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Q r - l X N Q . X v. K we Sembfm Emu if q 1 13, 1 -5 ll YN . ,v K .4 fif, 1 If i .iv QV I F M. Q C f "LF Y WLMZQ Za Um Scalcffew am! SQ lem THX mx cw X p EQKUL NNNLL AMNQN H 'N N ALF? VD 9,HNEIDEF OU15 CEDRONE AF NMI! OFM now that wHCmx Q Q mmmu WLOSQ ffm Aww rk 1 L ku tmms www yum wwrk shade 1 L5 c A mf T1 rwbu nw rw wc p TVN LL 31 VL ng mul- m 1 crhcr or kr Cr YC x 5 503 . . . VL L k T3 VVAL, N . 'X F' TF' 5 H I, NM151 L, 'X K G 75" 1 Q F R VE'Y'h.Y lg ' Q EXMFH r1.EL,,QH L ' H FiLf,3EL Y, 4 TQ E R ' ' f Lf yu: arw ami 'L x 'r you are d 'mg we PA -,ary To A .r C fmw WAX, Lf Lwfv W' rms., AML tha? .11 ' P' ' 'X . X . Mt ,nur m mi gmw im R t p N H QM TM fs the rQaSOm WVVXC Ymcd TQ wcfureg ,fw Hu- VJ-l-1 Qhrxmhx Hu! gag! My ww if want Tw rOr.L1i 1 mm: YM- ngfwmfrca x U 19' t Mg -'t,rl"t"lWJ1u3ff4f 'md -Vw Qwrwr' IITTQ Th 'fk' L Y-'f sc-mics Um H10 'usww vw 1114310 NNE I' X tx ,fm rw gmrrfu ar .mi Tf the L - 2 Mgr fEJ21"LwS ww gcf' al vdix plan :iw ywmwg pu aft the ,hc Q oar C 7 SCYX00 6 P-RLXNGTOS BXGB wx muvxcnow, N. J. TELEPHONE KEP-WNY 2-O26 NOR YKURLEY 6 une, F RP-NK A van-low px. 'Deav Nfkosfbxawkx., 'SKNAZYYXQ V22-X ox ing. QxAx1fwQSXv5ovS mwah a V516 SQNON Siwix -'Remember 44vN?xoXN0e3' s YIXQKXAYXYXQSSI 'QeqnemY:Qv4v.YxovXQ1'S uswk 'SYNXL1 ao, vie, Sud Zhong -ix'W'Nv Qxgvvves , BQBTHQ Qaguxxxl xoevsfoo, ffxmz acoiw QT Ygiex-WS. em KX QCA. 3. we We Sexqxovrs .-X lk, MR JOSEPH W BROGAN '39 , 'i-nl' Presndent Board MR ARTHUR E MATHISEN MR FRANK P WEBER Education paw- MR JOHN L SKINNER MRS IRIS FERRY OTTE District Clerk MR THOMAS W REILLY fx K KJ MLJRLEY A H ,vw Sm V 'N F'v'L't1-19 MOLBEP T PBJXA 5 LU, ,F of WL i P W-DELI E STEFFEQS E' x X gHA3 :D ll Q7 Q ,4- 4 KE M s L, v JOHl DE ELJ BPE PK D NKIJJOA S M R ARIT PFLNSSXER AB M P' , mi 11 nw Mx P w f mqan Our Faculty '-:Qi '. E..E'. iw W E' 3 ANNE QECCY An :-gs. ,-.L rg 1. g. .. A -1? V E-.ff F' J" . ,jQi2 5 4,EK Eff F.--"0-. Etra' f N N K. ' 4, F , fM,.f4 BEC TT BS ,A phi, fm 51,-t,+',1 E2 A 'wc-1 Etna: K . I www,-, ww, -mm as ' Y Ss: a S'..fC3 Q J 5 - 4 ' -Q F '--EK ES 'ff-E M EBV. "H Y'-1 -'-"5 SHA Srdtcs KAa,wc"'a':s S 1 f .A,A 'QEE'.E3.'.E A E -Q' F"'g 1' S73 SLAC, 3 I Q0 ' x I M j ' T ', MA A'x"' BS,M Af, V y , 1 jg. -4 ,W na? 2 Pvt' Uvqh? Mf,,Q1-vm lp .gba TTWE L ' 4 L, V SHA' Mai cmaf c VH SvUTHJATf HS L AEETH Z JQAQO BNA MA M15 rENP ETTA SHEQIDA 4 A B rn 3 LOUISE FADDEN B S ISABEL CAPWELL M A S wLvM0 PHE P1 EA Q A JO EPH FLIMLVN BS MA ED F A Q -9 vx1LBUR RUCKEL BS Bus ness Educatwofa U QJTP-1v ONAALLEY BS M -we 5 5 DOQOTHY ARIGHT AB Soca Sfudes QRORUE COUGHLIN B S Gwdancc- S 4' 0 Cur Facult LC : g M' ,CFD X- E3 "fb ,egg CL-QQ'-41 ,f ,A 95 ESF' 1' K '1 ig -ff wQQ,1'.NA 'X '41 Q AJ Q L ,: , Q 'O L . 1 I. . ' .J 7 n , ' 5 E- A A , - - X -5 I Sieve ' Sc, ce .MM LVSTE ES Ewhww 13 ,Z ,nf x. I , L 1: V' . X , ' u I 'C S ' ' , A, HQ commas La -EH vm A 1 , V 3 I g -L I . ' 0 if - lf 1 f NORTH ARLXNC-TON HXGH SCHOOL Noam ARLXNGTON, N. J. FRANK J. HURLEY TELEPHONE Pamcxvm. KEARNY 2-0263 june 1.944 ,X-Sbggy QSXEOVQQ, XXSTW1, dndwe ved OX -lou, l UressQA kwin have our 'YXQXUV65 Takgnx 3-XRT.-Yuvn M 'pages End See us Srvfxxe X V1 had a 300A xteav I U was nkcedn be SQn'wOrSf + ue, ed xmyoviaa. mack X62 5 QOQOYS RUTH S, AVERY Luke any typlcal sensor glrl "Toby" engoys sports H1 gym classes Belng employed at a bank doesnt keep her from taking part IH school actlyltles, Her favorlte pastume as laugheng and rrdlng around an old Fords, although we often wonder If she doesnt Dush them more, Her chlef arm ls to goin the Waves, but when the war IS over Ruth would ltke to become a career gurl RUTH MARGARET BAMFORD That dark-hatred senlor wuth A smlle for everyone is "Ruthle". Her past tour years have been actuve For Instance thus year she has been: 'Chatterboxw ln the Student Prirts, manager of the FYHYWSYVCIV presldent of the Leaders' Club and Trl-Y, and sax player ln the band and member of the grrllS volley and basket ball teams. CLAIRE ElLEEN BARTH Anytlme y Ju want s wet,-ne to laugh at A I -ke nu matter naw corny, call an ' Lee " Her appreclatlye laugh has macle all her trlen,ls more fond of her. She has been actne rn glee Club, gfrl's sports, the llunwr Soclety, Tfl-Y, Lea.ler's Club anti .n the Stu- dent Prints. After gratluatlon, she hfpes fo become a prlvate secretary. s. -w EDWARD S. BLACK A relnable member of has class, Ed's leadershlp has carrled hum through class offlces and a basketball captaun- shup, In football he is a three-letter man, The army will take care of has lmmedlate plans after graduatuon, He Ilkes Hu-Y, sports, muslc and chem- :stry-but, "Oh, how he hates to get up in the mornnnglu JOSEPH ROBERT BLACK Because "Blackae" is inclnned toward engnneerlng, he wants to help reconstruct European buildmgs when peace is restored. Chemistry and mathrnatncs hold has Interest, Any- thlng Bob does, you have the feellng he does at the best he can, DOROTHY BLOW "pony" .S N, A, H, sis l944 yer- slon of a May Queen. She slngs nn the glee club-has been singing all of her four years, belongs to the Tri-Y, plays basketball and enjoys art and clothes designung. In class, she Ilkes to study Englash. Anyone who meets Dotty, ln or out of school, knows her radlant smule. ANNE o BoNELLi Anne, our clark-eyed, quiet Senior, plans to become a stenographer First of all she will attend a business school before entering her chosen profession After the war she would like to travel She hates to be idle, a virtue which should take her far in bus ness Ei PETER T, CALABRO A short, talkative, young fellow lust about describes "Pete". He is quite a busy man who likes spooky stories and horseback riding, His favorite subject is commercial law, He was on the service committee of the Hi- Y this year, His main ambition is to become a farmer. JOHN BRADY Jack came to our school in his senior year from Queen of Peace. While he was there, he was on the football team His favorite hobby is looking up Bob Hope's iokes, lThat's why you see the seniors in hysterics most of the timer ,lack has a yea,- ll' College, before Uncle Sam needs him, Ultimately, exporting is his aim, J, WILLIAM BROGAN A who's who on swing records, "Bill" knows all his bands and fea- tured artists We can easily see why radio is one of his favorite school subiects. "Bill" expects to go into electrical engineering after gradu- ation, Aside from working after school, Bill finds time for taking pic- tures and collecting jazz records, JAMES M, CALLAM "Farmer Jim", our long-legged end on the football team, also participated on the track team, In his sophomore year he was president of the Lens and Shutter club, Jim's favorite study is trigonometry because, as he puts it, "lt's confusin' but amusin '." The architectural field will hold Jim's at- tention while he is at college, S 5 f DONALD W, CARLSON The chug of an old Ford generally heralds "Fat's" COFTIIDQ, Don was in th- Student Council during his first tt 'ears of high school and a valu- abi sckle on the football team dur- ng , last two years. Because he .kes to argue, Don's favorite subject is P, A, D. An outdoor man at heart, ' Fat" loves to ski and fish, The Navy will claim him upon graduation, LOUIS R, CEDRONE The Navy drJn't call 'Loulel' un- trl after football season We were glad---Lowe was the head manager of the teamshad held the rob for three years He lakes to bklllvl thtngs wrth hrs hands---enj tables, for rnstance Shop was h s favorrte course n school. One thnng we adnmrecl abrut htm especrally, he wnrked hare! at anythrng he undertook NANCY BARBARA CEDRONE Luke most other sensor gurls, Nancy Irkes all types of sports. She shares lust gg much Interest rn rnusrc and GABRIEL CLUETT L kg nw N-,t of the sent. 