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NORTHERN LIGHT 19 8 8 S ' " " IS NOT NECESSARILY AVERAGE The theme, “C is not necessarily average”, means more to the senior class than the letter grade “C " in school. “C” represents the Roman numeral one hundred. The Class of 1 988 has the distinction of being the one-hundredth class to graduate from North Attleboro High School. These medallions are gifts to all members of the senior class to commemorate their place in the school ' s history. Designed by MOD Associates, the medallions will be worn around the neck of every senior during graduation, and will later serve as valued mementos of the Class of 1 988. Chef . . . SENIOR Paul Deppisch is proud of his cooking skills. Cool . . . UNDERCLASSMAN Michelle Lee relaxes between classes. Coy . . . FACULTY member Vincent Baldasaro smiles slyly. Challenged . . . SPORTS like cross country involve dedication and spirit from all involved. Creative . . . ACTIVITIES such as drama involve careful work. Community . . . ADVERTISEMENTS by local businesses are mutually beneficial. NORTHERN LIGHT 1 VOLUME XXXXVIII NORTH ATTLEBORO HIGH SCHOOL NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS 100th GRADUATING CLASS COMPANIONS, COLLEAGUE, CONFIDANT . Comradery It would not be the unusual student to admit his or her circle of friends has altered in some manner since entering the high school. Many of us have met new friends as the years progress, either through transfers or through classes and friends. Such groups of friends can be seen clustered together during break, eating lunch, or strolling to class together. Though some friendships may not extend past the school hours, all of us have special “buddies” in each class with whom to chat while the teacher’s back is turned. Activities bring a new circle of friends, as thespians find companionship through the many hours of rehearsal as athletes enthusiastically root their teammates on, and Model UN participants meet and travel together, animatedly discussing their committees. And who can forget the bonds formed between freshmen who survived 321 together? Friendships are also penetrating the class barrier, as more and more people socialize with and date members from other classes. Such academic and social bonds persist during summers and hopefully after graduation. Catrell Booker, Ellen Sousa and Sandy Ionelli form an impromptu trio. Leslie Newport and Carla Holt hash over their weekend plans. Mrs. Huidobro s Spanish has a fiesta. class lan Stafford and Michelle Chagnon socialize during study. C Is Not Necessarily Average “C” Is Not Necessarily Average A “bonding” friendship is formed during chemistry. Allison Garriqus and Julie Sweet- land kick back in the cafeteria. Beth Iaconis and Keli Grimes are interrupted from their pursuit of higher fashion. Bob Miller manhandles Nicole Aussant. Lance Lamborn relaxes with Kerri Bizier during break. Jason Boronski puckers up to Kim Siegwart. y A Linda Ristaino receives an enthusia- tic hug from Peter Bonome. CRAYONS, CARPENTRY, AND CHILD CARE .... Co-Curricular No student escapes NAHS without sampling a few courses in the major disciplines: mathematics, science, English, history and foreign languages. However, North High does boast a wide range of course offerings in other areas. Many students elect art courses which may be taken freshman through senior year. Child care offers the perk of hands-on work in the nursery school or local elementary schools. Drafting, woodworking and auto have healthy enrollments, as does the ever popular foods. Wonderful creations emerge from the painstaking work of those in sewing. A computer class may be taken in any form, ranging from data processing to Pascal. The variety of courses at NAHS contributes to the strong curriculum of which all students take advantage. Jason Kiff plays a request on his Cathy Savard pauses from her sew- guitar ing to smile for the camera. Paul Alix concentrates on his artwork. Greg Brogan preps for his shop class. ‘C’ Is Not Necessarily Average A group of students happily creates in woodworking. Pam Taillon helps out during Child Care. Kristen Hanley carefully paints her gnome in art. Mr. Cavedon’s computer classes are always busy programming! Dawn Velino, Arnold Alonzo, Jody Morrell and Frankie Pasquel take a well-deserved break from Foods. ‘C” Is Not Necessarily Average 5 CASUAL, CHALLENGES, COLLISION . . The popularity of a gym leader can ride upon whether he or she mandates push-ups or sit-ups. These gym leaders, members of the senior class, learn diplomacy as they lead exercises, teach a new skill, or participate in a game with freshmen. The physical education program at North offers a variety of activities for all interests. Gym teachers will admit that the volleyball, pickle ball, floor hockey, and flag football games get fiercely competitive, but students also enjoy independent weight workouts, tennis, wrestling and gymnastic lessons. The students congregate in the gym during winter and early spring, but eagerly head outdoors for the tennis courts, practice fields, or the track for a few laps. Athletics thrive at NAHS, and this can easily be seen by the large percentage of students participating in interscholastic and intramural sports and even enthusiastic involvement in gym. America Johnson trys out the leg and shoulder machine. Steve Smith is a menacing figure in the goalie equipment. Dan McNielly observes Tim Puopo- lo’s blatant show of high sticking. Steve MacDonald pauses mid-work- out to smile for the camera. Jen Dowgiala stretches thoroughly before her field hockey game. 6 “C” Is Not Necessarily Average Counseling CLASSES, CAREERS, CURRICULUM The guidance department braces for the onslaught at the start of each new semester. Anxious students plead to be removed from a course in which they perceive future difficulties. Seniors negotiate for a juggled schedule to allow for senior release. As the selection for next year’s courses begins, the guidance staff begins their role as the heavy. It is not easy to convince a stubborn student that a courseload of Foods, Jewelry, Ceramics, Art I and Auto does not satisfy graduation requirements. Physics, A.P. English and Calculus loom threateningly in the future. Pensive students wait apprehensively for their courses to commence. 221625 - a number familiar to any college bound North senior - each awaits word from the admissions testing program with a mixture of dread and excitement. FAF forms are hot property, and the average SAT’s of all Massachusetts colleges have been committed to memory. Every senior appears to complete all five applications on the same day - the day before they are due, and then “patiently” awaits spring notification. John Spadaro continues his college hunt with the help of the Discover computer. Maggie Edwards waits for her coun selor in the guidance office. Mrs. Graass sits with Lisa Desrosiers during Group Guidance. Looking up future majors is Mark Laviano. Mr. Perkoski helps juniors plan their futures. !s Not Necessarily Average CONTESTS, CYCLES, AND CHAIRS . . . . Class Spirit! “Today, the alternate bell schedule will be used. Classes will go to periods 1, 2, 3, break, 4, 6, 5, 7. After seventh period students are to report to homeroom, where attendance will be taken, and they will be called to the gymnasium by class.” Seventh period. Restless freshmen sit in Room 321, fervently ripping up sheets of yellow paper to pelt at their classmates. Cheerleaders congregate in the locker room to straighten their uniforms. Seniors languish in their seats, and remark to no one in particular that rallies are stupid. Homeroom attendance. Each class waits to be summoned, then rushes to the gym, attempting to look as cool as possible, without appearing like they really want to go. Seniors stroll into the gym, aware that the underclassmen in the bleachers are watching, and take their respective places. Musical strains. The football players amble in, looking serious. Most of them do not crack a smile during the entire rally. It’s tough being studs. The cheerleaders are bouncing around, occasionally eyeing each other, to make sure they’re doing the right thing. Spirit contests, speeches by Corky. Tricycle races, Tug of War. Which class is best? Musical chairs . . . Mark Newport, the reigning king. Marc Robichaud attempts to dis- lodge Mark Newport from his pre- carious perch. The junior football players clasp their hands in thoughtful meditation. The senior captains await the end of the rally. 8 “C” Is Not Necessarily Average Kelly McPhee, Jason Gittle, Scott DiFiore and Pat McCann pull val- iantly in an eventual loss to the freshmen. Spirit runs rampant in the sopho- more class. Mr. Kelley observes the rally from a prime vantage point. “C” Is Not Necessarily Average 9 CHARGED, CHARISMA, CRAZY . . . Chaos There is unmistakable enthusiasm present in the student body at North. Not to say everyone is excited about academics or athletics or lunch, but there is usually something to get charged about during the course of the day: a substitute, a victory over Foxboro, or the chance to pose for the roaming yearbook photographer in the smoking area. No matter what, there is always somethig a little off beat going on . . . someone is always up to something. Whether or not these antics result in an in-school or a good practical joke is another story . . . but in each instance the viva-city of the students stands out. Mark Creegan, Rob Dean, Jeff Johnson, Arnold Alonzo, Mike Ha- zen, Scott Miller, Mark Pedini, Greg Brogan and Karl Kronheim mug for the camera. Ellen Sousa shows her elation for a job well done. Mr. Siezega is a familiar face, sub- bing for absent teachers. Laurie Phipps’ Rocket Pride shines through. Two NAHS fans observe the Home- coming game. 10 “C” Is Not Necessarily Average HI Football fever has infected Bill Varden. Jason Johnson spices up his Spanish class. Tom Boehling in rare form. The watchful auto mascot observes the budding mechanics. Mike Lamar expresses outrage at a bad call. Bill Varden leads some field hockey fans in a wave. Necessarily Average Not 12 “C” Is Not Necessarily Average Michelle Crook gloats after winning a prized position at the mirror. The girls’ team room ... is it just the right size? Kelly Maitland finds last Thursday’s lunch and gym clothes at the bottom of her locker. A view of the boys’ freshly painted red, clean locker room. . . . and the not so clean! CATCHING, CASUAL, Co-Ed Each gym class begins with hordes of males and females emerging from their respective locker rooms, and ends with them hurridly retreating into them to change for class. But what is behind those doors? Our investigative photographer ends the intrigue. Upon entering the girls’ locker room, one is immediately struck by the interesting mixture of hairspray and perfume that lingers in the air. Usually a half dozen girls jockey for a position in front of the mirror, casting baleful looks at hair gone awry and makeup in desperate need of reapplication. A few voices can be heard from the back of the locker room, girls changing in the curtained cubicles, separated by the never-used showers. A glance into the team room reveals a mass of bodies struggling to get by changing girls to reach their lockers. It is a talent to change gracefully, without tripping over other CAPTIVATING . . . people or kicking over stacked books. The boys’ locker room discloses immediate differences: a large open shower area is frequented by males, who don’t worry about drying, curling or spraying their hair. The guys have lockers in a row no curtains or cubicles. They casually change while conversing, not about perms, but about the latest sports’ upsets, the new coveted car, or hopes for a hot date this weekend. It is much easier to maneuver in the boys’ locker room. Interesting but relevant facts: The boys’ locker room is painted in red, the girls’ in blue; the guys’ locker room echoes, the girls’ does not; the females have a soda machine available, the males must settle for a juice machine. Both have glass walls in the coaches’ offices that are adorned with the latest stats from the North sports’ teams. Both report occasional lines for the bathrooms. It’s nice to see some facets have no gender barriers. CONCOCTIONS, CONSUMATION, CONGREGATION . . . Cafeteria The pace of the cafeteria is hurried - a very important facet of the luncheon period is obtaining a spot in the right lunch line, and quickly too. “What’s in the hot lunch line?” “I don’t know, but there aren’t any French fries today - I think there are cookies, though.” “No, 1 just checked. That line has only juice boxes and milk.” Decisions, decisions, where to sit? The freshman pit is not an option but mandatory for fresh-faced frosh, caught between shivering from the cold of the door constantly opening to the smoking area and trying to ignore the condescending leers of the sophomores sitting above. Much of the freshman pit experience is noted by upperclassmen peering down from their comfortable vantage points. The juniors and sophomores line the sides of the cafeteria, depending on the lunch period. First and third are great; second can be a little hectic. Then, too, is the overflow of seniors from the senior pit, seated at select tables overlooking their classmates. How many people get fake d out by clever imitations of the bell? It has been rumored that one year the entire senior pit rose to depart, then realized their foolishness, much to the chagrin and delight of the underclassmen. The cafeteria also provides a central spot for ticket sales to various activities, the twice-yearly appearance of the tuxedos, and a location for casual study periods. Second period study is ideal, as it allows quick access to the snack bar at break, and seniors airily enter and exit from their snack bar room. There is always something going down in the NAHS cafeteria. Freshmen waiting out their lunch pe- riod in the pit. Brian Vandenberghe wonders what caused his milk to spill? Jason Mikulis announces, “No more chocolate donuts!” Sleeping away Period 7 study in the cafe. Kerri Bizier stares questioningly at her spaghetti ... or is it a meatball sub? “C” Is Not Necessarily Average 13 Seniors NOT NECES SARILY AVERAGE The students entering the high school in 1984 were shorter in stature, but not in spirit, than the vastly different departing class of ’88. We leave North Attleboro High School as individuals, having pursued varying interests and fostering different relationships during our tenure here. We have overcome the shame of the food fight lecture freshman year. We shun the bus, if possible, carpooling with friends. Every spirit contest but two has been ours. We have bent over backwards to make the freshmen feel welcome, even to the extent of letting them win the tug- of-war, and making sure our floats aren’t better than theirs. The class of ' 88 will scatter — to school, work, or the military. Each of us have significantly different memories of NAHS. Being the one-hundredth graduating class is an honor, but one which we feel we rightly deserve. CREATIVE . . . Cas- sie Laramee’s ceram- ics project takes on new form. CONTEMPLATIVE . . . Jennifer Jordan muses over the hap- penings of the day. Rose-Marie Al-Amir Glen D. Alfred Arnold Alonzo George M. Aussant Derek K. Barber Laura A. Barrett Kyra E. Berry Deborah A. Beaudoin Thomas W. Boehling 16 Seniors Peter S. Abdou Jignes H. Amin Kerri J. Bizier i Rebecca T. Bliss Peter J. Bonome Catrell Booker Jason M. Boronski CHECK IT OUT . . . “The picture window has been the property of the senior class since their initial congregation there as meek freshmen. This choice spot offers an ex- cellent view of all passers- by.” James A. Borland Michele L. Bray Brian D. Brousseau Todd Burns Karen R. Boutin Lisa A. Bradley James R. Brennan Michelle D. Buie Dawn Cahill Gregory R. Brogan Holly M. Burns Laura M. Calligan Audra L. Bucklin Ronn K. Bravetti . Kathleen Cabral Seniors 17 Lisa A. Campbell Jane I. Carroll Cort A. Caruso Charles S. Clark Jodi Chabot Deborah L. Clark Neil A. Chartier Michele L. Chastanet Donna J. Clark Kristen A. Connelly Christine Cordeiro Lisa J. Corvese CHECK IT OUT . . . “How many females in the class of 88 have not slipped on the floors or the stairs as a result of heels and flats on slippery corridors?” Kathleen A. Coyle Sandra G. Culhane Susan E. Culp 18 Seniors Jodie Cunningham Paul D. Deppisch Michelle M. De saute Robert J. Dean Michael Cunningham Brian Delfino CHECK IT OUT . . . “Peter and Paul Dep- pisch are North Attle- boro’s tallest twins , mea- suring in at a lofty 6’ 4” and 6’ 6’’ respectively. Voted Best Pals by their classmates, Peter reports he is elder and wiser by six minutes. " Gerard R. Deschenes Shannon M. Cuzzetto Christine L. Dargis Dawn M. DeMattos CHECK IT OUT . . . “How many students have purchased anything from the school store? " Peter A. Deppisch Stacey L. Devlin Michael S. DeRosa Kristen Dezotell Seniors 19 Scott J. DiFiore Denise M. DiMaio Krista L. Dion Raymond J. Doran Kimberly E. Doyle Carolyn J. Dorr Jennifer J. Doucette Nancy C. Drought CHECK IT OUT . . . “ How many forks and spoons are annually thrown into the trash compactor?” Kristen A. Dyer David A. Edwards Lee E. Eliason Craig S. Donais Jenniferlee Dowgiala Kristin E. Durang Theresa M. Elwood 20 Seniors Debra L. England Derek R. Fisher Tanya L. Everton Kerri Flanagan Christopher Emerson Heidi R. Fernandes Trade M. Fontaine Jo- Ann M. Gaskin Ann-Marie Gaulin Bonnie J. Fong Kathryn J. Farnell Michael B. Flores Gregory G. Foster Matthew W. Gaulin Seniors 21 Christine S. Gioia Jason A. Gittle Stacey Golant Joseph P. Goulart Becky J. Hamilton Beverly Griffin Kevin M. Hanley Keli M. Grimes Lauren B. Harris Michael E. Hazen Jeffrey C. Hillman Jennifer L. Hilsman Christopher Gookin Anja Gustafson Heidi J. Hasselbaum Philip Holdgate 22 Seniors Pamela A. Houde Sandra L. lonelli Allison L. Jewell CHECK IT OUT . . . “The NAHS girls’ spring track team has the best record of any other sports team at the school over a ten -year period. " Glenn R. Hustler Sandra E. lveson Amy Jill son Robert E. Johnson Beth E. lac on is Lynn M. Janick CHECK IT OUT . . . “It is still unresolved as to why the student body at NAHS does not like to dance, or at least has an aversion to dancing in the freshman pit. ” Jennifer A. Jordan Christine M. lerardi Scott D. Jaquello Carol M. Johnson Michelle Joseph Seniors 23 Aaron V. Jost Deborah Keenan Kristen B. Kelly Timothy S. Kelly Jodi Kosar CHECK IT OUT . . . “Who is it that is al- ways calling on the pay phone in the lobby? " Stephen D. Kenneally John E. Kraskouskas Sharyn A. Lacasse Debra A. Kirby Michael J. Lamar Jason M. Kiff Cassandra Laramee CHECK IT OUT . . . “The class of ' 88 has the distinction of having one of its members serve as the first student mem- ber of the school commit- tee. Carol Johnson is the non- vo ting member on the committee . " Michael R. LeBeau Paul E. LeBlanc, Jr. 24 Seniors Rene LeFevre Marc E. Liberatore April E. Lesperance Lori A. Lind Anthony L. Lewis Marimelda C. Llacuna David C. Lewis Christopher M. Lund Michelle MacCormack Steven MacDonald Laura B. Lytkowski CHECK IT OUT. “A trustworthy source has reported that Koot-Aid is always the hot item in the boys’ locker room. ” Kelly A. Mansfield Pamela A. Manton Deanna M. Marceau Erin L. Maione Seniors 25 Andrew Marcoullier Devin L. McCloskey Sally-Ann McKenna Annmarie Medeiros David S. Martin Stephen J. McAfee Patrick V. McCann James R. McCrae Patricia McLaughlin Daniel P. McNielly Michael McKenna Kelly McPhee John J. Medeiros Rhonda L. Megna Keith T. Meyer 26 Seniors Kathleen A. Mullen CHECK IT OUT . . . “Has anyone had a hall pass checked by a teacher besides Mr. Shockro ? Doubtful - but keep up the good work, Mr. Shockro! ' ’ Lauriann M. O’Connell Richard P. Morin Marilyn Miller Richelle J. Mobriant Christian A. Morse Kenneth Narkiewicz Timothy P. O’Brien Karen A. Moreshead Edward J. Morse Jessie S. Mullen Stacie E. Nye Brian P. O’Connor Jody A. Morrell CHECK IT OUT . . . “Mystery is still run- ning rampant in the high school as to why the do- nuts cannot retain the frosting while in their box- es during break time. ” Seniors 27 CHECK IT OUT . . . “How many students tell their homeroom teach- ers they were on a late bus, when in actuality they stopped off at Honey Dew? " Eva M. Olmos-Bittini Dennis J. Patnaude Sheryl A. Pearce Erin L. Perkoski Bernadette T. Pesce David Padula Robert G. Pell Dodi A. Pesce Marianne Pardi Christine Pelletier Michael T. Pestana Kristina L. Peterson Wayne M. Pierce Matthew J. Pion CHECK IT OUT . . . “How many members of the class of ’88 are planning to come back in two years and substitute teach? " 28 Seniors Joseph M. Protano James E. Rhilinger John C. Rijo Michele M. Rond Glenn A. Riel Michael D. Rosbach Kristine M. Puccio Paula I. Riel Bethany Robitaille Kellie Reynolds Harold E. Rigby Timothy M. Puopolo Rachael A. Routhier David N. Rogers CHECK IT OUT . . . " Does everyone re- member Jason Gittle set- ting off the alarm in the Media Center his freshman year by opening the wrong door? " Seniors 29 NOT PICTURED: Keith Bricault Steven Carter Lance F. Dellay Vincent Hunt Megan E. Ruane David T. Schmidt Kristen L. Shaw Debra G. Simms Derek Sankey Audrey L. Scott Richard Shockley Corrie E. Smith Catherine A. Savard Lisa M. Sebastiao Kimberly K. Siegwart Robert L. Scanlon John Shatzer Christine F. Silva Keiran M. Ruth CHECK IT OUT . . . “The class of ' 88 joins the rank of the select few who have won powder puff games their junior and se- nior years. " 30 Seniors Stephen W. Smith Shelley M. Stack Michael R. Sullivan Andrea L. Tatro Ellen Sousa Mark Sowersby John D. Spadaro Kirk J. Stinson Shon J. St. Lawrence Phillip Strasser Eric J. Swanson Noriko Tohi Sherry Sweeney Andrea E. Toole Martin D. Travis Pamela A. Tail Ion Seniors 31 William E. Varden Jason M. Walker Michele L. Webb Lance R. Williams Dawn C. Velino Elizabeth 1. Verge Melissa M. Wagner Sarah L. Walker April D. Welsh Lori B. Williams Paula J. Walsh Kristen E. Wernborg Curtis R. Winn Kristine Waseleski Scott Wilshire Gregory A. Wright 32 Seniors Scott DiFiore - Jason Gittle President Patrick Mc Secretary Kelly McPhee Tieasurer SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1984, we, the Class of 1988, entered North Attleboro High School feeling very confident about our future. We were branded as the one hundredth graduating class of NAHS, and we were deter- mined to leave our mark on North Attleboro. We elected Scott DiFiore as our president, Dave Lewis as our vice- president, Cassie Laramee as our secretary, and Kelly McPhee as our treasurer. John Rijo, Laura Barrett and Tanya Everton represented the class on the Student Council. We got our treasury going by holding a couple of car washes, which were a success. Our float placed second at Homecoming, where Tanya Everton and Kelly McPhee were elected to the queen’s court. We entered our sophomore year with a solid foundation behind us. We elected Cassie Laramee as our president, Shelley Stack as our vice- president, Kris Dyer as our secre- tary, and Kelly McPhee as our trea- surer. John Rijo, Laura Barrett, and Tanya Everton once again repre- sented our class on the Student Council. Tanya Everton and Kelly McPhee were named to the queen’s court at Homecoming and rode on our float, which placed third. We also ordered our class rings during the year, which arrived in the spring. Our junior year was upon us be- fore we knew it, and more decisions had to be made. We immediately looked for advisors to guide us through our upperclass years. Bob Guthrie and Don Johnson were more than happy to accept the re- sponsibility. Elected as class officers were Scott DiFiore, president; Ja- son Gittle, vice-president; Pat McCann, secretary; and Kelly McPhee, treasurer. John Rijo, Dave Lewis and Keith Meyer were named to the Student Council, while Tanya Everton and Laura Barrett were of- ficers on the council. At Homecom- ing, Tanya Everton and Kelly McPhee were once again named to the queen’s court. They rode on our second place float. The class was put to the test early in the year at the annual Powderpuff football game. Reversing tradition, the Ju- nior Jets dominated the Senior Sharks in a high-spirited battle. We also put the basketball concession stand back into existence, earning a substantial profit for the treasury. The most memorable event of the year was the Junior Prom, held at the Marriot Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island on April 23, 1987. The theme of the prom was “Never Say Goodbye”. Tanya Everton was elected prom queen. The court members were Laura Barrett, Mi- chele Webb, Lauren Harris, Michele Ronci, Tina Peterson, Kris Dyer, and Kelly McPhee. The music was performed by the band Positive Image. Without warning, we suddenly be- came seniors. We were tops in the high school, and we had to set the example. We again elected Scott Di- Fiore, president; Jason Gittle, vice- president; Pat McCann, secretary; and Kelly McPhee, treasurer. Jim McCrae, Mike Sullivan and Kris Dyer represented the class on the Student Council. Keith Meyer, John Rijo, Tanya Everton, Laura Barrett and Dave Lewis were elected offi- cers to the Council. At Homecom- ing, Tanya Everton was named queen, and the court members were Kris Dyer and Laura Barrett. Our float placed second in the annual competition. In our final Powder- puff football game, the seniors played flawlessly, with a 28-0 vic- tory over the Junior Jets. Our Se- nior Prom was held on February 18, 1988 at the Taunton Regency. Our theme for the night was “All My Love.” We experimented with a DJ to provide our music and entertain- ment, and it proved to be a success. Kris Dyer was elected our Prom Queen, while Michele Ronci, Mi- chele Webb, Bonnie Fong, Kathy Farnell, Jody Morrell, Kelly McPhee, Laura Barrett and Lauren Harris were honored on the court. We bought commemorative medals which were a token to remember the graduation of the centennial class of NAHS. These medals were worn by all graduates at our gradua- tion on June 5, 1988. We also pur- chased a plaque for the school which was placed in the front lobby. All the graduates’ names are on the plaque, so we will not be forgotten. As we bring our stay at North High to a close, we would like to thank Mr. Guthrie, Mrs. Duhamel, Mr. Johnson and Mrs. Balut for all their help, patience and advice through the years. We would not be here without their help. We would also like to thank the administration and faculty for all they have done for us over the past four years. As we leave NAHS with mixed emo- tions, we are sure that our four years here have prepared us for a promising future. After all, “C is not necessarily average”. Seniors Active Seniors . . . Peter S. Abdou " Jasper " , " Bone " , " Taz " , " Pete” " To a musician, rock-n-roll isn ' t just a form of music, its a way of life. It’s the biggest thing in life, the ‘mam stage. ' I intend to find that stage.” Marching Band 1, 2; Concert Band 1, 2. Rosemarie Al-Amir " Rosie " , " Bug " , “Yoda” " Sing with me just for today, Never tomorrow, The good Lord will take you away. Dream on. Dream on. Dream until your dreams come true! " " Aerosmith” Special Ed. Aide 2. George M. Aussant " You only live once, but once is enough! " Derek K. Barber " Deft” " Life ' s too short to be unhappy. " Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 3, 4; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4, Capt.; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Aide 1; Powderpuff Cheerleader 3; S. A. D D 2. Laura A. Barrett Best Pals with Tanya Class Couple " ... And the days go by .. . like a strand in the wind In the web that is my own . . . begin again ... " -Stevie Nicks- Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Commit- tee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Com- mittees 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4 Deborah Ann Beaudoin " Deb”, " Pardon Me? " " Happiness is not a destmation-but the way in which one makes the ourney . " Best of Luck to the 100th class. Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook 3, 4; Newspaper 3, 4; Drama Club 1; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer; Guidance Aide 4; Float Committees 1, 2; Literary Magazine 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4 Kyra E. Berry " Ky”, " Blueberry”, " Hoser " , “Wuss " " There is nothing more sad or glorious than generations changing hands. " John Cougar Mellancamp " Good bye and good luck everybody. I’ll miss ya! " Powderpuff Football Player 3. Kerri J. Bizier " A friend to me is someone who cares. And who does things nobody else dares. To take those risks, nobody else would. Only to help a friend, best as they could. " Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Commit- tee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Com- mittees 1, 2, 3, 4 Rebecca T. Bliss " Becky " Most Likely To Succeed Teacher ' s Pet Best All-Around " When you see a chance, take it. " Regional Student Advisory Council 4; Student Advisory Committee 2, 3; Model U N. 3, 4; Junior Classical League 3, 4; College Bowl 4; Yearbook 1, 2, 3, 4, Co. Editor; Drama Club 1, 2, 3; Fall Play 1; One-Act Plays 1; Winter Track 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 3; Float Committees 1, 2; Literary Maga- zine 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A D. D. 2, 3, 4; Model Senate 3, 4. Thomas W. Boehling " Shazaam”, " Tom”, " Mr. President”, " Sparky Koolaid " , " T " , " Mr. Bell”, “Zac Jones”, " Bob Cranston” Most Talented Class Clown " I am the winged giant, the tenth planet, the chosen one, leader of men. In your soul, you will remember me. I am you future. " Model Senate 1, 2; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; International Thespam Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 1, 2, 3; Spring Production 1, 2, 4; Marching Band 1; Concert Band 2; Art Club 4 Peter J. Bonome " For those who have the gall to move on, life will be an endless road of achievements. Long Live the Yuppie! " Model Senate 3, 4; Spring Track 2; Intramurals 3, 4; Art Club 1; Float Committees 1, S. A. D. D. 3, 4. Catrell F. Booker " Biff”, " B.W.”, " Cat " " Smile and the world smiles with you. Frown and you frown alone. " Good luck everyone! Yearbook 4; Winter Track 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 4; Office Aide 1; Powder puff Football Player 3, 4; S. A. D D 4. Jason M. Boronski " Tyler " Wittiest Class Individual " ... so I jump ship in Hong Kong, and make my way over to Tibet, and I get on as a ' luper ' at a course over ... " (see Higgins) Karen R. Boutin " Follow your dream . . . if you stumble don ' t stop Keep your eye on your goal, Strive on to the top. " Junior Classical League 2, 3; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Captain Football and Basketball; Art Club 3; S. A. D. D. 3; Yearbook 4 Lisa A. Bradley " Good times, Bad times, you know I ' ve had my share. " Led Zeppelin. I Lila, Nae. Ronn K. Bravetti Class Flirt Baseball 1; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3. James R. Brennan “Jimbo” Best Dressed " Hey guys, I made it! " Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D D. 3, 4 Keith R. Bricault " What a long strange trip it ' s been. " Grateful Dead Brian D. Brousseau " Brewsky”, “Bruce” " Our minds are but prisms, it only matters how the light shines through. " Spring Track 4; Soccer 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 4; S. A. D. D 4. Audra L. Bucklin “Aud " , " Buck” 7 can resist everything except temptation. " Student Advisory Committee 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Model U. N. 4; Model Senate 3; Junior Classi- cal League 3, 4; Yearbook 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 2; Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Gymnastics 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Commit- tees 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D D. 3, 4. Michelle D. Buie “Muir " Every silver lining has a touch of grey ... I will survive . . I will get by. " Grateful Dead Powderpuff Football Player 4. Holly M. Burns 7 depart on a ourney to seek new frontiers. I escape into infinity to be captured dream after dream. " Journey Spring Track 1; Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheer- leader 2, 3; Media Aide 1. Kathleen S. Cabral " Kath”, " Kathie " " Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. " Junior Classical League 2, 3; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Aide 1; S A D. D. 2, 3. Dawn M. Cahill “If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me. " -Led Zeppelin Laura M. Calligan " Our greatest glory consists not in never failing but in rising every time we fall. " Oliver Goldsmith Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chamber Ensembles 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Color Guard 2, 3; Office Aide 2; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4 Lisa A. Campbell " Lee " " Never look back, never look down; Accept the things you cannot change, have the courage to change the things you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference. " Jane I. Carroll " You are my heart and soul, I will Love you forever.- 12-25-84 To the people who made me who I am. Call me J.H., J.C. " Fall Play 2, 4; Powderpuff Football Player 4; S. A. D. D 1. Steven Carter Winter Track 1, 3, 4; Spring Track 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Cort A. Caruso " Coot " " Divers have the correct approach. " Jodi M. Chabot " Walking down this rocky road, wondering where my life is leading, rolling on to the bitter end. finding out along the way, what it takes to keep love living . . . " Bad Company Neil A. Chartier " Higgins " , " He-Man " " ... There in the himalayas. A ‘luper’ ... you know, a caddy ... a ‘luper’ ... a ock. So I tell them I ' m a pro ock and who do you ... ” (see Smells) Model U. N. 3, 4; Intramurals 3. Michele L. Chastanet " Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime And , departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time. " Mark Twain Yearbook 2; Spring Track 2; Field Hockey 3, 4; Art Club 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 4; Float Committees 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4. Charles S. Clark " Beef” " The only one that disturbs you is yourself. " Model Senate 3, 4; College Bowl 3, 4; Newspaper 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Media Aide 1; Math League 1, 2; S. A. D. D 3, 4. Deborah L. Clark " Debbie " Most Spirited " My future dreams never to be .. . clouded by memories past; those days spent here in the company of friends, in my heart will forever last. " Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Co-captain; Art Club 4; Junior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4 Donna J. Clark " Donnanana " , " WB " " Although our 4 years are over and that we ' re headed in different directions I ' ll never forget . . . " The Cape " . . . " W. Baggers " , “Weekend stones " , and the proms. Good Luck! Thanks to my Mom and Jimmy. I love you both. " One-Act Plays 1; Winter Track 2; Spring Track 2, 3; Gymnastics 1, 2; Powderpuff Football Player 3; S. A. D. D. 2. 34 Senior Activities 1 f Kristen A. Connelly " Kris” " One must strive constantly to achieve great- ness tor the community, to reach upwards to the sublime beyond the things of this world which so narrowly encompass the lives ot most mortals! " - Renhan Yearbook 4; Cross-Country 3, 4; Winter Track 3; v Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; S. A. D. 0. 3, 4. Christine M. Cordeiro " Chrissy” " All over now-nothing lasts. - Sometimes hearts get lost, beaten down by boredom, or hopeless- ness. So sometimes you just have to say ‘What the .. . ’-Great White. Lisa J. Corvese " Lee " , " Lees”, “Lisa-Lisa” I “Friendship-lt doesn ' t need an explanation be- cause your friends won ' t need it, and your enemies won ' t understand it any way. " Drama Club 1, 2, 3; Fall Play 1, 2, 3; One-Act Plays 1, 2; Spring Production 1, 2. Kathleen A. Coyle " Kathy” " I smile with tears in my eyes, hoping that life ' s future brings me as many happy memories as the past. " College Bowl 4; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; Junior Prom Committee, Senior Prom Commit- tee; Special Ed. Aide 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 2, 3, 4. Sandra G. Culhane " Sandy”, " Doolittle” " If I am not for myself, who will be for me ? And if am only for myself, what am I ... ? " Junior Classical League 1; Basketball 1; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4. Suellen V. Culp " Sue”, “Susie Q” " Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Now there ' s that look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky. Shine on you crazy diamond. " Christine L. Dargis " Chris " " Life is what you make of it . . . Live it to the fullest. Grasp your dreams and make them reality. " Robert J. Dean " Toasterhead”, " Rob " , etc. " I ' m looking for a target to ram and destroy, something living and breathing, a dog or a smalt boy. " The Accused Brian Delfino { Friendliest " Niello is the man who knows what he ' s been I missing; many, many men can ' t see the open road. " - Led Zeppelin Spring Track 1; Football 1, 2. Dawn M. DeMattos “Dee " , " Spaz” To the class of ‘ 88 ' : " Follow your dreams, take one step at a time, and don ' t settle for less, just continue to climb. Follow your dreams. " Amanda Bradley Honor Society 4; Junior Classical League 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Winter Track 2; Spring Track 2; Volleyball 3, 4; Intramurals 4; Art Club 4; S. A. D D. 3, 4. Paul D. Deppisch " Depp” Best Pals with Peter " Great men aren ' t always great scholars. Vern is God. " Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3. Peter A. Deppisch " Depp” Best Pals with Paul " Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there. " Basketball 1, 4; Spring Track 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4 Michael S. DeRosa " Mike " " Since pleasure is the unique, to reveal pleasure is itself a unique duty. " Math League 4; Ski-Club 4. Michelle M. Desautel " A ray of sunshine melts the clouds-and blows my blues away, there ' s nothing more that I can say but on a day like today-1 pass the time away. " - Led Zeppelin Gerard R. Deschenes Cross-Country 1, 2, 3; Winter Track 3; Spring Track 2; Wrestling 4. Stacey L. Devlin " Sta” " Some dreams come true and some have silver linings. I live for my dreams and a pocket full oi gold. " Led Zeppelin Softball 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3. Kristen M. Dezotell “Kris”, " Krissy " , " Kristine " , " Kristina” " We danced so dose; we danced so slow; and you swore you ' d never let me go; together forev- er; Never say goodbye. " Media Aide 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Aide 3; Guidance Aide 1, 2, 3, 4 Scott J. DiFiore " Dif” Most Likely to Succeed Smartest Best All-Around " Wanting it all means giving it all. " Freshman Class President; Junior Class Presi- dent; Senior Class President; Honor Society 3, 4; College Bowl 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Commit- tee; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3, Coach 4; Float Committee 1, 2, 3, 4; Math League 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D 3, 4 Krista L. Dion " The good thing about going nowhere is you don ' t have to show up at any certain time. " Craig S. Donais " Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither en oy much nor suffer much be- cause they live in the gray twilight that knows not victory no defeat. " Theodore Roosevelt Student Advisory Committee 3, 4, Regional; School Improvement Council 4; Honor Society 3, 4, President; Model U N. 3, 4; Model Senate 1, 2, 3, 4; YearBook 1, 2, 3, 4; Newspaper 1, 2, 3, 4; LWV Candidates Forum 3; Havard Conference on Community Leadership 3; Tennis 2, 3; Math League 3, 4; S. A. D D 3, 4; Ratification: The Great Debate of ’88 4; Boys State 3; Massachu- setts Leadership Seminar: Hoby 2; Hugh 0’Brian Alumni Assoc. 3, 4; Student Government Day 3; World Affairs Seminar 3. Raymond J. Doran " Butchie” " What ' s the use? Yesterday an egg, tomorrow a feather duster. " Carolyn J. Dorr " Risks must be taken because the greatest haz- ard in life is to risk nothing. " Yearbook 4; Winter Track 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Gymnastics 1; Intramurals 4; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2; Phys. Ed Leader 4; S. A. D. D. 2, 3, 4 Jennifer L. Doucette " We ' ll he down in the long green grass and the sun will shine on your pale shape our blood flows back in the dirt and a black rose will grow where we lay. " -Swans Jennifer L. Dowgiala " Jen”, " Maddie”, " Nell " Wittiest Class Clown " Remember, things are not always as they ' uphere ' . " Student Advisory Committee 4; Yearbook 3, 4; Winter Track 3, 4; Spring Track 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 4; Office Aide 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Lead- er 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4. Kimberly E. Doyle " Kimber”, " Airhead” 7 believe in only the real; walk throught life on what feel. Live my life from day to day; what ' s wrong ? What ' s right? Who ' s to say? " -G.B.H. Basketball 1; Field Hockey 1; Softball 1, 2, 3; Art Club 4 Nancy C. Drought " Nance " " May your heart always be oyful. May your song always be sung. May you stay forever young. " Bob Dylan Honor Society 3, 4 Treasurer; Yearbook 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor in Chief; Winter Track 2; Spring Track 1, 2; S. A. D D. 3, 4. Kristin E. Durang " Kris " , “Nitsirk " , " C.L”, " Kristree”, " Durangatang”, " Tin " , " Q " 7 you walk down the street and you see some- one you don ' t know, you say ' don ' t know you- big world. If I see you again later, it ' ll be a small world’. " Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4; International Thespian Society 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 2, 3, 4; One- Act Plays 2, 3, 4, Director 2, 4; Spring Produc- tion 2, 3, 4 Kristen A. Dyer " Kris” Best Looking " Relationships don ' t always succeed. Friendships sometimes change, but I want you to know No matter what happens I will always be here for you. " Student Council 4; Sophomore Class Secretary; Junior Classical League 1, 2, 3; Yearbook 1, 2, 3, 4; Newspaper 4; Spring Track 1, 2; Field Hockey 1, 2; Cheerleader 3, 4, Soccer Captain; Art Club 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Com- mittee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4. David A. Edwards " If your enemy is smaller, crush him. If equally matched, fight. And if irritated, anger him. To Boronski " Eat a Tree " . Best of Luck Kevin, your buddy Dave. " Ice Hockey 1; Soccer 3; Intramurals 3. Lee E. Eliason " Lee Bee " , “Leon " , " Lee Roy” " Many dreams come true and some have silver linings. I live for my dreams and a pocket full of gold. " Newspaper 1; Volleyball 3; Art Club 1, 2. Theresa M. Elwood " Tracey” " Thanks alot for all the great times BH, HH, Cl, and JJ. " Drama Club L, 2, 3, 4; International Thespian Society 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 1, 2; One-Act Plays 2, 3. Christopher W. Emerson " Chemo " , " Emo " " Qui non proficit, deficit. Who does not advance, fails. " Junior Classical League 2, 3, 4 Debra L. England " Debbie”, " Deb " " Fight till the battle is over; Be faithful unto the end. Never surrender to evil; To quit we can never win. " Honor Society 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; International Thespian Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 1, 2, 3, 4; One-Act Plays 2, 3, 4; Spring Production 1, 3, 4; Math League 2, 3, 4 Tanya L. Everton Friendliest Best Pals with Laura All American Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 1, 2, 3; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 4; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D. D 4 Kathryn J. Farnell Junior Classical League 1, 2; Yearbook 3, 4; Basketball 1; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 2; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Commit- tee; Office Aide 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A D. D. 2, 3, 4 Senior Activities 35 Heidi L. Fernandes " The future isn ' t what it used to be. " Student Advisory Committee 4; Junior Classical League 1, 2; Yearbook 3; Field Hockey 2, 3; Art Club 3, 4; Office Aide 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 2, 3, 4 Derek R. Fisher " Fish " Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Intramurals 2, 3, 4 Kerri J. Flanagan " Ker” " Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coat with the intention of throwing it at someone else, you are the one who gets burned. " Junior Classical League 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Player 3; S. A. D. D. 3. Michael B. Flores " Snow " , " Mikey " , " Thor” " Beware of naked green martians driving baby blue Dodge Darts, with black fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror. " Spring Track 1, 2; Football 1; Wrestling 4. Bonnie J. Fong " Bon-Bon " Smartest " Accept all challenges so that you may feet the exhilaration of victory. " Honor Society 3, 4, Vice President; Model U, N. 4; Junior Classical League 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, President 4; Yearbook 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 2; Spring Track 1, 2; Tennis 3, 4; Art Club 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Player 3; Math League 2, 3, 4; S. A D. D. 3, 4. Tracie M. Fontaine " Guppie”, " Trace” " Never had so far to go. It ' s not where you can be. It ' s what you can see. That takes you there- Your destination. " Boston Jeffery M. Forbes " Jeff " , “Jefe " ’ " ‘Success is an attitude ' no matter what you do in life you must strive to be the best. " Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain. Gregory G. Foster " Greg " , " Barf” " AH you live, the high you fly, the smile you give, the tears you cry, and all you touch, and all you see, Is all you life will ever be. " Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4. Gabrielle L. Gagne " Gigi , " Gi 7 hope that everybody ' s dreams become reality, because mine will. -To all of my friends in Cali for- ma- ' Never Say Goodbye ' because that’s forever- and I will be back-before you know it. I love and miss you all. " Ann-Marie Gaulin " Ann " " Once a Willie, always a Willie. " Field Hockey 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Se- nior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Play- er 3. Matthew W. Gaulin " To all my friends: We’ve had the best of times, but greater times are yet to come. The partying together will never end. Never forget Kous ' party. " Junior Classical League 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Winter Track 4; Spring Track 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Coach 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D D. 3, 4. Christine S. Gioia " Chris " " You ' re never fully dressed without a smile! " Honor Society 3, 4; Newspaper 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; International Thespian Society 3, 4; Fall Play 1, 2, 3, 4; One-Act Plays 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Production 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2; Math League 3. Jason A. Gittle “Git” “Skit” Most Spirited Most Contributing " ... think they give me? The Dali Llama, the twelfth son of the llama; the flowing robes, grace, baldness-stikmg. So I ' m on the first ...” (see Herb) Junior Class Vice-President; Senior Class Vice- President; Model UN 3, 4; College Bowl 3; Year- book 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Cross Country 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Float Com- mittees 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S.A.D.D. 4, Joseph Paul Goulart " Gouy” " Perhaps the most valuable result of all educa- tion is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not. " Newspaper 3, 4. Beverly Griffin " Bev”, " Beverage " , " Bevelry " , “Bevvie”, Beeverkye” Most Talented " The paper holds their folded faces to the floor, and everyday the paperboy brings more. There is no dark side of the moon. Really, matter of fact it ' s all dark. " Student Advisory Committee 3; Honor Socie ty 3, 4; College Bowl 2, alternate; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, President 3; International Thespi- an Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 1, 3, 4; One-Act Plays 1, 3, 4; Spring Production 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 3; Concert Band 1, 3; Stage Band 1; Basketball 3; Color Guard 3; Powderpuff Football Player 3. Keli M. Grimes " A head full of rocks is a heavy heavy head. " Anja Gustafson " Angie " . . . (baby) " Life can only be understood backwards, but must be lived forwards . . . Good luck to all of you. " Cheerleader 4. Becky J. Hamilton " Bee " , " Bubba " " Although the years have passed quickly by, the memories will stay longing inside. Best of luck to TE, HH, Cl, JJ, Cf, and AW, (Eric forever). Drama Club 2; Concert Band 1, 2. Kevin M. Hanley " Herb”, “Hitman”, " Young Kevin”, " The Kevister” " ... tee with him, I give him a driver. He hauls oft and whacks one. Big hitter, the Llama, long, into a 10,000 foot crevice right at .. . " (see Worm) Newspaper 4; Basketball 1; Cross-Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 2, 3, 4. Lauren B. Harris Spring Track 1; Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheer- leader 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 4 Heidi J. Hasselbaum " Boom-Boom” " To Lisa, left, Jen H„ Becky, Rhonda, David R„ Steve M„ Jen J., Chrissy, Tracey, Kyra, Gem, Mike H., Pete A., Tom S., Bob S., Chris E, and anyone I missed. Thanks for making high school special. " Drama Club 1, 2, 4; Fall Play 1, 2; One-Act Plays 1, 2; Spring Production 4; Literary Magazine 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4. Michael E. Hazen " Mike " " I had more fun than an open casket funpral. " - The Accused. Jeffrey C. Hillman " Candyman " , " Boo " 7 am ' t too young to realize that I am ' t too old to die, but I sure am hard to beat. " (AC-DC) Jennifer L. Hilsman " Jenn " " Jane, Jodie, and Missy, thank you for all the laughs and good times you ' ve given me. Good luck in everything you do. " Philip Holdgate Model Senate 4; College Bowl 3, 4; Math League 3, 4. Pamela A. Houde Field Hockey 1; Softball 1; Junior Prom Commit- tee; Office Aide 3. Glenn R. Hustler " What does it take to be a man? It ' s the heart and soul, a gentle hand, so easy to want and so hard to give. How can you be a man until you see beyond the life you live. " -Boston Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Soccer 4; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Aide 1. Beth E. laconis Best Dressed " Our walk in the ram, I ' ll never forget: The boat, Those magazines And birthday donuts, Chinese food by candlelight, The moon over the pond, or the first 7 Love You. ' " Field Hockey 1; Tennis 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain; Volleyball 3, 4; Art Club 4; Junior Prom Commit- tee; Senior Prom Committee; Office Aide 1; Pow- derpuff Football Player 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D D. 3, 4 Christine M. lerardi " Chrissy” " Good times friends: EM, H.H., T.E., 7.7., B.H. Lots of memories m Norwood (swings). Boston- Follow the people! Oh ya IDNKTB. Thanx Mom Dad. See ya latter. " Softball 2, 4. Sandra L. lonelli " Sandy " " NAHS - spirited memories, fun, friends Smiles in the future!! THANKS - Mr. B., Dockitty, Mom, Dad, Jam, Joe, Chrissy, Sue. -Beth- cape, beach- es music, magazines smiles, tears dreams and fears!! " Junior Classical League 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1, 2; One-Act Plays 1; Spring Track 3, 4; Volleyball 3, 4; Intramurals 4; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Powder- puff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D. D. 2, 3, 4. Sandra E. Iveson " Sandy”, Lil Mama” When the faces fade like blue jeans After the tassels have gone pmk My heart will walk these hallways Remembering those who have touched my soul -My forever friends " Volleyball 3; Majorettes 1, 2. Lynn M. Janick Drama Club 3, 4; International Thespian Society 3, 4; Fall Play 3, 4; One-Act Plays 3, 4; Spring Production 3, 4 Allison L. Jewell “Al " , " Ally”, “All-I-Son " " Wisdom is the thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. " Proverbs 4:7. Drama Club 2, 3, 4, Junior Rep. 3, Secretary 4; International Thespian Society 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 2, 3, 4; One-Act Plays 2, 3, 4; Spring Production 2, 3, 4; Office Aide 2. Amy L. Jillson “Aim” ' Vis we leave and go our separate ways, I ' ll always remember my special friends and the good times we had. Best wishes to the class ol ' 88 ' . Thank you Mom and Jack. " Junior Classical League 3, 4; Field Hockey 2; Art Club 4; Junior Prom Committee; Media Aide 1, 2; Powderpuff Football Player 2; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D D. 3, 4. Jennifer A. Jordan " J. J " , “Jen " " If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn ' t, it never was. Heid-What if? " Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; International Thespian Society 1, 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 1, 2, 3, 4; One-Act Plays 2, 4; Spring Production 1; Softball 2; Media Aide 2. Michelle T. Joseph " Moo” " Life it seems will fade away. Drifting further every day. So remember the good days. Michelle Love ' s Joe. " 36 Senior Activities Aaron V. lost Baseball 1; Tennis 3; Intramurals 2. Deborah A. Kennan " Deb " “All the good times we have make alt the good memories we have. And all the good triends we have make all the good memories better. " Art Club 1, 2; Powderpuff Football Player 4. Kristen B. Kelly “Kris’-B”, " Goat”, " Sybil " “Many friends have been made through these past few years. I will hold them in my heart. Those that remain, forever last. Those that are gone, I shed a tear. " Timothy S. Kelly Newspaper 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1 ; Football 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4. Jason M. Kiff “M M Man II " “J2 " " It ' s been such a longtime I think I should be gom ' " Cuz time doesn ' t wait for me It just keeps on rolling. " -Boston " Drama Club 3, 4; International Thespian Society 3, 4; Fall Play 3, 4; One-Act Plays 3, 4; Spring Production 3, 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band 4; Chamber Ensembles 3; Band President 4; Literary Maga- zine 4 Debra A. Kirby “Deba”, " W. B”, " Kebbie " , “Debski” " Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams, telling myself it ' s not as hard, hard, hard as it seems. " - Led Zepplm Junior Classical League 2, 3; Powderpuff Foot- ball Player 3. Jodi L. Kosar " Tho keep searching for an answer, I never seem to find what I ' m looking for, Oh Lord, I pray, You give me the strength to carry on .. . Whitesnake Junior Classical League 1, 2; Yearbook 2, 3; Softball 2; Intramurals 1, 2; Art Club 2, 3; Junior Prom Committee; Office Aide 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3; Float Committees 1, 2, 3; DECA 4. John E. Kraskouskas Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Winter Track 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 3; Math League 4 Paul E. LeBlanc, Jr. “Headed down that Rocky Road 95 South. " Sharyn A. Lacasse " Finding someone strong enough to dream gen- tle dreams and daring enough to invite me along on his flights of fantasies. " Junior Classical League 1, 2; Powderpuff Foot- ball Player 3, 4; S. A D. D. 3, 4; Peer Councilmg 2, 3, 4 Michael J. Lamar " Slamma”, " Lamario " " I ' ve got wild staring eyes, and I ' ve got a strong urge to fly, but I ' ve got nowhere to fly to . . ' Pink Floyd Basketball 1; Spring Track 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Cassandra Laramee " Cassie " Most Changed Since Freshman Year Freshman Class Secretary; Sophmore Class President; Cheerleader 2; Float Committees 1, 2. Rene Lefevre " Renee " , " Ren " , " Cricket " , " Rainy " " What I lacked in size or stature I made up for in noise and aggravation. The sprinkler will go on. " Winter Track 4; Spring Track 4; Intramurals 3. April E. Lesperance " Grape " " We live in a world of illusion where everything is peaches and cream ; we all face the scar of conclusion, but we spend our time in a dream. " Steve Miller Band. Anthony L. Lewis Basketball 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 2, 4; Intramurals 3, 4 David C. Lewis “Lou " Class Couple " There are leaders and there are followers; you decide m High School what you ' re going to be in life. " Student Council 3, 4; Freshman Class Vice Presi- dent; Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Winter Track 4; Spring Track 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D. D. 4. Marc E. Liberatore " Lib " " Life moves pretty fast; you ' ve got to stop and took around once in a while, or you might miss it. " (Ferris Bueller ' s Day Off) Honor Society 4; Yearbook 4; Newspaper 4; Southeast District Chorus 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain; Intramurals 3, 4; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Coach 3; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D D 4 Lori A. Lind " Lor " " What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. " Honor Society 3, 4; Junior Classical League 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 1; Concert Band 1; Cross-Country 2, 3; Winter Track 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 4; Media Aide 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3; S. A. D D 4 Marimelda C. Llacuna “Marme” " Aim towards happiness. ” Honor Society 3, 4; Junior Classical League 4; Yearbook 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1; Tennis 2, 3, 4; Math League 2, 3. Christopher M. Lund " Chris " Steven S. MacDonald “Steve " , " Muggsy " " Great things come in small packages. " School Improvement Council 3; Yearbook 3; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band 4; Art Club 1, 2; Office Aide 2. Erin L. Maione " Sieze it, this world, as yours. Yours to change. Yours to increase, Yours to improve. " - Angelou Honor Society 4; Model Senate 4; Junior Classi- cal League 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 1; Fall Play 1; One-Act Plays 1; Spring Track 2, 3; Media Aide 1; S. A. D. D 3, 4 Deanna M. Marceau " Dee " " You can enjoy today, if you forget about yester- day, and don ' t think about tomorrow. " Cross-Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Gymnastics 1, 2; Office Aide 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Phys. Ed Leader 4 Andrew Marcoullier “All I ' ve ever settled for is that we ' re born to live and then to die, we’ve got to do it alone, each in his own way. I guess we have to love those people who deserve it like there ' s no tomorrow, because when you get right down to it, there isn’t. " Vision Quest Tennis 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed Leader 4 S. David Martin, IV “Marty " " If leave here tomorrow, would you still re- member me, ' cause I’m as free as a bird now and this bird you’ll never change . . . " Freebird Lynyrd Skynyrd Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3; Art Club 4 Stephen J. McAfee “Steve”, " Mac " " If we live m the past, then we cannot look in the future. If we live in the future, then we cannot learn from the past, so we must live in the present. Always looking to the future from the past. " Honor Society 3, 4; Model Senate 1, 2, 3, 4; College Bowl 4; Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band 3, 4; Chamber Ensembles 3; Drum Major 3, 4. Patrick V. McCann " Worm” " ... the base of this glacier. And you know what he says ? Gunga-ga-lunga . ... no, Gunga- lunga. So we finish the eighteen, and he ' s going . . . " (See Mr Drama) Junior Class Secretary; Senior Class Secretary; Honor Society 4; Model U. N. 