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1 , .Y ,. b F ., .. ,. .i . '...4hN-, v- Y 4, f .A - vw-' . 4 ' 1' '- . - , 'tg - A'--' f-A-:ivvm-...TTIT 1'- , " ' 1 . f. ' e - f V , ' Q " ' ' Q--,, "M V . A , V . 'N i .. , O 1 ff2."4F"',..,3..L.LCI I -559':'?ft:2. . ,, MW -, ..T'1l Lj -.,- . , , M Wai. 035335162 Mil W 581 'f?fli43fi'1S55!S'P5W3'1k'f4'wY2E8i' . .gi I . H- " -ef -- nf- .W 1. - - ,., ' - .- - -u Wa- fs-fr 'L' ' -'-"- '. il -...Y - , .,...4g, . - A' . -x , aw' A A -.. . xQ. ..- 1-'-11.-f..-, 'Q 1- , ".. . --,4 EEIEEIEBEE Lusms 'P viii-4 Egg 2 Y , PUBLISHED BY The Class ol IQLLO North Arlington Hugh School NORTH ARLINGTON N EW JERSEY Q35 OF O O E CORAL FROST P rorrf row Mrs avrrson rs Westlake Mrs R W Frosl Mrs M Pclers Mrs Kaskrn Mrs Fagan Mrs J Smrfh Mrs M Krasncr rs E Mullcrn Mrs P Pearsall Mrs P R Wo Mrs H Johnson Ms M McLachlan Mrs F Schmrdr Ms J Bryan M s G Jock Mrs E W Warfer Ms J Pepmgcr Mrs J aaen Sr rs a r rr row H Mc ou re D er R W Pro! H Johnson J Davrdson F L Cobb McLachlan M Pete s G K askrrw M Krasner R Westlake G Jeck J rth R J Davrs J Yu ln smcere apprecrafron We, the Class of l94O dedrcate thrs Issue of Chrysalrs TO OUR PARENTS and To all the others who have made The dream of a frne hugh school come true F0ur , 4295, . . A S . , , ku . r F J S Yurllc, Mrs. J. D l , M R. R. , . . , . . , G r , F , , . , M . , , , . . lfe Second row H Bowre, Mrs W. Bruce, Mrs H Bowne, Mrs J. S. Dyer, Mrs J. H McCouDrey, Mrs J, R. Smith . , r , . , r.. , , r . , . , , r , , , . B.R , ,M R J Dvs Thd .J. . C D y, J.S y, . 5, , ,. ,. . ,M , . r , . r , . , . , . ' , . Sm , , . , . rlle. I U- 1:1 A rl K gpm!! 2 EJ: ' F ' 5 if EM, . M, Q, hi 1 --.- ,, "T gy, .0 va: 9 , fi -3 vm -, , ' J .V X.., ,fs hlg. Y-'vf gk A . 1-pi '2-"2-f ii'-'..,,...z , ,, ' sign, . 5 . lf'15'fXgg',4', Y- . m.,L,Qi. . . V v-sys ' . ...v R , Q k , 2 - ' ' "-f"3i"'1 xv" .N , .ml , 4 V 1 v, -276-802 W, gg:-f!-pk . 44,543 ', .f , iii, 'sg'..E" 'v --.?::3?bJ'rhm4 . ' - J -'if :wp 'UQT bi' 'ff' - , - ,ggp Y U I 4, hx, we -W Y N 7 -,A rg . wiiffif' .- , W. f . , , -, A.. I 1- to , . dr- . X '-Z 0 li 7 -' . - w .ar , 9' ,.. - ' Q ., - Q ' . Q 4 . 'l.. 'z ..'I"'--- ff, iv." - ' aj gf' ' n :tv ' 4 - ,,. , V ,-'1g,..-o.,1.,,alve - A - u ,O 1 ' "N . , ' .' K , 'I as -'T x i Q IKE the architects who designed our building, our "x V school board and faculty planned our days to A ,' Q'-wr, -K' ' - ' give us a firm foundation for the life we are to lead. ' "W I A 'Q s ,vi 4 L - Y M 5 A ug lg , . - 4. .5 I ' bf ' N ' 0 ' ,s Q ' ,A Q14 J' ' -4 - '-' .. ' fr ,IQ -0 Lf r i fig , . . - Q n. V if 1 it 1 r - .Q ' . i . , "r Q BOARD QF EDUCATION JOJEPH br OCEAN! Premdont DAVXMEL NA LAVTHY PLO? ENn.V fOh' J VWLLIAM DE BAUN AMELIA EAIRD N J M NLJL 'Nl O tfer Y A 'Q' , ' , ,X . f C X 1 X 1-v X .1 L K., 'Q V cy 'X ' LA. IRIS F' TTE, Dmfrxi 1 R FRANK J HURLEY Prmcnpal WILLIAM R HOLBERT Supervlslng Principal S MSW' in Q, 5 ...L --u V f"" N 'N mn ru- ng ,, Q 'O S HI e In ,..' , In -Q -v-W-5 JOSEPH J. FLIMLIN Scnence GERALDINE L. DUFFY Latin and Enghsh MARY F. JOYCE Science X Lgi I I . Faculty MARY LOUISE FADDEN Scnence EMMA LISTER Englash MARIAN LEA English Nmc GEORGE E. FLIMLIN Scuence and Mathematncs HELEN V. HOLUB Commercxal DOROTHY L. O'MALI.EY Home Economncs MAE MEDASKA Arnthmefnc Geography Englush ,Q 7 X .ll -VY 1 I I. 4 w ' :'11' 5 Q,--' , , Q h 3 Q u, ' P - Cur First Five Years N the autumn of l93-l, a group of about one hundred and forty boys and girls, we came from Washington, Jefferson, and Wilson schools to what is now N A, H. S, We were widereyed youngsters, then, facing a new and exciting era in our lives However, we were soon in the swing of things and were "reg- ulars," To prove to the older students that we were pretty clever, we pre- sented a play for their pleasure. Looking back upon that brave attempt, we cannot help admiring our courageous efforts. We put on a performance of an hour and a half, and when some of the members of the cast forgot their lines, our more nonchalant actors ad libbed like true veterans of the stage. HE year passed pleasantly enough, and we soon found ourselves eighth graders, No longer were we the infants of the school. Our high school had now a iunior class. They were very enterprising, starting The Student Prints, our school newspaper. Since our class felt that we did not get enough publicity, we decided to have a newspaper of our own, iN. B, One issue was printed and that was the endl As we were always a rather progressive class lno modest blushesl we planned the first of the still popular Coney lsland trips. Will any of us ever forget that experience? Of course, it rained. HE next year found us freshmen in a full-fledged high school, For the first time in the history of N. A, H. S. there were seniors for the lower classmen to look up to, And look up we did-we who had grown accustomed to lording it over the seventh gradersl Another indication that our school was becoming a "real high school" was the starting of a football team. The whole student body turned out to cheer the boys enthusiastically at every game. Although we didn't win a game, our spirit remained undaunted, and we looked forward to a more ex- perienced team for the next year, FTER the end of the football season came the opening of the new addition, certainly a big event in our school's history. The big event for the freshman class, however, The Freshman Science Club conducts an experiment- on hot dogs! Twelvc The climax of an exciting yeor for our class- the Junior-Senior Minstrel. was our trip to New York. We visited some of the large museums and the Hayden Planetarium, where we saw a make-believe sky. It WAS romantic, wasn't it? LTHOUGH it seems quite amazing, most of us survived the degradation of being lowly freshmen. We entered our sophomore year with the usual second-year high school student's optimistic outlook on life. We settled down to work after getting accustomed to our higher position in the school's activities and it was this year that the individual homeroom yearbooks were made. Most of us have not forgotten even now the headaches caused by trying to get them in before the deadline. A real innovation, dancing classes, started this year and for weeks stu- dents strolled through the halls in three-quarter time. This was the year, too, of our historic trip to the circus, made memorable by the fact that a certain up-and-coming young sophomore was misplaced. Rumor has it that he was found in the menagerie4exCuse us, we mean watching the menagerie, All in all, though, the triumph of the year was our first football victory, the defeat of the Queen of Peace team, UR iunior class year began as did our other high school years with the usual football enthusiasm sweeping the school. We ran the gauntlet of football games, dances, pep-rallies, bonfires, and lastly the banquet, We were brought down to earth by the six weeks' report card markings, but nevertheless we reveled in our fast-growing sport. This year brought us our new coach and heightened our school spirit as we saw our team's new-found winning power. Sooner or later, however, the inevitable had to happen, and the football season, the most successful to date, came to a close. We were left in a lethargy then for quite a while, due, perhaps to too much resting l?l in the Christmas holidays or the famous last straw which causes many a junior to have a complete nervous breakdown, the midyears. Soon, however, there followed the Junior-Senior Minstrel, the first of its kind, of which we were very proud, for it was a great success, and then came the long-looked-forward-to Junior Prom. Thirteen is Rome Wasn't Built in a Day, ETURNING from our Christmas vacation in January of l939, we discovered that the long-awaited addition to our school had been started, For the next year and a half we were to be interrupted during our studies by the grunting of the steam shovel, the rumbling of trucks, and the stacatto tapping of hammers. Don't think we really minded such interesting sounds- ofcourse not, for each sound meant we were just a bit closer to having the new building we so much needed. All year we had been holding our assembly programs in a stuffy little court so small that each program had to be repeated three times if everyone was to see it, gym classes met out of doors or in courts without equipment, sewing was taught on the stage of the library. Did we need the addition? We certainly didl lmpatiently we watched the building rise. ln February and March the foundations were laid, and the walls begun. Through April and May we saw the walls mounting higher and higher. ln June we had the