'S, Gabby works alter sghuel but he nas toons! trme tn become a rnernber of the base- ball team wrt hrs tunwr and senror LlJVWClllQ Nancy tntermls tw QQ rrght NUAF' l-ll' V""llA' l' l"ll'-'V lun Ami' ,nts tne bLmrf1CSS worm! after she gets AH K-JV V"S'Cll 'll' mf 'VCX fl 3301 ga: .f m el and :sw on bosrness -W-l W mfs"-fs fi ul-tw rv'-ilcssooal mfhrnes it nrQlWt s'hn' Clerlinl lmwlrlsll alll" llm Mf l"l'C WWW tc . - ., to 1 , , . N trarnrng rates as her lavtfrte subpect NNY Gs'-W' ll mkl nl3+l"l'C Ol wrth Dhysucal eclucattcn C-.tse behrrxl lllx'm0WUVl'- but hrs, fav, ntg snblect rs pre-tlrght 1 f B t V . LOREE COCHRANE "Lorrie-Mae" rs that slm, cute senior who can usually be found lls- temng to "l-lolrday for Strrngsn or drrnkrng a vanrlla frosted. She has been active on the Student Prints, in the Honor Soctety, and on the year- book. She loves to draw and plans to attend an art school X rain' THERESA COLAMEDICI Comlng from Barrrnger rn her senlor year, Terry became one of us easrly. She's shown her abrlrty on the basket- ball court by garnung a place on the senror A team, Her spare time she drvrdes between her two favorute hob- bres- bowltng and tencung both of whrch she dues wrth equal enthusrasm, VIOLA MARGARET CORIO 'VV' has been one of those acttve senrzr grrls, Besides berng a mem- ber of the Twrrlers, she served wtth the Honor Socrety two years before becomrng vlce presndent, She enjoys Frank Srnatra's records and, whenever she has spare trme, goes roller skattng and danclng, "Vt" rntends to be- come a secretary because she enjoys offrce practice class. HELEN COTTMAN AGNES FRASER COVENEY FRANCES CREAMER Coltyll, cur golden-voiced so- prano, has been one of our favorites. Quiet and unassuming, Helen allows ner personality to shine Tl'trOugh het' music, one cf her main interests Wtirkrvrg at A part-time job during her sen cr year she stil f.ndS time for painting, ramping in the snow and wcrlfing in ner victory garden "Aggie" is busy, in and out of school, She was the president of her homeroom as a freshman and a mem- ber pf the glee club and the minstrel casts during her last three years, After school she holds a part-time job in a defense off.ce "Fran" has been a leader in every- thing she has undertaken in high school She was president of her homeroom for twO years and active in Student Prints, Chrysalis, Honor So- ciety, Student Council, and Leader's Club Her sharp whistle on the bas- lfetball court or her cheery "Hi" her- alds her approach anywhere. She plans to go in for a literary life. JAMES CRISAFULLI Jimmy likes to watch football and basketball games though his greatest interests are salesmanship and bus-- ness. During his last two years of high school, he has held a part time job. Only one dislike he has--soup' His one major hobby is sleeping MARGARET M. DALESSO Although "Marge" seems qulet to most people her pals loye her gift of gab Upon graduation she plans to attend college and major in her fav- orite subject, English, Marge loves to swim but would enjoy it more if she could stay on top of the water. With her gay talk and charming man- ner, she will succeed in anything she undertakes ELEANOR H. DANEK A shy and quiet senior, Eleanor en- joys typing and her part-time job. Before takrng a permanent position in some office, she hopes to further her business training. Sometime, when gas rationing is no more, maybe her main interest, driving a car, can oc- cupy her spare time, LUCILLE DEL GROSSO "Dark Eyes' must have been writ- ten for "Lu". Besides taking part in sports, she carries on an extensive correspondence and likes to entertain. Her course as a Nurses' Aid w.ll be an asset when she loins the Cadet Nurse Corps We know 'Lu' will become what she clesiresw-a finest surgical nurse JANICE MADELlNE ECKEL Sparkling eyes and flashy smile can only mean our 'Jan". Being cap- tain of the cheer leaders is not her only activity. She has been in the glee club and on the basketball and volleyball teams for four years. Jan says she has an interest in the army which we know will be strengthened when she ioins the service 35 ,3 nurse, BARBARA A, EHLERS Having left school early during both her iunior and senior years to hold a part-time position as a stenographer, Bobbie has had little time for extra- curricular activities since her sopho- more year when she was a member of the band, She likes drumming and taking snap shots and especially the military drill she is subject to, since she is a cadet corporal in the Civil Air Patrol. RACHEL EMMA An especially quiet senior best de- scribes "Ray," Besides holding a part-time job she is often seen at her favorite sport, basketball, Fashion designing is one of her many hobbies. Rachel will be a competent worker in some business office That's her plan for the future. .-sf at ff, r ' ' .. I' 'Qi-1 ' R' ' 5,313 SN I" 5' W ct' g,q.,1-'I' V4 3-713 - 53 V : f ,' T.E'.w1'faf r ' .- ' - r, i I ,. is JOSEPH R. FALLON Joe's favorite subject is history be- cause, he says, "I dislike it the least." Besides holding a part-time job, Joe is quite an actor-appearing in many plays. He wall go in the Army Air Corps when he turns eighteen and plans to stay there. Being a member of the basketball team was his athletic achievement, He also enloys chess, .yi STANLEY EARRINGTON "Stan", whose activities in school sound like a cabinet maker's life, has been interested in shop and woodwork throughout his four years of high school, Though he went out for track in his freshman year, "Stan" admits baseball is his favorite sport. When he's eighteen, he's going to let the Army decide his future. LESTER JAY FERGUSON Jr Qu: traif 'nan 'Lesf' says he grgans :yer heavy homework assign- r-ientsf rut h.s grades wouId indicate twat gr ming brings resuIts. Since chemistry ii his hubby, he pIans rgrt fnaking It ITS vacation, as weII - after the Arrny If through with hint VIRGINIA FRASER In years t: come we may be sur- prised to hear that "Ginny" has be- come a pianist. She .s one of our quiet but ambitious girls which ac- c funfs for her future-gsing to cr,I- Ivge to study music AisJ in the Iine of mus-c she has been a member of the glee club and orchestra for the past tour years HELEN JOAN FREID Heieh came to W. A. as a freshman trorr L nc:Ir nigh .n Jersey City. She was junior nomeroom secretary and ptayed a big part in the Prom success One of ner hzbbres is dancing, and she wsulo ratner dance to Harry James than anyone etse P A. D. is her favorite subiect, and a tootbaII or basketbaI game -sn't c5rnpIete with out ner. R SHIRLEY FREIDMAN Luke many seniors ShirIey works part-time in a defense plant. But this