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 - Class of 1957

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liil! i ' v ..ii .A f ft r ' ; v . : ; ' K « i i m 19 5 7 N ORTH A N D O V E R H 1 G H S C H O O L DEDICATION Veva and Clara Chapman Through the many years of their faithful service to the students of North Andover High School, the Misses Veva and Clara Chapman have been ever ready to give the full measure of their understanding and guidance. We, the Class of 1957, are happy to dedicate our yearbook to them as a symbol of our ' appreciation. FRANCIS J. O’BRIEN SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS (Deceased June 19, 1957) We are happy to be able to include in our year¬ book this year the pictures of our superintendent and school committee members, who contribute so much of their time and effort to the task of insuring the successful functioning of the public school system of North Andover. Francis J. O ' Brien North Andover School Committee Hon. Charles W. Trombly, School Committee Member and Chairman to March 1937; William F. Rock, Dr. Frank D. Ashburn, Chairman; Mrs. Tom F. Ingram, Dr. Fred C. Atkinson, Mrs. Dean Ross, School Committee Member since March 1937. LESLIE CHRISTISON B.S. Algebra, Trigonometry, Solid Geometry; Massachusetts Institute of Technology MARY BUCKLEY B.S. Domestic Arts; Regis College FLORENCE COLLINS B.S. 9 Chemistry, General Science, Algebra; Merrimack College OLIVE BUTLER B.A., M.Ed. Art; Massachusetts School of Art, Suffolk University IRENE E. COOK A.B., M.Ed. French, Library Supervisor; Mount Holyoke, University of Vermont VEVA M. CHAPMAN B.A. English, Civics; Bates College HARRIET DUNHAM B.S. Physical Education, Girls’ Coach; Bouve Boston School FACU HOWARD CROZIER B.S.. M.Ed. Physical Education, Football and Track Coach, Faculty Manager; Springfield College M. MADELINE GILLEN B.A., M.A. Guidance Counselor, English; University of Maine, Boston University MARGARET DONLAN B.A., M.Ed. Latin, Algebra; Boston University WILLIAM LAROCHELLE B.S. Baseball and Basketball Coach, Assistant Football Coach, Problems of Democracy, Civics; Bates College, Boston U niversity JOHN V. DONOVAN A.B., M.A. Assistant Principal, Head of English Department; Boston College GEORGE F. LEE A.B. Biology, Consumer Education; St. Anselm’s College THE JOSEPH LYNCH B.S. Algebra, Plane Geometry, Assistant Football Coach; Holy Cross ALICE M. NEAL B.S.S., M.Ed. Typewriting, Bookkeeping, Bookkeeper for North Andover School Lunch Program; Boston University james McDonald B.L.l. Speech and Dramatics, English; Emerson College ALBERT PERRAULT B.S., M.A. General Science, Consumer Education, Junior Business Training; Holy Cross, Boston College RUTH ANN MOORADKANIAN A.B. English, Publications; Bradford Junior College, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston University THOMAS POWERS A.B., M.Ed. Civics, History, Assistant Football Coach; Suffolk University, Tufts CLARENCE F. MOSHER, JR. B.Mus., M.A. in Ed. Music; New England Conservatory of Music, Columbia University © FACULTY JAMES W. THOMSON B.S. in Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D., Ed.D. Art, Consumer Education, English; Massachusetts State College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fitchburg State Teachers ' College, Suffolk University, Calvin Coolidge © THOMAS L. REGAN B.S. Physics, Chemistry; Providence College CLAIRE TORPEY O B.S. in Ed., M.Ed. Stenography, Othce Practice, Business Training; Salem Teachers ' College, Boston University KATHERINE C. SHERIDAN B.S,, M.Ed. History; Boston University CHARLES I. VINCENT Manual Training; Wentworth Institute HARWOOD STEELE B.S. in Commercial Ed. Business Training, Typewriting, Consumer Education, Assistant Basketball Coach; University of Maine IllVflH G. HflyfS • H(RDmf)STEf) (ttf57f A famous golfer, when questioned as to which he considered his most important shot, replied. My next one.” He was recognizing a fact which we altogether too frequently forget. The past is gone and the future is the im¬ portant consideration today. How often we worry about incidents and events of yesterday or last week or last month, about which we can do nothing now. Unless something can be done to improve a situation, these incidents should be given no further attention. Rather should our time be devoted to planning for tomorrow, next week, or next month. There are always important con¬ siderations for the future. And how quickly time passes by! As you read these words, what was the present has become the past, and the future soon emerges as the present. How often we all, with plenty of time at our disposal, have postponed doing today that which we know should be done by some definite date, only to find that when that future date arrives, as the present, we have so many other seemingly more urgent matters to consider that the task never is performed. What I am attempting to do, in these few words, is to throw out to you a challenge to value each hour of your time, and to use it in improving your own knowledge and understanding in such a manner that you will never have occasion, at some future date, to look back on the past with a feeling of regret that things might have been different, had you been prepared to accept your opportunities. Alvah G. Hayes Oftift IJrtt rtptz ofihepasi We Will rtng ffto. belts of the fufvve RUSSELL L. AARONIAN " Russ” Football 2, 3; Track 3, 4; School Play 2; Band 1, 2, 3; Student Council 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Class Color and Motto Committee 4; Picnic Com¬ mittee; Banquet Committee. Real " cool cat ” on the dance floor ... a wink for everyone . . . Donna . . . contagious smile . . . plaid shirts. DOLORES BELLUARDO " Dee” Appreciates the art of dancing . . . a regular chatterbox . . . dark, wavy hair . . . enjoys a good joke . . . best of luck in your dancing career, Dee. CAROL ACKROYD High-Lites Staff 3, 4; Knight Staff 4. Oh, what a giggle! . . . quiet, but watch out! . . . always a neat appearance . . . friendly to every¬ one . . . loves to dance . . . K. J. LEONARD J. ANNALORO Football 1 (L. H. S.) ; Basketball 2 (L. H. S.); Baseball 2 (L. El. S.); Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Dances at Central . . . always grinning . . . jitterbug . . . not a care in the world .. . Lawrence ' s loss was North Andover ' s gain. GLORIA E. BERUBE " Glo” Cute as a button . . . most en¬ thusiastic rooter at all games . . . Joe . . . Pepsodent smile ... a real friendly gal . . . best of luck to oite who deserves it. WILLIAM D. BLACKSTOCK " Tiger” Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2; Track 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Knight Staff 4; Prom Committee 4; Class Color and Motto Committee 4; Class Marshal 4; Picnic Committee. Personality plus . . . popular as they come . . . never takes any¬ thing seriously . . . natural come¬ dian . . . all-round athlete . . . best of luck in the service, Tiger. JOSEPHINE BONANNO " Jo” High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 4; Knight Staff 4. Whiz in the commercial depart¬ ment . . . adorable haircut . . . jitterbug contest . . . sincere friend . . . real cute miss . . . we know you’ll succeed in college. RHODA BRODERICK Student Council 1; Class Secre¬ tary-Treasurer 1; High-Lites Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4. Loves candy . . . willing worker . . . lifeguard at " Stevie’s” . . . full of mischief . . . will make a terrific nurse. ROBERT L. BUCHANAN " Bob” Football Manager 4; Baseball 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Real swell kid . . . loves type{?) . . . why always late for classes, Bob? . . . good humorist . . . usually seen arguing with Henry . . . best of luck in whatever you undertake l ADELE A. BULLOCK " Del lie” High-Lites Staff 2; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Knight Staff 4; Honor Society 4. Spends her summers at the beach . . . enjoys a good joke . . . neat as a pin . . . " Parlez-vous fran- cais?” . . . creamy complexion . . . cute haircut. WILLIAM BURRIS, JR. " Winkie” Football 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 2, 3 4. Ever see him walking? . . . easy¬ going . . . always working on cars . . . full of fun . . . possesses a great appetite . . . appreciates the opposite sex. MICHAEL M. CAHILL " Mike” Football 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3; Track 2, 3, 4; Class Vice-Presi¬ dent 4; Student Council 4 (Vice- President) ; Knight Staff 4 (Pho¬ tography Editor) ; Prom Commit¬ tee 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Picnic Committee; Banquet Committee. Terror on the gridiron . . . seri¬ ous (?) . . . believes in taking his time about things . . . popu¬ lar .. . nice dresser . . . full of wise cracks . , . best of luck, Mike. JEAN A. CAHOON Booster Club 2; Girls’ Club 1, 2; Co-Y 1, 2 (Ridgewood, N. J.) ; Knight Staff 4; High-Lites Staff 4; Class Color and Motto Com¬ mittee 4; Picnic Committee. Lush wardrobe ... a friendly " Hi " for everyone . . . has that " Halo " look . . . real sweet gal . . . Ridgewood lost a tremendous miss when Jean came to us. JOHN D. CARON " Digger ” Basketball 1, 2; Intramurals 3, 4. Never-ending wardrobe . . . quiet, but looks are deceiving . . . tells corny jokes . . . allergic to home¬ work . . . good luck to a real swell guy. MARY E. COTTER J.V. Basketball 2; Knight Staff 4. Natural seamstress . . . pretty red hair . . . blushes easily . . . shy . . . real cute giggle ... a swell friend to have . . . K. J. WILLIAM H. CURREN " Buttsie” Baseball 2, 3, 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Bop fan . . . original nickname .. . usually seen with Jim . . . agree¬ able disposition . . . has a knack for writing powerful poetry . . . good luck in whatever you at¬ tempt. ROBERT A. CHESEL " Chez " Dark, wavy hair . . . diligent worker . . . friendly . . . loves to eat . . . always ready to lend a helping hand . . . possesses a talent for playing the piano . . . may the best be yours, Bob. AUDREY L. CURRIER " Aud " High-Lites Staff 4; Knight Staff 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Softball 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain) ; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain); Field Hockey 4; Picnic Committee. A great asset to the basketball team . . . golden locks . . . partial to red and black cars . . . very