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R5 in-H , r t. J ,H 1:.., . 1-v.....-. .. ug. -Y r- ' X Sl 11 23. ,in ,g J - .N -ar 1-,rw 'NE " -40.4 wp. 1 fi? mEas"E'4' -' I -f "N-.n Ir:-r fx: TT ,,..,..A.. ..,,.'f. ..-. :,,.. . , .....'-.. nf --w , . .' . " 's- .-y -Q .i R-. ' v-n-v+.--.-v--..-- - "T" '-'13-ii' ' .-...,L.:v- .-J' -.-.4515 , ,. i.. L L ' Eg, b .445 . I P 'J'-1. . ., , ' . N AJAX. J .. Que' ' J A - ' JY ' ' '. , vi. " F5 -I ff- 3 9 , i '-N, Z: fin ' ,, J N -v , .M an 01.5 " t . 3 ,fa 5?- gf. ,SFA ' , ' if :-'Eff' ft! 1 1 -' , ,A , k -1.-.-.'.-151 VZ- ' 14-u':".'t'r1'1Z'.?.., .- f '- .. . -. -.. .... -. .4 -4-1 -. . 1 . -. . , . . L ' W -4""-2- 'fm-.-.' .' . . 1 ... . - . -1. vdmi: . -Q1 L, Li.: 'Lab--:'-,."-.2-M Q.'f,: .-:f . y1.ff',".- - --r ' EEETEIIEIEB LIBR S 3 my mi ij EX ' E: I .W 'V ' f , ,ff vi If ' EEEEIIEI 1 S I N? XAQXlW'fll2UTlNE'fUD PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1943 North Arlington High School NORTH ARLINGTON, NEW JERSEY To all our boys nh service Wrltes the Class ot 43 We deducate thus CHRYSALIS Wlth prlde and loyalty We orause you tor your Courage Your wlllmghess to tnqht For you there IS HO enemy That can dety your rhlght We know that through your ettorts A peace shall ehd thus war We salute you our detehders ALL Tl-llS IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR ll - ' ll l . 1 ll ' ' ll ' I ll I I Lvl W MLYL fr and gm DMQ N LN W m r'v1a+fQ5'ww9m an n that fa N L QFY' Cirdafw that mf YW' A68 r rw M-3 'A V x,V'T'W 'WC HVCF S 'WEKC Q .-.'1TwC 'ifx WC lxwg 4 VVL 'MHC MBL I that f Weraca xi L T FT x1',"1lXjfJlMffVHfV2Q I ' - , "Y dw . 'Th WT .. If Tm fwf .hfreg " N' Ur ILM, .32 wc an , X , Ci ' Twin fy, rr. A ,f Abc p'ir,f wQ'fjS SIM rug vm! WMI? ur X 'ici " LL-4 WL- ww turrmar ' .a "mv, LQ cm 'N TP-'. J' ,i We cf rp, r. ' ' fr" 4-3,1 Wie Q CwC'4,T "Q . Y 'ull ILM' .V TTC" ' .J Q ".f ,' 'W' '.lfN'Y' T"-CA. ZMC T w61 F ,,f7'. "' T"L1'f"TQV. V163 LJ? 4' ' P16 ' QMS YS :,g,if3L- Tmw, gwux rw rf-'cur wi: iwcx 'W V r T f LL T , W 5 Q? "i .,iI'hL'Nd A 3 HMS NU' f ' . ' ' 5 'Ye' J' 'Q ff f Q..'.YQ'T'16 Wrmiv I 1.1 rw' my Jr ,V mir: f im sr. X 51- Cffrr tim- -,Q r run M A " ' if ,M kim" We YQ: ww .f vw ww rmf' X4 VI 4 QW' Vw- A sfo- cur vw? Om Jax, tw ' W ".."xfVLif1"i,' -'.11C"A'2 wi ' Lu gy X01 my .mf :ner .xi ny. U ,i T3 ' T" Q 15 EE fQHR,N ,ALL fav H1wv,UWL if Jc'f,'!-.1'm1f'xws a 5 A Jw W rff ' "r Vwxvff Acff' f ' NCQ PT asm CC 0" VWC CCPTK ' xx P Vr I VV-H.1niY'YL1r w1L'QLCf.E:l- Hg 'H - V 1 XM, C' x. ' fm' PQ " Cx. A , rf xv, X'Yf4'1G ' TO ft TUC ' ' 14 .74 QU 04 NZ! '7A' ' ' J J ff? fl 's- '7Ae6? U85 UF F 1 A :gr--n WILLIAM R HOLBERT FRANKJ HURLEY S pe Q C a C a Board of Educatnon FLORENCE COBB Presvdent JOSEPH BRCGAN WALTER J MCMULLEN WILLiAM CULLEN FRANK WEBER ARTHUR F MATHISEN, br IRIS F OTTE, Dnstrnctiflerk Term QXDNVCJ Februgfy 7943 :K in H9 with "play," for she is the coach of the Players and is respon- sible for hits like "Ever Since Eve." Miss Lister teaches in the seventh and eighth grades and shows her versatility by playing for the glee club and assembly singing In addition to English, Miss Pelissier teaches French sponsors the Honor Society and arranges assembly programs one of the best features of our school Miss Hilton divides her time between teaching English and Latin sponsoring the Latin Club and counseling the freshmen Closely connected with the English department is our librarian Miss Reddy famous for the way she has organized student assistants to help us in the library Four teachers make up the commercial department Head of the department and custodian of school funds Miss Aude sirk is known for her efficiency and her oft repeated remark Have you checked that stencil? Mr Ruckels favorite remark seems to be I grant you He has done much to build up our basketball team Miss Bialek sponsors our school store Val Halla and like many other teachers devotes much time to war work Our fourth commercial teacher Mr Beckett is adviser to THE STUDENT PRINTS and faculty managed of athletics He sees that we get our tickets AND the right change Mr Flimlin head of the science departement has three others associated with hum His interest in photography leads to his being consulted on all sorts of problems of exposure speed of films and what have you Miss Fadden combines her interest in science with work as a nurse s aide Miss South gate a new comer to our faculty fairly bubbles with pep and enthusiasm Mr Coughlin shares his favorite sport fishing with other members of the staff Besides Mrs Capwell we have two other math teachers Mrs Davidson in addition to her teaching finds time to direct the Student Council and head up the Victory Corps program Miss Cunningham takes charge of the Red Cross 8 I I I I I I I - 1 - I II ' Il I ' I! II , , ff if - I I . , . I ' I I I , , . . . . , . . I - I ' ' I I . , . ' I I I . f X I 'J ,N Fx-' A 4, ' .U ,A LA 1 1 . J' E " X .,,.' ' I If , 1 tw , ,.-its, -. , ri-my -4. 4,- graft 2- -. A I.,- C-Qx-'3.I . . 1- ' an 1 x V. 'fn . ,Q .,. - R V1 , ,Nil I I 'D 2 O f .c .. o - o D 6 'U cm Q N I Q 75 ,. Q Q Q J .1 fb T3 rn U an E I 6 f 'U U b- CJ Q 5 '71 Cl Cx O f 'u Q: U I if , NJ rn L 3 Ls m no 1 W QS PJ cf Ln Rcgidy, Anne Capwc QC 5: W 2 fu ll Q . ru ,- jf mi g.. 3 g 2 HJV7 Q 'S 32 E 2 X. F 2 5 fi fu E W Y , '5 L E E E I o Z1 E o K1 an tfl -I-J 'S u IU 1 Q U E 5 Z 3 5 m I E 5 2 i 'E bd E 3 .A 1: P: 2 5 G 5 a 1 1. - i-iisTCRY fu, ,135 pifync,-1 """-T yiti xt activities in the school, helping students to "knit one, purl one, etc." Three teachers give most of their time to social studies. Mr. Bradford leads seniors through the intricacies of P, A. D. Mrs. Van Winkle teaches history in the high school, advises the senior class, and counsels the iuniors, ln the junior high Mrs Lubben teaches history and geography, The six remaining teachers on our faculty work with what are known as 'tspecial" subjects Two of them teach gymnasium Mrs Steffens is in charge of the girls and has worked out a popular system of inter-class contests run by the students themselves under the guidance of the Leaders' Club ln the boys gym Mr Detels is in charge of the tough ening up program requested by the government to prepare boys for military service The artistic side of our education comes under the leadership of Mrs Trullinger who teaches art and Miss Zin garo who teaches music and directs the glee clubs and the orchestra Shopwork for both boys and girls is directed by Mr Fin Iey who practices what he preaches about vocational training by working in a defense plant after school hours l-lomemaking is Miss O Malley s subiect l-low often we ve been made hun gry by the tantalizing odors that come from the domestic sci ence laboratory Mrs Swaim our school nurse calls on us when we re absent and looks after our welfare in general The two secretaries in our office are both alumnae of N A H S and being sisters both named Johnson Miss Forence Mr l-lolberts secretary is famous for a sentence we ve heard often Don t forget your excuse tomorrow morn ing or I ll have to send you home for it Miss Edith M Hurley s secretary has earned a reputation for being obliging from her often repeated Surely Now that you ve met the thirty two members of our faculty we Il introduce you to the students ,ii O I I - , , l I I ' I I . , T , r. , ii ii , T , . , . gl 176' if W, ,, cr H Rx 5144 X V 667 Ni, 'X GQ!f x M , i 0 fr- 1 ?7 fi, -. .. -gt. I ,ff ,iii lap, af,- V if ga. 2 i ,T I ,I E ay1vAHs fr cmlrcrs we n J n c r O r r nr r cs ar y r wrt The remar ms ma e tnat rrt one cl thcm a r n x m c r rc tra p t rrcr r rr cdt readt e bcrre e rt vcs t at y e haye a h cyc rncthrng y ry rrcc Jus 2 Trc dcmocratrc s rrrt A methrr 5 t remember w th ,, easure al rc t t cur l ycs We hayc had .3 grand t me workrng and play r hcr c can r a k n mu h fun and many Q rncs r vw mbcrta wt than that we feel tnat s hOOr y de e to ta e the future eyen the urrcer 1 urc Cs b rc At th s TWYWC we shou d ket rntroduce the tybrcal senror of N rrth Arlr gt n Hrgh 5 nool He has enyoycd thus year the most ot al and wouldnt mrnd com ng back next year rf he were surc that homework would be ab lrshGd Football ranks trrst an ung hrs tay r te sports but basket ball ard swlmmnng are very close to t It yru would lke lu combrne hrs fworrte pastrme and rad o program tune rn Bob Hopes radro show on Tuesday Wrghf or perhaps you could get Harry James orchestra on the Make Belneve Ballroom to render h m Whrte Chrrstmas Problems of Amerrcan Democracy P A D s hrs lay r tc subrect and that mrght have sornethrng to do wrth hrs out lrc lt n the w ur He belreyes the war wrll last two years We be reye tnat some day he mrght DE a moyre rrtrc He clsrms Now Voyager to be the best prcture ot the year Greer Garson rs hrs tavorrte actress and there rs a tre between Gary Cooper and Errol Flynn tor the best actor Personally tnrs senr r wouldnt cnange places wrth any one but he admrres Presldent Roosevelt more than anyone e rn the w NOw we d lrke to haye y u meet our classmates or l rxw1"W' Bb 14096 :S . . . n as well as aculty m- 1 r -rr, co wr lr r rifcd rn tl'e Eyauattora rt Q1 yrs-tr rs ccmr grttetl upon ur frre 'rd ns Wd our lcryalty to thes,l,rrrl 'A L lf y.' Ld lr ri " A h d se -rr 3 sr glr e a ple gt ack ct ciropc- at on on 're art lr arrr, str lr' t Dir you w nder that we we e th lla 1 r hat? W, 's V vt giro A he N l A cfrl fd so A 'ey r trrf , ill, I Q lt rs thrs sgfrrt .t tr crsdtrness that nas made our srx years at N H 2 sc we c r cl l the 'S rr , ' 'r ' r - rr Q trrget r We 'ook b c o cl . W ood T . ' bu r Qrcr r W r r " , r l of l l'18S gr err us cont -nc, cl ' .e A tarr tut I that :rr etu 1 us . r r - A t ' t rl LJ V ill VF ' ffl ' lj I l L l r f r ' ' f I lf 2 A Q , I . N , , r LV I I ' A ll ' ' ll ' r I , r. CQ r ' Q ' rv rr L ' ' . 