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in-4 ,. Q. . K. vin- 'Y' '. .':-- X Qirk A J- -. , f-S--J,-V 2 ' ' - X E W f 5 'quiz 1 1 z N. 1 tm - 3 as gg NK , . . -14' 'wr' 5 3 1' ' 5' ' 4 , x gc Tr:-. N , uk... .i ' P'br-6-.e . ' fn-,, v ,-. T . -iw v- - . -,555 A sm-X - Jw vi, 2 2, QQ? ' . xv Q "fx N:-4 six . Q : -54. . s J . 'Til 5 -f ,., Ng XE N' , -.x X'-1. I X ' , 3 ft' i' Eggs ig? -fr S-,QW 1. ret N xg A.. "f: T22- i 4 Kb' L .. 4 1 QW' Q Q m Q. h N, T1ii.f1f'f3-gn , , :Q ' N-Q9 -3-1 4:11-wg 42522-I l ., .. ' Q ' N ':' 1 if ,if r 1' 5-K 'yr' I ' -V N31 H-.134-.'-gngggffl .F 1' L ""'-:Q 4.5.2- 1-' . - xll'ff'o gy fl fir-W, - -4 EY ,mm fix M A - A plz? iifi ' f , A f ffij i' f ' 'H-. ' '- f , - 1 2 - -- lx S P L ' if H E . f 5 s 3 1 1 K I Q . , , ,wma AIT? 3. K V ' A F x 5 7 L , f . 'S , , 9 ding. i E f -,"4L-" , aw A FA" . ,mix i 'VT VW,- The 1954 AL PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS When we came back from our summer vacahon Ias+ fall we me+ Na+ Arllng+on for +he +urs+ +rme He was en+erlng +he 7+h grade several days Ia+e because of d1f+1cul+y ln re+urnmg 'From Upper Neuras +hema where he had been a gulde for +ourmg school +eachers Provmg +o be a very precocious 7+h grader Na+ had In side of several days quickly explored +he school 'Fmdmg some remarkable pom+s of ln+eres+ 'I'ha+ few people no+lce Upon be coming be++er acquam+ed wn+h us Na+ asked 1+ he could show everyone some of 'I'he dlscovernes he had made Hrs urbane manner won our consen+ so now we would like +o ln+roduce Na+ ArImg+on who +hus 'hme serves as our guide while we +ag along behind hlm NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL w' NORTH ARLINGTON NEW JERSEY "5 . . I . . - . - 0 I f ' ' O 5 ,Q . af. llglmr: .I f 4 1 I SWB ' J?...-il fi I -i' ::. ' 5-T 'Q I 4 rr, A - " 1 1 DEDIUATIU To Mrs. Mary E. Davidson, our beloved Guidance Counselor, ieacher, and friend, lhe Graduaring Class of l954 hereby dedicaies lhis yearbook in recognilion of lhe kind assislance and 'rhe sound advice she has always given us. Alfer gradualing from Manchesler, Conn., High School, Mrs. Davidson Then alfended New Brilain, Conn., Normal School. Subsequenfly she received her Bache- lor of Science Degree from New York Universify in l929 and lalrer did graduale work al Columbia Universiry and Trinify College. Mrs. Davidson began reaching in 1937 in her home lown of Manchesfer. Mar- riage io Mr. Alfred Davidson broughl her career lo a Jremporary hall: in I94O she relurned lo leaching, This lime in our own Norlh Arlinglon where she presenfly leaches Malhemalics and Human Relalions and is head of 'rhe Malh. Depl. Mrs. Davidson, your friendly help and consideralion of all our needs as well as your skill in +he classroom makes each one of us indebled lo you. I+ is our sincere wish ihaf your luiure will be as pleasanl as you have helped 'ro make our pasl. Besl Wishes, "Ma," and many Thanks! CLASS OF l954 l The Superintendent n .rx 4 . X MR. HOWARD BRADFORD Superinlendenr ol Schools M ki i Beard ef Erlnentien lr is +he responsibilily of rhe Board of Educalioh, elecled by lhe cilizens of Norlh Arlinglon, ro rnalre The policies which guide lhe operalion ol The school syslem. The conrinued progress and innprovennenhiv our school syslem speaks well for Those civiceminded persons who serve lhe public in lhis sonfielimes dilliculhand lhanlcless raslc. We owe lhern all our Thanks and apprecialion. Also lo our popular Superinrendenl, Mr. Howard Bradlord, and ro lhe Secrelary lollhe Board of Educalion, Mr. Daniel DeGennaro, we wish 'ro express our qralifude for Their ellorls on our behalf. -CLASS OF I954 Sealed, lefr +3 r'gl'f: Superlnrenclerl' of Schools Howard Bradferd, Presidenf cf lhe Board Mille' Bi-acl Secreiary ha fre Board Daniel DeGennaro. Slbhdifgi Mr, Jaclc Ffnernan, Mrs. Alfna Wasserburqcr, Mr. James OConnell, Mr. Jeremiah Canalcy. ,. ,. r . 1 9 i 4 "To The members oT The gradu- aTing class of '54 go my besT wishes Tor a successful and happy liTe. As Teacher OT many oT you and principal oi all, iT has been a unique and happy privilege To have served you." Joseph J. Flimlin Principal ff ,Ll Admini tration Loolfing aTTer The welfare of a Tamily oT nearly 700 is cerTainly no easy Taslc. lT Talces endless planning and preparaTion To malce The wheels run smooThly. l3orTu- naTe indeed are we To have an adminisTraTive Team, headed by Mr. Joseph Flimlin, which works so eTTicienTly and sincerely aT This immense iob. CLASS OF i954 yn, 45 ' MRS. ISABEL CAPWELL Direcfor of Guidance We are happy we have such a sincere and Tireless DirecTor of Guidance as Mrs. Capwell. She is The guardian of our TuTures. M RS. LOTTABEL McCORD Co-ordinafor of The Junior High School Head of The English DeparTmenT Mrs. McCord has been a consTanT source of help To us, befriencling us as an English Teacher when we were freshmen and confinuing To remain inTeresTed in our achievemenTs. -.fe Department lleed MISS E. AUDESIRK MR, K, BRADFORD Business Educafion I N R Social Science 1' -6 ae' . MRS M DAVIDSON MR G FLIMLIN Mafhemahcs Scvonce meme "" I MR J FENCE Mn. E coLuNs Jumor Hugh Q35 .7 A MR. J DETELS MR. H FRIED'-ANDER MR. J BURKE MR. M DQMARCO MISS L FADDEN Mochanucal Drawmg Enghsh Meihomahcs Scueneo Scuence Junnor Hugh D j . . . W I . . 4: M ' N ' ir: . ar ' X S. . U ,Aff . . . . I f :A , 'R - 4. ' A 'K ' 4' '. Q .I , A L N I' 1 .af t ri , I gil? 4 M, X M R M BQ as MRS v mes Miss a GENOVESE Commercuel Husiory I5 ai MISS E KOOK Spanush MRS C MANNING Junuor Hugh ful ix 'Ui MISS F GRANT Englush Lahn MISS E LIMENFELD Commercual MISS P MURRAY Junuor Hugh -eng MR J KAELIN Junuor Hugh iN 435 "'x'2". X 5 R Mas M LUBBEN Junuor Hugh 'I' Phys: MR W NIELSEN Englush 'Q T- P KELLEY cal Educahon A I 1 Y- MISS D OMALLEY Mn A rummoosu MR L RECCHIA , Muss A ROMANELU Mk W RUCKEL Jumor Hugh Cgmmgrgugl Busunoss Educahon Home Economucs Mum: M if F 4-'Z Mm' MRS M STEFFENS MRS M SWEETIN MISS D TARANTINO MR P TOBIA MR J TULLY Physncal Educahon Mafhemahcs Englush French Shop Junlor Hugh 'RC 6' g in Uliar i MRS K TULLY MISS N WALSH MISS E ZINGARO Englush Husfory L'b"5""1" Musnc 'va MRS C CASEY Cafefena MRS F COBB Affendance Offncer t MRS D FRANK Sec fo Mrs. Capwell fi' 139 MRS I LOWRY MRS E MCMANUS MRS M SASTRE MRS A. STALB MRS K SWAIM. RN Secrefary Sec fo Mr Flumlm Sec. fo Mr. Fhrnhn Secrefary School Nurse LEFT TO RIGHT: Richard Thunberg and Doris Tiedemann lco- ediforsl, Kenneth Barneff lsporfs ediforl, Mr. Nielsen ladvisorl. Bernice Perref lclassesl, Jane? Kelly lseniorsl, and Frances Doherly lchiel fypisfl. The Chrysalis tail Maxwell and ary . - manaflef M - Audeiwh' BusineSS dvigor M55 . a . bU5m9SS Chief WP isl Fra M95 Doherty Our hard-worlcing yearboolc siall compresses lhe six-year high school record of lhe senior class info a compacl' chronicle conraining 84 pages. This seem- ingly impossible leaf is accomplished in a relalively shorr period of lime. ll is a huge, hazardous 'raslc involving lhe combined eflorls ol: many people who are laced wilh meeling angry deadlines wilh accuracy and imaginalion. Chief conrribulors lo This edilion of lhe "Chrysalis" have been Richard Thunberg, Doris Tiedeman, Janel Kelly, Eslher Ficlces, Ken Barnell. Frances Doherly, Bernice Perref, John Werner, Shirley l-lauer, Marilyn lngalls, Lois Elsey, Mary Milchell, and Anna Finsiedler. ln addiiion Miss Audesirlc and Mr. Nielson ol lhe lacully, Mr. Todd ol Todd Sludios and Mr. Rae ol lhe Rae Publishing Co. have all played necessary roles in lhe publicalion of 'rhe boolc. We sincerely hope you will like il. The Slaff 'sf' V, zf,1,.,,r 'iffifz 1 l 1 r'Zr'3-5 md -if J: 1.1 alfa 'ns f, ff" 'J .. "3 J nr., "' Na+ proved 'ro be a very achve 7+l1 grader ln Ociober he nohced ihai flwere was unusual achvufy among 'lhe semors so he followed 'l'l1em one day Lo and behold +l1elr deshnahon was Mr Todds phofo graphnc sfudno As Na+ slnpped m+o fhe cap and gown a surge of prude ran 'lhrough hmm For a momenf he fel? +ha+ he 'loo was a semor buf 'Hmen he realized ihaf has clamahc momeni' of aclnevemenl' had noi' ve? arrnved, so he dropped ihe borrowed robes symbolnc of success and refurned +o his normal self. secure in flue knowledge fha? one day he foo would be a mighry semor. . E N V ' ' fl. f E ' ll '-v," 1 '.l. - j . - C. 0- f ' , 01 L' V.-, Q1 5 ,ii ,blv '." Q ' .fin ' -. F -v,- A ' .4 ' - In a ac- ur r s, .Alf 141. Q 6 f' -, .arp-. ,"- 'rv "-"-"'t" 'f"' '. 7 - r 0. - F - , -5 riifg-3f',fi f l' r ussian + Th- J.,- 'j :5fl Y Y if t . . . ' . I D I U I , I . L . :Jf SAMUEL ANTHONY AMMIANO "Leave silence fo fha Gods. l'm only human." A swell guy . . . musically inclined . . . G-lee Club I and q-arfel . . . lakes a college prec course " 1 Q Q . . . "Sam" plans fo become a draflsman . . . C 'ols of luck. eLAnYs JOAN BAMBRICK L "ls she so quiel' and demure? Maybe . . . don'f be loo sure!" Swivel, friendly . . . good-nafured . . . always willing fo help . . . fakes a general course . . . "Glad" plans fo become an airline hosfess. 'We 23, 'L DIANE BIANCHINI "Rafher shorf, always neafg Full of mischief and very sweef." 'Dee" . . . very popular member of the senior class . . . acfive in girls' sporfs . . . presidenf of Leaders' Club . . . secrefary of Sfudenf Council in senior year . . . our shorfesl' cheerleader . . . hopes fo become a successful secrefary. SUSIE LOUISE BISACCIA "Her raven black eyes and hair Comb'ne fo form a wonderful pair." "Sue" . . . known for her laclc of heighl' and oufsfanoing walk . . . fun fo be willi . . . nice- looking . . . flag swinger for fwo years . . . her fine choice cf ciofhes proves she will be a suc- cessful designer. .- ' ' i., . 3 ' 'A 13 .'. .r "I N -is , .ily 5 l' ,,-.,.,, f i v.v-:tx KENNETH BARNETT "A perfecf friend and a pal we all admire: His characfer a blend of all we could desire." Friendly . . , has a keen sense of humor . . . member of Honor Sociely . , . acfive on Viking Saga and lhe Yearbook . . . Sfudenl' Council rep- reserlaiive . . . "Ken" hopes fo become a denlisf . . . we wish him luck. ROBERT JAMES BERRY "His love for sporfs will never die. And as a friend he's rafed high." Tall . . . conscienfious . , . "Bev" goes for baske-fball in a big way . . . enioys hunfing , . . Sfudenf Council freasurer . . . likes laughfer . , . has lhe makings of a fine engineer. ,go- 'ii elziors 1954 . , Wa'-"7MiJ'N5'! 4 N, THOMAS E. BOGDON fl ' at "Aihlefic fame, muscular frame, 6.. 1. i' Foo+beIl game, Tom's lhe name." . .f Popular . . . "Boogie" will be remembered as a ,ghd if - 4- ' rugged lineman . . . fakes a college prep course f 6' M 3. . . . his ambilion is fo be an engineer . . . lofs fix of luck lo a real friend. . ,ht M Qi s X .gf r 'UN- ,,i-ar. VIVIAN JEANNETTE BOWIE "Thai she is sweel. we have no doubl: Why she is quiet we haven'+ found our." "Viv" . . . aclive in girls' sporls . . . lakes a commercial course . . . quief, unassuming . . . dislikes orals . . . plans 'ro become a denial assisfanl . . . lois of luck fo a swell friend. ELEANOR LEONA BOYARSKY "No1'hing is rarer 'than lrue good na'lure." Good-nalured . . . "El" is well liked . . . acfive in girls' sporls . . . 