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F O R E W O R D W E, the class of 1949, must now leave the familiar balls of North High. Our parting is with much regret, hut we have the sure knowledge that a fii’m foundation has been laid for the future of each of us. We realize that our four years at this high school were not merely years for study but also for the development and enrichment of our characters and minds. Many thanks are owed by us to the Faculty of North Attleboro High School for their untiring efforts, though they may have seemed to be unappreciated, and we shall always remember the great part they have played in moidding our futures. W ' e shall always remember the thrill we felt when we saw our boys, wearing their red and white, run onto the field whether to win or lose. Always shall we prize the wonder- fid experiences we have had in the many extra-curricular activities that the school has offered to us. We are grate- ful for the many chances we have had during our four years to better ourselves and to become well-adjusted citizens of the world which we must now face unaided. We are also grateful that not once during our high school careers was the chance to speak our own ideas and criticisms denied to us. For these reasons we sa ' , “Thank you. North High.” I I Y S T A F Associate Editors: Elsie Golden, Viola Gananian, Barbara Johnson, Betty Fisler, and Shirley Donaldson ‘Ta e 4 o ❖ o ZIL — NORTHERN LIGHT — m9 CO ' EDITORS Jacqueline Crowell and Gerard Achin ASSOCIATE EDITORS Barbara Johnson Elsie Golden Betty Fisler Viola Gananian Shirley Donaldson BUSINESS MANAGER Elaine Corrigan CIRCULATION COMMITTEE Noel Tremblay Gordon Bielecki jeanine Theriault Joan Malinowski ADVERTISING COMMITTEE Lorraine Wright Alvin Bates Janet Weygand Marilyn Robertson Beverly White Gordon Bielecki Paul Chaee Donna LaRosee ART STAFF Marilyn Robertson Joan Labrie Winifred Strong Y E A R B O O K S T A F F o o o 5 T O Miss Mary F. Talty, we the class of 1949 dedicate our yearbook, “The Northern Light”, in the hope that we may express to her our heartfelt appreciation for her tireless efforts in her direction of our Senior Play. Her capable direction and wise guidance won for the play actors tremendous applause and much praise. For Miss Talty, who gave so much of herself and her time in presenting our play, we wish good fortune and hope the years of the future will hold many pleasant things in store for her. Furthermore, we sincerely hope these pages of “The Northern Light” will bring her both pleasure and enjoyment and will remind her again of the remarkable success she won in her direction of our Senior Play. DR. HAROLD T. LOWE Superintendent of Schools 1948 ' 1949 =V. MR. ARTHUR J. MOTT, Principal Do not fear the loneliness of integrity. As an individual you eount more than yon may think. The world is but a refleetion of what people are within themselves. F A C U L T Y Miss Marjorie D. Barber English Dept. Miss Mary Erving English Dept. Miss Esther Washburn History Dept. Miss Alice Hall Commercial Dept. Mr. Earl Pithie Vice Principal Instructor in Latin Miss Marie Collins Mathematics Dept. Mr. John Bronson Music Dept. Mr. Philip O. Coakley Science Dept. Mr. Berryman Minah Manual Training Miss May Cronin Mathematics Dept. ' ' ' ' ' ' 9 Miss Louise Dudley Miss Barbara Bracy Commercial Dept. Art Dept. Miss Jacqueline Gadoury French Dept. Miss Mary Talty Commercial Dept. A C U L T Y Mr. Ralph Salvati Mr. Edward L. Meade Physical Education Social Science and Coach Miss Marie Scanlin English Dept. Mr. Richard Ramsdell Science Dept. Mr. Mayo H. Tripp Mechanical Drawing Miss Jennie M. Angus Home Economics Miss Hertha Bergner History Dept. Miss Ann Lobdell Physical Education 10 o ❖ Senior Class Officers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Gerard Achin Beverly White Elaine Corrigan Robert LaRoeque Zlke — NORTHERN LIGHT — m9 o o o o o O O O O ' o o GERARD ACHIN “Frenchie” Ambition: To be an engineer Football 2, 3, Captain 4 Class President 3, 4 Exhibition 1 Senior Play Advertising Committee Senior Play Program Committee Boys ' State Representative Good Government Representative Year Book Staff (Co-Editor) Senior Play Stage Committee " Doing good is the only certainly happy action of a man ' s life. " NORMAND JOSEPH ACHIN “Norm” Ambition: To be a success ‘ " What sweet delight a quiet life affords. " ROBERT ANDREWS “Ben " Ambition: Who knows Exhibition 1 Junior Prom Committee 3 Class Statistics 4 “A good name will never wear out, a bad one may be turned: a nick- name lasts forever. " ELAINE ARSENAULT Elaine Ambition: To be a success Senior Play Usher 4 “A my.stery is something of which we }{now that it is, though we do not }{now how it is. " BERTHA ASH Bertha Ambition: To get into Light Opera Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Gym Exhibition 1 Senior Play Usher 4 ■ ' Wit is the salt of conversation. " RICHARD BAIER " ■Richie” Ambition: To be a successful sales- man of some large concern Football 1, 2 “A right judgement draws us profit from all things we see.’ LAURA JANE BAKER “Laura” Ambition: To be a Successful Secretary Softball 2 Volleyball 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Red Cap Collector 1 Gym Exhibition 1 Senior Play Usher 4 Cheer Leader 4 Camera Club 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 " Good cheer is no hinderance to a good life. ” JOAN BANNON “Joan” Ambition: To be a success Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1,2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4 Gym Exhibition 1 State Music Festival 4 " Laughing cheerfulness throws the light of day on all paths of life. " CHARLOTTE BASSETT “Charlie” Ambition: To be successful in any thing I do Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Usher 4 " True praise is often the lot of the humble.” ALVIN BATES “Al” Ambition: To join the Navy Student Monitor 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Treasurer Student Council 4 Exhibition 1 Football 2, 3 Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 “To be amiable is to be satisfied with oneself and others. " DL — NORTHERN LIGHT — m9 o o O O O O O O O O O O ' o o o o o o o o o o o O O O f O O f o GORDON BIELECKI Gordon Ambition: To be a successful ’lawyer Red Cap Collector 3 Student Monitor 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Student Court 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Yearbook 4 Student Council Convention 4 Exhibition 1 Graduation Essay " Aloiays as busy as a bee. " RAYMOD H, BISHOP “Bish” Ambition: To become a sports official Basketball 1, 2, 3 Football 2 Red Cap Staff 3, 4 Exhibition 1 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Perseverance and audacity usually win.” ROBERT BOUTIN “Bootsie” Ambition: To become successful Exhibition 1 Football 1 “Stillness of person is the mar of good breeding.’ DAVID MALCOLM BROWN ‘ Dave " Ambition: To be a success Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 4 “Good humor is one of the best articles of dress one can wear in society. ' SYLVIA BLANCHARD “Syl” Ambition: Personnel Worker Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Forum 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Exhibition 1 Spring Concert 3, 4 Red Cap 3, 4 Music Festival 2, 3 French Club 3 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Prom Committee 4 Delegate to Girls’ State Senior Play Usher 4 D. A. R. Candidate 4 " It ' s the quiet worker that succeeds. JOHN BURTON BLIEK “Johann " Ambition: To be a mechanic Football Manager 2, 3 Exhibition 1 " Silence is one of the virtures of the wise. " FRANCIS CAMBRIDGE “Cambo” Ambition: To join the Marines Football 1, 2, 3, 4 ‘‘Good nature is stronger than tomahaw s. ' DORIS BOILLARD “Dot " Ambition: To be a nurse Gym Exhibition 1 Volleyball 2 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Usher 4 “Good humor is the health of the soul. " ELEANOR CASH “Ellie " Ambition: To be a Nurse Exhibition 1 Art Exhibition 4 Camera Club 2 Glee Club 1 “She is richest who is content with the least.” VL — NORTHERN LIGHT — 949 O ' f O O O ' ' f f O O O O O O o o o PAUL GUSTAVE CHASE “P. G.” Ambition: To be a Structural Engineer Glee Club 2, 4 Camera Club 2 Red Cap Staff 2, 4 Senior Play 4 Forum 4 Yearbook Advertising Staff Senior Play Advertising Staff “A man of the world must seem to he what he wishes to be thought.” DONALD C. CHRISTENSEN “Chris” Ambition: Steady work at Jeweled Cross Co. and to travel Student Council 4 Student Monitor 4 “A man ' s own manner and charac- ter is what most becomes him.” ROBERT WILLIAM CLARK “Clarkie " Ambition: To be an engineer Basketball 2, J, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Student Monitor 3, 4 Student Council 3, 4 Red Cap 2, 3 Co-Editor Red Cap 4 Football 2 “The wise man is he who l{nows the relative value of things.” ELAINE JUNE CORRIGAN “Laine " Ambition: To travel to foreign countries Class Secretary 2, 3, 4 Exhibition 1 Red Cap Collector 3 Camera Club 2 Student Monitor 4 Red Cap Staff 4 Student Council 4 Lunchroom 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Senior Play Stage Committee 4 Yearbook Business Manager 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4 Graduation Usher 3 “A good disposition is more valuable than gold.” WILLARD CROSSLEY “Willie” Ambition: To be a Structu-il electrician Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Spring Festival I, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert I, 2, 3, 4 Baseball Manager 2 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Glee Club 2, 4 Exhibition 2 Biology Club 2 Camera Club 3 Stags 3 “J ever a dull moment.” O O O o o o JACQUELINE ANN CROWELL “Jackie” Ambition: To graduate from college Exhibition 1 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Forum 4 Senior Play Props 3 Monitor 3, 4 Music Festival 2, 3, 4 Red Cap 4 Student Council 3, 4 Convention 4 Art Exhibition 3 French Club 3 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4 Reporter for the Evening Chronicle 4 Delegate to Student Council Delegate to Student Council Con- vention 3 Co-Editor of yearbook 4 Graduation Essay “The secret of success is constancy of purpose.” JOAN DALEY Joan Ambition: To be a nurse Graduation Usher 3 “A light heart lives long.” LAURETTE MARIE DARGIS " Retty” Ambition: To be a success Basketball 1 Softball 3 " Let us not judge her by her .size.” CASPER DARLING “Cap” Ambition: To become a successful Musician Orchestra 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Spring Concert 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Student Council 4 Music Festival 2, 3, 4 Exhibition 1 Monitor 4 ' Obedience is the matter of success” RUTH M. DARLING “Ruthie” Ambition: To be an Airline Stewardess Exhibition 1 Glee Club 4 Spring Concert 4 Senior Play 4 “The two great movers of the human mind are the desire of good and the fear of evil.” _ northern light — 1949 PAUL DION Ambition: To stay happy " Loo s are more expressive and reliable than words. " SHIRLEY DONALDSON “Binky” Ambition : To be a medical technician French Club 3 Basketball 3, 4 Graduation Usher 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Prom Committee 4 Graduation Essay " Fun and seriousness in the right proportions. " DOROTHY DUNHAM “Dot " Ambition: To be a success in wbat ' ever I do " God helps those who help themselves. " ANN MARIE EGCLES “Jeanne” Ambition: To be a successful nurse Red Cap Collector 1 Exhibition 1 Softball 1 Camera Club 2 Graduation Usher 3 Red Gap Staff 3, 4 Monitor 4 Student Council 4 " Smile and the world smiles with you. " ELIZABETH ANN FISLER “Betty " Ambiticn: To go to the University of Massachusetts Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 2, 3, 4 French Club 3 Red Cap Staff 4 Co-Editor of Red Cap 4 Graduation Usher 3 Student Usher 3 Forum 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Salutatorian with Essay " Dependability is a wonderful thing.” LORRAINE FRENIER Lorraine Ambition: To be a success Volleyball 1 Library Assistant 4 " Speech is great, silence greater.’ ALLEN ANTHONY GALLOTTA “Al” Ambition: Farmer or Politician Senior Play Stage Committee 4 " The strongest man in the world is the one who stands most alone.” VIOLA GANANIAN “Vi " Ambition: To become a College Professor of Foreign Languages French Club Secretary 3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4 State Music Festival 1 Senior Play 4 Valedictorian with Essay " The love of study supplies each day and hour with perpetual pleasure. NANCY ABIGAIL GIBEAULT “Abbie " Ambition: To be a nurse Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 1, 2 Red Cap Collector 1, 2 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Basketball 1, 3, Captain 2, 4 Softball 1, 2 Volleyball 1, 2 Exhibition 1 “A good face is a letter of recommendation. ' DIANE GIRARD “Diane” Ambition: To be a successful secretary Gym Exhibition 1 Graduation Usher 3 Camera Club 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 Red Cap Collector 1 “She who says little has little to answer for. " DL - o o o o o o o NORTHERN LIGHT 949 ELSIE ANN GOLDEN “Tess " Ambition: To always be happy Camera Club 1 Red Cap 2, 4 Volleyball 2 Softball Manager 2 Yearbook 4 Senior Play 4 Exhibition 1, 2 ‘‘Something of a person’s character can be discovered by observing how she smiles. " ELEANOR GRIMALDI “Ellie " Ambition: To be a success Red Cap Collector 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Spring Ckrncert 3, 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Exhibition 1 " To he deliberate with caution, but to act with decision and . promptness. " CHARLES HEBNER, JR. “Charlie” Ambition: To be an officer in the Navy ‘‘Silence in itself is a virtue.” GWENDOLYN ANN HILLMAN “Gwenn” Ambition: To be happy Red Cap 2, 3 Red Cap Business Manager 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Volleyball 2, 3 Softball 1 Camera Club 2 Volleyball Manager 1 Senior Play 4 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Class Prophecy 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 ‘‘People, li e bullets, go furthest when they are smoothest.” NORMA LEE JANES Ambition: To be happy Camera Club 2 Volleyball 3 Basketball 3, 4 Junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Yearbook Advertising Committee Red Cap Staff 4 " Vivacity in youth brightens the passing hours. " BARBARA JOHNSON “Barb” Ambition: To go to college Red Cap Staff 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Student Monitor 4 Student Council 4 French Club 3 “Ambition is the germ from which all nobleness proceeds. " GEORGE JOHNSON “Swede” Ambition: To be successful Freshman Football 1 Exhibition 1 Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 " The closer we get to the land, the greater our security. " HERBERT JOHNSON “Herb” Ambition: To be a success Basketball 1 Football 2 Senior Play Stage Committee 4 " A deep heart-felt sincerity is a trait of true and noble manhood.” LOIS KIRBY “Lois” Ambition: To be a success Student Council 4 Lunchroom 4 ‘‘Happiness is the supreme object of existence.” LOIS KORMAN “Lo” Ambition: To be an Airline Stewardess Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 “Time and I against any two.” like — NORTHERN LIGHT — m9 JOAN MARIE LABRIE “Joan” Ambition: To be a dental hygienist Yearbook Staff 4 French Club 3 Camera Club 2 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4 Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4 Art Exhibition 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Props 3 Senior Play 4 Red Cap Collector 4 “Happiness is li e a sunbeam. ' JEAN LaFRATTA Ambition: To be a success “Modesty and humility are the sobriety of the mind. " DONNA ANN LaROSEE “Donna” Ambition: To be a good nurse Glee Club 1, 2 Graduation Usher 3 Student Council 4 Monitor 4 Spring Concert 2 Forum 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Play 4 “Responsibility wall{s hand in hand with capacity and power. " CHARLIE LARSEN ■ ' Charlie” Ambition: To be a great hunter Class President 2 Student Monitor 3, 4 Football 2 Exhibition 2 Alternate Representative to Legislature 4 Senior Play 4 Student Council President 4 Red Cap Staff 4 “To l{now him is to lil{e him.” CECILE LANDRY RICHARD LEARY “Dickie” Ambition: To be a success “The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. " Ambition: To be a Stock Car Driver Exhibition 1 Senior Play 4 “Persistent people begin their success when others end in failure. ” MARY ELIZABETH LANGILLE " ■Mary” Ambition: To be happy Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Red Cap Collector 2 Junior Prom Committee 3 “Lovely to loo at and delightful to know.” ROBERT LEGER “Bob” Ambition: To be a Lawyer “Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power. " ROBERT LaROCQUE “Rocky” Ambition: To be a success Football 2, 3, 4 Baseball 2, 3 Class Treasurer 4 Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Red Cap Collector 4 Exhibition 1 “To be trusted is the greatest of compliments.’ NORMA ARLINE MAIN “Norm” Ambition: To travel Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 “A reputation for good judgment and fair dealing is in itself a fortune.’ !7L — NORTHERN LIGHT — i949 ROBERT GEORGE OULLETTE " Bob " Ambition: To be a sportswriter Baseball 2, 3, 4 Exhibition 1 " A man isn ' t poor if he can still laugh. " WILLIAM FRANCES McNEIL " Mickey " Ambition: To be a sports broadcaster Football 1, 2 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Red Cap Staff 4 " The cheerful man is l{ing. " DOROTHEE M. MERCURE " Dot " Ambition: To be a success Red Cap Collector 1 Monitor 3 Graduation Usher 3 Student Council 3 Senior Play 4 Student Monitor 3, 4 " Opportunity, sooner or later, comes to all who wor and wish. " JOAN MALINOWSKI " Joanie " Ambition : To be a good teacher Softball Team 2 Basketball Manager 3 French Club Treasurer 3 Graduation Usher 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Yearbook 4 Student Council 3, 4 Exhibition 1 Monitor 4 " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " FAE MILLER " Fae " Ambition: To become a singer Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain Volleyball 1, 2 Senior Play 4 Spring Concert 4 Glee Club 4 Exhibition 1 " All musical people seem to be happy. " EILEEN MALONEY " Slim " Ambition: To become thin Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 2 Senior Play 4 Volleyball 2 Softball Manager 2 " In the commerce of speech use only coin of gold and silver. " LORRAINE MORRILL " Twinkle Toes " Ambition: To be a success in any- thing I try to do Softball 1, 2, 3 Volleyball I, 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3 Red Cap Staff 4 Senior Play 4 Exhibition 1 " Amid life’s quests there seems but one worthy aim - to do men good.” RICHARD McCRETTON " Rippy” Ambition: To be a success Student Senator Nominee 4 Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 " We should not Judge a man ' s merits by his great qualities but by the use he mal{es of them. " LINCOLN STRAKER NOBLE " Link " Ambition: To make a million bucks Jr. Varsity Football 3 Ski Club 1 " He who things for himself and rarely imitates is a free man. " JOHN McGOWAN " Jack " Ambition: To be a sportswriter Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3 Boys’ State Representative 3 Exhibition 2 " Full of fun and mischief too, doing things he shouldn’t do. " DL — NORTHERN LIGHT — m9 JOHN A. POHOLEK, JR. “Johnny” Ambition: To see the world Exhibition 1 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Football 2 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 “We that may hinder mischief yet permit it, is an accessory. " DONALD JOHN POIRIER “D.J.” Ambition: To be a success Class Treasurer 2 Exhibition 1 " Don s a boy on whom we depend For fun and wit and laughs without end.” MADELYN LOUISE RICE “Maggie” Ambition: To be a housewife “It is the wise head that ma es the still tongue.” MARILYN ROBERTSON “Lyn” Ambition: To be a medical technician Glee Club 3, 4 Spring Concert 3, 4 Graduation Usher 3 Basketball Manager 3 Softball Manager 3 French Club 3 Red Cap Staff 4 Art Exhibition 1, 2, 3 Forum 4 Senior Play Props 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Yearbook Staff 4 ' " Silent and well- behaved never any trouble gave.” HARRIET RUSHLOW Harriet Ambition: To be a nurse Exhibition 1 Camera Club 1 French Club 3 Red Cap Collector 2 Senior Play 4 “Rain is wet, dust is dry, life is short, so am I. " MARTIN S. RYAN, JR. “Marty” Ambition: To be a successful businessman Glee Club 4 Exhibition 1 Student Council Delegate 4 Student Court 4 Stage Committee 4 Student Monitor 4 " No thoroughly occupied man was ever yet miserable. " DANA EDWARD SANFORD “Dana” Ambition: To be a success " Progress is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow. " BEVERLY SEYMOUR “Bev” Ambition: To be a child’s nurse Senior Play 4 ‘‘Good manners and good morals are fast friends and sworn allies.” WINIFRED ELLEN STRONG “Wini” Ambition: Graphic Artist Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4 Exhibition 1 Art Exhibition 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2 Volleyball 2, 3 Softball 2, 3 Student Council 4 Red Cap 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Yearbook 4 Senior Play Props 4 " A good laugh is sunshine in a house.” PAUL LIVINGSTONE TAYLOR “Paul” Ambition: To be a success Exhibition 1 Football Manager 2, 3 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Red Cap 3 “Our opportunities to do good are our talents.” DL — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 JEANINE THERIAULT “Jeanine” Ambition: To be an Airline Hostess Softball 1, 2 Volleyball 2, Manager 3 Glee Club 1 Spring Concert 1 Red Cap Collector 3 Cym Exhibition 1 Junior Prom Committee 3 Camera Club 2 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Class Gifts 4 “It is by wit and vivacity that one shines in company.’’ ROBERT E. THOMAS “Bob” Ambition: To have a successful Navy career Student Council 4 ‘‘A wise reticence is one of the great lessons of life.’’ WILLIAM AUSTIN CLEMENT THORPE “Bill” Ambition: To get the most out of life Football 3, 4 junior Prom Committee 3 Senior Prom Committee 4 " Good nature and eueness of temper will give you an easy companion for life.’’ NOELLA CELIA TREMBLAY “Noel” Ambition: To be a success Glee Club 1 Spring Concert 1 junior Prom Committee 3 Graduation Usher 3 Head Usher Senior Play 4 Red Cap Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 “The style, whether in speaking or writing shows the woman. RONALD PRECOURT “Ronnie” Ambition: To be a Freshman again Assistant Basketball Manager 2 Baseball Manager 2 Glee Club I, 2 Senior Play 4 Red Cap Staff 4 ' Dare to do your duty always: this is the height of valor.’’ BARBARA WALSH Barbara Ambition: To be a Dental Hygientist Exhibition 1 Volleyball Manager 2 Glee Club 2 Camera Club 2 Basketball Manager 2, 3 Student Monitor 4 Student Council 3, Vice President 4 Head Graduation Usher 3 Red Cap Staff 4 Library Assistant 4 Forum 4 Student Council Convention 4 “Life has no blessing Iil(e a true friend.” JANET PATRICIA WEYGAND “Jan” Ambition : To be a success in whatever I undertake Red Cap Collector 1 Basketball Manager 1 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 1,2, 3, 4 Spring Festival 2, 3, 4 Class Vice-President 2, 3 Drum Major 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Graduation Usher 3 Exhibition 1, 2 Red Cap Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 “Personality is a sure step to success.’’ BEVERLY WHITE " Bev” Ambition: To be happy Exhibition 1 Basketball Manager 2 Volleyball 2 Student Monitor 4 Camera Club 2 Graduation Usher 3 Glee Club 3, 4 Spring Concert 3, 4 French Club 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Red Cap 4 Senior Play 4 Student Council Secretary 2 Student Council Convention 4 Class Vice-President 4 “True popularity is not the popu- larity which IS followed after hut the popularity which follows after. " SHIRLEY WHITE “Shirl” Ambition: To be a success Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 2, 3, 4 Lunchroom 4 “Of plain, sound sense, life’s current coin is made.” LORRAINE WRIGHT “Dimples” Ambition: To be a success Cheerleader 2, 3, (4 Head) Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 1, 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 French Club 3 Exhibition 1 Red Cap Staff 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Camera Club 2 “My riches consist not in the extent of my possessions but in the fewness of my wants. ” Class Flowers Class Colors Red and White Roses Maroon and White Class cMotto Ediieation is the Apprenticeship of Life. Class Ode Words by Laura Jane Baker Music by Lois Korman With sadness in onr hearts Of memories now gone by, First lesson now fnlfilled, We bid farewell. North High. May these years be a guide In everything we do. May we meet with success. We leave with loving thoughts of you. As we attain our final goal. Striving ever to progress. Always mindful that we owe Everything to N. A. H. S.! May these years be a guide In everything we do. May we meet with success. We leave with loving thoughts of you. ZIL — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 CLASS HISTORY Janet Wey and William McNeil I N the year “1945” the Atomic Bomb was discovered, hut that was nothing com- pared to the Atomic Bomb Mr. Mott discovered when the class of “1949” entered the halls ofN. A. H. S. We, like our predecessors, entered into this great edifice and faced the same pro ' gram. We, however, did not act the same. It was evident to everyone that we had that certain something that is necessary for a great class ' a something called oomph. Beyond the shadow of doubt we were (THE) class. Due to circumstances known to all, we were unable to elect class officers our first year in high school, thus having a very quiet freshman year. There was one lone member of our class on the gridiron this year. That was our star quarterback Allan MacDonald, w ' ho, incidcntly, played on the baseball diamonH and basketball court too. We entered school the following September with much ridicule upon the mee Freshmen. As our leaders this year we chose, Charles Larsen, President; Janet Wey- gand. Vice President; Donald Poirier, Treasurer; and Elaine Corrigan, Secretary. On March 8th we held our first event in North Attleboro High School, and a very successful one, a dance, namely “The Spring Frolic”. Everyone who attended felt that we had tried very hard to make a complete success of our first activity in school. On the gridiron this year we were represented by Allan MacDonald, Gerard Achin, and Robert LaRoeque. On the baseball diamond we had Allan MacDonald. Fighting on the basketball court Rippy McCretton, John Coyle, and Allan MacDonald showed some excellent ball playing. Less we forget the weaker sex during our Sophomore year, we had on the basket- ball court Abbie Gibcault, Bca Paquin, Bertha Ash, Doris Boillard, and Janet Wey- gand as Manager of the team. It w ' as September 8, 1948 and 8:10, and we now as upperclassmen were ready to start our third year in our education. We named as our executive officers this year, Gerard “Frenchie” Achin as our President; for a second term as Vice President, Janet Weygand our Treasurer, Bernard Doyle, and for a second term also, Elaine Corrigan, Secretary. With such capable officers to guide us we were set for an exciting and prosperous year to come. 23 OLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O f o On the gridfron this year we had Robert LaRocque, David Brown, Fred Desilets, William Thorpe, Gerard Achin, Alvin Bates, George Johnson, John McGowan, Francis Cambridge, Richard McCretton and Allan MacDonald. On the basketball court we had Raymond Bishop, Robert Clark, William McNeil, Russell Meyer, John McGowan, John Coyle, and John Pohelek. In girls’ basketball we had Barbara Walsh, Manager; Abbie Gibeault, Doris Boib lard, Ella Charron, Gwen Hillman, Bertha Ash, Fay Miller, and Shirley Donaldson. We were represented on the cheering squad by Lorraine Wright, who cheered our boys through thick and thin. On the Red Cap Staff this year we had Betty Fisler, Barbara Johnson, Eileen Maloney, Gwen Hillman, Elsie Golden, and Jean Eccles. After hearing the preceding paragraphs you must be assured that we really set down to business during our Junior year. The last and most important thing that occurred was our Junior Prom. On May 30th the cars were zooming up to the front steps of N. A. H. S. bringing all the belles and their beaus to the greatest event of the year. The gym was gayly decorated to fit the occasion. An unforgettable spring scene was used as the main attraction. A grand time was had by all who attended, and no class could ask for a better prom. We now ' were the upper crust. We were seniors at last. Under the capable super- vision of Gerard “Frenchie” Achin, as president for a second term, Beverly White, as vice president, our star halfback Robert LaRocque, as Treasurer, and Elaine Corrigan for a third term as Gerard’s private, private, secretary, we were destined for a success- ful last year in school. Prominent in this season’s football squad w ' ere Gerard Achin, Captain; Robert LaRocque, Allan MacDonald, Fred Desilets, Francis Cambridge, William Thorpe, David Brown, John McGowan, George Johnson, and Rippy McCretton. On the basket- ball court the only seniors were William McNeil, Raymond Bishop, and Rippy Mc- Cretton. On the baseball diamond playing for the red and white were Rippy Mc- Cretton, Robert Ouellette, and Robert Clark. In girls’ basketball w ' e had Abbie Gibeault and Shirley Donaldson. In volley hall there was Jeanine Theriault, Norma Janes, and Gwen Hillman. On February 16, 1949 we held our Senior Play in the High School Auditorium before an appreciative audience. Unlike other classes before us, we held Three One Act Plays entitled, “Mother Knows Everything’’, “Buddy Goes Literary’’, and The Bracelet of Doom’’. Many thanks are expressed to Miss Mary Talty and Miss Marie Scanlon for doing such a fine job of directing. ag,e 24 o OLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 O f O O O O O O O O O f O O O O O O O O f On the eve of April 16, 1949, we held our Senior Prom in the High School Gym. The gym was decorated very exclusively for this festive affair. Everyone who attended enjoyed themselves immensely. On the Red Cap Staff this year we had Robert Clark, Betty Fisler, Paul Chace, Sylvia Blanchard, Janet Weygand, Raymond Bishop, William McNeil, Lorraine Wright, Norma Janes, Eileen Maloney, Noel Tremblay, Barbara Walsh, Beverly White, Elsie Golden, Jean Eccles, Barbara Johnson, Shirley Donaldson, Jackie Crowell, Marilyn Robertson, Elaine Corrigan, and Charles Larsen. In the orchestra, there are quite a few graduating members. They include Joan Labrie, Joan Bannon, Viola Gananian, Willard Crossley, Casper Darling and Jackie Crowell. In the band this year there was Casper Darling and Vuillard Crossley. Now that you have heard all the historical events of the past four years, we, the class of “1949”, leave, much to the sorrow of Mr. Mott, (A.J.) to us, and the faculty of N. A. H. S. Perhaps we won ' t be remembered as the most brilliant class to enter North High, but it can never be said that we lacked originality. So in closing this Class History, Micky and I would like to say in our own original manner, “thanks” to everyone, from everyone in this graduating class. We really hate to leave. o o o 25 Z Le — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 CLASS WILL Sylvia Blanchard Robert Clark W E, the Class of 1949, as members of North Attleboro High School, in the town of North Attleboro, County of Bristol, State of Massachusetts, do make, pub- lish, and declare this as and for our last will and testament - that is to say: We give, devise, and bequeath, to the Class of 1950 the privilege of paying our debts, if any there be. To the Class of 1951, we leave the torch to carry on the fight to have outsiders at their school dances. To the Class of 1952, we bequeath 95 magnifying glasses, so that they may find the new Freshman class more easily than we found them. Personal bequeaths are as follows: GERARD ACHIN bequeaths his popularity to Peter Dean. BEV WHITE leaves her title of “Most Popular Girl” to Pat Welch. ELAINE CORRIGAN leaves her title of “Best All Around Girl” to Pam Straker. BOB L. ROCQUE leaves his title of “Best All Around Boy” to Allan Spencer. GWEN HILLMAN leaves her title of “Smoothest Girl” to Nancy Garland. WINI STRONG bequeaths her strength to her sister, Helen. “Live ' Wire” D. J. POIRIER leaves his title of “Liveliest Boy” to Allan England. ABBIE GIBEAULT leaves her title of “Most Athletic Girl” to Dora Messier. ELSIE GOLDEN leaves for the unknown in her smoke-filled Huddy. MARTIN RYAN bequeaths his seriousness to Howard Mason. ELEANOR CASH, JOAN DALY, and DIANE GIBA.RD leave together, headed for the Sturdy Hospital, but to work, not as patients. ALVIN BATES leaves in his handsome convertible. LAURA BAKER bequeaths her title of “Cutest Girl” to Mary Macentier. HERBIE JOHNSON leaves for Goldbug ' s to look for a new’ car ' or maybe we’d just better say a car. BEN ANDREWS leaves his title of “Most Bashful Boy” to Beryl Knowles. JANET WEYGAND leaves her title of “Most Congenial Girl” to Betty Andrews. BOB OULETTE leaves his ability to dodge work to Joe Levis. 26 O O VLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 O O O O O O O O O O O O O f O o o o o o o o o o o ROBERT THOMAS leaves Nancy Dunham behind him ' hut he wishes he could take her with him. DANA SANFORD leaves with his roller skates slung over his shoulder. BARBARA WALSH bestows her title of “Most Serious Girl” on Pat Feid. NOEL TREMBLAY, we see, is coiling up her line; she must be leaving, too. BOB LEGER leaves, with DINKIE and RALPH, for “The Hollow”. MARY LANGILLE bestows her title of “Best-Looking Girl” on Barbara Hunt. ANITA BURKE bequeaths her title of “Neatest Girl” to Elaine Taylor. JEANINE THERIAULT leaves her title of “Liveliest Girl” to Mary Ellen Rhind. PAUL TAYLOR leaves for Wally ' s, which he will soon take over and change to “Paully ' s”. BARBARA JOHNSON leaves her French ability to some struggling Sophomore who needs it. JOHN BLIEK leaves to pick up Paul at Paully ' s and then to head for the latest show at the Valley. LAURETTE DARGIS, LORRAINE MORRILL, and JOAN BANNON leave to- gether for Attleboro and happiness. JOHN POHOLEK leaves his title of “Cutest Boy” to Charlie Sullivan. JOAN MALINOWSKI leaves for Franklin, humming the tune to “Oh, Johnny, Oh, Johnny!” DONNA L ROSEE stays - just to keep the kids in the upstairs corridor quiet and in line. BERTHA ASH leaves to join the Metropolitan Opera. Got a couple of extra tickets, Bertha? ELAI NE ARSENAULT and RUTH DARLING leave for Wamsutta Drug to whip up some sodas. WILL CROSSLEY leaves his title of “Most Talkative Boy” to Bruce Jones. DOROTHEA MERCURE leaves for Hollywood to make a sequel to the “Snake-Pit”. Ah - such talent. FAE MILLER leaves to take up voice lessons at the Music Conservatory in Boston. DICKY LEARY leaves his title of “Best Dressed Boy” for his brother Don to pick up. BETTY FISLER leaves her title of “Most Ambitious Girl” to Barbara Totten. EILEEN MALONEY leaves her gift of gab to any poor, shy. Freshman who might need it in an embarrassing moment. 