North Andover High School - Knight Yearbook (North Andover, MA)

 - Class of 1976

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. ' 1 ' n v .. . ■)s V. i?i.- ic ' K t l.: . , f S it tc 1 N V. s ' S v ' N S - s it it S ' - - r s it ■ 1% ■) ' v . s f s ' " - v Vc • S N • i it ☆ 7 A M it J - s ' • s ' s ' s S 7 ; K - " s ' it s4 ’i it f% if • ' • s. ‘Srvy- i i€ s ' - :r s ' 2 ' ‘ ' t ' s ' S • ' }% -s ' ' s ,fs K. ' k’ it ■4 Is. it ■ir rs. r-% s ' r. s s ' -r ☆ i -!? it f s yf ' A ' k S. J -v ' »s; it iV ' it it • s s4- -ki€ s ' ( tiy 1% Times change and we change with them I i KNIGHT 1976 Ublished by the Senior Class of North Andover High School North Andover, Massachusetts Communications Presents New Ideas And Aids In Learning. 2 3 4 Always Somebody Coin Away Somebody Gettin ' Home. 5 Work, Work, Work, Till The Brain Begins To Swim. 6 But Times Do Change And Move Continually 9 . ' ' J Style Has No Fixed Laws; It Is Never The Same For Any Length Of Ti me 10 n ddidas All Things Must Change 14 SUOSB 9 S fijT i Is softball SSsYOONOiR ffou’ve always waiileo J ' Oil PricesNVdvr JO liya ' xbest friends where is experience getting is psf g’a !_ U 1 m out C DOS DONTS A Grain DealSURVIVAL lections O RR0lS,!il Senioritis spirited FOR YOUR PROM FLOWERS SPORTS Want to go places? ' " ' ’RINGS ci LAKiii 76 " i y i ' DVERTISING THE SQUIRE dynamite! Do somethin! iTT5Sn.a.h.s llie Truth CQ THE EARLY YEARS SpeqkLp I SiSRf ' Guesswho ' Hrou DIRTY RATS ' IFll The Child Glutton Food-Stamp " SHE ' S BEAUTIFUL ANP SHE ' S MINE " cMBJjriH JSB”! s.oouBJj le Life Is a Cabaret P ?talking I pRiENdshi ICENTENNIAL RALLY I Queen for the Day Students Trust ' But this is merely RFK the beginnin£ - • • MOVIES vacation H ctn n challenges Learning the Hard Wa Elizabeth Taylor right tl ayi CARLET knights fe Attention Seniors Student Countiil A Time for Heroes P- ' i.- spring ,,3- ' 2 i ' i New York piieiiima Karen Quinlan Studenf g FICTION name? ITl WhaVs in a INVESTIGATIONS: IgEBf You like working, g W ' e playing, - jg Pflujl} like being me Bo-Peep’s FlpcJ f 11 Hockey America’s a big country ijjp gj winiimg isn’t evm ' ythia vl ad to success IS pave Mr. Seth Hudak — Assistant to the Superintendent Detention, Permission, Decisions Mr. Arthur Hamel — Assistant Principal Mr. Daniel L. Desmond — Principal Mr. Peter V. Garofoli — Superintendent of Schools 20 Mr. John DeFlumeri Mr. Harwood Steele Mr. Thomas Regan — Director of Guidance Mrs. Margaret Ekholm College, Problems, S.A.T s Miss Nancy Yanofsky 21 Psych, Culture, Involvement Mr. Albert Perrault Department Chairman Mr. John Minihan Mrs. Mary Ann Weigel Mr. Raymond Grady 22 Mr. William Boutilier Miss Katherine Sheridan Mr. John Strobel Mrs. Anita Moulton Mr. Daniel Rorke 23 Miss Beverly Pamp, Mrs. Laurel Bavendam Howard Crozier — Athletic Director Mr Tennis, Showers, Exercises Mr. Robert Licare — Supervisor of Health Education Mr. Michael McDonald, Mr. Michael Cavanaugh r 1 24 Myths, Adventure Mr. Gerald Sanford Mrs. Paula Von Euw Mr. Richard Kiberd Mr. Bert Noyes, Mrs. Susan Kierstead 25 Grammar, Expository, Philosophy Mrs. Marcia Merrick Mr. Dennis Richards Mrs. Enid Allen Department Head Mr. Anthony Reynolds, Mr. David Stocking Mrs. Mary Mascola 27 Miss Lorraine Lostimolo Mrs. Gloria Brakel Mrs. Simone Schapker :v. Mr. Mario Giordano Paris, Madrid, Moscow Miss Irene McLaughlin Department Chairman Mr. George O ' Shea Areas, Diagonals, Pi Mr. V. David Rogers Mrs. Mary Kilcoyne Mr. Robert Sullivan 30 Mr. Albert Berman Mr. John Kelley Mr. Robert Parker Mr. Anthony McGowan Mr. Americo Fichera Mr. Jerome Marchegiani Chemistry, Experiments, Microscopes Mr. Herbert Zolot 32 Mr. William Foulds Miss Mary Martin Mr. Philip Towle 33 r Steno, Dictation, Typewriters Mrs. Helen Driscoll Mr. Paul Spadafore 34 Miss Cynthia McAvoy Mrs. Carolyn Koczera Mr. Robert Guptill — Librarian Miss Martha Sullivan Books, Reading, Newspapers Mrs. Martha Albondy 35 Mr. Charles Keller Nails, Blueprints, Food Altos, Create, Freehand Mr. Douglas Rogers Mrs. Virginia Foulds — Nurse Absent Lists, Messages, Band-aids 3 « Menus, Cutlets, Vacuums Mr. Owen Morris — Cafeteria Manager Cafeteria Staff: TOP ROW, L-R — Mrs. Peg Kenney, Mrs. M. Mattos, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Helen Stanwood, Mrs. Ann Kirk, Mrs. L. Hilbert, Mrs. Dorothy Bird, Mrs. Rose Doyle, Mr. Owen Morris. SECOND ROW — Mrs. P. Taylor, Mrs. Ginny Compagna, Mrs. Gladys Chase (Head), Mrs. Agnes Marsh, Mrs. Pat Cavanaugh, Mrs. Kay Campagnone. Custodial Staff: L-R — Mr. George Lumb, Mr. Arthur Bastian, Mr. Bill Gorton, Mr. George Cunningham, Mr. Chester Low, Mr. Carl Langlois, Mr. Ralph Gallant. Mrs. Allen 39 40 n stM 41 Juniors Class Officers L-R — Patty Miller (President); Brian Hayes (Vice-President); Sharon Finelli (Treasurer). Class Of 77 Kathy Roche Laurie St. Onge H.R. 200 FIRST ROW L TO R.; Phil Arcidi, joe Armitage, Robert Bar¬ clay, Steve Beaton, Anne Bernardin, Cheryl Bevin, Cathy Birch, Karl Bischoff, Robert Bisson. SEC¬ OND ROW: Jim Black- well, Dave Blanchard, Val Blomquist, Kathy Brennan, Mary Bulger, Colleen Callagy, Shawn Callagy, Jim Ca- mire, Anne Baade. 42 Don Scheipers Dan Siegal H.R. 201 FIRST ROW; Nancy Campbell, Col¬ leen Canty, Pat Car¬ bone, Tom Carney, Bill Carney, Bill Carragher, Jeannine Carrier, Pat Cashman, Linda Chad¬ wick, Dan Chaisson, SECOND ROW; Mike Chaput, Bill Chory, Dave Clark, Theresa Clement, Peter Coco, Sharon Connelly, Deb Connors, Bill Coskren, Kathy Costello, Mike Crabb. H.R. 202 L TO R: Jim Crane, Laurie Cromp¬ ton, Sandy Crouch, Carol Cunningham, Terry Cunningham, Chris Cushing, Tom Daly, Cindy Demarco, Kevin Denuccio, Dave Detora, SECOND ROW: Lori Diamond, Larry Dickerson, Jamie Dizazzo, Fred Dodge, Nancy Doherty, Sean Doherty, Gail Dona¬ hue, Cornelius Don¬ nelly, Betty Jo Delisle. 43 H. R. 203 FIRST ROW; Chris Donovan, Kathy Doyle, Ann Driscoll, Susan Driscoll, Chris Earley, Charlene Eaton, Randy Eaton, Beth Eckerson, Carolyn Eddy SECOND ROW; Joe Elberry, Rosemary Eldred, Karen Enaire, Herbert Epstein, Tim Farrell, Oliver Fergu¬ son, Paul Fionte, Jim Fiore, Linda Fladager, Frances Forzese H.R. 204 FIRST ROW; Rustin Foulds, Mary Beth Fountain, jack Freedman, Doug Fyfe, Val Gacioch, Maria Galvagna, Jim Gillen, Leslie Good, Judy Grady, Nancy Guglie- mino, Dave Gulezian, Linda Gundal. SEC¬ OND ROW; Laurie Hamblet, Sue Hanson, Beth Hardacre, Don Hamden, Brian Hayes, Robin Hazarvartian,Er¬ ica Helfrich, Pam Hick¬ ey, Bill Higgins, Sue Hodgkins, Terry Hol¬ land, Joanne Horton. Joan Medolo and Susanne Russeau 44 John Mascola Maureen Lawlor H.R. 205 FIRST ROW; Claire Hudson, Dave Hurlbrink, Gayle Hur¬ ley, Gale Hutchins, Diane Hyde, Ruth lan- nazzi, Chris jennison, Dave Johnson, Steve Johnson, SECOND ROW; Deb Kandrut, Marie Karolisyn, Ann- Marie Keegan, Tim Keegan, Janice Kelsey, Deb Kent, Sheryl Kent, Mike Kerr, Kevin Kil- coyne, Jeff Kingsley H.R. 206 FIRST ROW; Dave Kirk, Dave Koc- zera, Jerilyn Koeske, Don Labelle, Mike La- chapelle, Mike Lagana, Diane Lamprey, Mar¬ garet Landry, Pat Laor- enza, Nancy Laplant. SECOND ROW; Nancy Laurendeau, Marybeth Lawlor, Maureen Law¬ lor, Phil Lee, Denise Lenois, Diane Lenois, Steve Leo, Carol Leslie, John Licciardi, Mary Lonergan, flien Long. 45 Patty Aziz H.R. 207 FIRST ROW; Maureen Long, Cindy Longton, Tim Lowell, Donna Lundquist, Martha Lynch, Steve Lynch, Ginny Lynch, Anne Macleish, Mau¬ reen Madden, Ginny Mahon. SECOND ROW; Jim Mandry, Edna Mangano, Alan Mar- anto, Lisa Marocco, Ruth Marshall, Lynn Martin, Sandy Martin, Jim Martineau, John Mascola, Bob Massey. H.R. 211 FIRST ROW; Brad Mayer, Tim McCarron, Margot McCarthy, Judy Mc¬ Carthy, John McEvoy, Sharon McHale, Ann McKallagat, Joan Me- dolo, Tina Messina, Gregg Middlemiss. SECOND ROW; Cheri- lyn Miller, Pattie Mill¬ er, Scott Miller, Corby Mitchell, Elizabeth Morton, Kevin Mur¬ phy, Ronald Nixon, Barry Noebel, David Norris, Lilly Norris. Cindy Longton Bill Chory 46 H R. 213 FRIST ROW: Nancy Oakes, Pat O ' Brien, Jim Oldfield, John Olwine, Chris Onanian, Debbie Owen, Ismail Ozbeiah, Chris Packard, Bob Pas, Mark Pelletier. SEC¬ OND ROW: Janice Pe- luso, Tom Pendak, Donald Phair, Leslie Phelan, Mary Beth Pierog, Richard Pierro, Karen Pike, Betsy Plant, Raymond Perez. Jim Fiore Terry Holland H.R. 214 FIRST ROW; Glenn Pryor, Judy Quintal, Curt Robin¬ son, Jim Roche, Kathy Roche, Mary Rokes, Cindy Roop, Sue Rousseau, Jim Rullo, Mary Ryan. SECOND ROW; Mike Ryan, Gus Salvetti, Laurie Sawyer, Lise Schapker, Don Scheipers, Lisa Seccar- eccio, Joe Shalhoup, Bill Shepley, Steve Shuman, Dan Siegel. 47 Liz Eckerson Oliver Ferguson Anne Baade H.R. 219 FIRST ROW; Dawna Ursillo, Paula Vanasse, George Van Buskirk, Deb Vernile, Stan Ward, Lori Wat¬ son, Carol Weigel, Lisa Welch, Charlene Wentworth, Kathy Wentworth, Juan Nunez. SECOND ROW; Oscar Marina, Don Vincent, Pam Whalen Kevin Whitehead, Deb Wilson, Jayne Witzgall, Brian Wolfenden, Mary Woodcock, Tom Wright, Sharon Za- gorski, Mike Zappala, H.R. 216 FIRST ROW; Carol Sliwinski, Deb Smith, Kim Smith, El¬ len Somers, Sheryl Stamp, Kathy Stanley, Bonnie Stevenson, Deb Stewart, David Stone, Barry Sullivan, SECOND ROW; Bob Sullivan, Dave TarLian, Dave Taylor, Mary Ann Testa, Rozilyn Ther¬ iault, Rita Timpf, Leslie Towne, Beth Trainor, Doug Treadwell, Scott Uhl, Joanie Tamulaitis. Class Of ’78 Class Officers L TO R. Dan Sullivan (Vice-President), Lisa Driscoll (Secretary- Treasurer), E.J. Roberts (President) H.R. 221 FIRST ROW; Jim Addonigio, John Alaimo, Mary Albis, Sue Alexander, Greg Anderson, Janet Arlit, Robin Atwood, Jim Austin, Dave Aziz, Ke¬ vin Bailey, SECOND ROW; Mary Baril, Lau¬ rie Barker, Bonnie Barry, Paul Bastian, Charlie Beliveau, Chris Benincasa, Bob Ber- nardin, Cathy Berube, Mike Bisson, Barbara Blain. Sue Korb 49 H R. 223 FIRST ROW; Bob Blain, Gerry Bligh, George Bourne, Mar- celle Brien, Chris Brown, Donna Brown, Beth Burwell, Sue Bush, Kathy Bushnell, Nancy Buturlia. SEC¬ OND ROW; Jon Cad- dell, Kevin Callagy, Chris Calzetta, Steve Camire, Tim Campbell, John Campbell, Myles Caponette, Lane Car- ano, Steve Caron, Dave Brown. George Lumb Rhoda Willson H.R. 224 FIRST ROW: Greg Carr, Sue Carroll, Jim Cassidy, Betsy Charest, Brenda Char- est, Jane Charest, Jim Chase, Sue Chenery, Dave Choojian, Deirdre Citron, Kathy Clark, Cheryl Coch¬ rane. SECOND ROW: Gerry Coco, Linda Coffill, Dave Cole, Kathy Collins, Mike Compagnone, Sue Conlon, Dan Connelly, Pat Connor, Bob Cor¬ coran, Jim Coskren, Jeff Costello, Glenn Cote. 50 Beth Callagy Paula Rose H.R. 225 FIRST ROW: Michele Cranston, Steve Cunningham, Mary Currier, Dan Cyr, Dave Cyr, Gary Cyr, El¬ len Daignault, Pam Dawe, Gina Decola, Laura Delellis, SEC¬ OND ROW: Mark Des¬ mond, Jim Dewhirst, Paul Disalvo, John Do¬ herty, Karen Doherty, Heidi Donahue, Mau¬ reen Donnelly, Dave Donovan, Cindy Downs, Nancy Doyle, Mary Driscoll. S H.R. 226 FIRST ROW: Melissa Driscoll, Paul Driscoll, Dan Dufault, Al Dunn, Beth Dyer, George Earley, Terry Edwards, Heidi Emer- ick, Regis English, Tom Erie. SECOND ROW: Art Farr, Mike Fiocco- prile, Paul Firth, Karen Fontaine, Sue Forzese, Joe Fragala, Andy Fra¬ ser, Dan Gagne, Bar¬ bara Galeazzi, Mau¬ reen Gallagher, Angel Gallant Pam Dawe Jeff Rand 51 H.R. 227 FIRST ROW: Doreen Gallant, Heidi Galper, Mike Giaca- lone, Elaine Giard, Joe Giarrusso, Lori Giuf- frida, Jody Golan, Julie Good, Jim Gosselen, John Graham, George Giffin SECOND ROW: Mary Guilimette, Sandy Gulez, Kim Hale, John Haltmaier, Nancy Hamel, Greg Hasapisian, Marie Ha- sapis. Sue Heafey, Nan¬ cy Helfrich, Vincent Helfrich, Maureen Hennessey, Linda Hil¬ bert H.R. 228 FIRST ROW: Dave Houde, Cindy Howarth, Chuck Hutchins, Terry Hy¬ land, Matt Jennison, Shari Johansen, Bev Johnston, Keryl Jones, Mary Keleher, Chris¬ tian Keller, Ken Kelley. SECOND ROW: Kevin Kennedy, Dick Ken- nicker, Mike Kittle, Mike Koczera, Sue Korb, Deb Labelle, Jean Lafond, Ruth Lamprey, Bob Lange- vin, John LaFrance, Willis Jenkins S2 Susan McCarthy David Cyr, Joe Giarrusso Larry Solomon H.R. 229 FIRST ROW: Mike Laorenza, Kelly Lawrence, Bob Le- clerc, Tom Lennon, Mark Lewis, Terry Lewis, Ann Long, Carol Long, Dan Long, Shar¬ on Long, Leo Love, SECOND ROW: George Lumb, Jim Lundquist, Judy Lund- quist, Maureen Lynch, Judy MacDonald, Maureen Maclean, Kathy MacLeish, Don MacNeil, Bob Maior- ana, Paul Manzi, Dave Marinelli H.R. 230 FIRST ROW: Dave Marshall, Laurie Martin, Lori Martin, Jean Mathison, Bonnie Mattos, Chris McCar¬ thy, Dan McCarthy, Susan McCarthy, Kathy McDonald, Jim McDonough, Ellen McGuire. SECOND ROW: Mike McGuire, Charlie McKinley, Mike McMains, Steve McManus, Sandy Me¬ chanic, Brendan Mel¬ vin, Cindy Melvin, Anne Messina, David Messina, Mary Mes¬ sina, Kevin Mercier. 