thrill of seeing the great steel girders put in place. When we returned from our summer vacation, the gym roof was complete and the other part of the addition begun. Fourteen Either We Become S in previous years, summer was over before it seemed to be really started, and we were begin- ning our last year at N, A. H. S. The long-cherished dream of being seniors was now a reality. We had much to look forward to and many ac- tivities to take part in. Since we had elected our class officers in June, we were ready to get down to the serious business of making this year one to be remem- bered. Chemistry proved a new and odoriferous experi- ence for us. There were times when we felt that we knew a little about how soldiers feel just before they reach for their gas masks. lBut we didn't have any masksll Then gain someone would pull a drawer out too far with a resulting crash that was most gratifying to work-weary seniors. There WERE days, though, when everything went perfectly-experiments turned out right, no one spill- ed anything, and all was quiet in the lab. Sixtcc Seniors As the weeks slipped by- the way weeks will- we began to grapple with those bug bears, term papers. The sleep we lost, if put end to end, would insure a good night's rest for every insom- niacin New Yorkl Speeches in history and English had delight- ful or terrifying effects on us all. We rather liked reading plays "in parts," even though the boys pretended to be shy and had to be coaxed to per- form, We found that the new models acquired by the science department, a beautiful pink ear and an equally attractive heart, made the work just that much more interesting. Along with other activities, the orchestra started practicing. The members who had just been graduated from the junior orchestra grew more and more expert with much rehearsing. The big disappointment of the fall came when we saw, instead of a shiny new gym, just a huge room with earth for floor and the sky for a ceiling. We were not much comforted by the news that the gym would not be ready till spring, rather late spring at that. ln September the gym was "a consummation devoutly to be wished for." Gym closses met in the courts, where these girls are dancing. Seventee Confucius Say Practice l-lard, Victory Easy ' N the spring, the poet tells us, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love, but in the fall our boys certainly turned their thoughts to football, Not only did the young men become engrossed in the game, but the girls and teachers as well. Every afternoon, come fair or foul weather, we saw our players trot out to the dusteladen field to rehearse the parts that they would play in the all-important games. The rest of the school did their share by lending enthusiastic voices to the pep rallies held, for want of an auditorium, behind the school, As the cheerleaders led them, the stu- dent body yelled encouragement to the team. X-.a ,' k'llK - No wonder our players had so much push Just see how our coaches practlced wlth them VERYONE who watched our fellows practncung durlng those fall months realnzed that It was no cinch to become a good football player or even a faur one And the boys dndn t do all the work euther The coaches all four of them got rnght In and helped No arm chalr coach mg for them' The boys tackled punted, blocked and passed untnl ut grew too dark to see the ball Even the very few rauny days really swlmmmgly wet days at that -gave them no respnte because then they attended lectures on theory' And thus everlastung practuce was carrned on often un lnttle dust storms on our fueld as and as Oklahoma from the continued drought To make the boys just that much more uncomfortable they had to walk home nn thenr grnmy unnforms because there were no showers ready for them at school The varsnty team trues an off snde play The J V s go to work on the same play iw No they re not eccentrnc dancers Just some of our players havmg dufflcultnes at practice N etee ll II 4 I . ' I ' 1 I ' 1 i I Il f ll ' I 1 Q 'S ' LA h 4 U ' .. I . an n We won, We lost, We parted as Friends As a reward for their hard practice the team had the most successful season in the school's history, We finished with a record of four victories, two defeats, and one deadlock. The boys opened the season against Scotch Plains High School and lost I3-O. The game itself was a hard-fought battle in which our team had many scoring opportunities, but failed to take advantage of them. At one time Tom Stahl, with the aid of magnificent blocking, made a seventy-five yard run through the entire Scotch Plains team, only to be brought down from behind on the two yard Stripe. For our second game Point Pleasant traveled to North Arlington in the hope of avenging last year's 6-O defeat. The superior playing of our boys sent them home with an- L f Q E' wiii ISNXXNZ. f ' other 60 defeat. Late in the second period on a perfectly executed reverse play, San Philip carried the ball over for the only score of the game. Next, North Arlington invaded Dunellen and came home on the large end of a l4f6 score, Our first score was made in the first period. In the third quarter, Dunellen, on a sustained drive, marched 70 yards for a touch- down. ln the last quarter Dunellen started an' other drive which was halted on our ten yard line. We then took possession of the ball and on a steady drive marched 90 yards for our second touchdown. Our third consecutive victory was over Highland Park, a newcomer to our schedule. We defeated them by the close score of I3-l2. Early in the first quarter Martin, with perfect i if 1 f'S Ten spnghtw young cheedeadem who keptthe boys SDHWfhIQh wndmthew enthumasunm ln the usual order Betty Newton Dorns Gelbarth Claure Yuulle Dorothy Wolfe Hermlne Pepnnger Shlrley Corbett Evelyn Mullern Alnce Shanks Carol Renncke and Dorothy Bryan Interference went over for a touchdown A pass from Martun to Newton made good the try for extra point Our second touchdown came on a pass from Albrecht to Malgady Highland Park also scored two touchdowns but both thenr trnes for the extra pount failed Then our schedule matched us wuth Hasbrouck Heughts to whom we lost by a score of l9 I4 Both our touchdowns were scored an the flrst quarter The furst score came on an end around play when Captaun Ed Wysocku carrled the ball over for a touchdown Martun plunged over for the extra pount Our second score was made when Anthony lLaruel Baldanza ran around end for a touchdown Albrecht plunged over for the extra pomt After the fnrst half Has brouck Helghts domunated the game and scored three touchdowns and one extra pomt to defeat us For the Newton Hugh School game our players made a long trap and came home with T C a O O deadlock lt was a close fought game wnth nelther team dominating the play for any great length of tvme We closed our season on Thanksguvlng Day agaunst Wood Rldge Hugh School It was the last game for nme of our varsity players Captaun Ed Wysockl Ted Cobb Bob De Baun Dan Newton George Malgady Stanley San Phulnp Anthony Baldanza Pete Hawes and Chrust Albrecht As a fnttnng climax we defeated Wood Ridge to the tune of 32 6 Our touchdowns were scored by Dan Newton and Rnchard Calo who made two each and by Ted Cobb who made one and an extra point on a plunge Warren Martnn scored the other extra ponnt by a place kuck After thus great vlctory the team went home to enjoy thenr turkey They had the satlsfactlon of knowmg they had given N A H S the greatest football year nn nts has tory . 1. .1 I X I I Xl J 7. ,lvl U3 'A 0'-fl 5 I 1 .' A 'gh-fq. K'-1 7 f my 47 1 sb. t. 1. 4 v, F .- ag A . 4.'-A .W '41 -4 K Q A L 45 I ? ,d Q 4 J Q IA .1 . - X. 1' ,Ni 'K 1 -ffwz 6 A lx- 4 .2 U -to .WN P25 -312 X- Q .Jw C-cn QC :Sf gn: .uw J wi L: E54 C,- gil F5 -'L -'+Z P-cf -DQ 1mm ---L Eff: "J'I il A T-9 si: V f U K, -U Awg :Sw 1 Xb- N-CJ ,U- ,CDC P E iilh - ug 'Uvfu awg pgv .CI- 9-2 FU 6022 -in-U 615-J 2135 'U-N ' .C 'C 2:5 0 ,U Efx :SEI :UUE -PU 369 :x Iy,.g -'J 29' gi.- 0: Emi, W .- m'UQ -Cm gov 8 LD 1 UU .D -u O O LL E G L fa I L. E S :J E U P . L 1 L: G' f 4 5 ft fe CZ E C 5- 2 3 O' f- 'Q .Q LU E Z ru 2 2 1 C 0 5 Z ,E o ? 