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1964 ®fje lUitgfjt NORTH ANDOVER HIGH SCHOOL NORTH ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS In Memoriam Fabian Bachrach JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY Thirty-fifth President of the United States 1917-1963 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page. 1 Table of Contents . .. 3 Administration Faculty Senior Classes Underclassmen . 61 -sfe? { , Activities . 69 Sports 81 Advertising and Sponsors 91 3 DOUGLAS A. CHANDLER Superintendent of Schools ALVAH G. HAYES Principal ADMINISTRATION 4 FACULTY ENID M. BURNS English, Advisor to school publication Simmons College, B.S.; Middlebury College, M.A. " All right, there will be no more talking.” HOWARD E. CROZIER Director of Physical Education and Athletics Track and Wrestling Coach Springfield College, B.S., M.Ed. " Algebraically speaking . . MARGARET M. DONLAN Algebra, Latin, Advisor to National Honor Society Boston University, A.B., M.Ed. " Repeat after me, ' As a member of the National Honor Society AGNES M. AIKEN French Wheaton College, A.B.; Harvard University, Ed.M. " When you visit Europe . . MARGARET E. BROWN English Boston University, A.B. " Come on now, use your head.” MARY A. BUCKLEY Home Economics Regis College, B.S. " Do you want a big round goose egg for the day?” ROBERT J. COLLIER Director of guidance, North Andover Public Schools Cortland State Teachers College, B.S. in Ed.; Boston University, Ed.M. " You will have three hours and ten minutes to read the directions.” MILDRED E. DIMLICH Girls’ Physical Education, Girls’ Field Hockey Coach Advisor to Cheerleaders, Coach of Upper Elementary Basketball Posse-Nissen School of Physical Education " Open orders, one, tew.” 5 FACULTY JOHN V. DONOVAN Chairman of English Department, English Boston College, A.B., M.A. " Boys, beware.” ARTHUR H. FORGETTA Algebra, Senior Mathematics, Math Club Tufts University, B.S.; Northeastern University, M.Ed. " Ahoy out there, you great stone faces.” AMERICO J. FICHERA Algebra, General Science, Assistant Football Coach, Junior Varsity, Assistant Basketball Coach, Freshmen State College at Salem, B.S. in Ed. " I’m sorry I forgot to have my picture taken.” MADELINE M. GILLEN Director of Guidance University of Maine, A.B.; Boston University, M.A. " Let’s look at this realistically.” ROSEMARY D. FLIBBERT English Wellesley College, A.B. " I ' ll give you three chances.” MARION S. GROSSMAN Typewriting, Stenography, Advisor to Student Council Salem State Teachers College, B.S. in Ed.; Boston University, Ed.M. " Loitering is prohibited!” ANTHONY FORGETTA French Boston College, B.S. " That’s the way the French people do it.” ARTHUR P. HALL Latin, Russian Boston University, A.B. " Soon I’ll have you thinking like the Russians.” 6 FACULTY ARTHUR J. HAMEL Chemistry, Coach of J.V. Baseball St. Anselm’s College, A.B.; State Teachers College at Boston, M.Ed. " What do you mean? What is the purpose of this experiment?” LEWIS J. HULL Librarian Boston University, B. Mus., M.A. " All right, you birds, three minutes detention!” JAMES L. HILLS Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing Fitchburg State College, B.S. in Ed.; Calvin Coolidge College, M.Ed. " OK, who left the milk bottle?” JUSTINE J. JUAREZ English Wellesley College, B.A. " Oh, how prosaic.” GEORGE F. LEE Biology, Assistant Principal, Coach of Baseball St. Anselm’s College, A.B. " Now, my dearly beloved . . JOSEPH F. LYNCH Plane Geometry, Algebra, General Science Advisor to the Math Club College of the Holy Cross, B.S. " Oh, go take a slow boat to China.” MILTON J. KIMMEL Band Lowell State College, B.S. in Ed. " Put a little more umph in it.” ROBERT C. LICARE Problems of Democracy, Basketball Coach Freshman Football Coach Boston University, B.S., Ed.M " Hey, you in the back . ..” 7 FACULTY JAMES W. McDonald Speech, English, Dramatic Club Director of School Play, Driver Education Emerson College, B.L.I. " This needs oral preparation.” ALBERT F. PERRAULT, JR. Problems of Democracy, Civics, History Holy Cross, B.S.; Boston College, M.A. " And as the good book says, ' Thou shalt eat thy bread in the sweat of thy brow.’ ” CLARENCE F. MOSHER, JR. Music Supervisor, Choral Music New England Conservatory of Music, B. Mus.; Columbia University, M.A. in Educational Administration. " Sing it pianissimo” THOMAS F. POWERS Guidance Counselor, Business Manager of Athletics Tufts University, A.B., M.Ed. " You, you want to go to college?” ALICE M. NEAL Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Bookkeeper for North Andover School Lunch Programs Boston University, B.S.S., M.Ed. " Machines q uiet.” THOMAS L. REGAN Physics, Chemistry, Algebra, Science Club, President of North Andover Teachers Association Providence College, B.S.; State College at Salem, M.Ed. " Today we will have a filum with Mr. Filik.” PHILIP E. NELSON History, Civics Boston University, B.A. " Who needs to study the Civil War, anyway?” JOHN R. ROBINSON General Science, Consumer Education, Problems of Democracy, Photography Club Boston University, B.S.; Suffolk University, M.Ed. " Today we will have our annual Pearl Harbor Day quiz.” 8 FACULTY GRACE S. SAULNIER French Emmanuel College, B.A. " Oh, really.” KATHERINE C. SHERIDAN History, Geography Boston University, B.S., in Ed., M.Ed. " We’ll start in the back of the room this time.” ROBERT J. SULLIVAN Algebra, General Math, Coach of Football Holy Cross, B.S. " All right now, pay attention.” CLAIRE T. TORPEY Stenography, Office Practice, Junior Business Training Salem State Teachers College, B.S. in Ed.; Boston University, M.Ed. " Now people, I mean really and truly.” HARWOOD A. STEELE Typing, Bookkeeping, Business Training University of Maine, B.S. in Bus. Ed.; Salem State College, M.Ed. " You’re late!” RALPH C. TAYLOR English, Advisor to the Yearbook Brown University, Ph.B., M.A. " Let’s do this fast.” ROBERT B. ROCHE History, Biology Assistant Coach in Football, Basketball, Track Suffolk University, A.B. " O.K., big fella.” MARCIA O. SEWALL Drawing, Crafts Pembroke College, B.A.; Tufts University, M.Ed. " Good for you.” 9 10 What do you mean I look like a Beatle?” JUDITH E. ABBOTT " Judy” Beautiful red hair . .. full of vim and vigor .. . short and sweet... always seen with Jane and Marilyn . . . simply loves chorus (?) ... always has a winning smile for everyone ... an avid sports fan . . . ready to cheer up anyone, anytime .. . hopes to go into nursing. Softball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 3, 4; Knight 4. CHARLES W. ACKROYD " Charlie” " Hi there” . . . oh, how you love homework? . . . quiet, but oh so nice . . . you’ll make a good electrician, but watch out for those lively wires . . . never forget those fifth period spares or your Senior year . . . loves to hunt and fish . . . typical outdoor man . . . will you ever get that driver’s license? . . . well mannered ... a really nice kid to know . . . diligent worker ... best of luck always. JOAN E. ACKROYD Joan A very nice friend to have . . . has a smile and a good word for everyone . . . always willing to lend a helping hand . . . partial to out-of-town boys . . . neat in appearance . . . loves to dance . . . always ready for a good party . . . great fan of the beaches . . . full of the dickens . . . real sweet miss . . . sure to succeed in the business world. Dramatic Club 4; Knight 4- BARBARA A. AGEY " Barb” A real peppy cheerleader . . . has a friendly " Hi” for everyone . . . accomplished much during her four years at N.A.H.S. . . . enjoys lab periods . . . future teacher . . . Nancy’s other half ... adorable wardrobe ... nice ways . . . has a passion for skiing . . . best of luck Barb! Knight 4: Cheerleader 4; Honor Society 3,4; Basketball 2; Secretary-Treasurer 3; Student Council 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3; From Com¬ mittee 3, 4; Hi-Lites 1; D. A. R. Good Citi¬ zenship Aivard 4. Hi! . . . Hey, Gang, . . . Ya know who I am? JOHN JOSEPH ARMANO " Johnny” Quiet young man . . . very sincere . . . follows all the sports events . . . one of the famous ' " corridor watchers” . . . handsome . . . attracted to the fair sex . . . loves to say " I know it!” . . . thinks his teachers are the best . . . hopes to be a sports announcer . . . bound to be tops. Baseball 4; Dramatic Club 3. PATRICIA ANN BAGLIERI " Pat” Senior Marshall of the year ... " Take gas!’’ desire in life is to have seven spares a day ... Gail’s partner in crime ... always lending a hand that is helpful... big brown eyes ... never forgets to do her Alge¬ bra homework ... milk tokens, anyone? ... captain of Home Room 18 . . . St. Mary’s loss is North Andover’s gain. Basketball 3; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Knight 4. ROBERT BAILEY " Bob” To a future prof ... fluent German speaker ... grateful of four years of learned experi¬ ence N. A. H. S. has given him ... always very studious and hard-working... life is go¬ ing to find Bob with his determined air, a very hard man to stop . .. only thing that bothers Bob are people who borrow things and never return them; right, Bob? M. Y. T. 4 (President). ROBERT JAMES ASPINALL " Bob” Man of few words . . . nice smile for everyone . . . lover of the fairer sex . . . magnificent build . . . real sharp dresser . . . the studious type? . . . member of the 2:30 Club . . . handsome . . . forever on the go . . . never a bad word to say about anyone . . . partial to girls from out of town . . . not a worry in the world ... well-mannered ... allergic to school... happy as the day is long . . . looking forward to graduation. 13 I’m the spirit of N.A.H.S. Hang around, yearbooks. HELEN ANN BARRON " Birdie” Lively personality .. . always smiling . .. " You’re kidding me” .. . likes to giggle ... partial to boys in the Navy ... a whiz at the commercial subjects . .. proficient roller skater .. . always a friendly " Hi” and smile for everyone . .. sincere and devoted ... will surely make a wonderful secretary ... one nice girl to know. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 ; Knight 4. BETH BARWELL Always adorned with a charming smile ... Ivy League wardrobe ... often seen working at Stop and Shop ... a whiz on water skiis (?) ... always seen in a light blue Falcon ... loads of ready advice for everyone .. . loves gym (?) ... going on a diet tomorrow .. . hopes to become an elementary teacher. Basketball 2, 3; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Chorus 4. JAMES A. BARRY " Bazza” Always ready for fun ... never at a loss for words (to say the least) ... all he wants for Christmas are his two front teeth ... member of the 2:30 club ... often seen swinging out at the Barn ... lots of school spirit ... helps keep cafe spares from getting dull.. . will settle down some day and be a success. Football 1,2,3, 4; Basketball 1, 2,3; Baseball 1. N ROBERT C. BASHAW " Bob” Advocate for seniority over underclassmen .. favorite expression: " What’s new?” ... has a great desire to become a gymnastics teacher . . . appreciative of his all male Physics class ... enthusiastic supporter of all athletics ... often seen walking along Massachusetts Ave¬ nue with basketball or football in hand ... neat dresser. Dramatics Club 4: Wrestling 4; Track 4. People don’t usually see me . . . But . . . 14 DOROTHY LOUISE BEAUDOIN " Dot” Better known as " Dottie” ... cute and petite miss ... always has a smile for everyone ... adores English (?) ... loves to have a good time ... always ready for a laugh .. . partial to the opposite sex ... loves to read ... counting the minutes until graduation . .. quiet in class . . . loves his¬ tory (?) ... kind and considerate ... a swell friend . . . best of luck in the future. Dramatic Club 2, 3. CHARLES L. BEAUCHESNE " Charlie” One great kid .. . never a dull moment with Charlie around .. . Mr. Lee’s right hand man .. . right at home with a pool cue in his hand .. . usually seen with the fellas ... loves to eat, talk, and eat.. . all time " monkey” champ of N. A. H. S.... once was bitten by a desk in Room 6 ... would like to become a Physical Education teacher. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Knight 4- « CAROL ANN BETTENCOURT " Carol” Can’t get home fast enough to see what the mailman has left... asset to the girls’ basketball team . . . always on the go . . . has a way of making friends instantaneously . . . blushes ever so easily .. . loves a party ... never at a loss for words — except in Speech class ... her efficient and cheerful personality will make her an ideal nurse. Student Council 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Glee Club 1; Squire 4. DONNA M. BISHOP " Bish” Very popular miss ... wonderful wardrobe ... vivacious cheerleader ... a girl who is al¬ ways laughing ... very cautious ... college bound ... a very successful student... always seen skipping along . .. usually with a certain boy. Honor Society 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; Football Queen’s Attendant 4; Knight 4 (Executive and Policy Staff); Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Bas¬ ketball 2, 3; Squire 4; Prom Committee 3; Band 1, 2; Latin Honor Society 1, 2. I figured that since it is the class of ’64 that ... 15 JAMES W. BROWN Better known as " Brownie” ... always finds time to work on his car ... enjoys collecting stamps and coins ... willing to lend a helping hand in any situation .. . quiet until you get to know him ... likes doing homework? ... always has something to say in Problems ... has a great ability in writing themes in En¬ glish ... plans to enter the Coast Guard ... best of luck in the future. SANDRA M. BODGE " Sandy” A true friend ... attractive and easy to get along with ... just adores homework (?) ... very keen to the opposite sex ... definite ambitions ... " outstanding” ... loves gym (?) ... always there at the right time to share a joke ... a skating booster ... will go far in the business field. JOHN BORQUIN " Jack” Always a friendly smile and hello for all.. . seen riding around in his brightly colored Mercury ... usually can be seen at Central. .. appears quiet and shy, especially in homeroom, but wait until you know him ... attracted to the opposite sex. KAREN MARIE BRESNAHAN " Kay” The most unforgettable gal with a flow of bubbling personality ... a Freshman again? ... you must be kidding? ... (Whooz a ma jiggy what’s that a new dance?) ... an asset to our cheering squad ... I love that green sweater of yours ... fun to be with during lunch ... always seen at the barn and games (of course) ... a good friend at anytime ... never without a smile ... loves Cafe A spares, especially Monday, 6th period . . . loves Problem Class . . . cheering tryouts were fun, weren’t they? Vice President 3; Student Council 3; Dramatics 3, 4; Knight 4. Well .. . could make an exception . 