North Andover High School - Knight Yearbook (North Andover, MA)

 - Class of 1969

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f ’ J r ' m ' " r ' }it Vrtji ' V ♦• » N V . . • (f7r . l ' fl| W 1 ICrnglft IHfiH 5j0rtl| Attbou r Reflections belong to each person alone to remember, ••• I to share with others, 6 or to keep within oneself. ADMINISTRATION Joyce Huson 11 Enid Burns Department Head Anthony Reynolds ENGLISH Scott Mitchell Kathleen Kelley E ufi oar fROMT 12 Margaret Brown Andrea Dunklee i i Mildred Matasso Donald Bacon Ann Mackey BUSINESS Marion Grossman 13 MATHEMATICS Judith Hughes Robert Sullivan Anthony McGowan Arthur Forgetta Department Head Albert Berman 14 Joseph Lynch Albert Perrault Department Head t SOCIAL STUDIES John Minihan Lawrence Holdsworth 15 SCIENCE 16 Marion Colby Richard Rozzi LANGUAGES Carol Markey Arthur Hall 17 Mary Buckley MUSIC Gerard Corcoran Miriam Aubry James Hills ART HOME ECONOMICS INDUSTRIAL ARTS j ; i! I ' j I ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Robert Licare Beverly Pamp Nanq Yanofsky LIBRARIAN Howard Crozier Department Head AUDIO-VISUAL COORDINATOR John Robinson Lewis Hull CAFETERIA STAFF First Row: Mrs. Rita Bastian, Mrs. Mary Trovato, Mrs. Louise Lord (School Lunch Supervisor), Mrs. Marguerite Midgley (Head Cook), Mrs. Stella Daly. Rear Row: Mrs. Gladys Chase, Mrs. Marjorie Hunter, Mrs. Gloria Knuepfer, Mrs. Phyllis Kandrut, Mrs. Cecile Massey, Mrs. Phyllis Patterson. CUSTODIAL STAFF First Row: Mr. White, Mr. Cushing, Mr. Gorton. Second Row: Mr. Subach, Mr. Rokes. 2i -iUL- 3 J 1 f ’ f I f I rrr rrr r f SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Top to Bottom: Brian Guptill, President-, Leo Lafond, Vice-President-, Chris Moreschi, Secretary-T reasury. 24 f I STEPHEN AITKINS " Steve” " Most Bashful” Science Club 4 ANTHONY JOSEPH ALAIMO Tony " Loves the spaghetti... the Beat.” Football 1, 3, 4; Science Club 1; French Club 1; Prep Club 4. JANET ANDREWS " J” " Loves the outdoors.” Field Hockey 1 , 2 , 3, 4; Student Coun¬ cil 2 ; Knight 4; Squire 1 , 4; (Art- Editor), French Club 3, Pep Club 1 , 2 . MICHAEL JOSEPH ARMANO " Mike” " Plays a mean banjo.” Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Base¬ ball 3, 4. CLAUDE J. ARMEEN " Carmen” " Gotta finish this bookkeeping.” JOHN D. ARMITAGE " John” " Peace” Football 3; Basketball 1; Baseball 2; Prep 4. 25 WAYNE ROBERT ARRAJ " Gino” " In after the bell.” Chess Club 2, 3, 4. JUDITH ANNE BASTIAN " Judi” " Oi Veh!” Knight 4, Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Russian 1; French 1, 2; Pep 1, 2. SUSAN JOAN BENNETT «to »» Sue " Only her hairdresser knows for sure.” Golf 2; Swim Team 3; Girls Intra¬ mural 1, 2; (Valley H.S. 1, 2); Fair- view H.S. 3); Student Council 2; Knight 4; Drama 3; Pep 2, 3; Band 1, 2; Latin Club 2. JOHN W. BARNES " Barney” Track 1, 2; Cross-country 1, 2; Intra¬ mural Basketball 3. VIRGINIA SUE BATES Ginny " Unique . . . after her they broke the mold” Squire 1, 2, 3, 4-(Editor) Math 1, 2; French 3; Photography 4; Pep 2, 3. MARGARET L. BREEN " Peg” " I don’t talk like that.” Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Squire 1, 2, 3, 4; Math 1, 2; Pep 1,2,3. 26 JUSTINE M. BRIGHTNEY " Jessey” " Oh Rats!” Drama 1, 4; Prep 4; Pep 1, 2. CATHERINE ANN BRUCATO " Machach” " Frequent trips to the beach.” Student Council 1; Drama 2, 3, 4. LINDA J. BUCHANAN " Linda” " Horses are a girl’s best friend.” Dramatic Club 4; Pep Club 1,3. JOHN PATRICK BURKE John " Though he had much wit ... he was shy of using it.” KATHLEEN ANN BURKE " Kathy” " A real lady.” Knight 4 ; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Library 1, 2; Prep 4 ; Pep 1,2, 3, 4 . MAUREEN MARGARET BUSHNELL " Moe” " Happiness is working at DeMoulas.” Knight 3, 4 ; Squire 1, 2, 4 ; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4 ; French 2, 3, 4 ; Pep 1, 2. ROBERT S. BURTURLIA " Bob” " A quick way with words.” Basketball 2. JOHN J. CAFFREY " Caff” " Always on the scene.” Football 3, 4, {assistant manager); Basketball 3, (assistant manager); Wrestling 4, (manager); Golf 3; Stu¬ dent Council 3. JOSEPH KEVIN CALLAHAN " Kev” " Ya can’t have everything.” Football 1; Basketball 1; Track 2, 3, 4; Cross-Country 2, 3, 4, co-captain. THOMAS J. CARNEY " Tom” " How’s that potholder?” Math 1; Russian 1, 2, 3, 4; Chess 1, 2, 3, 4, (Pres.); Prep 4. ELAYNE M. CARON " Elayne” " Keep the faith, baby—Surf’s up. Knight 4; Squire 1, 2, 3, 4, (Feature editor); Drama 1, 2; French 2; Prep 4, (Secretary); Pep 1, 2; Ski Club 3, 4; Softball 2, (Captain). EDWARD R. CAPODILUPO " Lupo” " Seen at the shop.” Soccer 4; Drama 3, 4. 28 VALERIE JEAN CASALE " Val” " Val’s the gal!” Student Council 1, 2, 3; Knight 3, 4 ; Squire 3, 4 ; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, (Secretary), 4 , (Representative); Prep Club 4 ; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Band 1; Cheerleaders 3, 4 . JANICE M. CASTOR Jan " Letters from Vietnam.” JAMES A. CHEPULIS Jim " Chippy . . . Sprint man on the track team.” Football 2; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross- Country 3; Soccer 4; Knight 4; Drama 1, 2; Science 1, 2; Russian 1, 2, 3; Pho¬ tography 3. JAMES JOSEPH CLARK T ft Java " Happiness is a white charger.” Football 2; Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Wrestling 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM J. CHAISSON " Chilly” " Tell us another one, Chilly.” Football 1, 2, 3; Chess Club 1; Prep Club 4. ALICE E. CHAREST " Al” " Songbird” Chorus 1, 2, 3. 29 ROBERT H. CLEARY Gapo " The light in the darkroom.” Knight 4; Squire 4, (Photography edi¬ tor); Chess 1, 2, 3, (V. Pres.); Photog¬ raphy 3, 4, (Treas.); Audio-Visual 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 2. STEPHEN T. COATES " Coatesie” " Coatesie, fight... score ... pin.” Wrestling 2, 3, 4, (co-captain). ANNE E. CORRIGAN " Anne” " I have the following close of school announcements.” Drama 1, 2, 3, 4, (Sec.); French 2; Pep 1, 2. KEVIN J. CORRIGAN " Kev” " Bulb . . . great contributions in Prob¬ lems class.” Football 1, 2; Basketball 1; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Drama 2, 3, 4. J. MICHAEL COTTER " Cotts” " King Cotts... Munchkin.” Football 1, 2, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT B. COX " Bob” " Plays a good game.” Football 4; Basketball 4; Baseball 4; Dramatic Club 4. 30 PETER J. CRANE " Chuckles” " One of the DQ boys.” Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2. KATHLEEN ANN CRAWLEY " Kathy” " Unconscious wit.” National Honor Society 2, 3, 4, (Secre¬ tary); Knight 4; Squire 4; Math Club 2, 3, 4, (Secretary-treasurer); Prep Club 4, (Secretary-treasurer); Field Hockey 1,2, 3,4, (co-captain). LINDA ANN CYR " Linda” " Big G, little O.. .Greg!” Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, (Manager); Bas¬ ketball 2, 3, 4, (Manager); Softball In¬ tramural 1, 2, 3; Knight 4; Squire 3, 4, (Business Editor); Drama 1, 2, 3; Russian 1, 2, 3; Prep 4; Pep 1, 2, 3, 4. MARYLINDA D’ANGELO " Mary” " Smiles and good humor.” TIMOTHY EDWARD DARGAN " Ted” " Touchdown.” Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 3; Basketball Intramurals 1,3. BARBARA A. DAVIS " Dubis” " Peppy little cheerleader.” Field Hockey 2; Softball 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Knight 4; Squire 3, 4; French 3; Prep 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Cheerleader 3, 4. 31 CAROLYN E. DAWSON " Carol” " Always giggling.” Chorus 1,2,5. JOHN DAVID DEFUSCO " Sharkey” " The Hustler.” Football 1, 2; Prep Club 4. SUSAN J. DELISLE Sue " Misery is having an 89% average.” National Honor Society 2, 5, 4; Knight 4; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4, (Presi¬ dent); Library Club 1. wii THOMAS DEVLIN " Tom” " Community Center Worker.” MARJORIE C. DILL " Dillso” " Go, Red Sox!” Knight 4; Squire 4; Dramatic Club 4; French Club 5, 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Chorus 1, 2. JAMES PATRICK DOLAN «T Jim " Cubie dreams of sleeping till noon.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD HENRY DUBE " Dick” " Comedy comes easy.” Baseball 1. DONNA MARIE DUDLEY " Duds” .. You wouldn’t believe it.. Russian 2, 3, 4; French 2, 3, 4; Pep 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorettes 3, 4. WILLIAM VICTOR DOLAN " Big Bill” " Polar Bear.” Basketball 1; Track 1, 2, 3, 4, (cap¬ tain); Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1. HUGH A. DOWLING " Mick” " Loves those long week-ends.” Wrestling 1, 4. JAMES WILLIAM DOWNES " Downesy” " A way with the girls.” Football 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1; Prep 4; Ski Club 3,4. DANIEL MICHAEL DOYLE " Dan” " Apple poi.” Track 3, 4; Soccer 4, (co-captain); Honor Society 3,4; Knight 4. RUTH ANN DUGAN " Ruthie” " Can’t get this math.” Knight 4; Squire 4; Drama 1, 2; French 2; Prep 4; Pep 4; Majorettes 2; Music Appreciation 4. ELIZABETH ANN DUSHAME " Beth” " I enjoy being a girl.” Knight 4; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Library 2; Prep 4; Cheerleader 3, 4, (co-captain); Freshman Candidate for Valentine Queen. JANE MARIE EARLEY Jane " Happiness is Hampton.” Student Council 4; Knight 4; Drama 1, 2; French 3; Pep 1, 2. RICHARD EDWARDS " Rich” " Rebel” BONNIE JEAN ELLIOT " Bonnie” " Misery is a chipped tooth.” Library 2, 3; Pep 2. BRENDAN F. ENGLISH " Barney” " Never a care in the world.” 