'laking a commercial course . . . plans fo be a secrelary . . . we wish her luck. EVELYN BONE "To know her is fo like her." Usually quief . . . lhoughllul . . . "Ev" pursues a general course . . . enioys gym . . . plans io go 'to college . . . a +eacher. has greaf hopes of becoming ,vs 'US 1 QL. , I JEANNE BROADFOOT "Whal"s 1'he lhoughf if if doesn'f include a man." A-s.i "Jeanie" . . . preffy . . . blonde . . . in her fhree years ai N. A. she has become aclive in girls' sporfs and class dance commiffees . . . ardenf baskeiball len . . . has a liking for Kudo . . . lofs of luck 'ro "Jeanie" as a secrefary. :af-i .s-1, JUDITH CAROL BROWN "l+'s early fo bed and early fo rise. Thai makes one sick 'lil fha dey she dies." "C" 1 2- Full of fun . . . known for ihef "half-awake" look . . . historical novels infrigue her . . . "Judy" has many friends . . . lakes a college prep course . . . we wish her luck as a primary feacher. , 1,3-I Y , ,MV ,.,xfi1"' Il elziors 1954 CHARLES PAUL BUCHANAN 'Xp 1: fa, l ve otten regretted my speech Never my sxlence uxet has an appealmq personallty sgghkfs baseball enthuslast trwendly smnle Q Q wush Chase success rn hrs chosen career as a machmnst . JAMES CANALEY X Laughung and tallung all the clay He always has someth ng funny to say Nice to know artlstuc Jam as been a member of the track team for the past three years takes a college prep course plans to become a teacher W' MICHAEL ROBERT CASELLA The man who loves to laugh Must surely do well Good loolung fun to know hustorlan of the sensor class member of the Student 9, Council tor two years hrs abzlnty and per 'Vx Q sonalsty are sure to make htm a bro success HAROLD CH RISTMAN .f-off "" Happy am l from care l am free Why cant they all be contented luke me Lance came to us from Roselle n es wrestlxng handball and tencmg fruendly actnve an class dnscussrons he plans to be a chemical engmneer good luck "N X MARGARET DUFF COCHRANE A pretty gurl wnth a baton Always ready 'lo march on Well luked by all attrachve Maggxe I5 achve m Leaders Club twlrler for four years we know her abnhty an the commercual tleld will quahfy her as a successful secretary JOHN WILLIAM COKLYAT Q., Henght ns no hmdrance l can see the upper crust too Fnendly good natured has oral talks reflect hrs wut always ready to laugh en oys snnglng xn Glee Club takes a college prep course plans to become an electrical engmeer we are sure he wnll be successful H EIZLOV5 19 . H ' I f 'A . .V . ' ' . . . we A Q 'Q . 1 au I. ,, 1 . . . if ll V' 4. , Q ' QV . . . X Ji ' iq' . 4 X B- , as ' R '- 7-W K ' A. " ' ..:I'k li We e' e ec , W-, OA. M ce, as so ee t .. . . ,,g: fi:l' f l l - I' v I 'D I H ' H 1 it ,y,r, , . 'N Sing ' ' a W .. - - - t 5 . -" i 1 . D. . . . . . X ' . res .."W , f 1 6 . ids ' A H-f ROBERT B. COLLINS "His limbs are casl in manly mold, For hardy sporls and conlesl bold." Good-nalured . . . popular . . . winning smile . . . "Collie" excels in sporls . . . ceplain of 'uric' ' loolbell learn in lris senior yeer . . . sure lo be successful as a businessman, f W1 , fvfif - in-r eeokee WILLIAM cook . . S N ,X ig "ln beslcelball he did his perl, I, ' He played lhe game wilh ell his heart" ii- 4' 7 '4-,L 4 , I' ' I As willy as lhey come . . . "Kudo" . . . alhlele 2 is , 4. ,sw I 1 K YOLANDA D'ADAMO "Quiet sweel, and debonair. She doesn'l seem 'ro have a care" Pleasenl' lo 'lellc lo . . . wonderful lo know . . . "Lonnie" has gorgeous blaclc hair . . . friendly lo all . . . is ocllve in sporls . . . her lalenled lingers insure her success as a lypisl . . . we wish her lhe besl of luck. CARMELLA DELLA VOLPE "Willa a dance and a song, She will live her lile long." Never al a loss for friends . . . "Millie" will be 2 remembered for her singing . . . very aclive in girls' sporls . . . vice-presidenl ol Leaders' Club . . . She's sure fo be a big success as a vocalisl. ol lhe class . . . likeable personalily . . . vice- ,Mh presidenl of lhe senior class . . . sure lo be suc- 'UN 'Qs cessful as an engineer. if f.1:+..., '-'-P.: RALPH MICHAEL D'ANTICO "Ralph, a new boy in our class, A friendly person who makes 'friends fast" "Riff" . . . came lo us in his senior year . . . liked al once by everyone . . . spends mosl of his spare lime al hunling or boaling . . . lakes a college prep course . . . we are assured of his success as a business man. BERNARD LOUIS DISTEI. 6 1111 v .. . my? ,,, Barrys really one swell guy. e ,.,' ' if -f " And as a friend he's raled high." sv .vi 1 ,,,. Q "Berry" , . . friendly smile . . . quick-willed . . . gay . . . 'everybody's friend . . . plans include ll-ie Air Force and a business career . . . weflnnow he'll be successful. elziors 1954 13 FRANCES JOAN DOH ERTY "She has a smile 'llwa+'s lull ol lun, And a disposilion briqlwl as sun." A swell friend io all . . . a very capab'e caplain .5 55X ol live 'lwiriers . . . 'fakes pleasure in flue achieve- ji' I, menis of olbers . . . "Fran" is a member of Honor 'lm' 'A Sociely . , . will surely succeed as a denial assisfanr. A- '-. BARBARA LOUISE EICKE "Slwe's prelly io walk wifln, willy 'fo lalk willm, And pleasanl' lo lllink on." Dresses immaculalely . . , has an irresisfible per- sonalily . . . wears a conlaqious smile . . . is very aciive in sporls , . , we know lner charm and grace will lead "Babs" 'lo success as an air line hosless. K -fi JOSEPHINE EMMA "Always sweer, always kind, Always quiei' and refined." - Looks quief, and yer- . . , a wonderful companion .' . . "Jo" is very alhlelically inclined . . . mem- ber of 'rhe Leaders' Club . . . fakes a commercial course . . . we know slwe will make some lucky executive a wonderful privale secrefary, i ie Luuwie sas lf "A fellow wifh pleasant ways. Willegsgfsuccessful all his days." A swell pal . . . avid "ham" radio fan . . . liked by all . . . "Lud" lakes an inieresl in ofliers . . , plane io aflend college and become an elecfrical engineer with his knowled e of a cerfain '4l ., . . . g Ford. we knew he will succeed. 'v 'N ' in' x ' 1... K 'sl . 9 if .N E ei- WAQ .. ., ....- ,W .....,. ... ., ANNA M. EINSIEDLER "She looks like an angel and acls like one, foo, Bul you never can fell wha? an angel will do." Very aclive member of many clubs . . . Honor Socieiy . . . swell friend . . . "Ann" lakes a general course and plans lo become an Enqlislw Teacher . . , we know slne will be a success. LOIS KATHRYN ELSEY "Work lascinales me: l could sir and look af ir lor hours." Friendly . . .sense of lwumor . . . member of band and orclnesfra , . . library council . . . Tri-Y Treasurer . . . "Lo" is raking a college prep course . . . plans lo become an occupafional llmerapisl . . . we wish liar luck in llie luiure. , 'IL 5 , iv i. .ic fix A , l i eniors 1954 fi 4112: If T' ESTHER LEE FICKES To draw lo skelch fc paanf ls my delaghf uae+ arl slacally anclaned fakes a college prep course member of band on year book sfafl Es plans lo become a nurse we know she wall succeed True moral as lake a raver The deeper 1+ as lhe less noase at makes Hank quaef lakes sporls personalaly warh muscles lr endly and popular presa denl' of Honor Socaely an senaor year a fer college plans fo be an enqaneer we wash ham luck PHYLLIS ANN FABIANO Charrnang lavely and pefafe Af lhe paano she cawf be beaf a sancere dependable has a flaar for nace clothes capable lwarler very achve an school aflaars her good looks wll aad her an a career as a model 311 JOAQUIN FERREI RA Men of few words are fhe besf men Reserved quaer and easy goang member of 'lhe bard and ihe foolball learn we wash ac cess n fufure ,I rs as an counlanf gm K,-Q5 MARYANN FRAIESE Q, We-e rms? Frrendly and sancere are her ways One of ihe quaefer members of fhe class Mare as acfave an g rls sports member of the Leaders Club actave on dance commaHees dp. we wash her success as a fypasl' 2 l- as mam smoaua eALa.o Shes preify 'ro look ai pleesonf lo hear And very ansparang when leadang a cheer Full of unendanq pep Maria as aovaal and good nafured always 'ralkang very acfave an Cheerleadang garls sporls and Leaders Club we know she wall make a wonderful home maker EIZLOVS I9 ,X ' ' D . t ' D . . . jg a ' ' V. . HP ' as X y "J k" suc i his -ea. g g ac- HENRY afaeurz s I 5 H.M -.,- .., "x we Ihr, . I Af cs--aa as-, N as of .- 5 .t H I h . 'H ' Q' 0' - . , y JANE ANN GEMMELL "Jusl a pal, lcind and lrue, A loyal classmale 'rhrough and through." "Janie" . . . well-liked by all . . . a good friend lo have around . , . very aclive in all girls' sporls . . . member of Leaders' Club and G-lee Club . , . Senior Class Secrefary . . . Janie's ambilion is lo be an accounlanf. RONALD GIANCRISTOFARO "By dillerenl' melhods diflerenl men excel. Buf he's lhe one who does all lhings well." One of The smaller members ol our class . . . quick smile, popular wilh everyone . . . "Cris" is caplain and "shor+" slop on 'the baseball leam . . . four years as class presidenl' . . . sure lo be a successful cerlilied public accounlanf. K , 5 , new K ii i JEANNE DARLENE GRINDELL "Sugar and spice and everyfhing nice: Thafs what fhis girl is made ol." "Jeanne" . . . cule . . . known 'for her fasfe in clolhes . . . flag swinger . . . member ol Tri-Y . . . avid gum chewer . . . plans fo furlher her educalion in college . . . lots of luck. GLORIA SWEET HANCE "Noi quiel, nof loud, noi' shorl. not fall, Bul' a swell combinalion ol lhem all." Lois of school spiril . . . lrequenlly inhabils Eddie's . . . has a yen for lots ol fun . . . acfive on girls' volleyball, solfball and baskelball leam . . . lols of luck fo "Glo" as a secrelary. I' R iq 1 4 sf l g, l fi --,- ..,.,,,.-,,,.,. - DORIS GOETCHIUS "l-ler very lrowns are fairer far, Than smiles ol other maidens are." Our lair-haired beauly . . . a Sludenl' Council allernale in her freshman year . . . aclive in girls' sporls . . . 'lakes a general course . . . "Ge+ch" plans lo become a secrelary . . . we wish her well. FRANK GOSZTYLA. JR. "Good sporl, good friend, good-na'fured." Well-lilced . , . a smile 'lor all . . . has a flair lor malcing people laugh . . . "Whimpy" ialmes a college prep course . . . his main desires are lo become' a certified public accounlanf and lo see 'the Dodgers win a world series. 'PF-. ', S 4,21 C' eniors 1954 V . 1.6.65 g C Q f ', up if f, - ?'f4i J ..i4A., . f.. '1m1'ff23iL" Q-if - i-ivy-'QQ 2'.-Mini' ' ' 172' 0 'V '-gel' , 1 .Ni ' SHIRLEY DIANE HAUER 11 . 5 dl "She has rhythm in her teet. - ' ,Q ' And music in her soul." ,f f' V A f Z I Friendly . . . attractive . . . dependable . . . ,-1, talces part in May Dey . . . member ot Tri-Y F , - and band . . . loves 'Food and money . . . her C winning way is an asset . . . her ambition is to 5 3.1 , be a dancer. Q.. f "'S.., GEORGE HENDRICKSON it , "Mildest manners adorn the gentlest hearts." Fun to know is our musically inclined George . . . l president of Radio Club . . . plans a hitch with 1 the Navy . . . afterwards to become an electronics 5 L engineer. 7 ,' f Q i les ,, W--- J- DAVID D. HOLLAND Q ,I "Actor, adventurer, all rolled in one, ' A And a swell personality second to none." 1 5 , I' "Mucho bassou . , . wears a tritz . . . popular Q' A i and friendly . . . "Dave" enioys a good iolce W . . . active in Student Council and on the football L Q team . . . we wish him success as a contractor. ff l ROBERT HosKlNe 5. w-.W "Never serious, never a frown, V Nothing in life can get him down." , A ,mg 4 Friendly and sincere . . . "Bob's" main interest Ee, l X is the drums . . . member of dance band . . . 