16 DAVID ANDREW CAIRNS " Dave” Better known as " Dave” ... real nice guy ... easy to get along with ... forever saying " You’re sweet like poison” ... loves cars ... never keeps his collar buttoned ... homework is public enemy No. 1 ... fabulous personality ... always seen riding around town ... loves U. S. History (?) ... appreciates a good time ... enjoys fishing and bowling ... sure to be a successful mechanic. SANDRA S. BROWN " Sandy” One nice person with personality plus ... friendly and helpful to every¬ one ... enjoys swimming and sports ... makes a cute majorette ... quiet in appearance, but always ready for a good time . .. will make a great secretary. Field Hockey 3, 4; Chorus 1, 3, 4; Knight 4; Majorettes 3, 4. MARITA BUTTERFIELD " Merri” A real sweet majorette ... loves to talk ... is attracted to boys ... has a good sense of humor and a happy outlook on life . .. remember all the showers you took in gym class, Marita? ... enjoys dancing, horseback riding, and folk singing ... " What a riot!” ... is sure to become an out¬ standing horseback rider ... certainly will be a ' successful hairdresser ... loves chorus (?) ... well-liked by all. Majorettes 3, 4. JOSEPH A. BUTURLIA Joe Allergic to homework . .. right-hand-man at Chris’ Drive-in ... oh, those mischievous eyes! ... an avid fan of all kinds of sports ... especially likes hunting and fishing ... always eager for a game of billiards ... adds life and excitement to Homeroom 18 ... always willing to lend a helping hand ... his pleasant attitude makes him well-liked by all.. . full of the dickens . . . gets along well with teachers . . . the best of everything to a wonderful person. 17 So . . . Here I am. MARY ELLEN CAMPBELL Oh, so mischievous ... bursting with energy ... never can be found in any spares ... always seen with Donna ... terrific driver (?) ... beautiful wardrobe ... always ready with a joke ... variable hair color ... will make a great secretary. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ALLAN JOHN CAMPBELL " Chooch” Always asking girls for their pictures ... a great driver! . . . likes to work on cars ... adores English (?) ... always seen with Pete ... friendly ... easy-going manner . . . loves feminine company ... always looking for a party ... avid supporter of the teams ... sportsminded ... enjoys a good time ... sure to succeed. Basketball 1, 2. i V CAROL DIANE CHEPULIS " Chippy” Personality plus ... sincere and devoted Girl Scout... conscientious ... tops in Russian ... can often be found working at the library .. . friendly ... a real cool clarinet player ... ambitious ... good student... bound to succeed in anything she tries ... nice to know. Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Honor Society 3, 4; Knight 4; Squire 4 (Co-Editor). MARY CORELLO " Carootch” One and only desire is for the girls’ basket¬ ball team to go to the Tech Tourney ... lover of horses . . . very patient. . . always willing to give a helping hand ... always seen smiling ... enthusiastic basketball co-captain ... a fu¬ ture professor in French ... a sure success. Varsity Field Hockey l, 2; Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Softball 2; Prom Committee 3; Dramatic Club 4; Pep Club 4; Knight 4; Hi-Lites 4. Big deal, . . . I bet you’re just thrilled to death. 18 MICHAEL J. COSTELLO " Mike” Quiet and shy (?) ... a certain way with the opposite sex .. . spends his spare time working at Meagan’s . . . usually seen with Chooch and Pete ... supporter of school sports ... one nice kid to know ... seen with Junior girls . .. usually bombing around town .. . likes to eat. Baseball 1. MARILYN J. CRAWFORD " Lyn” Appears quiet and shy until you really get to know her . .. has a great aspiration to be an author or journalist... usually can be found at all school athletic events ... favorite expression: " And all that jazz” ... ap¬ preciates dancing, reading, and Russian dialogues . . . always up on the latest fads ... enjoys a good time. Knight 4; Squire 4. X JEAN M. CULVER One nice girl to know ... doesn’t take life too seriously ... always has a joke to tell and never misses the chance to hear one ... unforgettable giggle ... never gets caught passing her many notes ... full of mischief ... not a care in the world ... never a dull moment with Jean around ... stylish hairdos ... goes all out... we’ll all patronize your future beauty salon. Pep Club 4; Dramatic Club 4- MARY G. CURCIO " Gael” A very intelligent girl with both personality and popularity ... attracted to and attracts prep school boys ... has a remarkably logical mind... favorite expression: " Earthy”... great ambition to join the Peace Corps ... continually dissenting and raising moot issues in Problems 4-V ... a very extraordinary lady. Vice-President l, Secretary 2, Presentation Academy; Field Hockey 4 (manager); Dra¬ matic Club 4: Honor Society 4- 19 Well, to get down to business . . . Sorry. MERLE CURRIER “Merle” Shy until you get to know her ... one great friend to have ... adorable smile . . . always has a friendly " Hi” for everyone . .. cute .. . always wil¬ ling to lend a hand ... loves to swap jokes and pictures ... fabulous sense of humor ... when are you going to get your license? .. . headed for the business world. JOHN DAMON " JD ” Can always be found on a motorscooter or crutches . . . loves warm weather so that he can use his red scooter ... dark hair ... gleaming eyes ... a friendly smile ... a great student and asset to N. A. H. S.... always ready for a laugh ... good luck in the future ... you’re certainly one who deserves it. ANTOINETTE O. DEHULLU Tom Friendly ... Haverhill’s loss is our gain ... talented pianist... sewing .. . hiking . . . reading . . . nice ways .. . cheerful disposition .. . always a pleasant smile and a friendly " Hi” for everyone ... easy to get along with ... sweet personality .. . considerate of others ... will make a great teach¬ er ... one swell girl to know. Knight 4: Math Club 4. SUSAN MARIE DETORA “Susie-Q” Beautiful long black hair ... musically in¬ clined . . . desires to be a musician . . . excel¬ lent flutist... enjoys English and Social Stud¬ ies ... always found in the library ... likes to help Mr. Mosher ... a sincere friend with a warm smile . .. may you be successful in your future music career. New England Solo and Ensemble Festival 1, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4; All New England Festi¬ val of Music 3; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; Northeast District Festival 2. Just imagine . . . No more high school. 20 JOYCE EILEEN DEWHURST " Joy” Wonderful person to know ... brightens everyone’s day with her con¬ tagious smile ... has traveled throughout Southwestern and Midwestern U. S.... always heard saying: " What a scream!” ... really loved Mr. Nelson’s U. S. History 3-V class ... very talented pianist... asset to the business department... hopes to be a secretary ... will be a great success. Dramatic Club 3, 4; Knight 4; All New England Festival of Music 2. CORNELIUS J. DONOVAN " Neil” " Hey, big fella!” ... really likes biology? ... loved that Saturday morning class (?) ... do you always have your collar unbuttoned? ... loves a good laugh ... where there’s fun there’s Neil... never forget those crazy history tests ... easy going manner ... big " Hi” for everyone ... quiet and shy (?) ... swell kid to know. Track Manager 2, 4; Track Team 4. JOHN DUFRESNE " Duffy” Very good Russian student... successful in all studies ... very well liked ... hopes to own a fast sports car ... fondest memories of N. A. H. S. are basketball and football games ... always seen at D. Q. in his car ... chief interests are girls, money, cars ... doesn’t like work or homework ... will be successful in the future ... seen at the Barn by many. Math Club 4; Dramatic Club 4; Knight 4- JACQUELINE B. DYER " Jackie” Loves clothes ... a cute football queen ... popular with the opposite sex ... fun-loving ... usually seen at the Barn ... gift of gab ... great basketball player . . . personality plus . . . loves to eat . . . pert and flirtatious! . . . likes horseback riding ... a girl to know. Math Club 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Foot¬ ball Queen 4; Prom Committee 3; Basketball 4; Knight 4; Student Council 2, 3- 21 Why it seems just like yesterday we were Freshmen . . . Remember? CHRISTINA SUSAN ERLE " Sudie” A girl who made a hit the minute she arrived from Methuen ... scads of lovely clothes ... seemingly quiet, but looks can be deceiving ... giggles ... partial to older fellas ... mischievous gleam in her eyes ... oh, those gym classes! ... " Forget it!” ... lady-like ... one sincere and very de¬ pendable miss ... always ready with a smile and a kind word ... oh, that walk! ... as a designer, success will be yours, Sue. CAROL A. FARO " Carol” Will make a real successful hairdresser ... " Forget it!” ... marching in the Santa Claus Parade was a real blast... were you as cold as you looked? ... always seen supporting various sports ... did you really like those two-thirty classes ... chic clothes and lots of them ... a " Hello” for everyone. Majorette 2,3,4. JOANNE T. FARO Joanne Appears shy until you know her ... not an enemy or a worry in the world ... a whiz at shorthand ... sure to make someone a terrific secretary ... willing to work hard ... takes life in a serious manner ... will have a wonderful future in the business world ... always has something inter¬ esting to say ... is a real tribute to N. A. H. S.... a wonderful girl to know and a great friend to have. JOHN J. FENTON " Jack” A future radio broadcaster ... loves school and Fords? ... girls and cars ... " I care” ... remember when you were just entering these hallowed halls of N. A. as a Freshman? ... al¬ ways keeps things on the light side ... often seen delivering groceries ... an asset to Miss Torpey’s Office Practice class(?) ...a really great person to know. Basketball 1. Um . . . Let me see, that was in the days of the class of ’61 .. . 22 THOMAS D. FINOCCHIARO " Tom” Always has a smile for everyone ... is better known as " Finny” ... loves working on cars ... forever saying " Your car is a junk” ... never seen walking anywhere ... never a care in the world ... never takes anything seriously ... well liked by all... enjoys Office Practice? ... allergic to homework ... ambition is to be a mechanic. Photography Club 1, 2; Science Club 2. BARBARA D. FISHER " Barbie” A loyal friend ... hard worker ... dedicated ... has definite opinions ... riding, canoeing, sailing, water skiing ... enjoys driving, especially in bare feet... mountaineer ... likes the companionship of prep school boys ... college bound. Field Hockey 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Dramatic Club 3, 4; P. T. S. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Student Vice-President); Student Council 1, 4; Band 1; Knight 4; Squire 4. ELLIS F. FITZPATRICK " Elbe” One of N. A.’s best... 714 on College Boards ... looks quiet, but... center of our defensive line ... works hard on anything he does except homework ... always ready with a subtle remark ... headed for college and then on to success. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Track 3, 4- CHARLES HENRY FLORIN " Charlie” Whiz at math problems ... future mathema¬ tician ... quiet... enjoys a challenge ... can really make that clarinet swing ... well man¬ nered ... always has something worthwhile to say in Problems ... well liked by all... studi¬ ous ... scientifically inclined ... sure to suc¬ ceed ... full of good ideas ... sincere friend .. . inquisitive mind ... peppy (?) Math Club 1,2,3, 4; Band 1,2,3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Chess Club 1. 23 My, wbat a rowdy bunch they were . VIRINIA LAUREL FOLLETT " Ginny” Has a sparkling personality ... a cute laugh ... enjoys gym, especially making tripods . .. forever winning blue ribbons at fairs ... likes being Mr. Regan’s secretary ... reads in her spare time ... called " Pixie” by Mr. Nelson ... attracted to boys ... credit to the typing department... may the best be yours in the future. Dramatic Club 4; Knight 4 (Manager of Typing). SEAN FOUNTAIN OP ft Sean Ambition is to be a History teacher and football coach ... wonderful football player ... always seen with a certain cheerleader ... fondest memory was being a member of Mr. Donovan’s 2:30 Club ... very good looking ... always well groomed and neatly dressed ... pet peeve is Chevies ... time occupied by hockey and football. Student Council 4 (Vice-President); Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Track 3; Home Room Representative 4. CHARLES MICHAEL FRIEL " Charlie” Always a smile for everyone ... better known as " Charlie” ... lots of fun to be with ... easy going ... quiet in home room ... forever saying, " You know what I mean” ... likes to be dismissed when bell rings .. . enjoys basketball and baseball... loves history ... hard and enthusiastic worker ... sure to succeed in his teaching ambition .. . best of luck. Basketball 3 (Manager). JOHN SHERIDAN GALLAGHER " Jack” Quiet and quite tall.. . great kid . .. skiing enthusiast.. . and likes to play basketball... tops in everyone’s book ... how about that Junior History class? ... " You can say that again” ... likes going to the Tech Tournies ... wants to go on to school... major in Bi¬ ology ... great friend to have. Just think . . . No more caf spares . . . 24 RICHARD GALLAGHER " Ricky” Central’s loss was certainly North Andover’s gain ... one of Glennie’s best ice cream scoopers ... loves both water and snow skiing ... often riding around in his Ford convertible ... enjoys doing both homework and English? ... headed for success. Bowling 1, 2; (Central); School Publications 1, 2, 3; (Central); Sodality 1, 2, 3; (Central); Glee Club 1; (Central); Minstrel 1, 2. MARC BENNETT GARNICK " Marc” Handsome, debonair, charming ... accomplished guitarist... very col¬ legiate dresser ... respected by both students and teachers ... very popu¬ lar with the girls ... one of N. A.’s most intelligent students ... friend to all... regards studies as serious business ... truly bound for success in college ... a real gentleman. Honor Society 3, 4; (President); Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; (Vice-President); Harvard Book Prize 3; Knight Staff 4; (biography editor); Squire Staff 4; (contributing editor); Good Government Day Representative 4; Science Club 3; Board of Trade Scholastic Award 1, 2, 3. BEVERLY MAE GIARD " Bev” Personality plus . . . tops in all classes . . . forever saying: " Oh, pathetic” ... want to make fudge in lab? ... chums with Randa ... dances at Lawrence General Hospital... brightens every day ... loves to ride horses ... has her own car ... seen walking the corridors ... a future elementary teacher. Honor Society 4; Knight 4 (Executive and Policy Staff); Squire 4; Band 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Math Club 4; Hi-Lites 1. ALLAN T. GOURLEY " Al” Always seen in his Jeep .. . loves to fool around ... regular card shark ... enjoys a good joke ... great football manager ... really takes care of our Knights ... will never forget those wild cafe spares ... dreads report cards and detention ... wants to be a fireman ... good luck in the future, Al. Football 1, 2; Manager 3, 4. V 25 No more waiting in the lunch line . . . ALFRED E. GUERRERA " Al” Censor those expressions . . . why? .. . the grease . . . why that nickname? ... the guy with a love for Chevies? ... hard worker ... how’s the hot rod coming . . . best connoisseur N. A. ever had or could hope to have? ... a whiz at math and a great, great guy all around ... Mrs. Flibbert ' s pet in English? ... how’s your hand grenade? Math Club 3, 4 (Secretary); Football 4; Wrestling 3; Newton Fo otball 1, 2, 3; Gymnastics 2, 3. GEORGE E. GUILLMETTE " Frog” Always willing to lend a helping hand ... good physique ... constantly greeting everyone with a friendly " Hello” in the corridors ... a real asset to the wrestling team and bowling team ... outdoors man ... feels at ease when hunting and fishing ... has great admiration for our respected principal. Wrestling 3, 4; North Andover Bowling Team. ANNE MARIE HAMEL " Anne” Conscientious, intelligent and understanding . .. Navy ... has a friendly " Hi” for everyone ... a true friend . . . usually seen at the Barn . . . loyal supporter of school sports ... New Hampshire ... likes to dance ... easy to get along with ... willing to give a helping hand ... a good shoulder to cry on ... wonderful person to know. Dramatic Club 3, 4- SUSAN E. HIMBER " Susie” A sweet miss who enjoys horseback-riding, basketball, skating, and also a certain young man ... wouldn’t be from Northern Essex, would he Sue? ... we can’t forget speech class, " if you know what I mean” ... future secretary or maybe some Veterinarian will be in luck for a good assistant . . . can you ever forget Mr. Roche’s History classes? ... a fu¬ ture driver in the making, and a good one at that. Knight 4. No more football games . . . No more scarlet and black .. . 