ferguson, Linda Fallaw, Sammy Anderson. GIRLS' AND BUYS' STATE For their outstanding qualities in leader- ship, character, courage, honesty, scholarship, cooperation. and physical fitness Linda Fallaw, Sammy Anderson, and Gerry Ferguson were selected by the North Augusta High School faculty to attend the 1959 Palmetto Girls' and Boys, State. The objective of this assembly is to educate the youth in the duties, priv- ileges, rights, and responsibilities of Ameri- can Citizenship. During their weekls visit at the lfniversity of South Carolina Linda. Sammy. and Gerry learned about the consti- tution and the statutes of the State of South Carolina. After attendance there they returned to their senior year in high school. steeped in the doctrines of fair play, equal opportunity for all, freedom of thought, speech, and re- ligion. and the ability to live and work har- moniously with others. Girls, and Boys, State is one of the most outstanding and serious obligations assumed by the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary. Preparlnq to leave for the Beta Club Convention, Frank Oakley, Carolyn Lutz, Betsy Thurmond is puzzled by Becky Rourlds inscription in the S ND and UiCl4 3Ol3Vld Dllf W99399 lfl illellf Calf- SPURS, while Danny Ford is finding Harold lVlcEInwurray's amusing y sw, f if wxgy New is N -A wx M i f ' 2 is f - . W5 mr 2 .V ,A,A, f 'aw f , ak f .A I M, WWW , 5 75 at -hw: A V, 9 14 9. W af V' y, , X I ,, V ,I J ,, V. l i! "X n -1 , if V Q v A ,, A ff, f ff A, ' f l 'WW A., 4- , f ff ,Wiffz , f ' if 1 2 ,4 f ' 4ff V , ,wif ' A 2 X f Z "TfZ: i - .I 3 'ff yi , er f f K 2? f '. f ,LZ M, fm M, A gala Roman Banquet is enjoyed each year by the Latin students. I- snrolfe dance around a huge bonhre peps the students and the football players for the Greenville game. After the victorious Aiken gaine Mumford and Grifhn give each other the good luck shake. Students are the basis for a sound school system. Sophoniores, juniors, and seniors are joined together to seek knowledge. United, they work to achieve their goals: to graduate from high school and to go on to college, to learn the art of getting along with other peo- ple, and to gain a place in the world today. , I ff, rr To Remember Gur Loyal jnjenfa T a 'R N. Q. x nr xv x. K M XX X X GX wx. .. X. XM xx K . x Lu if X ' s -X vi , 3 2 ' , x , f W ,X x , x 3f:2mev..'t' f.,,. , W' , W . I A ' QQ. X .y 15, ,,, V fi A 'Pm .'-71: ' .-f , ff 1 WV ? f, ' ' .. I X W2 , , ' V, ,,,,. .fi ., " nf uf vvv-' - I Z ' , , , f f ig' ,W Z 4 W '::'.' -' wi " :W ,, ff Q , my M Q Z 5 Z Q W, 4 X W , f f A ww ,1 2 xf f f 4 ,IZ f A Z 1 , uhm. , nf- A 2: 5 ",:.J,gj'z1',egr.54:g'.,figg7i3g3g1Q33,.32,g Qgfiggsgg, j l ENIUR OFFICE S JIMMY CALHOUN . . Presidenz JIMMY ANDREWS . . Vice-president GAYLE HURST . . Treasurer ANN BRADLEY . Secretary Jimmy A .... Gayle . . . Jimmy C .... Ann ,gi,51?l"X 'f V rf' ' 1 FW il I 4 , nl 7, , f ,Mori I 4 In ...,., Vwk 3' 'Q , Z 1 44 CHERI Moons Poet BUCK TYLER Prophet JOHNNY BOYD Lazrycr TOBINIY C.1.sHwELL Lazcrcr BETTY O.BERRY H istoriafz Johnny. . .Cheri . , . Buck. . . Betty. . .Tommy FEATURE WRITERS NO DAYS ARE LIKE OUR SCHOOL DAYS CHERI MOORE X0 days are like our school days, We Remember good times there ln North Augusta High School, Our Alma Mater fair. No friends are like our old friends, though They left us one by one. But we know they remember The joys, the tears, the fun. No times are like our school times when Ambition fired us all. Our teachers, daily striving, Prepared us for our call. 45 No teachers like our teachers with Their helping hands so strong! They guided us through perilsg Refreshed, we journeyed on. No life is like our school life, an Its deep impressions last. We'll bravely face new zeniths, Remembering our past. No school is like our N. A. High And when a school bell rings, We-,ll think of parting sorrow That graduation brings. JAMES LESLIE ANDREWS Sports are right down his line, pref- erably football . . . his highest ambi- tion-just to get through college . . . popularity plus! ' f ffff-V if 917-W f' "WJ 472715 IUDITH ELAINE ALEXANDER Versatile . . . a ready smile . . . a helping hand . . . often seen on a ten- nis or basketball court. SAMUEL LEE ANDERSON, IR. Big in heart . . . loves people and having a good time . . . admired and liked by everyoneg '4NIr. Football" . . . Shrine Bowl standout. MICHAEL ARTEMUS ARANT, JR. Always up to some prank . . . Swim- ming and skiing are his sports . . . wants to be an HAir Force Manf, MICHAEL WAHHICN BA ILICY l7rir'nclly disposition , . . a good pal . . . sense ol llllllltll' . ,. likes F-Wllllllllllgjf and lIHlllIlg . . . 'im bilion just lo ln- his own. lVlAIlCAlll'1'I' lYAlNlII,I,.'X ISAKEII Prelly liair :tml laseinaling lnlue eyes . . . likes llu' i'W1'Hlii . . . liglilllearlefl . sinwre . . . an amluition to lic a secretary. 1115 JAMES DELOS ARNETT Cooperative . . . bright mind . . . Sin- cerity and Common sense make a passport anywhere . . . unassumingly courteous . . . mischievous . . . un- predictable! -"", Lfsett Camilla, Sammy, Mtke, Jimmy Andrews, Mickey, and Judy gather wood tor the fire. SENIURS CLASS UF 1960 .. ret .IL'DI'l'H ELAINE ALEXANDER E.H.A. '57, '-53: Basketball 50. '59. Manager -601 Yellow frrclrel '50, 59: Cirls' Track learn '50, '60: Bulletin Board Committee 55. '59, '60: Beta Club A59. .6Lli Lunch Room Assistant '59. 760: Ir.-Sr. Place Card Committee 259: Ir. Play Tir-kr-t Committee '59s Le Cercle Erancais '59. '60. SAMSCEL LEE ANDERSON, IR. Football 357, 758, 759, 360: Basketball 757, 253, '59, '60g Baseball 757, '53, '59, 760g Class President '57: Most Athletic '57, GSR. '60g Block Letter Club '57, 758, '59, '60g Class Vice President 253g Le Cercle Erancais 759, '60, Sec. 759g Student Council '59g Boys: State '59: Chairman of Ir.-Sr. Decorating Committee 7592, Bus Driver '603 President of Student Body '60: Shrine Bowl 560. JAMES LESLIE AN DREWS Basketball '57, 758, '59, '60s Eootball 757. '53, 759, ,6OQ Class "7 "0 "9 70: Class Treas- Secretarv l57g Block Letter Club 51, oo, '5 ., 'J urer sal Le Cercle Erancais '59, 7605 Class Nice President '59g rned as seniors for their final year. Student! Council ,5Y9Q Jr.-Sr. Decorating Committee '59g Bus Driver 60g Class Vice President '60g Mr. Senior '60, MICHAEL ARTEMUS ARANT, IR. North Augusta High School '57, ,58, '59, '60, JAMES DELOS ARNETT, JR. Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '53, 759g Band '57, 358, '59, '603 Stu. dent Council '53g State Examination in Geometry, United States History hog Beta Club 759, 760, Treasurer ,60g Junior Plav ,593 ilunlor-Senior Decoration Committee '59: Le Cerde Francais 09, X602 Sandspurs Salesman '60. MICHAEL WARREN BAILEY Junior-Senior Decorating Committee '59 MARGARET CAMILLA BAKER Chorus 357, ,503 ,Iunior Homemakers 757, '58 47 GUY EDWARD BALLARD Better known as "Easy dog" . . . de- pendable . . . good dancer . . . cheer- ful . . . always quiet but ready for a laugh . . . amateur radio operator. SARA CAROLYN BANKS Man, can that girl cook! . . . She likes swimming and sports too . . . Sheis out to he a secretary . . . friendly and quiet. BREN DA SUE BERRY Has a heavy third Finger left hand . . . good husiness student . . . will make an excellent secretary . . . happy-gd lucky. EARL WOODROW BLIQVINS Likes girls . . . foollmll player . . quite a Cut-up . . . new-r docs hmm'- work , . . easy ln get along with. llAlll3AllA BHAIJSIIAW lll,l'l'ClllNC'l'0N l.ov4-S lift- . . . quit-k willl ll smile or words ol llulp . . . always an optimist . . . a future lmnfl tlirvcflor. 'IH Q Q L K1 J A ?" VN! wa 312 2 N 4 f , 2 f Z 2 Z i ia V ' ,Z E:.'.ard, Brenda, Dickie, Carolyn, lVl. C., Earl, and Barbara enjoy listening to records, SENIURS . . . CLASS UF 1960 . . were waited on hy sophomore initiates. CCY EDWARD BALLARD Student Council '-59: Junior-Senior Decorating Committee 559. SARA CAROLYN BANKS Junior Homemakers '57, 753: Library Club '57g Seryed at Jun. ior-Senior Home Room Devotional Chairman 53: JUUIOF' Senior Decorating Committee '59g Home Room Bulletin Board Committee '59g Chorus '6U. MALCOLM CARL BAXLEY Attendance Honor Roll 757g Football 7573 Basketball '57g Bus Driver '59, '60. BRENDA SLE BERRY Junior Homemakers Association '57, 553. JOHN RICHARD BLANCHARD Student Council 559g J 7 ior-Senior Decoration Committee 759g Le Cercle Francais '59 '6Og Satndspurs Advertising Drive J60. unior Play Selection Committee '59' Jun EARL WOODROW BLEVINS Aquinas High School: '57g North Augusta High School: '53 '59, '60g Football '59, '60g Block Letter Club 759, 760g Junior Senior Decoration Committee '59' Junior Play Propert Com 7 Y mittee ,595 Le Cercle Francais '59, ,60. BARBARA BRADSHAW BLITCHINGTON lVl.H.A. 557, 758g Band '57, 758, ,59, '60, Treasurer '60, Clinic Band 358, All-State Band ,59, Valuable Band Member Award ,59, District and State Music Festivals 757, '53, 7592 Yellow Jacket Staff '58, Representative to South Carolina Scholastic Press Association ,583 Junior Play Make-up Committee 759g Le Cercle Francai '59 '60- ' - ' ' ' s , , Junior Senior Decoration Committee 7595 Beta Club '59, '60. 49 get , ,, ,,,,, ,,,,,c,,,, , ,,, , ., LINDA CORINNE BODIE Much artistic ability . . . Give her a job, and it will be done well . . . beau- tiful brown eyes . . . a bright wit. THOMAS MARSHALL BODIE, JR. Plays football . . . doesnlt seem to study, but can do well if be tries . . . polite and pleasant . . . married. JOHN JEFFERSON BOYD. JR. Persuasive . . . roving eyes . . . never a dull moment witb g'Jobn Henry' around . . . loyal football supporter . . . plays drum well. ANN IQLlZAl3lC'l'H BRAIN .ICY J4l!1f'll8UlllIgII1CI'FUIlllllly . . . well liked . . . lropes lo be il l'0lIlllll'I'l'l' lcalvlwr' or sc'1'rc'lnry . . . likvs lo svw and wulvr ski. illfllllillf IlOWl'1l,l, liliAIlI,l'IY J'lXf'4'lS in wzllvr sporls . . , ralllwr quivl, unlvss lu- is willl l'l'lt'lNlS . . . stubborn but willy Ill his own way . . . llnpredivlablv. if ff ,W 4 . N- t in 5 ,Aja ff 4' V f W1 ff 50.1, -525:21-"i'.2f f,4r'f ' I "V H " V ' fwmf- ' . ,.,, .h o , V .,,.,,,,,w George, Johnny, Julia, Ann, Don, Linda, and Tommy relax on the patio. SENIURS . . . CLASS UF 1960 ..received their black and gold class rings. LINDA CORINNE BODIE Junior I-Iomemakers 57: Chorus 57: Bulletin Board Committee '57, 59. '60: Junior-Senior Decoration and Special Arrange- ments Committees 59: Le Cercle Francais '59. '60: Junior Play Hake-up Committee 59: Publicity Committee '59, lellou' faclzet Staff '59: Future Teachers '60, Home Room Co-Chairman '60: Sanalspurs Salesman and Art Editor '60, THOMAS MARSHALL BODIE, JR. Football '57, '58, '59, Track '57g Block Letter Club '57, '5B. '59: Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59. JIQLIA ELIZABETH BOONE Junior Homemakers '57Z Served at Junior-Senior '53, .lllHi0f- Senior Invitation Committee '59, Home BOOTH BUHSUU B03fd Committee '60: Chorus '60, JOHN JEFFERSON BOYD, JR. Class Treasurer '57, Band '57, '58, '59, '69, President '60, Track '57, '58, '59, '60, Student Council '53, Junior Class Play '59, Junior-Senior Decorating Committee '59. DONALD MICHAEL BOYKIN Baseball '56, Boys' Chorus '56, Block Letter Club '56, '57, '58, '59, Sartdspurs Salesman '56, '53, Football '57, Le Cercle Francais '53, Vice-President '53, Junior-Senior Decoration Com- mittee '5B, '59, Junior Play Advertising Committee '59. ANN ELIZABETH BRADLEY f Junior Homemakers '57, '58, Library Club '57, '53, Y-Teens '57, '58, '59, Bulletin Board Committee '60, Served at Junior- Senior '53, Devotional Chairman '53, Junior Play Prompter '59, Yellow locket Salesman '59, Junior-Senior Entertainment Committee '59, Junior Editor of Sandspurs '59, Photographic Editor '60, Typist '60, Class Treasurer '60, F.T.A, '60, Miss Senior '60, GEORGE HOWELL BRADLEY Attendance Honor Roll '57, Junior-Senior Decorating Commit- tee '59, Bus Driver '59. MELVIN WAYNE BRINKLEY Enjoys parties and girls . . . sport enthusiast . . . never still a minute . . . To be a jet pilot is his ambition. MARY LEE BURKHALTER A brown-eyed red head with an en- dearing personality . . . quiet man- ner . . . an ambitious girl who likes to write letters. CHARLOTTE ALWA BLSSE5 JAMES THEO CALAMAS JMIES Nom CALHOLN JR Soft answer and 3 gentle Smlle are Congenial . . . likes to wisecrack . . . bueeess lies in his path knosm her Ways Hel' half 15 her Pflzed much school spirit . . . good business- as Noon 1 LINOI prim P05qeS510U llked bt' CWTYOUC man . . . not exactly studious but has pliarmael t lu ll0PL to be a quick, alert mind. HILDRETH LOU C,Al,lJAWAW Known as ullilvlmiew . . . Her vivaeious smile attracts everyone . . . popular . . dependable and cooperative . . . unllmlted em rgy and alnllty. blnall, quut. and fFlLl1flly . . . lllns gal loves to sew . . . always makes good grades . . . exact in everything she does. 'R can is shag! S at 5' hy-V 4 M620 , WH -M New-.. W ,a,1.,,:f?,,,Z .aafraai , mi. Za ares Tar,, Charlotte, Jimmy Calhoun, Hildreth, Wayne, and Ann refresh themselves after a long hike. SENIURS . . . CLASS UF 1960 . . visited the University of South Carolina tor High School Day. 3lEl.VlN WEAYNE BRlNKl,EY Football 56. 57. 58: Baseball 56. 57: Block l,f!lt8f Club 57. '53, '593 Hat-Or gf Teen Toxvn 59: ,lunior-Senior Decoration Committee '59, F g MARY LEE Bl RlxHAl,'lER Sandspurs Salesman 57: Xl.H.A. 57. '531 Y'Tf"f"fF 57' 'SR' F.T.A. '57, '58. '59. '60: Scholastic Honor lfioll 58: .lf--5K Decoration' Committee 59: Chairman of .lr. Play Alakc-up Committee '59, Tellozt' jacket Horne-Room H'fl"'flf'f 7799 LC Cercle Erancais '59, '60Q Beta Club '59. '602 Nffh' Years PVC Dance Decoration Committee '59: Senior Editor of.SflnIl5f1LlfS 60. CHARLOTTE ALNIA BESSEY- I Band '57, '58, '59: Euture Teachers '57, '58.g'o9, 693 Atfelid- ance Honor Roll '57g 3I,H.A. '57. '58: Junior-Senior Decoration Committee 1593 Beta Club '59, '60, Typist Chairman of Sunfl- spuirs '60, JAMES THEO CALANIAS - student caunai '57, sa, '59i Host Popular '-532, Football P72 Track '58, '59, '60, Candid Photographer for .5fll1flSPll-V5 609 Le Cercle'Erancais '59, '60, Most Versatile '60. JAMES NOAH CALHOUN, JR. .F F Student Council '57, M.H.A. '57, '58, State Treasurer '58, '59, Home Room Chairman '57g Band '57, '58, '59, '60, Vice Pres. '60, Vice President of Student Body '58g Most Ambitious '59, Track Team '59, '60g Beta Club '59, '60g Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59g President of Class '60, Most Ambitious '60, HILDRETH LOU CALLAWAY Student Council '57: Home Room Secretary '57, Scholastic Honor Roll '57g F.H.A. '57, '58, '60, Vice President '58, Treas- urer '60, Voting Delegate '57, Comwolei Club '57, '58, Secretary '58, Served at Jr.-Sr. '58, Football Banquet Committee '58g Most Dependable '58, F.T.A. '58, '59, '60, Program Chairman '59, Treasurer '60, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Treasurer '59, Jr. Play Cast '59g Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Home Room Chairman '60, Make-Up Editor of Sanflspufrs '60, Y-Teens '57, '58, '59, Homecoming Sponsor '60. CALLIE ANN CALLICOTT Y-Teens '57, Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, '59g F.H.A. '57, '58, Treasurer '58g Served at Football Banquet '58g Beta Club '59. '60, F.T.A. '59, '60g Junior Play '59, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Com- mittee '59g Exchange Editor of Yellow faclfe! '59, Student Coun- cil '59, Jr.-Sr. Planning Committee '59g Home Room Chairman '59, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60: Sanclspurs Staff '60g Beta Club Refreshment Committee '60, 53 STEVE ALLEN CARTER Willing to help others . . . reliable . . . plays golf . . . polished manners . . . enjoys excitement . . . well liked . . . keen mind. TOMMY WAYNE CASHWELL Talented plus . . . plays in a ucrazyl' hand . . . College is his destination . . . To play in a professional hand is his ambition . . . fun-loving. SHARON LORENE CASWELL THOMAS COLE Ill A true blond, huh! . . . She's capable Friendly and sincere . . . collects rec- . . . infectious laughter . . . Watch ords as a hobby . . . A pharmacist he out when she raises that eyebrow. wants to be . . . eagerly anticipating his college days. WALTON MAYS COOPER Carefree . . . never a serious moment . . . hardworking atlilcte . . . witty, good lor a laugh . . . just call him uWhcatics" . . . line matllcmaticizm LM RA JOYCIC Clll,BER'l'SON A bluc-cycd lwlonclc . . . dcpcndalmlc and clhcicnt . . . llow well sllc plays the piano! . . . dresses stylishly . . . poiscd. 'N DONALD EDWIN COOPER ln every deed of niischief . . . Cars are his main interest . . . When it comes to school, he is unconcernedl 7,,,....,............-mn- Joyce, Donny, Walton, Tommy, Steve, and Sharon grill hamburgers at the lake. SENIURS...l3tASS UF 1960 ..reeeived good results from their ad drive. STEVE ALLEN CARTER 3I.H.A. 57. '58: Scholastic Honor Roll 57: Home Room Secre- tary 57: Band '57g Student Council 58: Block Letter Club '59, '6O: Football '59, '69: Junior-Senior Property Committee '59g Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59: Home Room Chairman '69g lellozt faclcet Salesman '69g Host Attractive '69 TOMMY WAYNE CASHWELL Basketball '57g Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59g Junior- Senior Entertainment Committee '59. SHARON LOREXE CASWELL E.H.A. '57, '58, '6O: Student Council '57, '58g Nlajorette '57, "8 '79 '69 Yellow Jacket Salesman '57, '58, Sandspurs Sales- o . 5 , , man '57, '58g Home Room Devotional Chalrman '57g Comwolei Club '57. '58. Treasurer '58g Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, Served at Eofotball Banquet '57g Sandspurs Staff, Sophomore Editor 'M, Junior Editor '59, Served at Jr.-Sr. '58g Beta Club '59. '60: Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59g Jr.-Sr. Theme Com- mittee '59g Le Cercle Francais '59, '6Og Jr. Play Cast 59. THOMAS COLE Ill Le Cercle Francais '59, '60. DONALD EDWIN COOPER Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Secretary '60g Junior-Senior Dec- oration Commrttee '59. WALTON MAYS COOPER Football '57, '58, '59, '60, Basketball '57, '58, '59, '603 Block Letter Club '57, '58, '59, '6Og lVl.H.A. '57, '58g Baseball '58, '59, 903 SMF Player Of the Week Award '60, Junior-Senior Decora- tion and Table Committees '59. LAURA JOYCE CULBERTSON Class Secretary '57g lVIost Ambitious '57, lVl.H.A. '57, '58- Scho. lastrc Honor Roll '57, '58, '59, Sandspurs Salesman '57 758. Comwolei Club '57, '58, '59g F.T.A. '57g Student Council '58i Le Cercle Francais '59, '6Og Beta Club '59, '60g Jr. Play Selecl tron Committee '59, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Jr. Play Cast '59g Home Room Chairman '59g Homecoming Sponsor '60, 55 5 Q is i ELLISON CLAIR DAY Quiet mannered but enjoys capers . , . tall . . . does his Work thorough- ly . . . quiet studious . . . uncon- cerned and extremely unflustered. ,f 1 3 4, H BILLIE ANN DAVIS Has a dry Wit . . . magnetic . . . en- joys action . . . unfiustered . . . checks c'Deder" . . . Interests include skiing and dancing . . . may study medicine. HENRY EARL DAVIS Sports are his subject, though girls come first . . . always on the go . . . energetic . . . not on good terms with books. 'FHM J i,, , M ERIC WALTER DEDERSCI-IECK SANDRA GAILE DICKENS The life of any party . , . excellent Pleasant . . . nice smile . . . likes a speaker . . . cowhand at heart . . . practical joke . . . reliable and easy determined to he a success . . . en- to get along nitli . . . quite a out-up thusiastic school spirit. . . . lilws to date. '4 ROBERT CARY DIXON Sterling character . . . a ulnnn" rxnlio hoy . . . syslvnialic . . . wants lu al- tcncl Clemson :incl SIUIIY 1-lcvlrical cn lllt'l'I'lllg. l"ltANtll'lS IIUW l5Hlltll,AS acl f,lncrlc.ulcr . . . pcppy .intl vl- var-ious . . . natural lvaclcr . . . mis- clncvous . . . sparkling luluc cycs . . ncal, pretty. and sopliisticalccl . . . 1 Carolina fan. r ge rj . 1 ,X X f i 4 , i Nix -xx if f 6 Ear' Gaye, Buddy, Billie Ann, Walter, Frances, and Gary spend a quiet evening looking at old ""'E1 S. SENIURS. .CLASS UF 1960. .cheered their teams at the pep rallies. BILLIE ANN DAVIS Ifellozt' ,laclret Salesman 557: Home Room Devotional Chairman 57. '59g All-I.A. 757. 53: Scholastic Honor Roll '5T. '53, '59, '6ll: Attendance Honor Roll '51 '59: Tellozt' faclfcf Staff 758. '59. News Editor '59g Jr. Play Publicity Chairman '59g Le Cercle Francais '59, '69 Chairman '6U: Beta Club '59, '6Og F.T.A. '58, '59: Home Room Chairman 758: Xlarlrlox American History Medal '59: Chairman of Jr.-Sr. Invitation Committee '593 RCP- resentative to S. C. Scholastic Press Association 759g Sanflspurs Staff '6O. HEXRY EARL DAVIS 4 Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59g Junior Play L sher '59. ELLISON CLAIR DAY Home Room Chairman ,DTQ Scholastic Honor Roll '57. '58, '59g Beta Club '59, '60, Initiation Committee '60s Junior Marshal '59g Jr. Play Personal Properties Committee '59g Jr.-Sr. Orches- tra Backdrop Committee '59g Jr.-Sr. Table Committee '59g Jr.- Sr. Decoration Committee '59, ERIC WALTER DEDERSCHECK Evans High School: Public Speaking '57, '58g Vice President 4-H Club '53g President of Royal Nine Speakers '58g Debating Team '53g F.F.A. '57, '58, North Augusta: Jr. Play Outstanding Ticket Salesman '59g Home Room Devotional Chairman '59g Le Cercle Francais '59. '6O: Jr.-Sr. Building Committee '59g 11--H Club '59, '60g District J,-I-I Dairying 759, '60g District 4--H Speaking '59, 760g Yellow jacket Salesman '6O. SANDRA GAILE DICKENS Junior Homemakers of America '57g Future Homemakers of America '55-lg Served at Football Banquet 753g Served at Junior- Senior Banquet '58g Y-Teens '53, '59g Junior Plav Ticket Com- mittee '59g Future Teachers Club '60g Chorus '6O. ROBERT GARY DIXON Junior-Senior Decoration Committee 759. FRANCES HOW DOUGLAS Cheerleader '57, '5B. '59, '60, Head Cheerleader '6Og Student Council ,57, '5Bg Homecoming Sponsor '57g J.H.A. '57, '53, '59g Reporter '5Bg Comwolei Club '57, '53g Student Council '57g Served at Jr.