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North Attleboro High School - Northern Light Yearbook (North Attleboro, MA) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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u ' 4 6 A A -.,b-.,- 2 'T WffQ'? , Z -1 'Ya s lv? 4 l in ,, I ' Pull fx ' 'K ,. 'J 4- ,A JH 5, Y V VJ 1 , 6 K , 1 3 N f LQ? 7 'Af .f 1,,,f:j -.'7f5f9A1 :fi tin: -k 41 Foreword Enclosed befween fhe covers of fhis book are fhe lasf fond memories of our high school days. The four years have passed quickly and now we find ourselves ready fo sef forfh info a world sfruggling fo hold a newly-won peace. Responsibilify will be placed on our shoulders and we shall affempf fo fake our righfful posifion in fhe world. As we draw farfher away from our school days, each one of us will fake fime for a "pause in fhe day's occupafion", fo glance fhrough fhis yearbook and remember fhe boys and girls who were our classmafesg remember fhe gafherings in fronf of Sayles, in fhe locker room, and in fhe corridors before 8:l0: remember fhe friendship and good fimes af fhe afhlefic confesfs, school dances, and ofher exfra curricular acfivifiesg remember fhe faculfy and fhe knowledge given us fo help us on our way fowards a happy and prosperous life. The road before us is long and rough, buf if we learn fo fake disappoinfmenf and failure in fhe same manner in which we fake praise and success, and if we work and play in fhe righf proporfions, we will find fhe road smoofh and fhe iourney enioyable. 'A' 'A' 'lr 'lr iii 'kirir A PLUJ LIG TIQN QB? THE A. M f f figigffmiig ,ff J ,,.44"' A , 'Mfg-'ff g w,XM-v'- wf' MA ft, ff 1 ii i . 1 W x ,,.. ii Ek? 3 .W Eisigi E ff, W may A --h,- Q .W X Q W. , . .:s1i' fsfzawafuiw , f Y f f ' A,. h', .V , - A 7' 4 ,,, mf i 44 Q N ' X 1- XL -3 xfiiw Q N .. K . K Q A . X ifflx. -Q ' A gifs' f Ns XX i X3 A -xxx - f .- Q--X k N553 .A xv NRS i xv- We!-E"Y , mr G Q fbi? 'av H 55 I Q , , , Q 4 ff' M ,W ,.,,, Q QI. . M L if A W f, . Q, f is f' wa, 4 of Q M Wh '9 ,K L, am ...,... ii KWH Q g Q -N yr A , ' K ,ii V. 5- ,Q . Q J 1 PAGE 4 ,if K ' . W Q Winter Scene of High Sciiuul MN-f.. Community Park Sitting nn frunt ships after lunch Lezrvinq frnm Northern Entrance nf fimzhnnl '1 PAGE 5 PAGE 6 Entranne tu Eummunity Field :lv - .. -..M Baseball Field PAGE 7 PAGE 8 UIlUIl1i5iil'y Lul1U1'ulury Working in SCIIUUI Shop flu: lliqlu Suluunl ljym " LUIHIIIIUUIII PAG E 9 ln 'I'his, fhe firsl' year of world peace in over a decade. we 'I'he class of I946 have vofed unanimously fo dedicafe our yearbook +o +he Norfh AHleboro boys who gave fheir lives in fhe recenl world conflict We have also resolved fo make cerfain +ha+ fheir sacrifice shall nof have gone unheeded. Those boys loved 'rhe home life and good fimes fhaf only peace can insure. For +ha+ peace 'lhey wen+ off +o war and never came back. They 'foughl' 'rhe physical baH'le 'For fhe peace. Now, we musl' figh+ fhe moral baffle for 'lhis same obiecfive. For +hem, 'For +hese forfy-seven home +own boys, we shall devole our bodies, minds. and souls fo fhe +ask of achieving an everlas+ing peace. 'ki iv Pfc. Donald Tennant U.S.A. Pfc. Edmund Corrigan, U.S.A. Pic. Francis P. Lorden, U.S.M.C. MM 3fc James E. Foley, U.S.N. F.O. James Swanezy, U.S.A.A.F. S lfc John J. Rena, U.S.N. SfSgt John F. Mason, Jr., U.S.A.A.F SfSg+ Harold K. Waferson, U.S.A. Pic. Waller Perlxoslri, U.S.M.C. Pvt George R. PaqueH'e, U.S.A. Pic. Edward Morrell, U.S.A. TfSgt Harold Joseph Hall, U.S.A. Pic. Raymond F. Hall, U.S.A. lsf Lt Roberf Beaupre, U Pic. Thomas R. Norion. .S.A.A.F. Jr., U.S.A. Pic. Charles W. Barfh, U.S.M.C Lt Delphis Monast U.S.A.A.F. Plc. Leo Ringuetle, U.S.A. Pvt Raymond H. While, U.S.A. Pfc. John L. Dieisch, U.S.A. SfSgt John C. Barry, U.S.A.A.F. Sgt Roberf K. Bafchelder, U.S.A.A.F. EM lfc William Tanner, U.S.N. 2nd l.t Roberi' F. Toner, U.S.A.A.F Pic. Leo Paul Sarazin, U.S.A. MM Ifc Wellingion A. Smiih, Jr., U.S.N., Sea Bees Pvt Thomas E. Rushfon, U.S.A. SfSgt Frederick W. Moore, U.S.A.A.F Corp. Joseph T. McGralh, U.S.A. Pic. Paul LizoHe, U.S.A. Plc. lrving F. Horfon, U.S.A. FC 2nd Arfhur L. Greene, Jr.. U.S.N. TfSgt Eleufaro Anfhony Greco, U.S.A.A.F. TfSgt Earle E. Goodman, U.S.A.A.F. Capt Maurice G. Fournier, U.S.A Pvt Joseph R. E. Vaguener, Pfc. Thomas B. Doolin, U.S.A. U.S.A. Pfc. Roland N. Baxier, U.S.A. Ensign Fredericlr A. Ni'Hel, U.S.N.A.F. Pvt Arihur R. Avery, U.S.A. Isl Lt Leo Melvin MacDonald, U.S.A. Pfc. Charles J. Hadulr, U.S.A. Lt Harold William Bishop, Jr., U.S.A.A.F. Arihur Cleaves, Mo. M. Zfc, U.S.C.G. Walfer D. Hevey, A.O.M., 3fc ,Sgt Herberi S. Houghron, Jr., U.S.A.A.F. Pfc. Harold A. Courant Jr., U.S.A. 555511 rw fix IIIIIl!!IIIIIIIIIIIII!IIIIIIIIlIll!!IllllIIIIIIll!IIIIIIIIIIIIll!IIIIIIlllIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIH IIIIIllillIII!IIIIIllIIllllIIIIIlIllIIlllllIIIIll!IIIIIIIIIIllIlllIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIlllllllllDllllllllllllllll MR. ARTHUR J. MOTT Principal Mr. Mutt coming down front steps PAGE 12 rviurfs VHIJHSII Clus Miss WdSllllUI'11YS History Ijluss K PAGE 13 Miss Jacqueline M. Gadoury, feacher of French, graduafed from Middlebury College and received her M.A. degree. Miss Mary Wall, feacher of Lafin and English, was graduafed from Radcliffe College and received her A. B. and M.A. degrees. AC LTY Miss May Erving, a +eacher of English, was gradua+ed 'From Emer- son College. Miss Erving is fhe dramalic coach in N. A. H. S. PAGE 14 Miss Ka+herine Savage, a feacher of English, was graduafed 'from Whea+on College. Miss Savage is also head of +he Junior Red Cross in N. A. H. S. Mrs. Lela Murphy, who feaches Mafhemafics. was graduafed from Brown Universify and received her A.B. degree. AT .A.lHL. . Mr. Waller Boyson, N. A. H. S. head coach and leacher of Physi- cal Eclucafion, was gradualed 'From Harvard and Brown Universilies. Mr. Edward Lynch, who now leach- es Biology, General Science and Heal+h, gradualed from Bos+on College. Mr. Earl Pi'l'hie, who leaches Malh- emalics and Economic Geography, was gradualed from Amhersl College. in Mr. John Bronson, direclor of l'he music deparlmenf, was educaled for +wo years a+ Vienna and 'look exlension courses a+ 'lhe New Eng- land Training School in Boslon. He also did professional work in Vienna. Mr. Horace Call. leacher of Girls' Physical Educalion, was gradualecl from Boslon Universily. PAGE 15 FAC LTY Miss Marjorie D. Barber, feacher of English, was graduafed from Women's College of Brown Uni- versify, now called Pembroke. Miss Barber is head of l'he English De- parimenf, in N. A. H. S. Miss Dorofhy Hall, ieacher of Mafhemarics, was graduafed from Mounl' Holyolce College. PAGE 16 Miss Alice Hall, who reaches Type- wrifing, Arifhmeric, and Business Principles, was graduaied from Bosion Universiry, College of Prac- +ical Arfs and LeH'ers. Miss Eileen A. Whalen, ieacher of Ma+hema+ics and Economic Geog- raphy, was graduafed from Bosfon Universily, College of Pracrical Ar+s and Lefiers and received her B.S.S. degree. She is now doing Graduale worlc af Bosion Univer- si+y and Harvard Graduafe Schools. Miss Esfher Washburn, a 'ieacher of Hisfory, received her A.B. de- gree from Radcliffe College and her E.D.M. degree from Bosion Universify School of Educaiion. AT N. A. H. 0 Miss Louise Dudley, a feacher of Shorihand and Typewri+ing, was gradualed from Bryani and Slral- fon College and Salem Normal School. Mr. Edwin G. Harlwell who reaches Chemis+ry, Physics and Senior Science, was graduafed from Giever Cily, Pennsylvania, and lhe Ohio Nor+hern Universily. Mr. Hariwell is sub-mas+er. head of fhe Science Deparlmenl, and insirucfor in lhe Aeronaufics Course in N. A. H. S. Miss Jennie Angus, a feacher of Household Ar+s and Sewing, was gradualed from lhe Framingham Normal School. Mr. ,Berryman Minah, assis+an+ coach and 'reacher of Mechanical Drawing and Shop, was gradualed from Keene Teachers' College and received his B.E. degree. Miss Barbara Bracy, supervisor of +he Ar+ Deparimeni, was gradu- afed from fhe Rhode Island School of Design. PAGE 17 - IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIKJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII VIIIHIIIIIIllllllllIIIllIIIIIIIEIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIII MR. GEORGE W. MORRIS Superinhzndenf of Schools I Mr. Morris and his 5eu1'eta1'y, Hetly 5ill1fUl'l1 PAGE 18 ,v-"'N'f is V .9185 - f WE ...x M - s 4 ik. ,,.. Miss Anne Murphy Mrs. Louise Donnelly Lunch Room Direc+ors Pal Donnelly and Joe, Janifors PAGE 19 Q55 I X I - 1 'IIS ', , 21 if Us lx I If CJ -Q fxxigfgwfn X 9 I Z 4. iff llll- ! ilfrgpi GBQI os- J 1 W X a s f I ' f if fg ...M fNf'xA V PAGE 20 Sep+. Oc+. Nov. Dec. Jan. 5 6 26 29 6 I3 27 29 3 I0 23 24 I4 2I 22 25 I II I7 25 Senior Back +o school Foolball praclice sfarled Senior class eleclions Vicfors over Franklin I2-O Beal Walpole I2-0 ChrisI'opher's Jamboree Firsl' loss Io Durfee 6-0 Ex+ra hour announced Firsf pigskin parly Second pigskin parly Rally Beal' AH'leboro I4-I2 Firsl' Red Cap comes oul' Firs+ baskefball game Clirisfmas dance Sanfa Claus arrives Ring in New Year Lose +o Taunron 33-32 Foofball banquei' Second Red Cap comes ou+ Daze Feb. I3- Mar. Apr. May 27- June Senior play Purdy 'rook picfures Junior prom Gol' proofs and fooiball sweafers Coke machines insfallecl Spring arrives Sophomore dance Baseball praclice s+ar+s Purely iakes candid shofs Spring vacafion begins Firsl baseball game Picfures came Spring concer+ Firsl AH'leboro game Senior invifafion dance Exhibirion Class clay Class banquei' Graduafion Recep+ion fm , , 3 , I f 15 f 3' - op A X KJQXEM J , K 1 QSM N63 I fvvv-691 tw-,nu J' 2: , f J'1l'9 f ii IJ -S 53 N Q x , ff PAGE 21 PAGE 22 0 0 I 0 On +he following pages we have aHemp'l'ecl +o show +he members of +he Senior Class in fhe clifferenf phases of high school life. THE PRESIDENTIAL CAR Presidenf Dick Beaupre is being helped in+o his special au+omobile by Bobby Deschenes while 'rhe chauffeur, Owen Johnson, sfands al' affenfion. NO NEED FOR TANDEMS say Dick Sherman and Jim Rose as fhey fake Barb Murphy and Ginnie King for a spin 'lhrough ihe park. OUR LUNCHROOM CASHIER Wal+ Valley craclcs a Shyloclc grin as he rings up fif+een cenrs for one of Miss Murpl1y's special dinners. PAGE 23 Q l X f THE GROCERY BOYS HARD AT WORK Don Curran and Noel Svenclson lalre lime Toni Clairmonl' and Dol' Cloufier in lhe shop off from fheir work fo pose for 'Phe camera. where fhey labor eller work. iv NOW HAROLD Audrey Earle and Diane Desilefs coming ou+ Our class wil' seems 'ro have inven+ed a new of WamsuHa Drug affer polishing off a kind of ralce lnofice 'rhe number of feelh sundae. on 'rhe ralce.l PAGE 24 Going lo +l1e Show: Anne Nardelli, Claire Baicr, Gilda Germaine and Anila Degrenia lined up +0 buy +l1eir ficlrefs. "Toodles" Summersall and "Olga" Kupslas - lwo members of flme ioolball 'ream dressed as They were for The Pigskin parly smofhering Vin PeHi wi+l1 kisses. PAGE 25 'YN XXQ63, PALS Donald Currie, Fred Seiler, and Eddie Voller+ pose arm in arm in fron+ of lhe High School. Q L FILL HER UP Lenny Poirier +alcing care of a cusfomer af +he Texaco Service Sfafion where he works. PAGE 26 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN Jay Underhill addresses +he assembly during a forum as Jean Sfanford, Lucille Precour+, Marguerile Norfon, Richard Funke, and Edward Dean wail' 'lheir 'lurn fo speak. ON A HORSE BUILT FOR TWO Margueri+e Weygand and Frankie Man- chesfer in close forma+ion for an affernoon ride. LUCKY BOY Rober+ TurcoHe surrounded by a few N. A. H. S. belles, Rira Vigori+o, BeHy Gaskin, Marie O'Rourke, Nancy Feid, and Cyn+hia Locke. PAGE 27 PAGE 28 RIDE 'EM COW GIRLS Nancy Culhane and Anne Franlclin all ready for an affernoon canler fhrough +he woods. We hope 'they have an enioyable fime and wish +ha+ we were wifh fhem. PESKY TO DOERR Dick Sherman iosses fhe ball fo Johnny Wes+co+'r fo begin a fasf double play. COME ON TEAM sl1ou+ Barbara McGee, Myrfle Dillon, Adele Hill, Eleanor Downes, and Diana Galloffa as fhey wafch 'Phe baseball feam pracfice. PAGE 29 f X PAGE 30 N '. Y ' 'E 1 "P n ,N ' A Q , .A , +4 MTX MIM, TOOTS, AND BETTY posed on +op of BeH'y's limousine. EAT AND BE MERRY Bea Co+e, Belly Miller, Eleana Laplanfe, Doris Vaguener, Alice Houde, and YveHe Chabol' during lunch. PICK IT UP commands Joe MacManus fo Al S+ol+z. 