'U 5 17 , sings too . . . his future plans include the Air - I i fy Force . . . he hopes to become a draltsman . Y - :Ai . . , we wish him success. ' Q X, ' 4 . , if D, , MARllLYN ANN INGALLS asf' " if 1 ' "A maiden of stature tall, A iovial friend among us all." sag: Zi 'ln- Good-natured . . . always smiling and witty . . . musically minded . . . "Lynn" talces a college prep course . . . plans to become a lady in white . . . not a nurse, but a doctor. S- RONALD EDWARD JACOBS "Time for laughter. time tor fun, But never leaves his work undone." A swell personality will take our "Jake" tar f . . friendly sense ot humor . . . president of Student Council . . . takes a college prep course . . . intends to enter the professional tield as a first- rate doctor. elziors 1954 17 GREGORY HENRY JANES "Happy-go-lucky. debonair, Facing lite without a care." Not a worry in the world and everybody's friend is "Otie" . . . his arm is an asset to the baseball team . . . sense of humor . . . plans to attend college and then own e business. JOSEPH E. KARASIEWICZ. JR. "A tall body leaves room tor a big heart." "Joe K" . . . the quiet type . . . known for his basketball prowess . . . has a weakness tor Jaguars, stock cars, and pro-basketball . . . sure to come out on top in whatever he does. ' ? l l AE c ,ffi " .- ..4. . , I' ,M-5 1 , , 4-D' ' Ulm fl""" c Q Q mi Q., 'QQ- 'Q-...,' . H , 4, Y -1 's ,... l Q WY. li .4-1' is "5s if LORETTA SUE KELLY "The fairest garden in her looks, And in her mind the wisest books." "Lo" . . . likeable . . . pretty . . . active as a twirler tor two years . . . our attractive drum maiorette . . .smember ot Honor Society and Glee Club . . . her ability to do things well qualities "Lo" as an efficient airline stewardess. THEODORE A. KENT "He's tull of mischief and of fun. A fellow liked by everyone." ' "Ted" . . . one of the smaller but livelier mem- bers ot the class . . . a hustler on the baseball 'diamond . . . active in the Student Council . . . with his winning ways he is sure to be a successful businessman. A if iam- 5 de i s ,ri 1, xx J.: 1 -z FRANK KAVESANKY, JR. "One of the boys, and one of the best." "Sanky" , . , quiet and unassuming . . . likeable . . . ardent Dodger tan . . . takes a college pre course . . , we wish him luck as a photographer JANET MILLAR KELLY "She has found the road ot' ambition, Which leads to the road ot success." Known as the Hcendyebar kid" . . . capable . . sincere . . . active in glee club . . . Tri-Y chaplain . . . member of yearbook statt . . . we're sure "Scotty" will become a successful research tech nician. elziors 1954 , ,... jaw' , h I L oz.. ' A' 'hi J if Fond of dress fonder of dresses" Chuclco The Sefurdey nighl flash . . . al- ways good lor a laugh a hf with ihe girls Glee Club men plans 'ro eifend college he is sure 'lo be a successful businessman. Jus? fhe righf combinafion of all 'thai' is fine." Well lilced always ready wifh a willy remark 1 Mac loves 'ro clown around capable fraclc caplain ioolball vice president of Sfudeni Council w wish him luck as a dvr " ROBERT A. KOPET fi A Q, "Women are my trouble, ' fu- But frouble is my middle name." f - ft, i 5 g Secaucus imporl . . . popular. especially with ' M J fhe girls . . . fond of baslreiball and lhe "Knicks" ' . . . "Bob" hopes lo aflend Annapolis . . . he ! is sure fo be a success in whafever field he chooses. DOROTHY ANN KRAUSS "li"s nice fo be naiural. . lf you're naturally nice." ' "Dolly" . . . one of our quief classmafes . . . member of Viking Saga for fwo years . . . dis- likes oral English . . . plans fo enfer the clerical field . . . we all wish her luck. Kirk, 'rf' .fi , A. 4 vb ' 7 , 1 h Q ' i .Effie 'Q . W 1 ' ' x K lr . -...,,-..f-- - -N., - -Q--v-w -,., ,..- , Q... V JANICE MARIE MATHIESEN "A pretty girl wifh flashing eye. And smiling lips fha? never sigh." I Nice fo know . . . swell personality . . . "Jen" 'fakes e general course . . . acfive in girls' sporfs . . . member of dance commiflees . . . plans fo become an in+erior decorator. BENILDE MATTOS "She's ihe wisesf of the fair, And 'lhe fairesf of fhe wise." "Nilde" . . . wonderful girl . . . lofs of fun . . . liked by everyone . . . aclive in girls' sporfs. a member of various clubs including Honor Socieiy . . . "Nilde's" abilify and personaliry will ceriainly aid in her career as a secrefary. WEP' EIZLOVS 19 I , , , , MQWYQ . 9, MARY MARGARET MITCHELL "Some+imes serious. more oflen gay. Charming and sweel in every way." "Mitch" . . . secrefary of The Leaders' Club and Honor Sociely . . . aciive in sporls . . . pleasanl smile . . . friendly . . . iniends 'lo enier ihe sec- relarial field . . . we wish her The besl. ROBERT G. MORE "A smile is conslanl' in his eyes. Bofh boys and girls his friendship prize." Willy . . . friendly . arfisfic . . . ialces a gen- eral course.. . . Sfudenr Council alfernale . . . played baslcelball in his freshman and sophomore years . a member of The class dance commiifees . . . arf commiliee for May Day . . . plans lo become a Commercial arlisi, . M :ff .f-:fa u 8 my A l" ga l 3 T R gif, at Q rrf 5' l ' 'Nv- f ZIZLOVS 19 6- 'ln...'- s.. WALTER LEWIS PASCIAK. JR. "Some fhink fha world was made for fun and frolic. And so do l." "Skippy" . . . loves ialopies . . . 'ovial and mis- l chievous . . . member of fhe frack 'team . . fakes a general course . . . affer "Uncle Sam" plans 'io become a skilled draffsman. BERNlCE CLA!RE PERRET .UA pleasure lo know and a ioy fo behold." Niece" . . . personalily plus . . . showed her school spirii' by lwirling and cheering . . . presi- denf of Tri-Y . . . well-liked . . . acfive in many clubs . . . she will cerlainly make a wonderful nurse. JAY NORMAN NELSON "This very afhlelic boy we find, Excels in sporls of any kind." "Nei" . . . hanosome blonde . . . an assel lo football and baskefball feams . . . easy-going . . . likeable personelify . . . ambilion fo become a successful engineer . . . we hope il is realized. i THOMAS O'NEILL "l am happiesl When farfhesf from my pen and book." "Tom" . . . faking a general course . . . would like 'lo be a phofographer . . . aclive in marching band . . . member of Audio-Visual Aids Club . . . we know he will succeed. 7x 199 5 -5 T: ,.., - B-f 's...... , .f1s'j'cgzf!rs' JOHN PERRONE "There are some silenl people who are More inieresling fhan fha best lalkers." Oflen accused of being quiei' . . . John is well- iked . . . 'lakes a general course . . . likes Eng- lish . . . his plans For lhe fufure include being a machinisl' . . . we wish him success. Wx G- "Hey- EMILY rmro "Good things come in small packages. Bu? so does nilro-glycerinef' Shorf . . . cule . . . wiffy . . . a member of 'rhe Leaders' Club in her junior ancl senior years . . . acfive in girls' sporfs . . . "Em" 'lakes a com- mercial course , . . we're sure she'li excel as a secretary. elziors 1954 A 21 22 VIRGINIA MAY PRZYBO ROWSKI Youve pleasanl ways abou? you The lund ihal' wrs a friend Qunef frnendlrness all her own achve an grrls sporfs drslrlres homework and early classes marrrage ns Gmnxes ambuhon DONALD ROBERTSON For hum fha world would hold no goys If rn uf fhera were only boys Mnschrevous an oufslandmg alhlele Slrclrer lrlres a good yoke and mce lookmg rs mambo lung frrendly smnle after college plans fo become a gym ieacher f WRX Brig' X i WILLIAM R SCHAD A lnrlle mrschnef full of Fun Cerfamly lrked by everyone 1 good loolung wonderful personalnfy wlnnmg smule brurssng end an Foo? a plans vnclude college we wrsh hmm success as a drafisman BETTY ANN SCHINDER Dazzlmg eyes a pep fhafs rare And a smxle 'Phafs charmrng beyond compare Cheerful Bef excels an all gxrls sporfs our very peppy cheerleader member of Leaders Club we know she will be a bug success as an assrsranf accounfanf 'T' si 'U 5 M04 'R ' JOH N EDWARD ROSE A swell and quref lad ns he Always remembered wrll he be Mrld mannered and qunel Jac lakes a general course plans fo be a dralfsrnan would llce io breed horses known for has wnnnnng smlle we wash hum well JAMES KENNETH ROWE A wonderful guy +rue of hearf Wu? ham well really hale fo arf Porky well lcnown popular good. loolung foofball player for fhree years Sfudenf Councnl represenfahve and Sennor Class Treasurer much success lo hum as an engineer ZIZLUVS 19 lt 1 XO. A ., . IZ, ""r ' . . . ' . . . . f , l h h . - - , X gi ,Y . .B . - . - . t, X 433 V V 'l L' ' .2 .. . . fir - 1- .- G .. . ' ' ' . . . I.. l l H gal..." .ffA' X N - Q37 rw., X A A , -" N 5. fr' . ' 'Rl "" 5 X I H ul ll . l I I P A-H l Q a Y .,,, E Y .will . . . ' 'Y ' , "all" . .. . ' . .. I ' 'Q Q b u . . . . ' . . . ' ' A-"QQ 3 ' G s Y 5' x A ' RT . , . ,, : ""' . I lf . Q' 'DX 'F-be FRANCES ANN SCIORTINO "She is iolly and carefree. As ihough life were a pleasanf game." Cheerful and friendly . . . "Fran" is Ireasurer of Leaders' Club . . . faking a general course . . . loads of fun . . . we know she will realize her ambifion fo become e medical essisfanl. DOROTHY HELEN SENKOWSKI "Good looks are a greaf recommendafion, ln fhe business of mankind." mi "Dol" . . . short . . . laughs easily . . . can be seen rushing fo work in the offernoon . . . loyal member of the Vagebonds . . . has parficipafed in girls' sporfs and Glee Club . . . sure fo be a success in her chosen field-a secrefary. --,.-.-.V-M- --- A --Y - ELAINE MADELINE SERVIDIO "Sweef voice, sweef ways, Always a sweef smile." Cufe . . . friendly . . . nice fo fall: Io . . . "Laine" is faking a general course . . . she plans fo go 'ro -business school and become a secrefary . . . we wish her success. PATRICIA SHANNON "Blond hair. blue eyes. And a golden disposilionf' Our very affraclive cheerleader . . . always ready Mff6r fun . . . lakes parl' in girls' sporls . . . plans fo enfer secrefarial school we wish "Pal" Iols of luck in her chosen fieldb P in T5 ARTHUR JOHN SMITH "A Iiiile nonsense now and Ihen, I ls relished by fhe besl' of men." Even-'rempered . . . a good sporl' . . . always '. willing fo help . . . "Tex" fakes a college prep Q K course . . . member of 'rrack feam . . . foreign languages are his "meal" . . . we know he will I succeed as an ambassador. A' C' L X- wzr sf S vicron sommsas I "A fellow wiih a smile. ls a fellow worfhwhilef' sail I Peppy . . . sincere . . . known for his successes on the Iraclc feam . . . "Vic" is a ialopy en- lhusiasf . . . fakes a college prep course . . . he is sure fo be a successful mechanic. ezziors 1954 avi? ff 'll 23 24 5. 251 Aix .f e X Rf", l, 2 X , qu. E' . RICHARD THUNBERG ' " 5 "A friendly. sincere fellow, 'li A W Full of arnbilion and abililyf' 5, e,- is g l ' 4 ' K Ambirious . . . our very capable Chrysalis Co- ,, r edifor . . . aclive in Sludenl Council and Honor , 5, - 'V' . , Sociefy . . . "Torcl1y" is one of our mosl' ouf- F slanding sludenls . . . we wish him luck in his i career as an engineer. rf N I -QL ' S ii i .s ooms E. TIEDEMANN 1' "A swell girl wilh a sleady mind: "A 'af A better friend is hard 'lo find." ' Tallcalive . . . has sparkling eyes . . . loves 'ro N debale . . . "Doris" enioys club worlc . . . vice- 2 presidenf of Tri-Y . . . co-eclifor of Chrysalis . . . Honor Sociefy . . . we know she will become X a wonderful nurse. f fx E T - -ff 4 Q, fs "ix KARL PETER WURSTER "The kind of 'Fellow Who will always have friends." "Sherry" . . . easy-going . . . wonderful sense of humor . . . lraclc manager as a iunior . . . 