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VirUr; :Tinjnininlnin nOfilHERn LIGHT.... 1945 fi Cj r i r. li II -.n -3 k MR. ARTHUR J. MOTT PRINCIPAL iinini- ' NORTH ATTLEBOROUGH HIGH SCHOOL T h lini.rUr ' iiJiinin ».n. j lij jn ji uTLjyL m .rfL jf[ j f; Lieut. Horace Call ' iT--jyuyUfUMLfTU lij ' : DEDICflIlOO We, the Class of 1945, dedicate this issue of The Northern Light to Lieutenant (j.g.) Horace Call, one of the finest men ever to lead the youth of N. A. H. S. He inspired us to go far in scholas- tics, good sportsmanship, and athletics. As the end of the war does not seem to be too distant, it is the sincere hope of the students in the North Attleboro High School that he will soon be with us again. E=r JjlJTLrT L ' ' “. rru. i .. jTTjr: TiTUTi-JT IT if iLfTi.rn_rfijfL4UfU|UiUfLj rfUjujufLfp. t .lining acddUif. it:. I st row Miss Barber, Miss Dudley, Mr. Boyson, Mr. Mott, Miss Wall, Mr. Lynch, Miss Washburn. 2nd row Miss A. tHall, Mrs. Franzen, Miss Angus, Miss Gadoury, Mr. Hart- well, Mrs. Plummer, Mr. Bronson, Miss Whelan, Mr. Minah, Miss Savage, Miss Erving, Mrs. Murphy. Miss Marjorie D. Barber, teacher of English, was graduated from Women ' s College of Brown University, now called Pembroke. Miss Barber is head of the English Department, In N. A. H. S. Miss Katherine Savage, a teacher of English, was graduated from Wheaton College. Miss Savage Is also head of the Junior Red Cross In N. A. H. S. Mr. Ed win G. Hartwell, who teaches Chemistry, Physics and Senior Science, was graduated from Glever City, Pennsylvania, and the Ohio Northern University. Mr. Hartwell Is sub-master, head of the Science Department, and instructor in the Aeronautics Course in N. A. H. S. Miss Louise Dudley, a teacher of Shorthand and Typewriting, was graduated from Bryant and Stratton Business College and Salem Normal School. Miss Dorothy Hall, teacher of Mathematics, was graduated from Mount Holyoke College. Miss Alice Hall, who teaches Typewriting, Arithmetic, and Business Principles, was graduated from Boston University, College of Practical Arts and Letters. Miss Esther Washburn, a teacher of History, received her A.B. degree from Radcllffe College and her E.D.M. degree from Boston University School of Education. Miss Jennie Angus, a teacher of Household Arts and Sewing, was graduated from the Framingham Normal School. Miss May Erving, a teacher of English, was graduated from Emerson College. Miss Erving is the dramatic coach In N. A. H. S. Mrs. Phyllis Plummer, teacher of Bookkeeping and Business Law, was graduated from Boston University with a B.S. degree. Miss Jacqueline M. Gadoury, teacher of French, graduated from MIddlebury College and received her M.A. degree. Mr. Edward Lynch, who now teaches Biology, General Science and Health, graduated from Bosfon College. Mrs. Lela Murphy, who teaches Mathematics, was graduated from Brown University and received her A.B. degree. Mr. Walter Boyson, N. A. H. S. head coach and teacher of Physical Education, was graduated from Harvard and Brown Universities. Miss Mary Wall, teacher of Latin and English, was graduated from Radcllffe College and received her A.B. and M.A. degrees. Miss Eileen A. Whelan, teacher of Mathematics and Economic Geography, was graduated from Boston University, College of Practical Arts and Letters and received her B.S.S. degree. She Is now doing Graduate work at Boston University and Harvard Graduate Schools. Mrs. Martha Franzen, supervisor of the Art Department, was graduated from the Worcester Art Museum School. Mr. Berryman Minah, assistant coach and teacher of Mechanical Drawing and Shop, was graduated from Keene Teachers College and received his B.E. degree. !•- ili ' ilj iiiiinini ' dUo Ucd We, the class of 1945, having completed the most unforgettable •period of our youth, are preparing to leave North Attleboro High. Five momentous years have passed since Ihe first yearbook was Issued and so upholding the school tradition, we, of the editorial staff have endeavored. In behalf of our classmates, to make this yearbook one that will long serve as a pleasant reminder of our four years at N.A.H.S. This wartime graduation marks the fourth such commencement since Pearl Harbor. Our parting Is no ordinary graduation; we are stepping forth from the peace and security of school life Into a turbu- lent world rocked by war. We must contribute our best efforts to the task of making this world a better and safer place In which to live, and so. In this spirit, we go forth to face the problems of tomorrow. Marie A. Chilli ; ' T jyUTUjUfUfUTlJfUf; 7 jj], T cjfuryuyLiyLryuiiJiijyuTLTiUiiJ _ninir ' QIgM. O ice President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary John Dean . Martha McGann George Robitallle [i , G [jl TLJiUfL ffi .ffi n iyQj lriayLrfUTUiUjLTii Jf u i ★ ★ " ii: THERESE ANNETTE ACHIN " Terry " Ambition: To be a success. Activity; Senior Play Usher " Anything tor a quiet life " EVELYN LUCY BABBITT " Ev " Ambition: To be successful in what- ever I do. Activity: Graduation Usher ' 44 " Always a good companion " HELEN PATRICIA BANNON " Pat " Ambition: To work on a newspaper. Activities: Red Cap Staff Senior Play Usher Senior Play Advertising Committee ' 44 Year Book Advertising Committee ' 45 " You must have many friends, all letter writers do " ELIZABETH BARNES " Bet " Ambition: Laboratory Technician. Activities: Senior Play ' 45 Graduation Usher ' 44 Glee Club ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 Concert ' 44, ' 45 Operetta ' 43 " Good things come in small packages " HARRIET THERESA BEAUMONT " Beau " Ambition: To travel. " To know her is to like her " ROBERT ALTON .BEAUSOLEIL " Bo " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Football ' 44 Baseball ' 44, ' 45 " To be pleasant is my aim” HENRY JOHN BIELECKI " Hank " Ambition: Electrical Engineer Activities: Football ' 44 Senior Play Advertising Committee ' 44 Year Book Advertising Committee ' 45 Student Monitor ' 45 Student Court Judge ' 44 " Never a dull moment " EILEEN MARGARET BORUCINSKI " Ei " Ambition; To be a Model. Activities: Cheer Leader ' 43. ' 44, ' 45 Head Glee Club ' 44, ' 45 Spring Concert ' 44, ' 45 Operetta Usher ' 43 Red Cap Collector ' 43, ' 44 " A pretty smile, a pretty girl " ROBERT PAUL BRENNAN " Bob " Ambition: To be a success. " A good friend " ELEANOR MAE BRODERICK " El " Ambition: To be successful. Activities; Cheerleader ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 Graduation Usher ' 44 Spring Concert Usher ' 44 Operetta Usher ' 44 Glee Club ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 Red Cap Collector ' 44 Year Book Staff " People of few words are best " ■ ★ ★ ★ FLORENCE LOUISE CADARO " Flo " Ambition; To become a nurse. " Silence Is golden " RUTH MAE CHABOT " Ruthie " Ambition: Laboratory Technician. Activities: Orchestra ' 42, ' 43, ' 4 4, ' 45 French Club ' 44, ' 45 Year Book Staff " Smile and the world smiles with you " THERESE ANNETTE CHABOT " Treas " Ambition: To be a successful secre- tary. Happy am I: from care I am free " MARIE ANGELA CHILLI " Angle " Ambition: To be a journalist. Activities: Editor of Red Cap ' 45 Editor of Yearbook ' 45 Graduation Usher ' 44 " She who says little has little to answer for " LORRAINE ELEANOR CLAVETTE " Lorraine " Ambition: Nurse Activities: Operetta ' 43 Senior Play Usher ' 44 " Nice things come in small packages " MARY AGNES COLLARD " Agnes " Ambition: To make singing my career. Activities; Orchestra ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 Glee Club ' 45 Operetta ' 43 Spring Concert ' 44, 45 Graduation Soloist Year Book Staff ' 45 " Life is but a song " BARBARA DOROTHY CURRAN " Barb " Ambition; To be successful. " A friend worth having " JOHN WILLIAM DEAN. JR. " Johnny " Ambition; To be a success in life. Activities: Class President ' 44. ' 45 Football ' 43, ' 44 Senior Play ' 44, ' 45 Basketball ' 44, ' 45 Monitor ' 44, ' 45 " He loved to play the game of ball, he gave his best and gave it all. " CLAIRE THERESE DESCHENES " Clancy " Ambition: To be a nurse. " To be liked, be likeable " EILEEN MARIE DESCHENES " Dish " Ambition; Professional nurse. Activity: Graduation Usher ' 44 " Ambition knows no rest " CATHERINE JANE DOBLE " Jane " Ambition: Stenographer Activities: Red Cap Collector ' 45 Graduation Usher ' 44 Senior Play Usher ' 45 Chairman Yearbook Advertising Com- mittee ' 45 Senior Play Advertising Committee ' 45 " Her ever-present smile reflects her happy nature. " LORRAINE AILEEN ELLS " Raine " Ambi tion: To be a successful nurse. Activities: Glee Club ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 Operetta ' 43 Concert ' 44, ' 45 Senior Play ' 45 Graduation Usher ' 44 Year Book Staff ' 45 Student Monitor ' 45 Red Cap Collector ' 45 " Full of fun is she " CONRAD VICTOR FOUCAULT " Connie " Ambition: Teacher Activity: French Club " A man is but what he knoweth " JEANNE FRANKLIN " Jeanne " Ambition: Medical Secretary. Activity: Senior Play Usher (head) ' 45 " Always well dessed wherever she may be " HELENE FRANCES FRAZIER " Helene " Ambition: To be a typist. Activity: Senior Play Usher " A light heart lives long " DORIS GERTRUDE GAUTHIER " Dot " Ambition: To be a nurse. " Small — and not so quiet " ROSELYN BELLE GRAY " Rosie " Ambition: Secretary Activity: Advertising Committee Year Book ' TIs good to be merry and wise " BARBARA ELIZABETH HALE " Barb " Ambition: Medical Secretary. Activities: Graduation Usher ' 44 D. A. R. Candidate Operetta ' 43 Senior Play " A good friend " EARL LAWRENCE HARTMAN " Earl Ambition: To fly. " What should a man do but be merry " ' k ' kiririfirir •» MARGARET HELEN HAWES " Pzggy " Ambition: Telephone operator. " Silence in itself is golden " JOSEPH BERNARD JAKUBOSKI " Jake " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Football ' 43. ' 44 Band ' 42. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 Orchestra ' 42, ' 43, ' 44. 45 Student Monitor ' 44, ' 45 Rams " Variety is the spice of life " CLARENCE WILTON JANES, JR. " Klondike " Ambition: To be a great bandleader. Activities: Football ' 44 Baseball ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 Band ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 Senior Play ' 44 Year Book Staff ' 45 I have often regretted my speech, never my silence " JUNE ADELE KENNEY " Junie " Ambition: To be a nurse. " Anything for a quiet life " ARNOLD JACK KORMAN " Gus " Ambition: To be a Navy flier. Activities: Student Monitor ' 45 Senior Play Advertising Committee Year Book ' 45 Beware, I am yet to be great " ELEANOR RUTH LAPORTE " El " Ambition: To be a success in whatever I do. Activities: Glee Club Concert ' 44 Operetta ' 43 Graduation Usher ' 44 " Thy modesty ' s a candle to thy merit " CLAIRE LORETTA LaROSEE " Claire •Ambition: To be a Librarian. Activities: Glee Club ' 45 French Club " 45 Spring Concert " 45 Year Book Advertising Committee ' 45 " You ' re a natural " NOflMAN LESTER LARSON " Norm” Ambition: Naval Aviator Activities: Red Cap ' 45 Year Book " 45 " Serious and well behaved and never any trouble gave " ALICE ESTELLE LeBLANC " Stel " Ambition: To be successful. " Well timed silence hath more eloquence than speech " FLORENCE IMELDA LeBLANC " Flossie " Ambition: To be a nurse. " People of few words are best " A JOSEPH THOMAS LEE " Joe " Ambition: To enter college and after the war to study medicine. Activities: Football ' 44 Advertising Committee tor Year Book Rams " Never a dull moment " CHARLES FREDERICK LEGG, JR. Ambition: To be a success in the Navy Activity: Football ' 44 " Happy am I: from care I am free " LAWRENCE EVERETT LINCOLN " Larry " Ambition: Minister Activities: Student Monitor Fren-ch Club " The world through a critic ' s eye " PHYLLIS LEONA LORANGE " Phil " 1 Ambition: To become a nurse. Activities: Graduation Usher ' 44 Senior Play Usher ' 45 French Club " Little said is soon amended " MARILYN PATRICIA MADDEN " Pat " Ambition: Costume Designer. Activities: Senior Play Usher ' 45 Operetta ' 43 " Her crown Is her flaming glory " LUCILLE GRENELLE MANDALIAN " Lu " Ambition: Too numerous to mention. Activities: Salutatorian Essay Red Cap Staff ' 42. ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 Class Secretary ' 43 Glee Club ' 44 Graduation Usher Senior Play President of French Club ' 45 Forum Chairman ' 45 " The love of books is a love which requires neither justification, apology, nor defense. " CATHERINE LOUISE MASON " Cathy " Ambition: To be a success. Activity: Glee Club ' 42 " A friend in need is a friend indeed " WILLIAM RICHARD MASON " Billy " Activities: Editor of Red Cap Football ' 43, ' 44 Senior Play ' 45 Monitor ' 45 Red Cap Staff ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 " Watch me boy! I ' m different " MARTHA MAUREEN McGANN " Mikey " Ambition: To be a hairdresser. -Activities: Vice President ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 Senior Play Usher Jury of Student Council Red Cap Collector School Reporter ' 45 " A very popular — Miss " MARJORIE FRANCES McGOWAN " Margie " Ambition: To be a success. " Small and not so quiet " ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ KATHLEEN ALICE McNAMARA " Kath” Ambition: To be a nurse. " When Irish eyes are smiling " ARTHUR ADELARD MESSIER " Art " Ambition: To be proficient in some line of endeavor. Acfivities: Rams Basketball Team ' 44, ' 45 Rams Treasurer ' 44, ' 45 " A good friend " MARJORIE MAE MESSIER " Margie " Ambition: To be a telephone operator Activities: Secretary ' 42, ' 44, ' 45 Graduation Usher ' 44 Senior Play Usher ' 45 " It ' s nice to be natural If you ' re naturally nice " WILFRED OSCAR MESSIER, JR. " Bud " Ambition: To be a Radar Technician or a priest. Activities: Class Treasurer ' 43 Year Book Staff ' 45 " Life is jest, and all things show it, I thought so once, and now I know it " SARKIS LEON MOORADIAN " Sarkie " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Basketball Manager ' 42, ' 43 Football ' 44 Senior Play Advertising Committee ' 44 Year Book Advertising Committee ' 45 Red Cap Collector ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 " CPuIet sometimes " GLORIA LILLIAN MORSE " Gloria " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Senior Play Usher Year Book Staff Graduation Usher " She has ryhthm in her feet " RUTH MURPHY " Ruth " Ambition: Bacteriologist Activities: Glee Club ' 43, ' 44 Graduation Usher ' 44 Student Monitor ' 45 Red Cap Staff ' 45 Senior Play Vice President French Club Operetta ' 43 Spring Concert ' 45 " Silence and well behaved, never any trouble gave. " WILLIAM HUGH O ' NEILL, JR. " Bill " Ambition: To be a successful surgeon. Acfivities: Senior Play ' 45 Year Book Staff ' 45 " Those curly locks " DAVID WILLIAM PARFITT " Dave " Ambition: Veterinarian. Activity: Senior Play ' 44, ' 45 " How good it is to live " EDGAR WILLIAM PLANTE " Ed " Ambition: Retail Businessman. Activities: Senior Play Advertising Committee Year Book Staff Always well dressed wherever he may be " DOROTHY GLADYS POND " Deegee " Ambition: Anesthetist. Activity; Senior Play " A girl we know little about " MARTHA RUTH QUILTY " Martha " Ambition: To be a good secretary. Activities: -Red Cap Collector ' 41 Glee Club ' 42 Senior Play Usher Advertising Committee " Always a good companion " RALPH MOIR QUILTY " Ralph " Ambition: Beekeeper Activities: Football Manager ' 43 Basketball Manager ' 45 Red Cap Collector ' 41 Committee for Senior Play " Always as busy as a bee " HELEN MILDRED RALPH " Helen " Ambition; To be a successful steno- grapher. " People of few words are best " DOROTHY MAE REILLY " Dot " Ambition: Cadet Nurse. " Happy as the day is long " BERNICE MARIE ROVELTO " Bern " Ambition: To be a successful secretary Activities ; Red Cap Collector ' 43 Glee Club ' 45 Spring Concert ' 45 " I chatter, chatter, as I go " ERNEST RHEAUME, JR. " Ernie " Ambition: To be a success in the Navy. Activity: Rams " To know him is to like him " ILA MAE RHEAUME " lla " Ambition: Air Hostess. Activities: Senior Play Usher Monitor Basketball " 44, ' 45 " Happy am I: from care I am free " ROBERT ALLEN ROBERTS " Bob " Ambition: To be a success. " To be pleasant is my aim " GEORGE ERNEST ROBITAILLE " Rabbit " Ambition: To be a success in the Coast Guard. Activities : Class Treasurer ' 44, ' 45 Red Cap Collector ' 45 Rams, Vice President ' 45 " A good fellow through and through " PHILIP FRANKLIN RUSHLOW, JR. " Phil " JOSEPH DONALD VELLETRI " Joe " Ambition: To be a success. Activities : Basketball ' 41 " He is a winsome, wee thing " BETTY LINDA SANFORD " Bet " Ambition: Court Stenographer. Activities: Valedictorian Essay Red Cap Collector ' 42 Senior Play Advertising Committee Senior Play Usher Red Cap Staff Year Book Staff " Ambition knows no rest " EDNA ALICE SEMPLE " Ed " Ambition: To be a successful secre- tary. " Her sincere manner has gained her many friends " BARBARA VERBENA SHAW " Barb " Ambi+lon: Secretary " Variety is the spice of life " CAROLYN ANNE SHERMAN " Carolyn " Ambition: To be a successful fashion designer. Activities: Red Cap Staff ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45 Senior Play ' 45 " Life is but a portrait " Ambition: To be a success in the Marines. Activities: Football ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 (captain) Year Book Staff President