3 l k ' C ll ll , K L r K r K els orld git Charles Altken Verner Anderson Rose Beduguan Chuck enloys the dnstlnctnon of beung the furst member of our sensor class to enlast entering the Navy early IH the year Before enllstlng he could always be seen at the school dances lndulglng tn hls favorite recreation When Chuck wore one of has famous sport packets the hall always seemed about three shades brlghter' Known for hzs qulck on the trlgger mathe matlcal mind and that blonde wavy hanr thats the envy of all the gurls Verner us one of our qulet sensors We can certalnly see why math ns hrs favornte subyectl l-le s a good scout an more ways than one IH fact he s a Scout leader Rose ordlnarnly a quuet senlor lS apt to laughnngly comment Go soak your head f you make a sassy remark Football basketball tennis volleyball and badminton are among her Interests Maybe some of the gurls wall be wearlng Roses creatlons when her dream of becomsng a famous fashion designer comes true Bernie as a lukable blond sensor with an urge to attend an aeronautical engineering School Hts nnterest In model alrplane bulldung should be a great asset to hls career As vlce pres: dent of the Hu Y Bernle has devoted much of has tlme to thus organnzatuon Many of the posters un our hall testlfy to Bob s rnterest In ar Murnel s quiet charm has made her many frlends IH the two years she has been wlth us Bowlnng volleyball basketball and baseball are on her preferred sports lust Are you kidding? or l-le s rugged' are expressions you ll probably hear when you re near Muruel She ll make some lucky executive a flne sec retary Durlng hns four years at N A Pete has become one of the most popular boys In the student body l-le has xcelled an football baseball and on the basketball court Has popularlty :sn t due only to hns physncal abnllty but to has pleasant personalaty and witty manner ,... XX Robert Bernadmo Muriel Boylan Peter A Dalesso l2 f-x NI' ' 'IM 5 Qs Q sg . -s . 'gf ,Y- ' . 1 - - 1 , . , . . 1 . , . - 1 - . . . , - 1 - I . 1 1 1 1 . . . 11 11 1 11 - r - - 1 11 11 f 11 11 1 11 - . - , , 1 1 - 1 1 ' , . . 1 1 - 11 11 - - ' y I I . , ' 1 1 . . O . 1 1 ' " I . , - , , . , , , , . . . 'F Q' ll KW ll xl r 1 N 1' Lachlan Cameron Mane A Corso Pudge us the type of fellow one might call carefree Lute to hum us a song and he means to keep un tune He has a secret passion namely Harry James Perhaps Lachlan wull realize hus ambition to go saulung when he be comes one of Uncle Sam s Merchant Marines Thus petite young miss has taken part un many actuvutues during her hugh school days Everyone remembers her dancing un the Mun basketball swummung and badminton When you hear her radio going full blast youll know the dual us set for the Make Believe Ballroom or Harry James orchestra Jummy us the fellow you ask to help you when you get stuck un chemistry class One of those science whuzzes he also us unter esteo un astronomy Wonder ut he can tell fortunes by the stars? Few of hus classmates know ut but Jum us an accomplished musucuan .g w James Brydon A captivating smile and two dancing eyes introduce Mel A native ot New York she came to us un our sophomore year The town ot Pleasantvulle her former home must ac Count for that sunny disposition Ambitious she wishes to become the perfect secretary Another of the legion of gurls who wush to become Florence Nughtungales S r wull make a good nurse Her heerful attitude and quiet truendluness should give her an enviable sports especially basketball and volleyball She enuoys swummung during the summer months Thus dynamuc personality wull long be re membered by N A s followers both on the gruduron and basketball court Hus excellent playung ot both sports has earned hum the rught to go down un our schools Hall of Fame Johnny was co captaun ot the basketball team of l942 43 He untends to make the Navy hus lute tume career Imelda Corcoran Shirley Crouthers John D Adamo Jr ll 3 su 3 K 'ax b l f If ll ' ' v ' ' . , , I I . I f A - ' ll ll I ' . I - A Y I ll ' ' Ill I ' , c ' Sffel Show. Mane is Qfe-alll' lVlf9"5'5f9d in "bedside manner." Shirl was active in girls' I 4 I I A ' I A I A , , , . . . ' 1 . . ,u . ,, I ' I II - 4 Ill I . - I ll If , . ' 4 . Q Q F -' X . N.. . , I t 'Q' Chrrstme Eden Henrnetta Dzlemlan Red halr exuberance and dramatnc abllnty describe our Chrassle An attractuve member ot the casts of most of our plays she twnnkles luke the star she may someday become He abrllty on the basketball and volleyball courts proves she has many talents Her smooth danclng and wltty conversation makes her popular among her classmates A cheery Hu Hank greets thls lovable sensor as she strolls through the halls Henrl etta quuet and snncere ns everyones frnend With her lnfectlous giggle and nnevltable blush she goes through lute quite happily Her popularnty to say nothung of her capabll :ty won her the posutlon of class treasurer rn her junior and sensor years The president of the Student Councll Tommy always seems to be runnnng somewhere for something for someone An active member of THE STUDENT PRINTS and H1 Y he also helped Ever Since Eve to success with his portrayal of a football captain Qu: Thomas Goffredo An expert rufleman Bob as also Interested In baseball and frshnng Havlng trlgonometry as has favorlte subject he should fund hs chosen profession mechanncal englneerung an lnterestlng one Thus will have to walt untul after the war though untul Bob comes sallung home from the Navy Everyone knows Ruth with her sweet smnle and pleasant way She has managed our school store wnth the capable effuclency she posses ses Ruth was chaurman of our .lunuor Prom Commnttee and a member of our Glee Club Having proved her abllnty as secretary of her homeroom Ruth wlll be an asset ln the bus: ness world Harry has lzterally pulled us out of many tlght spots ln baseball games wnth has out standsng playzng One of the few of our sensor boys who would luke to take a trnp around the world after the war of course Harry wall certasnly keep has posse even IN strange lands -. 'C' Robert George Frisch Ruth Marjorie Faulls Harry R Hammer l4 O 'U' - 1 1 1 I I I . : - - A I I Il r ll - I I , . . , . ' I T . . , . . . , , ' I I - 1 11 - 11 A ' - I X Q ' l 1 , , I 41 Anna Marne Vivacious and c h a r m i n g describe our Annie She has rhythm in her walk and rhythm in her talk Noted for her cheerleading ability and willingness to cooperate she is one of our most outstanding seniors A nie likes all sport but bowling is on the top of her lst She s going to make some executive a mighty fine secretary A jolly litterbug .lack came to N A in his iunior year His dancing and acting ability and Senior Minstrel and Dont Take My Penny Jack wants to take a crack at the Axis after he graduates l-le expects to go into the air corps Happy landings Jack Way back in September Bill decided to do his but by getting a iob in a war plant This proved to be lots of fun for Bill had the op portunity of coming to school in a blantant plaid work shirt and high laced shoes topped with scarlet socks A good half miler perhaps Bill will continue his interest in track at the college of pharmacy he plans to attend 1 1 inf' 435 D Elia Jack Funeman Wrllram Grll Automobile mechanic is the field that Pat would like to enter after graduation One of those ready willing and able fellows he is always there Pats the fellow who does so much tor our school and says so little about t in tact his name is synonymous with school spirit Everybody knows him everybody likes him is sense of humor ability on the gridiron an pleasing personality make him outstand ou Bill s just a happy go lucky fellow who likes to dance and eat His ambition to be a State Trooper Watch out you speeders or you ll have Ferocious after you lf you hear someone greet you with H Schmaltz you should know immediately its Bill using one of the expressions most popular with him The gas shortage doesn t bother him since his hobby is walking We guess Bill has all the angles trig is his favorite subiect' Hi Y Auto Club and the Student Council claimed his attention Q Patsy J Falzarano Bull Farrell Wrllram T Gregg l 5+ A ' V L. X .' ' I I I . . I n . . . . . i U i -. I . . . won him a place in the spot light of the Junior ing. Don't let the nickname, "Ferocious" fool - A 11 1 y V - 1 - - - I ' ' I I - ' 4 I Il ' ll , . . , ,, . ll , Q 7' , Jean Young Harrns Barbara Heely SNIIIGY HOCHWISCY Grandma as Jean ns known to her frnends snnce her magnnflcent showing ID Don t Take My Penny ns as Interested an sports as she ns ln dramatlcs Ever Slnce Eve brought her age down another generatnon She played the mother In thus popular presentation' Jean hasnt devoted all her energnes to the stage however war work and travel also held her attention Barbara has dlvlded her sensor year between secretarlal tralnung' She s famous for her effl clency whlch IS reflected IH her cllpped clear speech and for her lovely blond halr which she wears I0 such a pretty feather cut Hockey endowed wlth an addlng machlne mlnd lntends to become an accountant Base ball and basketball hrs favorlte sports have an energetlc supportor nn Stan He can always be seen at the games rootlng for hls favorlte team ours of course Another ambltlous sensor he wants to own has own buslness ten years from now Happy go lucky Mac with has frnendly smlle and pleaslng personallty has made many fruends durlng hls hugh school years Angus strange to say would luke to change places wlth Hltler' He says he d luke to see how lt feels to thunk you re a god ' If Mac works just as hard when he s a Marine as he has on our football team we wlll be certaln of vlctory Flrst of us senlor gurls to brave a feather cut Irene found hers was a great success Her good taste us reflected also In her always ap proprlate and smart clothes Long before most of us became Interested ln helplng an the war effort Irene was a full fledged Nurses And With rlngs on her fungers and bells on her toes she shall have musuc wherever she goes Peg as one of our most popular students She has been actlve ln all school affalrs She ns as much at home on the basketball court as she as on the dance floor N.