'lakes college prep course . . . well-lrnown for his hcl' rod . . . we wish him well as a mechanical engineer. N EDNA YODLOWSKl QW" "Wills a song in her hearl, And a smile on her face." "Ed" . . . sophislicaled . . . well-known lo all . . . dependable in helping prepare school dances . . . added color 'lo 'lhem wiih her singing . parlicipales on girls' volleyball l'eam..,."Ed" is sure +o be a successful dicfaphone operalor. eniors 1954 ELEANOR L. VOLLAND "Willa sparkling eyes and charming smile: She goes on making life wor'rhwhile." Pleasanl . . . 'Friendly . . . aclive member of our band . . . plays lhe piano . . . parlicipales in girls' sporls . . . we are sure "Elly's" personalily will aid her in allaining a posilion as a privale secrelary. JOHN WERNER "To worry lirlle. lo hurry less. ls his idea of happiness." - Quiel' and induslrious describes "Jack" . . . mem- ber of lhe Vilcing Saga slaff . . . in Glee Club and on 'lhe lraclc leam . . . plans, io furfher his educalion and become a wriler . . . we wish him success. I . l :lynn ww 'R WINIFREDE ANNE YODLOWSKI CHARLES A MAURILLO Youll luke her wh n you msel her Worry lei' rl' run cwey And fhen youll luke her more Lave lsfe and lava 11' gay Wmme popular Full of fun peppy Carefree dreamer mnsch evous us our achve un all gxrls sporls Leaders Club Chaso wanis fo work 'foward becommg member In her sensor year we wnsh much a mrllronavre hope he succeeds an whalever luck fo Wmme n ll her fufure endeavors he may choose fo do E Illll CLASS UFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT J Gemmel Secrefary J Rowe Treasurer G Cook lVnce presndenf Mrs M Davadson lSemor Class Advusor R Grancrlsfofaro Presudenl M Casella lHns1or1an an Q' , mf L 5-5 1 5 1 'li' like 1 ' N, Q 5,5 X l 'X X 4 'I . I Ili G a s 4 v . ' . - I Q 1 I . - . I , I' 5 I 5 v wlr'A 14 Q , V ' Q ' l f ll - T ... 1 M M " if I N A 3' X a ' - N ' , X i A . ' 7 ' l l- - l lv - l ' . lr - . . . . J' -4 . . 1 . ,I A . . 1. A 25 S You The class of l954 These words spoken by The Then vnce prnnclpal Mr BradTord Qlgmhed as we e Tered NorTh ArlnngTon Hgh School Tor The TTrsT Tlme someThnng Tar oTT nn The remoTe TuTure BuT over The years bofh has words and our own N P have become almosT a parT of U5 maghmg a chmax In Thus our long awa1Ted senuor year and culmlnahng an graduahon Who among us w II exer To geT The IaughTer The occa slonal Tears The p de and The learnnng our Alma MaTer has guven To us7 IT all sTarTed TP SeoTember oT I948 on oroenTa Tron day when we meT our homeroom Teachers and began The T1rsT oT ma y lourneys Through The now Tr endlv Then Torebodlng halls ln our new envnronmenT we Tound The TnrsT year one OT surprlse and en oymenT For nnsTance one aTTernoon a Iunnorhgh dance was held n whnch The boys pmcked numbers To sngnnfy whnch gurls They would volunTarnly escorT Those were The days when we looked up To The bug senxors everyone gh school was a semor To us Then and even Imagine The day when we would be places LaTer The class enloyed Ts TrsT exams shop home ec and aThleTncs We our way we surpnsed and pleased The Tollowmg ID The h couldn T In T enr TasTe oT were on Were class below us' We TelT very supernor snnce we were now exploring algebra geomeTry oral Englnsh and oTher ToTally new subyecTs AnoTher sTar was added To our record as we complled a one hundred per cenT parTncnpaTuon un The magazane campaugn Tor whuch we had an :ce cream parTy and a Trap To The Lnncoln TheaTer on school Txme oT course Upon enTerlng our Treshmen year sn l95O were glad To be able aT lasT To parTncupaTe In all school acTavaTles Our Treshman TooTball Team wll be remembered along wnTh The Tnme Bob Collnns scored all The pomTs an a game agaunsT The Lynd hursT Treshmen a game whnch we won by a wade margun Among our newly Tound acT1v:Tnes was The elecTuon oT class oTTvcers Ronnie Grancr1sToTaro was elecTed TnrsT class presaoenT and oTher oTTwcers Included Mary MuTchell vnce presudenT Henry Fa llTz secreTary and Manlyn Ingalls Treasurer There began To be some meannng To The words class oT 54 as everyone worked TogeTher To make a success oT our TursT class dance The Ornen Tal FanTasy IT was ar Thls dance ThaT our energeTnc counselor Mrs Cleaver gave her ve sron oT The CharlesTon Then came our sophomore year and wnTh T came geomeTry bnology and loTs oT hard work We also had our share oT Tun such as The biology Trap To The Bronx Zoo where some oT The boys de crded To go Tor a swam n The lake Then There were always Mr Joseph Flnmlnns classes enrnched by hrs wnTTy remarks and gokes Among hns words oT wvsdom was The sTaTemenT when commenhng on baldness ThaT no grass grows on a busy Thorough Tare On The aThleTuc side our class had The largesT represenTaTnon oT any on The very Tme Vakung TooT ll a Team oT I9::I The class dance Souree n Pans was held and soon anoTher evenTTul year had passed We were a sTep nearer our goal Our lunuor year was one whnch wlll be long re membered Tor such Thnngs as career papers long and someTumes he1Ted dlscussnons an Mss Geno vese hlsTory classes and a number oT oTher scho lasTnc endeavors AThleTlcally a noT Too successTul TooTball season was more Than compensaTed Tor by our T4rsT sTaTe champuonshup baskeTball Team on whuch our aThleT:c classmaTe George Cook sTarred The Tumor year nemesus career papers Then held ouT aTTenTnon Tor a whsle The annual Ro Tary Club dinner was held aT The ClnTThouse w Th a number oT The Iuneor class presenT ATTer The Iudgnng OT The varuous enTrues Those subm1TTed by Bob More and Vlvuan Bowfe were gnven TnrsT place OTher awards wenT To Marnlyn Fraley LoreTTa Kelly JaneT Kelly Shurley Hauer Malcolm Mac Farlane Karl WursTer James Rowe Ken BarneTT and Mschael Casella Soon came The arrival oT our class rungs our class dance OuTslde of Heaven and Then The bug nghT oT our T1rsT gunsor sensor prom held aT The HoTel Suburban nn EasT Orange on May 8 Only one sTep more remanned Tll we would reach our goal In SepTember we enTered our senior year IT was Then ThaT we began To realnze whaT our Alma MaTer meanT To us Tor soon we would be sep araTed Trom her The very pace of Tlme seemed To nncrease as The TooTball season quxckly came and wenT Among our class celebruhes were Bob Coll ns George Cook and Mal MacFarlane as capTa1ns oT Thenr respechve aThleTuc Teams Ron GlancrnsToTaro as class presndenT Tor hs TourTh sTralghT year and as baseball capTann and Ron Jacobs who had been elecTed sTudenT councul presndenT by The en Ture school Our Tunal class dance The Colonnal Ball was held nn February our lovely May ueen Daane Bnanchnnu was chosen and Tnme raced by unTul class nrghT Then abrupTly :T almosT sTopped Here we realized ThaT we were now aT The accomplnsh menT oT someTh1ng whuch Thus Tar has Taken The greaTer parT oT our lnves A hechc pernod Tol lowed which culmunaTed rn our long awauTed grad uaT1on lT as someThnng whnch could never have been aTTafned wfThouT The help oT our paTuenT undersTandfng parer'Ts and our somehmes crrhcal buT rewardnng Teachers To Them and To our hard worklng counselor Mrs Davndson go our s1nceresT Thanks They made our Task much easner Our graduahon n1ghT was a n:ghT whrch we knew was The accomplushmenT oT our purpose yeT whnch was also much more To us We have soughT and ganned our rewards You The class OT T954 has become someThrng real and lrvrng someTh1ng whnch we shall always remember Class moTTo Ad AsTras per Aspera To The sTars Through d1TTnculTues Class colors Green and whuTe Class flower Orchnd U I . t . . . I bll '. ' I Tl . all ' C ' ' ' I . . I ry T - ' . . . I . 1 . - J . I T ' . I - I , - ' , . ' ' g ' ' A- i l ' i ' - ' 4 .ll 1 lr I .. . I l . I . V I . I I . I g U I,. . I,, ' h ' . . ' .1 5 I ' - ' year, l949, when To our suprise Therelwas really a ' ' ' A l ' . y J- ' ' 1 ' ' 1 , , we ' I I . . . 1 3 , I T . - . I . - I '. . I I . Q I Q . . . ' - .IV , I . . ...ll I , - I -.. . J ,J-J LJ'-7-HG 410,05 Q-'vm 1. W, Wag JE -Zffz 361 in x f'l O MH PW, -Ffh U IIERULASSES h qeq ?9g The mosl' dashearlenung pari of Nals school life was waichlng 'lhe senlors as lhey gracefully and confldenfly moved abou? 'lhe school How fall ihey we e! How well groomed! And how well dresse Yes and how small poor Nal was he fhoughl' He d have 'lo warl' an efernrly +o be a glorious semor. However one facl' escaped our frnend Na+. ascent ns fhe ma.n fhnll of lnfe Neverlheless he had one sahsfachon' None of +he seniors had ever been +o Upper Neurasihema Excepl for 'lhus poor Na+ mnghl' have had a had mfenonfy complex U IIIII ...Blass M1955 MR. De MARCO - ll-3 FIRST ROW, Ief+ To righfz J. Sorce. D. SuIIivan. SECOND L. Sandquisf, A. VIIaIe, L. Walins-Id, E. Wagner. B. ScI1ocI'1 ROW: A. Sciorfinoq B. Sfuarf, C. Sfeinmeh, F. Sfecewicz, L. Romano, E. Wnuck. FOURTH ROW: R. Sweh, R M. Poplowski, N. Sargent R. Schweickhcrdf. R. Skiverski. Smiih, T. Trust R. Smifh, R. Trenf. J. Rusfia. THIRD ROW: Mr. M. De Marco, H. ZondIer. J. Sfeele. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presidenf ...... ....... T ED TRUST Vice Presidenr ...... ........ P AT KOES Secrefary ..... ...... R UTH CERAVOLA Treasurer ..... ..,,,.,. F RANCES STECEWICZ MR. COLLINS - 8-C FIRST ROW, lei? lo riqlwfz A. La Rosa, R. Maslondrea, B. Mifclwell A. Wfeinberg, T. Kelly, W. Daclwow ski. SECOND ROW: R. Jackson, R Helms, J. Lyle, D. Pierro, T. Savage G. Helms. THIRD ROW: D. JunO. L. Pierro, C. Paganelli, M. Scalercio. MRS. MANNING - 8-M FIRST ROW, leT+ Io right W. Kil- larn, R. Reider. SECOND ROW:S. Densler, M. Capufo, A, Campisi, M. Niemas, J. Sar, F. Macaluso, D. Nicol, S. Shannon, J. Jacobs, H. Way. THIRD ROW: G. Sinnolf, L. Reiclward, M. A. Sfoicovy, J. Simp- son, J. Frazier, B. Yam, N. Raub, N. Tonner, B. Kukla. C. Murkofsky. E. Sclwoles. FOURTH ROW: D. Soper, J. Olandf, G. Bollinger, B. Cassok, G. Jeck, J. Mauro, G. Ryan. 'Y i.,,g.g3' V' if ix 1' r 1 , 9' E 4 4 ,.i-. 4 QE? F' f I A -g,,lp'f-L v ' ' i' L'-z.'..1N EIGHTH GRADE 1958 .x , - , - v. . . If MR. POTTER - 8-P FIRST ROW, lelf Io riglmlz R. Lyons, J. Kelly. SECOND ROW: D. Isak- sen, C. Sommers, D. Anello, L. Mc- Gee, L. Canaley, R. M. Bivona, M. Purpura. THIRD ROW: R. Orrock, E. Wilson, M. Robinson, E. Treiber, G. Mollola, K. Schneider, R. Lough- ridge, R. Wilson. FOURTH ROW: J. Hakim, R. Gillow, R. Marlins, D. Braun, L. Blumelfi, A. Smiflw, P.Jund. MR. RECCHIA - 8-R FIRST ROW, lell fo riglwf: A. Bar- nelf, 6. Jenkins. SECOND ROW: 6. East D. Johnson. C. Sygnarski, A. Sclwmiff, V. Zukeuskus, G. Zoolc. A. D'Adamo, B. Smedley. THIRD ROW: J. Francello, R. Fraise, R. Mifchell, L. Vaslo, C. Gould, R. Bru- ning, N. Kraus, R. Trusf. R. Sheridan, G. Biancliini. FOURTH ROW: T. Sullivan, J. Howell, J. Allen, G. Brown, J. Carriciola, K. Novaiovsky, J. Lahey. '3-.f-f-'j J , 1 Q ,.. I. , ,- '.I -- .Q,.I.. 3 .13-. - UM, - ., , . Q. ,W MISS MURRAY - 7-M FIRST ROW, lelf Io rlqlwlz M. VII- lano, P. Francello. SECOND ROW: A. Lambescder, N. Jolwnsfon, L. Sclwoclw, B. Van Buren, A, Brummer, C. Clweslerman, M. Arbacln, D. Flerne Inq. R, Alexander. THIRD ROW: R. Reynolds, E. Kapuslninslcl, P. Barnelf, A, Blsaccla, C. Kopecki, D. Grlfilh, D, Jaynes, F. Cervola, G. Sono, J. Kelly. FOURTH ROW: T. Wnuclc, D. Barker, P. Kelly, G. Forsyflw, R. Reese. A. Szura, A. Welslxapl, P. Reiger, A, Gonis. MR. TULLY -- 7-T FIRST ROW, Ieff fo riglwf: R. More J. Kelmef. SECOND ROW: R. mmf B. Inlanfe. D. Paulfson, C. Fernan dez. M. Gamey, M. Pierro, E. Fer- nandez. THIRD ROW: G. Bush, R Ellnger, J. Reeves. J. Glasgow, P Faiella, R. Dell. FOURTH ROW: H Jenkins, S. Isenburg, C. Beniemin, R Jenlkovsky, W. Braun, J. Sullivan. 