3 o cz 'U E. .c P- L Q1 L 2 : Qu Q 'D U5 : L :J 'W la 'J -:C J O J E 'E E E 2: 5 LL 2 1 P2 L. L.. U L U E 'E E 2 1 O vu uv 2 YT! D . Q .. CJ Q. 5 o Di Q o P- 'U CU 3 U' Q! Hugh Bowne, M a-Q if 'Q J' 3 L H iv I ,fe 4 I-lolldays ECEMBER proved an eventful month The long awatted new buuldlng began to take on an nmposnng appearance Even nt nt was not yet ready for us to use at least at began to look as lt nt mtght soon be The holnday season lent a testlve note to the school Stu dents planned parttes as usual but they thought of others too Under the leadership of the l-ll Y and Mrs Swarm our school nurse we collected baskets and baskets ot food tor the poor ln the Same charntable spurnt the P T A gave a grand Card party to rause money forthe Student Loan Fund the fund they have been bunldlng up to help N A l-l S graduates who want to go on wlth their educatnons The only part of the tradltuonal N A H S Chrnstmas celebratuon that we massed was the play Thus could not be glven because we had no audntoruum We dud however enjoy er left The new but ing beguns r ly look ke s meth ng Cotter w w N Mrs Swarm r rw W JL Jo Dyu 1ndM H but glow wuth tne usual me r tne poo Be ow Seen at tne P T A Lard party 1-11 ill. I O O C as . . n - is D n . f J, . . . A ' 4.1 :' k ,. ff ' 2 ' ' 4. , , f- rg, '-ff. 4. ' V 1 or tk 4 ' Vt -5214- , ' A : 1 ' W V "i -My :ff-Fff, nuff I .1 za ' 'lf' M - v .Q GV, Ll- 1: 'A , . . we aiffsfv' ' ' " T ' " ' .Q .T 1 . U ,Q . -1 nl I .2 :VI I . I .... K -- 'fl 1 .lt . 'VT i. ll ' K V 1 ' I .. X tl ' ' Q .-- t, ,gf :llt 4 ll ll Q I " ' " , V I - Q. T aqf' l v . . , . ' jr ,. 1 - , f -..M 1 . l il! ' mx ' -t. .,, t- Q V Upp 3 N lt 1 Q "to ' eal l H LL 1 : V r 1 . Mottlo Aa-aus t , llrzsnt qw, ett tw rtght Tw 'el Hr hn I I l ' , L V ty ' t 1 W' . ' I +V, My . pmt tor tne Mod colectuti lu tr, . ,,.5- td 1 ty . , . .gi ' I -". x 1 I . I t' ' ' and Examinations the lovely carols of the Glee Club sung is they made theur procession through the halls ANUARY proved a month of great explorations The teachers explored our lntellects to see what we had learned a corps of dentlsts cxplored our mouths to see who needed dental care As a facetlous sensor was heard to remark nt was a month that brought headaches to some of the students and saved others from toothaches Before the dentnsts arrived to do theur lnvestlgatnng some of the junlor and senuor gurls were tralned to act as assnstants Some steralnzed rnstruments others recorded data When the survey was finished these gurls were very proud because of the compllments they recenved for theur efflclent work We all opened our mouths cheerfully uf not gracefully The lllustratlons undlcate how unappeal :ng a plcture a person makes when he opens wlde It s a toss up though whether students Strug gllng wath exams are any more at tractuve to look at Dove S nlors tell l ll Center Respondlng to Open please W2'ace Hoffman ond Elsie Hofer Bottom Dltto for Bernard O R urke Tom Weber and Th mas Gordon Har, 1. X W ,, K 1 Q I 1 I X A' 1 e , Or wr te, a . 1 I I ' ll ll 1 . I I I Kl ' ' . . . . , I , Q I I O U Q . I 9' K ll af' K e .rj I s' , '. K I ' - A , , A X . ' I ,Q X I - ' 1 4 V , . ' A A .f ' c r ' l 1 X Ahh f-'A -. Lt.. Now that was a DINNER! M55 O'MaIIey cuts the pie. , -Z, The mysteries of the double boiler. The chemistry class "looks pretty." -, , 0 O celebrate the opening of our gleaming new domestic science room, the men teachers of the school gave a dinner for the Board of Education, Miss O'MaIley, with the enthusiastic if inexperienced support of six girls from her cooking classes, was in charge of the preparation of the dinner. Promptly at seven o'clock the dinner be- gan amid the excited whisperings of the girls who tried to appear as if they had been serving dinners all their lives when in reality it was for most of them the first step after learning how to boil water without scorching it. The courses went on as scheduled, the girls blissfully thinking that no one had the faintest inkling that there were only enough forks to go around once and that they had to be washed after each course. lmagine their chagrin when a certain history teacher inquired of one of the waitresses how the forks got washed so quickl No sooner did the boys see the shiny tiled kitchens than they started to storm the office with requests for a boys' cooking club, Before long the Chef Club was organized and had ad- vanced from learning how not to burn cocoa to baking really luscious layer cakes. Who says we don't have real winters now? nty Six Un your Mark, Gel: Sel: BANG IN the spring of i939 the N. A. H. S. track team proved that it intended to live up to its fine record of the indoor season when it went down to Long Branch and came back with the trophy for the State Championship in the Medley Relay. The boys who made up the relay team were John Raaen, John Bryan, Edward Landfear, and Wilfred Rooney. At the Newark Academy lnvitation Track Meet Wilfred Rooney won the mile run, setting a new meet record of 43362, and receiving a trophy for this feat. Keeping up their remarkable record, the team then collected two more trophies at the Ridgewood Relay Carnival-one for the distance relay, won by a team composed of John Bryan, Raymond Van Riper, Edward Landfear, and Wil- fred Rooney, the other for the shuttle hurdle re- lay won by Chris Albrecht, Carmen Cedrone, Warren Martin, and John Bryan who set a new met record of 56.4. The West New York Meet added to our team's reputation. John Raaen scored an over- whelming number of points, receiving a trophy for his outstanding performance. He won the running Broad Jump, setting a new record, placed second in the IOO-yard dash, and took third place in both the 220-yard dash and the shot put. Will Rooney won the mile run and anchored the med- Iey relay team. He and his running mates, John Dyer, John Bryan, and Edward Landfear clipped eleven seconds off the old record and brought home a trophy for the North Jersey State Medley Relay Title. Closing the outdoor season, the State Meet saw the team at the pinnacle of success. John Raaen won the running broad jump, placed second in the 220-yard dash, and came in third in the lOO-yard dash. lt was interesting to note that out of 671 athletes competing in the meet, Raaen scored the greatest number of individual points. Wilfred Rooney reached a high point in his brilliant career when he won the Outdoor State Mile. He ran the fastest mile ever run by a high school boy in this state, running a time that has never been reached in twenty-two years of State Meets. The mile was the outstanding feature of the State Meet, the time being 42302. The team engaged in several dual meets with much larger schools and much larger track teams. However, in spite of all, it came through the season undefeated, never losing one running event in any of the meets. The following is a summary of the dual meets. e They Hasbrouck HeIghts 49 28 ClItford Scott Lyndhurst 47 30 East Rutherford 65 l2 Ramsey 271 , lrvIngton 69 23 Thus when the outdoor season closed the team had collected thIrty medals won SIX tro phIeS and four State champIonshIps and come through ITS dual meets undefeated Such aChIeve ments must be attrIbuted to the boys hard prac tIce and theIr coach s skIllful guIdance After a refreshIng summer vacatlon the team came back to dIscover that It had lost some of ITS best men through graduatIon There was the cheerful prospect however of havIng a board track on whIch to DFBCTICG Instead of the bone bruIsIng concrete of the courts ln the DIck1nson Meet Rooney won the open mIle and so galned the HopkIns TIbbet MemorIaI Trophy for the school for one year The only other man on the team to place was Carroll Howe who took second In the novIce mIle The Medley Relay Team composed of John Dyer Stanley KIrkham Edward Landfear and WIlfred Rooney entered the De La Salle Meet and came out wIth a second place out of suxteen teams Rooney wIns hIs mneteenth open mIle WIII Rooney chalked up another mIle to hIs credIt when he won In the UnIon County Meet John Dyer also came through wIth a furst In the 220 yard dash The team reached ITS peak In the Indoor season when It entered the Sunday Call Meet and walked away wIth Group ll State ChampIonshIp Rooney won Group ll and lll State ChampIon shIp when he won the mIle Dyer got second In the 220 yard dash and Landfear took thlrd In the Cedrone Stanley Klrkham ChrIs Albrecht and EmIl Hoder also placed The fact stands out that someone from N A H S placed In every event that the team entered a feat to be proud of When the team entered In the State Meet Rooney who had won the mule run the year be fore was suck wIth a cold and was not able to put up a good race However Landfear normally a half mIIer was entered In the mIle and came through wIth a thIrd place ThIs was the fIrst Indoor mIle that Ed had ever run IH a meet and he deserves a lot of credIt for accomplIshIng what he dId The team traInIng on the new board track and under fIne coachIng fInIshed the Indoor sea son wIth an envIable record Competnng agaInst some of the best track teams from some of the largest schools In the State It has captured four teen more medals two more trophIes and one more State ChampIonshIp Carroll Howe breaks hIs DOVICS ratIng Twenty cnghf ' ..II,. I S9-I3 ' ' ' . ..I. I ...I .,I.,.tto 5233- . I I ' ' ' - K T 1 . . T halfemile, The mile relay, composed of Carmen 4 I ' - 1 H r S I , . . . , , . , I ' ' I I I I - - - ' 1 1 I ' - . . . I . , I 1 U 4 I I I . I I I I - , . I I o c Q L 'C cn U C en E .. YU U .. fc Q -.. T C fc .I 'C . rc 3 'C LLJ m .C .1 .. 