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58? ,A-.. 4.5-ml? 13 4 1 llllllllllllllllllb Q X -n 3 I kv h I ynnxllnrug 4? 1 .,,,. -nu- HURTH HHLIHGTUH HIGH SCHUUL NORTH ARLINGT NT 52 9 1 1 It Z: C3 i L.l-! 1 ROBERT FERGUSON III IHE BIIIISIEHS IIIUB We, the Senior Class ot I949, dedicate our year- book to the Boosters Club, hoping in this small way to show our appreciation for the interest they have shown in us and the work they have done in our behalf. We realize that without their help many ofthe extracurricular activities that have made our high school years well-worth remembering, would have been impossible. We want to take this oppor- tunity to say "thank you". When we look back at our years in N,A.H.S., we shall always remember that it was the Boosters Club that made many of those pleasant memories possible, LoU APOSTOL CHARLES HAVEL ALEX sAiRo CHARLES HEINZE ALEX BAIRD AL HENDERSON RALPH BIEDERMAN w. R. HOLBERT J. BLACK FRANK .L HURLEY AL BROWN HENRY KELLER JAMES COMMETT MARK LEEPER FRED L. cose, JR. DAVID MURRAY EDWIN J. COLLINS LESTER NEWTON JAMES B. DAVIES WINSOR NIE'-SON JOSEPH EMERY SAMUEL OSWALD A. M. FERGUSON J' W- QUWN WI LB UR RUCKEL JOE SCHMIDL I . , I , , K ALEXANDER BROWN President MARK LEEPER Vice President FRANK J. HURLEY Corresponding Secretary FRED FIELITZ GEORGE E. FLIMLIN JOSEPH STAHL MICHAEL FORESTA THOMAS A. THOMAS ROBERT THROSSEL JOSEPH FRISTIK HAROLD TURNER MICHAEL GALLO L. C. WHITNEY HAROLD TURNER Treasurer 1'-..,' THOMAS A, THOMAS Recording Secretary MR ALFRED LARKIN President 'Zin- in-5:0 'Q J9'XM EDUUHTIUII MR WALTER R TRENT MR H ROBERT WILCOX Vnce Presndent 4-14' 4-9 MR, JAMES F. BAYER MR. FRED J. FIELITZ . DANIEL DeGENNARO MR FRANKJ HURLEY Pruncfpal LBERT MR WxLLxAM 'ipjgpax SupefwsH'XQ HDHIIHISTRHTIUH if-"" MR HOWARD BRADFORD V1Ce Principal 6 41 MRS ISABEL CAPWELL Dwector of Gundance UEPHHTWEHT HEHDS HND CUUHSELURS ig K' MCS EMMA A .JV RK gcrrmuc a' Dun mon 1 MR JOSEPH FLWNLNN Science Dcpavmcnf MISS JANET CUNNNNGHAM Tenth Grade Counselor Mathcmancs Scnencc FHUULTU MR KENNETH BRADFORD Socual Studues 9- fRK J Matbrmu' cs rg 1 Tmcrt and N nth G a 0 Courwsc or r ,cr HFC D ama Arts 11" M SS ETHE1 MLJL PHY MN 5 EMMA LISTER TWC nh G 3 C Q a -" Oufvsc V Latm PM Sh MIQS JANE WYDEMAN MR CHN E' RKE Eyqhfh Grgdg QOUMQIOV Sf-xomh Gfa 10 Counsdor Mayhcmafy 5 55 Q CC Eng! sh Soma! Stud cs MR EDNNIN COLLINS MISS LOUVSE FADDEN Englrsh Socual Studies SCICVWCC MGWCVTWSYYCS , 5 ' 9 V M X Y l,'x,fl MRS Mf ' Sf'-V.ZfO' NRS LCTTF-EEK MCCCFD ' - ,X Hu! ' mf .-xg-1 D,-nr . Eng VV' .,'wt x .- 5 M ' 'fr - Q' - .. X - " C MS' 1 f . . 1 f .1 Co.rLc'or Fo-0f"1 'V L C G ' x , , W 1 K' MISS JULIET FERANOLO MR CHARLES FINLEY Commermal Manual T ammg MISS BEATRI E GENOVESE SocIaI Studwes MRS. JOAN KENNEDY Ar MR HENRY MILLER Englrsh, Socwai Studles MISS MARIE HENNESSY Eng :sh 'Q-4 MISS ETHEL KOOK Englush, Socnal Studies, Spanish ,- in MRI WINSOR NIELSEN Enghsh MR GEORGE FLIMLIN Scncnce 'Q MISS KATHLEEN HOLTERHOFF g Ish Socual Stu nos Q MR. ARTHUR MATHISEN Mathematics, Science -, Air MISS DOROTHY O'MALLEY Home Economvcs Ci I !f'+' " '-9 7 7"f'n ,,, MISS MARGARET PELISSIER MISS ANNE REDDY MR, WILBLJR RLCKEL Modern Languages Lmrarwan C0mmQrC4aI 'c' S' MISS NATALIE RUDENSEY MRS MADELINE STEFFENS MISS DORIS TARANTINO Commermal Phys:caI Education Engmgh French -vga S' . is MR THOMAS THOMAS MISS ELIZABETH ZINUARO MRS KATHERINE SWAIM Physucal Educahon MUSIC Nu Se fx 'UN -.XI wg. MISS MARGARET ALFIERI MRS IRENE LOWRY MRS ALICE STALB MRS HELEN THOMSON Secretary to Mrs Capwell Office Staff Secretary To F J Hurley Secretary to W R Holbert wi 15' Y' M SS ETMEL KOOK vearbook Alix get SCH Or C ass ACIWSC' MSS ETHEL NACLCAHY of ia' '54- MISS EMMA AUDESlRK Yearbook Business Aclviser The Senior Class wishes to express its sincere thanks to Miss Kook, Miss Mulcahy, and Miss Audesirk for their untiring efforts to make our yearbook a success. We would also like to thank the other members of the faculty who have aided us in this endeavor, CHHUSHLIS Slllfl Front Row: Ruth Exner, Charles Colmenero, Agnes Boog, Robert Brown, Anabeth Shelhamer, George Baird, Marge Brommer, Middle Row: Shirley Nauert, Robert Trezek, Janet Maitland, Steve Kowalski, Doris Berglond, Allen Beach, Jeanne Molford. Back Row: Lincoln D'AnunCiaCao ,Arthur Blake, David Blederrnan, Miss Kook, adviser, Kenneth Perkins, Jack Kennedy. my A aff? ALLAN BEACH Business Manager -X r Q KENNETH PERKINS Art Chairman IO xn- nl ARTHLJQ BLAKE Editor n gh 1" fi Ui -1 .....Q AGNES BOOG Associate Editor SHIRLEY NAUERT Make-up Chairman 'Q- ,--1 ROBERT TREZEK Photography Chairman ' ,ar x'7 yk if ,- Xu 1 CLASS OFFICERS Dau? Molmarw Treasurer, Agrves BCOQ, Secre- fawg Charles Cfmerwero Prebrdorwf, Robert Hcmrwdw, VICQ Presrderwf SEHI 'Q' :QQ i MARIE ANDERSON SClentlflC Art Club. Sweet and shy, she'II get by N ax ' -ax 4..:'- 'F :QQ 455,114 J' ,, at W .l'l' lI WH Qfftl. -.ur AZ, 60N to lp i .fix iv, WALTER ANDERSON MILDRED ANTONACCIO General Commercial A quiet nature and a steadfast Lots of fun and a qood sense of friend humor describes Milly oy Hy. O A I 0 n . I Q Y H A' ' ci is 3- S 1 V ' L -f-- is 5 I I' E: if ' If F7 0 - A : pd - ' , 1, zz ,si 3 J. .E 1, , V. t it 11-l . l ARK I 1 11-KERESA f km 2 'R at ,J , Gene' v 3 5 5 at D ek wiv' ' 3" 4 - A -J' Qlu - WC Glee desrnrouQhh::eieet- she Qhsyawes on gf Z' 5- 4 in ,NH 5 ' 5 J GEORGE BAIRD Screntufuc Chrysallsg School Photographerj Student Councnl Alternateg Trackg Vnknng Saga. Actlons speak louder than words, Q" ,vf5 g a':Sgf"z2g5 X 1 :Aff X xx' f f . if iv- .' lfk 'S Q' l 12 li 1 N 5 K f Q H- J, f. Innhf. 'WX ls.-wma-'igts 2 '-1-tmvf'-+I'-'i a l-'-:':'2':-av- 771' '-2.9: he ,A e-' ALLEN HAROLD BEACH Commercual Chrysales, Busmess Managerg Football Manager, Track Mana- ger. For him our guess us sure success X DORIS LILLIAN BERGLUND College Preparatory Chrysal s Leaders Club Sty e and charm go arm n arm l 0" ' 'ffm Q FRANK Bl Ge 4 I he Baskepbau gal I There 199 Club 5 no wig cl 1 F f rankness Om ll 1 C GEORGE BLACK General Football Glee Club Track LILLIAN BLACK A rugged tackle who learned fa r General D BV We w sh hum luck ln every way Snmpl :ty hath cha m ,-sf FRED BETZ General At Club Chrysalxs Glee Club Track The Only way to have a frlend o be on "Tr- 'iv' sr f-119' 'R I3 4 -H-lor.-.v ARTH U R BLAKE College Preoaratory En to of Chrysalns Glee Club Vlce Preswlent Student Councll Vuce Presldent Track More ns due Artlc than words can say ALAN RICHARD BOLDT College Preparatory Basketball. Almost as tall as thc Emplre State, he hopes to become just as g'eat X L ...,,........?-n.-- .Q.-- ...-1.- ...... , I 'L imx + as tar + 'Y' 5 1 WEN +- Jia? + I ll + 4 1 L 'W I S A 6 X A , AGNES ELIZABETH BOOG - , College Prcpmatory Ctvysalls, Asslstant Edltor' Hon or Socletyf Leaders' Club' Sccre tarv of Scnlor Classg Vlkmg Saga Eatntor. .JL4-i.5-vs V . - "-' '.,1 ,-lp.- ' .-g -. ,H ,,, .. N, Agnes ls trlm ambltlous, and has a sunny ctlsposltlon f li ATSY Bosco P Geftefax Q d o Foomall. n Xn We worl Man of adkOsD0'KSA I . Q? A ' 3 ff aff 'Gil Ak, t , l 1 t '--f " l DOLORES BOWER FRANCES BROOKS Commerclal Commercaal OfCl'19SffB, Pressdent. She's ln and out like a flddlcr's A poused clmck, with a friendly hello for all. elbow. I4 ji PETER BORDINO General Baseball ns a frnend o ewan f 'YY' ,v JDJ -f " - ka . . 1 ' ' 51' -- xl! 