'Vi I, - " '1'..4.-. ,. ,....-wx. -- 1f.i"P.m.fdk5i 15-- IIIIIIIIITH GRADE 1959 p , 1 ,1"" .I Q -'71 :g,."' - .Q 'f-1::.1-r- -- Ye A-vw.. We u I - -A MR. KAELIN - 7-K FIRST ROW, lol? Io riglulz B.WhoI- en, K. Tonnor, D. Kano. SECOND ROW: R. Karglnno, I. Moreno, P. Fqqenlwolfer, J. Solder, J. Dopolmca, G. Mollole, M. Levin, R. Fagan, R. Flellfz. THIRD ROW: R. Barila, F. Robb, T. Turner, D, Vencble, J. Maison, J. MacDonald, B. Twlbill, J, Smlflm, J. Psrlver, L. Slwerneley, J. Scluenkel, B. Flslmr, B. Moore. FOURTH ROW: J. Planl, J. Kenny, P. Nelson, F. Salqado. R. Hurlf, W. Slanislw. MRS. LUBBEN - 7-L FIRST ROW, loft Io riqlwf: E. Perl, T. Cymbor, F. Feller, T. Wilson. SFCOND ROW: H. Brown, M, Karsf, N. Bianclninl, L. Sax, P. Foresla. G. Bauer, C. Norfon, F. Savage, F. Van Wagner, THIRD ROW: J. Enrico, C. Ficlwfcr, J. Kozak. G. Van Fylc, D, Dolwlnqer, C. Wlnilfall, L. Meri- nucclo, A. Shzinmelz, W. Nenlwo. FOURTH ROW: L. Caracclola, C, Sclorfino, R. Sarqenf, D.MccllwaIn, P. Hdielflnger, R. Brooks. UQ: .gl I? lm' U '- W 'I qw 1 A v.. -4: mu.- Y ATIILETIC , Q 7 1 11.1-1' I 1 l 'U -p. ' s ill? f '75 , l . A , g ,gi ' f I ' 1- S Being a very ambilious person, Na+ Tried oul lor some of lhe leams. He had glorious visions of himself making a 'rouchdown or scoring a winning baslcel. Alas, his chief occupalion became lhal' of wafer boy. Alfhough Na+ didn'+ enioy lhis, he remained uncone quered. Failhful lo lhe code of a real aihlele and holding his head high, he dreamed of The day when he would be a Varsify Vi- lcing and wear The blue and while uniform of his Alma Maier. A1 Ji Y l,' . ,. CTU .1- ..- - Q. ll: I X A 4, .A Q lx if X 4-1 Q 1 . ,51 7 T3 .17 in is T45 -5. P - . '. 3: T 4:-iq, 3 VARSITY T ROW lefT To riqhT H F lTz an M. MacFarlane, B. Schad, G. Cook, D. Lahey, e D OW R m h E Halc m J. CarnmeTT, R. Nolan, B. DiSilva, J. RusTia, o n a e co THIRD ROW: R. O'Neill, R. STeele.. J. HarTley. B. Collins, B. Gaeckle, T. Bogdon, E. Wnuck, The TooTball season oi l953 was noT one of excellence nor success. AlThough The season was winless, The boys showed plenTy oT sounlc and always had a good spiriT, re- gardless oT circurnsTances. There always has To be a losing Team, and perhaps The I953 ediTion oT The Vikings was iT, buT The good NA s'JorTsmanship always prevailed. Many men oT The l952 squad were losT by gradua- Tion. Wifh The only Trained guarTerbaclc gone, Jay Nelson had To sTarT Trom scraTch. A new line had To be Tormed and Trained. ThroughouT The season inexperience was an obvious TacTor. The Vilcings sTarTed 'The season wiTh a 6-6 Tie againsT Wood-Ridge which scored TirsT, buT capTain Bob Collins came back wiTh a score on a plunge Trorn The Two-yard line. Malcolm MacFarlane lcepT NA Trom being shuT ouT George Cool: converges on a Ed Hakim abouT To be ST. Mary's baclr. Taclrled. Q SENIORS FIRST ROW, Ieff Io righfz B. Schad, J. Ro e D Ro er so T d n Felrz G oo M. MacFarlane. SECOND ROW J Ne-'son Coins D I-Ioia by Glen Ridge by carching a 'rouchdown pass wirh rninufes Iefl in Ihe game. A srrong Melruchen Ieam came Io NA for Ihe Ihird game, which ended in a scoreless lie. Then Ihe Vikings Iravelled Io Scorch Plains where Bill Sched scored Iwo of Ihe fhree N.A. Iouchdowns-one on a 43-yard pass play. The game ended wilh a I9 Io I9 Iie. SI. Marys, Bogola, Hawlhorne, and Bergenfield spelled four srraighl defeafs so 'rhaf Ihe season ended wifh a 5 Iosf, 3 Tied record. This year II seniors will be Iosr by graduafion, Iwo bacldield men and The resr Iinernen. Nexl year Ihe Ieam may again be hampered by a loss of players, and inex- perience will be a lcey Iacror. To coin a phrase once Ireguenfly guofed in Brooklyn, "Wan 'Til nexl year! JUNIOR HIGH TEAM FIRST ROW, Ieff Io righfz J. Glasgow, G. Jenleirs, G F sy e J. Kenny, J. Kelly, R. Loughrldge, J. Hakim, H. Jenkins. SECOI ROW: J. Mauro, R. Eiinger, H. Way, R. Lyon, J. Olancll, we R. More. THIRD ROW: S. Densler, R. Hurlf, P. Nefson I. Pe L. Reichard, R. Jackson, M. Scalcrcio, A. Smifh, A. Barneli i Ed Haknm ,ns Joh Ca abrese Bob Brummer an a gump ball Z 24 Cepfam George Cook SCHEDULE Nufley Hawfhorne Hasbrouck Heughis Glen Rrdge Bergenfueld Nufley Harrison WaIImg+on Hawfhorne Chfford Scoff Bergenfneld Wood Ridge Scofch PIauns Scofch Plains Bergen Tech WaIInngIon Harrnson Tofals Coach Ruckel NX NX OPP Bob Brummer Dan C Iabrese BA KET LL George Cook shoofs XXX 'V .07 '.. K K ' N.A. . 1 ' 42 .....,,.,,..,,., ............................ 5 0 53 ................ .,.................... 44 X , 56 ,,.,...,......,. ' .,...... 68 I 62 ..............., ' ,...............,... 39 50 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' ,.,...........,..,,. 35 40 ,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,...........,.,.,............. 5 I 63 ,,,,4.,.,,,,,,, ' ..,,..........,......,,... 34 1 1, 79 .........,...... ' ,..........., ........ 5 0 ' f Ig 57 ........,....... ,,......... .......,,. 5 O 'V' 64 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bergen Tech. ..,.....,.,....... 35 3 54 ..............., ' ....,........... 67 70 ................ ' ,...,............... 59 69 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, - ' .,,,..,.,.,...,.,. 39 73 ........,....... ' ,........ ..... ,... 6 3 75 ..,,,.,,,,.,,... ' ..,...,.,......... 60 73 ,............... . .,.........,...... 53 7I ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,...., 30 73 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ' ,.....................,... 52 I I ...................... .....,.....,,......... 8 82 N It . ,X . I i i i I A . f' Q 'r Av.- J VARSITY FIRST ROW: D. Sullivan, R. Kopef, G. Cook, R. Brummer, R. Berry. SECOND ROW: G. Jordef lMgr.l, D. Calabrese, J. Calabrese, B. Schad, A. Maison, A. Maffos, E. Hakim, Coach Ruckel. Capfained by senior George Cook, Ihe I953-54 sfarfing feam was composed of 'rhree juniors: Bob Brummer af cenfer, Ed I-lakim af forward, and Danny Calabrese af guard, and one sophomore: Johnny Calabrese. Lafer in The season, Arr Maf- son became a regular sfarfer. To assisf fhese boys were seniors Bill Schad, Bob Berry, and Bob Kopef, iunior Dave Sullivan, and sophomores Al Malfos and Ken Powers. This year The squad ufilized a new kind of defense, a man-To-man zone defense. ln fhe be- ginning of fhe season Coach Wilbur Ruckel fried various offensive arrangemenfs io see which would be besr for his inexperienced feam. Then wirh several games under fheir belfs, fhe Vikings wenf on fo beaf some very sfrong foes. Sfarfing ouf fhe season wifh a loss fo Nufley, if appeared fhai fhe Narls rnighf have a poor record, buf soon fhe vicfories began +o pile up so fhaf The season ended wifh a befler record fhan lasf year's feam. Some of fhe 'reams fhaf were defeafed were Scofch Plains, I-lawfhorne, Bergen Tech., Glen Ridge, and Wood Ridge. I-lowever, N. A. dropped fwo To Nufley, and fhen losf Io Clifford Scofr in fhe middle of fhe season. On February 22, The Vikings faced a very sfrong Englewood squad in a preliminary game of fhe Oscar F. Thompson Memorial Baskefball Jamboree, buf losf fhe game in overfime 55-51. Thus fhe Vikings were eliminafed from fhe Jamboree. Then, fhree weeks lafer, fhe Vikings sfarfed fhe N. J. S. l. A. A. Sfafe Championship games wifh an easy win over Nefcong I-Iigh by an overwhelming score of 90-48. By winning The Nefcong game, 'rhe Narls gained fhe Group I, Secfion 2 fifle: how- ever, fhe going was fougher in fhe nexf game as N.A. fell fo a sfrong Park Ridge feam 69-60 in a close, excifing game in fhe sfafe semi-finals. Final sfafisfics of The regular season showed fhaf fhe Vikings chalked up a fofal of I,I24 poinfs, while fheir opponenfs scored only 882. This gave fhe Narls a game average of 62.44, while The opponenfs had a 49.0 game average. High man for fhe year was Brummer wifh 345 poinfs for l9.l6 average. Nexf came: I-lakim wifh 226 poinfs for an average of I2.55 poinfsf John Calabrese wifh I70 poinfs: Cook had I57 poinfsg Mafson wifh an even I00: and Dan Calabrese wirh 48 markers. In foul shofs, N.A. made 248 ouf of 446 for a 55.65 percenfage. The opponenfs made 48.7l percenf by making 282 ouf of 579 fried. The Junior Varsify, which did nof do excepfionally well fhis year, scored 830 poinfs +o 'Iheir oppo- nenfs' 90I. JUNIOR VARSITY FIRST ROW: J. Harringfon, R. Feniello, K. Powers, R. Sfeele, R. Savage. SECOND ROW: A. Smilh, R. Hakim, R. Kuhluss, Coach Recchia. fi T 22 .V ' - il EI ' 'A ' .er OUTDOOR ' ' SQUAD FRONT, STAND- ING: C o a c h ,K Kelly. FIRST -ga rg- me ..,.,s ROW: M. Mac- I .. I Farlane, R. Gae- ckle, J. Source, T. Frey. SEC- OND ROW: A. Efinger, R.Trusf, R. Jacobs, D. 'j I .5 - Q- Hari. T H I R D ROW: A. S rin- ., , . . . vi S THE f.Sa..i'A fvli" 3 f Q ....,,,s I Q if I 4-rr .- fa, !A K? 5 Q Q vb' ' .. I V- v am- H ,- . A Qs.. gr! ,rv W ,: H .- I yurlx g 1, li A kv uf' . L Q. P ,. it g .H ,niet H . -1: 5 'IRT' v- ' T ' x I 'T' " .mr A' .. w x 'xl ,- ':, Q'-. nc. 5? Q 55 r . . 1 0 'E P ger, R. Thun- berg. J. Mallby, ' ' D. Kelso, G.Jor- y def. B A C K, . STANDING: As- sisfanf C o a ch Tully, K. Barnelf ' 1 IMgr.I. X 4' 1 x I In 'rhe running evenfs were: IOO yard dash-Ouldoor Capiain MacFarlane, Trusf and Piclcel 220-MacFarlane, Trusf, and Piclcel 440-Jacobs and Ivlallby I 880-Wnuclc and Sommers mile-Sommers and I-Iar'r The mile relay leam saw Jacobs, Iviallby, Sommers, Wnuclc, and MacFarlane as Imey runners. Conlenders in 'Ihe field evenls were: I-lenry Fielilz and Bolo Gvaeclcle in lhe sho? pull Larry Romano in Ihe iavelinz MacFarlane in Ihe discus: Ivlallby ai Ihe high iump: Truslr and MacFarlane in The broad iump, and AI Efinger in The pole vaull. Also parlicipaiing in lhe various evenfs were Donald Kelso, Jim Canaley, Jimmy Source, Ted Frey, Ronnie Trust Gil Jordel, and Allan Springer. -if .L Vic Sommers and Ed Wnuclc lead The pack. Henry Fielifz winds up - in fha discus fhrow. All Efinger polewaulfs over The bar af fhe Nufley dual meef. T' N ' . WC 4 ,,,.,x.: v I 4 . . , 1 D "'xq':, . . .. N B Q v 7 1 , v-'f '2 - A V.,'!'5l'E NIH' 'QQ- viv X 'xy .N X D X T - - Capfain Q- "'N' ' Ron Giancrfsfofaro fakes hfs cur. . 4 i f lla 4- BASEBALL Afler gaining second place in The Four Counly Conference in I953 The Vllcing baseball squad. again under lhe capable coaching of Rip" Col- lins, enlered 'rhis league once rnore. Only five lellerrnen relurned 'this year. They were Ronnie Giancrislofaro, lhe caplain, al shorl- slop, Ted Kenl al second base, Greg Janes and Bob Brunnmer, Two very capable pilchers, and , ' ,fl Danny Calabrese in The ouflield. Newly seen on nr elf! A li ' ' ru H B ri 3-mite! ' .X 3 +e playing ie were enry ruzza as calc er, N. Greg Janes Johnny fCalafbrese al 'rhirld base, and Rail Oswald, h-I iam: 56,10 blaze one a lrans er rom Be-llevile l-ligh Schoo, al hrsl X down llle mlddle' base. Olrher oulfield osifions were filled b QI M rv Y ly- Charles Buchanan, Milce Kurlz, Dave Sullivan, and Ralph Feniello. The learns in lhe league Thar were played were Clifford Scoll, Roselle Parlc, Roselle, l-larrison, and Cranford. There were also games againsl Caldwell and Nufley. i Ted Ken? Y 'J SNGFQS "" .J A Y a high flyer. 