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North Attleboro High School - Northern Light Yearbook (North Attleboro, MA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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' V A. V 4, NV- , ' N % s ' NORTH ATTLEBORO HIGH SCHOOL 0 V yv b (i it 4S 1 Q 4 i } o 6 i n 3 a Class of 19 5 1 n%„ ■» ' V , " n ' ' ' V ‘ ' V V , " , " 4, ' 4T v ' . ' v ' - ' ' ' % ' f ' . ' 0 ' AT ' %- ' H pq ; p pq o O W CA) H 3 pl, p-( CO-EDITORS Judy McEnroe James Bragg ASSOCIATE EDITORS Joan Murphy Charles Lockhart Walter Main Doris Seymour Ruth Wise CO-DIRECTORS Nancy Dunham Robert Sheri Iza ADVERTISING STAFF Jean Curtis Mary-Ellen Rhind Co-Chairmen Beatrice Greco Lorraine McCormick Beverly Paquin Patricia Feid Doris Ringuette Francis Childs Virginia Leger Alice Germaine Joan Roberts Miss Marie Scanlin Faculty Advisor CIRCULATION STAFF Donna Desilets Leslie Roberts Co-Chairmen Shirley Dunham Priscilla Theriault Eleanor Hamblin Anne Jepson Lorena Riendeau Lorraine Plante Lorraine Powers Janet Hill Alice Germaine Ellen Labrie Doris Roach ART STAFF Lawrence Murphy, Chairman Sylvia Chilli Barbara Burt Lillian Fuller Jeanette Briggs Judy Handfield PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF Robert Darling, Chairman Robert Blanchard Brenda Campbell Paul Clout ier Claire Tremblay h pq ; pq o O W oo H ! Ph pp O m H O m OPO Mr. Leon A. Regan: We, the class of 1951, in appreciation of the friendliness and helpfulness shown us during our junior and senior years, dedicate this, our yearbook, to you. When any of us needed help or advice, we looked to you, and you never failed us. You never said, " It can ' t be done, " but rather, " I ' ll see what I can do. " Y ou, a complete stranger two years ago, have become our true friend. Our senior year has not been an easy one for us and it has been an especially difficult one for you. But, with an understanding of human nature coupled with a sincere and sympathetic heart, you have guided us well. Our interest in our school will continue beyond our graduation; we shall al- ways hope for the continued success of our Alma Mater and of you, its popular principal. Most sincerely, Seniors of 1951 Mr. Arthur J. Mott Superintendent of Schools Miss Nola Priestley Secretary to the Superintendent t - 1 £ ' " d 1 — ' O IzJ i - 1 Mrs. Mildred Esty Secretary to the Principal Mi Mr. Raymond Fitzgerald Mathematics Dept. Miss Louise Dudley Commercial Dept. Miss Jean Keyes History Dept. F A C Mr. Edward L. Meade Social Science Mr. John Bronson Music Dept. Miss Barbara Bracey Art Dept. Mr. Conrad Pennsavalle Physical Education and Coach Miss Jennie Angus Home Economics Miss Marjorie Knight Physical Education M r. Stanley I nnes Science Dept. Mrs. Mary McGivney Latin Dept. Mr. Vincent DiSessa Mechanical Drawing .6 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Robert Blanchard Joan Murphy Claire Tremblay Leon Guimond I • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • € 4 $ PAGE 1 5 LILLIAN GRACE APPLEBY " Li I " MISSOURI WALTZ . . . quid’ and just a little shy. . . Oh, say! . . . wants to be a surgical nurse . . . Tried scallops. Graduation Usher 3 Orchestra 4 Spring Concert 4 Spring Festival 4 WARA Radio Broadcast 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 George Raymond baier " Georgi ' e " SPARROW IN THE TREETOP . . wants to make a million . . . So what? . . . likes sports, just ridin around , . . steak ... a swell guy to have around . . . quietest boy. Football I, 2, 3, 4 _ Senior Play Stage Committee 3. 4 (Chairman 4) ALLEN FROST BATCHELDER " Batch " ALWAYS . . . wants to own a Cadillac . . . " Oh, come on! " . . . spaghetti and pizza ... a snappy dresser with a snappy comeback. J. V. Football 3 Football 4 Basketball 3, 4 Reception Usher 3 Class Statistics 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 LENA MARY BEDARD " Lena " INDIAN LOVE CALL . . . future beauty culturist . . . " Jc ne sais pas " . . . a great lover of good music . . . fried chicken . . . most ambitious girl. Orchestra I. 2, 3, 4 Office 4 Music Festival I Spring Concert I, 2, 3, 4 Student Librarian 3 WALTER WARREN BETTS " Walt " MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU . . . v.ants to be a successful business man . . . George! " . . . always in a good mood . . . fried clams. Senior Prom Committee 4 € 4 PAGE 16 V • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • ■ " 4 . Cl • I t 1 9 = 4 • 5 i V } ROBERT CHADWICK BLANCHARD " Bob " SLAUGHTER ON TENTH AVENUE . . . easy to know and to like . . " Pretty shafty! " . . . can eat fried Class President 4 Senior Play 4 Red Cap 3, 4 (Editor, 4) Camera Club 3 (Pres.), 4 Monitor 4 Film Dept. I, 2, 3, 4 (Pres.) Student Assemblies 3, 4 Reception Usher 3 Band I, 2, 3, 4 iams by the quart . . . sales engineer. Orchestra 3, 4 Spring Concert I, 2, 3, 4 Spring Festival I, 2, 3, 4 S.M.L.S.P. Convention 3, 4 (Pres.) Intramural Basketball 4 Yearbook Photographic Committee 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 Speaking Contest Finalist 4 Graduation Essay 4 JOSEPH RAYMOND BOURGEOIS " Ray” REMEMBER ME ... a future auto mechanic . . . " Oh, yeh! " . . . likes chicken southern style . . . always with a friendly smile. Football I JAMES WARREN BRAGG " Jacquot” LA VIE EN ROSE . . . never a dull moment . . . You ' re a nice slob, no matter what they say about you! " . . . always running around in circles . . . fried scallops . . . hopes to make good as an organist . . . most talkative boy. Yearbook Co-Editor 4 Red Cap Staff 3, 4 S.M.L.S.P. Convention 4 Orchestra 1 , 2 Spring Concert 1 , 2 Junior English Project 3 Senior Play 4 Art Exhibit 4 Christmas Decorations 3, 4 WARA Broadcast 4 Assemblies 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 V.F.W. Aux. Essay Contest Finalist 4 JEANETTE SANGER BRIGGS " Jiggs " TEMPTATION ... a whiz with a mallet and a pallet . . . Aw rats! " . . . would love to study medicine . . . spaghetti and meatballs . . . very likely to succeed. Senior Play 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Student Council 3 Spring Concert 3, 4 Monitor 4 Yearbook Art Staff 4 Graduation Usher 3 WARA Broadcast 4 Assembl ies 4 Christmas Decorations 3, 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 BARBARA TUCKER BURT " Barb " BE MY LOVE . . . easy to get along with . . . ' Je ne sais pas " . . . wants to be a children s nurse . . . fried clams . . . full of fun. Yearbook Art Staff 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Graduation Usher 3 Christmas Decorations 3 Brown Glee Club Concert Usher 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 ( l • } 9 C 4 • 5 1 V I 1 } • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • . PAGE ' 1 7 BRENDA ANN CAMPBELL " Bren " BODY AND SOUL . . . tall, dark and lovely . . . That ' s true! . . . expects to be a nurse . . . homestyle chicken. Cheerleader 3, 4 Prom Committees 3, 4 Student Council Secretary 3 Student Council Convention 3 Graduation Usher 3 Red Cap Collector 4 Yearbook Photographic Committee 4 Monitor 4 JAMES WILLIAM CAUGER " Jim " CRY OF THE WILD GOOSE . . . cute and bashful ... Pucker up! . . . hopes to be off for Mass. State . . . always ready for a good time. Camera Club 3 Assembly (Hit Parade) BEVERLY JOYCE CHANDLER ' Bev " IF . . . with a smile for everyone . . . " Arc you kidding! " ... a future telephone operator . . . hot dogs. Senior Play 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 Basketball 1,2,3 FRANCIS BOYD CHILDS Mike " YOU KNOW I ' VE BEEN A LIAR . . . good disposi tion . . . meatball sandwich . . . wants to succeed and we know he will. Football I, 4 Monifor 3, 4 (Capt.) Baseball 3, 4 Student Council 4 Camera Club 3 Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Glee Club 4 Ring Committee 3 SYLVIA BERNADETTE CHILLI " Syl " LAURA . . . Miss Vogue of 1951 . television producer . . . lobster . . Vice President I Senior Play 4 Yearbook Art Staff 4 Basketball Manager I, 3 Red Cap Reporter I, 2, 3 Exhibition I Glee Club 1 , 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert I, 2, 3 (Soloist), 4 Camera Club 2 . " George! " . . . hopes to become a a sparkling personality. Press Club 4 Junior P -om Committee 3 Softball 3, 4 Junior English Project 3 WAR A, Student Broadcast 4 Assemblies 4 Class Statistics 4 Brown Glee Club Concert Usher 4 PAGE 18 t V • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • CHARLES ROBERT CLARKE Charlie ' 1 TENNESSEE WALTZ . . . future architect . . . Beans . . . always found at the theatre . . . steak ... a nice kid. Senior Play 4 Monitor 3 Student Council 3 PAUL ERNEST CLOUTIER " Clip” IF ... a future professional photographer . . . " You can’t prove it by me!” . . . a really likable fellow . . . fried chicken . . . most congenial boy. Camera Club 3, 4 Baseball 3 Student Council 4 Yearbook Photographic Committee 4 Forum 4 JEAN THERESA COTE " Jean” BODY AND SOUL . . . constantly found with Dick . . . You think I love that? . . . intends to be a private secretary . . . crazy about turkey . . . cute and winning ways. Camera Club 3 JEAN MARIE CUR TIS " ' Jean ' ' TEA FOR TWO ... a sparkling wit . . . wants to be an executive secretary . . . " Oh, my gee! " . . . spaghetti and meatballs . . . contagious laugh. Senior Play Head Usher 4 Graduation Usher 3 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Yearbook Advertising Co-Chairman 4 Spring Concert 3, 4 Red Cap Reporter 4 Volleyball 2, Assemblies 4 Class Ode (music) 4 Junior English Project 3 Spring Concert Usher 4 ROBERT EARL DARLING " Bob ' I WOULD HAVE SENT ROSES . serious? " . . . Steak witfi onions Band 2,3 Orchestra 3, 4 Boys ' Chorus 4 Camera Club 3 always willing to help . . . Do you . . full of jokes. Sportsmen’s Club 3. 4 (Pres.) Glee Club 4 Junior Ring Committee 3 Yearbook Photo Comm., Chairman • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • W- - DONNA ANN DFSILETS " Donna TOO YOUNG ... a good worker . . . future private secretary . . . Son of a gun! . . . lobster thermidor ... a nice kid through and through. Yearbook Circulation Committee, Student Council 3 Co-Chairman Monitor 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Graduation Usher 3 Lunchroom 3, 4 LORRAINE MARIE DION Lorraine I APOLOGIZE . . . will make an efficient receptionist . . . Oh, really! . . . Italian pizza . . . sweet and shy . . . most bashful girl. Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Monitor 2 Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Student Council 2 Office 4 RICHARD EVERETTE DION ’’Digby " ON TOP OF OLD SMOKEY . . . Shy smile ... Have you seen Jean? . . . likes dancing, driving . . . frogs’ legs . . . CRAZY bout trig! . . . the better you know Dick, the better you like him. Band 2, 3 State Music Festival 2. 3 Orchestra 2, 3 Football I, 4 Spring Concert 2, 3 Intramural Basketball 4 DONALD FRANCIS DOYLE " Donnie PLEASE BELIEVE ME . . . always full of pep . . . " That ' s all right, ain’t it?’ . . . steak — rare . . . going to college . . . smoothest boy. Football I, 2, 3, 4 (Cap t.) Basketball I, 2 NANCY ANN DUNHAM " Nan WOULD I LOVE YOU . . . friendly to anyone and everyone . . . " Son of a gun! . . big tenderloin steak . . . will make an excellent private secretary. Yearbook Co-Director 4 Glee Club I, 2 Senior Play Usher 4 Spring Concert I Student Council 4 Lunch room 3, 4 PAGE 20 } V 1 • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • t SHIRLEY JEAN DUNHAM " Shirl " IF . . . lively and gay . . . Ho, ho, that ' s rich! . . . juicy porterhouse . . . soon to be a private secretary . . . full of the dickens. Class Will 4 Glee Club I, 2 Yearbook Circulation Committee 4 Spring Concert I Senior Play Usher 4 Class Banquet Committee 4 Lunchroom 3, 4 ILENE ANN EASTMAN " llene " BECAUSE ... a quiet and serious type . . . That’s too bad! . . . her life will be one filled with success . . . po’k chops. HAROLD CHESTER ENGLAND, JR. " Ding " TENNESSEE WALTZ . . . intends to take up engineering . . . always has a good word for everybody . . . Beans! " . . . baked ham. Boys’ Chorus 4 PATRICIA OWEN FEID " Patty " SOME ENCHANTED EVENING . . to be a buyer . . . fried clams . . . pretty as a picture . . . neatest Graduation Usher 3 Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Career Night Guide 3 Assembly 4 Brown Glee Club Concert Usher 4 . sweet and unsophisticated . . . wants likes knitting, baseball, and travel . . . girl. Art Exhibit I Softball I Basketball I Volleyball I Senior Prom Committee 4 LILLIAN NANCY FULLER " Li| " TENDERLY . . . girl of many talents . . . Geez! . . . intends to be a nurse . . . lamb chops . . . unpredictable. Senior Play 4 Yearbook Art Staff 4 Assemblies 4 Christmas Decorations 3, 4 Junior English Project 3 Art Exhibition 1 , 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • HARVEY WEIR GAY " Harv " I LOVE THE WAY YOU SAY GOODNIGHT . . . " That’s all right, ain ' t it? " . . . cute brute . . . will be a success in this world of opportunities . . . loves to loaf . . . steak with french fries . . . boy with the best line. Class President 2 Basketball I, 2 Football 2, 3, 4 ALICE PATRICIA GERMAINE " Al " BODY AND SOUL ... a live wire swim now that she knows how . . . nurse . . . most talkative girl. Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Assemblies Red Cap Collector 2 Basketball Manager2 Junior English Project 3 Glee Club 1,2 . . . " Goodness sakes! " . . . loves to potato chips . . . will make a good Spring Concert 1 , 2 Volleyball I Class Ode (words) 4 Yearbook Advertising and Circulation Committees 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 FRED PAUL GLOVER " Fred " SABRE DANCE . . . Coach’s sparring partner . . . " It ' s put up! " . . . wants " to be worthy of living " (Huh?) . . . scallops . . . full of cracks and pranks. Football I Senior Prom Committee 4 BEATRICE LOUISE GRECO Bea " BE MY LOVE . . . loads of fun . . . " Oh, Boy! " . . . likes football and tennis . . . lemon pie . . . enjoys taking pictures. Senior Play Usher Basketball 1,2 Basketball Manager 3 Glee Club 1,2 Senior Play Advertising Committee Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Assemblies 4 Spring Concert I Junior English Project 3 HARRIET ELSIE GREENE " Bonnie " SPARROW IN THE TREETOP . . . telephone operator, her ambition . . . I’m hungry! " ... a nice person to know . . . tunafish . . . loves to skate and ride. Graduation Usher 3 PAGE 22 V W ' ' ' VW • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • LEON CEDERIC GUIMOND ' " Leon” SCHUBERTS SERENADE . . . dependable at ail times . . . " No kidding?” . . . has chosen accounting for his career . . . chicken fricassee ... a swell dancer . . . friendly and well-liked. Class T reasurer 4 Red Cap Business Manager 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 Ring Committee 3 Assemblies 3, 4 Monitor 3, 4 Salutatorian 4 ELEANOR ANN HAMBLIN " El” BODY AND SOUL . . . gay V giggly . . . " Drop dead!” . . . likes swimming, skating, and ballgames . . . perhaps a future nurse . . . fried clams . . . just LOVES to drive! Yearbook Circulation Committee 4 Senior Assembly 4 Student Librarian 3, 4 Librarian Assembly 3 Junior English Project 3 JUDITH STETSON HANDFIELD " Judy” MY BUDDY . . . happy and gay all day long . . . Ho, ho, that’s rich!” . . . a lover of roast duck . . . pretty and pert. Yearbook Art Staff 4 Art Exhibition I, 4 English Project 3 Graduation Usher 3 Christmas Decorations 3, 4 JANET KATHLEEN HILL " Jan " STARDUST . . . friendly to the world in general . . . What do you want — a Purple Heart? " . . . her ambition - hairdresser . . . chocolate cake . . . most congenial girl Class Prophecy 4 Red Cap Collector 3 Basketball 2 Prom Committee 3. 4 Yearbook Circulation Committee 4 Senior Play Refreshments 4 Volleyball 1 , 2 OWEN IVAR JAMES " Odie " I’M ALWAYS CHASING RAINBOWS ... a " right guy " to all who know him . . . " Let’s eat!” . . . roast beef . . . a future Bill Cunningham . . . tub . . . most athletic boy. Class President I Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4 Football 1,2,4 Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 Ring Committee 3 Red Cap Collector I, 3 and strawberries (what a combination!) loves baseball and singing in the bath- Red Cap Reporter 4 Class Prophecy 4 Reception Usher 3 Assemblies 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • 4 i A. PAGE 23 ANNE LEE JEPSON " Anne” THE ROVING KIND . . . friendly smile . . . future social service worker . . . Big deal! " . . . enjoys collecting records . . . sundaes with goo. Glee Club 3, 4 Brown Glee Club Concert Usher 4 Spring Concert 3, 4 Prom Committees 3, 4 Student Librarian 4 Graduation Usher 3 Senior Play 4 Spring Concert Usher 4 Yearbook Circulation Committee 4 BARBARA ANN KIRBY Barb” MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU . . . always with a good word for everyone . . . " George! " ... a future Newberry ' s manager . . . fish and chips. Junior English Project 3 Senior Prom Committee 4 ROBERT FRANCIS KIRBY, JR. Bob’ " WHISPERING HOPE . . . without a care in the world . . . " Darn it all! " . . . will enter the priesthood . . . seafood . . . likeable and sincere. ELLEN MARGUERITE LABRIE " ' Ellen ' ' BODY AND SOUL . . . vivacious . . . Oh, gee! . . . soon to enter nursing . . . chocolate cake . . . good swimmer ... a gal with a coy smile. Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4 Red Cap Reporter 4 Art Exhibition I Camera Club 3 Yearbook Circulation Committee 4 Glee Club 4 Spring Concert I, 2, 3, 4 Assemblies 4 Music Festival I, 2, 3, 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 CLAIRE ADELE LACASSE " Claire " ’ BECAUSE . . . winning ways . . . ambition, a successful bookkeeper . . . What ' s cookin ' ? . . . barbecued chicken . . . likes to read. PAGE 24 V • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • Cl • | 9 _ t • 5 1 V } JAMES MICHAEL LaFRATTA " Jimmie SPARROW IN THE TREETOP . . . cute and kinda shy . . . " Take off! " . . . steak V onions . . . hopes to learn radio and television repairing ... a football and baseball fan . . . most bashful boy. Varsity Football 3, 4 Senior Play Stage Committee 4 Football I Senior Prom Committee 4 NORMAN FRANCIS LaROCQUE " Norm " THOSE LITTLE WHITE LIES . . . strong, silent type . . . " You ' ll live! " . . . a turkey drumstick . . . likes to eat . . . best all-around boy. Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Stage Committee 4 VIRGINIA ANN LEGER " Gina " IT ISN ' T FAIR . . . full of the dickens . . . That don ' t make no differ- ence! " . . . loves to dance . . . chocolate cake . . . sparkling wit . . . liveliest girl. Basketball I Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Softball I, 2 Prom Committees 3, 4 Volleyball 1 , 2 ERNEST MAXCY LEWIS Maxcy SICILIAN TARANTELLA . . . full of pep . . . " Aw but-oney! " . . . wants to be a wild life conservationist . . be with. Band 3, 4 Orchestra 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Spring Festival 3, 4 Spring Concert 3, 4 . likes a nice steak ... a nice kid to Camera Club 3 Press Club 3, 4 Sportsmen ' s Club Class Banguet Committee 4 RITA THERESA LIZOTTE " Reet " BE MY LOVE . . . sweet and pretty . . . " For goodness ' sakes! " . . . straw- berry shortcake . . . enjoys dancing, roller skating, and ice skating . . . quietest girl. CHARLES EDMUND LOCKHART " Chariie " THINKING OF YOU . . . always there when you need him . . . " Well, shucks! " . . . lemon meringue pie . . . intends to be a missionary and " help others help themselves " . . . sincerity his middle name. Red Cap Reporter 3 Yearbook Associate Editor 4 Red Cap Associate Editor 4 Graduation Essay 4 MURIELANN LUCIA " Sue " MY FOOLISH HEART ... a hard worker who is sure to succeed . . . " Are you ioshing me? " . . . roller-skating, dancing, swimming . . . sweet and likeable. Junior English Project Monitor 3, 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 Senior Play Usher 4 JOHN VICTOR MAGNANI " Johnnie " I T OUGHT I TAW A PUDDY CAT ... a lot of fun . . . hopes to be a priest . . . " Whatta fool! " . . . cutest boy . . . steak . . . likes baseball, basketball, swimming. Senior Play 4 Basketball Manager I Monito r 4 Class Gifts 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 4 Assemblies 2, 3, 4 WALTER IRVING MAIN " Walt " LET ME IN . . . happy-go-lucky ... to be a professional baseball player . . . For goodness’ sakes! " . . . juicy tenderloin . . . wittiest boy . . . a future Lindberg. Yearbook Associate Editor 4 Basketball 3, 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Monitor 4 Football I, 3 Senior Prom Committee 4 Baseball 1 , 2, 3, 4 RONALD FRANCIS McAVOY " Mac " I APOLOGIZE . . . oig and brawny . . . " Huh! . . . sports fan . . . barbecued chicken . . . best looking boy. Football 3, 4 Senior Play Stage Committee 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee PAGE 26 • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • i ' ( -Vw LORRAINE MAE McCORMICK " Lorry " BODY AND SOUL . . . her ambition, airline hostess . . . pretty and charming . . . " Best we do! " . . . chocolate cake . . . best-looking girl. Cheerleader 3, 4 Monitor 4 Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Red Cap Collector 1 , 2 JUDITH WRIGHT McENROE " J udy " DEEP IN MY HEART, DEAR ... a bushel of fun to have around . . . Who - me? " . . . loves to dance . . . doughnut " holes " . . . the gal with the polka-dot nose. Yearbook Co-Editor 4 Red Cap Assistant Editor 3, 4 S.M.L.S.P. Conventions 3, 4 Jordan Marsh French Finalist 4 Camera Club Vice-President 4 Monitor 4 Glee Club 1 , 2, 3,4 Spring Concert I. 2, 3, 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 Brown Glee Club Concert Usher 4 Senior Play 4 V.F.W. Auxiliary Essay Contest Winner 4 Student Council 4 Student Council Convention 4 WARA Broadcast 4 French Embassy Medals 2, 3, 4 Graduation Usher 3 Assemblies 4 Valedictorian 4 Spring Concert Usher 4 RONALD CHARLES MEYER " Ronnie " IF ... a hot sketch . . . " Hi, hon! " . . . wants to be a pilot . . . roast chicken . . . best boy dancer . . . lively. Football I, 4 Senior Play Stage Committee 4 Sportsmen ' s Club 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 RACHEL LEILA MORIN " Rae " BECAUSE . . . hopes to be Irish someday . . . " Don ' t miss it! " . . . full of pep . . . strawberry shortcake . . . Ronnie ' s O.A.O. . . . best girl dancer. Glee Club 3 Assemblies 4 Student Council 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 Office 4 AUSTIN LAWRENCE MORRILL " Chuck " OL ' MAN RIVER . . . athletic and lively ... " I don ' t doubt your word. " . . . with a fnendly " Hi! " for everyone . . . fried clams. Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 3 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Reception Usher 3 (Captain 3, Co-Captain 4) PAGE 27 PETER PATRICK MULLEN ’Pete " GOLDEN DAYS . . . wants to do some good in life . . . loves good ol home cookin’ . . . It ' s a great life! " ... a really great guy . . . most ambitious boy. Good Government Representative 4 Speaking Contest Winner 4 Speaking Contest Finalist 3 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Legion Oratorical Contest Representative 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 Assemblies 3, 4 Class Banquet Committee 4 Monitor 4 JOAN ELLEN MURPHY " Joan " CLAIR DE LUNE . . . charming personality . . . Vous etes cruel a moil " ... an elementary teacher someday . . . " That ' s homely!” . . . chicken every Thursday . . . My word! " . . . most popular girl. Class Vice-President 3, 4 Yearbook Associate Editor 4 Red Cap Collector 3 Basketball 1 , 2 Volleyball 1 , 2 Softball 1,2 D. A,. R. Representative 4 Glee Club 1 , 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert I, 2, 3, 4 WARA Broadcast 4 Assemblies 1 , 2, 3, 4 Graduation Usher 3 Brown Glee Club Concert Usher 4 Senior Play Usher 4 English Project 3 Prom Committees 3, 4 Career Girl 4 LAWRENCE WILLIAM MURPHY " Murph " ENJOY YOURSELF . . . friendly to everyone ... Who cares? " ... to be a commercial artist . . . steamed clams with butter. Yearbook Art Staff Chairman Red Cap Staff 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Art Exhibition 1 , 4 Christmas Decorations 3, 4 Reception Usher 3 Stage Committee 4 Baseball 4 BEVERLY BLANCHE PAQUIN " Bev " I APOLOGIZE . . . full of snap and ginger . . . " You jerk! " . . . future medical secretary . . . spaghetti and meatballs . . . wittiest girl. Senior Play Usher 4 Glee Club I Volleyball 2 Spring Concert I Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Assembly Junior Prom Committee 3 LORRAINE BEATRICE PLANTE " Toots " BE MY LOVE . . . dazzling smile . . . " Ho, ho, that ' s rich! " . . . pizza pie . . . full of vigor ... a movie fan. Senior Play Usher 4 Assembly 4 Yearbook Circulation Committee 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Office 3, 4 PAGE 28 • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • W ' T K ' LORRAINE PATRICIA POWERS " Lorraine " BECAUSE . . . pretty and vivacious . . . " Gee! " . . . likes football (I won- der why?) . . . spaghetti . . . wants to be a nurse . . . best all around girl. Vice-President 2 Cheerleader 3, 4 Graduation Usher 3 Class History 4 Red Cap Reporter 4 Press Club 4 Glee Club 3 Spring Concert 3 Volleyball I Camera Club 3 Yearbook Circulation Committee 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 PAULA ANN PRECOURT " Paula " THINKING OF YOU . . . Oh, yuh? " . . . well-rounded personality . . . pizza . . . smoothest gir 1 . . . congenial. Graduation Usher 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Softball 1,2,3 Volleyball 1 , 2 Basketball 2, 3 Class Banquet Committee 4 GEORGE LEWIS RAZEE " George " ALL MY LOVE . . . easy-going . . . wants to be a mechanic . . . fried chicken ... a baseball fan. Intramural Basketball 4 MARY-ELLEN RHIND " Mary " BODY AND SOUL . . . will be next to swim the English channel jumping bean ... " I haven ' t got vivacious . . . most athletic girl. Basketball I, 2, 3. 4 (co-captain 4) Softball 1 , 2, 3,4 Volleyball 1,2,3 Glee Club 1 , 2, 3 Orchestra 1 , 2 Spring Festival 1 , 2 Spring Concert I, 2, 3, 4 the time. " . . . steak medium-rare . . . Monitor 4 Press Club 3 High School Trio 1 , 2 Yearbook Advertising Committee Co-chairman Prom Committees 3, 4 LORENA DORIS RIENDEAU " Lorry” I APOLOGIZE . . . captivating personality . . . " Really, really? " . . . Randall ' s indispensible stenographer . . . always happy and always will be. Lunchroom 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Senior Assemblies 4 Yearbook Circulation Committee 4 -V + PAGE 29 DORIS CLAIRE RINGUETTE " Dotty " ONCE IN A WHILE . . . can always see the funny side . . . You ' re chicken! . . . chop suey . . . ready with a helping hand. Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Office 4 Assembly 4 ERNEST LEO RINGUETTE " Ringie " TENNESSEE WALTZ . . . wants to be a butcher . . . Why, sure! " . . . chicken a la king . . . friendly smile. Football I DORIS MAE ROACH " Dolly " I NEED YOU SO . . . personality d!us . . . " Is that dahlin!” . . . future receptionist . . . fried chicken and gumdrops . . . cutest girl. Junior Prom Committee 3 Softball I Student Librarian 4 Assembly 4 WARA Broadcast 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 Yearbook Circulation Committee 4 JOAN LORRAINE ROBERTS " Joannie " SOMETIME . . . policewoman, her future vocation . . . sparkle in her eyes . . . " Have a nice trip?” . . . spaghetti and meatballs. Lunchroom 4 Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Assembly 4 LESLIE LOUIS ROBERTS " Digger " YOU ' RE MINE YOU ... a good kid . . . Marilyn! " . . . will be a suc- cessful salesman . . . good, thick steak . . . carefree manner. Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1 , 2, 3, 4 Music Festival I, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert I, 2. 3, 4 Yearbook Circulation Committee 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 PAGE 30 i t V • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • john albert rohner, jr. " John " DOWN BY THE OLD MILL STREAM . . . dependable . . . intends to be- come a research chemist . . . You bet! " . . . likes ping-pong . . . friendly toward all. Film Department 3, 4 Red Cap Collector (head) Camera Club 4 Student Council 2 ARTHUR MAXIME SARAZIN " Maxie " SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI ... a hot ticket ... I gotta see it!” . . . to be an architect . . . peppy . . . lamb chops ... a second Harry James. Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1 , 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert I. 2, 3, 4 Spring Festival 1 , 2, 3,4 Glee Club 3 Camera Club 3 Sportsmen ' s Club 3 Football Manager I Senior Prom Committee 4 DORIS RUTH SEYMOUR " Dottie " LOST CHORD ... a swell kid to " I ' m hungry! ' . . . swiss steak . . Yearbook Associate Editor 4 Volleyball 1 , 2 Softball 1 , 2 Basketball 2, 3 V.F.W. Auxiliary Essay Contest Finalist 4 be with ... to join the WAVES . . . a " hot ticket " . Press Club 3 Camera Club 3 Assembly 4 Brown Glee Club Concert Usher 4 Graduation Essay 4 ROBERT JOSEPH SHERLIZA " Bob " . . . a darn nice kid . . . So? " . . . hopes to be a . . . clamcakes . . . neatest boy. HOT ROD RACE traveling salesman Senior Play 4 Class Will 4 WARA Broadcasts 4 Student Assemblies 1 , 2, 3, 4 Red Cap Reporter I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1,3,4 Football I Intramural Basketball 4 Yearbook Co-director 4 Football Manager 2 Basketball Manager I Ring Committee Chairman 3 Sub. Monitor 4 ALAN WILLIAM SPENCER " Al " BODY AND SOUL ... a swell kid with a friendly smile . . . " Where in the Sam Hill? " . . . wants to be a business man ... a good sport . . . lobster . . . most popular boy. Class Treasurer I, 2 Prom Committees 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 (Pres.) Class History 4 Football 1 , 2, 3, 4 • THE NOHTHERN LIGHT • € 4 f PAGE 31 W C ' ' %-W ) t ) MILDRED JOAN STACK " Millie " FOREVER AND EVER ... a cut Itid with plenty of charm . . . " I don ' t know! " . . . pizza . . . girl with the best line. Cheerleader 3, 4 (head) Class Secretary 1 , 2 Monitor 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Glee Club I Spring Concert I Class Gifts 4 PRISCILLA MILDRED THERIAULT " Pit " I LL NEVER BE FREE . . . full of the dickens ... Hi, there! " ... to be a private secretary . . . chicken croquettes . . . congeniality plus. Camera Club 3 Red Cap Collector 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Senior Assembly 4 Yearbook Circulation Committee 4 Senior Prom Committee 4 ADELA CLAIRE TREMBLAY " Claire " FOREVER AND EVER . . . happy-go-lucky . . . " Mother, pin a rose on me! " . . . southern fried chicken . . . likes all kinds of sports . . . the spark plug of anv arouD. Class Secretary 3, 4 Camera Club 3 Basketball 2, 3, 4 (Co-capt. 4) Softball 2, 3 Volleybaii i , 2, 3, 4 Press Club 3, 4 Student Librarian 3, 4 Monitor 4 Prom Committees 3, 4 Red Cap Reporter 4 Yearbook Photographic Committee 4 Glee Club 4 Spring Concert 4 Assembly 4 Class Ode (Words) 4 HOWARD ELMER WESTON " Howie " BE MY LOVE . . . full of snap, crackle, and pop . . . " Like heck! " . . . intends to be a pilot and see England . . . chop suey . . . liveliest boy. Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Assembly 4 Football 3 Senior Prom Committee 4 RUTH JOAN WISE " Tootie " INDIAN LOVE CALL . . . short but sweet . . . " Holy cow! " ... to work for the government in Washingti Glee Club 3, 4 Yearbook Assistant Editor 4 Red Cap Ass ' t. Editor 3, 4 Spring Concert 3, 4 Volleyball 2 D. C. . . . sauerkraut and spare ribs. Sen ior Play Usher 4 Graduation Usher 3 Assemblies 4 S.M.L.S.P. Convention 4 Speaking Contest 4 - 4 . ;r(| THE NORTHERN LIGHT • WADE CARPENTER YOUNG " Wade " MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU . . . fun to have around . . . enjoys driving jalopies . . . plans to enter the U. S Navy . . . medium-rare porterhouse. HECTOR QUENTIN ZIRRO " Mr. Zero " I GOT PLENTY O " NOTHIN . . . full of something-or-other, we don ' t know exactly what . . . " Are you for real? " . . . Ghost Toasties and evaporated milk . . . boy most likely. Tiddiedy-Winks 3, 4 (Champ 4) Hop-Scotch Team I, 2 Window-Opener, Room 13 I, 2, 3, 4 Needlework Society 2, 3 Angora Club 1 , 2, 3, 4 (Chief Fuzz 4) Pollywog Chasers 1,2,3 Whoopie Club 2, 3, 4, (Chief Whoop 4) To Mr. Zero ' s casual acquaintances, he seems like a nice chap; but to those of us who really know him well, he ' s a — (censored!!!) AND, LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST . . . We want to mention ' Moe " Everton and Bob D i Fiore , our two classmates serving Uncle Sam, who will always be remembered as members of 51. Moc " , our junior class president, well-liked by everyone, is as popular as ever among the boys and girls he left behind at N. A. H. S. And, we now hear many an echo of the laughs that " Difo” gave us with his wisecracks and crazy, lovable antics. We salute our boys in uniform! Though you are far away, you are still with us and part of us. CLASS FLOWER Jfl White Rose CLASS COLORS Maroon and White Class Ode I With mem ' t ies that are dear to us We leave North High in sorrow. We hope the fun we’ve had these years Will he remembered in tomorrow. 11 Tonight we stand together here, Tomorrow we will pait. With memories of old N. A. And its love deep in our heart. Ill We are the class of “ 51 ”, W ell tread life’s weary way. But we will ever find success With God ' s undying love alivay. MUSIC BY JEAN CURTIS WORDS BY ALICE GERMAINE CLAIRE TREMBLAY CLASS MOTTO T H U S B E G A I C N N H S E A W p T E R • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • PAGE 35 t V •CLASS- HISTORY Lorraine Powers and Alan Spencer FRESHMAN YEAR Early in September of 1947, bashful as we were, we entered N. A. H. S. eager to start our high school career. Although this school had seen many classes in its time, none were quite like the class of " 51 " . Like every other freshman class we needed time to get acquainted, but we finally chose Owen James as our president, Sylvia Chilli as our vice-president, Mildred Stack as secretary, and Alan Spencer was our treasurer. Although we didn ' t join in on the money-making affairs, we were exceptionally well represented on the athletic field. To help fill up the bench and of course aid the football team were: Owen James, Morris Everton, George Baier, Robert Ditiore, Alan Spencer, and Norm LaRocque. On the basketball court, we had Donnie Doyle, Harvey Gay, Austin Morrill, Charlie Joyce, and Odie James. When Spring rolled around, Bob Shaw, Walt Main, Robert Sherliza, Chuck Morrill, and Odie James held up our good name on the baseball diamond. Oh, yes, we had some feminine talent in athletics also. Mary-Ellen Rhind, Pat Feid, Joan Murphy, and Lee Sperry gave some assistance on the basketball court and on the volleyball team was Gina Leger, Paula Precourt, Lorraine Powers, and Doris Seymour. Our Freshman days were over and we looked forv ard to our next year as perky little Sophomores, full of big ideas and plans for making our class even better than it already was. SOPHOMORE YEAR Our Sophomore year started with the election of Harvey Gay as our president, Lorraine Powers, vice-president, and for a second time, Mildred Stack as secretary and Alan Spencer as money handler. On our athletic field this year were Donald Doyle, Harvey Gay, Norman LaRocque, George Baier, Alan Spencer, Owen James, and Morris Everton, on the football squad. On the basketball court were Owen James, Harvey Gay, Donald Doyle, and Austin , v K ' 0 ' ' y ' V ' s ' ' Vw LI PAGE 36 } ) • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • Morrill. On the baseball diamond were Austin Morrill, Owen James, Morris Everton, Norman LaRocque, and Walter Main. Girls ' sports included Doris Seymour, Mary-Ellen Rhind, Claire Tremblay, Patricia Feid, Joan Bishop, Beverly Chandler, Joan Murphy, and Beatrice Greco on the basket- ball court. We put on a very successful dance called " St. Pat ' s Hop " . The decorations were carried out in green and the Irish atmosphere was to be found throughout the Gym. Thus, we made our first contribution to our treasury. The end of our Sophomore year marked the mid-point of our four years in high school. JUNIOR YEAR The following year we assembled again but this time as upperclassmen. We chose Moe Everton as our capable president, Joan Murphy as vice-president, Claire Trem- blay, secretary, and Austin Morrill, treasurer. Cheerleaders were Mildred Stack, Lorraine Powers, Lorraine McCormick, Brenda Campbell, and Doris Roach. On the football team this year were Harvey Gay, Donald Doyle, Alan Spencer, Ronnie McAvoy, George Baier, Jimmie LaFratta, Owen James, Robert Difiore, and Moe Everton. The basketball team consisted of five juniors who were Chuck Morrill, Owen James, Jimmie LaFratta, Allen Batchelder, John Magnani, and Walter Main. The baseball team was supported by Walt Main, Moe Everton, Francis Childs, Chuck Morrill, Owen James, Norman LaRocque, Ronnie McAvoy, Bob Sherliza, and Clip Cloutier. On the girls ' basketball team, the juniors were represented by Mary-Ellen Rhind, Doris Seymour, and Claire Tremblay. The " Liberty Hop " , held November 12, turned out to be an extremely colorful and successful affair. After several months of impatient waiting we finally got our class rings. To show how different and progressive we were, we made some changes in its design which no other class had ever done before. The greatest event of the year proved to b6 the Junior Prom. It was well attended and the sight of the beautiful decorations and the girls ' gowns as they danced was something to behold. Our Money Purse became a little fatter due to this very success- ful affair. SENIOR YEAR Well, we finally made the grade! We were Seniors!!! At last the day had come when the lower classes looked up to us. We elected Robert Blanchard as our president, Joan Murphy as vice-president, Claire Tremblay as secretary, and Leon Guimond as treasurer. ' V , " • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • € 4 % PAGE 37 I 4 V We were now the backbone of the football squad which was co-captained by Moe Everton and Donnie Doyle. Unfortunately, Moe left us to serve in the Marines. To back up our co-captain, we had Owen James, Alan Spencer, Norman LaRocque, George Baier, Harvey Gay, Allen Batchelder, Ronnie McAvoy, Jimmie LaFratta, and Ronnie Meyer. The basketball team had Owen James and Chuck Morrill as co-captains along with Allen Batchelder, Walter Main, and John Magnani. The Senior Girls that were active on the sports field this year were Claire Trem- blay and Mary-Ellen Rhind. Both these girls were co-captains of the basketball team. During the football season we had several successful pigskin " parties which helped expand our treasury a great deal. On December 8th, after the tireless efforts of Miss Erving and the Senior class, we presented our Senior Play entitled Almost Summer " . The cast is to be congratu- lated on the work, time and talent that was put into making the play a success. Active In the orchestra and band during our stay here at N. A. H. S. were Bob Blanchard, Bob Darling, Maxie Sarazin, and Maxcy Lewis. During the months of March and April there was a great deal of excitement around old N. A., especially by the girls, for the Senior Prom was scheduled to be held April 28. When the big night finally arrived, the gym was filled with pretty gowns and even prettier girls escorted, of course, by our handsome Senior boys. As the last few couples hesitantly straggled out of the gym, we heard them remark, " I’ve never had so much fun " . We hope this was said by everyone who attended. Several other organizations in which the Seniors took part and certainly did a good job were the Yearbook, Student Council, Press Club, Camera Club, Student Monitors, Student Librarians, and the Film Department. Well, now that Alan and I have given you most of the outstanding events of our four years at N. A. H. S., we hope you will agree that our class is unique. We wish to thank Superintendent Mott, Principal Leon Regan, the faculty, and the classes with which we have been associated, for helping to make our four years ones which we shall always cherish. Now we say farewell to all. PAGE 38 V } • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • { i • D 9 _ £ • 5 1 V c Be it remembered, that we, the most dignified class yet to be graduated from the North Attleboro High School, being in our right minds and fully aware of our approaching death, due to a lingering malady diagnosed as Spring Fever, do on this 18th day of June, 1951, hereby make public this, OUR LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. Listen well, ye beneficiaries of the class of 1951, and on pain of disinheritance fail not to carry out the bequests to be herein stated. A. A A. - A A. ' Vw ' , -A jr ' A . A , • THE 1VDHTHEH1V LIGHT • a. PAGE l 39 To PRINCIPAL LEON REGAN, we, as loyal alumni, leave our heartfelt appreciation for his untiring efforts in our behalf. To the Junior Class, we bequeath a fickle nature, so that they may recover as quickly as we have all this year, from their many affairs of heart. To all underclassmen who lack a sense of humor, BEVERLY PAQUIN leaves her title of Wittiest Girl. RONNIE MEYER leaves his title of Best Boy Dancer to that Arthur Murray of the Jun ior Class, Charlie Sull ivan. To OUR ADORED FACULTY ADVISORS, we bequeath a model student body, equipped with plenty of gray matter, well-modula+ed manners, and unwaver- ing ambition. Be it understood that this is to compensate for the anguish caused by the class of 1951. That successful lemonade salesman of the senior class, PETER MULLEN, leaves his title of Most Ambitious Boy to Gordon Direnzo. JANET HILL wills her pleasant disposition along with her famous " HI” and her title of Most Congenial Girl to Gloria MacDonald. MURIEL LUCIA bequeaths her enticing brown eyes to Joan Roberts. Watch out Fellas! To the Freshmen, we leave comforting thoughts that their days of imbecility will soon be over. PATRICIA FEID leaves her title of Neatest Girl to Margaret Pepper. RAYMOND BOURGEOIS and GEORGE RAZEE leave North Attleboro High School just as quietly as they entered four years ago. To struggling athletes, we leave BOB KIRBY ' S cherished fund of " A ' s” to be drawn upon so that they may permanently avoid ineligibility on the athletic teams. DONALD DOYLE leaves his title of Smoothest Boy to that sharp sophomore, Dickie Langille. LENA BEDARD bestows her title of Most Ambitious Girl to Alice Milot. To any crestfallen girl who feels that she cannot fulfill her life ' s dreams, JEANETTE BRIGGS bequeaths her title of Girl Most Likely to Succeed. The mechanical chatterbox of the class of " 51 " , JIMMIE BRAGG, leaves his well-deserved title of Most Talkative Boy to Norman Vollert. To the disillusioned youth of America and to those who at times were dis- appointed with their surroundings, we leave WADE YOUNG ' S unfulfilled desire to go to sea. VIRGINIA LEGER wills her title of Liveliest Girl to ANNE LEVIS. To any future hot-rod driver, JOHN ROHNER bequeaths his skill at driv- ing his motor bike, " Whizzer I”. LEON GUIMOND reluctantly wills his A B report cards and his title Smartest Boy to that Einstein of the Junior class, Donald Chabot. PRISCILLA THERIAULT and ELLEN LABRIE leave their endless pep and vitality to any junior girl who craves a little action. FRED GLOVER bequeaths the honor of replacing him as the coach ' s sparring partner to any one who wants it. HARRIET GREENE bequeaths her love for " MacBeth” to the entire Junior class. - They ' ll need it. . PAGE 40 V • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • 4, Cl • c V9, t r • 1 ' LAWRENCE MURPHY wills his Irish temper to that lad from the Emerald Isle, Kent McMorrow. To the Sophomore class, we bequeath a patient nature so that they may view with a gracious grin, if possible, the numerous activities in which the upperclass- men are so happily engaged. LORRAINE POWERS leaves her title of Best All Around Girl to Ann Capodanno. MAXIE SARAZIN, the young man with a horn, leaves his trumpet-playing ability to that Harry James of the Freshman class, Kenny Gookin. CLAIRE TREMBLAY leaves her vivaciousness to Joan Patterson who already has some o f her own. WALT MAIN wills his title of Wittiest Boy and also his collection of humor- ous, and at times corny jokes to any future Milton Berle who could use them. To all conscientious people, BEVERLY CHANDLER and DORIS SEYMOUR earnestly bequeath their absolute conformity to convention and rules. BEATRICE GRECO leaves her smiling personality to Fae Weston. JIMMY CAUGER wills the beautiful color of red that often covers his face to Elsworth Beach. CLAIRE LACASSE leaves N.A.H.S. just as quietly as she came in. To all camera fiends, BOB DARLING leaves his knowledge of the picture- taking device and his knowledge of the darkroom procedure. To any youth who cannot see the reason for being kind to animals, RUTH WISE wills her passionate love for horses. BOB BLANCHARD wills his title of Boy Mostly Like to Succeed and the headaches that go with the class presidency to anyone who is able to fill the position next year. LORENA RIENDEAU leaves Frank to any available girl who feels qualified to take her place. PAUL CLOUTIER leaves his title Most Congenial Boy and his casanova smile to Howard Rioux. - Beware Girls! LORRAINE PLANTE leaves to investigate her interests in the vicinity of Wilkins Airport, or is it one of Uncle Sam s airports? FRANCIS CHILDS leaves his ability to get along with girls to Roy Howard. LILLIAN FULLER leaves her quiet ways to Rita Bourgeois. To any impolite underclassman who has not yet consulted Emily Post, we leave LILLIAN APPLEBY ' s never-failing politeness. GEORGE BAIER leaves his title of Quietest Boy to Arlon Nelson. BARBARA BURT leaves her easy-going nature to Frances Fisler. ALLEN BATCHELDER leaves to become a serious contender for being one of the ten best-dressed men in America. BRENDA CAMPBELL leaves her cheerleading uniform to any sophomore who hopes to become a cheerleader. CHARLES CLARKE leaves to those who detest homework the comforting thought that some day, just as a steak dinner has been condensed to an insignificant little tablet; so, too, may homework meet a similar fate. SYLVIA CHILLI bestows her title of Best Dressed Girl to Mary McAteer. » • THE IVDHTHERIV LIGHT • Although MOE is no longer with us, the Senior class leaves its deepest appreciation to him for his contribution to our class while he was a member of it. JEAN COTE and RICHARD DION leave together. HOWIE WESTON wills his title of Liveliest Boy to Freddie Jumping Bean Sea rlatelli. JEAN CURTIS leaves to succeed her father on the Alumni Association. DONNA DESILETS leaves to take an office posi tion with Evans Case Co. in order to be near that CERTAIN SOMEONE. HAROLD ENGLAND leaves for places unknown. LORRAINE DION leaves her title of Most Bashful Girl to Anne Coyle. HARVEY GAY leaves his line (and we don ' t mean fishing line) to Doug Spencer. NANCY DUNHAM leaves North High to seek a position in Evans Case Co. for reasons similar to Donna Desilets’. To Adam Difilipo, North High s mighty fullback, OWEN JAMES wills his outstanding athletic ability. ILENE EASTMAN leaves hoping never to return. JIMMY LaFRATTA leaves his title of Most Bashful Boy to Robert Knowles. ALICE GERMAINE leaves her title of Most Talkative Girl to the girls of the Sophomore class. To any underclassman whose vocabulary is somewhat weak, we bequeath CHARLES LOCKHART S colorful use of the English language. ELEANOR HAMBLIN leaves her amiability to Sandy Colburn. MAXCY LEWIS leaves his loyalty to the band and orchestra to Paul Robitaille. JUDY HANDFIELD leaves her art ability to Gretchen Kiehn. JOHN MAGNANI wills his title of Cutest Boy to Russell Watson. ANNE JEPSON leaves her romantic acting ability to any junior who wants a part in the Senior Play. AUSTIN MORRILL besfows his basketball ability to Paul Rioux. BARBARA KIRBY leaves her overwhelming devotion for the Monroe add- ing machine to any future office practice students. ALAN SPENCER leaves permanent posession of his football to Lorraine Powers. RITA LIZOTTE leaves her title of Most Bashful Girl to Barbara Cote. RONNIE McAVOY leaves his title of Best Looking Boy to Merrill Legg. LORRAINE McCORMICK bestows her title of Best Looking Girl to Virginia Bosworth. NORMAN LaROCQUE wills his title of Best All Around Boy to Bobby Achin. JUDY McENROE leaves her title of Smartest Girl and all her French awards to Muriel Johnson. WARREN BETTS and ERNEST RINGUETTE leave for their habitat, the Community Theatre. RACHEL MORIN leaves her title of Best Girl Dancer to Sylvia Dolan. LESLIE ROBERTS leaves N.A.H.S. still trying to arrive on time. 4 . ■%., 4 .- 4 . 4 4 . 4 . 4 . 4 4 .. 4 _. 4 .. ' .AT K .AT ' " V A- PAGE 42 V • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • ■ A- .• ' ' A f 1 » | 9 C . 5 i V i } JOAN MURPHY leaves her wonderful singing voice to Sue Morse. For reasons well known to all, PAULA PRECOURT leaves to join the Women ' s Air Force. MARY-ELLEN RHIND bequeaths her title of Most Athletic Girl to Gladys MacDonald. MILDRED STACK bequeaths her title of Girl With the Best Line to Jackie LaRosee. To all cuties of the Junior class, DORIS ROACH leaves her title of Cutest Girl. JOAN ROBERTS leaves to meet Johnnie at the North door. DORIS RINGUETTE wills her position in Mr. Regan ' s office to Anne Levis. To the esteemed faculty we leave our appreciation for their long sessions, their generous devotion to the noble cause of education, and their never failing penalties. (If we are not superhuman, they are not at fault.) BOBBY SHERLIZA leaves to further his acting career on Broadway after his magnificent job in the Senior Play. SHIRLEY DUNHAM leaves waiting for Andy to come on furlough. In the custody of fhe class of 1952, we leave the weighty responsibility of caring for the most cherished and honored characteristic - the dignity of a senior. Dire misfortune will fall upon the class of 1952 if it even slightly discolors or stains this trust. It is our wish and desire that our beloved overseer, the HON. LEON REGAN, act as executor of this instrument, but having dispensed with the ordinary procedure, since we are in truth, an extraordinary class, it is most essential that he present a bond with double sureties, so that the class of 1951 be protected and safeguarded from all evil. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this nineteenth day of March, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-one, in the presence of three witnesses, and do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. SHIRLEY DUNHAM ROBERT SHERLIZA For the class of 1951. On this nineteenth day of March, 1951, Shirley Dunham and Robert Sherliza of North Attleboro, Massachusetts, signed the foregoing instrument in our presence; and thereafter as witnesses thereof we three, at their request, in their presence, and in the presence of each other, hereto subscribe our names. DONNA DESILETS ' 51 LEON GUIMOND ' 51 NANCY DUNHAM ' 51 ,- A, -A A A A A , " C A A A ' A. . A. TA A , • THE IVDHTHEHIV LIGHT • 1 PAGE 43 W ' y ' I •CLASS- PROPHECY Janet Hill and Odie James Ten years have passed since the class of " 51 " batted their way out of North Attleboro High School. As we look ahead ten years we see Madame Janetta Hill, beauty specialist, working vigorously over one of her customers. The door opens and in walks " Yukon Oats " , the professional wrestler. Janet — Yukon, v hat are you doing here? Odie — I ' ve come to get my hair waved for tonight ' s match. Janet — Well sit right down and let s talk about old times. Odie — Tell me. How ' s that old gang of yours? Janet — To begin with, Millie Stack is happily married and instructing cheerleaders in her spare time. GINA LEGER is a secretary for the Oscar Morris Tremblay Refrigeration Co. and CLAIRE TREMBLAY left for sunny Georgia and hasn ' t been heard from since. Odie — Our captain of " 51 " , DONNIE DOYLE, is still a star guard down at Georgia Tech. I guess he took a P.G. His buddy, HARV GAY, has ended up in China. He likes their brand of cigarettes better. Janet — Well, the class of " 51 " had two record breakers. WALTER MAIN just com- pleted an around-the-world flight in record time, and Mary-Ellen Rhind broke all previous records by swimming the English Channel in 32 and 2 10 minutes. Odie — Of course, just the fellows that you would expect have gone into business. I read in the papers last week that The James LaFratta Television and Radio Company was the first to install color television sets. PRISCILLA THERIAULT is his private secretary, you know. Have you heard anything about PETER MUL- LEN? Janet — Sure! He ' s slowly buying out Mr. Howard Johnson. He now owns all the restaurants in Massachusetts. He employed DORIS RINGUETTE and ILENE EASTMAN in his North Attleboro branch. Odie — Don ' t forget to vote next week. You know BOB SHERLIZA is now running for the Senator ' s seat in Mass. His campaign is being managed by that brilliant personality, LEON GUIMOND. Janet — Beacuse of her love for horses RUTHIE WISE has invested in a dude ranch. It ' s called, " Tootie ' s Lazy S ' . Odie — LESLIE ROBERTS and GEORGE RAZEE have gone to Northern Canada to be lumberjacks. , K. A. -4. -A. - - ' vw PAGE 44 V 3 " vw • THE 1VDRTHEH1V LIGHT • f 1 • } V9- t . 