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III v uipicm bres 19-6 STATISTICS boro, 19-6, before a hul North Attle. crowd at the Bombard! 5-25 i u. ig bacitv Attleboro lapacity crowa hool field yestei 7 high school field. 76 Entering the climax g ' 15-6 eight to 12-point underdog 41 Rocketeers took charge in the game and dominat ' every statistical departrf flashing an electrifying offi -d stopping the BombardiJ ®ry junctpre. " orth men contrihiiid ; in eight previous | Rocketeers complete- ' bted the game with ' .35 stopped, where North ' running by halfbacks and George Cooke Cooke was held y, Wes W ' hidden con- Ljjg j j.y |:ept the Bombardiers Honored The following play wa v through the middle but when officials uncovered the pile of 4 was the recipient of ' players. Hulkow clutched the:r • Balfour Trophy. Play- 1 ball, giving Attleboro a second U " . fways hi the game -jfry for the score. Hulk- end, and defense — the from tJia.- ior added to the honor up a score laje riod for_ wy y . ) PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1967 NORTH ATTLEBORO HIGH SCHOOL NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS YEARBOOK EDITORS CO-EDITORS Barbara Pike Paul Austin BUSINESS MANAGER James Vigorito SENIOR SECTION EDITOR Karen Fisher PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Patricia Codding CIRCULATION EDITORS Karen Leary John Bolinger ADVERTISING EDITOR Virginia Morin UNDERCLASSMEN 3 FACULTY EDITOR Colleen Connors ACTIVITIES EDITOR Janet Dawes ART EDITORS Virginia Stevens Paul Johnson SPORTS EDITOR Michael Brown ADVISORS Miss DeYeso Mr. Brayton 2 Nti ’ll NORTHERN LIGHT TABLE OF CONTENTS DEDICATION ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY SENIORS ' UNDERCLASSMEN 3 JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN CLUBS AND ' ACTIVITIES ' - SPORTS ADS 1967 DEDICATION Dedication is a thing many people know but which few practice. The Class of 1967 has chosen for its yearbook dedication a teacher who personifies this word. This teacher is fil ' ed with the drive and ambition to show his students things which they will really need In their future lives. He Is dedicated to the task of making the teenager of North Attleboro one who will succeed. But this teacher is also a counselor. His door Is always open and anyone may go in at any time to discuss a problem. There is always an attentive and a sympathetic listener. And so, with great pride, we, the Class of 1967, present our yearbook dedication to: MR. ERICK SARGENT 4 i Vincent B. Me Gee Ilf K SUPBlflNTEhlDENT f Many years ago a famous German, phllosopTier staled that a book was much-ljke a looking glass. He pointed out that you could not bring a donkey to a mirror and expect an angel to peer out of it. A book, like eeducation, will only reflect a composite of the previously accumulated experiences which an individual brings to it. This thought probably is the basis for a trite, but none- ' theless true, American aphorism. The proverb states " You only get out of a thing what you put mtp it " . I feel this is one of life ' s eternal verities. The sooner a person discovers i this immutable fact, the better off he will be in life. Congratulatons to tk se who have discovered this by now. To those who have not yet learned this bitter truth, remerp- ber the words of Omar Khayyam " The -bird of time has but a little way to flutter — and the bird is on the wing " . j, ■ ‘I; -XT ' - - ' S ' " : i ii! i ' k ' f; -pi ■ JiSl, ■■’VVJ ' t’- •r . ' w T J ( -tv • i. , . C- ' v ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL extend my very best wishes to you " , the Class of 1967. ►.It is my sincerest hope that the learning you have gained V here at North Attleboro High School will serve you in many Avays. I would like to pass on to ' you the following which is what we, your teachers, hope will symoblize your future: " Health enough to make work a pleasure: Wealth enough to support your needs; Strength enough to battle with difficulties and forsake them; r Grace enough to confess your sins aTTd ' overcome them; Patience enough to toil until some good is accomplished: Charity enough to see some good in your neighbor " Goethe Frank P. Gifune, Jr. S I!- - ,v ' .. :assistant " If PRINCIPAL I Louis D. Kelley rIBitiivM iii . PRINCIPAL ' S OFFICE GUIDANCE OFFICE .1 SUPERINTENDENT ' S OFFICE p m II !■ zaiwTirwrm Donald S. Brayton, Jr., English Raymond E. Charron physical Education Robert J. Castello Mathematics Judith E. Cobb English M. Jack Balkind Distributive Education John J. Bevilaqua French Department Head Roland L. Brousseau Mathematics Ronald R. Christianson Director of Music Brian P. Bicknell Mathematics 14 I I I I I ) t Joseph P. Connolly Power Mechanics Mrs. Helen O. Crockett Mathematics Department Head Louise E. Dudley Marcel P. Duhamel Commercial French Department Head Regina E. J. DeYeso Art Mary E. Erving Librarian Robert L. Guthrie Social Studies Intern 15 Alice M. Hall Commercial Social Studies Frederick F. Horan Shop Mechanical Drawing Mrs. Elizabeth Ingram Home Economics Clinton S. Johnson Chemistry Department Head William C. Kummer Science Faculty Manager Frank J. Kelley, Jr. German Mathematics William L. Kelly English JEiW-M AVI-A i. ' , ' . Mrs. Margaret E. Laliberte Commercial Mrs. Marjorie M. Lothrop Latin English 16 Audrey M. Marchant Physical Education Edward L. Meade Social Studies Department Head John Mitchell Science Robert R. Olivier English Arthur Post Science Myron Reimer Science Timothy Rioux Science William C. Sallee Mathematics Intern Erick Sargent Social Studies English St if if ti 17 i Marie J. Scanlin English Department Head Mrs. Eleanor P. Sawyer Home Economics William B. Stan German Alfred J. Slowe Mechanical Drawing Department Head Mrs. Ruth M. Waddicor English Josephine Dawson School Nurse Henry J. McDeed Special Class CHEFS SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ADVISORS iT Advisor Secretary Sandra Gulesserian Bevilaqua ' y-A . j President r William Atistin ' ' ” ' “ ' r Ffipurr i 1 A . ' i % . • - 1- ; • ' § " r ' W 9 ' ' ' Treasurer •; James Vigori+o PRESIDENTS MESSAGE Classmates of 1967 North Attleboro High School Our lour years of schooling at North Attleboro High School has ended. At this time I would like o thank each of you ' ’for the honor of being your leader for all of ’those years and for the confidence and cooperation you have givpn to me. ' Now we must go our separate ways. I hope that the lessons we haVfe learned and the guidance we have re- ceived may help us to choose tire right path to the next step in our uture. Nougne knows oxactly what the future has ' m store for him: but amj-sure, that f we make each day count for something worthwhile, we will find some measure of success and happiness. If we‘‘face the future with faith and hope in our hearts and the fourage to stand up for what we believe ' right, I am sure we can help make this world a better place in which t® live. As we face the fuldre I wish all of you the best of health, happiness, and success in whatever you do and may God bless yf)u all. William M. Austin TO THE CLASS OF 1967 ■iia fa w ■ y. u (J i pk.i r c r f J;K»%5 »a :4 : . :■ 3 ' .M cKl ! ! e? 28 Wi iarrV Austin - SENIOR YEAR Football Dances Senior Play ■ ‘Christmas Dance Senior Pronn February 4, 1967 Graduation June, 1967 _YTErs OFFICERS . __William Austin — Pres. Maureen McMahon — V. P. ' Sandra Sulesserian — Sec. James Vigorito — Treas. OFFICERS 5 Williarri ,Austin — Pres. ! tefilg fldwell— V. P. I- Janet ) w ' vSec|] f Kaf ' en Lav y — FTr s. SOPHOMORE YEAR-r- BJ Sai t Patrick ' s Q nce _ Faculty Game ■ . -r a Bar araj Fi Ws Sidt ' Gilbert iDajggett — Treas. i; • j |i W» t£ . 