of Rams Baseball ' 44 " Life without sports is not life " NATALIE WEYGAND " Nat " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Glee Club ' 45 Red Cap Collector ' 44 Basketball ' 44, ' 45 Basketball Captain ' 45 " To know her is to like her " MELVIN ELWOOD WHITE " Snookie " Ambition: To be a success. " A good friend " HOPE ELIZABETH WYCHE " Hopie " Ambition: To become a successful Commercial Artist. Activities: Art Editor of the Red Cap " To know her is to like her " EDWARD KASIMER WOJCIECHOWSKI " Woj " Ambition: To be a success In life. Activities: Football ' 45 Student Monitor ' 44, ' 45 Year Book Advertising Committee ' 45 " Fun and seriousness In the right proportions " ★ ★ ★ ★ ELAINE WOJCIECHOWSKI " Elaine " Ambition: To be a success. Activities: Graduation Usher ' 44 Glee Club ' 45 Student Monitor Spring Concert ' 45 " Always a good companion " MARILYN MILDRED YATES " Mai " Ambition: Secretary Activities: Graduation Usher ' 44 ' Personality is a sure step to success " ★ ★ ★ [ ooJz Staj Editor-in-chief Marie A. Chilli Advertising Committee Jane Doble (chairman) Patricia Bannon Claire LaRosee Arnold Korman Henry Bielecki Edward Wojciechowslci Joseph Lee Roselyn Gray Sarkis Mooradian Class History Edgar Plante Ruth Chabot Class Statistics William O ' Neill Gloria Morse Class Gifts Joseph Velletri Eleanor Broderick Class Will Clarence Janes Lorraine Ells Class Prophecy Wilfred Messier Agnes Collard QIcUA. lo AJie Gla44. Moiia American Beauty Rose ' Tomorrow is Forever ' Glau G dM4. Maroon and White ★ ★ ★ QlaM Odle To you, North High, we bid goodbye You ' ve been a friend so true — As we leave these halls. And as the curtain falls. Here is our call to you — Thanks for giving us four years. That we will never forget. They will all remain — In our memory lane. To you. North High, Adieu — By Clarence Janes ★ ★ ★ ★ QIgAA. cMutandf by Ruth Chabot and Edgar Plante After scanning the Class Histories of Northern Lights of previous years, we have observed that all of the authors have been history scholars; so naturally we were chosen to help the under-classmen fully understand what has made us, THE class of ' 45, so outstanding. We entered N. A. H. S. in an air of confusion, inferiority, and, of course, meek- ness. The upper-classmen, naturally, gave their whole hearted assistance in directing us to our whereabouts. But, after a few embarrasing experiences we learned to rely upon our own judgments. Finally, the long awaited and the only eventful day of our Freshman year arrived when we elected Earle Temple, President; " Mlkey " McGann, Vice-P resident; Margie Messier, Secretary; and Bob Ruest, Treasurer. Although we were only Freshmen we were well represented on the football field by " Hank " Phipps who played with the varsity. Our Sophomore year was as uneventful as the first; Don Fournier was elected President; " Mickey " McGann won her second term as Vice-President; Lucille Man- dallan. Secretary; and Buddy Messier was class Treasurer. " Hank " Phipps, " Let " Caldwell, Joe Velletri, Don Fournier and Bob Ruest were recognized on the gridiron, while Johnny Dean joined the basketball squad. We came back to endure our third " stretch " at N. A. H. S., to begin a new episode as the upper-classmen. In the elections, Johnny Dean took the Presidency; " Mlkey " McGann fulfilled her old position for another year; Margie Messier acted as Secretary; and George Robitallle was our Treasurer. Joe Velletri, Billy Mason, John Dean, and Joe Jakuboski, who worked on the foot- ball field under the splendid supervision of both Mr. Call and Mr. Coakley proved able to start the team on the trend upward to the high standards of previous years. The Senior Class of " 44 " being short of male talent called upon Dave Parfitt and John Dean to make a success of their play. Our two festivities of the year were the Junior Social and the Junior Prom which were highly successful. Well, it finally came, the day when we were to be the recognized class of the building. We were determined to come out on top regardless of any hindrances which would confront us in our plight. Page Nineteen y ir -ir if -fr it. -is V 1 5 1 r mi? ★ i945 ★ ★ ★★★★★★★ Being so well pleased with the administration of the previous year, we re-elected the same officers and Incidentally it was " MIkey " McGann ' s FOURTH term. Our football team proved triumphant throughout the season with the exception of our contesf againsf Durfee High when Joe JakuboskI and N. A. H. S. suffered fhe misfortune of " Jake " breaking his leg. Besides " Jake " , Johnny Dean, Joe Velletri and Bill Mason were firsf sfringers. We decided fo fake advantage of Leap Year by holding a dance giving the girls the occasion to make their own choice of dancing partners. The Harvest Dance, St. Nick ' s Hop, and the previously mentioned Leap Year Dance were well attended and most successful from the point of view of George, our class treasurer. Eileen BorucInskI, and Eleanor Broderick, our two attractive Senior cheerleaders kept up the spirits of our afhlefes with their Incessant cheering. We greatly appreciate the time and effort spent by Miss Erving in making our Senior Play the great success It was. We hadn ' t realized before the hidden talent that was present within the members of our class until they fitted into the roles of " Every Eamlly Has One. " The last of our social acfivltles having passed we centered our thoughts around graduation, with the class meetings as the basis of many feuds. Ruthle Chabof, Agnes Collard and Joe JakuboskI leave Mr. Bronson searching for three musicians to fill their places. At last, or maybe too soon, our high school days have come to an end. We leave this building with cherished memories of classmafes and feachers. We hope that the under-classmen will follow In our footsteps, the efforts we have made to be- come successful. We leave, bidding farewell to all and wishing the best of luck to the members of our class who have already left us to enter the armed s ervices. They are: Don Eournler Bill Parks Joe Tero Bob Ruest Frank Phipps Bill White Louis Chabot Tony Cassale Roger Achin " Let " Caldwell Elmer Nadow George Craig Erank Beggs Those who left during our Senior year are: Roger Gagne, Bob O ' Neil, Sarkis Mooradlan. Billy Mason has also left us to begin his studies at Tufts College In Medford. » GIoA,6. by Lorraine Ells and Clarence Janes To the prospective classes of ' 46, ' 47, and ' 48 — We, the Class of 1945 leave in the hope that their four years of high school will be spent as happily as ours were and in the hope that by next year at graduation time our beloved country will be free from the turmoil of war. Lorraine and I want our classmates to take our " Class Will " in the spirit of fun which we Intended when we wrote It, and so with that thought in mind we shall tell you what the members of the Class of ' 45 leave behind them as we journey forth Into a war-stricken world which we must help to repair. And so Eileen and Claire Deschenes leave their brothers to carry on the Deschenes name. Marie Chilli leaves her title, serious girl to Diana Gallotta. Joe Velletrl wills his title of best looking boy to Lenny Poirier. Nat Weygand leaves her athletic ability to Virginia O ' Neil. Therese Chabot leaves to continue smiling at the customers of W. T. Grant Co. Phil Rushlow wills his shortness to that short " Frosh " Paul Garceau. Lorraine Clavette leaves her title, shortest girl, to Betty Ann Precourt. Phyllis Lorange leaves to become a nurse. Bill O ' N eil wills his title, boy with the best line, to Bob Deschenes. Jeanne Franklin leaves her title, best dressed girl, to Ann Bishop. Margaret Hawes leaves as quietly as she entered high school. Buddy Messier wills his adaptability for telling " corny " jokes to Rut Brissette. Lucille Mandallan leaves her piano playing ability to Carolyn Ralston. Barbara Shaw leaves to continue entertaining her servicemen. Henry BleleckI and Eddy Wojclechowski leave the corridors of N. A. H. S. still echoing their howls. Martha Quilty leaves her ladylike ways to set an example for those noisy Freshmen girls. Ruth Murphy leaves her figure to Marilyn Slalger. Joe Jakuboski leaves his trumpet jazz to Maurice Valade. Eleanor Broderick leaves Mr. Bronson looking for a new cheerleader. Florence Cadaro leaves singing " Good-bye North High I Love You but Navy Here 1 Come. " David " Sinatra " Parfitt wills his bow ties to Bob Cook. Barbara Curran leaves her poise to Virginia King. Betty Sanford leaves her stenographical ability to Marguerite Norton. Page Twenty-one ★ Gus Korman wills his 2% interest In a Refined Boston