26 LINDA ANN HUMPHREYS " Smiley” Usually seen at Central... quiet (?) ... nice clothes ... true friend ... always smiling . .. easy to get along with ... partial to the opposite sex ... " Oh! De finitely” ... loves English (?) ... full of fun ... usually seen with Joan ... sure to be a success in the business world ... likes winter sports. Hi-Lites 1; Dramatic Club 4. SEBASTIAN C. IACONO " Buster” Great guy ... sports car enthusiast... dark wavy hair ... full of fun . . . good-looking . .. well-liked by everyone ... friendly smile ... always a friendly " Hi” for everyone ... has a way with girls ... likes women drivers (? ) ... always the class gentlemen ... good sense of humor ... ambitions ... good personality ... nice to know. BRUCE J. HOUSTON " Bru” The original hot ticket... great trombone player ... most improved pool player of the year ... best Santa in greater Lawrence ... usually seen with the gang in his green flash . . . always ready to give his views in Problems ... backbone of the band ... what will Mr. Mosher do next year? ... wished there had been some girls in his physics class ... headed for a career in music. Football 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 2, 3, 4; New England Music Festival 3 , 4. NORMAN C. HUGHES " Norm” Can always be found on any athletic team ... knows all the answers ... " It’s obvious” ... a real go-getter and everyone’s friend ... Why do you enjoy taking Iowa tests, Norm? ... will always be looked upon as a real asset to North Andover High. Football 1, 2, 4; Basketball 3, 4 (Manager); Baseball 2, 4; Math Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Science Club 3, 4; Dramatic Club 4. 27 Sniff . . . It’s almost enough to make you wish you were a Freshman again . . . LINDA KAMAL MT » Lin Headed for college ... enjoys golf and swimming ... is a hard and en¬ thusiastic worker ... did you get those golf clubs yet, Linda? ... a whiz at math ... friendly to everyone ... enjoys working and nibbling at Baker’s Dozen ... loves to talk constantly ... easy to get along with. Student Council 1; Latin Honor Society 1; Knight 4; Field Hockey 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Math Club 4; Band 1, 2. JOHN M. KAVECKAS " John” Our gain from Roselle, New Jersey ... usually seen at the Barn ... am¬ bition is to be a mechanical or electrical engineer ... fondest memory of North Andover was his Senior Math course ... favorite expression: " Hi ya, George! ”... enjoys sports and cars ... bound for success. ROBERT E. KAWASH " Bob” Always arguing politics ... oh, those curly eyelashes ... loves Chevies (?) ... always ready with a joke ... easy-going ... prefers younger girls ... real collegiate dresser ... always headed for New York. Basketball 1, 2, (Brooks); Football 1, 2 (Brooks); Baseball l (Brooks); Dramatics Club 3, 4. GAIL ANN KENNEALLY " Gail” Not a care in the world for Gail except boys, teachers, and what to do next weekend ... most complete and beautiful wardrobe in town ... never holds a grudge ... a very am¬ bitious Senior ... makes certain that an en¬ joyable time is had by all... tells the most recent jokes and never misses out on hearing one... " You know!” ... fondest memory is her Sophomore prom . . . good luck, Gail in your hope of becoming a hairdresser. Science Club 1; Dramatic Club 2; Knight 4. Just think of that big bad world out there . .. 28 KATHLEEN P. KENNEDY " Kathy” Swell person to know . . . never stops talking ... always getting into mis¬ chief ... likes movies at Lowell Tech and the Boston Celtics ... re¬ member the prom of 1961, Kathy? ... Mr. Lee’s secretary ... enjoys wearing blue, especially on Fridays ... are you going to burn your gym suit on the front lawn of the school, Kathy? ... wonderful sense of humor... is always seen with a certain boy ... favorite expression: " Well, I wouldn’t say that.” Dramatic Club 3; Knight 4 (Business Manager). SANDRA JEAN KENT " Sandy” Always smiling ... contagious giggle ... one special boy ... talkative ... loves to sing ... pleasing personality ... sincere ... always a cheerful " Hi” for everyone ... " I guess so” ... nice friend to have ... gift of gab ... sure to be a success as an executive secretary ... easy to get along with. Knight 4- LINDA A. KMIEC MT J» Lin Seems quiet until you get to know her ... thoughtful and considerate ... who always catches you with gum in your mouth, Linda? ... likes to read and attend concerts ... is good natured ... apples, apples, and more apples . . . gets along with all the teachers . . . polite . . . wants to become a secretary ... great sense of humor ... good luck in everything you attempt! MARTIN M. KOBOS " Marty” Tall, handsome guy with a good word for all ... can you ever forget Dr. Thomson’s En¬ glish Class? ... an avid homework fan(?) ... enjoys eating school lunches served in the cafe! ... is particularly interested in hunting and fishing and hopes to someday become rich ... who knows, Marty? We may all be com¬ ing to borrow money from your bank. 29 Automation, " A” bombs, " , . . . Dog eat dog . . . i ” bombs s LITA KOPER " Leda” An attractive cheerleader ... adorable smile ... good friend to have ... likes to write notes ... popular as can be ... attracted to a certain boy ... can always be found at the Barn ... nice clothes ... a future secretary ... cute ways ... a great person to know. Student Council 3; Football Queen’s Court 4; Cheerleader 4; Dramatic Club 4; Knight 4; Pep Club 4. NANCY F. LANNI " Nanc” A swell person to know ... nice ways ... great love for oral English themes!! ? ... usually seen driving around town ... an ardent supporter of school activities ... future nurse. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Squire 4; Latin Honor Society 1; Field Hockey 3, 4; Knight 4; Pep Club 4; Basketball Manager 4. PATRICIA L. LEARY " Patti” A popular girl with many Ivy League clothes ... always driving around town ... has many dates ... " Anyone have any money for gas?” ... for¬ ever getting caught talking in the library ... never forget your Junior year ... likes the beach ... lucky kids who get Patti for a teacher! Dramatic Chib 1,2,3, 4; Field Hockey 3; Knight Staff 4; Squire 4; Pep Club 4; Basketball 4. CHARLOTTE E. LEATHAM " Chari” A sweet and lovely person to know ... quick sense of humor ... is attracted to a certain boy ... a friendly " Hi” and a smile for every¬ one ... enjoys Office Practice (? ) ... a tribute to N. A.’s band ... brown shiny hair ... blushes easily ... has nice clothes ... enjoys a good joke ... lives for the weekends ... a wonderful friend to have who is sure to suc¬ ceed in whatever she does. Band 1,2,3, 4; Softball 2. Whew!! . . . Pretty scary, isn’t it? 30 DONNA ANN LEONE " Pizon” A swell " Pizon” who is sure to make someone a proficient private sec¬ retary ... what’s the great interest in Andover, Donna? ... loves to talk, eat, let’s not leave out that avid attraction for boys ... is sure to miss football and basketball games ... maybe someday you will be teaching Phys Ed ... our dreams sometimes do come true. Student Council 1 (Secretary-Treasurer); Field Hockey 1; Basketball 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4. MARYLOU LIBBY Will always have fond thoughts of homeroom 69 with Mr. Sullivan and the gang ... do slowpokes peeve you, Marylou? ... enjoys dances and swimming ... certain to be a successful secretary ... hope you get to be or marry a millionaire, Marylou! ... favorite expression: " Oh, keep quiet!” . .. friendly to everyone . . . usually seen with Linda ... likes type class (?) ... lovely clothes ... attracted to the opposite sex and vice-versa . .. where did you acquire the name " Cousin”? CAROL A. LICCIARDI Cute and petite ... always smiling ... flirtatious ... like lightning on the hockey field . .. pleasing personality ... always a friendly " Hi” for every¬ one . .. likes to dance . .. nice girl to know ... mischievous ... will make someone a wonderful secretary. Basketball 1; Softball 1, 2; Field Hockey 3, 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Knight 4. ROBERT PETER LORD " Lordie” Real atractive guy . .. great supporter of all teams ... sincere love for freshmen (?) can always be found in his Lark .. . never out of trouble ... " Why are you walking, Bob?” ... future trumpet player ... a friend to all ... really enjoys (?) French ... vigorous politician ... headed for college. Baseball 1, 2; Football 2, 3; Basketball 1; Track 3, 4. 31 Well, ... I don’t want to make you feel bad about graduating, so .. . ALISON LORDAN " Al” A charming miss with a fabulous sense of humor ... why the intense dislike for being called " Mary”? ... ' Til never tell” ... can always be found in Mr. Mac’s room or behind stage when a play is in production . . . tennis, softball, and dancing all hold an interest. . . oh, those jokes! ... is sure to succeed at Westbrook ... I don’t think you’d look good as a blond anyway ... a " Hi” and pleasing smile for everyone. P. T. S. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 (Corresponding Secretary 3); Pep Club 4; Knight 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Lites 1, 2. RICHARD M. LYNCH " Dick” " For cryin’ out loud” ... how many girls do you think are really special? . . . do you hope to make your millions right after graduation? . .. always a " Hi” for everyone ... a real character ... quiet until you know him ... loves outdoor sports, such as hunting, fishing, and football . . . what have you caught in your traps lately? ... girls, girls, girls ... great sense of humor ... History 3-V was really swinging ... a real sharp dresser ... mischievous. JOYCE MACKENZIE " Mac” A lover of English and those wild cafe spares ... can usually be found in Room 11... has a certain boy’s time occupied ... beautiful clothes ... always seen dancing up a storm ... a real good secretary ... peaches and cream complexion . .. always smiling . . . loves first period class on Fridays ... lots of starch for those blouses, right? ... hats, hats, hats, remember? Dramatics Club 1; Knight 4. GARY WILLIAM MANCHESTER Friendly and good looking ... favorite ex¬ pression: " I’ll be checking it out” ... pursues a vocation in accounting and is sure to suc¬ ceed .. . what’s the great interest at Melrose High? . . . would your liking for books have anything to do with it? . . . it was Wakefield’s loss when you moved here, but it was a gain for N. A.... glittering in his eye at the thought of approaching June ... eating in very fancy places holds a great interest... maybe we’ll meet at the Copa! Let’s take a look into the future. 32 DOMENIC MANGANO " Dom” ’’Can I borrow loves his homeroom ... favorite expression: " Cool as a moose!” ... future plumber with admission to the bar! ... can fix anything that’s been broken . .. always ready for fun .. . inquisitive mind ... fond of school... always ready to cooperate with anyone ... always be remembered for his ready smile and good cheer. Photography Club 1, 2; Science Club 2. ROBERT J. MARCINUK " Bob” A great athlete in any sport... loves to antagonize a certain ”Ex” in homeroom ... ’’I couldn’t care less” ... always getting detention ... " Where’s my picture” ... love that car! .. . favorite subject is math(?) ... Saturday nights spent at the barn ... a great guy. Secretary-Treasurer 2; Student Council 2; Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Chib 2, 3; Prom Committee 3; Basketball 1,2,3, 4- PATRICIA E. MARSAN " Pat” Always eating ... boys, boys, boys ... a peppy cheerleader ... a real great actress ... likes victory parties ... " Who’s got some ' Num-a-Num’ for me?” ... loves spares in the cafe(?) ... always seen driving that white convertible ... many chic clothes ... knows all the latest dance steps ... good luck, Pat. Cheerleader 4; Basketball 1, 2; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Prom Committee 3; Field Hockey 1, 2; School Play 3. NANCY L. MARTIN " Nanc” One cute blond ... always neat in appearance ... personality plus ... works for those vic¬ tories on the basketball court... remember the experiment in Chem lab??? ... usually seen with Barb or Pat... a great friend to have ... a future nurse. Honor Society 3, 4, (Vice-President); Latin Honor Society l, 2; Student Council 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Girls’ State 3; Basketball 2,3, 4; P.T.S.A. 2 (Vice-President); Knight 4; Pep Club 4. 33 Just think how fat you will get . . . How wrinkled and worn . . . DAVID H. MATASIK " Dave” Favorite saying: " Down with sandwiches — up with shrewsburys!” ... easy-going . .. quiet and shy . . . wants to be a draftsman ... enjoys model airplane flying, go-karting, and monsters ... has many friends ... tall and lean . . . doesn’t like to be teased about his serious interest in mon¬ sters ... is sincere ... a good worker ... has responsibility ... is dependa¬ ble ... always ready for fun ... good-natured JOHN TIMOTHY MATHEWS " j ' p ” Quiet at first but wait till you get to know him . . . agricultural ambitions . . . a man of many varied hobbies . . . " Oh, well” . . . easy to get along with ... a friendly " Hi” for everyone he meets . . . great love for Algebra II (?) ... has a great attraction to freshman girls .. . faithful homeroomer . . . jet black hair . . . great guy to know. Science Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH F. McCLUNG " Betsy” Cheerful, friendly, attractive... a smile for everyone, especially the boys ... such a flirt! ... when in gym class, she is always in the showers ... never ending energy ... keeps a very neat locker(?) ...always seen at the Barn ... hopes to become an airline stew¬ ardess. Majorette 2,3,4. VINCENT JAMES MCALOON A real great football manager ... always hoping for a blizzard, so we can have a day out! ... really knows how to wrestle ... a whiz in Con¬ sumer Education class ... a friendly boy ... doesn’t take life too seriously ... NA’s future sports broadcaster ... good luck. Football Manager l, 2, 3, 4; Basketball Manager 1; Wrestling 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Track 2, 3, 4. Ha . . . Ha ha! . . . Ho Ho . . . Ob Boy . . . Just wait twenty years from now! 34 KATHRYN McGIBBON " Kathy” A pert blond with very pretty eyes and a pleasing smile . . . sure to make a good secretary for some lucky man ... who knows, you may even be¬ come secretary to the President of the United States of America ... a wonderful friend to have .. . always smiling ... is it school that makes you so happy (?) ... easy to get along with and loves to correspond with others .. . quite a little driver. MARY ANN McINTYRE " Mac” Beautiful curly blond hair ... liking for Andover boys ... flirty eyes ... beautiful clothes ... bound to be a success in the business world ... cafe spares! ... always a new joke ... can’t stand silly freshman ... great sense of humor ... friendly ways ... a great friend to have ... full of gab. CAROLYN D. MELVIN " Carolyn” Very attractive with beautiful, shiny blonde hair ... really enjoyed sing¬ ing Christmas carols in French 1 ... always present at the football games, cheering North Andover on to victory ... avid fan of Central dances ... fond of doing homework? ... headed for business world where success will be imminent. . . efficient in anything she endeavors. Knight 4. ANGELA MONTANARO " Ann” Can be found constantly attending dances .. . quite a blond to know ... how about those cafe spares? ... loyal friend to have ... re¬ member Mr. Lee’s biology class? ... has a strong attraction to boys, boys, boys . . . favor¬ ite expression: " Oh, it’s you again” ... seen at Messina’s ... will make a good housewife for some lucky man. Say, . . . If you have a reunion, invite me . . . O.K.? . . . 