1 JUNIOR.JEAR Ba etb jir cipession ' Safi$ ' H l s‘ Dance Vari j i% itoIiT ■ with the St Junitf ro " Une Jbiree ), I966- FRESHMAN YEAR Cake Sale tMKl 31; OFFICERS William Austin — Pres. Nancy Caldwell — V.P. Lorraine Ouimet — Sec. James Vi ' ' t . A SCHOOL COLORS: RED WHITE SCHOOL SYMBOL: RED ROCKET 30 BEST DRESSED Karen Lavery and Tommy Correia MOST POPULAR Barbara Fields and Ron Culmet MOST SINCERE Linda Orr :i and Steve Reinhart LIVELIEST Patty Porier BEST ALL AROUND Donna RIoux and Billy Austin CLASS FLIRT Nancy Caldwell and Ed Williams 32 BEST DANCERS Marsha Schofield and Bobby Parks BEST LOOKING Chris Janssen and Billy Merigold 1 MOST DEPENDABLE I Karen Fisher and Jimmy Welch MOST ATHLETIC — Brenda Grant and Wes Whidden MOST CONTRIBUTING Sandy Gulessarian and Paul Austin MOST- LIKELY TO SUCCEED Maureen McMahon and Richard Phipps NEATEST Pat Codding and John Jepson 35 James Edward Andrew Jr. Mansfield Road " A smile for every fellow and two for every girl. " Fish and Game Club, German Club, Track, Football, Gym Club, Intramurals Karen Louise Appleby 17 Roland Baxter Road " If you wish to reach the highest, begin at the lowest. " Choir William John Arena 38 Tennant Circle " No legacy Is so rich as honesty. " Football, Baseball, Intramurals, Driver Ed. Pauline Louise Aubin 894 Mendon Road " Nothing is more useful than silence. " Paul William Austin 74 Colburn Street " It is good to be merry and wise. " Audio Visual Club, Intramurals, Science Club, Co-Editor 1967 Yearbook William Miland Austin Parmenter Lane " Whoever Is foremost, leads the herd. " Class Pres., Band, Basketball, Track, Gym Club, Weight Lifting, Intramurals, Variety Show, Science Fair, Trum- pet Quartet, Red Cap, Art Festival, German Club Robert Anthony Baier Kelly Boulevard " Whoever knows him likes him and there is no doubt he will be a great success. " FootbalJ, Baseball, Gym Club, Science Fair, Senior Executive Board, Co-Editor Red Cap, Variety Show Bonnie Suzanne Baldwin 589 Mansfield Road " Knowledge is the wing wherewith we fly to heaven. " Science Club, Audio Visual Club, German Club, Sci- ence Fair, Radio News Club, Yearbook, Math League Linda Lee Barrett 475 Broadway " God loveth a cheerful one. " Chess Club, Intramurals Kathryn Ann Bedard 73 Church Street " Happiness is a species of energy. " Science Club, Audio Visual Club, Intramurals, Year- book, Driver Ed. George T. Bergeron Jr. 533 Mount Hope Street " It is safer to keep silence than to speak. " Distributive Education Club, Alternate Delegate Robert Michael Bernier 57 Arnold Road " Taste the joy that springs from labor. " George Frank John Bolinger III 48 Colburn Street " He desired no distinction which he had not earned by his own distinction. " Fish and Game Club, Audio Visual Club, Yearbook, Senior Executive Board Alternate Gail Boss 129 Lyman Street " Silence is more eloquent than words. " Ann Brian Patty Jack Annette Boule 107 Broad Street " It ' s great to be great but it ' s greater to be human. " Intramurals Joyce Ann Bourgeois 9 Pleasant Street " I ' m willing to try anything once. " Office Worker, Freshman Cake Sale, Science Fair, Intramurals, Driver Ed., Distributive Ed. Club Brian Lee Bowser 26 Anawan Road " Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. " Fish and Game Club Ellen Elizabeth Boyd I 8 Ivy Street " What a whirlwind is her head. " Band, Pep Club, Glee Club, Variety Show, Distribu- tive Ed. Club Patricia Ann Bradley 20 Huntley Road " She floats upon the river of his thoughts. " Glee Club, Intramurals Diane Lee Brown 932 Mansfield Road " The trouble is small, the funds great’. " Variety Show, Intramurals, Cake Sale Michael Earl Brown 273 North Washington Street " The best answer to a false idea is the truth. " Band, Intramurals, News Club, Science Fair, Yearbook Sport ' s Editor Diane 38 Joan Marie Calcagni 82 Charles Street " A friend is of all possessions fhe most valuable. " Color Guard, Office Worker, Red Cap, Music Festi- val, Spring Concert, Cake Sale, Pep Club, Science Fair, Intramurals, Variety Show, Yearbook Staff Nancy Jane Caldwell 599 Mount Hope Street " A smile of hers was like an act of grace. " Class Vice President, Cheerleader, Drill Team, Choir, Flower Girl, Intramurals, Office Worker, Variety Show, Pep Club, Yearbook Staff, Science Fair Pamela Jean Carmichael 139 Jackson Street " Why truth may not be gay I cannot see. " Glee Club, Pep Club, Intramurals, Variety Show Ruth Ellen Carpeno Donald Tennant Circle " Beauty is truth; and truth beauty. " Milton Samuel Cash 65 David Road " It is difficult to keep quiet If you have nothing to-do. " Football, Gym Club, Art Club, Intramurals David Allan Chabot 64 Avery Street " All men commend patience, although few be willing to practice It. " Intramurals, Science Fair, Driver Ed., Variety Show Geoffrey William Chabot 668 Mount Hope Street " Wit now and then struck smartly, shows a spark. " Pam l i Joan Moses Mike Chco-Choo Humph Michael Edward Casey 107 Birchwood Drive " A man — always full of surprises. " Science Club, Fish and Game Club, Football, Base- ball, German Club, Intramurals, Ski Club Michael Edward Chabof 6 Dexter Street " Silence may do good, and can do little harm. " Football, Track, Fish and Game Club. Charles Rayner Chace 481 Mount Hope Street " The quiet mind is richer than a crown. " Intramurals, Baseball Linda Mary Chase 62 Broad Street " A woman she seems of cheerful yesterdays and confi- dent tomorrows. " Year Book Art Staff, Art Club, Intramurals, Science Fair Roger Childress 102 Elm Street " Few men have courage enough to appear as good as they are. " Football, Intramurals Donna Christensen 264 West Street " Wkose little body lodged a mighty mind. " Basketball Carl Cleveland " Much talk, much foolishness. " Cake Sale, Art Club, Variety Show, Year Book Staff Don 40 Jucy Brucle Linda Patricia Lynn Codding 251 Towne Street " No beauty is like the beauty of the mind. " Drill Team, Majorette, Student Council, Year Book Photography Editor, Glee Club, Cake Sale, Variety Show, Science Fair, Intramurals, Office Worker, Driver Ed., Flower Girl, Pep Club Bruce Collard 9 Hoppin Hill Avenue " I never think of the future; it comes soon enough. " Art Club, Art Festival, Football Manager, Science Fair, Driver Ed., Baseball Manager, Year Book Staff, Red Cap Linda Marie Connolly 335 Mount Hope Street " There is no substitute for talent. " Colleen Anne Connors I 7 