Theater to Dick Larsen. Hope Wyche leaves in hope of continuing her artistry at college. Pat Bannon leaves to join George and bolster the fleet. Earl " Comic Book " Hartman leaves Miss Erving wondering where he gets his oral topics. Therese Achin wills her quietness to Pat Bosworth. Evelyn Babbitt leaves her bus tickets to Ann Korman. Robert Brennan wills his title (Most Talkative Boy), to Howard Gilroy Betty Barnes leaves to haunt Reeves Drug Store until Bill returns from Tufts. Harriet Beaumont leaves to obtain a report from a special reporter. Robert Roberts leaves to take up married life in earnest. Claire LaRosee leaves to acquaint herself with South Pacific customs so that she will be able to make Warren feel at home when he returns. June Kenney leaves to become a hostess at the Golden Pheasant at Bungay. George Robitallle wills to his brother Dean his slogan " Love- ' em and Leave- ' em. " Beverly Gallotta leaves to join Arthur, who is waiting at the side door for her with his trusty bike. Doris Gauthier leaves " that " walk to Ann Thomas. Arthur Messier leaves his Shirley or does he? Ill Edna Semple leaves in her own quiet little way. Carolyn Sherman leaves to ask the Ouija Board what her future will be. Chucky Legg wills his title, " Class Bunker " , to Maurice Valade. Gloria Morse leaves to extend her Interest In that blue coupe. Bernice Rovelto leaves her title. Most Talkative Girl, to Barb Brennan. Bob Beausoleil leaves — Don ' t worry Torchy he won ' t go far away. Kathleen McNamara and Dottle Reilly leave their companionship to their sisters. Jane Doble leaves her title. Smoothest Girl, to Barb Murphy. Joe Lee leaves with his weird wardrobe to join RInglIng Brothers ' clown troop. Estelle and Florence LeBlanc, our class sisters, leave for parts unknown. Marjorie Messier leaves her Varga Girl figure to Shirley Smith. Melvin White leaves clicking his heels as usual. Marilyn Yates leaves her friendliness to Therese Collard. Cathe rine M ason leaves to carry on in J. J. Newberry ' s. Norman Larson wills his title. Neatest Boy, to Gordon Clark. Page Twenty-two ★ ★ ★ ★ Roselyn Gray leaves to find out the meaning of the letters " C. B. " Marjorie McGowan leaves in her car In hot pursuit of a man. Conrad Foucault wills his brains to John Westcott. Mikey McGann leaves her popularity to Marguerite Weygand. Larry Lincoln leaves in his studious way. Eileen Borucinski leaves in the hope that MIm will be wearing her uniform next year. Helen Ralph leaves her quietness to some of the underclassmen who need a little taming down. Edgar Plante and Ruthie Chabot leave Miss Washburn thinking of the many times she hindered their romance by changing Edgar ' s seat. Agnes Collard leaves her voice to Jeannette Sarazin. Dottle Pond leaves wishing she were Veronica Lake so that she could be In Hollywood near Alan Ladd. Ralph Quilty leaves to follow In his Father ' s (Major Quilty) footsteps. Helene Frazier leaves her friendliness to Dottle Frizzell. Marilyn Madden leaves her flaming glory to " Torchy " . Ernie " Smoothy " Rheaume leaves In his Dodge to become a graduated wolf. Elaine WojciechowskI leaves still admiring the Navy Blue. Barb Hale leaves her mystic eyes to Lois Larsen. John Dean wills his athletic ability and leadership to his brother Eddie. Ha Rhea ume leaves to go skiing with Jimmy on the Italian Alps after the war. Eleanor Laporte leaves to wait for her sailor Eddy to return. To the members of the class who have joined the service we leave to them the best of luck for the years to come. Good luck; Sarkis Mooradian, William Mason, Robert O ' Neil and Roger Gagne. And now Lorraine and I leave together — too bad Bill. Page Twenty-three 1945 ■ r -ir ir it ir it if if QIg 44. P jOftJ ecdf. by Buddy Messier and Agnes Collard Ten long years have passed since the graduation class of ' 45 departed from the halls of good old North High. The most generous town executives have decided to have a reunion at the well known Elks Plaza on Church Street for this particular class. A young girl who has just finished entertaining with vocal selections at this high spot, rushes off stage and Into a dashing ensign. As she looks up surprisingly, she exclaims; Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Why If It Isn ' t Buddy Messier! I HI! Agnes, I thought I ' d drop back stage to compliment you on your singing. Thank you, but wait till you see the act that follows, Margaret Hawes and her Roller Skating Vanities are performing here tonight. I ' ve heard that they are quite outstanding with Evelyn Babbitt and Phyllis Lorange In the llne-up. If you stand over here by the wing, you can see some of our old pals. Look over there. Isn ' t that the two Joe ' s, JakuboskI and Velletrl? They are back at dear old N. A. H. S., but this time as coaches. Before going on stage, I had a talk with Conrad Foucault and he Informed me that he Is the first male to hold the position of head librarian at the local library. Earl Hartman, that good natured Senior boy, has attained great success as an aviator. Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Bob O ' Neill and Roger Gagne, the class gobs, have made a career of the Navy. They are now first class potato peelers. Clarence Janes has signed a contract with Horror Studios. He Is playing In the current series of Frankenstein The Wolf Man. Clara " Is playing the part of the Wolf Man. When last seen " Dapper " Korman was still searching for his ideal woman. Dot Gauthier Is now cigarette girl at Frank ' s Parachute Palace. Carolyn Sherman, Miss Barber ' s ' protege. Is now an English teacher. Hope Wyche, The Female Varga, Is now on the staff of that famous maga- zine " Esquire " , her models are " Nookle " Laporte and Harriet Beaumont. Marilyn Yates Is quite the farmer ' s wife; ask Ray Gardner of Dudly, Mass. Claire and Eileen Deschenes are tenderly nursing the poor victims of Bill O ' NelH ' s driving. Norman Larson Is now a commercial pilot and likes It very much. Page Twenty-four ★ ★ ★ ★ Buddy: Marie Chilli Is the Editor-in-chief of the " Woman ' s Home Companion " . In this magazine Bernice Rovelto, the Dorothy Dix of our day, writes advice to the lovelorn. Agnes: David Parfitt, because of his resemblance to the " Voice " is now a stand-in for him. Buddy: Natalie Weygand, our most athletic girl, has made a good showing at the Olympic games In the past few years. Agnes: Sarkis Mooradian, who Is an engineer, has just completed the task of con- structing a bridge across the Ten Mile River. Buddy: Dot Reilly and Kathleen McNamara, the class unseparables, are still going around together. Agnes: Jean Franklin has her own exclusive dress shop and has Betty Barnes as her designer. Buddy: Barbara Curran Is now manager of the Five Ten. Agnes: Jane Doble Is Let Caldwell ' s private, private, secretary. Buddy: John Dean, our class president, is now the football star of Yale University. Agnes: Therese Chabot Is employed by Colgate Co.,; you can see her sparkling teeth on every billboard. Buddy: Ruth Chabot, now concert pianist, still finds time to help Edgar Plante, who is now owner of the Super Plante Market, deliver groceries. Agnes: Florence Cadaro is writing a book about those " Tahiti Honeys " her sailor talked so much about. Buddy: Bob Beausolell Is now a barber and specializes in those cute pineapple hair- cuts. Agnes: Eileen Borucinski, after completing a course at the Powers Model School Is now taking part In a Fashion Show. Buddy: Eleanor Broderick, one of those captivating Rockettes, Is being pursued by Stage Door Wolves. Agnes: Ruth Murphy after struggling through a cooking course, has come back to help N.A. fd.S. Miss Murphy’s Rice Surprise Is no longer a surprise. Buddy: Ernie Rheaume became so attached to his little gray jallopy that he Is now an automobile dealer. Agnes: Beverly Gallotta has dyed her long tresses blonde and is now posing for the " Tint Your Hair The Easy Way " Company. Buddy: MIkey McGann now operates a most successful beauty parlor in that " History-making " city, Plainville. Ralph Quilty, better known as Pierre, is the manicurist there and seems to like It pretty well. Agnes: Lorraine Clavette has now made her permanent home at Blackstone. Buddy: Elaine WojciechowskI has started her own little U. S. O. By the looks of things the Navy has certainly taken over. Page Twenty-five V-Vllr ★★★★★★ u ) Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Agnes: Buddy: Roselyn Gray Is now taking 150 words a minute from Bob Brennan, that Walter Winchell of our class, who never runs ou t of words. Eddie Wojclechowski specializes In stretching exercises to gain height. Philip Rushlow Is his star pupil. June Kenny now operates an elevator which Is a new addition In N. A. H. S. after many complaints from students. Florence LeBlanc is now a French Tutor, while her sister, Estelle Is an inter- preter of French for the U. S. Government. Dottle Pond has at last met that " hunk of man " , Alan Ladd and when last seen was walking In a daze. Melvin White now has a " Snookle " all of his own, a cute blonde. Gloria Morse because of her dancing ability has now teamed up with Fred Astaire, Jr. Immediately following the close of the war, Claire LaRosee Invested In a shiny jeep — Object: She and Warren have gone bouncing off to see America first. Margie McGowan Is now working In one of the large department stores at the cosmetic counter and gives free demonstrations of all the latest creams. Chuck Legg, who missed school so much, has come back to make up for lost time. Barbara Hale has attained her ambition and Is now secretary to that prominent psychiatrist.