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,,,,.,f V -, ' :M ,,,.......- . ,, 14 is + -9 ,, P 1, 1 V A . 5 1, . ?' , M , 2 'f' y if wi Q, 'D' .1 'Wiki Y' Q . - . ,xy Q :ij jx, A Y - A wi 1 1 fgjffr' .- y ' - ..-...R -ol- . 1 .ii 'F' vrff K., 1 Y 1 ,W .LM , Ag, 'Z 4. qv ff 'P -WX 'mb ,N ,J of fx , Jw 'Fwy J U-4 f Nw 4 M T UL W Y ff 5f??fgf3y 53:98 ,rw 9359? WLS Q 5 f ,wg by , IW W v ffM'7,,P W KL VW gf JJ ff 'df XJ x M 'f Lwrr y U MSMJQ wmfu fffffwiax JK, E Sf KV 'f ' W yfQ1rJ'7qfW cylwfllx NJA' , ,. A0 L 10, ' .. is rv IL' li 1 N YQ! ANL' 11315. xx fj ,Wray N Y - A f , L ,nm , V JG W W P M MV ' ' Q f u N5 F A L jf I A , idly 'uv I , 'M ALWAW MDA W0 K -' f i J if X V 12 .aw X ' Q Lf in RAF i In V9 1 We 1' K . VX A 'X , ?d3 ,I 'L A ' wx D L Wg May f Pro if ggi ff? W Q if y V ffm' M 1 yf' MJ' ,fx fly Y' 4391, . . J QI, L 1 ,AUDI 'LIU' rf? Q X Q! Y? X N ' 'A V M ii UV! A00 I L ,fab W Qt. Aj My IX ,lf V X , bij L W' J le. f V V 1, , 7 ' mf N H 1' vu f ,fy wp ,M LflVV,Q41,Qf JY Wy Rf J' 1, x, I W V L! ' l I y f X' g ff l. V Q1 X - 11, 'IN pi" J :V,1"4 in W fp . H -7, 5 1: U W W' if fy U mf V . ffl Wu .I . .xl X ' kim s ss. u - 5 'yi 7 Y 4 1 T f ' Q I 5 " -,. N' dj x fd ' D' v ' . J' . XJ' L ' w V -.ff ' Q C , , f V5 X xp f X , Q31 ,V my ,J X A DQ' bl 'U , 1' ri ,U X81 I h up Loi' It 1 I M I JV! Vp I ' ,VV ,Vi by V f , .ffl ' 0 I QP' . N A gwf .1 1 ,fp Y V ' P I. N 7 . ,z V! ff H+ If W 'sliksf STEER X THE V 2 PRESENT IN TYPE AND PICTURES YOUR YEARBOOK THE ff I f Y I JACKIE THUR O muff E t Ari Ed lo BONNY HAMILTON JANET HUG NORTH ALI. EQ JUNIOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ' X Pubnshea by the X A SENIOR CLASS 350 CUMBERLAND ROAD PITTSBURGH 37 PENNSYLVANIA f 'P I 1 0' i f X I. Q ls, 1 r up nl! J' , 5' , N t. , 0 . , f . S E , I I ! 'V I T I A A rn! -I 1 V . ' 4 1 1 rl IV. JUL' 1 LI fA'V.,2'I. K' I . M' - .ffl f ' 'gr ' I f - . ' Iwi' I , L ., If I Q.. 3 , ,ff rlf , I Lilith . Liferar Edifxor N XX jx X Business di or I r A N 'gif I SJ I N A .U Q A5 'Fx W J I XV 'fm wax I v My Tw A V I X ' F .ml r I xg IXAL- I, D JK I xg U xxx' ' T4 .JN xvw I I ' ll f --wx ,JNL 4, ...W M 5- ' ,M ?,.ii'M3Qs, Q ll? "U", rm-1 4. Kg . 75 ,X ixgygpik i U Q , K 1 3 .mxMwf.W r. vf 1 n, 1 i I W I m J ' H1xa -,-he ,I ' - 3 ? ""- 4 I lb i -I in 'R-'H ' C il ll, 1 ft kv of fl. , If A, "HK" ,,-W L. .7 "C, J!"tHP" . . f 'si . if tif ,.,.' I i 1 ,,,.-- R UQ-Q ai -s - J 5 i A f . ., f ' - Q13 , L. Q 1' 44 I V 'L 3 J 3 1 M ' ,Q':5 I 3. Y Q 4 ' 5 ' . mmt, 'WW'L' ff"x" , YY A K,L. J,-9117 it 7' A 2 i ' , , 4 nb ra M -, . AA,-- ' - " v' ' 6 ' , g ,s 1 ' fx 1 ' 5 ' LQ k . 1' ? M .uw X xi I' f 51 xx a I-Q' is iv , Mi 1 f x. 'H - ' jf' 'C' " ' ,F L""j 9:2 ' ' FQKJQQ' 4 a it 'K Z' -41 of J, ,- Q ' 7-Q' .-ff A K . ' xi: is ,,,,, I k Q' . ' ' V HW 1, '. Q- , tj ws. h ,,.,, f 1 s , , h , A y 1- z .. -7 . Q K vi' ,, . 'A x ' , 4 . A K ' I 'ir' sc 'Qff fqg1.,.,k V, . 'ff.,.w :fff"ff 339-,Q A , , V 1 ev. , ,, , yy" Y 'Fw 1 X c -If n . 11 . k,.,q4,,,,d., ,,.1v.,K A Q , km5iTH . , ,Mk 1 Q 5 E P 1 i i Y s 1 v i E f X I ,JJ ' MV W Ls? wi N NORTH ALLEGHENY -if , my -,e.mmiw,,.1, W M . ,, X 72 W A- l a j 'f Lf' 9 ,Q Sfflvm' - fiw' 1 ,445 ag f My k 'H l- f K ,I . K Q' Q. A-Q ff Yf . 'S X 'V - ww X I' f . Ax x fa K 31 ' , , . , 5 fl A S STORY OQF WORK AND PLAY iyfjyffgff I to each day youth puts its vibrant spirit d enthusiasm. Without this spirit and spark oth work and play would be unrewarding and unenioyable. But at North Allegheny this spirit can be discovered in the very brick walls of the building. It is found in the excited whispers back stage before the class play, in the rhythmic beat of the bass drum, in the rippling red and white banner carried by the color guard, and it is seen in the eyes of a dirt-smudged football player and his coach. It is not confined to one class or to one grade but it is all-encircling. Through printed word and photographic plate the SAFARI as tried year T957 ya if to capture and retell this spirited ry of the X 4 I Hcwztewt CLASSES. .ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS 4 --W ? Yvw-.-..-..., Y , if I - wh, , ' 1 , . f. A if .V . K ,sf if RA wifi K' M ' M? :A K . i ws: 'Mm I Q Q f- 43" 5 wi, -1 9. :XQ Q 'ws 4 , W fi 2 Q Hin N L0 we Sceaea AS VIEWED THROUGH THE EYES OF YOUTH 441 100107 EMILY WATTERS October 10, 1939 July 25, l956 3111 illirmnriam We, Emily's classmates, dedicate this page to her memory Emily attended North Allegheny for two years. The friends she made will keep her in their memories alw ays. fl nm fr v' 9 Q 'r , E, I J U! X.-1' -'J Tip-top typing tips! YOUTH TOOK ITS PLACE IN THE CLASSROOM ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN I I I f'--:ai I SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL Our thanks goes to Dr. Thomas E. Carson, Supervising Principal of North Allegheny Joint Schools, for the educational direction of our school. Dr. Carson, former Superintendent of Schools at Ingram, came to North Allegheny in 1948 with the consolidation of schools. He has a B.S. Degree from Bethany College, an M.Ed. Degree from the University of Pitts- burgh, and a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Among his varied interests are travel, gardening, and sports. I NORTH ALLEGHENY JOINT SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION First Row-Mrs. Zimmerman, Mrs. Skiles, Mrs. Keeler, Dr. Parrett, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Hosack, Mr. Mashey, Mr. Nicklas, Mrs. Gunn, Mrs. Sramek Second Row-Mr. Richard, Mr. Diety, Mr. Adams, Mr. Williams, Mr. Burrows, Mr. Behrhorst, Mr. Ashcom, Mr. Gourley, Mr. Neal, Mr. Huggins, Mr. Soergel, Mr. Fisher, Mr. Crawford ASSOCIATE SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL Miss Anne Shaffer, former Principal of Espe School, came to North Allegheny in 1948 as Associate Supervising Principal. Miss Shaffer attained her B.S. Degree at Slippery Rock Col- lege and her M.Ed. Degree at the University of Pittsburgh. Among her outside interests, travel is her favorite. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Maxwell is Guidance Counselor and Assistant Principal here at North Allegheny. He attained his B.S. at Indiana State Teachers College and his M.Ed. at the University of Pittsburgh. He will be remembered as a com- mercial teacher and his favorite hobbies are sports and travel. i PRINCIPAL Dr. Vonarx, Principal of North Allegheny, attained his B.S. Degree at the University of Pennsylvania and his M.Ed. Degree and his Dr. Ed. at the University of Pittsburgh. Our respect and gratefulness goes to Dr. Vonarx for making North Allegheny the wonderful school it is. '-1 'Q iii? H, 5' BUILDING SUPERINTENDENT Mr. Atkinson Mr. George Varnum, our capable busi- ness manager, received his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Grove City College. Mr. Varnum has also done graduate study at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Swartz is the reading supervisor of the North Allegheny School District. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Shippensburg State Teachers Col- lege and her Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh. SECRETARIAL STAFF Mrs. Dietrick, Miss Heindl, Mrs, Garvin and Mrs. Checkan DIETITIAN Mrs. Gobel Miss Marilyn Werner, A.B., M.Ed. Baldwin-Wallace College Vocal Music Miss Mary Sallade, B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Art Miss Helen Grubbs, B.S. Edinboro State Teachers College Art Mr. Robert Testa, A.B., M.S.Mus.Ed. Carnegie Tech, Duquesne Band, Orchestra 'S M wi-io Give so FREELY V wi-:Ar wAs so DEARLY Bouei-ir fs. 'r Mrs. Audrey Fleming, B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Homemaking Mrs. Elizabeth Melvin, A.B. Transylvania, Northwestern, University of Kentucky English Miss Elizabeth Brodbeck, B.S. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Physical Education Miss Joanna Lange, B.S. Carnegie Tech Typing Mrs. Vera Glantz, B.S. Indiana State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh University of Wisconsin English Mrs. Dorothy Drazenovich, B.S. Penn State Homemaking Miss Shirley Garretson, B.A. University of Pittsburgh History, Civics But do we have the monies? :J ,, i . -ff' -Yiwu-. VX PT , W' msg., ' f I I I .V Y ' H 11, . ' , , ., 1 ' '- .2 ' : W 4 sf: 4-' I lzl, Il ' ,, .," L :K V, f ig' -L .:' 4 ' xx A ., 5' Y . ,. A 3' 3 . 5 Wiff if A A L Q? A f x if ' u ,, I ...H 1 X. 5 2 , ffm 5 5 ' A 'Mimi .QM s.-o""".', , Hr. IZ 0 A x W, : A f V'w.a'w45 my - ,, ' 'U 2 k A -.. M 11... ,. Q T2 f 121 mf g N We didn't learn this in theory class M A GUIDING HAND THROUGH Q ' ' ' THE YEARS sir Mrs. Mary Levendos, A.B., M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Social Studies Mrs. Cynthia Greg, R.N., B.S. Shadyside Hospital, Waynesburg School Nurse, Hygiene Miss Ellen Boyd, A.B. Geneva College English Miss Loree LaSalle, A.B. Penn State University of Pittsburgh English Mrs. Hazel Gant Slippery Rock State Teachers College . University of Pittsburgh Mathematics Mrs. Wilma Anderson indiana State Teachers College Social Studies Mrs. Mary Letzkus California State Teachers College English Mrs. Donolda Costello, A.B., M.Ed. Seton Hill, University of Pittsburgh Latin Us .X Z Q.: L 'Q K K' f if R if Q 55 ki A E , L ix , QE 3 QR 6 y K ' ' 1 Emi 'Q ffl my -.i ff N W. 3, 0 xlxe if I-gg, ,V , F 1 gg ,. :s'1iNf'a'a ' O W, 5 2 f:V:wf . 