-Sr. '58s Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, President '59, Vice President '60g Athletic Club '59g F.T.A. '59. '60g Sana'- spurs Staff '60. DANIEL CLIFTON EDWINS Good physique . . . blond . . . out- standing tackle who always gave a good account for himself . . . jolly and friendly . . . good taste in girls. if ' w -1,5 fi mf IV' i,251'f'3f""'l.w?'1L WILLIS WILLIAM DUBOSE, JR. Always one jump ahead of his teach- ers . . . enjoys fishing, hunting and playing pool . . . continuously breaks traffic laws. SAIVIMIE BERRY DL RDEN Creative artist . . . likes stamp col- lecting and music . . . an interesting person . . . wants to be an electrician or engineer. GLEN DA JOYCE FAGLIE Unchangeable and reliable . . . a con- genial companion . . . enjoys a good time . . . likes pizza at Mama lVIia's . . . versatile ability. LINDA IOLINE FA LLAW Her goals are high . . . has tulenl plus . . . full of energy . . . poised . . . gentle . . 3 very c'oinpvlcnl cmlilor. CERRY IIICR M A N FERGUSON Good leader . . . fl great loolliull play- er . . . irresistible to girls as well as popular with boys . . . ll lruc soullicrn gentleman. 58 JACK EDWARD FALLAW Likes to argue . . . determined on the football held . . . never liurrie good looking and well dres cl :Sf ae. ,an R Clemson bound. Eleoda and Linda serve Cokes to Jack, Dan, Gerry, and Berry as they shoot pool. SENIURS . . . CLASS UF 1960 . . encouraged the football team hy their enthusiasm. WILLIS WlLl-l.XBI DKBOSE. JR. and Building Committees 59: Jr. Play Ticket Committee 759g Junior-Senior Decoration Committee 59: Junior-Senior Building Track 559, '6Og Star Player of the Week Awarfl 'Ao Committee 59. SANllllE BERRY DlfRDEN Co-Chairman of Junior-Senior Decoration Committee 09. DANIEL Cl-ll'7TDN EDWINS f K Football 57, 53. 59, 50: Basketball 57. 58g All fi.S.R.A. Team 59: All County Team 59: All State Pick 7591 Hffmf H0091 Chairman 57: 'Block Letter Club 58, 59. 7603 Sllldellt CUUUCH 59: BUS Driver '59, 760g Star Player of Week Award '59, 760. GLENDA JOYCE FAGLIE M.H.A. 57. 58g Sanalspurs Salesman 57, 59g Scholastic Honor Roll 57. '53, 759g Le Cercle Francais 59, ,6O, Chairman '59, President '6lJg Jr. Play Selection Committee '59g Junior Play Ticket Committee '59g Jr.-Sr, Decoration Committee '59g Beta Club '59, '6Og F.T.A. '59, '6Og Yellow Jacket Home Room Re- porter 59. ,- JACK EDWARD FALLAW U F Bl k 3 ' IA' Q". fig? P . Cfmmunity Center King 'o7g oc dir cilii' iigog JI-'ootball 957, '53, '59, '60g Home Room Chairmah 558g Home Room Ofhcer '59g Jr.-Sr. Decorating LINDA JOLINE FALLAW Band '57, '58g lVI.H.A. '57, '58, Second Consul '53, Entertain- ment '57g Scholastic Honor Roll '57, 558, ,595 Special Delegate to Rock Hill 753g Golden Key Award '53g Student Council '58g Most Ambitious '58g Co-Chairman of English Class '58g Y-Teens '58g Home Room Bulletin Board Chairman 758, '59g E.T.A. ,58 ,59, ,60Q Jr. Play Cast '59g Chairman of Jr.-Sr. Seating Com- mittee '59, Hospitality Committee 759, Entertainment Commit- tee '59, Decoration Committee '59g Yellow Jacket Reporter '59g New Year's Eve Dance Decoration Chairman ,DQQ Junior Mar- shal '59g Graduation Usher 759Q Girls' State ,595 Beta Club '59, '60g Le Cercle Francais 359, '6Og Sanalspuirs Salesman 359, Editor- in-Chief 7605 Most Ambitious '6O. GERRY HERMAN FERGUSON Student Council 757, '58g Football '57, '53, 759, '60g Baseball '57, '53, '59, ,60g Best All Round 757, 359g Class President '58, ,59g Block Letter Club 753g lVlost Athletic l59g Star Player of the Week Award 759g Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee 759g Boys' State '59g Student Council Representative-at-Large 759. 3 !jW!fif NANCY ANNE FIRBY A kind-hearted person with a warm sincere smile . . . steady worker . . . A finer person would be hard to find. BIRDIE MAE FLEMISTER Her favorite place-the Seashore . . a dance fiend . . . outstanding basket ball player . . . wishes Citadel were coed . . . oh, those eyes! ff MARGARET KAY FI ORIE DIANNE JEANETTE FOLK THERON DANIEI FON7 Jh Petite and perky hrown eyes Really an ace on skates . . . also a Vull liked talk mu s 1 I cute hair style newer unnoticed good dancer . . . likes to write letters 1 tu u lu opio its has her eye on that certain boy to Kentucky . . . gay and flirtatious. N rr L L 0 FRA N K KICRR FH ICICM A N Determined . . . lmig li-asv . . . rurv comlnillalimi of sm'riu11sm'ss :mil lDl'LlIllx!-3 ...canil fight llml pliysivsl . . . looks lo ai vzlrccr Ill llu' lXlilI'IIll'S. N IJUHIS Nl:-KlFi CAllllNlllll Hoy, wlial an lypisll . . . am ullicim-nl SC1'l'l'lllI'y in lln- lllllliillg . . . allways kiml nml In-lplul . . . gran-ious ways . . . Winsome smile. lill t ss 7-is x- , E f: Zane, Danny, Nancy, Frank, and Doris try their luck at the Exchange Club Fair. SENIURS. . CLASS UF 1960 . . elected top students for superiatives. NANCY AYNE FIRBY ,lunior li t',f rnernalxers 57: Future Hornemakers '5F5: Chorus 'Sin '60: Le Cercle Franviais 59. 710: ,lunior-Senior Def-oration Coin- rnittee 59: Home Room Bulletin Board Cornmittr-e '59, BIRDIE MAE FLENIISTER SGUJSPUTS Salesman '57, 52: Student Count-il '57, '58, '59, Pro- gram Chairman '59: Girls' Athletic Club 57: KI.H.A. . . ,-- f- 1-Q, J H A 1" 9"'O tf . . U i Vice President or, Secretary vo. Lasketball or, oo, 39, '57, '59, Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '53, '59: Chairman of Eng- lish Class '57, '58, Swimming Team '58, Comwolel Club Trease "3' Chairman of Jr -Sr Theme Committee '59, Chairman urer 5 , - - Q V , of Jr.-Sr. Hostess Committee '59, Beta Club 59, 60, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, President '60. KLARCARET KAY FLORIE J,H,A, '57, '58, '59g Runner-up Community Center Queen '57, I-',H,A, Courqtv Treasurer '5B: Homecoming Sponsor '53, '60g Home Room Chairman '58, Student Council '5B: Jr.-Sr. Menu Chairman '59, lr.-Sr, lnvitation Committee '59, F.T.A. '59, Jr. Play Csher '59g Football Banquet Committee '59, DIANNE JEANETTE FOLK Y-'Feens '57, T581 ,l.H.A. '57g F.H.A. '57, '58g Home Room De- votional Chairman '57g Lunchroom Assistant '57, '53, '59g QUVIIZSIJUTS Salesman '58, '59g Home Room Bulletin Board '58, 59: Jri-Sr, Decoration Committee '59g F.T.A, '59, '60g Comwolei Club 39, 992 Chorus '59, '60g Library Assistant '59, '60, At- tendance Honor Roll '59g Sanclspurs Typist '60, THERON DANIEL FGRD, JR. Bancl '57, '53, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Junior-Senior Dec- oration Committee '59. FRANK KERR FREEMAN Football '57, Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59, DORIS lVIcKIE GARDNER Junior Homemakers '57, '58g Attendance Honor Roll '57g Sgho. lastlcallonor Roll '57, '53, '59g Home Room Devotional Chair- man o9g Beta Club '59, '60, Chorus '59, Yellow fuel,-ef Typist '60, Sandspurrs Typist '60. ' 61 -W CLAUDIA OVERTON GIBSON Smart . . . sincere . . . likes dancing, reading, collecting records . . . waits impatiently for the mailman every day . . . delightful Virginia brogue. RONALD WAYNE GOLDEN Brown hair and eyes . . . likeable and witty . . . good natured . . . wants to join Air Force and become a tech- nician. 'Q JAMES RALPH GRANT WILLIAM ROBERT GRAYBILL JEYVELL ALSTYNE GREENE Quiet and self-contained . . . polite His tongue never ceases . . . He's Friendly, sweet. courteous. and witty and well-mannered . . . always prompt always the jolly kind . . . Books never . . . A more sincere friend cannot be and cooperative . . . tinkers with worry him . . . is interested in attend- found .... AX career in nursing in- radio . . . a zeal for electronics. ing Furman University. terests her. THOMAS WARREN CHI FEI N c'Criff,i is mischievous . . . u power- house of energy , . . always on the move , . . quilt- 1-lu'erful . . . ai rn-ul f..isanoy.1 . . . Fl lnoolvnoim. .. BOBBY IOE HAMII,ToN Agrceahlc . . . gcnuinc . . . wunts to be 11 disc jockey . . . Quicl niunnvrs hide ll lively heart . . . truly ai gen- tleman. af f , 4 Warren, Jewell, Robin, Claudia, Ronnie, Bobby, and Jimmy get set for a golf game. SENIURS . . . CLASS UF 1960 . . tlra CLAUDIA OVERTON GIBSON Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, '59, NI.H.A. '57, '58, Y-Teens '57, '58, Home Room Bulletin Board Chairman '57, '58, Yellow faelset '58, '59, Beta Club '59, '60, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, F.T.A. '59, '60, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, RONNIE WAYNE GOLDEN Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Junior-Senior Decoration Commit- tee '59, JAMES RALPH GRANT Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59. WILLIAM ROBERT GRAYBILL Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Beta Club '59, '60, ,Iunior-Senior Decoration Committee '59. matized scenes from MacBeth. JEWELL ALSTYNE GREENE lVI.H.A. '57, '58, Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, '59, Yellow Jacket Staff '58, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, ,lunior Play Usher '59, Home Room Secretary '59, Home Room Devotional Chairman '60, Literary Editor of Sanclspurs '60. THOMAS WARREN GRIFFIN Football '57, '58, '59, '60, Basketball '57, '58, '59, '60, Block Letter.Club '57, '58, '59, '60, Baseball '58, '59, '60, Student Council '58, Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59, BOBBY JOE HAMILTON lgootball '58, '59, Block Letter Club '58, '59, Baseball Manager ' 8 63 EDWARD WINSLOW HAMILTON Neat, attractive looking . . . can do good work when motivated well . . . courteous and considerate of others . . . loves his Ford. KAY EARLYNE HANLAN New around N. A .... soft-spoken, but can this gal laugh! . . . bright eyes . . . Happiness is contagious . . . likes skating and sewing. 1--Q QW fa-fi PALVL WHISMAX HANSHEW MYHA PEARL HAHDNIAN VVILLIAAI THOKIAQ HARPER Tall in stature . . . one of the main A loyal friend . . . sunny disposition A natural scientist . . perfect Uac eleven . . . modest and unassuming . . . attractive ways . , . has a gift of beth recitation . . . enjox tea in . . . Success is assured because of laughter . . . neat in every way . . . excellent free-hand arti t PIIL1 e honesty and enthusiasm. interesting. and accurate speech well read BENJAMIN JOSEPH HARN ILLE Known as B. J. . . . qulct .md .hy . . , a powerful arm . . . ncvcr worries about girls . . . an cnginccr in the making. PAMELA ANN HAYES Loves records . . . cant be hurried. ' gl f- ff . . . Swimming is hcr sporl . . . prclly cycs and lashes . . . an air of sophis- ticalion. 3 i l i Edward, Paul, Myra, Bill, Pam, and Ben are roasting marshmallows. SENIURSWCLASS UF 196ll..met with representatives on College Day. EDWARD WINSLOW HAMILTON North Augusta High School '57, '58, '59, '60, Band '57. KAY EARLYNE HANLAN Chamberlain High: PHA. '53, Girls' Ulhcial Club '53, Student Council '58, Tumbling Team '53, '59. North Augusta High: I".H.A. '60, PAUL WHISMAN HANSHEW ,I.C.L. '57, '58, Football '59, '60, N. A. Star Player of Week Award '60, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Block Letter Club '59, '60, Jr.-Sr. Builders Committee '59, Property Committee '59. MYRA PEARL HARDMAN Scholastic Honor Boll '57, '53, '59, .Il-U1i0f HOIT1CmHk9fS '57, '533 Attendance Honor Boll '57, Served at Ir.-Sr. '53, Beta Club '59, 760g Jr. Play Cast '59, Ir.-Sr. Hospitality Committee '59, Sandspurs Staff '60, Y-Teens '57, '58, '59. WILLIAM THOMAS HARPER Junior Classical League '57, '53, Beta Club '59, '60. BENJAMIN JOSEPH HARVILLE Football '57, '53, '59, '60, Bus Driver '59, Ir.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Beta Club '60. PAMELA ANN HAYES J.H.A, '57, '58, Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, Attendance Honor Boll '57, Girls' Athletic Association '53, Served at Jr.-Sr. '53, Jr.-Sr. Entertainment '58, '59, Swimming Team '58, '59, '60, ,Ir.-Sr. Hospitality, Seating, Table Setting, and Decoration Committees '59, Leader of Jr.-Sr. Grand March '59, Jr. Play Cast '59, Mardi Gras Entertainment Committee '59, Beta Club '59, '60, Voting Delegate at Convention '59, '60, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Feature Editor of Sandspurs '60. 65 ROY LOUIS HAYES Doesn't take school too seriously . . . enjoys working on cars . . . never seems to have a care. IOCKEL E. HAYWOOD Not exactly quiet! . . . likes football. . . . his ambition is to return to Ger- many . . . trustworthy . . . accepts responsibility. I ' f fin , IVIARGIT GISELA HAYWOOD .IOSEPHINE HILL IO ANN ELIZABETH HITEN Her favorite job is collecting money! Good sense of humor . . . could write A smile She always pose: . . . personality plus . . . Germany is a book entitled 4'The Many Loves of IIHS llllboullded graeion It her destination too . . . immaculate Josephine" . . . congenial . . . care- job given to lier is in eipalle ham . . . plans to study pharmacy. free disposition. WILLIAM ERNEST IIOWI4, The cheerful type . . . emnpc-lent . . . loves to talk . . . hopes lo allend col- lege . . . quiet . . . a meelmnie . . . genuine in every way. I OI A FAYI F IIOWFI I Prelly red lI'llI' 'illrflelivf' smile , . . hugh slipping nmjorallev . . . ex- pert in horsemzlnsliip . . . a girl of varied interests and talents. Www Jo, Roy, lvlargit, Gayle, Bill, Jockel, and JoAnn leave for a Fishing trip. SENIURS . . . CLASS UF 1960 . . leyally followed the basketball team. ROY LOUIS HAYES Substitute Bus Driver '57, '58, '59: Le Cercle Francais '58, '59, Junior-Senior Decoration and Lighting Committee '59, JOCKEL E. HAYWOOD M,H,A, '57, '58, Band '57, '58, Football '58, '59, '60, .lr.-Sr. Building Committee '59, Home Room Treasurer '60. NIARGIT GISELA HAYWOOD A Basketball '57, Pres. of Freshman Y-Teens '57, Student Council '57, '58, Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, '59, J.H.A. '07, '53, President '58, Home Room Vice President '57, Sariflspurs'Sales- man '58, Manager of Basketball Team '58, Superior Rating in State Exams in Biology and Jr. English '58, Served at Ir,-Sr. '58: Le Cercle Prancais '59, '60, Vice Pres. '59, Treasurer 60, Jr. Play Selection Committee '59, Jr. Marshal '59, Alternate for Girls, State 7593 Jr,.Sr, Speaker '59, Chairman Jr. Play Ticket Committee '59, Class Treasurer '59, Business Manager of Sand- .spurs '60, Miss Hi-Miss '60, Beta Club '59, '60- JOSEPHINE HILL j,H,A, '57, F.T.A. '58, F.H.A. '58, Served at Ir.-Sr. '58, Com- wolei Club '59, ,lr. Play Usher '59, Jr.-Sr. Entertainment Com mittee '59, Home Room Treasurer '59, Chorus '60. IOANN ELIZABETH HITES Home Room Chairman '57, Yellow Jacket Salesman '57, Junior Homemakers '57, '58, Y-Teens '57, '58, Secretary of Future Teachers '60, Beta Club '59, '60, Sandspuirs Staff '60, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60. WILLIAM ERNEST HOWE Junior Play Manager '59, Jr.-Sr. Building and Decoration Com- mittee '59, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Football Team Manager '60. LOLA GAYLE HOWELL J.H.A. '57, '58, Home Room Chairman '57, Majorette '57, '58. '59, '60, Yellow Jacket Salesman '57, '58. Reporter '58, Home Room Devotional Chairman '58: Served at Jr.-Sr. '58, Sand- spurs Salesman '58, '59, Jr.-Sr. Hospitality and Invitation Com- mittees '59, Sanrlspuirs Staff '60, Beta Club '60: Homecoming Sponsor '60. 67 if ...Z CURTIS MONROE HUFF Thinks there's no place like home . . . always into something . . . loves phys- ics . . . studies when there is nothing else to do. GUY GORDON HERLBUTT What a talker! . . . But it doe-sn't help him get out of trouble . . . always courteous . . . a true friend. DANIEL HARRINGTON HUNT Well read . . . good brain . . . can reason clearly . . . interested in golf . . . great potential . . . will be an out- standing engineer. ELEANOR GAYLE HIQRST Enthusiastic about football . . . vi- vacious, smart, and feminine . . . Her cheerful ways are contagious . . . can always be depended upon. MARTHA RUN NETTE .IEEEREY A mixture of charm and sophistica- tion that eanlt lie licnl . . . Ill-r win- ning ways won lier llie title "Most Attractive." CHESTER WIIICI IT JENKINS Reserved, well rnnnnered. intellectual . . . plans to be a chemical engineer . . . likes to read . . . sincere and de- pendablc. :,If,e' . , ffl zi9,fa,ff l"f. A f . - UQ f ,' . - -- , iff fx - , is ,ff haw f, ff, ' if ' 2 ' I CHARLENE ANITA HUTTO A barrel of fun . . . loves to dance . .. a loyal football fan . . . Her favorite number is 22. 's is-s - Q.. I - A i 1 1 ya A , , QQ : t of E 1 9' 'lf , 4s:Xrs,..a f f , , aaa -, Z, .p'., , I J , -g, ' V 'afflf :,, A' , . I Z f-'f' 'A ff 's ":2 ' ' ' ' ' ' 2 AAQV fA e ' , 'f Z' '-' "" ' T' i . .., A, ,Q ,l UAQ E . N i 3 5 M, 5 ti ' f-I-W. no fr' , if I I Qwff 0--ff ,K FEMS" WN ..., Chester, Danny, Gay le, Charlene, Curt, and Martha set sail on the lake. SENlliRS...BlASS UF l96U..attendad gay parties during the Christmas holidays. CL'RTIS MONROE HCFF 3I.H.A. '57, '58g Sound Effects for Jr.-Sr. '59, Semi-Finalist in National Merit Contest '59, GL-Y GORDON HURLBUTT 4-H Club '575 Scholastic Honor Roll '57g Bus Driver '58, '59, '6Og Track '59, '6Og Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59. DANIEL HARRINGTON HUNT Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, '59, '60, M.H.A. '57, '58g State Mental Contest '57, Beta Club '59, '60, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60g Junior-Senior Parking Committee '59, Basketball '59, ELEANOR GAYLE HURST holastic Honor Roll 357, '59, Junior-Senior Decoration and Invitation Committee 593 VLH A. '57, '58' F.T.A. '57, '55, '59, '60g 'Sc Beta Club '59, '60g Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Sanalspurs Cir- culation Editor '60, Class Secretary '60. CHARLENE ANITA HUTTO Junior Homemakers '57, F.H.A. '58g Served at Jr.-Sr. '58g Yel- low faclcet 'Reporter '59, Jr. Play Usher '59, Jr.-Sr. Decoration and Invitation Committee '59g Chorus '60g Future Teachers '60, MARTHA RUNNETTE JEFFREY lVI.H.A. '57 '58g Student Council '58g Le Cercle Francais '59, '60g F.T.A.' '59, '60g Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Sand- spurs Staff '60, lVIost Attractive '60. CHESTER WRIGHT JENKINS lVI.H.A. '57, '58, Band '57, '58, '59, '60g Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, Beta Club '59, '605 Track '59, '60: Attendance Honor Roll '59. 69 JACQUELINE ANN JONES Stylishly dressed-makes her own clothes . . . efficient with a flair for getting things done . . . poised and self-assured. OSCAR KOODROW JONES, JR. ctlf words were riches, how wealthy would he bel . . . Never idle-His interest lies beyond the field of hooks. CONSTANCE ANN KEANE True and loyal friend . . . a pleasant, jolly person to be around-will some day make a good nurse. ,JW f WAYNE HENRY KING Better known as c'Wong" . . . happy- go-lucky . . . trustworthy . . . quiet and bashful manner , . . interesting to know. ALBERT MOUNTAIN IA NGLEY Somewhat timid manner until one really knows liini . . . llolilmies include sporls. girls, anal sleeping . . . lleill never have ulcers. ROBERT EDWARD LEE, JR. Cood looking . . . likes sophomore girls . . . snioolll operator . . . Ham radio is in interest . . . Clemson is his choice. MARY ANN KIRKLAND Personiheation of patience and un- derstanding . . . neat and trimly dressed . . . sweet. refined manner . . . plans to enter the busineu world. Oscar, Jackie, Bob, Connie, Wayne, Ann, and Albert look over the scores ofthe game. SENIURS...ClASS UF 19Bll..Studied hard fur mid-term exams. JACQUELINE ANN JONES J.H..-X. '57, Voting Delegate '5Tg Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, '59g F.H.A. '58, '60g Yellow Jacket Salesman '58g Served at Jr.-Sr. '58g Served at Football Banquet '58g Superior Rating on State Examination in Biology '58g Comwolei Club '58, '59, '60, President '60g Homecoming Sponsor '59g Jr. Play '59g Junior Marshal '59g Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Chairman '59, '60g Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Chairman of Flower Com- mittee '59g Sanalspurs Salesman '59g Chairman of English Class '59g Graduation and Baccalaureate Sermon Usher '59g Home Room Chairman '60. OSCAR WOODROW JONES, JR. Attendance Honor Roll '5Tg Junior Play lfsher '59g Junior- Senior Decoration Committee '59. CONSTANCE ANN KEA.NE Junior Homemakers '57, '58g Served at Football Banquet '58, '59g Junior Play Cast '59g Junior-Senior Decoration Commit- tee '59g Sandspurs Staff '60. WAYNE HENRY KING Riverside Military Academy: Le Cercle Francais. North Au gusta High: Le Cercle Francais '60. MARY ANN KIRKLAND Junior Homemakers '57, '58g Y-Teens '57g Future Teachers '58, '59g Yellow Jacket Reporter '58, Typist '60g Juniopsenior Dec oration Committee '59. ALBERT MOUNTAIN LANGLEY, JR. Atteggance Honor Roll '57g Junior-Senior Decoration Commit. tee' . ROBERT EDWARD LEE, JR, Junior Play Ticket Salesman '59g Chairman of Junior-Senior Undecorating Committee '59g Building Committee '59, Alter- nate Bus Driver '59, '60, , SHIRLEY JEAN LEOPARD Small and dainty . . . graceful skater . . . kind and understanding . . . good dancer . . . high scholastic standing. TONYA RUTH LONG Black, sparkling eyes display her live- ly personality . . . She has a way of flashing a winsorne smile . . . non- chalant but sweet. MARTHA CAROLYN LUTZ Clever and original . . . conscientious about her studies . . . Cooperative . . . laughing eyes . . . wants to he a nurse. NIILBERT CONWAY NAS! JN Calm and police . . . likes motor- cycles . . , always latc . . . sleeps elur- ing classes . . . works at Clcnrwnlcr Plant . . . recently marricml. RAY ALEX A NDEH McDONALD A llirt . . . likcs outrloor sports . . . always helpful . . , never hurricfl . .. enjoys pulling tricks . . . docsnit pride himself in his studies. DERRYL LESTER MAYE Boxing and dancing arc among hi hohhies . . . ambition to study for estry . . . Quictncss and mischievous ness arc blended in his personality s - sf' , Q9 '.'- . i' i , ei Wyxx ms-.suv 595'-le'4vhlnvi," ' ef..t...,a , iw .,,, V . to V,.., , ,.. U its , if ' fl 'M A ., , , ..,.. .oaaawffl 5:13, A 1 ,awe 4, , w w J,-'Q' , Q- 1 ,, 2 .,-, . g i' 44, V ' .fry - zgdog ftm, I I f its sf, I Shirley, Ray, Richard, Derryl, Tonya, and Carolyn learn to skate. SENIURS . . . CLASS UF 1960 Hentortained the sohool with assembly programs. SHIRLEY JEAN LEOPARD Junior I-Iomernakers '57, '53, Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '53, '59, Served at Football Banquet '53, Served at Jr.-Sr. '53, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Beta Club '59, '60, Junior Play Csher '59, Future Teachers '60, Chorus '60, TONYA RUTH LONG Junior Homemakers '57, '53, Future Teachers '53, '59, Y-Teens '53, '59, Yellow Jacket Reporter '59, Beta Club '59. '60, Junior Play Ifsher '59, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Yellow Jacket Salesman '59. RICHARD HERRINGTON LOWE Football '57, Track '57, '53, Attendance Honor Roll '57, '53, Block Letter Club '59, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59. MARTHA CAROLYN LUTZ Junior Homemakers '57, Y-Teens '57, '53, lVI.H.A. '57, '53, Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '53, '59, '60, F.T.A. '53, 59, '60, Superior Rating in State Examinations in English and Biology '53, Attendance Honor Roll '53, '59, Yellow Jacket Staff '53, Beta Club '59, '60, Junior Marshal '59, Jr.