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EEIEFJIEIEEI LIBRIS 7 Wag L 1 EEJEELEI E55 '. 'SEI 1. PUBLISHED EY The Class of 1939 North Arlmgton H1gh School NORTH ARLINGTON NEW JERSEY OB TB DS OF 'E OQDFOE' fo -E ,xi vf- EL WE THE CLASS OE 1939 DEDICATE THIS ISSUE OE TEE CHRYSALB TO THOSE WHOSE LOVE AND COUNSEL HAVE SUSTAINED US OUR PARENTS IN GRATITUDE AND AEFECTION My Q Board of Educatlon ILVXV Jug 'X f V fx T T r P "F A-,,f f . . 'V'V-L1H'. 7.05-E 'xQE ,CE-EA 'WN m. X V--W.L,N TYVJLL NHC,-A-I-THR '1MEl.2fL fifM'7D 7 V -VTTE T X. f ' 1 rx FRANK J HURLEY Prmcnpol WILLIAM R HOLBERT Supervnsmg Pruncnpol ALVIN C BECKFTT Q Nmnwrf ml MINNIE DRYSDAII Ar! BFVFQNON CLARKF C xmmvrf ml Yv- JOSEPH J FLIMLIN SFIOIFCUH f1HQAl,D1NE DUFFY Lntm, Enqlwsh MARY F, JOYCE gr wrmfv Hwulfh MARY F' HANNA Gervqrophy EMMA LISTER Enqfush MARIAN LEA Enqfush gl GEORGE E FLIMLIN Science Mathematics LOUISE FADDEN Scmncc DOROTHY l. O'MALLEY Home Economlcs 3 9-' 49 U Q pw, u W.. 'Qu ,- gi" . I Jef ,- . Er . P x6, 2 ,t X. .M in ,. , YQ' -'.f 1 lg- .. ' -I ' 05" ggi: " 0 A,. l'l. sO',gl' ,Q.iF .gl ' f "' " 0 -. 0-0 .I gif, Y Q. 117, 'R 4 Q., 'Ph 3 I Q 7, if Q51 in . is 4 A it is W c slnlLHlYS!X are L lr leer our purpcse fl s r a e s e our classmo v c c W Fa M r v we IYWL lvlcoa s mehr or ed v have c my llecl a clcrallecl accom 1 rf our domgs fha veor ohcl have reported OD our lhvestmgo I IT fthe tvplcal seh or e Ch hese have a savlrg that a clc IS vvort T uscmd words P WVWHWQ onr la lh LAQO fhelr vvusdom we ve lhcladecl rvvelve pagcs 4 l rw cu es lou a lv rles taken bv members l oar c ass alded and abetted by tvvo of oar camera mlr clea teachers The slx dwlsloh pages oo ave lfec lame glve Q mpses of rar V'TWOVWy Sl at N A l-l S We are mclebfea to mam vvho h ve Qlver thelr tame geherooslv to oar ahclerraklhg We vvlsh especlallv to thank oar CHRYSALIS aclvuser Mlss Lea our class advnsers Mr Clarke and Mass Aodcslrk Mrs Drvsdale who helped vvlth the make ap of our book Mr Joseph Flnmlm who sopplled a homber of plcfares and Mr Bradford who asslsted us wurh our flhahclal problems Our hope as lhaf Thus The V239 Cl-ll2YSALlS will glve you Q plcrore of the rlch and varlcd program of our school Tr-lE CHRYSALIS STAFF E l ave Trled Te V7'fTlaC ram 7 fi f ls lc l ' Q Llf WE ta ' store, of car sch or xc-gr lrf DCYWWIVWQ cc, vcorlvriok 11 has 1 w I To DLllQll'l'l rhq' e Th rw lc.sT ff he gs ale fcnr . J res, O klhcl ol memhry book lhslearl :rl the usual Class Wall, Proph CC' Owl bl' lor l-lal Cf gn f lvl mlvresl cml To Tl 1 l l , w , ve X 1 H rf 3 3 fl u ' , - to cl " I l Th l I v pl lre ' h a ho ll Nl 1 r. , ho " 4 X A f, lr' r1a'p lr c, r cl 'lf I , 7 X i B ' , T X h 3 if gg' r cl I f ll 'X 3 ded llfc ' I G ' w , f f , SENIOR ,R OFFICERS 'VT'-r Z X... K ' . - A . ,. L Ur V A member of the fnrst football sauad, JOHN RAAEN was yflted the most valuable player of l937 and was elected captcln for l93:v, dunng whlch sea' son he earned a quarter back posutuon on the all, statc team Track hlgk scorer tor l93:w, plngpong champ, and presrdent of the senlor class, l'Benyy" expects to go to college and become a commerclal chem'st. As assuclate edutor ot the CHRYSAIJS, football manager area ylce presudent ot the sensor class, ROBERT BRADSHAW was a very busy fellow thus year Skllled at playlng the harmonlca, Bob as also an ardent sports tan and swung enthuslast, He en- loys campzng and whlstlrna and lg a swell all around person No one needs to ask ROY NELSON what hrs ambltlon ln lute lS We all know he wants to be on accordlonlst, Playung hrs accord.on I5 has chlet en' thuswasm next to has frlends, who always come tlrst. l-le has proved hls popularlty and lnterest ln the class by belng chosen treasurer in has junuor and senlor years A peppy gurl wuth a cheery smrle, that's RlTA ORLANDO. Ruta has been a tavorute among her classmates, as proved by the fact that she has been elected secretary ot our class for two consecutlve years. Because of her love of sports, we are sure that her career as a gym teacher wlll be successful. Th rteer' 33,1 T.:HL.s J, bf -L L. ua as LL'xjsl'3 l Hugo Bogatto vi if qs., Ruth Alvenus Campbell 4. 4-f Y i" X "i Esther Louise Blorling Lucy Baird mg: H-. " Q- ' its -V Alexander Bruce Margaret Therese Burns Dorothy One of the many attractive things about LUCY BAIRD is her nick name, "Cubbie." "Cubbie" wants to be a piano player in an orchestra or a secretaryvor better still, to have no work to do at all, and tour the country at leisure. What an ambitionl When things go wrong, ESTHER BJORLING breaks into a smile and says, "Oh well, everything will turn out all right," Non- chalant, pretty, and vivaciouswthat's "Hesse," When she achieves her ambition of becoming a nurse, she'll cure her pa- tients with a smile, RUTH CAMPBELL, better known as "Beans," enjoys crowds. She loves to be neat and since she's always cheerful and full of pep, we're surely going to miss her when she applies for that position upon graduating, Her employer will get a "find," Distinguished and active describe HUGO BOGATTO, who has made o success of fulfilling two difficult overlapping posi- tions -that of first president of the GO., and captain of our trophy winning track team If "Bing" works as hard in his busi- ness career, he can achieve only one goal-that of success. ALEX BRUCE is the fellow with an exposure meter in his eyes. While the CHRYSALIS was in the making, Alex was one of our photographers who stalked about murmuring such stuff as, "two seconds at FS" or "l ZOO will stop that," He was right, too, An enthusiastic sewing class student, MARGARET BURNS hopes to someday become a famous buyer for Mocy's or some other large department store, Margaret is interested in fashions and would like to make this her life's work, We confer upon DOROTHY DANEK the title of the quietest girl in the school, but we clon't mean that she doesn't have good times. Dot reserved Friday nights for going out and the rest of her evenings were spent in-guess what? Right! Studying. Fourteen Anna Danek I tl H Ciiilsiin Vgrglf Crgft JoliiiCzlfibra Shy and reserved, RUTH CARLSON is a typical school girl, for although she may seem rather quiet, Ruthie can surprise you with a good hearty laugh when the occasion demands. She is planning to join the business world upon graduating. An enthusiastic football rooter is VERA CRAFT. Unfortun- ately the football season lasts only till November, so Vera has to fill out the year with roller skating. Vera has ambitions of becoming a window dresser, We'll know where to find an expert. JOHN CALABRO, our aviation mechanic in the making, is the jovial punster of the class. On the football gridiron he gain- ed the title of "l25 pounds of dynamite" from the coach. If we ever hear of a successful space ship, we'll know it's John's. Determination and an indomintable disposition both on