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Semo Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3; Math League 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4 Devin L. McCloskey " Devmo”, " Tank” " could write a book, and this book would be thick enough to stun an ox . . . Burned all my notebooks. What good are notebooks? . . . What a strange trip it ' s been ... Eat some paste. " Soccer 2, 3, 4 James R. McCrae " Chief” " The rule is ‘there is no rule, ' So it doesn ' t matter how you play the game, its only winning that counts. " Student Council 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3, 4. Jane M. McCretton “Jane ' s getting Serious” " Goodbye to all my friends at home. Goodbye to people I trusted, I ' ve got to go out and make my way. I might get rich you know, I might get busted. " Steve Miller Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4. Sally-Ann McKenna " Floating around on a piece of ground in your home town, waiting for someone or something to show you the way. The sun is the same in a relative way, but you ' re older, shorter of breath and one day closer to death. " Newspaper 1, 2; Art Club 1, 2. Patricia McLaughlin “Tricia” " And the battle ' s yet begun those many lost, but, tell me who has won. " U2 Powderpuff Football Player 3. Daniel P. McNielly “Magoo” “Many times I ' ve lied, many times I ' ve listened, many times I ' ve wondered, how much there is to know. " Led Zepplm S. A. D. D. 4. Kelly A. McPhee Most Contributing " We say our goodbyes and walk away. We remember the things we forgot to say, the times we fought and the times we cared, there are so many things that we’ve shared. Now we leave to go our separate ways, but no matter where the future takes us I ' ll always cherish yesterdays. " Freshman Class Treasurer; Sophomore Class Treasure; Junior Class Treasure; Senior Class Treasure; Yearbook 2, 3, 4, Field Hockey 2, 3; Art Club 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4; DECA 4. Annmarie Medeiros " Amber”, " Ann” " These past four years have taught me who my ' true ' friends are. They are the ones who will always be in my heart. Luv ya. " John J. Medeiros " Joey” Best Looking " Objects in the mirror are closer than you think, that is, d your thinking is in the greenhouse. " Spring Track 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3; Intramur- als 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 2, 3, 4. Rhonda L. Megna " Although we leave here to find a better life, we will never forget some of the times we ' ve had. Thanx to all my friends, and a special thanx to Mike. " Junior Classical League 1 2. Senior Activities 37 Keith T. Meyer “Cakes " “While the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is essential. For com- petition demands the best of all of us. " Student Council 3, 4, President; Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain; Wres- tling 4, Captain; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Float Com- mittees 1, 2, 3, 4. Marilyn R. Miller “Love blossoms in the hearts of those who ' ve teamed to give and care. And just like springtime flowers, it brings gladness everywhere. " Art Club 4; Nurse’s Aide 4; Office Aide 2; Pow- derpuff Football Player 3; Float Committees 1, 2; Phys. Ed. Leader 4. Richelle J. Mobriant " Roach”, “Chelle " , " Shell " “The time has come to say ‘Good-bye’ to all my special friends, with all the years we ' ve been together I thought would never end. " Karen A. Moreshead " Kare " , “K " “The last moody summer was autumn in covers bespeaks of dogs in the dark, a perfect reunion, a bloody communion, where do we find noah ' s ac . 7 ”-Terenance Trent Darby Yearbook 1, 2; Newspaper 1, 2; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4. Richard P. Morin, II " Marino”, " Steve” “Inner desire stills the turbulent waters. " Junior Classical League 3, 4; Newspaper 3, 4; Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D D. 4. Jody A. Morrell " Wondering how tomorrow could ever follow today. When you only find it slipping away. " Cheerleader 2, 3. Christian A. Morse Tennis 3. Edward J. Morse Football 1; S. A. D. D 4 Jessie S. Mullen Drama Club 1, 2; Fall Play 1, 2; Spring Produc- tion 1, 2; Spring Track 1, 2; Gymnastics 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Art Club 4; Media Aide 1. Kathleen A. Mullen " Kath” “Coming out of the shadows, coming out of the darkness into the light. Its bright enough to show the way, enough to to face another day. Its a curious feeling, a feeling of reaching out to the sky. I ' ll never think of letting go. " Kenneth P. Narkiewicz " Ken”, " Nark " “Keep reaching for tomorrow because there ' s a 50-50 chance that it ' ll be better than today. " Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Stage Band 3, 4; Chamber Ensembles 3. Stacie E. Nye " Stace” “Friendship is the shadow of the evening, which strengthens with the setting sun of life. " Honor Society 4; Winter Track 2, 3; Spring Track 1, 2, 3; Art Club 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 2, 3, 4; S. A D. D 3, 4. Timothy P.K. O ' Brian, Jr. " O.B. " , " Sloth " , " Cam " “Sink like a stone thats been thrown in the ocean; my logic has drowned in a sea of emo- tion. " Gordon Sumner Winter Track 1; Spring Track 1, 2; Football 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Coach 4. Lauriann M. O ' Connell " Laurie”, " Goat " , " P. P. " ‘ " When you make love, do you look in the mirror. Who do you think of, does she look like me. Do you tell lies, and say that it ' s forever. Do you think twice, or just touch and see! " Brian P. O’Connor " 0. C. " " Life ' s been good to me so far. " toe Walsh Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 4; S. A. D D. 4. Eva M. Olmos-Bittini " Iva " " This year has been filled with new experiences that I will never forget. Thanks to all of you for making it wonderful. " David R. Padula " Davy " " Like Alabama, I keep on dreaming. " Marianne K. Pardi " Mari " , " Mare " , " Pards " , " Shorty " , " WB " " Let ' s ust say I was testing the bounds of reality. was curious to see what would happen. That ' s all it was just curiousity. " Jim Morrison- 1969. Softball 1, 2, 3; Volleyball 3; Powderpuff Foot- ball Player 3, 4. Dennis J. Patnaude “H you could be leader of men, you must lead your own generation, not the next. " Woodrow Wilson Phys. Ed Leader 4 Sheryl A. Pearce " The only thing worse than a quitter is someone afraid to begin. " Honor Society 3, 4; Model Senate 4; Junior Classical League 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed Leader 4; S. A D D. 3, 4 Robert J. Pell, III " Hulk " Student Advisory Council 4; Baseball 1, 2; Win- ter Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3; Math League 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4. Christine J. Pelletier " Chris” ‘Tf you can end life with a few true friends, you ' re a rich person. " Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Commit- tee; Powderpuff Football Player 3; Float Commit- tees 1, 2. Erin L. Perkoski " Er " , " Irwin” " Lost in twilight, the memories. Precious mo- ments, you and me. We ' ve been old friends, all through the years. Picture postcards, sharing tears. Good luck to the Class of 1988! " Bernadette T. Pesce " Bunny " “Ah, can your love be so strong when so many loves go wrong; will our love go on and on and on? " Led Zepplm Field Hockey 1, 2. Dodi A. Pesce " Friendships are like a flower planted in your soul. It begins with a small seedling, then with years of love and listening, blossoms into a flower. " Powderpuff Football Player 3. Michael T. Pestana " Mike " Most Talkative Teacher ' s Pet " ... to stiff me. So I said Key, Llama, hey how about a little something you know, for the effort, you know. ' And he says ...” (see Reei) Model U N 4; Junior Classical League 1, 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 4; One-Act Plays 4; Spring Production 4; Cross-Country 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4; Art Club 2, 3, 4; Float Committees 2, 3; Math league 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4. Kristina L. Peterson " Tina " 7 will not be on the outside looking in, because windows can also mirror the sunlight. By look- ing, will only be reflecting on my memories of laughter and love. " Junior Classical League 1, 2; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Public Relations 3, Vice President 4; Junior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4 Wayne M. Pierce “Upon us all a little ram must fall. " Led Zepplm Matthew J. Pion Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3. Kristine M. Puccio " Kris " , " Pooch” “I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. " Oliver Wendell Holnes Junior Classical League 2, 3; Winter Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Foot- ball Player 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4. Timothy M. Puopolo " Pop " Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary; Model U N. 3, 4; Yearbook 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Winter Track 4; Spring Track 3; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Commit- tee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Foot- ball Cheerleader 3; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; Math League 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D. D. 2, 3, 4. Kellie A. Reynolds “My struggle into this teenage structure is al- most over. The bookshelf is almost full. The chapters of my life fall into place. Never change, Never say goodbye. " Volleyball 3, 4 James E. Rhilinger Newspaper 1; Art Club 2, 3. Paula I. Riel “This isn ' t the end, it is ust the beginning, the best is yet to come. " John C. Rijo “Ree|”, " Jose " , " Peli " , " ROJO " " ... Oh, there will be no money, but upon your death bed, you will receive total consciousness. So, I ' ve got that going for me, which is nice. " Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President; Stu- dent Advisory Committee 3; Honor Society 3, 4, President; Model U N. 3, 4; Yearbook 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross-Country 4; Winter Track 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; Math League 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D D 2, 3, 4. Bethany A. Robitaille " Beth " “If you can imagine it, you can dream it; if you can achieve it, you can become it. " Spring Track 2; Gymnastics 4; Powderpuff Foot- ball Player 4. David N. Rogers " Dave " , " Davey " , “Spanky” “If you took good and dress well, you don 1 need a purpose in life. " Junior Clasical League 1; Yearbook 2, 3, 4; Newspaper 4; Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Internation- al Thespian Society 2, 3, 4; Fall Play 1, 2, 3; One-Act Plays 1, 2, 3; Spring Production 3; Media Aide 1 Michelle M. Ronci Class Flirt “Special times and special friends together; the moments pass by so quick, but the memories last forever. " Junior Classical League 1, 2; Spring Track 1, 2; Gymnastics 1; Cheerleader 2, 3, 4; Art Club 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Commit- tee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Com- mittees 1, 2, 3. Michael D. Rosbach Drama Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Internationa; Thespian Society 3, 4; One-Ad Plays 2; Spring Production 1, 2; Wrestling 4; Office Aide 2. Rachael A. Routhier " Hector” Most Athletic " Live the life you love, find a friend you trust, and don ' t take it all too seriously. " Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 3; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4 Megan E. Ruane “Beating and babbling we fell on his neck with a scream. Wave upon wave of demented avengers, marched cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream. " Pink Floyd Tennis 2, 3; Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4. 38 Senior Activities Keiran M. Ruth " Kerry " “We have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. ' ' (Dedicated to Sean P. Ruth) Tennis 3, 4; Intramurals 3, 4. Short J. St. Lawrence Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3. Derek Sankey Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 1. I Catherine A. Savard “Cathy " Most Talkative Class Individual “The bag lady tells no lies. " Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 1, 2, 3; Art Club 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Player 3; Float Com- mittees 1, 2, 3; S. A. D. D. 3. I David T. Schmidt “Schmidty” “It ' s been such a long time, I think I should be going, time doesn ' t wait for me, it keeps on calling. " Basketball 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Audrey L. Scott " T.W.” " Lord, please help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I together can ' t handle. " Junior Classical League 1, 2; Gymnastics 1. 2, 3, 4; Vol leyball 3, 4. Lisa M. Sebastiao " Lis " , “Sub " Cutest “I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. " Yearbook 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 3; Intramurals 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D. 3, 4. Kimberly K. Siegwart " Skim " Student Advisory Committee 4; Model U. N. 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Tennis 3; Intramurals 3, 4; Art Club 3; Junior Prom Com- mittee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A D. D. 3, 4. Christine F. Silva “Chris” “Success is a state of mind, which is the result of self-satisfaction in knowing you’ve done your best to become the person you are capable of becoming. " Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Spring Track 2. Debra G. Simms " Deb " , " Cheeks” “Everything holds some beauty ; the amount just depends on how much you open your eyes. " Winter Track 2, 3; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D D. 3, 4. Corrie E. Smith " Slimmer” “A true friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out. " Softball 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4. Ellen Sousa “Ethyl " , " Smilie”, “Mary Lou " “Always smiling through ups and downs while reaching for goals, constantly striving for perfec- tion and a challenge . . . ‘Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of foots. " ' “J " Mode l Senate 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Volleyball 3, 4; Office Aide 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Math League 3; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D. D. 4. John D. Spadaro " Spud " , " Spazz " “And we could see. We were timeless dreamers of another day. And we were free. In a dawning age, we had so much to say. " Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Winter Track 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Shelley M. Stack “Shell " In dedication to Ricky Stack (1964-1980) " If memories stay within the thoughts and love within the heart, then how can it be truly said that dear ones ever part, so many will remember him and things he used to say and a special closeness still remains. To all he is just away. " Sophmore Class Vice-President; Honor Society 3, 4; Junior Classical League 1, 2, 3; Yearbook 3 4; Newspaper 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4. Kirk i. Stinson Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Michael R. Sullivan " Sull " “As I grow older and reflect on the past I ' ve found even my most important memories are beginning to fade. " Student Council 4; Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Winter Track 4; Spring Track 2, 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Coach 3, 4. Eric J. Swanson " Swany” " You only live once so live everyday like it ' s your last, never getting attached to anything for too tong. Always remembering only the good die young and nothings forever, except true friends. " Sherry A. Sweeney “Sprout”, " Squirt” “My memories here have few been sad. Many filled with pleasure. The friends I leave behind me will in my mind be treasured. " Drama Club 1, 2, 3; International Thespian Soci- ety 2, 3; Fall Play 1, 2, 3; One-Act Plays 2, 3; Spring Production 2; Media Aide 2, 3. Pamela A. Taillon " Pam " “Live life one day at a time or you y ust might get ahead of yourself and leave something behind. " Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Gymnastics 3, 4; Art Club 1; Float Committees 2, 3. Andrea L. Tatro " I look to the sea, reflections in the waves spark my memories. Some happy, some sad. I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had. " Styx Andrea E. Toole " There must be, not a balance of power, but a community of power, not organized rivalries, but an organized common peace. " Yearbook 2, 3; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; S. A. D. D. 3, 4. Martin D. Travis, II Yearbook 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Spring Track 1; Football 1, 2; Wrestling 4; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3, 4; Lacross 1, 2. William E. Varden " Eskimo”, " Bill " , " Snake " , “Kill 77 " , " Willy” “And these children that you spit on, as they try to change their worlds, are immune to your consultations. They ' re quite aware of what they ' re going through. " David Bowie Junior Classical League 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Cheerleader 3; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D. D. 4. Dawn C. Velino “We all sorrow our faults, that ' s why time is too precious to waste. Friends may be there for the present but only the true ones survive. " Elizabeth I. Verge " Becky” Spring Track 2; Powderpuff Football Player 3. Melissa M. Wagner “Miss " “You say your dreams are burned to ashes and your smiles have turned to tears. It seems to me you welcome sadness as you surrender to your fears. " White snake Sarah L. Walker Powderpuff Football Player 3. Paula J. Walsh “Every success breeds an opportunity for another. " Honor Society 4; Model U. N. 3, 4; Yearbook 2, 3, 4; One-Act Plays 1; Winter Track 2; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Football Player 3; Math League 2, 3, 4; S. A. D. D 3, 4 Kristine A. Waseleski " Kris " , " Wat " " Sometime in the future, will find where I belong. And when I do, I will remember that the past is what helped me find my way. " Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2; Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Art Club 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Payer 3, 4; Float C ommittees 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4. Michele L. Webb Cheerleader 3, 4; Junior Prom Committee; Senior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 3, 4; Float Committees 2, 3, 4 April D. Welsh Fall Play 2; Spring Track 1, 2; Intramurals 1, 2; Phys. Ed. Leader 1, 2; Literary Magazine 4; S. A. D. D. 2; Pep Club 1, 2. Kristen E. Wernborg " Kris " " Goodbye to aft my friends at home. Goodbye to people I trusted. I ' ve got to go out and make my way; I might get rich you know I might get busted . . . " Steve Miller Band Honor Society 4; Junior Classical League 1, 2, 3; Yearbook 4; Art Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary; Junior Prom Committee; Powderpuff Football Player 3; Float Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; Phys. Ed. Leader 4; S. A. D. D. 3. Lance R. Williams Football 3, 4. Lori B. Williams " Won” " A man always has two reasons for doing any- thing, -a good reason and the real reason. ”-J. P. Morgan Marching Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Curtis R. Winn Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 Gregory A. Wright " Vern” Basketball 4; Golf 1, 2, 3, 4. Senior Activities 39 Cutest Lisa Sebastiao Derek Barber Teacher s Pet Becky Bliss Mike Pestana Superlatives Most Talented Beverly Griffin Tom Boehling Class Flirts Ronn Bravetti Michele Ronci 42 Superlatives Friendliest Tanya Everton Brian Delfino Class Individuals Jason Boronski Cathy Savard mmm Wittiest Jason Boronski Jen Dowgiala Best Pals Laura Barrett Tanya Everton Best Pals Pete Deppisch Paul Deppisch 44 Superlatives “All of my love” The class of ’88 held their se- nior prom at the Taunton Re- gency on February 18, 1988. Over two hundred students and their dates danced the evening away to music provided by JD’s Music Express. Chosen for the queen’s court were Jody Mor- rell, Bonnie Fong, Kelly McPhee, Lauren Harris, Kathy Farnell, Laura Barrett, Michele Ronci, and Michele Webb. Kris- ten Dyer was crowned Prom Queen. Highlights of the evening in- cluded the lip synch duo of Tom Boehling and John Kraskoukas, and a good time was had by all. Kris Dyer, with John Kraskouskas, as she is crowned Prom Queen by Mr. Pickering. Chrissy Pelletier and Jay Rowles get ro- mantic on the dance floor. Mark Pedini and Kim Doyle - definitely having fun. The Queen and her court, Michele Webb, Jody Morrell, Kelly McPhee, Bon- nie Fong, Queen Kris Dyer, Lauren Har- ris, Michele Ronci, Kathie Farnell and Laura Barrett. Kris Puccio and Eric LeBlanc pause and smile for a picture. Debbie Simms and A1 Girard dance the night away. 48 Senior Prom Allison Jewell and her date dance alone • away from the crowded dance floor. David Rogers and Bev Griffin cut a rug! Jody Morrell and Mark Paquin take a break from dancing to smile for the camera. A bouquet and program to remember the theme, “All of My Love”. The crowd of dancers “Pumps up the Volume”. Senior Prom 48A Nicole Aussant and Marc Liberatore, lovin’ every minute of the prom Amy Jillson and Jason Fredette emerge from their limo, ready for a fantastic evening. 48 B Senior Prom Mr. Pickering welcomes the Senior class. Mrs. Duhamel checks in the prom- goers. Kerry Ruth, head and shoulders above the crowd Chris Codeiro and Richard Tripp en- joy the music. Laura Barrett receives a congratula- tory kiss from Jason Gittle. Underclass NOT NECES SARILY AVERAGE Each year brings with it added wisdom and significance to the underclassmen. Freshmen are merely thrilled to be at the high school, away from bus lines and Disney movies. Sophomores eagerly shed frosh silent study, and revel in the simple fact that they are not freshmen anymore. The junior year is comprised of drivers ed, road lessons, and cars. The junior prom is also a big focus. Generally homerooms remain the same, though locker location may change. Each class has its own favored territory of the high school, besides the cafeteria. The underclass constituency adds vibrancy and enthusiasm to the student body at NAHS. COMPLEX . . Dawn Cleveland attempts to simultaneously smile and blow a bubble. CHECK IT OUT . . . Steve Pratt slyly glances away from the camera. COMMENCE ... be- fore the start of the race, Jason Gardner stretches out. COMPLACENT . . . Stacie Kimbrel is con- tent and pleased with her Latin performance. The Junior class celebrated . . . . . . . a successful year under the direction of class advisors Mr. Robert Aussant and Miss Vic- toria Lechner. Mark Laviano provided fearless leadership as president, with Ed Cochrane, vice-president, standing proudly as his right-hand man. Lisa Des- rosiers served as treasurer, while Lisa Guillette held the of- fice of secretary. On the Student Council, our class was represent- ed by Nicole Aussant, Paul Le- Gendre and Holly Desmarais. Early in the year, a car wash and a bake sale was held. On Thanksgiving morning, a miracle again emerged from Bob Miller’ s garage! Our prize float captured a second place award in the an- nual Homecoming competition. Kristen Cappucino and Nicole Aussant were elected to the Homecoming court. In mid-No- vember, the ultimate challenge was upon us - how to beat the unrelentless Senior Sharks in the annual Powderpuff football game. Unfortunately, our head coach Dave Hartford was unable to enlighten the team with his football expertise, and the ju- niors suffered a stifling defeat. After months of planning, the junior class held their prom on April 18, 1988, at the King Phil- ip Ballroom in Wrentham. The evening was enjoyed by all and was a great success! The Junior class has had a fun year, and they look forward to becoming seniors. President, Mark Laviano Vice-President, Ed Cochrane Treasurer, Lisa Desrosiers Secretary, Lisa Guillette David Abdou, Mark Albertini, Roland Alix, Erika Anza, Kimberly Arseneau, Glenn Auclair, Nicole Aussant, Karin Bachand Kerri Bardsley, Neal Beaupre, Julie Benoit, Anthony Bertino, Michelle Besaw, Steven Betts, Michelle Blais, Karen Blanton Cynthia Bliss, Grace Blodgett, Donald Bourgeois, Erin Buckley, Heidi Byers, Kristin Caisse, Kristin Cappucino, Noelle Chace Michelle Chagnon, Scott Charette, Kim Charnley 50 Juniors Heather Waite and Lisa Desrosiers take a break from sixth period study to smile for the camera. Bethani Childs, Jennifer Christensen, John Clark John Cloutier, Edward Cochrane, Timothy Collerran Kimberly Colvin, Christopher Conley, Kerry Connelly Karyn Cook, Peter Cooke, Deborah Costic, Kerry Cote, Sean Coyle, Derek Crook, Richard Davignon, Timothy Delfino Tara DeMarco, Holly Desmarais, Lisa Desrosiers, Michael Dezotell, Diane Dimaio, Christopher Dinitto, William Dion, David Dodenhoff James Dufault, Kenneth Dumas, Kerri Dunn, Mark Edwards, Thomas Eliason, Julie Erickson, Duane Everton, Renee Farrugia Paul Faulder, Larry Fecteau, Bonnie Feeney, Leah Fisk, Ellen Flanagan, Gwen Floyd, Chad Forbes, Jennifer Foster, Juniors Lis? Fowler, Linda France, Jill Fulton, Christine Gagielo, Ryan Gagne, Sean Ganley, Bertram Gardner, Gary Gardner Allison Garrigus, Jennifer Gaudette, Barry Gaumond, Wayne Gomes, Mary Ann Goulet, Allynn Grantham, Cynthia Grantham, Marion Grantham Lisa Guillette, Ernest Guimond David Hancock, Dawn Hasselbaum Julie Heon, Valerie Hines, Keith Host, Keith Housman, Kevin Hurder Amy Iida, Deborah Jarchow, Steven Johnson Roger Joyal, Maureen Keleher, Kristin Kelley Maureen Kelley, Sean Kelter, James Kentros, Matthew Keyes, Jill Kieltyka Thomas Klarwasser, Adrien Knowles, Karl Kronheim, Karen Lake, Lance Lamborn James Lamonte, Derek LaPlante, Greg Larson, Brook Laurence, Richard Lavasseur Juniors Lynn Grantham enthusiastically poses for a picture! Dawn Hasselbaum and Kristin Kelley paying attention in English Class. Mark Laviano, Todd LeBlanc Michelle Lee, Paul Legendre Brian Lennox, Jodi Leslie Raymond Macomber, Kyla Magnan, Sarah Mandell, Matthew Marcoullier, Joseph Marsden, Lino Martins, Scott McCarthy, Alexander McCrae Eileen McDeed, Chad McKenna, Sarah McKinnon, Judi McQuade, Marcy Merigold, Jonathan Mikulis, Robert Miller, Thomas Mitchell, Richard Morris, Jill Morrison, Julie Morrison, Patricia Morse, Laura Moscato, Cheryl Muir, Francis Murphy, Mark Newport Jeanne Ney, Patrick O’Connor, Mark Oliveira, Scott Paris, Frank Pasquel, Nicholas Patalano Noriko Tohi shows her spirit during study Juniors Rebecca Pearson, Christine Pereira, Eileen Phalen Tammy Pierini, Derrilyn Pion, Cheryl Potter Mark Powell, Christine Pratt, Kerri Quintal Renara Sylvestro, Cindy Tremblay, Lynn Vincent, Ann Viscusi, Heather Waite, Neal Watman, Gail Wilkie, Tracy Williams Jennifer Re, Jeffrey Reinsant, Robert Reuter Vicki Reynolds, Daniel Ricci, Gary Richards, Nassim Rizvi, Marc Robichaud, Paul Roditakis, Brian Rodriguez, Daryl Rodriguez Derek Slaney, Matthew Slaney, Donna Solari, Andrew Spencer, Suzanne Spoltore, Ian Stafford, Sharon Stanford, Julie Sweetland Alison Rose, Jon Rucinski, Aaron Ryder, Thomas Savage, Julie Schubnel, Jude Shinn, Richard Silvestri, Tom Sisti 54 Juniors Chad Winship, Eric Yankee, Michelle Wright, Laura Young, Edward Zonfrillo Lynn Grantham and Kristen Kelley jump at the chance to have their picture taken. Nicole Aussant wakes up from her nap to pose for a picture. Lisa Guillette looks up from a magazine to find a flash going off. Kevin Boynton makes use of his study time. Ken Dumas oblivious to the fact that his picture is being taken. Erin Buckley hides from the rest of the school. Lino Martins grins and bears his Chemistry class. Juniors 55 Juniors « if , k r fg p §p3 JJv , J 1 1 1 ; f 1 1 I F 1 “Save Your Love ” An exquisite evening of en- chantment, ecstacy and enthusi- asm was enjoyed by all at the Junior Prom on April 18, 1988. The excitement began to build as the couples arrived at the King Philip Ballroom, radiantly dressed for an evening of ro- mance and fun. The festive dec- orations, arranged earlier that day by members of the class, added a personal touch to the ballroom, allowing everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. Af- ter dinner, it didn’t take long for everyone to crowd the dance floor and dance the night away to some of the latest tunes. All in all, it was a , . night that will surely bring cherished memories for years to come. Marcy Merigold and Jason Gittle having fun at the prom. Eileen McDeed hams up for the photographer. Queen Kris Cappucino and her date, Dan Rioux. Gwen Floyd and Ed Coch- rane take a break from the dance floor. 58 Junior Prom Looking lovely is Queen Kris Cappucino and her court: Kim Charnley, Lisa Fowler, Tara DeMarco, Julie Schubnel, Queen Kris, Sharon Stanford, Lynn Vin- cent, Bonnie Feeney and Holly Desmarais. A romantic couple dances to the theme “Save Your Love”. Mark Laviano and Erica Smith enjoy themselves during dinner. Rob Pell entertains Cindy Bliss and the rest of the couples at their table. Junior Prom Peter Cooke and Dawn Hasselbaum are thoroughly enjoying themselves. During our second year . • • . . . at NAHS, our officers were Lisa Housman, president; Ro- landa Booker, vice-president; Kristen Nesbitt, treasurer; and Julie Nardelli, secretary. Mark Croteau, Lisa Corrigan and Jeff Nally represented us on the Stu- dent Council. We placed third in the float competition at Home- coming, with Debbie Allen and Kim Dyer representing our class on the Homecoming court. In December we held our Sophomore Social. With the help of Mr. Vito, it turned out to be an enjoyable evening. We are looking forward to our junior year and the activities in the future. Daniel Ajoue, Michele Ala, Deborah Allen, Matthew Allen, Cindy Anderson, Aimee Aussant, Jenny Baldwin, Ivory Banks Chere Bellavance, Erin Bennett, Elizabeth Blackburn, Shad Blake, William Blake, Nancy Boltz, Rolanda Booker, Gretchen Boyle, Robert Bradley, Richard Burns, Patrick Bury Jennifer Buteau, Robert Butler, Derek Cameron Lynn Greco enjoys her s tudy period. 