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1b, U JGu ' u a uaiUi lo vi t 3 oi S ' G A) ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBR GENEALOGY 977.401 H5 5NAH 1978 7 cT ' • ' -7 s -r ' . v- Mrs. Williams Dawn Petrie and Carol Petrie . . THE CRAZY TIMES Ray Yinger Richard Todd and Roxanne Griffis. THE INVOLVED TIMES Carol Petrle, Tina Buck, and " friend " Tornado drill. Lynette Addleman April Monroe, John Flannery, Roxanne Griffis THE QUIET TIMES. Virgil Sheets, Michele Ackerman, Kevin Lyons. Sh2U ' on Ruder. Randy Penix. THE ATHLETIC TIMES. Robert Creek Dave Bump Ronda Hawkins THE CONFERENCE TIMES. Anita Fry and Mr. Stoll Dale Spahr, Mr. Carter, Kay Drake, and Mr. Kowalski. Penny Neer, David Buck, and Ray Hicks. THE DRAMA TIC TIMES Roxanne, Griffis, Jeannette Spence, and Becky Stock- ford. Ronda Hawkins and Dave Cook. Kathy Relmschlsel, DAR THE HONORED TIMES THE EVER YD A Y TIMES. Freshman gym class. Tashia Latimer UNDERCLASSMEN Chris Aughney Wayne Baker Mark Bastien Julie Binkley Diana Bump Heather Campbell CLASS OFFICERS: Vice Pres. Jeff Schmucker, Treas. Yvonne Cook, Pres. Karen IHartsell, Sec. Kipp Williams. Richard Caulkins Dawn Caverly Vicky Chambers Dennis Cole Yvonne Cook Greg Cox James Daniels Mark Daniels Dawn Dear Rusty DeGraw Mayme Denning Kim Duby CLASS OF 79 Steve George Robert Haack Raymond Hammond Keith Hart Karen Hartsell Mike Henvey Stan Heslett Kirstie Horn Becky Hull Roger Hunt Jeannie Johnsto n Julie Kesling Scott Kyser Ellen Ladd Helen Ladd Dan Lewis Deb Lewis Cindy Lockwood Ryan May CENTER PICTURE: Karen Ruder and Julie Wheaton Karen Norris Marietta Owens Carol Petrie Dennis Phillips Ron Redding Karen Ruder Ted Sawyer Jeff Schmucker Kathy Sharp Chris Shaw Steve Staley Cindy Stanlake Cathy Warren Julie Wheaton CENTER PICTURE: Karen Hartsell Not Pictured: Bill Clark Jim Hartley Jim Powell Tracie Thornton CLASS OF ' 80 Marge Ackley Dan Aikens Jeff Benedict Marilyn Black Rick Blakeslee Greg Bolenbaugh Deb Bordner Fred Briggs Anna Brumar Tina Buck Dawn Bump Marylou Burns Bill Caskey Don Caulkins CLASS OFFFICERS: Treas. Karia Cook, Pres. Roger Foust, Vice Pres. Doug Fouty, Sec. Pam Pelton. Nell Caulkins Troy Chapin KarIa Cook Tim Crall Lloyd Crandall Robert Creek TOP PICTURE: Deb Bordner Troy Dwyer Jim Ellis Roger Foust Doug Fouty Dan Gable Dan Glei Raymond Harring Eric Henvey Cheryl Hicks Tim Horn Doug Keeling Gary Kennedy Judy Kennedy Martha Kies Annette Kimble Sharon Knapp Mary Ladd Joe Lewis Betty Love Kevin Lyons Dennis McClain Stuart Miller Tom Morrison Chris Parks MJl VN ' :Jv7. ii Pam Pelton Dawn Petrle Sandra Petrie Scott Petrie Bruce Pickell Jennifer Pickell Marty Puckett Jackie Rader John Rader Kim Roberts Tom Rowe Jeannette Rutan Chris Sharp Tim Smith Mary Ellen Spohr Colleen Thompson Judy Wagler Keith Wasnich r jj Y ' E yl i„-;i,«£ .. : ■ ' ■:- ' ■ ■. ■■ ■ CENTER PICTURE: Anna Brumar, Scott Parks, and Dawn Bump atop the sophomore homecoming float. Cindy Wheaton Russell Wheaton Beth Wheeler Ray YInger Not pictured: Mike Cheever, Scott Parks, Vicky Shepard, Ken Snider, Wayne Tyler, Donald Werner. Kevin Abbott Michele Ackerman ' Lynette Aughney Belynda Barber CLASS OFFI- CERS: Vice Pres. Todd Dwyer, Sec. Kelly Lynch, Pres. Tom Smith, Treas. Jeff Jan- son. Karen Bolenbaugh Roger Calbetzer Colleen Campbell Trent Chapin Stanley Cook Kara Cornish Terry Crall Kara Curtis Roy Gray Dora Harmon