'A . .. ffpafel X54 .,, ii N.fA Q ' 'Sm L J ROBERT BROWN ollegc Preparatory Track Co Captaln Chrysalns Knows what he wants and usually gets t xx 715 A 3 Y Gen ONU A? JOSEPHINE CALABRESE Commmal EANNE COCHRAN J Chee leaclcr Leaders Club Treasurer Commerclal he 9 al Qfear Indiv lgjua o ln sta ure b A bubbllng package from J n smlles Syracuse Z? l5 K 1 MARGARET BRUMMER Commerclal C rysalls Trl Hu Y Vlce Pres: den Student Councrl Repre Serttat ve We re always thlnklng of you Marge CHARLES COLMENERO College Preparatory Basketball Manager Chrysalns Football Manager Glee Club Presldent of Sensor Class Track In has brlght eyes you can fund mystery mlschlef, and slncerlty 6 -1, ,A 0' 'Z X!! LINCOLN P. D'ANUNCIACAO Scuentzhc Art Clubg Chrysalis, Vukmg Saga. !'GrCJI' oaks from llttlc acorns grow." JOH N FRAN K DALESSO Commercual Basketball. He rushes in where angels tear to tread is A me 04 "-, 0 f X 15 gi' ,I X J' f gf CCM I Dmq ' C O NF-R , W . A RUTH EX ratorwl ' 3 Coxleqe WED? . ghrvsahf- 5 I I Cavlam' Prevden' ' I 3 I CheerI63def'eTY Vxil Y i 500 I1 4 ' ' II-lggggrsl Club, eva cheerlcadlflq Ps smllmg facake' 4- jx fwf' VIWW7 ll 'f ,- -A '- EDMUND RICHARD MARION MARIE FAIELLA FALZARANO College Preparatory Commercial Baseballj Track. Glee Clubg Leaders' Club, His only deslre as to be a man She dances best wnth zeal and of promnnence. zest. I5 T ,141 SAMUEL EMMA General when lt comes to music h ll t go ar Wnth hrs clcep base voncc aml hls bug Qultar f-A Q" ff 15 rwx :S fr I I I J Am A -N41 5 4 - Q fl l sax. .n J .I Ng , Jflll, I 0-1 lf' all bv! Sed. wk l :fl QM' THERESA FARLEY Commerclal She s not too shy she s not too b Id o She s lust the type for Joe we re to d 'tr SILV B College P 4ND55 aseball ,eD'3'ar Cfenf COM Capfa U F Ory n '5-- AL I Vocabcll Presldeigtbal L1 ul W f fengshz exrenswe kg Sl' fo- f ' I nrenslve IS IO FERN ROBERT FRANCIS FERGUSON General Baseball Football Loves to tease and loves to QB Btn Fe g s a fella you cant beat xl -441. e e W, , THOMAS FINCH Sclent f c N General 6 W 5 ig A man o hope ln a forward A t ny rn te wlth plenty of fsglwt look ng mmd NICHOLAS FERNANDEZ 454 qvaq K! 17 Vs.- JAMES FLAHERTY General Jmmles business wlll be a mlghty quuet one 16,35 ia WD rf S 3 M QS' GQ NANCY FOSTLE Soenhffc Leaders' Cmb. Vrm, vzgor ani vrfalrty, TnaT's what Nancy's go? fx , 7 I - .f ' ,. .-J' yA1 -5,1 Z' is 0 ff X ST fx R15 vw GLC MAEQRDANO MILDRED CATHERINE FRISCH General Glee Club. A pleasant gurl wrth pleasant ways. gg? Z I 1 "5 2 Gcnefax au aav 6 xamng aww' me and me Dwes LQUQW O ChaS9 nchfi I Q A w ww- JOSEPH GOETCHIUS CARMEN GOMEZ General General Basebalh Football. Carmen us easy to Iook at and Full of fun and twice as nce 18 hard to forget. 51 if FRANCES GAUSIS General She never troubNes Trouble, 'trll troubie troubies her, 0 0.09 ff! fy! f f Ha H. S, . , X Q . X. lll f fp 3 JOAN ELIZABETH GOWANS Sclcmlf c ee Club H Counly Of' cor e D ar ln c necklace w G FYI Ax N Ffa, Cole Q SA A STEPH H F em fa fc C aw Ofy der Ha 0 O 5 C o 1 GMS a 5,700 ery wb als O ye! c GHC H a vs D y fee ng o ROBERT MARTIN GRAN BERG Sc cm ' c BC s are hs deas l f iq 5 XX ! X JAMES RUSSELL HAWN HARRY WILLIAM HATCH Gene al Commerc al 1 wfa 'w Quzer Harrv lS helpful and T ack and women moto rg csc dependable matters Q I9 ROBERT JOHN HEINRICH alle e P eparato y Foortm an Mce P ldent 5 o L Bob s ma JGDGU able football capta Fl who s he owl I keable w ll CHARLES A. HEINS College Preparatory Basketball. He meddles wth no man's buslness but hrs own. fa? JI 'I Z-I Z "' Q! Y"'9 MARILYN HUDSON Commercial Glec Clubg Leaders' Clubg Vxking Saga. lt's fun to be natural when you're naturally nlce. 0 5 Oc O Q0 0. Q- T9 ' .41 A .-Q: 1' lair? O,'ul l 'ov- 'Z gl I. YQ' MARK HEINZE MARILYN JOAN HESS General Commcreal : " Markle as always srmlnng wlth a Honor Soclety. " muschlevous grm. X. .1 Mawlyn as umaqmavve ami ver nappy go-lucky. E! - Q 25, A 2- 11 r lg Egg ll ,, ll!- l MNT I g T' IU-E ,. A . . Nc.-r ANN 1-HN :ii S Y U f A X , g Q g K N Commercxa e This 5, 3 'kt 4 , aC f , E X A Honor Soocwa crownlrlg Q' 5 l .MJ sw, E iv. ls Neiimess Kama w, .1 7' in ' " SE? ALFRED HUGHES Scientiflc Trusfworthy Alfred is helpful, walling, and lrkeable. 20 ,- I X -:Hi H., Qflp 17 Q H., -IIN --4 u l STEPHEN WESLEY KOWALSKI College Prepa atory Chrysal s Honor Soc ety Pres dent Track Co Captam V k ng Saga A gentlemen by nature and a scholar by Incl nation f'X is Q.--1 ex J f-1 I I EDWARD JOHN JANKIEWECZ Scuentnflc lk two smglc gentlemen ole Into one ll Y CK rl-roMA5 KEN H9 has 5 Scfenfmc NED Dlg,CG1ef'lC1Y hea Y ff .E of 'fiends mar has JOSEPH JOHN KRIEG Sclent f C Basketball e lS tal w a oeopy bs oston a J a smlle for q i' . Qs' 21 6 IRENE KEARNEY Comme cnal he has a heart wlth room every jOy Q4 K' xv l' MARIE LaSPADA Commercual Chrysalls Glee Club, Leaders Club, Vlklng Saga Her helpnng hand IS always In demand f Z H ,f fx f X ' kigll x J fff x E W .115 ,Q Q fl 5- for 11 ,WWW " J o Je feglfiflgllll J L 0 r I d S ' ' fo -'Liss Ji N ll , 0 Y ' tg h s cl A C 1 JT-I-ff? ' f 3 Q. x Q -ng Q J: 'N-lg: ' Gt filf H 'A I ,ff 1: W PE ' I Y 1 A 1 lp .Q , "-'lEl.f'? lg? 'F i J f E 'J J ' J 17 , Jo l wth l . dlsp l l rw' all. 6 N X Qs L' 1 L t7 SONJA LUNDE Commercral C.nrysaMsg Leaders' Cmb, In scnoot shes qmet and dernwe But out of school we're not so SUT9. 9 M-In V ,el hx kwrimlznwiuf 'AM ,tw-53? XKWLX ,er ja A- ,iif E o S .'fl2 TQ 'My' JANET MAITLAND Coliege Preparatory Chrysattsg Honor Soc etyg Student Councrl Alternateg Trl-Hr-Yg Vnk. Ing Saga. Her quwet smiles a'e frrendshrp makers. f x Q 6' C C nf-RW' M GCAQYBX nO dome Fooibaxx' wortd WOM boys. FOV Nm the ere Onw 5Oy5r NXCYC W rs tn W nil X ff! Sm :vs Qin-I I ...1 DOROTHY AGNES McLEAN Commercla! ChrysaMsg Honor Socretyg Vukrng Saga. Dome rs sweet and faithful forever. A V I 22 PAUL MOLINARI General Student Councrl, Treasurer. A tarlor is the ambmon of our versatnle Paulg He'lI have a pressing engage- ment thus comrng fall. DAVID FREDRICK MANION S crentrfrc worth a tortunc. -'L fr If srtencc as golden, he must be 'n VN K .sg .. UEYA-N .L A-fp-, .ASE vr R E Rv? I J! x ul ' a L' 'gg' MIP 0232, r4ll JACK NEWTON Co.lege Prepavatory Football, Honor Society. We hope Jack wull be as bwg a swcess as he was in school JEANNE CAROLYN MULFORD Commcrc al Ch ysaNs Ponor Soccfy Cac ry H Y Vxkng Sa A busy young lady wth acfwn cs QBWOYG FRANCIS O DONNELL Gcncuai 9 1 WW, z Q ! 4' If XX fo' Il S XX 0 Chrysal e'7Cr,3I lub 100 Cl D UEn'r S leys amb e ers h Sew' NO,-3 Of np S"f"f be h aDDY me res Pi As happy a man as any in the wor d. if-v-l s ,XZ 23 EDWARD MYLOD C 10 Q Prcga to a ents Q c mo Q he 51cm type L. 159 X X y qyJgJ C' RUDOLF OLCHESKI Genera! Ro er skafwng us hs favorfe pastwmc. JOHN OROVIO General Basketball, Football An all-around athlete, and an all-around irlend. l . ' 11: ' ' ' iv' 21411 b , gl I -.2 21 JJ il,-2 CONSTANCE PETERSON SIE -N xi -- x 5' K 6 ..- x ' I - l . Q - T MARILYN PARKER Scientlflc Always frlendly, courteous kmd. KENNETH PERKINS General and Art Clubg Chrysallsj Vlking Saga. Ata lent for art he has shown from the start. ll. NIR Ziff wt ll Hllllllll, Geflem ffl To hlssowce . .lla ffcgg A llgls .4 I: 1l"':T: -L- 'Q'iJllQ '- Xl endgl em0Y men I HERBERT G. PETRAT COmmeYCl8l General Trl-Hi-Y, chaplain, Bmw"- Charmmg and sweet as all gurls Shy and qwm' but you Cant Should be' fund a nlcer fellow ln the school, f N- 1: - so-fc-""r'1 + Ili. EARL ROBERTSON SCI6f1flfIC Glee Club Track Mannerly Earl IS a hard worker who always has tnme to be frlendly wr-1, DOLORES POSTAL General Glee Club As petlte as a Chma Doll K x I rw ALI-STA, . .- ESPERANZA RUIZ Commercual Glee Club Honor Socuety Or chestra Ek R R . G Coffege o'ERTso lee Club P'9Dar.3 Dresenf rw Student C fork Wy 9 r Own Q lh Son ack cfl ep ogonh Y ,hlbs and Earp Where there s lute theres Hope E 66 9 'Yr 4 EVELYN REESE Commerclal Cheerleader flee Club Leaders Club Honor Soclety Blonde blue eyes and very gay To every heart she alms her way f A 5 z: T7 25 .I FRANCIS SAN ZALONE Sclentlflc Baseball Manager Basketball Manager Sllent ln manner but a star as a manager HAZEL J. SCHAEFER Commcrclal Cheerleader, Glce Clu Pretty, peppv and pleasant are HazeI's spccraltres. D X m 5 'U ef' 5 7 l Qc ' 'A elf' Q01 Wed 'Q' EDWARD SCHMIDT Football. General Usually qulet, Ed makes hnmself well known when lt comes to ' 2 SH ARP . ulsi LDRED L0 l Mx Commgrva . nfte' Trl-Ht-Y. ecchr Sou rn ma Genfle of SD sports. -vs--v 'iv- ,.. '-:P ,.r" I ei ANABETH SHELHAMER GERARD L. SMITH Commercial General Chrysalisg Glee Club. Happiness is the supreme object A blonde in need is a friend of emsmncc' indeed. 