Maple Street " If you have charm, you don ' t need to have anything else. " Majorette, Student Council, National Honor Society, Drill Team, Variety Show, Science Fair, Glee Club, Cake Sale, Intramurals, Office Worker, Driving Ed., Year Book Underclassman Editor, Flower Girl, Pep Club Thomas H. Conroy I 80 Smith Street " Men in all ways are better than they seem. " Football, Intramurals, Chess Club, Driver Ed., D. E. C. A. Treasurer Linda Joan Cook 546 Towne Street " Silence gives grace to woman. " Glee Club, Band, Science Fair George Edward Cooke III 52 Bulfinch Street " I am part of all that I have met. " Football, Basketball, Baseball, Variety Show, Gym Club, Cake Sale, Science Fair, Fish and Game Club, Red Cap Linda Tom George Glenn Richardson Cornish 122 Jackson Street " It needs a man to perceive. ' Football, Basketball, Track, Sale Baseball, Intramurals, Cake Anthony Thomas Correia 90 Kelley Blvd. " For the apparel oft proclaims the man. " Student Council, Variety Show, Football, Science Fair, Intramurals John J. Costello, Jr. 680 East Washington Street " Unmannerly a little is better than troublesome a great deal. " Band, Track, Driver Education Robert Sisson Crossley, Jr. 61 Metcalf Road " It is not necessary to understand music. It is only necessary that one enjoy it. " Orchestra, Band, Boy ' s Chorus, Double Quartet, Dance Band Gilbert Sidney Daggett 506 Old Post Road " Wit will open the door to success. " Student Council, Senior Executive Board, Track, Class Treasurer 2, Variety Show, Basketball, Student Govern- ment, Science Fair Kathy Ann Damberg 56 James Swanzey Road " tder ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. " Office Worker, Drill Team, Color Guard, Intramurals, A Cappella, Drama Club, Variety Show, Flower Girl, Yearbook Patricia Eleanor Danesi 240 Towne Street " A sweet girl with a friendly smile she makes one feel that life ' s worthwhile. " A Cappella, Drill Team, Color Guard, Intramurals, Va- riety Show, Office Worker, Yearbook Staff Pat 42 " j Jeannie Janet Leigh Dawes 828 Mendon Road " Like an angel ' s visit, few and far between. " Class Secretary 3, Color Guard, Variety Show, Intra- murals, Student Council, Office Worker, Yearbook, Activities Editor, Driver Ed. Lorraine Anne Demers 2 1 Fisher Street " She who has imagination without learning has wings but not feet. " Color Guard, A Cappella, Variety Show, Yearbook, Music Festival William Henry Egan 37 River Street " Virtue proceeds through toil. " John Benjamin Ferrante 302 Allen Avenue " There is only one good; that is knowledge. " Band Barbara Jane Fields 418 Broadway " She Is the rarest of all women. " Junior Prom Queen, Guidance, Drill Team, Cheerlead- er, Variety Show, Class Officer, Science Fair Jean Marie Finn 523 Kelley Blvd. " There is no mischief but a woman is at one end of it. " Glee Club Karen Lee Fisher 462 Broadway " Twas her thinking of others that made you think of her. " Student Council, Senior Executive Board, Variety Show, Office Worker, Drill Team, Flower Girl, Red Cap, Yearbook Senior Staff Editor Jan Barbar Beaver I I |I lliMHiilllllll il HI| I Hil ' IiWIliimillHlllllillllll Jack Fizzi Charlie Clifton Paul Fisler I 14 Circular Street " Better late than never. " Baseball, Football, Intramurals Alison Jean Fong 510 Kelley Blvd. " She looks as quiet as a lamb, but look again. " Cake Sale, Glee Club,- A Cappella, Color Guard, Drama Club, Music Revue, DECA Vice President John Kenneth Fraise 4 Heather Street " Honor lies In honest toil. " Softball, Baseball, Art Festival, Intramurals Witch Shirley Lee Fuller 60 High Street " Gaze Into her eyes and you see an angel; but look again and you will see an Imp. " Intramurals, Science Fair, Yearbook, Drill Team, Guid- ance, Pep Club Kristen Lee Gardner 368 Towne Street " Full of fun and frolic, too. " Intramurals, Pep Club, Guidance, Office Worker, Cake Sale, Science Fair Jeanne Arlene Gariepy 648 Cushman Road " Her voice was ever soft, and gentle. " Honor Society, Intramurals, Science Fair. Lester Charles Gaw 109 Sutherland Road " Never was a sincere word utterly lost. " Football, Golf, Variety Show, Gym Club, Weight Lift- ing Club, Fish and Game Club Guppy 44 ;.-- ni;= 3eag y j iJ J .v f ' y. . , Brenda Diane Gay 170 Anawan Road " My heart is warm with the friends I make. " Freshman Cake Sale, Pep Club, Variety Show, Intra- murals, Science Fair, Yearbook Brenda Lou Grant 149 EInnwood Street " A constant friend is a rare and hard thing to find. " Freshman Cake Sale, Pep Club, Intramurals, Science Fair, Yearbook Elizabeth Anne Grant 3 I Freedman Street " A fine lady Is angry without cause and pleased with- out reason. " Variety Show, Freshman Cake Sale, Intramurals, Pep Club, Science Fair, Office Worker, Yearbook Sandra Louise Gulesserian 165 Anawan Road " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " Class Secretary, Red Cap Co-Editor, Yearbook, Drama Club, Ski Club, Intramurals, Variety Show, Flower Girl, Office Worker Sandy Patricia Ruth Hamblin I 83 Jefferson Street " Where there ' s fun she ' s always In it, and never still for half a minute. " Science Club, Pep Club, Intramurals, Science Fair, Yearbook Geraldine Hancock 462 North Washington Street " Silence is the best ornament of a woman. " Edward James Hastie 14 Coral Road " Trust men and they will be true to you. " Band Eddie 45 William Allen Hess Walcott Road " He that is the master of himself will soon be the master of others. " Gerald Andrew Higginbotham 92 I Lindsey Street " The highest form of worship is service to man. " Track, Intramurals, Audiovisual Lloyd Preston Hood 39 Anawan Road " Men ' s thoughts are much according to their inclina- tions. " Band, Science Fair, Fish and Game Club Sharon Lee Herman 718 Fales Road " Joy rises in me, like a summer ' s morn. " Variety Show, Glee Club, Intramurals Elizabeth May Horne 75 Colburn Street " Laughing is the sensation of feeling good all over and showing it principally in one place. " Guidance, Drama Club, Variety Show, Intramurals, Driver Ed. Sherry Steven Anthony lacuzzi 1 33 East Street " A man too happy for mortality. " Susan Marie lafrate 22 Dodge Avenue " Silence is golden but Td rather talk. " Science Fair, Pep Club, Color Guard, Yearbook, Red Cap, Freshman Cake Sale Cuzz i « t f A F Christine Ann Janssen 130 North Washington Street " I would have nobody to control me. " Glee Club, A Cappella, Science Fair, Intramurals John David Jepson 202 South Washington Street " Knowledge itself is power. " Football, Baseball Donna Ann Jette 334 South Washington Street " The happiest people seem to be those who have no particular cause for being happy except that they are so. " Glee Club, Spring Concert, Cake Sale, Intramurals, Yearbook Karl Eric Johnson I I 8 Division Street " An honest man ' s the noblest work of God. " Science Club, Science Fair, Band, Intramurals Paul Daniel Johnson 88 Hunting Street " It is the mind that makes the man. " German Club, Band, Double Quartet, Science Fair, Ski Club, Red Cap, Yearbook Robert Joseph Johnson 164 Commonwealth