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I0 'Y ,ll bil' Q 0 Q . 3 1 O I 1 . ' ' f Q O I O n 1 4 r " 0 Q a 0 7 n 0 ' u f 4 ' 9 Q .0 P. X 1 ' ' " '!. 0 . 4., ,.. ., ,.f H ,,,,,,,,.- ,M- , ws: 'f -1 - 3-41. K- I. tqfigrr ., , L. U X , ,, ' ' u.-W A 3 151, .4...-,w-A .M,.N. -14 1. 4, 4A .4 s . s-'24 .f b. .,J it . Jkt 7 . N-eff X- 'fv 1-'.. ' ' 'gf'-.. .aiu-f 1-,,,.f, 5 :W '- .1. i - 'L . ... 4 -.-,.-.-... ...QW 1 2 . w 5 I 1 I . A YVAM.,--f-"" f "wx" L' 111' JM. --, .5 0 4 J I f 1 F 0, Ja., F , .,., x A pa K .. 5 O V-. r A 11' gg. Ni-fx.. 3. xxi fs ' A ,n Q Z." . '1 K vi. L L 3, 1 Q- 1 V., ,A ..-v. " 1 'z ..t It ur? W? .xv 355, ... , .e, 1 .4 -4!fE'y. Q .... . -. -F- .jffu -. . 4 -v K7 ff - v 5, It 4, ' ' H fa. H HT ,' 1 sl. 4- '.-- ,"' ' U ...vp 0 H' Q . T ,i iff? JQWQ' ef 2s ff'g" .-4-v-.Q 1-,N t4 U- :.A...--- - '- 'Q Q . Q. un I 'La g 'ff 4 . . ,g..:....Q 41: , .. f' '."' A IHNBNWLV gf . 'Mm-, ..-.- 9 - ..',- Q Q ? ef,-Q H Q -1.--SJ--'-1'---3 ' Qhi-4,940 ' , - " ,lf - n , "'r EEIE':'1ET.lE'rE'l usms 'P '2, Q ,eil EEEEEEJ Ei 'Tl Q '. 15' 2 ..'.'.., ' W fl TAY PRESENTS AT N.A.H.SfX Produced by THE CLASS OF :qui NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL North Arlington, New Jersey -vw P Seated F ont R w Mrs Wrllnnv Wree man Mrs Wrllram Rooney Mrs Peter Mlckenzre Mrs Loran Hut chnnson Mrs Adam Rank n Mrs Frank COVYYBTKTI Mrs James G Scott Mrs Wrlluam Gregg Mrs John Stor mrnger Mrs James Thon S irng Seconi Row Mr Max Eschentpeck M Adam Rankrn Mr James G Scott Mrs Max Eschenoeck Mrs Ha ry Getha th Mrs Wtlltam Lochrrdge Mrs John Bro klund Mrs Stephen Harker Mrs Frances Graves Mrs Muchaet Goftrerio Mrs Horace Newton Mr Frank Contaldr Mr Wrllram Gregg Thnrd Row Mr Alex ander Morton Mr John Schaefer M Herbert Pennell Mr Wrllram Wreesrnan Mrs Alexander Morton Mrs Harry Newcombe Mrs Edward Avery Mrs Rooert Keeter Mrs Robert McN:nch M John Schaeter Mr Wrlluam Lochrrdge Mr Lauren Hutchmson Back Row Mr James Thorns Mr WII R tram Ooncy Mr E1war'1 Avery Mr Harry Newcomtvc M John B10 klunrt Mr Harry Geloarth Mr Robert Keeter Mr Robert McNrn h M John Storm wqrr M Horace Newton In srncere appreciation We the Class of 1941 DEDICATE TO OUR PARENTS THIS ISSUE OF CHRYSALIS an whrch we have trred to present a prcture of the many varied actrvrtres ofa year at North Arlrngton Hugh School 4 PRESENTS THE DI RECTGRS IN A YEAR AT NAHS ADMINISTRATORS TEACH ERS f I 4 y K BOARD CDF EDUCATICJN BOARD OF EDUCATION LLL L' L l vw PPQ E' :XXX r 0 gn -.',L,NL-E X N- Lp'-M 17' FALP. AVLL- L + if V 4 A A SKA' IA . V VMNL-LEA M LLP-4 Pl- QF OT'E DJTfj,.,HYV FRANK J HURLEY Prmcupal WILLIAM R HOLBERT Supervusmg Prmcupai ' D XQ5 LL hs Ewa M Aw F I avc1 1 mon vw Cai J e C 'vw e 'H ss a w L s , rw 1 ' ww 5 Cmw Hema' 0 Q, v rw uf Q X, 4aw . nw av mme Ow w vw w K.3Yh yn U fw H J, 0 L w sc a wc. 1 1 vw c .a w c Aw QL e L 1 ss C 4. L1 C wav' ' .fa 'K 'J w . g div c 'Of ate! cf for .aNc5O Fr fb od afv, C mm p fsc Moo ns an ' mnfcr C uh 1 w ser c nv U rw f n fn v New v d1V'Sf5V ww mv Pwo M f C v X f I 1 J vw Maw aw .sem mmm homeroom proqvafvv rvmwftcc a vwscr HCT wwwgham avufhmfwc Havif af! if v .vw 1 fy' c fiwar lwmNn Sponge ma hc W f' w N 1 101 1 rx Q MVK UQ 'rw F .agfotacfogn vr ' 8 Faculty Smau " 'Vi V CYD .f 1 '1 M Q! , , P ,J M Y www: Q ov uv Owe' NA 0 Mc a ka A 3 ' C v W H fv .AC , f ,Q lwfc :rv g a' gcc C1 esta aw F K K , ,, xx v cT g sh sen arra' :uma w cv -.,4 , me .3 Bmw., ma Q u r m or w ' Zaw anskx cm, goo va 9 Qs M, r Q W 'vw 'w 9 Cl-IRYSALIS STAFF Managmg Edntor Lntcrary Art Make 'MW Sports 'Nc w Photography Advertlsmg l yarn tr L mr: 1NTRODUClNG Crus Hugh School and Sally Sensor two tcal htgh chool sent rs wh be guudes and commentators an thus record ot our sensor year at North Arltngton Hugh School entltled I 'vlrm New fx IN 1 .g ? AYEARATNAHS 2 H- 'T The Sensor Class washes to thank all the members of the faculty who have cooperated wnth us especlally Mvss Ema M Audesnrk for her help In bostness matters Mr Joseph Flumltn for the photographs he took, and Mrs Davad F Cock tor her and as luterary and makc up advuser 'D ' ' ' lt17't c' u a . N 'H-aQ',tt' A ,V lift ' A"",1'N.!s A-K 'us '- ' X 'Nm v Uv .t H21 I l hd' " 'S l M, LN ,tw Ka, U 1 WJ tm Sg-N r g, M UM, N Mt Q' .1 D. x ft lllcnrt lt -htm L, tm,,,,,m,, l lm vt lrle st -wr J,Ai,,,Z,,, HC. Avrwff Cm -Up f x rcjvuwtllqjvs D r,c1LEuat W ' 'ref 3.1 tl" 11' iw I UA' M 7: F Jtt,..,, fl 44111, ifwg t4Jo'mo iam H mm HN, ,T ffm, 4, X NEKQAZ J JAWTV My CY LH I, Q,,,,,. D ' tn, Vw' '-"IIN V, ' , 4' ,. 'K ,Ury , rw lui. t. rl, , tvtv ,, KW N Jtww ".1lle"'.1" Hg 1 H f W.. , l- but l-.vw w EAW M 70' 5 U., V .WV - A' .VW L 1' ' lcyc ,- A c . S V S Ja, 4,1 'l"'- SVN"-'W Jtilg-. S' rrvw r"r LXUTM V w pay . Q--5, - 'Ke' 34' fa N' 't 'vw A"wj3f,p, . 'U W ul' to I '11 Ectll imma B, r- .u ' JG" Sfifm 'JU Fw. F wc-nt 'lf' M, :N taht gal' p.1fvl:l.1 lwvr 3 -3' rw, lf.1'r""','u' 5 3 1' ' ,A S .lm . Zocl- 3' fl , , '5 o ' 1-E v' I ' qw ' I lil JT.. Typ S Z fl wtll the lt t 1 ff ff ff: A4 , 'S - Nt - 1 1 4 N N PRESENTS THE CHARACTERS IN A YEAR AT NAHS SENIORS UNDERGRADUATES K ORGANIZATIONS WV f a 4 i y K Q c N?"N f?,x Vuctor Carman Theodore Nucholas Chagarus X T- Anna May Anderson Ruchard Arnold Norma Barbara Cluett Frank Contaldu ANNA MAY gay un manner and wutty has won great popularuty throughout her school years Her forceful personaluty and well devel opecl skull wull surely make her a success un all her secretarual endeavors DICK the captaun and the most valuable mem ber of the football team for 4I us a very dashung young fellow When ut comes to danc ung Duck us your man I-Ie us presudent of the Chef s Club too NORM one of our quuetest senuors who funds recreatuon at the near by roller runks I-Ier fa vorute subject us chemustry but as yet she us undecuded as to the future FRANKIE one of our football heroes the Pres udent of our schools General Organuzatuon I-Ius brown wavy haur and wunnung smule are great assets and help to account for hus wude popularuty Marne A Calabrese Wulluam Beam VIC a shy and modest fellow wuth exceptuonal talent un the fueld of raduo Wuth further schoolung he wushes to become a successful ra duo enguneer Vucs favorute school subuect abOve all us 'I-rug IMAGINE' TEDDY luve wure of the class us un the center of every actuvuty Hus IZO pounds of vum and vugor have been found under many ZOO pound ers on the football fueld Teddy us a good sport' MARIE a gurl of many hobbues especually sports Her ambutuon us to become a book keeper un a raduo broadcastung statuon Her charm and pouse wull be a great help un her future work BILL a member of the forgotten part of our track team the hugh uumpung Bull plans to contunue studyung at Penn State Unuversuty and then fund a nuche for humself un enguneer un S- A-' Z X :Quail I. 'I .I ..I. V, my .gif ' . I I If ' In .I . 'P' g my Q I F 'ie , bs Y'--.fs T'-Y P1 Betty M Coro Emma Bporklund Edward Avery Marne Della Fera BET one of the best sensor dancers Interested ln becomung a secretary She was seen playlng on the Deb s volley ball team and hopes to be seen nn a commercual school after graduatvon B J one of the more promnnent members of the Trl Y noted for her beautuful complexron her effnclency as General Manager of the l94l Manstrel and her excellent work an the offlce practuce class ED well known because of has great work on the football team H as called Sleepy by many of hrs fruends but lf you were to see has speed on the football fleld you would wonder why GREA the gurl who IS constantly asked How do you get your haur to look so lovely? B cause of her rnterest un fashuons and her abull ty to sew Grea as one of the best dressed gurls ID the class GOF the young man whose great ambutuon as to become a tashlon destgner When the Ice as good Goffredo enjoys :ce skatung He covers the news for the Student Prlnts staff and his pet hate rs you ve guessed nt studyung VAL the spark plug of her room IS forever talkung and laughlng and spreading her happn ness wherever she goes Val as Interested an secretarual work DOM qulet and an exceptuonally Irkable fel low He as Interested ln accountung Besides thus Dom was on the :nntual varsity basketball team and has been on the varsuty baseball team ln the past two years DORIS an actuve member of the General Or ganlzataon who has also gnven much to sports throughout the school year Her enthusuasm shows an her cheerleadnng and her partlclpa tuon on the sensor gurls basketball team 5. Q, ,kg James Goffredo Valerta Doxne Domnnlc Guampapa Durls Gelbarth 'D if is 5' X ' "V .- xg s l I ' Q Qt' , , f , r ' f f . . I -T , ' 'I Y 1 f 1 , , I Y 1 I - ff H . . . , 9 - - I I , l, . 1 I I Y 1, . l e- I - . . , . , -44, 1 I? 'sP'9-xi .' Antolnette A DAdamO Allcla Bryan ward A C ANT one ot the most athletrc glrls rn our school spends most ot her tame playrng volley ball baseball tneld ball or any other sport that happens to be an season ln her few spare moments she collects photographs LEE although an actuve partrcnpant an athletlcs grves much of her trme to her dutles as Pornt System Secretary of the G O The school owes much to her tor thus work DlCK a fast trncky man on a football freld as well as rn a car Has tune work on the scenery for our Chrlstmas productlon showed hrs abull ty rn the useful arts JACK a comparatrve newcomer to our rank lolnrng us when a sophomore Hrs jovral smtle accounts for hrs popularlty .lack was a mem ber of the varsrty baseball and basketball A ll ? John Delaporte BOB the dark hatred tellow wnth the gennal smrle Thus hard worker used to translate hrs physucs unto Ideas tor a model train panorama He co edrts the Student Prrnts and spends hrs spare trrne rn hrs workshop RUTHlE presndent of the Auto Club rs n terested also an swrmmlng basketball and has tory The senror class wrshes her success rn her ambrtnon to be a pruvate secretary ED The Baron ot North Arlrngton Hrgh the whrrlwrnd Instructor ot roller skatrng Hrs drowsy humor and Stephun Eetchnt actions have more than once brought a wrnnkle of laughter WINNIE a very wltty mrss who keeps her many trrends entertanned wlth her humorous remarks She rs excellent at sports bemng one ot the best members of the Sennor Volley Ball Robert Eschenbeck Ruth Ann Garrrson Ed Fletscher Wrnrtred Gallanclat G Q 'I ' ' . Rrcl. .alo 4 I I I I I