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NORTHERN • LIGHT • 1944 Mr. Arthur J. Mott Principal 1944 North Attleborough High School J-JEaccation We, the Class of 1944, dedicate this volume of " The Northern Light " to the head of the English Department, Miss Marjorie D. Barber, whose wisdom, example, and instruc- tion have gained for her the respect of all of us. Miss Savage, Mr. Lynch. 2nd row — - |||j nil Miss Angus, Miss P erkins, Miss Coombes, Miss Plummer, Mr. Chandler, Mr. Call, Miss Erving, Miss Dudley, Miss A. Hall, Miss D. Hall. Jaau[tij Miss Marjorie D. Barber, teacher of English, was graduated from Women ' s College of Brown University, now called Pembroke. Miss Barber is head of the English Department, in N. A. H. S. Miss Katherine Savage, a teacher of English, was graduated from Wheaton College. Miss Savage is also head of the Junior Red Cross in N. A. H. S. Mr. Edwin G. Hartwell, who teaches Chemistry, Physics and Senior Science, was graduated from Giever City, Pennsylvania, and the Ohio Northern University. Mr. Hartwell is sub-master, head of the Science Department, and instructor in the Aeronautics Course in N. A. H. S. Miss Ethel Perkins, who teaches Arithmetic, Penmanship, Business Training and Geography, was graduated from Bridgewater State Teacher ' s College. Miss Louise Dudley, a teacher of Shorthand and Typewriting, was graduated from Bryant and Stratton Business College and Salem Normal School. • Miss Dorothy Hall, teacher of Mathematics, was graduated from Mount Holyoke College. M iss Al ice Hall, who teaches Typewriting, Arithmetic, and Business Principles, was graduated from Boston University, College of Practical Arts and Letters. Miss Esther Washburn, a teacher of History, received her A.B. degree from Radcliffe College and her E.D.M. degree from Boston University School of Education. Mr. Roland Chandler, a teacher of Mechanical Drawing and Shopwork, was graduated from the University of New Hampshire. Mr. Chandler is assistant coach of all sports in N. A. H. S. and is coach of Freshmen and Junior High Sports. M iss Jennie Angus, a teacher of Household Arts and Sewing, was graduated from the Framingham Normal School. Miss May Erving, a teacher of English, was graduated from Emerson College. Miss Erving is the dramatic coach in N. A. H. S. Mr. Horace Call, teacher of Civics and Physical Education was graduated from Boston University. He is head coach of all sports at N. A. H. S. Miss Adelaide Coombes, teacher of Latin and English, was graduated from Colby College. Miss Phyllis Plummer, teacher of Bookkeeping and Business Law, was graduated from Boston University. Mr. Philip O. Coakley, who taught Biology, General Science and Health, was gradu- ated from Manhattan College and received his B.S. degree. Mr. Coakley was assistant coach in N. A. H. S., and is now serving in the U. S. Navy. Miss Jacqueline M. Gadoury, teacher of French, graduated from Middlebury College and received her M.A. degree. Mr. Edward Lynch, who now teaches Biology, General Science and Health, graduated from Boston College. ' BclitoxiaL We, the class of 1944, are preparing, as our many predecessors have before us, to leave North Attleboro High. But never before have graduating students had to face such irregular and difficult conditions. Nevertheless, whatever the circumstances, the four years spent here will always be looked upon as ones of worthwhile preparation for joining the ranks of the N. A. H. S. alumni. During our secondary school course, the class of 1944, has been handicapped in many ways, but that ever-present traditional school spirit has spurred our class on to many successful achievements. We hope to serve as an example to those who are soon to follow. Upholding the school tradition, we have composed a yearbook. We only hope that it will serve as a permanent reminder of the class of 1944, and that there will be more yearbooks to come. With the proud confidence and friendship supplied to us by the fac ulty, we depart with the firm purpose to do our best. Robert J. Welch EFfie Senior Class Class Officers Raymond Malinowski Helen LaCasse Arthur Fong Mary Luchetti President Vice-President Treasurer Secretary THE 19 NORTHERN LIGHT ARTHUR WAYNE APPLEBY " Art " Ambition: To enter the field of plastics. Band ' 44 " He who says little has little to answer for. " HILDRED JEAN BAGSHAW " Hildred " Ambition: Artist. " Well timed silence hath more eloquence than speech. " IRENE MARIE BAIER " Irene " Ambition: Nursing. Senior Play Advertising Committee Senior Play ' 44 " Serious and well-behaved, Never any trouble gave. HOLLIS CLEMENT BAKER, JR. " Hollis " Ambition: To join the Navy. " Anything for a quiet life. " DORIS ELISABETH BERGLUND " Dot " Ambition: To lead an orchestra. Orchestra ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 " Personality is a sure step to success. " HAROLD LOCKE BICKNELL, JR. " Biclt " Ambition: To get four new tires. Senior Play Decorating Committee. Yearbook Staff. " Fun and seriousness in the right proportion. " ADELE BISHOP " Del " Ambition: Physical Education Teacher. Glee Club 43 Senior Play Usher ' 43 Small but — wow! " JEANNE MARIE BRENNAN " Jeanne " Ambition: To be a Nurse. Red Cap Collector ' 43 Red Cap Staff ' 44 Vice-President ' 42 D. A. R. Candidate Cheerleader ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Yearbook Staff Senior Play ' 44 Student Monitor ' 43 Graduation Usher ' 43 Graduation Essayist " A happy genius is a gift of nature. " ELIZABETH ANN BURKE " Betty " Ambition: To be a good secretary. Glee Club ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Senior Play Advertising Committee Senior Play Usher ' 44 " Her ever-present smile reflects her happy nature. " BEVERLY ARLINE CAMBRIDGE " Bev " Ambition: To be a success. Glee Club ' 42, ' 43, ( 44 Student Monitor ' 44 Graduation Usher ' 43 Senior Play Usher ' 44 " Fun and seriousness in the right proportion. " DANIEL JAMES CAVANAGH " Dan " HELENE COPELAND DIETZ " Dee " J ' Ambition: Band leader. Band 42, ' 43. 44 Orchestra 43, ' 44 School Reporter ' 43 " Quiet - sometimes. " Ambition: Dental nurse. Glee Club ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Student Monitor ' 44 Orchestra 41, 42 Drum Major ' 43, ' 44 Senior Play, ' 44 Yearbook Staff ' 44 " Always a good companion. " ROLAND RAOUL CHABOT " Bucky " Ambition: Naval flier. Senior Play Decorating Committee " A man of few words - yet not meaningless ones. " GENEVIEVE MARIE CHAPUT " Genie " Ambition: To be a teacher. " To be pleasant is her aim. " PHYLLIS ERNA CLARK " Phyll " Ambition: Too numerous to mention. Senior Play ' 44 Orchestra ' 41, 42, ' 43, ' 44 Yearbook Advertising Committee ' A happy genius is the gift of nature. " JERALYN EBERT " Jerry " Ambition: To be a nurse. Glee Club ' 41 , ' 42, ' 44 " Ambition knows no rest. " ARTHUR FONG " Art " Ambition: Civil engineer. Student Monitor ' 44 Class Treasurer 44 Senior Play ' 44 " A good fellow through and through FRANCES RITA GAMACHE " Fran” Ambition: To be a success. Orchestra ' 41, 42 Student Monitor 44 " Silence is moreeloquent than words LENA ELIZABETH GERMAINE " Lee " Ambition: Cadet nurse. " To be pleasant is my aim. " -THE 19 NORTHERN LIGHT HENRY EDWARD GOBIN " Henry " Ambition: Aeronautical engineer. Band ' 41 , ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Orchestra ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Student Monitor ' 44 Silence, like a poultice, comes to heal the blows of sound. " JACQUELINE CLAIRE GREVE " Jackie " Ambition: To travel. " Anything for a quiet life. " JOSEPH GRIMES " Joe " Ambition: To be a success. Student Monitor ' 43, ' 44 Class President ' 43 Yearbook Advertising Committee ' 44 " A wonderful fellow. " RAYMOND HALL " Ray " Ambition: To be a success. Football ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Basketball ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 8aseball ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 " He ' s got rhythm in his feet. " MARY ELIZEBETH HAVEY " Betty " Ambition: To be a success. " You ' re a natural. " ANNAMAE LOUISE HILL " Anne " Ambition: To be a nurse. Senior Play Usher ' 44 Senior Play Advertising Committee " There ' s none truer-hearted. " TREBA PATRICIA HOYT " Treb " Ambition: To be a secretary. " She who says little has little to answer for. " DORIS VERNA JAMES " D. V. " Ambition: To be a private secretary. Senior Play ' 44 Graduation Usher ' 43 " Mirth is the sweet wine of life. " DONALD HENRY KEAGAN " Red- Ambition: To be a playboy. Yearbook Staff " Watch me, boy! I ' m different. " HELEN LACASSE " Helen " Ambition: Telephone operator. Class Secretary ' 42 Vice President ' 43, ' 44 Red Cap Collector ' 43 Graduation Usher ' 43 Senior Play Usher ' 44 Drum Major ' 43, ' 44 Student Monitor ' 44 Yearbook Advertising Committee " A very popular Miss. " THE NORTHERN U l " G H T 44 MARJORIE JEAN LARSEN " Margie " Ambition: Physical education teacher. Basketball, captain ' 44 " Never a dull moment. " JAMES ANTHONY LAVERY " Jim " Ambition: To be one of the idle rich. Red Cap Collector 41 Football ' 43 Class Treasurer ' 40 Yearbook Advertising Committee Senior Play Decorating Committee " Watch me, boy! I ' m different. " MARTHA LOCKE " Marty " Ambition: To be a physical education instructor. Glee Club ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Basketball ' 44 Red Cap Staff ' 44 Senior Play ' 44 Graduation Usher ' 43 Operetta ' 43 " Her crown is her flaming glory. " CHARLES THOMAS LOVELY " Charlie " Ambition: To be a success. " A peace above all earthly dignities is still in quiet love. " MA RY PHYLLIS LUCHETTI " Mary " Ambition: To be a successful secretary. Class Secretary ' 44 Graduation Usher ' 43 " Her ever-present smile reflects her happy nature. " ELEANOR MARION MAC LINE " Ellie " Ambition: To be a successful stenographer. Cheerleader ' 43, ' 44 Red Cap Collector ' 44 Senior Play Usher ' 44 " She ' s a quiet girl - sometimes. " SHIRLEY ALICE MALINOWSKI " Shirl " Ambition: To be successful. Student Monitor ' 43, ' 44 Class Secretary ' 41, 43 Drum Major ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Graduation Usher 43 Senior Play Usher ' 44 Red Cap Staff ' 44 Red Cap Collector 42, ' 44 Glee Club 43 " I have often regretted my speech, never my silence. " RAYMOND MALINOWSKI " Ray " Ambition: To be an engineer. Red Cap Staff ' 41, 42, ' 44 Student Monitor ' 44 Sen ior Play ' 44 Class Treasurer ’43 Class President ' 44 Salutatorian " Beware, I may yet be great. " PRISCILLA GRENELLE MANDALIAN " Puss " Ambition: To become a research chemist. Glee Club ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Senior Play ' 44 Graduation Usher 43 " The magic of the tongue is the most dangerous of all spells. " HELEN GRACE MCADAMS " Bucky " Ambition: To become a nurse. Senior Play Usher ' 44 " Happy am I; from care I am free. " THE " 19 NORTHERN 1 ! ' 44 - H T CHARLES JOHN MCCLOUGHAN, JR. " Mac " Ambition: Chemical engineer. Football ' 43 Red Cap Staff ' 44 Yearbook Advertising Committee Senior Play Advertising Committee Student Monitor ' 44 Valedictorian " It ' s the quiet worker who succeeds. " MARIE CARROLL MCGOWAN " Cunnie " Ambition: Physiotherapist. Senior Play ' 44 Red Cap Staff ' 4 4 Co-Editor of Yearbook Student Court ' 44 " To know her is to like her. " RALPH LOWELL NORTEMAN " Nort " Ambition: To oecome a naval officer. Football, Captain ' 42, 43 Student Monitor ' 43 Yearbook Staff Senior Play Decorating Committee " He loved to play the game of bail, He gave his best and gave it all.” RICHARD WILFRED PAQUIN " Dick " Ambition: Naval Air Corps. Glee Club ' 44 Basketball ' 41 Senior Play ' 44 Yearbook Staff " Never a dull moment. CONSTANT POHOLEK " Connie " Ambition: To see action in the Navy. " Serious and well-behaved, Never any trouble gave. " YVONNE JANET POIRIER " Pat " Ambition: To be a nurse. Graduation Usher ' 43 Sen ior Play Usher ' 44 " Smile and the world smiles with you. " DORIS HELEN PROULX " Dot " Ambition: To become a nurse. Graduation Usher ' 43 " I have learned in whatsoever state I am therewith to be content. " JEAN MARIE REILLY " Jean " Ambition: To be successful. Yearbook Staff " Happy am I; from care I am free. " MARIE RYDER " Marie " Ambition: Singing. Glee Club ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Senior Play " Life is but a song. " BARBARA ANN SANFORD " Barb " Ambition: To be successful. Graduation Usher ' 43 " Little said is soonest mended. " THE NORMAN CHESTER SANFORD " Norm” Ambition: To be a success. " A gentleman makes no noise. " ERICK SARGENT " Ricky " Ambition: Officer in Marine Air Corps. Student Monitor 44 Basketball ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Baseball ' 43, ' 44 Football ' 44 Red Cap Staff ' 44 Senior Play ' 44 Yearbook Staff " A life without sports is not life. " MURIEL MILDRED SHAW " Muriel " Ambition: Stenographer. Orchestra ' 41, ' 42, ' 43, ' 44 Glee Club ' 41, ' 42, 43, ' 44 Thy modesty ' s a candle to thy merit. " CLAIRE R. SMITH " Claire " Ambition: To become an artist. Red Cap Staff 44 Her hair is her flaming glory. " JANET MARY SWANEZY " Jan " Ambition: To get my driver ' s license. Red Cap Collector ' 41 Vice-President ' 4 1 Cheerleader ' 43, ' 44 Senior Play Usher ' 44 Yearbook Staff He is a fool who thinks by force or skill to turn the current of a woman s will. " 19 NORTHERN 44 LIGHT MARY VERNA TARALLO " Mary " Ambition: To be a secretary. " Anything for a quiet life. " CYNTHIA ANN TENNANT " Cynnie " Ambition: To be a nurse. Graduation Usher ' 43 Senior Play Usher ' 44 Red Cap Staff ' 43, ' 44 Yearbook Staff Senior Play Advertising Committee Graduation Essayist Keep the golden mean between say- ing too much and too little. " JOHN R. THOMPSON " Tom " Ambition: To make good. Student Monitor ' 44 " The world through a critic ' s eye. " ELLSWORTH HAMMOND WELCH " Ellzie " Ambition: To make good. Senior Play ' 4 1 , ' 43 Red Cap Staff ' 44 Student Monitor ' 44 Yearbook Advertising Committee ’ Good things come in small packages. " ROBERT JOSEPH WELCH " Doc " Ambition: Dentist. Football ' 43 Red Cap Editor ' 44 Yearbook Co-Editor 44 Student Monitor ' 43. ' 44 Senior Play Advertising Committee Graduation Essayist Man is but what he knoweth. " THE Ambition: Airline stewardess. Senior Play Usher 44 " A lovely girl above all rank. ' HELEN KAREN WRIGHT " Helen " Ambition: To fly. " Variety is the spice of life. " LAWRENCE EUGENE ZILCH, JR. " Larry " ★ YEARBOOK STAFF Co-Editors of the Yearbook Robert Welch Marie McGowan Advertising Committee Joseph Grimes (chairman) John McCloughan James