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The Norfhern Lighf North Attleboro High 9chool 1974 1 3 represents something new % f ' 4 5 that never existed before 7 som s and unique Two years ago you come to North Attleboro High School com- pletely unknown to the Student Body. With enthusiasm and new ideas, you obtained the respect of the students and the administration so highly valued at North. Not only did you introduce original and inter- esting curriculum, but you offered field trips, and a humanities curricu- lum committee to draw more interest. As many may agree, under- standing, leadership, fairness, and devotion were just a few of your extraordinary qualities. For your outstanding personality and persev- erance the Senior Class would like to dedicate the 1 974 Northern Light Yearbook to YOU, MR. VICTOR LISTER. 12 Table Of Contents Dedication Table of Contents Faculty Qeniors Underclassmen Sports Organizations 1 146 13 CN CO CD 00 CN 14 Administration And Faculty 15 Superinfendent of Schools To fhe Class of 1 974; America is making plans to celebrate its bicentennial. Relative to your own age that is a long span of time. It is relatively short, however, in this life of nations. With so much accomplishment behind us, we have reason to be proud and to celebrate. But, reminded by the events of this past year that we are not perfect, we must make a new commit- ment to the ideals this still young nation claims to espouse. The irony of our present situation is that these wrong doings have been spawned by our success from the abuses of wealth and power by imperfect men. Take every opportunity to learn what can be learned from our past and present history. Place this into a perspective for your own future. Try to know what Walt Whitman meant when he said: " Now understand me well ... it is provided in the essence of things, that from any fruition of success no matter what, shall come forth something to make a greater struggle necessary.” William L Kelly I 16 High 9chool L0UI9 D. KELLEY Class of 1 974; Congratulations on being who you are, a unique human being capable of making a special contribution to your school and your community. I don’t have to remind you what the future holds in store for you. You know that life has responsibilities as well as rewards, failures as well as successes, tragedies as well as joy. I am confident that your special qualities of mind, heart, and spirit will lead you toward the goals that you have set for yourselves. So as you go forward into life — take with you my best wishes and highest hopes. 17 Assistant Principal Mr. William 9. Wassel Class of 1 974; Personality — Oneness — Character — Originality — Doing one’s own thing — all of these words or phrases describe the same important aspect in a person ' s life, that of individualism. This self-identity is especially important to you as young people emerging from your adolescence into adulthood as you receive your hard-earned diplomas. Each of you has developed a unique personality and has established aspirations and goals in your lives whether they be to continue your formal education or begin train- ing in your chosen field. We, the Administration and staff of North Attleboro High School, hope that in the years you have spent in our school you have had many meaningful experiences. This knowledge we sin- cerely hope has helped develop the individualism that you possess. In short, " do your own thing” but have some direction in your long-range plans. Director of Occupational Education Mr. Alfred J. 9lowe 18 Guidance MR. A. J. O ' ANIELLO B.S. at Boston College; Ed.M. at Boston College; Doctoral Candidate at Boston University MR. PETER P. JOHNSON A.B., M.Ed., Northern University; Hobbies; Sports, Reading MR. EDWARD V. FOX B.A., Suffolk University; M.Ed., Boston State Teachers College; Coach; Golf Deparfm©nf He0d mrs.suzanne shaver B.A. in psychology at Duquesne Univer- sity; M.Ed. at Northeastern MRS. ELIZABETH GRAASS Boston University; College of Liberal Arts, Bridgewater State, A.B., M.Ed.; Hobbies; Painting 19 Secretaries MRS. MILDRED CONNOR Secretary to the Principal MRS. JUNE CROSTA Clerical Secretary MRS. AAARY MORRILL Secretary to the Assistant Principal MRS. ELEANOR L. PIKE Secretary to Guidance 20 Humanifies ! i ! 3 i i MR. VINCENT BALDASARO B.A. in History, Bridgewater State College; Hobbies; Tennis, Cooking, Spectator of Sports MR. LLOYD K. BENSON B.A., M.A., Theil College, University of Maryland; Hobbies; Photography, Basket- ball, Music I ] MISS JUDITH E. COBB i B.A. at University of Massachusetts; Grad- uate work at University of Rhode Island and Bridgewater State; Drama Club Advi- sor; Hobbies; Theatre, Knitting, Stitchery, Painting, Gourmet Cooking MISS CAROL BOTULA B.A. at Chatham College MRS. CAROL DUHAMEL Ed.B. at Rhode Island College, M.A. Can- didate; Student Council Advisor; Hobbies; Cooking, Sewing, Canoeing 21 MISS MARY LOU FOLEY B.A. at Regis College; Hobbies; Tennis, Piano MRS. MARTHA M. FRUTCHEY B.A. at Grinnell College; M.A.T. at Brown University; Advisor; Honor Society; Hob- bies; Reading, Sewing MR. ROGER A. FRECHEHE Bachelor of Education at Keene State Col- lege MR. JAMES E. FRUTCHEY A.B. at Kalamazoo College; Ed.M. Candi- date at Boston University; Advisor; Hocko- mock League Social Studies Forum; Hob- bies; Reading, Photography, Bicycling MR. ROBERT E. HANOLD B.A. at Clark University; M.A. at Boston University; Hobbies; Winter Sports 22 MRS. PAULINE LEAVER B.A. at Rhode Island College; Advisor; Freshman Class; Hobbies; Reading MRS. MARY ELLEN SAMMA B.A. in English at Newton College of the Sacred Heart; Grad. Work in English at University of Wisconsin; Grad. Work in Education at Rhode Island College; Advi- sor; " The Open Road " ; Hobbies; Sewing, Gardening, Cooking Indian Food MR. STEPHEN A. MANNING B.A. in Philosophy at St. John ' s College; Freshman Football Coach; Hobbies; Ath- letics Department Head MR. ViaOR LISTER A. B. at Boston University; M.A. at North- eastern University; M.Ed. and C.A.S. at Harvard University; Credits from Clark, B. C., B.U. Grad. School; Diploma in Busi- ness from Becker Jr. College; Hobbies; Phi- losophy MISS AAARIE J. SCANLIN A.B. at Emmanuel College; Ed.M. at Bos- ton State College; Hobbies; Traveling, Photography, Movie Making, Reading, Fishing 23 MR. EDWARD F. SHOCKRO JR. B.A. at Bridgewater State College; Hob- bies; Football Official MRS. RUTH M. WADDICOR B.A., M.A. at Brown University MR. ROGER J. THIBAULT B.A. at Providence College, University of Georgia, Rhode Island College; Hobbies; Sailing, Fishing MR. FRANK J. SPEECKAERT B.A. in History and Anthropology at Bridgewater State; Detention Hall Monitor; Hobbies; Archeological Excavating, I.A.A.B.O. MRS. JEANNE H. WHIHEMORE B.A. at University of Rhode Island, M.A. in Ed. at Rhode Island College 24 Languages MR. CHARLES A. AYOHE B.A. in Languages at Providence College; M.A. in Secondary School Administration at Providence College; Cross Country Coach; Assistant Coach Spring Track MISS DORIS DALEY B.A. at Regis College Deparfmenf Head MRS. SANDRA HUIDOBRO B.A. at Framingham State College; Hob- bies; Oil Painting, Classical Guitar MR. MARCEL P. DUHAMEL A.B. at Rhode Island College, M.A. at Assumption College; Student Council Advi- MR. JOHN BEVILAQUA JR. B.A. at University; M.A. at Middlebury College; Senior Class Advisor MR. FRANK KELLEY B.A. at Providence College; Weightlifting Coach MRS. PHYLLIS THIBAULT B.A. at Connecticut College for Women; Hobbies; Canoeing, Sewing, Reading 25 Science And Mathematics MR. DAVID L. ARNOLD B.S. in Education at Northeastern Univer- sity MR. ROBERT J. GASTELLO Ed.B at Rhode Island College; M.A.T. at Brown University; attended Northeastern University; New York University; University of Pittsburg Departmenf Head DR. ROBERT C. FAXON A.B. and B.S. in Mathematics and Chemis- try at Eastern Nazarene College; Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at Syracuse University; Hobbies; Carpentry, Electronics, Lecturing on Bible Prophecy MR. ROLAND BROUSSEAU B.S. at Providence College; M.Ed. at Rhode Island College MR. JEFFREY GRANT B.A. at University of Vermont; Sophomore Class Adviso;, J.V. Football and Baseball Coach; Hobbies; Reading, Music MR. ROBERT G. AUSSANT B.S. in Biology at Central Connecticut State College; Winter Track Coach; Spring Track Coach 26 MR. CLINTON S. JOHNSON Sc.B. at Brown University, B.Ed. at Univer- sity of Rhode Island, M.S. at Rhode Island College, Hobbies; Gardening, Traveling MR. ARTHUR NUNES B.S. at University of Rhode Island, Hob- bies; Sports MR. ROBERT S. RAWDING B.S. in Biology at Stonehill College; Junior Class Advisor; Hobbies; Golf, Skiing, Pho- tography MISS AAARILYN A. KASS A.B. at Regis College, M.Ed. and C.A.G.S. at Boston College MRS. EARLENE ROBERT A.B. in Mathematics at Bridgewater State College; Hobbies; Golf, Skiing MR. CHARLES J. SCHWING B.S. at Massachusetts Institute of Technol- ogy; Hobbies; Music, Bridge, Reading MR. JOHN A. VANDEREECKEN A.A. at Rhode Island Junior College, B.A. at Rhode Island College, M.A.T. at Rhode Island College Grad. School; Hobbies; Mathematics, Outdoor Activities, Animals 27 Commercial MR. RODERICK R. CAVEDON A. A. at Dean Junior College; A.B. at Univ. of R.I.; M. •A.T. at B.U.; Baseball N.A. Farm System Coach; Charge of Player Personnel; Volunteer Work and Support of N.A. Junior Football; Hobbies; Fishing, Skiing, Sports, Chess and Card Games MR. ROBERT T. DENNIS B.A. and M.A. at Northeastern University MR. WILLIAM F. FLANNERY JR. B.A. at Northeastern University; Babson College; Faculty Council; Hobbies; Read- ing, Outdoor Activities MRS. JEAN MOON B.S. at University of Rhode Island; Hob- bies; Tennis MISS ALICE HALL B.S. and M.Ed. at Boston University MRS. MARGARET E. LALIBERTE B.A., C. Ed. M.Ed., B.Ed., Critic Teacher Bryant College; Rhode Island College; Providence College MISS A4ARY TALTY B.A. at Boston University MR. PAUL H. FERNBERG B.S. and M.Ed. at Boston University; Northeastern University; University of Rhode Island; Hobbies; Chess Department Head 28 Practical Arts MRS. JEAN ARMSTRONG B. of Fine Arts at University of Rhode Island; Freshman Class Advisor; Hobbies; Photography, Printmaking, Painting, Camping, Mountain Climbing, Candlemak- ing I MRS. SUSAN YOUNG l| A. A. at Bay Path Junior College; B.S. at i University of Massachusetts; Hobbies; For- i eign Foods, Motorcycle Riding, Antique f ' Hunter MRS. ELIZABETH INGRAM B.S. at Framingham State College; Advisor Senior Class; Hobbies; Antiques, Garden- ing, Cookbooks, Childcare, Foods, Home Nursing MR. MICHAEL ARNONE City College at Nev York; Rutgers Univer- sity; Trenton State; New York University; Harvard University; Hobbies; Skiing, Motorcycle Riding MISS EVELYN RAAAALHETE B.S. from S.M.U.; Hobbies are collecting art and cookbooks. Refinishing Furniture MR. JOHN V. BELLISSIMO A.S. and B.S. at Wenrworth Institute; Hob- bies; Skiing, Radio MR. ARTHUR L. CANUEL B.S. at University of Southeastern Massa- chusetts, Grad. Credits at Bridgewater State College; Hobbies; Camping MR. ROBERT MULLEN B.A. at Bridgewater State College, Boston State Degree Program MR. FREDERICK HORAN M.A. at New York University IN MEMORY OF; MR. JOHN L. MOLTON A.S. in Automotive Elec, at Newton Junior College. Attended B.U., Class A Naval Schools, Southeastern Regional; Hobbies; Boating, Water Skiing, Auto Racing, Bowl- ing, Country Trips MR. ROBERT PERFEHO Asst. Eng. Tech, at Roger Williams Col- lege; I.A. Ed. at Rhode Island College I 30 .•L MR. RAYMOND BEAUPRE B.S. in P.E. at University of Montana; Asst. Football Coach; Freshmen Basketball Coach MRS. BARBARA MURPHY B.S. at Boston-Bouve College of North- eastern University; Varsity Basketball and Softball Coach; Advisor G.A.A. MR. KENNETH G. PICKERING B.S. in P.E. at University of Bridgeport; University of Maryland; Bridgewater State College; Athletic Director; Head Basket- ball Coach MR. WALTER VALLEY Attended Prov. College; R.I.C. received B.A.; Hobbies; Skiing, Skimobiling MISS NANCY WILLIAMS B.S. at Boston-Bouve College of North- eastern University; Varsity Field Hockey Coach and J.V. Basketball Coach MR. MARK VAN DEN BERGE B.A. at Boston College; M.Ed. at Bridge- water State College; J.V. Basketball Coach; Hobbies; Sports 3t MRS. MARY F. BLENNER B.S. State University of New York College at Cortland; Boston State College; Hob- bies; Skiing, Swimming, Boating MR. THOMAS BACCALA B.M. Berkley College of Music; Boston Conservatory of Music; San Diego State College; Hobbies; Golf, Bridge MR. RONALD CHRISTIANSON University of Mass.; B.M. at New England Conservatory of Music; M.M. at Boston University Doctoral Candidate; President; Board of Directors, Massachusetts Youth Woodwind Ensemble, New England Con- servatory, Manager Southeastern District Band MR. GORDON BAINBRIDGE B.F.A. at Rhode Island School of Design MRS. JOESPHINE C. DAWSON R.N. at Lowell General Hospital; Boston Floating Hospital; Danvers State Hospital; Hobbies; Attending all Sports, Cheering for Red Rockets 32 The Media Centet Head Librarian and Media Specialist MRS. HELEN MULLEN B.S. in Ed. at Bridgewater State College; M.A. at University at Lausanne, Switzer- land; B.U., Bridgewater State College; Rhode Island College (Critic Teacher); M.A. in Library Science at University of Rhode Island; Northern Light Yearbook Advisor; Hobbies; Traveling, Harmonette Singing Group, Adult Education Orches- tra, Golf, Swimming at Block Island, Club Work Director of Media Services MR. MYRON REIMER A.B. at Northeastern University; Ed.M. at Boston State College; Hobbies; Sports Aide MRS. JANE GALLOHA B.A. at U. of Maryland; Hobbies; Hand- crafts 33 Teacher ' s Aides MR. RICHARD ARENA B.A. from Tufts College; Hobbies; Reading, Music, Hiking, Camping MR. ROLF TALLBERG B.A. from Western New England College; Hobbies; Mountain Climbing, Camping, Skiing Cafeteria Workers MRS. LEARY, Manager (I to r); row 1 — S. Mobriant, C. Balut, E. Marone, C. Kivlin, M. Miconi, L. Bonifizi, B. Leary. 