I I Teams Team, the "Senuorettes " ' 1 ' 4 it ar 1 ' fve ' t' ' zz ji ll 4- .4 . .ef , wk '- H nnah B Garra a CJ J KW Dlllon HANNAH a lattle blond garl who always has a smale for everyone she meets on her way She IS a member of the Tra Y and wall be an asset school GENE a quaet lakable chap Lake a great many people he hates to get up an the mornang but usually arraves at has destanataons at tame l fact he has a way of ansparang confadence ANNETTE always seen an the athletac teams of the senaor garls loves to partacapate an and also watch many sports Her lakable personala ty accounts for her many fraends and wall brang her success KITTEN adds lafe and color to our productaon She has long tackled our funny bones Her agalaty wath a volley ball has helped wan many a game for the Senaorettes JOY charmangly slender keeps her dancang feet goang She enjoys basketball but IS seen at the football games cheerang wath all her taraal traanang and she wal attend a Compto meter school BONNIE cne of our senaor naghtangales an ac tave member of the Garls Glee Club She also enaoys roller skatafag an the Hackensack Arena When she leaves our school she wall make a good secretary TIM Gaffney s super saaesman a chap off the old Blarney stone l-le has kept N A amused wath hrs numerous storaes an foreagn daalects l-le and has Chev are brammang wath dynamac personalaty EVELYN one of our most sophastacated senaors tall bruwette and pleasant We feel that she wall excel an offace work because her favorate subaect as typang X ?' .v .5 H Joyce Dorbcr Harraet Anne Graefe Tarnothy Aloysaus Graffan Evelyn Carolane Graves "' "' Q is sm- 'ea . -a- . af c. . K, aa Eufu-nc Darlanson Pxnaaclte all' - c .. to any offace after she fanashes secretaraal maght l-ler favorate school subaect is secre- I , - a . n Q , , I , is 5- 9 A, g - , S- T'Y 5:-1 inf i June Haffeman Norman Hansen Anne Keefer Ema J seph Hoder JUNE presadent of our senaor class has played an amportant role an our hagh school actavataes Although she as quate an actress she wall be an traanang for nursang thas tame next year NORMAN usually keeps to hamselt l-las pet antapathy as beang on tame But then he says Better late than never and strange to say makes at on tame ANN has been an the class for only a short tame but already we have notaced her quaet manner and pleasang personalaty Her future ambataon as to become a nurse EMIL a contestant for the tatle ot our best dancer anterested also an athletacs co captaan of our track team l-las tavorate school subaect as math Maybe thats why has ambataons poant to aeronautacal enganeerang as a career Qld, 'vx The iw JAN captavates all those around her wath her stunnang clothes and happy go lucky person alaty and her pep as a cheer leader Pratt ln statute wall be her tarst step toward a career an costume desagnang VADDY another quaet senaor but under her quaetness there as charm that captavates every one Everyone knows her and everyone lakes her especaally as she as an excellent advertiser for Chaclets O TOOLE a quack watted and very pleasant young man an excellent football player who wall be massed by the school and the players of the team SHIRL one of our happy lattle salesmen around our school She as so very anterested an sales manshap that everythang she says as such a per tect sales talk that you naturally agree N 'i 3. 1-1. rv I Jeannette Hedlund Vera Jackson Phal Holahan Sharley May Haltzak tn H 1 .... -. - f". af tip: 52,- ,ek -, VA lf., 5- - . gg af, 5 gmf -, W wi . I 5 1 1 1 , I F - I I I Y I . . . . . I l I . . . ll Il - I I 7 I r 1 an 1 ll ' ll 1 11 1 11 - - 1 . . , 1 I 1 1 W , ' sl Rav '- v RAY one of our most frequent spectators of our basketball games Although a very quiet chap he can be found at nearly every grand stand durung the sports season TOOTIE as llvely and happy go lucky and does not seem to have a care an the world She be longs ln the group of sensors who have earned the eputhet sophlstlcated BURWELL deserves a great deal of credrt for team He untnrlngly worked wtth the boys and has help wlll always be remembered ETHEL a demure young mtss endowed wlth an addrng machrne mlnd who asplres to great helghts as an accountant The sensor year sees her as treasurer of the General Organnzatuon an member of the Natronal Honor Soclety PLD mond Hnslop Murlel Harrlmar Burwc Hutchlns Ethel Hannah GINNY always ready wllllng and able to help IN whatever way she can A peppy member of the cheerleadlng squad and an actuve Trl Y member Glnny agrees that her senuor year has been her best GEORGE an exceptlonally llkable fellow who specualuzes ID nothlng but can do almost any thung Swlmmlng track and football are hrs mann Interests REE twlce elected secretary of the G O flnds senrors she as usually the last one to leave school She IS known for her sweetness and her beautlful hair IS the envy of the senuOr gurls JEANNE casual ln manner has won an out standlng place among her classmates Her partrclpatlon an the General Organuzatuon slnce tts lmtlatlon has beneflted our school Q. Cwq 0 Vlrglnua C Hlqglns George Floyd Johnson Rlta Ceclle Gregq Jeanne Keller 1 w S f , ' r all fm .v ' the work he dld as manager of the football recreatton rn readlng One of our busiest d ' A , ,LA T . X ,K John Edward Kurby Horace Newton Maruon F Nucol Aly n Nutto KIRBOO our tall blond uutterbug You have to keep your eyes on hum whule you are danc ung or you may fund hum at the other end of the dance floor guvung out wuth a few fancy steps H D a swell fellow who possesses a good natured manner twuce a letterman on the football squad H D has long desured to be come a test pulot We know he wull succeed and here s wushung hum hugh flyung NICK another one of our uutterbugs spends her tume tryung out new steps Nuck s favorute spectator sports us football and swummuno uS one of her many accomplushrnents AL a fellow who guves you the umpressuon of beung very quuet that us untul you know hum He has a happy dusposutuon and a ready smule for everyone STAN the quuet and mysteruous red head of the senuor class He has an uncanny way of dusappearung every day at 2 50 P M When we ask the reason he says work but he says ut very darkly RE belueves un dancung and havung fun and also enuoys skatung and watchung football Marue us usually seen wuth Evelyn ln the fu ture she expects to attend a busuness school and later obtaun an offuce posutuon WACKY one of our most versatule boys un the lune of sports passes that pugskun wuth the skull of an All Amerucan We wull see hum un a Marune unuform soon after graduatuon DON the saulor boy of our class left us for a year to attend Admural Farragut Academy and returned for hus senuor year Don plans to attend Annapolus ll-4 1-' i Stanley Marczukowsku Marue MacKenzue Waffen Mawr' Donald McMaster Q K ia-Q-Ur , A D I 's N V u F D an g 4 ' .L .AQ X c ,u g t We t s g X 9 :xx I. A - , . .3 ,A n, 9 1 t s s H lf X l . N Q X . A . as o g s ' su r s so l V P X' , y 4 g au --'f'QA-,-T"- f.-mr gggfglfgg--A-Q-A-pwfxfl--'N 6 W l am L hrur e Ruta C Morton BlLL the fellow whose personaluty and cheery nature have always been outstandung among has classmates shows has enthuslasm for sports an football Bull untends to enter the engnneerung fue d RITA a petlte artustnc gurl wuth a beautuful vouce Her favonte sublect as art and she un tends to further her study We know her talent and her charm wall carry her far DAN the sllver volced young man who spends most of hls tlme helplng others He has been on the radlo on a number of occasions and has had personal experuence wnth Mayor Bowes AL has the dlstunctuon of belng the only sensor gurl wnth red haur Her accompllshments nn clude beung one of the charter members of the Natnonal Honor Society treasurer of her gunuor class and edutor of the Chrysalus 1- w 0 Lambert: Al ce Pabst BETTY our pretty athletlc senlor has peppl ness whlch us a welcome vnrtue to all those who surround her Betty ns presldent of the North Arllngton Honor Socnety and lS one of our cheerleaders HAROLD center on the football squad of l94O as goung to be one of our leadlng mecha nlcal englneers ln the near future as hrs fond ness for mathematucs and scuence lnducates LOVEY us nnterested un becomlng a secretary Collectung photographs along with dancnng and playung basketball are her hobbles MAC the member of the football team who had the lll fortune of havnng hrs leg broken l-le carned on and helped the team from the bench l-las deep cut dimples are hns pet hate or so he says l ,.- .M . ...Q e ii .. -ai Betty Newton Harold Edward Newcombe Ruth Love Henrv McNlnch if P S U 4 lll of fq DS" ' - I bil ' 'ui B I V l 1 V L S l 4, L ff' I L i K. fb ' I A 4 ' Q w .fl 1? E W" -1 , li ig, Charles Orobro Robert Osborne CHAS the vuce presudent of the sensor class the strong sllent type of student who always has the answer but never gnves lt unless he rs called on He stars on the baseball and basket ball teams BOB one of the fleet footed an the sport an nals of N A us well known as a collegnate dresser After college he lntends to loan hrs famzly ln architectural ventures BLONDIE the secretary of the senlor class and an exceptlonally good piano player Interested rn goung to a commercual school and becomung a private secretary On Thursdays she can be beard sungung an the Glee Club ART much Interested ln uasketball Those who have seen hum play wall agree he as a sure shot Hrs talent as an actor was apparent last year un the Junuor Sensor Mnnstrel LW Y Alfrerl A Pryblnck Ruth Marlon Thorns Thomas Srhaefcr Januce Snlls t' ivvr Tr an Ruth NA More Arthur Pennell AL quuet and Ilkable Wuth accountung as has favorite subject one would expect hum to make that hrs career but he wants to be an electrlcal welder He wrll be seen In a trade school In the near future TOMMY a qulet member of our cast IS a smooth dancer She rs noted for her beautl fully groomed halr She IS a member of the Tru Y and Glee Club TOMMY has great asplratron of becoming suc cessful an the freld of aeronautlcs He us very qulet and keeps rn the background Although he does not express has vuews very much he us very thoughtful SILLSY a gurl wnth a wunnrng personallty She mayors ln accountung and hopes to succeed In that lrne of work Actnve nn school actlvrtues thus year she holds the posutuon of secretary of the Trl Y if W1 My 1 . - ' I A 9' 'Q Sf K bf ... an 1 HV '. 