North Arlington High School - Chrysalis Yearbook (North Arlington, NJ)

 - Class of 1947

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North Arlington High School - Chrysalis Yearbook (North Arlington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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MISSING PAGE MISSING PAGE X X A ..' I I ' pu sf , WX I WMM rqfzlmglon Awe? . . M' KW' w""'. MW .fy .W AP-s l Xt If gmmalff rqnacfolhk UR yearbook could never have been posslf ble lf It had not been for Mass Audeslrk. For thus year, as In other years, she has shouldered the burden of handllng the flnan- eral and bosrness end of the Chrysalls She has given r- ,rch of her tlme and help with patience and onderstandrng It as with deepest appreera atnon we extend our thanks We shall rememf ber both IH years to come and shall treasure every memory, luafuf 8. lauiiian E dedreate thls yearbook, the Chrysalis of V347 te the two people whom we know nave made every possrble effort to make our hrgh senoel years as productrve and enjoyable as they knew how "Mrs D 'Q whreh we fondly called her! was our class advrser and smoothed out edr var1ed dlffuebltres wrth an earnest and srneere effort Her frlendly rnterest and ex- peruenced gurdance has made an umpressron that wall long be remembered by each and every one of Us s. v. J P' Ya -' 'WA p F' WILLIAM R I-IOLBERT Supervismg Principal Baafufafg ' ALFRED W, R, LARKIN JAMES F. BAYER President WALTER R, TRENT WILLIAM M. GOURLEY EDWARD A. SHINE H. ROBERT WILCOX Clerk r"'1A , rrxfx, ,K HURLEY Frm, pal J ,QAL U CAPXVELL fn 4 ,- LJ W. tr YGL mf.3HCC 1 115 ml, C' HOWARD BRADFORD Vice-Principal S , O. x' xx Ai GEORGE :UML Z S: Qffc :Qc "': mea 1 f ' 3 i . 4" x N ANNE REDDY Lubraman vw O 'QW .-65 3,7 JCSFDH TL NJDNN 5 X .YN xx N X, bx wmu 11 419, A L 'Van' fqbvrxx , 0,5 L,.,3 Hr w XV. 14. 041. S. f 1 , X.-I, VB 3 J. NNNLBLF2 QLCKEL, L ,'ffwc': a V x t EMMA METER Ewgn ww KENNETH BRADFORD H sto'y PAUDNE TREANOR s by E'1g!sh ' f DORIS TARANTINO Englnsh, Hasfory, French YU' EDWIN COLLINS Soc1alSYudxes 1-Q 4 gs. 4 - . J 5,- '-... C f J Dhygmzg NOR H v -af 5 ,QM K' RR V lj Idiih gk r it R' wx , ggt. p Y"'7 x 'Us 'Y I NA A, M QMS? ANMCM MARQARET PELWSSIER Mo 'C fw Language 4-1- GEORCE COUGWLNN P-'N-ww, ix v' e JANE WYDEMAN Ar tfvneY M wwf-" EWHEL 'XM LgAHY Lawn Engl Sn JANET CUNNNNGHAM Mathematwcs JEAN HOAGLAND Commercial FRANCES ViTEl.LA Socwai Studies L fun x 'Y ooncww OMALLEV V I. R Hbmc Ercrwwv LN I L-AAQLBEX Q TX ,NX .. V 5 ..- L f lf ' k ' . Q MADELINE STEFFENS Physica! Eniucahon WSW Ex H,-.1 rf UB. 'fu- X A TA N.',A1T'i Av! HELEN THOMSON FLORINE FILEQ JEANNE PA 5 .f M 'O Q 59: 3 J ra PX ,fr N X '3'z-:ff I fl' fa 1 is, ,Q , 4 I-2."...""'.,':'M :,1..s.a... L. a, f- ,.. X 1 V .5-,A 1' ,.,.'f " W'3"H Q5 ...-. K- 1 1 My V 6 ., 4 r MANUEL BARROS 4 an s ocr ect , eser r s C s o nooyv 'nest o ' rn W s szent " ta L r er sboo Va e frfa , o axe mam a ' v t es 5 D8 s s , s w eserv' es that of r-oy Rosso s .a 'te nas 'Deen a sta wart nt He Gee r n cars 'ter , a am. 1 t nos to oocrt rv s o aot sa on MARGARET ALFIERI MARILYN BARAN uertt C 'Y' SDCCCH Lx, N4 U sona' tw eu tr en ne s teas ca, m ny a hea Y s C s C C f' o r ass fu scar 'a ,L w trncs a 0 ng the v N 0 1 te x NH ses YC"'C , ar' " 'fa among ner s sumects L we Q so mane a L ma se rl w avvays gg QL, 5,7 3' 1 7 S xVYTN erxo N e 'a se ess L r ,an 5,5 Q L.' n ' ut 1 L X sm ner r tow a sm Q w N be her ng ta Oct on HELEN BILL JOHN BONACORTE Qu et to the ,staffs eat ml! ot 'on to Her 'ref-"s deserves ow Heten She was our oo'y refheacef' servor gr! Love 'e a H to oe happy are Hetens wshes for the 'at re Bes "es par YICNOBT og ft aske' a she also Nked to "ance work n, part Tvme took Lp most of her Nets, e H s Alter ,fan uatron Heeos wsrt s to work rn an once Bones s 'rat pop ar 'e' 'Ow who coot oted to the many vrctor es of our 'oot a' basket af' anfi aseoal teams To prove tnat sports are not hs only rntcrest Bo es was a rnember 0' the D arnatre Arts f ass and an oe rernern ered 'or hs appearance rn varous pays throajtoot the year Hs ,nt tooteo ess ranks as one of the Petter ianzers of N A A totore rn prO tootbatt seems to tnterest hm SAMUEL BERNADINO jo L Wt assts 1 1 T'L C' s "C ,Jew sw r T sch. af' ' ar was U51 vt ami H yn ' r ro L t atre gr 1 S L l TERESA DnPASQUANTONIO A. Vw ALFRED CATHCART A. L A P 'Pr' FLORENCE FARRINGTON . xvs Y vw w u vm mix 1 wnrvmlvw JAMES DAVIES AGNES FERGUSON Cm Sweet -v-vw V' C nl 'wx ' O HC dw swaxs ix mq W wm4,vN1nC if L v yep PAUL EMMA v 05 rf s a ECC' F' WWW CI Pk W NL mam 'vuhma ,nav Pau as 5 fx 1 L YYTB 0 we C3 B" ALBERT FRANCIS 41'-10 was U10 0' fhe best 1011111.11 .a11t.11'w 111.11 N A mor hai twsxfes bcmg a sTa'1':..' av the foam He was as' g'1Cs'D"f 5' We X911 Q., :Am W.. 3 momnkv at me Bow s Gee CMU for three sears Agiej to these :aa tes Ave was 1keJ iw CwC'w3"i' 'hi' KNEW B VW .YXT 'fm fee" a "c's' fs "warm Ag ,N '113111 5, 311s .N 10. 11 vp 11 Nyc s +?11:w the '1.f..'C 'uf SUICCSS 'vm MURIEL GAGE .1701 W1 1or1q Dc- rem ness a c heaw seemed seen a 1 r-O Y.. Dr rr' D1..r1f1q Q e 1or year was keb aw . 'er- nf' r'-r" O' P' r rvmnrgrrf 1 1 Y Ever found herself af1er1f1or1 her wOu1f1 aaovar men' .er of rv- f1me That she the obgecf of famous bush A scfre1ar1a1 rr11r11r1q scr1oc1w111gr0om her to ne a prwaf e secretary MARGARET FRISTIK DOLORES FUSCHILLA eQQY w h her s 'me e r1er1111f1ess an' Co1'1f,1r1, nature ccrfa1r111, was one 0' r .J sf 1 AY U 1 checriga 1 ng a Laurvteri 'or much 0' er rn Pe s scho1ast11: aptmne was ap parent my her membersmp m Howor Soc em T 1 Y c 1v1T1es WL a Lea lu S uh am a a V t1c1pa11T e 1 1 came out rw her hoony of w rk v- f1 cc rw ar er socamm N111 e sapmemeft c N 1fCV111V'Yj a xchoo rfhaf ' s1 ar1' aajvcr 1m Q s 'C a 1r-A s 1.31 Her appearance 1s a a 1 am free fr X UL L s1 1 ms 0 h av 1 9 s 111, 1ty that makes L1 1110 1 Worcs carr easy to her as shown 1k11Yv To compos poufw Her mood can Q.. ckly vw L rv 0110 of thought Um mm 11.1 11m fu tha 0 ease v Mums lou s forward L eu 1, .5 ETHEL FREEMAN 1'.h-1' M- H111- ' 11-1211 .11 r1r'd1d'r1- we f1.37111.511, 011:11 ar ENN-1 WMM hr-r rmturallf . .r -. 