2nd row — G. Beardsworth, L. Fisk, J. Derios, H. Theriault, R. Wojckwhowski. 34 The Matron Mrs. Gould The Electrician t Mr. Cauger To the Custodians: t li THE STUDENTS OF NORTH AHLEBORO HIGH SCHOOL WOULD LIKE TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO THANK ALL THE CUSTODIANS. WE APPRECIATE ALL THE WORK THAT EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU AHEMPT, TO AAAKE OUR SCHOOL A CLEAN AND PLEASANT BUILDING TO LIVE IN, AND ABOVE ALL, WE RESPECT YOU FOR YOUR DEDICATION. 35 36 Seniors President TRACY McCRORY Secretary DEBBIE BUNKER Vice President DON ABELLS Treasurer DIANE OUIMET 38 DONALD DELMONT ABELLS SUSAN AHEARN BLAINE SUZANNE BARNABE DONALD H. ACHIN JR. MONA LYNN ALLEN RONALD JAMES ARENA AMRGARET MARIANNE BASSET CHERYL ANN ANDREW THOAAAS WILLIAM BAKER DENESE JEWEL BEAU PRE JAMES RICHARD BEDARD CAROL ANN BRESNAHAN ROBERT EARL BROWN JR. PHYLLIS LOUISE BRODEUR MICHEAL FRED BRUNELLI MICHAEL JOSEPH BRAGA KAREN LOUISE BROWN DEBRA ANN BUNKER 40 NANCY GENE BURGESS ANDREA LEE CARPENO MICHAEL JAMES CAVANAGH MICHAEL FRANK CAVALLARO PETER RAOUL CHABOT ANTHONY A AURICE CALCIA ROBERT JOHN CASH BRENDA JEAN CAVANAGH LAURA MARIE CHAMPAGNE i 41 DIANE CHRISTOPHER MARY ROSE CLOUTIER DIANA PATRICIA COSTELLO AAARIANNE CLAIRMONT AAAUREEN FRANCES CONNORS STEPHEN ANTHONY COSTELLO NANCY ANN CLOSSON MARSHA LYNN CORVESE MARSHA ANN COHER 42 MARIE ELIZABETH DARGIS BARBARA ANN CROSSLEY GAIL SUSAN CURRIER WENDY JEAN DAFT JEFFREY BRIAN DAWES GORDON STEWART DEAN DYANN DELVECCHIO RICHARD JOHN DIFIORE DONNA RAE DEROSIERS NANCY JANE DERICK MICHAEL WAYNE DILLON LAURIE JEANNE DOBLE 43 NANCY LOUISE FEDER DEBORAH SUSAN FERRANTE SHARON ELIZABETH DORR ELLEN DZIALO KEVIN D. FEID LYNDA SUE FISH NORMAND GERARD DUCHARME ROBERT RAYMOND EMERSON PATRICK MICHAEL FITZGIBBONS 44 WAYNE NORAAAN GELINEAU NANCY JEANNE GRENIER LINDA ALICE FOURNIER WILLIAM THOAAAS FRENCH LINDA JEAN GREAVES CHARLEEN ANN FRAISE CAROL GAUDEHE PATRICIA LOUISE GOWEN SARAH A. HABERSHAW 45 ROBERT CARL HALL JR. LINDA KAREN HAYAAAN TERRIE ANN HENDERSON DARLENE AAARIE HOELSCHER RICHARD DAVID HAMILTON DIANE MARIE HEALEY DONALD JOSEPH HILTZ KATHY JANE HOLDEN STEVEN DALE HAAAMOND LUC VINCENT HEBERT WAYNE GARFIELD HJERPE PERILLENE DAWN HORMAN 46 EDWARD LAWRENCE JOHNSON NANCY LEE JONES ANN REGINA KEATING AGNES EVA KIRYLO LUANNE AAARGARET JOHNSTONE EWARD ANTHONY KIRYLO KATHLEEN ELLEN JONES ARTHUR C. KISTNEWJR. 47 DIANE LINDA KORAAAN LINDA LEE LABREE DENISE LECLERC JAAAES PATRICK LANG . - T PAUL ANDRIAN LACASSE VIVIAN ROSE LEMIEUX MICHAEL STEVEN KRZYWONOS KATHRINE MICHELLE LETELLIEZ 48 CYNTHIA LYNN LEVASSEUR SOCn EDWARD MacBRIDE PAMELA MacKILL CHRISTOPHER FOSTER LIHLE DORIS ELAINE LUDWIG r ' ; ; ; - ‘ . KAREN MacDONALD PATRICIA MacKILL THOAAAS EDWARD LOVEJOY DALE AAACKENZIE LYON CHRISTINE JEAN MacEWEN BRENDA LOUISE MAHSON 49 WILLIAM FRANCIS McGOWAN JR. RONALD PAUL MERIGOLD PAHI LYN MOORE CHRISTOPHER KEVIN McCARTHY LOIS CECELIA McKITCHEN JAMES POWER MoBRIANT JANICE LYNN MORIN THERESE MARIE McCRORY MARK KEITH MEDEIROS SUSAN MOWBRAY 50 DONNA JOYCE MURCHY CAROLE PARADIS PAMELA JEAN NOLAN ARTHUR ROBERT OLDHAM PETER AAAYNARD OSTERBERG T :: DAVID PARENTEAU 1 MARK GEORGE NORMAND JOHN JOSEPH OLDHAM III GREGORY WARREN PARKER 51 CHARLES ARNOLD PERKINS JR. RAYMOND VINCENT PEHI RAYMOND W. PATCH DEBRA JANE PENDERGAST MARK PETERSON CALVIN PHILIBERT EDWARD MARIAUS PAUL CHARLES CARMINE PIANTADOSI 52 DAVID GEORGE PLANTE JAMES A. RILEY DOLORES MARIE RABUFFO DAVID ANTHONY REPOSA THOMAS NEWALL RILEY JOHN POHOLEK DEBORAH JOY RADNOR PATRICIA ANN REYNOLDS JOHN EDWARD RIOUX JR 53 CINDY TERESE ROBERTS ROBERT JOSEPH ROSE PAULA HELENE ROY MICHELLE GLORIA ST. PIERRE RONILYN ANN ROUSSEAU CATHERINE ANN SALESSES MICHAEL THOMAS ROFINO LOREHA ANN MARIE SACCO ROLAND P. SARRAZIN JR. 54 CYNTHIA LEE SEMPLE KAREN LOUISE SLAWSON DAVID BRUCE SUVALL ELIZABETH TOLLIVER DEBRA FRANCINE SIENKO EDWARD AAAHHEW SMITH STEVEN NELSON SVENDSEN GLENN WARREN TROST KAREN JEAN SIMMONS SUSAN ELIZABETH SPRAGUE MURIEL ANN TYLER 55 PATRICIA ANN VANBEVER ROSE MARY KIRYLO VIERRA KEVIN WILLIAM WRIGHT RICHARD JOSEPH VANDEHE DAVID EARL YEO WILLIAM STEPHEN VARNEY STEPHEN ROGER WISE PATRICIA YOUNKINS 56 In Memory of: Michael Robert Petersen " Pete " 842 Mendon Rd. “If it be his lot to go now, he will soon hove a joyous meeting with many loved ones gone before, and where the rest of us, through the help of God, hope ere long to join them.” A student ' s death always deeply touches the hearts of his friends and his classmates. On the students Silence falls. Their steps are slower In the halls. The news is told — A student ' s death — Made known with Weary, lowered breath. Although the sadness never ceases, ■ Over the years it slowly decreases. But the memory of “Pete” lingers forever. — Lynda Fish — 58 ii 60 Superlatives BEST LOOKING Rob Cash and Maureen Connors MOST SPIRITED Joan McGowan and Chris McCarthy MOST POPULAR Tricia Reynolds and Jack Rioux SMARTEST Glenn Trost and Kathy Holden MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST DEPENDABLE Nancy Feder and Pete Osterberg Dale Collard and Debbie Bunker 61 LIVELIEST Liz Oliver and Pat Fitzgibbons NEATEST Kerry Ruest and Diane Ouimet MOST AMBITIOUS Jay Wood and Tracy McCrory MOST TYPICAL Tom Riley and Nancy Jones BEST DRESSED Janice Morin and Ronnie Monroe CLASS FLIRTS Vivian Lemieux and Mark Medeiros 62 WiniEST Diane Christopher and Dave Raposa MOST SINCERE Paul LaCasse and Denise Beaupre SHYEST Scott MacBride and Cindy Semple MOST ATHLETIC Lynn Carpenter and Ron Deschenes BEST ALL AROUND MOST CONTRIBUTING Sue Ahearn and Kevin Cavalieri Nancy Closson and Dave Collard 63 MOST TALKATIVE Phyllis Brodeur and Ray Petti FRIENDLIEST Roni Rousseau and Tony Calcia MOST CHANGED SINCE FROSH YEAR Tish Younkins and Jim Bedard MOST TALENTED Brad Read and Lois McKitchen CUTEST Patty Parks and Dale Lyons FIRST TO MARRY AFTER GRADUATION Andie Petrie and Denise LeClerc 64 I MOST ORGANIZED Cathy Salesses and Don Abells LAST TO MARRY AFTER GRADUATION Linda Hayman and Steve Costello BEST LINE BEST DANCERS Cheryl Andrew and Jim Carr Andrea Carpeno and David Suvall SMOOTHEST Doris Ludwig and John King L 65 Remember . CINDI LaCASSE DAVID AND DALE COLLARD CAROL GAUDETTE STEVE VARNEY N ' I ' PERILENE HORMAN PAULA ROY % TERRIE HENDERSON KAREN SIMMONS LOREHA SACCO DEBBIE SIENKO 66 MIKE KRZYWONOS KAREN SLAWSON ANN KEATING 67 LYNN CARPENTER GAIL CURRIER PAT AND PAM MACKILL TRACY McCRORY CINDY NORTHUP DAWN WAHERS TIMMcGOWAN RONNIE MONROE DALE LYON BRENDA MATTSON 68 CHRIS McCarthy DIANE OUIMET LIZ OLIVER MARK NORMAND I I DAVID ADAMS CATHY SALESSES TOM RILEY 69 NANCY BURGESS SUE BURGESS BRENDA CAVANAUGH LYNDA FISH CAROL BRESNAHAN MARIE DARGIS LINDA GREAVES HELEN AND SHARON DORR NANCY GRENIER KATHY FONG 70 AAARIANNE CLAIRMONT MARY CLOUTIER DIANE KORMAN BARBARA CROSSLEY JANICE MORIN WAYNE GELINEAU DIANE HEALEY 71 SUE SPRAGUE MARSHA COHER NANCY CLOSSON PEGGY BASSEH 1 ANDREA CARPENO DEBBIE RADNOR TRISHA REYNOLDS 72 RONNIE ARENA KAREN MACDONALD NANCY FEDER PAT FITZGIBBONS STEVE CONLEY SUE AHEARN 73 DONNA DEROSIERS LAURIE DOBLE WAYNE HJERPE MONA ALLEN JIM LANG GREG PARKER 74 NANCY DERICK LINDA FOURNIER ¥ MIKE KRZYWONOS CAROLE PARADIS NANCY JONES KERRY RUEST AAARSHA CORVESE CHARLIE PIANTADOSI 75 76 L • 4 t 78 Underclassmen 79 Juniors H.R. 233A; 1 St (I to r) — B. Boucher, D. Amodei, T. Brown, L. Ames, P. Beouchoine, D. Baldwin, D. Barton. 2nd row — D. Brown, B. Ballard, D. Lewis, G. Berard, J. Barry, N. Barber, T. Brown. 3rd row — K. Burke, N. Burnt, P. Blanchard, S. Bodak, J. Batchelder, M. Buban, J. Barry. 4th row — L. Brunell, T. Burgess, A. Baker, G. Abells, J. Flynn, R. Bray, A. Bombadier. H.R. 233B; 1 St row (I to r) — M. Corey, L. Cochrane, C. Carney. 2nd row — J. Caron, J. DeLaurier, D. Collier, B. Cronin, M. Denzer, F. Carlson. 3rd row — T. Curran, T. Closson, D. Censorio, A. Cavalierei, S. Cerone, D. Cerone. 4th row — J. Crawford, J. Crossley, N. Cobb, K. Chabot, D. Cote, R. Clairmont. 5th row — D. Charron, P. Cooke, C. Dempster, C. Cooper, D. D ' Antonio. 80 H.R. 301 ; 1 $t row (I to r) — M. Dunn, K. England, S. Fulton, K. Fitzgibbons, P. Goboury, S. Flynn, R. Gales. 2nd row — T. Gaboury, M. Dillion, D. Dumont, L. Dufault, S. Dolan, M. Crosta. 3rd row — Mr. Costello, D. Donnelly, L. Derosiers, D. Duckworth, D. Flynn, D. Forbes. H.R. 302; 1 St row (I to r) — B. Ballard, G. Berard, T. Hume, P. Harlow, S. Haug, J. Hickey. 2nd row — A. Kenny, C. Johnson, H. Johnson, M. Goulet, B. Jay, D. laconis. 3rd raw — M. Speers, D. Hebert, M. Jurdak, D. Jakuboski, P. Hebert, A. Gilson. 4th row — B. Johnson, J. Hathaway, K. Heard, W. Hitchcock, J. Graass. 81 H.R. 303; 1 st row (I to r) — C. Legg, D. Mondigo, P. Lund. 2nd row — L. Longille, W. Kummer, D. Longille, D. Lewis, A. Lomoureux, S. Land. 3rd row — M. Lonteigne, N. LeBeou, P. Kingsford, C. Lindstrom, K. Kronheim. 4th row — R. Moigret, J. Lemieux, M. Kieon, R. King, C. Klepodilo. 5th row — J. Moymon, D. Hebert, N. Lefebrve. H.R. 304; 1st row (I to r) — D. Morriseou, J. Moslowski, A. Melonson, K. Mooney, J. Moselbas, D. Marchond, S. McMorrow. 2nd row — P. Normond, P. McNamara, M. MacNally, D. Martin, D. Osborne. 3rd row — D. MacConell, G. MacGroft, J. McNamee, M. Nitso. 82 H.R. 305; 1 it row (I to r) — L. Reynolds, D. Pollack, S. Pensovelle, P. Pellerin. 2nd row — S. Porker, G. Poulhos, P. Rioux, D. Pierson, J. Rice. 3rd row — W. Reynolds, D. Rhudo, D. Ropozo, J. Robert, S. Pierce, S. Poirier. 4th row — S. Paul, J. Persson, L. Poker, E. Patch, J. Ouim, W. Ripley. H.R. 306; 1 St row (I to r) — J. Seekell, L. Schimilo, T. Simms, M. Solesses, T. Slowey. 2nd row — R. Semple, A. Skeldon, G. Poulus, R. Soulnier, S. Rose, G. Ruby. 3rd row — D. Sorozin, W. Skolski, S. Scorgie, J. Roy, M. Schober. 4th row — D. Silvia, G. Soulier. 83 H.R. 307; 1st row (I to r) — J. Todesco, N. Turcotte, M. Sweeney, S. Troy, F. Swiech, M. Tole. 2nd row — L. Thibideou, B. Segel, J. Thresher, M. Wells, M. St.Mortin, D. Sherman, C. Walstencraft. 3rd row — B. Trover, K. Trost, S. Speight, L. Travis, J. Tolliver, S. Poirier. 4th row — C. Turgeon, J. Rice, S. Sprague, T. Trowbridge, S. Totrwault, G. Berard. H.R. 308; 1 St row (I to r) — D. Wentzell, C. Wenhold, L. Upham. 2nd row — L. Ripa, H. Vician, L. Vopel, J. Vician, S. Whitney. 3rd row — L. Whitehead, B. Vogt, H. Twyman, K. White, R. Wnuk, G. Wright. 84 Sophomores H.R. 214; 1 St row — D. Barth, M. Beaulieu, K. Boiss, D. Babbitt. 2nd row — P. Andrew, D. Beoulieu, D. Bergh, D. Schmila, R. Anderson. 3rd row — S. Andrew, M. Bourgeois, S. Andrew, V. Baldasaro, J. Angelo, D. Bonin. 4th row — A. Battagli, A. Alix, P. Byron, P. Billington, R. Barker, L. Barrett. H.R. 215; 1 St row — J. Burns, N. Cavanaugh, D. Bouthilette, K. Bruce. 2nd row — C. Cauldwell, K. Bowman, M. Bourgeois, L. Cardinute, M. Bradley. 3rd row — R. Brown, C. Bukkin, G. Browning, D. Bremmur, S. Carreau, D. Bowers, J. Cambridge. 4th row — M. Capodanno, M. Carpenter, P. Celeste, G. Chalifour, R. Cerreto, R. Champange, Scott Brackett. 85 H.R. 216; 1 St row (I to r) D. Cook, A. Deschenes , C. Cooper, J. Conrad, S. Debbi, C. Dargis. 2nd row — L. Johnson, C. Read, M. Cochrane, j. Cooke, C. Dean T Deegan B Cote. 3rd row — T. Conroy, K. D’Antonio, J. Dalton, D. Deselits. 4th row — M. Corneau, C. DeFrietas, T. Conley, M. Charlebois. H.R. 21 7; 1 St row (I to r) — S. French, M. Driscoll, L. Erickson, A. Flanagan, K. Dolan, M. Fish. 2nd row — L. Domingos, S. Estey, C. Dunning, E. Doon, C. Ferrante, P. Fuller. 3rd row — J. Dreesen, P. Fong, D. Forbes, M. Fong, S. Erickson, R. Desilets, D. Emerson. 4th row — R. Douchette, E. Goudette, L. Flood. 86 H.R. 218 1st row (I to r) — Lisa Heard, S. Goulin, D. Heuey, Vicki Hammond, Kathy Hall, Dawn Haire, M. Giezenda, Mike Hogan. 2nd row — E. Goudette, M. Gauett, D. Grosse, S. Hood, D. Howsky, J. Hamilton, D. Hobson, K. Giocoppo, Goyette. H.R. 219; 1st row (I to r) — P. Loflomme, S. Lomothe, G. Johnson, D. King, C. Keniston, Morris Jette. 2nd row — D. Lambert, J. Kirylo, D. Labree, L. Huntington, S. Lollier, B. Jackman, E. Grzyzek. 3rd row — Roy Howard, M. Kummer, B. Lacasse, K. Jenks, R. Jordon. 4th row — R. Gerious, B. Johnson, K. Lacasse, J. Langile. 87 H.R. 221 ; 4th (I to r) — J. McMonn, T. Mitchell, F. Olsen, D. Payson, D. Merigold. 3rd row — R. Pordise, M. Mayers, J. Messier, D. Morriseu, L. Norman, P. Oulette, T. Noble. 2nd row — B. McNamara, D. Oulette, L. Parlee, J. Paine, K. Messier. 1 st row — D. Parker, J. Nardelli, J. Messier, C. Mulligan, C. Michard, N. Norteman. H.R. 220; 1 St (I to r) — R. Marx, S. Lauringet, A. Lapierre, S. Mason. 2nd row — A. McCrory, K. Meyers, M. MacBride, N. Lincoln, P. McClaim, P. Letourneau, R. Martin, P. LeClerc. 