the football field and off are two virtures which are in OZZIE CALO'S favor. Being a blocking back, "Oz" knows what it means to fight for his Alma Mater. He hopes to work upon leaving school. ANN D.ODSKl is no mere grandstand sports enthusiast, for she likes to get right into games herself. Like many girls, she enjoys dancing and rollerfskating Her ambition is to be a pri- vate secretary with an A-l rating. DOROTHY DUYOR says she can't wait till she graduates, but we know she's had so much fun here she'll be sorry to leave our school. An enthusiastic rooter at all our football games, Dot can shout as loud as the cheerleaders RICHARD DZIEMIAN has been called the "hidden genius," because of his flare for doing odd things, like being "Bongo, the Wild Man" at the Junior Circus. His deep interest in foreign affairs and reading usually result in good history marks. Fitteen O Anr Do Richard M. Dziemian 17 Charles E. Haffeman Q as- , Harold E Goss, X f Oh x"s '27 "af Ruth G. Ellers Lai - Talk: t I 9, Edward R. Hendrix Ethrl S Craefe 'K-lcziit rt Elizul ctlt Han LDUIS l"Lew" Mantessafll GALLO is the humorist and genius of the class, but he is not content lust to make us suffer, for he intends to be a humorist for a famous newspaper Louis was unique the one box cheerleader with seven pretty girls "Appealing" might well describe RUTH EILERS, Ruthie ent ioys social affairs and, of course, dancing A pleasant iob in the business world is Ruth! desire and as there is a needle in every haystack, Ruth, you may find just such o career HAROLD GASS was always in the thick of the fun A real fighter on the football field, he was usually found at the bottom ofthe pile. No matter how big the opponents, "Hal" will always flash his aggressive smile and plunge right in CHARLES HAEEEMAN, alias Charlie, is our radiant literary artist who never fails to iniect the germ of cheerfulness into those around him "Cheerful Charlie" is a whiz: too, when it comes to throwing words together All-around iolly good fellow is EDWARD HENDRIX. His rare choice tidbits ot wit have kept us in good spirits through many dull moments. Of course Ed is a sports fan and likes to see our boys bring home the bacon, ln the morning we were usually enlightened by ETHEL GRAEEE's notes on the history assignment for the previous night. Ethel works in the school office and hopes that this experience will help her after graduation lnstead of being just an ordinary sports fans, BETTY HANEY likes fencing and horseback riding Tranauillv sweet, Betty wants to go on to college and become a teacher Doubtless she will be voted the most charming teacher. Sixteen jf?-F' 1 IQ! v. lla mr Enwerx lzcttt, Vlcsw Haw n L ttf rfl llepper BETTY EMERY and good tlmes are as lnseparable as chlld- ren and lolltpops Her pep as a rheerleader grew oat ot her love for sports VVlth her sparlflna personality and cheerful cllspl sltlon she wlll ao tar lll ct l'ege and HW lute A ,ov al rzcrschallt-, and a aalet slncere manner go ta make up BETTY HANNAN liettx lS a swell sport and has an excep- tuonal Olllltllx ter athletlcs She ernlrjtvg a good mrvle and asks only a chance to become a success HW the world ot baslness In splte of hls avowed enthaslasm t,r hewdaxs CLIFFORD HERRER lS loathe t, leave school behnnd htm Perhaps that lS why he lntends to keep rlght on and become a teacher Atter OCl'1ICVllWQll'1IS, he wants most ot all to see the world. 'lMost valaable plaver for the V331 season flttlnalv dese crlbes KENNETH HECKER As a taotbal' ture eater he lS second to none, and as a good stadent and a svvell tellovv he ts anbeate able After WOVl4llWQ to earn some money 'Ken' hopes to go to college RICHARD HOLUGAN ts a svvtng tan rt there ever was one. "Hap" beats the skln tar the N A H S SNAIYWQ Band un Jean Krapa style Dlclds other hobby as vachtnng, vvhlch he takes In tull stride Surely he wlll never lack trtends GLADYS HENRY ns one ot those persons that always have samethlng to do and something to sav. She lS the possessar of a charmnng smlle and a wlnntng dlsposutlon whuch should help her nmmenselv as she seeks her posutnon as secretary nn some OlflCC. Who was the famous busnness manager at N A H S 9 JUL- IUS HORN, ot coarse Evervthung "Yaddv trled has hand at- handlnng money tar the Janlor Clrcas and managing the attalrs ot the CHRYSALIS, plavlng on the football team fvvent over vvtth a bang Seventeen Q, Y Kenrtc th E Heel' er Rlchard Brown Hell Gladys A. Henry Q Julras S. Horn ., QQ Pierre B. Lacombe Robert Kreiner . 'Q li 'Q' x.. Gertrude Kaplan 15555 -ks Edith Carol Johnson of -X - g S-- .U' E 3' ""' Dorothy Mae Leopold Margaret Mary Lochridge Robert J Hughes Determination, diligence and an enviable personalityfyes, thats EDITH JOHNSON "Ede" has given vent to her literary genius in the STUDENT PRINTS and the CHRYSALIS Being O typically active girl, she delights in swimming and dancing GERTRUDE KAPLAN, who lived up to her reputation ot being one ot the most light-hearted ot girls, always declared that friendship was the most important thing in high school, Shes planning to continue her education at Berkeley, Atter the travel bug has finished his work, ROBERT KRElNER intends to settle down and write an interesting and exciting book ot his adventures, As editor ot THE STUDENT PRINTS, Bob has embarked upon a literary career which he hopes to continue, Having earned the title ot "The Clown from Paris" because ot his exploits at the Junior Circus, PIERRE LACOMBE has been warmly welcomed to our school Four short years ago he could speak no English, Now he rs vice-president ot the G O A good sport and an all around girl is DOROTHY LEOPOLD, "Dot" is an enthusiastic sports tan and enioyed being on the sidelines, rooting tor N A H S She has made an excellent G, O, treasurer and hopes to become a good secretary, Delightful, captivating, and jolly describe MARGARET LOCHRIDGE. Jitterbug9 Ot course, and an excellent one at that, As a cheerleader and homeroom secretary, Margie showed her glowing personality to be a distinct asset, Perhaps the outstanding ability in ROBERT HUGHES's makefup is his aptness at cartooning. But who doesn't remember the famous thirty-eight page story Robert wrote? lt's hard to know whether he'll be a writer or an artist, Eighteen vp., awq- his 2.4 uv' 'hw' QQ .