-Sr. Tablesetting Committee '59, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Sandspurs Staff '60, Chairman of Poster Committee for Beta Club Initiation '60. DERRYL LESTER IVIAYE Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59. IVIILBERT CONWAY IVIAYSOIN Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59. RAY ALEXANDER MCDONALD 4-H- Club '57, '53, Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59- Junior-Senior Undecorating Committee '59, Junior Play Tickei Committee '59. 73 F RAN CIS HAROLD MCELMURRAY Puts things off until the last moment, especially his bus report . . . plans to attend Clemson . . . nonchalant . . . jolly. SARA LEE MCEARLAND In basketball she excels . . . twinkling blue eyes and blond hair . . . a ma- jorette . . . loves to spin those records. H' CAROLYN ISABEL BICLALRIN Ifnaffected charm . . . friendly smile . . . looks at the lighter side . . . does any task well . . . likes letters from North Carolina. LAURA MAE BIETTS A winning personality . . . a good sense of humor . . . loves to get mail . . . just give her a ear and gas! CAREY BARKSIMLE NIILLER Lowfs girls and lielu mmveiitioiis . . . also likes lizinfl trips . . . has an inno eeiil smile that Iiiilr-s impisliness . . . looks forward to iilxtlfglll Tech. JAMES PALL INIILLER, IR. Loves to talk . . . is interested in psy- chiatry . . . enjoys building . . . Wva- ter sports attract this boy . . . always headed somewhere. Tl ELIZABETH DIANE MILES A most pleasant addition to N. A High . . . sweet. gentle. and neat . . plans to lie an airline stewardess. W Diane, Carolyn, and Carey hold the horses for Laura and Sara. SENIURS. .CLASS UF 1960. FRANCIS HAROLD KICELNILRRAY Home Room Secretary 757g Bus Driver 359, '60g Jr-Sr. Decora- tion Committee 59g Home Room Bulletin Board Committee 759g Jr. Play Stage Manager 7595 Bus Driver for Football Team '60. SARA LEE MCFARLAND J.H.A. 357, '53g Girls? Chorus ,57g Basketball '57, 758, 759, ,602 Served at Football Banquet '5Bg Served at Jr.-Sr. 758g F.H.A. ,595 Jr.-Sr, Decoration Committee 759, Nlajorette 360. CAROLYN ISABEL NICLAURIN Cornwolei Club '57g Y-Teens 757, F.H.A. '57, 759, 760g Yellow faclcet Salesman '57, '60g F.T.A. 757, 753, 959, '60g Attendance Honor R011 557, '59, Served at Jr.-Sr. 753g Le Cercle Francais '59, '60g Jr. Play Stage Manager 759g Sanclspurs Salesman '59, Ir.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59g Activities Editor of Sand- spurs 760. LAURA MAE METTS J,H,A, '57, 753, Comwolei Club '57, 758, Y-Teens '57, Girls, juyed seeing the Junior Play. Athletic Club '57g F.T.A. 357, ,5B, 759, '6Og Attendance Honor Roll ,575 Served at Jr.-Sr. '53, Yellow Jacket Reporter '58, Edi- tor-in-Chief '59g Jr. Play Usher '59, Jr.-Sr. Table Setting Com- mittee '59g Rep. of S. C. Scholastic Press Association 7595 Sandspurs Staff 560, Typist '6O. ELIZABETH DIANE MILES Rock Hill High: Future Nurses Club '58g Home Room Secre- tary and Treasurer 758, 759. North Augusta High School: Fu- ture Homernakers '60. CAREY BARKSDALE MILLER M.H.A. 757, 558g Band '57, '53, 759, ,60g Scholastic Honor Roll 357, '53, ,59g Track 757, 958, ,59, '60g State Mental Contest ,58Q Beta Club '59, 760, Semi-Finalist Merit Scholarship Test ,59. JAMES PAUL MILLER, JR. M.H.A. ,57, '58, Le Cercle Francais '59, 760. SEARCY ANN MOORE As carefree as the breeze . . . a strrk- ing brunette . . . expert baton twirler . . . has a special interest in Newberry. SHARON ANNE MOORE Vrvrd rmagmatron . . . excellent stu- dent . . . class poet . . . voluminous vocabulary . . . strives for perfection . . . Look for her in Chemical Week JAMES PEARCE MLMFORD Always full of quips . . . on the go from morning till night . . . great in football . . . North Augusta's original UR0II'1CO.,, WILLIAM FRANK OAKLEY Tall in stature and not lacking brains . . . Baseball is his url . . . Iikcs ln talk . . . takes responsibility seriously. MIRIAM ELIZARETII OTIERRY A elrecrlcarler full of pop and wit . . . ean't endure life without Chewing gum . . . ellicient and Capable in all things. ,X l , Aiifirfb W' sae l'TO, . at A if usoooti I SAVANNAH :il ' 'Q 1.---M-N X l l l ws."a 'lx ,my yy- Betty Ann, Frank, Jimmy N., Cheri, and Sandra leave for the Aiken football game, SENIURS . . . CLASS UF 1960 . .wore Bormudas to school during Senior Privilege Week. SEARCY ANN NIOORE Nlajorette '57, '58, '59, '60, Band '57, 'M, '59, '60s I-H-A. 7533 Home Room President '-58: Sandspurs Salesman '58, F.H.A. '59, 'W, County Secretary '59, Homecoming Sponsor '599 Served at Junior-Senior '59. SHARON ANNE NIOORE 3I.H.A. '57, '58, Chairman '57Q F-T-A '57, '53, '59, P09 State Examination in Algebra '57g Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, '59, Attendance Honor R011 '57, '58, '59, Yellow Jacket Staff '58, '59, Feature Editor '59, Home Room Devotional Chairman '58, '591: Junior Marshal '59, Junior Play Usher '59, Ir.-Sr. Invita- tion Committee '59, Decoration Committee '59, Betao-Club '59, '60g Baccalaureate Sermon and Graduation Lsher 59g Sand- spurs Staff '60, Class Poet '60. SANDRA KAY MORRIS 1 F8 V9 760 G' 1 ' Ch '77, 778, M.H.A. 757, '58s F-T-A '07, 'O , D , 9 Yiggeng Chairman of English Class '57g Home Room Devotional Chairman '58g Iunior-Senior Decoration Committee '59. JAMES PEARCE MUMFORD Football 557, 753, '59, '60, Block Letter Club '57, '58, '59, '60, Student Council '57g Star Player of the Week Award '59, '6Og Most Popular '59, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59g B-Varsity Basketball '59. JAMES EVERETT NICHOLSON, JR. Band '57, '58, '59, '60, M.H.A. '57, '58, Attendance Honor Roll '58, '59g State Mental Contest '58g Beta Club '59, '60g State Solo Contest '58g Scholastic Honor Roll '59, Substitute Bus Driver '59, '6Og Track '59, '6Og Junior-Senior Undecorating Committee '59. WILLIAM FRANK OAKLEY Baseball '57, '58, '59, '60, Block Letter Club '58, '59, '60g Beta Club '59, '60g Le Cercle Francais '59, '60g Junior-Senior Table Committee '59. MIRIAM ELIZABETH O'BERRY Y-Teens '57, '58, Secretary '58g F.T.A. '57g Szmdspurs Salesman '57g Home Room Chairman '57g Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, '59, Home Room Devotional Chairman '58, Community Center Queen Candidate '58, Comwolei Club '58, '59, President '59g Beta Club '59, '60, Secretary '60, Cheerleader '59, '6Og Chair- man of Ir. Play Posters Committee '59g Chairman Jr.-Sr. Pho- tography '59g Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Secretary '59g Sanalspurs Staff '6O. 77 CHARLOTTE EILEEN ORR '4Cleo', . . . good-natured . . . loves swimming . . . talented . . . Will earn a B.A. in music . . . genuinely sin- cere . . . grand drum majorette. HARRY BAKER OVERTON, JR. Donlt give him a radio that works! . . . fun to be with . . . loves elec- tronics and girls . . . Blue he'll never PEYTON ERNEST PAXTON ELAINE LOIS PENTECOST LINDA MARIE PORTER A great tease . . . friendly grin and Soft voice and manners . . . sweet. . . A frlend to ewry one xlssfne f- 'ad cheerful words , . . likes hunting . . . good typist . . . will make some man to help Ill any nas he L in New aspires to be a mechanical engineer. a good secretary . . . pretty and well- lnfr and srnfnn 'are her hobbies groomed. A , ,f lv f I C ZZZQ., 77 f f !Q?i7Zx??4456? 1 ff 'uvwwimwmmzfvff A fzidzfff ALOHA MOORE PRATIIER Pretty brown eyes wears gold hand on llnrml llngu la ft hand . . . Ili: favorite pastimes inclnrlv cooking. dancing, and watching lootlulll games. JAM, LLIAARE TH QUINN Beautiful soprano voice . . . rather qnnt rnnl rcsuvcd . . . llns gurl will surtly sing Wllll thc llletropolllan Op f ,J cra Company. l- . 5 151, 'Z " ',-ww? AS t os., Jane, Pat, Charlotte, Elaine, Rusty, and Aloha enjoy a game of croquet. SENIURS . . . CLASS UF 1960 . . were honored guests at the Junior-Senior. CHARLOTTE EILEEN ORR Sandspurs Salesman '57, '59, F.H.A. '57, '53, F.T.A. '57, '53, '59, '60, Band '57, '53, '59, '60, District Contest '57, '53, '59, State Contest '57, '53, '59, Drum Major '60, Clinic Band '59, Le Cer- cle Francais '59, '60, Student Council '59, Home Room Vice President '59, Jr.-Sr, Table Setting Committee '59, Yellow jacket Salesman '60, HARRY BAKER OVERTON, JR. 3I.H.A. '57, '53, Student Council '57, '53, Beta Club '59, '60, Jr.-Sr. Invitation Committee '59, Junior Play '59, Junior-Senior Table Committee '59, Yellow locket Salesman '60, PEYTON ERNEST PAXTON North Augusta High School '57, '53, '59, '603 JUHi0r-SCI'1i0r Decoration Committee '59. ELAINE LOIS PENTECOST Junior Homemakers '57, '53, Yellow Jacket Staff '57, '53, Club Editor '57, Salesman '57, Y-Teens '57, '53, Homecoming Spon- sor '59, Served at Jr.-Sr. '53, Junior Play Usher '59, Future Teachers '59, '60, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59. LINDA MARIE PORTER Rock Hill High: Girls' Glee Club '57, '53, '59, Mixed Glee Club '57, '53, '59, Future Nurses Club '57, Junior Home- makers '53, Future Teachers '53, North Augusta High '6O. ALOHA MOORE PRATHER Student Council '57, lVI.H.A. '57, '53, First Consul '53, Band '57, '53, '59, Y-Teens '57, Sanclspurs Salesman '53, Junior- Senior Entertainment Committee '59. JANE ELIZABETH QUINN Junior Homemakers '57, '53, Y-Teens '57, '53, Chorus '57, '60, Junior Play Ticket Committee '59, Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59, Entertainment Committee '59. JACKSON BURLEY RAMSEY, JR. Scientific minded . . . good mathe- matician . . . likes school . . . plans to attend Clemson and study rockets . . . Success will be his. JAMES ARNOLD RAPE Blue, twinkling eyes reveal a devilish, but grand personality . . . willing to help . . . Studying is not his hohhy. JOHN LLOYD RINEHART, JR. Likes nothing hetter than to loaf . . talks incessantly on many subjects . . casual . . . enjoys reading and eatin . . . ahhors Work. BETTY LOTQISE ROBERTSON DAVID NIILLER RL LRER This gal skates like a pro . . . engag- Loves tho 0 lo Hfltlllll temps-ra ing smile . . . a good singer . . . col- mental S un and wlf are h1 lects records . . . writes poetry in her hobbies like a littlr white C011 spare time. N Crtlble YIM JOHN DOL CLAS SAMPLES An independent thinker . . . SLTIOUS itls true, hut with Il flair for fun . . casygoing and friendly . . . rcliulnlc LINDA ANN SANDERS Xcrsnlllf' :llullly . . . chur and our, inal . . .enjoys lilo . . . lnaltllcnmtival emu. . . . 1 x mg nays L hard to resist. TEN, Betty, Ann, David, James, Jack, John R., and John S. line up for the big race. SENIURS . . . CLASS UF 1960 . . eagerly awaited the arrival of the 1960 Sandspurs. JACKSON BIIRLEY RAMSEY, JR. Band '57, '58, lI.H.A. '57, '58, Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, '59, Beta Club '59, '60, Yellow Jacket Sports Editor '59, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, .Junior Marshal '59, Honorable Mention Winthrop Story of the Month '59, Horne Room Devo- tional Chairman '60, Track '60. JAMES ARNOLD RAPE Attendance Honor Roll '57, Junior Play Ticket Salesman '59, Junior-Senior Undecorating Committee '59, Sandspurs Ad Drive '60 JOHN LOYD RINEHART, IR. North Augusta High School '57, '58, '59, '60. BETTY LOUISE ROBERTSON Memphis, Tenn: Y-Teens '57, Glee Club '57, Basketball Team '57, Girls' Softball Team '57, Hall Monitor '57, North Augusta High: Junior Homemakers '57, Jr. Play Ticket Committee '59, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Chorus '60, F.T.A. '60. DAVID MILLER RUCKER lVI.H.A. '57, '58, Football '57, '58, '59, '60, Student Council '57, Block Letter Club '58, '59, '60, Junior-Senior Decoration and Table Committees '59, Chorus '60. JOHN DOUGLAS SAMPLES Band '57, Football '57, '58, lVI.H.A. '57, Block Letter Club '58, Beta Club '59, '60, Sports Editor of Sandspurs '60. LINDA ANN SANDERS lVI.H.A. '57, '58, First Consul '58, Girls' Chorus '57, Swimming Team '57, '58, '59, Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '58, '59, State Mental Contests '57, '58, Superior Rating in Algebra '57, Eng- lish '58, Biology '58, Band '58, '59, '60, Secretary '60, Student Council '58, Beta Club '59, '60, President '60, Jr.-Sr. Seating, Decoration and Entertainment Committees '59, Basketball '59 '60, Jr. Marshal '59, D.A.R. Award '60, ' ALBERT LARRY SCHWARTZ Good dancer . . . attractive in his nays . . . bright mind . . . will excel as an engineer . . . expert chess player . . . self-assured manners. JLDH RAT SHERRILL Petite and sweet . . . a smile which mirrors her character . , . never in a rush . . . well trained in commerce. Xi GERALDINE SIMRIL Pert, petite . . . little but loud . . . devilment concealed by a look of in- nocence . . . loves to laugh and be merry. fy I 2 ,4f'5 '1- V N , - f F HW2 1 4 - HOWARD CHESTER SMITH BENLLNHN ALFRED STAMPS Lively . . . wants to be an electronic Quite cosmopolitan . . . has lived engineer . . . enjoys tennis and swim- among other places. in ltaly . . . good ming . . . lil-:es to talk on the phone. dancer . . , dates lilondcs . . . plays the guitar. BRENDA JEWEL STORY Quiet . . . likes to dancc . . . short in stature . . . cooperative . . . willing to help others . . , good scnsc of humor. JOYCE ELM NE STRONI Calm and aloof nnlil shc is with hor fricnwls . . . likes to go . . . faithful, l0VlIlgI1lI1lltI'll0. 3 I I Brenda, Ben, Elaine, Howard, Judy, Larry, and Geri attended Sunday morning services SENIURS . . . CLASS UF 1960 . . presented a memorable Blass Day program. ALBERT LARRY SCHWARTZ Attendance Honor Roll '57g 3I.H.A. '57, '5Bg Beta Club '59, '60, Junior Play '59, Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59, Junior-Senior Speaker '59, IUDY KAY SHERRILL 3I.H.A, '57, '53, Scholastic Honor Roll '57g Junior-Senior Re ception Committee '59, Home Room Bulletin Board Commit tee '6O. GERALDINE SINIRIL Junior Homemakers '57, '58g Y-Teens '57, '58, Served at Foot ball Banquet '53, Served at Junior-Senior Banquet '58, Junior Senior Decoration Committee '59, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60 Future Teachers '59, '60, Girls' Chorus '59, Future Home- rnakers '59, '60. 5 HOWARD CHESTER SMITH Football '57, Junior-Senior Decoration and Sound Effects Com- mittees '59. BENJAMIN ALFRED STAMPS Band '57, '53, '59g lVI.I'I.A. '57, '58, Treasurer '57, Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '58. BRENDA JEWEL STORY Girls' Chorus '57g Junior Homemakers '57, '58, JOYCE ELAINE STROM '57,, '53, Y-Teens '57, '58, Junior-Senior Decoration Committee 59. hifi M Qhiww .44-4""""""" WYATT EVEREST THEUS A captivating personality . . . Easy going manner is his . . . good natured . . . Books definitely donlt bother him . . . loves skiing. MARY BETTY TALBERT Good student . . . works wholeheart- edly in everything she undertakes . . . pretty and amiable . . . dates older boys. MARTHA FAYE TEMPLETON Quick and lively . . . will never be without friends . . . always wears a smile . . . considerate . . . Basketball is her sport. aff ci" Rv! ERIC PHILLIP THOMPSON Football is his sport . . . always has a smile . . . thoughtful of others . . . calm in his ways . . . romantic inter- ests. RODNEY HERBERT TIIURMON D Not too quiet to he unknown . . . lle is destined ncvcr to he alone . . . friend lo all . . . loves hnnling. NORMA N OLLIE TICIIN ELI. Hllcd" . . . ha i 1 -U0-lllCliV . . . what? l l Y e- . prepare his homework . . . never! His goal is lo linish high school . . . cre ative mind. Ili , ELIZABETH THKRMON D Smart girl who worked her way to graduating a year early . . . truly a Southern belle . . . stylish . . . grace ful. Buck catches a hsh, as Norman, Betsy, Rodney, Martha, Wyatt, and Betty wait patiently. SENIURS . .. CLASS UF 1960. .listened attentively at the Baccalaureate service. MARY BETTY TALBERT Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '53, '59, M.H.A. '57, '53: Girls' Ath- letic Club '57, Y-Teens '53, Attendance Honor Roll '59, Beta Club '59, 'W, Junior Play Make-Lp Committee '593 Jr.-Sr. DSC- oration Committee '59, Sandspurs Staff '60, Future Teachers '60 MARTHA FAYE TEBIPLETON Class Vice President '57, '53, Most Dependable '57, Freshman Editor of Sandspurs '57, Sec.-Treas. of Girls' Athletic Club '57, ,I.H.A. '57, '53, Basketball '57, '53, '59, '60, Co-Captain '59, Home Room Chairman '57, '53, '59, Swimming Team '533 Siu- dent Council '53, '59, Sec.-Treas. '53, Sec.-Treas. of F.T.A. '53, Cornwolei Club '53, '59, Vice President '59, Served at Jr--Sr. '53, Basketball All-Star Team '59, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Pres. '59, Sec. '60, Cheerleader '59, '60, Jr.-Sr. DCCOIHUOH Committee '59, Princess of Mardi Gras '59, Homecoming Queen '60. VVYATT EVEREST THEUS Student Council '57, Junior Play Cast '59, Junior-Senior Dec- oration Committee '59, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Sandspurs Staff, '60. ERIC PHILLIP THOMPSON Football '57, '53, '59, '60, Block Letter Club '57, '53, '59, '60, Basketball '57, Baseball '57, '53, '59, '60, Home Room Chair- man '59, Jr.-Sr. Theme Selection Committee '59, Jr.-Sr. Deco- ration Committee '59, Student Council '60, Star Player of Week Award '60, Bus Driver '60. ELIZABETH THURMOND Band '53, lVI.H.A, '53, '59, Basketball '53, '59, '60, Homecoming Sponsor '53, Student Council '53, '60, Chairman of Program Committee '60, Home Room Devotional Chairman '53, Best All Round '59, F.T.A. '60, F.H.A. '60, Historian '60, Homecoming Committee '60. RODNEY HERBERT THURMOND M.H.A. '57, '53, Football '53, '59, '60, Junior-Senior Decora- tion and Table Committees '59, Block Letter Club '60. NORMAN OLLIE TICHNELL Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59. HENRY MALCOLM TYLER A person of varied interests . . . loves to race ears . . . determined to grad- uate from N. A. H. S .... already in the field of television. HELEN REBECCA TURNER Full of enthusiasm and determination . . . cooperative in all endeavors . . . a prospective secretary . . . prankish, gay, and lighthearted. REBECCA SUE TWELKEME IER Loves to argue . . . ready to go . . . She can sew like a professional . . . has an interest at U. S. C. .qyubm HOWARD DIXON ULMER, JR. Football is his sport . . . Brains and good looks are his endowments . . . gentle in speech . . . a charmer indeed. MIRIAM CAROLYN WEBB Her hair is her crowning glory . . . sparkling personality . . . loves to gig- gle . . . fun loving . . . accepts re- sponsibility . . . much ability. IVIILDRED AN N WEEKS Gorgeous eyes . . . very persuasive manner . . . sweet but mischievous . . . loves new colors, especially in her hair. Sli Sue, Ann, Dick, Mimi, Becky, Carleton, and Buck End the airport interesting. SENIURS . . . GLASS UF 1960 . . received their long-awaited diplomas at graduation. HELEN REBECCA TURNER M.H.A. '57, -i-H Club '57, '58, Chorus '58, Comwolei Club '60, Future Teachers 'W, Sandspurs Typist '60, REBECCA SLE TVVELKEMEIER Attendance Honor Roll '57, Comwolei Club '57, '58, F.T.A. '57, '58, '59, '60, Co-Chairman Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Jr.-Sr. Seating and Table Setting Committee '59, Associate Pho- tographic Editor of Sandspurs '60. HENRY MALCOLM TYLER Baseball '55, '59, Block Letter Club '56, '59, Most Dependable '59, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Theme Selection Com- mittee '59, Junior Play Publicity Committee '59, Senior Prophet '60, HOWARD DIXON ULMER, JR. Football '57, '58, '59, '60, Block Letter Club '57, '58, '59, Track '57, '58, '59, '60, M.H.A. '57, '58, First Consul '57, Chairman of English Class '57, '58, Band '57, '58, Most Popular '573 Delegate to Winthrop '57, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Student Council '59, Chorus '60. JAMES CARLETON VAUGHN, JR. M.H.A. '57, '58, Student Council '57, '60, Latin Delegate '58, Junior-Senior Building Committee '59, Junior Play Cast '59, Beta Club '59, '60, Track '59, '60, Home Room Chairman '59, Advertising Manager Saridspurs '60, MIRIAM CAROLYN WEBB J.H.A. '57, '58, Student Council '57, '59, Y-Teens '57, '58, Comwolei Club '58, '59, Jr.-Sr. Serving Committee '58, Yellow Jacket Salesman '59, Sandspurs Salesman '59, Secretary of Jr. Play Selection Committee '59, Chairman Jr. Play Program Com- mittee '59, Chairman Jr.-Sr. Program Committee '59, Home- coming Sponsor '59, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Secretary '59, Jr.-Sr. Place Card Committee '59, Mardi Gras Place Card Corn- mittee '59, Homecoming Committee '59, Beta Club '59, '60, Home Room Secretary '60. MILDRED ANN WEEKS Band '57, '58, '59, Junior Homemakers '57, '58, Homecoming Sponsor '58, Served at Junior-Senior '58, F.T.A. '58, '59, '60, F.H.A. '59, Junior-Senior Decoration Committee '59, Jr, Plav Ticket Committee '59, Sanclsputrs Staff '60. ' GEORGE REESE WHELCHEL Mischievous . . . appears shy, but? Well-groomed . . . likes cars . . . good sense of humor . . . an interesting conversationalist. BENJAMIN RONALD WHITLAW A ham radio fan . . . good student . . . ambitious . . . sturdy character . . . high principles . . . never too busy to talk awhile. MARSHA ANN WILSON Big, brown eyes reflect her engaging personality . . . likes band and junior boys . . . a future lawyer. SARAH BARNETT WYATT Hcacl in the clouds with her feet on the ground . . . intellectual . . . am- bitious . . . irlens of her own . loves to read. EDWARD MICHAEL ZIER III 'cllflickeyl' . . . handsome physique . . . studious . . , flepth of character . . . nice to know . . . lla' has every attri- bute for a successful life. SS it Q, Vg, N... . www 4- 1 5 rr. . , -szgw, V , xv s . W , -::, I ' ' " 4 Pied X , r nnT,1,M..,, Q A .. M 1-ess. f we me Nsywaats-sits , .r L.. ,..., ,. ,. wr lf' Mike, Marsha, Ronald, Bonnie, and George go boating at the lake. SENIURS. . CLASS UF 1960 . . looked to GEORGE REESE WHELCHEL NI.H.A. '57, '53: Scholastic Honor Roll '57, Junior-Senior Dec- oration Cornrnittee '59, Beta Club '59, '60. BENIAQNIIN RONALD WI-IITLAW 1I.H.A. '57, '53, Football '57, '53, '59, 'Wg Track '53, '59, '60, Block Letter Club '53, '59, '60, Iunior Play Stage Manager '59, Attendance Honor Roll '59. SARA HELEN VVILLIANIS Newland High School: Basketball '53, Served at Jr.