'i --.- A-HIKING WE MUST GO sing' Lenny and Jeane++e, Beaup and Bunny. and Frank and Marg. CO-EDUCATION George Murphy and Barb Brennan s+udy for a French fest K., N.,yT'w "' PAGE 31 HIT IT, KIDS Lydia LaFra'H'a and Phil Bragg swing in+o hoi' rhy+hm as Ronal Allinson beafs ouf fheir +empo. CRAMMING for 'rhai' +es+ +hey iorgoi' in English, Theresa Clou+ier and Nancy Gibbs, work while Riia Chaboi glances our way. PAGE 32 PROSPECTING FOR PROSPECT STREET Ruf BrisseHe escor+ing Muriel Marlow home affer going fo a movie fogefher. PAGE 33 POLLY WANT A CRACKER asks Be'Hy Messier of Pauline Dailey as she waves +he cracker by Polly's nose. PAGE 34 PLANTING FOR THE FUTURE Margie and Gerry Sprague working in +he garden behind fheir house. BATTER UP Aline Dargis, our mos+ a+hle+ic girl, pre- pares +o HH one over +he bleachers. M '31 NQWWMNMNM POSING IN THE SUN Nola Pries+Iey, Vivian Tiffickiian, June Cooke, and Doris Leger make a charming group. PAGE 35 SMILE PRETTY, PAT Pafricia Boswor+Ix relaxes in fhe sun wi'l'I1 a book. , W -,., .4 :n,.-,q..,m . I . . . Q ' P' "' ""-"H ..,.... my-N a.-5+ ga- I R., qi 0 N .1 V.W.,.,,l,-.N,,m..-.,.....N...,N.w,....,,,,w-........- If-u,M..,N...q....A...,.,..e......., ..,.,,.,, ., COMING FROM SAYLES are BeH'y Meyer and YveHe Chabot PAGE 36 ATTLEBORO CAN'T STOP HIM Eddie Dean ripping off a large gain in +l'1e Turkey clay classic. 1 WHY ROOM I4 LEAKS Dick Marcil hard af work in +he lab. HUBA! HUBA! JeaneHe Sarazin, Mary Baker, Vivian Rusf, and Barb Murphy im- proving 'rhe scenery abouf N.A. H. S. PAGE 37 Diana Gallo'Ha Valediclorian John Kupsfas Besf Looking Boy George Murphy Mosl' Congenial Boy Muriel Marlow Salulalorian Barbara Murphy Besf Looking Girl Barbara Brennan Mosl' Congenial Girl Richard Marcul Boy mosf likely io succeed Nola Priesfley Girl Mos+ likely +o succeed uperlafci es Mos? Popular Boy .....,. Mosl' Popular Girl ...,.. Bes+ All Around Boy A Besl' All Around Girl .,... Besr Looking Boy .,,..... A AA Besl Looking Girl ,..i....., ,..,.. Boy Mosf Likely 'lo Succeed Girl Mos+ Likely fo Succeed Smariesi' Boy AA ....,....,...,,,,........ AA Smariesl' Girl ,............,. ...., Mosi Congenial Boy .....,. Mos? Congenial Girl .,,... Mos? Afhleiic Boy rrr.,. Mosf Aihlelic Girl ,..... Cuiesf Boy A ....r,....... A Cuiesl' Girl ....., .,r...,.... Mosl' Bashiul Boy ........ Mosf Bashful Girl ..,... Smoo+hes+ Boy ....,.... Smooihesf Girl A ...... A Besf Dressed Boy ..,,r..,. Besf Dressed Girl Mosf Talkaiive Boy ...... A Mosl' Talkafive Girl ,..r.,... Nea+es+ Boy ,..,.,,...... Nea+es+ Girl V..,.,r,...., Mosf Serious Boy .....,., Mosf Serious Girl ......., Besl Boy Dancer ..,.,. Besl Girl Dancer .... Liveliesf Boy ...,.r.. A Liveliesl' Girl ...,..... WiH'ies'I' Boy ........... Wi'H'iesl' Girl ...,, AA Boy Wi+h fhe Besl' Line .... A Girl Wrlh 'l'he Besf Line ,..r. AA A. A Richard Beaupre Virginia King Frank Manchesfer Margueriie Weygand Jack Kupsfas Barbara Murphy Richard Marcil Nola Priesfley John Wes1'co'H AA Diana GalloH'a George Murphy Barbara Brennan AA A Edward Dean Aline Dargis Rober+ Deschenes Alice Houde Edward Volleri Pafricia Boswor+h Leonard Poirier Muriel Marlow John WesicoH' Elizabeih Poholek Vincenl' PeH'i AA .r,... Nancy Feid Waller Valley ,A Vivian Rusf Donald Currie A, AA Nancy Gibbs Roberf Turco++e JeaneHe Sarazin Raymond Summersall A Alaine McGann Harold Forbes ,A Pauline Dailey Richard Sherman ,A AA Jean Sraniord CLASS MOTTO "Ave afque Vale" lHail and Farewelll A A CLASS ODE We're bidding farewell To you, Norfh High The 'Four years weni' well We'll par+ wi+h a sigh. We look fowards fhe fufure For fame and success We'll always be grafeful To you, N. A. H. S. The day draws near When we shall leave you Bui' we'll always remember Our 'Friend so +rue. gl CLASS COLORS CLASS FLOWERS Crimson and Gray American Beaufy Roses PAGE 40 Semflconr Cilaiss Uiiiiisers Prcsicleni . . , Richard Beaupre Vice-Presidenf . Virginia King Sec:re+ary Margueri+e Weygand Treasurer ., . . , Frank Manchesfer PAGE 41 RONAL ALLINSON, JR. "Ronnie" Ambifionz Commercial Arfisf. Acfivifies: French Club 3, 4 Exhibifion 4 Spring Concerf 3 Ronnie has fhaf rare arfisfic personalify which will enable him fo be- come a success in his chosen field. His personable smile and sense of good iudgmenf will carry him far in fhe arfisfic world. Good luck. Ronnie, we'II be looking for your work. MARY ELLEN BAKER lIMarY'l Ambifion: Buyer Acfivifiesz Cheerleader 3, 4 Spring Concerf 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Forum 4 Graduafion Usher 3 Mary's snapping brown eyes and brisk affifude indicafe a business-like lady. You can be sure fhaf her life spells success, for along wifh her affracfive looks, Mary employs a deferminafion fhaf will assure her of greaf success in her chosen field. CLAIRE LOUISE BAIER "CIaire" Ambifion: To fravel. Acfivifies: Cheerleader 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3 Spring Concerf 2 Exhibifion 4 Opereffa 2 Alfhough Claire wenf abouf her affairs in a quief manner, she was always ready fo do a good iob when fhe occasion demanded her fal- enfs. Sporf fans will recall Claire as a vivacious cheerleader who helped spur Norfh 'Ieams fo vicfory, a sure bef for success. RICHARD G. BEAUPRE llBeauplI Ambifion: To fly. Acfivifies: Foofball 3. 4 Baskefball 3, 4 Class Presidenf 4 Baseball I, 2, 3, 4 Forum 4 Monifor 4 Recepfion Usher 3 Menfion "Beaup's" name and you fhink in ferms of warmfh and friend- liness, of busfling acfivify, an infecfious chuckle, an indomifable will fo win . . . in ofher words, a boy who has won fhe respecf and regard of all his associafes. We'II be wafching you, "Beaup"! PATRICIA BOSWORTH "Pa+" Ambifion: To fravel. Acfivify: Graduafion usher 3 Paf's beaufiful blonde hair and genfle disposifion will be remembered by all. She is such a quief person, fhaf we seldom hear her come or go. Paf is a conscienfious worker and if is a rare occasion indeed, when she is nof prepared fo do her daily work fo fhe besf of her abilify. MURIEL DOROTHY BORUCINSKI "Mim" Ambifion: Model Acfivifies: Class Secrefary I Soffball 3 Red Cap Collecfor 2 Cheerleader 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Spring Concerf 2, 3, 4 Graduafion Usher 3 Exhibifion 4 Mim's liveliness and good-nafured iesfing have helped break up more fhan one awkward momenf and have creafed more fhan one enjoyable one. Her good-looks and vivacify should be a greaf assef foward fhe achievemenf of her ambifion. PHILIP BRAGG "Phil" Ambifion: Elecfrical Engineer. Acfivifies: Band 3, 4 Senior Play Adverfising Commiffee 4 PhiI's dry sense of humor and easy personalify have added an amusing fouch fo all his classes - amusing fo fhe feachers as well as fhe pupils. His proficiency in Physics has laid a firm foundafion for his ambifion. BARBARA ANN BRENNAN "Barb" Ambifion: To be a wrifer. Acfivifies: Baskefball 2, 3, 4 Red Cap sfaff 2, 4 Co-capfain of Baskefball 4 Yearbook sfaff 4 Graduafion usher 3 French Club 3 Senior Play usher 4 Soffball 3 Spring Concerf usher 3 Exhibifion 4 Alfhough a parficipanf in every kind of acfivify, Barb is never foo busy fo flash her impudenf grin and display a bil' of 'rhe sharp wif which is fhe oufsfanding characferisfic of her winning personalify, and which should confribufe greafly fo success in her chosen profession. You can be sure Barb's headed for big fhingsl RAYMOND RUSSELL BRISSETTE IIRUSSII Ambifion: To be a success in anyfhing he does. Russell's shy grin and sincere affifude helped 'lo make him a popular fellow indeed. His apparenf seriousness masks a sfimulafing sense of humor. Good luck, Russ, we're all pulling for you. ROBERT BRISTOL "Bob" Ambifion: To ioin fhe Marine Corps. Acfivify: Foofball4 Bob's quief and amiable disposifion has made him a good friend 'Io all who know him. If he decides fo ioin fhe Marines fhe courage he dis- played on 'Ihe gridiron will cerfainly be an assef 'lo him. RITA ANN CHABOT "Ri+a" Ambifion: To be a successful secrefary. Rifa, wifh her brisk waIk, shows fhaf she has a businesslike affifude. Dependable and serious, she has chosen fhe secrefarial field. where we are sure fhese qualifies will aid her fo become a success. YVETTE RITA CHABOT "YveHe" Ambifion: Billing Clerk. Acfivifies: Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Opereffa I Spring Concerf I, 2, 3, 4 Graduafion Usher 3 French Club 3 Head Usher, Senior Play 4 Pefife is fhe word fha? describes Yveffe's Iooks and manner. Her en- gaging smile makes her an easy person fo know and easier fo like. Her seriousness in regard fo her work will enable her fo become an efficienf clerk when she Ieaves school and enfers fhe field of business. ANTOINETTE CLAIRMONT llAnnIl Ambifion: To live daily fo fhe besf of my abilify. Acfivify: Senior Play Commiffee 4 Ann always seems fo be in a hurry. Her brisk manner is indicafive of fhe busy Iife she leads. Her abilify fo do a good job af her many fasks commands fhe respecf of all her friends in fhe senior class. We wish you all fhe Iuck you deserve, Ann. DORIS MARIE CLOUTIER llDo+ll Ambifion: Secrefary Acfivifies: Senior Play Usher 4 French Club 3 Dof has fip-foed fhrough fhe corridors for four years, buf cIon"I' Ief fhaf quiefness fool you. She has a sfrong characfer fhaf is bound fo make her successful. THERESE LUCILLE CLOUTIER llTerrYll Ambifionz To be a success. Terry has had Iiffle fime for exfra curricula acfivifies buf for fhe fhings she did, she gained fhe repufafion of doing fhem well. She is a Iasfing friend and we know her affracfive personalify will carry her far In life. JUNE ANN COOKE llJacll Ambiiionr To be a success. Ac+ivi+y: Senior Play Usher 4 Behind June's iwinkling eyes and pixie smile, lies a warm heari, in a girl, who seems +o enioy making life pleasani for ihose aboui her. Good luck, June. ELLA BEATRICE COTE llBeall Ambiiionz Secreiary When you see a girl wi+h a brisk siep and a 'lwinkle in her eyes, you auiomaiically 'I'hink of "Bea", who is Miss Washburn's perpefual errand girl. Her secreiarial work, combined wi+h ihis vivacious personaliiy will be fo her advaniage in ihe business world. NANCY JANE CULHANE "Nancy" Ambiiion: To be happy. Aciiviiiesz Red Cap Collecior 3 Graduafion Usher 3 Senior Play Adveriising Commiiiee 3 Siudeni Moniior 4 Year Book S+a'Fi 4 Biology Club 4 Nancy appears +o be quiei buf 'ihe people who come in coniaci wiih her change Their impression of her. Knowing Nancy, one can'+ help buf like her. Behind her sparkling eyes, one can observe a keen mind. I+ will defini+ely be a loss +o our school when Nancy leaves. DONALD CU RRAN llDonll Ambiiionz To be successful. Ac+ivi+ies: Baskeiball 3, 4 Red Cap Collecior 3 School Reporfer 4 Don could always be seen wandering fhrough ihe corridors, his obieciive +o find news for his 'ihriving column. His 'friendly grin and scin+illa+ing wii combine io make Don one of +he mos+ likeable fellows in fhe class. Besi' of luck 'lo you, Don. DONALD LOXLEY CURRIE llDonlI Ambiiionz To see ihe world. Acfiviiiesz French Club 3 Sfudeni Moniior 4 Forum 4 Don is sfeady, dependable, and has a warm personaliiy. His level headed ouilook on life commands fhe respeci of his ieachers and classma+es, and if will be io his advaniage as he enfers 'ihe world. PAULINE DAILEY llpollyll Ambifion: To be an underfaker. Acfivifies: Senior Play 4 Red Cap Adverfising Commiffee 4 lf is hard fo keep a sfraighf face when Polly's around, and especially was fhis frue when she porfrayed "Thankee" in fhe Senior Play. She is one of fhe mosf sprighfly members of our class, and is always in fhe midsf of a laughing group of friends. Wherever she goes, good fun will follow her. ALINE MARY DARGIS IIIII Ambifionz To be successful. Acfivifiesz Baskefball 2, 3, 4 War Bond Commiffee 3 Though you may seldom hear "l", you cerfainly have heard fhe "ohs" and "ahs" when wifh no efiorf af all, she flips fhaf baskefball fhrough fhe hoop. We hope fhaf "l" will have as much success in life as she has had on fhe baskefball feam. EDWARD CHARLES DEAN "Eddie" Ambifion: To become an engineer. Acfivifies: Class Presidenf I, 2, 3 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Foofball 2, 3, 4 Sfudenf Monifor 3, 4 Capfain 4 Quarfeffe 3, 4 Baskefball 2, 3 Recepfion Usher 3 Baseball 2, 3 Forum 4 Eddie is, and always will be, fhe perfecf example for anyone fo follow. He proved his qualifies of leadership as a class presidenf and as fhe dynamic capfain of fhe Rockefeers. Eddie's shy grin and modesf defermi- nafion have won him fhe lasfing friendship, respecf, and admirafion of every classmafe, feacher, and sporfs fan who has ever known him. We'II always remember you, Ed! ANITA THERESE DEGRENIA llTall Ambifion: To be a successful bookkeeper. Acfivifiesz Glee Club I, 2. 