-- T l ilvlan-,uri Cali-rid liwez Ni' linc ux Auflre, Nl' rin, "At left halfback is THOMAS MANSON e", Yes, some day these words may be coming out of your radio speaker "Moe" deserves credit for his hard work while playing for his Alma Mater Besides football, Moe likes bowling and billiards Gl.ORlA MOLINEAUX has contributed much to her school and class. Her scholastic standing and her winning personality have gained her the presidency of the Honor Society, but don't think that she is a grind, for she likes dancing and fooball games, AUDREY MORRlS's curly hair is the envy of her classmates, but she would rather be sleek looking like Dolores Del Rio Audreyls cheerful nature is hidden beneath her quiet manner, We know she'll reach her obiective, a commercial teacher. Like the rest of N AHS 's three musketeers, HENRY MORE wants to become a successful business man Perhaps one of the chief reasons is that "Hickie" enioyed the business machine course so much Like many business men, he is already a staunch movie fan. WILEORD NEAL has the unique ambition of becoming a great banio player and is planning to study music when he leaves high school Willy's favorite recreation and pastime is roller skating and they say he certainly can skate like a champion A flash of red-gold hair and a charming smile-Wthat's RUTH NORDFORS, whose task it was to edit this Yearbook Brimming with enthusiasm, she found going to high school a grand experience. "Rusty" has the highly original ambition of becoming an author. A-l iitterbug Who? MILDRED NUTTALL, ofcourse' Mil- lie enjoys dancing above everything else, but, nevertheless, finds time for swimming and iceeskating, Since she enjoys social events and sports so much, her comtemplated office career may seem dull, Ninetee Hecr. E More of Wilfurdl. Neal S. 4 QXXX sv- Ruth Alice Nordfcr 'E Millred Nuttall l jj 4,.. il Y Charles J, Smith .Suu i , X- j, Winfred Emily Schoen-eber ova Sarah Luella Schiid X -.1 X Y Bertha Sahagian Janet Barbara Schreiber BERTHA SAHAGIAN has a quiet, genial manner. She says she has enjoyed everything that school life has given her, but prefers dancing and listening to the radio above everything else We'lI always remember her as the darkeeyed gypsy in the Junior Circus. One of the peppiest of the cheerleaders, SARAH SCHlLD enjoyed dancing and swimming as well as watching football games. Sally has always said she liked everything in school, even the studying. The Tri-Y liked Sally, for they made her president. WINIFRED SCl-lOENLEBER's greatest enjoyment in high school was chemistry lab. Winnie liked football games and her studies, too. Her greatest ambition in life is to be a success. We wish Winnie luck in her college career. An all-star football kicker, CHARLES SMITH admits that he loves to sleep, "Wide-awake" Charlie was also one of the track heroes, Can't you just imagine him in l999 telling his grandchildren about all the fun 'way back in l939? "Fastidious" is the word for JANET SCHREIBER, for she is always as fresh as the proverbial daisy. A success in school, she devoted herself to all sorts of activities, enjoying especially football games and dancing. A scholar and talented pianist without being a bore- that's ISABELLE SKAL, "Izzy" proved her love for sports when after every football game she could just whisper, "I'm a little hoarse," When she smells HZS in her college lab, she'll remem- ber room lO-4. "Silence is golden," is the motto of DOROTHY STEITZ. Of her four years in high school, Dot enjoyed her junior year the most. When not in school, Dot's favorite recreation is swimm- ing. Her aim in life is to be the perfect secretary. Twenty Q- i K X X lsabelle Skal Dorothy Ma ga et Ste YQ. Q' Nun! if 3 Sf JOQCJ Q m C 'vlo yMa el Strecke We con stall remember the doy when EVELYN STOCK first come to N A H S She mode us thank of Snow White Although she hos been here only o short time Evy enaoys our corefree otmosph re ond tne friendliness between student ond teocher You heor someone g gglang turn ond see JANE STORM INGER wreothed an her awfcctaous gran Stormy olwoys loved chemistry olthough she could aust obout reoch the top of the Iob toble As o cheerleoder she gove some of her pep to our squod MARY STRECKER wall leove our high school thas yeor but at wall be some time before lost troces of the ort work thot she hos left behind wall vonash from our wolls ond fales uaet ond unamposang Dork Eyes as on exceptaonolly good doncer Becouse of haS hoppy go lucky dasposataon JOHN VERDI wos heortaly welcomed bock to N A H S Full of wat ond humor John hopes to follow the footsteps of Wolter Wanchell but an the meontame he expects to work for on ansuronce compony Efficiency as CLAIRE TAYLOR s maddle nome, Whenever there wos work to be done on clubs or the GO. we found Clcaire an the madst of at. She olso proved her obility by ottoining the highest Girl Scout oword the Golden Eoglet. VlRGlNlA TOWNSEND our up-ond-coming Elsie de Wolfe N.A.H S. version is Ginny to oll of us who know her, Ginny wonts obove oll to become on interior decorotor ond one ccan often find her sketching owoy ot house plons ond the like. One of the two girls in the school orchestro JEAN WARTER hos the distinction of being the only senior member. Music is not her only enthusiosm for she enjoys call kinds of sports. Her voraed interests wall continue to win her mony friends. T e - Y inn-7 Jr h M Verdi re E Toylor o A. T :sen 'z Leth Wo ter AL 36' R but A NV 'D PQ Wv .S bt rc. .JI'x" Vt. 'rf in "VIBE Vv.. -SWA, 'su fvvf Q.. ' pi Exerett E' Ziegler Murrfix Z.ilLCVl7fOIi THOMAS WARK has no trifling ambition he wants to become a mllli inaire Upon leasing school however, he is going to get a lab at the bottom and Work' up l-lere's hoping he tinds time tor mam social actixities he so much enioys. Lovable and QG5, SHIRLEY WORTH will r'nOkC Ony of her patients get better when she's a nurse, The mainstay ot the cheering squad, Shirley has helped all the spectators to cheer themselves right into sandpaper throats at every game Who Caught the first winning tOuChdOwn DOSS7 Why ROB- ERT WOLFEI iff course Bob has been active in school affairs as evidenced by his being elected president at the junior class in '38, and president of the l-li Y in '39, A really exceptional fellow is EVERETT ZIEGLER, lt's a case ot the early bird getting the worm, but what would "Zeke" do with a worm His two main hobbies are roller skating and model railroading, and he goes in strong tor both ot them, MURRAY ZUCKERBROD, one of our swing enthusiasts, wants to become an orchestra leader but expects to be a plumb- er, No matter what the future holds for him, we know that his grand smile and jovial manner will win him friends wherever he goes Twenty- two C3 1935 1938 For most of us our hugh school days began on our gram mar school graduatuon nught amud all the excutement of the gurls punnung on theur furst corsages and takung home theur bouquets Wheu Mr Zummerman shook our hands we felt as though we were really grown up but remember the scared solemn faces wuth whuch the boys paraded slowly up the ausles and the confusuon of the gurls when they trupped on theu furst long dresses When September came we found much to our chagrun that we were only Froshues looked upon as babues by the uunuors who were then the hughest grade un the school Our freshman year was enluvened by occasuonal partues wuth spe cual mphasus upon