pleasant personality . . . sure to succeed in her nursing career. LAURA D. CURTIS Honor Society 2, 3, 4 (Council¬ lor) ; Knight Staff 4; Valedic¬ torian. Deceivingly quiet . . . marvelous personality . . . listens to every¬ one’s troubles . . . gives good advice, too . . . wonderful cook . . . conscientious worker . . . you deserve the best of everything . . . K. J. EILEEN M. DeBURRO J. V. Basketball 2; High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Cheerleader 3, 4 (Co-Captain) ; Prom Committee 3; Class Will. Dapper dancer . . . beautiful curly hair . . . real popular miss . . . personality . . . terrific cheer¬ leader . . . love that laugh . . you ' re bound to succeed . . . K. J. SHIRLEY A. DETORA " Dukie” High-Lites Staff 2; Knight Staff 4 (Business Manager). A valuable member of our chorus . . . partial to L. H. S. boys . . . free and easy-going . . . has scads of beautiful clothes ... a swell friend to have . . . member of the N. A. N. R.’s. IOAN S. DOIRON Softball 2; High-Lites Staff 3, 4 (Editor); Cheerleader 4; Knight Staff 4; Honor Society 4; Picnic Committee. Never a dull moment with Joan around ... a real cute little miss ... an asset to the cheerleading squad . . . " hot duck ” . . . hot rod in her convertible . . . K. J. JOYCE MARIE DONOVAN " Sunshine” Beautiful head of hair ... a friendly " Hi” for all .. . boys . . . there’s mischief in those eyes! . . . usually seen with Maryann and Shirley . . . N. A. N. R. member. JANICE M. DUNN " Jan” Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Makes friends easily . . . sees the happy side of life ... a faith¬ ful rooter at all the games . . . natural conversationalist . . . you really deserve the best, Jan. CAROLYN L. FRETWELL Band 1, 2, 3; Higb-Lites Staff 4; Knight Staff 4; Field Hockey 4 (Co-Captain). Cheerful . . . loves to talk . . . great asset to the field hockey team . . . quiet at times . . . well liked by her classmates . . . sure to succeed in the future. JOHN GALLANT " Gee” Football 3, 4; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4 (Co-Editor); Pic¬ nic Committee; Boosters’ Club Senior Scholar - Athlete Award; Class Orator. Great guy to know . . . what a build! . . . te rror on the football field . . . seriousf?) . . . oodles of doodles . . . man of few words . . . not appreciative of the op¬ posite sex. RICHARD A. GRAHAM " Buzzy” Bowling 3. Red hair and freckles . . . blushes . . . likes boats, hot rods, and girls ... a real gentleman . . . a Pat Boone fan{?)—you know what we mean!! KATHLEEN M. GREENLER " Kathy” Hails from Boxford . . . seldom seen without Brenda . . . happy as the day is long . . . terrific sense of humor . . . personality plus . . . mischievous . . . never a dull moment with Kathy. GEORGE HAIGH " Fingers” Football 1 , 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1 , 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Honor Society 4 (Council¬ lor) ; Knight Staff 4 (Co-Editor) ; Prom Committee 3; Harvard Club of Andover Award 3. Tall, blond, and handsome . . . popular . . . fond follower of all sports . . . ambitious . . . did a lot for N. A. H. S. . . . possesses great athletic ability . . . best of luck in college, Georgie. MARIANNE HALLSWORTH " Halite” Always ready to lend a happy, helping hand ... an asset to our chorus . . . quiet, until you get to know her . . . friendly to everyone . . . good luck, Hallie. DONNA HAMILTON High-Lites Staff 4. Loves to draw . . . quiet in her clas srooms . . . appears very at¬ tentive . . . nice friend to have . . . smart . . . enjoys voicing own opinions. DOROTHY L. HODGDON " Dotty” Beautiful blond, wavy hair . . . quiet until you know her . . . enjoys country life!! . . . always ready to lend a hand . . . likes type{.?) . . . N. A. N. R.’s . . . best of luck to a swell kid. ROBERT HARRIS Football 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain); Basketball 2 (Manager) ; Base¬ ball 1; Track 2, 3, 4 (Co-Cap¬ tain); Class President 1, 2, 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3; Knight Staff 4; School Play 1, 2; Prom Committee 3, 4; Class Will. Very popular fellow . . . plays a tremendous game of football . . . swell captain . . . handsome . . . blushes easily . . . good- natured . . . will surely get along in the world. EDWARD HUNT Dr. Thomson ' s shadow . . . runs the movie projector . . . Edison of the class . . . jovial . . . co¬ operative ... not a care in the world. HENRY R. HIMBER " Rock " Baseball 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4. Has a knack for playing pool . . . loves type{?) . . . usually late for classes . . . excuses . . . always laughing and joking. JUDITH KNIGHTLY " Judy” Band 1, 2, 3; High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4; Basketball 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader 3, 4 (Co-Captain) ; Knight Staff 4; Prom Committee 3; Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4 (Secretary - Treasurer) ; Honor Society 2, 3, 4; D. A. R. Award; Banquet Committee; Class Prop¬ hecy. Swell personality . . , who ' s your chauffeur, Judy? . . . popu¬ lar . . . hard worker . . . peaches and cream complexion . . . beauty and brains combined. CAROL A. KOPEC High-Lites Staff 1, 2 ,3, 4; Field Hockey 4 (Manager). Scads of freckles . . . bubbling with conversation and laughter . . . original dressmaker . . . smart . . . oh, that giggle! . . . plans to enter the nursing field. JOHN MARKEY Baseball 2, 3, 4; Football 2, 3; Class President 4; Student Coun¬ cil 4 (President); Knight Staff 4 (Photography Editor); Prom Committee 4; Good Government Day Representative 4; Class Color and Motto Committee 4 (Chair¬ man); Picnic Committee; Ban¬ quet Committee. Sparkling personality . . . happy- go-lucky . . . baseball, his first love . . . popular guy . . . nice dresser . . . dig that crazy crew- cut. MARYANN C. KURGAN " Kurg” High-Lites Staff 2, 4; New Eng¬ land Music Festival 3; Mass. All- State Chorus 4; Knight Staff 4 (Business Manager). Beautiful soprano voice ... a credit to chorus . . . winning smile . . . usually found in Room 13 ■■ ■ liked by all. CORNELIUS J. McALOON " Neil” Baseball 1; Model Building Club 1; Football 2 (Manager) ; Golf 1, 3. Good sense of humor . . . great golfer . . . quite the crooner . . . enjoys tobogganing . . . well liked by everyone . . . best of every¬ thing, Neil. SUSAN J. LODGE " Sue” Basketball 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; High-Lites Staff 3; Student Coun¬ cil 2, 3, 4; Class Secretary-Treas¬ urer 2, 3, 4; Prom Committee 3, 4; School Play 4; Picnic Com¬ mittee; Banquet Committee. Enjoys her long walks home from school . . . B. N. . . . dark, wavy hair . . . petite . . . friend to all who know her . . . best of luck, Sue. H. FRANK McCarthy " Mac” Football 1, 2, 3 (Hebron), 4; Knight Staff 4. Appreciates the opposite sex . . . class wolf . . . famous for speeches and explanations . . . low. mellow voice . . . never a dull moment with Frank around . . . sure to make a good lawyer. LOUISE E. MOORADKANIAN " Lou” High-Lites Staff 1, 2 (Exchange Editor), 3 (Art Editor), 4 (News Editor); Student Council 2; School Play 2; Honor Society 2, 3, 4 (President); Annie L. Sar¬ gent Memorial Latin Prize 2; Knight Staff 4 (Art Editor) ; Basketball 4 (Co-Manager) ; Soft- ball 4; Salutatorian. Beautiful brown eyes . . . popu¬ lar .. . wonderful personality . . . Ted Williams’ fan . . . usually found making " plans” with Paul¬ ine . . . sincere friend . . . ter¬ rific sense of humor ... we know you’ll succeed in whatever you undertake. JAMES McGUIRE " Jim” Mischievous . . . allergic to homework . . . carefree . . . never seen walking anywhere . . . likes office practice (?) . . . friendly to all .. . always cracking jokes . . . good luck in the future. JOSEPH L. MEDICI " Joe” J. V. Basketball 1; Picnic Com¬ mittee. Good-natured . . . forever sketch¬ ing boats . . . loves Math 4(?) ... a friendly " Hi” for all .. . errands for Mr. Larochelle . . . quiet . . . best of luck, Joe. DOUGLAS MORSE " Doug” Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Football 4; Class Prophecy. Good looking . . . football hero . . . possesses a great pitching arm . . . quiet at times . . . orig¬ inal ideas in Problems 4-2(?) . . . best of luck in college, Doug. DONNA M. MULCHAHEY " Don” High-Lites Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Student Council 3. Laughing brown eyes . . . neat dresser . . . trustworthy . . . ap¬ pears quiet until you know her . . . well-mannered . . . pleasing personality . . . not an enemy in this world . . . sure to make a terrific nurse . . . K. J. JOYCE H. MYHAVER " Joy” Band 1, 2, 3; High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Field Hockey 4 (Co-Captain); Knight Staff 4; Softball 4. Never without a good Joke . . . lucky " 13” on the basketball squad . . . really plays a terrific game of basketball . . . fun to be with . . . witty . . . will never let you down . . . Lawrence Gen¬ eral, here we come! PAULINE NADEAU J. V. Basketball 2; High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4 (Co-Editor of Humor); Student Council 4; Cheerleader 4; Knight Staff 4 (Co-Chairman of Biographers); Banquet Committee; Class Song. Full of mischief . . . usually seen roaming the corridors with Dot . . . neat dresser . . . cute haircut . . . easily embarrassed . . . peppy cheerleader . . . " Wait’ll I tell ya, you’ll die.” WILLIAM J. NICORA " Nicky” Football 1, 2, 3; Baseball 1 (Manager) ; Knight Staff 4; Prom Committee 4; Class History. " Anyone have a library slip?” . . . well groomed at all times . . . love that smile . . . ready and willing to lend a helping hand . . . real hot rod in his Studebaker. MARILYN J. NUSSBAUM " Marlsy” High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4. Usually knows the latest . . . loves to drive, but watch out l.. . clever dancer . . . name plate . . . spar¬ kling blue eyes . . . has a way with the opposite sex . . . best of luck in your secretarial job. MAUREEN E. O’KEEFE " Moe” J. V. Basketball 2; High-Lites Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Cheerleader 4. Better late than never . . . cute gal . . . pleasant smile . . . what happened to your file box, Moe? . . . great cheerleader . . . best of luck to a real sweet miss. JAMES D. ORD " Jim” J. V. Basketball 2; Baseball 2, 3, 4; Bowling 3, 4 (Captain). Real bowling enthusiast . . . freckle-faced . . . the silent type . . . attracted to blond hair . . . slow mannered . . . nice kid to know. DOROTHY R. PARADIS " Dot” Student Council 1; Band 1, 2; Knight Staff 4 (Co-Chairman of Biographers) ; High-Lites Staff 2, 3. 