- Angus Malcolm MacLeod Irene Jenluns Margaret Ann Knrby l6 0 I ! II Il ' ' V - r - I - ' 1 - - A 4 ll I I 4 I 'I ' ' ' ' . . . . 1 , - ' ' II ' Il 4 I , ' ' I II ' ' 11 ll - 4 - ' - - I II I I I ' I . . . office work and school-with emphasis on . . . , . ' ' I . . . . . . . 1 ' I D - I 1 ' ' 11 - - ' I I ' . jj I ' . I 1 I I I ' ' I '1 I x 'ls - N... , -- N I Y. Jeanne Carolyn Landas Cheerleadang basketball volleyball Nataon al Honor Socaety Tra Y Leader s Club asnt Jeanne a busy young lady? Among her many talents she seems to have a flaar for dancang Youll see her at all sports events cheerang our team on to vactory and at all our dances dancang her way to the top of our popularaty s Attractave calm competent Jackae has been sancere fraendlaness has made her a favorate both an socaal carcles and on many of our garls sports teams Just a country garl at heart Jackae may some day settle down on a farm and raase a Vactory Garden Outstandang an all sports Helen receaved the coveted honor of beang elected manager of the Leaders Club She has been captaan of both the volleyball and basketball teams Jolly and full of fun she has many fraends Unaque an her ambataon Helen expects to study aero nautacal enganeerang i 2 C' Jacquelane C Kuett Helen Korol Remember those sessaons after the Town Meetang of the Aar when Marae showed us what dancang feet can do an the way of new and antracate steps? Maybe she should become an Arthur Murray anstructor' Although she s only been wath us sance September Marae has secured a place an our famaly George now a son of Uncle Sam wall long be remembered by has classmates That an have made ham well known an has two years at N A H S Havang dastanguashed hamself on our fleet footed track team George as now helpang to make the future hastory of the U S Navy more anterestang Harry IS one half of the famous photography team of Johnson and Schmadt who are respon sable tor many of the anformal pactures an our CHRYSALIS Sometame ask Harry about the trouble he had gettang snaps of the sensors workang an a certaan department store We re awfully glad he got them l Mane Lalona George Lewrs Harry Johnson 0 A as. ls' wg . I . X Q... W X ll ' Il Il Q , , ' ll t. I I I our secretary for two years. Her quiet and fectaous gran and anevatable sense of humor ' 1 Y 1 I , , .N S 'US Grace Newton Ray McCullough Lucy Megla One of the hardest worklng of the CHRY SALIS staff Grace has contrlbuted many Ideas for nts makeup Carvlng flgures and collectung forelgn dolls constltute Grace s unusual hob bles Sunce she lntends nursung to be her career after graduatlng at was not unusual for Grace to volunteer for Nurses Alde work during the last term Energetlc editor of THE STUDENT PRINTS Mac can be seen rushung from typewrlter to makeup table a few days before the monthly publncatnon goes to press Wouldn t you thunk also funds tlme for basketball track Natlonal Honor Socnety and HI Y lf you re looklng for an unformed member for your pet debating society Ray s your man Lucy always on the go as one of the few sensor gurls who have cooktng as a hobby She has proved her wnllungness to help out many times by assisting In the gas ratnonung going to work to ease the manpower problem and buynng war stamps and bonds The second member of our class to enllst nn the Navy Kenny has won our admlratlon by has ablllty on the grxdnron coupled wlth that engagnng smile and ready wut whlch have made ham so popular Well Kenny s yomed the Navy we hope he sees the world' Remember that peppy lnttle sensor on the twlrllng staff? She s Rosemarue known to her fruends as Mudge At the bowllng alley or the skatlng rlnk she shows her abullty sports Since she has a desnre to travel let s hope she flnds many opportunutues to satlsfy her Wanderlust Yes at was Hugh s toe that klcked the furst fleld goal ln N A hvstory' Football s not the only sport ln whnch Hugh excells Track bas ketball and baseball also claim has attention Hustory IS has favorlte subject he not only enloys studylng lt but also wants to make some as a Marlne And he wlll too T' Kenneth Moms Rosemane Monaco Hugh Morton 6 S. y. X 1 I I I h . , I . . in that would keep him busy enough? But Ray n . . ' . I I . , ' x Q 't George Murray John Gordon Nelson Janet E McCoubrey Mur the hard workang managang edator of the CHRYSALIS as also one of our outstand ang football players and track stars lf you Knock twace and ask for Joe George w ll probably answcr an lake terms sance thas as has favorate sayang l-le as another of our class mates to serve sance he has aoaned the Army Aar Corps Famous for has poetry publashed Vox scaentasts John can always get a laugh wath has dry humor Perhaps sometame hell tell you about the sufferang he endured whale workang as a stockboy untaed shoelaces and traps to a fragad receavang platform A small garl wath a great deal of vatal ty Janet ls a fraend to all After she graduates both the Tra Y and the Nataonal l-lonor Socaety are goang to mass thas actave worker To be a pravate secretary as her aam and wath that personalaty she should be tops Q Jerry wall be remembered for has brallaant long shots an basketball As Co captaan of the l942 43 basketball team he dad a swell aob Phalately stamp collectang to us laymen as Jerry s chaef hobby l-las ambataon an lafe as to be presadent of a company Here S hopang That dark and attractave senaor whom you notaced an Ever Sance Eve as Isabelle Always on the go and always laughang she never seems to have a gloomy moment Thas wallang senaor undertook the aob of beang co chaarman of the Chrastmas card comattee She s been on nu merous basketball and volleyball teams Pappy as the oraganator of the amusang sketches youll fand an our yearbook Art makes ham no sassy he was one of the most valuable varsaty players for two years s so peacful an the country as Erwan s theme sance he wants to own a farm Erwan left at mad year for the Navy li We 1 Jerome Novack Isabelle P Rae Erwm Glenn Pabst 5 t S' ' as x, . I . I . I I V ' - - a a ' I - Il ll ' ' ll l A an . Nostra" and has mad stories about madder '. . . . I , . I I ' I ,- . ' I llltl , ll ' I 36' 'C' Joyce M Reese Ann Robertson Franklm D Schmldt Joy Wlfh her brIght blond haIr IS one of our best known senIors As presIdent of the Tn Y thIs year Jwy has proven herself gulte an executwe l-ler Interest IH sports made her an BCYIVE member of the Leaders Club and gave her the desIre to be a physIcal educatIon teacher One of the senIors who have been workIng most of the year Nan wIlI be well fItted for a secretary s posItIon after hIgh school QuIet and llkable Ann IS wlthout a doubt one of our nIcest senIors We re all hopIng shell get a chance to go on that long awaIted trIp See those Informal snapshots farther on In the CHRYSALIS7 Many of them are the work of thus clever photograper Frank Unl ke many camera enthusIasts who merely photograph as a hobby Frank Intends to furher hIs educa tIon by golng to a photography school We can see a place for hrm In Who s Who as a press photographer N Dons always on the go keeps us laughIng and happy from September to June Her Vlfall ty and capacIty for fun never cease to amaze us One of the most versatIle of our footlIght enthus asts Dons has gIven us many excel lent portrayals If you need someone to laugh at your Iokes call on Betty shed rather laugh than eat' Shes one gIrl who makes a habrt of beIng happy One of Three Musketeers you can usually fInd her wIth Dons and ChrIssIe Wnth that personaIIty shell surely make a fIne sec retary for some lucky executwe Mare s Interest ID the theater IS responsnble for her remarkable scrapbook of New York plays a really unIque hobby Margaret Isn t stage struck but has as her lIfe s ambItIon to be a prIvate secretary We can see her as the rIght hand man to a busy executIve 3:0- 1"" Dons Kay Runnacles Betty Ryans Margaret Sarro 3 ' I . 