1 if ' K, Uv. ,xg K as X Z4fg5W"Q3fq Q, idx ' A 9225 ,wb ,gg 1. N - ' , - 3' k 'A ' :Wifi fi' 7 fff' E Mr. Lee Schaffer, B.S. California State Teachers College Wood, Plastics Mr. Jules Bertin, B.S., M.Ed. California State Teachers College Penn State Machine Shop, Foundry Mr. Albert Gaisbauer, B.S. California State Teachers College Mechanical Drawing rv! Mr. John Bolvin, A.B., M.Ed. Wooster, University of Pittsburgh P.O.D., Civics Mr. Joseph Prady, A.B., M.Ed. Waynesburg College Duquesne University American History Mr. Carl Sinkula, B.S., M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Slippery Rock State Teachers College Health, Science MIM Mr. Joseph Drazenovich, B.S Penn State Physical Education Mr. Robert Allen, B.S. Kent State University Drivers Education Mr. Lyle Fox, B.S., M.Ed. Slippery Rock State Teachers College Health Mr. Charles Horne, B.S. Duquesne University World History J ,W-1 Q , BARBARA ABBS "Barb" As a member of the make-up committee this smiling senior was a busy backstage worker during the senior class play. Barb's personality and ambition spur her towards a secretarial career. FRANK ALSTON "Mike" Sports manager and one of the P.A. system's speakers are all rolled together in this scientific senior. Mike will blast off for the realm of science at college after graduation. KENNETH ALTFATHER "Ken" Wearing number 40 was Ken, a hard-hitting tackle. The special interests of number 40 in- clude hunting, archery, golf, and girls! Ken plans to make the Air Force his new home base. WALTER BARKER "Wally" Meet Wally, N.A.'s fast-moving halfback, who led the Tiger eleven to victory. This senior who scored in the fields of friendship and football was elected president of Leaders Club and veep of his home room. WE LEARNED TO MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS Class officers and advisers take time out FRANCES BARKUS "Fran" Many NORTH STAR stories sport the by-line of this writing whiz. As a member of the SAFARI, Fran, who plans to be a nurse, helped to un- tangle staff business problems. MICHAEL BARTGIS "Mike" The Gold and Black varsity marching band marks this trumpet-toting senior's name down on their roll call. Mike will march to a new rhythm when he ioins the Air Force. CARL BECKMAN "Carl" Height and a long list of friends to go with it belong to Carl. The next plateau for this sky- scraping senior is a position in the commercial art field. ANNA MAE BEINING "Anna Mae" Soon to be a June bride is this three-year mem- ber of the F.T.A. Chorus also kept Anna Mae within its folds when she wasn't serving on the cafeteria committee. its X? U sift QMS B. ABBS F. ALSTON K. ALTFATHER fi w. BARKER F. BARKUS M. BARTGIS C. BECKMAN A. BEINING I Elini is emafz4a2f7757 PRISCILLA BERAN Priscilla The footllghts framed Priscilla in both plays while FTA made her their corresponding sec retary This tiny gal will soon undertake the big task of teaching teens BERNICE BERGMAN Bernie Bernie found time to keep up her military corres pondence and still belong to Leaders Club and the cafeteria committee lt was under her super vision that the play committee set record break ing ticket sales ROBERT BLACK Bo Advanced Science Club made this tip top senior student a member and officer Fall will find Bob a former matman preparing to magor an chem nstry at college BARBARA BLACKBURN Barb An all star in all school sports Barb also held a membership in F H A After graduation she will step out of the sports spotlight and into the homemaking circle GAIL BLAKE Gal Using her literary skull for both the NORTH STAR and the SAFARI and her musical talent in chorus Gall also finds time for Leaders Club and College Club LENORE BONTEMPO Lenny Cleveland s recent contribution to N A has made Art Service Club her new stamping ground Late coming Lenny is making plans to enter the University of Pittsburgh JOANNE BOSH Boshle Riding high is this future Wave The refreshment committee for the Christmas Dance Included Boshles name and Biology Club also saluted their service bound member JAMES sosn Hap Look for this happy-o-lucky fellow in any one of his favorite pastimes-hunting fishing sleeping in English class of course! Hap will try his wings in the Air Force. PATRICIA BOSH a urly-haired Pat promoted intramurals after school through her active participation in all sports. Pat also spent her spare moments making music with the other chorus members. RAND BRANDT Randy Out in front in all activities is the schools choice for their leader and president. N.A.s capable center during football season Randy makes hot-rodding his year-round hobby, 21 fx X I . BERAN . BERGMAN . BLACK . BLACKBURN . BLAKE . BONTEMPO . BOSH . BOSH . BOSH . BRANDT BRUSIK BUTLER CALDWELL CAMPBELL CHOTTA BURGER CALDWELL C. J. CALVAS CAYE CLEARY 4,4 1957 JOAN BRUSIK Joan National Honor Society opened its doors to this artistic miss Joan who plans to begin her art career at Edinboro State Teachers College was awarded the presidency of Art Service CAROL BURGER Carol Name the committee and Carol has served on ntl National Honor Society made this senior who is tops In scholastlcs as well as sports a three year member After school Carol is a Y Teens worker THOMAS BUTLER Tom Look for Tom in a sporty 51 Ford or tinkering with TV sets and repairing radios His member ship in Ham Radio Club beams in his ambition to enter electronics CAROLE CALDWELL Carole Spending her time sewing and skating when she isnt working is this two year member of F H A Carole will use commercial training to capture a secretarial position CAROLYN CALDWELL Carolyn Two class plays played up this attractive usher ette Carolyn will be the senior band and orchest ras present to Presbyterian Hospital in the fall and is their selection for band secretary now JOHN CALVAS Jack If he isnt in chorus then gust look for this sing ing senior harmonizing with musical groups Jack as a member of hall patrol supervised stu dents at ramp B JOAN CAMPBELL Joan In addition to many activities Joan can also boast of a high scholastic record Miss Campbell is the belle of Leaders Club National Honor Society and usherettes as well JOHN CAYE Jack Here is Art ll s choice for their representative to Student Council. After Jack s entrance into Coun- cil activities the executive board made him chairman ofthe traffic committee. JACK CHOTTA Chotts Living up to his nickname is the top shot of the Tiger basketball team. Jack didnt stop with basketball but made the gridiron his game in the fall and the baseball diamond his spring sport. PAUL CLEARY Pau See a familiar face out with the fellows, hunting, or working on a car? If you did perhaps it's Paul, one of N.A.'s senior send-offs to the Army. 22 WE LOOKED FORWARD TO A BRIGHT FUTURE Thank goodness it's Friday STANLEY CLEVA "Stan" Stan, who kept Art ll laughing the year round, was a serious threat on the gridiron during the fall football season. After school Stan gives up his hobby of tormenting teachers for hunting. THERESA COWELL "Terry" When the noon rush is on Terry is on duty as a member of cafeteria committee. Terry, who en- ioys the combined hobbies of sewing and skating will soon combine a career and marriage. CAROL COX "Carol" T.B. now stands 'For tall and blonde, and that describes this gal! Carol, a member of Y-Teens and Art Service Club, will give her service to a higher level when she enters nursing. GRACE CRESS "Grace" The business world will welcome this intramural- interested girl. Leaders Club captured Grace for three years and at the same time captured athletic ability and personality. CLEVA cowsn 1 COX I l CRESS 1. if Y 1? CRISSMAN DAVIES DAVIS DAVIS fi Ng tl JUDITH CRISSMAN "Judy" Search for this cool clarinetist playing in the band, practicing a drill, or anywhere else but home room! Today it is Y-Teens for Judy, to- morrow it will be a nursing career. JOAN DAVIES "Joan" This Spanish-speaking lass made a language and band her claims to fame. Joan is not only presi- dent of Spanish Club but also the vice-president and spirited leader of Tri-Hi-Y. BETTY DAVIS "Betty" Here's the sweet and sunny secretary of Home Ec. ll who served the library faithfully for three years. Muskingum College calls this College Club member to maior in home economics. JANE DAVIS "Jane" Art Service Club included this senior in its meet- ings when she wasn't twirling and whirling to maiorette music. Jane, who decorates school functions as an usherette will maior in interior decorating. 'Y' , - I Nw tw f 1 'I 1, 4? 5 L it J 1 H V. I 1 is. fiLefgf'i'fft-:W . ' 4 , ,V 'I' , .5 , '9 1 ""'. ' jf ' gifs. ' L 'Q " E 5 s 4 ,N Sam ,1 RONALD DAVIS "Ron" A must in every dramatic presentation is this vice-president of Thespians, first fellow in class plays, and member of the color guard. Ron's next role will be that of a novice in the Navy. SHIRLEY DAVIDSON "Shirl" Her part in chorus and in the senior class play won permanent recognition for Shirley. The next plateau in her life includes a ring and apron strings. JOANNE DeANGELIS "Joanne" This tip-top twirler is not only talented but active in everything! Joanne is editor-in-chief of the SAFARI and is secretary of the senior class. She will find her future and fortune in the secretarial field. KATHLEEN DONAVAN "Kathy" Being a member of chorus keeps Kathy busy. Y-Teens and intramurals complete her activities. Kathy will bring hospitality to hospitals when she completes her nurse's training. Cutting Christmas capers DOROTHY DOSTALIK "Dot" Dot receives expert advice in F.H.A. on her hand- some, handmade clothes. This quiet member of the library staff is quite a gal when it comes to acting and athletics. HELEN DUBAICH "Helen" The senior class play starlighted Helen as Debbie, This county chorus member added singing to reciting on her school schedule. Fasten your safety belts for Helen will be an airline hostess. EVELYN EASLEY "Ev" A gift for gymnastics and ability in other ath- letics made Ev a candidate for Leaders Club. This dark-haired senior took time to serve on two play committees, library staff, and cafeteria patrol, WILLIAM EBBERT "Bill" Chess Club claims this sports enthusiast as one of its members. The business world appeals to Bill, who enioys spending his leisure hours working on his stamp collection. N R. oAvis s. nAviosoN J. DeANGElIS ' K. DONAVAN S I X tg. Q o. oosnxux H. ouaAicH E. szisisv W. EBBERT emafz40f7757 DONNA ESPE Donna Although she will soon be oft to Thiel this sweet voiced senior has already distinguished herself In chorus and in various ensembles A member ship In Leaders Club and FTA rounded out Donna s schedule last year ELEANOR FAIRLEY E I9 This future frosh at the University of Pittsburgh placed her name on the roll of F T A Glee Club and girls ensemble and then helped set the record for breaking sales for the senior play LINDA FALCK n Linda is a leader not only in Leaders Club but In chorus and girls ensemble as well After school this tall blonde makes hers a YTeens World WILLIAM FALOON I Spot a new convertible and you have spotted Bill' This National Thespian and member of chorus and Leaders Club proved to be fun on stage as well as off inthe senior play CLARENCE FLETCHER Clarence Chess Club honored this fan of both hunting and cars with the office of secretary Clarence will soon answer the beckon of the Alr Force JO ANN FOSTER A red headed miss with a bright voice to match that s Jo Four groups F T A gurls ensemble mixed ensemble and Y Teens all carry Jo Ann s name on their roster JOHN FOWLER John A new model guy with an old model car describes this active Christmas Dance committee member Advanced Science Club and chorus will miss John next year when he e lists an the Marines MICHAEL FRANCHAK Mike Mike was a high scorer with his classmates as well as in basketball games. Student Council made him a guardian of the halls during school and Mike made the sport's spotlight after school. DAVID FRANCIS "Dave" A baritone-playing band member for three years, Dave, also got into the rhythm of Advanced Science Club activities. An architectural major and Penn State looms for this music-minded senior's future. GARY FREY "Gary" Your attention Please! This member of National Honor Society and Advanced Science Club will enter the field of electronics. lt was Gary's voice that led the morning announcements and meet- ings ofthe Ham Radio Club, 25 'IU ll 1 i I fi-' X '55 x A D. ESPE l. FALCK C. FLETCHER J. FOWLER D. FRANCIS Cs... in E. FAIRLEY W. FALOON J. FOSTER M. FRANCHAK G. FREY 'B fx if fe, gy I ft X If Xe- if 433 Tub?