27 OLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 JACK McGOWAN leaves his title of “Best Boy Dancer” to that Fred Astaire of the Junior Class, John Bevilaqua. JEANNE LaFRATTA leaves her title of “Most Bashful Girl” to Barbara Shairier. DONNIE CHRISTENSEN leaves to join his brothers. PAUL DION bequeaths his good looks to Owen James. CECILE LANDRY leaves her dark, shining hair to Brenda Campbell. GEORGE JOHNSON leaves, still apologizing to Miss Washburn. NORMA JANES leaves her dancing ability to Barbara Weygand. ALLEN GALLOTTA leaves to work on his Plymouth. VIOLA GANANIAN leaves her title of “Smartest Girl” to Marilyn Asher. NORMAN ACHIN leaves as quietly as he came. LORRAINE WRIGHT leaves - in her Olds convert. ' Nuff said ' that lucky girl. GORDON BIELECKI leaves his brains to Robert Eunke ' boy, Gordon’ll have a tough time without his brains, but that ' s what it says here. LOIS KORMAN leaves for home to write a letter to a certain Bob in the Coast Guard. RONNIE PREGOURT leaves his friendliness to Johnnie Thorpe. SHIRLEY WHITE leaves the cash register ' she can’t take it with her. DAVE BROWN leaves his wit to anybody who might want it. NORMA MAIN leaves to pilot Line Noble through a happy life. LOIS KIRBY leaves for Hollywood to prompt Tyrone Power in his new picture. CHARLIE HEBNER leaves his title of “Boy Most Likely To Succeed” to Jeff McEnroe. HARRIET RUSHLOW leaves to join the Army ' to look for Bob. BILL THORPE leaves to follow his brother into PrO ' Football. JOAN LABRIE leaves her ability to knit those swell argyles to her sister, Ellen. CHARLOTTE BASSETT leaves to make some dough ' in Flagg’s. BEVERLY SEYMOUR leaves for her native land, India - because Mr. Treadwell’s been murdered. ROBERT BOUTIN leaves in a cloud of dust, on his scooterNike. ANN ECCLES, with ELEANOR GRIMALDI, leave for France ' we hear they’ve got some interest over there, but I couldn’t pronounce his name. PAUL CHASE leaves in the Ford convertible ' Marilyn’s right beside him, of course. RIPPY McCRETTON leaves his athletic ability to Gordon Bates. ZIL — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 O O O O O O O O f O O O O O O O O O O O RAY BISHOP and BILLY McNEIL leave for the News Bureau - of course, we all know why. SHIRLEY DONALDSON leaves to become a laboratory technician. WILLIAM DOWDING leaves his ability to do physics to Marc Nault. DORIS BOILLARD leaves her red locks to Jackie Beach. CHARLIE LARSEN leaves to pan gold in Peru, or is it British Columbia, Chuck? MADELYN RICE and DOROTHY DUNHAM leave Miss Bergner ' s history class when the bell rings, as usual. FRANCIS CAMBRIDGE leaves for Woonsocket to take up permanent residence. DICK BAIER leaves for the Falls to run the store - we ' ll all be down for free sodas, Dick. JACKIE CROWELL, better known as J. C., leaves for Radcliffc, and those Harvard men we’ve been hearing about. CASPER DARLING leaves his height to that Empire State Building of the Sophomore Class, George Gundrum. LORRAINE FRENIER leaves so quietly that we almost forgot her. And, now, we better leave before we’re thrown out. In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hand and seal this twenty-second day of June, in the year nineteen hundred and fortymine. 29 JL — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 CLASS PROPHECY Gwenn Hillman and Paul Dion T he recent publication of a book entitled “Four Years at North High” or “I Did It the Hard Way” has caused quite a stir among the literary world. The author, PAUL DION, is now having dinner with his secretary, “GWEN” HILLMAN. “It ' s been a long time, hasn ' t it Paul, since we were classmates together at N. A. H. S.?” “Yes, I wonder what the rest of the Class of “49” is doing now.” Well, the last I heard DIANE GIRARD was still working at Memorial Hospital. I understand DONNIE CHRISTENSEN is now a big wheel at Jeweled Cross. WILLIAM DOWDING is now the traffic control officer at Logan Airport in Boston. DOT BOILLARD is now living at Newport News and is a perfect Navy wife since Barry decided to become a “20- ' year man.” “Dave” Brown is still farming on Hoppin Hill but he whizzes to town every Saturday night in his jealopy. ANITA BURKE recently opened her specialty shoppe, featuring hand-knitted Argyles. “FRANNIE” CAMBRIDGE has joined “COOT” COYLE in the Navy. “Coot” and “Cambo” are admirals on the U.S.S. Lifeboat. ELEANOR CASH, when last heard from, was living in Plainville. DICKIE LEARY recently opened his fur salon. LORRAINE WRIGHT and SHIR- LEY DONALDSON are modeling Dickie ' latest creations. ROBERT LEGER is now the head chef at the Hotel Hixon. “BEN” ANDREWS has continued on his bashful way since graduation. BETTY FISLER and BARBARA JOHNSON returned to North Attleboro as full- fledged school teachers. DONNA LxROSEE is the United States delegate to the United Nations. CHARLIE LARSEN has opened a business establishment in Woonsocket. ABBIE GIBEAULT, our Most Athletic Girl, is the new gym teacher at Pawtucket West. VIOLA GANANIAN is the principal of an exclusive girls ' school in Connecticut. GEORGE JOHNSON is still aggravating people. JOAN LABRIE just opened a gift shop in North Attleboro. “TPa e 30 o o Vke — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 CECILE LANDRY is happily married, as is JEAN LaERATTA. JOHN BLIEK and PAUL TAYLOR, when last heard from, were still together. WINI STRONG is the art teacher in the schools of North Attleboro and nearby vib lages. CASPER DARLING is now playing his bass fiddle in the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra. DOROTHEE MERCURE did so well in the Senior Play that she decided to become an actress. She’s doing very well at it, too. Achin Construction Company, under the supervision of competent GERARD ACHIN, recently completed a newer, more modern Liggett ' s Drug Store. We understand JACK McGOWAN is to be the manager. 1 saw LAURETTE DARGIS the other day in a new Buick. Even in high school Laurette had a weakness for Buicks. RICHARD BAIER has remained active in Scouting. When last heard from, he was holding an executive position in Boston. CHARLOTTE BASSETT has settled down and is happily married to Herbie Ellis. CORDON BIELECKI is not satisfied with a successful law practice but is now run- ning for Congress. Wc are not heard much from SYLVIA BLANCHARD but with her personality, Sylvia would be a success in anything she undertook. LINCOLN NOBLE is now the ski instructor at Diamond Hill. NORMA MAIN was recently named as one of the ten best-dressed women in America. ELSIE GOLDEN liked Boston University so much that she decided to stay after gradua- tion as a personal secretary to the Dean. NORMA JANES has signed as a dancing partner to Gene Kelly. Their next show opens on Broadway next week. JEANINE THERIAULT just returned from Paris where she has been gathering ideas for the costumes of Norma ' s new show. BOB LaROCQUE is coaching the Townies’ Football team. “RIPPY” McCRETTON is playing for the Townies. “WILLIE” CROSLEY, our Most Talkative Boy, is employed by Alvin as his best high- pressure salesman. In order to make some of his cars run, ALVIN had to hire ALLEN GALLOTTA. ALLEN is the mechanic in charge of rebuilding some of the wrecks. DANA SANFORD is the producer of a new show, the “Roller Follies”, starring MADELYN RICE and DOTTIE DUNHAM. « o o 31 !7L — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 JANET WEYGAND with her sparkling personality, is now President of Jeweled Cross. LOIS KIRBY is now the manager of the local " Five and Ten " . MARY LANGILLE, our Best Looking Girl, was recently voted " Miss Massachusetts” of 1955. HERBIE JOHNSON bought a new car for five dollars and five hundred Ivory Soap coupons. JOAN BANNON is doing very well for herself, playing the violin in Phil Spitalny ' s All Girl Orchestra. BILLY McNEIL and RAY BISHOP are sports ' writers for the Record. McNeil is cover ' ing the Braves ' team while " Bish” is following the Red Sox. PAUL CHACE just finished building the perfect “dream house”. One of its nicest fix ' tures is Marilyn. FAE MILLER just completed a two-week engagement at Boston Symphony Hall. BERTHA ASH starts her two-week stand on the first of next month. ELAINE ARSENAULT and RUTH DARLING have opened their own ice cream shoppe. “The Sugar Bowl”. JOHNNY POHELEK recently bought a new car to take Elaine Corrigan riding in. Since graduating from North High, NORMAND ACHIN has joined the rest of the family and is now a full-fledged mechanic at Achin ' s Garage. You remember that “Cute” little car (?) ALBIN BATES used to drive to school? Well he is now a used-car dealer and some of his antiques actually run. BEVERLY SEYMOUR is still working at V. H. Blackinton ' s along with RONNIE PRECOURT. ANN ECCLES, HARRIET RUSHLOWand JOAN DALY are now nurses helping to preserve the health of America. Blond “JACKIE” CROWELL is still at Radcliffe getting more degrees. ROBERT CLARK, after his performance in the Senior Play v, ent to Hollywood and may he seen in “Death Comes to Dinner”. He is the second corpse in the picture. LORRAINE MORRILL, ELEANOR GRIMALDI, LORRAINE FRENIER, and SHILEY WHITE are very efficient secretaries employed by the business men of North Attleboro. BEVELY WHITE, after graduating from Bryant, became the “private” secretary of one, Mr. Peter Dean. CHARLIE HEBNER is now the manager of First National. EILEEN MALONEY is giving driving lessons to students of Attleboro High School. “BOB” OUELLETTE has taken over the job of Lou Costello. ?)1 o 9 !7L — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O MARTIN RYAN is organizing a statC ' wide Student Council, with BARBARA WALSH acting as his secretary. We didn’t hear much from ROBERT THOMAS while he was in school and we have heard even less since he graduated. LAURA BAKER is the “private” secretary to the president of Doyle Carpet Company. ROBERT BOUTIN is still riding around on his scooter bike. “DON” POIRIER, to the best of our knowledge, is still enjoying life — doing nothing. WILLIAM THORPE has taken over the job of Boris Karloff. JOAN MALINOWSKI is now the Erench teacher at North High. NOEL TREMBLAY is now living in Oklahoma. o o o ag,e 33 DLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 CLASS STATISTICS c2Abig,ail Gibeault and Tlobert Andrews By popular vote of the hoys we bestow on WINIFRED STRONG the title W.G. — Wittiest Girl. Because of his ability to get along with others we give DONALD CHRISTIANSEN the title of E.B. — Eriendliest Boy. By popular vote of the girls we bestow on PAUL DION the title B.L.B. — Best Look ' ing Boy. Because of the way she acts in the corridors we dub DONNA LaROSEE T.M.- Typical Monitor. If you have ever seen ELSIE GOLDEN ' S walk, you will understand why we give her the title G.W.T.W.— Girl With The Walk. By popular vote of the boys we bestow on NORMA JANES the title B.G.D.- Best Girl Dancer. Because of his long legs and lanky walk we give GEORGE JOHNSON the title of C.F. — Class Farmer. By popular vote of the girls we bestow on PAUL CHACE the title S.B. — Smoothe st Boy. For reasons known to all we bestow on EILEEN MALONEY the title M.T.G. — Most Talkative Girl. By a unanimous vote of the girls wc bestow on BEN. ANDREWS the title of M.B.B.- Most Bashful Boy. Because we never see Paul without John we give PAUL TAYLOR the title of J.C.C. — John’s Constant Companion. By popular vote of the girls we bestow on RICHARD McCRETTON the title of M.A.B. — Most Athletic Boy. Because of her charming and graceful ways we bestow on SHIRLEY DONALDSON the title of C.L. — Class Lady. By popular vote of the boys we bestow on JANET WEYGAND the title of M.C.G. — Most Congenial Girl. By popular vote of the girls we acclaim GORDAN BIELECKI the title of S.B. — Smartest Boy. Because of his faithful work at the Eirst National we bestow on DANA SANEORD the title of C.S. — Class Salesman. ‘Tag.e 34 o o DLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 Because “Bish” is always arguing with “Mickey” about who ' s the better team, the Sox or Bums, we give RAYMOND BISHOP the title of C.S.R. — Class Sox Rooter. Because of her sweet voice we dub FAE MILLER C.S. — Class Songbird. Because of his clever comebacks we give DAVID BROWN the title W.B. — Wittiest Boy. By popular vote of the boys we bestow upon LORRAINE WRIGHT the degree of B.D.G. — Best Dressed Girl. By popular vote of the boys we bestow upon BEVERLY WHITE the title of M.P.G. — Most Popular Girl. Because of his ability to tell jokes, we give ROBERT LEGER the title of C. C.