Kim Harmon Tim Harris Todd Hockstedler Jeff Janson Art Johnston Dan Kies Cindy Kimble Chris Kyser Tashia Latimer Charlotte Lindsey CLASS OF ' 81 Kelly Lynch Keith Lyons John McCormIck Mark McCracken Roger Miller Brian Mosley Sherry PawlowskI Randy Penix Gary Rhoades Jackie Rhoades Sharon Ruder Rick Ruffer Greg Russ Debbie Sems Virgil Sheets Deb Sheffer Tom Smith Lachel Snodgrass Denlse Spahr Charlene Spence Steve Spratt Tony Taylor Clark Thompson Marlene Trumble Kynda Washnich Dawn Webb Chris Williams Steve Woodruff Not Pictured: Cherie Clark, Danny Hegwood,Alex Henvey, Tvuila Heslet, Stephanie O ' Dell, Dan Snider, David Van- Voorhis. BOTTOM PICTURE: Stan Cook. David Aikens Kevin Alley Cheryl Binkley Darcy Bordner Yolanda Bowles Melinda Bowman Robert Brumar Tammy Carr CLASS OFFICERS: Pres. Bryan Spratt, Sec. Shei- la May, Treas. 1elinda Bowman, Vice r res. Mike Hull. Tony Cole Vicky Cook Newton Crandall David Creek Tom Cross Danny Dear Mike Dospoy Scott Duby Kenneth Ellis Charles Freed John Gessner Lynette Gil I man Robin Marring Rachel Haskell Sharon Hegwood Lisa Henvey Rick Hochstedler Mike Hull Sue Johnston CLASS OF ' 82 Wayne Jones Bruce Keeling Darren Kittle Kim Kyser Jim Larue Diane Lewis Sheila May Sarah McClain Stacy Miller Rusty Neer Amy Norris Diane Morris Tony Panl hurst Chris Parks Cheryl Pelton Tammy Penix Chari Petrie Darlene Petrie Steve Petrie Ray Phillips Steve Pickell Ricky Raber Don Rader Marie Schmucker Richard Sneary Dana Spahr Diane Spahr Tom Spence Bryan Spratt Dede Todd Janelle Trumble Warren Tyler Alan Wagler Mark Walworth Tim Ward Treva Webb Kimberly Ackerman Penny Ackley Troy Alley Scott Aughney Pam Berlin John Bongard Hank Brockman James Chambers Lorraine Duby Tammy Findley Lisa Gavitt Ricky George VInce Goodwin Karl Gordon CLASS OFFICERS: Sec. Suzy Winner, Pres. Tim Pickell, Vice Pres. Wendy Lynch, Treas. Carolyn Newell. Kevin Grubbs Rober Marring CLASS OF ' 83 Dawn Hooks Margaret Hooks Kim Hoover John Hunt Eric Johnson Nancy Johnston James Jones Sandy Kies Roger Lambright Bion Lynch Wendy Lynch Chris MacLennan Carolyn Newell Tammy Newell Connie Owens Debbie Parish Kelvin Penix Kara Pickell Tim Pickell Lindy Price Mindy Rhoades Dale Ruder Gary Sems Wendy Sheets Not Pictured: Georgia Jones, Tracey Stuck, Jeff O ' Dell, Rick Schmidt, Diane Werner, Jeff Sheperd. CURRICUL UM REGULA TE .Mf «1H)»( 1. Harold Trott, Superintendent. 2. Al Williams, Athletic Director and Guidance Counselor. 3. Tom Kowalski, Principal and fearless leader. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Barbara Kittle, teacher ' s aide and paperwork coordinator. 2. Ruth Ashton, Office Aide. 3. Janice Fry, Office Aide. The teachers pictured here and on the fol- lowing pages are not limited to one subject, but they are grouped here according to the subject they teach most. The History department had an upheaval in grading systems this year which affected Mr. Carter ' s classes. The advent of extra credit reports caused a number of cases of writers ' cramps. 1. Kevin Williams — western civilization, geography; girls ' varsity basl etball, boys ' j.v. basketball. 2. Gary Bushman — 8th grade history, 7th grade social studies, and accounting. 3. Paul Carter — American history, govern- ment, contemporary problems, and drama. The English department coped with the usu- al sort of assignments this year. The seniors went Shakespearean for a few days, speech class demonstrated everything imaginable, and short speeches produced many a nervous reaction. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Abe Stoll — journalism, 8th grade Eng- lish, romance literature; Chatterbox. 2. Tammy Fish — 9th and 10th grade Eng- lish, 7th grade social studies; yearbook and Pep Club. 3. Judy Evers — junior and senior English, speech, reading improvement, English Lit.; S.A.E. and National Honor Society. 4. Barbara Breeden — 7th and 9th grade English; volleyball, girls ' track, jr. high stu- dent council, and jr. high cheerleaders. INSTRUCT EDUCA TE 1. Bill Dwyer — 7th and 8th grade science and 8th grade P.E. 2. Don Devenport — 8th grade and freshman science. 3. Ned White — biology, health, and high school P.E. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. George Cook — 8th grade and freshman math and Career Education. 2. Joe Lubaway — 7th grade math, mechanical drawing, shop I and freshman P.E. 3. Dave Anspaugh — 7th grade math, 8th grade Spanish, and Spanish I and II. 4. Dan Keeler — 8th grade and freshman math. Al- gebra II and chemistry. Teacher Sylvia Barrett tries to convince drop-out Joe Ferone to stay in scliool. Ever-patient director Mr. Carter gives notes after a reliearsal. Crucible cast — Front row: B. Stocl ford, L. Addleman, H. Campbell, D. Lewis. Second row: K. Reimschisel, S. Irisli, R. Griffis, D. Caul- kins, W. Bal er, Y. Cool , M. Owens. Bacl row: J. Flan- nery, D. Spahr, R. Rossman, M. Sclnmitt, T. Hunt, L. Lyncii, D. Bucl , P. Neer, G. Dwyer, R. Redding, R. Dan- iels, Mr. Carter. EXPRESS The house lights slowly fade. The deep red curtain rises and the voice of J.J. McHabe welcoming the cast of Up The Down Staircase to a new semester is heard throughout the theater. On yet another night, the house lights fade again, this time on a stage blank but for an empty bed. The lights on stage come up to reveal Reverend Samuel Parris praying for the salvation of his daughter, Betty, in the opening moments of The Cru- cible. These were some of the sights greeting North Adams theatergoers in Jonesville this year. The Drama class, under the direction of Mr. Paul Carter, presented the two plays, one each nine weeks. Both shows played to full houses and the audiences responded enthusiastical- ly to both productions. It was an all-star year on stage for the Drama class. Staircase cast — Front row: S. Irish, P. Neer, J. Flan- nery. Second row: D. Lewis, Y. Cook, D. Caulkins, M. Owens, K. Reimschisel. Third row: L. Addleman, B. Stockford, H. Campbell, R. Redding. Fourth row: R. Griffis, T. Hunt, D. Spahr, W. Baker. Back row: Mr. Carter, S. Holcomb, B. Hull, D. Buck, M. Owens, R. Daniels, J. Penix, G. Dwyer, L. Lynch. Not pictured: K. Drake, C. Snider, A. Staley. CONSTRUCT Morning Housebuilding: Front Row — J. Daniels, M. Marsh, M. Daniels, D. Cole. Back Row — T. Sawyer, R. Daniels, G. Cole, R. DeGraw. Below Left: Rod Daniels. Below Right: Dennis Cole. rF» «- " ' o « ' ■ ' ai ;H • SIN , ' , .. ' . » ' W •«» » « ,. ♦. ' .» Mukwi xii Above — Mr. Cortrlght. Below — Afternoon House Building: Front Row — Mr. Cortright, R. Hasten, D. Daniels, K. Dospoy. Back Row — S. Caskey, M. Bastien, J. Titus. Its teclinical name is Building Trades. The kids in school just call it housebuilding. In shifts of 3 hours, junior and senior guys would report to the subdivision at the east end of town to work on the house under construction. Working against time and Michigan weath- er, the house was completed, ex- cept for a few final details, by May 14. An open house was held that Sunday, Mother ' s Day, with the public invited. 