71.111 vm fvml, .W-11 'F ns. CAM . nay' ,4,1, ,..- ,. 11' -1- 111 1111 11- 1 A11- 114f1.PI.'11V11g1.1'1Y111,111111111, EYNP1 has .1r'1"L' A 111111 1,l 53 Haw 1114.11 ,rC' 11'1'1', J Leaw' CNT .1111 "1 A .'1- fuf 111 Y 1! ".1r ,' ' 1' 1 Fr-rw A111111-1-.111-1 .-111111 - 'N U 1'1'1 mv" ' 1' 1 Y '1' aw J' wx1111A'f DOROTHY GARBATY W aku . 1 an s s r M1 hr 1 I JIS 1111 Urrw 1 e s 1 re A ' Chry 1 1s ru 1 11 r1v11s Shi' p11r1s To 10 C PY wr k 11 'm assvf fo arm 11. mess 1 vm P .Y 1 ' ' D.1're 1s r'. Sd n . 1 161- 1 L .. ' ' .' sf .1 1 V 1 wdvs 11 Lpy 1 ' Om ou 11 so Q1 is 1I'1.: 31 '. ' Shw 11 1 . e a W . 1" 'P V. 'N 1 "111 h Y C, Q Lwcuorwc hx m 1 1n hor . 11 e . . r - a Y 1 1 T as '11 s . ' rr. 1,-fro 1 - C1 Q1 1 cd her s ua - 11.1 1- 1 1 , .t 0 P gs a11sY1c la1r 3 1 Y DN ' ' an ' 1 YO Yrv ' Y FQ 11fe M Tesf 0 .13 1 ra : Y H 1910! I A 11 1 .Y 1. I for me .1 113 .. fs' Q. 3- V' ' 1 Cm' D01 s NWC '11-1 P11 1-, 1g11O' bored 'or her pevfc 1a1r1Y1- r' 1 1 1' '.1.m,1111-,mm . 11 Te Z: 1- rw. ' w1111r1q 1:3 Wm? .3 Pwr! Sho '. . 1 P Ze h- 151- 0 gm .11', uf f 'mr 0 T0 hr s '1 , atv1l1T, in pun vhs 1 1 1 ',b13 . 1? L TW 1, 117, 111 qa.1'f1r1w11' 11 ' .1-Lf-V' .111 1 fvf, 1 1C 1- , ,, ff S 1rL1'11 rwnv Yfw 'wa ar1'ia'1 8fY1Q T' f . of Qrvav 11111-rmv '11 D111 -,11-111 Tr y sh wa . 1 11141 fy1w11 or . the -,.l A I Shri-wt 1 1 ' X Q, P . 1 I ' 12 rs , L - I 1caI .1 nffc-r q1.11111. 'cm , K 5 ., . U , , ,. ul ESTHER GIORDANO .Q GEORGE GROH PP M IPQ 1 CO0 WILLIAM GRANDE CLARICE GRINNELL mm 'he 'vt ss whose s a erw ' ever 0-' 1 Cu a ' cs ,res 4 1 has r rs no mah the yearbook ami a M t 'hh wake up sta r. e inc 0 1skQ"w we Hovm 4 a P- tak fr P- wmf- E se wh s Q E FRANCES GOLOB Q h her rs v ar rar' as T194 He case when grvmg 1 Ehghsh reports has cer , wo te erwy O' marw r a s e A ,oo Docks was one o her marry hohhres Most of E ans Ncrsurc rrwmc-nfs were par rme , Att: , a a of If F o 'cr rn r s rv, arwertrs ng ANN GRUBER A most tatefvterj wcung Nady Arm Not ohh does she e 0' rw we D ars an accomprrshed pnanrst C c was c c ror 0 ha morkrr-Q team that head thc Chmsa rs st nn so 4d a tme pot: of bern cxchafroe edrtor of the Stu fit-nt Prints Wrth her mtcl lrqcnce and abrlrtx, there rs r c d ubt at s e w surely succeed In cotlege ALEXANDRA HENDERSON Andra s a rn xture of trtent lmess ana lntelllgence what more can one ask? when you hear a rtpottnq laugh ,ou can be sure An ' a ls arount e has worked tndustr ously restdent ot Trl Y ami has been a Nat onal Honor So clety mc-mtrer slnce her sooh omore year Her chlet testre rs o o rr th held rnejlctnc BEVERLY HARSHAW LOIS HAUER vt a oo L s yy w tw o ot tx r U ry r X va w nurnte L r on thc tr thL l TO SNC ms 'L nye L t L C s a rlnk tor an eyenlnq ot ska! her t mn ' r tn er-,Oyment On the ser: ' N L. she as tr she was the teacher new s t ry w trthy 'turn r , tutors x r Q n ' tshl Q h e rw rl ual rw ANN HORKA BETTY ANN HUGHES Ann rs the qtrl who has mahy out of school actlyltres that are kept a secret to most ot her school mates Those who know howeyer ual: e the nterestrng and art: ft ltte she 'ea 1s A reiular sports woman she enoys satltng skatmg and was a pang pong champ at one tame One ot her pleasures rs travellrnq and she plans to see some ot the country through an auto trap Athlcttcalty ncllnet 'emure and rettneft s Betty Ann Her pet te ttaure ant tulonte ltxlr rtraw much attentron whereyer sh ,ces A mem ttrrshrp rn the leatter s Club showe' her partlaluty tor ath letlcs One who enjoys tanc tnq she also llkes ew-zrtment Almost alwiys Betty coulrl Ile lounzl iashrnq ott to pract C ally anyplace at all To llye a lute ot lclsure ls her fond est wrsh FRED HOLAHAN ort s slrqhtly satlrtcal marks hue the alarmmg to take you down a peg or two when you most et N only does he ar out prrnt on ort s t also pr ttces what he reads Hts dlet w ullt 'C tr t llm ' spaghettt ha not tween roncoctrll A rllatlon wr hasetyall ls h s post graduate w sh 1 N Set X. tt ' att' .ttyv k 'ot as kurt my ut 'xg tgtr- tw Neyer wa 'ts t. r at yt ,yl ry ftp r1.1 no ,tl gym. 'r Qml l'n"l.Ltx VCI J! wfy 1 r pluysu qt lg ' get' ng a :eg ss eats W gtn K en' 3' 1 wtrc lrx A 'n poop v was the r nas. n hu' vpn yyiw- tf t ' iw. . . .fy see J h r trust l kvt to 'mme or r a E y wt .'r 'ss-rs 0' th' ta s Aiwy ' 'Q ng - cb O' yt g O g .he Qt ten' P' 'fs h e s wie L a so .antr ' ore' her ettorts rt a y Trung Sun tay sl hool 'J " ' 'V - arii ha 'een .lam tghc Lt arts tt, ca r on a , ' ter ot Trl Y at he owe . lob . tte A soueta' 3 Cheer vs-ll te ln 'Ng .C ool har . etc ,.r-on 5 .' O X M re- ' at tltty ' - UC ' lt ut ' J . Sh we the the : as sr pa :C E .1 ac- D X p , t 1 D . .ast cally ted ' "' lt tl t A - rr th t Q torth r e ot ' A' ., . - . , fx 1'.!.- , .. gt f X. 1 it MARY KENNEDY v. w FDM wfv YC' v Y a 1 .R ,rmgx ff V PAUL JACKSON Jr 1 A P A rv 11 w wr rw ., 'YN P vs ,v OW J ROBERT JONES RICHARD KURC As Vasc- a, rmafaicf 'Q' 'Wee mam an.: a mufrvcr of the funk Tn-.ww M' 'Pc ,vm Dwck SPNOWPX! rms mfcfrcwt ,rv '..'fM-"Vg N A Kuavfa A' ihonzh 3 Gmc? 