Avenue " Good things are twice as good when they are short. " Art Club Kenneth Jordan I 77 Fisher Street " Anything for a quiet life. " Fish and Game Club, DECA Delegate, Intramurals Flea 47 Walter Jutras 68 Division Street " I am all bad as the worst, but thank God I am as good as the best. " Arlene Ruth Kapitan I 58 East Street " Everything is worth talking about. " A Cappella, Glee Club, Band, Mixed Chorus, Assem- bly Band, Intramurals, Office Workers Richard Christopher Kearney 63 Anawan Road " Nothing is impossible to a valiant heart. " Intramurals, Chess Club, Yearbook Charleen Kelleher 278 Allen Avenue " I like work; it fascinates me, I can sit and look at it for hours. " Susan Jean Kivlin 188 Park Street " Good nature brings many friends. " Dance Committee, Intramurals, Color Guard, Variety Show, Glee Club, Yearbook Beverly Rose Langevin 253-A Mansfield Road " Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak- eth. " DECA Secretary, Variety Show, Pep Club, Science Fair, Yearbook Karen Ann Lavery 212 Mount Hope Street " Glorious in her apparel. " Class Treasurer 3, Red Cap, Drill Team, Intramurals, Pep Club, Science Club, Variety Show, Guidance Worker Charlene 48 Lanary Gunne um Karen Virginia Leary 153 Towne Street " A sunny nature — many have it, few possess it. " A Cappella, Color Guard, Intramurals, Red Cap, Year Book Staff Paul Edwin Lewis 291 Towne Street " Chiefly the mould of a man ' s fortune is in his own hands. " Football, Basketball, Track, Variety Show, Art Club Gail Anne Lomas 204 Commonwealth Avenue " Eyes that sparkle upon meeting, a cheerful ' Hello ' is her greeting. " Spanish Honor Society, Science Club, Science Fair Donna Jean Lund 235 High Street " Not very short, not very tall, but pretty and sweet and loved by all. " Variety Show, Office Worker, Intramurals, Yearbook Janet Christine Lynch 69 Grove Street " A friend is worth all the hazards we can run. " Guidance Office, Glee Olub, Drama Glub, Writers Guild, Intramurals Ross Ewen MacDonald 514 North Washington Street " If I lose mine honor, I lose myself. " Art Olub, Track, Intramurals Kathleen Grace Manchester 327 Smith Street ' Even If you have nothing to write, write and say so. " National Honor Society, Writers Guild, German Glub, Science Glub Donna Rossco Janet Gail •y Linda Kathleen McCarthy 206 South Washington Street " One man is no man. " Color G uard, Intramurals, Office Worker, Audio Visual Club, Writer ' s Guild Eleanor Mae McConnell ISO Elmwood Street " She with all the charm of a woman. " Intramurals, Office Workers, Glee Club. Music Revue. Pep Club, Ski Club Jan McElwee 103 Stanley Street " The sweetest grapes hang highest. " Honor Society, Color Guard, Ski Club, Intramurals, Office Worker, Drama Club, Honor Society Secretary Maureen Frances McMahon 37 Prospect Street " She is a mirror of all courtesy. " Honor Society, Honor Society Vice President, Senior Executive Board, Red Cap William Earl Merigold 70 Basswood Avenue " He grows handsomer every day. " Football, Band, Variety Show, Basketball, Weight Lift- ing, Gym Club, Chess Club, Dance Band Francis X. Mooney 2 Falmouth Street " All I know is that I know nothing. " Art Club, Basketball, Gym Club, Fish and Game Club Virginia Rita Morin 36 Peterson Street " The function of language is two fold: to communicate emotion and to give emotion. " A Cappella, Yearbook, President-Honor Society Eleanor Moe Frank c Glnny 50 Linda Poet Patricia Anne Murphy 35 School Street " Blushing is the color of virtue. " Intramurals, Pep Club, Drama Club, Driver Education, Yearbook Staff Dale L Nelson 695 Kelley Blvd. " Give me a car and an open road. " Baseball, Football, Fish and Game Linda Jane Orr 22 Bonneau Street " Piety toward God is meaningless unless It encourages compassion toward one ' s fellow man. " Lt. Majorette, Drill Team Head, Glee Club, Variety Show, Yearbook Lorraine Frances Ouimet 73 Peterson Street " A lovely Lady, Garmented In light from her own beauty. " Freshman Class Secretary, Student Council, Intramur- als, Office Worker, Yearbook Staff, Flower Girl Ronald Paul Ouimet 73 Peterson Street " Whoe ' er excels in what he prize appears a our eyes. " Football, Football Co-Captain, Track, Variety Show, Fish and Game hero in Robert Warren Parks, Jr. 1 57 Elm Street " There Is no such thing as a bad boy. " Basketball, Intramurals, Baseball, Variety Show, Foot- ball, Golf, Fish and Game Club Poopsle Dal Lee Evan Morse 89 Stanley Street " The less said the more done. " Baseball, Intramurals, Gym Club, Basketball, Yearbook Art Staff Paul Pa+unoff 93 Spruce Street " More happy, if less wise. ' Whip Eileen Marie Philibert 230 Fisher Street " Easy to know, easy to like. " Intramurals, Pep Club, Drama Club, Yearbook Staff 8 Phippsie Barbie Richard Fra nkliand Phipps 61 Calvin Road " Bear good fortune modestly. " Basketball, Track, Variety Show, Intramurals, Fish and Game Club, Drama Club Cynthia L. Pierce Mansfield Road " Her heart Is always doing lovely things. " Barbara Anne Pike 78 Elmwood Street " Knowledge comes, but- wisdom lingers. " Majorette, Yearbook Co-Editor, Honor Society, A Cap- pella. Glee Club, Variety Show, Intramurals, German Club Victor Roland Plante 157 Towne Street " I never do anything wrong, but I ' m always getting caught. " Football, Gym Club, Baseball, Basketball Patricia Ellen Poirier 102 East Street " She can be wiser when she wishes. " Cheerleader, President DECA, DECA Club State Del- egate, Science Fair, A Cappella, Ski Club, Variety Show - -T-- • , Eileen Priscilla Lee Purdy 190 Arnold Road " Now the heart is so full that a drop overfills it. " Carol Carolyn Frances Quimby Box 238 Hoppin Hill Avenue " Life is an ecstasy. " Variety Show, German Club, Intramurals, DECA Club Barry Edward Rand 122 Grove Street " Though this be madness, yet there is method in it. " Chess Club, Football, Basketball, Intramurals, Fish and Game Club Harry Charles Daniel Regan England Road " Great men are the true men. " Intramurals, Football, Fish and Game Club Janet Lee Rego 35 Calvin Road " Kindness is wisdom. " Variety Show, Glee Club, Intramurals Harold Stephen Reinhart 280 High Street " The world knows nothing of Its greatest men. " Senior Executive Board, Track, Football, Weight Lift- ing, Ski Club, Variety Show Anthony Joseph Restino 68 Leonard Street " Th ere are no two days about which nobody should worry; these are yesterday and tomorrow. " Baseball, Basketball, Football Pistol Pete Donna Patricia Rioux 35 North Avenue " Elegant as simplicity and warm as ecstasy. " Head Majorette, Student Council, Red Cap, Senior Executive Board, Yearbook, Music Festival, Spring Con- cert, Drill Team, Variety Show, Intramurals, Cake Sale Andrea Ruggio 45 Jay Street " People who make no noise are dangerous. " Red Cap, Art Editor, Drill Team, Pep Club, Yearbook, Caek Sale, Intramurals Jacqueline Roberts Cumberland Avenue " A woman who Is loved always has success. " DECA Club, Science Fair, Intramurals Inez Mary Samson 52 Maple Street " There Is no accounting for the actions of a