1. Christine Watkins — Art I and II and photography. 2. Jan Plummer — home ec, family living, consu- merism and F.H.A. 3. Glen Ruder — shop I and II, Ag. I, animal sci- ence, Ag. mechanics and F.F.A. OPPOSITE PAGE: 1. Katherine Devenport — typing I and II, shorthand and National Honor Society. 2. Helen Wells — Mrs. Wells retired as N.A. librar- ian at the end of the school year. She had been at North Adams for 12 years. 3. Shirley Williams — 7th and 9th grade and high school phys. ed. and G.A.A. ORGANIZATIONS 1977-78 Members, Front row: Kipp Williams, Kathy Reimschisel, David Buck. Second row: Mrs. Devenport, Karen Ruder, Becky Hull, Mrs. Evers. Back row: Laurie Lynch, Marietta Owens, Penny Neer. Missing: Kay Caulkins, Glenda Dwyer. PRESTIGE The lights went out. Eleven candles were carefully lit. A poem was read and words of congratulations were given. The candles were extinguished and eleven new members had been inducted into Honor Society. The candlelight ceremony was just one of many activi- ties National Honor Society members had participated in. After the ceremony, a number of the group went to Jackson and saw High Earlier in the year, mem- bers visited Tiffin, Ohio and saw Mac- beth on stage, and Hillsdale, to see Dra- cula. They toured the Grosvenor House in Jonesville and collected for UNICEF and the Red Cross. They also sold candy canes at Christmas time. Gaining membership in Honor Society is different from any other club in school. An honors committee is respon- sible for selection of new members. In previous years, incoming members had been " tapped " in the spring awards as- sembly. This year, the tapping was held earlier and new members were tapped in the classroom. The group is under the advisorship of Mrs. Evers and Mrs. De- venport and there are no officers. Each member has an equal responsibility. It is to set an example for the rest of the school through grades, conduct and par- ticipation. 1978-79 Honor Society Members. Front row: J. Pickell, M. Spohr, K. Reimschisel, S. Irish, D. Richards, D. Petrie, M. Black, K. Hartsell. Second row: Mrs. Evers, B. Hull, K. Ruder, M. Owens, L. Lynch, K. Horn, C. Petrie, Mrs. Devenport. Back row: D. Fouty, K. Williams, D. Buck, P. Neer, D. Glei. Missing: K. Caulkins, G. Dwyer. Right: Mike Owens, Alan Staley, and Dale Spahr fill in on chieerleaders ' night off. Group Picture: Front Row — D. Petrie, R. Brumar, M. Owens, L. Gillman, L. Hen- vey, M. Bowman, B. Barber. Second Row — T. Fish, M. Owens, D. Bordner, C. Pe- trie, K. Norris, D. Bordner, B. Johnston, A. Norris. Third Row — D. Spahr, D. Norris, C. Hicks, M. Black, Back Row — C. Binkley, P. Pel- ton. EXUBERANT p mmv mm m 1 M 1 -■w , ■ p 1 " Go Green! Go White! " That was the Pep Club battle cry this year. Although as an organization they weren ' t very active, under the leadership of president Mike Owens, individual members be- came the spirited backbone to the North Adams cheering sections. The members also created signs proclaiming Ram superiority for both girls and boys basketball teams. So even though, technically, the club wasn ' t as active as in pre- vious years the team support and rowdie