34 IRENE GAIL FACHINI " Shortie” " Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” GEORGE JOSEPH FARKAS " Gyszika” " That jeep! 1” Basketball 1, 2, 5, 4, (co-captain); Photography 2, 3, 4; Audio-Visual 3, 4; Prep 4. SUSAN M. FARROW " Sue” " Diane’s best friend.” Drama 4; French 3; Art 4. MICHAEL E. FICHERA " Mike” " Security is being silent.” SANDRA E. FOLEY " Bolas” " Happiness is the fourteenth goal and the Spearas.” Field Hockey 2, 3, 4, (co-captain); Bas¬ ketball 2, 3, 4; Softball 3; Honor So¬ ciety 3, 4, (vice-president); Student Council 1, 2; Knight 4; Squire 2, 3, 4; French 2; Prep 4; Pep 1, 2; Girl’s Stu¬ dent Leader 4; Latin Honor Society 1, 2; Ski Club 1. SHARON 1. FREEMAN " Sharon” " Always has a smile and ' hi’ for every¬ one.” Squire 4; Prep Club 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Cheerleader 3, 4, (co-captain). 35 MICHAEL F. GAFFNY " Gaffa” " Crazy legs with a ten-to-two walk.” Soccer 4, Math 4. CHRISTINE B. GOGUEN " Kris” " Tomato ... never a dull moment!” Field Hockey 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Knight 4; Prep 4; Pep 1, 2; Chorus 1; Secretary of Class 1, 2; Girl’s Stu¬ dent Leader 4; Ski Club 3, 4. NANCY ARLEEN GILBERT " Nancy” " Flip those drumsticks Nancy! ! ” Prep Club 4; Band 1, 2; Softball 1. ROBERT E. GRAHAM " Bunty” " Climb Every Mountain.” Russian Club 1; Chess Club 2; Art Club 4; Band 1,2,3. RONALD THOMAS GIAQUINTA Gia " Great kid to know.” Football 4; Baseball 2,3, 4. DAVID A. GARDINER " Dave” " Satch.” Basketball 1, 2. 36 KATHLEEN ANN GRAY " Kathy” " Pencil . . . Happiness is being on the squad.” Dramatic Club 1, 2, 5, 4; French Club 3; Prep Club 4; Pep Club 1, 2; Cheer¬ leader 4; Senior Play 2, 3, 4. PRISCILLA A. GREEN " Quiet Person—Welcomed anywhere.” Library Aide 3, 4; Pep Club 1. NANCY L. GUILMETT " Nanc” " Celtics Fan.” Squire 4; Prep Club 4; Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, (co-cap¬ tain); Softball 3,4, (captain). BRIAN S. GUPTILL " Guppy” " Neon socks . . . Laugh and the world laughs with you.” Class President 2, 3, 4; Student Coun¬ cil 2, 3, 4; Knight 4; Photography Club 2, 3, 4, (president); Prep Club 4; Football 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Soc¬ cer 4. SUSAN MARIE HALTMAIER Sue " and then . . . and then . . . and then . ..” Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Knight 4; Squire 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Li¬ brary Aide 1, 2; Pep Club 1. GAIL ANNE HAPHEY Gay " Happiness is a ring on third finger, left hand.” 37 LORETTA MARY HATEM " Lo” " Great friend to have.” Dramatic Club 2, 5, 4; French Club 1, 2; Prep Club 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Soft- ball (Intramurals) 2, 3. RAMONA A. HARVEY " Mona” " Groovey.” KAREN S. HERMANN " Herm” " Nixon’s the one.” Knight 4; Squire 2, 4; Pep Club 2, 3; Softball 1. KAREN HILL " Karen” " Long hair—blond streak.” Knight 4; Squire 1, 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Softball Intramurals 1, 2. JOHN SMITH HASSAM " Jacky” " Quincy’s loss, NA’s gain.” Tennis 1; Chorus 2, 3. CHRISTOPHER S. HAY " Chris” " Tells the joke without the smile.” Student Council 2; Audio-Visual 4; Football 3; Basketball 1, 2; Track 2; Soccer 4; Golf 4. JAMES E. HOLDSWORTH Jim " Horn .. . known for his tricky knees.” Football 1, 4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4. DONNA L. HOWARTH " Donna” " Dedicated to her work at Pinecrest.” JAMES C. HYDE " Jim” " Lime green bomb.” French Club 2; Track 1, 2; Soccer 4; Cross Country 1. JOANNE MARIE IPPOLITO " Joanne” " Poise, flowing assurance.” Knight 4; Squire 4; Dramatic Club 4; Walnut Hill; French Club 3. MARILYN JOYCE " Marilyn” " I’m in love again!” Prep Club 4, (Secretary); Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 2; Basketball Intra¬ murals 1,2, 3, 4; French Club 1, 2. BERTRAM E. KATES " Bert” " Choppers... and bell bottoms.” Dramatic Club 3, 4; Russian Club 1; French Club 2. MARK LOUIS KELLER " Mark” " Yes! well, ah .. Knight 4; Squire 4; Dramatic Club 4; Math Club 1, 2; Russian Club 1, 2; Photography Club 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 2. JO ANN KIRK Jo " How come your eyes are so blue?” Knight 4; Dramatic Club 1, 4; Math Club 3, 4; Russian Club 2, 3; Prep Club 4; Chorus 1. LINDA A. KNOWLES " Linda” " Those eyelashes!” Knight 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Rus¬ sian Club 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2; Chorus 1 , 2 . DONALD W. LAROCHELLE " Don” " To make the laugher weep, the weeper laugh.” Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4, (President); Library Club 3; Senior Play 2, 3, 4. JOHN J. LANE " Laney” " Good for a million laughs.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3; Wres¬ tling 1, 2, 3; Golf 3, 4. LEO E. LAFOND " Leroy—remember those legs.” Class Vice-President 4; Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Student Council 4; Knight 4; Prep Club 4. 40 BRENDA LEE " Buffy” " My skirts aren’t short.” Knight 4; Squire 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Prep Club 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Basketball Intramurals 1, 2; Softball Intramurals 1, 2. PATRICIA ANN LEVY " Patti” " Remember the good times in An¬ dover?” Swim Team 2; French Club 1, 2; Art Club 1; Pep Club 1, 2; Chorus 1; Latin Club 1, 2. BYRON C. LEONHARD " Byron” " Eggs on Saturday” GAIL J. LICCIARDELLO " Gail” " Happiness is growing an inch.” Knight 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4. STEPHEN C. LONG " Steve” " Wake up, Steve!” Brooks: Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Cross Country 2; Chess Club 1, 2; Rus¬ sian Club 1; North Andover High; Baseball 3. CYNTHIA ANN LORD " Cindy” " Always singing a little tune.” Knight 4; Squire 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4, (Vice-Presi¬ dent); Pep Club 1, 2; Chorus 1,2. 41 LAWRENCE A. LOVEJOY " Larry” " Hittin’ the hoop at Thompson.” Football 1, 2, 5; Basketball 2. LOUIS L. LUCIANO " Louie” " The glory of young men is in their strength.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Wres¬ tling 2, 3, 4, (Co-Captain); Student Council 2; Drama 3, French 2; Prep 4. 42 JOHN DAVID LYNCH " John” " Happiness is not being grounded.” Austin: Chess 2; Pep 1, 2; Latin Club 2; Legend 1, 2; NAHS: Soccer 4; Golf 4. PATRICIA A. LYNCH " Pat” " Whoopie-Doodle” Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Basketball In¬ tramural 1, 2, 3, 4; Knight 4; Drama 3, 4; French 2, 3; Prep 4; Pep 1, 2, 4; Chorus 3, 4. ROBERT F. LYNCH " Tookey” " Something between a hindrance and a help.” Track 2; Squire 4; French 1; Photog¬ raphy 3,4; Audio-Visual 3, 4. ( SANDRA J. MacNEILL " Sandi-Mac” .. the better part Italian.” Field Hockey 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 4; Knight 4, (Ad¬ vertising Editor); Squire 2, 3, 4, (Sports Editor); Drama 1; Russian 1; French 1, Pep Club 1,2. MARYANNE MANCHINI " Maryanne” " Permanent New York accent.” BARBARA MEREDITH LYONS " Barby” " Beeba-the-Zeeba! ” Student Council 2; Knight 4; Squire 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 4; Russian Club 1, 2; French Club 2, 3, 4, (Presi¬ dent); Prep Club 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3. JAMES P. MANOS " Jim” " Yuh, but...” Football 1; Science 1, 2, 3; Russian 1 , 2 . DEBORAH JANE MacKELLAR " Deb” " Snow Queen” Band 2. MARLENE E. MANNING " Marls” " Electric smile ... How are ya?” Knight 4; Squire 3, 4; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4, (sec-treasurer); French 1, 2; Pep 1, 2, 4; Cheerleader 3,4. 43 WAYNE B. MATTHESON " Matty” " The man with the charts.” Basketball, (manager), 3, 4; Track 1. STEPHEN W. MATHEWS " Steve” " The Great Hunter” Band 1,2,3, 4. STEVEN C. MARSTON " Steve” " Think snow.” Football 3, 4; Baseball 2; Wrestling 3; Golf 4; French 2. ARTHUR E. MARTIN " Arty” " Hints for Heloise.” JOSEPH H. MASON " Joe” " Happiness is a nehru shirt.” Library 2, 3, (vice-pres.), 4, (presi¬ dent); Chorus 1, 2, 3. JOAN HELEN MARTIN " Joanie” " Great skier . . . exceptional student!” Knight 4; Russian Club 1, 2, 3, 4, (President); French Club 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Majorettes 2, 3, 4, (Co-Cap- tain); Girls Leaders Club 4; Honor So¬ ciety 4. MICHAEL W. McCARTY " Harlie” " Stickman.” Football 3, 4. PATRICIA C. McCANN " Pat” " Never a peep.” Drama 2; Library 5, 4. WILLIAM A. McCANN " Mac” " Central’s loss, NA’s gain.” Football 1, 2,3; Baseball 1, 2. KEVIN A. McCUE " Kev” " Happiness is the 17th hole and 3 under par.” Golf 3, 4; Knight 4; Drama 1, Photog¬ raphy 2. PETER McGRAIL " Pete” " Football films are his bag.” Knight 4, (photography editor); Pho¬ tography 2,3, 4; Audio-visual 3,4. KEVIN PAUL McGregor Kevin " Simone Freckles” Basketball 2; Baseball 4; Track 2, 3; Cross Country 2, 3, 4, (Co-Captain). 45 KATHLEEN E. McGUIRE " Kathi” " Misery is Messina’s.” Softball 2, 3; Drama 2, 3, 4; Pep 3, 4. 1 , 2 , NEIL A. McHALE " Neil” " Dry jests at his fingertips.” Soccer 4. 