3, 4 Opcreffa 2 Spring Concerf I, 2, 3, 4 Exhibifion 4 Anifa, whose quief manner has been an assef fo her, leaves a good example for anyone fo follow. Always an honor sfudenf, we know fhaf she will succeed in her lafer life. ROBERT DESCHENES "Dish" Am bifion: Successful Draffsman. Acfivifies: Foofball 4 Yearbook Adverfising Commiffee 4 Rams 2, 3, 4 High School Reporfer 3 Everybody knows and likes "Dish". Those fwinkling eyes and fhaf mis- chievous grin will long be remembered by his friends. "Dish" mixes his engaging personalify wifh enough seriousness fo achieve his ambifions and sfill remain an assef fo any social group. DIANE DESILETS IIDFII Ambifion: To be a fashion designer and fo see fhe world. Acfivifies: Senior Play Usher 4 Prom Commiffee 3 "Di" is a quief. reserved person wifh a pleasing personalify. She can always fake a ioke as well as ioin in one. She seems fo follow fhe proverb fhaf "when liffle is said, liffle can be repea+ed". Since she is bofh in- feresfed and falenfed in arf, she should go far in fhe field of design. DOLGRES DEVOE llneell Ambifion: To be successful in fhe field of arf. Alfhough "Dee" has nof been wifh us for some fime, her classmafes remember her for her quief, likeable personalify and droll sense of humor. She has underfaken many serious fasks and responsibilifies wifh a smile fypical of her good nafure. Here's wishing "Dee" all fhe suc- cess due her as she makes an early sfarf info fhe world before her. MYRLE ARDIS DILLON "Myrle" Ambifionz Nurse Acfivify: Senior Play Usher 4 Myrle wifh her sparkling brown eyes and quief manner will be an assef fo whafever hospifal she enfers. Her deferminafion fo succeed in fhe field of nursing will be of greaf aid fo her, as she leaves school and sfrives for fhis goal. ELEANOR DOWNES Ambifion: To be a successful singer. Acfivifiesz Red Cap Sfaff 4 French Play 4 Eleanor has a finkling laugh fhaf seems fo make everyfhing pleasanf. She is inferesfed in music, and has a voice fhaf shows greaf promise of a musical fufure. She plans fo confinue her sfudies af fhe New England Conservafory of Music, where her engaging disposifion, and sweef voice will carry her far in fhe field of music. AUDREY HAZEL EARLE llAudlI Ambifionz To be a success. Acfivifiesz Orchesfra I. 2, 3, 4 Biology Club 4 Spring Concerf I, 2, 3, 4 Exhibifion 4 Fesfival 4 We will remember "Aud" as a quief, likeable girl who wenf abouf her business in an efficienf manner, and who won many friends wifh her winsome smile and unobfrusive ways. JUNE EASTMAN llJunell Ambifion: To be a success in life. Acfivify: Baskefball 2 June has gone abouf her business quiefly fhroughouf fhe four years. She has a shy, refiring manner which endears her fo her friends. Here's wishing you every success, June. NANCY FEID llNancYll Ambifion: Librarian Acfivifies: Baskefball 2, 3, 4 French Club 3 Sfudenf Monifor 4 Graduafion Usher 3 Nancy is a buzz of acfivify, always in a hurry. One can easily picfure her as a librarian, for she will always do her work easily, quickly and well. HAROLD WALLACE FORBES IIOHYII Ambifion: To become a success in whafever I underfake. Harold, our class wif, has fhaf rare giff, a sense of hurnor, easily adapfed fo any sifuafion. His sponfaneous puns and commenfs, have made him an ideal companion. ANNE FRANKLIN IlAnnell. Ambifion: Too numerous fo menfion. Acfivifiesx Exhibi+ion4 Baskefball Manager 3 Senior Play 4 Cheerleader 3, 4 Red Cap Collecfor 4 French Club 3, 4 Graduafion Usher 3 Anne's neaf appearance and business like affifude will enable her fo go far in any field. Efficienf and dependable she will nof find if hard fo gain friends as she confinues in life, for her pleasing disposifion and cheery ouflook make her a good companion. Besf wishes, Anne. DOROTHY FRIZZELL "Friz" Ambifion: To fravel. Acfivifies: Graduafion Usher 3 Exhibifion 4 Senior Play 4 Biology Club 4 Yearbook Adverfising Commiffee 4 Red Cap Collecfor 4 The halls of N. A. H. S. will ring wifh Friz's laughfer long affer she has leff. Her friendliness and carefree personalify have endeared her fo her classmafes. She is a wonderful friend, and one whom we shall never forgef. RICHARD FUNKE "Dick" Ambifion: To be a success. Acfivifies: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4 Recepfion Usher 3 If fhere is ever an argumenf, Dick can be found in ifs midsf, explaining his ideas vociferously. His laugh and iokes will long be remembered by his fellow classmafes. One of Dick's oufsfanding characferisfics is his neaf, clean-cuf appearance, which everybody nofices immediafely. Good luck, Dick, in anyfhing you may do. DIANA LOUISE GALLOTTA llDill Ambifion: To graduafe from college, and fhen . . Acfivifiesz Sfudenf Council 3, 4 Graduafion Usher 3 Valedicforian 4 French Club 3 Forum 4 "Di" is a paradox: on fhe one hand, cheerful, easy-going, modesf abouf her undeniable falenfsg on fhe ofher, her I6 cylinder brain making her fhe answer +o a +eacher's prayer. A sure-fire combinafionl ELIZABETH GLADYS GASKIN llDus+YlI Ambifionz To Travel. Acfivifiesz Drum Maioreffe 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Biology Club Treasurer 4 Spring Concerf 4 Exhibifion 4 Dusfy doe:n'+ seem +o have any froubles, buf goes nonchalanfly on her way. Her confagious good humor makes her a welcome companion. We hope you remain as cheerful fhroughouf life, Dusfy. GILDA GERALDINE GERMAINE IIJEIIII Ambifion: Successful Housewife Acfivifies: Spring Concerf Usher 3 War Bond Commiffee 3 Graduafion Usher 3 Yearbook Adverfising Commi'H'ee 4 Junior Prom Commiffee 3 Senior Play Adverfising Commlffee 4 Jill is a popular girl wifh a refreshing smile. Her flashes of wif provide much amusemenf fo her many friends and we believe fhaf wherever she goes fhere will always be merrimenf. NANCY RUTH GIBBS llNancYll Ambifion: To be a secrefary. Nancy's clependabilify is her oufsfanding characferisfic, as wifness her fhree years' perfecf affendance and her four years' honor roll record. Undoubfedly fhis dependabilify will be recognized and highly valued by her fufure employers, and will make her successful in fhe business field. ADELE RITA HILL IIDelll Ambilionz Office Work Acfivifies: Senior Play Usher 4 War Bond Commiifee 3 Prom CommiH'ee 3 Del's quesfioning brown eyes make her appear serious and quiel, buf among her friends, she becomes a rapid-fire conversalionalisl' wi+h an enfrancing personaIi+y. DeI's high school experience will serve as a fine background for her ensuing business career. ALICE VIRGINIA HOUDE "Alice" Ambilionz Telephone Opera'I'or Acliviliesz Glee Club 2, 3 Gradualion Usher 3 OpereI"I'a I French Club 3 Spring Concerl 2, 3 Alice is a cu+e girl wifh a brisk walk and Iwinkling eyes. Wifh her cheer- ing ye'I lady-like manner, she is leaving +his ins'I'i+u+ion 'Io cheer +he people on fhe o+her end of fhe wire when she asks, "Number, please?" OWEN JOHNSON llowenll Ambi'I'ion: To be successful. Acfivifies: S+uden+ Council 4 Foofball 4 Owen's diligenl' pracfice on +he loolball field was rewarded when he was given a chance +0 display his abiIi+y in Ihe mos? imporfanf game of Ihe season - I'he AHleboro game. When we see Owen cruising around 'Iown in I'ha+ business-like green Ford, we'll fhink of Ihaf game. and wish him luck. VIRGINIA KING Ileinnyll Ambifionz Arfisf Ac+iviI'ies: Red Cap CoIIec+or 4 French Club 3 Yearbook Sfaff 4 Biology Club 4 Vice Presidenf 2, 3, 4 Forum 4 D. A. R. Candidafe 4 Moni+or 4 Mass. Girl S+a+e Candidafe 3 Exhibifion 4 Graduafion Usher 3 Baske+baII 4 Senior Play Commiffee 4 Ginny is an example of personalily plus, wifh a sensible mind, able io fake command in any si'IuaI'ion. Ginny's pleasing nalure and 'friendly greeiings have endeared her 'ro her classmafes and will make her well liked wherever she goes. Ginny will enfer Ihe R. I. School of Design, where we are sure her abiIi+y will be quickly recognized. JOHN JOSEPH KUPSTAS IIKUPPYII Ambi+ion: To be a civil engineer. Ac+ivi+ies: Secrelary of Rams 4 S'Iuden+ Monilor 4 Receplion Usher 3 Yearbook S+aFF 4 Foofball 3, 4 Never a dull momenl' when Kuppy is presenl. Alfhough he appears quie'I', his 'friends can fell you quife differenfly. He was a driving fool- ball player, and is able Io remain calm and collecfed in Irying siluafions. Kuppy's good looks and nealness allracl many glances in his direclion. - LYDIA ANN LaFRATTA l'LYdiall Ambifion: To be a famous pianisf. Acfivifiesz Senior Play Usher 3 Class Ode 4 Lydia's nafuralness and engaging smile have gained her many friends. Her piano playing and sfimulafing sense of humor have made her a welcome companion af any fime. We wish Lydia all 'Ihe success due her. HELEN VERONICA LANDRY llsandyll Ambifionz To be a successful felephone operafor. Acfivify: Senior Play Usher 4 If you hear a Iof of noise, if isn'f Sandy. She doesn'f malce much buf she seems fo have her share of fun. Tall and preffy, Sandy's willingness fo help and her cooperafive spirif are easily recognized by her sunny dis- posifion. She plans fo go 'Io worlc affer graduafion and we all lmow she will succeed in 'Ihe fufure. ELEANA C. LAPLANTE "EIeana" Ambifion: To be a nurse. Acfivify: French Club 3 Eleana has quiefly wallred fhrough fhe four years of High School and ai' fhe same fime has held W. T. Granf off fhe rocks. We Ixnow Eleana will succeed in her choice of nursing as a profession. DORIS ELIZABETH LEGER llDo+ll Ambifion: To be successful. Dof always has a hearfy greefing for everyone. Her abilify fo overcome every obsfacle wifh a smile is iusf one of her good fraifs. In whafever she underfalres, her sunny nafure will make her successful. CYNTHIA ANNE LOCKE llsyniell Ambifion: To Be Acfivifiess Baslrefball 2, 3, 4 Graduafion Usher 3 Co-Capfain 4 Soffball 3 Opereffa 2 French Club 3 Glee Club 2, 3 Forum 4 Along wifh Cynie's many acfivifies she has affained high grades in her subiecfs 'rhroughouf fhe four years. Life is never dull when she is presenf. As a member of fhe baslcefball and soffball feams she displayed fine qualifies of leadership. Cynie's versafilify will carry her far in whafever she underfalxes. I. ,. RICHARD HENRY MARCIL "Dick" Ambi+ion: To win +he Nobel Science Prize. Ac+ivi+ies: Candidafe for Wesfinghouse Scholarship 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Spring Concer+ 3, 4 Foo+baII 2, 3 Dick could always be found in fhe Lab during his spare momenis. AI- fhough usually busy he always managed +o have 'Fun wi+h his cIassma+es, and fo be on fhe foofball Ieam. We feel Dick is fully capable of achiev- ing his ambilions, and in Ihe fulure, will make N. A. H. S. proud Io have had him as a sI'uden+. We are expecling +ruIy greal' fhings from you, Dick. MURIEL LORRAINE MARLOW "Mim" Ambiiion: To be a nurse. Ac+ivi+ies: Salufafory Essay 4 Yearbook Commiffee 4 Graduafion Usher 3 Mass. Girls S+a+e Candidafe 3 Spring Concer+ Usher 3 Forum 4 Yes, fhaf head of wavy red hair bouncing down fhe hall belongs +o Muriel, bul' +he proverbial femper +ha+ should go wifh if, seems fo be enfirely lacking. Her quick efficienf manner and pleasing smile will be remembered by all. Her scholaslic achievemen+s will sfand her in good sfead as she eniers her chosen career. FRANK MANCHESTER "Skip" Ambifionz To be like Wendell Wilkie. Ac+ivi+ies: Sfudenl' Monilor 4 Recepfion Usher 3 Foo'I'baII 3, 4 Class Treasurer I, 2, 4 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Red Cap Co-edi+or 4 Quar+e'H'e 3, 4 Yearbook Co-edilor 4 Glee Club 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Forum 4 "Skip" is one of Ihose people, a doer as well as a Ihinker. Here's a boy wifh original ideas, and I'he drive 'ro carry 'lhem fhrough . . . one sfep already faken fowards success. Versa+iIi+y and amiabilify are his, plus an irresisfible grin . . . all of which add up fo one migh+y nice "guy". LENA MARIE MARTEL llLenall Ambi'I'ion: To be a child nurse. Lena's quie+ personaliiy and calm manner will be a greal' help 'Io her in fhe realizing of her ambifion. Her shy smile has won her many friends in N. A. H. S. and we are sure if will win her many more in 'I'he fufure. ALAINE DORIS MCGANN "Too+sie" Ambi'I'ion: To Travel Ac'I'ivi'Iies: Graduafion Usher 3 Glee Club 4 Soffball 3 Spring Concerl' 4 Exhibi+ion 4 Toofsie can usually be found in fhe middle of a group, joking. Her Iivli- ness and merrimenl' has amazed all her classmafes, which goes fo prove +ha+ "big Ihings can come in small packages". Wherever Ihere is fun, you can always be sure "Too'Isie" is ihere. She is always Iearing off somewhere, and having a perfeclly grand +ime doing i+. BARBARA McGEE llBarbll Ambifion: To succeed. Barb is a quief, reserved girl, buf she is nof wifhoul' humor. She appre- ciafes a good joke, and can also 'rake one. Her shy grin and pefifness are well known aboul' N. A. H. S. Alfhough nof parficipafing in many acfivifies she has had no lack of friends. We are sure her friendliness will enable her fo go far in life. JOSEPH EDWARD MacMANUS llMacll Ambifion: Band Leader Acfivifies: Band 2, 3, 4 Red Cap Collecfor 2 Yearbook Sfaff 4 French Club 3 Whenever "Mac" sifs down fo fhe piano, everyone makes a beeline fo his side, eager fo lisfen fo his solid melodies. His magic fouch on fhe keyboard will carry him far in his chosen profession. Mac's easy manner and droll sense of humor have made him one of fhe mosl' likeable fellows in 'lhe school. Sfick fo if, fellow . . . we'll be wafching for you. ELIZABETH ANNE MESSIER "CIeo" Ambifion: To be a successful secrefary. Cleo is a warm hearfed person, wifh iusf fhe correcf amounl' of serious- ness. She has brighfened many dark momenfs by her presence, and can usually be found iesfing wifh her classmafes. She is lofs of fun and has a friendly "Hi" for everyone she meefs. Her nimble wif is only equalled by her proficiency in her work. ELIZABETH JEAN MEYER llBe+ll Ambifion: Hairdresser Acfivifiesz Biology Club 4 Exhibifion 4 Bel"s winsome personalify and friendliness makes her an assef 'lo any group. She is fhe 'lype of person you can'+ help liking. Good luck, Bef, you're bound fo make good. ADELE MILLER llDelll Ambifion: To be a success in life. Acfivifyz Senior Play Usher 4 Del is nofed for her quiefness and neafness. Her smile makes her affrac- five and well liked by all. We have no doubf fhaf she will be successful in any field of work fhaf she chooses. ELIZABETH LOUISE MILLER llBe++Yll Ambilion: To be successful. Acl'ivil'ies: Exhibi'lion4 Red Cap Colleclor 4 BeHy's quiel' personalily and defermined aH'i+ude will undoubledly mark her place in life. She has a gill' for being cheerful and amiable. which will enable her +o masler all sifualions. BARBARA MURPHY "Barb" Ambilionz Medical Secrelary. Ac+ivil'ies: Red Cap Colleclor 3 Gradualion Usher 3 Spring Concerl' Usher 3 War Bond Commiflee Barb, our prel"I'ies+ senior girl, presenls a very slriking 'figure wi'l'h her nafural beauly, grace, and nealness. ln whalever she does, Barb's en- chanling smile will lead lhe way lo her success. GEORGE MURPHY "Bubbles" Ambilionz Oplomelrisl' Aclivifies: Exhibilion 4 French Club 3 Red Cap Slaff 4 Senior Play 4 Yearbook Slalil 4 Spring Concerl' 2, 3, 4 Band 2, 3, 4 Spring Feslival 4 George's laughing face and iovial manner have gained for him many friends, nol' only in lhe senior class, bu+ in lhe whole school. George, who always has a good word for everybody, is bound 'lo gain success in his chosen field. We, lhe class ol '46, wish him +he besl of luck. ANNE NARDELLI "Anne" Ambilionz To succeed. Acfivilies: Glee Club I, 2 Spring Concerl 2 Yearbook Slalil 4 Senior Play Usher 4 Exhibilion 4 Anne is a sparkling person who is always ready +o lend a helping hand +o anyone in need. Her congenialify and sincerily have made her a friend worlh having. We are con'Fiden'l' fhaf she will be happy in whal- ever she does in lhe lulure. MARGUERITE ANNE NORTON llMargH Ambilionz To be an efliicienl secrelary. Acliviliesz Sludenl Monilor 4 Glee Club 2, 3 Gradualion Usher 3 Spring Concerl 2, 3 Yearbook Commillee 4 Operella 2 Forum 4 Marg is one of our nicesl' seniors. Her expressive blue eyes pul one al ease immedialely. Nealness in her appearance, and her work is one of Marg's many assels. ln whalever she does, her sunny nafure will make her successful. MARIE O'ROURKE llReelI Ambifion: A successful nurse. Acfivifies: Baskefball Manager 3, 4 Senior Play 4 French Club 3 Biology Club 4 Ree, wifh fhe Irish fwinkle in her eye. could always be seen lounging fhrough fhe corridors. Her deparfure will leave a gap in fhe social life of N. A. H. S. Lef's hope her fufure pafienfs realize 'Iheir good luck, in drawing such a wonderful person fo nurse fhem back 'ro healfh. VINCENT PETTI "Vinnie" Ambifionz To be a success. Acfivifiesz Foofball 4 Red Cap Sfaff 4 Baskefball 3. 4 Yearbook Sfaff 4 Baseball 2, 4 French Club 3 Good nafured, boisferous Vinnie has become fhe class morale builder fhroughouf fhe years. One could always depend on Vin for a broad grin and hair-frigger reforf, whafever fhe fopic of discussion. Dogged defer- minafion, plus a wealfh of nafural abilify made Vinnie a fine a'I'hle'I'e. whose baskefball and baseball achievemenfs will be remembered by all of us. Good luck Vin . . . you're bound +o be a success. ELIZABETH POHOLEK "Be'I+e" Ambifionz To fly an airplane. Acfivifies: Vice Presidenf I Glee Club 4 Spring Concerf 4 Biology Club Secrefary 4 Red Cap Sfaff 4 Senior Play 4 Graduafion Usher 3 Exhibifion 4 Beffe, wifh 'lhe lazy smile and provocafive eyes. Who could forgef her performance in 'I'he senior play, when she capfured fhe emofions of every person in 'I'he audience? Beffe seldom fakes a sifuafion seriously. Her languid manner pufs everyone af ease and makes her fhe friend of all her classmafes. LEONARD POIRIER llLennYll Ambifion: Marines Acfivifiess Foofball 4 Sfudenf Monifor 4 Rams 3, 4 Yearbook Sfaff 4 Lenny has made many friends by fhe use of fhaf boyish grin and happy face while dwelling in fhese halls for fhe pasf four years. His abilify 'lo work and work hard is iusl' one of his good fraifs, which will help him on 'Ihe road fo success. Good luck, Lenny! LUCILLE THERESE PRECOU RT IILoull Ambifion: Privafe Secrefary Acjivifies: French Club 3 Forum 4 Lou has gained many friends by her pleasing and friendly manner while in N. A. H. S., and is sure fo prove successful as a privafe secrefary. NOLA BEVERLY PRIESTLEY "Nola" Ambifion: Secrefary Acfivifiesz Senior Play 4 Graduafion Usher 3 To Nola wenf fhe disfincfion of managing fhe affairs of Mr. MoI'f's beehive, or in ofher words, fhe principaI's office. Always busy, our cufe Iiffle secrefary did her work wifh a rippling smile and a wiffy remark on her lips. Her experience in fhe office will be of disfincf advanfage as fhis pefife Miss enfers fhe field of business. BEVERLY RAZEE llBevll Ambifion: Housewife Bev is fhe girl wifh fhe brisk walk and fhe snappy commenfs, who will undoubfedly make a success of herself. Good luck from your friends in fhe class of '46, Bev. CAROLYN MARION RICE "Carol" Ambifionz To fravel We haven'f heard much from Carol fhrough fhe years, buf her quief, sincere manner has made her a good friend fo fhose who know her. ALLEN RILEY "Allie" Ambifion: To be successful. Acfivify: Foofball 3, 4 Alfhough Allie has nof been wifh us during mosf of our senior year, he will always be remembered for his abilify on fhe foofball field and fhaf big happy smile of his. His jovial and friendly manner make him a sure bef for success. JAMES T. ROSE llJimmYll Ambifion: Coach Acfivifies: Foofball 2, 3 Baskefball 2, 3 Yearbook Sfaff 4 Biology Club 4 Rams 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Ski Club 4 One can'f help liking Jimmy. His easy going personalify and shy grin have won him fhe friendship and respecf of all his classmafes. Jim goes abouf his fasks wifh a quief seriousness which assures everyone fhaf fhe job will be well done. When his work is finished . . . fhaf's when fhe fun begins. Jimmy's experience in afhlefics will be of greaf advanfage fo him as he enfers fhe field of coaching. VIVIAN G. RUST llvivll Ambifion: Air line hosfess Acfivifies: Red Cap Sfaff 4 Red Cap Collecfor 4 Yearbook Sfaff 4 "Viv" is a beaufiful girl wifh a sparkling personalify. She has made a hosf of friends in her sfay af N. A. H. S. We will all remember her charming smile and fhank "Viv" for brighfening many a dull day. JEANETTE AGNES SARAZIN "JeaneHe" Ambifion: To be a professional singer Acfivifies: Graduafion Usher 3 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 IHeadI Exhibifion 4 Opereffa 3 Spring Concerf 2, 3, 4 Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4 Red Cap Sfaff 3, 4 Yearbook Sfaff 4 Graduafion Soloisf French Club Secrefary 3 Talenfed and affracfive are 'Iwo words fo describe Jeaneffe. As head cheerleader, she helped fhe Rockefeers on fheir way fo vicfory. Wifh her beaufiful soprano voice, she sang her way fhrough fhe porfals of N. A. H. S. We are sure she will be as successful in fhe N. E. Conserva- fory of Music where she will confinue her musical sfudies. FRED SEILER "Fred" Ambifion: Aeronaufical engineer Fred is one of fhose rare persons who can laugh af a joke whefher if is direcfed af himself or someone else. He has a grin and a cheery "Hi" for everyone. Fred is a wizard af Physics and aeronaufics, so he should have Iiffle frouble affaining fhe peak in his chosen field. RICHARD LLOYD SHERMAN "Dick" Ambifion: Commercial Arfisf Acfivifiesz Foofball 2, 3, 4 Baskefball 3, 4 Yearbook Sfaff 4 Baseball I, 2. 3 Red Cap Collecfor 3 Baseball Co-Capfain 4 Senior Play Adverfising Commif Red Cap Sfaff I, 2, 3, 4 Rams 4 If you ever see any carfoons scaffered around N. A. H. S. They are sure fo belong fo Dick. He has kepf 'Ihe Red Cap well sfocked wifh 'Ihem for fhe pasf four years. Parficipafing in many acfivifies, Dick's sporfsman- ship and love of acfivify have made him ou+sfanding.Dick has confribufed much fo afhlefics, in foofball, baske'I'baII and baseball, and we are sure fhaf his Iove of fair play will enable him fo overcome all obs'I'acIes in his pafh. GERALD EMIL SPRAGUE "Jerry" Ambifion: To be a good chef. Acfivifies: Monifor 4 Band I, 2, 3, 4 Foofball 4 Orchesfra 3, 4 Exhibifion 4 Spring Concerf I, 2, 3, 4 Fesfival 4 Mosf of Jerry's achievemenfs have cenfered abou+ fhe field of music, buf he is besf remembered in his role as lunch-room operafor. Jerry's booming laugh always surprised fhose who were nof close fo him, be- cause he appeared quie'I' and serious mosf of fhe fime. His versafilify and ambifion are I'wo sfeps foward a successful career. Good luck fo you, Jerry. 'ree 4 WYE W' .mt .4 " ' ,. " "ia Ti . .fwf ' i . fa 2 , 5 J - .A.e'A.V,:,uhN M-vs ' . ,.,. , , - .. ,W , fc. 1.5.35 ,. 1 if if? ai . MARJORY BERNICE SPRAGUE llMargell Ambifion: Physio-fherapisf Acfivifies: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4 Spring Concerf 2, 3, 4 Glee Club 2. 