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Lf M. i. • •■ ■ -w—uvr-.i -?s: V, ,i _ ' pfe J I ■ ' A. ♦ ■- .‘ ’ ' ' • ' ■ ' i T ‘- ' i? ' iv ' " " - fj ' l . V -,.I it r . ,1 ; ' ‘■■ ' ■S ' ll ‘ 4 ’ %r -.«■• ■ I ' • ' ' ii ' . T " ' ■ ' , I ’ , ■ • • •t ' .- v-.. .- ' ••- ■•■ ■• ' ' r- ' - ' . aEws ' f- ■. y y ‘ ' t ’ ■ .. r ‘ vK- ’’ ‘ ' ■ ' H. » ' T| . .■,r. i, . ' , ' . V. t ' T. , r " v ' • j ' . -FOREWORD- As we walk through the corridors of N. A. H. S. tor the last time as students we look back and think of all the enjoyment and tun and educational opportunities that were ours during these past four years. We look back a little regretfully, too, for graduation time means that our happy, care-free days are at an end, and that now, we must face the world with a new kind of strength and determination and a willingness to accept our full share of the country ' s responsibilities. It Is difficult for us to realize that we won ' t be coming back next year - difficult for us to believe that we won ' t have any of the friendly gatherings, the school dances, the anxiety of whether or not we ' ve passed a test, the worry of getting the school paper out on time, and the many other things that have contributed to making our four years mem- orable ones. Consequently we have tried to capture a few of these fleeting memories and put them between the pages of this book, so that as the years go by we shall remem- ber and we shall be grateful to those who have made our high school days the happiest of our lives, and to those who, by their constant guidance and careful in- struction, have prepared us to face the many years ahead well-equipped. The years ahead are long and the path full of obsta- cles, but the education that has been given us will In- spire us to overcome these obstructions and take our rightful place, not only in our own community and coun- try, but in the world as well. 3J5e NORTHERN eoA. ol 7 LIGHT J o tUt Bckooi iiJ::?!!; lilde it ion. P. aqc J DEDICATIDIV Mr. Arthur J. Mott, Principal We dedicate this Yearbook to our principal, Mr. Arthur J. Mott. Mr. Mott has carefully guided us through our tour years in N. A. H. S. It is largely due to his wise and thoughtful counsel, that we, as conscientious young citizens, will be ready to assume our share of the respon- sibility and burdens of a harried and troubled world. Faculty Mr. Earl PIthie, who teaches Math- ematics and Economic Geography, was graduated from Amherst College. Miss Marjorie D. Barber, teacher of English, was graduated from Women ' s College of Brown Uni- versity, now called Pembroke. Miss Barber is head of the English De- partment, in N. A. H. S. Miss Esther Washburn, a teacher of History, received her A.B. de- gree from Radcliffe College and her E.D.M. degree from Boston University School of Education. Miss Alice Hall, who teaches Type- writing, Arithmetic, and Business Principles, was graduated from Boston University, College of Prac- tical Arts and Letters. at N. A. H. S. Miss May Erving, a teacher of English, was graduated from Emer- son College. Miss Erving Is the dramatic coach In N. A. H. S. 1 I Miss Katherine Savage, a teacher of English, was graduated from Wheaton College. Miss Savage Is also head of the Junior Red Cross In N. A. H. S. Mr. John Bronson, director of the music department, was educated for two years at Vienna and took extension courses at the New Eng- land Training School In Boston. He also did professional work In Vienna. Mrs. Lela Murphy, who teaches Mathematics, was graduated from Brown University and received her A.B. degree. 9 Mr. Edward C. Ruby, a teacher of Mechanical Drawing, was grad- uated from Fitchburg Teachers ' College. Miss Barbara Leonard, a teacher of Mathematics and Biology, was graduated from Bates College. Mr. Edward L. Meade, a teacher of Business Training, Commercial Geography, and Business Arith- metic, was graduated from Boston College. Mr. Walter B. Hacker, a teacher of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, was graduated from Massachusetts State College. Mr. Berryman Minah, assistant coach and teacher of Mechanical Drawing and Shop, was graduated from Keene Teachers ' College and received his B.E. degree. Miss Jennie Angus, a teacher of Household Arts and Sewing, was graduated from the Framingham Normal School. Miss Barbara Bracy, supervisor of the Art Department, was gradu- ated from the Rhode Island School of Design. Miss Ann Lobdell, a teacher of Girls ' Physical Education, was graduated from Sargent. 10 at N. A. H. S- y Miss Jacqueline M. Gadoury, teacher of French, graduated from Middlebury College and received her M.A. degree. Mr. Philip O. Coakley, a teacher of Sciences and Assistant Coach, was graduated from Manhattan College. Miss Louise Dudley, a teacher of Shorthand and Typewriting, was graduated from Bryant and Strat- ton College and Salem Normal School. Mr. Ralph Salvati, a teacher of Boy ' s Physical Education and Coach, was graduated from Bos- ton University, School of Educa- tion. Mr. George W. Morris, Superintendent of Schools Mr. Morris and his Secretary, Betty Sanford Miss Anne Murphy Mrs. Louise Donnelly Lunch Room Directors Senior September 4 Back to school - Oh boy! It ' s good to get back to pris — I mean, school. 28 First football game - Well, it was a tough fight, ma, but we won! October 12 Senior Dance - " Christopher ' s Carrou- sel " - and did they ever whirl! ! ! November J6 Senior Dance - Oh, well, we can ' t al- ways make money! 28 Thanksgiving Day Game - Can ' t be good at EVERYTHING, I guess. December 20 First Red Cap - At last! It was pretty good, too! 20 Xmas Vacation - Old St. Nick sure did his stuff this year! 14 Senior Cake Sale - Our boys sure can cook. January 3 First basketball game - What a disap- pointment - but it was still a close game. 16 Pictures taken - (Horrors!!!) 21 Attleboro Game - First time in 10 years we beat them - Hooray! 24 Senior Play - Brother Goose. Our his- trionic ability was well appreciated. Pcic c 14 Daze February I I 13 25 Attleboro game - First time we swept Attleboro series in 20 years. Football Banquet - Footballs and jack- ets given out. Entered South Shore Tournament and beat Franklin. 28 Lost to Middleboro in South Shore Tournament. March 21 Spring - At last, when a young man ' s fancy turns to 26 Purdy took candid shots. April I Pictures came - April Fool. 12 Spring Vacation. I 5 First baseball game. 23 Letters tor football, baseball, basket- ball. 20 Junior Prom. May 2 Spring Concert - Three Blind Mice. 10 Senior Invitation Dance - at last out- siders. 14 Graduation Essays Written. 10 Band and Orchestra go to Medford. June I Started marching. 16 Class Day and Banquet. 18 Graduation. 19 Reception. 20 We are Alumni. a e 13 IV. A. H. S. ATHLETIC CUP The N. A. H. S. athletic cup is awarded annually to a senior boy on the basis of scholarship, leader- ship, sportsmanship, and athletic skill. ATHLETIC CUP AWARDS o o o l ecipienl 1927 Lemuel McDonald Dr. Marvel 1928 Joseph McCabe Donald LeStage 1929 Raymond Hart Fred Sturdy 1930 Paul Johnson Harry Fisher 1931 Robert Batchelder Donald Barrows 1932 Sumner Joslin Wallace Kenyon 1933 Harry Barber Lester Holbrook 1934 Samuel Scott John E. Tweedy 1935 Maurice Fournier Frank Kelly 1936 Hubert Rice William Ryder 1937 Arthur Greene, Jr Howard Ballou 1938 Harold Hall Russell Rhodes 1939 Chester Bodinski James Totten 1940 Gordon Feid Jarvis Hunt 1941 Lawrence Kennedy Marcus Ralston 1942 Robert Leiper Lester Holbrook 1943 Edward Bodinski Hon. Joseph W. Martin, Jr. 1944 No cup was awarded 1945 No cup was awarded 1946 Edward Dean Donald LeStage The Committee of Award: Mr. Donald LeStage, Sr. Mr. Chari es F. Martin Principal Arthur J. Mott t Here we present pictures which we believe will hrinq hack memories of the lighter side of school life. -J avinq Jun in f a e 18 19 eaJ.j fo, ScU? Jvow aLout (loina our wailr ■ ruCouiie? f a e 20 2 n I Senior — Jirit f ei ' ioJ. f a e 22 I icl -J arolcI liurrijin to practice. Second Seam in Uniform, WOW PaJ - after a hard period page 24 cjCet’6 iticl to our wort, l a e 25 f a e 26 ' lyeLutantei. eniof tfaue ere i a e imi j ci e 28 uiuai, an inlereitit peno 1 IPa e 29 30 OL JripL ZJ.rror? OL £ ami Vjice ‘2)o ie ulio cll who cheered ui on a 3i I a e 32 ea - eam! WJluil are t oii doin here, P,iJ ■tjo. can I fur on a fU w,,. a( e 33 W-. Wolf, (?) Off, CO. 34 SElVIlVDA Ah, me! Never was there a dance to equal this one! After Impatiently waiting for four long years, our dreams were finally realized. We held our Senior Invitation Dance! We meant to make this the most gala and suc- cessful event ever held in the North Attleboro High School. Consequently, we outdid ourselves in the mat- ter of decorations, etc. Blue and white were the selected colors, plus an array of balloons strung festively from one end of the gym to the other. Yes sir! it was really some- thing, at least that was our opinion when we stood in the doorway and viewed the results of our handiwork. And it was a success, too, despite the fact that the orchestra didn ' t show up until nine o ' clock, - an hour or so after It was slated to arrive, and that the grand march turned Into something other than a " march. " Oh, well, we figured, everything can ' t be perfect. As for the refreshments - well, - we were original - sundaes were what we had. After intermission, if someone chanced to come In he could almost think he was at a New Year ' s party instead of a Senior Dance, for by this time, all the decorations were down - crepe paper was flying every which way and balloons were floating in every direction. However, that didn ' t dampen the spirit of things, in fact, it Increased the gaiety. It was most decidedly a success - and a lot of fun - at least that ' s what everyone agreed when it was time for them to be- gin to wend their slow - oh, ever so slow, way home! SUPERLATIVES Most Popular Boy Most Popular Girl Best All Around Boy Best All Around Girl Best Looking Boy Best Looking Girl Boy Most Likely To Succeed Girl Most Likely To Succeed Smartest Boy Smartest Girl Most Congenial Boy Most Congenial Girl Most Athletic Boy Most Athletic Girl Cutest Boy Cutest Girl Most Bashful Boy Most Bashful Girl Smoothest Boy Smoothest Girl Best Dressed Boy Best Dressed Girl Most Talkative Boy Most Talkative Girl Neatest Boy Neatest Girl Most Serious Boy Most Serious Girl Best Boy Dancer Best Girl Dancer Liveliest Boy Liveliest Girl Wittiest Boy Wittiest Girl Boy With The Best Line Girl With The Best Line Edward Weygand Peggy Nolan Pete Yates Natalie Jenckes Bob Beaulieu Irene Desilets Thomas Hurkett Helen Knowles Lewis Pollock Anne Korman Bob Cooke Beverly Boyles