46 JAMES L. MEIKLE " Meek” " 3-clay weekends.” Football 1. JOSEPH JOHN MESSINA Joe " Snake eyes and seven-come-eleven.” Wrestling 2, 3, 4. JEREMIAH FRANCIS MINIHAN " Misery is a hurt knee.” Class President 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4, (Co-Captain); Basketball 1, 2, 3; Base¬ ball 1, 2, 3, 4, (Co-Captain); Student Council 1,3,4, (President). SUSAN F. MONROE Susan " Hopeful for the future” CHRISINDA D. MORESCHI " Chris” " Misery is being turned down by the Coast Guard.” Basketball 1; Honor Society 2, 3, 4 , (President); Student Council 2, 3, 4, (Secretary); Knight 3, (Junior Editor), 4, (Co-Editor); Squire 2, 3, 4; Drama 2, 3, 4; Math 2; Russian 1, 2; Erench 2, 3,4; Pep 1, 2, 3; Class Secretary 3, 4. f, ii i ' KATHLEEN ELIZABETH MORIN " Morehead” " Courage to contradict.” Softball 2; Knight 3, 4, (Co-editor); Squire 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1; Russian Club 1; French Club 1, 2; Prep Club 4; Pep Club 1,2,3. SUSAN A. MOTTA Sue " Voice in the squawk-box.” Drama 1, 2,3; Pep 1, 2, 3. ANN M. MYERS " Ann” " Handy with a needle and thread.” Squire 2; Drama 3; Erench 2, 3, (sec- treas.); Library 2, 3, 4; Prep 4; Pep 1 , 2 . JOHN C. OLDFIELD " John” " Will debate anything.” Math 2; Science 3, 4. LINDA LEE PELLERIN " Pelican” " Sews, but never sews up her smile.” 47 DIANNE RAE PHILBRICK " Di” " Misery is working in the library.” Knight 4; Squire 4; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Russian 2, 3; Prep 4; Pep 3, 4. PETER JOHN PIANTIDOSI " Pistol Pete” " Happiness is a girl friend or a basket¬ ball.” Football 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, (Co- Captain); Student Council 1, 2; Prep 4. ALYCE JUNE PITMAN June " Basketball player with broken fingers.” Basketball 2, 3; Softball 4; Squire 4; Dramatic Club 4. KATHLEEN MARY POWERS " Pow” " Always a lady.” Knight 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. PATRICIA ANNE PRUNEAU " Patty” " Fun in the footlights.” Squire 4; Drama 1, 2, 3, 4; Library 1, 2; Pep 1,2,3, 4. TIMOTHY A. PYBUS " Tim” " There’s the buckie.” Football 1,2,3, 4; Basketball 1, 2. 48 ELLEN PATRICIA REILLY " Ellie” " Happiness is life.” Drama 1,2,3, 4; French 2; Pep 1, 2; Prep 4. PAMELA M. RENNIE " Pam” " Wanna go someplace tonite?” Drama 1, 2,3, 4; Library 2; Pep 1, 2. STEVEN JAMES ROBINSON " Steve” " Beaver ... great things in small pack¬ ages.” Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Golf 3, 4, (captain); Russian 1, 2; Prep 4. CHRISTOPHER P. ROCK " Rabbit” " Happiness is having a dog named Charlie.” Football 1, 2, 3, 4, (co-captain); Bas¬ ketball 2, 3; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, (co¬ captain); Prep Club 4. PAULA M. ROUTHIER " Paula” " You’ve gotta be kidding.” DONALD WILLIAM ROY " Don” " Gunboats, size 11” Football 2, 3, 4; Intramural Basketball 1,2,3,4; Prep 4. 49 JOHN R. SAPIENZA " John” " Pizza Pusher” Track 4. 4 ' j MARILYN C. SHEPARD " Marilyn” " Happiness is a kitten.” PAMELA L. SHEPPARD " Pam” " Those green eyes” ... " please?” 5 ' . Ursula Academy: Drama 1, 2; Red Cross 1, 2; Newspaper 1, 2; Girls’ Ath¬ letic Association 1, 2; North Andover: Knight 4; Squire 4; Drama 5, 4; Pho¬ tography Club 4; Pep Club 3; Honor Society 4; Cheerleader 4. KATHLEEN MARIE SKINNER " Kathie” " Great Campaigner.” Drama 1; Ski Club 3. DAYLE P. SMITH " Dayle” " Happiness is being an Indian.” Math 2; Pep 1,2,3, 4; Chorus 4. LAWRENCE SMITH " Larry” " Misery is a haircut... " Blueberry Patch.” Cony High School: Football 1, 2; Bas¬ ketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2; Gymnastics 1 , 2 . 50 RICHARD J. SPERO " Dick” " Happiness is that red Mustang.” Football 1. FREDERICK W. SPICER " Fred” " Happiness is curl free! . . . most de¬ pendable.” Football 2, 3, 4, {manager); Basketball 2, 3, 4, {manager); Knight 4; Prep 4. PATRICIA ANN SPINNEY " Pat” " Willingly a friend.” Basketball 1, 2, {Intramurals); Drama 1, 2, 4; Math 2; Pep 1, 2, 3; Chorus 1 , 2 . DARLENE MARIE STACKELBECK " Darlene” " Happiness is " getting hitched.” Library Club 1,2; Ski Club 3. ROBERT A. STEPHENSON " Bob” " Always seen with a lot of books! ” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 4; Student Council 2. CATHY M. STEVENS " Cathy” " Misery is backing into the basketball pole.” Field Hockey 4, {Manager); Intramu¬ ral Basketball 2, 3, 4; Knight 4; French Club 2, 3; Prep Club 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Chorus 2, 3, 4; Bishop Fenwick: Chorus 1; Pep Club 1. 51 JACALYN A. STOTT " Jackie” " I guess! ” Basketball Intramural 1, 2, 3; Sof tball Intramural 1, 2, 3; Knight 4; Squire 3, 4; Prep 4; Pep 1, 2, 3, 4; Home Room Rep. 3. MARIE TERISE ST. HILAIRE " T. D.” " Quiet. .. but friendly.” Drama 1, 2; Library 1. ANNE J. STORK " Anne” " Knit one .. . pearl two! ” Basketball Intramural 1, 2; Knight 4; Drama 2, 3, 4; French 3, 4; Pep 1,2, 3. CYNTHIA LEE STRINGER " Cindy” " Srfiiles from reason.” JOHN F. SULLIVAN JR. " Jack” " Manners are the polite ways of doing things.” Student Rep 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Bas¬ ketball 1; Golf 3, 4; Knight 4; Squire 4; Math 2; Prep 4; Ski Club 3, (V. President), 4, (President). KATHLEEN BRIDGET SULLIVAN " Katie” " Hey, man!” Basketball (Intramurals) 1; Drama 1, 2,3; Prep 4; Pep 1,2. 52 SUSAN KAY SWANSON Susie " Summers in Waukegan . . . Funny accent.” Intramural Field Hockey 1, 2, 3; Intra¬ mural Basketball 1, 2, 3, (Manager), 4; Intramural Softball 1, 2, 3; Knight 4; Squire 4; French Club 4; Prep Club 4; Pep Club. CHRISTINE M. SWINDELL " Sain” " Oh! guess what!” Chorus 1,2. ROBERT MICHAEL TEICHMAN " Teich” " Poindexter” Basketball 3; Track 2; Soccer 4; Pho¬ tography 2,3,4; Band 1,2, 3. PAUL D. TIMONY " Paul” " His grin is as bright as his hair.” Basketball (Intramural) 2, 4. WARREN TOWNE " Warren” " Wire rimmed glasses.” SUSAN MARIE TRANK «»r« It Sue " Seen at the DoNut Shop.” Student Council 1. TERRIE-ANN UNDERWOOD Terrie " Small bundle of energy.” Softball 3; Knight 4; French 2, 3, 4; Pep 2; Band 1. DAVID PETER VAILLANCOURT " Dave” " Soft spoken athlete.” Baseball 1; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Wres¬ tling 3,4. RICHARD A. VANASSE " Rick” The Toy. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2; Wres¬ tling 4; Gymnastics 1,2. PAULA M. VENTRILLO " Paula” " Highway Grocery .. . Faithful worker for the Squire.” Knight 3, 4; Squire 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Russian Club 1, 2, 3, 4; French Club 3, 4; Prep Club 4; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 4. JOHN MICHAEL WATSON " John” " Big John” Basketball 2,3; Chess Club 1. DAVID C. WATTS " Dave” " Honda 50” Dramatic Club 2, 4. 54 LARRY WATTS " Larry” " Alabama Soul.” Squire 4; Math Club 4; Photography Club 4. DENNIS JAMES WILSON " Dennis” " Happiness is the Nocturnal Excur¬ sion.” Baseball 1, 2; Indoor Track 1, 2; Soc¬ cer 2. GAIL JEAN WILSON " Wills” " Happiness on Bold Silhouette.” Field Hockey 3; Softball 1, 2; Math Club 1, 2. THOMAS F. WINDLE " Wimpy” Chess 1; Audio-Visual 3, 4; Track 2. ROBERT A. WITZGALL " Bob” " Treadwells Ice Cream . . . Next please!” Track 2, 4; Cross Country 2, 3; Soccer 4, (Co-Captain); Knight 4; Squire 4; Math Club 2, 3, 4; Prep Club 4; Ski Club 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN WOOD " Pat” " Makes a great majorette.” Russian Chib 1, 2, 3, 4; French 2; Chorus 1; Majorettes 2, 3, 4. 55 STEPHANIE ZAHORUIKO " Stephie” " Stephie is a race to lunch.” Field Hockey 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4, (Co-Captain); Softball 3, 4, (Man¬ ager); Honor Society 4; Knight 4; Pep 1 , 2 . ROBERT J. ZIEBA " Zieb” " Where does it hurt, Bob?” Football 1,2,3, 4; Golf Club 4. NOT PICTURED WILLIAM D. CARROLL " Billy” Football 1; Baseball 1; Track 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 2, 3. DANIEL P. MARTIN " Dan” THERESA DONAHUE lerry DONNA WHITCOMB " Donna” CLASS INDIVIDUALISTS Bert Kates and Ginny Bates MOST POPULAR Peter Piantidosi and Chris Goguen B xj |L • k j| MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Chris Moreschi and Dan Doyle MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Fred Spicer and Valerie Casale BEST ATHLETES Chris Rock and Sandra Foley Bjn r if ; A901T0RIUM CLASS WOLF AND FLIRT Peter Piantidosi and Sharon Freeman CLASS LADY AND GENTLEMAN Kathy Burke and John Sullivan BEST NATURED Peggy Breen and Tim Pybus MOST TALKATIVE Anne Corrigan and Peter Piantidosi DONE MOST FOR NAHS Jerry Minihan and Chris Moreschi BEST LOOKING Jim Downes and Marilyn Joyce V ft . 