-Sr. '53, North Augusta High: Junior Homemakers '57, '53, Secretary '53, Scholastic Honor Roll '57, Girls' Athletic Club '57, F.T.A. '57, '53, '59, '60, Y-Teens '57, '53, Yellow Jacket Salesman '53, '59, Home Room Reporter '53, '59, Sanclspurs Salesman '53, Home Room Bulletin Board Chairman '59, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Le Cercle Francais '59, '60, Beta Club '59, '60, Sandspurs Staff '60. MARSHA ANN WILSON Band '57, '53, '59, '60, District and State Music Festival '57, '53, '59, '60, Business and Publicity Manager '60, F.T.A. '57, '53, '59, '60, President '60, Scholastic Honor Roll '57, '53, Yellow faclcet Staff '57, '53, '59, lVI.H.A. '57, '53, Beta Club '59, '60, the future as they left N. A. in June. Vice President '60, Jr.-Sr. Table Setting Committee '59, Student Council '60, Sandspzzrs Salesman '60. CHARLES HARRIS WINBURN Football '57, '53, '59, '60, Junior-Senior Decorating and Un- decorating Committees '59. SARAH BARNETT WYATT Statesboro High School: Tri-Hi-Y '57, '53, Project Chairman '53, Future Nurses Club '57, '53, President '53, F.H.A. '57, Chorus '57, '53, Girls' Ensemble '53, lVl.H.A. '53, President '53, F.T.A. '53, N.A.H.S.: Beta Club '59, '60, Jr.-Sr. Decoration, Place Card and Flower Committees '59, Scholastic Honor Roll '59, Jr. Play Usher '59, Home Room Chairman '60, Sandspurs Salesman '60. EDWARD MICHAEL ZIER III Football '57, '53, '59, '60, Basketball '57, '53, '59, '60, Attend- ance Honor Roll '57, lVI.H.A. '57, '53, Track '53, '59, '60, Block Letter Club '53, '59, '60, Student Council '59, Jr. Play Usher '59, Jr.-Sr. Decoration Committee '59, Beta Club '59, '60, Star Player of the Week Award '60, Home Room Chairman '60, King Teen '60. 80 k Q awmmwwwmqwww HISTURY UF THE CLASS UF 1960 ln September, 1956, we found ourselves freshmen-proud and happy. The feeling of self-importance was forgotten as we bowed and crawled, all two hundred and seven of us, before the demanding seniors, but the pride that came from being a part of our new Alma Mater lingered on and increased. Frances Douglas and Patti Peterson cheered our undefeated Yellow Jackets through a season climaxed by a brilliant victory over Richmond Academy, and they were re-elected to lead cheers during the following year. Arrayed in the splendor of their newly acquired uniforms, our band displayed their talent. Di- recting us through this exciting first year were Sammy Ander- son, presidentg Martha Templeton, vice president, Joyce Cul- bertson, secretary, and Johnny Boyd, treasurer. As sophomores we were active members of the student body- learning to work together and continually acquiring more school spirit. Elected to serve as ollicers were Sammy Anderson, presi- dent, Martha Templeton, vice president, Gerry Ferguson, sec- retary, and Jimmy Andrews, treasurer. Another undefeated football team raised the first Yellow Jacket flag and were given, along with the cheerleaders, awards at the first Yellow Jacket Appreciation night. Our competent coaching staff also received tokens of appreciation from the people of North Augusta. Rep- resenting our class as secretary-treasurer of Student Council was Martha Templeton. Faced with responsibility and hard work, we became juniors. With enthusiasm, the challenge was met, and the work, light- ened by laughter, became easier as we raised money for the creation of a 'Treasure lslandn as the setting of our unforget- table Junior-Senior Banquet. Our Junior Play, '6You Canit Kiss Caroline,'7 with a cast of Linda Fallaw, Rusty Overton, Jimmy Arnett, Johnny Boyd, Hildreth Callaway, Ann Callicott, Sharon Caswell, Joyce Culbertson, Frances Douglas, Myra Hardman, Pam Hayes, Jackie Jones, Connie Keane, Larry Schwartz, Wyatt Theus, and Carlton Vaughn, was a tremendous success and sup- plied us with most of the needed funds. The selling of programs and pom poms at football games netted the rest. Frances Douglas, Martha Templeton, and Betty O'Berry were elected lo cheer the team that for the first time in football history captured the coveted title of South Carolina AA Champions. Chosen to guide as class officers were Gerry Ferguson, president, Jimmy Andrews, vice president, Sammy Anderson, secretary, and Margit Haywood, treasurer, Jimmy Calhoun was elected vice president of Student Council. In recognition of their scholastic achievements, our junior marshals were Buddy Day, Linda Fallaw, Margit Haywood, Jackie Jones, Carolyn Lutz, Sherry Moore, Jack Ramsey, and Ann Sanders. Laura Metts edited our school newspaper, the Yellow Jacket. Business manager was Elaine Pentecost. Linda Fallaw, Gerry Ferguson, and Sammy Anderson were selected by the faculty to represent North Au- gusta at Girls' and Boys, State. We, the senior class . . . Could it be true? Along with the initiation of the lowly sophomores, the arrival on September 25 of our class rings transformed the title into reality. Yes, we had reached our goal, and the symbol of persevering effort and fun was proudly worn by each senior. Jimmy Calhoun was presi- dent, Jimmy Andrews, vice president, Ann Bradley, secretary, and Gayle Hurst, treasurer. Sammy Andersonis capability won him the position of president of Student Council. Again, serving as cheerleaders were Frances Douglas, Martha Templeton, and Betty O7Berry. Revenge was sweet when our mighty Yellow Jackets, fired up by a giant bonfire and pep rally, defeated Greenville High l3-O. Then to our dismay we were voted out of the Lower State Championship. The excitement of Home- coming, l959, was climaxed with the croxming on October 30 of Martha Templeton, Homecoming Queen. We were well rep- resented in the annual Shrine Bowl by Sammy Anderson. Following in the steps of so many other senior classes. we set to work under the leadership of Linda Fallaw. editor-in-chief: Margit Haywood. business manager: and Miss Todd. our able advisor, to make the i960 Sundspurs the best yet. Putting our whole heart into the advertising drive. we exceeded our goal. We elected lllargit llaywood. Miss Hi-Nliss: Nlike Zier was King Teen, and thc DAR award went to Ann Sanders. High scholastic averages earned Sherry hloore and Linda Fallaw titles of vale- dictorian and salutatoriau. The arrival of class day and com- mencement hrought the realization of the true value of our high sehool years and of the dcht we owed our teachers. For without their aid and inspiration, the success we enjoyed could never have heen attained. So with a feeling of humility and gratitude we accepted our diplomas on June 1, and we became the grad- uating class of 1960. Jah" Variha Bill Penny SI PERILATIX FS .IACK OIAZT5 llusr .flmlvifiozzs JOYCE JOHNSON llost Dc'pc'V1i17Ui9ic' JERRY PRIESTLEY llos! .I ffilefzl' if -SCN BILL DALY I!o.f1P0pz1If1r LOL-If LEII Bef! .IIiRoz1m'i JUNIUR CLASS M- ,ff 5 may '-. I Q - Ma, es U hfii.-',z4' , Q time-fx. , The Junior llarshals are selected on the basis of a high scholastic average. Their function is to u her at important slilifi-ol occasions. I ,Z I I ff T' si Q 2 l VI if vi i f cy f 4 l I I I X ,I 1 ll ' ik , , ll , I ,, , I , Qi? iw ,M I 1 , I OFFICERS BILL DALY President JOHN ALTOONIAN Vice President MARTHA DYER Secretary PENNY FLOYD Treasurer Bill, Jack, Joyce, Louis, Jerry, SITTING: Laura Haskell, Nlarya Nlosely, Joyce Johnson and Linda Morgan. STANDING: Kay Sheri- dan, Tony Redd, and Faye Moore. ., , if - f of -W., ,. an M ami gil- Dyer' 5 Daly J Johnson B Denny A Culbreath A Ballard L Haskell J Altoonuan and T Wadford work diligently to choose their unior play JUNIURS Delores Allen .lohn Altoonian Linda Anderson Peggy Andrews Dianne Austin Birkie Ayer Andrew Ballard Beverly Barden .lune Barton Jeanette Baynharn Ned Baynharn Johnny Beam Jerry Bell Betty Jean Berry Judy Berry Barbara Blackstone Bill Blakeley Patricia Blandenburg Anne Blevins Patsy Bodie Dick Boland Ken Boland Tommy Boland .lohnny Bowen Ethel Bradley Raymond Brewer Bonnie Brinkley David Bryon Tommy Bullard Kay Bullington Paul Bunch Bobby Burns Carolyn Capers Kathy Christy ,lohnny Christmas ls. C Coates Charles Coleman .lamf-s Connell Elizabeth Cook Patricia Crourh Ann CUll'JFf'3lll Bill llaly JUNIURS llikv Dc' Gennaro Bill Denny .lvrry De Vino Dean Dockins Shirley Dgffig Frankie llogrer Leonard Drummond Ray Dunagan Martha Dyer Stan Flowers Penny Floyd Dana Folsom Floyd Fowler Lloyd Fowler Nlartha Franklin .lackie Frost .lvri Garvin Butch Gay Diane Gibb-5 Carolyn Goodwin Ralph Gould Anne Crave-5 Linda Graxea Billy Gregory Xleari Hamilton Teri Harnmack Sandra Hanliinson Nlilqf Hanna Lynn R. Harhuciq lohnny Harris Bill l'l.E1'TlS1f'TT Roy Har: Laura Haskell ,loan Herring Dianne Hifka Sfottu Hizzinl Faye Hohhie Cary Holland Nfitlllf' Hooker .lack Hoi-:arfl Paul Hyer Catherine lrhy Brenda lohnaon David .lohneon Eflwarfl ,lohnaon Gloria .lohnaon Joyce Johnson Bill Jones Lee Joni-5 Sara lone: .lurie Kilhy ,lohn Koon Louie Lee Peggy Leopard Cynthia Long ,limmy Uaohe-mer Renee Hain Don Manly Nlelvis Marshall Rusty Nlcclain Sabra McDaniel Andy Hclilmurray Virgil XlCKiF3 Created a beautiful setting for the New Year's Eve Dance X N R Y X X, .. X S X XX fx' -XXXXXQTXXAX' 3 X H -FX. SX S ,453 X Q X Qt f XX iiill , -w iv .4ee1:'-X.: mf ' fu"-5 , - aa - 1 f . I Z ,, ,ff f. f, W W. f , 7 fqfzll 4 f If lf f V , 1 syn W I X X Q S . , - -2 X1 to eX , m , A - as X 'ii I Q , XXX tfXn'sX XXX i .Xl XVI' 'if I X X 'X f X .1 X z f X XS! , ,YN 5 X L K 2: ,a fm is ' X ,asf X - 2 f ' X , f .,, 7 W -, " , f if X, -ff e , 3 f ' f Gem!! Z M v K2 X .. X X if ,,, Ns, 5 X S N, 1 X ,Q , lf' , , 15,11 X fzfawesfff-Xe, X' 92, WEFQ4 ,n4,f','f, 'X:w5Z'Q::'Wei?'Qfg:f?Z 442 E f , O-7 1 K, , ,, V f 4 f ! 2 f f 4? , F ,051 fm ' gy, ,VX We X i t fy Vw if A ,f AIA. M 6 1 ,,,f, X I 5 A , V ,, X V j N .f ewl f f me ef, 4 ,Z Mg! ,, 'ii ' - f A V..- .,.. ..2z.:,. ,-1-ffefX " f x 5, if l X Q X HI. ! . fiffi aim H f -1'-1 f f f ., ,Z y e .: Z l 7 I . 1 K ff .X.A.,44 if f , W , " f Ge n 'W X tw" f X, f X I X eX ,4t, X a, f W , .. l-fri? f , A! ,. f eff e , . 'z f ef , iw 'G Z f ff 611 ,, M" J Jw 'Q' ri fy, ' 1, ff ez' f as J f l X F-::: Ve Z, X X , 1 , 1 A F. , ' ,- Xa ' '-ff X435 ' "1 f "" ' X- ,S ,,. , . , L ,, : 2 I y 2' 5 f l f f IW 9 f ' f 5 W f 4 f 4 f , 'I I Y rf, ,f , Z ff E 4 1 X' Q fa, f ,X ,M f f fXgXfg J ,, , ff .," " 4: -1 A: J ,, ,, 1,- X ,.i, A ,-.-, , Q X XX X S 9 ff! f f lf X rw I N awe, mf'-:..f ff, f-- , , z NX V W Z f X 5 , X 7 Qf X if 5- Zifw ' f f X r Q f y fi, f f Z wi ef , " X ii.. mfr, and -. X 4 -g f. ,.,, '-f 0 fwiefv, 'rf ' , X KX N , W Q ok , Z ff ' mx gf X f Q . X- ,, Xo.'f, ' f, 4 'I ll" . I 4 X A .,.'q, ,,,.,. A VV V, '- ,,,- ' Q QU . .... e W Z f Xgf ,zzziii i R X , Q 3-rate. ' X, if ,. , 'L ' f . ..,,. , 5 7 , f ,Z ' Q f I F M ,w w 5 1 If f, 'C , f ,f ZAV .' X I I , , Y Q! X f 7 f f W ,f g ,,J1 , f ga.. 4 if f ,ff , I-V if f , 41 2 I , ? Q 4, , ,?. , f x 4 1 f .X,.,,. . yi 1 en ? ky mf i Y Z X a I ,, ,.,.. ,, 'ii Y JUNIDRS Barbara McKinnon Martha McLaurin Carole Miller Cecelia Miller George Miller Kressy Mitchum Patty Montgomery Faye Moore Linda Morgan Sherry Morris Marya Mosely Sherra Mullinax Banned dreamily at their tirst Junior-Senior N X its X SQ Q x XY X 1 N as N 3-fag 5, N , Richard Montgomery s -. N Leslie Murphy Mary Murphy Janice Napier Ronnie Nappier Linda Neely Pat Newman Sandra Norris Jack Ouzts Beth Parks Janet Peeples Bill Phillips lack Phillips Wallace Pierce Cap Prescott Jerry Priestley Tony Redd Barbara Roberts Mary Ann Rogers Becky Rourk Phyllis Samples Dot Saunders Tim Scales .sir mi l , A 73 , 4 '17 Preparing for the Junior-Senior are Linda Neely, Sara Jones and Jeanette Baynham. H ' X .lg 1 i Nolan Wiggins With careful precision Betty, Paul, tlames, and Raymond prepare a chem- istry experiment. JUNIURS Kay Sheridan Roh Sherr .loyce Sinie Bill Smart Bart Smith Billie Ann Smith Rachael Sniith Regena Smith Lloyd Stahl Billy Stephens lane Surnerau Raymond Swann George Taylor Ion Tennant ,lirnrny Turner Cary Tseell-:emeier Alice 'lwigge Martha Tyler Tessa Wadford Celeete Walden Leila Walker Bobby Walton Toby Warren Eunice Vivaters Kathy Watkins Janice Wells Lovelia Vihatley Robert Whatley 'Virginia Widener Mary Jo Williams Tommy YVilliarn5 Ed Woodruff Edward Wright Lynda Wright Betty Wycoff Deanna Wyland Nell Wynn xx new 3 , it ,t ', 7 -he ' 2 .1 t f .,,, Q ,A 4 V 7 0, f 0 e4 Q-Afsa. 1 M .,, 5 X 4 w x , em , :.Sa 'L ' . Are challenged hy the chemical experiments 'T' sw rr .. Q fb P mf ' f f f I . - ' , rev? V 7' :iii wi i 6 Q Q M' 'E f . U if X . ..Q 1 6 1,5 ' 1' ,iff 3 f . , ,l . ff! , , f f X, ,W M, -My A fr .f " Q f f f ' f V , 4 Z K V ' my X i is ,M . f X Z! Ziff ,Z i f e g A f faq? S K Q fm? I Ni, f e J .,.,. 5 Q45 f 2 , ff 1 , L Q . L f f , , 1, ff, g i ,aa f , X, f , my . .Q 1 X X x 4 .,.. i i, f QW I 2 f ing Q fe, Q A ,RW 'am .2 , . 4 f W QL 16 ,f,.,, N., ffwfr-5 , 4 ' MH- M r -rf W if Q 3 22,7 , i Q , ...... f ..... .W ' 2 , if 516 90 f' 'E 34, X Q3 " ,i I fr, ' W f 1 -, .Z 1,4 3 , ,mf ' 'gig .454 em be f ,E V f Mr 1 fy X Ji ,. 4 1' 'fr 11 'gg W QW, I . sw,-'E:: W V K at-1 Ke, V g, ,fm , V w.a NM tiwif ' Q, 7"""'?x ef. 'M LY? fe 5 if ' it YM 4 wr, , ,, 7. f I 44. it -In - 1 -"' vfvv Q I Q N f ' f-WM 0 ,, 1, OFFICERS CRAIG BAYNHAM President TERRY WILLIAMS Vice Presirlerlf PATSY WARD Secretary DOUGLAS HIXON Treasurer SUPHUMURES Elected competent class ottieers First Role: Miss Bryant, D. Brown. L. Harris. Il. Battle, H. Harper, I. Anderson. D. Xipper. R. Bently. Second Row: B. Cettel, AI. Browne. I. Scott. I". Pole-ct. ff. Rullner. IS. Lee. H. lICCorkle. I. I'Ienslee. Third Row: L. Smith, A. Walker, S. Iiggerslnan, IT. Blakely. A, Uowing. P. Ward. KI. Adams. fill first ROI! .' A. Seyniour. G. Howie. Xl. Shanks. D. Green. S. Atkins. C. Calamas. N. Hanes, E. Moore. Second Roux' Miss Cc-ininander. S. Phillips. J. Hunt. C, Brewer. B. Thompson, M. Martin. Nl. Shaw. R. Reid. Third Roy .' K. Carey. A. Stephens. L. Jones. J. Wiatkins. J. Healing. ll. Ellis, A. Perry. D, NlCCanna. VV. Mitehum. S PHUMURES Started the new school year with enthusiasm fl-l3hHl.,XTlYhS ,lL'l,lE HL-NT Um! .'lU'l,JZ.fZAOl19 ROXEY lJll-l-UY YlfQsffll?pf?f7fffll1fF GENE Vi'll,lsl-XXI? ,lfn.S!r1Il1lf?!l'C PATSY Vifhlill .Unit Populflr CY BROWNINC Beef AH1RounfI Talking over their hrst year at high school are Gene, Roxey, Patsy, Julie, and Cy. U7 1,ga,, mage rm Q ., 5 MW! ,. .N . I f ne' fm? if , ' tw-E+' V, Wa.. 1 Z, Y, r , i 1 3 5 4 i Q l f ..- i -, WH' W f Latin projects are presented to the class by Joanne Lawson, Marybeth Richardson, and Le Grand iVioorer. SUPHUMURES Worked diligently on their latin nmiects First Row: Miss Dawson. N. Sample. P. Brooks. J. Lawson. S. Bunch, J. Smith. L. Vaughn. S. Stevenson. Second Rozy: M. Ruben, B. Hoehn, B. Powell. P. Thomas. C. Deaner. D. Colden, Y. Holley, J. Le Blanc, S. Clinski. Third Row: B. Moore. D. Hixon. D. Symonds, B. Harmon. C. Browning. R. Arant, J. Lane. G. Simmons, D. McCoy. EPS First Rolf: P. Blandenlourg. J. Everett. A. Holloway. P. Sullivan, L. Douglas, S. Maddox, E. Collman. Second R014 .' Klr. Buist. W. Durden, B. Payne, B. Beaufort, J. Bolen, lVl. Smith, C. Baynham. Third Row: S. Shipwash, K. Harris. G. llize. Nl. Law. P. Glover, T. Kearse, J. Blandenburg. SUPHUMURES Enjoyed varied experiences in senior high The Sophomore boys Find shop a new experience in their school Iifeg they enjoy making many useful products for the home. 99 ,, QM, lfff S QWWIIWITS um5m't5ll.wB get l fxorfiil gf lift 'new -A fate-4 V l Helen Sullivan and Judy Baxley watch intently as Diane Greene explains the structure of a leaf. SUPHUMURES Learned interesting Facts in Biology First Roux' Hr. Lowe, B. Gray, S. Griflln. T. llclforkle. B. Thompson. R. Arroyo, C. Rutland. M. Ql0hHSQI1- Second Roux' G. Hitt, D. McAfee. W. Dennis. H. Ecldins, S. Anderson, J. Austin, B. Weeks, S. Bryant. Thzrd Row: T. Vifilliams, C. Barber. l.. Drummoncl, W. Harville. C. Robinson, D. Beverly, B. Bolton, T. Bledsoe. lllll first Rolf: llr. Grayson. K. Smith. M. Richardson, C. Gaines, M. Hair, C. Wilson. C. Powers, R. Dillon. Second Roux' L. Smith. L. Kloorer. Y. Sherrill, N. Mitchell. V. McDonald. B. Gaines. V. Cook. J. Van Tassel. Third Rf7Zl .' C. Lanier. Bl. Cunningham. R. Elwell. B. Stephens, G. Willianis, M. Joy. M. Kennedy. G. Smith. SIJPHUMURES Rendered service wherever needed These dirty clothes are an unpleasant sight for Home Ec. students-Lynn Douglas, Judy Anderson, and Janelle Scott. l if ff Wi ffy L., ., V' - ig. 101 September ll was an unforgettable day for sophomores. These fledglings started classes a week before, but the reality of high school attendance descended upon them during initia- tion day. North Augusta seniors Haunted authorityg the soph- omores attempted to devise schemes of escape, but their plans were usually hopelessly shattered by power-hungry superiors. Average teenagers? ,lust recall the apparel of these luckless initiates. The girls were candidates for Barnum and Bailey in their baggy pants and pigtails, shirts with ties and HBeat Richmondn signs. And they were found walking hazardously with one heel and one 1nan's shoe on their feet. Sophomore boys were difficult to discern since their complete women's wear made recognition almost impossible. Some hardy boys made the best of the unavoidable situation, nevertheless, and were seen eating their vegetable corsages through lipstick-laden lips. The day was hectic and the pace was exhausting, but the North Augusta sophomores held up beautifully. They finished their ordeal with a feeling of fulfillment. Now they were actu- ally a vibrant part of .North Augusta High. SUPHUMURES W Were beyond recognition during initiation Fir l Ron Nlr Fault R onilth ll Nullixan E Hfntx Q Parker. N. Fowke. C. Bralceheld. C. Lang. Second Rott N Nlorri on lx Nlurphx R u c J l-laniiltfn H Youngblood, J. Day, J. Wlalker, J. Bridges. Third R071 F Prather B Hate G lxnl ht N Ycrlnalx t Fergu in. W. Holley. J. Freeman. B. Moore. firsl Rout Nliss Clark. J. Harley. J. Hall. D. Ferguson. N. Walden. R. Priestly. C. Dawson, J. Spires. Second Ron: L. Kloorer. D. Rushton. D. Hanshew. C. Johnson. S. Lowery. D. Strom. J. Baxley. Third Row: D. lxeller. R. Del ore. YY. Twiggs. S. Bodie. L. Bell. C. Wrern, C. Cordon. SUPHUMURES Illustrated Bunk Week through clever hulletin hoard arrangements Explormg ln Books the slogan for Book Week, irlsplred Jean l-lenslee and Loulse Vaughn to arrange a balletn board focusmg attentlon on books which would appeal to Sophomores 7 Q V W'-gi , 4... 7 SX D , 103 wfhe meeting will please come to order" says Sammy Anderson as he opens a session of the Student Council. This group leads other school organizations. N.A.'s variety of clubs cultivates a better understanding ofthe world and instills in members a realization of duty. Together they promote activities which pro- vide fun and fellowship for students. I J f To Be a Part of Cur Many If omizalfiond X mf, Z ' my-M-M W K and 2'-'I ,W w .WM ,Wm WW - O alma X mx X XQMMK W' . 1 Q W ' " "w:i:'g .-.- 1 ,::::... ,-p . ' .. I .-..- - XX 2 .:N..w.f.7 -1 -W Y , D V ' ' E 'H f x S Y Y 5 E Q li L R 'NWQX N S Q f , N XW NM inlulnQnnnQ1nulns Immun will fl WHO X 1 We , WW , , , ,f Q, I Vg , fl! , , cs. fif:f'!?m+X,mM'5.'Qz5XY.:Qwn L , . . xNj Xxx "X "if 'xi N 4 N y N Z A tt Q Warren, Sammy, Jack, lVlrs. Hammond OFFICERS SAMMY ANDERSON . . . . . JACK Ouzrs . . WARREN Twiccs . MRs. HAMMOND . . . President . . Vice President . Secretary-Treasurer . . . . Advisor Student Council Encourages School Spirit with Assembly Programs Led by capable oliicers. the twenty-one home room representatives and the three members-at-large from junior and senior classes discussed ideas that would make a well-rounded school. The council tried to co- ordinate activities and to encourage cooperation among students. teachers. parents, and administration. The topics for special attention for 1959-1960 were Honesty and School Spirit. Some of the activities were assembly programs. homecoming, attendance at games, devotional over the public address system. safety on driveways, and im- proving the lunch program. The newest project was the compiling and sale of a student directory. Dele- gates were sent to district and state meetings. FIRST SEMESTER-Fir.s! Row: J. Andrews. il. Day. C. Baynham. iQ, Vaughn. .l. Xlloonian. W. Twiggs, T. Williams, Nl. Zier. .Second Row: A, Seymour. P. Ward, R. Dillon. L. Morgan. F. Doster. li. Thurmonrl. C. Deaner, and D. Gibbs. Third Row: J. llalamas, B. Harrison, .l. Turner. D. Ferguson. NI. Will-on. J, Boyd. B. Thompson. and P. Bunch. SECOND SEIXIESTERfFz'rst Row: .l. Outz. D. Ulmer. D. Rucker. Carter. G. Taylor. R. Oxerton, W. Twiggs, and S. Anderson. Second Row: .l. Baxley, A. Bradley, G. Howie, C. Wilson. B. Wyatt. fl. Culbreath. F. Douglas. and J. Johnson. Third Row: B. Payne. T. lilcflsoe, D. NlcCoy. D. Nipper. S. lones, Nl. Dyer, 5. Hooker. H. Youngblood. and R. Brewer. l f W F Z t ft. 1 l 'cj' lllli Beta lJlul1Strives to Promote Honesty Hbervitig Others" is the goal of the members of the Beta Club. Their aim is to promote the principles of honesty. service. justice, and charity. This year the Beta Club strived to uphold those aims and fultill that goal by promoting spirit during basketball season. sponsoring College Day. and work. ing on outside service projects. Collecting and selling old newspapers for the North Augusta Hospital fund was a community activity. ln order to pay part of the expenses to the Beta Convention in Columbia. South Carolina. the members washed cars and held several bake sales. These contributions to the school. com- munity. and state helped to make the 1000 Beta Club a success. cw.: Marsha, Ann, lVIrs. Hunter, Jimmy, and Betty make plans for the Beta Club convention. ANN SANDERS . . . . President MARSHA WILLSON . . Vice President BETTY O7BERRY . . . Secretary JIMMY ARNETT . . Treasurer MRS. HUNTER . . . ......... . Advisor SENIOR NIEXIBEBSiFz'rsf Rota: J. Calhoun. L. Schwartz. J. Samples. C. Vaughn, D. Hunt, J. Ramsey. B. Craybill, and B. Harville. Seforzd Ron : NI. We-bb. B. Flemister. Nl. Burkhalter, M. Haywood. C. Gibson. M. Hardman, B. Blitchington, B. Talbert. C. Lutz. S. Williams. J. Jones. and L. Fallaw, Third Row: S. Caswell, lVl. Wilson. B. Wyatt, Leopard, S. Moore, A. Callicott, C. Bussey. G. Faglie. B. Davis. and C. Hurst. Fourth Roux' T. Long. J. Greene. J. Hites. J. Culbertson. B. O'Berry. P. Hayes, A. - J - - banners. D. tvardner. LV, Howell. and J. Alexander. JLNIOB XIENIBEBS-First Roto: D. Bell. J. Frost. JI. Moseley. B. Barden, J. Hamilton. B. Johnson, F. Doster. P. Floyd, N. Wynn. B. Bourk. and B. Brewer. Second Roux' L. Haskell. V. Widener. P. Andrews, J. Johnson. J. Barton, B. Wycoff. L. lylorgan, J. Peeples. li. Watkins. and F. Moore. Third Row: S. Hooker, D, Boland, L. Lee, T. Bedd, B. Walton. B. Harrison. J. lxoon, B. Napier. B. Xyer. and J. Altoonian. . W" I" 'CRUSH Z4 .fW fZ 5fil .1 . .Qi First Row: B. Blitchington. A. Perry. B. Gettel. B. Wwoff. C, Orr. anrl .X. Sanrlf-rs. Sernnrl Row: Nl. Willson, KI. Rogers. T. YVaclforfl, J, johnson. E, Hamilton. K. Harris. anfl fl. Cowing. Five high-stepping majorettes and a thirty-seven-piece march- ing unit contributed much to school spirit during football season by playing at pep rallies and presenting entertaining half-time shows at the games. One of the most exciting exhibitions was given' at the Greenville game when hillbilly songs were played f I 44 ,1 , is 1 " Q w Q, The Band and Majurettes and a mountain formation was made. After football season, the band attended a statewide Band Day at the ls-niversity of South Carolina on November 21 and marched in the Xorth Augusta and Aiken Christmas parades. ,V 244 ,lb X ' 1 f f I V ilill A 1. 