53 H.R. 103 FIRST ROW: Nancy Mitchell, Val Mitchell, Eric Mofford, Tyler Munroe, Bob Nassar, Phil Nastasia, Jan Nevers, Bill Newitt, Eileen O ' Connor, Mark Onanian, Beth Pahigian, SECOND ROW: George Pa- tridge, Pat Patnaude, Anne Perkins, Lori Pe- sata, Sandy Pierro, Frank Polizzotti, Cathy Powell, Mike Powers, Lisa Querci, Tim Quin¬ lan, Zulma Perez. H.R. 103a FIRST ROW: Carol Sifferlen, Lori Simmons, Joan Slade, Lisa Slipkowski, Karen Smith, Steve Smith, Bill Smith, Val Smithson, Fred Soucy, Sue Spita- lere, Pam Stamp, Tom Stanton. SECOND ROW: Nancy Staple- ford, Tom Starr, Linda Steer, Lori Stoessel, Dick Strobel, Dan Sul¬ livan, Jane Sullivan, Eric Swanson, Beth Sy- bert. Lea Tamagnine, Lori Tartaglione, Larry Solomon. Mark Lewis Tyler Monroe 54 H.R. 104 FIRST ROW: John Quintal, Jeff Rand, Jon Richardson, Patrice Rivet, E. J. Ro¬ berts, Julie Robinson, Deb Roche, Stacy Ronan, Paula Rose, Andy Rossi. SECOND ROW: Patrice Roy, Theresa Salois, Kelly Scanlon, Kevin Scan¬ lon, Diane Scarbor¬ ough, Dave Scheipers, Al Schreyack, Dean Scovil, Beth Shellnut, Bill Sherlock, Dave Si- deri. H.R. 246 FIRST ROW: Lynda Thompson, George Tibbs, Dick Tudisco, Jim Tread¬ well, Steve Turner, Leslie Varnum, Kathy Vaughan, John Wag¬ oner, Melinda Warner, Deb White, SECOND ROW: Deb White- head, Bonnie Wilson, Cheryl Wilson, Rhoda Wilson, Donna Win¬ ning, Julie Witzgall, Jim Wylie, Tom Zahoruiko, Lisa Zetwick, Darren Zuill. Christen Keller David Cyr Freshman Class Officers L-R Pat Armitage (President); Carla Polizzotti (Treasurer) Mary Lou Conners (Vice President). Dan Leonard H.R. 110 FIRST ROW; Kevin McCauley, John McLoughlin, Mark McMurray, Mike Me- dolo, Sue Merrick, Judy Miller, Anne Milne, Sarah Modiglia¬ ni, jean Molander, Sandy Moriarty, Gail Morley, Jeff Moro, SECOND ROW; Paul Murphy, Shawn Mur¬ phy, Barry Nicoll, Scott Noon, Beth Nugent, Keith O ' Brien, Kerry O ' Brien, Dave O ' Con¬ nor, Nancy Orlado, Peter Otis, Kelly O ' Connor, Bob Mei- kle, Kerry Mercier H.R. 120 FIRST ROW; Margaret Addonigio, Bob Adiconis, Darlene Allen, Liz Anderson, Mark Androski, Erica Antonelli, Annette Ar- cifa, Pat Armitage, Cheryl Assaf. SECOND ROW; Roxanne Baker, John Barrett, Linda Birch, Linda Bird, Maureen Blackwell, Scott Bradley, Kathy Boyd, Carol Breen, Bil¬ ly Brennan, Kathy Bresnahan. 56 « H.R. 122 FIRST ROW: Ruth Bushnell, Helen Cadarette, Bob Gal¬ lery, Gerry Caron, Bar¬ bara Catalano, Cathy Catalano, Dave Chad¬ wick, Paula Chaput, Beth Charlton, Beth Citron, SECOND ROW; Bob Chaisson, Jeff Condon, MaryLou Connors, Mike Con¬ way, Mike Costello, Lauren Cote, Chris Coughlan, Cheryl Crabb, Tim Crane, Margus Cranston. H. R. 124 L TOR. Laurie Crittenden, Jane Cun¬ ningham, Robin Cun¬ ningham, Beth Cush¬ ing, Janice D ' Elia, Bob Deadder, Regina De¬ coster, Nancy Degnan, Ellen Demers, Art De- tora, Lisa Dewhurst. SECOND ROW; Anita Diangelo, Paul Dimin- ico, Trina Dinardi, Debbie Doerr, Jim Do¬ herty, Ken Donahue, Karen Donovan, Mar¬ tha Donovan, Alison Driscoll, Peter Dubois, Sally DiSalvatore Martha Donovan Erica Antonelli H.R. 125 FIRST ROW; Joe Durant, Paula Elias, Sue Elliot, Bruce Emer- ick, Mary Emmett, Denise Enaire, Lynn Evangelos, John Ear- row, Mary Fioccoprile, Cris Fischer, SECOND ROW; Kevin Fontaine, Pat Foster, Sharon Foulds, Sue Fountain, John Fragala, Maria Fragala, Jim Fraser, Amy Furnari, Tony Furnari. 57 H.R. 126 FIRST ROW; John Fyfe, Marian Gaffny, Jim Gallagher, Candace Gartside, Cheryl Gauthier, Mary Gerraughty, Jon Giaca- lone, Cherril Gianni, Gail Gosselin, James Grover, SECOND ROW; Sandy Gundal, Phil Haggerty, Bruce Hamblet, Pat Hanson, Ethel Hantzis, Brenda Harvey, Barbara Hei- mann, Becky Hen- shaw, Carol Hickey. H.R. 127 FIRST ROW; Donna Higgins, Bob Higgins, Sandy Hilbert, Marybeth Hillner, Ruth Houtte, Sheryl Hutchins, Joe lannazzi, Scott Janusz. SECOND ROW; Doug Jolly, Pat Keegan, Jerri Kegley, Joe Keleher, Lisa Kel¬ ley, Donna Kennicker, Diane Kent, Jackie Jor¬ dan. Joe lannazzi 58 H.R. 128 FIRST ROW; L TO R. Carolyn Kil- coyne, Pat Kilcoyne, Debbie Kneupfer, Phil Knowiton, Steve La- gana, Ted Lampros, Sharon Lanen, Pam Laorenza, Lisa Law, John Lawlor, SECOND ROW; Paula Leclerc, Mark Lee, Don Lenois, Dan Leonard, Paula Le- tourneau, Beth Lid- stone, Ron Locicero, Jeff Long, Janice Lord, Joung Kim. H.R. 129 FIRST ROW; Billy Lynch, Peter Mac¬ Donald, Mark Ma¬ clean, Ellen MacNeil, Jane Maiorana, Guy Malandrino, Lenny Mangano, Scott Mar- antp, Patty Marchisio. SECOND ROW; Laurie Marsh, Barry Martin, Donna Massey, Sandy Mathews, Don Mattos, Caroline McBride, Laurie McElhiney, Bob McCarty. Bruce Emerick Candy Gartside H.R. 131 FIRST ROW; llhan Ozberak, Jo-Ann Paiva, Susan Palermo, Anthony Patterson, Dale Patterson, Nancy Pearson, Bob Peiczar, Sue Pelletier, Wendy Pelletier, Paula Peluso, Carla Pesata. SECOND ROW; Paul Petrycki, Terry Phaneuf, Carol Philbrick, Susan Pierog, Carla Poliz- zotti, Susan Pomer- leau, Meg Quintal, Bob Rawson, Corinne Ringdahl, Rick Ring- dahl, Chris Rivet. H.R. 132 FIRST ROW; Laura Robinson, Janet Rokes, Frances Ro- kous, Anita Rosselie, Bill Rouleau, Cynthia Rowlands, Lauren Roy Bob Rudis, Shawn Ryan, Kevin Salemme, Debbie Salois. SEC¬ OND ROW; Mike Salt- man, Debbie Sanger- mano, Chris Schapker, Cindy Scheipers, Da¬ vid Schreyack, Bets Schwarzenberg, Chris Scott, Lauren Serreti, Maribeth Seubert, Jim Shalhoup, Gail Simp¬ son. Fred Oakes Allison Driscoll 60 I I I T 1 H.R. 133 FIRST ROW; Brenda Slipkowsky, Kathy Sliwinski, Chris Smith, Kim Smith, Nancy Smith, Jimmy Spinney, Leslie St. Onge, Christine Stan¬ ton, Mary Ellen Steer, Chris Steiner, Mary Stewart SECOND ROW; Eddie Sullivan, Beth Sullivan, Mary Sullivan, Maureen Sul¬ livan, Wayne Swanson, Janet Sweeney, David Taylor, Chris Thomas, David Thompson, Debbie Tiberio, Laurie Theriault. H.R. 134 FIRST ROW; Frank Tridenti, Mike Ursillo, Bill Vaillan- court. Deb Walmsley, Art Walsh, Bill Watson, Olaf West phalen, An¬ drea Williams, Beth Williams, SECOND ROW; Martha Willis, Paul Willie, Jeff Wilson, Bob Wilson, Robin Woodburn, Woody Woodworth, Daria Wysocki, Kevin Zorn Paul Diminico 1 61 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Kathie Connor (Secretary-Treasurer); Karen Brown (President); David Armitage (Vice-President). David Henry Armitage Sharon Marie Austin Mary T. Addonigio Julie Alaimo Peter David Bagley 62 Bunny Connors Joseph John Bartolotta Jr. Douglas J. Bates Deborah Beaton wr- Si- I Nancy J. Bartolotta f 1 63 Julio Conceicao Mary Ellen Bligh 64 Scott D. Boeglin Cheryl A. Bove Mary Beth Boyd Shawn Rockwell and Maggie Leland Nancy J. Bradley Beverly A. Brasseur Nancy Breen Priscilla j. Brien 65 Charles P, Bryant Susan Burns John Bushnell 66 67 Ken Kotce Matthew G. Caruso Edward J. Chaput Ellen Anne Charlton 68 Steven A. Chooijian Karen Jean Cochrane Robert A. Cole 1 Janice Giles, Diane Romano, Kim Rheaume Marie Compagnone Julio Cezar de Freitas Conceicao Kathleen M. Connor 69 Edward J. Conway Paula Cookson Susan M. Cormey 70 Cloyde D. Cunningham Nancy D. Dargan Jacquelyn K. DeFusco Mike Heafey, Dan Cunningham Judith M. Degnan Joseph DeMarco Donna Marie Demers Susan H. Demers Sandra L. Dilendik Sandra DiVincenzo Linda DiZazzo 72 L Rich Connor i Edward R. Driscoll Joseph B. Donahue Susan Donnelly Christopher Dow Robert F, Donahue 73 Martin Joseph Driscoll Michael Patrick Driscoll Joanne M. Dube Matt Caruso and Paul Beninato Ann Marie Dubois Sarah Dunlap Bonnie Lyn Dunn 74 Tom Olenio Donald Richard Ellard Gary L. Enaire Norman Farr 75 Edwin J. Farrell Jay Farrow Jill Farrow Kathryn L. Flinn Catherine Fiorino Carol Firth I ! ! I j Darrell Francis Cynthia M. Franz John Fraser I I. ' I (I 77 Frederick David Giarrusso Carol Scione Thomas R. Gidley 78 Tom Gorman Tom Lundquist Patrica A. Greenwood 79 Judith A. Haggerty Robert D. Haigh Kim E. Hazarvartian John Witzgall Colleen M. Hanlon Richard G. Haltmaier, jr. 80 1 j Jo Anne Sullivan John Hennessy Virginia j. Henshaw James D. Higgins Patricia E. Higgins Joan R, Hennessey Michael Heafey Beverly A. Heinze 81 Robert C. Hutchins Kevin Jordan Paul j. Joyce 82 Donna Demers Pablo Lacayo j. Kenneth Kotce William Kelley Susan Elaine Kingsley James P. Keller, jr. 83 Thomas Lacey Donna M. Landry Diane E. LaRochelle Albert J. Lawlor Brian Lawlor Gina M. Laudani 84 Karen Elizabeth Licare Tracy Lee Little Deborah J. Long Kathy Taylor, Jan Sullivan, Mary Parlock, Julie Thoren, Jane Owens 85 Judy Birch and Nancy Bradley Donna MacCannell 86 Patricia Anne MacNeil Mary E. Mahoney Enza Malandrino Jim Keller Linda Marshall Daniel F. Martineau Gary Martino Helen M. Mathison 87 vy Mary Elizabeth McAloon John M. McBride Mary Kate Hudson I Karen McCarthy Susan A. McCarty William James McCarty 88 Darlene M. McConaghy Kathleen Ann McLay Matthew John McLoughlin W ' William j. McMahon, Jr, Don Ellard John McManus 89 Linda M. Medolo Mary Laura Medolo Cindy Pangione Albert R. Midgley 90 « 4 Robert Miller Stuart Miller Jorge L. Mino joe Mitchell Doug Bates Willie Lester Morgan, jr. Sandra D, Munroe Stephen Murgo Colleen E. Murphy 91 Steven Murphy Kenny Nassar Lori Carano Elie Massif Karen E. Nelson David Nickerson 92 Louise P. Nigrelli Daniel J. Noone Elizabeth A. O ' Connor Darrell Francis, Willie Morgan Thomas A. Olenio 93 John Bushnell, Gary Starr Cary L. Pahigian Mary jo Palermo Cindy Pangione 94 Mary Parlock Andrea C. Perry Sandra M. Pickard Judy Marie Polizzotti jane S. Puopolo Charles R. Polizzotti Daniel Noone Daniel Quinlan k i eu w .«vu“ fifty ■ rri:i;i ».A ' j jV " ‘ ' ' !«« ! e-nnrj- • ' ’M« ' r44t4 ,, , , 1 . .1 .4ui;n:;fn-::33;:fc irt 3 «rt«v ■ ' fW-Wf .rf J ' ■ " Sf ' v ,% ;:S ' : 5 i;gS E ' sa- .» «4V-1’‘l j ,V4-4rJ11lV’ ■fer; ,,vvV ' wvy; k 4 1 K«iW“ ' d itmtww? ' -n 1 jane Quintal Dan Turner Robert J. Quintal r 4 . ' Susan Jayne Rand Robert Redman % James P. Riccardi Nina M. Reitano Kim E. Rheaume Sharon E. Sanborn Mike Driscoll Peter Sandstrom 98 Karen Jean Savukinas Vicki Schalloup Carolyn Scione Victoria K. Shalhoup John j. Sifferlen, jr. Jonathan Simmons M. C. Simpson Rebecca A. Slade Billie Smith Stephen Smolak Donna ]. Spinelli Donna Elaine Spinney Gary Starr George E. Steele Carrie Lynn Stewart 100 Matthew McLoughlin joAnne P. Sullivan 101 Elaine Tarlian Louise Nigrelli Kathleen P. Taylor Julie A. Thoren Pamela Tomaselli 102 Ellen Marie Trombly Daniel Turner Philip E. Uhl I I I i ■ 103 I 1 , Jill Lynn Wilkinson Carlene D. Wilson Christopher j. Wentworth Joanne A. Voris Donna J. Uttley M. Curtis Wilson, III Kathy Wilson John A. Witzgall 104 mwMMMM: D. J. Griffin Not Pictured Daniel Healey Aileen Moody Dale Reynolds John A. Zahoruiko -w Senior Directory MARY T. ADDONIGIO, 37 Dudley Street, Art Club 1; Spanish Club 3,4 (Secretary-treasurer); Student Council 4; Business Club 4; Track 1; Basketball Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Volleyball Intra¬ murals 1,2,3,4; Softball Intramurals 2,3; Gym¬ nastics 3; The Den Restaurant. JULIE ALAIMO, 1721 Osgood Street, Squire 2; Yearbook 3,4; Spanish Club 3; French Club 3; Student Council 3,4; Prep Club 3; Business Club 4; Basketball Intramurals 1,2; Volleyball Intramurals 3; Western Electric Cafe. THOMAS P. ANGELI, 70 Fernview Ave. 99 Restaurant. DAVID HENRY ARMITAGE, 12 Sutton Hill Road, Audio Visual Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4 (Vice President); Class Vice President 2,3,4; Yearbook 3 (Jr. Editor), 4(Co- Editor); Homeroom Rep. 1; Soccer 2,3,4; St. Michael ' s Rectory. SHARON MARIE AUSTIN, 22 Hamilton Road, Student Advisory 1, Student Council 2,4; Chorus 1,2,3; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 4; Jewelry Club 2; Drama Club 1,2; Pep Club 1; Messinas. PETER DAVID BAGLEY, 88 Farwood Ave., Na¬ tional Honor Society 2; Skiing 1,2,3,4; Golf 2,3; Baseball 3; Soccer 4. EEIZABETH M. BARIE, 