'Now "C coma be soon afwwhc-ve a romwi whos WCA' H: VN N tmrcazf Km-WC Hv. CHN mic' est ls m rcfmqcratwon mcch :mmm Arrcady he has had three years cwpcvwcfwcc as an apprcnfncr' Yo a rcfrwqcratwow mcchamr ami plans To con tmuc hws fraunmg along thws MHC DOMINICK LATONA DU' " :K wax "-C 'C 'ow W T'- wc eww 'can Km 0 am: 'Q Anus' DC'Ku'N1' N H0 wax ,'c G' misc ":1w.:.1paNs who :am "ff "'r'wX U" 5' 'XC nl qu 1" 'U' "DNN 'A O' fo KCC TPC "u."'D' 'X arm SYJAMOH TJ' f' Lx A N: suvucffcgi thc' Ca'-'wt Xu? on Q' We Marx! A roam homng a Dart twrrm st: '1 .1 Lvadri WSW? Dom Dans ta :ww me Arfvu :wi fm-vw pm ws known-agc to :oat me KENNETH KRASKIN A aii FY' " W Q 1 ,, fn Arr Q V-Q f-4 ,ag qpn rw H Q O 'fn U- -ui 1 ALICE LEANDER Q, ct arrf 'cscwo' yet you "0"fy X Amo H spt UNCH' yea 'war too tak Vat who" vw: 'qw t S awaw Qcmott- '13 r- ce S"e wyxcg ".',:5tr syn! at any 'BSK we way qw" :wut pe-er Hoy tate' t: ': a" 0-"a Shaw O' We wc'-K -eos Lay:"c .Tm st kia, ,I 5 me MJ.. Ca A trawwx 'Q 'aaa A XTC. A JLNPC-3' 'C A CC If LOUIS MANELLA A humofo s ,crso atrty m JV1C'W"78E amarmr an a happy ,O k ra .J c a another from or f tho ta q 'vc a 0 a ara w o ave pa sei thrap, hose portals For ma y ycars Laura 4 tsp ayc to p asctaatl Afmothbr mcrrw' or of our ra 'no epthpsrast cs Q p4arvs fa rom 'he army com MWC w career 5 GEORGE LETT ROBERT LOEBELL or,c ta orwi ami pram mcrvt was Q' oar more am trtrous sc-mars Atthough he iopsrrt ptay an rrwtrumemt yor WTCVCS G orqe tglrovcs n ts a iaqc that Words speak tom ur than acttorw otdm, part tmc pobrtron after scropl hp has atrcaty t ta 0 the tusmos worl Laporw qra patror' he ptam ta 'ccome a chem cal en ,tracer at cr 1 wttt and go you mrdtw ra C mu at any sports eyerwt ot' HL has 1orwe a go ct ,Ott ot co crmg lt! thc games r r thzrc was 'Nc scycral news Vapors Bc rwq prcstdcrwt of Q Wfwpr octet ac U tcwt Cmmfrl mgmhcr d fi 'r rr prvp pro vm ' X poo! by had vw , ocal 3 r ot' Q1 el-- EVELYN LEDGERWOOD Eyu rs a 'atb-at .0 ,' wtai rx yvry ut' X wrt ar- ' tv l"KI y in 'txt' DP' 1"ttv.1'mU 'ttw N A H gp sho 'ta-. pa". gratui rw a Grk Svc X act . 'cf DU' wg 'tw 'a-,t 'ms' A rw sep Ov yn-ar Eyf- wr fro' as .vw au staff r- A ua 1cr"yts 0" fc .Zh 0 :wa"'. pg away at a tylvw' tor ' vs VP A wpttmrv' r' tvtw 'rf A' 1 por' Q' L0 'mmm-1 'aw kt pm tc-'wtcxt :rw E gang to make svrvac Nazi-y curft.t.yC a fpc- Sf'y'CYary MARGARET MCCARTHY st as the ol! song qv cm y only 0 Marqrc She was known for r r rc' ot thc prove rorwct rs :Jolt rw One of the -,matlost qrrls trw the class Marge was truly dcsnrymg of the name Shorty Her wall mgmss to co opcratt was an a sr-t to tho typm sta of the Student Prrnts After Qraiuatuon She plans to at mi Hcqc to u r am' mon ot tcarhmg kmdcr gartcn JEAN McGHEE ,V w W-gk vp-C FRANK MEOLA Vvafk .. wh M-1 0 uw .rv yv K ng QV1 mu vw 1 Um uni' S we K E ' YN x mc vs ur um 4 10 mr WS L I Ywmo worn VYOV gm hntmon JOHN vw VY'!lV'V' yf"1' gxrrk J V1 wc, Q hm H 7 MCLEAN wx V w fx 'NIT' LAB W wbcn V71 'X h W 4 hc wus as Hoo ROBERT McMlLLlN ,Q SEB DOSY l F' MCR CNFV arfa roam ma s who on . " T f M v S cas a' 0 Ncasarvf rx hgyg v.Qfw hmm manv No w was he the V 4 '1 fe 'awefom s Q vcf' 'nc- S PYT DONALD McLAUGHLlN Dfw 5 The Jok w M W W o a ways seemed To he rm' Thm P' ,JF OV afv Sen ff- Q 'ro 0' ce ,- C vC' V a 0' We OCBVTIQ Vw: vow a mambo ' s Va mr ' HC' 'cams as MH a esmaf s . 3 JEAN MILLAR 'H H' wmv 'WCW MK '1 wxfh C haf me fav fare do sw' Q a ' asiccwaw 'PK V' Na Q , a c HOV 'no on 'Q xu.a'wf'4BTP1rHcH :mm 1 T Y ha o'tei w r ae pusow of warwoui actompl sh mc-UTS her artxstuc rcdwmque hai been oufifandm Jean looks forwar' to a Dosm n as an E 3 sh macho a or colhege V? ANNA MAY NIXON I1 f- nat ral w n La VC S V7 J uf! Aw a a, Mern uersn ,J 'O toa years has taken up mach of er tlrne Most any Frlday l ht sne oo D loon l l WVJMVI C fOl C s atlnq rlnl-4 'or s ln one ot ber tavor te 'arms O recreatron Her a ocat on now an ca On 15YQr mu I w play n rnportant part n Anna Mays future VT .1 GERALDINE MIRAGLIA PATRICIA MURRAY s DC l an s ur, amos! L w rnnwar Q1 Jr w 4 Y- r' ws fre n 'V' L L Us r FTM VTVWCV Lys new Mr rut Ewa 1 wlrmltlw Uxn lrlut L O xll A ww slr PM .s or tm S 'S VTN FOV 1 l l U w os Sd K KOH, Lraa 'sm Om m 3 my l t wr lr .no ut Qs GEORGE 0'NEILL Blackrc was our qrcat out door man Skllnq nuntlnq frshlnt or any sufh uctlylt, always lntereste ' hlm ln hls sophomore year nc lolnerl our class ani slrlce then lw s mls cnlcw ous astro s have le come well known to most ol us Asrrle from laelnq a hurler on the trark team nls unter csts Ile ln the electrcal en qlneerlnq flelrl ln whlch he hopes to partlflpate alter a collcqe cclucatlon JOHN PACKOWSKI There ls nothlng qulte so rare as a mop of wavy half One look at John and thus state ment ls corltlrmed Belng one of those fellows who takes llfc as lt comes John rarely 'ounf' nlmself ln the mldst of any unusual actlvltly When 2 55 rolled around he was one of the happlc-sr boys to lun found anywhere lt ls rertaln that whlcheycr flelfi hp rho ses lt wlll lyencflt by hrs entrance 41? WILLIAM NlxoN tor beln, C QOO Ooklnq Ll u ' as y e low w school Not only toys be look e part actor to proveJ that he could play t well C er' ln yarlo ool plays A 1 four ye r rmn who , aycll ent on e 'Qt all to rn bll may we ra se l r s tlnf? er rrnan es vans nange has ,neqgpl pants lor ones ot Navy true POVK- N L"'f 3"f L"'r .ics Flat s to" ani nature ma, crltes G' 5 Dt"0ctl, lt- QL, lg 5 rw f-0 lyk, A .zogk -t arm? A 'CA lx rescue' ire " Mpc lax, in rg wflfw W X wk, ll., f ,, L.Ll,,,- ya M 3, .y ,s V, 'el 'nec nm 'H n " A 5' 'l' wt te :v t X '.1.-xgyrewi ,A Lllar 1- X on He at ll t, ln ,114 'ot wa a,f.,.ully :mr ni Q . 5DQ'ts anti 1 ., sn rx rw th ngs feng B5-X, 195 gpg-l-3 1 .ter s Chl' ' llr. ter' to 0 7 t' ot ' do tent lt ut K lllfw Y use t .3 Prlrrt l r wa' J'-o . 