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Wie. x N ,V Q-X w Mk 1 i N Q QS s v - ., 1 :Lil . ft? x 's 2 si 2 - , - :jfs 5 7 , -K-'JE-Q 3. -K1 . 1. .x .M :nf . 4. N, ir'f V1 ,Di 9 P p. ..:'Nv.,,,,4ghhl-NN .5 '? .i E 'z i --L..z Q 2 -' If ,..z. Jap. 'SC vi? Ln.: 4 -9 In .Jh- 'A L. .k,,P.v' 1' , Tl- " Z i MH Q DMINI As high school principal Mr. llovvartl Bradford became our friend during the early stages of our careers as Yikings. llis friendliness and untlerstandingg are still in ready supply whenever he has the oppor- tunity to visit us as Superintendent of Schools during our final years at N. A. lt has always heen Nlr. Bradlordis sin- cere desire to improve X. A. H. 5. and make a good school hetter. Mr. Howard Bradford SlllJ6l'1il1l6I7ll6lIl ry' Schools Fortunately for us the Board of Edu- cation is always on the alert to safeguard our interests and provide the very best possible in educational facilities for the benefit of our entire school system. Wie owe our thanks and appreciation to these hard-working, conscientious people. 'N Ui is TR TID Since our first meeting with Hr. Joseph lslimlin in our Sophomore year when he guided us through the mysteries ol' bi- ology, we liavc become better acquainted with him as our principal. As overseer oi our school he has bol- stered our ambitions and advanced our hopes for the future through his co-opcra- tion. patiencc, and willingness to help each one of us when we needed it most. Mr. ioseph 1. Flimlin Przhcuval MRS. ISABEL CAPWELL Director of Guidance Our guidance throughout our high school career has been under the surveillance of Mrs. Isabel Capwell. As head of the guidance department, her recommenda- tions have enlightened us about our shortcomings in the past and our possibilities for the future. A 3 i ft -61, 3 , Wit!-N PQ ' . if A W 1, i :ami i x, Vf' MRS. LOTTABEI. Mt-CORD Co-ordinutor of the Junior High School Head of the English Department Aside from her duties as head of the English De- partment, Mrs. Lottabel McCord has constantly aided us in the development of our personalities through her warm friendliness. 3 rf ff K '95 ge 4, W. 'HK X 1 Z Q Z Q-Z ze' .2 I fin, 2 6.4 I" X h , S- I I I 8 1 ' im' 4 .... 1, Q va--Q .ik ., . ff' X f ,Z , xr X in X f Xff We Seniors have developed into a lairge, happy family. Now we leave our "Aunts, Uncles, and our Ma" behind to guide our younger brothers and sisters as we go off into a large, uncer- tain world. G'by, old friends! l f f X . ,XX 1' Faoult Mr. K. Bradford, M.A. Social Science Mr. G. Flimlin, M.A. Science Mr J Detels B P E Mlss L Fadden B S Mlss B Genovese M A Miss F. Grant, B.A Mechanical 'Jrauzng Science Math Social Science Latin FAC . 'iff -G L, V ',, ' I - 'I -l-fiii ':. . H': , 1 ' , -' -g"?' gy 'F -G.: ' ' "Q, . , . B- . AY--, - , .-. ...,. ,a:4,,,.p.,.-,L - -is . iigafvy. ' J :-www ,Q-'au -.-- 4-,.-.,.,.:a , - ...- ff ' k V - , g 4' -JE is i, 'U E ...., fs 5 ,La Mr. T. Hanlon, B.A. Mr. J. Kaclin, B.A. Mr. P. Kelley, BS. Mr. H. Klinger, M.A. SOCllll SCi9llC9 SOCllll SCl8flCe, .llflllh Phygifql Eduggffon Sggfgl Science X kg J Miss E. Kook, M.A. Miss C. Kreeger, M.A. Miss E. Limenfeld, M.A. Mrs. M. Lubben Spanish English Business Education SOCil1l SCi0VlC9, Mlllh 1 vf .flvri .V Q V M' - LTY Nm? Mrs. C. Manning, B.A. pMiss Murriy, B.A. Mr. W. Nielsen, B.S. Miss D. 0'Ma1ley, M.A English N,-:Hsu ' Guidyjqce English Home Economics .1 -u,-, LX I-IL. 1 V' L a--071-99i.93b:g ' '95 -:i Mr. A, Piamadosi, B,S, Mr. L. Recchia, B.S. Mr. C. Reinfeld, M.A. Miss A. Romanelli. MS. Music Science, Math English Business Education 7 7 bf . 2 W ., in Mr. W. Ruckel, M.A. Miss A. Scucci, BS. Mrs. M. Stcffens, B.S. Business Education Business Education Physical Education- N f ,' " M 9 J , Y :Q f Q, A 9' f 'P' 4 ' '- 0- x 'lwgf A Q -.QQ N .19 X ,I 'YA wa.. t ' 2 A E if 1w1iS5D.Tmmin0,1x1.A. Mr. P. Tobia, B.S. Mr. J. Tully, B-S- Miss N. Walsh, M-A- French Industrial Arts English Library an 5-c er. X Rl Y X 'W Mrs. M. Swcctin, A.B Math, Guidance 51.- Miss E. Zingaro, M.A Music ff ws- . 9, Ln. ,fx 1 A iff- '.': , .s ' Cvbpn ' Home 1 .ru S . . -.ff . I 9'U0r ' My . senwf 5 S "1 Chemiszry L Cnng sing. ab. . nstfu Nut' 31, iq Fi. .1-f I "gif Mrs. L. Bullock Mrs. C. Casey Miss E. Cunningham Mrs, E, McManus Secretary Cafeteria Secretary Secretary taff ce xx -- T Mrs. A. Stalb Mrs. K. Swaim Mrs. F. Cobb MTS- I- LOWFY Secretary Sghogl Nurse Attendance Officer Secretary - 41 -1118 'Z . .n Mechanifial DWL p"'Hmd0s. . 5 I te S. l Semor boywith MT- De Cfegnglzbsevll, y x, 0 . rz 01,166 ,i F-UT v u. ,,sNX fl 5--ff. "1-...P I+..-qw:--3.--. . .-. '?'u ,3?:g34e frwief ,,., ,Er 45.4 gffjzzff...nlligefpgfgzieiffgg fi- .f L: l'flQ'L:'fE 331' 2 T-'fi 7 ' L " Y The foremost' interest in our minds'has been preparation for the future because we have real- ized that the fleeting months would soon lead to graduation and then more serious responsi- bilities. by E: "F-Sgt 2. as E . President Student Council EDWARD B. HAKIM "None but himself can be his parallel" -Theobald Engineering is in "Steady lfddies' future . . . four years of basketball and football . . . captained the foot- ball squad and served as president of the Student Council . . . college to follow graduation for him. Vice-President Student Council ROBERT L. GAECKLE "All greatness is unconscious or it is little and nought" -Carlyle "Bob," a future mechanical engineer . . . football and Honor Society par- ticipant . . . enjoys sleeping and eating . . . vicelpresident of the Stu- dent Council in his senior year . . . a college prep course outlined his high school studies. Treasurer Student Council DAVID SULLIVAN "Lord of himself" -Byron Another great sportsman is g'Sully" . . . basketball, baseball, and football teams had his participation . . . treasurer of the Student Council . . . college counts high in his future plans . . . hearty eating his spare time occupation. Editor 1955 Chrysalis THEODORE S. TRUST, JR. "Il matters not how a man dies, but how he livesl' -Johnson A busy man is "Ted', . . . captain of the track team and president of the class for the sophomore and junior years . . . ambition is to be a suc- cess . . . studied a general course didn't like to do homework. Senior President Honor Society ROBERT SHAPIRO "The pen is mightier than the sword" - Lython Journalism will be "Bobs" career . . . his many activities included co- editing the Yiking Saga and presiding over the Honor Society . . . likes writing and basketball . . . French homework his greatest dislike. 19 Treasurer Senior Class FRANCES M. STECEWYICZ "Style is the dress of thoughts" -Stanhope "Fran," treasurer of the senior class . . . has plans for a career in the field of education . . . served with the Glee Club for four years . . . likes making clothes . . . lists Latin II as her chief aversion. President Senior Class ROBERT K. HRLVNINIER "llc zcho has a lhousuml friends" --4Emerson 'lBrumbi" is a great sportsman as well as a leader . . . president of the senior class and captain of the bas- ketball team . . . his ambition is to own his own business some day. Vice-President Senior Class DANIEL J. CALABRESE "It is rz friendly heart that has plenty of friends' -Thackery A great baseball player is "Danny" . . . captain of the team during his senior year . . . vice-president of the class also . . . took a college prep course . . . lists cars as his chief like. Historian Senior Class CHRISTINE CONIS "As good be out of the world as out of fashion" -Cibber "Chris,,, our faithful co-captain loves cheerleadinv . . . ver ' fashion-minded t- 5 . . . Honor Society member and vice- president of Tri-Y . . . college is her aim . . . noted for her cynical wit and love of leisure. Secretary Senior Class RUTH ANNE CERAYOLO A lonely lady, garmented in light from her own beaulyn - Shelley "Ruthie" . . . sweet and sincere . . . a future Jrivate secretar' . likes I 3 . . music . . . senior class treasurer and Honor Society membei . . . faithful Clee Cluber . . . a soft voice reveals her quiet charm. P114 5 if 1 R1 . 4 fl - 'Q-n 7 WALTER N. ANDERSEN "The Devil is a gentleman" YShelley "Walt" will work as a carpenter after graduation . . . tall and lanky . . . wears sharp suits . . . girls are both his chief like and dislike . . . event- ually hopes to marry a rich widow. JOHN H. ANDERSON ' . . . the only tray to have a friend is to be one" -Emerson "Jack" participated in Clee Club . . . will attend college after June . . . he hopes to become rich . . . doing nothing makes him happiest . . . followed a college prep course while in school. ELIZABETH H. BANNERMAN "The sweetest garland to the sweetest maids' -Tichell Scotch as they come is our "Betty" . . . Viking Saga and Glee Club mem- her . . . counts Irishmen as her chief dislike . . . will go into the working world upon graduation . . . hopes to marry eventually. JLDITH R. BIANCHINI "Music my rampart, and my only one" WSL Vincent Millay The songbird of the senior class is i'.ludy" . . . a member of the Glee Club, Student Council and Leaders Club . . . works as a soda jerk in her leisure hours . . . life as a vocalist appeals to her. CONSTANCE THERESA BIONDI "How the wit brightens! How the style refines!" -Pope College and a career are 5'Connie's" chief aims . . . likes to watch foot- ball games and play tennis . . . a three year member of Glee Club . . . her course was college prep . . . she would like to learn to fly a plane. CAROLYN D. BLUMETTI " . . . the sweet magic of a cheerful face" -Holmes A future Conover model is "Lynn" . . . loves to dance . . . commercial studies filled her high school years . . . three years of Clee Club also . . . her chief dislike was getting up early in the morning. 14 'Q Qs 8. 9' tr I 0 V ANNE L. BROMLEY "Newt, not gaudy" "Andy" goes on to secretarial school following lzigh . . . her ambition is I0 travel . . . a new car would suit her line at the moment . . . a com- Rr nlericul course vas her high school undertaking. aw s.... MARYANN BROOKS "Little I askg my wants are few" -Holmes Nursing occupies a high spot in g'Brooksic's" future . . . three years of Clce Club kept her busy . . . her chief like is friendly people . . . she took u general course. MARILYN CASELLA 4 sunbeam on a mnters day -Dyer Mtn is noted for her red cheeks and dimples . . . great supporter of the school teams . . . Glee Club mem- ber . . . enjoys playing the piano . . . hopes to become a good secretary . . . her sparkling smile a great as- set. L CAROLE E. cAsoTTo "Few things are impossible to dili- gence and skill" -Johnson An earliest and hard worker . . . Honor Society and Viking Saga some of her many activities . . . journalism her chosen field . . . spends her spare time making her first million. EUGENE P. DE ANGELO "I am the master of my fate" -Henley "King," an active member of the baseball team . . . pursued a general course . . . hopes to have his own' business eventually . . . his chief dislike is getting up early. JOHN P. DEGNIN "Good sense is the body of poetic genius" -Coleridge Represented his class in the Student Council . . . "Patty" likes a good, interesting class . . . he plans to at- tend college . . . wants most to be a success . . . spends his after-school hours working. 