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K . ' --Q, 'R'-+.. . mi' 5 f'w"4- - W F ' xdl 5' sf'-5 T Hin.. -e-"" ' -fa .. ,- A 1 ,k I"- 4- 4? ' 'I 3 ' ' f Vl- ARLINGTON -......! JCHOOL SONG North Alrlmqton we smg thy pruse-QA Our Alma Mater on the hrll Fond memorxes of thee we shall chermsh As drstance makes them dearer st1ll And though the years steal svuftly o'er us A trlbute to thee shall be sung As now m youth's undaunted chorus But hxgh sehool frmendshxps all must sever And fade as does the dymg day And closest frxenclshrps all be broken As out rn lmfe we wend our way And yet whatex er be 11fe's fortune As 11fe's long race we gladly run We'll leve thee stxll our Alma Miter Our dear North Arlmgton "' .' g . l We sing, North Arlington. . . , -N ' C. CHHHSHLIS J 1. . r rf. :A x.-C? af" 5 A 1 w i -x 'K X y S 1 . , VBA, A' A : w J .visa if! tl 'sffff 1,- DEDICATICD We the Senror Class of 1953 have the honor and pleasure of dedrcatrng our year book to Mr William R Holbert our Superrntendent of Schools who aftcr thirty nrne years ofdevored servrce to educatron rn New Jersey wrll retrre on July 1 1953 In 1910 Mr Holbert graduated from the Doylestown Penn Hrgh School and in September of that year entered Lafayette College from whrch he received the de gree of Ph B in 1914 Then began hrs work rn educatron Frrst he was a teacher of mathematics at Hampton N J High School from 1914 to 1916 From there he moved to Somervrlle Hrgh School where he was a teacher from 1916 to 1918 At thrs time Mr Holbert s career was rnterrupted by World War I for more than a year while he served with the U S Army rn France Wrth the termrnatron of the war Mr Holbert returned to Somerville as a teacher but was soon promoted to the prrncrpalshrp Here he remarned untrl 1929 at which time he was selected to be high school principal and later supervrsrng prrncrpal of the Manasquan Schools By thrs trme Mr Holbert had obtarned an M A from the In 1933 he agarn moved thrs time to Belleville Hrgh School where he was prrncrpal of the hrgh school Two years later rn 1935 he made hrs last move when fortunately for us he came to North Arlrngton For erghteen of those thrrty nrne years dedrcated to educatron Mr Holbert has served the crtrzens of thrs borough loyally and skrllfully We are happy for Mr Holbert that he comes to the end of hrs tenure full of vigor and in good health for we know he enjoys best the actrve lrfe sprced by a frequent game of golf Hrs army of frrends wrll be pleased to know that he does not plan to leave us completely for he rntends to remarn lrvrng rn North Arlrngton so we can look forward to seeing hrs easy smile and hearing hrs cheery vorce But there can be no denyrng that something frne wrll be lost from the school system of North Arlrngton We ve been lucky for we know frrst hand hrs kindness hrs frrendlrness and hrs great sense of fairness So long Mr Holbert good luck good health and God Bless You' Class of 1953 BGARD OF EDUCATIO FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Mr Tonner, Mr Madden, Mr. Larkin, Presr dent, Mr W R Holbert, Mr. Bayer, and Mr. Wilcox, Vice President , . I . , - . . 1 X r I 5 ' I I 1 u 1 -I I . I 1 al . . University of Pennsylvania. ' I I u - I I a ' . . . 5 l I U ' I . . 1 . ' 1 . 1 I 9 1 "As your Class of 19533 beeonies a part of the ever-growing alunini of North Ar- lington High School, l give you my very best wishes for a happy and successful fu- ture and urge you to keep always before you the idealsof good citizenship foster- ed in your school and personified in your honorary member, our beloved superint- endent, lxlr. lflolhert, who graduates with you into retirenientafter3S3 years of skill- ful and devoted leadership of the youth of North Arlington." "To you Ixlr. Holbert, and to you, Class of 1953. l say, 'You have niade a good school better."' HOWARD BR,-XDFORD Principal DMINISTRATIO Mrs. L. Mc Cord, Coordinator of the Junior High School, Head of the English Dept., has solved many of our problems sending us along the right road once again. Thank you. too, Mrs. Mc Cord. Y 1 K 1 ,K I.- -2 Q' Mrss E Audesrrk Iv Bus Q55 r C Fmley Ind 4 y 1 --- 'N Mr K Bradford Mrs M Davrdson Mr I Fhmlm NA boo SCL BS Ixth Mr J Burke Mr E Colhm MA 'vlath L1 5 boc DEPT HEADS FACU LTY Mr J Detels Mrss L Fadden Mr G Flrmhn Mr H Frredlander Mrs V Frres M1ssM Froschauer MA Bb nq Bus l Q lg 2. 4 3 B.s., LA.. -.Ed. B.s.. ' . '. '. .Q ra . ESQ, sci. M M B,s,, .' ,Q. B.f. ' .ser K gg. ta' ' N . , ,J l , -' A3 J' Q - Q 5 5 I' '- . fg .g B,P,E,,.Mech. Draw. B,S,, Mrathu Sci. Y B,S.- . Arts B.S,, , ,, SCL ,',, E 5 . B.S.. . Ed, B,S,, Art r' i Q rx N Q f Ig Q 5 A 6 I r- ,1' :ft .y tx . M f ,L D- " l 1 YL br l in I ' fi h - . f Mrss B Genovese I X A Soc L1 Mrss E hook B A M A Span sh S Mlss F Grant BA Latm ng, Mrss E Lrmenfeld N A Bus 'N-4? ff U11 M1ssK Holterhoff BA Eng Soc er Mrs M Lubbcn ber Soc Su ""vs '-:Lx LLL. Mrs C Mr W 'NICISLII N sIJ O Nia ey A 18l'lI8dOSl ng rv A Don B5 Musrc 'Qjx Q 99 5 '--Q 6 Q4 Mr J Kaehn f Ma h cr Ma fmmg US MISS P Murray Eng Mr T Potter B S Soc Scr g '1 M 1' Mr P Kelley Iv A Phy FACU LTY Mr L Recchxa BS Math cr 1 dx ,. A . , 3 Q' A 5. A B ,W X 5 x W 81 B gf D A v 5 1 .WEN X.. f r V ' NE' fa, - x v fr rv "kV A X 1 ' v ' . I , BA.. .1.' .. 5 .., " .E . . .. B.x..' R., s 3 B.S.. .Ed. . .. . i B. 5.,r1: .. .Ed. s ' 5, , , f Ae? W ' .H ll g fgfitt "txt - sf A'., E A. GN -to 4 Q F "X, BA.: . , ' ,r" ' .112 . 'r ll" Mr. .P' ' , , , , ' B.S.. E B. Bs.. 1. .. 1. sci. ' ... . En . . .. .. s 1 ,rw iff? T . , xt 5- 4"- Pia Mrs M Steffens MrssA Rornanellr Mr W Ruckel Bus Bus Fry Mrss N Wa BLb r 953 Mrss D Tarantrno M A French Iwrs I Nrthere MA N M Lv Mr J Tully Eng boc or Mrss E Zrngaro M A Mu Qu., in ADMINISTRATI E ASSISTANTS .JS 'T A Mrs K Swarm Mrs C Casey R,N,, School Nurse Cafererra Mrs L Lowry Mrs M Rutyna Mrs A Stalb Mrs H Thomson Mrs F Cobb Sec to Mr Bradford Sec to Mrs Capwell Sec to Mr Bradford Sec to Mr Holbert Attendance Offrcer 7 THE HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF I953 On the morn1ng of September Z 1947 the graduatlng classes of W1lson Washmgton and Jefferson elementary schools assembled ln the mus1c room of N A H S for the f1rst t1me Thms was the begmmng of our s1x excxtlng years 1n North Arllngton H1gh Durrng those f1rst few days the school looked b1g and confuslng but we soon got used to lt and l1ked lt very much Then after a wonderful summer September 1948 rolled around We had our f1rstJun1orh1gh dance that year at whlch the g1rls taught the boys to dance The dance was from three to f1ve but havlng had a l1tt1c trouble w1th the phonograph the muslc ended some t1me after four rellef Sam Col1no gave us the f1rst real sample of h1s enjoyable vo1ce Fmally September 1949 was upon us and another summer had ended Th1s was to be an exc1t1ng year for now we could part1c1pate IU all h1gh school act1v1t1es On Aprxl Z0 1950 we had our flrst class dance The S1lver Shpper Along w1th our adv1sor M1ss Mulcahy the class worked hard for thxs dance wh1ch resulted 1n a huge success That year the boys began to JOIN the athletxc teams wh1le the g1rls Jomed the glee club At last we had our f1rst electlon of class offlcers 1n wh1ch Andy Massey was elected our class presldent Once aga1n 1n the sprmg the Annual Magazme campaugn helped our class ralse the needed money for our treasury As always we could never seem to m1ss the days of exams but we surv1ved and looked forward to a restful summer Returnmg once aga1n toN A 1n 1950 we found M1ss Grant our new small and l1vely class adv1sor At our second class dance Club '53 dlsappolntment we agaln had trouble w1th the phonograph Passmg Room 104 the face ofmany a s1ck sophomore would appear for we were cutt1ng up our frogs 1n blology class Also 1n th1s year Mr Hurley our pr1nc1pal res1gned and Mr Bradford v1ce prmclpal of our school became pr1nc1pal Enterlng our Jun1or year we felt proud knowmg we were reachmg the top In the early fall we had our th1rd class dance The Parade of H1ts and went to the 1-IackensackCourt House for our ' Know Your Commun1ty project In the spr1ng we undertook the annual Jun1or project Career Papers On May 2.3 our very successful Jumor Sen1or Prom was held at the Hotel Suburban 1n East Orange It was a n1ght we shall long re member F1nally the b1ggest day came September 3 1952 Bemg full fledge Seniors we reahzed that th1s was lt It was to be our last year at N A h1gh w1th Don Shardlow as Pres1dent of our class We the proud Sen1ors held our last but most successful dance 1n December W1th the college board exams over we entered a hect1c spr1ng wh1ch f1nally brought the crown1ng of our lovely May Queen and an enjoyable class tr1p In June we sadly enjoyed a wonderful class n1ghtw1th our parents and teachers W1th the g1v1ng out of the OTCh1dS and the readmg of the class w1ll prophecy and h1story We reahzedwe would mrss our Alma Mater Then the most excltmg n1ght f1nally came June 12 1953 when we all sa1d ' good by to our Alma Mater In partmg we wrsh to thank M1ss Grant our adv1sor and all our teachers and fr-1ends for four wonderful years We are now on our own to take part m l1fe's act1v1t1es May we never forget' . y , , I 3 , Q ' I S i l ' . . 5 . . 5 , . ln , . ! 7 ! ' 3 . ' D D ! ,, . . ,, . . . ' 9 5 ' Y ' D - , I l ' ' ' I Y . ! 1 3 ' ' ll ll ! ' I i Vic Romano displayed his talent by playing the pianog but much to our . . , . . U , S . , . 1 Q 3 - 1 ' 0 . . . , . . ' ll ' ll ' 7 5 I ' ll ' 7 Q , ' I . . , , . . - , . . . I ' 7 I , . . . . , . . , 1 . n . . I I 7 Y ' I - ll i ! I X N I I F l s 1 "v ,ex is x79 y I, Y if . 'A X ...