is temporaryg she intends to be- come a nurse. Her interests center on good books and she en,oys bacon, eggs and chemistry. Whenever she has leisure, she goes horseback riding and Swimming 401' MARJORIE GASHLIN 'Marge", one of the pretty senior girIs, who has been in the mnnstrel since her freshman year, is interested in danchg and ro:Ier skating. She likes to pIay around with figures which expIains ner interest in accounting. A Harry James fan, "Marge" drshkes Frank Sinatra and homework WX HAROLD GERSTENMIER The smiing Harald has a speciaI Iiking for aII sports and his particu- iar hobby s coIIecting-stamps and records, He is energetic because he tounct time during both nts junior and senior years to noId part-time jobs outside of doing his regular scho::I work. Harold wilt enter the Army in Ju'y. ANNE GIORDANO GEORGE GODIN AUGUST GRANBERG Because she intends to be a typlsfi Anne prefers office practice class and likes best to work wIth the machines found there, Coming to us In her senIor year from Kearny high, she has held a part time job this year as l'1Cr share IH the war effort 'GIg", the Chrysalis editor IO chief, came to N A, In his junior year, He rapidly gained popularity by his pleas- ant manner. lnteresting people and baseball go hand In hand with George's Interests. Because aeronautical en- gineering is his ideal, pre-flight serves as his "favorite subject." Known to his friends as "Swede," this chap likes basketball, is on the stage crew, his favorite subiect is pre- flight and he wants his future to mold him Into an aerial gunner for the Navy. His hobbies and Interests tend toward outdoor life--hIkIng, camping and swimming gun K ' x JAMES GREENWOOD Although he enioys reading, "JIm's" Intense interest centers On model airplanes and boats. In fact, he hopes to own a cabin cruiser some- day, At school, he likes gym, yet ad- mits he cares neither for basketball games nor track meets. ,H In . P 4 . DORRlS ALMA HAKUSA "l-lak" is one of those really grand girls, She works, both in and out of school, makes the best of opportuni- ties and always looks as if she had stepped out of a band-box-she's that neat. Also, she's a Frank SInatra fan, LORRAI NE HAYMAN Writing letters, playing the piano and ping pong are HLBYTIGISH hobbies. Homework, bugs and insects she ab- hors. Secretarial training is her fav- orite subject because In that class she has "never a dull moment." Part of the reason may be because she in- tends becoming a member of some bank's personnel after graduation. WILLIAM Hctslosiisorsl Bill has as good a reason as any for liking radio "lime goes fastcst tluririg that puriocll' llc likes any- thmg vclible mizl dislikes the late bell t .gi ,tf :ft ri lf l, lim. Spent much f hi-, lt-i-,uw time tri an mlinirablff Wdy wart trrw wnrlf llis, main in tt'rv't', .irw .1.i.iti ,ri .mtl mollu, Aricl lt-:,l,if-,1 il lil- trot .iltvr the war EDWARD HUTCHINSON It is often said that looks deceive, and this fits "Hutch" perfectly, He defies all laws of size and doesn't mind being knocked around on a foot- ball field or sliding to base in base- ball season, Avlation is one of his 'nany interests, and he would rather builil model planes than do homework Ed -. favurite pastime is looking up at pt--pw x kr! SHIRLEY JENKINS Look who's coming down the field Ayipe-, it's Shirley strutting at the head of our band, Shirley loves all sportsvhas participated in and man- aged many girls' teams. She intends to go to a window-display school. We all know she likes dancing because she's right there at the juke box every lunch time HARRIETTE KAST JOAN KELLEY RALPH KEUCH Harriette, sometimes known as "Ren," is one of the neat girls in our class She has taken an active part in all girls sports, is a member of the Tri- Y, and treasurer of the senior class, With her pleasing disposition, we are sure she will be a success both in business and in her desired field of wtf-nor decorating. "Kelley" rejoined us in her senior year after a two years' absence, She didn't have much time for activities because she held a part-time job. Joan likes skating and listening to the radio, especially to "Requestfully Yours" ln the future she wants to work in an office or bank. Although Ralph was with us only a few months before he went into the Navy, he rapidly became known throughout the school as a true and loyal friend. One of his favorite pas- times is beating out a rhythm on his drums. JAMES LOEBELL DAVID KIRKLAND ALLAN JAY KRASKIN GRACE S. KUIPER Because he enioys laboratory ex- periments, "Kirk" says his favorite Sublect is chemistry. But he must also like basketball, baseball and foot- ball-he plays in the first two and is manager of the third. Besides, he is Student Prints sports editor. Hoping to join the Navy Dave wont mind giving up ice cream sodas and an occassional hot dog. Since "Al" likes the outdoor life- football, hunting, swimming - he sometimes thinks he'd like to be a bus driver. ln school he likes shop best because "it gives time to relax." Maybe thats the reason he intends using much time in fishing when he finishes school. Like many others, Al holds a part-time job, "Kuip" is a girl everyone can dis- tinguish by her happy-go-lucky smile. She is interested in sports and has been active on the girl's teams for all four years Grace plans to work in an office after graduation. Her funny laugh and never-dull enthusiasm makes people like her. MICHAEL LA PLACA GEORGE LINDER L -. "Mike" is N. A. H. S.'s version of Harry James. Our maestro has his own twelve piece orchestra and can play an assorted collection of instru- ments. lnterested in becoming a master mechanic of airplane motors, Mike's favorite subject is gym be- cause it gives him a chance "to throw his troubles away." When you see bright red hair going down the hall, you know it's George. He has been an active member on the football, baseball, and basketball teams. "Red" plans to enter the Navy upon graduation. Among his many interests are skiing, bull sessions, and sports. "Jimmy" is everyone's friend. He s been president of the Honor Society this year. Jimmy also holds a part- time job in a chemistry laboratory. Because of this interest, he wants to go to pre-medical school. We know Jimmy will climb to the top of the ladder because everything he does, he does well. IDA LUTY' VIRGINIA M MANNING JOHN MATHISEN lm lvttlr wr-.sf a, G Jilrv' ' vtersi--ted rw fp' rtt. Sne us a nm-'uber l the I. le,l,a1l haul-etlvall ar I base- llall tvazns mtl the gurls' leaders Club. lla li ff vgher Em Kr the war ettfrt tr, hold ng a part-tlme lib as a tele' phire perat r She hipes ti cvntlnue thc t,pe " A 'F Alter grtatluatl n A ' rw- r rn preshlent fgr tw' se-ers It l3u'ry's" record The Honor S-,Q ety Trl-Y and basketball clalrn her Interest For good measure, she appf-nregl n the Chrlstmas plat. 