15 'T' 'Ui' 4895 fi , KATHRYN E. ENCELHARD HOWARD H. GEORGS 5' "X-L"" Q' ' Rt: RONALD DREESEN 'tHe has no malice in his mindv -Greene Having fun is "Ron's" chief pastime . . X engineering shines in his future plans . . . he followed a college preparatory course . . . history in- terested him most in high school. "Beauty is a great gift of heaven" -Edgeworth Busy and vivacious "Rinny,' . . . col- lege her present ambition . . . co- captain of the cheerleaders and three years of Honor Society to her credit . . . wants only to he a success. EDWARD D. FIORE "His pride in reasoning, not in acting, lies" -Pope Track and Jr. Town Meeting part of '5Eddie's" activities . . . plans to enter a college of pharmacy after gradu- ation . . . a college prep course should aid him . . . spends spare time at work . . . his chief dislike was oral talks. TILGHMAN B. FREY "The world was worthy of such men" E. B. Browning To own a farm is "Ted's,' ambition . . . football and baseball participa- tion proved his love of sports . . . college part of his future plans . . . enjoys swimming at Point Pleasant in the summer. GERHARD L. FRUEWALD "Hear ye not the hum of mighty working? i' -Keats Gerhard plans to be a tree expert . . . his extracurricular activities include track and presiding over the Tech- nicians Club . . . swimming and shop- work are his chief likes . . . he fol- lowed a general course. "The secret of success is constancy of purpose" -Disraeli "How,' is very interested in model railroading . . . member of the Slide Rule Club . . . plans to enter the field of horticulture . . . just likes to take it easy . . . a general course made up his high school studies. 18 E 'il' it fry-,. ? 6 . . studies music. 2 RONALD W. GODFREY "One still strong man in a blatant land" -Tennyson Football and basketball his main ac- tivities . . . also a member of a drum and bngle corps . . . "Ron" wishes to become a member of the Navy . . . eventually will work as a television repair man . . . his spare time is taken up with work. STANLEY M. GRACZYK "Tlzerc's zz good time coming" -Mackay Sports occupy most of "Stan's" time . . . played basketball and baseball . . . trade school will follow graduation . . . to be a carpenter is his am- bition . . . a commericial course con- stituted his studies. JUDITH M. HAYDEN "Laugh and be well" -Green "Judy" likes happy people, being one herself . . . her ambition is to attend business school . . . following that she hopes to become a secre- tary . . . Leaders Club and cheer- leading among her activities . . . likes to dance. ROBERT C. HENDERSON "Everything comes if a man will only wait" -Digrgeli Being an airline pilot sounds good to "Bob" . . . member of the Glee Club . . . Business Law his favorite subject . . . will join the U. S. Air Force upon graduation . . . he took a general course. PHYLLIS J. HOSKING "There's a woman like a dewdrop" -Browning Another Florence Nightingale is "Phil" . . . she plans to attend nursing school in the fall . . . en- joys dancing. basketball, and football games . . . participated in Clee Club JOAN AIN N HYER "All of the charm of all the Muses" -Tennyson Collecting records is a favorite pas- timc with "Jeanie" . . . proved a valuable member of the Glee Club for four years . . . driving also rates high with her . . . active in the Tri-Y . . . wants to be a secretary. 17 c. f ' 'ffl 3 sq, ,git 4. .. ..- i 11. if 1, V. NANCY E. JENIKOVSKY Q, J'-fu, 5 fav- . .M .h -1- 5 -- Qi. i is K s1"?gvx ,gift SARAH INGBER "'Tis easy to be true" +Sedley Our valuable import from Cuba is Sarah . . . learned English rapidly . . . Clee Club member . . . likes to read . . . a general course made up hcr studies . . . after graduation, she plans to enter the working world. CLARE M. .IACOBSON "She mot-es a goddess and she looks ll queen" --Pope Clare added a note of beauty and grace to the football field as head majorette this year . . . prexy of the Leaders' Club in '51 . . . she took a commercial course . . . in the future she hopes to serve as a secretary. "The two noblest things, which are sweetness and light" -Swift To be an airline stewardess is "Nan's" ambition . . . cheerleading and Viking Saga are some of her many activi- ties . . . served as president of the Tri-Y . . . wants to travel and meet people . . . is happiest when she is busy. PATRICIA A. JOHNSON "The time will come when you will hear me" -Disraeli Nursing school has a future candi- date in "Pat" . . . served two years with the Clee Club . . . enjoys sing- ing and dancing . . . she followed a general course . . . could be seen at all the football games, cheering the team on. EDITH BARBARA KANE "Fair tresses man's imperial race ensnare" -Pope Edith, outstanding member of the Viking Saga Staff for four years . . . active senior cheerleader . . . Honor Society member . . . Latin her favor- ite subject . . . her goal is to do historical research. RONALD KELICHNER "True and tender and brave and just" -Whittier After high school, it's college for "Ronnie" . . . will study to be an engineer . . . member of the track team and Slide Rule Club . . . oral talks his chief dislike in school . . . spends most of his spare time work- ing. 18 2- . ., Cx . 5' J' gf ' K . . Il: V' At -L t Q V 'X . t , ' E 1 Q Q . I 5+ ' Q-up H-.. ,ag 6 ir' x. "-3' ""- fi ,. . THOMAS FRANCIS KELLY "My only books were u'omen's looks" -Moore Sports constitute "Tommy's" favorite pastimes . . . valuable member of our football team . . . upon grad- uating hopes to enter the business field and eventually be head of a firm . . . homework is his chief aversion. ARLEEN M. KIRST "A daughter of the gods" -Tennyson "Ar" proved to be an outstanding sportswoman while in school . . . ac- tive in the Tri-Y and three-year mem- ber of the Leaders Club . . . her ambition is to be a secretary . enjoys drawing in her spare time. PATRICIA ANN KOES "Wit makes its ozcn welcome" -Emerson "l at," a friend to all . . . vice-presi- dent of the class for two years . . . one of our taller cheerleaders . . . studied a commercial course . . . sec- retarial school in the future for ber . . . likes sports. MICH AEL A. KURTZ "Good at a fight but better ataplayn -Moore Sports are in "Mickey's" blood four years of football and baseball to his credit . . . wants most to be a success . . . has plans for further education in the form of college . . . spends much of his spare time work- ing. PAUL J. LECH "All nature wears one universal grin" -Fielding .lovial Paul hasn't decided just yet what he wants to do . . . likes to kill time . . . member of the football team . . . a college prep course saw him through high school . . . next year will see him enrolled in college. EDWARD LENKIEWICZ "Let knowledge grow from more to moren -Tennyson '6Eddie" served the band well for four years . . . ambition is to be well off . . . member of Audio Visual Aids Club and baseball team . . . will attend college next year . enjoys model railroading in leisure hours. 19 5 gf X 3 if 1 K THELMA M. LINDQUIST 'I press thee to my heart as Duty's faithful child" Alcott To be an office worker is Thelma's ambition . . . after graduation she hopes to go to comptomcter school . . . likes the summertime best . . . followed a commercial course . . . cooks and sews when not in school. MARILOK THERESA LYMAN "ft sight to dream of, not to tell" --Coleridge Married to an alumnus, Marilou came to N. A. from out of state this year . . . Viking Saga member . . . likes art and dancing . . . plans to be a social worker . . . recordings one of' her favorite amusements. ARTHIQR J. MATSON "Fools are my theme, let satire be my song" -Byron Four years on the basketball team prove "BIat's" love of that sport . . . a dental technician's job suits him well . . . after high school, college . . . spends his spare time working or driving around town. ROBERT McGILVERY "Go where glory waits thee" -Moore A future state trooper is "Mac" . . . spends his leisure hours traveling be- tween N. A. and North Carolina . . . likes a good time . . . basketball and baseball some of his activities . . . took a general course. ROBERT A. McLAREN '6Wisclom of many, and the wit of one" -Mackintosh Three years of football kept "Rob- bie" occupied . . . didn't like to get up early . . . he plans to go on to college . . . member of the track team for two years . . . his was a college preparatory course. CAROL A. MEYER "Like a diamond in the sky" -1. Taylor Dancing is Carol's great love . . . after she graduates, professional dancing school is next on her list . . . member of the Pan American Club for two years . . . secretary of same in her junior year. aff sr MARILYN MILLER ".-1 Lady with a Lamp shall stand In the great history of the land" Longfellow "Mai", goes on to a nursing career . . . member of the Leaders Club and Tri-I' . . . sports are her chief like . . . she participated in the May Day Pageant for four years . . . plays the piano in spare time. WILLIAM MILLER "The greater man the greater courtesy' --Tennyson "Bills" ambition is to be rich . . likes loafing and eating best . . . member of the Slide Rule Club . . . after graduation, his plans include going on to trade school . . . followed a general course of study. KATHERINE M. MONAHAN "Youth is the only season for enjoymenti' -Barrow 'Kittyw has a great love of dancing . . . will work in a business office after high school . . . able comedi- enne in May Day Pageant . . . her ambition is a career as a singer. s O. BRETT MOORE "Write me as one who loves his fellowmen" -Hunt Commercial piloting appears in Brett's future . . . president of the Junior Town Meeting Club . . . likes speed boats and hot rods . . . works on outboard motors when not in NAHS . . . soon to enter the Air Force. FRANCES C. MOTTOLA "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" -Keats "Fran" likes tall people . . . after high school, college is next on her list . . . will pursue a career as a laboratory technician . . . hers was a commercial course . . . works much of her after-school time. MICHAEL H. MOIISAW "A man possessed of splendid talents" -Macaulay Football, basketball, and baseball participation show "Mickey" as a sportsman . . . a future tool and die maker . . . he studied a general course . . . also likes sports while not in school. 