644 Salem Street, Span¬ ish Club 3; Business Club 3,4; Spirit Club 4. CYNTHIA A. BARKER 146 High Street, Mead¬ ow Brook Dry Cleaners. ELIZABETH E. BARKER 1267 Osgood Street, Pep Club 1,2; Jewelry Club 1; Chorus 1; Stu¬ dent Council 3,4; Prom Committee 4; Year¬ book 4; Track 3,4; Pine Crest Nursing Home, Barker ' s Farm. JOSEPH JOHN BARTOLOTTA JR., 1925 Great Pond Road, Basketball 1,2; Soccer 3,4; Ply Gems Paneling Center. NANCY J. BARTOLOTTA, 1925 Great Pond Road, Business Club 3,4; Yearbook 2,3; Stu¬ dent Council 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3; Girls Track 1,2,3. DOUGLAS J. BATES, 440 Main Street, A.F.S. 2,3,4; Cross Country 1,2,3; National Honor So¬ ciety 2,3,4. DEBORAH BEATON, 74 Prospect Street, Dra¬ ma Club 1; French Club 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Band (Flag Squad) 2; Spanish Honor Soci¬ ety 2,3,4; Library. PAUL BENINATO, 61 Lyman Road, Student Council 1,4; Stage Band 1,2; Intramural — Bas¬ ketball 2,3,4; Demoulas. RUTH A. BERNARDIN, 459 Salem Street, Yearbook 3,4 (Editor). JUDY BIRCH, 38 Farnum Street, Band 1,2 (Treasurer), 3 (Vice President), 4 (President); AFS 1,2,3 (Vice President) 4 (President); Cho¬ rus 2; Student Council 4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3 (Secretary), 4; Squire Staff 1; Yearbook 4; Wind Ensemble 2,3,4; Stage Band 2; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Prep Club 1,3; Bas¬ ketball 1,2 (co-captain). CAROL BLACK, 14 Clarendon Street. MARY ELLEN BLIGH, 50 Fernview Avenue. SCOTT D. BOEGLIN, 48 Waverly Road, Foot¬ ball 1,2,3,4. CHERYL ANNE BOVE, 18 Dartmouth Street, Photography Club 1; Pep Club 1,2,3; Basket¬ ball Intramurals 2; Student Council 3,4; A.B.C. Board Representative 3,4; Squire 3,4; Prom Committee 4; Ecology Club 4; Bike Club 1,2; Business Club 3,4; Jewelry Club 2,3; Jogging Club 3; A.F.S. Club 2,3,4; Girls Track 1,2,3,4; Ski Team 2; Birch Drug. MARY BETH BOYD, 43 Meadow Lane, Stu¬ dent Council 3,4; Track 1,2,3,4 (co-captain); Pine Crest Nursing Home. NANCY J. BRADLEY, 21 Edmands Road, Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 3,4; Chorus 2; Shady Knoll Nursing Home. BEVERLY A. BRASSEUR, 31 Riverview Street, Drama 1; Student Council 2; Business Club 3,4; Jewelry Club 3; Yearbook 3,4; Photogra¬ phy Club 1; Art Club 1; Volunteer L.G.H.; Pin- ecrest Nursing Home. NANCY BREEN, 10 Lorraine Ave., AFS 1; Stu¬ dent Council 1,2,3,4; Class President 2; Field Hockey 1,2 (co-captain) 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4 (co-captain); Softball 1,2,3,4; Volleyball Intra¬ murals 1,2,3,4; Basketball Intramurals 1,2. 106 PRISCILLA J. BRIEN, 415 Waverly Road, Stu¬ dent Council 4; Creative Writing 1; Track 2; Intramurals 1,2; Shawsheen Manor. GEOFFREY BROWN, 103 Bradford Street, Soccer 1,2,3; Band 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Base¬ ball 1,2; Photography Club 1,2,3; Chorus 1,2,4. KAREN ANN BROWN, 29 Edmands Road, Stu¬ dent Council 2,3,4, (President); Pep Club 1,2,3; Prep Club 3; Jewelry Club 1,2,3; Year¬ book 1,2,3,4 (editor); Class Officer 4 (Presi¬ dent); Squire 2; Community Involvment 3,4; Volley Ball 2; Pine Crest. CHARLES P. BRYANT, 300 Dale Street, Soccer 1,2 Intramurals 1; Royal Crest Estates. SUSAN BURNS, 196 Andover Street. JOHN BUSHNELL, 41 Carty Circle. REID S. BUTURLIA, 346 Salem Street, National Honor Society 3,4; Messina. SUSAN E. CALLAHAN, 30 Union Street, Stu¬ dent Council 2,3; Drama Club 1; Business Club 3; Jewelry Club 2; L.T. Industries. JOAN M. CAMPBELL, 96 Elm Street, Pep Club 1,2,3; Chorus 1; Student Council 4; Squire 1,2; AFS 3,4; Drama Club 1,2; Bicentennial Com¬ mittee 3,4; Volley-ball 1,2. DAVID M. CANTONE, 11 Spruce St., Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1; Track 3; Basketball 1; Wres¬ tling 2,3,4. LORI BETH CARANO, 200 Coachmans Lane. SUSAN M. CARNEY, 155 Boston St., Business Club 4; Yearbook 3; Spanish Club 3; French Club 3; Photography 4; Volleyball 2. RONALD CARON, 35 Meadowview Rd., American Home Recreation Corp. ANDRE J. CARRIER, 825 Johnson St., French Honor Society 3,4; Demoulas. MATTHEW G. CARUSO, 123 Greene Street, Volleyball 1,2; Lacrosse 1,3; Soccer 2,3,4; Hockey 2,3,4; Track 3,4; Student Council 1,4; Photography Club 1,2; Sears. EDWARD J. CHAPUT, 35 Lincoln Street, Foot¬ ball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; R.C. Construction, Malco Electronics. ELLEN ANNE CHARLTON, 93 Raleigh Tavern Lane, Library Aid 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Grants. STEVEN A. CHOOLJIAN, 224 Sutton Hill Rd., Chess Club 1; WNAH 3,4 Demoulas. KAREN JEAN COCHRANE, 139 Beverly Street, Dramatic Club 1,2 French Club 2,3, (Treasurer) 4; Pep Club 3; Jewelry Club 2. ROBERT A. COLE, 33 Forest St., Messina ' s. MARIE COMPAGNONE, 12 Mifflin Dr., Home Room Rep. 1; Pep Club 1,2; Drama Rep. 1; Student Council 1,2,4; Yearbook 4; Bicentenial Committee 3; Volleyball 3; Track 3 (manager). Special Classes; Religion Class. JULIO CEZAR DE FREITAS CONCEICAO, 173 Coachman ' s Lane, Soccer 4. KATHLEEN M. CONNOR, 61 Woodcrest Dr., Pep Club 1,2; Jewelry Club 2; Squire 2,3; Year¬ book 3; Prom Committee 3,4; Student Coun¬ cil 2,3,4; (Sec. Treas.); Class Sec. Treas. 3,4 Skating 1,2,3,4; Pine Crest. RICHARD CONNOR, 16 Magnolia Dr., Stu¬ dent Council 3,4; Soccer 2,3,4 (co-captain); Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4 (co-captain); Thompson ' s Rest. BONITA MARIE CONNORS, 65 Brightwood Ave., Drama Club 1; Softball 1,2,3,4; Intramur¬ als 1,2; Shady Knoll Nursing Home. EDWARD J. CONWAY, 19 Spruce St., Baseball 1,2; Football 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4. PAULA COOKSON, 1010 Johnson St. SUSAN CORMEY, 171 Cotuit St., Student Council 4; Business Club 4; Chorus 2,3; Year¬ book 4; Bicentenial Committee 4; Volleyball 3; Basketball Intramurals 1 Mr. Donut; Century Hair. CLOYDE D. CUNNINGHAM, 85 Elmcrest St., Basketball 2; Raytheon. NANCY D. DARGAN, 57 Third St., Pep Club 1; Student Council 4; Volleyball 1; Prom Com¬ mittee 4; Yearbook 4; Track 3; Ceramics 4; Jewelry 4; Pewter Pot. JACQUELYN K. DEFUSCO, 38 Turnpike St., French Club 2,3,4; Band 2; Business Club 4; Pep Club 4; Gymnastics 2; Pride Electronics. JUDITH M. DEGNAN, 543 Mass. Ave., Chorus 2,3 (secretary); Photography Club 1; French Club 2; Community Involvement 3,4; Internal Revenue Service. 1 107 JOSEPH DEMARCO, 31 Woodstock Street, Football 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4; Weightlifting 1,2,3,4. DONNA MARIE DEMERS, 7 Maple Avenue, Softball 2,3,4 Basketball 2. SUSAN H. DEMERS, 759 Great Pond Road, Student Council 3,4; Homeroom Representa¬ tive 3, Prom Committee 3,4; Yearbook 4; Pep Club 2; jewelry Club 4; Softball 1; Tennis 3; Volleyball Intramurals 1,2,3; Basketball Intra¬ murals 1,2,3,4; Soccer 4. MARY JO DEYERMOND, 247 Osgood Street, Drama Club 1; Prom Committee 4; Yearbook 4; Track 1, Pewter Pot. SUSAN DEYERMOND, 53 May Street, Prom Committee 4; Track 1. SANDRA L. DILENDIK, 61 Inglewood Street, Prom Committee 4; Pep Club 1; Basketball Turnpike Texaco. MICHAEL PATRICK DRISCOLL, 1815 Great Pond Road, Student Council 2; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4. JOANNE M. DUBE, 1058 Johnson Street, Prom Committee 4; Drama Club 1, Jewelry Club 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2; DeMoulas. ANN MARIE DUBOIS, 53 Martin Avenue, Photography 2; French Club 4; Spanish Club 4; Pep Club 3. SARAH DUNLAP, 114 Beverly Street, Student Council 2,3,4; Squire 2; Yearbook 3,4; Track 2; Tennis Team 4; Intramurals; Brooks Day Camp. BONNIE LYN DUNN, Ingalls Road, Band 1,2,3. CARRIE LEA DUNN, Ingalls Road, Student Council 4; Chorus 1,2,3; Business Club 3,4; Art 1,2; Ski Team 1„3,4. EDWIN J. FARRELL, 55 Water Street., Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 4; Weighlifting 1,4; DeMou¬ las. JAY FARROW, 317 Middlesex Street, Basket¬ ball 1; Tennis 1,2,3,4 (co-captain); Glennie ' s. JILL FARROW, 317 Middlesex Street, Pep Club 1,2; Yearbook 3,4; Squire 1,2, Intramur¬ als; Glennie ' s, DAVID J. FIELD, 9 Brewster Street, Band 1,2,3,4; Steven ' s Hall. CATHERINE FIORINO, 288 Pleasant Street, Judo Club 4; Business Club 4; Yearbook 4; Basketball 2; Stevens Hall. CAROL FIRTH, 32 Cabot Road, Jewelry Club 1,2,3, (Treas.); Yearbook 4; Student Council 3,4; AFS 3,4; Prep Club 3; Prom Committee 4; Intramurals 1; Jaque Karfault. SANDRA DIVINCENZO, 73 Pleasant Street, Intramurals 3,4; Business Cluh 4. LINDA DIZAZZO, 118 Meadowview Road, Pewter Pot. JOSEPH B. DONAHUE, 440 Marbleridge Road, Student Council 4; Soccer 3,4; Baseball 2; Basketball 1. SUSAN DONNELLY, 218 Mass. Ave., Vais. CHRISTOPHER DOW, 687 Massachusetts Avenue. EDWARD R. DRISCOLL, 405 Main Street, Band 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 1,2,3,4; Stevens. MARTIN JOSEPH DRISCOLL, 101 Elmcrest Road, Football 3; Hockey 2,3; Track 2,3,4; Club 1; Flagsquad 1,2,3 (co-captain); Spanish Club 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Pep Club 3; Dunn Farm. DOROTHY A. DUNN. 28 Bradstreet Road, Pep Club 1, Student Council 4; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 4; Hit or Miss. MARSHA KEYES ELIAS, 112 Chestnut Street, Student Council 1,2,3,4; Bicycle Club 1,2,3; Ecology Club 2,3; Class President 3; Spanish and National Honor Society 3,4; Pep Club 3; Squire 2,3,4; Ski Team 1,2,4; Tennis Team 2,3,4; Field Hockey 4. DONALD RICHARD ELLARD, 54 Summer Street, Soccer 3,4; Baseball 4; Basketball 1,2,3 (manager) 4. GARY L. ENAIRE, 14 Prescott Street, Football 1; Messina ' s. NORMAN FARR, 1289 Salem Street, Track Jogging Club 2; Drama Club 1,2; Pine Crest. KATHRYN L. FLINN, 54 Old Village Lane, Stu¬ dent Council 3,4; Ecology 2; AFS 3; Yearbook 3,4; Chorus 1; Spanish Honor Society 3,4 (Sec.); Tennis 3,4; Ski team 2,3,4. ANTOINE F. FONTAINE, 58 May Street, Track 1,2,3,4; Cross Country 2,3,4; Deering Ice Cream. GARY J. FORZESE, 252 Chestnut Street, Chess Club 1. DARRELL FRANCIS, 1723 W. Bristol Street, Phila., Pa.; Wrestling 3,4. CYNTHIA M. FRANZ, 187 South Bradford St. JOHN FRASER, 88 Herrick Road, James H. McManus Eating Place. ANTHONY FURNARI, Health Circle, Chess club 1; Photography Club 1,2; Squire 3,4 (edi¬ tor); Yearbook 3,4; Student Council 4; Track 1, Soccer 2,3,4; Tennis 3; St. Michael ' s Rectory. BRIAN M. GALLAGHER, 23 Williams St., Audio Visual 2,3,4; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Basketball 1; Tennis 2,3,4 (co-captain); Glennie ' s Dairy. KEVIN M. GALLAGHER, 29 Russell St., North Andover Country Club. NORMAN GALLANT, 23 Francis St., Basket¬ ball 1,2; Football 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL J. GALPER, 141 Marian Drive, Audio Visual 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Squire 4; Drama Club 1; Chess Club 1; Raytheon. FREDERICK DAVID GIARRUSSO, 56 Marble¬ head St., Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Football 3; Track 1,2; Millpond Town Houses. Teacher Advisory Committee 3; Student Council 4. CAROL A. GUILLMETTE, 108 Moody St., Marshalls. DAVID M. GUTHRIE, 212 Middlesex St., Audio Visual 1,2; Football 1,2; North Andover Pharmacy. JUDITH A. HAGGERTY, 334 Osgood St., Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Chorus 1; Stu¬ dent Council 4; Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Stevens Hall Convelescent Home. ROBERT D. HAIGH, 355 Osgood St., Wres¬ tling 3; Weight-Lifting 3. RICHARD G. HALTMAIER, JR., 13 Chestnut St., Math Team 1,2,4; Chess Club 1; Yearbook 3 (Jr. editor) 4 (co- editor). Audio Visual 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4; Baseball 1,2; Bas- Council 3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Yearbook 34; Creative Writing 1; Basketball Intramurals 1,2; Track (manager) 3,4; Pewter Pot. JOHN HENNESSY, 49 Elmood St., Bob White ' s. VIRGINIA J. HENSHAW, 405 Johnson St., Band 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 4; Art Club 1; Jewelry Club 2,3; Student Council 4; Prom Committee 4; Pine Crest Nursing Home. JAMES D. HIGGINS, 33 Union Street. PATRICIA E. HIGGINS, 128 Martin Ave., Stu¬ dent Council 3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Track 2,3; Intramurals 3; Tennis 4; Pine Crest. DEBORAH R. HILBERT, 64 Patriot Street, French Club 2,3; Sears. ROBERT T. HOAR, 667 Waverly Road, AFS 2,3,4; Radio Station 3. THOMAS