spirit was still there. Offi- cers this year were President Mike Owens, Vice President Robert Bru- mar, Secretary Marietta Owens, and Treasurer Dawn Petrie. DOMESTIC Future Homemakers of America doesn ' t just mean cooking, cleaning, sewing, and running a household. F.H.A. is an active group under the advisorship of Mrs. Plummer. During football season F.H.A. faithfully pro- duced their caramel apples for home games. Their project for fair was a booth explaining F.H.A. Money- making projects were selling Tom Watt Kits and Sweetheart roses for Valentines and Sweetheart Day. This money was split among the girls participating in the F.H.A. Convention. The officers were: President Heather Campbell, Sec- retary Julie Kesling, and Treasurer Carol Petrie. The three regional officers were Carol Petrie, Jackie Rhoades and Tashia Latimer. The State Representa- tive was April Monroe. Convention group — Front row: D. Webb, K. Roberts, K. Bolenbaugh, J. Rhoades. D. Bordner, C. Kimble, Mrs. Plummer, Back row: S. Knapp, J. Kesling, D. Bolenbaugh, A. Monroe, C. Petrie, B. Stockford. Front row: A. Monroe, S. Ruder, K. Ruder, J. Rhoades, H. Campbell, J. Kesling, Mrs. Plummer. Second row: K. Roberts, S. Knapp, D. Bordner, D. Spahr, D. Lewis. Third row: C. Petrie, R. Harring, B. Stockford, D. Sheffer, C. Lindsey, K. Harmon. Fourth row: D. Sems, C. Campbell, D. Bolenbaugh, K. Bolenbaugh, D. Webb, Back row: D. Bump, A. Kimble, K. Williams, C. Kimble. AGRARIAN What do seeds, a field project, and selling fruit have in common? They were each part of an F.F.A. project this year. Corn from the field project was exhibited at the Hillsdale County Fair. The seeds and fruit were money-raising projects. The money earned was put to- wards the F.F.A. convention. The awards from the convention were given at the F.H.A.-F.F.A. awards banquet. The F.F.A. also ran football concession stands. In the picture at the left, presi- dent Mark Schmitt is caught sampling some of the popcorn. The officers this year were: President Mark Schmitt, Vice-President Scott Miller, Secretary Cindy Curtis, Treasurer Mike Owens, and Sentinal Tim Tucker. Front row: S. Miller, M. Schmitt, K. Ruder, C. Curtis, Mr. Ruder. Second row: J. Daniels, R. Wheaton, B. Mos- ley, S. Pawlowski, K. Curtis, J. Keck, D. Keeling. Third row: S. George, R. Yoder, R. Creek, T. Sawyer, S. Miller, S. Petrie, K. Duby. Back row: B. Stockford, K. Lyons, D. Glei, K. Lyons, B. Zorn, T. Morrison, D. McClain, S. Kyser. PUBLISH Above — Front row: A. Fry, S. Holcomb, G. Mason, Second row: S. Lyons, D. Freed, R. Rutan, J. Penix, Back row: R. Rodd, D. Zorn, J. Cornish, M. Owens, D. Dendy. Below — Editor Sue Holcomb caught in a lighter moment. So you say you want to know what ' s going on at N.A.? Pick up the Chat- terbox. It ' s the school paper keeping everyone informed on what ' s going on in the world of sports, academics and the social world at North Adams. Sue Holcomb served as editor to an en- tirely senior staff this year. They pro- duced eight issues of the paper, plus a special thirty-six page senior issue, in May. At the awards assembly. Advisor Mr. Stoll presented three journalism awards to the outstanding staffers this year: Jennifer Penix, Robin Rutan, and Sue Holcomb. REMEMBER Front row: T. Buck, C. Hicks, H. Campbell. Back row: D. Petrie, C. Petrie, L. Lynch, J. Flannery, Miss Fish, L. Addleman, M. Black. r " 