Lavery Phyllis Clarke Helen LaCasse Ellsworth Welch Class Prophecy Cynthia Tennant Ricky Sargent Class Gifts Janet Swanezy Richard Paquin Class Will Jean Reilly Harold Bicknell Class History Donald Keagan Jeanne Brennan Class Statistics Helene Dietz Ralph Norteman dta±± d l otto 1 1 After the darkness, the dawn dla±± As we pay loving tribute to our years at old N. A. And venture forth to face the problems of another day We leave with faith newborn, for after darkness comes the dawn. Tho far and wide across the world we travel on our way In memories once more we ' ll find the class of ' 44, And meet again our friends from old N. A. Words by — Hildred Bagshaw Music by — Muriel Shaw Maroon and Silver Red and White Carnations (2 tall czMiitozij by Jeanne Brennan and Donald Keagan ★ Being such brilliant students of history (ahem), we have been selected to trans- port you on a magic carpet back across the great expanse of years to 1940. On a beautiful day in September we trudged across the park and entering the gates of this great brain-dispensary, we consigned ourselves to the four years of work and toil which lay ahead of us. After listening to A. J. ' s dictatorial statements on how to conduct ourselves, we spent the rest of our first day wandering thru the maze of corridors helplessly weighted down by a few trifles such as books, pens, pencils, pads, erasers, compasses, rulers and various other paraphernalia which had been forced upon us. Bob King as president, Janet Swanezy, vice-president, Shirley Malinowski, secre- tary, and Jimmy Lavery as our treasurer, were destined as class officers to lead us through our first bewildering but socially uneventful year. Being more intellectual and less brawny than the upper-classmen we let them take the spotlight in the field of sports, and were contented to wait for another year. As sophomores, we were determined to make a name for ourselves in the annals of N. A. H. S. With the help of Hally, who represented us on the gridiron and in baseball, and Sargent and Zeke LaRosee, who were our contributions to the basket- ball team, we succeeded in doing this. Bob King was again elected president and the rest of his cabinet included: Jeanne Brennan as vice-president, Helen LaCasse as secretary, and Phil Jones as treasurer. Finally the great day arrived when we became upper classmen and after two years of learning the ropes we now knew how to disrupt the tranquil atmosphere of the classroom without being detected. Joe Grimes, that hard-boiled politician with the help of a few cigars, won the election. To help him carry the staggering burden we elected Helen LaCasse as vice- president, Shirley Malinowski as secretary, and we had Ray Malinowski to care for the HUGE fortune we had in our treasury. Norteman, King, LaRosee, and Hall donned the red and white and went out for football, while Sargent and Hall held up our end in the world of basketball and baseball. In May we held the Junior Prom and showed the seniors how a really good dance should be run. Page Seventeen THE NORTHERN 44 G H T We entered our Senior year as meek as a lamb but we were destined to leave with the roar of a lion. The day we had eagerly anticipated for three years finally arrived. At last we could have our say in the way things were run. After the shock of our first day in Miss Washburn ' s history class wore off, we settled down, and Ray Malinowski assumed the position of president, while Helen LaCasse was elected vice-president and Mary Luchetti and that " Smoothie " Arthur Fong were elected secretary and treasurer, respectively. We really became famous on the athletic field this year with such representatives as Captain Norteman, Sargent, Hall, Lavery, Welch and McCloughan. Domineering the side lines were those three vivacious cheerleaders Eleanor MacLine, Janet Swanezy and Jeanne Brennan. Sargent and Hall again captured the basketball limelight for us, while Lavery and Paquin joined them on the baseball diamond. For the first time, the girls were represented in basketball by Margie Larsen and Martha Locke. By using brute salesmanship on the defenseless underclassmen, we made a great success of our dances, and as a result increased our treasury. On the whole these dances were well attended, and, seriously, we wish to thank the underclassmen for their cooperation. After much discussion both " pro " and " con " as to whether or not we should have a senior play we FINALLY decided in favor of one. Under Miss Erving ' s capable direction we exercised our dramatic abilities and presented a three act comedy entitled " Don ' t Take My Penny! " The cast, however, thought seriously of changing the title to " Now — Miss Erving? " Nick Todaro, George Cooke and Elmer Riley, thru the persuasion of the draft board, left during the year to join the navy. Mr. Bronson will lose Gobin, Appleby and Cavanagh from the band, and Phyllis Clarke, Muriel Shaw, Doris Berglund, Henry Gobin and Dan Cavanagh from the orchestra. Helen LaCasse, Helene Dietz, and Shirley Malinowski will leave him search- ing for three new drum-majors. The Glee Club will also suffer from the loss of the sweet voices of: Jerry Ebert, Marie Ryder, Priscilla Mandalian, Betty Burke, Beverly Cambridge, Martha Locke, Dick Paquin and Ricky Sargent. The teachers are going to be lonesome too. Poor Miss Washburn! How she ' ll miss Norteman, Keagan and Chabot, her three little " time and a half " boys. Pretty soon they may be doing double time for some tough sergeant, for the draft board is throwing covetous glances in their direction. We hope that the underclassmen will live up to the high standard which we, the senior class, have set for them. We wish to thank the teachers for the patience and help which they have given us in the past four years, although we realize that their work was made easier because we were such sweet and cooperative students. And so the curtain falls on our adventures in N. A. H. S. We bid a fond fare- well to all! Page Eighteen chu ma by Jean Reilly and Harold Bicknell ★ We, the Senior Class of 1944, bestow upon you unfortunate underclassmen our characteristics that we have so cherished throughout our four years of high school. George Cooke, Nicky Todaro, and Elmer Riley, who have already left us, we the Class of " 44 " , will to them lots of luck in the future. Ray Malinowski (our exalted president) leaves to join the ranks of the quiz kids. Arthur Fong wills his congeniality to some fortunate underclassman. Verna James leaves her title of Most Talkative Girl " to Bernice Rovelto. Helen LaCasse leaves to become a successful telephone operator. Donald Keagan leaves — too bad girls. Margie Larsen leaves her title " Most Athletic Girl " , and also her nickname, Pool- room " , to Natalie Weygand. Larry Zilch leaves his manly physique to Vincent Petti. Claire Smith leaves her flaming red hair to Muriel Marlow. Henry Gobin leaves his curly locks to Joe Velletri. Mary Luchetti leaves to join her navy man, Bob. Ricky Sargent leaves his athletic ability to those dashing Dean brothers. Jackie Greve and Betty Havey leave together as usual. Richard Paquin, the liveliest boy of the class, leaves to win the war. Cynthia Tennant leaves with her constant companion, Ricky. Martha Locke leaves her sophisticated