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'ww .., Wjwzjwfwmii '- M ,J jaw f3f,W W Mfr fill? QQWTM W f3'f1fg,6?,L2,Q.fL..M5"7"cQ2if5 v Q' ,MM ffww G11-W" Hxwakyy My If 5426.3 EMM WWW, WWQW MMM Cgrnmidi QI, If ,f,4,' LW 'ea' .fta-4.401 Zctf-'F Vw V C H f, WWW QW MWPMMWZZQMWWQQJ W ,ew 'mzvfwjfjia QWMMW gg CLJ'5PwW Mm Kfiylyw gg? J Q-wL.JJ?j6!J4MwEl7Off'ffWW - uf Ffa,-vwdw 'ZMWW W We ZQWWQQ-My :WA 7f "f1ZQf 1' 1252025241 W U I QQ 4310! ,If , 9 If jf ' W, C54 ,rx 0-qgw 'fm Seniors ' N " ' ' , " , .X ,fr 7 , ft X " , fx if . 1 x I 4- 'T' I .I 1 at Work at Plag North Arlington High School North Arlington, New Jerseg he I945 7 Q L QQ. , K -i t .A,gi ,, -awww, ACL' l CO-EDITORS On the following pages we have put together a pic- torial review of a year at N. A. H. S.-a very par- ticular year for us, the members of the senior class. 6L. Jo G4-uw HE Chrysalis circumscribes our entire school year. All our activities, sports, clubs, organizations, and socials, we have pictured on these following pages. Informal moments are mixed with scholastic studies. lt is a story of school life, l9-46. We, in this school, possess all the in- gredients that add flavor to the American scene. Our school, our annual, our lives are made possible by our Gold Star Alumni. Those men fought and died for the Amer- ican Way of Life which we honor and pre- sent. ti Eixilillllll EUNTENTS Classes Urqanlzatlons ACt1V1t18S Sports Advertlslng U it S XC DOMINGO CONLHA North Atlantlc November 2 1944 LT EDWIN FAWCETT Over Ge many M y 7 l 4-3 CPL WlLLlAM COTTMAN Iwo J ma March IO l 43 HEY, whose puctures appear here, left the study halls and playing fields of North Arlington to go to war They gave their llves for the future of the Amernca ln which we, the Class of l946, are about to take our places as cltszens We belleve they dled with full lcnowl edge that they were sacrttucung themselves for the htgh precepts of freedom, democracy and humanuty prlnctples unculcated In them durnng theur school days Therefore, with nntense prnde rn them and profound humuluty for theur memory, we, the l946 sennors, dedicate thus year book to them our Gold Star Alumnu We reallze that ex cept for them, thas volume mnght never have been publushed ' 't" mix , at Q a ,r 9 . Il Q ' V PVT GEORGE JOHNSON Germany November 19 1944 P FC HOWARD HARLE Germany P P F C ROBERT EXNER P F C JAMES SCOTT CPL OSWALD CALO Leyte Phlllppnnes Germany Azores Spam October 25 1944 February 7 1945 July 1945 SGT ROBERT THORMAHLEN PVT FRANK CALABRESE North Africa Germany PFC EDMUND WILKE Germany PVT STANLEY PASTERNAC S SGT STANLEY STOMA P F C GEORGE ECKARDT P F C RICHARD CALO France Over Germany France D Day FYBNCS August 18 1944 May 20 1944 June 6 1944 JulY 7 1944 1 53 . I March 6, 1945 July, 1943 March 15, 1945 April 3, 1945 I Administration Supervising Principal William R. Hulbert W fl? Vlwl-LQQA-M! 5,- jr NX P6 RHXLN W XLU PS 9 NX NX GOO V-L94 .rg f' n P-O6 ERT L LP ,val X. ' ily My MR, FRANK J. HURLEY Principal HIS edition of the Cl-IRYSALIS pays homage to former students whose lives were lost in combat. Once they sat in high school classes, played at games and took part in activities. Abruptly torn from their planned-way- ot-life, more than three hundred tormer students in our high school joined the armed forces to defend our nation. Fit- teen ot them did not return. It becomes the duty ot us who were spared to con- tinue to have the kind of school these boys knew when they were students here and the kind for which they made the su- preme sacrifice. To those who will never return, we owe our everlasting tealty, To those still to pass through the halls, we hold up the sacrifices as examples. 07:1-WJ f q l 'ts qw , V A L 7 iq . ' M A DEPARTMNNIT HEADS, CS V ' wxlffw ll Miss Aupesirzk 'N' -NR. 5.vF1irvll:lN MRS. cAPwELL Commercial Science Guidance l O ICTORY has placed a great responsi- bility upon the youth of this country. Young people now graduating from high school will have to assume a large part of this responsibility. Those who died fighting for victory have given you the opportunity to construct a world where war between nations has no place. lf you are to build this kind of a world, you must devote your efforts to under- standing the conditions under which wars are likely to come and conditions under which peace is likely to prevail. This is not an easy task, but the goal is worthy of intense and continuous effort. Let us hope that you young people have been made aware of your great re- sponsibilty by the type of education that your school strives to give you. wwf! ffffffffrg ! X MR. HOWARD BRADFORD Vice-Principal A x - DEPARTMENT HEADS W --f MRS. DAVIDSON MRS. MCCORD MR. NisLsEN MRS, VAN WINKLE Mathematics English Athletics Social studies ll ' .QL 41 ,gn-N MR. RUCKEL Commercial If MRS GREENBOWE UGHLIN Englush MR ZAHURANSKY MRS STEFFENS Physlcal Education Physncal Educafnon huh vu IS PELISSIER f' Mo rn Languages MISS O MALLEY Home Economxcs MISS LISTER English MR. BAL Commercial MRS WALTERS Ar MR DETELS Industrial Arts ,,.