3rd row — C. Ludwig, T. McCretton, D. Lowney, A. McKitchen, M. Longille, D. McAlice, A. LaPointe, C. Marx. 88 H.R. 222; 1 St row (I to r) — M. Poulus, T. Provost, C. Perkins, C. Prescoort, I. Peroult, T. Poirer, J. Roberts, D. Plante. 2nd row — M. Porro, M. Reerdon, M. Rious, R. Quinn, M. Sovord, C. Rogers, C. Sounier, L. Ruby. 3rd row — E. Rockett, G. Rier, L. Precourt, C. Reed, M. Cocrin, L. Johnson, T. Pierson, L. Rickard. 4th row — R. Roderick. H.R. 223; 1 St row (I to r) — B. Taylor, D. Shumila, L. Summersall, K. Swistak, S. Schmidt, M. Thorpe. 2nd row — M. Speers, Jr. Sullivan, C. Strickland, D. Teixer, D. Spadoni, H. Sivia, P. Smith. 3rd row — T. Skitt, R. Savard, T. Tetreoult, R. Tetreault, S. Sutherland. 4th row — T. Spzila, A. St. Pierre. 89 H.R. 224; 1 st row (I to r) — K. Vonbeover, N. Walker, J. Viscusi, E. Voisine, L. Waite. 2nd row — B. Weeman, C. Wentzell, S. Tyler, L. Whalen, D. Vanleeuwen. 3rd row — W. Wambolt, R. Worden, N. Varney, P. Whalen, S. Whalen. 4th row — M. Trumble, S. Whalen, J. Wassil, K. Warenda, F. Viscusi. L 91 Freshmen H.R. 201 ; 1 St row (I to r) — Donna Bird. 2nd row — D. Berg, S. Beaupre, S. Bonefont, J. Blaise, P. Bouchard, D. Boyton. 3rd row — C. Bassett, F. Achin, N. Achin, C. Bowen, M. Beauchane, M. Anderson. 4th row — E. Beaupre, P. Belham, T. Barrett, K. Blaunt, M. Atwell, J. Bourgaires. 5th row — D. Bombardier, K. Anderson, G. Berkley, J. Bodak, P. Beland. H.R. 202; 1 St row (I to r) — B. Chapman, M. Cerrone, S. Cavalieri, N. Casale, K. Cauldwell, P. Charlebois. 2nd row — R. Carpenter, D. Charette, R. Carrol, L. Burke, M. Cappa, S. Brunnel, J. Burgess. 3rd row — C. Cekala, S. Bradley, S. Braga, J. Butlea, D. Chabot. 4th row — D. Charrette, R. Burgess, C. Brown, D. Chabot, R. Bray. 5th row — M. Bunker, M. Case, R. Brodeur, D. Brown. 92 I.R. 203; 1$t row (I to r) — D. Deblois, C. Cullen, D. Cobb, B. Dorgis, P. Difiore. 2nd row — P. Corbett, M. Dilozzoro, A. Curran, D. Cochrane, B. Desilets. 3rd row — F. •iVittorio, L. Cunha, J. Crawford, M. Doble, P. Cornetta. 4th row — P. Desautel, M. Cotter, D. Conley, J. Cook, E. Doyle, P. Dean. I.R. 204; 1 $t row (I to r) — B. Gibeau, J. Ducharme, M. Eulton, D. Fernald, B. Dumenain, M. Ferdette. 2nd row — P. Fontaine, E. Flynn, K. Gaskin, P. Elderkin, B. Fournier, R. ournier. 3rd row — B. Fournier, R. Gaboury, K. Fide, K. Gineri, P. Dufault, S. Gaboury, K. Ericson. 93 H.R. 205 1 St (I to r) — L. Grienier, D. Kent, S. Harrop, E. Higgins. 2nd row — D. Hall, P. Grimes, S. Gobin, K. Glover. 3rd row — M. Haire, S. Hancock, J. Hallorm, E. Hickey. 4th row — B. House, B. Giloney, K. Greaves, R. Grigilorisic, M. Healey. 5th row — B. Goudas, M. Hedaca, D. Hood, M. Hook. H.R. 206; 1 st (I to r) — P. Labrie, R. Kennedy, A. Kilyo, D. Kenny, K. Kummer. 2nd row — N. Kisner, Lisa Knox, B. Lachancle, D. Labrie, P. Johnson, D. LaFontaine, S. Lacasses. 3rd row — R. Lacasse, C. Fordon, D. Aussey, S. Lafontaine. 4th row — J. Jarvis, M. King, D. Krzywonos, R. Jacques, P. Kent, J. James. 94 H.R. 207; 1 st (I to r) — J. Levesque, J. McKenize, M. Lanory, T. Lavoe, T. Lameroux. 2nd row — D. Lee, K. Linstrom, P. McKenize, D. Lykus, J. Mitchell, D. Messier. 3rd row — C. Lusignon, S. LeBeou, S. Gray, K. LeBlonc, P. Legg, D. LeBlonc, C. Desilets. 4th row — D. Lemioux, S. Louis, C. Lotimore, L. Reed, D. Lowe. 5th r ow — B. Lompher, G. Louioe, B. Larson, P. Lykus. H.R. 208; 1 st row (I to r) — K. Michaud, B. McKieroeion, D. Mereier, L. Mitchell, D. Marton, D. Melanson, S. Mercieo. 2nd row — M. Maloney, D. McFarland, P. McMorrow, S. 4cCrory, L. Midon, M. McManus, N. Mattson. 3rd row — R. Marzini, T. Menard, A. McLaughlin, D. Messier, J. Mitchell, L. Martley. 4th row — M. Marchand, M. Mereier, M. Martley, A. Mallon, P. McNamara, M. Meyer. 95 H.R. 209; 1st row (I to r) — K. Moore, F. Monti, L. Parker, L. Parker, P. Parenteau, L. O’Brien. 2nd row — C. Moore, K. Nolan, B. Musil, C. Nicholson, D. Noel, P. Moore, R. Ouellette. 3rd row — R. Ouellette, E. Pariseau, J. Paul, M. Noviello, T. Mullaney, P. Nardelli, R. Marchessault. 4th row — W. O ' Donnell, D. O ' Brien, D. O ' Neil. H.R. 210; 1 St row (I to r) — M. Reed, J. Rhuda, S. Plante, L. Pierson. 2nd row — L. Pittman, P. Perkins, S. Purdy, E. Pensavalle, D. Payson. 3rd row — W. Rebel, K. Richardson, P. Petti, D. Ralph, S. Ricard. 4th row — P. Riccard, S. Pratt, L. Reed, B. Renard, J. Plath, D. Pollis. 96 H.R. 211; 1 St row (I to r) — M. Rizzo, T. Sogor, K. Schmidt, M. Schmidt, T. Sheehy, R. Rousseau, G. Show. 2nd row — R. Root, P. Roy, J. Schriever, L. Sagar, E. Sickenger, L. Scorgie, D. Savord. 3rd row — R. Sandville, B. Rodrigues, M. Robers, K. Sontsover, A. Seekell, B. Sarazin, D. Souve, M. Rovitaille. 4th row — B. Roy, K. Roberts, C. Rose, E. Salesses, R. Riley. H.R. 213; 1 St row (I to r) — D. Vandal, M. Sullivan, E. Treen, G. Trifoglio, C. Thompson, S. Slawson, L. VanDusen, H. Thorpe, C. Velletri. 2nd row — L. Themo, A. Vondette, J. Stevens, L. Velino, A. Spzila, L. Taylor, M. Stapleton, M. Trowbridge, S. Tinkham. 4th row — C. Velino, D. Silvia, F. Thomas, S. Skelton, R. Tinkham, M. Simmons, J. Sprague. H.R. 300; 1 st (I to r) — R. Wilbur, D. Will, B. Whitney, D. Walter. 2nd row — S. Whitehead, G. Viera, P. Watson, G. Webster, D. Willmore. 3rd row — R. Wenhold, B. Vigorito, L. Voepel, K. Warenda, H. Wheeler. H.R. 1 00; 1 st (I to r) — ; P. Whalen. 2nd row — R. Melendy, D. Sarrazin. 3rd row — G. O ' Brien, J. Myer. 4th row — K. Cauldwell. 98 99 100 102 103 Cross Country 104 COACH CHARLIE AYOHE SENIORS (I. to r.): Carl Moselbos, Glenn Trost, Jay Wood (Copt.), Coach Ayotte, Pete Oster- berg, Scott MocBride. 1st ROW (I to r); Joy Wood (Captain), Glenn Trost, Lorry Burnell. 2nd ROW; Ken Kronheim, Mike Copodonno, Mike Kieon, Pete Oster- berg. 3rd ROW; John Flynn, Scott MocBride, Pete Sorozin. Cross Country Record Foxboro (Won) 37 NA 21 Mansfield (Won) 35 NA 24 Sharon (Lost) 20 NA 44 KP (Won) 29 NA 27 Canton (Lost) 26 NA 31 O. Ames (Won) 29 NA 27 Soughton (Lost) 19 NA 44 Franklin (Lost) 24 NA 33 107 108 Girls ' Field Hockey VARSITY 1st ROW (I to r): L. Carpenter, N. Norteman, C. Legg. 2nd ROW: L. Doble, C. Cooper, K. Deom, J. Dreesen, M. Sovord. 3rd ROW: Coach Miss Williams, K. Chabot, C. Cooper, N. Jones, C. Andrews, R. Berord, C. Dempster, C. Schmidt. NA 1 Varsity King Philip 5 NA 0 Foxboro 5 NA 1 Stoughton 0 NA 1 Oliver Ames 3 NA 0 Mansfield 1 NA 0 Franklin 3 NA 1 Canton 3 NA 1 Sharon 1 JUNIOR VARSITY 1st ROW (I to r): K. Richardson, K. Kummer, R. Fuller, M. Doble, K. Gaskin, D. Vandell, S. LaCasse, P. Petti. 2nd ROW; D. Holsischer, D. Savard, D. Turgeon, M. Sullivan, J. Cook, P. McMorrow, M. Delasara, C. Dean. 109 Junior Varsity NA 1 King Philip 0 NA 0 Foxboro 4 NA 1 Oliver Ames 0 NA 3 Mansfield 0 NA 1 Franklin 0 NA 0 Canton 1 NA 3 Sharon 2 Captains and Coaches Ms. Nancy William — Vars. Ms. Sarah Reynolds — J.V. Lynn Carpenter — Co- Capt. Nancy Jones — Co-Capt. ★ Seniors ★ 1 St ROW (I to r); N. Jones, C. Andrew. 2nd ROW; L. Doble, L. Carpenter, R. Berord, D. Hoelschler. I 10 112 Football 9tafe Division Champs Hockomock League Champs 1 sf ROW (I to r): M. Medieros, C. Little, R. Patch, B. Emerson, D. Collord, R. Deschenes, J. Rioux, P. Fitzgibbons, J. Carr, D. Collard, C. McCarthy, G. Pairer, R. Merigold. 2nd ROW: K. Cavalieri, P. Lacasse, G. Berard, T. Closson, J. Barry, J. McNamee, M. Lantigne, B, Ballard, B. Kummer, T. Gabory, B. Cronin, J. Dawes, C. Piantadosi. 3rd ROW: J. Seekell, E. Patch, M. Salosses, T. Simms, D. Langille, M. Dillon, T. Slowe, S. Tetreault, A. Cavalieri, C. Collier, G. Ruby, S. Hood. 4th ROW: B. Lacasse, S. Estey, M. Tromble, D. Delvecio, M. Rioux, M. Kummer, R. Barker, J. Pollis, L. Schmila, D. Martin, G. Deschenes, F. Poholock, D. Groose. 5th ROW: D. McCollan, B. Carreau, R. Bunker, S. Andrews, D. Vanlounen, R. Tetreault, M. Langille, J. Messier, M. Fong, J. Cambridge, K. Worender, S. McGretten, P. Leclerc, M. Redet. Sharon 14 NA 36 Foxboro 0 NA 31 Stoughton 24 NA 8 King Philip 7 NA 42 Franklin 12 NA 15 Canton 0 NA 41 Mansfield 9 NA 48 Oliver Ames 15 NA 24 Attleboro 12 NA 13 Pope John 0 NA 48 113 1 I I PAT FITZGIBBONS I i ! RON DESCHENES CHRIS McCARTHEY + AUSTIN CARR° DALE COLLARD Hockomock + Unsung Hero Award “Defense Award JACK RIOUX DAVE COLLARD I 1 PAUL LACASSE CHUCK PIANTIDOSI ILL RAY PATCH BOB EMERSON MARK MEDEIROS KEVIN CAVALIERI I JEFF DAWES CHRIS LIHLE GARY POIRIER RON MERIGOLD Hockomock 115 Coaches I Student Managers Bruce Baucher, Scott Brackett, Dan Horskie Freshmen — Steve Manning Hocomock Head Coach Trainer — Carl Mitchell 116 117 118 119 120 Freshmen wT 1st ROW (I to r): B. Larsen, M. Schmidt, J. James, S. Rickard, B. Cavalieri, E. Hickey. 2nd ROW: P. Dean, T. Merard, M. Atwell, B. Fuller, M. Stappleton, D. Hood. 3rd ROW: R. Burgess, K. Schmidt, T. Sheehy, D. Paulus, M. LaVenlo, A. McLaughlin, M. Mirer. 4th ROW: G. Viera, R. Thresher, F. DeVadorror, K. Greaves, G. Goudas, M. Rizzo. 5th ROW: J. Plath, K. Gellen, C. Cullen, J. Poirer, J. Gorren, G. Cotter, K. Blont. 121 Thanksgiving Day Game — 1 973 122 Nor-th Attleboro vs. Attleboro 123 Division III State Championship North Attleboro vs. Pope John NA — 48 Pope John — 124 Boys ' Varsity Basketball NA 46 Attleboro 51 NA 48 Attleboro 51 NA 37 Sharon 45 NA 50 Mansfield 43 NA 60 King Philip 43 NA 41 Stoughton 54 NA 46 Foxboro 44 NA 59 Franklin 55 NA 63 Canton 25 NA 68 Oliver Ames 45 NA 48 Sharon 37 NA 49 Mansfield 42 NA 70 King Philip 49 NA 59 Stoughton 61 NA 66 Foxboro 32 NA 58 Franklin 41 NA 58 Canton 35 NA 46 Oliver Ames 1 3 wins 5 losses Tech Tournament 40 NA 47 Hanover 43 NA 44 Holbrook 57 (L to r) 1 St row — J. Dawes, J. Rioux. 2nd row — Mgr. 0. Collord, R. Wnuk, T. Simms, R. Deschenes, D. Lyon, M. Caval- laro, C. McCarthy, Coach Pickering, D. Leary, R. Monroe, T. AAcGowan, S. Varney, P. McNamara, M. Rioux, Mgr. D. Col- lard. Coach Ken Pickering Dawes Coach of the Year 125 V Seniors Dave Leary I Dale Lyons ‘Hockomock 126 Chris McCarthy Co-Captain Jack Rioux Ron Monroe Tim McGowan Steve Varney Hockomock 127 129 Junior Varsity 1 St row (I to r) — B. Kummer, D. DelVecchio, P. McNamara, M. Kummer, M. Rioux, R. Wnuk, D. Cerrone. 2nd row — Coach VonDenBerghe, R. Paradis, M. Reardon, B. Taylor, T. Simms, J. Messier, M. Trumble, B. Boucher, S. Brackett. Hockomock Champions NA 32 Attleboro 44 NA 46 Attleboro 56 NA 37 Sharon 40 NA 55 Mansfield 15 NA 60 King Philip 28 NA 42 Stoughton 32 NA 42 Foxboro 25 NA 48 Franklin 30 NA 41 Canton 35 NA 42 Oliver Ames 31 NA 51 Sharon 32 NA 41 Mansfield 20 NA 50 King Philip 35 NA 50 Stoughton 29 NA 32 Foxboro 34 NA 46 Franklin 30 NA 44 Canton 27 NA 52 Oliver Ames 31 1 4 wins 4 losses Coach Mark VanDenBerge Co-Captains 130 Freshmen 1 St row (I to r) — D. James, D. Poulus, E. Whitney, G. Viera, M. Myer, R. Thresher, D. Hood. 2nd row — Coach Beaupre, K. Schmidt, M. Schmidt, D. Ralph, T. Menard, R. Burgess, G. Lavoie, T. Sprague, Mgr. G. Shaw. NA 21 Attleboro 38 NA 35 Sharon 54 NA 45 Mansfield 27 NA 65 King Philip 30 NA 45 Stoughton 36 NA 23 Foxboro 44 NA 24 Franklin 54 NA 43 Canton 41 NA 18 Oliver Ames 39 NA 35 Sharon 41 NA 39 Mansfield 47 NA 55 King Philip 41 NA 51 Stoughton 62 NA 35 Attleboro 62 NA 22 Foxboro 32 NA 36 Franklin 54 NA 52 Canton 27 NA 41 Oliver Ames 53 Coach Ray Beaupre 132 NA 38 Attleboro 31 NA 38 Foxboro 39 NA 18 Franklin 42 NA 23 Canton 32 NA 22 Oliver Ames 46 NA 34 Sharon 24 NA 45 Mansfield 26 NA 30 King Philip 49 NA 44 Stoughton 43 NA 26 Foxboro 35 NA 25 Franklin 47 NA 33 Canton 24 NA 46 Oliver Ames 39 NA 21 Sharon 17 NA 30 King Philip 44 NA 48 Stoughton 46 NA 34 Mansfield 26 8 wins 8 losses Girls ' Varsity Basketball 1 It row (I to r) — D. Turgeon, C. Andrews, T. AAcCrory, L. Carpenter. 2nd row — D. Christopher, R. Berord, AA. Sovord, S. French, C. Cooper, N. Jones, P. Thompson, D. Hoelscher, Coach AAurphy. Co-Captains Tracy McCrory and Cheryl Andrews Caaches Mrs. Barbara Murphy Miss Nancy Williams Hocomock Head Coach Cheryl Andrews (Co-Captain) Seniors Lynn Carpenter Robin Berard Diane Christopher Darlene Hoelscher Nancy Jones Hocomock Tracy McCrory (co-captain) 134 135 Junior Varsity I 1 $t row (I to r) — M. Sullivan, D. Sovord, S. Scorgie, L. Heard, P. McMorrow, S. Beoupre. 2nd row — Coach Williams, S. McCrory, P. Billington, K. Santsaver, S. Cavalieri, C. Cauldevill, P. Fuller. NA 27 Attleboro 15 NA 18 Foxboro 30 NA 4 Franklin 23 NA 9 Canton 21 NA 22 OA 21 NA 21 Sharon 14 NA 13 Mansfield 14 NA 19 KP 26 NA 15 Stoughton 21 NA 16 Foxboro 28 NA 17 Franklin 32 NA 14 Canton 25 NA 13 OA 20 NA 15 Sharon 14 NA 29 Mansfield 4 NA 24 KP 23 NA 15 Stoughton 33 NA 24 Jr. High 9 7 wins 1 1 losses Co-Captains S. Scorgie and L. Heard 136 North Star Hockey V. 1st row (I to r) — P. Chobot, B. Dorr, T. Soger, K. Wright, B. Brown, B. Jackman, N. Barber, C. Cullen, S. Lewis. 2nd row — B. Cronin, D. Lewis, C. Perkins, T. Lovejoy, S. Hammond, M. Normand, R. Petti, P. Celeste, S. Conley, B. Fendon, T. Baker, G. Dean, C. Limstrom, R. Diforie. — Coaches — Mr. Harris Missing: Mr. Hammond Mr. Parks I 138 Tom Baker Robert Brown Steve Hammond (tri-copt.) Charlie Perkins Tom Lovejoy Roy Petti Peter Chobot (tri-copt.) Mark Normand Kevin Wright Seniors 139 140 Junior Varsity 1 $t row (I to r) — D. Brenner, D. Forbes, L. Norman, D. Pollock, T. Sheehy, B. Hell, J. Chobot. 2nd row — R. Longille, M. Stapleton, T. Cronin, P. Nardelli, S. Fuller, D. Conley, D. Langille, D. Bazlut, B. Fuller, M. Simmons. 