4. Y.. . ' 1 Lg"-T N ': 'ETSI-, 5-3 '.rf-'Milf 1 .K ' . : ,. U . Q .,..3-,Q T t" T jg lf, N -5 . w'-gk . - - Multum -t'.'- f f ! ,nf 6 : V , ' 1 f , A , , . . , .I T I I I . I . . I . I I , . . r I . , . ' r MIK PLO Walter Sch llcr George Scott Florence B Shanks Adolph Scola WALT versatule an honor student a member of the track team for two years co captaun of the undoor season art and feature edutor of the Student Prunts a member of the Natuonal Honor Socuety and art edutor of the Chrysalus SCOTTY the football manager un the plaud uacket who always seems to be runnung some where for somethung for someone l-le seems to be un an everlastung whurlwund FLO a popular gurl who has golden sulken locks duslukes the name Blondue She enuoys rudung and watchung football ln the future she expects to be a comptometer operator CY louned us un hus sophomore year and made an ummeduate hut wuth us all l-le was a mem ber of the unutual varsuty basketball team of our school ln hus spare fume Cy enuoys the raduo and the movues JACK wuth a fruendly smule and a brught hello has been a pal to all of us Because of hus sunny dusposutuon he s the sort of fel low we all luke to have around us KAYE lookung forward to a career as a modern Florence Nughtungale now swungs out un all the newest dance steps It wull be amusung to see her truckung unto the operatung room or hos putal kutchen un scenes to come ROONEY that speed demon of N A the maunstay of our champuon track team B ll s the captaun of our track team who spends most of hus leusure tume at the movues BEANSIE a gurl wuth a wunnung personaluty held the posutuon as Presudent of the Tru Y thus year She has proven herself very capable un thus posutuon Robuna has always been very ac tuve un school affaurs 3 V1 ul Jack Stormunger Katherune Starrett Wulfred Roonev Robma M Rankln A 1 A L ,, . ll- . 1- 1: Q H N' x 5 .. u I Q " I I f I 1 1 11 f - I ' , . . . . . , 1 1 , . I . 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 A - 1 , , . ,, , , . . , . . l I f 1 1 v L Q7 5 tv'-v -0 is ig ,v Margaret Thomson Donald Wuseman Patrucua Ann Tyner Henry Wrcesman MARGIE an honor student and a sport enthu suast un the wunnung league of the gurls volley Marne untends to further her knowledge un one of the East s well known colleges DON one of the senuor football heroes and a member of the track team A quuet fellow he doesnt partucupate un many socual functuons Hus blond wavy haur us the envy of all the gurls PAT ambutuous has taken an actuve part un school actuvutues throughout the year Her everlastung smule unspures many of us surround ung her She hopes to be a legal secretary and she ll be an attractuve one HENRY a musucal munded young gentleman who has helped our band along from the start He plays the trumpet wuth the skull of a profes suonal Henry has already started to learn the pauntung busuness .l BILL a contaguous smule and uovual personaluty make hum one of the most lukable un our school fun to be had he ll always be found Hus am butuon us to become a successful electrucal en guneer SOOP the dynamuc co edutor of the Student Prunts the fellow wuth the pencul behund hus ear Yes we preduct a great future for Sud He specualuzes un current events hustory and readung DOROTHY an effucuent mrss who has been the chaurman of the decoratung commuttee for two successful class dances Her abuluty also ex tended to the management of a fashuon show DON loves to travel and un the future hopes to be a naval avzator He enuoys hustory and all sports but especually baseball We re go ung to muss the lazy drawl un Don s vouce l 5 rt Q Wulluam Wulkunson Sudney Zucker Dorothy Wreesman Donald West " g .A 7' T T X g Us vs- 'V Q J W , .fr f ' . 'Q U. - Q 1 u a .:. . 1 1 - I ball tournament. Upon leaving our school He is a practical uoker, and wherever there us - 1 I ' l I l ' fc- S x X 5 .lt u.Hf V 2 5.4. Lg. I ,atv-g 5 1 5 U'-QR' 'f , 5FV'-QL . ti 5 'L. fg, - 5..-1 . .1 3 'M PFW! s fn W 'ri . 6 ve is y Y. 1 5, . E- ,gl A is b' f O .5 -4 C 2 o I L. 2 .E U c .C 1 1 M. Q C K1 E C C - 9. 2 fc an 2 vu an C. O C x C 2 C C 3 B. 0 C C U Q3 E 5 E C. .1 E m P- C Q I I E 2 2 P: 1 3 o cr 'C o H. .C .- J 1 'G .Q C: E c U E K5 2 .1 U c U C o ca. 2 2 .C V7 '6 E vu m fl 2 E E. .C O- U C U 2. E U O u 4 Cf I 3 .r C .ll C D -N v C r., V. E .1 C Q 1 VC Q .C o o O 2 E as Q1 Second Row Edward Jonvi, Amer! Wcuss, Frcd Von Barthcld, Arthur Mathuson, Lloyd Kvnlcr, Raynwon-1 Ccrxtonrnlor, W1I1:.1m ' Coffman, Lows Waqnr, Rollo! Thomxon, lan Anderson, Roqcr SWIH, Robert Rawduncg, John Carnh la Ray Srictxku, Gcovqc I r Barton, Herman Krasnc-r Thurd Row Dormhy WMC, Frances MCCar!hy, Hvlcn Coklyaf Jean Wrlluamson, Vrdovxa Barska, Funurr- Tnwnv, Carol Rcmrkc, Un L. E vw 2 C ua 2 .C 'C Q 5 E ...J E LC Q C U S E. Z1 VJ o U 4 Q c.. C 'E LJ cf C 'U .C U o LJ C G c Lf .- O C C P- o 0. C 9 r. L1 Q I Q o .C r- .9 C E U - J I o U P- o -x o V Q I .C 1.3 1 3 .C V C Q E 2 C CJ 3 I N N J m vu C 1 ci I J Z E: o - '-c E. Q . C .f '56 26 'JE UC: 74- PC Cc., 'la -S O' 2-6 -. if C 55 35 ag U. U2 - do 'Lt' Eg U 'UE ECDC CJ f 'Z '14 Sim 10 -C .-iw atb EES nw, 3 km -33 Q25 U new DOL' -o .C BUG: CLD O .CQ Un: .C 5? E2 Tu. a :E OO 'CI 2. EC 46 E U- -D O 52 5 Z . QC 412 .E .CU tm gd ui - EE '29 EZ fi w 21 -C EC bm 29 SEE 2 vu C L 0 -5 SVT -5C L do - ,X-. -C.: 'C BLD U Z Cf 0 -.C ir- 'U f- C C 2 Z . .U 5-K .Co Qi :O 2- gif 'U if gc C1 .C -N .-.- O- Vu. W.. CJ E2 -C Em C2 EE U fn. IE U- -QM-J o nz. U ,uc HE on T. C U ...C ,C fum D. V1 E xi' E Ee 'KC 0 I is '15 QI Si C. -4 E rc O E H: v Ln 6 C LL , C Q E E LJ 1: 'C' LL .' 'iH? 'JW'," "f ' . .'IlI.Er , - - -' ifqjil 3 ,gg ,, 3 I? , 5 0 'P 4. I ' 'l fi., ,,,b ' 2"EIQi'l!l i ' '-M' ' 'P 5 1 'i , ,. , Q a'f iv.- 3 L. 'x -' Y Y,' iafzflil m ,Q 55, ,nn Ii " sf x " " fam: wh 1+ V 5, 'lfl'-I ' F 'K 44 U is J . u1 " 1 u"""' "' Mu X' A lguf. 5 '. M lgtva A., ' .. ...v-.T K , K an-1 I'-M , li-.H fm ti f " . is ' i -Q' Iii 6 'W' 3' :sa ' P., ' i - X'QrLs...' I mv. f 'N , af i 'f 2.2-f' U 'R -' ? it-5 f" : . If 45 lx Qirqv X 1 - , 2? 11 sw--5' x . , . ,vi ,, V Q :SQ if , is I if ' 'f XAAA All-5 uQ:' ll'1 b . ' qfb Tzff' UQ: . .v- N ' I1 " .. bling 1 'A 50 f-KI UQ xg '1- 'P' as-I , as ,, W xx Zfi 'Oar ,W ,,I,5, , Q3 QW. ti xx B xg J X594 . 5- , -A ., 1. " ' 4 H X hui lv gg , XJ . 5 . D i ,V ., 5 a VW L si ' w 7' ..., Y , 4- - +. Q , . A ' an N . K ' Jsgg , 2 " x 4 ,,. X .a 5 M , . h ,L ff 'fl ' ' fb: "'5.jW.w 1 1 'il 1""!E"'lH Gb pfwhw f " G-. ui: put fit fli ,lf W ' P' J -Q 1' - uv ' Q F ii: vu V 'Bw svh. Q , 'digg ' 2, f -i"'Ulw X U h3"'!7' X ' V V 4, luv . ,, 2, :if fill J: X11 ia ,'g,j" izvv sl s ,. . x fi 2,9-R' 4' , U fvwi' B'-Gigi. K X u ' U: ft H kj 114 li t X83 Q' N 5 N 91 . ,lik gh ld 'I ' . ! ' ' 'J .3 f in ix' .1 ui th w" :fi3f -' is WF-7 JE 111 - an v X, w"?"fu , UQ tfffvrja'-.N we .iq J, Q X X ' lf. N 1' -, ., t I 71' 1. . - 574' Q 'X fi' 2. C f I 1:3 5421" K. ,A .K -f C., ,M m . . . X -X. . Q? gh' 'V ,Qty M52 ' . CQ' K fi ,.fkQ.Q,,' f- 1 . ,-. , Mfffasf z . - 1 1 I 9 .C CL S o .- U o Z 5 C c U 9 .2 61 o 5 Q S J 'U Q 3 :E 'C 1 LL B. o E C J C O C C 5 2 o Cx : Lf! Tc 5' E KJ E. o Q I .C E 'U cz 3 o rr 'I : I-A. 'Q C .C U Cn E 0 o U .- o 1: o zz C. o .A C .C o -C U , Q U. 5 9 o .- we Fi: 3 o I w. U E C C an f 1 C an .C J. fc YJ .Z Q CC C Q ca in o A 'B Y Nd .. o L O CX .H .Q 'J 3 o I 2. E1 .- C c CC 5 3 O. 25 rx Walke C 9 N E C o N K .- S 'U C' E: 5 O. .K L' an W U C cv 4 S 'C' E P' Q u C E 2 LL .x f C 2 'C CL 1: 9 P E E uw 'L' E 2 if r.: C O Q .A 0 C P- E. E 5 Z o E 'G I o .J 3 o 1 1: C o U u vw C m 3 O 1. O O U 'O CJ 2 ul C o 2 L5 U E S E 'U C O ID Q 1 E D ..- 2 6 QC 5 .C f u. C .C O --. 'Q 'O C vu .J E E' HJ E: 3 m S Q X 5 .C -2 D. N E U I w 2 N1 .C U 3 o nz 'O 5 .C P- .1 C: 2 O C Q 41 Y o 0 C O .C U J O LJ 5 C o I 6 C Q C C C C 0 vm . Q E - Q E 'U .J 2 a E 4 6 C 3 O 5- C .C O -s 6 .Y u O -x E P: V1 Q '6 zz Q. Q 0 C Q U E 7 C. O .C -IJ -C o E E .C Q LJ C an J vu I 5 E MJ 2 2 U lu o I Q 2 6 7.1 Tu CJ C 2 T: 5 Lu 5 I 'U I N .C C o rn C vu 7- .Y O U 'U E cn CJ 1 S o 6 'E 5 CJ E o E E Jw P- C Q! I 3 O Ct .C - J O M. Q.. E .C u vm 'C Z: cn ci C 'U C Q N 'U L4 C .C O -w .9 5 U C Q o. O D ...I E' 5 13 D 2 Ln Q U1 5 Q KD 'U O u. ni 5 Q 5 5 .C C 4 of fu 9 U E ni f 2 'E .C LJ .ff o J: cw 3 I CJ Uv o Q O 3 o ar -E LL IU :- 'Cn E 'E E O 3 N N Li .C O U fu O 1 5 B 7- 0 .Z .1 C1 CJ w Q- E u I 1 .0 E B X x 2 4 E 1 C o U Z :E Ri .A J .K 'U I 'E '6 fx 5 9 J mc cw o o O C Cv lu 5 U C o To Q w 9' o cf U Lf E U o -Q .C 2 In CL S' .I .f o E VJ -, '5 .C KJ ca J, fu CC 2 M U1 C 4 vf P 9 .C L11 y E E o P- C. 'U E ca vu I ru U vu S .C Li Q- D O 2 O cz 3. mo C OL O P- 'U N .v 1 L r Z' 5 YQ 1 ,K I 2 . 3 v,?Vl.b"'n.4 .VZ , E I ', f-,E gg N -Y J' .V 'i?"J'Qg1'7'Q4 T , 4 f 1 .CQ 5.1!-'?,.,vfy - ,I-Q ' :' . qffeggf er 25:91 ' P g's'i ff 'ig LQ , . ' . L QP Q i k a,g 3. ,fA C5 1 1 ' C QA Y H H If .V l Q ,1, gg n.5,?v z . F . ' - Q 1 3:1 ff 5,53 " I!-1 8 555' -1,5 v 54 gun, 'Wg Q,.v-Ltg If -.- 1 , Y 4 , 3, 1 A Na, 5 gi 5 W 'i 1 Q51 'SG A .ff a ,C 5 .1 we lf' f 1 M- fl r'- R- H ' U S ' A 5' x 'v . SW A gf-n ,C 1. gr 1 g 1' s. . 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C o C u. .C Q 0 .r O E C .A L5 o .C E Z 5 2 I 2 U u E w Q C "J C C 1 C V1 L1 UW 5 o 0 i I 3 0 vs va I CZ m E U Q I E 15 C JE 4 C .C c -5 C. n E D 'C Q LU cf C C C Q U Q U J: E 12 .C O gg-w C m Q :C li 5 21 Q O kfi 'U Z 1: o 1 .Q I o X V1 Q U C o E LL m KJ 2 CC m m E E m uw CC o 2 Q IZ o E m C C c .J If c V .. x 3 E r 3 V7 Z 1: E .J w a 2? o D 3 o 1 nd Seco th il o +- E C C E C z' S 4 Q .1 C X 1 E cz J? : E C U S E L ni O LL Q E O as E 'U C LD C. o .A 3 vu .J 1 C .- C1 an C E IE C n o -1 qi 5 c .J 1 .. cr C5 c KD CI IP rr E5 L, 0 o- E 1 E C -S arf 9 o I J: L1 C C 5 .J E 3 S Q 5 1: O C C Q C C P.: 1 Cn 12 o ct 4 C5 1: C 'U c D C C C 2 c if-- mu .J .- FU 'C O O CJ U -5 E an E 'U 4: vc X c LJ :X C -1 LC 19 :C Q P' nf: Bv Do othx Townft, a, Mabel Del Growso, Beatrice oyce Hamnlfon, J on Z vw C U E I F' C i2 o ,J P: 5 C C uC C u.: 2 l! E C3 E E l! CJ .- 0 E c. w U 5 Q LL CJ Q 4? Q .f O f 0 Q C1 Q E 2 F: 7: U E C. A Q. C E TE CL If .C HJ v C1 C Q 75 I Od. -1- I U C O K .1- E D 3 o ti .C .- E O u. E J Q CC w C C C f LL 5 f .2 E 4 C 'C o C. L 'f 1: 'U IS Z3 C x -H E E Q 1 U Q 'L' C 4 -w 1 v O vs 5- 3 G3 L. Y C o .C .. C fi W. C r., 4 4 Q 2 L, fc U E C 2 E E cz C rq .r 2 E I KJ L. E Ln if .