George Schmidt Peg McCretton William Cooke Shirley Smith Edward Sprague Claire Tingley Harold MacKay Lois Purcell Reuben Mooradian Shirley Rose John Hill Norma Stetson Richard Houghton Theresa Baird Bernard Greene Meredith Dillon Walter Jordan Ruth Prendergast Edward Dion Barbara Gracie Dick Larsen June Lanteigne Harlie Thompson Joan Miller r ' Wotlo — _ " We Finish to Benin " . Vj « - CLASS DDE As parting days grow nearer We think of days gone by Mingled joy and sorrow Shared in old North High. We know of many reasons That give u s cause to grieve Recalling all the happy hours And the friends we leave. As parting days grow nearer The world looms strange and dark But our tour years of knowledge Serve as a guiding spark We seek for fame and fortune Our main goal is success And all we ever gain Is owed to N. A. H. S. MUSIC BY— ANN VIGORITO WORDS BY— RUTH TIFTICKJIAN ,-w ' -w ' — Calais C oiori — ' -w ' ' ' --w’ ,-w ' ' s - Cla,. JL Marann and Silver Yellow Tea Rose Senior Qass Ojjicers President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Edward Weygand Margaret Nolan Irene Desilets Raymond Yates 3 9 DOROTHY ELIZABETH BAKER " Dot " Ambition: Artist. Activities: Basketball 3, 4 Exhibition 3 Camera Club 4 Dott ' ie, a quiet and sincere girl, has shown her artistic abilities by her fine contributions to our art exhibits. It is our hope that Dottie will con- tinue with her fine work. THERESA BEATRICE BAIRD " Tillie " Ambition: Physiotherapist. Activities: Head Graduation Usher 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Salutatory Essay 4 " Tillie " is a lovable kid whose friendship is to be treasured. Her sense of h umor brightened our school days and she will always be remembered by her friends. ROBERT BEAULIEU " Bob " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Football 3, 4 Basketball 4 Student Monitor 3, 4 Rams 1 , 2, 3, 4 Senior Play Stage Committee 4 One can ' t help liking Bob. His easy going personality and shy grin have won him the friendship and respect of all his classmates. Bob goes about his tasks with a quiet seriousness which assures everyone that the job will be well done. Bob, if you can be as sturdy in life as you were at right guard, you ' re in. Ambition: Activities: DOROTHY MAE BERGER " Dottie " To become well-known in the fields of education and litera- ture. Red Cap Staff 2, 3 Senior Play 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Valedictorian 4 Panda Club 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 Camera Club 4 Graduation Usher 3 French Play Committee 3 Associate Editor of the Red Cap 4 Dottie has always been able to express herself with ease. Her ever- ready vocabulary has led many to envy her. We know this asset will help her in realizing her ambition. The best of luck - " Dottie " . BEVERLY AGNES BOYLES " Bev " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Yearbook Staff 4 " Bev " a girl who is sure to be a success is one of the vivacious girls of the senior class. Along with her lively actions she has a sparkling per- sonality. Good luck, " Bev " . I THOMAS GORDON BROWN " Apple-Knocker " Ambition: To be a success in anything I undertake. Activities: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Football 3, 4 Monitor 4 Tom isn ' t as much of a farmer as he pretends to be, tor we will always remember his shy grin and his speed on the athletic field enabling him to pull us out of tight spots; just as quick is his wit that has pulled us from the blues many times. Good luck, Tom. JOHN EDWARD CAPOCEFALO " Cap " Ambition: To do his best and be successful. " Cap " , Larson ' s partner in crime, joined our renowned class in the Junior Year. In two years " Cap " has made more friends than many of us expect to for quite a while. When Jack didn ' t know the answer he made one, which leads us to conclude that his originality will make him certain to surpass Newton in his theories. LOUISE RITA CASEY Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Graduation Usher 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Louise ' s attractive face and smart dress make us all turn for a second look. She is known for her willingness to help others, which makes her a friend worthy to have. Louise ' s sparkling personality is bound to make her as popular in life as she was in N. A. H. S. MARGARET ELIZABETH OAVANAGH Ambition: To be a laboratory technician. Activities: Graduation Usher 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Red Cap Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 French Club 3, 4 Panda Club 4 They say good things come in small bundles and Margaret is certainly " good and small " . She is a girl that has earned herself a multitude of friends in her four years at North High. LEATRICE MARY CHAMBERLAIN " Lee " Ambition: To become a children ' s nurse. Activities: Basketball I, 3, 4 Basketball Manager 2 English Club 3, 4 Volley Ball 4 French Club 3, 4 Soft Ball 4 Spring Concert I Giee Club I Yearbook Staff 4 Lee ' s adaptability to any situation has made her a pleasant schoolmate and an able athlete. Her winsome smile and cheerful manner added to this, should help her to become a successful nurse. We hope that all she does will bring her real happiness. WILLIAM SELLEY COOK " Bill " Ambition: To be successful. Activities: Baseball 2 Stags 4 Everybody knows and l ikes " Bill " . His twinkling eyes and mischievous grin will long be remembered by his friends. " Billy " mixes his engag- ing personality with enough seriousness to achieve his ambitions and also be an asset to any social group. ROBERT HERMAN COOKE " Cookie " Ambition: To do his best and be a successful businessman. Activities: Football I, 3, 4 Basketball 1,3,4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 French Club 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Glee Club 4 " Bob " always has friendly greeting ready. There is no one who does not know " Cookie " is a friendly guy. His talents are not limited to sports for he is also a good student. To " Bob " we wish the best. RICHARD ELMER COOPER " Dick " Ambition: To be a mechanic. " Dick " is a boy with whom you make friends as soon as you meet him. He has lightened up many dreary moments with his timely remarks. With his ability to overcome hardships we are sure he will attain his ambition. LOUISE ANN DeBLOIS Ambition: Secretary. Activities: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Red Cap Staff 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Louise, the little girl in our class with the quaint smile, is a lot of fun when you get to know her. Her carefree, pleasing manner leaves an unforgettable impression with everyone she meets. These Impressions will never hinder Louise as she climbs the ladder of success. IRENE MARIE DESILETS Ambition: Stenographer. Activities: Basketball 1 Red Cap Collector I Cheerleader 3, 4, (Head-4) Softball I, 2 Class Secretary 4 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 4 Spring Concert I, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Irene, a head Cheerleader that North High will never forget, has led her group with untiring determination. Her pleasing personality was a great influence in leading her troop. May you be a leader in life, " Irene " . DONALD WEBBER DILLON " Webber " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: J. V. Football 2 J. V. Football 3 (Capt.) French Club 3 Football 4 " Donnie " , as most people know him, is a quiet and modest young man, but as the members of the " 46 " squad will testify he has a lot of fight in him. With his quiet and determined personality he ought to " shine " In his chosen field. MEREDITH JEAN DILLON Ambition: Air Line Hostess. Activities: Class Secretary 2 Head Usher for Senior Play 4 Meredith, in her quiet, unassuming way has gained the reputation of being steady, dependable, and serious. With these attributes she Is bound to be a success. She ' ll pilot her way to that success, not as an angel but still with wings - airplane, that is. EDWARD ARTHUR DION " Red " Ambition: To be a success In anything he undertakes. " Red " has made quite an Impression on the school since he came here from Plainville. His desire for fireworks make him a friend of the regular fellows. SUZANNE EBERT 11 M oue Ambition: To be a successful secretary. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Graduation Usher 3 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Spring Concert 2, 3, 4 " Sue " , a quiet girl with a poetic heart has given us many a smile these four years with her witty lyrics. We shall always remember Sue as she whizzed by in her beach wagon with a smile from ear to ear. BARRY HAZARD FIELD " Injun " Ambition: To own and operate a trucking company. " Injun, our affectionate name for Barry, is a determined young man. His quiet manner has won him many friends. Barry, we hope that you’ll always be as kind and considerate of others as you have been in N.A. H.S. JEAN FISHER Ambition: To be a nurse. Jean is a girl who never leaves a person in doubt as to what the home work might be. She is always ready to tell you the assignment and help you solve a problem, whatever it may be. Ambition: Activities: THERESA LAURA FOUCAULT " Terry " To be a success in the business world. Graduation Usher 3 Exhibition (Biology) 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Her pleasing smile and Invigorating personality have won her many friends. DENISE EILEEN GIBEAULT " Denny " Ambition: An Opera singer. Activities: Glee Club I, 3, 4 Spring Concert I, 3, 4 Biology Club 3 Exhibition 3, 4 Softball 3, 4 Volley Ball 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Basketball 3, Co-captain 4 Vice President Camera Club 4 " Denny " , the golden voiced songstress of our class, has a pleasant per- sonality to go along with her singing ability. Although quiet to the on- looker, Denny is noted for her remarkable sense of humor among her host of friends. BARBARA NATHALIE GRACIE " Barb " Ambition: Physical Education Instructor. Activities: Basketball Manager I Softball 2 Exhibition 3 Graduation Usher 3 Panda Club 4 Senior Play 4 Secretary and Treasurer Although Barbara was always busy impossible to miss her pleasant mile vated us with her fine presentation succumbed still further to her invitin has a sure road of success ahead. Yearbook Staff 4 Advertising Committee 4 Basketball 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 2, 3, 4 of Camera Club 4 doing things tor the class, it was and charm, and when she capti- of " Hy " in the Senior play, we g personality. Barb, a kid like you JEAN SHIRLEY GRANGER Ambition: Journalist. Activities: Class Secretary I Glee Club 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Monitor 4 We ' ve found Jean to be rather quiet at times - but not when she de- manded that ever popular - " No talking in the corridors " . Jean ' s like- able personality has helped her to gain many friends in her four years at North Attleboro High. We know this commendable trait will make her ambition a reality. MARY ARLENE GRECO Ambition: Photographer. Activities: Senior Play Advertising Committee When gay laughter is heard, it ' s a pretty good guess that Mary is the cause. She gets a lot of fun out of life. Mary uses her ability to choose and wear clothes well. Fun and laughter are sure to pursue her through- out life. BERNARD GREENE " Bernie " Ambition: Journalist. Activities: Football 4 Glee Club 4 " Bernie " has just been with us for one year but In that time we have grown to know him as a determined young man with a purpose. An ex- G. I., he played with the " 46 " squad and would be an asset to any team. DAVID BRUCE GREENE " Dave " Ambition: Navy Activities: Basketball I Class Treasurer 3 Rams 3 Reception Usher 3 Football 4 J. V. Football 3 Senior Play 4 " Dave " in his four year stay In N. A. H. S. has made a host of friends. Just to look at him you can tell what he is like. You can always depend on Dave to help you out of a scrape. With his trim appearance and his sedate manner we are sure he ' ll do okay. ROBERT GRIMLEY " Bob " Ambition: To become a Research Chemist. Activities: Band I, 2. 