woman. " Yearbook, Intramurals Peter Wayne Santsaver 458 Paine Road " And I feel that I am happier than I know. " Intramurals Marsha Ann Schofield 351 Towne Street " Her faithful dog salutes the smiling guest. " Pep Club, Yearbook, Science Fair, Driver Ed., Sale Cake Laura Ann Schriever 10 Ralph Street " A sincere friend Is a friend forever. " Yearbook, Office Worker, Pep Club, Cake Sale, In- tramurals Andl Marsha 54 Laura Far Gary Stanley Joseph SIcolsId Jr. 99 Roosevelt Avenue " A silent, shy, peace-loving man. " Football, Baseball, Fish and Game Club, Yearbook Cathy Ann Smith 95 Crescent Avenue " Her very tone Is music ' s own. " Color Guard, Variety Show, A Cappella, Glee Club, Driver Ed., Guidance Worker Richard A. Smith 41 Oakcrest Drive ' Leave undone whatever you hesitate to do. " Baseball, Basketball, Intramurals Gary M. Souza 64 Barrows Street " The brave man thinks of himself last of all. " Football, Track, Art Club Virginia Jeanne Stevens 124 Division Street " It ' s nice to be natural when you ' re naturally nice. " Majorette, A Cappella, Yearbook Art Co-Editor, Drill Team, Intramurals, Cake Sale Nancy Ann St. Pierre 224 Arnold Road " Quiet people are welcome everywhere. " Yearbook, Pep Club, Intramurals, Cake Sale Darry Warnock Stuart 499 Cumberland Avenue " Great men are they who see that spiritual Is strong- er than material force. " Track, Intramurals Cath Nance AM JAM i Gail Margaret Sullivan I 50 Arnold Road " What is In a name? The letters of a friend. " Variety Show, Flower Girl, Yearbook, Usher, Pep Club, Cake Sale, Intramurals Maureen Ann Tague Adamsdale Road " Be her virtues very kind. " Glee Club, Intramurals John TenBrinke 88 Jefferson Street " He is so good that no one can be a better man. " T rack Andrea Rose Tramonti 707 South Washington Street " Kindness is the sunshine In which virtue grows. " Glee Club, Spring Concert, Intramurals, Committees Carson W. Treen Lewis Road " Better to be a small and shine than tall and cast a shadow. " Andy Jo Ann Marie Turcotte 249 West Street " A woman of joy makes friends. " Lay Out Editor of Red Cap, Glee Club, Drill Team, A Cappella, Yearbook, Cake Sale, Intramurals Richard Pryce Upham 273 Elmwood Street " I expect that Woman will be the last thing civilized by Man. " National Honor Society, Student Council, German Club, Science Club, Intramurals Jo Ann Maureen Ann Valade 10 Falmouth Street Pete " Better be happy than wise. " Cheerleader, Variety Show, Deca, Deca Club Dele- gate, Ski Slub, Science Fair, Glee Club, Drill Team, Cake Sale, Pep Club Michael Viens 35 Amvet Boulevard " A good man makes others good. " Intramurals, Driver Ed. James Michael Vigorito 42 Crescent Avenue " Impossible is a word I never utter. " National Honor Society Treasurer, Student Gov ' t Day Rep., Student Council Vice President and President, Yearbook Business Manager. Senior Executive Board, Drama Club, Writer ' s Guild, Science Club, Science Fair, Librarian Peter Alfred Watters 124 Sumner Street " The fewer the words, the greater the profit. " Distributive Education Club Priscilla Watts 1 88 Mount Hope Street " To lose a friend is the greatest loss of all. " German Club, Science Fair, Driver Ed. James Otis Welch 83 Division Street " The trap to the high born is ambition. " Football, Basketball, Track,- Intramurals, Senior Execu- tive Board Alternate Wesley Porter Whidden 54 BIrchwood Drive " It matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are. " Football Co-Captain, Baseball, Basketball, Weight Lift- ing, Student Council, Senior Executive Board, Science Fair, Driver Ed. Carl May England Road Chess Club, Art Club, Intramurals, Driver Ed. Steven Joseph Masterson Wild Acres Road Freshman Football, Band, Art Club Batman Phillip Louis Mayer 17 West Street Football, Intramurals, Art Club, Fish and Game Club Jean Rita Sarrazin 85 Old Post Road Freshman Cake Sale, Glee Club, A Cappella, Drill Team, Band, Music Festival, Science Fair, German Club, Intramurals, Pep Club Edward Charles Williams 2 Falmouth Street " I am slow of study but I have gained my experience. " Basketball, Baseball, Driver Ed., Gym Club, Fish and Game Club Jean 58 n i Mike Michael David Woloshyn Box 430 Allen Avenue " The Artist must invent with ardour and execute with coolness. " Art Club, Intramurals, Art Festivals Janet Smith 85 East Avenue Janet Harriet Webb 86 Reed Avenue Writing Club Carol Sylvia Zalfa 27 River Street " No legacy is so rich as honesty " . Glee Club, Spring Concert, Intramurals, DECA Harriet Sieve i i Pockets Stephen Wnuk Cushman Road Lee Allan Zilch 57 Grove Street " Every man has business and desire such as it Is. " Intramurals, Basketball, Football, Gym Club, Chess Club, Weight Lifting Club 59 rr " r " i ' irTTriTrTT " 7 " r ' Yr ' iTiiii[|iiiMrnii[i m iiiiiiiniiw— ■niiin mi ADVISOR: MRS. LALIBERTE i- ' A . 4 l,-f ' } ' vl -.AC: -m ' Kc- ,„. ' ♦vl-. - Sr C fc ,. ifilSei « t Ni‘ |’ ' V- YW " ' PRESIDENT: VICE-PRES: SECRETARY: SCOTT SMITH KAREN THARL PAGE STIERLI TREASURER: KATHY PATON CLASS OF ’68 ai ?i iC ' M f AJi n)u.tJi j ROOM 104 1st row, I. to r. D. Delfino, L. Costa, C. Dion, G. Clary, S. Drainville, J. DeBlols, L. Cloutier. 2nd row: P. Davignon, B. Cerrone, P. Estey, F. Denzer, P. Edwards, D. DeWare. 3rd row: D. Compton, J. Doucette, D. Dargis, P. Cavanaugh, D. DeBlois, D. Dugas, T. Desilets. 4th row: T. Cooke, G. DiNardo, G. Connelly, P. CinqMars, K. Connor, B. Dagel. ROOM 103 1st row, I. to r. K. Bjork, J. Bird, D. Beggs, D. Calcagni, J. Carral, N. Caron, D. Adams, M. Anderson. 2nd row: L. Blackbird, B. Butterworth, S. Boyle, M. Blaise, K. Andrews, D. Beaulieu, E. Carley. 3rd row: P. Calderone, B. Bates, F. Bennett, J. Barnaby, P. Bryer, D. Bell. 4th row: G. Boardman, J. Carey, D. Cash, G. Burchel, J. Anderson, G. Cantele, P. Blaisdell. ROOM 105 front row, I. to r.: J. Ferguson, K. Gebhardt, 0. Gray, S. Foley, N. Gourlay, L. Finn, R. Fitzpatrick, second row: D. For- tin, R. Galasso, K. Richards, F. Fish, H. Floyd, G. Fontaine, D. Gibbons, T. Graham. U I ROOM 106 front row, I. to r.: C. laconis, K. Konleczny, A. Hammond, P. Jones. G. Kivlin, J. Healy, S. Laliberte, second row: D. John- son, G. Healey, S. Johnson, K. Johnson, R. Kieltyka, J. lacuzzi, third row: J. LaMontagne, Kenney, B. lafrate, R. LaFratta, H. Gray, J. Hayes, fourth row: P. Jones, R. Johnson, K. Hanson, J. Higginbotham, R. Gulick, T. Turcotte. 63 ROOM 206 1st row, I. to r. H. Wheeler, S. Sroica, C. Swanson, S. Troy, Mr. Duhamel, P. Stlerli, K. Tharl, K. Slade. 2nd row. R. Slowey, J. Waldren, G. Souza, E. Verge, J. Tuttle, S. Smith, B. Washburn, V. Soldanl. 3rd row. J. VIgorito, R. Thomas, S. Sroka, J. Wordell, S. Stack. K. Snedecker, B. West, J. TenBrlnke. ROOM 207 First row, I. to r. S. Ruel, K. Paton, L. Peterson, P. Roy. P. Rondeau, L. Ogni. 2nd row. D. Richards, N. Philibert, D. Rous- seau, M. Pepper, D. Sandland, R. Ryng. 3rd row G. Noyes, R. Oulmet, D. Paton, R. Ross, D. Purdy. 4th row J. Panchuk, T. Sanford, R. Scanlon, R. Seymour, T. Parks, E. Sandland. 64 ROOM 208: 1st row, I. to r. J. Lykus, M. McCarthy, P. Lynch, S. Luclere, M. MacNeill, L. Locke, J. Milot. 