5 ' W' I I A QA ,l 1 tit as W Y t ei ,y,f,m:s, X 4 f 3 f My 0 'S-ff 5 ,f , The 1960 rnajorettes include Char- N . li Iotte Orr, Gayle Howell, Ann Moore, f W Q2 Z l Sara McFarland, and Sharon Caswell. . ' rv? Z Q' Arr- fx ! Q ii 6 A3 Q X P I, f 1 5 an 4 'l 1 ' I LW X ' ,ff it K V I 9 lt , Wi 3 A 'N-M lv ff ,, J, F 24257 , V 1 im, wztf QA ' jj. A, .s 1Wflnwi.,.,,.1hL,- l , QL z, l MA! 'lZiAQZlm,.,,,,L -V .V AHPSQN S ai X flirt Rim : C. lltrtlantl, H. Napier l,. Crates. S. Nlullinax, ,l. Arnett, J, Calhoun, and D. Bryan. Second Row: B. Phillips, J. Boyd, L.. Nlillvr. T, Rerltl. Ll. jenkins. ,l. Koon. and J. Nicholson. Presented Varied Programs Second semester the pep songs went back into the files and then they went to Rock Hill to the State Festival. A successful classical rnusie niade its appearance. Everyone began to look year was clirnaxed by the Spring Concert, where popular and forward to the spring concert and the annual Spring Music classical music was performed. Festival. First they attended the District Music Festival, and The band adds pep to football games. 109 TS" New Yells Were introduced By the Cheerleaders X . A 1 FRANCES DOUGLAS, Captain Y-E-L-L-O-WT, Yellow Jackets of N. A. Give three big cheers for good ole N. A. Give three big cheers for the black and gold. They're the best in all the land. Give 'em the ball and just look at 'em go. Hip-hip hooray for the Yellow Jackets! They'll win the game: There is no doubt. Give 'em one more Cheer for the best team ofthe year. Good ole N. A.-that's their name. MARTHA TEIVIPLETON fy, ' DIANE GIBBS v CAROLYN DEANER DIANE NIPPER 1 'hs T 1 . 17' G JUNE KILBY BETTY CYBERRY 1131! ! Q ig' is Q ' I 2, My fy' " ff f 6' llll X N Parlezuvous francais? Je parle francais Get that good old French spiritl If itis good enough for the French. itis good enough for nie. Yes. that was what all the French students were saying as they planned and prepared for the exciting annual Mardi Gras, where they ate delicious food. and chose a king and queen. On state Modern Language Fun Day the French Club oliicers presented a skit. Spirit. Spirit. Spiritl When Christmas came the French students celebrated by taking gifts to shut-ins and going caroling. There was also a Christmas party at a students honie. When spirit exists there is much learned. and it's fun to learn. X r NJ' t V9 Walter, Judy, Nancy, and Danny pack gifts for the needy i i Fir I Run 5 C. Gibson. Nl. l-laywood. L. Fallaw, P. Hayes. S. Caswell. Nl. Webb. F. Williams. C. Xlclaurin. Serurzrf Roux B. Blitchingtori. H. Callaway. .l. Alex- ander, Ll. Culbertson. E, Flemister. .l. Sirnril. and Xl. Templeton. Third Roux' Nlrs. Godfrey. F. Oakley. l. Arnett. R. Graybill. D. l'-oral. D. Hunt. arid T. Cole. First Ron: Xl. Burkhalter. G. Fagller -l- Hites. A. Callicott. Lutz. and B. Dat-ig, Second Row: X. Flrby, ll. Jef- frev. G. Hurst. C. Orr. B. OBer1'y. F. 'Douglas and L. Bodie. Third R0w. R. Golden. J. Miller. G. l-iurlbutt, D. Blanchard, J. Calamas. W. Theus, D. Cooper, and J. Andrews. Q5 X V'!4dQ4-44 Mrs. Murphy dictates a news article to Alice Twiggs. Martha and Kay enjoy interviewing Mr. James Hagerty. the YELLUW JACKET Is Enjoyed hy Students and Teachers The Yellow Jacket is in orbitl It soared aloft with firstsw-the staii had an edition ready for the opening day of school, and it published the paper semi-monthly. Reporters attended President Eisenhoweris Press Conference in Augusta. They won national recognition for a TB editorial and started plans for a printed newspaper. Typing the dummy and cutting the stencils enabled the staff to include the last-minute news. Getting this news and having it ready by the deadline was no easy task. The challenge of the writers was to record the NAHS activities and accomplishments of both individuals and groups. Yoicing praise or urging improvements, the editorial depart- ment has vied with the news, features, and sports in creating student interest. Also the artists have added reader appeal. First Row: P, Floyd, S. McDaniel, A. Culbreath. M. Dyer, J. Kilby. C. Walden, N. Wynn. D. Golden, J. Peeples, B. Barden, and J. Hamilton. Second Row: J. Johnson. K. Watkins, J. Baynham, B, Brinkley, M. Murphy, L. Haskell. ll, Hair, L. Vaughn, B. Johnson, and L. Morgan. Third Row: Mrs. Murphy, S. Jones, M. McLaurin, F. Moore, A. Twiggs, S. Hankinson, J. Koon, B. Burns, B. Ayer, P. Hyer, and R. Taylor. 2 EDITORIAL STAFF K.-xx' SHERIDAN . . . Ed1'tor-in-Chief JANET PEEPLES . Business .llanoger . . Feature Editor BEvEi1Lx' BARDEN . . . News Editor JACK Ouzrs . . CELESTE WALD1-:N . PENNY FLox'D LINDA MORGAN . LAURA HAS-KELL J oHN KOON . . BIRKIE AYER Mas. ELIZABETH MURPHY . Advisor Miss NANCY LAWRENCE Production .-ldvisor ALICE Twiccs . . . .Boys Sports . Art Editor . . GirI's Sports . Exchange Editor . Hot Rod Editor Q. YP X. The Future Teachers entertain the faculty at a tea. Making plans for the Future Teachers convention are JoAnne Hites, Hildreth Callaway, and Carolyn lVlcLaurin. Future Teachers Promote Interest in Teaching The great need of society today is to acknowledge the neces- sity of teaching. The real power source in the world today is intellectual power. This is something that the United States has not had to confront directly before. With an abundance of nat- ural resources. Americans could live what is called the good life. But the good life today demands that we reach the frontiers of men's minds. The training of well-prepared teachers is a continuing and vital national need. It is necessary that outstanding young people become teachers, and at the same time provide thoughtful laymen with insights into the importance of the teaching pro- fession. The local F.T.A. Club emphasized teaching as a career which offered to young men and women great opportunity for service. First Ron : S. Caswell. C. Drr. C. Gibson. S. Williams, K. Christy, A. Callicott, F. Doster, B. Johnson, M. Williams, B. Talbert, C. Lutz, S. McDaniel, and C. fNlcLaurin. Second Razr: C. Bussey, S. Leopard, C. Hutto, K. Florie, J. Simril, S. Moore, M. Willson, S. Morris, L, Metts, and J. Hites. Third Row B. Wyatt. H. Callaway. F. Douglas. L. Fallaw. P. Newman, S. Jones, M. Jeffrey, J. Peeples, M. Rogers. M. lVIcLaurin, and Miss Lawrence. Fourth Row A. Braflley. 5. Twf-lkemeier. B. Robertson. C, Dickens, D. Folk, G. Hurst, P. Montgomery, G, Faglie, L. Haskell, L. Bodie, J. Johnson. and B. Blitchington HrufRfm.- 14. Pa1'kef-C-Wilsm D Xlplltaf le D-anlr I vit- s la well NI tr' lb fs xr La f' K H 1 D va' it s aut' 5 4 R . "" " """"-""'S f-'- 'T'---rl' .. ., .'s.,...'s. .. UL Porter. L. Douglas. C.,l.'brmr1l. B. Thurmonrl. F. Douglas. X. Xlrlqlre, L, Brfldie. C. Hrlwf-lllulgl lfallaxfg-,anThr'rd R6oFiu': Xliss llflriwllant. plli?nBentlJell'. D Ferguson. E. Coffman. P. bullrxan. P. Hlanflenhurg. Y. Morrison. C. Hmvilg, D. Brown- ' ' ' Future Humemakers Learn and Apply Household Skills Pics and cakes and mulflins too: Home Ec. girls will cook for you. Donit you want to sew like them '? With those clothes thefll slay the "hims." Future Homemakers are being prepared for making better homes of tomorrow. The girls gain practical experience in the arts of sewing and cooking. One project of the year was a fashion show given during American Education Week honoring the teachers. The girls also served at the Sports Banquet and Junior-Senior. The Htrre Enron' CS gfls model the dresses they made Frm! Roni N. Hanes. l. Scott. Y. Nlaq-Donulll. N. Xkallllen. F. Nlallflox. H, Prrestly. 9. l-owerx. Xf llonk. anll A. Walker. Sworn? Roni X. Holloway. Xnrlerson. H, Harper. C. Maine-. 5, llunfrh. J. 5pir+'-. ll, Maint'-. I. lluxlry. anll Nl. Shank. Tlzfrll Ron: Ll, Powers. li. lolinsnn. Y. Fhcrril. sl. Harley. Q Brewer. P. Poteet. .l. .lonea Nl. Xllams. an-'l lf. Lee. lll Iiirst Row: C. Baynham. C. Long. X. Klitchell. J. Lawson. H. Cettel, J. Hunt, E Hence, S. Phillips, L. Harris, and -B. Beaufort. Second Row: C. Calamas JS- -JlU1'Pl1Y- F-Q Blakely. P. Ward. H. Sullivan. J. ldwrett. D. Greene, J. Rouse, N. Seymour, and K. Smith. Third Row: D. Keller, R. Eddins, J. Bolen, W lwiggs. D. Ellis. J. Nan Tassel. D. McCoy. S. Bodie. H. Youngblood. and Mrs. Brown. M. H. A. Increases Knowledge et Aneient Times E pluribus UIIUIIIYHOWS' thrilling to have a national motto xdth such deep meaning. a meaning only a Latin student can really feelf Latin is the basis of most modern speech. The pur- pose of the club is to stimulate interest in the minds of young people. The study of human triumphs and failures of two thou- sand years ago excite the imagination of all true Latin students. As is the yearly custom the club joined Latin clubs from all parts of the state in a forum of concentrated study and fellow- ship at Winthrop College. During the Christmas holidays stu- dents sang carols in Latin to shut-ins and friends. The high point of the local activities was the annual banquet which took the form of a Roman feast in all its romantic and elaborate atmos- phere. Latin can be fun! First Ron : E. Xloore. C. Battle. Bl. Browne. L. Kloorer. S. Stevenson, M. Hair, J. Hall, D. Colden, and A. Cowing. Second Row: M. Martin, R. Smith, B Thompson. J, Henslee. J, Hamilton, C. Gaines, Nl. Richardson, M. Shaw. P. Brooks, and N. Folke. Third Row: M. Smith, D. Symonds, J. Mealing, R Devore. R. Arroyo. B. Weeks. S. Eggerston, R. Dillon, G. Brakefield, and Mrs. Godfrey. W 't'-f-.1 'Www Sammy Anderson. ,limmy Andrews. Andrew Ballard, Johnny Beam. Jerry Bell. Bill Denny. Dan Edwins, Guy Hurlbutt, John Koon. Russell McClain, Harold Ylclflmurray. Leslie Murphy. Bill Smart. Buck Thompson. and Robert Whatley. The Bus Drivers Are Dependable and Efficient Every morning the bus drivers safely transported students in always did their best to obey the rules of the road. Safety the North Augusta area to their various schools. They kept a meetings were held regularly to help the drivers become better record of the miles they traveled each day and an account of informed and more able to carry out their responsibilities. the students they carried. The bus drivers were courteous and They are to be commended for their dependability and efiicieney. BILL SIVIART, BILL DENNY, BUCK THOMPSON licvpl licepl goes the bus. MM Xxltlllll you stop and pick up us? s llziin or snow or sleet or lmil Y Q Still ilivy come. without a fail! llli LIBRARY CLUB Lights! Action! Camera! The library is the stage. the material is the script. and the assistants arc the charac- ters of the plav. The general meaning of thc play is to promote and extend the librarv services through work sas... activities such as circulating and processing library ma- terials. preparing bulletin boards. keeping a school his- tory. and helping students Find necessarv material in magazines and books. :X highlight of the year was the district meeting in Aiken. where the delegates found that being a librarian helps develop leadership, knowledge of libraries. and a deeper appreciation of literature. .-Xlso they were shown librarianship as a vocation. Becky, Dianne, and Joan tile new books forthe library. ffv- - - WWW . wwf? ... qw, L. ,,,,,,, ww. OFFICERS JACKIE JONES . . . . . . - Pfwideflf LLOYD FOWLER . . Vice President DIANNE AUSTIN . . . Secretary JOAN HERRING . - Tfeawfef Miss COMMANDER . AJWSOV The Lihraw Club Assists the Librarian and the Students Firgr Ron 5 D. Folk. D. Strom. J. Herring. J. Jones. L. Fowler. D. Austin. J. Garvin. and L. Neeley. Second Row: Miss Commander, D. Green, C. Goodwin D. Ferguson. ll. Klartin. R. Priestlev. S. Lowery. J. Rouse. N. Walden. J. Hamilton, K. Smith. and L. Smith. Third Row: J. Devine. B. Turner, D. Wyland Xl, Franklin. L. Bell. N. Haines. A. Sevmour. G. Howie. J. Smith. F. Hobbie, and S. Phillips. H' J i ess 49 f . . , 4 f 117 Dean Dockins, Presidentg Dick Ulmer, ViceaPresidentg Roxey Dillon, Secretary- Treasurer. The chorus, directed by Mrs. Carolyn Cox, is composed of 53 boys and girls who are especially interested in music and singing. Their objectives are to raise the standards of performance and of public taste and to develop character. On the Friday before Thanksgiving they sang a group of beautiful hymns suitable for the season. Most inspiring was their Christmas program presented the day school holidays began. Second semester the chorus began practicing for the Spring Music Festival to be held jointly with the band in April. This group won the approval of the faculty and the students and added a bright note to the school year. The CHURUS Added a Bright Note t the Seh el Year First Row: Mrs. Cox. J. Hill, B. Parks, D. Folk, B. Dillon, C. Dicl-cv-ns. B. Robertson. P. Newman. S. Dorris. J. Doyle, and C. Battle. Second Rout B. Storey, L. Porter, A. Seymour, S. Leopard, S. Hankinson. H. NlcCorkle. Nl. Franklin. Nlr-Daniel. B. Berry. C. Banks. and B. Wyatt. Third Roux' K. Hanlan. M, Williams. D. Saunders, Bl, Shaw, C. Dawson. K. liullington. D. 'Xu-lin. P, Nlontgomery. L. Walker. D. Dockins. and N. Banes. Fourth Rolf: N. Firby. B. Smith, J. Garvin, C. Goodwin, J. Wells. L. Harris. Nl. Nlosele-y. Nl. Nlarshall. K. Chri-ty. and E. Kloore, Fifth Row: l.. Fowler. D. Rucker. D. lilmer. R. Moore, B. Jones, B. Gray, B. Overton, A. Nlclilmurray, D. johnson. C. Thompson. and F. Fowler. 4 nh f. ,. .mn '1' sa , M a 45? . 1' in HS X i its s 'iid X -q""" ss TOGO our Annual advisor worked faithfully and competently r .ai s :p.:":a:':'t X . In 5 Q H . W ' i itf's.:s5??T':t f'f::s :.:.. ,." X' M--A i 5 as , . ., ,,.:4, za, , g 'ZEW XMK 'M After checking the ledger, Carlton Vaughn, Linda Fallaw, and Nlargit Haywood were overjoyed to see that the class had passed the adver- tising goal. Sandspurs Records the Memories of the Year From the beginning of school until the final dummy was received. the staff worked steadily toward publishing a superior edition of Sana'- .Spllf-5. The challenge left by the seniors of l959. whose yearbook had won first place in the Na- tional Scholastic Competition, inspired the l960 staif to higher goals. Early in the fall the adver- tising drive started and in three weeks' time the original budget of S3500 had been surpassed. ln order to meet the first deadline. individual pictures, activity shots, club reports, and scale drawings had to be completed before Christmas. This required concentrated effort. The staff, as well as the rest of the student body, eagerly anticipated the arrival of the 1960 Sandspurs. At a special assembly the dedication was announced. The satisfaction of seeing the finished annual compensated for the long hours of hard work. SANDSPURS SALESMEN-First Ro : 1.1 .A. S ' G B ' Wadford, M. Dyer, D. Ferguson. M, liijair. Seildizil Rouiiiiiiioiliibrgan rilkeifbfliiisog M. Willson, F. Doster, D. Dockins, B. Wyatt. G. Faglie, G, HufSt.,Tii'ird Rowf L. Haskell, B. 0,Berry, L. Vaughn, P. Ward. C. Baynham, J. Arnett. i f. 119 Charlotte Bussey, Laura Metts, and Connie Keane are writing copy. mf' ti. - e iwwwyu 4 fr ef V af, x f M X, Z , L, :VZ Z 1 ,, f , ' , f W' , X - , X if tt , ,lf , 'V ,ff .. i l r , X ,W i, , A if A is K 1 s WWwffm'f-n'1lQZ"i- rs- L eV ,,: , , ,, , MMWM e , ,,, N U H If If If f f, , My I ,JW .. W .,,, ,,,, , H I V' 1 , ,M Wa, Selecting pictures to be used in Sandspurs are Sherry Moore, Ann Bradley, Sue Twelkemeier, Jimmy Calamas, and Gayle Howell, Discussing sophomore, junior and senior sections are Billie Ann Dianne Gibb, Mary Lee Burkhalter, and Le Grand Moorer. Smith, -1-Q., Myra Hardman, Pam Hayes, Betty O'Berry, and Ann Weeks work out the feature section, Putting posters up for the Sahdspurs drive are Jo Ann Hites Gayle Hurst, and Martha Jeffrey. W ls: W I H M il-fslnl Isla!!! ,,,, Sets, is lHu-"- Q li 5- Arm Qalllcott Carolyn Lutz Billie Davis and Glenda orgamzatlon writefups, 154 14,1 Cif ,X 'fcga F G feeme, and Betty Talbert proofread te aoma Copy, LXXDSPKRS TYPISTS-First Rau.: C. Hullo, B. Berry 5 'Worms F Pentecost. O. Gardner. B. Robffrtlon. SPCUHKI Raw: C Dxfkens f Buseey, C. Banka D. Folk. 1-1-ti.-4 lqmffl i Z '-H., Good sportsmanship is a fundamental part of athletics at North Augusta. ln front of the school the football squad and cheerleaders are raising the Yellow Jacket Flag, which has be- come to each student an important symbol, a symbol worth putting all of his heart into de- fending, a symbol of clean, healthy athletics. To Cheer Our Exciting .JQALLLZCJ v A f.w,,,,fw X, ffm 41-qw. v,m.,,W,, 444 W Z Q 5 , J an f Q X4 0, , MW MQW I fn Q Webster Grayson Assistant Coach' Carly Gantt H Assistant Coach. i A K lil. M . A ead Coach' J V' Bus ,I'.'7.'V L'.2l?E'.'.S DOH '.'C'x'GC'."EPY Efd Gaarterzack THE 1959 FOOTBALL CAPTAINS The Yellow Jackets Enjoyed A N. .-X. . . 20 Beaufort .. N. .-X. . . O A. R. C. . - Y - I X. A. ' 1 31 Axquinas h I The l9o9 North Augusta Hellow Jackets opened their football N. A. . . l3 Orangeburg . campaign and the defense of their State Championship crown on A- - - 13 Clmloll - ' September el with a 20-O dribbling of Beauforts Tidal Wayne. Dis- A' ' ' 6 L' B' C' ' playing an alert defense bulwalked by tacl-ale Dan Edwins and end N. .-X. . ll! Greer . . . , ' r s' Y -X '70 Cpaftanburg Jimmy Andrews. the Black and bold recovered three opponent i . A . . -. V . C Q N. A. I 13 Greenville I fumbles and coasted the rest of the way. N' A' ' 40 Alken ' ' Powerful Richmond Academy measured the Jackets for the first time in four years and pounded out a 20-lf? decision in the second game nf the season. Down fourteen points at the half. X. A. led by tackle Hike Zier came back playing inspired ball: but plagued by costly fumbles. twice had marches stopped deep in llusketeer territory. First fiom: I, Priestley. Anflerson. D. Nlontguniery. H. Ftillwell. H, llurn-. L, Lee. T. Yi arnn. ll. l lmer. B. Gregory. C. Baynham. and C. Winburn. Serum. Roux' 5. Carter. X. Baynham. .l. Ouzts. .l. ballaw. fi. Wliatl'-3, lj. Thomp-on. H. Whitlaw. lL. William-. E. Ble-tins. D. Rucker. and R Daly. Third Rim: J. Xnflre'-ws. D. Boland. D. Eflwins. H. Denny. W. Griffin. ll. Ziff. T. Ho-lie. C. Fergu-nn. li. Vooptr. .l. Xlurnfortl. and P. Hanshvw. I Q if ' ' - I 1 sannnav ANDERSON Btlctq THOMPSON Oicic ULIVIER JACK FALLAW Halfback Halfback Halfback Fullback Managers Sensational Fnnthall Season Bouncing back the following Friday, the Yellow Jackets vented their wrath on the outplayed .-Xqninas lrish. handing them a 31-6 defeat. Quarterback Don Nlontgomery' and tackle Paul Hanshew were Outstanding in x ictory. Seemingly gaining momentum. the N. A. lads traveled to Orange- burg. Sparked by halfback Sammy .-Xnderson and the return of previously injured guard Warren Griffin. the heavier lndians were pushed all over the held: and the Jackets brought back a well-earned 13-lf score. A fourth-down Jerry Priestly to Sammy Andersonas pass in the last two minutes cinched the game. On Friday. October 9. the Xorth Augusta team suffered their second and final loss of the season ionls' their third in five yearst when spirited Langley- Bath-Clearwater handed them a stunning 12-6 upset defeat. The de- termined lackets came back with a T-6 win over Greer. Then they made it win number six by whipping Spartanburg 20-6 in a rain- soaked homecoming clash. Halfback Buck Thompson and center Jimmy Mumford were outstanding in Victory. Cheerleader Martha Templeton reigned as l-lomecoming Queen. 'frg :fe 1 a nelpeo to win the Greer game, Priestley hands 1: . 1 ,. .J I-7356.1 . First Rrvzc: Tommy Boland and Bill Blakely. Second Row: Billy Howe- and Nolan Wiggins. Cornered by a group of Aiken defenders, Sammy tries for yardage. 125 WALTON COOPER, End MIKE ZIER, Guard GERRY FERGUSON, Guard DAN EDWINS, Tackle Out for revenge. Xorth Augusta tumbled favored Greenville 13-0. Last year the Pied Raiders heat N. A. hy one point. hreak- ing the Jackets' 42 game unheaten streak. Led hy guard Gerry Ferguson. the Hghting Jackets of '59 allowed these opponents into their territory only once during the game. ln the last game of the season Dick Pliner and Jack Fallaw lerl 20 other seniors During a muddy Homecoming contiict, Anderson is brought down by a group of Spartanburg players. Jiwimv MuTf1EoRp,oemer WARREN GRIFFIN, GUM wut HENSHEW, Tackle STEVE CARTER, Center as N. A. walloped arch-rival Aiken 40-6. Although the Yellow Jackets ended a sensational season with eight wins and two losses. they missed by a close vote a Chance to play for the state Championship. Sammy Anderson. who sparked the Jackets all season. represented them in the annual Shrine Bowl Caine. Looking for help Montgomery is surrounded in the Greer game. U, .,, , W 39,7 ,f , , ,-.,-. ...- -., -:na-, -,2:' '-..- .. . 'L -.:.t.k EARL ELEVINS, Fullback RONALD VVHITLAW, Tackle DAVID RUCKER, End BEN HARVILLE, Guard RODNEY THURIVIOND, Halfback CHARLES WINBURN, Guard -- - , , -,, - --.NZ-"'--' --.. xi V V V t- "B" Team Future Varsity Stars X.-AL , ri Hans . . 6 XA. . T AICC-,frinick . l9 North Augustas "BM Team defeated Hephzihalfs MB" Team. 31-O in their season XA, , l 14 l., B. ff. . . 