5.5-H3 XY L I FIRST ROW: Coach Colifns, T. Keri, G. Janes, R. Giancrisloiaro lCapfainl M Casella C Buc an an, M, Mousaw. SECOND ROW: H. Bruzza, M. Kurfz, S. Cvraczyk, D. Calabrese. Feniello, T l-laggan X H- X K , T M' KJ! A 'L 5 P' r I f '2 'mx A ,v' V 9 KR Diane B'5ncHr1r m'sses a S Bernie Ferre? is Pe c c er a Mrs. Sfeffens We umprre T e g rls an Hue gym classes are dedta ed o rhe flask of learfw 'wg new skll an The var ous T es of sporfs. The re-self of H1 s 'haf ea h q rl has become adep- . ,L,,.,, ., ., ,,,. V, 51 re. .a,:.1rr,f1.e . I T f pc, Y Cv T Sa ', ?, 1 41 6 in I 1 'N - X N LEFT STDE OF "VM: Camme Deva Vc'pe, M545 ONTO fCa::'afnj Berkce Peffet Berllde Mafos, Chfsfne Gcnis. RTGHT STDE OF "V 1 Diare BIahchInI, Nancy Jemkcvsky, Pai' Shannon, Kathryn EnqeThard, Be-Hy Ann Schnder. CENTER: Miss A. Romanelli ISponsorl. 0 X, lf, uv T. gr 2 ii l sl T w FIRST ROW: Bernice Per- ref, Kafhryn Fnqdhard, BQWJQ Mavcs, Boffy Ann Schhdw Ch"s'4ne Gonls. SECOND ROW: Diane B'anch'fI, Carn?Uo Delfa Vcfpe, Maria Gafku lcap- falnj, Nancy Jenlkoysky, Pa? Shannon. Cf! 1 3 E5 3 E 1 ii- 2 l :S Z afgagg OJJQ,C4.f-D :mm O.0mO m33g-551,15 TCLV' Jw-'1 -,-. 4 fp 'U3-+- -C1 6300-349- Q +0-f-CD'U Z1-m 3.QQfD3gD 5 911714 of ig 1 iligisf C7112 54613- CDJWCD mm 4sQ.'+w3CD-3 OAJPSQ 1 1-.A Q1 LQJEQT7-O OCD53QfDOq mm' CUO-ww JTO D."'E',0 -o-4 M-- -13'O-+---0 -Q-CD53-DC kfwif-nLDk.Om Xa. ask x --.ff A 5 Soon aller slarling, Na+ had The same dillicully 'rhar many olher 7Th graders have: he gol losf. Wander- ing Through various rooms. he found in each some new and marvelous lhing. His grearesl delighl was a sguished-up frombone lcnown in +he elile circles as a French horn, buf he also saw sheels of music, old uni- forms, parls ol radios, boolcs galore, microphones. movie proieclors, cameras, pup- pels, gavels, balons, and old school newspapers. Surely all ol lhis myslerious eguipmenr was somelhing exlra lo which he could loolc L l .. as --- 1 forwa rd. ACTIVITIE ,Qi f- . A .". D . .K -X 55. 4 A Mg g X0 . g ,,f5FEFeli ...':.-'ET "?f""'...! -5. 4 J i-Sf7- ' 4 l ia-is ' Sour H5 .W as. X 3 '11 QIMQTI 1: -l', 'iff Q X 1 f - 1- - :.,.' ,gwvl '4Wg..Tl'1 i T-fi"-U h 4- 3 3 . 7 r.4v?'!'3" 525 M E 1'7" 1 X vw -W ff: 1 . . li'-1 ' , ' r W. eve A ' f ' a-.M Mins as i QW 1 . 1. ,, - l r- S ,L -.,,,. . ,-.. 4-aug -an-I . - --- u ,, . "-1... , ' -., I 4'-N ...,-ANA -Q,-his, xfs. . Li, 3-gi-il. ,---ug-1 -11-T. gg, FUTURE TEACHER A 0E AMERICA FIRS lT V :gn-uv.,..f. A nedy. SECOND ROW: J. Case, A. Barr, J. Sa zalone, Miss F. GranT lSponsorl. FIRST ROW, leff To righT: A. ViTale, F. Doha-rTy, Wagner, K. Enqelhaid, C. CasoTTo. R. Cerevo. T ROW, leTT To rIqhT: C. Babelc, M. Zook reas.l, A. ViTale lPres.l, B. Macy lSec.l. C. Ken- E. 'a L. Kelly, B. Mafia, ssconn Row. R. eaekie, oi Tiedemann, M. MiTcl'ell lSec.l, K. BarneTT lVice Pres.l, R. Thunberg lTreas.l, H. FieliTz lPres.l, A Ein ' ' SOI' siedler, E. Kane, J. Nelson, Miss E. Koon lSponi l The F. T. A. concerns iTselT wiTh The develop- menT oT The characlrer oT Those sTudenTs inTeresTed in Teaching as a career so ThaT They may gain physical viTaliTy, menTal vigor, moral discrimina- Tion, wholesome person- aliTies, helpfulness, knowl- edge, and leadership. H0 0R 0ClE'l'Y The Honor SocieTy promoTes The developmenT and recogniTion oT leadership, scholarship, and characTer. ITs yearly inducTion ceremony is eagerly awaiTed by The sTudenT body. This orga,nizaTion, a member oT The Na- Tional l-lonor SocieTy, helps boTh The school and com- muniTy Through iTs many proiecTs oT service. LEADER ' CL B PrornoTing leadership Through fhe inTramural program oT The Physical EclucaTion DeparTmenT is The goal oT This organiza- Tion. This group arranges Tor boTh social and aThleTic pro- grams 'wiThin The school and oarTicipaTes in playdays wiTh oTher schools. - i. 3 ,., I, B' I? ."'... TRI-HI-Y The Tri-Hi-Y dernonsTraTes much enThusiasm in iTs supporT oT various chariTies and school acTiviTies. The members oT This club promoTe high sTanclards oT Chris' Tian characTer ThroughouT The home, school, and com- muniTy. This organizaTion is devoTecl To service, but all The members Tincl The program so inTeresTing ThaT They do noT mind The worlc involved. l OUTSIDE Top To boTTom: C CcscTTo, J. Emma, M. Miller, R Ceravolo, R. Schweickhardh J. Gem- me.i, . c e ec. , . - Adamo, M. Cochrane M. Fraiese . E gelhard, R. Spe duTo E. '- or 'no Trees. , N. Jenilzovsk ea Volpe V'ce res. P. '- o. . i . . ' Pres. DE ' Top To boT om: e e, E. Kane, C. Jaco n oes, L. an uis, A. irs, i e, . a os, . c. er y Sc inder, J. Gallo, M. Ga. . L. CarThy C. Della Volpe, J. Bianchinj B. Perref. STTTTNG, leTT To righT: E. TiTa, E. Nanlne, A. KirsT. OW' A Ersed' r C rr Sec L Els FIRST R . . i. i Q l o . . ey lTreas.l. J. Kevy lCl'ap'a'nl, B. PcrreT lPres,l, D. Tiedomann lVlce Presl, N. Jerfkovsky lT'l'sTo-rfanl. M.l ngals lRcc. Seal. SECOND ROW: M ss E. Limenfeld lSp:nsorl. J, Gr'ride'l, B. E"s7e:i'er, L. Wallnsli, E. Larohcar, V. 'rgalls S, Mdler. C. STe'n- meTz, M. Miller, J. l-Tyer, A, ViTale, C. Goss, R. Schweiclchardt Miss N. Walsh lSoonsorl. E A LD ah... 4 E 4. 24 E 0.43 .,.. LIBRARY Cllll DIL The girls in This club assisl The librarian during The afler-school circulalion period. Through lhis worlc They gain valuable experi- E6 ence which proves +o be mosl helpful in bolh college and busi- ness. LIDE HUL UL B This club is composed of lhose sludenls who plan lo lurlher lheir knowledge ol malhemalics and wish lo become familiar wilh fhe use of 'rhe slide rule. Al The presenl lime, This organizalion is composed almosl enlirely of seniors. FlRST ROW, lell lo righl: M. MacFarlane, . FIRST ROW, lelf fo r'gh'r: C. Babelc, B. Baran lVice Rres.l. C. Casolfo lPres.l, R. Schweiclrhardl' lScc. and Treas.l. SECOND ROW: R. lvers, J. Schoch, J. Mahofha, Miss N. Walsh lSponsorl, D. Tiede- mann, R. Auer, D. Krauss, L. Elsey. L Erb R Berry, D. Tiedemann, J. Ke'ly. M. lngalls, K. Barnel Thunberg. SECOND ROW: K. Wursler, R. Collhs G Cook, G. Janes, J. Nelson, J. Colclyal, C. Lev"1, T. Bo D. Morgan, RJ Jacobscr, Mrs. M. Sweefin lSponsorl 51 l SENIOR 7:l5 GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW, lefl 'ro riglwfz M. Fralese, B. Malfos, W, Yodlowsld, L. Kelly. SECOND ROW: D. Bianclvini, B, Porrel, F, Dolworfy, B. Elclce, M, Ingalls. Tl-llRD ROW: L. MC- Ccrllwy, J. Kelly, J. Maflwlesen, E. Volland, D. Goefclulus, Y. D'- Adamo, V. Przyborcw- ski. Tre efwlerlam fwq music of llms orga lza lon qracrfs our Clwrlslmab qracluallon, a d absembly programs Tlve sofwg sele TIODS preserlecl by llwe Glee Club are a TWIIILER X r I V ' r l 3 5 -. L 1 1 Our original lwirlers and flag swingers have weallwered many frying cir- Cumsrances, lou? always came oul on lop. Alllwouqlw llmey never received due praise lor llieir lward worlq, 'lney marclned willi energy and enslwusiafm. NVe liope We iwirleri ol flwe lolure will carry on llneir sorfl and co-operafion. SlTTlNG: Susie Bisaccia, Jeanne Grindell. STANDlNG: Frances Dolwerly lPres.l, Pliyllis Falciano, Marqarcl Cochrane. BAD Our band Tlwrouqlw ifs fine sclwool spiril has added much color lo various assemblies and social lunclions. The music of Our band was apprecialed and enjoyed by all. 'RST PCVJ, 'en lo f'gL?: M. l'gaf': E Lf fcz E Vi EN: F. XvAvl""Cy', C, Murlof:-',f J. Syeflel. D. Tlelsi "Q", SICCTD QCVJ: P. Mz":f H. Geygz, -'15, Q. ldezr E. B'e"'e'. fx. S:":e' :. Roi v.-.5 A., 1 . - .1 m i., Pafvfi J. It sa' :. C , QL jzixf P. Kiisra 3, i'fi'-,l. J. C FCP TQJFUF RCYJ: G. Ryan, A. EIU?" fa, Rolzfd, R. Ffrf J, Caracoola, R. Hoslcing. 53 T-u... .9 FIRST ROW, 'eTT To righT: S. lngber, J. STeele, M:f'e lPres.l C. STe1rfneTz lSec.l, N. Sargen .IUNIUII 'l'0WN 'IEETI G CLUB This club, an aTTiliaTe oT The Junior Town MeeT- ing League, is inTeresTed in discussing currenT aT- Tairs, To allow a number oT individuals To oTTer Their poinTs oT view on a selecTed Topic, To search ouT all The TacTs, and To Tace all issues TruThTully. B. T. SECOND ROW: L, Sandquisf, E. Fiore, N. Pom- e'anTz, E. Rises. A. Sc'orTino lTreas.l, Miss Genovese lSponsorl, J. Bianchini. READI G CLUB This organizaTion has a limiTed buT lively member- ship. MeeTings oT The Reading Club are held once a monTh aT which Time reading,maTerial is reviewed and The background oT The selecTio'i is presenTed and dis- cussed. This enables The members To geT a beTTer under- sTanding of The liTerary value oT iTs selecTions, and also Teaches Them To geT The mosT enioymenT ouT oT whaT B. FIRST ROW, leTT To righT: A. Einsiedler, A. Vi+ale lSec.l, L. Kelly lPres.l, E. Kane lVice Pres.l, D. Tiedemann. SECOND ROW: Mrs. K. Tully lSpon'- sorl, C. CasoTTo, M. Miller, K. Engelhard, C. Gonis, E. Ficlces. They read. Yi! s Xxf' K X I I V, I I I I i I I I A news organ, "The Viking Saga," confains a recenf and accurafe re- porf of Ihe news around Ihe schooI. This is one organizafion of whigh we are very fond, for if aI- ways brings Io Ihe a+I'en- Irion of The sfudenfs new and inIeresIing Topics. EDITORS A. Vi'raIe IThircI Page EdiIorI, D. Trenf, E. Ka R. Shapiro ICo-EcIiIors-in,ChieII, K. BarneII s+an .. - .-,,3- i 2, In I v I Q4 me 6255 I CI- in'gI ISporIs EdiforI, C. Casdfo ISecond Page ' I Edifor . STAFF SITTING, Ieif Io riqhi: P. Sfecewicz, A. Barr, Kennedy. FIRST ROW: C. Treiber, M. GaIIo, Wahnski, E. Wagner, C. Gonis, N. Jenikovsky, B Thunberq, E, Larnphear, M. Zook. SECOND ROW: Mrs. I-I. FriedIartder ISponsorI, J. Werner, J. MaIIby, R. McGiIvery, R. Skwerski, E. Lenkicwicz, P. Bieder man, A. Chaif, R. Groos, R. Thunberq, Miss D Taranfino ISponsorI. C. L. THE IIIKI II AGA - . I' I I I 4 ' T-'5 I l! A' A' . I 8 ' W FlRST ROW, lei? io riqhi: Mrs. Davidson lAdvisorl, C. sorl. SECOND ROW: E. Fisher, U. Rankin, R. Sperduio Hcfier, M. MacFarlane lVice Presl, R. Jacobs lPres.l, J. Lunde, N. Burr, D. Sullivan, N. Pomeraniz, J. Rowe D. Bianchhi lSec.l, R. Berry lTreas.l, Mrs. V. Fries lSpon- F. Hakim, K. Barneii, J. Malfby. "l'UDEN'l' CUUNCIL REPRE ENTATIVE This group oi seleciecl people, worlcinq for ihe welfare of The eniire school, is one oi our mos? vigorous and worthwhile orqanizaiions. Among iis yearly aciiviiies are ihe sale oi S. A. A. iiclceis, The magazine campaign, and rhe May Day iesiiviiies. STUDENT COUNCIL ALTERNATES FlRST ROW, lefi fo riglr+: Mrs. M. Davidson lAclvisorl, E. P. Siecewicz, J. Miichell, C. Hahn, B. Macy, H. Janulis, A Whack, L. Erb, R. Thunberq, M. Casella, R. Brurnmer, Mrs. Anderson, L. Sanzalone. Fries lAdvisorl. SECOND ROW: C. Dobson, P. Koes, Q. , P I T 'J ' ' -.:g2g,- ' .y ani: -W . 14. inhr' q -X " , :W-NT . 9 l Y N' ' 1 i I .Vx FYRST RONV, 395' 'Q .":3'?: Tl. Bdfcef, M. Kafs' L. Sax D. DaL"'ge' F Cow. - 3 f'a5:w:C'1 P. E3'n9i'. SECONJD RCVV: B, Vie -1" J. TQV1"'w Q. 5"'-3. L. C3r3:cA:'J, J. H-'Y'sn'Q5 Q. U." V. EjQD7'LLf:U' M. Qavfey, J. Vv1JL53'w, K. Tcvei L. Sher 3,', Mfg. J. Beta lSj::r1s3rl. EIGHTH GRADE 'CIENCE CLUB THS orgawlzaion plavs field Trlps and de-vo+es Mel? 'o We futher sfedy of sclenie. Dwlng The neee"'gs of fhis club, the cavwe-ra fa sfudied and Ps cpe-raffof efpidwed. This erab'e5 members fo fale bewurer and clearer picfures. 