26 GRACE SCHMIDL Comcmrclal Honor Socletyg Tru-Hx-Y, Pres: dent, She's luke granulated sugar so sweet and rehncd. . X Nl, K n .wtxr.,,.'Ql :L .Q ts' -ze.. .uf Q .50 - :X K 5 fill' 'kk N S ,' " fxlf s' :fi U ' lf' Q fll' ' ". 4 r l ,-f"sx I' 6 k N J RONALD J STEPHENS Sclentlflc Honor SOCIETY Fun ln work, fun in playg Just a golly good fellow ln every Keen and breegy Wlfh a constant way. Q' 14" 'if f 'N JOYCE ARLENE SOMMERS Commerc al JANET SMITH Commerclal Cheerleader Glce Club A dspomon an er own sh ng s me color of vlr e IWW 64 92 4 jay X 19 i I f I ISABEL S fn Gvrvrle liogrege F eigifk ann 4 Q 12 9 soy Sbeec 1 ROBERT STUART General Glee Clubg Track. e DORIS TEDESCO Commercial Glcc Club Doris rs noled for her STylISh dresses and gorgeous Yresses. 27 ROBERT WAYNE TREZEK ColleQe Preparatory Chrysallsg School Photographerg Vlklng Saga. Bob as a companlonable fellow who IS wllllng and lnkeable. ff' if '52 ANTHONY TRUNCALE Z General '-E? L ' Student Council Alternate. Full of fun and mlschrel too dolng thlngs he shouldn't do J Q lx X JOAN ELIZABETH ULRICH General Cheerleaderg Leaders' Club, Sec rotary. Joan's a cheerleader wlth pep that bubbles all over. ix I ix 6 6 W-:SVA , 'L 02. N 47 54Qc6 ,,f'f5'QL rll' . x X M0 u Al Q X Q . qi I l A 55 Q Cyl ,fi f' Q39 s . lr P ' . , , Q :iff ft 4.5 N y J OR0THY JS: ' J f Q'vw"'Q Z D WHY' PAK X Js 'l x J N 'Fx Commerckame xeamlbe. ls' -J' E. If K 'R X25 . hen DOY Nsreortbele Wm : K E a i4llnnlnQ SCO 'i HL' "' .lm .ll "' Ln -pq.-u S-llllllv- .ahh-1' ? if Q 'J' I iv 5 HENRY WOTITZKY . Hu JOSEPH YODLOWSKY JOHN YUILLE 5ClCf"Tlf'C General College Preparatory Baseball He ns a quuet gentleman Football Sometlmes he slts and thinks and he would gn and dream Somef mes he U51 ,fs As a chemust he s mclmed I RICHARD BENJAMIN A5 a friend no one better Can General Better late than never you fund. hmxgww IC: rj A 15" ' , 0 aim! Wlib' , 5,2 I., 29, , s,.4 Ji . .M- iid' R at e 'ff rn 'QE Ii? fig ., -55 2 1 J' 'Q M... y 1.-ls CLHSS HlSlllllll 'Twas in the year of '45 One day in September As we the class of '49 ln N. A. became a member. As Freshmen we were timid, As Freshmen always are, But as we caught on to N, A.'s ways, We expected to go far. Our dance, "The Pinwheel Whirl", Went over with a cheer. All in all, at the end, lt was a most successful year. The summer flitted swiftly by As summers always do, Now we were the Sophomores As such we took our cue. At "The Spring Fair", our sophomore dance We had a band and carousel, When the big night came along, lt went over very well. Again the summer passed rapidly by. Juniors now were we. Upper classmen at long last, And quite a sight to see. "The Record Rendezvous" came next, And then we got our rings. Gur Prom was at the Meadowbrook, Ending a year of many good things. The summer passed on fleeting wing, And September again was here. We, a brand-new Senior class, Entered our last school year. English lV and P. A. D. Occupied most of our time. Our teams had capable captains, Who made our record climb. Our Class Night was successful With everyone carefree and gay. Yet a note of sadness crept in, For it was almost the end of our stay. The Prom was a very grand affair, And the May Queen was pretty and sweet. Here we were nearing the end Of six years that were fully complete. Our last school year has ended. The happy years are through. Dear Alma Mater, North Arlington, We bid thee fond adieu. .', :IA '31 so Q, 1 '-xs :Q L., Q f f Vi g zih. 1 f f " 'fa 5' -In K A Z - S 4, ' f 'f O f .f"' , f X X ,fk RX . 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A I 1951 UF CLHSS It 9? il 'i -.1 MISS CUNNINGHAM ront Row Anna axrese U ew Joan Crag Joan Dougtas MSS Crmnrngham ,nc xg U O 3 1 1 x Cm-,n My, n w c rc y on tile Row Pat Anterson Natlacn eonnor Kenneth An tergow ehartes Drake Qobe r Bora Thomas Ba ker Mchaer Bectrgran Robert Branch Francrne rr Qnerh Back Row ehrrstrrre ane on K ws r an Ce av Wrlham Drttrn O a ro C arne rcr Carolyn Burger SUPHUHIUHES -J., "YI ...,., .M Front Row Ear! Evans Barbara Jenkrns Anna Emma Dorothy Katfcoulas Ma ron Janoskr Ro-sema re Fatnrano Anna Gran ie Ruth Hakrm G orra Jansen W H am Kelley Dayrd K nmamon Wrrlram Frndlay MR RUCKEL Irene Kowalskr Ethel French Vrrgrnla Errcson M Ruckel Kennedy Char otte Ketle Robert H It Mlrtdle Row Stan ey ve yn Kabayy Hr If-ra Howell Joan Hammer Arlm ne Hut er To: Row Vvrhram Hoskrnq Jack Kennedy War rn Eastwrck Ramon Francrs Robert Jenkrewrcz Grtbert Hughes 34 V - I . 6 , . X 5 1 F .ij , . 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G r" DC "Q C .IW - ., , ' ' rw' Dt .1 f, L , n I ' o v 3' o r xr Cm" A .lr to mil lv H 1' 't BH' Y I I ' L xy ML - ,mhrarwe Cltl - Q Cam -tt Volu' s B-tl, En , 4 ' Ha 2 I ', ,. 3 - .I , I ' '2 I sfggwff , , , J J ' ,, 3' ' . , F A ,V ,ww J , ' A' ::1f2'3' 6 I 'iv' - r'4 Q f I 11' . 4 I 0 . 'v T"'x 'lf MISS TARANTINO Bottom Row Robe ta Mllar Rosalre Lopes H1 ret Neuman Jean Ledgerwood Do ores Jasartrs Ed th Kvamrno Al ce Ke r Beverly Jenkrns Anna Mm wowslfu Rosilrn Milo Dlane McLa.lgl'mn Mrss Ta ant no Mnddle Row Joan Mc ,rlvery Ron1lrlLc-ltn Thomus 1 Larry Kueszr Goo :le K1 urs Jonas Lo 'er Gcor e Merkle Rrcnard Llc-Dau Clarrssa Krnnwman Ton Raw lam Mrlle Joseph Lawn Cnarles Olcneskn Anthony Locascro Edwar Mac abc et Koller rea Krysp n -Q,-. .A I H MISS GENOVESE Front Row Geraldrne Tedesco Joan Wnllnams Emrnalxnc Vollanl .loan Sawrcku May Snsco Mlss Genovese Alrcc Stewart Vlrgunla Schultz Charlotte Yaqer Annwlnella Ste-w1rt Mnrnam Wuebe Mrdlle Row Rlcha d Sharp Rlchard Smlth Mlchael Pesce Mrcnael Pwovar Wllluam Ruecke Joseph Ryan Joseph Ru Allan Paulsen Wllluam Peschlcr Jack san alone Top Row Emma Smedley Salvatore Vrtale Roger Swuss Edwnn OMalley Alfred Sandes Stanley schult Anthony Soldano Allen VanTeglen Harold Tanf old Lucy Sanagrm -. A Q F X I fbi? in .5 ,lu 4, 3 S A , My ,r hm, .-8 I z A 2 I , V Y A .T -,, , Q ' f , f 1 " - 'X ' J 1 5 b r f -- If 1 "f'.5X ' f - A- f r 1 "' 4. , - . ' L 4 lu I '- I Q r r , rr' , l r V' I L T L ,, Kraft' L . i- r .1- Q , X Vg J K r X.wm ,'pr r , ' Cf r C Rob ' I Alt " r . fi"j w,5 1 , f L4gy1j'N 1 .. . A ,I V-. Q Q 1 Q if - A N V L, . 1 . , . at 4 X . 1- x , r ' '1 ' 3 ' ' . ' V v , ' ' 2 1 A 5 . -4 ' 1 R 7 P ' ' r A 5 l V . L x rn: I ' 1 .4 - I , 1 7 if I 3' b 8TH GRHDE IE, f'.:.. 12' M i"t1f "' MISS FADDEN Front Row Dolores Ntannnon Comes Drmooca, Noma Stuart Eirnor Xxrtson Marte Van Ness Mrss Fareien Joan Zonztler, Lorrarne Ketrrver Derotrm Erngle, Rosetta Snnzatone Peeres fomtct Secowf Row R :nard Szczesnt VI chant Dax t Covert Moose Arno .1 Leanzer Dat A Hesterd Dawd Dax s .onn XR Anson John Sant anna Cnnrles Ge'!on Back Row Robot Scnwercknarrtt Robert Macwtwen, Atex W snrewsk, Donate! Scnneot ,E 4 . N U4 , 1 MR. MILLER Seated on Floor Rose Ann Aqurlnr Fran- ces Scortrno font Row, Shea Lrndnotm, Rfn Mrtcnet., Carol Ca'en, Joan twetson, Geneweve Prz,oo'owsk Mr, Miter, Snrrtey Frncn Jean rwison Glatys Fostle, Joan Wotennaoot Norrva Catncart Second Row: Cnartes Ke"e', Larfy Re Qer, Ronatd Hart, James Smovan Harr, McK" ghf, Robert Newton Thomas La.n, Robert Snefrton, Marshal Hati Trwd Row Regrna Marten, Joan Lyon Betty La rvnrte Ann Krreg, Julra Davvs, Margaret Thompson, Joyce Johnson, Back Row: Edward Vonder Lrppe, John Wagner, Peter Cocoon, Jack Watson, Salvatore Co no t I l r 4 , ,HID ' .., LTL..- Q . 