3. 4 Orchestra 1 , 2, 3, 4 J. V. Football 3 French Club 3 Monitor 3, 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Red Cap Staff 4 Football 4 Spring Concert I, 2, 3, 4 Spring Festival 3, 4 " Bob " , one of those guys who has been quiet and studious throughout most of his high school career, has hidden qualities of wit and humor that have won him many friends. Bob has also aided the band and orchestra with his " hot " clarinet. We feel sure that Bob ' s drive and determination will carry him to the top of his chosen field. FLORA HANLEY " Flo " Ambition: Nurse Activities: S oftball I, 2, 4 Volleyball 4 We haven ' t heard much from Flora in the years she has been with us, except for the display of her athletic ability. With her friendly man- ner, Flora is certain to be successful In her chosen profession - nursing. JEAN MARY HARGREAVES Ambition: Commercial Artist. Activities: Senior Play Usher 4 Red Cap Artist 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Jean is one of those girls who always comes through with her job well done, as evidenced by the cartoons she has drawn for the Red Cap and Yearbook. JOHN HILL " Jack " Ambition: To be a lawyer and possibly go into politics. Activity: Yearbook Staff 4 Jack ' s ability to stick by his guns single him out as a fellow who will make his mark. Jack gained fame as the originator of Declaration of War against the monitors. Everyone will remember the enjoyment of hearing Jack expound his opinions in very forceful language. CRAIG DAMON HOBSON Ambition: To become a surgeon. Activities: Basketball Manager 1 Boys ' State Candidate 3 J. V. Football 2 President Camera Club 4 Football Manager 3, 4 Red Cap Staff 4 French Club 3 Yearbook Staff 4 French Play 3 Senior Play 4 When you hear the roar of a decrepit Plymouth, that ' s Craig! Craig owes his popularity to his amiable manner and has vitalized many a class with his sure-fire wit. All of us will long remember him. NELS E. HOFFMAN. JR. Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Nels Hoffman, one of our returned veterans, is a jolly fellow who has won the friendship of all his new classmates. His serious outlook on life will serve him In good stead when he embarks on the sea of life. The class of ' 47 says, " so long, Nels, and may you succeed in whatever you do. " RICHARD HOUGHTON " Dick " Ambition: To be a doctor. Activities: Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra I, 2, 3 Spring Festival 3, 4 " Dick " , the band ' s one and only piccolo player. Is noted for his quiet, friendly attitude. Those who know him remember him for his willingness to aid others. Good luck, Dick, and may your road be smooth. THOMAS CHARLES HURKETT " Dry-cell " Ambition: To be a Technician and to observe the " Golden Rule " to the best of his ability. Activities: Moving Projector Operator 4 Senior Play sound effects engineer 4 " Tom " , is noted tor his quiet, unobtrus ive personality. He is a firm believer in the adage that business comes before pleasure. If he ap- plies this attitude to the life before him, " Tommie " is bound to be a success. NATALIE ANN JENCKES " Nat " Ambition: To be a success in whatever she undertakes. Activities: Red Cap Collector I Graduation Usher 3 Panda Club 3 French Play 3 French Club 3, 4 Monitor 4 Camera Club 4 D. A. R. Candidate 4 Associate Editor of Red Cap 4 Senior Play 4 Mass. Girls ' State Candidate 3 Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Natalie ' s perfect disposition and pleasant smile have made her a very popular young Miss. Natalie has served our class well as evidenced by her many activities. We have all respected Nat ' s friendship and we hope that we may continue to share it in the future. WALTER JCRDAN Ambition: To work hard and make a successful businessman of himself. Activities: Glee Club I " Walt " can be found wherever there ' s music, and if possible he ' ll be dancing to it. He always has a smile and a word for everyone and can be called one of the most congenial fellows in the class. PAUL KENNEDY Ambition: Printing Compositor. Activities: Senior Class Reception Usher 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Paul is a boy noted tor his humor. He is always ready with a cheery smile and can always help to brighten your day. FRANK B. KIRBY " Frankie " Ambition: To travel after graduation. Frank, although quiet and unassuming, is really quite a guy when you get to know him. Under this quiet shell we find a sparkling personality and sharp wit which make him a perfect friend to have. We know that you ' ll make good, Frank. HELEN KNOWLES Ambition: To be successful in anything I may attempt. Activities: Graduation Usher 3 Panda Club 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 Helen is the girl with a quiet, congenial personality, whom we shall always remember tor her willingness to help others and her tactful, unobtrusive manner in doing it. We wish Helen the best of luck. ANNE GERTRUDE KORMAN Ambition: A good linguist. Activities: Red Cap Staff 2, 3 French Club 3, 4 Panda Club 3, 4 Prompter of Senior Play 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Usher Senior Play 4 Anne has been one of our quiet girls along with being one of our smartest. Her ability in translating the different languages is bound to help her in her desired future. Good luck, Anne. RCGER JCSEPH LABRIE " Fifi " Ambition: To be successful. Activities: Basketball I Rams 3 Yearbook Committee 4 " Fifi " could always be found In the Lab during his spare moments. Al- though usually busy he always managed to have tun with his classmates and enjoyed taking part in some mischievous goings on. We feel " Fifi " is fully capable of achieving his ambitions, and in the future, will make N. A. H. S. proud to have had him as a student. We are expecting truly great things from you, Roger. RCLAND LABRIE Ambition: To be a draftsman. A quiet fellow who surprises you with many witty remarks and smile for everyone. Good luck, Roland. MARILYN JCYCE LANPHER Ambition: To travel. Although Marilyn came here In her second year, we all feel that she is one of the crowd. Her friendly personality has helped her gain many friends in N. A. H. S. JUNE ROSE LANTEIGNE Ambition: To be a successful secretary. Activities: Graduation Usher 3 Senior Play 4 Her witty personality has gained her the satisfaction of being the life of many social activifles. You ' re a sure success, June. RICHARD LARSEN " Beaker " Ambition: To put a nick in the world. Activities: Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1 , 2, 3, 4 Spring Festival 3, 4 Rams (Pres.) 4 Yearbook Staff 4 The man with the horn. Everyone knows when Dick Is coming. The echo can be heard down the corridor resulting from one of his better jokes. Ambition: To travel. ALBERT A. LeBLANC " Al " " Al " is the sort of fellow our class is proud to have In its fold. There Is always a pleasant smile on his face for everyone and his pleasant manners will be a boon in later life when he will be on his own. RAYMOND PHILIP LeBLANC Ambition: To be successful. We haven ' t seen much of Ray these past four years, but I ' m sure you can tell what sort of a boy he is by his shy little smile. AUSTIN LIGHTFOOT Ambition: To travel the world. Austin is one of the quiet, bashful male members of the class. He has been fairly active during school days and when a friend or helper is needed you can always find one by calling on Austin. A. HAROLD MacKAY " H- " Ambition: To be an engineer. Activities: Band I, 2, 3, 4 Orchestra 1 , 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert I, 2, 3, 4 French Club 3 Reception Usher 3 Football 1 , 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1,3,4 Harold possesses that rare quality of mixing business with pleasure as his marks and achievements on the athletic field show. He could al- ways be found running around the corridors working on the Red Cap and Yearbook. Thanks, Harold, if it weren ' t for you we wouldn ' t have had our Yearbook. I ' m sure that a boy with your determination ought to attain his goal. Student Monitor 3, 4 Forum 4 Associate Editor of Red Cap 4 Co-editor Yearbook 4 Baseball 3 Spring Festival 3, 4 MARGARET RUTH McCRETTCN " Peg " Ambition: To be a nurse. Activities: Softball I, 2, 3 Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Volley Ball 3 Panda Club 3, 4 Basketball Captain 4 We hope that Peggy ' s sincere determination displayed in getting the girls to basketball practice carries her through her nursing career just as successfully. Her witty remarks combine with her more serious moments to make her a person nice to be with. Cur sincerest wish for good will and success go with her. JCAN ELIZABETH MILLER " Joanne " Ambition: To be a successful journalist and writer. Activities: Panda Club 3 French Club 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Senior Play 4 Red Cap Staff 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Camera Club 4 Spring Concert 4 Joan can always be found doing something for our class. Her pleasant manner reminds us of the pleasant hours we have spent with her. We wish Joan all the success in her writing career to come. REUBEN MCCRADIAN " Wee " Ambition: To be wealthy. Activities: Football Manager 1 , , 2 Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 Basketball Manager 1 Red Cap Staff 4 Baseball Manager 1 Camera Club 4 Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 " Wee " — although not high is stature, has a heart as big as him- self. He has helped us over the rough spots with his friendly person- ality. Reuben has also given freely of his time to make our class projects a success. Good luck, " Wee " . MARGARET ANN NCLAN " Peggy " Ambition: Veterinarian. Activities: Orchestra 1 Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4 Panda Club 3, 4 Vice-President 1, 3, 4 Basketball 4 Softball 2 Red Cap Collector Spring Concert 1, 2, 3. 