- ,ff ,,.m-v"" JOEL DAVID ARONSON "Everything Happens to Me" "Arrow" witty as they come... lots oflaughs for everyone. . .star stuff his best as basketballcaptain... looks as if he's on a bachelor binge hopes to make a good busrness man :af JACK MARTIN BALCER Can t Help Stngrng Jack a friendly guy yearbook co editor membetofband and or chesua reporter on Vrking Saga staff a Sunday School teacher smcere plans to go to college and major in hrstory ' ,l -A 5 ARTHUR LOUIS APOSTLE Dom What Comes Naturally Art presrdent of the Honor So crety well lrked on baseball team for four years wrrtes sports for the school paper takes a college prep course rs plannrng to become an electrtcal engtneer GEORGE JACOB BEERLI Ractng wrth the Moon Grg one of the more studrous members of our class shows much abtlrty rn the Glee Club and on Vrk mg Saga staff acttve on track team hopes to become a chemrcal en grneer if IO I rx, 'Gy 1 I 5, I: R. A W. Q Sf 5-Q ALLAN ROGER ANDERSON It s What You Do wrth What You Got Allan one of the busrest members of our class prestdent of Student Council co edrtor of the Vrking Saga for two years actrve member ofthe band an honor student sure to be successful as a dentrst SENIORS PHILIPJ BELSHAW Ltttle Man You ve Had a Busy Day Phrl one of the smaller members of the class a part ttme Job pre vents htm from partrcrpattng rn any extra currrcular actwrtres plans to help Uncle Sam he s bound to look good rn those bell bottom trousers 5 8 , -. I, ! ,A 1 It fy r ' f' ' -'J ' TW f ,, g . . ,, .I ' f X H wi ,, W vf .,,, I I .ua I .H 4 ' f ii 4 1 i 4 I -f 2 il, I JOHN K BLRMAN My Heart ls A Hobo The boy wtth the frlcndly smrle an a wrnnrng way dcscrlbes our J K loves to hunt proud owner of a hot rod expects to Jom the army after graduatron we wlsh htm suc cess 953 BARBARA ANN CLARK Babs a petlte blonde wlth a gentle manner quret acrrve as a twrrler and rn grrls sports member of the Leaders Club a future sec retary may she have success tn her chosen freld Vs iv 'N if JOHN JOSEPH BOGDON oh Johnny Oh Johnny treasurer of the Student Councrl member of the Royal Or der of Cherokees quret but full of fun dependable he plans to attend college we hope he becomes a btg success MA RIE CERULLO Mane the frrendly cheerleader wrth the wrnnmg smrle secretary of the Leaders Club and a member of the Honor Socrety well lrked Mane rs never at a loss for frrends lots of luck as a secretary Mane fu.,-f ll JOAN RITA BOW ERQ Wrth A Song rn My Heart Joanre wonderful vorcc our poppy smrlrng cheerleader actrv rtrcs rnclude Student Councrl Glee Club and homeroom secretary shcs sure to become a successful srnger Wav' KA FREDERICK G BROWN Ir Q as armple as That Freddre sense of humor bets rnto tmpossrble Jams ltkes to ear track team takes a general course hrs ambmons are lrterary that rs to follow rn the footsteps of Longfellow A if ' , ' - A ' - I ' - , , . ..'. . fy "A Pretty Girl Like A Melody" "Qui Marie, Sweet Marie" ' ' 'v ' .-. H. ' I .U ' . ..- s. ' K - .4 1 5' - J I is Q x . , . . BARBARA ANN D'AMORE "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Dependable and sincere is our class- mate "Babs"...usually seen with Jo, Sanz,Jan, Al, and Joaniemmember of Leaders' Club and Glee Club... excels in basketball, volleyball and softball... F-s '5- X is RICHARD DAVY Rrde Ranger Rrde Drck tall and husky plays a trombone rn the band manager of the football team has a flarr for food we wrsh hrm luck as a forest ranger hes sure to keep thrngs peaceful in the Rockres ani gr NOEL JAMES COLWELL 'There's a Rainbow Around My Shoulder" "Midge"...hard to find in a crowd can be detected by hrs hearty laughter wrtty Audro Vrsual Ards Club plans to own hrs own busrness we wrsh htm all the luck rn the world RICHARD F DORBER The Best of Everythrng Drck always had a frrendly smrle and a wrtty remark huntrng and frshrng are hrs past trme actrvrtres plans to donn a parr of navy blues and spend some trme wrth Uncle Sam if Sf: I2 Y 43 bv 5. 6 L SALVATORE COLINO "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" "Sam"...the life of the class...good natured...excels in sports...captain offootball team rn senror year one of the most outstandrng basses rn Glee Club plans to Jorn the navy hrs brg ambrtron rs to become an artrst SENICRS WILLIAM FERGUSON Along Came Brll Always with a mrschrevous grrn that sour Turt hrs future rncludes berng Presrdent of the Dodgers loves to krd around thrs good look rug brrght eyed guy rs sure to come out on top 2 Sn , ... , ll . ' Il ll ' ll ,, . ,, . . . . . H . . . - . . . . . . H. , ... ... Y , 5 , .Qu-A A , . . Q 'SV E l N r 1 .. - - .. - s ... I ... t f 'ly ... ' ' 4 . . -TPS .. ' ' ' . 1 rw " " A ' 7, 3 ' any ,., 5 fa l X . aaa' Q ' 9 fp' , ' ' 1 ' :E53:::r 1 -HE: 1 X X gfmzzzg f f K '51- SHIRLEY JUNE FINCH Arn t She Sweet Shrrl sweet quret wrllrng to help others lrkes the masculme gender wants to be contented wrth lrfe we hope she frnds happtness rn the very near future 953 CHARLES GORDON My Buddy for four years captarn tn hrs senror year takes a general course Buddy plans to become an automobrle me chantc upon graduatron Buddy plans to work for Uncle Sam 3 Q iqs Q GLADYS MAY FOSTLE Lawdy What A Gal Glad athletrc well lrked Mrss Amazon President of the Leaders Club memberof the Trr Y and the Student Counc rl on year book staff takes college prep course wants to be a gym teacher JOHN ROBERT GALLOWAY Anchors Away looks quret but rs known to be a lotdrfferent has a passron for food stngs tn a quartet plans to Join the U S Navy Uncle Sam can use htm N Ea -. V 17 BETTY JEAN FRANK Gul of My Dreams Bet quret artrstrc tnclrnatrons member of Vrkrng Saga Staff hrstortan of the Trl Y rn Junror year treasurer rn senror year takes gen eral course and plans art as her ca reer 4-:R is G MARIE ANN FUSCHILLO Short And Sweet Known for her lack of herght con tagrous smxle excells rn sports hopes to become a professronal swtmmer lots of success to Shorty we know she wrll be one of the best rn her professron s ' D .af ' Qs, ,1,'fs5i.: N L. . "Buddy"...member ofthe track team "Jack"...a1ways ready with a joke col l can I V I A . ,, 21" X? - ,x 4' 'AJ . , ' . we i Y . . .H 1 58. , e'rvL'. RONALD HART what to Do Ronme mrschrevous lns a btlrty rs an asset to our track tc rm hw ,Nil . 'T'9?i 4 lrkes anrmals always seen rn a 1,4 car plans to go rnto servrce after graduatron -41 419 l .-5-5 'rf DAVEI HESFORD Hey Good Lookm Dave well known popular good lookmg good athlete par ttcipates tn football and basketball lans to be a gym teacher hrs outstandmg personalrty wrll help htm go far MARSHALL HALL You Gotta Be a Football Hero Moe wonderful personalrty muscles galore good humor lrve captatn of football squad Uncle bam can use hrs help we all wrsh Moe the best tn anythtng he does EDWARD HESS Take It Easy Ed often accused of bemg quret well lrked enloys sports a fnendly smtle for all lrkes to eat and sleep he ssure to be a success as a skrlled carpenter we wtsh htm the best an Wx Q CONSTANCE MILDRED GRINNELL Chew Chew Chew Chew Chew Chewm Gum Con wrllrng to do her part thoughtful fulloffun trft of gab ardent gum chewer member of Leader s Club typrng abrlrty ln sures her success as a typrst SENIQRS JEAN HUDSON Our Very Own Beans fnendly and attracnve frequently rnhabrts Belmar mem ber of the Glee Club takes a com mercralcourse plans to attend art schoolfor the purpose of becoming an tllustrator GAG if---A I4 H' 5 -' H ... 1 I H. 'vii' ' l s X 4 5, Q x p ft' L A ...p A V ' ' . If Y I Q L 4 HI L "ian HENRY IANOSKI It s a Brg Wrde Wonderful World Reserved quret and easy gorng best descrrbes Jan ardent huntrng fan loves out of door sports plans to further hrs studres rn college hrs chosen freld rs arrcraft desrgnrng 953 CONRAD KELLER The Old Master Parnter Wavy harr usually smrlmg loves pames and the farrer sex mem ber of the football team takesa college prep course always found combrng hrs ha rr wrshes to become a commercral artrst IOYCE JOHNSON Thou Sweet Thou Wrtty Joy good lookrng ardent Dod ger fan actrve rn grrls sports sharp sense of humor ambrtron rs to get marrred we hope she makes a good catch and keeps hrm too CHARLES E KELLER IR Chuck good lookrng rndustrr ous and dependable co edrtor of the Chrysalrs plays the trumpet terrrfrcally fun to know college rs next on hrs agenda wrth hrs a brlrty he rs sure to be a success ah... 1-v bf 'Cr' I5 DOLORES GENEVIEVE JORDET Lrttle Grrl Thrs cute lrttle gal loves to skate member of Trr Y rn senror year takes a commercral course hopes someday to become an offrce work er sure to be successful rn her chosen professron 1 'Cz' MICHAEL KEATING Heartbreaker Mrke always ready wrth a Joke well lrked lrkes the grrls par trcrpates rn sports his ambrtron rs to be a mechanrc his abrlrty and personalrty are sure to ard hrm rn whatever freld he chooses i 5' t ' ' lf sl' 15" L I L ' ' n ,,, if ' I to l 1 " . I " H "You're a Lucky.Fellow': U . Q ' Q Q 50' x .. . -ini . . O.. .... . . ANN KRIEG "We Love the Sunshxne of Your Smrle A tall slender eyeful thats our blonde blue eyed Ann lrkes mu src and sports effrctent secretary ofthe Student Councrl member of Vtklng Saga staff popular wrth everyone plansa career rn model ln 5 IOAN MADELINE LAVAL When You Talk It s So Insane Choan as carefree as they come always keeps us guessmg actrv ittes mclude membershtp m Leaders Club Honor Society and Vrkmg Saga N A H S ts certatn to rmss her pep and fnendlmess 'GRA' fb-.-7' JOHN KOCHANSKY Slow Down Loves cars has a crew cut mem ber of the football and track teams ts taktng a general course tn school hrs ambttton ts to grad uate we hope he makes rt easrly SHEILA LINDHOLM Dtzzy Fmgers shme after a ratnstorm Shell excels tn sports acttve member of the Leaders Club has a flau for mustc we hope Shell con tmues to be a success 16 "Ui N. LORRAINE ANNE KELMER Sweet Lorrarne Larrte always rushtng from one place to another wtlllng to gtve a helpmg hand to anyone who needs tt her ambttron to marry a mtl ltonalre keeps her busy tryrng tc ftnd one SENICDRS JAY LYMAN Ieff loves basketball takes a college prep course ambmon rs to own a cham of hotels and motels hrs abrlrty ts sure to lead htm success 'QQ -tug N-vi N 1 H nun ' - X -Q- - , - .. n ' - X Vi I 1 ' ... I V an ' g... - N f W fl ' A ' 1 ., .L 'S' --qi V. 4 S 4 3,3 4 ., if A tall, good-loolsing "We 're Pals" XY! it l ,, ., - . . . , to . 