3, 4 Exhibifion 4 Baskefball 3 Fesfival 4 Opereffa 2 Junior Prom Commiffee 3 When we fhink of Marge, we recall a girl wifh fine musical falenf and an easy-going nafure +ha+ made her everybody's friend. Her knack for geffing along well wifh all fypes of people will win her many more friends as she leaves fo pursue her chosen career. JEAN STANFORD "Jean" Ambifion: Acfress Acfivify: Senior Play 4 Jean's hisfronics bofh in fhe classroom and in fhe Senior Play provide definife proof fhaf Jean has acfing abilify. She is an unknown quanfify in Norfh High. Nobody knows whaf she will do nexf, buf everybody likes fo sfick around fo find ouf. ALFRED JO'HN STOLTZ HAI.. Ambifionz To succeed in life. Acfivifies: Foofball 4 Rams 4 ln fhe Taunfon game of I945, "Al" proved fo one and all fhaf a fellow wifhouf fhe size advanfage can sfill play foofball wifh fhe besf of fhem. The forfifude "Al" displayed in fhis insfance will sfand him in good sfead in anyfhing he may do. RAYMOND CARROLL SUMMERSALL llziggyll Ambifion: To be a success. Acfivifies: Foofball 2, 3, 4 Baskefball 2, 3, 4 lCapf.i Glee Club 3, 4 Baseball 3 Quarfeffe 3, 4 Ziggy is a grand person who possesses an abundance of vifalify and wif. He has always faken parf in acfivifies in N. A. H. S. His spirif displayed in fhe afhlefic field will undoubfedly aid him in lafer life. Noi' easily discouraged, Ziggy has fhe necessary deferminafion fo overcome all obsfacles and obfain his desires. NOEL ARTHUR SVENDSEN "Swede" Ambifion: To fravel Acfivifies: J V Foofball 3 Rams 2, 3, 4 Swede's infecfious grin and shyness have won him many friends fhrough- ouf fhe four years. He has esfablished himself as a fixfure in fhe "Rams" and has worked seriously af anyfhing he underfook. Whafever he does upon graduafing, you can be sure fhaf Swede will give his all. VIVIAN TIFTICKJIAN IIVPYII Ambi+ion: Dieiician Acfiviliesz Orchesira 4 Spring Concer+ 3 Monifor 4 Forum 4 Senior Play 4 Exhibifion 4 French Club 3 Fesfival 4 "Viv" is fhe girl wiih 1'ha'I' beaming smile. Her ambifion and inifiafive are +he envy of all her classmaies. She excels in culinary arfs, which will aid her in becoming a die+ician. We plan +o keep in 'louch wi'I'h "Viv", for when she learns how +o cook +he Toll House Specials, we infend +o be around. ROBERT LOUIS TU RCOTTE "Turk" Ambiiions ln'I'erior Decoralor Ac+ivi+ies: Baskeiball 3, 4 Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Quar+eH'e 3, 4 Yearbook Siafl 4 Exhibiiion 4 Everybody in N. A. H. S. knows "Turk". His keen sense of humor has kepi us all amused +hroughou+ high school. His happy-go-lucky way has made him welcome in every group in school. He is surrounded by an almos- phere of humor and good cheer. His abilily and personaliiy will fake him 'Far when, upon gradualion, he en+ers ihe world. JAY LeROY UNDERHILL llundyll Ambi+ion: To become a good Technical Engineer. Ac+ivi+ies: Red Cap S+aFF 3 Co-Ediior Yearbook 4 Manager Freshman Foofball l Co-Edi+or Red Cap 4 Senior Play 4 Undy is full of surprises. We never know whai fo expecl next Possess- ing persis+en1' quali+ies, and a frank nafure, he will never give up uniil he has a++ained his desire. He will long be remembered for his porfrayal of Chad in ihe Senior Play. Good luck, Jay, we're expecfing greal lhings from you. DORIS VAGUENER llDo+ll Ambifionz To be a success in life. Acfivifyz Senior Play Usher 4 ln spiie of being quiel and reserved, Dol has no'l' found if hard 'io make many friends. She is punciual and can always be relied upon +o do her work well. Her dependabilify has raied her high in fhe es'l'eem of her classmaies. WALTER VALLEY llwahll Ambi+ion: Civilian Aeronaufics Pafrol Ac'l'ivi+ies: Lunchroom 2. 3, 4 French Club 3 Whenever Wal'I"s name is menfioned, we will remember him sifiing be- hind his cash regis+er in lhe lunchroom, greefing every cusiomer wiih a bil of dry humor, or a good-naiured "hurry up". His business-like aflifude plus his droll sense of humor, plus 'lhe lac? +ha+ he is al ihis early siage a lull-fledged piloi, will add up +o make Wall' a worihy addilion fo fhe Civil Aeronaufics Pafrol. RITA ROSE VIGORITO Ambifion: Office Work "Ri+e" Acfivifiesz Senior Play Adverfising Commiffee 4 French Club 3 Prom Commiffee 3 "Rife" always has a friendly smile and a genfle "Hi" for everyone. Her good nafured manner and efficiency will uncloubfedly fake her far in her chosen work. Besf of luck "Rife", N. A. H. S. will miss you. EDWARD VOLLERT Ambifion: To be a success. "Eddie" Eddie is nofed for his quief, unobfrusive personalify. He is a firm believer in 'rhe adage fhaf business comes before pleasure. If he applies fhis affi- fude fo fhe life before him, Eddie is bound fo be a success. MARGUERITE SHEILA WEYGAND "Marg" Ambifion: To succeed Acfivifiesz Secrefary 2, 3, 4 Gracluafion Usher 3 Cheerleader 3, 4 Glee Club 2 Red Cap Sfaff 4 Red Cap Collecfor 2 Yearbook Sfaff 4 Spring Concerf Usher 4 Senior Play Commiffee 4 Exhibifion 4 Marg has a sparkle fo her blue eyes, a musical laugh, and a warm love- liness which endears her fo all her classmafes. Her cufeness and liveliness make her sfand ouf al' all fimes. Marg's sfimulafing personalify has made her an ideal class officer fhrough fhe years. All in all, a very popular Miss. JOHN C. WESTCOTT "Johnny" Ambifion: To become a successful surgeon. Acfivifies: Foofball 3 I Treasurer of French Club 3 Baseball 2, 3, 4 Senior Play 4 Forum 4 Glee Club 4 Red Cap Collecfor I, 3 Ski Club 4 When we see Johnny, 'rhe firsf fhings we nofice are his immaculafe clofhes and neaf appearance. Johnny knows fhe formula for mixing business wifh enough fun fo make him a success in lafer life. Whafever he underfakes, you can be sure 'rhaf he will be a success ai' if. We're look- ing for big fhings from you, Johnny. HOWARD WALSH "Howie" Ambifionz To be a success. Howie has spenf mosf of his senior year serving in Uncle Sam's Navy. Buf fhrough his hard work and deferminafion af N. A. H. S., he made a lasfing impression on his classmafes. We know you'll make good, Howie. 0, IIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIllllllllllllIlllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIlllllIllllllIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII llllllllllllllllllllIllllllIllIIlllillllIIIIIIIIICIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIII Ex, E These who lleflt our Cllass ite join Itlhme Serviee ROBERT HARVEY ALLEN RILEY HOWARD WALSH FRANKLIN IcoHLER STILLMAN SPRAGUE HARRY LIGHTFOOT H RALPH MACARUSO DENNIS SAULNIER MAURICE VALADE Il WILLIAM LORING IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIllIIII!!IIlllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIllIIllIIIIIIllllIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIK1IIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIlllUIIlIIllIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllll CL SS ln l492 Columbus discovered America, buf fhaf was nofhing compared fo whaf Mr. Moff discovered in l942 when our class enfered Norfh High. As mosf of fhe ofher classes, we were bofh meek and doubfful as fo whaf we were fo expecf in fhe coming four years. This being our freshman year we were nof foo largely represenfed in school sporfs and acfivifies buf Dick Sherman and Dick Beaupre were able fo make fhe baseball feam. For our firsf class officers, we elecfed Eddie Dean, Presidenfg Beffy Poholek, Vice-Presidenfg Muriel Borucinski, Secrefary and Frank Manchesfer, Treasurer. When our freshman year ended we were sfill a liffle uncerfain as fo our fufure, buf mosf of our meekness had diminished. Affer fhe annual fen weeks probafion we re-enfered wifh a deferminafion fo make our soph- omore year an example for fhose who would follow. Our officers were Edward Dean, Presi- denf: Virginia King, Vice-Presidenfg Marguerife Weygand, Secrefary, and Frank Manchesfer, Treasurer. This year we sfarfed fo make ourselves known for Eddie Dean, Ziggy Summersall and Dick Sherman represenfed us on fhe gridiron. Roberf Turcoffe, James Rose and Donald Curran in addifion fo fhose previously named increased fhe fame of our class by making fhe baskefball feam. During fhese fwo seasons fhe feam's morale was well boosfed by fhe cheerleaders of whom Jeaneffe Sarazin was a member. The baseball feam consisfed largely of sophomores, namely: Dick Beaupre, Dick Sherman, Ziggy Summersall, Eddie Dean, Frank Manchesfer and John Wesfcoff. The girls of our class, feeling rafher neglecfed, sfarfed a baskefball feam composed of some very afhlefic specimens. Wifh Mr. Moff's permission our social acfivifies sfarfed wifh a very successful dance. This being fhe firsf evenf of fhis kind fo be held by any sophomore class in many years we considered if quife an accomplishmenf. This dance was called "Sainf Paf's Hop". We came back in our fhird year iusf raring fo go. Our leaders fhis year were Eddie Dean, Presidenfg Ginny King, Vice-Presidenfg Sfillman Sprague, Treasurer: and Marguerife Weygand, Secrefary. Sfillman leff us during fhis year fo ioin fhe service whereas Frank Manchesfer fook over his office. lncidenfally fhis was Eddie's fhird ferm. He figured if Roosevelf could do if, so could he. During our iunior year more members of our class parficipafed in afhlefics fhan any ofher iunior class in recenf years. Ouf on fhe foofball field were fhese sfurdy iuniors: John Kupsfas, Eddie Dean, Allen Riley, Ziggy Summersall, Frank Manchesfer, Sfillman Sprague, Dick Sherman, Dick Marcil, Dick Beaupre, Jimmy Rose, and Bill Loring. ' vi Cu sf" H Higgs. - 0 f 5 ff C E X .fa a. W W PAGE 62 OR On fhe baskefball courf were James Rose, Eddie Dean, Bob Turcoffe, Dick Sherman, Ziggy Summersall, Donald Curran, and Dick Beaupre, On fhe girl's feam were Aline Dargis, Nancy Feid, Ginny King, June Easfman, Cynfhia Locke, and Barbara Brennan. Sweafing if ouf on fhe baseball field were Frank Manchesfer, Dick Sherman, Eddie Dean, Ziggy Summersall, Dick Beaupre, and Johnny Wesfcoff. The cheering secfion af all our games was led by Jeaneffe Sarazin, Marguerife Weygand, Anne Franklin, Mary Baker, and Claire Baier. So much for our afhlefic career. As for our dances fhey were all well affended and were enjoyed by everyone. The more successful dances were fhe "Junior Prom" and fhe "Snowball Dance". The ferminafion of our fhird year was gladly welcomed along wifh fhe fhoughf of becom- ing seniors af fhe end of fhe habifual vacafion. Affer fhree years of sweaf and foil fhe day came when we were fo sfarf as 'rhe leaders and so called "example seffers" of Norfh High. The foofball feam experienced a very successful season wifh approximafely fhe same players as fhe previous year wifh fhe excepfion of fhose few boys who leff us fo fighf for Uncle Sam. Lenny Poirier, Vincenf Peffi, Owen Johnson, Bob Brisfol, and Alfred Sfolfz showed up during fhe season fo help fhe feam along. Dick Beaupre replaced Eddie Dean as presidenf and fhe ofher offices were held by fhe same capable people as fhe year previous. The cheerleaders vofed fhis year were: Jeaneffe Sarazin, Marguerife Weygand, Mary Baker, Claire Baier, Mim Borucinski, and Anne Franklin. Socially we were incomparable. ln place of fhe usual sfuffed shirf dances a new fype of dance, familiarly known as fhe "Pigskin Parfy", was originafed. These dances were sfricfly informal and all Who affended eniOyed fhe erlferfainmenf puf on during infermissions by mem- bers of fhe school. One show we refer fo in parficular was a chorus girl number puf on by fhe foofball players. lf was somefhing very new for fhis school. Records were usually used af fhese dances buf fhey proved as amusing and enferfaining as fhe orchesfras we had pre- viously had. "The Liffle Shepherd of Kingdom Come", a fhree acf comedy direcfed by Miss Erving wifh fhe backing of a very compefenf casf, broughf ouf fhe fheafrical falenf in such sfu- denfs as Jay Underhill, John Wesfcoff, Pauline Dailey, Marie O'Rourke, Anne Franklin, George Murphy, Nola Priesfley, Doffie Frizzell, James Rose, Beffy Poholek, and Frank Manchesfer. To bring fo a close fhis resume' of evenfs which occurred during our sfay af N. A. H. S. we wish fo fhank fhe enfire faculfy for helping us reach fhe goal we have long dreamed abouf and worked for - Graduafion. We, fhe class of '46, exfend our sincere wishes for good luck fo fhe classes following and hope fhey will work hard for fhaf same goal we have reached. Believe me, i'I"s worfh if. ... - S f 061 f B 'W' me 4 6760 ff l Sill Q2 175 sl W i ff ' Z-A 17 - , TT EVA!