9,1 -,. ,I I I I I . X L ' ll - ' ' II - - I . I I I f . , . . , , , . I . ll ll I . , , I , , , , , . . . . , , I , , . . . . : I , . - - I . . - I A I . , . . I I ll 1 ll Q II I II - -sy .f Q ' i Dolores Schneuder Margaret Shanks The newest addrtlon to our class Dolores has been wlth us a scant half year as tar as we re concerned ut as much too short a time We wrsh we had seen more ot her honey colored hatr and tlashung smule These wall both brlghten her career as a nurse and cheer her patlents Marge has had plenty ot practnce tor a sec retanal lob She s been the secretary ot her homeroom tor the past two years Sewrng walklng wrrtrng letters collectung postcards plenty of hobbies? It you see Marge worknng hard dont talk to her lnterruptrons are her pet aversuon Class presudent and class wat Al has for many years eased our dull moments Perhaps has good humored Corn contrlbutes to has popularuty tor he rs also presldent of the l-lr Y a member ot the Honor Soctety and compos :ng cdltOr of THE STUDENTS PRINTS 123 Alrce Skolslu Jean Smnth 'Yvo- T57 Alger Rrchard Ross Most people hate wrutnng letters but not Al She has thus as a hobby l-ler lovely volce has been heard tn the Glee Club the Junlor and Sensor Mlnstrels and many school programs Here s another sennor who needn t worry about gas ratlonlng srnce her tavorlte pasttme ns walkung' Perhaps that accounts for her sunny dnsposutuon The ttrst palr of twans to graduate from N A Jean and Ruth are two ofthe best lrked sensors Jean the turst halt ot thus comblna tuvutles and lS famous tor her amuslng antucs and maschlevlous gran Her favorlte spot as :ce slcatang and her tlgures are as good on the comptometer as on :ce Ruth the second twtn has the unusual hobby ot keeplng a scrapbook of all the hap penungs In her hugh school years Sports must be pretty well represented ln her scrapbook srnce Smutty goes IU tor all sports Ruth Smith ...ta V ,X 1 A ah , ' Q y .B N x " s Q ' in-. collectung photographs-my, doesn't she have toon, has entered energetically into many ac- ' . . 6 Q C I A Raymond Terepka Evelyn Tlernan Joyce Trutner When Ray got the opportunlty at the mud term to start college lmmedlately we were certalnly happy for hum But the school mlsses IS Ball of F re who was a co captann O the track team for two years vlce presldent of Our lunlor class and a crack student as well We know hell be at the top of hrs class nn Oberlrn College Evelyn belleves IH the old proverb Sllence ns golden One of the quieter members of our class her frvendllness has made her well known lf you happen Into Evelyn s home and fund colns all around don t thunk she s hoard lng' l-ler hobby IS collectlng old colns Skat lng danclng and tennls are her favorlte forms of exercise and recreatlon Peppy and full of llfe Joy IS always readv and wllllng to help She played most of the accompanlment for last years Junlor Sensor Mlnstrel As one of the members of our at tractlve twlrllng squad she cheered the foot ball team on The E that IS Dots mlddle lnntlal mlght well stand for energy Besldes malntalnlng one of the best scholastic records an the sensor class Dot devotes herself to the l-lonor So cuety the Student Councll and edltorshlps on both THE STUDENT PRINTS and the Cl-lRY SALIS And wlth all thas she drsplays a wnn nmg personallty and a captlvatlng smlle' Tall blonde George was the enthusrastuc captaln of our vlctorlous l9-42 football team and although an lnlury early In the season kept hum from playing he was present at every game to heer and congratulate the boys George was also actuve on the track team Has ambrtlon IS to become a teacher and a track and football coach mfs Dorothy E. Ullman George Joseph Ulrich Jr. 2 'T 1' Mary E Znegler Edmund P Wllke Lots Carolme Wernes Mary a modern young MIss IS Interested In a modern Industry flyrng Another hobby of hers IS photography although her pe peeve IS gettIng her own pIcture taken Among her extra currlcular QCTIVITISS glee club rated number one on her IIst Pretty soon we hope to be hearIng about Marys flyIng exploIts Ed a very busy senIor Indeed has been presIdent of the Honor SocIety a member of less actor We ve enIoyed hIs partIcIpatIon In all of our recent school plays A whlz In chemIstry and other scIences Ed expects to become an M D LoIs was a major attractIon on the l9-42 football fleld as she led the band and twIrlers durIng the halves A quIck change after the football season made her the Southern belle In Ever SInce Eve It really wasn t so much of a change after all the football team fell for her IU thIs one too Make up edItor of the STUDENT PRINTS treasurer of the Honor SOCIETY member of the lrI Y Joan has had a busy senIor year Sne s also Interested In all sports IncludIng football basketball swImmIng and volleyball BeIng one of the lucky senIors who have an easuly reached summer cottage Joan can pursue her favorIte sport swImmIng LorraIne TITS that descrIptIon l.Ittle but oh my We wonder If her SIZE has anythIng to do wIth her unusual hobby of collectIng mInIature vases Drum malorette for three years she helped our football team to vnctory many tImes LorraIne expects to be another Angel of Mercy i x 'wac- E Joan Wellner Lorrame Weber J ' II ' ll I A ll t . . 1' I I I I I " - ? - I I I , I l I I U I . I I ' I I A ' I I the LatIn Club, a l-li-Y, an usher, and a tire- . , . ' I U I ,ll . . . . I ' A ll ll ll A ll G ' ' if is 1 , I X , . ' V . ' 1 0 ,'r X' 41 4-4. o if 1 a , , Q M ' I 4' 4'i. P P 1 Q 1 L ' ,6'5 ,1 w I I '. 3. gg! ,V , 1 . ., Q , 1 fA,f 4 'F Q if 9: ..,i ' . 1 'tif ei 1. 3 , . , ,fft ' ,l gr, M1 ,ff 'S "A ,n 45, 1 ' '. 1 ip: W ., Ae. ,I . .1 ' - Q: eff- 5 :Q ,yi lv .3 I in 215' 'lg N .FS 1 .4 ,, ', 4 ,v , it 1, R. If X Quit f 1' Ji A 1-n . :X S ,Ag 5 ' . 4 lf., 0 K 1 C 1. 1 0' 'L I 1-'wa " I I I . n . ' ,5 t' 'A' 'nn '1 5"n:. " w fi arf! 4 . C UL' L, :J b J- . , c P1 C "T, xl' ' 11' E --A ,tug f, LI ', r-J cz LU xi K X4 ,vffm ,., 1 'JSA if we F. 'Mfr 1, ,J ,, Lx: L- et x , A 1,-, 1, AU LA uf. ' "W -XDA Q. S 7jL, Q m'1'I-- . Q .QQ gfi Q3 .. . : A5 1- 3, ,. 51 r 'f- f - ki . if mg - 4: f- c 1" eA0 Us L,-2 .1 gff, EA 'Z CZ mf iw F-,. Sf,-. 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Congressman Smlth goes to Washlngton to serve inthe United States Senate, Representatlve Jones travels to Trenton to the state assembly, and the representat ves of all the homerooms IH North Arllngton Hlgh School go to Room l l l to take part tn our own phase of a free democratnc llfe Luke all governmental bodles the STUDENT COUNCIL was faced by tasks far greater than t had ever tackled before Addtng to the Councll s custcmary actlvltles brnnglng all school news and problems before the students flnanclng plays and club pursults co ordlnatlng school affalrs and settltng lssues of controvcrsy they launched a huge war bond and stamp sellnng campa gn ano also began the Hugh School Vlctory Corps whach gave every student a chance to do has :nd vldual part ID the war effort Llke the Student Councul the NATIONAL HONOR SO CIETY does a great many useful thungs Members are chosen wnth the approval of the faculty and by the vote of the club These members are accepted for nomlnatlon only lf thenr marks are hugh they possess good leadershlp and they are generally well llked THE STUDENT PRINTS too has had to meet some of tts most adverse condutlons thus year The flrst cnsrs to be coped wlth by the edltors upon comlng back to school IH September was the ruslng cost of publlshung the paper Then lt was announced that club per rods would be elnmlnated lt was durlng thes perlods that most of the work of publlcatlon had been done The employ ment of the sensors before durlng and after the Chrlstmas holldays made the sltuatlon more acute Wlth all these obstacles ID thelr path lt seemed as lf the publlshlng of the paper would have to be dlscontlnued However through the tenaclty and untlrang efforts of the staff the paper was contlnued and wlll probably go on to wln honors at the Columbla Scholastnc Press Assocuatuon Contest as an prevlous years 9 P4 1' 9 A ppm TT l . r V I . , . ' 1 I 1 A 7 1 I ' , I - I I 1 I , . , E of . I l l l I N X X Q3 - ,YQ QWFUTS Xt ., A FWPLES? Fla li.f gei' J,-'v ri-1 i ......... Ig' Srtt ng Facmg Group Thomas Goftredo Pres Front Row Craug S Cnuncll Repfesentaflves Macijorkrndalc Dorothy Ullman Loree Cochrane Geraldine Me ragiro Joan Rosendal Second Qow Annta Bryan Peter Dalesso Back to Front Mrs Davrdson Sponsor Jack Henderson Joseph Demodrco Walter Graczyk fav' .-...i "x 17' In Seated F Pasercna M Frrel B Lawson H Conrad Second Row F Farr ngton M Staub P Fr stech M Bryan R Faulls R Lewis Thurd Row studentcouncll F Mrglorra W West A Granbcrg G Volland H Coombs E Sanzlone 30 V . i . - - 'a .,rr,,.i, :. Li-14.4 4. v- had , A F E-54 . W. I b - H 1 , ' 7 , 'C . ' fn .. - v C " ' I .1 ,, -7 , A 1 Y , V. R e L fb A f, N - if ' t - . - ' , . 1 ' Harruette Kast, Sylvra Watson Back Row Robert Morlock, Robert Ulrnch, James Fruel, Wrimarn Hallus. Standsng, Frorn , , . Q g XM : v 1 r ' ' ., ' 4 S 1 ' y X . A . I 1 J, fi, V A 'K 4 . ,rf , 1 , S E , , , . , 4 . . I . - '----...avg Q' ya' S X. -x ,M-1 Jn at ' Co Sea en F Creamer J Werfz J Rosendal D Uikman J Wellner, . Sfanar Q Lcf, V 'ro Y or , , , J M:CouDrey, J Lanris, Mass Pehsq er Sranrirng an Rear R Frisch, J, Brydon, A, Ross, E --...V-.......,.....,a .-...