North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA)

 - Class of 1965

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North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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Al , N I . M ,Hwy AA 10 'ful' yr tif VAVZVQV Lu W 'UW' I2 X1 , I fV"l '1'- 5 i'ff, 5f -,-qv, if lf' ff 1, 5 5 ' V ' 15 243 4 f . ' 33 1 M 4 4 flfff! ig f ,, ? 7,5 91,5M, .43 J new 4 ,ff ,f W 75,1 U' , Av 74 417,601 -lp 1 ' Jiffy, ill, I U W BMV fwfwy , Ji 'Z YVXQN TW 6, ff? yu it H J ,f W QNX wan' y Ev W A P, fb M ff' Xa GUN QF MP 5wo w X x X XL W MMM A Nwfrw 3 W QWMWWQM X f Xjfiewf tw! if 'MHP , W f ,xv ff 'JM' li WI 4 N5 W X I f Jap ji! "N XJ" ' , 14117, I 4 V Tl 'L f I 'I ' q,1W70L,fW W 'p M ' f ,F Mwf fwmfgw wf f,f gjmd f 1, 'V -WWA T FV Q K, X A 0 J , H ' UA LW Ccxyigx Ml:?KLfJ1 'xi' MJ X ff w ww W AV A ,t V, K-L XT! W-,dy-I Ujv DME 5 ' ,Av of -A I. QM X l,, UW' y YA X, ,. N w xV,, I V .K wry- ,A fy y n. J! X -4 j f" V X . ' ' CM ' If UQJQV f l , !,w"' Qu If ff N, M FX Y' y -wxfki v l'VCa,LAj!'fy , n f KE xy Vzxjxll , 'Ky fiyb fff' 'V f JN' xv f M y M M f ff W ,W M gm 59N Ax if gb , ,u ' If .WM my AMXXJ NVIV Xgfkxkl VJ! ff'-hUjWLYf' ax 0 W' W K WW QM X A af WV uk vw , J y 1 I ' V 1 X V 1 SWS.. A Q 35 Q uigjgggm- J' A' ,. Q 'QYX Mg if f - 3WJ,25,TXf - ,S er ,X Y. ' A. ,A.A E "S , gi, 47' Lf-If"'f""lf, , Co n' Q ,F S 3 W I I x ff, 6 Luk X 2 V' ,V f v -' x' J 3 zz. '6'1D5""A""C pid, A J - AP . Q bp- A UL fl Aff. A!wV0.LJ,l,1l, 'Ili' 1 :Q-iggd 1, pl ,J f 1.5 "'i"'H' My-f Q QI, gif OKILJIC ff beg, ., ,,LQV,C,,Q X L 1 f 111- 0 . 1 , .Rui gg qzwfznou, M XQ3 pf f WW wok l' Q... MWWUPVJ' G00 J! A' .A Mt WQMQTLM JN MW WW mi Q.. 'RQ-nj' ff!! 0-u.:Q kg Q by V l X lg! iss 069 www fo VOM! 1 mud Bom! . xxqgig, Q mbi 'X fe 'v' fe KL 'v P, P 7' 1 Q H mms- V. , XQSQH QJJLVIC:-kg V60 :Cya - QQ d'xlA'A',' X ...P lea in Lkiarlqf N XR " Lppggml tjffis Q4 H N W K ' X iff? - J A X 'X 031. Jing!! Q I N b Wx GA e ffx - . YQ f . er wi 223214 v Xxx i2 ,O I GK 4 ' 00 if 036 X. L Wg 'ff 6jQ'i4g 56,1 ZZ' fo fi if - f 4 , 42,f.,04Lf7LA::l- , u qjs' fLm'!fi,U 'Q pc9'A, I 7014 M QM VLWOAQ MQMW 7 M ff W frf'WU!?VJJ.9" 1 ww ug QEJK !TfJm,iQ55ff SAID? D1 015 CKWQQ fb' vf X im f M NJ 'HN' V 3i,'JNPVf5fp,,J'k-rJ,'.QQ9!Qv .Nfl J 044. yy' 5 g BL - 0'Ag,UJJBf'M WLMMQMQUMWQ 1 wsyjbfffpv wg fviffj f3fSER3s?1S4f' M S is 535 W Q00 W ,ijwgf SN ,V+ W2 5 g?ff?j,?J,J'7'Mj gggw Qabfbffbxb af j fiif 9 fbi? YQ Q ijiifgig gmobzcbsjjb A , jk g JE if fi? ffgfisfffff N,-2 ,, M, My .XX - my M M 50 of af ' 1 M yi 'QQ WP J Of WW . W W M jf Vx W fvyf fffgwvfx MQQQ iffy 1965 Safari XX VW wk YQ , ffqfffv Lcwgfzfm XM WN bfffq-X I M X .M Mfwfjj,ffV vm if W W 7Wf'UW QW , 9255 WWW? Wfiiwf Ogoff My safari Staff ADVISOR Mrs. Stella Smith MANAGING EDITORS Sandi Lauterbach Marcy Liberto ART EDITOR Helen Webster LITERARY EDITOR Jean Hunter TYPING EDITOR Margaret Cunningham BUSINESS EDITOR Molly Hunter PHOTOGRAPHERS Tom Barr Steve Linder ART STAFF Jim Auld Jean Blackburn Doreen Chaison Lorraine Conn Kim J effries Barbara Kummer Rosalie Mycka John Renfer Jeanie Royston Diane Wicks Jim Winegar LITERARY STAFF Sandi Cross Carol Fulghum Richard Hargrave Richard Haverlack Dwight Holmes Lynne Osterloh Joanne Pinder Jeannine Powders 2 Lynne Smith Margie Tritsch T YPING STAFF Elinor Bastl Pat Caldwell Donna Diehl Pat Eighme Donna Wilson BUSINESS STAFF Agnes Curry Becky Fackler Pat Freed Sharon Blanchard Donna Graham Bob Kyle Jerry Powell Kris Ward Peggy Wicks COI1te1'1tS essay 4 administration-faculty 41 athletics 59 activities 79 students 115 Still and silent, the school waits. Untrou- bled by pounding feel or slamming doors, echoing voices or youthful laughter, it waits. There is no life in it yetg it is just a building, composed of inanimate brick and lifeless steel. ' W-"' K6 1 " A 2 m if., z:f!'fpi'i:ff,' 1 H .. " 1 ,R fy , V A ,, 'P' . N' ' , f H Q ' ' ' N if U K , E' A A., , M, is Q H 1 H .Y 1 - ..,, H 7 - , .W if fi, 1 N 3 4 Inside there are deserted hallways and soundless roomsg there are no fingers restlessly rustling the pages of a book, no bodies shifting in creaking chairsg only silence and emptiness. 'Y gl. A door slams,' books thud onto a deskg a chair squeaks. The students are returning to the school. There are only a few of them yet, anal they sit alone, each busy with his own studies or wrapped in his own thoughts. Silence still rules, though no longer absolutely. I ' l . , 4? v X iw f 6 N 9 + ft A -J-' r by WE! . vt dx- 0 W EAM., . J f Q, 1 VM W , FJ mg X , , ,, xt gf My .vt ,, , U. There are many students now,' they sit in the classrooms silently, passively, absorb- ing the knowledge that the teacher is try- ing so earnestly to communicate to them. Then a hand goes up. A student whose curiosity has been aroused asks a ques- tion. Others in the class lift their heads, their attention captured. Another ques- tion. Soon ideas are flowing freely. 10 E' ' eigfiiiiiliilfzlaai . - ' 5. .1 Q vw W. E ..s..,.,,,,,N..WM In the classroom the student learns facts, but not only facts, he learns, too, to dis- cuss and debate, to seek out the whys and wherefores of things, to translate ab- stract ideas into concrete form. This self- expression, and not rote learning, is the goal and the essence of education. A student may know thousands of facts, have wonder- ful ideas, and form masterful plans, but all these avail him nothing unless he can apply the facts, express the ideas, and carry out the plans. The school tries to teach him the latter as well as the former. In shop and home economics classes, the students practice skills in cooking, sewing, woodworking, and mechanical drawing. Even in this age of automation, these activities are not obsolete. They give the student a measure of self-reliance and teach him the satisfac- tion of working with his hands. In the development of a stua'ent's mind, expression through the media of the arts, painting and drawing, design and sculpt- ing, choral singing and instrumental in- terpretation is invaluable. T 0 individually create a thing of beauty is an experience that nourishes the soul. " QNX H, M awww iw 4 51 -we-s, ,V , M Q 'Q .Q ' XF f K ,, 2 .: , .,-,,m,N xg 2' xi hw 'x . ,.,,: Rv. T 359494 1 QS f f M., - QQ.. re agp, ff:'af.z-W sis: 5- - fb A V lf 195: I Ki ,Lf, . V Ic,i Z . 4.144 , ,J Arun I GW! Q f A ,Img -1 'Z .xx 1 kg: ,q,,., , I . f 5, , L ? ., 2 X fi A 55721 52. S! wiv ' -3, H , up-he V- 25553 iii? H x 19 M. , , M. W, , in M , iw we was i ,f 9,0 5 2 if 1 1 1 ,mg I, 24 o ,, 4, 4' . sf if , Q, . I 5, rm M Q "' ml 3: .. W , il Y ' f . m Q Q' af s N 3, nw, '-' fin ITV' A A ,zip 1 .ciilffiip 1 ,Q I sf? lf if E :asf .4 .. , 1' 'af 9 ,QPR , 4, 1 A Vp !",.,,, Q- 1 V. lf' 4521 Q s I E+?- xaV W A .f ' 1 1 . .,, N . I-'.:' I. f- . ' ,- I - Q I 4 v " r 1 Y' ' 5, Q ft 2 x ,J JJ T N I , , I' s :D ROW ONE: George Ebert, Tom Presley. ROW TWO: Sharon Sargent, Mrs. Wehrle, Linda Schleiden, John Leavesley. ROW THREE: Scott Leggett, Tom Taylor, Bill Johnston, Bob Kyle, Janet Seapker, Paul Belo, Dave Walsh, Jerry Grim, Bill Olson. As the Panama Canal deepened down in the cellar, Abby and Martha continued their philanthropic occu- pation of assisting poor, lonely, old men to peace and happiness in the hereafter. "Just have a glass of our delicious elderberry wine." What a simple solution to the world's problems! This "simple solution" provided audiences with merry chuckles as the senior class pre- sented their play "Arsenic and Old Lace." The original inconspicuousness of Abby and Martha's crimes was soon threatened by an unwelcome relative with an un- wanted body, inconveniently dead. Under the capable supervision and direction of Mrs. Wehrle, with the help of the of-stage capers of the props, costumef and make-up committees and stage crew, and with the support of the students, the mem- bers of the cast presented a successful play. "You mean you're going to bury Mr. Hotchkiss in the cellar?" Abby Brewster The Rev. Dr. Harper Teddy Brewster Otiicer Brophy Ofjicer Klein Martha Brewster Elaine Harper Mortimer Brewster Mr. Gibbs Jonathan Brewster Dr. Einstein Officer O'Hara Lieutenant Rooney Mr. Witherspoon LINDA SCHLEIDEN JOHN LEAVESLEY GEORGE EBERT SCOTT LEGGETT TOM PRESLEY SHARON SARGENT JANET SEAPKER BOB KYLE BILL OLSON PAUL BELO DAVE WALSH TOM TAYLOR JERRY GRIM BILL JOHNSTON You see dear-you're not really a Brewster." just temporary' rx ,Lily fgwrlfu in IM 72 A f t t. 6, so P -affy 'fx i "Yeah, I'm a playwright. Oh, this being on the police force is ,SQ - ff , . -ll le l is J ill ff - f f , t ,WJ A M K flag? mai fs e. Q J xijfyif dard? l fs ' l" miuzew ww' . l gat, 'JW I 'VV f 3 x U V . 1 I kyil 3 2 "Who the heck is this guy?" -1 !"f2f 'L Ml , , l Lf QI W2 'U U I ry sly fill if A tfiflw' W e X695 r llpleasey Qgnny N00 Wick QMOLU W 2 NP PDQXOOXL XM MOQLVQXNQ xW s N961 H017 WW Qu, OU ,gn Vypif A N Wa X 0 sk X AJ Q4 or, 1 i v XM W? vw XX 5. KY 0 ig W "Fifteen minutes of Yoga exercises everyday will keep you physically Ht." With this statement began a fascinating presentation of the possibilities of Yoga. The students, intrigued and challenged by this novel form of exercise, sat spell- bound throughout the assembly. 