5 Vis E, f Egg 5 5 ml' I Q i f N ' 5 i ? S i ' W 5 3 ' s ,, 7 1 5 5 L' o 5 A 5 5 - 'R ' 14 ' 3 V i wif' A . 1 W f f 'M V. nh " 14 GHUIHET CL B The Gourmel Club plans well- balnncerl meals 'roi be servecl al lhe Caleleria. The members also learn proper serving and ealinq meihocls, and, in general, all lhinqs which are necessary lo a successful meal. STANDING, lelf lo riqhl: J. De Palma, Miss L. Fadden lSponsorl, D. lsalcsen. LEFT SlDE OF TABLE: A. Brummer, B. Van Buren, S. Parker, l. Marino, P. Eg- qenholer, C. Sommers. RIGHT SlDE OF TABLE: B. Whalen lSec,l, M. Ar- bach lVice Pres.l, D. Kane. JH. HIGH CHO0L TUBE 'll CHUNCIL The Junior High School Siu- denl Council is an organizalion composed ol a represenlalive and allernale from each of The eiqhl Junior High homerooms. The Council plays an aclive parl in lhe sale ol S.A.A. carcls, lhe an- nual magazine compaign, and lhe Uniled Appeals Drive. ll also promoles social aclivilies in lhe Junior High. FlRST ROW, lei? lo righi: B. lnlanle, A. Campisi lPres.l, Mr. Kaelin lSpon- sorl, P. Kelly lVice Pres.l, C. Sommers lSec.l, B. Whalen. SECOND ROW: S, Densler, Gi. Moilola, R. Helms, J. Lyle, C. Sciorlino, W. Nanlce, R. Milch- ell, R. Alexander, T. Sullivan, M. Pom- eranfz. JH. HIGH CHHHL HHAMATIC CLUB The Junior High School Drama Club develops lhe characler and personalily of ils members. ll plans programs for 'rhe Junior High assemblies, and ils worlc is enioyed immensely by bolh slu- clenls and facully. FlRST ROW, lefl' lo righf: C. Sommers, M. Capufo lSec. and Treas.l, F. Maca- luso, E. Treiber lVice Pres.l, J. Jacobs. S, Shannon, M. Sfoicovy. SECOND ROW: H. Way lPres.l, N. Tonner. J. Frazier. M. Clark, J. Simpson, M. lsals- sen, N. Raub. B. Yam, A. Campisi, G. Ryan, Mrs. C. Manning lSponsorl. THIRD ROW: J. Mauro, L. Reichard. skim. . g. 11,,..f?v, .L .5 has-1:,'. A exkwm f gm- ' . -D AQ? X 1 5 e 1- 3: 'xx I Q 9 .YZ ,,,,,,,gn-HIS ,A " 34' 'il ,gf , . .M M . '42 ---f' ,L flifgil fl 'ff -as-J' '4 - H ,, , - .qv,,1.a-T-r"'f 814' Q W xiii. -ar ,. ,. ff .1-' It ,,s,,..-', ,iaf qv . ' 7 g. - ' ' . 'n V F Y V . yr P A . A , "gl ' 'W3,fF Q - - 3 5-ai' 5. if 1 W A -x ,,gq,,- I K M L. ' f .' ' 'ff , . -'14 WJ. , ' ?5'?"'f , '-f . P3 ,va . 4, , sg " CHQ ' .y ' J -'A ' '-A y V ' . v m?" ' J ,W V V- f 7, Y q+,.:1,w , ,. up X ,X J., 4 -' 1. .45 'l ' 1 mme BIANCHINI 3 f Attendant J Z. Barbara Eiclce, Doris Goefchius. Betty Ann Schinder, Eleanor Volland. Marilyn Fraley, Vivian Bowie. Anna Einsiedler. TQ YJ T7 L e a h McCarthy. Margaret Cochrane. Dorothy Senlcowski, X ' ' Loreffa Kelly. , ' ' 1 M M! if 1: 'ii x. Virginia Pryzbrowslci. Shirley Messer, Mary Ann Fraiese. Esther Fickes. Jean Broadfoof, Jane Gemmell Jeanne Grindell, Benilde Maffos FTS . Q f , . 1' was "'v-hi 1 , f ' S - 1 fa f A "gif . I 5. , , , - gnmxvf i 'W M'-i ' C--,- I i:.:'C ' K' ' 1 . r . r n P 1 I rin ' X 0 A x 1 , 1- X Q' , .- N I . "r zi"l S51 1 f Ivv a. Gmc: lr y ms 'L , , , , . .1.'f-'ii-'U "P 2' s W , Q ' Q qi- 4- s . , - ,,. . Y .1 0.fQ,4-tn, Q - V, . .Q ' 'sl-?f2r'?--1' aggfizisifwimml ' , x , ,f,.L!. 'v' . I . , 9 S1 'x . ----r N' ng 5 9 A ' 1 , , fs! , -H - V -Qrnfm: :H 'Ui",'f:Q,:x,ii-1-" ..4 swrrT'1'f!?'t' ix , ,mfg--r . f - vw 7.51 .,,5,,. L1 i i vi Ui i iim1.iiiiwii1'Vescci: . -v im w ,sg ,. Q-vciopl 'L five 'Q' ,f 'L-.ew K i..i"' mics- - r wi i f-' dy. .,.. .,.-1-. .x wg- - ,VT MQ v""l1 EEN: Acwzz-n or We -folieyzmil ' Gun V Aerini vie-N of un examination in progress ll Xu i 4 I 3 7 . v ' x :"s - 7-Qin' . . ' .X me xeoCx"e'S Ron Gicncrisfofcro, Presidenv of the Class Y 'ig '- f - ' Ooyxs SPOX V i . JI , of i954 for fOUf years -- i950 i951 9 .L ,, X00 Many C Xunchfi 6, 'il' . L K 1954 ,.,.., . :'5' --ss " " v. . 1 -nn v-v Awiu lrzfvefow O ,,. Miss Zingoro lending 'he Glee Club 4 Put Shcnnon's machine lust am'f working right W., E Fm, film bv f-2+ G UO I O -,,,4n', KL XX! 'fain r ,IC X H V- v My V 1 td X-oc., .mi ,,f,,",u,,1. ,ID In J g 15 fi Lg - x 4 XL 5'Jl" Va, ii-I Fi .gn b p., N I 1141. .i A X A fa. Q, ,A -,N X w , . ... x '- N, -. .,. 1. Q"-J ' f , -as- f I F X ly A 4 1 ,Af ur H1 . ,wx Q O Y H 1- Jw-I' ' :uw One day NaT snuk nnTo Room 209 and succeeded an enTermg our Top secreT yearbook Tnles As he looked TThe confudenhal ma Ternal Tor The book he wondered how :T was paid Tor Drd we pluck money ouT oT The anr'7 Or grow IT77 ThaT aTTernoon whale he was buylng hrs dally pickle nn hrs Tav oruTe dellcaTessen he heard one oT The senlors say To The owner ThaTs Trne One halT a page aT S24 OO Thankyou Wondernng whaT Thes Trans acTnon was ThaT had escaped hrs eagle eye NaT asked The senlor e l l Tell you chum :Ts prnvnlege of The sensors To publush The Chrysalls Thus cosTs a T OT money Tar more Than you can lmagnne Where does Thus amounT come Trom7 Adverhsung T course Our Trnends help us each year by buying These ads W1Th ouT Them we would have no year book NaT was pleasanTly sur prlsed upon hearing Thus com merclal To know ThaT The Town supporTed :Ts sTudenTs l-le wnshed Though ThaT some oT The people Upper NeurasThenua would come down To earTh and Tollow The example oT NorTh Arl1ngTon ADVERT! I ll ga '.. . .xx 1 -S - 1 04 x 4' wr I K "Z TS, 1. f fl, af",-2' in--. 1: 1 V ' 1 Q Q1 V J fl. 'S' Mr. and Mrs. PATRONS GY! S. Ammiano Mrs. E. Bambriclc Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Barnerf Bob and Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. David Bowie l-lerman Boyarslcy Joseph Campisi Michael J. Casella Charlie and Gladys Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Colclyal Davidson Agency, Inc. William Declcer A. Della Volpe Joseph V. Doherly Fmmel C. Eiclce Ludwig C. Erb Waller Fiderer Raymond Fraiese Frank Gemmell Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. J. Finsiedler Mr. and Mrs T. Elsey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Flerman Georgs, Jr, . W. Hance Miss Edirh Kavesanlcy Mr. and Mrs. Franlc Kayesanlqy Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Keller Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kenr Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krauss Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm MacFarlane Manny and Lee Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Mallos Mr. and Mrs. Lee Mayhew Mr. and Mrs. William McCarlhy Flo and Ang Minai Mr. and Mrs. Val Morr Mr. and Mrs. Joseph l-l. Morris Mr. and Mrs. A. Pianladosi Mr. and Mrs. Anlhony Pinio Mr. Joseph C. Poller Mr. and Mrs Bari Ruggiero Mr. and Mrs. James T. Russomanno Mr. and Mrs J. L. Saslre Mr. and Mrs William Schad. Sr. Mr. and Mrs William Schad, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Francis F. Schley Mr. and Mrs Carl Sciorlino 523 Charles D. l-larlwell Mr. and Mrs. l-larry l-larch Mr. and Mrs. Fllsworih D. l-lallield Mr. and Mrs. Arlhur l-lolmes Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas l'lul+er Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Jacobs Jeanne and Zibbie Jimmy and Claudia Johnny and Dave Mr. and Mrs. A. Senlcowslci Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Smirh Mr. and Mrs. Axel E. Thunberq Vinny and Lorerla Mr. and Mrs. W. Von Ronn Mr. and Mrs. A. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Karl Wursler Mr. and Mrs. Franlc J. Yaqlee Marion and Bill Younqhans Mr. and Mrs. Waller Buchanan Mr. H. L. Adamcyk Miss Emma M. Audesirlc Miss Mina B. Audesirlc Mrs. Alexander Besada Mrs. J. W, Bone Mr. Kennelh Bradford Mr. A. Bucher Mrs. Josephine Casella Mr. Michael J. Casella Edylhe Grace Cialarone Anna May Cifune Rip Collins Anlhony C. D'Adamo Mrs. J. D'Adamo Miss Mollie D'Adamo Mrs. Mary Davidson John Delaney Mr. Michael N. DeMarco Ed Eiclce 48 Mrs. Ellrieda M. Ficlces Gil Forsylh Mrs. Mori. Franlc Mr. Hy Frezer Mr. Joseph Geisel Mr. John Gemmell Miss Bealrice Genovese Janice l-lackins Mr. Roberl l-lalch Mr. Joseph lasco Charles E. Keller, Jr., '53 Charlolle E. Keller BOUSTERS Roberl' C. Keller, '52 Dorolhy Krauss Mrs. Charles Leopold Mr. Abe Levin Miss Florence McCar'rhy Lolrabel Bird McCord L. M. Morris Mr. Alberr Moslcowilz Mrs. William Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Norman Nelson Jay and Paul Glenn Warren Newlon Sid Parish Mrs. Florence Perrel Rose Persico Pal Perri Bill Quinn Mrs. John Quinn Ridge Painl and Wallpap Miss Angela Romanelli Roserla Sanzalone Fran Schallcoll Miss Josephine Sciorfino Mrs. James Simpson Frank S. Silelq er Supply Kalherine D. Swaim, R.N. Mr. Thomas Tamburello Mrs. O. Willcinson, Sr. Mrs. O. A. Wilkinson, Jr. Judy Wilkinson Miss Eleanor Wursrer Mary Ann Yablaniclcy i 'QAM ny, fn " ' ' ff' ,R tl : Q 1 4.11 . "' ' , , 1 i I.. is 1 A 315151 .. ,, xx ,'-, Compliments of FRANK 8. FRANK ENGINEER CONSULTANTS 50 Journal Square Jersey City, N. .l. 68 Compliments ol T 0 D D S T U D I O S Your Yearbook Photographer SCANDIA MANUFACTURING COMPANY CREATORS OF MODERN PACKAGING MACHINERY 500 Belleville Turnpike Klurny 2-8400 North Arlington, N. J 69 W +533 if I' ff! 1:-' TIF' 215' fe' 1 CLEMENT M. BRIERLEY Direclor BRIERlEY'S FUNERAL SERVICE 211 Ridge Road North Arlington, New Jersey Telephone KEarny 2-0 I 50 MArIrel' 3- I 790 I'I. A. GREENE COMPANY sronnuc coons Serving Ihe schools and alhlelic organizalions of New Jersey wifh dependable alhlefic equipmenl for over a quarfer ceniury. Oulfiflersz Norlh Arlinqfon High School Alhlelic Teams 28 HALSEY STREET lNear Cenlral Avemuel NEWARK 2, NEW JERSEY SERVICE OUR SPECIALTY . . . E 0 R E 5 T D A I R Y Mun and cmm rnonucrs "DIrecI from Our Own Creamery" - Your Assurance of Qualify H. H. NEWTON I7 Foresl Sfreef M. DAN NEWTON KE. 2-3I3O Norlh Arlinglon, N. J. 70 Compliments of DR. A. II. SAPORITU Compliments of the NORTH ARLINGTON BOARD OF EDUCATION w . Complaments of the FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY 86 Sunset Avenue I North Arlington New Jersey NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS BOOSTERS CLUB Presidenf , , ., ,,.....,,,, Charles Savage Vice Presidenf . ,.... WiIIIam R. Holberf ' Rec. Secrefary ....A , ,.,, Thomas Gilmore Corr. Secrefary .,,,,,......,. Joseph Flimlin Treasurer .,,..,...,,........., ,,,., H . J. Turner gl L1 'Q , gd' .. fn., - 1 . ,, A 1 M ww 'WCM -n ng Y .4 lOUIS E. and MILDRED E. KEMP MACHINE 8. TOOL GAECKLE Porete Avenue Norih Arlington, N. J. F. J. FIELITZ PYROMETER TEMPERATURE SERVICE COMPANY, Inc. PROCESSING, Inc. 7 MOntclair 3-I66O Edwin J. O'Malley KEarny 2-5966 O'MAllEY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Contractors 0 Engineers 15 Bay Street Montclair, N. J. Compliments of A FRIEND JOHN D. CRANE 8. SONS FUNERAL DIRECTORS 24I Kearny Avenue Kearny, N. J. ARTHUR J. O'CONNOR R E A L T o R Telephone KEarny 2-3957 ERNEST CERUllO Plumbing 8. Heating Contractor Oil Burner Installations Jobbing Promptly Attended to 73 Devon Street North Arlington, N. J. Compliments of RUTH 8. LOU STEELE Compliments of LOUISE 8. FRED FIELITZ MILTON SCHLEIDER couNseLLoR AT LAW I57 Ridge Road North Arlington,N.J 73 Q at me L l. A. S. PRINTING CO., Int. Social and Commercial Priniing KE. 2-0446 KE. 2 7 NORTH ARLINGTON PHARMACY The Whelan Sales Agency William Wolper, Pharmacisl - We Deliver - 485 Elm SI'reeI Kearny, N. J. I Ridge Road Cor. Belleville I e KEarny 2-S362 Norih Arlingion, N. J. KENNY 2-9742 Wang xl Son Compliments of ASIA CHINESE AMERICAN RESTAURANT lAir Condi+ioneclI Family Dinners and a Ia Carle Served a+ All Hours Luncheon Served II a.m.