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'-v toorhl pott no f' s legs czocq JY .A"'A il' ' ,nn ng ag' the TVGLK after scnee Hrs nxtsrc acttyf rtres rx aletl rwaxrnq the trornrrct n 'hc sd-so eurws- fra an: Cos 'wma y was gyng ns yeca .:"s ar- ar- tng rn the ea s is nterest- CG 's .ee rn h.s 'ats and Sharps that he vs l prottalwlx so we:l wrtrw then! rn the tature DONALD STEINMETZ Don ts the fellow who made a tune snowmg on the da ce floor Hts congental manner and smooth style made htm well known throughout the school Along the sports lane Don was one ot oar speedy halfbacks 0 the football team l-le was also an able co captarn ot the track team As a member of the Drama trc Arts class he proved hrs naturalness for actnng JOSEPH SMAGOWICZ ALICE STANG The long lean tellow wlth the southern 3 r an the rat n e w w s J e Not real ret o ce you know htm Joe mrght be termed a regu lar rel w As a tepenriaole Student Counc l yrcc' presl dent he ettcently carrre o hs J es ln basket well he won a place o rememe a ce for hrs partc a oh W h a e hazy the e s lrttle ctoolnt that en lt clears h wll m erge a success vm Alrce has a merry heart that makes a cheerful counten ance A ways peasant out eyer reseryet rt takes a wht e to really know and under stand her Soentlnq much her tme rr the krtc en Ice a accomells eel cook Collecttn, knrck knacks s one ot her yarroas hotvores rces a 'tty rn bookke n wrll surely ard her In r chosen career ot a teacher ln this flC ci LEO SHEVLIN Le farm' fr .A rn 't-grtvrn lrer lrorn .1 Ph-laitrlrrhm sclro rl where swtmfn ng anl the r 'te team helm P1 s nter est Hts Qlllet maoner anfl rell harr lletrnltely contralllrt each other H.lr1en talent was 'scoyeret 'rom the tew ttmes he Qaye an ora EnQlrSh report The tancl also wel- come-.1 hum as a memtrer We can look lorwarrl to Leo af tremq a capable rloctor ARTHUR SULLIVAN Art pleasant full of fun and llkeri by everyone was one of our tall st sen or fellows By playlnq tackle on the toot hal team he helped N A wan many a ylctory Hrs Qar rulous nature and subtle hu mor enllyenel the classrooms for eyeryone For a whsle h d e a te but la er on he wants to settle clown to comr-nerclal art LeROY TERRY wp r my rv M 5 On CvC fow ffm v 'N RICHARD WERNES n. CK I SSL W ww' vs YU V' JY w dw wr IW wh E Cn' VY73 'T wmv-om hm .3 WC Zim' NPC' vx TVVMA -JJCY U vm As P ruvwark H -A my 1 W s sfufiy h no worrwcs a 'wo vu ' U m w.s a W -X fu ans re mysicry SY s wovk has aNwawS cc mtcrcs 'or LORRAINE DOREEN WATSON WATERFIELD WIC A81 . fa' vw eer- N Q w vi ma' s on ' af aw va 'WS we Hof Ric -N1 H 1 a me son m,w.mar 5 r- ,Q S . ANNE THOMAS f Qmr IWW. CUC ,- '- ' Q 'he a Q ,, ear 'f S BYTE awes bc O ans 'U 'fa mm JOAN WEST " a 'HC 0' 'fan 2 fate w a ,en FCBYY 0 S an mn '1 For mawn r .fw speech O" cv- mama Cass pro a 'N 'oafw Ccrtamwy was pc 'armor VMH1 a rw Q wat m, an' USU at one 0' mcse as? rv cs Hcv beau? ful soft C' xcncc Mx :Jah ma hor the swgu she hopes Yo hc CARL WHEELER ROBERT WOLFE v0 ha, 4 or vw 0 1VWx ' L 'Hrcr 1 H S Tw DORIS WHITE vx PNN V' V KENNETH BERGENDAHL WILMER RICHARDS W gf mg Q5 95 U54 I 5 Lt O'f in 34 fl TL' be Dx.. 2 S: Rf ug 510 .if 75 if FQ Q.. 1, CL C. ffm Cr? ft fl aj E, E4 ITN 'UQ fa ,cz PP: LJE1 uf. 27: M X... jx 2.2 -Ci mf: 3 -rc x RQ! any Lf: .- fo -o CJ ND ic, 25 :M E: Q2 F5 54 20 Zim L39 O 3 012 me ..c 5E fn LLLJ - '5 .x A 5 E 2 fa E Q uw ...4 La xJ E N: C O D Cx E J L71 ,- "1 E E I'- 5 .1 'J 5 3 'C Q 5 Ct .1 XJ b 3 Z Q 5 3 J J .i Q 5 .4 .1 1 f. 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C C f Ill Di .9 2- 1 E J C D Q E f 2 5 4 :- .C Q L .4 E ni ,X E 2 11 C fu Q :Z f u ii 3 I - o .J 'Q r- f E Ji 5 JJ C1 E f c Cl LU c .c c -N 3 C nz E c Q c KA E O O LD , .1 f ? 6 2' 2 'J LI 'P O 3, 2 1 kJ 5 1 1 .J f .J ,K 5 J L ,1 F cz Q E l? r- Z if Cx kJ 52 X1 N c O .2 f U f: 2 O 'E 'Q C2 C .G i E CW I ED C G .r U5 9 u. E 75 I? C 1 'U IZ if T3 cr by Q C C Q X 3 E S 1: ff Q 4 Pa E 5 O O f 0 L. CL U C 3 5. M 5 .C Ln C P- T5 5 ua ', , ,JT ilu 4 J' , , 6,291 C O ua C .C O 1 5- 'C C ff si ru L gf. .1 3 Q 0. C o U E L U ,- 5 .1 ? Q 5- G I 5 CK .xc Q ID N CL I Q Q Jw O w 15 E bd 5 5 K1 ra .A x Q 5 .n C .1 Q .J LJ fx 3 A O CL fi J X Ay NNum.n 57 sms 3 WGBH 33 Y 'f J ' x ,n 3.- ?!TTfE TJQEE , 45: H H f94AJ N A H.H, AQWNE HASLHEX 2 X xi 27 n 'fi jig 4 E 'E' V5 if 5 1, f?.a.3,+, ' Q rr fp we-37a"5f ff.. 7 if Be 'J npr: -19 ,S 294586, 51 W ,7 5 W t ,ggssi .' ."' .,', ,,' fe Q.. ,,, ,Q ff I Q fs -Q ik :ess 325 "E.40-572249-131345622 26 ,, 32, 34 5 Q - - i A! .gh f' 'J' Q Q P gi' E539-523315305 355 -Q. . '91 ff ,f J ...if " ' Hz if' riff? .' 9 . ,.4-.fV4v A ' 1 1 Q V' - ' . ina bf. ill-'L . I - INN K JN- , :,,1!,:',M',.- V gf U Ai1T 5?Ay.iA:Anf9?2f f'f'1?g15i",y'Q! - 'Wig-i1?,i,,f, ' f3'fF.i"f'G12"':fiS5L-Eff . ' :fy , Q K ' f - f . if 'A' -1",, " P - Q ri 5 V S ' . V . 1 Q I , I If - g 15 'A' ' K ' 1 lwffisf ' 'rg- fsf' ' 1+ ' X QQ- 'pw1i'1f :swf rg A 523, ,,V ,my - -:'?4'-- j, b N .fv,,A 1 '-Wx-'lkyrq,, 07 .43 W' 3 . ' A"Q.. NA s BUUSV CLUB A 0 1 'Y A ,I In 3. V? ,. n -o Q P I 'I 0 Q W C L' 1 X N A , . fx 'si 441 3' 2 ivy an-v -,MQU 4. V 4, '-fs,,..m. ,4 - .Mfg gm. . L""'4'51'i xg: X ' X I' ' ,g 3 3 . ' Q 'Q X Hflif. 7 '.. 2 " .,,,,B , 1 1 fn 4 I xi' ' y "mf I I " ' I , . A::v."::'l Jai: 'Lita ffagzg-A 1 l 4 - -.. ,. K - '.,',: s - 'A' ' pf l.u,l,.",,,..,.. ' H. .-." 'J, X ,F .0 ,. . A 5 A A , j.f-,1'fn13fkLl' ,A . ,Q ,, AlN'Y"-ff" .f AAN Qfr'.s.., l - U ,. A x H .. V 5. . ' .,--. -1 ,'-- ' .ix k1.7+"'1-5' , -- . 4 ...s.:,,,S. vwkf, 1 .f . y - M , . . vi 2' - ' .. 'Qi-14" W - " . -4,H,'L"Qt' qffj, ..f-I ..",'a .fgeifl .inf rf ' I ' fri-' f --' -, 4. ' ' - ""'lf1 W '"i .' " ' . . ' . .1-,gh ,, , - ' if - v f ,. , . .4' g ,.