R. GIDLEY, 768 Waverly Rd., Can¬ ty ' s Kitchen. JANICE E. GILES, 146 Chestnut St., Equestian Club (Pres.) 2,3; Ski Team 2,3,4; Volleyball In¬ tramurals 2,3; Tennis Intramurals 2; Pep Club 1,2; Happy Hollow Farm. LISA M. GIOSEFFI, 19 Bradford St., Student Council 2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Yearbook 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Soccer Intramurals 4. TOM GORMAN, 43 Magnolia Dr., North An¬ dover Country Club. PATRICIA A. GREENWOOD, 40 Great Oak St., Student Council 3,4; French Club 4; Year¬ book 3; Business Club 3,4; Track 2; Grants. DANIEL J. GRIFFIN, 62 Milton St., Squire 1,2; (Junior Editor) 3; (Co-Editor-in- Chief) 4; Dra¬ ma Club 1,2; French Club 2; Yearbook 2,4; ketball 2,3,4; Tennis 3,4; Stevens Cooledge Place. COLLEEN M. HANLON, 270 Farnum St., Stu¬ dent Council 4; Tennis Club 4. KIM E. HAZARVARTIAN, 160 Boston St., Math Team 3,4; WNAH 2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Prep Club 3; Model Airplane Club 1; Demoulas. MICHAEL HEAFEY, 119 Moody St., Football 1,2,3,4 (co-captain); Basketball 1,2,3,4 (co-cap¬ tain); Baseball 1,2,3,4; Basketball Intramurals 2. DANIEL W. HEALEY, 320 Mass. Ave., Wres¬ tling 3,4; Football 3. BEVERLY A. HEINZE, 140 Bradford Street, Band 2,3,4; C.V.S. JOAN R. HENNESSEY, 343 Salem Street, Dra¬ ma Club 1; Student Representative 1; Student SHARON HOWARTH, 247 Middlesex Street, Internal Revenue Service. MARY KATE HUDSON, 250 Johnson Street, Jewelry Club 3; Student Council 3,4; Spanish Club 3; Harry ' s. JAMES R. HUGHES, 31 Francis Street, Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3; Butcher Boy Steak House. MARY ELLEN HURLEY, 187 South Bradford Street, Butcher Boy ' s Market. ROBERT C. HUTCHINS, 3 Walker Road, Choir 1,2,3,4; Chess team 1,2; Stage Band 2,3,4; Dra¬ ma Club 1,2,3,4; Radio Station 2,3,4. HARVEY JACKSON, 575 Salem Street, Thompson ' s. PAUL J. JOYCE, 32 Sandra Lane, Butcher Boy Steak House. JAMES P. KELLER JR., 127 Glencrest Dr., Foot¬ ball 1; Soccer 2,3,4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; Demou- las. WILLIAM KELLEY, Park St. SUSAN ELAINE KINGSLEY, 43 Lisa Lane, Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; AES 1; Squire 4; Yearbook 3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Bicentennial Committee 4; Field Hockey; Bas¬ ketball 1,2(manager); Cheerleader 3; Intra¬ murals 1,2; Dr. Beliveau. J. KENNETH KOTCE, 19 Union Street, Student Adv. Comm. 4; Pewter Pot. PABLO LACAYO, 2183 Washington Ave., Bx. N.Y.; Spanish Club 3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2; Class President 1; Soccer 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4. THOMAS LACEY DONNA M. LANDRY, 18 Water Street, Cho¬ rus 1,2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 4. DIANE E. LAROCHELLE, 63 Herrick Rd., Dra¬ ma Club 1,2; Chorus 1; Student Council 3,4; Bradford House Restaurant. GINA M. LAUDANI, 12 Glenwood Street, Stu¬ dent Council 4; Yearbook 4; Spanish Club 3; Prom Committee 4; Track 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2; The Den. ALBERT J. LAWLOR, 40 Belmont Street, Squire 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 2,3,4 (Tri-Captain); Baseball 1,2,3,4; N.A. Play¬ grounds. BRIAN LAWLOR, 290 Stevens Street, Prep Club 3; Ski Team 4; Golf team 1,2,3,4; Demou- las. MARGARET A. LELAND, 254 Great Pond Rd., A.V. 1; Drama Club 1; Bike Club 1; Jewelry Club 3; Ski Team 1,2,3(captain)4; Track 1; Ten¬ nis Team 2,3(captain)4; Brook ' s Day Camp. EVELYN LENTZ, 63 Bradford Street, Math Club 3; Library Aide 3,4; French Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4. CATHY LEWIS, 16 Tavern Road, Student Council 4, Drama Club 1; Creative Writing 1; Track 2; Tennis 3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; WCCM-WCGY. KAREN ELIZABETH LICARE, 412 Mass. Ave., Student Council 1,2,3,4; Student Advisory Committee 3,4; AFS 1,2; National Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4; Squire 2,3; Prom Committee 3,4; State Board of Student Advisory 3,4; Foreign Lan¬ guage Club 1; Basketball 1; Field Hockey Man¬ ager 1; Cheerleading 2,3,4(co- caption); Intra¬ murals; No. Andover Recreation Dept. TRACY LEE LITTLE, 18 School Street, Jewelry Club 3; Student Council 3,4; Business Club 4; Spirit Club 4. DEBORAH J. LONG, 16 Dufton Court, Drama 1; Chorus 1,2,3; Student Council 4; Business Club 4; BU Conference Center. ELIZABETH A. LONG, 18 Margate Road, Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Honor Soci¬ ety 3,4; Yearbook 4; Student Council 4; Track 1,2; Basketball 2,3(co-captain)4; Intramurals 1,2; Spanish Club 3,4; Glennie ' s. KATHRYN J. LOWELL, 133 Summer Street- Choir 1,4; Prep Club 3; Library Club 2,3,4; Na¬ tional Honor Society 2 3,4; Math Team 3,4; Messina ' s. THOMAS N. LUNDQU ST, 163 High Street, Student Council 2; Baseball 1,2; Soccer 2,3,4; Treadwell ' s. JUNE C. LUSTENBERGER, 112 Autran Ave., Li¬ brary 1,2; Chess Club 1 2; Messina ' s. DONNA MACCANNELL, 12 Lincoln Street.. Student Council 4. PATRICIA ANNE MACNEIL, 166 High Street, Pep Club 1; Andover Lawrence Realty. MARY ELLEN MAHONEY, 300 Andover Street, Marguerite Junkin ' s Candy Store. ENZA MALANDRINO, 32 Surrey Drive, Band 1,2,3,4; Class Band Rep 1,2,3; Intramurals 2. LINDA MARSHALL, 242 Sutton Street, Year¬ book 3,4; Business Club 3; French Club 3; Na¬ tional Honor Society 3,4; Shady Knoll Nursing Home. DANIEL F. MARTINEAU, 95 Moody Street, Football 1. GARY MARTINO, 26 Russell Street, Audio Vi¬ sual 1,2,3,4(President). HELEN M. MATHISON, 32 Second Street. MARY ELIZABETH McALOON, 790 Osgood Street, Student Council 4; Yearbook 2,3; French Club 3; Spanisn Club 3,4; Business Club 4; Prep Club 3; Photography Club 2,4; Intramurals 1,2. JOHN M. MCBRIDE, 99 Meadowview Road, Soccer 3,4; Morse Small Fruit ' s Specialists Corp. KAREN MCCARTHY, 24 Russet Lane, Student Council 1,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Field Hockey 2,3,4 (co-captain); Softball 1,2,3,4; Bradford House, Grants. SUSAN A. MCCARTY, 24 School Street, Stu¬ dent Council 1, (Vice President) 2,3,4; French 110 Club 2,4; Rules and Regulations Committee 2; Yearbook 3; Prom Committee 4; Field Hockey Manager 1,2,3,4; Basketball Intramurals 1,2; Steven ' s Convalescent Home. WILLIAM JAMES MCCARTY, 213 Sutton Street, Wrestling 1,4. DARLENE M. MCCONAGHY, 59 Appleton Street, Pep Club 1; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Yearbook 4; Intramurals 1,2; Tennis 3; Hit or Miss. KATHLEEN ANN MCLAY, 40 Pembrook Rd., Pep Club 2,3; Student Council 3,4; Yearbook 3,4; jewelry Club 3; Basketball Intramurals 2; McLay ' s Florist. MATTHEW JOHN MCLOUGHLIN, 327 Salem St., Ski Team 3,4; B.U. Conference Center. WILLIAM J. MCMAHON JR., 24 Common¬ wealth Ave., Hockey 1,2,3,4 (tri-capt.); Foot¬ ball 3,4(Co-capt.); Weightlifting 1,2,3,4; Intra¬ murals Track; Camelot. JOHN MCMANUS, 94 Peters St., Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Wrestling 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4{tri-capt); Weightlifting 2,3,4. LINDA M. MEDOLO, 24 Marblehead St., Li¬ brary Aide 1; Jewelry Club 3; Student Council 3,4. MARY LAURA MEDOLO, 64 Meadow Lane, Student Council 4, Yearbook 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Ski Team 2; Pewter Pot. VALERIE M. MELILLO, 38 Marblehead Street, Pep Club 3, Business Club 4. ALBERT R. MIDGLEY, 11 Putnam Road, Base¬ ball 1,3,4; Bob White ' s. ROBERT MILLER, 32 Herrick Road. STUART MILLER, 93 Martin Ave. JORGE L. MINO, 83 Elm Street, Spanish Club 3(President), 4(Vice-President); French Club 3,4; Soccer 1,2,3,4 (co-captian); Track 1; Ten¬ nis 1. AILEEN D. MOODY, 790 Forest Street, Bas¬ ketball 1; Cerretanis. WILLIE LESTER MORGAN, 83 Elm Street, Football 3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Track 1,4. SANDRA D. MUNROE, 444 Winter Street, Brooks School. STEPHEN MURGO, 70 Essex Street, Soccer 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Barker ' s Farm. COLLEEN E. MURPHY, 40 Edgelawn Ave., Stu¬ dent Council 3; Steven ' s Hall. KENNY NASSAR, 57 Old Village Lane, Student Council 4; Photography Club 4; Wrestling 3,4; Thompson ' s. ELIE NASSIF, 45 Edgelawn Ave., French Club 3,4; French Honor Society 4(President); Soc¬ cer 3,4. KAREN E. NELSON, 125 Hillside Road. DAVID NICKERSON, 100 Moody Street, In¬ tramurals 1,2,3; JV Soccer 3(Co-captain); Track 3,4; Cross Country 4. LOUISE P. NIGRELLI, 15 William Street, Stu¬ dent Council 4; Prom Committe 4; Yearbook 4; Track 2,3; Messina ' s. DANIEL J. NOONE, 65 Waverly Road, Baseball 1,2,3,4; Hockey 1,2,3,4(Tri-captain); Daly ' s- Lynn Fields. ELIZABETH A. O ' CONNOR, 165 Chadwick St., Pep Club 3,4; Student Council 4; Band 1; Majorettes 2,3; AFS 2; Drama Club 2; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Spanish Club 3; French Club 3; Intramurals 2; Concert Choir 1; Cheer¬ leading 4. ELIZABETH J. O ' CONNOR, 47 Kingston Street THOMAS A. OLENIO, 292 Salem St., Mes¬ sina ' s. WENDY A. ORD, 10 Beacon Hill Blvd., Pep Club 3; Yearbook 4; Judo 3; Basketball 1; Ad¬ miral Folding Box. CHARLES OTIS, 456 Summer St., Student Council 4; Squire 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling, (captain); Track 2,3,4; Weight Lifting 2.3.4. McCarthy Insurance Agency. JANE MARIE OWENS, 5 Green Hill Ave., Dra¬ ma Club 1; Foreign Language Club 1; Student Council 3,4; Jewelry Club 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook 3,4; French Club 4; Squire 4. DeMoulas. CARY L. PAHIGIAN, 252 Sutton Hill Rd., WNAH 3,4 (Manager); Soccer 4; Football 1; Intramurals 1,3,4; DeMoulas, North Andover Pharmacy. MARY JO PALERMO, 61 Coachmans Lane, Student Council 3,4; Teacher Advisor Com¬ mittee 3,4; Ecology Club 2; Bike Club 1,2; Squire 4; Tennis Team 2,3,4; Ski Team 1; Brooks School Day Camp. CINDY PANGIONE, 245 Brentwood Circle, Prep Club 3; Yearbook 4; Student Council 4; Ecology Club 2,3; Ski Team 1; Tennis 3,4; Bike Club 1,2; Great Pond Insurance. MARY PARLOCK, 84 Russet Lane, Student Council 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3; Math Team 2,3,4; Squire 2,3,4 (Co—(co-editor); National Honor Society 2,3,4 (president); French National 111 Honor Society 3,4; A.F.S. 3,4 (Vice Pes.). Vol. Lawrence General Hospital. ANDREA C. PERRY, 40 Milk St., Equestian Club 2,3; Art Club 1; Pep Club 1; Basketball Intramurals 1; Windrush Farm. SANDRA M. PICKARD, 1317 Salem St., Cho¬ rus 1,2; Business Club 4; Ski Team 1,2,3,4; Camp Paul. CHARELS R. POLIZZOTTI, 297 Middlesex St., Wrestling 1,2,4; Cross Country 2; Track 1,2; Football 1; JUDY MARIE POLIZZOTTI, 132 Pleasant St. JANE S.PUOPOLO, 826 Osgood Street, Pep Club 2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; (Pres.); Business Club 4; Drama Club 2,3,4; Yearbook Staff 2,3; French Club 2,3,4; Library Aide 2,3,4. DANIEL QUINLAN, 34 Trinity Ct., Weightlift¬ ing 4; Intramurals 4; Glennies. JANE QUINTAL, 414 Summer St., Track 1,2,3. ROBERT J. QUINTAL, 278 Waverly Road. Football 1; Basketball 1,2,3; Cross Country 3.4 (co-captain); Track 3,4; (Tri-Captain). SUSAN JAYNE RAND, 280 Dale Street, Pep Club 1,2; Brooks Play 2,3; Squire 2; Yearbook 3(Jr. Editor) 4, (Editor-in-Chief); Prep Club 3; Bicentennial Committee 3,4; Myf 2 (Treasur¬ er), 3 (Pres.) 4 (Chairman); Track 1,2,3; Basket¬ ball Intramurals 1,2; Treadwell ' s. ROBERT REDMAN, 21 Pembrook Rd., Foot¬ ball 1; Baseball 2,3,4 (co-captain); Basketball (co-captain); Cross Country 2,3,4 (co¬ captain). NINA M. REITANO, 4 Holbrook Rd., Pep Club 2,3; Intramurals 2; Jewelry Club 3; Ski Team 2; Yearbook 2,3; DeMoulas. L. DALE REYNOLDS, 11 Main St., Football 1; Wrestling 2. KIM E. RHEAUME, 16 Lincoln St., Student Council 1,2,3,4; Class President 1; Drama Club 1; Creative Writing Club 1; Squire 4; Yearbook 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Track 1; Tennis 4; Intramurals 1,2; Pewter Pot. JAMES P. RICCARDI, 210 Farnum St., Eagle- Tribune. JOHN ROCHON, 30 Norman Rd., Squire 3 (co-editor), 4 (editor); Photography Club 2,3 (Vice-President), 4 (President); Tennis 4; Intra¬ murals 3,4; Bob White ' s. SHAWN ROCKWELL, 676 Osgood St., Haffner ' s. DAVID J. ROKES, 39 Hewitt Ave., Bicenten¬ nial Committee 3,4; Intramurals 1,2; Ski Team 3,4; Cross Country 4; Golf 1,2,3,4, (captain); North Andover Country Club. DIANE M. ROMANO, 40 Elmcrest Rd., Stu¬ dent Council 4; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 4; Track 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 2,3; Russem ' s. PAMELA ANN ROSE, 3 Wilson Rd., Spanish Honor Society 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4. MICHAEL J. RULLO, 1 Gray St., Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4. JAMES MICHAEL RYAN, 850 Osgood St., CYO 1,2,3,4; Weight Lifting 1,2; Treadwell ' s Ice Cream. SHARON E. SANBORN, 228 Dale Street. PETER SANDSTROM, 514 Winter Street, Football 1,2,3; Hockey 1,2,3. GAYLEMARIE ANNE SANSOUCIE, 88 Bel¬ mont Street, Drama Club 1,2,3; Student Council 4; Bicentennial Committee 3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Yearbook 2,3,4; CYO 1,2,3,4; intra¬ murals 1,2,3,4; Steven ' s Library. RICHARD J. SANTOMAS, 245 Osgood Street, Burger King. KAREN JEAN SAVUKINAS, 41 Mark Rd., Pep Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 1; AFS 1; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Prep Club 3; Chorus 1; Field Hockey 1; Cheerleader 2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2; Friendly ' s. CAROLYN SCIONE, 39 Furber Ave, Prep Club 3; Meadow Brook Laundry. VICTORIA K. SHALHOUP, 324 Hillside Road, Field Hockey 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Intramurals 2. JOHN J. SIFFERLEN, JR., 36 Colgate Drive, Messina ' s. JONATHAN SIMMONS, 6 Andrews Circle, WNAH 2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Carroll ' s. M.C. SIMPSON. REBECCA A. SLADE, 21 Bradford Street, Dra¬ ma Club 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Math Club 3,4; Track 1,2,3. BILLIE SMITH, 328 Middlesex Street, Mes- sinas. STEPHEN SMOLAK, 315 South Bradford Street. DONNA J. SPINELLI, 984 Turnpike Street. 