1:1 'er I: Li LL. QA MISS KOOK Front Ron fny Ltnwn Joe' Aronson John Eolfen Caertue Bee" Hrpwait 'Sloan M gs Kgqjk Ther, fOrC' Kira 'T Fifi R p! t't'LC', Chartes Martanif AW'-n Anders-on Secanzj Row Florence Sahaian Anna Storcovy, Jean Laxal, Qnroyn Dttrnnr Betty Frank, E teen X. cke s M1rt0iQftr.r'No A Ntson Snmtn Heten Moten Tn nf Row Don Snarzfow Anfirew Massey Joan M.V':o Eeve' y VMI- :ox San :ra Rox :K Ken'-etn Wh tnev Atec Vxotoer. Bark Row Wt ran- Makaos, Jean Pootrqoen, Janet Vt rlke. MISS WYDEMAN Seated on Floo John Berman John Kocnansky Front Row Joan Steete Roth Feller Bartnru Ctark Anto nnette lannone Circ! Tonkrn Mass Wyrteman B1rbar1 DArnore Eieunor Kent Joan Bowers Dorns Vin Tegien Jannce Steele M.3ryAnn Fer nwnrtez. aeconrt Row Pnrl Betsnaw Geo ge nfters, Ent Ronal ter, Mtctor Brcrthot, n- rad Ketler Vnctor Domanskr, Barry Jones, enry Janoskt, Jack atcer, Bob Ross. Tnrrct Row: Jdck Gatloway, Thorpe Aschotf, Cnartes Penta, Jwmes Oswnti, Fred Brown o n Drckson, E :Le t .. Bwck ow: Ed Sjoberg, Drck Dofber. 38 MR. BURKE r ont Pow OM ra Hanes- Do fared Zehneft, we-rrh nrt In,r'rx.1 L Cant, t!c,f,.1r':t Leah fl,.i'ttt,r', Mr Uctrkr-, 'fa ,Anrr Protea, rr, 'W .1 Vriyt Qrvwak- Lernnothy Krt1,J2S, Wa ty, Larntf ctr Yeranria D'Prtar'no Erqcorti R Jw Yfayrhonrl Lrranrfz, Lhaflw, Maur MO, J mcgctrn Ferrrera, ,ozrgrab Low, Robert ' A-:ng mrhris Sanur, ctof Sentnrtera, oo Row. John Caonton Mrcnaet Pa-aerchra Carm ne Fernangiez, Raymond Moore. n.,?'Y tr 'r l MISS HOLTERHOFF Front Row Shriey Messer, Martlyn Grant, Janet Ketiy, Shrtey Hauer, Georgrana Bromtey, Loretta Ketiy, Esther Frckes, Vtvran Marrazzo, Margaret Cochrane, Marrayn tngaits. Second Row. Donato Zrnbarrst, Malcolm MacFalane James Rowe, John Werner Jonn Rose, Barry Lhencs, Thomas O'Nert:, CHGFJCS Lewn. Thrrd Row. Ronald Jacobs Dawg: Hohami, Robert Hoskrng, Edna Yodiovwky, Arlrne Bb-scnow, Luifwrg Erb, Gregory Janes, Donato Robertson. Too Row, Kenneth Clark, George Hendrrckson, Frank Roaso, John Coktyat, Mrchaei Casetla. MR. COLLINS F-ont Row. Betty Ann Sb nder, Janrce Math esen Frances Doherty, Kathleen Thcrngpson Earba'a Ecko Mr, Corlrns Joan Eroorcs Dor 5 Goetch os, Carrne ia Defa- xo'oe Jean Pherar' Caroyn Faeits. Secong Row D ck Cnarnoertan, r-renry Pe rtz, Don Morgan NN-'Q arn watson, George Morr, wrwarn :cnae Yctor Green, Vaa. Eaaer, Ken Qarrr-s, Too Rom Rrcna C Pearce, Bern ce Perre? Jeanette Kochansbqy, Angra Feranoez, Barbara Ea ro Sari Jeseoo neten Horton, Evelyn Eene, Emmy Pnto, Rachar: Tnomas. fitr fs-35 uu- MR. MATHISEN Seated On Floor: Rchard More, Robert Mrtchetl Writrarn Watt. Front Row. Patrzcra Shannon Barbara Kavaleer, Numan Bowre Marrtyn Fratey, Mr. Mathrsen, Dorothy Vrzlano, Jane Gemmeti, Wrnrtred Yoozowsky, Mott, Marannon, Benrlde Mattos. Second Row: Barbara Brownrrdge, Sarnoel Am- mrano, Peter D'Agost4no, Robert More, Robert Eerrw Chester Bogota, Jay Netson, Rrchard Thonberg Ronats Grancrfstotaro, Marion Boyte. Th,ro Rom: Teddy Kent, Mar- ta Gallo, Phyths Fabrano, D.ana Branchrni, Mary Mttchetl, Lots Elsey, Lynne Weber, An- na Erngreclter, Frank Kavesanky, Back Row: Robert Wroble, Joseph Karasrewatz. HH GHHDE ,,,r- -. f X Q v- - ,f 'X fha ' LAN 145114 au 945 4' 2-.441 .li -I 1 ,I XJ -:i I" p Q b SPORTS llllllllllll ' ... Robcrt l-lenrich Captain Coach Nielsen, Charles Co menero r-lead Manager. This past year North Arlington's football squad-using a single wing formation with a big, heayy, but slow line, and a smal, fast backfield-- fought hard and played well to tack up l52 points as compared to 76 scored by opponents ln winning six games, tying twice, and losing only ence, the Vikings were giyen the highest Coliiton rating in this sectiin, Group I Sparked :sy Captain Bot: Heinrich and boasting ten other seniors --George Black, Pat Bosco, Silyio Fer- nandes, Joe Goetchius, l-larry McCrea, Jack Newtcn John Orsvio, Ed Schmidt, Bob Ferguson, and John Yuillef in addition tothe fine coach- ing of Mr Nielsen and his staff, the Narls compiled their best record since i9-43. North Arlington 20, Bloomfield Tech 9 Two blocked kicks, resulting in a touchdown and a safety, gave the huge, hulking Tech squad a nine point lead. The Vikings came back with a 20 point splurge to sew up the ball- game. sg ,g,.:c,4 .,' Iron' Row Dayid Bcxtcrman, Anthony Bosco Jack Newton .ern Cn, Ci-ergo Black Bot: Ht-nich Laptain, Patsy Bosco Harry Mtcioa Rotiti' ltrga-wr 4- ,L-r Jvsiinriafr nlarry Yasko Middle Row bilv-o lrenandes John Yu-'Q lat Ltreper Martina Fuigiison Thomas :chu-tz CarlLar'1C s Lharles Waiyer Geo gc ycntui rr lan' s 1, ejshz ykii ' E:,l-hm jr' Robert Francs Top Row Edwar 1 Bchivwttt Vyiii arr' Peschicr, A ar- Lfioyar Q . 1 is nnc inar LCOt1'OfL't, boo nowan: bob tiara Lar Lyans North Arlington 0, Glen Ridge 0 .Although the Narls outfought and outplayed the Ridgers they weren't able to muster enough scoring punch The nearest either team came to a score was the spot where the Vikings put on a 78 yard march in the second half, from their own l7 to the Ridgers' five yard line North Arlington 4l Immaculate Conception 7 A previously unbeaten immaculate team was slaughtered by the Narls John Orovio really showed his heels to the Montclair boys as he scored three touchdowns on runs of more than 55 yards each. North Arlington 0, Wood-Ridge 26 A good Wood-Ridge eleven led the Narls 6fO at halftime, and went on to higher scores during the second half. George Venturini played a ter- rific defensive game for the Vikings North Arlington 6, Clifford Scott 6 Playing in the mud and rain, the Vikings were held to a 6-6 tie by the hard-fighting Scotties. Silvio Fer- nandes in the backfield and Bob Fer- guson on the line stood out well for the Narls. Bottom Row Robert Shaw Jack Newton John Oroyio George Black, Robert Heinrich, Patsy Bosco Harry' McCrea Silvio Fernandes Top Row, Charles Coimenero Robert Brown, ,ohn Yuiile, Edward Schmidt, Robert Ferguson, Alien Beach, John Davis. North Arlington 32, Bergenfield 6 The Nails gaye the Bergenfield lads their annual kweattng, 12-Q The Vik- ings had too much all-around strength for a game Bergenfield squad High- lighting the Narls offenses was the 90 yard kick-off return by John Orovio to start the second half. North Arlington 20, Fort Lee l4 ln the most exciting game of the season the Narls triumphed over a rough, tough FOrt Lee team After leading l-l-G at half-time, the Narls fell into a l-l-l-l tie, but came back to march 68 yards down to the Fort Lee l-4 yard line. Fort Lee held, but a moment later Ed Schmidt picked oft an enemy pass and raced to the two, With less than a minute left to play, Harry McCrea plunged over for the winning touchdown, lt was McCrea's running and passingw he had his best passing day of the seasonff-that sparked the Narls. The line play, too, was fierce and good. North Arlington 7, Metuchen 2 The Vikings knocked Metuchen all around the field but were able to punch through a score only once. Metuchen gained only 5 yards in the second half. In the first half, played in a wicked, driving rain, play was about even. North Arlington 26, Closter 6 Scoring the first three times we had the ball the Narls racked up an- other triumph, Ed Schmidt broke away on a 75 yard touchdown gallop, the longest gain from scrimmage this season. Seventeen varsity letters were awarded and George Venturini and Roger Wiseman were elected co-cap- tains of next year's squad. Bob Shaw is the manager. The Most Valu- able Player award was won by Silvio Fernandes, Bob Ferguson was the Most Improved Player and Bob Heinrich also received an award. The entire team and everybody connected with it really did a fine iob this season. 42 - , . 