-f-V 5' I2 f A uw" I' ' Y J., Qs MISS RUBENSTEIN MRS LUBBEN MR G FLIMLIN MISS FADDEN Commercual Mathemafncs Scxence Sclence MISS REDDY MR COLLINS MISS ZINGARO MISS CUNNINGHAM Lubrary Englush Soceal Studx Muslc Mathemahcs Qdlfzw U MRS FEINTUCK MRS THOMSON MRS NELSON MISS VITELLA MRS SWAIM Readung Secretary Secretary Socual Studnes School Nurse ,F ff 49 "Ui 12 Nw 3 at SCI I ' , V. ,. . Q 33 . . 'x I I 'V " W W voffee I 'QW ,,-me '15 by it 5 in-bv Q ,.,4j' QW Z' VINCENT BONELLI Congenial, industrious, Smiling. MARTHA BLOW Sparkling, understanding, dreamy. NANCY BOSCO Sober, earnest, pleasant. A .5 Q i-eef V si -vi 4. -2 FLORA ANDERSON Perf, petite, debonair. JOHN DITZENBERGER Springy, keen, breezy. JOSEPHINE CERULLO Soft-spoken, polite, unassuming, T- AGNES AIRD Fair, bubbling, Coy, JANET MATHISEN Helpful, amiable, winning. JAMES CREUTZMAN Sociable, smiling, courteous. 'E' gi 'K' r:-fl 'U' fain il 'Na-r' 9: 4'3" haf' ZOE CHAGARIS Diminutive, competent, sagacious. HELEN CONRAD Amiable, studious, obliging. RAYMOND ERRICO Quiet, willing, roving. fx . ffl -an Gifs. ROBERT EMERY Elegant, neat, athletic. ELENA COLAMEDICI Gracious, considerate, cheery, JOHN ECKEL Cute, jovial, handsome. VIRGINIA COTTMAN Modest, dependable, quiet. JANICE CREAMER Calm, capable, accommodating. Pretty, graceful, well-groomed BEATRICE DEL GROSSO ly I 1 X i J X f Q V sew" it dt' 495 Vf""'5X 'X' 'J' it if, fn.-...W ps I? ix A-ff' 4' Mg' xifzfzivflff JEAN McCORMICK Competent, shy, diligent. BERNICE GOLDBLATT Ambitious, studious, outstanding. ARTHUR EXNER Reserved, unpretentious, consistent. FLORENCE BEDIGIAN Spirited, athletic, affable GEORGE FELDNER lrnpartial, diligent, tactful. JOYCE HAMILTON Attractive, cogent, neat. JJ J 1 i,"JAM,ES l.ETC FOKD L . y'Drg my ers il caregfe. 2 42 V l EAXTRI Ljgv llliiisigf, a isti ,I pable. if 'iff RU HEYS Genuine, eficient, likeable X 1- 'Vx . C 'iw AW K ff lx ALFRED GROH owering, cynical, complacent. DOROTHY KOLESZAR Coy, loveable, pleasant. MARJORIE REESE Pleasant, talkative, friendly. 'JR' pvsfv' '92 T5 EMILY KEUCH Modest, quiet, gracious. JOSEPH HUGHES Snappy, devoted, friendly. BETTY LAWSON Cornely, reserved, quiet. A ' 1 F . A - t iff, 1 f if f f JOYCE KABAJY Neat, loquacious, friendly. DORIS KRASNER Accurate, sparkling, talkative. TERRY FINEGAN Bearning, likeable, slow. writ ff ,. , ,f' lx! 91 Q 1 I .X w F. ,f 1 0 1 M. Q-pf X 'ix .-P" x GERTRU DE PEARSON Loquacious, vivacious, popular. WALTER ISBERT Blustering, energetic, opinionated. GERALDINE DELLA FERA industrious, obliging, quiet. if LEONARD KRAUSS Dauritless, clever, striking. ANN MAIELLA Pensive, agreeable, industrious. GERALD FERGUSON Hardy, ardent, popular, :FK 'E' Q57 6' 11 LORRAINE NELSON Devoted, thoughtful, affable. PAUL LEIGHTLE Peaceful, adventurous, dreamy DOLORES DEMPSEY Talkative, unconcemed, active KW Xi, QP 50" ELEANOR NORDSTROM Athletic, faithful, forthright, DONALD McPHERSON Magnanimous, precise, effectual. IRENE PIVOVAR Se-date, shy, winning. up Q? .nf , fir JAMES McCOLL Sterling, strong, calm, IRENE LEMANOWICZ Frank, blonde, faithful. HENRY PARKS Ettcient, conscientious, industrious. FRANCES PASERCHIA Ardent, neat, stylish. BOB MORLOCK Mischievous, talented, ccfnpanionable. SANTI NA LaPLACA Agile, vigorous, fastidious , 7 12" -54 'ttf its 3 .1 . f ,f- . FAY REESE Reserved, silent, nimble. LAWRENCE PASCUAL Lanky, trustworthy, industrious. MARIE SCHULTZ Sweet, sincere, shy. F' it 15,21 Q11 l-44 . N K , QX gl. . JOHN PARKS Creative, sociable, discerning. ADELE SANTIANA Athletic, carefree, modest. EUGENE PRYBLICK Amusing, atomic, congenial. r, X' 4... 'Y I windy add! Auf' 4L"f" -aj . X is Q-. 55- Q E, .. Q X fx '35 DORIS RONQUIST Sedate, shy, neat. JOHN PRICE Steady, ambitious, thoughtful. DOROTHY SGAMBATI Agile, companionahle, accurate l 3 1 ii - 5 :ad ' NV' "'ll'r"""7' nw 4, 'Q' if-'37 an-... MARY TOPPING ALEX SINCLAIR ROBERTA STULB Efficient, consistent, willing. Witty, cptimistic, alert Talented, industrious, fascinating. ALFRED TRUNCALE FLORENCE SKOLSKI WILLIAM STEPHENS Comical, mischievous, alert. Smiling, musical, zea'ous. Bosterous, compelling, intelligent. BEATRICE TAYLOR EARL ULLMAN HELEN SWEET Talkative, industrious, Precise, brilliant, calm. Frendly, reserved, generous. responsible. Quik W if an Q. 'Q ,af JZ! ..,,,.Lx all' .1 ,LJ 3 .1 7 - JJ ,f,,-,ff Jw if iii 6 ELEANOR VREELAND Luscious, peppy, trustworthy. DOLORES TRAPHAGEN Kind, soft-spoken, amiable. X I th.. , . RICHARD WISEMAN Shy, conscientious, handsome. ROBERT WALLACE Penetrating, ponderous, tolerant. SYLVIA WATSON Pretty, popular, attractive. I BETTY JANE WEEDEN Neighborly, pleasant, keen. LOIS WILKEN Frank, friendly, imaginative. ffwffff ' 22 . J if H L, E.