112 DONNA ELAINE SPINNEY, 11 Inglewood Street, Chorus 1,2,3,4 (sec. treas); Drama Club 1; Demoulas. GARY STARR, 64 Second St., Football 1,2,3,4; Hockey 2,3,4; Glennie ' s. GEORGE E. STEELE, 5 Union St. CARRIE LYNN STEWART, 59 Bradstreet Road, Pep Club 2,3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; Prep Club 3; Cheerleader 2,3,4 (tri-captain); Basket¬ ball Intramurals 1; Grants. VALERIE STONE, 90 Bradford Street, Yum Yum Shop; Pewter Pot. ANN M. SULLIVAN, 241 Pleasant St., Student Couricil 4; Yearbook 4; Track 2; Intramurals 1,2; Pewter Pot. JAN C. SULLIVAN, 1027 Great Pond Rd., Stu¬ dent Council 2,3,4; Pep Club 2,3,4; Squire 4; Spanish Club 3; Spanish Honor Society 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4 (Vice Pres.); Jewel¬ ry Club 2; Cheerleading 3,4; Intramurals 1,2; Brooks Day Care Camp. JOANNE P. SULLIVAN, 24 Longwood Ave., Field Hockey 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4 (co-captain); North Andover Recreation Staff. MARY T. SYBERT, 25 Stonington St., Pep Club 3; Student Council 3,4; Jewelry Club 3; Intra¬ murals 1,2; Pewter Pot. PAUL SYBERT, 25 Stonington St., Cross Coun¬ try 2,3,4; Weight lifting 2,3,4; Track 2,3,4; Pewter Pot. JOHN A. TAMAGNINE, 42 Bay State Road, Football 1,2,3,4; Wrestling 1,23,4; Baseball 1,2; Track 3,4. ELAINE TARLIAN, Forest Acre Drive. KATHLEEN P. TAYLOR, 60 Russell St., A.F.S. 1; Squire 1,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Span¬ ish Honor Society 2,3,4; Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2 (co-captain) 3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Messina ' s. JULIE H. THOREN, 1 Elm St., Jewelry Club 2; Squire 4; Math Team 2,4; National Honor So¬ ciety 2,3,4 (secretary); Student Council 3,4; Track 2; Ski Team 3,4; YMCA. PAMELA TOMASELLI, 315 Greene St., Pep Club 1; CVS. SHARON MARIE TRIDENTI, 15 Harwood St., Chorus 1,2,4 (Vice Pres); Band 2; Drama Club 1,2,4; Messina ' s Catering. DARLENE ANN TRIPOLI, 40 May St., Prom Committee 4; Cerretanis Market. ELLEN MARIE TROMBLY, 858 Great Pond Road, Pep Club 1,3,4; Student Council 3,4; French Club 1; Photography Club 1; Prom Committee 4; Track 1; Field Hockey 2; Cheer¬ leading 3,4; Intramurals 1,2; Shady Knoll Nurs¬ ing Home. DANIEL TURNER, 11 Oxford St., Student Council 4; Baseball 3; Soccer 4; Demoulas. PHILIP E. UHL, 25 Farrwood Ave., Spanish Club 3,4; Merrimack College. DONNA J. UTTLEY, 805 Johnson Street, Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1,2,3,4; Class (Sec. Treas.) 1,2; A.F.S. 1,2; Squire 1,2; J.V. Field Hockey 1; J.V. Basketball 1; Intramurals 1,2; Cheerleading 2,3,4 (tri-captain). JOANNE VORIS, 1160 Salem St., Demoulas. MERLE WEBER, 37 Fernview Ave., Beaconway. CHRISTOPHER J. WENTWORTH, 61 Waverly Road, Photography Club 2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Bob White ' s. JILL LYNN WILKINSON, 18 Edmands Rd., Stu¬ dent Council 2,3,4; Yearbook 3,4 (Editor); Prep Club 3; Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4; Prom Committee 4; MYF 2,3, (Vice Pres), 4 (Chair¬ man); Intramurals 2; Brooks Play 3; Squire 2; Stevens Memorial Library. CARLENE D. WILSON, 204 Mill Rd., A.F.S. 2,4; Student Council 4; Squire 4; Yearbook 4; Prep Club 3; Prom Committee 4; Field Hockey 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Softball 1,2,3,4; Intra¬ murals 1,2; Ski Team 2; Demoulas. KATHY WILSON, 48 Ashland St., Meadow- brook Laundry. M. CURTIS WILSON III, 18 Buckingham Rd., Band 1,2,3; Track 1,2,3; Haffner ' s. JOHN A. WITZGALL, 25 Sargent St., Gibco Diagnostics. JOHN WOLFENDEN, 29 Hamilton Road, C.Y.O. 1,2,3; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2; Weightlifting 1,2,4; Hope Bicycle. DEBORAH L. WOOD, 61 Patriot Street, Cho¬ rus 1,2,3; Student Council 4; Business Club 4; Mister Donut. ROBIN E. WOOD, 555 Salem Street, Student Council 4; Pine Crest Nursing Home. JOHN A. ZAHORUIKO, 262 South Bradford Street, Photography Club 2,3 (Pres.) 4; Squire 2; Bike Club 2; Intramurals 1,3,4; Soccer 3,4; Football 1; Hockey 2,3,4; Demoulas. 113 tf • F ootball A pplications eaves earning 116 Knights Rush Their Way To A Winning Season The Scarlet Knights ' football team, coached by Mr. Rorke and led by co-captains Mike Heafey and Bill McMahon, had a great season. The team compiled an outstanding 8-2 re¬ cord and ranked second in the Cape Ann League standings. Led by their leading ground gainer, sophomore Dan Bru- cato, and the play-making of quarterback Mike Chaput, the team proved to be a consistent winner throughout the fall season. North Andover players selected to the league all-star team were Mike Heafey, Tim Keegan, Bill Chorey, Dan Bru- cato, and Jack McManus. The J.V. squad also had a fine season and ended with a record of 6-2-1. With a number of key returning lettermen and a strong junior varsity team. North Andover ' s future on the gridiron looks bright indeed. Coach Rorke First Row: John McManus, Joe DeMarco, Jim Hughes, Mike Heafey, Bill McMahon, Bert Lawlor, John Tamagnine, Gary Starr. Second Row: John Woifenden, Mike Driscoll, Charlie Otis, Ed Farrell, Tim Keegan, Bill Chory, Dave Stone, Ed Conway, Third Row: Mike Rullo, Tom Erie, Mike Chaput, Dan Brucato, Kevin Callagy, Steve Lynch, Fourth Row: Coach O ' Neill, Jim Gillen, Charlie McKinley, Tim McCarron, Kevin Whitehead, Willie Morgan. Fifth Row: Coach Rorke, John Liccardi, Norman Gallant, Ed Chaput, Scott Boeglin, Coach Rozzi. i r, 118 First Row: Coach Towle, Jim Gosslin, Jim Addiginio, Mike Koszera, Tyler Monroe, Steve McManus, Jim Gillen, Don Scheipers, John Quintal, Joe Shalhoup, Kevin Denuncio. Second Row: Richard Kenniker, Jim Cassidy, Paul Driscoll, Ken Kelly, Vin Helfrich, Kevin Murphy, Kevin Kennedy, David Sideri, Bobby Blain. Third Row: Paul Firth, Mike Ficcoprile, Paul DiSalvo, Jim Rullo, George Tibbs, Mark Onanian, Terry Edwards, Eric Swanson, Mike Lorenza, Willis Jenkins, Coach O ' Neill. Fourth Row: Kevin Bailey, Charlie McKinley, Jim Dewhirst, Charlie Hutchins, Fred Soucy, Jim Chase, George Bourne, Chuck Fiorino, Mike MCGuire, Bart Forgetta. Fifth Row: Larry Solomon, Kevin Scanlon, Bob Bernardin, Dan Sullivan, Tom Starr, Tim McCarron, E.J. Roberts, Tom Erie, Terry Holland. E.J. Roberts Junior Varsity Has Winning Season itNIGHTS mtBHTS KNiEfiTS knights V.N1GHTS knights 7T i hights ry 120 Fighting Frosh The freshman football team, under the guidance of Coaches Marchegiani and Carnervale, had a difficult season but they showed great improvement over the year. Quarterbacks Paul Willis and Kevin Bartolotta held the team together offensively, while Bruce Emer- ick, Mark Androski, Bob Wilson, Peter Otis, and Jim Frazier led the defense. Coach Marchegiani First Row: Joe Keleher, Bob Rawson, Fred Oakes, Steve McCarty, Art Detora, Peter Otis, Ken Donahue, llhan Ozberah, joe lannazzi. Bob Chaisson. Second Row: John Driscoll, Robby Meikle, Jack Lawlor, Lenny Mangano, Bruce Emerick, Bob Wilson, Chris Rivet, Bud Lampros, Richie Rindahl, Dave Peabody, Mark Holland. Third Row: Ed Sullivan, Jim Gallagher, Chris Scott, Jim Doherty, John Peterson, Dave Warwick, Mark Androski, John McDermott, Jim Shalhoup, Paul Willis, Bob Callery, Frank Tridenti, Bill Lynch, Kevin Bartolotta, Jim Fraser, Bill Vallincourt, Scott Bradley. The Big Sound The Band, under the direction of Mr, Rogers, strove for perfection during the year to become the 1 band in the Cape Ann League. The band provided great half-time en¬ tertainment with complicated for¬ mations, terrific music and a colorful display of flags. Mr. Rogers, Susan Hanson 122 First Row: Joan Slade, Su Chenery, Karen Fontaine, jerylinn Koseke, Pam Dawe, Cherly Stamp, Mike Ryan, Nancy Stapleford, Cathy Birch, Ed Driscoll, Scott Noone, Pam Stamp, Terry Salois, David Scheipers. Second Row: Karl Bischoff, Chris Jennison, Sue Hanson, George Griffin, David Clark, Bob Cole, Mark Desmond, Linda Steer. Third Row: Scott Maranto, David Field, Jim McDonough, Bill Newitt, Alan Maranto. Fourth Row: Mike Lagana, Shawn Murphy, Beth Morton, Debbie Owens, Maria Frgalla, Lisa Dewhurst, joe Fragalla. Fifth Row: Sue Alexander, Linda Bernal, Mary Garraughty, Debbie Walmsiey, Pat Hanson, Pam Hickey, Debbie Birch, Gayle Hutchins, Nancy Orlando, Susan Hanson. Sixth Row: Kathy Vagnan, Erica Antonelli, Becky Henshaw, David Chadwick, Laura Robinson, Paula Leclerc, Judy Birch, Becky Slade, Ellen Charlton. Seventh Row: Chris Steiner, Debbie Vernile, Ellen DaignautI, Leslie Varnum, Betty Citron, Linda Gundal, Mindy Warner, Nancy Bradley, Mary Ellen Currier, Deirdre Citron, Lisa Zetwick Enza Malandrino Judy Birch ■ ' • V Le — Let — Let’s Let’s Go! At every soccer, football, hockey and basketball game, you can spot the smiling faces of the North Andover cheerleaders. Under the leadership of captains Karen Licare, Carrie Stewart and Donna Uttley, these girls spent hours during the summer and after school perfecting cheers and routines. As a result of their hard work, they took home the first place trophy at the Cape Ann League cheer¬ ing competition. The squad consists of eighteen enthusiastic seniors, juniors and sophomores, who spread school spirit throughout and are al¬ ways on the spot to cheer our teams. Jan Sullivan The Thanksgiving game 124 Karen Savukinas and Karen Licare Sharon Connelly First Row: Carrie Stewart, Donna Uttley, Karen Licare. Second Row: MaryBeth Kelleher, Karen Savukinas, Jan Sullivan, Betty O ' Connor, Ellen Trombly, Doreen Gallant. Third Row: Eileen Dean, Leslie Good, Erica Helfrich, Janice Kelsey, Kelly Trainor, Kathie Doyle, Coach Gorman. Top Row: Colleen Canty, Sharon Connelly, Nancy Oakes. 125 Lady Knights Impressive In League First Row: Irene Carrier, Sue Korb, Betsey Plant, Carlene Wilson, Karen McCarthy, Vickie Shalhoup, Marybeth Lawlor, Second Row: Kathy Taylor, Maureen Madden, Lynn Martin, Judy Haggerty, Sharon Zagorski, Nancy Breen, Lynne Kelley, Val Ga- cioch, JoAnne Sullivan, Mar¬ sha Elias, Coach Pamp. The " Lady Knights " had a highly successful season. Headed by co-captains Karen Mc¬ Carthy and Carlene Wilson the team finished fourth in the Cape Ann League with a 5-5-2 record. Chosen for the Cape Ann League West All-Star Team were Judy Haggerty and Karen McCarthy. Judy Haggerty was also chosen for the C.A.L. All League Team. Out¬ standing players included Vicki Shalhoup, Carlene Wilson, Lynne Kelly and Nancy Breen. Coach Pamp Dainty It Ain ' t Mary Beth Lawlor Under the guidance of Coach Morrison the J.V. team ended the season with a 4-4-4 record. The team was led by tri-captains Janice Peluso, Patti Connor and Sue Midgley. Outstanding players included Lori Martin, Debbie Aboud, and Janice Peluso as high scorers. Mw« . A •- ’im.A i a ' First Row: Amy Furnari, Deb¬ bie Aboud, Carla Polizotti, Beth Pahigian, Patty Conners, Susan Midgley, Janice Peluso, Candy Gartside, Patty Marchisio, Beth Shellnut. Second Row: Colleen Mad¬ den, Cathy Catalano, Nancy Bierne, Maureen Gallagher, Stacey Ronan, Cindy Melvin, Carol Long, Jeanne Lafond, Jane Cunningham, Barbra Ca¬ talano, Lori Martin, Coach Morrison. 