6 opener. With the help of Doug Hixon. Wallace Pierce, and Dan Rushton, the Bally XV A ,W L B l- 7 Jackets scored in every period. ln the next outing North Augusta and Evans' "A" ' ' 'D ', ' J' T, Varsity battled to a 6-6 tie. On October 29. the Baby Jackets were defeated by NA' ' 'fl Tallmmml ' ' NlcCormickis "Aw Varsity 19-7. They went on to win the next two games against X -X, . T q Ven . . . V. L.B.C. 14-6 and 22-7. This gave the Jackets 3 wins. l loss. and 1 tie. During the XA. I U Hephzil-ah . foil remainder of the season the N.A. boys lost to Bichmondis "B" Team 13-O and to Hephzilmalfs MA" Varsity 3-1-H. North Augusta ended the season with a 7-0 romp over Aiken. The Bahy Jackets hnished with a record of -L wins, 3 losses. and 1 tie. First Ron: Ki. Smith. ,l. llay. D, Hixon. ll. lfllis. H. Youngblood, B. Gray, YV. Durflen, l,. Smith and C. Lainar. Second Row: P. Hyer, B. Thompson, D Rushton. W, Tv,-igg, YY, fm-rf-Q, KI, DP Cf-nnaro, S, Criliin. S. :Xndf-rson, and H. Payne. Tlzim' Row: C. Browning. J. Bridges. B. Harrison, J. Watkins, D Hanshew. D.BFILJ,Yialkf1r.fV.Taglor.anfl Nl. lov. , 4 2.46 fla g , , V 1 V '- .- 1 , -, W- . Wav 1 X, , W, ,, 4-aff 'V Q- Ag - :V 0 "" fffrfz, A" V. . ' V M .lf ,Qg:'- Wt" , 3 7 f ff A ff Wig f , V ., 3 I V V ., ,,,,V w K , 4 2,9 f t 3- V V . 2 O -V E- V . , 'J Z.. fm, g 'f W , 4 f , ' Q , 'W A A V EV , ! . f , , , ,V W , R Af . , ' f 1 Q f' -- , W VV. A- ,, , M ff-M X wwf , -My 1 I ,,,,f y 5 My .4,,,, fiz",lg Q , V 4, 6 ' , wiv. K ff f , V . . f an ,W I V f 1 A 5 -f-4. fc , 0 2 1 3 c Ei B f 5 4' A, iw " Q' , V f , .1 , , V ,, 4 - 1 W' ' f ,,, .,.... 1 V f,...:,5?j'e.a " f W W aw ' f -. f f 3 Q 1 3 . V V ' 'f K -1- -QM,"-I -Z I F-If-1 MW 5 X 4 , 5 fi, H ,H .I X' 'f ct f, .J 4 ' . ..,, , V fV f f,V 5 4 N4 V V ,,,H4,.w Q ,ff , . -K ft f flf- fu- Q gs 0 , f fwgyi ,N X , , VMW "' ' TLV .,., V' V V .. ,, f 1 -. ' V , ' - Wy , A ? , , ' V , . L a f-fa g ,f -- Vw la , " " ' V f t " - f W . ' I-. ., 2 f-.' --'arc Augu Augu Augu Augu Augu Augu Augu Augu Augu x X-f - f- jr'- ,ta . . -- 2 0 11 .7 ,S 3 J, 20 15 36 34 - . . Zo Augu 23 Augu 5-3 Augu -10 Augusta . . 26 Augusta . . 534 --- Lf' :fwfr :fc 'fartfa L. B. C. . .FT Hephzibah . . 28 Graniteviile . 22 Aquinas . . If Richin-:ind . . 34 L. B. C. . . . 34 C-raiiiteviiie . 23 Saiuda . . . 43 Richmond . . 35 Orangeburg . . 4-3 Aquinas . . 33 Aiken . . 23 Saiuda . . 33 Orangeburg . . 4-1 ff-- ' :"- :-: P-v:-- N.,-.-... ....f,............ Ftrs! Ron 5 li. Fleniister. A. Fantlers. Nliss Exans. S. Nlclfarlanml, and Nl. Templeton. Second Row: C. Walden, B. Smith, A- Culbfwth, J. Herring,Al?- Gigbs. L. Nlorgan. and F. lloster. Tliirif Ron : li. lilinrmond. Y, Walden. G. Howie. A. Seymour. S. Maddox, P. Ward, J. Anderson, S. Deaner, and J. exan er. Girls' Basketball Improved as Season Prugressed The Xorth Augusta Iaekettes opened their 1960 season with a 25-37 loss to L.B.C.. hut under the Capable Coaching of Clari- nionde Evans Caine hael-1 to win the next three games. Yictories over Graniterille. Aiken. and Aquinas and losses to Richmond. Orangeburg. and Saluda followed. Scoring honors for the season went to junior Ann Culhreath. seniors Birdie Fleinister and Sara E-L3IS L Sewers Nl. Templeton, and B.Smitl1. McFarland, and sophomore Sandra Maddoxg while guards Martha Templeton, Ann Sanders, Billie Ann Smith, and Joan Herring played the other end of the court. At press time, the lassies had Won 7 and lost 3 with two games and the State Tournament at Orangeburg remaining in the season. Loyal fans attended a North Augusta basketball game. ,Q-1 Co Captains L Murphy and S Anderson with Coach Buist lvtuypyqy lumps Cgmf-er during Gramtevgyle game' North Augusta 63 L. B. C. . North Augusta TT Hephzihah North Augusta 69 Graniteviile North Augusta T2 Aquinas . North Augusta 61 Richmond North Augusta .UU L. B. C. . North Augusta TU Carlisle . North Augusta T6 Craniteviiie North Augusta 6-L Saluda . North Augusta T2 Carlisle . North Augusta 55 Richmond North Augusta 46 Orangeburg North Augusta 65 Aquinas . North Augusta 52 Aiken . North Augusta 63 Saluda . North Augusta T3 Orangeburg FORWARDS-FIRST RON: Jerry Driestley JSM'-'5 Andrews QELOVXD QOVV' Ned Baynnarn Mike Zier. First Role: Managers: Richard l.o'we and John .-Xltoonian. Secmzd Ron:- Bohhy Burns. Sammy Anderson. Lewis Jones. Warren Griffin. and Walton Cooper. Third Rout Lloacli .liin Bnist. .lerry Priestley. Ned Baynhain. Leslie llnrphy. liinmy .-Xndrews. and Hike Zier. ln Boys' Basketball Determination Was the Key Word Determination. drive. and tireless effort gave the boys' basket- hail team the ingredients to make an outstanding record. Guided by Coach lim Buist and spurred on by captains Leslie Murphy and farnmy Anderson. this team it as one of the best that North Augusta has ever produced. Forwards Jerry Priestley and Ned Baynham, combined their accurate close shooting with the long-range shooting of guards Warren Grillin and Sammy Anderson to help the team rank among the best. Center Leslie Murphy was a vital man in taking the rebounds. but the work of the entire team produced the victories. Other important Jackets were Wheaties Cooper, Mike Zier. Raymond Swann. Bobby Burns, Lewis Jones, and Jimmy Andrews. At press time North Augustais record was 10-3, losing only to Richmond TO-61. 72-55 and Orangeburg 46-49. GUARDS-FIRST ROW: Sammy Anderson and Lewis Jones. SECOND ROW: yu A , N , , Carlisle garne, Warren Griffin and Bobby Burns. I -' fi A Ei la. f3 ' Q ' T la 'ai NU! First Rota: B. Burns. iD. Folsom. l. Altoonian. W. Pierce. B. Thompson. H. Swann. an-l S. Anderson. Seeond Roux' W. Cooper. F. Oakley. J. Priestley. N. Baynham. P. Hyer. W. Grilhn. D. Klontgomery. and B. Tyler. Baseball Season Was Sparked With Many Victnries Since the 1960 version of the North Augusta Yellow Jacket baseball team is still wrapped up. it is dilhcult to judge their potentiality at present. Several positions need to he filled: positions which were left vacant hy the graduate-n of Wesley Summers. Bill Self. Charley Williams. and Leroy llanders. The Jackets will rely on returning veterans Frank Oakley, Jerry Priestley. Buck Thompson. Sammy Anderson. Bob Bolton. and Gerry Ferguson. This team has a line record to uphold because North Augusta captured the Lower State AA Championship in l959. Coach Grayson hopes for state championship this year. Besides such powerhouses as Richmond. Camden. and Carlisle. the team also meets L.B.C.. liken. Aquinas. and Hephzihah. N, Grayson coached the Lower State AA Champs. Surrounded hy wig teammates, Fraolf Oakley demonstrates the art of hunting gmt r,1.g, Omni wpfgpel- ttgy pf Gelding 3 ground ball. .hgh l lf' RT 4 . xx, INF' 5... N. 474 11 First Roux' Jones, Tommy Boland. Dick llmer. Guy Hurlhutt. and ,lack Fallaw. Sevmzu' Roux' Bobby Burns, .llHllTU' Nivholson. :Xndv Nlelflmurrav. Nlike Zier. Earl Blevins. and l.arrv Schwartz. ' The Track Team Was Eager for Vietew The l959 track team rated well in individual events. although it was not the top scorer in the big meets. For a number of juniors and soph- omores. it was the first feel of the einders. With the experience gained. the '60 trael-Q team should be able to meet all eomers. Meets with Aiken. Richmond. Orangeburg. l..B.C.. and Beaufort will highlight the 1960 schedule. Top individual performers will participate in the State Meet in Columbia. Returning traeknien are Jimmy Arnett. Earl Blevins. Tommy Boland. Johnny Boyd. Bobby Burns. Jimmy Calamas. Jimmy Calhoun, Jack Fallaw. Edward Hamilton. Bill Harper. Ben Harville, Guy Hurlbutt. Chester Jenkins, Lee Jones, Andy Nlelllmurray, Carey Miller. Jimmy Nicholson. Larry Schwartz, Dick lflmer. Carleton Vaughn, Ronald Yihitlaw. and Hike Zier. J. Calamas and J. Boyd hand off baton in a simulated relay race W! C. lftfier, C. 'Jang' ard E Hamilton practice stance for a fast start. R, Whitlaw, B. Harville, C. Jenkins, and J. Calhoun wait for the starting gun. 133 , U ,,W, A h M aw 17 gala The jump from center keeps these PE. girls alert. Intramurals Are Participated In By Everyone Taking advantage of the pleasant fall weather. students play and take exercise outside. They enjoy such ganies as footliall. archerv. and soccer. Winter finds them in the gymnasium lfeing challenged hy basketball. volleyliiall. tumliling. shultlelioard. ping pong. etc. ln the spring. again. they inoie outside to finish Practicing the Figure eight For hastfetlnatt are Diane Folk Patsy Ward and N the year with tennis. softball. and track. ln the intramural games good sportsmanship is stressed as well as physical welfare. These activities. supervised by the coaches. are managed to a certain extent hy students and are, therefore. beneficial from the standpoint of organization and participation. Sli INIXIING THXNI Firsl Ron 5 Warrer Tuiggs. .lanies Connell. an-i Harry ounghlootl. Fvcortif Run: Lilivrry lang. llarlha Templeton. Pain Hayes. Gagl Howteu Y i llittif Xnn Fniith..1nrl ,Xnn5anrl1-rs. . ., ,AQ f., -AM Y ' ,,,,..f' 31 Us if- ss Z .. ff! ,, M 2 Q W' 5 I Sz 1 5 W. 'I-'I' r ff X Q , 1 f f f 61? f 1 V V M 0' I W Everv vear the senior class selects from its I ,W- number the members possessing the highest attributes to represent the superlatives. The Appleby Library provides a lovelv stage for the informal superlatives. pictured in color. Also. outstanding achievement has been at- tained bv additional seniors. These awards and honors are bestowed upon persons having the necessary qualifications to receive them. I X X I To View Our Winning jeu imma 'S I 1 o VVv:VV .VV VV VV cl'-, V ,W:4ff'.vf- U JA A ,, . 4?-W ,, V V if , w ,, 4 jg V an Vu 5 Q . V WP ' VV' V4 -4 ,Q +V .VV rf V ,Y Ty...-W1 if ,fry ,,., 1 ,V:4..VVM,f,. WVVQQ... .. . . V 1 . ..,V,VV,51 qg. , , Vfrj V . 1 Vlxw igzm, "' 'VE , 'El .0 .VlmuwlaLwV,,, ,pw - sw f nz, ! u 5 . " T I XL VV? V232 . V4.1 1" ' '5:f., . Vw VV M' ' V. V qsiefffp V , ' .V V .V 33,53 ' V -Vg ' Vj.?6!VLai,V 'V . Jfsvfgfgr- ,wx-VK, ,, V V51,-. imgyifgw wif. .gg 11 1- LM- EV - 5-1 Q V- -V . VV -asw- . ' V' P .' . ' . 'fm V ' ' "f Q 7ff""' VV V V, ' " 'T V V- fav , VV.V,.,+ ,- VV" ' '. ,V . 'f V f V 'V ' 'V 'V .V.. ,. 5 M-r Wg ' ,'f?",,VV' f V ,, V. . V hr' ,,,V I '-'51 V: ' . Vz, ff, ", If 'Minh' :V', V V . V' VV V 1' V V 'bi' -V 1- . . ' V . , lf- "3 A wif " W " V1':f:l,"'l.'fV, " 'Q 'fi' V ' ' ' V ' f V. . V . , V' ' j - 4 ' 'V 'V 'V ' VVV 1 VV ?VeV?VV6,1?WVVi2 . V ' ,VV . am- :V VA' - i V He' V' 2 'V fv . ' .VN , V V LV, .375 V,,,.V,,,, , .V . , VVV.u,V...V. VN ,U V, , V .I , -- V' . V JVVV . - ,- , agiwfw VV 7 V- ,. H VV VV VV wi . V-V-my., V .,. .V ,, VV , . 4 ,A , V, ,V.V. V V. V.V ,f.VV., g'a.Vg.V,.-n,V,V ,1V,, J V , V-,',5'fV.VG V,gVQVs- ,Vg .V V4 VV V-..,"1V:ff1f' -V VV 1. V V ., 'V -V E' V V . WV-3 .fl ' Y 'f' V V' 2'1V,'VWf Q M1f"""5 V 'ifvl ' " V' V ,. 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V V " ' "f, 31221 V 1 ' 'IL VV ,Wg VV T' J ,, . ,Va LV V ,i -VVVV5, 'eq V V 'WW 7 in V., V ' ' 'X 'ob -bf' 5 V V' "' ' ' " ,f if A V ,VP . ,uw 4 V .,. Zia .V , 17' .V Ui V. .Vw ,..1...1.l ' I I Y I I Y ,, X X Wag A N x , 'Smal 1 I 427 212' 1 X if em 3 .,,,..nwf5f ANN BRADLICY JIMMY ANDREWS Their countenance liUI'1'V0l' shimls As fairest of our high sulmnl limvs. P. Milf! 455 gimnfo, ICES l PQ fy JIMMY CALHOUN LINDA FALLAW f Ambition shines to Hre us all f -Amgjfigmj From high school years through College hall 139 4 5-1 IVIAITIIIIA ' prvlly girI, an IlzuuI:+mm' Imk' , 4 , , II1f1r f'IliiI'IllIIlg Ifmlw 'ml HIIVII .1 guy. 'r fy Z pd II I I IIIH N'I'I'N I' 1' XIITIVII I 1 Y I' 1 Ill? Wm Afff,-1,1-f Ill XX DM I f ANN SANDERS f Y! -K Woof emah e : ws" , ,,.,. ,v- . 6' , ' W ' I , yn' V ,Q W Agf- ' 'Q hw n e .fy fwf. 'fc 'L ' if ' , JIMMY CALAMAS In pep, Sports, knowledge they excel They Seem to do all things so well: E f 1 I Y 3 I 1 R V MARTHA TFNU'l,If'l'llX S-XNINIY :XNDIQRSON Hqualed by few. flxcellml by In m . Thr-ir ability i4 ml1ni1'e1l by wx -xx m Wfjvsf Af lll ll FRAXCES DOUGLAS WALTER DEDERSCHECK f At games and clubs-pep rallies, too ywodf goo! Y0u'1'e sure to fmd these spirited two 143 JO ANN HITES 14 LP cw '71 71 Q' rf r Ll' 9 M NXXN, ,,..,,x e ,Nx.. X "TY9xm+N-NX Y Riggs t,tig...,lgt.,t4 . ,... in N 17 , f mf 'ff tw new ,ff V, , ,ff , y,.w I 1 - . CARLETOX YAUQHN KAY FLORIE V ,,., f,', I f . " 1 ' ,. '. t q. , f , 1 get W, ,. yfwoaf Cjozfwfeotw A courteous word, a helping hand At the head of the class they'll always stand 9 1 Law ln sporting clothes or special suit These two stand out as extra cute. llltllxl li IKIAMIIIA-Xlilt CHARLOTTE BKSSEY Zbzisf iZ5re,s4ef! Alxsays neat and tidy, too 'l'lu'y've earned their lille -e"lwslnl1'essmluINNO. 1 Woolf lliuatciozw Wliiiiiiiig smiles and peppy ways W ill lurigliteii up a dreary day. ejrienfjgejf A friendly smile lights up their lace At home. at school. or any place. l DON BOYKIN HILDRETH CALLAWAY gggefi 36,4 A twist of head and Wink of eye . Will let you know these two are nigh. 1 5 1 i MIMI WEBB BUCK THOMPSON BETTY O7BERRY DONNY COOPER MK We fix? f 1 Q., 2. gg ' ii. 5 B " ,c 15 'ft -'L f 1' "IT Valedictorfan SHERI MOORE Safatatorian LIN Dil E13 LLAW YALEDICTORTAX Having maintained the highest scholastic average for four vears at North Augusta High. Sheri Nloore was given the title valedictorian. Her endeavors and ambitions will surelv be rewarded bv success. I SALETATORIAN By achieving the second highest scholastic average. Linda Fallavv was named salutatorian. During her four vears at North Augusta. she has shown determination and much ability in the academic subjects as well as extra-curricular activities. PRESIDENT OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL Chosen President of the Student Council. Sarnrnv Anderson fulfilled his duties with great etliciencv. This organization functions for the benefit of the entire student body. sponsoring manv projects in which all students have a part. Qu LL5 fan ing President of toe Student Council SA',T'.W ANDERSON ,gil- 'lf .9 , f Q ligxa r .2 K l. I ,. fr. Zire I NllSS HI-MISS On the basis of character. leadership, scholarship. and personal attractiveness. the Seniors elected Margit Hay- wood Nliss Hi-Miss. a Competition sponsored by Win- throp College. KING TEEN The Seniors Chose Hike Zier as King Teen. a Wofford College honor. Mikes Character. leadership. and scholar- ship won him the title ishieh puts him in the state eoln- petition for a four-year scholarship to Wolford. DAR. AWARD Ann Sanders received the good Citizenship award sponsored by the Daughters of the .Mneriean Revolution. The liasis for this award is loyalty, serviee. patriotism. Character. and leadership. 2 endow t l il t 't .ii it l ,. l 1 4 1 rv' 1 ' . A Q j Wa 5?':,?d'1i 2 M 2"'f, " 1 if ,Q , c , , fi rv rf 11 Q v E12 cfm,-fe .fn-n1'l'M 0'-W 'K IVIISS Hi-Miss MARGIT HAYWOOD DAR. Award Klng Teen ANN SANDERS MIKE ZIER l ,- 'WW From the air one sees a View of the beauti- ful city of North Augusta. Since Sandspurs is made possible by the whole-hearted coopera- tion of the entire community-the business men being an important part, of course-this aerial picture represents the feeling of appre- ciation that the staff has for its true supporters. L Tben Patronize Our Faithful ,fgofuerfiaem X ,E . X 5 - . . 11 X-1:9-A m ..- X X x1 -5, Q x . X X Q ix Q S S S x .x X 5 S .v. x X . is 5 Q x x Q b 3 A ' . S. wwgS. ' gi W SNFX . ix wxxgg X A . A S sw - S Q.. ' -MX-Mx KK- 1 X -A . ' - LQ f ,Q Q . N Q iv Q N x .. N XC. X -5 i E Xxx 5. We 'N ' 4 -ix :um 4' Y . 5 ,fs . 'x 1. X Ox AS' Us - ' X36 K. xl . . x Q a 19? Q .. A Q a A .vim ,uf 2, x X SQX xg X ,X . .gi .X 3 was Q vw X .x Q .JN im .. .N A rf :N A 1, .. . f, . f , ,Q WA X ,, , 1 - , : , W. ,M ,, 1 ,If iv ,Q-YW ,-4. . A , , -Q. 1 WA 1 , 7 .47 ,W 'f 'M wwf X, f' W fi Jhfufyf 140 ,MW 3' W ,-1 if 7,214 MW, V 1 f J- ! ' , fv gf! , f AM 4 0 i ,1 if VW ,, W ' '?f lg, - 5' W 0 ,, b ? Q f ' i!f1n35y5'Rf Q f ,l f ' ffl :Rv - WV aft W' .1 :af A 7 W 9 Q , 4' F i ,I I I ' I ff vf ,QQ W 1 ,V fg f f - Q' JW, ' ' I' , ' " go J a Robert Wllklnson Photographers O CJDUlH1CfC121 O Portrauts 0 Wedd1ngs DIAL PA. 2-3070 871 BROAD STREET 19.-m x.'Xf"7 M- wffir-3 ' 1 M -MAF ff in 'N ' .. ' fri? 1 I , ,, -sf'QgQf' 3L.,geQ L ff' L M 4:15 "7'fi7,9"T fuk, " . . 4 ..'- 5. .1 Qs., , J ,V-1-4, , .51 5 -:wg-.-2 A all VC., .lfmsgf Y Ni. ..',,,?,,f ,VI X, Y-.n - 3' 1, 3 , 'u 4 A,-V ff ,, --,. .,-.--L WM" . ., . M H , X- A ,h,:al,1, ,-,Ak X-.uhm ,k5,A3-Aww w: mx ,. mmm fsdmvciek, The "Eyes" Compliments of THE BOYS OF THE SENIOR CLASS 0F 1960 Home of Better Values Boosters for the YELLOW JACKETS TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU 845 BROAD ST. AND DANIEL VILLAGE N f lk We're Proud of We're Proud of the Yellow Jackets Ky ,fl U Our Coaches Home of Better Values SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS FOR NORTH AUGUSTANS TWO STORES TO SERVE YOU 845 BROAD ST. AND DANIEL VILLAGE NR We're Praud of 4? We're Proud of our i -:CJ Norfh Augusta I-I I Sdhool Officials GARY SATCHER REALTY COMPANY 844 GREENE STREET PA 4-8881 Salesmen: Roy Printup RE 6-6008 Joe Schoenberg RE 6-3408 ff ,ff - f , In-wrr J . E . F A L L A W BUILDING CONTRACTOR phone TA 2-1035 111 Clearwater Road BELVEDERE, S. C. CLEARWATER FINISHING PLANT CLEARXVATER, S. C. A Division of United Merchants and Manufacturers, Inc V A L C H E M CHEMICALS FOR INDUSTRY LANGLEY, S. C. -- -V f Munn-11: fw 1 5 E A Unit of UNITED MERCHANTS AND MANUFACTURERS, INC. BURKHALTER and MURPHY COMPANY General Contractors 735 East Buena Vista Avenue North Augusta, South Carolina Distribution for INLAND STEEL BUILDING PEOPLES REXALL D R U G S Your Complete Family Drug Store S15 GEORGIA AVENUE Phone TA 2-S341 or TA 2-S342 FREE DELIVERY North Augusta YELLOW JACKET CLUB Dedicated to the improvement of althlctic in the North Augusta areal. BOXES CRATES , ,fl if Augusta Box SL Crate Co. Old Savannah Road 0 P.O. Box 478 - Augusta, Ga. 0 1:1 1 ff 0 J. Carleton Vaughn 1 Telephone PA 2 - 6 8 01 PALLETS LUMBER Sf. BorfhoIomew's Episcopal Church Choose Brick by: MERRY BROTHERS BRICK AND TILE COMPANY AUGl'ST,x, GRURGIA Readin' Ritin' and Rithmetic The three R's of school, but after school days are over, the following three R's should also be helpful- CWe apologize for the fact that two of them begin with rICI-IMONDU rICHMOND CREDIT ASSOCIATION, INC 1168 Broad Street rICHMOND INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 101 8th Street ROBERTS FURNITURE COMPANY 1162 Broad Street For 85 Years AUGUSTA'S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE NORTH AUGUSTA P H A R M A C Y "Your F1'fC'1Ifl!j' COVIIUI' Drug Sion?" 601 GEORGIA AVENUE FREE DELIVERY P O S E Y ' S FUNERAL HOME OXYGEN EQUIPPED AMBULANCE DIAL TA 2-2429 403 GEORGIA AVENUE NORTH AUGUSTA, S. C. A' if NX X .. H X Ns AQ X N A s SR X Q Q. xg QXXWA X sw.. NORTH AUGUSTA BANKING CO. us GEORGIA AVENUE "Large enough to serve you- Suzall enough to know you" Member of Deposits Insured F. D. I. C. Up To 510,000 CO77Z17li7'7Z6IZfS of SOUTHEASTERN PINE CORPORATION Pine 0 Hardwood 0 Cypress SUNSET AVENUE PHONE REGENT 6-1464-S AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Clrleton Yaughn Slndrl Cunningham klinirny' Calhoun kliclaic Jones Bobbi' Hamilton Betsy Thurmoncl Sandra Stevenson Kay Sheridan Birdie Flemister Jimmy Baynham Ellen Thurmond Terry McMahan Pontiac Phones: MI-2504 - MI-2505 PONTIAC V8 "Service Szlprenze T0 Many and A5 Good As Any" MCELMURRAY PONTIAC GMC PONTIAC V8 TRUCKS VAUXALL W4V ,A PENDARVIS CHEVROLET COMPANY We Srfrzr To Serve Again Your Dependable Transportation Merchant CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILIT Sales Service Sales 0gn1ogQ Scrvitt 5-VQ'x:,i"' TJ Qffice Parts and Scrvict 2536 6253 Wlmen You Arc Roady To Trade, lf You Can Bc Traded This Is thc Platt- To Comc. NVC Crm Trade You. THE LETTERGRAPH SHOP nm ELLIS STREET PA 2-4813 Compliments of .IENNINGS DRUG STORE 1266 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA "Putt your froubles fI'Zlf'I1:Y l at ILIJ6' Puff-Pu1'f', Fun For The Entire Family! Putt-Puff Golf Course NORTH AUGUSTA AIRPORT HILL 1 mile north of Augusta on U. S. Highway ff?-F1 AIKEN BEVERAGE COMPANY Bofflvrs of Orange Crush Grapette - Dr. Pepper Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale 254 XYfIl.l,lAMSl1URG STREET SOUTHEAST AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA HOLLOWAY TIRE AND RECAPPING CO. 1260 Reynolds St. Augusta, Ga. - DfSf1'i!7Ilf0l" - PENNSYLVANIA-SEIBERLING GOODRICH TIRES Complete Factory Method Reeapping Service RICHMOND SUPPLY CO. MILL SUPPLIES BEARING SPECIALISTS Largest stock of mill supplies and transmission specialties in Augusta. 652 SEVENTH ST. PA 4-7792-6 AUGUSTA, GA. SOUTHERN ROADBUILDERS, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS AND RED IMIX CONCRETE RE 6-8433 Foote INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES-STEEL PRODUCTS Telephone PA 2-8 816 Post Oihce Box 1127 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Oihce and Wfarehousc Located On U. S. 1, 78, and 25 1 mile South of Fifth and Broad Streets 7 ,'.b" Q' ix .ri Outstanding Player Trophy Awarded Annually By FREEDOM'S TEXTBOOK Your Newspaper The North gusta Star NORTH AUGUSTA GARAGE 336 GEORGIA AVE. FOX SHOE R E P A I R 215 SEVENTH STREET S MURPHY STATIONERY COMPANY SOCIAL AND COMMERCIAL STATIONERY 718 Broad Street Dial PA 2-2122 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA SATCHER GARAGE BEAR WHEEL ALIGNING FRAME STRAIGHTENING WHEEL BALANCING GENERAL REPAIR WORK TIRE SKIMMING 1215 REYNOLDS STREET PHONE PA 2 -O0 S S N3 .IENNINGS AUTO SUPPLY AUTO PARTS CRANKSHAFT GRINDING Moron QVERHAULING PA Z-6828 1223 REYNOLDS ST. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA BEST XVISI-IES ,,7l1,.x V. MS 5 S, 4 N T 'T . '7 E44 1 0 L' X ,. f x? 7' 'fu ff ? TQ' + 'K . - N51 .. , Yr X. , - -' - -'-'- ,i':'I " ' ,-,X . 1 R-, ,V fr N -: ' , fb-?!Q.'9gx X .'-U, -. it 1 :if 272.-pg: 9 3-if Wk' .fb i'1.x?':f.g,:.? ' . f A -' BORDEN'S SANCKEN DAIRY 927 WALKER STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA MILK ICE CREAM BEST XVISHES . LILY-TULIP CUP CORPORATION AUGUSTA, GEORGIA AUGUSTA CONCRETE BLOCK COMPANY Phone TA 2-S524 Augusta. Georgia AId7Z1lfllf'flll'F7'S of HI-TEST CONCRETE BLOCKS STRENGTH BEAUTX FIRE SAFE PPRMAALN 1 Plant Location Hamburg at Sth St. Bridge HARRISON TRANSFER AND STORAGE COMPANY 825 QZALIIUUN S'l'RliLlT PA 3-,HSS Sc-wing thc Augusta Arcn for SO Years Agents for North American Van Lines GENUINE FORD PARTS AND SERVICE AUTHORIZED DQEALERS NEW AND USED CARS "B6f0rv You Buy, Gin' Holley a Try" PHONE MI 9-4148 coo 108 Laurens N. W., Aiken, S. C EAST BUENA VISTA NORTH AUGUSTA C0mplime11z'5 of APPLIANCES AUGUSTA Tnuclasns stop 609 GEORGIA AVENUE - Gordon Highway - Park 4-9138 A A we UY A MAJ on get A MINOR FREE N'PllAuclss ll I? . Q A "I""",AUG'1fsi'I1 gn, ' E F If 2' GOOD FOOD o BEDS 0 SHOXVERS We Newr' C1056 ..