- 7 I5 4 .. ERWIN PABST WALTER GRACZYK, SI,fc CARL LANDES, SIX: KENNETH MORRIS GEORGE LEWIS MICHAEL ACCOCELLA, HA2,"c GEORGE ULRICH in!! ,pw 4 H 481, nn! . 4 I -I . 5 , gi' 41 1 69 ' m , gg - fc , ' ' A gmac b"' 'fi' -'lk I i 'SAA fs 'fa xf xl X! Aw Jn? In 'dl gl .if 'WTC 4 'Q' Q , Wlkr' A 559 4""'i'Yff + A ' I Tl 5.1 WQQN fi -f 'V ,, ms". N A . . , K in -4 Q Q , ECW' IND I D kb.,,,h 0' B GE, Q, 5 lf' I . K , 3 wi 0 A- ,IK -1 4' 'gil 6 '8- I Q 0 l ,an. rv 4 Hi" 57 A D M Fi I .gi"i, vwf 4-4-Li! if f A 1 f' if .- A! W, in G 1 'D'-gi' I W Q 6 'f it Y , Q' A f, Q 1 ff'-wfi new 6' 'Qi 0-,Q- 9 9 g tw? 'U , Ni, in Nl Q 0 00069 We 3 O X, ef Gob Sfhbe SSDI' N f 11125 j1'gQ0 I3 , -1 M-, +4 EJIEIII M 0 y Il ' 1' NAT IONAL HO NQR SGC' Xhe Na'nonaX Honor Socrew Ks to rs are chosen on 'che 'endshkps are ss- 'on o'r Nxerobe s Fn nsurpa HE chkek 'runckr promote schoXarsh'rp. 'oasks of grades and Xeadershkp guahkke . genukne wrthkn 'che group and cooperafron Ks u ed. The rnernbers perkorrn a deskgnaked servkce each schooX year. OuKs'rand'rng 'rn XQA6 was 'rhekr tahxng charge ofr the detaus ok 'che Roco drwe 'cor hungry Europe. MK-ss ' iacuhxl sponsor. ?eX Kssker rs STUDENT COUNCIL HE Student Council and its sponsor, Mrs, Davidson, make important decisions concerning school policies. They coordinate school activities and discuss problems in a democratic and efficient manner. It is the respon- sibility of individual members to report to their home- rooms the decisions made in meetings. This is the or- ganization which sponsors school spirit. 7 X1- THE Y's foster Christian spirit and maintain high social standards among members, The girl's organization, TRI-Y, has Miss Mulcahy as sponsor, while the HI-Y boys are under the guidance of Mr. Collins. , , . 5 ,W I I SHERS are those fellows who tell us which way to walk between the ring- ing of the passing bell and the sounding of the tardy bell. They keep pupils in the correct corridors, on the right side of stair cases and otherwise take charge of hall traffic between classes. Mr. Bradford sponsors them. The safety patrol helps outside the building. Especially loyal to his duties is Kenneth Wiman, sophomore. lip, df? 'Q' rgsa ,A 1 " . J. 115 .I -Q a W w ' w ' 3' agi K 4 ' P 9 . ff. i ,v ag. Q fa X I gg 3 ' , .?, ,, .. VVA A I ., V Q. Q ' Q E ' 5 A I gy E if nl ' 7' ll 1' ! ? i 5 A my s . Num 5 l 4' 57 V J wa.. 'E' Q EQAJ Rf 5 A , 1 I 1 'I L J., OUNG and enthusiastic, the drama class became a part of N, A. high iast fall, Eighteen seniors, chosen bee cause of their interest in acting, became a part of Mrs. McCord's class. Before the Christmas recess, they had made four DRAMA img. , Pa . W'-1: . , K dzilxxl appearances: having prepared two sea- sonal plays, they presented each for the townspeople and each for the high school, In mid-May they presented three one-act plays and a scene from Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew", a fitting climax for the school's youngest course. GL lGl-lLlGl-l'l'lNG the musical activities of the year was the operetta, HMS PINA- FORE, presented through the combined efforts of the glee clubs and the orchestra, With Miss Zingaro wielding the baton, the nights of March l4 and l5 were filled around N, A. high with strains of "and a right good captain he" and "She's called Little Buttercup"-not forgetting, of Course, "his sisters and his cou- sins and his aunts," Christmas time found the music depart- ment and the drama group staging a festival as the school's contribution to the borough's Yuletide Spirit. Graduation music: came, as usual, from these groups. A busier year the department never had. .49 5 K i 'iinpfgd .ow in Q-' .-vm., X as HE art department under the capable training of Mrs Walters continues to turn out promising work from talented pens and brushes This year s artists an cluded Patrucla Gray Molly Fruel Ken neth Perksns George Black Kenneth Wu man Ray Wnman Marne Morettl Mar garet Hood Lmcoln dAnnuncsano Busy ness prevaded Room lO5 each Tuesday and Thursday 'S 3 Q .0-' is hm, li 1 Hass that e September, h Pvrttngtons rs t tg tem, mx. HERE we wer , ttedged members ot Nort sentor htgh schoot. Whtte treshmen, we made our ttrst spurge tn the magazkne drtve toward gatn- Kng the reputatkon ot betng the "weaXthKest" X an Ptprtt tashkon show, our tresh- ' ed thekr personattv- ctass. n man beauttes dxsptav made outttts. assed 'from the usuat uneventtut romtskng sophomore Soph I We p 'nto the p was the treshman vear r one. Never to be torgotten Hop tbob Mortock and hts commtttee ttn- attv succeeded tn hokstkng the gtant green hat to the top ot the