4 (Co-Editor of Humor) ; Softball 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain) ; Field Hockey 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Co-Captain) ; Class Song; Class History. Ace on the basketball court . . . athletes and athletics her first love . . . Pauline’s other half . . . carefree as the breeze . . . " Let ' s eat!” . . . brimming over with mischief. CYNTHIA A. ROBERTS " Cindy ' ’ Winning smile . . . very talkative . . . easygoing . . . nice person¬ ality . . . beautiful, big blue eyes . . . best of luck in future years! RODERICK ROGERS Basketball 4 (Manager). One real quiet lad . . . usually found in the Office Practice Room . . . how could the basketball team get along without Rod? . . . winning smile . . . best of luck in the future. BRUCE D. RUSSELL " Professor” Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Mass. All-State Band 3; Knight Staff 4. Famous for diagrams of black¬ boards . . . inventor of weird theories . . . jolly . . . easy-going . . . big, hearty laugh . . . does good impersonations . . . loves problems (?) . . . best of every¬ thing, Bruce. RICHARD A. SCHUBERT " Poncho’ Intramurals 2, 3. Has a collection of trains . . . quiet, but loads of fun . . . good sport . . . shy with the girls . . . polite . . . never a bad word to say about anyone. EDWARD SHEEHAN " Eddie " Knight Staff 4. John Landy of the school . . . quiet but has firm convictions . . . not a worry in the world . . . a real comic . . . doesn ' t believe in homework . . . will surely get along in the world. RUTH ANN SMITH " Smitty” J. V. Basketball 2; High-Lites Staff 3; Knight Staff 4; Student Council 4; Banquet Committee. Always cracking jokes . . . good- natured . . . partial to South Lawrence . . . real hot rod in her Chevy . . , allergic to homework . . . natural wavy hair . . . K. J. Beautiful red hair ... a real ■Jady . . . generous . . . neat as a pin . . . cute wardrobe . . . will always have many friends with her pleasant personality. • DOROTHY L. ST ANSEL " Dor Honor Society 3, 4; Band 3, 4; High-Lites Staff 4; Knight Staff 4; School Play 3, 4; Annie L. Sargent Memorial Latin Prize 3; Speaking Contest 3 (Second Prize); Mass. All-State Band 4; Picnic Committee; Class Essayist. Can usually be found in Room 33 . . . who ' s your favorite teacher. Dot? . . . succeeds in everything she undertakes . . . friendly . . . no doubt you’ll succeed in the future. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 (Captain) ; Football 4. Not appreciative of the opposite sex . . . lives for the sport of baseball . . . North Andover’s Stan Musial . . . innocent smile . . . well liked by all. DOUGLAS K. STEVENSON Appears to be very quiet until you get to know him . . . blushes easily ... a real pal! . . . best of luck in whatever you do in fu¬ ture years. KATHRIN J. SZTUCINSKI " Kathie” High-Lites Staff 3, 4 (Exchange Editor); Knight Staff 4; Field Hockey 4; Softball 4. " This chair’s too high!” . . . loves to swim{?) . . . never lets a laugh go by .. . sincere friend . . . very good-natured . . . cheerful miss . . . best of luck, Kathie. WILLIAM E. TAYLOR " Bill " Intramurals 1, 2, 3. Black leather jacket and motor cycle boots . . . enjoys fixing all kinds of cars . . . quiet and easy¬ going . . . dry humor . . . usually seen riding his motorcycle. JUDITH A. TETLER " Judy” Band 1, 2. 3; High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4; Class Vice-President 2, 3; Student Council 2, 3; Prom Corn- Basketball 4 (Co - Manager) ; mittee 3; Honor Society 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Class Color and Motto Committee 4; Class Mar¬ shal 4. Combination beauty and brains ... a credit to her class . . . Lowell Tech . . . a cheery " Hi” for everyone . . . pretty blond hair . . . sure to make good in college. GERALDINE M. THOMSON " Geri” High-Lites Staff 3. A real cute redhead ... a closet full of beautiful clothes . . . roller-skating enthusiast . . . friendly . . . regular hot rod in her Ford . . . loves excitement. ROBERT TORLA " Toby” Tall and handsome . . . nice wardrobe . . . well-mannered . . . sincere . . . shy at times . . . full of fun and always ready for a laugh . . . faithful rooter at all games . . . likes Boxford! CLARE A. TOWLER J. V. Basketball 2, 3; High-Lites Staff 2 (Exchange Editor), 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Student Council 2, 3; Honor Society 4. Always in on the latest . . . scads of cute clothes . . . Bob . . . pretty strawberry blond hair . . . likes to dance . . . wisecracks galore . . . will surely succeed in her nursing career. JUDITH A. THORNTON " Judy” High-Lites Staff 3, 4 (Art Edi¬ tor) ; Knight Staff 4. Creamy complexion . . . always ready to lend a helping hand . . . fine personality . . . great artistic ability . . . loads of fun may the best be yours, Judy. ■ .KfiVflKli! 9 CAROL ANN J. UHLE " Jackie” Picnic Committee. Flirtatious smile . . . cute . . . never seen walking anywhere . . . swell sense of humor . . . came to us from L. H. S. . . . never a dull moment with Carol around. KATHLEEN M. VERDA " Kay” Honor Society 3, 4 (Secretary- Treasurer) ; High-Lites Staff 4; Knight Staff 4 (Art Editor). Neat as a pin . . . knows how to polka . . . wonderful cook . . . perfect lady . . . whiz in the commercial peld . . . studious . . . knows how to keep a secret. PAULA M. WEYMOUTH " Buff” High-Lites Staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Cheer¬ leader 3; Softball 2; J. V. Bas¬ ketball 2; Knight Staff 4; School Play (Student Director) 4. Usually seen riding around with Geri . . . bursting with conver¬ sation . . . never a dull moment when Paula’s around ... a pretty miss with brown wavy hair . . . K. J. ALLAN D. VIRR High-Lites Staff 4. Always ready for a laugh ... a real hot rod . . . crazy blond crew-cut . . . soda jerk at Mea- gan’s . . . happy-go-lucky . . . (full of fun . . . good luck to a terrific lad! NANCY E. WHITTAKER " Nance” J. V. Basketball 2; Knight Staff 4; High-Lites Staff 2, 3, 4 (News Editor). One popular miss . . . beautiful blond hair . . . cute . . . always dresses attractively . . . loves to dance . . . blushes easily . . . always ready for a laugh . . . K. J. DAVID E. WARWICK " Dave " Football 2, 3, 4; Knight Staff 4; Intramurals 2, 3, 4; Picnic Com¬ mittee; Baseball 4 (Manager). A nice looking guy with per¬ sonality plus . . . never down in -the dumps . . . not a worry in the world . . . Moe . . . happy grin . . . likes to play football. HERBERT H. WHITTEMORE " Herb” Class gentleman . . . a Boxfordite ... sly remarks from rear of Problems class . . . can take a joke . . . wonderful sport . . . lives strictly in a man ' s world . . . good luck, in the future, Herb. JOAN J. WILSON High-Lites Staff 4. A clever seamstress . . . carefree as the breeze . . . always willing to help . . . quiet ... a real hot rod . . . everyone’s friend . . . best wishes in whatever you at¬ tempt! NOT PICTURED JAMES J. DORAN " Hooker " Golf 3 (Captain). Mischievous personality . . . loads of fun and laughter . . . Meagan’s his second home . . . not a thing worries him . . . another Willy Hoppe . . . good luck to a ter¬ rific kid! 3n jffflemortam ANN MARIE DRISCOLL In fond remembrance of Ann Marie Driscoll whose cheerful, friendly personality made a lasting impression on all those who came in contact with her and who will always remain a cherished part of our years in school. ■Ton rS iAo r PofiokftA- oY G oY WcTH StsT f’E-rtSerOAMry TU6Y ts CtCsr 4nnik£ g£sr a rtTUKCb 90? DoT fAosr T ' IkSNTZb £sT K fyf)c£A- B«kk. fX fMK tkfiSS vOOk.f CnlRk. frttfiT kikC y TO soccktLb uTH ft n at B£ sr r Mry Cc SiAk (2 CST bokoRfcls CkASS k 0Y Louisj( 6£ r c,i k. aTH kfnC MtK } BoV ftlfs’T keoKifttt tilftk. Most foRoKrttf- fc i»tfc C-uRk wHo H S feerUlE f 0 T FeK. V.fl M-S. vJiTH 6£ST fietUNAUTf T i35 O otikfttf jaost oi yk J Ti TftkKflixVt X v beu V QfZsr (ho ' l 4 rHk£T£ t 0 T KrtfvTtV GICST C-rlAk. STObKtfT 0, o «j£ g 0 Y MOST TV syccero 0° 6£sT 8oY sTaDf,vr Stkk 000 B£ST KOOkirO OoY WHo H S t oN F0 f« - ?• H• 5 Mi T 0 M TE ?CW£ - CK4S5 h£r TkfcV ' ‘W 3ToriJ 8Kk w UTie r MOST " MiSCtfl CuoaS floV St Uj€ TX-Sf Cfc-4SS FM T T MtSCMUf vKJ t S C,i k 2 kst BoT bailee . 0£sT OAfcssEft J To the tune of " My Creed” by Joseph Yates Peck We bid farewell To dear North Andover High School; Our hearts will cherish all our memories, Our deepest thanks we give to all our teachers; Unselfishly they sacrificed their time, To ready us for life’s great, weary climb. Now we must part; Our high school days are over. We’ll ne’er return to these great hallowed halls. Tears fill our eyes; the world stands bright before us. Faithful we’ll be to dear North Andover High. Faithful we’ll be to dear North Andover High. Words by Pauline Nadeau and Dorothy Paradis SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Left to right: Vice-President Michael Cahill, Secretary-Treasurer Susan Lodge, President John Markey. Co-Editors Chairman of Biographers Art Editors Photography Editors Business Managers KNIGHT STAFF George Haigh, John Gallant Dorothy Paradis, Pauline Nadeau Louise E. Mooradkanian, Kathleen Verda Michael Cahill, John Markey Maryann Kurgan, Shirley Detora Clare Towler Kathrin Sztucinski Susan Lodge Josephine Bonanno Biographers Nancy Whittaker William Nicora Donna Mulchahey Bruce Russell Frank McCarthy David Warwick Joan Doiron Judith Knightly Reporters Special Features — Russell Aaronian, Judith Tetler, Eileen DeBurro, Carol Ackroyd Girls ' Sports — Joyce Myhaver, Audrey Currier Boys’ Sports — Robert Harris, William Blackstock Classes — Adele Bullock Activities — Laura Curtis Picture Committee Carol Kopec Marilyn Nussbaum Carolyn Fretwell Judith Thornton Ruth Ann Smith Maureen O’Keefe Dorothy Stansel Edward Sheehan Mary Cotter Jean Cahoon Paula Weymouth Rhoda Broderick Faculty Advisor Ruth Ann Mooradkanian This year the name of our yearbook was officially changed from The Gobler to The Knight in order to be in keeping with the new symbol of our school. The annual yearbook dance was held in the school gym on January 25. ▼ ▼ ▼ Class FRESHMAN YEAR As we, the Class of 1957, look hack over our four years of high school, we recall the eventful day of