2nd row. J. LaPerche, S. Laramee, D. LaRosie, M. Leary, D. Norberg, R. L ' Heraux. 3rd row. C. Martin, W. Lowe, P. Landry, S. Little, R. LeCompte, J. Mc- Connell. 4th row. C. May, P. Mayer, P. Norton, S. Messier, J. Miller. 5th row: R. Megna, V. Leard, E. Leco, S. Masterson, J. Livingston. CLASS OF ' 69 PRESIDENT: RICHARD BARBER ADVISOR MRS. SAWYER VICE-PRES: LAURIN MARX SECRETARY MARLA JUUSALA ADVISOR MR. COSTELLO TREASURER JEFFREY NELSON ROOM 209 1st row, I. to r. N. Barrett, P. Achin, C. Bernier, D. Bierly, K. Bergivine, E. Bedard, E. Beety. 2nd row: L. Appleby, D. Auclair, M. Brown, C. Brown, D. Blaisdell, P. Bishop. 3rd row: E. Blais, A. Berad, J. Battersby, E. Boss, S. Banks, R. Barber. 4th row: M. Benoit, R. Anderson, A. Bedard, E. Baker, J. Blodgett. S. Burns. 5th row: G. Bouchard, M. Bennett, R. Bradley. ROOM 210 1st row, I. to r. C. Cerrone, M. Doucette, S. Crossley, A. Charlebois, S. Carpenter, J. Cavanaugh. 2nd row: M. Car- peno, P. Cronin, C. Conrad, D. Christian, C. Childs, D. DeWare, D. Dawes, C. Devlin. 3rd row: R. Dennen, R. Cooper, D. Carlson, T. Cooke, J. Cavalieri, J. Connolly. 4th row: D. Dolfie, L. Carlson, J. Carley, R. Christianson, B. Dalrymple, J. Cavanaugh. 5th row: E. Clavette, T. Dunn, B. Dufore, R. Dolley, M. Erickson, J. Chabot. 67 ROOM 211 front row, 1. to r.: D. Herman. D. Geraghty, C. Fish, S. Hall, L. Gillespie, C. Hillman, second row: L. Frazier, N. Godin, J. Fontneau, E. Hirsch, B. Grzenda, L. Fontaine, third row: J. Janssen, F. Jette, N. Fontaine, S. Guise, C. Hammond, C. Graass, A. Gardner, fourth row: G. Harmon, R. Fortin, R. Godin, K. Gibson, P. Fontaine, fifth row: E. Guimond, R. Hastie, J. Chaplow, P. Jette, R. Fitzpatrick, R. Essen, F. Hirsch. ROOM 212 front row, I. to r.: E. Lilja, S. Little, K. Mooney, D. Mooney, L. Marx, C. Moore, second row: P. McLaughlin, C. Lewis, S. Miramant, K. Masella, E. Maione, G. Miner, third row: S. Murchy, J. McMahon, D. Merigold, J. McGuire, E. McNamara, R. Lund, D. Lynch, M. Lockwood, fourth row: G. Lincoln, J. Newbury, J. Noyes, J. McManus, J. McNally, J. Nelson, D. McElwee, fifth row: D. Messier, H. Lomas, R. Melanson, A. Manson, M. McDermott. 68 ROOM 213 1st row I. to r. S. Johnson, J. Korman, M. Juusola, D. Langille, M. Lavery, S. Kydd. 2nd row L. Kenney, M. Johnson, L. Kirylo, L. Lapre, H. Johnstone, F. Keniston. 3rd row S. Jordan, H. Joannidi, T. Kohler, R. Johnston, J. Lang. 4th row D. Knowles, L. Klnzle, R. Landry. ROOM 214 1st row, 1. to r. L. Peroevay, D. Poirier, C. Riley, A. Quilitzsch, N. Reynolds, N. Riendeau. 2nd row L. Peterson, N. Riley, P. O ' Neill, J. Samson, S. Pariseau, P. Rose. 3rd row J. Rhind, R. Sacco, S. Sanford, L. Panchuck, S. Beland, F. Quilitzsch, M. Phipps. 4th row C. Sauerlinder, K. Riel, T. Reed, C. Sandland, S. Roberts, R. Paulousky, R. Ripley, D. Poirier, D. Rioux. ROOM 201; 1st row, I. to r. L. Ward, S. Sutherland, B. Schriever, C. Warren, P. Smith, C. Wall. 2nd row. M. Wells, E. Webber, D. Valley, M. Tanner, P. White, B. Stewart. 3rd row. C. Thlmot, D. Woloshyn, L. Tournigny, D. Wills, D. Scanlon, R. Turcotte. 4th row. J. Vigorito, S. Sullivan, W. Whatmough, B. Thompson, D. Tucker, F. Webb. 5th row. G. Weston, B. Shepardson, A. Zielinski, B. Ther- oux, A. St. Jean. I j 70 PRESIDENT BARRY RYAN CUSS OF 70 SECRETARY " ' : RUTH-ELLEN CALCAGNI - f % ' k. ' lit: ;- -. .1 p ' C,i! I % . • :«= yV1 ?S. LOTHROR CLASS ADVISORS , • Kim S , (fMYMTtmtjmyiJUfmitm j jotuim ., ■ ' ■ • f“’ . - ■iiT’5 A ?r ' RS VIER c - ROOM 202 1st row, I. to r. D. Porler, E. Nledbalskl, L. Payton, M. Plante, C. Morriseau, M. Pensavalle. 2nd row: J. Norton, L. Nelson, D. Norberg, N. Pierce, J. Mohrnheim. 3rd row: P. Moore, T. Nerney, R. Provost, D. Northup, M. Ouimet. 4th row: R. Ouelette, E. Pickering, V. McLaughlin, D. Norman, M. Pimpare. ROOM 204 1st row, I. to r. J. Lowman, C. Macdonald, K. MacIntyre, S. Messier, S. Miller, C. Lowe. 2nd row: D. Midon, T. McCarthy, B. MasEwen, D. Macbeth, R. Lovenbury. 3rd row: C. Maddix, W. Masterson, P. Mayer, D. Lowe, G. Meisel. 72 ROOM 205 1st row, I. to r. N. Llzotte, C. Hickey, P. Lonardo, K. Kingsford, S. Jones, R. Knight, A. Larsen. 2nd row: D. Langlois, C. Lanteigne, C. Lambert, L. Jordan, A. Lilja, A. Healy, C. LaRochelle, T. Jordan. 3rd row: L. Houde, V. Holden, L. Lemieux, J. Jacques, C. Langille, D. Kryzek, M. Kapitan. 4th row: R. Hillman, D. LaCasse, P. Jacques, R. Juusola, W. LaBree, R. Jacques. 5th row: D. Knowles, B. Lang, A. Lemieux, W. Laramee, J. Langevine. ROOM I 1st row, I. to r. J. Gourley, L. GIbeault, M. Gray, M. Estey, D. Hamilto, D. FItzgibbons. 2nd row: R. Estrella, B. Fong, T. Godin, P. Hancock, P. Grimaldi, B. Hartman. 3rd row: D. Evans, S. Harlow, J. Forget, M. Gould, E. Goulet, J. Fish, E. Goulet. 4th row: B. England, J. Harlow, E. Glode, M. Geary, G. Flood. 5th row: D. Estey, C. Fraise, S. Field, M. Fenton. HULn TH afuntiyi i : dd . ' i ii.-. ROOM 3 Isf row, I. to r. S. Rylng, D. Riley, S. Reynolds, C. Slowe, J. Riley, K. Santsaver. 2nd row: E. Royal, A. St. Jean P Hickey B. Salley, J. Donovan, V. Schriever, D. Svendsen. 3rd row: D. StDennis, A. Ripley, R. Swenson, M. Slaconta, J. Ruel. T. Smith p! Ryan. 4th row: B. Swift, J. Smith, S. Stottard, J. Smith, W. Smith. 5th row: J. Roderick, L. Rancourt, W. Swenny. . d ROOM 4 1st row, I. to r. P. Elliot, P. Cloutier, E. Gorden, M. DeBlois, B. Costa, C. Courchesne. 2nd row. R. Doucette, D. Chase, J. Chabot, D. Choinicre, M. Coderre, W. Chaplow. 3rd row. R. Cima, B. Chelotti, R. Cloutier, S. Cook, R. Dalton. 4th row. S. Clair- mont, G. Corbet, S. Cleveland, J. Currier, J. Coffey, J. Brown. 5th row. J. DeLaurier, R. Cretion, J. Danesi, D. Desautel. 74 ROOM 9 1st row, I. to r. P. Beland, L. Boyd, N. Bjork, B. Brown. J. Bergen, C. Brown. J. Arns. 2nd row. M. Battersby, Z. Baker, L. Babbitt, C. Butterworth, J. CalcagnI, M. Brennan, C. Banville, D. Carvary. 3rd row: M. Carrol, G. Caldwell, S. Andrews, R. Ben- ker, R. CalcagnI, B. Boardman, D. Baldwin. 4th row. B. Barber, T. Cavanaugh, P. Casey, W. Budjinskl, P. Baron, R. Carr. 5th row. G. Cash, J. Brown, S. Brady. S. Battaglia. ROOM 110 1st row, I. to r. E. Cipriano, D. Rossi, J. Cauldwell, E. Laverdure. 2nd row: J. Viens, H. Dufault, D. Cauldwell, G. Shaw, F. Giacoppo. CAFETERIA ls+ row, I. to r. C. Theroux, C. Yankee, P. Temple, M. West, N. Wenhold, K. Valley. 2nd row: R. Hill, T. Zilch, T. Welch, C. Walsh, S. Sargent, M. White, D. Vandette. 3rd row: A. Thibeault, R. Viens, J. Thompson, P. Ouimet, R. Webber, P. Tetreault. 4th row: R, Waterman, E. Wadden. iUJ,. 76 ' Ajv rxTAff ' nrf rvrjfjnnriM wy»fi»4 raJRWna?SiT f Jl I’ iiHgggr Wi w rjrtvf ' n m. ACTIVITIES CO-EDITORS, EDITORS, AND ADVISORS Barbara Pike and Paul Austin (Co-Editors) Miss Deyeso and Mr. Brayton (Advisors) 83 Colleen Connors (Under Classmen Ed.) Mike Brown Virginia Morin (Sports Ed.) (Advertising Ed.) Ginni Stevens and Paul Johnson (Art Ed.) Karen Leary (Circulation Ed.) Jimmy Vigorito Pat Codding (Business Ed.) (Photography Ed.) 84 YEARBOOK STAFFS BUSINESS STAFF; S. Fuller, K. Fisher, D. Lund, K. Leary, L. Ouimet, J. Vigorito, M. Schofield. •_ lu I i ' iia mm u ART STAFF: G. Souza, M. Woloshyn, L. Chace, B. Austin. ACTIVITIES STAFF: M. McMahon, J. Dawes, G. Sullivan, D. Gay, J. Turcotte. 