- C 4 E cn C o C 2 .2 L' c .1 L11 'U C C 3 G: 'E 1 .c .x : cu .- C a J: c cz 3 c 1 C 1: c -N uf 'C .1 : .J E E QA i 3 vc :C 'C I O O .J c f J .9 P: G .X E CC F: C 9' .f 0 P Q - C vc O 6 E C LU 1: C c E 5 'U nr Ji U I2 E IE .- 0 .C c cr ci E 56 .C Q U vw O -s ci nn vs rx!! UB BQ and For the Students N A H S extra Currrcular pro gr m IS really ot the students by the stu dents and tor the stu dents At the head fQw ld ot the whole program stands the General Organrzatuon reterred to usually as the G O S Each sprung ottucers Q g and executlye councll 7 members are elected after a great tlurry of petutrons and cam pargn speeches At an rmpres rye ceremony an June the new oftacuals are lnducted by the out gorng ottucers These ottlcers and councrl members form the Executnve Council I1 September the homerooms vote tor their reprtsentatnes to the Delegate Assembly who have the responsrbtllty ot bnngtng students yrews before thc G O and reportrng actnvutles ot the organnzatuon to theur homerooms Our school has reason to be proud of tts G O Durrng the last year the G O provnded us wlth a handbook organuzed the campaagn to get unntorms tor the band started a tradntuonal alumm reunnon and held many dances and luncheons Another Important group nn our school the Honor Socrety elects to membershrp students IU the school who are outstandung tor charac ter scholarship and leadershup Dur1ngl94O l9-ll the socuety held unterestung duscussuon meetungs and took trnps desrgned to further the members cultural Interests ' ' Seated left to rrght Elarne Saponto, Alrcta Bryan, Annette Gallo Frank Contaldu, Jeanne Keller, Mllton Fuchs, Ethel Hannan lreadrng reportr Dorrs Gelbarth Stanrtng George Ulrtch, Wtlllarn Gregg, Phrlrp Prke, Lours Wagner 5 Ot the Students, By the Students, .AN V vi At J the rx I , I I . S f l I t ue l GGG G GG G l x 5 'N .gwav X LM, , K-'ff-f 1 Q , . I ww 1 t Your SGTVIC9 Three ofthe clubs In our school that are or ganlzed wnth the purpose of servung the school are the TrI Y the Llbrary CouncIl and the STUDENT PRINTS Club Composed entIrely of gurls the Y dedncated to the Ideal ot communrty servIce and they have more than ful tIlled thenr aum When the G O decIded to sponsor a handbook It was the TrI Y that supplled the funds neces sary Early In the fall the gurls purchased an automatIc phon ograph 'commonly called a puke boxl whIch has provuded musIc for many of our dances In addvtzon the members gave a football dance and con EBF? It ever a club was a servrce club the Llbrary Councul certaInly IS Those who belong spend many hours helpmg IH the lubrary to catalog and shelve books and serve ID many ways the students who use the labrary The STUDENT PRINTS Club has as ITS dnt tlcult assngnment the publIshIng of the school newspaper Not only do the members gather and wrlte up the news but they type the ar tIcles make drawungs letter headllnes and paste up the dummy that IS to be photo graphed ThIs year the club had the S3fISf8C tnon of seelng theIr paper wzn a second place award In the Columbva Scholastuc Press Asso cuataon Contest Our school would be a much less attractrve place If we dad not have such clubs as these P es dmg Rob na Rank Seated F ont Ro Anne DEla My a Bamfo d Joan Nutto Jeanne Landss Hannah fl Y Gar :son Janet Mcfoubrey Cleo Chagar s Second Ro Ja c McMun Joyce Recs V q n a Fr el M ld ed Leopold EdIth Hose Mary Rankvn Stand ng n Rear Rutl Thorns Jean W ll amson Carol Rc ncke Emma Bporklund Jamce S Ils Annette Gallo o ' I ' ' , Trif IS I A g . 1 . D . . - tt . . I TJ ' T 1 U r l I N - - I - N ' ' l I 4 V I T K - L I :U V 4 I I I I I tributed baskets for the poor. to serve us, 1 K ' I :fl . 5 . 'e f . A I- y K g I if . T ' 1 f' , 1' ' my L, " ' . a r I I In y r w' ' I , I r , , , T I y' I , y I, w n n, I Ir II I , I r , I I I 'I , I I , I , , l I o ,Y ., YI Q I Q5 x 5 ia KW ' 1 l . F' 2' ...- I Q' 'W L- 'E-P 'rg U ku 5 .Q W. fi Notes -poppin' For those students 5 ' f whose interest is mu- sic, our extracurricu- lar program offers three Organizations, the Glee Club, the Band, and the Orchesf la r , VG? tra. The largest of these groups, the Glee Club, is composed entirely of girls The school T ,N had the opportunity of f : hearing their lovely X ic , harmonies at Christ- : mas time when they sang carols as a pre- lude to Why the Chimes Rang ln June the club made a second appearance adding their voices to the ceremony of graduation The second musical organization the band, contributed much to the life and colrir of our victorious football season Thanks to the col operation of citizens of North Arlington and the students in the high school, we had the thrill of seeing a uniformed band upon the football field An added attraction this year is a team of ten snappy-looking twirlers ln- cluding these twirlers, there are over forty stu- dents in this organization The third of these groups, the orchestra, did much to make our assembly programs at- tractive For the first time in years we had the pleasure of hearing them play at every as- sembly Like the Glee Club, the members of the orchestra always look forward to gradua- tion for on that night they have their best op portunity to show what grand music they can make GI b n Rrw can Mer r- P r ss ga o Spnn or Helen ee u 1 BX o s wi or Jca MrL1uqhlin Dorothy Schaclt Claire rr rr w c ctr- Kelley Jrxn Wcrtz M1rv Zeqlc-r Third Ow cv Mcoa C r-a Acrc r-la rv 1 a o trn1 ICD? R C ll C1 olrr' Mcfilvcvv Agnes Covcn Ma e Accrccla Ma Hir H lor Bo fy Witte s Top Rr cr' Kal st Puth M 0 Ri th Thoms Mane MacKenzie n r S n lt Joa Rose lal Al 1 Skulsky Dolores Nielsen Helen Atamsnc u ll ' Il f ' . I - i u ' 1 , . l V1 J . . I V A ' ., I F'o t 1 J t vit' A': Rely Sa"?'a La I1 .1 Florence Drrnniln Mi Zin fr' S ', Ki iper, Mu Tfpp nq Ruth Hwy lrirurv - Nelmw Sr-r wil Row '1 n 1 r , 1 , 1 Har i, D0 ,thy Blc. , la" Ce Frlfr-' lr mg Schonl r, Patsy , M , 4 i R Lt, , l , carnxl ,r . lnrrarie Ha, mn, V 'qi xi C t fr' R. l Emma osc za ii, fr ii 1 , y, r, J - , 1 ry' tri, O a Qfaifly T . r iw All 'fi , . 'iv , A , , W frriff Galktnflat, Harriet Graefc, Do is 1' mv , n s nr . , r - . ', i, . h k, 32 l v 5 nO RTN ARLINGTON B d Frou Row Joao Wollz, wllllam Coupe, Wllllam Cherry, Lcslle Campbell, lrc-me Sclwocnleber, Valerla Doxle, Madnene an Sion' clfi Sozooff Row M' Glaswc' Palsy Kelley, Roth Eanvowl, Hcrvvc-Ha Dzlcmlao, Joan Rosemlale, Jaovce Eckle, an "am Amar'-1 Hoo, 'y'.fcovv'ao, GQo'gc Scott, James Rolhoo lolvm Schlclds Top Row Floyd Johnson, Walter Fav llaoc Qc ww, Joe D: a Fava, Eafcl Goallc-0, Havy Johmoo Lows Ccclrovc, Trm Schlclcis a l.I wma- O h F-oft Row Fvcll Vow Bavtbcml lplanol. Mary Schultz, lrcoc Schocolcber Elaloe Rockwald Top Row Mass rc Ellzaholh Zwwqafo, loan Rnscrvlale, Floyd Johnson, Patsy Kelley, Robert Black, Jan-ce Eckle. On Stage: Dawn-l Ccvullo, Tom Schlclplo, Walter Falck, Ruth Bamlovd John Schlclds, Lcslne Campbell, 33 " ' ments I N VG3LX O k W J pu v we s inc danqlng k j we Sem r rw ments s H sch nun varuecl pro ram make up demonstra 1 ns ruetron aetl g and prescntan xs cn vlx programs The members hawe tound not only pleasure ln therr club work but also a valuable chance to grow rn polse and self confrdence ln the Puppet Club made up of puplls of the lunror hlgh the members learned how to make dress strung to the controls and man: pulate the marlonettes Thaw desrgnecl ang nstruett d tht lf wn scam Th s year ne w men mrs ed C uppe p we Three Wlslwes ntl nf w wr L L sunu em vers rr n an p Rumpelstlltskln using tht marlonettes they made ast vear the Dance Clul At therr meetrngs the mem bers got togethe r and cxchungerl all the latest steps Thus club made a decuded Change at lur dances sunee tts lnauguratuon there have been fewer walltlowers Certalnlythlseelubs naxe prwec 1 rea a on the ex currucular program of our school The mem bers know how much peasure the C u S have added to thelr 1 lves ' ' F 'st Row 'seated' Jane Mrtvlunn Chrlstlnc Eden Vrncf-'wt Del Grosso Hope Sa- Senlor Quwe swarm Peacork lens Wemes Stand-ng Elarne Rofhwalll, Dolls Runnacles Irene Jefl- lwfe Pee- Helen Cnklyat Sh lc M C th cl A lc ' STL lv n A H . ' l l-l S tlnd e l ut Co ' X Q 1' erx r I t' ,Q l . N ,. X .l, lets ter therr talent ne X 1 wrrrk rut two ll ,t laxs, -' H1 Clubs dew ltetl tc Tl H ' X ,' a Pu l ar l J My " ,N glass 'te t l Th N sea N l nw l H tw use to l the la , l l Y ' 5 X Tl r C D K ' r l mmm Club' Opeq TO One of newest and most popular clubs was stl lf HW the enlc r l 5 1 hugh sul, Cllll 'la N ' X L K 4' llqxll C g I ot X K ' K to . Inst rn ' n , 1 ' Q 3 L pla , both lor thelr own pleasure and for as ' H 3 X 5 Q xx wg 1 ' lt l d NL N U dnt: to tra , X 1 l b X ,,g x 5 U . 81 rd ',l"'ff.' A 'v 9 if 5' Qi E7 5: 7 gg 3 gi gf 9 5 5 9 q ' , , .W , P, A xg W., '- ' 'I 4 0 M L , N O Buns, Bumps, and Bumpers The Chefs Club provides the Buns men troned rn the headlune, the Boots and Spurs, the "Bumps", andthe Auto Club, the "Bump ers l As ln most schools the gurls haye the prly :lege of takrng classes rn domestlc scuence But there ns a large group of boys who are fascun ated by pots pans, and kutchens Seventeen of these are lucky enough to have the use of the kutchen for meetungs of thelr Chefs Club VIS :tors at therr meetlngs report that the boys enthusrasm IS endless and thc-lr cookrng re markable It uS certaln that some tantalrzung odors come from the room each Thursday afternoon The Boots and Spurs Club ns engaged In turnnng dudes unto Competent horsemen and horsewomen Members have learned correct saddle posltuon and the fundamentals of ndung lnot forgettrng whuch slde of the horse to board'l ln bad weather the club held busnness meetlngs, but enloyed most benng prcked up by the statlon wagon and taken off to the rude ing academy One of the largest clubs an the school us the Auto Club Those who lotn learn the rules of FN onstratuons ln June if - the road from attend :ng a regular program of lectures and dem members always cl: , f, max their program by taklng a fest whlch elrmrnates the neces stty of takrng awrutten test when they go for thelr drlver s lncenses Such clubs as these show how well our pro gram flts the students J needs Z' I ' !qu-v lllinziqg Nye K Ch f I b Font P psf Q Von B thell e C U Robe t Tr msow The C a a s Lous Be B k r m nt Otte Chan R Donali West V1 A All lpry W l + -+ fl ,.,,.,- , .. - 5 ,, "1 I 4, v G 2 -' 1 Vt x , O 1 I A ' I 4. N1 r r Qw Clltfwf Anstr ,vw Harare r-Jnwmn Tm thy Cwfkn, R-chard Arnolri, Fred ar 4, ' tc v, odore h Q ', I ,lasfc az R,w Ei u f , res trier, 1 la n ievson, E 1wa':1 Jones, 'ef blnck, Ra,mrn't Htslop af i 'TD D Auto Club fm A J rv LJ 3 U C ' In f v. W N'f'vx.N NWN 1 4 1 4 :dk Boots and Spurs F 1 M X X ww v wc m 1 k Flww v. v max 1'fX1 ua nw 37 ' ' l n 1 . . . 