'li' T' lp.: 9 S - ff 'l f ti' 2355- ' 9 . -- . ye Br Q W , ,, on I - loc X , xx X "Q 'gf' Q- YU' IOAN ANNE LYON When You re Smrlrng Joame cheerful good natured actrve rn Leaders Club Honor So crety and Glee Club good skater plans to enter secretarral freld after graduatron 953 ANDREW MASSEY Tam t What You Do Set Shot to be remembered for abrlrty on basketball court Class Presrdent rn Freshman Sophomore and Junror years member of Stu dent Councll takmg College Prep Course plans are uncertarn IC' 'Q-' ffl, ROBERT S MACNIVEN Let the Rest of the World Go By Mac tall and good lookmg outstandmg athlete llkes a good Joke and nrce lookrng guls sharp dresser fnendly smrle smcere nature good luck tn whatever you do Bob JOAN MARIE MARGO I Can Dream Can t I Known by her frrends as Sadre Gouch very attractrve cheer leader rn Jumor and semor years co captam rn her semor year active ln sports hopes to become a secretary good luck Joan 5 I7 CHARLES MAITLAND Patrence and Fortrtude Chuck one of the qureter mem bers of the class always wrllrng to help others member of the Honor Socrety and class treasurer in hrs semor year after college hopes to her-ome a pharmacrst M ...s lg is WILLIAM MAKAUS Just Because Willre well known for hrs wavy blond hair blushes beautrfully loves baseball no team wrthout his excellent prtchmg vice resrdent of the class twrce hrs am rtion rs to be a doctor s a .,7-- ii :X B .. . . . - A Ft 'N 's , .. .. . ' , iw, .H .H . I .ru A l, . -, -1 ' -H ' .g V y ,, Y 'V I ' ' YI ll ' VY If ' fl - N yy - 1 X ' ' - ..: ' Q, g -.. ' I A H. 1 I A I ...- " ' 1 'C ,.L., n - 1 n n I u ' n ln... ' n f G. . , ,, , - .-- . ea- Q.. , -aa V A ff' Q X " f 5 ,, . ,, u . HELEN C MORTOIN I ll Be So Alone Wrthout You Lynn co edrtor of the Vrkrng Saga secretary of the Honor socrety and capable twrrlrng majorette versatrle always busy has what rt takes to be a success we re sure she ll make a wonderful math teacher REGINA MARIE MULLEN 5 2 Eyes of Blue lean cheerful fnendly peppy member of Student Councrl and Glee Club helped on yearbook cheerleader one of our younger senrors a secretanal career ts rn her future af' 5.4 434 4llllun,., ROBERT F MOORE Just Because Booty good lookmg quret drslrkes orals sings tn the Glee Club member of the baseball team hasa flarr for geometry hrs am brtron IS to be a draftsman lots of luck to a good fnend JOAN NELSON Powder Your Face wrth Sunshine Io rs a tall quxet blonde actwe rn grrls sports member of the Leaders Club hkes skatmg takes a commercral course lntends to become a secretary we all wtsh her success v 5 Q I8 , YR Q50-0' Nil RUTH PATTON MITCHELL Honey Mrtch sweet frrendly good natured partlcrpatesm grrls sports member of Glee Club for four years takes a commercral course cessful as a secretary SENIORS ROBERT W NEWTON You Were Only Teasmg Known as Fxg loves the farrer sex ,taking a general course rn school a member of the football team aglee cluli man ambrtlon rs to become a manne engrneer lots of luck 'Cf an ,Q +., .V E is A Y' A hr' , V 1' :f e A-fs: 1- u . ' an Q 5, , " - Q , fr, IL, ...Q I I I E ' ' - 5 Q . . ... Eg l '-K - J t' 'N 7.15 3 . . x '35 1.,.g V gi! I I, 54, t ' .,. Rf A .. T .. .. .. " vw - - - 1- - u - - ' ' ' 1 ...we're sure "Mitch" will be suc- X ' Il ' Il gy . 1 " u fu - ' . ' ' : ' I vu - as - . I ' 2 one . i- VT, -.. . Ill ll. . I ' ' ' r . , ' "il I ll! ll! 1 "' nn. r X . . , f' 5 if If I W ll I A ll ll ' ' A' I 5 N 'Q -'vs"'v QS HOWARD F NOLAN I Whxstle a Happy Tune Howre wonderful personalrty very actrve member ofthe football and baseball teams for four years takes college course rntends to study law we wlsh hrm luck 953 JEANNETTE G POULIQUEN Pretty as a Prcture the semor class secretary of the Trr Y and Class of 53 rn her semor year honor student takes acommercial course hopes to be come a secretary 'UQ 'insur- -K L' ji JAMES S OSWALD Why Can t You Behave O no one can forget hrm humor has brrghtened our acquarnt ance with hrm pleasant smrle partrcrpates rn many sports m brtronrs to be a sports wrrter good luck Oz EUGENE I POPLAWSKI They Always Call Hrm Mr Touch down school spurt excels rn all sports captam of baseball team an as set to our football and basketball teams hopes to become a profes sxonal baseball player awk 3 I9 CHARLES PEINTA Charlre My Boy Chuck another of our quret members enyoys sports well lrked can be seen playrng football or baseball rn any spare txme he man ages to frnd hrs plans for the future are uncertarn cn, u-.Ns E I U RONALD PETROCCO Off We Go rnto the Wrld Blue Yonder Red playsa hot trumpet mem ber of band for 3yean takes a tn many heated dnscumons p a in drum and bugle cor plam to become an aircraft mec ante 'U' ,. , ,. . .. Av . 1 k W N h ' -. 0,4 ' ... , 1 A ' " ff 6 ' ' ' -QQ? ' . l lx V F l A A L f V ' I ' I... , ooo D D Q 'I . uno ...ah ou! ' Q L ' I Y N .' "Jackie ':...very popular member of "Pop"...handsome blo,nd...plenty of Q can .-. ' . na. ' Ki, , ' irish' ..v. iasyymwi ' -5 K a M V ' V r nr x ii- X 1, V 'I' I .gl Q -V f' V Q "ii A - aa 1 45. 4 3 5 3' ' . ' rl!! 2' 'Q . 5 ' , ' . - fave' RICHARD REILLY Enjoy Yourself Its Later Than You Thrnk Lrkeable Rrch tall and husky athlenc Jovral and good natured not afrard of anythrng comes to us from Seton Hall has a boommg 3343 voice lots of luck to a wonderful frrend 'So '59 ROBERT ROSS ! m a Shy Guy Bob llttle and likeable dis likes homework loves weekends takes the general course plans to work after school his ambition is to be a mechanic we hope he re allzes his ambrtion JOHN D REESE Am t Mrsbehavrng Jack one of ouroutstandmg ath letes lrkeable personallty rndul ges rn humor extensrvely seems to enjoy lrfe a lady krller mtends to become a physical educatron rn structor FLORENCE SAHAGIAN What s the Use of Worryrng o peppy co captarn of our cheerleaders short sweet and al ways ready for fun actrve member of Leaders Club plans to enter the freld of busmess teachrng she s sure to be a success 20 C"l GENEVIEVE PRZYBOROWSKI Genevreve Sweet Genevreve Genme quret a drsposrtron all her own a member of Glee Club and volleyball team takes a com mercralcourse Gennre rs plannrng to become a secretary SENIORS JOHN SANTIANA Me and My Shadow Santr 15 sard to have a flau for food one of the quieter members of the class takes a general course plans to be a toolmaker we hope his skrll w11l carry htm far rn hrs chosen freld "Wwe if H- "" A ' .l E . son... N l i 5 1' A Gs , N Hunan' H seo - A Y .. .-:H ' K L H 'Q X. ROSETTA SANZALONE Full of Fun and Fancy Free Sanz very athletrcally rnclmed member ofLeaders Club for three years and vice presrdent rn her senror year plans to do offrce work upon graduatron hopes to become a secretary 953 ALLISON SMITH Wrap Up Your Troubles rn Dreams Smitty our ever popular well of fun active rn Glee Club takrng acommercral course Smltty plans a career ln the secretarral freld HELEN CATHERINE SHULTZ Halr of Gold Eyes of Blue Shultzre as peppy and mrschre vous as they come gets mto rm possrble jams has arepertorre of corny yokes plans for the future aren t defrmte we re sure to mrss her acquaintance EDWARD SIOBERG You re a Brg Boy Now Ed that tall quret fellow you ee walkin down the hall good classmates member of the Glee Club takes a general course plans to make the navy hu cancer avg, 21 ROBERT SCHWEIC KHARDT 'It s a Hap-Hap-Happy Day ' "Swick taking a college prep course plans to attend college actrve m orchestra rn freshman year Need insurance? It can be obtarned from our future rnsurance agent Swick 'Uv DON KEITH SHARDLOW The Best Things In Life Are Free Don aswell friend always voices his oprnlon In the most pleasant manner president of the senior class plans ro attend co leasant way! are cena help im becornea wonderful minister W E f ' n: 4" .' 35 , f Q' 8 ' - l -vu liked Scotchmanmquiet, but loads natured and well-liked byall his as . ' V e 'f' - 11: t E , ,' 'At .Fa ' b , l Q.. 1 ns t r , lk . rifle- . ANNA MARIE oTOICOVY Someone Lrke You Annte lrkeable to all quret tn her own way frrendly her chorce of clothes show her excellent taste warm personalrty seen wtth E1 leen plans to be a Comptometer Operator 'Oi -v- SX!! S1 N. if K JOSEPH R SZCZESNY Srncerely Yours Chunk belongs to the rrotous 102 gang hasa smrle for every one some extras too manages both the football and basketball teams plans to be a mechamc rn the Nanonal Guard 405 v-..,s JOAN MARIE STEELE Beauttful Brown Eyes J best descnbed as pleasant full of fun and lxked by everyone participates rn grrl ssports Leaders Club upon graduatron she plans to become a secretary marnage ts Jos ambrtron MARY C TRENCH Last Mlle Home May the Scotttsh member of the Class of 53 actrvem the artclub and Trt Y takes a commercial course plans to be a secretary we all wrsh her luck S Wh.. qgfof K- N.. 22 frm e-In-5 ROBERT SNEDDON Back rn Your Own Backyard Scotty stratght from the old country qutet loves soccer lS good at rt too plans to help Uncle Sam for a few years hrs ul trmate goal lS to becomea me chanrc DORIS VAN TEGLEN Delrghtful to Know Dot one of the more popular glrlsrntheclass pretty well llked plenty of school spnrtt lrkes to draw dresses xmmaculately good companron sparklrngsmtle plans to become a dental assrstant :Ahh Q, V f as rv- A H O H .. .U ' I H , H N U ,',, ' I A ff ' ' SENIORS 1 lax ' L. 'X 1: ' "f-Q , N ' - " s. .vf B .0 N . - . . ll: V ' -. ,A,V H ' ' 5, F9 EILEEN IEANNE LK1:RS All the Thrngs u Are Quret but not unheard of rs our Vrckre mrsfhfef rn askut and blouse actrvefrrl the Tn Y and on the Vrkrng Saga staff wrllrng to work for what she wants plans to be a prrvite secretary Q 953 ag, -O- 'i EDWARD von der Lll-'PE Undecrded Lrpp tallandlagky warmsmrle member of basketball team actrve on track team durrng sopho more and rumor years takes a general course uncertarn about future career ROGER KING WASSERBURGER KENNETH GEORGE WHITNY Heart and Soul On Chapel l-lrll 'K Srmon. screntrfrcally mrnded Ken easy gorng well lrked , i'gP0tlcr0nVrkrng Saga represent rpemberof A quartet keeps the bass uve to Student Council honor Section rn tune has a weakness udent ambrtron rs to a meta food plansxto go rnto the mrmstry lurgrstx hrs knowledge o chemrstry weire sure he 11 succeed it sure,tq make hrm successful: ' hge' 'W K 5 f' XA Lx is Q ""0 .. .. 5. Q U U... ' n ... ' ... 1 .LV f ' 5 Q .. f S ra ' " u - u K - .J , . ... ... , I , 'r 147 "' , , .l--4--asf" - 'M...,,a, V x f I 1 . A get . 'xii ' 4, ' "lx V ,, ft ra , - . 5 ' i .. .. u N- . . ,, T "'-,, . ,, . .. . l ' J., -ev: rn Q rv u - - - - - N4 ' - ' ' - .-- on eos ra, l ' . . 110. A sr - r -' ' he - Sf 1,-.Q A' ' . h . X o' 1 I t Q , ' flws- U. 'gs , a ' ' x I I . O . Q' W , A 5 X 4 ' ' r P A .5 . if .. .. -J t can - - 4.2 Ill DOI ill - -w 1. 'r - am ' ' , 1 , X. V,-, ' , b 4- . 