refreshments Our sophomore year started wuth the glad news that we were to have half sessuon untul the buuldung was funushed but ut wasnt much fun when we had to wrute most of our wgrk because the hubbub of the steam shovels and hammers drowned out our vouces One of the great events of the yea was the sophomore theatre party to The Whute l-lorse Inn On the other great trup seven hularuous busloads of us went to the curcus Thus year was also umportant because we furst organuzed our class and brought forth our furst money makung proposu tuon the movue party for the whole school to see My Maru Godfrey The uunuor year the most excutung fulled us wuth the grand feelung the upper classes always have Remember way back when we were freshman were delughtful words to say Even un September we talked about the Prom' However before that grand occasuon we were to know the excutement and fun of guvung our own curcus The menagerue the clowns the freaks the Baxaruan Gardens the dancung and the game room all together proved a great success The Junuor Prom held un the softly shaded lughts of the Swuss Chalet wull al ways be remembered as one of those maun days You know luke your furst date etc The gurls beautufully dressed delucately tunted dresses and the boys cooperatung wuth theur full dress suuts added the necessary dugnuty and charm The year slowly drew to a close and on the senuors graduatuon nught the uunuor gurls Iuterally walked unto theur senuor year when the Dausy Chaun gracefully formed the honor guard for the outgoung class Tety 1 - T u A I I u , I u u u u ff uu u . 6 . x. . Q - 1 - u I 1 F fu V fu l - H I H . . X . . , . , u ' lu uf , . - 1 ' I I I . . I I I 1 - I I - ' 1 I . , IFN 1 1 I . , , , w n -tour 1938-1939 The start ot school thus year dudn't tuuud us wuth the usual "Well, they've got us ccged' attutude We got up wuth alacrutj, that turst mornung last Septeme ber, tor we were senuors. Those exfuun- ufurs, how tar away they seemed' Because of the excutement of new studues and the start ot the football sea- suun we dudn't organuze our class untul about the muddle of October. Then we elected John Raaen, presudent, Robert Bradshaw, vucefpresudent, Ruta Orlando, secretary, and Roy Nelson, treasurer. Soon everyone was at work on the task of mak- ung our senuOr year the best ever. In October, too, THE STUDENT PRINTS began uts monthly output, After weeks spent un gatherung news, typung up the dummy, cartoonung, pastung, and Ietterung headlunes, the edutors, Bob Krue- ner and Eduth Johnson, and theur enthusuf astuc staff turned out a grand "newsy" turst edutuon, to be tollowed by others uust as luvely. We saw further evudence that our school was becomung a "real hugh school" when the turst G O, was inaugurated in the tall. Thus organuzatuon, headed by Hugo Bogatto, presudent, Puerre Lacombe, vuce- presudent, Dorothy Bryan, secretary, and Dorothy Leopold, treasurer, was soon ottackung such problems as charterung clubs, reducung the number of cases of tarduness, adopting a constitution, and establushung a pount system. Twenty-t uve 4' 51.411144 "Ale, the seniors' dues are comung un at last." "'s feature the G. O. nomunatucnsf' Above The G O.-treasurer reports the organuzatuon "un the black Below: The Delegate Assembly members lusten to the munutes. The football season opened rn a blaze of colfnr Slgns so brtght they would have made a rarnbow seern subdued appeared on the blackboards rn every room, lRe- member what happened when you leaned agounst thern9l Of course the season opened wnth a burst of lusty' cheering! too. The cheer- leaders- seven pretty gurls and one brave boy- -kept the enthuslasm of both the plaxers and the spectators at fever heat Just how enthustostrc the spectators were can be seen rn the thrrd pscture We'll never forget the excrtement of that first touchdown of the season There certarnly was plenty of cause for cheerrng We watched the team wtn more games than tn any prevrous season. l-low they slaved at back-breakung call- sthenrcs to lumber taut muscles, rnuch to thetr duscomfort and the inevitable watch- ers' enloyrnent' The hours and hours they spent in sunshlrae and pourrng rain practicrng, in some cases just for the privi- lege of snttung onthe bench and hoping to be allowed to play even a few minutes at the end of the fourth auarterl - we - ...M .. . A L l-'rut what waald the fastball sc-asan be wutnaaf dances iyml flu' auunuua' rluuwuurw It was lwere Tnaf The gurls and even , une Lareuuts nl nl tneur part The Tlwankless tasks af putlung :V -4 1 up an-:rural c ns prunfung fuckers makung posters, and round- uuug up Tne Tucku-T manex alfen ga annafuced Dx flwase Wl'1O SOy, VV11S'lTuT3 swell1'lOu'uCQ" The Tru Y gurls can tell you a lat all 'ar new mach ellarr went unfgtu preparatuans for the Fall Gay wuflw pennants, the Paar- lnall Vuctary Dance, guven by the uuunuarsu was a fuftung true bare fa Oar grand players As un prevuaas gears the clue max af the seasan was the Faatlnall DIMNCV af wliuclw HOV- xey Harman, Rutgers' famaas caacn was aar nanared guest - Tnase wnuu attended wull lang rc-member nus unspurung speech, " Sa lm the way, wull they re- i member the delucuaas aunneu' prepared by fha P T A marners, 1 .K xx O 'Um' x7Mr'ws1rwJs purtws lucid Uwrrsugh .ut Hu' X, M ' www IUXULISNX fvsf-xc MTM Luxuvt- dw game, rgfrcshmours Um! Q M VL View ff The nicfqjhte, ff xjlf Huw gn! NfYT1.X tru-5 Simi lenght Jeifijrgfmvw, TNXXUIV ue. lmmihw the srmfcw uf Myth TCqr'fu-rs :gmi STLMYCITTS, Grid HW vvmdmg up uf xx 'rls we vm' rglczwww kexcwi us fm O fcxurwxh gwtzh mf UCflV1fj fl!! ciurmg TNC xsemix Tw fx rv Qhrwfrwwggs A Nwlgrwr Herr, Of emu NN wgrcgsgui mm ln x .11 fm' pr upcct of ll Mum Qhrmtrwwcgs AUM T 1 Exim' hw ffuxq1pup.1.nTr'if wxfwrjw ffm Qiiiy Jk:wmaiCNuf1r, Swow Lind MJMQW later, as the pwffurfw lvclcww SUCH or these gurls the snow meant fun, for the boys, funds 152.00 to be exact! fH'f.fse!t- vw' G--1-sr W , ewes 4. Preporing the Scenery The other side of the Christmas seo- son ffthe deep religious significonce of the holidoyswwos reflected in the beoutiful Notiyity ploy produced by the Senior Dro- motic Guild The lovely scenery wos the result of hours of concentrotion upon plonning, drowing, ond pointing. None of us will soon forget the intense blue of the sky, lighted by one golden stor, in the first scene, or the glow obout the strow- thotched stoble in the second, The cleor, fresh voices of the Glee Club set the keynote of the ploy ond odded the chorrn of the old corols to the beouty of the ogeless story, Following the Bible story closely, the ploy told of the oppeoronce of the stor in the sky, the coming of the ongel to the shepherds, their journey to the Monger ond their offering of gifts to the Child, ond finolly the odorotion of the Wisernen. Twenty- e Upon our return to school in our newly- acguired Christmas clothes we were greeted by the cheerful news that work had at last begun on the erection ot the latest addition to the school, a gymnasium and auditorium wing, The contrac- tor, the surveyor, and the tractor, combined with the snorting rhythm ot the steam shovel, gave a "men-at work" atmosphere to lXl.A.l-l.S. A wave at activity surged through the school, The mural showing awesome prehistoric monsters was completed in the science room. Clubs re- sumed their programs interrupted by the holidays. The Lens and Shutter Club, particularly its senior members! began in good earnest to take the many pictures they contributed to this yearbook. Amid all this excitement students were con- tronted with the problems ot studying for exams and writing their tirst term papers tor history. The library saw a steady stream of seniors pour- ing over books and encyclopedias, ll- 4"' 5,313 N1 find -Nt l .