56 P Q C fi .- LD 4.' .. C U U7 E 'B E S, 2 Ll. 7- C C .C +- C 4 P- C m P c U 'C CJ . 2 4 3 o II .. C o . u. .X GJ Pleasure with a Purpose LEASURE with a Purpose describes the activity program at N A H S Early in the year the fourth period on Tuesday was set aside as a time for clubs to meet Students who wished to form clubs were encouraged to organize seek a sponsor among the faculty members and apply for a charter ln this way clubs were started by the students themselves not by the teachers Thus if interest in a particular activity was only lukewarm the club never even got started Out of this sort of student initiative grew two types of organizations Some of the groups like the G O the Honor Society the Tri Y the Hi Y the STUDENTS PRINTS Club the glee club and the orchestra were started to give service to the school as well as pleasure to the members Other clubs were built around hobby interests and emphasized the worthy use of leisure time Among this sort of club were those devoted to stamp collecting dra matic photography hand work cookino and sports ln keeping with the idea that clubs should grow out of student leader ship the General Organization headed the whole program Any club which wished to be an official part of the school was required to apply to the G O for a charter Through its power to grant or reject requests the G O was able to build up a group of clubs worthy of our school Although it is still very young, the General Organization is already an important feature of the life of our school. Started last year, it has developed rapidly. ln addition to directing the club program, the G. O. schedules the various activities to be held in the new gym ln this way it helps to provide a well balanced program for the school Early in October the G O was honored with an invitation to attend the Conference of Student Governments at Trenton Six privileged students and their faculty adviser returned with many ideas for our own school Work on the N A H S Handbook which had been discussed and plan ned by the G O last year was finally begun Together with the National Honor Society they turned out an excellent Handbook which is a decided asset to our school The rnaior social activity of the organization was a dance which was given for the benefit of the Handbook Both the Tri Y and G O worked hard to make this first dance in the new gym a huge success After completing these numerous activities the G O closed its last meeting with the realization that the organization had done much for the betterment ofN A H S Tb ty ROMINENT among the school s servuce groups are the Natuonal Honor Socuety the Hu Y and the Tru Y When the N A H S chapter of the Honor Socuety re organuzed un September the mem sembly programs as they had done so success fully the year before lmagune theur dusmay when they duscovered there would be no pro grams because the audutoruum was stull far from beung complete' Not to be duscouraged, they turned theur energy to the umportant task of preparung a handbook for the school cer taunly a real servuce tc us all After begunnung the year wuth a series of duscussuon meetungs the Hu Y turned theur at tentuon to skatung trups as soon as the lakes offered temptung uce At Chrustmas tume keepung wuth theur udeal of servuce the boys formed a commuttee to help Mrs Swaum un collectung food for baskets whuch were dustrub uted to varuous famulues un our town The socual actuvutues or the club came to a pleasant conclusion at the uount meetungs whuch they held wuth the gurls of the Tru Y The Tru Y s program for the year centered around talks plays charuty work and get to gethers wuth the Hu Y At both Thanksguvung and Easter the gurls prepared baskets for the poor The event of the year the one the gurls are goung to remember for a long long tume was the Leap Year Scavenger Hunt to whuch they unvuted the Hu Y ' ' Front row: Aluce Shanks, Patrucia Tyner, Emma Buorklund, Dorothy Kclmer, Florence Johnson, Aluce Pabst, Anna Greenwood, Dorus Gelbarth. Second row: Mrs. Tumothy Cleary lSponsorI, Robert Eschenbeck, Walter Schuller, Leslue Campbell, Wulluam Jaecle, Jerry Cedrone, Edward Warter, John Dyer, Walter Salauuk. Top row, Ella Davurlson, Claure Yuulle, Betty Newton, Phyllus Reudy, Aluce Seeley, Norma Cluett, Thur ty-two Recreation -l- Service : Achievement bers were-all ready ua take over Quannung as? . U . , M I A 'I I S , N-wa ww. 4 . 945 ek' 2 V' af If 12 , .. ff , , I J ,' P JY, if if fr if f if Q4 by i 1 1 3 I 4 Qi ? I fi, ' .u': . - U, C 5 1' 5- 1 E I' 'T M .. ' ' 'Q 5 N4' 48 News, Notes, and Harmony Everyone at N A H S benefrts from the work done by the STUDENT PRINTS Club whlch puts out our newspaper and from the mustc glven us by the Orchestra and the Glee Club Certarnly these belong among the ser vtce clubs One of the buslest organlzatrons rn the school the STUDENT PRINTS Club has charge of our monthly paper Not only do members collect news wrlte rt up and prepare features and nllustratrons but they also type and paste up the dummy for the prrnter Thus year two new features were added to the paper Chatterbox and Who s Who The staff entered the paper an competrtlon at the Columbla Scholastuc Press Assocratlon Conference and were pleased to have lt recerve a thrrd place award In tts dtvlston especlally srnce rt was the frrst time the paper had been entered We expect an All Amerucan ratrng some day Last year saw the organlzatlon of a tumor orchestra whlch thus year graduated to the regular school orchestra Composed cf very young students for the most part the group made remarkable progress and lent Its charm to the graduatron exercrses The Glee Club made up of the most tal ented of our gurl slngers practuced as falth fully as the orchestra and achreved as flne a result They had as a speclal lncentlve an nn vltatton to sung at graduatlon the flrst Glee Club to be lnvrted to do so ' Seated at lst table Florence Johnson Leslre Campbell Seated Marte Smuth Mabel Smrth, Vrrgunla Frrel, Mtrlam Cam bell E el G In P p v yn raves, A ce abst, Robrna Rankln, Robert Walker Standtng Ruth Carment, Joan Cochrane, Mass Duffy lSponsorl, Peggy Davns, Valerra Doxue, Steffe Lambach, Alnce Seeley, Carroll Howe, Jean Wertz, James Brydon James Gottredo, Mr Beckett ISponsor7, George Johnson, Srdney Zucker Jack McCoubrey, Raymond Hrslop lr lr - . . . T I 1 1 ' ' . - - 11 11 I I 1 1 ' ' 1 . I - I - H 11 11 1 11 ' - I . 1 Th ty-fo.4 GI b rom ow are cger Q on C a c- Ba Yh Wanda Yegers Mary Lregrer Regrna Coky a ee u FNO ence To a 0 yo Dornh Sc a 1' K on row Rose Ga Io G a Gray Ruth Gaylo O Cathenne 'ner ey Mrss Z nga 0 oo ser ye yn M., we n Fwo ence Shanks 'a Day 'son Duse a Smei 5 Betty Vyvtrf 1 r yy a Q' ec a am 1'r- Hose osepn nc K ay rv Prwn He'cn S nr-n df Murrel Bonner R na r m w on Wy Elvrvha Smr La T v D Ma QW Sm Th Ruth Thorns He vw dn rw n L W r rn c N L son vc yn ur rd nw "nan mum c Pa' Y W mfre Gatiarwat N na Front row Emmc ROqfN,3,f1, Rupert Bhack, Robert Uwkrrf bono Schoonlcber, Lovrarnc- Nordstrom, Florence Torrey Second raw Floyd Johmon, Wrlluarn Afiams Jcsmc ENvn Coppcdac, Januce Eckel, Joan Rosendal a sv Kclmyy W1'1cr Falck, Ruth Bamford, Do: s Sh ww Sfamang Danmcl Ccumo, Thomas Shuelds Fred Von Banheld Mfss Zrnga o 'Sponuor',Lo31rc Carnpbcii, Bob Thomson, GCS' c Scot? fharty-fave Last Call to Curtain. "The play's the thing" among students at N. A. H. S. We had two dramatic clubs formed this year and a puppet club. Certainly the interest was deep-seated, for the students knew before they started that there was little chance of having any stage to use. In spite of the handicap of not having an auditorium where they could display their talents, the Senior Dramatic Guild did remark- ably well, They started the season by reading pantomines and then progressed to informal productions of one-act plays. On Founder's Day the Guild presented a charming skit de picting the beginning of the P T A Next the members studied stagecraft make up and choral reading The club finished the year by concentrating on producing a play with the entrancing name of Elmer Students in the seventh and eighth grades started a dramatic club of their own, called the Junior Dramatic Club. They too spent quite some time working on pantomines. Then they divided into three play groups and put on plays for their own amusement. Not all the actors in our school are human beings. We have some talented puppets and equally talented manipulators in the Puppet Club. This club is made up of the younger students in the school. They have proved themselves very clever at making marionettes dressing them and stringing them to the con trols Learning to operate them proved diffi cult but not too difficult for the students Using scenery of their own design and con struction they presented several clever plays I Jr Dramatic Club the G dc c el nd Bio kluni Ser ng Theodoe Mo lock At he Co Tom Gl e y Joh Cerullo Mchacl La Placa Seated Rea Ma ga ct Pf sc-nmae Mar ly Sch lle Nancy Candelierc Cather F cs Ln eo Cocn ane Sh Icy Jenk s Ruth Ca me t e Sapot uh e Q Geo qc Linde Betty Og rr' s lSpo S . . . , I ' I - I ' - - . , . ' ll II ' . , , ' At ri ll Eth 1 r 1, vi r ' T ur1tCr o M: iv r V n , i in r r r i Li r, 4 'n i r, 1, ine ran i I rr 'r , ir in, r n , Elan .ri o, R 1 Av ry Starvlin r r, lvic, James Fr.el, Miss E ima Liter n nfl Thirty S 4,4 Q - 1 :- R59 41 G7 Q, Sv 1 4 Y 1i? if , ls in i' 'Rho' J. 