September 5, 1953, when we first entered the doors of Stevens Hall. After a brief talk by Mr. Hayes, we timidly proceeded to our first class. As " little” fresh¬ men we had our first stab at politics — election of class officers. We chose as our first class president Bob Harris. The office of vice-president was filled by Roberta Kay, and as secretary- treasurer we elected Rhoda Broderick. Our class was increased by three pupils: Leland Berg, Bob Chesel, and Dolores Belluardo, all of whom were valuable additions. Our first social event of the year was the Freshman-Senior Dance on October 30. The dance acquainted us with our superiors in the senior class. The annual Brooks Scholarships were awarded to Richard Ashworth and Dale Midgely as a result of their superior achievements in the competitive examination. As freshmen we enjoyed many assemblies, one of which dealt with fire prevention and showed us the common, careless mistakes that cause fires. As June approached, everyone was busily packing equipment to be tr ansferred to the new North Andover High School. We were grateful to have been able to spend a year at the old Johnson High School. Thus, as the last freshman class, we sadly bade farewell to " good old Johnson!” SOPHOMORE YEAR We entered our sophomore year as " much older and wiser” students. We were very fortunate to have the pleasure of moving into the beautiful North Andover High School with its new educational and recreational facilities. Ordinarily we would have looked with condescending amusement at the confused fresh¬ men, but since the surroundings were new to all of us, everyone was just as confused as the Frosh. As sophomores we re-elected Bob Harris to the presidency, Judy Tetler as vice-president, and Sue Lodge as secretary-treasurer. There were seven new additions to our class — Gloria Berube, Kathleen Greenler, Brenda Spofford, and Herbert Whittemore came to us from Boxford. Mike C ahill, Carol Uhle, Lennie Annaloro hailed from Lawrence High. In the annual school play " The Goose Hangs High,” three members of our class added to the success of the event. They were Louise Mooradkanian, Bob Harris, and Russ Aaronian. During our sophomore year we had many interesting and educational assemblies. On March 8, 1955, Mr. Whitmore, representing General Electric, presented the " House of Magic.” Included in the program were explanations of the principles of jet propulsion and of various kinds of fluorescent lighting. Another interesting program was given on April 11 by a repre¬ sentative of the Museum of Science in Boston. He presented an informal lecture on animals commonly found in New England. We were very proud of the five girls who were inducted into the National Honor Society this year. They achieved this goal because of maintaining a general average of 90 or over in their studies throughout their high school careers. The new members were Laura Curtis, Judy Knightly, Alice Miller, Louise Mooradkanian, and Judy Tetler. And so closed the sophomore year and the first half of our high school career. JUNIOR YEAR At the close of our annual summer vacation, we left our fun behind and returned to N. A. H. S. as upperclassmen. We were pleased to welcome Jean Cahoon, Dot Stansel, and Frank McCarthy as additions to our class. ▼ T JMsitorp ▼ Because of their wonderful work for our class, we re-elected Bob Harris as our president, Judy Tetler as our vice-president, and Susan Lodge as secretary-treasurer. In October we ordered our class rings and eagerly awaited their arrival in February. How proudly we flashed them around as signs of seniority! Kay Verda, another member of our class, was inducted into the National Honor Society. On September 30 we had an interesting assembly at which James Titus, a singer of spirituals and a story-teller, entertained our school with several stirring selections, many in the Negro dialect of the South. Late in February a junior class meeting was held, at which time it was decided that we would hold a bakery sale as a means of raising money for the class treasury. A large sum was added to the treasury as a result of the sale. In March of that year we elected three members to the Prom Committee besides our class officers. Those representing our class on this committee were George Haigh, Judy Knightly, and Eileen DeBurro. In the annual school play " Man of Seventeen,” two junior class members were featured. Dot Stansel and Carolyn Smith represented us well. We chose Loring as our class photographer. On June 7th the most important social event of the year was held, the Junior-Senior Prom. Many of our classmates attended and helped to make it a great success. And so closed our junior year, which left us with a year remaining in our high school career. SENIOR YEAR As seniors we reached the pinnacle of our high school careers. This year we elected as our president John Markey, who proved to be a very successful leader. Mike Cahill served as vice-president, and Susan Lodge as secretary-treasurer. This year we welcomed Mr. Regan, Mr. Christison, and Mrs. Collins to our faculty. In December of 1956, Miss Clara Chapman retired after thirty-three years of teaching. She will always be remembered for her patience and understanding in her physics and chem¬ istry classes. At the Christmas assembly our class president, John Markey, presented Miss Chapman with a gift as a token of appreciation for all that she had done for us. During February a class meeting was held, at which time we decided to whom the yearbook would be dedicated. The Misses Clara and Veva Chapman were chosen for this honor by our class. We also decided that the class would wear caps and gowns at graduation. At another meeting we selected red and white as our class colors. Mr. Hayes announced the class honors. Laura Curtis was chosen as valedictorian, Louise Mooradkanian as salutatorian, and Dot Stansel as class essayist. We chose John Gallant as our class orator and Judy Tetler and Billy Blackstock as class marshals. John Markey was elected as our Good Government Day Representative and Judy Knightly as the recipient of the D. A. R. Good Citizenship Award. This year the name of the yearbook was changed from The Gobbler to The Knight. William Blackstock, Bob Harris, and Bill Nicora served with the class officers on the Prom Committee. April 5 and 6 the annual school play was presented. The members of our class who helped to make the play a success were Susan Lodge and Dot Stansel, who played their parts very well. We will never forget the four glorious years of our high school career at North Andover. As we sadly leave our high school days behind, we will always remember our class motto: " With the ropes of the past we will ring the bells of the future.” Dot and Nicky c l a s s i l l We, the graduating class of 1957, still possessing our physical and mental attributes which were so generously given us at birth, do hereby give, will, bequeath and bestow the following gifts and goods upon the class of ’58. To the members of the faculty we leave our sincere appreciation for their guidance and advice through our four years of school. BOB HARRIS steps off the throne as king of the gridiron and passes his crown on to ANDY ZIGELIS. Make sure you wear your helmet instead of the crown in the games and do as well a job as BOB did. GER1 THOMSON leaves her diversified wardrobe to all the girls in the junior class. Don ' t fight, girls, there’s enough for everyone. To ANN McCARTY goes JIM McGUIRE’S Irish temper. Watch out boys, this could trigger an atomic explosion! BILL TAYLOR leaves his motorcycle to ROBERT MURPHY. Now you can discard the bicycle, BOB. ANN WILD inherits GLORIA BERUBE’S tremendous school spirit. To RACHEL MITCHELL goes PAULA WEYMOUTH’S many periods spent in the kitchen. Did you really work hard, PAULA? BOB BUCHANAN leaves his position as football manager to any junior boy who wishes to undertake it. Keep the bench warm, kids. MARY MAHONEY inherits ADELE BULLOCK’S good nature and nice ways. To LORRAINE CANDIANO and CHRIS CARNEY goes MARYANN KURGAN’S beautiful singing voice. You ' ll just have to join the chorus, girls. SONNY STANWOOD bequests his natural ability on the baseball diamond plus his craving for peanut butter sandwiches to GIL CARDOZA. Think you can stomach them, GIL? In order to enrich MARTIN SMITH’S wardrobe, JOHN MARKEY wills him his collegiate clothes. To FAITH ST. LOUIS go DOLORES BELLUARDO’S many talents. LENNIE ANNALORO leaves his carefree, easy-going ways to BILL MURPHY and ALLYN RATCLIFFE. TINA and EMIY PAPPALARDO inherit JANICE DUNN’S willingness to lend a helping hand to anyone. A friend in need is a friend indeed! BILL BLACKSTOCK bestows his overwhelming personality and position as class wit to JOHN MINIHAN, who will find no difficulty in exercising the fine art of class jester. To NANCY CYR goes JOSEPHINE BONANNO’S astonishing fleetness on the piano keys, plus her ability to type 80 w.p.m. RICHARD GRAHAM leaves all his knowledge of cars to JIM SWEENEY and DONALD STEWART. Now watch the electrifying activity in the used car market. BARBARA HOUSTON and BARBARA FURNESS welcome DONNA HAMILTON’S knack of bluffing answers in Problems of Democracy. Manager RODERICK ROGERS leaves his bag of basketballs to CHARLES TROMBLY. Think you can handle them, CHARLIE? JUDY TETLER transfers her ability at arguments in math class to JOE FLYNN and BRUCE ELLIOTT. Think you can outargue her, boys? On BARBARA WEINGART is bestowed JOYCE MYHAVER’S tremendous ability on the basketball court. With all your baskets and JOYCE’S defensive work, you’re sure to be a star. BRUCE RUSSELL gladly relinquishes his constant dieting to RICHARD MAGOON. Do you think you can gain as much weight as BRUCE did? STELLA D ’AGATA inherits petite KATHY SZTUCINSKI’S charm. Use it the best way you know how, STELLA. BOB TORLA passes on his cool crewcut to JOHN WALVIUS. With the combination, JOHN, you’ll just about approach absolute zero. MARY COTTER’S quiet but mischievous ways are bestowed upon ALICE SARGENT. MIKE CAHILL will show JAY BURKE how to bring forth a joke in a quiet, easy-going manner. MIKE had to go to school to learn, but he’ll teach you out of the kindness of his heart. JANET DRUMMEY will be happy to inherit JUDY KNIGHTLY’S intelligence and position as head-cheerleader. BOB CHESEL sadly relinquishes his expert ability to imitate Elvis Presley