-Li nxngn FUELLENWARTH GASS Glll GOODE GREENERT P FULKERSCN R GENTER R GOOD T GOULD M GRIFFIN emafz4af7757 CLAUDIA FUELLENWARTH Claudua Leaders Clubs peppy presudent extended her actuvutues to unclude Natuonal Honor Socuety lunuor play and usherettes as well Claudua wull relunquush her dutues as head cheerleader to assume the responsubulutues of a nursung career PATRICIA FULKERSON a Cafeterua commuttee claums thus decuded muss wuth an undecuded future as one of uts members After school Pat relaxes wuth her favorute recrea tuon whuch us skatung MARJORIE GASS Marge Marges home room selected her to be theur secretary and she selected musuc actuvutues such as gurls ensemble and muxed ensemble Thus three year member of College Club wull type out a secretarual career ROBERT GENTER Bo Bob stepped unto the presudency of the senuor class and went on to be a leader un wrestlung and golf besudes Photography Club claums thus champuon musuc as well as mat man CAROLINE GILL Carolune FTA s new member auded un the search for the props for the senuor play Carolune wull ful fill her avud ambutuon for a comptometer oper ators career by traunung ot a busuness school ROBERT GOOD Bo Good better best' Thats thus fast hard runnung halfback of the Tuger eleven Bob scored eught touchdowns and gauned enough yardage to lead hus team to a wunnung season RICHARD GOODE Duck Thus newcomer from Nevulle Island added hus athletuc abuluty to the Tuger basketball and foot ball teams Duck wull bank hus next shot on a career un the Aur Force THOMAS GOULD Tom Tom's blond hour and last name caused hus class mates to bestow the nuckname "Goldue" upon hum When the servuce calls, Tom wull set off to serve hus country CAROLE GREENERT "Carole" Here's the gal wuth naturally curly haur to whom hard work on the art staff came lust as natur ally' A nursung career us the next step on Carole's agenda MICHAEL GRIFFIN "Muke" Prolectuonusts, Photography Club and the bowl ung team all unclude Muke's name un theur mem bershup books After graduatuon he wull stow hus gear for the Navy 26 They sewed and stitched 'till their fingers were bewitched! LINDA GROSS "Linda" Council made Linda head of student activities while her home room made her their secretary. The other activities of this up-and-at-'em blonde inckvde Art Service, F.H.A., chorus, and library sta . CAROLE GRUBER "CaroIe" A carefree member of Commercial Club and Glee Club, Carole was voted into the office of secretary by her home room. This skating fan will soon skate into the secretarial world. JEAN HALLER "Jean" Jean ioined the cafeteria committee's team and attended College Club meetings as well. The future of this short-haired gal wavers between a college course or a commercial career. BONNIE HAMILTON "Bonnie" As business editor of the Annual, this red-headed pepster kept her t-e-a-m ' s finances on the b-e-a-m! Bonnie is a member of Art Service, Span- ish Club, cafeteria patrol, and a home room officer too. JAMES HARGEST "Jim Proiectionists and Photography Club both in clude the name of this senior struck by the car craze. Jim is also a member of Safe Teens and of the library staff. SHIRLEY HARTMAN "ShirI Don't beat around the bush with this blonde who holds the position of vice-president in F.H.A.! Shirley will test her typing talent when she competes for a commercial position. WILLIAM HARTMAN "Bill A one-time track team member, this blond-haired runner makes hunting and fishing his favorite pastimes. Bill, who is also a Biology Club mem ber, will enroll in a trade school. AUDREY HELM "Audrey The latest fads in fashion as well as music clamored for Audrey's attention. lt was this interest in music that caused her to climb aboard the chorus bandwagon. in K I t 1. s if f . af' Q - is 1 2 fs . L. enoss V' y c. Gnuasn it ' 1. HALLER H ' M a. ruuvurrou W my ' -"' . il L3 -5. 2 J. minsssr '- s. HARTMAN M my . .f w. HARTMAN A. Hsuvi sg g X 27 JANET HERR "Jun" If she's of? for Grove City then you can bet Janet will make the most of it. This shorthand student was a year long member of College Club and cafeteria committee. GERTRUDE HILL "Trudy" The red-hot athletic ability of this red-head made her an All Star Team member for both basket- ball and soccer. Trudy will try her wings as an airline hostess. RONALD HINER "Ron" Famous for his classroom capers is this star- studded singer and football player. After Leaders Club Ron finds time to sing in the boys ensemble, Glee Club and chorus. EMMA HOLZMAN "Emma" Distinguished by a long, blonde page-boy and the office of veep of College Club is this sweet and shy senior. Emma who is an usherette will usher in a home ec maior. 1. HERR G. mu R. t-:mek E. HoLzMAN 1. Houcu I J. Hue X M. Hum - P. JOHNSON ' A E mais' .1 ' Scientists set to work JAMES HOUGH "Jim" Proiectionists awarded Jim, whose interests range from cars to football, a letter for his service. Jim also proiected his interests into Safe Teens, chorus, and Photography Club. JANET HUG "Jan" The artistic ability of this National Honor Society member won her an award of art editor for the Annual. Proiectionists and make-up committee made Jan an active as well as attractive gal. MARION HUNT "Marion" Sho nuff! lt's Marion, the West Virginia gal who was the leading lady in the senior play. Marion is also band secretary-treasurer, a member of chorus and girls and mixed ensembles. PATRICIA JOHNSON "Pat" This diligent writer for the NORTH STAR ferretted out news stories and costumes for the class play and still found time for chorus and Proiectionists. June will find Pat a student nurse. R . s 3 if encafzaaff757 CAROLL JOHNSTON Caroll Formerly a Bellevue belle Caroll was an asset to the Annual and a willing worker on TIGER TALES Besides being a member of Art Service she also helped make up actors for class plays BRENDA JONES Jonesy Meet a Syracuse miss loaded with spunk and sptrlt who came to N A in the toll of 56 This late but valuable newcomer is a member of FTA and College Club ROBERT JURJEVIC Bob Whenever a lob s to be done un Student Council look for Bob He is also one of 20 boys on hall patrol a Prolectlomst a chorus member and a future Pitt student ANASTASIA KAILYAR Stasla This fancy gal with the fancy name continued to carry out her cafeteria commlttments After commencement this gal will discard her gradu ation cap for a bridal veil CHRISTOPHER KARSTEN Chns Sports season spells out wrestling and golf for Chris These are lust a few of his Interests for he has token an active part in Leaders Club and in College Club RUTH KEIL Ruthie Besides being vice president of her home room Ruthie was chosen vice president of FTA and became a busy library helper Coming up for Ruthie is a teaching career HELEN KERNAN Helen Atl I want us music music music' This blonde paid her tribute to music by lotnlng the chorus where she kept up a regular attendance and maintained her music interest too MARILYN KERR Shorty With such a winning way Marilyn must make Happiness Street her regular beat As Marilyn made her way through high school she received not only an education but the nickname Shorty Shorty JOAN KRIETZBURG President of F H A National Honor Society and student director for the senior class play all made Jo one of the busiest seniors ever Pitts burgh Art Institute will welcome the senior prom chairman BERNARD KWALIK Bernie One of N.A. s few three-letter men Bernie dis- played his running ability as left end for the Tiger eleven and ran track. College will be the choice of this Leaders Club man. 29 . JOHNSTON . JURJEVIC . KARSTEN . KERNAN . KRIETZBURG JONES . KAILYAR KEIL . KERR . KWALIK 45' 46- Y' QQ- C D LANCASTER P LOISELLE J LUSTER S MARBURGER W MATHER 55- x ,pil UIINQN 'Q' LEASON LOVE MANNHEIMER MASHEY MATTSON DONALD LANCASTER Don This dlvertung dusk lockey for all school dances drsplayed hls Interest an Ham Radlo Club where he was secretary treasurer and nn dance com mlttees and Muslc Appreciation Club Engnneer mg summons Don KENNETH LEASON Ken Home room Art I made thus happy go lucky guy with serlous plans of attendnng college thenr vnce presldent Ken loaned ln the football fray In tenth grade PATRICIA LOISELLE a Pat displayed her artlstuc skull an Art Servlce Club and on make up commnttees for class plays Pittsburgh Art Institute wall be the sate of her debut unto art FAYE LOVE Faye Despute her hard work on the cafeteria com mnttee and Library Staff Faye loves to and finds tume to take part nn musuc actnvntues She s member of Glee Club JOYCE LUSTER oy Joy who makes dancung her after school diver sion used a snappy step to wan her malorette boots She will use her commercnal tralnlng to strut unto a FSCEPTIODISTS posltlon LIBBY MANNHEIMER Llbby The likable gal who loved athletics that s Llbby She was a continual star when It came to All Star basketball Commercial Club kept callmg Lnbby to club meetnngs SHIRLEY MARBURGER Shirley Spot a rhythmic marching gal7 Surely thats Shirley' This Natuonal Honor Society member represented her home room In Student Council and as president presided over College Club meetmgs JAMES MASHEY lm Chess Club made Jim who ns also a member of Chess Team thelr treasurer Advanced Science Club and National Honor Society also opened their ranks to this future Carnegie Tech englneer WILBUR MATHER WI Wnll wllled hls talents to the Art Staff of the Annual and to Leaders Club as well Hls unter ests which range from full scale cars to model trams also Include a varuety of sports KAREN MATTSON Karen When she wasnt attendlng College Club or executlve meetmgs our sensor class veep made a beellne for basketball Karen who us an usher ette wnll realnze her dream to be a dental hyglenlst 30 'X " 'Q e 'I fx .I ' WF - 1" I ll ll Y 'X Q " V " -1 y 3 'S ig v K . . . . . ' .f ' Q YI ' L 1 . g .. H If ' ' a N up '11 if I - U f A 'I ,, ,, A.. 4, .Ns h A Q . . - . . ' 4 ' 7 . . . . . . ' U an S' 4 A.. 