North Andover High School - Knight Yearbook (North Andover, MA)

 - Class of 1975

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Though our lives may be just a conglomeration of cycles and changes one thing is permanent, unalterable; it cannot be blown away by the wind of the seasons: our memories. Barbara M. Sherlock KNIGHT 1975 Published By the Senior Class Of North Andover High School North Andover, Massachusetts That was then i j TRIP m’ TRNEL SOM 597-5 MAUMAH (AIM, MC -S I We walked along together all going fast against time. Ernest Hemingway 7 ‘ ' Everything around us .. . the spontaneous flowers, the free flow of seasons, the miraculous order of the infinite universe reaffirms our faith . . . and assures us that we are part of an eternal plan . . . sometimes beyond our comprehension. ' ' Dean Walley a Moments of anticipation shared together, the power of concentration strong to the final huzzer. Barbara A. Higgins 10 •V Emotions may he hidden, Concealed in corners of the mind. But feelings break through to surprise us, without a moment ' s notice . . . 12 The beat of daily routine rings through our lives. We must make it the rhythm of our song for the tomorrows to come. Susan Dunn 14 A generation comes, a generation goes, Each leaving its own trademark. Dropping bits and pieces of life along the way. Never to return again. Barbara A. Higgins 16 coal agreement Drugs ‘masterplan’ H Tennis the nation I CPINIOM g history 9r writte CfCi ijaworski education I . VOt 0 rS tO STJCak SN. Andover Care m IBP Politics NEWS W 3 IP C 2 3 H cn 4 dD 5 vote 03 X cn Of d a. r t Pinal So-- 5 ;-i Xi 5 p iate= | N O talked ABOUT old and new ‘Because weg learned it’‘4l Seniors rr Cape Ann League . i t. it . Xc . International Buffet •K casualties High (fi 3 (IP 0 P- P o 3 X 3 S c ) ! ) 3 02 Has Homecoming, Elects Student Rep 3 02 students Hg career C ) 02 a Hijack ] ow Goiugs-On p Shopping Day. ar layoffs i-Boston scnools. inflation Patriots a o 3 - Cold Council to probe ff| 0 g J. Lunch nroeram|j!| Condition S J SH • • • 9 y • — foreign visitors Nixon School Assistant Superintendent of Schools — Seth Hudak Principal — Daniel L. Desmond the right blend of discipline, understanding and advice. Superintendent of Schools — Peter V. Garofoli . ' 0 Assistant Principal — Arthur Hamel Miss Nancy Yanofsky Miss Elaine Stolen Mr. Harwood Steele friendly counsel — offer¬ ing directions to the future. i 21 a time for exercise and competition — the path to good health. Physical Education Supervisor — Mr. Robert Licare Mrs. Laurel Bavendam Mr. Michael Cavanaugh 24 Department Chairman — Mrs. Enid Allen Mr. Anthony Reynolds Mrs. Virginia Weaver romance and reality written, read, and discussed. Mr. James McDonald Miss Mildred Matasso Mrs. Marcia Merrick Mr. Gerald Sanford Mr. Bert Noyes sentences composed thoughts expressed — combined in composi¬ tion. Mrs. Susan Kierstead Mr. David Stocking Miss Paula Henderson Mr. Leonard DeSimone A.V. and Processing Director — Mr. John Robinson. Mrs. Mary Mascola Mr. Richard Kiberd Mrs. Kathy Thompson Mrs. Patricia Olken the world’s people, the people’s world — their timeless influence on each other. TO, Mr. Raymond Grady Mr. Daniel Rorke Mr. John Strobel Mr. John Curtis j defining man’s relationship with his environment. Department Chairman — Mr. Robert Bennett Mr. Jerome Marchegiani Mr. PhilipTowle Mrs. Marion Colby Mr. James O ' Neill Mr. Herbert Zolot Mr. William Foulds Mr. Stephen Buco Miss Mary Martin Mr. Richard Rozzi 32 Mr. Robert Sullivan Mr. Vincent Rogers calculate the solution; understand the process. Department Chairman — Mr. Arthur Forgetta Mr. John Kelley Mr. George O ' Shea learning to hear, under¬ stand, and communicate in a different tongue. Miss Lorraine Lostimolo Mr. Mario Giordano 34 Mr. Joseph Trombly building careers in a changing world. Mr. Paul Spadafore Miss Margaret Phelan Mr. loseph Bevilacqua Mrs. Cynthia Ward Department Chairman — Miss Claire Torpey teaching, typing, and searching for books: Mrs. Mary Kleuber reliable resources. Mr. Peter Holbrook Mr. Robert Guptill Mrs. Aniela Zimny 37 imagination leaping into form — creation. Home Economics — Mrs. Kathy Lafond .Ifl Band Director — Mr. Frank Savory f r « f ? keeping the heat Music Supervisor —Miss Mary Healey Mr. Richard Williams Mr. James Hills Mr. Francis Kozdras the bang of a hammer, the buzz of a saw: hands and tools never idle. Mr. Francis Troy 40 ready to serve, willing to help — always there to lend a hand. IP ' Cafeteria Staff: First Row, L-R — Mrs. M. Allen, Mrs. Ginny Com- pagna, Mrs. Gladys Chase, Mrs. Agnes Marsh, Mrs. Pat Cavan¬ augh,. Second Row — Mrs. Peg Kenney, Mrs. Gladys Vanderbilt, Mrs. Rose Doyle, Mrs. Kay Cam- pagnone, Mrs. Ann Kirk, Mrs. Nancy Clough, Mrs. Dorothy Bird, Mrs. Helen Stanswood, Cafeteria Manager — Mr. Owen Morris. School Nurse — Mrs. Virginia Foulds Custodial Staff: First Row L-R — Mr. Arthur Bastian, Mr. George Cunningham, Mr. Carl Langlois, Mr. Walter Walker, Mr. George Lumb, Mrs. Chester Low, Mr. Robert Connolly • | w J 1 k ' ..■4 1 ' - ■■■‘ } Donna Allbee Allen Angeli Lisa A. Antonelli SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Claire McCarthy (President), Donald Zorn (Vice-President), Phillip Taylor (Secretary-Treasurer) D. Wayne Alexander jim Lafond, Dick Licare, Mike Stewart Maureen Bailey Darlene Assaf Dianne E. Barcellona Joseph Beninato Stephen C. Btrcii 45 Barbara A. Bishop Rosemary J. Brien Donna Brighlman Pam Rochon Dennis Joseph Bligh Peter Boynton Frank Rullo Mary J. V, Brucato Jane I. Caddell Jill Callahan John R. Camire Leonard Brown Ron Rudis Kathy E. Carbonneau Mary Ellen Carney Peter Caron Patricia Carragher Michael Cavallaro Robert R. Chadwick Kathi Vanasse and Jeff Clough James A. Cassell Jr. Deborah Mary Cassidy Carol Castor 50 ' gatina Coco Juan Feliciano Mary E. Collins Patricia Collins Michael Collins Patricia A. Compagnone Sue Dunn Alton Ray Cooper Norma Costain John R. Crane Joseph T. Cristaldi 51 Carol Crittenden Howie Epstein Stephen R. Crompton Paul J. Cunningham Stephen J. Cyr John Cunningham Maureen A. DeParis Michael L. DeParis John P. DeVito Celeste Palmier! and Anne Woodcock Rosemary A. Daly Stephen P. Dawe Barbara Plant and joeTerranova Patricia Jean Dewhirst Lesley Anne Dewhurst 54 Robert DiAngelo David Dimin ico Debby Diminico Andrew R, Donahue Claire McCarthy and Paul Rock Patricia A. Doherty Maria DiVincenzo Michael F. Dobrowolski Frank Dinardi Thomas A. Donovan Peter S. Dushame Paul T. Dowling Susan M. Dunn 56 Cindy L. Duxbury Connie McBride and Teresa Tartaglione Martin L. Earley III Greg Edwards James B. Emerick Tom Enright JaneCaddell Nancy jean Earley Howard J. Epstein Mark N. Esposito Juan Feliciano Patricia L. Finocchiaro Janet A. Fiore Lisa Maari Fladager Cheryl Pearson Cheryl Ann Flanders Brian Gallagher David Garofoli Mary Ann Gillen Catherine J. Friedlander Nancy Gaffny Deborah E. Foulds Jay Foley Karen Pelletier ! i Laura Stiglin Linda M. Gioia Sandra M. Giuffrida Karen E. Good Paul J. Gosselin Les Gray Karen A. Hale Cathy Haggerty Donald A. Griglack John Grover D. D. Torrisi Sharon A. Greenleaf Cecile Hamel Irene Hamden Ronnie K. Harvey 6 ? Mary Elizabeth Hayes Ellen Patterson Beverly Anne Heifrich Jeffrey P. Henderson Marie C. Hennelly Eileen C. Hennessy Wayne Alexander Cathy j, Heafey Raija Hietava Barbara A. Higgins Brian J. Holland Elizabeth M. Holland Fran Murphy, Pete Dushame, Karen Good Pamela Lee Hollins Barbara Higgins, Mrs. Aubry, Kim Stevenson Michael A, Huckeba Benjamin Hyde Harvey Jackson Steve jennison Joanne jolly Janet Fiore Jennifer Jordan Stephen M. Juba James A. Kapelson Barbara Ann Keisling W ►VAwv,. 1 4 » 4 •» ♦ - 66 Karen M, Kelley Scott Kelly Linda A. Kenny William Kent Tim Kingsley Andrea L. Knight Brian Smith Lois Ruth Ann Lachapelle Richard W. Kohl Stephen Knuepfer James R. Lafond Robert F. Lafond Darlene Assaf Patricia j. Lamprey Deborah E. Leach Susan Halette Leslie Richard C. Licare Maura E. Long Michael Lowell Paul Richard Luciano Jean E. Mackillop Rich Kohl 69 Geri Ann Mahan Charles W. Manzi Jr, Lee Marchisio Jose M. Marina Jody E. Marsh 4 Susan Marie Marsh Paula J. Marshall Ivar Martin Constance!. McBride Thomas P. McCarron Michael Dobrowolski Peter J. McCarthy Claire McCarthy Frederick j. McCarthy Donna M. McDermott Susan McDowell Susan McElaney Marguerite McEvoy Jerelyn Roberts Kathy McGuire Randy Meadows Marie H. Medoio Lisa A. Melvin Diane C. Milton Joseph P. Minihan Camille Miragliotta Margaret K. Morrison § - Tom Enright Steve Mitchell Francis Murphy Kim Nevers Cheryl M. Nigrelli Jo-Ann O ' Brien Robert Newton Lisa G. Nutter Gary A. Oullette Brenda Pierro Celeste Palmieri Cheryl Pearson Karen Parlock Ellen Patterson 7b Karen E. Pelletier Jim Witzgall Christopher D. Phaneuf Carol R. Pickard Barbara Plant Barbara Sherlock, Kim Stevenson, Donna McDermott, Linda Romano, Cheryl Savukinas Pamela K. Pizer Brenda Marie Pierro 77 Bob Poirier Patricia Powell Rhonda L. Powers jo Anne H. Ramsden 78 Gary Ouellette Cynthia Gray Redman Marie Hennelly Margaret Richardson Jean M. Roberts jerelyn E. Roberts Dale Robinson David L, Robinson Patricia Anne Roche Susan M. Roche Barbara Bishop Deborah Rooke Ronald Rudis Thomas D. Rockwood Clifford L. Rollins Linda M. Romano 81 Frank J. Rullo Rosanne Sable Cheryl A, Savukinas Lori j. Seccareccio Theodore J. Sattley Barbara M. Sherlock 82 Norma Costain Brian P. Smith Laurie Anne Smith Kim A. Stevenson Michael H. Stewart Lisa Antonelli Laura Stiglin Karen Smith Thomas J. Soucy Patricia Ann Stevens Rita M. Sullivan James E. Tamagnine Teresa Tartaglione 84 Charlie Manzi PhilipTaylor Robert P.Tine Michael Anthony Torrisi Julia Anne Towne 85 Paul Gosselin Mary Beth Turner Kathleen A. Vanasse Brian Van Buskirk Mary Beth Pryor Verville ■V.r: James Witzgall Berniece Ann Whalen Anne Marie Whitney Elaine Winic Arnold Warshaw Karen Wolfenden Anne E. Woodcock Donald Zorn In Memoriam Michael Paul Peluso 1956 —1975 We don ' t have tomorrow, but we had yesterday. Miller Masser 3 MICHAEL J. ADDONIGIO, " Mike " , 37 Dud¬ ley Street, Business Club; C.Y.O.; Drama Club; Choir 1; Volleyball Intramurals; Den Restaurant. D. WAYNE ALEXANDER, " Alex " , 196 Cotuit Street, Ski Club 1,2; Weightlifting 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Maggie ' s Place. DONNA ALLBEE, " Albs " , 67 Meadow Lane, Spanish Club 1; Teacher Advisee Commit¬ tee 2,3; Rules and Regulations Committee 3; Field Hockey 3,4 (Co-captain). ROBERT W. ALLEN, " Bob " , 86 Andover Street, Baseball 2; Cross Country 2. Senior Directory 3,4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2,3; Track 3,4. JANE I. CADDELL, " Janie " , 72 Fernview Ave¬ nue, Student Council 4; Pep Club 4; Home¬ coming Chairman 4; Yearbook 4; Squire 4; Track 3; Softball 1,2; Basketball 1; Russem ' s. JILL CALLAHAN, " Jilly " , 234 Hillside Road, Foreign Language 1; Art Club; Dramatic Club; Pep Club; Stevens Hall Convalescent Home. JOHN R. CAMIRE, " Strap " , 118 Marblehead Street, Wrestling 1,2,3 (Co-Captain); 4 (Tri- Captain); Lacrosse 2; B.U. Conference Center. Committee 4; Basketball Intramurals 2; Messina ' s Market. MICHAEL CAVALLARO, " Cav " , 120 Edgelawn Avenue, Hockey 3,4; DeMoulas. ROBERT B. CHADWICK, " Bob " , 81 Prescott Street, Bicycle Club 2; Dramatic Club 2,3; Merrimack College. MICHAEL J. CHORY JR., " Bake " , 466 Mass Avenue, Football 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Wrestling 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Track 1,2; Weightlifting 1,2,3,4. MICHAEL B. CLARK, " Corky " , 30 Maple Ave¬ nue, Football 1; Wrestling 2,4. LISA A. ANTONELLI, 58 Green Hill Avenue, Math Team, 2,3; Squire Staff 1,2,3,4 (News Editor); National Honor Society 2,3,4 (Sec¬ retary); Yearbook Staff 3,4; Jewelry Club 3; i Student Council 3 (Class Secretary); St. Jo¬ seph ' s C.Y.O. 2,3,4 (Secretary). DARLENE ASSAF, " Dari " , 247 Greene Street, Dramatic Club 1,2; Squire 3,4; Yearbook 4; Library Club 1,2 (Secretary); Pep Club 1,2; Jewelry Club 4; Student Council 2,3,4; Soft- ball Intramurals 1,2; Basketball Intramurals 1; Bon Secours Hospital. MAUREEN BAILEY, " Mo " , 707 Johnson Street, Drama Club 1; Ecology Club 1; Jewelry Club 4; Business Club 4; C.Y.O. 2,3,4. DIANNE E. BARCELLONA, " Dee Dee " , 52 Lincoln Street, Pep Club 1; Semi-Formal Committee 2; Basketball Intramurals 1,2,3, I 4; Basketball Team 1,2 (Co-Captain) 3,4. JOE BENINATO, " Benny " , 61 Lyman Road, Student Council 4; Track 2; Hockey 3,4; DeMoulas. i i STEPHEN C. BIRCH, 38 Farnum Street, Band 1, j 2,3,4; (President); A.F.S. 1,2,3 (Junior Repre- I sentative), 4 (Senior Representative); Cho- I rus 2,3; Drama 1,2,3; Stage Band 1,2,3,4; Birch Drug. ' BARBARA A. BISHOP, " Barb " , 334 Waverly Road, Pep Club 1; Student Council 1,2,3; French Club 3,4; Squire 4; Yearbook 4; , Y.M.C.A. ; DENNIS JOSEPH BLIGH, 50 Fernview Avenue, Heritage Green Apartments. I PETER BOYNTON, 267 Osgood Street, Ski Club 1; Bike Club 2; Dramatic Club 1,2; Ski ' Team 1,2,3,4, (Co-Captain); Boynton Press. ROSEMARY J. BRIEN, " Rosie " , 80 Pembroke Road, Ski Club 1,2; Creative Writing Club 1; ! French Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Prep Club 3; Student Council 2,3,4; Jewelry Club 2; Squire 1,2,3 (Junior Editor), 4 (Editor In Chief); Basketball 1,2; Softball 1; Ski Team 1,4; Cheerleading 3,4. LEONARD BROWN, " Lenny " , 83 Elm Street, Stage Band 4; Football 3. MARY J. V. BRUCATO, " Mar " , 345 Osgood Street, Spanish Club 1 (advisor); Foreign Language Club 2; Pep Club 1,2; Student Council 3,4; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee DOUG CANNELLA, " Doug " , 101 Herrick Road, Band 1,2,3; Dramatic Club 1,2; Stage Band 1,2; Griffin Lincoln Mercury. KATHY E. CARBONNEAU, " Kath " , 15 Royal Crest Drive, Student Council 1,2,3,4 (Secre¬ tary-Treasury); Class Officer 1 (Vice-Presi¬ dent), 2 (Secretary-Treasury); Squire 4 (Business Editor); Yearbook 4; Pep Club 1,2, 3,4; Ski Club 1; Basketball 1,2 (Co-Captain); Basketball Intramurals 1,2,3; Russem ' s. MARY ELLEN CARNEY, 74 Woodstock Street, Photography Club 1; Yearbook 4; Basket¬ ball Intramurals 1,2,3; Basketball 2,3,4 (Co- Captain); Softball 1,2,3,4; Messina ' s. PETER CARON, " Pete " , 35 Meadowview Road, Hockey 2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Soccer 4. STACIE CARR, 1 Walker Road. PATRICIA CARRAGHER, " Patti " , 36 Kieran Road, Majorette 1,2,3; Pep Club 2,3,4; Drama 2,3; French Club 4; Yearbook 4; A.F.S. 3; Cheerleading 4; Beaconway. JAMES A. CASSELL JR., " Cass " , 29 Green Hill Avenue, Squire 3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Turnstyle. DEBORAH MARY CASSIDY, " Cass " , 13 Perry Street, Drama Club 1; Yearbook 4; Prom CAROL CLERMONT, " Carol " , 157 Water Street, Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1; Bea ' s Sandwich Shop. CHRISTINA CLOSSON, " Tina " , 89 Johnson Street, Chorus 1,2; Dramatic Club 2; Eques¬ trian Club 3,4; Drama 1,2; Spanish Club 1; Windrush Farm. JEFFREY T. CLOUGH, " Hienzy " , 75 Boston Street, Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Ski Team 1,2,3,4; Weightlifting 1,2,3,4. AGATINA COCO, " Tina " , 186 Middlesex Street, Business Club 3 (Vice-President), 4 (President); Kaps. MARY E. COLLINS, 177 High Street, Yearbook 4; Student Council 4; Squire 4; Sutherland ' s. MIKE COLLIN S, " Barney " , 177 High Street, Baseball 2; Challenge House. PATRICIA COLLINS, " Patty " , 44 Union Street, Business Club 3,4. PATRICIA COMPAGNONE, " Patty " , 12 Mif¬ flin Drive, French Club 1; Yearbook 3,4; Student Council 4; Jewelry Club 4; Intra¬ murals 1,2,3,4; Prep Club 3; Prom Commit¬ tee 4. ALTON RAY COOPER, 83 Elm Street. NORMA COSTAIN, " Winnie " , 52 Fernview Avenue, Track 4; Pewter Pot. JOHN R. CRANE, " Jackson " , 56 Elm Street, Student Council 1,2,3,4; Foreign Language 1,2; Photography Club 2,4; Squire 3,4; Au¬ dio Visual Club 1,3; Drama Club 1,2; Base¬ ball 1; Football (Manager) 1,2; Basketball (Manager) 1,2; Wrestling 4; Tennis 4; Treadwell ' s Ice Cream. JOSEPH T. CRISTALDI, " Joe " , 14 Appleton Street, Baseball 2,3,4; Cross Country 4. CAROL CRITTENDEN, 34 Woodcrest Drive, Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 2,3; Dramatic Club 1,2,3; Library Club 1 (Vice-Pres.) 2, (Pres.); Turning Point Coffeehouse. STEPHEN R. CROMPTON, 8 Dufton Court, Richdale. JOHN CUNNINGHAM, " John " , 4 Walker Road, Meadowview Apts. PAUL J. CUNNINGHAM, " Paul " , 32 Third LESLEY ANNE DEWHURST, 98 Greene Street, Spanish Club 1,2; Business Club 3,4; Prom Committee 4; Cherry Webb. ROBERT A. DIANGELO, " D " , 357 Mass. Ave¬ nue, Dramatic Club 1,2,3; Foreign Lan¬ guage 1,2; Chess Club 2 (Vice-President), 3 (President),4; DeMoulas. DAVID A. DIMINICO, 15 Sawyer Road, Mod¬ el Airplane 1; Foreign Language Club 1; Saint Michael C.Y.O. (Vice-President); Baseball 2; Cross Country 1; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Tennis Team 3,4; Mister Donut. DEBBY J. DIMINICO, " Deb " , 15 Sawyer Road, Yearbook 4; Spanish Club 1; Basketball 2,3, 4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Basketball Intramurals 1, 2,3; Messina ' s. FRANK DINARDI, 521 Salem Street. MARIA DIVINCENZO, " Deve " , 73 Pleasant Street, Spanish Club 2; Business Club 4; Yearbook 4; Bike Club 2,3,4; Intramurals 2, 3; Judo Club 4. MICHAEL F. DOBROWOLSKI, 8 Fernview Street, Weightlifting 2,3,4; Football 1,2,3,4; Ski Team 1,2; Track 1,2; Furniture Barn. CINDY L. DUXBURY, " Cindy " , 84 Beverly Street, Dramatic Club 2,3 (President),4; Band 2,3,4; Flag Squad 2; A.F.S. 3,4; Turnstyle. MARTIN L. EARLEY III, " Marty " , 90 Maple Avenue, Football 1,2,3,4; Hockey 2,3,4; Weightlifting 3,4. NANCY JEAN EARLEY, " Nancy " , 43 Lincoln Street, Foreign Language Club 1,2; Basket¬ ball Intramurals. GREG EDWARDS, " Evil Ed " , 1412 Salem Street, Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Weightlifting 1,2,3,4; Campion Hall. JAMES B. EMERICK, " Empa " , 53 Waverly Road, Chess Club 2,3,4; Bradley Real Estate. TOM ENRIGHT, " Dike " , 7 Johnson Street, Basketball 1,2,3,4; Football 4. HOWARD J. EPSTEIN, " Howie " , 50 Fernview Avenue, Chess Club 2; Jogging Club 3; Street, Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Weightlifting 2,3. STEVEN J. CYR, " Steve " , 80 Bradford Street, Western Electric-Canteen. ROSEMARY A. DALY, " Rosie " , 316 Sutton Street, Dramatic Club 1,2; A.F.S. Club 2; Pine Crest Nursing Home. STEPHEN P. DAWE, " Steve " , 49 Longwood Avenue, French Club 1; Chess Club 2,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 1,2; Bradford House. MAUREEN A. DEPARIS, 52 Elmcrest Road. MICHAEL L. DEPARIS, " Linsky " , 35 Kingston Street, Baseball 1,2,3,4; Football 1,2,4; Kin¬ ney Shoe. JOHN P. DEVITO, " DeVitz " , 2l‘Sawyer Road, Model Airplane 1,2; French Club 1; Baseball 2; Hockey 1; Lyons Pharmacy. PATRICIA JEAN DEWHIRST, " Pattie " , 15Third Street, Merrimack Valley National Bank. Avenue, Baseball 1,2; Tennis Team 3,4; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 2; Business Club4; DeMoulas. PATRICIA A. DOHERTY, " Patty " , 400 Waverly Road, Jewelry Club 1,2; Squire 3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Semi-Formal Committee 2; Student Council 4; Basketball Intramurals 1, 2; Volleyball Intramurals 1,2,3; DeMoulas. ANDREW R. DONAHUE, " Drew " , 445 Wood Lande, Football 3,4; Track 4; Seabrook Dog Track. THOMAS A. DONOVAN, " Dunny " , 500 Box- ford Street, Football 1,2,3,4; Track 2,4; W eightlifting 1,2,3,4; Haffner ' s. PAUL T. DOWLING, " Crud " , 119 Marblehead Street, Merrimack College. SUSAN M. DUNN, " Sue " , 455 Stevens Street, Creative Writing 1,2; Spanish Club 1 (Vice- President); Prep Club 3,4; Jewelry Club 3,4; Squire Staff 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Prom Committee 4; Stevens Hall. PETER S. DUSHAME, " Duke " , 247 Osgood Soccer 4; Baseball 1,2; Tennis 3,4 (Co-Cap¬ tain); Spree. MARK N. ESPOSITO, " Espo " , 60 Edgelawn Avenue, Football 1; Baseball 1; Hockey 1,2, 3,4 (Tri-Captain); Campion Hall. JUAN FELICIANO, " Suavecito " , 83 Elm Street, Football 3,4; Baseball 3. PATRICIA L. FINOCCHIARO, " Patty " , 25 Wentworth Avenue, Jewelry Club 4; Year¬ book 4; Student Council 4; Squire 4; Bas¬ ketball Intramurals 1,2,3; Volleyball Intra¬ murals 1,2; Stevens Hall. JANET A. FIORE, 16 Berry Street, Andover Riding Academy. LISA MAARI FLADAGER, " Lis " , 257 Brent¬ wood Circle. CHERYL ANN FLANDERS, 347 Wood Lane. JAY FOLEY, " Jayba " , 374 Main Street, Mead¬ ows ' Greyhound Kennel. DEBORAH E. FOULDS, " Debbie " , 58 Hewitt Avenue, Chorus 1,2,3; Photography Club 2; Carrols. CATHERINE J. FRIEDLANDER, " Freeds " , 177 Chadwick Street, Flag Squad 2; Majorette 3, 4; A.F.S. 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Pep Club 4; Lawrence General Hospital. NANCY GAFFNY, " Gaff " , Heath Circle, Stu¬ dent Council 2,4; Pep Club 1,2; Field Hock¬ ey 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Cheerleading 3,4 (Co-Captain). BRIAN GALLAGHER, 29 Russell Street, Haff- ners Car Wash. DAVID GAROFOLI, " Rag " , 15 Bradstreet Road, Student Council 1; Bicycle Club 1,2; Audio Visual Club 1,2; Photography Club 1, 2; Soccer 2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Track 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Weightlifting 2,3,4; Merri¬ mack B.P.. MARY ANN GILLEN, " G " , 399 Summer Street, Jewelry Club 2,3,4 (Vice-President); Year¬ book 3,4 (Editor); A.F.S. 3,4; Student Coun¬ cil 4; Chorus 1,2; Squire 3,4; National Hon¬ or Society 3,4; Med-x. LINDA M. GIOIA, " Lyn " , 83 Mifflin Drive, Russian Club 1; Field Hockey 3,4; Softball 2, 3,4; Basketball Intramurals 2,3. SANDRA M. GlUFFRIDA, " Sandy " , 1353 Sal¬ em Street, Yearbook 4; Med-X. KAREN E. GOOD, 62 Farnum Street, Band 1,2, 3 (Secretary), 4 (Secretary); AFS Club 3 (President), 4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3 (Treasur¬ er); Flag Squad 4 (Captain); National Honor Society 2,3,4; Exchange Student 1974; Cho¬ rus 3; St. Michael ' s C.Y.O. 3 (Secretary); Bradford House Restaurant. PAUL J. GOSSELIN, " Gopher " , 43 Phillips Court, Band 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 1,2,3,4; Business Club 4; Football 1; York Steak House. DONALD A. GRIGLACK, " Don " , 32 Essex Street, Math Team 3,4; Band 4; Ski Team 3, 4; York Steak House. JOHN GROVER, " jack " , 35 Marion Circle, Math Team 2,3; Chess Club 1; Basketball 1; Trombly ' s Motor Coach. CATHY HAGGERTY, " Haggs " , 334 Osgood Street, Foreign Language Club 3; Business Club 4; Bike Club 1,2,3; Intramurals 2,3; Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Stevens Hall. KAREN A. HALE, 100 Edgelawn Avenue, Apt. 6, Band 1,2,3,4 (Treasurer); Math Club 1,2,3; Spanish National Honor Society 4; York Steak House, Andover-No. Andover YMCA. CECIL HAMEL, " Cec " , 21 Perry Street, Dra¬ matic Club 1,2,3; Majorette 2; Chorus 2,3,4; Squire 4; Business Club 4. SHARON A. GREENLEAF, 220 Forest Street, Yearbook 4; P.F. 2,3,4; Field Hockey 1,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4; Basket¬ ball Intramurals 2,3; DeMoulas. LES GRAY, " Preacher " , 84 Main Street, Library Club 3,4; Messina ' s Market. IRENE HARNDEN, " Reni " , 387 Mass Avenue. PHILLIP D. HARNISCH, 87 Glenncrest Drive. RONNIE K. HARVEY, “Ronnie”, 288 Greene Street, Bea ' s Sandwich Shop. STEPHEN E. HARWOOD, “Booma”, 66 Bel¬ mont Street,Royal Jewelers. MARY ELIZABETH HAYES, 59 Court Street, Student Advisory Council 3; Yearbook 1,2, 3,4; Bicycle Club 1,2,3,4; jewelry Club 3,4; Foreign Language Club 2 (Secretary); Chess Club 1 (Secretary); Marching Band 2; Dra¬ ma Club 1,2; Ecology 1,2,3; Track 1,2 (Co- Captain); Cross Country 4; Intramurals 1,3, 4. CATHY j. HEAFEY, “Heaf " , 119 Moody Street, Band 3,4; Majorette 4; Library Club 1,2 (Treasurer); Math Team 3,4; jogging Club 4; Pep Club 4; Track 3,4; Basketball Intra¬ murals 1,2,3,4; Gymnastics; Bishop ' s. BEVERLY ANNE HELFRICH, “Bev”, 120 Ste¬ vens Street, Basketball Intramurals 1,2; Majorettes 2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Squire 4; Drama 2; Cheering 3,4; DeMoulas. JEFFREY P. HENDERSON, “Hendo " , 44 Old Village Lane, Bicycle Club 1,2 (President),3, 4; Audio Visual Club 1,2,3,4;Photography 1,2; Ski Team 2,3,4; Soccer 4. MARIE C. HENNELLY, “Marie " , 53 Chestnut Street, Dramatic Club 1; Squire 2,3,4; Year¬ book 3 (junior Editor), 4 (Editor); National Honor Society 3,4; Foreign Language Club 4; junior Volunteer Lawrence General Hospital 3. EILEEN C. HENNESSEY, “I " , 343 Salem Street, Business Club 1,4; Pep Club 1; Prom Com¬ mittee 4; Chorus 1,2,3; Dramatic Club 1; Basketball Intramurals 1,2; DeMoulas. RAljA HIETAVA, 28 Beacon Hill Boulevard, French Club 4; A.F.S. 4; Foreign Exchange Student. BARBARA A. HIGGINS, “Barb " , 128 Martin Avenue, Yearbook 4; Student Council 4; Pep Club 1,2; A.F.S. 2,3; jewelry Club 1,2,3; Dramatic Club 1; Ski Club 1; Squire 2,3,4; Girls Track 2,3; Ski Team 4; Basketball Intra- murais 1,2,3; Pinecrest Nursing Home. BRIAN j HOLLAND, “Dutch " , 344 Main Street. ELIZABETH M. HOLLAND, “Liz " , 344 Main Street, Yearbook 3; Squire 2; Pep Club 1; Hospital Service Technology. PAMELA LEE HOLLINS, " Pam " , 12 Hamilton Road, Foreign Language Club 1,2; Business Club 3,4; Dramatic Club 3; Prom Commit¬ tee 4; Photography Club 3; Intramural Bas¬ ketball 1,2; Intramural Volleyball 1; Messina ' s. MICHAEL A. HUCKEBA, “Huck " , 88 Farr- wood Avenue, Allied Chemical Company. BENJAMIN HYDE, “Ben " , 85 Marbleridge Road,Campion Hall. HARVEY JACKSON, “Harv " , 575 Salem Street Thompson ' s Restaurant. STEVE JENNISON, “Jennie " , 123 Marian Drive, Band 1,2,3,4; Track 3,4; Soccer 4; Friendly Ice Cream. JOANNE JOLLY, “Jo " , 100 Osgood Street, Art Club 2; Jewelry Club 3; Judo Club 4; Ste¬ ven ' s Hall. JENNIFER JORDAN, “Jen " , 1044 Salem Street, French Club 1; Track Team 2. STEPHEN M. JUBA, “Jube " , 162 Hillside Road, Band 1,2,3,4; Audio Visual 1,2,3,4; Basket¬ ball 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3 (Co-Captain),4; Soc¬ cer 4; Juba Electric. JAMES A. KAPELSON, 114 Old Village Lane, Basketball Intramurals 3; Kap ' s. BARBARA ANN KEISLING, “Keiss " , 11 Rich¬ ardson Avenue, Drama Club 1,2,3,4 (Vice- president); Concert Choir 2,3 (Vice-presi¬ dent) 4 (President); Spanish Club 1,2; Crea¬ tive Writing Club 1 (President); Squi re 2; C.Y.0.1; Stage Band 3,4; Steven ' s Hall. KAREN M. KELLEY, 271 Barker Street, Art Service Club 1; Jewelry Club 2; Dramatic Club 1,2; Photography Club 3,4; Squire 4 (Art Editor); Yearbook 4; Field Hockey 2,3, 4; Basketball Intramurals; Pine Crest Nurs¬ ing Home. SCOTT KELLEY, “Kel-Dumbo " , Football 1,2,3, 4; Wrestling 3,4; Track 2; Weightlifting 2, 3,4; Volleyball Intramurals 1,2; Bunganut Lake Camping Area. LINDA A. KENNY, “Lind " , 573 Salem Street, Pine Crest Nursing Home. TIM KINGSLEY, “Tim " , 75 Mifflin Drive, Stage Crew 1; Spot Light 2; Band 3,4; Stage Band 3,4. ANDREAL L. KNIGHT, “Andy " , 111 Boston Street, Spanish Club 1; C.Y.0.1,2,3,4; Cho¬ rus 1,2; Basketball Intramurals 2; Softball 1, 2,3,4; Carrol ' s. STEPHEN KNUEPFER, “Steve " , 370 Salem Street, North Andover Office Park. RICHARD W. KOHL, “Rich " , Turnpike Street, Band 1 (Class Representative), 2,3,4; Dra¬ matic Club 1,2,3,4; Squire 4; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Stage Band 1,2,3,4; Soccer 4; Friendly Ice Cream. LOIS RUTH LACHAPELLE, “Lola " , 1905 Salem Street, Band 1,2,3,4; Majorettes 1,2,3,4 (Captain); Drama Club 1,2; Aniaw Nurs¬ ing Home. JAMES R. LAFOND, “Jim " , 321 Osgood Street, Student Advisee 3; Bicycle Club 1,2,3; Foot¬ ball 1,2,3,4. ROBERT LAFOND, “Bob " , 176 Middlesex Street, Football 2; Baseball 2; DeMoulas. PATRICIA J. LAMPREY, “Tricia " , 17 Phillips Court, Spanish Club 1; Prep Club 3,4; C.Y.O.1,2,3,4; Carrol ' s. DEBORAH E. LEACH, “Debbie " , 64 Prescott Street, Colorguard 