5 , 'Int A 1' ' ' I 9' . - , ' A 7' " 3 A Z "nw 5 mf" Ewa' " E. ww" F"'--in E 'L .' ' Lf'-.1 K ."'..+ D: ""-. Ka. SW'-K" F-"W fr" f' 7 f- 'n"'f' E A Tr 'X f' 'fn' " 13 a' we Sf FQ A A' 'a 'f' .- '- .nm Ha' 41-"'a' Kr 'f" in-1 VNCH ' F-'qui' ' .1""-r" f:c':":c NH VH" ', .Cz-1 EC". 3 ,nf V- ."- QA" X ,' H,a"i3'1 Ga ' Ma' ff M' K " 4 , V- " I2 W Pa'-. 51 :A-.14 ""' "P X ' EM 1.2 a ' 'f ,EN ,Ein S' "' '- JP' .ff ww" 1' Tn"',.1:.1 FH X' 1.2 "J ff ix f- iam' N' "Na Pa R' x- H-"'.1' Kde- -2' 'J 1.3",,'.2' - . '. NO' 5' n"- Www :rw V "1'r'f' MW" 'Km Tw' J- A' S' " 'D ,...1A LJ I' 1 A' "' ', F 1 "L" ', ,m,.:" E.-' V '1' 1-' '. 1' 5" INCH -Vw." Vw' Ev.-vw 'cm' S rw 'I P4""z-' FQHQW' 521' Aw M .'-1'-L Fr: 'XV Rfwx A' .HA -1 'FM IJ if ', H x Viv? " 'Pm' HJ v X 'VMTCL 'Of T". "WT" HMO" M 'H T' 'aurzw f". " A W rv SMH 90:""' RM Hww' A... ':"' SU .1 v'-3'Nf-" , S SUM Af " N cv Txom ar " Fm 4 fx.. :mr G'J"E'u'g na fc Fa x x E ' arg Q. " VNJI' uw 'Q 'WC Sew or Sna P WV' Important rn the V K VCL? group ot hohby clubs gt are the l-lahdlcratt Club, the Lens and Shutter Club, and the Click Club The twenty odd grrls m the Harwdrcratt X l Club found a satlsty X. - :ng hobby' rn crafts such as crochetlhg, , khrttrhg, and embror' dermg Several ot the grrls haye devoted theur trme to kmttlng sweaters for the Red Cross, thus addung a mote ot servrce to thelr pleasure Others enyoyed khrttrhg squares tor atghans In our hrgh school there are two clubs for those who erwyoyf photography as a pastrme the Lens and Shutter Club tl lr boys and glrls rn the upper classes, and the Cllrk Club for mem' bers ot the lunror hrgh The Lens ahd Shutter Club deyoted much trme tu Stuclyrng rlrtterent methods ot devel- oprng photographs Members contrtbuted plc tures to this Issue of Ql' and rlrrl sev eral enlargements tor the yearbook As a clu- max to thelr work they entered prlntg HW yarlous contests The purpose of the Clrck Club as to have each member learn how to take, develop, and print good pletures Sorhetrmes they' had dlSr cusslons on drtterent types of cameras Every two months each member submrtted three plc- tures oh a certalh topuc The owners ot the two best puctures were glveh pruzes F om left to r ght Johnny Schoenlcbcr Leonard Pearson Thomas LaB uto Arthur Mathrsen L ns James Callarn B Il Wrlklnson Wrllam B ogan Fred Ca ment M J Flmlln Adv f e V ,I n V l I lr y r I y r l I, lser l 33 4 x 'A u-f 'Q K ' R 4 ' Q lpxx Boys, Bullets, and Bull's - Eyes f The trrST rltle Club ff to be organlzed IH our school got under way X rn October l9-10 Every Thursdaythus group of T enthusuastrc boys held fl ' a buslness meetlng T I When the weather xffw permntted, they went to practrce on the North Arlington Polrce Range whlch ws located near the famous copper mlnes In our town ln add:tronI the members met every Saturday tor practuce They hope that next year they wall bc alnle to compete wlth teams from other schools ln the meantlme each one ul thc! twenty has found satrsfylng recreatuon rn the actuvutues of the club Thus sectnon ot the CHRYSALIS reveals how varued the extra currrcular program ot our school as Any student can fund rn lt an outlet for has unterests Sunce rlubs ortgtnate from the requests of students, the program always reflects the hobbues and Interests of students The program changes from year to year as stu- dents center theur attentlon on dltterent pro jects One thung remaxns the same the pro' gram as an undertakung of the students by the students and for the students F ont Ro Lou S Cer! o e Robert Robertson Angus McLoecl Robert Ullmar Owen Gordon Second Row Frankln Sql-vm tt Rcha 1 F ancs Locklan Came on Thomas Sh elds Altnet We ss M L Bal Aftvuser Top Ro John Math se E w n Pabst Melv Ile Ewing W II am Beam W It rt Rooney R chart Greene James R I no 1 , f f c r w l ' VW, r V T, , r I I rr r rI r I I ,I r r I r, I . W t nI r I I I !'l I l A I I ru I I Q I un PRESENTS A YEAR AT NAHS SEPTEMBER :Quo J U N E :Qui fs 4 ! I K TO , EW QAN A PV such as the dancing lessons under the direc JK iayy 5 ' full fledged members school EFORE we show you the high spots of our senior year will take you back for a few glances at events in the three preceding years starting in Sep tember of l937 when we returned from a leisurely vacation to find ourselves at las of the senior hig Still impressed by the dignity of our gradu I A Backward Glance into Class -,EQ V ,we fr. I A n rely' ' V 1 .vp ., ' U A , Y ' . . N . t 4 - I , -, , . - We also enjoyed less intellectual activities, ation the previous June we were ready to con centrate on our curricular subjects Needless to say that feeling prevailed barely longer than the first week of school We soon however found ourselves playing an active part in extra curricular activities The foundation for the present General Or ganization were being laid that year the for mation of a Club Committee Under the guid ance of this group there sprang into existence many varied and interesting clubs Each week a special period was set aside for meetings At this time there was provision made for regular assemblies although we had to meet in a court so small each program had to be presented three times to accommodate all the students-much to the performers discomfort. As a third part of our extra-curricular pro- gram we had homeroom meetings each week. We made good use of these homeroom periods by producing surprisingly clever homeroom yearbooks. The pictures on opposite page ap' peared in a prize-winning book. Another pro- duct of these periods was a play given by one of the freshman homerooms called College via Radio. Written and produced entirely by students it was greatly enjoyed by the student body at assembly. Class night and graduation climaxed our year because we were allowed to participate in both True our roles were rather humble O class night some of us took care of refresh ments the coatroom and tickets Graduation marked the fulfillment of dreams of freshman and sophomore days for those girls who were chosen as usherettes and flower girls Another proof of the abilities of the students was the debate presented by another freshman homeroom The question to be argued was Should homework be abolished? The nega tive side won tion of a W P A teacher These lessons en abled us to enjoy more fully affairs like the Sophomore l-lop and the Senior Barn Dance Other affairs that added color to our first taste of high school were a movie party given for us by the sophomores a play called Mod ern Cinderella given by the Junior Dramatic Guild a Christmas pageant given by the same organization Career Night a student govern ment night and as a fitting climax a hula rious skating party at the Paramus rink N September l938 it was with an entirely different attitude that we began the year. This time we did -not feel strange and bewil- dered. We felt we belonged in the senior high school. There was another fact which added to the enjoyment of our return, Now we could bask in the admiration and respect of the freshman class. We looked diligently for ways to lord it over the freshmen. Finally we hit upon a plan that was approved by everyone ex- cept possibly the freshman. We organized Freshman Day. That day all ninth graders had to come to school in weird costumes designated by us and in the afternoon a dance was held. The price of admission paid by each freshman was one penny for each inch of his foot. Every- one had a glorious good time. l-listory This year there was something dif- ferent to invite our attention. The New York World's Fair opened, Of course, the whole school crowded into buses and went to see it. Great funl For the first time we had the privi- lege of planning a social affair entirely under our own direction. Our own Sophomore Hop? We felt that ours was a great success, better than any other which had ever been given be- fore. Our interest in the drama had not waned, and the Thalia-Melpomene Guild, largerly made up of sophomores, presented an amusing play called "Mrs. Harper's Bazaar," which proved a great success when given as an assembly pro- gram. During the latter part of the year we had the pleasure of watching the con- struction of the new auditorium wing of our building, It was pleasant to re- flect that we would surely be able to graduate from our own auditorium. NCE again, in September, l939, we turned our steps toward N. A. H. S. after a long absence, We were glad to be back, and the excitement of being next to the highest class in the school was very satisfying to our egos. Seven neat and tidy young ladies keep house for the nine fours Three b0YS take UD l'1OUS9lse6D'fWQ , ,W i f G - ' X' ig-is Q. Burnt Cork and Best Bibs and Tuckers S juniors, we had , exciting activities K 3- - to look forward to. But 4 g when we began to cone sider plans for our Prom, we suddenly real- . ized how low our fi- nances were, We de- cided to follow the pre- cedent of other junior classes and sell milk and crackers at lunch time, The way of raising funds proved very success- ful, but not so successful as a second means that was suggested, the Junior-Senior Minstrel. Financial success was by no means the only virtue of the minstrel. The whole cast and all vga' the others who helped had grand fun at rehear- sals and an even better time at the perform- ances, The audience certainly enjoyed the show, but no more than those that took part, Because of the great profit we made on the minstrel, we found ourselves in a position to invite the seniors to the Prom as our guests. For most of us, it was our first Prom. Feeling very sophisticated, the girls fluttered about in flattering silks, chiffons, and organdies, the boys suddenly grew dignified and sedate, their manners matching their formal evening dress. We danced leisurely to Hal Weber's entrancing music until the last notes of "Good Night, Ladies," l -L gf Q A-,AA Lv:-L-1?s .LA -4 1 --'--.