'ft ff Q I , R441 y : . . , . . . f - .sm .Q I ' yt. 1 xx.: S f ff - H Q1-sg . .i ' . K 45 . ' 1 5. ' -5' .1 N ,. - ,, , 2 rf, is tl ' Ian. N' ,f J 3,5 1 u - ll so aw if J L Il 'I'll 'fs I . . . ll ll . , - r K' . . I . . F. ' I ' , . L, . . ' - J- I . . K. . Sponsor and staff spotcheck schedule SANDRA McCULLOCH "Sandy" College is coming up for this blonde rage that took to the stage for the senior play Sandy, a member of Glee Club, Proiectionists, and cafe- teria committee, was the iunior class secretary. DOROTHY McEVOY "Dot" Dot dashed off for chorus and signed her name on the dotted membership line, This secretarial schemer is a member of F.H.A. and Commercial Club. KENNETH MCILLVRIED "Ken" Ken caught the chess craze and was elected president of Chess Club and captain of the chess team. Chemical engineering will capture this member of National Honor Society and Advanced Science Club. KENNETH MCKINNEY "Ken" This member of Proiectionists made class minutes move faster by showing movies. Ken, a stock car, racing, and hunting fan, will don his Navy blues after graduation. ' as-7' CAROLINE METZ "Caroline" The fioodlights proclaimed this active and able Annual worker the leading lady in the iunior class play. Caroline is also a leader in Girls Leaders, College Club, and cafeteria patrol. GEORGIANN MIJAKOVAC "Georgiann" This lass of the N.A. library has a long list of friends to equal her long name. Georgiann did not limit herself to library work, however, but ioined the Latin Club ranks. .IO ANN MILCOFF "Milfie" TIGER TALES made this star of the NORTH STAR and SAFARI staff its editor-in-chief. Outstanding athletic ability won Jo the title of "Most Ath- letic." Colorado U. will capture a talented singer and senior. GEORGE MISSEY "George" A iob at Bell Telephone Company tolls in the future of this capricious chorus addition. George, varied interests include swimmin is a whose g, member of Chess Club and the golf team. 5. McCULLOCH Qi ,que S D. McEVOY K. McILlVRIED sl K. M:KlNNEY f X Q Xxx X .M A . t i , i Ng 40"- 4? C. METZ 9' G. MIJAKOVIC J, MILCOFF G. MISSEY ' ' s' 1 -5 5 ' + 31 '53 . ti HILAIRE MODIC "Hilaire" Love that trig class! Here's a senior fellow who is not only interested but also good in math and science. Chess Club captured Hilaire and mono- polized his activity periods. SUSANNE MOFFETT "Sue" This Milwaukee maid played the clarinet in the marching band and made up the players in class dramatic productions. Sue, another future novice in the nursing field, belonged to Latin Club and F.H.A. DAVID MURRAY "Dave" Chorus saluted this short singer. The stature of Dave's plans for the future, however, are large and include a chemical engineer's curriculum. Dave will advance his aims at Penn State. ROBERT NEAL "Bob" Wearing a blue and white Winder's iacket and sporting a membership to the club is this auto enthusiast. Bob will wend his way to college after graduation. F' Yes, there's school today! DENNIS NICKUM "Lackie" Hunting and cars rate attention from this fun- loving senior. Lackie was the cause of Art I's chaos. He will spark his way to an electrician's position after graduation. THOMAS PALMER "Larry" Both the iunior and senior class plays highlighted the NORTH STAR'S editor-in-chief. Larry, a mem- ber of National Honor Society and Leaders Club, leans toward law study and a journalism maior. JAMES PANNIER "Jim" The senior class made their iimrdandy saxophone player the chairman ot the band committee tor the Christmas Dance. Jim, a music-motivated fellow, is a member of band and orchestra. FRANCES PERNER "Fran" Fran, a tan of sports and the out-of-doors, is a member of Y-Teens and Library Service. Fran will mobilize her talents to attain and maintain a secretary's position. '7,., S .,,Q,., - 1 , 1. H. Manic -P 'EAL V s. Moffett D. MURRAY - .5 n. NEAL TX Q 2, L ' 8-If , L 1 0. NICKUM T, PALMER X' J. PANNIER xx F, PERNER wa ""iQ! A If-2'-was ' , , ,ll f , f. l X' ., i . , Tl "ff V "f f A s Q. tx 32 ay 1957 SANDRA PETERS Pete Angling for a study of alrllne communlcatlon at business school as the cholrs queen of the key board Orchestra band and chorus all cater to songstress Sandy JOSEPH PIVIROTTO Jack Jack a member of the bowlung team chorus and boys and mixed ensembles ns one of the chlef controllers an the cafeterla He wlll make a date with Penn State to study business admlnustratlon WARREN PORTER Stuck Sax foot and away we go' Bound to basketball ns this future campus candidate Warren a mem ber of Advanced Science and Ham Radlo Club stole the stellar part IU the lunlor class play RONALD REDILLA Ron As master of ceremonues Ron rauses chaos when ever a pep assembly rolls around The baseball dnamond beckons R n In the sprl g while Leaders and College lub call hum throughout the year EILEEN RICHARDS Elleen To the cheerleading squad of whlch she IS a member goes much of Eileen s vltallty Miss Vim and Vlgor IS treasurer of Leaders Club and on the cafeteria and make up committees EDWARD RINGEISEN Because he IS a member of hall patrol look for Ed between classes keeping confusuon In the halls to a mlnlmum Ed will make the Navy has buoy for life DICK ROYSTON Duck The veep of the sophomore class and president ofthe lunnor class was a wlnner In wrestlmg and basketball too Natnonal Honor Socnety also puts In nts bud for thus Annapolis bound boy ELSA RUDOLF Rudy Rudy s tame has been spent enther managlng the cheerleaders or an National Honor Society She as keeper of the conns for the sensor class usherette and a member of Glee Club GRACE RUPRECHT Dolly After graduation thus loyal chorus student wall attempt to make her ambltlon of being another Ann Sothern come true This secretarial Interest made Dolly a Commercnal Club doll DONNA RYAN Donna Munutes from home room meetnngs are kept by Donna Lookmg for Donna after school? Then thus future secretary can be found working at the Pnnes Plaza 33 'Uv A455 'CT 1. J f XX SRU: S PETERS W PORTER E RICHARDS D ROYSTON G RUPRECHT PIVIROTTO REDILLA RINGEISEN RUDOLF RYAN ff Ji .vs- fi: SARVER SCHOFIELD SCHWEIGER SCULL SMITH 1 'Id lx .A W SCHELLHAAS SCHWEIGER SCOTT SIGMUND SMITH ay 1957 LORETTA SARVER Lone Heres the petnte member of our class whose vocal talent sent her as a representatnve from N A to County Chorus Lorne landed the role of Hank an the sensor class play WILLIAM SCHELLHAAS Re Who can forget Red nn the mnschuevous role of Randolph an the lumor class play? He IS National Thesplans treasurer and also a member of the color guard and hall patrol SIDNEY SCHOFIELD n Thus senior plans to put one of hns present hob bnes unto effect an the future Sudneys hobby IS electronics and his future of course IS a career un electronuc engmeermg JACK SCHWEIGER Jack ln the fall football claums Jack as theur rught end and In the sprung baseball places hum un center field .lack who holds the renns to Marune s career likes to rude horseback RICHARD SCHWEIGER Rich Stage crew members made Rlch a fellow worker To be a professional sunger IS Rnchs hope Hus favorite pastime us maklng music wuth the Quan tones DOROTHY SCOTT Do Just classify Dot as a sunglng seamstress' She ns a member of Glee Club durmg school and makes sewing her hobby after school Dot wull don a band of gold after graduatnon BRENDA SCULL Bren Helping her make her mark as a malorette was Brens bright smlle and personality She was a member of County Chorus as well as the N A chorus Glee Club and Leaders Club .IACK SIGMUND Jack Outside of school Jack makes the munutes fly by huntmg flshlng or working on hrs motorcycle Graduatuon will classlfy Jack In the category set aside for the Army HARRIET SMITH Hornet College Club made thus qunet sensor thelr sec retary by quite a margun of votes Harriet wlll answer the need for nurses when she begms her tralnlng at Vurgmla Intermont College PATRICIA SMITH Cl Pat who ns a member of usherettes Glee Club Leaders Club and Natnonal Honor Society walked away with a part nn the senior play Besides participating un these a tlvrtles she I5 a top notch student 34 ' 0 v 1, - H I I . 4 V ' u du . , ' . x N A . use X -Q Q D.. h .' ns-dn A . M . . . . 'r IJ, . ' 5 xc, ., ,, y.:1.f'.1,z.jj'. ,i . . n - . , ' a K . , . . I I 7 I , ' V , . . . . , . X . 3 Ml reg. , . 'X H 'rr .is 1 ' ' 75 ,, A 1 . 1 . X 4 , 1 . . s .- 1 K:f:'. Rx. g .. ll l I . h + mx, 'F ,Q I 3 H H , 3 w X , . . . O -1 " , 1 ' ' qi X MR , . . U . f , . if I 11 H 5 X Q . , S Q . ll rl - u A 1 HP ,H , , , L h . . . . C . . . , - S. J, . R. D. S1 ii f 1 R if l l fi gd! p m lit f 'tt L Li' l' - 1 t j I L r Pf lt nik, A XJ , VI L lwlv Tl A iff' P A . , f 0 , . L MW' A . ffyif sr FLW i if f - 'N if A K- l f t L Ll . I xi MJ 'djs ,NV V rf! -- X i ff , .J Xi. I - MA! Lf: llny, A ', V LL Iv ,W Nod' t I VJ RN W flu 'x JJ f IQ., v l fl Someone in the crowd yelled, CAROL ANN STRICKER "Carol" A blonde bombshell from Brooklyn, New York, Carol keeps a contagious smile on hand. Her decision to enter training will add another name to the list of new nursing recruits. EDWARD SUTTON "Butch" This rebel was a yankee when it came to wrest- ling and boys ensemble! He also liked working with wood and hunting and fishing. The big business world is next on Butch's agenda. JO ANNE TAYLOR "Jo Anne" Come to chorus if you want to keep in step with this senior soprano! Jo, who works at Pines Plaza, will leave her cafeteria commit- ments to capture a secretarial career. MARJORIE THEURER "Margie" N.A.'s pert and pretty maiorette whose second year on the NORTH STAR won her the assistant editorship and a Quill and Scroll membership. This fall will gnd her a Sociology maior at Westminster. ss. 1 5 , Q f i Q9 "Hoorah for Tigers!" ROBERT SMITH "Smitty" Whenever a production is in progress Smitty, as manager ot the stage crew, will be bound for the back-stage. Next year this up and coming crew man will attend Pitt. ROBERT STANFORD "Bob" Dinski, as Bob is often dubbed, is out for the outdoors! For proof of this check his hobbies of hunting and fishing. Bob will cast his line for the Navy next fall. WILLIAM STEPHENS "BiII" After graduation Bill will blast off for the Air Force. When he isn't sighting game on a hunting spree he makes cafeteria work his target. GLENN STOOPS "Glenn" Listen to this listlfpresident of band and Nation- al Honor Society, veep of Chess Club, and team, and chaplain ofthe Tri-Hi-Y. The senior play also included his service and scholastic combination. R. SMITH R. STANFORD W. STEPHENS G. STOOPS C. STRICKER E. SUTTON J. TAYLOR M. THEURER 35 ,fly . Hsu JACQUELINE THURSTON "Jackie" Get geared to cheer when near this smiling cheerleader and secretary of the school! Jackie was a National Honor Sociey member, head usherette, the SAFARl'S literary editor, and appeared in the iunior play. JOHN TINNEMEYER "Johnny" Here's a star hurdler of the track team and the veep of the iunior class. Johnny, who is a mem- ber of hall patrol, College and Leaders Clubs, will enter engineering. ALICE TOBIAS . "Vicky" One of the curve-raisers of the class, Vicky divided her time among the SAFARI, National Honor Society and Safe-Teens. She will study business administration at Mount Mercy. HARRIET WAGNER "Harriet" Harriet places her pep and personality into a membership in F.H.A. Her hobby is collecting knick-knocks. The future plans of this gay senior gal include secretarial work. The nerve of her! WILLIAM WAPPLER "Bill" As you can tell by his team recold in football and baseball Bill likes and excels in sports. An institute of "higher learning" beckons Bill. DEANNE WERLING "Deanna" Future Homemakers and Art Service Club took up Deanna's school time while sewing monopolized her spare seconds after school. A position in the working world awaits this willing girl. KENNETH WILLETS "Ken" Taking an interest in chorus and boys ensemble is this kid called Ken. His happiest hours are spent on his hobby which is working with cars. Ken will ioin the iob-hunters after graduation. WILLIAM WILLIAMS "BiII" Bill's will is to work with electronics in the way of TV and radio. He belongs to Ham Radio Club now and will soon radio in a course in electroni- cal engineering. 