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JTLJyiJTLrfUTUfijyL ry: .iijriii ' ij.ninir Unin irTjninjrUnjfilr ilninij li ( t i r 5 acuLtif ls+ row — left to right Mr. Bronson, Miss A. Hall, Miss Washburn, Mr. Mott, Miss Erving Miss D. Hall, Mr. Wettergreen 2nd row — left to right Miss Dudley, Miss Barber, Mr. PIthle, Miss Perkins, Miss Carpente Miss Angus 3rd row — left to right Mr. Chandler, Mr. Blanchard, Miss Savage, Mr. Smith, Mr. Yates " JliTLiJ- Miss Marjorie D. Barber, teacher of English, was graduated from Women’s College of Brown University, now known as Pembroke. Miss Barber Is head of the English Department In N. A. H. S. Miss Katherine Savage, a teacher of English, was graduated from Wheaton College. Miss Savage Is also head of the Junior Red Cross In N. A. H. S. Mr. Gwyeth Smith, who teaches Civics, English, and Mathematics, was graduated from Colby College. Mr. Smith Is also coach of the debaters and faculty manager of sports. Mr. Raymond Yates, who teaches Biology, Health, and Science, was graduated from Springfield College. Mr. Yates Is head coach of all sports In N. A. H. S. Mr. Edwin G. Hartwell, who teaches Chemistry, Physics, and Senior Science, was graduated from Glever City, Pennsylvania, and the Ohio Northern University. Mr. Hartwell Is sub-master, head of the Science Department and Instructor In the Automobile Course In N. A. H. S. Miss Ethel Perkins, who teaches Arithmetic, Penmanship, Business Training, and Geography, was graduated from Bridgewater State Teacher ' s College. Miss Charlotte Carpenter, a teacher of French, was graduated from MIddlebury College and McGill University. Miss Louise Dudley, a teacher of Shorthand and Typewriting, was graduated from Bryant and Stratton Business College and Salem Normal School. Miss Dorothy Hall, teacher of Mathematics, was graduated from Mount Holyoke College. M Iss Al Ice Hall, who teaches Typewriting, Arithmetic, and Business Principles, was graduated from Boston University, College of Practical Arts and Letters. Miss Esther Washburn, a teacher of History, received her A.B. degree from Radcllffe College and her E.D.M. degree from Boston University School of Education. Mr. Charles Wettergreen, who teaches Current History, Economics, General Science and Health, and Civics, was graduated from the University of New Hampshire. Mr. Wettergreen Is assistant coach of all sports In N. A. H. S. Mr. Roland Chandler, a teacher of Mechanical Drawing and Shopwork, was graduated from the University of New Hampshire. Mr. Chandler is assistant coach of all sports In N. A. H. S. and Is coach of Freshman and Junior High sports. Mr. Daniel Blanchard, who teaches Office Practice and Bookkeeping, was graduated from Northeastern University. Miss Jennie Angus, a teacher of Household Arts and Sewing, was graduated from the Framingham Normal School. Miss May Erving, a teacher of English, was graduated from Emerson College. Miss Erving Is the dramatic coach In N. A. H. S. Mr. Earl Pithie, teacher of Latin and English, was graduated from Amherst College. !.J I i d- r=- I i !4 STUfLJyLJTLJfLJyLJyLJiLJil JJLJ|LJfLJfLirLj fUt: i dUo lai We, the class of 1942, are preparing to leave North Attleboro High to go out into the world. It is a troubled world Into which we are entering. However, our four years in N. A. H. S. will stand us in good stead and we will take our rightful places alongside of former N. A. H. S. graduates. During our years in high school, we have tried to make the grad- uating class of ' 42 an outstanding one, one that will serve as an inspira- tion to later classes. Members of our class have always taken part in the various extra-curricular activities offered by the school. We sincerely hope that our high school record will prove an Incentive to the later graduates. We have follov ed the example set by the graduating classes of 1940 and 1941 by having a year book. We hope that our successors will publish a better Year Book each year. So, as we go out Into the world, we say to our followers — - " Do your best — Good luck! " Thomas R. Norton, Jr. Ininlninlnln The Senior Class of 1942 TTJjimJT JTuyLfjUfLriijnjfijyuyuy jji j[ ejiij : i r-;ii iXi iiniruTiiri j ninjniriininjy President Vice-President Secretary , Treasurer Qla Olyice d. John Swanezy, Jr. Betty Riley Norma Davignon Stephen Tutellan, Jr. L JOSEPH HENRY ARMAND ACHIN " Armand " Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer " Silence is golden. " DONALD HENRY ACHIN " Don " Student Monitor ' 42 Ambition: Aircraft Mechanic " Happy am I, from care I am free. " ) 1 ALLEN WINTHROP ADSHEAD " Al " Ambition: Pharmacist, U. S. N. " He Is a quiet boy — sometimes. " ROBERT ARNOLD ANDERSON " Andy " Ambition: Aviator In the Army " Never a dull moment. " JOHN OSMYN ATWOOD " Jack " Football " 41 Baseball " 41 , " 42 Red Cap Collector " 42 Class Prophecy Ambition: To be a first-class engineer " Personality is a sure step to success. " filHtfiO LIGHT MILTON LEROY BABBITT " Milt Ambition: To be a success in the field of accounting " A gentleman makes no noise. " RALPH H. BAKER, JR. " Hack " Ambition: To be a machinist and toolmaker " It ' s the quiet worker who succeeds. " FRANK RAYMOND BARRETT " Ray " Band " 42 Ambition: To be a draftsman " Beware! 1 may yet be great. " ROLAND NORMAN BAXTER " Sag " Student Council " 42 Ambition: To go to West Point " Fun and seriousness in the right proportion. " GERTRUDE IDA BOSSE " Gert " Student Council " 42 Senior Play Usher " 42 Ambition: To be a successful sten- ographer " To be liked, be likable. " 19 4 2 Ihe OORTHtRn LIGHT RONALD ALBERT BRAIS " Ronnie " Year Book Staff Graduation Essayist Ambition: To be a success " Watch me boy! I ' m different. " NORMAND GERARD BRISSETTE " Norm " Orchestra ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Class Treasurer ' 41 Ambition: To be a draftsman " A cheery lad with a generous smile. " RITA MARIE CAPODANNO " Pete " Secretary ' 39 Ambition: To be a good nurse " A smile is worth a million dollars and doesn ' t cost a cent. " MARTIN ALFRED CARR " Marty " Football ' 40, 41 Student Council ' 41, ' 42 Red Cap Collector ' 42 Year Book Staff ' 42 Ambition: To be successful " He loved to play the game of ball. He gave his best and gave it all. ' RITA MARIE deCARUFEL Secretary ' 40 Cheerleader ' 40, ' 41 Glee Club ' 40, ' 41 Red Cap Staff ' 40 Graduation Usher 41 Year Book Staff ' 42 Senior Play ' 42 Ambition: To be an efficient private secretary " To be pleasant is my aim. " JOHN JOSEPH CAVANAGH " Long John " Baseball Manager ' 41 Ambition: To be a machinist " To knew him Is to like him. " MARY CATHERINE CAVANAGH " Mary " Ambition: Stenographer Tis good to be merry and wise. " RICHARD CLINTON CHABOT " Dick- Ambition: To be a ship ' s engineer " A good fellow through and through ' CLAIRE ELISE CLAVETTE " Claire " Glee Club Ambition: To be a secretary " Small — and not so guiet. " VIRGINIA COPELAND " Ginnie " Orchestra ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Ambition: Professional Diver " A light heart lives long. " 9 4 19 4 2 PAUL BEDELL CUMBERLAND " Bedell " Orchestra ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Ambition: To be successful " Silence is wisdom. " NORMA RUTH DAVIGNON " Davvy " Class Secretary ' 40. ' 42 Student Council ' 42 Senior Play Advertising Committee Year Book Staff ' 42 Student Monitor ' 42 Red Cap Collector ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Ambition; To be a nurse " Beautiful eyes in the face of a handsome girl. " ELAINE MARY MARGARET DEGRENIA " Elaine " Ambition; Good bookkeeper " It ' s nice to be natural. If you ' re naturally nice. " ROSE MARIE DESILETS " Rose " Ambition: To be a good stenographer " She who says little has little to answer for. " GEORGE WILLIAM DILLON " Dill- Ambition: To be a successful business man " People of few words are best. " ‘A ' IHtRfl LIGHT THOMAS BLAINE DOOLIN " Duke " Ambition: To own a business " What should a man do but be merry? " MEREDITH EBERT " Merry- Senior Play Usher Red Cap Staff Graduation Essayist Ambition: To be a good secretary " Dependability is a wonderful thing. " DOROTHY FARNHAM " Dot- Ambition: To tour U. S. " You ' re a natural. " GERTRUDE IRENE FITZGERALD " Gert " Ambition: To be a good kid " Happy as the day is long. " ANNE CECILE FRAZIER " Anne " Ambition: Nurse " To be pleasant is her aim. " 19 4 2 mum LIGHT LUCILLE GAGNE " Lou " Senior play Ambition: To travel " Her ever-present smile reflects her happy nature. " CONSTANCE THERESA GAMACHE " Connie " Student Monitor ' 41, ' 42 Senior Play ' 42 Ambition: To be a success " A friend worth having. " GEORGE PAUL GLAIEL " Georgie " Ambition: To make a million and a half next year " A sincere lad with a generous smile. He makes us think that life Is worthwhile. " BARBARA INGRID GOBIN " Barb " Ambition: Nurse " Ambition knows no rest. " PAULINE LOUISE GOULET " Polly " Student Monitor ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Graduation Usher ' 41 Year Book Staff ' 42 Senior Play ' 42 Valedictorian ' 42 Ambition: To be liked " A happy genius is the gift of nature " ELYNOR GRACE GRANGER " Ely " Graduation Usher ' 41 Vice President ' 40 Senior Play Usher ' 42 Red Cross Council ' 42 Ambition: To be a radio comedienne with Claire Slavin as my stooge " Always a good companion. " ROBERT JOSEPH GREENE " R. J. " Football Manager ' 40 Baseball ' 42 Red Cap Staff ' 42 Year Book Staff ' 42 Class History Ambition: Commercial Artist " Never a dull moment " ROBERT ROBINSON GREENE " Railroad " Student Council ' 42 Year Book Staff ' 42 Ambition: To be a success " A good fellow through and through " KATHLEEN RUTH GREVE " Kathy " Ambition: To make good " Gaiety is the soul ' s health. " RUTH ELLEN HARVEY " Ruthie " Ambition: To be a good housewife " Silence is golden. " 19 4 2 MILDRED HENNESSEY " Millie " Camera Club Ambition: To be a model " Mirth is the sweet wine of life. " JAMES FREDRICK HEVEY " Jimmy " Ambition: To join U. S. Navy " Those curly locks. " JEANETTE BENSTA HOFFMAN " Net " Ambition: Nurse " Silence is wisdom. " GEORGE LOUIS HOLBROOK " Gus " Treasurer ' 40 Football ' 41 Student Council ' 42 Year Book Staff ' 42 Ambition: Economist " A personality is a sure step to success. " DONALD ALBERT JACQUES " Don " Football ' 40 ' Ambition: To kill a Jap " There ' s none truer-hearted. " The nOfiTHtfiO LIGHi CURT DONALD JOLLY " Curt " Camera Club 38, ' 39 Football ' 41 Senior Play ' 41 Basketball Manager ' 41, ' 42 Ambition: U. S. Naval Reserve " For he ' s a jolly good fellow. " THELMA MAE JONES " Thel " Red Cap Collector ' 39 Ambition: Hairdresser " Silence in itself is golden. " CURTIS MARTIN JORDAN " Curt " Orchestra ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Band ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Ambition: To be successful " He that says little may know a great deal. " ADELINE BEATRICE KARMAN " Adeline " Senior Play Usher ' 42 Ambition: To be a private secretary " Silence is more eloquent than words " IDA MAY LA BADIE " Ida " Ambitiori: To travel " She ' s a quiet girl — sometimes. " 19 4 2 The nOfiTHtfiO LIGHT ROBERT HENRY LAPORTE " Bob " Ambition: To be a success in my own business " A good friend. " CORINNE LOUISE LEGG " Corinne " Ambition: Nurse " She ' s a winsome, wee thing. " ROBERT JOHN LEIPER " Bob " Ambition: U. S. Naval Air Force Football ' 40, ' 41 Basketball ' 41 , ' 42 Baseball ' 41, ' 42 Class President ' 39, ' 40 Red Cap Collector ' 39, ' 41 " It is a great plague to be too hand- some a man. " MARION ELIZABETH LOVELY " Marion " Senior Play Usher ' 42 Ambition: To be a successful secretary " She makes the hour o ' erflow with joy, and pleasure drawn the brim. " FRANCES MACARUSO " Mac " Senior Play Usher ' 42 Ambition: To be a career woman " She meets a lot of people and she always meets them twice. " CHARLES MAGNANI " Charlie " Band ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Orchestra ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Football ' 41 Basketball ' 40, ' 4 1 , ' 42 Baseball ' 40, ' 4 1 , ' 42 Ambition: Medical field " Sports are a most excellent device with which to test a man ' s character. " RUTH GRENELLE MANDALIAN " Ruthie " Ambition: To travel Red Cross Representative ' 39 Red Cap Collector ' 39 Class Vice President ' 39 Red Cap Staff ' 40, ' 41 Student Monitor ' 41, ' 42 Graduation Usher ' 41 Senior Play Salutatorian Year Book Staff ' 42 " The love of books is ' a love which re- guires neither justification, apology, nor defense. " BARBARA ANN MC BRIDE " Barb” Red Cap Collector ' 40, ' 41 Cheerleader ' 41 Graduation Usher ' 41 Concert Usher Senior Play Class Will Ambition: To become an efficient nurse " Full of fun is she. " MARY LOUISE MC GANN " Mary " Red Cap Collector ' 40 Student Monitor ' 41 Ambition: To be a clothes designer " A lovely girl is above all rank. " CLAIRE MCGOWAN " Muscles " Basketball ' 40 Senior Play Usher Year Book Staff ' 42 Class Gifts Senior Play Advertising Committee Camera Club Red Cross Representative Ambition: To be a good nurse " It is a friendly heart that has many friends. " 19 4 2 iill The flOfiTHtfiO LIGHT BETTY JEAN McMANUS " Betty " Drum Major ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Ambition: To be a nurse " A pretty smile, a pretty girl. " GRACE ROSALIE McNAMARA " Grade " Red Cap Staff 42 Ambition; To write stories that will make people laugh " Poets are far rarer birds than kings. " MARY OLIVE McNAMARA " Ollie " Basketball ' 40 Senior Play ' 42 Ambition: To be a telephone operator " When Irish eyes are smiling. " DOROTHEA EILEEN McNEIL " Dottie " Drum Major ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Senior Play ' 42 Concert Usher ' 42 Ambition; To be a dancer " Through life you ' ll see her go, tripping the light fantastic toe. " HELEN McNEIL " Helen " Red Cap Collector ' 40 Graduation Usher ' 41 Student C ouncil ' 42 Ambition: To make the grade " You must have many friends, all letter -writers do. " RALPH JAMES MICONI " Mike " Red Cap Collector ' 41, ' 42 Ambition: To be successful ' By the work, one knows the workman. " CHARLES EDWARD MILLER, JR. " Eddie " Camera Club ' 39 Football Manager ' 41 Red Cap Staff 42 Year Book Staff ' 42 Ambition: To be a success " To be pleasant Is my aim " DELPHIS AUGUST MONAST, JR. " Del- Ambition: To be a flyer We ll soar to new heights on the wings he builds. " FRANCIS L. MURPHY " Murph " Ambition: To make plenty of money Serious and well-behaved, never any trouble gave. " THOMAS ROBERT NORTON, JR. " Tommy " Red Cap Staff 39, ' 41 Red Cap Editor ' 42 Year Book Editor ' 42 Student Monitor ' 42 School Reporter ' 42 Senior Play ' 42 Band ' 42 Orchestra ' 42 Graduation Essayist Ambition: To be a successful journalist Man is but what he knoweth. " PAUL WILLIAM O ' NEIL " Paul " The OORTHtfifl LIGHT Football ' 41 Baseball ' 42 Ambition: To be successful " Good things come in small packages. " JANICE ORR " Jan " Red Cap Staff ' 41 Year Book Staff ' 42 Senior Play Usher ' 42 Orchestra ' 40 Ambition: Housewife and Harpist " She is the girl that makes the path before her always bright. " KATHLEEN FRANCES O ' ROURKE " Kathy " Basketball ' 39, ' 40 Camera Club ' 39, ' 40 Driving Class ' 41 Ambition: To be a success " Always a good companion. " RICHARD AUGUSTUS PHIPPS " Rich " Basketball ' 41, ' 42 Ambition: To be a master mechanic " It ' s the outdoor life for me. " MAURICE AIME PLANTE " Joe " ROBERT WALTER RAZEE " Kink " Ambition: To be a deep-sea diver " How good it is to live. " EDWARD FRANCIS REILLY " Ted " Ambition: U. S. Naval Corps " The time never is heavy upon him it is impossible for him to be alone. ' NANCY LEE RHIND " Nan " Cheer Leader ' 39, ' 40. ' 41, ' 42 Red Cap Collector ' 40 Graduation Usher ' 41 Senior Play ' 42 Concert Usher ' 42 Ambition: Nurse " She has a good word for all. " BETTY CUSHMAN RILEY " Betty " Red Cap Collector ' 41 Graduation Usher ' 41 Vice-President ' 41, ' 42 D. A. R. Candidate ' 42 Student Council Jury ' 42 Senior Play Usher ' 42 Ambition: To be a success in what ever I do. " A very popular — Miss. " GERALDINE RILEY " Gerry " Camera Club ' 39, ' 40 Glee Club ' 4 1 , ' 42 Drum Major ' 39. ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Graduation Usher ' 41 Senior Play Year Book Staff ' 42 Ambition: Commercial Artist " Her sincere manner has gained he many friends. Ambition: Business Secretary " Life is a jest, and all things show it I thought so once, but now I know it. " r 19 4 2 FLORIDA MARIE RINGUETTE " Fluffy " Ambition; To be a typist ' She is nice to everyone, and has been so for so long, that none can remem- ber the contrary. " LENA MARIE RINGUETTE " Lena " Ambition: Stenographer " To be pleasant is my aim " EVELYN MAE ROBERTS " Evie " Graduation Usher Ambition: To be a good secretary " I chatter, chatter as I go. ' The OORTHtRO LIGHT iiii 19 4 2 RITA JEAN SARAZIN " Rita " Ambition: To be a successful sfen- ographer " A little girl with big Ideas. " ALLAN RICHARD SAWYER " Al " Ambition; C. P. A. " Variety is the spice of life. " IRIS ELEANOR SHAWE " Irie " Ambition: To be a successful army nurse Her crown Is a flaming glory. " BEVERLY HELEN ROSE " Betty " Basketball ' 39 Graduation Usher ' 41 Cheerleader ' 42 Senior Play Usher ' 42 Concert Usher ' 42 Student Council Jury ' 42 Ambition: To be a success " Her gay and vivacious manner makes her a cheery companion. " AUSTIN RYDER " Aunie " Football ' 40, ' 41 Basketball Manager ' 41 Student Council ' 41, ' 42 Ambition: Successful Business Man " To be game and play the game; he excels in both. " E. ROGER SHERMAN. JR. " Rog " Red Cap ' 39, ' 40 Editor ' 41 Radio Club President ' 40, ' 41 School Reporter ' 41 Ambition: To be successful " Watch me boy. I ' m different. " CLAIRE FRANCES SLAVIN " Hedy " Class Statistics Red Cap Staff ' 42 Year Book Staff ' 42 Junior Red Cross Council Secretary of Driving Class Ambition; To have the 4 Blackouts sing with a name band ' Tis good to be merry and wise " umm LIGHT 19 4 2 STACIA SLIZ " Sta " Ambition: To be a success " It ' s nice to be natural if you ' re naturally nice. " DOROTHY SPRAGUE " Emmy " Ambition; To be successful in what- ever I do " Still water runs deep. " FRED GEORGE SVENDSEN " Freddie " Ambition: To join the army. " You must run to win the race. " EARLE ALLEN SWALLOW " Earle " Ambition: Commercial airline pilot " Ne ver a dull moment. " JOHN JAMES SWANEZY, JR. " Butts " Football ' 40, ' 41 Class President ' 41, ' 42 Year Book Staff ' 42 Ambition: To be a pilot in the U. S. Army Air Corps " Life without sports is not life. " STEPHEN TUTELIAN, JR. " Steve " Class Treasurer 41, ' 42 Football ' 40, ' 41 Senior Play ' 41 Student Council ' 40, ' 41 Red Cap Staff ' 41, ' 42 Class Prophecy Ambition; To join Naval Air Corps Reserve " Quiet — sometimes " CHESTER TWARDZICKI " Chet " Glee Club ' 39, 40 Basketball ' 42 Ambition: To be a lieutenant com- mander in the navy Beware, I may yet be great! " GEORGE RICHARD UHLIG " Georgie " Ambition; To be enterprising " It ' s a quiet worker who succeeds. " LEONARD EARL WELCH " Lennie " Baseball ' 41, ' 42 Basketball ' 40, 41 Red Cap Staff ' 42 Senior Play ' 42 Band ' 39. ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Orchestra ' 39, ' 40, ' 41, ' 42 Class History Ambition; To be successful in the field of journalism. Tis good to be merry and wise " ELIZABETH ANN WHALEN " Betty " Ambition: To be a good typist " Silence is golden. " 19 4 2 VIRGINIA LEE WILDER " Ginny " Ambition: To travel " To know her is to like her. " LINCOLN ALBERT YOUNG " Link " Football ' 39, ' 40 Captain ' 41 Student Monitor ' 41. ' 42 Ambition; To be a success " A wonderful fellow. " CALVIN RICHARD WISE " Cal " Ambition: Navy pilot " ' Tis good to be merry and wise " ROBERT E. RASCHER " Bruiser " Ambition: Machinist " A friend in need is a friend indeed. " HOWARD BROWNELL GRAY, JR. " Howie " Ambition: To become a welding foreman " Willingly he takes his part. " Page Nineteen Ai ' dr lij liriiriinjj-iijiLntnlntRriinirijj 7-1 " I; U, " Finimus coepturi " (We finish to begin) CIgM Ode Oun. lUead Our parting time has come at last We have had happy years; Glancing backward at the past Our eyes are dimmed with tears. But pridefully we look beyond the class of forty-two; Our tasks, our tests we have the strength to do. So onward down the paths of life We step with eager tread; No fear, no scorn can hold us back. Our future lies ahead. Words - Claire Slavin Music - Paul Cumberland QlaM, Qoio Maroon and Silver 19-42 The nmm Lien] Qia44 by R. J. Greene and Len Welch Up from the fields fresh with corn early one September morn came the Class of 1942. From every nook and corner of this fair metropolis we filed into this edifice of higher education eager to obtain all the teaching that could penetrate our bony craniums. Now, four years later, we are about to step forth Into the world ready to gain fame and fortune. Our first day we eagerly entered the " vast " auditorium and waited for A. J. Mott, of the Vermont Motts, whose bark Is worse than his bite, to " grace us " with his presence. After he gave us our official welcome, we were turned loose to play on the nerves of the teachers. Miss Washburn, our civic-minded teacher, aided by her capable assistant. Miss Barber, was the guiding light In our first political enterprise, class election. After the tabulation of the ballots, we found that Bobby Leiper was president; Ruth Mandallan, vice president; and Luke, " Jack of all trades " Sherman, treasurer; and Rita Capo- danno, secretary. The social spot light failed to shine on us and our athletes failed to attain the height of varsity competition. Our sophomore year found us brazenly entering tor the second uneventful year. Link Young and Mickey Nardelll, who is now with the U. S. Army Air Corps, rose to fame on the gridiron, while Charlie Magnani was a potent factor on the varsity basketball and baseball teams. Like Roosevelt, we came back for a third term, and we were raring to go at the opportunities now presented to us. Elections were held and Jim Swanezy took over the reign of the presidency, while Betty Riley became vice president, Normand Bris- sette handled the non-existent treasury, and Rita Carufel " kept the minutes " as secreta ry. We broke into society by holding two successful dances which placed the first funds into our depleted treasury. Link Young, Bobby Leiper, Jimmy Swanezy, Donald Jacgues, Steve Tutelian, Aunie Ryder and Marty Carr won their letters on the grid- iron. Charlie Magnani, Bobby Leiper, and Len " two point a season " Welch, led the North hoopsters. Charlie Magnani, Bobby Leiper, Len Welch and Jack Atwood were on the baseball team. Interclass basketball was played this year, and all honors went to the Juniors. Our class placed students in the orchestra, band, glee club and had three " brains " who maintained highest honors throughout the school year. Page Twenty-one The OOllTHEfiO LIGHT The s ummer recess by, and with joyous hearts we returned to spend our final year in school. At last we assumed the role of dignitaries and looked with scorn upon the throng of our youthful admirers, known as the underclassmen. Again the ballot boxes were opened, and Jimmie Swanezy was reelected presi- dent, Betty Riley retained the vice presidency, Norma Davignon took over the role of the secretary, while the treasury was handled by " S. " Tutelian, that political " im- presario. " The football team studded with senior stars, namely. Captain " Moe " Young, Jimmie Swanezy, Austin Ryder, Martin Carr, Bobby Leiper, Jack Atwood, Steve Tutelian, Charlie MagnanI, and Gus Holbrook, gave a good account of itself at all times. The basketball team captured a few of their encounters with Captain Charlie MagnanI, Len Welch, Bobby Leiper, and Chet TwardzIckI sporting the Red and White. The baseball team, because of the situation caused by the war, played a successful but abbreviated season. Captain MagnanI, Bobby Leiper, Len Welch, Jack Atwood, Paul O ' Neil, and R. J. " Shanty " Greene performed under the watch- ful eye of Mr. Yates. The Seniors played host at tour highly successful d ances, and the Senior Play, " Anne of Avonlea " , a heavy drama, was produced and directed under the capable supervision of Miss Erving, our dramatic coach. These added financially as well as being socially successful. Mr. Bronson will suffer greatly from graduation as he will be losing exceptionally fine musicians when he loses Len Welch, . Paul Gumberland, Normand Brissette, Tommy Norton, Gurt Jordan, Charlie MagnanI, and Virginia Copeland, who played In the band and orchestra. Rita Carufel, Claire Clavette, and Gerry Riley added their " angelic " voices to the Glee Glub. Gerry Riley, Dot McNeil, and Betty McManus twirled their batons In front of the band. Leading North ' s thunderous cheers, were Nan Rhind, Rita Garufel, Barb McBride, Bev Rose, whose untiring efforts are to be commended. The Red Gap staff boasted several senior newspaper genii and the " Northern Light " was compiled by very competent members of our great class. As Father Time, In his familiar robes, steps In and the curtains of our high school career is about to close, we pause for a moment to thank our teachers who have guided us over the rocky course with perseverance and patience, and we hope that we have served as an Inspiration to our successors. And so It Is with a feeling of remorse that we bid farewell to our school days and move on Into the world, eager to do our part In the betterment of it. Page Twenty-two i=iiil The mum LIGh ( add WilL by Barbara McBride and Grace McNamara We, the Senior Class of 1942, being of sound mind and generous nature, do hereby endow the underclassmen with those precious qualities which have been so valued these past tour years. George Dillon leaves his disarming smile to Eddie Bodinski — as though he needed it. R. J. Greene, Greenie to you, leaves Miss Washburn with a broken heart????? Mary McGann, Marty ' s one and only, leaves her good looks to next year ' s prettiest. Ted Reilly leaves with Dot in hot pursuit. Steve Tutellan leaves with the gang, still arguing his way out of something. Nancy Rhind leaves to try a new line on the patients and doctors of Sturdy Hospital. Fred Svendsen leaves to do his gardening at Franklin Hardware. Milly Hennessey comes back only to leave with the rest of us. Curt Jolly leaves to take over the Navy. Kathleen O ' Rourke leaves her history notebook for Rut Orr to puzzle over. Claire McGowan leaves her mother ' s chocolate cake recipe to Lulu Dow for reasons well known to Mrs. McGowan and family. Charlie MagnanI leaves to continue his athletic prowess at Providence College. Chet TwardzIckI leaves " on the watch " for new women on which to try his well-known line. Gert Fitzgerald leaves to conquer new fields with her red head. Duke Doolin, the wit of all wits, leaves his brainy sayings behind him to be puzzled over. Dick Chabot leaves to begin his training as a toolmaker. Rita Carufel leaves In search of a job, or has she already got a steady one with Tommy? Gert Bosse leaves to become a stenographer. Marty Carr leaves to underclassmen " steadies " , a wonderful example. Did someone say Mary? Lennie Welch leaves with Barby, which Isn ' t unusual at all. Gerry Riley and Kathleen Greve leave for Bungay to spend more time with their beaux. Betty Riley leaves Butts to grow two Inches taller. Thelma Jones leaves In her own quiet way. Dotty McNeil I eaves us, still tapping her way up the pathway of Fame. Eddie Miller leaves all his teachers still wondering what his answers were. Frances Macaruso leaves noisily, as usual. Page Twenty-three Tfig flOfiTHtfid LIGHT Emmy Sprague leaves to join " Wimpy " and cook hamburgers. Tommy Norton leaves a spotless record behind him. Notice, underclassmen! Ruth Harvey leaves to prepare for her wedding. Happy days, Ruth! Pauline Goulet leaves for Plainville to wait for her " one and only " Merrill. Donald Jacques leaves to register for the draft. Paul O ' Neil leaves us wondering if he really is that bashful, or if it was just tor pro- tection. Robert Anderson leaves us wondering ! Meredith Ebert leaves a quiet corner to be filled by Bernice Revelto. Ollie McNamara leaves us with her usual sunny smile. Claire Slavin leaves the lunch room quiet at last. Now they ' ll have some peace down there. Armand Achin leaves dreamily. Rita Capodanno leaves her pearly smile and dimples to Jean Brennan. Mary Cavanagh leaves her make-up kit to Helen Labadie. Elaine Degrenia leaves her title of Shortest Girl to Norma McGrath. Gussie Holbrook leaves his talkativeness to Frances Godbout. Elynor Granger leaves, or rather, I should say, is pulled along by " Duke. " Howard Gray leaves his " wolfing technique " to Fred Bishop. Evelyn Roberts leaves her wit to Elsy Welch. Janice Orr leaves her neatness for some smart Junior to take up. Ida Labadie leaves her title of Liveliest Girl to Anne Baker. Dottie Fa rnham leaves her knack of " you know what " to Blanche Lightfoot in hope that she follows example. George Glaiel leaves to take some publicity pictures of the " Four Blackouts. " Connie Gamache leaves her position of Student Monitor in the lower corridor to Ceclle Heon. Lou Gagne leaves her title of Smoothest Girl for Dot Gaboury to snatch. Cla ire Cl avette I eaves the corridor parking space to some lucky couple. George Uhlig leaves the sport page for someone else. Betty Whalen I eaves for Lafayette Street. Curt Jordan leaves his mop of hair to Elton Franklin. Delphis Monast leaves his tallness to Phillip Rushlow. Robert Rascher leaves — so what! Marion Lovely leaves Miss Washburn stranded! Norma Davignon leaves for Sayles Memorial Hospital to become a nurse. Link Young leaves for the University of Maine, where he will no doubt add to his long list of