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.4 . : if . 1 4. 45 ' P A ffgfxi ' A. , ?iLfff'5'k T 'L if H S ,fins ., f,1. . . QM, fr , A..L. ,.f,,w , fggyiigg, gwaijaxiipfsgfifgf M912 flilfdaiiii ' wa gl my gzggf,-:sf L M 'X,:,4?wfn' wb ,., Mya, ,W N, Q wfszeif sa Q 13. ,L 5- J 1 gi? , J. , K 1 1 m ,df 4, 2 1 .-nfs 1 k 5,1 Q, 'rf V ik ag , W if. if I , -- ' fa Hag, H .,,:,,., cu ?11?A3L,42?:i21g 3 2151, . gr! J 'wi ww ' , 2 V 7?Q'fR30f'f?w, , K ,K- , tm. F E-gfww V yup ' v :ig f'f?g'? , . ',,Af'f"ff?':1fQngN,u, ,L if 5 :rv-' , , lf 5 L NUHTH AHUNETUN HIGH EEHUU NUHTH AHUNEIUN, NEW JERSEY ,fm Y K N L.J 5 w k.! 4 , FN 'Y xy SE Ju 'X X We, +he Class of I952, declicafe +his, our Yearbook, +o lhe Fu+ure. I+ is 'lo lhis uncerrain Fufure +ha+ we look wi+h hope and a cerlain amounl' of frepidafion, for who can +ell whalr lies across +he horizon? As we face +he lasl' half of 'rhe 2O+h Cen+ury. we know +ha+ lhese have been +he besf years of our lives, during which our parenls and ins+ruc+ors have helped us es+ab- lish a foundalion for life. Now if is up lo us fo build well on +ha+ foundafion. Whal' appears +o be a lroubled fulure challenges us +o +hinlc and +o acl' in 'rhe besl' +radi+ions of our slurdy American background. May we. when +he iourney is finally done. be able +o Jrhank God for happiness and success. - ,ff Leff To righf:Mr,H.WrlCoX7Mr.W.Trenf1Mr,A,LarkIn.Presidenf1Mr.E.Madde'1, Mr. J, Bayer. BOARD OF EDLICATIO Mr. William Holberf Supervising Prlndpai Mr. D. De Gennaro Disrricr Clerk We are indebfed 'ro rhe Board of Educafion and Mr. Holberf for Hweir cons'ren'r efforfs N'To make a good school befferf' Looking back over 'rhe years, we can see a sfeady improvemerfr in Hue arnounlr and condi'rion of The faciiifies avaifable fo Wwe sfudenfs of N. A. H S ADMI ISTRATIO Mrs. l. Capwell, Guidance Direcfor, has been responsible for helping many of us plan our fufures more infelliqenfly. For fhis we fhanlc you, Mrs. Capwell, and your sfaff. Also. we wish fo fhanlc Mrs. McCord, Junior l-liqh School Supervisor and Head of fhe English Deparfmenf, who has always exerfed on us a lcind and pafienf influence for fhe beffer fhrouqhouf our high school experience. "As you bid a fond farewell fo your high school, I exfend fo you my besf wishes for a happy and successful fufure. "l hope fhaf fhrough your par' ficipafion in fhe affairs of our gov- ernmenf you will make fhis a beffer world for all of us." l-loward Bradford, Principal Miss E. Audesirlc Mr. K. Bradford Miss J. Cunningham Mrs. M. Davidson Bus. Ed. Depl, Soc. Sci, Dept Froslv. Counselor Sr. Counselor Mallw. Mallw, Depl. DEPT. HEADS AND CCDUNSELORS Miss P Murray Mr. J. Flimlin Sophl bounseior Miss F. Granlr Scierce Depl. English Ji Courgselor alin, ng. Miss E. Kools Mrs. J. Wi+l1erelI 7+li Gr. Counselor 8th Gr. Counselor Enq.. Soc. Sci. Mallm, Science yi l x Mr. W. Baskin Mr. J, Burlce Mr. E. Collins Mr. J. Delels Enqlislw Mallm, Science Enq.. Soc, Sci. Mecl'1,Drawinq Miss L. Fadden Mr. C. Finley Mr. G. Flimlin Miss M. Frosclnauer Miss B. Genovese Malin., Science Ind. Arls Science Ari Miss K. I-lollernoll Enq., Soc. Sci. Mr. W. l-lulzel Music Miss E. Limenfeld Bus. Educ. Mr. A. Mallwisen Malin., Science Mr. l-l. Miller Mr. W. Nielsen Miss D. O'Malley Miss M. Pelissier Er-.q,, Soc. Sci. Enqlislw Dom. Sci. Spanish Hislory FACU LTY Mr. l.. Recclwia Main., Soc. Sci, Miss A. Romanelli Mr. W. Rucicel Mrs. M. Swkehfens Miss D. Taraniino Bus. Educ. Bus. Educ. Phys. Ed. French Mr. T. Thomas Miss V. Tulio Miss N. Walsh Phys. Ed. Bus. Educ. Librarian FACU LTY TAFF Miss E. Zingaro Mrs. C. Casey Mrs. F. Cobb Music Cafeieria A++endance Officer Mrs. l. Lowry Mrs. M. Rufyna Mrs. A. Sialb Mrs. K. Swain Mrs. H. Thomson S M H Ib Sec. +0 Mr. Bradford Sec. +o Mrs. Capweli Sec. io Mr. Bradford Nurse ec. fo r. o erf K-..... sf Q ,W Firsf row: l., Saliaqian, A. Sanclers, R. Keller, W. Eckarcll, I, Jansen. Second row: M. Cockirane, D. Heys, E, Garqan, D. Jasailis. R, Maio.Tl1ird row: C, Yaqer, J, Perraudin, J, Sawicki, T, Ferreira, E. Smedley, R. Millar, R, Giorclano, A. Malinowski, B. Jenkins, R, Lopes. CHRYSALIS STAFF We sincerely wisli +o lliank all Tlnose wlwo Helped lo make our yearbook possible. We are deeply apprecialive of llwe work done by Miss Auclesirk and her secrejrarial Training class: ancl Miss l-lollerlnoll, wlio assisled us in scheduling our year- book piclures. Special llwanks go io Mr. Nielsen lor all llie lime and ellorl lwe pm' inlo our yearbook. We wanl also lo express our gralilude 'ro Those leacliers willioul wliose co- operalion we would noi lwave been able lo rneel our clead- lines and publislw lliis book. Lasl bul' noi leasl we wanl io lliank all slalf members for llieir lireless elwforls lo make our yearbook a success. Besl wislies are exlencled lo +l'ie Class of l953 lor a successful yearbook. Clarissa Kinnaman ancl Roger Swiss CO-EDITORS CO-Edi+OrS C. Kinnaman, Mr. Nielsen, R. Swiss COMMERCIAL EDITORS DEPARTMENT EDITORS SECTION EDITORS P. Dolierly, C. Farese, Miss Audesirk R, Srnilln, H. Grok, Miss Hollerliofl' Sealed front E, Crawford, V. Scliullz. B. row: G. Tedesco, D. McLaughlin, T, Re '75 X il .4 It S W L-.4 Sf X Bari N K.-J exam Sf Jw. X, r--H 1 Ju X,-P 'K We 3 JMU' G '52 """""N --1 xl ll "DO You REMEMBER?" During fhe years of our sevenfh and eighfh grades, we were in a haze of wonder as we wandered up and down The enormous halls of N. A., worshipping our upper- classmen. Came fhe day when we fook our places as freshmen. This was a year in which many fhings happened. lnferesf in sporfs brighfened as one of our own freshmen played on fhe varsify foofball squad, namely our presenf day captain, Bob Francis. Tony Bosco was chosen as our firsf class presidenf. The freshmen girls fried vainly +o feach flaifoofed boys how fo dance before our firsf plunge info 'lhe fhroes of sociefy, "The Top Hai Serenade." Everyone was fhrilled af The "Top Ha+'iers" performance, alfhough fhey were iusl' silenf dummies. A+ fhis and all ofher gala performances fo come, our sponsor was Mrs. Davidson. Affer fhe Easfer vacafion we came back 'ro fake our final exams, bid fhe seniors farewell, and fake our firsi sfep up fhe ladder of accomplishment J As sophomores we expanded our chesfs and looked down upon ihe "green" freshmen. We were looking up fo bigger and befier fhings. Lucy Sahagian and Roberfa Millar were chosen as cheerleaders, a rarify for sophs. Alfhough we had a depressing fooiball season, our 'rhrilling baskefball feam kepf us on 'rhe edge of our seafs mosf of fhe fime. Then came fhe baseball season wifh rookies "Gig" Den Braven, Tony Bosco. Joe'Bonomo. and Joe Lavin carrying fhe 'ream along fo vicfory. The bulk of us managed io gef fhrough fhe exams, and again we bade farewell fo 'rhe seniors before sfepping fo fha second rung of fhe ladder. g The passing of a swiff summer found us on- fhe brink of new experiences, our 'unior year. This year Mr. l-Iufzel came fo N. A., and once again we were 'ro have a band. a 'rremendous boosf during fhe fooiball games. However, fhe foofball season was one of consfanf anxiefy. no beffer fhan fhe year before, buf fhe Vikings were aiways in fhere fighiing. Our rings arrived in fhe early pari' of December, and we were overjoyed as we gazed af ihem wiih fond glances. The baskefball foam had a fhrilling and excifing season, especially since Joe Bonomo was in fhere represanfing us mighly juniors. The 'rrack foam. paced by anofher rep nlgfgh sfar, Joe Ryan, broughf back fop honors in The "S'rafe Championship Two Mi e ea . On lxilarch 9, '5l, we held The "Underwa+er Rendezvous" fo raise money for our prom. Mosf people came oui' of pure cufiosify fo see whai' 'rhings are like underwafer. Leo Girardy donafed his diving suifs from which poured colorful bubbles. Once again Mrs. Davidson weafhered our husfle and busfla, wiih Rog Swiss as class presidenf. Then, wifh abafed breafh, we waifed as fhe "Junior-Senior Prom" drew near. Finally, on May 25+h, we were greeied in fhe lobby of 'rhe Four Towers by Chairman Al Sanders and proceeded fo dance fo fhe music of Mimi Capufo. - As fha excifemenf of The year died down, we wafched in panicky silence, imagin- ing ourselves in The place of fha oufgoing seniors. Wifh firne flying by so quickly, we fook fhe nexf rung of The ladder wifh a rnixfure of sadness and happiness. We greefed fhe summer wifh doubf, for if would be our lasi' as high school sfudencfs. Trying fo acf sophisficafed and feeling giddy all af once. we enfered our final year a+ N. A. Our ex ecfafions were flying wide and handsome, and before long we found fhem fo be fulfhled fwoffold, A dark season was predicied for fhe Viking foofball squad. buf wifh ihirfeen senior members, how could if be dark? VVi'rh Bob Francis and Tony Bosco as capfains, 'rhe 'ream compiled a nearsperfecf record of seven wins and one ionely defeat English IV was a combinafion of "Macbe+h" and dear old Grendel. Cn Decernber 7, I95i, fha senior dance, fhe "Winfer Wonderland," was a framendous success. wifh Class Presidenf Al Sanders acfing as chairman. Affer fhe Chrisfmas vacafion, we began looking forward fo fhe baskefball season wifh Capfain Joe Bonorno sparking fhe foam 'ro vicfory. The Mofhers' Day Tea and fhe class 'rrip were huge successes. On Class Nighf, we displayed our many falenfed personages. Affer final exams, fhe big nighf came, graduafion. Adiusfing our caps, we marched info fhe gym fhai' was fransformed for The nighf. As ihis eveni' of our high school career ended, we knew we had faken fhe final sfep up 'rhaf ladder fhaij had looked so formidable iusf a few years ago. If only we can find anofher ladder io climb! it ,J-f' fl xy, - Mrs. Davidson-Our Advisor V - X if Illlll nlttk dlfllki -1 N.. 4-.....w vw Q IIEOI fur-'I X, Trips +o Everywhere sn! '1 SENIGR CLASS OFFICERS l952 rf ' 5? ffl gk. Under direcfion of Mrs. M, Davidson. Seafed: Mrs. Davidson: Miriam Wiebe, Secretary: Joseph Bonorno, Vice President Sranding: Alfred Sanders, President Richard Srnifn, Treasurer. Maffhew Alexander "Maff" hasn'f been wifh us fhese pasf years, buf many of us have nof forgoffen him. Taken ill upon coming fo us from Scofland, Maff couldn'f affend high school, buf he lcepf af his worl: in order fo graduafe wifh us. We earnesfly wish him fhe very besf in life ..,. I952 Roger N. Beegle Roger, one of fhe comedians of fhe class, was always fun +o have around. He was acfive in fhe Sfudenf Council. Glee Club. and on fhe baslrefball feam. Roger enjoys fishing and ofher sporfs, and we are sure he will succeed in his chosen field as a veferinarian .... Roberf A. Alfier "Bob is fhaf mischievous fellow in The senior class, who lcepf fhings from geffing dull. He was a fasf guard on fhe J. V. baslcefball squad in his sophomore year. Alfhough he fool: a college prep course. Bob's fufure plans are uncerfain, Whal- ever his choice, we wish him success .... Gloria E. Ba rreiro "Glor" is besf described as a quiel person wifh a pleasing personalify. Alfhough quief, she was quife acfive in girls' sporfs, especially as a member of fhe archery squad. The fine qualifies fhaf Gloria pos- sesses will insure her being a success as a general office worker .... M M Q 515,525 A Q Wi v ff 7 s Q - V- fl: 1 , 1 V eel , .7 .50 i fi f' Charles Anderson Our good-looking blond. always fo be re' membered for his beaming smile, is "Charlie," He was a sprinfer on fhe frack feam during his frosh year. giving +ha+ up fo work parf fime affer school hours. Tal- enfed wifh fhe slcefching pencil, Charlie is sure of success as a carfoonisf .... Hope Arizfi Quief, yef full of fun fo her friends. is "l"lopie." She was a member of fha Arf Club and girls' volleyball feam. During her leisure fime she lilred fo dance and lisfen fo records. Hope fool: a commercial course and infends fo become a secre- fary ,.., Ronald F. Boehm We will always remember "Ronny" for his red hair and funny iolces. He played fool- ball in his junior and senior years. and his main inleresls lay in sporls. We are ,sure fha? his college prep subiecls will help him lo be a success as a pharmacist . Joseph A. Bonomo We will always remember "Joe" for his abilily on lhe basliefball cour? and his capfaincy in our senior year. Playing base- ball and being senior class vice-presidenf have rounded oul' his aclivilies. Joe also enioyed lisfeninq lo music. His versalilily is sure lo help him lo be a V.l.P .... Yvonne J. Bianchini Quiel, wifh an inclinalion loward painlinq and music. besl describes Yvonne. She did arl' worlc yearly for our class dances and was also a member of The school Orches- +ra. Wi+h arf and music occupying her spare lime, nursing, her chosen career, will be pleasanl worl: for her .... Anlhony G. Bosco Anlhony is 'rhe good looking. popular fel- low of lhe senior class, who was well-lrnown lhroughoul fhe school. He was one ol N. A.'s beller afhleles. parlicipaling noi' only in baslcelball and baseball. bul also in foolball. Afler gradualion Anlhony plans lo allend Wesl Poinl. We're sure success will be his ,... in NES lvl a rqarel Deloress Belz "Dee's" likable personalily and friendli manner won her many friends. She was e member of lhe Leaders' Club for lwz years and was aclive for four years is girls' alhlelics. Dee also belonged lo lhi Glee Club. Affer qradualion she plans lc become a homemaker .... SE IORS Harry C. Brighl, Jr. We all lrnow "Tippil." fhe "Frankie Laine" of our class. He proved his alhlelic abilily on fhe foolball learn as our rugged cenler and his popularify as class lreasurer in our 'freshman year. His hobbies of 'lishinq and boaling will help him slay a bachelor and become a marine engineer .... . Richard Henry Brown Always wiih a friendly smile and wifiy re- mark, "Dick" was lhe life of any class he happened lo be in. On lhe gridiron Dick played +ackIe. ln +he near fufure, Dick in- fends 'ro give his service +o Uncle Sam. and we know he'll look wonderful in his navy blues .... i952 William Dunbar Corsar, Jr. "Bill," our musically-minded classmaie, belonged io lhe Glee Club, Troubadors. Concerl Band. and Dance Band. l-le was very much inreresfed in his hobbies. which included music, slock car racing, and sail- ing. We hope he will realize his ambifion and become a mechanical engineer .... Edward Sie nley Bula Our handsome blond, always lo be re- membered fer his shy grin, is Ed. His quiei manner won him many friends during his school years. l'lis main inleresf lay in ihe oufdoor sporls of huniinq and fishing, The life of a poullry farmer appeals io Ed .... Marjorie Jean Cochrane An abundance of inielligence, wi+, and energy besl porfrays "Margie" A mem- ber of Leaders' Club and Honor Sociefy 'for fwo years, she was also quile acfive in lhe Glee Club. on class dance commiliees, and on ihe yearbook sfaff. Her only wish is 'ro become a nurse .... 4 Calherine E. Cammeli' Because of her personalify, "Caihy" is one of ihe popular members of our class. She was aclive in girls' sporis during her 'Fresh- man and sophomore years. Her pasiime aclivifies included cooking, sewing, and lislening lo music. We're sure Caihy will be a success as a secrefary ..., Louis Frank Chiccone "Chick" is ihe senior 'fellow who can al- ways be found in ihe middle of class dis- cussions. As a dependable member of +he Siudeni Council. he ehficienily carried our his dufies. Chick enioys sporfs, parficular- ly huniing, The career of a mechanical engineer seems fo appeal to Chick .... Thomas Jellerson Davis "Tom's" manner is one ol sincerily and lriendliness. and il was for lhese reasons lhal he was so well-liked in school. For four years, Torn was a dependable player on N. A.'s baslcelball leam. Upon gradu- alion he plans lo enler inlo lhe lield ol law .... ix. Marie Joan De Meo "Re" is one ol lhe popular members ol our class. Her yearly worlc on lhe dance come millees rounded oul her exlra-curricular aclivilies. Roller slcaling. horseabaclc rid- ing, dancing, and swimming were includ- ed in her paslime inleresls. Marie is sure lo be a successlul clerical workerf. . . Anlhony C. D'Adamo "Tony," one ol lhe mosl aclive members ol our class, will never be lorgollen lor his worlc in lhe Sludenl Council. as repre- senlalive, vice-presidenl. and presidenl. l-le also found lime lor sporls and dance commillees. Tony's love ol lraveling will help him as a wholesale grocery sales- fT'I6f1.... George E. Den Braven Mix a friendly personalily wilh good looks and you have "Gig" He did much in his four years as forward on lhe baslcelball leam and a conslanl sparlcpluq as baseball caplain. He also held lwo class ollices. A lulure in lhe adverlising business appeals lo Gig .... Helen Margarel Crawford Genlle in manner, good-nalured, and will- ing lo worlc describes "Ellen," A member ol lhe Glee Club lor lour years, she also served on lhe Chrysalis slall. During her spare lime she sludied piano and organ. Ellen plans lo enler a business career aller gradualion .... SENIORS Mary Lou Doglione Mary Lou came lo us in her senior year. ln her quiel way she became a popular girl in a shorl lime. Her oulside inleresls were cenlered aboul lhe Broolclyn Dodg- ers. Roller skaling and reading were done in her spare lime. Mary Lou hopes lo be- come a successlul singer .... Peggy Ann DoherTy "Peg" is ThaT TallraTive girl who is very Triendly and eFlicienT, One ol our peppy cheerleaders, Peg was also acTive in The l-lonor SocieTy and Tri-l-li-Y. She parTici4 paTed on The class dance comrniTTees and yearbook sTaTT. Were sure success will come in her chosen work as an air line hosTess .... i952 RoberT W. Francis Nell always remember "Bob" as our ugged, good'naTured TooTball capTain. 'le was a member oT The Track Team and 'he TooTball Team Tor Tour years. This ver- alile fellow was also presidenT and vicee vresidenr ol our class, and served on all lance commiTTees. Bob plans To Turlher iis educaTion .... WalTer EckardT "WalT" is The Tellow who accomplished much in his own quieT way, l'liqhesT recog- niTion was his as The besT place-kicker in many years. Class vice-presidenT in his junior year, WalT was Treasurer of The l-lonor SocieTy. and also a Chrysalis sralzl member. Engineering is WalT's ambiTion, Theresa Ferreira "Terry" is a quieT person wiTh a smile 'lor nearly everyone, and so is liked by all. She has been acTive on The yearbook sTaTT, ArT Club, and girls' aThIeTic Teams. Among her various pasTimes, dancing, sewing, and skaTing Top The lisT. Success is sure for Terry as an accounTanT .... Frederick T. Elsey "Fred" is The Tellow in The senior class who always seemed To have his arm or leg in a casf. DespiTe These "minor" iniuries, he parTicipaTed in class dances and was a member of The Glee Club. BaskeTball and Track Took much ol his Time. Engineering is Fred's ambiTion .... -Carole Vivian Farese SweeT, amiable, and always willing To help describes Carole. Besides singing for The Glee Club and parTicipaTinq in girls' aTh- leTics, she was also a member oT The Chry- salis sTaTl. Since she has Taken a commer- cial course ThroughouT high school, we're sure Carole will succeed as a secreTary .... Rose Marie Giordano A quiet buf fun-loving person wirh a pleasanf personalily besi describes "Roe." She was noi active in school acrivifies, be- cause she devoied her affer school hours fo worlc in a beauiy parlor. ll seems na- fural +ha+ Roe's fulure ambilion is 'ro be' come a beaurician .,.. Leo Girardey We'll always remember Leo for his collecs Hon of sramps, coins, animals, eic.. which were all included in his famed "museum." Leo also found lime ro be manager of fhe foolball feam and a four year lraclrman. We are sure his hobbies will help him in raising wild animals .... xc. Edward Gersrenmier One never missed "Red's" brighl loclcs as he passed down fhe halls. His school ac- Hviiies included being a foofball manager in his sophomore year. Red's inferesi in sporrs has now changed 'ro roller slrarinq. In fact he hopes one day io become a professional roller'slca+er .... Herman J. Groh Herman, quiet and soil-spoken. is one of our laller senior fellows. ln his junior year, Herman became an acfive member of The Audio-Visual Aids Club. Working for a pholographer afler school also loolc much of his lime. To be an engineer is Her- rnan's ambiiion .... Eileen Gargan Cheerful, good-narured, and friendly pe lecily describes "Ei's" disposiiion, f fhough kepf busy as vice-presideni of Ti Hi-Y. she was a member of The Leadei Club, Honor Sociely, and girls' afhlel reams. During her spare lime, Ei liked alfend club meefings. Her only desire io be a secrelary .... SENIQRS John E. Hari