60 Sophomores Justin Camire, Troy Campbell, William Campbell, Tammy Chase, Kelli Clark, William Clark, Susanne Clarkin, Jamie Clements Dawn Cleveland, Jean Clinton, Michelle Cloutier, Michelle Collar, Brian Conley, Timothy Cook, Lisa Marie Corrigan, Jodi Courtney Christopher Cowdrey, Peter Cragan John Croall, Barry Crossley Not paying attention to Mr. Grant, the Sophomore girls have their fun. Mark Croteau, James Cryan, Jeremy Daggett, Emily Daniels, Keith Darling, Lisa Delaurier, Jennifer Delfino, Tina Delorey Greg Demattos, Reagan Dery, Jennifer Desilets, David Dibiase, Shacora Doane, Cindy Drotts, Sarah Drought, Kimberly Dyer Biology students enjoy their class. Sophomores 61 Erick Eiban, Gregg Ellis, Lorie Ellis, Barbara Fellman, Lauren Fish, Kimberly Flanagan, Jamie Foster, Michelle French James Gray, Lynne Greto, Philip Haines, Kristen Hanley, Amy Hargreaves, Julie Hartford, Philip Hefron Heidi Hiltz Heath Hobson, Susan Holbrook, Claudine Holdgate Carla Holt, Kevin Horrocks, Lori Houle Rolanda Booker moves towards success Lisa Housman, Craig Jacobs, Chris Jaquello Lynne Jerpi, Jason Johnson, Richard Johnson, Steve Johnson Kevin Kane, Dana Kirby Edward Knight, Nathan Knowles John Kosar, Jeffrey Kraskouskas, Richard Krawiec, Brian Lacasse Robert Lanthier, Lisa Lareau, Natalie Levin, Jennifer Linowski Sophomores Christopher Frost, Jason Fuller, Julie Fulton, Michael Garrow, Brian Goeller, Kerry Gonzalez, Karen Gookin, Denise Gordon Laura Linowski, Melissa Lockwood, Rebecca Long, Lynn Macaione Christine Maher, Dana Manton, Michael Marcoccio, Christine Marcoux Sophomore boys waste precious study time. Sophomores David Marsden, Jeff Martell, Christopher Martin, John McCloskey, Andrew McDevitt, Lisa McGill, Eric McGlashing, Julie McKenna Tina McKeon, Jamus Mediros, Mark Medeiros, Robert Middleton, Eric Moody, Shannon Moody, Aimee Morrison, Lyle Morrison Eric Murawski, Jeff Nally, Julia Nardelli, Leslie Newport, Jessica O’Brien, Richard Ordiales, Jason Ormonde, Keith Palmer Amy Palmquist, Tanya Palo, Donna Paul, Mark Pedini, Christina Perkoski, Christine Perrotta Melissa Peterson, Brian Pichierri, Tracy Pierini, Kathleen Post, Michael Precourt, Derek Preston Sophomore girls carefully utilize their study time. Michelle Puccio, Brian Raymond, Kristin Reardon, Mary Rego, Amy Rhilinger, Karen Ricci, Nicole Rickard, Gerri Riel Michelle Rioux, Jason Risser, Bridget Roche, David Rosado, Steven Rosbach, Sarah Rousseau, Matthew Roy, Jamie S chofield Lynn Schromm, Mary Senay, Matthew Shatzer Kevin Sheasgreen, Nikkol Shepard, Lynn Sherman The camera brings out the best in Nicole Simoneau Jo Sias, Randy Silvestri, Nicole Simoneau, Philip Slaney, Erica Smith, Keeley Smith, Brenda Sousa, Erin Spencer Scott Spencer, Albert St. Lawrence, Brady Stoltz, Mary Strachan, Melissa Tardiff, Stacey Taylor, Brian Thomas, Michelle Vandette Julia Wallis, Jennifer Walmsley, Kara Ziergiebel, Traci Wojciechowski Jennifer Weeman, Kristen Werner, Kathryn Wilson Phil Slaney and Brady Stolts concentrate on the textbook before them. Sophomores An old tradition returns On December 11, 1987 the class of 1990 brought back th e Sophomore Social. It wasn’t easy, but with the class officers help and the help of our advisors as well as class members, the night was a tremendous success. The Social was held in the Cafeteria and all the decorations transformed it into a real ball- room. We had a catered meal and the music was provided by a D.J. Everyone enjoyed the eve- ning very much and we Sopho- mores are in hopes the classes to follow will continue this tradition. You can tell Michelle Vandette, Debbie Allen, A.J. St. Law- rence, and Beth Blackburn are having a real good time. Sopho- mores seem to enjoy their buffet dinner, while chaperones Mr. Grey, Mr. Vito and Mr. Duluk show off their GQ style of dress. 68 Sophomore Social At this time in the evening social- izing is the happening thing. Ju- lie Nardelli and Sarah Rousseau discuss what everyone else is wearing, while President Lisa Housman takes a sigh of relief because it’s finally here. Sophomore Social 69 The Freshmen . . . started the year by showing off its talented athletes and over- powering spirit. Our class offi- cers were Laurie Phipps, presi- dent; Dan Johnson, vice-president; Rob Brennan, treasurer; and Kathy Gould, sec- retary. Representing us on the Student Council were Marisa Al- bertini, Sue Holt and Lynn Liberatore. We took first place in the Homecoming float competition, “Freshmen Raisin Spirit!’’ Marisa Albertini and Missy Chag- non were elected to the Home- coming court. As the year went on our spirit did also. We had the traditional fundraisers: a bake sale and a car wash, which started our treasury off with a bang. You’ll be hearing a lot from our class for the remainder of our stay at NAHS. President, Laurie Phipps Vice-President, Dan Johnson Treasurer, Rob Brennan Secretary, Kathy Gould Rebecca Abrahamson, Shannon Addy, Paul Alix, Nicole Armell, Kristopher Bates, Jodi Benoit Carrie Bestwick, Tracey Bissonett, Maureen Boehling, Robert Brennan, Erik Brogan, Julie Calderone, Sheri Cauger, Melissa Chagnon Amy Chartier, Christine Collins, David Cooke, Christina Cox, Michelle Crook, Kim Cuttilo, Belinda Daniels, Stacey Davignon Kerry Davis, Robert Debaggis, Thomas DiFiore, Valerie Dodge, Kenneth Domuczicz, Nicole Dowgiala, Brandy Edwards, Margret Edwards 70 Freshmen Air Robert Edwards, Kristin Farrell, Jason Ferns Joshua Finn, Amy Flores, Amanda Foley Monique Foley, Stephen Fong, Kendra Fontaine Allen Bruce and David Cooke cram for a French test Jill Forbes, Marjorie Gagne, Jennifer Gaouette Kristen Gariepy, Jennifer Garvey, Tom Gaudette, Robert Glass, Kathryn Gould, Rachel Grant, Deborah Greco, Jacqueline Greco Tammie Grenon, Hilary Grimes, Arthur Harding, Kerry Hargreaves, Karen Hart, Jennifer Hayes, Derek Herber, Chris Hewes Suzanne Holt, Andrew Horlbogen Karen Horrocks, Kathleen Horton Enthusiastic Freshmen are happy to get their picture taken Freshmen Melissa Hosmer, Kyle Host, Angela Hull, Lynda Jeppe, America Johnson, Daniel Johnson Jennifer Josef, Dawn Jusczyk, Gregory Kelley, Richard Labedz, Scott Lagasse, Benjamin Lamborn Richard Lamoureux, Dawn Lander, Kim Laramee, Elizabeth Lamer, Bethany Leary, Sally Leblanc Lynn Liberatore, Donald Lilienthal, Michelle Linfield, Jay Livingstone Kelley Maitland, Michael Marchand, Holly Marshall, Peter Marshall Amy Martin, Caroline Martins, Hazen Masterson, Katherine McAlpine David McCann, Robert McDermott, Andrew McGrath, Richard McQuade Angela Mello, Wendi Mercier, Jason Mikulis, Christian Miller Freshmen , MM Jennifer Miller, Guy Mitchell, Paul Morrison, Russet Morrow, William Morrow, Deborah Mueller, Heath Murphy, Tara Murphy Douglas Napoleone, Douglas Narkiewicz, Amanda Nigro, Matt Nye, John O’Reilly, Jodi Obuchowski, Andrea Ockey, Tammy Olson John Orlando, Nirali Patel, Daniel Patnaude Laurie Phipps, Mark Pinsonnault, Dawn Pirelli, Jeffrey Potter, Stephen Pratt, Timothy Puccio, Lois Rawson, Albert Rei Erik Reuter, Deidre Robichaud, Jacques Robidoux, Jennifer Rosbach, Kristen Rountree, Marc Rudkowski, Laura Ruggio, Danielle Ryder Jameela Samma, Todd Sawyer, Julie Schmidt, Craig Shaw, Timothy Sigman, Tishya Signorelli, Jennifer Silvio, Steven Smirnoudis Freshmen Eric Smith, Jennifer Smith, Kendle Smith, James Spearin Randy Spencer, Albert St. Jean, Reanna St. Jean, Stephanie St. John Steven Stawinski, Kerry Strang, Christopher Sullivan, James Sullivan, John Svendsen, Adele Tetreault, Jesse Tuomisto, Brian VanDengerghe Ronald Vincent, John Walton, Kristin Wappel, Matthew Wernborg, Joshua Wheeler, Matthew Winship, Adam Zeitsiff 74 Freshmen Underclassmen Eddie Osborne sorts out his work for the day. The whole group attends a pep rally. Tony Mendes tends to his chores. BICO Jason Chavez, Kimberly Costa- Gardner, Karen Fisher, Alan Krzysztow, Troy Lyons, John MacGregor, Andrew McCann. Kim Costa-Gardner is all bundled up to watch a football game. Tony Peach keeps everything neat. ■■Ill ■■■■■■■ min (■■■■ a. Tony Mendes, Donald Mercier, Tony Peach, John Rogan, Michael Salois, Tamey Savard, John Stringfellow. 80 BICO Faculty NOT NECES SARILY AVERAGE The faculty at North Attleboro High School makes up a highly diverse constituency. Each has something unique to offer the school, from which the students benefit. It takes special people to develop a working rapport with the thousand-or-so students who walk through the halls daily. The class of ’88 has found its niche with the adult population at the high school. The teachers have seen the evolution of insipid freshmen to assertive seniors and along the way the two groups have attained a mutual understanding. • A, The greatest assets of North Attleboro High School are the administrators, teachers, counselors, secretaries, custodians, and cafeteria workers who see that all runs smoothly. COMMANDING . . . Miss Luoma’s decree is followed to the letter. CONTEMPLATIVE . . . Mr. Ayotte sur- veys corridor activity. CUTE ... Mr. Kelley epitomizes NAHS spirit. ADMINISTRATION Kenneth Pickering Vice-Principal Raymond Beaupre Athletic Director Alfred Slowe Math-Science Coordinator Wilson Whitty Principal Dr. Robert Olivier Humanities Coordinator 84 Faculty Robert Albertini Science 7 Elaine Bedard Humanities Ann Allen Reading Specialist 8 Lloyd Benson Humanities David Arnold Mathematics 9 John Bevilaqua Foreign Language Robert Aussant Science Junior Class Advisor 10 Marcia Carman Physical Education Girl’s Tennis Charles Ayotte Foreign Language 1 1 Roderick Cavedon Computer Science Vincent Baldasaro Humanities College Bowl Advisor 12 Mary Clark Mathematics Faculty 85 Faculty Mr. Senecal has been at North for four years. By teaching auto mechanics he believes both men and women will partake in the “basics” for handy reasons. His ties, which he is known for, are his way of telling people mechanics aren’t grease monkeys. They are quite intelligent. Mr. Senecal’s favorite tie is his flowery orange print tie!! 1. Judith Cobb Humanities Drama Club Advisor 2. Helene Cosme Foreign Language 3. Deborah Dalton Physical Education Varsity Girls Basketball 4. Robert Dennis Business 5. Carol Anne Duhamel Humanities Honor Society Advisor Senior Class Advisor 6. Ted Duluk Science 7. Dwight Estey Director of Physical Education and Intramurals Girls Cross Country Girls Indoor Track 8 Dale Flodin Special Education 9. Roger Frechette Humanities 10. James Frutchey Humanities 11 Martha Frutchey Humanities 12. Marilyn Furbush Mathematics Faculty 87 1 Jane Gallotta Media Specialist Yearbook Advisor 2 Jeffrey Grant Science Assistant Football 3 Duncan Gray Science Student Council Advisor 4 Robert Guthrie Humanities Senior Class Advisor Varsity Baseball 5 Robert Hanold Humanities 6 John Harris Mathematics 7 Susan Hogan Business 8 Sandra Huidobro Foreign Language 9 Donald Johnson Physical Education Freshman Advisor Asst. Football Coach Freshmen Basketball Coach J. V Baseball Coach 10 Frank Kelley, Jr. Science 11 Paul Klenk Science Health Coordinator 12 Cornelia Kulczyk Media Specialist o o o O O O o nuuuU... Mr. Albertini has been soaring the open skies for about nine years. His favorite place to fly is Martha’s Vineyard and the surrounding islands in his four passenger plane. Mr. Albertini says his hobby “is a serious, sober escape from reality.” 1. Margaret Lachut Art 7. Brian Marsden Art 2 Harry Lancaster Business 8. James McGrath Mathematics 9. Paul Metilly Humanities 3. Victoria Lechner Science 4 Ann Luoma Math-Science Math League Advisor 10. Jean Moon Business 11 Donna Newbury Home Economics 5. Patricia Lush Humanities Yearbook Advisor 12. Arthur Nunes Science Varsity Golf Coach 6. Ronald Magiera Industrial Arts 88 Faculty 1 Alyn Platt 8 Karen Sienkewicz Music Mathematics 2 Myron Reimcr 9 Phyllis Thibault Science Foreign Language Latin Club Advisor 3 Earlene Robert Mathematics 10 Roger Thibault Humanities 4 Mary Ellen Samma Humanities 11 Margery Tufarolo School Paper Advisor Special Education 5 Alan Senecal 12 David Vito Industrial Arts Science Sophomore Class Advisor 6 Edward Shockro Humanities 7 Linda Stanley Business Faculty 89 Mrs. Graass started off in the school system as a teacher. She became a part-time guidance counselor in 1968, but by 1971 she became full time. Seeing the students learn and develop through their four years and being able to advise them is why Mrs. Graass enjoys being a counselor: she will miss being involved with her students. She leaves a message: “Working with you, the young people of North Attleboro, has been a privilege and has enriched my life beyond measure. I wish you much success and happiness.” Mrs. Graass 1 Mary Ellen Wilson 7. Raymond Maloney Humanities School Psychology 2. Susan Young 8. Madeleine Nanigian Home Ecomomics Guidance Counselor 3. Mark Van Den Berghe 9. John Perkoski Special Education Guidance Counselor 4. Elizabeth Graass 10. Vivian Raposa Guidance Counselor Secretary 5. Peter Johnson 11. Kathryn Clapp Guidance Counselor Special Needs Aide 6. Carol Kelley 12. Janet Barber Guidance Counselor Secretary 90 Faculty 1 June Crosta 7 Nancy Pearl Secretary BICO 2 Darnell Horman 8 Sherrill Farris Secretary BICO 3 Diane Balut 9 Cindy Williams Aide Secretary Senior Class Advisor BICO 10 Margo Brissette 4 Virginia Pope Special Education BICO 1 1 Gail Albertini 5 Carol Thompson Nurse BICO 12 Janis Meyer 6 Marilyn Smith Teacher Aide BICO Faculty T Before coming to North, Miss Wilson was involved with a produc- tion house where they filmed advertisements for companies. There she became interested in pursuing Video teaching. Video classes consist of learning the operation of the camera, differents in lighting, editing and some on-camera talent. Video two has more freedom by filming events outside the classroom. Miss Wilson leaves with this message: “If everyone makes their own little part of the world better, then the world will be a better place. Good Luck.” Mary Lou Vandcl Teacher Aide Kathy Farrington Teacher Aide Beatrice Leary Cafeteria Supervisor Barbara Caisse Foods Secretary Cafeteria Workers, first row: B. J. Plante, Shirley Mobriant, Karen LeBeau, Betty Krawiec, Kathy Verge (manager), Jean- ette Perkoski. Second row: Nancy Dufault, Laura Grimes, Jean Horton, Claire Feid, Judy Wilmarth, Terry Derois. 92 Faculty Dedication Dedication The time and effort you have put forth for the Class of 1988 is immeasurable. Your support and guidance over the years have given us some of our most treasured moments here at North Attleboro High School. You are always a pleasure to be around because of your casual, witty style. You are never without a positive word and you have nothing but confidence in our abilities. For these reasons, and many more, we dedicate the 1988 Northern Light to you, Mr. Robert Guthrie, for your unending concern for us. Sports NOT NECES SARILY AVERAGE The challenge was met this year by some not-so average athletes. Fall brought us beautiful, crisp and colorful afternoons where our Football team dominated the field. Boys and Girls Cross Country had a strong showing running in Indian Summer heat through the first winds of winter, while Field Hockey had its most successful year ever thanks in part to a Senior dominated team. Clinching the Hockomock title with ease, our Golf team followed through with victories in the Spring as well. It may be a few years before we have a team with the size hte ' 88 Basketball team had with the twin towers, Paul and Peter Deppisch. A new sport was added and became instantly popular Wrestling. And after watching “Hulk Hogan " fans got to watch All-star Keith Meyer. Spring finally came to North and Mr. Guthrie coached a great group of ball players to a successful season. Girls and boys Spring track suffered through the monsoons. Girls softball was fielded with seven seniors and CAPTAINS ... of the Fall, Winter and Spring sports teams. went into the state tournament only to be defeated in the first round. The year closed with the Annual Fisher-Kelley banquet recognizing Senior atheletes. Scott DiFiore received the Dr. Maurice Grant award for Excellecne in scholarship, athletics, and citizenship. Eighty- two seniors received awards for their excellence in Sports. Fine season for the red and white The running Red Rocketeers enjoyed a very successful season under the coaching leadership of Alan Weintraub. Compiling a 5- 3 record, the team was led by Captain and Hockomock All- Star Mike Pestana. The veterans Kevin Hanley and Gary Gardner also ran well for the Red and White. A pleasant surprise came with the excellent running of newcomers John Rijo and Jason Boronski. The team had a large contin- gency of underclassmen, and look to a fine season next year. The 1988 team will be captained by Gary Gardner. BOYS’ CROSS COUNTRY NA OPP Sharon 37 24 Mansfield 15 50 Franklin 26 31 Oliver Ames 25 34 Stoughton 25 30 Canton 33 22 King Philip 27 30 Foxboro 32 23 Kevin Hanley and Jason Boronski think of the grueling miles ahead. Mike Pestana leads the way. Junior Bill Dion contemplates the race to come, while stretching. Boys ' Cross Country team, first row: Gary Gardner, Jay Livingstone, Tim Dorr, Jason Gardner, Brian Lacasse. Second row: Mike Pestana, Bill Dion, Jason Boronski, Jason Gittle, Keith Housman, John Rijo. Coach Alan Weintraub instructs the team. Jason Gardner looks to catch the next runner. 96 Cross Country Good depth and strength in the Hockomock League be- hind rival Foxboro. Elected to the Hockomock All-Star team were Deanna Marceau and Dawn Hasselbaum. Dawn Has - selbaum and Marion Grantham have been chosen co-captains for 1988. Coached by Dwight Estey, the girls’ Cross Country team com- pleted an excellent season with a record of 7-1. With overall depth and strength, the girls, led by senior Captain Deanna Mar- ceau and junior Dawn Hassel- baum, took a second place title Girls’ Cross Country team, first row: Cynthia Grantham, Deanna Marceau, Marion Grantham, Lynn Grantham. Sec- ond row: Kristen Hanley, Amy Chartier, Dawn Hasselbaum, Krissy Connelly, Sharyn Hallal. Kris Connelly looks forward to the finish Lynn Grantham concentrates down the GIRLS ' CROSS COUNTRY NA Sharon 20 Mansfield 15 Franklin 15 Oliver Ames 18 Stoughton 23 Canton 19 King Philip 15 Foxboro 31 W-7 L-l Sharyn Hallal wonders how much fur- ther she must go. Deanna Marceau passes some tough competition. Dawn Hasselbaum gives everything she’s got. “Cookie” Grantham forgets the pain and runs forward. Cross Country j ILm iw m. Devilish Season For Rocketeers This year started out different from any other before it - and ended the same way. In her first year as varsity coach, Jo Size- more led the team to one of their most successful seasons in history, finishing with a record of 6-6-6. It began on a winning note, but too many ties and not enough victories kept the team two points short of competing in the state tournament. The junior varsity squad was also led by a first year coach, Dottie Soufy. They ended their season impressively undefeated. Several awards were given at the closing banquet. Kris Wase- leski was voted the Most Valu- able player, Tanya Everton the best offensive player, Laura Bar- rett the best defensive player, Carol Johnson the Most Contrib- uting award, and Sandy Culhane the Coach’s award. With Erin Buckley and Karen Lake leading them, and the suc- cess of this years junior varsity team, next year’s Rocketeers should be in heaven with a great record and a successful season. Laura Barrett watches the ball hop over her stick. Erin Buckley awaits the cross field pass from her teammates. Carol Johnson has a nice swing, but un fortunately misses the ball. Varsity Field Hockey team, first row: Barbara Fellmann, Jill Fulton, Carolyn Dorr, Erin Buckley, Jen Foster, Laura Barrett, Tanya Everton, Carol Johnson, Mary Strachan, Debbie Allen, Sarah Mandell, Nicole Aussant. Second row: Laura Moscato, Lisa Desrosiers, Karen Lake, Jen Dowgiala, Michele Chastanet, Kathy Coyle, Kris Waseleski, Debbie Simms, Cathy Savard, Audra Bucklin, Kim Siegwart, Kathy Farnell, Sandy Cul- hane, Michelle Besaw, Coach Jo Sizemore. The hustling Red Rocketeers move for- ward for a score. Wing Tanya Everton roughs up her op- ponent in an effort to get to the ball first. 98 Field Hockey Junior Varsity Field Hockey team, first row: Dawn Jusczyk, Lynda Jeppe, Ni- cole Dowgiala, Sue Holt, Amy Flores, Regan Cunningham, Maura Cragan, Lynn Liberatore, Deidre Robichaud, Ju- lie Schmidt. Second row: Julie Calder- one, Regan Dery, Nicole Rickard, Carla Holt, Kim Dyer, Lauren Fish, Sarah Drought, Kara Ziergiebel, Rolanda Book- er, Lynn Jerpi, Coach Dottie Soufy. Carolyn Dorr waits for her teammates to gain possession of the ball Jen Foster gives up on her stick and does it the easy way. NA OPP King Philip Bridgewater- Raynham Franklin Mansfield Canton Stoughton Foxboro Sharon King Philip Franklin Mansfield Attleboro Oliver Ames Canton Stoughton Foxboro Sharon Oliver Ames Field Hockey Kim Siegwart plays her backup position on a penalty corner. Audra Bucklin intensely chews her mouthpiece during Coach Sizemore ' s pre-game speech. Sandy Culhane stretches for the save. Ss r Si A tough and remarkable season The 1987 Red Rocketeers, led by head coach Ray Beaupre, and captains John Kraskouskas, Mike Sullivan and Keith Meyer, completed a remarkable season in a tough Hockomock League. The 7-3 Rocketeers suffered two close losses by scores of 12- 7 and 6-0 to Canton and Fox- boro, respectively. Both of these teams played in the Division III superbowl. North Attleboro came off with their biggest win of the season against Attleboro on Thanksgiv- ing Day. North destroyed Attle- boro, 34-0, the biggest margin of victory in the history of the rival- ry. Winning the defensive L.G. Balfour trophy was Matt Slaney, who kept constant pressure on Attleboro’s Jim Hanewich. Tal- ented sophomore, Randy Silves- tri, received the offensive Bal- four trophy by rushing for 103 yards and three touchdowns. Other standouts were seniors Matt Gaulin, and Dave Lewis, who combined for 6 receptions, 143 yards and one touchdown. Selected to the All-Star Sun Chronicle team were Mike Sulli- van, Matt Gaulin, Jim McCrae and Keith Meyer. Receiving All Hockomock honors were Mike Sullivan, Matt Gaulin, Jim Mc- Crae, Keith Meyer and Mark Newport. Members of the Divi- sion III All-State team were Keith Meyer and Mike Sullivan. The 1988 Red Rocketeers should prove to be a successful ball club. They will be led by captains Marc Robichaud, Ed Cochrane and Matt Slaney. 100 Football fee ■ " Blockers Keith Meyer and Tim Kelly lead the way for Matt Gaulin. Carl Mitchell works a little sideline magic on Jim McCrae and Mark Newport. Jim Brennan applies a little pressure. John Kraskouskas delivers a bonecrushing blow. The punk team awaits the snap. Captain John Kraskouskas sprays a little pain killer on his arm. Varsity Football team, first row: Pat McCann, Jim McCrae, Tim Puopolo, Keith Meyer, Mike Sullivan, John Kras- kouskas, Matt Gaulin, Steve Carter, Dave Lewis, Tim Kelly. Second row: Jeff Reinsant, Matt Pion, Tim O’Brien, Kirk Stinson, Bill Varden, Jim Brennan, Scott DiFiore, Rob Pell, Neal Beaupre. Third row: Ryan Hargreaves, Ernie Guimond, Lance Lamborn, Mark Newport, Tom Savage, Marc Robichaud, Tom Eliason, Barry Gaumond, Ed Cochrane. Fourth row: Rob Butler, Jeremy Daggett, Phil Slaney, Jeff Kraskouskas, Greg DeMat- tos, Jason Risser, Rick Krawiec, Steve Johnson, Matt Slaney, Steve Johnson. Fifth row: Jim Cryan, Dan Tinkham, Bri- an Thomas, Craig Jacobs, Jeff Nally, Rich Burns, Randy Silvestri, Steve Vacher, Peter Cragan. Sixth row : Mark Medeiros, Mark Croteau, Derek Camer- on, Bill Campbell, Mike Garrow, Rick Johnson, Matt Roy. Seventh row: Dan Plumb, Coach Ray Beaupre, Coach Sulli- van, Coach Johnson. Randy Silvestri bolts in for another Thanksgiving Day score. Neal Beaupre anxiously awaits his turn to play. The tough Rocketeer defense swarms around the Attleboro ball carrier. Matt Gaulin breaks into open field. Captain Mike Sullivan stands tall after a hard day’s work. Football 101 Sophomore Jason Risser shakes hands with the Attleboro players after the Thanksgiving Day victory. Mark Newport surprises the defense with a little razzle-dazzle! Quarterback Dave Lewis sets the offense in motion with a handoff to Randy Silvestri. Standing proud, Randy Silvestri and Matt Slaney accept the Balfour trophies. Mr. Beaupre talks with reporter Peter Gay after his tremendous victory over Attleboro High. Captains Keith Meyer, Mike Sullivan and John Kraskouskas talk things over with the referee before the start of the game A kicker’s tools Kirk Stinson goes for the fumble recovery Football 103 VARSITY NA Bishop Feehan 14 Sharon 18 Oliver Ames 19 Stoughton 40 Foxboro 0 Canton 7 Mansfield 13 Franklin 21 King Philip 28 Attleboro 34 JUNIOR VARSITY NA Bishop Feehan 20 Sharon 27 Oliver Ames 20 Stoughton 22 Canton 22 Foxboro 0 Mansfield 14 Franklin 30 Foxboro 10 W-9 L-0 T-l FRESHMEN NA Sharon 6 Oliver Ames 0 Stoughton 16 Canton 14 Foxboro 12 Mansfield 28 Franklin 0 Attleboro 8 OPP OPP OPP The Rocketeer offense celebrates anoth- er touchdown Rob Pell dodges the defense. Bernadette Pesce and Catrell Booker watch a crucial play on the field. Mark Newport looks dejected as he sits alone on the bench Steve Carter reaches in desperation. The senior players celebrate their final victory. Mr. Beauapre talks things over during time-out with Kirk Stinson A season to be proud The 1987 Golf team had an excellent season! Finishing with a 11-3-2 record, North clinched the Hockomock title along with King Philip. The team was co- captained by Greg Wright and Derek Barber. They really kept the team together down the stretch. Starting the season with a 4-3-1 record, North pulled to- gether with an unbeaten streak of 10 matches in a row (9-0-1). The team will play in the Eastern Massachusetts Tourney, which is played in the Spring. Brian Rodriguez had a fine season (10-4-2). he earned a sec- ond place finish in the Hocko- mock individual tournament. He also was a repeat selection, along with teammate Mark La- viano, to the Hockomock All Star team. Mark Laviano and Brian Ro- driguez were named co-captains for the 1988 season. They will try to lead their team to another Hockomock title under Coach Art Nunes. King Philip Franklin Mansfield Oliver Ames Canton Foxboro Stoughton Sharon Mansfield Franklin Oliver Ames King Philip Canton Stoughton Foxboro Sharon Derek Barber entertains the crowd be- fore the match Brian Rodriguez digs for gold. Golf team: Coach Arthur Nunes, Chris DiNitto, Gary Richards, Brian Rodriguez, Derek Barber, Greg Wright, Mark La- viano, Ken Dumas. Greg Wright guides the ball towards the hole with his body. Ken Dumas watches the ball drop into the hole. Gary Richards concentrates on his fol- low-through. Volleyball 105 Audrey Scott prays for the ball to go over the net Dawn DeMattos regains balance after a tough shot Marcey Merigold follows through on the slam. Ellen Sousa serves up a rocket Growing pains Volleyball team, first row: Marjie Gagne, Jen Hayes, Sherri Marchand, Kristin Wappel, Michelle Rioux, Donna Paul, Ai- mee Aussant, Leslie Newport, Erin Spencer. Second row: Audrey Scott, Kellie Reynolds, Sandy lonelli, Beth la- conis, Dawn DeMattos, Catrell Booker, Gail Wilkie, Marcy Merigold, Noriko Tohi, Jodi Leslie, Ellen Sousa, Coach Marchand. The first North Attleboro var- sity volleyball team was intro- duced this year. Playing estab- lished teams from surrounding towns was difficult, but not unre- warding. Having an excellent coach, Linda Marchand, kept our drive going. Our team was led by captains Ellen Sousa and Audrey Scott, who gave spirit to every game. A year of growth is now behind us as we look for- ward to other seasons of being more successful! NA OPP Seekonk 5 15 7 15 New Bedford 4 15 Vocational 5 15 Attleboro 5 15 8 15 Dighton- 7 15 Rehoboth 6 15 Bishop Feehan 8 15 6 15 Norton 5 15 6 15 Norton .7 15 5 15 Seekonk 1 15 11 15 Attleboro 15 12 13 15 11 15 Dighton- 3 15 Rehoboth 7 15 New Bedford 12 15 Vocational 13 15 Norfolk Aggie 10 15 12 15 Old Rochester 9 15 7 15 Bishop Feehan 7 15 10 15 W-0 L-14 Four All-Stars for North The 1987 Red Rocketeers, captained by Mike Lamar and Jeff Forbes, finished this season with a 5-11-1 record. Lack of communication among the team members proved the downfall for the Rocketeers. The offense was led by Frank Pasquel, Mike Lamar and MVP Matt Keyes. The defense was led by goalies Jeff Forbes, Tom Mitchell, Troy Campbell and Bob Miller. The halfback line was controlled nicely by Sean Kelter and Jim Kentros. For special awards this year Frank Pasquel received the Sun Chronicle All-Star and also Pawtucket All-Star, along with Jeff Forbes, Sean Kelter and Tom Mitchell. The Rocketeers will be cap- tained next year by Matt Keyes and Frank Pasquel. With the re- turn of 13 varsity players in ’88, North looks forward to the best season yet under Coach Ben White. Daryl Rodriguez clears the ball from his opponent’s zone Brian Brousseau wonders what he did wrong. Varsity Soccer team, first row: Sean Kelter, Kevin Boynton, Frank Pasquel, Jeff Forbes, Greg Foster, Aaron Ryder, Bob Miller, Chad Forbes, Curtis Winn Second row: Rich Morin. Charles Clark, Devin McCloskey, Tom Mitchell, Brian Brousseau, Mike Lamar, Jim Kentros, Daryl Rodriguez, Greg Larson, Matt Keyes, Tom Klarwasser, Nicholas Patalano, Coach Ben White. Devin McCloskey looks to make a pass to his waiting teammates. 106 Soccer Curtis Winn shows some fancy footwork. John Mikulis waits for a pass from his teammates. Finest Season Ever The 1987-88 Rocketeer bas- ketball team finished one of its finest seasons ever, with an im- pressive 17-5 record, and were co-champions of the Hocko- mock League. North started the season off with a bang, winning the Holiday tournament for only the second time with a victory over Sharon in the champion- ship. Junior Jon Mikulis and se- nior co-captain Marc Liberatore were selected to the all-tourna- ment team. The Rocketeers were led all season by their de- pendable starting five of Libera- tore, Mikulis, seniors Paul Dep- pisch, co-captain Tony Lewis and junior Jim Kentros. The team clinched its third straight Eastern Mass, tournament berth, but were beaten by Duxbury in the quarterfinals. Paul Deppisch, Marc Libera- tore and Jon Mikulis were select- ed to the Sun Chronicle All-Star team. Head coach Mike Babul was named Coach of the Year. Next year’s team will be cap- tained by Jon Mikulis and Jim Kentros. Boys’ Basketball team, first row : Greg Wright, Greg Walsh, Tony Lewis, Marc Liberatore, Derek Barber, Daryl Rodri- guez. Second row: Head Coach Mike Ba- bul, Brian Rodriguez, Jim Kentros, Peter Deppisch, Paul Deppisch, Jon Mikulis, Matt Keyes, Bob Miller, Coach Scott Lockwood. Marc Liberatore splits the defense and goes to the hoop strong. Paul Deppi sch gets the offense going. Tony Lewis controls the ball for the Rocketeers. Greg Walsh, Bob Miller, Jim Kentros and Daryl Rodriguez pay close attention to Coach Babul’s halftime speech. 