North Andover High School - Knight Yearbook (North Andover, MA)

 - Class of 1959

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IKiftt §:s g ■■ Mi I : g li|i . - Ifti-rAw ifH ««.ii i f ; |,Tj .,-r »|ji ua ja SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Douglas A. Chandler PRINCIPAL Alvah G. Hayes _ MARY G. BAILEY MARGARET E. BROWN English, History, English High-Lites Advisor Boston University, A.B. Boston Museum of Fine Arts; Boston University, B.S. in Ed. MARY A. BUCKLEY Homemaking Regis College, B.S. OLIVE BUTLER Art Massachusetts School of Art, B.S.; Suffolk University, M.Ed. LOUISE R. CONSOLI French, Latin Emmanuel College, A.B.; Middlebury College, M.A. IRENE E. COOK French, Library Supervisor Mount Holyoke College, A.B.; University of Vermont, M.Ed. HOWARD E. CROZIER Director of Physical Education and Athletics, Physical Education, Football and Track Coach Springfield College, B.S., M.Ed. CAROL A. DESROSIERS Cafeteria Supervisor Regis College, A.B. MILDRED E. DIMLICH MARGARET M. DONLAN Physical Education, Latin, Algebra Girls’ Field Hockey and Boston University, A.B., Basketball Coach M.Ed. Posse-Nissen School of Physical Education JOHN V. DONOVAN Assistant Principal, Chairman of English Department, English Boston College, A.B., A.M. VINCENT C. FODERARO MADELINE M. GILLEN MARION GROSSMAN Biology, General Science, Director of Guidance Typewriting, Junior Business Guidance Counselor University of Maine, A.B.; Training, Consumer Education Suffolk University, A.B., M.A. Boston University, M.A. Salem State Teachers College, in Ed. Ed.; Boston University, M.A. ARTHUR J. HAMEL JAMES L . HILLS JAMES KEEGAN GEORGE F. LEE Chemistry, Algebra, General Industrial Arts, Mechanical English, Assistant Football Biology, Consumer Education, Science, Assistant Baseball Drawing, Assistant Basketball Coach Baseball Coach Coach Coach Kenyon College, A.B. St. Anselm’s College, A.B. Merrimack College; Fitchburg State Teachers St. Anselm’s College, A.B.; College, B.S. in Ed. Boston State Teachers College, M.Ed. JOSEPH F. LYNCH Plane Geometry, Algebra College of the Holy Cross, B.S. james w. McDonald ruth ann clarence f. Speech, English, Director of MOORADKANIAN MOSHER, JR. School Play English, Yearbook Advisor Music Emerson College, B.L.I. Bradford Junior College; NewNew England Conservatory of England Conservatory of Music, B.Mus.; Columbia Music; Boston University, A.B. University, M.A. in Ed. Administration ALICE M. NEAL Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Bookkeeper for North Andover School Lunch Program Boston University, B.S.S., M.Ed. C. WESTON NOYES Director of Band New England Conservatory of Alusic, B.Mus. ALBERT PERRAULT Civics, Problems of Democracy Holy Cross, B.S.; Boston College, M.A. THOMAS R. POWERS THOMAS L. REGAN JOHN R. ROBINSON History, Business Manager of Physics, Chemistry, Algebra General Science, Consumer Athletics Providence College, B.S. Education Tufts University, A.B., Al.Ed. Boston University, A.A., B.S. o FACULTY WILFRED J. ROBITAILLE Civics, Problems of Democracy, Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach Plymouth Teachers College, B.Ed. KATHERINE C. SHERIDAN History Boston University, B.S in Ed., M.Ed. HARWOOD A. STEELE JAMES W. THOMSON Typewriting, Junior Business Art, Crafts, Driver Education Training, Bookkeeping, Massachusetts State College, Assistant Basketball Coach B.S. in Ed.; Massachusetts Husson College; University of Institute of Technology; Maine, B.S. in Com. Ed. Fitchburg State Teachers College, M.Ed.; Suffolk University; Calvin Coolidge College, Ed.D. CLAIRE T. TORPEY MARY E. WHITE ALPHONSE LESINSKAS Office Practice, Stenography Algebra, Plane and Solid Russian Salem State Teachers College, Geometry, Trigonometry University of Kowno, M.Ed. B.S. in Ed.; Regis College, A.B.; Calvin Boston University, M.Ed. Coolidge College, M.Ed. in jHemortam RENE C. CHAMPOLLION In remembrance of Rene C. Champollion, who this year in¬ augurated the first Russian language course to be taught at North Andover High School. Though a member of our faculty for but a brief period of time, Mr. Champollion will be sadly missed by all his associates and students. 0 Hite past forever gone; the future stiff our own MARILYN A. ACKROYD Softball I; Student Council 4; High-Lites Staff 3, 4; Knight Staff 4. Blushes ever so easily . . . " Hey, kids, you know what!” . . . Chip . . . everyone’s friend . . . sure to make a terrific secretary . . . Deb. RICHARD W. BAMFORD " Dick” Oh, those mysterious eyes! . . . quiet, but only on the surface . . . C. C. . . . love that car! . . . what attraction does Howard Johnson’s hold for Dick and his friends? GERALD J. ARCARI, JR. “Jerry” Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3. His terrific musical ability is an asset to the band . . . always looks at the bright side of things . . . frequently seen with the Barclays . . . personality plus. BRUCE J. BARCLAY “Mouse” Basketball 1, 3, 4; Intramurals 2. Loves to argue, especially with Bob . . . his Clark Gable ways make him very popular with the girls . . . real neat dresser . . . liked by everyone. RICHARD P. ARNOLD “Dick” Track 1, 2 (Hyde Park); Basketball 1, 2 (Hyde Park). Happy-go-lucky . . . loves homework . . . has made many friends since coming to N. A. . . . where do you and Lou go on those long rides? . . . Boston sure lost a swell kid. JAMES G. BARCLAY “Gerry” Basketball 1, 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Likes a good discussion . . . really appreciates girls . . . well-mannered . . . Ivy League look . . . liked experiments in Chemistry (?) . . . one grand guy to know. PHILIP M. ARRIGO, JR. Stamp Club 1 (Boston Latin) ; Chess Club 2 (Boston Latin). Another Einstein . . . quiet and attentive in class ... an avid fan of Trig . . . never with¬ out his maroon necktie . . . sure to succeed. ERIC P. BERGSTROM “Bergy” Hails from Boxford . . . well-mannered and tres polite . . . always ready for a laugh . . . interested in agriculture. ROBERT BOUSH " Bob” Loves Type (?) ... appreciates a good joke and knows a few, too . . . allergic to home¬ work, but not to the Elite Pharmacy. RENEE M. BROUGHTON Field Hockey 3, 4; High-Lites Staff 3, 4 (Bus¬ iness Manager); Knight Staff 4. Seems quiet till you get to know her . . . nice friend . . . good sense of humor . . . Staten Island ' s loss was North Andover ' s gain . . . best of luck in your college career. JANICE D. BOUTILIER " Jan” High-Lites Staff 1, 2; Knight Staff 4. Never a dull moment with Jan around . . . loves to drive . . . love that laugh . . . did you ever hear anyone talk at such a rapid rate? ROBERT T. BRYAN " Bob” Football 1; Baseball 1, 2; Track 3, 4; Basket¬ ball 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3; Boys’ Chorus 3; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Picnic Committee (Co-Chairman); Class Prophecy. One of the athletic members of our class . . . great asset to our basketball team . . . friendly and well-mannered . . . very appreciative of the opposite sex . . . best of luck in all you do, Bob. JOAN A. BRIDGES " Jo” Band 1, 2, 3; Knight Staff 4; Football Queen’s Attendant 4; After-Prom Committee 4; Picnic Committee. What was on the gingerbread you ordered at Salem’s cafeteria ? . . . soft-spoken and friendly . . . beautiful hair . . . plans a career in the commercial field . . . Deb. BARBARA A. BUCHANAN " Barb” High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Field Hockey 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Picnic Com¬ mittee. A terrific person to know . . . oh, that walk! . . . those big blue eyes . . . Bob . . . Mary- lou’s other balf . . . quite a hockey player . . . Hi-Fi. MICHAEL BRODERICK " Mike” Track 2, 3, 4; Football 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; School Play 3; Class Color and Motto Committee. Efficient lifeguard at Stevie ' s . . . friendly and mischievous . . . all-round athlete . . . Jean- nine . . . best of luck, Mike, in whatever you undertake! MICHAEL J. BYRON " Mike” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Base¬ ball 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary-Treasurer 2; Student Council 2; Intramurals 1, 2, 3; Boosters’ Club Scholar-Athlete Award 4; Pic¬ nic Committee (Co-Chairman) ; Class Will. Terror on the gridiron ... a real happy-go- lucky guy . . . partial to cheerleaders . . . loves to talk in the Caf ... we know you will succeed in whatever you attempt, Mike. CONSTANCE M. CARNEY " Connie” High-Lites Staff 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Editor) ; Knight Staff 4; Basketball 2; Evening Tribune Teen Correspondent 4. Doesn’t say much, but oh, how she can write! . . . her friendly, understanding personality makes her an ideal candidate for a wonderful teacher in the future. CATHERINE A. CUMMINGS " Cathy” Basketball 1, 2; Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Honor Society 3, 4 (Counselor) ; Knight Staff 4; New England Music Festival 4. Her ability to design and sew a fashionable wardrobe will astonish those Georgia belles . . . hope you think of us up here in New England, freezing as the temperature hovers near zero. LINDA J. CHAMPION " Lin” Basketball 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Class President 3, 4; Student Council 3, 4 (President); Prom Committee 3, 4; High-Lites Staff 3, 4; Knight Staff 4 (Co-Editor-in-Chief) ; D.A.R. Award; Football Queen ' s Attendant 4; Class Color and Motto Committee (Chairman) ; Banquet Com¬ mittee (Co-Chairman). Friendliest girl . . . hard worker . . . oh, that Ipana smile! ... a wonderful president . . . Deb. NANCY CURREN " Nan” Enjoys a good joke . . . Alice’s other half . . . often seen riding around town . . . wants to be a policewoman . . . never a dull moment with Nan around. ALLAN COMSTOCK " Al” Football 1. 2; Basketball 1, 2. How the gals’ hearts flutter when that green convertible " peels out” . . . his calypso tech¬ nique would leave Arthur Murray cold . . . North Andover’s loss, Hollywood’s gain. ALAN B. CURRIER " Bruce” Football 2, 4; Intramurals 3, 4. One of Mr. Hills’ right-hand men . . . goes in for " real cool” haircuts . . . loves cars . . . homework, too (?) ... best of every¬ thing, Bruce. ROLAND G. COOK " Cookie” Quiet, with a nice personality . . . good- natured . . . really livened up the play in our junior year . . . nice friend . . . good luck in the future. JOYCE CURTIN High-Lites Staff 2, 4; Knight Staff 4; Debat¬ ing Club 3. Full of fun . . . what a giggle! . . . always ready to lend a helping hand . . . looks on the bright side of the fence . . . best of luck in your nursing career, Joyce . . . Hi-Fi. GILDA T. D’AGATA " Jill” High-Lites Staff 3, 4; Basketball 3; Softball 2; Cheerleader 4; Field Hockey 3 (Assistant Man¬ ager); Knight Staff 4; Class Color and Motto Committee. Terrific cheerleader . . . nice dresser . . . real popular miss . . . spends her summers at the beach . . . Janie’s other half. BEVERLY A. DONNELLY " Bev” Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Softball 1, 2, 3; High-Lites Staff 2; Knight Staff 4; After-Prom Committee 4. Pride of the basketball team . . . long blonde hair . . . well-liked . . . Pete . . . one sweet miss . . . K. T. NANCY A. DeADDER " Nan” High-Lites Staff 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Picnic Committee. Neat dresser . . . her contagious laugh keeps everyone in good humor . . . never misses a basketball game . . . " Know your French verbs, anyone?” . . . best of luck in the future. DAVID T. DONOVAN High-Lites Staff 4; Baseball 1, 2; Honor So- siety 2, 3, 4; Class Color and Motto Commit¬ tee; Valedictorian. Quiet until you get to know him . . . good student . . . always seen driving in his 1941 Ford . . . always willing to lend a helping hand . . . most likely to succeed. JANE C. deVEBRE " Janie” High-Lites Staff 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Cheer¬ leader 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); School Play 3, 4; Banquet Committee. One cute miss . . . enjoys a good joke and can tell a few herself . . . energetic . . . Jill’s other half . . . easy to get along with. JANET L. DUNCAN " Dune” Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1; Knight Staff 4; After-Prom Committee 3, 4 (Chairman); Class Will. Lush wardrobe . . . cute haircut . . . asset to the basketball team . . . quiet in her class¬ rooms . . . nice friend to have . . . best of luck, Dune. R. LOUIS DiFRUSCIO " Lou” Basketball 1; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain) ; Knight Staff 4; Class Color and Motto Committee. Real swell guy . . . why always late for classes, Lou? . . . usually seen arguing with Joyce . . . wild over cars . . . great asset to the track team . . . Billy’s other half. LINDA A. DUNN " Lynn” Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; High-Lites Staff 3, 4; Knight Staff 4 (Co-Chairman of