4. -1 fvy .P v f Q 'S .sf -yi: Q' f L 2' lt. Ts 9 - 4- J ff' .Q Tr f""'.. Q I' f - A "Q, M3 ' N s 1 -v ' 1 M51 gif I r " xyk t VARSITY Front Rt-w Orazie Celarnr-r1ic,Staniey Misra ewski ck Row Bill F ndlax Charles Heins Joseph K-eg Ca'l Landera The North Arlington High School basketball team, ably coached by Mr. Wilbur Ruckel, com- pleted :ta Season with a record of seven victorieS again-tt eleven defeats. The record of the team, however, is not a true indication of their fine play, since there were six very close games which could lust have easily been wen as they were lost. Captain Jchn Orovio Qparlced the Squad all sea- son long with his playmaking and brilliant floor play, in additicn to scoring l73 points. Although only playing hiv first year of basketball, Joe Krieg was the tearrik high kerer with 290 points. Carl Landers, Orovio Colamedicl, and Stan Wasniew5l41 all played hard and well throughout the season, as did Charles Heins and Bill Findlay in reserve roles. At the seasons end Captain John Orovio won the rnvut valualile player award and Joe Krieg, the most improved player award. Carl Landers was elected captain for the l9-19-50 season, BHSEBHLL E' ff-fe fl t ,V ,Z Front Row Earl Eyans John Oroyio, Roger Wiseman, Silvio Fernandes Walter Davis, Markie EDWIN COLLINS Heinze, Ray Yocfowsky, Tom Schultz Middle Row James Oswald, Stanley Wisnieski Baseball Coach Bob Ferguson, Bob Heinrich, Carl Landers William Clark, Joe Goetchius, Robert Bianchi. Back Row Francis Sanzalone Ed Faiella Anthony Bosco James Foresta, Bob Granberg, Charles He ns, John Gemrncll, Frank B.anchi, Joseph Bonomo, Geo'ge DenBrayen, Dick Dorber. Although Coach Edwin "Rip" Collins was not too optimistic in his , prediction for the seasong actually the situation was much brighter. "U Only three lettermen returned from last yearls fine team. They ' '. wereg Captain Silvio Fernandes, catcher, Ed Faiella, shortstop, Roger Wiseman, second baseg all very hard-hitting and classy fielders. H These three formed the nucleus of the team and were reinforced by 5222 eight members of last yearls reserves and many promising newcomers, N2 I The batting power, most of which was supplied by Fernandes, Faiella. Wiseman, "Big" Carl Landers and "Speedy" John Orovio proved to be M far better than last season. Righthander Frank Bianchi headed the pitching staff and was the only pitcher who started with actual experience, Mark l-leinze, a tricky curve ball artist, Bill "Fireball" Clark, a big fellow with as good a blazing fast ball as we'ye had, along with Charlie Heins, Ray Yod- g 4' lowsky, and Archie Bell also saw plenty of action. All of the pitchers are righthanders. I The schedule was a tough one with the Vikings going way out -JUL Ig,-Jil,- of their class playing Group II, lll, and IV schools in ten of the ,,,q,,.-,-,ilygm ,- thirteen games ...j:u,.,..... ll' Nfl of ' Hi, Y 0 f f I f' N - . va af fair-f -A T - Q ff -1-. ' ' 91 -lbs lm' A nu- - 'U' ' -Uv own... -sill. ..-...9i"-- nal ...Q D... SILVIO FERNANDES 45 Baseball Captain 1.4, lllllll 1 ll its . 4151. f 4- NMA... GEORGE FLlMLlN Track Coach Front Rowi John D'Adams, Richard Smith, Alastair Hunter, William Corsar, Fred Elsey, Charles West, John Madsen, Kenneth lngalls, Jack Parks. M.ddle Row Joseph Ryan, Edmund O'MaIIey, William Kelley, Edward MacCabe Davicl Kinnemon, Pat Leeper, Bill Adams, Robert Hatch, Carl Landers. Back Row: Mr. George Flimlin, Coach, Allen Beach, Manager, Leo Girardey, Manager, George Black, Edmund Faiella, Steve Kowalski, James Hawn, Bob Brown, Earl Robertson, George Baird, Charles Colmenero, Arthur Blake, Mr. Thomas Thomas, Assistant Coach. i948-49 Jim Hawn, the captain, Steve Kowalski and Bob Brown, . the CO-captains, are veterans of four years varsity service. n They continued to be the backbone of running strength as they had been for two years. They constituted three legs of our championship mile relay team which was unbeaten last year. George Baird and Earl Robertson, both sprinters, were also four year members. Art Blake and Charles Colmenero had been running two years, while Ed Faiella and Silvio Fernandes took a shot at Indoor Track and did very well. George Black was the weight man on the team. The mile relay team, consisting of Kowalski, Colmenero, Faiella and Brown, placed fourth at Convention Hall in the Philadelphia Inquirer invitation Mile Relay. The next night the team took a third at the Grover Cleveland meet in New York, with Robertson replacing Colmenero. ,G . lLE RELAY ki James Hawn' The following weekend they placed fourth in the Millrose tevllen wigs: I Games Invitation Mile Relay with Hawn running in place Brown' S Aflhu' B of Robertson. Roby! On February 4 the team at the Jersey City armory retained their Group l State Relay Championship. The llia mile medley and 880 yard relay teams placed fifth, while the mile team of Colmenero, Kowalski, Hawn and Brown took first place to clinch the trophy, On February 5, with Faiella replacing Colmenero the same mile team placed first in Teaneck Armory clinching the trophy for the Bergen-Passaic County Mile Relay. The same night Art Blake placed second in the half mile. hx 5 4 As the book goes to press Mr. George Flimlin, the A efficient coach of the successful track mentors, con- ! l ag tinues bringing home trophies-and more trophies. 21... Hi' 46 ' s 4.05 .QI 4 l James l-lawn. Front Row' Silvio Fernandes Charles Col- menero, George Baird, Edmond Falella Top Row' james Hawn, Steve Kowalski, Mr. G. Flimlln, Coachg Robert Brown, Earl Robertson. Mr. G. Fllmlin, Coachg Steve Kowalski, Co- Captatng Jummle Hawn, Captaing Robert Brown, Co-Captaung Mr. T, Thomas, Coach. Earl Robertson, Edmund Faiella, Snlvio Fernandes, George Balrd. CHEERLEHDEHS Evelyn Reese, Hazel Schaefer, Norma Hakusa, Janet Smith, Ruth Exner, captaing Joan Ulnch, Helen Orlowsku, Joseplmne Calabrese. A , -.. Al i 48 Q I , r' V DC 5 I x A K Ff ' r I 1' I' fr.- ff' Y P-1 Aw' JVGX? x ff fl 41 Q nf' ' 4 GFX QACTIVITIES HI CUUIIC yr STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES for' Row arba 1 E :ac secre ary Arthur Bhke yacc roswdcnt Wtllnrn Fun 1 xy trewsorer Mtn Ie w s av ' n 3 yr Dora Gcotcn .JS Ma oc Brunnmor Duane MCLHLVJHIND MHHO K' LOCIVWC PVIQV -one y oeofgetta Naoe t 'oseort ne :rent Dougtas Robertson Back Row Ted ly Burrew o onn Gamen onn Scot' Rona' Gar4ncr Alstar Robertson Dtck Dorber Jack Watson Pao! Moltnart Caroyn Burger Andrew Massey STUDENT COUNCIL ALTERNATES F'9"f RCW 35V'ff HOUSE? NBUCY 3Of12"ue, Joanne Trent, Dows Heys A103 Kerr inner Mmtmr-' r-arw Bfgnt, Mddle Row James Brernner Carrnotla DcMaVo'oe Jeannette Pomqtmn Feanof koiur-f' Rcscva Sanzaone, Deio es Matetla George Lancers, Too Row Charms West Geo QC Balm, Joscon Comm- Arvnony Tfuncale John Hanson, Mrs. Davmtson, adv sc' SUClfTU HUHUR SHGH VHHH6 rr- 1-F A -R 432553 g ssugfq I 4- sfiik i ,iw 'ggi 3591? in 3 4, 32-im, ron' Row ,Q C510 No per c so 'OH ' 'N Y c ' Q K .Na cn 'W fevcms C39 f Q f ,N www Las Nam- vw V an 0 rw my-I , wan F ,WDC D fOT"v, M 'cam Jaan Nc-www Q use . m Roc J N1 Ha J Front Row LVTCONYY DAm,mc acao Lows Emwock Agfos Bon: czwfof Nsmcx Dcwvmc ,mg www' o:"c- M is Tarantmo AUX-SD' Seromi Row MH' owe Ecko KCv"'wcf" Pvfk fw .wc-' Mn ' v- C'-A' 3"P K3 X rw joan Hnmsofx Cdostc Vvohvcr Um Owvm' Favtuu .1 In ms ONE' mfr' K0 0' Nm' f Hx.w:"' 'H -' Rsw Comme Coucvvorv .Mmwov W'ot5C Joan Hafvffvmr M-.v"1C Mw'c .1 Tatu -LWONCU ff .1 .1 H.1,"'a-w Cxvfwa Farrell. Backlllow: Robert Trczok, Daxc Bxaiorman Joan Carlson Steve Kcnggka Gcygc 53,1 51 TRLHI-U CLUB LEHUEHS' Front Row M ss Rudcnsev awvwso foannc T env Margo B nmmcr G ucv fhmw prr1m'Cn' 'osoph nc Trent Nancy Donahue M Ne Row Jean Rawmng Cclcsfp o r nano c uw n Jofn Cowvns Connwe P re son chaolann an Oswald Ba bara C1 inc Maman" ac ow HQ on xgmgr Roth Exner Do s Frannsen M roreo Sharp Bc ry T cmolc Char ortc Ke'le Joanne Mrliow ,, sz xx NW-..,...,....., ,. --....... . .W .. ..........v. Front Row: Joan Ulruch, secrefaryj Norma Hakusa, prcsuricntg Joscphunc Calabrcsc, treasurer Scconfi Row Anna CaNab'ese, Marwlyn Hudson, Marne I.aSpada Manon FaNzarano Ecvclyn Rccsc, Connwc Couchon Third Row: Dons Burglund, Marque Eucke Josepnrnc Trent Chanoftc Koller, Doris Frandscn Joanne Tron? Agnes Boog. Back Row: Nancy Fostle, Shlrley Nauert, Mrs. Stephens, advvscrg Soma Lundc, Ruth Exncr 52 E X I F r W X QQ lllllIHESlllll S T' MISS ELIZABETH ZINGARO Musuc Superviser Front Row: Eleanor Kent, Yvonne Bnarwcnunn, Betty Tvemble, Joan Steele, Hope RUIZ, Ralph Pelruzzr Carolyn Dnttmar, Jack Watson, Janice Sfeele. Back Row' Doris Frandsen, Davzd Blederrnan, Robert Keller Diane Mcl.aughl:n, Dolores Bowers, John Malesko, Bull Qulnn, Maryorle Eucke, Rvchard Smnth, Charles Keller James Bremner, Allan Anderson, Ernest Kraus, Miss Zungaro. "' N a,-ni 19 50 JC 'Y iz? UUH PHUIH NX sf f"w wg. ' f H 3 x , . 