127 Queen For A Night L To R. — Bill McMahon, Kathie Connor, Matt Willis, Karen Brown, Dan Cunningham, Jill Farrow (Queen), Jim Ryan, Susan Callahan, Jack McManus, Nancy Dargan. Jill Farrow and Dan Cunningham [0 ' ■P V T JIHK 1 W ' S 128 Kathie Connor and Bill McMahon Nancy Dargan And Jack McManus Soccer Team Uses It’s Head! First Row: Don Ellard, Dan Turner, Matt Caruso, Jim Kel¬ ler, Steve Murgo, John Za- horuiko, John McBride, Peter Bagley, T. Funari. Second Row: Pablo Lacayo, Isnmail Ozberak, Ellie Massif, Rich Connor, Jorge Mino, Cary Pa- higian, Joe Donahue, Joe Bar- tolotta. Third Row: Dan Sulli¬ van, Tom Zahoruiko, Tom Carney, Brian Wolfenden, Barry Noble, David Armitage, Sean Callagy, Gus Salvetti, David Kirk, Coach Giuca. Rich Connor The varsity soccer team, led by co-captains Rich Connor and Jorge Mino, finished the season with a disappointing record of 3-9-2. This was the first year for varsity coach James Giuca, who is looking foward to next season and the oppor¬ tunity to put the Knights back into the position of a soccer power in the Cape Ann League. Elected to the league ' s West All-Star Team were members Barry Noble, Jorge Mino, Steve Murgo and Rich Connor. Other outstanding players on this year ' s squad were David Armitage, Jim Keller, Matt Caruso, Tom Carney and Shawn Callagy. 130 Jorge Mino Steve Murgo junior Varsity: First Row: Jim Costello, Billy Bren¬ nan, Tim Crane, John Far¬ row, Gary Cyr, Chris Smith. Second Row: Juan Nunez, Dan Gagne, Oscar Marina, Steve Beaton, Jim Blackwell, Dan Leonard, Jim Austin, Steve Caron. Third Row: John Mascola, Randy Eaton, Al Schre- yack, John Haltmaier, Shawn Callagy, Gerry Caron, Dave Schreyack, Bill Watson. 131 Who Will Get The Pie ' ? 132 Credability In Cross Country First Row: Kelly Scanlon, Kathy McDonald, Sam Martin, Paula Vanasse, Tara Stiglin, Caroline Kilcoyne, Anne Keegan. Second Row: Joe Basin, Miles Capponette, Billy Smith, John Graham, Gus Salvetti, Bill Car- ragher, Danno Coskren, Herbie Epstein, Kevin Kilcoyne, Olaf Westphalen, Jack McEvoy, Coach Kelley. Third Row: Bob Quintal, Charlie Beliveau, George Tibbs, Thornton Woodworth, Dave Nickerson, Bobba Redman, Paul Sybert, John Cadell, Dan DuFault, Antoine Fontaine, David Rokes. Coach Kelly North Andover ' s co-ed harriers had an excellent season this year, as the team was led by co-captains Bobba Redman and Bob Quintal. The boys finished with a 9-5 season and placed fifth in the Cape Ann League ' s final standings. The girls were even more successful, as they finished with an outstanding 8-2 record and second place honors. NA ' s out¬ standing runner. Bob Quintal, placed first in every race of the year, and was the league ' s number one runner. Special credit should be given to Coach Kelley, who continues each year to produce a fine team and to steal the show at the annual fall sports ' banquet. David Nickerson Caroline Kilcoyne, Kelly Scanlon 134 Spirit? Got It! The Spirit Club generated much enthusiasm among the students during the year. They sold kazoos, buttons and shakers so fans could show their support for our undaunted Knights. The club also sold baked goods at home football games, and made posters for the rallies. When we say spirit, you say got it. Spirit? Got it!! mmmm r 4 «- ' J; ! ... 1 ITTH 1 5, RlkyU i K fi ■TcIH Wt iW y: First Row: Officers; Mary Ann Testa, Co-Chairman; Nancy Helfrich, Co-Chairman; Marybeth Fountain, Secretary. Second Row: Nancy Oakes, Colleen Canty, Mary Beth Kelleher, Cathy Berube, Eilene O ' Connor, Marreen Lynch, Peggy Landry, Diane Lamprey. Third Row: Karen Licare, Betty O ' Connor, Karen Savukinas, Sue Conlon, Barbara Blain, Sue Forzese, Heidi Emerick, Judy McDonald, Doreen Gallant, Mary Ellen Driscoll, Barbara Galeazzi. Fourth Row: Jan Sulivan, Cheryl Bove, Carrie Stewart, Janice Kelsey, Kathy Doyle, Carrie Dunn, Julie Robinson, Laura DeLellis, Chris Keller, Jeanne Mathison, Laurie Martin, Maureen Hennessy, Jane Puopolo. Fifth Row: Laurie Hamblet, Leslie Good, Sandy Crouch, Cathy Birch, Kathy Boyd, Katie Sullivan, Patty Miller, Ann McKallagat, Pam Hickey, Linda Chadwick, Laurie Diamond. Sixth Row: Helen Mathison, Lisa Seccareccio, Tracy Little, Lisa Marocco, Fran Forseze, Donna Higgins, Maria Galvagna, Mary Beth Seibert, Carol Firth, Lea Tamagnine, Debbie Whitehead, Nancy Hamel, Debbie Connors. vVeekends I deles New Year’s Tournaments Evergreens Jft allys 136 A Voice For All The Student Council is open to all students interested in student government. It has week¬ ly meetings where plans are made for events such as dances, scholarship drives and other fund raising activities. This year, the Student Council voted to sponsor a foreign child. The large number of members, the leadership of President Karen Brown, and the advice of Mr. Buco all contributed to the great success the council enjoyed this year. L — R: Karen Brown — President, David Armitage — Vice President, Donna Uttley — Public Relations, Kathie Con¬ nors — Secretary. Seniors; First Row: Beth Long, Trisha Greenwood, Carrie Dunn, Debbie Wood, Sue Cormey, Debbie Long, Sharon Austin, Robin Wood, Kathie Connors, Lisa Gioseffi, Sue Demers, Cathy Lewis, Ken Nassar, David Armitage. Second Row: Kim Rheaume, T. Furnari, Karen Licare, Patti Higgins, Sue McCarty, Marie Compagnone, Mary Sybert, Nancy Dargan, Mary Medolo, Darlene McGonaghy, Diane Romano, Joan Hennessey, Dottie Dunn, Besty O ' Connor, Helen Mathison. Third Row: Julie Thoren, Jane Owens, Cheryl Bove, Matt Caruso, Joe Donahue, Dan Turner, Charlie Otis, Mike Driscoll, Jim Keller, Mary Kate Hudson, Ginny Henshaw, Carol Firth, Karen Brown, Julie Alaimo. Fourth Row: Mary Parlock, Kathy McLay, Karen Savukinas, Donna Uttley, Beth Barker, Kathy Flinn, Mary Jo Palermo, Marsha Elias, Sarah Dunlap, Gayle Sansoucie, Colleen Hanlon, Karen McCarthy, Jill Wilkinson, Carrie Stewart, Ginna Laudani. Fifth Row: Jan Sullivan, Ann Sullivan, Paul Beninato, Rick Haltmaier, Susan Carney, Nancy Bartalotta, Tracy Little, Linda Medolo, Judy Haggerty. Juniors: Sitting: Brian Hayes, Colleen Callagy, Lisa Schapker, Paula Vanasse, Nancy Oakes, Elisa Welsh, Jayne Witzgall, Joan Medolo, Edna Mangano, Theresa Clement. Second Row: Betsy LaPlant, Martha Lynch, Betsy Plant, Patty Miller, Sue Miller, Sue Driscoll, Joanne Horton, Lynn Martin, Peggy Landry, Sally Dushame, Sharon Fin- elli. Third Row: Lisa Seccarec- cio, Ann McKallagat, Janice Kelsey, Kathy Doyle, Lisa Mo¬ rocco, Fran Forzese, Mary- Ann Testa, Marie Galvagna, Marybeth Fontain, Cathy Stanley. Fourth Row: John Mascola, Ginny Lynch, Lori Hamlet, Cathy Birch, Sandy Crouch, Leslie Good, Colleen Canty, Kathy Costello, Tara Stiglin, Sharon Zagorski. Sophomores: First Row: Cathy Berube, Mary Beth Keleher, Marie Hasapis, Mary Ellen Driscoll, Judy MacDonald, Nancy Doyle, Sharon Long, Cathy Powell. Second Row: Barbara Blaine, Eileen O ' Con¬ nor, Maureen Lynch, Rhoda Wilson, Debbie White, Kathy Clark, Barbara Galeazzi, Kathy MacLeish. Third Row: Julie Robinson, Sue Korb, Sue Forzese, Heidi Emerick, Laurie Martin, Diane Scarbor¬ ough, Laura DeLellis, Jean Mathison, Chris Keller. Fourth Row: E.J. Roberts, Jane Sullivan, Nancy Helfrich, Dorreen Gallant, Lori Giuffrida, Lori Barker, Ann Long, Kathy Collins, Lisa Slipkowski, Julie Good. Fifth Row: Lisa Driscoll, Judy Lundquist, Patty Connors, Paula Rose, Lea Tamagnine, Debbie Whitehead, Nancy Hamel. Freshmen: First Row: MaryLou Connors, Pat Armitage, Christine Schapker. Second Row: Deb Sangermano, Kathy Gordon, Tricia Kilcoyne. Third Row: Helen Smith, Nancy Degnan, Debby Wamsiey, Lori McElhiny. 139 Student Committees Bring New Changes The Student Advisory Committee acts as a counterpart to the School Committee. Student representatives take the ideas and feelings of the student body to the members of the School Committee, in an attempt to establish com¬ munications between the two groups. Although not al¬ ways able to bring about change, the efforts of the com¬ mittee are greatly appreciated by students. ' -T g A J •- Greater Lawrence Association of Student Councils: Members; Carol Firth, Lisa Morocco, Maria Galvagna, and MaryAnn Testa. Student Advisory Committee; Ken Kotce, Karen Licare, Judy Birch, Ellen Sommers, Karen Brown, Betsy Plant. The Teacher Advi¬ sor Committee, founded to promote a more personal at¬ mosphere between teachers and stu¬ dents, was more ef¬ fective this year when the meetings were changed to the end of every day. Al¬ though the meetings were not long, they gave students a chance to know their advisor better. Teacher-Advisor Committee; Mr. Stoclsing, Mrs. Scott, Mr. Zolot. Second Row: Mary jo Palermo, Melinda Warner, Linda Gundal, Maggie Leland, Mary Kate Hudson. On The Air! Linda Gundal WNAH, the school ' s radio station, provided students with popular mu¬ sic during lunch. The great varieties of songs created a relaxing atmo¬ sphere desperately needed after four to five hours of classes. The ra¬ dio station was a terrific idea, and is a great addition to the school. First Row: Debra Vernile, Greg Anderson, Dave Taylor, Dan Seigal, Mike Lachapelle, Rita Timpf. Second Row: Donald LaBelle, Dan Reposa, John Sifferlin, Linda Gundal, Steve Chooijian, Cary Pahigian. Clubs Promote This year ' s members of the French Club gath¬ ered all their talents together to provide another famous International Banquet. It was a gala affair with entertainment and scrumptious food. Mem¬ bers also went on several field trips, where they were able to broaden their knowledge of differ¬ ent cultures. First Row: Jackie Defusco, Val Smithson, Linda Chadwick, Lori Diamond, Jane Puopolo, Su Chenery, Andrea Wil¬ liams, Judy Miller. Second Row: Ruth Lamphry, Mary Stewart, Caroline McBride, Linda Gundal, Juan Nunez, Pablo Lacayo, Mary Lou Em¬ mett. Miss McLaughlin Martha Lynch and Val Smithson 142 Foreign Cultures This year for the first time, the Spanish Club assisted the French Club with the International Banquet. Their help was greatly appreciated and the combination of talents proved to be worth¬ while. During the year, the club held various ac¬ tivities and attended several social functions. Jane Puopolo, Sue McCarthy First Row: Nancy Doherty, Pa¬ mela Hickey, Rosemary Eldred, Debra Connors. Sec¬ ond Row. ' Juan Nunez, Philip Uhl, Beth Nugent, Judy Birch, Debbie Beaton, Martha Lynch, Jeff Kingsley. Third Row: Jorge Mino, Pablo La- cayo, Oscar Marina, Chris Cushing, Linda Gundal, Caro¬ line McBride, Donna Koe- brick, Kathy Bresnahan. Carol Weigel 143 Students Who Help Audio-Visual Club First Row L — R: Kevin McCauley, Kevin Salcmmc, John Driscoll, Paul Willis. Second Row: Mike Powers, Mike Galper, Bob Massey, Mike Fioccoprile, Tom Stanton, Pat Armitage, John Haltmaier, Mrs. Mascola. Third Row: David Blanchard, Tim Quinlan, Jeff Rand, Dave Donovan, Joe Fragala, Frank Stossel, Jim Gillen, Gary Martino, Don Scheipers, Joe Armitage, John Mascolo, Brian Gallagher, Jim Blackwell, Rick Haltmaier, Matt Caruso, David Detora, David Armitage. School would surely be more boring if the Audio-Vi¬ sual Club did not exist. By providing students with vid¬ eo tapes, films and color TV, the club gave students an al¬ ternative to the convention¬ al lectures. The time and ef¬ fort put into making the year ' s learning more inter¬ esting was greatly appreciat¬ ed. The Instructional Media Center aides donated their spare time to assist in the IMC during the school day. The aids help the librarians in cataloging, filing and aiding students in the proper use of the numerous IMC materials. Gary Martino oc 144 I.M.C. Aides First Row: Kathy Lowell, Su Chenery, Deidre Citron, Lori Crittinden, Mike Giacalone, John Wagoner. Second Row: Beth Cusing, Jane Puopolo, Sandy Matthews, Barry Nicoll, Pete McDonald, Kelly Lawrence. Shutterbugs And Knightingales Photography Club Isn ' t it strange, whenever you do some¬ thing akward like tripping over your own feet, there ' s always a photographer walking around with his camera? If you couldn ' t af¬ ford the blackmail, your picture would wind up in the Squire or Yearbook. The photogra¬ phers were everywhere, much to the dismay of their victims. First Row: Jack Freedman, John Rochon, Kevin Salemme, Tony Patterson, Miss Matasso. Second Row: Geoff Brown, Chris Wentworth, Brain FJayes, Mike Lagana, jon Richardson. John Rochon Chorus Mr. Williams directed the Chorus to an¬ other successful year. They entertained the school and community with several con¬ certs, and accompanied the Dramatic Club in presenting this year ' s plays. I First Row: Betty Citron, Jean Mollander, Donna Landry, Jane Puopolo, Corby Mitchell, Ethel Hantzis, Deidre Citron, Lynn Theriault. Second t Row: Mary Emmett, Darlene Fladager, Kathy Lowell, Donna Spinney, Debbie Owens, Melinda Warner, Lisa Welch. Third Row: Mr. Williams, Bob FJutchins, Beth Nugent, Sharon Tridenti, Sue Chenery, Theresa Salois, Sandy Matthews, Paul Bastian, Brad Mayor, Linda Steer, Debbie Birch. 