108 Basketball Coach Babul gives his team some final instructions during a time out. Peter Deppisch looks for a teammate to pass the ball to. NA OPP Attleboro 68 57 Sharon 63 55 Canton 47 54 Mansfield 64 48 Stoughton 80 46 Oliver Ames 71 59 Franklin 74 52 Foxboro 55 53 King Philip 59 45 Bishop Feehan 71 45 Attleboro 63 70 Sharon 70 39 Canton 61 40 Mansfield 71 60 Stoughton 78 55 Oliver Ames 44 51 Franklin 83 51 King Philip 61 60 Sharon 49 52 Hanover 57 50 Duxbury 56 62 W - 17 L - 5 Greg Wright follows through on his shot. Jon Mikulis, Tony Lewis and Peter Dep- pisch try to grab the rebound. The Rocketeer bench intensely watches the action on the floor. Marc Liberatore starts the Rocketeer in motion. Jon Mikulis keeps the ball from the defense. Basketball 109 Rebuilding year a success Before the season even began there was a lot of talk about this being a rebuilding year for the girls’ basketball program. During the Holiday tournament, after the team lost its first game to Bishop Feehan, it seemed to be true. Not quite! First year, head coach Debbie Dalton did a tre- mendous job leading her team to a 15-7 record and a berth in the state tournament. The Rocketeers made a habit of surprising everyone - especial- ly their opponents, winning all of their games in the first half. Be- sides the loss to Feehan, there was an early season defeat to Franklin and a late season defeat to Oliver Ames. The team played its best two games, how- ever, against Foxboro. Despite losing to the Hockomock champs twice, both games were very close and hard fought. The team ended the regular season on an “off” note with a loss to Bishop Feehan, but then it was on to post season play. There was an easy victory over Dart- mouth, but it all ended with a tough loss to Westwood in the quarterfinals. At the end of the season freshman Julie Schmidt and se- nior captain Rachael Routhier were selected to the All-Hocko- mock League squad and the Sun Chronicle All-Star team. Carol Johnson, Rachael Routhier and Cindy Bliss participated in the all-star game. At the awards ban- quet Ellen Sousa received the Paul Fernberg Award; Carol Johnson the Most Contributing, and Rachael Routhier the Most Valuable Player. Coach Debbie Dalton should have another suc- cessful season next year with the return of several and Captain Cindy Bliss. Rachael Routhier goes to the hoop strong. Deidre Robichaud and Julie Schmidt try and grab the rebound. Girls’ Basketball team, first row: Coach Debbie Dalton, Rachael Routhier. Sec- ond row: Ellen Sousa, Erin Buckley, Car- ol Johnson, Julie Schmidt, Cindy Bliss, Marcy Merigold, Barbara Fellman, Jen Foster, Diedre Robichaud. Cindy Bliss grabs the rebound and looks to put up another shot. Marcy Merigold gets the shot off before her opponent could block it. 110 Basketball 1 1 I t , r i ■■i Deidre Robichaud looks for a teammate to pass the ball to. Julie Schmidt looks for two points after grabbing the rebound. n NA OPP Bishop Feehan 34 58 Attleboro 66 32 Canton 46 17 Mansfield 39 37 Stoughton 65 30 Oliver Ames 65 40 Franklin 47 57 Foxboro 42 57 King Philip 42 37 Canton 41 32 Mansfield 44 37 Stoughton 51 21 Sharon 43 27 Franklin 51 45 Foxboro 50 57 King Philip 48 30 Oliver Ames 47 51 Bishop Feehan 31 42 Attleboro 44 34 Dartmouth 60 47 Westwood 40 44 W 14 L • 7 Coach Dalton gives an intense speech to her team during a time out. The Rocketeers try, but just can’t grab I the rebound. Marcy Merigold looks up from the floor with disbelief at the referee’s call. Rachael Routhier, on the floor, tries to gain possession of the ball. Basketball 111 Gymnasts exert strength and character The 1987-88 gymnastics sea- son was under the direction of Coach Cindy Arnold for the sec- ond year. The team was cap- tained by Audrey Scott and Hol- ly Burns, who brought the team to a 12 loss 1 win record. Al- though the team will be losing five seniors, the underclassmen are hard working and are look- ing forward to next season when they are sure to do well. This year the gymnasts bond- ed together and cheered on their fellow teammates, which gave us strength and character. Team awards went to sophomore Jean Clinton for most improved, and to Audrey Scott for most contributing. With Christine Gagielo and Judy McQuade as captains and the strong leadership of Cindy Arnold, the team has nothing but high hopes for the 1988-89 season. NA OPP Stoughton 90.15 93.35 Sharon 89.85 117.05 Attleboro 88.1 103.4 Canton 96.8 122.8 Franklin 87.7 100.15 King Philip 82.95 112.6 Stoughton 91.45 98.5 Foxboro 78.8 58.8 Canton 91.25 116.3 Sharon 93.2 118.9 Franklin 93.2 87.5 King Philip 75.25 88.1 Canton 71.25 86.2 Lauren Harris shows her leaping ability on the floor exercise. Pam Taillon displays her poise and bal- ance on the balance beam Gymnastic team, first row: Russet Mor- row, Chere Bellavance, Michelle French, Amy Palmquist, Jean Clinton. Second row: Judi McQuade, Jill Morrison, Holly Desmarais, Bethany Robitaille, Lauren Harris, Holly Burns, Audrey Scott, Pam Taillon, Renee Farrugia, Christine Ga- gielo, Cindy Arnold. Holly Burns leaps to the beat of her floor routine music. Amy Palmquist tries to figure out how the floor exercise mat is going to fit on the rolls. Audrey Scott starts her floor routine. 112 Gymnastics Gaining respect King Philip Sharon Walpole Foxboro Framingham South Sharon Norwood King Philip Stoughton Franklin Middleboro Whitman-Hanson Sharon King Philip NA OPP 21 54 23 46 19 49 18 56 42 30 24 50 30 42 29 40 24 42 11 61 8 61 10 58 21 54 29 36 0 L - 14 Wrestling at North Attleboro High School has begun! Under the guidance of coaches Steve Laskey and Mark Headd, and captain Keith Meyer, wrestling at NAHS has already gained re- spect. The Rocketeers had a dis- appointing season, winning one match oul f a possible 14. However, Steve Laskey is look- ing forward to the upcoming sea- sons at North Attleboro. Wrestling during the varsity season: Weight Class 103 Paul Morrison 112 Steve Rosbach 119 Dana Kirby 125 Rich Osdiales, Phil Hefron 130 Richard Krawiec 135 Greg DeMattos 140 Mark Croteau 145 Brian O’Connor 152 Ryan Hargreaves 160 Keith Meyer 171 Jim McCrae 189 Jeff Kraskouskas, Tom Savage Heavyweight Eric Yankee North wrestlers and Steve Laskey tell people “just wait” for the program to build. The captain for the ’88-’89 season is Ryan Hargreaves. Selected to the All-Hockomock wrestling team were Keith Meyer and Dana Kirby. Brian O’Connor and Coach Laskey watch the match closely. Jason Risser locks up with his opponent. Rich Burns tries to corner his opponent for the pin. Wrestling team, first row: Ryan Har- greaves, Rich Ordiales, Bob Shinn, Eric Yankee, Keith Meyer, Tom Savage, Jeff Kraskouskas, Mike Flores, John Walton, Phil Hefron. Second row: Coach Headd, Don Lilienthal, Ed. Knight, Mark Cro- teau, Steve Rosbach, Jason Risser, Mike Rosbach, Rich Burns, Jim Cryan, Randy Silvestri, Shad Blake, Greg DeMattos, Jerry Deschenes, Rich Krawiec, Matt Winship, Paul Morrison, Coach Laskey. Keith Meyer wraps up his opponent. 113 Wrestling Runners score well Under the leadership of cap- tains Carolyn Dorr and Deanna Marceau, the girls’ indoor track team finished the season with a 4-2 record. Kristine Puccio end- ed the season as the fourth all- time leading scorer with 153.75 points, a league all-star in high jump, and placed first in a league meet, 1-2-3 finish in the high jump, leading teammates Michelle Puccio and Becky Bliss. Kristine was elected by her peers as the most contributing member of the team. Carolyn Dorr set a new re- cord in the 300 with a time of 39.6. The sprint medley, shuttle hurdle and shuttle dash relay teams set records in the Massa- chusetts state relay, in which the team placed fifth. The season closed with a second place finish in the league meet. Dawn Hasselbaum and Karen Lake will captain the 1988-89 team. NA OPP Franklin 42 44 Canton 67 19 King Philip 56 30 Stoughton 69 17 Foxboro 26 60 Mansfield 66 20 Carolyn Dorr has a big lead as she heads Catrell Booker and Amy Morrison hur- for the finish. die their way to a one-two finish for North. Cindy Grantham pushes herself through the last turn. Kris Puccio easily clears opening height. Kim Dyer runs hard into the final stretch. 114 Indoor Track Girls’ Indoor Track team, first row: Lori Lind, Catrell Booker, Jen Dowgiala, Carolyn Dorr, Deanna Marceau, Becky Bliss, Laura Barrett, Kris Puccio, Cheryl Pearce. Second row: Lynn Grantham, Dawn Hasselbaum, Renata Sylvestro, Ni- cole Aussant, Debbie Costic, Karen Lake, Cindy Grantham, Erika Anza, Cookie Grantham. Third row: Amy Mar- tin, Amanda Foley, Michelle Puccio, Kris Werner, Lynn Schromm, Amy Morrison, Kim Dyer, Rolanda Booker, Kristen Hanley. Fou rth row: Coach Estey, Kelly Matiland, Beth Leary, Jen Hayes, Cindy Anderson, Amy Chartier, Sheri Cauger. Record breaking season Kevin Hanley rounds the final corner. Jason Gittle pushes hard to catch his teammate Jason Boronski. John Rijo gives the camera a smile as he runs by with a comfortable lead. Brian Conley running well, as he ap- proaches the finish. The 1987-88 boys’ indoor track team, captained by Kevin Hanley and Mike Pestana, had an excellent season under the di- rection of second year coach Mike Redding. The boys finished with a 9-5-1 record, while plac- ing second in the league and third in the Hockomock League meet. Seniors Rob Pell (hurdles), Ja- son Boronski (high jump), and Steve Carter (300) gained All Hockomock recognition. Other athletes such as John Rijo (100), Rick Johnson (hurdles), Dave Lewis (high jump) and Jim Bren- nan (shot put) also did very well. Next year’s team, to be cap- tained by Gary Gardner and Pete Cooke, is looking forward to an even more successful season. Boys ’ Indoor Track team, first row: Rene LeFevre, Jason Gittle, Kevin Hanley, Mike Pestana, Steve Carter, Matt Gau- lin, John Spadaro. Second row: Jason Boronski, John Rijo, Mike Dion, Dave Lewis, Tim Puopolo, Rob Pell, John Kraskouskas. Third row: Derek Camer- on, Peter Cooke, Gary Gardner, Mark Newport, Dave Hartford, Neal Beaupre. Fourth row: Matt Allen, Briafi Conley, Mike Garrow, Rick Johnson, Brian La- casse. Fifth row: Dave Cooke, Allen Bruce, Tim Dorr, Jason Gardner, Coach Redding. Scott DiFiore, John Kraskouskas, and Mike Garrow run hard to give North a one-two-three finish. Franklin Canton King Philip Stoughton Foxboro Mansfield Indoor Track 115 Dedication pays off The 1987-88 cheering season welcomed a new varsity football and competition coach, Patti Johnson. This year also wel- comed a junior varsity squad for both football and basketball, which was coached by Rachel Trudel. Rita Boutin coached var- sity soccer and basketball for the second year. The varsity football squad was captained by Karen Boutin and Debbie Clark. The basketball squad was captained by Karen Boutin and Michele Ronci, while Kristin Dyer captained soccer. The competition squad put in numerous hours of practice and hard work. Their dedication paid off at Chicopee High School where they received a fourth place trophy. The cheerleaders’ main goal this season was to spark more school spirit. The rallies were in- tended to get more school and team involvement. The cheer- leaders put on another fashion show this year, involving some of the soccer and football play- ers. This fundraiser was a great success, as was the car wash held during the summer. The cheering season was en- joyable for everyone, all the squads having had an interesting and fun year. Football Cheerleaders, first row: Julie Nardelli, Kristen Nesbitt, Michelle Chag- non, Michelle Webb, Jesse Mullen, Judi McQuade, Jill Kieltyka. Second row: Lisa DeLaurier, Lauren Harris, Debbie Clark, Karen Boutin, Michele Ronci, Mi- chele Webb. Not pictured: Laurie Phipps. The basketball cheerleaders give the boys a cheer. Michelle Chagnon, Judi McQuade and Michele Webb show their cheering spirit. Debbie Clark and Karen Boutin consult Carl Mitchell about the rally procedures. Karen Boutin tries to get the crowd going. 116 Cheerleaders Cheerleaders 117 Sarah Rousseau, Eileen McDeed, and America Johnson watch the football cheerleaders do their thing. Basketball Cheerleaders, first row: Lynn Macione, Julie Hartford, Karen Boutin, Michele Ronci, Kerry Hargreaves, Brady Stoltz. Second row: Reanna St. Jean, Marisa Albertina, America Johnson, Amy Hargreaves, Michelle Vandette, Mi- chelle Webb, Missy Chagnon, Anja Gustafsson. The football cheerleaders show their ath- letic ability during a rally. Debbie Clark shows her Rocketeer spirit. The football cheerleaders do their dance routine during the Homecoming rally. Soccer Cheerleaders, first row: Missy Chagnon, Amy Hargreaves, Lynn Macione, Julie Hartford, Michelle Vandette, America Johnson. Second row: Eileen McDeed, Erica Smith, Sarah Rousseau, Kristen Dyer, Tara DeMarco, Holly Desmarais, Cara Cheney. The football cheerleaders take a break from cheering to pose for a picture. The foot ball cheerleaders consult with each other on what cheer to do next. Michelle Webb intensely watches the game. Lauren Harris and Lisa DeLaurier hold their megaphones during the national anthem. Competition Cheerleaders, first row: Amy Hargreaves, Julie Nardelli, Mi- chelle Chagnon, Kerry Hargreaves, Ei- leen McDeed, Judi McQuade. Second row: Kristen Nesbitt, Erica Smith, Sarah Rousseau, Lisa DeLaurier, Michelle Webb, Lynn Macione. 118 Cheerleaders Junior Varsity Football Cheerleaders, first row: Brandy Edwards, Becky Abra- hamson, Kristen Farrell, Captain; Marisa Albertini, Captain; Kristen Gariepy, Ka- tie McAlpine. Second row: Jen Gaouette, Wendi Mercier, Mary Senay, Nicole Armell, Kim Laramee, Michelle Linfield, Kerry Hargreaves, Reanna St. Jean. Junior Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders, first row: Tanya Palo, Jen Gaouette. Second row: Katie McAlpine, Michelle Linfield, Brandy Edwards. Third row. Lynda Jeppe, Jodi Obuchowski, Kim Laramee. Michele Ronci tries to tet the crowd going. Reanna St. Jean, Missy Chagnon and Anja Gustafsson watch the action at the basketball game. Michelle Webb starts a cheer for the Biq Red. A cheerleader’s “tools” Cheerleaders 119 Excellent hitting attack The 1988 Red Rocketeers, under the tutelage of Coach Bob Guthrie, had a very successful season. They were led by co- captains Tim Kelly and All Hockomock selection Scott Di- Fiore. John Rijo, Keith Meyer, Jim Brennan and Jeff Kraskous- kas put fear into opposing pitch- ers’ eyes with their hitting attack for North. North’s young, hard- luck pitching staff were led by seniors Pat McCann and Scott DiFiore, junior Jim Kentros, and sophomore Jeff Kraskouskas. NAHS finished the season with a 7-9 league record and a 2-2 non- league record. The 1989 Rocke- teers will be captained by Jason Worthington and Tom Eliason. u. r Varsity Baseball team, first row: Derek Fisher, John Rijo, Scott DiFiore, Tim Kelly, Derek Barber, Pat McCann. Sec- ond row: Keith Meyer, Steve Johnson, Jason Worthington, Jeff Kraskouskas, Jim Brennan, Jim Kentros, Derek San- key, John Spadaro, Coach Bob Guthrie. Derek Sankey hustles to first base. Keith Meyer steps on first base for the out. Scott DiFiore is poised for the pitch. Pat McCann delivers the pitch. 122 Baseball Bishop Feehan Attleboro Franklin Stoughton Foxboro Canton Sharon King Philip Oliver Ames Mansfield Franklin Stoughton Foxboro Canton Bishop Feehan Sharon King Philip Oliver Ames Mansfield Attleboro Coach Guthrie talks to his infielders be- fore they take the field. Junior Varsity Baseball team, first row: Ed Cochrane, A.J. St. Lawrence, Chris Courtney, Tom Yankee, Eric Pratt, Bar- ry Gaumond, Steve Vacher. Second row: Dan Tinkham, Rich Burns, Mark Croteau, Greg Walsh, Brian Goeller, Tom Eliason, Jason Worthington, Sean Ganley, Randy Silvestri, Matt Roy, Coach Don Johnson. Jim Brennan tries to avoid being picked off at first. Jeff Kraskouskas follows through on the pitch. Jim Kentros gets a sign from the first base coach before stepping up to the plate. The helmut we proudly wear! Baseball First place season The 1988 Spring Track team finished its incredible season with an impressive 10-0 overall record. Led by Coach Mike Redding and Captain Jason Git- tle, the team captured first place in the Hockomock League. The team swept by all competition to take the championship trophy at the Hockomock League meet at Oliver Ames High School. The boys also took first place at the J.J. Kelley relays, and made a respectable showing at the state relays South Shore Principal’s and State Class meets. The team hopes to continue its winning ways in 1989 with captains Pe- ter Cooke and Brian Rodriguez. Matt Gaulin awaits the baton from his teammate. Toney Lewis looks to see if he’ll clear the bar. Mike Lamar finishes strong. Brian Rodriguez starts the relay. Jason Gittle and Neal Beaupre pose for pictures after their events. Rob Pell shows his strength in the long jump. 124 Spring Track Mark Newport, ready to hurl the shot put. Sean Kelter runs hard, outdistancing his opponent. King Philip Stoughton Foxboro Canton Mansfield Franklin Sharon Oliver Ames Dave Dromsky rounds the last corner. Mike Garrow shows his leaping ability in the triple jump. Boys’ Spring Track team, first row: John Kraskouskas, Matt Gaulin, Kevin Han- ley, Rob Pell, Mike Lamar, Rene Le- fevre, Jason Gittle, Dave Lewis, Mike Sullivan, Toney Lewis. Second row: Jon Mikulis, Bill Campbell, Sean Kelter, Bert Gardner, Bill Dion, Pete Cooke, Keith Housman, Brian Rodriguez, Gary Gard- ner, Mark Newport, Neal Beaupre. Third row: Coach Mike Redding, Tim Dorr, Scott Duckworth, Matt Allen, Jay Livingstone, Allen Bruce, Brian Conley, Dave Dromsky, Chris Sullivan, Jason Mi- kulis, Peter Cragan, Dan Patnaude, Mike Garrow, Brian Lacasse, Rick Johnson, Coach Kurt Kummer. NORTH ATTLEBORO Matt Allen starts the relay for his team. Scott Duckworth goes over the hurdle with ease. Spring Track 125 Successful, championship season Carolyn Dorr, Deanna Mar- ceau and Kristine Puccio led the 1988 girls’ spring track team, coached by Jack Dwyer and Diane Tedford, to a very suc- cessful season. The girls com- pleted their season as co-cham- pions of the Hockomock League, sharing the title with Foxboro High School. The team went undefeated, but had one tie with the Foxboro team. NAHS placed second in the Hockomock Championship League meet and won the South Shore Principals’ Meet. Deanna Marceau, Kristine Puccio and ju- nior Marcey Merigold all scored over 100 points for the team. Among the underclassmen who excelled were Lynn Liberatore, Dawn Hasselbaum, Nicole Aus- sant, Debbie Costic, Karen Lake, Rolanda Booker, Amanda Foley, Julie Schubnel and Kim Dyer. Next year’s squad hopes to be just as good as there will be ten veterans returning. The captains will be Cindy Grantham mentally prepares for her race. Debbie Simms and friend! Marcy Merigold awaits the starter’s gun. Catrell Booker shows perfect form as she goes over the hurdle. NDRTH ATTLEBORO Kris Puccio clears the bar. Julie Calderone runs hard. Deanna Marceau tries to keep her lead over Lynn Liberatore. 126 Spring Track Catrell Booker and Amanda Foley are quite pleased with themselves. Julie Schubnel relaxes and smiles before her part in the day’s meet. And they’re off!! Kristen Hanley heads down the last stretch. Julie Schubnel reaches for more height during the triple jump. Girls’ Spring Track team, first row: Jodi Obuchowski, Julie Schubnel, Sheryl Pearce, Laura Barrett, Debbie Simms, Kris Puccio, Deanna Marceau, Carolyn Dorr, Lisa Sebastiao, Catrell Booker, Sandy Ionelli. Second row: Aimee Morri- son, Cindy Bliss, Nicole Aussant, Cindy Grantham, Dawn Hasselbaum, Kris Han- ley, Marcy Merigold, Marion Grantham, Lynn Liberatore, Jennifer Hayes, Ameri- ca Johnson, Julie Calderone. Third row: Coach Dwyer, Amanda Foley, Sheri Cauger, Kelly Maitland, Lynn Grantham, Michelle Puccio, Karen Lake, Cindy An- derson, Maura Cragan, Kris Farrell, Deb- bie Costic, Kim Dyer, Jill Swanson, Lyn- da Jeppe, Rolanda Booker, Amy Chartier, Julie Fulton, Amy Martin, Coach Tedford. NA OPP King Philip 99 37 Stoughton 90 46 Foxboro 68 68 Canton 117 19 Mansfield 114 22 Franklin 78 58 Sharon 104 32 Oliver Ames 87 49 W - 7 T - 1 L - 0 Spring Track 127 A mixture of the young and old man-Hanson in the first round, before being knocked off by a very powerful Somerset team. All-Hockomock honors were given to Rachael Routhier and Erin Buckley. Routhier, Buckley and Carol Johnson were also se- lected to the Sun Chronicle All- Star Team. They were to have participated in the league all-star game, but it was cancelled by rain. Next year the Rocketeers will again be a young team with only two juniors returning. The R ocketeer infielders break from their huddle between innings. Erin Buckley follows through on her pitch. Chrissy Ierardi waits in the on-deck circle for her turn at bat. Varsity Softball team, first row: Sandy Culhane, Rachael Routhier, Ellen Sousa, Carol Johnson, Corrie Smith, Chrissy Ierardi. Second row: Jen Foster, Erin Buckley, Deidre Robichaud, Debbie Al- len, Julie Schmidt, Michelle Cloutier, Barbara Fellmann, Michelle Besaw, Coach Joanne Sizemore. Deidre Robichaud drops her bat after a good bunt. The bench awaits the end of the game. This year the varsity softball team was a mixture of the young and old. Seven seniors and eight underclassmen were led by Coach Joanne Sizemore and Captain Carol Johnson. Because of the youth and inexperience, the Rocketeers finished their season with a respectable record of 15-8. The veteran players, however, carried the team into the state tournament. North de- feated Dennis-Yarmouth in the preliminary round, and Whit- 128 Softball Corrie Smith coaches at first. First baseman Julie Schmidt is ready for the play. NA OPP Attleboro 4 3 Bishop Feehan 9 6 Franklin 12 10 Stoughoton 10 1 Foxboro 15 0 Canton 7 3 Attleboro 14 4 Sharon 2 1 King Philip 15 14 Oliver Ames 3 0 Mansfield 16 1 Franklin 3 2 Stoughton 5 2 Foxboro 5 4 Canton 9 0 Sharon 20 1 King Philip 6 1 Oliver Ames 3 1 Mansfield 15 3 Bishop Feehan 4 0 Dennis Yarmouth 7 6 Whitman Hanson 5 2 Somerset 0 15 W - 15 L - 8 Ellen Sousa is in a good defensive posi- tion at third base. Junior Varsity Softball team, first row: Nicole Dowgiala, Sue Holt, Bridget Roche, Kathy Horton, Natalie Levin, Amy Hargreaves, Nicole Culbertson. Second row: Kerry Hargreaves, Mary Strachan, Kathy Gould, Laurie Phipps, Stacey Davignon, Dawn Jusczyk, Nicole Rickard, Jen Smith, Amy Flores, Chris Maher, Jen Gaouette. Softball 129 New and exciting experience Noriko Tohi swings to continue the volley. Cheryl Potter guards the net. Led by Coach Marcia Carman and Captain Beth Iaconis, the girls’ tennis team entered the state tournament at the end of the regular season with a record of 11-5 in the Hockomock League, and 13-5 overall. It was the first time that the team has made the states in quite a while. It was definitely a new and excit- ing experience for everyone, in- cluding Coach Carman. The singles lineup was strong with Missy Peterson at first sin- gles, Linda France at second sin- gles, and Sharyn Hallal, Barbara Griffin and Cheryl Potter alter- nating at third singles. The dou- bles team was also strong with Eva Olmos-Bittini and Noriko Tohi at first doubles, and Beth Iaconis and Kathy Farnell at sec- ond doubles. The girls are looking forward to a excellent ’89 season. Franklin Stoughton Foxboro Canton Attleboro Sharon King Philip Oliver Ames Franklin Foxboro Canton Sharon Stoughton King Philip Attleboro Mansfield Mansfield Oliver Ames Mauset Missy Peterson serves her way to anoth- er victory! Eva Olmas-Bittini follows through on a tough serve. Kathy Farnell sets herself for a winning overhead smash. Girls’ Tennis team, first row: Noriko Tohi, Kathy Farnell, Beth Iaconis, Kris Wernborg, Bonnie Fong. Second row: Sharyn Hallal, Cheryl Potter, Eva Ol- mas-Bittini, Barbara Griffin, Linda France, Lisa Desrosiers, Lisa Guillette. Third row: Wendi Mercier, Julie Wallis, Missy Peterson, Kris Gariepy, Lauren Fish, Sue Clarkin, Nicole Armell, Jen Weeman. 130 Tennis New hope for the future Tennis 131 The 1988 boys’ tennis team, coached by John Wood, finished the season with four wins and thirteen losses. The year, al- though disappointing, did bring along new hope for the future, as 6 of the 7 starters will return for the ’89 campaign. The team suffered at least a half dozen close losses, that with only luck could have easily been victories. The upcoming season looks very bright and promising as 1989 captain Ken Dumas and the oth- er members of the team hope to climb near the top of the Hocko- mock League, bringing success back to the NAHS tennis program. Norton Franklin Stoughton Foxboro Canton Attleboro Sharon King Philip Oliver Ames Franklin Foxboro Canton Sharon Stoughton King Philip Attleboro Mansfield Mansfield Oliver Ames W - 4 L - 15 OPP 2 0 4 3 4 4 5 3 5 0 4 3 4 5 2 4 4 4 4 Kerry Ruth eyes an incoming lob. Chris Conley reaches for the return shot. " Ken Dumas leaps for a slam. Phillip Strausser protects the net during his doubles match. Tony Bertino puts some “umph” into his volley. Boys’ Tennis team, first row: Phillip Strausser, Scott Spencer, Chris DiNitto, Stephen Fong Second row: Coach John Wood, Ken Dumas, Chris Conley, Kerry Ruth, Tony Bertino, Gary Richards. r Senior athletes honored The 67th annual Fisher-Kelley banquet, recognizing senior ath- letes, was held on Tuesday, May 24, 1988, at the North Attle- boro Lodge of Elks. Mr. Ken- neth Pickering, assistant princi- pal, and Mr. Raymond Beaupre, athletic director, made the awards. Also, welcomed as guest speaker, was Lt. Colonel William A. Richards, a 1963 grduate of NAHS, was class president, and also lettered in football, track and basketball. He is now speech writer for the Secretary of Defense in Wash- ington, D.C. Scott DiFiore was the recipi- ent of the Dr. Maurice D. Grant Award for excellence in scholar- ship, athletics and citizenship. Eighty-two senior student-ath- letes received awards during the evening, honoring their excel- lence in sports. Parents and friends sit attentively as the awards are presented. John Spadaro looks for his parents as his accomplishments are read. mmmi ' tfi Scott DiFiore proudly accepts the Dr. Grant Award. Laura Barrett stands, bashfully, as her name is called. Guest speaker, Lt. Colonel William Rich- ards, speaks to the senior athletes. Michele Ronci and Lauren Harris chat as they anxiously await the awards presentation. 132 Fisher-Kelley Banquet Activities NOT NECES SARILY AVERAGE One hundred years ago , extracurricular activities were few and far between. Today ; the number abounds. Many of them are circulum oriented: science fair, Model UN, Latin Club for example. Some provide leadership experience such as the Student Council and the Honor Society. Of course, there are the fun activities, which in many instances are also competitive: Powderpuff football, Homecoming and the Father Daughter Dance are a few examples. Each year NAHS enjoys hosting four to five foreign exchange students. An annual assembly is held at which the exchange students speak about their homelands, show slides, and give their impressions of North. Two literary endeavors, besides the Northern Light yearbook, are The North Star, school newspaper, and the literary magazine , Galadriel. In all of these publications , the talents of many students are realized. It would seem that students , who participate in activities outside the classroom , become more well- rounded and self-disciplined individuals. CONCENTRATING . . . Phillip Strausser, foreign exchange student, captures his audience. COLLEGE FAIR . . . Stacie Nye and Mom talk to a col- lege recruiter. CREATIVE . . Dra ma students display their talent at one of the many plays. COLLEGE BOWL . . Our team at home winning their match?!? Senior Sharks attack Junior Jets Kathy Coyle runs to the coaches to get the next play. Tina Peterson makes another tackle. Kris Waseleski smiles as the Senior Sharks move the ball closer to the goal line. Tanya Everton looks to turn the ball up- field. For the second consecutive year, the Class of 1988 emerged victorious in the Powderpuff game, shutting out their oppo- nents 28-0. The Senior Sharks were coached by Mike Sullivan and Matt Gaulin, while Marc Robi- chaud and Barry Gaumond di- rected the Jet’s attack. Though there were no cheerleaders, stu- dent spirit abounded. Unlike the game of 1986, the 1987 game went off without a hitch, and everyone had a good time. 136 Powderpuff Football conis, Audra Bucklin. Fourth row: Corrie Smith, Jennifer Dowgiala, Tim O’Brien, Brian Brousseau, Kevin Hanley, Lauren Harris, Jo-Ann Gaskin, Kristen Dyer, Holly Burns, Michele Ronci, Kristine Puccio , Becky Bliss, Stacie Nye, Kathy Farnell. Fifth row : Michele Chastanet, Kellie Reynolds, Sarah Walker, Deborah Clark, Sue Culp, Michelle Buie, Jane Carroll, Pat McCann, Scott DiFiore, Rob Pell, Sandy lonelli, Mike Pestana, Carol Johnson. Senior Sharks, first row: Bill Varden, Marc Larochelle, John Kraskouskas. Second row: Kristen Connelly, Deanna Marceau, Tim Kelly, Paul Deppisch, Da- vid Lewis, Laura Barrett, Catrell Book- er, Ellen Sousa, Sandra Culhane, Sheryl Pearce, Kim Siegwart. Third row: Lisa Sebastiao, Carolyn Dorr, Neil Chartier, Jason Gittle, Jim Brennan, Mike Sulli- van, Matt Gaulin, Tina Peterson, Kristine Waseleski, Shelley Stack, Debra Simms, Tanya Everton, Kerri Bizier, Beth la- Junior Jets, first row: Edward Cochrane, Danny McNeilly. Second row: Neal Beaupre, Barry Gaumond, Tom Eliason, David Hartford, Mark Newport, Marc Robichaud, Kim Charnley, Judy McQuade, Kerri Bardsley. Third row: Tara DeMarco, Judy McQuade, Amy lida, Gwen Floyd, Julie Schubnel, Jenni- fer Foster, Nicole Aussant, Sarah Man- dell, Lisa Guillette, Cynthia Grantham, Cheryl Potter. Fourth row: Erika Anza, Patty Morse, Lisa Fowler, Heidi Byers, Linda France, Cindy Bliss, Erin Buckley, Marcy Merigold, Debbie Jarchow. Fifth row: Laura Woscato, Jill Fulton, Lisa Desrosiers, Dawn Hasselbaum, Karen Lake. The juniors wonder what happened on that play. Laura Moscato effortlessly hikes the ball. Nicole Aussant rushes toward the goal line. The Jets line up on the ball. Juniors head for the huddle. Karen Lake is met by a stiff senior defense. Powderpuff Football 137 Spirited rally, turkey day victory The North Attleboro Red Rocketeers crushed the Attle- boro Bombadiers on Thanksgiv- ing Day with a score of 34-0. This victory followed a spirited rally, held the previous day. At the rally, Mark Newport retained his position as Musical Chair King, and the freshmen class officers defeated the se- niors and the sophomores to emerge victorious in the tug-of- war battle. Elected to the Homecoming court were freshmen Marisa Al- bertini and Melissa Chagnon; sophomores Debbie Allen and Kim Dyer; and juniors Nicole Aussant and Kristin Cappucino. Tanya Everton was named Homecoming Queen with Laura Barrett and Kristen Dyer serving as her senior court members. The float contest was won by the freshmen with the sopho- mores coming in a close second. Matt Slaney and Randy Silvestri took home the Balfour trophies for outstanding defensive and of- fensive play. Coach Beaupre instructs captains Keith Meyer and Mike Sullivan. Homecoming Queen and court : Kristen Cappucino, Nicole Aussant, Marisa Al- bertini, Missy Chagnon, Queen Tanya Everton, Laura Barrett, Debbie Allen, Kim Dyer, and Kristen Dyer. Peter Cragan looks around for a chair. Kristen Dyer dreamingly receives her flowers and a kiss from John Kraskouskas. r Vfc 5 The freshmen Tug-of-War team pull themselves to victory. Kristen Cappucino smiles as she accepts her flowers. The floats help create spirit in the al ready enthusiastic crowd. 