gvm.5 Then came the Chrtstmas ptav where the sophs became stage crew and Leonard Krauss sacrkttced the end ot hts ttnger atong wtth the snow. A tew months Tater, we proved we coutd act as weh on the stage as ott bv present- tng two statts tn assembtv. Geratd Ferguson mtght have been a runner-up tor an Ptcad- emv Ptward bv hts charactertzatton ot the n chmbtng the skv. Durtng thts vear, bowe came to N. I-X. htgh. s reattv moo Mrs, Nlatva Green When we were Xuntors, thtng popptng. Our tortunes grew: Gert Xlreetand and Martv Btow td programs began Eteanor re, we so ttts be- r Pearson, took over the schoot sto and soda tor sports events and pro 'ng Rn. On the ntght ot the Juntor tt", paper snow ttataes an roth "Snow B Q Dance, the tktted the atr, "Mumbo 3umbo", our tn- sterv tarce. The came act mv Lennv Then t a three- w and tatton o d our sho terpre ts hke studen 3 1 Krauss Xiked to tire the bianks trom h poiiceman's revoiver iborrowedii . The annuai Junior-Senior Prom bios- somed torth as a dinner-dance, Pts the year drew to a ciose, we had a great time, despite a coid drizzte, on the Junior-Senior trip to Rye Beach. iThat was quite a rotier coaster according to Mike Psccoceiia who was never quite the same atterwardi The big year was at hand, We became high and high mighty seniors. Three ot us fWaiter Graczyk, Cart Landes, and Mike Ptccoceiia had ioined up to hetp Uncte Sam. The senior dance carried through an heme Mr. Fiimhn, in aii his years never observe autumn t . 'ng bioiogy, had Bob Watiace de- ot studyi such varieties in ieaves as signed. Athteticatiy, we heid our own during our high schooi years, The '45 tootbaii squad missed Cari Landes. His courage, and weight wouid have been an asset to the team. iimmy McC,oii was chosen the most vaiuabie piayer. He proved to be one ot the best detensive centers N. Pt. has ever boasted, Captain Wiseman and Pxrt Exner had tremendous courage on the gridiron. Bob Emery and Jimmy Letchtord were "ati-around" athietes. Ptnd many's the year Gere Ferguson ran around ithe track, ot courseii. He started as a treshman and continued right through to become senior captain, Thoughts o't spring brought cap and grown measurements, Tong hours tor the CHRYSALTS statt, pians tor ctass night and the 'tinaiity ot graduation. Ptdios to tour happy high schooi years U nrst Row C Colmenero Truncale Letchford Morlock Emery Dnzenberger Wrseman McColl Ferguson Exner Francus Marsevuch Grande Second Row McLean Sunclarr DePace Ogrlvre Vlglora Black Henderson Dorber Havel Sternmetz Hance Cathcart Pruce Third Row Jones A Colrnenero MacLeod Cobb Groh Sulllvan Bonacorte McMrllan Dawes Brady Nrxon Squatrrto First Rowi Wager, Wernes, Wiseman, DePace, DiBello. Second Row: Yodlowsky, Cabral, Ferguson, Thiel, Wlsnlewzkl, Bright, Dlfmar, Turner. Third Row: Mr, Coughlin, coach, Paffendorf, Eastwlck, Hesford, Venturlnl, Kochanslw, Ceravalo, Rendlro. Fourth Rowi Bolton, Landers, Kelly, Waiver, Hammer, Shaw, l'lalQl'll- 945 46 COACHXNG STAFF, X - Mr. Comms, Mr, NkeXsen, head coachg Mr. Coughhn, Mr, DeYeNS. Capkam of the 'Q-16 ieafw Nbert Francs, rezewes aww from Mr, Harsh, Twner, Bcoster CK.: Zfeasf ef, a' avfavj 53 C eman, J. NJ, hawoack, 1e'bac Roger Wxs My Quar bafd Wkse man, vars ll'lBlll.l. 93 the V945 Vxlung TAl.lNG a l44 seasonal score to thetr opponents squad played nlne games Wlth nlne senrors tacnng thetr last year ot hugh school play the season was ott to as early a start as permltted by regula txon Atter tour weeks ot stern condntlonnng and gnlllng scrlmmage A faced tts opponents wlth a keen understandlng ot tatr play and thoug a d proved able to execute nts plays ettlclently and to out lrght team the squa onents tor the season tloodllghts tor nrght spectators The Vulungs playe An overtlow crowd wutnessed the games the locals nearly upset the Glen Rldge record tn As the season ended closely contested game Mr Wlnsor Nlelsen head coach tor elght seasons has helped toot become a tavorlte sport wlth hugh school students and townspeople The tollowlng players wall leave hts regulars when they are graduate ln June McColl Wlseman Dltzenberger Emery Morloclc Letch anagers Exner Ferguson tord Truncale and Prlce and Snnclalr co m 54 I I. I . 1 . . . . I h . I . . . 1 score its opp , , ' ' d two games under ' ' . I ' . a , ' ' I A , ball . . . d . 1 1 J BASKETBALL THE basketball quintet, besides winning the majority of its games this year, loses only two from its varsity squad when the seniors are graduated in June. Ot the 579 points scored by the team during the season, the 6 tt. 2 in. captain, Bob Emery, made 320, ln a single game he scored 28 points. By these facts, Bob set two all-school records. U .iv ,UN uf 15 5 , a we 5 'ii ,.w fx .Q v W..L..i,M ai 9' '-133' ' 49 W3- Q 'V 'll ll x 4 , Q . f fa? ,Q Q Q? -Q Y fi' Q Q' I 'X I V K X Z0 Q' Q 5 A , 5 ,I K .1 5 I, K Q-U .,l , . 