- rg reap-ggrgrw ter term paper: brrdu eye new Drttc werrvfg eye vtew 'WC' CCR tc wark Informotnom Pleose' rev 'Awrwg or hcse mud-xeors Where do teachers get such questions? For these amttervts the reward mf icvoltv schoforshtp, ex- crm thetr fe'?cw students was etecthurw to rhewwbershtp IU celterwt Character and Jtttstomimg gerwrgg rg yhe schoot the Nattzmci Honor Soctetv X H 'ZX' r 3 ff' an." ,fin . 0 I it X A "' 4 H ' w 'x -s ' Q "' 50 H I J' N n is ..,,, The clnmax ttf aar s tclal calendar was the Januar Pram guvem lil hcmar af the semars The beautiful event added ah ,ther memary tc Oar lust af hugh school revertes The glrls were breath takmg IU thelr soft, swlrlthg dresses and the fellows added a hate af dlgm ty In therr "summer farmals H Havlhg reached the goal ttf every sensor, name ly! QI'GdLJOfIf7f1, we wall always recall the stately caps ahd Qawhs, the preclaas duplamas, the heverftarbe forgotten farewell speeches, and last, with dreadful fmalvty, aur marching aat af the portals af our Alma Mater forever. AND THEN- G RADUAT IGN A DAY AT N. A. H. SZ What sort of private life does he have? between periods, in his spare time, after school? What sort of private life does he have? What about his social affairs, his friends, his yi? . likes and dislikes? These pages contain the answers in pictures that tell a story-informal and intimate shots show- ing the lives and habits of students, These pictures, based on a recent survey of the senior class, present an authentic study of student , life as we have lived it. Nil antlinr Oldrrn cluck ii'-r lil"SlClS crfuwin l l mules the typical sciwimr but his rn4ftlier's call, 4 fe sf l 'rv Zlviffle .Leif -ffjji an '5- Putting her best face forward takes ten minutes Breakfast is usually MOSY S6f1lOfS walk of a senior girl's time. Almost all use make-up. light, milk is popular, to and from school. -f"' its 'fl ':9 10 No "CfCCD'fWQ lllfe Smlll Un' The day begins with Bible read- 1 Z A Sluflenl Checks allen Wllll'iQlY V1 SCl'l00lH l'lCfC- ing, prayer, ancl flaa salute. flonce 0mll"0VlQ5 0Uf Sllp if! x 4, Q' n fi X Oxcr- week Q 1 www ws TPS NWC r I LV 4, Umm H3 Nw Ycfcif 2,9 fs new W-1 Scmarx fm Lxpu mu rw phxwcs hom X 1 pm At the Weglnesday assembly periods seniors en- iay plays, movies, talks, and musical programs. .xr Students learn how They learn, too, haw to give to find information. one another a helping hand. Two sleaths in the biology lab investigate The members at the trig class listen to an explanation what it is that makes a grasshopper hop, of a mast perplexing problem of planes and angles. "So you think you'll get out of a bath by hid- "A poodle'S life is ing under the stove! Not on your life, boyl" not o happy one . . . -,,ff .f if 20 .lb fi xii 1 At the new chorgmg desk the ossrstomt : At thctr dew wutwwc: smut ,ru mr rgppcllr-ri tar learn how Irbrorrorw checks out 0 boruk for 0 student. much VWUVLCY TVWCV must YOISC' 'N B. Thcv roused It I ash , 24 L- 11 The secretorv looks up the program of o student : Football ptoyer 2 Owls full up that ochm who worxts to get changed from phygtcs to study. turns order boy. wtfttf wth crcckgrg gm! mntk 'G X 6 X If zmbwgitv ' f . 2 '47 When there-'S scrub- : HC como out of the tub Q ' Hera he 'rcs where fi d to t QS 1 b 29 bmg to bg dong" so ner but 0 whntcr Og. w 'Oni Q 'CM A tgwvrttc VQCYCOYNOH t5 pmq-ptnq Attgr gpm Lxuv mug f gwk1l,Ivw'1 11 -, Mm kg this T t vs t Q14 rt tx 32 QSDCCIOIEY In O Dlayfucrvw It H , at sl gig rw - -W f KX wfrvxtmwntl. 4- Q M'-.1 "I'm mo gleepy to moke : Exon the newspaper CQHVT wwwut fum DCDCVS :rp .mv pr 'cros- semge Juv of thus book " keep 0 serum. awoke, tfxzt rn wiv vm lccbmq cw? Cwffee 1 : gl 7 After O whlic' U student qets kl4S "second Term pnpurx wr nu tc-rm puporm, the scmrtr wand" 07161 fmris staying awoke COSIQY, ends his ciuy Us Fw lwqun It ustcvp N Yi 21 ? F M , 5 J I Z 1 I -L. .,, - fi., .., n 1 y. T W-JO OF CLASS ,I Q: - v0 4 C- i u QI 'x X c L L E .. :Af ' f..w. aiu qw 0 fx '09 A ii: 1 95' ' 5 ll' Nl A I ff -0- E5 Lf. I 4 + , 'rf- ,, .A 7' n V Y Iva' 1 ,Liu 5 :ns ,y A as ,, , 50 'f 3431.4 X ,, s , Q 1 Y ! I f I i . . . is . I .---- I 1 x z ,. .., 1. 4 5 'af H 'a :mini- 5, ,U x,q..'." P u 771 Q Q a .Q si' F 1944 SSO A CL YS W W x WXXNAW L NTT HN MVS N N w fx WL R r L f 4 'WI v N J f TMI f r J 'LMA 1 HN WL LI TL Q WE' ,W ,L ' ' ,' A Y 'X' ' 1" " .k',Ax Ing: :R . -, I I. I., vi f' If , ff w'xg'UxTr.1.'.rr... I .g:' . 'nw'-uw " "r ,ZLHQU 'T N 'mx gm .fg:X3'w' XSLNVL. .X-,'uIh'xI Y"'r ' V K" 'Yi' gl' U ,xr-iw K 4' Nj "'g A 1.."w1 ' ,f . kk? 'VN X, QE- - ,M xt 'fLn L'l'N Um'gu1rgwwuXff':1 f E. ' Tm 1 .lf UL 1 Y H-L "' yxxrf, 4 N. " L " f'NQk, YLQ A 'V' 1 'T VW' ' 'N '. .'Vf fmt 'Tv ICH! f' ,jx ,AH z .I -1' 1' .. V ' NIV mf ' 1 T'V'W QlIK1"H1'fxIW'x" L" J. 'f ,T "-, V' XMQV 7 TV' ' 'X. Um,"-,rv gm? .,' ' .- ' .' 1..'? . ww.: Y. LAT .rx tw 5 Qwup TML' LN , '1 THQ .' ',1 XI . X- ' WW 'u "ll NHL' f'Nl ,V ,mg 3 rw- I :'x: TH pw .' A' X: -x" xg ' L: M QNQ LIN Hu r 3-rw" H' 'Weuxf "uf V'L."f"."t 'x.rT"1" wg 4 rmmxg lr' I? 1, N4 rw 11 'km , " ..n- XL. QP,','KlLkl W wig TH dc' rm 'r ds Tm rvmwmzl tX1'w'Y ru-cl N- gr", ,Vw.1'W "'wTwTu?wr' muh C11 Tva wg: Ml' ' T'M"'1r.figr jg, "ww M. N L"1T"QyH VVlFN gurgti5Qc1'm'u , .wg ' .1' xp f L W5 ,gf L7 any ."g.1rgmx1t1C MJ vw? V: rw' .w xT g ,rt TM' mf, 4 -eq' 'Y rr'g.'w, ,lrxgrwzf-C pr 'dL.Qfm.,rw ff TVM'wCY"w.Wr1Mn ki ' f,"TMr dm,-QT W, fgr.mi'rcrQf1', ,fcfruiwtuxi Y' VH E Mgr N, XZ 'mm Q' -,xr 1- gr mi: TPM nf 3' ,LQ N 'QM rf-Y ',,f 3 gr"1' , 'w L-STX 'yi wg yum' V' 3 Img ri ::-f- .' fi rum: 'JK w' M-rf-WA, J Nm' QTQJQWT5 1' 'nie-'V 1 g'HN-LIL' wm1r', I Hg T x Tw,-5 HMT wi crwrxih Ymwr 3111-r f fhi- T 'Yr 1 ' WTC' 'J 'Te Va wf- xx if '1,.'w1L1tlifj, HW" Uifufx 3 5 "YV" g'-r .1 f :M -rr" Li... TM-Q Tr1furr.C JX3 'Z JL, pf Qrilrvw M- ir 1-, 'T' gr A2 E gr? af Mm Cc 1 ' nl FXVQJ'kNZClTw',U Maw 51C"1',,TL , yr' ,Q-fl Y Il' XV- mwsf-T Yu ff 1 U , 3g:r'11grg inwzj 'HCM Vwlwf r4'1gr',r1-,Pwfgm:uniLmciww 