138 Homecoming The Homecoming queen and her court walk off the field during half-time. 139 Homecoming Dave Lewis looks to give the hand off. Steve Carter leaps into the air to make the tackle. Captain Mike Sullivan addresses the crowd at the Homecoming rally. The junior class float. The Homecoming Queen, Tanya Everton. for a Matt Gaulin runs ahead looking clear path. Matt Gaulin rushes forward as Keith Meyer throws a block. International affairs take precedence From December 11th to the 13th, fourteen delegates attend- ed Harvard University Model United Nations at the Marriott Copley Hotel in Boston, accom- panied by advisor Ann Luoma and student staff advisor David Lagasse. The students repre- sented the countries of Trinidad- Tobago and Rwanda. In their re- spective committees the delegates caucused and pro- posed resolutions to solve the dilemmas facing them. The weekend was highlighted by a fire alarm in the middle of the night, delegate clumsiness and Malaysian tribal dance rou- tines. The North Attleboro dele- gation competed in the hotel fountain spear-fishing jamboree. All in all it was a fun lovin’, free- wheelin’ weekend of internation- al affairs. Model UN members, first row: Laura Prescott, Paul Walsh, Bonnie Fong, Ja- son Gittle, Jason Boronski, Tim Puo- polo, John Rijo, Kim Siegwart, Audra Bucklin. Second row: Craig Donais, Becky Bliss, Neil Chartier, Mike Pestana, Pat McCann. Laura Prescott and Paula Walsh take a break from committee meetings. Jason Gittle attempts to muffle the noise of the fire alarm. Neil Chartier ponders a question brought up in assembly while waiting for his pizza delivery. Audra Bucklin talks to a fellow delegate about the day’s affairs. Bonnie Fong relaxes with Craig Donais and Pat McCann after a hard days work. 140 Model UN Mr. Iaconis is amazed at Beth’s dancing Kathy and Mr. Coyle relax after dinner. I skills. Chris Gioia and her Dad dance up a Becky Bliss receives some tips on the storm, latest moves from her Dad. Dad ' s night out Father-Daughter Dance 141 Saturday evening, January 23, the annual Father Daughter dance was held in the high school cafeteria. The evening was sponsored by the Student Council. The buffet dinner and salad bar was catered by Mr. Mothers, and music was provid- ed by Positive Image. Fathers and daughters alike danced up a storm, and the highlight of the evening was the ever-popular “Chicken Dance”. Marcy Merigold, Mr. Merigold, Cindy Bliss and Mr. Bliss enjoy some scintillat- ing pre-dinner conversation. Catrell Booker checks to see how her Dad’s dancing measures up to the rest of the competition. Beth Iaconis, Sandy Ionelli and Mr. lon- elli enjoy the catered meal. Michelle and Mr. Puccio fox trot to the music provided by Positive Image. Invitations to MIT for five Our third annual science fair was held in the Media Center on February 3. Judging was done by the faculty. The participants were members of Mr. Vito, Mr. Duluk, or Mr. Gray’s science classes. First place awards went to Debbie Clark, Regan Cunning- ham, Marion Grantham, Lynn Liberatore, Casey Lippmeier and Stacie Nye. Second place winners were Audra Bucklin, Kristen Connelly, and David Lewis. Paul Alix, Michael Hazen and Tishya Signorelli received third place. Fourth place was awarded to Sharyn Hallal, Bon- nie Feeney and Amy Flores. Debbie Beaudoin, Tracy Bisson- nette, Lisa Corrigan, Dawn Jusc- zyk, Sarah Mandell, Tom Puo- polo, and Amy Rhilinger received honorable mention. Clark, Grantham, Liberatore, Lippmeier and Nye attended the Region 3 science fair, held at Bristol Community College. Grantham received two awards, along with a first place. Clark received numerous awards and a second place. Lippmeier re- ceived a third place, and Nye an honorable mention. Liberatore, the only freshman, received a Marine Science award. All five were extended invitations to the state science fair at MIT, to be held in April. ■ Knr- W " " Sandy lonelli sits proudly in front of her project. Sarah Mandell is startled as she awaits the judges. Stacie Nye is the expert on Drosophila Melanogaster. HKlk c Bill Varden relaxes amidst the projects. Lynn Liberatore is disgusted by the bac- terial formation. Phil Strasser checks out the American scientific angle. 142 Science Fair Cultures from abroad The Foreign Exchange Stu- dent assembly was held this year on Tuesday, March 22. The as- sembly was open to all foreign language students. They wel- comed Phillip Strasser from Austria, Noriko Tohi from Ja- pan, Eva Olmos-Bittini from the Canary Islands, Spain, and Anja Gustafsson from Denmark, to North Attleboro High School. The exchange students talked and showed slides of their home- countries, speaking about their cultures and lives outside of America. Noriko Tohi answers a question about the Japanese school system. America. Mr. Whitty poses with our four exchange students. Eva: “Those aren’t the right slides!” Anja Gustafson helps Eva Olmas-Bittini with her presentation. Dr. Olivier checks out the activity in the lighting booth. Phil Strasser reflects on the social life in Foreign Exchange Student Assembly 143 Topic of the day: Day Care and Tax Reform The 1988 Hockomock Model Senate was held at Foxboro High School. Over one-hundred students, league-wide, attended. Most of the bills of the North Attleboro delegation were passed in committee, and two made the top ten to be debated: Sarah Mandell and Laura Pres- cott’s bill on day care, and Craig Donais’ bill on tax reform. Sarah and Laura’s bill was defeated af- ter a heated debate. The North Attleboro dele- gates were enthusiastic partici- pants, notably the North Attle- boro Young Republicans, whose presence was felt throughout the Senate. Many underclass- men are returning and under fearless leader Vincent Balda- Patrick O’Connor makes his point. saro, next year’s conference should be a success. Jason Boronski, Steve McAfee, Craig Donais, Phi! Holdgate and Pat O’Connor look over their notes for the day. Chris Martin waits for a response to his bill. Model Senate delegates, first row: Jen Desilets, Jen Buteau, Sarah Mandell, Chris Martin, Steve McAfee, Craig Don- ais, Charles Clark, Phil Holdgate, Patrick O’Connor. Second row: Sheryl Pearce, Laura Prescott, Becky Bliss, Jason Boronski. Laura Prescott takes a break during committee. 144 Model Senate The best stand out Debbie England returns from accepting her plaque. On May 5, John Rijo, presi- dent of the Honor Society, made the opening introduction to the annual academic awards assem- bly. Mr. Whitty announced that the valedictorian would be Scott DiFiore, and Shelley Stack would be salutatorian. A special award to the 1987 Northern Light was made. Dawn Hassel- baum received the Brown Book Award for excellence in English; Keith Meyer received the D.A.R. Good Citizen Award; and Craig Donais was given the Century III and Jostens Leader Scholarship awards. Mr. Picker- ing presented Lisa Desrosiers with the Rensselaer Medal for Math and the Bausch and Lomb Junior Science Award. Science Fair awards were given out by Mr. Vito. Dr. Olivier, Mr. Slowe, Miss Cobb, Mr. Platt, Mrs. Thi- bault and Mr. Estey presented awards of excellence from their respective departments. John Rijo completed the program by introducing the new Honor Soci- ety members. Science Fair winners Lynn Liberatore, Marion Grantham and Debbie Clark in- spect each others awards. Mr. Whitty and Mr. Pickering stand with valedictorian Scott DiFiore and salutato- rian Shelley Stack. Dawn Hasselbaum accepts the Brown Book Award for excellence in Junior English. Math League members Mike Rosbach, Phil Holdgate, Chris Emerson, Bonnie Fong and Debbie England display their certificates. Jason Gittle simultaneously accepts his award and greets Mr. Estey. Lisa Desrosiers receives her awards for excellence in math and science. The 1987 Northern Light was the recipi- ent of a second place award, judged on a national level. Awards Assembly 145 Art and fun for all The officers for the 1987-88 Art Club were Kathy Coyle, president; Tina Peterson, vice- president; Kristen Wernborg, secretary; and Debbie Beaudoin, treasurer. This year’s advisor was Mr. Brian Marsden. The ’87-’88 school year was one of the best fundraising years ever for the Art Club. In the fall, the “Treat-a-Friend” candy sale and yard sale at the Junior High provided a solid start. The win- ter and spring months kept members busy selling candy and a new item - Class of 1988 T- Shirts with the names of the se- nior class printed on them. Membership was strong this year, and the Club included about 75 members. Sadly, with such a big group, the Club was unable to raise enough money for the annual New York trip, usually taken in April. But, with the fruit of this year’s efforts, we hope next year’s Art Club will be able to make it. Art Club members, first row: Stacie Nye, Debbie Clark, Jeff Hillman, Greg Foster, Mike Pestana, Cathy Savard, Keli Grimes, Megan Ruane, Matt Gaulin, Bri- an Delfino, Bill Varden. Second row: Heidi Fernandes, Kelly McPhee, Debbie Simms, Debbie Beaudoin, Kathy Coyle, Kris Wernborg, Tina Peterson, Kris Wa- seleski, Marc LaRochelle, John Kras- kouskas, Jim Brennan, Tim Kelly, Jesse Mullen. Third row: Erin Buckley, Amy Jillson, Dawn DeMattos, Michele Chas- tanet, Beth Iaconis, Sandy Ionelli, Bon- nie Fong, Lori Lind, Kristen Dyer, Mi- chele Ronci, Stacey Davignon, Jameela Samma, Marilyn Miller. Fourth row: Mark Newport, Kim Doyle, Laura Rug- gio, Amy Rhilinger, Jo Sias, Lynn Sher- man, Erin Spencer, Leslie Newport, Nat- alie Levin, Sharyn Hallal, Patty Morse, Cindy Grantham, Jen Foster, Jen Re, Debbie Greco, Tracey Bissonette, Jackie Greco. Art Club Officers: Heidi Fernandes, Tina Lynne Pittard, renowned painting teach- Peterson, Kelly McPhee, Kris Wernborg, er, shows the students some of her work. Kathy Coyle, Debbie Beaudoin. 146 Art Club Helping hands Media Aides: Mark Edwards, Chris Miller, Kristen Dezotell. Not pictured: Beth Childs, Jason Gardner. Guidance Aides: Kristen Dezotell, Sharyn Hallal, Tanya Palo, Debbie Beaudoin. Office Aides, first row: Lynn Liberatore, Nicole Aussant, Jennifer Foster, Kim Charnley, Holly Desmarais, Nicole Dow- giala, Shannon Addy. Second row: Mi- chelle Linfield, Stacey Lonsdale, Sherri Marcha nd, Tammy Pierini, Marisa Alber- tini, Sue Holt, Rob Brennan. Nurses Aides, first row: Mrs. Albertini. Second row: Jennifer Brenner, Marilyn Miller, Nicole Armell. Aides 147 Premier season in league The North Attleboro High School college bowl participated this year in the premier season of the South Shore Academic Bowl League. The League con- sisted of teams from North At- tleboro, Foxboro, Scituate, Oli- ver Ames, Brockton, Randolph, Middleboro and Franklin. The NAHS team members were Ja- son Boronski, Scott DiFiore, Craig Donais, Bonnie Fong, Phil Holdgate and Steve McAfee. The team finished the year with an 8-6 record, finishing fifth in the League. North Attleboro challenges a tough Franklin team. Moderator Vincent Baldasaro and the Franklin advisor pause before the match begins. The team looks up to see who hit the buzzer first. Everyone frantically thinks for the answe. . NffifflAffCtBORO NIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE. BOMV College Bowl members: Craig Donais, Scott DiFiore, Bonnie Fong, Phil Hold- gate, Steve McAfee, Jason Boronski. 148 College Bowl Literary talents emerge Keith Housman, Lisa Housman and Hei- di Hasselbaum look over the previous magazine. For several years Mr. Benson has supervised and supported Galadriel, the literary magazine, at North Attleboro High School. It has been a way for high school students to express their artistic and literary talents, which would otherwise be left hidden and unknown. This year the staff distributed a fall and spring issue containing poems, short stories, art work and photographs, submitted by many students. Galadriel Staff members, first row: Deb- bie Jarchow, Marion Grantham, Allynn Grantham. Second row: Keith Housman, Rebecca Bliss, Kristen Hanley, Casey Lippmeier. Lisa Housman inspects her layout. Heidi Hasselbaum checks for errors. Cookie Grantham pauses mid-layout. Keith and Lisa Housman chuckle over an amusing story. Galadriel 149 A most successful season The 1987-88 drama season was most successful! Although the club faced a few problems at the start of the year, the mem- bers overcame them to have a fun season. The officers were Chad Win- ship, president; Ed Zonfrillo, vice-president; Kristin Durang, treasurer; Barbara Griffin, scribe; and Alison Jewell, secretary. The Drama Club held their third annual Dance-a-Thon on Columbus Day weekend. The usual three productions were held during the year: George Washington Slept Here, the One Act Play Festival, and Hello, Dolly, with raves from all. The club also had a one act play, The Boat, go into state competition, under the direction of Ms. Judy Cobb, the club’s advisor. On May 27, 1988, the Drama Club held the annual Internation- al Thespian Society induction banquet. There were eight new inductees: Kim Flanagan, J. Ca- sey Lippmeier, Derek Witt, Christopher Frost, David Han- cock, Keith Host, Michael Pes- tana, and Rob Reuter. As al- ways, entertainment ended a great evening. During the year the Drama Club also attended shows at Trinity Theater in Providence. Drama Club members, first row: Chris Frost, Casey Lippmeier, Ed Zonfrillo, Chris Gioia, Chad Winship, Matt Dobro. Second row: Kris Durang, Ricky Lavas- seur, Bev Griffin, Kim Flanagan, Kyle Host, Claudine Holdgate, Keith Host, Gerri Riel, Debbie England, Barbara Grif- fin, Jennifer Gaudette, Laura Prescott, Sarah Mandell, Cookie Grantham. Third row: Mike Rosbach, Jason Fuller, Allison Jewell, Chris Marcoux, Lorie Ellis, Lisa Lareau, Tracy Elwood, Heidi Hassel- baum, Jen Jordan, America Johnson, Reanne St. Jean, Mike Pestana, Lynn Grantham, Dawn Hasselbaum. Fourth row: Dave Hancock, Tom Boehling, Dave Rogers, Rob Reuter, Dana Ashworth. Drama Club Officers, first row: Ed Zon- frillo, Chad Winship, president, Chris Gioia, Barbara Griffin, Kris Durang. Sec- ond row: Kim Flanagan, Dawn Hasselbaum, Allison Jewell. Jason Fuller is making sure that Chad Winship’s mustache is on straight. Alison Jewell is assisting Dave Hancock with his makeup. Dawn Hasselbaum applies her makeup very carefully as she gets ready for opening night. 150 Drama Club George Washington Slept Here The fall season burst open on a comical note with “George Washington Slept Here”. Open auditions gave parents, faculty and alumni the opportunity to assist students in the Drama Club, and become involved in the production. The Massachu- setts Arts Lottery awarded the Drama Club a one thousand dol- lar grant to help finance a cen- tennial production. rwL Kris Durang - “Oh no, not this scene again. Ricky Lavasseur had “another one of his fainting spells.” “If you don’t clean your room, you won’t go out this weekend!” The cast says, “Miss Cobb, we think this rehearsal has lasted a bit too long.” Jason Fuller has decided to change the decor of Linda Evans’ living room. Derek Witt and Janet Lynch rap about the morning news. Christine Burns loves the spotlight! Matt Dobro and Lynn Janick -“Derek, we told you not to sit there!” Drama Club 151 One act play festival The One Act play festival was presented in February. This was the first time in several years that a student-written play was performed. “Kaley” was written by Marion Grantham, and direct- ed by Marion Grantham and Laura Prescott. The other plays were “Murder Well Rehearsed”, directed by Allison Jewell and Debbie England; and “The Ac- tor’s Nightmare”, directed by Kris Durang. The plays were judged by three theater experts. After vari- ous improvised entertainments, provided by cast members, awards were presented. The Best Technical performance award went to Chad Winship. Distinguished performance awards went to Matthew Dobro and Rob Reuter for “Kaley”, Al- lison Jewell for “Murder Well Rehearsed”, and J. Casey Lipp- meier for “The Actor’s Night- mare”. Best Actress went to Lynn Janick for “The Actor’s Nightmare”. Best Actor went to Dana Ashworth, also for “The Actor’s Nightmare”. The Best Play was judged to be “The Ac- tor’s Nightmare”. NAHS puts on its annual One Act productions. The actors and actresses ready for their big performance. Chris Gioia makes a phone call. Mike Pestana and Matt Dobro - all dressed up and no place to go. Cookie Grantham and America Johnson to Chris Gioia - “So there!” The One Acts stage crew gets set to put on another great show. 152 Drama Club Honor Society host to college fair The National Honor Society was involved in many school and community activities during the 1987-88 school year, including the area’s college fair. Over 140 colleges attended the fair held in the gymnasium and cafeteria. The group welcomed seven seniors and nineteen juniors to the Honor Society during the an- nual induction banquet, held in November. The new members also attended the annual break- fast hosted by the North Attle- boro Chamber of Commerce in May. In December the Honor Soci- ety members aided the Northern Light staff by spending two days selling ads to area businesses for the yearbook. They again helped the yearbook staff by vis- iting all homerooms and taking orders for the 1988 Northern Light. During the first week of May, the annual academic awards as- sembly was held, organized by the Honor Society and its advi- sor, Mrs. Carol Duhamel. The officers for this year were John Rijo, president; Bonnie Fong, vice-president; Nancy Drought, treasurer; Tim Puopolo, secre- tary; and Steve McAfee, publicity. Jon Mikulis smiles with Nancy Drought and Tim Puopolo wondering who is light- ing the candle. Michelle Wright accepts her certificate of induction as the rest of the new members watch. John Rijo makes the opening remarks at the Honor Society sponsored Awards Assembly. Barbara Griffin is being very serious Tim Puopolo explains the work of the Honor Society to friends and families. 154 Honor Society In homeroom Lori Lind and Debbie Beaudoin wait patiently for the morning announcements. Honor Society members, first row: Bev- erly Griffin, Cindy Tremblay, Debbie En- gland, Lisa Guillette, Michelle Wright, Marimelda Llacuna, Bonnie Fong, Deb- bie Beaudoin, Dawn DeMattos, Ryan Hargreaves. Second row: Barbara Grif- fin, Marion Grantham, Karen Lake, Chris Gioia, Laura Prescott, Sharyn Hal- lal, Paul LeGendre, Lynne Grantham, Debbie Costic, Dawn Hasselbaum, Lisa Desrosiers, Lori Lind, Chris Silva, Nancy Drought, Kris Wernborg, Stacie Nye, Carol Johnson. Third row: Marc Libera- tore, Pat McCann, Keith Meyer, Tim Puopolo, Scott DiFiore, John Rijo, Steve McAfee, Craig Donais, Shelley Stack, Ed Cochrane, Matt Keyes. Bonnie Fong relaxes while the teachers enjoy their breakfast. Craig Donais puts the finishing touches on his bill for the Model Senate before homeroom. Honor Society 155 Nancy Drought and Tim Puopolo get breakfast ready to serve the teachers. Lisa Desrosiers is happy to be an Honor Society member. Dawn Hasselbaum is a proud inductee new Mr. Bellissimo and Mrs. Farrington line up for fruit and doughnuts at the Honor Society teacher appreciation breakfast. Mark Liberatore lights his candle at the Honor Society induction ceremony, as Mrs. Duhamel looks on. Lisa Guillette and Lynn Grantham pose for their pictures in homeroom. The new Honor Society members line up. Kris Wernborg thinks seriously about what Mrs. Duhamel is telling her. Ken Dumas is pensive during the induction. 156 Honor Society Latin club leaps into new year riAr A Fong, Erin Maione, Jim Spearin, Guy Mitchell, Steve Smirnoudis. Fourth row: Marcy Merigold, Karen Lake, Becky Bliss, Audra Bucklin, Lynn Grantham, Lori Lind. Latin Club members “roll in the dough” selling home baked goods at the annual Thanksgiving bake sale. National Latin Honor Society members, first row: Rich Morin. Second row: Jack- ie Greco, Tracy Bissonnette, Lynn Liber- atore, Dawn DeMattos, Chris Emerson, Marc Kudkowski, Matt Allen. Third row: Dawn Jusczyk, Dan Patnaude, Jay Liv- ingstone, Lynn Sherman, Kathy Horton, Jen Desilets, Michelle Vandette, Cindy Tremblay, Mic helle Wright, Bonnie The Latin Club leaped into the 1987-88 school year with great enthusiasm. Led by offi- cers Bonnie Fong, president; Jill Fulton, vice-president secre- tary; and Stacie Kimbrel, trea- surer, the NAHS Junior Classi- cal League had another busy year. A pizza Trivial Pursuit party started off the new year. The annual Saturnalia slave raffle and Thanksgiving bake sale proved to be smashing successes and provided additional funds for the club treasury. In February, members viewed the movie, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” Some members attend- ed Classics Day at U. Mass. Boston on March 23. There, they listened to lectures such as “Roman Life in the Shadow of Vesuvius” or ‘‘Who Was Cicero?” Latin students again compet- ed in the National Latin Exam, and the North chapter of the Na- tional Latin Honor Society wel- comed a great number of new students. Overall, the club had a very enjoyable year and looks forward to many more. e? BONNIE FONG ' ! ' 7 FOR LATIN CLUB PRESIDENT Latin Club members, first row: Sharyn Hallal, Laura Moscato, Stacie Kimbrel, Bonnie Fong, Jill Fulton, Jim Spearin, Mrs. Thibault. Second row: Sharon Stan- ford, Kerri Flanagan, Dawn DeMattos, Amy Jillson, Ellen Sousa, Sandy Ionelli, Lori Lind, Amy lida, Rich Morin, Devon McCloskey. Third row: Lynn Liberatore, Audra Bucklin, Lisa Corrigan, Bill Var- den, Mark Newport, Marcy Merigold, Gwen Floyd, Erin Maione, Sheryl Pearce, Marimelda Llacuna. Fourth row: Cindy Tremblay, Michelle Wright, Heather Waite, Lynne Greco, Dawn Cleveland, Leslie Newport, Lynn Schromm, Kathy Horton, Tracy Bisson- nette, Tishya Signorelli, Jackie Greco, Chris Maher, Carla Holt, Steve Smirnou- dis, Tony Bertino, Dan Patnaude, Chris Emerson, Steve Fong. Fifth row: Kim Flanagan, Lynn Sherman, Jen Desilets, Chris Cox, Mike Pestana, Becky Bliss, John McCloskey, Kevin Horrocks, Greg DeMattos, Lynn Grantham, Matt Allen, Brian Conley, Karen Lake, Barbara Grif- fin, Laura Prescott, Guy Mitchell, Brian Raymond, Mark Rudkowski, Julie Car- son, Jay Livingstone, Sheri Cauger. Latin Club 157 Band struts their stuff It was HOT! What started in the searing August sun at band camp climaxes triumphantly in the sizzling heat of Orlando, Florida. For eight days the band drilled their marching and music skills at band camp. The fall brought chilly breezes and foot- ball games where the band, led by Drum Major Steve McAfee, strutted their stuff at the half- time shows. The year’s perfor- mances also included a winter concert, spring concert, pot luck dinner concert, Memorial Day parade, Sturdy Memoria l Hospi- tal parade, and the St. Patrick’s Day parade. But who could forget Orlan- do!!! The band spent April vaca- tion in Orlando, Florida, where sun and fun were the rule of the day. The band performed in the Great Southern Contest of Champions. The concert band was handed an award for excel- lence and the marching band re- ceived an Honorable Mention. The marching band also The Marching Band lives it up at a foot- ball game. Drum Major Steve McAfee leads the band with precision. The color guards wave their colors dur- ing the half-time show. marched down Main Street in Disney World. Highpoints also included the Epcot Center, Sea World, Wet-n-Wild, and of course, the Magic Kingdom. The Band Parents Organiza- tion sponsored the awards ban- quet at the Knights of Columbus in South Attleboro on May 5, 1988. Many students were awarded jackets, letters and rib- bons. The seniors were given plaques for four years of dedica- tion. The John Philip Sousa Award went to Steve McAfee, while Jason Kiff received the Ac- ademic Music Award. The officers this year included Jason Kiff, president; Heidi Byers, Student Council; Laura Calligan, Secretary; Steve Mac- Donald, treasurer; Mark Coo- per, librarian; and Chad Win- ship, manager. Through a year of hard work, the band stuck together to “beat the heat” and put in another year of fun and entertainment. All of this could not have been done without director Alyn Platt and a lot of student dedication. Jazz Band members, first row: Jeff Pot- ter, Russet Morrow. Second row: Greg Kelley, Will Morrow, Jason Kiff, Tony Bertino, Ken Narkiewicz, Rich Labedz, Steve McAfee. Third row: Chad Win- ship, Ken Domuczicz. 158 Music Jason Kiff seems to be very pleased. Steve McDonald and Tara Murphy await the signal to start. Concert Band members, first row: David Dromsky, Doug Narkiewicz, Steve Mac- Donald, Heidi Byers, Chris Cowdry, Chad Winship. Second row: Scott Ba- chand, Ken Narkiewicz, Stacie Kimbrel, Gwen Floyd, Ken Domucicz, Beth Black- burn, Russet Morrow. Third row: Lynn Sherman, Greg Kelley, Will Morrow, Ja- son Kiff, Tony Bertino, Steve McAfee, Lisa Guillette, Nancy Boltz, Rich Labedz, Mark Cooper, Tara Murphy, Keith Darling. Karin Bachand receives her band pin from Mr. Whitty. Heidi Byers happily receives her band award. Stacey Davignon models her new band jacket. Congratulations to Steve McAfee, as Mr. Platt presents him with the coveted John Philip Sousa Award. 160 Music Ken Domuczicz is pleased to accept his band jacket for all his hard work. Music 161 Flute Ensemble members, first row: Hei- di Byers. Second row: Stacie Kimbrel, Tara Murphy, Beth Blackburn. Keith Darling pays strict attention to what he does. Mrs. Gaulin presents Maggie Edwards with her band letter as Mr. Platt looks on. With surprise and pleasure Steve McA- fee rises to accept the John Philip Sousa Award. Steve MacDonald receives his music plaque from) Mr. William Kelly. Newspaper Staff members, first row: Russet Morrow, Chris Gioia, Kathleen Horton. Second row: Dave Rogers, Mi- chelle Wright, Jon McCloskey, Rich Morin, Joe Goulart, Craig Donais, Charles Clark. Not pictured: Craig St. Lawrence. Joe Goulart takes a b reak from his lay- out. Newspaper staff grows John McCloskey checks a copy sheet for errors. Under the expert tutelage of Mrs. Samma, it was another year of hard work for the North Star. There were some new faces on the staff this year, all of whom will, hopefully, return next year. The format of the paper stayed the same, and there was the return of the successful “Dear Sam” from last year. Ef- fort was placed upon issues that were important to the school and the community. Chris Gioia was the editor this year, and Rich Morin was the sport’s editor. Once again, the staff was able to put out three issues, as they did last year. The newspaper runs on hard work, skill, dedication and deter- mination. If you have any of these qualities, and even if you do not, join and help the North Star next year. Chris Gioia and Kathleen Horton work Ms. Samma offers some helpful advice on cropping pictures. to the young editors. 