— Dr. Doodle Bug, M.D. Ha Mae Rheaume Is using all her pep In learning how to ski. Her Instructor is Jimmie Messier. " Hank " BleleckI Is a body guard for that petit debutante, Betty Sanford. He guards her millions. Ha! Ha! Helene Frazier became so attached to the kiddles that she has retained her position as Sunday School Teacher. Therese Achin has started a knitting shop. You all had better order black shawls. She ' ll guarantee to have them finished by the time you are old enough to want them. Lorraine Ells tours the local hospitals making the fellows happy with her witty remarks. Lawrence Lincoln has settled down and Is now a minister at the Grace Church. Barbara Shaw, after that thorough course In law, taught by Mrs. Plummer, has decided to become a lawyer. We wonder! Mrs. LaRosee, the former " Pat " Bannon Is living a quiet life on the water front. George feels more at home there. Catherine Mason, one of our athletic girls, has just set a new high jumping record at Madison Square Garden. Page Twenty-six ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Agnes: Edna Semple is selling hair brushes. Her hair is a good example of daily brushing. Buddy: Robert Roberts is still happily married. Agnes: Lucille Mandalian is now in the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra at Carnegie Hall where the best tunes of ail come from. Buddy: Because of Margie Messier ' s congeniality, she is a hostess at the Roger George Hotel. George Robitaille is the popular manager there. Buddy: Arthur Messier is now manager of The Smith Company of East Street. Agnes: Joe Lee, that well-liked boy, after a course in aviation, is now an instructor at Wilkins Field. Buddy: Martha Quilty ' s love of children, has prompted her to start a Children ' s Nursery. Agnes: Billy Mason, after graduating from Tufts, is now a Professor. Buddy: Helen Ralph and Marilyn Madden are both owners of Ice Cream Parlors, because of fheir previous experience at Wamsutta Drug Store. Agnes: We hope that everyone takes this in the spirit of fun. Thaf ' s fhe way if is meanf. t Page Twenty-seven V ■r ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ GIg AA. StdtiAiicA by William O ' Neill, Jr. and Gloria Morse By popular vote of the boys, we bestow upon Eileen Borucinski the degree of B.L.G., Best Looking Girl. Because of her sophisticated manner and winning ways, we bestow on Betty Barnes the title of C.L., Class Lady. By unanimous vofe of fhe girls, we bestow on John Dean the degree of M.P.B., Most Popular Boy. Because of her ambitious nature, we bestow on Eileen Deschenes the title of G.M.L.T.S.,GIrl Mosf Likely To Succeed. Because of our life-long friendship which has proven such, I besfow on Martha Quilty the degree of B.N.G., Besf Matured Girl. By unanimous vote of the girls, we bestow on William O ' Neill the title of B.W.T. B.L., Boy With The Best Line. By unanimous vote of the boys, we bestow on Gloria Morse the degree of B.G.D., Best Girl Dancer. Because of the color of her hair, the boys dub Marilyn Madden G.W.T.H.T., Girl With The Hot Top. Because we seldom hear from Dave Parfitt, we bestow on him the degree of Q.B., Quietest Boy. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow upon Eleanor Broderick the title of G.W.T.B.L., Girl With The Best Line. Because she is a necessity to Newberry Co. In decorating their store, we bestow on Catherine Mason the title of C.D., Class Decorator. By unanimous vote of the girls, we bestow upon Joe Velletrl the degree of B.L.B., Best Looking Boy. Because of her unceasing giggle in the presence of all, we give Phyllis Lorange the title of G.G., Gayest Girl. By unanimous vote of the boys, we bestow upon MIkey McGann the title of M.P.G., Mosf Popular Girl. Because of his desire to " catch the one that got away " , we bestow on Chucky Legg the title of C.F., Class Fisherman. Because of her appearance (need we say more), we bestow on Harriet Beaumont the title of C.V.G., Class Varga Girl. By unanimous vofe of the boys, we bestow upon Elaine Wojciechowski the degree of B.A.A.G., Best All Around Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow on Bob Beausoleil the degree of C.B., Cutest Boy. Page Twenty-eight ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Because of her scientific reasoning, we acclaim Beverly Gallotta C.M., Class Meteorologist. We pondered but developed no clues as to her Identity, therefore, we dub June Kenney C.M.G., Class Mystery Girl. Because of his oustanding mastery of the trumpet, we give Joe Jakuboslci the title of C.T., Class Trumpter. If you have ever seen Dot ' s walk, you will understand why we give Doris Gauthier the title of G.W.T.W., Girl With The Walk. Because of her timid manner and weak voice, we give Ruth Murphy the title of S.G., Shyest Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow on Norman Larson the degree of N.B., Neatesf Boy. Because we never see Kathleen without, Dot, we bestow on Dorothy Reilly the title of K.C.C., Kathleen ' s Constant Companion. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow on George Robitaille the degree of B.A.A.B., Best All Around Boy. By unanimous vote of the boys, we bestow upon Ruthie Chabot the title of C.G., Cutest Girl. Because every word she utters pertains to Alan Ladd, we bestow upon Dorothy Pond the title of C.M.F., Class Movie Fan. Because of the interruptions he causes in history class, we dub Melvin White N.B., Noisiest Boy. Because of her unusual natural clear tones and notes, we give Agnes Collard C.S., Class Songbird. Because of her constant devotion to the Oulja board, we bestow on Carolyn Sherman the title of C.F.T., Class Fortune Teller. Because of his bashful but likeable nature toward females, we bestow on Henry BieleckI the title of C.W., Class Wolf. By unanimous vote of the boys, we bestow upon Marilyn Yates the degree of M.B.G., Most Bashful Girl. Because of her everlasting reference to the Seabees we give Roselyn Gray the title of C.S.G., Class Seabee Girl. Because of his tinkering avocation, we bestow on Ralph Quilty the title of C.M., Class Mechanic. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow upon Jane Doble the degree of S.G., Smoothest Girl. Because of her clever comebacks, we give Claire LaRosee the title of C.C., Class Comedian. Page Twenty-nine Hk- ★ Because he participated extensively in history class, we bestow on William Mason the degree of C.H., Class Historian. Because of her likeableness toward the men wi th wings, we give Estelle LeBlanc the title of C.A.C.G., Class Air Corps Girl. Because of her weekly presence at the Rollerway, we acclaim Peggy Hawes Q.O.T.R., Queen of fhe Rollers. Because of his opposiflon on all subjecis, we dub Sarkis Mooradlan the title of C.C., Class Cynic. Because of her extended employment at W. T. Grant, we give to Therese Chabot the title of C.S.G., Class Sales Girl. By unanimous vofe of fhe boys, we besfow upon Nat Weygand the title of M.A.G., Mosf Afhletic Girl. Because of his unending desire for the Disney Art, we give Earl Hartman the title of C.C.B.C., Class Comic Book Comedian. Because of her incessant talk of fhe Navy and Eddie, we besfow on Eleanor Laporte the title of E.O.A.O., Eddie ' s One And Only. By popular vofe of fhe boys, we besfow upon Jeanne Franklin the degree of B. D.G., Besf Dressed Girl. Because Gus is so proud of his organizaflon, we dub him P.K.K.K., President of Korman ' s Korupf Korporatlon. By unanimous vote of fhe boys, we besfow upon Bernice Rovelto the title of M.T.G., Most Talkati ve Girl. Because of her unceasing chaffer about the Navy, we give Florence Cadaro the title S.O.T.N., Sweetheart Of The Navy. By unanimous vote of fhe girls, we besfow on Arthur Messier the degree of M.B.B., Most Bashful Boy. Because of her musical abilify, we besfow on Lucille Mandallan the title of M.M.G., Mosf Musical Girl. Because of her recent employment at the Blue Swan, we give Barbara Shaw the title of C.E., Glass Entertainer. Because Connie has a thorough knowledge of all books, we dub Conrad Foucault C. B.W., Class Book Worm. By unanimous vote of the boys, we bestow on Evelyn Babbitt the title of N.G., Neatest Girl. Because we always find Margie plus her make-up kit, we dub Margie McGowan fhe degree of C.C.G., Class Cosmefic Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow on Let Caldwell the degree of M.A.B., Mosf Athlefic Boy. Because of her well-known artisfic career, we bestow on Hope Wyche the degree of M.A.G., Mosf Artisfic Girl. Page Thirty Because of her preference for out-of-town talent, we bestow on Florence LeBlanc the title of C.O.O.T.G., Class Out-Of-Town Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow upon Ernie Rheaume the degree of S.B., Smoothest Boy. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow on Betty Sanford the degree of S.G., Smartest Girl. As everyone will understand, we give to Patricia Bannon the title of C.S.G., Class Sweater Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow on Edgar Plante the degree of B.D.B., Best Dressed Boy. Because of her constant effort to make her way in the world, we give to Claire Deschenes the title of M.A.G., Most Aggressive Girl. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow on Marie Chilli the degree of M.S.G., Most Serious Girl. Because she is just a natural, we acclaim Barbara Curran M.N.G., Most Natural Girl. We ventured near and far, but with no avail, therefore, we dub Bob Roberts C.M.M., Class Mystery Man. Because we always find Helen in Wamsutta ' s, eifher on duty or off, we give to Helen Ralph the title of C.S.J., Class Soda Jerk. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow on lla Mae Rheaume the title of L.G., Liveliest Girl. By unanimous vote of the girls, we bestow upon Bob Brennan the degree of M.T.B., Most Talkative Boy. Because we never hear from Therese Achin, we give her the title of Q.G., Quiet- est Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow upon Eddie Wojciechowski the degree of T.B., Tallest Boy. By unanimous vote of the boys, we bestow on Lorraine Ells the degree of W.G., Wittiest Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow upon Larry Lincoln the degree of S.B., Smartest Boy. Because of the ability she showed in the Senior Play, we bestow on Barbara Hale the title of C.A., Class Actress. By unanimous vote of the girls, we bestow upon Clarence Janes the degree of B.B.D., Besf Boy Dancer. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow on Margie Messier the title of M.C.G., Most Congenial Girl. By unanimous vote of the girls, we bestow on Buddy Messier the title of L.B., Liveliest Boy. Page Thirty-one ★ ★★★★★★★★ By popular vote of the boys, we bestow on Lorraine Clavette the degree of S.G., Shortest Girl. By unanimous vote of the girls, we bestow upon Joe Lee the title of W.B., Wittiest Boy. Because of her warm-hearted feeling toward all, we give Helene Frazier the title of F.G., Friendliest Girl. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow upon Mush Gagne the title of M.C.B., Most Congenial Boy. Because of her natural coifflere, we give Edna Semple the title of G.W.T.G.L., Girl With The Golden Locks. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow on Phil Rushlow the title of S.B., Shortest Boy. Because of her untiring talk about a certain redhead from Franklin, we give Kathleen McNamara G.W.F.R., Girl Who Favors Redheads. Paac Thir+v-two ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ GIcm QiffU by Eleanor Broderick and Joseph Velletrl David Parfitt — To David, Frank Sinatra of the senior class, we give kisses from all the senior girls. Natalie Weygand — To " Nat " we give permission to take a P. G. so she can be with her Junior. Philip Rushlow — To " Phil " we give these stilts so he can come up to the senior height. Edgar Plante — To Edgar, our best dressed boy, we give this fashion magazine en- titled " Esquire " . Ila Mae Rheaume — To Ha Mae we give this box of pep to help her live up to her title. Hope Wyche — To Hope we give this paint with which to continue her artistic work. Ernest Rheaume — To " Ernie " we give back this dime to put toward a new window for his car. John Dean — To " Johnnie " we give this athletic cup of our own. Edna Semple — Seeing that Edna is such a quiet little girl, we give her this rattle so she can make a bit of noise. Betty Sanford — To Betty we give this card of thanks signed by Mr. Mott, for all the work she has done In the office. Joseph Lee — To " Joe " we give " Lennie " Welch ' s best wishes. He stole his gal. Ela Ine Wojclechowski — To Elaine we give this sailor to keep her company while " Saint ' s " away. Lucille Mandallan — To Lucille we give Miss Erving ' s permission to stay back for next year ' s senior play. Ruth Murphy — To Ruth, our BABY SNOOKS of the senior play, we give this book entitled " How to Play the Piano " . Phyllis Lorange — To Phyllis we give this glue so she can always stick to her gang. Norman Larson — To " Norm " we give this one way ticket to Plainville to see " Betty " . Dorothy Pond — To " Dottle " we give this picture of a little LADD. Gloria Morse — To Gloria we give this BILL for reasons known to all. Marjorie McGowan — To " Margie " we give this book on how to drive safely. Lorraine Clavette — To Lorraine we give this lei to go along with the grass skirt " Johnnie " gave her. Barbara Shaw — To Barbara we give this one-way ticket to Lake Pearl. Martha Quilty — To Martha we give this Introduction to the DEAN of N. A. Catherine Mason — To Catherine we give the key to J. J. Newberrys. Kathleen McNamara — To " Kathy " we give this friendship ring from " Dottle " Reilly. Barbara Hale — To Barbara we give this secretary ' s notebook to use at Evans Case. Page Thirty-three n if ir it ir if ir if if 1945 « Helene Frazier — To Helene we give this box to take back to Mason Box. Elizabeth Barnes — To " Betty " we give this house that a MASON built. Evelyn Babbitt — To Evelyn we give this needle and thread so she can always keep her title. Patricia Bannon — To " Patsy " we give this " Good Housekeeping " magazine to give her hints on how to keep George good natured. Th erese Achin — To Therese we give this flashlight so she won ' t get lost going home some night. Conrad Foucault — To " Connie " we give this tie to go with the army hat he wears. Marie Chilli — To Marie we give this report card with all D ' s and E ' s on it; just to show her how the other half lives. Ruth Chabot — To Ruth we give this slave bracelet so she can always keep Edgar tied down. Beverly Gallotta — To " Bev " we give this priority to buy a tandem bicycle so she can have a stylish marriage. Doris Gauthier — To Doris we give this DATE which a sailor boy-friend forgot to give her. Lorraine Ells — To Lorraine we give this ticket to see the program, " The Arkansas T raveler " . Margaret Hawes — To " Peggy " we give this column of figures to add to remind her of Mrs. Plummer. Claire LaRosee — To Claire we give this book to take back to the library. Eleanor Laporte — To Eleanor we give this marriage license to save " Eddie " the trouble of getting one. Robert Beausoleil — To " Bo " we give this lock of red hair. Guess whose! Robert Brennan — To " Bob " we give this rope so he won ' t lose his small friend. Jeanne Franklin — Because Jeanne is our best dressed girl, we give her this outfit to add to her wardrobe. Arnold Korman — To " Gus " we give this copy of " Woman ' s Magazine " so he can im- prove his pet topic of conversation. June Kenney — To June we give the key to New Boston. Florence LeBlanc — To Florence we give this picture of Room 14, for reasons known to all. Alice LeBlanc — To Alice we give this list of want ads to use the next time she is out of a job. Wilfred Messier — To " Buddy " we give this carpenters set so he can repair Miss Washburn ' s desk before he leaves. William O ' Neill — To " Billy " we give this gasoline stamp so he can continue to ride up and down Barrows Street. Page Thirty-four ★ ★ ★ ★ ' A Henry Bielecki — To " Hank " , star of the ROSEBUDS, we give this finesse medal for reasons known to all high school basketball players. Melvin White — To Melvin we give a picture of his supposed-to-be unknown blonde. Robert Roberts — To " Bob " we give