'diy f vw' kI,wT"fn.Q' g, -'KU 'J "7 YV- Y1M,rfg Qui 1' il IKE the House of Representatives in Wash- ington, the Delegate Assembly is the part of the G O. that is in closest touch with stud dents, Made up of representatives from each homeroom, this group discusses problems confronting the school. After they have thrashed out difficul- ties, the members make up suggestions and recommendations to be brought before the Executive Council, who in turn look to the Assembly for new ideas and an expression of student opinion r'-OZCOO H14--lC0mXm 'in' lMILAl2 to the Senate in Vtfashington, the F- Executive Council of the GO, passes on all suggestions brought up in the Delegate As- sembly The main purpose of the Executive Council is to help students as much as pos- sible by following their suggestions and by re- moving causes for complaints. Besides the G O. officers and the club chairman, the council has nine members, two from each of the three upper classes, and one eacn from the three lower classes. -4:-Uogmmmjr m-ljvmmr-mU rs vi , y :Jil .4,, rain 54 l X X 6' nw 9 3.13 I2 Q. ' I 6' f I , r vs Ji eitiig 1' g? in wig? E? xi N ,f 4 ,Alf-5. I 1' L IL-.f,1n.l I--Q I a,F,.1L 2 H N Octaher the HIYY Club! numbertng ten senvars, elected ten juntars ta brtng the mernbershtp tw the usual twenty Thls accamnltshed, the club went ahead wtth nts regular acttvttues amang whtch were: a trap to the Rahway YMCA spansared by the liahway HI Y, a swimming party ta Hacken- sack, a skattng party to l-lackensackg a sertes at vallex ball games wnth the Tr: Yg and the spansartng at sexeral safety nralects and as semhlx programs tar the school Q5 EDlCATED fLtTl'16tdCOlOlCOFY'1r'T'tL,1VtlTy ser' wee, the Tn'Y has more than tulttlled tts :rms The gfrls x ated to ratse a fund at tttty dallars taward the expense at publtshtng the handbuctk Thts year they gave the tlrst at them' annual tall dances, and made the grand prattt af Sf 47. Ltke mast at the ather clubs, they had a Chrfstmas party but they enlayed even mire the the thex had later, to whtch they tnwtted tlae hcxs at the t-ln-Y. X x "'- 5i P ii '-xx.. D E B C L U cfm-IZ-JUTJ -lZf'f1UC-lw FFII-l Aw- HE Student Prints Club has as its major activity, the publication of the school newspaper, THE STUDENT PRINTS. The paper, which is published every month, shows clearly the hours of concentrated effort the members put upon their work. Starting four years ago as a mimeographed magazine, the paper has evolved into a four-page, off-set printed publication that reflects admirably the busy life of N.A,H.S. The club provides staff members with opportunities to get experience in journalism. 'Vis O learn the essentials of good breeding- that is the purpose of the SubfDeb Club. The girls had numerous opportunities to act as hostesses, especially on Club Night when they entertained the teachers and the guest speak- ers. Much of the club time is devoted to a study of the rules ot etiquette which make social life pleasant. They have learned how cultured people behave under different cir- cumstances so that they in turn may be free from embarrassment. UUCU1 B .1,m"'r"1 N Mt. ww Nl. HE tfrnlluantty C turett ,fstwm r r the Jun lar benror fNAwstre', the t.nlx drwxe, and many other fries:-, rs we re rr rtpets ot the Art and Poster-r L uf tvftwzers hue used therr own tune truwlk tu tn 'gt others QCT pub' Inetty tor worthwhrie acttvrtues As thrs as an atter Sfhfivifl Stub there are no at-t 'me cruh nwc-T was exrcpt when there are posters needet: t. r the ttttererwt dass tr School prugects Then the art room hams with OCtrvltx N " L 1 0 Y V Z We 7. gf. '51 2 N UZZD -WD, WVU-tUWO'U Q, N answer to the requests ot a number of non Cummereuat students who wanted to learn to use ottree machtnes the Business Maehnes Club was QVQGVWwZCd The members learn to use such eautpment as the addung machine and the poster prrntnng machine. They nn turn render a servuce to the school by preparrng posters and programs tor various 3- 2 rn rw a 3 Lf O90 0-13 3- V' DQ WC So' 3? La 23' 3'-+ Oro T2 3' Q3- 53 Om U1 3 Bo' Ofb U71 '+ o 5732 3- 59. QCD ya. mLfwmZ-LACUJ UWZ-IODPZ f.-B'--v"'f-"e, 1'ee""o .fame x A , 'Mfr H X eff 3 U , Q I A V -g Q J IN .1 1 I .f f . ,-. -Q lf" ' A - if 3' x , ' 4 Q . .5 A Qvk - f T Q, l ' ff,- 'I 3 5 1 6 3 1 f 5 Q 3 ,xg :,f' -f-90,5 g, H363 565 65 'L Q,cZ-A6 QQ J in Q ' n 'f ""'.. 'f I -rffg 3 5 sg w x l Q I 5 Q ts ' 1 ,I N1 4 Q, ? xfgfewgwansg x' 5 'elim fi Q ,- f- F i'N..W .x ' av osx? w 2w Q 3 lu. A -1 Q5 f -1 R Q. t I , .' ' N E f , ,A I. K, . s . A I 5 S: X ' I Pl 6 Q 7 U . f, 'df 1:2 A K g, 5 S Q 1 W, I' 1' an L V E ' 9 gf I "' 5 ff vat "v 1- N Q 6 W s t 3 Q: 9' S ..4 Q 1 R16 Q qv ' 1 11 f 'J nf v '- 1 Q Y G" , Nm . LEX 4 ' ' 'zilfhfxli 5 5 ' Q q f 1. - '1 U sf A no , , Jyurl 1' lvvvf. G Q5 FM .s - K .IQ we ig W p . Lg P1 U 2256 'E' 0 v' , 'W 2 -v Q u Z I '54 Z - I E 3 fl 51 if W ES I V4 , 1 -A 'f Q, , 4 1 K V P g : w l 5. r r - iff 9 A 1 5 Q3 4 'gr ,Q I a 3 if -'M is ' ' ' ' ' an .- ,I 'Q lfgtg jf , s A 1-J 'ary .. 913m i""JS QA. 'fx ' ' wi 5 Jak mZmr" UZ? ZUIT1-l-lCILft NO-ZCL 6 his issue of the CHRYSAUS owes much to the Lens and Shutter Club, for its mem bers contributed many of the informal shots. Composed of iuniors and seniors, the club is fostering interest in phatcgraphy as o hobby in school and tn later life The club was fortunate in having the Board of Education purchase a splendid auto- focus enlarger for them, They sold about one hundred football pictures On Club Night they featured an exhibit of their work, with n prize for the best unit. " B. Tf' is the official name of the Junior Camera Club The letters stand for "Jn- stantaneousf "bulb," and 'timef' and were taken from the markings on cameras. The purposes of the club are to improve picture taking technique, to learn developing and to get more enioyment out of picture tale ing Each month there was a contest for the best snaprshttt, the best pictures to be entered are a contest at the end of the year. They raised a fund for the poor at Christmas and bought a dexeloping set. 5 . '-s...,s X i ll I C Qr 1 -1 . 1? c A M E R A at NX QWSJSTQ Zz HQNN " 4 ixs- I L Wm P 'b Ss 1 FHZOI OZOFW1 TVN Hvbm0UZbI U1 Q - K Q C U -l T VD K O 7 VD 3. 'Y FD 7 Q1 U5 'Y fD xo. 