'Chrlstrhas ls ff Chlldren " Burry expects to attend Dean .unter College lwNltn a fare fir gli ng eyerythlng she unflertalses we I her success ls assured, Grlf' a 'nerrber ef :ur feotball and basketball teams lor four years and :apta-n Qt cur basebal' team this year, really enloys sports He wants tr, ef-ter the Navy, and hs post-war plan ls to be a gyrnfteacher. He llkes food fun and P, A D. but never seems tp get enough sleep Q JANE E MCLACHLAN Known to her frlends as Jean ' this tall, Qulet senlor has sung in the glee club and been n the rnlnstrel show She llkes trayellng --hopes to vlslt Hawan and Scotland someday. Her speclal dlsllke IS crowded buses Commerclal law IS her favorlte sub- lect and roller skatlng IS her fayorlte sport DONALD MERRITT Den' IS one of the few Quiet boys at our class but he's also one of the whlzzes Anytlrne you want a math problem solved, call on Don. Hts fa- yonte sport IS baseball, but he does a grand ,ob chartlng our football games, Don hopes to become an aeronautical englneer. Although he talks of Wag- ner, he knows all the latest ,Ive re- leases Capable anywhere, that's Don. If DOLORES E, NEILSEN The red-head of the senlor class, Dolores, has been actlve ln the mln- strel the Honor SOCIETY, the Student Prints and her part-tlme iob. She is Interested ln belng a good secretary and, since she IS already efficlent and intends to further her buslness edu- catlon, her success wlll, naturally, fol- low. Her hobbles are collecting novelty puns and readlng mystery stories, ROBERT N EWCOMBE Our tall fooball captain and senior president, known as "Newc," is also that familiar usher we have seen in the hall for the past four years. "Newc" has taken an active part in other sports: track, basketball, and baseball. We shall always remember him for his pleasant smile and his pleasant "Hi-ya"' I I 1 HENRY PETRY "Bud" was always jitterbugging at the dances-and he was good at it, tool Smiling and friendly, Bud tried for the armed service. Early this year, he transferred his interests from N. A. H. S. to the Merchant Marine. He hopes to make the sea his life-not only for the duration, but for life. ELIZABETH H. OGILVIE "Betty" has been an active member of the Honor Society for the past year. Her interests vary from reading to sports, her favorite subject is secre- tarial training. She wants to be a private secretary and she will be an asset to any office. Her hobbies are swimming, reading mysteries, and taking long walks. LEONARD PEARSON "Clem", our ace photographer, has been a member of our track team since his sophomore year, He is a great lover of all sports both in and out of doors, Eventually Clem hopes to own a yacht and sail to the South Seas to take pictures, Much of the interesting photography of this book is his work. MILTON J. PRZEBIEGLIC "Met" is that quiet senior with the giggle. Between classes, he hurries down the hall to his usher's DOST, for this boy can always be depended upon to be where he belongs and do- ing what he's supposed to be doing. The Army will decide his future, He only hopes he'll get a job where there is always something new to learn. DORIS LYNNE RIDER "Dos" intends to become a steno- grapher after graduation-that ac- counts for secretarial training being her favorite subject. Besides holding a part time job, she enjoys swimming, reading and adding items to her war scrap book. She likes chocolate and bemoans its scarcity. DOUGLAS ROBERTSON WALTER CHARLES JOAN ROSENDAL "Doug" is known for his witty say- ings. If any kind cf mischief is about, you can be sure Doug is in the middle of it. He can take any car apart and put it in running condition and have enough parts left to build another car. His main ambition is to become an aviation radioman in Uncle Sam's Navy. 1 4 JAMES A. RUBINO A guard on the football team, Jim- my also likes skating, flying and sing- ing. Known for his stride on the track, he adds vocal strength to the glee club. lf he's never answered, "lt's so true!" to you, your high school days are incomplete? ROGERS, Jr. The happy-go-lucky "Walt" be- came Sailor Vtfalt about the middle of the year. For two seasons he was a valuable man on the football team. The first baseman job on the baseball team also belonged to the lanky chap. Unless the Navy puts weight on his frame, Walt's likeness to Frank Sin- atra remains, ELAINE SAPORITO Dancing eyes and a sparkling smile herald the coming of "Doo" Though an energetic and enthusiastic worker, she also loves good times. Dancing to music of almost any kind-rhumba, tango, jazz-is one of her favorite pastimes, After graduation Elaine plans to attend Duke University. Her success there is assured. Joan is truly an all-around girl, ex- celling as much in sports as in math. The editor-in-chief of the Student Prints enioys social clubs, American history, and Harry James with equal enthusiasm, Our Jo has a character- istic all her own, an air-raid siren laugh which never fails to set off everyone around her. She'lI be an asset to the college she chooses. ELIZABETH SCHMIDT "Skipper" came to us from New York during her junior year. This year she is a typist for the Student Prints, a member of the minstrel cast, and works part-time, She plans to go to business school. Her hobby is collecting pictures of ships. She likes ice cream and the U, S. Navy, which accounts for her nickname. ALFRED SCHNEIDER IRENE KATHERINE ELEANOR MARIE SMITH A Ou ck rush dgwn the hal to beat the bell,-tnat was the brown-exe! "AI New hes oribahly sqartnq some sky tgr early In l94'l he left the htgh gghoo3 for the Arr Corp. Wherexer he Is, we know hes alert rushlng through the aur nw doubt to beat the enemy' SCHOENLEBER Tnrcv sums A :nvvr Ivatlvr ts the rccnrtt wt th: clmrrn my 'lr,t,h " AC- tue In sp rts peasant to lvok at clellghttul ta kviwy lrlsh never wants tar frlemls thats because she's trlcntlly Atter QVAJUJIICH, Skndmwre Colloqe wtll :lawn her After colleuf' A qvw' teacher s r'utlne vs her cholce Q. rnlnq tj N A n her senJr year Ewan r has tnttctl IIT vastly ner pleas- ant snwule ns an JssOl Sho would luke ta ber Img .1 tlecymt tr of rn ttlel homes In a large furnlture store Bounilng out .1 :lance tn some new sang on the ,ul-o Er tv IH the own Is her reireatlun 1 Nix Nu JOAN SMITH Joan, Unlon CIty's grft to N A, came to us In her lunlor year. She dnsllkes baseball and gurls who talk about thelr latest boy fnends, She wants to be a chemlcal engtneer In later years, but she should be a lawyer. The reason? Ask anyone In Cornmerv cnal law class MARIE STAUB Durung her four years In hugh school, Mane has been actlve In the Student Councnl, Trl-Y, and on Stu- dent Prints staftt She has held a part- tlme job for two years and wall make a frne secretary, When not eating, talklng, or llstenlng to Frank Sinatra, she wlll be found lendlng and to some cause or some one 9 WILLIAM STUCK "Stucky" has been worklng after school slnce hrs sophomore year, In June he wall enter the Army Air Corps, and after the war as over he plans to start his own laundry bustness. In spare moments "Stucky" IS gen- erally found repavnng hrs car, He enjoys tlnkerlng wnth radlos lmrnense- ly, but flshlng and huntnng rate high, also MILDRED M. WEISS EDWARD C. 