manner to Carolyn Sherman. Marie Ryder leaves to wait for Buddy. Irene Baier leaves to help brother Eddie at the store. Jerry Ebert leaves — still swooning over Frank Sinatra. James Lavery leaves still finding fault with the girls of N. A. H. S. Shirley Malinowski leaves to try out her title " Girl With the Best Line " . Bucky Chabot leaves his title " Best Dressed Boy " to Johnnie Westcott. Lena Germaine leaves her impressions on all the school mirrors. Page Nineteen " “THE NORTHERN LI G H T 44 Norman Sanford leaves as quiet as ever. Jeanne Brennan leaves Eileen and Eleanor to battle over the leadership of the cheerleaders. Bob Welch, because of his experience in high school, leaves to become editor of that famous magazine, " Secrets " . Priscilla Mandalian leaves her sister to follow in her footsteps. Hollis Baker I eaves us wondering whose class pin he wears. Janet Swanezy leaves to take over management of that beautiful blue limousine, the " Silver Streak " , that her brother thinks he left in good care for the duration. Arthur Appleby leaves so quietly that we barely noticed him. Eleanor MacLine leaves with all her teachers in hot pursuit. She always had quite a time getting to a class without being attracted elsewhere. Joseph Grimes leaves the girls still sighing. Helen McAdams leaves to establish a residence in the wilds of Attleboro, (there is such a place) in order to save herself a lot of bus fare. Ray Hall I eaves his wolfing ability to Leonard Poirier. Yvonne Poirier leaves her makeup kit to Eleanor Broderick. Charles Lovely leaves us wondering ! Barbara Sanford leaves a certain sophomore urging her to take a P. G. course. Daniel Cavanagh leaves still talking. Beverly Cambridge undoubtedly leaves to take upon herself the bonds of matrimony. Constant Poholek leaves his " lux complexion to Bobby Zilch. Doris Proulx leaves to make good use of her already talented voice. Ralph Norteman leaves Miss Washburn a nervous wreck. Muriel Shaw leaves hoping Bob will soon follow. Ellsie Welch I eaves his title " Shortest Boy " to Philip Rushlow. Hildred Bagshaw leaves to entertain the servicemen. Betty Burke leaves hoping to become a nurse. John Thompson leaves these hallowed halls at last. Yvonne Dargis leaves her title Neatest Girl " to Margie Messier. Mary Tarallo leaves to recuperate after her toilsome four years of H. S. Adele Bishop leaves us wondering why she likes the-out-of-town talent. (As if we didn ' t know). Page Twenty Helene Dietz leaves with her witty remarks ringing in our ears. Phyllis Clarke, our smartest girl, leaves her title to Betty Sanford. Doris Berglund leaves hoping to organize a world-famous orchestra. Genevieve Chaput leaves her good disposition to Virginia King. John McCloughan leaves his vocational worries to the choice of the U.S.A. (United States Army). Frannie Gamache leaves her title Shortest Girl ' 1 to Lorraine Clavette. Treba Hoyt, a quiet newcomer, leaves with the rest of us. Helen Wright leaves her good looks to some lucky underclassman. " Cunnie " McGowan leaves a host of friends behind her. Annamae Hill I eaves her sister, Adele, to carry on the " walk " . (If you know what I mean). And now, Jean and I leave together. Page Twenty-one I ERN j 44 TTt| by Cynthia Tennant and Erick Sargent ★ Cynnie Eleven years have elapsed since that unforgettable day when the graduating class of 1944 left N. A. H. S. to start life anew. Ricky The time is 1955. Cynnie and I recently visited a crystal gazer and were so intrigued by the results that we decided to become future predictors ourselves. Our first glance into the mysterious ball revealed these startling facts. Cynnie Ralph Norteman, Wall Street Politician, is working hard to free Bucky Chabot and Donald Red Keagan from the local " lock-up " . His friends got into a little difficulty for disturbing the peace in the Wrentham area. Cynnie Jean Brennan, after studying to be a nurse, now has to learn all about out- door life in order to keep her man content. Ricky Helene Dietz is the private, private secretary of D. Davignon. Cynnie Ellsworth Welch is now combination sheriff and Justice of the Peace in Reno, Nevada. Ricky In the center of downtown New York is a lavish art studio owned by Hildred Bagshaw. Her brilliant assistant, Claire Smith, recently sketched a portrait of that renowned pianist Muriel Shaw Roberts. Cynnie Doc " Welch is as good a dentist as he was a student in high school. His secretary is that " ever-seeking " Eleanor MacLine. Ricky Irene Baier is now a school nurse. Cynnie Norman Sanford is a thriving bow tie manufacturer. Ricky Adele Bishop is a cigarette girl at a famous night club. Cynnie Danny Cavanagh is head of the printing department at Mason Box Co. Cynnie Margie Muscles " Larsen coaches a girls ' Basketball team with much suc- cess. Ricky George Cooke and Nick Todaro have made a life career of the Navy. They have girls in every port. Page Twenty-two Cynnie Jean Reilly is still Bicknell s constant companion. Ricky Betty Havey gave up her job as Western Union expert to give advice to an Attleboro lad. Cynnie Jackie Greve, after having been left millions by her wealthy uncle, now travels far and wide but she still can ' t catch Mrs. F. D. R. Ricky Cunnie McGowan, a noted journalist, recently wrote a best seller entitled " Umbriago. " Cynnie Connie Poholek has finally settled down and is a gentleman farmer. Ricky Yvonne Poirier turned to hair dressing after the special hair-do she created and made famous. Cynnie John Thompson entered the field of politics and is now the 4th term mayor of " Shantytown ' , New Mexico. Ricky Helen Wright is a beautiful actress and owns several stables of race horses. Cynnie Henry Ace ' Gobin who gained experience in the Army Air Corps is manager of an important airfield. Ricky One of the thriving entertainment places in Boston is Priscilla Mandalian ' s night club " El Pussy " . Talented Marie Ryder is specialty singer there and Elmer Riley, who gave up flying to study music, now accompanies Marie on the Piano. Cynnie Charles Lovely resides in a quiet Ohio town. Charles is manager of the First National — store, not bank. Ricky Treba Hoyt has taken her books to Canada and is teaching history Miss Wash- burn’s way. The Canadians are now on the warpath. Cynnie The bright red " Coast to Coast " truck of Hall Hall Co. still travels far and wide. Ricky Betty Burke finally graduated from Franklin Hardware where she worked for fourteen years and is now employed by Schofield ' s. Cynnie Arthur Fong, cousin to Confuscious, has gone back to China to enlighten some of his fellow countrymen with the knowledge he obtained in North Attle- boro and in the United States Navy. Ricky Martha Locke is now a teacher at a private boys ' school. Cynnie Dick " Hot Stuff " Paquin is a test pilot for the Bell Aircraft Co. He has not yet found the right woman but still has hopes. Page Twenty-three 4-4 J Ricky Genevieve Chaput is a French interpreter at a Canadian Customs Hoiise. Cynnie Art Appleby works for a chemical corporation. Ricky Jerry Ebert is a private and very efficient secretary to a Vermont lawyer. Cynnie Hollis " Sleepy ' ' Baker owns and operates the Super Apartments in Plain- ville. Ricky Helen LaCasse and " Frankie " Gamache are now