6. , l ' 'Y K 'f.. ' , ' is 1' Ir 2' A . ,. M C11 ,V A 1 l r: bl fs. , "V FRANCIS WAGNER On the Avenue Fran short and smrlrng quret good drsposrtron takes a general course hrs plans for the future are uncertarn we wrsh hrm luck rn whatever freld he chooses r- iv JOHN WAGNER Well All Rlilht Jack one of the taller members of the class good natured and well lrked hasa fondness for cars takes a general course on hrs way to be comrng a merchant marrne has the makrngs of a frne man JOHN E WILKINSON And So It Goes Wrlkte happy go lucky par trcrpates rn football and basketball enjoys huntmg hrs vorce can be detected rn the Glee Club takes a general course plans to jom the Arr Force 'Q X, ELINOR RUTH WILSON I Got Rhythm Ellre devtlrsh and always laugh mg allaround friend participates in Glee Club Student Councrl and manysports bats off to a swell kxd and our future atrlrne hostess gr . "".-7-oN -Q- IANET H WILKE He s My Guy Ian s helprng hand rs always rn demand never forgets a fnend and her frrends can t forget her acttve on the Vrkrng Saga staff Jan quret fumness rs an asset to her rn becomrng the perfect secretary ALEX WISNIEWS KI any P Handsome tall too that s Wrs goes for basketball rn a brg way GleeClub well lrked hopes to Qgvi be an accountant hrs abrlrty rn IhlS freld rs bound to help htm go far Y""--r 24 T in-A BEVERLYI WILCOX Unforgettable Bev always attractrvely dressed actrve rn Glee Club frrendly smrle for everyone takes a college prep course hopes to attend college and then become a busrness wo man SENIORS JOAN ROSE WALLENHAUPT Pretty Baby of the darly commuters to Newark usually smrlrng takes a com mercral course ambrtron rs to be come a dress destgner we hope she realrzes her ambrtron NX s f n l Iv 0 iq -' ,, . . ,, - - - ' r u . t.. Bw A ' .... l u - ut. E ' l X f' L A '5-', . wx "S1ow oke" "Joanie" 2 . ' n. W- X W 'X img A' x L' - 'I .25 if ALEC WOLPER "We were rough and ready guys, but,oh, how we could harmonize." "Al" . . . his booming voice can be heard in all the college prep classes . . . has a flair for photography . . . his hopes include pharmacutical work . . . rg ffm is' Yr-J JOAN ZONDLER " . . . as sweet a treat as eating candy and cake." "Zinky" . . . seems quiet, but her friends know different . . . a part-time job keeps her too busy for many extra-curricular activ- ities . . . her plans for the future are to enter the business field . . . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SEATED: Miss F. Grant, Advisor, STANDING: Gladys Fostle, Histor- iang Don Shardlow, Presidentg Charles Maitland, Treasurer: William Makaus, Vice-Presidentg Jeannette Pouliquen, Secretary, llfmail . fl v COMMERCIAL EDITORS Jeannette Pouliqueng Miss Audesirk, Advisor, Allison Smith. use .IV 1 -. , I x I J . I , UZ 1-' w CO-EDITORS SEATEDg Mr, Nielsen, Advisor. STANDING: Charles Keller, Jack STAFF SEATED: Gladys Fostle, Doris Van Teglen, Beverly Wilcox, Joan Lyons. STANDING: May Trench, Joan Laval, Jean Hudson. Balcer. I 'e Y I In dedicating this edition of the "Chrysalis' to Mr. Holbert, we wish to thank all the members of our staff who helped to compile this book, a record of the 'Class of 1953. We especially wish to thank our advisors, Mr. Nielsen and Miss Audesirk, who assisted us extensively. Good luck to the Class of 1954 in their efforts to produce a successful yearbook. Jack Balcer and Charles Keller DEPARTMENT HEADS SEATED: Allan Anderson, Photography Alec Wolper, Photography. STANDING Arthur Apostol, Sports, Helen Morton, Sen- iors, Marie Cerullo, Activities, Eileen Vick- ers, Faculty, Janet Wilke, Chief Typist. nf x 4? Y: .1 fffx Ma. 4 D .quasa- W if 'ma , - Lihue ale: a 'fi HH? W' W' . -,iq -Il .- x xy O pl' '31, .,,' IMS. ' I ,,g:" 3 O .Q S. it V. 'O ..M, I "gl V vw MR. I. FLIMLIN 11-1 ff M. FIRST ROW: J. Brooks, V. Bowie, D. Bianchini, S. Bisaccia, G.Bambrick,E. Boyarsky, E. Bone, J, Broadfoot, I. Brown, Y. D'Adamo. SECOND ROW: S. Ammiano, P. D'Agostino, R, Collins, T. Bogdon,1. Coklyat, R. Berry, M. Casella, R. Chamberlain, Mr. J. Flimlin. THIRD ROW: K. Clark, I. Canaley, T. Cerone, K. Barnett, C. Buchanan. JU IORS I9 4 MR. BRADFORD 11-'2 FIRST ROW: R. Giancristofaro, L. Erb, R. Jacobs, B. Distel. SECOND ROW: M, Fraiese, A. Fernandez, M. Holzer, J. Emma, E. Fickes, A. Einsiedler, I. Grindell, B. Eicke, M. Gallo, F. Doherty, G. Hance, M. Fraley. THIRD ROW: D. Holland, R. Hoskings, L. Elsey, S. Hauer, M. Ingalls, J. Gemmel, D. Goetchius, C. Della Volpe, F. Gosytyla, G. Janes, Mr. Bradford. FOURTH ROW: D. Docker, J. Ferreira, I. Karasiewitz, G. Hendrickson, H. Fielitz. Q Q 'Y .. I-sense ks I wa ??:'f'8 ff' ug-1 ltd, S-,f i MISS GENOVESE 11-3 FIRST ROW: J. Kelly, L. McCarthy, E. Pinto, S. Messer, D. Krauss, M, Mitchell, B. Perret, L. Kelly, B. Mattos, M Klum,V. Przyborowski. SECOND ROW: Miss B. Genovese,T. Kent,C. Levin,J. Perrone, I. Luty, D. Morgan, G. Morr C. Maurillo, W. Pasciak, R. More, R. Mitchell. THIRD ROW: R, Pearce, F. Kavesanky, T. O'Neill, J. Nelson, D Robertson, M. MacFarlane. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President .............. Ronald Giancristafaro Vice President . . .... . .Henry Fielitz Secretary .... . .Diane Bianchini Treasurer . . . . James Rowe MR, DETELS 11-4 FIRST ROW: D. Senkowski, E. Volland, P. Shannon, B. Schinder, F. Sciortino, E. Yodlowski. SECOND ROW: J. Wer- ner, W. Watt, K. Wurster, J. Young. J. Rose, A, Smith, Mr. J. Detels. THIRD ROW: R. Thunberg, W. Schad. J. Rowe SOPHOMORES I955 is Y Y -Ji Y.: DK at . E55 fix 1' f-"':".X. A MR. FRIEDLANDER 10-1 FIRST ROW: A. Efinger, H. Georgs, R. Dreesen, E. Hakim, D. Calabrese, E. Fiore, W. Anderson, D. Canralupo. SEC- OND ROW: A. Anderson, M. Case1la,C. Blumetti,J. Amato, P. Hosking,S. Ingber, R. Cerevo1a,A. Bromley, K. Engle- hard, N. Ienikovsky. THIRD ROW: Mr. Friedlander, M. Grant, C. Biondi, B. Bannerman, M. Brooks, J. Hyer, J. Bian- chini, G. Pena, C. Casatto, C. Gonis, J. Hayden. FOURTH ROW: D. Distel, R. Gaekle, R. Godfrey, R. Brummer, D Hearle, T. Frey. S. Graczyk. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ..... . . . . Ted Trust Vice President . . . . Richard Trent Secretary ..... . . Harry Zondler Treasurer . . . . Ruth Ceravola 30 :cry zu as., U! I s ' 6 ,xzxgessgrf "' vor grail.,- gnfllu I 'M J l MR. G, FLIMLIN 10-2 FIRST ROW: R. McGilvery, R. Kelichner. SECOND ROW: C. Meyer, T. Lindquist, F. Mottola, P. Johnson, K. Mona- han, E. Pardo, I. Pagnelli, M. Miller. THIRD ROW: A. Matson, B. Moore, M. Morrow, A. Kirst, E. Kane, P.Koes,E Lenkiewicz, M. Mousaw, Mr. G. Flimlin. FOURTH ROW: R. McLaren, W. Miller, P. Lech, M. Kurtz, R. O'Lough1in SOPHOMORES MISS TARANTINO 10-3 FIRST ROW: R, Smith, J. Sorce, R. Shapiro, R. Trent, N. Pomerantz. SECOND ROW: E. Rivas, R. Schweickhardt, J Sygnarski, C. Steinmetz, E. Wagner, B. Paulison, A. Sciortino, J. Wright, N. Sargent. THIRD ROW: Miss Tarantino J. Steele, L. Sandquist, V. Peterson, A. Petruzzi, W. Yodlowsky, B. Reynolds, A. Vitale, M. Poplowski, B. Schoch J. Porter. FOURTH ROW: R. Smith, D. Poerio, H. Pedynowski, H. Zondler, F. Stecewicz, L. Romano, T. Trust, R Skiverski, D. Sullivan. MRS. WITHERELL 9-1 FIRST ROW: R. Fabrizio, G. Colwell, J. Bosco, J. Cammett, R. Decker, D. Feldhusen, M. Ewing. J. Calabrese. SEC- OND ROW: J. Ga1lo,J. Ammon, D. Fernandez, M. Champignon, C. Dobson, C. Della Volpe, J. Carlton, P. Broadfoot. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Witherell,G. Fruehwald, V. Atamanchuk,E. Einseid1er,E. Bocchichio,R. Frank,N. Burr, P. Barrole, J. Case, E. Fried, E. East, E. Bremmer, M. Brown, R. Auer, A. Amato, D. Anderson. FOURTH ROW: E. Bambrick, W. Fickes, H. Bruzza, G. Bell, P. Fabiano, R. Feniello, R. Anderson, J. Albani. FRESHMEN I9 6 MRS, FRIES 9-2 FIRST ROW: D. lberer, N. Hayden, C. Hammill, J. Hull, A. Lavin, C. Hutter, C. Keating, E. Gordon, V. Ingalls, E Lamphear, C. Hahn. SECOND ROW: Mrs, Fries, R. Hartley, E. Greenberg, B. Gilmore, A. Goodwin, J. Lindholm, S Howell, P. Godfrey, E. Gargan, D. Kientz, D. Laney. THIRD ROW: T. Haggan, R. Graczyk, R. Jacobson, O. Kisr, R Kuhfuss. Qs, .. use-' MISS LIMENFELD 9-3 FIRST ROW: N. Rittweger, N. Miller. SECOND ROW: J. Mitchell, C. McLaren, I. Matera, 1. Meikle, J. Masterron, C. Malone, E. Nanke, S. Miller, B. Phillips, B. Myers, M. MacCabe. THIRD ROW: G. Miller, L. Pesce, G. Paffen- dorf, J. Maltby, B. More, 1. Mercier, R. McKenna, H. Margo, M. Martins, E. Lind uist, R. O'Neill, Miss Limenfeld. FOURTH ROW: C. Perrone, A. Mattos, E. Peacock., D. Margo, K. Powers. q FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President ...... . . .George Miller Vice President. . . . John Calabrese Secretary .... . . . Jane Meikle Treasurer . . . . Doris Anderson MR. RUCKEL 9-4 FIRST ROW: J. A. Van Orman, M. Zumach, B, Thunberg, D. Starkey, B. Tepper, P. Stecwicz, R. Sperduto, R. A. Setterstrom, G. Yodlowski, C. Wollenhaupt, H. Wollenhaupt. SECOND ROW: R. Steele, P. Skolsky, R. Savage, P. Slobodin, J. Skolski, M. Zook, H. Sansom, J, Sanzalone, J. Wilkinson, B. A. Whiston, H. Steele, M. Sadvary. THIRD ROW: H. Snyder, A. Smith, R. Schaefer, S. Roman, N. Watt, C. Seeds. .Jw .arg MR. POTTER 8-P FIRST ROW: P.Gausis, M.Chiccone D. Francis B. Medaska A. Gausis L Miragira. 'sscoun Row: M. Pascl iak,A. Ballestero, W. Helms, R. Ha- kim, E. More, W. Norton, J. Peri, N Sperduto, Mr. Potter. THIRD ROW R. Nolan, J. Peri, D. Alteir, I957 MR. RECCHIA 8-R Schroeder. FIRST ROW: A. Anderson, R. Wal- czuk,A. lnfante. SECOND ROW: E Cochrane, C. Kennedy, C. Rosenberg R. Sandquist, V, Rankin, E. Brand, J. Hoffman, R, lvers, S. Beerli, D. Gor- mely. THIRD ROW: D. Fraser, B Kunst. J. Truska, B. Macy, C. Trei- ber, D. Brown, R. Golob, A. Barr, J Makalka, J. McClear, C. Gerry, Mr Recchia. FOURTH ROW: I. Colino A. Springer,A. Prigge,G. Bu11ock,E Fisher. MR. COLLINS 8-C FIRST ROW: D. Lopes, C. Grinnell, E. Spaven, G. Dc Meo, C. Toffey, M. Hart, J. Hamill, R. Morgante, H. Schinder, C. De Pace, L, Alves, SECOND ROW: R. Groos, R. Foray, B. Da Silva, R. Hart, R. La Motta, J. Heck, E. Olowski, D. La Rue, R. Olgilvie, L.Sanza1one. THIRD ROW: R. Finch, R. Mott, R. Krasowitz, J. Ferra, J. Murphy, R. Hendrickson, HGHTH GR DE MRS. MANNING 8-M SITTING: J. Stewart, A. Chait. FIRST ROW: J. Lunde, C. Babek, H. Janulis, J, Slember, M.Fe11er, V, Kalinsky,C. Slomowitz,H. Whitney, A. Aronson, A. Borrelli. SECOND ROW: G. Jordet, D. Kelso, P. Bied- erman, F, Collura, M, Shyne, I. Land- ers, J. Schoch, A. De Pasquale, R. Walinski, C. Smith, Mrs. Manning, N. Romanoff. THIRD ROW: D. Ber- man, R. Flanagan, W. Gould, E. Lennox, E. Gorski, E. Pickel. Wv MR. KAELIN 7-K FIRST ROW: G. Bollinger, G. Dum- mar, E. Wilson. SECOND ROW: J Olandt, H. Way, E. Trieber, C. Gould K. Schnieder, L. McGhee, B. Kukla D. Isaksen, R. Martins, K. Navajov- sky. THIRD ROW: R. Fraicsc, R. Ammon,D. Soper, R. Reider,G. Jeck J. Lahey, R. Lyon, W. Smedley, B Cassak, J. Kaelin. FOURTH ROW R. Trust, L. Blnmetti, R. Bivona, L Canaley, M. Clark, R. Orrock, R Wilson. SEVENTH GR DE MRS. LUBBEN 7-L FIRST ROW: R. Sheridan, D. Anello C. Sygnarski, M. Purpura, D. Johnson A. Rowe, G. Mottola, C. Sommers A.D'Adamo, P.Juno. SECOND ROW J, Allan, J. Hakim, J. Carracciola E. Bianchini, A. LaRosa, R. Lough- ridge, L, Vasto,J. Lyle, R. Helms, A, Barnett,G.East,Mrs. Lubben. THIRD ROW: G. Jenkins, T. Sullivan, W. Killorn, C. Sciortino, B. Mitchell. 