'N S rqvdef-Q , . . u f ,Xa iv mt' la A x L w L 9 i B.- N Q' ' ' 51 '-. 1 'J . 'Fl ..,, ' N.. .vi ,. .. 1 .. .. J! 5 'Q' 0' Stamps and Snaps Two very popular hobbies among the stu- dents at our school are stamp collecting and photography, both very worthwhile because they are avocations that club members can en' joy for years to come, At Stamp Club meetings the members build up their collections by trading and auctioning oft stamps, Since there have been so many new and attractive issues just in the United States alone, members have had a rather ex- citing time keeping up with them. ln addition to the pleasure they get, the collectors will all tell you that they get much interesting in- formation. To take develop and enlarge better pic tures is the object of the Lens and Shutter Club. Living up to its word, the club aided the staff of the CHRYSALIS, particularly in enlarging a considerable number of the pic- tures which appear in this issue. One of the highlights of the year was the exhibition in the library of pictures taken and enlarged by members of the club, The Click Club, which might be called a junior edition of the Lens and Shutter Club, is made up of seventh and eighth graders Their purposes are very like those of their older fel- low hobbyistskto take, develop, and print good pictures. A special feature of their club is the exhibitions held to choose the picture of the month Can't you imagine the pride a member feels when he wins that coveted honor? Cl b Seated Hen y Couchot B ily Conkln Adam Do lsk Ha oii Ge ste me Rotet Ge ste me Roberta S mp u Ie G o ge Sla ky ene etc ma Leste Seeley A th tc er S ant g N01 Buoyrnaste ea o es altc C y come No ck a oc cse A Beckett po so W lam Amderg Robot Sla ky Waite Hale Ph p P Th ty e ght ,, . . 1 1 - 11 4 - r r, i i , c i, r 'z r n i r, J r r rt i r, ta Mlk , C V it , It Ti r r n, r , r ur Gait 'ri tg rin r ' V il mpg n 11 k I W r ay , Ji vi ,St nley H lfhi r M' 'S n ri, i!i r I i ri , r r, ii ike ir - i QV 1 3 'G av' X ' 'Y f -A . VY' ' , 'wi -:r N T5 W, E Everyone to l-lus Cwn Hobby Our activity program also offers clubs for those who enjoy such varying hobbies as hand craft cooking and sports The Handcraft Club welcomes people who enjoy making thungs Members of the club fund great fun un weaving knuttung and other sorts of handwork ln addutuon to the pleasure they get from their crafts the people un thus club can enjoy using the lovely things they make havung a cooking club In many places gurls fund much satisfaction un such an organuza tion But ut takes N A H S to have a Chef s Club The udea of having such a club sug gested by the boys themselves met wuth um mediate favor from the whole school As a matter of fact so many applued for member shup that only twenty could be admitted Three tumes that number had to be content wuth a place on the waiting lust' Starting wuth fool proof dishes luke cocoa and French toast the boys worked up through the mysterues of pun wheel cookies to the intricacies of layer cakes What fun they had when they treated the gurls to delucuous cake' Girls un the school who have a specual un Sport Club Members enjoy plannung theur own program of games and recreatuons Parties are a much enjoyed feature of this program Thus year the club had a number of delught ful skating partues at nearby runks Ruth Rupp Seated C r R l Dolo es Ncilsen Doris Aitken Row 2 Doris Rider Cgllhifune ogogarlus Jlanet Marie Staffhurst Harriet Kast Helen Walstrom Dor0ll'1Y Conklin M rt D le Lorraine Ha man Carolyn McGulvery, MKS Janet CUV1f'IfWQh6fl'1 'SPOVWSO' arga c a sso Y Isabelle Ayers, Rachel Emma, Ida Luty Helen Cottrruan Claurc Barth Forty o There is nothing unusual about a school's terest in athletics find their place in the Girls' E ,Ill Ill l g' .-Q N' I zili 1- , Ma. ,, yx ' 4'-A l q . Ss! -,f Ch b Farthesf to the left krfchen Charles Rlder, Clrflord Anderson, Homer Flelschen Edward Jones Sgcofwd e u knchcrw Vernon Anderson, John D'Adamo, Thomas Goffredo Thlrd krtchcn Szll Murphy, Melton Fuchs, John DAmrco, Ian Anderson. Fourth krtcherw' Trmothy Grlffm Dan Gualtxerl, NVa!YC' Saladlk John Kirby, M185 O'Mall A KS ' ey ponsor Fifth klrcherw Wallace Urencck, Edward Wysockl, Frank Arnold. Ednfor Llfcmrv Sports Photogmphy Make CI-IRYSALIS STAFF Busmcss Tvvms Advcrhslng f TH me-mbgm f y W w mv ua wvth 1 B ' V L df 1 mwscr Fu ty wc v- rv Ax' ' V - I-I' J ,ll 1 A Q v , 1 -1' .XP ' A 5 L ,: - '.' Y , ' I A t ' I ,: , is W I , 'L ,"'ixILv i . 1' f I Q' yn -up A, Z, M , YA' " . .Lf ' - ' I A-1 rw. ' w 4.51- .. g pl' A,f, A, ppl! ,VV W VW? viviuk me ,cf or Chee. v.vs,1c'sr ,Trva'fLf ' ff? th.: faciuity' MJ h f ,rfgv rod us, F ,L JW , NT Emu 'fx ful jf,-' W 4 fr Vi' 'wel gb f. fXw,vvc.w rwmtfn r'-, M ,lr,',Q:ph Filmlwm fur T f , ,hgrairwz fi my ur cj M. if M' :Jw Li-1 f xr' 'mr ami an 1.11 mr, Qwfi w.214c: up Q "f ' Y A its , J, K. Q - -Q "ly, F ' 's In s - 'sf 1, 1 +- fb.--v "' 'S - Q, u vl- X1 S A IE, the members of the Class of 1940, approach an our goal-graduation-to be coupled ' memory with our dream of a new high school. ns' wr' - I 1-4-v""f . - 1' ip., QQ-"f ran: nknn h, h T? 2 SENIORS 1940 Anthony Baldanxa I F J B Iv L N18 I The T Mant wg back re I m 1 ur footba I team has become the lute of t L sent r class becau L h a smlle a innumerable wlttl :sms v Tear arwnd town IS eel hart T Careenrn r LA Tra IC ar DC rt w r er t e ,ae base George Bell LINJK mx ne n T ue THC 1 whwf w The w I-X lntelleefual and Qulet Q hr-4 H weve' ne ain T5 Tnat hateb t L 7 errafleha wt L L thi W rrattera the C' L Jessne Elrxaberh Black A HOMER Yes slr thats Jes comnng r bgh r r vars ly team t n n le baT bu she fne fmt baseman ssre s Lvl LJ es SDJ 5 ma CJ er farm frgure aT sch el games efwse zbrl r b slr- S Treasurer Hugh Bowne I I N wnager Q T me 1 shoe lace u c s struqg LTI 1 5 T To T I H the T4 IS aw wuth hte :gon nat JH an pleasxng persunalnty 5 1 reputatut n t The l fe any pa any Tn s h wll 5uCCCuI Harry Bruce ARRY ri' a personalrty Ing 1th hm LJ drscavers hw unusual knowledge et current affarrs An excellent sport rry was one e managers of our football Team We wrll all remember JH SCC tanT W kntw : L L h m for he had the arf N x nq up tc the hrgh standarj se by a Lu breather and has dune :T wel t e e t rtar a blg da avr a few 90 Tr'ne5 f r hersel Dorothy Mae Bryan T IS easy to be nat Ural when you are naturally nnce Tv was a vu member ot the cheer le adlng squad n her calmer rn ments She Calle ts pen nr 5 nd pnctures pretty grrls and hand 5 me men e C esn ask Forty mu :V CH E QQ ale La- AT the Tam I ar Crt. G- ' Que ,, Q HLUTA .M ' LL' 4 'T aw 'I It er "H 'II -J"-BI' bf en Q .I way 7 I' tw I ' w fee TIQ The I,mI.I nq he K, X 1 5a of X Irwtball tam of 'S 'W ' 'ld Trl mul blwnrl lel L ' It ' ' V 1 I L I He lo es to d 1 X ' L m h ha . - I :rr be- Qra , C 9 L T Q Ing I ul r . rty th Q gh ff ra -2' ' W IND V TOWN ANT hrs Irrcmls Sally 5 qenral me alt H, .mnrzvtntn lu tn he-qumgg Qgwf 9 V ty ,ll ner: tewa ,ts hm eaccezb atta ,gratl rattan 8 L , I C I 2' ', ga t' H lg sraxgtlt -- wk bg tles as 'ra By 'aa f g-es 'ng talk w rw ne di rw a" , Gefirge enlrw Qagrl IJQQI-as a'1eI Hn '95, I at ' e ': ' Ha ' at th he 3 get up lff ' The rnirrrmng OINW7 ne s rf" lrRfr2r- I et'-Iuplztatfafazg I 1 , - I a' :ar :game I-le rw ram T., get .1 5,3 . ,tn ,me ftgulf ,Mb gf It . ,S f an lnT N ". bu 1955 harm' ani sea I erlf 'IH ' I I, 1 th e u fa the I l's W 1 N, ga ly Dot Tal ca aww , t 'S a ' ' I 1 V L 4 ' Je ' Q' L 5 live I ' O' Qt all t-,Q ef tart ' ' H E I4 ' he a .liar 9 3 O But ct ner slnlll Cl ' and K tty rr u ,es Shi la 'T IO' , H, Tecra: y I pus a me job as -.src Ty ed T of :ly ti W f Lil . :Q 1 f. SENIORS 1940 Qu.: '-kim Fred L Cobb r I 1 Lss ers w L w lr hw THQ Ku s buss TL Y L Leslie Campbell P Ll Vv mf at m 6 f 3'6 Carmen H Cedron MLDIC Maestro passe e rv K 'W LNG' 43 H be ewes T 1? sw THL tm I V' L1 SJ wg ' 'WG W we Q Q. LVL i- Lrrc VL. Shnrley Mae Corbett ALL T n w 8 S W th ' mul ar cry a of the fmest che-:rleal nn s ua s t e Schogl s hlstnry lr x was alss capri rw squad ln gsm in Ln m Treasurer mme T 8 ' er shams r ht b Nb C vs ll'1 QLD Ella W Davndson OL! LL all know Lu bv the sparke an her s She frea s Inghtly and speaks snft a has three IH csts rn Glen w er Kas Kyser an the Jcfa s A uh que ambmon as u a S l r she wan 5 cl ba bu as 9 s wr at flgur baokkeeper Denms Connolly .Jar an Sl vw Tesq Dv vw Q. K V"13"ly Thers F65 c e fr f .. FSVVS -f LL 'O vw falry brlste she expects to be a fnrst rate PQ' 3 fl F J r .. Q' 4 L If N 1+ " in C 4 1 Q3 1, f.. l A:m4+,,f34:3,", ff -f- ra ,i ro rw J ,, ,L . ,, ' . 