in charge of a large tele- phone office. Cynnie Harold " 8 ball " Bicknell, and James " Muzzey " Lavery own a large chain of combination " Soft-drink and Billiard Parlors " throughout the United States. Ricky Yvonne Dargis, shorthand whiz, and Mary " Slacksie " Luchetti are doing secretarial work for the Navy Dept, exclusively. Cynnie Ray Malinowski succeeded in becoming an instructor at M. I. T. Ricky Verna James went off the beam from adding figures at the bank and now paints as a hobby. She has as a model Miss Mary Tarallo. Cynnie Helen " Bucky " McAdams is a nurse at a soldiers hospital. Ricky Barbara Sanford was a successful fashion designer but now is a Sayles Woman. Cynnie Joe Grimes, jack of all trades, right now is trying out bar tending and is a " two ton Joey " . Ricky Mrs. McCloughan, the former Phyllis Clarke, married John after he took over Mr. Hartwell ' s chemistry position at dear old North High. Cynnie Zilch, the mechanic, lives in a Ford trailer. Ricky Doris Berglund charms many listeners on her Saturday night music hour over station JAZZ. Cynnie Doris Proulx after getting many tips on the teaching of Latin by Miss Coombes now teaches Greek in Australia. Ricky Annamae Hill who has gone up hill and down hill has finally gone over the hill. Cynnie Lena Germaine, by hard road work, is getting into condition for the coming " Sadie Hawkins ' Day " . Ricky Beverly Cambridge and Shirley Malinowski have gained fame as a dance team. They are now on their 5th World Jive Tour. Cynnie We find Janet Swanezy in solitude for obvious reasons known to all. Page Twenty-four ( 2£a±± JStatLitie± by Helene Dietz and Ralph Norteman ★ Because of her sophisticated manner and pleasing ways we bestow on Martha Locke the title of C.L. — Class Lady. By unanimous vote of the girls we bestow upon Joe Grimes the title of M.P.B. — Most Popular Boy. Because she is always running around on errands for Miss Washburn, we be- stow on Irene Baier the title of W.R.H.G. — Washburn ' s Right-Hand Girl. Because of the obvious color of her hair we bestow on Claire Smith the degree of G.W.T.H.T. — Girl With The Hot Top. By popular vote of the boys we give Helen LaCasse the title of M.P.G. — Most Popular Girl. By unanimous vote of the girls we bestow upon Jimmy Lavery the degree of B.L.B. — Best Looking Boy. Because she is always tearing into class at the last minute, we bestow upon Hildred Bagshaw the title of G.L.L.T.B.O.T. — Girl Least Likely To Be On Time. Because of her unceasing chaffer the boys dub Verna James — M.T.G. — Most Talkative Girl. Because he gives our beloved History teacher a great deal of worry, we bestow upon Hollis Baker the title of C.H. — Class Hisforian. By popular vote of the boys we bestow on Jeanne Brennan the degree of B.L.G. — Best Looking Girl. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon Raymond Hall the title of B.B.D. — Best Boy Dancer. Because every other word she utters is trimmed with blue, we give Adele Bishop the title of C.N.G. — Class Navy Girl. By vote of the girls we bestow upon Dan Cavanagh the title of M.T.B. — Most Talkative Boy. For obvious reasons we bestow upon Yvonne Poirier the degree of M.G. — Mascara Girl. By poplar vote of the boys we bestow upon Helene Dietz the degree of W.G. — Wittiest Girl. By popular vote of the girls we give Bucky Chabot the title of B.D.B. — Best Dressed Boy. Page Twenty-five RTHERN 44 G H T Because of a certain picture she has been sporting we have decided to name Helen McAdams as A.A.P.U.G. — An Annapolis Pin-Up Girl. Because his peach fuzz is developing at a rapid speed we bestow on Arth ur Appleby the degree of T.B.W.T.G. — The Boy With The Goatee. Because she has full control over the ice-cream concession in this school, we bestow on Priscilla Mandalian the title of C.I.C.M. — Class Ice Cream Miser. Because we expect her name to be Mrs. U. G. Riley we bestow upon Marie Ryder the title of B.O.A.O. — Buddy ' s One and Only. By unanimous vote of the boys we bestow upon Janet Swanezy the title of B.D.G. — Best Dressed Girl. By popular vote of the girls we give Elmer Riley the title of T.B. — Tallest Boy. By popular vote of the boys we bestow on Mary Luchetti the title of B.G.D. — Best Girl Dancer. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon Bob Welch the title of B.A.A.B. — Best All Around Boy. By riotous vote of the girls we bestow upon Arthur Fong the title of M.C.B. — Most Congenial Boy. Because he ' s always been a one-girl man, the girl being Jean, we bestow upon Harold Bicknell the title of O.F. — Old Faithful. By popular vote of the boys we give Margie Larsen the degree of M.A.G. — Most Athletic Girl. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon Norman Sanford fhe title of M.B.B. — Most Bashful Boy. By popular vote of the boys we bestow upon " Cunnie " McGowan the title of B. A.A.G. — Best All Around Girl. Because he ' s been Mr. Bronson s constant companion during these past four years, we dub Henry Gobin our C.M. — Class Musician. By popular vote of the boys we bestow upon Shirley Malinowski the title of G.W.T.B.L. — Girl With The Best Line. Because of her artistic abilities we bestow on Barbara Sanford the degree of C. A. — -Class Arfist. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon Ricky Sargent the title of M.A.B. — Most Athletic Boy. By popular vote of the boys we bestow upon Jean Reilly the title of L.G. — Liveliest Girl. Because she ' s been an answer to Mr. Bronson ' s prayer we confer the title of C.P. upon Muriel Shaw — Class Pianist. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon Ray Malinowski the title of N.B. — Neatest Boy. Page Twenty-six By unanimous vote of the boys we bestow upon Betty Havey the title of S.G. — - Smoothest Girl. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon Charlie Lovely the title of M.S.B. — Most Serious Boy. Because of her sociability and pleasing disposition we bestow upon Genevieve Chaput the honorary degree of G.E.T.G.A.W. — Girl Easiest To Get Along With. By popular vote of the boys we bestow upon Cynnie Tennant the title of M.C.G. — Most Congenial Girl. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon Larry Zilch the title of B.W.T.B.L. — Boy with The Best Line. By unanimous vote of the boys we bestow upon Helen Wright the title of C.G. — Cutest Girl. Because she seems to prefer out of town talent we bestow upon Annamae Hill the degree of C.O.O.T.G. — Class Out Of Town Girl. By unanimous vote of the girls we give George Cooke the degree of C.B. — Cutest Boy. Because she is constantly getting into trouble with the teachers we bestow on Eleanor MacLine the title of C.E. — Class Exaspirator. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon Dick Paquin the title of L.B. — Liveliest Boy. By unanimous vote of the boys we give Treba Hoyt the degree of M.S.G. — Most Serious Girl. By popular vote of the girls we give Ralph Norteman the title of S.B. — Smoothest Boy. Because he seems to find fault with everyone and everything we bestow upon John Thompson the degree of C.C. — Class Cynic. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon Ellsworth Welch the title of S.B. — Shortest Boy. By popular vote of the boys we bestow upon Doris Berglund the degree of T.G. — Tallest Girl. Because she always arrives without that certain little piece of paper, we bestow on Mary Tarallo the title of G.W.L.E. — Girl Who Lacks Excuses. By unanimous vote of the girls we give Donald Keagan the title of W.B.