55",-fl FN 1'5- MISS MURRAY 7-M FIRST ROW: L. Reichard, J. Kelly W. Peterson, S. Densler. SECOND ROW: S. Shannon. J. Jacobs, J. Sar S. White, N. Raub, M. Robinson,J Gerry, E. Scholes, B. Yam, F. Ma- caluso, M. Stoicovy, THIRD ROW M. Caputo, A. Smith, G. Ryan, R Gillow, J. Howell, C. Murkofsky, G Brown, J. Mauro, M. Pomerantz, D Nicol, Miss Murray. FOURTH ROW J. Simpson, A. Campisi, M. Niemas N. Tonner, J. Cushing, J. Frazier. I98 MR. TULLY 7-T FIRST ROW: S. Brown, D. Norton, R Bruning, R. Mitchell, T. Savage, A Weinberg, D. Braun, R. Jackson, N Krans,B. Cacciatore,G. Zook. SEC- OND ROW: Mr. Tully, M. Scaelercio, D. Juno, L. Pierro, D. Pietro, W. Dachowski, T. Kelly, G. Helms, R. Mastandrea. - 0 ,-, ,af W' A Burns '-MQ' as Ywi ,....M-,. -x tri fpfo I 4 6 f X f I RIENDS r f , r , T"'Qid Parrish on Guard M '.r 1 , 4 M X 'r 5 E din HHNK If , ' f' : . I tl: X F O. E 1 ' f 4? If, , "Adi 1 . ka . ' Messel' 8 ,fs B jig s 'BJ SL i 1 5 J I -191 wiv? ,-au, N-ig v : A ? li Q VARSITY FIRST ROW: D. Robertson, R, Hart, C. Keller, J. Kochansky, E. Poplowski, S. Colino QCapt.J, M. Hall, R. Newton, R. Mac Niven, H. Nolan, J. Rowe. SECOND ROW: B. Diste1fMgr.J, R. Davey fMgr.J, D. Holland, J. Ferreira, H. Fielitz, W. Scnad,J. Luty, M. Mac Farlane, G. Cook,T. Bogdon, R. Collins,W. Pasciak. THIRD ROW: J. Cammett, R. Steele, R. Jacobson, E. Hakim, D. Calabrese, M. Kurtz, R. Gaeckle, J. Calabrese, M. Mousaw, R. Smith, J. Bosco, T. Haggan. FOOTBALL BRAIN AND BRAWN FIRST ROW: J. Detels fTrainerj, T. Potter fLine Coachj, W. Nielsen CHead Coachj, E. Collins qAssistant Coachj. SECOND ROW: E. Poplowski QBackfield Captainj, S. Collno fTeam Captainj, M. Hall QLine Captainj. 'u:1".'f f'-'f'!5:.,f5f',,",3 Q- 'Y W-.v I' A ' -X-1 ' 15?-:Lf K Pfwfv- f nf 'ff -' f 1. ' A-v 1 - ,5- .. 'no sh 4252.4 .9 -5, DQ-'Q --QV 691. ' 7- I-' , ' '.C . ' 1 . 1 ' h'x"1w.g.'-g ,.. I 'nh ,,f r ' .' -" ,' ' ' 1 . ,vi 4- ,'- ,iplilx--1, Vx' .5 J- ' 5 Q - , ' 1, -I-1 - - K- 3, MA, -. '... I.. i.. ,' I . 'V '. 13 -I "Ts " ' 'nit " ' 1 f r ' A- - Hx. Q.. ' R- ,L A ky , . 4- Y-. . 4 Q- .X Ah v , ' ' V Q 1' .. . .. 3 N Q Q s , N- X . 5" ft' r - -A W V ..-v Q . 2 . u V..-,541 . , , x Q .. , -wx H, ,4 . 'pm -Q5 2 v W A I ,L V s . , V . ' xl gc O . I I . : GAR- 1 4 KL 4 2 mi ' W ' 91 ' 0: A lb, tl r ' ,923 f 'VP i'xf f f'r"' 'Q' -?3: I L 2 5-" J: K4 -I JI., ,pw-r .A AF X Q Q +lx ' ' ' ,- ' . ' wx n- 'fx ' ' , dl Na. .H -g 3 . .I W Q .i , -I . , EQ. ' 5. Q- -' 'N . , Q x ' ' 5 I 2' f 4 :FW W l. -I fa, gs 0 ki . .-1 6 .- 1 3 I 'Wa mn x iii I It f T' IE' f Aa Iv IX' VARSITY FIRST ROW: W. Ferguson, J. Reese, G, Cook, J. Nelson. SECOND ROW: A Wisniewski, NOT IN PICTURE: D, Dorber, J. Karasiewitz. BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: S. Graczyk,D. Trent, E. Hakim, D. Calabrese, N. Miller, E. L Shapiro, H. Zondler, T. Frey, A. Matson, R. Berry, M. Mousaw, T. Trust, B McG11very r G it ' 4 -' I " 43 , -' FT ' , :Lf It -If C iq I' I 1- V-, ' " ' N., , 4 i "'f 'I X 1 LX 4, THE I952-53 RECORD CAPTAIN JOEL ARONSON. COACH RUCKEL Experience and all-round ability enabled the 1952-53 North Arlington basket- ball team to post a fine record Q14-41 for the season. Eight seniors and three juniors made up this year's squad. Andy Massey, the season's high scorer for the second year in a row, established a new school record of 48 points in one game. Captain Joel Aronson, injured early in the season, didn't play until the post season tournament. Al Wisniewski, who improved with every game, proved to be a high scorer and rebounder. Bill Ferguson, filling in for the ailing captain, added speed and spirit to the team. Rounding out the starting five were Dave Hesford, a brilliant playrnaker and scorer, and George Cook. George, the only starting junior, gave up many points to feed the big scorers. Jack Reese, Dick Dorber, Jim Oswald, Jay Nelson, and Joe Karasiewitz completed the squad. Twice the high scoring Vikings passed the century mark. First in the 101-81 win over Harrison and second in the 106-81 victory over Wood-Ridge, which set the Bergen County scoring record. The team took part in the post season Bergen County Jamboree and the State Tournament. BILL FERGUSON AL WISNIEWSKI ANDY MASSEY NAHS ..., ........ 9 1 - Nutlcy .......... CL NAHS .... . . 79 - Hawthorne ....... 58 NAHS .... . . 92 - Hasbrouck Heights. . 49 l NAHS .... . . 71 - Bergenfield ....... 50 NAHS .... . . 62 - Woodtlidge ....... 28 NAHS .... .... 6 2 - Nutlcy .... . . .44 , , NAHS .... .... 1 01 - Harrison ..... . . .81 ,la NAHS .... . . 69 - Lyndhurst .... . . . 74 . .1 'Q' NAHS .... . . 56 - Hawthorne. . . . . . 57 ' 4 NAHS .... . . 76 - Bernards ......... 54 ' NAHS .... . . 79 - Clifford Scott ..... 59 NAHS .... . . 79 - Bcrgenfield ....... 70 . NAHS .... .... 1 O6 - WoodRidge. . . . . . 81 ff NAHS .... . . 65 - Lyndhurst ........ 75 ' . F NAHS .... . . 69 - Scorch Plains ...... 81 Q NAIIS .... . . 80 - Scotch Plains ...... 79 3 NAHS .... . . 80 - Bernards ..... . . .44 A NAHS .... .... 8 7 - Harrison. . . . . . . 53 Total 1404 1108 Won 14g Lost 4 ski? r if .-x -W l A h BASEBALL THEVARNTYSQUAD FIRST ROW: Willie Makaus, Jim Oswald, Jack Reese, Moe Hall, Capt. Gene Poplawski, Bill Ferguson, Art Apostol. SECOND ROW: Ron Gianchristofaro, Greg Janes, Charlie Bu- chanon, Coach Collins. With 10 lettermen returning, the outlook for the 1953 baseball team is good. Coach Rip Collins expects great things from his veterans. Moe CAPTAIN Hall should be able to take care of the catching duties, while on the ., throwing end ot' the battery will be Art Apostol, Willie lviakaus, and - GENE POPLAWSKI Greg Janes. In the infield will be Jack Reese at third, Ronnie Gian- ,- ip? cristofaro at short stop, Bill Ferguson at second base, and big Jim . iq 4 Oswald at first base. The outfield will probably find Dick it Dorber in right, Howie Nolan in center, with Captain Gene Poplawski in left field. This group has played ball together since they were sophomores and have been brought up carefully by Coach Collins. This will be the third year the team will compete in the Four County Conference. As a special treat, the boys will travel up the Hudson to play the West Point Plebes. JACK REESE 5A.l o 'Nv- BILL FERGUSON 'im FIRST ROW: I. Bog- don, V. Romano, E. von der Lippe, C, Penta, R. Hart, C. Gordon. SECOND ROW: J.Canaley,R. Kelichner, M. Mac- Farland, Coach Kel- ly, J. Werner, W. Pasciak, A. Efinger. ms TRACK With some veterans of two years' experience returning and Mr. Paul Kelly starting his first full season as track coach, the track team ought to have a good season. Two lettermen have been lost through graduation, but Captains John Bogdon, Buddy Gordon, along with Vic Romano, Ron Hart, Ed von der Lippe, and Bob MacNiven are returning to give Coach Kelly a nucleus around which to build. Invitational meets during the indoor season and dual team meets in the outdoor season provide many thrills for both team members and spec- tators. John Bogdon Co-Captain RELAY TEAM LEFT TO RIGHT: Co-Captain Buddy Gordon, Ronnie Hart, Co-Captain John Bogdon, Vic Romano. Charles Gordon Co-Captain HEERLE DER Q CHEERLEADING SQUAD LEFT TO RIGHT Co captarns Florence Sahagran and Ioan Margo joan Bowers Mane Cerullo Betty Ann Schrnder Pat Shannon Regrna Mullen Drane Branchrnr Our peppy cheerleaders have d1sp1ayed fme school sp1r1t and outstano 1ng enthusrasm TU supportlng and boostlng the morale of the teams wi MM EH!! 5-4 I, 1 . 1 ' lr? iw.-v KN N 1-5 F J' I X A 'A Y? .- f if 1 "5 412' f 534 ln . -Q F I H v 1 49' 3' abf 'i af . ,A . 4 'X A MAY QLIEE If r I I 1 1 . Joan Steele, Regina Mullen Joan Margo Helen Morton , ATTENDANTS Jean Hudson, Joan Laval - L- xx .Xi Q wx , a . in ,! ' p .. 5 ,I .I x X ' 1 Marie Cerullo. Jeannette Pouliquen if.. -1 Lorraine Kelmer Genevieve Przybo- rowski. oan Lyon, Barbara Clark -sg vi lb Joan Londlcr, Mary Trench 1 bv 2 r A fs Jv4f"" T 4-X gs,-an as-In Ann Krieg 'Y A Doris Van Teglen , va: I' 7 MAY QLIEE TTENDAN S Shiela Lindholm Connie Grinnell 'W N M I 9 " "" 4' i' an W , . , 'af . .gm-. . I ' ' .4- KQWW ,,- 15,2155 gjkirgip f- -J- - 1 1 Nj S , Y n if Y 1 Q j ag U ill 5. Y '1:.:"IA',,. .' REPRESENTATIVES FIRST ROWg R. Dorbcr, P. Stecewicz, A, Anderson -- President, A, Krieg -- secretary, J. Bogzdon -- 'l're.isurer, NN Ferguson -- Vice President, C, iltitter, D, Van Teglen. AECIOND ROW: Mrs. D.ix'idson -- Advisor, LE. Penn, R. Berry, R Tliunbcrg, C, Keller, R. Bruinnier, M. Morrow, J, Maltby, R, Jacobs, Cl. Della Volpe, The Student Council, a representative group, coordinates student activities by al- lowing students to share in the formation and execution of student policy . . . ALTERNATES SEATED: Jeanette Mitchell,Rosalic Sperduto, Mrs. Fries, Bernice Perrct, Judy Bianchini. STANDING: Dorothy Ibercr Gladys Fostle, Helen Morton. HO OR SOCIETY The Honor Society creates an enthusiasm for scholarshipg stimulates a desire to render service to the school and the community, promotes leadershipg and de- velops character . . . SITTING: A. Wolper, G. Bcerli, H. Morton, A. Apostol, Miss Kook. STANDING: R. Wasserburgcr, J. Pouliquen, W, Makaus. J. Lyon, J. Wilke, A. Anderson, M. Mitchell, D. Shardlow, D. Tiedernann, J. Laval, K. Barnett, M. Cerullo, C. Maitland, L. Kelly, F. Doherty. READING CLUB The Reading Club acquaint s its members with modern literature of value -- that literature which is not us- ually discussed in school courses . . . FIRST ROW: I, Wilke, C. Casotto, E, Kane, J. Balcer, A. Krieg. SECOND ROW: N,Jenikovsky, M, Miller, C. Gonis. THIRD ROW: H, Morton, J. Laval, E. Vickers. FOURTH ROW: D. Shard1ow,A. Wolper. SPONSOR: Miss K. Holterhoft, SENIOR STAFF FRONT ROW, E. Vickers, B. Wilcox, E. Kane, A. Anderson, A. Apostol, H. Morton, N.Jenikovsky, A. Krieg, J. Laval, BACK ROW: Mr. Friedlander, J. Wilkc, R. Wasserburger, A. Wolper, D. Shardlow, G. Beerli, I. Balcer, MissTarantino, VIKING SAGA The Viking Saga trains students in journalism, makeup, and the responsibility of meeting deadlines . . . Sponsor. JUNIOR STAFF KNEEl.lNGg R. Schweickhardt, A. Vitale. FIRST ROW, B. Thunberg, E. Wagner, C. Gonis, P. D'Agostino, C. Casotto P. Slobodin, M. Miller. SECOND ROW: K, Barnett, R. Trent, R. Shapiro, .I. Maltby. 