6 gn J. THURSTON ig ' J. TINNEMEYER r A. TOBIAS H. WAGNER if' W. WAPPLER D. WERLING K. WILLETS W. WILLIAMS 'Q i I: 3 6" 4 Q. I ff' ' .is ' 0,4 1957 MARJORIE WINEGAR "Margie" The favorite hobby of this class favorite is hav- ing fun. She not only enioys laughter but loves girl's athletics. Her plans after graduation in- clude business school and secretarial work. JANET WITT "Jan" Keeping order among the maiorettes was Jan, their manager. This managing miss is a member of the SAFARI, Leaders, College Club, and chorus. Jan's personality made her lust the gal for a iunior play part. WILLIAM WOLFRUM "Bill" Bill, who is a carefree chorus member also be- longs to Sports Club. His favorite hobbies begin with hunting and conclude with cars. Bill has his compass set for a draftsman. JOSEPH WOLTZ "Joe" Joe waltzed into immediate acceptance with his friendly and pursuasive manner. He will put on his seven league boots and take Duff Iron City Business School in his stride. BEVERLY YENDELL "Bev" A cafeteria worker and a class worker as well describes this ready volunteer. Bev added her art work to the iunior prom and plans to add a career in art beside her name. PAMELA YENDELL "Pam" Here comes another one with a name iust like the other one! Pam, like her sister, works in the cafeteria. She will make her future operation office work. HARRY YOUNG "Jeb" Both the iunior and the senior class plays found iust the role for Jeb. Before he tackles the auto- mobile business he will train at Pitt as a busi- ness administration maior. gg NN' f I it iii 2, ,I , I .5 1' 1 'Y-jg I .. . , , E 'ai W i 'lr 'x is xt' 5 , A ,af .3 f 'ii".:. . t ,ffli'f'is3f' E S I xifliffifikiz, ' if ff'itr1fr3f,Hf I T" M. WINEGAR J. WITT W. WOLFRUM J. WOLTZ B. YENDELL P. YENDELL H. YOUNG Couples collect under a streamer-strung ceiling J Junior leaders plan their prom PREPARING TO TAKE THE HELM Q First Row-G. Beatty, R. Slack, L Sloan, P. Henke, E. White, J, Rich- ards, K. Kress Second Row-M. Downer, P, Davey M, Fowler, W, Grella, G. Sherman H. Yingling, Mr. Cicero Third Row-T. Dodson, R, Riddell, R Huck, J. Tucek, M. Michalco, P Kerr, C. Hartman Fourth Row-L. Hurley, A. Sohngen B. Beilstein, A. Rich, J, Douglass R. Mohler, R. Carpenter First Row-B. Sweeney, C. Dingfelder M. Creese, N. Darling, B. Betts, S Black, D. Osterwise, R. Gordon, D Wolfe, E. Tilp, Mr. Sinllula Second Row-K. Rudolf, M. Halboth N. Braun, S. Tate, J. Roth, C. Mar tin, A, Kiley, P. Vance, B. Doyle L. DeRemer Third Row-J. Sonnett, K. Schulthies B. Whitesides, L, Flamgletti, G. Dia- mond, J. Modic, G. Belfiore, B Krebs, E, Linder, G. Batykefer. Fourth Row-G. Beilstein, E. Floral: R. Colbert, B. Bowman, D. Stude: baker, J, Brownlee, J. Allardice, B Schmiller, F. Yalcish, A. Huwar First Row-J. Hosiclc, N. Damback, V. Hinkel, B. Barrickman, P. Cook, J. Heim, D. Caldwell, J. Jurievic, K. Boyer, J. Guyton Second Row-M. Franchak, S. Bern- hardt, B. Bauer, G. Baldinger, R. Allen, K, Broeman, J. Chesmur, J. Gilleland, J. Jones, Mr. Tiger Third Row-B. Belo, C. Hannon, T. Donn, F. Brown, B. Good, R. Gsch- wind, R, Dorrier, H. Ford, A. Bergman Fourth Row-M. McKay, P. Mahoney, H. Martin, T. McMahon, T. Brunt, T. Sprys, A. Van Riper, J. Davis, P. Brandt First Row-E. Schilling, P. Koppel, C. Williams, C. Stevens, M. Maxurick, D. Wilson, N. Miklic, S. Sutter Second Row-G. Pannier, E. Salada, J. Soergel, K. 0'Connell, E. Sawyer, E. Mutz, l. Schultheis, B. Merriman, Mrs. Henry Third Row-D. Tevis, l. Hite, H, lit- zinger, J. Scheller, B. Schmidt, R. Seely, D. Sheets, M. Rose, B. Stoop Fourth Row-S. Stumbo, R. Sutter, R. Richwalls, R. Schultz, R. McEvoy, W, Hemmo, J. Sramek, R. Richard, R. Wick First Row-Mr. Testa, B. Martell, C. Gieszel, P. Peterson, K. Aveard Second Row-B, Young, A. Hayes, G. Gunn, M. Thurston, E. Roessler, Miss Werner Third Row-B. Vestal, C. Gruber, P. Richardson, P. Thurston, R. Sass ff Select sophomores look to the future THE MIDDLE STAGE OF THEIR JOURNEY .. X Y ix? xr W X 1 N m I if K , X. Q., .l.f' l j C N .W T X lk Q Q if First Row-J. Ehrhard, L. Fennel, A C. Habel, C. Warr, C. Wheeling Mr, Wall Y Rebel J Davey E Kre s J sum, C. Jones Third Row-J. Krall, R. Schwenim, B Steele, H. Lohr, C, Anke, R. Rudolf N. Cleva, G. Zappa, S. Gaerfner Founh Row-M. Schwerin, C. Six, E lane, R. Mondera, D. lee, A Schultz, F. Buckley, F. Foley, E Sigmund, C. Cashion Ili G. Jurecko Second Row-J. Neal, C. Sieber, J. GruPP1 A. Gates, F, Viranza, R. Pexich, Mr. Gaisbauer Third Row-C. Wolf, T. Srarnelt, C. D Beck -r f' 1. Watford, J. Busang, T. Humphreys, Second Row-G. Foyiik, B. Ganglofl, - 1 - 1 - PP 1 Anenbaugh, B. Wunderlin, V. Wy- Firsf Row-A. Kliober, D. Genfer, E. Debbs, R Maskrey, M. Malchano, Makray, D. Barlina, D. Wirfh, . v ' -v First Row-R. Robinson, J. Heimlein, S. Salter, V. Speer, M, Gross, K. Frazier, J. Godlove, M. Elwell, W. Rist, Mr. Wissinger Second Row-P. Weber, G, Carlin, J. Blanchard, S. Caddick, D. Ackerman, C. larson, C. Weidenhof, N, Givens, P. Vandermiller Third Row-C. Kleber, R. Curtin, E. Schmitt, E. Shilts, M, Curran, T. Ermel, J. Burr, B. Foster, J. Jackson Fourth Row-D. Gross, D. Kozminski, B. Smith, J. Urich, L. Davidson, W. Farmerie, J, ludden, C. Lorvo, R. Schweiger First Row-J. Watson, C. Blackburn, J. Lithgow, B. Campbell, l. Newell, M. Kaiser, J. Parker, G. Miller, A. Rotunda, P. Goetz Second Row-J. Royston, G. Coye, T. Coyne, G. Zang, L. Davidson, E. Beeler, J. Rudolf, J, Hawk, Mr. Bowman Third Row-M, Herron, R. Minert, B. Nilles, F. Brock, Bill Wintermante B. Nelson, J. Van Sycle, S. Fran- chak, M. Woityno Fourth Row-R. Dipetro, B. Hoffman, J, Renkes, B. Walch, S. Folck, N. Malcolm, P. Miller, B. Mulligan, J. Lively, I.. Hermason Typing outa secretarial career Lunch line blues madman Frosh formulate class activities STEPPING INTO THE REALM OF LEADERSHIP First Row-R. Hawhinney, C. Stimpel, N. Macmillan, J. Daransky, D. Fuchs, E. Nippes, C. Richetts, L. Ackerman, J. Fanning, R. Hush, C. Wehr Second row-G, Russell, J, Neely, M. Porter, C. Beatty, J. Allardice, D. Shook, M. Decrbo, T. Sapp, P. l.icker, J. Gray, C. Dyde Third Row-J. Carpenter, C. Pusateri, P, Braun, J. Yingling, E. Thomas, A. Jones, D. Robbins, E. Littell, R. Koechele, S. Hart, B. White Fourth Row-H. Riley, F. Helm, J. Muller, J. Mervenne, B. Hicks, D. Brooker, C. Hagmaier, G. Baer, R. Werner, D. Fonger, Mr. Bolvin First Row-W. Dole, S. McCord, J. Dodson, P. Hartzell, M. Hetzel, J. Powell, S. Hanna, G. Vestal, G. leavesly, L. Vance, Mrs. Sirota Second Row-G. Moellenbrock, J. Wel- ler, C. Trelarne, B. Bowman, B. Goodbread, D. Kroner, J. Cane, J. Boston, B. Joy, B. Follet, A. Koeh- ing Third Row-J. Harrington, C. Riley, J. Wilson, M. Martz, E. Novak l First Row-A. Kenen, J. Hahn, S. Brownler, M. Chriatl, J. Reuter, D. Zahn Second Row-J. Alexander, N. Gard- ner, H. Adams, N. McElroy, A. Por- ter, l. Hewitt, D. Good, Mrs. lange Third Row-G. Kingsdale, G Speer, W. Hapirkowsler, B. Lang, J. Clare, K. Johnson, A. Michaels Fourth Row-L. Collins, W. Guistine, B. Springer, J. Osborn, H. Wrigley, C. StauHer, B. Owen First Row-M. Eichenlaub, A. Kuklish, N. Pryzeraclti, J. Disuluo, C. Pegher, J. Santora, N. Hinlzle, C. Stewart, M. Daranslmr, D. Ringheisen, Mr. Horner Sezond Raw-J. Cranford, A. Rihs, N. Altfather, B. Paul, M. Sarver, .I. Bernhart, K. langsdale, E. Brady, M. Snyder, R. ledonne Third Row-J. Malchano, J. Davis, K. Dally, J. Barr, M. Plakinas, K. Al- bert, N. Browne, J. Sheets, C. Berg- man, H. Ruprelt Fourth Row-D. Steel, H. Cottra, J Vogan, D. Macevoy, T. lively, E. Servick, B. Sinewe, W. Ehrman, H Sierkro, H Slack, B Stump First Row-l. DeVenny, B. Hipwell, M. Sarver, M. Cammorata, G. Tischler, C. Beatty, E. Townsend, E. Tilp, J. Batykefer, E. Probst Second Row-H. Brown, C. lefler, C. Revesz, J. Bertone, C. Larson, J. Schneider, A. Smith, C. Peters, B. Buckley, Miss Braun Third Row-F. Tobias, T. Mashey, B. Abbs, W. DeMoss, D. Pegner, J. Ellis, B. Miller, B. Delawry, S. Kerr, M. Smith Fourth Row-W. Smith, F. Fink, B. Pearce, E. Taylor, B. Wagner, J. Delligatti, D. Mascari, B Wesell, G Feagley, P Merana First Row-K. Wolf, A. Schmidt N Beilstein, M, Pegher, P. Browri, Bi Mazurick, M. Sutton, E. Donovan C. Davidson, Mr. Duncan Second Row-B. Frye, K. Lobinger, T. Mechelli, l, Dingfelder, C. Aberli, S. Hilton, I. Healy, C. Robertson, S. Platt, C. Ward Third Row-E. Meyers, W, Thornton A. Edwards, D. Wick, R, Fulkerson n. Aunt, J. sms, s. Gould, wf Greenwood, J. Olsen, M. Murphy Fourth Row-G. Weyman, R. Beitel, G. Sepsi, P. Dingfelder, C. Skelton, B. Peet, P. Sawyer, R. Denhard, B. Brown, J. Truran 1. k F 'B ' , rj'-l 1 -V . L . 4 in I er x' " ' Y i I . 4 ff K. k V F ., R xr . , .7 . Nj' ,fy N . nf ' ,N i ,, C 07' by . X -fo" X ,J V fi, -X 'K . . I J J f KJ Sic O 416 X x 1, xfxki N' A qw .C'Ul . M e U' v . ,. fl ij X, ,-JJ A, Q w ,,. .JL ,., ,-. ,I ,L ,B :V . 