'TESCH "Artie," the tallent senior, seems always to have an answer to every- thing. His favorite hobby is taking cars apart and putting them together again with no parts left over, 'So far he hasn't succeededll After graduation, he hopes to become a civil QUQIFICQY ., W.. .Qs-lfltws . ,. A, IRENE CAROLYN TIEDEMANN "Tiedemann" is another way of spelling personality plus. Irene is good-natured, ready and always will- ing to lend a hand. She loves to have fun and if you want to know what's good and what isn't in the line of movies, just ask her. Irene wants to become a nurse, and, with her initiative, we'll have another Florence Nightingale in our midst LOUIS C. TREMBLE All six feet, three and one-half inches of "Stretch" has been put into the track team for the past three years. He likes football and baseball particularly, but because of his work- ing out of school, he doesn't get much time to participate in them. After leaving school, he would like to enter the Air Corps. Camping is his hobby. N E. :IAQ KQV . A t i: si iz? .A . I ROBERT WILLIAM TURNER s- HELEN WALSTROM Although "Sam's" main interest during his years in high school has been football, he also enjoys base- ball and good times in and out of school. Already Bob's athletic ability has been rewarded by a four year col- lege scholarship. He'll take advan- tage of it this fall. Aside from being on the football team, Bob served on the Chrysalis staff. Helen is one of the more sophisti- cated seniors, Her quiet and charm- ing manner won her membership in the Tri-Y, Helen is interested in swimming and dancing and is also a pianist. Good shows, perfume, and peach sweaters are among her likes. She plans to attend a secretarial school upon graduation--an asset to any business firm. Called "Matey" by her sailor brother, blonde Mildred would like to go into the arts and sciences of beauty culture. Her hobby is col- lecting flags of various countries. Mildred likes lemon ice cream sodas, corny jokes, and perfume. Her fav- orite subject is English. JEAN WERTZ DAVID WHEELER CLYDE WHITE What a busy girl 'Wertzie" has been? A member of the glee club for four years, a peppy cheerleader for three, active in all girls' sports, and president of the Student Council in her senior year, she likes to dance and sleep and dislikes homework. Wertzie's winning personality will make her a Success in any field she chooses. I 1 ! gg V2 X.,, HENRY WYSOCKI Henry's main interest is sports. He has been a member of the baseball team the past two years. This am- bitious fellow worked part-time in his freshman, sophomore, and senior years. He plans to be an ayiation mechanic. His dislike is a popular one-homework. Starting as ass stant manager Cf the track team in his th.rtl year, 'Dave" has wsrketl his way up TO the manaaership He likes girls, ice cream and mast sports His favorite sublect is pre-flight although he plans to make art his career, We'll never target Daxes voice ringing clown the crriclors an.l in P A D class ul- A0 Z 'Fl .X fi Q 0- elf. 2, THEODORE MORLOCK Enlisting in the Navy before the end of the football season, "Ted" left a spot on the team hard to fill, Good at both blocking and tackling, Ted's sportsmanship, which shone on the gridiron, carried through the school and probably helps him along as a sailor. 'Freeze' has been a four year let! ter man in track an.l an indoor co- captain in his stpphnmore Year After aracluation, he wants ta join the Mel'- chant Marine Academy and make it Dart of his life's work, "Freeze" is also interested in photography, foot- ball boating and dancing He favors senor English because he says, "lt's interesting " tif? RUSSEL ARMSTRONG "Rus" left early in the year for Uncle Sam's service. Occasionally he came back on furlough and he looked like the nation wants its sol- diers to look-We-strong and willing. An accident during training sent "Rus" back to civilian life, But did it dampen his ardor for doing his bit? lt did not! A job in 3 war plant keeps him very busy, 5, J " r img., L , H M We f -3- x ""'6r 5 ,J R fu,-M371 ' !' '. L-1-1 - -I ' V., 14,4 ati, f ,- tk nr-35 " Qsg' 0 A' A1-8' si' 'Vp Y ' -'Q U D' . X-ek, lm., Q V q,,..4,3. ,fst b nv ,li , 1, A v--rf .- N I. uit.- fs . 1, 0 A1 4 'L w' 34. livy, -1 . ' " ,f .I A 1 ' ir ,Sify gp W 5 5 ' 1 r"hvf,' ' I ut, ,wi Y-S .- .lk 'VAT QV. lf" pk . lx. 5 . M- P 454 u-X nv. VM' Ihr K UMA f I ns-'i 4 if! ,qi pf ' , el. 4,5-ff gi-gg- -,515 . i I 4 X , ' 1i'f1",H!' lx , ' v .E Q Q , . 1 gP', ' law., ' 1 -,'3a.,?u' "' ,fx " ' ,Q 3 'f JI" I . LA' x .rag .4 E lx ' ii' . 1' ' AFX .bgra ' Q1 5. , y A ' 0' 'o 6 wg h , H 1 "ig 1 uh. ,If qu C gf' . . 1, .sf -v' ' 'Q :, gg' . Q' . F .U "ia'1 'F f 4-1. x ., 4 it , -vu 4543 -SW' "' H u1"'I 'ayzf' xx- is I 'aq::l,..,.5x , f- 4 qu: mf 'Ng W 3f'g gwf51f,,4g3yT' 3159812 'aff' P? 1 q?,4 4gf5 :1 4 A mg? b F 11!.fli 'Q A I ' Sw? V . S mf 11.51" V, 8 Sr . if WIP n' L" H: IJVQ 1. I-1-BD" 3- y uf" . U70 'M 'V . . I iv.-.i.. W . X s A 'Q-ldilffi EA x :fi H ' ' in-v 'L HHH 5 5 4 , I -, , 0 , L ., 1 , . W" 5.1 P... v ti' mst! If . W1 ' ' ' 4,41 L li .V uf 4 IP' :G Vp ' .iv . 1 I ' lx fi 4 bd, I -,-b--if Q?" .iff .1 U-ff I-L, f " 'ix l9,' if.-r ' lit' . QW' , , N., - ,Mg-. " 'uf' viii: .hir Lvgkix -51 ' . . . P RI 11,1 ' X ik I N si - o'2'+-Lf, W' v-. 7 Jg K i Q Q1 'l'r x :WD Q Q1 'U' ' lg'? W , V " , .A I1 . '34, X 'E - x 4 ' 'QW 5- Q f ls, -H as' X ,gtghm is P llar-yn, W4 - 1 I- .1 27 J tki HHH,r il L X v- 'wr' 1 ' 15' IQHU . is , Q g Q sf, R9 . 11+ M, eff-lg QQ,'ffff 1, ,-F14 L' J H . 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'i A I . 1,5-7 ...Qi n.',Q, QQ' s . J I V ' iffy ins -1 ' . -rf .K . .E y 4: :lj-L x 's pl '1'f.l"4'h ' SLE 'A ul cf 3 U hp. tn 8 n i?y ge- f' , 'ff' Y 1 ., , Q ': ' ,J ,. ' , .gf -U! 'V' .Y N K' It ' f gg 1 R . by 1 Q r' .j'1 ,'5 ". A ., 4-i,." 'f-,v 1' 0' ' -. ,- ,a kr, will - x ' . -- 'N,...I .4 E 1--' ...P 1 V W V Ari!-ll' J-'ga 'ibw - P- Q-.Ax 2 ,Q ' V' l Fifa' r f . g fl 'ff v- -1 - I 5 '1 H54 'f ir" 953 1 iv 54" ' ljxiq! ?lyf-pq-51!EJaLVAti!-Iii-I-i'Lf W W l,-F i",-1P,,?P.Jq? .Qv lv ' i1'? v . " "' , if K 1 1-S+"f"f-we .. w gb' A . x ' ' x vi J. .....,.,. ,,., .. . 5 ,A . g' N 1' x fl? 1 We W, - "kr--5 'Eflf'iff?i'5f::iL24 'ti' WP - . lr ' 'tm bvbfeueifffff ' '12 5-Q 'ff . xii. , f" , ' ,Arif . , .f -w.1,w-- ,PM 4 as Q l "YK Y f i f1l3I'.--j'gT"'l X' Y ,V s . .6 l H . ...Q-5- 1' I f . sv' 'nl 5,1 'WHL g WJ! v r. ' , - , if '2fg!g3E!g'y- JZ!! .g W 'UW .4 ' ' .ff . -., 'K' -f ' ':,, I It - ' , ' in 'v B vi? ' 3 ' 'Z-X A I IIUIP ' L Q ":'o' ' Q: or H, -. , . 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K Mm m Q, ..,,f.:- '1 lf? .sw A "1 E ' if 'SV14 v' W . J-Hdlguwy HM ,P . 195914 is JF? .., .. -41, ., A vw . ,Q 1, qv -,J ' f.. rifv' vm in ww .-irfis-:kia 1 T1 J T4 I 1. 4 . , 1 1 o if , !x + . j 4 ""'i1'..1ig ff'5fL. : 55' ' 1'- 1 1 . . , ' L-,ju I! f L4f"fl-P-fm-'Lau' I 7 f 3 Y H R, Fjiifflzf +11 I fl-A Jir..:?' "' Lmf! A ' DQR X X f, U K RA ,I X ' Y , xy l . 