35 RUTH ANNE MOYNIHAN " Ruthie” Everyone’s friend ... always smiling .. . mischievous ... field hockey pro ... sincere .. . loads of school spirit... always where the fun is ... quick sense of humor ... loves a good time ... future nurse. Field Hockey 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Basketball 2, 3, 4; Squire 4; (Man¬ aging Editor); Knight 4; Latin Honor Society l, 2; Annie L. Sargent Latin Award 2; Math Club 2, 3 (Secretary-Treasurer); Photography Club 1, 2; Northeastern District Concert 3; Solo and Ensemble Concert 2, 4; All New England Festival 3. ELAINE THERESA MURPHY " Murph” Good French student... loquacious ... full of the dickens ... fervent supporter of football and basketball games ... loves a good time ... al¬ ways on the go ... loves the beach ... usually seen at the Barn ... atten¬ tive in English (?). Dramatic Club 3, 4; Knight 4; Squire 4; Latin Honor Society 1. JAMES MURPHY - " Tank” Power packed football player ... appears quiet, but... always seen with a certan girl... member of the 2:30 club... often found at Meagan’s with Sean ... always knocking heads with Wedgie in the locker room ... sure to be a success. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2; Wrestling 3, 4; Track 3, 4; Prom Committee 4. REGINA M. NERNEY Beautiful blue eyes ... allergic to homework ... nice friend to have ... a really avid Central football fan .. . always has something interest¬ ing to say ... a personality all her own ... on a brownie bar diet... conscientious and thoughtful... hospital aide ... a future nurse who will keep patients cheery ... bound to be a success in whatever she does. Dramatic Club 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Knight 4; Squire 4. Now if this guy can draw me a mandolin, I can get down to business. 36 SAMUEL F. OCCHIPINTI " Big O ' Well-liked . . . can usually be found dancing at the Barn or Central and having a good time ... is partial to blondes ... snappy dresser ... a friendly " Hi” for everyone ... lots of fun . . . cool dancer . . . collegiate . . . one great friend to have ... good sense of humor ... easy-going ... intelligent... full of energy ... popular. V IT N PATRICIA A. NEWCOMB " Pat” One of the most respected and admired girls of North Andover ... a job done by Pat is certainly a job well done .. . very petite but personality plus... her perseverance and intelligence guarantee her success as a nurse ... favorite expression: " If you say so” ... can often be seen at Central on Friday nights. Honor Society 3, 4; Dramatic Club 4; Knight 4; Squire 4; Softball 2. RICHARD O’BRIEN " OB” Can always be found with a smile on his face and a kind word for all... do you really like school that much? ... headed for a career in civil engineering, and is sure to succeed ... a terrific sense of humor which has the opposite sex in clouds of laughter . . . enjoys having his license .. . always found tinkering with cars . .. the best friend anyone could have. FRANCIS L. NICOSIA " Nick” A great Senior boy with lots of personality ... an everlasting smile ... Bobby’s best friend ... a patron of Central and the barn ... loves En¬ glish — especially MacBeth ... a real Romeo with the Andover girls ... that black book must be filled ... loves Phys. Ed.... a physical phenome¬ non on the track ... likes pool at the Rec ... what happened to Central? ... what did you do for the summer? Cross Country 1; North Andover Track 3, 4. 37 Well ... got a stool anyway. GERALDINE PENDAK Gerrie Why so interested in Darmouth, Gerrie? ... full of school spirit... " Anyone have any food?”... a real asset to the field hockey team ... beautiful brown eyes ... a very friendly person ... loves vacations ... helpful . . . the best of everything to you. Field Hockey 3, 4; Dramatic Club 3; Knight 4; Pep Club 4; Basketball Manager 3; Basket¬ ball 4; P.T.S.A.l,2. WILLIAM PAGE " Bill” A good looking fellow with a kind word and a friendly smile for all... can be found before school conversing in homeroom with Mrs. Brown ... an avid chemistry fan who likes to work( ?) ... personality plus ... a terrific friend to have ... will make a fine electrician in the years to come ... best of luck in the future. PRISCILLA M. PARADIS " Pat” Anyone for a party? ... never seen with a frown ... always talking ... a knack for witty comments ... " Oh, brother” ... likes to eat... a great fan of Hampton Beach ... loves to go to all those beach parties ... neat dresser ... likes to bomb around in her Buick ... loves to dance ... al¬ ways ready to join in the fun ... good sense of humor ... always telling jokes ... a sincere and well-liked person. Honor Society 4. ROBERT S. PARKER " Peel” One of the most talented athlete-scholars ever produced by N. A. . . . commands the greatest respect from both students and teachers ... sets an example for all to follow ... practices diligently in all phases of school activities ... a true athlete whose middle name and code is " good sportsmanship” ... a real gentleman. Honor Society 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; (co-captain); Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Vice-President 2. O.K. . . . Here we go . . . Sing along with me ... A one and a two and . .. 38 CHRISTINE MARIE PHANEUF " Kris” Cute head majorette ... likes people . .. loves dancing, Italian and Chinese food ... can’t stand people who aren’t on time ... hopes some day to go to Tahiti . . . flirting eyes . . . remembers all the Little Three Dances? ... a friendly " Hi ya, Charlie” to everyone. Knight Staff 4; Squire 4; Majorette 2, 3, 4; (Captain 3, 4); Dramatic Club 1, 4; P. T. 5. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. £ i FLORENCE PHELAN " Flo” Loves the opposite sex! ... enjoys the annual Andover-North Andover Thanksgiving Day battle ... is interested in a particular Andover boy ... will make a wonderful hairdresser ... Really wants to be a Missionary Nun(?) ... " You better believe me! ”... remember the fun in Con¬ sumer Ed class? High Lites Staff 1. WILLIAM LANE PHELAN " Bill” Debonair ... charms the opposite sex ... crazy about school... enjoys doing his homework (?) ... tinkers with cars... remembers the first day as a Freshman ... has sly ways ... will be on the Dean’s list in college. Knight 4; Dramatic Club 4; Squire 4 (Business Editor); Prom Com¬ mittee 3; Hi-Lites 1. LINDA JANE PIEROG " Lin” Loves English? ... enjoys the football games ... favorite classes — spares and lunch, natch ... when in a serious mood (?) — enjoys Consumer Ed class ... has a special interest in a certain boy ... won’t you miss those great gym classes, Linda? ... " Who wants to be serious.” ... would like to be a secretary and housewife ... Good Luck, Lin! Basketball 3. 39 Cheers . . Cheers . . . For North Andover High, bring on the .. . JAMES E. POWERS " Pow Wow” Will make a good carpenter ... a champion wrestler ... good sport... when are you going to fix the Green Bomb, Jimmy? . . . loves English (?) ... State Wrestling Meet... " My aching Irish head!” ... chief in¬ terests are wrestling, outdoor sports, and of course, girls ... remember " Bandid Camera”? ... a good friend to have ... good luck in the future. Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Football 1; Track 2, 3; Photography Club 1, 2; Science Club l, 2, 3, 4. NANCY GAIL PULVERENTI " Nanc” Lovely wardrobe ... seems quiet, but give her a chance ... unique laugh ... avid supporter of sports ... always willing to lend a hand ... usually seen at the Barn ... beautiful hair ... personality plus ... full of life ... cute smile ... future teacher. Knight 4; Honor Society 4; Squire 4; Pep Club 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3,4- EDWARD PINAUD " Eddy” A great person to know and wonderful friend to have ... is always wearing a winning smile ... really enjoys English and homework?? ... always willing to lend a helping hand ... a friendly " hello” for all ... enjoys outdoor sports, especially hunting and fishing ... always where the fun is ... bound for success in the future. | DAVID J. PYBUS " Dave” One of the nicest boys one will ever meet... a true friend to all... a proficient athlete in all sports... an exemplary baseball captain . .. loyal football fan until ... really puts his heart into all activities ... popular with op¬ posite sex ... usually seen with Stewy ... bound for success. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Football 4; Wrestling 3. Hey, . . . We can’t sing that . . . We might get arrested. 40 KAREN R. PYBUS " Karen” A real asset to North Andover’s cheering squad . . . top equestrienne around . . . ambition is to teach either French or Russian . . . well re¬ spected by all... bound for success in all she endeavors ... a real lady. Cheerleader 3, 4(Co-Captain); Student Council 4 (Secretary-Treasurer); Valentine’s Queen Court 3; Prom Committee 4; Pep Club (Chairman) 4; Knight 4; Squire 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Football Queen’s Court 4; Hit-Lites 2. DOUGLAS RAMSDEN " Dougie” Pet peeve — the name of " Roggy” ... ambition is to stay single ... al¬ ways can be seen at the Barn ... a wonderful football co-captain ... very energetic ... major interest is sports ... looking forward eagerly towards graduation ... hopes to be a professional baseball player ... Good luck! Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 3, 4; Basketball 1. ANTHONY J. RANFONE Tony A well-rounded student . . . interested in just about everything . . . any questions about history can be answered by Tony ... proficient in art ... someday he’s sure to make Rembrandt look like a house painter ... makes every one of Mr. McDonald’s plays a success . . . fondest memory is Biology with Mr. Roche. Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; School Play 2, 3, 4; Knight 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 2, 3, 4; Student Council 4; Christmas Assembly 4; Home Room Representative 4; Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4- FRANCES T. RANFONE " Franny” Quiet, but f riendly ... a real nice person to know . . . lovely hair, always shining ... is usually seen at the Barn ... enjoys music and languages ... has an interest in writing ... loves history!!? ... favorite expression: " You know” ... a future language teacher. Dramatic Club 4; Squire 4; Knight 4. 41 I ' ll tell you what ... You sing it with the words and I ' ll put in a blank, O.K.P GAIL RICHARDS Pleasing personality . . . think you’ll ever take a trip around the world, Gail? ... enthusiastic about gym class(?) attracted to a certain boy ... enjoys dancing and horseback riding ... sure to be a successful secretary ... is usually seen with Susan and Kathy ... will always re¬ member homeroom 36 with Mrs. Brown and all the gang ... always has a smile for everyone ... best of luck in the future. HOWARD F. RICHARDSON " Rich” " I’ll never tell” ... how do you like women drivers? ... never forget Bookkeeping ... did your papers finally check? ... maybe it’s the adder? ... you can really shape a piece of wood ... favorite classes are lunch and spares ... always ready to support N. A. H. S. teams ... seen bomb¬ ing around in a blue Chevy ... spend his summers in the mountains ... can handle a boat as well as a car ... seen waterskiing. iXr SANDRA RIZZO " Sandy” Nice girl to know ... always smiling ... a real sports fan ... has lots of laughs when horseback riding with friends ... real " Pro” at bowling. . . loves to do homework (?) ... enjoys visiting other schools ... quite a char¬ acter to be with ... likes hearing the latest news ... will make a really great secretary for someone. Softball 1; Basketball 3, 4- ROBERT RICHARDS " Bob” A music lover ... the best looking member of the " Swinging Saints” ... really makes those drums sing ... hates getting up in the morning ... especially for school... nice smile and friendly " Hi” for everyone ... frequently seen at the Commodore with a certain girl... is looking for¬ ward to graduation from High School... wants to go on to college ... likes construction work ... plans to work for a while after graduation and then study for work at I. B. M. Band 1, 2. Bring on the blank-blank, bring on the blank. 42 NANCY P. ROBERTS " Nanc” A great Co-Captain . .. what happened to your famous Madras gown, Nanc? ... " Oh, that’s sharp.” ... a real flirt. .. livens up any cheering section ... loves to argue ... has had terrific parties ... liked by all... really knows how to do any lab experiment... " Hey kids, we won!” ... doctors, be on guard when " Nurse Nancy " comes!! Dramatics Club l, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary); Student Council 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Knight 4; Pep Club 4. KATHY ROBERTSON " Kathy” Peppy cheerleader . . . terrific wardrobe . . . fondest memories of N. A. H. S. are the successful games and rallies ... dancing favorite pastime ... future school teacher ... anxious to have an apartment in Boston ... a college candidate .. . always well-liked. Cheerleader 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Knight 4(Circulation Manager); Dra¬ matic Club 3, 4; Hi-Lite Staff 1; Squire 4. WILLIAM NEIL ROBINSON " Cousy” The strong silent type ... really knows how to manage and maneuver the basketball around the court... seems unconcerned about girls (?) ... dedicated to his studies ... never seen with his hair longer than a half an inch ... " Are you for real?” ... finds happiness behind a lectern or behind a book ... will make a terrific teacher. Class Vice-President 4; Student Council 1, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2,3, 4 (Co- Captain); Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Knight 4; Prom Committee 3, 4. HELEN J. ROBINTON A cute majorette who is full of pep ... lives on brownie bars ... is attracted to a certain boy ... loves shorthand classes (? ) ... con¬ tagious air of friendliness ... can talk on any subject. . . shiny brown hair .. . always in the center of everything ... talkative in Cafeteria spares ... Sandy’s other half ... a wonderful friend to have. Field Hockey 2, 3; Chorus l, 2, 3, 4; Major¬ ette 3, 4. 