'X-... im 'im .qw Q 5, , . 1 , .. Nm . 'n N.-8 ' v"'1." afvfa' S5 , W 54 x JL: Q QQ. - ,Q Jn ,vm 1 -44 N S i. W W :TN gf A A x ,,,,S .im K :H MV. lvwq LA- Qhw 'H W' we Ce .xr wo N' Ser-nw: Ea:-1. Rivw '-mgscm www Mum" iw "- QT. ' . I . ' '- , T X - 1 I I I PC' L1 H ,ww E -1. -w F. , mx M QA1' QC 4 I 0 D M N ,Q . W 1 Q I x A 5 N , M 1 A , 1 I 1 A 1 - ' :gun N Q . . X ' A! I' 1 . 1- 'VJ K 1 XX 'L v fv- Av N' Wim K 1 p L 1 I fi l 'Q -1- Q . Sn x -f 5 4 n T , , 1 , 1. V2 , 1 I A , , -5 . an l K 'MH ' K Wk fn. l P' ,- . " ,Ii I K X 1 A' q s 'A Q , 4 ' fb f f ' ' ' 1. Center Joseph nc Calabmsc. Loft to Rwqht' Martha Gwordano, Front Row Ruth Fxnor, Jcmmr: Mulmwf l.1rwtMmtlnnf1 Mafgmct Maniyn Parkef, Anabcfh Shclharncf, G'aCc Schrnvil, Bmmmcr Emir Row D1 'ff ff Consfancc Pmorion, Cavmcn Gomez, Mmm o 0 r , Lower Maur? Amjorsom, ' LAUIM ia .p-ff' ff 'H Ewvo A a"cth fm f S C Ov' 1 H 3 of Row A 'was Aw sfiov C m :1 + 4 c cfs O' 4 W -A- 5x,,f ig. T7 vw. -3. v- K-fa--f 'N -qv I 1..- Hwxfu' Thcrvm Fafcw Jcxrc Scrvmms, Jeux Conte F ont Josc-phmc Salah C10 Ccvcv Janet Qrwfh luwawer gmmimq Domrcs Posml, Lspornnza Ruuz, Agnes Boog MM1rccJ Fmbch. Back. Isabo Squ of Mwdrcd Sha p Lswan E ack Shwcv Nauvrt Ma-Myra Hudson 4 6 A -2 : Qi ', v V, . i A 4 V 1 1 f I . , - . O . . 1 f l ' N f , 1 1 , f 4 . - A - ' , X - . ' ' X v 4 f ,F t K . ' . ' 1 m, , - ' - J . 1 . . 1 L . ,. - , - 4, - 1 I S 5 ' N Q 1 '- A A x If -,a'v gays a geczf. F .J I 'A E'vw""'Xc' 03" 0 -'..':,vr' CQ' T'CQSCG fi "Q Lani' Zym.. .ikusa ,arm t 'Ji ' ri iw,-'a":a PM : EAC Z ' . Fzcng Marv fi . ' Gaze S' Y 'Jar 5:16-f ,:.:c Q:""1e's 5 Czfefarc Pc? ,av 4 an I , E1 P 'W' 0 -, '. L Y v ' W ' T . . ' i ' y ' - 1 1' r :A cf 1 Y A ' 1 I I A - -4 1' 5 G 5 X I 5. -x 'T 'S 1 ' 1 1 ' 4 N X K, x . V I yr ""-ng - x ' 0 ' Jlpff .fx , h V A Y I X K 5 ' 2 X z 1 ,f ' . , X 9 f ll ' ,. XX J 1 UVCP1 Hazcl r , ' 5 u ,t , x 1 fx ivf' N., in vv- N' . 4 'hiv f Y' WW- 9 Y' 3' i .Fqu , ,, - SAA! 4-if XA 2. if Q ' -E g Q I if S6 4 Y 1 . f s N .sf - g , I , , , ,: Z 9 Fen' .V V. ' .V , fig: 'L 4 .4' . S ' xqk 2 X 'ff 'TW 'lr 1 f Y M? Ysvfxa Inf ,SQ NT A 4 , F34 " 3 1 , Q.. fx Civ: 7 1 . utjir-P 'H 'va 1 '- ' ' ' ,,- 1' .P N. QF? .J ff X , ff J ' 14 -e f , 0.4 X9 fl U -:T-Q ,ff . -I ' . A s . 1 hx ., - ,. M1 V, , 5 l Vx' 5' I 'A 5 mjx 5 EX ' r 65 Q Marle Anderson Walter Anderson Mlldred AUTOHBCCIO Theresa Afllll George Balrd Allen Beach Rlchard Benlamln Freddle Betz Frank Blanchl Dorls Berglund George Black Lllllafl Black Arthur Blake Allen Boldt Agnes Boog Peter Bordlno Patsy Bosco Dolores Bower Frances Brooks Robert Brown Margaret Brummer Anthony Buono Josephlne Calabrese Jeanne Cochran Charles Colmenero John Dalesso Llncoln D Anunclacao Samuel Emma Ruth Exner Edmund Falella Marlon Falzarano Theresa Farley Robert Ferguson Nlcholas Fernandez SllVlO Fernandes James Flaherty Nancy Fostle Mlldred Frlsch Francls Gausls Martha Glordano Joseph Goetchlus Carmen Gomez Joan Gowans Robert Granberg Norma Hakusa Harry Hatch James Hawn Robert Helnrlch Charles Helns Mark Helnze Marllyn Hess SEHIUR DIHE , I8 Seventh Street 36 Madlson Street lS2 Eagle Street 244 Stover Avenue , l4S Morgan Place 34 B rchwood Drlve l6O Hendel Avenue 28 F Garden Terrace l l8 Gold Street l6 Llncoln Avenue l2 Leglon Place 2l Hendel Avenue S7 Ilford Avenue 3l Newell Place 2l Bellevllle Plke Sl Front Street lO7 Rutherford Place 52 Hendel Avenue 37 Allan Drlve llO Rutherford Place 27 Hendel Avenue 218 Prospect Avenue 98 Albert Street Apt L Rlvervlew Gardens 22 Gold Street l l4 Gold Street 30 Avon Place 224 Blltmore Street 356 Bellevllle Plke 33 Newell Place 45 Blltmore Street 36 Unlon Place ll-4 Ilford Avenue 38 Stover Avenue 29 Renner Place l5 Inman Place 6J Forest Street SO Exton Avenue 98 Arllngton Boulevard S49 Schuyler Avenue l74 Blltmore Street l58 Rutherford Place 59 Melrose Avenue 34 Prospect Avenue 2l Melrose Avenue l35 Blltmore Street 7 Fourth Street 95 Melrose Avenue ZS Madlson Avenue 39 Belmount Avenue 47 Devon Street Nancy Hlnkle Marllyn Hudson Alfred Hughes , Edward Janklewicz Catherlne Kearney Jack Kennedy Stephen Kowalskl Joseph Krleg Marle LaSpada Sonla Lunde Janet Maltlancl Davld Manton Harry Mccrea Dorothy McLean Paul Mollnarl Jeanne Mulford Edward Mylod Shlrley Nauert Jack Newton Francls O Donnell Rudolf Olcheskl John Orovlo Marllyn Parker Kenneth Perklns Benlamln Peschler Constan e Peterson Herbert Petrat Dolores Postal Evelyn Reese Allstalr Robertson Earl Robertson Hope Rulz Francls Sanzalone Hazel Schaefer Edward Schmldt Mlldred Sharp Anabeth Shelhamer Gerard Smlth Janet Smlth Joyce Sommers Isabel Squler Ronald Stephens Robert Stuart Dorls Tedesco Robert Trezek Anthony Truncale Joan Ulrlch Dorothy Whltaker Henry Wotltsky Joseph Yodlowsky John Yullle ClUHU , l49 Bergen Avenue 7 Wesley Place l94 Canterbury Avenue , 50 Forest Street l-4 Union Place lO Prospect Avenue 27 Webster Street 22 Prospect Avenue l44 Stover Avenue 32 Beech Street 62 Prospect Avenue 90 Morgan Place l46 Boston Avenue 256 Stover Avenue 3 Blrchwood DFIVC 53 Chestnut Street 27 G Garden Terrace 22 Fourth Street 36 Prospect Avenue 280 Bellevllle Plke 23 Chestnut Street 29 Blltmore Street 36 York Road l44 Bergen Avenue l55 Canterbury Avenue 37 Hedden Terrace 37 Flfth Street ll l RIVSFVIGW Gardens 42 Montross Avenue 38 Unlon Place 47 Melrose Avenue 26 Gold Street l76 Stover Avenue l8O Stover Avenue S6 Blltmore Street 59 Melrose Avenue 46 Exton Avenue 99 Hendel Avenue l3O Morg n Place l26 Hendel Avenue l7 Slxth Street lO7 Blltmore Street 425 Rldge Road Apt l M 33 Albert Street 50 Exton Avenue l4l Belmount Avenue 6 Rldge Road 75 Chestnut Street 29 Flrst Street 7l Hendel Avenue 76 Argyle Place Thomas Flncl-l , ,,,,, , ,,,, 84 Hedden Terrace Grace Schmldl ,,,c, , H ,,,,, W ,s,,,, 238 High Street PATRONS Mr and Mrs Ernest Achten AI and Agnes and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Mnchael and and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Emnl C Anderson Harry R Anderson Marcelo Arlztl Davld P Banrd George D Balrd HaroldW Beach E O Bergendahl Whltney B Berthol John Black ArthurT Blake Frank Blazler E C Boldt J Wesley Bone W A Boog James Bordlno James Bordlno Jr C A Bower Joseph W Brogan A J Brown August Brummer Carl Brummer Nino Carrao A Colmenero GeorgeA Creegan Fred Dammann Frank Dapuzzo A L Davudson James B Davles Charles Evers H Fred Evers P Falzarano Robert Ferguson James Fernandes D Feuerstein Edward Fnnch Mlchael Foresta Roy Fostle HerbertG Frlsch A E Gardner George and Marge Mr and Mrs E P Gomez Mr and Mrs James Gowans Mr and Mrs S Hakusa 3 and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Harry Hatch W R Hawn Charles V Helnze Charles Hochheuser Edward Hess Horn Wllluarn K Hudson George Hughes J Helnrach John Janknewncz Charles E Keller S Kelmer John T Kennedy Steve Kowalski J A Krelg AlfredR W Larknn Barney LaSpada Paul LaSpada WlllnamG Ludeklng John Lunde C Mantland Patrnck C Manson John R Manson J P McCue JamesJ McKeown James Melvln Rudolph Muchalek John H Moore Wnlllam Moore Harry Mulcahy J Arthur Mulford George K Nauert l. B Newton George O Donnell Rudolf Olcheskl John F Osborne and Carmen and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Horace Perkuns Bengamln Peschler Gustaf W Peterson Arthur Plath John B Raaen J Reese J Rulz Harry Schaefer . . Mr. . Mr. , . . Mr. . A . Mr. , . ' Mr4 . . Mr, , A Mr4 4 A A Mr. . Mr, , ' , ' Mr4 . Mr, 4 , A Mr. . A A . Mr. . . Mr4 A Mr. . . . Mr, , . ' A Mr. . A . f, Jr. Mr, , A ' Mr, . Mr. . 