— Wittiest Boy. By popular vote of the boys we bestow upon Phyllis Clarke the title of S.G. — Smartest Girl. We thought and thought, but to no avail, for her adventures are unknown to us, so we dub Lena Germaine our C.M.G. — Class Mystery Girl. Page Twenty-seven 1 E H ERN j 44 By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon John McCloughan the degree of S. B. — Smartest Boy. By unanimous vote of the boys we bestow upon Yvonne Dargis the title of N.G. — Neatest Girl. Because the bugle sounded and he rushed out to answer the call of the Navy, we bestow upon Nick Todaro the title of C.A. — Class Admiral. By popular vote of the girls we give Frannie Gamache the title of S.G. — Shortest Girl. Because a certain red-head is her constant companion we give Doris Proulx the title of G.W.F.R.H. — Girl Who Favors Red-Heads. By popular vote of the boys we bestow upon Jackie Greve the title of M.B.G. — Most Bashful Girl. Because she is the first girl to get an engagement ring we give Beverly Cambridge the title of C.F.H. — Class Future Housewife. Page Twenty-eight by Janet Swanezy and Dick Paquin ★ Because we have such a depraved sense of humor, our classmates were influ- enced with the aid of guns, blackjacks, bow and arrows, pea-shooters, and the like, to elect us as the two fugitives of the Class of ' 44 ' AD (all dunces) who would select a group of appropriate gifts for them. After gazing into our crystal ball and ob- serving their peculiarities, we think we have discovered the perfect tokens. These gifts were written in the spirit of fun and we sincerely hope that they will be taken in the same manner. We are sending a gift package to Elmer Riley, George Cooke, and Nick Todaro who have already left our class to join the Navy. Jeralyn Ebert — To Gerry, that swooning Sinatra fan, we give this great big picture of her idol, " The Voice. " Priscilla Mandalian — Because Priscilla always gets the biggest kick out of a good joke, we give her this book of them so that she may entertain herself with the latest. Jackie Greve — Jackie gets this report card with 5 A s in History just so that she can see that it IS possible. Frances Gamache — In order to aid Franny in her future work with the telephone com- pany, we give her this book of telephone numbers with number 583 heading the list. Daniel Cavanagh — To Dapper " Dan, we give this box of " Lux " flakes which is guaranteed not to shrink ANYTHING. Mary Luchetti — To Mary, we give this boat so that she can row out and see Bob. Barbara Sanford — We give Barb this rake and hope that it will be of some use to her when she goes to live on the farm. Raymond Malinowski — Because of his argumentative episodes, we give Ray this writ- ing paper so that he can keep up his arguments with Miss Washburn after he leaves to conquer new fields with his talent. Doris Proulx — To Doris, we give this RED bow to match her boyfriend. Adele Bishop — Because of a certain fast Adele made, we give her this package of CHOCOLATE STICKS. Martha Locke — To Martha, that experienced chemist, we give this rotten egg to remind her of the fumes radiating from her laboratory at Hillman ' s. Hildred Bagshaw — Because of Hildred’s interest in service men, we give her this cita- tion from the war department thanking her for helping to build up the morale of its men. Page Twenty-nine THE 1 N ORTHERN S l ' T G ' TTf 44 Raymond Hall — To Ray, we give this NEW line. Let ' s see what ' s on the end of this one. Jeanne Brennan — To Jeanne, we give this book to see if she can balance it on her head as well as she did the one in that great drama, the Senior Play. John McCloughan — John just loves to be difficult, so we present him with this book entitled Difficult Answers to Simple Questions " , so that he can continue to aggravate people. Doris Berglund — To Doris, we give these high heels so that she can obtain great HEIGHTS in her future work. Hollis Baker — To Hollis, that super-duper coke salesman, we give this pepper so he can put a little pep into those cokes. Yvonne Dargis — After Yvonne takes the fatal plunge with that certain sailor, we know this Good Housekeeping " Magazine will be of great use to her. John Thompson — To Tommy, the boy with the soft, sweet voice, we give this atomizer so that he will always be able to keep the volume in it. Yvonne Poirier — In case they become rationed, we give Yvonne these cosmetics so she ' ll have an extra supply. Donald Keagan — Because Donald, the killer-diller swingaroo of the Senior Class, has such a hard time with the girls, we give him this club to protect himself from their clutches. Eleanor MacLine — At lunch Eleanor just sits and examines her food to see if she can find something wrong with it, so, to her we give this spy glass and hope that she won ' t strain her eyes in the future. Betty Havey — We give Betty these JACKS to keep her company after her s leaves for the Navy. Constant Poholek — Because of his glamour girl complexion, we give Connie this jar of face cream so that he may protect its beauty. Annamae Hill — Because of the remarkable resemblance, we give Annamae this con- tract to double for Merle Oberon. Jean Reilly — In order to save Bick the huge sum of $1.00, because we know he would eventually splurge the money, we give Jean this wedding ring which we secured through one of the agents of the 5 10. Arthur Appleby — To Arthur, that dashing man about town, we give this gun to pro- tect the lunchroom receipts while taking them to the bank. Irene Baier — Irene always had quite a time trying to attend school five days in a row so we give her this makeup card to remind her of those trying days. Roland Chabot — Because Bucky got through school with such FLYING colors, we give him this well-deserved extra diploma. Helene Dietz — Because Helene lost her pen at least six times a week, we give her this new one so now she ll have two to lose. Page Thirty Harold Bicknell — To Bick, we give this copy of his favorite song, " Jeannie with the Dark Brown Hair. " Helen LaCasse — Helen used to forget her way to school quite often, so to her we give this road map in hopes that she ' ll be able to find her way graduation night. Joseph Grimes — To Joe, our most popular boy, we give this bag of kisses, one from every girl in the class and two from Miss Washburn. Helen McAdams — Because Helen spends more time in Attleboro than she does in North, we give her this North Attleboro banner so that she ' ll always remember that there is such a place. Arthug Fong — To Art, that charmer from the Far East, we give this book of various languages so that he may continue to wolf in every port after he ' s in the Navy. Muriel Shaw — We give Muriel this warrant for arrest on grounds of vagrancy. She left the Senior Class for a Junior. Marie Ryder — Marie ' s one and only left school for a job with Uncle Sam, and she has been pretty lonely lately. So to show her that life really isn’t as bad as it looks, we give her this sizzling love letter from " Buddy " . Henrv Gobin — We give Henry this horn to blow on and hope that he will give