- UIINDWKK Painting the good ship "Swanee" for the Junior-Senior Minstrel. am as Q 3 5 - mg i v ' -' 59,2 WIHWI' T- 7 . .if Q' C , , Q?" ,. 431 .,,, if A Q 3 QP O Cb 69 mil' 00 9 8005 'Php , 1 'ln i 2 'unn- S-"-1 gl il '53 352 ?xl ill fl x 923' ...."""' -I L llllllll- I HE flrst day of school rolled around agarn as we all heard the alarm set two hours earlrer or our mother s melodrous vouce call :ng Johnny txme for school' Get up And so ws got up even af we dld feel at was the mrddle of the nught Yes we even lust for school' At a d n t s r g :ng an our ears we were on our way to what washed behund our ears last wuth mother s do s we dldnt exactly know soon enough but wed fund out On our way we saw all last year s pals and ln front of the school we stopped to compare notes on our vacataons When the bell rang we all went nnslde buoyed up by the enthuslasm that comes wuth a new year found our homerooms and before we knew tt were as settled as If we had always been senlors Soon all of us sensors to freshmen were busy wuth the task of frllnng out schedules ln each class books were passed out untll our arms ached from carryung so many Yes we started the year wuth an assugnment an every and do Chapter l Presently we began to notuce the numer ous Improvements made un our school whnle we were enloylng our vacatrons Flndrng a clock In every room was really quste a surprnse For days we were amazed as we watched the mnnute hand move backward a trufle and then Everybody hopes for a new book-f-or an old one wnth answers. Dreamnng about graduatuon a ready. ,,.. .,,..,,,M-W'MM-M-.s-.- A. A A y ..,.,,,,,, -nu Huh- A momentous decrsuon-choosnng the offlcaal school rung, The March of Tlme, o o The Beginning of a New Year I I H flu ndllolfll-ln' I V 'A I , I QV class What was nt? Why, "Cover your book 'I L .c . I .bail- I an '5 x J AJ L U 1' 'W' fha lg Q "' N' 1 suddenly cluck forward to mark the passage of another suxty seconds If the clocks got most of our attentuon ut was the gym we apprecuated most After years of gym work un courts so low we could not stretch our arms up wuthout touchung the ceulung ut was grand to fund our beautuful new gymnasuum all shunung and ready for us Can you umagurue how we felt? The greatest treat for the boys was the manual traunung room where they could ham mer and saw to theur hearts content Musuc lovers found the spacuous new musuc room wuth uts stage an answer to theur dreams After we had enloyed the thrulls of be gunnung a new year we settled down to con What the well dressed school guru wore n 40 Left to rught a reversuble coat a buttoned down the back umper dress and the unevutable saddle oxfords Two sweater and pleated skurt costume Tm favonte shurt waust costume .l bk suder a number of problems For weeks the questuon most often heard was What kund of rung do you want? Funally the committee representung the whole school made a decusuon for us a decusuon whuch proved very popular wuth everyone Wuth the rung problem so satusfactoruly settled the questuon next was How can our class make some money? Why not sell Chrustmas cards9 someone suggested We dud canvassung neughbors fellow students teachers and even the poluceman who durects traffuc un front of the school Thus proved to be our only unsuccessful venture When we checked our books we duscovered a profut of one cent' Those hustory work books? Another improvement un an ever-umprovung Sellung Chrustmas cards to rause funds school-the new bucycle rack. f g. ' ' Front Rowz Edward Avery, Henry McNinch, William Lochridge, Harold Newcombe, on varslty Horace Newton, Phil Holahan, Donald Wiseman Back Row: Frank Contaldi, Richard Calo, Richard Arnold, Warren Martin, Theodore Chagaris, N. A. H. S. - Little -Three Champs HE bruises and banging the squad took in those long practices paid for themselves. For the first time in the history of North Ar- lington High School, the football team was un- defeated. With a handful of experienced men, a small handful at that, Coach Nielsen and as- sistant Coaches Bal and Philbrick put out a team that made up in speed and enthusiasm what it lacked in size and weight, This year's team enjoyed the privilege of having a locker room, showers, and a place to leave their uni- forms, while previous teams had to go home to dress and then walk to practice in their uni- forms and then trek home again, dust-laden. After three and a half weeks of blocking, tackling, punting, and running, we were ready for our first game, which was to give us our first inkling of our wonder team. With the backing of peppy, energetic cheerleaders and an enthusiastic student body, we played host to Scotch Plains at Rutherford Recreation Field. When the dust had cleared and the battle was over, we had tied last year's Group Two Champs 6-6. Our six points were made by Richard Calo on beautiful down field blocking by Bill Loch- ridge. OR the second game we traveled to Point Pleasant, where we tasted the spoils of vic- tory-those poached eggs on toast that were served to us at dinner. This invalid food did not seem to affect us for we defeated Point Pleasant 7-O. After receiving the kickoff, we marched to Point's lO-yard line from which Ted Chagaris sneaked through to score our only touchdown, The extra point was made on a pass from Frank Contaldi to Ed Avery, com- pleting our second victory, UR next contest was against Dunellen at Rutherford Field, This game saw North Arlington show some of its talent. We scored in every quarter of the game and ended up with a score of 25-O, Richard Calo scored the first and third touchdowns on reverse plays. War- ren Martin plunged over to score the second and Tom Stahl converted the extra point, The last touchdown was made in the last few min- utes of playing time when Frank Contaldi scored our final points. With these three feathers in our cap, we were to meet the toughest team we were to play, Highland Park. Our boys went out on Highland Park's field outweighed SO pounds to the man, but came home with a victory of l3-O. The line and backer-ups played a sensa- tional defense game, stopping ouropponents on every play and open ed up holes through the center of the lune whuch allowed Frank Contaldu to score our two touchdowns and the extra pount un the second quarter We returned wuth our fourth feather gsw S N 7 FTER a weeks rest we were to seek re venge for last years worst defeat we were to meet Hasbrouck Heughts on theur fueld and try to gaun the furst leg of the Luttle Three Trophy Thus we dud to the tune of 27 6 but at the cost of havung Henry McNunch one of our best tackles break hus leg on the furst play We had the satusfactuon of scorung twenty pounts un the second quarter and seven more un the last quarter The Martun to Avery pass combunatuon accounted for two of our touch downs whsle the dazzlung runnung of Warren Martun accounted for the other two The extra pounts after the touchdown were made by Mar tun Stahl and Contaldu Hasbrouck Heughts was prevented from scorung untul the last pe ruod by the hard huttung of Captaun Arnold Phul Holahan Harold Newcombe John Schoenleber and Bull Lochrudge N November l2 l94O undefeated North Arlungton was to have another fueld day at the expense of Newton Hugh on Hasbrouck Heughts s Fueld As the funal whustle blew end ung the game North Arlungton had rolled up a total of 32 pounts to wun the game by the score of 32 O The furst score was made by Ruchard Calo on a 66 yard run through the enture New ton team Thus was followed by Captaun Duck Arnold makung hus only touchdown of the sea son The remaunung touchdowns were made by the Martun to Avery combunatuon and a plunge by Tom Stahl and Ted Chagarus to end our fueld a lTH one game between us and an unde defeated season North Arlungton was to play uts closest game agaunst Wood Rudge The spectators were to see on Thanksguvung mornung one of the most nerve wrackung .-I' .1 x Top left Doung the laps Top rught "Come on boys Let's pedal down to Pount Pleasant" Bottom Left "One, two, kuck' lNo, they're not chorus gurls I Bottom rught U umph' 8 ' I 6 l A 1 I I , . 1 1 st 1 as 4 . i ff - I ,. . I - I , . . I ' . , , ,, . . . . ll - - - ' ' - ' I I . I . . . d YV I I . - I . . 1 1 ' 1 ' Q . . . f ng.. if T It K. ANA n 49 I1 'Y' 1k'i'ET' l' Uni games North Arlington has ever played Twice Woodelilidge had the chance to tie the gameg twice they failed to convert the extra point. ln this game Richard Calo scored the first touchdown on a pass from Warren Martin, Tom Stahl converting the extra point, Tom Stahl then carried the ball over the goal in the sece ond period for six more points and made the conversion good. Then Wood-Ridge scored, bringing the score to l4-7s In the third period Wood-Ridge again scored on a pass but failed to tie the score when the kick for the extra point was wide. This narrow escape spurred our team to score in the last period on a re- verse play that saw Frank Contaldi cross the goal, This did not dampen the spirit of Wood- Ridge, for they came back to score again. The extra point failed when Tom Stahl blocked the pass. The game was safe, and North Arling- ton's first undefeated team left the field amid lusty cheers, Starting at the top left and reading clock wise: The symbol of our banner year in football, The latest addition to our football season, the twirling Squad. The cheerlead- ers rehearse for a pep rally in the new auditorium. Our band in uniform at last The cheerleaders on the sidelines 0 , r - - vi 'PS 15 9 .21 X if I - iv Q i K P ' g . . . g 'l I 'T 1 , A L ,f 8 La ,L cs. , .f.. OR the tirst time, too, North Arlington had the honor of having five rnen mentioned for the All State Team Bill Lochridge, guard, and Richard Arnold, blocking back, made the AllfState Team Ed Avery, end, Warren Mar- tin, back, and Harold Newcombe, center, rea ceived honorable mention, T the annual banquet, held for the first time in the gym, about three hundred people turned out to pay homage to the team. Dick Arnold received the honor of having his name inscribed on the gold plate along with heroes of past days, as the most valuable player Phil Holahan received the coaches' award tor outa standing work on the line, The Leader trophy for the unsung hero was presented to Harold Newcombe The Civic Association awa.ded Frank Contaldi the trophy tor the player who improved most over last year. Thus in this final blaze of glory ended North Arlington's banner season on the football field. No, "almost" about it - ya touchdown run This is the way we stopped them First touchdown last game. Hurt in action Out of the game but still rooting ter the team Twtrler From the stands as the game begins N, A 5 ball on the I2 yard line And the band plaxed on, E1 9, ,ri ," , :Srl 5 'Ht , :FF JL? H. ,, ff' . 