145 L — R, Kim Rheaume, Jane Owens, Karen McCarthy, Beth Long, Kathy Taylor, Karen Licare, Linda Marshall, Reid Buturlia, Cathy Lowell, Marsha Elias. Middle Row: Mary Parlock, lulie Thoren, jan Sullivan. Scholarship And Service All too often, we neglect to recognize those students who exercise their academic abilities to the fullest. The National Honor Society is one way of honoring these students. Under the direc¬ tion of Mrs. Weaver, a tuto¬ rial program was established, visits to the elderly were made, and members worked in conjunction with the Red Cross for the Annual blood- mobile. ! rD -hJ;: Sc It:;: Doug Bates Kim Hazavartian First Row: John Mascola, Don Scheipers, Betsey Plant, Karen Savukinas, Donna Uttley, Carrie Stewart. Second Row: Jack Freedman, Mary Beth Peirog, Ellen Trombly, Colleen Murphy, Tara Stiglin, Janice Kelsey, Ann Sullivan, Cindy Pangione. Third Row: Jim Rullo, T. Furnari, Kathy Flinn, Cheryl Bove, Gayle Hutchins, Robin Hazavartian, Mary Jo Palermo, Janice Peluso. Fourth Row: Rick Haltmaier, Joe Donahue, Jim Mandry, Brian Gallagher, Steve Chooijian, D.J. Griffin, Elisa Welch, Anne McLeish, Linda Gundal, Judy Haggerty, Betty O ' Connor, David Clark, Cathy McLay, Peter Coco, Mark Simpson. •V Can This Be Us? 148 150 Hockey Team Skates On! The 1975-76 hockey team, led by co-captains Bob Donahue and Dan Noone, finished the season with a disappointing record of 3- 11-1. Although the team failed to post a winning record many members contributed outstand¬ ing individual performances throughout the winter season. Captain Noone was chosen to the league All-Star Team, and Tom Carney was voted captain-elect for next year. With a number of experienced players returning next year. Coach Fitzgerald hopes to be able to make North Andover a contender for the league crown. Bob Donahue Tom Stanton 152 First Row: Rick Kcnniker, Chuck Hutchins, Tom Carney, Bob Donahue, Jim Blackwell, Steve Beaton, Tom Stanton, Dan Noone, Mike Driscoll, joe Shalhoup. Second Row: Pat Danahy — Asst. Coach, Dan Brucato, John Zahoruiko, Bart Forgetta, Tom Zahoruiko, Peter Sandstrom, Stu Miller, Jim Dewhirst, Vin Helfrich, Connie Donnelly, Coach Fitzgerald. 15J Hit The Slopes! The ski team, coached by Mr. Marchegiani and led by Captain Maggie Leland, finished the winter season with an overall record of two wins and five losses. The girls ' contingent fin¬ ished with six wins and one loss, while the boys ' squad had a disappointing record of one win and six losses. Since this year ' s team was com¬ posed of over one-half sophomores and fresh¬ men, it is expected that the record should vast¬ ly improve next season. Kathy Flinn Betsy Plant First Row: Barry Martin, Bob Higgins, Lorraine Tartaglione, Sue Korb, Betsy Plant, Kim Smith, Marsha Elias, Nancy Orlando, Paula Elias, Chris Coughlin, Debbie Waldman, Patty Carbone. Standing: Coach Marchegiani, Terry Edwards, Lenny Mangano, Steve Landry, Mary Beth Hillner, Maggie Leland, Kevin Murphy, Dan Leonard, Beth Cushing, David Rokes, Julie Thoren, Sandy Crouch, Helen Smith, Liz Eckerson, Mat McLoughlin, Beth Rokous, Norman Farr, Cindy Roop, Chris Cushing, Jon Caddell, Margus Cr anston, Kim Hale, Dan Coskren, Brian Hayes, Karl Bischoff, Kathy Flinn, JoAnne Paiva, George Griffin, Coach Ackroyd. 154 •w .1 t Liz Eckerson Maggie Leland Chris Coughlin Stay In Shape Fall and spring athletes, who did not spend the winter months on a team sport, worked on a weight lifting program under the direction of Coach Rorke. Members worked on individual programs designed to meet their physical needs, and to keep them in shape for the coming spring ac¬ tivities. On Monday, Wednesday and Fri¬ day afternoons thirty to forty athletes could be found working out on the uni¬ versal gym and other weight training ap¬ paratus available in the field house. Sitting: John Driscoll, Bob Mcikle, Mike Koczera, Chris Fisher, llhan Ozberak, Dave Taylor. Standing: E.J. Roberts, George Bourne, Bob Bernardin, John Doherty, Tom Starr, John Peterson, David Warwick, Jim Rullo, Paul Sybert, George Partridge, Ben Fraser, Mike Shalhoup, Danny Quinlan. 155 Boys Make Tournament Coach Licare Mike Heafey and Willy Morgan The boys ' varsity basketball team, coached by Mr. Licare and led by co¬ captains Bob Redman and Mike Hea¬ fey, had another fine season. The Knights were undefeated in regular season play and ended the year with a record of 21-0. This stretched the Knights record to an incredible 42 straight victories. North Andover was the first team in the state to qualify for the annual state tourna¬ ment, and as defending State Cham¬ pions were considered to be one of the tourney favorites. This year ' s squad was also the win¬ ner of the first annual Greater ' Law- rence Christmas Tournament. Team member Bob Redman was voted to the Cape Ann League All-Star Team, and Willie Morgan and Mike Heafey were voted to the All League Team. The junior varsity team coached by Mr. Fichera and led by Co-cap¬ tains Bill Smith, Mike Laorenza and Kevin Callagy also had a fine season finishing the year with a 14-4 record. 156 first Row: Ed Chaput, Rich Connor, Willie Morgan, Bobba Redman, Mike Heafey, Ed Conway, Rick Haltmaier. Second Row: Mike Laorenza, Mike Chaput, Barry Nobel, Dan Chaisson, Jack McEvoy, Bill Smith, Tim Keegan, Coach Licare. Jack McEvoy JV’s Post 14-4 Record 158 Freshmen Win 10 And Lose 3 Games. First Row: Mike Costello, Bob Rudis, Art Detora, Tim Crane, Bob Wilson, Kevin Zorn. Sec¬ ond Row: Coach Sheehan, Guy Malandrino, John Keisl- ing, Kevin Bartolotta, Jim Grover, Paul Willis, Scott Bradley, Mark Androski Paul Willis John Keisling Coach Sheehan 1 V X A • i 159 i Champs!!! C.A.L The Knights had an outstanding record of 17-1 for the 1975-76 basketball season. Led by high scorers Nancy Burturlia and Co-captains Nancy Breen and Sharon Zagorski, the team captured the Cape Ann League Championship and quali¬ fied for the State Tournament. Nancy Breen and Sharon Zagorski were chosen for the league All- Star and All-League teams. Congratulations to the girls and their fine coach, Miss Pamp, for an out¬ standing season. Sharon Zagorski Mary Ellen Bligh first Row: Ann Marie Kee¬ gan, Mary Bligh, Nancy Breen (Co-Captain), Shar¬ on Zagorski (Co-Captain), Nancy Burturlia, Kathy Taylor. Second Row: Mary Beth Lawlor, Valerie Ga- cioch, Terry Clement, Beth Long, Lynne Kelly, Maureen Madden, Coach Pamp. 160 Kathy Taylor The girls ' junior varsity basketball team ended the season with a record of 9 wins and 9 losses. Throughout the winter the girls developed their basketball skills, and demonstrated a winning spirit. Outstanding mem¬ bers of this year ' s squad were Sharri Johansen and Beth Shellnut. Junior Varsity: First Row: Ann Long, Sue McCarthy, Shari Johnson, Heidi Don¬ ahue, Kelly Scanlon, Kathy Bushnell. Second Row: Beth Shellnut, Cindy Melvin, Sue Heafey, Jan Nevers, Laurie Barker, Pam Dawe, Maureen Ma- cLean, Coach Morrison. V. 5 Freshman Team: First Row: Carla Polizzotti, Ruth Bushnell, Cathy Catalano, Barbara Catalano, Carol Breen, Pam Laorenza, Su¬ san Pierog, Tricia Keegan. Second Row: Ellen Henes- sey, Gail Morley, Paula Le- clerc, Robin Cunningham, Mary Lou Connors, Don¬ na Higgins, Lisa Dewhurst, Gail Gosselin, Candy Gart- side. Coach Lawlor. f 161 Matmen Pin Down League Title The North Andover Wrestling Team, coached by Mr. Crozier, had an outstanding season. They were led by Tri-Captains Char¬ lie Otis, Bert Lawlor, and Bill Kelly. Through¬ out the long winter season the Knights cap¬ tured the C.A.L. Championship, and eight wrestlers were selected to go into the state tournament. This year ' s wrestling team was one of the most successful squads in recent North Andover history. Joe Giarrusso Bert Lawlor Charlie Otis First Row: Doug Jolly, Phil Hag¬ gerty, Joe Giarrusso, Peter Otis, Tom Kelly, John Quintal, Bill Ca- mire, Joe Kelly, Darren Zuill, Tim Campbell, Joe Salfrank. Second Row: Bert Lawlor, Myles Capon- ette, Dave Peabody, Steve McManus, David Cyr, Mike Fioccoprile, Paul Manzi, Steve Camire, Charlie Polizzotti, Jack Lawlor, Jeff Wilson, Jor Johnson. Third Row: Bill Kelly, Dan Healey, Jack McManus, Bruce Emerick, Rick Dodge, Rick Bennett, Paul DiSalvo, Ron Nixon, Jim Keller, Charlie Otis, Bill Chory, Kevin Whitehead, Ed Farrell, Fred Giar¬ russo, Ken Kelly, Tom Pendak. 1 i‘ 162 Jim Keller 163 tW ' j r ir ' « S oftball P rom R ecognition I ntramurals N ewness G raduation 164 Class Of ’76 Wins Field Day " Senior Girls " Cherylin Miller Curt Robinson, Mark Capponette 166 Dave Garofoli, Chris Wentworth, Jeff Kingsley, John Campbell Cindy Melvin Charlie Otis, Scott Boeglin Mary Beth Lawlor, Betsy Plant On Your Mark, Get Set This year looks bright for the North Andover Track Team. Led by tri¬ captains Marty Driscoll, Bob Quintal and Jack McManus, the team should make a strong showing. Quintal is expected to lead the league in distance events, while McManus and Driscoll are expected to excell in the muscle and throwing events. Other returning members, who are expected to contribute to another successful year, areChris Went¬ worth, Mat Caruso, Charlie Otis and Mike Driscoll. First Row: Mark Maclean, Jack Tamagnine, Mike Driscoll, Pablo Lacayo, John Quintal, John Cambell, George Earley. Second Row: Jim Cassidy, Bob Quintal, Myles Capponette, jack McManus, Charlie Otis, Tony Fontaine, Mike McGuire, Eric Swanson, David Cyr. Third Row: Donald LaBelle, Kevin Murphy, Jeff Kingsley, Bobby Blain, Matt Caruso, Tim McCarron, Dan Dufault, Doug Bates, Kevin Callagy, David Nickerson, Mike Chaput, David Stone, Marty Driscoll, Joe DeMarco, Chris Wentworth, Vin Helfrich. Doug Bates Mike Chaput 168 Go! I Sandy Crouch First Row: Paula Vanasse, Betsy Plant, Debbie Leach, Paula Marshall, Mary Beth Lawlor, Joanne Sullivan, Tara Stiglin. Second Row: Sandy Crouch, Vicki Shalhoup, Louise Nigrelli, Gina Laudani, Charlene Eaton, Ann Keegan, Ruth Marshall. Third Row: Cindy Longton, Kathy McDonald, Lorraine Tartaglione, Patrice Rivet, Diane Romano, Lori Hamblet, Lisa Shapker. Fourth Row: Val Mitchell, Kelly Scanlon, Laurie Stossel, Lynn Martin, Sue Korb, Sue McCarthy, Debbie Roche. Fifth Row: Coach Bavendam, Val Bloomquist, Maureen Hennessy, Lisa Querci, Cindy Melvin, Janice Peluso. Girls ' track is now in its third year as a varsity sport at NA. Steadily improving each year, the team is looking forward to another fine season under Coach Bavendam and co-captains Jo Anne Sullivan and Beth Boyd. Outstanding performers, returning from last year ' s squad, include Paula Vanasse, Ann Marie Keegan, Patti Connor, Cheryl Bove, Tara Stiglin, and Sandy Crouch. Charlene Eaton I 169 Knights Seek Title The varsity baseball team will be led by co-captains Rich Connor and Bobba Redman. With a strong returning lin¬ eup that promises excellent pitching, a strong defense and more than adequate offensive power, Coach Strobel is looking forward to a good season. Expected to play an important role in the team ' s efforts are Mike Heafey, Mike Rullo, Steve Murgo, and John Liccardi. Coach Strobel Bobba Redman Left To Right: Bill Shepley, Jim Rullo, John Liccardi, Jim Gillen, Don Scheipers, Steve Murgo, Coach Strobel, Bob Redman, Mike Heafey, Dan Noone, Rich Connor, Mike Rullo, Bert Lawlor. 