- Class Comedian. By unanimous vote of the boys, we bestow on LAURA BAKER the degree of C.C. — Cutest Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow upon GERARD ACHIN, the title of M.P.B. Most Popular Boy. Because he is constantly chauffeuring his friends around in his car, we dub HERBERT JOHNSON the title of C.C.— Class Chauffeur. By popular vote of the boys, we give NOEL TREMBLAY the title of G.W.T.B.L. — Girl With The Best Line. Because of her constant giggling, we bestow on LORRAINE MORRILL, the title of G.G. — Gayest Girl. Because of his faithfulness to the band and orchestra, we give CASPER DARLING the title of C.M. — Class Musician. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow on CHARLES LARSEN the title of M.C.B. Most Congenial Boy. By popular vote of the hoys we acclaim ABIGAIL GIBEAULT, M.A.G. — Most Athletic Girl. By popular vote of the girls we bestow on FRANCIS CAMBRIDGE the title of B.W.T.B.L. — Boy With The Best Line. By unanimous vote of the boys, we bestow upon MARY LANGILLE the title of B.L.G. Best Looking Girl. Because of her size we bestow on DOROTHY DUNHAM the title of P.G. — Petite Girl. Because HARRIET RUSHLOW is waiting for that certain someone in the Army we bestow on her the title of C.A.G. — Class Army Girl. Because she is always leaving gym early to go to the cafeteria we bestow on SHIRLEY WHITE the title of M.L.P.C. — Miss Lobdell’s Problem Child. Because of his appearance at all time we bestow on LINCOLN NOBLE the title of N.B. — Neatest Boy. o ‘TPa e 35 OLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O f O O O O O O O O O o o Because she is always on the go we bestow on JEANINE THERIAULT the title L.G. — Liveliest Girl. Because she is appealing to the eye (Link ' s especially) we bestow on NORMA MAIN the title of M.A.G. — Most Attractive Girl. By popular vote of the girls we bestow on JACK McGOWAN the title of B.B.D.- Best Bciy Dancer. By popular vote of the boys we bestow on GWENN HILLMAN the title of S.G. — Smoothest Girl. Because of his undying devotion to his work we bestow on ROBERT CLARK the title of M.A.B. — Most Ambitious Boy. By unanimous vote of the girls we bestow on DONALD POIRIER the title of L.B. — Liveliest Boy. Because Barbara has a thorough knowledge of all books we dub BARBARA JOHN- SON C.S. — Class Student. Because of her extended employment at Elagg ' s Bakery we give to CHARLOTTE BASSETT the title of C.S.G.— Class Sales Gir l. By popular vote of the boys we bestow on ANITA BURKE the title of N.G. — Neatest Girl. Because of his serious attitude towards life we give MARTIN RYAN the title of M.S.B. — Most Serious Boy. Those who have seen Alvin in his new car will understand why we give ALVIN BATES the title of C.H.R.— Class Hot Rod. Because we never know where he is, we bestow on ROBERT BOUTIN the title of C.P.C. — Class Problem Child. Because all he talks about is sports we give WILLIAM McNEIL the title of C.S.E. — Class Sports Enthusiast. By popular vote of the hoys we bestow upon JEAN L- ERATTA the title of M.B.G.— Most Bashful Girl. Because of his enormous physical stature we give ALLAN GALLOTTA the title C.T. — Class Tarzan. Because PAUL ' S interest is in Marilyn and Marilyn alone we give her the title P.O. A.O. — Paul ' s One and Only. Because we never hear much from him, we give NORMAND ACHIN the title Q.B. — Quietest Boy. Because we have not heard much from her in her four years at N.A.H.S., we dub ELAINE ARSENAULT C.M.G. — Class Mystery Girl. 36 o DLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — t949 Because we have not heard from her in her four years and have seen and not heard her we bestow on ANN ECCLES the title Q.G. — Quietest Girl. Because of the great part she played in the Senior Play, we acclaim DOROTHEE MERCUE, C.A. — Class Actress. By popular vote of the girls we bestow on BOB L.aROCQUE the title B. A. A. B. Best All Around Boy. Because she has done so much for her class, Red Cap and Yearbook we bestow on JACQUELINE CROWELL, M.H.G. -Most Helpful Girl. By popular vote of the girls we bestow on JOHN POHOLEK the title C.B. — Cutest B(jy. Because of her friendly manner we give ELAINE CORRIGAN the title B.A.A.G. — Best All Around Girl. Because she has had highest honors almost every term in her four years at N.A.H.S. we bestow on VIOLA GANANIAN the title of S.C. — Smartest Girl. As everyone will understand, we give to CECILE LANDRY the title of C.M. — Class Model. Because of his industrious manner, we bestow upon CHARLES HEBNER the title of B.M.L.T.S.- Boy Most Likely To Succeed. Because of her serious outlook on life we bestow upon BARBARA WALSH the title of M.S.G. — Most Serious Girl. Because of the color of her hair, the boys dub DORIS BOILLARD, G.W.T.H.T. Girl With The Hot Top. By popular vote of the boys we bestow on BETTY EISLER the title of M.A.G. — Most Ambitious Girl. Because of her sense of humor we bestow on BERTHA ASH the title of B.N.G. — Best Natured Girl. Because he has not been with us long and he is new to us we bestow on BILL DOWD ' INC the title of C.M.M. — Class Mystery Man. By unanimous vote of the boys we give to SYLVIA BLANCHARD the title of G.M. L.T.S. — Girl Most Likely To Succeed. Because he is Miss Barber ' s official flag holder we bestow on JOHN BLIEK the title of C.E.H.- -Class Elag Holder. Because she always has a joke to tell we bestow on JOAN BANNON the title of C.C. — Class Clown. By popular vote of the girls we bestow on WILLARD CROSSLEY the title of M.T.B. — Most Talkative Boy. o o ‘TPag.e 37 VLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 Because she is constantly helping out in the office we bestow on BEVERLY SEYMORE the title of C.O.H. — Class Office Helper. By popular vote of the girls we bestow on DICKIE LEARY the title of B.D.B. — Best Dressed Boy. Because she has a friendly word for everyone we bestow on JOAN MALINOWSKI the title of F.G.— Friendliest Girl. Because she is always found outside of town we bestow on ELEANOR CASH the title C.O.O.T.G. — Class Out Of Town Girl. Because he is always found tinkering around machines we bestow on RICHARD BAIER the title of C.M. — Class Machinist. Because she sees the movies every time they change we bestow on ELEANOR GRIMALDI the title of C.M.F. — Class Movie Fan. Because he is the constant companion of a certain Sophomore girl we bestow on ROBERT THOMAS the title of C.C.S. — Class Cradle Snatcher. Because she is usually found working in the lunchroom w ' e bestow on LOIS KIRBY the title of C.C. — Class Cashier. Because he is forever playing baseball we bestow on ROBERT OULETTE the title of C.B.P. — Class Baseball Player. Because she is usually found taking care of her niece every afternoon we bestow upon JOAN DALY the title of C.B.S. — Class Baby Sitter. Because Ronnie always has a smile for everyone, we give RONALD PRECOURT the title of E.B.T.G.A.W. — Easiest Boy To Get Along With. For reasons known only to certain senior boys we bestow upon JOAN LABRIE the title of O.G. — Our Girl. Because of her weekly appearance at the Rollerway we give DIANE GIRARD the title of Q.O.T.R. — Queen Of The Rollers. Because she acts natural we bestow on LAURETTE DARGIS the title of M.N.G. — Most Natural Girl. Because she is forever getting Mrs. McNulty ' s advice mixed up we give LOIS KOR- MAN the title of M.M.P.C.-- Mrs. McNulty ' s Problem Child. Because whenever there is something to do, Bill , is there to help, we give WILLIAM THORPE the title of B.A.W.T.H. — Boy Always Willing To Help. 38 o o o DL — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 CLASS GIFTS Jeanine Theriault and Donald ‘Toirier A S customary every year about this time, we give you lucky seniors tokens of appreciation for completing four years at North High. ELSIE GOLDEN — To Elsie, that driving sensation from far away Allens Ave., we give these glasses to wear while driving. FRANCIS CAMBRIDGE — To “Wolf ' Man Fran " , we give this new line, he has already worn out his others so many times. PAUL DION — To “Digbe”, we give this coffin to remind him of his nickname, also a promissory note signed by all the seniors to give him their business in the future years. LINCOLN NOBLE — To “Link”, the ray of sunshine in Norma ' s life, we give a flash ' light so that he won’t get lost trying to find her house. CASPER DARLING — To “Gappy”, we give this lubricating oil to loosen up his joints so he can move more swiftly. BERTHA ASH — To Bertha, queen of Franklin Avenue, we give this club so she may still rule her territory. CHARLES HEBNER For his outstanding performance in the Senior Play, we give “Hebby” a contract signed by Miss Talty to return next year for a part. BEVERLY WHITE — To “Bev”, wc give this permit signed by the Dean to take a P.G. course next year. JOHN BLIEK — To John, we give this bottle of glue so that he and Paul Taylor may always stick together. JOAN LABPv.lE — To Joan, we give this box of crayons to help with her drawing. ELAINE ARSENAULT — To Elaine, we give this bell because she is so quiet. In this way, we will know when she is around. FAE MILLER — To “Fac”, our smallest girl, wc give these growing pills invented by Kate Smith. CECILE LANDRY — To “Cilc”, wc give this little Oscar to substitute when the other isn ' t around. BARBARA WALSH — To “Barb”, wc give this One-Way Ticket to Boston University to help her reach Don quicker. ROBERT LEGER — To “Buster”, we give these odorless cigarettes, so that when a teacher is around they won ' t smell his daily indulgence. DONNA LaROSEE- To Donna, we give this permit from Mr. Mott to come back next year to supervise the Student Council. o T’a e 39 DL — NORTHERN LIGHT — 949 ABIGAIL GIBEAULT — To “Abbie”, our most athletic girl, we give this degree from Miss Lobdell, to teach girl’s basketball at Pawtucket West High. We new ' ou’d get a charge out of that! ROBERT ANDREWS — To “Ben”, our most bashful boy we dedicate this song from a senior girl ' the delegate will now take over, and now we give you this tube of lipstick to remind you of your blushes of Class Day. MADELYN RICE — To “Maddie”, we give this box of tapiocca because everybody thought we would give her a box of Rice. JANET WEYGAND — We give Janet this bottle of sparkling water, so that the sparkle of her personality will never run out. NORMA MAIN — To Norma, we give this chain, so if there is ever a break in her romance, although we hope there never is, she will be able to find the missing Lin ! WINI STRONG — To “Wini” the w ' itty ' wizard of our wayward class, we give this sharpener so that her sense of humor will never grow dull. VIOLA GANANIAN — To “Vi”, w ' e give this degree by Miss Barber to return next year to help in teaching English. MARILYN ROBERTSON — To “Marilyn”, we give this intoxicating perfume so that Paul may always (Chace) her. DIANE GIRARD — To Diane, we give this noise-maker, because of her quiet retiring manner. Ring it Diane. DORIS BOILLARD — To “Dot”, we give this book entitled “Methods of Handling A Navy Man”, in case Barry gets tough. LORRAINE WRIGHT — Because Lorraine is our best dressed girl, we give this outfit to add to her wardrobe. ELAINE CORRIGAN — To “Elaine”, we give this record entitled, “Oh Johnnie”, so she can play it nights when she is alone. ALLEN GALLOTTA — To “Allen”, we give these razor blades. We think he might have mislaid his own. RUTH DARLING — To “Ruth”, we give this card of membership to the Sprinstcr ' s Club, so she will always be a Darling! ROBERT OUELLETTE — To “Bob”, the comedian of Room 16, we give this audition to be on the Bob Hope show. BEVERLY SEYMOUR — To “Bev”, we give this card of “Thanks” from Lydia, for all the work she has done in the office. ROBERT CLARK — To “Bob”, we give this permit to be editor of the well known scandal sheet, the Daily Record, because of his untiring efforts on the “Red Cap”. MARTIN RYAN — To “Marty”, our most serious boy, we give this joke book, so that he may enjoy the other side of life. 4:0 o o ' 5 ' L — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 O O O ' y O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O PAUL TAYLOR— To Paul, we give this needle and thread, for he will always he a tailor (Taylor). ELEANOR GRIMALDI — To “Elly”, who has a smile for everyone, we give this toothpaste so she can dazzle Eddie. JOAN DALY — To Joan, we give the key to the J. J. Newberry ' s. NORMAND ACHIN — To “Norm”, who never seems to make much noise in school we give this whistle so we will know when he is around. CHARLOTTE BASSETT- To Charlotte, we give this key to the “Wonder World of Sweets”, Flagg’s Ba ery. WILLIAM DOWDING — Seeing that “Bill” hasn’t been attached to dear N.A.H.S. very long, we give this permit to have any senior girl show him the hot spots of North Attleboro. SHIRLEY WHITE — To “Shirl”, our out of town girl, we give this banner of North to remind her that there is such a place. LAURA BAKER To Laura Jane, one of our sweetest girls, we give this honey, so that she may always stay sweet. LOIS KORMAN — To “Lois”, we give this thimble in case she missed her bus, so then she can always thumb home. LORRAINE MORRILL — To “Lorraine " , who is always dashing from one man to another, we give her this rope so she can keep one tied down. LAURETTE DARCIS — To “Laurette”, we give this flashy convertible to remind her of her pleasant memories. DAVID BROWN — To “Dave”, our wittiest boy, we give this picture of Miss Wash- burn to remind him of the charming afternoons spent in her company. ANNE ECCLES — To “Anne”, we give this megaphone so we may hear her. JOHN POHOLEK To Johnnie, our cutest boy, we give a bag of kisses, donated by the senior girls. DOROTHY MERCURE -To “Dot”, we give this address book so she can keep the names of local boys, if she should ever return to home talent. PAUL CHACE — To “Paul” that dashing romeo, we give this pamphlet on “Easy Ways To Drive With A Girl In The Car.” Will that help Marilyn? ANITA BURKE — To “Nita”, we give this box of ginger bread mix, made by the Duff company. RICHARD LEARY — To “Dick”, the “King of the Muskrats”, we give this trap so that he may capture women instead of skunks. ROBERT THOMAS— To “Bob’ ’, we give this cradle, we hope he doesn’t rob this one. o o o ‘T’ag.e 41 VLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 JOAN MALINOWSKI— To “Joan’ we give this telescope, so she won ' t strain her eyes looking for Johnny. GWENDOLYN HILLMAN — To “Gwenn”, our smoothest girl, we give this picture of Vaughn Monroe, so she will know that there are other nice-looking singers besides “Moe” Moore. NORMA JANES — To “Norma’ ’, we give this permit to operate Millie’s Car. GERARD ACHIN — To “Our Great Class President”, we dedicate this poem. When there is work to be done he helps us. His jokes he shares with us too. But don’t let him fool you, if you knew what we do! There is no mention of the nights! WHOOOO! WHOOOO! blARRIET RUSHLOW— To “Harriet’ ’, we give this nurse’s cap in order that she may get a head start in her chosen career. ALVIN BATES — To “Ahoo”, we give back his dime to put towards a new “19.i0” Ford. DANA SANFORD — To “Dana”, we give this hook entitled, “Racheal and the Stran- ger”, to remind him of the first time he cast his eyes upon her. MARY LANGILLE — To “Mary”, our best looking girl, we give this BILL for reasons known to all. V, ELEANOR CASH — To “Elly ”, we give these bus tickets to Plainville in case she ever runs out of Cash. DOROTHY DUNHAM — To“Dot”, queen of the rollers, we give her this oil so her skates will never get Rusty. WILLIAM THORPE — To “Bill”, we give this card of congratulation. He actually made the grade. WILLIAM McNEIL — To “Mickey”, we give this book entitled “How to be a Bum”. A Brooklyn Dodger Bum that is. RONALD PRECOURT — To “Ronnie” we give this certificate for ten easy lessons on how to play the piano from Barbara Shairer. CHARLES LARSEN — To “Charlie”, we give this interest of 1 1 in that theatre in Boston which he frequently attends. NOELLA TREMBLAY — To “Noel”, we give this edition of “How Green Was My Valley”, to read during those lonely nights in Alaska. WILLARD CROSSLEY — To “Willie”, we give permission to take a P.G. next year to join Harvey Gay and ' his buddies. SYLVIA BLANCHARD — To “Syl”, whom we have never seen angry, we give this book entitled “Ten Easy Ways To Lose Your Temper” written by Noel. JOAN BANNON- To “Joan”, we give this Swing for reasons known to all. JEAN LAFRATTA — To Jean, our most bashful girl, we give this real classy veil to hide her feminine blushes. ‘TPag.e 42 o o o — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 BETTY FISLER — To “Betty”, we give this toothpaste, so she will always keep her pleasant smile. HERBERT JOHNSON — To “Herb”, we give this wave set, so that he may always favor us with those curly locks. ROBERT LAROCQUE — To “Bob”, we give this dime so that he may say he made some profit handling the senior class money. RICHARD McCRETTON — To “Rippy”, the pride and joy of the Falls, we give this book on “How to Poison Your Customers”, to be used at the Falls ' Night Club, Edna’s Cottage. ROBERT BOUTIN — To “Bob”, we give this question mark, that ' s all we do know about him. SHIRLEY DONALDSON — To “Shirley”, who has wonderful poise, we give this spring, so that if someday she throws her shoulders too far, they will snap back. BARBARA JOHNSON — To Barb, we give this dictionary, so that she can understand the words she uses. RAYMOND BISHOP — To “Bish”, we give a comb and brush, so he can always keep his hair in trim. DONALD CHRISTENSEN — To “Donnie”, we give these super vitamin pills so his energy will never fail. LOIS KIRBY — To “Lois”, we give this pen and pencil set so she may always keep in touch with her favorite teacher ' Miss Talty. EILEEN MALONEY — To “Slim”, Anne’s companion in crime, we give this book entitled “How To Reduce” so she may attain her life-long ambition. t GEORGE JOHNSON — To “George”, the trouble maker of “49”, we give these bars to be installed on his windows, so he will feel at home after he leaves here. RICHARD BAIER — To “Rich”, that congenial salesman from the Falls, we give a permit to take a day off from the Falls Shopping Center. GORDON BIELECKI — To “Gordon”, we give this report card with all D ' s and E ' s, so he will know what the rest of us got all year. LORRAINE FRENIER — To “Lorraine”, who seems to be fond of sandwiches, we give her this Hot Western to remind her of George. JACQUELINE CROWELL — Seeing that “Jackie” is a beautiful pianist, we give her permission to play with the Boston Pop ' s Symphony Orchestra. JOHN McGOWAN — Seeing that “Jack” is a hardworking soda-jerk, we present him with an assistant (female) from Attleboro. JEANINE THERIAULT — To Donnie, I give this boot for making such a horrible mess of the Class Gifts. DONALD POIRIER — It ' s Mutual Dearie — (We hope you will take these in the spirit of fun they were intended.) 0 o o ‘Ta e 43 4 SUPERLATIVES Most Popular Girl Most Popular Boy Best All Around Girl Best All Around Boy Most Congenial Girl Most Congenial Boy Girl Most Likely to Succeed Boy Most Likely to Succeed Smartest Girl Smartest Boy Most Athletic Girl Most Athletic Boy Best Looking Girl Best Looking Boy Cutest Girl Cutest Boy Smoothest Girl Smoothest Boy Best Dressed Girl Best Dressed Boy Most Bashful Girl Most Bashful Boy Most Talkative Girl Most Talkative Boy Neatest Girl Neatest Boy Most Serious Girl Most Serious Boy Best Girl Dancer Best Boy Dancer Liveliest Girl Liveliest Boy Girl With the Best Line .. Boy With the Best Line Wittiest Girl Wittiest Boy Most Ambitious Girl Most Ambitious Boy Quietest Girl Quietest Boy Beverly White Gerard Achin Elaine Corrigan Robert LaRoeque Janet Weygand Charles Larsen Sylvia Blanchard Charles Hebner Viola Gananian Gordon Bielecki Abbie Gibeault Richard McCretton Mary L angille Paul Dion Laura Jane Baker John Poholek Gwenn Hillman Paul Chace Lorraine Wright Richard Leary , Jeanne LaFratta . Robert Andrews Eileen Maloney . Willard Crossley Anita Burke Lincoln Noble Barbara Walsh Martin Ryan Norma Janes Jack McGowan Jeanine Theriault Donald Poirier Noel Tremblay Francis Cambridge Winifred Strong David Brown Betty Fisler Robert Clarke Jean Eccles Normand Achin MOST POPULAR BEST ALL AROUND MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST CONGENIAL SMARTEST CUTEST BEST LOOKING MOST ATHLETIC SMOOTHEST BEST DRESSED «■ NEATEST MOST BASHFUL MOST TALKATIVE MOST AMBITIOUS BEST DANCERS WITTIEST BEST LINE LIVELIEST QUIETEST Okc — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 F O O T B A L L Despite the return of ten seasoned veterans from the 1947 squad, the Red Rocketeers found the opposition listed on this year’s schedule overwhelmingly powerful as evidenced by the no-win - one scoreless tie this season out of ten games played. It was definitely established at the Fall River Jamboree in September that the Red Rocketeers were destined to be the outweighed and the out-numbered ball club of South Eastern Massachusetts. However, the challenge did not dis- courage the Rocketeers and against apparently insurmountable odds in every contest the boys gave a good account of themselves. Indicative of the type of ball they displayed is the fact that Captain Gerard Achin was named on the Greater Boston All Scholastic Team and Red Mac- Donald and Francis Cambridge received recognition from the Bristol County Official “All” Team. Prominent in the season ' s activity from the Senior Class were: Gerard Achin, Robert LaRoeque, David Brown, John McGowan, William Thorpe, Francis Cambridge, Allan MacDonald, Richard McCretton, Fred Desilets, and George Johnson. To these boys and their capable coaches, Mr. Salvati and Mr. Coakley, who gave their all for N.A.H.S., we say “thanks”, and we sincerely hope that next year ' s team will be able to avenge the defeats of the past season. 50 o o o Vke — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 I I Seniors - John McGowan, George Johnson, Robert LaRoeque, Francis Cambridge, Gerard Achin, Captain: David Brown, Richard McCretton, and Allan MacDonald. F O O T B A L L 1949 ScKedule September 1 1 Fairhaven (Jamboree) September 2. Uxbridge Oetober 2 Walpole Oetober 9 Norwood Oetober 16 Middleboro Oetober 23 Milton October 30 Canton November 6 Mansfield November 13 Franklin November 25 Attleboro Assistant Phillip Coakley Coach Ralph Salvati Capt. Gerard Achin I o 51 OLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — i949 Creating an unimpressive record, the Red Rocketeers of 1949 went down to defeat after defeat gallantly fighting the top-heavy odds. Hampered by a lack of height on the varsity squad, they met their opponents as a decided underdog. With every team having the advantage of height and experience, the North quintet came up with the unimpressive record of one win, twelve defeats. Their lone victory came over Franklin at the home gym in the middle of the season. This game was the only one when the Rocketeers really clicked with good shoot- ing and a sharp defensive. Throughout the year, the team played well on the defense but lacked the coordination of team work on their offense.