his flute a rest once in a while. Marie McGowan — To Marie, that dynamite mixer of the Liggett Drug Co., we give this book on " What to do if You Poison a Customer. " This applies mainly to her Pearl Harbor sundaes and her Torpedo specials. Phyllis Clarke — If any of you have ever been with Phyllis and John for two minutes and heard the slams they throw at each other, you ' ll know why we ' re giving Phyllis this book entitled, " How To Tame Your Lover. " Ellsworth Welch — All of you who had 3rd period History class know that it was im- possible for Ellzie to sit still for half a minute without playing with something, or trying to see just why a desk has bolts in it. So we give him these tiddly winks and in the future he ' ll always be prepared for his fun. Verna James— We give Verna this fast boogie-woogie record to go with her walk. James Lavery — We give Jimmy t his ball of yarn and these knitting needles so that he can take up knitting for the Red Cross and accomplish something worth while in his spare time. Claire Smith — To Claire, we give this rag doll to keep her company until her boy- friend returns. Ralph Norteman — To Ralph, one of Miss Washburn ' s star pupils and Muzzy ' s ardent admirers, we give this History book to revise into simple language so that no one else will have to go through the torture he did. Norman Sanford — To Norman, our most bashful boy, we give this book written by Ricky Sargent on " How to Make Love in Ten Easy Lessons, or Five Hard Ones. " Shirley Malinowski — Because Shirley ' s ambition is to be a model, we give her this bathing suit so she ' ll be prepared to pose. Page Thirty-one THE 19 NORTHERN | 44 L I G H T Cynthia Tennant — We re not giving Cynthia anything because she has Ricky, and we think he ' s enough to handle at one time. Lawrence Zilch — We give Larry this stop sign that we found in Jeanne ' s yard. Guess who put it there? Charles Lovely — Charlie has accompanied us through four glorious years of school but no one seems to know much about him, because he is so quiet. We know he can talk, but we give him this dictionary and hope that he will increase his vocab. Marjorie Larsen — Whenever you see a crowd of girls in a huddle, Margy is sure to be in the middle singing one of her corny songs, or telling equally corny jokes. So to her we give this book of the latest so that she can modernize her enter- tainment. Erick Sargent — Because Cynnie lives such a long distance from Ricky, we give him this magic carpet, and with a little hocus pocus it will take him over to her house in a jiffy. Mary Tarallo — Because Mary has such a slow drawl, we give her this box of Snappy Wappies " , that peppy breakfast food, and hope that she ll acquire some pep in that voice of hers. Elizabeth Burke — All of Miss Dudley ' s shorthand class know that every once in a while Betty would break out with that silly giggle of hers. So we give her this gag, and the next time she ' ll be able to muffle it. Treba Hoyt — Because Treba recently moved here from Canada and doesn ' t know much about Mass., we give her this map of the place, and hope that she ' ll make use of it and become better acquainted with the best state in the union. Genevieve Chaput — To Genevieve, we give this card of thanks from Marie McGowan for helping her through three years of French. Robert Welch — To Bob, editor of that great magazine The Red Cap " , we give this PRESS card that will let him in anywhere. Beverly Cambridge — To Beverly, we give this DICKIE to remind her of a certain soldier. Helen Wright — To Helen, we give this bottle of blonde rinse so that her hair will always be as pretty as it is now. Lena Germaine — Lena put in a request for something useful, and as we couldn ' f think of a thing for her, we give her this credit slip for 15 cents to spend at Woolworth ' s. Richard Paquin — Because Dick is always jumping around like a wild Indian, we give him these feathers and this certificate, which make him a full fledged member of the Fisher Street tribe. Janet Swanezy — Because we know she ' ll never get one of her own, we give Janet this license and certificate to go over 50 at all times, tear down trees, knock pedestrians down, and violate all the other laws she can think of. Page Thirty-two Athletics THE NORTHERN ITT G H T 44 Under the capable supervision of head coach Call and assistant coaches Coakley and Chandler, the football team of " 44 " more than lived up to the expectations of its followers. In spite of the fact that we were defeated by teams such as Durfee, Taunton, Mansfield, the boys played a spectacular game Thanksgiving morning and gave the fans more than their money ' s worth by defeating our most bitter rivals, the Attleboro Bombardiers, 12 to 0. It is only fair to the squad to say that notes of a more remarkable game will never go down in the record book. Among those who gave all they possessed for the Red and White were: Capt. Ralph Norteman, James Lavery, John McCloughan, Robert Welch, Erick Sargent, and Raymond Hall, all members of the graduating class. Page Thirty-four ill I) I » I Page Thirty-five 44 zum J a oz i n U i i U »1 l ' Vi ' ' l CL exlecuL EXi. t I Page Thirty-six Organizations a The members of the year book staff of the Class of " 44 " have worked hard to make this the fourth issue of the " Northern Light " , the most successful published. The Co-Editors were Robert Welch and Marie McGowan. Other members of the staff included Janet Swanezy and Richard Paquin, who wrote the Class Gifts, Erick Sargent and Cynthia Tennant, who wrote the Class Prophecy, Jean Reilly and Harold Bicknell, writers of the Class Will, Jeanne Brennan and Donald Keagan, who wrote the Class History, and Helene Dietz and Ralph Norteman who composed the Class Statistics. Ellsworth Welch, Phyllis Clarke, James Lavery, Joseph Grimes, John Mc- Cloughan, and Helen LaCasse were members of the advertising committee. It is hoped that the future classes of N. A. H. S. will keep up the publication of the " Y ear Book " , as have classes of the past. I I « I I I Page Thirty-eight H I In 1927, after a few years of non-existence, the school paper of N. A. H. S. was resumed under its present title, the Red Cap . In 1937, with the addition of a new type of cover, the paper was remodelled to its present status. The Red Cap, unlike many school papers is self-supporting. Its pages, which are free from advertising, consist of notes about school activities, jokes, compositions by pupils, cartoons, gossip, and sport notes. Under the capable supervision of Robert Welch, aided by other members of the staff, the paper has been very successful this year. Senior members of the staff were Shirley Malinowski, Erick Sargent, Claire Smith, Cynthia Tennant, Martha Locke, Marie McGowan, Raymond Malinowski, John McCloughan, Ellsworth Welch, and Jeanne Brennan. May the Red Cap prosper in the future as it has in the past. Page Thirty-nine 44 I The traffic squad has been in existence for four years. It has done much to main- tain order in the corridors. Offenders of the rules of the Traffic Squad are brought before a court and if they are found guilty, chastisement according to the severity of the offence is administered. Members of the Student Council who ar.e graduating are Robert