5 i v Janet — A new doctor, NORMAN LaROCQUE, has just hired BEV PAQUIN as his medical secretary. Odie— The last I heard, RITA LIZOTTE, PAULA PRECOURT, and LORENA RIEN- DEAU all have shares in the C. Ray Randall Company. Janet — That friendly guy, PAUL CLOUTIER, has opened a new barber shop. His slogan is, " Get Clipped at Clip ' s. His manicurist is that very efficient worker, JEAN CURTIS. Odie — I see that ELEANOR HAMBLIN is still working at Woolworth ' s. She ' s just as generous as ever in dishing out the candy. Janet — Since leaving high school, SUE LUCIA and BARB KIRBY have continued their roller skating careers. They are scheduled for a performance at the Boston Gar- den next Saturday night. Odie — The successful salesman, FRANCIS CHILDS, is now selling shares of the St. Louis Cardinal ' s baseball team. Janet — Because JIMMY BRAGG and JUDY McENROE did such a splendid job on the 1951 year book, they have signed a contract to supervise each year ' s staff. Odie — I hear that JEANETTE BRIGGS and LENA BEDARD are tapping their marimbas for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Janet — Our class artist, LARRY MURPHY, has been assigned to paint all cockroaches white, so they ' ll show up in the dark. Odie — The last time I went to the movies I saw the great lover, RONALD MEYER, breaking the hearts of two lovely stars, BRENDA CAMPBELL and DORIS ROACH. Janet — Those experts on children, BARBARA BURT and DORIS SEYMOUR, have started a new baby sitting business. The sign in front of their house reads, " Leave ' em and Forget ' em. " Odie — Since their brilliant performance in the senior play, " Almost Summer " , JOHN MAGNANI and ANNE JEPSON have obtained stardom in the Broadway hit " West Atlantic. " Janet — JUDY HANDFIELD is the designer for the new exclusive dress shop owned by ROBERT KIRBY. Bob recently hired PATTY FEID as the buyer and BEV CHANDLER as the private switchboard operator. Odie — That great hunter, ALAN SPENCER, has just returned from a dangerous expedition in the black jungles of Africa with LORRAINE POWERS as his private nurse. Janet — SYLVIA CHILLI was in town last week. She took time off from the Met. to sing at the wedding of JEAN COTE and RICHARD DION. Odie — That famous author, RONNIE McAVOY, has just completed his book on " Why I ' m Against Drafting Eighteen-Year-Olds. " RACHEL MORIN took notes. Janet — They tell me that " Hotlips " SARAZIN and " Jazzboy " LEWIS now have their own band Odie — Our class president, BOB BLANCHARD, is one of the country ' s well known salesmen. He recently sold the Brooklyn Bridge for the third time to the same man! Janet — GEORGE BAIER is the new proprietor of the Falls Shopping Center. ERNEST RINCUETTE is the meat chopper and WARREN BETTS drives the delivery truck. A. r-%, - -4. , A. A A. -V -A " ' ) W ' C “v v ' •r • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • f 4 PAGE 45 W- ' ' ‘V ' ) V } Odie — I saw LILLIAN FULLER the other day. She is still driving around in her snazzy Pontiac. She buys her high-octane gas at RAY BOURGEOIS ' service station. Janet — Remember how ALLEN BATCHELDER used to wish for a Cadillac? Well he couldn ' t quite scrape up enough money, so he settled for a Whizzer instead. Odie— Did you know that after all these years, HOWARD WESTON still has his eye on Millie? Janet — The DUNHAM twins and DONNA DESILETS are now private secretaries for the famous Marx Brothers. Odie — As I was reading the paper the other day, I noticed pictures of scientists CHARLES LOCKHART and JOHN ROHNER. They ' re really famous since their discovery of a cure for pimples. Janet — Our best looking girl, LORRY McCORMICK, recently won the title of " Miss America of 1961 . BEA GRECO decided to go on the stage. She ' s acting as Jerry Lewis ' understudy. Oh, by the way, I saw ALICE GERMAINE yesterday. She just talked her way out of another job. Odie — The last time I was in New York, I bumped into CHUCK MORRILL. He has grown a foot taller and is starring for the Boston Celtics. They tell me that JIMMY CAUGER is living a wild life. I thought he studied conservation at college. Janet — I had the pleasure of setting the hair of JOAN ROBERTS and HARRIET GREENE the other day. They are two of 5 1 s happily married girls. JOAN MURPHY decided that teaching was her true ambition. Joan recently took over Miss Sawins ' job of first grade teacher at the new Falls School. Odie — I almost forgot to tell you. I went to the high school as soon as I arrived in town, and I couldn ' t believe my eyes. I saw WADE YOUNG still asleep in room I 3. Janet — I saw BOB DARLING at the school last week. He is Purdy ' s top photographer. Speaking of pictures, FRED GLOVER has his own television show. It ' s called, " Punch and Glover " . Odie— That reminds me, ELLEN LABRIE preferred the circus to the nursing profession. A+ her last performance she lifted a 500-pound barbell with one hand. LILLIAN APPLEBY and LORRAINE DION serve as her hairdressers, secretaries, business managers and luggage carriers. Janet — As I was driving through the White Mountains last week, I noticed LORRAINE PLANTE sitting out in the sun taking a sunbath. She ' s vacationing at the Owl ' s Head Lodge. Lorraine told me that CHARLIE CLARKE drew up the plans for the lodge and that HAROLD ENGLAND was the builder. Odie — I ' ve heard about that place. CLAIRE LACA.SSE sold out her laundry business so she could be head cook at the lodge. Janet — MOE EVERTON and BOB D I FI O R E are still in the armed forces. Moe is a physical instructor, while Bob is still cruising on an aircraft carrier. Odie — Well, Janet, it ' s been fun going over old times like this. These past ten years have been fun for all of us. Let ' s make it a date to meet again in 1971, and hash over the next ten years. , T ' V A. ' W C ' ' ' Vw ' ' V.W i 4 i ' ' 4, PAGE 46 } 4 V • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • 1 9 _ 4 4 • 5 i V I J Sylvia Chilli and Allen BatcKelder Because of her quiet and shy ways, we acclaim Lorraine Dion M.B.G., Most Bash- ful Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we give Donnie Doyle the title of S.B., Smoothest Boy. Because her name is too often on the absent list, we dub Lillian Fuller the title of C.D., Class Dodger. Because of his well-known puppet show, we dub Freddie Glover, C.A., Class Actor. Murielann Lucia with her petite stature and snappy manner has earned for her- self the title of M.C., Most Chic. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow upon Jimmie Bragg the title of M.T.B., Most Talkative Boy. By popular vote of the boys, we give Lena Bedard the degree of M.A.G., Most Ambitious Girl. Because of his thorough knowledge of books, we acclaim Robert Kirby C.B., Class Bookworm. Because of her musical ability, we bestow upon Jean Curtis the title of M.M.G., Most Musical Girl. Because his ambition is to become a butcher, we dub Ernest Ringuette C.M.C., Class Meat Cutter. Because of her undying faithfulness, we give Jean Cote the title of R.O.A.O., Richard ' s One-And-Only. Because she is such a busy little worker, we dub Barbara Burt with the title of B.H., Best Helper. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow upon Alan Spencer the title of M.P.B., Most Popular Boy. Because she is such an efficient student in the commercial department, we acclaim Donna Desilets C.B.P.S., Class Best Private Secretary. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow upon Howie Weston the title of L.B., Liveliest Boy. Because of his preference for out-of-town talent, we bestow upon Leslie Roberts the title of C.O.O.T.B., Class Out-Of-Town Boy. By popular vote of the boys, we give Pat Feid the title of N.G., Neatest Girl. V s - • THE 1V0HTHERIV LIGHT • PAGE 47 ■ ' v w Because he participated extensively in history class, we bestow on Charlie Clarke the degree of C.H., Class Historian. Because we seldom hear Horn Rita Lizotte, we bestow on her the degree of Q.G., Quiefest Girl. Because of his scientific reasoning, we acclaim John Rohner, C.S., Class Scientist. By unanimous vote of the boys, we bestow upon Mary-Ellen Rhind the title of M.A.G., Most Athletic Girl. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon Peter Mullen the title of M.A.B., Most Ambitious Boy. By unanimous vote of the boys, we give Dolly Roach the title of C.G., Culest Girl. Because of his winning ways and unceasing smile, we bestow upon Paul Cloutier the title of M.C.B., Most Congenial Boy. By unanimous vote of the boys, we bestow on Millie Stack the title of G.W.T.B.L., Girl With The Best Line. For reasons well known we acclaim Wade Young, C.C.R., Class Cradle Robber. Because of her timid manner and weak voice, we give Claire Lacasse the title of S.G., Shyest Girl. Because of his constant effort to make his way in the world, we give Maxcy Lewis the title of M.A.B., Most Aggresstive Boy. Because of her look that dazzfes, we give Brenda Campbell the title of G.W.T. B.B.E., Girl With The Big Brown Eyes. Because Richard Dion never gets into Room 14 before the last bell, we bestow upon him the title of R.F.C.C.A.C.T.F., Room 1 4 s Constant Companion After One Thirty-Five. Because she is iust a natural, we acc laim Shirley Dunham M.H.G.L.G., Mosl Happy-Go-Lucky Girl. Because we have finally discovered his secret ambition, we bestow upon Harold England the title of C.F., Class Farmer. Because of her warm-hearted feeling toward all, we give Barbara Kirby the title of F.G., Friendliest Girl. Because of her nice personality and contagious giggle, we give to Bea Greco the title of T.G.W.L.T.H.A.T.M., The Girl We Like To Have Around The Most. By popular vote of the girls, we give Leon Guimond the title of S.B., Smartest Boy. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow upon Janet Hill the title of M.C.G., Most Congenial Girl. Because of his clever comebacks, we bestow upon Walt Main the title of W.B., Wittiest Boy. Because we have never seen her in a bad mood, we dub Nancy Dunham the title of B.N.G., Best Natured Girl. If you have ever heard any of his witty remarks or seen any of his clownish antics, you will understand why we give Jimmy Cauger the title of C.C., Class Comedian. Because we never hear her when she’s coming or going, we give Lillian Appleby the title of C.P.F., Class Pussy Foot. By popular vote of the boys, we dub Paula Precourt, S.G., Smoothest Girl. V y " PAGE | 48 V I • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • 4, Ci • I t • 5 1 V { Because he is such an active member of our class, we acclaim Bob Blanchard, B.M.L.T.S., Boy Most Likely To Succeed. Although she had a hard struggle, she finally managed to get her license; there- fore, we dub Eleanor Hamblin, M.P.F.S., Mr. Pennsavalle s Favorite Student. Because of his congenial ways, we give Francis Childs the title of B.N.B., Best Natured Boy. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow upon Lorrie McCormick the title of B.L.G., Best Looking Girl. Because he doesn ' t like to be in the limelight, we dub Jimmie LaFratta M.B.B., Most Bashful Boy. We pondered but discovered no clues as to her identity; therefore we bestow upon llene Eastman the title of M.S.G., Most Secretive Girl. Because of his tinkering avocation, we bestow upon Raymond Bourgeois the title of C.M., Class Mechanic. Because of her weekly presence at the Roller Way, we acclaim Harriet Greene Q.O.T.R., Queen Of The Rollers. We seldom hear from George Baier; therefore, we bestow upon him the title of Q.B., Quietest Boy. Because of apparent reasons, we give Bev Chandler the tille of T.G., Tallest Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow upon Charles Lockhart the title of M.S.B., Most Serious Boy. Because we think the title fits her, we bestow upon Ellen Labrie the title of C.F., Class Flirt. By popular vote of the girls, we give Allen Batchelder the title of B.D.B., Best Dressed Boy. By popular vote of the boys, we dub Alice Germaine M.T.G., Most Talkative Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we acclaim Norman LaRocque B.A.A.B., Best All Around Boy. By popular vote of the boys, we give to Judy McEnroe the title of S.G., Smartest Girl. Because he is here and there and never anywhere too long, we bestow upon Warren Betts the title of C.M.M., Class Moving Man. By popular vote of the boys, we give Judy Handfield the title of M.S.G., Most Serious Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we acclaim Johnnie Magnani C.B., Cutest Boy. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow upon Sylvia Chilli the title of B.D.G., Best Dressed Girl. By unanimous vote of the girls, we give Odie James the title of M.A.B., Most Athletic Boy. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow upon Harvey Gay the title of B.W.T.B.L., Boy With The Best Line. A A A A A A A A A A W C ' A ' y ' A ' - ' ' • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • PAGE 49 ' ' W ' Because she giggles and reddens at every possible occasion, we dub Priscilla Theriault C.B., Class Blusher. Because we know next to nothing about him, we give George Razee the title of M.S.B., Most Secretive Boy. Because of her sophisticated manner and winning ways, we bestow on Lorraine Plante the title of C.L., Class Lady. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow on Ronnie Meyer the degree of B.B.D., Best Boy Dancer. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow on Lorraine Powers the degree of B.A.A.G., Best All Around Girl. Because of his artistic ability, we acclaim Larry Murphy C.A., Class Artist. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow upon Gina Leger the title of L.G., Liveliest Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we dub Ronnie McAvoy with the title of B.L.B., Best Looking Boy. Because of her extended employment at W. T. Grant, we give Dot Seymour the title of C.S.G., Class Sales Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we give Robert Sherliza the title of N.B., Neatest Boy. Because she is seen so often at the movies with a certain friend, we bestow upon Lorena Riendeau with the title of C.M.F., Class Movie Fan. Because of his bashful but likeable nature toward females, we bestow upon Chuck Morrill the title of C.W., Class Wolf. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow upon Rachel Morin the title of B.G.D., Best Girl Dancer. Because of her happy nature and ability to see something funny in everything, we dub Doris Ringuette with the title of C.G., Class Giggler. By unanimous vote of the boys, we bestow upon Joan Murphy the title of M.P.G., Most Popular Girl. Because she is about the smallest girl in our class, we bestow upon Ruth Wise the title of C.P., Class Pint. By popular vote of the boys, we dub Bev Paquin with the title of W.G., Wittiest Girl. Because of her many assets, we bestow upon Joan Roberts the title of M.N.G., Most Natural Girl. To Claire Tremblay, because of her charming ways, we give the title of M.V.G., Most Vivacious Girl. Because of his outstanding master y of the bugle, we give Maxie Sarazin the title of C.B., Class Bugler. If you have ever seen Anne ' s walk, you will understand why we give Anne Jepson the title of G.W.T.W., Girl With The Walk. Because he is such an important man in the Sportsmen ' s Club, we bestow on Bob Darling the title of C.S., Class Sportsman. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow upon Jeanette Briggs the degree of G.M.L.T.S., Girl Most Likely To Succeed. We hope these statistics were taken in the spirit of fun which we meant them. $ PAGE | i 50 ) • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • € 1 1 9 ,_ f t . 5 i ( i ) CLASS GIFTS John Ma nani and Mild red Stack LEON GUIMOND — To Leon we give this check to show that he made a little profit for the senior class. ALICE GERMAINE — To Alice we give this job at the Falls Shopping Center. ALLEN BATCHELDER — To Allen we give permission to take a P.G. so he can be with his freshman. CLAIRE TREMBLAY — To Claire we give these round-trip tickets to Georgia, so that when she goes she won ' t forget to come back. OWEN JAMES — To " Odie " we give this bottle of water to put out the flames in the girls ' hearts when he walks by. LENA BEDARD — To Lena we give a dictionary so that she can understand the words she uses. DONALD DOYLE — To Donnie we give this approved application to work for his future father-in-law at the CHRONICLE. SYLVIA CHILLI — To Sylvia, because she is our best-dressed girl, we give this dress to add to her wardrobe. HARVEY GAY — To Harvey we give this lasso to rope his many girl friends with his line. PAULA PRECOURT — To Paula we give these stamps to use when she writes to a cer- tain Air Force man. HOWARD WESTON — To Howie we give this one-way ticket to England. BRENDA CAMPBELL — To Brenda we give this mirror so that she may enjoy her looks as much as we do. NORMAN LAROCQUE — To Smiley " we give this pair of shoes to replace the ones he has worn out walking in the corridors with Bev. RITA LIZOTTE — To Rita we give this rattle so we will be able to hear her. JANET HILL — To Jan we slip this " Mickey " so she ' ll never be without him. JAMES LaFRATTA — To Jimmy we dedicate this song from Ellen, Alice, Claire, and Janet. JOAN MURPHY — To Joan we give this pad and pencil to start her on her way to teaching. JAMES CAUGER — To Jimmy we give this paper doll because he ' s so afraid of girls. A. ■V -V A. -V -4. " " VW + " V " Vw W ' " ' V -W " V ,-C " V • THE IVOHTHEHIV LIGHT • PAGE 51 MARY-ELLEN RHIND — To Mary-Ellen we give this book, " The House That Jack Built " , in hopes that Jack wiil build you one someday. AUSTIN MORRILL — To " Chuck " we give this contract to play for the Boston Celtics. VIRGINIA LEGER — To " Gina " we give this glue so that she c an always stick to the gang. RICHARD DION — To Dick we give this copy of his favorite song, " Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair " . LORRAINE POWERS — To Lorraine we give this book on guns for going hunting with Alan. HAROLD ENGLAND — To " Ding " we give a lemon in case he ever wants to remove those cute freckles. JEAN COTE — To Jean we give this lock and key to keep a hold on Dick. WARREN BETTS — To Warren we give a TV set so he can stay out of the show. SHIRLEY DUNHAM — To Shirley we give this application to be an Air Force secretary. PETER MULLEN — To Pete we give this chef ' s cap so he won ' t have to buy one when he takes over at Howard Johnson ' s. ERNEST RINGUETTE— To Ernie, who always had quite a time trying to attend school five days in a row, we give this make-up card to remind him of his trying days. HARRIET GREENE — To Harriet we give this " Bill " for reasons known to all. WADE YOUNG — To Wade we give this ship to remind him of the times he left us to go on a cruise. BEVERLY PAQUIN — To Bev we give this book on, " How to Keep Smiling " , or is it " Smiley " ? JOHN ROHNER— To John we give this test tube to start him on his career as a chemist. PATRICIA FEID — To Pat we give this iron so she can always keep her title. MAXIE SARAZIN and MAXCY LEWIS — To Maxie and Maxcy we give these audition slips to try out for Spike Jones ' orchestra. BARBARA KIRBY — To Barb we give these roller skates in case she wears out her own at Witschi ' s. LAWRENCE MURPHY — To Larry we give this paint to help him in his art career. DORIS ROACH — To " Dolly " we give this make-up kit so she can stay as cute as she is when she goes to Plainville. ROBERT DARLING — To the hunter of the senior class we give this certificate entitling him to lifetime membership in the Angle Tree Rod Gun Club. MURIELANN LUCIA — To " Sue " we give this card of thanks signed by Mr. Regan for helping in the office. FRANCIS CHILDS — To " Mike " we give this police whistle and permission to take over the North Attleboro Police Dept. A. - s • », -V -v A. a. V " V " V W ' ' ' VW ■ • ' VWW ' “V --C -C " V ■rf- -» € 4 { PAGE 52 } 4 V i • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • C 1 • } V 9 _ £ • 5 1 V } RUTH WISE — To " Tootie " we give this dishcloth to add to her hope chest. DONNA DESILETS — To Donna we give this book on how to drive safely. CHARLES LOCKHART— To Charlie we give this permission to take over whenever Billy Graham decides to retire from his famous sermons. NANCY DUNHAM — To Nancy we give a shorthand certificate for 200 words. GEORGE BAIER — To George we give this copy of Alice Blue Gown " . ' Nuff said! LORRAINE McCORMICK — To " Lorry " we give this bag of kisses from the senior boys. WALTER MAIN — To Walt we give this contract to play first base for the Boston Red Sox. DORIS RINGUETTE — To Dot we give a pair of stilts for reasons known to all. RONALD MEYER — To Ronnie we give these lessons (for professionals only) from Arthur Murray. JEAN CURTIS — To Jean we give a scholarship to any school she wants. JAMES BRAGG — To Jimmy, our pianist, we give this piano so that wherever he goes people will hear his original arrangements. PRISCILLA THERIAULT — To Priscilla we give this permission slip from the Navy Department to join the WAVES. ROBERT SHERLIZA — To Bob we give this script so he can start his own radio show. ELLEN LABRIE — To Ellen we give this Toni set so she may always be in style with a certain junior. RONALD McAVOY — To Ronnie we give this steamshovel to start him not only in contracting but also to start on that house for the future. RACHEL MORIN — To save " Mac " a dollar, we give Rachel this wedding ring which we got through one of the salesgirls at the 5 10. ROBERT KIRBY — To Bob we give these taps to put on his shoes so we will hear more of him. ELEANOR HAMBLIN — To Eleanor, a 5 10 salesgirl, goes a toy bought from New- berry ' s to show her what they sell there. ROBERT BLANCHARD — To Bob we give this little card that says " Sold " so that when he sells his first article he ' ll remember that we started him on his way. BEATRICE GRECO — To Bea we give this book of jokes so she ' ll always be laughing. ALAN SPENCER — To Alan we give this picture of a POWERS MODEL, even though he has one already. PAUL CLOUTIER — To Paul we give this camera to start him on his career as a pro- fessional photographer. JOAN ROBERTS — To Joan we give this notebook with boys ' names in case she runs out of prospects. CHARLES CLARKE — To Charlie, because of his brilliant portrayal of Principal Smudge- ly in the senior play, we give Mr. Regan s written permission to take over as principal whenever he wants. ANNE JEPSON — To Anne we give this waltz record to go with her walk. W C ' v y ' ' L y L yC ' %s A • THE NORTHERN LIGHT • A PAGE l 53 ' A W A: FRED GLOVER — To Fred we give this paint brush to keep him going on his art career. JUDY HANDFIELD — To Judy we give this burnt-out light bulb for the porch light. CLAIRE LACASSE — For Claire we have a firecracker so well know she ' s around. BEVERLY CFfANDLER — To Bev, in order to aid in her future work with the telephone company, we give this book of numbers. LESLIE ROBERTS — To Leslie we give this alarm clock so he can wake up on time for a change. LORRAINE PLANTE — To Lorraine, because of her interest in the servicemen, we give the certificate of admission into the Air Force. RAYMOND BOURGEOIS — To Ray we give this megaphone so that if he ever says anything we can hear him. LORENA RIENDEAU — To Lorena we give this warrant for arrest on grounds of vagrancy, since she left the senior class for a certain freshman. JUDY McENROE — To Judy we give this letter of approval to be brought to H oily- wood for her fine acting in the senior play. LORRAINE DION — To Lorraine we give this black veil to hide behind when she blushes. JEANETTE BRIGGS — To Jeanette we give these two mallets so she ' ll be the only six-hammered marimba-player in North Attleboro. LILLIAN APPLEBY — To Lil we give these blank papers to show her what some of us did for homework. ILENE EASTMAN — To llene we give this boat to remind her of that certain sailor. BARBARA BURT — To Barb we give these diapers to start her on her child-nursing career. LILLIAN FULLER — To Lil we give this black car to show her what some of us ride around in. GEORGE RAZEE — To George we give these vitamin pills to give him a little more pep. DORIS SEYMOUR — For Dot we have this tag so that her dog will never lose track of her. JOFfN MAGNANI — To Johnnie I give this medal for having the courage to give these gifts. MILDRED STACK — To Millie I give this gun to protect herself after having had a part in giving out these gifts. A A A A A A- , A A. s A , ' A A a a A a v A 4. A Ala A Ata A A A A ' a A A " A - ' W ' Av A ' A. A ' - ' A V ' f A. a A " A v a ' ' A. ' a ' ' " A - a " ' 4 - 4 " Av 1 ’ 6 8 6 a 4 8 Laddiebug Workerbug f I Jabberbug Neatbug Swelibug Tinybug Bigbug Photobug Sportsbug Clothesbug Jitterbug Songbug Just ' bugs " Bookworm Earthworm Kingbee Honeybee 8 8 8 (} 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 o y 8 O 8 O 8 8 8 4 8 8 y O o y o n y o Ladybu s and Laddiebu s of N. A. H. S. Peter Mullen Robert Blanchard James Cauger Owen James Robert Sherliza Harold England Francis Childs Paul Cloutier Donald Doyle Allen Batchelder Ronald Meyer James Bragg Fred Glover Leon Guimond Chuck Morrill Harvey Gay John Magnani 8 O 4 8 O y 8 o o o 8 8 8 O 8 y 8 8 8 by Sylvia Chilli and Allen Batchelder Ladybug Brenda Campbell 8 Workerbug Judy McEnroe ft Jabberbug Lorraine Powers 8 f V Neatbug Jean Curtis Swelibug Lorraine McCormick O Q Tinybug Jean Cote y Bigbug Beverly Chandler 8 Photobug Beatrice Greco Q Sportsbug Mary-Ellen Rhind 8 Clothesbug Sylvia Chilli 8 Jitterbug Claire Tremblay 8 Songbug Joan Murphy 8 o Just " bugs " Alice Germaine Bookworm Earthworm Lena Bedard Mildred Stack 8 i Oueenbee Honeybee Janet Hill Patricia Feid v 8 O 8 ft ;; ft u ft ft f V A 0 ft ft u ft y n y ft y ft y ft y n y A M Cl V o f I V ft Cl o Cl SUPERLATIVES Most Popular Girl Joan Murphy Most Popular Boy Alan Spencer Best All Around Girl Lorraine Powers Best All Around Boy Norman LaRocque Most Congenial Girl Janet Hill Most Congenial Boy Paul Cloutier Girl Most Likely to Succeed Jeanette Briggs Boy Most Likely to Succeed Robert Blanchard Smartest Girl Judy McEnroe Smartest Boy Leon Guimond Most Athletic Girl Mary-Ellen Rhind Most Athletic Boy Owen James Best Looking Girl Lorraine McCormick Best Looking Boy Ronald McAvoy Cutest Girl Doris Roach Cutest Boy John Magnani Smoothest Girl Paula Precourt Smoothest Boy Donald Doyle Best Dressed Girl Sylvia Chilli Best Dressed Boy Allen Batchelder Most Bashful Girl Lorraine Dion Most Bashful Boy James LaFratta Most Talkative Girl Alice Germaine Most Talkative Boy James Bragg Neatest Girl Patricia Feid Neatest Boy Robert Sherliza Most Serious Girl Judy Handfield Most Serious Boy Charles Lockhart Best Girl Dancer Rachel Morin Best Boy Dancer Ronald Meyer Liveliest Girl Virginia Leger Liveliest Boy Howard Weston Girl With the Best Line Mildred Stack Boy With the Best Line Harvey Gay Wittiest Girl Beverly Paquin Wittiest Boy Walter Main Most Ambitious Girl Lena Bedard Most Ambitious Boy Peter Mullen Quietest Girl Rita Lizotte Quietest Boy George Baier ft, y y y 6 o v a u o v 6 y 6 t o O a o o u O v 6 U ft O V 6 u o V o Cl o Cl 6 ci € i 4 i PAGE 56 V 4 Best All Around Smartest Best Looking Cutest Most Ambitious Liveliest Smoothest Most Bashful Most Congenial PAGE; 58 Wittiest Most Serious Best Dancers Quietest Neatest Most Talkative Most Athletic Best Line PAGE 4 59 V Most Popular Best Dressed ¥ ¥ Jame s Cauger ¥ ¥ o Walt E r Main 0 u Alle IV Batchelder 9 8 Aust I n Morrill 8 Q Charles L 0 ckhart Q ¥ ¥ Robe R t Kirby ¥ ¥ o o Francl S Childs 0 ¥ ¥ Elean 0 r Hamblin ¥ ¥ u a Lillian F uller O ¥ ¥ ¥ Owe IV James ¥ 0 o Jean C 0 te O o ¥ JL. Ha R vey Gay ¥ JL 8 Mildred S T ack 8 9 Rut H Wise 9 8 Ronald Me A voy Wade Y oung 8 9 Harrie T Greene Raymond B D urgeois 9 Priscilla T heriault Joan M U r p hy U Q Rache L Morin Clai R e Tremblay 1 9 Bev E rly Paquin ¥ 8 Robert R lanchard Alan S pencer 8 d Har 0 Id England Jean C u rtis Q ¥ Beat R ice Greco Ali E e Germaine ¥ O Paul Cl 0 utier Lorraine Me E ormick 0 9 Ell E n Labrie 9 8 Sylvia C H illi Robert S herliza i 7 O Dor I s Roach Jame S LaFratta M O ¥ John Ma G nani ¥ 8 Mary-Ellen R H ind Donal R Doyle 8 cl Lorrain E Powers Q V iW Lorraine P lante ¥ 8 Howard W E ston 8 8 Judy McE IV roe 9 8 Shirley R unham 8 9 Jame