43 Send the Blank blanks out for blank . . . And don ' t let a blank-blank Blank-blank in . . . Da da da . . . ARTHUR ROE " Artie” A. J. the D. J.... our future W. M. E. X. radio disc jockey always made the Barn and school dances fun to go to because of his great collection of records ... winning ways behind the mike ... always found where there’s a good time and girls ... loves English ( ?) ... good luck in radio, A. J. Baseball 2, 3; Basketball 1; Wrestling 2; Bowling 2, 3, 4; (Captain); Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3; Science Club 2; Photography Chib 2. DAVID SABIN " Dave” A future mechanic ... loves to take apart cars and put them in working condition (?) ... easy-going ... always looking for excitement... has a special interest in girls, parties, and girls ... great wrestler ... what have you got against seventh period study halls? ... full of fun. DAVID CAREY SARGENT " Dave” Tall and quiet... but enjoys a good laugh ... great kid ... a lot of fun once you get to know him ... well liked by all... enthusiastic Red Sox fan ... loves to play baseball... likes to skate ... enjoys camping out... used to like motor scooters — (why not now, Dave??) ... doesn’t like English homework ... plans to work in forestry and animal protection. ' ■ ' yWv Now wasn’t that stimulating, gang? JANE A. SCHRUENDER " Janie” A sweet miss ... always ready for a laugh ... always the life of the party ... right, kids? ... friend in time of need ... loves small children ... good luck at teaching ... loves to talk ... a great patron of the barn and Tip Top Miniature Golf ... a wonderful cheer¬ leader ... the one who gives the team a boost when they need it.. . our best smiler ... the Dramatic Club’s best treasurer. Dramatic Club 4 (Treasurer); Basketball 1, 2, 3; Student Council 3; Knight 4; Squire 4; Youth Council 2; Pep Club 4: Cheerleader 4. 44 JOSEPH M. SERGI " Trooper” The taller twin ... guiet and a little shy ... has no interest in girls ... great basketball player ... always cheers for the Celtics ... likes football, baseball, and loves bowling ... doesn’t like homework ... will never for¬ get that cool speech class ... wants to be a sports announcer ... favorite expression: " Be good” ... would love to play for the Boston Celtics (think you ever will?). Bowling 2, 3, 4. SALVATORE J. SERGI " Salvia” Mischievous twin ... bowling is his chief interest next to girls ... hopes to become a professional bowler ... will you ever forget those Latin classes? ... and how about homework, one of your favorite past-times? ...often heard saying: " Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” ... always cheering for the New York Yankees and Giants ... loves sports... always well dressed, but doesn’t like to button that top button. Bowling 2, 3, 4. LINDA N. SHEA Lin Future school marm ... often seen on the sunny slope ... fluent in French .. . very well dressed . . . loves College boys . . . loves cheering at games and rallies ... hopes to be a New York actress and also a ski bum in Europe. Dramatic Club 1, 2 (Secretary) 3, 4 (President); School Play 1, 2, 3, 4; Hi-Lites 1; Cheerleader 4; Knight 4; Squire 4- PATRICIA SHEA " Pat” An enthusiastic cheerleader ... sweet ways ... enjoys a good time ... sincere ... aims to be a nurse ... a loyal friend ... loves to drive! ... enjoys swimming ... hopes to visit Spain ... well-liked ... hates late dismissals from homeroom ... a sure success. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 4; Squire 4; Knight 4; Honor Society 4; Latin Honor Society 1. 45 Pardon me while I put this thing away. JOHN FRANCIS SHEEHAN " Jack” " What’s her name?” .. . don’t you just love quiet spares? ... never forget Consumer Education ... girls, sports ... loves those fifth period studies . . . usually seen in that bright, red car . . . has a big " Hi” for everyone ... quiet and shy? ... a joke anytime ... great person in anyones’ book . . . always looking for excitement . . . peppy? Football 3; Track 3. NANCY A. SHEPHERD " Shep” A petite miss with lovely blond hair ... a great asset to the Dramatics Club ... whiz with a field hockey stick ... enjoys swimming ... partial to folk music ... future mathematician. Math Club 2, 3, 4; Dramatic Club 1, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Honor Society 3, 4 (Secretary-Treasurer); Latin Honor Society 1, 2; Knight 4; School Play 3; Field Hockey 4; Squire 4- RONALD SIERGIEJ " Serge” To our future millionaire ... do you think an Industrial Art teacher gets that good a salary? ... a great friend and an asset to any social class ... why do they call you Serge, Ron? . . . maybe because people can’t pro¬ nounce your last name! .. . happiest when boating and skin diving ... not a care in the world ... always smiling ... nice guy. DAVID L. SIMON " Larry” N. A. H. S.’s gain from Tower Hill... never a dull moment when David is around ... in¬ clined to be mischievous ... oh, so popular with the teachers(?) ...known for raising the roof in many a cafe spare ... real colle¬ giate dresser ... a friend to all. Honor Society 3, 4; Latin Honor Society 1, 2; Math Club 2, 3, 4 (President); Knight 4 (Literary Editor); Squire 4 (Co-Editor); Science Club 3, 4; Board of Trade Award 1, 2. Well . . . Sniff . . . It’s about that time, gang . . . Sniff ... 46 FRANK WESLEY SMITH " Smitty” Liked by all... friendly ... great math student ( ?) ... all-around athlete ... avid biology fan ... Oh, those muttered comments! . . . likes to draw ... notorious cartoonist... easy going .. . loves to study (?) ... ambition to be a flier ... enjoyed himself at the Prom ... best of luck, Smitty. Wrestling 1; Track 2; Football 3, 4. DIANE JUDITH STABILE " Di” Loves school? ... a whiz on either the dance floor or the bowling alley ... good at singing and at understanding the opposite sex ... enjoys two things about N. A. — days off, of course, and teachers who under¬ stand teenagers and their problems ... is sure to be a success as either a bookkeeper or an interior decorator! Pep Club 4; Dramatic Club 4. WILLIAM A. STEPHENSON " Bill” Tall and handsome ... great kid ... full of mischief ... chief interests include girls, cars, and girls ... frequently seen at the Central dances ... will you ever forget that wild Junior class party ... WOW! ... " Be Good” . . . ardent student de fran ais . . . college bound . . . enjoys cafe spares so he can sleep and talk to the girls ... doesn’t like going to homeroom. Football 1,3. DAVID J. STEWART " Dave” One swell guy ... never takes life too seri¬ ously ... " Don’t sweat it!” ... just loves tak¬ ing tests (?) ... enjoys sports ... well liked by teachers because of his serious attitude toward his studies ... plans a career in for¬ estry ... chief interests are girls and cars ... suppressed desire is censored, but anyone could guess it would be girls and cars. Football 1; Baseball 2; Knight 4- 47 You graduating Seniors will soon be leaving . . . FREDERICK T. STEWART " Stewy” Easy going with the ability to make friends ... one of the best football players we’ve had in recent years ... always ready to take a trip to look at a college or prep school... often seen at the library and in his gray bomb ... usually seen with Dave in hot pursuit of a member of the opposite sex ... bound for college and success. Football 2 , 3, 4; Wrestling 2 , 3, 4; Track 2 , 3, 4 (Captain); Prom Com¬ mittee 4. SUSAN ST. HILAIRE Sue Well equipped with the cutest hairstyles and the most stylish wardrobe ... goes out of her way to be friendly and kind to everyone ... often seen behind the wheel of her Chevy Convertible ... small and active ... keeps the boys guessing ... always has the latest news on hand ... never quiet during a study period — must be studying oral book reports. Softball 1; Dramatic Club 4; Knight 4. HEIDI M. STEIBITZ " Heidi” As friendly as can be ... a gift for gab ... contagious giggle ... never a dull moment when Heidi’s around — especially in chem labs and spares ... always willing to lend a helping hand .. . great person to know and have as a friend. Dramatic Club 1, 2 , 3, 4 (Treasurer 2 ); Squire 4; Band l, 2 ; Knight 4. MARY E. STORK The folkiest kid at N. A. H. S.. . . a real great guitar player ... oh, such a wit... great poli¬ tician ... appears to be the quiet type but always has something cooking ... favorite saying: " I’m just joshing you” ... always " up” on ski is (?) Knight 4 (Co-Editor); Squire 4; Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2. Didn’t that last four years go by fast? 48 BRENDA S. SWITHENBANK " Sweetiebank” A real credit not only to North Andover High School but to the whole community ... will always remember Mrs. Medaglia’s French classes ... a true competitor on the Field Hockey field ... enjoys folksinging and skiing ... remember December 5, 1963?... an intelligent discussion leader ... respected and friend of all. Field Hockey 4; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Math Club 4; Knight 4; Squire 4; Honor Society 4. JANYCE L. SUMMERS " Sum” Beautiful blonde hair ... adorable clothes ... a loyal friend ... one ter¬ rific basketball player ... helpful... " Oh, what am I going to do?” ... always at the games . . . usually at the Barn with a certain boy . . . loves gym( ?) ... a popular miss ... fun loving ... one girl to know. Student Council 1, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 2, 3; Dramatic Club 3, 4; Pep Club 4; Knight 4. GARY M. TAMBORYN Gary One of the truest friends anyone will ever make . . . appreciates the finer things of life, especially well made automobiles ... can usually be located in the library before school translating Russian ... spends his weekends with the boys from Lawrence, Salem, and Beverly ... a boy who is always ready with a laugh ... has a terrific sense of subtle humor. Chess Club 3. RANDA LEE TAYLOR " Randy” Always smiling ... a great basketball player ... loves physics (?) ... lovely wardrobe ... lots of fun to be with ... good natured ... always willing to help ... unforgettable ... " You can’t win ’em all” ... sincere ... won¬ derful friend to have ... " Isn’t that quaint.” Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 3, 4; Hi- Lites 2; Knight 4; Squire 4; Math Club 4. 49 Time to get out the old trunk and get dressed . . . CAROL ANN THIBAULT " Carol” A girl with rosy cheeks . . . loves sports . . . likes to play center in Field Hockey ... plays golf, oh! ... great Carol, par 4? ... a real peppy cheer¬ leader ... always full of fun ... likes Dracut... does the monkey like a professional... a real good friend ... loves clothes ... a real star on the French scene ... remember MiMi? ... loves to water ski... what about snow? ... good luck in your hairdressing profession. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; School Play 2, 3, 4; Christmas Assembly 1, 3, 4; Cheerleader 4; Prom Committee 3. DIANE L. THISTLE " Di” (Thorny) Can’t stand conceit... I wonder who you mean? ... likes Andover ... could a certain boy have anything to do with it? ... to cheer for A. H. S., you’ve got to be kidding ... loves kids ... especially brother Scottie ... pleasing smile ... takes good pictures ... beautiful hair ... a whiz at any test... loves to work ... we know, don’t we? ... good cook ... a brain in all sciences, especially biology ... a friend to all... loves to travel... peaches and cream complexion. Tetvksbury Hi-Lite Staff 1; Pep Club 1; North Andover ... Knight 4. JOSEPH WILLIAM THOMPSON Jose A real great guy ... liked by all... always talking, seldom caught... not a care in the world ... Mr. McDonald’s best stage manager ... " For¬ get it” ... Loves homework ( ?) ... would like to be a speed driver ... " Turn off the lights” ... Why do you dislike type so much, Joe? ... May the best of everything be yours in your future career as an electrical engineer. Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4 (Stage Manager); P. T. S. A. 2, 3. ANTHONY J. TROIA Tony A pal to everyone ... friendly and helpful... never tires of telling jokes ... " Great” ... love that math! ... coin collector ... always ready to give advice ... a riot in the laboratory ... fiddles with cars in his spare time ... " Will you ever get through driver education, Tony?” ... future science major ... works hard( ?) ... college ambitions. Dramatic Club 4. K. gang, time to start the ceremony. 50 STANLEY A. TWOMBLY " Dinkels” Friendly ... always ready with a laugh ... ' Oh Yah!” ... takes pride in his Plymouth .. . always lending a helping hand .. . can be found back- stage. .. amateur photography enthusiast... loves those cast parties! ... " Why don’t you like Chevrolet owners, Al?” . . . deserves the best. Dramatic Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Photography Club 3. RODNEY VALIERE " Rod” Rodney appears very shy and quiet, but when you get to know him . . . can talk up a storm ... loves school and speech (?) ... wavy hair ... can always be found stamping prices on cans at Messina’s Market... good friend ... loves to cook and has a future career ambition in the chef business ... good luck. CLAIRE J. WASIEJKO " Claire” Loves school (?) ... likes the opposite sex (Don’t we all?) ... is usually seen roaming the corridors of N. A. H. S.... although she would make a good nurse, she wants to be a secretary instead ... " Phooey” ... enjoys spares and lunch ... a " Hi” for everyone. DOROTHY R. WEDGE " Dottie” When there’s a good time going on, you’ll find Dottie right in the middle of it all, and when it comes to playing the drums, she’s right there ... happiest when water skiing ... enjoys dances and proms ... " Get in step, band” ... suppressed desire — to give morn¬ ing announcements over the loud speaker ... will always be remembered for her friendli¬ ness and cheery ways ... good luck in hair¬ dressing, Dottie. Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 2, 3, 4. t I’ve been hanging around here so long I’m late! 51 DAVID PAUL WILLIAMS " Dave” Any car’s fine with Dave as long as you spell it V-O-L-V-O!! ... " A real treat!” . . . Glen¬ nies’ best worker . . . always coming up with wise cracks in class ... " You’re Right!” keeps everyone laughing ... accident prone .. . easy to get along with ... expert in math( ? ) ... Central ... hasn’t an enemy in the world . .. real comic ... a special way with ' girls ... what would you ever do without that red Volvo, Dave? .. . best of luck to one great guy! Baseball l, 2, 3. RONALD JOHN WEDGE " Wedgie” Power-packed football player . . . often seen at Meagan’s with the fellas ... usually spends school nights at the library talking about the team ... member of the 2:30 club ... probably has the best build in the high school... has a " Hi” for everyone ... hopes to someday become a plumber. Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain 4); Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2, 3, 4. ROBERT F. WHITE " Whizza” Full of fun ... a " Hi” for everyone ... likes girls and cars ... known and liked by all. .. carefree ... what happened to that Plymouth? ... always ready to help ... real " Cool Cat” on the dance floor ... laughs at anything ... " What’s up?” ... keeps a class lively ... can be found at the Barn and games ... Good luck to a popular guy. Basketball 1, 2; Football 1, 2, 3; Wrestling 1, 2; Dramatic Club 4. HARRY L. WILKINSON " Wilk” Mr. Everything ... has a contagious spirit of friendliness ... well liked by everyone ... loves sports ... has a special liking for French III and the teacher (?) ... good sense of humor. Class President 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1 , 2, 3, 4 (President); Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Knight 4. Imagine! Late for my own graduation! 52 ELLEN WILLIAMS " Ellie” Loves to do her homework (?) ... remember that comment about your sweatshirt, Ellie? ... favorite saying, " Forget it!”