-, ' P7 -v4 A " ' '4-fl' ,' '- J "f'f.,'. ', ' . " ' 'ff' - ' 7 fp .- '- . ' 'V' , 'mfsuf .4 ff, -' 'L '4 ML.-' .!1...'.x. 15.2 1: A 'Y 'V ' Z - -r .. of gr.. 9-:inf -' .mx ., - . l,9...' .. . -71 . N A . 1 M A. s,1..' AL- gb!! QB yin-if 'ilk Lf W ,YJ '-3.5. f v. , V 'kj . ' -' ' v Jr -1. 1. A 4 . 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N 11 15 ,4 L 4 , ' l 51, ffm M191 ' ,r -1 '-s H imaf, 1' 'Q JS' 1011 Q fx O A ,vs 'Qi Q 7 ,.O .fs 2 'Kiwis 5 may I sf - 3 Q -Q , x, i qw pf , is 'Y' 6 Q, ig i si wi 5,-af M F1 is NAI-iff N H mm' vigil!! -UBI.-l lf? , 3,11 Sin 24-.3 Altus 1? nrvgl.. U A yi 1 .ls- qpii .,w.t., ,585 Y- 3' i'1f.'tLxY. s. -in IQ .i eftff'ii f If w ff' 'K 'Q kai Nfl. ll!--.1 9 1 y iw za- Mxzg ski- .Q W L fs Ml ' ,f +1 f 41- A 4 was. 3 r v 1 ...I RQ , tv N, 7 s 1.5 2.123 2 ,- r! All Q 00" 'rr Wolfe, Ann Gruber Ar Carhcarf Dorrs ron! Rowi Anne Thomas, Don M:L.aoQrwlrn NA: Kenneth Braiforzt Jean Mrrrar B.. Serrcrstrom, Eoo McMrNkan Agnes Fcrqdsov Jack McLean , rn Day Cs Ernei Freeman, Orck Wernes LeRoy Tcrry - srmw Mfvrlyn Baran, Terry DrPasooanromo Back Row Dorothy Garhaty, Par Murray, Fred Holarran, 's rr, Oarrce Grrnneil, Peggy Frsrrk, Marge Alien, Beverly Hur Bob Loeoe sf. N53 'seg HIS hafd-Work' m9 group of Sensors is responsible for the b Year Ook, Their . b U IO s Included planning, taking pictures 1 1 Wflfing and ' Q4 Mr. Kenneth Bradford advised them. 44 'C 1 ly, fp, , uavyx -ft fi.. e-'fidi .Jr . Fxet Ruw Mu' cl Gage Ours tems Va' w' BTH" A' "3 '-fe' , :mf flaw ca" V a' Fa? Muna- BOD Lovell Mss Jupek lu-, DlPasq,,a's'.ff' Eze-c .y va' an :, :wa lie Le' Eaflf R vw Nhrgafc-' P ' we ant' Tufne ,Nl ce S'a"3 Ja' Lt' 'va 11' Pegiv Fvs' v I-nne T'2"Y'8E Dors Setterstrorn Dooala M .,a,t1"tl 'N 1294 ge C Nl- l Spur qc GPH' U' L-l Frvvnan .12 . V ". g 11 'L f .. , "5 Sta' iw Kama sk Boa M1Vlla'1 Lra Q Vgenwv '- 'a e ,lnwzc uw '1-l VJ", O: w ': V1 c 1 F L fn L ,sf Pesevary Pau anc Gordon Trernpe Student Pawn O wnte and ednt school news is the fob of.tl1e Student Prnnts Staff. Thus staff as entlrely voluntary and the paper is selfasupporting. Make up and typing are nmportant functuons and every nnteresting event, small or large may be found between nts folds, due to the news- noses of the reporters. Mass Clfmupak was advlser untul slwe left her posi- tron an care of Miss Tarentino. J 'V I r- ont Row r nk H mutt' J net Smith Mrs Dav ig M o kingdalo, AI Calhcart, Maryorie Eastwick, Boo Locbell, Mu L uaqc Hurry Br gh? ox n aw t' adsen yntnia Fa rnil R 'S caricc' Rnnarvan Stephen Kawalski, Doris Settersfrom L gc u s He es Kenrwetri vvimuw n Trent Tneolofe Barrciro Barbara Mclancc S C' ' HE Student Council serves as the govern- ment of the school, Sponsored by Mrs. Davidson, this organizations main functions are to regulate the activities of the students and discuss the problems that arise. Font Row Beverly Jcnk ns Aqncs Ferguson Joan Oswald, Jann Smzlair Muricl Barrd, Joan Douglas, Mary Westmoreland Helen Walkur w ,Cr ce.,e mas qua r o cvmirt Harry McCrra Don Sternrrwctz George Lett Don Brady, Craig McCorkin ale ony Ganc stoharo Rona Gardner Ray Yorilowfky, Louis Cnicuone 1 14 ' 1 'f -A U i fl' xv-Q-vw. ' . X. sa X :Y roof Row Par 'vkxvay Pegg, Frs'k Arv1'a Heofersoo Anno Thomas Jean M-Mar, Ann Gwoer Ba'bara Render MISS Pelrssnef Ban Row Doc E5'ai, ,amos Dar cs Florgert Locrzdl Geoge Have! A1 Cafrwcarf Crag McCo'kw'1dale ' J! Sacred, HE mam purpose of the Natrona! Honor Society is to promote character, loyalty, scholarship, and service Members are chosen for these four values,ar1d perform a service for the school each year Mass Pelnssier is sponsor. X.4 14: Front Row, Aurilio Coinfenero Paul Jackson, Manuel Barros, Don McLaughlin, Mr. H Bradford, Albie Francis, Willie Grande, John McLean, Fred Holahan Back Row Richard Kirk, Carl Wneeer Pat Cox Paul Emma, Sam Bernadino, Andrew Rivas, Robert MacMillan James Dav es Craig McCorkin41aIe John Ritter SAFETY PATROL ITHSTANDING the elements of the out- doors the Safety Patrol directed the stu- dents entering and leaving school. 48 USHERS HE faithful ushers have been seen sta- tioned in the halls throughout the year regulating student traffic between classes, The young good looking fellow in the center of the front row is the fa- culty adviser. tl W D . f - Q . ,5 ft! A V E ' si 5,4 3. Q. nf 9 U 'A if O F, 1 lf? 54453. .. 'S .5 2 x 'ly QA! xv'. -U ifxx K 5 f y ' ,c .. ,V I , 9 0 f N 1 Y K if W Y BOYS GLEE CLUB Front Row Rtchard Hughes, Fred Betz Anthony Truncale, Mack Hennze, Arthur Blake, Rrchard Weedan, Wnllram Booth, Wllliarn Hosksng Stewart M:Cordr1dale, John Madsen Kenneth Mazzle, Ray Yodlowsky Charles West, Robert Bxanchl, Walter Puzra. Second Row John Y, lle Amerlzo Barros, Arlrsta r Robertson Manuel Ba"os Pau, Jackson, George O'Nelll, George Groh, Ernest Cerone. Ja:k Crark, Joe Henderson Marvn Novrek, Joe Scnmrdl Efward l-lance, Edward Redmond, John Bonacorte, James Hawn, George, Black, Waiter Ragan Thlrd Row Don Ctlnerti, John MacLeod Don Brady, Wrllrs Rhodes, Nrck DePace Boo Ognlvle, Ray Frled, Bob Schaefer, John McLean, Rrcnard Wernes, Joe, Frank Vlglorla, Paul Emma, Patsy Bosco, Edward Garbaty, Pat Cox, Frank Bianchn, Bob Whltakcr Back Row. Slyro Fernandes Crarg McCorklndale, Wrll Grande Edward Sanzalone, Carmelo LaSpada, Edward Ercke, Wnlllam Ger- stenrnler, Frank Rogers Boo Jones, Don McLaughlrn, Andy Rtvas Rooert Marsevrch, Bob McMrllan, Paul Molrnarr, Aurelio Col- menero Blll N.xon, Aloert Francrs, Harold Gull, Thomas Squatrlto, Front Row' Anna May Nrxon, Peggy Rooney, Barbara McCance, Marla LaSpada, Edrth Kyanme, Joan McCrlvery, Adnan