1 XX I 1 f XE , 1 X at x Q f g 1 9, N I X I " f I 1 w xp YV ,ff AIR GEORGE WILLIAMSON The f.rsf semor to choose the Navy's decks Instead uf the huqh s:IwQ1eI's IwaIIs was Gegfrgo BC,of-tmmmg put tfvrty D umfs on Ims Iamky frame md made hum a one-man threat TQ our enemues He's a ffreman, sec- G+, ond dass rww 3 Serving America 'fi 5 4 ep! I 6 N45 J VQXQ-SCX? I-X, 3 f vxoqzw psvxvloiovl moe scxKo0v vxomyx p.axAvK6'iOvl. vi. J. X Ymavd xevefvuovre vsemx-N 'z-oe-ee 'S-one fhwf fpeav Q8 Excfi OSX -LOW kqvg ave Q acxwxxxe-, vie Qvv X 'Wm Xxeav. X602 iiN91S3QQgs ,Y Q mos-XC Ciao, Qxoxosxigixov OQAQ if QWQWNVQS A 1025491 ' Kev , Nile, XWQB We X B06 Rowe, Ohoux Y wYXQ3 Q 31 0 OY Eames ,We gg vioixeecx 00 ev s We wax we wow 'Qaxx GLX. We 52 mesa Kuxxs my XYQXXQ X S Y-QL and 9' X 'CXXCY N.. ,Af ..f' Leaders All JAMES LOEBELL P'ew,.1urvf, Nafrrmal Honor Soixety TANTCE ECKEL I CJLTJ rw Uwghlca ien 1 RUTH BAMFORD 1 Presuienf, Tn-Y Pfesment, Lea:1e's Club ROBERT HAKUSA Gautam Tack Team JEAN WERTZ Pves Acer, Sm feet Coma? ROBERT NENCOMEE Premient, Semor Cass Captaxny Football Team GEORGE GODIN hmm'-,vw-Ch,c', 'Chrysalus DAVPD KNRKLAND Prcsmient, Hx-Y SHNRLEY JENKINS Cammy Twmers EDWARD BLACK Lapin" Basketball Team JOHN MATHISEN Camam, Baseball Team JOAN ROSENDAL E f tnrtm Chef, "Sm:1ent Punts" i V vg 'ig AQN I 'id' C' X' 5? 'YH - JN 7 ,.a Q 55' Q -,tv .31 5 x r SP' O .Pip V 9 O I' Purposei To write and ednt school news, Spam' Pr: rp Pine Lweo fofhvaoe, Warren Gu--vfer, ljaf Vl:'.C'1f.aV F'.3'kfCS Creamer June Kuo!! Sffyf ' ' Laura M3, Ce-r Vkfs Mifsui QfD'fC'f3 SMH? Jahcr Maw wr' ik-'Y'.,.e1e Pvawio Gave Ba'th Ruth Bamfovj Maru ,H E' fr my eva Kas' George Have' Jeaofe Maze Dow SJW' 1' Efrwr of Ea Kuff Giora Gfey Mr Berketf, Mary S mms- s Wag "J Cmnaf Mar 0 S'3..' Ep". Sgnm 1' "HJ "Q Niufstrim Purpose To promote scholarshrpf frrehdshrp, leadership, character---the four values upon which members are chosen Sfarwi '13 Bev, Qglvg Xia" Qzfohfa? Doha f Mer-fr No' E.:,'w-asm Kwan: To-,irw Jean We-rtz, Phrlhp Prke, Lester Fcrgstro Rum Go"'cfo Dimes- Noise' Mane Smurz Scntei Cum E3 ff Lace :eJf?W'J'Wi' I vfes Dear'-cr, Vola C4 1 James L.,c:'o" Lama Mas Cox Agnes Blake, Mrss Pe- ssreq DJQYP-v SUU1' K 4 5 I if S T U D E N T P R I N T S NAUONAL H O N O R S O C I E T T Y Purpose' To further interest rn sports by adding color and interest at game interrnissions, ,tanmrq Ftwofvie T.:"c, '.'a'ga'et P":f"'-'eff' F- " Stvcn Jo'-use N ja CQ' 9 Dowtny Scttadt, Joyze Ham-tton K'-tent Ge' ..'-3 Ven" "Hu "P ' 3 1 Ea", H ww Bow. - 3' Rsttw Laws Lcrranc Tn Q' Mar, McNtn:n ELA" "tV'f'T' Purposes To plan! take pictures, write and edrt the yearbook. Starmi , Clare Earth Joan': Uvwn vruzv' 'tm Ha LQ. Dwi ' Ve' 't Qhte -'-'to Mrs M:Co'f James Caltam M Quest La? ,ra O. yr-3 Ntctsrr, Qi'l,D'Y Tyne- t we 5gn3c"c:c' Seite' S0770 'wif L 'cc f.Jt'ane, Lczmff Pcawaf V- Efgan 'ASE A,.:c-sri I K Purpose: To sing and thereby add joy to living. St3n.i'w:, Mss Zngao R uwcn H Aiarnryk, F Johnsoryl Ccruilo J Ru:1no,J BOf1aCOrtC,B Hiii Seated P Emma, P Jackson, G Voilanti, A Trarnutoii, E L3nt1is,R Jeck, T Granberg Purpose: To develop pleasure in concerted singing and to recognize the beauty and artis- tic value of Songs. Front Row M Frici, A Donai'ison,J RaQlanri,J Turner, R Seay B Downie A Nixon Secsnri Row P Durocner, M Fr sch, P Reynoivs, M Faizarano, G Dc'Ja Fefa S La Piafa, E Wccficn, M Fc-innntics, N Saw icka Tnr- Row P Rocnev R Lows, V Fraser, V Cottrnan J Kuctt, D Btiinott, D Sapoiito Fourtn Row, M Eastwicx, M Dorantio, P Eafe, L, Dux, M, Topp-nil, J, Eckei, I. Scnocnlc-fuer, J Weitz, C Barth, M Kon neftv, E. Ruiz, A Ami, R Gaiio. F tfn Qaw M ss Z nQa'o, S Dav s A Martinsen, J Kawaiv, H, Nolwn, D Scnm fit, N C0 'rope J Rosenrfai, I Ticfiernann, J Mozcii E Wi son, D Scna'1t L Nlorfstrom, J Madsen H Cottrnan F Skolsk D Setterstiom Ba:4 Row R Exnef, M La Spada, J Gowans, H Sznaetei, A Sncnarncr, S Lunrie, ,M Huztson, L Piatn, B Rcifici, A Cav aiicrc, D Coucnon, .-in-...-. fr ,....,..,,, .4 .,... v ..,......... 1- I l . 1 gl! 4 f 5 74' 1 f 'If v v' C' Purpose, To enlarge the mosncal exoorfemcc and enjoyment of students, 5 " 'sf Enya" H 5' '1 Ipff I 3 1 -' X -'a . E3 'io 'J 'xv -3 f ya '-'3'ga':t NAa:Ca'f"w Be-a4 . . f X ,N Q, , 1 out Row 1 N " . 'pf 1 L- ' m -anon Rmb Bam- , . ,Q . L F 'T Row iw-3 ' ' " vcssoi' 'J' P. R' ' -Q -a':"3 Aye 3 Colmenero, :Cao R1,f"'3 Purpose. To dwscover and develop mstmmemtai abmty among students Sta' 'wi 1-Q logs? ,afcs Z3.cs Let. 'Q' . V r . M01 Frawv '13 w Vw LI"f1"1" E" "A QQ 0" Lwnkeft, Vffgwa Fu! of "l,."K EAN -4 sfwfgw Qeygg Have! Au 'C .Q CJNme'v0'o, Dorf " A, oa'o".1 A Purpose: To create, maintain and extend nigh standards ot Christian character. Left, Joan Qoipotson. Lett 'v'Vnq 3' Y Ljwane Ng' nf Ma' Q Stow, Care Eartn, Joan Roseotni, Mijwn Vasc' Heep ""ss"o'r', Dyothy Scnoit, Snirey ,ook ns Right Nvinq of Y S, v a Whtsofw flat" Lew R gnt Ma y Mctwincn, Ennne W',ison, Degoy Powes Matna Eiixw, Levee Cozrrancy P-fafnette Kast Agnes Eta-cc Leg ot Y Rafe Carfent, Zje Cngjnfg 'Ass ' tnqatc, i.:..':i Ma, Cm, lone S:'vvC"'cse' me IC Esmej Rotn Barntord. Purpose: To tortner girls' sports, both as leaders and participants. First Row. Jean Wertz, Irene Sznoewcsery Janie Eckel, Cairo Barth, Roth Barntouf, Florenrc Beztigian, Zoe Cnagaris, Second Row: Grace Kwper, Gkora Grey Eteanor Nordstrom Agnes Btako, Rose Galo, Loirane Nordstrom, Snvey Jenkins Reading Back Harfette Kast, Oar :e G' nnett, Angei ea Cafofese, Ida Lory, Frances Pasercn a, Joan Rosendat, Frances Crea mer Raznet Ernrna, Roth Avery s K Y 4 "W-w JC U-Eivf D "5Q. C7 T4-Vx' 'X K' A Xyr' ,fav ff 215, L 1 4 0 K. X S . A iT? . , .. Y. 19' ,, -. xt ' o .,.,g ix "ft-iv '- '-X :- if I fv- ' N -"1 . ' I "' on V -U , .. f' .4 " 74 111' .. 51, Q I 'la nw Y 4 Q IN EH-.Eur f0 f Q. 'mf ' , gh if A ,, x' 5 f ' ki ' ' X 1 If fi' 2 senaofmqquegmq DUTTIE BLU Wal Jfofgoyofg c4fff--'- M1130 if v-:V Y l x 1 ' v -A 5 0" AW- If J I 1 'ff f' 3 ,'1 5 Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov Nov. - ,yu-' 'uf gsm ww . J .1 .'. .' V". ' -"Q sky- rx,-sn "Y 'fri xx H"-'33 -zz.-af-f-wp .. . g ,ji 1 ..'. , A ' .aff--'-:N.g .. , - A,s:vf?,xs"g iff' -s."!f.-11 A -tg-114 L h,xff.f5-??ff-frgff' "i':b.jf:-"3'if'1wSi?-'f"7?'xg'4-54?Q --L - -wr:-vi- fa.. .W Nw- -. . A-ff " .se . 'f'f. rgflb-'55.g.,"' X4 fn '- -" ":' fa: L-.5 413-' X ' ff '-4.9-Q Ftrst Row: Emery, Turner, Carlson, Lmder, Caltam, Ncwcombe, Black, Rogefs, MaYhIS0f1, Rubfno, Hufchfnwn Second Row Mgr. Ccrutlo, Dalesso, Ferguson, Frctl, Dttzenbfrger, Wenz, Sladky Utnch. Schmtdt Johnson, Lett, Felczak Mgr. Knrkland Thnrd Row Mgr Jones, Nnxon, Landes, Wtseman, Lrddle, Cook, Acocella, Grantverg, Moriock, Volland, Landns FOOTBALL 8 SCHEDULE N. A. vs Immaculate Conceptuon 46- O N. A. vs Wood-Rudge 31- O N. A. VS Park Ridge 20- 0 N. A. vs Hawthorne 33- O N. A. vs Hasbrouck Heights 13--12 N. A. vs Lyndhurst 25-20 N. A. VS Glen Rrdge 6-19 N. A. VS Befgenf.