to JIM MEYERS and PHILIP ROCHE. You two, along with BOB, will really give Elvis competition. KATHLEEN GREENLER transfers her bob sled and team to ELAINE ROCHE and LEONARD DESPRES. Now you’ll be on time for school during the winter months. To BILL STANLEY and BRUCE CRAWFORD goes JOHN CARON’S many nights spent at the fire station. You’ll be regulars before long, boys. MARIANNE HALLSWORTH leaves her quiet but friendly ways to CONSTANCE BLAKE and PAT GAMANS, the latter of whom will not suffer from the quiet. HENRY HIMBER will gladly show JOHN WALKER how to spear fish as soon as he has mastered the javelin. You may have a long wait, JOHN. Upon FRANCIS BROWN, JL1DY THORNTON bestows her artistic ability. Maybe you’ll be another Rembrandt, FRAN. CAROL ACKROYD hands down her lady-like ways to IRENE MURRAY. They will not suffer in the transition. To MICHAEL GREENLER goes DICK SCHUBERT S fabulous set of electric trains. Now you can take the train to school, MIKE. RUTH ANN SMITH bestows her height (?) plus her witty remarks upon CHARLOTTE CARON. EDDIE SHEEHAN leaves his " school daze” to JOHN CHASE. Don’t waste them, JOHN. JUDY FRENCH and KARIN ROEBUCK are presented with CLARE TOWLER’S ability to outargue anyone. Look out, juniors! LAURA CURTIS bequeaths her superb dependability and perfect ways to MARY PHELAN To JOHN SURETTE and BOB HOOGERZEIL goes BILL CURREN’S real cool collection of Rock and Roll. Do you dig this stuff, boys? PEGGY FORGETTA and CAROL McLAUGHLIN are presented with CYNTHIA ROBERTS’ love for dancing. Central Catholic dances will really hum now. GEORGE HAIGH hands down to DICK LANG his natural ability to succeed. This along with your own, DICK, assures you your worries are over. To GENE SZTUCINSKI go JOAN DOIRON’S amazing drawing ability and all her dry wit — which really kept Homeroom 39 in good humor. SHIRLEY DETORA bestows upon BETTY BISSON her position as everybody’s secretary. Do a good job, BETTY. TED McALOON will be glad to receive JIM DORAN ' S bookkeeping ability, although we re sure he doesn’t need it. RUSS AARONIAN leaves his expert craftsmanship at one-arm driving to ROBIN MONROE. I’d say use two arms, ROBIN, but on second thought you’ll need one with which to drive. MAUREEN O’KEEFE wills her winning smile and cheering ability to JO ELLEN ROBERT¬ SON. You’re sure to be the happiest cheerleader on the floor, JO ELLEN. CHUCK MATTRAW inherits JIM ORD ' S and JOE MEDICI’S snazzy " hot rods.” Now you can open up a used car lot, CHUCK. BILL NICORA will not leave SUSAN but will bestow his knowledge of how to hold a steady to BARRETT ROBINSON. If any junior girl feels she will profit by this information, see BILL. RHODA BRODERICK leaves her rank as Nurse’s Aid in Bon Secours Hospital to JEAN AZIZ. You’re sure to be an R.N. now, JEAN. CAROL UHLE leaves her friendly mannerisms to ROBERTA HIMBER. FRANK MCCARTHY " sadly” relinquishes his position of Class Wolf to SONNY CHAM¬ BERLAIN and CARL SCHUBERT. Which one of you will profit? SUSAN LODGE leaves her latest book entitled " How to Hold a Man” to LYNNE CHRIS¬ TIANSEN. Watch out, TOBY. To LARRY COLBY goes CAROLYN FRETWELL’S big Buick. You’ll ride in style, now, LARRY, although you won’t get the mileage you did with your crutches. CLAIRE OSKAR will gladly accept LOUISE MOORADKANIAN’S high position in the Honor Society. Put it to good use, CLAIRE. CAROL KOPEC bequeaths her constant experiments and their unexpected results in physics to PRISCILLA WATTS. DOROTHY HODGDON wills her long golden hair to FREEMAN HATCH. Well, naturally, we’ll let you cut some off, FREEMAN. EDWARD HUNT bestows his knowledge of photography plus his equipment to GEORGE EMERY and FRANK LAVALLO. Someday you’ll be first rate photographers, lads. JOHN GALLANT sadly bestows upon DICK MAY his knowledge of Sherlock Holmes. He wanted to hit the jackpot on the " Sixty-Four Thousand Dollar Question,” but the quiz master was too smart for him. DOROTHY STANSEL bequeaths her gobs of talent on the clarinet to BENNY VENTURA. And now Benny Goodman is in real danger of suffering an eclipse. To CAROLYN ANDERSON is left AUDREY CURRIER’S expert ability in the high jump. Think you can top her, CAROLYN? NEIL McALOON leaves dear North Andover without regrets or a broken heart and is more than happy he made it. We hope that JACKSON LONG and KIBBY SHEA follow in the same fashion. Upon DIANE MORLEY and JOHN ROBERTS, JOYCE DONOVAN leaves her attractive appearance — at all times. HERB WHITTEMORE sadly relinquishes all his As in physics to BOB RICHARDSON and PHILIP HENRY. You’re on your way to the Honor Society, boys. DOUG MORSE bequeaths his latest volume, " The Women in My Life,” to VIC BAT- TAGLIOLI. Think you can handle it, VIC? BILL BURRIS wills his knowledge gained working at the filling station to FRANK HILTON and RICKY TROMBLY. DONNA MULCHAHEY bestows her famous giggle on MARY GLENNIE and PAT CASALE. What’s so funny, DONNA? To PAULA COATES goes MARILYN NUSSBAUM’S " Gift of Gab.” I don’t think you really need it, PAULA. DAVE WARWICK wills his knack of making friends easily to HOLLIS CURTIS, who is no slouch in this department already. PAULINE NADEAU and DOT PARADIS bequeath their terrific personalities and ability to drive any teacher crazy within thirty seconds to CAROLE PARKER. Watch out for those de¬ tentions, CAROLE. JAMES VALLIERE inherits JEAN CAHOON’S many free periods spent in the math class. Now you won’t have any tests to study for, JIM. BRENDA SPOFFORD bequeaths her flame-colored hair and creamy complexion to NANCY SAUL. To BOB PYBUS and SAM PERRUCCIO go DOUG STEVENSON’S quiet, amiable ways. Don’t talk too much, boys. Bestowed upon BEVERLY KENNEDY are NANCY WHITTAKER’S sparkling eyes and nice ways. You’ll know what to do with them, BEV. To KIMBALL HARRIS and JOHN HOLT, ALLAN VIRR leaves his dilapidated school books. Better get out the scotch-tape, boys. JOAN WILSON and KATHLEEN VERDA, girls of few words, leave to DAVID LAMBERT and STEPHEN COHEN their well-observed rule " Silence is Golden.” Rules were made to be broken, kids. EILEEN DeBURRO passes on her position as head-cheerleader and tremendous school spirit to ANN MARIE BARRETT. You’re sure to boost the team’s morale now, ANN MARIE. And last but not least, to dear North Andover we wish to leave our thanks for our pleasant and sometimes rather unpleasant memories. We remain, Eileen and Bob Class On December 31, 1970, in North Andover, we boarded a Speedy Airlines plane for New York City where we would transfer to a jet which would take us to Pasadena, California, for the Tournament of Roses parade. After hostesses Rhoda Broderick and Audrey Currier wel¬ comed us aboard the beautiful, modern constellation which was one of the many airlines owned by Doug Morse, we spied Joan Doiron sitting with a distinguished looking gentleman. She introduced him as her husband and president of the Winters Secretarial School which they had started. Joan said that she was his secretary and their two oldest children, aged six and seven, were already speedy typists. Across the aisle Kay Verda, appearing quite prosperous in a mink coat, sat down and drew some important looking papers out of a brief case. She paused in her work long enough to say that she was vice-president of an airplane manufacturing concern and was on her way to a conference in New York. After settling the other passengers, Rhoda and Audrey sat down for a little chat. They told us that Dave Warwick was piloting our plane and Geri Thomson, one of the first woman commercial aviators, was co-pilot. Of course we wanted to go see them, but Rhoda said that we were almost in New York and they would be busy making the landing. When we landed we found there was a layover of an hour and a half. During this time we wandered through the airport. At the desk we spied Bill Curren, head ticket agent, who told us that Allan Virr was a baggage checker in the same airport. Bill said that since he was due to get oft duty in a few minutes, he would like to take us to dinner at the airport restaurant. When we were inside the restaurant he said there were some people he was sure we would like to meet. Mary Cotter hustled over to take our order and told us that Ruth Ann Smith worked there too, but that this was her day off. She also in¬ formed us that Lennie Annaloro was the manager and Bob Torla and Jim Ord were the chefs. After dinner we all agreed that their cooking was quite delicious. On the airport radio system we heard the disc-jockey announce that the top song of the week was ' Why Don’t You Croon Instead of Moon?” by Maryann Kurgan, accompanied by Janice Dunn and her orchestra. We heard our flight announced and were soon speeding on our way to California. Carol Uhle, a buyer for Sak’s Fifth Avenue, was on the jet, and we whiled away the time by rem¬ iniscing about N.A.H.S. At the airport in Pasadena there were a reporter and a photographer waiting for some celebrities who were coming to the parade. After looking more closely we recognized the reporter as Louise Mooradkanian and the photographer as Eddie Hunt. We hurried over to see them. Louise told us that Doug Stevenson was the editor of her paper and Eilen DeBurro was his secretary. We would have talked longer, but we had to catch a cab to the hotel. Bob Buchanan was our driver and he told us that Joe Medici owned the taxi company and Jim Mc¬ Guire was also a driver. We were at the hotel before we knew it. The desk clerk, Gloria Berube, told us that Russ Aaronian was the manager of the hotel and Bill Burris was in charge of the bellhops and elevator men. In the lobby we happened to catch a glimpse of Carolyn Fretwell who had four children around her. After ques¬ tioning her, we learned that her husband was the owner of acres of orange groves in California and they had come to see the parade. She also said she had just run into Cynthia Roberts and Dot Hodgdon who were clerks in a famous Hollywood store. It wasn’t until about four a.m. that I got to my room to catch some shut-eye before going to the parade. In the morning we went to the place where seats had been reserved for us by Warren Stanwood and Paula Weymouth who were narrating the parade on TV. iPropljecp The mayor of Pasadena, Richard Schubert, led the parade. Following him were many beautiful floats. One of the loveliest depicted a typical classroom in one of Pasadena ' s public schools. Adele Bullock, teacher