Spanger, Lucy Sabaglan, Ellen Grawtord, Imogene Sn-edley, DelRhoda Bocclrrzchro, Rose Marte Giordano, Rosalyn Mayo, Joan Sawickr, Second Row, Ann Gruber, Hazel Schaefer Celeste Wolper Annaoeth Shelhamer Jean Srmmons, Janette McDonald, June Brennan, Dorns Setterstrorn, Mtldred Sharp, Eunrce Paost, Dorothy Sko skl Home Rulz, Joan Ragland, Mary Kennedy, Arlene Donaldson, Baroara Relder Thurd Row: Arleen Orrozk, Joan Carlough, Janet Wollenhaopt Glorra Hayman Bernrce l-layel Annette Paserchra, RoseMarne Fable ano Marlon Falzarano, Marla Tedeszo, Dolores Masella, Audrey Krauss, Carolrne Campoo, Shlrley Sawlcku, Barbara Bartheld, Ger- aldrnc Tedesco, Vmglnra Schultz Back Row' Marlorre Cochran Carol Farese Mildred Frlsh, Marrlyn Hudson Janet Smrtlrr Murlel Barrd, Joan Srnclalr, Janet Turner, Molly Frlel, Dolores Saooruto Evelyn Snneids, Shrrley Wtlson Charlotte Keller, Provan, Clarissa Klnnarnon, Patricia LeBretOn, Mary Ann Mlchalek, Evelyn Ledgerwood. GIRLS GLEE CLUB 50 1 I X l i 2 ' ' 1 1 t i .i l X i mt Q James Brcmner Leo Shevcln Margret Eizke Ddores Bower Marv Kennedy Ann Gruber Do is Frandsen MI re Snars Bern ce Havel Dolores Saporito 'ack Rcw scbel Squfc Jack Kcnnety Dominick Latona James Davies George Havel Joseph Sharp, Davd Biedermen Frank Harfmitn Howavf Waterfelfi Michael Bedigan Qooert Keiler, Ralph Petruzze Diane McLaughlin HIS Year's music department has been one of the most active. The orcl'1estra's lively marches marked almost every assembly time. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the National Honor Society induction featured special glee club programs. Both glee clubs pooled efforts for a successful movie and dance, Miss Zingaro is the director of musical activities. X 1 S 2 S QL L Q ox. , -Q - 9 N-N ' ' L. xf ,- r I . ' .. , .. , , . 1- ,L A 5 fx' . ff ' hx fs QSM 1 Nag 3 I I 'U 'n r . ,S ,Q 1 41 Qui! 1l-..-gp-vff- ! ,,,. fx., S.-xi Crew I L. 4 X. W .xg '-'ig ex I ial K 1 ,..f.L.- l 1 - xr- H .Hg .',. f . ny 'v!., LU 15 1 5' 1 Ya ,' Q! x 1 Q13 ,Adm ir du I J" 'E V.:-f-fu ,i " A 21 .Q ,,1,.-. ' ,eg ' ix ' va LT.:-'-.wg"'g5f1Q1x'F"hf"1?g7" ' ,' If --- M . 4 ' .-ff uw R f"' pf 'KM Fuwf . ' " s ' , X .1- -rf" 1 nb F' -ali?" FACULTY Pm- Zffu 2 IV. 14.1 I ..9,9.Q'Q, .,- - v .4Q.- ,QQ-'Q -0-. ,OOJO 4:..w .v.'w.: . 5 v...v.v.. Q v , v,-O-. .- .' -4 Q QQ.. . , Q .9:O,Q.4. as ' . . .4 . 9.,'I..' 57" . ' . ' l .'Q. Q '..Q.O 4. .OOOOQ ' 4 . .'.... . ..O.,. Q ,- 1 ' is A' 5 1 Ks.. t "f .. H - . v... A.. '.. ...Q . ' -5. 2 , 5 D ' , Q . - 5.0. 0.0' 'W X' X Q ':" '0'0 av, '. 1 gg gg I :W Ox o 4,6 0 , V Q Q Q x -Q V O O 0 O O , 0 - Q Q Q.: 1 9. . O 0.0.0. N N 3 ' ' '0 0 0 0 . Q . me.- ,h, ' l Q 0 004, . s - 00009 ,Q ,N G ,0 000 Q Q-. H ,O O O. U Q. 'L 0. Q .0 0: 3 f 0:0 0:0 0 '0 'f 0 0 0 0 0. 0.5 A 0 .Q Q 6 0: -'fi ' in 0. :' g '0.0 U 0'q. '0 'H 'o .0 ' '4 4 .0 0 O ' 0. ' Q' 0 ". O'9' Q., IO.. Q4 . 1' 0 0'0 "' " 1 0' Q "L Q 0 0 Q0 - 5 0 .Q.O. Q.. O. 1 gf.. ' OO.. . 1 9. .0 0. 0.' . f0.b 00. 'fx Q 0. . , . QQQOQ. ix - 1.0 q OO 9,4 A '. Q. Q ,'q'0:0 0.04 fn .1 Q... .Og 2 , 0. Q. O .4 . - . Q , QQ O , . .6 q Q .5 O 9 Q A .u-2 ,, ,Q.' .05 Q ' v. li . ,QQ f - 1 ,x Q Q 's ,lx'n' Q. Q . - D 9 n:',vl .L Q. :'a 'ma 'xx . -I.. Ns.Y . g . .zszxt xi S . -ul: : ' .,"". if an ll.. . . ' 1 p' V -I' I , qi, O 41,1 I 2 'lg ' A 'ft I, 'I ji if 'll :..ll- tx if ..:a.,.:::lp ' X 'pill .tj I 3- lj . Q 'll' :Af ' ag. lg: Ill: " 4.'llll llq ul:' I, K llll gg.. ll . .,, W A . llll -I., il" -."q Ill as - ..1l1'. 4.' 5 'll lan "' ' l I O' ' llll :. 'll' 055' 'Ill' 'u '0 0' 0 v. , 'o 'U u I,O' ',- "' . uv. 'q. 'o 'c. ,Q Q ,n 4 - ' v"l "1 'U 0" 'a"s' ' .. . AA O Q, .f Q' '. !.,:.. f., , -mv ,nv- 'u..:... Ink, 1'.,'-li .ff :QC . 'lv V 'Ox j sn: D I 1.9 s 'O 'V . .I ' 1 S ' Q ' ll '0' HN ' ' ' 0'00 " . . . A fs . , 0, 0009 I U, vOQ Q OOO I- . - . OO 0 QC 0 O04 , . A OOO Q O OO, --vs 4 I-,000 .037 'OO 0 QQ 0 0000 N, .0'000 0'0'.' 0 0 0 '.'0'0'0 0 f 'f L3 ' '0'0' ' ' 0 03'-' - - 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .- ,,.,0.0,0 0. O 0 .0 0.0.0 0 Q r fo 0 0 0 0 0 0 ., 0 A,.0. 0.0.0 . . QAQ 4 6 :4naounanuadaflld4ycaailfa92uaonwa4madcan3l. Wa1cnliauifbay,anJ1oacl4f.L'omaJna70a!uf4'4Llp4ouJlo4oMc acl-wlidwza. 3uMoaaJnJ6aflunfa47sa!laudaa!4,Juwa46aoauuJ14faq 2uoon,a!MchaJdional1WaqfDancc. . Se A Gerry Miraglia Pessv Rooney 1. Beverly Harslraw I Grinnell , l f Q Rf ' Masq .Queen 14 Jen Millar Watson White 1. Freeman Ethel 1 yi- Margaret Altieri A 'NL N--4 W 1 '1i'3??W'i X I Q J Q as .-P f A Q ' , 1' 4 A f J 4 94 'kvi fr 17 if if 1' as I , Q, , Y N. Q L ? K V v At Work mn the Art Room 60 Thafs how the-y're made Flyrng crmps 'Ji V9 .1 ki? .haha l At work ID the krfchcn JUNIOR Quiet and mtdlngent, SENIOR Quncf. xg if FRESHMAN um-1, aTu,1ufuH, and mtQHnqer1t, wayz akfrr and diwng h 5 best SOPHOMORE Quxer and wfellugerwt awaxs a err 'tl rg.. ' N. X k Z. I -3-4' ,gms Wfi --'57 YQ Q af, , sqiiw , f . fy 4 - Qfflv - '- ,- Y 'nw gl- Us if-.:'3 g' ?'r'1'f-53.2.