4 Mr. . . Mr. . . Mr, , ' Mr, . . Mr, . . . Mr, . A Mr. . . Mr. . , . A Mr. . . 4 Mr, . . 4 A Mr. , ' Mr, . Mr. 4 A , . Mr. . Mr. , . 4 Mr. . A A . A Mr. . , Mr, . Mr. . . . Mr. , . A Mr. 4 Mr4 4 A . A Mr. . Mr. . . Mr. . A Mr, 4 . . Mr. 4 , Mr. . . Mr, 4 . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr, . A A Mr. . . Mr. . . . A Mr. , A A Mr. . . A Mr. 4 Mr. . Mr. , . Mr. . . Mr, . . Mr, . . Mr, . . . Mr. . Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . A Mr. . . A Mr4 , 4 Mr, . ' P t Mr. , ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . A ' Mr. . . A Mr. . , Mr. . . . Mr. . Mr. . . . . Mr, . , A . . . Mr4 . 64 Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Shlrley andJ and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs PATRONS JosephJ Schmndl Joseph F Sharp L Shelhamer rmmy Charles Sllls Peter E Skwerskx Lester C Smith Sherburne H Smlth Davud Sommers Martin Sommers Mr and Mrs G P Sommlt Sylvla and Ge-Ge and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs P Tedesco Edmund E Trezek George Ulrich NuckVltale Wnlllam H Waldhelm Jr James White A Wlest Joseph S Yuulle B Zuemak BOOSTERS Mr Sam Adamo Mass Margaret Altlerl Mrs Ellzabeth Antonacclo Mass Emma Audesnrk Miss Edna H Beach George Beerll Martln Bengel Arthur Benyamxn Kenneth A Bergendah Mrs Gota Berglund Mr August F Betz Mrs Georglna Betz Mass Dolores Bull Mr Joseph L Black Mass Mary Bonomo I lClass l947l Boleslouso Boresezojornauskl Jr H L Bradford Kenneth Bradford B Brown Mnss Elizabeth Brown Mrs GladysM Brown Mr Watson Brown Mr AnthonyJ Buono Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Catherune Burrecu Lloyd Capwell Russell Capwell Carrae Casey Mr Jack Clark Mr Edwun Colluns Mass Margaret Coogans Mr Joseph Coyle Mr Wulllam H Cullen Mass Janet Cunnlngham Mrs Grayce Curran Mrs Benjamin Davey Mrs Edward Davey Sr Florence DnGurolamo Mr Anthony Emma Mr Edward Evers Mrs Ruth Exner 'vtr Edmund Fanella Ars John Fallon Mrs A Falzarano Mr John Falzarano Mr Pat Falzarano 43 Mrs Ann Farley Mass Betty Farley Muss Mollue Farley Mr George Fehrenbach Mrs StanleyM Felntuch Mass Juluet Feravolo Mr A Ferguson Mr Alexander Ferguson Mass Margaret Fernandes Mr John Ferrara Mrs Isabella Ferns Mr George Fllmlln Mr JosephJ Fllmlln Dr MlltonL Feuer Mass Beatruce Genovese CD H H I Mrs , . ' Mr. , . Mr g , A Mr' ' A My . Mr. , A ' Mfg 4 g , l,tAAr. . .A , r. '. Mr, , , ' Mr . Mr' ' Mr. . . ' David P. Baird, Jr. Miss Olga D'Anunclacao Mr. I ' , . Mr' . 4 , Mr, ' ' , Mr, , , Mr. ' ', . A. Mr, . . ' Mr. ' ' Mr. , . 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Mr, ' it Mr L X ' . Mr. , . A ' s LS 4 E . . L . I . . A , , . . . ' ,Jr, . I , , 4 A ' . , ' , r . I V ' . , 4 66 COMPLIMENTS 35,2 SOO BELLEVILLE TURNPIKE NORTH ARLINGTON N J STUDY AT PACE DAY AND EVENING SESSIONS MEN AND WOMEN Authorized by the Regents of the Umvorslty of the Stah of New YorIr to con fer the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration IB B A I m conformity with the rules of the Regents of the Umvorsrty and regulahons of the Com mrssroner of Educatron for the ragfxtrahon of Institutions of Iugher educatron ACCOUNTANCY PRACTICE IC P A I Approved courses for protessronol accountancy C P A IN Y NJ Conn I ACCOUNTANCY AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Preparahon for begrnmng and executive occounhng POSITIONS MARKETING ADVERTISING AND SELLING Preporcmon for begmmng posmons nn advertrsmg sellmg sales management and sales analysts marketmg and research EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAL STENOGRAPHIC Executlve secretanaI trammg and related posrhong Intensive gfudy program nn stenography and typewrmng BULLETIN ON REQUEST Write or Telephone for Interview BArcIay 7-8200 or Vlllt PACE COLLEGE IFORMERLY PACE INSTITUTE! 225 BROADWAY NEW YORK 7 NEW YORK C1 OF Scandia Manufacturing Company Phone MArl4et 3- l 790 I-l. A. GREENE COMPANY SPORTING GOODS Serving the schools and athletic organizations of New Jersey with dependable athletic equipment for over a quarter century. OUTFITTERS: NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC TEAMS 30 Halsey Street Newark 2 . . lNear Central Avenuel Phone KEarny 2 l828 RIDGE LUMBER COMPANY FRAMES SCREENS SASH STORM SASH DOORS BUILDERS TRIM HARDWARE MlLLWORK CABINETS PAINTS 241 Ridge Road North Arlington N J FOREST DAIRY M D NEWTON Owner Milk and Cream North Arlington New Jersey Phone KEarny 2 3l3O 68 ,NJ I .. ..n , . 1 W ., Ag O PL ,JSVL O MR. TODD of The TODD STUDIOS COMPLIMENT THE WASHINGTON P T COMPLIMENTS THOMAS JEFFERSON P T HOMELITE CORPORATION M p B h PORT CHESTER NEW YORK RIVER ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON N J OE OE N J 'Ph 3 KEarrw 2-3575 New Ycrk Ph RE --STE' etro olntan ranc -- , CCNNPLIMETNTS MAYOR LOUIS E GAECKLE COMPLIMENJTS OE THE NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL P T A Presxdent Second Vuce Pre :dent Treasurer Secretary Recordrng Secretary Correspondung Hustorran Mrs Alex Brown Mwss Beafruce Genovese Mrs Joseph Sharp Mrs E Klnnamon Mrs J Wesley Bone Mrs M ry E Dwlci COMPLVMEINTS OE THE NORTH ARLINGTON BOARD OF EDUCATION Mk ALFIID W LARKIN P e nent Mx WALTLI r Tk VNT C Prcrcc MF H POBERT WH. OX MR JAMES EBAYER F EIEL MI-X D J DGENNARO lsTr1CT C 1 rl-4 NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS BOOSTERS Mark Leeper Harold Turner Frank Hqrley Thornu Thomas Vice Presndent Treasurer Corres Se retary Rec Sncretary I 4 , ' r r -I 11 V Q 'Q IE Vue In J'V"T Q Q C MR J ' iTZ D. '2 r I Furs! Vrce President. , Mrs Edmond Wrlke My Alex BVOWH Q , I I - pregdem S ' I I I Mr I . . . , ' I A I I A I A I Mr . .I..... I - , , Mr ' . . , C . . . . . r a I soh Mr. 4, . . . H , 1 GEORGE H MEAD INC ee Lswms rw J O MALLEY CONSTRUCTION CO CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS ri V ST AIR NEW KES Phone M e CONG ATLLATIONS CLASS OF I9-Iv SCHOENLEBER S NEWARK PIPE SHOP When smokmg pnpes get a Schoenleber They smoke sweet from the fnrst puff 9 BRANEOVD PLACE IA1' Halsey Street' NEWARK 2 NEW JERSEY COMPLI MENTS DR A R SAPORITO A I I I O L Q RPine EE"eI1'Ie 2-SSS' SE SA' C4557 me wfxsewcmw AVENUE VOVCL I - JERSEY AL f I I Mort: aw 3-ICSC - ' rf, ,-:Off ark I2-S913 ' R I m ' OE 1 2 x SINCERE GOOD WISHES THE CLASS OE I949 FROM THE CLASS OF I 950 NORTH SILVIO FERNANDES 49 ARTHUR BLAKE -I9 BARBARA BLACK 50 WILLIAM EINDLAY 51 COMPLIMENTS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL of the ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Presudent V1 e Presudent Sec reta ry Treasurer Grace Schmndl President Marge Brummer Vlce Presudent Jo Ann Trent Corres Secretary TBI Maryann Mucha ek Treasurer Nancy Donahue Historian Connue Peterson Chaplain Recordmg Secretary Josephme Trent LEADERS CLUB Norma Hakusa Joan Ulruch .Io Calabrese Doris Berglund Prestdent Secretary Treasurer Corres Secretary SCHOOL NEWS COMPILED MONTHLY Reported by THE VIKING SAGA Offncnal Student Publrcatnon of North Arlrngton Hugh School Yearly Subscruptuon SOC GIGGLES COMPLIMENTS CHICKIE SMITTY HOPELESS EVIE DORRIE SENIOR GIRLS Dorm BEANS 72 f , ....,.....,,... . . . . ' f- , ....,...... ...... C 