21 Q X N. RONALD L. 0'LAUGHLlN "An apolliecary should never be out of spirits" -Sheridan The field of pharmacy will have an addition in "Luke" . . . active in sports, he played basketball and ran for the track team . . . likes to sleep late in the mornings . . . he goes on to college. RAYMOND D. OSWALD "Life is too short to waste" -Emerson "0zzie', plans a career in the Navy . . . gym and shop his favorite sub- jects in school . . . member of the baseball team in his junior year . . . followed a general course . . . likes sports very much. JEAN M. PAGANELLI "Hope and be Happy" -Tuppy "Jeannie" . . . fun to be with . . secretarial work is in her future . . . took a general course of study . . . homework her chief dislike . . . gym period her most enjoyable time . . . works when not in school. EDNA PARDO "It's a mad world. Mad as Bedlam." -Dickens A cosmetologist-to-be is "Eddie" . . . has a love of dancing . . . training school to follow graduation . . . two years in the Junior Town Meeting Club . . . friendly people listed as her chief like. RICHARD H. PEARCE "God-like in giving, but the devil to pay" -Moore Making a million dollars would make "Richie" happy . . . doesn't like to get up early in the morning . . . a general course of study for him . . . likes to build stock cars as a hobby. HENRY E. PEDYNOWSKI "He gave the people of his best" -Tennyson Carpentry in his leisure hours leads "Hank" on to a career as a drafts- man . . . a general course outlined his high school studies . . . home- work, his chief dislike . . . working, his chief like. X.. ,Q-., I M GLORIA HELEN PENA "Of manners gentle, of affections mild" - Pope Student Council, Tri-Y, and Glee Club were among "Glo's" many ac- tivities . . . a college prep course helped to prepare her for college next year . . . likes singing and dancing . . . to succeed is her main ambition. NEIL S. POMERANTZ VIVIAN I. PETERSON A noble type of good, Heroic u'omanhood" -Longfellow "Viv" plans to go to great heights us- an airline stewardess . . . member of Glee Club and Leaders Club . . . sports fill her spare time . . . fol- lowed a commercial course . . . likes to dance. Knowledge is more than equivalent to force" -Johnson "Hammer" has a great love for the sciences . . . will till the soil for a career . . . member of the Student Council and Radio Club . . . in his spare time he studies horticulture. -Tennyson MARYANN POPLAWSKI "Her very frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are" -Coleridge "Pop" . . . our attractive twirler . . . studied a commercial course, will enter the working world after June . . . oral English her chief dislike . . . future undecided . . . dancing fills her leisure hours. ELEANOR RIVAS Kind hearts are more than coronets' JOHN A. RUSTIA Business school is next on the list for Eleanor . . . eventually hopes to become a comptometer operator . . . member of Glee Club and Junior Town Meeting Club . . . television provides after-school entertainment. "He speaketh notg and yet there lies A conversation in his eyes" -Longfellow Always ready with a witty remark is "Abe" . . . football, track, and Stu- dent Council filled his time . . . col- lege will be a stepping stone for a professional career . . . spare time activity consists of loafing. 23 b S B LAURA M. SANDQUIST As good as gold -Dickens Sports always brings Laura to mind, . . . has four years of Clee Club and Leaders Club to her credit . . . a secretary's career appeals to her . . . commercial course will aid her on to her goal. NANCY A. SARGENT "To a young heart everything is fun" -Dickens "Nan" . . . a friend to all . . . wants to be a good secretary . . 1 lists early classes as her chief dislike . . . Lead- ers Club and Junior Town Meeting Club her activities . . . hers was a commercial course. BETTY M. SCHOCH It is tranquil people uho accomplish much" -Thoreau Betty enjoys dancing a great deal . . . comptometer school is in her future plans . . . favorite time is the end of the school day . . . she fol- lowed a commercial course of studies. RUTH E. SCHWEICKHARDT "I am on the side of the angels" -Disraeli "Ruthie" . . . treasurer of the Tri-Y . . . loves to play the piano . . . sec- retarial school will train her for her ambition of being a first rate secre- tary . . . member of the Honor So- ciety and Viking Saga. ANGELA SCIORTINO "She must be seen to be appreciated" -Ainsworth A valuable member of the cheering squad was i'Ang" . . . to be a dental assistant is her ambition . . . be- longed to the Junior Town Meeting Club . . . says homework filled all her spare time. P. RONALD SKWERSKI "I assert that nothing ever comes to pass without a cause" -Edwards Engineering interests "Squirt" great- ly . . . head photographer for the Viking Saga . . . likes fishing . . . a college prep course filled his high school years . . . plays the accordion in his leisure hours. 6, 'S' 'B 1 V' . A 5 ,-ff!" f 5- 43 RUSSELL SMITH ROBERT I. SMITH Oblzgzng and cheerful, industrious and kind" -Dubourg "Bob" will enter the Air Force upon graduation . . . hopes to become a construction engineer eventually . . member of the Slide Rule Club . . . likes mechanical drawing . . . spare time sees him building model planes. ". . . the stout u'atchu'orzl of 'Never give up' " ---Tuppy A Navy career sounds good to "Smit- ty" . . . four years of football chan- neled his energy . . . his main am- bition is to live to be one hundred and ten . . . leisure hours are spent with the gang." JAMES SORCE "Ah, why Should life all labour be?" -Tennyson Track and baseball were "Chub's" main activities . . . engineering will be his career . . . spends his spare time sleeping . . . a hitch in the Air Force will follow high school . . . autos his chief like. .IANICE A. M. STEELE "Away from the world and its tolls and its cares" -Thackeray "Jan" followed a general course of study while in high school . . . three year member of Leaders Club . . . enters the working world after she graduates . . . likes to read in her spare time. CAROLE MARIE STEINMETZ "Let these describe the undescribablen -Byron A secretary's career for Carole . . . commercial course will aid her on to the goal . . . Clee Club and Junior Town Hall, extra-curricular activities . . . likes clothes . . . corresponding secretary of the Tri-Y. BARBARA R. STUERT "Her smile is the sweetest that ever was seen" -Ryan "Bobby" expects to work in Bell Telephone Company after .Tune . . . member of the Glee Club for two years . . . enjoys singing . . . a com- mercial course student . . . likes to dance or bake in her spare hours. 25 me ix '51, pg ft ' 5 'Qa- vy E up 1'-,QYQL-. -. 3.5 .1 ,, -,153 t it RICHARD S. SW ETZ '. . . he was faultless in his dealings" --Praed "Rickie" goes on to college from high school to study engineering . . . mem- ber of the Radio Club and Glee Club . enjoys both singing and dancing . . . college prep student . . . tele' vision his after-school entertainment. RICHARD L. TRENT "I see the right, and approve it too" -Gearth Dick . . . co-editor of the Viking Saga . . . will pursue a career as an industrial engineer . . . member of the track team . . . his prime dis- like is homework . . . works on the Viking Saga when not doing any- thing else. ANNETTE THERESA YITALE "I hate nobody: I am in charity with the world" -Swift Music and reading, Annette's chief likes . . . teaching will be her ca- reer . . . Viking Saga, Honor So- ciety, and Future Teachers of Ameri- ca some of her activities . . . she plans to enter college in the fall. ELEANORE ELIZABETH WAGNER "Distinction with a difference" -Fielding "El" will go to college to study teaching . . . treasurer of the Honor Society . . . roots for the Giants and Indians . . . member of Viking Saga staff and Leaders Club . . . home- work and orals her only dislikes. LORRAINE H. WALINSKI "A good heart is better than all the heads in the world" -Tylton A future private secretary . . . Lor- raine took a commercial course . . . likes to dance in leisure time . . . business subjects her favorites . . . president of the Pan American Club in her junior year. EDWARD B. WNUCK "Whoso would be a man must be a non-conformisf' -Emerson Three years of track and two years of football mark "Eddie,' as a sports- man . . . college preparatory student . . . member of the Student Council . . . likes to spend his spare time leisurely. 28 RQ 'Ula Kr 1' If enior Class Officers Frances Stecewicz, Treasurer , Robert Brummer, President, Mrs. M. E. Davidson, Advisor: Daniel Calnbrese, Vice-Presi- dentg Ruth Ceravolo, Secre- tary. JOAN DOROTHY W RIGHT "Eyes of unholy blue" -'Moore Dancing and swimming are "Rick'sf' favorite activities . . . four years of Glee Club . . . she plans to enter college next year . . . general course student . . . she is undecided us to what career she will follow. HARRY E. ZONDLER "Life is a jest, and all things show it" WCW Harry would like to be a physical education teacher . . . participated in Glee Club and basketball . . . college is also included in next year's plans . . . his greatest like is football. 'vt 4f" CLASS HI TQRY In the fall of 1949 w11111 ws 111 t tlll0I'0ll 'North Arhngton Hlgh S1-1111111 11 1111111 ht 1 19.35 seemed far off H w 1111111111 thot Nt we sped bt' 'Now about 111 I ll mater we look back on 111111111111 11111 111 11 1ppx ones, that w1ll last foren r n 1949 we were 81111111 1111 L 11.1 1 confused, we were freq11111t1x 1 1 wht ll cnt on an errand tllrougll t11 111w11d11111 11 ll and when we changed 111 11 r111 11 1111 1 ran amnd tl1e stares 111 103811111 H1r111 me11, we sxmpatlnzed H1111 I11 111111 11 wever, there was 1 11111 1111 11 to 11 1rst year lu11ch t1n1e 111 1 e felt grown up 1 as the semor hlgh student 11111 11 11 the ldtl of changlng classes was 11111 111 11 Ill 1111 11s ful far supenor to our Clllltll I1 ffllllllldl' chool selves Teddy Frey as presldent 111 1111 11111111r H1 11 School Student Council we 11 llllt tl lllf prlll clples of student goxernment Our l1rt taste of hlgh school subjects Callle throu 11 IX week periods of languages to help ll 111 111 llxl 11, schedule selectlons Soon we wt re choosmff o11r own schedules wlth the and of our u111ns1-lor, Mrs Wltherell Finally we made lt' In 1951 we were lfresh men Now we were free and equal' No 1011 fer dld we llne up to leave the gym at l1111cl1 11or change classes ln f0l'lllall0ll, now we w cr1 able to take part ln hlgh school llfe Marun Lucas was our flrst class pres1de11t asslsted bs XICL Presxdent Pat Koes, Treasurer Ted Frey and Secretary Kltty Monahan Eddle Haknm 1111 the freshman football tea111 as captam In the classroom well never forget Mr Burkes tales of the sea and the nn stenes of old Egypt ln Mxss Genowese s Anclent Hlstory class Our fll'St dance was the Solar Serenade for whlch the gym was decorated wlth the welrdest sun and moon ever devlsed Our wonderful counselor, Mlss Cunmngham, helped us a great deal be fore she left N A H S The Sophomore year meant the tradxtlonal biology classes w1tl1 the1r frog dlssectxons fnot for the squeam1sh'y and a trlp to the zoo Enghsh students wlll remember Mr Fried la ders dramatlc rendltxon of Julius Caesar Those ln Typmg I reallzed the value of a sound math background when makmg calculatlons for tabulatlon sheets On the athletlc fxeld our teams were successful ln brmgmg to N A a state champlonslnp ln basketball and wmnmg the Boosters Club Track Meet As the scene for our dance we chose a romantxc spot m the Paclflc, Paradise Island It was a great sue cess Our Jumor year proved to be one filled wxth more actxvxtles and hard work than any before Classes provnded many laughs as well as long assxgnments CU S I-Instory I1 Who can forget John Rust1a's whimsical orals ln English III or lns escapades 1n Mr De Marco's physlcs lab? As I8 customary, our pnnclpal project was the career papers ln whxch Carol Casotto and Eddxe Hakun won the flrst pnzes At last we knew we had really arnved when the words "all Juniors wxll report to the muslc room to hear a speaker period 4 today" apphed to us. The Class of 1955 was well represented on Ile athlc llc f11111 lltllftlll l'1ld1i 1I'ilxlI'll was Olll 111111111 111 111 111111111 the lead U scorer S51 1 ll fflllllllltl 0 lXtI'lf't1 11st under 'U 11111111 1 r 1 ttlllll 111 tru fed Trust 011111 l11ck lro111 1111 St1te lleet w llll sl 1rst pl.1c1 lll lllt 11ro1d 11111111 X 11 t1e ff o tle Cla of ll 110111.11111 t11 1111or bas et ball team Returns of tl11 Student l0llllLll 111ct1ons showed bd Illlxllll 1 pre 1111 11t Bob Q 1111111 N100 pl'6Sltl0Itl and 11111 5111111 lll trc1s111'er The NOCl11l 1111 lll o11r 11111111r xc ll' was plentl f11l Our dance lt llXtl1Ol1lllt lanterns w1ll be rememberul lor 1111 f11l111 t1tC0l'lll0Ils I1 tl1e 11:11 Daw pt cant 1l1t1N Bllllfllllll 11111 lxath nn Enffelhard plated 1111 l111ls IS the n1e111 orable H'1tt1e llltl 1 lll l'lIl 1111 1111 rc w lb tl very successful J11n1or lro111 'lt thc Hotel Suburban on llaw '71 1914 bllSlCSI wear ut Rumor of tl1e now famous Fnghsh IX 11 1d re11l1111 ll 111for1 we entered tl1e classroom 11111 wc wus prepared for tl1e worst After l1cco1111nff lCCllst0ll1Ctl to wrltlng fll0lZlll0Il llllflx 1 16 lllll 9? we found Beowulf illtl 11113130111 11111111 bllt not 1n1 poss1ble 0r11 l ll 11 11 ls ll 1111, was entcrtam mg for the 111 11w IX ncru wrackmff for the speaker The Showc r of St 1rs w 1 1 successful dance, Vbllll tale11t fro111 o11r own 01.1 111c111d1nff Judy BlaIlClllIll and I lor1.1 lens Ill'0Sltllllf' entertaln ment On the UI'ltllI'0Il Capt llll l'dd1c Haklm led tl1e football lCllll to two 110101165 'XIIIOXIV tl1e many g1'ltlll'0Il rcpre cntatn Os ol tl1e sen1or class on that t1 1111 w ere Jo1111 RllSll8, Tom Kelly Ed hhIlllClx Bob 1 ltC1xll, Zllltl lllckw Kurtz It was sl fr11t xear for the basketball team as tl1e 1 1k1nf's COIllpllCll 1 16 0 record, chmaxed by the great H.1rr1 on ffunc that saw Captam Brummer set .1 111 w chool Tl cord of 49 points Bob also set 1 new Bcr 111 111111111 scor111f1 rec Ord of 101 pomt Xrt lhtsons reboundlng and BIIOOUIIQ.. and thc pud 111 lddxc Hakxm and Danny Calabre e 111 lllt 11 ukcourt made the Vllungs fast break 1111111 1 succe s The Vlkmgs won the Berffcn 111111111 Jamboree bv defeatmg Lodl 1n the fmals ll 1 11rle1ffl1 D1ck1n son and then went on to w111 tl1e Group I Section I Champxonslup before bowmg to Ocean Cnty ln the fmals for the state cham pxonshxp In January our May Queen, Clare Jacobson, was chosen from three candldates, whxle Pat Koes and Ruth Ceravolo, the other two can dldates, automatlcally became attendants along w1th eighteen other sexuor glrls March 25 and 26 were the dates of our semor play, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, whxch was a great success Soon we were prepanng for our last activi ties. The Seniors left for Waslungton on May 15 where, among other things, everyone en joyed a moonllght cruxse on the Potomac Rlver Then as usual the Prom was held at the Hotel Suburban in East Orange where we were guests of the Juniors. .1 une 14 saw the hxlarious antxcs of Class Nlght at the Swiss Chalet. Then three days later on June 17 we left North Arlmgton High School nn the tradltional graduation cere- many. ' - 1' "s 1 l 2 ' '- . 1111 tlu- gg " ' 1 'P . . ' ' S. . 11' gi 0 ' 1" '.' sa g. as'-1 . - ' - . o ' s- V'-ars in, as 111 1 w'11 1'-1,.-1 ha' .V ' 1-uw 11111' llllil Q 1 L ' s 11- tllllll '. ' ' ' ' 1 'ls ' ' - " -s. s V' 1 ' ' : 1 1 1 ' ' ' .' 1 . ' L -' -, ' f' ' ' 1' 1 1 ' . .1 ls , 1 girls I ' ' s - -2 '1 1-rs. s ' llV' f l 'ss 'ff 'L - 0 ' sk - ' ' - V' os ' - s . ,, , n , .' g 1, S: L . . j . . 1. - . s . . . ' -:ssc-s 1 lg ' 1- ' ' 1 1' ts 'S 1 1 Yilwls b ' ' 1 . ' "'21111-'asv " ' .' 11-1 "1 1 - V V . V. A 2 VNS V C .V Q . VVV .V ' 1 ' " .' ,- ' -. 1' - 1' 1' Ho' ' ' -1 'im sul 11r . . H 1 1 f' ' ' 3 ' lll 11 :1111 w as 11111. ' ' 1 5-I ' 1 I and w E, ' as rv danced just - ,' ,' ig" . V' 1 1 ' - ' ' 5 ' I L 5 1 ' lg 4' U 1 V' ' 7 ll .' 1 ' ' 1 - 4 1 - 1 fl 1 ' 1 . 1 V' ' 'z ' ' ' V' . 6, . .S .. VI V V -S - ' 1 V , l . V' as , 1 . A ,, 4 - V4 i . . By the next fall we were 1-1gl11l1-11111111-rs. XY llll September, 19-1-1. was 1110 bvglllnlng Of the V V . . i . .VV , , ,, V S , 4 V . ,. V . V . ' - -4 - 1 1 ' . . 1 1 ' 1 s 1 1 ' ' . " . - - fs - 1 -1 - ' 1 . P 9 ' . . V1 S-AV. V V . . V ' F i I ' ' . V - V - ' , , . , . ' , , qt . , Q , 1 I 1 I 1 s 1 a J : 1 s, , ' V. as v as 4 1. I " Y - . ' ' F ' - ' ze ' ' ' ' - 1 . , 1 2 g s , z ' s 1 ' - . ' , ' "1ss,a '1's "U . V . V VV V . V l V . ' g, VH " sz?" 'asaqp :V . l V JV J. . . 1 . J I 1 SS, . . C . Y s - 1 - V ' , ' t ' CV . V . . V N . V .. ,V U - - , 1' I ' V . .' ' -, 1 1 ' " " 1 D V . I 1 . . . E ' l S 4 ' ' ' ' V . s 11 - 1 ' , 9 V 1 , V,V " .V ll , , , 5 ' V, 1' " ' ' 1 ' ' ' , ' ' ' ' g '1 V' 1 , ' ss as - . - " ' ' ' U, 1 -- 1' 1 ' ' ' 'S ,Cz 2 1 .. ' ' ' ' 1 1 ' Q w I . . - , . ' ' . s 1 ' g1 1 V' .' ' U - .. . V V V ,V . , , , , r. 4 1 1 . 1 ' ' ' ' ' 1 s fr ' '1 '- ' " . V . ' . . . I S - V V V , 0 u ' ' Q V V V V , , . . - 1 - . . s ' ' Y - ' c ' .C ' . n , , , , M , V,, . V V .V. .E . . V . 9 l 0 ' ' I I 0 I , . . . . 55 . ,, V ' f Y , . . . . . . as q, . . 0 u A l I ' ' , 111s1 8111111111 11 sl 111 111 1 sl 111188111 l111st f1111r111111x 111s1 11111111r 1 Ill 1111111 st 111 1 11111 IIIAL, 11111 1 11sal111 Must 5111111 111st 11r111r 111111111 st 81011181 fs! 1 1 1111 111 11 1 Ix1II1r1n Fn 1lI11r1l I M1 11111 1l1,,1 Ill 1111 Ix11I1r1n IL11 1II1.1r1l 111 11 1 ll II 11111 Xn 10 Nclortmo 1flLL1S1' 111111 l111z11111111111 N 1111-1 JCIlllx0YSlxS 1 1 lx 1tI1rs ll l'n elI1.1r1l Il 1 I dllfd N lIlllqlllSl 111 1 10111 Wrl l1t 1 1 M11 I Ie more XX.: ner Cl0r1 1 I 01111 IN Ruth Let 11 olo Ix 1 Flare I lL0lJb0Il 1 1 II 1 ,Iu1I1tl1 II lulen ws 1r1I 1 1 111111 111 1 X 1111 NIH 1 C1rol 'llqer M.1r1Iw11 La:-ella Nancw Jenlkos In Kathryn lIo110l1.111 AHWIC bclortmo 111561.51 Dr1 1111111 1 llars ann loplow bkl 111111 1111 S1 111101 11a11g1111t T1 111 1z1r b11bj1 1't .....,........ I llll 1 I1 Edna lardo SENIOR PREFERENCES Edclle s Ur W lnsor Nlelsen .. English IN Rutgers Co111g1. .........................................,........................................................................ Ford al' ............................................................ ........... .......................... .......... . ----.-----.----- - - Seventeen Magazine .................................. ...................................................... ................. Sport ................. Pet Peeve ......... T V Program Music Style .... Band .................. Song .........,........ M ouie Star ....... Basketball Roll Players 11et Popular Glen Miller Blue Mira e Marlon Brando 'Ill Rock Hudson ,l11.' 1111i '1,' 111 S11 ' ' ' '11 , ,, ,I11 I " 0111- -I1I1- 'a -' , gg ' 1 ,115 I '111 N, ,,,, NH , Ii1I -'I FI111pi1'11 1 H' 1 gl' ' If QI1-111 ,,,,1 , , ,, ,, , li1I1-1-1 1' ' llll'l' . g', lf ' ' 'jj I .' -' - , ,, ,, , , ,'I'l'1l II'I'llrl 1 W' " 'L .I ' . , , lllll 1'1'I 411111 'I1I1' Ii .' 1 g, ' 1' '.' 4 1 1' 2 ,,,, , ., ,,.....,,..,,.. .., ,, , l'IlIM'LlI'4I 1I1i111 .' ' Sz ' 11'.' ' '.'.' 1 ,,,, , , ,, , , , ,, ,XX QI -1' .X111I 'frtlll f- 2 I 'gl A .' ,' 1 .' , ,, ,,,,,,1,,,,,,,, ,, ,, , ,,,,,1,,, Iii -I 111-11 1' -11 - 'I 1 ,LE ' " ,,,, , ,,.. .. ,. . .,Il1111i1-I lIilI1lllI'l'M' 7 1 'a ' 'A' .1,1. A ,, ,,,,,,,, .. 1.....II11rj' f11111II1'1' - '11 ' 's . 11' I .,,, , ,, ,, , , .'I'Illllll1lS '1-II V A 1' .1 ' ' . lf ' 1 ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,, , , ,I'I1I111rI 1I1i111 - ' 1-' 51131151 .,..,,...,,,....,,,, , ,,1, ,,,,,,,,111, , . 1 1,... , ..,... Ilo '1 Q xurgs - 1 L 1' . I' ' 1.2 .I ' 1 ,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,1,,,, , , , ,'I'I1 as Iivlly -- ' 'j l' ' ' 'f ..,., .... . , , ....1,.,.., , , , ,, ,, ,'I'1-1I 'llI'llSl -- iv' ' ' fs " ' ..,... . .. .. . .,,. . ,.,....,,., lol lil 51111 M- ' ' - ' .' ,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,,,.,,,,, ,,1,, I I r1I ' . 1 SOI -- 2' I ' ' 'jf' " 1 ' I , ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.. , 1,.,..,,.. I lillll I. -1'I1 -- 1 ' 4' 1 " ' ,' ' ' 'e ,............ ..,.......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,1,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.. ' 1 Inc - ' " - ..,.-,.1..-----------..---.-1.e.--,---1.-----------------------..------1---1 -' ' Q ' ' 9 ' 7 1 1 C . . g L g ' 1 tl X ga Q ' 1, Q Our younger brothers and sis- ters will have to leam to be in- dependent and work diligently if they are to take our place successfully-so say we Seniors. nderclasses UNIOR . . . President .......... Vice President ....... ...... Secretary ..... Treasurer .... Counselor .... MR. REINFELD - 11-1 FIRST ROW, left to right: R. Decker, 1. Delaney, M. Ewing. SECOND ROW: 1. Cammett, R. Feniello, I. Frame. S. Egan, E. Boechichio, .l. Case, C. Dobson, P. Broadfoot, C. Della Volpe. E. Bremner, D. Feldhuson, lass of 19 6 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS John Calabrese Rudy Jacobson Jane Meikle Douglas Kientz Mrs. M. Sweetin E. Fried, W. Fickes. THIRD ROW: Mr. C. Reinfeld B. Gilmore. D. Anderson, E. East, R. Auer, N. Burr E. Corgan, P. Bartole, V. Ammanchuck. E. Einsiedler, I Bosco. FOURTH ROW: G. Bell, A. Dickson, G. Col- well. J. Calabrese, R. Fabrizia. . " 1-7-L-,, M , , , M s hr -.k..- ,- .,, . l., ,. ' 1 ,- M4- . ,..,y- In I , 1- .. 1 - . A 4 ' 1. h W. -if- W .' 245. ' """ . ,1-bf, ..,- I fit., .3-HWS A Legg: aifffid f X -L .! 'X .. W .fl A J :IA- J in J IR, ' f2"?f-Y ' 75" 'Q 'an'.. .. In '2... . ' -.'.,.'f-.:.,,g ,N:f.'. 1, v - - . .. Y .J ., ,.. . ' 4- ,-...,. .A.' . .I I ... nv .f,. .f V. 1, 1 ,1 ,- ,,,.