4"""'X iii I my . yi 26 Dimmea' lights, music, people, perhaps one special person and the gym is not a gym at all, but a magic ballroom where time is pushed aside to make room for the thrills of an evening. Such inviting atmosphere is a welcome temptation to working students and one not often un- needed. M 'Q I 5, 1 'J 5 3252 4 3 no x yas Q. ,,, 2 if A 3 K-4525" wx' if W M W 'ww ff QQ Agia V aww Work, work, and more work. T hat's what is necessary for a successful dance. The students on the decoration committee manage to have fun even while getting the job done. 4 L 30 , The excitement of autumn centers around Homecoming. The dance is the big social event of the season. "Rhapsody in Gold" was this year's theme. Golden were the decorations, and golden was the music as played by the combo from Pitt. Students and alumni who attended were caught up in the mood of enchantment. 31 Cheerleaders and spectators yell and scream till they are hoarseg the band and majorettes strive to present the best half-time show of the seasonp the team fights with all its might. This is Home- coming. The highlight is the float, a gigantic foot- ball with a face, built by the senior pep clubs while warding oy? the unseasonable cold with a small fire and quantities of hot cider. 5 I 33 ' The grueling eHorts and adept skills of five of our fierce Tiger wrestlers earned them the opportunity to compete in the W.P.I.A.L. section semi-finals. Captain, Steve Demase, Carey Yendell, Lee Stevenson, Todd Stevenson, and Mike Heintzman wrestled with determination at the matches held at Mount Lebanon High School. Steve Demase and Carey Yendell emerged victorious, and they then moved on to the jinals. At these matches, the skillful defeat of his oppo- nent won Carey Yendell the eighty-eight pound class section championship. Wm 'T C3 M. -4 gg , , 5 1,.' , W ki A , fn ' - tg 1 ' X EMF, 1 is i N 'RR Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and nights. But your ears thirst for the sound of your heart's knowledge. You would know in words that which you have always known in thought. You would touch with your fingers the naked body of your dreams. And it is well you should. But let there be no scales to weigh your unknown treasure,' And seek not the depths of your knowledge with staff or sounding line. For self is a sea boundless and measureless. Say not, "I have found the truthf' but rather, "I have found a truth." Say not, "I have found the path of the soul." Say rather, "I have met the soul walking upon my path." For the soul walks upon all paths. The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed. The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals. 40 Gibran X1 X X. auau uuu ...n uauu .... ' . I lOO.l.l.l l.l ..... aanuaaa ....aan. anauauuu ......a uuuaaanun -..n.... uuuuunuuuna nlolnonan Dllllxlllll ........n... nnuuu uuuua . . . . . . ...... . u u-u.u.u.u.u.u.u ... aa.'V'uPua-aan. uuaunuuu an .aanuu....... uuunauu an aa..a........ nuau an ....a.......... una .aa-............a.. aaun ,,, -ann-.aannauanunauna ,,,, nnnaaaaanauaauuann u ..a-.nnnnn aaaa , , anna uanuunu , nuauaaaa nnuaanu. auaanuna on -'-'-:-:-:-:-:-: ":1:1:f:- -1245 . .f3f1f!f5.:.: "':15f55SEgi2f515 " 'iifiiififiiiffiiiSEPSEEEEQESFEEFI: FFSESEEEEESEI' 1552 :3E555E3?E5E5E2- . E5E55555555555E5E5E5E5E5E5E5E5Ef'E5E5S5E555 ,.,.f:5:2:f:f:f:5:C:5:5 ' 1:f:f: ' ':E:f Q -.f:5:2:::::2:Q:5:f:f:f:f" 'Ezfzf:Q:5:2:Q:5:f:5:f":2:5:f:2:5:f:f:f:2'-'E:2:S:5:Q -5, :.::z:ss:sr -:s:s:s::. 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For ex- ample, when he gives the math V classes a take-home test, he tells them that he doesn't mind if they work in a group to find the right answers, provided they don't just copy someone else's work, for he realizes that this is a good way for students to learn. In the classroom itself, his technique is also a little unusual. When a student comes up with an impossible answer, he doesn't say, "You,re wrong", but, "There ain't no such animal? When he has a problem for which there are many solutions, he does not say 'There are many ways to do this problemf, but rather, "Do this problem any happy ol' way you want toil He holds the students' interest by bringing out the practical uses of mathemat- ics. His MHow To Make a Buck With It" lectures have opened the eyes of many students. Mr. Morrell's main concern is that the students un- derstand what they are doing. To this end, if someone does not understand a certain thing, he will either go over it right in class if he feels it will benefit the whole class, or give the student individual help during activity period or after school. North Allegheny is fortunate to have such a teacher as Mr. Morrell who stretches the minds of the students and promotes their intellectual growth. 2X1 A sl X"'n. "f"" SEATED: Mrs. Karl Zimmerman, Miss Anna Schaffer, Mr. John B. Nicklas Jr., Mr. Ivan Hosack, Mr. George R. Wist, Mr. Fred W. Mashey, Mrs. John Sramek. Mrs. Dorothea Wassmann. STANDING: Dr. Thomas Carson, Mr. Robert T. Burrows, Mr. Claire P. Soergel, Mr. Ernest L. Decker, Mr. John C. Nock, Mr. George J. Wilson, Mr. Fred Gropp, Mr. G. L. Huggins, Mr. John L. Kehoe, Mr. Roy A. Morris, Mr. George Varnum, Mr. Dick S. Ashcom Jr.. Mr. Clifford W. Behrhorst, Mr. Graydon E. Adams. Miss Anna M. Schaffer Assistant Supervising Principal Dr. Thomas E. Carson Supervising Principal I N MEMORIAM TO DR. THCMAS E. CARSON Supervising Principal North Allegheny School District DIED MARCH 25, 1965 H t the North Allegheny School Community extend from 1948 to 1965 administration Dr. William Hahn C urricullmz A dvisor Robert E. Grine Principal Thomas Maxwell Vice-Principal , Mrs. Eloise Blanchard, Mrs. Priscilla Finnicum, Miss Kathryn Thoma, Mrs. Meldrew Bolye, Mrs. Helen Garvin, Mrs. Mil- dred Ready, Secrefaries. Special services Mrs. Rosemary Padden, Dietician George Varnum, Business Manager . 4-,,. Clarence Atkinson , Building Supervisor .-if Lyle D. Fox, Guidance Counselor Mrs. Doris B. Dowling, Nurse Mrs. Evelyn Heberling, Guidance Counselor James Wall, Guidance Counselor N . W , .f -.. N, Mrs. Zenn, Librarfang Mrs. Sweeney, Assistant Librarian .f Us - . , I '5 english Mrs. Evelyn T. Wehrleg DePauw University, University of Pitts- burghg B.A., M.Ed. M.Litt., M.Ed. Mrs. Betty Sullivang Ursuline Mrs. Madeleine Z. Sarverg University of Pittsburghg B.S.. Mrs. Stella M. Smithg Chatham burghg B.A., M.Ed. Collegeg B.A. 48 Mrs. Mary B. Letzkusg Califor- nia State College. College, University of Pitts- f 1. Mrs Vera E. Glanzg University of Plttsburghg B.S. Mrs. Dorothea Freyer Mercy Collegeg B.S. Mxss R e b e c c a L. Rybergg Clarxon State Collegeg B.S. Social science Miss Carol Berberichg Clarion State Collegeg B.S. Clarence S. Manorg Westminster College, Uni- Robert H. Watfordg University of Pittsburgh, Bucknell Universityg A.B., M.A. versity of Pittsburghg A.B., M.Litt. gig- 1,515 ' Mrs. Mary G. Manorg University of Pitts- burghgB.A. Edwin Deluneg Pennsylvania State Universityg B.S 50 Mrs. Wilma M. Andersong Indiana State Teachers College. John W. M. Cookeg Edinboro State Collegeg B.S. Duane L. Conwayg Slippery Rock State College, Westmins- ter Collegeg B.S., M.S. Donald R. Vandergriftg Uni versity of Pittsburghg B.A. Frank B. Caylorg Grove City Collegeg B.A. Joseph Pradyg Waynesburg College, Duquesne Universityg B.A., M.Ed. Russell E. Cernyg Edinboro Collegeg B.S. James N. McCrackeng B.S. Dennis M. Pahelg Indiana State Collegeg B.S. L1 Charles L. Bowmang California State College BS' Thomas H e a s 1 e y g Edinboro Miss Anne B. Jedlickag Univer- State Collegeg B.S. sity of Pittsburghg B.S., M.S. ff' ...--w science l 1 i . .r.i. , ...,.......... ,, ..,. ....- Thomas Sramekg Penn Stateg B.S. Mrs. Mary Ann Franchakg Mt. Union Collegeg B.S. i l Joe Wissingerg Penn Stateg M.Ed. Mrs. Dorothy Winnerg Westminster Collegeg B.B.A. commercial arts Dennis D. Tigerg Indiana State College, University of Pitts- burgh, B.S., M.Ed. 53 Collegeg B.S. Jack Linderg Slippery Rock Collegeg B.S. James Duncang Geneva College, University of Pittsburghg B.S., M.Ed. Donald E. Rohrbaughg Shippensburg State math Edward B. Chipleyg Muskingum College, Uni- versity of Pittsburghg B.A., M.Ed. Mrs. Christine H. Bostong Penn Stateg B.S., M.S.,Ph.D. Miss Linda Ripperg Grove City Collegeg B.S. Wallace F. Morrellg Clarkson College of Technology, University of Pittsburghg B.S., Mad CC-T' f1ne arts Miss Virginia A. Campbellg The Eastman School of Music of University of Rochesterg B.M. Robert F Testag Carnegie Tech, Duquesne Universityg Donald I Ehrhchman Indiana State BFA M.S. T h BS l 55 foreign languages E. Theodore Betush Jr.g Grove Miss Eleanor E. Klineg Grove City Collegeg B.A. Mrs. Kathryn A. Gaussg Thiel Collegeg B.A. Miss Alice Beardsleyg West Virginia University, University City CollegegB.A. of Pittsburgh, Universidad In- teramericanag A.B., M.Ed. Robert R. Dobroskig Duquesne University, University of the State of New Yorkg B.A., M.Ed. 56 Mrs. Donalda Costellog Seton Hill College University of Pittsburghg A.B., M.Ed. practical arts Michael R. Franchakg California State College, James A. Lintong California State College, University of Pittsburgh, B.S., M.Ed. Albert A. Gaisbauerg California State College, University of Pittsburgh, University of West Virginia, B.S., M.Ed. Aw .1 Mrs. Dorothy S. Drazenovichg Penn State University, University of Pittsburghg B.S., M.Ed. Mrs. Caroline Stewartg Western Reserve University, B.S physical education and health Joseph J. Drazenovichg Penn State, University of Pittsburghg B.S., M.Ed. Miss Cynthia A. Waltersg Lock Haven State College, University of Pittsburghg B.S., M.Ed. Charles Kovachg Mount Union Collegeg B.A. f ' L. J. DeAugustinog Lock Haven College Driver Ed. Mrs. Vera K. Brandtg University of Pittsburghg B.S. 58 L Q- 'ix ..... ................... 5 555f3f555?3f7f3f5f5 f:f:Qf:f:f:f:f: M .,..2ftQ:Q:Q:Q:f:Q:Q:Q:Q:Q:f:Q:Q:Q:Q:QtQt,.I. -'-'zffzflf-TIT-I-I-' -I-2-fi-3-Z-2-2 .,., 2-:3:-:-:-i-1-:-Z-:-:-I-I+:-3-311-LYLVL-1.. + .... . 