85 1 ts YEARBOOK STAFFS ADVERTISING STAFF: J. Lynch, P. Murphy, E. Philbert S. Ifrate, S. Kivlln, N. Caldwell, J. Calcagni, G. Morin, R. Baler, L. Orr, B. Grant. SENIOR STAFF: A. Ruggio, M. Schofield, B. Grant, L. Ouimet, K. Fisher, B. Baldwin, N. St.Plerre. YEARBOOK STAFF UNDERCLASSMEN AND FACULTY STAFF: P. Danesi, J. McElwee, K. Damburg, D. Rioux. CIRCULATION STAFF: K. Lavery, S. Gulesserian, K. Leary. SPORTS STAFF: W. Whidden, M. Brown, P. Lewis. 87 I NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY One of the highest honors a student can attain is to be accepted into the National Honor Society. In the student ' s junior and senior years initiation takes place. This ' year’s Honor Society is under the guidance of Mr. William Kelly. The most important aims of this Society are to maintain its four characteristics of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The National Honor Society will always be a valuable asset to our high school. MEMBERS: Jan McElwee, Glnny Morin, James Vigorito, Maureen McMahon, Jeanne Gariepy, Barbara Pike, Ka+hy Manchestor, Col- leen Connors. s STUDENT COUNCIL This was the second year that the Student Council at North has taken an active part in the Attleboro Area Association of Student Councils, which provides exchange programs and monthly meetings. The Student Council meets under the guidance of Mrs. Elizabeth Ingram and discusses Im- provements between the student body, faculty, and school activities. OFFICERS; Colleen Connors, Pat White. Kathy Connors, Karen Fisher, Herb Gray, James Vig orlto (Pres,) f ri (■ n Biuunftrnt REPRESENTATIVES: H. Gray, C. Connors, J. Vigorito, Pat Write, K. Connors, K. Fisher, K. Andrews, C. Hammond, D. Adams, J, Jansen, J. Dawes, A. Hammond, D. Rioux, T. Correia, L, Peterson, P. Codding, A. Charleblols, W, Widden (absent). I 89 S. Gullesserian, B. Austin, J. Vigorito, M. McMahon, D. Gay, K. Leary, R. Baier, S. Rhinhart, J. Bolinger, W. Widden, G. Dag- get, J. McElwee, D. Rioux, K. Fisher. I John HIgginbottam, George Boardman, Dave Cash, Mike Woloshyn, Bob Theroux, Paul Lewis, Carl Cleveland, Gary Souza. 90 EXECUTIVE ART BOARD PUBIISNEO Bt THE STUDENTS OF NORTH ATTLEBORO HIGH SCHOOL 91 sf e rftryeriA ' M.M t n ' dvnrurj ‘ tk WRITERS’ GUILD MEMBERS: S. Foley, S. Messier, S. Harlow, L. McCarthy, J. Lynch, A. Ruggio, J. VIgorlto, P. Jones, M. Vigorito. 92 Mm MATH CLUB AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB MEMBERS; J. Healy, N. Gourlay, B. Baldwin, R. Scanlon, B. Austin. J. VIgorlto, P. Jones, D. Scanlon, R. Thomas, T. Sanford. Dave McElwee and John Bolinger I FRIDAY, ING CHRONICLE, NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASS. ART FESTIVAL MAY 4, 1966 park promenade Lee Mo Virginia Stevens. E 1 1 Williams, Sharon Hail and F Barron. lewis. D. Cash.Toungny Boardman, Cleveland, Laramee, -Woloshyn Theroux, APRIL 28-29,1967 mams I OFFICE WORKERS i I ' i i I I I I .1, 1 I I 95 GUIDANCE OFFICE WORKERS LIBRARIANS 1 A im| gFv H -T " " HB 1 ' i 1 A CAPPELLA CHOIR SENIORS; Nancy Caldwell, Kathy Damburg, Karen Appleby, Arlene Kapitan, Jo-ann Turcotte, Ginny Morin, Lorraine Demers, Pat Danes!, Kathy Smith, Karen Leary, Barbara Pike. 96 Pat DanesI — Head Karen Leary Pat Danes! — Head; Gerry Healy; Karen Leary; Susan Merrimount; Debbie Riley; Jan McElwee; Lynn Fralser; Lorraine Demers; Helen Wheeler Lorraine Demers MAJORETTES Left to right: Norma Gourlay, Page Steili, Pat Codding, Colleen Connors, Donna Rioux, Linda Orr, Barbara Pike, Marsha Mac- Neill, Linda Ongi. 98 Donna Rioux (Head) J.J .in II t ju ATU SENIORS NORTH ATTLEBORO HIGH SCHOOL BAND Band Director Mr. Ronald Christianson DANCE BAND MEMBERS: V. SIdoni, M. Brown, P. Cavangh, D. Lacasse, B. Cloutier, E. Baker. G. Minor, R. Crossley GLEE CLUB PEP CLUB i A I n US itnrn J CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Nancy Caldwell, Nancy Caron (Head), Barbara Fields, Sue Ruel, Karen Tharl, Anne Hammond, Dottie Adams, and Lynn Peterson, Karen Andrews (absent) 102 i A r vf SENIOR Wes Whldden Milt Cash ;? Bill Merigold Steve Reinhardt Glenn Cornish " r I- I— rCMTI TTTf TTT I MEMBERS Ron Oulmet George Cooke Charlie Gaw Paul Lewis Victor Plante OUR CO-CAPTAINS RON OUIMET Whether he ' s stopping the enemy or helping a friend, Poet has demonstrated a determination which has been looked up to and followed by every member of the team. r ! WES WHIDDEN Wes has shown his ability by playing any posi- tion on the field. Here Wes shows his skill at run- ning from the fullback position. rry rrtjrrrrTti THANKSGIVING RALLY { I Hot 6 On 15 imm-v: f THE MIGHTY MARCH FROM ATTLEBORO ” ' ' - »», ) I EUREKA I SENIOR PLAYERS GIL DAGGETT WES WHIDDEN PAUL LEWIS- 124 HARLI JOHN BOB JOHN BASEBALL ; TRACK f LOOSE LEGGED LEWIS GRACEFUL GIL POETRY IN MOTION 1 - GO GET HER JOHN . ' 0 . " S m- - m ' 1 x 9|H||Ka jT jH ’ 5 J THE CURIOUS SAVAGE : PROM TAH pUST 1 ' wS jjEyyS L 1 - ' ' yKSS STANDOUTS Gary Souza awarded certificate of merit in the 1967 Global Scholastic Art Awards Sandra Gulesserian received D.A.R. Good Citizen Award James Vigorito elected Student Govern ' ment Representative Stanley Madejowski retires after many years of service 136 Student Exchange Representatives; Nancy Caron, Wes Whidden, Scott Smith, Janet Dawes, Karen Andrews. r E 1 ' " ’ -i ' 1 ' . ' ■ Kjl .-‘jn NORTH Cape Cod Forever! Maureen ,Paul Alabama Dave Carof Joyce Brian Barbara Crash II Sullivan John Donna Hector Long Live Alabama! Beth Grant ScBolo Baler Carl Donna Lorra i Charlie Pat John Hfead Majorette Tofiy GIzzo Etigene Smaldofte — 52 Archie Therre Blact Hand Syndicate Wally P D — The Bobsey Twins Kris Larsen (Cool it)! D.D. M.B. Eloise Votre Ami Jacques February 14, 1967 Jim Cilia Debby and Buggsy Snuffy the Great " I Got You, Bable " Peter Bryer Caveman Miss Scanlin Draws HIGH Danny Jackie Jeannee Jimmy Cumberland Hi there!! Turtle got locked out It ' s not true, D.P. Margaret Laliberte Hi there!! Pat Achin Andrea Tommy " Applejackless " Linda Russ Doug Caryn " Attleboro " ‘ Bat Man Lynnie " Sigma IV " Lynne Jimmy From Linda Paul Debbie Dave Dave ;; . " Aunt Jemima " Rich " Mack " John Pam Al Bob Pam Andi Bill GInny Dave Wild Bill Dave— SURPRISE!!! Forever Al George Denise Forever Jeff Brenda " 67 " Tom Carol Buffy Jody Rick Mr. Brayton Pick Bog ?? " Green Hornet " Big O " Kato " Steve Syl Dagle Florence Geof " Frodo Lives " " Zorro " Snorkle Dianne Bob Barry " Hi Peoples " Jo Anne Sharktooth Mary Fran Onion Faith Cindy Bobby John Eileen Mr. ”B " - Debby Dawes Skunkweed Linda " 67 " W. L. Kelly Elaine Sharon Phil Pauline Larry " Lonely Surfers " Jimmy Linda Don Green Hornet Witch loves Post Joe Skolskie " The Red Barons " Sandy John Fiz Lee Morse Gene ' s Girl the Metry ' s The Great 5 Gene Arlene Al and Donna Jerry Lorraine Lucky Luciano Three Toes f Mike Turtle don ' t confess Muskrat k r " BSA 