4 French Club 4 Red Cap Staff 3 Camera Club 4 Graduation Usher 3 Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 Senior Play 4 There is never a dull moment when " Peggy " is around and we are grate- ful for her helpful support in the many crises we have passed in the four years. Peggy may well be proud of the record she has achieved in N. A. H. S. We wish her all the success in the world when she em- barks on her career as a veterinarian. MARJORIE MARY O’NEILL " Margie " Ambition: Laboratory Technician. Activities: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Camera Club 4 Senior Play 4 Margie ' s eveready smile and cheery disposition have endeared her to many friends In N. A. H. S. Without her during these past four years, our high school days wouldn ' t have been complete. VIRGINIA MARIE O ' NEIL II - • • It Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Glee Club I, 2 Spring Concert 2 Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Virginia has gained many friends by her sparkling personality and her athletic ability. These things we will always remember of her as she leaves N. A. H. S. JEANNE A. PAQUETTE Ambition: To be successful. Jeanne ' s quiet manner and sincerity have gained her a host of friends in N. A. H. S. Here ' s wishing you the best of luck always. BARBARA PAQUIN " Barb " Ambition: To be a success In life. Activities: Spring Concert Usher 3 Cheerleader 3, 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 " Barb " was a great influence to the boys on the field with her cheering. Her " happy-go-lucky " way is one we will all remember in the years to come. ROSS POIRIER " Roscoe " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Rams " Ross " Is a fellow who makes friends with everyone. He has a pleasing personality and believes in mixing business with pleasure. These assets characterize him as one of the valuable contributors to the class of " 47 " . EILEEN ROSALIE POLEFKA Ambition: Secretary Activities: French Club 3 Red Cap Staff 3, 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Eileen ' s quietness and ability in her school work will start her on the road to success. Ambition: Activities: LEWIS GILBERT POLLOCK To be 6 ft. tall. Baseball 3, 4 Student Monitor 3, 4 President French Club 3 Senior Play 4 Editor of Red Cap 4 Co-editor of Yearbook 4 Forum 4 J. V. Football 3 Basketball 3 Lewis, the proud owner of THAT car, is always buzzing around school looking for someone to help paint those last two fenders. Lewis ' amiability make him a friend to e veryone. His scholastic ability marks him as a sure success in life. He will always be remembered as a swell guy. BETTY ANN PRECOURT Ambition: Radio Broadcasting. Activities: French Club 3, 4 French Club Secretary 4 Betty Ann, our class teenie-weenie, is a bundle of benevolence. Every- one will miss Betty ' s sweet smile and original sense of humor. ARMAND LOREN PRECOURT Ambition: Mechanical Engineer. Loren is a quiet, serious boy with a hidden sense of humor. Everyone will remember those twinkling eyes of his as he recounted a humorous tale. Good luck, Loren. RUTH ILENE PRENDERGAST " Ruthie " Ambition: To be a successful children ' s teacher. Activities: Red Cap Collector 2 French Club 3, 4 ' — Ruthie ' s good-natured and easy going personality mixed with a little seriousness on the side, has made her the type of person you can ' t help liking. We hope she will travel the road of life as easily as she traveled the road through school. JEAN OLIVE PURCELL Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 2, 3, 4 Red Cap Collector 3 Jean, a very popular Miss around the halls ot N. A. H. S., will surely be a success In her hairdressing career. LOIS ANN PURCELL " Chicken " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Basketball I, 2, 3 Graduation Usher 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Lois has devoted much of her time to aiding our class. We ' ll miss your ever helpful assistance, Lois. LEON JOSEPH RANCOURT Ambition: To be a successful toolmaker. Activity: Basketball I Leon has kept to himself through most of his high school career. His quiet determination to get ahead will carry him far. If he remains in life as he was In school, he can ' t help but succeed. LOIS RAZEE Ambition: Bookkeeper. The achievements and gains of Lois will lay In her cool manner which will master her future beyond the doors of N. A. H. S. ANNA J. REZZA " Ann " Ambition: To go to Europe. Activities: French Club 4 Monitor 4 Chairman, Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Anna ' s sincere and business-like attitude has helped the class In many ways. Her efficiency has made her many friends in N. A. H. S. and will assure her many more in the future. To you, Anna, the best. JOHN H. RHIND " Hatch " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4 Band 1 , 2, 3, 4 President of Biology Club 3 Basketball 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Senior Play Stage Committee 4 Spring Festival 3, 4 Through the four years in North High the classmates of " Hatch " have always found in him, a true classmate and worthy friend. We know the underclassmen will miss his cheery personality also. DOROTHY RICHARD Ambition: Medical Secretary Activities: French Club Secretary 3 French Club President 4 " Dot ' s " musical ability has enabled her to gain many friends during her four years at North Attleboro High School. ' Au revoir ' Dot - the French Club will miss you. SHIRLEY ESTELLE ROSE " Shirl " Ambition: To be a success in whatever she does. Activities: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert 1,2, 3, 4 Biology Club 3 Monitor 4 Camera Club 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Wherever there ' s fun and laughter, Shirley ' s not far away. Her spark- ling personality and pleasing appearance has made her a host of friends. She possesses the qualities which will assure her success in whatever she may undertake. GEORGE WILLIAM SCHMIDT " Butch " Ambition: Coaching Activities: Football 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 , 2, 3, 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 George, our most athletic boy, is a friend that can be relied upon at any time. He was a star in all sports and has a pleasing smile for every- one. SHIRLEY EDNA SMITH " Shirl " Ambition: To be a success in life. Activities: Glee Club 1,2 Spring Concert 2 Basketball 3, 4 Shirley, our cutest girl, will leave N. A. H. S. looking for a girl to match her cheery personality and twinkling eyes. RALPH EDWARD SPRAGUE Ambition: Landscape Architect. Activities: J. V. Football 3 Exhibition 3 Football 4 One ot the quietest and most likeable fellows in the class. ROBERT STANHOPE " Bob " Ambition: To be successful. Activities: Basketball I Rams Football 1,3,4 Monitor 3, 4 Senior Play Stage Committee 4 Glee Club 4 Spring Concert 4 Stan is a boy with an easy going personality and a shy smile that makes every one like him. But underneath this shell we find a determined young man with a vast amount of ability stored up in his big frame. NORMA E. STETSON Ambition: Medical Secretary. Activities: Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concert I, 2, 3, 4 Panda Club 3, 4 French Club 3, 4 Spring Festival 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Camera Club 4 Senior Play 4 Exhibition 3 Whenever you hear an exclamatory, " Really? " you ' re sure to find Norma nearby. Without her broad smile and sunny disposition , our years at N. A. H. S. couldn ' t have been complete. Good luck, Norma, we ' re going to miss you. FRED STRONG " Fritz " Ambition: To be a civil engineer. Activity: Basketball I Fred is one of the wittiest boys in the Senior class. His amiable person- ality and never-ending humor have made every minute enjoyable. ANN MARGARET THOMAS " Tommy " Ambition: Dietician Ann has gained many friends by her congenial manner and attractive appearance. HARLIE THOMPSON Ambition: Successful businessman. Activities: Student Monitor 4 Football 3, 4 Forum 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Although Harlie has not been with us long in N. A. H. S., his big happy smile will always be remembered by his buddies. RUTH TIFTICKJIAN " Ruthle " Ambition: Commercial Artist. Activities: Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Graduation Usher 3 Senior Play Usher 4 Spring Concert 3 Monitor 4 " Ruthle " could always be found rushing around the halls of N. A. H. S. ready to do something for anyone, and always with a smile. Ruth is a perfect illustration that big things come in small packages. CLAIRE MURIEL TINGLEY Ambition: Private Secretary. Activities: Graduation Usher 3 Senior Play Usher 4 During her short stay at North Attleboro High School, Claire has won many new friends. Her dimpled smile will long be remembered. To some she seemed shy, but to us who know her - Ahem!!! MICHAEL TODARO " Mike " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Band 2 Football 3, 4 " Mike " will always be remembered as a fellow with a ready smile and a funny story. He possesses one trait above all others and that Is being thoughtful of others. We predict he will go far, for Mike is one of the most popular fellows In N. A. H. S. We just know he will be a success. ANN BEVERLY VIGORITO Ambition: Doctor Activities: Red Cap Collector 2, 3 Graduafion Usher 3 Monitor 4 Camera Club 4 Senior Play Advertising Committee 4 The smiling face is what begins our thoughts of Ann and behind the smile lies the ambition for a happy and successful future. EDWARD CHARLES WEYGAND " Eddie " Ambition: To be a successful journalist. Activities: Class Treasurer I Class Vice President 2 Boys ' State Candidate 3 Red Cap Staff 3 Football 3, 4 Camera Club 4 Student Monitor 4 Reception Usher 3 Class President 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Yearbook Staff 4 " Eddy " our class president, is one of those people who never runs down and one that everyone knows. This sparkling personality radiates