2; Majorette 3,4; Year¬ book 4; Track 2,3,4, (Co-Captain); Carrol ' s. SUSAN HALETTE LESLIE, 891 Great Pond Road, Foreign Language Club 1,3; A.F.S. Club Yearbook 4. RICHARD C. LICARE, “Dick " , 412 Mass. Ave¬ nue, Yearbook 4; Student Council 3,4; In¬ tramurals 1,2; Football 1; Cross Country 2,3 (Captain), 4 (Co-Captain); Basketball 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain). MAURA E. LONG, " Maura-B " , 238 Sutton Street, Student Council 1,2; Yearbook 1,2; Pe p Club 2,3; A.F.S. 1,2; Basketball Intra¬ murals 1,2; Volleyball Intramurals 2,3; Spree. MICHAEL LOWELL, “Mike " , 13 Summer Street, Thompson ' s Restaurant. PAUL RICHARD LUCIANO, “Louie " , 35 Ston- ington Street, Spanish Club 1; Wrestling 1,2, 3,4 (Tri-Captain); Football 1. JOHN A. LYONS, “Jack " , 4 Brightwood Ave¬ nue, Scanlon Hardware. JEAN E. MAC KILLOP, “Jeannie " , 10 Lyman Road, Freshman Secretary-Treasurer 1; Student Council 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Cho¬ rus 1,2; Jewelry Club 2; Ski Club 1,2; Squire 4; Cheerleading 3,4 (Co-Captain); Intra¬ murals 1; Playground Instructor. CHERI ANN MAHAN, " Cheri " , 39 Adams Avenue, Chorus 1; Special Olympics 1972. CHARLES W. MANZI JR., “Charlie " , 29 Mass. Avenue, Spanish Club 1; Football 1,4; Bas¬ ketball 2; Basketball Intramrals 1,2,3. LEE MARCHISIO, 69 Heath Road, Field Hock¬ ey 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Pewter Pot. JOSE M. MARINO, " Mickey " , 27 Pleasant Street, Soccer; Basketball; Ping-Pong; Messina ' s. JODY E. MARSH, 84 Union Street, Intramurals 1,2; Stevens Hall. SUSAN MARIE MARSH, ' ' Cheeks " s, 162 Bev¬ erly Street, Glennie ' s Dairy. PAULA J. MARSHALL, 677 Salem Street, Ma¬ jorette 2,3,4; jogging Club 4; Pep Club 4; Girls ' Track 2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Basketball Intramurals 2,3. IVAR MARTIN, " Ivar " , 671 Johnson Street, Bicycle Club 1,2,3,4; Chess Club 1,2,(Secre- tary-Treasurer),3; Track 3,4; Cross Country 4. CONSTANCE T. McBRIDE, " Connie " , 99 Meadowview Road, Band 2,3,4(Drum Ma¬ jorette); Dramatic Club 1,2; Foreign Lan¬ guage Club 3; Squire 2,3,4(Feature Editor); Knight 3,4(Editor); Math Team 2,3,4; St. Michael ' s CCD. JAMES HOWARD McCALEB, " Tex " , 36 Chap¬ in Road, Tennis 3,4(Co- Captain); Cedar- dale Tennis. THOMAS P. McCARRON, " Tom " , 30 Beech Avenue, WNAH 4; Soccer 2; Football 4. CLAIRE E. McCarthy, " day " , 48 Linden Avenue, Student Council 1,2,3,4 (Presi¬ dent); Class President 1,2,3,4; Yearbook 2, 3,4; Jewelry Club 2; Pep Club 1,2,3; Squire 2,3,4 (Feature Editor); Treasure of North Andover Eastern Mass. District of Student Council 4; Greater Lawrence Community Drug Council Education Committee 3,4; N.A. Youth Commission 1,2,3,4 (Secretary); Teacher Advisee Committee 4; Student Advisory Council; Prom Committee 4; In¬ tramurals 1,2; Tennis Team 4; Community Health Centers; Melville ' s Screen Printing. FREDERICK MCCARTHY, " Freddy " , 67 Con¬ cord Street, Football 4. PETER J. McCarthy, " Mac " , 34 Old Village Lane, Audio Visual Club 1,2 (President), 3; Photography Club 1,2,3; Bicycle Club 1,2,3; Intramurals 1,2. DONNA M. McDermott, " Don " , 407 Mass. Avenue, Yearbook 3,4; Squire 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Messina ' s. SUSAN McELANEY, " Susan " , 6 Royle Crest Drive, St. Gregs Class President 1; French Club 3,4; Ski Club 1,2,3; Equestrian Club 2, 3; Jewelry Club 3; Softball 2,3; Touch Foot¬ ball 1. MARGUERITE McEVOY, " Margie " , Spanish Club 1; Business Club (Vice-President); Judo Club 4; Chorus 1,2; Yearbook 4; Span¬ ish Honor Society 3,4 (Treasurer); Intramur¬ als 1,3; Softball 2,3,4; Field Hockey 4; (Man¬ ager); Basketball 4 (Manager). KATHY McGuire, " Kath " , 13 Stonington Street, Lawrence General Hospital. RANDY D. MEADOWS, 2357 Turnpike Street, Meadows Kennel. MARIE H. MEDOLO, " Marie " , 24 Marble¬ head Street, Library Club 1,2; Business Club 3,4; Squire 2; DeMoulas. LISA A. MELVIN, 28 Beacon Hill Boulevard, Foreign Language Club 1,2,3(Vice-Presi- dent),4; Knight 3(Junior Editor), 4 (Editor); Dramatic Club 1,2,3; A.F.S. 3,4; Girls Track 3,4; Basketball Intramurals 1,2; Gymnastics 3; Treadwell ' s. STEVE MITCHELL, " Mitch " , 48 Fernview Ave¬ nue, Tennis 3,4; Eddies Amoco. MARGARET K. MORRISON, " Margs " , 285 Middlesex Street, Business Club 4; Year¬ book 1,4; Bike Club 1,2; Intramurals 1,2; Squire 1; Hospital ServiceTechnology. FRANCIS MURPHY, " Murph " , 50 Fernview Avenue, Student Advisory 4; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; Hockey 1,2,3,4(Tri-Captain); Football 1,4; Basketball 1; Rileys Roast Beef. DIANE C. MILTON, " Di " , 70 Mablin Avenue, Prom Committee 4; Messina ' s. JOSEPH P. MINIHAN, " Jumpin ' Joe " , 49 Par¬ ker Street, Band 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Cross Country 2,3,4. CAMILLE MIRAGLIOTTA, " Camille " , 110 Woodcrest Drive, Foreign Language Club 1; Basketball 2,3,4; Softball 2,3; Jackson Lumber Co.. KIM NEVERS, 162 Bradford Street, A.F.S. Club 3 (Secretary-Treasurer), 4 (President); Stu¬ dent Council 4; Student Advisee 4; Jewelry Club 3; Handicraft Club 2; American Stu¬ dent Abroad Yogoslavia, Summer 1974; Ski Team 3,4; Volleyball Intramurals; Pine Crest Nursing Home. ROBERT NEWTON, 150 Brentwood Circle. CHERYL M. NIGRELLI, 24 Autran Avenue, Chorus 1; Merrimack Valley National Bank. LISA G. NUTTER, " Lisa " , 139 Green Street, Foreign Language Club 1,2; Prep Club 3; Chorus 1; Basketball Intramurals 1; Carrol ' s. JO-ANN OBRIEN, " Jo " , 160 Kingston Street, Homeroom Rep. 1; Choir 1,2. KATHLEEN O ' CONNELL, " Kath " , Dramatic Club 2; Basketball 1; GIBCO. CARY A. OUELLETTE, " Chip " , 101 Egelawn Avenue, WNAH 4 (Studio Director); Pewter Pot. CELESTE PALMIERI, 32 Rosedale Avenue, Chorus 1,2,3 (Secretary),4 (Vice-President); Squire 1,2,3; Dramatic Club 1,2,3; Student Advisor 2; French Club 1,2,3; Sears. KAREN PARLOCK, " Karen " , 84 Russett Lane, Band 1,2,3,4; Jewelry Club 2,3,4; A.F.S. 3(Vice-President),4 (Secretary-Treasurer); Prep Club 3; Foreign Language Club 2,3; Yearbook 4; Volunteer L.G.H. 1,2; Basket¬ ball Intramurals 1; Pine Crest Nursing Home. ELLEN M. PATNAUDE, " Punkin " , 197 Apple- ton Street, Business Club 3,4; Shady Knoll Nursing Home. ELLEN PATTERSON, " Popeye " , 131 Johnson Street, Pep Club 2,3,4; Student Council 4; Jewelry Club 2; Camp Paul for Exceptional Children 1; Intramurals 1,2; Stevens Flail. CHERYL PEARSON, " Cheryl " , 58 Salem Street, Flag Squad 2,3; French Club 4; Year¬ book 4; Prep Club 3; National Honor Socie¬ ty 3,4; Volunteer L.G.H. 1,2,3; Girl Scouts 1, 2,3,4; MYF 1; Boys Track 1; Girls Track 2(Co-Captain); Basketball Intramurals 2,3,4; Carrol ' s. KAREN E. PELLETIER, 24 Ashland Street, Holi¬ day Inn. CHRISTOPHER D. PHANEUF, " Nerf " , 222 Main Street, Track 1; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; ITT Semi Conductors. CAROL R. PICKARD, " Pick " , 1317 Salem Street, Pep Club 2,3; Jewelry Club 2; Stu¬ dent Council 2; Spanish Club 1,2; Camp Paul for Exceptional Children 1,2; Prom Committee 4; Intramurals 1,2; Merrimack Valley Motor Inn. BRENDA MARIE PIERRO, 63 Woodstock Street, Student Council 1,2,3,4; Class Vice President 2,3; Photo Club 2,4; Jewelry Club 3; Prom Committee 4; Prep Club 3,4; Camp Paul for Exceptional Children 2,3,4; Intra¬ murals 1,2,3,4; Bakers Dozen. PAMELA K. PIZER, " Pam " , 12 Royal Crest Drive, Drama Club 2,3; Tour Team 2,3; Field Hockey 1,2; Lacrosse 2,3; Basketball 3; Soft- ball 1; Volleyball Intramurals 1. BARBARA PLANT, " Barb " , 50 Glencrest Drive, Squire 1,2,3,4 (Sports E ditor); Student Advisee Committee 2,3 (Chairman), 4; Stu¬ dent Council 3,4; Prom Committee 4; Bicy¬ cle Club 1,2,3,4; Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Ski Team 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Track 2; Bea¬ conway Fabrics. BOB POIRIER, " Bob " , Berry Street, North Shore Diagnostic. PATRICIA POWELL, " Patty " , 121 Farnum Street, Dramatic Club 1,2; Basketball Intra- murals 1; A.F.S. 2; Jewelry Club 2,3; Pep Club 2; Squire 4; Student Council 4; Year¬ book 4; Prep Club 3; Volunteer L.G.H. 2,3, 4; Pewter Pot. RHONDA L. POWERS, 105 High Steeet, Law¬ rence General Hospital. ANNE ELIZABETH QUINTAL, " Bugs " , 414 Summer Street, A.F.S. 1; Dramatic Club 1,3; Chorus 1,2,3,4; Squire 2; Creative Writing 1; Intramurals 3; William ' s Jewelry Store. JOANNE H. RAMSDEN, " Jo " , 14 Water Street, Merrimack Valley Motor Inn. MARGARET RICHARDSON, 20 Royal Crest Drive. JEAN M. ROBERTS, " Jeanie " , 400 Winter Street, Foreign Language 1; Chorus 1; Busi¬ ness Club 4. JERELYN E. ROBERTS, " Jer " , 52 South Brad¬ ford Street, Field Hockey 2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4(Co-Captain); Softball 1,2,3,4; Brooks Day Camp. DALE ROBINSON, 381 Mass. Avenue, Bicycle Club 2,3,4; Drama Club 1,2,3,4; P.F. 1,2,3,4 (Treasurer); Foreign Language Club 1,2; Chorus 1,4; Carrol ' s. DAVID L. ROBINSON, " Dave " , 381 Mass. Avenue, Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Bicycle Club 3,4; Foreign Language Club 1,2 (Trea¬ surer); National Honor Society 3,4; Stevens Memorial Library. PATRICIA ANNE ROCHE, " Pat " , 376 Wood Lane, Business Club 4; Yearbook 4; Judo Club 4; Jewelry Club 4; Showcase Cinema. SUSAN M. ROCHE, " Sue " , 376 Wood Lane, Bicycle Club 1,2,3; Equestrian Club 3,4; Judo Club 4; Jewelry Club 4; Track Team 3, 4; Roches Dairy Farm. PAMELA M. ROCHON, " Pam " , 30 Norman Road, Jewelry Club 2; Pep Club 2; Business Club 3,4; Dramatic Club 2; Pine Crest Nurs¬ ing Home. PAUL R. ROCK, " Rocky " , 48 Woodbridge Road, Concert Choir 1,2,3,4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4; C.Y.O. 1,2,3,4; Football Manager 1, 2,3,4. THOMAS D. ROCKWOOD, " Rocky " , 136 Glenncrest Drive, Squire 3,4 (Assistant Edi¬ tor); Teacher Advisee Committee 2,3; Bicy¬ cle Club 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 2,3, 4; P.F. 1,2,3,4 (President); Soccer 3,4 (Co- Captain); Basketball 1,2; Ski Team 3,4; Bas¬ ketball Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Spree. CLIFFORD L. ROLLINS, " Cliff " , 75 Prescott Street, South Congregational Church. LINDA M. ROMANO, " Meatball " , 64 Greene Street, Yearbook 3,4; Student Council 3,4; Jewelry Club 2; Squire 4; Pep Club 4; Ski Club 2; Prom Committee; Volleyball Intra¬ murals 1; Basketball Intramurals 1; Russem ' s. DEBORAH ROOKE, " Rookies " , 34 Kingston Street, French Club 4; Chorus 3,4; Gymnas¬ tics 3,4; Field Hockey Manager 3,4; Basket¬ ball Manager 3,4; Thompson ' s. RONALD RUDIS, " Ron " , 228 Pleasant Street, Student Council 4 (Public Offi¬ cer); Yearbook 4; Prep Club 3; National Honor Society 3,4; Soccer 2; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Soccer Intramurals 1; Butcher Boy Steak House. FRANK J. RULLO, 1 Gray Street, Student Council 4; Baseball 1; Thompson ' s. THEODORE J. SATTLEY, " Ted " , 98 Edgelawn Avenue, Dramatic Club 2; WNAH 3 (Direc¬ tor), 4 (Director). CHERYL ANN SAVUKINAS, " Cher " , 41 Mark Road, Yearbook 3 (Junior Editor), 4 (Editor); jewelry Club 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Student Council 4; Spanish Club 4; judo Club 4; Prom Committee 4; Ski Team 3,4; Basket¬ ball Intramurals 1,2; Volleyball Intramurals 1 , 2 . LORI j. SECCARECCIO, " Lori " , 233 Johnson Street, Foreign Language 2; Pep Club 1; jewelry Club 2,3,4; Gymn astics 3,4; Child Health Center Inc. JEFFREY SEGAL, " Jeff " , 117 Osgood Street. BARBARA M. SHERLOCK, " Sheri " , 60 Lyman Road, Spanish Club 1,2; Yearbook 4; Ski Club 1; Softbal Intramurals 1,2; Softball 1, 2; Basketball Intramurals 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Glennie ' s. BRIAN P. SMITH, 39 Brightwood Avenue, Basketball 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Baseball 1, 2,3,4 (Co-Captain). KAREN SMITH, 1265 Salem Street, Photogra¬ phy Club 2,3; jewelry 2; Business Club 4; intramurals 1. LAURIE ANNE SMITH, " Laur " , 72 Foster Street, Equestrian Club 3,4 (Vice-President); Basketball Intramurals 1,2; Volleyball Intra¬ murals 1,2; Messina ' s. THOMAS j. SOUCY, " Sove " , 1072 Johnson Street, Audio Visual Club 3,4; Baseball 1,2; Ski Team 1,2,4; DeMoulas. PATRICIA ANN STEVENS, " Patti " , 146 Farnum Street, Ski Club 1; Pep Club 2; C.Y.O. 3,4; P.F. 4; Dramatic Club 2; jewelry Club 2; A.F.S. 2,4; Yearbook 4; Prom Committee 4; Ski Team 3,4; Basketball Intramurals 1,2; Birch Drugstore. KIM A. STEVENSON, " Kim " , 48 Colgate Drive, Yearbook 4; Squire 4; Student Council 2,3, 4; Ski Club 2; Spanish Club 1; Prom Com¬ mittee 4; Pep Club 1,4; Basketball 2. MICHAEL H. STEWART, " Stewy " , 29 Pem¬ broke Road, Football 1,2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Baseball 1; Track 2. LAURA STIGLIN, 34 Raleigh Tavern Lane, Spanish Club 4; Spanish National Honor Society (Vice-President) ,4; Dramatic Club 1,2,3; Concert Choir 1,2,3; Stage Band 2; Pit Band 2; Squire 3,4; Yearbook 4; Student Council 4;National Honor Society 3 (Vice- President),4; Basketball Intramurals 1; Bas¬ ketball 3,4; Pewter Pot. RITA M. SULLIVAN, " Sully " , 18 Belmont Street, Messina ' s. JAMES E. TAMAGNINE, " Pasta " , 42 Bay State Road. TERESA TARTAGLIONE, 905 Great Pond Road, Band 2,3; Math Team 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1; National Honor Society 2,3,4; (Pres¬ ident); Dramatic Club 1,2,3,4 (Secretary- Treasurer); judo Club 4; Basketball Intra¬ murals 1; Birch Drugstore. PAUL TAYLOR, 38 Saunders Street, Math Team 2,3,4; WNAH Radio 4. PHILIP TAYLOR, “Phil " , 940 Johnson Street, Squire 4; Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4 (Co-Cap¬ tain); Weightlifting 1,2; Riley ' s Roast Beef. THOMAS ALLEN TEICHMAN, " Teich " , 38 Bradstreet Road, Basketball 1,2,3,4. JOSEPH M. TERRANOVA, “Terra " , 19 Milton Street, Track 1,2,3; Cross Country 2; Foot¬ ball 3,4; Wrestling 3,4. ROBERT P. TINE, “Bob " , 55 Dana Street, Bas¬ ketball Intramurals 1,2; Basketball 1,2; Base¬ ball 1; Messina ' s. SHAUN M. TORREY, “Narc " , 410 Sutton Street, Football 1. MICHAFL ANTHONY TORRISI, " DD " , 88 Colgate Drive, Spanish Club 1,2; Photogra¬ phy Club 2,3; Prom Committee 3; Football 1,2; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Baseball 1,2; Intramurals 1,2; Boston University Con¬ ference Center. JULIA ANNE TOWNE, “Julie " , 8 Wood Ave¬ nue, Business Club 3,4; A.F.S. 2,3; Pep Club 1; Drama Club 2,3,4; Basketball Intramurals 1; Softball 1,2; Messina ' s. MARY BETH TURNER, 405 Great Pond Road, DOROTHY VINCENT, “Dottie " , 69 Fernview Avenue, Merrimack Valley Motor Inn. ARNOLD WARSHAW, “Arnie " , 21 Spruce Street, Spanish Club 1; Photography 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4; ' Baseball 2; Soccer 2,3,4; Messian ' s. BERNIECE ANN WHALEN, “Bernie " , 6 Ash¬ land Street. ANNE MARIE WHITNEY, 103 Farrwood Ave¬ nue. ELAINE WINIC, 58 Russet, Band 1,2,3,4; For¬ eign Language Club 1,2; Jewelry Club 3,4; ANNE E. WOODCOCK, 130 Rea Street, A.F.S. 1; Pep Club 1; Drama Club 1,2; Chorus 2,3; Student Council 4; C.Y.O. 3; Pewter Pot. DONALD ZORN, “Zorny " , 11 Green Street, Student Council 1,2,3,4 (Vice-President); Class Vice-President 4; Student Advisee Committee 4 (Chairman); Explorers 2,3 (President); Squire 3,4 (Sports Editor); Jog¬ ging Club 3 (President); Photography Club 2;3,4; Prep Club 3 (Representative); Cross Country 2,3,4 (Co-Captain); Baseball 1,2; Basketball 2; Messina ' s. Chorus 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 2,3,4; For¬ eign Language Club 1,2,3; Jewelry Club 3; Yearbook 3,4; Church Youth Group 1,2,3 (Secretary), 4(Vice-President); Basketball Intramurals 1,2; Gymnastics 3; Judo Club 4. MARIANNE TURNER, “Mare " , 25 Edgelawn Avenue, Dramatic Club 1; Ecology Club 1; Yearbook 3; Hospital Service Technology. KATHLEEN A. VANASSE, " Kathi " , 166 Rea Street, Pep Club 3,4; Jewelry Club 1,2,3,4; Squire 4; Student Council 4; National Hon¬ or Society 2,3,4; International Club 1; Cheerleading 2 (Captain),4; Gymnastics. Math Team 1,2,3,4; Judo Class 4; National Honor Society 2,3,4; Dramatic Club 1,2; Yearbook 2,3,4 (Editor); B ' Nai B ' Rith Girls 3, 4 (Vice-Prsident); Basketball Intramurals 1; Gymnastics 3; Friendly Ice Cream. JAMES WITZGALL, " Witz " , 25 Sargent Street, National Honor Society; Witzgall Printing Co. KAREN WOLFENDEN, “Karen " , 29 Hamilton Road, Band 1,2,3 (Junior Representative), 4 (Senior Representative); Jewelry Club 2,3 (Vice-President), 4 (President); Drama Club 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook 4. 1 Donna Allbee Howie Epstein, Tom Rockwood and Jeff Clough. Fred McCarthy Arnold Warshaw 97 99 CLASS OFFICERS: President — Marsha Elias, Vice-President — David Armitage, Secretary-Treasurer — Kathy Connor. Nina Reitano Rich Connor, Stu Miller First Row: Sue Burns, Sharon Austin, Bunny Connors, Mary Addonigio, Joan Camp¬ bell, Ellen Charlton, Debbie Beaton, Karen Cochrane. Second Row: Cheryl Bove, Nancy Bartalotta, Ruth Ber- nardin, Beth Boyd, Kathie Connor, Beth Barker, Nancy Breen, Karen Brown, Liz Bar- il, Julie Alaimo. Third Row: Cindy Barker, Tom Lundqu- ist. Rich Connor, David Armi¬ tage, Rod Caruso, Ed Con¬ way, Dan Cunningham, Ed Chaput, Fred Giarrusso, John Bushnell, Jim Hughes, Susan Callahan. 10 ? Bobba Redman, Jack Tamagnine, Bob Quintal First Row: Susan Rand, Mary Parlock, jane Owens, Jane Puopolo, Pam Rose, Nina Reitano, June Lustenberger, Mary McAloon, Sandy Pickard, Jane Quintal. Second Row: Tracy Little, Sue McCarty, Beth Long, Nancy Bartolotta, Karen McCarthy, Carol Firth, Kathleen McLay, Kathy Lowell, Beverly Brasseur, Mary Jo Palermo, Cindy Pangione. Third Row: Cary Pahigian, Dave Rokes, Shawn Rockwell, Matty McLaughlin, Bill McCarty, Bill Quinlan, John McBride, Pat Moro, Jim Riccardi, Hellen Mathison, Linda Marshall. 103 ! I i First Row: Carrie Dunn, Anthony Furnari, Don Ellard, Judy Degnan, Sue Cormey, Bonnie Dunn, Jill Farrow, Darrell Francis. Second Row: Jackie DeFusco, Sandra Di- Vincenzo, Ann Dubois, Donna Demers, Sue Donnelly, Linda DiZazzo, Carol Black, Enza Malandrino, Nancy Bradley, Kathy Flinn. Third Row: Thomas M.D. Farrell, Norman Farr, Mike Driscoll, Tony Fon¬ taine, Joe Donahue, Gary Forzese, Brian Gallagher, David Field, Ed Driscoll, Judy Birch, Jay Farrow, Mike Rullo. Nancy Dargan Bert Lawlor, Scott Boeglin John McBride Matt McLoughlin Sarah Dunlap First Row: John McManus, Dan Noone, Bob Donahue, Steve Murgo, Jack Tam- agnine, Gary Starr, Charles Otis, Bobby Quintal. Second Row: Debbie Hilbert, Karen Licare, Patti Higgins, Maggie Le- land, Mary Kate Hudson, Gina Laudani, Mary Hurley, Diane LaRochelle, Donna Landry, Evelyn Lentz. Third Row: Rob¬ ert Hoar, Pablo Lacayo, Willie Morgan, Brian Lav lor, Jim Keller, Susan King¬ sley, Paul Joyce, Ken Kotce, Tom Lacey, Bob Hutchins, Kevin Jordan, David Nickerson, Charles Polizzotti. 105 First Row: Denise Crowe, Jody Voris, Sue Devermond, Merle Weber. Sec¬ ond Row; Mary jo Deyermond, Mar¬ sha Elias, Lisa Gioseffi, Kim Rheaume, Dotti Dunn, Joan Hennessy, Darlene McConaghy, Virginia Henshaw, Joanne Dube. Third Row: D. J. Griffin, Sarah Dunlap, Joe Demarco, Marty Driscoll, Tom Gidley, Joe Bartalotta, Rich Halt- maier. Chuck Bryant. First Row: Mary Medolo, Nancy Dar- gan, Marie Compagna. Second Row: Janice Giles, Priscilla Brien, Paul Sybert, Scott Boeglin, Dave Cantone, Jack Witzgall, Cindy Franz, Patty McNeil, Sandy Dilendik. Third Row: Judy Hag¬ gerty, Diane Romano, Steve Chooijian, Robert Cole, David Guthrie, Jim Ryan, Reid Burterlia, Doug Bates, Tom Gorman. u Juniors %k£ THE best LOVERS; ' a Jannie Giles 106 Judy Degnan Darrell Francis First Row: Ken Nassar, Elie Nassif, Deb¬ bie Long, Donna Spinney, Mary Sybert, Debbie Wood, Robin Wood, Sandy Munroe, Colleen Murphy. Second Row: Carlene Wilson, Donna Uttley, Louise Nigrelli, Betsey O ' Connor, Betty O ' Connor, Linda Medolo, Karen Nel¬ son, Sharon Tridenti, Darlene Tripoli, Sharon Sanborn. Third Row: Kathy Taylor, John Sifferlen, George Steele, Stu Miller, Tom Olenio, Al Midgley, Steve Murphy, Jorge Mino. First Row: Wendy Ord, Carolyn Scione, Valerie Melillo, Susan Demers, Kim Rheume, Ann Sullivan, Merle Weber, Callie Snell. Second Row: Vicki Shal- oup, Donna Spinnelli, Joanne Sullivan, Carrie Stewart, Karen Savakinas, Jan Sullivan, Gail Sansoucie, Becky Slade, Jill Wilkinson, Julie Thoren. Third Row: Philip Uhl, Scott Thomas, Curt Wilson, Geoffrey Brown, Chris Wentworth, John Zahoruiko, John Wolfenden, Dan Turner, Paul Sybert, Mark Simpson, Jon Simmons. 107 class of 77 Ralph Tiberio SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS: Secetary-Treasurer — Brian Hayes, Vice-President Armitage, President — Ellen Somers. 1 m A r JfS9m ■ i A. w 9 m:WSmm. .m 0. V 1 H. 7 7 f Jt ' P J 1 ' i ' mOIhW First Row: Ruth Marshall, Edna Mangano, Oscar Marino, Robert Barclay, Mark Maclean, Jim Martineau, Mike Lagana. Second Row: Anne Macleish, Carrie Bush, Carol Cunningham, Martha Lynch, Ginny Lynch, Lisa Marocco, Lynn Martin, Maureen Madden, Maureen Long, Debbie Kandrut. Third Row: Terry Holland, Brad Mayer, Sandra Martin, jack Freedman, James Mandry, Tim Lowell, Alan Maranto, John Mascola, Bob Massey. First Row: Janice Peluso, Lisa Griglack, Marie Charest. Second Row: Doug Treadwell, Brian Hayes, joe Mitchell, George Otis. Danno Coskren Judy McCarty r I- First Row: Liz Eckerson, Lisa Enaire, Val Gaicoch, Debbie Birch, Sandy Crouch, Phil Lee. Second Row: Mary Enaire, Sharon Finelli, Sally Dush ame, Carol Cunningham, Mary Beth Fountain, Cheryl Bevin, Charlene Eaton, Rosemary Eldred. Third Row: Bill Chory, Mike Chaput, joe Al- beri ' lom Daly, Mike Clark, Dan Chaisson, Jamie Crane, Tim Farrell , Chucky Fiorio, Karen Doherty, Gayle Hutchins, Kevin Kilcoyne, Jim Gillen. First Row: Juan Nunez, Jim Oldfield, Ricky Pierro, Glenn Pryor, Raymond Perez, Ratty Miller, Greg Middlemiss, Herbert Epstein. Second Row: Corby Mitchell, Kathy Roche, Marybeth Pierog, Lily Norris, Margi McCarthy, Nancy Oakes, Judy McCarty, Janis Paiva, Beth Morton, Tina Messi¬ na. Third Row: Robert Pas; Mike Lagana, Barry Noebel, Tom Pendak, Jack McEvoy, Tim McCarron, Scott Miller, Dave Norris, Ann McKallagat, Cherilynn Miller, Ronald Nixon, Joan Medolo. Nancy Guglielmino Mark Lewis First Row: Steve Leo, John Lic- ciardi, David Koczera, Doug Fyfe, Carol Kist- ner, Brian Hayes. Second Row; Mary Beth Lawlor, Ruth Lannazzi, Ellen Long, Donna Lundquist, Cin¬ dy Levy, Peggy Landry, Mau¬ reen Lawlor, Mary Lonegan, Aerilyn Koeske, Donna Koe- brick. Third Row: Carol Les¬ lie, Donald La Belle, Sue Dris¬ coll, Carol Eddy, Denise Lenvis, Tricia Laorenza, Lisa Griglack, Maria Galvagna, Diane Lamprey, Janice Kelsey. 1 First Row: David Gulezian, Billy Higgins, Dave Johnson, Steve Johnson, Dave Kirk, Gayle Hur¬ ley, Chris Jenni- son. Second Row: Sue Hodgkins, Erica Helfrich, Sue Hanson, Nancy Gugliomino, Laurie Hamblet, Leslie Good, Joanne Horton, Linda Gundal, Robin Hazarvar- tian, Don Har¬ din. Third Row: Judy Grady, Michael Kerr, Ann Marie Kee¬ gan, Lynne Kel¬ ly, Deborah Kent, Sheryl Keny, Marie Karolisyn, Claire Hudson, Diane Hyde, Jeff King¬ sley, Tim Kee¬ gan, Dennis Hunt. Sharon Connelly Tom Pendak Richard Smith 112 First Row: Bart f-orget- ta, Rustin Foulds, Larry Dickerson, Keven DeNuccio, Chris Don¬ ovan, Rick Dodge, David Detora. Second Row: Teri Cunningh¬ am, Dena Dixon, Ann Driscoll, Karen Crowe, Eileen Dean, Kathie Doyle, Bette DeLisle, Joan Dewhirst, Lori Damond, Gail Dona¬ hue. Third Row: Ran¬ dy Eaton, James Fiore, Frances Forzese, Oliv¬ er Ferguson, Connie Donnely, Cindy De¬ Marco, Jami DiZazzo, Chris Cushing, Peter Coco, Tom Carney. First Row: Brian Arra j, Tricia Cashman, Pattie Carbone, Mark Crittenden, Terry Clement, Kathy Costello, Jeannine Carrier. Second Row: Mike Crabb, Linda Chadwick, Bill Carney, Laurie Crompton, Debbie Connors, Ann Bernardin, Nancy Campbell, Colleen Callagy, Colleen Canty, Mary Bulger. Third Row: Danno Coskren, Sharon Connelly, Patty Aziz, Mark Caponette, Jim Camire, Robert Bisson, Shawn Callagy, Joe Armitage, Karl Bishoff, Jim Blackwell, David Blanchard. 113 First Row; Pamela Whalen, Janye Wit zgall, Carol Weigel, Lori Wat¬ son, Debbie Wil¬ son, Debbie Wald ' j man, Donna Ursil- lo. Second Row: Cathy O ' Brien, Debbie Smith, Rita Timpf, Kathy Stan¬ ley, Kim Smith, Wendy Smith, Kelly Trainor, Cheryl Stamp, Maryann Testa, Tara Stiglin. Third Row: Dave Taylor, Gilbert Sul¬ livan, Donna Zaho- ruiko, Charlene Wentworth, Kathy Wentworth, Betsy Plant, Sharon Za- gorski, Paula Van- asse, Mary Wood¬ cock, Roger Walsh. Chris Onanian Billy Carragher First Row: Stan Ward, Mike Zappala, Debbie Vernile, Leslie Phelan. Second Row: Maureen Lawlor, Mary Lonnergan, Chris Packard, Tricia Lor- enza, Diane Lamprey, Judy Quintal, Peggy Lan¬ dry, Marybeth Lawlor. Third ow’ Mark Wolfen- den, Tom Wright, John Olwine, Doug Fyfe, John Licciardi, Kevin White- head, Kevin Murphy, Donald Vincent. m ft-, Nick Saggese First Row: Denise Lenois, Carolyn Eddie, Donna Lundquist, Debbie Owen. Second Row: Tom Leo, Billy Carragher, Mike Lagana, George Labell, Mike Lachapelle, Mark Pellitier, Danny Sullivan, Dave Koczera. Third Row: Chris Onanian, Cindy Levy, Janice Kelsey, Ruth lannazzi, Ellen Long, Jerilynn Koeske, Donna Koebrick, Carol Leslie. First Row: Wil¬ liam Shepley, Michael Ryan, Jim Rullo, Steve Schuman, Gus Salvetti, Jim Roche, Joe Shal- oup. Second Row: Cindy Roop, Mary Ryan, Mary Rokes, Lisa Schapker, Suz¬ anne Rousseay, Cindy Longton, Lisa Seccarec- cio. Curt Robin¬ son, Don Schei- pers, Laurie Sawyer. Third Row: Gus Sai- ois. Bob Shaughnessy, Dave Stone.. Jeft Ritchardson, Dan Toole, Dan Sullivan, Brian Hayes, Leslie Towne, Ellen Somers 115 Judy Grady V CLASS OFFICERS: Secretary Treasurer — Jan Nevers, Vice-President — Mary Ellen Driscoll, President — E. j. Roberts. First Row: Zulma Perez, Patrice Roy, Lorraine Tartaglione, Cheryl Wilson, Laura Pissada, Anne Messina, Mary Messina, Sandy Mechanic. Second Row: Stacy Ronan, Eileen O ' Connor, Cindy Melvin, Melinda Warner, Lisa Querche, Patrice Rivet, Beth Pahigian, jan Nevers, Sue McCarthy, Valery Mitchell. Third Row: Linda Steer, Brendan Melvin, Steve Turner, Tom Zahuriko, Bob Pangione, Jim Treadwell, Darren Zuill, Dean Scovil, Mike McGuire, Tom Starr, Dave Sideri, Donna Winning. E. J. Roberts and Chris Calzetta 116 First Row: Jim Coskren, Susan Car- oil, Brenda Charest, jane Charest, Tim Campbell, John Campbell, Michael Carr. Second Row: Matt Jennison, David Cole, Linda Coffil, Sung-Hae Choi, Deidre Citron, Kathy Clark, Sue Chenery, Lane Carano, Greg Carr, David Chooijian. Third Row: Jim Cassidy, Steve Caron, Myles Caponette, Jim Cha se, Rick Burnette, Chris Caizet- ta, Kevin Callagy, Jeff Costello, Glenn Cote, Dan Cyr. ' Lisa Enaire First Row: Richard Tudisco, Karen Smith, Jane Sullivan, Deborah Whitehead, Kelly Scanlon. Second Row: Rhoda Wilson, Debbie White, Paula Rose, Bonnie Wilson, Julie Witzgall, Lisa Tamagnine, Beth Shellnut, Lisa Slipkowski. Third Row: Keith Sinclair, Eric Swanson, Dan Sullivan, Tom Stanton, Bill San- soucie. Bill Smith, Kevin Scanlon, John Wilson, Jeff Stack. Franklin Shuman Jean LaFond Robert Blain First Row: Keryl Jones, Deborah Labelle, Sue Korb, Anne Long, Car¬ ol Long, Michael Langevine, Tom Kelley. Second Row: Ruth Lamprey, Sharon Long, Kyle Kelley, Jeane Lafond, Shari Johansen, Joan Katsi- kas, Marcelle Brien, less Lewis, Christian Keller, Mary Beth Keleh- er. Third Row: Jarl Johnson, Dan Long, Mike Koczera, Richard Ken- nicker, Mike Laorenza, Mark Lewis, Tom Lennon, Mike Kittle, Kenneth Kelley. Kenneth Kelley Marie Hasapis and Sue Korb First Row: Susan Forseze, Dan Du Fault, Tom Erie, Terry Edwards, Arthur Earr, Karen Fontain, Paul Firth. Second Row: Gina DeCola, Heidi Emerick, Maria Es¬ trada, Nancy Jo Doyle, Mary Driscoll, Lisa Driscoll, Regis English, Sandra Eldred, Beth Dyre. Third Row: John Doherty, Steve Darling, joe Fragala, Jim Francis, Mike Fioccoprile, Scott Fields, George Earley, Paul Driscoll. First Row: David Morton, Richard Tud- isco, Erich Nitzsche, Lea Tamagnine, Beth Shellnut, Valerie Smithson, Lisa Slipkowski, Diane Scarborough, Pame¬ la Stamp. Second Row: Andrew Rossi, Franklin Shuman, George Lumb, Rob¬ ert Nassar, Alfred Schreyack, David Scheipers, Charles McKinley, James McDonough, William Sherlock, Wil¬ liam Smith. Third Row: William San- soucie, Kevin Scanlon, Daniel Sullivan, Eris Swanson, E. J. Roberts, Jeffery Rand, Mark Marocco, George Par¬ tridge, Chris Ritter, Tim Quinlan. 