these razor blades because we think he has mis- placed his somewhere. Joseph Jakuboski — To " Jake " we give this wave set so he can still favor us with those curly locks. Roselyn Gray — To " Rosie " we give this record entitled " Oh Johnnie " so she can play it nights. Edward Wojciechowski — To " Eddie " we give this snood to help keep the hair out of his eyes. Marjorie Messier — To " Margie " we give her dime back, to deposit with her treasurer. Lawrence Lincoln — To " Larry " we give this permission to take a P. G. in French. Florence Cadaro — To Florence we give this season ' s pass to the movies so she can meet her favorite beau. Therese Chabot — To Therese (a Grant ' s salesgirl) we give this toy soldier bought In Newberry ' s to show her what they sell there. Marilyn Yates — To Marilyn we give this black veil to hide behind when she blushes. George Robitaille — To " Rabbit " we give this handkerchief, belonging to Miss Wash- burn, so he can remember the many afternoons he spent In her charming company. Earle Hartman — To Earle we give this airplane to remind him of all that were taken away from him by Miss Washburn. Helen Ralph — To Helen we give this box of Ivory Flakes so she won t get dishpan hands working in Wamsutta ' s. Clarence Janes — To Clarence we give this whistle because his own is getting rather weak. Reason known to all N.A. H.S. girls. Agnes Collard — To Agnes we give this life time contract to sing with Tommy Dorsey ' s orchestra. Harriet Beaumont — To Harriet we give this grape juice made by the WELCH Com- pany. Bernice Rovelto — To Bernice we give this wishbone to help make her wish come true. Eileen Borucinski — Because Eileen wants to be a model we give her this book en- titled " Your Figure " . Barbara Curran — To Barbara we give this contract to model her hands for the Hinds Lotion Company. Dorothy Reilly — Because " Dottle " is always walking we give her these soles to keep her shoes in good condition. Ralph Quilty — To Ralph we give this muzzle for his dog so he won ' t bite the cheer- leaders the next time they use him for a mascot. Page Thirty-five C ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 1945 ★★★★★★★★★ William Mason — To " Billy " we give this dictionary so he can understand the words he uses. Marilyn Madden — To Marilyn we give permission to follow in her father ' s footsteps at Wamsutta ' s. Claire Deschenes — To Claire we give this Patient ' s Chart corrected by Mrs. Jensen, showing why a patient shouldn ' t be served breakfast at six in the morning. Eileen Deschenes — To Eileen we give this toothpaste so she will always keep her pleasant smile. Jane Doble — To Jane we give this ring. LET ' s hope she wears this one. Martha McGann — To " Mickey " we give this car so she can travel to Plainville to see " Kenney " . Carolyn Sherman — To Carolyn we give this pend! with which to continue her art. Eleanor Broderick — For reasons known to some, we give Eleanor this line. Joseph Velletri — To " Joe " we give this football to remind him of his football days at N. A. H. S. (We hope that the class will take this in the spirit of fun in which it was meant.) Page Thirty-six f 1 i op P p (OB iS T e Bifou C f our Barbar A Curran Ru T h Murphy Rober T Brennan Bernic E Rovelto Evely N Babbitt Bet T y Barnes Cla 1 re Deschenes Elean O r Broderick Lorrai N e Clavette Phylli S Lorange Mari E Chilli Marily N Yates Natal 1 e Weygand Elean O r Laporte Marjo R ie Messier Agne S Collard Gus K O rman Conrad F oucault Eilee N Deschenes Car O lyn Sherman Barba R a Hale Harrie T Beaumont Mart H a McGann Theres A Achin Rober T Beausolell Doro T hy Reilly Rose L yn Gray Theres E Chabot Henry B lelecki Robert R O berts Ha Mae R heaume Billy O ■Neill Josep H JakuboskI Lorra 1 ne Ells Geor G e Robitallle Josep H Lee Joseph V elletri Melv 1 n White Floren C e Cadaro Ernes T Rheaume Edward W O jclechowski Barba R a Shaw Beverl Y Gallotta Glor 1 a Morse Edna S emple Sarkis M O oradlan Martha Q U Ilty Helen R alph Patrici A Bannon Marjor 1 e McGowan Willia M Mason ryLTii iv Atltleiioi lL ij ;inij ■ ilr ■; n i iininininir lir iL ' ' i irUn ‘ri ; The Rocketeers under the coaching of Mr. Boyson and his assist- ants, Mr. Lynch and Mr. Minah, had an exceptionally good season. Their only defeat was at the hands of Durfee. Their greatest success was the overwhelming victory at Attleboro on Thanksgiving Day. The final score was one of the greatest in recent years. The boys of the graduating c ass who helped to make this season a success are: Captain Joe Velletri, Joe Jakuboski, John Dean, Bill Mason, Clarence Janes, Henry Bielecki, Edward Wojciechowski, Robert Beausoleil, Joe Lee, and Sarkis Mooradian. Page Forly-two I ic ir ir ir -k 7 The Rams, a newly organized athletic group composed of high school youths, played several outstanding teams this season, one of them being Mr. Mott ' s " Rosebuds " . Members of the Rams In the graduating class are: President Joe Velletri, Vice-President, George Robitallle, Treasurer A. Messier, Joe JakuboskI, Joe Lee, Robert Beausolell, Ernie Rheaume and Bud Messier. Page Forty-three a % ★ ★★★★★★★★ liaAJzetLaLl The basketball team of " 45 " gained the attention of many fans through an exceptionally exciting season. They were skillfully guided by the coaching of Mr. Boyson and by the managing of Ralph Quilty. The only one of the team leaving Is John Dean. The fans may there- fore expect an equally successful season next year. Page Forty-four ★ ★ ★★★ ★★★ ' f Ti ; , -‘■j r -r ■ « QlnJA liaAJzeiluiiL The girls basketball team, coached by Mrs. Caswell, had an un- lucky season this year. Although they didn ' t win any games they look promising and the students of N. A. H. S. have something to look for- ward to in the coming years. The team will lose their Captain, Natalie Weygand, and one of their guards, Ha Mae Rheaume. Page Foriy-five ' k ' k ' kiKirirififif I : % ★ Best Looking Boy Best Looking Girl Most Popular Boy Most Popular Girl . Best All Around Boy Best All Around Girl Cutest Boy Cutest Girl Most Bashful Boy Most Bashful Girl .. Most Athletic Boy Most Athletic Girl Smoothest Boy Smoothest Girl Best Dressed Boy Best Dressed Girl Most Talkative Boy Most Talkative Girl Tallest Boy Tallest Girl Neatest Boy Neatest Girl Most Serious Boy Most Serious Girl Best Boy Dancer Best Girl Da ncer Liveliest Boy Liveliest Girl !. Wittiest Boy Wittiest Girl Boy With The Best Line Girl With The Best LI ne Most Congenial Boy Most Congenial Girl Shortest Boy Shortest Girl Smartest Boy Smartest Girl Joseph Velletri Eileen Borucinski John Dean Martha McGann George Robitallle Elaine Wojciechowski Robert Beausoleil Ruth Chabot Arthur Messier Marilyn Yates Lester Caldwell Natalie Weygand Ernest Rheaume Jane Doble Edgar Plante Jeanne Franklin Robert Brennan Bernice Rovelto Edward Wojciechowski Hope Wyche Norman Larson Evelyn Babbitt Lawrence Lincoln Marie Chilli Clarence Janes Gloria Morse Wilfred Messier Ha Mae Rheaume Joseph Lee Lorraine Ells William O ' Neill Eleanor Broderick Roger Gagne Marjorie Messier Philip Rushlow Lorraine Clavette Lawrence Lincoln Betty Sanford i nininlnirUn -i ' On fa4u zcUi04t ' w=r [jUT ' - -rfi-T % ★ ★ 1945 (led Gap. Sici A new and better Red Cap was brought about by the efforts of Editor Bill Mason and the capable staff. The paper increased in size and Improved its contents by the addition of more sports notes, car- toons, a serial story, and COLUMNS of new gossip. This year has been one of the most prosperous for the Red Cap, made so by the work of Marie Chilli, Pat Bannon, Ruth Murphy, Carolyn Sherman, Lucille Man- dallan, Hope Wyche, Betty Sanford, and Norman Larson, all of the graduating class. Page For+y-sijght ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ f ' Ifea ' iMoak. Sta Following the tradition of past years, the Senior Class of " 45 " has successfully published the Northern Light. The elected co-editors were Marie Chilli and Bill Mason, but Bill has left us, Marie has taken over. Other members of the staff included E. Broderick and Joe Velletri, class gifts; Agnes Collard and Bud Messier, class prophecy; Ruth Chabot and Edgar Plante, class history; Gloria Morse and Bill O ' Neill, class statistics; Lorraine Ells and Clarence Janes, class will; Betty Sanford and Norman Larson. Best of luck fo future staff members of the Northern Light. Page For+y-ninc ★ ★ 1945 ★★★★★★★★★ ★ l feanM-ooJz Gammiiiee Nine seniors who contributed much to the success of the Northern Light this year are Jane Doble, Claire LaRosee, R. Gray, P. Bannon, Arnold Korman, Joe Lee, Edward Wojclechowski, Henry BleleckI, and Sarkis Mooradlan, all members of