all about him, as anyone of the grid squad will testify. We know that his ability to get ahead would make him a first man on any team - Good luck, Ed. RAYMOND ALLEN YATES " Pete " Ambition: To be a successful coach. Activities: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4 Class Treasurer 2, 4 Head Student Monitor 4 Football 1,2, 3, 4 Glee Club 4 Student Monitor 3 Baseball 3 Yearbook Advertising Committee 4 " Pete " , is a boy who you might say is one In a million. Because of his high school career In sports we ' re sure he will attain his goal as a coach here at North where he played the game of ball so well. LORRAINE THERESA BOUCHER " Hon " Ambition: Telephone Operator Activities: Glee Club 1,2,4 Although she Is quiet - don ' t let her fool you. Her quietness will be an advantage to her all through life and will make others envious. CLASS here have been classes and classes and still more classes, but they were just classes. WE are utterly differ- ent. Our achievements on the athletic field and the suc- cess of our gala social affairs have been so magnani- mous that we will dispense with the details for fear of shaming the other students. Therefore, we will mention only the great accomplishments of the class of ' 47. Quietly we entered our first eventful year in high school and bravely faced an uncertain future in the corridors of N. A. H. S. We crept through those ten months half-scared to death of the very sight of a SENIOR, but we struggled through and finally fin- ished our freshman year, guided by Gordon Clarke, as President: Peggy Nolan, Vice-President; Jean Gran- ger, Secretary; and Eddie Weygand, Treasurer. Lj chard die arien The next year, our Junior year, when we finally be- came upperclassmen, we elected as our President, Eddie Weygand; Vice-President, Peggy Nolan, Secre- tary, Nancy Whitney; and the guardian of the class funds, Dave Greene. Our glorious name was success- fully upheld on the gridiron by Harold MacKay, Bob Stanhope, Eddie Weygand, Tom Brown, Bob Cooke, Mike Todaro, and George Schmidt. On the basket- ball court, George Schmidt, Harold MacKay, Pete Yates, and Bob Cooke made a second appearance aided by Johnnie Rhind, Lewie Pollock, and Reuben Mooradian. On the baseball diamond we saw Tom Brown, George Schmidt, Bob Cooke, Lewis Pollock, Harold MacKay, Ray Yates, and as manager, Craig Hobson. Our second year, we are sorry to say, was rather uneventful, but neve rtheless we still had our class officers, and for these exceedingly important posi- tions we chose as President, Gordon Clarke; Vice- President, Eddie Weygand; Secretary, Meredith Dillon; and Treasurer, Pete Yates. Our representation was rather light In our first two years as we devoted most of our time and energy in the pursuit of the intellectual things of life such as History, English, Latin, and all the studies we loved so well. (AHEM!) But don ' t forget the girls. They made quite a hit on the basketball court, also, with such players as Peg McCretton, Ginnie O ' Neil, Debby Baker, Denny Gibeault, Shirley Smith, Lois Purcell, and Nancy Whit- ney to lead them on to victory. On the softball team appeared Peggy Nolan, Nancy Whitney, Peg McCret- ton, and Barb Grade. The girls ' as well as the boys ' teams were spurred on to victory by the vivacious cheers of Irene Desilets and Barb Paquin. In the journalistic department, the " Red Cap " staff, to be specific, our banner was carried by Anne Korman, Peggy Nolan, Dottie Berger, and Eddie Wey- gand. And last, but not least we wish to mention the Junior Prom. This was THE event of the year. Our preparations were faultless, the decorations were ab- jd a 3 8 HISTOR Y I J .L ara g. solu+cly " out of this world, " — the refreshments were all taken care of - and the orchestra was seen to, but there was one tiny flaw. The ice cream failed to make an appearance at the designated time and our oblig- ing chaperones went in search of it. Senior Year! Our aspirations were attained! ! ! ! Finally, after three long, long years, we reached what we considered " our highest pinnacle of success " - for we were at last Seniors. To start things rolling we immediately elected Eddie Weygand, Peggy Nolan, Irene Desilets, and Pete Yates to lead us on as Presi- dent, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, re- spectfully. The football team was composed of such Seniors as George Schmidt, who made his third year on the team, Tom Brown, Eddie Weygand, Pete Yates, Bob Beaulieu, Bob Stanhope, Harold MacKay, Bob Cooke, Dave Greene, Harlie Thompson, Bob Grimley, Don Dillon, Mike Todaro, and Craig Hobson as manager. George Schmidt made a third year appearance on the basketball court and he was accompanied by Pete Yates, Harold MacKay, Bob Cooke, Bob Beaulieu, Johnnie Rhind, and Reuben Mooradian, Well, let ' s not forget the girls again! The basket- ball court was cluttered up every Tuesday and Thurs- day by such Seniors as Peg McCretton, Ginnie O’Neil, Debby Baker, Shirley Smith, Lee Chamberlain, Denny Gibeault, Peggy Nolan, and Barb Gracie. Other organizations in which Seniors appeared and worked diligently were the orchestra. Red Cap and Yearbook, the band, the glee club, French Club, Parliamentary Law Club, and Camera Club. Another big, and I do mean big, happening in our Senior Year, was our invitation dance, appropriately named " Seninda " . This was one dance that was really very successful and everything went off like clockwork, despite the fact that our grand march was slightly mixed-up, and the orchestra failed to put in an ap- pearance until nine o ' clock. One of the biggest events in the life of a high school student is the Senior Play and ours was cer- tainly no exception. " Brother Goose, " was the name of the play, and brother, was it super! Under the capable leadership of Miss Erving — Craig Hobson, Lewie Pollock, Natalie Jenckes, Peggy Nolan, Margie O ' Neil, Barb Gracie, Dottie Berger, Norma Stetson, June Lanteigne, Joan Miller, Eddie Weygand, Tom Hurkett, and Anne Korman, displayed their histrionic ability before a very appreciative audience and pro- duced an exceedingly humorous comedy. I ' m sure that it was one evening that we won ' t forget for a while. As it may clearly be seen by the preceeding para- graphs, the entire program of N. A. H. S. will be dis- rupted by our graduating. Naturally, we all will be very sorry to leave. We will miss the teachers and they will miss us, we know. (I ' m only joking). However, I guess you can’t have everything, so we will reluctantly pass through the outward gate - never more to return at 8:10. f a e 59 Class Officers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Newell Riley Barbara Weygand Irene Stetson Robert Messier Freshman Class The first event which was presented by the class of " 1950 " was a dance. This dance was held March 29 and called " The Whirlwind. " The weather, taking a hint from the name of the dance, was cold and windy. The grand march was led by Newell Riley and Barbara Weygand. Robert Messier and Irene Stet- son handled refreshments and tickets. On the sport ' s field, for the boys, the class honors were held up by Damon Swistak, Bob Messier and Joe Levis. Representing the weaker sex on the athletic field were Dora Messier, Barbara Weygand, and Helen Brederson. Sophomore Class Class Officers President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Charles Larsen Janet Weygand Elaine Corrigan Donald Poirier The class of ' 49 held its first dance this year on March 8th. It was called the " Spring Frolic. " The gym was well decorated with pink and green crepe paper. A good time was enjoyed by all. On the football team, Allan MacDonald was first string, while Alvin Bates, Gerard Achin, Bob Larocque and Fred Desilets substituted regularly. Allan MacDonald was also a varsity member of the basketball team while Richard McCretton, John Coyle, Mickey McNeil, Ray Bishop, Bob Clarke, and John Poholek were members of our second team. On the diamond. Bob Clarke, Allan MacDonald, Bob Larocque, Russell Myers, and Bob Oullette repre- sented the sophomores. Girls on the basketball team were Ella Charron, Fae Miller, Bertha Ash, Doris Boillard, and Gwen Hillman. f a e 60 Junior Class Llass President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Gt’l ' icers Herbert Ciolfi Jean La Rosee Jacqueline De Blois Gene Nardelli This year the Junior class accounted tor two social events. The first was somewhat subtly named " St. Vitus Dance. " The dance was well attended. Also the class held its " Junior Prom " in grand fashion. It was certainly the social affair of the year. The hall was decorated with black and white; the admission of $2.00 per couple broke all records. The Junior class held several paper drives in order to increase their treasury balance. The help and co- operation of the students made their Junior year quite successful. In the athletic department, Chuck Ciolfi played his role as one of the four horsemen. Dick Deschenes was one of the Rocketeer wing-men. Other Juniors who participated on the gridiron were Joseph Morrell, James Languille, Richard King, Andy Velletri, and Roger Cloutier. On the basketball court Gene Nardelli upheld class honors as captain of the Junior Rocketeers, with Jack Rioux and Dick Deschenes also outstanding tor the class of ' 48. On the baseball diamond, Albert Desilets was elected captain of the Rocketeer Nine with Gene Nardelli, Dick Deschenes, Jerry Parentou, Bob La- Rocque and Harry Azarian, all of whom fought to bring recognition to the Junior Class. Representing their class on the girls ' basketball team were Mae Allison, Abby Gibeault, Jean Bragg, and Joan Colburn. FOOT I st Row Left to Right — Harold MacKay, Bob Stanhope, Edward Weygand, George Schmidt, Bob Beaulieu, Bernard Greene, Thomas Brown. 2nd Row Lett to Right — Assistant Coach Coakley, Dick Deschenes, Chuck Ciolfi, Dick King, Donald Dillon, Craig Hobson (Mgr.), Bob Cooke, Coach Salvati. 3rd Row Lett to Right — Mike Todaro, Joe Morrell, Bob Grimley, Harlie Thompson, Dave Greene, Allan MacDonald. PHILIP O. COAKLEY Assistant Coach Although their win column was small the Red Rocketeers of 1947 fought through their heavily scheduled season taking their defeats courageously. After an encouraging start by beating Warren, R. I., 14-6 the Rocketeers fell into a slump and suffered defeat at the hands of four teams before coming back to win over Franklin 13-0. Only one of these four games was lost by more than 7 points, and several were lost by bad breaks. When the big game of the season with Attleboro on Turkey Day came around, the odds favored a heavier and more experienced Attle- boro eleven. r 64 BALL J Vs 1st Row — George Johnson, Jack McGowan, Gordon Bates, Richard Magnan, Harry Caldwell. 