7252525212152 1:1:154:i5GiC5-'i2i1E1S?E0?1E?:T?9'?f?F'fY??'ff?ff2Z2fI " ' ' ' 'Ijfi 5:11151 ,3Ijf:C:I:I:Q:f:IjI:I:I:I:f:I:I:I:I:1:I-'-' -:f:f:f:5:5. 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When quizzed on this year's team performance, Coach Drazenovich made the remark, HWe'll be differ- ent next year, buster!", to which we say "Yea team!" l varsity North Allegheny 13 Quaker Valley 13 1 3 Gateway 0 6 South West Butler 0 20 Shaler 0 O Richland 39 20 Beaver 6 28 Bethel 6 0 Thomas Jefferson 28 junior varsity Mr. Linder, Mr. Loughren, Mr. Walters, Mr. Drazenovich Coaches. 62 Jerry Dodson, Mike Heintzman, Co-captains. R TOM ERB GEORGE GIBSON O Sen1or- lettermen PHIL RUCHKA GARY ANDERSON BOB ALLARDICE 1 iiiilirfffklsi' Vw- X DONALD ESHENBAUGH DONALD MCCLELLAND BOB THOMPSON PAUL KREPP L HAROLD KOZMIN MIKE HEINTZMAN JERRY DODSON ROY BAKER TOM BRAUN BOB MEYER WAYNE ATWELL STEVE DEMASE 2' s A. 'fl l ff- if ' fe A P, at , nf: V ' .- i in ' .2233 , 2 M- s Q 9 gpg., 4? 5' f Zvi? f 1, ' .1f- t lg? la, Q If '-ijfynf 45, Q 4 xv 411' sw Q if if .Ls - . W ahfi ' ekkf TFL K',', h 1 WQAQFQVQ-wif V P wg I ,vb x ?lgiE'mv- ,Sp M 'va v , 'E ,.- yep ., - V Mxnvilsff ,V North Allegheny 30 Baldwin 25 37 Bethel 34 48 Mt. Lebanon 34 31 Butler 24 25 Bethel 30 30 North Catholic 25 29 Shaler 26 22 Central Catholic 33 37 Brentwood 18 40 Wilkensburg 15 ' Mike Fifer. Jerr Riche . C0-cn tainsg Rick Boyle, Captain: Mr. Cerny, Coaclil. yi P junior varsity HENRY WAGERER RICHARD HARGRAVE RICHARD BOYI-E Senior lettermen GILBERT STAUDT ROBERT SEIBERT GREG YOUNG JOHN KURTZ KARL KREILING STEVE LINDER 67 W.p.i.a. 1. and State meets 68 On Saturday, November 7, at the P.I.A.A. State Championship meet, North Alle- gheny took second place. Those team members placing were Jerry Richey, third, Karl Kreiling, forty-fourth, Rick Boyle, fifty-eighth, Dwight Holmes, seventy- seventhg and Mike Fifer, eighty-ninth. To earn the right to participate in the state meet, the Tigers first had to win the North Division Qualifying Meet which was held on October 23. The next step was the W.P.I.A.L. district championship, at which our harriers took third place close behind Bethel and Baldwin. HH' K, - fE2fHEZRU: '! ."EiNs'iii fzK5f '--iH'2f'z:1'i s?lI3'f iiwfiafi. : viii Gone are the days when our basketball team had losing seasons, for this year our mighty Tigers captured first place in WPIAL section l3A, with a season record of eighteen and four. Seniors Greg Otto, Bob Bowman, Jerry Dodson, and Don Eshenbaugh, with juniors Tom Carr and Ray Heilman comprised the nucleus of the team, and through the tactful coaching of Mr. Jack Linder blasted their way to the top. The glory of victory at the Upper St. Clair Tourna- ment and over other section opponents carried less spirited Tigers over disappointing losses to Hampton and North Hills. When the Tigers roared, opposition submitted, and a team of ferocious fighters took the coveted title of section champion. 1 1 , basketball Ei H junior varsity junior high Opponent North Allegheny 34 McKees Rocks 69 52 Munhall 6 3 3 5 Avalon 60 60 Churchill 50 5 6 Bellevue 49 46 Carnegie 47 35 Upper St. Clair 52 3 5 Chartiers-Houston 71 5 6 Hampton 5 1 5 1 Sh aler 5 2 3 6 Lower Burrell 57 48 North Hills 5 1 27 Richland 47 5 3 Knoch 66 55 Fox Chapel 65 28 Quaker Valley 48 5 5 Hampton 72 3 9 Shaler 5 4 19 Lower Burrell 50 51 North Hills 40 4 8 Richland 64 49 Knoch 69 WPIAL 63 Aliquippa 52 girls' basketball A girls' basketball team was organized this year by the new physical education teacher, Miss Wal- ters. Twenty-one ambitious girls were selected in September to make the original team. The senior and junior managers are Jerry Powell and Diane Wicks, respectively. Laurie Keeler is the captain. The team lost their first game to the experi- enced Vincentian, but their successive games showed great improvement. They have played Mars, twice, Pine Richland, Avonworth, and Shaler. Next year they will have an even busier schedule. Opponent North Allegheny 26 Vincentian 9 15 Mars 14 41 Pine Richland 2 1 47 Avonworth 30 14 Shaler 42 2 5 Mars 3 8 75 This year's varsity wrestling team, again coached by Mr. DeAugustino, presented a record of five wins and five losses. However, injuries to three returning letter- men hampered the squad considerably. Bob Allardice and John Snyder were lost to the team for the entire season, and Ron Kelley saw only limited action. The nucleus of the squad was eight returning letter- men: Carey Yendell, Ace Kurtz, Lee Stevenson, Gibby Staudt, Mike Heintzman, Todd Stevenson, and Steve Demase. Rounding out the varsity team were: Jim Winegar, John Culpo, Dick Else, Jeff Wagner, Tom Barr, Roy Baker, Jim Seeley, and Jerry Foster. Steve Demase was the acting captain. Whitey Baun, Frank Guzek, and Paul Hosick also saw action in varsity matches. The boys on the wrestling team practice from three thirty to six o'clock after school every day. They are in constant training during the season, for they must fol- low rigid diets in order to remain in a certain weight class. varsity North Allegheny Mount Lebanon 17 Fox Chapel 45 Shaler 26 Chartiers Valley 14 North Hills 42 Baldwin 33 Fort Cherry 23 Carnegie 12 Keystone Oaks 27 Hampton 28 junior varsity 77 .ww Q-.MW - M., ,asap H4 4 ,.-. 32. . ,, gn. 1-21. Y sr , X i a . T-I' M kr 'N 'inks 1' -.3:3:1:3:f:3:3.. 'AT' I ...j.j,-.fag-.:.QZ.:: , 1 7.3: ' '332??22221E2E5?2?i5"'11' 2 .. X wx I I 'uf -of' pxxqig fmt? P50935 1 ffqbif- S 'Y QQ-Yx QNSX , Cxe - LJOAUS M-Qxyq SAWQMCLIQ, aw-9. activities stage crew Opening and closing the curtain, setting up scenery, operating the lights, and all the other backstage duties which are nec- essary for a stage production are the jobs of the hardworking stage crew. The members of this industrious group, which Mr. Grine sponsors, are Nancy Caughey, Bruce Davis, Harold Diamond, Chuck Gerlach, Jim Jewell, Chris Kress, Jack Ligo, Tom Taylor, Kurt Smith, and Bill Throckmorton. The school is grateful to them for their invaluable, and often un- recognized help. usherettes library Staff The number of students at North Allegheny has increased to 1642. More students, of course, require more books, more books require more shelf space, and more shelf space means a new library. Thus, as part of the expansion program, the library has been moved to a new location twice the size of the old one. Since the move, circula- tion has improved forty-one percent. This, of course, is more work for the library staff, who stamp the books in and out, shelve them, and handle other duties involved ,in running a school library. Their voluntary work, done under the guidance of Mrs. Zenn and Mrs. Sweeney, is often unappreciated, though it is invaluable. Pleasant, cheery smiles and welcomes are passed out to all the school visitors, free of charge, by our usherettes. This year's usher- ettes are: Sandy Fletcher, Sandi Lauterbach, Carolyn Fifer, Sharon Blanchard, Janet Seapker, Linda Barrett, Roberta Stein, Marlene Sutter, Jeannine Powders, Norma Naessen. Alternates are: Anna Bush, Marsha Donch, and Mary Foley. These senior girls are chosen for this service organization at the close of their junior year by the senior high faculty members. Poise, character, and behavior are all factors that influence their choice. Performances held in the evening in the school auditorium require the presence of the usherettes. These girls add an attractive element to school functions. Under the direction of their sponsor, Mrs. Dowling, they perform their duties ably and efficiently, much to everyone's enjoyment. The service done by this small group of girls cannot be measured in any amount of words or description. fer' audio-visual aids staff l ' ven the audio-visual department has been 1 affected by the expansion program. This yearis staff, headed by Mr. Prady and composed of Pat . Wityk, Mark Arnold, Chuck Hammerschmitt, A0 My ck Schomaker Chris Schulte and Tom Taylor has moved to a new and larger oiiice P M5 l This service organization performs many du- ties behind the scenes of various school func- QNQJ , tions. Showing movies in the classroom is not . their sole duty. They also set up equipment for assemblies, dances, and football games. These '1 jobs, while not always recognized are neverthe- less quite important. p. a. announcers The bell rings. The students of North Allegheny squirm impatiently in their seats waiting for school to begin. Meanwhile, in a small, humid room in a remote corner of the ofiice, three students make a last minute check to be certain all is in order. Finally, the familiar f'click" of the microphone is heard, followed by a cheery "Good Morningf' The three students, Diane Blazier, Rich Haverlack, and Bob Kyle, form North A1legheny's Public Address System Staff. They were chosen at the end of their junior year on the basis of voice level, academic rec- ord, pronunciation, audibility, and enunciation. They keep the school informed by delivering morning and special announcements, they conduct morning devo- tions, which this year consist of a moment of silence and the pledge of allegiance, and operate the bells. 