-L n 4... -L ., A v MQ L., ' if ln UH!! 1 I Q -- QQ" -, in , ,yfxxx ' A .V r ai-'Zinn-mi .I 5-1, - Q. E' 'ifffg' 'dv Q., v S ln.. J ' 1 ,V 4. . -K if J' Q' 15 ,gi ' . F6 L QI' R , , 'A ,Air - ES .....4. ,.. J. K if .lj ' 'Y 9 I 'Fig 035 f 'ffm W i x ,ll an 'X --fs 4- fn .fi H, 5 x ,K .f ,, ,y '15 MR. COLLINS - 8 C FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Bauer, M. Pierro, J. Johnson, C. Norton, C. Kluge, C. Fernandez. SECOND ROW: Mr. E. Collins, T. Cymbor, S. Isen- burg, R. Sargent, L. Carracciola, J. Reeves, D. Macllwain, R. Efinger. THIRD ROW: R. Jackson, J. Kel- mer, R. Rabender, R. Schifano, A. Steinmetz. MR. HANLON - 8 H FIRST ROW, left to right: F. Van Wagner, R. Dell. SECOND ROW: P. Reiger, T. Schifano, R. Mott, L. Schoch, B. Twibill, C. Whittall, N. Johnston. D. Griffith, B. lnfante, M. GAMEY, P. Eggenhoffer. THIRD ROW: Mr. T. Hanlon, J. Sullivan, W. Stanish, C. Sciortino, H. Jenkins, P. Heffelfinger, J. Kozak, P. Faiella, R. Fagan, G. Siano, R. Brooks. FOURTH ROW: R. More, E. Robb, J. Glasgow, E. Feller, T. Savage, T. Wilson. OF 1959 MR. KLINGER - 8 K FIRST ROW, left to right: M. Karst, M. Villano, M. Rosen, S. Bleiweis. SECOND ROW: G. Van Eyk, D. Dahlinger, P. Francello, P. Foresta, G. Mottola, J. Gundaker, N. Bian- chini, P. Antonelli, D. Fleming, C. Chestermien. THIRD ROW: Mr. H. Klinger, J. Servidio, F. Savage, A. Weishapl, E. Peri, H. Brown, T. Kel- ly, R. Jenikovsky, R. Hurtt, W. Braun, E. Kapashinski, A. Canis, L. Marrinaccio, R. Martin, L. Sax, S. Parker. FOURTH ROW: A. Lam- beseder, R. Reynolds, J. Lahey, R. Reese, T. Turner, B. Nanke, T. Wnuck. MRS. MANNING - 8 M FIRST ROW, left to right: J. Plant, A. Szura, D. Venable, J. Schenkel, E. Salgado,,R. Karshina, P. Nelson, P. Kelly, B. Moore. SECOND ROW: C. Kopecki, F. Ceravolo, M. Levin, J. DePalma, P. Barnett, A. Bisaccia, A. Brummer. THIRD ROW: Mrs. C. Manning, K. Tonner, L. Shemeley, J. Smith, J. Matson, J. MacDonald, N. McCall, I. Moreno, I. Saliter, B. Van Buren, M. Arback, D. Kane, B. Whalen. FOURTH ROW: B. Fisher, G. Forsyth, J. Kenny, R. F ielitz, R. Alexander, D. Barker, R. Barile. MR. KAELIN - 7 K FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Frank, M. Day. SECOND ROW: I. Keenan, B. Quackenbush, I. Daly, R. Handler, F. Alves, E. Blitz, I. Phillips, D. Lasky, A. Polkowski, M. Macaluso, C. Kientz, V. Harvey. THIRD ROW: Mr. J. Kaelin, G. Evans, P. Schad, N. Tepper, K. Walsky, F. Toman, E O'Gureck, J. Kelly, I. Stopherd, D. Byk, R. Hendrickson, L. Weinber, W. Neer, A. Brown, L. Garcia, D. Graf. FOURTH ROW: R. Lempert, K. Oxfurth, F . Kesselman, F. Kraenz- lin, R. Peters, S. Paurelsky. MRS. LUBBEN - 7 L FIRST ROW, left to right: G. Len- kiewicz, D. Fraser. SECOND ROW: C. Fernandez, L. Rutan, D. Kelich- ner, I. Lowry, I. Lowry, R. Arizti, G. Greenberg, C. Warner, S. Colman. THIRD ROW: Mrs. M. Lubben, H. Stock, J. Lentini, N. Florin, J. Thomp- son, D. Rein, V. Sperduto, I. Bian- chi, S. Krause, M. Ianowski, D. Wei- ler, J. Ivers, E. Massey. FOURTH ROW: S. Morrison, N. Steberger, M. Wnuck, F . Reichard, I. Moschella. CLASS OF MISS MURRAY - 7 M FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Vance, M. Mucciolo, S. Wyskiel, I. Spaatz, D. McMurtrie, C. Kearney, R. Pel- leteri. SECOND ROW: Miss P. Mur- ray, W. Hulik, R. Luty, I. Rittweger, R. Shapiro, B. Fleming, C. Adamo, A. Romano, M. Chmielewicz, L. Mc- Clear, D. McCooey, S. Borrelli. THIRD ROW: V. Della Volpe, C. Apostol, W. Hendricks, R. Sullivan, P. Mugavero, R. Wilson, D. Barra. MR. RECCHIA - 7 R FIRST ROW, left to right: B. Case, R. Ieck, M. Maurillo, B. Critelli, P. Hartley, E. Fernandez, C. Soom, M. Gloede, L. Malgeri. SECOND ROW: zapamsr- I Pinto, Mf Gimme. TRIRD ROW: . Haff, R. Pettis, 1. Consandine. MR. TULLY - 7 T FIRST ROW, left to right: C. Shin dell, D. Rosenberg, 1. Turri. SEC OND ROW: G. Thunberg, C. Brier- ley, M. Fullmer, F. Chletsos, L. Hoff- man, E. Hanson, L. Steele, M. Gor- man, M. Sneddon. THIRD ROW: Mr. 1. Tully, R. Delaney, W. Jacobs, F. Boss, M. Brecher, C. Potdevin, S. Schwed, D. Gargan, I. Mitchell, D. Feniello, D. Minter, I. Lucido, G. Golt. FOURTH ROW: I. Maitland, R. Rowe, P. Schlichting. I. Swiss, I. Dalzell, R. Granberg. Mr. L. Recchia, R. Rivas, R. Parkes, . Treiber, W. Van Zile, A. Pinto, Adamoli J Bivona I Mueller, F rodella, R. Burgess, R. Schinder, All xx t 'III Of necesslty a happy famlly we learned IS one that works together plays together and so leams together. In thus process our extra-curricular activities have played an important part. r ' . V ,,,'.l.- .. . , abit, .f .f v 5. -NN p 'X M m. ' 'iqg Activities and Clubs La. Y' A - H I ,HRT S 5, 3 .N .... 1 4 A A ' 'T -' a'1!'R:? A mf iff "'-' A'g2iia'i'1'ffj W - 1151 ax 'gi - ' gg aff'- l . ' ,V ' 'QS'-'HSV' f' .NV If L ,ali 4' f W' "Q" L xx. 5 K SJ 4 ---wi-f-+' 'QE N FIRST lcon", Ieff ff, figm. .msg E Moz.. .1.11-LW. sEco.wn ROW: C' Treiber. Trvusurerg P. Broun. .-1. .-lr nnsun. Il. .llur-y. R, Golub. I. Trmlm, lu-P Pr:-siflenlg C. Rosenberg, Presi- dent. THIRD ROWWJ .I. Hoffman. Sefretary. 4 .rs 'l'lu- purpusv ul' llu- llilll-.xlll1'I'll'illl Club is tu iuu-rf-st llu- stuela-uts iu tlu- lil'e'. Ullrltbllli. guul uululu-rs ul' ilu- Fpuu- lSll-Spfillxlllgl l'UlIllll'lt'5. It also mln-w-lamps nu upprm-4-mtmll ul tlu- 5IMlIllrll laun- ffuugc-. lllt'l'1lllll'Q'. auul url. 7 llu- Flulm- Rule- l.lulJ IH 1-uulpuse-al ul Flll4ll'lllS ulum ssisll lu luue- furllu-r lxll0N'l0KlQt' of uultlu-uullu-s. llu- usm- ul ilu- sluln- rulm- is lilllglll uluug with uumy utlu-r llxiugs tlmt lurllu-r Ilu- Slllll1'lllS- iutm-re-st in ll1l1lllt'lllillll'S. lllis group is uow CUIllp0SCll c-utirm-ly ul' se-uiors. . g ' - II. Cf-args. R. Trent. SECOND ROW' R. S141-lz. If. Fiore-. R. Ke-liz-Izrwr. R Shapiro. TIIIRIJ ROIV: R. Guevlrll' R. Dreesf-n, W. Miller. Mrs. M Su-of-lin, rulrisor. FIRST ROW left to ri ht. R Smith. I' 1 I Pan-American Club lide Rule Club 45 c . I I 1 11? Librar ouncil Baby Sitters 1 ll Members of the Library Council as- sist the librarian in checking books in anll out of thc library, in putting hooks away, and in generally attempting to keep thc library as neat as possible. A theater party to New York or to the Paper Mill Playhouse cliinaxes the year's activities. The Babysitters Club acquaints its members with the many responsibilities of good child care and develops in its members the necessary essentials for good homemaking. Girls interested in obtaining babysitting jobs may obtain them by joining this club. FIRST ROW". Ie!! to right: Miss N W'aIsh, Advisorg R. Colob, R. Ifrun ning, C. Summers, N. Kraus. C. Ca sotto, Presillentg E. Treiber, J. .la robs, R. Ivers. SECOND ROW: R SChll.'0iCRh!ll'df, J. Mukofka, M. W'ar lilfowski, N. Raub. Left to right: C. Malone, F. Collum C. Yofllowslri. I'ublir'iIyg P. Broad: foot. Presizlentg D. Isalfscn, C. Gould , R. Setterstrom, Secretary: R. Brun- ning, Mrs. Swaim, School Nurse. fv- ?'VkN .,f v-X , - T X1 5' '-r V7 x f A +L, Q..-L" l 0 I' 5 xt' i s 2. ' v Q-, Nc. A Pb K JUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES FIRST ROW, left to right: P. Siecewicz, B. Phillips, C. Della Volpe, D. Gormley, K. Keating. SECOND ROW: R.Sper- rluto, D. Anderson, E. Corgan, .l. Gallo, I. Mc- Clear, E. Lanphear. THIRD ROW: V. In- galls, I. Mitchell, S. Mil- ler, J. Meikle, E. Nanlfe, P. Bartolc, N. Hayden, D. Frazer, C. Toffey. SENIORS FIRST ROW, left to right: N. Ienikovsky, I. Steele, E. Kane, M. Mil- ler, L. Sandquisi. SEC- OND ROW: C. Casotto, K. Engelhard, I. Hay. den, V. Peterson, R. Schweiclrhardt. THIRD ROW: N. Sargent, R. Ceravolo, .I. Bianchini, C. Jacobson, President: A. Kirst, E. Wagner, F. Stecewicz. 49 The lmzlflcrs Club. wliicll is SPOIISOITWI by the llllN'Sil'lli I'i1illl'il1l0ll Depurlnlcllt. is com- prised of girls tllut are outstumling in extra- vurrieulzxr activities in zltlllr-tics. Br-siclcs fle- Y0l0Ilil1gI goofl sportsnlzlllship and promoting lvzulvrsllip. Illis vlulm Conrluvts illl0I'Sf'llOillSIiC activities in the form of Play Days IIITOIIQLIIOUI the year. LEADER CL B 11 1 i -fn If -V -1 . N, 4 vw- , F7 t7 f q , Q . X, X' rx - ' ff. . 1 A 4 f -mf ' N .- G " 9 L li 1 Q 1' qw, 5 J Q 4 jr' ef' '1' PW'-32581114 Q! "Ui-f .I Fl? Q2 "'s. ' i " 'N N- , ' lj' P- ,L il.. L' I ' lunior High Chefsi Club The Junior Chefs Club is composed of students in the Junior High who are interested in cooking and halting. Al- though it has just been organ- ized this year, the club already has many enthusiastic and tal- ented members. FIRST ROW, left to right: D. Rein, D. Minter, M. ,lanou'slfy, M. Gentile, D. Frank, R. Lempert, L. Weinberg, C. Shindell. SECOND ROW: R. De- lanev, R. Crandberg, W. Jacobs, R. Pettis, Miss D. O'Malley, Adviwf. lunior High Talent Club The Talent Club consists of students who have a particular- ly outstanding talent. ln addi- tion to performing at various club meetings, its members also have produced a ,lunior High assembly program and have made a trip to the Paper Mill Playhouse. FIRST ROW. left to right: A. Adam- oli, R. Bradford. Mrs. M. Lubben, Advisor: W. Ilulilc, Treasurer: R. Peters, Vice Presirlent. SECOND ROW: L. MeClear, D. Lasky, C. Fer- nandes, T. Albani. JI. Maealuso, I. Lowry, Seerelaryg I. Lorvry. Presi- clentg S. Morrison. J. Irers. F. Chlet- sos. C. Brierley. TIIIRD ROW: I. Daly, M. Maurillo, L. Rutan, V. IIar- vey, C. Kearny. lunior High Drama Club The Junior High Drama Club introduces eighth grade pupils to the art of drama production through the one act plays which are presented at the North Ar- lington Junior High assemblies. SEATED ON FLOOR, left to right: I. Bello, R. Van Buren. FIRST ROW: R. Fisher, G. Van Eylf. 'F. Ceravolo, President: Mrs. C. Manning. Arli--isorg P. Barnett, Viec President: M. Levin, Secretaryg D. Kane. SECOND ROW: F. Savage, .l. DePaIma, K. Tonner, M. Arbaclz. A. Rrummer. I. Matson, R. Mott, N. McCall, I. Moreno, I. Smith, S. Bleiweis. -1 Q L Qi. I ' 'iff'-5 1 ,Wal . 'I I, -ffmxk 72' ' if 0 . ifg j . 2 m 9. 1:4 NV an I. n J Edna Pardo and Kathryn Monohan .nl k Q -, .iw-a Kathryn Engelhard and Constance Bzondz Ruth Ceranolo May Queen Cfure Jacobson Pat Koes Carolyn Blumem f 1 if I I' fl-fl D r en vang G MAY Q EE Clare Iacobson ' z cl F ces Sfecewlc Q, s S t IN ly if-xt and her attendants -fx 'iw- 'F' 5 X Phyllis Hosking, Jean Paganelli. and Maryann Brook E 4 tit I h Ingber and Ele 5 7 X , 1 ., ., ., ! X . w4""w ' ' , ! -- 'L f 55- CAREER PAPER Axulum WINNERS ' 'Eat . l- ik Left to right: Robert Shapiro, James Sorce, Richard Trent, , ' V Ronald U'Loughlin. Ed Hakim, Mr. Falzuranu, Mrs. Foresta, ' A .Yarzcy lenikovsky, lxalhryn lfrigelliard, Carole Casotto, Arlene ' Kirst, Marilyn Miller. I3 f ' 1 1. X 5 - ,N I Bob , . xx f ,. "X 1. Qrd 'O 3' A ix 521' A E 1. Ord Auae Week -. M l RCC of I 1 ' Everlmg f-Playa" Q - Bergen mer for Eff! .X I N Bfum lx umefs ofa' ne. essay 'Eiggh K0 n LegE0t::1is ond ' C0 . Am?l1riS9'ne HO UR Basketball Group 1, Section II Champion- ship Awards for Dan Calabrese, Ed Hakim, Bob Brummer, from Coach Wilbur Ruckel. vgf ffj' Student Council President Ed Hakim conducting an assembly program. TC Ixathryn Ifngclharil, Robert Brummer, Michael Kurtz, I " Q " .luclith llayden, Eileen Mo- N" F - I riarty, Ed Hakim. 'K it ,- yu . 0-Q, Q 4 Q K 41 we 7 Nancy .lenikoL'slcy, Robert MvCilt'ery, Richard Trent, Judith Bianchini. Dot Senkozcski and Dave Sullivan. , fha wa. .-- I - . , , Aff X Xxx .5 lx, kv 1 'RA l 'K - - r "'x" XV 5 5 TERP ICHORE The Senior Dance - "Shou'er of Stars." Ed Wnuclf, Clare Jacobson, Marilyn Casella, John Rustia. K Q-1 s xx , - a I SLP Q My Q N fmg J C 1 a 'gh S- Sports aided our "family" co- educational program 'by provid- ing an exhaust valve for excess energy through exciting recrea- tional outlets for our family's members. Athletics an' w - .1 f btxf sf FOOTB LL -+131 E 15 141 . 1f451l 5- 351' ai FU' '5 ri? 517 'Z f.-1 1 ' , is 1 34 35 1 44 3 E Xi F Rudy Jacobson 152 hits pay dtrt. Tom Kelly snares pass and breaks away from tackler. 