41, ' . J f Af fm -L V1 ' - 4 -4 , T 3 4. za dv F L, ,J ff I T , .f 4, . ,J 1 -3 -7 ,J 4. ' U Q J i P, cj " 1- f - 5 L - I.. 1 V7 . 116 5 .. N., U '. I 5 .. 1 . - 4 - .. ' ' 4 J 9 f ll 1' ff ' , ,f ,f J J " 5 j 3 L . J , ,, L1 f z.: 3 - - ff -3 Q Y: .I t - f ,4 , , F 1 , 1 - ' - 4.1 3 L, L .. . .-1,s -H V Y K 9 " J , "' i " .LA ' f A 1 - ' Q' fr 3 J 54 V' J H rf Cl. L, s f , f -f -' t 5 -' -72' .. -f ,Z 3 1 L 'f ' l 4- J J :., fl " L 1 0 5 J 1 " fi, 4' 3 5 K 7 L, 1' - 4, - 11, Tj wr. mm - fx. 4 'nz 'om-7 -QQ- ,rw .IJTMQJ 15 fvgf 1 ' ' 7 L , . ,,'f v 4 A V" ' 'U ,mf -f 2 f A L. Q , ' Us V ' L J L, A , ., V' .- - ,- ' f ww u - - 4 , -' 1 , " U N, 4 A , " -. .. Qt a N -A W U ' f'?Aff'4fd ' .v , 1 v+C': , . 3 4' 1 " ' 1 2.1 j , T Z " rn , J 3 I 7 fy 4.5 if -v f N 1 ' . , ., , - ' , f : ' ,LJ ., , ' -," - T , 1 m ,, 3 A' M , 1' 4 I' 5 Q 4 W 1 5 'J 4. + ,, m -. H U54 2 -1 ,f W 1 ' 'I 4' I .. Q 3 -. ' '- 1 v 'J r -, ' J p ' ' A74 ' 1, ,v A QA U3 2 ,T Mm JR. A A- 'iT-1 :Q A 2 lf LA: f J 'A J r., 2 ,, . l T , L rs J j F' J , rw wx, 1 - F- 3 f :A 4 fl . Aww W.-, ac, H- Ui L " f I l1lw1 ?f', EC-155 L. 1' -,N "rms fl-Q ru l"" 'ATAML3 Ag, AI? mga NCI ...A 15' guyfn CL , rv U, r. 1 . - a .. . 1 rt l 1 ' nf '+ - -Q - 3- 2 4. L Io gm '4 -4 0 S f' y r- w . ,O :U ,J LD O tu A. L - N A - 1 L 0 : A C - U . -+ . m I- D2 . " ' ru 3 fp N L C N A N .. '11 ,U . ' Z L J Y -v r V? f? W L- L 2 E ' 4. H Q N , if rg - 3 . fd , 0 " O h m 4 x . ,ra rw Q I LQ L , , r, U - If U l 6 L. I fly I , 'J O E1 O ' , F Q r ' 5 Q f +1 ' : -L fm , . ., Y A . K, N w 3 U N - ' N Aw 'P U' C Q - ff -+ N Ql '1 W 'J 'NT 4 . , . " f, m 2 ,, fs aw - 'M m -Q , cg, M -L ff " rn rm Tr f 3 -T3 -' L+ U- L. 1 I I U w uv l m i 1 rg 1, L -. J 1' f .. f., w " ,gif T"T,- "ff, N 11 Q U A ., T fi Si. fl Q V' .P Q ,U " U U sw-g-s','x 4, l fv 11 1. E' ,N .. ,X T .. 'N Q 7 1 P +5 Y ' r N 'X ffl lf -. f rt . , , .1 4.1, A - U uf : -f .N 2 V: m Q U' F 'X .fl .l fw 5- flow- ,a 1,i'1', 1 ' AL J 3 F-im. wt Q3 L 1 ri M, . 'K ' U :J J -1 il' A 4 7 I ug U 1- Pg! m , A -f ,l 3 ull - ' Q10 mx1A'fQT, fl .Q AL 7' H H' 4 ' fl SENIORS 1940 Robert H De Baun A SWELL tell r at pa are gwmmer ts one often ears tbwut Jabvo verybwcly knows htm and everybody rkes htm rove t rs ac a has been class treasurer for tenor years I-le has been a mem ber ot the baseball team year and n tandlngt that oaye w I e l93 se1SJo JS John Spears Dyer RACK goes the plstol an l fa J nny lS lead ng hrs team to another vrctory C taln of the track team hrs everlas rng vlm and vlgor make htm an outstandlng athlete Johnny was presldent the Class of 40 our sophomore year Hrs ambrtlon rs to be come an accountant ln a large and promlnent frm Arthur E Errckson ARTHUR known t as lntrmates wede lS the c s comedlan and one of tts outstanding muslclans Wen he rsnt wre cracklng he rs rmrtatrng some well known or chestra leader on he prano or the drums Hrs Idea of a treat as to watch an orchestra ln person and chat wlth th be engaged as a drummer rn a trrst class band e leader Some day he hopes to the Commerclal course so som excellent secretary Edwin Fawcett SHY boylsh grln greets you when you enter the local A C7 P store Whose grrn7 Why Cat s ofcourse After busrness hours lahem I he becomes a phrlatellst l ce nt wrt au o mobrle drrvers annoy a very much he 'mas rntentrons of becom :ng a state trooper be careful anl bev the o rea wlt Cat as w Arthur Fleischer COMMONLY known as Otto he ts one of the most amuslng tel lows ln the class Ottos greatest en thusrasm rs drlvlng any thlng on four wheels rn fact hrs ambltlon as to be master of a grey hound bus A pet peeve of Ar thur s IS to have to wash Veromca Mane Fagan A TINY rnlte IS O r red hatred Ronnre A a enthuslastrc member uf the Sports lub Rannre excels rn baseball Desprte her slze she can smack a homer any ttme e lkes to e ln rumble seat and enjoys a good football game Ronnre has taken Cone rs gorng to get an es tte oad r yuu wrll ha e thc law rn cold water but he by no means objects to playlng football He runs luke the wand too Forty slx ' "gm, C! K U i g e. J" the ' H -V V T C H S n he . X f . . L 1' c lg I Q, I " y " I . To p h t t, r I 'J boo" . r I I I L ' Sh l H rad a for tour s a " ' " cuts f so ,." 1 r rr he N9 u ' He V' 1 ' the unloue ambltrc-rw at wantrng to be a larmer. '. d Ike a lsh oh ' 1 - r ap ,, ,,, I , t V ' ' Sn l - t - ' of ' ln "C t" I - - ' , so N V X Q 4 6 rul ot t r o Q v ' ' tr 1 l h ' I ell as I . , H , , as ' ' V HS lr, . las I - , I I h ' ' s - ' ' - X Y- - V I t - SENIORS 1940 udents a e l rim mC US I J V' VT na Coral Frost Peter Hawes ING Chl J .pc e 1 r 13 a w is nly an exper yur Iulfc Co ul w rx many qzmr l ner tm ri I ys the ylcs and the rad Her poetry hws een 'YT J ear ed her tue Chrys s Wnllnam J Gloede MODEST and ret r n yet w thal gentleman and a scho r Farmer s favorite s Ort IS baseball He s an enthuslastlc member fthe Auto Club and s a yery sklllful dr ver rnwlfea ml ct w QI HIT re y hat h oo terr y EF Anna E Greenwood LITTLE SKIPPER Seems to Suit our most bashful sen or Sweet and unassumlnq she charms those who now her wah er qulet personallty Sklppers pet Deeye IS commerclals ln he mlddle of a radro pro gram Another follower ot lssac Walton IS th s young lady She can outfash most of the boys C ING t YN yi GTC was lfnrfe ate' ic E f C W W h really s L ramw prwcrs vc 1 fr hls tellow stulents y w h a str SYSJVTBIIIX Pc c was elected p esldent of the senlor class ftfe ne ls sa lcd s r' t e oun 9 e YS Wulllam Hoadley WHIMSICAL Hank has kept us laugh :ng through the school year He s always look :ng for a good reason for a hollday Desplte thus tact we feel sure hell mlss school Pr ze flghts and base ball are a great source of pleasure to hum Hann wants to get a I b as soon as he eaves school be a secretary and has already Elsie M Hofer ETITE I the word for e but most er rlends a er Peanuts The tltle of belng the smallest yet nolslest sensor has been con erred upon thus carefree young lady Her laugh IS contaglous and her loytulness just as Catchlng Peanuts' wants to proved herself a good one Fo ty seven t graphy Le SENICDRS 1940 Carroll Howe E ERYONV we ubl WS H vw come? We for sewerwl reasons One hem 8 e of Lur best tra men and another IS that w ereyer fun s to e a Carrol' IS always to be found jrtterbugs sw ms plays and can a so ggarb f aou sessron Perhaps 1 arr l to turn towar law as a Career U Q 8 E Wlllram Jaede ILL presldent of the Nwtlcnal Honor So I y s note for l wrttlcnsm He amazes us by hrs remark ble ablll ty to solve the most ln trrcate problems selence and mathema TICS Be careful how you act when hes around for he mrght catch you hubby lS mental candld ea oeau oup e CJ ,ss-v exceptlonally go cl danfer er a good secretwry and marry at t George Johnson LINE here and a other tnere and a plcture lS created y George Johnsons sklll ful hands An artrst to Inger tip C dellghts ln sketchlng A Isnt hrs only n est m st of us know for he us one of the best dancers IU the s nlor class H s goal IS to become 1 clraftsman m my after gra'uatrun Helen A Jeck H LEN lS f e most ardent swlng fans ln tne school She .,, uws tne a trvrtres o QVHV' Bl the famous swan banns Helen deflnltely dls llkes hrmework of all types a l k nfls espe Cla' y wnen she wants to g out Nut that we blame her' Florence A Johnson h s rtet Ft ww C lW err C' rx rfren suret C C 4 two years wo at the rn st m portant words rn F J x, rewburury wrt Let s tlunce u l rhythm I Vl 8 R S am rt: r- as t became and we know he ll Come through Dorothy Lourse Kelmer OOD grlef wall you stop maklng me laugh' these words were Dottles constant