the advertising committee. Page Fifty ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ student Council The fifth student council of N. A. H. S. has been very successful In maintaining order in the corridors. This year It was not necessary to bring any culprits to trial before the court. The members of the student council who are graduating are: L. Ells, E. WojciechowskI, R. Murphy, Ha Mae Rheaume, J. Jakuboski, B. Mason, J. Dean, Edward WojciechowskI, H. BleleckI, L. Lincoln, and A. Korman. Page Fifty-one Jtk % 1945 ★ ★★★★★★★★ Se4uo Plcuf The Senior Class of 1945 presented the comedy " Every Family Has One " , on Friday, December 15, 1944. Under fhe capable super- vision of Miss Erving they gave one of the most successful performances of recent years. An unknown cousin, an unexpected beau, and disturbing guests add to the Interest of the plot. The cast Included Carolyn Sh erman, Barbara Hale, David Parfitt, Dorothy Pond, Betty Barnes, Lorraine Ells, Ruth Murphy, Lucille Man- dallan, Clarence Janes, John Dean, ' Bill O ' Neill and Bill Mason. Ushers were: J. Franklin, J. Doble, P. Bannon, M. Madden, lla Mae Rheaume, B. Sanford, M. McCann, M. Messier, H. Frazier, P. Lorange, G. Morse, M. Quilty, and Elaine Wojclechowski. Page Fifty-two ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ GluL The two graduating officers of the French Club are Lucille Man- dalian and Ruth Murphy. With the help of Miss Gadoury, the French Club has again been organized at N. A. H. S. They have presented an extensive program. Any pupils Interested in French music, customs, or plays had ample opportunity to enjoy themselves through this pro- gram. Page Fifty-three ★ ★ 1945 ★★★★★★★★★ Scltooi HanA ★ fium MajM IBisttij ( ai. in. Page Fi{ty-fou ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Gl enieaxIleAA. Our cheerleaders lead an enthusiastic cheering section at both football and basketball games this year. The head cheerleader, Eileen Borucinski, and Eleanor Broderick have cheered at N. A. H. S. for the last time as they are graduating in June. Page Fifty-five ★ ★ ★ 1945 ★ ★★★★★★★ ★ SoUaal O icUeAi The orchestra has appeared at special assembly periods, the Senior Play and the Spring Concert. The North High Orchestra deserves high praise for its excellent v ork during the past year. The senior members are Ruth Chabot, Agnes Collard, and Joseph Jakuboski. The Glee Club, directed by Mr. Bronson, has been greatly enlarged this past year. The Male Quintet has added volume and voice to the group. Senior members are Bernice Rovelto, Lorraine Ells, Elaine Wojcie- chowski, Eleanor Laporte, Eileen Borucinski, Agnes Collard, Betty Barnes, Eleanor Broderick, and Claire LaRosee. I Page Fifty-seven ) 945 ★ I ★ ★★★★★★★★ i f I ♦ i f I- Loyal Supporters of the Attleboro Game Page Fifty-eight I k ' ■ jr Study in Room I 3 Room 14 Room 28 Mr. Mott ' s office Clarence at the piano Page Fifty-nine ★ ★★★★★★★★ I Relaxation after lunch period Page Sixty and J[!.addi Lu(f, i aj Laddiebug Workerbug Jabberbug Neatbug Swelibug Tinybug BIgbug Photobug Sportsbug Clothesbug Jitterbug Songbug Just " bugs " .. . Bookworm Earthworm Kingbee Honeybee Ladybug Workerbug Jabberbug Neatbug Swelibug Tinybug Bigbug Photobug Sportsbug Clothesbug Jitterbug Songbug Just " bugs " Bookworm Ea rthworm Queenbee Honeybee A. !. Jt. £. Larry Lincoln Arnold Korman Bobby Brennan Norman Larson Billy Mason Philip Rushlow Henry Bielecki Eddie Wojciechowski Joe Velletri Edgar Plante Clarence Janes Bob Beausoleil Earl Hartman Conrad Foucault Joe Lee John Dean George Robitaille Betty Barnes Betty Sanford lla Mae Rheaume Marie Chilli Lucille Mandalian Lorraine Clavette Hope Wyche Jane Doble Natalie Weygand Jeanne Franklin Gloria Morse Agnes Collard Bernice Rovelto Carolyn Sherman Harriet Beaumont Mikey McGann Margie Messier i ninirUninlru exlUc iti04 We, the class of 1945, dedicate this page to the members of our class who have left the North Attleboro High School to serve in the Armed Forces. Navy Marines Roger Achin Donald Fournier Lester Caldwell Frank Phipps Tony Casale Louis Chabot Coast Guard George Craig Arthur Messier Roger Gagne Sarkis Mooradian John Hayes Earle Temple Robert Mayer Joseph Tero Elmer Nadow Robert O ' Neil Army William Park Nelson Plath Robert Ruest Arthur Beauchaine Peter Santsaver Meivyn Hart William White Frank Beggs Merchant Marine David Macintosh On Jlancj, Y ou and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you — your truest self, tree from stage effects and little conceits. Official Photographer for class of 1 945 Special Discount to all N. A. H. S. Students It is in this " long run " photography PURDY success has been won. Portraiture by the camera that one cannot laugh or cry over in later years. For present pleasure and future pride protect your photographic self by having PURDY make the portraits. PLEASING PORTRAITS PROMPT SERVICE RIGHT PRICES MEANS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ★ ★ ★ PURDY • i6o TREMONT STREET BOSTON, MASS. ■ jT] : TLjyij|Li7ijyiJyijyiJjiJ Please Patronize Our Advertisers ■iriiiiinijiinii i i. ' ninijiirL nlrilniriininir]iril I ! i ' i t i i i injnir i nininininin (Llu ' u Hiiu ' iFuriiu ' rl r) Short years have passed since from these portals went forth other youth To gird and aid an ailing world. They have not failed though others carry Freedom ' s torch to heights anew The glory of their Cross shines out above the deepest gloom. Be yours the sad, proud task to carry on That these your brothers shall not have died in vain And prove again that love and Christianity and faith Shall ever mark the free man from the slave. North Attleboro Gas Co. Please Patronize Our Advertisers ininininlr Compliments of The Bishop Company, Inc. Compliments of A. R. Brais Company Lumber and Mill Work Paint and Hardware Please Patronize Our Advertisers I ijninininininin! j | i M i i ! j ! M ! M ! ! i I i i ' i ipiir Compliments of MacDonald Brothers J ifL •LJ , -_r LjTLJrLj.— Please Patronize Our Advertisers I r|iJiL| [jLifUiUfiJjiJiLfiLriu To the Students of N. A. H. S. ★ ★ ★ It Is Interesting to note that among the scholarships available tor students at Tufts College are the fol- lowing: The Henry F. Barrows Scholarship founded In 1891 by Henry F. Barrows of North Attleboro. Two Simmons Scholarships founded In 1895 by Robert F. Simmons of Attleboro Falls In the name of Mary F. and Robert F. Simmons. The Joseph D. Pierce Memorial Scholarship founded In I 898 by the children and other relatives of Rev. J. D. Pierce, D.D. of North Attleboro. R. F. SIMMONS COMPANY Attleboro, Mass. Compliments of ANAWAN CIGAR STORE Pl ease Patronize Our Advertisers of all Metals rTu jj rip Please Patronize Our Advertisers fji ' fr:.. Compliments of Homer-Alden Company Compliments of WAMSUTTA DRUG CO. James C. Madden, Reg. Phar. and Prop. 26 North Washington Street North Attleboro, Mass. Please Patronize Our Advertisers Compliments of KORMAN’S KORUPT KORPORATION Arnold Korman, President Norman Larson, Vice President Henry BieleckI, Treasurer John Dean, Secretary William O ' Neill Wilfred Messier Edward Wojciechowski Robert Beausolell Compliments of THE ATTLEBOROUGH SAVINGS BANK r r STA J Y y) I MUTUAL SAVINGS CENTRAL FUND | Savings Bank Building North Attleboro 9 North Main Street Attleboro Compliments of The Commercial Press . ' ' Tj uyUfUTLJiUfiJTiJT Please Patronize Our Advertisers iin ' I ! I I M ! M I ! LL ' iininininlni I i M M L jnlr ' Complimenfs of Swanezy Tool Company Compliments of Larson Tool ' Stamping Co. Compliments of The Artcraft Co., Inc. j JTUMUiUiLiT ’ ' Please Patronize Our Advertisers Please Patronize Our Advertisers. •.injnininjnini i jj-iiirUntnlijninir-ii I I f .Inir inin n rn nXri In t n i n iriininlj ' Compliments of Sayles Dairy Farms Compliments of A. L. Lindroth Company • In Appreciation The class of 1945 desires to express its sincere thanks to ail those who have helped to make this issue of the " Northern Light " a success. Especially do we wish to thank: Mr. Clarence Greene and Mr. Almee Desllets of the Commercial Press for their work, interest, and suggestions. All of the merchants, manufacturers and others, who through their advertisements have made this " Northern Light " possible. JiUjuyuiijyuTiJiLrjijyiJiijyuiUTL " Please Patronize Our Advertisers ■iij ' UrLL ' “iij " iird. Compliments of i-i Tit 5 va4H CASE COMPANY WE URGE YOU TO KEEP BUYING WAR BONDS AND KEEP THE BONDS YOU BUY 1 jj’ujLJTLJfUiuyui Please Patronize Our Advertisers .JiuyuT jTL-T iji-iT-riiifiJT-TLriUMijy rfiJnjiUiiii JiUfiJiafUTUii , iLfiuyuiUMUMLiiTJfJ! inlnjr ,1

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