170 Jim Gillen 171 Girls Net Victory Marsha Elias, Kathy Flinn, Cindy Pan- gione, Cathy Lewis, Maria Estrada, Coach Gorman, Lisa Slipkowski, Mary Jo Palermo, Valerie Smithson, and Mag¬ gie Leland. Valerie Smithson Under the direction of Coach Gorman, the girls ' Tennis Team looks strong. Leading the team with their tennis abilities are Mag¬ gie Leland and Marsha Elias. Maggie Leland 172 The Racquet Squad Jay Farrow and Brian Gallagher Led by Coach Berman and Co- Captains jay Farrow and Brian Gal¬ lagher the season looks good for the Racquet Knights. Though much tal¬ ent was lost to graduation last year, N.A.H.S. should still be a tennis pow¬ er. Key players include Fierb Epstein, Mike Lagana and Karl Bischoff. First Row: jay Farrow, Keith Sinclair, Dan Cosk- ren, Brian Gallagher. Second Row: Herbie Ep¬ stein, Mike Lagana, Paul Driscoll, Karl Bis¬ choff. 173 Batter Up! First Row: Val Gacioch, Carlene Wilson, Jerry Roberts, Linda Gioa, Debbie Di- minico, Donna Demers, Maureen Mad¬ den, Second Row: Marge McEvoy, Judy Haggerty, Mary Ellen Carney, Sharon Greenleaf, Andrea Knight, Coach Hol¬ man. Nancy Breen Maureen Madden The girls ' softball team is expected to do well this season behind the forceful pitching of Nancy Breen and the defensive skills of the returning seniors. With help from the many talented underclassmen, the Knights should prove to be a strong contender for the league title. Anne MacLeish, Maureen Madden 174 Barry Sullivan Jimmy Oldfield Fore! The Golf Team, under the di¬ rection of Coach Buco, is look¬ ing forward to the spring matches in which they hope to be a league power. Key golfers include Barry Sullivan, Brad Mayer, Dave Rokes and Dave Detora. L-R: Brian Lawlor, David Rokes, Brad Mayer, David Detora, Kevin McCauley. 176 The yearbook staff, under the di¬ rection of editor-in-chief Susan Rand and co-editors Rick Haltmaier and David Armitage, has worked j • , 1 1 AT T 1 hard to put together a book which ijlCGTltCTlTllCLl ISpCirkS JS CW ICLGCIS reflects not only the 76 school year, but also attempts to give a visual glimpse of the many changes that have taken place in our town over the past two hundred years. Sue Rand Mr. Minihan, Elisa Welch, Jill Wilkinson YEARBOOK EDITORS: First Row: Rick Haltmaier, Ruth Bernardin, Jill Wilkinson, Susan Rand, T. Furnari, Karen Brown, David Armitage. Second Row: Linda Gundal, Kathy Costello, Cindy Roop, Edna Mangano, Elisa Welch, MaryAnn Testa. KNIGHT STAFF: (L-R) First Row: Sue Cormay, Sarah Dunlap, Kathy McLay, Nina Reitano, Brian Hayes, Pat Armitage, Kathy Stanley, Jane Witzgall. Second Row: Carol Scione, Gail San- soucie, Joan Medolo, Debbie Beaton, Julie Alaimo, Paula Cookson, Linda Marshall, Gina Laudani. Third Row: Val Melillo, Carol Firth, Carrie Stewart, Cheryl Bove, Ginny Henshaw, Beth Long, Fran Forzese, Maria Galvagna, Dar¬ lene McConaughy, Lisa Gioseffi, Lisa Moroc¬ co, Joan Henessey, Dotie Dunn, Mary Me¬ dolo, Diane Romano, Nancy Dargan. Fourth Row: Norman Farr, Dan Cunningham, Louise Nigrelli, Beth Barker, Cindy Pangione, Marie Compagnone, Kathy Flinn, Mike Galper. Rich Haltmaier Rich Haltmaier, Dave Armitage, Cathy Costello, Cindy Roop, Mr. Minihan, Mike Galpher I i I 179 New Leadership Sparks Creativity Entertainment, imagination and talent are but three of the Drama Club ' s concerns. This year proved to be a most successful one for North Andover ' s thespians, under the direction of Miss Bissonette. The club had two productions, " The Gift of the Magi " which was presented at Christ¬ mas and stared Becky Slade and Geoff Brown, and " The Boyfriend " which was produced in April. Both productions were greatly appreciated by all who saw them. Steve Murphy, Betty Citron Jane Puopolo, Joan Slade, Sue Alexander first Row: Joe Durant, Brad Meyer, Jean Molander, Donna Landry, Jane Puopolo, Miss Bissonette, Geoff Brown, Deirdre Citron, Terry Salois, Nancy Doherty, Lisa Zetwick, Corrine Ringdahl. Second Row: Nancy Simpson, Darlene Allen, Darlene Fladager, Sue Alexander, Barry Sullivan, Linda Steer, Joan Slade, Karen Doherty, Linda Birch, Chris Steiner, Sheryl Stamp, Nancy Bradley. Third Row: Kevin Murphy, Ed Driscoll, Karen Doherty, Betty Citron, Brenda Schiepers, Lisa Donovan, Debra Vernile, Gail Hutchins, Pam Daw. Fourth Row: Judy Birch, Pam Stamp. Fifth Row: Linda Thompson, Chris Cushing, Becky, Slade, Laurie Crittenden, Bob Hutchins, Andre Carrier, Steve Murphy. Geoff Brown, Becky Slade Miss Bissonette Steve Murphy, Chris Cushing, Brad Mayer i, Left To Right: Peter Coco, Ed Driscoll, Philip Arcidi, Mark Simpson, Tom Fontaine, Mike Fioccoprile, Steve Shuman, Bob Barclay. Checkmate! The Chess Club offers its members an opportunity to practice their skills, learn new strategies, and participate in game competition with neighboring schools. r v - " mBm T ni ■ju n Hi ' F ' -J ■m m r ‘ySr ;s. ' . .i. Careers In Business The Business Club introduced stu¬ dents to different aspects of the busi¬ ness world, and sponsored field trips to Western Electric and Raytheon. The club also gave students the opportunity to listen to various speakers talk about their careers. The year ' s success was greatly influenced by the interest shown by members. First Row: Darlene Tripoli, Susan Cormey, Linda Chadwick, Pam Ftickey, Charlene Wentworth, Debra Connors, Marylou Connors, Charlene Eaton. Second Row: Lori Diamond, Debbie Long, Joanne Horton. Third Row: Debra Vernile, jane Puopolo, Denise Girard, Robin Hazarvatian, Rosemary Eldre Debbie Wood, Kathy Wentworth, Lori Carano, Nancy Bartolotta, Sue Carney, Helen Mathison, Carrie Dunn. 182 L-R: Jeanette Carrier, Mary Parlock, Shari johanson, Ellen Somers, Sharon Zagorski, Nancy Doherty, Al Maranto Second Row: Bob Hoar, Judy Birch, Beth Burwell, jan Nevers, Julio Conceicao. T 1 c - - ' ll JsllESal V mW Travel At Home The American Field Service again was able to send two students over¬ seas. Judy Birch went to Peru during the summer, and Doug Bates spent his senior year in France. This year North Andover had the pleasure of hosting Julio De Conceicao from Brazil. The AFS provides students with an unforgetable experience, and allows all its members an oppor¬ tunity to learn more about other people ' s cultures. Math Team Consistently Places Second Albert Einstein move over! NA ' s geniuses are going full steam ahead. Under the direction of advisors, Mr. McGowan and Mrs. Watson, the Math Team had an outstanding year. Every week, the team met to practice problems for their monthly meets with nine other area schools. The effort proved to be worthwhile as they consistently placed second in their meets. The team was greatly assisted by high scorers Mary Parlock, Kathy Lowell and Robin FJazavar- tian. First Row: Elizabeth Citron, Deborah White, Rhoda Wilson. Second Row: Mindy Warner, Richard Pierro, Jim Mandry, Kathy Lowell. Third Row: Robin Hazavartian, Mary Garrity, Nancy Simpson, Deidre Citron, David Scheipers, Linda Gundall, Ed Driscoll, Greg Anderson, Mary Parlock, Rick Haltmaier. Alan Maranto Julio Concecio I I 183 Squire Wins Award North Andover High ' s version of the Nevv York Times had another award winning year. Much of the credit goes to editors Mary Parlock, T, Furnari and D. J. Griffin, as well as the other talented members of the Squire. The Squire is certainly something to be proud of. It informs students of up-to-date school and community issues and consistently proves to be a worth while, as well as, an entertaining asset to the school. Sarah Dunlap and Marsha Elias Jan Sullivan and Mary Parlock first Row: Mary Beth Lawlor, Erica Helfrich, Ginny Henshaw, Ellen Somers, Mary Parlock. Second Row: Kim Rheaume, Jan Sullivan, T. Furnari, Cheryl Bove, Jack Freedman, Bert Lawlor. Cultural Scholars M| Firi,t Row: Evelyn Lentz, Mrs. Scott, Kathy Clark, Jayne Witz al, Cherilyn Miller, Mary Parlock, Elli Nassif, Rich Pierro, Jack Freedman. Second Row: Dan Sullivan, Robin Hazarvartian, Linda Gundal, Rhoda Wilson, Debbie White, Barbara Galeazzi, Jim Mandry, Tom Zahoruiko. Kathy Taylor Language Honor Societies The Marcel Marceau Chapter of the French Na¬ tional Honor Society began its first year under the direction of Mrs. Scott. The society is open to stu¬ dents who have completed two years of French with an A average, and maintain a B average in all other subjects. Members formed a tutorial program for those students having difficulty in French. This year was a successful one for the Carlos Mon¬ toya Chapter of the Spanish Honor Society. Mem¬ bers were busy with various activities which includ¬ ed a tutorial program, aiding Mr. Guptill in the li¬ brary catologuing Spanish books, and visiting areas of cultural interst. First Row: Donna Koelrook, Judy Haggerty, Marsha Elias, Kathy Flinn, Pablo Lacyo, Mary Jo Palermo, Erica Helfrich, Janice Kelsey, Jan Sullivan. Second Row: Janice Peluso, Kathy Taylor, Jill Wilkinson, Debbie Beaton, Jeff Kingsley. Third Row: Brian Gallagher, Jorge Mino, Oscar Malina, Nancy Doherty, Judy Birch, Gina Laudani, Beth Long, Dan Sullivan, Ken Kotce, Dan Schiepers, Peter Coco. 185 ' The Thrill of Victory ' The ' Agony of Defeat? ' Ha Ha, these kids are going to eat this! HXW OOS2SZ THE CLASS OF 1976 ASKS OUR SUBSCRIBERS TO PLEASE SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS CASHMAN TIRE AND SUPPLY 4 Main Street No. Andover, Mass. 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Fire Alarm — Clock Systems B M Aluminum " Your Fiome Improvement Center " Kyanize Paint, Wallpaper, Norfolk Paint, Aluminum Doors, Windows, etc. Compliments of Messina ' s Package Store Congratulations Class of 76 ' Finneran’s Pharmacy, VWItUAM A. WNNERAN. B.S.. R.PH. t N c. 236 PLEASANT ST., METHUEN, MASS. 01844 TEL. 688-4667 129 MAIN ST., NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. 01845 PHONE 682-0521 D.E.A.A.F4156192 194 Compliments Of Bob White’s Town Line Restaurant Robert J. White Jr., Prop. 30 Mass Ave. North Andover, Mass. 1 % 1 SCANLON’S HARDWARE H.j. WELCH CO. INC. Mechanical Contractors 21 Main Street No. Andover, Mass. Main Street No. Andover, Mass. — free decorating counseling — tel. 686-6157 Our 88th Year Compliments of JACKSON LUMBER 345 Market Street Lawrence Tel. 686-4141 or 687-7115 Barker’s Farm Rt. 125 No. Andover " Best of luck to the class of 76 " 197 Compliments of McLAY ' S FLORIST GARDEN CENTER Rt. 114, No. Andover Tel. 683-3164-5-6-7 198 Call Us For Service Al Brien ' s TV Appliance Center, Inc. 21 Oxford Street, Lawrence Office 686-9701 Res. 683-8503 Our Sponsors The Harty Family Attorney Trombly Village Green Dress Shop Edgewood Farm Joseph Filletti ' s Barbershop The Furniture Barn and The Town Square Gift Shop jet. Routes 125,133 114 No. Andover, Mass. Mon. — Fri. 9:00 to 9:00 Sat. 9:00 to 5:00 Tel. 685-3546 Ethan Allen Gallery We can help you have the home you want. Joseph V. Ippolito ' s furniture showrooms 4 Union Street, Lawrence, Mass. Tel. 686-0146 Joseph V. Ippolito Best Wishes to the Bicentennial Graduates Arlington Trust Company John Breen Memorial Funeral Home, Inc. 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Congratulations Class Of 76 .V,r ' y i e r ffA sv V ' (7» A ' i ' l 9 9 A Maas I .4 i i •9f»4 if • • » • 14 • ii • • I • • • • It % ' • • ••••••• ' .I ( ! •••• • • 5« • • • • • • »«I • » • a a a a • • a • a a ( »r a a a a a a I ' 1 a a a a a a • I a a a a a a a a a a ' at a a a a ( a a aa • at a a a a ••i ' • a a •«11 •a • aa a • » 4 (»»■ ' a a It a a a a a a aa a a j a a a a a •a a a a a ’ a. »ai ‘aa aa , [a a a a a ; a a » a a a •a a a a a [♦•a a • • a a a la I a » a » ' ' a a !i a a a a a a • aa • aa ••• ' - ••■-aaan a a a M a • a a a a a I a a a a iM r •I Hi a • i ’ a a i«»! ' aa a 4 7 a ( ai a ::!!!?! ♦♦44 aa a a • a t i a • a ■ a ' iff« a • f t a. i I ' « »1 f?a A I •Lt. ‘ ' After Moments In Which We Worked Together 212 . . . Met Defeats, y 213 Developed Friendships, 215 . . . Goodbye Is More Than Just A Word 216

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