-.. . . Wlkre, R McCuHough, H Johnson 174' ,av dw -up-Q1 If' Left to Rwqnt, Seated Ruth Lcrcr, Bvrnmc Goldwatt, Frances Crcamcr, Joan Weilncr, Ray MCLLJHOJQN Havrrcttc Kas? Thomas Coffredo Ruth Bamrord Dorothy LJHman Marne Staub, Mane Core' Stanrirng Marilyn Scnr'Ier, Rodobh Gofhedo, Roborfa Sfuib, Joyce Kabary, Vrrgrnra Lottman, Mme Hcnwctta Halton, Frank Rogers, Marvm Novuck, Betty Ogulvue, Clanre Bain, Mr Alvin Bczkcrf, Lorcc Cochrane, Viola Como, Jack Frncman. 3 J luwuc means a lot to us at N A H S Anyone enterung our school at any tnme rs more than llkely to hear the ORCHESTRA the band or one of the glee clubs practnclng If the sound as the screechlng tone ofa vlolln lt as prob ably one of the members of the orchestra tryung to struke a crescendo But when thus same crescendo IS played at assembly It IS so thoroughly rehearsed before hand no one would detect that there had been any trouble on the lnntral try A sound ofa bass drum us a sure sngn that the BAND us near at hand Thus group has played for nearly all the assemblles thus year Anythung from l waltz to tango time can be deftly handled by :ts members Dunng raun and even snow the band was present at the football games to cheer our team to vtctory Z Nothlng .S acceptable to the cams GLEE cLuB but perfectron We were all spellbound by the musical selectuons sung by these gurls on so many occaslons Although It seems unnpossuble to Improve upon thus group we ex pect to have the needed bass parts supplued by a new group nn thus school the Boys Glee Club L1 V- Front Row Mary Topo ng Betty Ann Hughes Pegg, Rooney Santlna La Plata Dons Lusnon Janet Tu ner No ma Saw eka Loss Plath Stanilng Miss Z ngaro Second Row Barbara Rder Mary Zeger lrcne Schoene c Jan e Ecko Dots Scthcvst om Joan Wertz Vnrgmla Frazer Ann Gruber Th rd Row Clalre Ba th Flo ence Perret Lau ett B ant Helen Cottrnan Do othy Schadt Alsce Mart nson Am?-3 BVYUY JOYCE Kabal Vlrglna Cottman Lorranne Nordstrom Back Row Margaret Bryon Dors Kuefer Lorrame Hayman Ruth Hey Nancy Cedrone Joan Rosendal Irene Trederrnan Ros Ilo Janc McLacha 32 -.Q-.......... 4 M0 RTI-I RLINGTDN HIGH ont Row nnson G Have! R mer R r o Shmns A Camo ea F Johns Secon Row B 1 J I H Rose-na R Bam or Thur Row W Isber Dav cs T Snwelds an Jung Mwss Z nqavo Front Row Lor amp Nor 'stvum F ank Hormmh Second Row Roberf Unkerf 0 un G uger V gna r M mc S no Back Row Harry Johnson Thomas Shuelds John Sh1eIds F1ward Re.Jmond Floyd Johnson Joan Rosen la A rc! o Cohwwcoero .13 mags' f-stiff SMU-ice to the school and fun for the members are the aims of most clubs but especially of the Leaders' Club, the Players, the Tri-Y, and the l-li-Y. "Sound minds in sound bodies" seems to be the motto of the LEADERS' CLUB as we see the future "Joan Di Mag- gios hitting in that winning run that puts the game on ice Composed of girls who are squad leaders in gym this club is responsible for all the play days held at the school The chief aim of this group is to develop leadership fellowship and sportsmanship among the girls Speak more loudly is the familiar cry heard at the rehearsal of the PLAYERS Once again this year our dramatic association has had another hit Ever Since Eve The young artists again produced one of the high spot shows of the year Much time and labor was put into this show and the results from a financial as well as an entertainment stand point were extremely gratifying Scholarship character personalit and a majority vote are the qualifications of each member of the TRI Y This organization has annually made donations to the poor held successful dances and candy sales and sponsored a most event ful alumni supper Like the Tri Y the l-ll Y has contributed immensely to the welfare of the school Not only has this group kept order through the halls but also collected food for the poor at Thanksgiving time A high spot inthe l-li Y year is the annual Barn Dance an old fashioned party featuring square dances This completes our roster of clubs and organizations In previous years the list was much longer but many of the organizations were in a way war casualties One of the casualties was the Cl-lRYSALlS CLUB With so many seniors working after school and taking on new duties it was impossi ble elven to have regular staff meet ngs Therefore much of the work was done in class and at odd moments One result is that this issue is really a senior c ass L k Everyone had a hand in its making To try to a list of staff members would mean listing the whole c 34 Il Il Il 1 I I , .,, . ., 4 - If ll ll ll , . I I I - I I Y I I - - I - I T . I - - - 11 V - if I - i . . , . . , A 1 J . . . , F H . . . I JJ . 5 'N - - ,i 1 - 3 1 '. -"' ki, 'C ' ' O ff .ff lx " rt , ll :I iii -sf., X swklggij-l.. , ,,, 3111 - -sg .... ' , 1 ,Q 23:-v .-. 'Lg . f, -. .Q-I-A-.i-,'.:,.5 w .' -Z'Q':Z3':E'f':'ff'fz:-'f X .3-.351 1'. g".-,ag .gm- ,.-..-.I .g.3.1,.:,- 5.1,- .A 4 -'-.'-.'-:L-1-11'11'..' '-1-- .-z-:',- ' ' ., -Q:-',.,.,.. -. '. .,.g.'.' 4 'p 'n 'u l'I' , . . . .CU . W P4 L? N' :mac La D au Q.1,"43'i M:C..' iamcs Q4 'x' He", Hawmo' Ja"'es Buns' Goss HI - Y Qt H 'A 'zo' 9:5 'J' H,f.a': E'a"s'f S:2fs:' R Q" , F6 3' N LL Serge Sat-Q. W am G ' Rxef! V' --g-'1 Z0 3 fwa James Ca aw Tfzmas Go"'014 L: Gorge 'v'x.J'a. Q:'e'Y Bemai 'Q .VH Ne:- Sof "A", Iwfe " -H-wr" Af'c'1 " Drwo' Da csv LO" L 'Q Q' v Lg HON. 1'-'.1'vv.K ,awfcvs Fwel Daw 'I Kwkland, E:frmm1 W -fe, Email Black R gm Lune of Y, Uu Vv ,aww Gregg, GLCVQ6 Ulrm, Roger! Ncwzcfwse . . . ., -.,.,.wi. 'uQ '. '4 n Q' , I, U. 'Q 9. ann:- ., .,. -..v.'- Leff Group Slttmg Zor- C'x1'::s"s, hw E kv' Va-"0 SUM-P'N'01'Q' S'1"V0x Jew 'S rs S'a"d 'WS Mvfh G Won- Glo- as Cvcx Lf Q X-Names Cc"'C' SGW ' AQ 'Camwc Ladd S S rr ng Pom Row HUGH K f ' ,mic Fimwv Erma V ' C' 5 r'3'm:' 'X4:'.ix"o'v1 Rpm' Scconi Row, Growa Lf- Lang F'a'1:cs ford, Rose GaNlo, Ida Luty Pasghc' a Rgw Gag' S'a" ff: naw 'Roach 'A "cnc Dann lcav Ae" N Leif G'oup R QM Groua, CVOJD ST? wg, Z Qdh Bam- -qv-w Jux JI' X gates A W he ' 5 6 on H f E Wu v-P+ " .......- as xr -L ,4 4- v 1 f www... om Pew rw mey Jong ns Joyce Reese Janet Mc ofx ey econi Row Vwgffa F azer Mane Staub Jeanne Y nms me .JO we s Sfe erws S ofxsof r Q Erkc-I Anne D E a Sh rley Crouthc-fs Jo e me r 0 Q e Q Q, Rwh Bam ora Laura ay ox 3 k Row Home KU a JW e Trutrvef Loss We nes Jfnan Sendai ma V Q a Mafmmg Horence Powers 1 ,I ' A , . I 4 s 'I . Q V 1 1 5 - I N' f . - '-rl' ' 1 .' , A - I ' 1 1 T V Rae L -N Mfvk L Etc", J Km ' M 2 C' ' -1 Sm Nw H Br.,k'aL1f, J Hams, Hue, Ka? S fu' 3" vc' F in uw, Y g, H ,ye Ms ,to I X1 r J W . - l E s ' ' " ' c Q 1 ,v , 4, -. - : : . ,H O , - B , r. , A 1, I ai .V A I g 4 . . p 5 hu' .AE V 6 , . V 2. 5 ., A h ,, -45, X ., f ."'cf .yur 0 F' ' S 'J , , W C J S, I ' , ' , ., TH - La . , 1 e Sew w zen M' if I p , Th 1 Raw Jan 1 , . I , J , an 'J"v: T"g f 1, M C B: H: , ' V X Ro , If F mef, f F A I "WMA Qfqifj' 'X 04 ts the motto we have chosen for our class, and tt mtght vyeff be the motto for our Sensor year ft was a very dtfferent year from what we had expected Thus year above aff, thc re was work tv be done, and a writ to o tt scc-med fy take possession of us at When we saw fry vyavtng prru N tr the atry we felt as though we cou n t do enough far t cme ttf r ur Lys gave uo the un of sentnr year acttvntnes to tow the armed fdrces and are novv helptng Uncie am rrcctfy e rest o us eped rn trectly 1 the fait b ys and gtrfs trted to reneyc the fab r shortage by partrcupat mg n ptrt ttmc empf ymeat n stores and factcrres To make thts p sst c programs were rearranged and teachers cooper ated by cuttung dcvvn on h mevvork Thrcugh the Student Counct' we have purchased war bonds a td stamps vwortn thausands of do 'ars money to help vwm The We hsve g ven much ttm to y funtary servtce of one sort f another scrap drtves ratnontng bandage makung m def a rp ine buntdtng to name onfv a few f addttton to nevv dutres war has meant g vtng up some f u dearest pfeasures Other sensor fasses enyoyed thetr t s tr ps tnp we u dn t take be ause W couldn t char er buses Lack of transp rtat on facuhttes meant that we had to gtye up scme of our f otbafl and basketbatf games or some tumes n t go afong to cheer our teams Manv c'ubs we for mer'y cntoycd coutd w t be formed NNewe had to guye up n es entcrtatnmc wts and worst o at our mtns r ut through at thus weve found that every Ioss can prcvrde 1 Q1 n Our chief gatn has been a more grown up a cfoser sp rut cf co nperat an between facu tx and students tn matters pertarntng t gutdance em 'oyment and the prob Iems of ftndtng our place tn Itfe WI at N4 RL r- n tt , d 1 Old GL Q d W fd '. V n S 1 , l V f' 'x V D 1 F 5 d A Th f hl d 3 n r both fr f ' ,fu G r , fxf I ' - t N X-ar C Ll "ff , 4 N V' r l f c or , A c t f cfas r - -- S co 1 : e ' t X . W ,Cf W f I I f x da c 1 nf f f V- t ef B . 