119 First Row: Cindy Howarth, Angel Gal¬ lant, Heidi Galper, Jody Golan, Julie Good, Doreen Gallant, Linda Hilbert. Second Row: Greg Hasapis, Nancy Hamel, Elaine Giard, Sandra Gulezian, Moreen Gallagher, Lori Giaffrida, Su¬ san Heafey, Linda Hanson, Nancy Hel- frich, Barbara Galezzi. Third Row: Mike Giacalone, David Houde, Dan Gagne, John Haltmaier, John Graham, Kim Hale, Jim Gosselin, George Griffin, Charles Hutchins, Joe Giarusso, Mark Handley. First Row: Ellen Diagnault, Mike Cam- pagnone, Steve Cunningham, Gary Cyr, Mary Currier, Martha Crompton, Poe Coughlan. Second Row: Betsie Charest, Micheal Cranston, Patti Con¬ nor, Kathy Collins, Heidi Donahue, Pam Dawe, Cheryl Cocherane, Susan Conlon, Maureen Donnelly, Laura Delellis. Third Row: John Quintal, Vin- ny Helfrich, Jim Addanigio, David Donovan, Paul DiSalvo, David Cyr, Karen Doherty, Mark Desmond, Jim Dewhirst, Danny Connelley. First Row: Poe Coglen, Valery Smithson, Kevin Dunn, Erick Nichky. Second Row: Allen Dunn, Sue Driscoll, David Shei- pers, Brian Brightney. Jim Austin and John Graham Suzanne Chenery First Row: John Wagoner, Patti Patnaude, Anne Perkins. Second Row: Laura Stoes- sel, Kathleen Powell, Nancy Stapleford, Lisa Zetwick, Leslie Varnum, Betsy Sybert, Ellen McGuire. Third Row: Jonathon Rich¬ ardson, David Messina, Steve Smith, Mau¬ reen Hennessey, Julie Robinson, Jean Mathison, Lori Simmons, Carol Sifferlen. 121 First Row: Julie Robinson, Terry Salois, Yvonne San Antonio, Joan Slade, Jean Mathison, Laurie Martin, Tyler Mon¬ roe, Steve McManus. Second Row: Maureen Hennessey, Cathy Powell, Judy Lundquist, Patty Connor, Mary Ellen Driscoll, Sue Korb, Lisa Driscoll, Lori Martin, Bonnie Mattos, Maureen Lynch. Third Row: Don MacNeil, Da¬ vid Marshall, Doug Lynch, Paul Manzi, George Lumb, Mark Marocco, Jim Lundquist, Dennis Green, Kelly Law¬ rence, David Marinelli. First Row: Shari Johansen, Joanne Kat- sikas, Jane Sullivan, Karen Smith, Nancy Helfrich, Marie Hasapis, John Haltmier. Second Row: Heidi Galper, Susan Forzese, Elaine Giard, Sandra Gulezian, Denise Finelli, Beth Guill- mette, Doreen Gallant, Julie Good, Maureen Gallagher, Angel Gallant. Third Row: Lynda Hanson, Keryl Jones, Cindy Elowarth, Maureen Hennessey, Mary-Beth Keleher, Matthew Jennison, Mark Handley, Greg Hasapis, Christian Keller, Joady Golan, Barbara Galezzi, Karen Fontaine, Charles Hutchins. 22 Debbie Whitehead Kathy Bushnell First Row: Robin Atwood, Beth Burwell, Laura Barker, Virginia Beaudoin, Michael Bisson, David Aziz, John Alaimo. Second Row: Debbie Birch, Barbara Blain, Linda Bernal, Kathy Berube, Susan Alexander, Betsy Albis, Sharon Baker, Christie Brown, Janet Arlitt. Third Row: Jimmy Austin, Jerry Bligh, James Allecko, Kevin Bailey, Danny Brucato, Robert Blain, Robert Bernardin, Charles Beliveau, Paul Bastion. 123 The 1974- ' 75 Band completed the year with a list of accomplishments. In marching, North An¬ dover was unequalled by any other band in the area in both precision maneu¬ vers and musicianship. Their skill was developed under the super leader¬ ship of director Frank Savory and drumperson Constance McBride. The concert band gave pres¬ entations at the Liberty Tree Mall and at retire¬ ment settlements during the holiday season, as well as a series of evening con¬ certs at the school throughout the year. In¬ cluded, too, in their heavy list of activities were pa¬ rades, jamborees, and competitions within the state and an exchange concert with another high school band in New Eng¬ land. The hard work this group devoted to their performances on and off the football field was evi¬ dent in the way they sounded and were appre¬ ciated by their audiences. Hey, all you NA fans, come on and clap your hands! I’ve got rhythm! ■i Rick Pierro Lisa Griglack ■i 11 . i P ' rAjUkfM VB 1 First Row: Bob Cole, Bill Newitt, Joan Slade, Nancy Bradley,Cindy Duxbury, Nancy Doherty, Laura Delellis,Heidi Donahue, Beth Morton, Enza Malandrino, Pam Dawe. Second Row: Gayle Hutchins, Susan Alexander, John Olwine, Jerry Koeske, Karen Wolfenden, Karen Doherty, Sharon Tridenti, Sheryl Stamp, Andy Rossi. Third Row: Becky Slade, Mary Parlock, David Clark, Joe Fragalla, Richard Pierro, Nancy Stapleford, Bev Heinze, Debbie Owens, David Martin, George Griffin, Carol Crittenden. Fourth Row: Sue Hanson, Chris Jennison, Randy Eaton, Al Schreyack, Linda Bernal, Karen Hale, Debbie Birch, Robbin Atwood, Steve Murphy, Constance McBride. Fifth Row: Paul Gosselin, Karl Bischoff, Judy Birch, Alan Maranto, Ed Driscoll, Dave Field, Pam Stamp, Karen Parlock, Ginny Henshaw, Lisa Griglack. Sixth Row: Joe Minihan, Steve Birch, Rich Kohl, Don Griglack, Steve Dawe,Tim Kingsley, Jim McDonough, David Scheipers, Nancy Buturlia. Virginia Henshaw Waving in the bre eze... A new addition to the entertainment facet of football was the flag squad performing eye-daz¬ zling routines with their multi-colored flags. The imagination of their leader, Karen Good, seemed limitless as she developed each routine. The team effort was unbeatable, and the girls ' eagerness was rewarded as they succeeded in displaying each routineto the delight of the audiences. Karen Good First Row: Julie Robinson, Carrie Dunn, Karen Good, Cheryl Wilson, Christian Keller. Second Row: Linda Steer, jean Matheson, Marybeth Turn¬ er, Helen Matheson,Terry Salois, Mary Ellen Currier, Heidi Galper, Mindy Warner. 127 Twirling entertainment! We knew they could swing a mean baton, but the majorettes have proved once again that they are a super group of dancers as well. With Lois Lacha- pelle, their captain, and Mrs. Beverly Taylor, their director, choregraphing some intricate routines, the majorettes performed at each half-time show with spirit and skill. Paula Marshall Lois Lachapelle Debbie Leach and Cathy Friedlander 128 first Row: Marybeth Keleher, Lois Lachapelle, Paula Marshall. Second Row: Elizabeth O ' Connor, Cathy Heafey, Eileen O ' Connor, Debbie Leach, Cathy Friedlander. Kim Hazarvartian Linda Gundal On the air! WNAH, the high school ' s own radio sta¬ tion, continued to per¬ fect its techniques in radio broadcasting. Various formats were explored, including local and national news reports. The once small collection of albums was expanded, and, to the credit of the engi¬ neers, the sound sys¬ tem was improved. WNAH, we hear you loud and strong! Jim Mandry WARNINI? First ROW: Mindy Warner, Kim Hazarvartian, Second Row: Ted Sattely, Joe Mitchell, Jon Simmons, Cary Pahigian, John Siffetlin, Paul Tay;or, Third Row: Linda Gundal, Dan Reposa, Robert Newton, Cary Ouellette, Debbie Venile, Jim Mandry, David Taylor, Bob Hutchins. 129 Third Row: Mary Ann Gillen, Lori Seccarecio, Darlene As- saf, Karen Wolfenden, Mary Beth Hayes, Cheryl Bove, Mary Sibert, Betsy Sibert, Nina Reitano, Patty Compag- none, Peggy Landry, Lee Schapker. Second Row: Gin- ny Hershaw, Carol Firth, Kar¬ en Brown, Maggie Leland, Kathi Vanesse, Kathy Flinn, Cathy Costello, Sue Roche, Bev Brasseur, Patty Finoc- chiaro, Lisa Morocco, Mary Woodcock, Carol Wiegel. First Row: Paula Vanesse, Cindy DeMarco, Colleen Canty, Ruth lannazzi, Eileen Dean, Lesley Good, Cathy Birch, Sandy Crouch, Barbara Geilesey, Mary Ellen Driscoll, Edna Mongano, Linda Medo- lo, Tara Stiglin. Ann Marie Driscoll S terling Masterpieces The silversmiths of the Jewelry Club continued to create this year. The metal shop never saw so much art¬ istry as when, each Tuesday afternoon, Mrs. Merrick and the club members ham¬ mered, soldered, buffed and filed their pieces. Each per¬ son ' s final product grew into something unique in silver jewelry. Mary Kate Hudson 130 Maggie Leland First Row: Jim Blackwell, John Mascola, David Donovan, Barry Sullivan, Brian Hayes, Dave Scheipers. Middle Row: Tom Stan¬ ton, Tim Quinlan, Brian Gallagher, Steve Juba, Jeff Henderson, Jim Gillen. Top Row: Mr. Robinson, Jeff Rand, John Halt- maier. Bob Massey, Matt Caruso, Dave Blanchard, Frank Stoessel, Gary Martino, Rick Haltmaier, Dave Armitage, Joe Armi- tage, Joe Fragala, Mary Beth Hayes, Dave Guthrie, Mrs. Mascola. Cameras, films, and machines! For those of us with eyes and ears, the Audio-Visual depart¬ ment brought slides, tapes, and movies into our classes. True, they barely made it through the elevator door while carrying a video tape record, recorder, seven slide projectors, three tape recorders, and two replacement bulbs for the movie projectors that Mr. O ' Neill, Mrs. Allen, and Mrs. Lafond all signed up for on the same day. But this group managed to keep all equip¬ ment in working order and all teachers on speaking terms. The photography club, preservers of the past, had their own good times in the darkroom! They explored their talents in film and learned new techniques in cameracraft. (Left to Right) Chris Wentworth, John Richardson, David Rokes, Arnold Warshaw. John Zaho- ruiko, Tom Farrell, John Rochon, Jeff Brown. David Rokes Scott Thomas Record-breaking Victory! Once again the Class of ' 75 was able to emphasize its super coordi¬ nation with its victory on Field Day 1974. The champions held fast de¬ spite three classes of tough challeng¬ ers. But the cleverness, agility, stami¬ na and brute strength so important to competition carried the 75-ers to their second Field Day win in two years. Mr. Desmond and Claire McCarthy Phil Taylor L Chris Phaneuf Patti Stevens Cheryl Pearson, Mary Beth Hayes, Barbara Plant The show must go on! The Drama Club was revived this year when Mr. John Cote became the new adviser. All our aspiring actors and ac¬ tresses were able to ex¬ plore and display their talents with the presenta¬ tion of " See How They Run. " The comedy, pre¬ sented in April, was en¬ joyed by those who saw it. Barbara Keisling, David Robinson Cindy Duxbury Laura Stiglin First Row: Sue Hanson, Lynn Martin, Ed Driscoll, Gale Hutchins, Diedre Citron, Terry Salois, Mary Ellen Currier, Nancy Bradley. Second Row: Rich Kohl, Sharon Tridenti, Nancy Doherty, Jane Puopolo, Kathy Lowell, Susan Alexander, Carry Dunn, Laura Pissada. Third Row: Terry Clement, Lisa Welsch, Debbie Vernile, Linda Bernal, Pam Stamp, Lisa Fladager, Karen Doherty, Doug Canella, Jeff Brown, Darleen Armeen, Paul Rock, Ellen Charlton, Becky Slade, David Robinson. Fve got the music in me The chorus took their cue " make a joyful sound " from their director, Mr. Richard Williams, in his first year at North Andover. With the devoted interests of each chorus member supporting them, the singers were able to perform several concerts throughout the year. Barbara Keisling Sung hai Choi OFFICERS: Librarian, Judy Degnan, Secretary, Sue Cormey, Presi¬ dent, Barbara Keisling, and Vice-President Celeste Palmieri. •j35 Front Row: Debbie Rooke, Cecile Hamel, jane Puopolo, Corby Mitchell, Deirdre Citron, Barbara Keisling, Anne Quintal, Celeste Pal¬ mieri, Sharon Austin. Back Row: Paul Bastian, Dale Robinson, Lenny Brown, Sue Cormey, Judy Degnan, Debbie Wood, Donna Spin¬ ney, Bob Hutchins, Paul Rock. Bridging the Gap A teacher is more than just an employee of the school system. He can be a good friend, a good listener and an experience sharer if only the student makes an effort to communicate. The teacher — Advisee Committee worked hard all year to promote understanding between students and teachers. After assigning each student to an adviser, the committee developed the program to include sched¬ uled meetings between students and teachers. The committee tried to make teachers more accessible to the student body both profes¬ sionally and informally. Karen Licare Front Row: Mrs. Scott, Mr. Stocking, Linda Gundal, Mindy Warner. Back Row: Marsha Elias, Claire McCarthy, Mr. Ciordano, Karen Hale, Mrs. Moul¬ ton, Mr. DeSimone. The student advisory committee was more ac¬ tive than ever this year in communicating students ' ideas to the school com¬ mittee. Its first success, getting some special privi- ledges for Seniors spurred the committee on to fight for a smoking area for the Student body. The com¬ mittee should be proud of themselves for the things it has accomplished for the students of NAHS. Left To Right: Kim Nevers, Barbara Plant, Donald Zorn, Fran Murphy, Karen Licare. 