81 S tu dent Council Every Monday afternoon during activity period, a body composed of elected representatives from each homeroom meets in the teachers' area of the cafeteria. This is North Alleghenyls Student Council. Under the supervision of its ollicers Wayne Kuenzi, Bob Hutchison, Suzie Becht, Barb Gourley, and Randy Strothman, and its sponsor Mr. Wall, the council establishes and or- ganizes many student activities. The sale of United States Saving Stamps, operation of con- cession stands during football games, arrange- ments for special assemblies, and sponsorship of various dances are all responsibilities of this group. Again this year, exchange days were arranged with the student councils of other area high schools. Our oiiicers visited North Hills and Seneca Valley, and in return acted as hosts to the representatives from these schools. It is hoped that through these visits our own well-functioning Student Council can become even more efficient and effective. K L ::L25fi?fiaaefff:ig- iiir we Suzie Becht, recording secretary Wayne Kuenzi, president Barbara Gourley, corresponding secretary Randy Strothman, treasurer Bob Hutchison, vice president fmissingl A ' 'if' ig' E ROW ONE: S. Donaldson, B. Stewart, S. Cross, P. Thomas, M. Foley. ROW TWO: D. Metzler, S. Alberts, M. Cunningham, J. Powders, J, King, S. Kehew. ROW THREE: B. Grimes, D. Shumacher, M. Pomerleua, S. Vance, J. Crawford, J. Kehoe, J. Wicks, Mrs. Glanz. Bruce Stewart, Sandi Cross, Co-editors: Mrs. Glanz, Advisor. north star Anyone who has never faced one hundred and sixty empty column inches at one o'clock in the afternoon, with only enough copy to fill eighty inches and who has a deadline to meet at five otclock, cannot really understand the work involved in putting out a school newspa- per. Editors-in-chief Sandi Cross and Bruce Stewart have faced this problem, and with the help of their staff and the guidance of Mrs. Vera Glanz, who is in her seventh year as faculty sponsor, they have conquered it. Indeed, they have done so well that the North Star was cited by Columbia University as an excellent example of a high school newspaper and was highly rated by both Duquesne Univer- sity's and Columbia University's Scholastic Press Contests in na- tional competition. This year the North Star is being published monthly in the North Hills News-Record. The staff, however, lays out a paper every two weeks to keep in practice. In addition to their publishing duties, the staff members sponsor the annual Homecoming dance for alumni and the senior high. Its theme this year was 'fRhapsody in Goldf' 84 ai-B1 .JQWR K 95+ K xg. ' 34, sail fm ' K 4 N F 5 4 5 , Steve Linder, Tom Barr, Photographers. art staff ROW ONE: Margaret Cunningham, Typing Editor: Sandi Lauterbach, Marcy Liberto, Managing C0-Editorsg Molly Hunter, Business Editor. ROW TWO: Jean Marie Hunter, Literary Editorg Mrs. Smith, Advisor: Helen Webster, Art Edi- f0l'. ROW ONE: Tom Barr, Diane Wicks, Doreen Chaison, Helen Webster, Jeanie Royston. ROW TWO: Steve Linder, Jim Winegar, John Renfer, Kim Jeffries, Jean Blackburn, Rosalie Mycka. ROW THREE: Lorraine Conn, Jim Auld, Barb Kummer. 86 OW ONE: Carol Fulghum, Jean Hunter, Lynne Smith, Joanne Pinder. ROW O: Jeannine Powders, Dwight Holmes, Sandi Cross. ROW THREE: Rich- safari Layouts, write-ups, cover designs, and pictures find themselves strewn about Room 25 this year as the members of the Safari staff make their annual at- tempt to present a chronicle of nine months at North Allegheny. People enter and leave through a freely swinging door on yearbook business as Mrs. Smith, this year's sponsor, makes a brave attempt to keep order in her homeroom, which this year consists solely of Safari members. Disorder and disorganization are only two of the obstacles which the competent staff of editors, whose duties and respon- sibilities seem impossible to fulfill, must overcome. The deadlines loom omi- nously in the rapidly approaching future, and the staffs, prodded by their editors and by the ever-present fear that if they do not finish in time, the yearbook will not come out until September, with haste, but also with skill, create layouts filled with beautiful pictures and inspired writing. Just as there are many changes in North Allegheny, there are also several changes in the Safari staff. Instead of one editor-in-chief, there are two co-editors: the Safari members are all in the same homeroom, and there is a new sponsor, Mrs. Stella Smith. literary staff rd Hargrave, Richard Haverlack. Lynne Osterloh, Margie Tritsch. ROW ONE: Donna Graham, Peggy Wicks, Sharon Blanchard, Jerry Powell, Agnes CUNY- ROW TWO: Kris Ward, Molly Hunter, Bob Kyle, Pat Freed. elm '-f ri EM ROW ONE: Donna Wilson, Andrea Edwards, Margaret Cunningham. ROW TWO: Pat Eighnie, Elinor Basil, Pat Caldwell, Donna Diehl. typing Staff A 13 ft! .E Q V V353 ga. 'al " if L: ff Xa li , 1 2 I nmfg. Www, The increase in school spirit at North Allegheny has been largely due to the enthusiastic efforts of the cheerleaders. This year's squad is composed of Cathy Hubbard, Marlene Sutter, Debbie Clarke, Sue Pinkerton, Debbie Zoth, Janice Rob- bins, Carol Chotta, and Nancy Severance. These girls were chosen on the basis of poise, person- ality, and, of course, athletic skill. Besides per- forming during games, the girls also plan interest- ing skits for pep assemblies. They are aided by their manager, Marcy Haley. NANCY SEVERANCE MARLENE SUTTER CATHY HUBBARD 1 1 A E 91 SUE PINKERTON DEBBIE CLARKE samaaa,,.ags zic,i 'L - -. . 1 5 N1 F by . , ,M " 1. N4 - if junior' varsity Many hours of concentrated effort and hard work go into the making of a good cheerleader, and good cheer- leaders are what the junior varsity squad is composed of this year. These remarkable girls are: Sally Meyers, Kathy Van Cura, Jean Hensel, Carol Cashion, Marie McFarland, and Kathy Kunzi. Elaine Sutter is man- ager. Marcy Haley, mascot Working as hard as the senior high cheer- leaders, but receiving less fanfare, are the junior high cheerleaders. These peppy girls give zest and sparkle to junior high games and pep assemblies. They are, Patty Pohlman, Janet Wagner, Linda Cooper, Debbie Stahlman, Laurie Smith, and Marsha Cone. Their manager is Di- anne Graham. junior' high FRED REMALEY, Drum Major maj orettes Unity, friendship, and understanding are the out- standing characteristics of this year's majorettes. Through te d i o u s practices, unpredictable weather, and long hours of marching, sparkling cheerfulness and cooperation prevailed. This year's marching seven are Sandi Lauterbach, Suzie Meyers, Jerry Powell, Sally Jo Sailer, Sharon Sargent, Roberta Stein, and drum major Fred Remaley. The squad's manager is Joanne Tiglio. Examples of their togetherness are not lacking. At one tragic pep assembly, three of the twirlers managed to lose their batons at the same moment. Usually, of course, their precision and unity are more constructively employed. Their performance at pep assemblies and football games gives school spirit a gigantic boost. The end of marching season does not mark the end of the majorettes' duties. The task begins of teaching the tricks of the trade to the underclass- men who aspire to be next year's majorettes. ROBERTA STEIN JERRY POWELL SUZIE MEYERS SHARON SARGENT SALLY JO SAILER SANDI LAUTERBACH rt BQ? iff g Eg , 1 ff -'w Y A W xx , N f up if , A . I xg ,K M lp., ... 7 .. .1 'T ' Q -A, w -Q P 2 Fig ' S 4. Hg! ' xf it Q awk Q, 5 g if is Atl , ax QA U ?"'i if X 'X va ax ' Tl 'six we H Q , ' . . ' ' -f' 5 1 A3 -A A -9 4 9 m ffjjis' X 13"f' Jw. I ' 1 K' ' 'I at fs Q " 1 as-5 W ' . Fi x . M XM X xuxgy .... is x ' K' 1 ' 4 A QA - R . 2 . K - ,, ,1 v L' 'Q n 47 S, f, 2' A, K Q. Nt S A ,...n. 'A H -fan- I X ' , ga, ww.. A H, 3 Q . in 1 ily WAR xv ..,,1,-. . in , HM, ,L Ii L,,, Y v . Wgik mi we ,M band ,, ,, 5- ,1 1 f ' 'ag 15, - Q. :-- W 5. gg' . if K A ., , 3 su -'L - f f Vbby ,au .5 . . ,, ig!" l , .V QW ,A -- ' ' 65 . Q. an V sl 55 'nr ,, . ,,..,,,0Q..9foM H' 1 . K1 ' X Q 1 av Q ,,.. orchestra The Orchestra, a group which devotes its time to the preparation and presentation of serious mu- sic, is composed of students from grades seven through twelve. Its beautiful music elevated the minds of the students of North Allegheny at the N Christmas Assembly and again in the spring. The Swing Band performed this year, as in past years, for the intermission of the Junior and Sen- ior class plays, for dances, and for various other functions. The thirteen members play the music of the Big Band Era with sprinklings of todayls rock-n-roll beat. v Kyo, W' jun' 4,1 35 ' X X L lysis? Q . .. he Fm Nw Ryo f , ' gow- 5594 J ,N I., 1 ,fy 'Lf V, g is fl Rs. thi ff J' wr' N' . o ft . 0 Ist' :hav Jffg , swift' T.'5lfP'f' . , rf H ' if 'XJ GJ W5 J 'ff Wx fn ' -,Q Q-fm! Tyr sf .t Jdlg t an ' FX . M t ff f4."s-V .. Ig .J 55 .ks Q , K. ,. 3 ps 'gf bw ,Swift fl ff .Q X N y W . ull t 1 ,Vt 4 . t, , 'H' KN El riiygf Nj? it. ,D " N! ijfjlf' ,fats wif if fits . sw. ,N fa f tl ' Pi' 'tam fit-ff fxf-?,?1ZfTif X?yt X ml-ff, X, . V, . The YR '1 1 .4 l .1 ju nior high band The conscientious junior high student who hopes someday to join the senior high bands can get instrumental training and performing experience in the Junior High Band. This group plays sev- eral times a year, with their biggest performance being at the Annual Spring Concert. Sophomore band Members of North Allegheny's new Sophomore Band were selected to perform in both the marching and concert bands this year. The sopho- more group is an innovation of Mr. Robert F. Testa, the instrumental director, to alleviate the overcrowded situation which has arisen in the Senior Band during the past several years. This tenth grade band offers yet another step which must be climbed to gain membership in the Sen- ior Band. fv f - concert choir' Qgjigjwigljff W Nav' Sandi Lauterbach, vice preside Carol Fulghum, librarian,- Marsha Donch, secremryq Sary Kehew, librarian,- Jeanne Brady, trmsurerg Randy Forrester, presidenlg Miss Virginia Campbell, sponsor. 