in the third grade, was surrounded by her pupils. The flower arrangements had been done by the famous florists Judy Thornton and Bob Chesel. Several movie stars were on a float sent by Hollywood. We spotted Joyce Donovan and Brenda Spofford almost immediately as we had seen them in " Rocket to the Moon. " Another float came along stating, " It doesn ' t hurt to give blood. " On it was a lovely nurse, whom we recognized as Donna Mulchahy, and a man donating blood. As the parade continued on its route the youngsters were given a thrill by seeing the heroes of the West, " Curly” Himber, riding a white pinto, and none other than Carol Ackroyd, the modern day version of Annie Oakley. From up the road we heard the roaring of the " Night Fighters,” a motorcyclist group led by " Wild Bill " Taylor. One could notice with pride the terrific job policewoman Clare Towler and policemen John Caron and " Buzzy” Graham did in holding the crowd in check. A precision women’s drill team composed of the best girls in the country was now gaily strutting up the boulevard. March¬ ing in such a fine team were Dot Paradis, Pauline Nadeau, Judy Tetler, Nancy Whittaker, Joyce Myhaver, and Kathy Sztucinski. Behind this great marching unit came the U.S. Navy Band led by Bruce Russell. Jockey " Lightning " Doran followed on a float representing the Racing Association of America. After the parade the city officials of Pasadena, Rod Rogers and Ed Sheehan, introduced us to Kathy Greenler and Sue Lodge, the co-chairwomen of this wonderful parade. Arriving at the football game between Merrimack College of good ole " Turkey Town” and U. of California, we learned that George Haigh and John Gallant were the respective coaches. The voice of announcer Frank McCarthy, blaring over the loud speaker told us that the head referee was Nick Nicora. During the first half we were greatly thrilled by the cleverness of the card section under the leadership of Laura Curtis. As the half ended, with Merrimack leading 6-0, we were impressed with the cheerleaders of Merrimack College who had been coached by Judy Knightly. Between the halves Bob Harris was awarded the Professional Football Player of the Year trophy. Before we knew it the game was over, with a final score of 12-6 in Merrimack’s favor. It was the first time they had ever won in the Rose Bowl. Upon leaving the game we bumped into Dot Stansel, a professor of math at Merrimack. By now dusk was settling on California, and we decided to visit the Sea Side Moonlight, an exclusive nightclub. The hat check girl, Shirley Detora, told us that it was owned by Mike Cahill. We summoned the head waiter, Neil McAloon, for a full course dinner. Looking around we saw Marilyn Nuss- baum and Maureen O ' Keefe, two talented actresses. Accom¬ panying them were John Markey and Herb Whittemore, two famous play directors. We got up enough gumption to speak to them and asked the actresses such questions as who styled their dresses and hair. They said Donna Hamilton and Carol Kopec were their dress designers and Joan Wilson their hair stylist. As we were speaking of hair, the play directors recom¬ mended the famed lady barber, Jean Cahoon, for a good shave and a haircut. The floor show came on and we were much amused by comedian " Tiger” Blackstock. The next act featured Dolores Belluardo, and for the grand finale Jo Bonnano, concert pianist, was the main attraction. After meeting so many of our old friends and acquaintances we made our way home with happy memories. Respectfully submitted, Judy and Doug Miss Cook told French III she was giving them a test and then forgot it? We started school late because of the hurricanes? We went to the Tech Tourney two years in a row? We had Mr. Bradley for Problems? We got detention for setting our lockers? Miss Cook forgot to come to class? Adele and Louise comprised the entire French III class ? Rhoda called Miss Cook — " Miss French? " Carolyn Fretwell told Miss Donlan she always called on her when she didn ' t know the answer? Girls ' Gym Class U-3 had a fire drill while in their gym suits? Two sophomore girls sent Mr. Finneran a valentine? Someone put the tacks in Lincoln ' s eyes in Room 40? The football team wore their red jerseys on School Colors Day? We twice defeated both Punchard and Methuen in basketball ? We found out Frank McCarthy’s first name is Horace? Donna Mulchahy spilled gun powder on Dot Stansel ' s sweater ? The girls’ basketball team " admired " the Christmas tree at Merrimac High? The physics class took walks between the double peri¬ ods when Mr. Bradley was teaching? Mr. Larochelle asked a Math IV student what all the " E’s” on the report card stood for, and the reply was " Einstein? " Room 38 was quiet during morning announcements? We forgot to remember when to remember? A senior had money and no worries? The Scarlet Knights and the Cheerleaders were in a newsreel on TV after the Tech Tourney game? The cheerleaders taught the football team a song and dance routine for the Thanksgiving Rally? Mr. Finneran " kicked the bucket?” Mr. Taylor’s history class went to Boston? Herb Whittemore’s " ultrasonic sound waves” broke the Physics lightbulb? The Geometry class pitched pennies into the light? Doug Morse got his nickname " Mothballs " in Physics? Doug Morse taught us how to throw a curve in Physics ? The bleachers collapsed at Tenney? Every day was Band Day in Home Room 39? Bruce Russell cut Bill Nicora’s hair in Problems? Miss Dunham chased Nancy Whittaker around the gym and caught her by the pony tail? Bruce Russell imitated Clem Kaddilhopper in Speech 3-2? It rained the night of the Prom? We had a fire drill? The Evaluation Committee turned the school up-side- down ? The entire school stayed after school? Frank told Problems 4-1 about Bohemian parties? Rhoda gave Joyce Myhaver a black eye in volleyball? The girls told the boys what color caps and gowns they should wear? Mr. Hayes wore a blue tie on School Colors Day? Maryann Kurgan brought a pair of nylons in a bag for lunch instead of a sandwich? The basketball team threw Mr. Lynch into the shower after the last home game? Dolores Belluardo gave Cha-Cha lessons in gym class? We sang " Happy Birthday” in the cafeteria? We were freshmen in the old high school? The girls played basketball against the boys? The clarinet players got locked in the practice room on the night of a concert and had to jump out the window? Miss Neal almost gave Miss Dunham detention for yelling in the corridor? An assembly speaker set an owl loose in the audience? We played the Thanksgiving game at North Andover? Susan got sick the day of the play? Pauline and Dot were talking in the office with the intercom on? We almost didn’t have a school play? Allan conducted his own private experiment in Chem¬ istry 3-1 and nearly blew up the class? The girls’ gym classes played football? John Gallant took a healthy whiff of chlorine in Chem¬ istry 3-1 and almost didn’t revive? Judy Knightly, Louise, and Rhoda were the " Three Merry Mousekateers ? " Mr. Hayes caught Chemistry 3-1 skipping class? The girls had a track meet? KEY TO BABY PICTURES ► 1 . John Caron 23. Gloria Berube 2. Doug Stevenson 24. Paula Weymouth 3. Eileen DeBurro 25. William Curren 4. Henry Himber 26. Donna Hamilton and 5. Robert Chesel Marianne Hallsworth 6. Lennie Annaloro 27. Cynthia Roberts 7. John Markey 28. Marilyn Nussbaum 8. Kathleen Verda 29. Warren Stanwood 9. Joe Medici 30. Jean Cahoon 10 . Dave Warwick 31. Bob Harris 11. Carol Ackroyd 32. Herbert Whittemore 12 . Dolores Belluardo 33. Brenda Spofford 13. Kathleen Greenler 34. Neil McAloon 14. Audrey Currier 35. Bob Buchanan IS. Russell Aaronian 36. Mary Cotter 16. Joyce Donovan 37. Carolyn Fretwell 17. Josephine Bonanno 38. Nancy Whittaker 18. Janice Dunn 39. Sue Lodge 19. John Gallant 40. Clare Towler 20. Bruce Russell 41. Bill Nicora 21. Carol Kopec 42. Joan Doiron 22. Maureen O’Keefe 43. Pauline Nadeau ...when Hearts were Voting m i 4WSjk M e tiM k • ' wniMia „ ' w % 1 m 1 ffl IJI ff 1 m LAURA DIANE CURTIS Valedictorian Valedictory Award DOROTHY LOUISE STANSEL Class Essayist LOUISE ELAINE MOORADKANIAN Salutatorian GRADUATION " Hall of Fame” JOSEPHINE BONANNO Typewriting Award Saint Michael ' s Holy Name Society Scholarship HERBERT WHITTEMORE Science Award ORATOR ROD PRIZES JOHN ANTHONY GALLANT Class Orator JUDITH KNIGHTLY Betsy Ross Chapter D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award John McIntosh Memorial Award Dr. Edward W. A. Holt Memorial Scholarship awarded by North Andover Board of Trade ROBERT HARRIS S.A.R. Good Citizenship Award JAMES VALLIERE, absent at the time these pic¬ tures were taken, was given the Harvard Club of Andover Award. DONNA HAMILTON Methodist Youth Fellowship Scholarship JUDITH TETLER Trinitarian Church School Scholarship GEORGE HAIGH Helen S. Carvell Memorial Scholarship awarded by North Andover Woman’s Club DOUGLAS MORSE Gladys C. Sullivan Memorial Scholarship awarded by North Andover Parent-Teacher Associations V.F.W. Auxiliary and Post No. 2104 Commercial Scholarship Boston University Charles Hayden Scholarship fluttionA The officers of last year ' s sophomore class were all re-elected, this time to serve as junior class officers. They include the following: President John Minihan Vice-President Andrew Zigelis Secretary-Treasurer Janet Drummey The following members of the junior class served as home room representatives during the current year: James Valliere, Room 11; John Burke, Room 34; Lynne Christiansen, Room 37; and Richard Lange, Room 41. The annual Junior-Senior Dance, held December 14 in our school gym, was highly successful. The following junior class members were elected to serve on the Prom Committee along with the class officers: Ann Marie Barrett, Claire Oskar, and Victor Battaglioli. Robert Hoogerzeil, a junior, won first place in the Annie L. Sargent Speaking Contest. Lynne Christiansen, who entered our school as a member of the junior class this year, received our school’s Annie L. Sargent Latin Prize and a gold pin from the Association for the Promotion of the Study of Latin for her high score in a nation-wide Latin test. The juniors joined with the seniors in conducting a highly successful car wash, which helped raise money to defray the ex¬ penses of the Prom. Those elected to serve as officers of the sophomore class included the following: President Andrew