1 Voices Opinions Heard Jan Sullivan, Jill Wilkison, Karen Brown The Student Council worked hard at its most active year ever with Claire McCarthy and Mr. Stephen Buco heading it. Monthly programs were planned and assemblies were held regularly. Through the efforts of the council, the Boston State Gymnastics Team came to NAHS for a demonstration. Also, the rock group, Free Fare, was secured by the council for a performance for the student body. First Row: David Armitage, Mary Parlock, Jane Owens, Julie Thoren, Barbara Bish¬ op, Sarah Dunlup, Marsha Elias, Cathy Carboneau, Claire McCarthy, Ron Rudis, Darlene Assaf, Brenda Pierro, Linda Medolo, Cheryl Savukinas, Barbara Higgins. Second Row: Karen Compagnone, Patti Finicciaro, Ellen Trombly, Beth Barker, Donna Uttley, Kathy Connors, Jan Sullivan, Kathi Vanesse, Laura Stiglin, Nancy Bartolotta, Mary Sybert, Susan Demers, Lisa Gioseffi, Denise Crow, Kim Rheume, Colleen Murphy. Third row: Julie Alaimo, Kathy McLay, Karen Licare, Patty Hig¬ gins, Karen Savukinas, Beth Boyd, Karen Brown, Rosy Brien, Jill Wilkinson, Car- lene Wilson, Carrie Stewart, Carol Firth, Mary Kate Hudson, Cheryl Bove, Kathy Flinn, Maggie Leland, Mary Ann Gillen. Fourth Row: Kim Stevenson, Kim Nevers, Linda Romano, Jane Caddell, Tom Rockwood, Rich Connors, Dick Licare, Joe Beninato, Paul Cunningham, Fran Murphy, Phil Taylor, Charlie Manzi, Brian Hayes, Jim Ryan. First Row: Brian Hayes, Pattie Carbone, Pattie Miller, Janis Pavia, Debbie Waldman, Nancy Helfrich, Judy McDonald, Betsy Plant, Lori Ham- blet, Kathy Costello, Sharon Zagorski, Ellen Somers, Ginny Lynch, Sharon Long, Mary Anne Testa. Second Row: Kathy Collins, Lisa Driscoll, Karen Smith, Mary Ellen Driscoll, Edna Mangano, Tricia Loarenza, Judy McCarty, Lori Martin, Beth Buswell, Barbara Galeazzi, Mary Pierog, Lori Watson, Kathy Roche, Marie Galvagna, Lisa Morrocco, Lisa Griglack. Third Row: Joe Armitage, John Mascola, Jeff Richardson, E.J. Rob¬ erts, John Haltmaier, Pattie Connors, Sue Korb, Judy Lundquist, Jan Nevers, Ruth lanazzi, Janice Kelsey, Kathy Doyle, Cindy Demarco, Nancy Campbell, Collen Canty, Ellen Long. 137 Initiative, Intelligence, Leadership The National Honor Society was honorable this year, planning a full load of service pro¬ jects during the year. From addressing envelopes to running the Bloodmobile to visiting elderly shut-ins, to planting trees around the school, the Society members were kept busy. Adviser Mrs. Virginia Weaver ably supervised the year ' s activi¬ ties. Vice-President — Laura Stiglin, Secretary — Lisa Antonelli, President — Teresa Tartaglione First Row: Kathi Vanesse, Karen Good, Laura Stiglin, Karen Wolfenden, Marie Hennelly, Lisa Antonelli, Kathy Lowell, Kim Hazar- vartian. Second Row: Debbie Leach, Cheryl Pearson, Jim Witzgall, Mary Ann Gillen, Elaine Winic, Teresa Tartaglione Dale Robinson. 38 Interes, Iniciativa, Entusiamo r Peter Caron The Spanish National Honor Society was busy this year tutoring students that needed help with the Span¬ ish language. Chosen on the basis oftheirskill in speaking and writing Spanish, the stu¬ dents shared their talents in the form of service projects. The Spanish Club, students sharing an interest in that language and culture, partic¬ ipated in the international happenings that occured throughout the year and held social functions as well. Karen Hale I i I I m t " H BL; ' W ... E , 1 jt First Row: Rosemary Eldred, Gina Laudani, Beth Long, Sharon Green- leaf, Cheryl Savukinas, Maria Di- Vensenzo, Juan Nunez, Carrie Dunn. Second Row: Pablo Lacayo, Pamela Hickey, joAnn Horten, Mary Addonigio, Mary Brucato, Jorge Mino, Judy Birch, Sue Carney, Nancy Doherty, Susan Bush. Third Row: Oscar Marina, Juan Feliciano, Pamela Rose, Janice Peluso, Karen Hale, Carol Leslie, Peter Caron, Jeff Kingsley, Miss Corkerton, Mr. Gior¬ dano, Mary McAloon, Debby Bea¬ ton, Philip Uhl, Beth Boril, Cathy Friedlander, John Simmons, Cathy Haggerty, Julie Alaimo. First Row: Debbie Beaton, Cathy Haggerty, Margie McEvoy, Karen Hale, Judy Birch, Kathy Flinn, Marybeth Hayes. Second Row: Mr. Giordano, advisor, Gina Laudani, Jill Wikinson, Judy Haggerty, Jan Sullivan, Kathy Taylor, Pam Rol¬ lins, Betty O ' Connor, George Mino, Brian Gallagher. 139 Smile — if you’ve got one What a year to remember! Life finally became organized in the year-old high school, and it was the Yearbook staff ' s job to capture that life in words and pictures. Hours spend on long afternoons, evenings, weekends, vacations culminat¬ ed in the production of an an¬ thology of memories that will last forever. Under the direc¬ tion of co-editors Marie Hen- nelly and Lisa Melvin, and ad¬ viser Mrs. Patricia Olken, the staff toiled diligently to meet deadlines while retaining their Barbara Higgins sanity. First Row: Barbara Higgins, Cheryl Sa- vukinas, Lisa Melvin, Marie Hennelly, Constance McBride. Back Row: Sue Rand, Richard Haltmaier, Elaine Winic, D. J. Griffin, Tom Farrell, Mary Ann Gil¬ len, David Armitage. rrorif Row: Jane Caddell, Kathy Carboneau, Beth Adamson, Kathy Flinn, Maria Galvagna, Edna Mangano, Nina Rietano, Kathy McLay, Patty Com- pagnone. Second Row. Pat Roche, Margie McEvoy, Cheryl Pearson, Debbie Leach, Beverly Brasseur, Julie Alaimo, Jane Puopolo, Sue Vitella, Debbie pormnico Third Row. Eileen Dean, Colleen Canty, Susan Leslie, Sue Dunn, Patti Stevens, Karen Wolfenden, Karen Hale, Tina Messina, Sarah Dun¬ lap. Fourth Row: Kim Stevenson, Linda Romano, Barbara Sherlock, Maria DiVencenzo, Scott Thomas 140 Building Future Careers The business club is always looking to the future. They visit various companies in the Mer¬ rimack Valley area, such as Western Electric, and observe what goes on in the business departments there. Ver-r-ry Interesting! Especially if you are planning a future career in business. But all work and no play does not make the busi¬ ness club dull. They have fre¬ quent get-togethers, and sports activities to occupy their few extra minutes. Second Row: Donna Spitalere, Debbie LaBelle, Kathy Wentworth, Charlene Wentworth, Nancy Guglielmino, Bev Brasseur, Lesley Dewhurst, Pam Hol¬ lins, Cecil Hamel, Jean Roberts, Patty Collins. First Row: Pam Hickey, Nancy Oakes, Charlene Eaton (Sec.-Trea¬ surer), Margie McEvoy (Vice-Presi¬ dent), Tina Coco (President), Maria DiVincenzo, Linda Medolo. Imports and Exports The American Field Service rejoiced in the year that they were able to send two students overseas. North Andover also played host to a stu¬ dent from Finland, Raija Hietava. Kim Nevers, who spent the surnmier in Yu¬ goslavia, and Karen Good, who visited Turkey, led the group in selling cards and stationery, baked goods and raffles, ail so that this spirit of interna¬ tional brotherhood can be carried on for another year. Raija Hietava First Row: Raija Hietava, Karen Parlock, Kim Nevers, Judy Birch, Karen Good. Second Row: Susan Leslie, Kathy Flinn, Patti Stevens, Karen Brown, Cathy Friedlander, Lisa Melvin, Doug Bates, Debbie Birch, Lisa Griglack, Cheryl Bove, Chet Carrier. Pat Collins Spirit Unlimited First Row: Ellen Trombly, Donna Uttley, Carrie Stewart, Karen Licare, Jeannie MacKillop, Colleen Canty, Barbara Bishop, Bev hielfrich. Second Row: Mary Ann Testa, Edna Mangano, Nina Reitano, Nancy Guglielmino, Barbara Galezi, Jane Puopolo, Lisa Griglack, Diane Lamprey, Peggy Landrey, Kathy Doyle, Ellen Long. Third Row: Karen Savukinas, Beth Boyd, Linda Chadwick, Maureen Long, Laurie Damon, Carol Weigel, Kelly Trainor, Mary Woodcock, Kathi Vanasse, Jan Sullivan. Spirit, promoted by the Pep Club, helped to make the football and basketball seasons just a bit more exciting this year. Always busy creat¬ ing posters for each game, selling spirit shakers and pins, the Pep Club brought out a loyalty in the student body that supported our teams to victory. Fight, score, win! Nancy Gaffny and Jeannie MacKillop. KNIGHT nHRT a G-O LftOt KNieHrS 142 The Homecoming Queen was crowned at the annual Homecoming Queen dance this Fall. Jeannie MacKillop was Queen for a Knight amidst a court of princesses and a celebrating student body. Congratulations! Nominee Carol Pickard and Dave Puopolo. Nominee Linda Romano and Don Brasseur. Homecoming Royalty! Homecoming Queen - Jeannie MacKillop jr. Princess - Joan Hennessey Frosh Princess - Lane Carano and Tom Erie, and Mark Shea. Nominees Ellen Pattersonand Maura Long. Soph. Princess-Eileen Dean. 14 3 Jogging Club: Keep on truckin’! Checkmate! Our group of stratigists were successful once again in a year filled with victorious chess matches against local schools. The group practiced often to sharpen their skills of insight and concentration. Their efforts were rewarded. Not only did they win difficult matches, but also enjoyed themselves be¬ cause they are devoted to the intricate game of chess. First Row: Sandy Crouch, Joanne Sullivan, Tara Stiglin. Second Row: Mary Medolo, Lisa Marocco, Sam Martin, Paula Vanasse. Peter Coco, Barry Sullivan, and Bob DiAngelo “Quiet — please!” Left To Right: Peter Coco, Barry Sullivan, Raija Hietava , Mark Simpson, Phil Arcidi, Bob DiAngelo. Our IMC is an important facet of the school, and the library aides are vital in helping the IMC to function effec¬ tively. By checking out books and keep¬ ing bookshelves in order, these people make it easier for you to do your histo¬ ry report. It ' s nice to know there ' s help around when you need it. Front Row: Susan Bush, Gina DeCola, Beth Dyer. Back Row: Diedre Citron, Kathy Lowell, Evelyn Lentz. Paris — here we come! Cultural growth was the goal of this year ' s French Club under the direction of Miss Lor¬ raine Lostimolo and Jackie DeFusco. Their ac¬ tivities began early in the season with an exotic international banquet. The club sponsored speakers during " International Week " and brought a theatre troupe to NAHS for a presen¬ tation of the play " Huis Clos. " By the end of the year, the French Club members had more " savoir-faire " than any other group in the school. C ' est la vie ' . CLUB OFFICERS: Secretary: Anne MacLeish; Treasurer: Karen Cochrane; President: Jackie De- Fusco; Vice-Presdent: Diane Lamprey; Advisor: Miss Lostimol. First Row: Susan McElaney, Valerie Smithson, Betty O ' Connor, Linda Marshall, Kathy MacLeish, Ann MacLeish, Ginny Beaudoin, Patty Roy, Cheryl Cochrane. Second Row: Debbie Rooke, Jane Puopulo, Linda Hilbert, Debbie White, Rhoda Wilson, Debbie Wilson, Marie Henneliy, Karen Coch¬ rane, Peggy Landry, Jackie DeFusco. Third Row: Carol Leslie, Mary Woodcock, Carol Weigel, Lise Schapker, Kelly Trainor, Linda Chadwick, Mau- reenYong, Lori Diamond, Ruth Lamprey, Diane Lamprey, Lisa Melvin, Raija Hietava, Gail Sansoucie, Susan Carney, Mary MacAloon. 145 Hot off the press! This year those typewriters were busier than ever. The 1975 Squire staff labored at all hours to produce a newspaper with professional style. Trying various tech¬ niques learned at an editor ' s conference in New York during the summer, Rosie Brien and Fom Rockwood led their staff through a worthwhile year of printing. This year ' s Squire was full of imaginative contests, edi¬ torials with substance, and timely feature news articles covering subjects such as college applications and women ' s sports. The work put in by the earnest staff members was rewarded by the enthusiasm of the student body as they bought and read each issue. Oh, for a year ' s subscription! Rosie Brien Squire Staff: First Row: Kathi Vanesse, Marie Hennelly, Kathi Connor Karen Savukinas, Mary- beth Lawlor, Maureen Hennessey. Second Row: Sue Dunn, Kim Stevenson, Barbara Higgins, Darlene Assaf, Jack Freedman, Arnie Warshaw. Squire Editors: First Row: Claire McCarthy, Advisor, Mrs. Allen, Rosie Brien, D. J. Griffin, Tom Farrell. Second Row: Jim Lafond, Connie McBride, Jack Crane, Scott Thomas, Tom Rockwood, Don Zorn, Barbara Plant. Calculate, compute, comprehend Linda Gundall and Kathy Lowell With three down, three to go and two minutes left in the pe¬ riod, NAHS is pulling a close second. It may sound like a sudden death play-off, but it ' s really the Math Team putting their talents together. This year they have achieved more suc¬ cesses than any other Math Team in past years. With fresh, eager brainpower in freshmen and sophomores to support the steady, logical (slower) minds of the upperclassmen, this team promises to do well for the next several years. Paul Taylor and Melinda Warner First Row: Kathy Lowell, Don Griglack, Mindy Warner, Frank Shuman, Connie McBride. Second Row: Teresa Tartaglione, Mary Parlock, Evelyn Lentz, Jim Mandry, Becky Slade, Robin Hazarvartian, Paul Taylor, Linda Gundall, Elaine Winic, Kim Hazarvartian. 147 [Kinr.i ’•.•. " Aik: fe-llir ' l!:! ?: Ei5 ' .’. •••• ....7.73 hi .. • .V; ‘ ‘U:; fi; ;• v.‘. ■ •• Vi F. Vv V@ mi CLOCKWISE: Patricia Carragher, Barbara Bishop, Kathy Doyle, - Colleen Canty, Sharon Connelly. When the cheerleaders say, " Beware! " they mean it! Carrying off the Cape Ann League Cheering competition easily, the spirited group set their sights on other competitions throughout the year. This year, there were two different squads: one for fall sports and one for winter sports. This new arrangement enabled more girls to try out for cheering, and it kept the " regulars " in top form. " All right! " ViT ' : ■ ;• .-• - Carrie Stewart ) I i 150 Nancy Gaffny Susan Kingsley and Jan Sullivan I Grid squad ties season Football is on the way up at NAHS. The padded Scar¬ let Knights pulled off a 5-5 season, including a 25-2 thrashing of Pentucket on Thanksgiving Day. Leaders included co-captains Mike Stewart and Mike Chory along with Greg Edwards, Wayne Alexander, and Dan¬ ny Brucato. On defense, the team included five all¬ stars on a unit that allowed only 8.1 points per game. Chory, J. Lafond, and Tom Donovan earned all-Cape Ann League honors. The JV squad sparkled, winning the Cape Ann League title with a 9-1 record. The team shut out their opponents in eight of their ten games. Spark plugs included quarterback Mike Chaput and wide receiver John Liccardi, along with the big defen¬ sive and offensive lines which got the job done. Wayne Alexander and Coach Rorke •cmoftTs First Row: Marty Early, Scott Kelley, Fran Murphy, Jeff Clough, Mike Chory, Mike Stewart, Wayne Alexander, Tommy Enright, Jim LaFond, Juan Feli cano. Second Row: Phil Taylor, Paul Cunningham, Greg Edwards, Tom Donovan, Mike DeParis, Joe Terranova, Charlie Manzi, Fred McCarthy, Drew Donahue, Peter Dushame. Third Row: Dan Healy, Charlie Otis, Mike Heafey, Jack Tamagnine, Bill McMahon, Marty Driscoll, Ed Conway, John Mcmanus, Burt Lawlor, Jim Hughes. Fourth Row: Coach Rorke, Mark Crabtree, Bill Chorey, Kevin Whitehead, Tim McCarron, Kevin Denuccio, Norm Gallant, Joe Shaloup, Ed Chaput, Fred Giarusso, Coach Cavanaugh. Fifth Row: Coach Towle, Willie Morgan, Bill Shepley, Mike Rullo, Gary Starr, Kevin Murphy, Jim Gillen, Steve Lynch, Dave Stone, Coach Rozzi. Sixth Row: Paul Rock, Don Scheipers, John Wolfenden, Tim Keegan, Scott Boeglin, Joe Demarco, Jim Rullo, Mike Chaput, Dan Brucato, Eddie Farrell. WIGHTS , HNI3HTE ' hQ .w - 6- BSjLTB . 