5 F ' f . L 44 ' attutudewa Itttle sober, perhaps, but very gratlfyrng-and , If ly A ' , .o ' , 3' I , r ff fit If S ' - 'L ' H .fn . , ff t J, .v 1 . -I 1 1335 ' ' iff fwl '-2-up -I 3 -Q!" LVL 6 bummed with activity from September till June, But even early in the year some of the senior boys set out to help the manpower situationefeat SZ! OO per week. .Q-.Yi rf- Ld L Gas ratmning t,uif tne Nur" .ut of touring Cars but These bays and qirig have tiiimd backs tickets students :milf st," tram- 'via bu,ks .f grinmssign tb acivpnttirus l Pane! discussions stirnuiatefi stiigients to study probiems Affgr 3 digguggion of S93 Pgwgr Vg, Air P4-,wer and to express their Upinions freeiy. students fight it out in fun 38 ' . raiw... NE thrrwg worth frghrmg for wS the prrvriege of de- weiop mg as 8lWH'WdlVldU81,VWOTjLJS1'8 COQ :rw a dwefa- Tcrrs machme At N A H S we have beeh encouraged To grow by particrpaturwg mm many acTlvuT1CS, even Taking over dunes usually reserved for teachers we , J .. xc -N .D-5 We WVL-'GT'C fiiff fs"W's'N ff We f3V9QJV0UW1 Even ser-urs f umi the. c-ur: rust read fast erwaugh to ww' s ,Hers W r if Vw A r- ,WC3 . X .N 'The Tmqcriv .uf Macbeth' Varwd the semcrsf Drubk' 41 uhle tru! ami Trouble" And exams. 39 up w th the 'WBVCN rf ewehts Serv rrs sm-xcrcri 1 -.1 sho k mer exams fue smrrace, nur nervousness. J ii Y from the dq en gave us a chance To re lax from the hard work of the classrooms them the semow audod md abetted by lumors gave a dance Thus as somcthnng we are fughfmg for the chance to enjoy reatlon of our own choosmg free from spectres of fear and want 1' nrt' Ai ,aw .mj- 4 -or af 4 N-. ,Q A 70- Uncle am Nab Qf w L L f wr wLV at rw became DJ aiu VY W Tx O5 Q WU aw Q rw e Q Ucmt r em a vo. acx n IU L ' L , rw L rx were Sher erwed Ur c Twcmr QL DLVLTLT ax CLHTHWQ dewrw QU V1 mewo w auvu piss n X Mmm of us worked uwnear by department sfores Gerls worked it seflmg and wrappmg Mule b ws were used m The srockrcwms Seme of The boys werked drrectly f r Uncle Sam delwvermg man! was, r bali 'W' Q rn CQ eesx wha S 4 , 'N Gdfiflylffzefwcm O in '2"PQYll4lloqf., l Szlliwlian 4--"".' Pi' ni" ,,-:':...-,- ll'- il 'Z 9 9 'ffl if-3 ':"T.f"H , -t -2 4 , ga W ., Q r elk X ll l ll X , it- , AQ V I Ai wig? He-rnen rnake op Q H802 gaell added a note of gayety to the wlnter months, a pleasant relnet from the horrors ot war news and the tatugue ot new work Not that nt dldnlt take plenty of work to produce thus play The cast rehearsed untul It was letter-perfect and then rehearsed some more to put on a productuon ot truly proa tessional smoothness. The stage crew worked flst as hard to turn out most attractive scenery and properties But "work" isn't the nght word. Putting onthe play was fun tor all who had a share in the presentations And it certainly was ton for the audiencel '1- Lucybel e holds Court wlth the f qtball tearn masts Muschlef s at ot Spud and Johnny destroy the evudence as Betsy looks on 44 ll f A, sw . , 1 , I QL ' 5 , , A " ' ,JK l A . , 'E K , u J, ,-,, ...., r ,,....t-.1-v.:.:' ' . ' Q - .. ' - . 1 I 'J . l X , x, . wwf ' v ug, w N Y 1 C 'we sfigg Crnvw Hear x maxkem w apm 1 -Q Umm Qwmwrateg n UCWUCN Q 5 pwm 1 ou 1 s 'mm amen? and J hmm 5 115 Us -1 'Q Gm 1444 ln spate of war and ratuonrng and cancellatuon of pleasure drlvlng we always had a treat to look forward to on Thursday mornlng 30164 p showed how fortunate we were One reason we have enloyed these programs so much us that they have been so varled and so hugh ln qualuty Some have been educatuonal lbuf not a brt stuffy l Our knowledge of the Allred Natrons has been broadened by a number of excellent speakers from Countrres luke Chlna Labrador and Australua Two sclentlsts came all the way from Chrcago to present a program on sound Other programs provrded splendrd entertarnment plays presented by students and Concerts by the band and the orchestra and best of all a vlolrn concert by Cal Sueb hd est are 'no vvaq'g'f' Tagg'e Gym es" These are thc- nobles from the same pay 45 7Ae reflected the trend of our J ll cr H mace t e rg swltch r wcctrmc r nt J 1 w 1 take tts ac I rt s ro t c aonch rw s rt gr 1 der twc X1 1 l cor act wrtrcs were broo o ether nto ore effrcrently operatlng system Clubs an war w rlf were rordrnatc so tnat they woo d al leadt war s coorses and orgarr Htl ws were formed so that students oo tml r r tl r currlcc cneral membershlp p os fwe spec a wrsrons lr Lan bei Product r and Cemmonrts erwl formed the c t plan nto whrch we w old be assembled war acfrvltles Al alr mrnded stcrdents took to the alr and lrterally ew to be me members rf the Arr berwce Drvrslon where they recerved thelr frrst knowledge ot pre flrght avratlon Attemptrng To serve those already ln the armed forces mam f os' rned the Land Serwce when we cllected books puzzles and games for U Q O centers and became rlre war dens plane spotters and dld Red Cross work to keep up the h mc front Th sc am ,ng os who had thcoghts about s me dax see ng the wer d as a member of Uncle Sam s Nam lcrned the Sea Qerw CC Dlwls rw wlthOl,Jl delay Tre Prodoctror Servrce offered part tlme emblotment n ndostrx and mu x students we wt to work t release men an w m n for rn re essentlal gccopatlons Rememberrng that our town most wot be teglected mam lorned the Commonrtx Serxrce where we zssrsted n m ndrng hrldren helped ratl nrng and sa wage ampargns and generallx pot our spare tlme at the serwrce of our town mcbr :mg ct, r ltr, N A 5 l h b r f om pee H 'eo ,lrtrr ns to .1 hrgl scl ge! geared tr, t ve pa rr' ctr all out at gg e for rt ft rj, wrth he r A g Of tha rg, L" an Url A l X Uctor, Corps Q, , 1 A ' gbt f Q , , as , I f-V K d c . A 1 co L -d P Z. X I ' Q d our gcal f dong our Utmost rn our effort fer vrctory New , Q 1 Ze tr A Cr ld get Q nrng frmerl 'acklng ln wer lla A ga c X l - A I 1 d f A-A , d ' 1. ' Sf o r S fce-F ootlrnl of he 1 L l K 1, t A for l . l o fl l ' . e - c J ' e o t A 'X 1 l I I I r ., v ' ' IQ ' lr 1 'N - 'N V I I Q in r j d o e 3 ' ' c ' r I V '- l g l r c rn e lf c P"' J n the war ettort gave op portunrllts for many dltterent sorts of work One blg I b undertaken by the upper classes was that ol preparung ratuon books for the whos t wa ten thousand Ot them he Student Councll dexoted rnuch tame to or gan: Ing the work Then students spent a whole attcrnoon trlllng out books To be sure that eycrythrng was ID order the ottrce practrce class devoted days to the task of checklng every book We telt rewarded for our trouble when people remarked how quuckly and ettucuent ly books were rssued Our teachers and people from the town did the actual work ot handnng out books but we had tun of ushering and asslstrng ln keeptng wrth the trend of the tnmes students showed a deeper Interest an the skrlled labor phase ot lndustry as reflected nn rncreased enrollment rn shop classes e l s neck nf: 0000 No at on books NOTHEF2 phase of the war effort fha? we found often more fun tnwn work was the collection of scrap We hdped pale up the mounfaun of metal and rubber that dccorafed The for behind the scbooi last fall a mounfawn To be measured IH Tons Part of thus war program was desugned especnally for gnrls Qunte a 'ot of knntfung went on some of nf for the Red Cross and some of nt for a specnal soldier sanlor or marine wean s fora Du We qh ng In 4 If -r--Q J' .fd 4 Hope he sleeps A- - 1 . J ici 'Q . - ' Eff ' . ' -5 ' c , I 1 ,, 2 . X ' . 1 -' ' " ww I ' ' ', 'V ' - I , v , 44 ' ' . 1' . ', , , . f . . F ' x- . tx t K ' I I Q' I , . I Pr' 9, c scfappvng .', 1 ' , : ' X 4' ,H .1 X , . 1 A gs N is Q , :A 5 .ff w , .- Z- , r- 1- -. , ' 5 . ,ff- :I -. f if ' .QQ V v ' - N KP 'v ng s' "Q mf of Sa .ag "U ' 'N nn.1g'0aS0 il A 1 . 'L I ., X li ' A - ' ' 4' Q- -f ' if ' . " A , Y xl, . ,gl Haw fv 'A c ' Va' . T .1'ow'w ng hm A' f'0?5Cf UD 5 f w Good nqht 1 'v 9 ul.: Shopptng on Shank s mare Wad, WW, and Ratnonlng was the theme song ot the cold months But even though we were sharsng our meat and gasolune and travellng on shoe leather Instead of tures we stull had plenty ot fun As a matter ot fact we may have enjoyed ourselves more than usual because we were so busy that every spare moment was somethnng spectal to be enjoyed ln spate ot all our dreamtng of a whnte Chrustmas we we dnscovered all over agaln the exquusute pleasure ot sleugh rndnng snowballung and just playung What at we had to go shopplng on foot' That proved a very good opportunuty for pleasant walks and companuonable ones too Below starting an the upper left hand corner and readung clockwise J st a httte cold f Flgure skattng All beauty experts recommend :Ce f r a tactal More skattng Shopping can be fun wtth the rlght person It s an Igloo all nght but tts tenant lS no Esknmo Q 's V ' . A ,, 6 if - 'nf' xml , E Li- " ' M 4 11 - - 4 ll ' I - , dndn t et snow tall Januar . When nt came we ot lent and 9 Y Q P Y -W ,S W I I I ' 1 I l I V? . . u 'I un. . I , o . t c - , ir Y? WYYV l .4 I Just a memory, Tanks a million, but no gas. 