'MQ l mv. , 4, . .,., Q X- gf 'mgi ,, A Jxgmf-Q. QI' KW: , MQ A iN A r M.: --Q.. . 4 v 'MAA 3' Q ff -A-4: .55"9 94 3 A Q:f,,f- ,P 1 +',2c.,,.s-,L-35e.,dqp, rf sz Wqwfi if f EI I U f 41- ' Ji V ,W A ...A , s Ch ' d Frrxt Row Icannv Lafvtn, Carol Rcrnckc Dorm Gclharth, Danrcl Lambcrtr, Second Row Henry Petw Jcanncttc Hr 'Lum' Er-ttx Newton Rogc Sw-tt Vrrgrnra Hrggrng, Gladys Petersen, Vrctorra Bawkr Front Row DormIr1VVrxcman, Rrchard Calo, Henry McNrnch, Warren Martrn, Phrl Holahan, Frank Contaldr, Captarn Rrchard Arnold, Harold Newcomhc, Edwarrt Avery Wrllram Lochrrdge, Horace Newton, Theodore Chagarrs, Scconrt Row George Scott, manager, Edwrn Pabst, George Uilrrck, John D'Adamo, Wrllram Cherry, John Schoenleber, Frank Arnold, Thomas Stahl, Robert Newcombc, Burwcll Hutchrnson, manager, George Malmberg, manager. Top Row Lows Wagner, manager, Jerry Cedronc, Gene Urncck, Harry Gauch, Wrllrarn Kelrner, Andv Paffendorf, Edward Black, John Cambrra, Robert Eschcnbcck lnteresl: Turns to Wonwerw were meant to occupy thc nobll st spheres Waves Faugh HWLISCWWCS Faugh Let us take the wcrk of the men and do lt' Follww the brrght banner of Susan Jane Jones the Mulrtant Sutfragette und druxe the men HW to the sea us lS wly smal but of the V7W8lICIO slander about men that was cleverlv delrxered by the Tru Y Club un a short one act comedy entvtled The Revolt The plot of thus ep: sode centered about a leader of the Suffra gettes a man hatlng group who washes to get the students of a gurls flnrshlng school to re volt agaunst the old fashloned Idea that a gurl needs a man to get along Susan s plans seem to work untrl the students male fruends return to the gsrls after a short stavaway m C M-,kc lp rhan es fl, C na Q ease nf lse A le n to please us env e e ODF Clco Chu O .3 L M b o k uw L ft lent works nc R qhv The g 25' , If-lb Bil- P lays HIS year s theme- for our Chrlstmas celebratlon was mlrth, trollc, and gay testlyltles But IVF all these cele hratlons, the students of North Arllng ton tlulr tlme Out to uhclerstavwcl thC real slgnltlcance ot thus hollday The play, Why the Chumes Rang, dlsplayed the real meanlng of glylng It showed that after all, money, lewels, and beauty are not worth as much as the gltts ot trlehd shlp, klndness, and love The scenery gave the surround :rugs a really rellglous atmosphere The hlgh spot came when the home ot a humble character was turned lnto the beautltul altar of a church ot the Mud' dle Ages The background of the altar dusplayed statues of salnts, lllumlhated by varlcolored Ilghts, The Glee Club added to the at- mosphere wlth theur beautltul verslons of the ageless Chrlstmas carols Duff :ng the play there could be heard playmg ah the background the muslc of an organ Thus muslc had a wonderful effect an creatlng the rlght mood, .QJLL 4 At the mo ol the page lett to gh' Holjc' ooks lorwg 'lgly 0 cathcfval where the scrylces are to ine 'vert The pn obhcr l"CSC"'s tw s 'rock as ar' ottc' ng Sc-:ont 'ew The K g rweharcs to Utter Z'Ow'o Hoge' c5rv"or's ' e gocr O woman who as 'a ec 'etuge f' 'he :c"aQe At 'he :oV'c"t' of the Sago let' 'o f gh' xoscrh fa on Roger Sw " ,fe 'Matte man E 'mu V1 ww lx c Dorothy west Racer' Osborne -3 s Wefnc Gecrac Scott Emma Bla'-ruff wa-'er Sch 'er Donalf' ww sem Haroll Newiemfwe F2 :hard Ca D Henry NA' N. 'wh Vafw Co"'at M' Cha' rm ' -- r-, M 'seg " 5 'N -- . l 0 l FTER a long struggle through the tall months we were fnnally rewarded wnth our Christmas vacatnon Although the weather man dusappounted us by tanltng to supply the appropruate snow the cold crosp aur provuded :deal weather for Ice skatnng Much of our tume was taken up wnth Chrsstmas preparatnons and then recuperatlng after the holnday had passed lt seemed Christmas was no sooner over when New Year s Eve and a gala tame were here After restung up on New Year s Day we returned to school wnth new vnm and vngor B:-.. The weather man seemed to be playung jokes on us because he wanted untul we were back In school and then gave us all the snow we could have wanted We took advantage of ut un spate ot our lumnted tlme by slengh rudnng snow ball tughts and rompung Our enjoyment was short luved however because the snow soon dusappeared Ieavlng slushy sadewalks and mud behund We had lnttle tnme to worry about ut sunce the drave for advertusements and work on the year book be gan to occupy more and more ot our tame and there was also the lvttle matter of mtd year exams is ow left to nt G tng a ttle he p th a knotty ood tu ng p otzlcm Photography s my nobby Well a med Cente ng to s rn t gh hc deepest snow yea s Bottom A gentle tacc as ng Jutf C I - Q I - I U I I l 1 1 , . , , I A ' ' I I , . . , . 1 I I ' . . I l . . . Q , YA ' I ' X , .s ' l 1- t gt' U' I l 1 'v v X , , yr I I l ' Ja ' . ' Q , A u ' Q. 4'k rl as I ,, Q ,s , .r ""' A' .. A I 1 L Q ' , ' j "1 , ,, h ,V X ' I , . X f s ' l lg ' .J 4 'S I 1 I ' . I , ' A 1 , e I I 4 f'f ' 4 . J K 4 . f YJ Top r , mg. ctl ll I ws w - rn' r + ' , r , r, Try: wr hrou . t ln r w ht 5 un An mo'e fun 56 N A l-l S -Group ll Champs l94O wntnessed a glornous outdoor track sea son How could ut have been otherwuse wnth such a combnnatuon of grand athletes? The meet ln whnch Rooney and energetic Johnnue Dyer dudn t wun recognutlon gust wasnt Beam ang Al Yankus became notornous for hss cour tesy on the track Durnng an Important con test he actually stopped to puck up a fallen stranger Carmen Cedrone was the hardest worknng co captaen North Arlsngton wall see for a long tame He even practiced on Sun days There s no doubtung that our many awards were due to hard gruelung practlce but ver satultty anded greatly When a boy can give hrs all In a long quarter mule sprint and then wan points nn the hurdles with whuch he has practuced only once or twuce a team IS bound to wrn ln our many dual meets ma ers heaved the discuss lumpers threw the lavelln sprrnters hurled a twelve pound :ron ball True our trophies came from state wnde and coun ty wade competutlon but we mlght be trophy less but for the expernence garnered an these frnendly twm meets Coach Flumlun takes special prade an has re lay teams of l94O Due to Mr Flamlnns shrewdly composed foursomes more than a score of medals and golden spukes flowed our way We especnally luke to remtnusce about the zephyr luke medley tour Literally a thrull a second was provnded by thus shower room quartet composed ot Landtear Knrkham Dyer and Rooney The tollownng statustncs show what a splendnd coach can do wuth a batch of boys that are ready wnllung and able l lndoor Group Two State Champnonshup 2 Indoor Groups Two and Three Mule Champlonshup 3 North Jersey Medley Relay Champion Shup Dual Meets e They East Rutherford Clufford Scott lrvangton Ramsey The annual layung ofthe board track an l94l started North Arlnngton on nts thnrd undoor sea son Coach Flnmlun and Asslstant Coach Cul len started traumng thelr new bunch of hope tuls wsth the Idea of capturing the Group ll State Champuonshup for the thnrd year un a row After three months ot traunung North Ar lungtons boys entered the Dickenson Meet wnth l ZOO other fellows from New York and New Jersey The tlrst surpruse of the evenung 0 0 0 0 1 I - g A - . . A g . . 48. . A .ss..,.,......, , 24 . . . , . 48 s.s.. . A ,........,. ,..,.... . 24 . f ' . 49. . ' , . ........ .,.. . , ' .' 43, , A A . ,. l . . ' , . 42,.s s.,., , Hasbrouck Heights ..,,,,., ' A ' l I . Q ' I' Q pf I G .., ' 1 ss,. , 7 '- Y' ' - f:, -' ' ' 4 , . si, 1 'i' 5 C I S l 6 T llll Q - x . . G Comm' rou n the bend 5 We came when Wnlluam Murphy dld an extraordln ary puece of runnung to wln the half mule and gaun hsmself the name of belng one of the best half mllers North Arlungton has put out An other acco 'nplushment was the placlng of Robert McLachlan thlrd In the novvce mule When the polnts were counted North Arllng ton was fourth and engoyed the satusfactlon of beang the only Group ll school to funlsh near the top The next meet was the one that every track team In the state was almung at the Sunday Call Meet The meet had a new meanung thus year for at would not only declde the State Champlonshnp but It would also decide the State Champnonshlp the lndlvl ual events With thus rn mind North Arlsng ton went down to the Newark Armory to try to capture once more that Group ll Charnpnonshap The 'X flrst man to come through for the blue and white was Frank Contalda who placed thlrd ln the hugh hur dles Wilfred Rooney Q x sk xxxx YK showed has speed of old days to come from behrnd to wun the mule run and galn us flve precaous pounts Wnlluam Beam and George Scott both took fourths an thelr events Beam an the hugh jump and Scott In the 220 After the final event was run off and the points counted North Arlangton Hugh School held the Group ll State Champnonshlp for the third year IH a row Wuth the State Group ll Champlonshnp un der their belt the team traveled through a blnzzard to run ln our last Indoor meet This was the Unlon County Meet at the Eluzabeth Armory ln thus meet qulte a few of our fel lows came through Walter Schlller ganned thnrd place un the novice half mule Frank Contald: and George Scott tanushed fourth and fufth respectlvely an the 220 Gene Ureneck placed thlrd and Wvlllam Gull fafth nn the no vace mule run Coach Flumlln showed hls sksll an developlng relay teams when the mule relay team won that event by almost a lap settung a new record and brlnglng home another tro phy to add to our ever growung collectuon The half male relay team also dud well for they placed themselves second Wnth the endlng of the Union Meet North Arlington closed :ts Indoor season wrth the Group ll State Champlonshup a relay team that galned State Honors two trophles and a flock of medals I A 1 . K . -1 - , U 'Y ' .1 l . -qyf n ll QQ , V -' . 