18-3 1 is 35 VARSITY FRONT ROW left to right N Romanoff J Rustza M Mousaw M Kurtz Captam Ed Haktm T Frey E Wnuclt T Kelly R Gaechle E Fisher .SECOND ROW 1 Cammett R Steele N Rtttuteger B Dabzlta IL Lindquist R Jacobson A Ballestero G Rowe I Bosco P bholslty J Colmo E Bambnck ust what would happen durm the football season of 19.34 no one could predict There were too mans lfS sur roundin this team which had lost 11 lettermen by graduation l'1rst of all the N lixlll s hid a new coach Mr joseph Tully, successor to Mr 'Nielsen who had retired after handling the football coachin duties at NA for 16 years Along with Mr 'lullw came an entirely new coaching staff which lncluded Mr laul Kelly Mr Rip Collins and Ur John lxaelm Another of the bl er ifs was the fact that the team w as swltchln to a Split 1 10I'I'lll110Il A lot depended on how well the players adopted to it. Thin s did not o too well for NA durin the first half of the season. Hampered by injuries to such mainstay lines- men as Bob flaeckle and Mike Kurtz the Vikings tied Wood- Rid e and lost to Clen Rid e and Nletuchen. Then with Caeckle 'md Kurtz returning andnled by the brilliant play of Laptain Ed Hakim at fullback and Tom Kelly at end the team cauaht fire and ripp,d Bloomfield Tech 33-0. St. Marys followed on a bitterly cold, fo y day which saw a penalty cost NA a tie. The score was 14-13 when Hakim went over for the tyinff extra point. However, an offsides vio- lation caused the play to be called back, and the second at- tempt failed. A victory over Hawthorne followed by a hard-fought loss to Bergenfield completed the season, giving the Vikings a record of 2 wins, 4- losses, and 1 tie, all of which does not indicate how well the team actually played. 1 1 X 'PZ Y 1 -iew Ol ' an 5 1 , Using llnemd KMTU Bob Gaeckle an 0 bar d Mike Mousaw Stop for n Rusiitl an riers. John Captain Ed Hakim has strategy meet- ing with Kseatecll Coaches Paul Kelly, Joseph Tullyg fstandingj John Kae- lin, "Rip" Collins. SCHEDULE N.A. Opp. 19 Wood Ridge 19 7 Glen Ridge 20 0 Metuchen 25 33 Bloomfield Tech. 0 13 St. Mary's fliutllerfordl 14 21 Hawthorne 14 7 Bergenfield 19 100 111 Tom Kelly Ted Frey 4? Ed Hakim and Ed Wnuck practice backfield magic. 5 t, XX 4 ,f' 1, VARSITY FIRST ROW, left to right: Ed Hak- im, Richard Hali- im, Raymond Sat'- age, Rudy Jacob- son. S E C ON D ROW: Al Mattos, John Calabrese, Bob B r u m me r , Captain, Art Mat- son, Ken Powers. 4- 41" BOB BRUMMER . . . All State and Group I First Team, All Bergen County Teamg Bergen County Player of the Yearg Bergen County Jamboree Teamg Captain, N. Y. News Bergen-Passaic Team. 4 I5 ART MATSON . . . Honorable Mention, Bergen County Jamboreeg Honorable Mention, All Bergen County. ml? ings' x.J E X1 3 f43Y If o 45 X' V 1 lxriiii I IX, Styx F44 ' I E1 ASKETBALL Wvith four veteran starters returning, North Arlington fans expected much from the 1951-55 basketball team. and they were not disappointed. Coach Wilbur Ruckel's starting five of Bob llrummer, John lialalmvse, Art Matson, lid Hakim, and Al Mattos, ably backed by Danny Calabrese, Rudy Jacobson, Ray Savage, Richie Hakim, Ken Powers, and Charles. Murkofsky, set out early to prove its ability. The first game was a preview of things to rome. the Vikings romping to a score of 100-54 with Brummer scoring 35 points. North Arlington won the next three games handily before being upset by Harrison. Brummer and Company then reeled off nine wins in a row, ineluding one over a strong Clifford Scott team. Scotch Plains ended the Yikings' skein with an 82-TT victory, reversing an I ED HAKIM . . . Bergen County Jamboree Team: Honorable Mention, All Bergen County. Wilbur Ruckel Coach 62 J. V. . FIRST ROW, left i ' - to right: J. Corbo, - R Nolan, G. Ieck, I Hakim, G. len- IHVIS, J. Colino. SECOND ROW : C Roland, R. Wa- lmski, A. Inlan- t , R. Mangine, C Murkofsky, A. l Springer, Mr. T. Hanlon, Coach. ll "' mer fights for ba I . - v - - at s Vikings break dolbn VlkmgS earlier Yiking victory. Wins over l'a-saic Yalley and Wiallington preceded the last game of the feafon againft Harrifon on N. Aff court in which the Yikings completely revenged their earlier defeat hy an 83-61 triumph, with lirummer scoring 49 points and smashing Andy Masfeyk previous school record of -18. This boosted llrummer's seasoifa total to 514. top, in Bergen County. The victory also gave N. A. a regular seafon record of 16 wins and 2 losses. North Arlington hreezed through the Bergen County Jumhoree with victories over St. l.uke's of Ho-Ho-Kus and St. Cecilia of Englewood in the preliminaries and Lodi in the finalf. The team thus hecame the first in North Arlington history to he Bergen County Champs, with llrummer scoring T8 points to set a new Jamboree record. Next came the N.J.S.l.A.A. State Championships which saw' North Arlington hecome Group l Section I Champs with a victory over Fort and then the defeat of Mountain Lakes and Frenchtown to put it in the finals against Ocean City. In a hearthreakingz. storybook finiah the Vikings lost by two points in overtime alter they had led throughout most of the game. lirummer scored 109 points in the four State Tournament games to give him T01 for the Season, a total which broke Sherman White's Bergen County scoring record of 693 which had stood for eight years. A 3'v31 32 our! GS Brum tart of fast br eak. V Dan Calabrese gg N-X - 1 34 Eels - L.-. -0-. , A ' Oomph ! ! ,vA YK Start of the half mile at Fifth Annual Booster Club Meet. Ed Wnuck crosses finish line with a five-yard lead. 95" . QW TRACK This year's track team had much uphill work to accomplish. It followed an outdoor track team that had won all but one dual meet. However, coached by Mr. Paul Kelley and Mr. Joseph Tully, the team upheld the tradition of a strong track team at North Arlington. Missing from this year's squad because of graduation were such outstanding performers of last years team as dash man Malcolm Mc- Farland, quarter-miler Ronnie Jacobs, and lllilCl' Yic Sommers. It took hard work by everyone to make up for these losses. Leading the team were co-captains Ted Trust and Ed Wvnuck. Trust excelled in the 100 and 220 yard dashes and in his specialty, the broad jump, in which he was Group I State Champion and possessor of the school record. Wvnuck regu- larly won the half-mile and helped spark the mile relay team. Other consistent performers in- cluded Bob Gaeckle in the shot put, Bob Steele in the mile., and ,lack Maltby in the quarter- mile. Perhaps the real reason for the teamls great success was the fact that while there were some individual stars, they were backed up by a well- rounded team that realized that each member had to do his part if it was to win. If the future track teams of North Arlington display this same type of spirit, the Vikings will continue to be one of the most powerful teams in its class. TRACK EVENTS AND PERFORMERS 100 yard dash-Ted Trust, Gil Jordet, Rich Hakim, Gene Pickel 220 yard dash-Ted Trust, Gil Jordet, Rich Hakim, Gene Pickel X 440 yard run-Jack Maltby, Brett Moore, Bob Gillow 880 yard run-Ed Wnuck, Dale Hart, George Paffendorf, Ron Trust Mile run-Bob Steele, John 'Rustia Mile relay-Jack Maltbv, Ed Wfnuck, Bob Steele, Brett Moore Shot Put-Ted Trust, Bob Gaeckle, Ed Wnuck, Doug Kientz Kientz High ,lump-Rich Hakim Discus-Bob Gaeckle, George Jenkins, Doug Kientz Broad Jump-Ted Trust 64 - u of A T W 'fu " ' A. ' ' W 'T fb sb I M- , - zlf Qt' ' A 14 W1 STANDING. Icft to right: T. Sullirun. Mmmgerg R. D. Hart, G. Iorzlet, Co-Captain E11 Wnuck. G. Jenkins, Walczuk. A. Springer. C. Puffemlorf. R. Gaecklv. I.. T. Wnuck, 1. Rustia, R. Steele. Coaches' Paul Kelly Ronmlm, D. Trvnt. R. Foruy. U. Pivlfel, C0-Cnwptain Ted and Joseph Tully. Trust. R. Ilalfinl, M. Srulrury. A. Prigge. KiNEELI.YG: 'N' :gy .-a+3:fu.,,' .- 49 T -AQ U Q Q : ' . . .TY "M K' ' 'I fi, C E xl. f xr- 1 , , V ,j7"N2:s':sj, x ' - - 'Wh-me -.,: : 1- 4' wwf. aff-16 A ii- , f . A ,, ,if , ,. .A i 'agf-45,34 Q, U ,E 'W 4 'fa-' ' Q --K- ' ,. - ,,, 4 -- ,4 i-uve A ,, ali. Q Q ., N '-L? " .4. L' .L x -' z- A "' 4123- 5 if " 'sl' . , 4 A Z ', 43- wk . N ' A Y . ' ir- 'P"'33f"5gla-1 . A - x ' , ,t..,?' It "PEL,-'T' y Nfwg - ?' ,r .3 1 ' ' ' . Co-captain Wnuck sharpens final kicking power. C01-appgin Ted Trust practices u-inning broad jumping form. 5 5 N1 Qian' .34 my Coach Collins and Captain Calabrese discuss Vikings' chances as Ralph Feniello anzl Henry Bruzza ivatcll game in backgrouml. Jimmy Sorce gives the signal as Mike Kurtz awaits the pitch. '- ' '4-Q . 9. - N. - - , A ,...A t- In his 10th year as North Arlington High School's baseball coach, Mr. Edwin 'fliipi' Collins once again guided his team through a successful season. As usual Coach Collins was faced with a prob- l8lllQ this time it was how to fill the big hole left in the infield by the graduation of last year's captain and short stop, Ronnie Gian- christofaro, and last year's second-baseman, Teddy Kent. Replacements also had to be found in the outfield for Charlie Buchanan, and on the mound for Greg Janis. However, the spirited play of Captain Dan Calabrese, Mike Mousaw, Mike Kurtz, Ted Frey, and Bob Brummer overcame these gaps. The schedule certainly was a tough one. It included games with such powerful teams as Roselle and Clifford Scott. However, Calahrcse and Company held their own. Unce again North Arlington participated in the Four County Conference which, in addition to N. A., is made up of Roselle, Roselle Park, Cranford, Harrison, and Clifford Scott. This is quite an interesting league to be in, and the competition is stiff. However, the North Arl- ington team showed it could hold its own. It was a hard fought season against strong teams, but when the dust had cleared, the Vikings had played baseball that they, and the entire school, could be proud of. Many of this year's players will graduate, leaving Coach Collins once again to rebuild. However, the talent on the present J. V. team and the coaching skill of Mr. Collins should combine to form another strong baseball team. Bob Brummer whips fast one toward home plate. 4 . x Av., . 1 x I, X! .l A X X ,f x . :UL lx. H Ylhyll K Hoi, l SEATED, left to right: I. Sorce, M. Kurtz. M. Mousau' Captain Dun Culabrese, R. llrummer, T. Frey, R. Mc- Gilvery, E. Deflngelo. STANDING: Coach Collins, P. ASEE LL , Bieclcrman, T. Haggen. E. Lenkiewicz, R. Jacobson, J. Calabrese, R. Savage. R. Feniello, R. Kuhfuss, H. Bruz- za, A. Smith. '--4, W . 2:5449-Hfc ' llfi I1 1 . . mv-,, Q... , -, ' - " "q'1"1""'L PER-f an-V . . . fwfr.-I as ,, ' 1 e 1955 BASEBALL SCHEDULE ,..' L E if "i" - ,A ' . : ts- -- - -1.- Aprxl N . . , Q" f 14 Clifford Scott Away l 'y A ' 21 Caldwell Away ' 23 Roselle Park Away ,N X 26 Harrison Home " 'gl ' Q'-' ' HQ, 28 Cranford Home I" ' May 2 Roselle Home 6 Hawthorne Away 12 Clifford Scott Home 18 Caldwell Home May 19 Roselle Park Home 24 Harrison Away 26 Cranford Away June 2 Roselle Away fe Mike Mousau: puts tug on Dan Calabrese at practice. , ky v El, 5 ft l F' , ffl 4 ,f iii, F 1- H. . , Q The winning volleyball team of 1954-1955 displays smiles of victory. Maryann Brooks teaches batting techniques to senior softball team. GIRL SPORT A well-lmluileeil sports ItI'0Q,II'illll proviiles your-rouml activity for ilu- girls ol' N. .-X. ll. 5. Volleyball. llasketlpzill. softball. uiskit. :mil tennis are l.t'Llllll'0ll LlliI'1li'llOllS ol' tliis program. Limler thi- ilirvm-lion of Nlrs. Sufi'- fens, llllb girls are given an 0ItIl0l'llllllly to purtieipzlte in lleanllliy mul 4-njoyulmlv l'eerei1- tion. rlltillll play ll'1lCllCS orgzuiiziition. sports- mnnsliip, and the co-ormlinution of work. Sports is u lrusic necessity for ll well-roimileil personality and Ll need which N. A. H. 5. realizes :mil meets. ' How to serve a tennis ball is demonstrated by Ann Bromlev. 