31, . . Y I . ad Galt ,J lr IQLK B Y 'fl Q u THE track team, with its regular coach, Mr. George Flimlin, at the helm following 3V2 years in the Army, underwent a season of unparalleled fervor. With a turnout of about 35 hopeful trackmen, the mentor had to rebuild the team. Captain Gerald Ferguson, Alex Sinclair and Dick Wiseman provided the nucelus about which the building began. ln their polar meets with Kearny, Seton Hall, Pope Pius, Mountain Lakes, and Ferris, the boardmen showed considerable promise, Participating in the Track gang! 1 A Nationals and other indoor meets at Madison Square Garden, the tracksters placed during the indoor season. AI Cathcart, junior, placed second in the IOOO yard event at the Nationals. Dick Wiseman placed first in the lOOO yard run and the medley relay team-Cathcart, Rogers, McAllister and Stein- metz-placed second. Because of Mr, Zahuransky's return from a three year hitch in the Navy, the field events took form: high jump, shot put, discus throwing. Paul Leightle was an outstanding high jumper, and more Track . ,,, , . W ' x .A ...J rd cn In-1 an -:C CQ PATRCNS Mr and Mrs P Accocella Mr and Mrs M Aurd Mr Hugh Allan Mrs Agnes Anderson Mass Ema M Audeslrk Mr and Mrs H Bedrgran Betty Jane and Dons and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs D Blow A W Bonell: J Bosco Howard Bradford Joseph W Brogan John Calabro and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Richard Calabro Russell Capwell John Carplno M Cervolo Nicholas Chagarl Vnncent Del Grosso R T 3 Mnss Clanre Dempsey Mr and Mrs S Dempsey Dot and George Dottie and George Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs V DeMlchele G L Dutzenberger Peter Eberts J A Eckel Eddie Bull and Fay Mr and Mrs Joseph Emery Mrs Ruth Exner Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mrs Stanley Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs J Errlco P E Feldner Feuntuch L J Ferguson Gennaro Ferrara George and Joseph Fllmlln Mr and Mrs T Fnnnegan v Mr and Mrs and Mrs H Cusco R Colamedncu Rlp Collins Joseph F Cooney and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs J F Cottman Theodore Conrad George Coughlnn Walter Creutzmann A V Creamer Mass Janet Cunningham Mrs Ma ry Davndson Mr and Mrs James B Davles Mr and Mrs A Del Grosso Mlss Claire B Fusco The Goldblatt Family Benjamin S Gorlun and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wllllam and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs H Groh L H Harms Charles Hennze Leonard Heys R Holbert Frank Hurley Mnchael Kabagy S A Weeden C H Wuseman RobertA Wolfe y , , ' ,.., 'JC Mr, . . - - Mr. . . . ' . . - . Mr. . . I " ' , ' " Mr. . . . Mr. . . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' . . . . Mr. . . ' Mr. . ' . . . . Mr. , . . . Mr' H . .K . . Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Chirgwin , , . ' Mr. . . ' ' ' , Mr. . . A ' ' Mr." ' " ' Mr, ' ' , ' P f- . Mr. . . Mr. . . . Mr. . . . MV. . Mr. . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr. . Mr. ' ' . . . , . Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' ' . ' Mr. . . . . . . ' Mr. . . . ' . . . Mr. . . 63 PATRONS and Mrs Joseph E Yodlowsky and Mrs Robert Watson and Mrs Ralph Keuch and Mrs John Koleszar Herman Krasner E T M 2 C and Mrs Max Krasner and Mrs I Krauss and Mrs J A Lamberg and Mrs Matthew R Lawson and Mrs W C Lemanowucz Joseph K Lenkowsky Muss Mlrlarn Fay Lenkowsky Mr and Mrs JamesA Letchford Mr and Mrs Llebau Muss Emma Luster Mr and Mrs S Manella Mr and Mrs Arthur Mathssen Mrs L B McCord Mr and Mrs John N McCormick Mr and Mrs D McPherson Mass Ethel Mulcahy Mr Edward Mylod Mrs T Naples Mr John Nelson Ruta and Roy Nelson Mr and Mrs Horace D Newton Mr and Mrs John Nolan Mr and Mrs N Nordstrom Mass Dorothy O Malley Mr and Mrs B Pascual Mr and Mrs B Pearson Peggy and Dltz Mr and Mrs GeorgeA Phulbrnck Muss Elizabeth Zungaro Mr and Mrs Michael Plvovar Mr and Mrs John Price Mr and Mrs A Przebleglec Mlss Anne Reddy Mr and Mrs Edgar Reese Mr Henrn Rogo Mr and Mrs Arthur Ronqunst Mass Ethel M Rubenstein and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs J cott and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs W C Ruckel L Santlanna Frank Schmldt Wulllam Schoenfelder Sam Schofueld Alfred Skolskl A Slnclalr Pancho Snyder Andrew Spltern Francls X Steffens H Stemhart Eugene A Stulb Herman Taylor David Toppung Helen and Harry Thomson and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs H Traphagen Joseph Truncale W A Ullman H Vreeland Frank A Van Wlnkle Mlss Frances Vntella Mr and Mrs J Wallace Mr. . , . - - I ' Mr. . ' ' l Mr, . . . ' ' Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' Mr. . . . . Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . . . . ' Mr. . . . ' ' . ' Mr. . Mr. . . . ' ' ' Mr. . . ' . . . Mr. . ' . . ' Mr. . ' ' ' ' Mr. , ' . . . ' Mr, . S Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Manion Mrs' J. Scoff . . I Mr. I ' - - - ' Mr. . " " ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . . ' J Mr. . . H J Mr. . V ' Mr. . ' ' ' ' ' Mr. . . - - Mr. . ' ' Mr. . . 64 - v ...v YI-Y - - v - - We Are Proud To Be The "OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERH To NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL YES WE ARE PROUD OF THIS TITLE BECAUSE OF THE FINE WORK THAT IS BEING DONE BY YOUR SCHOOL AND THE OPPORTUNITY YOU HAVE GIVEN US TO BE AFFILIATED WITH IT LORSTAN STUDIOS Foremost Photographers In the East B50 Broad Street Newark Z New Jersey I I I ll ' ll I ,Av',A-A,'7-"iii-A-Tv'-',A-'--ff,T-4-Af COMPLIMENTS OF I-I. Bright Company, Inc REFRACTORY ENGINEERS 0 148 Mdland Avenue Kearny New Jersey I 11-,aw 1 1 , , "4'AA Q4 '-',5lL'l1'.-. g2'!.-- , ...- ' f'. . .. 1 . P n ST WAR wn n LD It s a world of opportumtles a world that w1ll be filled wlth advances ln sclence med1c1ne and the arts It s a world that offers real opportumtles to the young man or woman who IS fully prepared to take advantage of them The future belongs to those who prepare for It HOME omce OF AMERHCA NEWARK N J 67 THE PRLIDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY A mutual life insurance company ' D . 1: COMPLIMENTS OF THE WASHINGTON P T A Compl ents of NORTH ARLINGTON BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr AlfredW Larkln President Mr John L Skinner Vlce President Mr Walter R Trent Mr Thomas W Reilly Mr Wllluarn M Gourley Mr Robert B Galloway Dlstract Clerk Complum nts of the North Arhngton I-I1gh School P T A President 2nd Vice President Secretary Treasurer Hnstoruan MRS JAMES DAVIES MRS L MCCORD MRS C H WISEMAN MRS E TREZEK MRS M DAVIDSON COMPLIMENTS OF THE THOMAS JEFFERSON P T A COMPLIMENTS OF THE WOODROW WILSON P T A lst Vice-President ....... MRS. A. CREAMER es ijiir - -'-iifgle - - -Y--T---A-A-454'-f--A-A-T Telephone MArket 3-9605 H. A. Greene Company SPORTING GOODS - CAMP OUTFITTERS BASEBALL, TRACK, TENNIS, GOLF SUPPLIES SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS 30 Halsey Street Newark, New Jersey lNear Central Avenue! WEST HUDSON NATIONAL BANK A COMMUNITY BANK Two Convenrent Offlces Harrison Offlce Kearny Offnce 326 l-larrlson Ave 240 Kearny Ave Next to Town Hall At Bergen Ave MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP MEMBER MORTGAGE BANKERS ASS N OF AMERICA Compliments of the GEM OIL COMPANY 429 River Road North Arlrngton New Jersey 9 1 7 I L.,','.-Tvs'--'.nf v','v-'A-115:-'A--'Av-v--Y-'-'-1'- - v f- v v - v - v W v v - .1 .4 - 'lr v'-A - i SCHOOL NEWS COMPILED MONTHLY Reported by The Student Prmts Official Student Publication Year Subscription - 50 Cents Compliments of The Student COUHC11 NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL President JOHN DITZENBERGER Vnce President BETTY LAWSON Secretary MARJORIE EASTWICK Sincere Good Wishes to the Class of l946 from the CLASS ot 1947 70 ' .....,.. '46 ' f ' 4....,,. '46 . . . . . . . . , '49 Treasurer ..,...,. CRAIG MCCORKINDALE '48 -44 GER BARON BLACK IGGY MAC H scotw I ' 49 AL PAT FERGE CHUCK OROV BEA JOYCE Comphments of ART JO Comphments of T S I Y L L L V I I E A FLO NANCY FAY Compliments of Boy Scout Troop 4 Cub Scout Pack 4 JOYCE ROBERTA ELEANCR AGGIE Comphmcnts cf Senior Girls LORRAINE MARTIE BERNICE LOIS Vce President AGNES AIRD President ROBERTA STU LB TDI Secretary AN DRA HENDERSON Treasurer Chaplain GERTRLJDE PEARSON ETHEL FREEMAN LYN FERG ANDRA ETHEL LORRAINE BEV ANNE DORIS PEGGY CLARICE Compllments f A Friend Free Publlc Library BOARD OF TRUSTEES NORTH ARLINGTON FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMISSION Mayor John Manson Ex cfflcoi Complnments of A Friend of the SENIOR CLASS Compl ments of Mr and Mrs Samuel Goldblatt 1' Wm R obert Sup Prnn Ms J H Stover e d HoIde P M B d KII T Mrs Charles Leopold 7I ' o . . . Q I I O I ' i . . H I , . ' .j V. . . , S C. Mrs. Hcywoo n res.g r. crnar I ian, reas. Mr. Thomas Shlelds, Vxce-Presg Mr. Claude Ogxlvy -'-'-A-le'v' -A -Av-'v' -'.r'-'-'-'-5-,'v'v','-' -'-'v Tel KEarriy 2 2232 0 Connor Realty Company Real Estate Service The 0Connor Agency Insurance Service South Bergen Mortage and Investment Corporation Mortgage Service 8 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON N COMPLIMENTS EDWIN J. 0'MALLEY it FEATURING CHILDREN TODD STUDIOS Tel KEarny 2 4662 32 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON N J WW 795440 0 When your name is called for dicta- tion . , or promotion it's because you are good in your job. Berkeley School not only gives you the technical skills