3rd row — J. Lewis, P. Chobot, J. Cambridge, T. Conley, A. McKitchen, S. Schofield, K. D ' Antonio, D. Bowers, P. Fong. 141 I Winfet Track NA 34 Stoughton 52 NA 55 Sharon 27 NA 28 Franklin 58 NA 40 Mansfield 46 NA 50 Foxboro 35 NA 46 King Philip 40 NA 47 Oliver Ames 39 NA 33 Canton 53 4 wins 4 losses 1 st row (I to r) — B. Johnson, D. Hobson, L. Brunelli, D. Collier, T. Trowbridge, M. Fong, J. Jenks. 2nd row — R. Rousseau, P. Sorozin, P. Whalen, G. Ruby, S. Champagne, J. Graass. 3rd row — R. Bray, J. Wood, J. Juusola, P. Lacasse, R. Ander- son, J. Flynn, G. Browning. Coach Bob Aussant Coach Charlie Ayotte 142 John Juusola Peter Sarazin Seniors Pete Osterberg Glenn Trost Jay Wood (tri-capt.) Paul LaCasse (tri-capt.) Carl Maselbas 143 144 Features 147 Class Officers PRESIDENT: BETH TRAVER, VICE PRES.: LIZ REYNOLDS, SECRETARY: KATHY FITZGIBBONS, TREASURER: TRISHA KINGSFORD. in ni iiiiiiiii:iii 9 1 PRESIDENT: PAULA PEHI, VICE PRES.: KAREN LEBLANC, SECRETARY: BETH PENSAVALLE, TREASURER: KAREN RICHARDSON. Distributive Education mi OFFICERS: PRESIDENT: PAT GOWEN, VICE PRES.: RICK HAMIL- SENIORS: 1st row (I to r) — S. Dorr, R. Homolton, P. Gowen, D. Robuffo. 2nd row — S. TON, SECRETARY: SHARON DORR, TREASURER: DOLORES Hobershow, J. King, M. Allen, D. Achin, P. Girard. RABUFFO. 148 j I Homeroom Representatives SENIORS; (I to r) — D. Collord, D. Adams, B. Crossley, S. Varney, N. Jones, K. JUNIORS; (I to r) — C. Walstencroft, D. Hebert, M. St. Martin, S. Paul, T. Cooke, D. Fong, C. McCarthy. Sarrazin. SOPHOMORES; (I to r) — Darleen Hovey, N. Norteman, M. Fish, S. LaMothe, C. Kogers. (I to r) — L. Pollie, S. Lallia, M. Driscoll, D. McClain, R. Tatro, P. Andrews, T. Peirson, M. McBride. FRESHMEN; (I to r) — E. Flynn, M. Sullivan, M. Dilazzard, K. Clover, P. Moore, K. Kummer. (I to r) — D. Will, S. Riekord, P. McMorrow, S. Cavalieri, G. Shaw. 149 1st row (I to r) — ' T. Kingsford, L. Reynolds. 2nd row — S. Pierce, S. Poirier, K. Fitzgibbons, D. DelVecchio (HEAD), S. Pensovalle. 3rd row — S. Parker, T. Reynolds, B. Segal. 4th row — S. McMorrow. 150 1 r V 1 s« J®. 151 I Majorettes 1 St row (I to r) — L. Fournier, C. Solesses, K. MacDonald (HEAD), P. Roy, C. Johnson. 2nd row — L. Waite, D. Sherman, M. St. Martin, M. Wells, J. Thresher. Karen A 152 Color Guard 1 st row (I to r) — D. Dumont, N. Cavanaugh, M. Cotter, P. Mackill, M. Allen. 2nd row — K. Slawson, S. Mowbray, A. Battalagia, K. Bowman, N. Bourgeois, D. Hevey, S. Sprague, D. King, C. Paradise. 154 Banner Carriers LeeAnn Erickson Diane Qarrazin ★ Seniors ★ (I fo r) — Mona Sue Karen Marsha Pam Sue Carole Marsha Cotter Head 155 Drill Team 1 St row (I to r) — K. Pierson, S. Paul, P. Roy, L. Ruby, L. Fournier (Head), S. Latellier, J. Roy, S. Slawson, D. Korman. 2nd row — L. Burke, K. Bliss, J. Conrad, S. Pierson, J. Sullivan, R. Carroll, B. LaChance, C. Legg. Linda Fournier Head The Marching Band 3rd ROW: Bob Marlin, Bill Fay, Tasmon Deegan, John Cushion, Jim Hathowoy, Normon Duchorme, Croig Marx, Bob Bray, Chey Cekala, Charles Klepadio, Tim Hume Brad Galotta, Ken Giacoppo. 2nd ROW: Helen Thorp, Cheryl Michaud, Donna La Fontaine, Leitha Parker, Karen Norteman, Judy Bachelder, Stephanie Scorgie, Cindy Hall, Lisa Grenier, Sue Harrop, Lenore Repa. 1 st ROW: Bill Cote, Hoe Fallaco, Bob Jacques, Lynda Fish, Donna Mandigo, Paulette Labrie, Beth Traver, Jeanine Ducharme, John Bonome Damon Hobson, Bob Hall, Albert Lamoreux. Linda Fish Nancy Grenier Mr. Thomas Baccala Norm Ducharme Bob Hall 157 Music . . . Spirit and Precision ore displayed each time they perform. 1 St row (I to r) — L. Fish, J. Persson. 2nd row — K. Norteman, B. Trover. 3rd row — J. Batchelder, S. Scorgie. 4th row — Mr. Christenson (Director), J. Massellas (Alt.), Bob Hall. 158 Isf row (I to r) — S. Bodok, J. Crawford, S. Horrop, J. Duchorme, P. Roy, K. Pierson, D. Grant, L. Ripo. 2nd row — S. Sprague, L. Fish, S. Fulton, R. Carroll, D. Mercier, J. Rice, M. Porro, D. Boynton, M. Fish. 3rd row — M. Buban, J. Person, S. Sprague, P. Roy, L. Scorgie, N. Mottson, J. Moselbas, N. Nortemon. 4th row — N. Lincoln, K. Bowman, B. LaChance, D. Sienko, J. Roy, B. MacPherson, L. Pineo. 5th row — J. Bachelder, M. McBride, N. Cavanaugh, M. Fulton, S. Scorgie, E. Surrey, J. Crawford. 6th row — P. Perkins, K. Slawson, L. VanDuson, M. Cotter, S. Slawson, W. Renyolds. ★ Seniors ★ I to r — Karen Slawson Lynda Fish Paula Rou Debbie Sienko Sue Sprague Marsha Cotter absent — Pam Mackill Nancy Feder Cathy Sa lessee Mary Cloutier 159 1st ROW (I to r): K. Gaskin, D. Sarrazin, P. Johnson, N. Cobb, D. Sovard. 2nd ROW: A. McCrory, D. Burge, C. Ferronte, L. Erickson, C. Dean, j. Cook, L. Carpenter. 3rd ROW: K. Bliss, C. Hall, D. Vandel, M. Doble, C. Chabot, K. Simmons, D. Healy, L. Sacco, P. Brodeur, C. LaVassuer, P. Fuller. 4th ROW: K. Richardson, K. Kummer, E. Beupre, M. Bourgeois, P. Billington, S. LaMothe, D. Heard, S. Parker, C. Cooper, J. Sullivan. 5th ROW: C. Schmidt, K. Macdonald, J. Maselbas, N. Mattson, S. Lacasse, D. Chabot, N. Norteman, F. Leblanc, M. Berg. 6th ROW: L. Grenier, L. Scorgie, D. Hoelscher, S. French, S. Scorgie, K. Bowman, S. Lallier. Drama Club 1st ROW: K. Norteman L. Doble K. Holden C. Salesses 2nd ROW: L. Ripa L. Fish D. Derosiers K. Fong L. Weakley D. DelVecchio 3rd ROW: M. Fish M. Walker J. Batcheldar M. Buban S. Haug S. Fulton N. Ducharme E. Surrey Officers (I to r) K. Norteman (Treas.) L. Doble (Pres. ) J. Batcheldar (V.P.) M. Buban (Sec.) G I r I s A f h I e f I c A s s o c. 160 Media Aides 1 $t row (I to r) — M. Cerrone, K. Sontsover, J. Meserve, D. Grant, C. Lusignon, L. Pierson, AAs. Mullen, B. Fournier, R. Fournier, M. Maloney, D. Melancey, D. Martin, D. LaPierre, D. Poyson, M. Fredette. (I. around to r.) — D. King, C. Dargis, A. Gibson, S. Lallier, D. Sarrazin, C. Dunning, C. Rodgers, L. Burke. 1 161 student Council OFFICERS: Thom Riley (Pres.) Bernalee Segal (V.P.) Dyann DelVecchio (Sec.) Debbie Sherman (Treas.) Pat Hebert (Corr. Sec.) Scott Phipps (Serg.-at-Arms) MEMBERS: Liz Oliver Joan McGowan Diane Korman Sharon Poirier Cindy Hall Vicki Hammond Christine Nicholson Sylvia Pensevalle Ken LaCasse Lisa Weakley Becky Weakley Dick Deselets Paul MacNamara Pam Thompson Pam Fontaine W V r 1 r 1 U THE OFFICERS (I to r) — S. Phipps, P. Hebert, D. Sherman, D. DelVecchio, B. Segal, T. Riley. 1 st row (I to r) — D. Savard, C. Nicholson, L. Oliver, B. Weakley, V. Hammond, L. Weakley, C. Hall, P. Hebert, S. Phipps. 2nd row — T. Riley, D. Deselets, D. Korman, P. Fontaine, P. MacNamara, K. LaCasse, S. Poirier, D. Sherman, B. Segal, D. DelVecchio, S. Pensavalle. 162 V I J I National Honor Society 1 $t ROW (I to r): K. Slawson, D. Bunker, S. Haug, N. Grenier, B. Trovers, T. McCrory, J. Persson. 2nd ROW: N. Closson, K. Holden, B. Tolliver, J. Botcheldor, P. Mockill, J. Moselbos, J. Crawford. 3rd ROW; P. Osterberg, T. Goboury, G. Porker, M. Cotter, K. Fong, M. St. Pierre, K. Kronheim, R. Pierson, G. Trost. 163 THE EDIT0R9 1 St row (I to r) — J. Crawford, S. Houg, P. McNamara, M. Jette. 2nd row — L. Fish, N. Closson, M. Buban, K. England. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Nancy L. Feder T h e S t a f f 1 St row (I to r) — M. Fish, B. LoChonce, S. Fulton, L. VonDusen, D. Mercier. 2nd row — C. Ludwig, B. Gollotto, M. Speers, E. Surry, S. Scorgie, B. McNamara, K. Kronheim, Mrs. Sommo, N. Nortemon. 164 Humanifies Curriculum Panel 1st ROW (I to r): M. Fish, S. Haug, B. Segal. 2nd ROW: L. Ripa, D. Deselets, L. Erick- son. Studenf Advisory Council 1 St ROW (I to r): S. Pensovelle, P. Hebert. 2nd ROW: J. McGowan, T. Riley, D. Sher- 9f udenf Gov ' f. Day Rep. Scott Phipps 165 Letter men Club 1 St ROW (I to r): G. Ruby, C. McCarthy, M. Rioux, D. DelVecchio, M. Mederios, G. Trost, D. Collard, K. Covolieri, R. Patch, A. Cavalieri, M. Salesses, T. Closson, P. Osterberg. 2nd ROW (1 to r): S. Yankee, B. Ballard, B. Kummer, S. Varney, G. Poirier, M. Lanrigne, R. Deshenes, J. McNamee, C. Piantodosi, J. Wood, T. Trowbridge, T. Simms, J. Barry, M. Kummer, M. Burnell, R. Merigold. 3rd ROW: J. Seekell, J. Carr, J. Rioux, P. Lacasse, M. Cavallaro, D. Lyon, D. Leary, J. Jussola, R. Monroe, T. Slowe, D. Collard, B. Emerson, P. Fitzgibbons, J. Dawes. Weightlifting Club 1 St ROW (I to r): B. Gollotta, B. Howard, K. Jenks, S. Haug, K. England, E. Paul, S. Costello. 2nd ROW (I to r): R. Merrigold, J. Dawes, C. LaVasseur, P. Fitzgibbons, M. Mederios, B. Emerson. 166 . STAFF: 1 St ROW (I to r): N. Closson. 2nd ROW: L. Greaves, P. Brodeur, V. Lemieux, C. Salesse, A. Carpeno, B. Crossley, B. Cavanaugh, A. Keating. 2nd ROW: K. I Slawson, C. Paradis, S. Mowbray, D. Kormon, K. Holden, K. Fong, D. Bunker, S. Ahearn, D. Rabuffo, M. Corvese. 3rd ROW: M. Cotter, P. Mackill, D. Sienko, P. Roy, P. ' Mackill, S. Sprague, L. Fish, D. Ouimet, P. Nolan. 3rd ROW; E. Paul, K. Macdonald, G. Currier, S. Phipps, D. Collard, M. Cloutier, T. Younkins, D. DelVecchio, D. Healy. EDITORS: 1st ROW (I to r): P. Mackill (Sports), P. Mackill (Sports), N. Closson (Ed. -in-chief), S. Sprague (Faculty), D. DelVecchio (Feature). 2nd ROW: L. Greaves (Cir.), C. Paradis (Under. As.), A. Carpeno (Treas.), K. Slawson (Cir.), A. Keating (As. Treas.), S. Mowbray (Cir.), W. Hjerpe (Senior), D. Collard (Sports), B. Crossley (Under.), E. Paul (Photo.). The N o r f h e t n L I h t Y e a r o o Our Advisor Mrs. Helen Mullen The staff would like to take this time to thank you for all your work, time, and sincere effort that you have displayed in this year’s publication of the 1 974 Northern Light. 167 DONALD ABELLS (Don) Box 1 98 Ellis Rood ‘‘I can say a neat thing myself if they give me time.” Class Treasurer 2, 3; Vice-President 4; Com- mittes 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 4 DONALD ACHIN(Jr.) 68 Arnold Road “A little bit of seriousness mixed with a dash of fun.” DECA4 DAVID ADAMS (Ads) 59 Burden Ave. “Count friends, not enemies; happiness, not sadness.” Committes 3; Senior Play 4; Scholarship Dr. 4; Homeroom Rep. 4 SUSAN AHEARN (Sue) 829 Oakridge Ave. “I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today.” Field Hockey 1; Basketball 3; Committes 1, 3, 4; Homeroom Rep. 3; Student Council 1 ; Scholarship Dr. 4; Yearbook 4 MONA ALLEN (Mona) 85 Bank St. “The good and the wise lead quiet lives. " Jr. Classical League 1 ; Pep Club 2; Commit- tees 2, 3; DECA 2, 3, 4; Colorguard 2, 3, 4 CHERYL ANDREW (Andy) 1 9 Avery St. “Don ' t let your imagination take you by sur- prise.” Field Hockey 1 , 2, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Softball 3, 4; Scholarship Drive 3; GAA 4; Yearbook 4 ROBERT ANDREWS (Blib) 237 Commonwealth Ave. " Be good and you will be lonesome.” Baseball 2, 3, 4; Football 3 RONALD ARENA (Ron) 26 Tennant Circle " Men of few words are the best men.” Scholarship Dr. 2, 3; Committees 3 EVAN BAKER (Randy) 45 Grove St. “Either I find a way or I make one.” THOMAS BAKER (Tom) 1 07 Statson Dr. “Everything ' s funny as long as it ' s happen- ing to the other guy. " Scholarship Dr. 2, 3, 4; Hockey 3, 4; Mock Congress 2, 3, 4; Student Leacer 3, 4 ELAINE BARNABE (Elaine) 50 Avery St. “A silent manner gives grace to a woman.” Drill Team 1, 2; Music Festival 1, 3; Major- ettes 3; Spring Concert 1 , 2 MARGARET BASSEH (Peggy) 1 23 Sumner St. " You have to believe in happiness or happi- ness never comes.” Committees 1 , 2, 3; Banner Carrier 2 DENESE BEAUPRE (Denese) 1 77 Broad St. " The hand that made her beautiful has made her good.” Committees 2, 3; Senior Play 4; Scholarship Dr. 4; Office Worker 3 JAMES BEDARD (Jim) 291 S. Washington " I take life as it comes.” Committees 2; Scholarship Dr. 2, 3 KATHLEEN BENOIT (Kathy) 1 Mohawk Dr. “Sometimes you have to be silent to be heard.” ROBIN BERARD (Albie) I 89 Commonwealth Ave. “Mischief twinkles in her eyes.” Field Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4; Softball 2, 4; GAA 4; Scholarship Dr. 2, 3 CHERYL BOSS (Bossy) 1 29 Lyman St. “It is better to be small; and shine than to be tall and cast a shadow.” Field Hockey 2; DECA 3; Scholarship Dr. 1, 2, 3 SUSAN BOUTHILLETT (Sue) 325 E. Washington “Sober, but not serious; quiet, but not idle.” Field Hockey 1 , 2; EOS 1 , 2, 3 MICHAEL BRADY (Mike) 998 Lincolnshire Dr. “Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.” MICHAEL BRAGA (Mike) I I 8 Sumner St. ”1 can resist everything except temptation.” CAROL BRESNAHAN (Carol B) 997 Lincolnshire Dr. “You are you and I am I, if by chance we meet — then it ' s beautiful.” Office Worker 1 , 2; Committees 1 , 2, 4 PHYLLIS BRODEUR(Phyl) 21 2 Fisher St. “One of the greatest pleasures in life is con- versation.” Committees 1 , 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 3, 4; GAA 4; Yearbook 4; Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2, 3, 4; Powderpuff Game 4 ROBERT BROWN (Buster) 273 N. Washington St. " Few men have courage enough to appear as good as they are.” Hockey 2, 3, 4 KAREN BROWN (Karen) 235 Hoppin Hill Ave. “The unreserved manner of a carefree soul.” MICHAEL BRUNELLI (Wop) 1 92 East St. " Always happy, never sad; Sometimes naughty but never bad.” Baseball 2, 3, 4 DEBRA BUNKER (Debbie) 9 Dexter St. “Beauty pleases the eye and sweetness of disposition charms the soul. " Class Secretary 3, 4; Student Council 2; Honor Society 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2, 3, 4; Committees 1 , 2, 3, 4; Office Worker 3; Yearbook 4 NANCY BURGESS (Nance) I I I Division St. “Softly she speaks and sweetly she smiles.” Committees 3 SUSAN BURGESS (Sue) 1 03 Commonwealth Ave. “A person is not poor if he can still laugh. " DECA 3; Field Hockey 2; Scholarship Dr. 1, 2, 3; Committees ANTHONY CALCIA (Tony) 57 Columbia St. “A magnificent spectacle of human happi- ness.” Football 3 ANDREA CARPENO (Ande) 191 Donald Tennant Cir. “Friendship is the only cement that will hold the world together.” Committees 3; Yearbook LYNN CARPENTER (Carpy) 25 Towne St. " There is only one proof of ability — action.” Field Hockey 1 , 3, 4 — Co-Captain; Basket- ball 1 , 2, 3, Co-Captain, 4; Softball 1 , 2, 3, 4 — Captain JAMES CARR (Austin) 60 Rudon Dr. “I am a sportsman, a humorist, and an all around great guy.” Football 1 , 2, 3, 4; Vareity Show 2, 3, 4; ' Basketball 1 , 3 JOHN CARR (John) 60 Rudon Dr. " All I ask of living is to have no chains on me.” ROBERT CASH (Money) 1 50 Anawan Rd. “Sometimes I don ' t know what I ' m doing till I ' m done.” KEVIN CAVALIERI (Corby) 39 Towne St. “He laughed and his mouth was aline with f childish smiles.” Football 1 , 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4; Vari- ety Show 2, 3, 4 MICHAEL CAVALLARO (Stallion) 70 Anawan Rd. “When teenagers are too old to do things I kids do, but too young to do things adults do, they do things no one else does.” Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Golf 1 , 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 3, 4 BRENDA CAVANAGH (Brenda) 1 90 Anawan Rd. “Her voice was gentle, soft and low; a per- fect thing in a woman.” Pep Club 1 ; Drill Team 1, 2; Variety Show 3, 4; Committees 1 , 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2, 3, 4; Spring Concert 1 MICHAEL CAVANAGH (Cav) 25 Lafayette St. j “Few are angels. " Baseball 2, 3 PETER CHABOT (Peter) 668 Mt. Hope St. ”1 am not arguing with you. I am telling you.” Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4 LAURA CHAMPAGNE (Laura) 68 Ash St. “Happy go lucky, free as air; never a worry, never a care.” Drill Team 1 DIANE CHRISTOPHER (Christy) 659 Bungay Rd. | “Dance, laugh and be merry.” i Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; GAA 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3,4 AAARIANNE CLAIRMONT (Meme) 475 Smith St. “Mingle your cares with pleasure now and then.” Field Hockey 2; Basketball 3 NANCY CLOSSON (Nancy) 84 Smith St. “To every mountain I look for happiness and ti peace.” Drill Team 1; Majorettes 2, 3; Music Festival » 1 , 2, 3; Committees 1 , 2, ' 3, 4; Red Cap 1 ; I Open Road 2 — Art Editor 3, 4; Office — jj Guidance 2; Yearbook Editor-in-Chief 4; Pep I Club 1 , 2; National Honor Society 3, 4; Vari- I 168 ety Show 1 , 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Softball Mgr. 1; Senior Play 3, 4; Homeroom Rep. 3 MARY CLOUTIER (Mary) 22 Clifton St. " If you do the best and the most you con today, don’t worry about tomorrow for the best is today. " Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Senior Play 4; Spring Con- cert 1 , 2, 3, 4; Music Festival 1 , 4 DALE COLLARD (L. Coke) 9 Hoppin Hill Rd. “No matter what the occasion here’s the man for it.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Mgr. Basketball and Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Mgr. Hockey 3, 4; Com- mittees 1, 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Rep. 4; Year- book Co-Sports Editor 4 DAVID COLLARD (B. Coke) 9 Hoppin Hill Rd. " Become something ... to yourself if any- thing. " Football 1 , 2, 3, 4; Mgr. BasketbaU and Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Co-Sports Edi- tor 4 STEPHEN CONLEY (Steve) I 31 Raymond Hall Dr. " Those who have a why to live for can bear with almost any how.” Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1 MAUREEN CONNORS (Moe) 1 7 Maple St. " Nothing is a waste that makes a memory. " Drill Team 1 ; Student Council 1; Yearbook 4; Committees 3; Office Worker 2 MARSHA CORVESE (Marsha) I I Pleasant St. " She has a natural wise sincerity and a sim- ple thoughtfulness. " Committees 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Colorguard 2, 3; Variety Show 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 3 DIANA COSTELLO (Diana) 80 E. Washington St. " Laughter in a girl is to be cherished. " DECA3 STEPHEN COSTELLO (Steve) 680 E. Washington St. " He is a self-made man. " MARSHA COTTER (Marsha) 61 Freeman St. ’’When all else is lost, the future still remains. " Office Worker 1 , 2, 3; Scholarship Dr. 2, 3, 4; Committees 1 , 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Colorguard 2, 3, 4 — Head; Spring Concert and Festival 1,2,3; Yearbook 4; Senior Play 4 STEPHEN COURCHESNE (Steve) 458 Mt. Hope St. “Who knows what the ostrich sees in the sand. " CHRISTOPHER CRONIN (Chris) 40 Raymond Hall Dr. " It is in games that many people discover their paradise.” BARBARA CROSSLEY (Bubba) 62 Metcalf Rd. ”We have no right to ask when sorrow comes, " Why did this happen to me? " unless we ask the sanM question for every joy that come our way.” Committees 1, 2, 3; Senior Play 4; Office 1, 2; Track 2, 3; Homeroom Rep. 4; Nurse 2 GAIL CURRIER (Francoise) 224 Kelly Blvd. “Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.” Pep Club 2; Drill Team 1 ; Committees 2 MARIE DARGIS (Marie) 33 Maple St. " This above all: to thine own self be true.” Committees 3; Yearbook 4; Office Worker 3 WENDY DAFT (Wen) 49 Richards Ave. " A simple life is its own reward. " Committees 3; Office Worker 1 JEFFREY DAWES (Bird) 274 Mt. Hope St. “Self-confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 2, 3, 4 GORDON DEAN (Gordie) 86 Calvin Rd. " The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business.” Tennis 4; Ski Club 3, 4; Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 2, 3, 4 DYANN DelVECCHIO (Dyann) 57 Rudon Dr. “A laugh is a smile with an open mind. " Class Secretary 1 , 2; Student Council 3; Sec- retary 4; Open Road 2; Model Congress 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 2, 3, 4; Drama Club 3, 4; Senior Play 3, 4; Drama Festival 3; National Honor Society 3, 4; Yearbook Senior Activi- ties Editor 4; Committees 1 , 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 1 ; Girls’ State Rep. 3; Cheerleading 2, 3, 4 — Head 4; GAA 4; Scholarship Dr. 2,4 NANCY DERICK (Nancy) 1 50 Anawan Rd. " She seems so gentle and shy but there is a twinkle of mischief in her eye. " Variety Show 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Committee 3 DONNA DEROSIERS (Donna) 730 High St. " She is a person with whom you dare to be yourself. " Nurse 2; Yearbook 4; Drama Festivol 3 RONALD DESCHENESjlke) 50 Raymond Hall Dr. " A short space of life is long enough for liv- ing well and honorably. " Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,.2, 4; Football 1 , 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 3, 4 KEVIN DIAMOND (Q) 16 Ranch St. _y " For Satan always finds Sams ' mischief for him to do. " Football 1; Ski Club 1; Baseball 1 RICHARD DIFIORE (Dick) 77 Westside Ave. " The trouble with life is that there are so many beautiful women and not so much time. " Hockey 4; Ski Club 1 MICHAEL DILLON (Dill) 255 Mt. Hope St. “The thoughts of quiet men are often hidden. " Football 1, 2, 3; Track 3; Committees 1; Variety Show 3 LAURIE DOBLE (Myrtle) 260 Towne St. " Whoever has a heart full of love always has something to give. " Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Model Senate 1 , 2, 3, 4; Yearbook Asst. Editor 4; Drama Festival 3; Drama Club 3, 4 — President; Newspa- per 1 , 2, 3; Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2; GAA 4 HELEN DORR (Hel) 660 Broadway “A carefree, happy heart. " Committee 1 , 3 SHARON DORR (Sha) 660 Broadway “Do not wish to be anything but what you are and try to do that perfectly.” Scholarship Dr. 2, 3; DECA 3 (Treasurer), 4 (Secretary) NORMAND D ' UCHARME (Norm) 430 Broadway " Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier. " Band 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Brass Ensemble 3; Spring Concert 2, 3, 4 DAVID DUGAN (Dave) 935 Mt. Hope St. " Life would be dull without a little mischief. " ELLEN DZIALO (Ellen) Box 2674 Hoppin Hill Ave. " Her ways are pleasant and all her paths are peace. " ROBERT EMERSON (Emma) 65 Church St. " He never was a fellow who said much. " Football 3, 4; Track 4 NANCY FEDER (Nancy) 1 25 Old Post Rd. " He who seeks truth should be of no coun- try.” Newspaper Editor 2, 3, 4; Hockomock Sen- ate 1, 2; Regional Advisory Rep. 3; Honor- ary Student Council Member 3; Student » Advisory to School Committee 3; Field Hockey 1; Softball 1 KEVIN FEID (Fido) 1 1 1 N. Washington St. " No civilized man ever regrefs a pleasure. " Committees 3 LAURA FEID (Lau) 1 1 1 N. Washington St. " Life is always interesting when you have a purpose and live in its fulfillment.” Committees 1, 2, 3; Drill Team 1, 2; Scholar- ship Dr. 1 , 2, 3; Variety Show 3; Class Presi- dent 2, 3 DEBORAH FERRANTE (Debbie) 302 Allen Ave. " The name of a friend is common but loyalty in friendship is rare indeed. " Committees 2, 3; Office Worker 1 LYNDA FISH (Lynder) 26 Lakeview Ave. " Let me have music 4ying, and I seek no more delight. " Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 Woodwind Ensemble 3, 4; Pep Cli b 1 ; en Road 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Variety Show 1; Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4; SE Mass Festival 1 , 3, 4; Drama Club 4 PATRICK FITZGIBBONS (Fitzy) 44 Sunset Ave. " Let me entertain you. " Football 1 , 2, 3, 4 — Tri-Captain KATHERINE FONG (Kathy) 33 Bank St. " Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy. " Field Hockey 1 ; Yearbook 4; Homeroom Rep. 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 3, 4; National Honor Society 2, 3, 4 LINDA FOURNIER (Lin) 1 38 East St. “Activity is the only rood to knowledge.” Drill Team 1, 2, 3, 4 — Head; Library 1; Spring and Music Festival 1 , 2, 3, 4; Commit- tees 1 , 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 2, 3, 4; Year- book Business Mgr. 4; Variety Show 3, 4; Senior Play 4 CHARLEEN PRAISE (Chari) 4 Heather St. “Serious — yet knows how to laugh. " DECA 3; Committees 3 DIANE FRAZIER (Diane) Chestnut St. “What I must do is all that concerns me.” NANCY GRENIER (Nancy) 68 Mt. Hope St. “Genius is mainly an affair of energy. " Track 2 , 3; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Honor Society 2, 3; Honor Society 2, 3, 4 SARAH HABERSHAW (Sally) 249 Old Post Rd. “To worry little and show it less her idea of happiness. " Committees 4; Jr. Classical League 1 ; DECA 4 ROBERT HALL (Bob) 585 Bungay Rd. " When a musician hath forgot he makes as though a crumb stuck in his throat. " Band 1 , 2, 3, 4; Woodwind Ensemble 3, 4 RICHARD HAMILTON (Ricky) 1 79 East St. " Every man is or hopes to be an individual. " Football 1; Hockey 2; DECA 4 — Vice Presi- dent STEVEN HANNOND (Han) 657 Broadway “Getting there is half the fun.” Hockey 1 , 2, 3, 4 LINDA HAYMAN 1 6 Donald Tennant Cir. “Why is it wrong to be young and foolish? " WILLIAM FRENCH (Frenchy) 1 1 0 Mt. Hope St. “The art of silence is as great as that of speech. " Golf 2, 3, 4 CAROL GAUDETTE (Carol) 612 Adamsdale Rd. " Let’s live for today.” Committees 3 WAYNE GELINEAU (Jelly) 76 Park St. Scholarship Dr. 1, 4; Band 1, 2; Committees 1 PAULA GIRARD (Paul) 1 35 Clifton St. “Quiet and undisturbed, she along her way. " DECA 4 PATRICIA GOWAN (Led) 27 Mason Ave. “Whose yesterdays look backwards with a smile. " DECA 3,4 — President LINDA GREAVES (Lin) 226 Mt. Hope St. “We know what we are but not what we may be. " Pep Club 1 ; Committees 4; Scholarship Dr. 1, 4; Co-Ed Underclassmen Circulation Year- book 4; Variety Show 4 DIANE HEALEY (Diane) 46 Bucklin St. “Very little is needed to make a happy life It is all within youself in your way of thinking.” Girls ' Leader 3; Yearbook 4; Ski Club 1 , 2, 3; GAA 4 LUC HEBERT (Spook) 2 Second Ave. “The time best employed is that which one wastes.” Football 1 , 2, 3; Basketball 1 ; Golf 2, 3, 4 TERRIE HENDERSON (Terrie) 1 28 Smith St. “A constant friend is a thing rare and hard to find.” Scholarship Dr. 2, 4 DONALD HILTZ (Hiltzie) 1 77 West St. “I am as bad as the worst, but thank God I am as good as the best. " WAYNE HJERPE (Jerp) 28 Grant St. “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what other people say you cannot do. " Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2, 3, 4; Open Road News Editor 2, 3, 4; Student Council 3; Yearbook 4; Committees 1 , 2, 3, 4 DARLENE HOELSCHER (Cookie) 25 Grove St. “Here I come, but don’t hurry me.” Crescenta Valley HS — Swim Team; NA — Hockey 4; Basketball 4; Softball 4 KATHY HOLDEN (Tinker) 354 Mt. Hope St. “Never walk so fast or with your head so high that you can’t smell flowers. " Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2; Committees 1,2,3, 4; 1 Act Plays 3; Re-Cap 1; Open Road 2, 3; Yearbook 4; Senior Play 4; Math League; Honor Society 3, 4 PERILLENE HORMAN (Perry) 71 8 Fales Road “She that speaks, sows; She that hears, reaps. " Car Wash 1 AMY HUNTINGTON (Amy) 519A May St. " Art is not a thing: it is a way. " Yearbook 4 ALFRED JAMES (Al) 1 7 Burden Ave. “Men of few words, are the best men.” Hockey 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 2, 3 EDWARD JOHNSON (Eddy) 1 8 Fisher St. “You are so small; am not even sure that you are at all. " Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3 LUANNE JOHNSTONE (Lu) 1 7 David Rd. “When all else fail, a song will rise.” NANCY JONES (Jonsey) 