-end 18-1 2 g-4-7 .1515 - 1 HE year 'U-33 saw another successful grldtron season The Vtklngs captured the Group l, Secttoh l North Jersey State Ghamptonshtp and earned permanent pos sesston of the Llttle Three Trophy Startvng In true champuonshlp style tn tts tnlttal Q ,n test, the Vnklngs overwhelmed lmmaculte Gonceptlpn s aggregatlon, -46 O George Volland ted the scortng parade wtth four touchdowns Thus contest lnaugurated the new athletlc fteld and made an ausptclous oegtnntng of the l9-13 football wars A week later Wood Rtdge our tradttlonal rlval, was crushed as the powerful vtktng machtne rolled up an tmpressuve 3l O trtumph Thus N A ga.ned a partlal hold on the much coveted Ltttle Three Trophy On October l6, the Vtktngs went to Park Rtdge for theur ftrst away contest of the new season Thls was Ted Morloclds last football game for N A H S The Navy then claumed one of the two best blocktng-backs North Arlungton has ever had The Vlklngs came home wnth the bacon, valued at ZOO They found the goung tough in the ftrst half, but cltcked HT the second and overpowered thenr opponents Hawthorne, a Group Ill school, was the Vtknngs' next vlctum The Hawthornlans came to N A only to be sent home on the short end of a 33 Cl score! the second whuteewashtng by N A H S nn twO years After a weelds layeoff, N A traveled to Hasbrouck Heights where a surprlse was HW store for them Scorung quuckly for two touchdowns as N A countered wtth one sa' Y xlllli. w if the Avlators led, ll 6 The second half was a battl- royal, Llflfllf wlth but two mlnutes to play, the Vlklngs pushed over a touchdown and converted the extra point Flnal score, li-l2' Thls vlctory cllnched the Llttle Three Champlonshlp and gave us permanent possesslcn of the trophy tor whach so many N A people worked so hard for flye years Lyndhurst also proved to be an excltlng game, N A flnlshecl the fracas wlth only flye pounts to sparea 2520, Comung from behlncl and pushlng over a touch down wlth but tour munutes to play! the local team prov ed tts power ln one of the most Important games of the tollow- :ng week, N A tangled wlth Glen Rldge forthe unot tlclal Group l State tltle, and for the second time ln tour years N A lost a football game The Rldgers toppled hu' qxm .a xg QE 5 Y Q 4' Q 5 if di LF ,Tw bmp' I I tvbg , I - .. 3.6. o I va., 3 .,. . ,. x .exif 1 4543 ,sf 'xv 1, 5' 'ff' A .ai .1 ii xi 1 N :ts most successful court season to date, the Vtklng ttve tor the turst tame particl- oated rn the annual New Jersey state basket- ball tiurnarnent The lnrtual tourney game, hotly contested wrth Wood Rrdge, ended wuth N A on the short end ot a 30 25 score Dureng the regularly scheduled season, the team won a thrrd ot tts contests Eastly dns- rtastng ot tts early opponents, Park Ridge and Hasbrouck l-lelghts, the Vlkrngs rallred from deteats at the hands ot Immaculate Concep' tton and Bergentteld to vwn over Lyndhurst tn two successtve encounters Wood'R1dge and Immaculate trounced the locals tor a second ttme betore the Vrkrng trve staged a thrtllung -lb 25 vlctory Over Nutley Ot the nlne remalnlng games, the Vlktngs, though 'frequently runnrng up close scores, won only from Park Rldge Leadnng scorer tor the tlye was Tony Della Fera, lLH'lIOV, who was also top man last year Coached by Mr VVtlbur Ruckel, the team should go tar next season, srnce graduation clalms only tour ot the varslty squad 'FESSG ill ' aw . N Y 'af .V vw l944 SCHEDULE BASEBALL ..,,,,......,Away .i L.....,.L Home .,....,,Away Away .Away Home Away ., Home Home April l7-Wood-Ridge , ,L.,LL ..A, . April 20-Hasbrouck Heights. L.,L .Home April 24-St, Mary's ..,....,,. .,,, , ,, April 25-Kearny .,,,.....L,L April 27-Glen Ridge .....,L is April 28-St, Mary's ....v,i.,. May 2-Nutley ,,,,.,,L A May 6-Nutley ..i.... May 8-Ferris 4L.,i.,,Ali ..., May ll-Wood-Ridge .....,.,,L May l3--Caldwell .v.,,.,,L A .,.... . ............ Away May l5-Hasbrouck Heights ....... .A.,., A way May l6-Kearny .....r.,...,.,.L ...... May 23-Caldwell so May 29-Glen Ridge ......LL., Home Home ...,,,,.Home THE i944 baseball schedule was the most ambitious outlay of games yet attempted by the local nine. Last year's season was slow in getting underway because of the lack of play- ing space, The team was content with playing only four games, unsuccessful from the scoring angle. The Vikings fell before Caldwell, WoodfRidge and twice before Hasbrouck Heights. N. A. lost only two players: one by graduation-the tall Harry Hammer, the other, Walt Rogers, who donned the Navy blue early in l944. With an experienced line-up this year, N, A.'s chances were brighter. Enhanced by adequate practice space and equip- ment, the players put their all into America's favorite outdoor sport. i111 V-' . Saw-:Q 1 wp-as N., ai .4 l , ' -Q q,' lu- .. I . :apo I l W ig' 5' 24 ' .f ll 4 I 'Q . Q Q Pt f KW -Q 'f b, 3 A. , . 14" .J- 'CFC Q 'x In Memoriam Mm Bmw is alffaliwi The few Iuttle years we spent on earth are only the tarst scene In a DIVING Drama that extends on mto Etermty Edwm Markham . , 'V 1 4' :J"au ' 3 A .1 ,Y . ' aj f . San., fggkw- . - 41' Ja, fig?" in W 'H ,,, 4, .- L if I . 1 . . - H gli lll4 A Frlend A Frlend Mr and Mrs S Abrams Mass Ema Audeslrk Mr and Mrs J Bamford Mr and Mrs August Barth Mrs Helen Bjorklund Mr George Black Mrs Jessle Black and Mrs Joseph T Black and Mrs Douglas Blow and Mrs J A Brady and Mrs J W Brogan and Mrs A J Callam Lt and Mrs W F Campbell Mr and Mrs Russell Capwell Mr and Mrs James Cathcart Danlel R Cedrone Mr and Mrs Phllnp Chuavlello Mr and Mrs G Cluett Mlss Joan Cochrane Mr and Mrs JohnA Cochrane Compllments of a Frlend Compllments of a Frlend Mr and Mrs Mlchael Corlo Mr and Mrs Albert Cox Mr and Mrs A V Creamer Frances Creamer MlssJanet Cunnlngham and Mrs Frank Dalesso and Mrs A L Davldson and Mrs J B Davles Mass Carol Duck c and Mrs K Dvorscak and Mrs M O Earle Mr and Mrs John Eckel Eddle and Nancy Patrons Mr and Mrs AugustW Ehlers Eleanor and Bobble Mr James Fahey Mr and Mrs Arthur Fallon Mrs Edward Fashay Mr and Mrs R Ferguson Mr JosephJ Fllmlln Mr and Mrs Wllluam Fraser Mr and Mrs C Gashlln Joseph Gents and Mrs Herman Georgs and Mrs A J Gerstenmler and Mrs G L Godin and Mrs A Granberg Mrs Valva Greenbowe James Greenwood Mr and Mrs James Greenwood Mr John E Harrold Mass Glorua Hayman Mr and Mrs Arthur Hayman Mr and Mrs L K Hendershot Mass Andra Henderson Mr A Henderson Mr and Mrs Don Hirsch Phll Holahan Ph M 3 C Pvt Burwell Hutchnnson Jack and Jean Jean and Mac S l C Jeanne and Pappy Mr and Mrs J Jessup Mass Florence Johnson Mr GeorgeF Kast Mass Eva Kemmls Mr and Mrs H D Kennedy Mr and Mrs D Knrkland Dr OttoC Krauss Mr and Mrs S Latona Mr. . , le Mr. A Mr - Mr, , . Ml' J E Mr . . . MV' - ' Mr H A Mr , Mr. and Mrs Fred L. Cobb, Jr. Mrs, A- Henderson Mr. . A A , Mr , . . ' Mr. . . ' , , Pf , . . . , . . Mr, . , A . . . A Mr G Llnder Patrons Mass Emma Luster and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs G C Marte Mr and Mrs James Loebell J B Lopes A Lubben Joseph Luty Harold Magnuson Harold Mannnng Robert L Martin Mass Bard McCord Jane E McLachlan Mr and Mrs Mark McLachlan Wnlllam John Robert McLachlan Mr and Mrs R McLaughlln Mass Eleanor Muchetelder Mr and Mrs Wellnam F Muller Mrs Ann Morlock Mass Shnrley G Neslsen USN Mr and Mrs A Rausse Mr and Mrs John Ready Mr and Mrs D Robertson Mr and Mrs D E Robertson WalterC Rogers Sr R Dunkelman Mrs E Rosendal The Reverend and Mrs John Mr and Mrs Charles Schnller Walter Schlller Mr and Mrs A Schmldt Mr W Schmldt John A Schoenleber S 2 C Mr and Mrs G Schoenleber Mass Florence Shanks Mass Margaret Shanks Mr and Mrs A Snnclasr Mass Ethel Southgate Mr E J Staub and Mrs and Mrs J Stormunger H Sansom and Mrs l T Nenlsen and Mrs E Nelson and Mrs L B Newton Mr and Mrs Wrn B Naxon Nancy K Nolan Muss Dorothy O Malley Mass Shlrley Peacock Muss C Pelosn Paul Petalas Mr and Mrs O F Pettersen Cpl and Mrs Frank Prach Mass Helen Prach Mass Ethel Pratt Don and Doug Preston Mrs FlorenceL Price MISS Ruth Pugh Mary Rankin Wulllarn Stuck Taylor and Mrs and Mrs D O Thomas Mrs E Tredemann and Mrs Mr and Mrs L Tremble Mr and Mrs Hal Turner Up to Date Barber Shop Cpl and Mrs Van Wlnkle Mr and Mrs G W Volland Albert L Welss E M 2 C Mnldred Welss Mr and Mrs Albert Welss Mr and Mrs ClalrWertz Mr and Mrs F B Wheeler Mr and Mrs George Wullaamson DorothyE Wrlght Mr and Mrs M Zucker Mrs . - Mr. . . , V - W V Mr . , , - Mr, . A Mr, . . . Mr. , ' , . Mr. . . T ' MV - A 4 Mr' V A Mr. . ' ' Mr . . . Mr' ' . Mr. . . . l-,-,,l,--,.