12 SIGH ' S 0IGHT9 63 153 Scott Bowdin Coach Rorke 154 Frosh hammer Cape Ann League The first year Knights made shambles out of the Cape Ann League finishing 8-2. Tailback Tom Erie sliced opposing defenses for 12 touchdowns as well as over 800 yards rushing. Quarterback Kevin Callagy threw 9 touchdown passes, and the defense was led by hard hitting linebacker Bill Sansoucie. Kevin Callagy and Tom Erie Tom Erie and Kevin Callagy First Row: Brendan Melvin, E. J. Roberts, Jim Cassidy, Doug Lynch, Tyler Munroe, John Quintal, Terry Edwards, joe Giarusso, Charlie Hutchins, Eric Swanson, Mike Fiocoprille, John Cambell, Tom Starr, Rich Strobel, Kevin Baily. Second Row: Tim Cambell, Kevin Scalon, Mike Koczeva, Mike McGuire, Jeff Costello, Steve McManus, Kevin Callagy, Ken Kelly, Jim Addinigio, Jim Austin, Jim Dewhurst, Dan Duffalt, Scott Fields, Dan Sullivan, Bob Pangione. Third Row: Coach Carnevale, Coach O ' Neill, Rich Kennicker, Bob Bevnavdin, George Partridge, Chris Calzetta, Charlie McKinley, Jim Gosslein, Dan Connelly, Jeff Rand, Mike Laorenza, Bob Blain, George Bourne, Jim Chase, Bill Sansoucie, Tom Erie, Paul Disalvo, Coach Curtis, Coach Marchigiani. Knights try hard for their goal Tom Lundquist and Rich Connors Jeff Brown It was an auspicious year for NAHS soccer. Though their rec¬ ord was only 4-8, the team had a chance to win all but two or three games. The squad was led by co¬ captains Dave Garifoli and Tom Rockwood. Next year. Coach Mike McDonald will have back all Cape Ann League forward Jorge Mino, along with all-stars Rich Connors and goalie John Zahorui- ko. Mino scored 10 goals and had 6 assists while playing in only 12 games. Tom Rockwood, Coach McDonald, and Dave Garafoli First Row: Rich Connors, Don Ellard, Jeff Henderson, Steve Murgo, Tom Rockwood, Dave Garafoli, Steve Juba, Peter Caron, John Zahoruiko. Second Row: T. Furnari, Steve Jennison, Arnie Warshaw, Dave Armitage, Tom Farrell, Rich Kohl, Matt Caruso, Pablo Licayo, joe Bartallota, Tom Lundquist, Ellie Nassif, Jeff Brown, Jorge Mino, Jim Keller, Howie Epstein. Jorge Mino Dave Garofoli Pablo Licayo and Ellie Nassif i Tom Rockwood Peter Caron Improving season for Lady Knights The " Lady Knights " of the Field Hockey team set out to improve upon last year ' s record. Under the leadership of co-captains Donna Albee and Lee Marchisio. The girls practiced and kept their spirits up, despite their overall record of 4-5-2. Coach Pamp had nine returning starters and filled out the team with seven experienced players from the JV squad. Offensive standouts were Donna Albee and Vicki Shalhoup while Jerry Roberts, Sharon Greenleaf, Barb Plant, and Karen Kelley did an outstanding job defending for NA. Donna Albee, Coach Pamp and Lee Marchisio Carleen Wilson, Lee Marchisio and Vicki Shalloup First Row: Donna Albee, Lee Marchisio. Second Row: Vicky Shalloup, Mary Beth Lawlor, Carleen Wilson, Karen Kelley, Linda Gioia. Third Row: joanne Sullivan, Karen McCarthy, Judy Haggerty, Barbara Plant, Sharon Greenleaf, Nancy Breen, Jerry Roberts, Cathy Haggerty, Kathy Taylor. In the net every time .. . well almost! First Row: Valerie Ga- cioch, Betsy Plant. Second Row: Jan Peluso, Patty Connor, jeannine Carrier, Carol Long, Sue Korb, Lynne Kelley, Margi McCarthy, Lori Martin. Third Row: Mary Ellen Driscoll, Lynn Martin, Jeanne Lafond, Sue Midgely, Sharon Zagorski, Maureen Madden, Cindy Melvin, Tricia Laurenza. Coach Morrison and co¬ captains Betsy Plant and Val Cacioch led the JV Field Hock¬ ey team to a 10-1-2 season. Outstanding players were Shar¬ on Zagorski, Val Gacioch, Betsy Plant, and Lynn Kelley. Karen Kelley Bob Redman Mike Heafey ANDOVER I ANDOVtS Igl Wm mfi y lANDQVe? 1 1 ■ 1 ANOOVpJ 32 1 [ JNDOVEfil A fLy Ip ' JDQVEFI 1 If NORTH ' if 24 MOVER VORTfi , f TOVER J i J i 1 - yy ANDOVER j ANDOVER I 1 - H 1. V K.w4 }:mb HI ■■ s 1 12 V- M w 1 jH J 1 n V 1 J KNEELING: Brian Smith, Dick Licare (co-captains). STANDING: Don Allard (manager), Mike Heafey, Will Morgan, Mike Chaput Bob Quintal, Bob Redman, Tom Enright, Ron Rudis, Eddy Chaput, Tom Teichman, Eddy Conway, Coach Licare. f I I, STATE CHA MPS Coach Bob Licare ' s Scarlet Knights clashed to a 25-1 rec¬ ord, defeating Waconah Re¬ gional to win the Division II State Championship for the second straight year. The Knights defeated Hamilton- Wenham to qualify for the Tech Tourney, making their 18th appearance there in 19 years. Poise, determination and drive marked this outstanding squad. All-scholastic guard Dick Li- care, the team ' s only returning starter, led the Scarlet Knights in scoring, assists and steals. All-league Tom Teichman was top rebounder and second high scorer. Significant contri¬ butions were also made by Brian Smith, Ron Rudis, Tom Enright, Mike Heafy (all-star, CAL), Robert Redman and Wil¬ lie Morgan. Brian Smith, Tom Enright, Coach Licare, Dick Licare Tom Enright Kneeling: Rick Halt- maier (co-captain), Tim Keegan (co-cap¬ tain). Standing: Coach Fichera, Mike Chaput, Ron Nixon, Mike Kerr, Barry Noebel, Jack Freedman, Mike Rul- lo, Brian Wolfenden, Chuck Fiorino, Bill Shepely. Not pictured: Jack McEvoy. north ANDOVESj mOOVER HiDOVER (jADOVER north ANDOVER NORTH«f AHOOVER a anDOVCF Dan Chaisson Coach Fichera ' s JV team earned their way into the Cape Ann League champion- ship game. A midseason loss to non¬ league Jamaica Plain was the Knights ' only setback on the way to the showdown. Outstanding regulars included Mike Chaput, co-captains Tim Keegan and Rick Haltmaier, ball handler Dan Chaisson, and Chuck Fiorino. jack McEvoy led the team in scoring before sitting out the sec¬ ond half of the season with an illness. Bar¬ ry Noebel was a plus coming off the bench. Nmw ANDOVER Tim Keegan, Rick FHaltmaier, Jack Freeman J. V. ’s earn CAL honors Frosh hit the boards! Mike Laorenza The freshmen basketball team got off to an excellent start, capturing victories in 13 of their first 15 games. The only losses for the frosh came at the hands of Masconomet and Ipswich. The team was sparked by high scorer Mike Laorenza, and second high scorer Bill Smith. Bill Sansoucie, Kevin Callagy and Jim Cassidy round¬ ed out the starting lineup, while Tom Erie and Will Mc¬ Donough also saw some action. With a freshman team as good as this one. North Andover is sure to keep up its winning tra¬ dition in basketball. Bill Smith and Bill Sansoucie First Row: Mike Loarenza, Dan Kelley, Kevin Callagy, Will McDonough, Tom Erie. Second Row: Kevin Bligh, Jim Cassidy, Jeff Costello, Bill Sansoucie, Bill Smith, Brian Addanigio, Fred Bastain, Coach Sheehan. •163 Lady Knights hit the hoops! Through lots of hard work and serious sportsmanship, the girls ' basketball team has proven con¬ clusively that girls ' sports are no joke. They had nothing less than a fantastic season, finishing with a record of eleven wins and only four losses. Coach Pamp led the team, paced by co-captains jerry Roberts and Mary Ellen Carney, but it was real team effort that brought the girls victoriously through the year. Dianne Barcellona Mary Ellen Carney Jerry Roberts Donna Allbee and Lee Marchisio Kneeling: Co-captains Jerry Roberts and Mary Ellen Carney. Standing: Coach Pamp, Dianne Barcellona, Carol Cler¬ mont, Barbara Sherlock, Sharon Greenleaf, Sharon Zagorski, Nancy Breen, Laura Stiglin, Kathy Taylor, Debbie Dimini- co, Mary Bligh. Nancy Breen Debbie Diminico, Terry Clement, Barbara Sherlock, Sharon Green- leaf Sharon Zagorski Kneeling: Co-captains Beth Long and Lynne Kelley. Standing: Coach Morrison, Sue McCarthy, Heidi Don¬ ahue, Sherry Kent, Valerie Gacioch, Lisa Driscoll, Shari Johan¬ sen, jan Nevers, Nancy Buturlia, Terry Clem¬ ent, Maureen Mad¬ den, Ann Keegan, Cindy Melvin, Mary Beth Lawlor. The J.V. Basketball team could be described as nothing but out¬ standing this year. Their ten and two season was strongly led by co¬ captains Beth Long and Lynne Kelley. Other great players were Nancy Buturia and Valerie Gacioch. With these players to draw upon, the crystal ball predicts a good varsity team next year. JV’s throw’em Debbie Diminico ' .6S Matmen CAL champs! it It was a fine year for Coach Crozier ' s wrestling team. The Scarlet Knights won the Cape Ann Wrestling title and the Cape Ann Wrestling Tourney. The team was led by tri-captains Mike Chory, Jack Camire, and Paul Luciano. Other regulars who saw plen¬ ty of action were Tom Kelly, joe Giar- russo, Bert Lawlor, Dan Healy, Charlie Otis, joe Terranova, Chris Phaneuf, Bill Kelly, and jack McManus. Tri-captains Paul Luciano, Mike Chory, and Jack Camire joe Terranova First Row: Charlie Otis, Jack McManus, Mike Clark, Jack Tamagnine, Mike Chory, Paul Luciano, Jack Camire, Fred Giarrusso, Bert Lawlor, John Quintal, Frank Polizotti. Second Row: Dan Healey, John Bushnell, Chris Phaneuf, Joe Giarrusso, Scott Kelley, Joe Terranova, Bill Chorey, Kevin Whitehead, Paul Manzi, Juan Feliciano. Third Row: Rich Pierro, Mike Fioccoporile, Paul DiSalvo, Steve Camire, Miles Capponett, Jim Camire, Kenny Nassar, Artie Farr, George Partridge, Bill Kelley. Fourth Row: Tom Kelley, Dan Martin, Dave Cantone, Peter Otis, Darrell Francis, Tom ' Pendack, Kim Hale, George Bourne, Scott Fields, Kenny Kelley (manager). 166 Face off! Fast action and exciting defense marked the third year of hockey at NAFHS. The team hung near the top of the Cape Ann League throughout its most successful season. Though the team missed the playoffs, it was clear that the Knights had improved in every respect over their first two seasons. Sparking the team were tri-captains Peter Caron, Mark Esposito and Fran Murphy. Esposito was one of the top scorers on the squad while Caron did a superlative job in the nets. Murphy got off to a fast start be¬ fore being sidelined with an injury. Ffigh scorers Dan Brucato and Dan Noone added support to Coach Walter Fitzgerald ' s club. Fran Murphy Mike Dobrowlski Matt Caruso, Vinnie Helfrich and Dan Noone Front Row: Mike Cavalero, Mike Dobrowlski, Martin Early, Mark Esposito, Peter Caron, Dave Diminico, Marty Driscoll. Back Row: Coach Fitz¬ gerald, Tom Carney, Steve Beaton, Mike Driscoll, Dan Noone, Gary Starr, John Zahoruiko, William McMahon, Matt Caruso, Stew Miller, Bob Donaway, Dan Brucato, Vinnie Helfrich, Richard Chenecker, William Kennedy (manager). Fran Murphy and joe Beninato missing from picture i i Kwr ' Mi»m mmm$ m 5 irf -tae r ¥ 94 r. nur. Dave Diminico, Vinny Helfrich and Marty Early 1 Peter Caron Mark Esposito John Zahoruiko 1S9 v;i ' M fe ' V;.;: 4 4» A V , ' (. ' i •dW 3K ' »V ■ . ' ... -.;.; ' -J iff -, 4.1 •■; 1.; V _ •• w---f. -■-4;-y ’ ,i w,«:il.-- J. i i, M « » - ' y •.•,:aA Gary Starr Bill McMahon Mike Dobrowolski 170 Plant those Poles! Mother Nature cooperated with this year’s ski team, giving them many days to perform on powered slopes. The skiers, under the direction of Coach Marchegiani and co-captains Peter Boyton and Barb Plant, proved their skill by consistantly placing high in Merrimack Valley League action. First Row: Jannie Giles, Scott Thomas, Sandy Pickard, Patti Stevens, Barbara Higgins, Betsy Plant, Steve Juba, Rosie Brien, Jeff Clough, Maggie Leland. Second Row: Kathy Flinn, Brian Hayes, Jim Blackwell, Norman Farr, Lynn Martin, Chris Cushing, Cheryl Savukinas, Julie Thoren, Don Griglack, Kim Nevers, Cindy Roop, Peter Boyton, Barbara Plant, Matty McLaughlin, Liz Eckerson, Tom Rockwood, Kevin Muiphy, Tom Soucy, Jeff Henderson, Pete McCarthy, Coach Marchegiani. 171 Bright future for Track! Last year was a dismal season for North Andover Track, but new track coach James O ' Neil sees a bright future on the way. He hopes to bring the track record up to .500 in what looks to be a rebuilding season. Fine senior leadership will be provided by co-captains Dave Garofoli and Phil Taylor. Other returning veterns in¬ clude Marty Driscoll, jack McManus, Iva Martin, Chris Went¬ worth, Charlie Otis, Jeff Clough, and joe Terranova. First Row: Tony Daly, Mike Driscoll, Curt Robinson, Brian Hayes, Tony Fountaine, Norman Farr. Second Row: Coach O ' Neil, Dave Garafoli, Jeff Clough, Phil Taylor, Iva Martin, Doug Bates, Joe Terranova, Mr. Barry O ' Neil, Coach Crozier. Third Row: Chris Wentworth, Steve jennison,Vaul Sybert, Marty Driscoll, John Licciarddi, Peter Coco, Jack McManus, Charlie Otis. Marty Driscoll Joe Terranova 172 Dave Garafoli Norman Farr Phil Taylor Jack McManus John Wolfenden ‘ ' Takeyour mark!” More than thirty girls came out for track — a varsity sport in its second year. Paula Marshall and Debbie Leach worked to improve last year ' s record. Some of the returning letter winners included Paula Vanasse, Ann Keegan, and Mary Beth Boyd. Mary Beth Boyd Barbara Higgins first Row: Paula Marshall, Betsie Plant, Joanne Sullivan, Mary Beth Lawlor, Tara Stiglin, Ann Keegan, Sue Rand, Sue Roche, Lisa Melvin. Second Row: Vicki Shalloup, Gina Laudani, Sue McCarthy, Julie Thoren, Sandy Crouch, Paula Vanasse, Patti Higgins, Nancy Bartalotta, Mary Trombly, Lisa Gioseffi, Ann Sullivan. Third Row: Jill Wilkinson, Sandy Martin, Beth Long, Sarah Dunlap, Mary Beth Boyd, Barbara Higgins, Cheryl Bove, Maura O ' Connor, Becky Slade, Fricia Greenwood, Mary Medolo, Diane Romano, Debbie Leach, Cathy Heafey, Coach Bavendam. Sandy Martin Lisa Giaseffi Diane Romano Knights swing hard! The North Andover Varsity baseball team will be led by returning co-captains Brian Smith and Steve Juba. Other key returnees are Mike DeParis, Fran Murphy, Greg Edwards, Richie Connor, Mike Heafey, Wayne Alexander, John Liccardi and Bob Redman, Coach Strobel feels that pitching will be the key to the season as the team attempt; to win a berth in the play-offs. Coach Strobel Co-captains Brian Smith and Steve