... found at Stuart’s Department Store or with boys ... has a smile for everyone ... wants to wear culottes to school... is sure to be a success as a secretary ... is al¬ ways seen at football games ... Mr. Hull’s secretary ... U. S. History with Mr. Roche . . . always ready for fun and mischief . . . loves to tell and listen to jokes. Dramatic Club 4; Pep Club 4. JOHN EATON WILSON " Sandy” Favorite expression: " Every day!” ... don’t you enjoy your English class this year, Sandy? ... will you ever get a good mark in there? ... is sure to be a success as a mathematician ... remember Mr. Regan’s physics class? ... is fond of hunting and math ... always has a smile for every¬ one ... has a great sense of humor and is always telling jokes in his own special style ... well-liked by everyone. Math Club 3, 4; Photography Club 1, 2 , 3, 4 (Co-President 4); Scien ce Club 2, 3, 4. RONALD J. WILSON " Ron” Loves hunting and camping ... good photographer ... interested in cars ... how’s Mr. Lee, Ron? ... collects guns ... friendly... easy going ... likeable ... what’s this about the Fungus Boys? ... allergic to homework ... avid skier and boatsman ... always seen with Alex and O. B. ... how’s Louie’s car coming along? ... what’s the matter with girls? ... best of luck in the future, Ron. Photography Club 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-President). JANE WINDLE " Janie” Cute little mighty mouse ... why such a like for the Marines? ... pretty blond hair ... loves to write notes ... sure to be a success in the business world ... remember all those cafe spares ... charming gift of gab .. easy to get along with ... well liked by all... sparkling and twinkling eyes ... cute giggle . .. friend to all. .. anyone for pizza at Stramundo’s ... beautiful clothes. 53 PAUL DAVID WOOD " Woodie” Good physique . . . always smiling .. . usually seen at the Barn and Stevie’s ... strong, silent type ... likes swimming and skiing ... polite and good natured ... blushes easily ... " A who”... friendly to everyone ... one great friend to have ... great sense of humor ... lots of luck, Paul. Dramatic Club 4. PETER ZAHORUIKO " Zeke” Likes sports and cars ... aware of the opposite sex ... allergic to home¬ work ... likes to play basketball... usually seen riding around town ... carefree (most of the time!)... well-liked ... mischievous smile... easy-going ... good-looking ... friendly ... deceivingly quiet at times! ... visits the library often ... sure to succ eed. Basketball 2 ; Baseball 2 , 3 , 4- ROBERT PAUL BROWN " Bob” WILLIAM COLE " Spoolie” Tall blond who has a smile for everyone ... better known as " Brownie” ... loves to go fishing and hunt¬ ing ... pet peeve is English ... always ready to com¬ pare cars ... partial to the opposite sex — especially redheads ... likes to work on cars ... hopes to be an operator on heavy construction equipment... best of luck. A future mechanic ... loves Chevies (?) ... favorite period is eighth! ... can always be found either hunt¬ ing or fishing ... favorite hunting game is the Game Wardens! ... girls, girls, girls ... always seen with a certain girl... Spoolie will always be remembered for his shyness and quietness. Wrestling 2, 3 . GARY D. COHEN " Gar” A real great guy with loads of personality and wit... has the best system of all for coping with the weather — Massachusetts in the summer, Florida in the winter ... very proficient at the game of pocket billiards ... very popular with fellow students ... takes schoolwork seriously ... life of the lunch table ... good luck in the future. ALEXANDER J. COLE " Alex” Loves hunting ... the Pines ... loves school (?) never in a hurry except at lunch time ... likes cars ... submarine sandwiches ... outdoor type ... chief inter¬ ests: skiing, camping, and swimming ... Sebago Lake ... good-natured ... likes English ( ?) ... likes good jokes ... Irish smile ... good sense of humor ... are you a member of the Fungus Boys, too( ?) ... usually seen with Ron, O. B., and the boys ... a true friend ... remember homeroom 19 with Mr. Regan? ... hope you have success in the future. ROBERT GONET " Bob” Shy, but start him talking and . .. jolly green giant... loves term papers (?) ... sun glasses ... outdoor man ... hunting, fishing, and loafing! ... a future wildlife management officer .. . favorite subject Algebra II! .. . polite, friendly, and easy-going ... an admirer of Mr. Regan and Physics. JOHN S. LYNCH John” Oh, how you love to do term papers? ... are you really as quiet as you look? ... seen around the corridors at N. A. H. S.... loves to come to school? ... allergic to books ... carefree ... small in size, but big in character ... loves to hunt... supporter of all sports ... favorite class-lunch ... the out-door type ... loves to hear a joke. " Halp, it’th thtuck!!” ' ' Anyone for musical chairs?” Well. . . Time to go out into that ole world . . . Be seeing ya! 55 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS William Robinson, Vice President; Karen Pybus, Secretary-Treasurer; Harry Wilkinson, President. 56 REMEMBER WHEN . . . Mrs. Medaglia’s beads broke. The girl’s basketball team didn’t win. We caught Mr. Keegan " off his rocker.” Harry wasn’t president (? ). Mr. Forgetta had lipstick on his collar. Brenda was orchid girl. Miss Wharton blew her nose in the closet. History classes studied the Civil war. Everyone in French 3-x wore paperclips. We rode our bikes to school. Mrs. Saulnier was Miss Torrisi. The French classes sang Christmas Carols while parading There wasn’t any school paper. through the corridors. Folksinging wasn’t popular. Mr. Keegan collected for the Red Cross in English 2-1. There was only one cafeteria. Charlie got his finger caught in a desk in history class. There wasn’t any Pep Club. The Beatles hit N.A.H.S. English 4 didn’t have to write papers. We could loiter. Mr. Powers taught history. When everyone congregated in Room 29. Barb Fisher made peanut brittle for a chem. lab. experi¬ ment. Culottes were banned. Skirts had to be below the knees. Homeroom was quiet. Doc Thomson taught English and crafts. We had assemblies. Everyone was applying to college. Everyone didn’t yell " We want Charlie.” Twisting was declared immoral. Miss Wharton " kicked the bucket.” There were only two editors of the yearbook. We had a mock Presidential election. Jackie wore her lab. apron to English. The auditorium was a study hall. They didn’t serve lunches in the cafeteria. The library wasn’t a study hall. Mr. Donovan was Assistant Principal. 57 There were more teachers than rooms. CLASS POLL BEST PERSONALITIES Charlie Beauchesne Jane Schruender BEST LOOKING Linda Shea David Pybus CLASS LADY AND GENTLEMAN Karen Pybus Bill Robinson MOST TALKATIVE Heidi Steibitz David Simon BEST DANCERS Bobby White Kathy Robertson MOST POPULAR Harry Wilkinson Carol Bettencourt WITTIEST Pat Baglieri Dave Williams MOST TALENTED Linda Shea FRIENDLIEST Bobby White Lita Koper CLASS WOLF AND FLIRT Frank Nicosia Nancy Roberts BEST STUDENTS Marc Garnick Barbara Agey DONE MOST FOR N.A.H.S. Harry Wilkinson Barbara Agey MOST MISCHIEVOUS Pat Baglieri Frank Nicosia MOST POPULAR TEACHER Mr. Powers BEST ATHLETES Mary Corello Fred Stewart NICEST SMILES Bobby White Jane Schruender MOST DEPENDABLE MOST TYPICAL STUDENTS Barbara Fisher Marc Garnick BEST DRESSED Harry Wilkinson Linda Shea MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Barbara Agey Marc Garnick Bob Parker Barbara Agey Donna Bishop Nancy Martin Problems of Democracy English lip V : ik it :m-i u M J ,. f c ' Si Gym Physics Office Practice English 60 Underclassmen CLASS OF 1965 JUNIORS [i w n | J 1 IF 5 n IK I w IInHkF rt ' glljK J ■T r i » ' •- _ ABmm JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Patricia Steele, Secretary Treasurer; Stephen Whittaker, President: Brendan Foster, Vice-President. 62 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Christine Fraser, President; Bernard McDonald, Vice- President; Judith Corello, Secretary Treasurer. ULL3MII Mirif till W V V e m - Wi SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1966 CLASS OF 1967 FRESHMEN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Deborah Furnari, Secretary Treasurer; Neil Hermann, President; Barbara Steele, Vice-President. 64 " But I thought you knew how to run it!” " Tra la la la Susie!” " Everyone who knows what I’m talking about please look up.” " But Miss Cook, we’ve already covered this chapter.” " Walt Whitman? He was not! ” " Who spiked the oatmeal?” 65 " Now all we need is a model.” " On your mark, get ready .. " One more and I’ll have the record.” " zxcvnm ... whoops, wrong row!” 11 1 I I I;f| m I 1 111 S ' - ■; f |4 % illi tl ;| I i a OA wr - . m a JTk rii 1 r ;i ' x. i ' " What’s your last request... ?” " So now that we’re totally confused ...” 66 " Altitude two feet, flap harder, girls!” " The one who finds the button first wins.” " All this and a flower too?” " Give me that old soft shoe.” " But I thought you brought the Christmas presents.” These grass skirts will never last the season. 67 " Keep to the right except when making a pass.” " Now that you have proven two and two are four, let’s try something harder.” " And I thought this was going to be fun!” We will bury you!” 68 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Back row: David Simon, Marc Garnick (President), Robert Parker. Second row: Miss Donlan (Advisor), Carol Chepu- lis, Barbara Bates, Nancy Pulverenti, Patricia Shea, Barbara Casey, Beverly Giard, Janet Olpp, Nancy Martin (Vice- president), Priscilla Paradis, Barbara Agey, Donna Bishop. First row: Donna Bellorado, Susan Zimny, Brenda Swithen- bank, Nancy Shepherd, (Secretary-Treasurer), Patricia New¬ comb, Claire Shola, Joanne Coughlin, Barbara Hanlon, Gael Curcio. The National Honor Society, with its qualities of scholarship, leadership, character, and service, is always read to assist the student body. Several of the Honor Society members have tutored fellow pupils. The Society also sponsored a Christmas dance and the school book fair, the proceeds of which will be used for an award to a deserving member of the senior class. The annual induction ceremony was held in early December, at which time eleven new members were admitted. Other Honor Society activities have in¬ cluded a sectional meeting for the Lawrence-Lowell District held in Wilmington and attended by the officers, and an Eastern Massachusetts conference, held in Natick, the object of which was to establish a State Chapter of the National Honor Society. The Honor Society advisor is Miss Margaret Donlan. The officers are Marc Garnic, president; Robert Parker, vice-president; and Nancy Shepard, secretary. 70 STUDENT COUNCIL wgy ■ p j) pH - - 1 w - J ' a _ 1 » 1 u, m ■ ■ Sma . -v-. ' “ T r " v " ' v : ' ‘ 1 h m pf pp K ' 1 mL m 1 n A W, J J fe ' u .3 ‘ P ■A , U mM Back row: Thoittas McGlinn, Richard Robinson, Brendan Foster, Stephen Summers, Anthony Ranfone, Stephen Whit¬ taker, William Robinson. Third row: James Yule, Ellen Cohen, Margaret Erie, Michele St. Hilaire, Patricia Steele, Donna Bellarado, Judith Corello, Patricia Morin, Bernard McDonald. Second row: Mrs. Grossman (Faculty Advisor), Neil Hermann, Barbara McCann, Barbara Steele, Patricia Hughes, Jacklyn Marsan, Sharon MacNeill, Caryl Fichera, Deborah Furnari, Alan Ross. First row: Christine Fraser, Jane Broadhead, Patricia Stone, Barbara Fisher, Sean Fountain (Vice-president), Harry Wilkin¬ son, (President), Karen Pybus (Secretary-Treasurer), Janice Summers, Barbara Agey, Michelle Massicotte, Nancy Martin. The first task undertaken by the Student Council is to complete the social calendar for the school year. The remainder of the year is spent by the members engaging in various projects, and means of improve¬ ment for our school and its student body. Among these activities are patrolling the cafeteria, sponsoring the election of the Football Queen, conducting a scholarship drive preceded by " Tag Day,” and attend¬ ing the annual Student Council convention. By far the greatest project undertaken by the Student Council is the Scholarship Drive. This drive, along with " Tag Day,” is conducted to acquire funds to enable the Student Council to award scholarships to meriting seniors. With the co-operation of the student body, the faculty, and the community, the drive becomes a greater success each year. The officers of the Student Council have done an outstanding job in leading the members toward suc¬ cess in their projects. The Student Council’s primary function is to act as an intermediary between the students and the faculty. The problems of both are discussed and remedied at the monthly meetings. THE KNIGHT Back row: Barbara Fisher, Nancy Martin, Barbara Agey, Thoma Maxwell, Cathy Crane, Sandra Kent, Patricia Shea, Patricia Leary, Janyce Summers, Nancy Lanni, Randa Taylor, Heidi Steibitz, Kathe Pybus, Barbara Hanlon, Margaret Mylott, Ruth Moynihan, Nancy Pulverenti. Third row: Maureen Roche, Jane Schruender, Susan Zimny, Joan Ackroyd, Carolyn Melvin, David Stewart, John Dufresne, Charles Beauchesne, William Phelan, William Robinson, Joyce Mackenzie, Joyce Dewherst, Diane Thistle, Linda Kamal, Susan St. Hilaire, Susan Himber. Second row: Carol Licciardi, Brenda Swithenbank, Nancy Shepherd, Patricia Newcomb, Frances Ranfone, Carol Chepulis, Nancy Roberts, Gail Kenneally, Eleanor Perron, Margaret Reilly, Karen Pybus, Mary Corello, Alison Lordan, Christine Phaneuf, Geraldine Pendak, Karen Bresnahan, Patricia Baglieri. First row: Mr. Taylor (Advisor), Donna Bellorado, Kathy Kennedy (Business Manager), Kathy Robertson (Circulation Editor), Virginia Follett (Typing Editor), Kathy Hearty, Beverly Giard, Donna Bishop, Jacqueline Dyer, Mary Stork (the five Editors-in-Chief), David Simon (Literary Editor), Barbara Casey (Advertising Editor), Marc Garnick (Biography Editor), Helen Barron, Linda Shea. In October, plans for the 1964 Knight were begun. At that time, more than 88 students met to make publication plans. These students were grouped according to their chief interests, into eight divisions, seven of which are headed by a managing editor. The various divisions are under the direction of the Execu¬ tive and Policy Staff, made up of four seniors and one junior; under this organization, they are the editors- in-chief. Particular emphasis was placed on the senior section, the main objective being to produce longer write-ups and larger pictures. Other highlights of this year’s Knight are the Spirit of N.A.H.S. through¬ out the senior pages, and a page, " In Memoriam,” to our late President. The staff, composed of more members than ever before, has given liberally of their time and effort. Many hours of work have been devoted to soliciting ads, planning an extensive photographic survey of student life, writing articles, preparing art work, stimulating sales of the book, maintaining a financial record, and doing a considerable volume of typing. Special thanks go to the managing editors of each of the various staffs; to the editors-in-chief, Donna Bishop, Jacqueline Dyer, Beverly Giard, Kathleen Hearty, and Mary Stork; and to Mr. Ralph Taylor, faculty advisor, whose many hours of work and in¬ valuable guidance have resulted in one of the finest yearbooks yet produced. THE SQUIRE Back row: Linda Shea, Carole Belben, Mary Minahan, Mary Stork, Gail Donovan, May Annis, Pat Shea, Anthony Perrone, Donna Houghton, Randa Taylor, Beverly Giard, Heidi Stiebitz, Judith Dolan, Jacqueline Dyer, Karen Pybus. Second row: Kathy Hearty, Denise Valliere, Carol Bettencourt, Kathy Robertson, Linda Kamal, Susan Zimny, Hope Donahue, Cathie Crane, Nancy Hay, Nancy Pulverenti, Barbara Fisher, Michelle Massi- cotte, Louise Clarenbach, Jane Valpey, Kathy Sherlock, Donna Bishop, Jane Schruender, Antoinette Dehullu, Christine Pha- The Squire, the bi-monthly North Andover High School student publication, enjoyed a very successful year. This was the Squire’s first season. There had been no student publication for a period of three years; the last publication was a literary magazine. The Squire is a newspaper giving current news and also incorporating literary articles. Mrs. Enid Burns served as faculty advisor to the Squire staff. The editors for the ’63-’64 season were the following: David Simon and Carol Chepulis, editors-in-chief; Brenda Swithenbank, literary editor; Elaine Murphy, news’ editor; Ruth Moynihan, proof¬ reading editor; Frances Ranfone, features’ editor; Mary Corello, sports’ editor; William Phelan, business editor; Maureen Roche, art editor; and Nancy Lanni, circulation editor. 