-4:30 p.m. Dinner Served 4:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. ALL VARIETIES OF FOODS PUT UP TO TAKE HOME 2 Ridge Road Norfh Arlingfon, N. J. lcorner Belleville Turnpilcel A. P. MUZZIO 58 ALLAN DRIVE NORTI-I ARLINGTON, N. J JERSEY TRUCK CENTER Serving the Trucking lndustry of America Irving Auerbach Rubin Auerbach Compliments of INGALLS AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE Scienlific Engine Analysis We'II Tesl -- Nol' Guess! Complele Speedomeler Repairs KEarny 3-2477 450 Ridge Road No. Arlinglon, N. J. HENDERSON 5-5826 PATTY'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions 333 Ocean Ave. Jersey Cily, N. J. We Deliver Anywhere Pally Maldeslino Formerly wilh Res.: ll Alberl Sfreel Golllwardf Bros. No. Arlinglon, N. J. Jersey Cify. KEarny 3-1833 New Jersey Compliments of EDDIE'S RIDGE SWEET SIIOPPE Counlry Club Ice Cream Biggesl' Sodas, Sunclaes. and Malls in Town! 269 Ridge Rd. Nor+l'1ArlingIon, N. J. Compliments of NEW LINCOLN THEATRE 838 KEARNY AVENUE ARLINGTON, N. J. KEarny 2-95 l 6 K Ea rny 2 -9000 SARGENT MOTORS, Inc. CHEVROLET DEALER Corner of l-ledden Terrace and Ridge Road Norllw Arlinglon New Jersey Telephones: KEarny 2-3575 COrlland 7-2523 Por? Chesler 5-3400 IIOMELITE CORPORATION METROPOLITAN BRANCH PORT CHESTER, NEW YORK 39 River Road Norllm Arlinglon, N. J. 75 3 55 O i PAT the TAILOR FIRST CLASS CLEANING. DYEING 81 TAILORING Dress Well, Press Well, and Succeed KE 2-6IS5 "SIip Covers Made Io Order" OTTO'S DECORATORS New Furniiure of Every Descripfion 598 Ridge Read Nerll' ArlIng+c'r, N. J, E5 R'dge Road Norllw Arlingion, N. J. KE 34783 Delivery Service KE 3-3I39 Floral Creafions for All Occasions TOWNE FLORIST SALLY and MICHAEL TRENT 6 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. KEarny 2-68I4 R. PIERRE, Jeweler DIAMONDS 0 WATCHES 0 JEWELRY Fine Waich Repairing I5 Ridge Road No. Arlingfon, N. J. Compliments of GlNNY'S SPOT 25 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. EXNER - FLORIST Poffed Planfs Arfificial 8: Nafural Cemelery WreaII1S 356 Belleville Pilze Norflw Arlinglon, N. J. Pnore KEerny 3-2481 KE 2-9696 Delivery Service ACME QUALITY FOOD MARKET GROCERIES 0 VEGETABLES 0 MEATS FROZEN FOODS 98 Ridge Road Norlh Arlingfon, N. J. KEerny 2-5724 TREMARCO COAL COMPANY BLUE COAL 0 KOPPER'S COKE 0 FUEL OIL 203 Ridge Road Norflw Arlingfon, N. J. KE 2-4556 Eree Delivery WHITE ROSE DELICATESSEN I. C. and J. S. HORN 384 Belleville Pilce No. Arlinglon New Jersey Ocorqe Gervasi, Prop. RIDGE BARBER SHOP Specializing in Scalp Treafmenf 34 Ridge Road North Arlingion, N. J. KEarny 2-228I l. 8. P. MASON CONTRACTORS smcx womc o CONCRETE wokx 52 Ninflw Sfreel' Norfh Arlingfon, N. J. MlCKlEY'S MARKET PRIMEMEATS o FROZEN Eooos GROCERIES o Enuirs o VEGETABLES 858 Kearny Avenue Arlingfon, N. J. 76 JOHNNY'S MARKET 77 GOLD STREET NORTH ARLINGTON ARLINGTON SALES CORPORATION I58 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. KE 2-II66 FINDLAY-YOUNG 8. COMPANY Asphalf Tile 0 Linoleum 0 Rubber Tile 5 Ridge Road Norih Arlingion, N. J. KE 2-2266 Work for All Cemeferies ALBERT H. HOPPER, Inc. Manufacfurer of MONUMENTS and MAUSOLEUMS Opp, Main Enhance Holy Cross Cemefery 329-34I Ridge Road Waller Woodruli North Arlingion, N.J. KEarny 2-3443 DUNN'S DELICATESSEN 374 BELLEVILLE PIKE NORTH ARLINGTON NEW JERSEY M 8. M AUTOMOTIVE PARTS COMPANY, Inc. 346 BELLEVILLE TURNPIKE NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. RusI Craff - Gibson - Barlrer - Volland Cards FORESTA'S STATIONERY Founfain Service - Gold Seal French Ice Cream Agenfs for Candy 594 Ridge Road Norih Arlingfon, N. J. KEarny 2-9895 KRAUSER'S SHOES 4312 Ridge Road, No. Arlington Opp. I-lardir-g Avenue SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY Edwards - Jumping Jack NaIuraIi1er - Busfer Brown - Pro-Iac-Iiv KE 2-8541 FRISTIK 8. DEGERDON RADIO 81 TELEVISION SERVICE KEarny 2-4359 4l0 Ridge Road Norih Arlingion. N. J. .IOE'S BAKE SHOP Specializing in Fresh Baked Goods All Baking Done on Premises 578 Ridge Road Norih Arlingion. N. J. KEarny 2-0430 WALTER'S PRIME MEAT MARKET 203 Prospecf Avenue North Arling+on New Jersey Hours 8 am. fo 8 p.m. KEarny 2-7I97 THOMAS the TAILOR CENTRAL CLEANERS FirsI Class Cleaning, Dyeing 8 Tailoring Dress Well, Press. and Succeed I65 Ridge Road Norfh Arlingfon. N. J. 77 BOYARSKY'S STATIONERY Toys 0 Founlain Service 0 Novelties 389 Kearny Avenue Kearny, New Jersey KE 2-9234! KEarny 2-0087 THE FABRIC SHOP Slip Covers - Drapes - Yard Goods - Cur+ains Maferials To Beaurify You and Your Home RIVERSIDE SERVICE, Inc. BEST wlsi-iss fo fhe CLASS OF I954 'ver Road Norfln Arlinglon, N KEARNY FEDERAI SAVINGS and lOAN ASSOCIATION 6I4 Kearny Avenue Arlington, N. J. Norrn Arlnqlon Office 3 Ridge Road Norflm Arlingfon, N. J. 4912 Ridge Road Compliments of DEE SHDPPE fhe LADIES SPORTSWEAR BLOUSES - SKIRTS 200 Wasninglon Srreef Newark, N. J. KE 2-6222 GIID-N-SON MFG. 8. SAlES 4 Seasons Anodixed Aluminum Combinaiion Slorm Windows and Doors 328 Belleville Pilxe Kearny New Jersey BONNY DEI.l FARMS Rufusreroiw. new JERSEY Compliments of REED'S RECORD ROOM Compliments of NEW REGENT CLEANERS TAILOR a. FURRIER P. Mazuiian, Prop. 46 Ridge Road KE 2-2520 No. Arlinqlon, N. J, Compliments of WIllOTT lAUNDRY Complimenls of E A G A N ' S NORTH Arzunoron. N. J. Tel. KE 2-9292 One of Ihe Beifer Drug Siores HARDING PHARMACY Samuel Clolf, Plv. G. Samuel Weiss, Pl1G 48 Ridge Road Norm Arlinqfon, N J KEarny 2-4784 EDMUND A. WILKE CABINET MAKER Custom Built Kitchen Cabineis Recreafion Rooms - Bookcases Small Furnifure Builf Io Order IIS Sunsel Ave. Norlh Arlinglon, N. J. Klfarny 2-I828 "Everything for Building" RIDGE LUMBER COMPANY 24I Ridge Road Norih Arlingfon, N. J. Compliments of KEarny 2-98I2 KEarny 2-9649 TERRY'S SWEET SHOPPE 382 Belleville Turnpike North Arlingfon, N. J. Dol and Milne Turelzlxin Compliments of G A l l O ' S 83 Ridge Road Norfh Arlingfon, N. J. Compliments of SPARTAN swm snow: 'I' ai RIDGE ROAD REGAL SUPER MARKET NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. KE 2-9774 574 Ridge Road Norlh Arlinglon, N. J. NANKES CONFECTIONERY HOME MADE CANDIES s. ICE CREAM 870 Kearny Avenue AI Belleville Pike 5c 81 I0c Sl and Up C. A. RONSON' STORES 4 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON. N. J. KE 2-2442 A. COLMENERO PIANOS Agency for WORLD FAMOUS KRAKAUER 8: FRANCIS BACON PIANOS I2 Ridge Road Norlh Arlingfon. N. J. lIlLY'S SPORTSWEAR Blouses 0 Dresses 0 Shirfs 36 Ridge Road Norlh Arlinglon, -N. J. KE 3- 5455 GE 8-O747 MIllAR'S PIES 800 SCHUYLER AVE. LYNDHURST, N. J. John Rosa, Prop. RIDGE PARK BARBER SHOP I6 Ridge Park Drive Norlh Arlingion, N. J. 79 'TG Compliments of the THOMAS JEFFERSON P. T. A. Compliments of the WASHINGTON P. T. A. Compliments of the WOODROW WILSON P. T. A. Compliments of the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY of Noam Anuucrou men scuool Presidenf ....,....,. ..,..,......... H ENRY ElELlTZ Secrelary ............................,,.. MARY MITCHELL Vice Presidenf ,.,,.,,...,.,. KENNETH BARNETT Treasurer ...........,.....,.,,.., RICHARD THUNBERG Adviser .,........ .....,.,,... .,,,..,, M I SS ETHEL KOOK wm-I aesr wlsi-ies Fok FUTURE success . . . K. W. FELDHUSEN 'EST WMS ' " nom Anuncrou morons Sclwuyler Avenue and Belleville Pike Norfh Arlinglon, New Jersey GRACE EV, LUTHERAN CHURCH NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. ICE 2-435i 80 NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL P. T. A. Presidenl . Mrs. Kennelh Ingalls Treasurer , ..,Mrs. John Orland? Isl Vice Pres. . Mrs. Ar+l'1ur E. Reichard Rec. Sec. ..,,, ,, ,Mrs. Leonard Barnelf 2nd Vice Pres. Mr. Kennelh Bradford Corr. Sec. ..Mrs. Bernard Wasserburger Hislorian Mrs. Alfred L. Davidson BERNICE PERRET MARILYN INGALLS Presidenl' Rec. Secrelary DORIS TIEDEMANN LOIS ELSEY Vice Presidenl Treasurer ANNA EINSIEDLER NANCY JENIKOVSKY Corr. Secreiary Hislorian JANET KELLY MISS EVELYN LIMENFELD Chaplain Adviser STUDENT COUNCILS of the North Arlington High School HIGH SCHOOL JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Ronald Jacobs Malcolm MacFarlane Alice Campisi Polar Kelly Presidenf Vice Presidenf Presidenf Vice Presidenf Diane Bianchini Roberl' Berry Carole Sommors Secreiary Treasurer Secrefary and Treasurer Advisers Mrs. Mary E. Davidson Mrs. Vivian Fries Mr. John Kaelin Compliments of the CLASS OF 1955 Richard T 1 Fran fPres.j Maggie lHis+.1 Glad IV. Pre CLASS OF 1956 CLASS OF 1958 CLASS OF 1957 CLASS OF 1959 Lee Gladys Frannie Lonnie Bewy Mana Diane Pal Niece HI - LITES Eleanor Maryann Emily nine CHEERLEADERS Gloria Dol Jane Jeanne '53-'54 Y A G A B 0 N D S Kalliy Nilde Cris Camille Nancy Jean Sue Edna Winnie Camille Rosalie Dm Jim Pal Nancy Compliments of 'l'l19 C0 - ETTES CAVALIERS "54" Karl Ken Jane "Meek" Clemi Mac "Willie" Sam Collie Edna Eoxie Maryann Dee Nellie Marla Mac Kuclo Susie Kope Nilde Dol T. K. Ellie Buggie Barney Millie Jake Plwil Pal' Porky Lonnie Qlis Cris Maggie Ber Jane ll54ll Slick Emily Ralph Jeanne Winnie Meg Dave Niece Pigeon Lo Torclwy Geiclw Lee Lud Henry Janice "The Rock" Elaine Mary Sam Fran Don Jeanne Andy Buch Fran S. George Karl Vivian Eleanor 83 1 'IFJ X N3 if iw, gi fads, AK' ,GX e li C i i At Soon Na+ will be leaving 'ro relurn lo his summer iolo in Upper Neurasihenia. l-le had a wonderful lime meeling you and showing you his discoveries. Allhough he dreads lhe lonely laslc ahead of him, he will always smile when he Thinlcs of lhe "grea+es'r" of schools and people lhal he has lefl behind. Along wilh The class of l954 he would lilce To say fo The leachers, "Thanks for everylhingf' lo his fellow siudenls, "Keep lhe Viking banner flying high," and 'ro everybody, "Good-bye and good luck!" 4 5 Lithographed by RAE PUBLISHING 22 Frink Street Momclair. N. I. 1 1 - L f TS' 2 ' M251-0. W Y ,. .V ". hx . 'mimi f ' . I, L 'QQ-Q, " 'J-1 , R ,.- .TT K - ff' 5 ' N-, N'5 Q3 . ' ' I Ai Xa, 'fy -X ' S "I: ' ' -I sf ' N ' 32 H S f - . .f F 'SH "HH if 'i X s, 425' x '. fs, 'Q -5 . . , ' 1 ' Q - 2 T J.. 'J . ., X L f L- 'i 1 if-1551 ii i - 1 J 1 J 1 ' i is 5 pi' 2 Z 4 ,I N, W r W f 12,415 Q x ' , M53 k xi E It ' 5 5 : . -Q9 1 . IN? A h I i 'f 1 L P i fi , s f r I . I A 1 i h E. I ' 4 IJ ' - If Ei ' , 6 I i 1? A - gl , . I N 1 cr A . , 5 :M , 5 l x i E . f 5' 2 ' 'Q - , A , 1 1 P p A , 5 vu. f 1 A ,.q,,,M-Q f 1 3 H-wr.-,, """""" 5, V b .ri 'U' -hs-""'-"'v-.-E-N . .. . 'wr-In:g"' 14' wd-4-Eh: , Z 'hh - .23-f J 5 , 1 A , - 5 'L - L- ' . t 51 I iff. li It Q53 5 , f. ' .. Ab' " W- if ,' QL-.J J -K 55 - --N: -A . b I 1 V1 . - --' I- 3 ,ff ,.,,,,iL::a9 -M--.-.f ju: -Q Al 12- - " i 3 : 1 Z 4' , ,rl A E V ,,, ,. , ,- 5- K3 A N L.. , . ,. V 1- , ,V ,K L ..3 f, V, G., - rf--1 4, W!! tain -511'-,'frf5"'gv-I .riff '52 ,, . L' QL, :::, . Q. , , . 1 I H",.5. rx 1 ff, few g.'1'5?f-.T fv-35,9 'L 'fl' " . Y 3,5 f - "' Z' X . :- f-- 1 " 'f'. ,wg1"g:"'l'11 ,P tg -. I ,1 ' -.' .I '. "J X T MVN' A '- ,41s,f."' 41.'- ' ' 'vw f..-U -- 1 'Q ff' 1. 1 " lllghf 'gm,f,.,,f Lady! if-' ff V-.-nsgf. 1 V' 'Y' Hi, 'V ,- f ' ' 'f fi 3 . , -, , n, ,, I V, q , - - - - 1 - f . " 0 . rf- N .we 1 . ' ' '- Z-1-33.5111 l-Asa-.c u4np1nn1:'h','if:f,-1lr,:-,j,-u.hia.r'lLAf '1il.8:5l:' ' ,ll ' Lan, :.,',,1,. , , , arab- fi .f ff- 'fm E E i, s N

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