Juba (L To R): Ed Conway, Wayne Alexander, Mike DeParis, Brian Smith, Greg Edwards, Fran Murphy, Steve Juba, Rich Connor. here! Last year ' s tennis team en¬ joyed a good season despite a lack of practice courts and non-varsity status. Their record was four wins and three losses. The team was invited by the league to compete in the CAL Tournament, in which they placed second. With everyone returning, the tennis team is a strong contender for the leaguetitlethis year. Howard Epstein The rackets are Maggie Leland First Row. Mike Lagana, Jay Farrow, Beth Brown, Mike Dobrowolski, Keith Sinclair, Maggie Leland. Second Row: Coach Berman, Herb Epstein, Howard Epstein, Tex McCaleb, Jeff Henderson, Tom Rockwood, Brian Gallagher. Lady Knights bat in runs! The girls ' softball team worked to improve their record from last year. Supported by such award-winning stars as Debbie Diminico, Shar¬ on Greenleaf, Andrea Knight and Carlene Wil¬ son, the team showed much promise against others in the league. Maureen Madden Mary Ellen Carney Jerry Roberts first Row; Debbie Diminico, jerry Roberts, Mary Ellen Carney, Camille Miragliotta, Andrea Knight. Second Row. Margie McEvoy, Sharon Greenleaf, Linda Gioia, Coach Ridder. ■|73 Joe Cristaldi Cross Country set its pace! For the first time in its exist¬ ence, the cross country team went coed. Four girls were included in the team of seventeen. Under the leadership of first year coach Kel¬ ley, the cross country team had competitors running fust. Co¬ captains Don Zorn and Dick Li- care kept the team in shape all season. Don Zorn, Sandy Martin, Tony Fontaine Kneeling: Mary Beth Hayes, Joe Cristaldi, Dick Licare, Don Zorn, Joe Minihan, Ivar Martin. Standing: Paula Vanasse, Miles Cappo- net, Kevin Kilcoyne, Ron Nixon, Jack McEvoy, Bob Redman, Bob Quintal, Paul Sybert, Doug Bates, Tony Fountaine, Sandy Martin, Juan Nunez. (L To R) Coach Buco, Jim Oldfield, Barry Sullivan, Brad Mayer, Barry Noebel, Dave Rokes, Dave Law, Dave Detora. The Golf Team is looking for¬ ward to another successful season in the Cape Ann League. Return¬ ing veterans Barry Noebel, Barry Sullivan and David Detora plan to use Coach Buco ' s advice to pose a serious challenge to neighboring teams. Tee off, drive and putt! Brad Mayer Barry Noebel Friends are the multipie grasses beneath our feet, the infinity of the sky above us " Henry David Thoretu iip kSH 19 - ' k B ' " f - H 1 BB Jgy B J P) ’• t Life rushes from within, not from without. There is no work of art so big or so beau¬ tiful that it was not all once contained in some youthful body. Willa Gather Pen Ink — Carol Pickard Conte Crayon Sketch — Mary Brucato Stoneware Pottery — Lee Marchisio Linoleum Block Print — Mary Beth Hayes 185 THE SCANLAN ' S HARDWARE Main Street No. Andover, Mass. — free decorating counseling — tel. 686-6157 Our 87th Year CMSS OF 1975 ASKS OUR SUBSCRIBERS TO SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS ■ Best Wishes To The Class Of ' 75 RUSS EM ' S Lawrence and The Methuen Mall ! SULLIVAN FURNITURE 226 ESSEX STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. 186 LAMEY-WELLEHAN 349 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. I :SEARCR FOR LEADING NATION¬ AL FIRMS • INDIVIDUALLY OWNED, OPERATED ORIENTED 20 Central And . 475-8833 93 MAIN STREET, ANDOVER. MASS. 01810 Good Luck Class of ' 75 ! iVORTH ANDOVER HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL lu; ' COMPLIMENTS OF NAZARIAN JEWELERS 327 Essex Street Lawrence Tel. 682-1892 DAVIS FURBER MACHINE CO. Elm St. North Andover I AL McGREGOR FENCE CO. WILLOWS RACQUET CLUB Student Memberships and Programs Good Fun and Exercise Rt.114 No. Andover Studio: 688-2851 Taylor School of Dance and Baton CLASS AND PRIVATE INSTRUCTIONS IN ALL PHASES OF DANCE EDUCATION Mrs. Beverly E. Sewade Taylor Instructor 85 Main Street North Andover, Mass. 55 Lyman Rd. North Andoyer, Mass. All types of Fencing and Wrought Iron Work Tel. 683-1047 JAMES H. DEWHIRST FUNERAL HOME 17 Third Street No. Andover, Mass. 01845 YOUR BANKING WHITWORTH ' S SPORTING GOODS aMPus mERRimncH uruev irrr The Bank With The Big Blue M " YOUR LOCAL SPECIALIST IN SPORTS " 487 ESSEX ST. 682-2573 LAWRENCE, MASS. HOPE ' S BICY CLE SHOP Sales Services all makes of bicycles and lawnmowers 293 Hillside Rd. corner rt. 125 North Andover Compliments of McLAY ' S FLORIST GARDEN CENTER Rt. 114, No. Andover Tel. 683-3164-5-6-7 191 Congratulations Class of " 75 " HELFRICH BROS. BOILER WRKS. 39 Merrimack Street Lawrence, Mass. Our Very Best For The Future ... To All The Class of 1975 Bay s tate Mat innal MEMBER Federal Oeposti Insurance Corporation Federal Reserve System Every Banking Service You Will Ever Need . . . At the Home of Good Banking Best Wishes from the store where you get " MORE for your dollar " A pollution-free, resource-conserving answer to the Earth’s energy problems by the year 2000? Raytheon, together with three other companies, is currently at work on one solution that would use an inexhaustible energy source — the sun. With satellite power stations, the sun could literally become an electrical powerhouse for the Earth. Such stations, more than 22,000 miles in space, would gather solar energy, convert it first to electricity and then to microwave energy for transmission to Earth. Satellite solar power — not just a designer’s dream. It may well be a reality by your 25th reunion. Congratulations to North Andover High School class of 1975. Best Wishes to the Class of " 75 " ii ' BONELLI ' S PACKAGE STORE 64 Main Street 685-5302 I I Lots of Luck S CANTY ' S KITCHEN ] No. Andover, Mass. ! 686-6991 J W.T. GRANT CO. j ' 1 Tel. 686-3806 COLONIAL BARBERSHOP Sam Reitano 166 N. Main Street Andover, Mass. 470-0138 BARNARD INSURANCE AGENCYINC. Best of Luck Class of 75 BIXBY COMPANY-rAeAJVDOVERS The Real Estate People -♦- Telephone 685-6331 North Andover - Office Park 451 Andover Street North Andover, Massachusetts 01845 36 Main Street Andover BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF 75 ■ H7 THE GENERAL STORE Tel. 687-9849 7 Johnson Street in THEOLDECENTRE North Andover, Mass. Good Luck from MERRIMACGAS MART A M SERVICE CENTER 59 Main St. North Andover Frigidaire Sales Service Tel — 682-3875 ( 355 Merrimac Street j Lawrence | I Berube Tulsa fi 200 Sutton St. I North Andover jj I ?. I ' i Compliments of CONNOR CONSTRUCTION, INC. I ' 0 i r 1 •.98 General Contractors 1082 East St. Tewksbury, Mass. Compliments Of Bob White ' s Town Line Restaurant Robert J. White Jr., Prop 30 Mass Ave. North Andover, Mass. Take out orders Tel. 682-2242 72-6311 Joseph R. Vaillancourt, Prop. Tel. 689-9397 CmHh BLOSSOM Val ' s Restaurant Fine Foods — Air Conditioned — Tops in Chinese Food 9V 2 MAIN STREET NO. ANDOVER, MASS COMPLETE LINE OF BUILDING MATERIALS WEBBER CASH CARRY 105 Mass, Ave. No. Andover, Mass. Tel. 685-1301 949 Osgood St. (Rt. 125) North Andover, Mass. GIBCO DIAGNOSTICS No. Andover Division of Mogul Corp, 685-3361 372-6311 Compliments of SHERATON ROLLING GREEN MOTOR INN ANDOVER, MASS. Sales Rentals Schools Colleges Caps — Gowns —Hoods THOMPSON ELECTRIC UNIVERSITY CAP GOWN CO. Congratulations to the Graduate Class of ' 1975 Lawrence, Mass. Congratulations Class of 75 i!02 KAY JEWELERS THE DIAMOND PEOPLE The Perfect way to say I Love You A diamond from Kay ' s Keepsake Corner Methuen Mall Methuen, Mass. 686-7518 Greece — jewelers Jewelers • Opticians Certified Repair Service Every Pattern of Sterling Silver Made in America Sold Here 26 PARK STREET ANDOVER, MASS. Tel. 682-1474 DANIEL ' S, INC. SPORTSWEAR —SHOES 159 Essex Street — Lawrence, Mass. 01842 YOUR BEST ONE STOP SHOP, FOR SHOES, DRESSES SPORTSWEAR TROMBLY MOTOR COACH SERVICE Rt. 125-Bypass North Andover, Mass. Telephone: 686-9703 " Where you go is your business How you go is our business " THE VIKING HUS Methuen ' s Unique Scandinavian Gift Shop Methuen Mall 687-4206 y GOOD FOOD “Reservations Requested” 686-4309 Open 12 Noon ■ 9 P.M. Closed Mondays LUNCHEON - DINNER - COCKTAILS WILSON’S CORNER • NORTH ANDOVERr Junction Routes 114 and 125 —V ' r Jor k Andover, MassackuseHs Incorporated 104 0 Located in Essex County. Until less, when it v as incorporated as a separate town, it was the .Serth Parish of M6o trY bijncfec n 646)or) y twenty S:x years after the landing of the Pilgrims. The original settle¬ ment was called Cochichewick • The name Andover first appearing in 1644 and tfie town being incorpor¬ ated in 1646. Acadian exiles found shelter here 20 i Ethan Allen Gallery We can help you have the home you want. The Furniture Barn and The Town Square Gift Shop Jet. Routes 125,133 114 No. Andover, Mass. Mon. — Fri. 9:00 to 9:00 Sat. 9:00 to 5:00 Tel. 685-3546 COMPLIMENTS OF RLCO ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS, INC. 1551 Osgood Street North Andover, Mass. 01845 WM. B. KENT SONS, INC. Local and Long Distance Moving — Packing and Storage Agent of North American Van Lines 550 Turnpike Street North Andover, Mass. Telephone: 683-9439 The Converse All Star is basketball’s shoe. This year 8 out of 10 players in every major college and junior college tournament wore Converse All Stars. Converse All Stars have been worn by every U.S. Olympic Team since 1936, and All Stars have been selected again by the U.S. Olympic Committee for the 1976 Olympics. They are available in 10 team colors, 5 action styles in suede, leather and canvas. ft. Eltra ★converse Joseph V. Ippolito ' s furniture showrooms 4 Union Street, Lawrence, Mass. Tel. 686-0146 Joseph V. Ipp olito FAR OUT Patti ' s Yellow Ribbon Cocktails — Entertainment Businessmen ' s Luncheons EARRINGS BRACELETS, RINGS, EMBROIDEREDTOPS, 80 Chickering Road (Rt. 125) North Andover, Mass. 01845 Phone: 687-9282 685-7373 208 The Frogs, The Ducks and Ilona VOGUE HAIRSTYLES 143 Main Street North Andover, Mass. 01845 Open Thurs. and Fri. Evenings to 9:00 PM BEST OF LUCK FROM Foundry Technology Inc. Ferrous Technology Inc. 20 Island St.; Lawrence, Mass. James E. Hamblet, Pres. 209 OUR BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1975 A ' ., 619 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. 01840 Telephone (617) 688-7142 rrow FLOOR AND WALL COVERING COMPANY POINTS THE WAY TO BETTER VALUES Rugs — Linoleum —Ceramic Tile NORTH ANDOVER OPTICAL CO. INC. Robert j. Libby, Optician 451 Andover Street No, Andover, Mass. Tel. 685-0112 H.j. WELCH CO. INC. Mechanical Contractors 21 Main Street No. Andover, Mass. ' ' THE CUT IS THE STYLE " WASH IT AND WEAR IT ANTHONY ' S BEAUTY SALON All Essex St. Tel —683-1607 THE CURTAIN SHOPPE INC. on the Den Rock Road Residential Industrial Decorators 230 Winthrop Ave. Lawrence, Mass. — EVERYTHING IN MUSIC — WuMc Wa.U Guitars — Bands Instruments — Electric Pianos Synthesizers — Amps — Radios — Stereo Components Records Tapes 221 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. 01840 Telephone (617) 683-9169 ADVANCE REPRODUCTIONS CORP. 530 Turnpike Street North Andover, Mass, 01845 Compliments of JACKSON LUMBER 345 Market Street Lawrence Tel. 686-4141 or 687-7115 HY-WAY GROCERY Best Wishes Class of " 75 " from Pat and Dick DiCarlo Fuel and Range Oils Auto Repairs 24 Hour burner service 24 hour towing service TROMBLY BROS. INC. Rick Dave Skip 683-1133 Tel. 683-1031 night phone 685-4545 141-153 Sutton Street North Andover, Mass. For the best in hair care It ' s Coiffures BY PHILIP Creative Looks 65 Main Street No. Andover, Mass. Tel. 688-112 GOOD LUCK FROM JOE ' S Dorothy Campione, Prop. 220 MIDDLESEX STREET NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. Telephone 683-3979 Manzi Electrical Corporation Electrical Contractors Engineers Lawrence, Massachusetts 01842 COMPLIMENTS OF THE VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS POST 2104 Park Street North Andover — HANSON HEATING SERVICE — RADIO SHACK Equipment — Service — Installation 66 Maple Ave. North Andover, Massachusetts Telephone: 683-2292 of North Andover Rt. 114 at 125 133 Compliments of ESSEX BROADWAY SAVINGS BANK North Andover Lawrence, Mass. Congratulations to the Class of " 75 " . TEAMSTERS LOCAL 686 595 Chickering Rd. No. Andover, Mass. 215 ? 1 () We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best that we find in our travels is an honest friend. Robert Louis Stevenson : ' 5 ' . y • 5 Mii a,v?- VI •» ,Vr v ' •feJI ' ' fv . ' k .-•» , ■ ’ At ' t t V ' ir ' ■■ :Mf - L . ‘i K ' Si !,• ' A f ' .X i ■♦ .-•” 1 ' .!?• ‘2 A - . ii i ■ v t 4;- ' •■ ' J ' V . • ' 1 •i!‘- ' ? i» . " . ■ : ' i 4 - ' if ' . ’ ' .- £ ' V, ' X: ■%. If " • .. •-. • • r 7 P . ' 2 V j»: ' 1 ( K-, . ' .V r » • ' ' A . kLA?P ftfV; ' ; , V ' ■ ' ’ ' »• • » m ' 3 fc.- ' -v • 4 , :’ • .-■:■? ' U ' ' tf V k si • n , -..i _1 M j‘ r ? • »■ ' . ,«, V- »■ ' ■ ' . V ' - ' ' y; • Jri. Ei I,. v V -!» Sr ' ♦ • .- ■ •%:V ,; »w ' j|r .!J ' .’ -.‘■ ;x fc. ' V ' . . ' Ifc ♦ . ' Vi- pd i ■ - ' ' ' h ' ‘v® ■ • ' . . ' fe ' lk.. ••4 ' j“ ' ' ' ••■ M .4 4 Y ' ! -itk. t r s. Y « ;v f LO ' » •’ 7 AI !‘V ' 7 ' rV; ;; V? Ji’vjnlv: ■ ' iyi ' y- 4i ' - - ■c ' r . ' k ' - C,- ' • . ; X , •- • ■ • ’ • . " • . . • . • 1 4 ‘v ' . . t: .. V , ■•■’ .. • " ' ■ " r. ' -ii. ,, • ;■ ‘i ' v ' vc ■;: ' • •• • . ' • , ■ v v V -J ,- • ■ ' . ' ‘ V ■.. • ' , • • ' !-.■ . .■ - , • " ' -V’: ' : ' ••■ •v--;. ' . • •. .. ‘ • • •- . ' i ' • • 1 ?. ' V ' r’ ' ‘ ' ?•• - ' • :•», -.• ’.♦• ’v .V . 4 V ■ •• ' .. ’•• ’• ■--V : ' .. . ' • »• ' ; ' • " .VJ V ‘ ' • • . ■ ' , . • ' ' i . ' » • ■ ■ - ’tr t A •‘ -• ■■-■ r V, - . •■-■ f. - ' • . ' ■■ ' . • ■ ' ' V " . •■ ' ■ • • ■ ■ .. ' ’ ' ■ ■ i ' .t ■• - ' . ■ a. •■ Vv- .-■ .vv -. . i ■. ' • ■. • ' ., ■ ' ‘-i • .„• - v ••V I • ' ' ' s w ' -i- . •:• ' «Vvv ‘ ' )ii‘ ' ■’:v-, ' ■ ' . . . ■• ' ■ --.-A ' r " T.-yi P • ..M-; ;v-; . 4 . .. i • ‘ .. v lW , - V. . I ' v ,i l’ • w ' -... .• ' • r ' rVj • 4f h)1f- .V • .i« '

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