Biographers); Banquet Committee. Enthusiastic basketball fan . . . loves red . . . full of fun . . . has many friends . . . why the intense interest in Problems 4-1, Lynn? . . . blushes easily . . . best of luck to you . . . Hi-Fi. PATRICIA DURAND " Patty” Basketball 3 (Co-Manager); High-Lites Staff 4; Class Secretary-Treasurer 4; Majorettes 4 (Leader); Student Council 3, 4 (Secretary- Treasurer) ; Prom Committee 4; After-Prom Committee 3 (Co-Chairman); Knight Staff 4; Football Queen’s Attendant 4; Picnic Com¬ mittee. Real sweet miss . . . beautiful head of hair . . . winning personality . . . smooth dancer . . . Clinker . . . always hungry . . . Deb. EARLENE FOSTER " Earl” Softball 2, 3, 4; Massachusetts Music Festival Chorus 3; New England Music Festival Chorus 4; Student Council 2; High-Lites Staff 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Class Marshal. Always has a joke to tell and never misses the chance to hear one . . . loves Problems 4-3 (?) ... fabulous personality . . . beau¬ tiful wavy brown hair ... a nice friend to have . . . K. T. FRANK E. ELANDER Track 1; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Brown curly hair . . . loves to tease . . . mar¬ velous sense of humor . . . easy-going . . . full of the dickens . . . may the best be yours, Frank. EMILY FOSTER " Em” High-Lites Staff 3, 4 (Co-Editor of Humor) ; Knight Staff 4; Softball 3, 4; Picnic Com¬ mittee. Everyone’s pal . . . cute haircut and creamy complexion . . . Barry . . . always working on some project . . . best of everything to a wonderful person . . . K. T. LAURIE P. FERGUSON A quiet appearance, but don’t let that deceive you . . . partial to Lawrence boys . . . never a care. MARTHA E. FOSTER Student Council 2, 3, 4 (Vice-President) ; Class Vice-President 3, 4; High-Lites Staff 2, 3; Knight Staff 4; Softball 1, 2, 3; Basket¬ ball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Football Queen’s Attendant 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; Class Color and Motto Committee; Banquet Com¬ mittee (Co-Chairman). An adorable hair style . . . loves basketball . . . always willing to help . . . best of luck, Martha . . . K. T. MURIEL F. FINN " Finny” High-Lites Staff 2. Usually seen in the office practice room . . . always in on the latest gossip . . . loves chorus . . . good-natured . . . good luck, Muriel. JOYCE E. FOULDS " Red” Majorette 4; Basketball 3; Softball 2, 3; High-Lites Staff 4; Knight Staff 4; Picnic Committee. Pleasing personality . . . cheerful smile for all . . . always has something to say . . . pretty red hair . . . you’ll make a perfect nurse, Joyce . . . Deb. J SHEILA J. FOUNTAIN Softball 1; Knight Staff 4; Football Queen 4. Truly a queen . . . usually found at the Center on the weekend . . . full of the dickens . . . one beautiful miss . . . we all know you’ll be a success in the future, Sheila . . . Deb. RAYMOND A. GALLONI " Ray” Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; After-Prom Committee 3; Knight Staff 4; Photography Club 4; Track 4; Picnic Committee. Great musical talent . . . wonderful person¬ ality . . . good-hearted kid . . . whiz at Trig . . . good luck to you, Ray. SHIRLEY A. FOURNIER " Shirl” Basketball 4 (Manager); Banquet Committee. Always manages to see the funny side of a sit¬ uation . . . never seen hurrying . . . cute miss . . . quiet until you get to know her . . . may the best be yours, Shirley . . . Deb. A. BRUCE GOURLEY " Arch” Football 1, 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1; Track 4; Chess Club 4. Great kid with a happy twinkle in his eye . . . lifeguard at Stevie ' s . . . what would you do without that jeep, Bruce? . . . nice friend . . . best of luck. ALICE FOWLER " Al” Tall and attractive . . . center of fun . . . Nancy’s other half ... a nice friend to have . . . may success be yours, Al. OLIVE GRAVEL " Ol” Band 1; Softball 1, 3; Majorette 4; Class Secretary-Treasurer 3; Student Council 3; Prom Committee 3; High-Lites Staff 3, 4; Knight Staff 4 ; Banquet Committee. Terrific dancer . . . nice dresser . . . always a smile and a good word for everyone . . . loves to laugh . . . will surely get along in the world . . . Deb. JOAN FRASER " Joni” Student Council 4; High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4 (Chief Proofreader); Prom Committee 4; Knight Staff 4 (Photography Editor) ; Soft- ball 3. Never tires of talking . . . friendly to every¬ one . . . Werner . . . always ready for a party . . . where there’s mischief, there’s Joni . . . Deb. JOYCE HANSON Neat as a pin — that’s Joyce . . . oh, that wardrobe! . . . hard worker . . . never leaves anything undone . . . good friend to have . . . the best of everything to you in the future, Joyce. MARYLOU HEARTY Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4 (Art Editor); Banquet Com¬ mittee; Class Prophecy. A regular chatterbox . . . usually seen in a " real cool” green Chevy . . . lots of fun to be with . . . Gene . . . what happened to Chand¬ ler Secretarial School, Marylou? . . . Hi-Fi. MARY HOSKING Band 2, 3, 4; Softball 3; New England Music Festival Band 4. Friendly " Hi” for everyone . . . great kid . . . full of vim, vigor, and vitality . . . loves band . . . best of luck in the future. CAROLYN J. HEIDER " Carol” High-Lites Staff 4; Knight Staff 4. One great kid to know . . . usually seen in the type room . . . good-natured . . . black moons . . . nice dresser ... a very friendly gal who is sure to succeed in life . . . Hi-Fi. RONALD HOWARD " Ron” Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. Has a winning way with the opposite sex . . . quiet in class, but wait till he gets out¬ side . . . real nice-looking guy and a good friend . . . best of luck, Ron, in the future. ANDREW P. HEINZE " Hans” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 2; Class President 2; Student Council 2; Boys’ Chorus 3; Debat¬ ing Club 3; Prom Committee 4; High-Lites Staff 4 (Co-Editor of Exchange); Good Gov¬ ernment Day Representative 4. Fun-loving . . . contagious laugh . . . has a wide variety of interests . . . good luck to a real swell guy. RONALD JEWELL " Ronn” Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys’ Chorus 3. A natural comedian . . . truly the most mis¬ chievous . . . allergic to barbers . . . great arguer . . . may the best be yours. JAMES HOSKING " Jim” Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Golf 2; Track 4. Oh, that Toni permanent! ... a friend to all . . . quiet until you look closer . . . terrific piano player . . . good luck to a great kid. KENNETH C. KELLAN " Ken” Baseball 1; Football 2, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Track 4; Picnic Com¬ mittee. Popular among all ... a real wit . . . dark and dreamy . . . Central . . . " Where’s Wil?” . . . great pal . . . good luck, Ken. MARCIA D. KELLY Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4. Fabulous wardrobe of casual clothes . . . well- mannered . . . enjoys long walks in the coun¬ try . . . ardent basketball fan . . . neat as a pin . . . best of luck in college. ARTHUR KETTINGER " Moonman” Football 1, (Manager) 2, 3, 4; Track Man¬ ager 1, 2; Intramurals 2, 4. Always ready to laugh at anything . . . loves Algebra II, especially when he goes to the board (?) . . . terrific manager . . . real swift runner with the water bucket . . . good luck. Art, in the future. FRANCIS J. KENNEALLY " Clinker” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Track 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Intramurals 1, 2; Banquet Committee. Very popular fellow . . . tremendous build . . . whiz on the track . . . most handsome . . . unique nickname . . . soft spot for our head majorette . . . you ' ll get along fine in the world, Clinker. CATHERINE A. LICCIARDELLO " Kay” Photography Club 4 (Vice-President); High- Lit es Staff 4. Looking for Kay? — you’re sure to find her in Room 13 . . . nice clothes . . . loves absent lists . . . willing worker . . . friendly . . . good commercial student. DOROTHY S. KENNEDY " Dottie” High-Lites Staff 1, 4; Knight Staff 4. Pretty clothes . . . always supplied with candy . . . " Got a comb?” . . . remember every¬ one ' s favorite corner in the Caf ? -—how could you forget! . . . did you ever go to study halls, Dottie? JOHN J. MAHONEY Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. A real good friend to have . . . usually seen driving someone around . . . always found at Woody’s . . . appreciative of the fairer sex . . . loves Shop? . . . best of luck to you, John. VIRGINIA KERSHAW " Ginny” High-Lites Staff 1, 2. Quiet, until you really get to know her . . . loves the Friden calculator (?) ... a smile for everyone . . . efficient cashier at Messina’s . . . best of luck. LOUISE MANDRY " Cookie” High-Lites Staff 1, 2, 3; Knight Staff 4. A quiet classmate . . . friendly to all . . . once you get to know her, she’s quite a kid . . . best of luck in the future. GEORGE MASTIN Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2, 4; Massa¬ chusetts All-State Band 3. Quiet and polite . . . " Would you please re¬ peat the statement? " . . . man, does he play a cool sax! . . . best of luck in whatever you do, George. DIANA A. McDOWELL " Mac” Band 1, 2, 3, 4; High-Lites Staff 1, 2, 3; Knight Staff 4; Annie L. Sargent Memorial Speaking Contest 1 (Third Prize); Basket¬ ball 1; Softball 1; Banquet Committee. A real comic . . . where there’s noise, there’s Diana . . . Mrs. Brown’s pet; in fact, every teacher’s pet (?) ... Froggy . . . always talking, and always caught. J. DOUGLAS MAYER " Doug” Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Boys’ Chorus 3; Student Council 2; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Picnic Committee. Likes basketball . . . dry humor . . . his fav¬ orite saying in English was, ”1 don’t under¬ stand the question.” . . . likes band (?) ... you ' re bound to succeed, Doug. CATHY L. McDUFFIE " McDuff” Basketball 1; Softball 1; Field Hockey 3, 4; High-Lites Staff 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Picnic Committee. Lovely little chatterbox . . . fun-loving . . . Ken . . . enjoys long walks in the country . . . what’s the fascination in Problems class, Cathy? . . . partial to basketball players . . . Hi-Fi. M. MARGARET McALOON " Peggy” Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; Softball 1; High-Lites Staff 4; Knight Staff 4. Her fabulous wardrobe makes her a candidate for a Powers model . . . likes to spend her summers in Maine . . . whom are you search¬ ing for when you take those long walks, Peg? . . . a real popular miss . . . best of every¬ thing to you. THOMAS McINTYRE " Mac” Friendly to all . . . enjoys a good joke . . . appreciates girls . . . likes cars . . . and school, too (?) . . . mild manner of driving . . . keep smiling, Tom, and the world is yours. JUDITH P. McCLUNG " Judy” Field Hockey 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain) ; Student Council 4; High-Lites Staff 4; Knight Staff 4. Terror with that hockey stick . . . well-liked by her classmates, especially Dave . . . always a friendly " Hi” for everyone . . . what’s so special about a certain slide for your movie camera, Judy? . . . Hi-Fi. LOIS J. MESERVE " Lo” High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4 (News Editor); De¬ bating Club 3, 4; School Play 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4 (Co-Editor-in-Chief); Wake Up and Read Contest 3 (Third Prize); Honor Society 4. Real hard worker . . . " Well, actually ...” ... added a lot to our plays . . . famous for her arguments . . . loves speech and dramatics . . . best of luck in the future. ANNE J. MESSINA Field Hockey 3, 4; High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Honor Society 3, 4 (Secretary- Treasurer) ; Class Color and Motto Committee; Betty Crocker Homemaking Award 4; Salu- tatorian. Wavy brown hair . . . truly a friend in need . . . neat and efficient . . . Frank . . . sure to make a fabulous teacher . . . best of every¬ thing, Anne . . . Hi-Fi. H. IRVING NEWMAN " Irv” Track 1, 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 1, 2. Fun-loving . . . fond of cars . . . will always listen to the troubles of others . . . likes school (?) . . . nice to know . . . good luck in the future. DAVID J. MORSE " Dave” Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Intra¬ murals 3. Best dresser . . . swell kid to know . . . oh, those " glassy” shoes! . . . Judy . . . tremen¬ dous record collection . . . loves pizza . . . good luck, Dave, in the future. JUDITH A. NICORA " Nicky” School Play 3; Student Council 3; Prom Com¬ mittee 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; High-Lites Staff 4; Cheerleader 3, 4. Lovely and lively ... at Pete’s every Satur¬ day with Marie and Chris . . . loves pizza . . . " Guess what, kids!” . . . animated cheerleader . . . K. T. CHRISTINE MOYNIHAN " Chris” French Club 1, 2 (St. Mary’s High); Geom¬ etry Club 1, 2 (St. Mary’s High) ; Debating Club 4; High-Lites Staff 4; Knight Staff 4. Sparkling personality . . . true friend . . . Marie and Nicky’s other third . . . partial to Andover boys ... St. Mary’s lost a great girl when Chris came to us ... K. T. JOHN S. O’BRIEN " Obie” Basketball 1; Band 1; Intramurals 2; Photog¬ raphy Club 3, 4; Chess Club 4. Interested in many things . . . friendly . . . famous for his original remarks in Problems 4-2 . . . Mr. Robinson and his camera’s other half . . . physics, physics, physics. WILFRED J. NADEAU " Wil” Baseball 1; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Track 3, 4; Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain) ; Student Council 2; Class Vice-President 2; Intra¬ murals 2, 3, 4; Boys’ Chorus 3; Banquet Com¬ mittee; Class Marshal. Oh, that build! . . . can always be found with Kenny . . . popular as can be . . . Eleanor . . . sincere pal . . . terrific football player and captain . . . good luck, Wil, in all you do. JUDITH A. ORMSBY " Judy” This cute little miss, with those adorable short haircuts, sure keeps the barbers in business . . . fun to be with . . . loves to laugh . . . never seems to run out of things to say . . . best of luck, Judy . . . Deb. BENJAMIN C. OSGOOD " Ben” Student Council 3; Intramurals 2, 3. Real comic . . . easy-going . . . gets along well with everyone . . . livens up homeroom . . . good-natured grin . . . loves to study (?)