1 , ............,..,.., 1 , .,................. I n fr H rf ,, ,, OF ,, H ,, ,, If 11 H 11 If H I rveKE l"y28 PYROMETER SERVICE COMPANY I Im, LV f L I N THHNAOCO Hr LLADW L r L MTM Ar rw V horn lrrwy 2 I, JI GOOQI Lu If a s of MEADOW BROOK DAIRY George A Eckardr BOTTLED MILK and CREAM Us Avenue North Arlrrwgton N me Kfzarm, R5 CLYDE S SARGENT CHEVROLET ow ER Lorrwer of I-Iedderw I1 rrace an I Rrdge Road North Arlmgton, New Jersey J V4.1 GREEN S CIGAR STORE C DFL VV EPM VIL NORTH ARLINGTON PHARMACY WH ram Wolper Reg Pfarma T PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY We I-Iaxe Fr ed Over NA IC Rrdge Road IN rth Ar! rw rw Phone K army 7 35 Compurments of LINCOLN THEATRE 836 Kearny Avenue Arlmgto I nNJ 73 1: 1 avr' - QUQ X,'r-r,1g,.1.,rl 'Q Y " 'r1'lr,A.1T:V 3 CAB.. O V2 I LLECUIL NJ, Mfpf, i"4JI'f IO' Tlbib Sf'-MACCT S ,ANDY ' ML'-YE?x'S ICE CIV- . -, I, ' EQ ' fm 191' STATIQTNEPV ' GREETING CARDS -we F1841 N' lr :yor N , T Ifrridc- Iwo: A 1.x 'L F. J ' E 'KU I NC' rm 'KE,jYfWX, 2-Q-l-IQ C 5 ' -19' 'I , .I css ll ' 'Q wI x rn Jw SUM ff I I 1 J w , IQ , 910 AN. J, Pho H 2-61fC E L-'IIT . ., I: L Dr Wrllram P D Nemzek Dr Joseph D Ruggro Jay Arnold Shops J Thomas Meloro 6' Son Q L L RCA Hrltons Department Store KVXK Edmund A Wnlke AKF? rn 'sd Councrlman John Black Sensor Grrls Bo LH NAR Prom: Kiarny 148 Henry A Brzostowskr, O D OPTOMETRNQT RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLNNGTON N J H W Reese Dairy TH AQL JC NFNN J RC C mp' me ts of The North Arlmgton Leader Comp! ments of A F r i e n d Free Public Llbrary UV SEI' ANENUE NORTH ARLINGTON North Arlmgton Publlc Lubrary Commnssaon Officers for 1949 Mr T Shrelds Sr Pres Mayor Louis Gaeckle Mr B Krllran Vrce Pres Supv of Schools Mrs J H Stover Secfy W R Hoibert Mr Norman Sattler Treas Mrs A Sprrnger - Wvww Kim", . - 1 . . - ' JDK' AyE'.,L AR. '. 'TCH '.E.'. Eff E' UH 3 k Qui I...1Yw 5'Nr"n'kf.1rv', A V--3 C"-EET'-KT N' 'f LT-,Ei FCQ TAS N Lf-L' H EN ' ,JL 've "f.'L'.1? ir' F2.:"w E: -ga-,au -1 :QE QSAD '-OQTH fxflri'-.XTQN N , " 1w'1lI E NCRTH AR.NNL1TC'. WXHC KL "ry Q Q-fi, '.'g'rT KTAHW. . ' C""!'NDr ,om awp- ' '.'A'.., -'-f'x Q' ,Eff ' Q1 NQTQZ '. CH, one +1 .Cr-2 Q, HCNEr Eekkr ,Sk-'-' LWUZ' ll - - ll ' ' 'T' DENNY' N . QL MOR .' ,TON E JEY 2 :T . Q , A . . . . , . . 5:2 S . f , N 74 Bonny Dell Farms R AL Ward Manufacturmg Company Hardrng Pharmacy O Q J RCA TH All H KL3 Cr B Orl Burner Service FLK QQ 'iw CE V? Q 4A-K Bruck Agency :A KJTXTE LRAN LJ C Q H fx C KEJ Shllllf Boofery 40 w uF THE EE TER K D KKAR AXENLL AQL NUTON Hudson G Shanks Neon Wmdow Bullehn O Connor Agency KA CE K P K M K Cleaners vE'2 -4 5 a f' U CQTH AR N TO NN John D Crane fr Sons x .J RELTCRD K AKNX1 Woodrow Wrlson P T 1 Hohday House c ' Mor a MAKE EN ERN N ASHDAY A HO' A Self Qcm cc Mmmc Laundry E ROAD NCQTH AR QT N Pill?" . . V YEVP, ,l -1 QZN5 of wr DC C f ' - i- TMfFxVQf4Q,f Ll-'V .U',l' . 574, 'ill E Elllflfiblf. '.',ff,'. ' A, "I'V7x"" J Fri'-:J FEa"',Q 'ff , 1 Pill., EQTATE "len M l'lx.l-'HI Y.,V2T.lf1KE ip' , ,ann-g"l'CfY 1f:il, ' Q Qli UQAL, ICA' Arc '.lfC'. H ,wg h-Fm' A ff, F"'3m, Kimc. f if 1 H .l 1 T' Wei fa"1m F'r'E Yi Y FLQ- EQ. J., D-MOV M , . - Hia' gon :Q Ca' P, 'Q .0' Q'Qfl , Q Nfiw . , 'XQTC5 2 l Cffff' G' iw Q .5 PQQJVEC' A.EK-L E xc 4' Q , JW, L V.: 'ufy - ,LL B . . Q H 5 "gg f FL' EQ:-- M ' A ' .'.,TA.aED 12" Cai! UA' ED f Ei. ,C,'.' Avitei T.f3f'1,'. 25722 '. 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' PII I: 51:5 . .f ,, I P ,2- 5 QM 155 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARUNGTON N I- 3343 BELLEYELLE PIKE NORTH ARLINGTON, N J I OL- I I IJ. 2 ' N J I . , . , ..I. I N J 2-7 2 D 1 f" 4-Fix I ..-89. , . . ,NJ KE! Free Domuy Radge Quality Market Smnlny Lafawm GROCER E ECETAL ES DE ICATES EN MEAT FROZEN FOODS RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON P vc rfkiawy 00: Comm ments of I GOLOB The Fabnc Shop E STORE THAT BEALTIFIES YOUR HOME PTOCE ROAD NORTH ARLING P me KEJH f Eddnes Rndge Sweet Shoppe O A .1 NOAES MALTE A 'PEE ALTY at o aI1y an1Q army RIDJE ROAD FORTH ARLI QTON Vx Muhler s Dck Mm' er Prop eror SODA CANDY LLMCHEON KEARNY AVENLE ARLINQTON mer Be cy. IC Phorc KEQ my Ridge Flsh Market oarmn Gwar FRE H F SH AND SEA FOODS R D ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON Prwone KEamy Franks Florist FRANK RLQSO FLON ERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Corsages T OO Lp RID E ROAD NORTH ARLINSTON Comp! me-ms of Wullott Laundry Company, In Phone KEarm, BELLENILLE PIKE NORTH ARL! TOTON N Phone KEamy Emerald Drug Store THE PROrESSlONAL DRLQ STORE IIEN LLE TLRNPIKE NORTH ARLINGTON Af Em St cet Comphmenfs of Acme Qualnty Markets Phone Ear ny Betty Ann Beauty Salon EXPERT BEAUTY PARLOR SERVICE Ncw Haur Styles for Mnlady BN: KEARNY AVENUE KEARNY N Pho we Kiamy Brummer s Luncheonette and Confectionery 6 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON Phone Ktarny ' 4514 Harry 193 RIDGE ROAD s Esso Statnon NORTH ARLINGTON N J 77 Phuw .ww I TQ-IQ - In 1 w 2 . , . I ' - C Z D Z ALJ, , A OL I S xv L JL - I L -3 I J S- ! A E orc TOD 1 x ,, 1 was ' T N J. '19 P I 'f , 1 how , Q O' 7 r A 1 I TH J , y 5 3 'R , N. J. 5 X , , , TQN, N 3 Cc. ,Q .I Pke , r 2-3243 Free Demcry Serwce I 2-'Ei' . . 1 - ' I 'lard dvrwa ' f y Y ill' IGE . ,"'Y,r4, 3' Ig ' ' ,Nil . 2 f9E' T C. 'Lei :es BE-- I . u' ,rs J. iQ-?-SOC I F " ,..,I. ' I f ' ff 9732 1 ' , N. J. K T LILO ' o - I ' D0'0H"Y5 BWUTY Sh0PPe Strauss Stores L V MA N P NCR 1 AR L M R Pagnelll Grocery Store HY9"ade Dehcafessen Lamp ments f lcs Cnty Service Jacobs Market 1 RH L, X P me KEamy J -l C Wg wx Hys Sweet Shop TO ' PLEAC Uiwi Duamond Bonmg Corp LE LLE P RM-1 ARL TO Cer cr E m Street Phone KEarr-, rr' Dunns Delucatessen Colleen Beauty Shop B E P C HAR NGC KR Phone KEarvy V fm KEQWW -1 Johnny s Market S Chlnese Amerrcan Restaurant VRTME MEATS FA' Cf PRL, TZ QLJALTTY GROCER ES AT Jar Q' Cs A Foe Put L, to Taro Om 77 GOLD STREET NORTH ARLVNGTON N J ' RMDGL ROAD NORTH ARL4' CJTOM K 78 Pwwvu KEarny fi' W4 Chun 'Avi L. 1" Mww VX vw' K-aww f f I SPECQA' Z NS KR mi "WL" V f+.'lQ'x4CL,f .Thi ::Q BELLL,:LE NL ' 'W L NLJTCN NJ Af ' VW 'wfwwf i'l' I VQLTWXQ NVQ' A 'L 'UTTCJN N , ,BE .LANL VKE Q-5 HTLJH :TREET '-CRTH AR- NLJTQN N J 'lsjh :,q,,gGT3-1 -JY-V ipxliv V- I - . 1 :BQ RTVGE RCF-L7 HC T ARUNCTRN NE N IER ru 2-Tf Q Q :H rr vm: U 1 SERVES PLEASE -ED TC 5 T , , :al BEL V1 TKE NO T ING M N J Q, ghfrwfvwrz ' 1 . 1"-1 'ELL VLLE KE N RT J' T Z NEW .L LEY ' 4-:'1f P 1, W 2 ff-3 , A I a Manuel Cr Sons Whnte Rose Delicatessen George H Lumley uerleln Florlst Hugo s Flornst Rudge Barber Shop CA P REATME -4 H g, F fr J General Auto Repairs LKAKE K E N RR ARK Stock s Delicatessen R DLE RONF NORTH AR N To W R Ph me KEa Sunset Servuce A BALDANZA PVC? RVNER ROAD NOR JY cr George Truska s Texaco Service 'x North Arlmgton Auto Sales And Wrecklng Co TJED AND NEW ALTO PARTS Reb ca R ER RCAD RTH AR TN TON Phono Ruthovfovq -U34 R H Cr H Products FRESH FROSTY FOODS Home Del xcry TH ARLTNGTON T PARK PLACE LW VNDHLRST N J In-'-I-'btw MLP' V' I 'Q 'V L' I .WM Adv, ,.v,. Q " ,5-11755 i-"?7f FQQ 4 V. . .'r...,' We ig ' E '.f,F'Y" '41f.,'1,Tf,'. '. . 355 5, L7 f '.',1""-'-7- 'rf ,'- T , . 1 . 11, T25 1'1'r"Q Ta-f '.-Tufs PVC-Lawfi . . Hogg .Epi ,Ei-' V il, Pjg. 2 fAC','1,'.'fA'.T 5,Ov'vi3. FC? X-.- OCQA1 CXQ 1 MU' 'CVM M" GLR" " ' jf" :Qs :gm mzzw spy Mag., ., 1 l","r-KE.3". . , ' Oggie VP-2, "1Q'T'm'OYv , ,ukgyq A 3'4 :"1,'mKEa"H .R 2,2- . . Ba ' .'.Hf.E ALE gf: RETA1 XJCUQC Gaydar, pf? AOC ysfiac Mg, 9-L ' on Vice Qcs POM.: Pa as iFiC'Ac Z NI: N S , T' KT , QQ X 'RER I-.E'.cE NORTH 'R, '-STCN w . i4 Q :SE ROAD '.f'T ARP NQTON 2 J 4 , - ,ftl Pfwpfc KEAW, Q 4' Vaffan -uric Frwmf Ls fr, icr. cc I 0 . 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