441 " Black Hand Syndicate Titus Savage (Ha! Ha!) I. Sandy Donald Duck Ernie B. Linda " 67 " Playboy Paul Ed. B. Bob W. Salle Florence Brad Alfie Ron " Poet " Ouimet Mike, Buddha, Sandy " Mickey Duck " April 9th Franklin Hardware Nancy Mark Vic Dick Paulousky Just a freshman John ten Brinke Maxine Dee The Kid — Cumb " Art " Pam 69 Man — FHS D Man— KPRHS John Elaine paw k. Jimmy Don Beaver K-C Heather, any new pits? Mrs. Paddy Smiley " 68 " Fravlein Gerry Girls Basketball team Bonnie Goose To Joe from Midge ' Greetings from Flash EMMA " 70 " Gandalf l IO of French IV pussywillows Chubbs Mike Col. Lyn B. J. M ■ Jan Mac Janet Dave Barb Gaile C. Libby w Garry D. In Algebra suit Karen T. Wilbur Beth Bob Kathy P. Bruce Cumberland H.S. Pete Robbit Brudy Jude Fairy May " Sea Gull " Bardey feetty Shirley Paul Steve B. Pat H. Wes Whidden Kevin Inez Gary Sandy Red the nerve C + G + G + A+ Ecr German Party Caryn COMPLIMENTS OF YEARBOOK NIGHT CREW! GINNY, what Happened?!? BOOSTERS 139 PARENTS’ PACE MR. [Jmr. j MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MRS MR. MRS. CYRIL MORN MRS. THOMAS LYNCH MRS. Mi. A. VIGORUTO I MRS. DONALD DAWES MRS. DONALD ' AUSTIN MRS. LLOYD CHASE MRS. RUSSELL FISHER MRS. RUSSELL CODDING MRS. JOSEPH CALCAGNI MRS. JOSEPH DEMERS MRS. GORDON OORE S WRS. WILLIAM WOLOSHYN MRS: EDMOND CHABOT MRS. ERNEST KIVLIN " MRS. ROSS MAQDONALD MRS. THOMAS SCthpiELD MRS. HENRY AUBIt MRS. EVERETT M QNNELL MR. MRS. ARTHUR FONG MRS. DOROTHY HANCOCK WR. MRS. N. CHRISTIANSON MR. MRS. HOWARD GRANT MR. MRS. FERNAND PHILBERT DR. MRS. HENRY BEDARD MR. MRS. STANLEY McMAHON MR. ! MRS. DONALD PIKE MR. MRS. CLIFFORD ORR MR. i MRS. NORMAN UPHAM MR. i MRS. JOHN BOUNCER MR. 1 MRS. LESTER CALDWELL MR. i MRS. FREDRICK CARMICHAEL MR. MRS. LESTER GAW MR. , MRS. FR fNK MILLER MRS. IjllTA GRANT MR. IMRS. ROBERT BALDWIN f MRS. RAYMOND OLLARD MRS. WItLIAM vhpS, j|R. MRS. HENRY CONNORS BARBARA SOUSA | , MRS., ROBERT CrSsSLEY MRS. MARGARf SAMSON " MR. ' mRS. JOSEPH SULLlfAN MR. MRS. WlALTER MURRHY IR. Mk. AlpTONE SOUZA MjR. -MRS. CHARLES CH fE m. MRS. NPRMAN VIENS i40 ... Nnrlb Attlriinmugh, ilasBarltuapUa DSrBIl 2 Tel. 695-6472 WE HOPE THAT THIS YEARBOOK BRINGS TO YOU A MEMORABLE AND ENJOYABLE ACCOUNT OF YOUR YEARS AT NORTH ATTLEBORO HIGH SCHOOL WITHOUT YOUR HELP AND CO-OPERATION, THE 1967 NORTHERN LIGHT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A SUCCESS. WE HOPE THAT THE COMING YEARS ARE SUCCESSFUL AND HAPPY ONES FOR YOU ALL BARBARA AND PAUL jjjOjiiw. ' ns r i awu i Ma w LiWfl HMM BccaaygB PROFESSIONAL PAGE ISADORE ALTMAN M.D. PAUL W. ACHIN D.D.S. KENNETH A. ATWILL D.D.S. DOMENIC BASILE D.M.D. jJ. HENRY BEDARD D.M.D. i ; ROBERT BEDARD D.M.D. J. ALLEN BRYER JR. M.D. CHARLES BOWMAN O.D. 1- M. D. GRANT M.D. CRAIG D. HOBSON M.D. D. E. LECO D.D.S. ROBERT J. WELCH D.M.D. CALVIN WILKINS O.D. BOX COMPANY Main Office Aftleboro Falls, Mass. Mailing Boxes • Fancy Boxes • Displays Texas Instruments INCORPORATED . err Attleboro ' s Urges! growth company with challenging training and advancement opportunities for new employees. Congratulations to the Class of 1967 A. T. PARKER CO. rm r u. % Best Wishes from COLONIAL MORTUARY % Congratulations I to the Class of | Attleboro Falls 1967 1 DONLEY MFS. CO. INC. | 1 ALICE ' S SHOP 57 North Washington Street North Attleboro, Mass. i ' f ' 1 ART ' S 3 HOUR CLEANSERS 1 INFANTS’. CHILDREN ' S Tel. 699-8911 AND WOMEN ' S APPAREL Elm St. ‘i North Attleboro | 1 i 1 1 Compliments of FRANK AND MARGARET CURTIS Real Estate Insurance at Reliable News Bureau i Compliments f of 1 REZZA OIL SERVICE 1 MY 9-4743 | 1 1 BLIEK ' S SERVICE STATION 54 South Washington St. North Attleboro Compliments of 1 BORO 1 % SAND AND STONE % i 145 I I MILLER ' S 25 N. Washington St. N. Attleboro, Mass. BERNIER ' S PHARMACY Paul A. Bernier, Reg. Ph. 2 S. Washington St. Tel. MY 9-8842 N. Attleboro, Mass. Compliments MINER ' S ' of FURNITURE COMPANY DE WITT ANIMAL HOSPITAL N. Attleboro R. O. JEHE CO. Electro-Platers and Metal-Finishers Decorative and Industrial Polishing — Buffing Congratulations Class of 1967 Compliments of OUIMET ' S MARKET 38 Peck Street TEL. MY 5-3150 NORTH AHLEBORO. MASS. 42 Arnold Road Best Wishes From CUSHMAN ' S GILMORE INSURANCE AGENCY BAKERY PRODUCTS Insurance — All Kinds Jos. Demers — Agent N. Attleboro — Plainville 1 N. Attleboro Tel. 699-4261 Compliments of HORACE B. GOWAN, REALTOR 15 South Washington St. ' N. Attleboro— Tel. 699-851 1 A FRIEND RICHARD HAIRSTYLIST Best Wishes From NASON DRUG Your Ligget-Rexall Store Compliments ORENT BROS. CARLTON H. BLISS N. Attleboro, Mass. INSURANCE AGENCY INC. LEE ' S DRESS SHOPPE E. E. WUILLEUMIER Featuring Ladies ' Apparel 4 So. Washington St. N. Attleboro 146 24 S. Washington St. Watch Repairing ! BULOVA CARAVELLE WATCHES ....-i LATIONS THE OF 1967 H ATTLEBORO IGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION 1898-1967 ROBERT L GUTHRIE-PRES. LINDA PERKOSKI BOYLE-VICE PRES. JOHN HARRIS-TREAS. ANN LORING KEYES-SEC. CONGRATULATi BOB ' S BARBER SHOP DICK ' S BARBER SHOP ED ' S BARBER SHOP ERNIE ' S BARBER SHOP LEE ' S BARBER SHOP PETE ' S BARBER SHOP PHONSIE ' S BARBER SHOP ROY ' S BARBER SHOP TONY ' S BARBER SHOP ATTLEBORO, MASS CARY, ILL TRACY, CALIF. HOWARD E. RIOUX, JR. BUILDER At+leboro Falls, Mass. Tel: 699-2350 F. G. HOLBROOK INSURANCE INC. 65 North Washington Street North Attleboro, Massachusetts 02761 Telephone: 695-3581 rNORThT ATTLEBORO ' VGAS FRENCHIES SERVICE STATION, INC. [ilngton Street jboro. Mass. bliments r ERRY JR. L DE BLOIS p. DE BLOIS .IMENTS 5F GE STORE AS. Congratulations JOE CURTIS REAL ESTATE North Attleboro, Mass. 149 MICHAEL A. VIGORITO MEN’S. BOY ' S, AND LADIES’ 8 NO. WASHINGTON STREET NO. AHLEBORO, MASS. X - graduating class 1, ji I y 1 ' Win $ OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY 17 NORTH WASHINGTON ST. • NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASS. 02760 AUTOGRAPHS TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY " The World ' s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made " i I 152 ' ' T ryf, rr, rirrr ' rM.i ' r ' U: iiiiiiiitiiMMiiiiMrfMiMiiiiliita [Hill vyuipi ores 19-6 STATISTICS North 5-25 boro, 19-6, before a . ttle. crowd at the Bom high school field. Entering the climax 15-6 eight to 12-point 41 Rocketeers took charge in the game and every statistical depart flashing an electrifying ' d stopping the Bombardi " ry juncture. ' orth men c g bad Utleboro ipacity crowQ lool field yest in eight previous Rocketeers complete- i lated the game with ' running by halfbacks North d and George Cooke, ly, Wes Whiddcn con- cept the Bombardiers liii flonored was the recipient of players, Hulkow clutched Balfour Trophy. Play- ' ways in the game — end, and defense — the lior added to the honor { up a score »eriod the i Cooke was held their try to get out The following play wa through the middle but w ' hen i officials uncovered the pile of ball, giving Attleboro a second ' ' ” try for the score. Hulk ' ’ it in from th£ Northern Light

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