As a fhree year lraclcman and a membi of our school Band, "Jack" made his plac in our senior class. He enjoyed fishing ar swimming, buf his main inferes+s lay aviafion, His hobby may carry him on ' fhe career of an air line pilor .... Doris Heys "Der" is fha? friendly, infelligenl, and well-mannered girl who is always willing lo help. A member of 'the Leaders' Club and Tri-Hi-Y for ihree years, she was also secrelary of lhe l-lonor Socieiy and a member of The Chrysalis slairi, Dor plans io enier The Teaching profession. . . I952 Dolores Pairicia Jasairis Quief and well-mannered, ye? very friend- ly. is"'Lorrie." A member of +he Honor Sociefy and Tri-Hi-Y in her iunior and senior years, she was also aclive in rhe Siudeni Council. We're sure success will come fo Lorrie in her chosen worlc as a privare secrerary .... John Edward Higgins "Jack" is one of 'rhe smaller members of our class. He is a quief-looking fellow, buf he really loves io iallc. He lilces io play baseball in his spare lime. Jaclcs ambiiion is +o be a salesman. and wilh his bright smile and lively chafrer, he will surely succeed .... Isabel J. Jansen Cheerful, vivacious, and full of fun de- scribes "lssy." Her main acriviries were in girls' sporis. being on 'rhe volleyball, baslzeiball, and soffball reams. She was also quife aciive in fhe Leaders' Club. In her spare Time lssy enioyed dancing and modeling and hopes fo become a model aifer gradualion .... is E7 S. if Alasiair W. Hunier "Al" is a rafher quiei' fellow who goes aboul his work wiihour much fuss and fume. As a sprinfer on fhe 'rrack feam, Al' became a four-year man. His iuiure in- 'reresfs lie in ihe field of chemislry, where he hopes io become a chemisi .... Donaro Anrhony lnfanie "Dan" came fo us in his senior year from Cenlral High in Newark, His friendliness and humor, along wi'rh playing half-back on 'fhe foorball squad. easily make him a parf of us. Since continuing his commer- cial course ai N. A., Dan is assured of a fine career as an accounfanf ,,,. X Larry G. Kaeser Thal lall lellow wilh a lriendly smile is Larry. Nol really quiel once you know him, Larry had an unassuming bul friendly manner. Throughoul high school, Larry look lhe general course. l'lis only ambi- lion is lo qraduale, bul we're sure he will succeed in whalever he underlakes eller gradualion .... George Kaderis The nickname "l-lol Rod" seems lo lil very well. Anylime a black Ford shol pasl, we knew who il was before lhinking lwice. A quiel Fellow who is usually found some- where aboul his car, George seems a na- lural lor lhe dulies ol a mechanic .... Roberl C. Keller "Bob" is lhe lall, qoodslooking lellow who was presidenl ol Honor Sociely in his senior year. l-le also was a member of lhe Audio-Visual Aids Club, lhe yearbook slall, and lhe lrack learn. Wilh his per- sonalily and inlelligence we're sure Bob will succeed in his chosen career ol chem- islry .... Alice Ann Kerr A very pleasing personalily wilh a warm smile besl describes our "Al," A peppy cheerleader in her senior year, she en- ioyed all lypes ol sporls. Being a member ol Tri-Hi-Y and Glee Club look much ol her lime. Al's lulure ambilion is lo do work in lhe clerical lield ..., fi ,gf i as Beverly Lois Jenkins Good-nalured, friendly, and lull ol pep basl describes our "Bev," Allhough cheer- leading look mosl ol her lime, she had membership in The Leaders' Club and Tri- l-li-Y. Bev's abilily lo gel along well wilh people will help in allaining her goal as an air line hosless .... SENIORS Clarissa Jane Kinnaman "Ris" is probably our mosl aclive class male. Chaplain ol Tri-Hi-Y, Fulure Teach- ers of America Presidenl, and l-lonor Sol ciely member kepl her ralher busy. Co- edilor ol lhe year book and slall member ol lhe Viking Saga look more ol her lime The besl lo Ris in her chosen lield o' leaching .... A Ernesl Mariin Kraus "Ernie" is The Tellow in The senior class who always has some wiTTy remark. Among The acTiviTies ihaT he parTicipaTed in dur- ing his high school years were The Orches- Tra, Dance and ConcerT Bands, and The baseball Team. For a career, Ernie has chosen To be an elecTronic engineer .,.. I952 Joseph l.avin "Joe" is our big, broad shoulderecl class. male who never failed To greeT everyone wiTh a 'friendly smile. Joe liked To loaf besf, bul baseball, hunTing. and fishing were also among his TavoriTe hobbies. We all are hoping To see Joe piTch for The New York Yankees someday soon .... N Alfred Kryspin "Al" is The Tall, good-looking fellow who always had a Twinkle in his eye Tor some Tair damsel. Wheiher in school or on The gridiron. he was sure To be in The rnidsT of Things. One dey Al hopes To seT up his own privaTe business .... Daniel Krushinski "Dan" came To us in his sophomore year. and we're cerTainly glad he did. 6eTTing righT inTo The swing of Things, he donned a baseball uniform. He volunieered his services To The Viking Saga sTaiT, and This year became ediTor. We know Dan will be a success as a iournalisT .... Ediih Kvamme "Edie" is anoTher of our quieT classrnales who has a sweef disposilion. She was ac- Tive in Tri-Hi-Y, on class clance cornmif- Tees. and in The Glee Club, Music is her TavoriTe inTeresT. A commercial course ThroughouT high school gave Edie The arn- biTion To become a secreTary ,... .W J... Ann Eleanor Kuhlussi E Fun-loving wiTh a pleasing personeliiy and .smile besf describes "Ann," Her pasTimeV acTiviTies included skaTing and dancing. BesT of all. she liked To ride in a con- verTible, Coming To us in her junior year, she did noi' have a chance To loin many organizahons. Marriage is Ann's ambi- Tion .... Richard M. Liebau "Silence is golden" seems lo be "Diclc's" moilo. for he was always 'lhe quiel, re- served lellow in lhe senior class. One of Diclcs aclivifies was being a member of The Sludenf Council. l-lis inferesls lay in The sporl of fishing. Afler gradualion. Dick hopes To own a ceramic business .... ' ii Anlhony Locascio "'l'ony's" easy-going manner has made him well-lcnown and well-lilced in 'rhe school. Among school aclivilies. Tony was a member oi The yearbook slalll and for lwo years in fhe Sludenl Council. Wiih his abilily and intelligence we're sure Tony will succeed in his chosen career of law, Ronald Franlc l.ei+e "Flelch," one of 'rhe quieler members of our class, is a qreai dixieland lan. l-le was inleresled in sporls and played baslcel- ball in his freshman year. As his ambilion is lo be a policeman. we're sure ihal Flelch will make lhe grade .... Rosalie Ann Lopes Quief and reserved is our "Lee." A mem- ber of 'rhe Glee Club for lhree years, she also Toolc par? in Leaders' Club aclivilies. She considers reading, roller-slcalinq, and dancing among her hobbies. Ailer qradu- afion Lee hopes fo enter the secrerarial field. . . . ' V1 k Jonas Leiier l-lappy-qo-luck describes Jonas. Wilh a qood word and friendly smile, he was well-lilced, Baslcelball manaqer for lhe pasi iwo years was one of his aclivilies in school. A prize in his iunior year for a paper on pharmacy guided Jonas foward his fuiure goal as a pharmacisl' .... SENIORS Edward Mac Cabe, Jr. "Ed" is lhe really rugged lype. He loved lhe oul-of-doors and was 'Found slciinq or swimming in season and camping all year- round, Ed played hard lor N, A. in fool- ball and was vice-presidenl ol The Audios Visual Aids Club. We wish Ed luclc as an accounlanl .... ii si i Rosalyn Malo Pleasanl, well-mannered. and always will- ing To help is "Roe's" disposiiion. She was a member of ihe Siudeni Council and on 'rhe Chrysalis sfaii. Rosalyn enioyed music and was an excellenl pianisl. After gradu- alion Roe hopes lo iuriher her educalion in fhe field of medicine .... l952 William Miller "Will" is lhai iall senior fellow whose in- ieresfs lay in sporis. Alihough aciive on ihe baslcefball and iraclc learns, his fa- voriie sporf was baseball. We will never forqel him in lhe school band, l-lis college prep course should help him realize his ambiiion in lhe field of pharmacy ..., C ,ffl 555 Ann lvlalinowslci "Mouse," called so because of her small slalure, has a pleasani personalily and loves fun. A member of Leaders' Club. she devoled much of her 'rime lo girls' sporfs. She also worlced on class dance commil- iees. The life of a privale secretary ap- peals io Ann ..,. Roberia J. Millar "Ber+" is ihe peppy liille miss who was capiain oi our cheerleading squad. l-ler pleasing lraiis and underslanding a'l"fi+ude won her many friends. Ber+'s aciivifies in- cluded membership in ihe l-lonor Sociefy, Leaders' Club and Tri-l-li4Y. She also par- licipaied in girls' sporis. l-ler ambilion is lo become a secrelary .... , 51. fiifig of Diane McLaughlin A cheerful greeling, wiih a 'friendly smile are lwo assels of "Di's" pleasanl person- alily. She was secrelary of lhe Tri-Hi-Y, vice-presidenf of rhe Honor Sociely, pres- idenl' of Leaders' Club, and in fha Ore ches+ra for four years, Her only desire is To go 'forfh info lhe field of nursing .... George K. lyleilcle The fellow wifh a friendly smile and win- ning way describes our "Ken," Taking pari in school acliviiies as varsily guard on lhe foolball 'learn and member of ihe Chrysalis siahf made him well-known lo many, On lo college. and lhen fo selile on his own farm is Ken's ambilion .... Allan Paulson ' Tall, lair, and blue-eyed describes HAI." A quiel' fellow, he spolxe in class only when he had somelhinq worfhwhile 'ro say. Allhouqh he didn? see loo much aclion on lhe gridiron, he was reliable in fhe quard posilion. We wish Al success in lhaf which he underlalces .... Richard E. Nida "Dick" came lo our class in his iunior year and was always wellslcnown and well-lilred abouf lhe school, He foolc a general course fhroughoul high school. Afler qradualion Dick plans fo become a rne- chanic, and lhe class wishes him all due success .... 