4 . UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIOR. CLASS I i I JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS (L-R) Tom Robinson {Vice-President), Jay Trainer {President), Cynthia Turner {Secretary- Treasurer) 11 [■: If TO Jljl 3 . HOMEROOM 61 First row. Joanne Moured, Nancy Osgood, Virginia McIntyre, Michele Pineau. Second Row. Maria Mot- ta, Melanie Miller, Linda Patterson, Pat Ratcliffe, Anna Nice, Judy Morkeski. Third row. Laurie Nutter, Martha Moore, Joanne Murphy, Ann Perron, Pat McManus, Nancy Monta- naro, Jane Perron, Shirley Roberts. Fourth row. Dave Murphy, Dave Reed, Jack Monteiro, Larry Morgano, Tom Ratcliffe, Kenny Rea, Danny Morgan, Fred Ra- pisarda. HOMEROOM 18 First row : Susan Ayer, Brenda Arraj, Sharon Brightney, Karen Ball, Suz¬ anne Crawley. Nancy Ar- cidiacono. Second row: Ronny Bevin, Earl Camire, Billy Casey, James Allen, Donald Clark, Brian Car- dello. Third row: Karen Castricone, Aura Carrese, Diane Barker, Suzanne Brien, Michael Cassidy, Jean Bevins, Janet Baines, Carrie Coupal, Frances Campione. Fourth row: Billy Bolan, Bobby Burns, Billy Clarenbach, Dennis Ackroyd, Raymond Cote, Jude Armitage, Cheyne. , S ' _ 4 t ' ' 4 " - m l+IK? ■JhIIi 11 Ml 1 llBl ■ si 1 1 ■ 1 ■ 1 B 1 |B |H HOMEROOM 19 First row: Karen Evan- gelos, Elaine Garofoli, Barbi Fountain, Joan Di- Gloria. Second row: San¬ dra Forgetta, Ruth Don¬ ahue, Pauline Giard, Claire Curtin, Linda Giannarakos, Susan Driscoll, Mary Gard¬ iner, Lois Gielbunt. Third row: John Faro, Mark Deyermond, Steve Foster, Gary Erickson, John Cyr, Paul Gallagher, Mark Fowler. HOMEROOM 60 First row: John Martineau, Tom Maker, Jim Mahan, Joe McEvoy, Mike Manos. Second row: Diane Mat- theson, JoAnn Laurette, Sandy Martin, Beverly Lampros, Elaine Little, Debbie McGauley, Nancy Korb, Sharon Luciano. Third row: Maureen Mar¬ tin, Judy McAvoy, Jackie Mahan, Anne-Marie Ken¬ nedy, Karen McCubbin, Coleen McCue, Anne Mc¬ Cabe, Betty Margene, Rox- ann Laycock, Sharon Le- oncyk. Fourth row: Bob Mailhot, Steve MacKellar, Joe Lynch, Sal Lipomi, Jim McDermott, Mike Le- tizia, A1 Manzi, George LaBelle, Stanley Kotce. First row: Tom Robinson, Bill Rudis, John Spinney, John Shellnut. Second row: Barbara Sullivan, Carol Seubert, Cathy Swasey, Peggy Stewart, Sally Solomon, Debbie Scarpaci, Myra Robertson, Linda Sanborn. Third row: Michele Spinelli, Jan Rob¬ inette, Patricia Signorelli, Cheryl Sullivan, Beverly Smith, Joyce Tine, Cath¬ erine Stewart, Donna Sa- maha. Fourth row: Mi¬ chael Smolak, Kevin Tacy, Michael Slipp, Robert Stemke, David Stanton, Robert Stallard, Steven Stanin, Peter Sullivan, Joe Routhier. HOMEROOM 62 First row: Edward Humi- nick, Richard Kelley, Mi¬ chael Holland. Second row: Betsy Jollymore, Jackie Hamel, Tracy Hay, Sandy Henessey, Linda Heimann, Kathy Holland, Diane Kelsey, Carol GofiF, Cindy Helfrich. Third row: Joanne Jackson, Gail Grusheck, Heather Hasel- ton, Gail Herman, Carol Houte, Cheryl Horgan, Karen Hoehn, Joanne Han- nagan. Fourth row: Rich¬ ard Horton, John Hender¬ son, Jimmy Hurley, Dana Keller, Don Guthrie, Eric Harnish, Frank Guerrera. HOMEROOM 64 First row: Kathy Willett, JoAnn Venmra, Paula Turton, Nancy Tanana. Second row: Larry Moorer, Sheila Tucci, Cynthia Turner, Patti Zahoruiko, Susan Tomarchio, Kath¬ leen Tullis, Angel Cotto. Third row: Richard Won- son, Jay Trainor, Lee Za- gorski, German Cambero, Peter Vaillancourt, Adair Howton. 66 SOPHOMORE CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Patti Sullivan, Vice-President; Richard Wood, President-, Grace Ann Ciofolo, Secretary-T reasurer. HOMEROOM 72 First row: Linda Trovato, Denise Vanasse, Linda Timony, Elizabeth Willis, Betsy Windle, Maureen Sullivan. Second row: Gary Wilkinson, Ronald Smith, Frederick Walshe, James Winning, Richard Wood, Mark Williams. Third row: Leonora Zappala, Diane Zaccari, Patricia Sullivan, Cynthia Zahouriko Debra Wonson, Marriane Wal- kup. Fourth row: Diane Wilson, Henry Cuthbert, Augusta Sheppard, Keith Van Heukelom, Margaret Yerian, Susan Vaughan. Fifth row: Martha Wood, Willie Ratchford, Thomas Swanson, Norman Sybert, Michael Thompson, Ann Marie Towne. 67 HOMEROOM 66 First row: Joyce Andnikai- tis. Rose Belle Isle, Nancy Bodge, Faye Brightman, Evelyn Belle Isle, Sherry Casey. Second row: Bob Dinsmore, Ray Black, Deb¬ bie Butterfield, Helen Beau¬ doin, Margo Brunelle, Barbara Brucato, Susan Caron. Third row: Robert Beaulieu, Michael Caffrey, Michael Alaimo, Peggy Ann Bove, Diane Bu¬ chanan, Karen Barker. Fourth row: Harold Caruso, Bryant Cardello, David Balzuis, William Calder, Kevin Bussiere, Paul Cal- zetta. Fifth row: Nicholas Artimovich, Dean Eaton, Paul DeRonde, Mark Al- bis, Rick Bergman, Lloyd Bauchman. HOMEROOM 67 First row: Sharon Croteau, Grace Ann Ciofolo, Brenda Cyr, Cathy Crane, Susan Charest. Second row: Rich¬ ard D’Elia, Daniel Daly, Stephen Crabtree, David Coughlin, Gary Detora, Patrick Devlin. Third row: Barbara Erban, Donna Cul- I ver, Janet Driscoll, Judith I Ciarcia, Holly Demers. I Marsha Eaton. Fourth row: Tom Dunn, William Che- pulis, William Dargan, William Dunlap. I HOMEROOM 68 First row: Roberta Holland, Laura Hasapis, Roberta Isherwood, Marsha John¬ son, Dolores Forgetta, Anne Katsikas. Second row: Don¬ ald Hennessy, Bruce Han- nay, Arthur Gaudet, Randy Gould, Robert Kaufmann, Russell Hamel. Third row: Judith Fichera, Karin lan- nazzi, Maureen Hanover, Patricia Hayes, Robin Gart- side, Jane Haltmaier. Fourth row: John Heenan, Steve Giaquinta, Thomas Gallenstein, Christine Frank, Kathy Howarth. Fifth row: Ronald Fionte, James Fazio, Carmon For- zese, Daniel Ippolito. HOMEROOM 69 First row: Gail Laurette, Dawn Lordan, Pat Lawlor, Kerry Lon , Donna Martin, Cynthia MacDonald. Sec¬ ond row: James McGuire, Donna Leclair, Sue Massey, Linda Leone, Carolyn Kim¬ ball, Jim Kennedy. Third row: Kathy McEvoy, Mary Lafond, Christine McCue, Ann Marie Manzi, Mar¬ garet Korb, Sue Mason. Fourth row: David Kim¬ ball, Michael McCarthy, Fred Lumb, Jay McCann, Tom Leone, Louis Mac¬ Donald. Fifth row: Gary Mawson, Carol Markey, Terri Lanni, Michael Long, Joe Law’lor. Sixth . row: Thomas McEvoy, Michael Kotce, Steve Kiesling. HOMEROOM 70 First row: Helen Murphy, Rita Napolitano, Linda Moro, Nancy McGrail, Zita Murgo, Patti Oakes. Second row: Louis Napoli, Stephen Patterson, Ellen Nussbaun, Suzanne Meikle, Janet Moore, James Montanaro, Cary Moured. Third row: Debbie Messina, Pamela Messina, Marilyn Miller, Barbara Murphy, Jack Mc¬ Carty, Sheila O’Connor. Fourth row: John Petrolito, Stephen Phelan, Edward McGee, Kenneth Porter, Paul Powers, Neil McEvoy. Fifth row: John Mitchell, Peter Phaneuf, David Pack¬ ard, Theodore Pasternak, John Peterson. HOMEROOM 71 First row: Robin Redman, Deborah Sarnblad, Gail Shellnut, Beth Silverman, Lynne Steinberg, Sharon Rigoli. Second row: Jeffrey Pybus, Roy Smith, Richard Solomon, Gary Sarnia, Jo¬ seph Sherlock, Richard Powers, Scott Robinson. Third row: Natalie Spam- pinato, Mary Beth Sullivan, Marci Rhys, Janet Pula, Mimi Rhys. Barbara Slipp, Linda Ritter, Mary Ellen Robertson. Fourth row: Katie Stewart, Barbara Rus¬ sell, Ernie Roberts, Steve Salois. Jimmy Smith, Ann Marie St. Cyr, Virginia Stallard. FRESHMAN CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Lefl to right: Ricky Turner, President; Roberta Beau¬ doin, Secretary-Treasurer; Tom Emmett, Vice Pres¬ ident. HOMEROOM 41 First row: Cheryl Winning, Cindy Wilson, Bev Courcv. Second row: Rickey Nata- lino, Rickey 2 iba, Alfred Nadeau, Marc Patterson. Third row: Vince Greco, Ray Wilson, Roger Des- rosiers, Steve Bennett, Wayne Zajac, Steve Taylor. HOMERCX)M 6 Front row: Cheryl Enaire, Marcia Esposito, Lori Dra¬ per, Claire Giard, Jean Garofoli, Betty Dunne. Second row: Dave Gordon, John Foley, Mike Fiori, Mike Fachini, Billy Dow, David Fraser, Tom Em¬ mett. Third row: Denise Dudley, Karen Giannara- kos, Susan Elliott, Nina Furnari, Debbie Donovan, Kathy Gable, Betsy Doyle, Shirley Field, Jean Enright. Fourth row: Michele Erick¬ son, Nancy Fleischman, Bill Fitzpatrick, Jay En¬ right, John Erie, Glen Dowling, Dick Gallant, Billy Fraser, Maria Giuf- frida, Ruth Gardner. HOMEROOM 4 First row: Jackie Bussiere, Sheila Bolan, Joanne Bar- cellona, Elaine Camire, Debbie Aitkins, Roberta Beaudoin, Debbie Canty, Karen Foulds. Second row: Mark Blevins, Bill Bushnell, Chris Armitage, Dan Bren¬ nan, Gary Connella, Steve Beaudoin, Tom Bailey, Lionel Armeen. Third row: Linda Aubry, Philip Capo- dilupo, Karen Bryant, Pete Breen, Steve Bailey, Tom Baker, Barbara Barnes, Alice Baines. Fourth row: Kevin Brightney, Peter Bates, Mike Burke, Wayne Allen, Scott Alexander. I HOMEROOM 5 First row: Dianne Cormack, Judy Chaisson, Debbie Dane, Mai Dill, Janet Dev¬ lin, Mary Coco, Patty Crane. Second row: Chuck Cheyne, John Carney. Joe Cardoza, Phil Demarco, Dan Desmond, Phil De¬ mers, Tom Cyr. Third row: Susie Connolly, Barbara Cardoza, Maria Damon. Jeannie Davis, Paula Clamp, Linda Crouch. Fourth row: Mark DiSalvo, Rob Cashman, Ray Cash- man, Steve Copeland. HOMEROOM 37 I i I i First row: Nina Guerrera, Nancy Grusheck, Judy Langevin, Janice James, Ann Lawlor, Paula Kent, Robin Harvey. Second row: David Gray, Ken Lopiano, Mike Hatem, David Hol¬ lins, Russ Howard, Ralph Henshaw, Bran Kingsley. Third row: Pam Lampros, Nancy Hurley, Jane Letarte, Diane Helfrich, Lisa Kenny, Deborah Kimball, Jane Kelley. Fourth row: Martha Larive, Val K02- dras, Mary Letizia, Chuck Black, Barbara Jackson, Patty Lucas, Louis Lipomi. Fifth row: Timmy Love joy. Jay Kennedy, Joe Averka, Ken Allbee, Kevin Keegan. HOMEROOM 38 First row: Karen Lumb, Debbie Lundquist, Ann McGuire, Rose-Ann Mai- orana, Bev McCarty. Sec¬ ond row: Steve Messina, David Marsh, Steve Mit¬ chell, Jean Medolo, Joe Medolo. Third row: Nancy McCarty, Ellen Monteiro, Linda Mistretta, Cindy Monroe, Nancy Marshall. Fourth row: Bob Manseau, Linda McDermott, Donna Manzi, Eileen McCubbin, Wayne Manning. Fifth row: Dan Markey, Charley McMullen, Martha Mank, Chris Lyons, Joe Messina. Sixth row: Ray Patterson, Don Lukoskie, Phillip Mil¬ ler, Teddey Maker, David Lynch. 