--"""'. S W BUSH'S FLORISTS "Flou'crs 0fDisfi1zffiozz for 35 Years" THE NORTH AUGUSTA FLORIST 111 XVEST PINE GROVE IXYENUE TA 2-7539 LITHO ART PRINTERS, INC. PHONE PA 4-6084 1298 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA LAKEWOOD A Good Place to Live 0 Homes 513,000 to S3 5,000 Paving, NVater, Sewage 0 Lake Front and Wooded Lots Wfe will build, or use your own Contractor TAylor 2-6559 or TAylor 4-2863 AMMA IA SPAGHETTI HOUSE AMERICAN AND ITALIAN DISHES Private Dining Dial PA 2-3648 Room 598 BROAD ST. AUGUSTA, GA. 'lea nigga" MARKS SURGICAL SUPPLIES, INC. Complete Prescription Department Rentals XVHEEI. CHAIRS HOSPITAL BEDS WALKERS CRUTCHES, ETC. FAYE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 1134 Ridgecrest Avenue DIAL TA 2-2397 MRS. H. E. BARBER, Owner North Augusta, S. C. BELVEDERE HANDYMAN SHOP 354 EDGEFIELD ROAD, S. E. PHONE TA 4-1346 BELVEDERE, S. C. "Sales and Serrire' for fha' Home" GLIDDEN PAINTS CL B I I. I. Z E A I. Y Q OIL9 SUPPLIER Q-901350 S1Ncfm1R GASOLINE, FUEL OILS AND MOTOR OILS North Augusta, S. C. and Augusta, Ga. Call us - PA 2-2462 S Conzplinzvufs of 3 Q Q 'o'0'o'0"o'0'o'o'o'0'l DUPLEX DAIR FEED oo ' Q oo ' 3 , SOUTHERN DUPLEX DAIRY FEED soulwtllwumwmaru Augusta, FL EL'STA,V'A. 9000 0000 Georgia ..QQ. ll, U4- 4 o Q O O O O Q o o Q Milling Company O Q O TOWN MOTORS 403 Sth Street AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Everyboclyls Bowling At The ALL NEW MASTERS BOWLING LANES FORT GORDON HIGHWAY Complete Restaurant - Free Instructions Special Rates For High School Students Open 24 hours RE 3-3624 JOIN A HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE NOW ITCUSTOQVIER pmmc . .Ne-:J MCELMURRAY AND CO. 850 ELLIS STREET kva.: Mg jg -34,-:Y ' W- f -in 4:51.-.55-.ff ' -,, E,-P'Z,.,, ., ., Compliments of ATLAS REALTY CO. J. H. ROWELL TEXACO SERVICE STATION Serviee Is Our Moffo MARFAK LUBRICATION WASH JOB 0 TIRE REPAIR See us for all your car needs Your Texaco Dealer is fbe best friend your car ever lyafl. 346 EDGEFIELD RD., BELVEDERE TA 2-9239 KEY WHOLESALERS, INC. "Lowest Wlyolesnl e Prices in fbe Soufbv 1251 Reynolds St. Phone PA 2-131 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA MILES AUTO SERVICE 123 Sand Bar Ferry Rd. PA 4-1224 General Repairs On All Types Of Cars and Trucks ALL XVOREK GUARANTEED C on rfesy of SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. 928 Broad St. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA CGMPLIMENTS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION New Location -Walton Way Branch Broad at 10th St. - Walton Way at 15th Street AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Bus. Phone PA 4-9681 140 Laurens St. Aiken, S. C SCI'INEIDER'S MUSIC CENTER 312 STHSTRRET DIAL PA 4-8947 Augusta's Leading Furniture Store Band 86 Orchestra Instruments Accordion. 86 Guitar Lessons Instrument Rental Plan Repair Dept.-Sheet Music 1051 Broad Street Agent for Venuti Accorclions Ludwig, Singerland and Premir Drums AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Gibson and Martin Guitars Conn, Holton, Selmer and Olds Band Instruments LYNCH INSURANCE AGENCY N Orth Auguszfcfs Pioneer I 7151117117106 Agency fEStablished June 1, 19341 Dial TA 2-4177 613 Georgia Ave. 1325 NORTH AUGUSTA, S. C. RHODES AUTO SERVICE Bear Wheel B6lICl11Ci7Zg and Alignmevzt General Auto Repair, Welding Frame and Axle Service Reynolds Augusta F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 800 Broad St. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA BUSH PLUMBING CO. 106 West Spring Grove Ave. North Augusta, S. C. PHONE TA 2-8770 ,C if 2 'V 2 if TWIGGS OPTICIANS AUGUSTA GA. OSBON AUTO SUPPLY, INC. FISK TIRES AND BATTIERIES Home and Auto Accessories W TV Speriaffzizllq in Vzfluziliziflg mm' RL'Ll1i7f711llQ 1255 Broad Street AuguSta, Ga. PAGE MOTOR SA LES Augusta's Largest Foreign and Sports Car Center PHONE PA 2-4611 VAN WOOD CLEANERS 334 GEORGIA AVENUE TA 4-6606 LAUNDRY Pick up and delivery W. J. MUMFORD PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTOR W2 Grant Avenue TA 2-1879 NORTH AUGUSTA, S. C. Leading Home Furnishings in the South AUTOMOBILES Clean Cars With A AG G ' Guarantee We buy - We sell - We trade G Carl Ficken C- Be-use 1290 Ellis Sr. PA 4-8894 PA 4-7738 719 BROAD ST HIGHTOWER'S NORTH AUGUSTA CLEANERS Dry Cleaning - Pressing 611 GEORGIA AVENUE Phone TA 2-1273 North Augusta, South Carolina PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS PHY Robinson Lobby Southern Finance S 81 S TRUCK STOP AND CAFE 7 Miles North of North Augusta, Highway 25 GAS, OIL, DIESEL FUEL Tires, Tubes and Accessories Batteries NEXT TO HOME BEST PLACE TO EAT WlLKlNSON'S CAFE 873 BROAD STREET Fine Pipes and Tobgqgo GAS DOCTOR Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning PA 2-4519 1616 W'alton XVay Augusta, Ga. Compliments of COLMAN MOTORS, INC. Congratulations and Best Wishes from WCKFN5 BQDY SHOP BUILDERS HARDWARE 1718 MARION AVE. and co' 1536 Walton Way TA 4-7949 AUGUSTA, GA. PA 4-7732 --ef WALDEN WELL DRILLING Since 1920 In The Augusta Trade Area" 1220 WEST AVENUE North Augusta, South Carolina TAy1or 2-43 29 or TAy1or 2- S906 soy beans Cotton Sec velvet beans VCECIH, PC3111 rye, oats C2116 S6 WALTON SEED CO. Cow Peas and Field Seeds Phone PArk 2-6987 Robinson's Co AUGUSTA, GEORGIA FAIRWAY FINANCE C0. LOANS 510.00 and Up Signature - Auto - Furniture LOAN AND REALTY 636 Broad St. AUGUSTA, GEoRG1A Phone PA 2-2546 1' S C R O G G S A N D Compliments of E W I N G ARCHITFCTS A FRIEND Hairdressers for the truly feminine woman COIFFURES BY CHARLES and EDNA 312 Southern Finance Bldg. Free Customer Parking - 7 36 Reynolds' Sit. PHONE PA 2-4568 Edna B. Bader Charles M. Nelms Qwners Open Evenings by Appointment COME IN COLONIAL . . . YOU COME OUT BETTER EVERY TIME COLONIAL STORES, INC. Color TV Specialists HUGHES RADIO AND TV Sales and Service 29 East Buena Vista North Augusta man Hughes TA 4-4286 HARGROVE PRINTING CO. Lefferjnress and Ojffsef Pri11fi11g Letterheads - Envelopes Business and Personal Cards Stationery - Crder and Sales Books 'We P1fi1z1f To Order' Producers of Quality Printing 36 13th Street PA 4-7034 Compliments of VANCE'S PEAN UTS Selected from Virginia Finest Roasted, Broiled 86 French Fried FRESH DATLY 416 9th St. Augusta, Ga etts BELVEDERE BEAUTY SHOP qde Leng Pig Mrs. Lucy Feagin, Owner 10023 Home Owned Pure Pork Sausage Made From Inspected Meat Phone TA 2-4796 O 416 Edgeneld Rd. BELVEDERE, S- C- BELVEDERE, S. C. Compliments of FRED YARBROUGH, Food Broker RUBEN'S DEPARTMENT STORE Outfits for the Entire Family Store of Better Values 1002? Home Owned 914-916 Broad St. RlCl'lARD'S BUICK, INC. 1350 Broad Street Factory Authorized Dealer for- BUICK, MICRCFDICZ-BIZNZ, OPEL and STUDFBAKER LARK Compliments BUSBY'S Heating and Air Conditioning Appliances 2305 Milledgeville Rd. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA BELVEDERE BARBER SHOP W. D. Pullum, Owner 348 EDGEFIELD ROAD Laseter's MEDICAL ARTS Pharmacy Service to the Sick Prescriptions called for and Delivered NIEDICAL ARTS BLDG. BELVEDERE, S- C- 7hone PA 4-7784 Augusta, Ga. A. B. EcImuncl's Groceries B31-.B.Q and Hash 511 Edgelielcl ROELCI BELVEDERE, S. C. ivan allen company 115 8th St. OFFICE SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT f-xugugta, R. C. A. MCCOY APPLIANCE COMPANY "Tbe Real McCoy" RE 6-S957 AUGUSTA, GA. 1941 15th Street WGUS 1600 On Your Dial 6112 Georgia Ave- Phone TA 2-3576 GREGORY'S LAKE Compliments of Swimming and Picnickin g Water Bicycles Thriller Slides North Augusta, S. C. PHONE TA 4-5684 Clerk of Court Aiken County A T T A W A Y ' S GULF SERVICE CENTER Friendly D0iJ6lI61ld!7lC Smfvifr For the Life of Your Car Go Gulf ' Sales ' Rentals Phone GOOD LUCK COllIplf1l1t'l1fS of P-E-T-E-R-S-O-N R-E-A-l.-T-Y C-O-M-P-A-N-Y S24 GEORGIA AVE. Developers of FAIRVIEXV GARDENS Compliments of BLANCHARD AND CALHOUN BROAD STREET CAR WASH S MINUTE SERVICE ISU Broad Street PA 4-7907 C. B. Wood, Proprietor AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 4 "R ,fffigiff 1" fn' ,.- A 7 I 4, ..., X . ..: A p I 4 W .0 CASTLEBERRY'S FOOD COMPANY .er 9 o, : A g -.- 5' 2 ,.:.,,oo " W S Q 5 I W ' "-', 1 :"' You can prepare and serve Z I., A A PIT o I u v X fig. .IVA EOCJKEQ- XVQNDERI3 UL MEALS IN MINUTES ,igjljk N L", f F O R T H E B E S T -V-"--fxs- ,f"Rfr I ' I f R R if AVAQ TTL... ie p,e, . .- I H l . ., . X' YOUR ndzpendenl Q' I W I' A IS" lfuumnre AGENT 'SIIVIS YOU lllll' 63 . 118 Eighth St. CAR AND HOME INSURANCE W. R. DAWSON 8. CO. Serving Augusta. and North Augusta For' Over 50 Years Phone PA 2-4878 R. J. GAINES CONSTRUCTION CO. 0 Excavating and Grading ' Heavy Machinery Hauling and Erection ' Structural Steel Erection 0 Crane Rental Service ' Concrete Construction and Asphalt Paving TA 4-8346 BEECH ISLAND, S. C. OLD HEIDELBERG INN 133 Ga. Avenue ami WU' T 84 T SPORTING GOODS INC. 1207-09 Henderson St. COLUMBIA, S. C. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS from EGGERS' SUPER MARKET J, J. EGGERS, Ozwier Henry C. Quarles - Manager of Meat Market and U.S. Post Oflice Open 7 Days a Week Belvedere Branch, Belvedere, S.. C. BELVEDERE ENTERPRISES, INC. Stuart G. Anderson, Owner 336 Edgeneld Rd. PHONE TA 2-84 Belvedere, S. C. 16 Hammond Hills Service Station 410 MARTINTOWUW ROAD HILLSIDE PRODUCE 0 Fresh Produce ' Homemade Sausage and Groceries S 13 Edgefield Road PA 2-5555 Pick-up and Hutcheson-Bentley Furniture PA 25536 DCHVUY Same SCHULTZ HILL 914 Telfair St. AUTO GLASS PA 2-9995 Compleze Amo Glam Service Barry BOSWGU 14th and Ellis AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Owner Augusta, Ga. I2 YEARS EXPERIENCE CARS TRUCKS F R D SALES o SERVICE YONCE MOTOR COMPANY 306 Main 0 Telephone 2351 or 2361 EDGEFIELD, S. C. SAM BODIE 81 SONS 1 MURPHY s Moron COMPANY on- COMPANY PARTS and SERVICE Friendly Dependable Service Cushrnan Motor Scooters f T' Zundopp Motorcycles Goodl ear Hes and 1565 Walton Way Augusta, Ga. DQICO Batteries PHONE PA 2-7018 1849 Georgia Ave. Ext. TA 4-52 VAUGHAN'S MEN'S WEAR I A DANIEL VILLAGE RI? 6-9 8 29 Compliments of SANDY'5 BARBER SHUP "For fbe Best H air C nfs in fownf, M. see 'Sfmflyf Attorney-Af-Law 8th and Broad H. SHMERLING, .IEWELER HOME OF FAMOUS EASHIONS 910 BROAD STREET . Y Ch A t I W lc me At "The Store for Brides" our arge Ccoun S e O Augusta, Ga. PA 2-S551 C A R R S Congratulations to the Class of ,60 EDENFlELD'S Quality Foods Since 1904 XVE DELIVER TA 2-7701 S34 GEORGIA AVENUE DEPENDABLE OIL COMPANY Kerosene .... Gasoline .... Fuel Oil TA 4-7966 605 Edgefleld Rd. BELVEDERE, S. C. COMPLIMENTS MARTHA W. CHAPMAN AUDITOR of AIKEN COUNTY PINNELL HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING, INC. 855 Walker St. PA 4-4904 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA ,nw - A S N O W ' S "All Your Clothes Should Go To Snowisn HARDY'S PAINTS and BODY SHOP 24 Hour XVrecker Service Main Office . . . . Greene St. C- V- YDOSSY5 HARDY 110 Buem Vista Ave. NORTH AUGUSTA, S. C. Pbonc lliy TA 2-0001 Night TA 2-5079 ROBERTS COMPLIMENTS DeSoto-Plymouth Co. of Authorized DeSoto-Plymouth-Simca-Valiant Dealers 15th St. Phone PA 4-1424 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA ERIC C. PRESLEY ONE OF THE SOUTI-I'S MAJOR TELEVISION STATIONS I , , C 1' zts 0 Servmg over IM M1ll1on People Om? mlm f in South Carolina and Georgia GIBBS AUTO WRECKING H3 SGHULTZ HILL SAND BAR FERRY ROAD NBC and ABC Networks TOMMIE MATHIS WHOLESALE CANDY 1113 GEORGIA AVENUE TA 2-0834 MCELMURRAY FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. "F11r11ifure Tha! Ena'urm', 923 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA MOONEY'S SHOES PHONE PA 2-8773 310 EIGHTH STREET AUGUSTA, GA. Correct and Corrective Shoes For Men, Women, and Children C01npli11ze11z's Of RICHMOND HOTEL BARBER SHOP GILLILAND WELDING SHOP PORTABLE EQUIPMENT 1130 FI'211'1C1S St. TA 4-9955 North Augusta, S. C. "Have Rod-Will IVeld" Owner: "Doc" GTLLILAND GO TRAILWAYS Easiest Travel On Earth Charter Trips A Specialty QUEEN CITY TRAILWAYS 7TH AND GREENE ST. PA 4-5537 G L E A S O N ' S PLUMBING - HEATING APPLIANCES 1910 WALTON WAY RE 3-4548 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA GREEN ACRES BEAUTY SALON Sf7f'C'it7IiZfIlxQ in Hair Styling X Permanent Xvaves Open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9 - 5 Evenings by Appointment TA 4-6617 100 5 LAURENS OWENS HOME SERVICES js 4 Complete RUG X CARPET I' "U, SERVICE lfafpel-lfare Profgssional 'CLEANING "INSTALLATION" Homes ' Churches Commercial XY'all to XVall Carpet Cleaning Repairing 0 Moth Proofing Upholstery Cleaning S Storage 513 E, AIARTINTOXTN RD. TAYLOR 2-1468 NOLAND COMPANY, INC. WHOLESALE PLUMBING 86 HEATING SUPPLIES S5 6 REYNOLDS ST. AUGUSTA, GA. CO77Zp!i77Z67ZfS of WYMAN H. BUSCH Sheriff of Aiken County BEARINGS, PARTS 81 SUPPLY COMPANY Disfribzzfors of AUTOMOTIVE REPLACEMENT PARTS 630 ELLIS STREET PHONE PA 2-S363 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA PALMER COLLEGE SMITH BROTHERS, AGENTS HURST BUSINESS COLLEGE DIVISION HOTEL AND RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT CO-EDUCATIONAL 0 APPROVED 1027 BROAD STREET PHONE PA 2-4243 430 EIGHTH STREET AUGUSTA, GA. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA ROGERS LOWE FARMER'S MARKET EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR 1: ARM PRQDUCE PAINTING Direct From Producer 308 WEST PINE GROVE AVE. NORTH AUGUSTA PHONE TA 2-3195 1116 ELLIS STREET RUTH V. McCANN C077ZPIi771'F7ZfS of DWELLING AND AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FARMER'S EGG 84 POULTRY CO PHONE PA 2-8883 C0mf'li'W'ffS Of EMPIRE FURNITURE COMPANY ELECTRIC APPLIANCE 84 1201 BROAD STREET FURNITURE CO., INC. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA A DIVISION OF GENIiRAI,EI,I'1C1'TfiIC. IBISTRIIZUTINC CORPORATION PHONE PA 2-4837 RE 3-3824 RGS.: RE 3-5721 W. F. "Dub" Timmerman AUTO PAINT AND BODY SHOP 2207 Milledgeville Road All IVOrk G1mrr111ffcd- Wp Aim fo P19450 AUGLTSTA, GEORGIA 2 DORIS JEWELERS 2972 913 Broad St AUGUSTA, GEORGIA U0 IT THE RIGHT WAY I , , A--' S'fsIfI31INI3 Iv' JXIKEX, ITXUGUSTA, MAGON Auron's Super Market No. 1 1302 Wrightsboro Rd. NO. 2 1121 Geurette St. NO. 3 839 East Boundary TIRE SERVICE COMPANY '1.!!g!:ffJ'f LJYQEJI ,md MOI! Modern Rempping Plant" -ONE DAY SERVICE --GUARANTEED RECAPPING -VULCANIZING -COMPLETE XWHEEL BALANCING -NEW' AND USED TIRES AND TUBES Et. Gordon Highway PA 2-6818 Augusta, Ga. Compliments WAYSIDE FOOD STORE 431 E. Martintown Rd. NORTH AUGUSTA, S. C. "OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK" ROBERT DALTON GENERAL INSURANCE 116 sth St. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA ALTON WVAY JJ..It,g Complete Line of MATERNITX' AND SPORTSXVEAR AND UNIEORMS Phone 1006 Broad St. PA 4 8514 Augusta, Ga. efzfumpwui 619 Thirteenth Street AUGUSTA, GEORGIA L. VERNON MADDOX Telephone Owner PArk 4-3551 WW DOUGHNUT SHOP Many Varieties of Yeast 81 Cake Doughnuts Special orders given pronzpt t1ff6'lZfiO7'1 PA 2-5978 RALPH HATCHER'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPATRING ON ALI. MAKE CARS "Sperizz1isfs on C!JF1'I'O1FfS,, 1433 Harper St. Shop: PA 2-5086 RES: TA 4-1688 Frances Stevenson School of Dance MEMBER DANCE EDUCATORS OIR AMERICA 304 VV. Spring Grove Ave. North Augusta, S. C. ACADEMY OF MUSIC 2309 Walton Wfay AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Phone TA 2-4008 MANLY'S 1609 Georgia Ave. Phone TA Z-0455 SCOTT OUTBOARD MOTORS MARINE SUPPLIITS - TRAII,If,IiS DJUIQIII Al'f,l'H1X w IIIfiAIiUllNA ak.Sh.....1 time n - I ' SISNM THE WHITE MIDGET 527 GEORGIA AVE. Phone TA 2-2351 Jimi S LEWIS LOAN AND FINANCE CORPORATION R. P. "Ranch" LEXVIS S21 Georgia Ave. NoRTH AL'GL'sTA, S. C. AUGUSTA SPORTING GOODS 212 Eighth Street McKIE'S SERVICE STATION MORRIS GROCERY 825 East Buena Vista 1401 Gwinnett St. and Savannah Terrace Compliments of Compliuzents of BEECH ISLAND RED and WHITE P 81 I'I AUTO SUPPLY, INC 1290 Broad St. Next Door to Pos Offi Phone: PA 2-1869 or PA 2-2084 BURNSIDE FURNITURE COMPANY New and Used FURNITURE S21 Broad St. PA 2-8082 S ro her? Crea ive .mf GIFTS ' FLOWERS 125 2 Greene Street AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Alma Strother Dorothy Strother PArk 2-7808 Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Curl J. Shealy, M.D. Compliments KNOTTY TEMPLETON'S ESSO SERVICENTER 326 Georgia Ave. NORTH AUGUSTA, S. C. AUGUSTA ARMATURE WORKS 1521 Wfalton Wfay Phone: PA 4-3837 or PA 2-2316 NIGHT CALLS RIOTOR REWTNDING Repairing Trouble Shooting Controls C011zplir1zc11z's of SUNSET MEMORY GARDENS, INC LANGLEY, S. C. Hlllllllllflllllfl' PC'Vl7l'flllIl Clll'l',, AUGUSTA FURNITURE MARKET "Your Crrdiz' Is Good Wifln Us" 1019 BROAD PA 3-6446 STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS HOME PARTIES - PHONE ORDERS DELIVERED iouthern Business Machine Service F R I D E N h h S h 1 1- I 6 3 ' 1 Sa Automatic Calculating and Adding Machines Mona mglggiis,pgsrdgslcilbijitif C OO The Thinking Machine of American Business Sarah Bodie 436 sth Street PA 4-9086 1706 Georgia Ave. TA 2-4115 FOR PRINTING S I G C O X THAT GETS ATTENTION Booklets Art Wfork REFRIGERATION Programs Lithographing AIR CONDITIONING Business Forms Letterpress - Offset AUTOMATIC HEATING co. 1431 Greene St. PA 2-3556 PM ELLIS STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA PArls1 2-5262 or PArk 4-6478 SWANN THE ASHLEY MOTOR HOTEL TRANSFER AND STORAGE CO. HIGHWAYS 1 AND 78 705 11th Street - 3 MILES NORTH AUGUSTA, GEORGIA AUDIO-VISUAL CENTER MITCHELL GROCERY Hammond Hill North Augusta 216 Twelfth Street Open 7 A.M. to 10 P.M. - 7 Days a Week PHONE PA 2-0591 FROZEN - PACKAGE MEATS AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 450 W. Martintown Rd. TA 2-9332 PLUNKETT'S EAST BOUNDARY CLEANERS, INC. 402 E. Boundary AUGUSTA, GEORGIA CLYDE DUNAWAY BICYCLE SHOP SCIHWINN BLCYCLES Guaranteed Repair On All Makes "We Service What We Sell" 212 12th St. PA 2-4208 DICK'S SHELL SERVICE STATION 3105 Deansbridge Rd. MECHANIC ON DUTY RE 3-2998 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA COMMUNITY BARBER SHOP L. M. Harris, Owner 0 106 Wilde Dr. BELVEDERE, S. C. C O O P E R ' S Phillips 66 Service TA 2-9834 502 Georgia Ave. NORTH AUGUSTA, S. C. AUGUSTA SCHOOL OF AVIATION DANIEL FIELD SMITH'S MARKET MEATS AND GROCERIES PA 2-2108 For Quality and Scrvicc 1286 BROAD I85I Gu. Ave., N. HITT'S CURB MARKET A. l'RESI'I FRUITS and VEGETABLES TA -'I-2896 FIRST OF GEORGIA FIRE AND CASUALTY COMPANY NEWS BUILDING ' TELEPHONE PA 4-7512 Your Local Fire and Automobile Insurance Company CONGRATULATIONS P 8A S QUICK-WAY STORES N. AUGUSTA, S. C. COMPLIMENTS OF KEY'S PHILLIPS 66 336 EDGEFIELD RD. Look for the "66" Emblem ELCY'S BEAUTY SHOP SERVING NORTH AUGUSTA WITH PROFESSIONAL SERVICES S33 Georgia Avenue PHONE TA 4-6001 AIR GONDITIONED EOR YOUR COMFORT HOUSE OF BEAUTY Master 122 Seventh Street Dial Beaufieiam AUGUSTA, GEORGIA PA 4-5526 Opposite First Federal Savings and Loan Associatio GOMPLIMENTS of HOLLINGSWORTH CHEVROLET COMPANY AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA WADDEY OFFICE SUPPLY, INC. "COMPLETE OFFICE OUTPITTERSU AGENTS SMITH-CORONA TYPEWRITERS 230 Sth Street Augusta, Ga. PHONE PA 4-7727 AUTOMOBILE POWERHOUSE CARBURATION 86 IGNITION SPECIALISTS Duel Exhausts and Mufflers HIXON INSURANCE AGENCY 108 West Spring Grove Avenue NORTH AUGUSTA, S. C. HERRING BROTHERS FURNITURE COMPANY 1243 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA FORD 81TYLER AUTO PAINTING BODY REPAIR SHOP . . . WELDING 1205 Reynolds St. PHONE PA 2-2749 MCKNIGHT 8. SON CONSTRUCTION 1490 'Xvriglmtsboro Rd. GENERIXI CONSTRUCTION Phone PA 4-S208 C077lf7II772077f.Y of REEVES ELECTRIC WORKS 81 SUPPLY CO., INC. 1202-8 Reynolds St. AUGUSTA, GA. Ck3I131l'.lILlI.1fIOHS to SENIOR CLASS from REYNOLDS GROC. 8. SERV. STORES Greeted Wfirh Ll Smile ROUTF 3 NORTH AUGUSTA, S. C, 'TA 2-'VOS li GREETINGS" DIXISICIHCI Pie 8K Doughnut Co ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT CO. 1441 Greene AUGUSTA, GEOR St. West Buena Vista Ave. Phone TA 4-7821 NORTH AUGUSTA, SI. C. ELLIOTT SCNS Compliments of J. H. FORD DANIELS LINCOLN-MERCURY Co. Visiffhe 1333 AUG Broad St. CAROLINA THEATRE Always a good show USTA, GEORGIA and always the best! I Murruy's Florist K1ss1ngbower RCI. and Gifts 'n Things of Daniel Village HEALTH FOOD STORE Open 7-12 - 7 days a Week 617 Ga. Ave. TA 2-5532 CONGRATULATIGNSI May life bring happiness and plenty of CLAUSSEN'S BREAD "RED 81 JACK" OIL CO. 1804 Gordon Highway RE 64465 QUALITY PRODUCTS FRIENDLY SERVICE FOX CANDY CO. Manufacturers 86 Jobbers Wise Potato Chips 1442 Gwinnett PA 2-8104 CADILLAC SALES 81 SERVICE "STANDARD or THE WORLD" qxvflm-Q to Buy IU DiSIIl'iI7IlIi07' JOHNSON MOTOR CO. OF GEORGIA 990 Telfair PA 3-6616 Mrs. Rose Harkins 970 Broad Street Valspar Paint 1- Auto Glass ,- Mirrors "E.x'fl11siz'U bz11'110f0xpc'1zsivc"' C A P E R S PAINT 86 GLASS CO. Glrnsh 'Ia cg? J I Q ea 9: O: ear 1436 Reynolds Street Formerly Riverside Paint Company THE STYLE CENTER OF AUGUSTA W. B. CDubJ Capers Pl10n6 PA 2-0419 PHONE PA 2-4397 AUGUSTA, GA. Conzplizzzmfs of J. BILL JONES MOTORS RADIO and TELEVISION 1424 Broad Street Augusta, Ga. Phone PA 2-7761 Servicing and Repairing AUTHORIZED 1150 Ridgecrest Ave. CHRY LER, D D E, S O G and DART NORTH AUGUSTA, S. C. President Vice-President Bill Jones Mack Stevenson PHONE TA 2-0813 SUNSHINE BAKERY Compliments of 'For Bakery Proflucfs at Their Fi11A6"Sf,, DR. J. M. HAWK i OPEN SUNDAY - CLOSED MONDAY VETERINARIAN 1209 Broad Street PA 4-2302 Phone RE 6-8308 Mrs. Nell Yearty Owner Dick Waters NELL'S BEAUTY SALON PURE all STATION 628 E. Buena V' t A . COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE IS a Ve North Augusta P TA 4-3987 2114 Central Ave. HONE PICK-UP and DELIVERY AUGUSTA, GEORGIA SERVICE Cmplfmmfsof PEARCE YOUNG ANGEL C0- Sehool Lunch Room co., U Restaurants Servmgz Hotels Retail Stores 533 Edgeheld Highway BELVEDERE, S. C. The Hnest in fresh, frozen, canned, and dried foods TA 2-1557 1002 FENWICK PA- 2-7515 TRI-STATE TRACTOR CO. TERRY'S PAINT 8m BODY WORKS INTERNATIONAL DIESEL TRACTORS 1346 RFYNLULDS AUGUSTA OLIVE RD. RE. 3-9441 PA, 4-4306 SIMKINS SEED COMPANY 1129 BROAD STREET PHONE PA 2-S327 SEED AND FEED EOR EVERY NEED WEEKS FUEL OIL COMPANY ESSO Heating Oils and Propane Gas Phone TA 2-5024 103 E. Buena Vista NORTH AUGUSTA, S. C. W E L L S G A R A G E GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS 1456 Jones Street AUGUSTA. GA. Phone PA 4-1377 Compliments of DR. K. W. YOST, D.D.S. MURPHEY-WEATHERFORD PLUMBING . . . HEATING . . . Plumbing and Heating Supplies PA 4-1745 PA 4-2670 RE 3-1916 HECK BOSWELL AUTO ELECTRIC CO., INC. STARTERS AND GENERATORS EXCHANGED Owned and Operated by Heck Boswell and Leon Williams J. E. MUAPHEY AUGUSTA, GEORGIA 125 Sand Bar Ferry Rd. Augusta, Ga. EDWARD B. TURNER PRINTING COMPANY MUSIC HOUSE "Home John Cornelison Grady Cornelison 913-917 ELLIS ST. AUGUSTA, GA- Fine Pianos" PArk 2-3834 TOWN TAVERN 647 Broad Street AUGUSTA, GEORGIA WALKER MOTOR COMPANY NEW Sc USED SALES SALES SERVICE NEW 8: USED TRUCK SALES Service - Parts AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Body Repairs Broad at 14th St. PA 2-S371 Reynolds at 14th St. I'I. L. GREEN COMPANY "AUGUSTA'S BUSIEST STORE" 870 Broad Street o Phone PA 4-3932 LOOK AWAY GARDENS CRCHIDS FOR ALL CDCCASIONS 103 XV. Forest Ave. TA 2-8283 HARISON-GULLEY CHEVROLET, INC. S33 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GA. Phone PA 4-8224 MARBUT MILLING CO., INC. EAIRNWAY DEPENDABLE FEEDS Box 610 Augusm, Gcorgu PHONE PA fi-4211352 BEAUFORT AND KING 120 7111 S'mIf1f'1' REALTORS MOORE'S CLEANERS 695 E. BUENA VISTA AVE. TA 2-8645 Best Wishes of MULHERIN LUMBER CO. AUGUSTA BOWLING CENTER "Bowling at ifs bc'st!" BRUNSWICK AUTOMATIC PINSETTERS f no pin logsj Phone PA 2-9580 PA 2-0843 609 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GA. Frank E. Ferris John KI. Brcdcnburg CLOTHIE RS S HABERDASI-IERS , 752 BROAD ST. AUGUSTA, GEORGIA F. E. FERRIS 8. CO. Georgia-Carolina PAPER 81 SUPPLY COMPANY 643 BROAD ST. GENERAL TIRE and SUPPLY COMPANY Broad at 12th Street PHONE PA 2-6641 0 PA 2-6642 AUTOMOBILE TIRES, TUBES and BATTERIES YY'hecI Alignment and Balancing BRAKE SERVICE Fifth Ave. Shoppe "The Shoppe All VC70nze1z Knouf' 829 BROAD STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Compliments of VALLEY COACHES, INC. DISTRIBUTORS OF MACK TRUCKS Operators of RADIO CAB and YELLOW CAB 1439 GREENE STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Phone RE 6-8114 SIPLE'S DINER AIR. CONDITIONED "HUNGRY PEOPLE LOVE US" 3008 Deans Bridge Rd. -- U.S. Highway No. 1 J- 5- SIPLE AUGUSTA, GEORGIA ARNETT DISTRIBUTING CO. INC. 1 S 1413 MonteSanOAve. 