4 II Q? Q' e' A if 'Q -1 TRLY The Tri-Y creates, maintains, and extends throughout our school and community high standards of Christian character . . . FRONT: D. Iordet, F. Sahagian. FIRST ROW: D. Tiedcinann, M. Ingalls, A. Einsiedler, I. Pouliquen, M. Cerullo, B Perrct, B. Frank. SECOND ROW: Miss Limcnfield, L, Elsey, N. Jcnikovsky, C. Gonis, J. Kelly, J. Wilke, A. Krieg, M Trench, G. Fostle, G. Pena, E. Vickers, Miss Walsh. SPONSOR -- Miss Limenfeld. LE DERS'CLUB Leaders' Club is composed of the girls who have been outstanding in the women's athletics. It develops initiative and good sportsmanship . . . FIRST ROW: M. Mitchell, G. Bambrick, B. Eicke, E. Pinto, R. Sanzalone, B. Perret, G. Fostle -- President, J. Lyons, J. Nelson, S, Lindholm, R. Mitchell. SECOND ROW: B. Clark, J. Laval, L. Sandquist, F. Doherty, F. Sciortino, J. Steele, I. Margo, M. Cerullo, J. Pouliquen. THIRD ROW: M. Cochrane, D. Bianchini, B. Shinder, C. Grinnell, B. D' Amore B. Mattos, A. Kirst, E. Kane, E. Wilson. SPONSOR -- Mrs. Steffens. T B BY SITTERS CLUB The Baby Sitters' Club was established as a community service. It trains its mem- bers inthe fundamentals of child care . . . FIRST ROW: C. lluttcr, C.Dubson, C, Hamill, A. Lavin, A. Bromley. SECOND ROW: J. Gallo, l. Mastcrton, l. Lind lrolnr, l7.Stcccw1cz, l. Mcikle, ,l, Van Orrnan, E. Brernner, Miss O'Malley -- Sponsor. TWIRLER Our energetic twirling team has aroused our school spirit by adding to the splendor of our football games and pep rallies . . . FRONT: Captain, ll, Morton. STANDING: S. Bisaccia, M. Cochrane, B. Ferret, F. Doherty, l. Grrndell, Miss Grant - Sponsor. r , ,g I 'i., 1 is . 3- .f 5 fl l 3 3 5 'Q ls 5 I X 1 'Wir BAD FIRST ROW, E. Volland, H. Whitney, A. Mattos, l. Ferra, C. Murkolsky, L. Elsey, V.Przyborowsl-ci, T. O'NeiIl, A. Bar- nett, L. Kelly -- Drum Majorette. SECOND ROW, E. Bremner, E. Fisher, P. D'Agostino, R. Godfry, G. Ryan, H. Georges THIRD ROW: L. Albani, R. Davy, E. Fickes, J. Ferreira, R. Hosking, J. Coklyat. INSTRUCTOR, Mr. Piantidosi. N, A,'s Band and Orchestra have, in providing music for school functions, offered students a fundamental knowledge of music . . . ORCH EST RA FIRST ROWg G. Bell, B. Kukla, S. Beerli, L. Sandquist. SECOND ROWg L. Elsey. THIRD ROW, R. Davy, L. Abani. INSTRUCTOR, Mr. Piantidosi. Fickes Barr, H. Whitney, C. Murkofsky I nm nu nu 3 iv 1 Q, 1 IX if I FIRST ROW: C. Gould, L, Vasto, D, Isaksen, L, Brand, V, Przyhorowski, A, Fernandez, C, Malone, D, Fernandez, J, Slember, Miss Zinuaro, SECOND ROW: L, Miraglia, J, Werner, D, Distel, B, Fibrizio, H, Steele, M. Mitchc1l,B.Eicke, B, Perrot, F, Doherty, THIRD ROW: E. Scholes, H, Zondler, G, Ryan, J, Coklyat, R. Hosking, A, Mattos, J, Mitchell, J. Meikle, V.Atarnanchnvk, FOURTH ROW, M, Clark, I. Truska, A, Vitale, L, Sandqnist, D, Bianehini, L, Pesce, E, Gar- gan, P, Godfrey, R, Frank, J, Lindholm, FIFTH ROW: P, Brown, R, Ivers, I, Gernmell, J, Bianchini, U, Rankin, F, Col- lura, E, Cochrane, J, Makofka, R, Sandquist, D, Starkey. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club, which has offered students the opportunity of being part of a sing- ing group, has, in its rendition of beautiful music, given the student body and corn- munity a great deal of enjoyment . . . FIRST ROW, P, Stecewicz, D, Frances, C. Hahn, I, Wilkinson, V.In,qalls, B, Phillips, N, Hayden, A, De Pasquale, SEC- OND ROW, R, Sperduto, M, Fraiese, L. McCarthy, B, Mattos, C, Hutter, J, Van Ormen, J, Ammon, B, Thunberg, C, Dobson. THIRD ROW, J. Wright, P. Johnson, E. Freid, C, Casotto, G. Pena, P. Ilosking, D. Krauss, S. Beerli. FOURTH ROW, R, Ceravola, V, Peterson, M, Mi1lcr,R. Sckweickhardt, F, Sciortino, R. Setterstrom, J, Carlton, P. Broadfoot, D, Senkowski, J, Broadfoot, FIFTH ROW: I, Hayden, J. Amato, E. Tita, E, Einsiedler, N, Burr, A, Einsiedler, I. Grindell, C, Stienmetz, B, Reynolds. SIXTH ROW: D, La Rue, A, Prigee, R, Smith, T, Pierro, G, Heck, A. Springer, G. Bell, R. Q X2 Davy. . if - A ,rn ' ' I' '1 - ., - - - I . 5 I I A fc L, Q - - g .1 ., a .f. -cuff' A - '1'1f'i!'3F LIBRARY COUNCIL The Library Council gives girls the opportunity of obtaining firsthand knowledge of the operation of a library . . . FIRST ROW: Nl, Brown, E, Einsrcdlcr. SECOND ROWg A. ljrnslcdlcr, Sponsor, kllss Walsh, C, Cassouo, D, Tlcdemann L, Elscy. THIRD ROW: J. Kelly, R.Scl1weickl1urdL, G. Pena, R, Aucr. F.T. . The Future Teachers of America acquaint themselves with the teaching profession and the opportunities it will offer them in later life . . . SEATEDg Mrs,W1Il1erell, Annette Vitale, loan Hull. STANDING S. Howell, J. Hull, E, Einsiedlcr, H. Sansom, M Harris, M, Zook, V. Ingalls. ,- l ' D . l'f7f"fi:2 3 I I rf . 1 it A - rl ' -1 'L-f -if -M TRAVEL-TALK clus Through literature and visual aids, the Travel-Talk Club developed an interest, understanding, and knowledge of the world . . . STANDING: N. Burr, President. FIRST ROW: E. Nanke, E. Tita, P. Godfrey, R. Frank, S. Ilarnell, E. Bremner. SEC- OND ROW: E. Einsiedler, G. Paffendorf, B. Phillips, P. Stecewiez, Miss Genovese, P. Slobodin, B. Thunberg, J. Ammon TIIIRD ROW: C. Perrone, W. Seeds, R. O'Laughlin, O. Kist, V. Ingalls, E. Fried, P. Bartoli, V. Armunchuk. TECHNICIANS CLUB The Technicians Club, while instructing boys in the use of audio-visual aides equipment, has at the same time performed a great service for our school . . . FIRST ROW: R. Shapiro, I. Anderson, E. Peacock, H. Bruzza, O. Kist. SECOND ROW: E. Len- kiewicz, R. Trent, G. Fruliwald, Mr. Burke, M. Ewing, E. Lindquist, R. Decker. Alex. 'Y "1 ufsi-', lb xe--V' -: r xi 5 . MW-'A z 11.511 BLS! I "' ss! P9 . I, Q5 f-ef! L OW HERE FOLLOWS A SHORT HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF '53 N SEVEN BRIEF ACTS . . . ACK IN I94 WEA in . SPIRED . . . JEFFERSON SCHOOL FRONT ROW: D. Iordet, R. Mullen, R, Sch- weickhardt, B. Ferguson. J. Barnett. I. Hoag- land, J. Zondler. R. Feller, S. Finch, R. Szczesny, C. Gordon. SECOND ROW: J, Galloway, T, Aschoff, A, Apostol, M. Leslie, D. O'Su1livan. I. Johnson, C. Keller, E, Ronalder, R. MacNiven, M. Thompson, N. Cathcart, J.Shepherd. THIRD ROW: H. No- Ian,R. Newton.J, Oswald, A, Spook, S. No- vick, B. Frank, B. Wilcox.A. Krieg, S. Lind- holm. M. Cerullo, I.Wi1ke, FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Belus, R. Hart, R. Kaderis. I. Sullivan, V. Domansky, G. Beerli, H. Ianoski, P. Co- coran, K. Whitney, A. Wolper, J. Watson, W, Makaus,C. Maitland, D. Shardlow, Miss Woodcock. WILSON SCHOOL FIRST ROW: A. Smith,E. Wilson. G. Fostle, J, Pouliquen, I. Hudson. B. Clark, E. Kent, H. Morton. J. Laval. C. Callen. SECOND ROW: R, Ross, M. Van Ness. J. Margo, J. Wilkinson, H. McKnight, A. Anderson, F. Sahagian, I. Steele. THIRD ROW: R. Davy. J. Stee1e,R. Mitchell. R. Riplinger, J. Aron- son, I. Dickson. FOURTH ROW: M. Hall. C. Dittmar, E. von der Lippe. J. Lyon, C. Penta, E. Hess. FIFTH ROW: B. Brighthut. E. Sjoberg, S. Colino, J. Wagner, Miss Hearns. WASHINGTON SCHOOL FIRST ROW: B. Jones, R. Freese. F. Brown. S. Cristofulli, I. Berman, C. Keller. D. Schnepf,A. Leander. SECOND ROW: W. Meyers. F. Sciortino, B. D'Amore, D. Maran- non,M.Fernandez, D. Van Teglen.C. Grin- nell, L. Kelmer,A. Stoicovy, R. Sanzalone. D. Dimodica, T. Vigloria. THIRD ROW: J. Wollenhaupt, J. Santianna, J. Balcer, G. Landers, C. Fernandez, D. I-Iesford, J. Ko- chansky,A. Wisniewski. J. Reese, G. Pryzy- borowsky. .""!f' 'l ' QIA It ' I Q-lqq'f ,X I f XVI ' - 4 ,1. I X! .fl MISS O'MALLEY WITH SHIELA, CHUCK, AND J 1' n. n , TH WE WORKED ... I P 'I' J' Q MR . FLIMLIN WITH Y . I I Vx" I .. IT. 'E J Qty 3 'fllfi Zi ' fi: SENIORS IN RADIO -.-S' ,bf ":- 'x x. LPN li. MR. FINLEY IN SENIOR SHOP ORAL. ENGLISH IN ACTION ,gs . 5, ,MGI , I 5 .. . ' ' I I 1 J . ' ,ff Y , L V 1 , - H -an .. , . 1 . . -'. , 2 1 ' ' X- I. ' , 3' . -- -1- Aa., 4 c'?'?1 ' J'A.I.u,-,,.R.f. fx. 4. .V CHEM LAB AND CO2 . ,L 4 V - .--,L 1 hx I, v, . ,- v. af' 1 CHEF COLINO AND JOAN WOLLENHAUPT an ED VON DER LIPPE AND HIS FRIENDS T 7 s I x 5. ' .aw 0' SI-1NIOR BOYS' LIINCII TABLE . gi . A DWE PLAYED... t I' U ' I f -9 X. 11, u All A:,,.!l ' E 3 .g-Ng , -I if f'f',qt"i'x-.Q .-1 41? HU DDLE FOR SIGNA LS 'NPG' "RY FACULTY -VARSITY GAME SENIOR GIRLS I fa MRS. 5'I'EI'FENS AND IIIAIP BALL SNOW BA LL SENIOR BOYS' SYN! :J -' l Mr, Holbcrt vp-zu af N ix Q4 -'lr' Xp George Beerli, Joan Lyon, lack Galloway, Baibara Clark OC ,' 4 E1- AND WE DANCED. O O 14' lx Victor Romano, Sheila Lindholm Margaret Cochrane, Howard Nolan, liam Ferguson, Marie Cerullorrn crm! - fad", 'U 'Ev l fN C' ',,' vu , Q11 O Janice Mathiesen, Sam Colino Jeannette Pouliquen, Dick Dorber Q TINA EVEUUMYWUFV' Miss Romanelli, M Thomas Bogdon, Flore, ce Sahagian iss llolterhoff . rg l 1 mumps-' Jack Balcer Joan Laval ,Psy 1 9 The Football-Basketball Team Joan Laval, ' Helen Morton if AND WE PLAYED SOME MCRE Helen Morton . :Jain ."'v Marianne Fuschillo T A -m"5'e,.r J Andy Massey, Alex .- Joel Aronson QT? "" . ' l"2 mm, . Bob Snedgpn, lack Wagner, Doris Van Teglerg ' F k G k and Ann Krieg ran Cer Rosetta Sanzalorlg Fred Brown with friends Allison Smith Gladys Fostle Jeannette Pouliquen John Kochansky, Joyce Johnson jf AFTER THE UAME, DELEMBER I3. I953. IPS. WE WON 9I 621 AND WHEN IT WAS DONE, WE MET AT EDDIE'S TO TALK IT QVER TRUST EDDIE TO KEEP US HAPPY O O O iii AND S0 THIS SHORT HISTCRY ENDS... -1' wid, A if i ' B.. 'Q-zzrzifj 1 4 , X 3 ,.. 1 1 ,Sf X 'Lrfx . i 3 . 