'S no fun pushing. The idea is to stay on the sled! ffm. Not a drop- Disaster in A Flat, Boy solves transportation problem flleaffwwi -1-fr" iffaff, f' L 11 1 , M' ' :IR . ..1zff, I , SW offer Amerucans a wholesome outlet for our aggressuve competutuve spurut Amerucans do not look for ward to fughtung on a battlcfueld alth uugh we are provung that we are enturelu, capable of ut uf necessarx, but every one of us lukes to take part un an athletuc contest Now when more than ever befcr strong munds and bodues are needed to defend our country s frcedom sports and physu cal traunung have a 'arger and more umportant role than ever t play The organuzers of our Vu tom Corps realuzed thus and started more extens ve phvsucal traunung courses for both boys and gurls In the boys gym classcs emphasus has been put upon drull and calusthen cs for thc purpose of tougneruurug up as well as upon sports luke basketball and volleyball The physucal futness program for the gurls was organuzed through the Leaders Club to unclude untramurals basketball volleyball baseball and shuffleboard and ondutuonung exercuses to umprowe posture balance and cc ordunatuon l-lugh pount of theur work wa Playday an event that brought together gurls from surroundung schools Our unterscholastuc program was hard hut bv the war Because of transportatuon duffucultucs baseball had to be dropped enturely and other sports had to be curtauled B sudes four of our coaches left to enter the armed servuces or to do war work In spute of such duffucultues or perhaps because we trued especuallv hard to overcome them we won the State Cham puonshup un Group One un football and had the most success ful basketball season ot our hustory In the openurug game agaunst Park Rudge N A s football team showed some of the power that was later to bowl over tough opponents but the vuctorx was dummed when George Ulruch our captaun suffered unuurues that kept hum off the fueld for the rest of the season ,aww S Q ' L Q Front Row' George Murray Locklan Cameron Peter Dalesso Erwin Pabst Angus MacLeod Alger Ross, John D'Adamo. Standing Hugh Morton, George Ulrich,'Ken Morris, Bil Farrell. At Wood-Ridge we were able to stave off the great power of the Wood-Ridge backs and capitalize on the breaks. Thus we won the first leg on the Little-Three Championship. Highland Park, "Little-Five Champions," expected to lick the Vikings, but they were the victims of a relentless ground attack that netted two touchdowns in the first half. ln the rainy second half the game was a stand-off, but victory was sweet over a Group ll team. Hawthorne, a second Group ll school, presented a tough, heavy team, which was finally defeated by a dogged defense. Even N.A's second team was on the way to a score against a disheartened Hawthorne team. Our goal line was crossed for the first time in a spec- tacular game in which Hasbrouck Heights was defeated and NA. won the Little-Three championship for the second time in three years, At the next game, on a freezing Saturday afternoon, our team found it hard to warm up to their work, allowing Moun- tain Lakes to score a touchdown on a pass interference touch play. This seemed to warm the boys up, both inside and out, and they proceeded to score 26 points. beating our Group lll neighbor Lyndhurst N A completely outclassed its big opponent never once losing its aggressive superiority Lyndhurst failed to threaten at any time 1 Q fl E One of the most satisfying victories of the year was ff! ,i 54 O. .A W Yo F3 O CL 7 ii Q W ,L E12 m- Q4 in cn. .if C. W, ,D :5 Clf ..,:J EES 25 L 4 'EO V- i C- 42,5 .5'L an T22 9 f ,QI 5 'E 'U in o Q -1.1 .J 'if' Ei ci 44 Fa, 5, S, K go C1 Cr.. 5? Q5 1 - CU -I-J .- 'C Q O rn C 0 .A fu U fl 4 'I L0 Lu 4 ? 4 5 P +1 an CZ E, E 4 0 ju 5 J 3 Q s O II P- Jw CJ Q fl .1 xj 5 O 3 1- Lf Lx P 2 'J f 1 :J 71 1 I W F: F: XJ J S wth S enkms B mc awr a am crncs Cw ,no R Smx J Lamjs, , Ezkel J wed: J Szrwscfx eye' A 5 E, a . m, J ,,SI,Cpf.LW ,RLw,,VlM':o, l 3 1 'T The Bergenfueld game was played on Thanksgivlng Day. After spectacular playlng second half Into a rout Second team had ample whnch certalnly polnted nn the fnrst half our team turned the Durlng the last two quarters the opportuntty to show theur progress toward another successful season next year, unless Adolf! Benito, and l-lurohlto interfere We Sl lC L Season Record Park Rldge Wood-Rldge l-llghland Park t-lawthorne Hasbrouck l-lelghts Mountaun Lakes Lyndhurst Bergenfleld Total They O O The outdoor track season of l9-42 came to a cllmax on June 6 wlth the running of the State Meet at Montclaur I thls meet we placed four men Bull Murphy was crowned champuon an the mzle run and Bob MacLachlan an the half wnth George Murray tralltng htm for a fourth place Ray Terepka took thurd place an the guarter mule Durlng the season we entered sux dual meets wlnnang flve and losung one the contest wxth St Aloyuous In these meets our opponents were East Rutherford Caldwell l.ynd hurst Good Council St Aloylous and Newark Academy The closing of the armorues elrmunated the bug Indoor meets of prevsous seasons and transportatuon dlfflcultnes cut down even the polar meets of prevnous years but the boys on our team have mauntaaned the hugh level of therr enthusn asm Iookung forward to a good outdoor season FQTETQQQIYQ 7:24 ft l3 , O I9 O 25 13 16 6 6 yr . 0 33 l3 l68 32 . . F1 if , TT X -.'c-'Tal L. if -M lr E 'X E ,fl aims, 65 Wi 'YN Q.. Y. DTP' I 9- ' nn- I J MY. A inf- NO. in xi-- P? 5 9 Us v n --1 ., .... .xx ,Q kn '...-1' PRIX hx 73 is 'J s U F The basketball season opened wuth a smashnng vnctory over the faculty always the most hllarnous game of the season On December l5 N A was host to the Park Rndge team After a very excatlng game Park Rudge emerged the vnctor by a score of l7 ll Scheduled for the Vlknng s next opponent was Hasbrouck l-lelghts The tlrst halt ended wuth a score of 20 9 ln favor of our opponents We came back un the second half but the lead they had establushed was too much for us and the game ended 26 20 Bergenfleld put ID their appearance on our floor on January 8 and overcame our varsity nn a thrlllnng over tnme perlod The game was tned at seven dufferent nntervals and when the regular peruod ended the score was 30 30 Bergen fleld then scored two pounts Our next opponent was Wood Rudge whom we defeated Wood Rsdge led I5 I l ln the fnrst half but the Vukungs came back to emerge vnctornous wlth a score of 32 29 Thus time the lead was exchanged on seven occaslons The fnrst half ended with a score of l5 9 an favor of Park Rldge but wnthln three mlnutes of closung tame the score had been tled Then one of our maunstays was elumnnated on personal fouls and Park Ridge came through wlth four points to wm the game One of the most promuslng outcomes of the season was the all round Improvement shown by our JV s a fact which speaks well for the future of the team Readlng from upper left hand corner The openlng moment of the game ln she goes Puttrng the ball nto the basket a neat truck If you can do nt Players and ball more or les tangled up Hold your breath ah there she goes 60 The closing game of the season was played at Park Ridge. - I I I . , r - ' ' I , E . 1 ' ' l 4 4....... ,...,.--. ...Q .4- B sketball Team fililwg D. Fm U m MCM" DM? JVEY -o 4. In-lil ff-uv FS V B k b T 1 s ow w les r w fx J Joh s 'w Second Row amicr J alzafawo A P e vw an a k Row M ar' J a Brogan H Burkharjt R Ufmhert F Dalesso 6 . gi" ' .44 A , N , , gi" 'N' - LL " , 4: A -T f Qi ' j :U , 5 5 9 J 5 I 'I . , B A 2 , 'U . ' a - g .i . if, M v ' Q 5 ' 7 ' X 4 v 8 J A ! 1 2 J 11 I f g pf ll F, LA Sl f S . E BJa:k, Co-Capfax J Diana 0 Co-' v J Nc ,k, P so, J an a S 'L J Hia , G v'3W3'F1, R Av Y'o"g, J Maw 5 , J Pre, D ff' a 5 , ..-,. , -- .1 'Q jg 1 'ij -J gy- ' "mf, '- J ' x ,.,,..L. ' L A, u .,.-, ' - 7 I ' . - 'mv 1 rJi:Ti"' qi ' ' , , -fue 1 W. A ...V my .. ,L 3 A f :I 1 '.'k , """i' A . .fp 3' - "' 'x F ff R H N Ck. , F Pe ry, R MiM Ha J HOM5, W O , N Nyl , F . , . Jk , C Zaga' c, B L 11:5 B C C . ' ' B- , ' f , 1 LD F, , 5 'j ., ,, 0 'J .13 2 mfd C1 fj"Q :Ji 'ei 'hw fm bk,,J 'S , f, 79 .Eii ,U N, fair: 'N J' Cx pm 5:-M saff- 'U' F31 ic:-kv md 5 ,,- if M0 ,A E31 ist. :Gif of I UI Q 'J ggi su--U Rl,- C'-5 ' 1113: O -fu 52:5 an 3715 13,5 fu--N -rgf. EES? gcrwg L OXIU mm 'A C og' EE :LL -Ji-n f QT :O E25 242 Qgm wJ: Eg? QE'-T3 KE '5 I 5 2 fl .- P E o 5 1-L J4 kl- CD UI IU 'Y lf U7 1 6 i'7' e-15 .ALS ah.. ZF: f:y"J J, 32" 5f'aZ mah An ,QE 45.5 13: '-1 all , If E?4 ff:- -sy: E-f :gm 110- 'IC 242 S03 Uo- LU- xb- 925 sm, 3 2 E33 Eiv rx 2 C1411 cl CJ E E Q I I S m ax 1 U W1 an - Ax PATRONS YCN-fx AND Vx pgkx 4 Q f. , f. ,ak A: . IU! 4 J ,', VZ Ji: Q ,f .' ' v- I" . v " - . J '. W - -L-.,' 7 J F 1 H W, QQ ' V ' "' L, Li V g QS f- V . L w JA: -'L V Lg. .H pity 4 ,Q Q IU., 4 H 'JJAQLEQ L prix :vf :.:.,L,.'.-A, .Q f-.If K, Q: f',"A'N fa F QAQ: ' i -f-'-1' .N QC'fAf5E:i -I 1 L- -,ml MVN-u-Q' " , rn. 1 ,n-,QV - I K jiirggg ,. ., .. .',5'l , 3 ' ,-' 5- Q: if 'N LA1: d:w', ' ET'NA', K ' rx. iQ. gfy , V-CJLRL llifu .q- 'Akin Qk.-. MLK 'QW'-lg. - A- 1 fx ,g-R'fX'N .W-If ' 5 ,D-'Q I-Alvi EA-Fiiif Ship -y. ..:rMr, fl'-,I I' L -RLELR --14 , - f..-,CN Am: 5 A .aizxfs JM-N Q. ,fj Qgjgx QQFVC'-fu JAWS RN LCN -gg A-Qj 'clifm .X :gfx Q x'-ffiii'-'AN A- ii :TQZ -X il.-, 53 ,ill N3,'x:g f 'X .. 'fx'-F "l l.'xf.I'.' 