47 Johnson St. “Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm.” Field Hockey 2, 3, 4 — Co-Captain; Basket- ball 2, 3 Co-Captain, 4; Homeroom Rep. 3, 4; Guidance 2; Variety 4 KATHLEEN JONES (Jonesie) 41 Spring St. “Laugh and be well.” Scholarship Dr. 2; DECA KEVIN JOYCE (Joycey) 1 6 Ranch St. “Feel for others — in your pocket gener- ously. " JOHN JUUSOLA (Juice) 49 Colburn St. “There are some quiet people who are more intersting than the best talkers. " Cross-Councty 1, 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Winter Track 3, 4; Band 1; Scholarship Dr. 2; Com- mittees 3 ANN KEATING (Pokey Annie) 1 000 Mt. Hope St. “She is known as a woman whom everybody likes.” Colorguard 1 ; Pep Club 1 ; Red-Cap 1 ; Office Worker 1 ; Future Teachers Club 3; Yearbook Bridge Club 1 ; Spring Concert 1 , 2 JOHN KING (Snoopy) 101 East St. “To worry is a waste of time.” DECA 3, 4 — 3 President AGNES KIRYLO (Aggie) 1 38 Jefferson St. “Happy and from care I ' m free, why aren’t they all content like me? " DECA 3; Basketball 1 EDWARD KIRYLO (Ed) Jefferson St. “When my cue comes, call me and I will answer. " ARTHUR KISTNER (Butch) 1 1 6 Circular St. “A mind forever wandering through stange seas of thought.” Winter Track 3 DIANE KORMAN (Dede) 382 Old Post Rd. “Happiness is made — not found. " Drill Team 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 4; Scholar- ship Dr. 1 , 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Student Council 3, 4; Spring and Music Festival 2, 3, 4; Committees 4 STEPHEN KRAUTH (Steve) 1 2 Phillips “A rare compound of sports, folly and fun.” Football 1 , 2; Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 MICHAEL KRZYWONOS (Quizzo) 519 Sylvan Rd. “Some think the world’s made just for fun, and so do I, so do I.” Band 2, 3; Scholarship Dr. 4 LINDA LaBREE (Lin) 25 Bernice St. “Life is all sound and sowing, youth is a per- fect thing. " DECA 3; Committees 3 CYNTHIA LACASSE (Cindi) 20 Moran St. “Human kind cannot bear very much reality.” Feehan — Future Secretaries Club PAUL LACASSE (Farmer) 59 WestsideAve. “A busy man who takes his tasks to heart.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 — Co- Captain; Winter Track 3, 4; Homeroom Rep. 3; Variety Show 4; S tpior Play 4 CECILE LANDRY (Cecil) 1 64 Elm St. “There is a time for speaking and a time to be silent.” Pep Club 1 , 2; Scholarship Dr. 3 JAMES LANG (Jim) 6 Hunting St. “Here is a man to match against the world.” Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1 , 2; Committees 1 , 2, 4 DAVID LEARY (Gus) 1 1 9 Fisher St. “Greatness consists of trying to b® great. There is no other way. " Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 LINDA LeBLANC (Lil LeBlanc) 32 North Ave. ‘‘What lies behind her calm exterior.” Feehan — Powder Puff Game 1; Variety Show 1 RICHARD LeBLANC (Frenchie) 32 North Ave. “Mischief, here is thy maker.” DENISE LECLERC (Denise) 605 Adamsdale Rd. “A time to love and a time to wed, and time to seek rest.” Colorguard 2; Committees 2, 3; Scholarship Dr. 2 KENNETH LaFRAHA (Fro) 303 High St. ”1 never do anything, but I’m always getting caught.” VIVIAN LEMIEUX (Viv) 550 Old Post Rd. ‘‘Flirtation: Attention without intention.” Basketball 1; GAA 4; Scholarship Dr. 17 2;- 3,4 KATHRINE LeTELLIER (Kathy) 885 Mendon Rd. “A kind heart is a fountain of gladness.” DECA3 CYNTHIA LeVASSEUR (Cindi) 374 Elm St. “Sometimes it is advantageous to be unseen, although it is most often ra er wearing on the nSTves.” Band f, 2; Committees 3; Scholarship Dr. 3; Girls’ Foatball Game 4 CHRISTOPHER LIHLE (Big) 721 FalesRd. “True goodness springs from a man ' s own heart. All men ore born good.” Football 1 , 4 THOMAS LOVEJOY (Tom) 4 Orchard Dr. V, ' “Why worry? Things are bound to happen anyway.” Baseball 2, 4; Hockey 3, 4 ROBIN LOWNEY (Lown) 778 Old Post Rd. “From the c wn of her heacktolf iole of her foot, shff Is all mirth. " Committees 1, 2; Softball 2; Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2; Variety Show 2 DORIS LUDWIG (Doris) 1 1 3 Metcalf Rd. “Imaginatian is more important than knowl- edge.” Committees 1, 2; Variety Show J; Newspa- per 1 ; Yearbook 4 DAI-E LYON (Dimples) 802 Oakridge Ave. “Learn as if you were to live forever; live as if you were to die tomorrow.” Baseball 1, 2, 4; Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2, 3, 4; Committees 3, 4; Homeroom Rep. 3; Yearbook 4; Variety Show 1 , 2 — fMC, 3, 4 scon MicBRIDE (Scott) 73 High S . “Men of f w words conquer many elds.” Band 1,2 3; Cross Country 4; Wi(per Track 3, 4; Trac ; 2, 4; Sy Club 4 DOUGLA MacDC ALD (Country) 25 Reed ve. f “Any man is freq except the one who cannot live as he choos . ' ' KAREN MACDONALD (Mac) 1 30 E. Washington St. " The little things are most wc hwhile — a I quiet wordl o look, a smile . . .” Drill Team 1; GAA — Sr. Rep.; Majorette 2, 3, 4 — Head; Scholarship Dr. 1, 2, 4; Com- mittees; Variety Show 1 , 2, 3, 4; Spring Con- cert and Festival 1 , 2, 3, 4; Office Worker 1 , 2; Yearbook 4 CHRISTINE MacEWEN (Chris) Oakridge Ave. “Was there ever a saint with red hair?” Field Hockey 1 ; Yearbook 4; Red-Cap PAMELA MACKILL (Pam) 567 May St. “A happy heart makes a smiling face.” Committeesj 1 , 2; Guidance 1 , 2, 3; Color- guard 3, 4; Spring Track 3; National Honor Society 3, 4 — Treasurer; Drama Festival 3 Music Festival 3, 4; Yearbook Co-Sports Edi) ' tor; Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2, 3, 4 PATRICIA MACKILL (Pat) 567 May St. “Her talk was like a stream which runs, with rapid change from rocks to roses.” Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 1, 2, 3, 4; Colorguard 3, 4; Spring Festival 3, 4; Boys’ Track 2; Grils’ Track 3, 4; Senior Play 4; Yearbook Co-Sports Editor CARLMASELBAS (Carl) 393 Mt. Hope St. " The strongest man in the world is he who stdnds alone. " Cross Country 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Bridge Club 3 BRENDA AAAHSON (Brenda) 1 5 Donald Tennant Cir. “Same think she’s bashful; others doubt it.” One Act Plays 3; Variety Show 3 JILLMcALICE (Jill) Delmont Ave. ”Tvrn your face toward the sun and the shadows will fall behind you.” CHRISTOPHER McCARTHY (Mac) 206 S. WashingtopjSt. ”1 would like to thank everyone involved for achieving their task of makinj f rp e. “me,” by giving my best in all I do and all I hope to be.” Committees 1 , 2, 3, 4; Football 1 , 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4;.Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2 THERESE McCRORY (Tracy) 71 Leonard St. “It is a tranquil Power which accomplishes much.” Basketball 2, 3, 4, Softball 2, 3, 4; GAA 4; Committees 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 2, 3, 4 — Vice-President; Class President 4; Volleyball 3 JOAN McGOWAN (Bona) 69 Pleasant St. “Are you surprised that people still can dance and sing in a world on its head.” Student Council 3, 4; Student Advisory Comm. 4; Softball 2; Variety Show 1, 3; Newspaper 2, 4 TIMOTHY McGOWAN (Tim) 159 Elm St. “Only man can surprise.” Football 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2; Committees 3; Variety Show 2, 3 WILLIAM McGOWAN (Twitty) 159 Elm St. “True happiness is found in enjoying life.” Student Council 1 ; Ski Club 2, 3, 4; Home- room Rep. 3, 4; Committees 3, 4; Scholar- ship Dr. 2, 4; Variety Show 2 LOIS McKITCHEN (Lois) 65 Jackson St. “As the sun colors flowers so does art color life.” Yearbook 4; Track 2 CHARLES McLaughlin (Marty) 410 S. Washington St. “Tell them they came.” MARK MEDEIROS (Mercury) 531 Kelly Blvd. " Only to myself do I owe fame.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3, 4; Variety Show 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 1,2 RONALD MERIGOLD (Merry) 70 Basswood Ave. - “A great man is one who does not lose his childish heart.” Football 1, 4; Baseball 2 JAMES MOBRIANT (Mob) 1 97 Arnold Rd. “All men of action are dreamers.” Football 1 , 2 RONALD MONROE (Earl) ' 32 James Swanezy Rd. oT " " A man’s own character and manner are what most becomes him.” Football 1 ;,Track 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4; Committees 1; Variety Show 4; Scholar- ship Dr. 1 , 2, 4; Senior Play 4 PATTI MOORE (Patti) 325 Kelly Blvd. " A quiet girl . . .at times.” DECA 3; Committees 2, 3 JANICE MORIN (Jan) 240 Arnold Rd. “Woman’s natural mission is to love, to love but one, to love always.” Variety Show 2 4; Scholarship Dr. 3; Com- mittees 3 SUSAN MOWBRAY (Sue) 47Earlmar Dr. “Blessed are they who have the art of mak- ing fcends.” DrillfTeam 1; Colorguard 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. r, 2, 3, 4; Committees 1, 2, 3, 4; Variety Shojiif 4; Co-Ed Underclassmen Circulation Yearbook 4 DONNA MURCHY (Murch) 1 5 Mt. Hope St. “Wherever there is fun she’s in it; never still for a minute.” Field Hockey 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Soft- ball 1; Scholarship Dr. 1, 2, 3, 4; Office Worker 1 , 2; Senior Play 4 CHARLES MURPHY (Charlie) 55 Pleasant St. " Say nothing, think more.” PAMELA NOLAN (Pam) 69 Whiting St. “Her friendly personality is always ready for fun.” Committees 2, 3, 4; DECA 3; Senior Football Game 4; Yearbook Staff 4 MARK NORMAND (Storman) 86 Broad St. " I not only use all the brains I have but all that I can borrow.” CINDY NORTHUP(Cin) 332 Reservoir St. ”A spark of mischief in her eyes, a love of laughter in her heart.” Pep Club 1 , 2; Variety Show 3, 4; Commit- tees 1 , 2; Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2; Senior Foot- ball Game 4 THERESA OGNI (Teri) 1 47 Crescent Ave. ”A lady makes no noise.” ARTHUR OLDHAM (Bob) 1 45 Leonard St. " What he wants most to get out of school is himself.” JOHN OLDHAM (Johnny) 140 Grant St. " A happy man is he who sees the world and cares not for it. " ELIZABETH OLIVER (Mama) 1 5 Mt. Hope St. “A laugh: A smile that burst.” Basketball 1, 2; Variety Show 2, 3, 4; Soft- ball 1 , 2, 3, 4; Student Committees 3; GAA — SEcretary 4 BRUCE ORR (Orrzie) 22 Bonneau St. " Only some can learn by other people ' s mis- takes. The rest of us have to be the other people.” Football 1 PETER OSTERBERG (Pete) 92 Jackson St. “The human mind is our fundamental resource.” Baseball 2; Spring Track 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Cross Country 4; Winter Track 4 DIANE OUIMET (Di) 73 Peterson St. " The wind across this great land is whisper- ing . . . peace ...” Variety Show 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 3, 4; Committees 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Homeroom Rep. 3; Guidance 3 JOHN PAINE (John) 55 Spring St. " Sometimes I sit and think — but most times I just sit.” Football 1 , 2 ; Track 1 , 2, 3 CAROLE PARADIS (Carole) 230 West St. " The day will soon come when we can be " we” knowing you and knowing me. " Colorguard 2 , 3, 4; Variety Show 3, 4; Com- mittees 4; Underclassmen Candids Editor 4; Spring Concert and Festival 2, 3, 4 DAVID PARENTEAU (Dave) 290 West St. " Once a gentleman, always a gentleman. " GREGORY PARKER (Moose) 921 Mt. Hope St. ' " I would have nobody to control me. " Honor Society 3, 4; Newspaper 3; One Act Plays 3; Yearbook 4 PATTY PARKS (Patty) 157 Elm St. “It ' s my world, and I don ' t waqt any other. " Cheerleading 2, 3; Variety Show 2, 3r’ om- mittees 3, 4 ’ RAYMOND PATCH (Patchy) 350 Mt. Hope St. " What I value more than all things is good humor.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3; Variety Show 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 3, 4 EDWARD PAUL (Ed) 1 03 Pleasant St. “A man ' s felicity consists not in the outward and visible blessings of fortune but in the inward and unseen perfections and riches of the mind.” Track 1 , 2, 3, 4; Weightlifting Club 3, 4; Audio-Visual 4; Scholarship Dr. 2; Yearbook Photography Editor 4 RICHARD PAYNTON (Rich) 1 00 Towne St. " The world belongs to the energetic — but who wants the world?” Ski Club 1 ; Track 2, 3, 4 DEBRA PENERGAST (Debi) Lewis Rd. " Silence often says much more than trying to understand what ' s been said before. " ALAN PEPPER (Pep) 38 Reservoir St. " I have to live with myself and so I want to be fit for myself to know.” CHARLES PERKINS (Perk) 31 Wagon Wheel Rd. “The life of a man is made of action and endurance.” Hockey 3, 4 MARK PETERSON (Pete) 88 Division St. " A penny for your thoughts.” Scholarship Dr. 3, 4 ANDREW PETRIE (Andy) 47 James Swanezy Rd. “If you wish to reach the highest, begin as the lowest. " Football 1 RAYMOND PEHI (Moot) 200 Smith St. " A smile with an intent to do mischief. " Ski Club 1, 2; Hockey , 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3,4 CALVIN PHILIBERT (Atlas) 58 Jefferson St. “Self respect is the cornerstone of all virtue.” CHARLES PIANTADOSE (Charlie) 603 Adamsdale Rd. " Livin’ and Lovin’ it.” Football 3, 4 RAYMOND PIERSON (Ray) 84 Moran St. " The less said the more done.” Honor Society 3, 4 Texas — Tennis 1 ; Debate 2 DAVID PLANTE (Dave) 6 Penfield St. ”1 agree with no man’s opinion, I have my own.” BRENDA PODSIADLO (Podsy) 65 Richards Ave. " A quiet exterior conceals much.” JOHN POHOLEK (Jay) 1 5 Colburn St. " Head to contrive, a tongue to persuade, a hand to execute any mischief. " Football 3 GARY POIRIER (Ga) 1 8 Edmund Corrigan Rd. “All great men are dead; I ' m not feeling well. " football 1 , 3, 4; Variety Show 4 DOtORES RABUFFO (Buffy) 42 Donald Tenaant Cir. “For she is gentle who does ge tle feeds. " Drill Team 1, 2, 3 — Lieutenant 4; Commit- tees 2, 3, 4; DECA 3 (Secretary), 4 (Trea- surer); Variety Show 3, 4; Yearbook Business Secretary 4 DEBORAH RADNOR (Debby) 255 Metcalf Rd. " Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue.” Scholarship Dr. 1, 2, 3; Committees 3 BRADLEY READ (Brad) 35 Taylor St. “I exist as I am — that is enough.” DAVID REPOSA (Dave) 24 Sunset Ave. " Laugh and the world laughs with you . . . Study and you study alone.” Baseball 1 , 2 PATRICIA REYNOLDS (Trisha) 1 32 Grant St. “Always active every step, full of liveliness and pep.” Class Vice-President 1, 2, 3; Variety Show 1, 2, 3, 4; Softball 3, 4; Cheerleading 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 1, 2, 3, 4; Homeroom Rep. 3, 4; Committees 1 , 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Red-Cap 1 , 2; GAA 4 JAMES RILEY (Rile) 30 Meadow St. “Why should the devil have all the good times?” Baseball 1 , 2, 3; Football 1 , 2; Basketball 1 THOMAS RILEY (Thom) 1 001 Mt. Hope St. " The world belongs to the enthusiast that keeps cool. " Football 1; Track 1, 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3, 4 — President; Student Advisory Council 4 JOHN RIOUX(Rippa) 9 Mt. Hope St. " In the life of a young man, the most essen- tial thing for happiness is the gift of friend- ship.” Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 — Co-Captain; Football 1 , 2, 3, 4 — Tri-Captain; Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4; Variety Show 2, 3, 4; Class President 1 ; Committees 3, 4 CINDY ROBERTS (Cindy) Box 685A Paine Rd. “I need to laugh, and when the sun is out I have something I can laugh about.” DON ROBERTS (Oral) Millard Rd. " Life is one long process of getting tired.” JAMES ROESSLER (Jim) 1 1 0 Circular St. " It matters not what you are thought to be but what you are. " MICHAE L ROFINO (Mike) 74 Calvin Rd. “Goodness is a virtue of mankind.” Band 2, 3; Committees 2, 3, 4; Spring Con- cert and Festival 2, 3; Variety Show 4; Year- book 4 ROBERT ROSE (Rose) 86 Pleasant St. " Nothing is so popular as kindness.” Hockey 3, 4; Variety Show 4 RONILYN ROUSSEAU (Roni) 10 Peck St. “Everything about her is appealing.” Variety Show 2, 4; Cheerleading 2, 3; Schol- arship Dr. 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Committees 1,2, 3,4 CHARLOHE ROY (Charlie) England Rd. " Let today look to the past with remem- brance and to the future with longing.” Library 1 , 2, 3; Band 1 , 2; Basketball 1 , 2; Softball Mgr. 1 PAULA ROY (Paula) 1 Franklin Rd. " So many things to do, to see, to dream, to hope, to find . . . to be.” Drill Team 1, 2; Majorettes 3, 4; Drum Majorette 4; Spring Concert and Festival 1 , 2, 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Scholarship Dr. 1 , 2, 4 KERRY RUEST(Weez) 172 455 High St. " Nothing is more becoming to a great man than courtesy. " Football 1 ; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Committees 1 LORETTA SACCO (Sac) 1 7 Sunset Ave. " Have patience and you will be rewarded.” Honor Society 3, 4 — Secretary; Student Council 1; Committees 1, 2, 3; Yearbook 4; GAA 4; Office 3 MICHELLE ST. PIERRE (Michelle) 32 Phillips St. " As merry as the day is long.” Honor Society 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 3 CATHERINE SALESSES (Cath) 29 Stone Hill Rd. " Time was when love and I were well acq- uainted. " Committees 1 , 2, 3, 4; Newspaper As. Editor 2, 3; Advisory Comm. 3; Majorettes 3, 4; Senior Play 3, 4 Variety Show 1 , 3, 4; Spring Concert and Festival 1 , 2, 4; Field Hockey Mgr. 2; Schol- arship Dr. 1, 2, 3, 4; Play Festival 4; Drill Team 1 ; Yearbook 4 ROLAND SARRAZIN (Chopper) 52 Circular St. " Adventure is not outside a man it is within.” Track 3, 4; Cross Country 3 CYNTHIA SEMPLE (Cyn) 41 George St. " Let thy speech be better than silence or be silent.” THOMAS SHAFTOE (Shifty) 326 Towne St. " Don’t do it the right way, do it my way. " Baseball 1 , 2, 3; Hockey 2, 3 DEBRA SIENKO (Debbie) 916 Lindsey St. " Happiness is not something we find . . .it’s something we create.” Spring Concert and Festival 3, 4; Committees I, 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 3, 4; Yearbook 4; Senior Play 4 KAREN SIMMONS (Belva) 345 Metcalf Rd. " For everythin u have missed, you have gained something else; and for everything you gain, you lose sorWething. " Drill Team 1; Spring and Music Festival 1; Mgr. — Field Hockey and Softball 2; Office — Guidance 1, 2; Re-Cap 1 ; Open Road 2, 3, 4; Drama Club and Festival 3, 4; Senior Play 3, 4; GAA 4; Yearbook Senior Editor 4; Committees 1 , 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Dr. 1 , 3, 4 KAREN SLAWSON (Karen) Anawan Ct. “The past is only a beginning. " Committees 1; Mock Senate 1; Newspap 1, 2; Office 2; One-Act Play 3; Scholarship -. 2, 3, 4; Guidance 3; Girls’ State — .Nfrnate 3; Spring Festival 3, 4; Colo rguard 3, X Honor Society 3, 4; Senior lay 4; Yearb k Circulation Editor 4; Music F tival EDWAr 6 SMITH (Ed) , Mendon Rd. ' E%ough work to do and enough stren Qj to the work. ' . AfoLO SMn | Sr »(ttie) ' 1 9 Mfltffen Ave. “Some are wise, wK)t Is more fun td be oth- erwise.’’ SUSAN SPRAGUE (Sue) 388 Commonwealth Ave. " The world belongs to the energetic and spirited.” Committees 1 , 2, 3, 4; Office and Guidance 2, 3; Track 3; Scholarship Dr. 2, 3, 4; Color- guard 3, 4; Open Road 2, 3; Yearbook Fac- ulty Editor 4; Senior Play 4; Volleyball 3; Spring Concert and Festival 3, 4; Tennis 4 DAVID SUVALL (Dave) 31 Whiting St. " Small in size yet big in friendship.” Committees 1 , 2, 3 STEVEN SVENDSEN (Swenny) 1 1 7 A Hoppin Hill Rd. " Reserve, prudence and freedom makes a man. " KIMBERLEY THOMAS (Kim) 70 Moran St. “Her smile is worth a million frowns.” JAYNE THORPE (Jayne) 25 Eddy St. " What after all is a halo? It’s only one more thing to keep clean.” Student Council 1 BETH TOLLIVER (Beth) 340 Smith St. “Freedom is nothing more than the right to live as we wish. " Basketball 1 , 2; Field Hockey 1 ; Honor Soci- ety 2, 4; Office Worker 2 GLENN TROST (Glenn) 89 Chruch St. " We are not satisfied to be right unless we can prove others to be wrong. " Track 1 , 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 2, 3, 4; Win- ter Track 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4 — Presi- dent; Variety Show MURRIEL TYLER (Murt) 76 Hawthor ie St. “Mischief is my mi le name. " DEC A 3; Committees 2, 3; Scholar|hip Dr. 1 , 2, 3, 4; Office Worker 1 flK PATRICIA VANBEVER (Pat] 294 Broadway ’(A pleasing personality gets you ijiriywhera. " Offic Worker 1, 2; Basketball 2; Scholar- ship W. 3 RICHARP VANDEHE (Van) Sl Broadway " A man of pleasure.’’ WILLIAM VARNEY (Varn) 42 Bank St. " He laughs, he talks and when necessary he studies. " Basketball 1, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1 ; Variety Show 4; Senior Play 4; Scholarship Dr. 3, 4 ROSE VIORRA (Rosie) 38 Jefferson St. “Contemlpd with your lot, you will to live icely. " fcJfCA 3; Colol uard 2; Band Carrier 1 RUSSELL WATSON (CJ)c) 699 Holmes Rd. ■ " It’s hard to be goo! . " ' DAWN WAHERS (Ddwn) 1 24 Sumner St. “Good nature is a quality we all should pos- sess. " Pep Club 1 ; Committees 1 , 2, 3 LISA WEAKLEY (Leasille) 90 Elmwood St. " Believe in your own individuality. " Pep Club 1; Drill Team 2; Basketball 2; Stu- dent Council 4; Yearbook 4; Senior Play 4; Variety Show 4 JAMES WHITCOMB (Jim) 412 High St. " Not only to exist but to amount to some- thing in life.” JOHN WILDGOOSE (Goose) 1 0 Whipple St. “He who invented work should have finished it. " STEPHEN WISE (Weeze) 1 60 Elmwood St. " What is life vyithout a lot of fun?” JAMES WOOD (Woody) 86 Crescent Ave. ’’Sports are a most excellent device with which to test one’s character.” Cross Country , 2, 3, 4 — Captain; Winter Track 3, 4; Spring Track 1, 2, 3, 4 — Co- Captain; Newspaper 2 KEVIN WRIGHT (Houston) 148 Kelly Blvd. “You can change my mind but you can’t change me. I’ve got a name.” Hockey 3, 4; Tennis 4 DAVID YEO (Dave) 83 Birchwood Dr. " Good nature brings many friends.” Basketball 3; Variety Show 4; Committees 3 PATRICIA YOUNKINS (Tish) 285 S. Washington St. " Be good, but don ' t strain yourself trying,” Red Cap 1; Treasurer 1; Field Hockey 1; Homeroom Rep. 3; Yearbook 4; Scholarship Dr. 3 JOHN ZIELINSKI (Twink) 35 Peterson St. ’I am imaginative, ' quoth he, ' idle was I never.’ GARY ZILCH (Gary) S. Washington St. " I’d like to get away from the earth for awhile and then come back to it and begin over. 173 L ■k Advertisements MacDONALD ' S MOBILE HOMES INC. 1 30 E. Washington Street North Attleboro, Mass. mobile homes w east WASHINGTON ST, N.ATTLE.6ORO 177 BLACKSTONE FINANCE. INC. OF ATTLEBORO 25 Bank Street Attleboro, Massachusetts Congratulations To the Class of 1974 SIMPLY SPORTSWEAR BRIGGS NURSERY Triboro Plaza ” North Attleboro, Mass. PLAIN VI LLE COAL CO. 38 Forest St. Attleboro, Mass. 02760 Oo -t- H«.r dlr £xcl«, X s» fl-l ' i- ' orvSt,. ftti 6SabVo f9i a fT .«sS . ula4 • ons LftSS ©f H 1 LX uol S r(U€ Fl.ll ' © C©tk ' ©UGtllS Tfit f« SH6frr(we Wor-tK ftttSa 179 180 41 TAUNTON GREEN TAUNTON 21 NORTH MAIN STREET ATTLEBORO 1400 fall river avenue SEEKONK SAVINGS CERTIFICATE PASSBOOK ACCOUNTS 5 ' 2% per annum Minimum Deposit $ 1 00 No Notice Required for Withdrawal DIVIDENDS PAID OR COMPOUNDED QUARTERLY 585 E. WASHINGTON ST. (Rtc. 1) NO. ATTLEBORO ACROSS FROM STOP SHOP — NEXT TO SUN ' N FUN 181 Phone: 61 7 — 695-252 1 RAYMOND F. MORSE CEMETIRY MEMORJALt Sales Manager (Illjarba (S. iHorsp (Sranttp (Co.. 3nr. Guaranteed Memorials Open Daily 9:00 - 5:00 Evenings by Appointment 695-6471 EAST WASHINGTON ST. U. S. Route 1 NO. ATTLEBORO, MASS. 02761 P.O. BOX 949, KELLEY BOULEVARD N. ATTLEBORO. MASSACHUSETTS 02761 HOMER-ALDEN CO. COOK DYER FUNERAL HOME 10 Alden Dr. N. At+leboro, Mass. 161 Commonwealth Ave. Attleboro Falls, Mass. Phone: 695-0200 82 BROOK MANOR FARMERS VILLAGE GARDEN SHOP AND GIFT SHOP FROM A FRIEND Attleboro, Mass. LJ. " HOWARD JOHNSON ' S FROM A FRIEND Route 1 North Attleboro, Mass. Compliments of DOR WIN LUMBER CO. Compliments of ALDO ' S PIZZA COLSTONE RESTAURANT 329 North Washington St. North Attleboro, Mass. North Attleboro, Mass. Hours: Thursday Thru Friday 4 PM to 1 1 PM Call 695-3316 Congratulations to the Class of 1974 Heather Hill Golf Course 1 8 Holes — Public Invited West Bacon St. — Plainville " Owned and Operated by the Golfers for the Golfers " I j FALLS SHOPPING CENTER SILLMAN ' S SHOE STORE Telephone 699-4464 Lumber and Building Materials 149 Chestnut Street North Attleboro, Mass. JIFFY CHEF Honne Style Cooking HARRY SIDAS Proprietor North Washington Street North Attleboro, Mass. Phone: 695-9837 185 NASON DRUG-LIGGETT REXALL Compliments of: REID ' S APPLIANCE 45 North Washington Street North Attleboro, Mass. " For All Your Name Brand Cosmetics " We Feature Bonne Bell Cosmetics Prescriptions JACKIES PACKAGE STORE Phone: 695- 1 458 e nie PHARMACY PAUL A. BERNIER. Reg. Ph. " The Friendly Beer and Wine Store " Woody ' s Roost " 1 1 2 Best Wishes to the Class of " 74 " So. Washington St. Tel. 699-8842 North Attleboro, Mass. PEACE FROM THE PEOPLE AT (.IXIT liROTlirHS ( IN( OHl’OK TEI) 20 JOEIN Vm I IWl ■ ' T TIIF110HO MV- " . 027111 186 D o r 0 t h y 1 s Beauty Salon Trtboro Plaza North Attleboro 695-002 1 r J [15 Lm F=i rii:z]r5S! ry mrfiNry 55 re y bvlp, , No. mu. 187 Banking career) you can , trust . MACHINE OPERATOR MANAGEMENT TRAINEE i TYPIST j in a u ' dynamic growing business visit us and discover what it con mean to you ATTLEBORO 1 COMPAMY 8 North Main Street. Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703 Branch Offices: North Attleboro Tri-boro Plaza Mansfield Nnrflj tomptiu ‘Best ijbks Jo %. „ d V SCHOFEILD HARDWARE COMPANY 54 No. Washington No. Attleboro, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS " Graduates " M. F. ASHLEY LUMBER CO. Buildings ♦ Fireplaces ♦ Chimneys ♦ Brick - Stone ♦ Cement Work f. SitKOKMU P%. Mason Contractor 1 Landry Avenue No. Attleboro Mass. 02760 (617) 695-2644 (617) 695-9727 Sellvez 189 dver fisements J 190 JOSEPH R. G.GELINAS CARLTON H. BLISS INS. AGENCY INSURANCE AGENCY INC. ' ■i. 106 Commonwealth Ave. Room 3 Riley Building . ' w Attleboro Falls, Mass. 65 North Washington St. 695-0366 North Attleboro, Mass. Congratulations ART ' S 3 HOUR CLEANERS, INC.. I R. A. REINBOLD INSURANCE AGENCY 99 East Street North Attleboro Mass. Phone 695-03 14 or 695-0554 F. G. HOLBROOK INSURANCE INC. 65 North N ashington Street North Attleboro, Mass. Phone 695 58 1 I HOT LINE DISCOUNT 58 N. Washington St. North Attleboro, Mass. 192 CAROL VAN ' S Major Brands Outlet TOP NAME, 1st QUALITY MEN ' S WOMEN ' S CLOTHES AT LOW. LOW PRICES • JOHN MEYER of NORWICH • JR. HOUSE • MR. VITO ' S • PALO ALTO • ARTBRO • CORINTH STREET • WOMEN ' S SIZES 5-18 • WOMEN ' S COATS- fur-trimmed, suede, man-made fur • ANSWER • SPECTRUM • MEN ' S SUITS Sizes 30-56 39.00 • CASINI JEWELRY • COSMETICS • GLOVES OPEN: Monday-Friday 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m.-6 p.m. 72 N. Woshington St., N. Attlebora A rott from Urtiftd Notionoi Bonk Telephone: 699-8935 Pat Carey, Manager 193 Good Luck to the Graduates! BASSETTS BAKERY MOTELS (North from Rte 95 — Exit 2N) Rte. I at Rte. 120 515 South Washington Street Between Routes 495 and 295 North Attleboro, Mass. T elephone (6 1 7) 695-5 1 02 EDWARD G. LAMBERT INSURANCE AGENCY 82 N. Washington St. N. Attleboro, Mass. ATHERTON FURNITURE CO. 32 So. Main Street, Attleboro, Mass. Lawrence B. Gilbert Pres.