S Bragg 9 8 Norman LaR 0 cque 8 O Leo N Guimond Q W 8 by John Mag nani Nanc Y Dunham 8 o Joan R Q berts o Odie James Peter M U lien } o ATHLETIC CUP 1927 Lemuel McDonald Dr. Marvel A 1928 Joseph McCabe Donald LeStage T 1929 Raymond Hart Fred Sturdy H 1930 Paul Johnson Harry Fisher L A 1931 Robert Batchelder Donald Barrows E W 1932 Sumner Joslin Wallace Kenyon T A 1933 Harry Barber Lester Holbrook I 1 1 V 1934 Samuel Scott John E. Tweedy C D 1935 Maurice Fournier Frank Kelley c 1936 Hubert Rice William Ryder b 1937 Arthur Greene, Jr. Howard Ballou 1938 Harold Hall Russell Rhodes 1939 Chester Bodinski James Totten 1940 Gordon Feid Jarvis Hunt 1941 Lawrence Kennedy Marcus Ralston 1942 Robert Leiper Lester Holbrook 1943 Edward Bodinski Hon. Joseph W. Martin, Jr. 1944 No cup was awarded 1945 No cup was awarded 1946 Edward Dean Donald LeStage 1947 Robert Cook Gerald Riley 1948 Herbert Ciolti John Blackinton 1949 Gerard Achin Paul Armstrong 1950 Donald Childs Bernard Doyle PAGE 64 F O O T B A L L A Coach Pennsavalle Football Schedule Score Sept. 23 Oliver Ames Away (N) 7—0 Sept. 30 Wa ' pole At Home (N) 1 3 — 6 Oct. 7 Norwood At Home 13— 0(N) Oct. 14 Middleboro At Home 13— 0(N) Oct. 2 1 Stoughton Away 37— 7(N) Oct. 28 Canton Away 19— 0(N) Nov. 4 Manstield At Home 7— 7(N) Nov. 1 1 Milford Away 26— 7(N) Nov. 23 Attleboro Away 13— 7(N) PAGE 65 V 00 ) F O O T B A L L When the good old days of fall came around, the North Rocketeers trotted out on the field. These boys were put through the paces by their new coach, " Connie ' Pennsavalle and his assistant, Phil Coakley. These two coaches spent a lot of time show- ing the boys the fundamentals of football. Then they showed them new plays. All this came in handy as the Rocketeers proved by bea+ing Oliver Ames 7-0. The North Rocketeers never gave up in spirit when they were behind in a game. They still played to win. North always gave the opposition a good fight. The boys shouldn t be disgraced by the poor record because they played against some excellent teams. The North team will feel the loss of Odie James, Donnie Doyle, Harvey Gay, Alan Spencer, Norman LaRocque, Ronnie McAvoy, Allen Batchelder, Jimmie LaFratta, George Baier, and Mike Childs when they graduate. North Rocketeers really threw a scare into the Attleboro team. North was beaten I 3 6 but they .were not beaten in spirit or stamina. Coach Coakley PAGE ’ 66 BASKETBALL The Red Rocketeers basketball team didn ' t have a very successful year on paper but in spirit they are rated tops. The boys fought hard in every game to win; in fact, right down to the last second. By doing this they beat a powerful Braintree High team by the score of 45-42. The boys had superb training by Coach Phil Coakley and his assistant, Coach Connie " Pennsavalle. These coaches put the North Rocketeers through the paces day in and day out, hoping they would come up with a winning team. The Seniors were well represented on the court by three outstanding players in the starting lineup. Co-captains were Odie James and Chuck Morrill who have played ball for four years for good old North High and Walt Main who has played for two years. On the Junior Varsity there were two members of the Senior Class; Allen Batchelder and John Magnani, both of whom played well. -BASKETBALL SCHEDULE— N.A.H.S. 46 N.A.H.S. 25 N.A.H.S 27 N.A.H.S 39 N.A.H.S 45 N.A.H.S. 32 N.A.H.S. 45 N.A.H.S. 29 Paw ' t. Voc. 28 Stoughton 56 Foxboro 42 Foxboro 41 Stoughton . . ... 47 Coyle 54 Mansfield 50 Mansfield 48 N.A.H.S. 47 N.A.H.S 51 N.A.H.S. 43 N.A.H.S 52 N.A.H.S 41 N.A.H.S 38 N.A.H.S 45 N.A.H.S. 32 N.A.H.S. 33 Alumni 40 Milford 54 Attleboro 80 Milford . ... 33 Weymouth 61 Sharon 48 Braintree 42 Coyle 66 Attleboro 67 BASEBALL i S 4 i PAGE 67 When the good old days of spring rolled around, the Red Rocketeers were off to make a good showing on the diamond. After long hard practices, they finally played some competition. The Rocketeers did all right for themselves by beating Randolph 17-1, and went on to beat Stoughton, 14-3. This team has proved itself one of the best-spirited, best all-around teams North Attleboro has had in a long time. Coach Pennsavalle spent hour after hour drilling the players on fundamentals, and showing them the best way to bat, pitch, field ground balls, etc. This hard work paid off in improved teamwork. The senior class is proud of the way it is represented on the baseball field. The seniors are: " Odie James, a great shortstop: ' Chuck” Morrill, a talented catcher; " Walt” Main, an excellent first-baseman and pitcher; Bob Sherliza, Larry Murphy, Johnny Magnani, all of whom are great outfielders: and, also on the mound, Mike Childs, who has shown great promise. BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 23 Randolph Here May 1 4 Randolph Away April 26 Stoughton Away May 1 7 Stoughton Here April 28 Attleboro FI ere May 19 Attleboro Away April 30 Sharon Here May 2 1 Sharon Away May 2 Canton Here May 23 Canton Away May 4 Oliver Ames Here May 25 Oliver Ames Away May 7 Mansfield Here May 28 Mansfield Here May 10 Foxboro Away May 3 1 Foxboro Here The Girls ' Basketball team had a rather unsuccessful season as far as scores are concerned, but they had a very successful year with regards to good sportsmanship. The Season ' s Record for the First Team was I -won, I -tied, and 4-lost. The Second Team won all its games except one with Mansfield which was tied. GIRLS’ BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Attleboro 32 North . 19 2nd team 10 2nd team 13 Norton 18 North 15 2nd team 9 2nd team 19 Plainville 32 North 32 2nd team 15 2nd team 29 Plainville 26 North 23 2nd team 10 2nd team 26 Mansfield 15 North 19 2nd team 22 2nd team 22 Attleboro 36 North 24 2nd team 10 2nd team 22 ACTIVITIES ORCHESTRA PAGE 70 t V ) The Orchestra had another successful season in the hands of Mr. Bronson. Al- though the group is small it always produces some very talented students. The Orchestra has given us a great deal of entertainment at the Senior Play, special assemblies, the Spring Concert, and Graduation and Class Day exercises. This year the young people went to Weymouth for the annual State Music Festival. Seniors in the group were Lillian Appleby, piano; Lena Bedard and Ellen Labrie, marimba; Bob Blanchard, clarinet; Bob Darling, bass violin; Leslie Roberts and Maxcy Lewis, trombone; Maxie Sarazin, trumpet. BAND PAGE V 71 The Band put on a good showing at the football games, parades, and the Spring Concert this year. The boys also went to the State Music Festival at Weymouth and received a very high rating as they do every year. We are proud to announce that we had four seniors in the group this year. They were: Bob Blanchard, Maxie Sarazin, Maxcy Lewis, and Leslie Roberts. Drum Majors and Majorettes A snappy showing was made by the Drum Majors along with their Majorettes at football games and in parades. Their uniforms and high stepping provided a gay and exciting touch to the events in which they participated. Majors this year were: Nancy Chabot, Joan Joyce, and Sylvia Dolan. Majorettes were: Lucille Clavette, Sue Horman, and Elaine Lacasse. GLEE CLUB PAGE 72 V ) The very popular North Attleboro High School Glee Club enjoyed another suc- cessful year under the capable leadership of Mr. John Bronson. A series of songs were prepared for the Christmas assembly program with a selected group of voices participating. The annual Founder ' s Night program was held with some of the members of the Glee Club providing the entertainment. A fine new group of male voices was added to the Glee Club this year and certainly made a delightful appearance at the Spring Concert. We are sorry to say that some of these good voices are leaving the Glee Club this year. They are Francis Childs, Harold England, and Maxcy Lewis. The girls who have contributed their wonderful voices and who are graduating this year are Joan Murphy, Sylvia Chilli, Jeanette Briggs, Judy McEnroe, Ruth Wise, Anne Jepson, Jean Curtis, and Ellen Labrie. CHEERLEADERS ’ PAGE, 73 W ' C This year ' s Cheerleaders were the spirit behind our football and basketball teams. Their vim and vitality led the student body to a decisive victory. The support of the students this past year was the best that it ever could be. The girls certainly deserve the credit for boosting the morale of the students as well as the morale of the players. Millie Stack was head-cheerleader with Lorraine McCormick, Brenda Campbell, Lorraine Powers, and Dolly Roach assisting as senior cheerleaders. The remaining girls, who were Juniors were Frances Fisler, Loretta Sarazin, Jackie LaRosee, and Mary McAteer. SENIOR PLAY PAGE i 74 5 " V On the evening of December 8, 1950, fen shaky little individuals and their dis- traught coach waited tensely for the curtain to rise, while down front, the audience settled back to watch the Class of 1951 present their production of " Almost Summer " . The cast, while nervous at first, soon fit into their roles like veteran actors and played their parts to perfection. Paul Jones, the hero of the story, played by Robert Blanchard, is a high school senior trying to graduate, be accepted into college, and win his girl, while having to contend with a temperamental principal. He is constantly harassed by his pesky younger brother, Junior, portrayed by James Bragg. His sister, Mary, played by Sylvia Chilli, does not take Paul ' s problems seriously, while his parents, acted by Judy McEnroe and Robert Sherliza, make the situation even more difficult for Paul by threatening to make him study during his summer vacation if he does not pass his history exam. Mr. Smudgely, played by Charles Clarke, seems to misinterpret all Paul ' s good intentions and the more Paul does to right himself, the deeper he gets himself into trouble in the Principal ' s eyes. Jack, played by John Magnani, entangles SENIOR PLAY 4 % PAGE 75 Paul into more difficulty and provides romantic interest for Mary, while his sister Jane, depicted by Anne Jepson, does the same for Paul. The crowning touch to these antics is provided by Junior ' s love affair with Lilah Johnson, pertly played by Jean- ette Briggs. By the time all has turned out well and the Jones family is packed up for a happy vacation, the poor maid Anna, played by Beverly Chandler was about ready for a nervous breakdown. Lillian Fuller, who was our original Lilah, could not be with us opening night due to illness. Under the skillful guidance of our director, Miss Mae Erving, the cast gave a performance which was considered excellent by the entire audience. We sincerely thank Miss Erving for her help and patience. We should also like to express our appreciation to Mr. Bronson, who supplied the musical portion of the program; Miss Washburn, who handled the tickets; and Mr. Fitzgerald, who took charge of the advertising. Miss Erving Director PAGE t 76 } RED CAP The Red Cap got off to a fine start this year with the first edition which came out in time for Thanksgiving. Since then, we have had interesting issues every month with a few new features added. With the co-operation of his staff, our editor-in-chief, Bob Blanchard, was able to put out a school paper that included almost every type of literature. Among the Senior members who are leaving the staff this year are Bob Blanchard, editor-in-chief; Judy McEnroe, Ruth Wise, Leon Guimond, Charlie Lockhart, and Jimmie Bragg, associate editors; Owen James, Bob Sherliza, Jean Curtis, Claire Tremblay, and Lorraine Powers, reporters; Brenda Campbell, Judy Handfield, and Priscilla Theriault, collectors. As these members leave, they wish to extend to the future staff members best wishes for the continued success of the Red Cap. STUDENT COUNCIL I PAGE 77 V l The Student Council has been working this past year to make the school more pleasant and education less painful. Last spring, the following officers were elected: Moe Everton, president; Patty Leary, vice-president: Sara-Lou Monroe, secretary; Alan Spencer, treasurer; Dick Breed, sergeant-at-arms. In the fall, when Moe had left for the Marines, Patty Leary conducted the first meeting and Alan Spencer was elected president, while Paul Cloutier was chosen treasurer With Mr. Regan as advisor, the Council has conducted the freshman elections and also had control of the Good Government Day elections. Numerous activities have been undertaken during the past two semesters to bring the faculty closer to the student body. Seniors in the Council include: Alan Spencer, Paul Cloutier, Mike Childs, Rachel Morin, Judy McEnroe, Nancy Dunham, and Leon Guimond. STUDENT MONITORS J PAGE 78 ) ' %vWW ' When September rolled around the Student Monitors were chosen. Under the leadership of Mike Childs the monitors were issued stations where they were to keep law and order. These same students did a remarkable job doing just that. The Seniors of the Monitor Staff and graduating this year are captain Mike Childs, Judy McEnroe, Lorry McCormick, Millie Stack, Claire Tremblay, Peter Mullen, Leon Guimond, Walt Main, Bob Blanchard, Mary-Ellen Rhind, Brenda Campbell, and Jeanette Briggs. The Monitors held meetings every time there was a problem of some kind, in order to get it settled before much time elapsed. c A M E R A C L U B The Camera Club was not very active this past year but it was never forgotten. An exhibit was held for seven weeks in the main corridor sponsored by the Club showing the prize-winning pictures in a nation-wide contest. In March, some of the members supervised an assembly program which resulted in many new members. The officers were Gordon Di- Renzo, president; Judy