162 Newspaper rmr. Math League expands This year the Math League expanded to compete in two math leagues. New England Math League tests, taken once a month at our school, consist of six questions taken in thirty min- utes. The five highest scores were mailed back to the league to be compared to the scores of other New England high schools. Debra England had the highest score, closely followed by Phil Holdgate. Bonnie Fong and Scott DiFiore tied for third place. The Southern Massachu- setts League met at different high schools for four competi- tions. Two teams of five compet- itors competed against the teams of other schools in five ten minute rounds and a team round. Highest scorer in the league was Phil Holdgate. Debra England and Steve Fong closely followed. The Math League was divided into three categories by score: Varsity members were Phil Holdgate, Debra England, Steve Fong, Bonnie Fong, Scott Di- Fiore, Chris DiNitto, Roger Joyal, Pat McCann, Ken Dumas, Paul LeGendre; Junior Varsity members Karen Lake, Matt Al- len, Paula Walsh; Mathematic Supporters Craig Donais and Tim Puopolo; and Team Mascot was Mike Pestana. Math League members Phil Holdgate and Deb England appear to have no trouble working through their tests. Pat McCann seems perplexed with his difficult problems. Steve Fong carefully checks his work over. Math League members, first row: Pat McCann, Tim Puopolo, Scott DiFiore, Rob Pell, Paul LeGendre, Debra En- gland. Second row: Stephen Fong, Michael Pestana, Paula Walsh, Bonnie Fong, Karen Lake, Craig Donais, Chris DiNitto, Phil Holdgate. Matt Allen smiles after successfully com- pleting his exam. Math League 163 SADD grows in number This year Students Against Driving Drunk was headed by Becky Bliss, Carol Johnson, Au- dra Bucklin, Scott DiFiore, Joey Medeiros, Tim Puopolo and Kim Siegwart. Two representatives were also chosen from the ju- nior, sophomore and freshman classes. They were Bob Miller, Cindy Bliss, Barbara Fellmann, Lauren Fish, Lynn Liberatore and Marisa Albertini respective- ly. Mr. Paul Klenk advised the group. SADD was again success- ful during Heritage Day, held on May 20, 1988, at the Junior High School. SADD has grown this past year and hopes to be- come more and more active in the community. Kim Siegwart works on a SADD poster for the next meeting. Kelly McPhee hugs an inanimate SADD supporter. Scott DiFiore and Tim Puopolo work on plans for Heritage Day SADD members, first row: Nicole Aus- sant, America Johnson, Marige Gagne, Jennifer Hayes, Kristen Connelly, Kerry Hargreaves, Reanna St. Jean, Linda Jeppi, Nicole Dowgiala, Kristen Farrell, Julie Calderone, Maura Cragan. Second row: Jennifer Dowgiala, Deanna Mar- ceau, Michael Pestana, Jason Boronski, Peter Deppisch, John Kraskouskas, Jim McCrae, Marc LaRochelle, Jason Gittle, Kevin Hanley, Allynn Granthem, Erin Maione, Debbie Jarchow, Craig Donais, Laura Barrett, Kelly McPhee. Third row: Marisa Albertini, John Rijo, Carolyn Dorr, Lisa Sebastiao, Kathy Farnell, Neil Chartier, Audra Bucklin, Kim Siegwart, Dan McNeilly, Scott DiFiore, Jim Bren- nan, Brian Brousseau, Matt Gaulin, Bill Varden, Rob Pell, Marcy Merigold, Carol Johnson, Cindy Bliss, Ellen Sousa, Ca- trell Booker, Lori Lind, Lynn Liberatore, Cindy Drotts, Missy Peterson, Kelly Clark. Fourth row: Cindy Grantham, Erin Buckley, Mike DeRosa, Paul Le- Gendre, Rob Brennan, Dave Rogers, Sandy Ionelli, Heidi Hasselbaum, Mi- chelle Chastanet, Derek Barber, Beth Ia- conis, Lauren Fish, Tina Peterson, Kris Waseleski, Kara Ziergiebel, Michele Ronci, Leslie Newport, Kris Dyer, Re- becca Bliss, Paula Walsh, Bonnie Fong, Marimelda Llacuna, Peter Bonome, Dawn DeMattos, Debbie Beaudoin, Kathy Coyle, Kris Wernborg, Stacie Nye, Heidi Fernandes. Fifth row: Jeff Reinsant, Rich Morin, Lynn Sherman, Amy Rhilinger, Jo Sias, Dave Lewis, Kris Puccio, Erin Spencer, Natalie Levin, Sheryl Pearce, Amy Jillson, Kerri Bards- ley, Lisa Desrosiers, Brady Stoltz, Brid- get Roche, Rolanda Booker, Keeley Smith. SADD representatives, first row Barba- ra Fellmann, Lauren Fish, Cindy Bliss, Carol Johnson, Lynn Liberatore, Marisa Albertini. Second row: Kimberly Sieg- wart, Rebecca Bliss, Scott DiFiore, Bob Miller, Audra Bucklin, Timothy Puopolo. -V 1 164 SADD Senior leadership Physical Education leaders, first row: Tanya Everton, Kristen Wernborg, Deb- bie Simms, Tim Kelly, Jim Brennan. Sec- ond row: Sheryl Pearce, Dennis Pat- naude, Ellen Sousa, Laura Barrett, John Rijo, Greg Foster. Third row: Corrie This year, thirty members of the senior class participated as gym leaders. Daily, the students led exercises, assisted the gym teachers, and were enthusiasti- cally involved in the physical education activities. Smith, Kris Waseleski, Beth Iaconis, Kris Puccio, Audra Bucklin, Carolyn Dorr, Jen Dowgiala, Andy Marcoullier, Tim Puopolo. Fourth row: Jason Gittle, Matt Gaulin, Sandy Ionelli, Rob Pell Fifth row: Mike Pestana, Bill Varden, Dave Lewis. In May the leaders visited Sea- crest Resort in Falmouth, Massa- chusetts. There they toured and used the facilities. The students earn two credits per semester for their involve- ment, which entails one period a day. Physical Education Leader 165 Seniors take their positions before the start of the floor hockey game Dawn Cleveland gives it all she’s got Deft maneuvering gets the ball past the opponent. Dave Martin and Chris Courtney pre- pare for the face-off. Ref Corrie Smith drops the ball into play. Student leaders Under the direction of Mr. Wilson Whitty, the Student Council had another successful year. The officers were Keith Meyer, president; John Rijo, vice-president; Tanya Everton, secretary; Laura Barrett, trea- surer; David Lewis, sargeant-at- arms; and Kim Dyer, corre- sponding secretary. Representa- tives from the senior class were Mike Sullivan, Jim McCrae and Kristen Dyer. The juniors were represented by Nicole Aussant, Holly Desmarais and Paul Le- Gendre. Mark Croteau, Lisa Corrigan and Jeff Nally spoke for the sophomores, and for the freshmen Marisa Albertini, Sue Holt and Lynn Liberatore. Activities started early in No- vember with the student body donating their blood to the annu- al blood drive, held in the audito- rium. This was held early before vacation time, since there would be a need for the collected blood during the holidays. Also in No- vember the council sponsored Homecoming activities. In De- cember something new was tried. Instead of just selling can- dy canes, pictures were taken with ‘Santa Claus’, alone or with friends. The Father-Daughter Dance was again a big success in January. Carnations were sold for Valentine’s Day. They were late being given out because of a snow day and winter vacation. With another year coming to a close, it was felt by the current officers that next year’s officers and representatives will contin- ue in the same active manner. Nancy Drought rests after giving blood. Student Council members and advisor Mr. Whitty at the Father-Daughter Dance. Regional Student Advisory Council members Craig Donais and Rebecca Bliss. Council president Keith Meyer prepares to read the morning announcements. 166 Student Council Student Advisory Council members: Hei- di Fernandes, Jen Dowgiala, Carol John- son, Audra Bucklin, Kim Siegwart Student Improvement Council members Craig Donais, Rob Pell and Erin Buckley hop onto the trophy case for an im- promptu picture. This year the Student Adviso- ry Council consisted of seniors Audra Bucklin, Jennifer Dow- giala, Heidi Fernandes, Carol Johnson and Kim Siegwart. The committee met regularly with Mr. Whitty to discuss topics fel- low students felt were impor- tant. The group succeeded in getting sweaters and a banner for the College Bowl team, the chairs by the window fixed, and again met with Mrs. Leary, the cafeteria manager, to give her new ideas for lunch. Elected to serve on the Re- gional Student Advisory Council were Craig Donais and Becky Bliss. They attended monthly meetings in Lakeville to learn about student rights. Becky also was elected to the Regional Edu- cation Council. She, along with 23 adults, had monthly luncheon meetings to discuss pertinent is- sues and make recommenda- tions to the Massachusetts Board of Education. The School Improvement Council members were Rob Pell, Erin Buckley and Craig Donais. Along with faculty, parents and administrators, they decided how extra funds allotted per pu- pil should be spent to benefit the school as a whole. Seniors rest up after giving blood Student Council members, first row: Paul LeGendre, Jeff Nally, Sue Holt, Mark Croteau. Second row: Lynn Liber- atore, Nicole Aussant, Laura Barrett, Tanya Everton, Kristen Dyer, Kim Dyer, Marisa Albertini, Holly Desmarais. Third row: Mike Sullivan, Dave Lewis, Jim Mc- Crae, Keith Meyer, John Rijo, Lisa Corrigan. Student Advisory Council 167 “C” is not necessarily average The 1988 Northern Light be- gan the year during the summer of 1987, when four editors at- tended the Jostens yearbook seminar at Bryant College. There, the theme was devel- oped and the book began to take shape. Under the guidance of Mrs. Jane Gallotta and Mrs. Patricia Lush, the editors began working on a book that showed innova- tion and creativity. For the first time ever, the senior section was done in color, and a four page color gatefold senior class pic- ture also was a new addition. The changes were not without difficulty, but with help from the advisors, senior class officers, senior class advisors and Mr. Whitty, all obstacles were over- come, and the book was com- pleted in early June. The Northern Light was head- ed up by co-editors Rebecca Bliss and Nancy Drought. Carol Johnson and Jason Gittle were the sports editors. Kristen Con- nelly, Kristen Dyer, Jennifer De- silets and Kimberly Siegwart were in charge of activities, with Audra Bucklin and Sarah Man- dell as underclassmen editors. Karen Blanton was the faculty editor, while Sarah Drought, Kim Dyer, Kara Ziergiebel and Lauren Fish handled the ads. The staff of the Northern Light would like to thank Mrs. Gallotta, Mrs. Lush, and Jostens representative Dan Smith for their help during the course of the year. Becky Bliss and Nancy Drought, senior co-editors of the 1988 Northern Light, work on the layout for the opening pages. Audra Bucklin and Kris Connelly look through other yearbooks for ideas . Yearbook Staff members, first row: Nan- cy Drought, Becky Bliss. Second row: Cindy Tremblay, Stacie Kimbrel, Audra Bucklin, Kim Siegwart, Carol Johnson, Bob Miller, Sandy lonelli, Kris Connelly, Kelly McPhee, Kris Dyer. Third row: John McCloskey, Craig Donais, Bonnie Fong, Kerri Flanagan, Dawn DeMattos, Debbie Beaudoin, Lori Lind, Marimelda Llacuna, Paula Walsh, Lauren Fish. Fourth row: Michelle Wright, Kerri Bardsley, Lynne Liberatore, Cindy Bliss, Melissa Peterson, Michelle Vandette, Jen Desilets, Michelle Ala, Kim Dyer, Sarah Drought, Kara Ziergiebel. 168 Yearbook r - Kris Dyer hunts for layout sheets in the supply box. Sarah Mandell wonders which picture to Jen Desilets goes through pictures from use. the 1987 yearbook. 1988 Northern Light Staff Advisors Jane B. Gallotta Patricia R. Lush Typist Vicki Reynolds Sale s Honor Society Julie Benoit Karen Blanton Noelle Chase Jen Christensen Kerri Dunn Kerri Flanagan Debbie Jarchow Lisa Lareau Marimelda Llacuna Derri Pion Shelley Stack The editors and advisors of the 1988 Northern Light wish to thank the many students who helped put this volume together. We also extend special thanks to Dan Smith of Jostens Printing and Publishing and to Joseph Geoffroy of Chestnut Hill Studios. Without their aid, preparation of this book would not have been possible. Co-Editors-In Chief Kristen Dyer Rebecca Bliss Nancy Drought Kimberly Siegwart Advertising Editors Faculty Editor Sarah Drought Karen Blanton Kim Dyer Lauren Fish Sports Editors Jason Gittle Kara Ziergiebel Carol Johnson Photography Mrs. Diane Balut Underclassmen Editors Rebecca Bliss Audra Bucklin John McCloskey Sarah Mandell Sarah Mandell Activities Editors Art Kristen Connelly Dawn Hasselbaum Jennifer Desilets MOD Associates Composed, printed and bound by Jostens Printing and Publishing, State College, Pennsylvania Yearbook 169 Competitive softball while consuming pizza The afternoon of June 2 pro- vided a wonderful time for the Senior Pizza Party and Softball game. Prior to the athletic con- tests the Seniors gathered in the cafeteria and consumed numer- ous pizzas and drank many a can of soda. Following this everyone headed outside for the student- faculty softball game. In the spirit of generosity, the students agreed to concede the game to to the faculty and allowed them to win. A large number of stu- dents and teachers participated, and participants and spectators alike enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Mr Whitty helps bring Mr. Hanold home while Kevin Hanley, Becky Bliss, and Carolyn Dorr share some cheering chatter. Senior girls watch the game and catch some beneficial sun rays. Tim Puopolo catches while Mike Sullivan takes a ho- merun swing. Coach Beaupre and Peter Deppisch cheer the team on. 170 Senior Softball Game Keith Meyer reaches for another piece of pizza at the Seniors last bash, while our favorite Domino’s Pizza man deliv- ers. Michelle Ronci, Michelle Webb, Kel- ly McPhee, Heidi Fernendes and Kris Dyer get together for some pizza with pulchristude. Senior Pizza Party 171 Classy Reception Mike Lamar receives wishes of congratu lations in the receiving line. The Class of 1988 began their graduation festivities on June 1, at the Mansfield Sheraton. The Senior Reception was a resound- ing success, with the majority of the class, their families and friends in attendance. After the class ate dinner together, they formed a receiving line to greet well-wishers. The music of Posi- tive Image provided an excellent background to the dancing that continued until midnight. 172 Senior Reception Mike Rosbach and George Aussant joke about their stuffed chicken. Sheryl Pearce and Erin Maione greet the parents. Seniors take a break from the dance floor. Cathy Savard - joking around - as usual! Jen Dowgiala and Jason Gittle ■ is this jitterbug? The seniors crowd the dance floor Debra Kirby - dancing the night away. Eva OlmasBittini has some funny words for a proud parent Senior Reception 173 Class Night Class night for the Class of 1988 took place on Friday eve- ning, June 3, 1988, for parents and friends of 258 seniors. Essays were given by Craig Donais, “Defining Success”; Bonnie Fong, “A Meaning of Success”; and Sheryl Pearce, “Changes”. A vocal selection, “This is the Time”, was sung by a select group of seniors. Mr. Whitty announced that five stu- dents had earned the Principal’s Award for being on the honor roll every marking period for all four years. They were Scott Di- Fiore, Timothy Puopolo, Keith Meyer, Lori Lind and Marimelda Llacuna. Mr. Pickering present- ed 14 students with the Presi- dent’s Academic Fitness Award. Keith Meyer received the Merle B. Crockett Award for service to class, school and community. The dedication to the Northern Light yearbook was this year presented to Mr. Robert Guthrie by Rebecca Bliss and Nancy Drought, senior co-editors. A slide presentation, depicting the seniors’ four years at NAHS, was shown. The program con- cluded with the singing of the class ode. “We’ll Remember”. Parents and friends, along with the graduates, were then invited to have refreshments in the cafeteria. 174 Class Night Mr. Guthrie speaks on his yearbook dedication. Glenn Hustler introduces The Senior Slide Show James Rhilinger marches out, award in hand, after Class Night. Selected Seniors sing the Class song. Becky Bliss and Nancy Drought dedicate the 1988 Northern Light to Mr Robert Guthrie. Kris Wernborg, Derek Barber, Paula Walsh, George Aussant, and Shelley Stack march into Class Night. 175 Class Night Centennial Graduation On June 5, 1988, under clear, blue skies and a brisk wind, the centennial class of North Attle- boro High School, clad in red and white, marched onto the field to “Pomp and Circum- stance”. Seated in front of their class motto, “Our todays and yesterdays are the blocks with which we build”, opening cere- monies were held, after which Scott DiFiore, class president, welcomed everyone. Shelley Stack gave her saluta- tory address, “The Importance of Friends and Family”. She em- phasized that “there is nothing more important than a solid rela- tionship with those who are clos- est to us.” A vocal selection, “This is the Time” by Billy Joel, was sung by members of the graduating class. Scott DiFiore, valedictorian, gave his speech, “The Reflection of Attitude”. He challenged his classmates “to keep a positive attitude in achieving their future goals.” Mr. William Kelly introduced the commencement speaker, Rear Admiral John A. Moriarty, USN, a 1956 graduate of NAHS. He spoke on leadership, an alusive attribute, but an American birth- right. He stated three important facets to becoming a good lead- er: education, goal setting and accountability, being the most important when putting it all together. Representative Kevin Poirer read two resolutions from the Massachusetts House of Repre- sentatives and the Senate, con- gratulating the 100th graduating class. Dr. Olivier and Mr. Slowe pre- sented awards in the humanities, math science, and occupational education. Mr. Pickering pre- sented the Athletic Cups to De- anna Marceau and Keith Meyer. These are given for excellence in sportsmanship, leadership, ath- letic skill and scholarship. Mr. Whitty spoke briefly about events and people of 1888, both in the world and in North Attleboro. He then award- ed scholarships to 47 students for a near total of $74,000. At long last the big moment arrived - the awarding of diplo- mas to 258 seniors by school committee chairperson, Mrs. Lynn Gaulin. Finally, the class ode was sung, written and per- formed by Kristin Durang and Beverly Griffin. The members of the Class of 1988 were now free to find their niche in the world, knowing that “C is not necessarily average!” Chris Gioia receives the French award from Dr. Olivier, Humanities coordinator. Rear Admiral John A. Moriarty, USN, speakes to the graduates about the im- portance of leadership. Dr. Olivier presents Kathleen Coyle wit the Art award. 176 Graduation Hail to the graduates!! Graduation 177 The administration, guest speaker an the school committee precede the Clas of 1988. Valedictorian Scott DiFiore charges the Class of ' 88, as he speakes of positive attitude. Shelley Stack, salutatorian, emphasizes the importance of friends and family. Two resolutions, congratulating the cen- tennial class, were read by Representa- tive Kevin Poirier Relaxed and proud, Scott DiFiore ac- cepts his valedictory plaque from Mr. Whitty. Class officers Scott DiFiore and Jason Gittle lead the procession of seniors, as Lori Lind smiles in the background. Paula Walsh receives the English and Spanish awards. The Class of ’88, 258 strong, continue walking to their seats, as parents and friends watch. 178 Graduation Mr. William Kelly gree ts the guest speak- er, Admiral Moriarty, after introducing him to the gathering. The Class Ode, “This is the Time”, is sung by a select group of graduates. World events and prominent people of 1888 were cited by Mr. Whitty, as well as noting how far our school system has come in 100 years. 1888-1988 - Admiral Moriarty, a 1956 graduate of NAHS, seems right a home. Graduation 179 May you be successful in all your endeavors. Love, Mom and Dad I Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Abdou Jim - If you enjoy life half as much as you did football, you won’t have any problems. With love, Your Mother Mrs. Wendy W. McCrae Congratulations, Bubba! Love, Mom, Dad, Michelle and Melissa Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coyle Way to go Derek! We ' re very proud of you! Love, Gwen, Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. J. Keith Barber Dearest Heidi - You are such a joy. Make each and every moment of your life a moment to remember. Love, Mom, Dad, Dawn and Rob I Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hasselbaum ( Congratulations, Scott, we’re proud of you! Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. DiFiore Joe, I’m real proud of you! Payback is over! Best wishes for everything you want in life! Love ya, Mom Mrs. Cheryl Orlando Congratulations, Sarah, we’re proud of you. Good Luck! Love, Mum, Dad and Clare. Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Walker Congratulations, Carol (Wa-Wa)! We ' re proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and the Gang Mr. and Mrs. George O. Johnson Congratulations, Joe, we’re very proud of you! Dad, Mom and Brenda Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goulart Congratulations and good luck, Chris. Love, Mom, Dad and Karen Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Gookin Tanya, we love you, congratulations . . . Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Everton Congratulations, Nancy-do; we are so very proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Sarah and Mickey Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Drought PARENT BOOSTERS Kris, Wish and try, Plan and fly. We’re proud you’re ours. We’re always yours. Love, Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. C. Durang Good luck, Lori! Love, Hon, Dad and Den Mr. and Mrs. Arpad Lind Congratulations, Lisa! We’re proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and Kim Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sebastiao Our Congratulations and Best Wishes Carolyn, Krissy, Pat, Mike, Jason and Keith. The Sebastiaos Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sebastiao Congratulations, Kris! Love, Mom Mrs. Jacqueline Dyer Congratulations, Sandy, and the Class of ’88. Good luck and much success in the future. Love, Mum, Dad, Teri and Richie Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ionelli Congratulations Glenn Hustler. I love you - Mom and Art Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Higginbotham Congratulations, Stinky, you’ve made us very proud of you . . . Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. Walter Janick Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Bliss Matt - onward and upward! Good Luck. Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gaulin Congratulations, Chrissy, we’re proud of you! Mom, Nana and Patrinho Mrs. Philomena A. Cordeiro To our pride and joy - congratulations - success on all future accomplishments - we love you. Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Silva Congratulations, Theresa Elwood, we’re proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and Denise Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Wood Tim - We are proud of you - reach out and be the best you can. Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kelly Rachel - we’re proud of you. Good luck in everything Congratulations, Karen, wish you continued happiness you do. Love, Dad, Mom, Mark and success. Love you always, Mom and Dad Mr. and Mrs. Camille Routhier Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Boutin Parent Boosters 181 In Memoriam Kerry Marie Pisani May 8, 1970 - July 25, 1986 cme frtect ot - ‘77t z6e cc e Ct cuiaefy - aM you fame, euttiC you ' yoadfafe’ . . . In Memoriam 183 SPOTLESS CLEANERS 0 5 BPfES NOT NECES SARILY AVERAGE As in the past, the Honor Society contributing their time, spent two days, out in the cold of December, selling ads’ to businesses and individuals. The students were polite and friendly as they made their way through the community. This support and backing assists with the annual publication of the Northern Light without which a quality book would not be produced. On this centennial year, the community interest was most positive and cordial. r-im ‘mum it ratrcVi li NEWBURY MSURANCE AGENC INC SSEN rc iWHENSt BATHS t? • o VAhD bridal I II TT I FooMm ' jEfTnt, f cotmfc-4- auto I ! ' f 1 ; i ' : J 1 • -‘ ? tI A NOivIH ATTLE5QR-0 high ' SO 01 AO ONE HUNDRED CURRENCY The NAHS Class of ’88 shows their stuff in the Homecoming parade. CALORIES . . Hon eyDew donuts at the Teacher Appre- ciation Breakfast. CLASSIC ... is this scene in downtown North Attleboro. CONNOISSEUR no, not Gigi Gagne - she’s just advertising. Compliments Of The COLSTONE FAMILY RESTAURANT Route I, North Attleboro, Ma. INC. 69=1 88 ' 9 HOCKOMOCK AREA YMCA FRANKLIN • MANSFIELD • PLAINVILLE FOXBORO • WRENTHAM • NO ATTLEBORO 617 695-7001 300 ELMWOOD STREET N ATTLEBORO. MA 02760 CREDIT REPORTING BUREAU, INC. U • ' ORfH MAIN STREET P O BOX 637 AT Ti El ' O 1 , ' ' C3-0637 DANA r SAUNDERS v Sf t’RES .-GEN L MGR PLAINVILLE CROSSING orv ct-enn no 13 Taunton Street • Plainville • 695-5085 m Attleboro Pawtucket Savings Bank 20 Locations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island 401 724 5000 Member FDIC DIFM 617 222 2555 186 Ads TDit fcmi «. (ft t € aifioiu fet 345 East Washington Street, P.O. Box 8, North Attleboro, MA 02760 617-695-1468 Fax 617-695-8752 Congratulations Christopher Michael Lund and the Class of 1988 V Ads 187 61 7 695-7087 TELEX 951847 Wholesale seafood; Domestic, Import Export 473 East Washington Street, North Attleboro, MA 02760 188 Ads W.H. RILEY % SON, INC. Domestic And Industrial Fuel Oil Oil Fired Heating Equipment Bottled Gas Serving The Community Since 1873 699-4651 Congratulations Karin JIM’S TRUCK AUTO REPAIR Best Wishes To The Class Of 1988 From RILEY BROTHERS LUMBER CO. 62 Reed Avenue No. Attleboro, MA 695-9371 ReebokSP DB sport s y Featuring Name Brand Athletic — Footwear and Clothing 546 Kallay Blvd. No. Attloboro, MA 02760 (617) 695-4499 -LMjpm COMPLIMENTS OF ENCELHARD SPECIALTY METALS Roucc 152 P la lnvl I le , MA 02 76 2 Ads 189 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ’88! The Restaurant At Tower Square 500 E. Washington St. ( Rt. 1 ) North Attleboro, MA 699-0600 Congratulations, Class Of ’88 Butler Tire Sales 404 E. Washington St., N.A. BOB BUTLER 64 190 Ads “There is a natural aristocracy among men” Thomas Jefferson Ads 191 Congratulations To The Class Of 1988 From Bettencourt’s Honda 760 E. Washington Street (Rt. 1) North Attleboro, MA 02760 Open 9 To 9 Weekdays 9 To 6 Saturdays 192 Ads Best Wishes To The Class Of 1988! The NORTHERN LIGHT staff gives special thanks and congratulations to the students in the Honor Society for their excellent efforts selling ads for the yearbook. It was a terrific year!! Pleasant Printing Co. 4 Taunton St. Kelley Blvd. Plainville, MA 02762 (617) 695-2004 Clubs Available Monogramming Personal Or Business Logo ' s Ladies — Men Carol Sousa Veronica (Ronnie) Henry Complete Fashions For Today ' s Women CHfVROUT MANDEVILLE CHEVROLET Inc. Rte 1 P. 0. Box 99 NO ATTLEBORO, MASS. 02761-0099 F. L MANDEVILLE President Ladies Apparel Store Telephone 695-3501 761 6500 Phone 695-0314 Phone 695-0554 FASHIONS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY R. A. REINBOLD INSURANCE AGCY. INC. Best Wishes To The Class Of 1988 0 op 860 Landiy Ave. NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASS. 02761 Tanning Fitness Center 140 Commonwealth Ave Attleboro Falls, MA 695-8088 GOODfYEAR NORTH ATTLEBORO TIRE AND AUTO REPAIR CENTER Your satisfaction is our top priority. 36 George Leven Drive • N. Attleboro, MA 02760 695-2544 premier® Premier Roll Tool Inc 10 Alice W Agnew Drive Attleboro Falls. MA 02 763 Phone |6I7) 695-2551 Located m the North Attleboro Industrial Park MAURICE UDELSON ' J otjSXt 1 oUi£ O ox mat Rt. 123 Rt . 1A South Attleboro JEFF BRUNELLE Craftsmanship Value PRESIDENTIAL PRINTING 5 50 Kelley Boulevard of North Attleborough , Inc. 399-8060 Service Quality 699 4476 FIRST ML COUMW BWnCWAl BANK WERE in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD 451 El.n St. Attleboro Falls 209 So. Main St. Attleboro 695-4000 19 Park St. Attleboro 505 Pleasant St.’ Attleboro 2736 Washington Plaza So. Attleboro . . And 14 other conveniently located offices in Taunton, Raynham, Seekonk, Easton, Fall River, Wareham, Carver, Marion Hew Bedford. •FIRST EXPRESS Automated Teller Machine location MEMBER, FDIC 194 Ads The 1988 NORTHERN LIGHT YEARBOOK STAFF thanks the following firms and places of business for their generous support: ABC Travel of the Attleboros, Inc. Annie’s Book Swap B L Cleansers, Inc. The Deli Gamma Diagnostic Laboratories Keith Keith, Inc. The Kenneth Hair Salon Masters of Design Morin’s Restaurant and Caterers North Attleboro Plainville Chamber of Commerce Sousa DeMayo, Inc. T-Shirts Plus, Inc. Touch of Class Limousine Service Town Coffee Shoppe The Village Mouse Whispering Pines Mobile Home Park, Inc. GOOD LUCK DEREK BARBER and THE CLASS OF 1988 DONLEY T l e y LET ' S ALL HAVE AL PAR PAPER PRODUCTS PARTY SUPPLIES 695-2987 580 KELLEY BLVD. no. ATTLEBORO, ma 02760 For All Occasions REPAIRING • RESILVERING • REFINISHING ROGER JETTE Silversmiths 52 ORNE ST . P O BOX 613 NORTH ATTLEBORO. MA 02761 (617) 695-5555 SILVERPLATE • STERLING PEWTER • BRASS • COPPER Registered Representative LUTC Graduate national Sale AcMevamairt Award 4 Times Qualified Metropolitan] Insurance I Companlai : Michael Nissenbaum Branch Manager 577 Kelley Boulevard North Attleboro MA 02760 Telephone (617) 695 0235 (617) 695-1900 e 753 EAST WASHINGTON ST. e NORTH ATTLEBORO • MASSACHUSETTS 02760 SSOCIRTES MANUFACTURING WHOLESALE JEWELERS. INC. C-omuftbuj J I uiiujaciuie.i i of cz fwwuli, 0 xomotxom. a nA Since 1965 (617) 695-1900 ASHWORTH INTERNATIONAL INC. Consulting Distributors of: Advertising Specialties Business Gifts Promotional Products 753 E. Washington St. No Attleboro, MA 02760 Douglas R. Ashworth President Ads 195 FREE ESTIMATES Reiidcntial Commercial 106 Bank Street North Attleboro. MA 02760 Lawn Maintenance Nursery Stock A. J. VADALA (617) 695-5432 (617) 695-6731 ART ENGRAVING CORP. P.O. BOX 2567 ATTLEBORO FALLS, MA 02763 cMs4V?cjonto S Son 8 North Washington St., Downtown North Attleboro 695-5201 Best Wishes To The Class Of 1988 TRIBORO GULF Toner Blvd. N. Attleboro, Ma. NURSERY • GREENHOUSES • GARDEN CENTER • FLORIST ♦ LANDSCAPING 2 0 E WASHINGTON ST REAR ROUTE 1 NO ATTLEBORO MA 02760 699-2222 • COMPLETE AUTO GLASS REPLACEMENT • PLATE GLASS MIRRORS SHOWER ENCLOSURES FOR 2 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE CALL ROBERT OZIK 222 0636 ROBERT JOUBERT 399 7B22 MARY DENNIS HARDY Managers DOVER SELF-STORAGE. INC. DOVER SELT STORAGE I B 727 So Washington St. • North Attleboro, MA 02760 (617) 695-2244 jy Or .sn Unc. OXiS. Qxot(i 130 SOUTH WASHINGTON STREET P.O.BOX 1112 NORTH ATTLEBORO, MA 02761 Congratulations To The Class Of 1988 DUNKIN’ DONUTS 617 699-2588 196 Ads LIFE • HEALTH • HOME • CAR • BUSINESS ANDREW J. NIMIROSKI, JR. 272 County Street Attleboro, MA 02703 Phone: 222-4998 Compliments Of NATIONWIDE INSURANCE Nationwide is on your side Home oftice: Columbus, Ohio Qaudette Leather Goods, Inc. 41 Richards Ave. Mo. Attleboro, MA 02760 JOIN OUR C JOIN OUR COMMUNITY AND SAVE COMMUNITY PHARMACY, INC. COMPUTERIZED PRESCRIPTION SERVICE FAMILY RECORDS • PRESCRIPTION DISCOUNTS TO SENIOR CITIZENS • WE HONOR THIRD PARTY PRESCRIPTION PLANS - BAY STATE • MEDEX 3 ■ PAID - PCS - MEDINIET - MASTER HEALTH PLUS • OTHERS ONE OF THE AREA’S LARGEST GIFT AND CARD SELECTIONS THE CORNER OF 0g) RTE 106 WILKINS DR PLAINVILLE MA ONE BLOCK FROM RIGHA AON • SAT 9 AM TO 9 PM SUNDAY 9 AM TO 8 PM 695-1401 Ads 197 BLADE’Z Experience the difference ' Tower Square 699-4802 fUr CHir ATbWN ■ RESTAURANT “ TALENT LIKE OURS COULD GO TO YOUR HEAD ” HOURS MON 9-5, TUES . WED . THURS . FRI 9-8; SAT 9-5 695-8000 WHITES MUSIC SHOP 580 Kelley Blvd., N. Attleboro 617-699-6083 CHARLES G. MORSE GRANITE, CO., INC Corner Fisher Street And Rt. 1 No Attleboro, Mass. 02760 (508) 695-6471 cm ; v . - f ICECREAM 8r SANDWICH SH0P(§ ) AT TLEBORO- NORTH ATTLEBORO-SHARON- TAUNTON-CANTON NORTON 198 Ads CABOT ELECTRONIC CERAMICS CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1988 INC. FRAN’S SEAFOOD North Attleboro Industrial Park North Attleboro, MA 02760 695-5000 Best Wishes to The Class Of ' 88 326 N. WASHINGTON ST. N. ATTLEBORO, MA 02760 CONGRATULATIONS KATHLEEN!!! - PEG LEG PETE’S - ROUTE ONE. NORTH ATTLEBORO. MASS (JUST NORTH OF 295 ON ROUTE ONE) SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE SEAFOOD - STEAK - CHICKEN - VEAL SPAGHETTI - SANDWICHES - COCKTAILS (ALL MENU ITEMS AVAILABLE TO GO) OPEN 11:30 A M 7 DAYS A WEEK LUNCHES DINNERS (617) 695-9052 LUNCHEON SPECIALS FAMILY DINNERS PARTIES BANQUETS Kai Tjua (Restaurant CHINESE AND POLYNESIAN CUISINE COCKTAIL LOUNGE TAKE OUT SERVICE 153 E WASHINGTON ST N ATTLEBORO. MA 02762 TEL. 699-4467 699-4468 A FRIEND GLYNN AUTOMOTIVE 411 North Washington St. N. Attleboro, MA 02760 699-2476 Ads 199 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1988!!! George Aussant Sandy Culhane Jerry Deschenes Ray Doran Derek Fisher Derek LaPlante Lori Lind Tricia McLaughlin Ken Narkiewicz Dennis Patnaude Kris Puccio Harold Rigby Marty Travis Heather Waite Eva Olmos-Bittini Kris Wernborg Mr. Kelley’s First Period Physics Class NN I U A THE MARK OF VALUE. zA axao JEWELERS ( 617 ) 695-8200 Rt. 1 North Attleboro , MA 02760 200 Ads I Congratulations To The Class Of 1988 Good Luck And Best Wishes Congratulations To The Centennial Class Of North Attleboro High School Ads 201 Congra tula tions Class Of 1988 ART’S 3 HR. CLEANSERS INC. 20 Elm St. No. Attleboro, Ma. 02760 NORDIC Renowned decorators of Glasswares. Ceramics with yo ur message A meaningful executive gilt incentive award memento or company advertisement Specialty items tiles ashtrays lor Graduations. Proms Reunions Weddings Conventions. NORDIC COMPANY INC. 