11 5.35, E224 rapid volley is exchanged by Judy Hayden of the Leaders Club team and Kitty Monahan. .0 O - Senior girls gather around Mrs. Steffens for an informal talk. se . gi, Left to right: Pat Koes, Judy Hayden, Co-Cap- tains Christine Gonis and Kathryn Engelhard, .lane Meikle, Clemi Dob- son, Edith Kane, Camille Della Volpe, Una Ran- kin, and Angie Sciortino. -x xY: A . 'Xa ual HEERLE DER Left to right: Co-Captain Christine Gonis, Edith Kane, Co-Captain Kath- ryn Engelhard, Judy Hayden, and Pat Koes. ACROSS PICTURE, left to right: Camille Della Volpe, Kathryn Engel- hard, Co-Captaing Janie Meikle, Angie Sciortino, Clemi Dobson, Una Ran- kin, Christine Conis,Co- Captain, Judy Hayden, Edith Kane, Roberta Sandquist. D-Fi Editor .................... Co-editor ................... Associate Editors: Activities .......... Art .............. Faculty ..... History .......... Seniors ............... Special Copy ...... Sports ........................ U nderclassmen ............. Chrysalis Photographer Assistant Photographer Trust ..........Nancy Ienikovsky ........Lorraine Walinski, Eleanore Wagner ...............Marilon Lymm .........Nancy lenikovsky ..............Christine Gonis Kano Kathryn Engelhard .................Ricllard Trent ..........Rohert Shapiro ............Annette Vitale ............Ronald Sltwerski ...........Edward Lenkiewicz Business Manager ............... ..................... R nth Ceravolo Advisor ............................ Business Advisor ........ Subscriptions ................................................... Official Photographer ........... Publisher ...................... Mr. Winsor Nielsen Emma Audesirk .Mrs. Mary Davidson .Mr. Charles E. Todd, Todd Studios North Arlington, N. J. ....................Rae Publishing Company Montclair, N. J. s - 5,-.355 , 1- Q - 3, v I . This edition of the Chrysalis, product of the efforts of many and published by the Senior Class of 1955, is the 19th edition of the school yearbook. This year's book, largest and most ambitious yet undertaken in the school's history, will, we hope, provide much en- joyment for its readers. ' is. e se t f' f A A.. " Y' SEATED, left to right: Mr. Nielsen, Advisorg Christine Conis, Eleanore Wagner, Ted Trust. Nancy Ienikovsky, Ruth Ceravolo, Miss Auflesirk, Business Advisor. STANDING: Ronald Skwerski, Lorraine Walinski, Marilou Lyman, Annette Vitale, Edith Kane, Kathryn . Engelhard, Richard Trent, Robert Shapiro. Chrysalis Staff PATBUNS Mr. and Mrs. Walter Anderson Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Ascoli Mr. and Mrs. G. Bannerman and Mrs. Bertram Barker Jack and Nancy Bartlett Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Biondi Pat and Carmen Bosco Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Briante Mr. and Mrs. George T. Bromley., Jr. Mr. and Mrs H. Brown Mr. and Mrs A. Bnlmmer Mr. and Mrs R. A. Buckwald, Jr. Mr. and Mrs M. Casella Mr. and Mrs Robert Casotto Gerard T. Cedrone Mr. and Mrs M. Ceravolo Mr. and Mrs Joseph Cerrina Mr. and Mrs Vliiliiam E. Cleaver Mr. and Mrs Ted Cobb The Co-Ettes Mr. and Mrs Dominic De Angelo Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Davidson Mr. and Mrs Michael N. De Marco Mr. and Mrs J. Douglas Mr. and Mrs E. Dreesen Mr. and Mrs William E. Engelhard Mr. and Mrs William L. Engelhard Mr. and Mrs Sol Feinberg Mr. and Mrs Edward Fiore Mr. and Mrs Joseph J. Flimlin Mr. and Mrs Tilghman B. Frey, Sr. Mr. and Mrs Eugen Fruehwald Mr. and Mrs L. Caeckle Mr. and Mrs James Gallagher Mr. and Mrs H. Ceorgs Mr. and Mrs. Wfilliam Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gonis Mr. and Mrs. J. Hakim Mary and Emily Halliwell Mr. and Mrs. R. Hayden Mrs. Wilbur C. Hollands Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Joan Kelly Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Hyer David Ingber William Jacobs Harry Jacobson William R. .lenikovsky Fred Johnson J. Kaderis Joseph Kane Keene Philip Kelichner John Kelly H. G. Kettle William Kirst E. Koes Samuel Kraus I Mr. and Mrs. M. Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. E. Lawrence Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Lech Mr. and Mrs. E. Lenkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Lindquist Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Maiella Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Matson Mr. and Mrs. Curtis C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mcflilvery Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGilvery Mr. and Mrs. Freeman D. McManus Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Meyer Mr. and Mrs. John Miller Al Moore Mr. and Mrs. Tony Mottola Mr. and Mrs. VV. Mould Mr. and Mrs. D. Mousaw Mr. and Mrs. John Paciga Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Pearce Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pena, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pena, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peters Mr. and Mrs. Gustaf VV. Peterson Mr. and Mrs. A. Poplawski Mr. and Mrs. L. Rivas Mr and Mrs. Emest P. Ruggieri Mr. J. F. Rustia Mrs. J. F. Rustia Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sargent Mr. and Mrs. J. Sastre Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schoch Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sciortino Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Skwerski Mr. and Mrs. B. Smith Robert Smith Mr. and Mrs. N. Sorce Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stecewicz Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Steele Mr. and Mrs. George Stiehl, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Stuert Captain and Mrs. Arthur C. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Adam Swetz Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Tacv Toy Shop, Newark Airport Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Trent Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Trezek Mr. and Mrs P. Vitale Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Walinski Mr. and Mrs James Whittall Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williamson Mr. and Mrs R. P. Williamson Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Wnuck Joe Wnuck Mr. and Mrs. Harry Zondler B0 A Friend Lenny Aiello Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. Anderson Anne 81 Ivan Larry Antonelli Charles M. Applegate Mrs. Mary Applegate Mariby Bauder Mrs. Helen Becker Mrs. Phyllis Blumetti Evelyn H. Bone Mrs. H. Books Andy Bruscato ,Iohn M. Burke Nancy Lee Burr William Cain Mr. and Mrs. Cantalupo Mrs. Vincent Capozzi Isabel E. Capwell Mrs. Carrie Casey Frank Ceravolo ,51 Ralph Cerrone Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Collins A. J. Costa Anthony P. Costa Eileen F. Cunningham Mrs. Charles Daughton .lohn Detels Mrs. Rose Distel .loan Dreesen Lois Elsey George E. Flimlin Q Maryann Fraiese, '54 Vivian C. Fries Mrs. Helen Froh Mrs. Helen Gaeckle Robert Gaeckle Beatrice Genovese Mrs. L. Giancristofaro Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Godfrey Mr. and Mrs. William Godfrey Florence Grant Mrs. S. Gundaker William Hall Thomas ,l. Hanlon Peter J. Hartman 0STE Mrs. A. Hintzc Edith Hemberg Mrs. L. Hosking William Hroch The Hutter Family Sarah Ingber Edwin lsenmann Mrs. C. ,lacobus Richard E. ,Ienikovsky The Jorgensen Family George Kaderis, '52 Dorothy Kastner Mrs. Sylvia Katz Mrs. Carl Kaufhold Louis Kaufhold Charles Kauffman Mrs. Pauline C. Kearney Ronald Kelichner Mrs. M. Kerwin Herbert Klinger john Koes Edith Kvamme Russell Latimer Jerry Lenkiewicz Mrs. Charles Leopold Florence M. Little Local Carrier Company Mae Lubben G'Lucky Sevensw Bob Macniven Mr. and Mrs. William Mahaffey Mr. G. Malgady Catherine Manning Marietta Shop Mrs. Robert Martin, Sr. Norma McCall L. B. McCord Robert McGilvery, jr. Carol A. Meyer Mrs. A. Miraglia Arthur B. Moore Mrs. Arthur B. Moore Bowley Moore Gail Morlock Robert Morlock Mrs. Frank A. Mottola The Newell Family Owen R. Nutto Dorothy L. O'Malley RS The Ostrom Family Paris Pastry Sidney Parish Mrs. A. Potter ,lohn D. Price Mrs. E. Rawding The Rehnberg Family George Reinfeld Andrew Rivas Eleanor Rivas Richard Rivas Angela Romanelli Christine Rosser HRouges" Mr. and Mrs. Victor Russell Mrs. Gertrude Saf Mrs. Anna Salek Stella Schoch Mrs. Jack Schoonmaker Mrs. Marie Schroeppel Angela R. Scucci Ronald Skwerski Allison Smith Russell Smith Mrs. A. Stamoulis Walter Stanish-202 Joan M. Steele ,loan Sullivan Mary Lou Sullivan Mary A. Sweetin Mrs. E. Szymanski Claude Thompkins, Jr. Dorothy Trust Mrs. Jean Trust S. Vitale Salvatore Vitale Edward von der Lippe Arline Wagner Ronald Walinski, '57 William Yvhiston ,ludy Vllnuck Mrs. Dorothy WV right George Young Pat Young Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Zagorski Elizabeth Zingaro Joan Zondler, '53 va fl' Q99 nw., Compl me is of TODD STUDIOS 'IYRAPPIIIGF SCANDIA GOOD lUCK - 1955 CAMPBELL FOUNDRY COMPANY Harrison, New Jersey 4 Compliments of Kill Y SPRING!-'Il-'ID TRIICKING C OMPAN Y 1231 Harrison Avenue Kearny, New .Iersey 9 wifi qw ,ne KEarny 2-9000 Sargent Motors, Inc. CHEVROLET DEALER Corner of Hedden Terrace and Ridge Road NORTH ARLINGTON NEW JERSEY SERVICE OUR SPECIALTY . . I-'UREST DAIRY "Direct from Our Own Creamery" - Your Assurance of Quality H. H. NEWTON 17 Forest Street M. DAN NEWTON KE 2-3130 North Arlington, N. .l. MArket 3-1790 H. A. GREENE COMPANY SPORTING GOODS Serving the schools and athletic organizations of New Jersey with dependable athletic equipment for over a quarter century. Outfitters: North Arlington High School Athletic Teams 28 HALSEY STREET fNear Central Ave.J NEWARK 2, NEW JERSEY Italian Dishes a Specialty We Cater to Showers, Eanquets. Weddings, and Parties up to 100 ROMA RESTAURANT Pizza Served Every Night After 8:00 P.M. on Route 17 604 Ridge Rd. No. Arlington KEarny 2-9529 Telephone KEarny 2-3957 Mltchell 2-5277 KEarny 2-4452 DAVIDSON AGENCY, ERNEST CERUlI.0 INC. PLUMBING Sc HEATING CONTRACTOR REAL ESTATE 0 INSURANCE Oil Burner Installations NIORTCACES .Iobbing Promptly Attended to A. L. Davidson, 73 DEVON STREET P"'S"'e"f M. E. Davidson, 790 Broad St. NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. Se1"y.-Trvas. Newark 2, N. ,I 77 N? 'Gina Ii F K E M P MACHINE 8, T00l 27 PORETE AVENUE NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. J f . 0 ' A 1 -J . 4 1' uf 'Q A F. J. FIELITZ V , 1 CLEMENT M. BRIERLEY Director Hrierley's Funeral Service 211 Ridge Road North Arlington, New Jersey Telephone KEarny 2-0150 HOMEIITE CORPORATION 39 River Road North Arlington, N. J. KEarny 2-3500 SELL - SERVICE - RENT Generators, Pumps. Chain Saws COBB'S MARKET 85 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. Klifarny 2-0360 Qlf.-I LITY MEA TS EDDIE'S RIDGE SWEET SHOPPE COUNTRY CLUB ICE CREAM Biggest Sodas, Sundaes, and Malts in Town! 269 Ridge Road North Arlington KE 2-0446 KE 2-1037 NORTH ARLINGTON PHARMACY The WHELJN SALES ,-ICENCY Wiillium Wolper, Pharmacist - A We Deliver - l Ridge Road Cor. Belleville Pike North Arlington, N. ,l. PYROMETER TEMPERATURE SERVICE COMPANY, Inc. PROCESSING Inc Office: KE 2-2489 Charles Orobio CRYSTAl MONUMENT COMPANY 17-29 CRYSTAL STREET NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. S. Felsenfeld, B.S. S. J. Greenstein, Ph.G. EMERALD DRUG STORE Phone: KE 2-5987 Cor. Elm Street 368 Belleville Pike Arlington 79 4 14.55795 fc 4 1 . I 1 J' , J 4 --Q. - X Compliments of Prospect Avenue Delicatessen 203 Prospect Ave. North Arlington, N. J. William Taylor PLASTERING cozvrzmcron Good Coffee Horton's Ice Cream Fountain Service C h a t t e r la o x Props.