---- ' Q 4- " , ' ' 1' ' - P- " 's J 8 3' s I . ,,' Y. .. s or 'O 5 I Y lj .Mm -fff go. N "'.In' A nf f ! e, 4 im 'Y 375 L02 ., nie M: gg. ., L, I 1 he 1 . . W. in my M 19 in X J Nr' MV' i S 5 id u 0' .1 ."f JI' I ' V of il- ! , A4 if 1 Q-4 .. if sf' Q1 U f 3 5' -r -v 1- Q N LS. A s Marge Brummer Bob Hart --1-vi-nrvvevvl-in-4- PATRONS Mr and Mrs A Altueru Allce Helen Esther and Dot Mr and Mrs Walter Anthony Mrs Florence Anderson Mr and Mrs J Anderson Mass Ema M Audeslrk Mrs Emma C Audeslrk Mass Muna B Audesark Mr and Mrs Edwun Aymar Sr Mr Pat and Mrs Baurd S rolrnan and Mrs Alex Baurd and Mrs S Baran and Mrs D Bull Joseph R Black and Mrs Blake Mass Martha Blow Bob and Anne I' S Mus and Mrs Howard l. Bradford Kenneth Bradford and Mrs W Braun s Helen Brazukas and Mrs Sam Brenner and Mrs H Bnght J Wulllam Brogan Mrs Mr Mrs Mr Mr Mrs s L ulse Fadden an 1 Mrs S Farrlngton St anley M Fenntuch 1ndMrs A M Ferguson and Mrs Frank 1 N Flscher George Flumlun Joseph Fllrnlln Ford and Mrs an l Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Albert Francus R Freeman J sephR Fnstuk G Fuschtlla Mass Erdene Gage Mrs J A Gage Mr and Mrs George and Mus Mr Mrs SAnne L and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs A Garbaty Dot Grordano G Glordano Thomas Gordon Wulllam Grande Harold E Gnnnell H Groh Emnly M Gruber and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs J Chrnst James Brydon J Calello Russell W Capwell J Cathcart Ralph Cerone Mrss Llllran Chupak Mr and Mrs FredL Cobb Mass Joan Cochrane M Rrp Col Ins Mrs WllllamJ Collnns and Mrs and Mrs Thomas Hartnett D J Harshaw Mrs A Hauer A Hauer Mr and Mrs Robert Hawthorne and Mrs A T Hayman Helen and Bob and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Alexander Henderson Donald P Hoagland C Hoffeman Charles E Hoffeman Mr and Mrs Wallace H Cooper Mr and Mrs Albert Cox Mlss Janet Cunntngharn Mrs MaryE Davldson Mr and Mrs James B Dawes Mrs WuIlnarnW Daynes Sr Mr and Mrs FredenckJ Duttman Mr and Mrs J Duxous Jr Dons and Al Mass Betty Downue Rev and Mrs Warren Eastwtck Mr and Mrs F C Ehnes Mr and Mrs FredA Evans Frank Holahan Mlss Helen Holahan M and Mrs F A Holahan Mr and Mrs P G Holahan Mr and Mrs W R Holbert Marne Buckley Horka Mass Jannre Hostos Mr and Mrs GeorgeA Hughes Mr and Mrs FrankJ Hurley Mr Edward Hutcheson Mrs Wulllam Hutcheson Mr and Mrs H C Johnson Mr and Mrs Edward Jones P F ler Mr H ' Mr. ' , . , , Mr . , r. Mr Mr t 1 Mr, Mr . 3 , Mr. Mr , , Mr. Mr . Mr , , M . Mr Mrk . Ml Nlr. Mr, . Mr . , ' Mr, . . Mr. , . Mr. , ' ' . . Mr. . Mr . MV. Mr. . Mr. Mr. and Mrs, L. Cameron Mr. and Mrs. H, Hatch Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr Mr. . - . Mr, . ,Jr. M' - J , . . Mr, . Mr, . . ru " ' " I Mr. , y Mr. . . 4 I V. . . . , . . , ,Sn 66 PATRONS Edward JosephJ nes J r and Mr Harry Kennedy andMr Thom? Kgnnedy andMrs Ch3rlesA Klentz and Mr rn L Joseph K and Mrs G J Kraslrln Otto Krau s r 8 V V and Mrs Joseph Kurc inf Mr 'lr Lmnte and Mr A t ed R W Larlf rry and L o C and Mrs J Leander and Mrs J Led gnrw o Jnseoh Lu h Jn an Nr Pr ce un: M prlgyg Mrs P sMar Rank rw Ara e Reddx Frcors R r-trnere we ,ra M and Mr L urs Ro lnblatt 3ndM s W C Ro e a a n n Mr P J rn and M A ,ert S haeler and Mr Pao Stetverge an l M L Setterstr and Mrs J kr' W Lett Mass Emma Llster Mr John Lorlfard Mr and Mrs Jarnes Loclaell JamesA L ebell U Rooert Loeoell Mr and Mrs H Nl Lund M and Mrs R Lyon Mlss Jean Madden Mr and Mrs Sarroel Mal rn Mr and Mrs D rf Manns Mr and Mrs VN llarn McCarthy Mrs Glenn McCord Mr and Mrs John MCGhee andMrs R McLaughlln and Mrs Fran ls? NAcNa x r and Mrs Rudolph Mlchalek and Mrs Blng Mlllar dwln N Mll ar and Vlrs Wt arn R Ml and Mrs :lrnoMlraglla and Mrs Morgan Mrs A Morlock Bob Morlock S 2 C Mr and Mrs L Mortensen Mlss Ethel Mulcahy and Mrs A Murray and Mrs WrllramB Nlxon and Mrs John H Nixon and Mrs E Norman Nelson Wlnsor Nlelsen and Mrs ErwsnG Pabst and Mrs Carl Paffendorf Mass Margaret Pelrssrer Mr and Mrs A Perklns an M t'a les an 1 Mr x der Je mr' Srnlth Ma lC arf' th 'nt w a M Henrs 5 a Mr andMrs tn A Stelger Mlss Roberta Qtollo Mr and Mrs Das rl Sornrners Mr and Mrs A thor Su l w Mrs Katfer ng walr' Mr and Mrs Dona C10 Thomas Mr and Mrs l-larry S Tn ms Mlss Paolrr-e Treanor 'vllss Anr' T nudl M M Tor Mr and Mrs Turner andMrs F Uerdann arl A Ullman r andM s A Uhkert Mlss oren evl al Mlss FrancesA Vltella and Mrs Henrw Waldhelrn and Mrs l-lar ld Watson and Mrs E A Wernes Dasld R Wheeler and Mrs Fredenck B Wheeler Mlss Joan M Whrttord and Mrs Charles l-l Wlseman Donald Wlsernan and Mrs Paul R Wolfe r and Mrs PaulR Wolfe J and Mrs T NNrught MlssJaneWyderv1an Mrs Allce Young v11, -1-4113-e::A -ages? 4-4- Z2 , r Mr r: ls J , Mr s Mr . 1 rs E l-- Mr u F KS ' ' Nlr and J 'reztcn Mr . Ml. 4, J ta Mr s VVlllla Klllaln Mlss ra M ang Mrk, 1 A ng Mr , Mlszf ll l- rsa Dr Y, Mr s C s Mr Mr . , r :ln l M . l s C. . l s Ml ,N t -leRa'1u lex Mr f, "r- ln Les a ti s J ' fanso L 1 l Nl' 's T C M Mr . - l r Mr ' - 1 - o. tl Mr . r r, Cnarl 's gm M r . 1 3 f' M' ark? M' Jg L-ph Sharp Mr C Mvrd ,rsC "FSls Mr r ,s Ale an Srncralr ., Mrl,', H ' f Maw, r F . T-5 3 S Arrn, S, l' no Marge r A .. lcol l l ' ' C H an C ' . V 1 C S l 4 'li V l l ' ,Q in J Mr l J sc n Mr Q l 'l l - 1,5 M ' H Mr Mr E l E Mr l 1' ar M r , Nlr ' FI C t l Mr . Mr, I I Mr C Mr ' ' Mr Mr. Mr Mr , Mr . Mr Mr . Mr Mr. Mr Mr , M , r Mr Mr C- Complmwcmfs of Mr Todd of the TODD STUDIOS J I Who zs the owe with a mle GIRL very much luke you-perhaps she lives on your block or went to your school She s friendly wants to get ahead and takes prlde an a lob that counts In her communuty She dresses well too on a salary that IS the hughest nn tele phone hnstory Yes she llkes lt here the mterestmg work the pleasant surroundlngs the feeling of working with young people like herself You wnll luke It here too And your Vocational Guldance DI rector can tell you how easy lt ns to become a Vonce with a Smale after you graduate Ask her today New Jersey Bell Telephone Company 69 o ev . . - ',f ' 'L .l . " I -:A B ' if-3 . . , . ' I , . . . . - f 1 ' I I 1 . . . . . . I - ' . . ,, . . 