... there is sure to be fun with Ben around. EDWARD PHELAN " Ed” Football 1. Very shy, but always ready for a laugh and a good joke . . . easy to get along with . . . man of few words . . . willing helper . . . has many friends. WILLIAM H. PAULSON " Bill” This great guy hails from Boxford and does the town justice with his fine manners . . . always laughing and joking . . . favorite class — French 3? . . . well-liked by everyone . . . you’re well on your way to success, Bill. HELEN L. PHILLIPS High-Lites Staff 3, 4; Knight Staff 4 (Art Editor). Deceivingly quiet . . . artistic . . . Morgan horses are her first love ... a Boxfordite . . . likes to argue in Problems class . . . fun to be with . . . good luck, Helen. PETER PERKINS " Pete” Ever see Peter walking? . . . blond and hand¬ some . . . oh, those " cool” clothes! . . . appears quiet . . . Bev . . . one swell guy to know. ANN B. PIEROG " Bev” Majorette 4. Friendly and cheerful . . . always a pleasant " Hi” for everyone . . . easy-going . . . Pete . . . did you ever see this girl when she wasn ' t smiling . . . may happiness and success be yours, Bev. URSULA J. PERRONE Field Hockey 2, 3, 4; High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4 (Co-Editor of Exchange); Knight Staff 4; After-Prom Committee 4; Class History. Cute as a button . . . appears to be quiet, but just get her going . . . gorgeous wardrobe . . . kind and considerate . . . love that laugh . . . whose blue eyes do you love, Ursula? . . . best of luck in the future . . . Hi-Fi. HENRY E. PITMAN " Hank” Football 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1; Track 1, 2, 3 (Tri-Captain) ; Intramurals 2, 3. Fabulous personality ... an avid fan of Lawrence girls . . . friendly to all . . . " Cupcakes” . . . Tom’s other half . . . blushes ever so easily . . . lots of luck, Hank. CHARLES S. RANDONE " Charlie” Basketball 1. Wisecracks galore . . . Charlie ' s many friends all seem to have arrived at the same conclusion — he’s allergic to homework . . . oh, those jokes! . . . well-liked by all . . . great kid to know. WILLIAM C. SHAPPELL " Bill” Man of few words until you get him going . . . well-mannered . . . easy-going . . . ever ready to lend a helping hand . . . one swell kid. GAIL A. ROACHE " Gay” High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4 (Circulation Man¬ ager) ; Knight Staff 4; Student Council 4. A smile for everyone . . . pretty eyes . . . partial to junior boys . . . Howard Johnson’s . . . never seen without Lorna . . , always into mischief . . . Deb. LINDA N. SMITH High-Lites Staff 3, 4. Sweet little miss with pretty eyes . . . likes college boys, especially Sandy . . . friendly and polite . . . always with Thelma . . . good luck in the future. STEPHEN M. ROBERTS " Stevo” Intramurals 1, 3; School Play (Stage Man¬ ager) 2, 3, 4; Band 3, 4; High-Lites Staff 4. Carefree as the breeze . . . loves a debate, or any sort of an argument for that matter . . . a passion for automobiles, motorcycles, and the weather . . . Rolling Ridge? LORNA J. SMITH " Cookie” High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4. Oh, what beautiful wavy hair! . . . quiet, until you get to know her . . . Bob . . . many weekends spent at U. of M. . . . good sense of humor . . . best of luck. SUSAN H. ROBERTS " Susie” Basketball 1, 2; High-Lites Staff 4 (Co-Ed¬ itor); Knight Staff 4 (Co-Chairman of Biogra¬ phers); School Play 3, 4; Honor Society 2, 3, 4 (President); Annie L. Sargent Memorial Speaking Contest 2 (Second Prize), 3 (First Prize), 4 (Second Prize); Evening Tribune Teen Correspondent 4; Class Essayist. Clothes from the pages of Seventeen . . . red sports cars . . . R. C. S. . . . adorable haircuts . . . Dune’s other half ... a real credit to her class. PAULA A. SMITH Choristers 1 (Woodbury High) ; Class Sec¬ retary 1 (Woodbury High); Basketball 1 (Woodbury High), 2; Debating Club 4; Knight Staff 4. Makes friends easily . . . always telling jokes . . . willing worker . . . oh, what a giggle! . . . marvelous personality ... a real pretty miss . . . you deserve tbe best, Paula. ANNE MARIE SULLIVAN " Marie” Cheerleader 3, 4 (Co-Captain) ; Basketball 1, 2; Field Hockey 2; Picnic Committee. Peppy cheerleader . . . oh, that wardrobe! . . . always seen with Nicky and Chris . . . Doak . . . friendly and vivacious . . . loves cough drops! . . . career with the airlines . K. T. MARGARET A. VIRR " Peggy” High-Lites Staff 4; Knight Staff 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2; Field Hockey 4 (Manager); Picnic Committee. Has a real gift of gab . . . loves home¬ room (?) ... always swapping clothes with Pat . . . lush wardrobe . . . wonderful friend . . . best of luck, Peg, in all you do . . . Deb. LEONARD E. THIBAULT " Lennie” We remember likable Lennie riding around in his smooth chariot . . . serious and quiet . . . splits an atom with a fervor unlike any other science student’s . . . nice to know . . . good luck, Lennie. JOSEPH F. WALSH " Joey” Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain) ; Student Council 2; After-Prom Committee 3; Prom Committee 4; Boosters’ Club Four-Year Outstanding Ath¬ lete Award 4. Well-liked by all . . . terrific athlete who looks the part . . . Gloria . . . enormous appetite . . . willing helper and a great guy . . . good luck, Joe. THELMA M. THOMPSON Field Hockey 3, 4; Band 3, 4; Debating Club 4; High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4. Never a dull moment with Thelma . . . sees the happy side of life . . . sincere friend . . . generous . . . likes Latin III (?) ... good luck in future years, Thelma; we know you’ll succeed. DOUGLAS WALSHE " Doug” Baseball 2, 3; Intramurals 2, 3; Track 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Picnic Committee. Happy-go-lucky redhead . . . has won the ad¬ miration of his classmates by his readiness to assist whenever needed . . . good-natured . . . faithful to the band . . . you ' re sure to succeed. LUCILLE M. TRAVERS " Lou” Good-natured . . . enjoys a good conversation . . . happy-go-lucky . . . can usually be found looking for Ruth . . . nice to know . . . friend to all. NANCY WANG Chemistry Club 1 (Burnham High); Dra¬ matics Club 1, 2 (Burnham High); Glee Club 1, 2 (Burnham High); Girls’ Athletic Association 2 (Burnham High); French Club 3 (George Washington High) ; School Op¬ eretta 3 (George Washington High); De¬ bating Club 4; Knight Staff 4 (Art Editor); Honor Society 4; Class Orator. Although Nancy has been with us only one year, she has won the admiration of everyone . . . excellent student . . . never seen with¬ out a pleasant smile . . . good luck, Nancy. MARY M. WARD Basketball 1, 2; High-Lites Staff 2, 3; After- Prom Committee 3; Knight Staff 4; Picnic Committee. Pretty blue eyes . . . quiet in class . . . oh, that laugh! . . . always coming up with new ideas . . . fun to be with . . . Deb. WALTER WILSON " Walt” Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4. A nice guy with an easy-going manner . . . oh, that red hair! . . . always ready for a laugh . . . did you ever see Walt without a dent in his car? . . . best of everything in the future. JAMES C. YEUTTER " Yeut” Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 4; Intra- murals 1, 2, 3; Prom Committee 3; Class Color and Motto Committee; Honor Society 4; Class History. Irresistible charm . . . attracted to cheerleaders . . . one great guy to know . . . soft spot for New Jersey . . . marvelous basketball player . . . may the best be yours, Jim, and may you get a hole-in-one at N.A.C.C. someday! KENNETH MELVIN Honor Society 3, 4. Quiet, but looks are deceiving . . , likes to study (?) ... keen interest in Russia . . . do you enjoy French III, Ken? . . . sure to be a success in life. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to Right: Secretary-Treasurer Patricia Durand Vice-President Martha Foster President Linda Champion Graduation Dimer Dance . $ 1 WJ, SENIOR HONOR SPEAKERS DAVID THOMAS DONOVAN Valedictorian Science Award Honor Society English Award Eclectic Club Scholarship ANNE JANE MESSINA Salutatorian Helen S. Carvell Memorial Scholarship awarded by North Andover Woman’s Club SUSAN HOPE ROBERTS Class Essayist Simmons College Scholarship ORATOR AND PRIZES NANCY WANG Class Orator LINDA CHAMPION Betsy Ross Chapter D.A.R. Good Citizen¬ ship Award Gladys C. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship awarded by North Andover Parent- Teacher Associations John McIntosh Memorial Award Student Council Scholarship JOSEPH TROMBLY Harvard Club of Andover Award SCHOLARSHIPS THELMA THOMPSON Saint Michael ' s Holy Name Society Scholarship CATHERINE CUMMINGS Trinitarian Church School Scholarship Boston University Scholarship LOIS MESERVE Trinitarian Church School Scholarship BARBARA BUCHANAN JANE DeVEBRE V.F.W. Auxiliary and Local 2917 United Steelworkers of Post No. 2104 America Scholarship Business Education Scholarship EDWARD PHELAN Local 2917 United Steelwork¬ ers of America Scholarship EARLENE FOSTER Essex County 4-H Club Scholarship Not Pictured: RICHARD BAMFORD Methodist Youth Fellowship Scholarship WILLIAM PAULSON Essex County 4-H Club Scholarship Ladies’ Charitable Society of Second Congregational Church of West Boxford Scholarship nmp CLASS FRESHMAN YEAR As freshmen, we were privileged to be the fifth class to enter the doors of the new, modern North Andover High School. Within these doors began a new life for each student. Along with the lectures, the books, and, of course, the piles of homework came a new social life. After heated campaigning, members of our class elected Charles Salisbury as our president; Charlotte Bullock as our vice-president; and Terry Johnson as our secretary-treasurer. Our next big occasion was our first social event of the year, the Football Dance. This was just the chance we needed to become acquainted with our fellow-classmates. The first assembly of the year was held on September 30 when we were entertained by James Titus, who sang spirituals and told stories. Through the year there were other interesting assemb¬ lies: an account of Miss Shirley Duncan’s bicycle trip through Australia, a Christmas program, and a talk given by a representative of the Lawrence Telephone Company. In April the annual Brooks School Scholarship was given. We all were very happy when we learned that Charles Salisbury had won, but we were sorry to lose our first president. We were happy to learn that after a few days of tryouts, Jane deVebre was selected from among forty-five girls to be a substitute cheerleader. We welcomed three new faculty members this year: Mr. Lynch, Mr. Powers, and Mr. McDonald. They had to put up with all our freshman antics, but as we all happily know, somehow they managed to survive. SOPHOMORE YEAR After our summer vacation, we again found ourselves within the doors of North Andover High School, but this year we knew it all; we were no longer little freshmen, but instead, as we thought of ourselves, the " cream of the crop.’’ This year we again dived headlong into political campaigning. This time there was a com¬ pletely new group of officials presiding over our class. The president was Andy Heinze, the vice- president was Willy Nadeau, and the secretary-treasurer was Mike Byron. Five teachers were added to the faculty of North Andover High School. They were Mrs. Brown, Mr. Christison, Mrs. Collins, Mr. Perrault, and Mr. Regan. At the close of our school year, Miss Clara Chapman retired from her position after thirty-nine years of service to the students of North Andover High School. When tryouts for the school play, " Quit Your Kidding,” took place, three members of our class were represented. Lois Meserve took a leading part, and Jane deVebre and Joan Wicks served as understudies. After many hours of practice for the Annie L. Sargent Speaking Contest, Susan Roberts won second prize and Diana McDowell won third prize. We were proud to learn that our class had been represented so well in this annual contest. Many assemblies v ere held again this year. One very interesting program was given by Mr. Hans Waecher. He and his puppets presented an episode entitled " The Jewel Thief.” Heading the list of social events was the annual basketball game and dance. Both the boys’ and girls’ basketba ll teams took part in the game. Although the boys were handicapped because two players were tied together at both the hands and the feet, they still managed to gain a victory. In the latter part of this year members of our class became eligible to enter the National Honor Society. Of course, whether or not they would be admitted depended upon their meeting the requirements in leadership, character, and service. These requirements they met. Those inducted were Sally Lord, Terry Johnson, Charlotte Bullock, Susan Roberts, and Dave Donovan. Thus our sophomore year came to an end, and we were anxiously awaiting our junior year when underclassmen would look up to us, the upperclassmen. JUNIOR YEAR We returned to school in our junior year as upperclassmen. Two years of high school had helped to enlighten us, and we began to take a different outlook on things. As juniors we elected as our class officers the following students: president, Linda Cham¬ pion; vice-president, Martha Foster; and secretary-treasurer, Olive Gravel. This year we happily welcomed to our faculty Mrs. Dimlich, Miss Bailey, Miss Desrosiers, HISTORY Miss Consoli, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Hamel, Mr. Foderaro, Miss White, and Mr. Hills. On September 24 we received our class rings. These marks of distinction were and still are proudly worn for all to see. We heartily congratulated Anne Messina, Cathy Cummings, and Kenny Melvin who, be¬ cause of their achievements, won places in the Honor Society. As juniors we saw our basketball team, in a brilliant team effort, bring the cherished Class C State Championship to our school. Against great odds the team emerged triumphant by a score of 72-64 against Oliver Ames of North Easton. This year two members of our class took over duties as cheerleaders. Marie Sullivan was ap¬ pointed as a regular, and Judy Nicora as a substitute. Our class was well represented in this year’s school play, " Our Miss Brooks,” by Jane deVebre, Judy Nicora, Susan Roberts, Lois Meserve, Clark Lewis, and Roland Cook. The first prize winner of the Annie L. Sargent Speaking Contest was Susan Roberts. Through¬ out the year there were others in our class who gained recognition for their work. Included in this group were Kenny Melvin, who won the Time Current Events Award, and Lois Meserve, who placed third with her essay in the " Wake Up and Read” contest. On June 6th the most important social event of the year was held, the Junior-Senior Prom. Members of our class who contributed to this wonderful event by being on the Prom Committee were Linda Champion, Martha Foster, Olive Gravel, Judy Nicora, Bobby Bryan, and Jimmy Yeutter. With the coming of June, another school year was ended. We looked forward to the fall when we would return as seniors. SENIOR YEAR Upon becoming seniors, we reached that long-awaited goal. We knew that this was our last year at North Andover High School, and we set out to make it the most memorable. In September we recognized some changes in the school day. We quickly got used to the new lunch period and the 2:30 dismissal bell. This year we elected Linda Champion as our president, Martha Foster as our vice-president, and Pat Durand as our secretary-treasurer. In September we also took great pleasure in welcoming Mr. Keegan, Mr. Robitaille, and Mrs. Grossman to the faculty. This year there was an added attraction at the annual Junior-Senior Dance. Sheila Fountain was crowned Football Queen. Her attendants were Joan Bridges, Linda Champion, Pat Durand, and Martha Foster. Mr. Hayes announced the class honors on March 17. Dave Donovan was selected to be val¬ edictorian, Anne Messina to be salutatorian, and Susan Roberts to be class essayist. Seniors who were inducted into the Honor Society this year were Lois Meserve, Nancy Wang, and Jimmy Yeutter. Andy Heinze was elected to be our Good Government Day representative, and the faculty selected Linda Champion as the recipient of the D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award. Majorettes were chosen for the first time in the history of the school. Pat Durand was elected to be head majorette. Other seniors who participated in this group were Olive Gravel and Joyce Foulds. The school play, " Time Out for Ginger,” featured two seniors in its cast: Susan Roberts and Lois Meserve, who both did a splendid job. Another member of our class was added to the cheering squad. She was Gilda D’Agata. At a class meeting in April, Nancy Wang was chosen to be the class orator, and Willy Nadeau and Earlene Loster were elected to be the class marshals for graduation. At the annual Sports Banquet, Mike Byron was awarded the Scholar-Athlete trophy, and Joe Walsh was awarded a trophy as Outstanding Athlete. Andy Heinze, Joe Walsh, Judy Nicora, and Joan Eraser served with the class officers on the Prom Committee. The setting of the Prom was " Moonlight and Roses.” On June 19, 1959, we graduated, leaving behind many fine friends and fond memories. We shall never be able to forget, or thank enough, Mr. Hayes and all the teachers who aided and guided us during our four years at North Andover High School. Respectfully submitted, Ursula and Jimmy l l l Mw ill tuuor V f June 16, the day of the senior class picnic, found the seniors of North Andover High School enjoying them¬ selves without care or knowledge of what the future was to hold in store. Without warning, a bewildering object appeared from out of nowhere and landed before us. Drawing nearer, we recognized the brightly-colored article as a mysteri¬ ous-looking carpet. As we knelt on the carpet to ex¬ amine the three buttons with the inscriptions " Past,” " Present,” and " Future,” we accidentally touched the button labeled " Future,” and immediately the carpet began to rise from the ground. After speeding through the air for several minutes, we came to an abrupt landing. As we looked around, we beheld only unfamiliar surroundings. By this time we were becoming very hungry, so the large sign just ahead reading " Barclay’s Bar-B-Q” was a welcome sight. Upon entering the restaurant, we came face to face with the head waiter who looked quite familiar. It couldn ' t be ... or could it be Pete Perkins? He seemed to act as though he didn’t see us. After we had seated ourselves at a comfortable table, we spotted the manager coming from his office. There was no doubt about it; this was definitely Bruce Barclay. We summoned him as he walked by our table, but there was absolutely no response. Why did he seem to ignore us? The calendar on the wall beside us, with the date June 16, 1970, confused us even more. Two waitresses walked by our table carrying large trays. When they turned around, we recognized two of our classmates, Thelma Thompson and Linda Smith. We called to them several times, but to no avail. Finally the realization dawned on us that we must be invisible. Suddenly, the thought occurred to us that we might be able to take an airplane back to the class picnic. We followed signs directing us to the local airport. Soon we reached the ticket office where the first face we saw was that of Alice Fowler at the desk, issuing tickets and reservations for flights aboard the great jet airliners. Spotting the giant supersonic airplane, designed by Dave Morse, we decided to board it, unaware of its destination. As we entered the plane, we saw two at¬ tractive airline hostesses, Bev Donnelly and Peg Mc- Aloon. Up in the cockpit we found our pilot, Gerry Barclay, chatting with his capable co-pilot, Bob Boush. After seating ourselves comfortably, we noticed two familiar faces across the aisle. We overheard two of the passengers refer to them as Dave Donovan and Ken Melvin, famous scientists who had just launched their first successful passenger rocket to the moon. After a very short trip, we arrived safely in France. We stepped off the plane, and were just in time to spy a taxi pulling up to the curb to pick up passengers. The driver of the cab was none other than Bruce Cur¬ rier. Hastily, we sneaked into the cab behind the passenger, who directed Bruce to drive him to the Cotter- Elander Art Studio. We quickly rushed inside to see all the beautiful paintings created by Tom and Frank. At CLASS the reception desk we noticed Kay Licciardello, amiable secretary for the famous artists. After coming from the art building, we proceeded down the street in search of new adventures. To our surprise, we found John O’Brien’s Popular Photography Service. Realizing that we could not be photographed, our attentions immediately turned elsewhere. Looking across the street, we spotted an exquisite modeling agency. Upon entering the building we saw the modeling director, Marcia Kelly. She was about to begin describing the fashions which were being dis¬ played by three beautiful models, Sheila Fountain, Martha Foster, and Linda Champion. Marcia announced that all of the elegant creations were Marie Sullivan’s original designs. After the fashion show, we left in another attempt to find our way back home. Noticing it was becoming quite late, we decided to visit a swank Parisian night club which was only a short distance down the street. Upon entering the night club, we noticed the hat check girl, Laurie Ferguson, conversing with the manager of the club, Ken Kellan. Toward the front of the main dining room, we spotted a vacant table which we im¬ mediately took possession of. George Mastin’s renowned band began to play a snappy tune, while couples danced on the large dance floor. The band consisted of Jerry Arcari on the clari¬ net, Steve Roberts at the drums, Doug Walshe playing trumpet, and George himself on the sax. When they had completed their number, George introduced the first act of the evening, the " Rhythmettes.” This quartet was composed of four lovely girls, Peggy Virr, Paula Smith, Judy Ormsby, and Lucy Travers. The girls and their accompanist Cathy Cummings, at the piano, were received graciously by their contented audience. The " Rhythmettes” were followed by a dazzling chorus line, the " Sky Rockettes.” As they danced onto the stage, PROPHECY we noticed the three girls on the end to be Chris Moyni- han, Diana McDowell, and Judy Nicora. Last on the program was a solo on the accordion by Ray Galloni. After an enjoyable evening we left the night club, weary and anxious to be back home once again. As we made our way through the crowded streets, we heard the hoarse blast of an ocean liner just ready to leave port. Hurrying in the direction of the sound, we came to the ship and, to our delight, found that it was departing for the United States. Once aboard, we discovered that the captain of the ship was that famous sea-going captain, Wil Nadeau. The ship ' s hostess, Joyce Curtin, was welcoming the passengers aboard and seeing that they were comfortable. Bill Shappell, the ship ' s doctor, and his able assistant, Jane deVebre, R.N., were standing by in case of an emergency. Busy gathering news about the passengers aboard ship for a local city newspaper were Lois Meserve and Vir¬ ginia Kershaw, two well-known newspaper reporters. Good-will correspondent, Charlie Randone, was seated on the deck, chatting with Frank Kenneally, a well-to- do oil well owner from Texas. When our extremely short trip had concluded, we safely docked in the United States. Upon leaving the ship, we noticed that a court session was about to take place near-by, in which the defendant, much to our surprise, was Emily Foster. Emmy was being charged with making a right turn on a " Left Turn Only " street, and upturning a fire hydrant in her attempt to correct the situation. The arrest was made by Lieutenant Nancy Curren of the women ' s police force. In the courtroom the attorney for the defendant, Janet Duncan, was try¬ ing to convince the judge, Dick Arnold, of Emmy’s innocence. Janice Boutilier was efficiently taking down all the important facts on her stenotype machine. Much to the dismay of Janet and Emily, the decision went against Emily. A short distance away from the courthouse was a brand-new children’s