necessary for advancement but also the finer overtones of secretarial performance Hundreds of Berkeley graduates hold top-flight secretarial po- sitions Comprehensive und intensive courses. Distinguished fztculry Effective placement service. Send for Bulletin, BEIIKELEY SGHUUL 22 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J. 420 Lexington Avenue, N. Y. 17, N. Y. 8 Church St., White Plains, N. Y. W - ,-,- v1-'1-Y v v v A- Y,.w,,Q-. SPECIALIZING IN FINE PORTRAITS I I I , . J. ' ' ' I ' I OF f A A A A 1Llv f - 4' p I E I MR. and MRS. THEODORE H. CONRAD ir gpI I FRED A HARTLEY JR HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES C g e t Ne Je ey NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS BOOSTERS CLUB M. Charles I-Iavel ...., Pre d M, J D '.., V' P 'd M. I-I Id J. T .... T M . F k J. I-I I y .... S p I f MR and MRS WILLIAM E ENGELHARD BOGLE INC LYNDHURST STLJYVESANIT AVENUE LYNDHURST N J MRS ARCHIBALD R SAPORITO ' , . I O IOTI1 on r ssional Dis ricf of w rs t C , pI I f 73 Tel. KEarny 2-2365 T01 KEMY 20477 Arlington Flower Shop Taylor's Flowers WIDMER BRIESE, Prop. FLOWERS FOR ALI- OCCASIUNS FLOWERS DELIVERED ANYWHERE FLORISTS' TELEGRAPH DELIVERY ASSOCIATION 682 KEARNY AVENUE ARLINGTON, N, J. 538-40 KEARNY AVENUE ARLINGTON, N. J. . J FOREST DAIRY M D NEWTON Owner MILK and CREAM BUTTER and EGGS Tel KEarr1y 2 3130 CHOC O and ORANGEADE North Arlmgton N Drapes Sllp Covers Reupholstermg Repamng Ottos Upholstery Shop Tel HA 67694 T KE 26 5 213 NORTH 4th STREET 75 RIDGE ROAD Tel KEarny 2 4410 R e g e n t RICHARD SAHAGIAN Manager CLEANERS TAILORS FURRIERS Gooo woRK us ouR SUCCESS 4 RIDGE ROAD 28 RIDGE ROAD Tel KEarny 7 2720 Colleen Beauty Salon COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE PERMANENT WAVE SPECIALISTS YEARNY AVENUE KEARNY N 2nd Floor 6' KEa ny 2 6216 We Call and Deliver 24 HOUR SERVICE M K Cleaners DYERS FURRIERS NORTH AR'-'NGTON N J 203 PROSPECT AVENUE NO ARLINGTON N J -94441, ,gf-15554.51 . . . I . - ' , . J. I . . - el. . - 18 S55 I , . J. HARRISON, N. J. NO. ARLINGTON, N. J. ' - T I. r - ' I1 -' 'v1-Y-fi--.---fv-v---43 -- 74 - -A- ,. , ,1x,4- ' A ' A '-v-' A '- Tel, KEamy 2-I846M Tel, KEarny 2-5272 EXNER - FLORIST FLOWERS Fon Au. OCCASIONS 356 BELLEVILLE PIKE NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. HARDING PHARMACY One of the Better Drug Stores SAMUEL CLOTT, Ph.G. SAMUEL WEISS, Ph.G. 48 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. Tel. KEarr1y 2-3957 Tel. RUtlf1erford 2-7764M ERNEST CERULLO PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTOR OII Burner Installations JOBBING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO Shop 39I I-Inckory Street Kearny N J 73 Devon Street North Arlmgton N Tel KEarr1y 2 0800 MOVIELAND CAMERA EXCHANGE MOVIES and FILMS We Rent Sell Exchange or Repalr Cameras WE HAVE ALL KINDS OF FILMS 238 KEARNY AVENUE Tel KEa y Z 0446 NORTH ARLINGTON PHARMACY WM WOLP R Reg Pharmacist rRES RIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY We Have F Iled Ove One Q a ter M II o I RIDGE ROAD NO ARLINGTON N J 7 . . , , .. ,,J. , . , rn - ,- . E . , . - - A .- Q. i r -ur iin , ,. '-'-- AAAAAA A-71+-1 Tel. KEarny Z-5363 FUEL OIL DONALD S. JACOB CONTRACTOR OILED, FIRED HEATING EQUIPMENT Quiet Automatic Oil Burners SALES and SERVICE 30 CANTERBURY AVENUE NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. Tel. KEarny 2-2477 24 HOUR SERVICE NORTH ARLINGTON TAXI BELLEVILLE TURNPIKE and RIDGE ROAD Compliments of JARVIS OIL COMPANY ir Compliments of BROTHERHOOD OF RAILWAY an STEAMSHIP CLERKS Freight Handlers Exp ess a d Station Employees Aff hated with the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF LABOR JERSEY CITY LODGE No 410 Tel KEarny 2 6230 CLYDE S SARGENT CHEVROLET DEALER Co ner of I-IEDDEN TERRACE and RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON N J New Jersey Tel KEarny 2 3575 New York Tel REctOr 2 8775 HOMELITE CORPORATION PORT CHESTER NEW YORK METROPOLITAN BRANCH 25 LOCUST AVENUE NORTH ARLINGTON N J d . I r n . X i. . U C I' , . . , . . Y--'-'4"-','v'4f,.f,Av----41-Y-,T-V'vA,Av'vi-'..',',. 76 Complzmerwfs Of BERGER'S DAIRY Tel. KEarny 2-2253 Tel. KEamy 2- I 277 BOB'S SERVICE STATION SERVICE - REPAIRING - TIRES OVERHAULING - GAS - TOWING - OIL I32 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON, N. J. GALLO S MARKET AMERICAN SUPER MARKET JOSEPH LUCIDO KE y 2 2 Del very UNITED GROCERY COMPANY NELSON T WHITE Mana Ser ce e K amy 2 57I7 8 Delvery NEW SQUARE DEAL MARKET Prompt Courteous Service on Your Food 9 I Necessuhes TDD RIDGE RQAD 558 KEARNY AVENUE NORTH ARLIN TON N J ARLINGTON N J 77 ' Tel, am - 306 i vi TI. E - - I I G , . . f A ' ,'v'v'-'-A-'-T-',A-'-A4,A-'YL'-'4lf'vlV'..L'v',','v'vT' 1A.!'