- The shooting at times left much to be desired. Although they lost to the Tech-Tourney bound Blue Bombardiers, the Rocketeers held them to a low score and outfought them most of the way. Captain Rippy McCretton at forward and Billy McNeil at guard were the only seniors who played first string in basketball this year. “TPagie 52 -S’ ❖ The Red Rocketeers broke camp and headed north after their spring train- ing in April. The Rocketeers faced a tough fifteen game schedule featuring home and away games with such teams as Coyle, Mansfield, Franklin, Stough- ton, Attleboro, and Walpole. Coach Ralph Salvati carried a seventeen man squad. The pitching staff consisted of five hurlers: Bob Clark, the mainstay of the staff pitching his third season; Walt Main in his second season and three rookies, Moe Everton, Charles Sullivan, and Richard Breed, up from the farm clubs. Chuck Morrill and Franny Cambridge were set to do the catching, with Bob Shaw at third, Owen James at short. Dinky Childs at second, and Jimmy Shaw and Bruce Jones at first, to round out the infield. Dave Brown, Rippy McCretton, Charles Schmidt, Norman LaRoeque, and Robert Vandal held the outfield assignments. The four men who have played their last years of baseball with the Rocketeers are Bob Clark, Franny Cambridge, Dave Brown, and Rippy Mc- Cretton. ❖ ❖ ❖ 53 cA T H L E T I C A W A R D S 1927 Lemuel McDonald Dr. Marvel 1928 Joseph McCabe Donald LeStage 1929 Raymond Hart Fred Sturdy 1930 Paul Johnson Harrv Fisher 1931 Robert Batchelder Donald Banows 1932 Sumner Joslin Wallace Kenyon 1933 Harry Barber Lester Holbrook 1934 Samuel Scott John E. Tweedy 1935 Maurice Fournier Frank Kelly 1936 Hilbert Rice William Rvder 1937 Arthur Greene, Jr. Howaid Ballou 1938 Harold Hall Russell Rhodes 1939 Chester Bodinski James Totten 1940 Gordon Fied Jarvis Hunt 1941 Lawi’ence Kennedy Marcus Ralston 1942 Robert Leiper Lester Holbrook 1943 Edward Bodinski Hon. Joseph W. Martin, Jr. 1944 No cup was awarded 1945 No cup was awarded 1946 Edward Dean Donald LeStage 1947 Robert Cook Gerald Rilev 1948 Herbert Ciolfi John Blackinton COxMMITTEE OF AWARD Charles Martin x rthur J. Mott Donald LeStage, Sr. G lthletic Cup DLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 G I R L S B A S K E T B A L L The girl’s basketball team has progressed very rapidly since it started here at N. A. H. S., and this year’s team looked forward to a promising season when a large group of enthusiastic girls appeared to take part in the ever popular sport. Practising diligently, the girls were determined to make their team a success, but due to the many cancellations they only had the opportunity to take part in four games. These few hardly gave the girls a chance to show their capabilities. The team started off its season rather unsuccessfully by losing two suc ' cessive games to Plainville, the first by a score of 3? to 21 and the second by 18 to 13. However, the following game with Norton somewhat encouraged the players as they came up with a 13 to 10 victory. This gave the team hopes that perhaps they had received the start that they needed, and they would be more successful in their future attempts. However, they were doomed for a dis ' appointment, for at the following game they met defeat at the hands of Fox ' boro, a team far more experienced than North. Although the season was rather-short and unsuccessful this year, the team has some very promising young players and high hopes for the success of next year’s team. The only seniors on the team were Captain Abbie Gibcault and Shirley Donaldson, both forwards. 56 o o Vke — NORTHERN LIGHT The High School Orchestra under the capable direction of Mr. John H. Bronson has enjoyed a very successful year. Although not large in number, the music makers have overcome this handicap and have provided excellent musical entertainment throughout the year. Music by the orchestra was furnished for special assembly periods, the Student Council Convention, the Senior Play, and Spring Concert. The musi- cal units have also journeyed this year to the Spring Festival at New Bedford to receive their musical rating. Music has also been provided for Class Day and graduation exercises. The selection of orchestral arrangements has been unusually good this year and listeners have praised orchestra members with their appreciative applause. The ranks of the orchestra will greatly miss the talents of the senior mem- bers, Jacqueline Crowell, piano; Viola Gananian, Joan Bannon, violin and Joan Labrie, flute. 58 o o DL — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 If you hear strains of beautiful music resounding through the corridors of N.A.H.S., you will know the band is diligently practicing to “wow” the home folks at the Spring Concert and to earn for themselves a good rating at the festival. The boys have done a swell job this year and we are all very proud of them. The hand can boast of only two Senior boys this year. They are, Casper Darling and Willard Crossley, who have both been members for four years. Drum Majorettes Through the mud and tears they won through! Our four drum majorettes who worked so hard under the leadership of our own Janet Weygand deserve high praise for the way they “strutted their stuff” for N. A. H. S. They really outdid them- selves at the Turkey Day game and they made a fine showing when they accom ' panied the hand to the festival at New Bedford. i 59 DL — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 The North Attleboro High School Glee Club enjoyed another successful season. Even though the enrollment of hoys was small this year, the talent among the group greatly outweighed this handicap. Under the capable leadership of its director, John H. Bronson, the group sang a varied program at the Annual Spring Concert to a very appreciative audience. Mr. Bronson was assisted by Miss Sylvia Blanchard who acted as accom ' panist for the group and Miss Louise Mandell who was the group’s efficient secretary. We were happy to see that so many Freshmen were interested in becom ' ing members of the Glee Club this year and feel sure that they will be able to fill the places left vacant by the graduating members. The voices of the following Seniors will no longer be heard every Tuesday morning throughout the halls of N.A.H.S.; Fae Miller, Bertha Ash, Lois Korman, Betty Fisler, Janet Weygand, Wini Strong, Beverly White, Elaine Corrigan, Joan Bannon, Shirley White, Cecile Landry, Charlotte Bassett, Eleanor Grimaldi, Sylvia Blanchard, Marilyn Robertson, Lorraine Wright, Paul Chace, Casper Darling, and Willard Crossley. ‘Tag.e 60 o ZIL — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 o O O O O O O O r O O O O O O O R This year’s “RED CAP” had two editors, Robert W. Clark and Betty Fisler. Assisted by many able reporters and hard working collectors several successful editions were published. The Seniors themselves, and even the under ' classmen, were amused by the Senior Personality Chart. The co-editors selected as their business managers, Charles Larsen and Gwendolyn Hillman and its reporters, Paul G. Chace, Sylvia Blanchard, Janet Weygand, Raymond Bishop, William McNeil, Lorraine Wright, Elaine Corrigan, Lorraine Morrill, Norma Janes, Jean Eccles, Noel Tremblay, Bar- bara Johnson, and Jacqueline Crowell. ‘T’ag.e 61 ZiLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — m9 s T U D E N T C 0 U N C 1 L The Student Council has been especially active this year. Charles Larsen was chosen President while Barbara Walsh became Vice President with Bev- erly White and Alvin Bates serving as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The North Attleboro Student Council was privileged to play host to the Southeastern Branch of Student Councils at their fall convention held on November 17. Committees were chosen who tended to the details. North Attleboro High School sent as its delegates, Barbara Johnson, Donna LaRosee, Peter Dean, and Robert Shaw to the Spring Convention held in Taunton on April 6. The Student Council held many successful dances this year. Especially enjoyed was the “Sadie Hawkins’ Day Dance”. At their regular meeting held every Wednesday morning in the library the Student Council outlined the plans for many of the affairs to he held dur- ing the year. Members of the Student Council who are graduating are Charles Larsen, Barbara Walsh, Beverly White, Alvin Bates, Barbara Johnson, Donna La- Rosee, Joan Malinowski, Jacqueline Crowell, Betty Fisler, Elaine Corrigan, Lois Kirby, Dorothy Mercure, Martin Ryan, Robert Clark, Robert Thomas and Casper Darling. 62 -S ' !7L — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 The Student Monitors were hacked up in their crusade for law and order, in the corridors this year by the Student Court. Gordon Bielecki and Barbara Walsh were in charge of all monitors. Gordon Bielecki also became Judge of the Court assisted by Donna La- Rosee who served as Clerk of the Court. Other Senior members serving on the jury were Barbara Johnson, Joan Malinowski, and Martin Ryan. Punishments were metered out aceordmg to the crime committed. The Court became so efficient that student monitors were allowed at the regular sessions held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Now that the Student Court has been revived, we hope that our efforts have not been in vain but will serve as an incentive for future enforce- ment of Student Government. Monitors graduating this year are; Gordon Bielecki, Barbara Walsh, Donna LaRosee, Barbara Johnson, Joan Malinowski, Martin Ryan, Gharles Larsen, Robert Clark, Betty Fisler, Jacqueline Crowell, Elaine Corrigan, Bev- erly White, Alvin Bates, Robert Thomas, Casper Darling, Jean Eccles and Dorothy Mercure. s T U D E N T M 0 N 1 T O R S o 63 X — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 s E N I O R P L A Y Wednesday, February 16. 1949 marked the fated night when the Senior actors and actresses displayed their stage talents. This year’s dramatic presentation was made up of three one-act plays instead of the usual longer three-act play. The plays in the order of their presentation were “Mother Knows Everything " , “Bracelet Of Doom”, and “Buddy Goes Literary”. “MOTHER KNOWS EVERYTHING” The audience laughed uproariously as Tommy Coyne (Richard Leary) sought ad- vice from his mother (Eileen Maloney) as to how he should make a romantic proposal to his girl friend Marion Hearn (Gwenn Hillman). So well does Mrs. Coyne take care of the whole proposal of marriage that Marion is finally won over and all ends happily. “BRACELET OF DOOM” The “Bracelet Of Doom” - (gulp) was a mystery that held the audience in - suspense! As the scene opens, Valerie Ames (Ruth Darling), Audrey Ames (Harriet Rushlow), her younger sister, and Theresa Ames (Dorothy Mercure), their Aunt, are grieving the mysterious murder of Mr. Ames. A second murder, that of Dr. Haven (Charles Hebner) who had discovered the cause of the murder, grips the family who fear for their lives. The appearance of Edward Carrington (Robert Clark) who de- mands to conduct business concening Mr. Ames adds to the mystery. To further in- crease the chilling atmosphere of mystery, the two Zanies (Fae Miller and Beverly Sey- mour) enter and finally reveal the significance of a poisonous bracelet. Su.spicion is pinned first on one person, then another while Theresa Ames gives way to a violent case of hysterics. Finally Geraldine Brenton (Donna LaRosee) that cool-headed attorney- at-law, unravels the mystery. It is Barry Dexter (Paul Chace) who is the murderer and who had attempted to run off with the bracelet. 