2nd Row — Reuben Mooradian, Raymond Bishop, Charles Larsen, Coach Minah, William McNeil, Bill Johnson, Donald Childs. 3rd Row — Gene Nardelli, Ronald Blais, Robert Clark, Reginald Merrill, Fred Frizzell, Paul Lightfoot. MacDonald, Ciolfi, Schmidt, Cooke, Brown King, MacKay, Greene, Beaulieu, Yates, Weygand, Stanhope, Deschenes The game started off fast with Attleboro scoring twice in the first stanza, with North coming back before the half with seven points. In the second half Attleboro, capitalizing on the weak spots in the North defense, after George Schmidt and Chuck Ciolfi, our two big guns in the backfield, had left the field with Injuries, came back to score three more touchdowns to down the red and white 32-7. Although the team was not as fortunate as teams of past years they had the spirit and determination of past great teams and never lost a faithful spectator because they had lost their fight. If games were won by spirit and fight North would not have lost a game. RALPH SALVATI Coach jPa e 65 Haskethall First Team 1st Row — Coach Coakley, George Schmidt, Capt.; Coach Salvati. 2nd Row — Allan MacDonald, John Rhind, Pete Yates, Bob Cooke, Bob Beaulieu, Harold MacKay. SecDnd Team 1st Row — Reuben Mooradian, Gene Nardelll, Capt.; Coach Coak- ley, Dick Deschenes. 2nd Row — Donald Childs, Raymond Bishop, Gordon Bates, Robert Clark, William McNeil. ROCKETEERS SWEEP ATTLEBORO North High Team BMts «-«;; ' ' ' ' ' ' „ el® ' ' ' rSERIES To y irt Attleboro Quintet, 38-30 . c oo rifba ' i eets 3 .35 Register n a taunjon 5 ?i ' V.. -‘ " ' ’ 52-29 Win Over Mansfield . ... win lost Her-xg Cho " t S-42 UPSETPVER ATJ raOKD-r C»»Y North Started Going Lotc In First Period And Wolked Awoy With Gome |S,tt eboto Qvivnlcl Highlights Of R4 cketeer Win North fans itha( they poniinity out in larger AtUehoro Tain; 5 North spun s musi have sensetl . ght have had an np- p rhcei as they lurnedj •r numbers thou the IS al last night ' s m in out a 44-12 win W . V X - ' »n ' To fV? ' ' SI , Op f ' 5 Sirt ® 0ev« 0P ' " S Showe O. . o c ' - .ee " Vob ' ; _ Aj- nt Rr- isocketeer Basketeers . ' . . s ' vV V vcea tcocketeers Capture Seventh Game Of Season Swamp Walpole High 67-2 North Teom Ploys Best Gome Of Ycor In Cholking Up Another Victory . „ 11 n„,. ,.cO ' fonklin Ponthers. TKi.d ED RuCKETi: 5 ? 5 ' tfEAT FRANKLIN IN SOUIM. :if( 5 RE HOOP TOURNEY Racketeer Highlights This year ' s edition of the North High Basketeers came through with a record of nine wins against three losses. Although they had one of the better averages for Rocketeer basketball teams, this year ' s team was especially outstanding for they beat Attleboro, a feat in itself, not just once but TWICE! The most talked about feature of this fighting band of Rocketeers was the teamwork displayed throughout the season. There was no outstanding star but all five fellows pulled together feeding whoever was " on. " It was that type of spirit combined with the usual Rocketeer tight which will make these Red Rocketeers long remembered. The seniors who were members of the first squad were George Schmidt, Harold MacKay, " Pete " Yates, Bob Cooke, John Rhind, and Bob Beaulieu. f a e 6 7 BASE Faced with the toughest schedule ever to confront a Rocketeer nine, the team came through with typical North High spirit and determination. Listed on the schedule this year were several powerful Rhode Island clubs, among them the state champs, Warren. Coach Salvati, greatly aided by Coach Coakley, molded the team into one of the best Rocketeer nines to take the diamond in recent years. Jack Rioux, centerfielder of last year, took over first base. " Red " MacDonald at second base, and " Pop " Desilets at short-stop made a perfect keystone combination. Holding down the hot corner for the third year was Bob Cooke. Filling out the infield as utility men were Harry Azarian and Bob Oulette. 1st Row — Bob LaRocque, Lewis Pollock, Dick Deschenes, Gene Nardelli, Russell Meyer, Albert Desilets, Bob Ouelette. 2ncl Row — Harry Azarian, Jack Rioux, Allan MacDonald, Bob Cooke, Tom Brown, George Schmidt, Jerry Parenteau. 68 BALL George Schmidt, big right-hander, was our lead- ing pitcher. He was ably assisted in the pitching chores by Richard Deschenes, Gene Nardelli, Russell Meyers, and Bob Clarke. Tom Brown served his third year behind the plate and handled all the pitchers. Out in the suntield, we found Jerry Parenteau and Bobby Larocque. Dick Deschenes held down the mid- dle garden when not pitching. Lewis Pollock pulled ' em down in left field. Judging by their 15-9 victory over Moses Brown, the Rocketeers should have a banner season. Coaches Coakley and Salvati 6 9 Girls N.A.H.S. — ScorGS— OPP. 20 Plalnville 18 27 Wrentham 26 18 Foxboro 21 10 Mansfield 21 8 Plalnville 5 N.A.H.S. OPP. 20 Foxboro 22 18 Mansfield 20 18 Attleboro 22 22 Attleboro 18 GIRLS BASKETBALL Girls ' basketball entered N. A. H. S. the same year the class of ' 47 did and It has been gaining in import- ance as a high school activity ever since. Led by Captains Peggy McCretton and Denny Gibeault, the girls won five games out of ten (one by a forfeit) and ended the season victoriously by beating Attleboro 22 to 18. In spite of a multitude of bumps, bruises, and sprained fingers, there were no major catas- trophes, although Peggy McCretton sprained her ankle and was out of the line-up tor two weeks. Other sen- iors on the team were Peggy Nolan, Dottie Baker, Barbara Grade, Ginnie O ' Neil, Shirley Smith, and Lee Chamberlain. The girls leave behind them some promising young players and they have high hopes for the success of next year ' s team. jpa e 70 1st Row — Shirley Smith, Virginia O’Neil, Leatrice Chamberlain, Margaret McCretton, Denise Gibeault, Mae Allinson, Peggy Nolan. 2nd Row — Abby Gibeault, Gwenny Hillman, Bertha Ash, Doris Boillard, Ella Charron, Fae Miller, Barbara Grade. 3rd Row — Barbara Walsh, Dora Messier, Jean Bragg, Barbara Weygand. GIRLS’ SUFTBALL The girls began their softball career this year by leaving Plainville on the dusty end of a 27-10 victory. Although two games and innumerable practices had to be postponed because of the weather, the girls still have their fingers crossed for the remaining five games they are scheduled to play. Seniors on the team are Peggy Nolan, Flora Hanley, Denice Gibeault, Peggy McCretton, Barbara Grade, and Lee Cham- berlain, captain. Although in previous years softball hasn ' t been as popular as basketball, this year it has come into its own and we venture to say that with next year ' s team it will become even more important. 7 Physical BOYS GYM Physical Education is held every Monday, Wednes- day, and Friday under the direction of Coach Ralph Salvati, During the fall touch football and softball were played on the local field. The winter months saw the classes working out in the gym doing push-ups, pull-ups, rope climbs, and calisthentics. Basketball and volleyball were also played for enjoyment. We are proud of gym as When Spring arrived. Coach Salvati once again took his physically-fit men out on the field for more calisthentics, and an occasional period of softball. Gym has only been in our school the past four years and since then has progressed rapidly. The coach was determined to mold the boys into strong physical shape. The results of the coach ' s de- termination is clearly seen in the strong armed brutes that now stomp our corridors. part of our curriculum. I a e 72 education GIRLS GYM Girls ' gym. Well, now, that is really something. Every Tuesday and Thursday the girls go down into the gym, well-prepared for a period of hard muscular drill. And they have fun, that is, if you consider get- ting yourself tangled up doing exercises, and running yourself ragged around the floor, fun. Nevertheless, despite all the strenuous work-outs given us by Miss Lobdell, there have been no casualities, save a few aches and pains. We ' ve done quite a variety of exer- cises this year and played several different games, such as long base, basketball, volley ball, and softball. The seniors who are graduating regret that no longer will they be able to clutter up the floor of the high school gym with their antics, but they hope that the classes which follow after will have as much fun during those two weekly periods as they did. JP a p. 13 Cheer This year, as In previous years, the cheerleaders came out to back the football and basketball teams of North High, and were ready to give them all they had, whether they won or lost. The active young girls could be seen at all games in their bright colored uniforms of red and white. SWING CHEER Attleboro ' s got jazz Attleboro ' s got swing But, boy. North ' s got everything With a downbeat With an upbeat With a beat that ' ll beat Attleboro. 74 J eaders Irene Desllets, who started in her Junior year, was chosen head-cheerleader for the year. Also, included in the cheering squad were Barbara Paquin, Jean La- Rosee, Louise Luchetti, Lillian Ledger, and Carolyn Girard. Lorraine Wright and Mary Langille were sub- stitutes. BLOCK THAT KICK Block that kick ' Round that end Red and White let ' s do it again Catch that pass and make it pay Come on North it ' s our day. Irene Desilets (Head), Barbara Paquin, Lorraine Wright, Mary Langille, Lillian Ledger, Jean La Rosee, Louise Luchetti. f a e 73 Musical With a greatly improved orchestra, Mr. Bronson completed a successful year. Once again tor the second consecutive year the orchestra journeyed to the State Festival, which this year was held at Medford. In addition to the regular school programs the orchestra also played at the district P. T. A. meeting. The orchestra will feel the loss of Norma Stetson in the string section. Dick Houghton, Bob Grimley, Harold MacKay, and John Rhind will also leave an empty spot in the silver notes in the " Anniversary Song. " 78 Section. A vastly superior band led by three new snappy drum majorettes emerged this year through the dili- gent work of Mr. Bronson and the members. The North Band proved its ability at the Turkey Day classic by its superb playing. This year the Band with increased enrollment and augmented ability journeyed to Medford to compete in the State Contest. The Seniors are, Dick Larsen, Bugle Boy; Dick Houghton, Piccolo; Harold MacKay, Bob Grimley, and John Rhind from the Clarinet section. 