.f 7-.IT - Avi? ,lf - -vfQ.'h 7- -an-v-,A v - 3513- Compliments of C A Ronson Stores 51 AND IO: AND UP Ccmphments of Wrllott Laundry .9444-v i-A 4 Av1i1Al John D Crane and Sons FUNERAL DIRECTORS 241 KEARNY AVENUE KEARNY N J T KEarny 2 1718 Shllllt Bootery SHOES or me BETTER KIND OPEN EVENINGS 817 KEARNY AVENUE ARLINGTON At Bellevllle Plkc Tel KEarny 2 4663 OPEN EVES and SUN Suburban Auto Supply TIRES ACCESSORIES PARTS HOUSEHOLD HARDWARE 92 STEVENS PLACE NORTH ARLINGTON N J Tel KEarny 2 2266 Work for all Cemetenes Albert H Hopper, Inc Manufacturer of MONUMENTS and MAUSOLEUMS ODposIfe Mam Entrance Holy Cross Cemetery Tel KEarny 2 0094 B ZIEMAK Whrte Eagle Monumental Co MEMORIAL ARCHITECTS 57 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON N J Henderson Plumbing and Heatlng 9 HARDING AVENUE NORTH ARLINGTON N J Tel KEarny 2 2865 Z 5288 Reuben I Lundy REALTOR INSURER APPRAISER 836 KEARNY AVENUE ARLINGTON N J l KEarny 2 2896 NIQITT Phone KEarny 2 1765J Thomas Meloro and Son MONUMENTAL WORKS M GOFFREDO Ofhce RID E ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON OODOSITO Holy Cross Cemetery K amy I 7 KEarrIy 2 2144 Hugo Flornst 287 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON N J COmDI ments Of Tremarco Coal Company Tel KEarny 7 5724 J RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON 1- vp-14 I O O el. - ' , N. I. . . Co. Q I I 329-34I RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON, N. I I - A Te. - ' - . O 271 G , N. I. 2 , . . E 2- I5 - I . ' ' ' ZOO ,N, I. vs 4-v-1--1-v A - A 47,17 v 'lg-A - A- - Compliments of Sam Brown - , v v - 41, Y 4, -.4 TCI KEarny 245- Q Johnny's Market PRIME MEATS - FANCY FRUITS QUALITY Gnocsmss TT GOLD STREET NORTH ARLINGTON, N qalnqj awed IO uaang apsoddg 'f 'N 'NO.I.9NI'IZIV HLEION CIVOEI EIOCIIEI 6SI Apueg slgyenpg pue 'mueaag aol qnlg Auunog PW 'SGHV3 7ltlVW11VH 2l0:I Sf1OWV:l doug .paamg alipgu L9OE'Z AUJEEDI 'I9.L lRevcrsed by RequestI Stock s Delicatessen I26 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON N J Comphmcnts of Mr. and Mrs. Fuchs TeI. KEarny 2-3855 203 PROSPECT AVE. NORTH ARLINGTON, N .1 TCI, RUII'1crford 2-3863 A Cr L Super Market D43 RIDGE ROAD LYNDHURST N J TeI KEarrwy 2 6078 Calllnan s Confectionery CIGARETTES CIGARS CANDIES Castle Ice Cream 269 RIDGE ROAD Novlck s Confectlonery Store CIGARS STATIONERY SCHRAFFT CANDY BREYERS ICE CREAM I5 2 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON N To KEamy O-463 Free Delnvery Nystrom s FRUIT and VEGETABLE MARKET SCANDINAVIAN FOOD PRODUCTS WALTER NYSTROM Prop un Complrments of Unlted Grocery Store J-I BELLEVILLE PIKE NORTH ARLINGTON Compliments of Toy I a n d 36 RIDGE ROAD Te amy :I ,IM Idlewild Poultry Farms FRESH EGGS and POULTRY Durect From The Farm To You DELIVERIES FRIDAY and SATURDAY u I o I I Q 1 n ER , N J ' I u 7I , .J. I. 2- R ' I. KE 2-R 57. I o GZI ELM STREET ARLINGTON, N. J, PITTSTOWN, NEW JERSEY -lg' -",' ,' ,APY-1-i4fve'AY Av- ,'v-fv' W' v'v-Tv' 'Av' 79 lfv' L' ITL'-'-At' lr' T Lou's Service Center BATTERIES - TIRES - ACCESSORIES wow., Amoco PRODUCTS LUBRICATION SERVICE 206 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON "FOR THAT WELL GROOMED FEELING" Ridge Barber Shop Expert Workmanship GEORGE GERVASI, Manager JOE TRIJNCALE, Ass't Manager 34 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON, Tel. KEarny 2,6228 Sunset Service Station A BALDANZA Prop TYDOL GAS and OILS NORTH ARLINGTON N J e KEarny 2 4562 Paramount Grlll Home or Pune rooms 2 4 BELLEVILLE TURNPIKE ARLINGTON e KEarny 2 O726 Epstein Hardware 44 RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON N J Ridge Diner OPEN DAY and NIGHT I 67 RIDGE ROAD IV- A A A T T' - v ', ,',pA Tel. KEarny 245682 Hughe's Service Station GAS - OIL - REPAIRS 600 SCI-IUYLER AVE. NORTH ARLINGTON, N J Manuel Cr Sons BARBER SHOP IMMEDIATE SERVICE 20 PROSPECT AVE. NORTH ARLINGTON, N. Nicholas Del Grosso SHIP SERVICE TAILOR United States Coast Guard OFFICERS UNIFORMS INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED FORT TRUMBULL NEW LONDON CONNECTICUT e KEarny 2 3609 reds Service Station GAS OIL EXPERT LUBRICATION RIDGE ROAD NORTH ARLINGTON N e KEarny 2 I722 A Cr R Schwaltzberg Successors to S L WIENER DEPT STORE INEARNY AVE KEARNY N J alton s Department Store 850 KEARNY AVENUE ARLINGTON N J N J 5 J . . . . , . ' T I- ' T I. - ' F I o o I f N' I' IOI , . J. T I, - T 'A - . I O O ' ' ' 543 ' . , . . Tel. KEarny 2-4822 Tel. KEBVVW Z-SZI5 1 . . H' ' SO Mfvfwffff W, M gwgw W MW WWW Yrwmwfwa ,gwgfg 50.44 ff QW 'W new ww . -gy 7 6' 5 .GD danger? We " W Q 3593 QM! SZZZD5' Qlzfzit Z WW A I 2 W LW , 'WLM JM WW 3- . 1 I f - if K M Q . - . A Ml- i, fc. Wfw Wwhmw www 2' WWZMQWJ gm qw MWWWM wwefwiwwjmpb MM Wyfzzwf 'qi iw . ,gf , Ln' . f46'54fU7Ba'1 'I 5. x , . K " !Z0'Vwrv QQQBQK jymbv JM

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