friends. Helen McNeil leaves to be joined in the bonds of matrimony. Page Twenty-four 19 4 2 The (lOllTHtfill LIGH Joe " Speed " Plante leaves his speed (?) to Dave Wilkin. Ronnie Brais leaves, or should I say has left, for Tufts. J. Swanezy leaves the worries of a seni or class president to next year ' s senior president. Florida RInguette leaves to become a very good housewife. Bobby Lelper leaves in search of a girl like Jeanne. Did anyone else feel a south wind? Jack Atwood leaves, still asking, " Has anyone seen Verna? " Cal Wise leaves his formula of " How To Win the Women " to Cout. Ann Frazier leaves her knowledge of Latin to Marie McGowan. Ginnie Copeland leaves for a jaunt to Lake Pearl. Robert Laporte leaves to build a house — if he can get away with it. Corinne Legg leaves for New Bedford to begin her nursing career. Austin Ryder leaves — only to join Link again! R. R. Greene leaves for his annual position (?) at the Commercial Press. Betty McManus leaves to entertain the boys at Camp Edwards again. Barbara Gobin leaves to straighten the books in the local library — again! Roger Sherman leaves, undoubtedly to become a success. GInnIe Wilder leaves her " gift of gab " to Jackie Greve. Rita Sarazin leaves us bewildered. Is she quiet or isn ' t she? Roland Baxter leaves his post In the First National to Buddy Fullerton. Ray Barrett leaves — Has anyone any objections? Ruth Mandal Ian leaves to Invade the Wellesley campus. Earl Swallow leaves In his Plymouth — or a reasonable facsimile anyway. Adeline Karman leaves to take more driving lessons — She needs them! Allan Sawyer leaves an Impression in all the chairs. Lena RInguette leaves her typing ability to Marjorie Stack. Mary Cavanagh leaves her place In the office to Muriel Duncan. Donald Achin leaves with his father ' s advice ringing In his ears. Does he use it! Robert Razee leaves to survey his way through life. John Cavanagh leaves much to his own, and everyone clse ' s surprise. Jeanette Hoffman leaves for the Falls, as usual. Ralph Baker leaves his mechanical aptitude to Billy Bowen. Not that he needs it, of course! Paul Cumberland leaves his place In the orchestra to Squeak Nyblom. Ralph MIconi leaves to push his Ford down the street. Iris Shaw leaves her flaming crown to Claire Smith. Allen Adshead leaves to join the Armed Forces. Jimmy Hevey leaves his underclassmen friends. Amazing, Isn ' t It? Stacia Sllz leaves for the bus terminal to await the bus. Francis Murphy leaves to enjoy another of his enormous dinners. Beverly Rose leaves her cheerleading ability to Janet Swanezy. Grace leaves with the other " Ten Teens " - — leaving but one member to carry on. Barbara leaves, as I said before, with Lennie at her side. And we both leave quickly to escape the wrath (tomatoes, etc.) of our classmates. Page Twenty-five llOfiTHtRd LIGHT Qlai4. PnxiypLltec4f, by Jack Atwood and Steve Tutelian During your four years In high school, we know that you have all been eagerly waiting for this day, and we hope that everyone takes this all In the spirit of fun. That ' s the way It ' s meant. The place Is the Naval Air Corps training station. A student pilot on his first day at the station, rushes for the mess hall at the sound of the bell, turns a sharp corner and — CRASH! Two boys hurriedly pick themselves up. Steve " Pardon me. I ' m afraid It was my fault. " Jack " Aw, that ' s all right. " Brushing himself off, and looking up. " Well, I ' ll be, but It can ' t be Steve! " Steve " Jack! Well, what In the world are you doing here? " Jack " I was appointed foreman of the engineers on my graduation from M. I. T., what are you doing here, Steve? " Steve " I ' m In training to be a cadet In the Air Corps. " Let ' s walk towards the mess hall. By the way, what Is your old sidekick, helper doing? " Jack " He Is a pilot In a bombing plane. Bob Anderson Is his gunner, and Rich Phipps, with all his practice In the classrooms. Is his bombardier, and Ray Barrett, super mechanical drawing student. Is his navigator. Talking about my chums, what ever happened to your pal. Curt? " Steve " I ' ve been hearing from him often, he has met with tremendous success In his career In the Navy. " He has rapidly advanced to Junior Lieutenant and Is now stationed In foreign waters. Jack " A large New York newspaper has taken plenty of the cream of N. A. H. S. talent. Tom Norton, that business tycoon. Is Its editor and Len Welch Is his ace journalist, while R. J. Greene, with his sharp pegged trousers has attracted mil- lions of followers with his cartoons. Steve " What happened to the fairer sex at N. A. H. S.? " Jack " Barbara McBride and Nancy Rhind recently received their R. N. ' s at Sturdy Memorial Hospital. " Steve " Claire McGowan rapidly rose to superintendent of a large hospital In New York. " Jack " I see that Armand Achin Is In the drafting room of the U. S. Naval Designing Office at Quonset Point designing pursuit planes. " Steve " Aviation Is the main Interest of our former chums. Instructor Ted Reilly has among his class Donald Achin, and Jim Swanezy. " Jack " They ' re among old friends, because Rita Capodanno, and Rose Desllets are very efficient nurses there. " Steve " I hear that Allen Adshead Is mixing the healing potions as pharmacist ' s mate. " Jack " Norm Brissette stuck to his meat cleavers, and Is now head of a thriving slaughter house. " ■ Page-Twenty-six The OOfiTHtRn LIGli’ Steve " My friend Milton Babbitt is now head of the firm of Babbitt, Sawyer and Baxter. Guess what! Gert Bosse is their private secretary. " Jack " Speaking of businesses, I see that Ralph Baker is head of the Baker Tool Com- pany. " Steve " I see that Doctor Brais is busy these days at the Brais ' Clinic. " Jack " Our old teammate, Marty Carr Is a boss at Mason Box Co., and Mrs. Carr, Mary McGann, is keeping house for him in the ultra modern apartments, designed by that master architect, George Holbrook, and constructed by that super car- penter, Bob Laporte. " Steve " R ita Carufel is employed at Brown and Sharpe as a private secretary to the president, but this is only a sideline, tor she has recently plunged into matrimony. " Jack " Long John Cavanagh is now vice-president of that great fruit and vegetable company, Cavanagh and Son, Limited. The finances of this corporation are being handled by the efficient stenographer, Mary Cavanagh. " Steve " I ran Into Dick Chabot, who, after being recruited by the velvet tongue of Mr. Hartwell, is enjoying a brief visit home A. W. O. L. " Jack " I hear that Claire Clavette is enjoying her honeymoon at the Falls (Attleboro Falls) along with Mac McQuade, of course. " Steve " Guess what? Virginia Copeland and Paul Cumberland are In the new Dorsey string section. " Jack " Elaine Degrenia Is business manager of one of the fifty branches of Sayles Dairy Farms at Dreamsville, Ohio. " Steve " Our old friend, George Dillon, Is now head of Gulf Oil Company after the practice he got at his super-service station. " Jack " Tom Doolin, that Impresario of the newspaper world, ' s now head of the North Attleboro Gazette. " Steve " Ann Frazier, who majored In Latin, Is now teaching Greek In a French school, and her able assistants are Meredith Ebert, the master literary expert, and Marion Lovely, our all-round student. " Jack " Gert Fitzgerald Is now the brilliant head of a clothes-making concern, and Lucille Gagne, along with that sleek George Glalel, are the clothes models. " Steve " Connie Gamache is now secretary to Wilkeshire Grant of W. T. Grant and Company. " Jack " Barbara Gobln is now our very sociable and efficient librarian, and of course, Pauline Goulet is now professor of academic subjects at Oxford. " Steve " Betty Jean McManus Is now playing dance scenes with Fred Astaire In the smash movie hit " Get Oft My Feet You Lug! " Jack " The McNamara family has contributed Its share In talent to the newspaper world with Grace and Olive writing a clever column In a well-known newspaper. " Steve " Dottle McNeil has tapped her way to tame, and Is now rivalling Hollywood ' s best, and oh yes, Helen, her cousin. Is modeling the best of clothes for Powers. " Jack " Ralph MIconI, who started as an office boy In C. Ray Randall Co., Is now part owner. The lucky boy. " Page Twenty-seven Il]8 OOfilHtRn LIGHI Steve " Delphls Monast has introduced a new theory in the field of aeronautics, and from what I hear, the Army thinks it ' s O. K. " Jack " Paul O ' Neil has attained his ambition to be a success and is now working in a bread factory, just loafing around. " Steve " Our old friend, Kathleen O ' Rourke is now the wife of the Admiral of the Pacific Fleet. " Jack " The Duchess of Dublin, Elynor Granger, to you, has taken up residence on the green shores of Dublin. " Steve " My old friend Howard Gray is now master welder in the North Attleboro Navy Yard on the Ten Mile River. " Jack " R. R. Greene is now wowing the printing world with his technique. " Steve " Kathleen Greve, as was to be expected, is now living on the quiet shores of Bungay Lake. " Jack " James Hevey is now vice-president of the Johnson Brush Company. " Steve " Say! Did you know that the New York Telephone Exchange has been greatly improved since Frances Macaruso has been giving out with her " Number Please. " Jack " They tell me that Charlie Magnani has surpassed Hugh Duffy ' s all-time batting average, while covering the hot corner for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Steve " As you remember, Ruth Mandalian was one of the best in our class. Now as our country ' s ambassador to France and as a linguist, she is tops. " Jack " Francis Murphy, whose ambition it was to make a lot of money, has run the First National out of business, and is running Murphy ' s Meat and Delicatessen ' s from coast to coast. " Steve " Joe Plante has really become a success. He has given that Fallen Arch Com- pany a lift. " Jack " Have you