79 Glee Club This year ' s Glee Club has surpassed all others — at least that is the point of view of the members. Led as always by Mr. Bronson, the group really outdid themselves in the Spring Concert. The choral numbers were excellent and this time, the girls wore evening gowns which made the whole affair much more attractive. During the P. T. A. conference held in the North Attleboro High School auditorium this Spring, the Glee Club entertained an appreciative audience with a few of the selections sung a few weeks earlier. Of course the Seniors who participated in this group will be sorely missed, for example, Denny Gibeault, Louise DeBlois, Barbara Gracie, Norma Stetson, Peggy Nolan, Joan Miller, Irene Desilets, Jean Purcell, Shirley Rose, Pete Yates, Bernie Greene, Bob Stanhope, John Rhind, Bob Cooke, Jean Granger and Marjorie O ' Neill, but I suppose the classes to come will be able to take our places successfully. All in all. we ' d say that the Glee Club had a pretty successful year. Pa e 80 THE STATE FESTIVAL When most of the townspeople were still in the arms of Morpheus, a courageous band of musicians assembled at the High School with signs of sleep still showing in half-opened eyes. At precisely seven o ' clock, two of Condon ' s super Greyhound buses picked up the Band and Orchestra. Unlike the pre- vious year, the buses were quiet on the way up. Ex- perience had taught us to conserve our strength for the task ahead. At approximately 9:30 the orchestra played the " Mexican Overture " . The judge must have been prejudiced because he didn ' t give us a good mark, and we know we were good. Who ' s that guy to tell us anyway? Trudging back up to the headquarters, the band changed and prepared to leave for the High School where the band was to appear at I 1 :30. A woman guide led the band through numerous corri- dors and downstairs. We waited while another band tried to play " Trapelo. " The N. A. H. S. Band then entered. The band played two preliminary songs to warm up. Strains of " Trapelo " then flowed into the judge ' s ear. Our 92 rating then flowed out onto the marking sheet. From there the unit went to the cafe- teria where a full course meal of sandwiches was served. After that, we were tree to enjoy the scenery. The scenery proved interesting for it took all after- noon to see it. The band returned to the buses to get a ride to the starting point of the parade. Following the march it seems as though our palaces on wheels got caught in the traffic. We managed after a time to board the welcome buses with many complaints reaching the driver that the " Romeo " of the band had a date in half an hour. All ended well, however, and we reached home with the bacon. SPRIlVG EOlVEEHT and FESTIVAL A capacity audience filled the High School Audi- torium on May 2 to witness one of the year ' s best musical performances, none other than the Spring con- cert. The Band opened the program with a triumphant blast which held the audience spellbound. Among the numbers played by the band was " Trapelo Overture " which, we knew, we would gain fame in Medford the following week. Between the Band and Orchestra, Denny Gibeault serenaded the lovebirds with " Indian Love Call. " Barbara Sharier next displayed her talents in playing " Polonaise Militaire. " The Orchestra then sent its golden tone over the music fans. Most pleasing were " Mexican Overture " and " Danube Waves Waltz. " Harold, Bob, and John, between the Orchestra and Glee Club, played a rendition of " Three Blind Mice. " The Glee Club, in their colorful evening gowns, pleased the audience not only with the singing, but with their pretty faces. The Glee Club opened with " American Prayer. " The program was closed with the spine- tingling song " Ours is the World. " 8 Journalism The Red Cap Lewis Pollock, Editor-in-Chief Associate Editors Dorothy Berger Harold MacKay Eileen Polefka The editions of the " Red Cap " , although they have been few this year, have been exceptionally good. In the most recent publication, the pages of the paper have been changed from three columns to two columns. The introduction of headlines for each article is also a decided improvement in the ap- pearance of the magazine. There has been less gossip in this year ' s paper which adds decidedly to the " Red Cap ' s " literary standing. The editor-in-chief, Lewis Pollock, with the assist- ance of the four associate editors, Dorothy Berger, Harold MacKay, Natalie Jenckes, Eileen Polefka, and other reporters, although handi-capped by a lack of funds, have made this year ' s " Red Cap " outstanding and a credit to North Attleboro High School. 1st Row — Cynthia Wyche, Jean Hargreaves, Harold MacKay, Lewis Pollock, Dorothy Berger, Eileen Polefka, Joan Miller. 2nd Row — Reuben Mooradian, Patricia Romero, Shirley Brown, 3rd Row — Barbara Thornley, Betty Fisler, Barbara Johnson, Louise DeBlols, Gwendolyn Hillman, Elsie Golden, Margaret Walter Appleby, Phyllis Hitchcock, Theresa Foucault, Eileen Cavanaugh, Craig Hobson. Maloney. 82 Department The IVorthern Light In the eighth edition of the " Northern Light " , the members of the staff have worked to the best of their ability to make it the best yearbook ever published by N. A. H.S. Harold MacKay and Lewis Pollock, Co-Editors Through much work on the part of the co-editors, Lewis Pollock and Harold MacKay, this edition of the " Northern Light " will be cherished by every senior. On Class Day, the Class Gifts were given out by Louise Casey and Robert Cooke, the Class Statistics 1st Row — Peggy Nolan, Leatrice Chamberlain, Harold MacKay, Lewis Pollock, Louise Casey, Anne Korman, Theresa Baird. 2nd Row — Anna Rezza, Jean Hargreaves, Beverly Boyles, Irene Desilets, Margaret Cavanaugh, Barbara Grade, Joan Miller. read by Theresa Foucault and John Hill, the Class Prophecy by Beverly Boyles and Harlie Thompson, the Class Will by Irene Desilets and Paul Kennedy, and the Class History by Barbara Grade and Richard Larsen. 3rd Row — John Hill, Edward Weygand, Eileen Polefka, Harlie Thompson, Robert Grimley, Theresa Foucault, Robert Cooke, Reuben Mooradian. 4th Row — Craig Hobson, Pete Yates, Dorothy Berger, Shirley Rose, Cynthia Wyche, Paul Kennedy, Richard Larsen. R A M SENIOR PLAY BROTHER GOOSE On the evening of January 24, 1947, as the curtain slowly rose to announce to a capacity house the presen- tation of that great hit, " Brother Goose " , a murmur of expectation swept through the crowd. Backstage, a group of tried and true actors and actresses prepared to display their histrionic ability before the waiting audience. Barbara Grade, that well-known actress of stage, screen, and radio, (she once sat on the radio) very effectively played the part of Hyacinth, the ten-year old brat and the youngest member of the Adams family. Peggy Nolan, a most popular mam ' selle, portrayed Carol Adams, a typical easy-going teen-ager, whose passion was entering contests, usually with the ex- pectation of winning first prize. Lewie Pollock, who took the part of Wes Adams, the bashful young lover, contributed greatly to the play ' s success by his amusing antics, especially when he was on stage alone with Marjorie O ' Neill. She played the experienced, soft-voiced Southern belle, Eve Mason, with captivating charm. June Lanteigne, made-up in black face, perfected a full and resonant Southern accent in the part of Sarah, the comical colored maid of the Mason family. Helen, the sloppily dressed maid who quits soon after the beginning of the play, was played by Joan Miller. She provided for those backstage much en- tertainment by ad-libbing, with Lewie ' s aid, the love scenes enacted on the stage. Craig Hobson, that dashing-man-about-town, por- trayed the part of Jeff Adams, the head of the Adams ' household and the " Brother Goose " of the play. f a e 84 A T I C S One of the main attractions in the play was the appearance of Lenore Hudson, a striking but a very affected young lady, who was, so to speak, " out for Jeff " , successfully played by our gifted young Miss, Norma Stetson. Mrs. Trimmer, owner of the Wee Blue Inns was por- trayed by Dorothy Berger, who adapted herself well in the part of the prim but witty widow. Eddie Weygand, who put in a brief but much en- joyed appearance, amused everyone by his perform- ance of the " plenty mad " truck driver. The various voices heard from back stage were those produced by Dave Greene, our curtain puller. Peggy, the heroine of " Brother Goose, " the girl who virtually comes to the rescue of all concerned was played by our own Natalie Jenckes who brings the story to a successful conclusion with her last scene. Anne Korman, as prompter, and Thomas Hurkett, as sound effects man, greatly helped to make the play a success. During the intermission, Meredith Dillon, the head usher, presented gifts to Mr. Bronson, whose marvelous orchestra entertained the audi- ence between acts, and also to Miss Erving, our director, whose tire- less efforts were responsible for the overwhelming success of the play. North High will never forget this hilarious play which was presented by the senior class of 1947. It was Indeed a night to remember. Craig Hobson Peggy Nolan Lewis Pollock Barbara Gracie Natalie Jenckes lie Jeff Adams Carol Adams Wesley Adams Hyacinth Adams Peggy Winkle Norma Stetson Marjorie O ' Neill Dorothy Berger Joan Miller June Lanteigne Edward Weygand Lenore Hudson Eve Mason Mrs. Lulu Trimmer Helen Sarah Truck Driver f a e 85 OTHER Barbara Grade Craig Hobson Denny Gibeault Treasurer Secretary President Vice-President CAMERA CLUB This organization is comparatively new in N. A. H. S. and al- though the meetings have been few and the activities small, those few gatherings were well attended which goes to prove the interest In the club was great. The officers, Craig Hobson, Denny Gibeault, and Barb Grade are retiring this year, (or rather, they are graduating) so new members will have to be elected, but. It Is worthwhile to note that perhaps what we have started this year will be continued next year and the years after with increasing success. STEADY” CLUB 1st Row— Chuck Ciolfi, Donald Dillon, Edward Weygand, Robert George Schmidt, Richard Larsen, Paul Kennedy, Robert Cooke. Beaulieu, Jack Capocetalo, David Greene. 2nd Row — Lewis Pollock, Bernard Greene, Harlie Thompson, 3rd Row — Robert Grimley, Martin Ryan, Richard Deschenes, Reuben Mooradian. 