1 ,ssh V-S1 2' ' 'V FY 4991 f ' . .,,. , A V wr- iae? sy. 31 Harrier B. Neumann Quiel and reserved. yer full of fun will her 'Friends is Harriel. Alfhouqh mosl o her lime was spenl wilh rhe Tri-Hi-Y, shi was also secrefary of lhe Audio-Visua Aids Club. and served on lhe May Dai commillee. Harrier inlends lo enler 'rhe secrelarial field aifer qradualion, . . . sENioRs . Michael Pesce "Mike" has Traveled far and wide as man- ager of lhe baslcelball leam for lhree years. A friendly fellow lo lrnow, his chief inleresl in life is rrlaior league baseball. We cerfainly wish Milne lhe besf of luck in his arnbilion lo become owner ol rhe New Yorlc Yanlcees .... William Joseph Peschler "Willie" is one of lhe greal ouldoor mei in fhe senior class. l-lunlinq, lishinq, slcal inq, and foolball, all inleresl him, ln hi 'freshman year Willie ioined fhe foollaal learn and played for four years, conlribul inq ro many ol' our viclories. Afler qradua lion Willie's arnbilion is lo enler busi ness ..., Joy Perraudin Friendly, pleasant and lull of lun is Joy. Since cominq lo us in her sophomore year, Joy parlicipaled in many of fhe qirls' spovls. She also was a member of lhe school Orchesrra. Wifh her love of music. -wang A,-V. Joy hopes fo become a professional vio- linisl in lhe near fulure .... Annabelle Phillips Michael R. Pivovar A fall, lun-loving redhead is ihe descrip- A quiel fellow wiih a shy grin is "Mike" lion ol "lsh." She iook a general course i-le was well-known as one ol 'ihe fellows lhroughouf high school, and upon graclua- who gave Charles Alias a bil of compe- lion she wanrs io hold a secrelarial posi- lilion. Since hunlinq has been Milce's lion, Her rnany pasiime adriyifies, such as iavorile sporl, we wish him luck in finding swimming, dancing, and bowlinq, lei? her The million he is hunling 'lor .,.. lillle'+ime 'lor many school aciivilies .,., I952 -William F. Riecke "Rick" was lhe fellow who was sure io be seen behind ihe wheel oi his giganlic black car. One of our laller senior fellows, he was always quier and lriendly. Rick en- joys iraveling, which helps lo explain his lulure desire lo become a Truck driver .... Thomas Reilly "Torn" is well-liked lor his friendliness, good naiure, and being a good conversa- lionalisi, His main inieresi lay in iournalf ism, and he showed his abilily by being an irnporlanl member ol The yearbook slail and school newspaper. Wilh his abilily we're sure Torn will find success as a iournalisl .... Emil Passehl Emil will always be remembered as our fall, soil-spoken classrnaie. He volun- leered his service io lhe Audio-Visual Aids Club .during bolh his iunior and san- ior years, Since Emil's hobbies were main- ly concenlraled on pholography, we feel cerlain he'll do well as a pholoqrapher .... Paul Prager Coming To us in his iunior year from France, Paul has been called "Frenchie" by many. His warm personalily and deep, rich voice have allracfed all of us. Play- ing soccer is his favoriie paslime. Wilh his undersianding of chemislry and biol- oqy, we're sure Paul will succeed as a bacleriologisl, . . . Lucy Sahagian Shorl and sweei besl' describes "Lou." She was a cheerleader for lhree years, served as corresponding secrelary ol ihe 'l'ri-l-li- Y, and was a member of our class dance commillees. Her parlicipalion in qirls' alhleiics gave her membership in lhe Leaders' Club. Lou's ambilion is To be an air line hosless .... Alfred E. Sanders We all know "Al" as lhe lellow who is forever rushing lhrouqh lhe halls. l-le was so qood-nalured lhal he never had a minule lo himself, As presidenl ol our class and prom chairman, he did a won- derful iob. Al's enerqy will surely help him become a successful banker .... X Joseph Ruiz A dull class wasn'l dull for 'lonq once "Jose" slarfed wilh his humorous remarks, A Sludenl Council represenlaliye and member ollhe foolball squad in his sopho- more year rounded oul his exlra curricu- lum. ln lhe fulure Joe plans lo become a mechanical engineer, and we wish him success .... Joan F. Sawiclci Alhlelically inclined, quief, and refined is our "Sawick." Alrhouqh cheerleadinq did lalce mosl of her lime, she found lime lo l'dlC6 parl in Glee Club acliyilies. Her parlicipalion in girls' sporls qave her membership in lhe Leaders' Club. Aller gradualion Joan hopes 'ro enler lhe secre- larial field .... Palricia Calherine Rossin "Palsy" is lhe lively, lallcaliye girl who i always ready for fun. During her lirsl lwl years she played girls' volleyball. Pals spenl mosl of her spare lime on hobbie which included readinq. painlinq. ani dancing. She chose lhe colleqe prei course and aims lo be a bio-chemisl. .. SENIORS Virginia Lorraine Schullz "Ginny" is lhal lively, 'rallcalive qirl whc is always ready for fun. A member ol lhe Glee Club for lhree years, she was alsc acliye in lhe Sludenl Council. Ginny en ioyed readinq, sewing, decoralion, anc desiqninq, and hopes lo become a beau lician ailer qradualion .... lx Emma J. Smedley Genfle in manner, quiei and infelligenl' besi explains '4Em's" personaliiy. Among her aciiviiies she was presideni of 'rhe Tri- HIAY and a member of 'rhe Honor Sooieiy. She also did work for the Viking Saga. Her only wish is io become a privaie secrelary .... Roberi Schwarz Our iall, handsome blond, wiih a very quiei disposirion, is "Bob," Besides beinq a frackman for iwo years, Bob's ierrific line play on The iooiball squad rafed his beinq chosen line capiain for our lasr sea- son. bui iniuries prevenied his playinq. The iuiure of a millionaire appeals 'ro Bob ,.,. i952 Roger A. Swiss "Roofs" shy smile made him a iavoriie wilh his classrnaies. l-lis easy-qoinq man- ner and abiliry were eviden? in Siudeni Council, Honor Socieiy, and Chrysalis siahl, ln Sporis he excelled ai ioolball and as irack capiain, Roqer's paiience and ine lelliqence will aid him in becominq a suc- cessful physician .... George Richard Sharp Reserved, quiei, easy-qoinq, and depend- able besi describes "Dick," During his high school years, Dick was an imporiani member oi many musical groups, beinq in ihe Glee Club, Conceri Band, and Dance Band, Aiier graduaiion Dickls arne biiion is ro become an aircraif desiqner. ai which we're sure he will succeed ..., Alice Riia Siewari Good-naiured. friendly. and always will- ing 'fo help is "Al," Beinq Tri-Hi-Y frees- urer and secreiary of AudioAVisual Aids kepi her quiie busy, She was also a rwirl- er and look par? on The class dance com- miiiees, Al looks forward io beinq a Typ- ist and were sure she'll succeed .... if' Richard Smiih Everyone knows "Dick." noi only for beinq a qood iraclcman, bu? also for his winninq personaliiy. Dick had a very aciive hiqh school life. He was in ihe Band, Audio- Visual Aids Club, and 'rreasurer of his class for fwo years. l'lis ambiiion is io be a pharmacisl .... Edward F. Taylor No one can iorgei "Eddie," ihe boy wiih The big blue eyes and blond hair. l-le played baskeiball and baseball and iold iokes ihroughoui his high school career. Eddie enioyed hiking, driving dancing, and looking for girls. He plans io be a foresier .... Geraldine A. Tedesco Popular, friendly, and willing lo help besi describes "Gerry." A member of ihe Siudeni Council for ihree years, she also pariicipaied in lhe Glee Club. During her iunior year Gerry held fhe office oi class secreiary. Afier graduafion Gerry plans To enler a school of nursing ,... Allen Raymond Van Tegle A pleasani 'fellow io know who always voice 'ro his opinions is "Al." l-le x ieered his ialenr io ihe Glee Cluh became an Audio-Visual Aid. Wi mind for discussion, we're sure AI w wonders in ihe field oi labor and indL relaiions ..,, Salvaior Frank Viiale "Ever-yihing he has done, he has done well" besf describes "Sal," This assel of Sal's was seen noi only in ihe excellenf iob he did as Sludeni Council ireasurer buf also as an imporiani member of ihe Audio-Visual Aids Club. Sal plans io be- come a civil engineer .... Emmaline Isabelle Volland "Emmy" is a ialkaiive qirl who is boih vi- vacious and friendly. She was our capable drum maioreiie for fwo years and always gave a good periormance. She played girls' baskefball and volleyball and re- gards dancing as her iavorile pasiirne. Emmy iniends io become an air line hos- iess aifer graduaiion .... Miriam Esiher Wiebe Small in siaiure wirh a very pleasant and cheerful personaliiy besi describes "Mif- zi." Alihough she was senior class secre- tary, Miizi also 'found iime for dance com- miiiees. May Day commiiiees, and an ac- +ive membership in 'rhe Ar+ Club. A public accounianfs life seems 'ro appeal +o lvliizi ,... Charloiie N. Yager Pleasani, iull oi fun. and liked by every- one is "Charl." Alihough cheerleading accounled for much of her lime, she also held membership in 'rhe Leaders' Club, Tri-Hi-Y, and Honor Socieiy, Her sporl acliviiies included volleyball and baskel- ball. There is Iillle doubi Thar she will succeed as a secreiary .... NU 0 Em 'P 0 63 4 Q9 0 fagjvfy QCA UR -1 Q 93 - I mnlzliirax lllllllll 4 'I HEIIHIZI I I3 'gpgyga , , A 1 I 1 ,f S H53 ,Q 06- I -f Y 94+ Miss I-IoI+erI1oFF ll-I FRONT ROW: IJ. BeISIWaw, N. CoIweII. SECOND ROW: D. Gordon, A. Anderson, J. Berman, B. Frank. FOURTH ROW Dirnodica, C. Grinneii, B. D'Arnore, G. FosIIe, S. Flncn, N. W. Ferguson, A, AposIoI, W. BreIII'1uI, S, CoIlno, M. HaII Cafncarf, M,CeruIIo, J. Bowers, Miss HoIrerI'voII,THIRD ROW: J. Aronson, F. Brown, J. Dickson. FIFTH ROW: D. I-Iesford B, CIarIc. J. GaIIoway, J, Boqdon, V, Dornanski, R. Dorber, C. G. Bee-rII, R, Harr, J. Baker, R. Davy, D, Davis. JU IORS Mr. Kenne+I'1 Bradford ll-2 FRONT ROW: A, Massey, H, NoIan. SECOND ROW: J. John Son, R. MuIIen, J. Lyon, J. Hudson, J. LavaI, H, Morfon, D, Jor- def, E. Kent THIRD ROW: W. Myers, C. Penfa, T. Lavin, M. Keannq, C. KeIIer, E. Hess, J. Kocnansky, H. JanosIci, Mr. Ken nefn Bradford. FOURTH ROW: B. Laney, L. KeIrner, A. Krleg, J Marqo, S. LIndIWoIrn, J. NeIson, R. MITCI'1eII. FIFTH ROW: W Makaus, R. Mac Niven. R. Newron, C. MaIIIand, J. OswaId J. Lyman. rsxfwaswMwf rr M .mf Qfzwzz-H rvv :s nsvffs:'mw:w. 'mx auf: f1if If. 1 f-w.:u?1.l!B:.fs 2-.ffm-w-27111 ww Miss Taran+ino I I-3 FRONT ROW: E. Popiawski, J. Reimer, L. Reiqer. SECOND ROW: Miss Taraniino, D. Van Teqlen, A. Smiiiw, A. Sioicovy, ROW: R. Wasserburger, J. Wilice, B. Wilcox G Przyborowski H, Sciwuiiz, J. Woilemlwaupf, J. Sfeeie, J Pouiiquen R an E. Vickers, J, Zomdier. C. Torrkim. M. Thompson, R. Saiwaqian, zalone, A. Wisniewski, FIFTH ROW: R Srieddon E Sioberq THIRD ROW: R, Ross, R. Pefrocco, R.Sci1weicki1ardf,J, Reese, F. Wagner, R, Szczesvy, D, Siwardiow, J. Saniianria. FOURTH I953 J, Wagner, E, Ronalder, J. Wafson, K. Whifney A Woiper JR. CLASS CDFFICERS Presideni .,........ Vice Presideni .. ., Secrefary ......,.. Treasurer ...., Hisiorian .,.., Andrew Massey William Maicaus ..Marie Ceruilo ,.....Joel Aronson Richard Dorber Mr. J. Flimlin IO-I FRONT ROW: D, BIanCIwInI, B, BrowrIrIdqe, M, Codwrane, E. M, CQseIIa, B, DISIQI, ID, DAc1os'IrQ 6, Cfgffk, J, Cf,kI5m', 3, Bone, E, Boyarsky, G, BrornIey, C DeIIa VoIpe, Mr, J, FIi'n'In. Clwenes, FOURTH ROW: C, Budmnan, J, Brown, G. Banwkrif k, SECOND ROW: R, CoIIIn5, T, Bogdan, S, fvnrniano, R, Cnanw- J. Brooks, L, Bruninq. berIain, T. Cerone, K, Barneff, K, CIark, R, Berry, THIRD ROW: SOPHGMORES l954 FRONT ROW: G. Hendrickson, D, Docker.SECOND ROW: R, Mr. G, FIrn'xIIn, FOURTH ROW: A, En'fed1c", J, Enrnvm J GIancrisIOIaro, F, GOSWVIG. I.. EVI3, D. H:IIand, J, Ferre"'a, G-emrnek D, GoeIcI1IUs, B, Ecke, F, LI -"crm, M. Ga IC. FIFTH H, FIeII?Z, R, Hoskinq, THIRD ROW: M, Frfjggex LA EIJCYN Q- ROW: E, FIckc5. JI, GrirdQII, IVI, Irnwu, M, Graff, S, I"In'1- r, Hence, A, Fernardez, IvI.Fernandez, D. Fakdaro H, I-::r'r,n, 1 """'r""' efkbfv MISS MURRAY I0-3 FRONT ROW: C. Mauriho, J. Perrone. SECOND ROW: D. FOURTH ROW: M. Mifcheil, M. IngaIIs, S. Messer, J. Rowe, Krauss, J. Kelly, B. Schinder. F, Sciorflno. L. McCar+hy. E. V. Przyborowski. M. Klum, B. Maffos, B. Perref, R. Reilly. Pinfo, J, Mafhiesen, L. KeIIy, Miss Murrav. THIRD ROW: FIFTH ROW: B, Sched, D. Robermxson. J. I.u+y, V, Romano, J. NeIson, G, Janes, W. Pasciak, T. O'NeiII, R. Jacobs, R, M. MacFarlane, B. Jones. R. Pearce, J. Karasiewifz. Mi+cheII, J. Rose, F, Kavesanky, C. Levin, T. Kent D. Morgan. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Presiclenf ...,. ....., . .., .,,......,,..,.. ...... ,.....,.,............,....... .... R o n ald Gianchrisfofaro Vice Presideni ,..,.. . .,.. ..,......,..,,.......... .... ..,,,.,..........,..,,..,.......,...... G e orqe Cool: Secrefary ...... ........ Pa+ricia Shannon Treasurer .. .......... Thomas Boqdon I-Hsforlan .,..,..,.....,....,.....,..........,.... ........... R oberf More MR. DETELS I0-4 FRONT ROW: E. Yodlowski, K. Thompson, E. Volland, D. Sfeele, V, Sommers, Mr. Defels. THIRD ROW: R. Thunberg Tiedernann, D. VIIIano, W. Yodlowski, D, Senlcowslcl. SECOND R. Wroble, J. Werner, W. Wa+son, R. Shanks. FOURTH ROW ROW: A, Smlfh. P, Shannon, M. Van Ness, E. WiIson. J. W. Wald, J, W3IIcinson, C. Winsfer. W s........ .C if Q' gf' Ziff! I MISS CUM FRONT ROW: M. CaseIIa. A. Bromley, R. Feller, M. Brooks. C. Blumerfi, J. Brownridge, E. Bannerman, J. Bianchini. SEC- OND ROW: K. Cairns. C. Fales, T, Frey, W. Cushing, D, Afamanchuk, D. Dis+eI, E. Fiore, Miss Cunningham. THIRD nl' MINGHAM 9-I ROW: D. Biack, C. Boldt J. Amafo, C. Faulls, R. CervoIa, K Engelhard, C. Casofro. FOURTH ROW: A. Efinger, D. Can Ialupo, W, Andersen, R. Brumrner, J, Anderson, D. CaIabrese FRESHME I955 MISS TULLO 9-2 FRONT ROW: J. Krok, A. Ma+son. D. Margo, J. Harfley, N. JeniIrovsIcy, J. I-Iyer, A. Kirsf, P. Hosking. SECOND ROW: S. Ingber, P. Koes. P. Johnson, J. Hayden. R. Godfrey, S. Graczyk, R. KeIiCI'Iner, M. Lucas. THIRD ROW: M Kurfz, ,W I-wr -vi M I . E. Lenlciewicz, H, Georgs, B. McGiIvery, T. Lindquist C Gonis, E. Kane. C. Jacobson. FOURTH ROW: R. Gaeclcle P, Lech, E. Hakim. X'-7 i MISS LIMENFELD 9-3 FRONT ROW: 6. Pena. V. Peferson, K. Monahan, B. ReynoIds, MoHaIa, M. W. Miller. B. Paulison, E. Rivas. M. Mercier, Miss E, Pardo, J. Paqane-Ili, C. Meyer. SECOND ROW: H, LImenfeIcI. FOURTH ROW: B. Moore, G. Morr, B. MiIIer Pedynowslci, R. McLaren. R. More. R. Moore, M. Morrow. J. PorIer,sL, Romano. R, Dreesen, R. O'I.augI'wIin. THIRD ROW: M. A. MiIIer. F. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Rresidenf ....... .. .... .,,,,..,.,.....,.....,.........,...,. ,........,..,..... . ....... M a rvin Lucas Vice Presidenf .,.... . ,..,.......,.,..,..,....,............,..... ............, . ....,...... P a+rIcia Koes Treasurer . .. .,..........., Tilghman Frey Secrefary. ,.... . ..... Kafhryn Monahan MR. RUCKEL 9-4 FRONT ROW: I.. Sandquisf, N. Sargent J. A. Windle. L. N, Pomeranfz. D. Trenf, R. Shapiro. THIRD ROW: D. SuIIi Walinski, C. Sfeinmeh. J. Wright A, Scion-Hno. SECOND van, F. Siecewicz. L. Welsh, R, A. ScIwwecIcI'1ard+. A. Vifaie ROW: H. Zondler. R. Skwerski, T. Trusf, R. Smifh, J. Sorce. A. Wagner. ftnunf fi MR. RECCHIA 8R FRONT ROW: C. Kealing, J. Maslerfon M. Clnampignon. C. Wollenhaupl, B. A Wlwislon, Y. Parker, R. Auer, D. Fernan- dez. SECOND ROW: N. Miller, J, Cam mall, S, Roman, B. Harlon, R. Harfley. N. Ri+'rweger. T. Haggan, Mr. Recclwia THIRD ROW: E. Lanplnear, J. Ra++i. D. Anderson. A. Maflos, J. Calabrese, R. Feriello. I96 MRS. WITHERALL 8W FRONT ROW: B. Tlnunberg. E. Fried, C Della Volpe, J. Mi+chell, J. Ammon, S. Miller. J. Sanzalone, N. Hayden. SEC- OND ROW: R. Frank. slanding, J. A Meikle, E. East H. Sansom, P. Sfecewi+z, P. Slobodin, R. Graczyk, N. Walt R. Kuhfuss, Mrs. Willnerall. THIRD ROW: P. Godfrey, G. Bell, H. Bruzzo, R. Sav- age, M. Ewing, B. More. E. Lindquisf FOURTH ROW: P. O'Malley, B. Gilmore E. Gargan, D. Kienfz, G. Paflendorf, H. Sleele, G. Miller. MR. BASKIN 8B FRONT ROW: C. Halnn, C. Dobson, C. Huffer, J, Carllon, E. Bremner, V. lngalls. M, Brown. B. Phillips, V. Aiamancliuck SECOND ROW: M. MacCabe. O. Kisl. W. Weiner, R. Sfeele, A. Dickson, M. Solomon, l-l. Margo, M. Marlins, C. Seeds, Mr Baskin. THIRD ROW: E. Tila, M. Harris. J. Van Orman, P, Barlole. R. Sperdulo, J. Mercier, B. Myers. J. Wil- kinson. FOURTH ROW: E. Peacock, R. Fabrizio, D. Lalwey, A. Amafo, M. Zook, E. Nanke, M. Zumack, B. Burke. EIGHTH GRAD MR. COLLINS 8C FRONT ROW: R. Anderson, R. Jacob- son, W. Fickes, D. Feldhusen, P. Fabiano M. Sadvary, G. Shanks. J, Albani. SEC- OND ROW: C, Perrone. D. Sfarkey, H Wollenlmaupf. A. Lavin, J. Lindholm, E Gordon, C. McLaren. C. Malone. THlRl: ROW: E. Bambrick, R. Decker, K. Powers D. Schaefer, L. Pesce, S. Howell, Mr Collins. FOURTH ROW: R. A. Seller- slrom, G. Yodlosky. E. Walson, J. Skol- ski, A. Goodwin, J. Gallo. MR. BURKE 7B FRONT ROW: J. Hamill, P. Gausis, M Clwiccone, A. Gausis, C, Tolfey, E. Moore H. Schinder. SECOND ROW: M. Pascialc. L. Sanzalone, R. Halcim, J. Peri, N. Sper dufo, R. Hendrickson, G. Jorclel, G. Schroeder. STANDING: Mr. Burke. THIRD ROW: E. Olowslci, R. Nolan, J Valenre, A. Ballesfero, T. Savage, J. Perl EVE TH GRADE MISS KOOK 7K FIRST ROW: E, Brand, U. Ranlcine, J Truslca H. Janulis, M. Feller, C. Kennedy P, Brown, B. Macy. SECOND ROW: J Colino, R. Walinslci, J. Slewarl, W Gould, G. Bullock, R. Groos, P, Bieder- man, E. Fisher, Miss Kook. THIRD ROW: J. Malcollca, l, Landers, D. Fraser, C Gerry, R. lvers, M. Redner, C. Treiber J. McClear. FOURTH ROW: R, Karasie- wilz, B. Baran, A. Prigge. 'k,: if wg , MR. MATHISEN 7MA FRONT ROW: E. Cochrane, A. Barr. J Slember, C. Rosenberg, C. Grinnell, A. Aronson, R. Golob, C. Babelc. SECOND ROW: D. LaRue. J. Hoffman, S. Beerli, R. Sandquisl, H. Wliiiney. J. Lunde, F. Collura, M. Sclwoal, G. DeMeo, Mr. Mafliisen, THIRD ROW: A. Andersen. E. Lennox, D. Berman, T. Keller, R. Flana- gan, E. Bianclwini, J. Murphy, B. Milcliell. FOURTH ROW: B. Koclnanslty, R. Finclw, R. Ogilvie, D. Kelso. A. Clmif. R. Moll. I957 MR. MILLER 7MI FRONT ROW: D. Francis, B. Medeslwa, D. Lopes, L. Alves, L. Miraglia, B. Kunsl, N. Brownridge, D. Gormley. SECOND ROW: C. Smillw, J. Di Trolio, R. Foray, A. Springer, A. lnfanle, R. La Morro, S. Weinberg. J. I-leclc, Mr. Miller. THIRD ROW: M. Shyne. C. Di Pace. C. Slomo- vi+z, W. McWilliams, B. Da Silva, J. Sclwoaf, FOURTH ROW: R. Mancini, R. Walczulc, J. Ferra, E. Piclcel, D. Harf. SCHOOL SUNG Norih Arlinqlorw, we sing lhy praises, Our Alma Maier on lhe hill Fond memories of thee we shall cherish As dislance makes 'rhem dearer sfill And Though fhe years sleal swilfly o'er us A fribuie lo Thee shall be sung, As now in you'rh's undaunfecl chorus We sing, Norlh Arlinglon. Bu? high school lriendships all musl sever And fade as does lhe dying day And closes? friendships all be broken, As ou? in llle we wend our way. And ye? whalever be lile's forlune, As llfels long race we gladly run, We'll love lhee sfill our Alma Maier Our clear North Arlinglori. 'x.J ,... f WQ 1 Q X at , 'f d on 42" ' , ,p a xx 2 ,ff U f v I f-'N J w... w...J QE 1 ? 4 tv. ,A'-f- H A 4 1 i v 3 3 Q M Y 3 3 Q, -.,, MgimmxvQ,,Ma2 H 21i3A-y .. 3f 3? sf,,,,33f.i, - 3, if iw M' 35 M24 W5-518-i"eui.3D.Qsf.-I Q-saga 9.5 M40 'FM' 5 5 " Q.. da.. ff M 1 sf' ?.B.f1 nu 7 if Y 3 74 3', Vi 6 2:5 gisgaal? YQ: axsqdu ,Q W 6f"Qq Wi CQ Q' if W yi 2,3 E W Q If 1 If f I If H fs fr' '- ff :Q ff ,4WQ"f:Jh,,-'ly gli 57.-if 'W 1 f 2 M ' f A ,. ry I . 1 1,2 QQ , 1.5, I My ht -2 az my M in , ,V A. W ,,,.,, V' ' - ' -e.,W,,L,,, fin' ' H.. 4, 5 , 2 X -s A fi,'V1,fi'w iii 2., 37' , Q " W W A if 'Q 4' 9 Q . 4 Ls' 2925 5. 5, ,W N q gy qw XT as ' K? iq aff? 'ii A m44f5 ?5 , Q 'STN '75 M 'L Q -a ,iwgytfii if 1,29 5 nv ki? I l '. 1? ' i ll lf! , gf Inu: 'ffl :wa qpfuvuapqvlqpv tra P eIdIsN 111 W VS E' Iizwk I , J + Q1 BPI" i,, 'Q ff , IA 4A 2, Am Www ,ak t Sm ri , , I. 41 2, .,. A 'I'1Ix'1YbIIrIf1WI'4 IIIII I . I me xrlin'-gif!!! A E-lime Sc'ev1'i111f VI 'I In fj , YL IIN -1 0 I ,IQ bl' NJ Novi fl 01114 35.6 ' fx 1 dhplv ' .1 'H I,.g'Ljfi' ,Ia 's, 1 1 I, r,,1T'1P 32 1 Q I .Ii - IM NWI I 56 IQHIW3 UW, 1 JW'-.I..bwn'f1r'm1fa M17 DF UW' 2- f I 5: 1' I 1' T? V 'I I' 'I' I gf -2 ,fn xrwy iw I I V A I' QI,-' If ,yn apart IA I' Q I 'I b X u Llwlwixzf I wiv Iim' YV if 1 'I ' If 52:81 llazgigm Qmmrui ' H' f' A . in f ,sms 211:-Sm ?'2'2'- lu Um 'III I ' MacCABE w A H I A A DONATO INFANTE Mm? iwzxfrf Ev 1- wifi wmtn? I-' IL ' 'IL I I III I A I O ' I ' xy' vm, X Ke-'fx u , O X a fff, ,mi Mmrzlx' :dk mx . I I ' RONNY BOEHM V W,:1ffrs uf NNIAII? c' sm I ki 'ff5'!ff'S:I1'6I sa II:fI'1':f1r1 U ' I Himw 'fkfiff 265 Y' S vb uw A WW Wf, .xI"Y?:fAx'r 1212131121 Ii'Sx1U 'S II mil JM qua! tc '34 In Unjb mb wrt 4 in Walt Ifmklx .1 fxmmlr on Ariz 13 xp WT LU! 'U rwvr' fra" UW g4e'w,WE', ' 'I I-2, IN'vV'WI QXUU sufgktxg. CAPTAIN BOB FRANCIS XVSIIII Qui, Ezfjw mi UI 'IKUIQH HM ay Br 'X Imu1In x In-th IL IIIQII xI4mIx fu., sam LL ST E vu gzfmfm X I Kmvf tame I X if yfguzy A ' AT KIM- Yew? l fits!" ' I "",l ALI.