4 , ,X , ,ly wx K .L O , v rx , C' ! First Row-A. Davis, R Evans, , X C S Gall, L, Wagner, S. Gilmore, K. Hoehle, B. Martin, D. Salada, J. Stack, P. Webb Second Row-M. Belo, M. Walters, J. Crawford, J. Clark, D. Maire, D, S Baker, M. Richards, K. Brush, , Scott, D. Selzer Third Raw-0. Grishkat, B. Bauerle, B. Bash, J. Rittman, C. Weaver, B. Doench, l.. Gerber, L. Robb, C, Rus- sell, V. Kumer, R. Keller Fourth Row-B. Frobst, M. Jefferies, A. Alexion, B. Tuttle, J. Manning, I. Sharp. D. Wynkoap, B. Van Kirk, C. Gibb, H. Newton, B. Fisher First Row-C, Twaddle, K. Ringeisen, l.. Sturrock, C. Johnson, E. Hubbard, J. Earlin, L. Kirker, M. Zuger, B. Brant, J. Smith, N. Hannon Second Row-l.. Haust, C. Marina, B. Wyslomierski, N. Woodrow, V, Pivo- rotto, N. Swearingen, B. Boyle, J. Auld, C. Smith, S. Ryen, Mr. Fulmer Third Row-J. Patterson, C. Harris, W. James, C. Snyder, J. Jadlowiec, R. Peacoe, V. Beuchel, R. Schramm, S. McDade, R. Crane Fourth Row-J. Coleman, T. Mason, W. Bitterworth, A. Jao, J, Ricketts, R. Schmitt, C, Koefler, W. Noss, R. Hayne, D. Thomas, A. Butler H- 69472 QM Eighth grade oflicers and their odvsors get together REACHING A PLATEAU IN THEIR SCHOOL CAREER Y' Q-s First Row-P. Graham, J. Gruener, C Jones, C. Guiy, M. Anderson, N Graham, V. Pearce, E. Patterson, D Bernderhoff Second Row-S. Law, D. Krapp, D Houghton, R. Krapp, M. Atkinson l. Brodengeyer, J. Dent, I. Fisher J. Montgomery, J. Faloon Third Row-E. Moffat, R. Redilla, J McCutcheon, P. Gilmour, A. Hall K. Rider, J. Bald, W. Brewer, G Greisinger, D. Radford, C. Ebert Fourth Row-R. Noss, J. Hansen, R Miller, E. MacArthur, W. Kuhn, R Nesbit, W. Goodbread, T. MacGre par, Mrs. Costello First Row-C. Dervis, l. Hosock, J Ehrhard, B. Eberhardt, S. Davis, D Davidson, P. Holden Second Raw-E. Nelf, D. Clark, J Campbell, C. Bailey, R. Vogrin, E Maxwell, J. Hamley, B. Greenert Mr. Fox Third Row-T. Donnermyer, J. Good- man, K. Evans, J. Bastl, C. Har- oest, C. Belo. R. O'NeiI, K. Depen- hart Fourth Row-K. Evans, E. Batty, J Capenos, E. Fletcher, A. Dickson, C English, D. Behling, J. Cuias First Row-V. Leonard, K, Welan, K Trippe, C. Shilts, J. Holiman, E Wilson, K. Smith, J. Ruda, A. Smyth G. Kirkpatrick Second Row-D, Wist, B. Parker, S Atwell, S. Hull, K. Trogler, G. Becht C. Seniller, J. Berknickler, Mr. De Augustino Third Row-B. Race, E. Wiche, B. Sra mek, A. Wick, P. Fackler, G. Kess- A ner, R. Redilla, B. Webster, Staops Fourth Row-L. Rickard, D. Doersie, White, J. Schuring, C, Heid, Wuible, T. Garrett, D. Winter, J Ronrboch J T First Row-B. Slaney, S. Jay, P, Alex ander, L. Hartman, B. Brant, E. Kerr S. Feagley, C. Heims, C. Fennel Second Row-M. Betts, B, Keil, J Hamilton, B. Hawks, W, Sarver, J Bell, M. Burrows, J. Allen, Mrs. Bowman Third Row-B, Hill, M. Betts, J. Mara muk, G. Kress, B, Hartman, M Alexiam, B. Herron, G, Beatty Fourth Row-D, Botie, B, Jones, M Carmody, E. Back, A. High, E. litz inger, C. Gartman, B. Hansel, B Hess rim Row-C. stem, s. Wicks, K, Wiel, ,, ,L D. Pontius, P. Dann, N. Winegar, M Scott Second Row-C, Schmittlein, J. Thomp son, E. Richards, V. Blackburn, D, Walker, S. Reuter, C. Wilker Third Row-P. Tate, E. Hord, M. Mc- Norton, M. Sweeney, S. Wagner, S Senron, B. Wartinbee, B, Wise Fourth Row-H. Nelson, R. Williams J. Roland, D, Wheeler, D. West- erman, N, Warner, Mr Conway I K I First Row-V, Henderson, J. Matoka, G. Smith, P. Kummer, L O'Haro, B. Humpherys, Mrs. Anderson Second Row-R. Nelson, T. DeCarpio, D. Schiclr, B. Hergenroder, C. Pringle, C. Murray, F. Morro Third Row-C, Newin, M. Watts, C. Smith, P. McNaugher, C. Sarver, L. Fredriclr, J. landefeld, D. Gilleland Fourth Row-D. Macmillan, T. O'Con- nell, B. Regas, P. Tate, K Kwalik, T. Hawthorne, B, Fiser, W. Van Riper, J. Kaiser First Row-P. Porter, S. Hinlxle, C. Meyers, B. Harned, D. Floolx, D. Delenne, J. Harrington Second Row-M. Jester, S. Juholo, C. Frankel, C, Noessen, C. Foley, A. Rettinger, S. Nortsea, Mrs. Letzkus Third Row-C. Moore, R. Kingeralxe, A. Finnicum, S. Frazier, R. De- Angelo, A, Lively, M. Siefert, R. Kniess Fourth Row-R. Keeber, J. Milcoff, J. McClements, W. Marburger, B. O'Bryon, B. Hunter, G. McCartney, J. Meyers, K. Henderson First Row-F. Stump, N, Waizenhte, C. Lively, S. Meyers, M, Freshmeier, R. Elliot Second Row-P. Teets, M. Ainer, S. Stitt, L, Sieg, K. Staley, C. Seaberg, K. Simon Third Row-H. Riddell, J. Mayes, I.. McMahon, B. Sherlock, L. Taylor, D. Sisak, Miss Garretson Fourth Raw-T, Westerman, J. Tolo- meo, L. Marquis, C. Steele, R. Smith, D. Rinamin Wzzzg BEGINNING THEIR EDUCATIONAL ADVENTURE Seventh graders look ahead with a smile 1 Vw 'J -so First Row-T. Ayers, M, Weldny, P. Frye, M, Pearce, G. Merchant, K. Webster, E. LaSlavic, J. Lithgow, J, DiSaIvo, D. Mulligan Second Row-G Millstine, J. Park, M. Nelson, L. Belo, C. Pannier, D. Falls, B. Creese, C. Williams, J. Fanning Third Row-C. Kumperman, D. Ford, D. Brandt, D. Bishop, D. Hannon, A. Arnold, D. Richardson, R. Fisher Fourth Row-W, Beatty, D, Huggins, L. Bosh, R. Servick, P. Smith, D. Pain, D. Mnrliezin, D. Budinger, Mr. Fanani First Row-G. lang, W. Kroll, H. Goulking, D. Dezart, M. Pfetsch, R. Moore, C. Riley, B. Elter, N. Stur- gess, K. Huust Second Row-D. Fischer, R. Vestal, A. Gray, D. Heddaeus, C. Gromly, B. Shavlis, C. Hutchinson, R. Lambert, B. Trogler, B. Brown, J. Powell Third Row-D. Steele, M. Garrett, J, Paul, D. Aveard, H. Campbell, H Stoaps, J. Gindele, T. Osborne, K Salter, Mrs. Rice Fourth Row-S. Iseman, R. McCnnd- less, R. Stevens, T. McDowell, P. Koenig, K. Harmony, L. Rand, J. Guzy, G. Cook, B. Salzer First Row-P. Marko, M. Rippey, B. Broslat, J. Reuter, R. Twaddle, D. Race, P. Schroeder, V, Merchant, A. Miller Second Row-J. Zimmerman, S. Os- born, D. Sarver, A. Quenin, H. Alton, R, Cunningham, Miss Hunter Third Row-C. Rowland, G. Foster, C. Haley, A. Pinkerton, J. Reynolds, J. Rist, D, lamorsoux, J. Hoos Fourth Raw-J. Fongor, W. Bronlee, G. Adams, V. George, l. Frevden, K. Hurley, R. Merriman, D Oster- wise First Row-l. DiCerbo, C. Gift, V. Striclcer, M. Reynolds, D. Watkins, M. Thornton, M. Cain, L. Ford, J. English Second Row-I.. Ringeisen, M. Yost, M. Schroeder, J. Beatty, C, McKrey, C. Madera, J. Hinshaw, J. Doran- slsy, D. McCoy Third Row-W. Patterson, J. Belo, D. Rogers, R, Peters, C. Hawthorne, D. Harnom, G. Adams, Mrs. Gant Fourth Row-W. Unich, R. Rach, G. Robinson, R. Gourley, A. Arnold, J. Murphy, D. Vance, G. Campbell, H. Steele First Row-C. Wolf, R. Brandt, T. B Meighan, K, Fritch, J. Mansfield, . Cunningham, R. Janes, C. MolTet Second Row--S. Hanna, K. Taylor, E, V Emericlx, E. Hunt, C. Morris, . Hoefner, E. Raithel Third Row-E. Richards, C. Rehlin, M, Young, R. Evushok, J. Schutte, R. Jordan, J. Leonard, Mrs. Levendos Fourth Row-K. Baer, K. Campbell, J. Allen, B. Snyder, P. Martin, M. Hobbs. P. Wicks First Row-M. Sloan, R. Hosick, L. Salalr, L. Adams, E. Manwiller, L. Poliani, B. Sherman Second Row-K. Wynkoop, S. Haren- slli, C. Getty, B. Wharrey, J. Byerly, D. Boles, H. Creeso Third Row-T. Jureclxo, C. Johovich, D. Turner, M. Lister, G. Lieb, R. Whitesides Fourth Row-D, Thomas, G. Jones, K. Simon, W. Watkins, G. Nolder, H. Larsen, J. Watts First Row-J. Eich, J. Brusilx, G. Smith, P. Morgan, P. Jones, B. Siefers, J. Neal, L. Moser Second Row--J. Blicllle, D. Scheible, C. Johnson, J. Reasey, B. Van der Voort, S. Long, Miss LaSalle Third Raw-J. Marquis, R. Flook, T. Hibbard, C. Jacobs, E. Wagner, C. McFarland, C. Derstine Fourth Raw-R. Vitanza, L. Slayton, J. Werling, S. Hey, J. Cashion, T. Platt First Row-M. Sears, R. Pusateri, S. Steel, F. Brede, R. Ellis, T. Rekich, J. Russell Second Row-V, Kailyar, C. Rinnaman, P. Gorton, M. Cook, B. Campbell, J. Amman, Miss Boyd Third Row-R. Repp, D. Goehlel, C. Lobigier, B. Austin, L. Cairns, R. Pannier, B. Davis Fourth Row-K. Kern, B. Muller, G. Sarricks, B. Wisor, E. Haigh, B. Riley, B. Brown . I JKT? PUBLICATIONS MUSIC CLUBS DRAMATICS ORGANIZATIONS YOUTH TOOK ITS PLACE IN THE SOCIAL WORLD -m, Ng,.L j 7 Ar 4 . 1' s 4 ff -a ,A 11: . A 'M in 'S , A A Isis 2? I .3 f '14 f . Q, A' . .KN l as -Y 1 HQ 1 lx . Q . n' t ' A rf 4 ' v T 1 4 r I JIRIL' N .. :- l'. ' ' ,. A13 ,ggdf 5 5 -fm C-,,w,.f' Wal f .Q J K rx rn- 41152, Ax 'w.N. nu i fa -f""f f 3 A f 'v 'am I ef if I ' wi, , Af-ag ,..i .1 Lux. Lp- , - " ' - .. ,.1w2if,fI1 -1 SCHOOL OFFICERS Leading the student body and presiding at Student Council meetings and other high school functions is North Allegheny's choice for their school president, senior Rand Brandt. Rand also served as treasurer for the school in his iunior year. Next in line and ready 'io take over council affairs is Bob Beilstein who holds the reins of the vice-presidency in his hands. Two cheerleaders also pep up the secretarial positions in student council. The duties which accompany the office of record- ing secretary for the school are fulfilled by a sophomore, Carol Habel. To Jackie Thurston, corresponding secretary of the school, goes the task of handling all of student council's bulletins and outgoing letters. Into Lloyd Davidson's hands North Alle- gheny students have placed all the respons- ibilities connected with post of treasurer. EXECUTIVE BOARD LLOYD DAVIDSON JACKIE THURSTON BOB BEILSTEIN RAND BRANDT CAROL HABEL STUDENT COUNCIL Promoting and planning the Annual Christ- mas Food Drive and Talent Show are only two of the many maior activities carried out by Student Council this year under the super- vision of their new sponsor, Mr. Robert Wil- son. As another one of its important proiects for the year T957 Student Council stepped forward to welcome and greet over 300 other council representatives from all of the schools in Allegheny County. Since the convention for these delegates, which was the first one to be held for the Allegheny County area, was held on the Gold and Black campus, the N.A. school officers received the honor of being the first officers to serve for the new district. Stu- dent Council activities have been far reaching, too, for next year council has made it possible for a foreign exchange student to study at North Allegheny. Home room representatives and their advisor relax on the lawn es ep warth, M. Michallto, H. Yingling, M. Peterson, V. Tobias, D. Nichols, M. Kaiser, J. Blanchard ' A Second Row-Mrs. Bowman, J. Krietzburg, J. Hug, C. Caldwell, S. Salter, D. Pannier, V. Speer, l. lockard, J. Roth 1 K. Rudolf, C, Hahel, M. Theurer, J. Witt, P. Blicltle, E. White, R. Kiel, E. Fairley, A. Kiley, S. Sutter B. Sweeney, F. Barkus, K. Mattsnn, E. Beeler, J. DeAnqelis r Third Row-R. Brandt, G. Frey, I.. Palmer, R. Sass, K. Mcllvried, G. Stoops, J. Mushey, J. Sramelc, M. Franchuk LJ W. Porter, P. Thurston, B. Beilstein, E. Roessler, M. Thurston, E. Florals, S. Stumbo, R. Watch, B. Steel Ji SCHOLARSHIP, LEADERSHIP, CHARACTER, AND SERVICE Memories are made of this 1 Naticgxnal Honor Society, which is a nation- wide organizotion, is considered to be the highest recognition that a high school student can receive. ln order to gain membership into this society, a student must excel in not one but four different fields. The fourfold phases of National Honor Society include character, leadership, scholarship, and service. All con- sistent honor roll students in grades ten, eleven, and twelve are eligible to be consid- ered for o National Honor Society member- ship. ln an impressive tapping ceremony be- fore the entire student body, these newly selected students are initiated. Each year National Honor Society, which is headed this year by Glenn Stoops, a member of the 1957 graduating class, holds a traditional dinner for the charter members and the initiates. First Row-B. Davis, J. Brusilt, E. Rudolf, C. Burger, J, Campbell, P. Smith, S. Marburger, J. Thurston, C. Fuellen- JUNIOR HIGH SHOP CLUB Sponsors AAR. BERTIN MR. SHAFFER MR.lJNTON ir JUNIOR HIGH DRAMATICS Sponsor MRS. LEVENDOS ir STORY TELLING CLUB Sponsor MRS. ANDERSON USHERETTES P. A. SYSTEM