1 J On what other staff could you deal with totally insane people? People who run around taking pic- tures of anybody and everybody, people who delight in catching others in embarrassing situations, people who would have their own picture taken as the " Unknown Yearbook Staff " . Yes, that gave it away. It ' s our very own yearbook staff. We worked hard this year to overcome obstacles like no cam- eras, no times to hold meetings and, occasionally, no staff. So if you think we came up lacking in one area or another, voice your protest! Join the staff next year! Our executive staff this year in- cluded devoted advisor Miss Fish, insane editor Laurie Lynch and gopher punching bag all-around good guy and editor ' s sidekick John Flannery. ACCOMPLISH The S.A.E., Student Action for Education, was certainly active in many areas of educa- tion this year. Due to a disagreement over the interpretation of the school ' s field trip policy, a committee from the group went before the school board to debate the issue. However, the S.A.E. managed to maintain their active schedule. Group members visited Franken- muth. True Grist dinner theater, and Chicago. In Chicago, they visited the Museum of Sci- ence and Industry, the Museum of Natural History and the top of the Sears Tower. S.A.E. sponsored the Christmas card tree and Valentine card heart in advisor Mrs. Evers ' room, sold cherry pies on Washington ' s birth- day and collected for a needy family at Thanl sgiving and Christmas time. Front row: Secretary M. Haack, Mrs. Evers, Vice-president K. Caulkins. Second row: R. Blakeslee, K. Hart, D. Buck, K. Williams, P. Neer, K. Drake. Third row: D. Bump, R. May, J. Schmucker, R. Raber, Y. Cook, H. Campbell, A. Monroe. Fourth row: B. Johnston, V. Sheets, B. Stockford, M. Black, C. Petrie, D. Petrie. Back row: B. Pickell, S. Eding, S. Paw- lowski, K. Horn, J. Kesling. Not pictured: President Ronda Hawkins, Trea- surer Glenda Dwyer. GOVERN The senior high student council, under the advisorship of Mr. Kowalski, was disbanded for the duration of this year. Finances ran low because the Pepsi ma- chine, their main source of income, had been removed in August. However, the council was responsible for the organization of football homecoming. In the spring, president Glenda Dwyer also organized the voting for Teacher of the Year. The junior high student council, under Miss Breeden ' s advisorship, remained intact. They sponsored a few record hops throughout the year for the junior high. Senior high student council — Standing: T. Buck, C. Petrie, Mr. Kowalski, T. Smith, T. Smith, J. Drake Seated: S. Holcomb, K. Hartsell, K. Caulkins, D. Buck. Junior high student council — Standing: K. Pickell, N. Johnston, Miss Breeden, T. Newell, D. Kittle. Seated: D. Bordner, R. Hochstedler, L. Gavott, S. Petrie. Freshmen — Front row: M. Trumble, M. Ackerman, C. Campbell, K. Lynch. Second row: K. Cornish, L. Snodgrass, P. Daniels, B. Barber, D. Sems. Back row: Mr. Norman, S. Ed- ing, J. Gable, S. Edlng, C. Thomp- son, R. Gray, T. Taylor. Sophomores — Front row: C. Hicks, M. Black, A. Kimble. Second row: J. Pickell, P. Pelton, K. Cook, D. Petrie, C. Thompson. Back row: D. Gable, F. Briggs, D. Fouty, T. Crall, D. Caul- kins, T. Smith, D. Keeling, B. Pick- ell. PERFORM i) A whistle is heard, a command is called, the ca- dence begins and another marching season is under way. The