64 JL — NORTHERN LIGHT — m9 O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O ' y ' y O O O O O O “BUDDY GOES LITERARY” 5 To relieve the tension (proof that the “Bracelet of Doom " was excellent) the third play, a comedy was presented. This play centers about Buddy (Charles Larsen) who neglects his studies and whose poetic tendencies get himself, his sister Pen (Lorraine Wright), and his father Mr. Williams (Charles Hebner) into hot water. The trouble begins when Buddy confuses a love note Pen has written to Butch (Ronald Precourt) with a letter from his father on business to Judith Storm (Viola Gananian) and, oh, what trouble does arise. Meanwhile Mrs. Williams (Elsie Golden) is trying to keep peace in the household while Debby, Buddy ' s younger sister (Beverly White) is trying to stir more trouble up. At this point Agatha Tombs (Joan Labrie) and Mrs. Masterson, Chairman of the National Poets of America (Lorraine Morrill) arrives to congratulate Buddy on winning first prize in a poetry contest. All is straightened out and the Williams family is happy once more. Lois Kirby and Elaine Corrigan as promptors and John Poholck, sound effects man aided in making the play a success. The class of 1949 thanks Miss Talty for her tireless efforts in directing our drama- tizations. Also thanks are extended to Mr. John Bronson and his orchestra for furnish- ing such fine music. Congratulations are in due order for these talented actors and actresses for their fine performance. Thanks, kids, you were swell. “MOTHER KNOWS EVERYTHING” “BRACELET OF DOOM” “BUDDY GOES LITERARY” LPa e 65 — NORTHERN o o ❖ o o ❖ O o O o o o « O LIGHT — 949 c H E E R L E A D E R S This year as well as other years our cheerleaders m their snappy uniforms thick indth.” ' The head cheerleader this year was Lorraine Wright who began her cheer mg career as a sophomore. The others in the group were Laura Baker, Mary Lan.ille, seniors, and Shirley Adams, Barbara Hunt, and Barbara Weygand ag,e 66 ► ZiLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 949 Having re-elected Peter Dean as President of the Junior Class, we will now relate some of the highlights which our class contributed to the year “1949”. Election of class officers was held in October, Those elected were: President, Peter Dean; Vice President. Helen Strong; Secretary. Jane Lynch; and Treasurer, Donald Leary. This year ' s football team was represented by the following juniors: Joe Levis, Peter Dean, Damon Swistak. Jack Coyle, Bruce Jones, and “Red " Bates. We all want to congratulate Shirley Adams. Barbara Hunt, and Barbara Weygand for the fine job of cheering they did at the football and ba.sketball games. On the basketball court this year v;e had “Red” Bates. Donald Childs, and Jack Coyle. Betty Andrews, Pam Straker, and Rita Eastman certainly deserve praise for the fine showing they made at the Spring Fe.stival as well as the football gaincs and various parades in which they participated as drum-majorettes. Junior Class Officers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Peter Dean Helen Strong Jane Lynch Donald Leary o o o 67 ZIL — NORTHERN LIGHT — m9 President Vice-President. Secretary Treasurer Harvey Gay Lorraine Powers Mildred Stack Allen Spencer Freshman Class . . . The Freshman Class has been ably led throughout the year hy Robert Gilmore, President; Patricia Leary, Vice-President; Richard Temple, Treasurer, and Margaret Pepper, Secretary. They have also been well represented on the football field by Robert Gilmore, Richard Breed, George Chretien, and Robert Hall. Richard Temple, Charles Sullivan, Charles Schmidt, Robert Gilmore, Richard Breed, Rocco Armelli, and Robert Grosse served on the Basketball Team, while Gloria and Gladys MacDon- ald served the girl ' s team. Sophomore Class . . . This year’s Sophomore Class has been very active and well represented in athletics. After they had elected Harvey Gay, President; Lorraine Powers, Vice- President; Mildred Stack, Secretary, and Allen Spencer, Treasurer, they went on to hold a highly successful dance on March 14th. In accordance with Saint Patrick’s Day it was called “The Shamrock Shindig " , and the gym was beautifully decorated in green and white. Entertainment was furnished by Joan Murphy and Sylvia Chilli. The Sophomores on the football field were Morris Everton, Norman LaRocque, George Baier, Harvey Gay, Donald Doyle, George Razee, Alan Spencer, Lawrence Benson, and Owen James. On the basketball court were Owen James, Donald Doyle, Harvey Gay, Austin Morrill, and Charles Joyce. Our sophomore girls on the basketball team were Beatrice Greco, Paula Precourt, Mary Ellen Rhind, Joan Bishop, Doris Seymour, Joan Murphy, Janet Hill, and Beverly Chandler. President Robert Gilmore Vice President Patricia Leary Secretary Margaret Pepper Treasurer Richard Temple “TPagie 68 O o OLe — NORTHERN LIGHT — 1949 cMEMORIES HISTORY GIRLS GYM OFFICE BAND o 69 !7L — NORTHERN LIGHT — 94 9 cMEMORIES FRENCH ENGLISH STENOGRAPHY HISTORY LUNCH ROOM SHOP ‘ Pa e 10 o o o Jrn fvlemoriani to Richard Lyons and Herbert Monast To our friends and classmates in recollection of the fine qualities of character as exemplified in the daily liv- ing of Richard Lyons and Herbert Monast while they were here with us. “There is nothing which must end, to be valued for its continuance. If hours, days, months, and years i)ass away, it is no matter what hour, day, month, or year we die. The applause of a good actor is due to him at what- ever scene of the play he makes his exit. It is thus in the life of a man of sense, a short life is sufficient to manifest himself a man of honor and virtue. It is of no consequence to him how long he shall be so, provided he is so to his life’s end. ” “Friendship is the shadow of the eN ' ening, which strengthens with the setting sun of life.” q)0 YLE CARPET COMPANY Franklin, Massachusetts c lttleLoro and ‘T’lainville Coal Co., Inc. LeSta e Manufacturing Co. MFG CO V. H. Blackinton Co., Inc. metica i Oideit J anu acturer oi nsiqnia ” C 4ttleboro Falls, Massachusetts L. G. Balf our Company Attleboro — Massachusetts ( ia65 and f in5 Cdommencement nuitationi — ' Ll ipioma6 — f ersonai (Lardi Cdiid niKjnia — YFjemonal jPiai icjfiies — Representative — cMR. THOMAS F. GALVIN cAttleboro Office CREED ROSARY CO. W. H. ILEY SON cMASONS’ SUPPLIES ower Shovel Excavating, Coal - Coke - Fuel Oil - Wood North G lttleboro, cMassachusetts Oscar A. Hillman Sons I Compliments of F. Simmons Company G lttleboro, cMass. Established 1873 Wri Kt Chevrolet Co., Inc. 9 3 South W ashing,ton Street North Attleboro, Mass. Bug,bee Niles Co. ' Tr’aye Baker Mf . Co. cMASON BOX COMPANY LYONS BLAINE JEWELED CROSS CO. • ' — — cy H. F. qSARROWS CO. qSLANCH ARDS ESTABLISHED 1924 €Lci ric J4ou6elio{d ppli TELEPHONE 437 BROADWAY 0 ' ppliancei N. Attle. 8-0644 NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASS. HOWARD Johnsons 5 Compliments of (2 4 Friend ‘Tr lainville Massachusetts cMORSE MOTORS f ontiac — C adiiiac G lttleboro Massachusetts ( 2 Munroe Lan stroth, Inc. CONTRACTORS and ENGINEERS HORTON - ANGELL CO. cvlttleboro — Massachusetts AMERICAN REENFORCED PAPER CO. c2x4ttleboro, — — Massachusetts OL qBISHOP ( ompanij, nc. L. S. PETERSON CO. SWIFT FISHER, Inc. iJr ■ =cX J. A. MUNROE SONS CONTRACTORS and ENGINEERS • • • North Attleboro, — Massachusetts General Chain Co., Inc. BRENNAN q)RUG — T RESCRIPTIONS — Compliments of J. F. Sturdy’s Sons Co. SINCE 1865 Compliments of cA. Friend Barber Electric Mfg,. Co. Metals and Controls Corporation e 4ttleboro, Massachusetts Plainville Stock Co. CLINES RHODES Assayers and Refiners McGill Box Company Whiting, Davis Company cM. qA. VIGORITO 6 North Washing,ton Street - ORENT qSROTHERS NIFTY NOOK Old town Lace Works Fish and Chip Snackery cyl Good Place to Eat — dinners of all kinds to take out — Home Made Pies — HOTEL HIXON Westcott Construction Co. North Attleboro, — Massachusetts ================== x=x c GOLDEN ANCHOR (iAUDETTE LEATHER CO. Famous for xzxxzxO Italian Foods W CARLETON - WHITNEY NEWxMAN’S ROADSIDE AERO SERVICE, INC. FURNITURE CO. Wilkins’ Airport Route 1 Plainville Approved Flight Training o o o o THE VILLAGE REALTY FLORETENA SHOP o ❖ o Plainville xzxxzxO DON’S DINER EASTERN TIRE SERVICE X WALL’S DR. C. A. BOWMAN Optometrist SALES AND SERVICE Compliments of FRUITLAND “Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily” SALLY DRESS SHOP, INC. 47 North Washington Street Tcl. N. A. 2(S7 ' W North Attleboro North Attleboro Compliments of C. P. Lustig ENDICOTT JOHNSON SHOE STORE CARROLL CUT RATE Perfumer 17 North Washinfjton Street 9 North Washington Street North Attleboro Tel. 1414 WAMSUTTA DRUG J. C. Madden McNally’S store Reg. Phar. and Prop. Compliments of CUSHING’S SCHOFIELD Kayser and Dainty Dot Hosiery HARDWARE CO. • . RALPH S. GILMORE Insurance - Real Estate Tel. 8 ' 078 BETTER HOME PRODUCTS “Send” W. J. ROSS Youth Center nVa North Washington Street Telephone 1044 ' R COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY North Attleboro, Mass. MERVIN C. GAY Landseaping Driveways and Walks Resurfaced North Attleboro, Mass. NEW CLOVER MARKET HECTOR J. DeBLOIS Real Estate - Insurance JARVIS HUNT Attorney -at -Law MITYGUD PASTRY SHOPPE “It’s not only good - it’s Mitygud” R. BLACKINTON CO. RELIABLE MARKET FLAGG’S BAKERY “Let us tailor-make your Birthday Cake” Complete Line of S. S. Pierce Quality Groceries J. J. BEARD North Attleboro ' Pawtucket TONY’S BARBER SHOP HEGTOR A. GIBEAULT A. T. PARKER GO. NORTH ATTLEBORO ' S Stone Setting - Engraving Oldest Insurance Agencies Compliments of GARLTON II. BLISS Insurance J. J. NEWBERRY CO. VILLA AMALFI SAYLES DAIRY BAR cX " MARY’S GIFT SHOP RINGUETTE PIONEER FOOD STORE COLONIAL INN Plainville CABIN LAND Route 1 ' Plainville POST ROAD SERVICE STATION HASTLNG’S SERVICE STATION SOCONYLAND SERVICE PLAINVILLE SPA NORMAN’S R. COPPOLA Tailor H. W. WRIGHT Chain Findings NORTH ATTLEBORO FOUNDRY ATTLEBORO MOTOR SALES Studehaker Sales and Service Attleboro, Mass. Dominick Romagnoli Compliments of ELECTRIC SHOE AND REPAIRING WALTER H. MURPHY Artists Supplies CAPODANNO’S FRUIT STORE i C jmpliments of VALENTINE COMPANY compliments of LEON’S SHOE STORE Compliments of HOLBROOK INSURANCE CO. J. A. CLARNER Electrical Contractor Electrical Appliances LIGGETT’S DRUG STORE EDNA’S COTTAGE — RELIABLE NEWS BUREAU ACHIN BROTHERS Gulf Service Compliments of JOHN E. MINER COLUMBIA RADIO SUPPLY CO. W. T. GRANT CO. Compliments of DR. BEDARD JENSEN MOTOR CO. STANDARD METALS ACHIN’S GARAGE BELL SYSTEM o ENELL MANUFACTURING Compliments of A FRIEND JIMMIE’S SANDWICH SHOP 7 North Washington Street Doivnyflake Donuts - Sandtoiches FREDERICK P. BALLOU Watch Repairing BREEN DAY STANDARD CHAIN J. H. HOBSON ZILCH’S GARACE BARNEY’S MOTORS, INC. Authorized Buick Srdes and Service Attleboro, Mass. i:)EVINE’S MILK LABORATORY Pleasant Street, Attleboro, Mass. COTTACE CLEANSERS Quality Cdeaning Plainvillc MICHAEL REZZA and DAUGHTERS LA ERY’S WAITINC ROOM RAINBOW MOVERS and McNERNEY’S TAXI VICTORY DINER KENNEDY’S HAT SHOPPE Compliments of DR. R. H. METTERS 1 B. L. CLEANE RS 1. 5 North Washington Street THEODORE MALINOWSKI Engraver Lettering and Ornamental Tel. 1125 ' W Rooms .VI 0 Riley Building PAUL R. JOHNSON Dentist REEVE’S SALLY’S BEAUTY SALON ‘‘If your hair isn ' t becoming to you. Toil ought to be coming to its.” BLUE VANITY BEAUTY SALON IRA L. POLLOCK Attorneij-at-Law F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. North Attleboro DR. D. E. LEGO Dentist FRANK H. COGGER HENRY’S BARBER SHOP DR. C. I. GOULD Dentist DR. E. T. WELCH D. M. D. NOLAN’S FLOWERS North Attleboro - MIDGE’S BEAUTY SALON Community Theatre Building THE MAPLES Under New Management NAR - A - GANSETT RESTAURANT o o o o PLAINVILLE Choiee Wines and Liquors Compliments of FROZEN FOOD BANK MILADY’S W ANDY’S MEAT MARKET Andrew Micek, Prop. Interstate Transit Corporation UL COMMERCIAL PRESS ewein cyCeatLer and . y4cce66onei g TTLEBORO, mass. rip

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