PROJ ECTIONISTS Sponsor MR, PRADY It's mad h LIBRARY STAFF S S Z ak ART SERVICE CLUB S 0 aa SERVING STUDENTS SUFFICIENTLY Business staff takes a break e 'ad This year marks the second issue of our yearbook, the SAFARI. Much of the credit for the success of the yearbook goes to Mr. Davies, who has been the sponsor for both years. Behind the scenes a stat? of eighteen students, fourteen of whom are seniors, have worked hard to formulate the SAFARI. The Editor-in-Chief is Joanne DeAngeIis, Literary Editor, Jackie Thurston, Art Editor, Janet Hug, and Business Editor, Bonny Hamilton. How those fingers flew when copy was due! Cut-ups cut out page pictures WE WHO WORKED AND WROTE THAT YOU MIGHT READ AND REMEMBER Yearbook team talks it over s o ton De M F Ba C G eenert ir' o Met Joh s s P t M M chalk I. get! M I W Mothe V o 'fri NEWSPAPER STAFF Sitting-C. Gieszl, E. Tilp, M. Theurer, Mrs. Glanz, l. Palmer, M. Downer, G. Blalre, C. Hannon Standing-S. Tate, S. Jones, K Sweeney, W. Grelln, W. Winegar S. McCulloch, C. Stevens, P. Maho- ney, B. Sweeney, B. Bauer, J. Mil- calf, A. Huvvar, P. Johnson, F. Bur kus, C. Mamula THE NORTH STAR The main purpose of the school newspaper is to inform the students of school activities, athletics, and individual accomplishments. The NORTH STAR, under the supervision of the sponsor, Mrs. Glanz, has succeeded in accom- plishing this purpose by putting out eight issues during the year. The present Editor-in- Chief, Marge Theurer, is assisted by Consultant Editor, Larry Palmer, Makeup Editor, Margie Downer, Sports Editor, Bill Bauer, and News Editor, Pat Johnson. TIGER TALES Each year the literary society of N.A. puts out a magazine entitled TIGER TALES. The twenty member staff is led by Jo Ann Mil- coFF and sponsored by Mr. Wall. The staff com- bines all their literary talents to produce a magazine that will be of interest to the stu- dent body. This year TIGER TALES contains such things as senior class wills and prophe- cies, crossword puzzles, stories, student polls, and poetry. 1. LITERARY STAFF Stevens, M. Wiexel Blicllell, E. Tilp G. Beatty First Row-S. Sutter, E. White Second Row-Mr. Wall, C. Wiedenhoff J. Royston, A. Kieley, S. Lively P Third Row-J. Busong, J. R h Gillelnnd, B. Sweeney, S Black rw , IF! . ' H E x- gn .x X 'A' gl .X . ,, ' l 'Y YY Q .Q if Y 'Q Aa 25' A M gin A . wgaqifi iff. T4 W i fx Q av V 1 , 4. ' , 1 p ' ' ' 'Q 1 4 4 . - x ,X , r , W I X i M , ' 'f' , 4 ' N . 4 4 ' " s- 4' ' . " ' A mf Y l f 1 , W , ' ' -Nmf I ' ' W' ' .3 ' , Q ,I -J ? : X X 1 'fc t 7 ,S Ei f 3 Yi 'P 4 I- Y i " "ff" K, Y , V' ' Mf QA ,Q . ' ' ' " 5 LL w 3 'ff wr 2 . s . , . , Tw, f Q . , V 4 1 ff Hifi N i 5? 4 -.,J 5, . sf ' ,H -1"- , '11 --8 ww! 1 Q, V fx if g ,,..-.--. if I- A R KR .P , f V iw' L2 - B 1 ,..--1'-"""'. X, N 1 I -i i-ir 3, rf V 4, . 1 W .. rl I ... may A f ,..?,,1 -M A ' -,.. ,,,. Q - 1 ' 'af X ' 'A' L -'Q V ' if'Vglif,. V 2 : " " ' ' Q ' M in 4 P70 , .., Mun: Mrk X 1 iw! .a. M5553 p fi! x 'lm 2 Y lfyfr 5 ' ' y1 'gl 3, 5 f N3 I' , ui E 4 l 13N K ws R A w , f I ax 1 I' N ,IJ is V3 x Niall' yn 1 fr cv ' A lf., ,...., V , 5 5 fm. "'ffqn.+ M 1 f ifffkkkx. 3-w?f'M ghfmf , . 8 I "Rf 1 .2 A X 1- . A 2 - A Y . g nf V f-z rv lm4, x' Wx I E iw 4 K K,f 8 STEPPING A RHYTHMIC TEMPO ORCHESTRA Sponsor MR. TESTA 'A' JUNIOR BAND Sponsor MR. TESTA BEGINNERS BAND Sponsor MR. TESTA MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB Sponsor MISS WERNER v ,V .. v , a CONCERT CHOIR Sponsor MISS WERNER DP? GLEE CLUB Sponsor MISS WERNER Zen ' THESPIAN CLUB Sponsor MISS LoSALLE as 43 SEEN BEHIND THE SCENES ff Q7' If . ,, . ,Ii ag If 'I STAGE CREW Sponsor MR. SCHAFFER MAKE-UP COMMITTEE Sponsor MRS. FULMER A 'vii HAM RADIO CLUB Spons MR. M S Wigan. EDUCATIONAL, ENTERTAINING, AND ENJOYABLE FUTURE TEACHERS O COLLEGE CLUB Ill JUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB Sponsor MR. BOWMAN LATIN CLUB Section A Sponsor MRS. COSTELLO 'A' LATIN CLUB Seciion B Sponsor MRS. COSTELLO RELAXATION THROUGH RECREATION Kina vista -1uS!wv2::ff PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Sponsor MR. SINKULA 0 fn? ir Q jf' K f ' f f jg, MM yy, I . , . U! XI yfayb af! LSFQGY V fnj gm, K Q,-fl' f - WI I , , rifci, M if I II 'fffjy ,f ' fd!! .f4" 'lNf?'A'!2fv PAQ! f' r, 1 Z .1 ld f - , A 1'- . I ff v . . r ,uf A ADVANCED SCIENCE CI.UB Sponsor MR. MATTHEWS OPPORTUNITIES FOR LEISUREILEARNING . B li If I I J f I 1 N' f gif' 3' A . TO PROMOTE PARTICIPATION IN 4 THE PRACTICAL ARTS I sHoP clue O -k I SENIOR F H A S S G 'lr JUNIOR F H A S S OCH vmvmrfx mlonn -A 9009909 00009099223 o90000QQQ.0 COMMERCIAL CLUB Sponsor MRS. HENRY 'ima JUNIOR HIGH ART CLUB Sponsor R MISS SALLADE Q31 ir SEVENTH GRADE ART cLus Sponsor MR. FANANI x.-. 66664 . . , FOR PLEASURE AND PARTICIPATION 63644 CHESS CLUB S C 'A' SAFE TEENS S A E uk MODEL AIRPLANE Sponsor . W LSON 4 1 CLUB FOR FUN, FROLIC, AND FRIENDSHIP .Jemima Zak Boys Leaders, sponsored by Coach Drazen- ovich, was organized for the dual purpose of developing skill in sports and teaching the responsibilities of leadership. The active mem- bership of both senior and junior groups was approximately 40 members. Wally Barker acted as president of the club. After a year in Leaders Club, it is certain that these boys have gained the qualities of leadership in physical education. Wgixi QV CTIVITIES WITH APPEAL FOR ATHLETES : A F , 4 ,, ' .-....,,..,?...,-..,....,.--..---.g. J., , H 9? 2 N 'f,f5Q,Wo ' . X tx ru x ! - L5 mi 'vtfiffrwl O ix rVXZ5,QXikg'kxO 2 QQQEGQ VvVU'ii'l.l'Vi P r NL? JA. Afvfdtieiiia Genus! L D LEADERS CLUBS O ,D uf-K'Q1 QJ1,cx.eillCf0 Cf' .70 O'-cicp ' 3 ll IU I s ldlosscic vgrekfo L' 1'g"'6L il I S, I x A LLQ-1,1 CQJSLJA- IIXJLL vw , Q I r LTC5fflv'-JL!-fk -IA, ,Qc - ef or-f-0 l X JUNIOR GIRLS LEADERS CLUB Sponsor MISS BRODBECK SPORTS AND SERVICE IN THE SPOTLIGHT .leadew Hia Girls Leaders Club is under the supervision of Miss Brodbeck who took the position of gym teacher after Mrs. Egloff left in January. Leaders Club members are girls who excel in leadership and who are anxious to teach other students the fundamentals of sports. The otiti- cers of Senior Girls Leaders are: President, Claudia Fuellenwarthg Vice-President, Audrey Bergmang Secretary, Elsa Rudolf: Treasurer, Eileen Richards. Ready und waiting! THEY ARE THE SPIRIT BEHIND OUR TEAMS If you see them a coming better step aside. They've got the kind of spirit that never dies! One fist of iron, the other of steel. lf their pep doesn't get you then their enthusiasm will! Donning a cloak of vim and vigor for the season were the six varsity cheerleaders: 4' -y 1, Eileen Richards, Jackie Thurston, Bonnie Hamilton, Mickey Michalko, Karen Rudolf, cmd Kathy Humphreys under their head, Claudia Fuellenwarth. These girls sparkled as they sparked their team to victory under the direc- tion of their sponsor, Miss Brodbeck. 'Ir v 3 ii 'W Q agen J. Thurst Humphreys Kathy caught on first' VARSITY SQUAD First Row-B. Hemi Fuellenwarth, M. ulko Second Row-K. Ru olf Richards, E. Rudolf BEF? sr E?RyP?nv iii' .W N nn! -I 1 "5 .110 1.1.2 wan IQKH'-59" -TSP A . Milli will r iii., . WMS JACKIE RICHARDS BONNIE HAMILTON CLAUDIA FUELLENWARTH s 'il i Zhu I ' ' " "' 'will 'E i ' ' -. ' I' X NU! I ' . X gl, I fx. ' ' L, ,IN t 5 l.: 7 :Ll-'A F yLk'!Tlil1 i X ' il. .ky . " bl I hi la -'M L vs tu V it flii. .lblvp 1, L ml 51' R -.X W .V '-XA I, l JMIOR VARSITY SQUAD Firstildw-J, Allordice, J. Rayslon, .I. Powell, T. Humphreys, B. orvin, N. Przelraclmi Center-C. Hubel, head uk JUNIOR HIGH SQUAD First Row-A. Smyth, B. Sherlock, C. Belo, headp Carol Sue Schiller, Joyce Benny Second Row-Carol Fennel, Shirley Stine '19-1 Bl ,..---f "" 5? far. fi Wie: R 45- the ' 4 The six senior lassies who spotlighted the marching maneuvers of the band were Jane Davis, Joanne DeAngelis, Joyce Luster, Shirley Marburger, Brenda Scull, and Marge Theurer. The maiorettes displayed pep and vigor as they performed at football games and pep assemblies. Miss Hunter was their sponsor and Janet Witt managed the enthusiastic high steppers. Blow that whistle, Bill! 49 High steppers stand still BATON TWIRLING BELLES AND LEADER meant by being iuken for a ride f ' .x A 4 I T Your:-I Took ns PLACE INETHE ATHLETIC woRLD FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL TRACK WRESTLING : ' I' I' C . P if f X , , . X , fs , . J 1 . , , , 1 f 1 K, 'N M w SE TB.-I-'- 4- .gif rf Cro' fi 55? f, AQ, Kiwi Y -' of-gif? Last minute instructions from Coach! Q5 North North North North North North North North RESULTS Allegheny 33 Allegheny 28 Allegheny 21 Allegheny 6 Allegheny 38 Allegheny 9 Allegheny Allegheny Plum 6 Darlington O Perry 7 Shaler 32 Moon 19 Hampton 'I9 Aspinwall Be evue Head-coach Fox sets up a hidden-ball play VICTORY WAS THEIR CRY rs--Y..-.f I .1 .K . .4 1 , . 4 7, 7' A if , v , x ,q.r.- - ge., .fr , My v V Q ,.. , .,, , ,, fp, 4- if -1 Q - A. if Q- vi 1.-.- First Row-J. Schweiger, R. Hiner, J. Chotta, W. Barker, B. Good, A. Sohngen, B. Richards, R, Goode, B, Kwalik, S. Cleva, R. Brandt, T. Dann, E. Florak, K, Altfather Second Row-Coach Fox, M. McKay, H. Price, C. Watkins, R. Seeley, P. Mahoney, B. Bauier, P. Kellerman, F. Yohicll, l. Hurley, M. Rose, B. Wappler, Asst. Coach Draxenovich Third Row-C. Anke, K. Nagie, G. Leavesley, .l. Young, B. Hoffman, B. lammick, M. Grey, J. Rinltes, P. Dingfielder, J. Boston, 5. Gould, R. Schweiger Fourth Row-B. Hick, H. Wrigley, T. Murray, J. Feogley, D. Ebert, B. Delowry, H, Sisak, G. Geisler, J. Young, J. ellogatti, B, Gormley Fifth Row-D. Auth, F. Helm, J. Davis, R. Rudolf, B. Baer, B. Smith, D. Davis, B. Fischer, L. Collins, D. Hogghi , R. Brandt Sixth Row-B. Wessel, C. Harris, H. Ruprecht az 'Al ,fl , l 'QA bfrzirrf QM A RJ WWZGZJ . . , TACKLE A WINNING SEASON S-Q ' e ' "" ,Q fb A 5,8 ,1"'n-gl rt .M Q . ' Q J. 'SM- , ::AQ LL A . .-X, , 1 ,gg -4 ,. f 1' , f- G-. S, - . I ky if V .LfA'Q' v ,lmswgh N I G W .X 1 Qyii'-uf" X E 3 if fi, A X, ,f I gf . P N N .1 jvgggisti' , A i,..1 Q 1, e Y: ap Y X 1 s V A V L' , X H.. 5, ' :X I if ,fx I Q 7 1 ,A I '-Af aff, ,- ,A fr ,N 'FQW 5 by frd A M pd 'f.Qwt I '4 .jzdk Q w ' 9 i 3 , ..e . xi' 'EN 5, PM " " , 'Lf 5' CQL.-gr-1 N' I f I? ' . "5" 4a"'f'ff-Lil' 'Lf ,f xv I' A ' ,I ' F' ,l W' X jf .431 ,, ' I N. K , vfp' ' FW, 1 ' ixgfaxi iff? ,1 1 ---R A Q ' mm! 'N- ' I 2' ' ."-Q-f'-' QQ rx Z ff ff' -'- wir., K . x A A ' TA , ' 'l 4, X IV" w g ' 'YQ' meg 35 ' x -Q f ' '1'wQ' V 1- 1 f - - wk X, ,tsl F it ,- V K P it Z .AH QQ V x ' 4 1 . vt.. I E ' X ,, K. K 4 ix , 4 ' 15 .. Q ,f P , , if L., --- . A Asad,-Q "'L.f.5 fri-My if L, W, , 5 X nk wx- . - 1 , ,K QVW. 1 -1 AQ 'YQWQQML1-.QQf .