'R A ' ' ,vw , 1-3 5Ahx A ,RL VA, ,X --.. : Mx, uf JAV ,EE VR VRS W' V I E7 ET E3 ALL FORMAL PHOTOGRARHIC WORK NU CAMERA STUDIO f KRESGE DEPARTMENT STORE NEWARK NEW JERSEY I Th' Y B li d bi o c FOREST DAIRY M D NEWTON Ovwmir MILK and CREAM BUTTER and EGGS CHOC O and ORANGEADE 4Earm NORTH APLINCTON N J MUHLER S SODA CANDY LUNCHEON 'DICK MUHLER Prop former Bellcwflie Pike' Af LINC TON NEW ,IH SEY TQAIL C5130 X , , I I I 970 KEARNY AVENUE Q 5 E Ol Comulimerwfs mf V A L H A L L A Youn scHooL STORE .X' "Z, .Z . mg Success to Our V V v v Graduafmg V V Members v v IIIN V V V V V V V V V V V - V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V V 1 ' ' I N" 1 NORI II fXIQle.lXL1 I OX America is a Land of Thrift and Opportunity. Let us live to keep it that way- Buy United States War Bonds, all you can. WEST HUDSON NATIONAL BANK OF HARRISON Main Office Kearny Officc SQC: l'lAlQlQl50Dl AVENUE 2-3, KEARVNY AVENUE HARRISON KEfA.lQNY K, ,Q', Membe Fede al Rese e Bank Mernbe Fede al Depos t Ins ce Co po at on COMPLIMENTS KILBOURNE AND DONOHUE gf IX CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS CLASS OF 1943 Some of you gentlemen may take to smoking a gipe Q51 1 Scnoenleber hand made and you get a real brian' Roof Pipe that fasteQ good from the start Prices SCHOENLEBER'S NEWARK PIPE STORE LQ BRANFORD PLACE NEWARK NEWJERSEY , r r rv r r i uran r r i Q. .T . ,N V. F H f, , 4 , ' 4 L TY ' IW Ti "zfN Q H - . tw U, to 5, we 'W lqllllllqlggllllllllllllllll1.3 ' ,U , , ,Kun H. A. GREENE COMPANY SPORTING GOODS - CAMP OUTFITTERS BASEBALL, TRACK, TENNIS, GOLF SUPPLIES SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ww HALSEY STREET NEVVXXIQK NEW JERSEY TIRE TRADING COMPANY 39 HALSEY STREET NEWARK N V JALKIEKLJETT TL' ITG? EARBARA I-IEELEY DOI I TUNNACLEE COMPLIMENTS J PLETTER FURNITURE COMPANY ouk LocATloN SAVES You MONEY T NORTH Irh STREET HARIXI ,ON NEW JERSEY 'U E , ' I' E Q ,MXN 'X ' I v , S 5 X I J I, ,-,,,-, wx - wif 1.172 . ll ll T M '7 f E W ' gwg LT1TfT-Q...' L QL 'TNQ Q J' -' Q - ffl 'Z LT L Q'.-fi 6 f,QMI'. IUI 'El I 'I OI IIII THOMAS JEFFERSON WOODROW WILSON P T A P T A QOMPLIMENTS OE TI-IE NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL P T A PRESIDENT at VICE PRESIDENT nd VICE PRESIDENT bECRETAPY TPEASUPEP MPS AI TI-IDR MATI-IISEN MPS APCHIIQALD APORITC MP LIONEL IDAL MRS UEORGE NOLLAND MP5 EDWAI D JDNE P IVIN WASHINGTON P T A BOARD OF EDUCATION A N I I I N ii . . . . . . . . . ' w X I I ' A 2 I I D D I N A Q ' N ,Y I fs ' I I f ff r x D, X X X I x ' 2 CONPLI'-IE'.'1 TL T-AE ' Qgvx L, 5 79 pf VIL NW JOEE5 H Ekjmnfxk VPS EEOP-.ENQE E355 XIX. W AEIER '.'1'.'xE.fXX MIX fX7iI'4I I- 'xWX"fI5I'h, 'VII-. VVILLI I EELLEN VRS IR5O'IE ID . . . 4 Ivfvu xylm' 1.32" I"' Q' ' T tv vv 5 'Qrwwv v 1' 111+ v JL Tl' L Tl TL 7525 T ' P ' 7-Ii L T., ,T 1---,l---L--..-,--,,,,,,,--,-,-l. Put Your Name on our Mailing List Board of TYUSICBS North Arlington The Student Prints Free Public Library Commission Mayor Allan, Ex-Otticuo Mr William R. Holbert, Ex-Oth: o Mrs Heywood Holden, President -r 5, :y "T '. M-NT. N Y UW XI Mr. Thomas P. Shields, Vice-President Mrs John Stover, Secretary L FT' .I -"T ROOM ' Mr. Kenneth Feldhusen, Treasurer Mr. Claude Oqlnvy '. L',"4l ff T'1E fxlivr 'T -. -vi. . Rita '4I and Roy '39 Three Seniors COMPLIMENTS OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL of NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL PRESIDENT THOMAS GOFFREDO VICE PRESIDENT l-IARRTETTE KAST SECRETARY JOAN ROSENDAL TREASURER JAMES FRIEL BEST WISHES COMF lvLNlT5 T Y Q RLS GEORGE JOHN HELEN HANK BOB HAK RUTH JACKIE GUS COOK JEAN IZZY FLOYD HARRY MEL DORIS PEGGY HENRY ELGER JOAN MARY CHRISSIE . . '43 S '44 . '44 '45 1 T or SENIOR GI SENIOR CLASS MLLLQLQLLLL 'JI 'ffxf Ji Councilman and Mrs. Morton M Machette Councilman John Black MAYOR ALEXANDER ALLAN IAILAT N LOUIS E GAECKLE COUNCILMAN OTH CLASS OF 1943 clvlc Assocnulon NORTH ARLINGTON North Arlmgton Hugh School ATH LETICS BOOSTERS CLUB FATHERS CORDIALLY INVITED TO JO N Councilman John R Manson A F r I 6 ri lL,AQ2,, 'JL '4- r1EAHlE:' IOM,-i Y, :O 'S I " ' ' OP ' , .T EFI' .!1.'FO'-Fl'l'E SLN CIS '. K '-, C S C T' L 'Ar Artmwf V ' 7' My W R fool ' rw " fi':'ar OF S I r NA: J Ax" Mr Fam-. Q '1 A 1' I in 1 -'rvvwvvvv41 ' ' ..'.L"'j 1'-ri - Lgll lil gllglll 1 THE BOGLE AGENCY Inc REAL ESTATE INSURANCE INDUSTRIAL SYNTHETICS CORPORATION MRS A R SAPORITO IID I IOAI 'N A N FRED A HARTLEY JR HOUSE QP PEPPQENIAME5 HOME NEWS SERVICE LOUISA GILIO P p YOLAN DA BEAUTY SALON J il7'1lll?llllf" .J'"'ll'V7ll' Cx' I I QNIQ QQH lf ."NiIf Ur uf , . ' 1 - - In - X X' . Y X AQNJE 'H' IN 'tix ,VNIEU ' ig". A f,-xi, E, QYEE JI I 'IS--' A ' ,Af,'S,- i'N'1 CO. IYIIN' I Of' . , ro . ' .NOOELEW A 7LiI ,A .l 'Sym - ' 'i i I IIINL' CP ' ' ' M Ki 7 II1 I-'lIIIrI,. 'fi CLYDE S. SARGENT CHEVROLET DEALER Ip Q N I ROAD LVsL HARDING PHARMACY IRVING KAPLAN Prop One of the Better Drug Stores D E r w JCVSEN n E I r far wer courage pea FLOWERS IN WARTIME V K amy Bonded Member of the Flornst Telegraph Delrvery Assocnatlon KI uw fEJrTI1s Duration One delrvery dauly O D T Restrictions Frequent Service to Journal Square JERSEY CITY - LYNDHURST BUS COMPANY Protectlve Insurance Careful Courteous Drnvers REASONABLE RATES IEN N N K I NORTH ARLINGTON PHARMACY WILLIAM WOLPEIX IDIWHHTNHCIST We Call For and Deliver We have fllled over 200 OOO prescriptions IDGE OAD A mqtsn ru C Rug ATTENTION ALL RUG OWNERSIII SGW' .J I 'I T E HACHIK BEDIGIAN r r tang Carg ot rm ww :mates tree I W s you Em ma, mn rucqs fm m LVUTI 1 NBL EIL QFAII 'VIOUNJT AVENUE Ar rv New Jersex SUI-NEI' OI IE- 5-.L,f'1C'4 'Z I--.AP M Q I. 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W REESE RAW and PASTEURIZED MILK D E QOAD JOSEPH AN STEM DLJVENT3 nok 104 :JAG pue dn png aw 4:31 BERGER S DAIRY NO'lVS A.LnV38 3SO2I'l3W :RV ' Q 13 "w rg.. '3 ' A ' ' my I -V-Ayr. ,, 7 ,Sr RVA7 1 1' - 'Xl'-vs Jwxp, '. A' 1. ,Q'.'9U'w4'. 75 OF H. . 4 is R' G , 1' S'.li '. ' 'w Ar ' gt-rw NQW jwrxew F , . , A,, ,, I' ., , " Q , pry: ' s J I' x.,wx1.1f vvfgq V ,' . ., .. f Gvuy ?gfI " -' COM' +! ' 3fL,,..r7r1xvf,,,x',L",:1,,-,A-A OF I KE I-ff'3 1- - , A xi' R 4A A Vxl i' -- M H QM '--v---vw--W-vw,,,,,,----..-----L Jo Meola Mary Meola Pvt Tony Meola EDWIN J MALLEY IN O C Corp and Mrs CONTRACTORS CI ENGINEERS Frank A Van w'nkIe Jr I J Ernest Cerone Mr Cr Mrs Edmund A Wllke Mr 5' Mrs Joseph Emery H V S Dr M Cohen Sam Brown Dr L A Levlss I I I I 'I . , . Sh ' . , . f . ' . '.'. ' 'I Q:.T Z 2 ' '. ' ' ff? -1 . . . . . fi 2: O I 0 5 ' K: fi CASH OR CREDIT Hauser Furnnture Co , Inc Furmture Ior the Home Rest Assured Invest m War Bonds Bauer Electrnc Company Popular and Classical Records RADIO SERVICE Rosenzweug s Department Store Vrslt our New Record Department X lx SLN Drapes SLIP COVERS Rctmashlng Otto s Upholstery Shop Jacobs Brothers FURNITURE JEWELRY CLOTHING RADIOS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HARRISON A ENUI HARRISON 3 I um tml Thomas Meloro Cr Son Monumental Works I H -UC R FR A- JRTH ARL NCT N O90 White Eagle Monumental Co MEMORIAL ARCHITECTS MONUMENTS AND MAUSOLEUMS Cemetery Work ot Every Description I MA I QORTH ARLINJI TON Rrdge Barber Shop EXPERT WORKMANSHIP 'H IR TON J Rlder Colle REGULAR AND ACCELERATED PROGRAMS Lcadmg to Bachelor ot Szlcncc Degrees rn Commerce and Education Bonny Dell Farms KE1 Colleen Beauty Salon KIIR 'frfl' 1 ,,.,------A-------A-A---------,-----e ' K: '. . . - . , - -'-.IYII KE-'Xll's,v T1 , 1-I uLf,1Z."., L Aa,-,:,'A -y ' I l 1 i I AAR J .'r. 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Q .5 gy ',', , ', 41 - - Asezg-QQQLLQAAA-Q Lqllpgl - - -g - -lllgglq John D Crane Cf Sons FUNERAL DIRECTORS Homelnte Corporatnon Incorpomtcd Colleglate Cap Cr Gown Co Bert s Florust Decorahons for Churches and Weddungs Graves Decorated tor All Seasons NORTH U The North Arlington Leader HOME TOWN PAPER Mart: The Florlst We lnvutc Your P1tronagc Rldge Florrst Weddmg Bouquets and Floral Desngns A Specialty George E Sa nqulst INSURANCE TON Wllllam Ward Wrmmer COUNSELLOR AT LAW FILTERED AND METERED SERVICE Jarvls OII Company HEATING OILS Marlon Studio FINE PORTRAITS OUR SPECIALTY M f J Hr P12130 Groups Weddnngs Graduation Conllrmatlon ofiflal-34 Todd Studios PORTRAITS FOR CHILDREN . . . X'. l k - :UT S Y' I . - I , ,i' ', ' . gl - I I . . . . I 1 QL-Q H. . Y- vm l.1"vwh , 114203 PCA Asc warow '. , Q. ,-,fm ', Hrlw-' -'ra x Jw' K. S. Y ' I .scw TC Kiavw T" I- V il ' . . . . . SSW .af ' 3'cc'wHo,. cs .Lf .g -I .Nw -Y .T"', '4 . 9 1715 :Cf-2 NORTH A1-Q 'vi-TON 2 '- KEA . ,-"1 . . . n ' EDTEN 'E35i-QE '-OPT" HQLNS '- , .- :gLT,45q:Q:.j :,-.jg -.jL."4 -, ij-g -, ' JM! ' . . n - . . . Sw .1 .' '13 ' I A5454 iff. -' EULJE x 'I of llllfyl lffrf-' 'XWVIII f'-54. '.1lCY7l '. .., ps, F .1 qood smoke .md .x huuty talk meet mn .if Novick's Cigar Store Brycrs lcc Crcnm -- Schrallfs Cnndy GREETINGS CARDS Centre Taulor Shop EXPERT TAILORING Melrose Shoe Repaur Shop M. K. Cleaners Rrdge Sweet Shop FAMOUS FOR HALLMARK CARDS Bruck s Delicatessen Store Emerald Drug Store WA GREEN AGENCY S J GREENSTEIN Reg Ph Meadows Servrce Statuon Lubr cat on Tnrcs and Batterres Cluff House Restaurant e s Toyla Wullott Laundry Co c North Arlington Laundry CASH and CARRY ,and Country Club Ice Cream, and SchraHt's Candy I I ' . 1 I 1 . . P i k ' n d i i , ' ' fs..e....: 1 s f-11. m gym. E.e', 7, Ng., z.. . ' . ., I1 . 3 1. . ,..5 l ' . . :. L .5 :Mp-,Q :,,,, -4,'1'. H K, -.4j-J,'-- mi, -'fl Il." E5-X 79 x,.... , V., M ki '- . ...h-, . 4.,.,, 4 . , . ' 4 f . . J., .A -..rl U. 77. V' ,, v . " 1.,A..q1 , 5,3 Q-ani E. xi' s -u '1 Qi' :L 4- -5 S .,. fo. -5: 3. S' " 'ffm 'A "f fg.ffM-w-Brit "wa" 5"""'5' ?'f 74' Y "EF'f"-s-rw .rr-raw 9'55v'--'4-1325731 QQ?" ,MLJ Y 4. x Y . 45... , ,JU 2 k - ' ., -.kc-Q53. QW MFE , ,K , K li' , . ,.. ,,, ,. 3, 7 ,A F I , L.- , -.3 . ' 'F' - -2 I 25-" 1 - .A . 'Q-"ff Li' ' -71' , -' '- L "Kr--' ' FH- ,-,f.3f,'f' ' "Q - :sf F 51- ,-.-- K Q- . . 4 't "5 . f . .,g-i. -1. -4: ,......-Q .. -1 ..',.f. . .:,. . if.-- ,-H. .,,z.Bl"" .-,'. - -f . . -. -- .- . 7?5""ae4"'k+- -mf 4.. 4

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