1 f' if -l Q. ISA- -5' ., V l ,J -1 I K " A ' J 4 1 I " . X x , A i 'V K. 1 . . 'V , .. 1 ,- ,oe H ' v I. . ,xl Mnler works out 0 clcanlng up, not burnsng up the track On thc homo stretch, x rrounded by nuce fluffy snow E , , . . 4 I . I , ' 1 I 1 . . I . . , . . ' . . in ' ' 'd - Q - I l I V ' I ' l T 1 4 l - , . I . . . . 5 1 . . , , N I ' 1 ll n f ' ' ' A I X Us., . I I I I S8 wi - .I if 'ai' lg 7 ., ..r if w 7 0 QI- Q ' F? wld ii G59 5 3 UE 51 4 ni in I 4 2 'fl - tv U1 'B 2 , 4: fi' ' z U1 I . I-'I qi I ' ' dl U7 I ,' 24 .ji A ,P Q . A 2. 5 if 2 U1 , as i 4 eg - Z 2 'Q TM I His I Ui L If ilu nd L jllr vf -Q 1!f -'-I 'EAI 'Q New Sport at N A l-l S Thus year North Ar lrngton inaugurated a new and popular sport basketball Head Coach W R Ruckel assrsted by M W f Nielsen took over the 4 coachung relns the f st al practuce close to seven ty fuve eager fellows responded As basketball was a cornparatnvely new sport to the boys the on the fundamentals of the game passing drrbblung shooting and learning the rules of the game Day after day week after week work and more work was the formula To provlde much needed expernence for the team the faculty played two games The re sult encouraged the team for the varsrty won twuce and opened the season undefeated On the evenung of January l-1 N A played nts fnrst lnterscholastlc basketball game against our deadly football rrvals Scotch Plauns H S In thrs our furst game the team lost Sl The season rolled on and the team met wlth tough opposutron where and whenever we played On January 31 l94l our forces nn vaded the lrvrngton Vocatuonal School conf: ent of a victory Ot half trme l S l6 I3 but our hopes were stall hugh Then Crash' That ever dusastrous second half came along and under an avalanche of field goals we were smothered 50 23 So It went on game after game with our boys puttnng on gallant fughts always with the odds against them We met such outstanding teams as E Rutherford Nutley and agaun Scotch Plauns on theur home court In our frnal game of the season we were pntted agannst Woodrudge our arch rnval We matched povnt for point and both teams fag ured un spectacular plays and expert ball hand lung The game was not decrded untll the frnal fnve mrnutes when therr superuoruty and man power overcame our boys Coach Nlelsens V s lost by the s ore of The boys showed a contrnuous Improvement from thelr frrst game to the last True unex pernence and the newness of the sport had tell :ng effect but much credrt should be given to Coach Ruckle and to Coach Nlelsen who dvd a remarkable ,ob an developrng our boys Front Row John Mathrsen Altreri Schnelder Muchael Laplaca Thomas McGrIlvcrY J. V. Anthony Dalesso Scconrf Row Dave Klrklanri George Llnder Mrchael Palcnskl Bot Ft he D ld C I A t G b H s I 1 mmf ona at son ugus ran erg ugh Morton Thrrd Row Alger Ross Arthur Mathlsen Theortore Morlock Gerome Novlck Anthony Della Fora Gordon Nelson George Neal Walter Rogers Coach W Ruckel o o o 0 1- L I 7 d , f ' V . led J r, . , I Q59 Ar if Q I ro ' ' . coaches had to start from the bottom, drilling ' l J ' c l7el-4 I I -l 8. , ' A M V 'J 11 1 v A , ,B -- " 'N : v , f H I MHS i il 5 f 1 A , I gfili f s fdfi , .Q I Sala, sg 'fi.g N " . ' fx H. . TTY' 3 n DDL 1' g, fi ' Li X. 1' v ,Q E all I llgillgff fgl lg I w?Ll'! F 1956 -U if I iilelelf p xv gr. ww.. Grand Finale Oli vytels after thetr regular school hours, one hundred and surty students rehearsed, nnernorrzed and rrracttced thetr parts, each one .1 CHQ tn the wheels of North Ar ltngton Htgh Sehools Thtrd Annual Black L3r1clWlwltC Mtnstrel Htghltghts of the eyenrng were the Fashton Parade of the l9C's staged by eleven lunaor lprlys, the Basin Street Blues", enacted by sux nwenwbers ot the Moose club, twenty sm spefralty numbers, a but of South Antertcan rhythm In A dance to Hpertlrllay l done by the gurls' danc Ing chorus, and numbers performed by the largest untt tn the enttre show, the srngtng chorus, numberrng seyentx eught an all Everyone who had a hand tn rt certatnly worked hard to put thas year's Mtnstrel over wrth a grar slam' '1 ' 'Q .,. NN ...JL 3 yy Q O Om on C rt Slulents wlth apes :tty eles rc earse I forma N En lmcn and mgn Q 0 Q e Scewc y cor-nn ttce mem!-ers cniargc' a sketch tor WC V-NR -VO? O" the lctt More work on the scencw Lllllil qgpl L31 lglllgl llgl and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs PATRONS Fred Arndt Wrlllam L Beam H Bporklund John Bryan Mrs C Burnett Chalyn Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Thomas and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs F Contald M Corso George Dorber F Duffy Ebert Endlekofer Endlekofer Ethel and Rose and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs S Flevscher Gallo Garrlson Harold Gass Joseph Gentrle Mrs L Gottwerth Mrs F Graves and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs W J Gregg T Grlffln C Haffeman Edward Hannan L Harker Harrlman Hedlund W Hrggms Hnslop llllam Lockrudge P Keefer Keller Mr and Mrs J Love Mr and Mrs P Mackcnxle Marne and Evelyn Mr and Mrs H E More Mr and Mrs A Morton Mrs S B Nelson Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mlss Vurgmra Mr D Nrcol Newcombe Newton D Newton Newton Mr and Mrs L Nutto Our Professional Fruends Mr and Mrs E W Parlunson Mr H B Pennell Profut Sharnng Food Market Mr and Mrs A J a r The r Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs ta Kappa and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs A Rankm George E Sanqulst C L Schuller E Shanks M Slember Albert Stewart Chu Club James Thoms A Thomson HaroldJ Turner George S Tyner Mass Dorothy 8 Wolf Mrs J Wadsworth Mr and Mrs W Wreesman Mr and Mrs Max Zucker iiii-Q i7iti37 T it 37 iii? Mr. . . , Mr. . 4 ' . . . . 4 Mr' I ' . . Mr. . . . . . . . . i , , H. Mr. . , ' . . F. Mr. . . . H. . Mr. . A ' ' ' Mr , P. . V 4 Mr. .A, , Jr. - . - Mr. .A. ,sr A A Mr. .A. , ' A - - Mr. . A. 4 ' Mr. . B. ' . . . , Rai Mr , Mr. . . ' Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Gelbarth Mr. Ralph Reidy Mr. ' Mr. , I ' . . My I I 4 - - Mr. . . Mr. . . . Mr. . R. J. Sills Mr. , , ' ' Mr. . . Mr. . . M . . Mr . ' Mr. . S. . M . . Mr. . R. ' Mr. . . Mr. . E. Mr I I Mr. . B .." , I I Mr. . D. ' ' I Mr. W' ' ' I I Mr. . R. . I I I Mr. . L. . I C4 ,--,, - --, -lllll---- L-, L ALL FORMAL PHOTOORAPHIC WORK NU CAMERA STUDIO f KRESG-E DEPARTMENT STORE NEWARK NEW JERSEY I Th' Y R k made by Q X1 lllqlg llq qlglglllll Qlglplllgl MUI-ILER'S SODA, CANDY, LUNCHEON 'DICK MUHLER, Prop. 7, K X' 'NN XXENLE Era A Ek NEW JE! EY HUESMANN and OSBORNE ARCHITECTS SE 5 OT WENT WAY LJTHEF ECI D NEW JERSEY . T . 0 'N X S . . . . . . . ..-"' -X 1 - . A , X W Vi Q Q ' , T T vvv vi v 'Q lre-vc' vvvzr 'cw -5:45 v' v'eve"h"EEE ,Mg lil my 'W 'kr Q ll lwlll F L rw lj, ,.,. I fr f lgqll rank V' Inff0Caso eorge B, Hitchc ock ff' f 'fl ' , f 0 1 ' .1 A DAIRY Q in 7 , 3 x w+::1n3'D'4 CHOCOK - :- J S -llrlkllf 34 M I 9'll-CMM M D A I R Y NEWT ON Q 1 W'y'1Cr TCXQ Dhonc KEam5 2313 N 'l KLM, A C D E S S 420 Lexington Ave. - New York Ckty Q 21 Prospect St. CHEVROLET DE Eost0rongo,N.J. -Y Two-year cornprehonsive and One-yoar Kn- tensive secretariat courses tor htqh-school graduates and college women exclushety. Distinguished Facutty. lndhidualiied tn- stwction. Attractive root-garden studlos, N Kumi 'X Effective Ptacemont Service. -' 3 x You BULLETKN. Anmu-:ss Dmxcron X' 'T' Av , ., 1 U rw N. J it Tiitiiiii Titt it . ' Tvimvt llllpgl LLL L ll LLLL LLL gil Lili LLL QWXRLIMENT EDWIN J OMALLEY INC coNTRAcToRs ENGINEERS CONDON MEMORIAL HOMES GERARD E coNooN I J Div S Avenue CF-I Kczrm Avenue HARRISON IN J XXI LINIGTQN N J T A H A GREENE COMPANY SPORTING GOODS CAMP OUTFITTERS BASEBALL TRACK TENNIS GOLF SUPPLIES SPECIAL DISCOUNTS TO NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS SE HALSEY STREET NEWARK NEW JERSEY ' L L I I' ,I I . , . w 4 f, . I ' r E I W XX X I I I HAH1 ' L ,DLT KEN' . T 5Q',1 ll Q . If I l, v I" , V, - . I I I W4 , - W'1w7vvv71vvvv'vv17vv'vvvvTT FRIE Us fin S Cr YN ni S GENERAL QRGANIZATION NORTH ARUNGTON HIGH scHooL D Nr O HV CLASS OF I 2 lQQ LQQQQllQQQQQQQlll QQQ "!f'vU I MWf'.f, Q? OF pr I 'HT T" VVXK CC1'N7fXL , X.',xfr'X pf: NciU'WY l'Ax'N l Q, 4- 1 -, 5 YW ffvfyfny Trkwurvr ETHU W'AA'x'Xf' -1 ,Q 'NVLQ 'N . F' T - vel 'YYY' Q 51-7122 L - v v Q E UL vm EI WEST HUDSON NATIONAL BANK or HARRISON o HARRISON AVENUE I KLAI NY AX ENUE rr Som N TFIH MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT CORPORATION CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS CLASS OF 1941 Some of you gCr1IIomCm max NRE In arm lung wpugm bot a ScIwwor1IEIpcr hind mudc ar cI you get 1 r01II5ru1r x of Pp0tIwaTt15ICs good Ir m TIM sfurr Pnccs SI IIIo DJ I SCHOENLEBERS NEWARK PIPE STORE ERANEoI2o PLACE NEWARK NEW JERSEY WHITE CLOCK SYSTEM INC HAMBURGERS Sc EATEM HERE TAKEM OUT Curb Servnce WC Some You In Your Ear No Exim Charge RIVER ROAD and BELLEVILLE PIKE MQlllQQLQQQQLlllllQMQllllll Yuur Az, I, wt IS So :CIIEII Apg Home n'uI RHIUCINI Mczrrw OIIICQ I4om"m QIIICQ 31 A 1 I Y w JM E A .' 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X' 'I . ,f ' ' vvv vv 6 v-ev lv-rv v -r l66'2'qvYY :Aiil' 25334 -wr" 1 The Board of Education MR JOSEPH BROGAN WASHINGTON MRS FLORENCE COBB MR WALTER McMULLAN T MRS AMELIA BAIRD MR WILLIAM CULLEN NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL P T A DAVID WARK LESTER FEPGUSON MILSGEIALDINE DUFFY M S WILLIAM GILL MPS J LLOYD KEPLER MIS: PAULINE TREANOR Presudcmt MRS Ist VICO Prosndom M S md Vice Prcsudwwt Secretary Troasumr I-Instr rlan WOODROW WILSON THOMAS JEFFERSON P T T AQQQAlQ QAQQQllQlALQQQ,Qll Q . P. . A. QQQTI, H-' f":w . . . IW M x x LF 2 ' J x F3 L , . . K ' I , . . . X , 3 . ......... . ,. 1 V Q ,YVTL ,,. I gf Mc NI "IC , . A, P. . A. tiiiibiiiwitiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiii ggplllgllglllggl lqlglllgllllgglggg EPSTEIN S HARDWARE Inc RADIO REPAIRS AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES GALLO S MARKETS HARDING PHARMACY Inc D t WILLIAM GREEN ACME QUALITY Fooo MARKETS NORTH ARLINGTON PHARMACY C Loft Age Y WARNER S FLOWERS 3 I I ' 1 I i I .XIII "VN Jun ifw I' ,yH,,, ,y Lowest ut Prices Luncheon nc I ' ' 1 A, , , . 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