0 ll 0 I Compliments of I-I Bright Company, Inc REFRACTORY ENGINEERS 240 242 DUKES STREET KEARNY NEW JERSEY fl PNA Tift :J hw You II always remember the day-the day you sounding Alumnus or Alumna There are other things to remember, too-things like this quote of Benlamrn Franklin s If a man empties hrs purse into his head no man can take it away from him an mzestment in knowledge always pays the best interest You have made that investment Continue to make lt' REMEMBER The Future Belongs to Those Who Prebare For It i , i 4 E N I t QQ ' 0 ' f i l Q 01 UW 9 shed the designation "Student" forthe more impressive C NORTH ARLINGTON BOARD OF EDUCATION WASHINGTON I H P T A A r I r Nr W am mmm Compllments of the NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL P T A S JAMES DAVIES A J PI O L E- ADVOI-D P LSI ant W SE DHA S N DANID PLINE ,OM INAENTS OF THE OF THF THOMAS JEFFERSON WOODROW WILSON P T A P T A ..lNAINLINH"u7N QOMFL 'v'N'b OF IVE QI THE NI fvfvui W Llzrkm V' -Rf fem a a a V1 VVJ Te" IQ IIOQVIII X11 APYLWMIVVTI VI I-I Row VVI sax M Jaf'-pk. Q" A III, v 'VN fm If' Mr L.Iw.1rL1fX SN vw, Uwtrwcf Q 0 K . . . VT AZ' , . , . MR C 'sf NMC-PWD 1I'V'I NM-YS . ,C WN Sai FW is Sm-w.,v" VIA. H Nfl , fl QLC'vm'. . 'JFS C H ' I VAN Tfea-,.. V . , . . MHS J F VIP F' :Tyr J" . , , . VH A ' SON SOM W. NTS F' PL , . . . . . . . Dr W P Nemzek Dr Lee Q Snook West Hudson National Bank Dr A R Saporlto 0 l I I O I , f h , f , T71V'xJ'T Um '- NP E, I I I O H A Greene Company SPORTING GOODS OUTFITTERS NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC TEAMS Schoenlebers Newark Plpe Store k Bmg S II III 'uw ' , , ' ' ' ' ' N v,,:rI1 AI N I I5 '- ' , . , ' ' , f,1'T.1 SCM LIIIlI'nI 1 m 1 w A .. ,' 'N 1 If I , . w -5 II Trtmiw wharf I . f ' f' " '1 I A - ff .A..arI+ 'Nun Jorsm pmwie, fi: mr Aw vfn1i'w Ve. wwf ,TOP . , I I pl' A '- VILL' Q I r 'QI 1, N I-.. .V Imam - 4, -Y - A... - 4... ,- AN.: f- 4, - - A 4 wp' - -7 - W - - - - v v - - - Arlington Sunoco Station GALLO S MARKET R1dge Lumber Company I 4 1"t 1 Nl fx- 1-wN J A A -vAvA-A AvA A A A FOREST DAIRY NA D NEWTON! Ow MILK and CREAM BUTTER and EGGS PHONE KENH 3 J CHOC O and ORANGEADE Noam ARLNGTONJ NEW JERSEY Bonny Dell Farms nc Ottos Upholstery Shop NORIH -Ur TREET MAR-1 C 3 24 HOUR SERVICE M K Cleaners fET?S FLRTZTUZ QQT 4 AW Q Emerald Drug Store AL RLEDN ACEN Y The Profcssnonal Drug Store VX I vlLlE Tl RNFTKE NORTH ARLINGTON E 7 Sift N Waldheums Tnre Supply C COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE E FOREST TREET KEARNY OMPLIMENTE OF rauns Beauty Parlor, Inc ef po ITC Rr'gcntThc1trc E J KEARNY N ij- , rv? ' E A . 2-TT T' T T , , mv Kim w . 'V' SVf5L.1'xAE'1T. CF .N 'G ' 1 T C I I ' J , AJv"vrm'c Rui l'Pn:m.1fnx? " Hill , T 7 ." AT Tn V "TI PE'-3L1P1L.Uf",, 3.ELP'+Q,5TER Nb HUF- RT' la ' " Kl'-V "A ' 5 I . I . Hrww vV.'illl" Tm ,MVC HA , ,4 l"1f"L Kl , f A Y Mg. 3 DUE Riff! A Q -4 -1 I -AQ ,np,,',",TQ', '. ' '.'fL!4'r.1Nvi'd. nn' 5 , ,N J 'ww KE. vw.. . ,'.' .11 1' ' " f Kl.H'W. f'l"' Q B ' . , Ap! w , 1 ' .J . J pvfhpgfqy ,z,p,u,5 T ,L 'AVE 'J J -2 KiM-fur AV 'Uh , T, -c The Student Prlnts The Student Councnl NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Class ot l948 PHOTOGRAPHY BY PARKINSON .... A fx- L V THE NORTH ARLINGTON LEADER DAVIDSON AGENCY TATE I X E MO T AGE LU CORPORATION GEORGE H MEAD INC ETROPOLITAN BRANCH J J KEQXXL, H5 I' VNSL if 'QQ Fx G CANE A 4 ' 'T Ag 1.11 rw. Sf ' I ' E New JEVNCX HOMELITE M 'f Inf N ,I-t ' vgf' 'JKH-Jflqi.-.1-"""4-'L-A-v'lil?-'-'-'-'-'..',',',' 3 HARDING PHARMACY UCONNOR AGENCY CLYDE S SARGENT MEADOW BROOK DAIRY RIDGE ELECTRIC R ECOR DS ACME QUALITY MARKETS 'N 0 Mr. and Mrs. John B. Stover Bruck Agency P Tremarco Coal Company John D Crane and bons Shlllll' Boofery VS. Q .y-'s,,,f- 4-. '-1:7 - Azv'-uf DR. L. A. Leviss nchard L qchmn n 0 Emlly M Gruber tw Pc -nd YC Kearny Coach Servlce Taylor s Flowers Florlsfs Tclcqmph Dcllvcry Assoc f .Pin 'Xi gcr swung Center -,, l -'Y-kv'--AJ iw-1-Q 114 ni ., Q W Y .c . .. 'df A 'kv V 5 - ' Tu or f5"-nel P-.mop Q A x x . ' x L . W 9 - E' 'K . "SHOES OF THE BETTER KIND" L.mLu-urns For .i Occnsm 1 r-. . . T . C , ' ' . ' ' I.: von s A-A-AvAv'TvA-'-A Y'-"-A,' v'-Aviv'-iv--Av-f ,,.-A EJ VIN J OMALLEY MAYOR LOUIS E GAECKLE WHITE S UNI MD GROC RY NX TRI ww 1 FW , . 1 .f-.. - F: . . ' L .4 F5123 VTEAT Mkkiif NORTH ARLINGTON TAXI SERVICE LEADER S CLUB NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY BOGLE INC LYNDHURST NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS BOOSTERS CLUB I I H' Q ,X-!,r I If--Lg In at 1 6155-.A z lv, - ' 'Aww I4 PM . I wr I ' mv I Aa ' " . If ,- I"I',II A. I - ' E,I5fm'NIp IW' . , Fw II. '. I' .I . BILL MACY TRI COUNTY LUMBER and MILLWORK CO NORTH ARLINGTON 1HE FABRIC SHOP PHARMACY A BERGER S DAIRY FRED S SERVICE STATION ',yl,, . . n-Me hw I Vw . . I I RIDGE SWEET SHOP 'C ,SMU ITL w HOME NEWS SERVICE HUGO S FLORIST FI I A WHITE ROSE DELICATESSEN AMERICAN SUPER MARKET HUGHES S f, . 1 , SERVICE STATION I - ,m - EAIVAISQ ' IIO .' Gillette RIDGE GIFT AND JEWELRY SHOPPE Cream Crest Dalry s1cKmnon s Bakery C H Hochhenser Dorothys Beauty Shoppe Novacks Cigar Store Sun Oll Company ERVICE STATION N S0 White Eagle Monumental Co MEMORIAL ARCHITECTS Rudge Toyland Hnltons Department Store Johnny s Market FOR THAT WELL GROOMED FEELING Rudge Barber Shop 5 ' f v I . 1 . . . ' . K Q5 Spccml gl P'm.1nunt W.1vlng N ' E V 5 'YIM rv., Q. V! Y ' r": S o 1 '::' ', ' ' . - 1 I 1.,f.,' ' ',-g'l'.' 1- . ,. gg . L ' , , ... . . A -4- A 47 A A - -T. mv fv- 441 - - - - - - 71 - - v - - - - v Mcirose Beauty Salon Frnedruchs Dairy Inc Stock s Dellcatessen Calllnen New Square Deal Market Manuel Er Sons BARBER SHOP H1 ry s E so Statron A Cr L Super Market Rndgc Qualrty Food Market Rocco Vrglrarolo Mr and Mrs Fuchs Meadows Servrce Station . . , . I ' ' ' .T S , . r r' . rqafagfzapfnd rqwfoqaapfnd Froduud hy Enqmv tom O

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