- 6.1 " ., ,. mfr-A 'L' L , 1 KE ' "'v' A L71"'v- L V F ,L lg gy ,sf--3: aL 5 . A 'ff A ,, , A A, , Hr 5 Q I Y, L li' A 1 A' fl If naw 4 A 5, f L I V ' ' '71-at in Q , , A w f 1 'f x ' hw XM 5 l qi' X P. '25, I 'X h rr W Z ' ,A ,MSW , - N V K, Y Y 'I L n ki if ' me ' N' x ' f f f m ,K 'Lin k ', 1 A qyrlitrveiwhf ' lJj up I ig ' " I .,. 1 1 A ' ' ,Mx"f: :: . i V Q - , f if Lhvr , X 1771,-6 , . fx VARSITY SQUAD First Row-C. Hannon, C Gruber, J. Chotta, A Sohngen, M. McKay, R Rudolf Second Row-Coach Horne, J. Brownlee, B. Beilstein D. Goode, W. Porter, M Franchak, l. Davidson, B. Bowman, Mr. Bowman North Allegheny's great varsity basketball team ended the 1956-57 season with 10 wins and only 4 losses, which placed them second in Section 9. Coach Horne's careful guidance and patience helped lead the team toward a winning season. Outstanding this year was senior Jack Chotta, high scorer with 268 points. Jack was chosen "best player of the year" in Section 9 and also had the oppor- tunity to play in the All-Star Basketball game. DICK GOODE MIKE FRANCHAK gcwdetfdf . FROM A SPARK, TO A FLAME, TO FAME JACK CHOTTA WARREN PORTER si-I VARSITY RESULTS JUNIOR GH RESULTS North Allegheny Avonworth North Allegheny Avonwonh North Allegheny Hampton . North Allegheny Bellevue Egg: Q::Eg:enY ToYlor'AllderdlCe North Allegheny Avonworth 9 eny Leelsdale North Allegheny Bellevue North Allegheny Bellevue North Allegheny Moon North Allegheny West Allegheny North Anegheny Stowe North Allegheny McKees Rocks North Allegheny Moon Township Norlh Allegheny Comopolls North Allegheny Shculer North Allegheny Stowe North Allegheny McKees Rocks Noflh Alle9l'lenY Neville North Allegheny West View North Allegheny MOOF1 North Allegheny Coroopolis North Allegheny McKees Rocks North Allegheny West Allegheny Norfh Allegheny Corgopolis North Alle-'9l"enY Stowe North Allegheny Stowe Norlh Allegheny Moon North Allegheny Neville North Allegheny Shcler North Allegheny West View North Allegheny Coroopolis . AND VICTORY WAS THEIRS F ff?-X ,X ...,.,.. his . 9 ' 1 . ' ' ' v I fi IM Qs 'O lg- ,ry 'Sw , wg ' ,- , .' ? ' 1 WXY:-gg f5 ji 52'1ff5 2"!'f'5f'Q3.g1535?f,fi5-.g,gi' 6' Q PM 43 fegfnfs w w 3 rw!-sQ, 232213325 gayffzox 43 vas if ss . K i ig' .f V 7 4 :X Lk git lg a 2 .g Qi' xx Q' X , 1 R1 ELXA , THEY GRAPPLED FOR GLORY WRESTLING SQUAD First Row-B. Nills, J Davis, G. Leuvesley, B Fischer, B. Genter, C Hiley Second Row-Mr. DeAgus tino, S. Stumbo, K Neugie, B. Hoffman, D Royston, R. Mienert Third row-T. Dann, H Sisok, C. Karsten, J Murphy, E. Schmitt Even though theirs was a losing season, the North Allegheny wrestling squad, coached by Mr. DeAugustino, gained in experience, skill, and sportsmanship. Through their many hours of long, hard practice, they gave the spectators many thrilling matches. Wrestling with Carnegie, the team scored fifty points to make the most decisive win of the season. The most exciting match was with West View at the latter's gym, where the squad beat the Indians by a very slim margin. SENIOR VARSITY WRESTLERS DICK ROYSTON BOB GENTER 0n7Ze77ZdJf VARSITY RESULTS North Allegheny 19 North Allegheny l5 North Allegheny 19 North Allegheny l6 North Allegheny 9 North Allegheny 40 North Allegheny 'l2 North Allegheny 24 North Allegheny 31 North Allegheny 6 North Allegheny 29 North Allegheny 50 North Allegheny ll North Allegheny 'I7 Munholl Sholer Wilkinsburg Cecil Shady Side West Allegheny Munhcill West View West Allegheny Wilkinsburg Kiski Carnegie Sholer Cecil He's always on my buck about something Looking for something Steve? Serious seconds for the Tigers Rock-a-by baby Z' .. BASEBALL RESU Sharpsburg Etna West View Shaler West Deer Sharpsburg Shaler Etna West View N.A N.A 5. ,LmqN.A Q. N.A , ,fl lj A x my HN ixxyf. abit Qfxw ' 'li SNA 'l s J ' Ni A 4 AE' ' . , , -N.A I.S.Xx'y,UXi Vip ,fix N'A . -' ' 7 ,V rs. ' i :N ,fbi A wil? L, q, MR Nl-I FW xifx s, fi' YIXQXMNXJ f if-7 ' X JN MEN 0F THE DIAMOND North Allegheny's baseball team in 1956 won the sectional championship, and this year is entered in the Section 9 Division. Jack Chotta, who was in the starting lineup last year, usually throws in the starting pitch, with Schmeiler, Price, and Sierka as relief pitchers. The bases are well protected by Ron Redilla at first, Dick Royston at second, and Bill Vestal at third. Chuck Hannan is North AIlegheny's shortstop, and received excellent assistance from Ken Nagie in left field, Jack Schweiger in center field, and Bill Wappler in right field. The final position of catcher is filled by either Miller or Sutter. Dick Royston, Jack Chotta, Jack Schweiger, Bill Wappler, and Ron Redilla are the senior members of the team who were on the squad last year also. ' Due to the lack of long-ball hitters, the base- ball team relies mainly on speed. The defens- ive ability of the team can definitely be de- pended upon, as was shown by last year's record. Kneeling-Managers T. Garrett, P. Heinemon, B. Patterson, D. Houghton First Row-B. Vestal, C. Hannon, J. Chotta, D. Royston, R. Sutter, J. Boston, H. Sierka, B. Taylor Second Row-J. Miller, E. Roessler, M. Mahoney, B. Schmeiler, B. Wappler, R. Redilla, P. Beilstein, J. Young, B. Owen Third Row-Coach Fox, l. Palmer, R. Huch, W. Ehrman, R. Moskrey, J. Schweiger, H. Price, J. Renkos, J. Harris gcweldl KEEPING THEIR CHAMPIONSHIP GOING Now th d I b VARSITY BASEBALL SENIOR LETTERMEN si 2. mek A grand total of 75 boys went out for the track team this year. After days of -elimin- ations the team was cut down to normal size. Most of the lettermen of previous years re- turned, so the team will be a very experienced one. The lettermen who will participate in track this year are: Bernie Kwalik, who is cap- .. Coaches contemplate tain, runs the 440 yard dash and mile relay, Ken Altfather, high iump, Wally Barker, low and high hurdles, Lee Hurley, shotput and mile relay, Bob Whitesides, 880 yard dash, T R A C K R E 5 U L T 5 Chuck Watkins, 880 yard dash, Lloyd David- son, 440 yard dash, mile relay, and Rand 5hUle""R0lned OU' Brandt, shotput and discus. 9315 Plum 2415 Mr. Davies and Mr. Drazenovich, the coaches, 70Lg Quaker Valley 4756 are hoping for a very successful season. But 83 Oliver 34 the success of track depends on the team and the individual contestant. So in order to ob- Brenlwood tain a winning season, each boy must practice Moon on his own. Ihnf- , ,., First Row-C. Watkins, l. Davidson, I.. Hurley, B. Whitesides, R. Brandt, B. Kwalik, W. Barker, B. Good, T. Dann B. Walch, J. Barr, D. lambing Second Row-Coach Drazenovich, E. Florak, B. Bowman, M. Thurston, M. Taylor, B. Winterworth, T. Brunt, B. Steele, D. Gross, N. Oweley, D. Breir, l. Gray, Coach Davies Third Row-G. Moellanhrolte, S. McCord, P. Brandt, G. Barr, C. Hagmier, J. Bell, B. Redilla, R. Redilla, J. Staus, J. Bright, C. Cenke, J. Barr, B. Fischer, G. leavesley, D. Davis Fourth Row-G. Geisler, D. Servich, D. Fonger, T. Murray, T. Charleston, D. Fischer, R. Morris, J. Kaiser, H. Newton, J. Dolligoiti, D. Ebert, R. Rupp, H. Martin, G. Coyne Fifth Rzw-S.BFa2:l1, Mi Ro?, fanny, B. Mulligan, J. Douglas, M. Schwerin, J, Thuran, D. Sisak, R. Mandra E. . . ' 1 I peer, orme ey, mg e er Sixth Row-T. Maxwell, D. Worth, P. Murphy, K. Kwalik, D. Robbins, K. Hurley, C. Riley, J. Fagley, J. Jardine, B. Clifford, J. Foley, D. Debs 92 Kwalik races the clock Rand reaches for a record Goode forgot his parachute COACH, TEAM, PEP, STEAM Calisthenics to keep in shape On your mark men Ewwbww The Cross Country team, coached by Mr. William Davies, consisted of nine members. Bob Bowman, Hank Sierka, Bob Walch, Bill Wintermantel, Tom Brunt, Mike Thurston, Bob Whitesides, Mike Taylor, and Dave Lambing were the fleet-footed runners. The team had five meets of which they won one, defeating Perry on October 'll at home with a decisive victory. On Friday, October 26, the W.P.l.A.L. Cross-Country tournament was held at the Aliquippa Country Club. One hundred and eighty boys participated in the meet and Bob Whitesides placed twenty-first for North Alle- gheny. Seven boys represented North Alle- gheny at the district meet. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM First Row-Tom Brunt, Mike Thurston Bob Whitesides, Mike Toylor, Dove Lambing Second Row - Bob Bowmon, Hank Sierkn, Bob Wokh, Bill Winter montel, Coach Davies Only 2V2 miles to go!!! The end of a victorious iourney i t'7"'! First Row-D. Wist, D. Ferguson, C. Harris, K. Johnson, J. Burr, D. Steele Second Row-D. Armstrong, B. Genter, C. Karsten, T. Dodson, P. Thurston, B. Springer, D. Auth, F Drop Couch Testa THEY TEED OFF FOR TRIUMPH Really in the rough! Sixteen boys tried out for the golf team and played a qualifying match to determine who the team members would be. Chris Kars- ton, Tom Dodson, Bob Genter, Peter Thurston, Frank Drap, Jim Barr, Dick Armstrong, and Bill Springer came out on top. Home matches were played at the Shannopin Country Club and the four competing teams were Crofton, Car- negie, Avonworth, and West View. Mr. Robert Testa was the golf coach for the 1957 season. Expert instruction if S .ff 12? 6 CLASS COLORS 'X 3 itll? Garnet and white 5 CLASS MOTTO Through the years success CQ! Q., QLXKF' P' Q f eisfzfqf f K2 sq, 72 'Q XYY5' 2 L alt? :EJ and mdk! yn We haul our Alma Mater nts colors black and gold gg, J, Its modern beauty fllls us wuth loy thats yet UMOEEC --"Eg, We haul our Alma Mater and pledge our loyalty lc'-w Q5 We hall North Allegheny undynnq love for thee LJ We haul North Allegheny and pledge our loyalty lf lf L ly llls f I. L, ri. 'P' ff: A0 If" J ,S D K-Igfi iv :A . .1 ,f 4 J r Y NCP .4 ff' , J 3, fool, IJ, if 4 f 1' KY . P' ff' gy' Qfmx vw ,V 1. ,A , ', If ,ffxv J' W if 52 iaffw-5 aj, fwffg, Ay W kffffzfn, f'-wfczawfzf UJVA6 0 A Zwba ZMYAJZ I Lbtbw X UK J ZZLWL Vylfgdf QA Zak! if 7 My 1 1 df: V L4 my AZ! A LM fag, X K lfltg 0- 1 7LCC,fXfj N JL! J LL Ol Cf UV:-fl' XIJVL, Lvl J? mjD LJLC pf OJ! Clfk, x 4 0 L . - f U . WX ' Wig , If fb A A L .XJ 'fy' 1 1 f x V' A Q f rw X5 fx - fx ' , 1 XXI X, JA, X p 1' 'W if I A - N 5 1 C V7 P f X " X: :S f ffd l ,J mx-A ,J f ' , A If f t ' V, it . . X3 , f 7'-1 . .ffm ,f Y X -XJ f I ,f , i Q X M 4,1 N: C If NV ' K ' , f , ' X, W fa, vf f xx -x J ix , X Xi-V , Yi V V f' Magi LL ? , xx' -5 I , ' 1 f 'L X VX! X "f LX: "lf H .2 f I 1 7 '! -ff' N A .X N 5 ff Q 4 N N x W ,ff ,ff lx X If J X 131 .V bi ,N + W A Q v 'Y-W' we K7 .5 Y' 1 V C , 1 A Q, Q5 ,, ffxgf ,vw L75 X x YL . 2: gk' f fn!! I K , , :P--V. -'Jfl L A VV X Q ' i L! J f -I A gf, 111 f x , XX' ' JA..-f'l"V ,H , , ,,. 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Suggestions in the North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA) collection:

North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 40

1957, pg 40

North Allegheny High School - Safari Yearbook (Wexford, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 75

1957, pg 75

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