hospital, constructed by the John Mahoney Construction Company. Inside the hospital, among the many nurses aiding the hospitalized chil¬ dren were Cathy McDuffie, Joni Fraser, and Nancy DeAdder. In the laboratory, experimenting with dif¬ ferent new medicines, were Earlene Foster and Judy McClung. After leaving the hospital, we visited a near-by high school where a teachers’ meeting had just begun. The principal, Doug Mayer, was giving instructions to three newly appointed teachers, Connie Carney, Anne Messina, and Jim Yeutter. The athletic coach, Joe Walsh, was submitting a new program for the athletic schedule. Seated next to Joe was his assistant coach, Arthur Kettinger. Having overheard the principal’s secretary, Gilda D’Agata, mention a skin-diving exhibition which was about to take place, we decided to follow the rest of the spectators to this interesting display. When we reached the location of the exhibition, Mike Broderick and Bruce Gourley were preparing to display their talents acquired through many years of diligent practice. The Honorable Andrew Heinze, gov¬ ernor of Massachusetts, was guest of honor at this out¬ standing event. Near-by, we noticed a bright, colorful sign which read: " DON’T BE OUT OF IT, DAD! LIKE, COME IN AND SWING!” We found the lavishly decorated penthouse studio to be run by Olive Gravel and A1 Comstock. Barb Buchanan and Lou DiFruscio, head dancing instructors, were teaching some new students the latest dance craze. Leaving the building, we discovered Jim and Mary Hosking’s newly established music school where new, fresh young talent was being discovered. (Continued on Page 69) fljrHLer c £Lft« Fv.t« ' - T a P 0 , TTr t SEST H ENR ' j F t T -$% G v«.v wirw thi S»T PE.K.SOM ft - ' " " ! A MftKCl 8 Sist Dae% ' jt,4 G» tel I fiL 0tir Oo; 0«HCtK KOT1 I CURSS GWTl£l mN CHJRIS MoiT WIScHlfcvovj Girl G ITSN UlfcfCVT UOu S£ Ou e £5 ■fflVO K l T £ BALLOT CLASS We, the graduating class of 1959, being of sound(?) mind and body, do hereby bequeath these gifts and abilities to the following. To our teachers we leave our thanks and gratitude for their un¬ tiring efforts to get us through in four years. JIM YEUTTER leaves his thriving N.A.H.S. Taxi Service to JAMES SULLIVAN and HAROLD PITMAN. MARTHA FOSTER leaves her attractive appearance to SALLY DRUMMEY and MARYANN WAINWRIGHT. STEVE ROBERTS leaves his position as stage manager to BOB SHANN, RAY CHATEAUNEUF and DICK SMITH. SHEILA FOUNTAIN leaves her crown as football queen to DONNA HAMMOND and SANDY MALO. DIANA McDOWELL leaves her low-voiced remarks in class to MARGARET MATTRAW and JOANNE GREENLER. CLINKER KENNEALLY leaves his title of " Best Looking Boy " to BILL LaBELLE and ANDY MOYNIHAN. Girls —BEWARE! SUE ROBERTS leaves her soft spot for Brooks to MARTHA MEEKER and CAMILLE GILBERTO. BEV DONNELLY leaves her super-abundant athletic abilities to CINDY WATTS and ETTA MAY NADEAU. Celts, here we come! MIKE BYRON reluctantly leaves his ability to perform on the diamond to BERNIE O’KEEFE and JOHN STROBEL. BARB BUCHANAN and CAROLYN HEIDER kindly leave their straight A’s in shorthand to JOANNE GESING. ANDY HEINZE sadly gives his book " How to Get Along with Miss Cook” to MARY SCHRUENDER and BILL ROCK. JUDY NICORA bestows her ladylike manners on ANN BATTERBURY, who is already well endowed. To KATHY ROBERTS goes PEGGY VIRR’s huge appetite. BILL PAULSON leaves his curly locks to PAT ARCARI and ELLIE STANG. LINDA DUNN leaves her interestf?) in Problems 4-1 to LEE HUMPHREYS. To KEN CHENARD and GEORGE WINDLE go BEN OSGOOD’s many nights spent at Eddie’s. TOM McINTYRE leaves his wild driving to PAUL JURKEWICZ and JAMES MADDEN. CHRIS MOYNIHAN leaves behind her wit to JOAN PELLERIN. CATHY CUMMINGS leaves for Georgia. AL COMSTOCK leaves his dancing ability to BOB BEMIS and JAMES POOR. WIL NADEAU leaves his chronic case of " spring fever " to GUY BUTLER and HERB VRETTOS. HENRY PITMAN unwillingly leaves his little black book to STEVE FREEDMAN and MARK HENRY. Any pages missing??? BABS SUBATCH and MARYLOU HEARTY leave their artistic abilities to CAROL BASHAW, MARY GRIFFIN and ANNE MARIE GAUDET. CATHY McDUFFIE leaves her talking record to JANET COTTON and JUDY FOULDS. DAVE DONOVAN leaves his many talents to RODNEY RATCLIFFE and NATHAN FOSTER. GEORGE MASTIN leaves his high position in the band to PETE DINEEN. JUDY McCLUNG leaves her periods spent at the information desk to RITA CARROLL. EARLENE and EMILY FOSTER leave their matching ways and wardrobes to FRANCES and MARIANNE MOULTON. MARIE SULLIVAN bestows upon PEGGY CURTIS and LINDA CRANE her great cheering abilities. Now you can cheer up a storm, girls. To PAT HARRINGTON and BARBARA STOTT goes BEV PIEROG ' s book " How to Drive.” TOM COTTER bestows upon DOUG KNAPP and ROBERT WOODHOUSE his many freckles. Remember, boys, freckles are a sign of beauty. JIM HOSKING leaves his ability on the bass drum to BILL DEYERMOND, ED DUGAN and TOM VENTURA. RAY GALLONI bestows upon DAN KAWASH and JOE TROMBLY his great love for Math 4, especially for the teacher. DOT KENNEDY leaves her job as Mr. Powers’ secretary to DOT WHITTAKER and ANN PINAUD. Oh, you lucky girls! WILL- JOHN MAHONEY leaves his many hours helping Mr. Cushing to DICK FENTON and EARL McKEEN. LINDA CHAMPION leaves her pleasant smile and friendly hello to JEANNINE THIBAULT. IRVING NEWMAN bestows his natural track ability on ELWOOD PRATT and PETE CROSS. GERRY BARCLAY leaves his ability to make people laugh to DICK SIBLEY. To JOANNE BETTENCOURT and LOUISE BODGE, MURIEL FINN leaves her afternoons spent in the kitchen. ALICE FOWLER leaves a few inches of her height to CAROL CASALE and ANNE PERKINS. BOB BRYAN bestows his great basketball ability upon DICK SANBORN and DAVE TETLER. Now you’ll really make the team, boys. OLIVE GRAVEL leaves her Saturday nights spent at the Center to LINDA CRUDALE and JOANNE DeMARIO. MARY McALOON leaves her love for Thunderbirds to JOANNE BONANNO and MAUREEN JACQUES. PETE PERKINS bestows his long rides from Boxford on HELEN BERGSTROM and WENDY LANE. NANCY WANG leaves her ability to get along with her teachers to JOYCE HOLLAND. Now you’re sure to get all A’s, Joyce. To BOB DiFALCO and BILL ASPINWALL goes RICHARD BAMFORD’s knack for having one steady girlfriend. LUCILLE TRAVERS leaves her many unmade-up days to MARION THOMSON. GAIL ROACHE leaves her circle of friends to MARGARET HAWKES. THELMA THOMPSON leaves her love for prep school boys to MARION PAGE. HELEN PHILLIPS leaves her love for horses to SANDY WOOD. See you in the rodeo. LOIS MESERVE leaves her statement, " That’s right . . . but actually — ” to ANN PERRUCCIO. KAY LICCIARDELLO leaves her trips with the absent slips to PAT MINIHAN. To GINGER GANEM goes JOAN BRIDGES’ knack for getting along, especially with boys. PAT DURAND leaves her winning ways to JOANNE ZEMBA. RON HOWARD leaves his mischievous ways to JAMES LISAUSKAS. GERRY ARCARI leaves his musical ability to KAY SCANLON. DICK ARNOLD leaves his artistic ability to ROBERT KETTINGER and JEFFREY KRESS. JOYCE HANSON leaves her neat ways to JUDY SABIN. To JOAN ARTIMOVICH and JOAN SMITH goes NANCY CURREN’S shiny convertible. MARY HOSKING leaves her musical achievements to DELIA CANDIANO and BARBARA HASSEY. ROLAND COOK sadly leaves his ice cream scoop to JOHN CORMIER and RAY GAGNON. ERIC BERGSTROM leaves his title as " Class Farmer” to RODNEY CHADWICK and HAROLD CRANSTON. JANET DUNCAN — after some coaxing — leaves her long, curly eyelashes to GERRY DeFUSCO. JUDY ORMSBY and JOYCE CURTIN bestow their petiteness on GAIL BOLDERSON and pat McDonald. CHARLES RANDONE bequeaths his corny jokes to JOHN KIRK, JACK VIRR and RICHARD SLIPKOWSKY. MIKE BRODERIC K leaves his tremendous personality to ARTHUR SCANNELL, VINCENT GEMELLARO and JOE FORGETTA. DOUG WALSHE leaves his art of setting lockers to WILLIAM BIRTLES, PAUL SCHWENKE and GUY RICHARDS. Don’t get caught, boys. URSULA PERRONE bequeaths her beautiful brown eyes to SHIRLEY FROST. MARY WARD leaves her winning ways to ARLEEN FLYNN. BRUCE CURRIER leaves his sideburns to BOB ELLIOTT and WHITMAN HASELTON. KEN KELLAN leaves his apron at Bishop’s to BART LICCIARDI and MIKE STEINBERG. JILL D’AGATA leaves her sleek, shiny black hair to ANN ARCARI. JANICE BOUTILIER leaves her many nights spent at Central to LINDA BAZIN and CAROL MORSE. DOUG MAYER leaves his love(?) for Physics to STANLEY BROWN and HAROLD DAMEROW. WALTER WILSON leaves his accident insurance to PHIL BUSBY and JOHN FRIEL. It’s all paid up, boys. (Continued on Page 70) r s F 2 5 2€ 27 28 23 30 23 24 33 34 , ' . ,., • - M ' 1 2 - O l G 3 S 37 S3 40 3 REMEMBER ♦ ♦ ♦ When N. A. H. S. looked like a hospital? When Virginia Kershaw was trying to say " Three French hens”? When Muriel caught her hand in the calculator? When our team defeated Andover and Methuen in football? When Mr. Lynch read a joke before he looked at it? The Junior-Senior Prom? When Sheila was chosen our first " Football Queen”? When Earlene wore blonde doll’s hair in her freshman year? When Joni had her rogues’ gallery in her locker? When ten senior boys skipped school and got ten hours’ detention? When Paula didn’t have any gum? When Jim was known as " Worm”? When Janie made candy in Chem? When N. A. was Class C champ? When Martha and Judy were removed from Con¬ sumer Ed. class? When little pink slips were passed out? When everyone forgot the " Remember Whens”? When the girls ' basketball team played against the boys’? When we had water fights at the car wash? When a senior had no worries? When a senior had money? When half the football team was on crutches in the fall of ’58? When Andy was nicknamed " Fireball”? When everyone sang " Happy Birthday” in the cafeteria? When Chris accidentally bumped into Miss Cook and almost knocked her down? When Thelma knocked Renee out cold in Eng¬ lish 4-2 class? When Jill and Jane ate doughnuts in Chemistry and got caught? When the boys’ varsity basketball team went to Washington for a week? When Home Room 4 gave Miss White a birth¬ day party? When Shirley had to wear " The Patch” over one eye? When the surprise party for Em and Earlene was held in their hayloft? When Miss Gillen let English 2-3 have a Christ¬ mas party? When Mike got the Scholar-Athlete trophy? When the lights went out at one of the school dances ? When Cathy, Peg, and Diana were always leav¬ ing Mr. Robitaille’s Problems 4-1 class? All Emily and Earlene’s P. J. parties? When Jill came to school with a black eye in her junior year? When Andy tried to get a tan outside the phys¬ ics room? When everyone was making roses for the Prom? When the Center became so popular? When Tom Cotter stayed awake in Office Prac¬ tice class? KEY TO BABY PICTURES (p. 40) 1. Peggy McAloon 22. Gail Roache 2. Thelma Thompson 23. Beverly Donnelly 3. Virginia Kershaw 24. Frank Kenneally 4. Linda Dunn 25. Steve Roberts 5. Renee Broughton 26. Nancy Wang 6. Roland Cook 27. Nancy Curren 7. Lennie Thibault 28. Laurie Ferguson 8. Lois Meserve 29. David Morse 9. Joyce Hanson 30. Carol Heider 10. Dot Kennedy 31. Judy Nicora 11. Allan Comstock Ray Galloni 12. Irving Newman 32. Olive Gravel 13. Nancy Ann DeAdder 33. Cathy McDuffie 14. Barbara Buchanan 34. Paula Smith 16. Andy Heinze 35. Alice Fowler 17. Joan Fraser 36. Linda Champion 15. Judy McClung 37. Martha Foster 18. Wilfred Nadeau 38. Lorna Smith 19. Helen Phillips 39. Ben Osgood 20. Patricia Durand 21. Jane de Vebre 40. Mike Byron w J ippgr p w m rf |W jp||tj f tv F f " jg V app£l s jL jr . A k Bb %..wll .1 [ » 3ki: •- f W7P Sophomores The sophomores elected the following as class officers for the year: President Donald Stankatis Vice-President Janet Stephenson Secretary-Treasurer John Dilendik The following students served as home room repre¬ sentatives: Judith Belyea, Room 32; Sandra Edwards, Room 35; Marcia Moody, Room 36; Gail Smith, Room 38; Deborah Morin, Room 39; and James Crane, Room 40. The sophomores ordered their class rings on April 30 and will receive them in the early fall. During the year the class members sold pennants to increase the amount in their treasury. Juniors The junior class officers for this year were as follows: President William Whittaker Vice-President Alan Foster Secretary-Treasurer Sally Drummey The juniors elected the following students to serve as home room representatives: Mary Schruender, Cafe¬ teria; Philip Busby, Room 18; Linda Crane, Room 19; Donna Hammond, Room 20; Margaret Mattraw, Room 28; James Poor, Room 29; and Cynthia Watts, Room 33. A new and exciting feature of this year’s annual Junior-Senior Dance, held in our school gym on No¬ vember 21, 1958, was the crowning of a football queen by the football co-captains. The large profit realized from the dance benefited the class treasuries of both the sponsoring classes. Freshmen The following students were elected to serve as officers for the freshman class: President Thomas Swithenbank Vice-President Barbara Bresnahan