heard about Gerry Riley? She has definitely boosted Sacs 5th Avenue business with her smart dress designs, and Evelyn Roberts is In charge of the enormous sales. " Steve " Iris Shaw and Rita Sarazin, who followed the footsteps of her sister, are nurses in that thriving hospital, the North Attleboro Hospital. " Jack " I see that Adeline Karman is helping her father out during those Christmas rushes. " Steve " I just received a letter from Corinne Legg, she tells me she married one of those English sailors, and they live in a cottage by the Thames River. " Jack " Oh yehl Chet Twardzicki is still hanging out that familiar line — He owns a laundry. " Steve " Earle Swallow, after gaining considerable experience tearing around in his father ' s car, is a test driver for Lucky Teter ' s Dare Devils. " Jack " Fred Svendsen has a long line of Hardware stores, he got that experience sweeping the floors at the Franklin Hardware. " Steve " George Uhlig has taken the Falls Tigers into the big leagues and is giving the Brooklyn team a great race for the top position. " Jack " Curt ' Grease Lightning ' Jordan has just captured all track events setting up several world records. " Page Twenty-eight Ilie PiOlUHtllO LIBHI Steve " Thelma Jones has a large beauty salon in California, and she v aves Cal Wise ' s hair. Cal is a movie star, doing ROMANTIC roles. " Jack " Betty Whalen now holds a very important position in Evans Case. " Steve " Ida LaBadie is a very successful business woman, and she owns and operates several swanky shoppes located around the globe. " Jack " Bev Rose Is married to that out-of-town fellow, and now has a daughter who is a cheerleader. " Steve " Janice Orr, besides frequently giving concerts, is also a splendid housewife, I hear. " Jack " Virginia Wilder as of late, has followed and taken an important part In the largest American Legion Conventions in the country. " Steve " Claire Slavin is now a receptionist at the Hotel Governor Clinton in New York, where the Four Blackouts are appearing nightly. " Jack " Bob Rascher is now wrestling at the Boston Gardens, and is doing well. He should, with all his practice with Bob Anderson. " Steve " Edward Roger Sherman, Jr. was recently appointed chief of communications in the third corps area. You know he-got his start in radio while he was in high school. " Jack " Our old friend Edward Miller is now drafting mosquito boats for Uncle Sam ' s Navy. " Steve " The Falls has claimed new territory, and has hired Bob Razee to stake out their claims. " Jack " Betty Riley has given up her business career, and is nov making a splendid hostess on an airliner. " Steve " Say, Jack, have you got any money on the Kentucky Derby? " Jack " Yes, I got a half a buck on Ruth Harvey ' s thoroughbred Scotch stallion " Rusty Joints. " Steve " Dot Sprague is making a go of it in the athletic world, and is doing very well in tennis. " Jack " Marie and Lena Ringuette, the quiet kids have gone over to the Army, and are making splendid Army wives. " " When I was sick last week, I had our old classmate Norma Davignon for a nurse. What a technique. Steve " Austin Ryder is posing for " What Wheaties Did For Me. " ads. Jack " Moe Young, his partner is now annihilating opposing linemen with the Green Bay Packers. " Steve " Millie Hennessey, a former model, has gone over to the leathernecks, and is now happily married. " Jack " Stacla Sliz, after making her millions in the business world, has settled down, and is a farmerette, and Jeanette Hoffman, her constant companion played a great part in her success with her calm logic. " Page Twenty-nine =1111 Tlie OOfiTHtflO LIGHT 111= Qla64. StcitiAilc6. by Claire Slavin and Thomas Doolin On this, the 22nd day ot June, 1942, amid much heat and confusion, my colleague, Claire " Hedy " LaSlavIn, an d 1, Th omas " Murgatroyd " Doolin, pause for a while to take a rest from our strenuous duties, and present to you, our classmates as we have observed them In the past. We sincerely hope that this revealing report will be taken In the spirit of fun with which It was written. Because of her quiet manners and pleasing disposition, we bestow on " Merry " Ebert the degree of C. L., Class Lady. By popular vote of the girls. Bob Lelper gels ihe degree of B. L. B., Best Looking Boy. After watching Rita Sarazin on her recent trip to Camp Edwards, without further explanation we give her the degree of C. S., Class Surprise. Because Allan Sawyer has succeeded admirably In keeping the lunchroom out of the red, we give him the degree of C. F. T., Class Financial Tycoon. By popular, (as well as unanimous) vote of the boys, we bestow on Betty Riley the degree of M. P. G., Most Popular Girl. Because Billy and Gerry Riley are Inseparable relatives, we bestow on her the degree of B. L. G., Billy ' s Little Cousin. To Cal Wise, for reasons known to all, goes the degree of B. B. D., Best Boy Dancer. If you have ever taken a good look at Thelma Jones, you will see why she gets the degree of B. E. D., Blue Eyed Doll. By a popular vote of the boys, Janice Orr receives the degree of N. G., Neatest Girl. Because of the crimp In Donald Jacques ' toupe, he gets the degree of H. H. Hairbreadth Harry. By popular vote of the boys, Helen McNeil receives the degree of B. D. G., Best Dressed Girl. To Howie Gray, a klller-dlller among the women, goes the degree of G. G., Glass Gigolo. Because circumsfances could not allow them to do otherwise, the boys voted Ruth Mandalian M. S. G., Most Serious Girl. The girls unanimously voted Steve Tutelian B. A. R. B., Best All Around Boy. Because nobody can dispute his claim, Chet Twardzicki receives the degree of B. W. B. L., Boy With the Best Line. Because of Milly Hennessey ' s prolonged Illness just before graduation we bestow on her the degree of M. L). G., Most Unfortunate Girl. By popular vote of fhe boys, Gert Bosse gets the degree of M. C. G., Most Gongenlal Girl. Although we hate to do It, we bestow on " Sag " Baxter, the degree of M. C. B., Most Gongenlal Boy. Page Thirty 19 4 2 mm L!G Because of Corinne Legg ' s ability at keeping books, she receives the degree of N. A. C., Newberry ' s Assistant Cashier. To " Adolphe Menjou " (Joe) Greene, goes the title, B. D. B., Best Dressed Boy. Because Kathy Greve so often has to repeat her answers in class, she gets the degree of C. W., Class Whisperer. Because of his appearance, actions, and ideas, George Glaiel receives the honorary title, S. O. A., Shiek of Araby. By popular vote of fhe boys, we bestow on Nancy Rhind the degree of G. W. B. L., Girl With the Best Line. John Cavanagh has managed to flit through his 4 years in N. A. H. S. with no visible evidence of his ever having been here, so to him we give the degree of C. P., Class Phantom. By popular vote of fhe boys, Claire McGowan, receives the degree of B. A. A. G., Best All Around Girl. We may not be cookin ' with gas but still, to Adeline Karman we give the degree of H. G. T. U., Hardest Girl To Understand. Because of his prowess with hammer and nail and stuff, we bestow on " Bob " LaPorte the degree of C. C., Class Carpenter. After a bit of persuasion from Barbara, fhe girls unanimously vofed " Lenny " Welch C. B., Cutest Boy. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow on Kathleen O ' Rourke the degree of M. A. G., Most Athletic Girl. The fact that Paul O ' Neil Is always found " doin’ time " after school Is reason enough for his degree of C. C. U., Class Cut Up. Because " Gert " Fitzgerald Is rapidly picking up city slicker ways from her sophis- ticated cousin, we bestow on her the degree of N. S. P., Nancy ' s Star Pupil. Because of his mouth-filling words and college professor appearance, Paul Cum- berland receives the degree of C. I., Class Intellect. Because of prevailing circumstances, we give to Rose Desilets the degree of L. O. D., Last of the Desilets. For reasons well known to the vast majority, (the rest doesn ' t matter anyhow) Donny Achin receives the degree of D. F. S., Dotty ' s First Steady. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow on " Polly " Goulet the degree of S. G., Smartest Girl. Because " Kink " Razee can generally be found " getting the lay of the land " with pater, (father to you underclassmen) he gets the degree of P. C. A., Pappy ' s Chief Asslsfant. When " Barb " McBride looks at " Lenny " , the lovellght shines in her eyes, so to her goes the degree of G. W. S. E., Girl With the Soulful Eyes. To Elynor Granger, the blackest of the Four Blackouts, goes the degree of C. E. F., Class Ella Fitzgerald. Because George Uhlig can usually be found behind the sports page of any news- paper, we besfow on him the degree of C. S. F., Class Sports Fiend. Page Thirty-one nOfiTHtfiO LIGHT 19 4 2 Because no one ever knows anything about Armand Achin, (much as we gals would like to,) we bestow upon him the degree of C. M. M., Class Mystery Man. Because Claire Clavette has already taken a civil service exam to aid the war effort, we give to her the degree of U. S. T. B., Uncle Sammy ' s Typing Blitz. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon Delphis Monast the degree of T. B., Tallest Boy. Because of her glamour and sophistication the boys voted Lucille Gagne S. G., Smoothest Girl. Because of her long record as such, to Jeanette Hoffman goes the degree of C. G. S., Class Girl Scout. By popular vote of the girls we bestow upon " Tommy " Norton the degree of S. B., Smartest Boy. To Ruth Harvey, because of her third finger, left hand, goes the degree of G. W. D., Girl With the Diamond. To Barbara Gobin, for reasons well-knov n to you bookworms, goes the degree of C. L., Class Librarian. To " Railroad " Greene, because of his name, goes the degree of C. C. C., Chattanooga Choo Choo. To " Ding Dong " Frazier goes the degree of B. A. F., Belle of Attleboro Falls. To Curt Jolly, because of his genial countenance, goes the degree of H. B., Happiest Boy. By popular vote of the boys we bestow upon Ida LaBadie the degree of L. G., Liveliest Girl. Because Stacia Sliz is practically the sole support of the Interstate Bus Company, we bestow on her the degree of C. F., Class Financier. Because " Jimmy " Hevey has access to a gas station, we bestow on him the degree of L. B., Luckiest Boy. For reasons well-known to you all, we bestow on " Charlie " MagnanI the degree of M. A. B., Most Athletic Boy. Because George Dillon can usually be found dissecting some unsuspecting patron s car, we give him the degree of C. G. M., Class Grease Monkey. By popular vote of the boys we bestow on Mary Cavanagh the degree of M. B. G., Most Bashful Girl. Because Marion Lovely creeps around school, I bestow on her the degree of C. P. F., Class Pussy Foot. Those who have been in Ralph Baker ' s classes know that nothing ever bothers him, so to him we give the degree of M. U. B., Most Unconcerned Boy. Because " Ted " Reilly can usually be found behind volumes of smoke billowing from his trusty old pipe, we bestow upon him the degree of C. F., Class Fireman. By popular vote of the boys we bestow upon Mary McGann the degree of B. L. G., Best Looking Girl. After hours of measuring and much discussion Elaine Degrenia receives the prized title of S. G., Shortest Girl. Pai e Thirty-two 19 4 2 The mmu LIGHT Because " Dick " Chabot has a great love for the water, and because he wants to be a ship ' s engineer, we bestow upon him the degree of C. B. B., Class Barnacle Bill. Lena Ringuette has exceptional stenographic ability, and we hope will live up to her title of C. T. T., Class Tillie the Toiler. Dottle Farnham, being the youngest In our class, naturally gets the title C. B., Class Baby. By popular vote of the girls, we bestow upon " Andy " Anderson the degree of L. B., Liveliest Boy. By popular vote of the boys, we bestow on " Evie " Roberts the degree of W. G., Wittiest Girl. Because " Aunie " Ryder and " Link " Young have been this year ' s prize student monitors, we give them the joint degree of C. G. T., Class Gruesome Twosome. Because Rita Capodanno always looks so sweet and angelic, to her goes the degree of C. B. F., Class Baby Face. To " Rog " Sherman goes the degree of M. S. B., Most Serious Boy. Norma Davignon receives, and rightly deserves, the degree of C. G., Cutest Girl. " Ed " Miller has so many savage struggles behind the fountain at Madden ' s, we give him the degree of C. S. J., Class Soda Jerker. Because of " Ollie " McNamara ' s repeated performances In the first-period short- hand class, she deserves the degree of C. G., Class Giggler. Because of Rita Carufel ' s long record of service In Mr. Morris ' office, to her goes the degree of M. E., Miss Efficiency. Because " Jack " Atwood is never seen without Verna, we bestow on him the degree of S. P. P., Strictly Private Property. Those of you who have danced with her, know that Betty McManus deserves the degree of B. G. D., Best Girl Dancer. To " Marty " Carr goes the degree of N. B., Neatest Boy. Because Frances " Mata Hari " Macaruso can usually be found solving murders and breaking up spy rings, we give her the degree of C. S. S., Class Spy Smasher. Whenever there ' s a gab-fest going on, Ronald Brais is right on hand, so to him goes the degree of M. T. B., Most Talkative Boy. Because of her peculiar amble, Betty Rose receives the degree of G. W. W., Girl With the Walk. Our spies report that Bob Rascher Is quite the lad back where he comes from, so to him we give the degree of O. E., Oldtown ' s Emperor. For reasons well-known to you all, we bestow upon " Mike " Miconi the degree of S. B., Shortest Boy. Because of her excellent work In French, we give to " Emmy " Sprague the degree of C. P. F. S., Class Prize French Student. Because " Fred " Svendsen can always squeeze his way out of any difficulty, he gets the degree of B. W. D., Boy With the Drag. Because of Virginia Wilder ' s unlimited supply of " dirt " , we bestow upon her the degree of C. W. R. C., Class Walking Red Cap. Page Thirty-three = il|i The nORTHEfiO LIGHT After watching Milton Babbitt for four years he left us no alternative but to bestow upon him the degree of M. B. B., Most Bashful Boy. Because of George Holbrook ' s intense desire for ice cream sodas, to him goes the degree of T. G., Thirsty Gus. By popular vote of the boys we bestow on Virginia Copeland the degree of T. G., Tallest Girl. Because Earle Swallow is the only person who could ever succeed in making his car (?) last 4 years, he deserves the degree of C. M. M., Class Miracle Man. Because Betty Whalen never gave the boys a break, we give her the degree of C. U., Class Untouchable. By popular vote of the girls I bestow upon President John James Swanezy the degree of M. P. B., Most Popular Boy. Because of his dashing Tyrone Power appearance the girls bestow upon " Joe " Plante the degree of S. B., Smoothest Boy. For obvious reasons, to Florida RInguette Riendeau goes the degree of F. C. B., First Class Bride. Because of that " a la Barrymore " pose we bestow on Normand Brissette the degree of T. G. P., The Great Profile. Because the facts speak for themselves, we bestow on Iris Shawe the degree of C. B. B., Class Blazing Beauty. Because Grace McNamara Is usually writing poetry (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) we bestow on her the degree of C. P., Class Poetess. Because Curt Jordan can usually be found absorbed (?) In his studies, we bestow on him the degree of M. S. B., Most Studious Boy. Because Dotty McNeil proved to be such a difficulty, she gets the degree of C. P. C., Class Problem Child. Because Francis " Butch " Murphy can usually be found riding In Swallow ' s car (?), we bestow on him the degree of S. S., Swallow ' s Steady. Because Richard " Quiz Kid " Phipps Is always amazing us with his smart answers, we bestow on him the degree of C. G., Class Genius. If you ever watched Allen Adshead, you probably wondered how he ever got where he was going, so to him goes the degree of S. B., Slowest Boy. Because " Connie " Gamache goes everywhere and sees everything, to her goes the degree of C. S., Class Stepper. For reasons known to all the girls, " Ray " Barrett gets the degree of C. C., Class Casanova. By a unanimous vote of the boys, 1 bestow on Claire " Hedy " LaSlavin the degree of M. T. G., Most Talkative Girl. Thru the combined efforts of the Ten Teens, I take great pleasure In bestowing on Thomas " Murgatroyd " Doolln the degree of W. B., Wittiest Boy. Page Thirty-four GlaU Qi U by Claire McGowan and Edward Reilly During the past few weeks of this dreadful ordeal (school of course) we have been observing the peculiarities of our various classmafes so that the gifts we give them will remind them of happy days In fufure years. Anything that Is not a resemblance to any person living or dead Is purely acci- dental. Armand Achin — This slip of paper which we are giving you Is signed by Miss Hall and enumerates the numerous hours which you owe her. Donald Achin — We are giving Don this w(r)ench so he can continue successfully In his father ' s footsteps. Bob Anderson — We give this extra key to Mr. Hartwell ' s car. Just so he won ' t have to go through the trouble of asking for it. Allen Adshead — To Allen we give Richard Chabot ' s best wishes. He stole his gal. Jack Atwood — To Jack we give this physics formula which for years, scientists have failed to solve — maybe he can be of some help. Milton Babbitt — To Milt we are giving these taps to put on his shoes so we can hear him when he comes. Ralph Baker — We are giving Ralph this set of tools so he can continue his good work in the shop. Roland Baxter — To Roland we give this billy-club for his police work at the foot of the stairs. Gertrude Bosse — To Gert we give this PLANT for reasons well known. Ronald Brals — Ronny ' s soft sweet voice has accompanied us through four years of school. To him we give fhls megaphone so he may always be heard. Normand Brissette — This hunk of Bologna is fo add to the stock In his father ' s store. Plug for the store — Trade at Brissette ' s for the best — unplug. Rita Capodanno — Seeing that Rita is another quiet little girl we give her this rattle so she can make a bit of noise. Martin Carr — These stamps are for you Marty so that you can send those numerous notes by mail after you graduate. Maybe you won ' t have to send them. Who knows???? Rita Carufel — This dime plus two cents is being returned to you so you can invest It in a ticket to Attleboro and Tommy. John Cavanagh — To " Laughing Boy " we give this test tube of laughing gas especially made for you by Mr. Hartwell. Mary Cavanagh — To Mary we give this card of thanks signed by Mr. Mott for all the work she has done In the office . Richard Chabot — To Dick we give fhls pair of spare uppers. Claire Clavette — Here Is a job In typing from Mr. Blanchard, Clairo, you were fhe only one who did them right. Page Thirty-five 1 itie OOfiTHtfiO LIGHT llll== Virginia Copeland — To Virginia we give this pair of overalls to use when she is play- ing her cello. Paul Cumberland — To Paul we give this piece of music entitled " Beat Me Daddy " eight to the bar to try on his violin. Norma Davignon — To Norma we give Linkie. Elaine Degrenia — To Elaine we give this Mascarra to keep her beautiful eyelashes. Rose Desilets — To Rose we give this English book so she will always know the latest methods. George Dillon — To Dillon we give this gun so he will be able to protect himself from gas hungry motorists. Tommy Doolin — We give this burnt cork so he can help Elynor make up evenings. (Cozy Isn ' t It?) Meredith Ebert — To Meredith we give this second diploma proclaiming her to be our class lady. Gert Fitzgerald — To Gert we give Miss Washburn ' s plea to speak louder, SPEAK LOUDER. Ann Frazier — To Ann because she Is always blushing, we give this veil. Lou Gagne — Lulu, we are giving you these bobby-pins. In case you ever have to use both eyes at once. Connie Gamache — To our fashion designer we give this book of fashions, so that she may continue to be one of the neatest girls In the class. George Glalel — To Georgia we give this sliccum for his hair. Barbara Gobin — To Barbara Gobln I give this book, which I took out two years ago and failed to return. Pauline Goulet — To you Pauline, we are giving this report card of all D ' s and C- ' s just to show you how the other half lives. Jeanette Hoffman — To Jeanette, we give these bus tickets so her poor boy-friend won ' t have to continue bumming down to see her. George Holbrook — To Gussy we hereby present a dictionary with which to do a little " LIGHT " reading In his spare moments. Donald Jacques — To Donald, we give this card commanding him to report immedi- ately to the nearest draft-board for Induction. James Hevey — To Jim, we give these tires. In case his ever wear out. Thelma Jones — To Thelma, we give this permit so she can go out at least eight nights a week with her boy-friend. Marlon Lovely — To Marlon, we give this catcher ' s mitt, for well known reasons. Eddie Miller — To Clarence Edward Mill er, we give this spike to keep his fellow workers on the move. Delphls Monast — To Delphls August Monast, Jr., we give built-up wedges, so he can appear a little taller. Frances Macaruso — To Frances, we give this gray paint. Page Thirty-six — III The mum Lier: Charlie Magnani — To Charlie, we give this li+tle athletic cup of our own. Ruth Mandalian — Wellesley College has become famous recently for Its Chinese stu- dents, so we give Ruth this letter of recommendation written In Chinese. Barbara McBride — To Barbara we give this scrap book in which to keep mementos of happy days ahead (love-notes especially). Mary McGann — To Mary, we give these cosmetics so she ' ll never lose her good looks. Claire McGowan — To Muscles, we give this tape measure, so she will always be the best all-round girl. Betty McManus — To Betty Jean, we give this Invitation from the boys at Camp Edwards, to come down and dance again with them sometime. They enjoyed her, (And How). Olive McNamara — To Olive we give this birdseed so that she will always keep that lovely voice. Dorothea McNeil — To Dotty we give these keys to a well-known garage, tor reasons known to a very select few, (and I do mean few). Helen McNeil — We return Helen ' s dime with which to start her housekeeping fund. Ruth Harvey — To Ruth we give this wedding ring to save Earl some money which he can put towards some horses. Ralph Miconi — To Ralph we give this yeast to make him rise. Maybe It needs more than yeast. Francis Murphy — To Francis, we give this contract naming him as backstop for " Bangs " Godbout ' s soft-ball team. Tommy Norton — To Tommy we give the thanks of the Senior class, for all the work he has done tor us during the past four years. Paul O ' Neil — Because Paul Is continually moving around In class, we give him this rope to tie him down. Kathleen O ' Rourke — To Kathleen we give this one way ticket out, signed by Miss Washburn and Miss Barber. Congratulations, Kathy. Janice Orr — To Janice we give this commission In the Texas Rangers. She got her man. Richard Phipps — To Augustus, who Is perpetually bored during history classes, we give this deck of cards. We hope this helps. Joe Plante — To Joe, the boy with the wistful eyes, we give this luminous paint so that the girls may ad ' mire his eyes. Robert Rascher — To Bob we give these pillows. We understand he goes roller-skating quite a bit. Bob Razee — To Bob we give 15 points for his 3 years of English, all at once. Teddy Reilly — To Teddy I give this little red note book so he may keep the names of all his girls just in case he wants to remember one of them. Nancy Rhind — To Nancy, we give this SMALL piece of clothes line, to see If she can use it as effectively as she has In the past. Betty Riley — To Betty we give these iron clad stockings so she won ' t even have to wear shoes when she goes out with Butts. Page Thirty-seven 1 ill llie OORTHtRO LIGHT Jerry Riley — To Jerry we give this smock so she can look good at her work. Florida Ringuette — To Florida we give this cook book in order that she may please her husband with tasty meals. No reflecti on on Miss Angus — she did her best. Lena Ringuette — To Lena we give this English book so that she may always keep up with the latest methods. Evelyn Roberts — To Evelyn we give these suspenders so she will always have a snappy comeback. Beverly Rose — To Beverly Rose, we give this stationery so that she can always keep up her correspondence with her soldier boy-friend. Austin Ryder — Because of Aunle ' s weak and underfed physique, we give him fhis cou- pon to become a Charles Atlas pupil and develop muscles In six weeks. Rita Sarazin — We give her this +ruck to aid in her brother ' s business. Allan Sawyer — To Allan we give this cage so that he will feel at home after he leaves school. Iris Shaw — We give this thermometer to Iris to use In her future job as a nurse. Edward R. Sherman — To Luke, our genius of the radio world, we give these worn out tubes. He ' ll find a way to use them. Claire Slavin — To Claire, we give this contract to appear with the three other black- outs on Jimmy Dorsey ' s program. Mildred Hennessey — To Milly, we give this doctor ' s certificate saying she is well and able to be out with us again. Curt Jolly — To Curt we give this razor with rubber blades. Adeline Karman — To Adeline we give this book on safe driving. Ida Labadie — To Ida we give this box of pep so she ' ll always be lively. Bob LaPorte — To Bob we give this hammer and a couple of nails fo follow In his father ' s foot-steps. Stacia Sllz — To Stacia we give these bus tickets good as far as Paine Road. Dorothy Sprague — To Emmy we give a hamburg to feed to Wimpy. Fred Svendsen — To Fred I give this hammer which Ted finally managed to sneak out of Franklin Hardware without being seen. Earl Swallow — To Earl we give this model airplane to see if he can put It together. Jimmy Swanezy — To J. J. Swanezy, Jr., that brilliant and talented young scholar, we give this bottle of vitamin A pills so he can fill his one desire to be taller than Betty. Stephen Tutelian — To Steve we give this cigar In order that he may successfully carry on such political campaigns as he has in the past. Chet Twardzicki — To Chet we give this new string to add to his already tattered and torn line. George Uhlig — To Uhlig we give this book of sports so that he may keep up his good work. Lenny Welch — To Lenny we give permission to start the book he has always wanted to write " How to Hold a Woman " In four easy lessons. Page Thirty-eight The nORTHffin LIGR Curt Jordan — To Curt we give these curlers just in case he ever needs them. Betty Whalen — We give this Evans ' Case Compact to remind her of the days she worked there. Virginia Wilder — To Ginnie we give these skins caught especially for her by Richie Phipps. Calvin Wise — To Cal we give this pint of so that he may keep tabs on all his women. Lincoln Young — To Moe we give this football so that he will always remember North High. Corinne Legg — To Connie we give this 14 ounce pound of candy — (We bought it in Newberry ' s.) R. J. Greene — To R. J. Greene, the great, we give this peace treaty signed by Miss Washburn agreeing to call off all hostilities for the duration. R. R. Greene — To Bob we give some printing equipment so that he may help his father if he ever needs him. Kathleen Greve — To Kathy we give this cement so that her tooth won ' t fall out while she is banging away at the Morse code. Bobby Leiper — To Bobby we give this club to keep the women at their distance. Ray Barrett — To Ray we give this compass so he can decide on which girl to visit. Dotty Farnham — To Dot we give this flashlight so she won ' t get lost going home some night. Elynor Grace Granger — To Elly we give this egg for obvious reasons. Howard Gray — To Howard we give this pillow so that he may sleep in peace where- ever he goes. Grace McNamara — To Grace we give this book of famous poems with a blank page on which to place her poems. (We hope that the class will take this i n the spirit of fun in which it was meant.) Page Thirty-nine VOHAT TEAt sM r Arv CS I UJ 4Arr( LP CLA S .171 lyi ijLiiLT’!. ' ' rLifLrn-rn.JfuTU7iJTiJTLJ|U7iJinJ7LJ7iL7 ' LJ7LffiJ7u OORTHtfin LIGHI 19 4 2 ooiLall ecutn Under the supervision of our capable coaches, the North Attleboro football team, with the loss of several of its most prominent gridiron stars, more than lived up to the expectations of its many followers. Taking a peek at the season ' s record, we find a decided slump In the victory column, as compared to that of previous years. Three of our defeats were at the hands of Walpole, Mansfield, and Taunton respectively; while the fourth and last was ad- ministered on Thanksgiving Day by our most bitter rivals — Attleboro. It is only fair to the squad to say that a more inspiring and heartbreaking game has never gone down in the record book. In turning our attention to the players, we find that Swanezy, Tutellan, Carr, Leiper and Captain Young saw service when juniors as well as seniors; while Magnani, Jolly, and Atwood were added to the roster in ' 42. R. J. Greene was assistant manager of the ' 41 Rocketeers, while Miller took over the honors as manager in ' 42. Page Forty-four fi alkeih ail eam As has been the case for the past two years, the North Attleboro basketball team once more climaxed Its season of competitive activities on the short end of the victory column. Although such a record doesn ' t lean on the sunny side, much can be said for the team, especially when the size of the squad, and number of practicing hours are taken Into consideration. Among those who have given all they possess for the " Red and