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( lSoreA Vpaints u SERVING THE AREA FOR OVER 60 YEARS WITH TRUSTED AND PROVEN PRODUCTS, SERVICE AND EXPERT ADVICE. NOW SERVING YOU BETTER THAN EVER FROM OUR NEW HOME IN THE NORTH PLAZA. 441 EAST WASHINGTON ST. S ClUmClU 695-9344 ' PLUMBING SUPPLIES AND SERVICE • PAINTS • TOOLS • HARDWARE One Lyons Way, P.O. Box D, Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts 02763 (617) 699-4451 y r y r y f e y f i 3 Ujjsta irs - ' Downstair Spcnalunu-j in an cclcctu enscnifrlf of tasteful ' CoQfrctifrfes for tfre- total ficm r (Persona l lied decorating service- fry appointment CTpwrr Sqiujir 5 00 t tw mujloii St EV Atuiooro, Xu 7erni cHerman 0Z7 6O TELEPHONE (617)695-3008 FLORIST • GIFTS 258 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE ATTLEBORO FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 02763 Ads 203 Phone 699-2911 BORO SAND STONE INC. Washed Sand And Stone Products Joseph Rezza Plain Street North Attleboro, Mass r 7 mmmm Route 1 26 North Washington Street North Attleboro. MA 02760 Falls Paint and Wallpaper, Inc. 140 Commonwealth Ave North Attleboro, Ma 02760 (617) 695-8417 POTTER REALTY 15 SOI TII WASHINGTON STREET NORTH ATTI.EHORt). MASSACHI SETTS (K780 TET. mi7 U 05-2140 A FRIEND HQH Insurance Agency. Inc HERBERT O HORNE. C L U 3 ' 2 Washington Gtrect Nos ' m ArricaoRO, MA o;?eo natural Health DR. BARRY J. MACEWEN CHIROPRACTIC OFFICE 6 1 7-699-4-482 BY APPOINTMENT 3 WILKINS DRIVE PLAINVILLE. MA 02762 BADGES MEDALS TROPHIES INSIGNIA REGALIA MEDALLIONS COINS C0MMEM0RATIVES NOVELTIES PEWTER FIGURINES JEWELRY LUCITES BRONZES AWARDS V. 221 JOHN DIETSCH BLVD £ CO., INC. P 0. BOX 1300 ATTLEBORO FALLS, MA 02763-0300 617 699-4436 204 Ads A ' rann MOTOR INN (617) 695 2300 787 So Washington St • Rt 1 • North Attlaboro. Matt 02760 JOHN ED, INC. SERVICE STATION 675 EAST WASHINGTON ST. RT. 1 NO. ATTLEBORO, MA. 02760 (617) 695-0777 panels guards cabinets exhaust systems consoles machine bases degreasing tanks special items awelco, inc. metal fabricators inhn dirtsrh boulevard alllebnro (alls massachu«e Its 02763 Irlrphonr 617 695 25 JJ PHONE 695-7728 LEE’S SMALL ENGINE REPAIR SERVICE IS OUR BUSINESS YARDMAN LAWNBOY PIONEER GREEN MACHINE A OTHER 706 SO WASHINGTON ST (RTE 1| NORTH ATTLEBORO MASS 02760 Compliments of ict40K Box Company A good place to work for almost a hundred years (est. 1891). Your grandparents and even your great grandparents have worked here! We now have new opportunities for your generation, too! Good Luck!!! Ads 205 j AROUND THE GLOBE TRAVEL Congratulations To The Class Of 1988 580 Kelly Blvd. No. Attleboro, Ma 02760 695-1417 ANTHONY viNcieufm DD.S,MSc.D.,PC DfNTlSmYfOf. CHilNiN A50USCINTS AKMMf KANDlCAflfD 617-30Q-8777 6952064 6y AffOINIMlNT WASHINGTON SI. NO IHAITU OAO MASS.O 27 OO tIONEYDEW DONUTS FRANKLIN 219 EAST CENTRAL STREET (Route 140) ALSO NORTH ATTLEBORO 225 EAST WASHINGTON STREET, (Route 1) Compliments Of North Plaza - Rt 1 No. Attleboro, MA 02760 Congratulations Beth And The Class Of 1988 From CZ JU 5 Hjl + tf a mj S Uevtut . 206 Ads (617) 695-6303 SIROIS BICYCLE SHOP SALES - SERVICE - REPAIRS 3-5-10 SPEEDS BMX FUJI • SHOGUN CENTURION • UNIVEGA 893 LANDRY AVENUE N ATTLEBORO. MA 02760 Licensee 600 S Washington St No Attleboro, MA 02760 617 699 6200 Out of T own Reservations 1-800-F0R-CARS •WMmM JL m a MU It MW ,M Car Rental Phone: (617) 699-7032 RUBBISH REMOVAL CESSPOOL AND SEPTIC TANK PUMPING 314 Draper Avenue North Attleboro, Mass 02760 Best Wishes To The 100th Class At North Attleboro High School From STREET GIRS North Attleboro Industrial Park $■ C. Case, Site. Meditating £ QenettaC Confttacto t (320 So. gL osil«glo» Stucel -AJo»tl ttfcbono. 02760 3ef.: (617) 69S-I46I (617) 761-4922 Best Wishes To The Class Of 1988 nr WESTCOTT WESTCOTT CONSTRUCTION CORE. 135 E. Washington ST. N. Attleboro, MA 02761 Tel. 617-695-3561 Ads 207 Congra tula tions To The Class Of 1988 J L TOOL AND FINDINGS CO., INC. Lockets ' Tubular Bracelets - Findings Telephone 699-7876 ROSERT A MITCHELL THE GLASS PLACE P.» of M.ichelt . Glut 6 Co. Inc 179 PARK STREET NORTH ATTLEBORO MASS 02760 SUPERIOR DIE CO UA-COLUMBIA CABLEVISION OF MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of C0NL0N DONNELLY COMPANY, INC. 140 Commonwealth Ave. north Attleboro , MA 02760 Compliments of a Friend 65 SO. MAIN ST., ATTLEBORO, MASS. 02703 208 Ads Congratulations Becky And The 100th Class Of N.A.H.S. ATTORNEY DONALD T. BLISS N.A.H.S. ’55 CORNELL BIRLE, INC. 6 East St. P.O. Box 947 North Attleboro, MA 02762 (617) 695-6265 Compliments Of BERGH BROS INC. TELEPHONE - DAYS (617) 699-2630 NIGHTS (617) 695-3447 GAUMOND ' S AUTO BODY MASSACHUSETTS D P U TARIFF NO 19142 CHIEF ErZ LINER FRAME REFAIR JOHN GAUMOND 105 SOUTH WASHINGTON ST N ATTLEBORO. MASS 02761 Ads 209 RO-JACK’S FOOD STORES, INC. ATTLEBORO FOR MEN PRINCE GARDNER Lealhet Goods PIERRE CARDIN Jewelry. Belts Personal Leather Goods L ' AIGLON Jewelry. Belts Personal Leather Goods ETIENNE AIGNER Jewelry. Belts Personal Leather Goods SWANK Jewelry. Gifts, Belts Personal Leather Goods ROYAL COPENHAGEN Fragrance Products TAUNTON FOR WOMEN PRINCESS GARDNER Leather Goods Belts PIERRE CARDIN Jewelry, Belts Personal Leather Goods ANNE KLEIN Jewelry BIAGI Jewelry FLORA DANICA Perfume • Quality Fruits and Vegetables • • Complete Deli and Grocery Departments • A division of Steele Enterprises. Inc BART STEELE Sales Manager ROUTE ONE P.0 BOX 2280 PLAINVILLE. MA 02762 (617) 699-4919 FRAN BYRNES-O ' LEARY Telephone (6 17) 695 9324 manager PincafifiCe. O nn (Formerly White Birch Motel) APARTMENTS A EFFICIENCIES COLOR TV OIRECT DIAL PHONES — COMPLIMENTARY COFFEE DELUXE WATERSEDS Ri 1. 633 So Washington Street. No Attleboro. Mess 02760 Area Code 617 695 2579 RICHARD W. TH MOT CO., INC. Manu adunng and Confracl Jewelers 5 John Dietich Square P. O. Box 453 No. Attleboro Industrial Burk No. Attleboro, Mass. 02761 No. Attleboro, Mass. 210 Ads I Airport Sports Shop, Inc. (£ali wins C . iyl»«i Lmm W FINE OFFICE FURNITURE OFFICE EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES COMPUTER SUPPLIES r V OFFICE SUPPLY CO., INC. FREE COMMERCIAL DELIVERY 699 - 777 1 17 North Wcutwnglon St North AflWboro AAA Porkiog i n Rro Entronct Iron Parking Lot Hunting, Fishing Reloading Supplies Full Line of Live Frozen Bait ED ARANCIO 585 Kelley Boulevard (617) 695-7071 North Attleboro. MA 02760 Telephone (617) 695-5102 MOTELS (North from Rte. 95— Exit 2B) Rte. 1 at Rte. 120 515 South Washington Street Between Routes 495 and 295 NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASS. (617)695-6400 635-6588 Rl: 761-8546 Advanced Metal Concepts Inc. QUALITY DIE CASTING 385 John Dtetsch BfvtL North Attleboro. MA 02760 Armstrong, Poliis and Clapp COUNSELLORS AT LAW 617-695-3334 617-283-9333 12 CHURCH STREET N. ATTLEBOROUGH. MASS. 02760 (6 1 7) 695-8500 ATTLEBORO F0XB0R0 ELECTRIC SUPPLY, INC. Alice Agnew Drive P.O. Box 2600 No. Attleboro. MA 02763 Roy ' s, DicKs, Ernie’s, Pete ' s, Bob ' s Barber Shops And Tony s Barber Styling Ads 211 SENIORS Beaudoin, Deborah 16, 146, 147, 154, 155, 164, 168 Bucklin, Audra 17, 136, 140, 157, 164, 165, 167, 168 DiFiore, Scott 9, 20, 33, 40, 43, 46, 115, 122, 132, 136, 145, 148, 155, 163, 164, 177, 178 Donais, Craig 20, 140, 144, 148, 155, 162, 163, 164, 166, 167, 168 Drought, Nancy 20, 154, 155, 166, 168 England, Debra 21, 145, 150, 155, 163 Fong, Bonnie 21, 48, 40, 130, 140, 145, 146, 148, 155, 157, 163, 164, 168 Gioia, Christine 22, 141, 150, 152, 155, 162, 176 Griffin, Beverly 22, 48A, 41, 150, 155 Johnson, Carol 23, 110, 128, 129, 136, 155, 164, 167, 168 Lind, Lori 25, 114, 146, 154, 155, 157, 164, 168, 178 Llacuna, Marinelda 25, 155, 157, 164, 168 McAfee, Stephen 26, 144, 148, 155, 158, 159, 160, 161 Meyer, Keith 26, 45, 47, 113, 122, 138, 139, 155, 166, 167 Pearce, Sheryl 28, 114, 127, 136, 144, 157, 164, 165, 172 Puopolo, Timothy 6, 115, 140, 154, 155, 163, 164, 165 Rijo, John 29, 96, 115, 122, 140, 154, 164, 165, 167 Silva, Christine 30, 48B, 155 Stack, Shelley 31, 136, 145, 155, 177 Abdou, Peter 16 Al-Amir, Rosemarie 16 Alfred, Glen 16 Alonzo, Arnold 5, 10, 16 Amin, Jignes 16 Aussant, George 16, 172 212 Index Photo Index Barber, Derek 16, 41, 108, 122, 164 Barrett, Laura 16, 43, 44, 114, 127, 132, 136, 138, 164, 165, 167 Berry, Kyra 16 Bizier, Kerri 3, 13, 16, 136 Bliss, Becky 16, 41, 43, 46, 114, 133, 136, 140„ 144, 149, 157, 164, 166, 168 Boehling, Thomas 11, 16, 41, 43, 150, 153 Bonome, Peter 3, 16, 164 Booker, Catrell 2, 16, 114, 126, 127, 136, 141, 164 Borland, James 17 Boronski, Jason 3, 17, 42, 44, 96, 115, 140, 144, 148, 164 Boutin, Karen 17, 116, 117 Bradley, Lisa 17 Bravetti, Ronn 17, 41 Bray, Michelle 17 Brennan, James 17, 46, 122, 123, 133, 136, 146, 164, 165, Brogan, Gregory 4, 10, 17 Brousseau, Brian 17, 136, 164 Buie, Michelle 17, 136 Burns, Holly 17, 113, 136 Burns, Todd 17 Cabral, Kathleen 17 Cahill, Dawn 17 Calligan, Laura 17 158 Campbell, Lisa 18 Carter, Steven 115, 139 Caruso, Cort 18 Chabot, Jodi 18 Chartier, Neil 18, 136, 146, 164 Chastanet, Michelle 18, 136, 146, 164 Clark, Charles 18, 144, 162 Clark, Deborah 18, 47, 116, 117, 136, 145, 146 Clark, Donna 18 Connelly, Kristen 18, 136, 164, 168 Cordeiro, Christine 18, 48G Corvese, Lisa 18 Coyle, Kathleen 18, 136, 141, 146, 164, 176 Creegan, Mark 10, 18 Culhane, Sandra 18, 128, 136 Culp, Susan 18, 136 Cunningham, Jodie 19 Cunningham, Michael 19 Cuzzetto, Shannon 19 Dargis, Christine 19 Dean, Robbie 10, 19 Defreitas, Tracy 19 Delfino, Brian 19, 42, 146 Demattos, Dawn 19, 146, 155, 157, 164, 168 Deppisch, Paul 19, 44, 108, 136 Deppisch, Peter 19, 44, 108, 109, 164 Derosa, Michael 19. 164 Desautel, Michelle 19 Deschenes, Gerard 19, 113 Devlin , Stacey 19 Dezotell, Kristen 19, 147 Dimaio, Denise 20 Dion, Krista 20 Doran, Raymond 20 Dorr, Carolyn 20, 114, 127, 136, 164, 165 Doucette, Jennifer 20 Dowgiala, Jennifer 6, 20, 43, 44, 114, 136, 164, 165, 167, 173 Doyle, Kimberly 20, 48, 146 Durang, Kristin 20, 150, 151 Dyer, Kristen 20, 40, 48, 118, 136, 138, 146, 164, 167 Edwards, David 20 Eliason, Lee 20 Elwood, Theresa 20, 150 Emerson, Christopher 21, 145, 157 Everton, Tanya 21, 42, 44, 45, 136, 138, 139, 165, 167 Farnell, Kathy 21, 48, 130, 136, 164 Fernandes, Heidi 21, 146, 164, 167 Fisher, Derek 21, 122 Flanagan, Kerri 21, 157, 169 Flores, Micahel 21, 113 Fontaine, Trade 21 Forbes, Jeffrey 21, 48B Foster, Gregory 21, 146, 165 Gagne, Gabrielle 21 Gaskin, Jo-ann 21, 136 Gaulin, Ann 21 Gaulin, Matt 21, 115, 124, 125, 136, 138, 146, 164, 165 Gittle, Jason 9, 22, 29, 33, 45, 47, 48B, 96, 115, 136, 140, 145, 164, 165, 173, 124, 125 Golant, Stacey 22 Gookin, Christopher 22 Goulart, Joseph 22, 162 Grimes, Kelli 3, 22, 146 Gustafson, Anja 22, 117, 119, 143 Hamilton, Becky 22 Hanley, Kevin 22, 96, 115, 125, 136, 164 Harris, Lauren 22, 48, 112, 116, 118, 132, 136 Hasselbaum, Heidi 22, 150 Hazen, Michael 10, 22 Hillman, Jeffrey 22, 146 Hilsman, Jennifer 22 Holdgate, Philip 22, 144, 148, 163 Houde, Pamela 23 Hustler, Glenn 23 Iaconis, Beth 3, 23, 46, 130, 136, 141, 146, 164, 165 Ierardi, Christine 23, 128 Ionelli, Sandra 2, 23, 127, 136, 141, 142, 146, 157, 164, 165, 168 Iveson, Sandra 23 Janick, Lynn 23, 151, 153 Jaquello, Scott 23 Jewell, Allison 23, 48A, 150 Jillson, Amy 23, 48A, 146, 157, 164 Jillson, Christopher 23 Johnson, Jeffrey 10, 23, 46 Johnson, Robert 23 Jordan, Jennifer 15, 23, 150 Joseph, Michelle 23 Jost, Aaron 24 Keenan, Deborah 24 Kelly, Kristen 24 Kelly, Tim 24, 122, 136, 146, 165 Shockley, Richard 30 Kenneally, Stephen 24 Kiff, Jason 4, 24, 158, 159, 160 Kirby, Debra 24, 173 Kosar, Jodi 24 Kraskouskas, John 24, 48, 115, 125, 136, 146, 164 Lacasse, Sharyn 24 Lamar, Michael 11, 24, 172, 124, 125 Laramee, Cassandra 15, 24, 48B, 46 Larochelle, Marc 24, 136, 146, 164 ' Lebeau, Michael 24 LeBlanc, Paul 24 LeFevre, Rene 25, 115, 125 Lesperance, April 25 Lewis, Anthony 25, 108, 109, 124, 125, 165 Lewis, David 25, 43, 115, 125, 136, 138, 164, 167 Liberatore, Marc 25, 48A, 108, 109, 155, 156 Lund, Christopher 25 Lytkowski, Laura 25 MacCormack, Michelle 25 MacDonald, Steven 6, 25, 158, 160, 161 Macomber, Stacy 25 Maione, Erin 25, 157, 164, 172 Mansfield, Kelly 25 Manton, Pamela 25 Marceau, Deanna 25, 114, 126, 127, 136, 164 Marcoullier, Andrew 26, 165 Martin, David 26, 165 McCann, Patrick 9, 26, 33, 122, 136, 140, 155, 163 McCloskey, Devin 26, 157 McCrae, James 26, 164, 167 McCretton, Jane 26 McKenna, Michael 26 McKenna, Sally 26 McLaughlin, Patricia 26 McNielly, Danny 6, 26, 164, 137 McPhee, Kelly 9, 26, 48, 33, 45, 146, 164, 168 Medeiros, Annmarie 26 Medeiros, John 26, 40 Megna, Rhonda 26 Miller, Marilyn 27, 146, 147 Miller, Scott 10 Mobriant, Richelle 27 Moreshead, Karen 27 Morin, Richard 27, 157, 162, 164 Morrell, Jody 5, 27, 48, 48A Morse, Christian 27 Morse, Edward 27 Mullen, Jessie 27, 116, 146 Mullen, Kathleen 27 Narkiewicz, Kenneth 27, 158, 160 Neilson, Eric 27 Nye, Stacie 27, 136, 142, 146, 155, 164 O’Brien, Tim 27, 136 O’Connell, Lauriann 27 O’Connor, Brian 27, 113 Olmas-Bittini, Eva 28, 143, 130, 173 Pardi, Marianne 28 Patnaude, Dennis 28, 165 Pell, Robert 28, 124, 125, 115, 136, 163, 164, 165, 167 Pelletier, Christine 28, 48 Perkoski, Erin 28 Pesce, Bernadette 28 Pesce, Dodi 28 Pestana, Michael 15, 28, 41, 47, 96, 115, 136, 140, 146, 150„ 152, 157, 163, 164, 165 Peterson, Kristina 28, 136, 146, 164 Pierce, Wayne 28 Pion, Matt 28 Porter, Griffin 28 Protano, Joseph 29 Puccio, Kristine 29, 48, 114, 136, 126, 127, 164, 165 Reynolds, Kellie 29, 136 Rhilinger, James 29 Riel, Glenn 29 Riel, Paula 29 Rigby, Harold 29 Robitaille, Bethany 29, 112 Rogers, David 29, 48A, 150, 162, 164 Ronci, Michelle 29, 48, 41, 116, 117, 118, 132, 136, 146, 164 Rosbach, Michael 2 9, 145, 150, 172 Routhier, Rachael 29, 47, 110, 111, 128 Ruane, Megan 30, 146 Ruth, Keiran 15, 30, 131 Sankey, Derek 30, 122 Savard, Catherine 4, 30, 42, 47, 146, 173 Schmidt, David 30 Scott, Audrey 30, 112 Sebastiao, Lisa 30, 41, 127, 136, 164 Shatzer, John 30 Shaw, Kristen 30 Siegwart, Kimberly 3, 30, 136, 140, 164, 167, 168 Simms, Debra 30, 48, 127, 126, 136, 146, 165 Smith, Corrie 30, 128, 129, 136, 133, 165 Smith, Stephen 6, 31 Sousa, Ellen 2, 10, 31, 110, 129, 128, 136, 157, 164, 165 Sowersby, Mark 31 Spadaro, John 7, 31, 115, 122, 132 Stinson, Kirk 31 St. Lawrence, Shon 31 Strasser, Phillip 31, 142, 131, 143 Sullivan, Michael 31, 48B, 125, 136, 138, 139, 167 Swanson, Eric 31 Sweeney, Sherry 31 Taillon, Pamela 5, 31, 112 Tatro, Andrea 31 Tohi, Noriko 31, 143, 130 Toole, Andrea 31 Travis, Martin 31 Tripp, Richard 48G Varden, William 11, 32, 48B, 136, 142, 146, 157, 164, 165 Velino, Dawn 5, 32 Verge, Elizabeth 32 Wagner, Melissa 32 Walker, Jason 32 Walker, Sarah 32, 136 Walsh, Paula 32, 140, 163, 164, 168, 178 Waseleski, Kristine 32, 136, 146, 164, 165 Webb, Michelle 32, 48, 116 Welsh, April 32 Wernborg, Kristen 32, 130, 146, 155, 156, 164, 165 Williams, Lance 32 Williams, Lori 32 Winn, Curtis 32 Wright, Gregory 32, 108, 109 JUNIORS Abdou, David 50 Albertini, Mark 50, 147 Alix, Roland 50 Anza, Erika 50, 114, 137 Arseneau, Kinberly 50 Ashworth, Dana 150, 153 Auclair, Glenn 50 Aussant, Nicole 3, 48A, 50, 114, 127, 137, 138, 147, 164 Bachand, Karin 50, 160 Bardsley, Kerri 50, 164, 168 Beaupre, Neal 50, 115, 124, 125, 137 Benoit, Julie 50 Bertino, Anthony 50, 131, 157, 158, 160 Besaw, Michelle 50, 128 Betts, Steven 50 Blais, Michelle 50 Blanton, Karen 50 Bliss, Cynthia 50, 110, 127, 141, 137, 164, 168 Blodgett, Grace 50 Bourgeois, Donald 50 Buckley, Erin 50, 110, 128, 137, 146, 164, 167 Byers, Heidi 50, 137, 158, 159, 160, 161 Caisse, Kristin 50 Cappucino, Kristin 50, 138, 58 Chace, Noelle 50 Chagnon, Michelle 2, 116, 118, 50 Charette, Scott 50 Charnley, Kim 50, 137, 147 Childs, Bethani 51 Christensen, Jennifer 51 Clark, John 51 Cloutier, John 51 Cochrane, Edward 51, 123, 137, 155 Colleran, Timothy 51 Colvin, Kimberly 51 Conley, Christopher 51, 131 Connelly, Kerry 51 Cook, Karyn 51 Cooke, Peter 51, 115, 125 Cooper, Mark 158, 160 Costic, Deborah 51, 114, 127, 155 Cote, Kerry 51, 123 Courtney, Chris 165 Coyle, Sean 51 Crook, Derek 51 Davignon, Richard 51 Delfino, Timothy 51 DeMarco, Tara 51, 118, 137 Desmarais, Holly 51, 112, 118, 147, 167 Desrosiers, Lisa 7, 51, 130, 137, 145, 155, 164 Dezotell, Michael 51 Dimaio, Diane 51 Dinitto, Christopher 51, 131, 163 Dion, William 51, 96, 115, 125 Dobro, Matthew 51, 150, 151, 152 Dodenhoff, David 51 Index 213 Dufault, James 51 Dumas, Kenneth 51, 131, 156 Dunn, Kerri 51 Edwards, Mark 51, 147 Eliason, Thomas 51, 123, 136 Erickson, Julie 51 Everton, Duane 51 Farrugia, Renee 51, 112 Faulder, Paul 51 Fecteau, Larry 51 Feeney, Bonnie 51 Fisk, Leah 51 Flanagan, Ellen 51 Floyd, Gwen 51, 137, 157, 160 Forbes, Chad 51 Foster, Jennifer 51, 110, 128, 137, 146, 147 Fowler, Lisa 52, 137 France, Linda 52, 130, 137 Fulton, Jill 52, 137, 157 Gagielo, Christine 52, 112 Gagne, Ryan 52 Ganley, Sean 52, 123 Gardner, Bert 52, 125 Gardner, Gary 52, 96, 115, 125 Garrigus, Allison 52, 3 Gaudette, Jennifer 52, 150 Gaumond, Barry 52, 123, 137 Gomes, Wayne 52 Goulet, Mary Ann 52 Grantham, Allynn 52, 114, 127, 149, 150, 155, 156, 157, 164 Grantham, Cynthia 52, 114, 127, 137, 146, 164 Grantham, Marion 52, 114, 127, 145, 149, 150, 152, 155 Griffin, Barbara 130, 150 154 155, 157 Guillette, Lisa 52, 130, 137, 155, 156 160 Guimond, Ernest 52 Hallal, Sharyn 130, 146, 147, 155, 157 Hancock, David 52, 150 Hargreaves, Ryan 113, 155 Hartford, David 115, 137 Hasselbaum, Dawn 52, 114, 127, 137, 145, 149, 150, 155, 156, 164 Heon, Julie 52 Hines, Valerie 52 Host, Keith 52, 150 Housman, Keith 52, 96, 125, 149 Hurder, Kevin 52 214 Index Iida, Amy 52, 137, 157 Jarchow, Debbie 52, 137, 149, 164 Johnson, Steven 52, 122 Joyal, Roger 52 Keleher, Maureen 52 Kelley, Kristin 52 Kelley, Maureen 52 Kelter, Sean 52, 125 Kentros, James 52, 108, 122, 123 Keyes, Matt 52, 108, 155 Kieltyka, Jill 52, 116 Kimbrell, Stacie 49, 157, 160, 161, 168 Klarwasser, Thomas 52 Knowles, Adrien 52 Kronheim, Karl 10, 52 Lake, Karen 52, 114, 127, 137, 155, 157, 163 Lamborn, Lance 3, 52 Lamonte, James 52 LaPlante, Derek 52 Larson, Greg 52 Laurence, Brook 52 Lavasseur, Richard 52, 150, 151 Laviano, Mark 7, 53, 59 Leblanc, Todd 53 Lee, Michele 53 Legendre, Paul 53, 155, 163, 164, 167 Lennox, Brian 53 Leslie, Jodi 53 Lippmeier, J. Casey 53, 149, 150 Macomber, Raymond 53 Magnan, Kyla 53 Mandell, Sarah 53, 137, 142, 144, 150, 169 Marcoullier, Matthew 53 Marsden, Joe 53 Martins, Lino 53 McCarthy, Scott 53 McCrae, Alex 53 McDeed, Eileen 53, 58, 117, 118, McKenna, Chad 53 McKinnon, Sarah 53 McQuade, Judi 53, 112, 116, 118, 137 Medeiros, Joseph 164 Merigold, Marcy 53, 110, 111, 137, 141, 157, 164, Mikulis, Jonathan 53, 108, 109, 125, 154 Miller, Robert 3, 53, 108, 164, 168 Mitchell, Thomas 53 Morris, Richard 53 Morrison, Jill 53, 112 Morrison, Julie 53 Morse, Patricia 53, 137, 146 Moscato, Laura 53, 137, 157 Muir, Cheryl 53 Murphy, Frank 53 Newport, Mark 8, 53, 115, 124, 125, 137, 146, 157 Ney, Jeanne 53 O’Connor, Patrick 53, 144 Oliveira, Mark 53 Paris, Scott 53 Pasquel, Frank 5, 53 Patalano, Nick 53 Pearson, Rebecca 54 Pereira, Christine 54 Phalen, Eileen 54 Pierini, Tammy 54, 147 Pion, Derrilyn 54 Potter, Cheryl 54, 130, 137 Powell, Mark 54 Pratt, Christine 54, 146 Pratt, Erica 123 Prescott, Laura 140, 144, 150, 155, 157 Quintal, Kerri 54 Re, Jen 54, 146 Reinsant, Jeff 54, 164 Reuter, Robert 54, 150 Reynolds, Vicki 54 Ricci, Daniel 54 Richards, Gary 54, 131 Rizvi, Nassim 54 Robichaud, Marc 8, 54, 137 Roditakis, Paul 54 Rodriguez, Brian 54, 108, 124, 125 Rodriguez, Daryl 54, 108 Rose, Alison 54 Rucinski, Jon 54 Ryder, Aaron 54 Savage, Thomas 54, 113 Schubnel, Julie 54, 127, 137 Shinn, Jude 54, 113 Sivestri, Richard 54 Sisti, Tom 54 Slaney, Derek 54 Slaney, Matt 54 Solari, Donna 54 Spencer, Andrew 54 Spoltore, Suzanne 54 Stafford, Ian 2 54 Stanford, Sharon 54, 157 Sweetland, Julie 3, 54 Sylvestro, Renata 54, 114 Tremblay, Cindy 54, 155, 157, 168 Vincent, Lynn 54 Viscusi, Ann 54 Waite, Heather 54, 157 Watman, Neal 54 Wilkie, Gail 54 Williams, Tracy 54 Winship, Chad 55, 150, 153, 158, 160 Witt, Derek 151 Worthington, Jason 122, 123 Wright, Michelle 55, 154, 155, 157, 162, 168 Yankee, Eric 55, 113, 123 Young, Laura 55 Zonfrillo, Edward 55, 150, 153 SOPHOMORES Anjoue, Daniel 60 Ala, Michele 60, 168 Allen, Deborah 60, 128, 138 Allen, Matthew 60, 115, 125, 157, 163 Anderson, Cindy 60, 114, 127 Aussant, Aimee 60 Baldwin, Jenny 60 Banks, Ivory 60 Bellavance, Chere 60, 112 Bennett, Erin 60 Blackburn, Elizabeth 60, 160, 161 Blake, Shad 60, 113 Blake, William 60 Boltz, Nancy 60, 160 Booker, Rolanda 60, 114, 127, 164 Boyle, Gretchen 60 Bradley, Robert 60 Burns, Richard 60, 113, 123 Bury, Patrick 60 Buteau, Jennifer 60, 144 Butler, Robert 60 Cameron, Derek 60, 115 Camire, Justin 61 Campbell, Troy 61 Campbell, William 61, 125 Carson, Juliet 157 Chase, Tammy 61 Cheney, Cara 118 Clark, Kelli 61, 164 Clark, William 61 Clarkin, Susanne 61, 130 Clements, Jamie 61 Cleveland, Dawn 49, 61, 157, 165 Clinton, Jean 61, 112 Cloutier, Michelle 61, 128 Collar, Michelle 61 Conley, Brian 61, 115, 125, 157 Cook, Timothy 61 Corrigan, Lisa 61, 157, 167 Courtney, Jodi 61 Cowdrey, Christopher 61, 160 Cragan, Peter 61, 125, 138 Croall, John 61 Crossley, Barry 61 Croteau, Mark 61, 113, 123, 167 Cryan, James 61, 113 Daggett, Jeremy 61 Daniels, Emily 61 Darling, Keith 61, 160, 161 DeLaurier, Lisa 61, 116, 118 Delfino, Jennifer 61 Delorey, Tina 61 DeMattos, Greg 61, 113, 157 Dery, Reagan 61 Desilets, Jennifer 61, 144, 157, 168, 169 DiBiase, David 61 Doane, Shacora 61 Drotts, Cindy 61, 164 Drought, Sarah 61, 168 Dyer, Kimberly 62, 114, 127, 138, 167, 168 Eiban, Erick 62 Ellis, Gregg 62 Ellis, Lorie 62, 150 Fellmann, Barbara 62, 110, 128, 129, 164 Fish, Lauren 62, 130, 164, 168, Flanagan, Kimberly 62, 150, 157 Foster, Jamie 62 French, Michelle 62, 112 Frost, Christopher 62, 150, 153 Fuller, Jason 62, 150, 151, 153 Fulton, Julie 62, 127 Garrow, Michael 62, 115, 125 Goeller, Brian 62, 123 Gonzalez, Kerry 62, 146 Gookin, Karen 62 Gordon, Denise 62 Gray, James 62 Greco, Lynne 62, 157 Haines, Philip 62 Hanley, Kristen 5, 62, 114, 127, 149 Hargreaves, Amy 62, 117, 118, 129 Hartford, Julie 62, 117, 118 Hefron, Philip 62, 113 Hiltz, Heidi 62 Hobson, Heath 62 Holbrook, Susan 62 Holdgate, Claudine 62, 150 Holt, Carla 2, 62, 157 Horrocks, Kevin 62, 157 Houle, Lori 62 Jaquello, Chris 62 Jerpi, Lynne 62 Johnson, Jason 11, 62 Johnson, Richard 62, 115, 125 Johnson, Steve 62 Kane, Kevin 62 Kirby, Dana 62 Knight, Edward 62, 113 Knowles, Nathan 62 Kosar, John 62 Kraskouskas, Jeffrey 62, 113, 122, 123 Krawiec, Richard 62, 113 Lacasse, Brian 62, 96, 115, 125 Lareau, Lisa 62, 150 Levin, Natalie 62, 129, 146, 164 Linowski, Jennifer 62 Linowski, Laura 63 Lockwood, Melissa 63 Long, Rebecca 63 Macaione, Lynn 62, 117, 118 Maher, Christine 63, 129, 157 Manton, Dana 63 Marcoccio, Michael 63 Marcoux, Christine 63, 150 Marsden, David 63 Martell, Jeff 63 Martin, Christopher 63, 144 McCloskey, John 63, 157, 162, 168 McDevitt, Andrew 63 McGill, Lisa 63 McGlashing, Eric 63 McKenna, Julie 63 McKeon, Tina 63 Medeiros, Jamus 63 Medeiros, Mark 63 Middleton, Robert 63 Moody, Eric 63 Morrison, Aimee 63, 114, 127 Murawski, Eric 63 Nally, Jeff 63, 167 Nardelli, Julia 63, 116, 118 Nesbitt, Kristen 116, 118 Newport, Leslie 2, 63, 146, 157, 164 O’Brien, Jessica 63 Ordiales, Richard 63, 113 Ormonde, Jason 63 Palmer, Keith 63 Palmquist, Amy 63, 112 Palo, Tanya 63, 119, 147 Paul, Donna 63 Pedini, Mark 10, 48, 63 Perkoski, Christina 63 Perrotta, Christine 63 Peterson, Melissa 63, 130, 164, 168 Pichierri, Brian 63 Pierini, Tracy 63 Post, Kathleen 63 Precourt, Michael 63 Preston, Derek 63 Puccio, Michelle 64, 114, 127, 141 Raymond, Brian 64, 157 Reardon, Kristin 64 Rhilinger, Amy 64, 146, 164 Ricci, Karen 64 Rickard, Nicole 64, 129 Riel, Gerri 64, 150 Rioux, Michelle 64 Risser, Jason 64, 113 Roche, Bridget 64, 129, 164 Rosado, David 64 Rosbach, Steven 64, 113 Rousseau, Sarah 64, 117, 118 Roy, Matthew 64, 123 Schofield, Jamie 64 Schromm, Lynn 64, 114, 157 Senay, Mary 64, 119 Shatzer, Matthew 64 Sheasgreen, Kevin 64 Shepard, Nikkol 64 Sherman, Lynn 64, 146, 157, 160, 164 Sias, Jo 64, 146, 164 Silvestri, Randy 64, 113, 123 Simoneau, Nicole 64 Slaney, Philip 64 Smith, Erica 64, 118 Smith, Keeley 64, 164 Sousa, Brenda 64 Spencer, Erin 64, 146, 164 Spencer, Scott 64, 131 St. Lawrence, Albert 64, 123 Stoltz, Brady 64, 117, 164 Strachan, Mary 64, 129 Tardiff, Melissa 64 Taylor, Stacey 64 Thomas, Brian 64 Tinkham, Daniel 123 Vacher, Stephen 123 Vandette, Michelle 64, 117, 118, 157, 168 Wallis, Julia 64, 130 Walmsley, Jennifer 64 Walsh, Greg 108, 123 Weeman, Jennifer 64, 130 Werner, Kristen 64, 114 Wilson, Kathryn 64 Wojciechowski, Traci 64 Ziergiebel, Kara 64, 164, 168 FRESHMEN Abrahamson, Rebecca 68, 119 Addy, Shannon 68, 147 Albertini, Marisa 117, 119, 138, 147, 164, 167 Alix, Paul 4, 68 Armell, Nicole 68, 119, 130, 147 Bachand, Scott 160 Bates, Khristopher 68 Benoit, Jodi 68 Bestwick, Carrie 68 Bissonnette, Tracey 68, 146, 157 Boehling, Maureen 68 Brennan, Robert 68, 147, 164 Brenner, Jennifer 147 Brogan, Erik 68 Bruce, Allen 115, 125 Calderone, Julie, 68, 126, 127, 164 Cauger, Sheri 68, 114, 127, 157 Chagnon, Melissa 68, 117, 118, 119, 138 Chartier, Amy 68, 114, 127 Collins, Christine 68 Cooke, David 68, 115 Cox, Christina 68, 157 Cragan, Maura 127, 164 Crook, Michelle 12, 68 Culberson, Nicole 129 Cuttilo, Kim 68 Daniels, Belinda 68 Davignon, Stacey 68, 129, 146, 160 Davis, Kerry 68 DeBaggis, Robert 68 DiFiore, Thomas 68 Dodge, Valerie 68 Domuczicz, Kenneth 68, 158, 159, 160, 161 Dorr, Timothy 96, 115, 125 Dowgiala, Nicole 68, 129, 147, 164 Dromsky, David 125, 160 Duckworth, Scott 125 Edwards, Brandy 68, 119 Edwards, Margret 7, 68, 161 Edwards, Robert 69 Farrell, Kristin 69, 119, 127, 164 Ferns, Jason 69 Finn, Joshua 69 Flores, Amy 69, 129 Foley, Amanda 69, 114, Index 215 127 Foley, Monique 69 Fong, Stephen 69, 131, 157, 163 Fontaine, Kendra 69 Forbes, Jill 69 Gagne, Marjorie 69, 164 Gaouette, Jennifer 69, 119, 129 Gardner, Jason 49, 96, 115 Gariepy, Kristen 69, 119, 130 Garvey, Jennifer 69 Gaudette, Tom 69 Glass, Robert 69 Gould, Kathryn 69, 129 Grant, Rachel 69 Greco, Deborah 69, 146, 157 Greco, Jacqueline 69, 146, 157 Grenon, Tammie 69 Grimes, Hilary 69 Harding, Arthur 69 Hargreaves, Kerry 69, 117, 118, 119, 129, 164 Hart, Karen 69 Hayes, Jennifer 69, 114, 127, 164 Herber, Derek 69 Hewes, Chris 69 Holt, Suzanne 69, 129, 147, 167 Horlbogen, Andrew 69 Horrocks, Karen 69 Horton, Kathleen 69, 129, 157, 162 Hosmer, Melissa 70 Host, Kyle 70, 150 Hull, Angela 70 Jeppe, Lynda 70, 119, 127, 164 Johnson, America 6, 70, 117, 118, 127, 150, 152, 164 Johnson, Daniel 70 Josef, Jennifer 70 Jusczyk, Dawn 70, 129, 157 Kelley, Gregory 70, 158, 160 Labedz, Richard 70, 158, 160 Lagasse, Scott 70 Lamborn, Benjamin 70 Lamoureux, Richard 70 Lander, Dawn 70 Laramee, Kim 70, 119 Lamer, Elizabeth 70 Leary, Bethany 70, 114 LeBlanc, Sally 70 Liberatore, Lynn 70, 127, 216 Index 142, 145, 147, 157, 164, 167, 168 Lilienthal, Donald 70, 113 Linfield, Michelle 70, 119, 147 Livingstone, Jay 70, 96, 125, 157 Lonsdale, Stacey 147 Maitland, Kelley 12, 70, 114, 127 Marchand, Michael 70 Marchand, Sherri-Lee 147 Marshall, Holly 70 Marshall, Peter 70 Martin, Amy 70, 114, 127 Martins, Caroline 70 Masterson, Hazen 70 McAlpine, Katherine 70, 119 McCann, David 70 McDermott, Robert 70 McGrath, Andrew 70 McQuade, Richard 70 Mello, Angela 70 Mercier, Wendi 70, 119, 130 Mikulis, Jason 13, 70, 125 Miller, Christian 70, 147 Miller, Jennifer 71 Mitchell, Guy 71, 157 Morrison, Paul 71, 113 Morrow, Russet 71, 112, 158, 160, 162 Morrow, William 71, 158, 160 Mueller, Deborah 71 Murphy, Heath 71 Murphy, Tara 71, 160, 161 Napoleone, Douglas 71 Narkiewicz, Douglas 71, 159, 160 Nigro, Amanda 71 Nye, Matt 71 O’Reilly, John 71 Obuchowski, Jodi 71, 119, 127 Ockey, Andrea 71 Olson, Tammy 71 Orlando, John 71 Patel, Nirali 71 Patnaude, Daniel 71, 125, 157 Phipps, Laurie 10, 71, 129 Pinsonnault, Mark 71 Pirelli, Dawn 71 Potter, Jeffrey 71, 158 Pratt, Stephen 49, 71 Puccio, Timothy 71 Rawson, Lois 71 Rei, Albert 71 Reuter, Erik 71, 153 Robichaud, Deidre 71, 110, 111, 128 Robidoux, Jacques 71 Rosbach, Jennifer 71 Rountree, Kristen 71 Rudkowski, Marc 71, 157 Ruggio, Laura 71, 146 Ryder, Danielle 71 Samma, Jameela 71, 146 Sawyer, Todd 71 Schmidt, Julie 71, 110, 111, 128, 129 Shaw, Craig 71 Sigman, Timothy 71 Signorelli, Tishya 71, 157 Silvio, Jennifer 71 Smirnoudis, Steven 71, 157 Smith, Eric 71 Smith, Jennifer 72, 129 Smith, Kendle 72 Soullier, Melanie 72 Spearin, James 72, 157 Spencer, Randy 72 St. Jean, Albert 72 St. Jean, Reanna 72, 117, 119, 150, 164 St. John, Stephanie 72 Stawinski, Steven 72 Strang, Kerry 72 Sullivan, Christopher 72, 125 Sullivan, James 72 Svendsen, Jon 72 Swanson, Jill 127 Tetreault, Adele 72 Tuomisto, Jesse 72 Van Den Berghe, Brian 13, 72 Vincent, Ronald 72 Walton, John 72, 113 Wappel, Kristin 72 Webb, Michelle 115, 117, 119 Wernborg, Matthew 72 Wheeler, Joshua 72 Winship, Matthew 72, 113 Zeitsiff, Adam 72 SUBJECT INDEX Administration 84 Ads 186 Aides - 147 Art Club 146 Awards Assembly 145 Baseball 122 Basketball Boys’ 108 Basketball Girls’ 110 BICO 80 Cheerleaders 116 College Bowl 148 Credits 169 Cross Country 96 Dedication 93 Drama Club 150 Faculty and Staff 85 Father-Daughter Dance 141 Field Hockey 98 Fisher-Kelley Banquet 132 Football 100 Foreign Exchange Student Assembly 143 Freshmen 70 Galadriel 149 Golf 104 Graduation 176 Gymnastics 112 Homecoming 138 Honor Society 154 Index 212 Junior Prom 58 Juniors 50 Latin Club 157 Math League 163 Memoriam 183 Model Senate 144 Model UN 140 Music 158 Newspaper 162 Parent Boosters 181 Physical Education Leaders 165 Powderpuff Football 136 SADD 164 Science Fair 142 Senior Class (Foldout) Senior Class History 33 Senior Class Night 174 Senior Pizza Party 170 Senior Portraits 16 Senior Prom 48 Senior Reception 172 Senior Softball Game 171 Senior Superlatives 40 Soccer 106 Softball 128 Sophomore Social 68 Sophomores 60 Spring Track Boys’ 124 Spring Track Girls’ 126 Student Advisory Council 167 Student Council 166 Tennis 130 Volleyball 105 Winter Track 114 Wrestling 113 Yearbook 168

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