companlons throughout her school years Her rnfectuous smlle only adds to her charm Havrng made a suc s of nlgh sc oo Dottle plans to go on to N J C and become a WU rm Sr, ng lem, may N Sm DO 56,5508 We rw W dress desrgner or a proofreader and we are certaln she r wrll make good at elther ambrtlon s e wr rnalfe a g lsefretary Fo t, uqht 'A V P 'rl fl 'FLO' ws a rlark gh sehaa kno Car- pr , l Vsmk ,. ,l A ,r fill 9 ll Q s't"71S t, luxe 'wer s' howl J l ' - 4 lute Sh- has er th ' ott rs that h I5 W. eff V, . ary On 'l 1 Ck et th lass .l 'VJ frr ' rr . ls h J o. I T U ff l - X , l' lr '4' He K l r L A r ll . ball K ' l' anl t lrty, ,ne l an tak 1 e hrs part very well ln ' Z: . K o . H . b or o ' lt was mrs talent tmt aeatlea C al d - K he age of ,Wenfy-f,ve i B ' Q A . rl' xl cet ', l d hs b :Q H - hrs f ' ' S "R fl" ln Q ' , I - rt ' ' ' 1 - ter , as o L e . l rn a preform S posltun s hs f ' ' . ,. r ' , pheo . He tt ls he wlll A rn " C d E one o th -' ,, ., , g V U- 'J' G f ferr ' Q f V ' " , l' f 9 ng . , , - - A" A C ces h I, SENIORS 1940 Shnlcy Knrkham Lu afi f zttsva X rvad ww v Josephine May Kraus rf nor that v. H J' L .cfmms awd sk' L r Mmm mccess K in 1 my J t rw Um I her dye fn Sw .JSC p pumr Q sUfC mg .J CF De sp, S vw u UL. 5 li Harry Krasner rx .r vt ur r NA1'1m v ' te tra Cav R1 sawvse' Han arm an he toun whcrucr orc sam PQ H LUN MNH! ' snappt 'ture I1 W s trus vera 1 w H' Rnchard L Kraskm Ev NS pays me H1105 e 'T Steffe Marshal Lambach A JOVIA pers may tw aw Quiet Qmaere af-aer YJ 'wane Stewe She emoys game of termts wt a A ADD rw A raw ng anf' W Qs w sat s V ec e: Q' f e . be am rw, some Edward Landfear w wPT 'CCV ' V,N ' S T "'6 takes ' QS re t rw N105 tt mteres rw DIICLN When tw autmr 1 4 D H act x ty me turns to has other bbx .Janes . L . A FIWWLFR tae 2 4' ' JC ' 5, 3, ,Tru Ll - rw ,Y.1".. E"' .4 .3 .V .J 4 HJ, V f.-f:,w'Af aan T6 A ,, .4 bb, ,W -MH M L-1-tw PHP ,f .tgffrq :,t,.- JL".1L': 'qagma' 'im 'af- ,TL , ' ,. -,. "g, 'f .:,. vs sDa'e . 3, ,, .Ai ""C 1 La", aan' 1'- M. JJ., ,.-7,7 ag 'git xg' 'ti "C'te1fra. ,,,,,.,V. is gpm ,, xec sun' t :fr v-er faux tu ff. "Um, rf 'fu not U "WSF-"W -an vw, 1 wcvtorwie . ECVLE vs "n .3 'Vp L 1 -wr at CAV wg, rms :,P J ' pu, L tv. g--' . .Hu www vile- Ku "ax 54 marv, T. tts 9 an t,, :tg W tfw .1 ina 12 H'-r HC A. r H nn mm- gtftfwt -:Vcc fm wt: A ,L ,ff fagrapf.. v.. gift. V - a ggzd DLS' :L 1- a. Cate, fum i .O ' ' ' ' t' L. :N 'N ' , . in m8 a X d a ' - ' ww ., e- v m .N Q2 A up ca' 'a at ms .1 st an " 5 , y " ' a fast b ' - . VH K to me .. 9 Ht gcc- , 3 .A t 'ta 9w,"- ts f... mg H 'Q ' 1" ., 5,ffC31 gap .N - 1 1 tc t ta: at fy we I he 1 a graft. I Lker h 5 Q 'Mg ' ay CC'TVv1 tear: she has wszawe EJ-M sac' .ary C th f'"T Tr ' '. LL ' "3 LT a we '.E"C'wa T-Jw 3.3905 Tw 5 41- X tg tw- rtaf, L gm, - DCI L-Vfmg' Ste L. ' t Cs'-a 915' swag Dx I' . " - uc 2 .3 J-: :Hmm ,L:'1'art, r 'raa LMI me 'J gtg- N D 1 vw .gt tmee N ce tea . 1 , raw QQSU Q rt: Q Ami W ta a vvwl lat btw W-Ng' "mt , mx ,L ' H., Lt tj CI ji afte' t . A :ang fverrft. C ' .sys ac 'aaa aa.: an he wax . "Q swat " tg be av Ht I C. d M4171 YN Ili AAS- H N M , C- r ng C. 'J th.. at T" Mt QV ' If. L5 spa? , A E3 tn 'KJ D M 5 'CHQ ww .3i'y wtf 31, Ty Cm . ts Q V X T- He! wmwtv t4:1m'f . 1. lb ' Q - 'E ' v .sftwv gr.1!..u?w rw fmt ,tt-t wr . . - rw.1m'Fmxvw'twitcivrttf0.1 vm. . X " 'vat WWF? sam - ' ' ' .Nw try' mf ima .rvwftf vw. ' 1:8 "" my ,vt at wr. . mt VL. bt: ing 'v1,.fL' A rn Put. 'um- SENIORS 1940 1' Frank P A LaPlac1 A CLOSED Dex gt 1 ent Vs L nk e wt L who pans s Dons 1 L L 'N nSTl1JT DL. w vw CLQ S Ruth Lemonoff DARK HAIRED hazel eweJ Roth entere tunlor vear Althmlgh she has been wlth osonly a short me h r t O onversatl n incl er nse f n her nnanx, lr cr l Sne nas many nter ests arvfg them sw fn rnrng anl din mg Rotn ,. 11114 ng 4 tn n ss walk w vel arour M H r C ar l s .3 w L fugtwgn .vames Lesslne A REALLY ex eptl n y llkable te low Scottv He spectallzes ln nothlng but can d almost anythtng Food he C nlesses lS great e O but swlng mul Interests htm too Casey Jones's School wlll recewe a gnorl stu dent, and later some Harold Magnuson MAGGIE S t s t. of dryn tee s that t happy he as ruch enough A rnustclan to h s fln er tlps Mwggln s muslc IS the llght of h s e h vorlte haunt l-le says that hls arn bltlon as to get htucnlful up wlth a newspaper o Mae L Lindbergh Ll ps jt lug r 4 e L S I' N XL L Mu r Lug of wer rlzsstnttcs cw tw she Ln sp rts M10 scrlp b wht h she uvenlrs n 'attmctnve 3 set the vos: Ray Logan RAY S tawonte re rm ton bwsleetball who hwe se ham plax say he shoots a dandx basket e a great m pe ple Ray hates to get ut of bed an the mum tw L warts to successful buslness man ret e and t en p ng he sue eels G- budy ,S Q ,ng ,j ftnfl a Q fa ,mane medmn, W James tangled QD basl' e s We kn Vvll78fl1C VN old be a sw cess tn elthcr Fltty SENIORS 1940 Mvthcw Makaus Marhn McKnught is K4 W A w AT wwwfw Q George Malgady snag m up g 'H CK L xw w W0 I 5 Q John McLachlan V John Wm. McCoubrcy , Anihony Meola L F ' A , w .ip 1. " CHVYSALIS v. N ' 3: r nlv .1 sur L ,, .ff .7vfmY' xr' 7 75:'1' . N N Hvwu '- '- A- H 1. ' . M -- BDA 711.1 L ' "N Q ,fix Tff'xNl,I Y' 2 Q .. XIFX .'H., x1",. W UA' A., W Q, r ,A ,- ' 4' In x. v , 1',x ' fa' xJ.X L" Y" Hwwmx 5.DL".'x . ,-,Q F1 Tv tw' Evelyn E Mulicrn N JU 1 w a 5 Lerteadu an ca Vt' GNSVN vu S eu we her xerxe u tmJS JSITN W w1XO XEL L U05 W V x 1 a md we exwec S J r 'hah Dan Newton WHOA 4 the dents watfh Aur mg a bdrmg pcrnind Why do they br athe a sigh of relief as Dan Newton plods nward the door hws books c utched r h arm? In c se arwcme has an, do bra as the answer to these questw ns DAN HAP PENS TO BE THE BELL PCE'-4EP SENIGRS 1940 Vlfglflla Newton JOLLY umrm H x L Q U mn rem am vw 0 hi .J C1 1 nu r r L L hgh r V V Shirley Louuse Nuelsen RL shy an 41,1 et except for an Lccaswvmal Q gg4e She emoys footbali am termus and fmds VYWLACVW sattsfactt rw and nure r Wu meumgs has mterwttorus t Qc rhlhg a secretary fn e U K ther ffteht cfassworx 5 e ee her beceme t e Q , Stanley J Packowskn Ck w . S WL w QU sp rts wrt har er member L B 3 Cub C OS JH tue THTCV IW A any the V L33"MlS HC 5 fh re than gust 1 IW WQYL vXT'7 YTT Q Albert N Pasternac ff T Q r e w w Lloesht ww k but u ambles Eating takes up mrsf of his t me he says Slnce a seven crurse c vrmerwl h 'rw 3 T ef' 4 heaveh Tear Vs tv ng J favor te ay Ah abe rhuslcrarw AI p ays t e Hrfh He says 5 J G HIT 1 er ,S su h gp rts as base a tg sfrhgfnyreasrwfrtarhe He wasavery eswtrqr bezqf 1 fwewtstwvthaph D Quntea w tabs amber ' the ' tm 'eafh VU' f Cf' V OFC WY 9 wt A ' Jittxc 'ww-'Nl 5 .Y 6 f' is Hx YPM sew g 33.151 T5 C 3 5, ,W aw 5 ly H4 EW? VN 'H N15 ,PQ Smmah rw tru Sue 'ms wt-rg me we A 'E A5 "mt 'mt Ufrf lt U fw1'v"t'-'71 ' Jtt t .xx '-"T'k'VT nm . .1 C'- DU VJ tw N WI'-t"' H. tml? -.each tartw, yn 'H he A A A I- d tgh- fm G V" .fy 9 f Q w 1 De, W xl: Q L Qt , Cat and SH pw ' C ' R Hh- her t the Q a' wa -,ttv T' 'ge www M new '--.a'v1t'Xrthrc1 xenrs the Stthw :wg :lf . she Thx f we Xfbpmq 'ra-eat vk fx w U11 oc a sew my teache hu. Eye-,ww ' "1 Leif XV rx v the Cm r Thaw Qxzee, to " t YM. te gsmg rg be A gvww teacher ' HI ' K5 d 'PA ' SATS T1 :CC s 1 , the ftwvrx bet rc ' w . A I ' , he' t' 1rt'a'x1 L-0:2 'e 3 Her. j A 1 . f wt ' 3 thi vgkrters' 1' h DTQK' yn hg N, b fdk JC QS? I X V m It -T ,, 1' " .lf .Dm V L St cy 5 .3 s 3 , ,L wswcnte arvi ian :www- .. W , A T - f T tl" ,Z Fm, th Tho 3 ef- ' 3 f, ', h 'Tl ' 3 . 6 be 3"'i "'0 M , t ti K, ' h Wt 3 tan hit ver f,,r te wp Q 3 b II ou.: 5 r ent-'mhz Amp 5 X' ry K . V ' J .J stu- , AV' uf ALt51z:hee,L1':tQf D - ' at its X he " ' ' LI , j st ,, A S 5 uh- . . de is I ' a ah ts tw VT? ng TS h S X " E .11 , it , A We A T5 Q I ws of :ewse hte C , - t ii . ,. , H. 3 V ' 5 .1 . TF- "T . , 3 3 . . W. A T 7 A EV' 5 'T 'N , , . , 1 A , 1. L - 'YW 1. U . ,LZ L , 'H ' 'fl 1 Q SENIORS 1940 Hcrmme Mane Pepmger A FLGNHZ W c rartwe Q eauty tsnt he o W 1 nq nat e s e Her w ta r won w r re pus V we best team tne rn was Cwel' 15 vc a 'i cha rw EUC K Sl. V W V U UH VW 'YH t L-A vou all tru success for the tutur aenror Mnnstrel Wnlluam Peters I-AUoPT:f seems t neer u e ow W enever B tS 'vtustc S Bull s ho bx 4 s 1 trurnpet an1Mstenrn 'nrns D rsey s nes ra H s nter ns 3 rngt Newark C M659 fcngrneerrng WL w sh Ruth Gwyneth Pugh RUTH tg one f two e rare persons on whom you can depend all the time When entertarnrnent as needed for some at arr you can alwavs count on her cleverness at presentrng one of ner rr mai on QU Her stngtng abttttx. marie her a hut rn the Junior Tom D Raaen V: Y W wndncr e-J: n ersrmanf, e rrany tr r wr Q One nn ,nt naw H v. ver w r Ines were rig Q x, r eu! must ha ear C re e ved many uf tnern T 'rm s In rnrtaue tts t tee loo rv anager rot is n then an atr s ewardess w b rnttrr D skater she fnds Jrwu, an rn ertner tce skates or roxler In wdrivtton to her other ttlnnts she has the grtt fo! v Skates ty and Itght heartedness DDD Qfn ea Phyllts B Retdy PO SESSINQ a Qutet gerval manner Pn z has Taken part n many 9 3 wr school O ectvg s uven r D t favor te hobbv e emws fo and Sw rrwna ng and s Tens Gewn Manner e rn a nurse I areer H Helen M Renlly HAND rne the 4nur an please pass the mth are the or ers you wauld re erve rf you nmaded the kttchert of e Re: v home or ' n n her Q wrtet srte S Ooknng n wants be ro treace ow the New ark Ewemng News An acc mptrsned Ftw thu L H ' r .Irving E FF OA-E suwv- t, Q f', eh, s .an np- bg 5 ftrf ,yn X, ' pr g1rtafC SAMVWQ far Tru 5 rhmfj . . ,fs 5 'nf 'V' g'r 1 foarlfs teacieral rp B 1 ' t n, D . Q or one of ' ti, Y t "P p" pp Y fn r V Q 're tens scss s , f' its ' .