Heinze Vice-President Wilfred Nadeau Secretary-Treasurer Michael Byron Home room representatives from the sophomore class were: Martha Foster, Room 4; Douglas Mayer, Room 6; Catherine Cum¬ mings, Room 14; Margaret Virr, Room 26; and Joseph Walsh, Room 33. Members of the sophomore class took active part in all extra¬ curricular activities of the school, as well as helping to maintain the high scholastic standing of the school. The following served as freshman class officers during the current year: President Joseph Trombly Vice-President David Bamford Secretary-Treasurer John Virr Home room representatives were: Richard Smith, Room 8; Joanne Bettencourt, Room 18; Alan Foster, Room 19; John Kirk, Room 20; Margaret Mattraw, Room 28; and William Rock, Room 29. We wish to congratulate Richard Arold and David Bamford who won this year’s scholarships to Brooks School. The freshmen class has wholeheartedly entered into the spirit and activities of our school and has contributed much to our school com¬ munity. Office ' Practice Frenck ' pypWl ' thfclish Editor News Editors Exchange Editors Poetry Editors Humor Editors Art Editor UltS STflff Joan Doiron Louise E. Mooradkanian, Nancy Whittaker Gene Sztucinski, Kathrin Sztucinski Brooke Teel, Carolyn Rockwell Pauline Nadeau, Dorothy Paradis Judith Thornton HUMOR COMMITTEE Joyce Myhaver Allan Virr Donna Hamilton Terry Johnson Rhoda Broderick Robert Torla Priscilla Watts Josephine Bonanno ART COMMITTEE Claire Oskar Lorna Smith Mary Phelan Donna Mulchahey Barbara Subatch Marylou Hearty REPORTERS Boys’ Sports — Victor Battaglioli, Andrew Zigelis Girls’ Sports — Judith Knightly, Audrey Currier Assemblies — Christine Carney Guidance — Dorothy Stansel Student Council —— Lynne Christiansen Dances — Clare Towler Senior Class — Judith Tetler Junior Class — Joan Robertson Sophomore Class — Anne Messina Freshman Class — Geraldine DeFusco Honor Society — Karin Roebuck Talk of the School — Carol Ackroyd, Constance Carney, Carole Parker, Lois Meserve BUSINESS MANAGERS Elaine Roche Carolyn Fretwell Jean Cahoon Joyce Curtin Margaret McNerney Paula Weymouth Marilyn Nussbaum Gail Roache Muriel Finn Joan Roberts Kathleen Verda Joan Wilson PROOFREADERS Barbara Buchanan Mary Glennie Joan Wicks Ursula Perrone Diana McDowell ROOM Ann Wild Janet Drummey Maureen O ' Keefe Eileen DeBurro Carol Kopec Mary Rita Crane Ann Marie Barrett Irene Murray Mary Mahoney Janice Boutilier AGENTS Sally Drummey Virginia Kershaw Barbara Weingart Mary Schruender Maryann Kurgan TYPISTS Senior Typing Class Thelma Thompson Ann Wild Barbara ' Weingart Patricia Minihan Louise Mandry Linda Bazin Dorothy Kennedy FACULTY ADVISOR Ruth Ann Mooradkanian On October 26 and 27 of 1956, four members of the editorial staff — Joan Doiron, Louise E. Mooradkanian, Nancy Whittaker and Alice Miller (former co-editor and since moved to New Hampshire) — attended the annual New England Scholastic Press Convention in Boston sponsored by Boston University’s School of Public Relations and Communications. On this occasion the High-Lites of the previous school year was awarded a certificate for excellent achievement in its class, marking the third consecutive year in which our quarterly magazine has received an award at this convention. On November 2, 1956, the High-Lites Staff sponsored a highly successful dance. President Vice-President Secretary-T reasurer Council Members Faculty Advisor L hohor socitiy Louise E. Mooradkanian Claire Oskar Kathleen Verda George Haigh, Laura Curtis Miss Irene Cook MEMBERS Louise E. Mooradkanian Claire Oskar Kathleen Verda George Haigh Laura Curtis Judith Knightly Dorothy Stansel Judith Tetler Adele Bullock Joan Doiron Josephine Bonanno Clare Towler Gene Sztucinski Victor Battagiioli John Holt Andrew Zigelis Sarah Lord Charlotte Bullock Mary Phelan Karin Roebuck James Valliere Priscilla Watts David Donovan Susan Roberts Terry Johnson On March 30 a successful Hungarian Relief Dance was sponsored by our Honor Society in conjunction with the Honor Societies of Haverhill, Punchard and Methuen High Schools. The proceeds of this dance, $274.05, were sent to the International Rescue Committee for Hungarian relief. In February, Mr. Hayes, Miss Cook, and four members, Louise E. Mooradkanian, Laura Curtis, Priscilla Watts and George Haigh, attended and participated in an Honor Society induction at Haverhill High School. May 14 the members of our society once more traveled to Haverhill to attend a rally of honor societies of this area. Games were played and a panel discussion on " The Teenager” was held. Refreshments concluded the enjoyable afternoon. Two of our girls, Charlotte Bullock and Terry Johnson, were members of the panel. May 21 an Honor Society meeting was held at which time the council members for next year were elected. Congratulations to Priscilla Watts and Andrew Zigelis for being chosen for this high honor! May 25 a bakery sale was held in Messina’s Market. Approximately $25 augmented the Honor Society’s treasury. Throughout the year, Honor Society members have assisted in library work and in the tutoring of pupils. STUDEI1T COUnCIl President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Advisor OFFICERS John Mar key Michael Cahill Judith Knightly Mr. William Larochelle John Markey Michael Cahill Judith Knightly Susan Lodge Pauline Nadeau Russell Aaronian Ruth Ann Smith John Minihan Andrew Zigelis Janet Drummey MEMBERS James Valliere John Burke Lynne Christiansen Richard Lange Andrew Heinze Wilfred Nadeau Michael Byron Martha Foster Douglas Mayer Catherine Cummings Joseph Trombly Margaret Virr Joseph Walsh David Bamford John Virr Richard Smith Joanne Bettencourt Alan Foster John Kirk Margaret Mattraw William Rock The 1956-1957 school social calendar was drawn up by the Social Calendar Committee of the Student Council. On October 18 the Student Council held a successful dance in our gym. In January the Council sponsored a School Spirit Week. This included a School Spirit Poster Contest and a School Colors Day, when everyone wore red and black. The Council also purchased a huge red and black banner, bearing the figure of a scarlet knight, to be used during school rallies and games. An information service for the benefit of visitors was established by the Council in the main lobby of the school. In late spring the Council sponsored a car wash to help raise money for the Prom. BAUD Concertmistress Dorothy Stansel Drum Majorette Adele Bullock Director Mr. Clarence F. Mosher, Jr. Flute and Piccolo Margaret Virr Cynthia Watts Clarinets Dorothy Stansel Priscilla Watts George Mastin Benjamin Ventura Adele Bullock Janice Dunn Diana McDowell Alto-Saxophones Charlotte Bullock Mark Henry MEMBERS Tenor-Saxophone Mary Glennie Cornets Douglas Mayer Joan Bridges Ruth E. Smith Trumpets Gerald Arcari Douglas Walshe Christina Hosking French Horn Richard Lange Alto Horn Linda Champion T rombones Bruce Russell Herbert Vrettos Sheila Ramey Baritone Robert Torla Bell Lyre Catherine Cummings Percussion James Hosking Kathleen Scanlon Jo Anne DiMario Joanne Zemba Elwood Pratt During the past year, the band has played at the football games and at the two Tech Tourna¬ ment basketball games in the Boston Garden. It played at the high school graduation exercises and marched in the Armistice Day parade, the Memorial Day parade, and a Christmas parade in Lawrence. Our band was represented by Dorothy Stansel at the Massachusetts All-State Music Festival held in March at Northampton, and by Priscilla Watts at the New England Music Festival in Plainville, Connecticut. On May 4, the entire band participated in the Northeastern Massachusetts Music Festival in Concord, Massachusetts; and on May 10, it held its annual spring concert in the school auditorium. At the close of the school year the five senior band members, Bruce Russell, Adele Bullock, Janice Dunn, Dorothy Stansel, and Robert Torla, were presented with blazers in the school colors and bearing the school insignia of the Scarlet Knight. 2.uit ' tywi ' KicUtuty! ' by Felicia Metcalf (Produced by special arrangement with the Heuer Publishing Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa.) Friday and Saturday Evenings, April 5 and 6, 1957 James W. McDonald, Director Paula Weymouth, Student Director CAST OF CHARACTERS (In order of their appearance) Mrs. Mary Buford . Camilla Ann Dusenberry — The Buford’s new maid . Evelyn Buford — Mrs. Buford’s older daughter .. Binnie Buford ■ —- One of the Buford twins . Winnie Buford — The other twin .,., Jean Owen •—One of Evelyn’s friends .. Betty Anderson — Also a friend of Evelyn’s . Spike Whitten — A friend of Winnie’s ... Tom Patton — Betty’s fiance .. Mel Shannon — Jean’s fiance . Jim Travis — A friend of Evelyn’s . Miss Sophronia Buford — Aunt of the deceased Mr. Buford . Certain items of furniture loaned through the courtesy of T. J. Buckley Company, Lawrence, Mass. Stage William Nicora, Chairman Allan Virr Steve Roberts Richard Saunders Lighting George Emery, Chairman Margaret Virr Judith Ormsby Make-up Marilyn Nussbaum, Chairman Maureen O’Keefe Carol Ackroyd COMMITTEES Candy Mrs. Florence Collins, Chairman Mr. Thomas Powers Mr. Joseph Lynch Properties Jean Cahoon, Chairman Carol Kopec Priscilla Watts Prompters Janice Boutilier Diana McDowell Joyce Curtin Tickets Miss Claire Torpey Elected Home Room Representatives Usherettes Friday Evening Nancy Whittaker Judith Tetler Judith Knightly Carolyn Fretwell ...Karin Roebuck . Claire Oskar . Susan Lodge . Carole Parker Charles Mattraw . Joan W icks . Mary Phelan .Bennie Ventura ... John Minihan ....Richard Smith ...James Valliere . Lois Meserve Saturday Evening Gloria Berube Beverly Kennedy Ann Wild Ann McCarty - «■ A f gm 1) . L vSfjLK. mm J 2 ; ST • ■-mw ; jp™ ' MUSCU I ATNUTC I wiifetiH WfAK Co-Captains Carolyn Fretwell Joyce Myhaver Manager Carol Kopec Coach Miss Harriet Dunham MaryLou Hearty Carole Parker Marie Sullivan Margaret Mattraw Margaret McAloon Priscilla Watts Barbara Weingart Etta Mae Nadeau Dorothy Paradis Ann Wild Audrey Currier Catherine Cummings Barbara Buchanan Cynthia Watts Our first season of field hockey resulted in a record of one win, four losses, and two ties. Our captains, Joyce Myhaver and Carolyn Fretwell, headed a team that showed great promise, though young and inexperienced. We expect a stronger and more seasoned squad next year. Co-Captains Dorothy Paradis