102 f girls' ensemble How is it possible for a miscellaneous mass of individ- uals to unite for a common purpose? A perplexing problem, but that a solution can be found is well shown by the Concert Choir. In this group, sixty unique individuals whose only common interest is a love of music join their sixty different voices in a har- monious blend of sound. The one who co-ordinates these diverse voices is Miss Virginia Campbell. The creation of order out of chaos, of course, requires hard work and practice. Miss Campbell and her songsters spent many hours after school and in the evenings practicing for the Christmas and Spring concerts. The melodious music they made convinced all listeners that this was time well spent. Representing the choir at various special appear- ances is a select group of thirty-six members called the Choralaires. This group may easily be recognized by their navy blue blazers and their concert hall voices. Another special group is the Girls, Ensemble, thirteen young ladies with beautifully blended soprano and alto voices. North Allegheny is proud of its Concert Choir and appreciates the touch of beauty and culture it gives to school assemblies. eheralaires ,Aww 1 SM kVm, gy A W 4 ' i-JW? ,K ,M-1. ., an 4. llf 9 g, -wi, .f K 3 i, y 'L In f 4 . n r . A ,if Q ,,. K a ,- . ig is I , g A.. .... vs 5 ff P , Members of the North Allegheny Student United Na- tions Club, along with students from fifty other schools, participated in the annual mock United Nations assem- bly held in March at Carnegie Tech. Here, as in the United Nations headquarters in New York, the stu- dents representing the countries of the United Nations debated resolutions dealing with disarmament, the South Vietnam situation, and other world problems. Besides gaining a thorough knowledge of the United Nations and international affairs, the Student United Nations members get valuable experience in public speaking and debating. The sponsor of this vigorous group is Mr. Prady, the president is Jean Marie Hunter. Spanish honor' Society A trip to the New York Worldis Fair and a visit to the Spanish Pavilion was the highlight of this year's activi- ties in the Spanish National Honor Society. Member- ship in this elite group, whose purpose is to provide recognition for superior language students, requires at least a "B" average in second year or advanced Span- ish. Initiation is held during the second semester. Miss Beardsley is the sponsor, the oiiicers are Wayne Kuenzi, president, Steve Linder, vice presidentg Diane McCullough, secretary, and Marsha Donch, treasurer. Student united nations wW i french club If you can answer "oui" when someone asks you 4'Parlez-vous francais?',, chances are you would be right at home in the French Club. The purpose of this lively group is to entertainingly enlighten its members about France, and the French language, and French customs. Despite a short period of utter confusion when three of its officers were plagued by illness or accidents, many interesting activities were provided for the club member. At one meeting, a modern version of S'Little Red Riding Hoodi' was presented in French, at an- other, the members feasted on real French foodg and one joyful evening was spent at a party at North Park. The club also participated in the modern language fes- tival at the Buhl Planetarium. The guiding lights of these activities were: Mrs. Costello, sponsor, Robert Schmid, president, William Buchanan, vice-president, Don Van Kirk, treasurer, Kathy Dimond, secretary. 106 l radio club Canada, Europe, Asia, and any one of the fifty states are all places that can be contacted from North Alle- gheny by the Radio Club. These boys have world cov- erage using a radio which they built themselves. The purpose of the club is to provide facilities and opportu- nities for boys who are interested in the field of com- munications. Mr. Linton heads the group with the help of officers Dave Hayeslip, president, Ken Evans, vice- president, and Paul Kratt, secretary-treasurer. nurses' club Enthusiasm and dedication are the distinguishing char- acteristics of the members of the Nurses' Club. This organization, sponsored by Mrs. Dowling, the school nurse, seeks to inspire young ladies to a nursing career and to guide those who have already made this their choice. Tours of hospitals, speakers from various fields of medicine, and visits from past members who are now in nursing school are employed to accomplish these ends. Service projects outside of school are en- couraged by the club. Many of its members are Candy- stripers at nearby Passavant Hospital. ,T l l future teachers' club The teaching profession has both its advantages and its disadvan- tages. To enlighten girls on these and to foster interest in a teaching career is the object of the Future Teachers of America. At meetings the members discuss the aspects of this career with various teachers. The club is sponsored by Mr. Robert Watford. The officers are Kate Schlademan, presidentg Judy Cronenweth, vice-presidentg Diane Blazier, treasurerg and Alice Biers, secretary. 108 Senior' high future homemakers' club To fulfill the duties of a homemaker and to fulfill them well is what the Future Homemakers of America organization tries to teach its members. This is done through many activities, this year one of which was preparing Christmas favors for retarded children. The popularity of this club is so great that two chapters had to be organ- ized, a senior high group sponsored by Mrs. Drazenovich, and a junior high chapter led by Mrs. Stewart. Also, the membership had to be limited to those girls who are enrolled in a home economics class. junior high 109 maj orette club Every Monday during activity period, the old gym is crowded with anxious girls, devoting their time to learning the basics of becoming high-stepping major- ettes. Sponsored by Mrs. Brandt, the Majorette Club is open only to sophomore and junior girls. The seven majorettes take charge of the group, and begin to teach the prospective twirlers the elemental marching steps. When the majority have mastered the art of high kick- archery club A new club has been established at North Allegheny to promote one of the oldest of sports, arch- ery. Approximately fifteen girls belong to this group, which is sponsored by Mr. Gaisbauer. The many activity periods which they spent practicing were well rewarded at the Fall Outdoor In- terscholastic Archery Tourna- ment, which was sponsored by the Pennsylvania Division of Girls' and Women's Sports. In this statewide contest, Suzanne Alberts placed second and Vir- ginia Stein seventh. ing in step with fast-moving marches, they are divided into small groups, each headed by a majorette. From here, the girls are instructed in the routines. In order to be chosen a majorette, it is not a re- quirement that a girl be a member of the club. But the practice and help offered is so beneficial that few girls try out at the end of the year unless they have attended Majorette Club. letterrnz-1n'S club Promoting better sportsmanship and developing individual skills in athletics are the purposes of the Letterman's Club. The group is under the direction of Mr. Joseph Drazenovich. Their goal is to raise funds for the purchase of letter jackets for underclassmen. Olhcers of the club are Lee Stevenson, presidentg Gregg Otto, vice-presidentg Jim Wyres, secretaryg and Jerry Dodson, treasurer. 111 junior high pep clubs Cheers for North Allegheny! May her every effort be victorious and her every victory well won. This wish for success is a common ambition among members of Pep Clubs whose innovation last year opened new doors for school spirit at N.A. A victory won without the vigorous cheers of supporters is indeed shallow and without meaning. To remedy these empty meaningless contests, enthusiastic clubbers painted signs, en- couraged attendance at games, meets and junior girls matches, and, most important, joined their voices in urging the Tigers on to gratifying victory. A black beret and a white shirt do not make a Pep Clubber and sometimes hide an indifferent spirit, but the heat of true school spirit found within, warms fellow students and incites in oth- ers a similar enthusiasm. May our Pep Clubs continue to complement N.A.'s victories with the warmth of true school spirit. junior' boys Senior girls Senior boys Newest of the clubs this year is the Girl's Gym- nastic Team. It was begun by girls who wanted to increase their skill in athletics. Led by Presi- dent Linda Sachs and faculty sponsor Mrs. Vera Brandt, they meet every other Wednesday in the gym. To limber up, the girls begin with simple exercises. From there, activities progress to the mats, trampoline, and parallel bars. In order to join, every girl must demonstrate her ability in gymnastics by performing before a select panel of judges. During the year, the team has competed with other schools in the area. gg..-a g. 8.8. The Girls Athletic Association was organized to promote the physical and mental well-being of the girls in North Allegheny High School. Under the direction of their co-sponsors, Mrs. Brandt and Miss Walters, the girls participate in various intramurals and undergo a program of rigorous physical exercise. They have been divided into 114 teams and conduct basketball tournaments. Junior and Senior G.A.A. members held com- petitive bake sales in the fall of last year which augmented the funds in their treasury. The sys- tem of merit under which the girls individually compete is based on points. 1 s - - : ' gp.-1-1 1 1 -' . .. ...... ...' H ESE' .12 e-3.3 , N 32:2 1.32 gI:I:I:2:2:I:I .gigiglgi .551221-:IEIEIE2E2E1E2E1i2E2E2E2E2:'2- :IEIEIE ' ' ' --. -1-1-:-E5E3E5E5i5E5S2E2E5EELj'5j-.