73 neuf, Nancy Shepard, Mrs. Burns (Advisor). First row: Pat Newcomb, Marc Garnick (Contributing Editor ), William Phelan, Nancy Lanni (Circulation Editor ), Ruth Moynihan (Proof Reading Editor), David Simon (Co-Editor) , Carol Che¬ pulis (Co-Editor) , Brenda Swithenbank (Literary Editor ), Nancy Furness (Typing Editor ), Maureen Roche (Art Editor ), Mary Corello (Sports Editor), Fran ces Ranfone (Feature Editor), Deborah Furnari. Absent: Elaine Murhpy, (News Editor). MATH CLUB Back row: Kathy Willis, Paula Stueve, Jacqueline Dyer, John Stevenson, Charles Florin, Robert Parker, James Batterbury, John Dufresne, Norman Hughes, John Donovan, Kenneth Robinson, Barbara Corrigan, Carol Chepulis, Barbara Hanlon, Jeanette Belben, Donna Savoy. Second row: Mr. Lynch, (Ad¬ visor); Darlene Ericson, Joyce Witzgall, Nancy Shepherd, Brenda Swithenbank, Nancy Zimny, Eileen Lynch, Diane Ota, Kent VanHeukelom, Larry Boothman, Linda Kamal, Jane Pulverenti, Patricia Hughes, Judith Corello, Barbara McCann, Claire Shola, Eleanor Roche, Paula Wirtz, Mr. Forgetta, (Advisor). First roiv: Carol Smolak, Patricia Winters, Randa Taylor, Judith Dolan, Mare Garnick, (Vice-president); David Simon, (President); Alfred Guerrera, (Secretary-Treasurer); Beverly Giard, Ruth Moynihan, Carol Giarrusso, Sheryl Locke. The Mathematics Club, under the direction of Mr. Joseph Lynch and Mr. Arthur Forgetta, as a member of the Eastern Massachusetts Mathematical League, participated in monthly contests with other member schools. The Club sponsors an annual banquet, where officers for the coming year are chosen. The officers for the 1963-1964 season were David Simon, presi¬ dent; A1 Guererra, secretary-treasurer; and Marc Gar- nic, vice-president. The Club also holds a dance which provides the needed funds to pay for awards and League dues. This year the dance featured local folksingers. 74 SCIENCE CLUB The Science Club, under the guidance of Mr. Thomas Regan, participated in the annual science fair, which was held March 17, 1964. All members displayed their projects in competi¬ tion for awards and honorable mention. The winners of the school fair then participated in the Technorama VIII at Lowell Technological Institute for the State Science Fair. The students projects were judged on the basis of Science Knowledge, Craftsmanship, Originality, and Neatness. The various projects were based upon knowledge in many fields of study. The work of each member was of the highest standards, the most important element being the amount of time and study involved in each. The underlying aim of the Science Club is to give its members an opportunity to work in the fields they can do best. They must be constructive in studying materials, recording experiences, and arriving at conclusions. The participant derives great benefits from the educational experiences received. First row: John Mathews, John Thistle, James Powers, John Wilson, Mr. Regan (Advisor), Charles Florin, Kathleen Hearty, Carol Chepulis. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Perhaps one of the most functional clubs in the high school this year was the Photography Club. Under the competent and devoted guidance of Mr. John Robinson, the faculty advisor, the organization made profitable gains in learning the techniques of the art of photography. Unfortunately, the activities of the group were minimized due to technical difficulties with the camera. Mr. Robinson used his own camera while the club’s was in repair. The Photography Club served two especially useful functions. Not only did they supply several candid shots of school activities for the 1964 Knight; they also submitted many useful and professional-like pictures to the Eagle-Tribune. The Club’s candidate members are given assign¬ ments in order to qualify for membership. Those chosen are selected on the basis of their interest in photography, their respect for photographic equip¬ ment, and the quality of their trial work. Back row: John Wilson, James Batterbury. First row: Ronald Wilson, Norman Beauchesne, Mr. Robinson (Advisor). 75 DRAMATIC CLUB Back roiv: A1 Guerrera, Alan Twombly, Richard Jensen, Robert Kawash, Paul Wood, John Dufresne, Joseph Thompson, Anthony Perrone, Peter Osgood, Stephen Gioia, Sebastian Iacano. Fifth row: Pamela Winters, Janyce Summers, Ellen Williams, Randa Taylor, Beverly Giard, Donna Dolan, Robert White, Richard Gallagher, William Phelan, Anthony Troia, Nancy Miller, Phyllis Watson, Donna Houghton, Patricia Shea, Janet Olpp. Fourth row: Beth Maker, Jean Culver, Diane Stabile, Joan Bevins, Mary Margaret Minahan, Carole Belben, Jane Ippolito, Nancy Pulverenti, Joyce Dewhurst, Nancy Furness, Gloria Beau¬ lieu, Carol Chepulis, Joyce Warshol, Donna Dane, Regina Underwood, Jane Garvin. Third row: Helen Barron, Sandra Turcotte, Elizabeth Evans, Joyce Copeland, Eileen Smolack, Antoinette Dehullu, Geraldine Swabrick, Janet Ippolito, Ellen Cohen, Donna Bishop, Patricia Marsan, Kathy Robertson, Susan St. Hilaire, Patricia Bagliere, Pamela Gignac, Kathy Griffin, Jane Pulverenti, Mary Henshaw, Alison Lordan, Mr. McDonald (Advisor). Second row: Virginia Follett, Diane Sergiey, Melanie Porochniak, Margaret Keane, Carolyn Maurad, Nancy Roberts, Linda Shea (President), Carol Thibault, Jane Schruender, Emily Bohne, Kathy Fiori, Kathy Connell, Katherine White, Patricia Newcomb, Nancy Shepard, Susan Middleton. First row: Kathy Hassey, Linda Peters, Mary DeMario, Deborah Finari, Maureen Roden, Christine Milenenski, Carol Fishera, Marie Deinato, Mary Lou Philbin, Lee McKallagat, Eleanor Roche, Jacqueline Marsan, Geraldine Bresnahan, Martha Bates, Margaret Carney, Janet Subark. Under the direction of James McDonald, faculty advisor, the Dramatic Club enjoyed a very successful year. At Christmas time, a very unusual and educational production was presented by the members. It con¬ sisted of a play and reading showing the Christian observance, and a play and reading showing the Jewish observance, Hanukkah. The Club’s next undertaking, the Valentine’s Day Dance, was thoroughly enjoyed by all that attended. Patricia Leary was crowned Valentine Queen from eight class-voted candidates. The major production of the year was the school play entitled " If a Man Answers,” which, thanks to the hard work and guidance of Mr. McDonald, and the cooperation of the cast and committee, was a big success. BAND Back row: Lawrence Boothman, Walter Boynton, Richard Proctor, Bruce Houston, William Martinoli, Charles Andrew, Peter Osgood, Janet Olpp, Karin Fleischmann, Robert Hen- nessy. Second row: Mr. Milton Kimmel (Band Director), Cecile Guy, John Kamal, Richard Napolitano, John Curtin, Henry Licciardi, John Toomey, Charles Florin, Marcia Steward, Charlotte Leatham, Lila Anderson. First row: Carol Chepulis, Dorothy Wedge, Mark Hagerman, Carol Gilbert, Berniece Smith, Susan Detora, Wendy Henshaw, Margaret Aspelagh, Pamela Porochniak, Mary Henshaw, Diane Ota. (Not Pictured): James Anderson, Pamela Smith, Raymond Guy. The North Andover High School Band participated in many school events this year. It put on a colorful half-time display and provided musical selections during all of the football games. The members played at all of the home basketball games. They also played at one of the home wrestling meets. Besides taking part in these school events, the band marched in the North Andover Santa Claus Parade and the Memorial Day Parade. They were scheduled to march in the Veteran’s Day Parade also, but it was cancelled because of rain. The band did participate in the program held in the Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, however. They also played at the Second Annual Carol Sing in front of the town offices. With the money they made from their dance, the band purchased new drums this year. These were certainly needed, and added much to the fine sound of the band. On May 8-9, the band members participated in an " Exchange Concert” with the Burlington High School band. This was an entirely new experience. On one night the two bands played in North Andover, and on the next night they performed in Burlington. At each concert the bands played separately and together. Much practice, planning, and patience went to make this a highly successful event. Mr. Kimmel, the band’s director, added many new pieces to the band’s repertoire. Some of the pieces were classical and semi-classical, and were used with great success at such events as the spring concert. The band members also learned numerous popular songs which contributed a great deal to the spirit of the spectators at the athletic events. 77 CHEERLEADERS Back row: Karen Bresnahan, Jane Schruender, Donna Bishop, Patricia Shea, Barbara Agey, Patricia Marsan, Patricia Steele, Carol Thibault. First row: Kathryn Robertson and Karen Pybus (Co-captains). During the year, the cheerleaders worked hard to add pep an d to boost school spirit at all football and basketball games. They also led cheers at two spirited rallies during the football season. In addition, they sponsored their annual dance in the high school gym. The girls also attended a Cheerleader’s Clinic held at Andover High School in which they exhibited some of their own cheers and learned new ones. They also entered competition with cheerleaders from eleven other schools in the area during March. The substitutes this year were Donna Bellorado, Cathy Crane, Lita Koper, and Linda Shea. They can be given credit for organization of the recently-formed pep club. 78 MAJORETTES Betsy McClung, Dolores Palmieri, Joann Andrukaitis, Mae Annis, Helene Robinson, Sandra Brown, Christine Phaneuf (Head Majorette). The Majorettes, composed of nine members, Chris Phaneuf, Helen Robinton, Betsy McClung, Sandy Brown, Linda Duffy, May Annis, Jo Ann Andrukaitis, Dolores Palmieri, and Marita Butterfield, were a colorful addition to the band this past year. Under the excellent direction of Milton Kimmel and the able leadership of Chris Phaneuf, their routines displayed originality and precision, which reflected the long hours and conscientious practice which the group undertook to do honor to their school. For the annual Thanksgiving game they joined with the cheerleaders to present their version of the well known song " Do-Re-Me.” They also participated in the Santa Claus Parade, Memorial Day Parade, and the Veterans’ Day Parade. In all, they tried and did their very best to live up to the example set by those who were Majorettes last year, and wish success to those who are fortunate enough to participate as Majorettes in the years to come. 79 CHORUS The North Andover High School Chorus this year consisted of sixty members. The chorus sang at the North Andover Board of Trade Sponsored Community Christmas Broadcast over radio station WLLH, and the major portion of a Spring Choral Concert. We had three students audition for the New England Solo and Ensemble Festival held at Boston University, and all three received " one” or " two " ratings. They were Susan Detora, Ruth Ann Moyni- han, and Alana Walker. We were represented at the New England Music Concert Festival at Plainville, Conn, by the above students, and also by Diane Ota. PEP CLUB One of the greatest improvements necessary in North Andover High School is a boost in school spirit. Through the years, no organization has been created to stimulate the spirit of the student body. However, an attempt to organize a Pep Club has now been made. This first organization of the Pep Club is but a rough draft of the achievement a united student body can make in the spirit of our various competitive teams, the numerous activities undertaken by the pupils, and above all, in improving the general atmo¬ sphere of high school life. Much credit is to be attributed to those who organized it and its members. Our newly found Pep Club will serve as a basis for future ideas and a similar organization. go no ft r,rj non ftcv ' Oo 1 m f. c ' ■ ' - m h m , JpL— r T L a. K l ' I ' ■ . - ■ .. . . „ Sports - — -s Back row: John Fichera (Assistant Coach), Robert Sullivan (Coach), Robert Roach (Assistant Coach), James McAloon (Manager), Joey Basin (Assistant Manager). Third row: Stephen Whittaker, Brendan Foster, Bruce Allen, Michael Roberts, Stephen Shea, David Rennie, Michael Nicosia, Kasper Kasparian. Second row: A1 Geurrera, Frank Smith, Fred Stewart, Tony Ranfone, Clifton Stone, Robert Shay, John Dushame, Brian Kennedy, Michael Florgan. First row: Bruce Houston, Sean Fountain, Robert Marcinuk, Ronald Wedge (Co-Captain), Douglas Ramsden (Co-Captain), Harry Wilkinson, Ellis Fitzpatrick, James Barry. FOOTBALL Although the North Andover football squad was unfortunate this year in losing the greater percentage of its games, the squad overcame its severe lack of depth to win a gratifying victory over Methuen. The victory over Methuen built up the Knights’ morale greatly. This victory meant that one-half of the Little Three title had been won. The other half was unfortunately lost to Andover in a hard fought battle. Throughout the season the team worked as one. Each man did his job and did it well, but there was one flaw, the goal line. It seems that if the field had been 90 yards long, the season would have been a great success. Every time pay-dirt was almost reached, an unexplainable misfortune would occur and the ball would be lost. Guided by Coach Robert Sullivan, the team gained much needed experience and know-how. This was his first losing season here. In the Andover game, our most valuable lineman, Fred Stewart, was lost because of a head injury. Doug Ramsden and Ron Wedge, our co-captains, were also our halfbacks. These two Knights powerhoused their way through the opposition to gain valuable yardage. A newcomer on the squad was Mike Roberts. Though he lacked experience, he gained it readily, and will be a big threat to all competitors next year. The quick speed and sharpshooting accuracy of Harry Wilkinson, our quarterback, made him one of the best quarterbacks that North Andover High School has ever had. He was selected as All-Lowell Suburban League quarterback for 1963. 