72 HOMEROOM 40 First row: Bev Spicer, Gloria Tucci, Pat Tomo- selli, Tune Trank, Lynne Webster, Jane Vaillancourt. Second row: Steven Smith, Rob Stabile, Bill Stevens, Bill Whitcomb, Joe Soucy, Andrew Sullivan. Third row: Joanne Teichman, Joan Vaillancourt, Linda Smith, Judy Smith, Cheryl Spinelli, Rose Mary Tasca, Wendy Walker. Fourth row: Lynn Trainor, Pam Laycock, Susie Sullivan, Frances Sullivan, Sharon Spears, Anne Willis, Sandy White. Fifth row: Claudia Turner, Kevin Sullivan, Tim Thoren, Ricky Turner, Nancy Warchol. HOMEROOM 39 First row: Val Rochon, Andi Rabinovitz, Joan Proctor, Diane Sanger- mano, Carol Rokes, Joyce Routhier. Second row: Paul Rabs, Linda Sammataro, Nancy Pendak, Donna Pruneau, Tim Pelletier, Allen Sinsheimer, Jim Rob¬ ertson. Third row: John Pierog, Paula Nigrelli, Su¬ san Sable, Kathy O’Connor, Tracy Robertson, Barbara Scott. Fourth row: Richard Poutenis, Larry Pierog, Peter Pawlick, Paul Pres¬ ton, Tim Noone. Fifth row: Jerry Pasternak, Bob Skin¬ ner, Doug Pruneau, Robert Ryan, Pete Phelan. 73 ACTIVITIES NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Top Row. Dan Doyle, Pam Sheppard, Sandi MacNeill, Susan Haltmaier, Stephie Zahoruiko, Susan Delisle, Sally Solomon, Miss Donlan (Advisor). First Row: Joan Martin, Paula Ventrillo, Sandie Foley (Vice-President), Chris Moreschi (President), Kathy Crawley (Secretary-Treasurer), Nancy Tanana, Gail Licciardello. OFFICERS Left to Right: Kathy Crawley (Secretary-Treasurer), Chris Moreschi (President), Sandie Foley (Vice-President). The National Honor Society serves to give recogni¬ tion to the school’s outstanding students, with new members being ofi cially induaed in the society each spring at the National Honor Society Banquet. To qualify for admission a student must excel not only in the area of scholarship, but also in the areas of service, leadership, and character. The society performs services through such volun¬ teer work as canvassing for the North Andover Schol¬ arship Fund and the Heart Fund, and by conducting a mtorial program. 76 OFFICERS Left to Right-. Chris Moreschi (Secretary-Treasurer), Jerry Minihan (President), Peggy Breen (Vice-President) STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council, comprised of the class officers and four representatives from each class, functions as the governing and coordinating body of the school. This year, the council, under the direction of Mr. Holdsworth, conducted dances to help support the various school clubs and activities, held a clean-up campaign, ran their scholarship drive, and formulated a Student-Faculty Committee whose purpose was to foster better communication within the school com¬ munity. Leo Lafond and Cathy Stevens at one of the Student Council dances. First Row. Jane Earley, Brian Guptill, Chris Moreschi (Secretary-Treasurer), Jerry Minihan (Presi¬ dent), Peggy Breen (Vice-President), Leo Lafond, Lee Zappala. Second Row. Barbara Brucato, Nancy McCarty, Grace Ciofolo, Cynthia Turner, Tom Emmett, Paul Powers, Cheryl Spinelli, Patty Sullivan, Linda Patterson, Roberta Beaudoin, Mr. Holdsworth (Advisor). Third Row. Jack Sullivan, Peter Breen, Joe Lynch, Carmen Forzese, Richard Poutenis, Richard Woods, Richard Turner. 77 EDITORS Chris Moreschi, Kathy Morin The Knight staff, under the direction of Mr. Minihan, is open to any senior interested in learning how to prepare a book for publication. The staff of the 1969 Knight has sought to project throughout the yearbook an accurate and memorable picture of North Andover High School in the 1968-69 academic year. THE KNIGHT ASSISTANT EDITORS Top to Bottom: Peter McGrail, Sandi MacNeill, Leo Lafond, Pam Sheppard, Jackie Stott, Kris Goguen, Dan Doyle, Jane Earley, Debbie McGauley. First Row: Dan Doyle, Leo Lafond, Sandi MacNeill, Brian Guptill, Chris Moreschi (Editor), Kathy Morin (Editor), Jane Earley, Pam Sheppard, Kris Goguen, Peter McGrail, Debbie McGauley (}r. Editor). Second Row: Linda Cyr, Margie Dill, Karen Hermann, Janet Andrews, Jackie Stott, Nancy Tanana (Jr. Editor), Sandie Foley, Gail Licciardello, Judy Bastian, Paula Ventrillo, Barbara Davis. 78 Third Row: Val Casale, Dianne Philbrick, Joanne Kirk, Anne Stork, Karen Hill, Linda Knowles, Cindy Lord, Nancy Guilmet, Pat Lynch, Cathy Stevens, Kathy Gray, Maureen Bushnell. Fourth Row: Ruth Dugan, Susan Haltmaier, Sue Bennett, Buffy Lee, Beth Dushame, Katie Sullivan, Anne Corrigan, Marlene Manning, Joan Martin. Fifth Row: Jim Chepulis, Fred Spicer, Bob Cleary, George Farkas, Bob Witzgall, Jack Sullivan. THE SQUIRE Co-Editor Ginny Bates reading copy of the Squire. The Squire, under the direction of Mrs. Burns, strives to promote student expression by providing an outlet for both creative and expository writing. In addition, the school newspaper keeps the student body informed about school activities. ASSISTANT EDITORS top to Bottom: Janet Andrews, Peggy Breen, Elaine Caron, Linda Cyr, Jack Sullivan, Sandi MacNeill, Robert Lynch. First Row. Peggy Breen, Linda Cyr, Cynthia Turner, Ginny Bates iEditor), Jack Sullivan, Sandi MacNeill, Janet Andrews, Patty Pruneau. Second Row. Barbara Sullivan, Sharon Luciano, Lee Za- gorski, Mike Smolak, Mark Keller, Barabara Davis, Sandi Foley, Nancy Guilmet. Third Row: Beverly Lampros, Roxanne Laycock, Buffy Lee, Marlene Manning, Karen Hermann, Paula Ventrillo, Nancy Arcidiacono, Pam Sheppard, Chris Moreschi. Fourth Row. Anne Corrigan, Cindy Lord, Ruth Dugan, Jackie Stott, Katie Sul¬ livan, Beth Dushame, Karen Hill, Margie Dill. Top Row. Sharon Freeman, Christine McCue, Anne Marie Manzi, Gail Grusheck, Cheryl Sullivan, Jean Bevins, Lynn Munson, Barbara Murphy. DRAMATIC CLUB Dramatic Club director Mr. MacDonald and Mark Keller backstage during the Christmas play. Don LaRochelle, Anne Corrigan and Susan Haltmaier in a scene from last year’s play " The Courtship of Eddie’s Father’’. The purpose of the Dramatic Club is to provide its members with instruction, practice and active participation in all aspects of the theater. This year, under the guidance of Mr. MacDonald, actors, prompters, car¬ penters and technicians presented a well received Christmas assembly and a memorable school play entitled Love and Kisses. The 1968-69 members of the Dramatic Club. Prompter Alice Pitman ' . • . i ■ The very important stage crew. 81 MATH CLUB The Math Club, under the direction of Mr. Albert Berman and Mr. Anthony McGowan, competes monthly in mathematical contests with neighboring schools in the Eastern Massachusetts Mathematical League. In addition to their monthly meets, the club holds an annual spring banquet where the club’s high¬ est scorers are awarded individual prizes. Top Row: Pat Hayes, Ann Willis, Bob Stallard, Dana Keller, Bob Witzgall, Mark Fowler. Second Row: Debbie Aitkins, Cynthia Zahoruiko, Barbara Erban, Sue Haltmaier, Jane Haltmaier, Colleen McCue, Paula Ventrillo. Bottom Row: Laura Hasapis, Joanne Murphy, Kathy Crawley (Secre¬ tary-Treasurer), Sue Delisle (President), Nancy Tanana (Vice-President), Joanne Venture. The Russian Club, under the supervision of Mr. Hail, carried out a program of activities aimed at ac¬ quainting members with the various aspects of Rus¬ sian history, culture and music. Club members par¬ ticipated in a trip to the Church of Our Lady of Kazan in Boston in order to study the customs and history of the Byzantine rite. Lectures and films also played an important role in the club’s program. Patty Zahoruiko, Mike Smolak and Cynthia g 2 Turner playing Gorodki. RUSSIAN CLUB Top Row: Pat Lucas, Tom Carney, Nick Artimovich, Bob Stallard, Bill Chepulis, Mike Smolak, Joe Medolo, Cyn Turner. Second Row: Laurel Nutter, Sheila O’Connor, Pat Wood, Patti Zahouriko, Susan Driscoll, Linda Aubry, Joann Kirk, Jane Haltmaier. Bottom Row: Paula Ventrillo, Donna Dudly, Nancy Arcidiacono, Gail Grusheck, Joan Martin (President), Claudia Turner, Cynthia Zahoruiko, Debra Aitkins. FRENCH CLUB The French Club serves to promote an understanding and appre¬ ciation of the people, culture and tradition of France. Club activities include such things as viewing displays of French art, listening to French records, and sampling French cuisine. OFFICERS Left to Right: Margie Dill (Secretary-Treasurer), Barby Lyons (Presi¬ dent), Cindy Lord (Vice-President). First Row. Gail Licciardello, Maureen Bushnell, Cindy Lord, Barby Lyons (President), Marjorie Dill, Bar¬ bara Davis, Barbara Erban. Second Row: Donna Mar¬ tin, Roxanne Laycock, Nancy Arcidiacono, Laurie Nutter, Jane Haltmaier, Robin Gartside, Lee Zappala, Kathy Holland, Beverly Lampros, Cynthia Zah oruiko. Third Row: Chris Moreschi, Buffy Lee, Anne Stork, Sue Bennett, Linda Cyr. SCIENCE CLUB The purpose of the Science Club is to promote interest in science throughout the high school by sponsoring such activities as field trips to science museums and re¬ search labs. In mid-March the club con¬ ducts a school science fair, the winners then compete in the regional fair at Low¬ ell Tech and may advance to the state finals at M.I.T. vi 1 Left to Right: Kenny Crouch, Elizabeth Dunn, Steve Aitkins, Kevin Bussiere, Bob Stallard, Dana Keller. 