White " are: MagnanI, helper, L. Welch, and Twardzickl. Every one of these players has seen more than a year ' s service, and has accomplished much towards sparking his team to those well-earned victories. Page Forty-five gA oU ea4ft Because the North Attleboro baseball team will not have gone into action before this is written, I can only say that the squad Is hu stling about in its usual snappy fashion. ' A good many of the players are regulars from last year, and give us some assur- ance that this season will be " the " season. Due to a few unexpected delays, the team hasn ' t received that same amount of practice which has ordinarily been afforded the teams of past years. Nevertheless, with such enthusiasts as helper, L. Welch, Magnani, O ' Neil, R. J. Greene, and Atwood, we North followers really have a few vicforles to look forward to. Page Forty-six 1 I ! If J. lii ' ilnlfilni rjr.inlninininlnininlnjj ' lIj ilninlnlrUni i. The OORTHERU LIGHT Ue l fean. fiaoJz tcuj Two years ago a brave Senior class published a Year Book and called It " The Northern Light " . It was the wish of this class that the seniors each year continue the publishing of a Year Book. Last year ' s Seniors fulfilled this wish and the class of 1942 Is not the one to break it. " The Northern Light " has remained as the name of the Year Book. This year we have used a more elaborate cover tor our expensive type, and we sold these books for $1.50. The price of our paper covered books was $1.00. We sincerely hope that the future seniors continue to publish a Year Book. Page Forty-eight The flflfiTfJtfl " The " Red Cap " , our school paper, was published monthly, as usual, this year. The students of our high school supported the paper well, making it a financial suc- cess. The " Red Cap " staff worked diligently to maintain the standards set by previous staffs. The staff, this year, was made up of members of every class. The " Red Cap " , for sometime, has been a feature of N. A. H. S. and it is the wish of the Seniors that future classes keep It that way by putting out a better paper each year. Page Forty-nine The nORTHtfiO LIGHT 19 4 2 Qlieenieaxllen l Page Fifty 9 A 19 4 2 School Sofud With the regulars of last year, plus a number of eager enthusiasts the N. A. H. S. band continued its fine showing throughout the year, and received an appreciative hand from all who heard its excellent performances. Mr. Bronson ' s guidance has been a good deal responsible for +he band’s success. The senior members of the band who will graduate are L. Welch, T. Norton, C. Jordan, R. Barrett and C. Magnanl. All these will be sorely missed, but we have high hopes that those remaining will carry on the good work. Page Fifty-one ScUooi Onxdte inxi This year, as usual, our school was represented by an orchestra. Handicapped by a lack of many talented musicians, Mr. Bronson worked diligently with this organiza- tion to obtain the results which have been characteristic of past orchestras. In this, we feel thaf our music teacher was successful. The orchesfra will lose seven members through graduation, these being " Len " Welch, " Tommy " Norton, Paul Cumberland, Charles MagnanI, Curt Jordan, Normand Brissette, and Virginia Copeland. Page Fifty-two Qlee GluL The Glee Club, under the able direction of Mr. John Bronson, saw another suc- cessful season this year. The club, composed of twenty-three girls, has become one of the outstanding units of the school, especially after Its excellent performances over station WEEI last November and at the Spring Concert In May. The Glee Club Is the only school organization In N. A. H. S. specifically for girls, so the girls welcome this opportunity to show their talents. The success of this year ' s Glee Club will, we hope. Incite enthusiasm In the future classes to form similar clubs. Page Fifty-three mmu LIGHT 19 4 2 ★ As In previous years, the Senior Class presented a play entitled " Anne of Avonlea " . This play Is a sequel, so to speak, of the famous " Ann e of Green Gables " . Under the capable supervision of Miss May Erving, this play was a great success. Featured In the cast was Rita Carufel as Anne, Ruth Mandallan as Mrs. Rachel Lynde and Pauline Goulet as Manilla Cuthbert. Other featured players were Leonard Welch as Gilbert Blythe and Thomas Norton as the cranky old Mr. J. A. Harrison. The play was enjoyed by a large, appreciative audience, who will In later years recall the portrayals of the youthful thesplans. Page Fifty-four S ucut The Student Council, which originated two years ago, has continued Its patrol of the corridors since the beginning of the school term. However, the customary arrangement of a single shift has been done away with. Instead, this Council has instigated a double shift, primarily for the sake of convenience. All accounted for, the Student Government now numbers approximately twenty- five members. A court, consisting of five permanent jurors and a judge. Is still in opera- tion, and continuing Its fine services. Supervision of the Student Council has been vested in the hands of Lincoln Young, who Is Indeed capable of directing such an undertaking. Page Fifty-five ihfe OOfilHtRO LI6HT SUPtfiLflTlVtS Best Looking Boy Best Looking Girl Most Popular Boy Most Popular Girl Best All Around Boy Best All Around Girl Cutest Boy Cutest Girl Most Bashful Boy Most Bashful Girl Most Athletic Boy Most Athletic Girl Smartest Boy Smartest Girl Best Dressed Boy Best Dressed Girl Most Talkative Boy Most Talkative Girl Neatest Boy Neatest Girl Most Serious Boy Most Serious Girl Best Boy Dancer Best Girl Dancer Liveliest Boy Liveliest Girl Wittiest Boy Wittiest Girl Boy With the Best Line Girl With the Best Line Most Congenial Boy Most Congenial Girl Smoothest Boy Smoothest Girl Tallest Boy Tallest Girl Shortest Boy Shortest Girl Robert Lelper Mary McGann James Swanezy Betty Riley Stephen Tutellan Claire McGowan Leonard Welch Norma Davignon Milton Babbitt Mary Cavanagh Charles MagnanI Kathleen O Rourke Thomas Norton Pauline Goulet R. J. Greene Helen McNeil Ronald Brais . Claire Slavin Martin Carr Janice Orr Roger Sherman Ruth Mandallan Calvin W ise Betty McManus Robert Anderson Ida LaBadle Thomas Doolln Evelyn Roberts Chet TwardzickI Nancy Rhind Roland Baxter Gertrude Bosse Maurice Plante . Lucille Gagne Delphis Monast Virginia Copeland Ralph MIconI . Elaine Degrenia Ihe OOfiTHtRO LIGH; 1. At the bulle tin board 2. Mr. Hartwell ' s chemistry class 3. Scramble in the lunchroom 4. Ordering the pictures 5. Miss Barber ' s senior prep English class 6. " I pledge allegiance Page Fifty-seven I The mum LIGHT THE SENIOR PLAY " Anne of Avonlea " 1. 2 . 3. Pauline, Rita, and Ruth on stage 4. Rita gives Ellsworth some words of wisdom Advice from Miss Erving 5. The cast in a conference with Miss Erving at Some of the cast In a huddle dress rehearsal 6. Nancy, Barb, Dottie, and Gerry " talkin ' It over " Page Fifty-eight The mum LiSl 19 4 2 1. Typing with Miss A. Hall 5. 2. Manual training work 6. 3. Chemistry lab 7. 4. Shorthand with Miss Dudley 8. Rita and Barb at work Mechanical drawing with Mr. Chandler Lunchroom Senior history with Miss Washburn Page Fifty-nine 10 flPPfltCIOTlOO The class of 1942 desires to express its sincere thanks to all those who have helped to make this issue ot the " Northern Light " a success. Especially do we wish to thank: Mr. Clarence Greene of the Commercial Press tor his work and suggestions. Mr. Daniel Blanchard, our faculty advisor, tor his sincere coopera- tion. All ot the merchants, schools, manufacturers and others who, through their advertisements have made this " Northern Light " possible. Education and Defense United for Victory SUFFOLK UIMVEUSITV gives ambitious men and women college and professional training while employed in Defense. Do your bit for Uncle Sam every day In office or factory. But why not use your tree time to better prepare yourself to serve your country In the days of victory ahead? Day and Evening Sessions — Part-time program if desired. COLLEGES— Liberal Arts — Journalism — Business Administration Day or Evening courses for A.B.: B.S. in J.; or B.S. in B.A. degree. Special Pre-legal course meeting requirements for entrance to Law School, entitling one to Associate in Arts certifi- cate. Entrance requirement; 15 acceptable units or equivalent. LAW SCHOOL Day or Evening courses for LL.B. degree. Entrance requirement: 60 semester hours of academic work. GRADUATE SCHOOL OF LAW 2-yr. Evening course for LL.M. degree. For LL.B. graduates only. SUMMER SESSION — July 6 — August 14, 1942 FALL SEMESTER IN ALL DEPARTMENTS BEGINS — Sept. 21. 1942 Call, write or phone CAP. 0555 for catalog SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY REGISTRAR DERNE STREET BEACON HILL BOSTON, MASS. C. K. GROUSE COMPANY North Attleboro, Mass. ::jy{anul-actuxE ' LiL ol- tfiE (2[a±± 01- tflE c:::Afoxtfi cz tttEl oxo cfLOo[ REP. C. J. EBERT AGAIN PRINTERS OF THE NORTHERN LIGHT Ue Camme4cicU -u- " rJ h i -v 15 Li id- P o b t.?: ' d ' I ' nlriirUnii i LU " ib LlriLninirUrUrUTirTLininiri nirUnlnlnlnin I Compliments of Walter H. Murphy Modene Paint Service Compliments of Joe ' s Tydol Station COR. BARROWS AND SOUTH WASHINGTON STS. Diplomas for class of 1942 North Attleboro High School furnished by L. G. Balfour Co. C. B. Goodwin, Representative Compliments of Brennan Drug Store Please Patronize Our Advertisers Special Coaches for ever} ' occasion • • • • GaU lIVTEKST lTE TKAIVSIT COKIMIKATIUIV General Office and Garage 41 IVnrlh Avenue . . . P 0 £ 173 ... Attleliiiru Mass. • at Reasonable Priees Qaunieo444. R eliaLLe OfLeTuzia Compliments of R. BLACKINTON CO. Please Patronize Our Advertisers j nininij ' ilrUnij irLir ' iir ' firiiriirLii ' U ' j.rrU-Uninii Compliments of Start your saving with THE ATTLEBOROUGH SAVINGS BANK Please Patronize Our Advertisers A II T fl 0 II A P H S

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