Managers Louise E. Mooradkanian Coach Miss Harriet Dunham Barbara Weingart Judith Knightly Sarah Lord Marie Sullivan Joyce Myhaver Susan Lodge Charlotte Bullock Beverly Donnelly Priscilla Watts Ann Wild Martha Foster Coach Dunham’s team ended the season with a fine record of eight wins and six losses which earned it the fourth place berth in the Lowell Suburban League. Dot Paradis was high scorer with an average of twenty-six points per game. Dot Paradis and Joyce Myhaver were our representatives in the All-Star game against Dracut. Audrey Currier Judith Tetler Audrey Currier Barbara Weingart Co-Captains Managers Coach Miss Harriet Dunham Dorothy Paradis Priscilla Watts Stella D ' Agata Margaret Mattraw Beverly Donnelly Paula Coates Kathrin Sztucinski Louise E. Mooradkanian Joyce Myhaver Norma Pitman Etta Mae Nadeau Cynthia Watts Patricia Casale Marion Thomson Mary Schruender The team ended the season with a record of four wins and four losses. Dot Paradis and Etta Mae Nadeau were our long-ball hitters, slugging clutch homers and extra-base hits that helped lift the team to a .500 average for the season. This year Judith Knightly and Eileen DeBurro served as head cheerleaders. Maureen O ' Keefe, Pauline Nadeau, Joan Doiron, Janet Drummey, Claire Oskar, Jo Ellen Robertson, Ann Marie Barrett, and Jane DeVebre comprised the rest of the squad. During the season the girls cheered at all the football and basketball games and held rallies before important contests. September 22, the cheerleaders held a bakery sale in Phelan’s Market. Some of the money was used to buy new megaphones, and the rest put in the cheerleaders’ treasury. September 25, the squad conducted a " Mr. Touchdown” contest in conjunction with Tenney and Punchard High Schools. The one hundred and twenty-five dollars collected at North Andover High was donated to the March of Dimes. November 2, the girls participated in an exhibition at Tenney High School. The exhibition was followed by a dance. (? een,Ceade ' Ki •«r 43s , . ' ■ ’ - .«» . , , .... : . —««? ' • -i Football Captain Robert Harris Assistant Managers Arthur Kettinger and Robert Kettinger Manager Robert Buchanan Douglas Morse Michael Cahill John Gallant George Haigh William Blackstock Frank Kenneally Thomas Cotter Frank McCarthy Warren Stanwood John Burke Andrew Zigelis Victor Battaglioli Joseph Walsh David Warwick Edward McAloon Laurence Colby Charles Mattraw Henry Pitman Michael Byron Wilfred Nadeau Bruce Eliot James Meyers JUNIOR VARSITY Leonard Despres John Walker James Valliere Kenneth Kellan The Scarlet Knights, coached by Howard Crozier and Assistant Coaches William Larochelle and Joseph Lynch, compiled an impressive record of six wins and three losses. Captain Bob Harris led the team in its most successful season in recent years. The Knights were victorious over Woodbury, Burlington, Ipswich, Somerville Voke, Wilmington, and Maynard. Congratulations to Andy Zigelis and Vic Battaglioli who have been chosen to captain next year’s team! Co-Captains Robin Munroe Andrew Zigelis Manager Roderick Rogers Victor Battaglioli William Blackstock Thomas Murphy James Yeutter Joseph Walsh John Minihan Bruce Elliot Michael Byron Charles Mattraw Led by Robin Munroe, who emerged as high-scorer in Greater Lawrence with 451 points, the Scarlet Knights again won the Lowell Suburban League title, this year with a record of twenty wins and no losses. This outstanding record earned them their second bid to the Eastern Mass. Tech Tournament. After defeating Immaculate Conception of Revere and Msgr. Prevost by sub¬ stantial scores, they lost the Class C championship to Case by three points. The team received a plaque for their fine effort. The Knights also won the Little Three title by twice defeating both Methuen and Punchard. Congratulations to Coach Larochelle and the entire team for such a successful season! Basketball r t Baseball Captain Warren Stanwood Manager David Warwick John Gallant William Curren Robin Munroe Victor Battaglioli John Chase Gilbert Cardoza James Yeutter Douglas Morse Robert Bryan John Markey Michael Byron Richard Sanborn The team enjoyed a highly successful season under the coaching of Head Coach William Larochelle and Assistant Coach Joseph Lynch. Playing heads-up ball throughout the entire season, it wound up with a record of ten wins and six losses, which earned it third place in the Lowell Suburban League — one game shy of receiving a bid to the baseball tourney. Co-Captains Robert Harris William Blackstock Manager Arthur Kettinger Coach Howard Crozier Michael Cahill Gerald Steinke Thomas Cotter Harold Pitman Andrew Zigelis Irving Newman Louis DiFruscio Francis Chamberlain Bruce Elliott Douglas Howard Henry Pitman Frank Kenneally This year’s track squad completed the season with three wins and five losses — most of the losses being close-fought games up to the final gun. In the Little Three Meet, North Andover placed a close second, breaking three records — by Andy Zigelis in the shot put, Bill Blackstock in the high jump, and Gerry Steinke in the 440. Bill Blackstock and Andy Zigelis were honored at the annual Salem High track banquet. Blackstock was chosen North Andover’s most valuable senior trackman, and Zigelis was the Knights’ highest scorer. North Andover finished third in Division 2 of the Essex County loop. The Knights piled up 222 points as opposed to 163 against. Track — —w»w j i Mm mmi - .... 8 i vAth kT | 5 SjC L fek a llraflE e aip || | 4 Mj , 8? ' ®» Kw T 1 ■ gr i ; £gggf IjP 4H| Wmy i , JH ilgBF -aSoQp . AV| SA jfi 4 yvl ■ Jfj ■T JU |j BP " wi ■O r u K , r |U oo f ( B | r iOSWr NW.-. fib il L ' Jm " HP »J||§j 1 0?;rt.!f? L S v 1 ,-, ■ ft»r 1 aj M SSBlf muA nyr U 1 ' l V ii f V 1 j m l ( I AI faMT. -4c ' V_ loil i f Msdi J Congratulations and the best of luck! We at Loring are proud of the part we have had in helping to make your classbook a permanent reminder of your school years, recording with photo graphs one of the happiest and most exciting times of your life! We hope that, just as you have chosen us as your class photographer, you will continue to think of Loring Studios when you want photographs to help you remember other momentous days to come! When you choose Loring portraits, you are sure of the finest craftsmanship at the most moderate prices! LORING 0 STUDIOS New England ' s Largest School Photographers R. 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OATES THE FLORIST Compliments of JOE GIARD’S Flying “A” Service GENERAL REPAIRS 36 Mass. Ave. Tel. MU 9-9557 INSURANCE REAL ESTATE GREAT POND AGENCY 151 Main Street North Andover, Mass. FISIKELLI’S DAIRY QUEEN Across the Street From North Andover High School 478 Chickering Road North Andover, Mass. MEAGAN’S DRUG, INC. Telephone MU 2-8138 48 Water Street North Andover, Mass. Compliments of DR. M. P. CURREN —DENTIST— Compliments of DEHULLU’S MARKET Telephone MU 3-2787 60 Union Street North Andover, Mass. Compliments of LITTLE FAWN CLEANSERS H. FREEDMAN FURS, INC. FUR STYLIST Telephone MU 6-4997 215 Broadway Lawrence, Mass. LEGARE’S MARKET 58 Main Street North Andover, Mass. ZUBER-CHOATE CO. The Home of Quality Clothes For Men and Boys Lawrence, Mass. 559 Essex Street J. F. BYRON 5c to $1.00 STORE CHARLES’ STEAK HOUSE BUSINESS MEN’S LUNCHEONS Corner Main Street and Waverly Road Parties Accommodated Private Dining Room Open 12 Noon to 12 Midnight North Andover, Mass. Tel. MU 2-7732 Compliments of .. . Crane Hardware Company General Hardware - Paints - Kitchenware Compliments of RUSSEM’S INC. 73 Main St. Tel. MU 7-7787 No. Andover JOHN H. GRECOE MOBIL STATION JEWELER OPTICIAN Albert G. Shellnut, Prop. Cor. Andover By-Pass and Hillside Road Andover Mass. Tires - Batteries - Lubrication THE FURNITURE BARN, INC. WILSON’S CORNER NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. WHERE FINE FURNITURE COSTS LESS LAWRENCE MU 2-8260 WOODY’S ROADSIDE GRILL Delicious Fried Foods SANDWICHES Chickering Road North Andover MU 2-6991 Orders to Take Out NORWOOD’S Compliments of Dorothy Todd Norwood 87 Main Street North Andover THE Tel. MU 2-6662 NORTH ANDOVER RESTAURANT Compliments of WEINER’S INC. CENTRAL SERVICE STATION John Dolan Harold Anderson, Props. Tel. MU 2-1717 9 Waverly Road FINE FURS 276 Essex Street Lawrence, Mass. Compliments of WILLIAM A. McALOON Compliments of If You Appreciate Good Quality and Fitting, It Will Pay You to Come to Class of 1957 S. A. BIST ANY —Men’s Clothing Use Our Convenient Budget Plan 555 Essex St. Lawrence, Mass. 555 Essex St. Compliments of MESSINA’S MARKET HOME OF QUALITY MEATS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Convenient Parking at all Offices MAIN OFFICE BROADWAY OFFICE 238 Essex St., Lawrence 590 Essex St., Lawrence ANDOVER OFFICE — 84 Main St., Andover Compliments of GLENNIE’S DAIRY A Part of Your Community Since 1890 198 Massachusetts Ave. North Andover, Mass. Fuel Oils 24-Hour Burner Service Range Oils Auto Repairs IN NORTH ANDOVER IT’S TROMBLY BROTHERS Harold W. Trombly, O ' wner 153 Sutton St. No. Andover, Mass. Phone: MU 3-1031 NORTH ANDOVER TAXI Waiting Room 56 Main St. Dial MU 6-4030 G. CLAYTON TOWLER—Prop. JAMES P. HAINSWORTH INSURANCE AGENCY Robena E. Bullock, Agent Insurance - Real Estate Phone MU 2-7230 150 Main St. No. Andover, Mass. NORTH ANDOVER SEA FOODS WM. G. JULEY All Types of Sea Foods Retail and Wholesale 61 Water Street Tel. MU 6-6996 BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY SALEM COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, INC. Compliments of J. P. STEVENS CO., INC. Makers of Fine Woolens WARREN PRESS 160 WARREN STREET, BOSTON 19, MASS. Producers of the finest in High School and College Yearbooks and Annuals CARL W. KNIGHTLY Johnson High School—1920 FUNERAL DIRECTOR AND EMBALMER AIR-CONDITIONED Modern Funeral Home 449 BROADWAY LAWRENCE, MASS. Best Wishes . . . CHARLES G. VOLUNGUS, JR. Funeral Directors Office Tel. MU 3-2571 Residence Chapel: 166 Garden Street Lawrence, Mass. Compliments of Carl J. Berg Joseph D. Caimi ASSOCIATED FOLDING BOX CO. 240 Canal Street Lawrence, Mass. ARLINGTON TRUST COMPANY FOUR CONVENIENT OFFICES 305 Essex Street 9 Broadway Lawrence, Massachusetts Lawrence, Massachusetts 149 Main Street 348 Jackson Street North Andover, Massachusetts Lawrence, Massachusetts COMPLETE BANKING SERVICES Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

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