82 83 NORTH NORTH ANDOVER ANDOVER ANDOVER ANDOVER ANDOVER ANDOVER gdKir - - Bf fj . jR rT —. Jl ' 9 ' V F _ J J| h L d 1 AhWrm i north | 4 ANDOVER L l71W( Ai NORTH A 12 M i ANDOVER ' w f Tpit 1 NORTH ' it I IdNPOV l L A Y mj ■—■» ,. r north v I , 15 4 andqSeb kM mjfk Jr " 1 ' T. - 000 north V 10 11 ANDOVER ad | NORTH V | 1 i ANDOVERA Back row: Richard Shaughnessy, Norman Hughes, Ellis Fitz¬ patrick {Managers). Second row: Robert Licare (Coach), Steven Whittaker, Richard Robinson, Brian Kennedy, Leonard White, Charles Beauchesne, Bruce Allen. First row: Steven Summers, Harry Wilkinson, Robert Parker (Co-Captain), William Robin¬ son (Co-Captain), Robert Marcinuk, Brendan Foster. BASKETBALL Despite a sudden, unfavorable ruling by the Head¬ masters’ Association which made it impossible for the Scarlet Knights to participate in the Tech. Tourney, the 1963- 64 basketball season was successful in many ways. Directed by Coach Robert Licare, the Scarlet Knights won 12 and lost 6 games. While at North Andover High, Mr. Licare has yet to have a losing season. This year’s team was captained by hustling Bob Parker and Bill Robinson. Both set a fine example of de¬ termination and team play. This year’s Knights had but five seniors. The rest were juniors. Getting off to a slow start, with five wins and four losses, it looked as if there would be a poor showing from North Andover. The second half of the season was a completely different story. The Knights had to play four teams which had already beaten them by more than twelve points each. The first test came against Methuen. Methuen, with but one league loss, led most of the way, only to lose to a more determined North Andover team in the final minutes. The second test was Tewksbury, which had previously defeated the Knights by 13 points. With one minute remaining in the game, North Andover was down by four. A clutch shot by senior Bob Marcinuk, with three seconds remaining, won the game. The other two games, one with Chelmsford and the other with Andover, were both lost. However, Andover, a team which, in the first game of the season won over N. A. 68-46, crept away in the rematch 48-40 in the final minutes. This basketball season was highlighted in the eighth game of the season when the often hot-handed Knights defeated Wilmington 100-56. This year’s team scored 90 or more points four times and averaged 68 points per game. Despite not qualifying for the Tech, The Knights represented their school well. Cheered on by capacity crowds on Friday nights, the Scarlet Knights gave their all for the faithful followers. Finishing in third place in the Lowell Suburban League, and tying for second in the Little Three, the team can feel proud. They did a fine job. 84 Back row: Howard Crozier (Coach), Richard Bevins, David Richie, Stephen Guerrera, Eric Lindfors, Joseph Buchonis, Clifford McCarthy, William Fournier, Frank Smith, John Powers (Manager). First row: Thomas Licciardello, James McAloon, Stephen Henry, Edward Boynton, John Thistle, James Powers (Captain), George Gregory, Ronald Wedge, Frank Nicosia, Robert Shay, James Murphy. WRESTLING The wrestling team, under the direction of Mr. Howard Crozier, enjoyed a successful sixth season. At the start, with the loss through graduation of so many veteran wrestlers, Coach Crozier was concerned about the coming season, with two dual meets a week programmed—a very strenuous schedule. When the season had ended, however, the record had been a satisfying one, with nine victories in eighteen dual meets. The team was captained by Jimmy Powers, who is in his fourth year of wrestling. Last year, Jimmy became the first North Andover High School wrestler to win a state championship. This year he placed second in the State Meet at Wellesley. Invaluable members of the team were Ronald Wedge, James McAloon, and Steven Henry. Ronald Wedge was undefeated in ten dual meets. Steven Henry took first place in the Merrimack Tournament. Both Steven Henry and James McAloon placed third, in their weights, in the State Tournament. Steven will be back next year. One of the most notable events of the season occurred when James Powers set a new pinning record in 17.5 seconds. The old record, 25 seconds, was held by James McAloon. At the end of the season, the North Andover High School wrestling team had completed 18 dual meets, and participated in the Merrimack Valley Tournament and the State Tournament at Wellesley. 86 • ' . ■ Third row: Karen Fleichman, Jane Valpey, Roberta Morse, Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Lanni. Second ro ' iv: Sandra Brown, Sylvia Andrews, Susan Zimny, Brenda Swithenbank, Pamela Phelan. First row: Mrs. Dimlich, (Coach); Nancy Shepherd, Judy Abbott, Barbara Fisher, (Co-Captain); Ruth Moynihan, (Co-Captain); Geraldine Pendak. GIRLS 7 FIELD HOCKEY Under the enthusiastic and capable direction and guidance of Mrs. Mildred E. Dimlich, the 1963-1964 Varsity field hockey team compiled a record of 2 wins, 5 losses, and no ties. Sylvia Andrews led the team, scor¬ ing 4 goals. Ruth Moynihan and Barbara Fisher, co¬ captains, and Roberta Morse backed up our forward line with fine defensive play. The Junior Varsity played 6 games, won 0, lost 4, and 2 were scoreless ties. They show much promise for next year’s team. When field hockey candidates were called, 75 girls signed up for practice. From this group, 18 Varsity and 22 Junior Varsity players were chosen. The weather having been especially good this year, every girl was present for every practice, which was held almost every afternoon during September and October. Each girl had several opportunities to participate in the games, for it was the coach’s policy to play each girl who remains loyal to the team. Flockey is a vigorous game, with feet running and quick stopping, of changing pace and direction, with absolutely no time-outs taken during the entire period of 20 minutes. The girls must have a high physical fit¬ ness rate to participate and remain on the squad. We shall miss greatly our graduating seniors: Gerrie Pendak, Barbara Fisher, Ruth Moynihan, Judy Abbott, Sandra Brown, Nancy Shepard, Nancy Lanni, and Brenda Swithenbank. But under the leadership of our new captains, Roberta Morse, Susan Zimny, and Sylvia Andrews, we are optimistic about the coming season. 88 Back row: Barbara Hanlon {Manager), Susan Zimny, Jane Valpey, Patricia Leary, Patricia Stone, Sylvia Andrews, Miss Haslett (Coach), Nancy Lanni (Manager). First row: Ruth Moynihan, Carol Bettencourt, Sandra Rizzo, Nancy Roberts (Co-Captain), Mary Corello (Co-Captain), Janyce Summers, Jacqueline Dyer, Nancy Martin. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL The girls’ basketball team, coached by Miss J. Haslett, played many hard fought games and emerged with an overall season’s record of 8 wins and 6 losses. A winning season can largely be accredited to co-captains Mary Corello and Nancy Roberts, who combined to score over 300 points. Supported also by the strong defensive playing of Pat Stone, Ruth Moynihan, Sylvia Andrews, Susan Zimny, and many others, the varsity team conquered " Little 3” rivals, Methuen and Andover, and the alumni team. A steadily improving junior varsity team compiled the fine record of 11 wins and 3 losses. Diane Dyer, Nancy Zimny, and Kathy Willis sparked the team to many of its victories. Varsity co-captains for next year are Jane Valpey and Susan Zimny. 89 FOOTBALL QUEEN Jacqueline Dyer Members of the Queen’s Court: Donna Bishop, Karen Pybus, Ron Wedge (Football Co-Captain), Jacqueline Dyer (Queen), Douglas Ramsden (Football Co-Cap¬ tain), Lita Koper, Carol Bettencourt. VALENTINE QUEEN Patricia Leary Members of the Queen’s Court: Back rou : Kathe Pybus, Jacqueline Dyer, Nancy Roberts, Barbara Steele. Front row: Judith Corello, Diane Girgenti, Patricia Leary (Queen), Nancy Zimny, Susan Zimny. BIRCHWOOD CAFE Fine Foods — Congenial Host HAVERHILL, MASS. 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METHUEN, MASS. Compliments of . . . BILL McALOON 130 MAIN ST. Compliments of . . . LITTLE RED BEAUTY SHOP Telephone 682-9610 NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. CAMERACRAFT OF LAWRENCE Cameras - Projectors - Supplies 418 ESSEX STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. 683-0776 Compliments of . . CASEY ' S PHARMACY JOHN H. GRECOE Jeweler Optician Certified Repair Service 46 MAIN STREET ANDOVER, MASS. § ! MESSINA ' S SUPER MARKET Serving You, the Public, With the Finest Selection of Choice Meats and Foods " Doing Business in the Same Location Since 1936” 95 MSRBXMAOK valley i NATIONAL: ' V BANK ANDOVER GEORGETOWN HAVERHILL LAWRENCE MERRIMAC METHUEN NO. ANDOVER Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and Federal Reserve System Compliments of A Part of Your Community Since 1890 198 MASSACHUSETTS AYE, NORTH ANDOVER, MASS Congratulations and a Bright Future! To The Class of 1964 From THE COMMUNITY CENTER THE BOYN TON PRESS, INC. OF NORTH ANDOVER, INC. Our 20th Birthday - 1964 = Printers 96 Compliments of ... BAKER ' S DOZEN ELITE PHARMACY Joseph Campione, Reg. Ph. Telephone 683-3979 200 MIDDLESEX ST. NORTH ANDOVER Compliments of . . . EMPIRE 355 ESSEX ST. LAWRENCE, MASS. CENTRAL SERVICE STATION General Repairs - Automatic Transmissions John Dolan, Prop. Telephone 687-1717 9 WAVERLY ROAD NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. Compliments of . . . ESSEX OPTICAL LAWRENCE, MASS. Compliments of . . . FILETTI ' S BARBER SHOP 350 ESSEX STREET HI-WAY GROCERY Cosmetics - Ice Cream Grocery - Medicines GREAT POND INSURANCE AGENCY Telephone 686-3816 104 MAIN ST. NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. WHITWORTH ' S Your Local Specialists in Sports Rubber and Sporting Goods Store Telephone 682-2573 581 ESSEX STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. 97 H. S. MACHINE COMPANY A complete machine shop to service you 25 MAPLE STREET LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone 683-8560 § § % § 4 $ For New England’s Finest Fried Chicken — Visit LYNCH ' S RESTAURANT Steaks — Chops — Seafood Specialties Businessmen’s Luncheons ROUTES 125 133 s NORTH ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 98 5 " A Well-trained Driver is a Safe Driver” Complete Driver Education Standard and Automatic Shift Cars Courses Given Throughout the Year in Our Own Classroom Classroom Instruction Can Begin at Age 15 Years, 9 Months LAWRENCE AUTO SCHOOL 222-224 BROADWAY Phone 686-4365, 688-6672 James W. McDonald-Registry Certified Instructor Compliments of .. . Compliments of . . . JOHN BONELLI f BILLS AUTO SERVICE § Dial 685-5302 £ V William J. Arsenault, Prop. 4 62-64 MAIN STREET NORTH ANDOVER 4 1 JIM PHELAN-GROCERIES j Compliments of . .. c ? 87 MAIN STREET DR. M. P. CURREN | | NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. — DENTIST — Z | ROBERT ' S HARDWARE SCHRUENDER ' S REAL ESTATE f 4 136 MAIN STREET 77 CHICKERING ROAD 4 4 NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. § Compliments of .. . Compliments of . . . R. J. MACARTNEY CO. LEGARE ' S MARKET | 4 Your Friends SEYMOUR ' S 4 GREENHOUSE FLORIST | 4 1 NORTH ANDOVER Flowers For All Occasions £ | POLICE DEPARTMENT 36 LINDEN AVE. NORTH ANDOVER | Telephone 685-5589 § 99 THE DRAMATIC CLUB OF NORTH ANDOVER HIGH SCHOOL 4 Salutes % The Class of 1964 School Play — " If A Man Answers” — April 10-11, 1964 OFFICERS 1963-1964 President Linda M. Shea Vice-President Carol A. Thibault Secretary Nancy P. Roberts Treasurer Jane A. Schruender Faculty Advisor James W. McDonald 100 MEAGAN ' S DRUG INC. LAMEY-WELLEHAN " Prescriptions Our Specialty” Shoes and Hosiery - Free Delivery - For Every Occasion Telephone 682-8138 48 WATER STREET 331 ESSEX STREET NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. LAWRENCE, MASS. Fuel Oils - Range Oils - 24-Hour Service - Auto Service In North Andover It’s FISIKELLES DAIRY QUEEN TROMBLY BROTHERS Across the street from the High School Harold W. Trombly, Owner Telephone 683-1031 163 SUTTON ST. NORTH ANDOVER Telephone 687-7012 T. J. BUCKLEY Arrive in a Clean Car RAPID CAR WASH Furniture 330 SOUTH BROADWAY LAWRENCE, MASS. 284 ESSEX STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. Custom Polishing Washing Bill - Abe - Simon Compliments of . . PHILIP ' S SHOE STORE 481 BROADWAY LAWRENCE, MASS. Philip Garnick, Prop. 101 Orders To Take Out Telephone 682-2242 372-6311 €MHA EiOSSOM — Air Conditioned — Tops in Chinese Food Richard Yee 1120 OSGOOD STREET (RT. 128) NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. Congratulations To the Class of 1964 GREATER LAWRENCE Y. M. C. A. FINNERAN ' S DRUG STORE Joseph M. Finneran, Reg. Ph. 129 MAIN STREET NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. Phone 682-0520 Reg. No. 13220 21 FURBER AVE. NO. ANDOVER FLOORING CO., INC. EST. 1900 - Over Half A Century of Service “OUR REPUTATION IS YOUR BEST GUARANTEE ’ Specializing in All Types of HARDWOOD FLOORS INSTALLATION • SANDING • FINISHING • COMMERCIAL • INDUSTRIAL • RESIDENTIAL tel. 687-7241 Res. BERT GOGUEN 687-7241 Res. LOUIS GOGUEN SALEM N. H. 898-41 1 4 VAL ' S RESTAURANT 9D 2 MAIN STREET NORTH ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of ... 73 MAIN STREET CRANE HARDWARE COMPANY General Hardware — Paints — Kitchenware Telephone 687-7781 NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. 102 tmitlliw minimi mu I g a cde m Congratulations and the best of luck! We at Loring are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photo¬ graphs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Loring Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Loring portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! LORING 0 STUDIOS New England ' s Largest School Photographers j £ ■ vS x- ’ ■ • ■yC r ' -O r - ' yy - 0 X VAL ' S RESTAURANT 91 Vi MAIN STREET NORTH ANDOVER MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of .. . VERA ' S CARD GIFT SHOP 137 MAIN STREET NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. Compliments of . RUSSEM ' S INC Merrimac Valley’s Leading Department Store 309 - 325 ESSEX STREET LAWRENCE, MASS. VALENTINE FLOWERS ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of . . . MR. TOM ' S MEN ' S SHOP Fine Furnishings 143 MAIN ST. NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. § ! § § § I I ★★★★★★★★★★■» ★★★★★★★★★ 1813 — 1964 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ J. P. STEVEN ' S CO., INC. STEVEN’S PLANT OSGOOD PLANT I NORTH ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS 104 ANDREW F. COFFIN CASHMAN ' S SERVICE STATION Insurance Raymond J. Cashman 71 MAIN STREET Gas - Oil - Tires - Tubes NORTH ANDOVER and Accessories MASSACHUSETTS 141 SUTTON STREET Telephone 688-4074 or 682-7338 NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. CHARLES 1 STEAK HOUSE TAYLOR SHOP Open 12 Noon to 12 P.M. Closed Mondays 389 ESSEX STREET ROUTES 125 133 LAWRENCE, MASS. NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. Compliments of the MUTUAL SAVINGS BANKS OF LAWRENCE BROADWAY SAVINGS BANK COMMUNITY SAVINGS BANK ESSEX SAVINGS BANK LAWRENCE SAVINGS BANK 105 689-9417 If You’re Sick, See A Doctor ... If Yom Car Is Sick, See Me At, TOWN LINE SERVICE Specializing In Automatic Transmissions, Tune-up, Etc. Raymond Letourneau 701 SUTTON STREET NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. f § § § § MERRIMAC AUTO SUPPLY CORP. 356 BROADWAY LAWRENCE, MASSACHUSETTS MACS GENERAL STORE 7 JOHNSON STREET NORTH ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS § Compliments of THE MATH CLUB s 106 Gateway to better Yearbooks T. O’Toole Sons, one of the first printers in the nation to pro¬ duce yearbooks by offset, bring to you progressive ideas tempered by experience and a reputation for painstaking work manship. Per¬ sonal service to advise you on: • Yearbook Production • Themes • Layout • Use of Color • Fitting Copy • Line Drawings • Advertising • Proof Reading • Photography • Production • Personal Service At All Times t. o’ to ole sons builds a new plant to aid y ou t. o’toole dc sons, inc. Main Office and Factory Keeler Avenue, South Norwalk, Connecticut Tel. TEmple 8-4761 -62 -63 Tel. New York City MElrose 5-4112 DAVIS FURBER MACHINE COMPANY NORTH ANDOVER 5 MASSACHUSETTS § 108 SPONSORS MR. MRS. EUGENE BELIVEAU MR. MRS. ZYGMOND KOPER THE CHANTAYS DR. ROBERT FRANZ THE HONOR SOCIETY § § § § I § § DR. BENJAMIN HOLLINS DR. JULIUS KAY, M.D. DR. CHARLES L. LEE, M.D. MRS. ANTOINETTE PERRONE DR. J. W. SCALORA THE 81 2’S 109 Compliments of ATTORNEYS J. ALBERT BRADLEY RALPH FINCK § CHARLES A. MCCARTHY HAROLD MORLEY, JR. ATTY. MRS. RENO ORLANDO ANTHONY J. RANDAZZO ARNOLD H. SAILSBURY CHARLES W. TROMBLY I 110

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