-COUNTY fw' sim: V :xx mx xii GEORGE MEIKLE 5 X , , , uv ,Amp unnxmvu u.,.,.. ,,,. ug 1.65 I ' ' vig ,V 1 f BMIIWGQ K :ww ZHUSUIIBYI Hfigfwe :-I w rf tha ,r rx Liv? ' -,Y - 3 ww: 3242311 I mimi' lflzum, Tm- Vxkmis have pI: W-Wy ii'-iw-f,f"fg A Z- I-,L Q.: ,E 'ligaxrwwn IIIHHU tzrmwf, ifwfmw. gg, " X . We-A R I In gn, , , Iimfff 3 Img :II umm In mfs? gmnx Q 4 4f.,,,, H, 5 3 , I I 51 Lili? +7 :md I4 7 :md iwuizzxg ' I ky H ,mai rw ig- 1 mfg ' , AL KRYSPIN 'W"fVP3I'I'5 ff .zu I2 H1 mx if 1 I KI N? E, I . IYIIIIIII 'I IMI? . I I NIIxItInIII:rIinv' IMIII .1 II.,-MHS 117 ,III I I j 4,5 7 AI.waih Iwi Im1::g,1f'fv, X 351 yjmgyh gwwyl Q V A my .HW 1 i M glyetfgu- I H 3EgII1.g1ILn1L .5 if ri ,153 I -Imkklm Hvkh VM LK M i.,b,w. A . ,nw-, s Q A P I ' if zum, I":u2-4. u I :IL I rw zifgff I-I'iffI X W cs!!Ic.1,,M ram, 21. Mumxcf. and 1 Iiuggmii, IfiIIIw- ' My ' ,, ' I IIIII7'xfI" Qi Img:-fm Sh ,LIU K ,mm,UU.igi?, 'ti H K . ,L gum: my ,,IIf1IlI,I:sQI J,-.,,,i.5 Mlm. E H P5 f .W ,, A , xi f b.m:i,1 12 I f v ll , Q 7 mu ru u:l.1x41sLw- . A I ' 1 A ,V 1, 1 l K., N . K Vi' 'gm rw Q, XXX I X 5 If ' N088 f Eimfxf Img TIws N f f I lift Q ,X WL I ji Hs' is 1? mul I3 if-i I I 1 I I I' Iltltmwu I IIUIII I VIIAIIZE5 III3'kfIf"'I W , ' A A I, , f , .. wg.- 'If f -A 'I , Q K ART MATHISEN 1 M Vykf f .Ai X 1 " If f FMAK WALT ECKHARDT Y K4 A g LINE COACH I I I it 'msakuraa - ii Imex Ejv ALL-COUNTY I I II J . Iwi vv n ' x Id Il I IIIQIZI. I in I7 I ,fmmx .a".e,:4 - J .. V1 In A Dunkin 'I I I I? I I ut, K I ' N ' ' A'A'I 'I JOHN DETELS 'I 5 ' Ifvjifvwobd-R I I I TRA'NER - " Nu th xlxf P -rf A A g5If.Qi,i,,, I UFUV' I xolvrn ARI,lNli'l'0N ' T m bf? ui 213 . A fm Mnulh Ang - :L innings ' . film Ridue ' fi 'INK tone HWIH In za EQBEBEIQSG lnllll Ariinqion Comes 34+ I' P T.if?2'Si A,f' Conn'-'H' on 9 xy va -G0 i-N 'nnin X , 3- , I, A 5. v, Y x id r I 0 "TlPPlT" BRIGHT ALL-COUNTY 1 8 ' ' " ' N BILL PESCHLER A DICK BROWN Q ' "W ' " Q, A 3519. ,I 4 A A fvFIq,n1 AIM. NHL ii M ' JA w.fu9y3 .f,,,-mmf, Xrf!f4 qmrmm ' 7" ' 'hifi In , lklllgf. ' ' 'FUN ' X1 .4 fi, cw 00 igli. 'LIP fit: . zzyyhwl I 'HU 1 I'-lHk.g, HH' ,LMT mrlh NV, QS - ' tow X3 gVxc A XUMM ,1 . 7 tn .H PA KH-fx X W X' 4 SHA A , s .Mix ,, x 1 fwm dm x mg" A x X mud hx A Foe S - . -r. f A qxuuh , , J :lf f - i Your Hornson A A .,Wg A U N eg 1 'fi 4.+.. XM, M 41 :xv 1 A, X, Y , f,.W7 W 'uf :Nr ,f . 4 1 X M 5' Iirrrixegts Sgmzlininylff Y A aww .W mm- gl ALLAN PAuLsoN 1 K mm' Qsnmfw tbw Ms,3,Q,g, ,, fl: A Q' -mf an ,My mdk in ,v EIS ,-HY: 4:22 ,vr fy 3 x-, fm hm Lt nw f' Q b 513 n Inf? Huh -AVI, 'f2ry?g:i5 ' 'I yy f 'aff fiapmyyygkyg ' 3 VIN.-f Ap if .Q yn ,X rr.w:5sv:! :nfl mark Q V I ,x QQ A ky .-zvff ,. qi-,Hmm my :Q lx J N A " UF-Iwi am-sr fimgv ,.r ' 1 ww 1' 1 s ' NH' qmxrr.,--y:1fu,f' g l -A .X 1. zmnmmq 3,,,,,,,L:y: 4, ' I . fy 1 X'Wwbwmx.11-A - A TONY Bosco A f V , ., .- In . 5 U l AA n I tr L AY 'N R vmmrdx ku KNEE? Pm n A "M H A ' Q 31 ffl mLx:Xwii1,'-"X ' L' ' 'V W HOF? - A ms... ,p - -M'-SS! A '.... .efor v , V . .ROGER SWISS K E No. ixflllilffllll K ' 1 ' WINSQR NIELSEN ALL-COUNTY , X V' ,X N . mum nv A 81 LEO GIRARDEY HEAD COACH GY A x ky. .xi Auiuvg. .Ami gs ,1' T xxuvfx no X VYUA ' A,,,! Rl WQM-w"'fl'xf Qx 1111+ A HEAD MANAGER X s X X V - . A ,w 2, X, f qi A, ,I M X - . Q Q F S" ,gh . M P 'V Q ,. I 1 X 5 K ga yqx ll 1... A V' S, U .ximfwn wk-v VARSITY FRONT ROW: Joel Aronson, Dave I-lesford, Joe Bonomo lcoaclil. BACK ROW: Andy Massey, Jaclc Waison, Tom lCap+.I, Bill Ferguson, George Den Braven, Wilbur Ruckel Davis, George Cook, AI Wisniewslci. BASKETB LL JUNIOR VARSITY FRONT ROW: Tom Bogdon, Don Roberrson, Bill Ferguson, Poplawslci, Bill Sched, Joe Karasiewilz, Bob Berry. Ed Hakim, Bob More. BACK ROW: Pele D'Agos+ino, Gene 4. 1 --:.'Q- -- 'K is 41 . -4 .-E-Q.-nm - 1. M- M ,. Q ,K . , ,A ,,f3,yYqai - I gf' -,.', awe .,:- v 8 K i 1 Ei? ' '25 4 i 9 E E wg, -jwgm, f CAPTAIN JOE BONOMO TOM DAVIS GEORGE DEN BRAVEN FRONT ROW WalT Pasiclc Malcolm. MacFarlane, Ronald Canaly. Charles PenTa, George Beerli WalT Anderson THIRD l"larT Buddy Gordon SECOND ROW Paul Kelly, coach, Jim ROW: Roger Swiss, John Bogdon Dick SmiTh CapTaln Roger Swiss Duck SmlTh TRACK WiTh The resignaTion oT Mr. Tommy Thomas as Traclc coach, The school board obTained Mr. Paul Kelly To Take over The direcTion oT Track and physical educaTion. Under The direcTion oT The Tormer iavelin Thrower, The Team has shown deTiniTe im- provemenT, having been wealcened Through graduaTion and oTher deparTures. Among The reTurning leTTermen are Cap- Tain Roger Swiss, Malcolm McFarlane, Richard SmiTh, Buddy Gordon, and Ed Vonderlippe. The indoor schedule puTs The emphasis on large inviTaTional meeTs such as The "Philadelphia Inquirer" MeeT, The Millrose Games, and The N.J.l.S.A.A. lv1eeT. while The ouTdoor schedule puTs chieT emphasis on dual meeTs, climaxed by The N. A. BoosTers' Club MeeT and The pasT season STaTe Championship OuTcloor lvleeT. 46 WWA yd' BRAVEN BASEBALL The N.A.l-l.S. baseball learn will slarf ils I952 season wilh a scarcily of piichers bul will have a hosl of ye+erans reiurning from lasl year's mediocre ieam. Coach "Rip" Collins, slarfing his sevenfh year al' Norfh Ar- linglon, believes lhal This year's learn will rnalce up in spiril whal They lack in naliye abilily. Among The veierans refurn- ing are Caplain George Den Braven, Tony Bosco, Ed Taylor, Gene Poplowslci, Diclc Dorber, "Moe" l-lall, and Jaclc Reese. The squad will again compele in The Four-Counly Conference, won lasf year by Roselle Parlf High School. Olher Teams in The' league include Clifford Scorl, l-larrison, Cranford, and Scolch Plains. s GIRLS SPCRTS Girls sporlrs are parl ol Jrhe well-planned gym program a+ Nor+h Arlinglon High School which is headed by Mrs. Madeline Slreflens. The Class of I952 has produced very alhlelic girls, who have been champions in bolh volleyball and baslcelball in inlerclass compelilion since Their enlrance inlo high school. Besides lhese sporls, Jrhe girls parlicipale aclively in archery, soil- ball, high jump, and planned games. To keep lheir lrim figures and good healrh, +he girls are offered a number of exercises in addilion 'ro lhe sporls. fel' v A, ax? 1 - A .,j1,y,kf,2H 1 .Q V.,,, , i 3,ii V 1 WW K M if 2 f K. H, V4 Q M K I fm I F12 '13 A ii 1 we Hi? 4 1 -ff. 4 uf f fy f ,, ,1- .,K nn ' my ?:e'7gu"2g."?"5ff"Q' 5 ff , M 19' ,- as QV K ,, t " " 4255 - A-L A if -. s If ,Hu "gin we 45 ll E f IT W ll rw .vu ,W TUDE T COUNCIL LTERNATES SEATED: D. BIanCI'wInI, G. Pena, R. WrobIs C. Englenard, D. GOQIQIWIUS. STANDING- I-I Morfon, E. Hakim, D. SnarcIIow. D. Hays, T, Da ws, A. Anderson, A, D'Adamo Ipreside-nII. EEE z S ' 1Ii Igf Q I W I I I I TUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES FIRST ROW: J. PouIiqucn, R. MuIIen, SECOND ROW: E. Iand, J. power. R. Jaccbs, G, Dew Braven, D, Krusninski, K. Wagner. R. MQIO, 5, VIVaIe. R. Swiss, A. D'Adarnf1, A. Krieg. Barneff R. Tnurberg, W, Ecrguwn. MISS .I-UIIO. D, DisIeI, M. Lucas. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Dawdzon, D, I'IoI- ff .IU IOR STUDE T Q7 COUNCIL FIRST ROW: E, Garqan, C. Kea+Inq, C Gerry, D. Anderson, Mr. Reccnia. SEC OND ROW: E. Eisner. A. Anderson. A Goodwin, U. RanIcIn, D. Kienfz, I-I. San som, J. Infanfe, J. DITroIIo, R. FIanaQan '-df' HO CR SOCIETY SEATED: W. Ecicardi D. I-Ievs. R. KeI'e'. D. M:I.augI'wII'w, P. Doneffy. M. Cochrane, A. Anderson, E. SmecIIey. SECOND MISS PeIIgzIer. STANDING FIRST ROW: C. ilvnarnan, C. ROW: M. CemIIo, G, BeerII, S. V5IaIe. Yaqer, B. Frank, I2. MI1Ia' J W' In-3, ID, .lawieiix E, Gafyarn, SEATED AT TABLE: M355 Audewk, Kwgnirakw, H. Morfcn, Iey, J, I.avaI, R. Smi+I1,'I, I2eIIIy, E. MacCabe, A. AposIoI, D. A, Anderzcn, Miss Iarar-Mfr, STANDING: B. Frank. E. Srned- Krauss, E. Kane. 3 5, S vs.. iw! 3? 'fx K ink ' X err an Mi? ii B BY SITTERS' CLUB FRONT ROW: R. Ceravola, M, Preise, V. Pryzborowski, G, ley. M. Mercier, Miss O'Mafley. THIRD ROW: J. Kocnansky, Bromley. G, Pryzborowski, F. Sfecewicz. SECOND ROW: M. Gallo, J. Brooks, N. Sargent M. Brooks, B. Eicke. P, Johnson, M. Cochrane, F, Dolweriy, J. Paqanelli, A4 Brom- TECHNICIANS' CLUB FRONT ROW: R. Shapiro, R. Moore, R, Trenf, A. Sanders, G, Moor, R, Tnunberg. THIRD ROW: W. Corsar, R. Leire R. Srnifn, E. Macflabe, N. CaiweW, E, Lindquist SECOND H: Gron, R. Peacock. T, Kidd, B, Giirnore, ROW: R. Kelker, S. Vlrale, K, Wlwifney, A. Hood, J. Herr, 1 FIRST ROW: J, Qfwde. L. Efey, B, perrczf. SECOND ROVVZ J. Tledcmafw, A. EirwsEdNer, J. Kefly, Miss WaNsFw. LE DERS' Cl UB SEATED: B. Perfef A, Ma -"C'WSifv R. Mihr, J. Sawicki, M. Sahaqian, B. Ufxmcre, J. Marge, B. Jenkins, A. Kerr, C. Yaqor Cnchrafe, C, He-ye, D, McLaugWr, E, Garqam L. Saiaqkw E. WINsor, J. Podlqucv, S. UndHoWrr', R.Sa'wza1owe, G. FQSNQ D, Bev, J. Lafel. STANDING: C, GW vc N, M. CcruU', F. M, Gaim. J J m x N K . W' I .1 TRI-HI-Y SEATED: P, Dcherfy. B, Jevkim, D, Hays, R, MIIIN, FIRST C. Kiwvamaf. E. KVGVVIWIC, J. Pollquen, C, Yaqer, E, Garqarf OW: M255 WQISH. B, Ferret M, Cam Q, M. I'WqaII11,S. I-Iauer, B. Frank, L. Sahaqfarw. THIRD ROW: F, SaIwaqIar', E. Srfwecfey , FICIQQS, M155 LImefIeId. SECOND ROW: IJ. McLauqIwIIm A. Kerr, M, Le5IIe, A, Sfewarf, I-I, Neuman A. EIMSQICIIQL SEATED: A, VIfaIe, J, G1-IndfgII R, Sbgpifm, M, A, M: nf, E. M, MIIIer. R. Sfniockardr, Mfe. I. Capwe'I, B. Eirkc, C WIICOX. STANDING: C. KI"'ar'wo" E, Kare, C E"gIeIWarCI Caifnffm, E, Waqwer, C Gi"'I'w, B, I5ar"NerV'Wa'w. sk , , , ,- '22, GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: F. Doiwerry, M. 6aIIo, M, MiIIer, B. Wiicox, W, YodIowsIcy, C. Srierrnfyz, J. Neison, M, Mi'cIweII, S. Lind- IioIm, B. Eicke, SECOND ROW: Miss Zingaro, J. Arnafo, J. LayaI, R, Srnifh, G. BeerIi, R. Groos, D. LaRue, J. CoIino, E. Pardo, B. Reyr'oIds, G, I-Iarce. THIRD ROW: J. Wiikinsor, R. Moore, S. Colino, B. Jones, M. Marrirs, M. Ewnq, R. Kara- siewiiz, J. CuIUyar, R. II'iu'berq. FOURTH ROW: M, I-Iaii, A. Woiper R. CoIIir's, R. More, FI. Zo'idIer, I'I. Margo, J. GaIIOA way, D. Lackey, O. Kirsr. FIFTH ROW: J. Werner, D, I-Ioiiand, G. Janes, T. Kefir, C, Levin, A, Wifreiv-fsIc' R, Fabrizio, T. Cerone. CHORLI 'V FIRST ROW: M. CoC5ra'ie, J. Wrigiii, B. DiArnore, Y, Bian- ROW: J. Ggrnmeii, P. CI1ir'5. SECOND ROW! D. Biandnini, W. Yodiowsky, P, Fabiaro, Coiiro, E, Crawford, J. G. I-Iance V. Ro+ers:r, J. B7ancniri, V, Pryzbgrgwgki, THIRD Hoskinq, C, Biurnerri, A, Krieg, S. I-Iyers, A, Kirsr, Miss F. Zinqaro, GLEE LUB FIRST ROW: B. D'Arnore, C. Dobson, J. Cariron, V. InqaIIs, B. Myers, R, Sand- quisf, S. Beerii, E. Cochrane, M, Herr, J. Truska. B. Perrer. SECOND ROW: A. Krieg, C. ToILIey, A. BorreIIi. J. MircIieII, A, EinseidIer, R. Frank, B. Einseidier, S. I-Ioweii, P. Godfrey, E. Brand. THIRD ROW: R, MiIcI1eII, I. Landers, P. Brown, L. MiraqIia. L, Sandquisr, J. Biarichini, A. Kirsr, M. R. Feller, C. Kennedy, E. Fried, L. KeIIy. FOURTH ROW: V, Ran- Icine, P, Hoskinq, J. Wriqlwi, U, Referson, B. Maffos, L. McCar+I'1y, F, Sciorrino, D. Francis, M. Redner, M. Cochrane, FIFTH ROW: F. Sreccewicz, M. A. Brooks, R. Cerayola, P. Johnson, J. A, WindIe. D. Sinkowski, J. Brooks, V. Pryzborowski, G. Pryzborowski, J. Waiienhaupr. SIXTH ROW: C. Hufrer, J. Grindeii, C, Blum- erii, D. Krauss, N. CGIIICGFI, I-I. Morion, C. Casoria, R. A. ScI'iweicI'iardr, M. A. Miiier U SENIQR HIGH ORCHESTR FRONT ROW: J. Porfer, J, Perraudin, S. BeerII, M. IvIarIIns, W. WeIner, D, CanIaIUpo, E. Firkes, J, Balccr, C. Kinnarnan A. Bfomley. L, Sendquish D. McLauqIwIIn. M, InqaIIs. SEC- THIRD ROW: A. Anderson, I., BrunnInq, R, HoQIcInq, W. MII OND ROW: R. Davies, A. MOIIOS, R. SrnIII'w, E. Lenkiewicz, Ier, R. WrobIe, H. George, J. Ferrierc. Mr. I'IuIzeI, JUNIOR HIGH CRCHESTR FRONT ROW: E. Bremmer, W. Weiner, E. Fisher, R, MangIne, A. MOIIOS, I'-I, WIviIney. SECOND ROW: J. VaIenIe, B. I DaSiIva, C, Baliek, D. AIIIer, N. Sperduio, C. Treiber, M. Marfins, E. Brand. THIRD ROW: A, Chair, R, FIncI'1, A. BaIIesIero, Mr. I'IuIzeI. BAD FIRST ROW: H. Whirney, E. VoIIand, A. Marfof., E. Lerkiewim. R. Snwifh, M. InqaIIs, L, Hsey, J. Gernmelh C. Cascwffa. SECOND ROW: W, Corsar. I.. Brurfnq. C, Kinnarnan, IE. Bremmer. R. Penocca, W, Weiner. D, Canrahfpn. VV, Breiihut, E. Fickes, JR. HIGH ANCE BAN FIRST ROW SEATED: A. Maffos. E. Brem- mer, W. Weiner. E. Fisher, R. Mangine, A, Chair. SECOND ROW SEATED: N. Sperduro, A. BaIIes+ero. J. VaIenIe. THIRD ROW STANDING: R. Finch, Mr. I-Iu+zeI. SENIOR HIGH ANCE BAN SEATED: E. I.eriIciewiCZ, R. Smifh, J. Fer- reira. D. CanIaIupo. R, Perrocca. D. Afarnanchuk. A. Anderson, A. Ma+Ios. C. Kinnaman, Mr. I-IuIzeI. STANDING: W. Corsar, R. Davies, R, I-Ioskinq. J. Baker. R. Wroble. J. Baker, J. Porfer. THIRD ROW: R. Davies, R. Shanks, K CIarIc, W. MiIIer, A. Anderson. C, Keller, R. I-Iosking, P D'AqosIino, R. Godfrey, R, Wroble, J, Ferreira. I-I. George R. Smirh. A f ra 4VVV 4 I ,mf 5, M- ' A QT? I I xr-r Dobres Jasairis L Mary Lou DGQMOVW it Clarissa Kirmamafw A I 1 , xwgxf QUEE F THE M Y Y DianeMcLaugMm 2 ' 3+ Anrrmony D'Adamo Bob Francis Al Sanders Q 1 t Q ,Q I Y Joy Perraudrrw Marge Cochrane Eifeer' Gargdn Dolores Berz Alrce Sfewarf LS X-XM Mizz: PENNY W1SE THRU CONSUMER ED ' E J E s5'::v".fgA f'L'L X gf 1"'f?5s'Xf E U 'i Vicky bn J TAKE A LETTER i fi'- www no WE .. . A EDITORS' ECSTACY AIE I 1? -...T Q. -4 ' Q GS I , , ,xr ,I .,, N WIERD W NDOWS THIRD PRIZE E -I I 4 qi-fbi! I 6' 4' I EIKEEB , , I ' om ,2 S3912 III QM I E SECOND PRIZE I 4 x TI-IIRD PRIZE :ff I 1 wgg-,mwpggg .af ,.ImW.,, A 1-N I K q "Qu ... gt 13-fv., - 1 -+-34. 1 K, , ML ,V .. Ar-9 5.535 I gg r , - n Z. if 53. A-,Q 7. 5 ff' wave ,ff if "M . :Q Y in Q 2 v K ati K I . .Ny 5 pg: M. ' ng: Q 'Q lv my O 3 Q .. ll vk 5 1 A 'YR' H 4? wiv- M69 QW....a V, 9- bi ani M QE? if l,..L we-gm W 5 ,fm K eifki Q5 w 1 fed if 5 if 5 Ls fl ff T"'CW7W, if 1 fr 4 is Tv F""N -1-1... nf ,1 gg? - W3 X4 D' lm . Q. X ' f x IWKING swear suogve E' 5 ! 45' -ov , 2 'V' c"'-'-'N Li R-J gl... SCANDIA MANUFACTURING COMPANY CREATORS OF MO RN P CKAGING MACHINERY BRYAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. INC. BUILDING CONSTRUCTION NhAl NJy l FOREST DAIRY Service Our Specialty Milk and Cream 'l7 Forest Street NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. KEarny 2-3130 Ke. 2-9000 Sargent Motors, lnc. Tire Trading Company Chevrolet Dealer 239 Halsey Street Newark, New Jersey Corner of Hedden Terrace and Ridge Road Dolores North Arlington New Jersey .ldsdlfls Hope l Arlztl Carole Farese Market 3-1790 H. A. GREENE COMPANY Sporting Goods Serving the schools and athletic organizations of New jersey with dependable athletic equipment for over a quarter century. Outfitters: North Arlington High School Athletic Teams 28 Halsey Street Newark 2, New Jersey fNeor Central Avenuel gampldmente of FRED J. F EILITZ Kemp Machine and Tool Works, Inc. I8 Spruce Street, Nutley, N. J. BRIGHTON VACUUM EXCHANGE MOntcIair 3-1660 Edwin J. o'Mauey SALES - SERVICE - REPAIRS Refrigerators - Washers Radios - Vacuum Cleaners . . . TELEVISION . . . 2396 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn, New York Esplanade 5-7500 555 Valley Brook Avenue Lyndhurst, New .Iersey RUtI'1ertord 2-5029 KEarny 2-5966 O'MAl.l.EY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Contractors-Engineers I5 Bay Street Montclair, N. J. Sincere Good Wishes to The Class of 1952 from the CLASS OF 1953 President ..... .... A ndrew Massey Treasurer . . . . Joel Aronson Vice President. . . .... William Makaus Secretary . . . . . . Marie Cerullo Historian .... Dick Dorber Compliments of the STUDENT COUNCILS of the North Arlington High School High School Junior High School ANTHONY D'ADAMO ROGER SWISS CAROL GERRY DORL ANDERSON President Vice President President Vice President ANN KRIEG SAL VITALE CATHERINE KEATING ELEANOR GARGAN Secretary Treasurer Secretary Treasurer Advisers MISS VIVIAN TULLO MRS. MARY E. DAVIDSON MR. LOUIS RECCHIA President R I Treasurer EMMA SMEDLEY ALICE STEWART Vice Pres. Historian EILEEN GARGAN BETTY FRANK Corres. Sec. Chqplqin LUCY SAHAGIAN CLARISSA KINNAMAN Recording Secretary HARRI ET NEUMANN NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Athletics Boosters Club MR. THOMAS GILMORE MR. TILGHAM FREY President Vice President MR. MARK LEEPER MR. H. L. BRADFORD Recofding Swefaw MR. HAROLD TURNER Corresponding Secfeff-fy Treasurer MR. HENRY MILL ER Historian Compliments of DR. A. R. SAPORITO Compliments of the NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL P. T. A. P s ........ ...... M rs. S. Smith, Jr. Treus. . . ...... ..... M rs. C. E K ll Vice Pres. . ........ Mrs. J. W. Bone Rec. Sec .......... ..... M rs. W Vice Pres. . ....... Miss B. Genovese Cor. Sec .......... .... M rs. H. Historian ,,,,,,,,.,, , , Mrs. Mary E. Davidson A Compliments of the WOODROW WILSON P. T. A. Compliments of the WASHINGTON P. T. A. Compliments ofthe THOMAS JEFFERSON P. T. A. KEarny 2-5987 EMERALD DRUG STORE s. FELSENFELD, 5.5.-s. J. GREENSTEIN, Ph.G. KEarny 2-9742 ASIA Wong 5 59" Chinese American Restaurant IAir Conditionedi Family Dinners and Ala Carte Served at all Hours Luncheon Served II a.m.-4:30 p.m. Dinner Served 4:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. All Varieties of Foods Put Up to Take Home 380 Belleville Tpk. North Arlington, N. J. 2 Ridge Road Noni, A,-linggon, N. J, iCorner Belleville Turnpikej KEarny 2-0087 Compliments ,,, GRoaEL's Esso sTATioN I. GOLOB THE FABRIC SHOP 450 Ridge Road, North Arlington, New Jersey 3 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. KEarny 2-3706 BAUERLElN'S FLORIST Wedding Flowers-Funeral Designs Potted Plants Wholesale and Retail Compliments of Ruth's Shoppe INFANTS - CHILDREN - and LADIES WEAR 594 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. 96 Schuyler Avenue North Arlington, N. J. PHONE KEarny 2-5724 TREMARCO COAL COMPANY BLUE coAL-xoPPER's cone-FUEL on KEarny 2-9609 Free Delivery IRV. REIN Delicatessen - Beverages Frozen Foods 203 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. 126 Ridge Road Nonh Arlington N J. KEarny 2-9890 TOM THE TAILOR RAINBOW SHOPPE "Fine Tailoring - Cleaning - Pressing" NEWSPAPERS - MAGAZINES We also carry Ricciardi's French Ice Cream 165 R'd R d Nth AI' t ,N. J. 'ge on or rmg on 189 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. I Congratulations and Bcnny Dell Farms Good Luck, Graduates JAY ARNOLD SHOPS Styles for DAD 'N' LAD 231 MEADOW ROAD RUTHERFORD, N. J. 43 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. KEarny 2-069l Good Luck Class of l952 MEADOW BROOK DAIRY Distributors of Waldron ' s Country Bottled Milk 500 Schuyler Avenue North Arlington, N. J. Mitchell 2-5277 Consult DAVIDSON AGENCY, INC. For INSURANCE REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE LOANS Kinney Building, 790 Broad Street Newark 2, N. J. I0 G-Riverview Gardens North Arlington, N. J. KEarny 2-8000 PYROMETER SERVICE COMPANY Rebuilt lnstru ments Protection Tubes Thermocouples Leadwire 348 River Road, North Arlington, N. J. Congratulations CLASS of i952 To the Young Gentlemen who will turn to pipe smoking: Get the best - a Schoenleber handmade Briar root pipe SCHOENLEBER'S Newark Pipe Shop 29 Branford Place Newark 2, New Jersey Bev Joan Edie Joy Bob Joe Dick P Ferg Charl Alice A "DETS" Porky UP -I-rpprr Diane Doris E TONY R Bosco S Peggy Margie Eileen Red Gi 9 Bob Tom Red Gig Re Bill Howe Row 1 'Hilfe M' fffif' i5Z,'2.".s Glo' Wolf Terry Doris Edie Dick Dee Miss Lou Bob F. Jack Mr Ann K. Tony Joe R rr, Peg Ei Herm Nielgerr Al Lee Chick omane I Carhy Ed G. Lorry z Dqn Ed I2 Roe Bev I2 Ernie Don Yvonne Tony Leo Geo Ris Alex Marge Tony B. lssy Larry Joe Tom Ellen Dick Tip Ed A wqiarlie H H f Barb Compliments Elly THE VIKING SAGA of ,he Official Student Publication Judy Janie of JOLIETTES North Arlington High School Cleml Suzie Yearly Subscription 50 cents Carolyn AI Bobbie Editors: Dan Krushinski Allan Anderson Dm' C':'fZ,m""s A' LEADERS CLUB e Bob Ken Diane Mclau hlin resi en ci-lERoKEEs 9 P " ' Sal Rob Charlotte Yager , Secretary Beverly Jenkins , . . ,Treasurer R09 Fred Jack Ed Walt Herman Leo Compliments f REBELS O U Friend Tom Rick Emil KILNS SUPPLIES Tel. KEamy 2-7914 ANN LIEBAU STUDIO CERAMIC ARTISTS 173 Belmaunt Ave., North Arlington, N. J. Evening Classes Day Classes Mon., Wed., Fri. Wed., 8. Sat. a.m. KEarny 2-9661 KLEINFIELD'S DELICATESSEN 203 Prospect Avenue North Arlington, N.J. PAT THE TAILOR 598 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. KEarny 2-1679 EDWARD MUCCABE Guaranteed Roofs GENERAL ROOFING CONTRACTOR 176 Baltimore Ave. North Arlington, New Jersey Open Sundays KEamy 2-2896 and Holidays Night: KEamy 2-1765 THOMAS MELOR0 8. SON MONUMENTAL WORKS 271 Ridge Road No. Arlington, N. J. Opposite Holy Cross Cemetery Thos. P. Goffredo, Manager KEamy 2-8541 X-Ray Fitting KRAUSER'S Sundial Shoes Shoes For All The Family Buster Brown Shoes 432 Ridge Road H' Krause' North Arlington, N. J KEarny 2-0686 A. COLMENERO ' Pianos Bought, Sold and Exchanged Tuning, Refinishing