-IS 5-A 63 Junior Class l - Led by 'rheir dashing presidenl' Eddie Weygand, fhe Junior Class sfrode forward in This fheir ihird year as s+uden+s of N. A. H. S. Their main and only social evenl' of fhe year was fhe dazzling Junior Prom. The decorafions, designed by Peggy Nolan and "Torchie" Whif- ney, lived up 'ro fhose of former Junior classes. The finances were managed very capably by 'rreasurer Dave Greene. The Juniors broke all records in charging SI.80 per couple buf every one aHending 'Fell +ha+ +he money had been well spenf. Roberf TurcoH'e and Peggy Nolan won fhe prize waH'z by popular acclaim. On fhe foofball feam, George Schmidi' and Bob Beaulieu were firsi' sfringers, while Sian- hope, Weygand, Brown, and MacKay subsfiiuied regularly. On +he Baskeiball courf +he class was represenfed by Schmidt MacKay, Yaies, and Cooke. On +he diamond Schmidf again, Cooke, and Brown upheld fhe class of I947. PAGE 64 Sophomore Class CLASS OFFICERS Eugene Nardelli Jean LaRosee Herberf Ciolfi When fhis year's sophomore class pufs on ifs firsf senior dance fhe class will be firsf in fhe recenf hisfory of N. A. H. S. fo have held a dance in each of ifs four years. The sophomores' only claim fo social recognifion fhis year was fhe Shamrock Shindig. Held on March 23rd, six days affer Sf. Pafrick's Day, fhe dance puf fhe old Irish spirif back info fhe lads and lassies of N. A. H. S. Chuck Ciolfi and Jean LaRosee led fhe grand march and kepf fhe dance going in grand fashion. Gene Nardelli and Jackie DeBlois handled fhe fickefs and refresh- menfs. On fhe foofball field Chuck Ciolfi upheld fhe class honors as one of fhe Four Horsemen of l945. "Popeye" Desilefs, Dick Deschenes and Jack Rioux were members of fhe baseball feam. Nardelli, Monroe, and Crossley were managers of fhe fhree sporfs respecfively. Shamrock Shindig PAGE 65 .lf xx Z 1 f' xiinv Q? "-- I slr' X 1 'L CFYPTHIIV 6.007 -" 1 I f QC L Z g ,. - CLD 7 cfo 7A12fi0CKEfE6'R5' TO' Q 1c?fQR'r' out-'R 4ff'lF80Ro ..- Q l-U41 Pot? if 46 mvktrd Z Q QLUMNAG fqvxgono J' a n Xhv Mfmspfglo X i ef THE Noruw enskevfeng C5516 UPI-ara H G-ao D----- 1 I KE . S-fRI E 1' Z Q ' fffmf Z if ffoclf ETEEG' 'HHSE BHL c. '0 90f"50 TP Qfffeift jf '1- 773 1 f -y-EQIP cfxcnrr- faq Tnwvfo N - - -- Yes, awp nrnfdqev - r o X Q f 9 If91f4f-ance ou .rs MTL L, E I I L -W Fronf Row: John Kupsfas, Richard Beaupre, Raymond Summersall, Edward Dean, Richard Sherman, Frank ' Manchesfer, Herberf Ciolfi, Coach Walfer Boyson. A Middle Row: Eugene Nardelli, Manager Alfred Sfolfz, Leonard Poirier, Edward Weygand, Roberf Deschenes, Owen Johnson, Roberf Brisfol. Back Row: Harold MacKay, Roberf Sfanhope, George Schmidf, Thomas Brown, Roberf Cooke, Vincenf Peffi, 'A Michael Todaro. Q PAGE 68 Capt. Dean Dean and Beaupre down fhe Affleboro Ball Carrier during fhe Thanksgiving Game. Six games won ouf of seven for a percenfage of .87I! The Red Rockefeers wound up anofher bang up season by faking a fhriller from fheir arch rival Affleboro. Led by Capf. Eddy Dean, fhe feam 'rook fhe opener from Franklin before a crowd of I200 and wenf on fo fake fhe nexf fwo games. Then came fhe old iinx, Durfee. A dark dismal day was fhe seffing for fhe season's one and only defeaf af fhe hands of fhe men of fhe black and red for fhe second fime in fwo years. The players will always remember The Mansfield game referee, who kidded Sherman by accusing him of bifing in fhe clinches. The lasf and mosf imporfanf of all, Affleboro, was scheduled as usual for Thanksgiving morning, buf was washed ouf by a driving rain. Despife fhe posfponemenf, 4500 people showed up for fhe confesf fhe following Safurday. As an anfi-climax fo fhe mosf excifing game in fhe Norfh--Affleboro series, Mar- fineau, fhe AHS ace halfback raced 70 yards 'ro promised land making fhe score I2-7 wifh four minufes leff fo play. Then, praying every sfep of fhe way, fhe Red Rockefeers, aided by JUNIOR VARSITY Back Row: Richard King, Roberl Larocque, Sluarl Bur+, David Greene, James Monroe, Edward Sprague, Louis Pollock. Middle Row: Craig Hobson, James Langille, Adrian Ringuelfe, Coach Lynch, Willard Crossley, Roy Percy, Edward Macaruso. Eronf Row: John Rioux, Alvin Bales, Roberl Grimley, Donald Dillon, Harlie Thompson, Gerald Sherman, James Moll. Beaupre, Dean, Ciolfi, Sherman, Schmidl, Kupslas, Beaulieu, Summersall, While, Loring, Manchesler 'Four successful "zero" passes from Sherman 'ro Dean, scored fhe winning Touchdown +o climax fhe conI'es+. Eddy Dean's Iackling, running, and superb leadership, won him a posilion on I'he fhird leam all sI'aI'e backfield. The back- field of Ciolfi, Beaupre, Sherman, and Dean was I'he mosl evenly balanced in NAHS foolball hislory. "Ziggy" Summer- sall, scrappy cenler, earned his leI"Ier for I'he +hird year. Riley, sI'ou+ guard, lefl' affer +he fhird game 'Io enler I'he navy and was replaced by Bob Beaulieu. Manchesfer, Loring, and While, comprised lhe lefl' side of I'he line and made a remarkable defensive record. Jackie Kupslas was Ihe hard hi'Hing Iackle who played beside pass snafching "Georgie" Schmidl. SCORES Nm-rs Nm-is I2 Franklin 0 0 Durfee 6 I2 Walpole 0 27 Canlon O 26 Taunlon 6 34 Mansfield O N.A. I4 - Alfleboro I2 Ralph Hall Assislanl Coach lx iky, s.Ai sl f. S PAGE 70 TE FIRST TEAM James Munroe Waller Boyson Roberi TurcoHe Manager Coach Harold MacKay Richard Sherman Raymond Summersall George Schmid? Richard Beaupre ., .. - Capt. Summersall This year's baskefball quiniei' came fhrough wifh fhe bes+ season in many years, winning nine ou+ of +hir+een games. The feam alfhough losing by a fairly large score, pu+ up a good figh+ againsi' fhe AHS, Tech +ournamen+ con+enders. The boys foremosi' fea+s of +he season were +he 'l'wo upse'rs of 1'he Franklin High lads who were looking 'for a iournamenl' bid unfil knocked off by fhe boys in red. They showed fhe old Norfh figh+ing spirii' in every game, displaying a de+ermina+ion 'ro win and win cleanly. Capfain "Ziggy" Summersall was known 'For his abili+y +o sink fhose difficulf corner shors. Leading +he Brislol Couniy scorers for a lime he wound up wilh l53 poinfs for fhe season. Bob TurcoHe, dribbling genius of +he +eam, played sfeady baskefball and sei' up many sho+s for +he sharp shoofing guards, SECOND TEAM Lewis Pollock John Rhind Waller Boyson, Coach Eugene Nardelli Rubin Mooradian John Coyle Roberf Cooke Vincenf PeHi Raymond Ya+es 7' Gerald Sherman Sherman, Beaupre, and MacKay. High scoring Georgie Schmidi' was The fall man of ihe feam and nofed for oufiumping +he AHS gianf cen+er, Kubiski. Led by Capiain Pe+'ri and Don Curran, +he second feam won eleven oui' of ihirfeen games racking up a higher percenlage fhan +heir big brofhers on The firsi' feam. SCORES NAHS NAI-IS 46 Mansfield 23 33 A++leboro 72 38 Foxboro 26 40 5QaTklli" 34 40 Mansfield I6 if Alfrfge 3' Taunfon 32 43 Franklin 2I 48 Foxboro Taunfon 3I Walpole 30 I4 Affleboro 50 Vincent Petti, Captain PAGE 71' ASE John Wes+co++ Thomas Brown Richard Sherman George Schmidi Frank Manchesier Craig Hobson, Mgr. Richard Beaupre Edward Dean Wal+er Boyson, Coach Herberf Ciolfi " Roberf Cooke Firsf Team in Sweaiers PAGE 72 Co-Capt. Beaupre Baseball in NAHS has noi' been very popular in recenf years bui' +his season fhe sporl' seems +o have been revived. Wi+h Co-cap- fains Dick Beaupre and Dick Sherman having had four years ex- perience on fhe varsify and Schmidf, Manchesfer, Brown, PeH'i, and Wes+co++ having played Three years, fhe feam is pracfically a vel'- eran ouifif. The Rockeieers infield is one of +he bes+ +o represeni' fhe school in many years. Beaupre is a sfylish firsf baseman and digs many bad fhrows ou'r of fhe dirf. The keysfone combinafion wi+h slugger Dick Sherman a+ shor+s+op and Wes+coH' and Desile+s al+erna+ing a+ second cover a lo+ of ground and sfari' many double plays. Bobby Cooke has plen+y of spirii' and looks like a beH'er +han average +hird baseman. The pifching sfaff is well sfocked wi+h George Schmidt lefiy Frank Manchesfer, and Dick Deschenes, do- ing fhe bulk of +he fwirling. ln 'rhe firsi' game fhis season, Schmid? pifched a ihree hiH'er againsi' Mansfield. Tommy "Apple knocker" Brown is fhe regular caicher wi'rh Vin PeHi as his subs1'ii'u'I'e. Pe+'ri played righi' field when noi cafching. Jack Rioux and Dick Des- Harold MacKay Thomas Brown Coach LL Boyson George Schmidf Allen McDonald Roberf Cooke Vincenf Peffi Richard Beaupre Richard Sherman Harry Azarian John Wesfcoff Frank Manchesier Flrsf Team In Uniforms chenes rounded ouf fhe ouffield. Sherman and Brown are fhe besf hiffers on fhe Rockefeer nine. Mr. Boyson and Mr Call coached 'I'he feam and wifhouf fheir insfrucfion and counsel fhe feam would never have made such a successful season. Mansfield .....,............................... Alumni ............. Sfoughfon ...... Oliver Ames .......... Franklin ............ Sfoughfon ...... Affleboro ........... Mansfield ........... Affleboro ........... Oliver Ames .......... Moses Brown ............. Walpole ................... Franklin ............... NAHS ......... NAHS ......... NAHS ......... NAHS ....,.... NAHS ......... NAHS ,........ NAHS ......... NAHS ......... NAHS ..,...... NAHS ........, NAHS ......... NAHS ......... NAHS ......... I Giurllgs IBra1sIIfice1tIIw1IIII son, Virginia King, Lois Purcell, Coach Horace CaII, Dorofhy Balmer, Aline Dargis, Jean LaRosee, Nancy Whif- ney, Marie O'RourIce. Fronf Row: Abigail Gibeaulf, Beafrice Paquin, Virginia O'NeiI, Cynfhia Locke, Barbara Brennan, Margaref Mc- Creffon, Shirley Smifh, Denice Gibeaulf. 'XIX Cynthia Loclce- Barbara Brennan Co-Captains PAGE 74 The girls' baskefball feam has progressed very rapidly in ifs fwo seasons af N.A.H.S. They wound up fhe season in a blaze of glory by winning four ouf of fheir Iasf five games. The feam sprung an upsef in fheir second game wifh Affleboro winning by six poinfs. Their sfar forward, Millie Curfis, was hif on fhe head by a colce boffle which fell from some sfeps in fhe firsf game wifh fhe A.H.S. She was fhe season's Ione casualfy. Co-capfains Cynfhia Locke and Barb. Brennan proved fo be worfhy leaders, displaying some fine defensive play as guards. Ginnie King, Aline Dargis, and Nancy Feid were fhe ofher sen- iors on fhe feam. The second feam had a good season and fhe prospecfs for nexf year's feam are good. SCORES NAI-is OPP. NAI-is OPP. 8 Affleboro I4 22 Affleboro I6 I I Mansfield 24 I I Mansfield 28 20 Wrenfham 30 I9 Plainville I8 23 PIainviIIe I7 26 Wrenfham I9 Baclc Row: Janef Weygand, Nancy Feid, Beffy Lou John- Giimrllsg l Sofltllmelllll Back Row: Margare+ McCreHon, Barbara Gracie, Mr. Call, Mae Allinson, Peggy Nolan. Fronl Row: Barbara Brennan, Alaine McGann, Muriel Borucinski, Cynfhia Locke, Nancy Whi+ney. 1 pl The girls' sofiball +eam's fafe remains uncerfain a+ N.A.H.S. Because Mr. Call, girls alhlelic coach, is helping +o insirucl fhe boys baseball ieam, 'rhe girls seem 'lo be wi+hou+ a coach or a schedule. Buf 'lhe spor'r is so popular wilh 'rhe girls +ha'r ihey have been oul' praclising by ihemselves. The feam won iheir only game las+ year by bealing AH'leboro. Anofher game was called off wi+h a girls ieam 'From Canfon when il was dis- covered +ha+ 'lhal' feam was our own boys' baseball club. Muriel Borucinski and Tools McGann are 'ihe pilchers for +he group. The olher seniors who par'l'icipa+e in +he spor'r are Barb Brennan, Cynfhia Locke, BeH'e Poholek, and Aline Dargis. First Baseman-Cynthia Locke PAGE 75 Y EIC f BUYS Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, all fhe boys who are physically fif reporf fo fhe gym for a period of condifion- ing. Mr. Boyson, keeps