-Nancy and .lack Bartlett Carmen and Pat Bosco 189 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. KEarny 2-9534 Grobel's Esso Station 450 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON, N. I. Compliments of E a g a n ' s NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. Bernie's Variety Store Next to A. Sz P. Super Market Toys -- Paints --- Hardware - Houseware 10 Ridge Park Drive KEarny 2-1214 Free Delivery KEarny 2-5829 H0'l'he'5e"'5 Wiener's Apparel Delicatessen and Grocery Store --C,,,dte ,O Collegett 53 Gold Street North Arlington 9 Ridge Road North Arlington Gallo's Meats 380 Belleville Turnpike Property Repair Company Painting, Decorating :Q General Contracting N h A l' N on ""g'0" ew Jmey 14 Abbott Place North Arlington KEarny 2-5099 Kearny 2-3281 , Holiday House laundry "We Pick Up and Deliver" Tuesday - Thursday t V I N G M0 KE 2-8844 Walter Falck, Jr., '42 92 Grant Avenue Kearny, N. .l. 148 Ridge Road North Arlington B0 HEnderson 5-6565 KEarny 2-5734 Service ---- Fuel Oil Coal -v Coke inch's ine uels 109 Wallis Avenue Jersey City, N. .l. Compliments of Spartan Sweet Shoppe 31 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON, N. .l. KE 2-9774 KE 2-4556 Free Delivery White Rose Delicatessen 1. c. and J. s. HORN 384 Belleville Pike North Arlington New Jersey KE 2-8880 The Landis Shops Ladies' dc Children's Apparel "Where a Smart Shopper Stops For Women 81 Children Value Tops' 45-53 Ridge Road North Arlington 2 GREAT STORES Pippy Gallo Johnny's Market 77 GOLD STREET NORTH ARLINGTON Mazur's Bakery "After All, It Takes a Baker" Specializing in Anniversary, Party and Wedding Cakes 323 Ridge Road 98 Ridge Road Lyndhurst, N. J. No. Arlington, N. J. CE 8-5168 KEarny 3-4194 Motor Tune-Up KEarny 2-9743 Nick's Sunoco Service Tires - Batteries - Accessories Belleville Tpke. 81 Devon Street Kearny, New Jersey Nick Motto, Prop. KEarny 2-2370 R. Pierre, Jeweler DIAMONDS 0 WATCHES 0 JEWELRY Fine Watch Repairing 15 Ridge Road No. Arlington, N. J. Tel. KE 2-9292 One of the Better Drug Stores Camera Supplies - Sporting Goods HGfdil19 Pharmacy General Merchandise Samuel Clott, Ph.G. - Samuel Weiss, Ph.G. 801 Kearny Avenue 312 Harrison Ave. KE 2-6615 HA 4-4327 48 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. Ice Cream Magazines Ridge lumber Company Lumber and Millwork vllluge sweet Greeting Cards M Luncheonette - Toys 241 Ridge Road KEarny 2-1828 North Arlington 18 Ridge Park Drive North Arlington Bl Miclzley's Market PRIME MEATS I FROZEN FOODS GROCERIES 0 FRUITS 0 VEGETABLES 858 Kearny Avenue Arlington, N. .l. KE 2-6222 Gild-N-Son Mfg. 8. Sales 4 Seasons Anodized Aluminum Combination Storm Windows and Doors 328 Belleville Pike Kearny New Jersey lilIy's Sportswear BLOUSES 0 DRESSES 0 SKIRTS 36 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. KE 3-5455 Compliments of Elite Barber Shop 285 Ridge Road No. Arlington, N. J. KEarny 2-3443 Dunn's Delicatessen 374 BELLEVILLE PIKE NORTH ARLINGTON NEW JERSEY Open Sundays and Holidays KEarny 2-2896 Night: KEarny 2-1765 Thomas Meloro 8. Son MONCMENTAI. Womcs 271 Ridge Road No. Arlington, N. J. Opposite Holy Cross Cemetery Thos. P. Goffredo, Manager KEarny 2 5724 Tremarco Coal Company BLUE COAL 0 KOPPERS COKE FUEL OIL 203 Ridge Road North Arlington N Congratu ations and Good Luck Graduates Jay Arnold Shops btvles for DAD N LAD 43 Ridge Road North Arlington Bonny Dell Farms 231 MEADOW ROAD RUTHERFORD N J 2-676 The Bottle Shop Delivery Service 592 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. I. Hours 8 am to 8 pm KEarny 2 7197 Thomas the Tailor CENTRAL CLEANERS First Class Cleaning Dyeing dc Tailoring Dress Well Press and Succeed 165 Ridge Road North Arlington N J KE 2-6185 Slip Covers Made to Order Otto s Decorators New Furniture of Every Description 575 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. Compliments of Frank Adamo Best Wishes of a A Friend Heartiest Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1955 The Peters Family Fristik 8. Degerdon Radio 8: Television Service KEarny 2-4369 269 Ridge Road North Arlington, N Compliments Of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Schleider .Iohn D. Crane 8. Sons FUNERAL DIRECTORS 241 Kearny Avenue Kearny, N Compliments Compliments of of Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Petersen A Friend Best Wishes Of Dr. M. Kessler Kearny Federal Savings and loan Association 614 KEARNY AVENUE ARLINGTON, N. J. North Arlington Office 49W RIDGE ROAD Compliments Compliments of of Mr. and Mrs John Pena, Sr A Friend 83 G1 1 Hu KEarny 2-0430 WaIter's Prime Meat Market 203 Prospect Avenue North Arlington New Jersey Ridge Park Barber Shop 16 RIDGE PARK DRIVE NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. Compliments of Brummer's luncheonette I6 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. Compliments of Sundial Shoes The Friendly Family Shoe Stores 364 Kearny Ave.- --Arlington, N. J. KE 2-9712 308 Harrison Ave. -f --Harrison, N. J. Kirk Catering Service 121 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. Kate's Beauty Salon KEarny 2-2289 843 Kearny Ave. Edlin's Prescription Pharmacy Ridge Road and .launcey Ave. North Arlington, N. J. Band Box Fashions Lingerie -- Sportswear Women's Apparel KEarny 2-6638 F. Humiston, Reg. Ph. 59216 Ridle RDI!! NO' Arlington KE 3,9537 KEarny 2-9812 KEarny 2-9649 leonard Marinaccio Terry's Sweet Shoppe Brick Work - Plastering D d Mlk T ki P Concrete Work ot an I 1 e uretz iw, rops. 37 Eagle Street North Arlington, N. J. 382 Belleville Pike No. Arlington KE 2-5627 Compliments of Dixie 8. Nick's Texaco Service 330 River Rd. Y- Phone KEarny 2-9738 Nonh Arlington "The Best Friend your car has ever had" Weltz Fuel Oil Oil Burners -A Fuel Oil 221 Prospect Avenue North Arlington 84 KE 2-9696 Delivery Service Acme Quality Food Market GROCERIES 0 VEGETABLES 0 MEATS FROZEN FOODS 98 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. .l. Klfarny 2-9759 Ridge Park Friendly Service 353 Ridge Road North Arlington KEarny 2-9051 KEarny 2-3926 Melrose Hair Stylist The Home of Smart Coilfures 146 Ridge Road North Arlington KEarny 2-6355 Parr's Florist Flowers for All Occasions 379 Ridge Road North Arlington Compliments of Berger's Dairy KE 2-7716 KE 3-9339 Infants to Teens Kiddi Haven 580 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. .l. Boys' and Girls' Wear Women's Wear Correct laundry Company Complete Laundry Service-Dry Cleaning Rug Shampooing and Storage PIES COOKIES Compliments of Joe's Bake Shop 578 Ridge Road KE 2-9384 22-40 Crystal Street North Arlington CAKES ROLLS KE-amy 2-8541 X-Ray Fitting 2,9629 Excellent p,,,kg,,g K r 0 U S e r ' S Rocky's Diner Sundial Shoes Breakfast - Lunch - Dinners Shoes for All the Family Florsheim Shoes Fast Clean Service Only Diner open 24 hours in No. Arlington 43 V2 Ridge Road North Arlington. N. J. H. Krauser North Arlington 11 River Road St Belleville Turnpike Congratulations Z0 Flemmg's Delicatessen The Graduating Class Sweet Box 203 PROSPECT AVENUE NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. North Arlington New Jersey 85 L I' . I 1 5 E: ...fv- NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS BOOSTERS CLUB President ....,... Vice President Rec. Secretary ........August Betz .Harry Jacobson Thomas Gilmore COM PLI M ENTS OF THE NORTH ARLINGTON BOARD OF EDUCATION o Carr. Secretary ...Joseph Flimlin Treasurer ....... H. J. Turner COMPLIMENTS M0ntcIair 3-1660 Edwin J. 0'Malley KEarny 2-5966 OF DR- O'MALLEY A- R- 5A"0R'T0 consmucnon COMPANY CONTRACTORS 0 ENGINEERS 15 BAY STREET MONTCLAIR, N. J. STUDENT COUNCILS of the North Arlington Hugh School HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL E dward Hakim President Camille Della Volpe Secretary Miss Emma M Audeslrk 1 r John Kaelln NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL P T A President ..,..... Mrs. Arthur Reichard Corr Sccy Mrs Rosario Macaluso Ist Vice Pres ..,.. Mrs. Leonard Barnett Rec Svc v Hrs Bernard Wasserburger 2nd Vice Pres ......,.. Miss Nancy Walsh Treasurer Mrs John Olandt HiSl0fllllH Mrs Alfred L Davidson THOMAS JEFFERSON SCHOOL P T A. WOODROW WILSON SCHOOL P T A WASHINGTON SCHOOL P T A -MW! 1 CODIIJIITIIQIIIG A P MUZZIU 58 ALI AN DRIVE NORTH ARLINGTON N J Compllments C USS Nohonul Honor Society of NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Preszdent .............,..,... Robert Shapiro Vwe Preszdent ..........,....... Edith Kane .....,.......Pat Koes Eleanor Wagner Eth el Kook Chris at Bert I - cHmuEAo:ns Edith Una Judy Angie Clemi Camille Meek Compdmenfd 0 Class of 19 6 The VIKING SAGA North Arlmztan Hugh School Offzczal Student Publzcatzon and Yearly Subscnpuon 50 cents Rlchard Trent Robert Shapiro CLARE YVONNE ANGIE AMY CAROLE BETTY Compllments o I' R I RUTH SCHWEICKHARDT CAROLE STEINMETZ SHARON MILLER Rec Secretary Chaplazn BETTY EINSIEDLER H istorzan IIEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS to the CAM 0 1955 from The Class al T957 The Class al T959 The Class al T958 The Class of T960 BETTY GLO ELLH1 PATTI SUSE CLARE MAR CAROLYN CHRE IIDEBONAURISII JUDY VIV PHYL RUTH ANN JOAN AR CAROLE JAN GRACE EDNA P. . , PHYL MARILYN IEANNE B. C""""'Q','e"'s JOAN RUTHIE SUSIE B. of ' e GLORIA H. JUDY BROOKSIE "vAaAaoNas" "l0AFfR5" MAGGIE G. 5 C. EDNA Y. 1955 FRAN D. ' DOTTIE S. POP FRAN PHYLLIS F. FLO S. ANGIE CONNIE WINNIE Y. MARILOU MARY LOU CARYL BERT BREN CYCLGNES ANDY UNA PAT JACKIE JUDIE FRANNY BABS DORIS LUCILLE BEST WISHES from 7 KEYS JEAN KITTY PATTY LAROLE 29 EDNA CAROLYN ANNE WL? wlwU EMR L60-7327 HFIHH7' Z dl R jam Zyfgvwff- fQ4oA.f JH HNPER5 N wg MMD QMCUMIW dx K Bwaww GAA bw? MZVLLW Q5 Sm GfWzZa?fQ.,zf2lb QTHNLEY Gmc YK -Gaim QJQQQWW-w fwm QW XCOWWVW C,,i,,,,,,,,,54,,,,,.Q,, LW! 'vwfff L4wd VZMWZ WX wwawlg swims cmd, 2-'fwfffmww So ! Fr o m .. . .. . , . Q X X am., ' f f- Q:-N----"""' Nj oN e k , 0 N 0 ,V J, , I! f f M9 . mx ' QUAD., 2- Q-Qfhd . 0 9 o 0 f - O O! KJ gf I . , ' , I v l I , afwf, ' . Af My I -L I A ,u-.xl w,A xr' -M' -,-.,ix 4 -H" xt, , -:fa-,. ' Q Q L 5 C N 'Of' ' Q ,:0..0 '40 ,tk'-,.,,,.u1,4,!, ' I I i X I ' . Q ' . 5 ... 1 1 Q s H 'l,..q.,0."q'?:,.n,,u lgg.5x ,,v..,,n, g, gg 'df , -.vial n v ' u ,1 Ulf.: 1lpl.,,,:v .-' f.0.'.'xIll0l ls. Q'..y-":,,gu lf:l. jl.', 0. gba .ia ' : I 1 5h.,' ,,35 . 6 0 , , --:v 'flfzw ,HTS Viv-j,,.,4 ,,,,:,ihL..bp-f'f Q -asf, ,f,1,.'QVq"". -u-Q1 ln' P x V Q, 1 s.Aliii' l We salute uur friend, School Nurse Mrs. Katherine Swaim, for all her kindness and hard work. ff .44 n..,,,, "nv-Q. i Mr. Todd in conference with Editor Tell Trust find Nancy Jenikovsky. The Chrysalis is proud of its repu- tation for having outstundingly fine senior portraits, thanks to Mr. Todd of Todd Studios. Uur Frien ds Sid, Al, and Ray Custodians three, Jolly good friends To you and to me. fl N. . V 4 a ... 1 J 1 1 i i I 4 1 i

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