band marched in all five home games this year, including homecoming, when the alumni joined them. They also marched the fair parade in September and the Memorial Day parade In May. The concert band performed in both the Christmas Arts Festival and the spring concert, besides going to District Festival at Hudson and receiving straight II ' s. Representatives were sent to Solo Ensemble and also to Honors Band. This was the first year for Honors Band. It was comprised of the top bandsmen in the county and they performed with the Massed Band at the Massed Band concert in February. The Sr. and Jr. bands also combined to play at com- mencement in May. On May 12, the band awards banquet was held in the high school gym. Medals were distributed and members received bars, pins or letters, according to their grade. Kathy Reimschisel received the John Phillips Sousa award and the Richard Phillips Band Award was presented to Lyn- ette Addleman. Special recognition was given to Sarah Irish for her mural of Beethoven, which the band is pictured in front of. In a campaign to im- prove the looks of the band room, Ludwig was painted by Sarah on the divider wall between the gym and the stage. The band council was comprisec of seniors this year. They were: president Lynette Addleman, vice-president Kathy Reimschisel, sec- reiary Sue Holcomb, and treasurer Sarah Irish. Juniors and Seniors — Front row: K. Reimschisel, R. Griffis, L. Lynch, C. Petrie, J. Johnston. Second row: S. Holcomb, D. Richards, L. Addleman, J. Kesling, A. Fry. Back row: Mr. Norman, D. Caulkins, M. Denning, B. Hull, C. Stanlake, C. Aughney, D. Lewis. Not pictured: Sarah Irish, Ray Hicks, Rod Daniels. ■ i lC- UL " : m M [| p mm • j Eighth grade — Front row: T. Cross, D. Norris, K. Ellis, M. Dospoy, T. Cole, J. Gessner, C. Pelton, S. Johnston, S. Miller, Mr. Norman. Second row: C. Binkley, D. Bordner, V. Cook, A. Norris, Y. Bowles, J. Trumble, T. Carr, M. Schmucker, C. Petrie. Third row: D. Rader, B. Keeling, M. Walworth, S. Petrie, D. Kittle, S. Pickell, D. Creek. Back row: M. Hull, R. Raber, B. Spratt, R. Hochstedler, D. Dear, R. Phillips, S. Duby. Seventh grade — Front row: K. Pick- ell, K. Ackerman, L. Gavott, T. Newell, D. Parrish, T. Alley, T. Pickell. Second row: C. Owens, S. Winner, K. Gordon, C. Newell, N. Johnston, P. Berlin, M. Hooks, L. Duby. Third row: G. Jones, K. Hoo- ver, W. Lynch, R. George, G. Sems, T. Taylor, B. Lynch. Back row: D. Hooks, D. Ruder, V. Goodwin, S. Kies, R. Truitt. If a person were to have walked on to the stage during 6th hour last year, they might have thought they ' d walked into bedlam. Because that was the rehearsal hour for the Jr. band. At over 70 members strong, the sound they created widened the cracks in the back wall every day. Jr. band members spend a lot of their time in training for Sr. band. They have marching practice, both on the road and the field. They perform at all the concerts and send representatives to Solo Ensemble. Due to conflicts, that was not possible this year. The band went to District Festival at Leslie and received a II. Members participated in fund-raisers such as the walk-a-thon and the candy sale. Completing a music-filled afternoon, the choir had rehearsal 5th hour. Mr. Norman took over the class while the former in- structor. Miss Veenhoven, took a leave of Choir — Front row: K. Cornish, J. Spence, D. Petrie, M. Black, S. absence