86 ORGANIZATIONS FRENCH CLUB Getting off to a fine start, " Le Cercle Francais " better known as the " French Club " began its 3rcl busy year early in October under the capable direction of Miss Gadoury. Meetings were held monthly at the homes of the various members. The French Club has lived up to its name, for all the meetings were con- ducted entirely in French. At the second meeting new members were ad- mitted and, therefore, initiations were held. The older members of the French Club, believe the new mem- bers will never forget it. At almost all of the meetings, regular French musical sessions were held. And " oh! la, la, " how the French Club went to town this year. The Club was responsible for one of the outstanding functions of the season, the Mardi Gras. The Club also attended a French movie out of town and provided tor the showing of another at one of its meetings. Typical programs were conducted at each meeting with skits dramatized in French by members, French games with prizes awarded to the winners, and read- ings in French. This year North Attleboro High School is to benefit by awards given by the French Government to pupils showing proficiency in French. The prizes not yet hav- ing arrived, the names of the winners will be announced later. Upon finding a surplus in their treasury, the Club was generously inclined to donate the sum of $10 to the " Save the Children Foundation " of New York, which was forwarded to a needy child in France. As in former years the Club completed its season with its annual open-air Hot Dog Roast. The officers of the Club were: President Dorothy Richard Secretary Betty Ann Precourt Treasurer Peggy Ann Nolan MONITORS 1st Row — Jean Granger, Betty Lou Johnson, Janet Culhane, 2nd Row — Lewis Pollock, Edward Weygand, Chuck Ciolti, Robert Shirley Rose, Anna Rena, Ruth Tittickjian. Srimley, Robert Beaulieu, Tom Brown. 3rd Row — Bob Stanhope, Harold MacKay, Harlie Thompson, Walter Appleby. f a e 8 7 In Appreciation UJ E wish to loke this page to thank all those to make our yearbook a success. Especially to thank: who helped do we wish The manufacturers, merchants, professional people, and all others who have through their generosity given us the financial aid necessary to print this book. Mr. Clarence Greene for his splendid co-operation and his helpful advice. HEMPHILL EDMP IM k Pawtucket Rhode Island SWAIVK, live. Attlebaru, Mass. . 5 , 4 ? CASE COMPANY 4 W. H. RILEY SDY Coal - Coke - Fuel Oils - Wood Masons ' Materials Power Shovel Excavating NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASS. . 5 , ATTLEBORO and PLAIAVILLE E 0 A L EOMPAAY I N c. L. S. Peterson Company 4 LeStage Manufacturing Company l FG CO I — =iw !5vwi r IV arm’s Ice Cream Creed Hasary Company 1 t .Bm II B " •’ KT h- Mtt 1 1 ' W i r 9 ? ■§ =IWV5iSVwi: American Heenf nrced Pap er Co. Attleboro, Mass. o: ST e fi L! N o s ! Lve A 3 . Interstate Transit Lnrp. Special Cnaciies for Every Dccasiun Infarmatinn — Call Attlebara 173 Bngbee Niles Cn. sJ, A Friend fiance $c Qj ompang Costume Jewelry K Manufadturers ZbZ Broad Street IVorth Attleboro Massachosetts C. K. Grouse Company WaLe. of Senior Class Hinqs 13 4 7 .1 J. F. STURDYS SOYS CD . 5 , 1 C. Hay Randall Manufacturing C u in p a n y 5; Jeweled Crnss Company C on ratuiationd an cl Eeit WiJi to the les H. A. H. S. Class of 1947 Automatic Machines Pruducts Co. Faye Baker Manufacturing Co. Chas. Thomae Son, Inc. 15 Maynard Street Attleboro, Mass. General Chain Company, Inc. fo. A A. LaCASSE SDA 4 The JewGlry S. Cutlery Auvelly Ed. NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASS. OSCAR A. HILLMAA SDIVS L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY AttlebDro, Massachusetts ( laS6 an J P.n. C oininenceinenl nuitations — ' 2)ipioniai j ersona C anls | Ol H. F. BAHHDWS CDMPAIVY SWIFT FISHER, Inc. „,C 77 FULLER RDX EDMPAIMY RREIVYAY DRUG ED. i- iwvSisvvi 1 STANDARD CHAIN CD., Inc. MASDN HDX COMPANY MDNRDE CDNSTHPCTIDN COMPANY A. H. DHAIS LUMHEH CD. Luiiibcr and Mill Wurk h. V CHICKE1V RDDST PROVIIJENCE - RHOIIE ISLANII CARROLL CUT RATE P- ? OIVEIL COMPAIVY ( nqine - urninq J. L PAPER BOX CD., IXC. Paper i oxei — Padi — Pewetri Idispiatp EAST WASHINGTON STREET NORTH ATTLERORO, MASSACHUSETTS IMOLAIVS FLDWEfl SHDPPE 3L oweri fon- Oi ccaSion ? MDUHDE-LAIVGSTRDTH, Inc. CDNTRACTDRS and ENGINEERS MacDunald Brothers Electro f ialin — f oiiiiiin OS Eliestnut Street TELEPHONE 9 9 0 4 ? ' k ELOVERLEAF DAIRY R. A. JENCKES, Prop. .5, HUDSON COMPANY M. S. COMPANY ATTLEBORO, MASS. MANUFACTURERS OF c . aim an J DiJ. ' " r HOWARD JOHNSONS itiom N. A. H. S. Class of 1947 Your courage and ability have carried you this far on the road to success. See to it that you practice the same fortitude on the future road. No lesser effort will suffice. North Attleboro Gas Company I. L. Underhill, President 7 -X rlvVSteVwi: Attli ' boruuqh Savinqs Bank RDBBIIVS CDMPAHY I ' § Thu CBMMEBCIAL PRESS ine j rinlin TelepliDiie 454 117 South Washington St. North Attleboro, Mass. AUSTIAAS LBBGE ina J J4ome C ooLin 72G Waslhrigon St. Soutli Attleboro BLackstone tlSSl k Whiting Davis Company o: ' MES»r ' --j — -1 . uiiNo vim)) PLAINVILLE, MASS. Spencer Thermostat Company Glines Rhodes W. C. Richards Company Qnaker Silver Company, Inc. NORTH ATTLEBDRD, MASS. W. S. R. Jewelry Company, Inc. ATTEEBDRD, MASS. Mossherg Pressed Steel Corporation ATTLEBDRD. MASS. Frenchie’s Service Station 5 . Anawan Cigar Store Golden Anchor Hestanrant imencan laiian — Sea SoocI — ce C ream Route 1 Plainville, Mass. Snvall Sons WASTE PAPER and METAE LJEAEERS IVorth End Cleaners SDows StJei of S iitinclio Barber Electric Mannfactnring Co. Gardiner Higgins, Inc. i- Gandette Leather Goods Company 4 i ' ji- Fctzcrs Garage o. ' J H. W. Wright Milady’s Reliable IVews Rureau Mrs. I. I. McCabe. Prop. Hector A. Gibeaolt " For the Best in Music " tone ettin and ddn rai in Victor - Decca - Columbia - Capitol Mercury - Majestic Records Room IB Riley Ruilding heet yi uiic — ew |Japer — yFja azinei NORTH ATTLEflORO, MASS. 7 .55 k ?■ DLDTDWIV LACE WORKS Ligqett’s Drug Store Ringuette’s Pioneer Food Store 4 :IV ;GVW|: Wamsutta Drug J. J. Newherry Hector J. DeBluis HEAL ESTATE and INSURANEE Hew Clover Market Cuca-Cula Bottliog Cnoipaoy uf Rhode Islaod J. J. Beard Furoiture Cooipaoy Tel. Attleboro 1157-R Tel. North Attleboro 554- WK 44 South Main Street 90 North Washington Street Better Hooie Products Cu. Authorized Dealers In General Electric Kitchen Equipment Schofield Hardware Cooipaoy k A Ira Lloyd Pollock Attorney-at-Law Horth Attleboro Chronicle Company (Commercial f rinteri ince 1870 Publishers of the " Evening Chronicle " W. J. Ross Yooth Center I3V2 North Washington Street North Attleboro, Mass. The Ralph S. Gilmore Agency INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE □rent Rros. Topsys Chicken Coop South Washington Street North Attleboro. Mass., U. S. Route 1 Delicious Golden Brown Southern Fried Chicken and Chips Also Fried Clams, Scallops and Steaks Open Daily 11:30 A. M. till 1:00 A. M. Hanson Dowding Division Millers Department Store To. — " ■ .. ys ' r»j V 1c 46 Pearl Street J. F. Bride Co. Enamelers of Jewelry and Silver Novelties Dresden Painting a Specialty Attleboro. Mass. Robert V. McGowan Tax Consultant D. Evans Company J. C. Toot Company A. T. Parker S. Company North Attleboro ' s Oldest Insurance Agency William A. McGivney Attleboro Printing Embossing Co. Embossed Seals and Labels 54 Union Street Attleboro, Mass. Plastic Craft IVovelty Company Manufacturers ( oitume i ewein — YJoueitij i racetets 12 DUNHAM STREET Attleboro. Mass. Diamond Dairy Gerard T. Amesbury, Prap. Arns Dressed Meat Company Westcott Cunstroctian Company IVarth Attlehuro High Schuol Buusters §, ?■ Miss Anstins Jack Corrigan Ballon ' s A. D. Jarvis A Friend Alton Hiley Benry Bomar J. Shepard Park St. Cash Market B L Cleansers Leons George H. Cllis Ye Bide Smoke Shop Barher SU . 5 , Sayles Dairy Milk Bar Cammunity Clnthinq Shop IVarman ' s ..J ouie ' 2)iitinctive Qifh 16 South Washington Street North Attleboro, Mass. V. H. Blackintan Company dtaLfidlied 95 eari ATTLEBORO FALLS. MASS. Community Jewelry Shop Jewelers Where Jewelry Is Made Cndicott- Johnson B and L Radin Radios - Refrigerators - Photo Supplies Fishing Tackle Authorized Motorola Sporton Sales and Service 112 Park Street W. T. Grant Company Franklin Bardware Company A Friend y i. fo. t lIVVSiGVWI; R. Blackinton Cn. CE) i@ Walton Lonsbnry Attleboro, Mass. IVorth AttlebDru Foundry Diamond Match J. H. Hobson Company l anu actufin evueiers North Attleboro, Mass. Emile P. LeBIanc Painting Paperhanging 20 Pleasant St. Tel. 809-R Mcrvin C. Gay Landscaping Driveways and Walks Resurfaced Mervin c. Gay North Attleboro, Mass. Tel. N. A. 1265-W F. W. Wuoluurtb Co. Acbin Brothers Gulf Station 54 South Washington St. North Attleboro, Mass. Lavnry’s Waitini} Room Hindefs Service Station Junction East South Washington Sts. North Attleboro, Mass. W. S. A. Company, Inc. 46 Union Street Attleboro, Mass. IV. D. Whalen Co. 54 Union Street Attleboro, Mass. McGoverns Service Station A. S. Inqraham Company Attleboro, Mass. ?■ J- ? Cammunity Hadio Shop Reeve’s CEntral Fruit StorE Shirley J. Holmes Ledd’s ShoE SErvicE Paul Johnson, D. M. D. KonnEdy’s Hat Shop Anthony’s Barhor Shop Ftaqg’s HakEry or Qiiaiiti ' ll)ou linuti, C aLei and jd aitri our =ldocai Pietce epreientalive 1 FlEctric ShoE HEsoting or llioie who wan t the iddeit " HotEt Hixon Ralph H. MeReis, R. M. R. J. A. ClarnEr Electrical Contractor — Electrical Appliances — Gifts in Pottery, Wood, etc. IDD North Washington Street Tel. P7D-J PeIe’s ShoE Shining and Hat Claaning Capodanno’s Frnit StorE A FriEnd ir Clifford Grotty r Casino Bowling Alloys in Church Street IVarth Attleboro Fish Chip Jarvis Hnnt Attorney-at-Law A. H. Dyofl, D. M. D. Valentine Company 24 North Washington St. Greeting Cards For All Occasions Johfl E. Miner Fornitore Co. M. A. Viqorito Tailors and Toggery Bent Allaire The Nabisco Man [ Mike Bezza and Danqhters c Znnny’s Yankee Diner I Swanzey Tool Company Attleboro Falls Market George Hey, Prop. Wall’s Sales and Service See you at the Cabin The Log Cabin Tom Shaunessy North End North Attleboro, Mass. Bnrn’s Service Station C. W. Bristol Floretena Bestanrant Route lA Plainville. Mass. 1 . k ilwVi)iGVwi: Cnlanial Inn Bank Street Breenhonse Pant F. Armstrong Attorney-at-Law Zilch’s Garage Cnshing’s Kayser and Dainty Dot Hose IV. J. Magnan Corporation Tennis - Badminton - Squash Rackets Coinmbia Radio Company Frank G. Holbrook Insnrance Agency " The Family Agency Built Upon Personal Service ' A Friend Cdmnnd T. Welch, H. M. H. Mr. H. JV. Sperry Crnest and Billy Witschi Walter H. Mnrphy " The Paint Man " Rainbow Moving Local and Long Distance Movers Also Taxi Service Three Long, Clean, Comfortable Cabs At Your Service Tel. 666 Home Utilities, Inc. 3 South Washington St. A Friend North Attleboro, Mass. Frigidaire Sales and Service ? ' i iwvSiciVJb The BISHOP Company, Inc. H. F. Simmons Cnmpany Attleboro, Mass. . 5 , UTDGRAPH S “Like seme low and mournful spell, we whisper lhal sad word FarEWGll” P. Benjamin

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