4.4 Q' 4 5 i fl .. fi -Q 1 4 ,s D D T U D Your Yearbook Photographer Compluments of the WOODROW WILSON T Comphments of the WASHINGTON P. T. A. Compliments ofthe THOMAS JEFFERSON P T. A Compliments Uf Ps . A SCAN DIA MANUFACTURING COMPANY BRYAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC NG CO S RUCTION Y C OS O O C G C 1 e B NhAI' J Compliments of EDDIE'S RIDGE SWEET SHOPPE 26 R dge R d rth Arl ngt N Country Club Ice Cream Blggest Sodas Sundces and Malts In Town When You Buy For The Future Buy FORD NORTH ARLINGTON MOTORS Schuyler Avenue and Bellevllle puke North Arlnngton New Jersey Authonzed FORD SALES and SERVICE L Kaufhold KE 2 4351 Ke 29000 SARGENT MOTORS Chevrolet Dealer Corner of Hedden T race and Rldge Road North Arl ngton Jersey KEorny 2 8000 PYROMETER SERVICE COMPANY Rebus It In struments Protectlon Tubes Thermocouples Leadwl re 348 Rlver Road North Arlungton N Compu ments ot NORTH ARLINGTON BRANCH 23 Rvdge Road North Arlungton N J eal e s Fd lDe s K Earny 2 0691 Good Luck Class of I953 Dlstrlbutors of Waldron s Country Bottled M1 I k 500 Schuyler Avenue North Arl ngton N .I 9 i oa No I on, ..l. I I , INC. i New I ' ' , .J of RUTHERFORD NATIONAL BANK MEADOW BROOK DAIRY Member Fed r Reserv Sy tem e era po it Insurance Corp. Klfarny 29780 PETER REIGER SI'lEl.l. SERVICE Expert Lubrlcatuon Car Wash Steam Cleaning Belleville Turnpike and Rlver Road North Arlington N J KEarny 2 3443 DUNN S DELICATESSEN 374 Bellevrlle puke North Arlington Complzments o JOE S BARBER SHOP 9 Van Cortland Place Arlington N J Nobody can please everybody but we try R 40 MILLAR S PIES shy: dh Al Zrto Prop Ke 2 9743 RELIABLE SUNOCO SERVICE Bellevllle Turnpike 8. Devon Street Kearny N J SARAH W JOHNSON COUNCIL No 65 North Arl II'lQ'l'0I1 Meetmgs Frrst and Thnrd Thurs Evenrngs Amerlcan Leglon Hall Loyalty Love Patrzotzsm JIMMY S SHOE SERVICE 203 Prospect Avenue North Arlnngton RIDGE HARDWARE CO Housewares Paints Plumbing Electrical 8. Garden Supplles 582 Rudge Rd No Arlmgton Free Delivery Ke 25611 UNITED GROCERY 334 Belleville Turnpike North Arlington New Jersey GALLO S MEATS 380 Belleville Pulte North Arlungton N J HY GRADE DELICATESSEN Quality Cold Cuts Homemade Salads Emil Sturclre Prop 260 Bel Ievllle Pllce North Arlungton KEamy 2 8541 KRAUSER S X RAY FITTING SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY BUSTER BROWN SHOES 43'6 Rldge Road North Arlungton N.J. I ' " ' ' N.J. f Tel. u. - 747 I I I 800 c u er Ave. ' ' ' Lyn urst, N. J. . , . Daughters of America, I ' N.J. , . . 1 - . - . ' . . ' , N.J. ' N.J. . - f . I I ' - . . I . K Earny 2 4784 EDMUND A WILKE CABINET MAKER Custom Bunlt Cablnets Recreatuon R Small Fumlture 'IIS SUNSET AVE N0 ARLINGTON N JOHN D CRANE 81 SONS ooms Funeral Dnrectors 24 Kea nv A enue Kearny KEar 2 008 Compllme ts I GOLOB THE FABRIC SHOP 3 Rdge Road North Arlngton N KEarny 29742 ASIA Wong G on Chunese American Restaurant CA Condtonedj mly D ners a d Ala te Served at all Hours Luncheon Ser ed ll m 4 30 p m D ne Ser ed 4 0 m 930 m A Varsetes of Foods P Up to To e Home 2 Rdge Road orth Arlington N KEarny 2 3706 BAUERLEIN S FLORIST Wedding Flowers Funeral Designs Potted Plants Wholesale ar"I Retall va Schuyler Av enu. North Arlmgton Congratulatuons an Good Luck Graduates JAY ARNOLD SHOPS Styles for DAD N LAD Ridge Road North Arlington N KEarny 2 44IO REGENT Cleaners Taulors Good Worlc ls Our Success Three Hour Cleanung Servuce We Call For and Deluver Rndge Road North Arlmgton and A RONSON STORES 4 Rndge Road North Arlington N J N KE 2 2442 Compliments of MICKLEY S MARKET 858 Kearny Avenue Arlmgton, KEarny 2 9609 Free Delivery IRV REIN Del lcatessen Beverages Frozen Foods N I26 Ridge Road North Arlington N J KEarny 2 5987 EMERALD DRUG STORE s msenrslo, as s J Gnsmsrsm, rho 380 Belleville Tpk North Arlmgton, N Compl ments of Ruth's Shoppe INFANTS CHILDREN and LADIES WEAR J S94 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON, N J . I r v , N, J, . , . J. - S ny - 7 . . ' H ir ai of Fa i in n Car - W v a. .-: . . ln r v 13 p. .--: p. , Il ' I ut k i a , .J. 5 N - ' I J' lCorner Belleville Turnpikel d 1 ' 43 ' ' , . J, ' , N. J. 5c 8: l0c Sl Up II4 ' ' . .J. ' ' of , I . ' . J. . . U I rnpl COBB FOOD SERVICE Ke 21801 2 6 JACK CLARK DAIRY North Arlnngton N J Ke 2 4961 BALDANZA CLEANERS Wallace Hoffman Prop I' e Prckup 8: Delr ery 210 Belle llle Plke Arlington N J Ke 2 9222 JOE S CITIES SERVICE Repair Ser Ice Flats Flxed Towmg Service 590 mga Road North Arl: gton Ke 2 9840 287 Hugh Street North Arlmgton Ke 26222 GILD N SON MFG 8. SALES 4 Seasons Anodized Alu lnum Combunotuon Stor Wmdo s and Doors Keamy 328 Belleville Prke KEorny 2 9527 INGALLS AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE 450 Radge Road North Arlnngton AT GROBEL S ESSO STATION Tune Up Carburetors Brakes Generators Starters rel KEarny 21718 SHILLIT BOOTERY Shoes of the Better Klnd 857 Kearny Avenue Arl ngton N J NANKES CONFECTIONERY Home Made Candues 8- Ice Cream 870 Kearny Ave At Belleville Plke FRISTIK 81 DEGERDON Radio and Televlslon Servlce K Earny 2 4369 410 River Rd N Arlmgto I1 JOE S BAKE SHOP Our Specialty Fresh Baked Goods Done on Premises 578 Rldge Road North Arlington N.J. JOSEPH S BARBER SHOP Kearny Joseph Truncale 230 Bellevulle Pike . - Ke. Co iments of PAGANELLI'S DELICATESSEN ' ' ' ' N.J. ' ' , N.J. ' M 8. M AUTOMOTIVE PARTS 485 Elm Street Arlungton NJ MArket 3-7697 JOSEPH A KRIEG LL e Unalerwnter Equutable Lute Suite IOIO Insurance Co Commerce Cour dg Of Iowa Newark 2 N J Tel Ke 2 9292 One of the better Drug Stores HARDING PHARMACY Samuel Clott Ph G Samuel Weiss Ph G 48 Rudge Road North Arlington N J KEarny 2 4655 JARVIS OIL COMPANY Oll Burners FUEL Burner Installed Serv: ce I87 Rutherford Place North Arlington N J Ke2 9807 Complzments 0 HUGHES SERVICE STATION Gas Oll Repaurs 600 Schuyler Ave North Arlington N J DR L G MARTIN DR S KLOTZ Dent: sts Complzments o BERGER S DAIRY 50 River Road North Arlmgton N J TV 81 Radlo Tubes Tested Free STRAUSS STORES Auto Supplies Flslung Taclcle 55 Ridge Road North Arlington KEamy 2-I828 Everytlung For Buzldmg RIDGE LUMBER COMPANY 241 Ridge Road North Arllngton N J Ke 21166 FINDLAY YOUNG 8: COMPANY Asphalt Tlle Linoleum Rubber Trle William Findlay 5 Ridge Road North Arlington N J Complzments JUSTICE BODY WORKS 20 Rlver Road North Arlington N J Ke 24223 George J Gutierrez CANTERBURY AVIARIES Smgmg Canaries Control Bred Parrakeets From Talkmg Strains 607 Schuyler Avenue North Arlmgton N CO. INC. . .f . , .. ' , .. OIL ' f Ke. 2-9055 ' f . ' U - ' ,NJ Of Ke 2 9696 Deluvery Service ACME QUALITY FOOD MARKET Groceries Vegetables Meats Frozen Foods 98 Rndge Road North Arlmgton N Best lhshes to the CI ASS of 53 Mr 81 Mrs R Fostle Nancy 49 an Gladys 53 Grandma PAT the TAILOR Flrst Class Cleaning Dyeing 8- Tallormg Dress Well Press Well md Succeed 598 Rxdge Road North Arlsngton N .l Ke 2 9537 Complzments THE RIVEREDGE Restaurant Fountain Service Snack Bar 185 River Road North Arlmgton Ke 29600 PIKE ESSO SERVICE One Stop Service Dealers an all Kmds of New 81 Used Tires Arlington N J 865 Kearny Ave 81 Belleville Turnpike Ke 24556 Free Delivery WHITE ROSE DELICATESSEN I C and.l S Horn 384 Bellevllle Pike Arlrngton Complzments SPARTAN SWEET SHOPPE 31 Ridge Road North Arlmgton N J Ke 2 9774 2 4294 Say It Wzth Flowers RIDGE FLORIST Weddmg Bouquets and Floral Designs A Specialty Store md Greenhouses 521 Ridge Road North Arlmgton N J ROGERS and TAYLOR S Atlantic Gasoline Statlon Bellevulle Pnke 8- Chestnut Street Arlington y 2971 BRUMMERS LUNCHEONETTE and CONFECTIONERY 16 Rdge Rod Nth Al t TOM THE TAILOR Fme Taulormg Cleamng Pressnng 165 Rdg o d th AI o Complnments ELITE BARBER SHOP 285 Ridge Road No Arlungton N J u - . . 1. Y 1 . . 1 1 d I ' ' , .J. . . of I I I 1 1 l ' I I l D ' N.J. ll ' ,Y ' l l . No. ' N.J. - Ke. - as - xv Of , . . a ' ' I , . - ' KEorn - 2 I 0 I u i o or ring on, N. J. N.J. of ,,. . . - . . . ,, l e Ra Nor ringt n, N. J. ' . ' . - - Complzments 7Zea1.4'urcoZa 74e40ze 838 Kearny Avenue Arlington N J Kearny 2 9516 C ongratulatzons THL GRADLATING CIASS S W E E T B U X North Arlington New Jersey Presrdent Mane Cerullo l 1, ce Pres Bernice Perret TRI Treasurer Betty Frank Hzstorzan THE VIKING SAGA Official Student Publlcatlon North Arlnngton Hugh School Yearly Subscription 50 Cents Annu Emsledler to s el rton Al A d o Corres Sec Marulyn Ingalls Chaplam Dons Tredemann R ecordmg Secretary LEADERS CLUB Jeanneffe P0Ul'qU9" Presldent Gladys Fostle Vice Pres Rosetta Sanzalone Secretary Mlllle Della Volpe Treasurer Bernice Perret Allison Sanz H Dlclz oe "" THE IO2 GANG TMI: ACES Bdfbdfd Bean 5 JOCli Choan Lynn FOUR 53 of 1 to of ' Q ' ' Edi r : H en Mo lan n ers . .. .. I T E I ' J Sh 'I K ll I H ' if ,, Compliments of the NORTH ARLINGTON f BOARD DR A R SAPORITO QF EDUCATIQN O MALLEY CONSTRUCTICN FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY COMPANY 2-5966 of the 7 Contractors-Engineers rth Arlington Market3l79O H A GREENE COMPANY Sportmg Goods S run the schools md xthlctlc cn IINIIYIODS ot Nut crscx xxnth dcpuultblc Nhlcrxc Lqlllplllflll' tor mor 1 quxrtar ccnrurx Outfitters North Arlington Hugh School Athletnc Teams 28 Halsey Street Ne ark 2 Ne Jersey Near Central Avenue Telephones KEarny 2 3575 COrtIand 7 2523 Complzments Port Chester 5 3400 I-lomfurz CORPORATION TALON TOOL INC Metropolitan Branch Port Chester New York 39 Rwer Road North Arlmgton N J Service our Specialty FOREST DAIRY Milk and Cream Products "Dzrect from our own Creamery" Your Assurance of Quality H. H Newton T7 Forest Street M. Don Newton North Arlmgton, N J. Ke. 2 3130 o o .TC 'b if .L 2 '01 J l J' c :- - . w , w Of I I , .. . . C mph ent NORTH ARLINGTON REPUBLICAN CLUB KEQ ny 2 5969 Tl n ng Plu lung No Job Alteratlons 8- Too Repalr SQYVICQ Small ROBERT WILSON Plumbing 8. Heating Oul Burners Installed 20 Beaver A enue Ke 20446 Ke 21037 NORTH ARLINGTON PHARMACY THE WHELAN SALES AGENCY Wllllam Wolper Pharmacist We Deliver I Ridge Rd Cor Bellevllle Pike North Arllngton N J C gratulat n CLASS OF 1953 Some of you young gentlemen that wnll fund pleasure In smolungl We offer you the best A Schoenleber hand made plpe SCHOENLEBER NEWARK PIPE SHOP 29 Branford PI Newark N.J r - 'n I 0 'm s of m 1 v North Arlington N.J. - ' - ' on io s O , . . Ke 2 3371 Ke 24875 Clement M Brlerley Drrector HUDSON 8. SHANKS Signs Neon Window Bulletin 162 Prospect Ave North Arlington BRIERLEY S A COLMENERO PIANOS FUNERAL HOME Agency for WORLD FAMOUS KRAKAUER 8- FRANCIS BACON PIANOS I2 Rudge Road North Arlington N J ZH Ridge odd North Arlzngton New Jersey KILNS SUPPLIES Tel KEomy 2 79l4 ANN LIEBAU STUDIO CERAMIC ARTISTS Evenmg Classes Doy Classes Mon wed Fr wed asm am Telephone KEarny 2OI50 Heartrest Congratulatzons no the CL 'ISS of 1953 from The Class of 1955 The Class of 1957 The Class of 1956 The Class of 1958 . ' , N..I. I ' - I l U . R I73 Belmount Ave., North Arlington, N. J. ., ., I. ., . . . n- - ' X1 Complunentso the STUDENT COUNCILS of the North Arlington Hugh School Ilrgh School fumor llzgh School Presrdent Vlce Presldent President Vsce