Secretary-Treasurer Mary Lou Donahue Home room representatives chosen by the class in¬ cluded Ritchie Cummings, Room 11; Frederick Meyers, Room 34; Carolyn Andrews, Room 37; and Gayle San¬ born, Room 41. We wish to congratulate Thomas Swithenbank and Richard Warchol who won this year’s scholarships to Brooks School. erne txii RIG«I INCOMlOOR ' IW CAfETtdl tursuict rsuM P»mlNG ARtA 0WC( MiCKItif ' it f V Hr ! KNIGHT STAFF Margaret Virr Cathy McDuffie Janet Duncan Constance Carney Joyce Curtin Marilyn Ackroyd Co-Editors Chairmen of Biographers Art Editors Photography Editor Business Managers Lois Meserve, Linda Champion Susan Roberts, Linda Dunn Marylou Hearty, Helen Phillips, Nancy Wang Joan Fraser Olive Gravel, Mary Ward, Joyce Foulds BIOGRAPHERS Janice Boutilier Dorothy Kennedy Barbara Buchanan Renee Broughton Carolyn Heider Gail Roache Thelma Thompson Lorna Smith Anne Messina Paula Smith Joyce Foulds Ursula Perrone REPORTERS Special Features — Martha Foster, Gilda D’Agata, Judith Nicora, Jane deVebre Girls’ Sports — Beverly Donnelly, Diana McDowell Boys’ Sports — Louis DiFruscio, Raymond Galloni Classes and Activities ■—- Catherine Cummings, Nancy DeAdder Earlene Foster Margaret McAloon Marcia Kelly Sheila Fountain PICTURE COMMITTEE Emily Foster Ruth Smith Louise Mandry Christine Moynihan Patricia Durand Joan Bridges Judith McClung FACULTY ADVISOR Ruth Ann Mooradkanian The annual yearbook dance, put on by the Knight staff, took place in our school gym on November 7, 1 958. The proceeds from this highly successful dance were used to help meet the costs of this year ' s yearbook. HIGH LIGHTS STAFF Co-Editors-in-Chief News Editors Advertising Managers Circulation Managers Business Managers Literary Editors Art Editors Exchange Editors Sports Editors Humor Editors Chief Proofreaders Photographic Editor Marylou Hearty Edward Dugan Sharon Galeazzi Sally Drummey Margaret Lee Margaret Curtis Susan Roberts, Constance Carney Donna Hammond, Lois Meserve Thelma Thompson, David Donovan Gail Roache, Stephen Roberts Earlene Foster, Renee Broughton Anne Messina, Richard Smith William Rock, Lorna Smith Ursula Perrone, Andrew Heinze Allan Comstock, Cynthia Watts Emily Foster, Christine Moynihan Joan Fraser, Olive Gravel Douglas Wilson ART COMMITTEE Helen Phillips Margaret Hawkes Charlotte Gallant John King HUMOR COMMITTEE Linda Crane Judith Nicora Patricia Minihan Linda Dunn MaryAnn Wainwright Rita Carroll Andrea Lodge Barbara Buchanan Sandra DeBurro Eleanor Roberts Senior Class Junior Class Sophomore Class Freshman Class Band Cheerleaders Majorettes Photography Boys ' Sports Girls ' Sports REPORTERS Dorothy Kennedy Geraldine DeFusco Janet Stephenson Marie Gilberto Carol Campione Geraldine DeFusco Margaret Yirr Joyce Berube James Poor, Donald Stankatis, Daniel McRobbie Marcia Zigelis, Etta May Nadeau Assemblies Guidance Colleges Honor Society Dances Student Council Debate and Speech Science Club Reporters at Large Raymond Chateauneuf Maureen Jacques, Kathleen Scanlon Margaret Virr, Geraldine DeFusco Maureen Jacques Joyce Lee Janet Stephenson Club Kathleen Murphy Sheila Kelley Nancy Wang, Mary Schruender, Nancy O’Connor, Kathleen Scanlon, Priscilla McAndrew {Continued on Page 71) STUDENT President Vice-President Secretary-T re usurer Faculty Advisor COUNCIL Linda Champion Martha Foster Patricia Durand Marion Grossman MEMBERS Linda Champion Martha Foster Patricia Durand Mary Schruender Joan Fraser Judith McClung Ritchie Cummings Marilyn Ackroyd Philip Busby Linda Crane Donna Hammond Gail Roache James Poor Judith Belyea Cynthia Watts Frederick Meyers Sandra Edwards Marcia Moody Carolyn Andrews Gail Smith Deborah Morin James Crane Gayle Sanborn Margaret Mattraw In the early fall of this school year, the Social Calendar Committee of the Student Council made out the year’s social calendar for the school. Several members of the Council served to introduce guest speakers and artists at school programs and acted as ushers at assemblies. Council members continued their information desk service throughout the year. On January 16 they sponsored their annual dance. A new project this year was the selling of stocks to interested classmates and townspeople to establish a scholarship fund for the awarding of scholarships to a deserving senior at the end of the school year. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY President Vice-President S ecretary-Treasurer Council Members Faculty Advisor Susan Roberts Donna Hammond Anne Messina Catherine Cummings, David Donovan Irene E. Cook MEMBERS Susan Roberts Donna Hammond Catherine Cummings David Donovan Kenneth Melvin Maureen Jacques Margaret Mattraw Joan Artimovich Anne Messina Constance Carney Shirley Frost Patricia Janco Katherine Roberts Eleanor Stang Camille Gilberto Sidne Lewis Dolore s Verda Joseph Trombly Lois Meserve Nancy Wang James Yeutter Janet Stephenson Gloria Luceri Joyce Berube On November 14, Susan Roberts and Donna Hammond, accompanied by Miss Donlan and Miss Cook, attended a regional Honor Society meeting in Lexington, to which a total of eighteen high schools from the eastern Massachusetts area had sent representatives for the purpose of exchanging ideas on the various services provided by the Societies of these different schools. On April 10 the Society sponsored a successful dance in the high school gym. Throughout the year the members of the Society assisted in the library and helped in the tutor¬ ing of students. Il0 7tme Cut p vi tytucj i (Produced in co-operation with the Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York, N.Y.) A Comedy in Three Acts by Ronald Alexander Directed By james w. McDonald Presented Friday and Saturday evenings April 3 and 4, 1959 CAST (In order of their Lizzie, the maid Agnes Carol .... Howard Carol Joan, their daughter, age IS Jeannie, their daughter, age 16 Ginger, their daughter, age 14 Eddie Davis, an athlete, Joan’s boy friend Tommy Green, Ginger’s boy friend Mr. Wilson, the high school principal Ed Hoffman, bank president, Howard Carol ' s boss 1 Part played by student on Friday evening. appearance) Lois J. Meserve, 1 Patrese O’Brien 2 . Donna Hammond . William Rock, Jr. Martha Meeker, 1 Sara Clarenbach 2 Wendy Lane, 1 Eleanor Stang 2 Susan Roberts Raymond Chateauneuf Joseph Trombly Thomas Chappell Edward Donahue 2 Part played by student on Saturday evening. UNDERSTUDIES Agnes ... Charlotte Hitchcock Ginger .............. Deborah Morin Lizzie .............. Camille Gilberto Joan ............. Priscilla McAndrew Jeannie ............... Joyce Berube Male parts understudied by W. Richard Smith . Play Secretary — Sheila Fountain Stage Manager — Stephen Roberts Stage Committee Michael Broderick, Chairman George Windle Robert Shann John Thompson COMMITTEES Prompters Sidne Lewis Janet Cotton Nancy Roberts Joyce Rennie Properties Committee Joanne Bettencourt Louise Bodge Publicity Committee Paula Smith Carole Zimny Ticket Committee Miss Claire Torpey, Chairman Elected Home Room Representatives USHERETTES Gail Bolderson Joanne Gesing Ann Marie Arcari Pamela Roy Cynthia Lampros ffl l 1 1 t ■ ■ Science Club President Vice-President S ecretary-T reasurer Faculty Advisors David Palmer Douglas Wilson Harold Damerow Thomas L. Regan, Vincent C. Foderaro MEMBERS Alfred Boush Frank Olms Mary Lou Donahue Catherine Ceplikas Sallyann Tomarchio Carole Zimny Joyce Rennie Bruce Miller The Science Club sponsored its second an¬ nual mid-winter Science Fair in our high school cafeteria this year at which Douglas Wilson, David Palmer, and Harold Damerow were adjudged first, second, and third prize winners, respectively. David ' s exhibit, " Mis¬ sile Muscles,” also won him a first prize at Technorama III, the third annual science fair for Merrimack Valley high schools sponsored by Lowell Technological Institute in March. This award entitled him to a scholarship in trust at Lowell Tech, a Navy cruise, a gold medal, and a plaque for our school. Douglas Wilson also was a winner at this fair, captur¬ ing sixth place and receiving a certificate for his display of a dediac computor. Douglas also won second prize at the State Science Fair at MIT, receiving a blue ribbon, a cer¬ tificate, and a pin for his exhibit. David ' s display, showing the development of home-made rockets from the simple straw and balsa-wood rocket to a metal cased one which he fired successfully, received a " Fourth Award” at the National Science Fair at Hart¬ ford, Connecticut. This award carried with it a gift of twenty-five dollars in scientific equip¬ ment or scientific books of his choice. At this contest David was one of three hundred representatives from one hundred and fifty local and regional science fairs across the nation. Speech and Debate Club President Vice-President S ecretary-T reasurer Faculty Advisor Ann Batterbury Margaret Mattraw Maureen Jacques James W. McDonald MEMBERS Ann Batterbury Maureen Jacques Marcia Zigelis Margaret Mattraw Joyce Berube Rita Carroll Janet Cotton Charlotte Hitchcock Sheila Kelley Camille Gilberto Paula Smith Kathleen Scanlon Richard Smith Lois Meserve Beverly Scannell Nancy Wang Several panel and group discussions, as well as formal debates, were engaged in by members of the Speech and Debate Club throughout the school year. Professional scoring rules were followed during the debates. The club is looking forward to taking part in inter¬ school debates in the future. Chess Club Photography Club President Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer Faculty Advisor John O’Brien Catherine Licciardello Joyce Berube John R. Robinson President Edward Donahue Faculty Advisor Albert Perrault MEMBERS James Dawson William Bartol Thomas Swithenbank William Daly William Arsenault Patrick Barry Harold Damerow Ruth Pinaud John O ' Brien John King James Madden Stephen Broderick The members of the newly formed Chess Club spent this year mastering the rudiments of the game and perfecting their technique. MEMBERS Kenneth Johnson Harold Damerow Douglas Wilson Frank Olms Raymond Galloni The club is anticipating engaging in inter¬ school tournaments next year. Next November the Photography Club will show the sixteen millimeter sound and color film of North Andover High School which its members industriously worked on all this year. After this film is shown to the student body, it will be available for use by the Guidance Department of our school and any other organizations desiring it. Pictures taken by the club members throughout the school year appeared in several issues of the school de¬ partment bulletin Inside North Andover Schools and the High-Lites. . Drum Majorette Kathleen Scanlon Director BAND C. Weston Noyes Flutes Margaret Hosking Janet Smith Margaret Virr Clarinets Carol Campione Beverly Champion Judith Duda Richard Dufresne George Mastin Diana McDowell Paul Stansel Elizabeth Stillwell MEMBERS Alto Saxophones Charlotte Gallant Mark Elenry Jane Holland Thomas Swithenbank Trombones Sheila Ramey Beverly Scannell Richard Steinberg Herbert Vrettos Tenor Saxophone Judith Belyea Cornets and Trumpets Gerald Arcari Mary Hosking Wayne Lambert John Newman James Sullivan William Pickles Douglas Walshe Douglas Mayer Jack Holley Bell Lyra Catherine Cummings Percussion Ritchie Cummings Carol Giard James Hosking Stephen Roberts Kathleen Scanlon Thelma Thompson Joanne Zemba Under the guidance of its new leader, C. Weston Noyes, the band played at all high school football games and at the Eastern Massachusetts basketball tournament in which our team took part at the Boston Garden. The band members marched in several local parades throughout the year, in addition to participating in a Christ¬ mas assembly presented by the high school students, a spring concert given by the public schools of North Andover, and the high school graduation exercises. They also took part in the Northeastern Music Festival at Belmont, Mass., in May. Mary Hosking represented the group at the New England Music Festival held in Barre, Vermont, in April. Girls’ Basketball Co-Captains Beverly Donnelly Martha Foster Managers Shirley Fournier Priscilla McAndrew Coach Mildred Dimlich Janet Duncan Linda Champion Cynthia Watts Joanne Zemba Mary Schruender Etta May Nadeau Margaret Mattraw Joyce Rennie Marcia Zigelis Gail Smith Carol Bashaw Judith Twombly The girls’ basketball team ended the year with five wins and seven losses. At the end of the season the team placed fourth in the Lowell Sub¬ urban League. Bev Donnelly, with 250 points, had the highest individual score for the year. Margaret Mattraw, with a 31 point record in one game, was the highest scoring individual in any one contest. Other high scorers for the team included Martha Foster, with 171 points for the season; Margaret Mattraw, with 124; and Etta May Nadeau, with 101 . Bev Donnelly and Martha Foster represented the team in the All-Star game at the end of the season. ► ◄ Girls’ Field