records of fhe number of pushups and pullups each boy does every monfh, fhereby charfing his progress physically. During fhe cold monfhs of winfer fhe boys sfayed inside playing baskefball, climbing ropes, working on fhe parallel bars and performing ofher body building forms of exercise. During fhe warmer monfhs fhe boys wenf ouf onfo Communify field fo play soffball and run fhe obsfacle course. ln fhe exhibifion in January a selecf group of boys performed before fhe cifizens of fhe fown. Roberf Turcoffe's feam fell down before Vinnie PeH'i's warriors, fwo games fo one, in a game in which fhe boys go in rofafion shoofing fhe baslcefball firsf af one end of fhe gymnasium, and fhen fhe ofher. Gym is fhe newesf addifion fo our school curriculum begin- ning in fhe winfer of I'-743. lf has progressed very rapidly and fhe boys are gaining much from fhe course. PAGE 76 Coach Boyson UGA TO GHIRLS Every Tuesday and Thursday fhe girls fake over fhe gym- nasium. Affer Mrs. Caswell's deparfure af fhe end of lasf year, fhe school deparfmenf began fo look for a new gym feacher. They were very forfunafe in securing Mrs. Doon, a former sfu- denf of fhis high school and a graduafe of New Hampshire Universify. She was very popular wifh all fhe girls and frained fhem well. Af fhe exhibifion in January, fhe girls in fheir green uniforms, puf on a real show. In fheir calesfhenics drill, fhe girls showed perfecf fiming and coordinafion. Shorfly affer fhe exhibifion, Mrs. Doon had fo leave and was replaced by Mr. Call who had iusf refurned from fhe navy. The gym periods have given fhe girls fhe chance fo fry fheir skill af baskefball and soffball. They have given fhe girls fhe chance fo exercise regularly and mosf imporfanf of all fhey have helped creafe more and beffer companionship among fhe girls. ln fhe shorf fime fhaf fhe girls physical educafion course has been offered af fhe high school if has been a big success. , l. T. , 'R ii, y f Coach - Call A PAGE 77 Claire Baier Marguerite Weygand Muriel Borucinski lrene Desilefs Claire Baier Jeaneffe Sarazin Anne Franklin Barbara Paquin Marguerife Weygand C H E E IR Lillian Leger PAGE 78 Jeaneffe Sarazin Head Cheerleader Win, lose, or draw, fhis year's foofball and baskefball feams were backed by fhe perl' young lassies in red. Exhibifing new cheers, including some wifh carfwheels and somersaulfs, fhis year's cheerleaders were considered by all who saw fhem fo be fhe besf fhaf have ever represenfed fho high school. Much credif musf be given fo Mrs. Doon whose efforfs and feaching produced 'rhe good form shown by 'rhe girls 'rhroughouf fhe year. Mary Baker, who had performed as a cheerleader in her iunior year, was noi' able fo cheer fhis year because of a back iniury. Jeaneffe Sarazin, head cheerleader, has fhe longesf record of service, sfarfing in fhe Mansfield foofball game during her sophomore year. ln fhe nexf year, Marguerife Weygand, Anne Franklin, Mary Baker puf on fhe red corduroy uniforms and Anne Franklin Muriel Borucinslci LEADERS Claire Baier was a subs+i+u1'e. In fhis las? year, Muriel Borucin- ski made +he sixfh senior cheerleader. The underclassmen who N , cheered +his year were Lillian Leger, Irene Desile+s, and Bar- bara Paquin. i NORTH LOCOMOTIVE WHOOPEDY BANG Norfh locomo+ive leaving on Wh d b I In d b Track I 2 3 4-5-6 cope Y ang W cope Y ang All aboarcl I - Oh where, oh where is +he N-O- R-T-Hl AHleboro gang? N ' ON - H Bangedy whoop, Bangedy whoop Norm High The AH'leboro gang is in +he soup, Hooray S - O - U - P soup, soup, soup. Mrs' Jeanette Doon' Coach PAGE 79 1 X 1 I :'2 ,. f X 0 3,5 ', If... 0 ' A A 'I ' GHS' V Af?-' N " I' I x J ' fo "' 4 L3 f ' X I f - X 9 gf! 0 .Q -'yfzfauf I ll , - E.-27 ,Xt ,-,,.,,... THE cnfnvlfnafas DID c'H5E nuvcf ur 1715 F564 ow: xv c-ooo Jog ,, - , U , A wffav THING-S Lqoxfo onfflr 1 W A 7 ' " 137 wx 1 ?: ul ,B Q" 5 ,459 'A T . ' if 7 fig 'Q I X A '4 Q X , X Q X .. ..,. , Q tm xr W JL? HM if XX -wmv Q53 5 45 gff Q""""'f"E"' 'ZZ"'94i5nL A Mfr Bfegurofv KEfP 5 asrefvg rua rflfb' or EVE MU5,C pam, OPIIMKWG V ' - Z ' " 7 if . ff Q 6f?'375m'f K7 efwv S 9 C aj Lf f V' fxof L Q , A ai Q 2.-5X CCS 1 Es ,f I Q'Qfo'QS2l-ic?-Qgqji QQIV, Q5 GLEE Ccug--GLEEFULIHLLRIGHV ,,-7-,gg EEST' bF U5 7'0 Qqr lf3' 11,700 FOR- -- - ' .frupr ranr HISTORY u L ' Mr. Bronson, Music Director usa Urclhesttral Under +he skillful direcfion of Mr. Bronson +he orches- lra complefed anofher busy year. Appearing af all fhe maior programs in l'he high school audiforium +o play during infermission, 'rhe school musicians enl'er+ained everyone. Their showings a+ fhe Spring Concerl' and in l'he Sfale Confesf al Needham, were very successful. The seniors in +he orchesfra are Richard Funlce, Mar- iorie Sprague and Audrey Earle who played fhe violins, Gerald Sprague who played +he drums, and Phil Bragg who played 'rhe clarinef. PAGE 82 ec ion Band Led by preH'y BeH'y Gaskin, drum maior, fhe band added color +o fhe annual Turkey Day classic. ln Their dashing red and while uniforms fhe boys played and marched exceplionally well, oufshining fheir rival foofers in blue. The Band also made a very successful showing al' fhe Spring Conceri' and al' +he S+a+e Con+es1' af Needham. The seniors in fhe band are George Murphy, who plays +he fubag Gerry Sprague, +he drums: Joe McManus, +he bells, and Phil Bragg, +he clarinet Elizabeth Gaslcin- Drum Maiorette PAGE 83 PAGE 84 Jeannette Singing Every firsf period, Tuesday morning melodious s'rrains floafed ou'r from +he audiiorium as +he glee club pracfised. Compleling ifs 'rhird year as a mixed group, +he organiza+ion sang al' +he Chrisfmas Exercises and af +he Spring Concerf. Jean- eH'e Sarazin was soloisl' for +he group. The boys secrion, sfrengfhened in numbers and experience, added much +o +he success of fhe glee club. Eddy Dean, Roberf TurcoH'e and Dick Marcil were lhe seniors in +he base secfion. Raymond Summersall, Frank Man- chesfer, John Wes+coH and Jay Underhill were fhe seniors in 'rhe +enor sec+ion. Some of fhe songs rendered by 'I'he group were "The Losl' Chord", "Morning Prayer", and "l+alian S+ree'r Song". Joe McManus helping Lydia LaFraH'a wri'fe The Class Ode. The quar+eHe singing "S+ars in Your Eyes" Edward Dean Roberf Turco'He Raymond Summersall Frank Manchesier PAGE 85 Journalism PAGE 86 Co-Edirors - Frank Manchesfer, Jay Underhill Business Manager - JeaneHe Sarazin Ari' Edilor - Richard Sherman The Red Cap Al+hough we published only 'four edifions, +he school paper look on a new life fhis year. The second edilion added a sheel' of picfures, a carfoon, and four exira pages. All 'rhe issues had a fronl' page like +ha+ of a regular newspaper, a change from fhe page of composifions which us- ually adorned rhe number one page. The co-edi+ors, Jay Underhill and Frank Manchesier, had very capable assis+ance from fheir slaff. Dick Sherman's page of car- +oons on school life will be sorely missed from nexl' year's Red Cap. The school paper was well organ- ized and was a credil +o +he high school. Back Row: Peggy Nolan, Elizabelh Poholek. Vivian Rusl, Doroihy Berger, George Murphy, Eileen Polefka, Shirley Brown, Pa+ricia Romero, Anne Korman. Froni Row: Edward Weygand, Barbara Brennan, Richard Sherman, Jay Underhill, Frank Manchesler, Jeaneffe Sarazin, Vincenf PeH'i, Margueriie Weygand. ln +his, our seven+h edilion of 'lfhe "Nor'rhern Ligh+", we, of +he sfaff, have a++emp+ed +o produce a yearbook which will be kep+ and cherished by all who own if. This book represen+s much work on +he par+ of +he slaff under Jay Underhill and Frank Manchesler and of +he Adver+ising CommiH'ee under Vincenl' PeH'i. The Class Gills will be given on Class Day by Barbara Brennan and George Murphy: lhe Class Siaiisfics by Vivian Rusf and John Kupslasg +he Class Prophecy by Virginia King and James Rose, fhe Class Hislory by Nancy Cul- hane and Roberf TurcoHe, and 'ihe Class Will by Jeanerfe Sarazin and Leonard Poirier. rtmen l Barbara Brennan, Marguerife Weygand, and Vivian Rusi Yearbook Stall fyping for fhe Yearbook. Fron+ Row: Nancy Culhane, Barbara Brennan, Richard Sherman, Jay Underhill, Frank Manchesler, Jeanelle Sarazin, Gilda Germaine, Dorolhy Frizzell. Back Row: Roberi TurcoHe, Roberl Deschenes, Leonard Poirier, Vivian Rus+, James Rose, Virginia King, George Murphy, John Kups+as, Vincenl PeHi. PAGE 87 DRAM Jean Sfanford, Marie O'Rourke, George Murphy, John Wesfcoff, Nola Priesfley, Anne Franklin, James Rose, Jay Underhill, Elizabefh Poholek, Frank Manchesfer, Vivian Tiffickiian. PAGE 88 Miss Erving The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come The curfain rose and fhe people seffled back for a nighf of enferfainmenf. And a nighf of enferfainmenf if was foo. When Marie O'Rourke and Pauline Dailey sfarfed a long dis- course, fhe audience relaxed expecfing a quief amusing play. They were nof, however, figuring on Miss Erving's sound effecfs. The peaceful solifude of fhe Kenfucky counfryside was shaffered las were fhe nerves of fhe audience, by a re- sounding hoof from a horn, which some people suspecfed belonged fo Gabriel. When vibrafions from fhis mighfy blasf had sfopped shaking The building, and fhe audience had brushed ifself off and climbed back info ifs seafs, fhe play confinued. I+ seems fhaf Major Buford was bringing Chad, a poor, losf mounfain boy fo his house fo live. His sisfer, Lucy, and his friends are shocked and do everyfhing in fheir power fo pre- venf if. Chad falls in love wifh Margaref, daughfer of Major Buford's friend, General Dean, and fighfs Richard Hunf, her fiance in order fo win her. Chad finally wins Margaref affer much frouble and disfress. Jean Sfanford and Jay Underhill displayed some superb acfing in fhe scene where Jean makes love fo Jay and he complains fhaf she's shoving him off fhe sofa. The dance scene fhaf comes in fhe fhird acf was fhe climax of fhe evening. Beffy Poholek was slow in changing info her TIC Firsf Row: Vivian Tifficlciian, John Wesfcoff, Elizabefh Poholelx, Jay Underhill, Marie O'Rourlce, George Murphy, Pauline Dailey. Lasf Row: Nola Priesfly, Frank Manchesfer, Dorofhy Frizzell, James Rose, Jean Sfanford. evening dress and was nof on fime for her cue. Dof Frizzell had fo sfop fo fix her gown before enfering. Miss Erving and Ginny King, fhe prompfers, gof so excifed fhaf fhey losf fheir places. Buf in a few momenfs everyone gof seffled and all wenf well fo fhe finish. The play was pushed fo success by fhe superb acfing of fhe Thespians of N.A.H.S. The audience was helped fo ifs seafs by fhe glamorous ushers, dressed in fheir long, sweeping gowns. Marguerife Weygand presenfed fhe giffs fo Miss Savage and Miss Erving who direcfed fhe play. lndeed fhis play horn and all will be Ion remembered I I 9 in Norfh High. The Cast Chad, "The liffle shepherd" Nafhan Cherry . , ., Befsy Cherry. His daughfer ., Milissy Turner , A Major Calvin Buford . . Miss Lucy Buford, His sisfer Old Tom, Their negro servanf Thanlry, Their housemaid , . T Mrs. Caroline Dean, A Neighbor Margaref Dean, Her daughfer Richard Hunf , . Nellie Hunf, His sisfer Jennie Oversfreef, A Poefess .. . Jay Underhill James Rose , Nola Priesfley , ., Dorofhy Frizzell George Murphy Marie O'Rourlce John Wesfcoff , A Pauline Dailey . Anne Franklin Elizabefh Poholelc , Franlc Manchesfer Vivian Tifficlciian Jean Sfa nford 'lf Miss Savage PAGE 89 Craig Hobson ,,.A......................,... Treasurer Dorofhy Richards ......,. ......... S ecre+ary Louis Pollock .....,. .,..,.,,. P resideni' fc la Q r FRENCH CLUB Holding a meeiing once every monfh beginning in December, fhe French Club compleied 'rheir sec- ond year. The group has been a beehive of acfiviiies, fraveling +o Bosfon iwice +o see a French movie and a concerf, iraveling +o Providence +o a meeiing of French clubs, and puHing on a French play. Under +he capable direcfion of Miss Gadoury, +he mem- bers of +he group enioyed +he club immensely. The Reims PAGE y 90 Firsi' Row: Herberl Ciolfi, Alfred Sioliz, Noel Svendsen, Leonard Poirier, Presidenig John Kupsias, Richard Larson Richard Sherman. Second Row: Vinceni' PeHi, Donald Bannon, Roberi TurcoHe, Edward Macarusso, Fred Sfrong, Edward Weygand. Third Row: Roberf Beaulieu, Roberi' Zilch, Roger Labrie, David Greene, Roberf Sianhope. lu Biology Clliulllm The Biology Club under Mr. Lynch compleied a very busy year. They mei' on Wednesday mornings when no one else was using fhe audiforium. Mem- bers of fhe club pu+ up +he cancer drive pos+ers and disfribufed cancer pamphle+s around fhe 1'own. They also wen'r on numerous hikes, collec+ing speci- mens lo sfudy while on 1'heir way. Jane? Culhane ,, , .. ..,. , . Vice Presidenl' John Rhind .,..., . Treasurer Be'Hy Gaslcin , , ...,.... Presidenl' Mr. Lynch .. , Faculfy Advisor Elizabefh Poholek . , Secrefary Monitors ls'I' Row: Nancy Culhane, Virginia King, Vivian Tif+icl4iian, Margueriie Nor'l'on, Diana Galloffa, Cynfhia Locke, Nancy Feid. 2nd Row: Louis Pollock, Herberf Ciolfi, Donald Currie, Edward Dean lHeadl, John Wes+coH, Roberf Grimley, Owen Johnson. 