-H, ' f 5, . P0 It I rfruri rf FAD- Q 1 I rwgq ' .C , s tam f fnev emiurs rt be K X C. 1 f I 1,Y,,, w 5 "fly 'C U 'z ters? ,rw 'E ' d irnq for he Q-'A gg Lo A R rm, g ' ' ' o ' ' 1 r Les t efjfril' an 1 na, -t no tea t D"1 becirn: g a . '- , D if Jr, nunnirr kee et ie ngtdrn 'err f' f -,t srces onfrrwuar , HL- nj in t Q- out to me a tsotoall hero, F . H but ,J r- 'L of T ' .5 11 5. J t, nn da Ver me 'att " . 'T s 1 0 Q 5 1 F fotbw tms : f I ' " 'I 1' I 5, f rf A L1 r rt: .s gf t f I' f'unQ1,SS fun of tn CT tweS in , . ' b f ' H ,. 1 Q C U X 3 iS C' en,-JY Wat 'Q tw? tr rf , ,, T, WS ,H Z 5 : ,, . t , , ,- To If C ', arc - r' 1 Sh or efbai errga G-rf, 9+ L 1, ,. , K A , N, A .-r , r . f Q Q X To 3 ce e K , ef HBMHQ a d ,I ta N' rr: e Pnzs c . rgh a b ow Isnt rt ,ny Ms9 'D 5 rr r I fr , t ' ,N , l d , b d - th II , f f , He.e rs r tory o Q m slo es. A Tel? 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Cobb J J Wm DeBaun Wm Bruce R W Frosf :Ie The Tarlor A Hooge C W Hooper W Howe Harry F Johnson S Kelmer George Kraskrn Max Krasner I Lindbergh and Mrs H Magnuson and Mrs F Makaus and Mrs W Mansfreld Mr and Mrs a wd Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs a Wd Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Martrn Murlern Nalen T Nerlsen W Newton M D Newf n F M Ono R Pugh John Raaen J Re dy baJ'x s Restaurant Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs Shanks R Sm Th Stevenson Stock s Dei rcatessen Mr and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs and Mrs Wrlham V W Warfer F L Weber Raul R Wolfe Joseph S Yurlle Yule S Y Q . Mr L R Mr r . E ' A Mr E z , , r Mr, I . . Mr F H H Mr r ' O Mr A r . . Mr, , Mr ' r Mr ' ' , A Mr, E Mr and Mrs George Jeck Mr and Mrs Joseph A Smrth Mr. , J. , r Mr. . , . J. Mr, . - Mr. . . -, , Mr , ' Mr Mr, , . Mr , Mr. . 4 Mr , ' Mr, r . Mr, ALL FORMAL PHOTOGRAPI-IIC WORK NU CAMERA STUDIO KRESGE DEPARTMENT STORE NEWARK NEW JERSEY I Th' Y B k made by of Huesmann and Osborne ARCHITECTS CW I3 ORIENT WAY RUTHEREORD NEW JERSEY W '-EEE -V V -TX 'mfh',.-,-Vx ,f .FH , i A. I DAIRY -'U -A .-E Y E um H A l0l'm'llllNGTUl ' ' 2-l M cos 111-1111 llxilu W wwer ee mono amy 273 L COCO FOREST DAIRY M D NEWTON Q Tip? KE 13W CQMPUMENT5 OF ARCHIBALD LYON, M.D. CQMPLIMENTS A S S O F 1 L E N Z I N G S som. CANDY LuNcHsoN Duck Muh1er Prop? 810 KEARNY AVENUE ARLINGTON NEW JERSEY S OE C L 9 4 I I C 'Q-f EQ U Q PRC WEST HUDSON NATIONAL BANK OF HARRISON Mann Office Kearny Office 326 HARRISON AVENUE 2-TO KEARNY AVENUE Hamson, NJ Kearny, N J, MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 19-4 MAYOR ALEXANDER ALLAN CONGRATULATIONS AND SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF I940 Should some of xou gentlemen fake to smokung you will qef m re pfeasure out of a SCnoen'eber Hand Made Brnar Pupe No Paunt No Varnnsh and needs no breakarg en We make them as low as SI 00 SCHOENLEBER'S NEWARK PIPE STORE 29 BRANFORD PLACE NEWARK NEW JERSEY 1 T .J S rw U , V1 11 1 Q 1 11 - I . . I , 1 WOODROW WILSON THOMAS JEFFERSON P T A P T A COMPLIMENTS OF THE NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL P T A s d MRS DAVID WARK V ce P s e MRS LESTER FERGUSON 2 d V ce P es de MISS MARGARET PELISSIER Sec eta y MRS M GAUCI-I e MRS J LLOYD KEPLER S O MISS MARIAN LEA f 'I woMEN s AUXILIARY ofthe WASHINGTON P T A North Arlmgton Repubhcan Club CS DI ' C M 'I .I h Pre I ent .,........ , , Ist I re sd nt ........ . rw I r I nt ........ r r .........,. I . Tr asurer ........... . . I-Ii t rlan ........... C I C pI of the I C ""g1llv 'rr H3 of WILLIAM P. NEMZEK, M. mprt FRED A HARTLEY JR HOUSE OE REPRESENTATIVES CON 15,5 or mr Umar D STATES WASHlNUTON D JOSTEN S M Inu? lcfurp r5 I The World s Funest School Jewelry mera Ollcps 1 l M1 rw Owat mm Nl was 11 D. Congratulatrons to the CLASS OF I 940 MR ar1dMRS JOSEPH A PEPINGER p 'rw ment LEO BRUCK Cr JOSEPH BIGEL BEIIKEIEY IIEWEII Afflll to BERKELEY SCHOOL usr onnol mw .msn Two year comprehensuve and one year tntensnve secretanal courses for hugh school graduates and college women exclusrvely Dtstrngunshed ,md faculty Attract veterrace . garden studros Effectwe lullotln plocemenlservrce GIIYIII IIDG 420 UXINGTON AVI New York 'At Grand Control Stutlonl Mu ay re n 5 :ns- S 0 OC Ci, J' r rea: rt ,- J p. S . , . of G-3 ' , H E f- r f ' K, . I - In ls. S : , . , . l - GQ l r 1 .rm . .f Plmwt 'V Q' ., . C Y t rv - . I fl I ' TAYLOR S FLOWERS Flowers Delnvered Anywhere QUT rsT ri w D Kearm A L TL eplw L Kmrm IXLIV N J SCHOENDORF Sales and Service Inc Authorized FORD Dealer I SEE LS wr x IWLIL Arrmg! 65 RMSL ,X 31 wi KL Awumc Arlrwf N BERT M FAY FUNERAL Homes HArr5r1 6 J-v 5 332 Harms n Avenue VV V H A GREENE COMPANY Sporhng Goods Camp Outhtters Baseball Track, Tennis, Golf Supplies e 11 DISC unts r A wg! rw H gh S lwcl Sfuden s s w Strrv, Newark N Charter Coaches For All Occasnons JERSEY CITY LYNDHURST BUS COMPANY Subsfantlal Insurance Careful Courteous Druvers REASONABLE RATES RUThCrfJfI 2 XO 25 Omenl' Way Rutherford, N J C mp fmen s of the BACHELORETTES CW 56 A as es fad sf He my MAE ALICE EVELYN CLAIRE HERMINE LOW! lui 'w Q 'JLG-3 I , . I3:v.1eL1 N ' lm' EJ: i'C5.D' L-.un AM JT VI E lv .1 Iiuttm m.1Q.' Used Car-, L' at NM: JVLI Awe A' vtqr vw N J ' I 'I aims C. L-.4-ITT -IST Ku, vr Au I Um, N Kfavw I-3-lil KEAHW 24237K TL NIA Iacl:'1f'3 'B few 'HQ E CLC mam, A I Ng . 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COMPLIMENTS Councllman and Mrs Morton M Machette KEamy 2 2565 KEamy 2 5785 Reuben I Lundy Real Estate n s u r a n National Assocuatnon ol Real Estate Boards S36 KEARNY AVENUE ARLINGTON N COMPLIMENTS Uncle Dave KEarny 2 2266 Bert s Florlst Graves Decorated For All Seasons Decoratnons for Churches and Weddmgs 343 RIDGE ROAD Opp Holy Cross Cemcter North Afungton N COMPLIMENTS Bonny Dell Farms avny 3'J1 COMPLIME ITS Mr and Mrs Nathan Fuchs O9 PROSPECT ANENLJE NO ARLINGTON N J 0 Connor Realty Company cc allsf NORTH ARLINGTON REAL ESTATE Homellte Corporatlon Incorporated NORTH ARLIN TON NEW JERSEY Tclephonc KEarr1y 2 :BOO Esl d I9l9 Agam for l940 Buick s the Buy West Hudson Bulck Co Sales and Servnce KEARNY AVENUE KEARNY N J Used Car Lcf BcIIcv Ile PIkc and Argyle Place a my 3IJO ARLINGTON N Ruth? ford 2 0075 Frledrlch s Dairy D sfnbutors of CREAMI RICH PRODUCTS 273 PARK AVENUE LYNDHURST KEamy 2 0261 We Deliver Bellevue Market FRANK DURKEE Quahty Meats Fresh Fnsh Frults and Vegetables 94 STEVENS PLACE NORTH ARLINGTON N J A Cr L Grocery Company NORTH ARLINGTON NEW JERSEY North nd South End UNION AVENUE 46 RIDGE ROAD KEarny 2 2086 KEamy 2 4898 Scvcrty s x KE If .VV OF 5 OF . . . . 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Gland Raw and Pasteurnxed Mnlk 79 SCHUYLER AVENUE Sew enty sever' TPI KEJ' I E QL14 I - L . OF a , . r - 157 I Cf I' E1 Nl, N J Og.L1I,f4' HCI. C' CQ. C'I1IIy .E A- EIA-f. 5'.,"'I M 'I EfYraI'CC . COMPLIMENTS OF N O ' I I - - J e t I u b m , ' N I 1 0 ii , 272 OF O O 2 ' ' , N, J. W Y I V OF OF ' C O n n A R SAPORITO HOME NEWS SERVICE M L GLIO NOBLE G- BANTA ENGINEERS SURVEYORS I EUREKA METAL REFINISHING CO INC Gaf ay e THE CLASS OF 1939 Heywood Holden, Realtor 320 BELLEVILLE PIKE NORTH ARLINGTON NEW JERSEY Student Prmts C Dm, E 1- Cvnwgzlm tj Cf af , , , M.D. To KEarr1y 2- 4-H Compwwwents of ol 0 ROBERT W. ALLAN, President R. . I , Prop, 152 r reld Avenue Ke rn , N w Jersey TI KE rrvy 2-1057 Complrm nTS of C pi V f S - gh? PRO ED BY TRADEMARK QEGXSTEQED A PRACTICAL AND ECONOMICAL METHOD OF PRODUCING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL ANNUALS NEW UW PQXXVWXVG UO ,Q eww UMW mf swf ,mmf smug LNXON 7 2400 802-X06 sw SWEET WON CW! N. J. Autographs ,, -- . ..,.,,. ,.,.,HL, - :L V W. . 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