83 Standing-. Beverly Lampros, John Monteiro, Peter Vaillancourt, Wayne Arraj. Seated: Dana Keller (Vice-President), Roxann Laycock (Secretary-Treasurer), Tom Carney (President). CHESS CLUB The Chess Club, though small in number, is a very active organization at NAHS. Its purpose is to develop the finer points of playing chess through practice and competi¬ tion. In match play the club won seven straight matches this year. Club officers are Tom Carney, president; Dana Keller, vice- president; and Beverly Lampros, secretary. LIBRARY CLUB Library Club member Susan Charest signing in James Fazio. The Library Club, primarily a service organization, assists in the library by helping its users to locate materials, by doing necessary clerical work, and by participating in the selection of new publications for the library. All of the members are trained for this work through a course in Library Science conducted by Mr. Hull, the librarian. u Bf] Front Row: Joe Mason, Judy Ciarcia, Dana Keller, Sheila O’Connor, Arthur Gaudet, Susan Charest. Second Row: Elizabeth Dunn, Lynn Steinberg, Michele Spinelli, Marcia Eaton, Gail Reilly, Joe Medolo, Jackie Bussiere, Linda Trovato. Third Row: Debbie Wonson, Jean Davis, Martha Wood, Cheryl Sullivan, Patty Lucas, Kathy Tullis. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB j i Top Row. Dana Keller, Bob Teichman, German Cambero, Peter Phaneuf. Middle Row: Mark Keller, Chris Lyons, Tom Maker, Harold Caruso, Larry Moorer. Bottom Row: Robert Lynch, Brian Guptill (President), Peter McGrail, AnnMarie Manzi, Larry Watts. AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB This year the Photography Club, led by Presi¬ dent Brian Guptill and supervised by Mr. Robin¬ son, was one of the busiest clubs in the school. Its members were frequently called upon to utilize their photographic skills to provide pictures for the Squire and the Knight, and to film various athletic events. Brian Guptill and Bob Cleary televising North Andover-Andover Basketball game. The Audio-Visual Club aids in the presenta¬ tion of school programs which require the use of audio-visual equipment. Club members dis¬ tribute and often run the equipihent needed by the faculty members in their classes. By theii; service, club members greatly facilitate the suc¬ cessful execution of the school’s ever expanding A-V programs. Arthur Gaudet, Dana Keller, Edward McGee, Robert Lynch, Peter McGrail, Jim Hyde, Frank Guerrera, Brian Guptill. 85 MUSIC CLUB First Row: Jackie Bussiere, Jan Robinette, Cheryl Sullivan, Gail Grusheck (Vice-Presi¬ dent), Jean Bevins (President), Beverly Lampros (Treasurer), Susan Driscoll, Lori Draper. Second Row: Mrs. Aubry (Advisor), Russell Hamel, Brenda Arraj, Dawn Lordan, Holly Demers, Myra Robertson, Barbara Canonico, Linda Aubry, Martha Larive, Roxann Lay- c xk, Sally Solomon, Susan Charest, Kathy Tullis, Lynne Webster. Third Row; Marci Rhys, Suzanne Brien, Richard Solomon, William Chepulis, Robert Stallard, Jean Davis, Janet Pula. Jean Bevins, Beverly Lampros and Cheryl Sulli¬ van working on one of many Art Club projects. The Music Club was organized to supplement our present music program. Students listen to and discuss music from all periods of Western Civilization. Beginning with an examination of the contemporary scene the club attempts to progress backwards into history to discover the roots of our present music, and to determine the reasons for the lasting appeal of earlier music. The Music Club also attends concerts as a group and hopes in the fumre to sponsor trips for other students interested in attending live performances. The Art Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Aubry, is one of North Andover’s newest clubs. The group was organized to develop an apprecia¬ tion of art, to meet the artistic needs of creative students, and to serve the school. This year’s activi¬ ties include a trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, decoration of the school lobby during the holiday seasons, preparation of posters for groups such as the North Andover U N Committee, and many others. Club members Sally Solomon and Holly Demers won first and second prize in the Lawrence Fire Prevention Poster Contest. This year’s officers were Jean Bevins, President; Gail Grusheck, Vice-President; Bob Graham, Sec¬ retary; and Bev Lampros, Treasurer. ART CLUB Left to Right: Linda Aubry, Anne Marie St. Cyr, Mr. Corcoran (Advisor), Dawn Lordan, Mimi Rhys, Marcie Rhys. 86 CHORUS The North Andover Concert Choir, known as the Chorus, is open to any stu¬ dent having an interest in music and sing¬ ing. This year, under the direction of Mr. Corcoran, the chorus presented a well re¬ ceived Christmas program and the annual Spring Concert. r First Row: Linda Aubry, Mr. Corcoran (Advisor), Martha Moore, Carol Houtte, Pat Lynch, Cathy Stevens, Joanne Jackson, Cheryl Morgan, Diane MacDonald. Second Row: German Cambero, Lewis MacDonald, Pat Hurley, Marci Rhys, Mimi Rhys, Suzanne Brien, Ann Marie St. Cyr, Carol Goff, Carol Fisher. Third Row: Dayle Smith, Gail Laurette, Sue Massey, Roberta Holland, Cathy Hurley, Dawn Lordan. SKI CLUB The Ski Club, under the advisorship of Mr. Bevilacqua, is designed to give its members the opportunity to improve their skiing skill s by frequent practice sessions at nearby Boston Hill. The high-light of the season is the club’s yearly trip to the White Mountains for a weekend of skiing pleasure. Ski Club president John Sullivan. Top Row: Billy Stevens, Peter Bates, Steve Marston, Jim Dolan, Bob Witzgall, John Lane, Tom Maker. Fourth Row: Cheryl Winning, AnneMarie Towne, Roy Smith, James Winning, Richard Zieba, James Smith, Terri Lanni, Kathy Stewart. Third Row: Jan Robinette, Ann Marie Manzi, Jane Haltmaier, Donna Dudley, Joan Martin, Marilyn Joyce, Nancy Guilmet, Chris Moreschi. Second Row: Kathy Morin, Betsy Willis, Mary Ellen Robertson, Cathy Crane, Jane Letarte, Holly Demers, Donna Martin, Sandie Foley. Bottom Row: Jack Sullivan (President), Sandi MacNeill (Secretary-Treasurer), Jim Downes (Vice-President). 87 BAND The North Andover High School Band, under the direction of Mr, Gerard Corcoran, has once again completed a highly successful season. Throughout the year the band has performed at various school and town func¬ tions, including football games, rallies and parades. Though relatively small in number, the band has been able to achieve success through the individual efforts of its members, and through the patient understanding and dedication of Mr. Corcoran. First Row. Cathy O’Connor, Paula Clamp. Second Row: Linda Leone, Janet Driscoll, Mark Wil¬ liams, Elaine Garofoli, Nancy Marshall, Phillip Capodilupo, Barbara Canonico, Debbie Aitkens, Linda Aubry. Third Row: Mr. Corcoran (Advisor), Claudia Turner, Marcie Rhys, Steve Mathews, Joan Proctor, Sheila Bolan, Gary Cannella, Ken Allbee, Cheryl Winning, Pat Hayes. Fourth Row: Sue Massey, Hunter Clouse, Louis Lipomi, Mimi Rhys, Billy Dargan, Scott Alexander, Ray Patterson. Fifth Row: John Foley, Vincent Greco, Ralph Henshaw, Robert Stabile, Brian Kingsley. Not shown: Nancy Fleischman, John Petralito, Bruce Bevans. Band President Hunter Clouse. 88 Cheering the Scarlet Knights on to victory. Kneeling; Head Majorettes, Pat Wood, Joan Martin. Standing-. Donna Dudley, Carolyn Kimball, Carol Markey, Patricia Ratcliffe, Marsha Johnson, Zita Murgo. MAJOREHES l» Leading the Band at half-time. This year’s squad of majorettes was com¬ prised of eleven girls who put much time and effort into their work of entertaining the public at football games and parades. Led by Joan Martin and Pat Wood, the majorettes, in conjunction with the band, entertained hundreds with their baton twirling, rhythir and marching skills. Head Majorette Joan Martin. 89 SPORTS A team can lose. Any team can lose. But in a sense a coach never loses. For the job of a coach is over and finished once the starting whistle blows. He knows he’s won or lost before play starts. For a coach has two tasks. The minor one is to teach skills. Mr. Crozier I COACHES The major task is to teach an attitude of mind. It’s to implant character and not simply to impart skills. It’s to teach players to live up to their potential no matter what this potential is. A coach can never make a great player out of one who isn’t potentially great. But he can make a great competitor out of any person. Wilson Sporting Goods Co. ( I I I Mr. Fichera and Mr. Rozzi Miss Pamp Mr. Licare 93 Under co-captains Beth Dushame and Sharon Freeman, the cheerlead¬ ers bolstered school spirit and team morale with colorful rallies and posters. Always spirited and en¬ thusiastic, even throughout the dis¬ mal football season, they supported the team every step of the way with their echoing encouragement: " Com’on boys, you can do it! ” Left to Right-. First, Diane Mathison. Second, Debbie McCauley, Barbara Da¬ vis. Third, Valerie Casale, Karen Evan- gelos. Fourth, Kathy Willet, Co-Captain, Beth Dushame, Co-Captain, Sharon Freeman, Kathy Gray. Fifth, Marlene Manning, Martha Moore. Sixth, Pamela Sheppard, Pat McManus. CHEERLEADERS Head Cheerleaders Beth Dushame and Sharon Freeman 1 Although the football team compiled a discouraging won-lost record, the season can still be classified as a success. Lack of size and injuries to key players were con¬ tributing factors to the loss of several games. Nevertheless, the team showed spirit in defeat as well as victory. The prospects for next season are bright with co-captains Pete Sullivan and Tom Ratcliffe heading the team. Coach Sullivan FOOTBALL 96 First Row, left to right-. Don Roy Leo Lafond, Lou Luciano, Co¬ captain Jerry Minihan, Co-captain Chris Rock, Jack Sullivan, Mike Cotter, Rick Vanasse, John Caffrey, manager. Second Row: As¬ sistant Coach Murphy, Dick Powers, Bryan Cardello, Steve Foster, Joe Lawler, Richard Hoehn, Dave Vaillancourt, Tom Dunn, John Lane, Jim Holdsworth, Paul Powers, Head Coach Sullivan. Third Row: Assistant Coach Rozzi, Bob Stephenson, Bill Cawlder, Ron Giaquinta, Joe Routhier, Jim Dolan, Steven Marston, Don Guthrie, Larry Morgano, A1 Manzi, Tony Alaimo, Steve Crabtree, Manager Fred Spicer, Assistant Coach Fichera. Top Row: Manager Peter Valpey, Willie Ratchford, Bob Burns, Kevin Tacy, Bob Cox, Bob Zieba, Sal Lipomi, Mike McCarty, Tom Ratcliffe, Pete Sullivan, Jim Downes, Dave Balzius, Tim Pybus. Co-Captain Jerry Minihan r 1-. ' Co-Captain Chris Rock 97 ' f Coach Licare with Co-captains George Farkas and Peter Piantidosi. BASKETBALL The basketball team, under the leadership of Coach Bob Licare and co-captains George Farkas and Pete Piantidosi, com¬ piled an outstanding record of 19-0. In addition to winning the Merrimack Valley Conference Championship and the Bed¬ ford Holiday Tournament Championship, the team also won a berth in the Eastern Masachusetts Tech Tourney, where they advanced to the finals before being defeated 35-34, by Holy Family. The offense, led by co-captain Pete Piantidosi, Lee Zagorski, and co-captain George Farkas, was excellent, but the defense was the key to the success of the team for the " Knights” man¬ aged to hold their opponents to an average of only 44 points per game. ANDOVII north north north north : NDOVO j NORTH WDOVER 22 fcNOOVER NORTH 15 anoovc north’ 4 andovcr north 31 NOOVE north IH W ' AKDOVER I I First Row: Bob Kelly, George LaBelle, Co-captain George Farkas, Co-captain Pete Piantidosi, Mike Cotter, Joe Cardoza. Second Row: Pete Sullivan, Bob Burns, Bob Cox, Lee 21agorski, Dennis Ackroyd, Willie Ratchford, Don Guthrie. Absent when picture was taken: Jim Holdsworth. I TECH TOURNAMENT Knights . 79 Oliver Ames . 59 Knights . 76 Sharon . 49 Knights . . 56 Dom Savio . 38 Knights . 34 Holy Family . 35 Tewskbury Methuen . Lincoln-Sudbury Dover-Sherborne Burlington . Chelmsford Billerica . Wilmington Dracut . Andover Methuen Tewksbury Burlington Chelmsford Billerica Law. Reg. Voc. Wilmington Dracut Andover All Stars Co-Captain George Farkas Knights Knights Knights Knights Knights Knights . Knights Knights Knights Knights . Knights Knights Knights . Knights Knights . Knights Knights Knights Knights Knights SCORES ANDOVEb Co-Captain Pete Piantidosi Left to Right, Front Row: Paul Powers, Dan Doyle, Jim Chepulis, Kevin Callahan, Bill Dolan (captain), Larry Morgano, Mark Keller, Tom Gallenstein. Second Row: Mr. Crozier (coach), Ron Bevins (manager), Jim McGuire, Dick Powers, Ed Cardello, Mark Deyer- mond, Bryan Cardello, Pat Devlin, Mike Holland, Dave Vaillan- court (manager). Third Row: Jack Monteiro, Richard Hoehn, Steve Kiesling, Kenny Crouch, Dana Keller, Mike Thompson, Tom Maker, Mike Caffrey. TRACK I I ! I The track team, composed of several young runners as well as a hard I core of veterans, scored consistently in events throughout the season. Captain Bill Dolan won many first places in shot put and discus com¬ petition as did Kevin Callahan, Dan Doyle, and Jim Chepulis in middle ; distance and spring events. In the distance events, younger runners Tom Maker, Brian Cardello, Rich Hoehn, and Bryant Cardello added strength to the team. 104 Co-Captains Lou Luciano and Steve Coates Mr. Crozier’s " grapplers”, under the leadership of co-captains Lou Luciano and Steve Coates, sported a 10-4 record to give them fourth place in Merrimack Valley Conference competition. In the state meet, wrestler Bill Dolan finished second in the unlimited class. The team owes much to the assistance of Mr. Schad of Dart¬ mouth College and Mr. Horgan of Springfield College who de¬ voted many hours helping Mr. Crozier coach the team. WRESTLING Left to Right, Front Row. Paul Powers, Larry Moorer, Phil Capodi- lupo, Ron Bevin, Rich D’Elia, Ray Black. Second Row. Ken Porter, Steve Mitchell, Bob Carney, Adair Howton, Steve Robinson, Tom McCarthy, Earl Caniire. Third Row. Co-Captain Steve Coates, Steve Crabtree, Larry Watts, Billy Fitzpatrick, Sam Messina, Bill Dolan, Larry Morgano, Dave Vaillancourt, Frank Guerrera, Co- Captain Lou Luciano. 106 107 Coach Prentice with Co-Captains Kevin McGregor and Kevin Callahan The cross country team, coached by Mr. Prentice, enjoyed another fine season this year. Paced by co-captains Kevin Calla¬ han and Kevin McGregor, the harriers placed second in the league meet at Burlington while they finished third in regular league competition. CROSS COUNTRY Left to Right, First Row. Tom Maker, Jack Monteiro, Bob Kelly, co-captain Kevin Callahan, co¬ captain Kevin McGregor, Ed Cardello, Rick Maker, Manager Ron Bevin. Second Row: Pat Devlin, Mike Hatem, Mike Thompson, Dave Packard, Peter Phaneuf, Gus Shephard, Phil Capodilupo, Jeff Pybus, John Pierog, Coach Prentice. 108 GOLF In its second year, the golf team, coached by Mr. Buco, and headed by Captain Steve Robinson, engaged in successful competition with other schools in the Merrimack Valley Con¬ ference. Left to Right-. Mr. Buco, Tom McCarthy, John Lane, Kevin McCue, Jack Sullivan, Captain Steve Robinson. SOCCER Left to Right, First Row. Adair Howton, Brian Guptill, Co-captain Bob Witzgal, Co-captain Dan Doyle, John Kennedy, John Mitchell. Second Row. Larry Moorer, Henry Cuthbert, Steve Phelan, Robert Kaufmann, Norman Sybert, John Lynch, Tom Gallenstein, Chris Hay, Mike Galfney, Steve Kiesling, Ed Capodilupo, Jim Chepulis, Jim Hyde, Bob Teischman, Coach Anscheutz. Coach Anscheutz In its first year at North Andover High School the soccer team posted a very re spectable 2-3-2 record against experienced teams from neighboring schools. Though not an official school sport, the team, under the direction of Coach Anschuetz, worked with great enthusiasm to mastec the skills demanded by their new sport. 109 Coach Strobel BASEBALL This year’s baseball team, coached by Mr. Strobel and led by co-captains Jerry Minihan and Chris Rock, continued to be the powerhouse of the Merrimack Valley Conference. The combination of a fast, aggressive offense with an alert defense, spearheaded by Captain Rock’s outstanding pitching, af¬ forded the " Knights” a highly successful season. Left to Right, Front Row: Ron Giaquinta, Steve Long, Jerry Minihan {Co-captain), Chris Rock {Co-captain). Back Row: Coach Strobel, Tom Ratcliffe, Dennis Ackroyd, Lee Zagorski, Kevin Tacy. Absent when picture was taken: Bob Cox, Angel Cotto, Mike Armano and Kevin Corrigan. Co-Captain Chris Rock For the second consecutive year, the field hockey team won the Mer¬ rimack Valley Championship with a record of 6-0-0. Sparking the team to victory was co-captain Sandie Foley who scored a total of 14 goals. Next followed Nancy Guilmet with 6 goals, Lee Zappala with 4, and co¬ captain Kathy Crawley with 3. The offense was supported by an out¬ standing defense led by goalie Ann Marie Kennedy. Left to Right, First Row: Nancy Guilmet, Kris Goguen, Pat Lynch, Kathy Crawley (Co-captain), Sandie Foley (Co-captain), Janet Andrews, Stephie Zahoruiko, Nancy Korb. Second Row: Cathy Stevens (Manager), Lee 21appala, Ruth Donahue, Patti Zahoruiko, Ann Marie Kennedy, Elaine Garofoli, Linda Cyr (Manager), Coach Nancy Yanofsky. FIELD HOCKEY 112 j f I II I MERRIMACK VALLEY CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS SCORES No. Andover . 3 No. Andover . 3 No. Andover . 5 No. Andover . 3 No. Andover . 2 No. Andover . 3 No. Andover . 3 No. Andover . 2 No. Andover . 1 No. Andover . 3 Co-Captain Sandie Foley Stoneham . 1 Wakefield . 0 Dracut . 0 Andover . 0 Billerica . 1 Tewskbury . 0 Methuen . 1 Wilmington . 0 Chelmsford . 1 Shore Country Day . 0 Co-Captain Kathy Crawley Coach Yanofsky with Co-Captains Nancy Guilmet and Stephie Zahoruiko BASKETBALL Co-captain elect Patti Zahoruiko The girls’ basketball team, coached by Miss Yanof¬ sky, had an outstanding season capturing the Merri¬ mack Valley Championship with a record of 9-0-0. Paced by co-captain Nancy Guilmet and Patti Zaho¬ ruiko, who led the league in scoring, the offense com¬ piled a total of 446 joints, while due to the out¬ standing defense of co-captain Stephie Zahoruiko, Sandi MacNeill, and Sue Swanson, the opponents managed only 209 points. First R(nv: Patti Zahoruiko, Susan Swanson, Sandi Mac Neill, Stephie Zahoruiko, Nancv Guilmet, Sandie Foley, Peggy Breen, Joyce Tine. Second Row: Coach Nancy Yanofsky, Manager Linda Cyr, Susan Driscoll, Virginia McIntyre, Shirley Roberts, Annmarie Kennedy, Elaine Garofoli, Karen McCubbin, Manager Cynthia Turner. 114 MERRIMACK VALLEY CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS SCORES No. Andover .. 44 No. Andover . 43 No. Andover . 53 No. Andover . 59 No. Andover 32 No. Andover 58 No. Andover .... 45 No. Andover . 46 No. Andover ... 56 Wakefield 22 Billerica . 20 Wilmington 19 Dracut . 29 Andover . 11 Methuen . 31 Tewksbury . 22 Burlington . 