'W O No 5. Cl VU Lf LQ 2 J LQ EWING a tine seam is no longer lost art to the members ot the Home Economics and learning how to wear clothes to the best advantage, In addition to making clothes, they gave several parties to show the girls how to be correct and gracious hostesses Their spring projects were a tashion show in which the girls exhibited the clothes they had made themselves, and a number ot trips to different clothiers. an lx ITH so many people riding hobbies, the Girls' l-landcratt Club has proved very popular In tact, it became necessary to di vide the club into two groups The girls worked on protects ot their own, each one choosing some sort of handcratt that she will continue to be interested in, such as knitting, crocheting, soap carvtng, block print' ing, and making and weaving baskets Many brought their own materials, but some were supplied by the sponsors HEN as a hut pick not a hut puck? The aoswer rs, 'Wherw a Leathercraft Club member IS usmg at to tool Teather " Usmg such sample too's, thex iearrwed first haw' to marmrpulate the leather Theo they made de STQOS tor such artrctes as key cases, wallets, and change purses After less hs rr: the art of Iacrrwg thev turned to more drftrcult protects luke Irhked belts jerkms, desk sets, and book csxers -u... ,, . , s 93- " f 1 " ' . Q... 'D' HE Auto Ctub was orgamzed to help nts members Team how' to drrve urmtetlrgehtly under xarrous corwdrtrons and how to avoid ac- crderwts These rrurposes were accomplrshed by drstrrbutrrwg pamphlets, readmg books, and prcserwtmg specral speakers and demorwstra' TIOINS At the erwd ot the year the state mspec tor QONC members a wrrtteh amd 'zral test. Those who succeeded uh passing thts test may, wherw thex reach the requnred age, get therr lrcemse by takmg just the road ood vrsroo tests, -t'fW3P?UfWIJr'11I-UPfT1f' 8. I a 4 I i 'ri-3 l... --- a Qr .S 1, F5 sttll a red letter day tar French Club members when a letter arrnves tram France The members are even now addtng to thetr knowledge ot French by an exchange ot cor' respondence wtth students an France Thetr program was rtchlv varued Each member crtntrtbuted a chapter to a bltok en' tttled, "A Boys Trtp to Francef' They gave a Thanksgtvtng basket to the poor, had a Chrtstmas party, went on a trap to see "The Amertcan Wav,' and later saw 'Ballertnat MR FRANCE H " PPLEALING to gurls' interest nn actually talmng part In sports, the Junlor Girls' Sports Club as popular wnth students an the sev' en'h and erght grades, The tarst meettng ot each month ts devoted to bustness, whtle all the others are actnvttv meettngs. Members ot the club take turns tn planntng tor the Octav- nty meettngs. Bestdes games olaxed durtng club oertod, the gtrls have enloved htlong, swimmtng, bt' cxcltng, roller skatsng, and an outdoor partx' marlatng the close of theur year if Luterory Staff CHRYSALIS STAFF Advcrtusmg Sports AYP Subscrnphons l Photography Typvng k ' o' ' w,, V ,v ,. , , , . , 'V .. - V , 5 jg - 1 QAV. My-AM-' W, K Lx 1 'LMA ,,, 'ega- 'X . I 'UA X L AZ X '22 ff x ii N FOOTBALL SCORES x POINT PLEASANT 1-4' GOOD COUNSEL LYNDHUIST HARRISON HASBROUCK HEIGHTS WARDLAW Qusm or PEACE ......,.,,.. Owe 'K N A t-l N tctec wc SQOXUU cv pct Cx L K ' aut n L of bac Wcs mc sen anc urc ws x c cl what w c er 'Xlc tt Ar tw to f 1 wen thc nys y cr 1 c tcam a c twcx r a ' c w systcn NX y s to Lcrfe x Or ut wus cam L cy dlscoxcrcc th cv d s er' rmer Q cout Cen ers ul l LS t w v Q o axcrs a d c wches the block was potty uw tc c o wc stasfn A Polnt asa tt l wasn f so smtotn cs oulc wc dcslrec but at t ' w 5 1 L r s t a t ry wc t was the team l use t the ncw swtcr Thcre ore becausc of a superb e e tse the s orc was 6 lln North Arllngton s favor At Good Cotnscl the ll cklng was smoother hut falled somctlmes at our opponent s goal Ilne Yet the blockcrs were responstble for the '23 yards gauned tr ground p ays How ever the Intense heat wore down our furst and second strung ers and the fxnal score was l9 l3 IH favor of Good Counsel The spectators and football players were tusttfted nn namtng t a glorldus at eat Plawng Lyndhurst was merely a story of gotng out of our class Even nere our defensvye maehlne was not stooped comp ete y The ftnal score was 6 tn fayor of our neugh bors remarkably good score for as aga nst such strong compet tion ln North Arllngton s cyes the plcture f the Harrison game was lust a matter of bad breaks Thetr flrst touch down came after recovertng Q fumble bv North Arllngtor' on the three yard lune whence they tmmedtately plunged over Thetr other touchdown was scored on a pass lnto the end zone On the offense only the center of the line proved to be lnytnclble because of the ntce work of Hecker Calabro and Lacombe The flnal score was lil 7 wlth North Arltng ton on the short end After these three defeats IU a row North Arltngtan be came a changed team The players were brtlltant tn blacktng S xty str. 'N lift X' Q ct-nnp' 1 l tl f lic-st fu tba 'X N l'? ts c"f A' ln almit ex try detotl th' team under the H deff lcwll'-ll llglw ark ll my ru 'mth . wr w lrg n teams ta 'ect tt. dm NW 1 -bc w 'f if out to mckw tht' fwcltbafl 'W l st fall 'ttle d l l '- eo lic- they wcre to learn a ne , ' 1 1 of tocltlct L tt 1 tt .1 tl l th 'tk gctrnes w cl ive wg n lm lv :la lng rather than ,na yldua' performance lhey soon learned that eyer- one an the team had tc do h-' b U ctl the res l o' ti fa l :re lh 1 -' X l at X Cn ' TGV I3 'J Mke lhn liio- could do llttlc If I t "ld gtar l' to-lc-d nlrn Ye for all the ,rl of l H rr .ic A - wg x so rtll the nm lllw ,f tl 1 c T ple ' ' t , ' 'N I 1 c ' l l, t 1. l hat V. as rw ore thas- 'at sfcc o slr e l 's frst A- if t Y uf, s 4 I ' , s - d fs, ,V -C 1 - L ' l H t Y - f. I ,tw l f - 1 , , K xf ,, , I , l l . ZA f I X' , O and on the defense Thls was espectally troe in the Has hrouck l-lenghts conttrst They cfrmpletely overpowered theur foes and came out wtth a pleasant lf? O vtctory Many sec- ond strung men showed thetr real worth In thrs game The story was the some forthe Wardlaw battle North Arltngtorfs blncktng was beaottfoly Indeed making for long runs frequently But, even then, It was not onttl the lost two mtnates that the tssoe was declded The ftnol score was l3 7 wtth North ArI:ngton on top Agatnst Queen of Peace, the story was dnfferent, The fteld was covered wtth ace, malong long rons almost on tme possubtltty lt was the heouttful punttng by Charles Smtth that contunoally polled os out of danger as well as the wane derful work of the North Arltngton Itne that constantly pot Queen of Peace tn danger All afternoon! they bottled up Queen of Peace to the extent that our opponents gatned a mtnus fave xards for thetr efforts The game wos won and lost on the many fumbles The store was l9 7 wtth a su pertor North Arltngton eleven on top a ftne close for a soc cessfol season Some of the soccc Q was doe to oar cheerleaders argtng the boys on to vlctory The vtston of seven lovely grrls and one dauntless bov as they performed thetr tntrucate forma ttons spurred the team to a Itke enthustasm CHEERLEADERS ssl y, 'inn' ' 7! .if . 