-5522512 " '52Ef2:1- 'f1QE5E'1'1 SIE2E22122252525222E2E2:1:1:2.' 251-'I -:2:1:2E2:Fr:-. .'2:2I'5 ' ' - - "'"""'-tH":2:f:Q:f:2:2:2:' 52' :2:2:2:2:2:E2,'::.,.E:E.f:2:2:5 -. 'X 1:1:f:5:f:5:2 1:5:2:2:2:f:52:E:5'5'5'5:5" ' " 22222522222 3215.5 ""E2f1f':" '-. " ' 'I . .....-....'.'.v. . . ., . -.f.... -.'.v,- . . . . .1- .no-.--....n- un...--.---in .:.:.:.'.. . . . . .- A. . . 2'1-1 2'2Hl2fF :f:i:5:3: -Ll" :?:f: -:-:-t7:5:7' .5- ' '- . 3131- ...131535QQQQQQ:.:, .,'b'Z'1'l'I'I 1-1- . .. . ..... ... ...... -u . .,. . .. ..,. ,..... .. " -.. ...-n ..... ... .. ... . ann ..., .. ... . .. . . . g .. .. .. .... .,.,. ,. -5. ...1 . I-..... . ....... . ....g. ... ........ . , . t:,f.:.:.:.1.f,j,i.f . '. f.f.:.:.:.:. '.:.:.:.:.: '- '-. N 5 ."'I:IjIj...:Z al" -' 1155555555225 .:5?2?25f1 . -+ .2ff:-.- 1 u u .. ....... . .... ....... . g.. ...... . . ..., ...... . ...u -.--4---- . s-una--..u ul. ...ns ..Il '- . u. . - - . un u- nu 1. 1 an n -.I--Q -. -nsaauan -A ....nsu I... -.....uu .........u-u... .,,. ...... -.---. -.. . . -' . ' . . . '37 ' 5" I ff' .s. ' -.g."' M-.-i K .. s . . ss S ..... y.+3:.j. U - 2 - ... . . ........- -.. -- .. .. -.. '-2-'-L-1-ac-:L-: 43.4.-'-gg "-:3 . .. mg.. '.v0C'9'u 5. ...., 'si?5fe:e:s:1.-, 2 xf 2'2':f:E:f:dC'.g. 4 x . ....-1 .. .. ..-su. .' Alb ff" I stu dents american field Service I ,rr r A 'fag 5 15" if "Q rf if a.f.S. Student Having lived with a Peruvian family last summer leaves me far from being an expert on Peruvian politics, history, geography, or agricul- ture, but it has shown me a few things about Peruvian life. I didn't live in a large city. I was deep inside Peru in a small city named Trujillo. My family's name was Encomenderos. I had two Peruvian broth- ers and three sisters. The youngest of the five children was Carlos, who was 17 years old. It was with Carlos that I did most things, including going to school when I felt moved enough to go, usually it was the AFS advisor in Trujillo that moved me. School wasnit that bad, though, if you like to have a seven hour Spanish class every day. Julio, my oldest brother, was nineteen. He and his friends partici- pated in the same activities as nineteen year old American boys do. He monopolized the family car as well as Mr. Encomenderos' wallet. Our house was like a fun house. About three times a week, the light company would shut off all the lights just as the setting sun was leaving us in darkness. Then as the family was eating the nine o'clock nightly meal by candlelight, the lights would go on and everyone would wildly applaud. Every time I wanted to take a shower, Carlos would Hush the toilet and use up all the water pres- sure, making me wait for about fifteen minutes until he could do it again, laughing hysterically all the while. No Peruvian houses have roofs over the entire house because it never rains. Our house lacked roofing over the main hall. This could prove to be dangerous, especially when Julio poured water down on me from the second floor when I least expected it. The whole summer, however, was not all laughs. My family went through the difficult task of trying to teach me to understand Span- ish. In a matter of a few weeks, I could meet the mayor of Trujillo and various friends of Mr. Encomenderos, and I could even hold what l believed to be an intelligent conversation. l consider myself one of the most fortunate people in the world to have had the chance to live with this family. Everyone went out of his way to see that I was enjoying myself, and I owe it all to the American Field Service for sending me to such nice people. I hope that our school will continue in the AFS program for many years to come. -Wayne Kuenzz 116 foreign exchange Student lt was in the beginning of August, I remember, when the postman gave me a big brown envelope. It was a letter addressed to my father. It started: 'fDear Sir, Today is a happy day in your house, your son has won a scholarship for one year of experience in the United States." To say how happy I was, I do not need to. And this happiness has been extended since I arrived here. You can ask, f'What is happiness and experience?,' To happiness I have a simple answer. I say that we can be happy anywhere if we learn to smile, to laugh with the people that are around us, to feel as they feel, to cheer in the games with them. In other words, to be good to them. Since I arrived here, I have tried to do this. In a few months I have to go back to Brazil. Then it will be time that I will practice the experience that I got here. This experience came to me from living with my American family from whom I learned the Ameri- can way of life. I know that it is impossible to cite here the name of everyone who has helped me in school because every- one has helped. I would like to express my thanks to everyone, and especially to Mr. Richard J. Else since he is principally responsible for my being here. What I will take home to Brazil from North Allegheny, its teachers and students, my parents and neighbors, is the "saudade." This is a Portuguese word that has no ex- act English translation. It means a very deep sentiment that we feel in relation to a person or thing. And the persons and things that I feel a deep sentiment for are North Allegheny, its teachers and students, my Ameri- can family, and my neighbors. -Roberto Bressan ROW ONE: C. Amon, J. Parker, D. Robbins, D. Scyster, B. Else, P. Pohlman, V. McDon- ough, L. Smith. ROW TWO: K. Casler, B. Clark, J. Spurney, P. Harlan, D. Hollinhan, J. Miller, T. Busch, R. Trusik, B. Ekin, Miss Jedlicka. ROW THREE: E. Rumisek, J. Manning, N. Nichols, W. Gaches, E. Freyer, M. Mackey, B. Carlin, P. Mershon, J. Wagner. ROW FOUR: B. McCartan, S. Daugherty. A. Nye, S. Heffley, D. Bishop, N. Grabowski. C. Kiminsky, W. Wassal, P. Scott. seventh grade I ROW ONE: K. McKlell, R. Englert, K, Brady, B. White, S. Fabry, R. Catanese, J. Staniland, E. Funston. ROW TWO: E Cormehl, S. Torso, J. Davis, A. Reynolds, C. Hanley, S. Stam- ford, C. Freemon, E. DeBenedetto, R. Vanstolk, Mr. Caylor. ROW THREE: D. Ross, E. Imber, J. Friese, A. Long, R Chapman, S. Dively, C. Heeter, A. Clawshaw, D. Chanban- dour. ROW FOUR: J. Frazier, K. Burke, S. Crawshaw, P. Meighan, P. Davis, D. Kiminsky, J. Rittle, M. Kimmel, T. Ziegler, K. Krisher. ROW ONE: B. Haase, L. Imber, V. Varner, R. Williams, F. Crawford, K. Busch, A. Watkins, M. Blosat, L. Ray, L. Cone. ROW TWO: D. Howell, P. Rowders, T. Moberg, J. Ehrmann, S. Gamble, D. Wilson, B. Schellhass, D. Ollinger, M. Moellen- brock, K. Kuenzi, Mrs. Boston. ROW THREE: K. Hughes, M. Hall, M. Hahn, M. Towers, T. Havekotte, J. Auld, M. Holmes, L. Graham, B. Gift. ROW FOUR: D. McElroy, C. Schaming, B. Holston, K. Keck, J. Walsh, P. Thompson, L. Hendricson, S. Croft, D. Gardner, E. Eissler, F. Scott. eighth grade ROW ONE: M. Scully, M. Cone, R. Merzlak, B. Jardine, S. Pohlman, D. Newell. ROW TWO: E. Mattson, C. Fore, D. Freuden, S. Sefscik, J. Martin, C. Gamble, B. Hackman, C. Grimes. ROW THREE: J. Janke, W. Becker, L. Dunn, M. McCrum, M. Egan, D. Stahlman, R. Rennels, H. Heubach, J. Kreiger, Mrs. Letzkus. ROW FOUR: B. Chambers, D. Petruska, J. Bonomo, B. Bordt, A. Hirt, J. Bizan, P. Abbott, R. Frownfelter. ROW ONE: T. Browne, G. Becht, R. Bartley, B. Challenger, S. Bright, M. Sardon. ROW TWO: J. Proven, K. Warner, J. Pitell, S. Ren- fer, B. Robbins, G. Zaun, G. Boyle. ROW THREE: A. Huch, D. Emery, B. Freeman, F. Fleming, B. Ray, D. Nardini, D. Gruber, Mr. Buterbaugh. ROW FOUR: D. Browne, C. Schlieper, L. Brancoto, F. l-lerton, H. Cal- lither, C. Harlan, R. Layton, C. Ruckdnschell. ROW ONE: S. Lyons, G. Haley., S. Weigel, J Landers, D. Martin. ROW TWO: R. Shilts, J Glass, M. Barr, P. Rehberg, K. Shoop, L Fisher, M. White, G. Whitten. ROW THREE K. O'Connell, P. Hill, P. OlDonnell, C. Glen- dening, G. Davis, F. Flit, J. Navratil, J. Cron- enweth, C. Mellon. ROW FOUR: C. Steckel R. Theissen, J. Zappas, G. Perlick, M. Fox, C Roetter, B. Sweeney, M. Bonnett, Miss Camp bell. ROW ONE: M. Hein, P. Urschler, J. Fletcher, C. Funston, M Gibson. ROW TWO: C. Keay, S. Jones, D. Graham, R. Lasky, P. Hoffman, P. Jardine, K. Irons, T. Freyer, R. Shoup ROW THREE: W. Johnston, R. Geyer, B. Gardner, S Hunter, J. Irwin, L. Harrington, K. Holmes, J. Kerr, P. Far- rell, C. Kier. ROW FOUR: D. Fackler, G. Heffley, J. Hernon, J. Lehren, B. Kress, R. Fisher, J. Hensel, L. Musser, D. Grobe i freshmen ROW ONE: S. Cipra, L. Eisel, S. Ayres, E. Destler, M. Beck. ROW TWO: J. Clarke, C. Curry, K. Dinsmore, M. Curry, I Bach, S. Belles, B. Besser. ROW THREE: J. Ambrose, W Brinda, M. Betts, F. Bauer, K. Bayer, B. Broslat, Mrs. Freyer ROW FOUR: J. Croft, L. Benko, R. Bowman, J. Allen, S Downs, S. Foradori, M. Cassidy, J. Duffy. ROW ONE: C. Placke, L. Miller, R. Martain, D. Magnello, S. Meyers. ROW TWO: I. Pierotti, J. Seifert, M. Hargrave, J. Llwellyn, K. Iams, S. Meyers, W. Logan, E. Rafaloski, Mr. McCracken. ROW THREE: T. Walsh, M. Flannery, L. Pluhowski, D. Eback, S. Robb, L. Roth, T. Lee, H. Rectanus, B. Martin. ROW FIVE: D. Reese, C. Hyle, J. Krigger, J. Renkes, J. DeSimone, M. Sachs, P. Miller, B. Rose, M. Bethune. ROW ONE: C. Ready. L. Young, G. Ruda, L. Wynn, D. Robbins, C. Stahlman, J. Steiger- wald, J. Bayer. ROW TWO: C. Seigfried, L. Greenwood, N. Way, M. Salcetti, L. Swick, H Ross, S. Smith, I. Rumisek, Miss Ripper. ROW THREE: B. Vesco, B. Young, B. Whitten, G Sisko, J. Wagner, B. Godfrey, J. Saulters, B. Scuillo, N. Whittaker. ROW FOUR: M Voyvodich, T. White, P. Whitehouse, R. Strothman, J. Cherry, V. Taylor, J. Van Maele. i ROW ONE: D. Roberts, C. McMahon, C. Hutchman, C. Graper, W. Calvert, J. Grau. ROW TWO: J. Sills, J. Ebert, J. Leiendecker, W. Davidson, K. Wacter, G. Shaw, L. Young, J. Pegher, T. Barrett. ROW THREE: J. Richey, S. Venstrom, S. McBride, E. Kroll, J. Vesco, J. Wymne, E. Halboth, E. Karch. ROW FOUR: J. McKenna, C. Poole, D. Martin, J. Mallon, G. Magnello, J. Jefferies, K. Lamont, J. Ghotlos, P. Pittenger, K. Stadelmyer, E. Vogan, B. Hogan. ROW ONE: C. Yendell, D. Sismour, T. Conley, W. Goodworth, D. Robbins. ROW TWO: M O'Donnell, K. McClesky, Ron Seidel, T. Pallan, T. Kreider, G. Daransky, J. Hamilton, B Buchanan, B. Jansen, A. Bashaar. ROW THREE: N. Southwick, R. Azman, M. Bacher, S Tritsch, M. Leahy, P. Heuer, J. Klein, G. Eckert, K. Hess, L. Haase. ROW FOUR: Mrs Sullivan, S. Knight, D. Marino, R. Jardine, C. Pfannenschmidt, K. Olson, K. Rogers, S Griffiths, M. McFarland, V. Fritz. sophomores Bill Appleton Vice President Sally Harrington Secretary Ted Barrett, Preszdenz Fred Carlin, Treasurer Cmissingj ROW ONE: D. Recthenford, S. Wassmann, E. Hoffman, A. Smith, J. Van Riper. ROW TWO: J. Wolff, B. Glomb, F. Jakeil, J. Claypoole, G. Maranuk, L. Beck, R. Johovich, R. Koerner, G. Otto, D. Kalmeyer. ROW THREE: G. Hamilton, S. Grossman, R. Koziol, J. Lawless, P. Snaman, S. Gerken, B. McCullough, D. Bryan, J. Wallace, J. Seibert, J. Scully. ROW FOUR: Mrs. Loutzenhiser, J. Daugherty, B. Kennedy, T. Mohr, P. Jenkinson, V. Franchak, J. Bauer, J. Hey, S. Krall, D. Manco, L. Pearce, B. Mass. D. Ehrman. ROW ONE: D. Herbert, C. Luce, L. Sewald. ROW TWO: B. Block, N. Connely, B. Ziegler S. Enzian, P. Hawkins, B. Stern, A. Trombetta, J. Lockhart, J. Terek. ROW THREE: B Moore, D. Moudry, R. White, J. Whitehead, B. Scheller, E. Say, G. Pitell, J. Lehman, R Riddle, D. Holmes. ROW FOUR: Mr. Pahel, D. Leathery, M. O,Neill, E. Wilson, J. Winner A. Wallace, E. Parks, L. Hientz, K. Short, K. Wharrey. ROW ONE: J. Wettach, J. Widdowson, S. Hunsinger, D. Wysun. ROW TWO. D. Eberhardt, K. Aiken, R. Barmore, D. Hubert, D. Morgan, J. Wyers, R. Krahn, L. Frey, J. Hespenheide, G. Boul. ROW THREE: A. Simakas, L. Locke, S. Harrington, G. Bennett, G. Willoughby, B. Larison, T. Hibbard, S. Ehrmann, B. Bennawit. ROW FOUR: Mr. Rohrbaugh, D. Selzer, N. Ellis, J. Nippes, K. McClelland, D. Palbus, D. Dixon, T. Ray, P. Pivirotto, G. Terner, T. Claypool, A. Leonard. r11e.11qffwxev..:tff..,tgmv-suis-' gui W.. .su wtznwmnzx mms. .nn1un1s mains. -1 ROW ONE: C. Jesmer, B. Eichenlaub, J. Neff, B. Smith. ROW TWO: B. Sears, P. Else, R. Braun, G. Zappas, P. Wittk, D. Beacom, W. Geroge, C. Koester, G. Watenpool. ROW THREE: J. McGrade, J. McArdle, G. Trusik, G. Davis, L. Miller, B. Lias, S. Fritch, K. Landers, T. Rutkowski, S. Sye. ROW FOUR: Mr. Vandergrift, D. Brush, S. Flook, B. Webb, J. Petrie, J. Kern, D. Smith, K. Van Cura, S. Guckert, D. Kenney. ROW ONE: J. Lorish, A. Trupe, E. Brown, H. Norman. ROW TWO: K. Wells, D. Kinsman, J. Lee, J. Lundberg, J. Watenpool, W. Schuster, D. Daugherty, P. Spurney, B. Marquis, J. Hutzler. ROW THREE: J. Meinert, T. Fraizer, R. Kovacevic, J. Kenney, K. Eidenmuller, L. Sciullo, D. Ulrich, J. Wittmer, J. Hammerschmitt, J. Adams, D. Foytik. ROW FOUR: Mr. Watford, J. Royston, P. Hall, J. Herr, J. Petrone, K. Smith, S. Jones, J. McDowell, M. Damon, D. Bearer, P. Kozmin, J. Spudich. ROW ONE: V. Fifer, S. Munson, K. Hamberg, E. Zang, C. Stewart, L. Weyer ROW TWO J. Fessler, B. Lane, E. Brandt, B. Beck, J. Van Maele, J. Powders, G. Dickson D Seifert J Kinsman, V. Neely. ROW THREE: J. Scott, M. Pegher, S. Schiller, K. McMaster D WISI E Hensley, B. Weber, K. Theissen, D. George, R. Kleinhampl, B. Cowdrey. ROW FOUR Mrs Wehrle, W. Meyercheck, R. Hufnagel, V. Lucas, P. Sapp, D. Soergel, S Llchtenfels C McCusker, B. Diley, R. Kaltenbock. 124 ROW ONE: S. Yingling, W. Geissinger, D. Martin, S. Hartman, L. Davis. ROW TWO: Hartman, D. Hanley, C. Stimpel, B. Wells, D. Horvath, M. Schindel, R. Way, P. Kratt, Belack, B. Eiben. ROW THREE: D. Murray, D. Leslie, H. Frankford, A. Hufnagel, Merkel, B. Kreiger, C. Thompson, G. Wharrey, R. Bury. ROW FOUR: Mr. Heasley Patsilevas, R. Hermisman, S. Miller, J. Fisher, S. Kasimirsky, C. Shomaker, I. McCosby, Slaney, D. Haybron, M. Langer. ROW ONE: J. Hahn, G. Gross, G. Kerr, J. Sarver, C. Clark, E. Shenot, K. Jones. ROW TWO: F. Baldinger, W. Malick, R. Parker, R. Robertson, W. Jenkins, M. Shinder, D. Vicheck. ROW THREE: Mr. Ehrlichman, D. Roberts, C. Sweet, M. Kramer, C. Stetor, K. Volker, D. Kuklish. ROW ONE: W. Scott, J. Plakidas, R. Platt. ROW TWO: F. Fork, J. Dillion, F. Carlin Boyle, D. Richey, J. Roth, R. Foley, B. Galardy, D. Chapman. ROW THREE: G. Rusnak, Price, J. Graham, B. Gardner, D. Polivka, A. Burkhart, K. Robinson, R. Frownfelter, Gray. ROW FOUR: Mr. De Augustino, K. Rossman, J. Colpo, R. Pinkerton, P. Petrakos Pindroh, G. Radford, R. Roedel, F. Rainbow, G. Douthett. 125 ROW ONE: K. Kunze, P. Leonard, K. Howe, M. Biers, M. Batykefer. ROW TWO: E. Daniels, J. Ginter, B. Brecht, G. Holm, M. McHugh, D. Hollihan, A. Curry, C. Brandt, S. Barmettler. ROW THREE: G. Evans, K. Benscoter, M. Salmon, A. Bounds, P. Ellinger, C. Cashion, L. Smith, C. Egan, S. Besturck. ROW FOUR: Mrs. Stewart, P. Bauer, J. Glevicky, B. Braun, C. Riester, M. Buchanan, K. Meyer, A. Beck, M. Boul, J. Charis, E. Dimond. ROW ONE: M. Chalmer, H. Dardnsky, N. Kanonchoff, L. Camp, B. Burford, L. Weaver, I. Mauthe, S. Craig. ROW TWO: M. Rahac, K. Narcisi, S. Crane, E. Oakman, C. Collins, B. Callen. ROW THREE: Mrs. Drazenovich, R. Crawford, L. Crawford, S. McLean, M. Thaner, R. Costigan. ROW ONE: J. Leasure, G. Bumbaugh, D. Auth, N. Battaghia. ROW TWO: R. Albert, A Ochsenhirt, J. Thomas, R. Csuy, B. Aufman, B. Greenlee, B. Baierl, B. Beukema, S. Grunke- Wisniewski, C. Ross, D. Keck, B. Appleton, D. Alberton. ROW FOUR: Mr. Tiger, R. meyer, L. Brisini. ROW THREE: J. Taeff, R. Brown, J. Irwin, J. Leasure, G. Fenn, D Houston, L. Yahrling, V. White, J. Chahbandour, M. Spaley, S. Jason, V. Moore, R. Miller, G Weston, L. Baker, D. Adams. 126 junior-S ROW ONE: Judy Ventresca, Secretary, Janice ' Robbins, Treasurer. ROW TWO: Stewart ', Simons, President, Bob Brainard, Vice Presi- X dent. l , i gm! ROW ONE: J. Flaherty, B. Kriznik, C. Nadolny, D. Diamond, I. Stine, D. Dusenberry. ROW TWO: L. King, M. Newing- ham, B. Flannery, C. Wharrey, C. Wilson, J. Ebken, T. Kufta, Tucek, L. Kaiser, D. Murrell, D. Glomb, J. Ostrum, B. Mci M. Ford, K. Schlademan, S. McClintock. ROW THREE: B Callum, D. Young, R. Markert, L. Decker, B. Weir, Mrs Henry D. Wynne, K. Dimond, L. Porter, L. Salvatora. ROW TWO H. Kivlan, R. Neal, D. Graner, K. Neuhart, D. Ulrich, H Whalen, J. King, C. Gross. ROW THREE: T. Barr, T Wienand, D. Kimmel, R. Holland, J. Tanski, S. Terek, J Stryker, J. Renford, S. Wharton, S. Lemankiewicz, R. Nippes E. Whiteman, Mrs. Winner. -1 . - fran .4 a1-.1 4. nmummwmamummn uf . ROW ONE: L. Christopher, A. McCrea, D. Cress, D. Lucas, ROW ONE: P. Weber, S. Boyle, P. Moniger, S. Brandt, D, Steigerwald, S. Donaldson, E. Gredlein, K. Fennell, D. Woodcock, S. Frankford. ROW TWO: P. Yetman, I. Schmidt, R. Park, W. Mottern, D. Taylor, M. Stauffer, D. Wallace, L. Klaneck, M. Crawford. ROW THREE: R. Dresher, R. Lamont, M. Palbus, J. Janke, J. Lathrop, R. Hellman, R. Ott, R. Jordan, W. Lawrence. P. Wojtyna, Mr. Sramek. ROW ONE: V. Vesco, J. Simmons, K. Garrett, S. Hough, J. Poole, B. Scott, D. Metzler, J Kaechele, G. Dutka. ROW TWO: S. Rohrbach, V. Moberg, K. Conger, L. Gosnell, B. Jones G. Pierotti, P. Duncan, G. Surrena, J. Foster. ROW THREE: G. Adams, L. Siefers, R Lockhart, J. Ligo, R. Wermuth, J. Bishop, G. McWilliams, J. Kehoe, R. Guthrie, J. Lovett, J Downing, M. Ross, J. Lewicki, Mrs. Franchak. ROW ONE: D. Zoth, P. Wolfarth, M Bethune, S. Grau, P. Faber, P. Vidmar, C Outly, S. Kjellman. ROW TWO: K. Cleary, S Lockhart, J. Mudicka, V. Van Nest, A. Mid- dleton, L. Pannier, P. Nadrash, C. Wittmer, J Scheid. ROW THREE: G. Law, T. O'Cormell, J. Schulte, M. Fifer, B. Bauers, R. Lamneck, J. Van Sicklin, A. Grimes, M. Kania, B. Sullivan F. Hyle, Mr. Cerny. ROW ONE: K. Wrigley, P. Perrone, J. Schwartz, M. Ricketts, P. McTighe, C. Finni- cum, L. McGee, J. Vannosdel, A. Batty, K. Diehl. ROW TWO: C. Chotta, J. Schlicktkrull, H. Allman, W. Johnson, W. Leathen, A. Kurtz, A. Faormina, P. McTighe, D. Paytas. ROW THREE: D. Sinita, D. Jones, M. Dancison, J. Guthrie, B. Biainard, M. Leidecker, M. Kania, S. Garvey, S. Gaches, G. Gust, R. Stitt, T. Saylor, J. Ward. ROW ONE: R. Amrhein, G. Tripp, K. Jones, P. Thomas, J. Glass, G. Lockhart, C. Gigler, P. Schneider, B. Keaty, C. Carpenter. ROW TWO: B. Stoiber, M. Graham, J. Singer, S. Altfather, M. McKeel, P. Melgaard, M. Raab, K. Bollenberg, W. Herbert, H. Gamble. ROW THREE: D. Butler, D. Wood, R. Lutz, B. Hohman, S. Reid, D. English, T. Stevenson, D. Kirkpatrick, R. Schad, K. Crabtree, R. Jansen, B. Mann, M. Arnold, T. Crawford. x1 xwa2f..ei: 1..--.-avg... wg... . ffy. .V -. l.-11am f 1 ROW ONE: J. Marko, A. Sampson, L. Johnston, L. Bennawit, S. Gibson, N. Shevchik, L. Pusateri, L. Fulton, L. Schramm, M. Dorrier. ROW TWO: T. Nardina, J. Cronenweth, W. McCartne, B. Butler, B. Seifert, D. Wittman, P. Grosick. J. Ryen, L. Nardina, H. Brandt. ROW THREE: J. Rihs, J. Hostler. M. Coyne, D. Fisher, J. Kirschler, V. 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Davis, J. Chisholm, D. Stimpel, K. Hutchman, J. Wilson, D. Carr, K. Bordt, C. Anderson. ROW TWO: T. Redder, J. Boder, J. Kaminski, B. Downs, B. Ruchka, J. Brownlee, J. Bertschinger, C. Kroepil, R. Coyne, M. Miller. ROW THREE: J. Ryan, J. Conoran, R. Brady, R. Bauerle, R. Cartwright, K. Hillman, B. Pontius, C. Reichhold, R. Henning, D. Graham, A. Young, D. Falls, J. Seely, Mr. Delune. 