Hockey Co-Captains Barbara Buchanan Judith McClung Managers Margaret Virr Mildred Minardi Coach Mildred Dimlich Cynthia Watts Maureen Jacques Marcia Zigelis Etta May Nadeau Cathy McDuffie Mary Schruender Marcia Kelly Thelma Thompson Margaret Mattraw Cynthia Lampros Marylou Hearty Priscilla McAndrew Joyce Rennie Margaret McAloon Joan Schruender Catherine Cummings Anne Messina Ursula Perrone Renee Broughton Linda Dunn Though this year’s field hockey team enjoyed very few wins, the girls had the satisfaction of knowing that all the games which they lost were closely contested right to the end. Margaret Mattraw and Etta May Nadeau were the high scorers, each having one field goal to her credit. Girls’ Softball ► Manager Norma Pitman Coach Mildred Dimlich Mary Hosking Gail Smith Janice Kasparian Judith Twombly Nancy Roberts Marie Gilberto Jane Phelan Beverly Scannell Deborah Morin Margaret Mattraw Sandra Edwards Ruth Curtis Sandra Zigelis Bonnie King Cynthia Towler Joan Schruender Susan Phelan Patricia Baril Ann Perruccio Dorothy Whittaker Charlotte Byron Softball was played as an intramural sport this year, with the only outside game being played against Wilmington. The squad was divided into two teams which played against each other during the rest of the season. Majorettes And Color Guard The majorettes, with Patricia Durand serving as their leader, were a very colorful and exciting new addition to our band this year. From funds raised at the first official dance of this school year, held in our gym on last October 17, the girls pur¬ chased pretty white and gold uniforms in which to make their initial appearance at the Thanks¬ giving football game. They later performed at half-time during the Tech Tourney in the Boston Garden and participated in many parades, as well as accompanying the band to the Northeastern Music Festival in Belmont on May 2. The group is composed of the following girls: Olive Gravel, Ann Marie Arcari, Delia Candiano, Joan Artim- ovich, Joyce Holland, Carol Belanger, Joyce Stanganelli, Wendy Houghton, Joyce Foulds and Leetrice Cole. The girls are under the direction of Clarence F. Mosher and are chaperoned by Miss Mary White. The color guard is also a newly formed group this year and has as its instructor John R. Robin¬ son of the faculty. The boys appeared with the band and the majorettes during school games and at parades. The following comprise the group: Alfred Boush, James Young, Robert Cobbett, Robert Cole, and Robert Trombly. ◄ L Cheerleaders ► With Jane deVebre and Marie Sullivan serving as head cheerleaders, and a squad composed of Gilda D ' Agata, Judith Nicora, Margaret Curtis, Linda Crane, Donna Hammond, Sally Drummey, Eleanor Stang, Pa¬ tricia Minihan, and Geraldine DeFusco, the cheerleaders again helped, at all football and basketball games, to inspire the student body with that spirit which is so necessary to boost our teams on to victory. The girls held a very successful rally in the school gym before the Thanksgiving game, leading the cheers with their newly purchased megaphones. The group are under the chaperonage of Miss Mary White of the faculty. Football Joseph Walsh Co-Captains Wilfred Nadeau Manager Arthur Kettinger Let ter men Joseph Walsh Wilfred Nadeau Kenneth Kellan Francis Kenneally Michael Byron William Whittaker Douglas Howard Richard Sanborn John Kirk Bart Licciardi Frank Dushame Paul Cardello Donald Greenwood Jack Butler Adam Marcinuk Andrew Heinze Michael Broderick Robert Shann Alan Foster Mark Henry Our football team was hit hard by injuries this year. Most of the starting line-up, including Co-Captains Joe Walsh and Wil Nadeau, were sidelined for the greater part of the season. Head Coach Howard Crozier and his two new assistants, James Keegan and Wilfred Robitaille, did a fine job of getting into condition the younger boys who took the places of the starters. The team beat both Lynnfield and Ipswich high schools by a large margin. It tied Tewksbury and Wilmington, but lost to its Little Three rivals, Andover and Methuen. We wish to congratulate the coaches and the boys on the team for playing such heads-up ball under trying conditions. Mark Henry and Alan Foster will serve as co-captains of next year ' s team. Good luck, boys! ◄ Wrestling Captain Donald Greenwood John Kirk Samuel Pappalardo Francis Kenneally Ralph Zahn Michael Steinberg Robert Carroll Douglas Howard Edward Dugan John Ingram Thomas Swithenbank This year wrestling was Squad Robert Kettinger Robert Packard Philip Busby John Dilendik Bart Licciardi Elwood Cobbett Richard Newman Francis Vynorius James Crane Ronald Mierzykowski introduced to the sports High School for the first calendar at North Andover time. Among the schools at which the boys competed were Brooks, Westford Academy, Andover High School, Ipswich High School, and Dexter High School of Maine. The squad also engaged in practice sessions at the Andover Youth Center and entered the Lawrence YMCA tournament. The highlight of the season was an intramural contest held in our school at which the top twenty-four wrestlers, representing the four classes, were selected and divided into two teams, the Scarlet and the Black. The Black team defeated the Scarlet by a large score. Though the sport has been engaged in on an informal and intramural basis this year, Coach Howard Crozier an¬ ticipates the early formation of a regular varsity wrestling team which will take part in league games. Basketball Captain Joseph Walsh Manager James Poor Michael Byron Robert Shann Alexander McGregor Robert Bryan Richard Sanborn Andrew Heinze John Strobel Bernard O’Keefe Francis Kenneally James Yeutter Jack Butler James Hanover Thomas Shann Led by Captain Joe Walsh, the Scarlet Knights again won the Lowell Suburban League championship, extend¬ ing their four year victory string to forty-eight games. They finished the year with seventeen wins and two losses. Both losses were at the hands of Methuen in closely fought games, the scores being 45-43 and 56-48. This outstand¬ ing record earned the boys their fourth straight bid to the Eastern Massachusetts Tech Tournament. After defeating Sacred Heart of Newton (46-42) in the preliminary game of the Tourney, and Wareham (45- 43) in the semi-finals, the team lost the Class C championship to Oliver Ames by five points. However, North And¬ over established a Class C record by being the only team to enter the finals for three straight years. John Strobel and Bob Bryan were selected to play on the Class C All-Star Team. Congratulations are in order for our new coach, Wilfred Robitaille, and all his boys for maintaining our excellent basketball record. r —. SI Efir UuflP w ' jO 1 ’ : . JrV 1- J54 ■ Track Co-Captains Francis Kenneally Louis DiFruscio Manager Robert Carroll Coach Howard Crozier Lettermen Robert Bryan Douglas Howard Elwood Pratt Raymond Galloni Ritchie Cummings James Whittaker Frank Dushame Michael Broderick Donald Greenwood Irving Newman The track team ended its season with a record of two wins and seven losses in league games, and two wins and one loss in games outside the league. New records were set by Francis Kenneally in the broad jump and the javelin, Elwood Pratt in the mile event, and Douglas Howard in the 880 yd. dash and high hurdles. High scorer for the year was Bob Bryan with 102% points, which is almost double the high score of other years. Baseball Manager Gerald Sanford Assistant Manager John O ' Brien Michael Byron Alan Foster Richard Sanborn John Strobel Bernard O’Keefe John Butler David Morse Robert Shann James Yeutter Robert Bryan North Andover’s Scarlet Knights turned in an excellent performance this year, finishing the season with a rec¬ ord of sixteen wins and six losses and winning the first ten ball games in which they played. This record earned them the right to enter the Eastern Massachu¬ setts Class B Baseball Tournament. After beating Marble¬ head, Winthrop, and South Boston in the preliminaries, quarter-finals, and semi-finals, respectively, the team lost to Methuen in its final tourney game by a score of 7-5. This year’s team was also the champion of the Lowell Suburban League, with a record of twelve victories in fourteen League games. John Strobel has a no-hitter to his credit. Congratulations to Coach Lee and the boys on the team for their outstanding performance! ■! fMMg Ill CROWNING OF FOOTBALL QUEEN Left to right: Queen ' s Attendants Patricia Du¬ rand and Martha Foster, Football Co-Captain Joseph Walsh, Queen Sheila Fountain, Football Co-Captain Wilfred Nadeau, and Queen ' s At¬ tendants Linda Champion and Joan Bridges. : - A •3 A ilSv Class Prophecy ( Continued ) After leaving the studio, we decided to attend the matinee performance of a current smash hit on Broad¬ way. The marquis read: " Darn Red Sox” starring Susan Roberts and Ronald Howard. The author, Phil Arrigo, walked onto the stage, following a great ovation, to introduce his successful play. Glancing at our program, we noticed the director of the play was none other than Dick Bamford. All of Sue’s clothes were designed by the famous fashion designer, Renee Broughton. At the conclusion of the delightful play, we left in search of our magic carpet in hopes that we might return once again to the year 1959. Without any further search, our carpet appeared be¬ fore us. Without hesitation we climbed aboard, and were immediately whisked away. Flying low, we soared above many of the leading stores of the city. The first we noticed was one of Mike Byron’s many chain de¬ partment stores. Next door was Joyce Foulds’ ultra¬ modern bakery, specializing in " Creme-Puff De-Lites.” On the next block a large pharmacy, run by Ed Phelan, was being swarmed with customers. A few miles further, we flew over Roland Cook’s ice cream stand, where Roland was busy giving away free samples to the first ten customers who were brave enough to say " Woo-woo Roland.” After gliding for some time, we came upon a large dude ranch owned and operated by Eric Bergstrom and Bill Paulson. In the corral, Helen Phillips was having trouble breaking in a new wild stallion that was buck¬ ing violently. Henry Pitman and Ben Osgood, two expert riding instructors, were teaching the many guests of the ranch the fundamentals of horseback riding. Par¬ ticipating in these lessons were two famous women’s golf champions, Linda Dunn and Carol Heider, who were making their stay at the ranch for the annual golf tournament. A short distance away from the dude ranch, we came upon Irving Newman’s TV and appliance store, where many new television sets of the future were on display. Stopping to investigate the new sets, we discovered on one of the channels that famous singing cowboy, " Cool Jewell.” Ronnie was yodeling his theme song, " Back On My Sway-back Again.” When we switched the channel, we spotted the familiar faces of Nancy Wang, Barbara Subatch, Muriel Finn, and Joyce Hanson, panel members of a well-known quiz program, " Double Your Troubles,” in which Lenny Thibault starred as M.C. A newspaper lying on a near-by table, opened to the social section, contained an advice-to-the-lovelorn col¬ umn, written by Dorothy Kennedy, entitled, " Dear Dot.” Boarding our magic carpet again, we ascended into the sky. While flying slowly, we noticed three-ring circus below. While hovering over the circus grounds, who should come gliding past us but Tom McIntyre on his flying trapeze. Tom was . about to catch his partner, Louise Mandry. In the second ring, Pat Durand was proceeding across her tightrope, carrying a colorful parasol for balance. The act taking place in ring num¬ ber three was a lion act featuring Shirley Fournier, the world’s bravest woman lion tamer. Walter Wilson, ringmaster, was announcing the daring feats of the talented performers. We made a quick landing and began a tour of the circus. As we entered a side-show tent, we spotted Ursula Perrone, snake charmer, who had the writhing snakes entranced by her charm. When Ursula had finished her amazing act, Bev Pierog, famous inter¬ national sword swallower, displayed her daring talents. After leaving the tent, we returned to the main arena for the feature attraction. Joan Bridges and Marilyn Ackroyd were engaged in their skillful bare- back riding act. Meanwhile, in the adjoining ring, Ruth Smith was performing her dangerous, high dive into a flaming tank of icy water. Gail Roache, Lorna Smith, and Mary Ward were holding the audience’s attention with their famous juggling act ' in the third ring. Realizing that time was running short, we boarded the carpet in our final attempt to return to the class picnic. Pressing the button marked " Past,” we soon found ourselves safe and sound among our classmates. Though our friends would not believe ' the fantastic story of their future, we could only relate to them what we had seen and heard, and wonder if we had truly seen the world of