1716 MARION AVE' AUGUSTA, GEORGIA TA 2-2916 CANDY DISTRIBUTORS RE. 6-6160 Complimenfs of Res. Phone Res. Phone Keaslerfs RE. 6-9484 RE. 4-6081 PIN E REST SERVICE STATION FRIENDLY DEPENDABLE SERVICE SZ CLEAN, MODERN, UP-TO-DATE MOTELS 880 Edgefield Rd. BELVEDERE, S. C. DORRIS BROTHERS BUILDERS Cabinets - New I-Iornes 85 Home Improvements Shop Phone 128 Ga. Ave. TA. 4-S969 N. Augusta, S. C. EAST B OUNDARY BARBER "Try your next haircut at the East Boundary Barber Shop" SHOP FAMOUS BRANDS SHOES CThe One S1 OnIyI Ladies - Cfaildrczz - Mau SAVE BOVQ- to 70111 877 BROAD ST. AUGUSTA, GA. INGLET 81 CO., INC. P.O. BOX 3425 AUGUSTA, GEORGIA Manufacturers of the I 85 C completely automatic packaging and hatch-weigh machinery RANDALL TOMATO HOUSE 1150 Sth St. PA. 4-7751 AUGUsTA. GEORGIA xNN- XXX SKINNER AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY ALL YOUR AUTO NEEDS 1337 REYNOLDS STREET AUGUSTA, GEORGIA CONGRATULATIONS to the 1960 graduates and all good Wishes for success in the field they have chosen in which to carve out their careers. In searching for a higher education We hope they will remember the fme colleges in our Stateg if entering business or industry immediately We hope they will find their careers here in South Carolina. SOUTH CAROLINA ELECTRIC AND GAS COMPANY Z f L, f fi, ry, W Q f .- ' M4 ,2f. 44 1,464 H A,. , ,.,, , , , .c:,,. X 'W W J, in IW f , M, f A ,.,f use , f.,Z fn , 4 .TN r?Q'i3W A it A xii' X NIARGIT LINDA EUlTUR'S NUTE The theme of this annual, 44Walk With Us Through the events which made up the year 1960 As t- . Sarzdspursf' is but an indication of the journey taken at North Sanclspurs will be a cherished memento of th' une' goes OI? thls Augusta High this year. We hope that every reader has enjoyed our high school life. IS excltmg perlod of the itinerary of activities, including organizations, studies, and athletics. This is a record of the memories, the hopes, the happy J' R? E 77ZM74r The Sandspurs Staff would like to show its appreciation to every- one who has had a part in making the 760 yearbook possible. We Acknowledge the following: Miss Frances Todd, our loyal advisor, for all her time and eiiortg Mr. Stillwell, our principal, for his willingness to cooperateg The faculty for their patienceg The businessmen, for their advertisingg Mr. Robert Wilkinson, our photographer, who tolerantly worked for the best possible pictures, FOOTE 81 DAVIES, our publisherg WRDW TV and The Star for lending us athletic pictures, Mrs. J. Carlton Vaughn, Mrs. James Ferguson, Mrs. Penland May- son, Mrs. Joseph Sheeham, and Mrs. Samuel Swint, who graciously allowed us to use their homes for taking pictures, Mr. Hammond Burkhalter for his helpfulnessg The typists, who spent much time typing the dummyg The student body for their faithful support. Stiliweli, S. E.-10, 30 Brown, Mrs. Sandra M.-11, 18, 115 Bryant, Miss Sylvia-11, 19, 96, 114 Buist, Samuel J.-11, 23, 99, 124, 131 Clark, Miss Jean-.11, 25, 103 Commander, Miss Lurline-11, 19, 97,117 Cox, Mrs. Carolyn-11, 28, 118 Croxton, Mrs. Vivian-11, 25 Dawson, Miss Margaret-11, 21, 98 Evans, Miss Clarimonde-11, 27, 127, 129 Gault, Calhoun F.-11, 27, 31, 35, 102,124 Godfrey, Mrs. Elizabeth-12, 18, 37, 111,115 FACULTY THE STAFF INDEX Grayson, Webster D.-12, 24, 101, 124,132 Greene, Miss Lois J.-12, 22 Hammond, Mrs. Marguerite--12, 21, 37,106 Hunter, Mrs. Jo Ann-12, 17, 107 Kurtz, Mrs. Rebecca-12, 22 Lawrence, Miss Nancy-12, 26, 113 Lindler, Fred B.-13, 20 Lowe, Eldon--13, 26, 100 McDonald, J. R.-28 Morrow, Miss Lenna-13, 17 Murphy, Mrs. Elizabeth-13, 16, 112 Todd, Miss Frances M.-13, 16, 119 Jones, Mrs. Sarah D.-13 Hope, Mrs. Sallie-13 Calamas, Carol-97, 115 A Adams, Margaret Ann-96, 114 Adkins, Sue-97, 114 Alexander, Judy-46, 47, 107, 111, 127, 129 Allen, Delorls-92 Altoonian, John-91, 92, 106, 107, 131, 132 Anderson, Judy-96, 101, 114, 129 Anderson, Sammy-33, 34, 40, 46, 47,106, 116,124, 125,127 130, 131,132,142,146 Anderson, Sonny-100 Andrews, Jimmy-32, 33, 46, 47, 106,111,116,124,130,131,138 Andrews, Peggy-92, 107 Arant, Curtis-98 Arant, Nlike-46, 47 Arnett, Jimmy-29, 38, 46, 47, 107, 109, 111, 119 Arroyo, Raoul-100, 111 Austin, Dianne-92, 117 118 Austin, Jimmy-100 Ayer, Birkie-92 107, 112 B Bailey, Mickey-46, 47 Baker Camilla-30, 46, 47 Ballard, Andrew-92, 116 Ballard Edward-48, 49 Bafes Nancy-114117, 118 Ba'ks, Carolyn-48 49, 118, 121 Barber Charles-100 Barden, Beverly-92, 107, 112 Barton June-33. 92, 107 Battle Carol Ann-96, 115, 118 Bax'ey Judy-100, 103, 106, 114 Baxley l-.'l, C.-48 49 Baynham, Craig-96. 99, 106, 115, 119,124 Baynham Jeanette-92, 112 Baynha' Ned-92,124 130,13L 132 Beam, Johnny-92, 116 Beaufort,, 115 Bel David-107, 127 Bell, Jerry-25, 92, 116 Bell, Lanny-103 Be't'ey, Rosemond-96, 114 Berry, Betty Jean-92,118, 121 Berry Brenda-48, 49 Berry, Judy-92 Beverly, Donald-100 Blackstone, Barbara-92 Blakely, Bill-92, 115, 125 B'akely, Fran-96 Blanchard, Dickie-48, 49, 111, 144 Blandenburg, John-99 Blandenburg, Fat-92, 114 Blandenburg, Peggy-99 Bledsoe, Teddy-100, 106 Blevins, Anne-92 Blevins, Earl-26, 33, 48, 49, 124, 127, 133 Blitchington, Barbara-28, 48, 49, 107,108,111,113 BoMe,Lmda-5O,51,111,113,114 121 Bodie, Patsy-92 Bodie, Sammy-103, 115 Bodie, Tommy-50, 51, 124 Boland, Dick-40, 92, 107, 124 Boland, Ken-92 Boland, Tommy-92, 125, 133 Bolen, James-99, 115 Bolton, Bob--100 Boone, Julia-26, 50, 51 Bowen, Johnny-92 STUDENT INDEX Boyd, Johnny-36, 38, 50, 51, 106, 109, 133 Boykin, Don-50, 51, 145 Bradley, Ann-50, 51, 106, 113, 120, 138 Bradley, Ethel-24, 92 Bradley, George-30, 50, 51 Brakeneld, Gayle-102, 115, 119 Brewer, Catherine-97, 114 Brewer, Raymond-92, 106, 107 Bridges, Joel-102, 127 Brinkley, Bonnie-92, 112 Brinkley, Wayne-52, 53 Brooks, Pam-98, 115 Brown, Deardra-96, 114 Browne, lVlabel-96, 115 Browning, Cyrus-97, 98, 127 Bryan, David-109 Bryant, Stanley-100 Bullard, Tommy-92 Bullington, Kay-92, 118 Bunch, Paul-92, 106 Bunch, Sara-98, 114 Burkhalter, Mary Lee-52, 53, 107, 111,120 Burns, Bobby-92, 112, 119, 124, 132, 133 Bussey, Charlotte-52, 53, 107, 113, 120, 121, 144 C Calamas, Jimmy-52, 53, 106, 111, 120, 133, 141 Calhoun, Jimmy-52, 53, 107, 109, 133, 139 Callaway, Hildreth-33, 38, 52, 53, 111, 113, 114, 121, 145 Callicott, Ann-38, 52, 53, 107, 111, 113, 121 Caper, Carolyn-92 Carey, Kelley-92, 97 Carter, Steve-33, 54, 55, 106, 124 126, 140 Cashwell, Tommy-35, 36, 54, 55, 106 Caswell, Sharon-17, 38, 54, 55, 107, 108, 111, 113, 114 Christmas, John-92 Christy, Kathy-113, 118 Coates, L. C.-92 Coftman, Elayne-99, 114 Cole, Tom-54, 55, 111 Coleman, Charles-92 Connell, James-92, 134 Cook, Elizabeth-92 Cook, Virginia-101, 114 Cooper, Donny-54, 55, 111, 145 Cooper, Walton-33, 54, 55, 124, 126, 130, 131, 132 Crouch, Patricia-92 Culbertson, Joyce-33, 38, 54, 55, 107, 111 Culbreath, Ann-92, 106, 112, 128, 129 Cunningham, llllell-101 D Daly, Bill-91 Davis, Billie Ann-56, 57, 107, 111, 121 Davis, Earl-56, 57 Dawson, Carol Jo-103, 118 Day, Buddy-30, 56, 57 Day, Jimmy-106, 127 Deaner, Carolyn-98, 106, 110, 114, 129 Dederscheck, Walter-56, 57, 111, 143 De Gennaro, lVlike-93, 127 Dennis, Billy-100 Denny, Bill-93, 124 De Vine, Jerry-93, 117 De Vore, Roger-103, 115 Dickens, Galle-26, 56, 57, 113, 118,121 Dillon, Roxey-97, 101, 106, 115, 118 Dixon, Gary-23, 38, 56, 57 Dockins, Dean-28, 93, 118, 119 Dorris, Shirley-93, 118 Doster, Frankie-24, 33, 93, 106, 107,113, 119, 129 Douglas, Frances-38, 56, 57, 106, 11O,111,113,114,121,143 Douglas, Lynn-99, 101, 114 Drummond, Larry-100 Drummond, Leonard-93 DuBose, Willis,-58 Dunagan, Ray-93 Durden, Berry-58, 59 Durden, Walter-99, 127 Dyer, lVlartl'1a-23, 33, 91, 93, 106, 112, 119 E Eddins, Randy-100, 114 Edwins, Dan-33, 34, 40, 58, 59, Claudia-62, 63, Gibson 113 Glinski Steve-98 Glover, Pat-99 Golden, Donna-98, 112, 115 Golden Ronnie-62, 63, 111 Goodwhm Carmyn-93,117,113 Gordon, Gary-103 Gould, Ralph--93 Gowing, Anne-28, 96, 108, 115 Grant, Jimmy-62, 63 Graves, Ann-93 Graves, Linda-93 Gray, Buddy-100, 118 Graybill, Robin-62, 63, 107, 111 Greene, Diane-62, 63, 97, 100, 107, 117 Greene, Jewell-62, 63, 107, 121 Gregory, Billy-93, 124 Griffin, Steve-16, 100, 127 Griflin, Warren-31, 41, 62, 63, 124, 126, 131, 132 H Hair, lVlarCia-101, 112, 115, 119 Hall, Judy-103, 115 Hamilton, Bobby-30, 33, 62, 63, 127 Hamilton, Edward-64, 65, 108, 133 Hamilton, Jean-93, 112 Hamilton, Judy-16, 33, 102, 107, 115, 117 Hammock, Terri Anne-93 1 116, 124, 126 Ellis, Donnie-97, 115, 127 Elwell, Rudy-101 Everett, Jane-99, 115 F Faglie, Glenda-58, 59, 107, 111, 113, 119, 121 Fallaw, Jack-20, 33, 58, 59, 124, 125, 133, 144 Fallaw, Linda-36, 38 40, 58, 59, 107, 111, 113, 119, 139, 146 Ferguson, Cam-102 Ferguson, Donna-103, 106, 114, 117, 119 Ferguson, Gerry-33, 40, 58, 59, 124, 126 Firby, Nancy-60, 61, 111, 118 Flemister, Birdie-60, 61, 111, 127, 128 Florie, Kay-24, 33, 60, 61, 113, 144 Flowers, Stan-93 Floyd, Penny-91, 93, 107 112 Folk, Dianne-60, 61, 113, 117, 118, 121, 134 Folsom Dana-93, 132 Ford, Danny-40, 60, 61, 111 Fowke, Natalie-102 Fowler, Floyd-93, 118 Fowler, Lloyd-19, 23, 93, 117, 118 Franklin, lVlartha-93, 117, 118 Freeman, Frank-60, 61 Freeman, Joe-102 Frost, Jackie-93, 107 G Gaines, Bobbye-101, 114 Gaines, Carolyn-18, 101, 114, 115 Gardner, Doris-60, 61, 107, 121 Garvin, Jerrie-19, 93, 117, 118 Gay, Butch-93 Gettle, Barbara-96, 108, 115 Gmbs Dunne-33,93,1oe,11o 120,129 Hankinson, Sandra-93, 112, 118 Hanlan, Kay--28, 64, 65, 114, 118 Hanna, Nlichael--93 Hanshew, David-21, 103, 127 Hanshew, Paul-64, 65, 124, 126 Harbuck, Lynn R.-39, 93 Hardman, lVlyra--38, 64, 65, 107, 120 Harley, Janice-103, 114 Harmon, Richard-98 Harper, Bill-17, 64, 65 Harper, Hilda--96, 114 Harris, Johnny-93 Harris, Kenneth-99, 108 Harris, Lynn-96, 115, 118 Harrison, William-93, 106, 107, 127 Hart, Roy-93 Harville, Ben-33, 64, 65, 107, 127, 133 Harville, Bill--100 Haskell, Laura-18, 91, 93, 107, 112, 113, 119 Hayes, Bob-102 Hayes Pam-31,36,37,38,64,65 1o7,111,12o,134 Hayes, Roy-66, 67 Haywood, Jockel-30, 66, 67, 127 Haywood, Nlargit-36, 66, 67, 107, 111, 119, 147 Henslee, Jean-96, 103, 115 Hentz, Edwyn-102, 115 Herring, Joan-93, 129 Hicks, Dianne-93 Higgins, Scotty-93 Hill, J0-30, 33, 66, 67, 118 l-lites, Jo Ann-66, 67, 107, 111, 113,120,144 Hitt, Gary-100 Hixon, Doug-16, 96, 98, 127 Hobbie, Faye-93, 117 Hoehn, Robert-98 Holland, Gary-93 Holley, Vicki-98 Holloway, Ann-99, 114 Holly, William-102 Hooker, Scottie-93, 107 Howard, Jack-29, 93 Howe, Bill--66, 67, 125 Howell, Gayle-17, 33, 66, 67, 107, 108, 114, 120 Howie, Gayle-97, 106, 114, 117, 129, 134 Huff, Curt-68, 69 Hunt, Dan-68, 69, 107, 111 Hunt, Julie-97, 115, 135 Hurlbutt, Guy-68, 69, 111, 116, 133 Hurst, Gayle-69, 69, 107, 111, 113, 119, 120 Hutto, Charlene-29, 68, 69, 113, 121 Hyer, Paul-93, 127, 132 I Irby, Catherine-93 J Jeffrey, Martha-68, 69, 111, 113, 120, 140 Jenkins, Chester-68, 69, 109, 133 Johnson Brenda-93, 107, 112, 113 Johnson Catherine-103, 114 Johnson, David-93, 118 Johnson, Edward-93 Johnson, Gloria-93 Johnson Joyce-91 93, 106, 107, 108, 112, 113,119 Johnson, Mike--100 Jones, Jackie-70, 71, 107, 114, 117, 119 Jones, Lee-93, 133 Jones, Lewis-97, 131 Jones, Oscar-70, 71 Jones, Sara-33, 93, 106, 113 Jones, William-93, 118 Joy, Mike-34, 101, 127 K Keane, Connie-38, 70, 71, 120 Kearse, Terrell-99 Keller, David-103, 115 Kennedy, Mike-101 Kilby, June-33, 93, 110, 112 King, Wayne-19, 70, 71 Kirkland, Ann-70, 71, 134 Knight, George-102 Koen, John-93, 107, 109, 112, 116 L Lamar, Craig-7, 12 Lane, Jimmy-98 Lang, Cherry-102, 134 Langley, Albert-70, 71 Law, Mickey-99 Lawson, Joanne-98, 115 Le Blanc, James-98 Lee, Bob-38, 70, 71 Lee, Edith-96, 114 Lee, Louis-34, 91, 93, 107, 124 Leopard, Peggy-93 Leopard, Shirley-72, 73, 107, 113, 118 Long, Cynthia-93, 114, 115 Long, Tonya-72, 73, 107 Lowe, Richard-72, 73, 131 Lowry, Sandra-103, 114, 117 Lutz, Carolyn-40, 72, 73, 107, 111, 113, 121 M Machemer, James-16, 93 Maddox, Sandra-99, 114, 129 STUDENT INDEX Main, Renne-93 Manly, Don-93 Marshal, Melvis-93, 118 Martin, Mary-97, 115, 117 Maye, Derryl-72, 73 Mayson, Milbert-72, 73 Mealing, Johnny-97, 115 Metts, Laura-27, 74, 75, 113, 120 Miles, Diane-26, 74, 75 Miller, Carole-94 Miller, Carey-17, 21, 74, 75, 109, 133 Miller, Cecilia-94 Miller, George-94 Miller, James-74, 75, 111 Mitchell, Nancy-101, 115 Mitchum, Kressey-94 Mitchum, William-97 Mize, Gary-99 Montgomery, Don-33, 124, 132 Montgomery, Patricia-94, 113, 118 Montgomery, Richard-29, 94 Moore, Ann-76, 77, 108, 114 Moore, Billy-102 Moore, Sharon-21, 24, 76, 77, 107, 113, 120, 146 Moore, Edna-22, 97, 115, 118 Moore, Faye-91, 94, 107, 112 Moore, William-98 Moorer, La Grande-98, 101, 103, 115, 120 Morgan, Linda-91, 94, 106, 107, 112, 119, 129 Morris, Sandra-26, 76, 77, 113, 121 Morris, Sherry-94 Morrison, Nicky-102, 114 Moseley, Marya-91, 94, 107, 118 Mullinax, Shara-94, 109 Mumford, Jimmy-33, 34, 40, 41, 76, 77, 124, 126 Murphy, Kay-102, 115 Murphy, Leslie-94, 116, 130, 131 Murphy, Mary-94, 112 Mc McAfee, Don-100 McCanna, Dick-25, 97 McClain, Rusty-93, 116 McCorkle, Helen-96 McCorkle, Tommy-100 McCoy, Don-98, 106, 115 McDaniel, Sabra-23, 93, 112, 113 McDonald, Ray-72, 73 McDonald, Vivian-101, 114 McElmurray, Andy-93, 133 McElmurray, Harold-40, 74, 75 McFarland, Sara-74, 75, 108, 128, 129 McKie, Virgil-93 McKinnan, Barbara-94 McLaurin, Carolyn-74, 75, 111, 113, 114 McLaurin, Martha-16, 23, 94, 112, 113 N Napier, Janice-94 Nappier, Ronaldf-94, 107, 109 Neely, Linda-33,94,114, 117 Newman, Pat-94, 113, 118 Nicholson, Jimmyf-38, 76, 77, 109, 133 Nipper, Dianne-433, 96, 106, 110, 114 Norris, Sandra-94 0 Oakley, Frank-40, 76, 77, 111, 132 O'Berry, Betty-17, 33, 76, 77, 107, 110, 111, 119, 120, 145 Orr, Charlotte-73, 79, 108, 111, 113 Ouzts, Jack-91, 94, 106, 124 Overton, Rusty--21, 36, 38, 78, 79, 106, 118 P Parker, Carole-102, 114 Parkes, Beth-25, 94, 118 Paxton, Pat-78, 79 Payne, Buddy-99, 106, 127 Peeples, Janet-26, 94, 107, 112, 113 Pentecost, Elaine-78, 79, 121 Perry, Arthur-97, 108 Phillips, Bill--94, 109 Phillips, Jack-94 Phillips, Sheila-97, 115, 117 Pierce, Wallace-94, 127, 132 Porter, Linda-28, 78, 79, 114, 118 Poteet, Phyllis-96, 114 Powell, Bobby-98 Powers, Clara-101, Prather, Aloha-78, 79 Prather, Fred-102 Prescott, Cap-94 Priestley, Jerry-91, 94, 124, 125, 114 130, 131, 132 Priestley, Rita-103, 114, 117 Q Quinn, Jane-78, 79, 118 R Ramsey, Jack-80, 81, 107 Rape, James-80, 81 Redd, Tony-91, 94, 107, 109 Reid, Rudy-97 Richardson, Marybeth-98, 101, 115 Rinehart, John-80, 81 Roberts, Barbara-94 Robertson, Betty-27, 80, 81, 113, 118, 121 Robinson, Charlie-100 Rogers, Mary Ann-94, 108, 113 Rouck, Becky-33, 40, 94, 107 Rouse, Joyce-102, 115, 117 Ruben, Mickey--16, 98 Rucker, David-28, 33, 80, 81, 106, 118, 124, 127 Ruffner, Charline-96 Rushton, Dan-22, 103, 127 Rutland, Charles-100, 109 S Sample, Norma-98 Samples, John-80, 81, 107, 121 Samples, Phyllis-94 Sanders, Ann-21, 31, 80, 81, 107, 108, 128, 129, 134, 141, 147 Saunders, Dot-94, 118 Scales, Tim-94 Schwartz, Larry-36, 38, 82, 83, 107, 133 Scott, Janelle-96, 101, 114 Seymour, Ann-97, 106, 115, 117, 118, 119, 129 Shank, Marsha-97, 114 Shaw, Mary-97, 114, 115, 118 Sheridan, Kay-91, 95, 112 Sherr, Bob--95 Sherrill, Judy-26, 82, 83 Sherrill, Virgil-101, 114 Shipwash, Sonny-99 Jel'i'130, 821 831 114 Simmons, Grover-98 Sims, Joyce-95 Smart, Bill-95, 116 Smith, Bart-95 Smith, Billie Ann-95, 120, 129, 134 Smith, Gerry-101 Smith, Howard-82, 83 Smith, Jane-98, 117 Smith, Kathie-22, 101, 115, 117 Smith, Lee--101 smith, Linda-96, 117 Smith, Mike-38, 99, 115, 127 Smith, Rachel-95, 118 Smith, Regina-95 Smith, Ruby-102, 115 Spires, Jean-103, 115 Stahl, Lloyd, Jr.-95 Stamps, Ben-82, 83 Stephens, Alva-97 Stephens, Ben-101 Stephens, Billy-20, 95 Stevenson, Sandra-27, 98, 115 Stillwell, Bobby-124 Story, Brenda-26, 82, 83, 118 Strom, Delle-103, 117 Strom, Elaine-82, 83 Sullivan, Helen-100, 102, 115 Sullivan, Pat-99, 114 Sumerau, Jane-95 Swann, Raymond-95, 132 Symonds, Dean-98, 115 T Talbert, Betty-84, 85, 107, 113, 121 Taylor, George-95, 106, 112, 127 Templeton, Martha-32, 33, 84, 85, 110, 111, 128, 129, 134, 142 Tennant, Jon-95 Theus, Wyatt-38, 84, 85, 111, 121 Thomas, Patricia-98 Thompson, Brenda-16, 97, 100 Thompson, Buck-33, 84, 85, 106, 115, 116, 124, 125, 127, 132, 145 Thurmond, Betsy-40, 84, 85, 106, 114, 128, 129 C Thurmond, Rodney-33, 84, 85, 127 Tichnell, Norman-84, 85 Turner, Becky-86, 87, 117 Turner, Jimmy-24, 95, 106 Twelkemeier, Gary-95 Twelkemeier, Sue-39, 86, 87, 113, 120 Twiggs, Alice-95, 112 Twiggs, Warren-103, 106, 115, 127, 134 Tyler, Buck-23, 86, 87, 132 Tyler, Martha-95 U Ulmer, Dick--17, 33, 86, 87, 106, 118, 124,125,133 V Van Tassel, Jon-101, 115 Vaughn, Carleton-17, 36, 38, 86, 87, 106, 107, 119, 133, 144 Vaughn, Louise-98, 103, 112, 119 W Wadford, Tessa-33, 95, 108, 119 Walden, Celeste-95, 112, 128, 129 Walden, Nita-103, 114, 129 Walker, Ann-96, 114 Walker, Jimmy-102, 127 Walker, Leila-95, 118 Walton, Bobby-95, 107 Ward, Patsy-96, 97, 106, 115, 119,129,134 Warren, Toby-95, 124 Waters, Eunice-95 Watkins, John-97, 127 Watkins, Kathy-95, 107, 112 Webb, Mimi-17, 33, se, 87, 107, 111, 114, 145 STUDENT INDEX Weeks, Ann-86, 87, 114, 120 Weeks, Belton-100, 115 Wells, Janice-27, 95, 118 Whatley, Lovelia-95 Whatley, Robert-95, 116, 124 Whelchel, George-88, 89 vvhitiaw, Ronald-33, aa, 89, 124, 127, 133 Widener, Virginia-95, 107 Wiggins, Nolan-95, 125 Williams, Gene-16, 97,101, 124 Williams, Mary Jo-95, 113, 118 Williams, Sara-33, 88, 89, 107, 111,113,121 Williams, Terry-16, 96, 100, 106 Williams, Tommy-95 Willson, Marsha-88, 89, 106, 107, 108, 113, 119 Wilson, cindy-101, 106, 114 Winburn, Charles--33, 88, 89, 124, 127 Woodruff, Edward--95 Wrenn, Charles-10 Wright, Edward-95 wright, Linda-95 Wyatt, Bonnie-25, 88, 89, 106, 107, 113, 118, 119 WycoH, Bette-95, 107, 108 Wyland, Deanna-95, 117 Wynn, Nell-95, 107, 112 Y Youngblood, Harry-102, 106, 115 127, 134 Z Zelnak, Steve-102 Zier, llllike-33, 34, 88, 89, 106, 124, 126, 130, 131, 133, 147 JI' - KW,JlwfI,JPW9'Z'".w51l51I1bQRUQEFFVSMZQETXWEQEHWQFBIWHBQW 1,1 .14 wx Ffh H V. ' Q 'Q-, x , 1 R, .1 r-, .fn X-, A V ,ggi 1,., 5 ,'f'4,3'f mv bf, , va' ,, fl"54f.'v',-y,--uf-2,7 ,... J. ., ,. 1 ' 2 1' 'v-"1 f A A .. TJ- Y .-'55 '1 v' e 5' f -,. , , -'1 .-. 4, , x ., .v,-wp A 1, ' - wwf ,-13-NJ V Vu in . ,AQ - --wx f, A r, W, ,,,. . , , n 1 . .V4,fp,, ' 1 . X .1 .. r.. , .4 .f ,.,, Q14 , 1 ,,'3,c? - W, 1- 4, -, A , .. . S Y 1 1-' ,g.y,-A -- 1.5! ,W ' "'A'5'l':7V1 -lk LW " K'4v .. ,pw if E. -. vw 1. L 4 1 f' : ' ' x. s A 4 f 1 1 A x 1 r, rx., A ', vw ' m ' LVN 1" ', x ., , .Q px. W .QI . ,, sv. ,4 I T 3 .,f .. .,.,.., . r.,,. .:' b ,,x - ., .. 1',' f ,1 ",'.- 4 ' 4, S V , 'mfs ' ' 1 I w P' . - L51 X E ,i Q ,-T253 Q Q - 'z'.f"' , f Lg w 5 lx, WC-Nw Q , ,- K- "F: ,- . . .- X 'f '.- V. -y. ,yan . ,A 14-5, .'f','1vNs+1w,r1w 4. as fr! , K, M A , I "W -.11 bv , '- . vw: .-RL X-,., -I VM gh ,bv U.: A, ' ' ."'V'l,"f' .ESL - ld., 139555-xf M31 we' V ' 'K' 5' " J?'o'f5ugffffg, -Q 4 x :. ,g 1.1, ,Q x H wz44'5 wiM-f N ""'l'fxuU'Wa','i 'TRW' ', N3 V E' 21-f.f"'V.. ' . ' .' 'ILT W X .ww-w -.4 ?A Q ALMA Mmn , m . K ' In the Hills of Carolina stands My Alma Mater fairog 1 'U , My. beloved North, Augusta with whom no other-can compare. M n 'Twas there that teachers lent their aid to guide my climbing steps And taught me how to drink the cup of knowledge toits depths. g . ,' Thy praise I sing, to North Augusta, my love abides with thee,fi 1 You have my heart's devotion, and forever amy loyalty,' U Thy praise I sing,i North Augusta, My love abides theep Soon the parting time will come. We must each go fa dijferentuway, While in your walls you gave to me al gift shall keep for tyco M My heart is bound by memory's chain within each room andyhall, Of my noble Alma Materf- the fairest school of ,allg si A I I 1 . I 1 9

Suggestions in the North Augusta High School - Sandspurs Yearbook (North Augusta, SC) collection:

North Augusta High School - Sandspurs Yearbook (North Augusta, SC) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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North Augusta High School - Sandspurs Yearbook (North Augusta, SC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


North Augusta High School - Sandspurs Yearbook (North Augusta, SC) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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