131 1 ROW ONE: J. Robbins, L. Wilker, H. Linn, C. Denhardt, B. Hawthorne, C. Botic. ROW THREE: G. Neeley, T. Flag- Cox, V. Steigerwald, T. Scott, A. Martin, C. Morrow, J. Belsh. meier, N. Dailey, P- SICFHCF, J- Bryan, D- Smith, R- Radf0fd, ROW TWO: I. Kreps, E. Bennington, F. Randolph, E. Ran- T. Carr, J. McKnight, J. Boyer, B. Dimond, R. Rushton, M. dich, T. Hartle, J. Henry, D. Rupert, J. Hutzler, M. Harlan, V. MCKJHHSY, MF- MOITCH- ROW ONE: D. Wicks, J. Pinder, P. Caldwell, P. Freed, K. Ward, J. Auld, D. Holmes, J. Renfer, J. Winegar, Mrs D. Chaison, P. Eighme. ROW TWO: J. Blackburn, K. Jeffries, Smith. 132 seniors TOM ERB, PRESIDENT BARB R. ALBERT SUZANNE D. ALBERTS ROBERT D. ALLARDICE BONNIE LEE AMEND MARCEL JOSEPH AMRHEIN VIC AMRHEIN GREGG OTTO, VICE PRESIDENT 6? ff X V JOHN LEAVESLEY, TREASURER officers ROBERTA STEIN, SECRETARY 134 GARY WILLIAM ANDERSON JAMES R. ARNOLD NANCY C. ASHCOM R. WAYNE ATWELL RICH CURTIS AUGUSTINE JIM AULT ALBERT ROY BAKER LINDA BARRETT RICK T. BARRETT RUTH SUZANNE BARTLEY ELINOR JEAN BASTL ROGER D. BEAUMAN SUZANNE W. BECHT PATRICIA LOUISE BECK CHERYL A. BECKER ROBERT J. BELL PAUL G. BELO JAY BENKO CHARLES R. BETTS ALICE F. BIERS EUGENE S. BISWICK MELISSA ANN BLACK SHARON BLANCHARD THOMAS J. BLAZEK JEANNE SUZANNE BRADY STEPHEN MICHAEL F. BRADY BONNIE LIN BRANDT THOMAS WILLIAM BRAUN ROBERT G. BRUGGEMAN DIANE C. BLAZIER CELIA JEAN BLESSING DONNA J. BORTMESS RUSSELL R. BOWLER ROBERT FERRIS BOWMAN RICHARD L. BOYLE ELIZABETH LORINE CARBAUGH BONNIE SUE CAREY LINDA L. CASPER NANCY SUSAN CAUGHEY JANE ANNETTE CHALLENGER HENRY B. CHAPMAN KATHLEEN A. BRUNNER MICHAEL JOSEPH BRUNNER ROBERT EDWARD BUCHANAN MARK L. BUDINGER ANNA C. BUSCH LURLEY CAMPBELL DEBORAH LEE CLARKE SUSAN JANE COLLINS LORRAINE M. CONN LINDA M. CONSOLO JOAN H. COOK DAVID PHILIP CORBIN 552: L' I ,." ' 35, ,?'1""1vi'5'fE SQTQTIQWJ 11:?Q.s 452 fge gil' 7 " 'QIQSNQ Q, iw I h iw L,g,.,,4, . ,. , 1 1 .ii I J- , A . wi 1:3 flag, 5 . . ' u Mb I ..u I ' iiliff-L 2.-iv: 1, i sn' v I .X J ' Q 5 gsm, na' if by 3:15533 ' awk i fe ' P wr sg fr A K SCOTT COSTIGAN CHARLES M. COX JAMES T. CRAWFORD JR ROBERT JAMES CRERAR MICHAEL R. CRISTALLINO JUDY L. CRONENWETH SANDRA LEE CROSS RUTH E. CUIAS MARGARET E. CUNNINGHAM AUDREY L. DAVIS BRUCE A. DAVIS NANCY M. DAVIS STEVAN D. DEMASE LINDA JEAN DICKSON DONNA LEE DIEHL RAYMOND H. DIETRICH CANDACE ARLENE DIXON SPENCER C. DIZE ANDREA RAE EDWARDS THOMAS C. EKIN RICHARD K. ELLINGER RICHARD I. ELSE DALE L. ENGLISH THOMAS L. ERB M 1., 1 Pm... . - 1' i."" - ' 'ff' w wc. " :xf. HSE 1 zz : . . .5 .-., - LZLIQ . . ...izi wf . gh - .El wg 1 .5 f .grgzf .gr y, Jw- 5. -1 : 1 g 'Q' I f f W W 1 . V 5" ' .,,, -wi LL,, 'Ti :iv fil m.. - 2.ffg.g5gM,, 01.1.2 .,.. fafe:.f'ff 1'5" -'iw f 2 ,MMD . M .,L. I 1 wLx,1 , f "Hgh A .IM ...A Wax? 1 GERALD P. DODSON MARSHA LYNN DONCH PAMELA FRANCES DUNCAN BARBARA EILEEN EBACK GEORGE W. EBERT BARBARA J. EBNER CAROLYN A. FIFER SANDRA LYNN FLETCHER MARY C. FOLEY DAN P. FORADORI RANDAL G. FORRESTER WILLIAM E. FOX MAXINE ELLEN ERDNER DONALD LEE ESHENBAUGH KEN W. EVANS REBECCA R. FACKLER STEPHEN E. FAGAN LINDA L. FENN NANCY LOUISE FRANCE DONALD E. FREUDEN WILLIAM E. FRITZ CAROL JOYCE FULGHUM MICHAEL P. GALLAGHER RICH GERBER CHARLES CHRISTOPHER GERLACH GEORGE JAMES GIBSON RAYMOND M. GIBSON JUDY A. GINDELE CONSTANCE JEANNE GINTER LEONARD A. GOETZ JR. BARBARA ELLEN GOURLEY BERNICE A. GRAFF DONNA M. GRAHAM JUDI ANN GRAPER GERARD P. GRIM CONNIE R. GROBE FRANCES D. GROPP JEANNE L. GROSS JACK L. GROSS GIL GRUBOR FRED E. HACKBARTH MARCIE J. I-IALEY FRED J. HARRIS DOUGLAS WILLIAM HAUSSER RICHARD J. HAVERLACK IANIS LEE HAWKINS DAVID W. HAYESLIP RICHARD A. HAYNE SHERRY ANNE HALL KAREN LEE HALLAM CHUCK WILLSON HAMMERSCHMITT BILL HANNAN RICHARD C. HARGRAVE DANIEL J . HARLAN E. JANE HEWTON JAN MICHAEL HILL MARSHA JEAN HIRKO KATHLEEN MARGARET HORVATH CATHY LYNNE HUBBARD LINDA J. HUCH THOMAS M. HEDDAEUS BARBARA ANN HEINTZ MICHAEL D. HEINTZMAN LINDA L. HEITZ DON HERR GEORGE W. HERZBERGER ROBERT HUFNAGLE LINDA L. HUGHES WILLIAM J. HUGHES KAAREN HUNT JEAN MARIE HUNTER MOLLY HUNTER GREGORY GREER IUSI JOHN PAUL JANOTA JAMES D. JEWELL DALE SHARON JOHNSON JANE ELLEN JOHNSON WILLIAM E. JOHNSTON NANCY ANNE JUHOLA CLAUDIA DIANE JUST GARY H. KALMEYER I MICHELLE E. KAVANAGH LAURIE JOAN KEELER ALAN EVERETT KEHEW SARA KNOLL KEHEW BARBARA LOU KEIL RONALD L. KELLY FRANK C. KLATIE JR. CHRIS B. KLEIBACKER JOANNE KOLESIEN PAUL W. KREPP CHRIS G. KRESS RUTH M. KRUEGER W. WAYNE KUENZI BARBARA MARIE KUMMER JOHN W. KURTZ CYNTHIA ANN KOPROWSKI JEFF KORNEFF JEAN KOSICH LORRAINE KOVACEVIC HAROLD JOHN KOZMIN KARL M. KREILING RUTH A. LEWICKE RITA YVONNE LEWIS MARCELENE A. LIBERTO JACK EDWARD LIGO FRED JAMES LIMBACH III STEPHEN THOMAS LINDER ROBERT W. KYLE SANDRA LEE LAUTERBACH E. DOUGLAS LAVERY JOHN L. LEAVESLEY K. SCOTT LEGGETT ALEX LESZUNOV PATRICIA LOUISE LINN CYNTHIA ANNE LIPSCOMB SANDRA LIPSCOMB JAMES A. LLEWELLYN DAVE LOFINK BETSY J. LOVE SUZANNE J ENNIE LOWDER DOUGLAS A. LUTZ JEANNE K. LYON WILLIAM A. MACMILLAN KATHLEEN MANCULICH HUGH G. MANION ELWIN B. MANN W. JOSEPH MARANUK GARY M. MARTIN JO ANN MASON DONALD KEITH MCCLELLAND NANCY JO MCCLURE SANDRA JEAN MCCONNELL DIANE ELIZABETH MCCULLOUGH KATHLEEN ANN MCGRADE KATHRYN D. MCKELVY EDWARD V. MCKERNAN CONSTANCE C. MCMASTER WENDELL M. MOHR, JR. SUZANNE MOLYNEAUX DAVID IRVIN E MOORE MARY JOANNE MOORE THOMAS GRIFFITH MOSER ALEITA J. MCNEELY JOHN J. MCTIGHE EDWARD C. MELVIN ROBERT J. MEYER LINDA SUZANNE MEYERS LINDA L. MILLER S. DAVID MYERS NORMA IEANNE NAESSEN DWIGHT S. NEWINGHAM JEAN A. NICHOLS I. KEITH NOCK THOMAS P. O'BRIEN CONNIE J. MUEHLMAN BRENDA DILLON MURDOCK GAIL ANN MURRAY SUSAN CLAIR MUS JOHN R. MUSSER ROSALIE A. MYCKA JOHN E. OEHMLER VVILLIAM A. OLSON LYNNE L. OSTERLOH SYBIL I. OSWALD GREGG PETER OTTO DAN PALKA JOHN T. PANYI JUDITH A. PATTON DIANE L. PAYNE TOM PELLEGRINO THOMAS H. PERSINGER NANCY FRAZER PICKHARDT SUSIE PINKERTON WILLIAM A. PIVIROTTO JR. JEANNINE MARIE POWDERS JERRY R. POWELL DIANE C. POZAR NANCY CAROL POZSGI zfiiizifiiszziif 5222? ,Mgt "I "" zszfisietzssgizzglsla.wg,,.,,5y5sg:isg'gg5 ' . ... . li. . " A 'fa f ww 1 I Ni 1... Y.. ' .-lg f agfii-' "'s1,,.Eli:h:1f1.f'. S THOMAS W. PRESLEY ROBERT V. PULSIFER BARBARA ANN RAINBOW ERNEST L. RAMSEY CAROL RANDICH MARTHA G. RAY KENNETH RICH NANCY ROSE RICHARD DONALD WILLIAM RICHEY ELIZABETH E. RIDER KATHLEEN MAE RILEY FRED OLIVER RIPPEY KAREN ANN RECTANUS KATHY L. REESER BOB REIMER DALE VINCENT REINER ' FRED B. REMALEY RONALD E. RENCKLY 5 LINDA L. SACHS SALLY JO SAILER JOHN D. SAMITAS SHARON L. SARGENT JUDITH ANN SARVER CONNIE M. SAVENKO KAREN M. ROBINSON JOHN W. ROSE ARTHUR W. ROSENKEIMER PHIL RUCHKA MARY E. RUTHERFORD SUZANNE BETH SABO PAUL DAVID SAVKO BONNE A. SCANLON JACQUELINE SCHAEFER LAURIE JEAN SCHEIBLE PAUL H. SCHIELKE LINDA J. SCHLEIDEN T' ELIZABETH ANN SCHLEMMER ROBERT L. SCHMID SUZANNE L. SCHMITT KAREN F. SCHOFIELD RICHARD W. SCHOMAKER JOANNE SCHULTZ MARK A. SCHULTZ DIANA MARIE SCHUMACHER GEORGE W. SCHWEIGER THOMAS E. SCHWERIN BEVERLY JANE SCHWEMM NICHOLAS DUANE SCOTT JANET KAY SEAPKER ROBERT R. SEIBERT DARLENE SELZER NANCY ANN SEVERANCE PATRICIA ANN SHARP WALLY SHERBON KIRK W. SMITH SHIRLEY ANN SMITH JOHN SNYDER FAYE LYNNE SOBON MARTHA A. STASIK MARY L. STAUB JUDY ANN SHIREY SHARYN A. SHIRK RANDY E. SHONKA SHARON ANNE SKLEDER RON D. SMALSTIG ERIC P. SMITH JUDY L. STEPHENS LEE MCCORD STEVENSON BRUCE ROBERT STEWART RONALD ROBERT STRAUB RAYMOND O. STROTHMAN GILBERT M. STAUDT FLOTA M. STECKLE ROBERTA ANN STEIN VIRGINIA LEE STEIN KENNETH C. STEINMETZ MARILYN STEITZ ROBERT STRYKER EILEEN C. SULLIVAN MARLENE SUTTER JAMES A. TAYLOR RON E. TAYLOR THOMAS E. TAYLOR '32?5z+f5ifW7IEl5, 0 1 s'5.:i':f5i-395i iii:-?'l31i'f.'W5Ei'i7i1T' ill iw. Wiisif12Qiwg!i.efv.. 'f 1 fsf-1' 4. M 4155... a ffggii .,...... 1... .L.,. L.. .4 ,.. ,x ,.. ff5.fsosif2.fffz,ff3z-Ljyzg-:'31.ff.g.i.w' .2 ,pm we .- fn 2sf4f.i:r' jwfti Qt'-:Ir ,, Qi w f. , 1 ff ws- -ff f Q ,U .. ,V ... .ef . ..,. 5 I -igsfsfezrggxg-,ssgiqasggig? ' ' 'fmf.f-2.- W2ffx!:1f.x,g,.fz5fq,w -,Qswfi2.li1. giipgf,,fQ11vz:i2'if5gftf1' 5asQsawgwgfisiffizaiflziyl . f21QQ151igqsilsiiaiiwfafisie 1 E!.isiHm ef-.WLf.'fasi4'i:gg Ti5'X L LA A K5 H vt '14 922.5 2321 If. 2 ' filfef-anti' k3SfGi'5a . 4 il1Ezwg0f22?5ggfaQ! l,.,If 3, Q Ig i'ffffsl3rQ.difgg- f ,.,, ,-ff .-if fx-. 1 F r ll' S121 155 4111. ' . 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WORKMAN KENNETH E. WORSTELL I E T J LINDA MARGARETTA WYSUN CAROL J . YOUNG DOROTHY L. YOUNG I5ff?fq"2f if H5 ME? ,L sn ags? M ,Q-5 GREGORY C. YOUNG . 5 , I ei , GG. zif2as:Xi1'esw?ii:faz'igg5qg5,.kG i wg wg-'g, I , : ff:1Qf'5Q ef 4 , gi , 4. ,, - f ., ' A A 4' . . l, - ' A353 -1 ff 1 " , 1 - ' If 'fd' " ii :gf , 2, is Y'U DARLENE LINDA NDT I ' aeigwlw 55, LaivEggigiirfgggww, .QQ ' ...xx ur-ff.-:W g 3,1,eif'si.,G:Li2-giaghiv 2 Q at If BILL ZELLER F fax . was ifa-f'iz5,?ff5S?" ? I Liz: I Y 2 SJW' ,S ,253 2 wgi 223:51 in 'SS ,, ggxae 167 We the class of 1965 dedicate this page to our former classmate, Jim Rogers. We shall keep him in our memories now, on graduation, and always. 168 C 2 'fifa 556 fr- C'sWp4 TQ? J Q4 J QI . gffc ' 9 C wi fi Jfwfff Yi, Cx J? 6' fx-9 ff'-rbfkw if Q7-fe I f '- X uw, , ,F .QQ Q . 'X j J -'35 JXQWQV xv A ln kk? ,l N K rp b h x -1 :V 'Cr A A,,. xcixkf ...I wjxl. 'iv-'X ,. 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Suggestions in the North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA) collection:

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North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 156

1965, pg 156

North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 8

1965, pg 8

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