McEnroe, vice-president; Shirley Brown, secre- tary; and Deborah Totten, treasurer. The members of the Camera Club that are graduating are Judy McEnroe, Bob Blanchard, John Rohner, and Bob Darling. SPORTSMEN’S CLUB The Sportsmen ' s Club, being a comparatively new organization, has not had the opportunities for many activities. However, it has done well in spite of this. An assem- bly was put on by the club in which a movie was shown followed by a brief talk on hunting. In the spring, a fishing contest was held to determine who could catch the most fish. This provided good, clean fun which was enjoyed by all who participated. Numerous demonstrations have been given over the past year showing the make-up of various types of fishing rods, reels, guns, etc. Seniors active in the club this past year have been Bob Darling, Maxcy Lewis, and Ronny Meyer. The Press Club started its second successful year last fall. The club has the two-fold purpose of sup- plying the townspeople with the High School Notes, and giving the students an opportunity to use their journalistic talent. President Charles Sullivan, was assisted by Vice- President Alice Milot, Secretary Francis Fisler, and Treasurer Gordon DiRenzo. The Seniors in the club were Sylvia Chilli, Lor- raine Powers, and Claire Tremblay. FILM DEPT. ( Audio-Visual ) Under the capable direction of its faculty advisor, Mr. Stanley Inncs, the Film Department (also known as the Audio-Visual Department) has been guite busy this year providing movies for classroom instruction, operating the sound system at some of the assemblies, and presenting the music which we enjoyed last Christmas season. A great deal of enjoyment has been given us through the efforts of the Film Department, and the departing Senior members, Robert Blanchard, presi- dent, and John Rohner, vice-president, wish future members continued success in their efforts to make the department a worthwhile asset to North High. LIBRARIANS The Student Librarians have been a great help in aiding the students to select the " best sellers ' and have given helpful aid to those seeking special information. The seven girls have been under the guidance of Miss Jean Keyes. Student Librarians who are graduating this year are Dolly Roach, Claire Tremblay, and Anne Jep- son. Others are Janet Carroll, Frances Fisler, Ann Levis, Anita Thibeault, and Loretta Sarazin. JUNIORS JH i S 4 l PAGE 81 ) V ) Hr 1-Jj WT f ■ £8j i, E9fl The class of 1952 has been very active and successful under the leadership of its four class officers. Re-elected were Charles Sullivan, president; Joan Joyce, vice-presi- dent; Ann Capodanno, secretary; and Paul Rioux, treasurer. Numerous cake sales have been held this y eac The outstanding event of the year was the Junior Prom. It was an affair not soon to be forgotten by the entire school. The Junior and Senior classes together sponsored one of the gala social times of the year called the " Snowflake Swirl " . The decorations, refreshments, and music were outstanding at this dance. We proved that a successful dance could be sponsored by two separate classes as this was the first time it had ever been done. This year ' s football team would have had to struggle fruitlessly without the aid of the Junior class. Football " stars " were: Bob Hall, Bob Gilmore, Dick Temple, John Thorpe, Russell Irving, Dick Breed, Adam Difilipo, John Hayes, Arlon Nelson, Ronnie Miramant, and Frank Balut. Many outstanding Junior fellows on the basketball team were: Paul Rioux, How- ard Rioux, Dick Temple, Dick Breed, Bob Gilmore, Russell Irving, and Adam Difilipo. The weaker sex of the Class of " 52 " was very active also. While Loretta Sarazin, Frannie Fisler, Mary McAteer and Jackie LaRo see cheered the various teams to victories, drum majors Sylvia Dolan, Nancy Chabot, and Joan Joyce led the band across Community Field numerous times. Juniors on the girls basketball team were: Louise Azarian, Ann Capodanno, Sandy Colbourn, Shirley Brown, Frannie Fisier, Virginia Kelley, Nan Kindberg, Patty Leary, the MacDonald twins, and Loretta Sarazin. SOPHOMORES page ! 82 ■ W ' C ' The Sophomore Class started its activities with the ciass election in September. The results of the election were as follows: Dick Langille, President: Sue Morse, Secre- tary; Suzanne Horman, Vice President; Clark Gay, Treasurer. The Sophomores were well represented on the gridiron by Clark Gay, Lloyd Collins, Bobbie Achin, Dick Langille, Kent McMorrow, Doug Spencer, and Louie Ger- maine. Basketball tryouts resulted in having eight Sophomore players on the teams. They were: Dick Langille, Charlie Feid, Clark Gay, Danny Murphy, Kent McMorrow, Chet Roberts, Bobbie Achin, and Lloyd Collins. The Sophomore Class was represented in Girls ' Basketball by Sue Morse, Joan Stack, Sandra Langille, Elaine Lacasse, Lane Nimmo, Sue Horman, and Callie Yates. Elaine Lacasse and Sue Horman also displayed their talents as drum majorettes. The two Sophomore dances Holiday Highlight " and " Sadie Hawkin ' s " Dance were most enjoyable and well attended. FRESHMEN PAGE? P 83 V ) 4 i The Freshman Class was not able to elect their officers until early in March, so their activities were limited throughout the year. The officers who were elected were Fred Todaro, President; Muriel Crockett, Vice-President; Carole Johnson, Secretary; and Robert Scarlatelli, Treasurer. The Freshmen who were out on the football f ield were Roy Howard, Billy Lincoln, Thomas Stack, Frankie Gookin, and Bobby Pratt. The boys who played on the basketball court were Fred Todaro, Toot Stack, Lawrence Kiff, and Robert Watters. Also, the Freshmen had their own basketball team. Those who played were Fred Todaro, Billy Lincoln, Roy Howard, " Toot " Stack, and Robert Watfers. They had a very successful season, winning eleven games and los- ing only one. A large number of girls were represented on the girls ' basketball team, including Carol Johnson, Sandra Langille, Deborah Totten, Jane Loring, and Sandra Paquin. It was easy to see that the Class of 54 will be very active in sports during their years at North High. ENGLISH LUNCH PROBLEMS CLASS OFFICE SENIOR MATH PHYSICS MEMORIES 1 PAG 85 E STENOGRAPHY SHOP HOME NURSING LUNCH FRENCH ART In Appreciation The class of 1951 wishes to fake this opportunity to express its appreciation to all who helped make this yearbook a success. Especially, do we wish to thank Mr. Clarence Greene for his generous advice, the many adver- tisers who helped finance our book, and our ad- visor, Miss Marie Scanlin, without whose help the yearbook could never have been published. ADVERTISING 9 8 a 8 a 8 a a a a a a 8 a 8 a 8 o 8 o v 8 o 8 n 4 O « V V o o w DOYLE CARPET COMPANY ■ 9 a 9 8 O v 8 o v 8 9 8 9 8 9 6 9 6 9 8 9 6 9 8 9 8 9 6 9 8 9 8 n 8 o 8 9 Franklin, Mass a a a a a a a a a a a y vy a a 6 a 8 ' o vy 8 a yv 1 1 O vy yv f) 0 vy yv 1 y y vy yv 0 n vy yv 1 y vy yv ( i y vy a a H. F. Simmons Company ESTABLISHED 1873 A I t 1 i! Ii ii r ii M a s s a l Ii ii s u It s W. H. 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THOMAS J. RUSH Sales Service on Radio Television Public Accountant Electrical Appliances 147 North Washington St. Tel. N. A. 8-0980 8 South Washington St. Tel. N.A. 8-1352-W North Attleboro, Mass. North Attleboro, Mass. A 4y o vy 6 t 4 vy yv o vy yv 4y o vy yv 4 t 4 vy yv 4y C4 vy 0 y 4 vy yv 4 } 1 4 vy 6 O vy 6 U yv 4y o vy A 4} Q vy 4 Q 6 £ Interstate Transit Corp. 9 0 9 6 9 6 ri y 6 y- II 9 0 O y 0 £ 0 9 0- $ A W O y A o n y o Cl y 0 O- y 0 Q y 0 9 II O V 0 is it U n O o y 0 o y 0 O -y o o y 0 9 0 9 0 9 ' ll 9 0 9 0 9 0 9 0 -9 0 9 0 9 0 9 0 BROOK MANOR Congratulations Class of 1951 W4. OU Owi sat in an oal VL more he heard the (ess he ipoL VL L he ipohe the more he Lard you should imitate this wise o (JU. North Attleboro Gas Company The Commercial Press JP r in te ri 9 6 9 n 9 i) 9 n (I y a 9 a n vy a 9 6 n vy yv l i f $ vy a vy yv i c i vy yv » « I vy yv O t V yv Compliments of CLASS DF 1952 ORENT HROS. Compliments of Compliments of SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS CLASS DF 1953 I yv y A FRIEND yV I i rt vy yv i vy yV BATES SUNS LACE WORKS 9 6 9 8 0 9 0 6 o vy 6 0 o V yv b 9 O O yv C vy yv o i vy yv o n vy yv b o v y o 9 6 yv } n vy yv b t) vy yv y € vy yv o o f J Compliments of o M Q O it y O m O JOHN F. SMITH AGENCY A FRIEND Q “r o o O y V O o O it 6 $ 0 8 . 8 6 8 8 " 8 t ) 8 8 . 8 8 V 6 8 ' 8 n y 8 - 0 it yv 1 n y M HIXON BEAUTY SHOP DAVID YEE LAUNDRY it 8 8 6 .8 8 8 8 8 ■8 8 8 8 .8 8 8 8 6 ■8 8 8 8 -8 8 8 8 $ MORRELL ' S SHOE REPAIRING SALLY ' S BEAUTY SHOP A FRIEND ROY ' S BARBER SHOP RELIABLE NEWS BUREAU WALL ' S SALES SERVICE VICTORY DINER A FRIEND COLUMBIA RADIO J. J. NEWBERRY CO. V 1 ) £% St i) 8 0 £} St i) £% St £% St a t) 8 V I 8 t) £ ) St i) £ y yv I i £ St yv ii y vy yv ii yv O y vy yv 1 i y vy yv ii A. J. TOOL FINDINGS CO. SCHOFIELD HARDWARE CO. GLINES RHODES LINLEYS GAS STATION LINLEY S JEWELRY CENTER J. J. BEARD W. J. ROSS WALTER MURPHY LYONS GOOD HOUSEKEEPING SHOP MITYGUD PASTRY SHOPPE 8 v 8 -II 8 6 y vy 6 f| vy ■6 8 y vy 15 8 6 y st yv ii y I st yv ii y vy yv 1 1 y vy yv ii y vy yv ii yv ii y i st yv ii o vy yv 1 1 { ROLANDS DR. E. T. WELCH H. D. MacDONALD B. L. RADIO Compliments of DIAMOND FUNERAL HOME DR. J. ALLEN BRYER, JR. Compliments o f DR. JAMES A. BRYER, SR. F. G. HOLBROOK INSURANCE, INC. " The Family Agency Built Upon Personal Service. " Compliments of DR. LECO THE TOWNE SHOP IRA L. POLLOCK Attorney TRI-BORO FINANCE CO. y 8 o v y o O 8 O 8 y 8 y 8 € 8 € 3 S€ 8 y €v O Q € D n € € o o € v O € 3 | € o €v o € ( 3 ) S€ 4 {} € 3 ) €V O 9 ■8 €i € 8 O € 8 y ■8 y 8 €$ 8 y ■8 € 3 ) € 8 y 8 O ■8 y 8 y 8 8 M i M i } n €V A. J. RINGUETTE JARVIS HUNT €V 4 } M € % €31 V U O y 8 Q t) vy yv O ' ff Vy 8 O Vy 8 y 8 - y i vy yv 0 yi vy 8 (I vy yV. b y vy yv 1 () vy yv i i is yv- 0 y i vy yv 1 y O Vf yv iy yv O cV vy yv y y) vy yv 1 1 NORTH ATTLEBORO FLOOR COVERING CO. DALY S GARAGE Tel. 8-1855 THIBEAULT’S SERVICE STATION New Used Trailers South Washington Street Route I North Attleboro Compliments of THE CHICKEN ROOST Providence, R. I. PAUL ARMSTRONG Power Motors Rotary Tillers GARDEN TRACTORS BAY STATE MARINE SUPPLY South Washington Street, Route I North Attleboro, Mass. (Sales Complete Service) " Shopsmith " Sickle Bar Mowers " Johnson " Outboards CONSOLIDATED CONSTRUCTION CO. Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of SAYLES DAIRY BAR BLANCHARD S BUS TERMINAL Compliments of y 8 V 8 8 yv iy is vy yv y o vy yv b y vy 8 y vy yv $ y vy yv y o vy yv b n vy yv y vy yv b a vy 8 y 8 o vy yv iy yv y ■y i vy yv y 0 vy 1 y A FRIEND ARNS RESTAURANT DOW ' S REEVE’S Compliments of A FRIEND DR5. HENRY ROBERT BEDARD MILADY ' S MYER ' S SHOE STORE ENDICOTT- JOHNSON SHOE STORE B. L. CLEANERS 135 North Washington Street DR. RALPH METTERS Compliments of VALENTINE ' S i A FRIEND j COMMUNITY JEWELRY FISH CHIPS SNACKERY ' CHARLTON S DRESS SHOP A FRIEND i RAINBOW MOVERS and McNERNEY’S TAXI y 8 Cl SC t} Q SC 8 cs sc 8 Cl SC 8 Cl SC 8 Cl SC CV o Cl SC 8 CS SC CS O 0 sc cs 1 ci sc cs i C cs sc cs o Q sc cs u CS sc cs o cs o o V cs O €1 sc cs O o c cs o y 8 cs sc 8 ’U 8 Cl sc 8 .CS V 8 e 8 o sc V ) y 8 y ■8 y cs U y 8 y 8 y 8 ■y 8 8 Cl SC 8 y 8 y 8 i ts € ' $ it yv MARY S GIFT SHOP it t) it NOLAN S FLOWERS () North Attleboro 6 t S it b is J. A. CLARNER ty b t S Compliments of A O A FRIEND yv o O it t) JIMMIE S SANDWICH SHOP it 7 North Washington Street b Downyflake Donuts - Sandwiches it yv b STEVENS GHUEERY STORE it b o Compliments of Q Jv A FRIEND 0 ts it yv 0 ANN MARIE $ FASHION CENTER 1 S it yv i } o M DR. 1. ALTMAN 0 V A 1 % € s St FLAGG S BAKERY ‘ i S it yv i ) i S it ty i is A. R. BRAIS V o O Compliments of x J yv b A FRIEND O vy yv o is ty b M A FRIEND o it h % i St 4 b ACHIN ' S t) iS St yv t v J J FRENCHIE ' S y M ts St F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. North Attleboro i S St 4S b n u 6 cr a y o w y «_ o d St ty o « yt. y o I? O A. y o v y is st ty y. O St ty u Q St ty yj o y y n O- O V ty o n A FRIEND A FRIEND y O Se a y ■o V 6 o y o o 6 Q 8 o a u " 0 Q 6 O n u 8 u 6 " 9 $ 6 a 4 Q ■8 n SANDY ' S DAIRY BAR M. W. M. F. CHANDLER Carpenters 62 Spruce Street GARDEN HOUSE Compliments of A FRIEND BAY STATE CABINS FETZER S GARAGE A FRIEND SUNSET VIEW CABINS Pressing While-U-Wait Non-Shrinkage ART ' S CLEANERS To Look Sharp, Have Your Garments Cleaned At Art ' s 42 Elm Street Tel. 8-1343-W North Attleboro, Mass. SHANER’S SHOE STORE PEARL ' S HOMEMADE CANDIES MILLER’S DEPT. STORE FOX ' S TOURIST COURT HENRY ' S BARBER SHOP A O U n 0 t) 1 i i) n n r. O V yv 0 f yv 1 i Si t) (S st u t 6 is v I I b { I s V- t $ t I v t ) t i V V t ) i I st b O BBBEBTS’ BEAUTY SALON t) 9 t) f| b o v b n b o 0 1 0 v 1 i f | b €| " V yv i I yv b 0 v 1 c i I O .A b n Cl 0 0 1 } cl 6 C BUTEL HIXON AH Photographic Work in This Yearbook Bone By— J. E. PUBBY SONS 367 Buylston Street Boston, Mass. { St n 9 8 9 a 9 8 9 8 9 8 o 0 St 8 o 8 o O n u o V 6 o St ty o Q U O o O o ? ty O o f J North Attleboro Hig,h School Alumni Association 1898 — 1951 (Lon (j rat u fa ti o n 3 to the CtaiS of t 951 Alumni Officers Joseph F. Curtis, President Bertrand F. Prefontaine, Vice President Clifford S. Orr, Treasurer Elaine J. Corrigan, Secretary C SC ft, U ft o sc 6 Cl SC 6 Cl 1C ft 0 sc cv 1 i c i sc n ci sc ft Cl sc cv l Cl sc ft Cl sc cs I I Cl sc ft, o sc ft, 8 ft, Cl sc cs 0 Cl sc cv 1 ♦ I sc cv y) VtMKJ CASE COMPANY 8 ft, 8 ft 8 ft Cl sc cv 0 Cl sc cv 1 i Cl sc cv I Cl sc cv I C I sc cv I I t I sc cv I Cl sc cv M Cl sc cs II Cl sc t ) Cl sc c y) Cl sc cv 0 Cl sc 8 8 cv 1 Cl sc cv o _

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