President ALLAN ANDERSON WILLIAM FERGUSON LOIS MIRAGLIA INGRID LANDERS Secretary Treasurer Secretary and Treasurer ANN KRIEG JOHN BOGDON ROBERT FORAY ldvzsers Mrs Mary E Davudson Mrs Vlvuan Fnes Mr Joh Kaelm Smcere Good Wzshes THE CLASS OF 1953 rom the Class 0 1954 President Ronald Glancrlstofaro Treasurer James Rowe Vnce President Henry Flelntz Secretary Duane Blanchlnl Complzments 0 the NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL P T A Presldent Mrs Alex Brown 'Ist Vice Pres Mrs Kenneth Ingalls 2nd Vlce Pres Mr Kenneth Bradford Treasurer Rec Sec Cor Sec Hlstonan Mrs Charles Keller Mrs Leonard Barnett Mrs .I W Bone Mrs A L Davidson NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH President Charles Havel Recording Secretary los eph Tully SCHOOL ATHLETICS BOOSTERS CLUB Treasurer Harold Turn er Vice President Charles Savage Corresponding Secretary Howardl. Bradford . . f U to f f f PATRCN S Allle and Don and Ms and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Duncan Alllson George E Anderson Louls T Apostol John P Balcer Manuel Barros George Beerll Betty and Joe Mr and Ms Mr and Ms Mr and Mrs M and Mrs John J Bogdon Juluus H Bowers James Clark Fred L Cobb Jr Jamce and Ted Cobb and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Dom Colmo George L Dorber Robert Ferguson Edward Finch Gabriel R Fushchlllo Louls E Gaeckle Michael Gallo James Galloway Jack and Gladys and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Harold Grinnell George Gutierrez Wllllam Hudson Joseph Jordet Joyce and Vlnme and Mrs and Ms and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mr and Mrs Charles E Keller Joseph Krneg Alfred R W Larknn Paul Laval Arvud Lmdholm Robert Lyon and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Ms Pete and Al and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Robert S Macnlven Cl1arles Maitland Andy Massey James Mitchell Alex Morton Horace D Newton llson Frank Peters Thomas Potter Jean L Poullquen Charles Przyborowskn Marge and Rlchle Robertson Mr and Mrs Joseph Rufolo The Rev and Mrs J H Sansom and Mrs and Mrs and Ms and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Ms and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Ms and Mrs Frank Schultz L R Shardlow Fred Stalb Mleczysaw Szczesny Harry S Thomson Jr S Tata Louis Tremble J Trench John von der Llppe Bernard Wasserburger Lester Whitney H Robert Wilcox Cyrll Wllklnson Carew and Carola Wlnshlp Mr and Mrs Alexander wlSIllQWSkl Mr and Mrs August Wollenhaupt Mr and Mrs Wulllam Wolper Marlon and Bull Younghans Mr and Mrs Harry Zondler ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . ' . Mr. . ' Mr. . . Mr. . Mr. . M. . . , Sr Mr. . ' ' Mr. . I 0 0 MY. . - - ' - Mr. . . ' - - Mr. . ' Mr- - ' . . . . MY. s . Mr. 0 MF- - Mr. . . . MY. . . My. , Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Frank ML and Mn, R, Sfoicoyy Mr. . ' . ' Mr. , ' Mr- - ' - Mr ..., . MF- - ' Mr. . . ' M. . Mr. . ' Mr. . . MY- - ' Mr. . ' M. . ' Mr, , MT- - ' ' Mr. . ' MF- - Mr. . . ' Mr. . . ' ' Mr. . ' , , ' ' Mr. . . . ' . . M. . . . ' - Mr. . ' ' ' ' PATRGNS and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Chades Aronson Fredenck Brown John CeruHo Harry Hatch Wdham Mccanhy Chns MuHen Anthony Poplawskl John Reese Chades F Redly Lours Sontranna A Sanzalone Harry K Sloberg Roben F Sneddon Robertsteele B Van Teglen Jacob Wagner Joseph B Wagner Rober1J Wilson 81 and Mrs WiHiam Ross BOOSTERS Miss Emma M Audeslrlc Mass Muna B Audeslrk Mr Kenneth Bradford Mrs L Cameron Ralph S. Cobb Rlp Collnns Mrs Rose V Colwell Mr John Detels Mr G Fllmlm Mr JosephJ Fllmlin A Friend Mrs Vlvuan C. Frles Annette M Gee John Gemmel Mlss Beatruce Genovese Mr Charles Gordon Miss Florence Grant Hans Enc Gunners Robert Hatch Mlss Kathleen Holterhoff Mr John Kaelrn Bob Keller S2 Charlotte E Keller 51 Mrs Harry D Kennedy Mlss Agnes Kldd Mr Thomas Kudd Mass Ethel B Kool: Elger E Landrs Mrs Mae Lubben Mrs Eleanor Lyman Vmcent Manlon The Marietta Mllllnery Shop Mass Anne McLardle r s Alice Zimmerman 82 Mrs Lottabel McCord Mrs C. P Merquelm Mrs Ethel Moore Mr Robert Moore Hugh Morton Mlss Patncla Murray Mrs Florence Newton Horace D Newton S Mr George Norberg Miss Dorothy 0 Malley Mrs Rose Penta Mrs M. Petracco Mr Armand Pnantadosl Mr Louls Recchla A Fnend Mrs Joseph Robertella Mr John Rubertone Joseph Rufolo Michael J Rufolo J Mrs Katherine Russell Mrs M Rutyna Mrss Mary Ann Stolcovy Miss Dons A. Tarantino Jean L Tomastelc Mr JosephJ Tully Richard Vartan Anne Vorbach Mass Nancy E Walsh Mrs. Edmund Wlllce Mr Peter Wysoclu Thomas Wysoclu U Walter Wysockl Mass Adele YUkIlCllS . . , r. Miss Clarice Grinnell Mr. W. C. Ruckel ' . , r. M . ' ' SMC. vw-gf. . . , 1, -rgqgfxe - G Q- ga: !J1.1f7.:- '1.-xr.Lffiaf2'r.g'-1113 1 'f?v2y..' , y5.,,,'f , -L 5 '-. ri :Q Q- - ' 1' fx '- ,L ' f ' Y J 4 " H fi fu f ' ,wx :J dqf "" t L 5 .3 ,,,....,'an:,- , ,L v- , -X ' . I as 'IH so .7 V A ! I Q 'J AM 3 .1 5 fi? ,Aww . 11 '5 . 5 1 For the first time in the history of the North Arlington High School, the Vikings this year won a State Basketball Tournament. Displaying superlative form, Coach Rucke1's boys swept through four straight games to capture the Group I Crown. Once before, in l95O, the Vikings won the Section I, No. Jersey, Group I Championship, but the team lost to Roselle Park in the final game for the State Championship. This yearin the first game of the tournament which was played in the Summit High School, the team, sparked by the return of its injured captain, Joel Aronson, who scored 27 points, beat a tough Glen Ridge team 81 71 Playing the second gamein the Elizabeth Armory the Vikings led this time by Al Wisniew ski who made 22 points easily won the Section II Championship by beating Verona 66 49 The semi final game found the Vikings pitted against Closter winners of the Sectionl Championship Once again Captain Joel Aronson swrshed 27 points through the nets to lead the team to another easy victory '73 56 Then came the finals' The one team standing between the Vikings and their first state championship was Riverside High School from the banks of the Delaware River down near Camden On the sunny Saturday afternoon of March 2l a huge enthusiastic crovsd turned out to support their favorite teams A large delegation of North Arlington fans both students and adults made their presence felt as the cheering grew to a crescendo of noise when the game became more heated and the out come more doubtful Behind by six points at the half 35 29 the Vikings knew that the second half was a now or never proposition In the third quarter N A scored 24 points to Riverside s l4 This was itll By this time the frenzy of excitement was almost unbearable The cheerleaders were hoarse the spectators limp but the game continued! Then in the final quarter the Vikings dropped in 13 points to their opponent s ll and stayed in front tothe exciting end when the wonderful music of the buzzer shouted to the world that the Vikings were victorious Coming from behind to win this one the boys surely lived up to the N A athletic tradition of Never say die Congratulations for a Job well done! COACH WILBUR RUCKEL NAHS NAHS NAHS NAHS NAHS Total 286 Glen Ridge Verona Closter Riverside Opponents Total ANDY MASSEY Setting a school record at 48 points in one game, lead- ing Bergen County in scoring with 436 points for the sea- son, an average of 24.1 per game, and playing fine ball in the tournament, Andy had quite a season for himself top- ped off by being named ALL STATE. DAVE HESFORD His excellent rebounding and setting up of plays for the Vikings made Dave an invalu- able player on this ye ar's squad. Faking, dribbling, and driving enabled him to draw many fouls from the opposing players. This was another of Dave 's many achievements this season. .V-Q ALEX WISNIEWSKI Improving with every game during the season and playing great ball in the tournament, "Wis" proved to be a fine center and big scorer, dropping in 316 points in regular season play. He, too, was named ALL STATE. 5 5 2 1 l GEORGE COOK The only junior on the starting team, George will give Coach Ruckel a fine ballplayer around which to build a team next season. VAR ITY JOEL ARONSON A tough break in the fifth game of the season in which Captain Joel injured his left knee put him out for the rest of the regular season, but Joel came back to lead the team to victory in the tournament, aver- aging l9.5 points per game. 1 U DICK DORBER Dick was another experi- enced senior who helped make this year's team the strong team that it was. His height and aggressiveness were e- qually important tothe team's success. BILI FERGUb0N Filling in for injured Joel Aronson Bill did an excellentjob Speed spirit and team work were outstanding in Ferg s playing X 5,7 JACK REESE Although not a tall player by bas- ketball standards, Jack's springy legs enabled him to outjump many opposing players for rebounds. Hustle and speed marked Iack's if JIM ObWALD Taken on after the season had started Jim proved to be a valuable addition to the squad He gave the varsity needed height and played fine, basket ball in the tournament KEN BARNETT Head manager for this sea- son, Ken did a good job in a most important position. Tak- ing care of all the equipment is a big responsibility and he, along with his assistants, car- ried this burden excellently. lr rr: THANKS A MILLION . . .J . , , ,e 1. I 'U' I... Yes, thanks a million, Mr. Todd, for your cooperation and patience. As you know only too well, the modern yearbook puts more and more stress on a large number of good pictures to tell its storyg but for every picture that appears in the book there are at least two more that don't appear, because there must necessarily be a huge pool from which the best and most expressive pictures are selected. A good photographer like you can do much to guarantee the success of a yearbook, but it means a great deal of work on your part. Patiently you have put up with our demands, for you understand our problems in meeting ironclad deadlines, so we thank you sincerely for your efforts both on behalf of this year's book and for the other yearbooks of the past. THE YEARBOCDK STAFF A una! ' ' 1 W.. .. - -w 1 lx Q ,nh Ni' Y. s ,n-.. ,li -..A .' ,nn - I rw ' ., A fJ K? 5... '-41.-4,. k' I l -L it .sp iii! 3

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