Welch, Joseph Grimes, Arthur Fong, Raymond Malinowski, John McCloughan, Henry Gobin, Erick Sargent, Shirley Malinowski, Helen LaCasse, Frances Gamache, John Thompson, Ells- worth Welch, Helene Diet? and Beverly Cambridge. Page Forty On Thursday, December 16, 1943, the Class of 1944 presented Anne Coulter Marten ' s delightful comedy, " Don ' t Take My Penny " . The cast, under the supervision of Miss May Erving, gave an excellent, as well as successful performance. The plot of the play was centered around a young girl, Penny, played by Jeanne Brennan, who believed she had real talents for a movie career. Other seniors who participated were Phyllis Clarke, Martha Locke, Ray Malinowski, Erick Sargent, Marie McGowan, Richard Paguin, Arthur Fong, Hildred Bagshaw, Verna James, Helene Dietz, Ellsworth Welch, Marie Ryder, and Elmer Riley. i Page Forty-one THE I NORTHERN [ 44 I L 1 G H T j _ bb bb b« 1 i iinMrnnwmnnT Oxcfizitxa Page Forty-two DL gu cu The Glee Club founded, and guided by the excellent supervision of John Bronson, has given many pupils the opportunity to make use of their vocal talents. When the club was first formed, only girls were admitted, but in the past year Mr. Bronson has added a few male " crooners. ' The success of this Glee Club will, we hope, incite enthusiasm in the future classes to form similar clubs. Members of the Glee Club who are graduating are Betty Burke, Beverly Cambridge, Priscilla Mandalian, Marie Ryder, Jeralyn Ebert, Muriel Shaw, Helene Dietz and Martha Locke. Page Forty-three L w — - V ■ ■- V " • — 1 Su j 2 taxi a ti vs. i III! 1 Best Looking Girl Jeanne Brennan Best Looking Boy James Lavery Best All Around Girl Marie McGowan Best All Around Boy Robert Welch Most Popular Girl Helen LaCasse Most Popular Boy Joseph Grimes V Smartest Girl Phyllis Clarke i Smartest Boy John McCloughan , , Wittiest Girl Helene Dietz Wittiest Boy Donald Keagan llll Most Talkative Girl Verna James Most Talkative Boy Daniel Cavanagh mi Most Athletic Girl Marjorie Larsen Most Athletic Boy Erick Sargent Girl With The Best Line Shirley Malinowski Boy With The Best Line Lawrence Zilch V Smoothest Girl Betty Havey llll Smoothest Boy Ralph Norteman Most Serious Girl Treba Hoyt Most Serious Boy Charles Lovely X Best Girl Dancer Mary Luchetti llll Best Boy Dancer Raymond Hall Most Congenial Girl Cynthia Tennant ill Most Congenial Boy Arthur Fong Cutest Girl Helen Wright llll nil Cutest Boy George Cooke V Shortest Girl Frances Gamache ill Shortest Boy Ellsworth Welch Neatest Girl Yvonne Dargis Neatest Boy Raymond Malinowski Most Bashful Girl Jacqueline Greve Most Bashful Boy Norman Sanford Best Dressed Girl Janet Swanezy llll Best Dressed Boy Roland Chabot jjj Liveliest Girl Jean Reilly Liveliest Boy Richard Paquin Tallest Girl Doris Berglund i Tallest Boy Elmer Riley L HH Ll NCHEON — i » -f K - TRE ' RE OFF « ' .! 1 Tke S e kv owi +„ rt !!! rv 3 j ' - 0 %C ' ' IN " Pur sum Of a war Bond O. " o x- ■„ • ' . . v v v - ' ?-x- ■ r • i I I I T H E ; N DRTHERN rn " g ' TTt 44 George Cooke In c_ Appreciation _j The class of 1944 desires to express its sincere thanks to all those who have helped to make this issue of the Norlhern Light ' ' a success. Especially do we wish to thank: Mr. Clarence Greene of the Commercial Press for his work, inter- est, and suggestions. All of the merchants, manufacturers and others who, through their advertisements have made this " Northern Light’ 1 possible. 9n the Jlona dun Official Photographer for class of 1944 Special Discount to all N. A. H. S. Students You and your friends will prize the portrait that looks like you — your truest self, free from stage effects and little conceits. It is in this " long-run ' ' photography PURDY success has been won. Portraiture by the camera that one cannot laugh or cry over in later years. For present pleasure and future pride protect your photographic self by having PURDY make the portraits. PLEASING PORTRAITS PROMPT SERVICE RIGHT PRICES MEANS SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ★ PURDY 1 6 o TREMONT STREET BOSTON • • MASS. Please Patronize Our Advertisers ml Special Coaches for Every Occasion ★ at Reasonable Prices Courteous and Reliable Operators For Information Call INTERSTATE TRANSIT CORPORATION Oeneral Office and Oarage 41 N i) r I li Avenue . . . I 1 li u n e 17 3... ATTLEKOIU), A! ASS. Please Patronize Our Advertisers Compliments of Homer-Alden Company Compliments of EDWARD A. LAVERY Real Estate and Mortgages 25 Years of Faithful Service Please Patronize Our Advertisers D. Evans (S ' Company, Inc. Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE GILT, SILVER, AND NICKEL BUTTONS 29 JAY STREET NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASS. Paper Box Company I ncorporated PAPER BOXES - PADS - JEWELRY DISPLAYS 29 JAY STREET NORTH ATTLEBORO, MASS. Please Patronize Our Advertisers Compliments of Orent Brothers Compliments of North Attleboro Coal Company Please Patronize Our Advertisers Compliments of Bugbee S- Niles Company Jewelled Cross Company Please Patronize Our Advertisers Compliments of Whiting Davis Co. I " MESH " WHIJINg davI CQ, ate. u The Commercial Press PRINTING • Please Patronize Our Advertisers To Those Who Would Succeed We congratulate you who graduate with the Class of 1944. May the knowledge you have here gained prepare and fortify you for a fuller life in the troubled years that lie immediately ahead. See to it that you also add to those other qualifications a full measure of dauntless courage without which you cannot hope to scale the top- most height. NORTH ATTLEBORO SAS COMPANY Please Patronize Our Advertisers L. G. Balfour Company ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS Diplomas for the Class of 1944 by Balfour Represented by C. B. Goodwin, Attleboro Office N. A. I I — TELEPHONES — N. A. 12 The Diamond Match Company Lumber and Building Materials The RALPH S. GILRIORE Agency INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE TELEPHONE 788 A. T. Parker Company North Attleboro ' s Oldest insurance Agency DEPENDABLE SERVICE Please Patronize Our Advertisers Compliments of Wamsutta Drug Company James E. Madden Registered Pharmacist Proprietor Compliments of McGill Box Co. Compliments of R. Blackinton c S- Co. tRimies) Compliments of A Friend Please Patronize Our Advertisers The Attleborough Savings Bank Marty the Florist Plainville Coal Company Standard Chain Company Please Patronize Our Advertisers Frenchie’s Service Station J. H. Hobson Co. The Bishop Company Swanezy Tool Company Please Patronize Our Advertisers Compliments of Flagg’s Bakery Compliments of Oscar A. Hillman S- Sons Compliments of North Attleboro Foundry Company Compliments of Barber Electric Manufacturing Company Please Patronize Our Advertisers Compliments of John E. Miner Co. | Compliments of I = I ! J. J. Beard Furniture Co. Compliments of Anawan Cigar Store Compliments of Dr. Welch Compliments of Glines Rhodes ! i = I Compliments of Quaker Silver Co. Compliments of Buy U. S. War Bonds . Please Patronize Our Advertisers

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North Attleboro High School - Northern Light Yearbook (North Attleboro, MA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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