-Treas. Tel. 222-0520 94 NIFTY NOOK Cards Gifts Crewel Kits WAGNER ' S FLOWER SHOP 231 2 Street Attleboro, Mass. Phone 222-0729 Compliments of " JOE " CURTIS REAL ESTATE I 3 N. Washington Street North Attleboro, Mass. Phone 699-4487 " Properties of All Types " INTERBORO CLEANERS B AND L CLEANERS Congratulations on Your Success Class of 1974 135 North Washington St. North Attleboro, Mass. 02760 195 JOHN SERVICE STATION ACHIN ' S GARAGE 28 Elm Street North Attleboro, Mass. North Attleboro, Mass. Congratulations to the Class of 1974 DICK BETTENCOURT ' S HONDA Route One North Attleboro, Mass. PEARSON ' S JEWELER ' S 3 North Main St. Attleboro, Mass. 02703 Tel. 222-2280 A FRIEND A AND K POLISHING CO. Attleboro Falls, Mass, ' P.O. Box 1 286 " Remember Our Two Best Salesmen: (Puality Plus Satisfaction " 1 on Paula Roy — Drum Ma|or Karen Macdonald — Head Mafor Ca+hy Salesses Michelle S+. Martin Cindy Johnson Debbie Sherman Michaelene Wells Janice Thresher Laurie Waite CMK. 197 Qfk.f (JTIm. CI ' voaJjs I OVdd rh At+leborb FalFs, Mass, Sm’rifm ® FOOTE 1 NO.AttLEBORO " COA GRQG u La-r ON " F ri CurtiisJnc J ' oeimA. f O ix iaa ui — ' •RiZLIflBLC I7(Z.W5 6UR(ZfiU n AA toAjit ' Cu tCi4 • fi(Z.HL ZSTRTd INSURANCE 198 " We of an Older Generation Wish for the Graduates of the Class of 1 974 the Enthusiasm, Idealism and Common Sense So Essential to Truly Change the Word. " McGOWAN INSURANCE AGENCY Congratulations to the Class of 1974 The North Attleboro High School Drill Team ELCO COMPANY INC. Ernest L. Charlebois 70 Emory Street Attleboro, Mass. Phone: 222-0475 " Carpets " 199 YOUR NEIGHBOR, THE RINGMAKERS. Mimeo Machines — Sales and Service KULL ' S OFFICE SUPPLY. INC. Business Forms • Office Equipment and Furniture Rubber Stamps 1 3 North Main Street • Attleboro, Mass. 02730 (617) 222-0178 JOHN KULL BALDWIN ' S OFFICE SUPPLY INC. 1 7 North Washington Street North Attleboro, Mass. 02760 Congratulations Class of 1974 699-7771 QXJChJU ' IfhcLU. 201 I Best of Luck to the Graduates at Bliss! Jan Morin, Moe Connors, Nance Closson, Kev Wright, Pam Mackill, Nancy Derick From " Mike " FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 27 Park Street, Attleboro COMMERCIAL PRESS North Attleboro, Mass. PLEASANT PHARMACY MUTCH ' S LEATHER BOUTIQUE FRANK ROBINSON ' S SHELL SERVICE STATION 205 Commonwealfh Ave. At+le,t(oro Falls, Mass. PJtone: 695-9824 202 JOHN J DIAMOND K ' ' frtwr 1 a, ANDERSON CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH. INC. Imperial Chrysler Plymouth Valiant Barracuda Cricket 676 Pleasant St. Tel. 222-4500 Route 123 Tel. 222-4501 Attleboro, Mass. 203 DONLEY MFG. CO.. INC. □ SAME □ DIFFERENT □ BETTER 8.YONS ADVERTISING INC., Attleboro Falls, MA 02763 Ricardo Coitin Fernanda Armado I I it UniTED oruoorl BRRK NORTH ATTLEBORO MASS C on Q Td,tuhffons Qr-ddi aHna C)ass t A.e SdifoTS ' Tlorfke ' Ti Factory Jewelry Outlet 205 Patron Page Mr. and Mrs. Louis Roy Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Armstrong Mr. and Mrs. David Leaver Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ayotte Mrs. Elizabeth Ingram Mr. Jeffrey Grant Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Crosta Mr. and Mrs. Hebert Everton Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fontaine, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Penney, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy F. Brodeur, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. P. Arena Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hallas The Bachelder Family The Denzil Gibbons Family Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Cotter The Whitehead Family Mr. and Mrs. Norman Segel The Abdul R. Samma Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Conley Mr. and Mrs. James Brennan The Harding ' s Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Roland Caron Mr. and Mrs. John Reposa Mrs. Anna Greaves Mr. and Mrs. Elmer B. Greaves, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Semple Mr. and Mrs. Bart Rofino Mr. and Mrs. Donald Messier Mr. and Mrs. William Truesdale Mr. and Mrs. Roger Northup Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rabuffo Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Paul Mrs. Patricia Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Ellis C. Feder Mr. and Mrs. L. Raymond Lanpher Frank and Gloria Jordan Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fish Robin Cleek Shirley R. Huntington Clinton S. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. T. F. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Herve Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Henrey Connors Mr. and Mrs. Roland Ouimet, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Macdonald, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sienko Mr. and Mrs. Roger Carpenter Mr. and Mrs. Lacasse Mr. and Mrs. Sylvio Leclerc Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carpeno Mr. and Mrs. Robers E. Dorr, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Healy Mr. and Mrs. William G. Hijenrpe Mr. and Mrs. Roy Tyler Mrs. Carol Duhamel G. H. Buffington Company Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. McCrory Mr. and Mrs. John K. Mackill Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Sprague Mr. and Mrs. John Rioux Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Salesses Mr. and Mrs. I. Eugene Slawson Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Simmons Mrs. Eugene Keating, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Grenier Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sienko Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Currier Mr. and Mrs. Oswald E. Lyon Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brunelli Mr. and Mrs. B. Albert Cavallaro Mr. and Mrs. Robery C. Dargis Mr. and Mrs. Curtis W. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Roy Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LaBree Mr. and Mrs. Omer Barnabe Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Burgess Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Lacasse Mrs. Ruth Closson Mr. and Mrs. Rene Cloutier, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Burton Doble Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fong Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Foutnier Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Collard Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Greaves Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pike Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gallotta Helen Mullen — Yearbook Advisor Midge and John Connor Mr. and Mrs. Richar ;J Beaupre Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Crosta Mr. and Mrs. Armand Champagne Mr. and Mrs. Seth B. Kinney Mr. and Mrs. Carl Betty, Jr. Mrs. Patricia Sacco Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Paradise Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Podsiadio Mr. and Mrs. Wheaton B. Monroe Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Basset Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Juusola Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DelVecchio Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Sheldon Coach and Mrs. Tom Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Mowbrau Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cavanaugh Mr. and Mrs. John Conrad, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Korman Therese Robichaud Mr. and Mrs. Berdard Wiker Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wiewcura Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ducharme Mr. and Mrs. Leland W. Holden Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Bunker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Rose, Sr. The Duhamel Family 206 Booster Page The Duhamel Family Marsharo " Groover " Cot+ero Paula and John Common, Safety and Pin-ette Love that Frosh Jockwalk Alice Cooper Ralph Russ and Mona R. J. and Nance Diane and Roni . . . SGFs always Rick and Diane Henry and Wen Love is Pat and CC N.A. Teachers ' Assn. Anne Keating and Dave McGinnes Smitty and Terrie Marsha and Chris Foxy George and Little Joe Hi Deb. How ' s Bill Mill Meilleurs Voeux — Monsieur B Meredith loves Choppa Paula loves Bobby Cindi and John Linda G. and Steve R. Mary, Jon, and Gary Fish Norma and Covert Brad and Elaine forever Philip Caron Linda and Kevin Jacqueline Greene Carol and Mark Sandy, Joe, and Joyce Azevedo A Friend Best of Luck, 74. M. Fish Nap ' s Maintenance Service Jill A Friend Perry Fong Rod, Barb, Kath, Mike Cavedon John Mui Cathy and Dave at Piggly Big Coke and Little Coke Hey — Jerk love jerk Janice and Dale Steve and Helen Belva Summers " She ' s your twin? " Pat and Pam. Good Luck, Graduates CC Big Moe and Dumbo Kathy Holden Angel and Abraham A Friend Bill and Debbi Lippy Chubbs and Rippa Carole and Dennis Trisha and Tom Karen " Ching " Slawson Abells knows his tables Abells is sick of his tables. Bat Flossy and Freddy German II Fand F forever Sum pepul kan sep — I kant Do n learnt to spel in NAHS Tomorrow the whole world Track Power Mr. Short Story Bub — remember who your friends are Nance Pluck the Duck Pat + CC = CC junior Karen and Phill Penelope Pitstop Keep on truckin ' , Sylvia .Sockets are I in ' 74 Anonome Josephine C. Dawson, R.N. Thinkin ' Lincoln — Kathy Good luck from " Hawkins " Bernalee and Kerry, Oct. 27 Love is Pat and CC Rider Tuna Noodle Casserole Buena Suerte! How beautiful a day can be when Kindness touches it. — Karen M. To each we say good-bye, and go our separate ways! Class of 74 Best Wishes from th- ' Division of Behavioral Sciences. F. Speeckaert and E. Shockro To Cath — Be careful, keep in touch L. N. Such a welcome and unwelcome things at once. To three of the cutest mascots, thank you Debbie, Lorie and Juloe JR ' s C and T, D and D, K and T, C and J, P and S, C and M, S and A, D and G, J and D, T and T, S and C. 207 To the Students and the Faculty of North Attleboro High School; This is the lost page of the 1 974 Northern Light. As the members of the staff may agree it is probably the hardest year that tiiey myself have ever had. I really can’t believe that my work has been completed or that I was actually a large part of it. There were so rr times when I thought that this yearbook would never become a reality and there were times when I was completely convinced that i w l quit the very next day. The next day would always come around though, and it was interesting how I would always find myself back in i 252 (The Yearbook Room). I must admit that I would never take on a job like this again, but I would be a liar if I said I didn ' t love it. Even though each and every person may not like this year’s Northern Light, I must tell you something that has been on my mind for a l| time. I dedicated myself to the Northern Light since the spring of my junior year. I wanted this year’s book to be the best — and it is. there are many mistakes, however, I guarantee that the good out-weighs the bad. To be in command of fifty-four seniors offers no easy rc) but watching my friends (and they are) create, design, and develop a book is more than any eighteen year old girl could ask for. My I time was spent in a variety of ways; running down the halls, skipping classes to meet a deadline, guiding a photographer, finding peopkj answering questions. The remaining part of the day would revolve around my home away from home, Rm. 252, piled up to my ears in wo( I can remember so many times when the pressures overcame my strength but not all my days resulted in disasters, especially today, | today is the last deadline, all the pages have been sent to the publisher and the ’74 Northern Light is finished! If your curiosity is aroused when you see that fifty-four people were on the staff I don’t blame you. Each of them contributed to the pi) cation in one way or another but there are a few people who did more than any one editor could ask. They were ALWAYS there wht needed help. So, now I’d like to take this opportunity to thank; Pam and Pat Mackill, Dave and Dale Collard, Linda Fournier, Karen Simm | Paula Roy, Sue Sparague, Marsha Cotter, Diane Ouimet, Karen Slawson, John Levis from Taylor Yearbook Publishing Company, and! advisor Mrs. Helen Mullen. The last and most important person concerned indirectly with the publication of the Northern Light is Cc Salesses. I thank her for being a friend that not all people could have. There were so many times when she was cast into the shadcj forgotten, but whenever I needed someone to talk to, Cath was always there. As you may well imagine I had a fantastic group of peopi ' ) back me. , Being Editor-in-chief is only a name, it offers no rewards, no new friends or barrels of fun, but it does give one a feeling of triumph art special satsifaction known only to those who venture into such a world. I challenge you to attempt the job I have just completed. I congri late you if you can improve this year’s work, and most of all I admire you. j As expressed in the theme of the book, every person is an individual with their own values and drives. Thank-you for being the people j are and remember to keep your own identity, because this is the person you were created to be. The ’74 Northern Light is a " Natural High.” 0 77 1 Nancy Ann Clos j Editor-in-cl| I i 208 I

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