3rd Row: Rober+ S+anhope, Roberl Beaulieu, Pe+er Ya+es, Harold MacKay, John Kupsias. PAGE 91 'OIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIlllllllIIIIUIIIIIIIlllllUIIIHIIIIIIIKIIllllllllllllillllllllIllIlIlllllltlllllllllllllllIlllllIIIIlllllIlllllIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIlllllllllllIlllllllllllllIIIKIIIIlllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll Nlemmmry Lame Christmas Dance This dance was so much of a flop if was a success. The nighf was freezing, fhe dance had been posfponed once, fhere had been no nofice posfed, fhe kids were home wrifing fheir leffers fo Sanfa Claus and fhe order for fhe ice cream was losf and enough wasn'f senf over. Ofher fhan fhis everyfhing was fine. "Hy" Weygand's orchesfra which plays regularly in fhe Arcadia ballroom in Providence supplied fhe music. During fhe infermission "Lil" Babineau and Lydia LaFraffa feamed up fo pro- duce some fop nofch "boogie woogie" music. "Lil" sang and Lydia played fhe piano. Volunfeers were asked or rafher forced fo come ouf and perform. Among fhem Denny Gibeaulf, Jeaneffe Sarazin, and Joe McManus. While fhe pupils sang "Sanfa Claus is Comin' fo Town", in came Sanfa fo pay us a surprise visif. "Ziggy", I mean Sanfa musf have ridden a horse all fhe way 'cause his knees seemed fo be ouf where fhey should have been in. He gave many presenfs, among fhem a whisfle for Mr. Moff fo call for "Vinnie" Peffi fo come fo Radio class, and a foy drum for Reubin "Wee" Mooradian. Pigskin Party The pupils showed up af fhe dance dressed in old clofhes and all sef for a rip roaring evening. Thaf was iusf whaf fhey gof as fhe dance furned ouf one of fhe besf fimes fhe sfudenf body has had in many years. To sef fhings rolling, fhe class officers furned fhe grand march info a conga. As fhe pupils filed ouf of fhe gym during infermission, fhey were locked ouf and made fo enfer again by sliding down a coal chufe. For some sfrange reason, one girl refused fo gef up off fhe slide. Rising slowly she backed fhrough fhe door and ouf of fhe gym. If seems fhaf her slacks had be- come affracfed fo fhe edge of fhe slide. As all fhe pupils were seafed, fhe announcer sfepped fo fhe fronf. The lighfs dimmed. The floor show was ready fo begin. The audience was fold fhaf fhe Rockeffes of Radio Cify were fo visif fhem. The girls wifh fhe beaufiful figures and fhe perfecf coordinafion necessary for group dancing came on. Led by "Toofsie" Loring, fhe girls fripped lighfly info fhe spoflighf. Their figures were somefhing fo behold. Swing- ing fheir shapely legs in perfecf rhyfhm, fhe girls sfaggered and sfruggled fhrough a roufine fo fhe fune of "lf you knew Susie". Their melodious soprano voices boomecl ouf in double harmony, some high, some low. As a maffer of facf, some of fhe sfu- denfs weren'f sure fhey were all singing fhe same song. When fhey finished, fhe quarfef came fo fhe fronf. While fhey sang "When You and l Were Young Maggie", one of fhe ravishing beaufies, "Toodles" Schmidf, saf down in a chair in fhe middle of fhe floor. Half way fhrough fhe love song, "Romeo" Peffi, coming fhru fhe side door, lef ouf a wolf call and liferally flew info "Toodle's" lap. He placed his manly arms abouf Schmidf's pefif shoulders and remained fhere fhroughouf fhe song. lm- mediafely affer, Jeaneffe Sarazin rendered fhe beaufiful love song "lf l Loved You". The Rockefeers fhen sang an encore. On fhe way ouf, fhey each leff some lipsfick marks on fhe lucky boys in fhe fronf row. "Olga" Sprague planfed a beauf on one poor quivering freshman. Thaf ended fhe floor show and fhe dance confinued on per usual. Everyone fhaf affended agreed fhaf if was a mosf exfraordinary dance. IIIIIlllllllllllllIllllllIIllllllIIIIIlllllllIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIilllIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIKlllllllIlllllKllllllIIIIIIIKllllIIllllllIllllilllllllllilllIIIllllllIIIIIIIIUIIIIIlllllIIUIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllIiilllllllllllllllllllll8 ppreciatio The en+ire yearbook siaff and fhe Senior Class would like +o show +heir gra+i+ude in +his small way +o: Mr. Clarence Greene and The Commercial Press for fheir splendid co-operafion, advice, and workmanship which made our yearbook possible. Mr. Roger Sherman and his son Gerald 'For 'I'he faking and developing of many piciures which confribuied grea+ly +o The success of +his book. The Union Bookbinding Co. whose work made if possi- ble 'for fhe yearbook fo be in lime for graduafion. The merchanfs and manufacfurers for fheir generous help in purchasing adver+ising space and fheir fine sup- por+. SWA N H, IN E ATTLEHUHU. MASS. EVANS EASE EUMPANY i 5. PETERSON BUMP ir LESTAGE MANUPAETUHING CUMPANY H. RILEY 8 SUN Coal - Coke - Fuel Oils - Wood Mason Materials-Power Shovel Excavating NUHTH ATTLEBUHU, MASS. 1 N 4 l E ......... ,,..........-.--V L41 NL ,A Www ,wr IK 'WM .if BEE 8 NILES CU .if 214+ 9 41 Q9 E H. GHUUSE EU jffake rs of Senior Class Rings for 1515 '20IIllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllIllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllll Ill!IIIllllllIIII!lllllllllllllllllllllllIII!!IlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!IIIIIIIIIllllllllIIIlllllIllllllIIllllllIlIlIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIllllllllIlllllllllllilllllllllll 4' .4 AUTUMATIE MACHINE PRODUCTS EU. Tn You Whu Graduate U Be e+ernally indus+rious, honesf and courageous. Only wi+l1 such cardinal vir+ues can you hope +0 climb +l1e ladder of success. Lei no man convince you ofherwise. 3 I. L. Underhill. President North Atlleboro Gas Company S II IIIIIIlllIIllllllIllllllllIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllIIIllllIlllllIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIlllllIlIllllIIlllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllll IIIlllllIIIIllllllllIIIlllllllIlllllllIIIIIlllillllIllllllllillllllllllllllll USC!-KH A. HILLMAN 8 GUNS W6W JEWELED EHUSS EUMPANY Uongfcafufafiona ana! Bai qfwagsa fo dig N. A. H. S. ELI-XSS UE 15145 QHBP V. H. BLAEHINTUN 8 EUMPANY fataglhgscf Q4 iyaau 0490 I-XTTLEBUHU FALLS, MASS FULLER BUX LUMPANY Nl'QP' 'r' ,1f':fx.Z STANDARD CHAIN EU., IM. '23 MCDONALD BRUTHEHS Efsaflopfaiszi 'A' 'A' 'I' MASUN HUX LUMPANY A H.BHAI5 LUMBEH EU emywm Eisnei :Sc mnmpang Cofiumejewehjf Jllanufcziiurers N J MAGNAN CUHP Usnnia - Badminton and 45'-yuaafz cpacgefa EAHHULL CUT HATE North I-Xttlehnrn, Mass. WE MI BHENNAN DRUG STEUTT EUNSTHUET IUN EU LLEHE DEPARTMENT STU E5-E7 NUHTH WASHINETUN STH HE EET m L G.BALFUUH EUMPANY ATTLEBUHU, MASS. ass in s ins Cl R g 8: P C mencemeni' lnvi+a1'ions Diplomas - Personal by C. B. Goodwin Affleboro Office IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIilllllllllIUIIIIIIIIIIIIKllliilllIIIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII C YE 8 RARER MANUFACTURING SWIFT 8 FISHER,Inn. A FRIEND ADAMS ASPHALT EUMPANY Asphalf Pavemenfs 53 Blanche S+ree+ Cambridge, Mass. o Aitlohorooqh Savings Bank Monroe Construction Cornoan The Robbins Company SUHUFIHLU HAHDWAIHI EU. Tho Harry C. Jepson En., Inc. 4' 02' ERENCHIE'S SERVICE STATIUN Attlehuru and Plainville Cual Company, Inc. SAYLES DAIRY MILK RAR N U R M A N' 5 The House of Disfincfive Giffs I6 Soufh Washingfon S+ree+ Norfh AH'Ieboro, Mass. GENERAL CHAIN CUMPANY, Inc. CREEII RUSARY CUMPANY rher Electric Manufacturing Cumpa UUAHER SILVER CDMPANY, Inc. gifuszamibga llllllIllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllIllllllllllllllll lll23lllpz4NlN6llCllE5 E9 TUNGIANNHE 4130.9 NNE. Jewelny and 9Vovelty jffanufacturers North Attlehoro Chronicle Co. Commercial Prinfers since l870 Publishers of "The Evening Chronicle" W. J. RUSS YUUTH CENTER lVlCllJ1U'5 lVlAllHE'l' Alberf RingueHe, Proprie+or CUMMUNITY CLUTHING SHUP U. EVANS S CUMPANY STANDARD METALS CUHP. 262 Broad Slreei' Norfh AH'leboro, Mass lhe Jewelry 8 Cutlery Novelty Company fri fi 3 ll llll IIIIII ll IIIIIIIIII I Illllllll Illllllllllll Ill III DIIIIIIIIIIIIK IIIIIIKIII Illl IIIII I IIII IIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIV WAMSUTTA DRUG UHENT BPIUTHIQHS " I-LBJ TUUL EUMPANY J F 5TUHUY'5 SUN5 EUMPANY THE RELIABLE NEWS BUREAU HOTEL HIXON REEVE'S J. J. BEARD FURNITURE COMPANY M. A. VIGORITO Tailors 81 Toggery J. A. CLARNER Elec+rical Appliances Elecfrical Appliances - When available Giffs in PoH'ery, Wood, E'l'c. IOO Nor+l1 Washingfon S+. Tel. 270-J CENTRAL FRUIT STORE Shirley J. Holmes J. E. MINER FURNITURE STORE IIIIU IllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I IIIII UIIIIIIIIII J I I IIU ill 1 ll I I IUIIIII U IIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIII IIIIU B C. W. BRISTOL 'OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Ill!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIlllllllllIIlllllllllllllllUIIIIIIIIIIIIKJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQ n B SVENDSEN DECORATING BERGH BROS. D A FRIEND R. BLACKINTON 81 CO. U B DOWDING DIVISION ANN MARIE'S DRESS SHOP a Henry L. Hanson H. W. WRIGHT 8: CO. Hub 8: Die Cu++ers 9 BURN'S SERVICE Lubricafion McCANN'S D Easi' Washingfon ACME PLATING CO. Coloring - EIec+ro PIa+ing A FRIEND Norfh AH'Ieboro C CRAIG BROS. E550 Service ANAWAN CIGAR STORE Tires 8: Tubes - Lubricafion U E U JACK 81 HARRY'S AUTO STORES A. L. LINDROTH IIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIK!IIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIllllllllIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIHIIII IIIIIIIllIIIIllllllllllIllllllllllllillIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIllllllll3 IIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIDIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIKSIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII lllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllIIllllllIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIllDIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU' RENE'S SERVICE STATION KENNEDYIS HAT SHOP Tires - Batteries - Lubrication D East' Washington 8: Orne Streets U North AHIeboro, Mass. MARY'S GIFT SHOP ELECTRIC SHOE RESOLING S LEON'S BEAUTY SHOPPE COMMUNITY JEWEL B S 3 JARVIS HUNT FLAGG'S BAKERY 5 AH'orney-af-Law C 2 NOLAN'S FLOWER SHOP II I H S S U f I El 4 7 U PHIL RANDALL'S U DOW'S TRAVELING AGENCY 3 Mosshero Pressed Steel Corporation E I-Xttlehoro, Massachusetts B Meljarthy 8 Simon 0' D E HISHUP EUMPANY INC H.P.SIMMUNS CUMPANY ATTLEBUHU, MASSACHUSETTS 66:1-. L Ti A - ' U Aggies A2 ' ,Jn M L JJ. ,VJ . wg.. ' g.1-f Q, ,.a.,-.Q Y Y' 'li-A . M, , fi 45.7, -' 'K M , f. ,,..'f,a,. 1. 541 -IL. :..' w nf.. W . ' .. 1:5 " JH fa M ' fziif 1 , 5 ' ' fl, ' Y ,- wp: ,pw N W 'A fi 'dxffi ' ' 'W ., 11352353 fqfiff: , yy ggi? ' ' Q,--HJ A , f I Wlalfi ' " , . ,. . ' f , .FF ,fzlfim ':'3A,,4,,Qg1,QrJ,f-535' gx,y,.,2gu',1.'.zf,warm' -2. ,7',5Y1ff-ii' -' Y 'Ai-fE,Q flfafx. ' 5' x ISI ,, I , ,Fi ITIL " iii? 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