tomorrow. Respectfully submitted, Marylou and Bob T Class Will ( Continued ) SHIRLEY FOURNIER leaves her trips to the Dairy Queen to RUTH PINAUD and MARCIA ZIGELIS. CONNIE CARNEY leaves her literary abilities to SIDNE LEWIS and CHARLOTTE HITCH¬ COCK. PHIL ARRIGO leaves his Problems notebook to SAM ZAPPALA, DAVID STOTT, and DAVID PALMER. NANCY DeADDER happily gives up her funny little giggle to SALLY FRENCH and PRISCILLA McANDREW. RONNIE JEWELL finally leaves his knack for getting into trouble to SAM PAPPALARDO and JACK McINTYRE. RENEE BROUGHTON leaves her many visits to college open houses to MILDRED MINARDI. To LEETRICE COLE and SHEILA RAMEY go JOAN FRASER’s friendly ways. JOE WALSH leaves his leadership on the gridiron to AL FOSTER and BILL WHITTAKER. LAURIE FERGUSON leaves her knack for being late to NANCY GENEST. ED PHELAN leaves his saying, " He who laughs last doesn’t understand my joke,” to ROBERT NICOLOSI and DANNY McROBBIE. The four SMITHS, LINDA, PAULA, LORNA, and RUTH, leave their cough drops to JOYCE RENNIE and MARY THROP. LENNIE THIBAULT leaves his brilliant way of saying a lot in a few words to RUSS LORD and ED FERGUSON. ART KETTINGER leaves his witty remarks in Physics to BOB AGEY and MARGARET LEE. VIRGINIA KERSHAW leaves her job at Messina’s to CAROL SAVOY. JOHN O’BRIEN relinquishes his title of " Cameraman” to KEN JOHNSON. MARILYN ACKROYD leaves her one-man complex to NORMA PITMAN. BILL SHAPPELL sadly leaves his favorite subject, recess, to BOB SALEMME. JANE deVEBRE bestows her knack for getting into trouble to KATHLEEN D’URSO and DOLORES VERDA. KEN MELVIN leaves his love for Laurel and Hardy to JOHN KING and PETE LEMIEUX. To CAROL BELANGER and WENDY HOUGHTON goes JOYCE FOULD’s bottle of red dye. Now you too can have beautiful red hair. LOUISE MANDRY leaves her title as " Quietest Girl” to JOYCE STANGANELLI. BRUCE GOURLEY leaves his seat in the detention room to CHARLIE FARO and TEDDY VYNORIUS. MARCIA KELLY bestows her lush wardrobe on SANDY DeBURRO and CYNTHIA LAMPROS. LOU DlFRUSCIO leaves his memorable days in Problems 4-3 to RICHARD NEWMAN. DAVE MORSE leaves his shoe shine kit to FRANCIS VYNORIUS and ROBERT WAD- DINGTON. ANNE MESSINA hands down her recipe for her award-winning Betty Crocker sponge cake to MAUREEN McALOON. BRUCE BARCLAY leaves his many nights playing pool in his cellar to EDDIE MANSEAU and ALLIE McGREGOR. Now you’ll be pro’s too, boys. FRANK ELANDER bestows his faultless clothes from Robert Hall’s on RONALD MIERZY- KOWSKI and DOUG HOWARD. To CHUCK MERRILL and SUSAN STAMP goes BOB BOUSH’s great love for Elvis and his singing. So we lower the lid of the casket and bury the class of 1959. Now nothing remains except Janet and Mike High-Lites Staff {Continued) LITERARY COMMITTEE Margaret Mattraw Camille Gilberto Eleanor Stang Katherine Roberts Patricia Janco Gloria Luceri ADVERTISING COMMITTEE Mildred Minardi Schari Stiebitz Leetrice Cole Malcolm Norwood Jean Coffin EXCHANGE COMMITTEE Gail Donnelly Beverly Hoyt Linda Smith Geraldine Parah Vera Faro PROOFREADERS Mary Lou Doran Jean Fraser Mary Throp Mary Murphy Judith McClung Margaret Cairns Pamela Roy Gail Smith Charlotte Hitchcock Joyce Holland Marilyn Ackroyd Jane deVebre Gilda D’Agata Nancy DeAdder Beverly Dow Jacquelyn Magoon Marie Cavallaro Anne Marie Gaudet ROOM AGENTS Linda Champion Patricia Harrington Jane Carey Beverly Scannell Carol Campione Cathy McDuffie Margaret McAloon Dorothy Beletsky Ruth Pinaud Patricia Durand Beverly Champion Dianne McCarty Joyce Berube Mary Schruender Mary Griffin Carolyn Heider Catherine Licciardello Joan Schruender Ann Batterbury Deborah Morin Donna Reed Louise Mandry Ann Perruccio FACULTY ADVISOR Mary G. Bailey On September 17, 1958, Co-Editors-in-Chief Constance Carney and Susan Roberts and News Editors Lois Meserve and Donna Hammond represented the High-Lites staff at the New England Scholastic Press Conference held at Boston University. Under the direction of its new faculty advisor, Miss Mary Bailey, the staff put on a successful dance in the school gym on February 13. minium £ m Hi IfitU , -v I Congratulations and the best of luck! We at toring are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photo graphs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Loring Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose loring portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! LORING 6 STUDIOS New England ' s Largest School Photographers l WARREN PRESS 160 WARREN STREET, BOSTON 19, MASS. Producers of the finest m High School and College Yearbooks and Annuals George Caron Funeral Home 1 on-Sectarian 30 Main Street No. Andover, Mass. Telephone MU 5-5732 Compliments of ELFRIEDE’S BEAUTY SHOP FOULDS’ BAKERY INC. Tel. MU 3-1611 or MU 2-1322 Wedding Cakes a Specialty 62 Main Street North Andover, Mass. Telephone MU 3-2279 Compliments of SEAFOOD N SANDWICH SHOPPE EVE’S CUT and CURL BEAUTY SHOP 91 Marblehead Street North Andover Tel. MU 2-9241 18 Waverly Road Seafood - Sandwiches North Andover - Pizza SUTTON’S MILLS DIVISION OF AMES TEXTILE CORP. Manufacturers of Woolen Goods for Women’s Apparel Compliments of BROADWAY SAVINGS BANK COMMUNITY SAVINGS BANK ESSEX SAVINGS BANK LAWRENCE SAVINGS BANK Serving the Community Since 1811 + MERRIMACK VALLEY NATIONAL BANK Complete Banking Facilities at ALL Offices Andover - Georgetown - Haverhill - Merrimac - Methuen North Andover - Lawrence MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Compliments of MESSINA’S MARKET HOME OF QUALITY MEATS snasnHOvssvw 33N3 hmvi Convenient Parking at all Offices Main Office Broadway Office 238 Essex Street, Lawrence 590 Essex Street, Lawrence Andover Office: 84 Main Street, Andover Member: Federal Reserve System - Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, Compliments of GLENNIE’S DAIRY A Part of Your Community Since 1890 198 Massachusetts Ave. North Andover, Mass. Fuel Oils 24-Hour Burner Service Range Oils Auto Repairs IN NORTH ANDOVER IT’S TROMBLY BROTHERS Harold W. Trombly, Owner 153 Sutton St. No. Andover, Mass. Phone: MU 3-1031 Family Outfits - Head to Foot Jewelry - Furniture FASHON, INC. 200 Essex St. Lawrence, Mass. Tel. MU 2-9628 JAMES P. HAINSWORTH Insurance Agency Robena E. Knapp, Agent Insurance - Real Estate Phone MU 2-7230 150 Main Street North Andover, Mass. NASON’S CATERING SERVICE Bar-B-Q’d Chicken - Chicken Pies Eggs - Poultry - Vegetables at Farm Stone House Farm West Boxford, Mass. Tel. DRake 2-2320 Murphy’s Country Store BY LAKE COCHICHEWICK Jumbo Hamburgers - Chicken Barbecue Homemade Fudge - Old-Time Ice Cream Sodas and Sundaes Antiques and Novelties Compliments of J. P. STEVENS CO., INC. Makers of Fine Woolens Compliments of FISIKELLI’S DAIRY QUEEN Across the Street From North Andover A FRIEND High School 478 Chiekering Road North Andover, Mass. J. W. HERON MEAGAN’S DRUG, INC. Radio and Television Prescriptions Our Specialty Sales and Service Free Delivery Telephone MU 2-8138 93 Water Street North Andover 48 Water Street North Andover, Mass. Compliments of Compliments of DR. M. P. CURREN BONELLI - CORRADINO —DENTIST— FRANK’S ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Odelle F. Cashman, Prop. Gas - Oil - Batteries - Tires - Tubes and Accessories 4 Main St., North Andover Tel. MU 7-7373 Compliments of DEHULLU’S MARKET Telephone MU 3-2787 60 Union Street North Andover, Mass. Compliments of JIM PHELAN GROCERIES - MEAT Telephone MU 9-9856 87 Main Street North Andover, Mass. Compliments of LITTLE FAWN CLEANSERS OATES THE FLORIST Compliments of DR. DAVID W. WALLWORK Compliments of LEGARE’S MARKET DAVID S. BELYEA Optometrist 58 Main Street North Andover, Mass. INSURANCE REAL ESTATE GREAT POND AGENCY Compliments of 151 Main Street A FRIEND North Andover, Mass. «l ■ J. F. BYRON 5c to $1.00 STORE CHARLES’ STEAK HOUSE BUSINESS MEN’S LUNCHEONS Corner Main Street and Waverly Road Parties Accommodated Private Dining Room North Andover, Mass. Open 12 Noon to 12 Midnight Tel. MU 2-7732 Compliments of . . , Crane Hardware Company General Hardware - Paints - Kitchenware Compliments of RUSSEM’S INC. 73 Main St. Tel. MU 7-7787 No. Andover JOHN H. GRECOE Compliments of JEWELER OPTICIAN TAYLOR SHOP Andover Mass. 398 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. THE FURNITURE BARN, INC. WILSON’S CORNER NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. WHERE FINE FURNITURE COSTS LESS LAWRENCE MU 2-8260 Compliments of JOSEPH ROBERTS’ Barber Shop NORWOOD’S Dorothy Todd Norwood Compliments of 87 Main Street North Andover J. W. SCALORA, OT . Tel. MU 2-6662 JAMES VENTRE Stamps Albums - Supplies Everything for the Collector Distinctive Dry Cleaning Open ’til 8 p.m. Tel. MU 3-7962 North Andover Stamp Service Compliments of Compliments of JAMES G. BARCLAY SAM’S BARBER SHOP Builder 75 Main Street North Andover 69 Lyman Rd. No. Andover, Mass. MU 2-6065 EDDIE’S Amoco Service Compliments of Tune up and Repair Tel. MU 9-9735 or MU 2-7589 Route 125-133 North Andover, Mass. A FRIEND CASHM AN’S SERVICE STATION Raymond J. Cashman GAS - OIL - TIRES - TUBES and ACCESSORIES 141 Sutton Street North Andover MICHAEL J. SULLIVAN, INC. Essex County’s Leading Furniture Store Since 1887 226 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. THOMPSON’S GOOD FOOD Jet. Routes 114 and 125 North Andover, Mass. Tel. MU 6-4309 JOE’S DINER Osgood Street North Andover, Mass. Route 125 Midway between Western Electric and Lawrence Airport “Those who know . . . Dine at Joe’s!” VAL’S RESTAURANT 912 2 Main Street North Andover, Mass. Compliments of JOHN R. HOSKING, INC. STATIONER SCHOOL SUPPLIES Tel. MU 7-7929 - 3-2769 230 Essex St. Lawrence, Mass. Compliments of BILL’S AUTO SERVICE William J. Arsenault, Prop. ELITE PHARMACY Joseph Campione, Reg. Ph. 220 Middlesex St. No. Andover Telephone MU 3-3979 Compliments of A FRIEND PINAUD’S SIGNS 59 Maple Avenue North Andover, Mass. Commercial Artist - Sign Painting Telephone MUrdock 7-7371 MIDTOWN TV and RADIO Sales and Service 132 Main Street North Andover Tel. MU 3-5645 Compliments of FRANCIS A. LORDAN NO. ANDOVER SERVICENTER Repairs - Accessories - Complete Servicing 77 Main Street, No. Andover, Mass. Tel. Lawrence MU 3-5577 WHITWORTH’S Rubber and Sporting Goods of Every Description Rain Coats - Sports Clothing Rubber Footwear TELEPHONE MU 2-2573 581 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. Best Wishes KARELIS JEWELERS LAWRENCE RUBBER CO. Rubber Goods - Sporting Goods 464 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. ROBERT’S HARDWARE CO. MUrdock 3-4351 128 Main Street No. Andover, Mass. Hardware, Paint, Sporting Goods, Houseware Compliments of MR. TOM’S MEN’S SHOP Fine Furnishings 143 Main Street North Andover DUKE’S MEN’S AND BOYS’ SHOP “THE STORE FOR DAD AND LAD” 121-123 Essex St. Lawrence, Mass. Compliments of LONGBOTTOM’S MARKET a Your Favorite Winning Highest Fashion Honors Store ANDREW COFFIN Insurance Real Estate Notary Public 69 Main Street N. Andover, Mass. Tel. MU 8-4074 - 2-7338 Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of CLASS OF 1959 CALIRI BROTHERS CO. - Jewelers Watches — Diamonds — Silverware Gift Shop Second Floor Phone MU 3-1701 258 Essex St. Lawrence, Mass. HEMINGWAY BROS. INTERSTATE TRUCKING CO. New England and Pa. 221 Sutton St. North Andever LAMEY - WELLEHAN Successors to D. D. Mahony Sons Shoes and Hosiery For Every Occasion “THE FAMILY DEPT. STORE OF THE MERRIMACK VALLEY " 309-325 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. Telephone MU 3-2216 SCHRUENDER REAL ESTATE AGENCY 77 Chickering Road, North Andover, Mass. George H. Schruender, Realtor Multiple Listing Service Compliments of 331 Essex Street Lawreiace, Mass. CHARLES F. LEE M.D. The BLUE FOX Restaurant MU 9-9856 Route 125 1125 Osgood Street North Andover, Mass. Francis J. Haphey, Mgr. T. J. BUCKLEY CO. Furniture 284 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. Compliments of FINNERAN’S DRUG STORE 129 Main Street North Andover Davis Furber Machine Company NORTH ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS Compliments of .. . CHARLES H. FOSTER, Builder “THE YANKEE CRAFTSMAN” 9 Pleasant Street North Andover, Mass. Compliments of A FRIEND Untgljtlj Jfuneral Home Carl W. Knightly and Carl W. Knightly, Jr. Funeral Directors and Embalmers 449 BROADWAY • LAWRENCE, MASS. ANDOVER SAVINGS BANK 61 Main Street, Andover 108 Main Street, North Andover 5 Hampshire Street, Methuen Incorporated 183 U Compliments of Carl J. Berg Joseph D. Caimi ASSOCIATED FOLDING BOX CO. 240 Canal Street Lawrence, Mass. ARLINGTON TRUST COMPANY FIVE CONVENIENT OFFICES 305 Essex Street 348 Jackson Street 9 Broadway 1 Winthrop Ave., Corner of Andover Street Lawrence, Massachusetts 149 Main Street North Andover, Massachusetts Complete Banking Services Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is.: 1 . . : T ' . v.- r- 1 wmm mgEM w-w rT ' iJmx .f® ppg

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