19 Chelmsford 36 SOFTBALL The softball team, in its second year as an established team, com¬ piled a winning record in competition with neighboring schools. The successful season was due to a combination of factors that included the coaching of Miss Pamp, an excellent pitching staff, an accomplished outfield, and several fine hitters. First Row: Barbie Davis, Terry Underwood, Co-Captain Paula Ni relli, Co-Captain Charlene Kennedy, Patti Lawlor, Joann Mil- drum. Second Row: Lee Zlappala, Sandie Foley, Priscilla Lanni, Roxann Laycock, Carol Seubert, Dottie Paine. Third Row: Debbie Wonson, Elaine Garofoli, Karen McCubbin, Patti Zahoruiko, Joyce Tine, Nancy Guilmet, Ann Marie Kennedy, Coach Pamp. GIRLS ' LEADERS CLUB The Girls’ Leaders is a newly formed group consisting of those girls interested in assisting with physical educa¬ tion instruction. The members serve in such capacities as skills instructors and referees. First Row, Left to Right: Barbara Davis, Kris Goguen, Judy Bastian, Terri Underwood, Sandi Foley, Dayle Smith. Second Row: Nancy Korb, Elaine Garofoli, Pam Sheppard, Shirley Roberts, Kathy Crawley, Laurie Nutter. Third Row: Nancy Guilmet, Janet Andrews, Joan Martin, Cheryl Sullivan, Pat Lynch, Linda Cyr. Top Row: Sandi Mac- Neill, Stephie Zahoruiko. FOOTBALL QUEEN Leo Lafond, Cathy .Stevens; Jim Dolan, Jane Earley; Football Queen Beth Dushame, Mike Davis; Marilyn Joyce, Bert Gilbert; Chris Rock, Kris Goguen. VALENTINE QUEEN Valentine Queen Sharon Freeman and her court. Left to Right: Ginny Bates, Mary D’Angelo, Pat Lynch, Sandi MacNeill, Sue Bennet. The Great American Cover-Up. Able to leap tall bleachers in a single bound . . . it’s a bird . . . " Peace " it’s a Lane . . . " Do I have to?’’ I ' Wanna go for a ride in my jeep?” " You’ve got your bag, I’ve got mine.” " Ow, I bit my tongue! ” " Have I got an Excedrin headache! ” " Hey look! A nickel! Hit ’em high, hit ’em low. Come on team, let’s go! f t I " Asleep my love? What, dead my dove?” " What does he want now?” If they only knew what they were in for! That’s a bucky! " Did you just have gym, or is that the sulfur? " Keep America Beautiful! Bullseye! " Please Pat, just a taste? 127 " Up the tree before she catches us!” The Class of 1969 Wishes to Thank the Following ADVERTISERS and SPONSORS Study Aids — Paper Backs — Hard Cover Children — Adults BOOKS The Treasure Chest CARDS - GIFTS - SWEATERS 9-11 First St. No. Andover GREAT POND INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. STEWART P. WILSON, Pres. ANTHONY J. GRILLO, Mgr. Telephone 686-3816 104 MAIN ST. NO. ANDOVER, MASS. Mac Paula Gray Bolas Jo-Ann Herm Lynch WPRE NUMBER ONE! Breenie Zeke Crawley Jay Guilmet Dill Joann Sue Joe Cynthia OUR SINCERE GOOD WISHES FOR HAPPINESS SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1969 ZwJ 1 Merrimack Valley ' s Leading Department Store LAWRENCE, Moss. 129 Best Wishes To The Graduating Class of 1969 G P H C GAFFNY PLUMBING And HEAT CORPORATION P.O. Box W North Main Street Middleton, Mass. Telephone: (617) 531-2 246 Compliments of DANA ' S SPORT SHOP 62 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. The Curtain Shoppe, Inc. 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No. 13220 Phone 686-4365, 688-6672 Sincere Best Wishes To: The Class of 1969 FACTORY OUTLET FURNITURE OF LAWRENCE, INC. JOSEPH V. IPPOLITO President 133 r CANTY ' S KITCHEN " Home of Fine Sandwiches " Large Selection Take-Out Service Tel. 686-6991 127 Waverly Rd. No. Andover, Mass. LAMEY-WELLEHAN FRANK ' S ATLANTIC SERVICE FRANK CASHMAN, Prop. 331 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. SHOES and HOSIERY tor Every Occasion Gas - Oil • Batteries - Tires - Tubes Automotive Accessories 4 MAIN STREET NO. ANDOVER, MASS. 01845 TEL. 687-7373 682-7681 CRANE HARDWARE CO. A Friend 73 Main Street NO. ANDOVER, MASS. 134 GRECOE JEWELERS Compliments of Jeweler Optician Certified Repair Service 46 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. SEYMOUR ' S a Friend GREENHOUSE FLORIST Flowers For All Occasions 36 LINDEN AVE. NORTH ANDOVER Telephone 685-5589 ANDOVER BOOK STORE OLD ANDOVER VILLAGE Compliments of No. Andover Police CHRIS ' DRIVE-IN AND GOLFLAND at North Andover Opposite Western Elec. Plant on Route 125 Relief Association Congratulations and the best of luck! We at Loring are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photo¬ graphs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Loring Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Loring portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! New England ' s Largest School Photographers THE BUNGALOW INC. Joseph T. Gile, Sr. " The Qualify Goes in Before The Food Goes Out " CORNER OF SALEM UNION STREETS Phone 682-4811 LAWRENCE, MASS. ROLF ' S RESTAURANT " A place where good friends meet! " NORTH ANDOVER 39 MAIN STREET JIM PHELAN-GROCERIES 87 MAIN STREET PARTY-IN Joseph T. 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Compliments of CASEY ' S PHARA IACY TAYLOR BUICK CO., INC. 47 Loring St. Lawrence, Mass. 599-605 SOUTH UNION STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. John J. Carney, Reg. Ph. Tel. 2-2249 THE FURNITURE BARN INC. FEATURING Ethan Allen EARLY AMERICAN FURNITURE OPEN TUES. - FRI. 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. SPECIALISTS IN SAT. 8 A.M. - 6 P.M. EARLY AMERICAN and COLONIAL FURNITURE CLOSED ALL DAY MONDAY Junction Routes 114 - 125 - 133 419 Andover St., No. Andover 682-8260 • DISTINCTIVE GIFTS • " A Shop for the Horse and Rider " the EQUESTRIAN SHOP Inc. PAUL PROULX, President 1812 TURNPIKE ST. - ROUTE 114 No. Andover, Massachusetts Tel. 686-7722 MEADOW BROOK LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING One Call Professional Laundry And Dry Cleaning Cash and Carry Coin-op Lanudry and Drycleaning Tel. 682-5211 SALON De PARIS All the newest and latest styles of ' 69 Call Mr. Richard for appointment MICHAEL J. SULLIVAN, INC. Distinctive Gifts for the Home Our 82nd Year Norcross Cards 1887-1969 Over 40,000 square feet SOMETHIN ' SPECIAL Displaying America ' s better Furniture Rugs at Reasonable Prices 226 ESSEX STREET Early American Reproductions LAWRENCE, MASS. Jewelry Lee Pauline Moran from learning laboratories to lunar missions... Raytheon makes thii happen. A high school student dials a les¬ son and learns at his own pace . . . A housewife prepares a meal in minutes in her microwave oven ... A submarine listens for intruders in the deep... A seismograph crew explores for oil beneath an African desert. A radar scans the skies and a supersonic missile stands ready if needed ... A new petrochemical plant takes form against a Louisi¬ ana sky ... A phone conversation is carried by microwaves across the Andes to a remote area of Ecuador ...A tiny computer guides an Apollo spacecraft from orbit to on- target splashdown. These are but a few of the re¬ sults of Raytheon technology at work around the world. Today, Raytheon is an interna¬ tional science-based company employing over 50,000 people. Common threads of technology run through and weave together the company’s diverse and growing businesses in both government and commercial markets. At Raytheon, our future is both exciting and challenging. We hope that your future holds a full mea¬ sure of excitement and challenge too. Perhaps you will find it with us. BEST OF LUCK TO CLASS OF ' 69 Anthony s Beauty Salon 477 ESSEX STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. Telephone: 683-1607 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ 1813 - 1969 J. P. STEVENS CO., INC. STEVENS ' PLANT OSGOOD PLANT NORTH ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS WILLIAM B. KENT SONS, INC. Local and Long Distance Moving—Packing and Storage Agent for North American Van Lines Telephone 683-9439 550 TURNPIKE STREET NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. DAIRY QUEEN OF BOSTON, INC. Wishes the Graduating Class of 1969 Utmost Success in their Future Endeavors! Louis P. Minicucci—Pres. Treas. 522 MAIN STREET NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. 01845 TEL 688-2154 TUNE TOWN RECORDS STEREO - AUDIO COMPONENTS 41 Amesbury St., Lawrence, Mass. Telephone MUrdock 8-8362 41 AMESBURY STREET, LAWRENCE, MASS. THE MOD SHOP Dresses Sportswear ELITE PHARMACY Joseph Campione, Reg. Ph. Telephone 683-3979 200 MIDDLESEX ST. NORTH ANDOVER VOGUE HAIR STYLES 143 MAIN STREET NO. ANDOVER MASS. 689-9282 Andover convenient offices INCORPORATED 1834 ANDOVER 61 MAIN STREET NORTH ANDOVER 108 MAIN STREET METHUEN 547 BROADWAY 150 Long Hair Our Specialty JULIE ' S BEAUTY SALON 148 MAIN ST., NORTH ANDOVER Julie Durkee Holly Young CALL FOR AN Open Wed. Sat. APPOINTMENT 9 - 5:30; 682-4072 Thurs. Fri. 9 - 9 — Closed Mon.. Tues. Tel. 688-6004 Annex 688-7252 688-6242 NORTH ANDOVER TAXI FIORI ' S DEPOT MOTORS PHILIP CLARK, Prop. Annex Fiori ' s Car City Quality Used Cars Telephone 686-4030 SALESMEN 56 MAIN STREET Lou, Gus and Joe 144 Riverside Drive 15 Parker Street NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. Lawrence, Mass. So. Lawrence, Mass. ELFRIEDPS BEAUTY SHOP DEHULLU ' S MARKET Telephone 683-2279 60 UNION STREET 200 OSGOOD ST. NORTH ANDOVER NO. ANDOVER, MASS. DEWHIRST FUNERAL HOME 15 17 Third Street North Andover, Moss. Telephone 688-1538 SPONSORS Little Professional Dance Studio Atty. Robert L. Hermann Andrew F. Coffin Insurance Dr. Eugene A. Beliveau Mr. and Mrs. Hugh MacNeill Robert H. Pangione Deb ' s Den Lawrence-Andover Empire Stanley Ward, D.M.D. Thomas B. Hayes, M.D. John and Jean Zahoruiko Dr. J. W. Scalora, D.M.D. Duke ' s Men ' s Shop Forgetta ' s Flowers Jffi

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