and Reconstructing 12 RIDGE ROAD N0. ARLINGTON, N. J. K Earny 2-1157 HUGO'S FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions 287 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. K Earny 2-4784 EDMUND A. WILKE CABINET MAKER Custom-Built Cabinets - Recreation Rooms Small Fumiture 115 SUNSET AVE. NO. ARLINGTON, N. J. HU. 2-5753 HIGHLAND HOME BAKERY Bread - Cake - Pies -- Pastry Orders taken for Birthday Cakes 806 Summer Ave. Newark, N. J. K Earny 2-1969 Marfak Lubrication GEORGE TRUSKA'S TEXACO SERVICE Brake Servlce - Front End Alignment 264 Belleville Pike North Arlington, N. J. IUnion Placel D.. 3-3345 LAFAYETTE IRON WORKS, INC. 649-661 Grand Street Jersey City, N. J. KE. 2-7356 Compliments JlFFY of Radio and Television ELITE BARBER SHOP Serv-Ce 54 Eighth Street 285 Ridge Road No. Arlington, N. J. North Arlington' N' J' Dan Cerullo KE. 2-6767 "JOE THE BOTTLE SHOP "GEORGE" Delivery Service "EDDIE, 592 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. Corsages KE. 2-7317 Tel- Ru. 4-0747 Wedding Bouquets Telegraph Service MILLAR'S PIES 800 Schuyler Ave. Lyndhurst, N. J. Funeral Designs FRANK'S FLORIST 317 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. Opposite Holy Cross Cemetery F. Russo, Prop. REGAL SUPER MARKET 574 Ridge Road North Arlington KE. 2-2250 SEITZ'S SOUND SERVICE Loud Speakers for Rent For Dances, Parties, Weddings, 8. Lectures Sound Truck Mobile Equipment Recordings Free with Equipment Compliments of of MlCKLEY'S MARKET Thomas Kidd George Meeker William Mickley RESNICK'S DRUG STORES, INC. ALEX WEISS, B.s., Reg. Ph. KEarny 2-6288 854 Kearny Avenue Arlington, N. J. KEarny 2-9759 HARRY'S ESSO SERVICE 353 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. KEarny 2-9055 STRAUSS STORES Auto Supplies - Bicycles Authorizes Sales Agency 55 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. Telephones: KEarny 2-3575 COrtland 7-2523 Port Chester 5-3400 HOMELITE CORPORATION Metropolitan Branch Port Chester, New York 39 River Road North Arlington, N. J. Delivery Service KE-2-9696 ACME QUALITY FOOD MARKET Groceries - Vegetables - Meats Frozen Foods 98 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. Compliments of EDDIE'S RIDGE SWEET SHOPPE 269 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J Country Club lce Cream Biggest Sodas - Sundaes and Malts in Town When You Buy For The Future Buy FORD NORTH ARLINGTON MOTORS Schuyler Avenue and Belleville Pike North Arlington, New Jersey ed FORD SALES and SERVICE KEa rny 2-0446 NORTH ARLINGTON PHARMACY WILLIAM WOIQPER, REG. PHARMACIST Prescriptions Our Specialty We Have Filled Over One-half Million 1 Ridge Road North Arlington, N. J. Authoriz L. Kaufhold KE-2-435l ROBERT WILSON Plumbing Heating Tinning Oil Burners Installed 20 Beaver Avenue North Arlington, N. J. KE. 2-5969 COM PLIMENTS OF MR. TODD of Ihe TODD STUDIOS FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY 86 Sunsei' Avenue Nor+h ArIing'I'on, N. J. Board of Trus'I'ees MAYOR WALTER O'CONNELL MR. WILLIAM R. HOLBERT REV. JOHN SANSOM-Presidenf MRS. J. H. STOVER-Secrefary MR. NORMAN SATTLER-Treasurer MR. JOHN HULL MRS. E. McGARRY Complimenfs of +I1e .NORTH ARLINGTON BOARD OF EDUCATION MR. ALFRED W. LARKIN Presiden+ MR. H. ROBERT WILCOX Vice Presideni' MR. WALTER R. TRENT"' MR. JAMES F. BAYER MR. EUGENE J. MADDEN MR. PETER R. TONNER MR. D. J. DeGENNARO Disiricf Clerk 'Term Expired February I8, I952 SI Complimenls of THE NORTH ARLINGTON NATIONAL BANK 23 Ridge Road NorII1 ArIing+on, N. J. Member Federal Reserve Sys+em Federal Deposi+ Insurance Corp Complimenls of MR. and MRSA. ARTHUR JANSEN Complimenls of DR. LOUIS A. LEVISS KEarny 2-44 I 0 II4 Ri REGENT Cleaners-Tailors "Good Work Is Our Success" Three Hour Cleaning Service We Call For and Deliver dge Road Nor+I'i Arlingfon KEARNY FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION JOHN D. CRANE 8: SONS Ridge Road Norfh Arlinglon, N. J. Funeral Diredtors and 6I4 Kearny Avenue Arlinglon, N. J. 24l Kearny Avenue Kearny' HA ' 6-7694 KE 2-6I85 mio" my KEarny 2.0447 DRAPES - SLIP COVERS - REUPHOLSTERING REPAIRING HENDERSON 8: COMPANY OTTO'S UPHOLSTERY SHOP plumbing and Heaiving 2I3 NORTH 4II1 STREET 75 RIDGE ROAD 9 Harding Avenue Norm Arlingwn' HARRISON, N. J. NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. KENNY 2-7670 KEarny 2-9895 SPICK AND SPAN I Dress Sui'Is-Tuxedos-Full Dress-Cu+aways FORESTA S STATIONERY and all Accessories 'ro Hire Special Rafes +o Clubs 594 Ridge Road I55 Ridge Road Norfh Arlingron, N. J. Nor+I1 ArIing+on, N. J. 5c G I0c SI and Up C. A. RONSON STORES 4 Ridge Road Nor+l'l Arlinglon, N. J. KE. 2-2442 KEarny 2-497I-2 BRUCK AGENCY Real Eslafe and Insurance l23 Ridge Road, Norfh Arlingfon, N. J. Complimenfs of CHAMPION LINE MACHINERY 95 Schuyler Avenue Nor+l'l Arlinglon. N. J. Clemenf M. Brierley Direclor BRIERLEY'S FUNERAL HOME 2lI Ridge Road Nor+l1 Arlinglon, New Jersey Telephone-KEarny 2-0I50 Complimenls ol BERGER'S DAIRY 50 River Road Norlll Arlinglon, N KEarny 2-9807 HUGHES' SERVICE STATION Gas - Oil - Repairs 600 Schuyler Ave., Norlll Arlingfon, N. J. Ke. 2-I I66 ' FINDLAY-YOUNG s. co. Asphall' Tile-Linoleum-Rubber Tile I5 Ridge Road Nor+h Arlinglon, N. J. KEarny 2-4620 Bus.-KEarny 2-09I5 ARLINGTON OUTFITTERS Inferior Decorafors DRAPES : DRY GOODS : FURNITURE BED SETS : SLIP COVERS : UPHOLSTERY Credi+-Terms A. Del Sapio I74 Hiclxory Sfreef Manager Kearny, N. J. GILD 'N SON Manufacfurers of +I'le "GUILD" All Exfruded Aluminum Combina+ion Sform Windows and Doors MELROSE HAIR STYLIST The Home of Smarl' Coiffures l23 Ridge Road Norfh Arlingfon, N. J. Tues. ll'lru Thurs. 9-6 Friday 9-8 aza Belleville Pike Arlinglon, N. J. Closed Monday S-fufdav 9-6 KEarny 2-3926 Good Luck +o +he J h Bob Ly Brel? Class of l952 F Neil B Hy Ed H y M L y KHy Mr. 8: Mrs. E. W. Jarvis Complimenfs of Room IIO Gloria Robbie C I J Blly G Q HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l952 FROM The Class of I954 The Class of l956 The Class of l955 The Class o-F l957 84 Mr. and Mr. and Bob and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Emil C. Anderson Ann and Dick Mr. and Mrs. M. Barreiro Helen and Fred Becker Mrs. Augus+ Be+z Mrs. John Bischoff Deloress Mrs Mrs . Howard L. Bradford L. Cameron, Sr. Mrs. . James R. CammeH Mrs. Russell Capwell Mrs. J. Clark Mrs William D. Corsar Mrs. . A. J. Crawford A. L. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Thurlow W. Davis Mr. and Mrs. George Den Braven Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Doherfy Mr. and Mrs. An+hony Dusman Eleanor and Emmaline Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Elsey Mr. and Mrs. John E. Farese Mr. and Mrs. J. Ferreira Mrs. Ina Gallo Mr. Michael Gallo Mr. and George Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. M. Gargan Alice Leon Girardey, Jr. Leon Girardey, Sr. Grulnick Harry Hafch Leonard Heys W. R. Holberi' Herberf J. Hunrer Donafo In'Fan+e Charles H. Jenkins Joseph Kaderis Mr. and Mrs Charles E. Keller Mr. and Mrs. James Kerr Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kidd Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Kinnaman Mr. and Mrs. William Kos+er Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Leifer Mr. and Mrs. Anihony Locascio Mr. and Mrs. John Lopes Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lynskey - Mr. and Mrs. Edward MacCabe Mr. and Mrs. Les+er Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. George Meikle Louise and Chris Ollwerfher Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perraudin Mr. and Mrs. Vincenr Pesce Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Peschler Mr. and Mrs. John F. Phillips Mr. and Mrs. Emil Possehl Mr. and Mrs. George Possehl Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Quinn Mr. and Mrs. Louis Recchia Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Riecke Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Sharp Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Sharp, Jr Mr. and Mrs. William Shields Mr. and Mrs. James Sfewarf Mr. and Mrs. William R. Swiss Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Tedesco Miss Marion Tres'l'ed Mr. and Mrs. B. Van Teglen Mr. and Mrs. Palsy Vi+ale Mr. and Mrs. George Volland Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Ward Mr. and Mrs. George Wollmann Mr. and Mrs. Marfin W. Yager BGOSTERS Mrs. Anna Ariz+i Miss Ema M. Audesirk Miss Mina B. Audesirk Mr. Kenne+h Bradford Mrs. Carrie Casey Mr. Rip Collins Mrs. Roberl Cur+is Mrs. J. D'Adamo Miss Alice Dewar Mr. R. Dunlcelman Miss Cafherine Eden '5l Mr. George Flimlin Mr. Joseph Flimlin Miss Margarel Froschauer Miss Bea+rice Genovese Miss Florence Gran? Mr. Rolaerl' Halch '50 Miss Ru1'h Heys Mrs. Edna Hipp Miss Kafhleen M. Hollerhoff Mr. William Huhel Mrs. Helen Jasaifis Mrs. Fred Johnson Mrs. Jean Kaeser Mr. Charles Keller, Jr. Miss CharloHe Keller '5I Miss Efhel B. Kool: Mrs. J. Kuhfuss Mrs. O. Kvamme '53 M rs. E. Zurheide Mr. Frank M. Leile Mr. Manuel Lima Mrs. Anna Malinowslci Mr. A. Malhisen Miss Pairicia Murray Miss Lucy Naas Mrs. Edward Neumann Mrs. Thresa Nowicki Miss D. L. O'Malley Mr. A. E. Pehlblad Mrs. Florence Perrel Mr. John A. Pfirrmann Mr. John F. Phillips, Jr. Mr. John Reese Miss Angela Romanelli Mrs. C. Rossin Mr. W. C. Ruclrel Mrs. M. Ru'I'yna Mrs. Helen Smilh Mrs. Ka+herine D. Swaim Miss Doris A. Taran+ino Miss Vivian C. Tullo Mr. Joseph Tully Mr. Sabafo Vi+ale Mr. George Volland, Jr. Miss Helen Walker '5I Miss Nancy E. Walsh Mrs. E. Willce The Winns 86 'I ink W as F G2 ' , Qi. K ? ! Q , we aa: ii if ' 1. v 7' ,, ii E 2 1 ,YG i H , 2 5 5 3,5-4 f Q5 A t :gigs X if A HPQQQ f 5? 1 Sb, 0" li Ml' Q k 1 five! T 1 A lf' I N. X Q1 . J n ,fb Sf I 5 5 ,- wf' f if Y -i 90' ran, MH-"'A's Hi df-unify ' 'f 'UNK f F R mmu'mr,1f..,emLem.:1fxw.-,1m,,,,m nm , s- -4 :1 .,-1' mmAw1.z.n4ur:.-,gx:1. I - - Y.1U11'2l.':,12g : ' wM-i.,Wmy,1W, V , .3 15 yrs gg 5, , W, W 2 J- 7 -eg? gs. '11 :A H mvm. .V A415155 V'ff5?'i-YQV' M1422 , f L, f.ffci:w,w' zswwfil " qi: J .,,,. hw 1.4 ,lliiemsf 1: :- A:-fliwiifsi .,,A.,3,s,,+, , ,M ,fnswff ,M N he ,s gr if ff akgjsgfzwm ' , M, W XL' if "vnu '. I A , ,L f , ,,.-1 1 '. fl, lwf , 1. X flw i 5 f J fm: 1 Q, Wy gg- ,,, f . , me 5559 '1' .Q Pi? - W4 H .iwsl ha, -W fl! 'j 4 .nf if .Sm at

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