-,-,,,--,-,- ALL OROUR AND EORMAL RORTRAITS IN TI-IIS YEAR BOOK WERE MADE RY TODD STUDIOS NORTI-I ARLINGTON NEW JERSEY as ILC ' 1 of I X x J X T JVVTX I ' 2 T: -..,--.,E --.O LHS 'czvvv as sTvvA'4' Compliments of BRIGI-IT CO REFRACTORY ENGINEERS Q I48 MIDLAND AVENUE KEARNY N J -zuav1'iir-1r1-irw-Q-- -11- --,,,--,-----l--,-,----,-,-----Q MAYOR ALEXANDER ALLAN V ' 'F -' "ff:. '- I HXVIOU, H1 IA, 1" V2 MR. AND MRS. EDWARD SHINN QGMPLIMENT O NORTH ARLINGTON BOARD OF EDUCATION NA JOSEPH W EROGAN P d MI ANK R WEBER V MR ARTHUR F MATHISEN MR THOMAS W REILLY MR JOHN L SKINNIEI MP3 H IS OTTE FRED A HARTLEY JR Homes OF r sm sswrmwvm NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS BOOSTERS CLUB ANJ f ' Q E I R ' my wwf Q FR , , nCC pmssdcrwf f w , 1 x 1 ,Dwstrzcf Clcrlf . , . E Q Q 1 - A v ICITI1 COMQVOSSNONAN DISYUCT of -1. i . M51-XSL , New Jersey f J AM 'rjzg' jf i. wx, ,W Nfl 'F 'HW' IX fUf'!YA'x lm-----,--,----l---,-,--,---..-- M3 '-LWXENJTJ IME ,L WOODROW WILSON WASHINGTON P T A P T A CGMPLIMENTS OF THE NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL P T A Rreswdorwf MRS FRANKLIN SQHMIDT sf Vwcg Rroa dur MI 5 XX MXPOT ITC d Vx C RVC P GWY MISS NVXRCARET RPLISSNER Jecrefwm F f EGPCI VOLLAND Treasur r MRS A CPFAMER OF THE Op THOMAS JEFFERSON A FRIEND P T A 4' H In HW , Q' F Q ln C sd r a ' . F L NIQS Q xg, , Q . x, fQ'fRLlNAENT5 fQ.'Q'AV',-lN,'f',T', Y-,-ra--V--Y-y-V-.--,--r--:vvv-Y-----LLQ--s. ng-is--g -1- - -l4m4nQllll9q SCJ'fF'LN'v'l 'J , CJ? Ward Manufacturing Company NOVHW Arlmqfon N J CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS CLASS OF 1944 my cf xc U gg wt amen max take to gmokmg 3 fpc Get a Schoemlemr hwd made and you get a rea! Brwar R or P JL that Twtcs Qocvd from fha sfart PruCCS SW LO TO 5 O Sclnoenleber s Newark Pipe Store 2 BRANFQRD PLACE NEVVXW K NEW JERSEY "' . , ,. ,. ' 1 50 H Qv 1 'r 1 Q Q pn N A , L C f KJ nga 1 . F X , " DO , Q 3 N ' W 1 X I H lLZ2r'vvv1'vv-vvvyvvv-vvvv vv l MUI-ILER'S SODA, CANDY, LUNCHEON lDlCK MUHLER, Prop.- Y 870 KEARNY AVENUE 'Comer Belleville Pikel ARUNGTON NEW JERSEY FOREST DAIRY M D NEWTON Owner MILK and CREAM BUTTER and EGGS CHOC 0 and ORANGEADE Tel KEarny 2 3l3O NORTH ARLINGTON N J . . , ----QAA--A341-4 TA--,544---,,---,,---A, Put Your Name on our Mailing Lis! The Sfudehf Pl'Il1I'S HTHE SERVICE" YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION MAILING OFFICE FIFYY cmrs ROOM rm HARTIEH G HFATH' prop' 'ARTIE' LARRY' c,OMm1M5r4T5 OF 'PATH TQBY ANNE 'STRETCH' 'SWEDE' AGNES GRACE SLIM I GORDON DORIS HELEN JAQK DAVE MARILYN CLASS OF '-IJ COMPLIMENTS OF our Tear Hg-QL Rutn Claire Irene Loree Be't SENIOR GIRLS OVVLIVEN 9 ONAPL ME JT Sophomore Glrls BURRY CLAIRE BETTY JOAN RUTH JANICE OAN NANCY J MARY EMILY N MISS JOHNSO FLORENCE JEAN OMF L IMLNITS 'W S Ch f C b lx ears or ms Y Sensor Smatra Swooners IDA MARIE HELEN ANNE VIOLA RUTHIE DOLORES BETYY MILDRED DORIS LORRAINE VIRGINIA r I m .L A a I v fx 7,05 1' I 5SOF ELEANOR SHIRLEY C N. I LV ver vv-- ---vvi--7-iv-wvv---v-Y-'vi llllllglgggll - 4 - - - 4-.- .fafnxnf x.v. r. -x.f-rp'-xfvx.-rxfgngnun I907 I9-I-I THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO Member Federal Reserve Sysfem Member of F D I C HOLLYWOOD MEMORIAL PARK T HE CEMETERY BEAUTIFUL L L I' K Warner s Flowers IN WARTIME 1 I? Dram r OA 'NORTH AI LIN TON BONDED MEMBER OF THE FLORIST TELEGRAPH DELIVERY ASSOCIATION C L VERILHAC FLORIST FLOWERS and PLANTS For AII Occasnons Frequent Service to Journ1I Square Rutherford Lyndhurst Journal Square Bus Company Protechve Insurance Careful Courteous Druvers Reason 1bIc Rates J J I J Q . ir? 'm -'W.f Z' F mek 'kip ki ii' up The rm ra- 'Tgw " ' TH ,- 'wid Irr Imfh QUNI CHN rf "wx .lgu Img' .N mmi you w I Lfrir-T 'C'-'Q D K 'Gm NJ 'gsYg:.4 .g:.1.g. ' Q:.jwg,. ifxm. pix. wr, iw :Ng '- '1'.E'g'x?1-N 'PI 'V I ' rg ' HQQ ', Lfllwil . .A A xl,.1LV,4Akgkfg.I ' . f-V'!X'.I '.5'fmI'.rE, ' A We can all 1I'ford to buy an cxtn SIOO 00 U S WAR BOND because wc cannot afford not to West Hudson Natlonal Bank I-I1rr4somQIInfg arf J C HAI IXIDGN XXVENLJE fx 'NI xt To Tfwr HMI Durga x HARRISQVN 'XI J XIUNN MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSLRANCE CORPORATION T1re Tradlng Company Inc 31 L-II HALJEY STREET NA K N CARBURETOR AND IGNITION SERVICE ANNE AIT EP r H A Greene Company SPORTING GOODS CAMP OUTFITTERS BASEBALL TRACK TENNIS GOLF SUPPLIES SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WO I-IALSEY STREET NEVN AI K 'NENN JEI SEN 4 ' ,T KL-L V, GIIIKL DQS ZEN . ' QI KEAIQNY -X'I,'.Ln I C J 1 U at f ww A 'omg I I, KE! 7, " N J Kintnw 1Ll "Jin-:,,'f.. 'Q . i I I T A' C , 'I' 'WENT Fl. ' J IS"XI'LIf-MII? 1 DOI JCHAI ' C' E :Hg TL"'lX'.:,- N'A!w' I T4 1' I, Q I Q, SCANDIA MANUFACTURING CO GENERAL AWNING COMPANY UPHOLSTERING AND SLIP COVERS JARVIS HOME NEWS SERVICE OIL COMPANY LOUIS A GQLIO INDUSTRIAL OPTICS G' SAFETY CO Of EDROY PRODUCTS CO I rx. . I Eff 2- mv -RUTH! I A 'I .JJ ,' Jy gy ,yu Yiwu OP 21-Arm' If- L' JK gf' T41 If Iw- I--- .v.-.... v .,., ---v--------v- GALLO S MARKETS REESE DAIRY AISHJV MUN 'UV HJGI noA :og akq pue dn Img aw 431 NO'lVS A.Lf1V38 3SO2l'I3W MARY ANN BEAUTY SHOP WHERE COMRADES MEET T O U E Y S Good Smokes Ice Cream Stahonery and Candy 'N r x GAILS DRESS SHOP HELEN HARPER SWEATERS and JOAN KENLEY BLOUSES 'N -AQ---Q- -Q----T-AAA-----1--A J'.'P'L,l 'f E, ' Q Of V I ,CQPu,v,,Ef- f QOL V,. VAL, !'X-510'-Q 'Evvf 1. EE, 1, V , '1C'lIQ'K-.!'1'i' ,. -QCA. 'L Kb - .1 X Of: fx lu EQ. glvfuqnw' FIV 14 '..n'Jj,, 1. ,f- -A 6, 'N NVQ mxg-.Ay ,qi ,, LM, ,. v Xnmxtgj K ,, .k,.l,,Ji 0 . I-I g ' UG fA.f1Q.,. H1 wuw., Ayemf I , Amrwucw nw' I I 5-'Dmf VQWF .vw SAME: '3-ii' 1 V. JTON RH Jifigb -QR RFMWG AXE, Li, 'Vx NX-'SN 'N .9 ....,- --.,..-l..:-.....,-- -..,,,..,,..--..,-- , --,,.,---2 L9 llllll-llllll Sl lllIlIL Wel ou ded secrela al u ses fc h q Lad ales Spe I o o eqe rn S u shed Fa d a led Inslrucf rv e New Terms Begm Feb July ep! 420 Lexunglon Ave New York Cnty 22 Prosper! S Eos! Orange N J HFOR BULLETIN ADDRESS DIRECTOR Colleglate Cap Cr Gown Co Frank J Schmidt Mr and Mrs C Haffeman Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Wheeler Rader College REGU AR AND ACCELERATED PROGRAMS Lnxdmq to Buchclor of Sc ence Dcqrccs un Commerce and Educatnon Free Public Llbra ry BOARD OF TRUSTEES NORTH ARLINGTON FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMISSION John D Crane fr Sons FUNERAL DIRECTORS All NH N O II NM S Dr M L Glassman OVIPLIVI NTS IMHOFF SERVICE STATION V 1771176 I 1+ ii-wlr ll-lllglll llQllLllllQlllllllll . I - I I p . .' ' , I '- .M My ' ,- .Till IJ I r rv rl WV- T, , , cor rl-q sahoc f M "'l' ' Mal C use lar : I- wo en. 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