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CHOC 0 ,VWARLINNI EGGS ,wp A FOREST DAIRY M D NEWTON Owner CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 39 As you are proud of your graduatnon your hugh school and the faculty so are we proud of our product The Schoenleber Hand Made Pnpe So smce some ot you gentlemen wlll take to the manly art of smoklng get one of our plpes Because they are made of the fmest nmported brler root and nelther painted nor varnlshed they requlre no breaking In You wsu. LIKE oN: 51.00 to 55.00 Schoenlebefs Newark Pipe Shop 29 BRANFORD PLACE NEWARK, NEW JERSEY S .f T Q y . -' 7 X I S QL -A 5 Q N, I7 a b J Q. 5 NJ V MAIGEIN I I . Qt 1-xv 3 ve I I I I ll ' II I I , . I-luesmann and Usborne Architects O TWy 13 rien Q Rutherford! New Jersey COMPLIMENTS OF Class of 1940 The West Hudson County Trust Company HARRISON NEW JERSEY SAVINGS ACCOUNTS PERSONAL LOANS Checking Account No Balance Requnred At Any Tnme Safe Deposut Boxes A Suze For Any Purpose MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION CONAPLIMENTS OF T HE North Arhngton I-hgh School P T A President MRS J LLOYD KEPLER Ist Vice Presldent MRS DAVID WARK Znd Vnce Presndenf MISS MARGARET PELISSIER Secretory MRS HENRY GAUCI-I Treosurer MRS JOSEPH ORLANDO I-Insforuon MISS MARIAN LEA H f O . . . . . COMPLIMENTS OF Arch1ba1d Lyon, M D I Lenzmg s SODA CANDY LUNCHEON 670 KEARNY AVENUE lC0rn6r Belle-vIIIe Plkeb ARLINGTON NEW JERSEY 'T'eIephone BRyomt 9 3130 Treasure Craft, Inc Makers of Fme CLASS RINGS CLASS PINS CLUB PINS ENGRAVED ANNOUNCEMENTS OFFICIAL JEWELERS FOR TI-IE I939 CLASS 580 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK CUPS - MEDALS - TROPHIES WASHINGTON PTA JEFFERSCN PTA woookow WILSON P T A T R , CLASS OF 1939 JOSEPH T ORLANDO SR Leo Bruck Cr Joseph Bagel C X X-, ", 'nf' ,nf h A P A . . . - Y .W W FREDA HARTLEY JR IOUSE QP PEPVE ENTATWE3 UQE 5 Cf THE SHN TO JACOBS MARKET INC 8 5 KEARNY AVENUE ner eex Q EUREKA METAL REFINISHING CO INC Robert W Allen Presodent D 6 RTM F FUNERAL HOMES 1 HAR Ibm. Ax NLE nov 4 H WHITE ROSE DELICATESSEN Quallty Grocerues Butter G Eggs Fruats and Vegetables 35 354 BELLEVILLE PIKE North Arl ngtorw NORTH ARLINGTON PHARMACY AN WOI LOWEST CUT PRICES Luncheon Loft Agency Q press R ge I' If ,,,l 4 if j .:.: . , . 'I IAC ' x 4 S I , If . ':"A5'fif,,fl If-ff'.Lf CONNQ 2' ' LJATED SIPILS U V r nr fri-H .V lp 'MHLEY INA 'Q D C -L A '4e:'f. Q :':' Keir". :Vita KUQVCTV K-",'3'. i' 5 9 Ll EE' K :'f. A. N A' "Q " 2 J P' fgf '- , . B E . A Y IA ' ' ' xg f F J D P I : I HA1.r:.:3O'- 'N J CQV Se ' Ax. vue Af '-9? H 'J J g 'A Hws f ,J J: K1rn 2- 356 I C Inv Dr V VVIKL ' R-'TER DVWQVFQQ gf I I We in I ' JV? .' x r npfygryg Ze I I Kccwx f 'I-SL ' Id 4 New Jmsew C rm E, ew 9 ptke , 0- -'He Camplrments COf'fWDl4m9Vll5 of JOSEPH A FEUER M WILLIAM P NEMZEK M D Camplxments M COHEN M D READ IN EVERY HOME THE OBSERVER West Hudsons Leadmg Newspaper LSTABLISHED 1881 Q3l Q33 Kearny Avenue Arlmgton N J BEIIKEIEY LLEWELIYN Afllllala IERKELEY SCHOOL nu onus: :nw mrsu Two year comprehensuve and one year nntenswe secretarnal courses for hugh school graduates and college women exclusnvely Dustunguushed 7 umversnty faculty Attractrve 5,,u,g5,, terrace garden studuos Ef ddmm fectnve placement servnce DIIICTOI GYIYOIY lldg U0 Iulnglon In New York ll! Grand Central Statlanl l MON: In 4 1673 Marlfet 3 9603 H A GREENE COMPANY Sportmg Goods Camp Outfrtters Baseball Track Tenms Golf Supplues Specual Dnscounts to NORTH ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS 958 Halsey Street Newark N J E qhty of . I . . l I I I H 1, cf I - , , 0 - F F Y L' l : . 0 N ' ' I ' 1 1 I r ' I A ' . , -, -1 W . t JOSEPH EMERY CHARTER COACHES FOR ALL OCCASIONS JERSEY CITY LYNDHURST BUS COMPANY Substantial Insurance Careful Courfeous Drnvers FEASONABLE VATES W WHITE CLOCK SYSTEM In HAMBURGERS Eatem Here Takem Out CURB SERVICE Se 4. RIVEIS' RCAL, I BELLEVILLE P BON NY DELL FARMS FRIEDRICH S DAIRY ms'rrusuToRs or CREAMI RICH PRODUCTS C A TAYLOR Commercnal Refrugerahon Service er :ce Mo ntenance O erhaul A Q ,Wd wwf. Q J 'C ry ' 1l'IV,Ti I 2 I A - PIN. V-C RuT'WC'I. If I7 Sf , I , :TS FL' A 'fa ' L,m:'.,rs7 'XJ 2, OUCVI Jw Ix,It'wCvf,rJ 'N .I II IL UL C J LAVVC SQUQVL' I , . If N' Avwwsf gg , - Sc Keanu --S - O O We rx1W.a In Wgw Car - No Extra Charge 5 v' - 5 - y W -1 I T CWA IKE LL, S.n"'w'r Norma Jcrbcw C-Tx N I ,' '. I L MFL N ENT: ACME GALLO S MARKETS QUALITY rooo MARKETS KEN S MARKET lnc PRIME MEATS AND PouLTRY KEXR O N Umted Grocery Company A K P1 LF Bellevue Market Film K DURKEE QUALITY MEATS 5 P A WORTH IRL Warter s Market QUALITY FOODS Bnrdseye Frosted Foods 41 HA S f C1 L Grocery Company H A E f E SOUTH E D A ENLJE RID E RO co K0 Oyster Bay Flsh Market H RK JOCKEL Por FRESH FISH DAILY vate Season H Clam Cho der Thursday and Fr day O RNDGE ROA ORTH ARLHNGTON Stock s Dellcatessen R DCE ROAD NORTH ARLIV TON NEW JERSEY 3 , .L - LOv.iL1ME'QTU or E I ' : Z. Qt ,N -onyx A KEJ'-, f f . . . fjpfx AM ' I . E-LL -our mm Prom uv l -wc" N Few Fr" Fw-ts aff kvqcf1tNL'u if: A NY AMENLJE AQJNST VN ' f 9-3 'TEXENS LACE 4 . - 'NQTOH V, J Kggm, j Q-1-lf, Y Par'-gr Prozac 11' :Q . A. . 'YORE I-kl.w'.f,TO'1 NEI. J RS v - NORTH ND "4 fl LEMON w ' 4", C, AD O L TE R3 KEQVP, Q Q--2 KE'f'w . 4-11 g ff, 1,3 jo .we Devo' . 1 Q EN , v v O 'S c"'1 C :gms fl Il lfSwwfv1-,Jw0'QvClf 'lg I xv - i ii D r. , rv A N +G SUCCEED IN I939 GOOD POSITIONS CALLS ARE VERY ACTIVE or DRAKE GRADUATES , r XNw DRAKE BUSINESS AND SECRETARIAL COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS 790 BROAD STREET NEWARK cn VUE L WM C CURE D VL and Mrs Nathan Fuchs Colleglate Cap and Gown Company O Connor Realty Company NORTH ARLINGTON REAL ESTATE 'TON N Verllhac Florist Flowers and Plants For AII Occosnons T Lellanette Beauty Salon We Specnallxe un Machmeless Perrnanents H W Reese Raw and Pasteunxed Mulk Trl County Grlll AI ays Open for Your Con en ence Flfcrcd and Metered Ser Jarvrs Oll Company HEATING OILS Emerald Drug Store 'N TE x R Walgreen System Store EX. NL P KE . ' V . i.-f'fl'. 'I . , ffl I Mr. . O Elm- ,mf ,pp rramtt--, ',,v-'GY Dum -"Hin ' 1-.Lum ugffw 1-P-T xv:-. 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LLI VWKI 11'S'R'.ER COAT "Q BELL LE KE NDRT ' 7741 'J '71 Z I Q IW' S 'POT Ne"'1 A' 'Ni 'N J EQPM cs KE PACE INSTITUTE Cultural 0ccupat1onaICourses L L 111 ls L1 1x1 ACCOUNTANCY AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTANCY PRACTICE IC P A I ADVERTISING AND MARKEIING SELLING AND MARKETING SECRETARIAL PRACTICE ADVANCED SHORTHAND SI-IORTHAND REPORTING IC S R I PHOTOGRAPHY REAL ESTATE 0 INSURANCE tm PN PACE INSTITUTE 225 BROADWAY New vomc HIY HICS LCNI OPMAE 5 Mr and Mrs George J Schreiber LOMWI IMENTS Dr Wm Landesman DVPUME TS CF THE North Arllngton Free Public Llbrary X' KEG Louls A Levlss, D M D DENTIST UPL 1939 Buck S996 Up Dehvered KE1 West Hudson Bulck Company Edlln S pharmacy El MER A L NDBLOM Mo oqc See Our Selezhon of Hy Grade Cars NCK A E ELK! STPEET 0 Cc opkcofvcifxgeploc A' 'N K ARNY N KEARr 1 E Ewghfy four " Il 'VIII ' , - QF TNI lllc 1w1'1v1:r11111s uf IILII' vl11111l 111111 'vc- ' wlmo 15111115 1111l111Ic1l1c 1111111 115: . . . 1Q.'I1"w'fN 5 ci I'-L . . . 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