for further college study. The choir Holcomb, T. Heslet, M. Burns, Mr. Norman. Second row: B. Johnson, j gj rehearsal three days a week, the other J. Cousino, A. Monroe, R. Griffis, L. Addleman, D. Spahr, J. Rutan. j y gn j gy performed at both Back row: V. Sheets, C. Stanlake, S. Ruder, B. Stockford, C. Blak- concerU this year, and participated in the ley, M. Cheever, R. Perry. fund-raisers. AFTER HOURS CONQUEST Opposite page: An elated Ray Hicks celebrates his first touchdown as team mate Mitch Marsh and Coach An- spaugh look on. Top: Chris Aughney, Mike Owens, Coach Cook. Bottom: Front- Coach Cook, M. Owens, M. Schmitt, D. Buck, R. Hasten, Coach Anspaugh. 2nd row- Mgr. A. Redding, R. Hicks, D. Cook, D. Spahr, M. Marsh, G. Spratt, R. Daniels. Back- R. Redding, K. Hart, W. Baker, N. Caulkins, K. Duby, J. Schmucker, G. Cox. Missing- R. Raber, C. Aughney. Conquest, the act of conquering; victory. The North Adams Rams football team specialized in conquest this season finishing with a 6-3 record and a co-champion- ship with arch-rival Litchfield. Under the stern guid- ance of coaches Cook and Anspaugh the Rams stam- peded through their first five games quarterbacked by David Buck. But sometimes during that frenzied fifth game. Buck fell victim to the Terrier defensive line. David retired to the sidelines for the remainder of the season with ligament damage. For the remaining four games of the season, the vacant space was filled alter- nately by Randy Raber and Todd Dwyer. , On November 8, 1977, the coaches presented awards for outstanding achievement during the season at the annual Fall Awards Banquet. Those securing the presti- gious Iron Man award were Neil Caulkins, Rod Daniels, Randy Hasten, Mark Schmitt, Jeff Schmucker, Dale Spahr and Glenn Spratt. This award is given every year to those players who have participated in all the practices and played in every quarter of every game. David Buck was named Most Valuable Player and Ron Redding was presented with the Ted Caulkins Defen- sive Player award. Those acquiring a spot on the All- Conference Defensive squad were Dave Cook, Ray Hicks, and Dale Spahr. Teammates David Buck and Rod Daniels obtained positions on the offensive squad. Receiving Honorable Mention were Neil Caulkins, Randy Raber, Ron Redding, and Mark Schmitt. Greg Cox and Ron Redding were named grid iron co-cap- tains for next year. gijMM| BW Hljoit ■KQnZiIi} ' :£S3flB .-■ 4Mi«06.y« ' ' »£S T ■ ' !l mI I k Hg •• J.V. Football — Front row: Coach Lubaway, K. Lyons, T. Crall, C. Kyser, F. Briggs, Coach Keeler. Second row: J. Drake, J. Benedict, R. Creek, S. Parks, R. Marring, D. Fouty, W. Tyler. Third row: A. Johnston, S. Woodruff, T. Dwyer, R. Dobbelaere, D. Glei, G. Rhoades. Back row: J. Rader, S. Miller. RAM5 Jr. High Football — Front row: Coach Dwyer, C. Freed, D. Dear, R. Neer, T. Cole, D. Rader. Second row: M. Hull, H. Brockman, R. Harring, E. Johnson. Third row: B. Keel ing, B. Spratt, T. Ward, M. Walworth. Back row: G. Sems, W. Tyler, B. Lynch, D. Creek, S. Duby. Top: W. Wyatt, B. Holcomb, H. Drake, T. Caulkins. Middle: Freshman float. Bottom: K. Lynch, K. Baker, K. Williams, R. Blakeslee at Homecoming dance. FESTIVITY On October 7, 1977, a stiff breeze tore its way througii the large crowd assembled behind North Adams High School. On October 7, 1977, the North Aams Rams met their age-old foe, the Litchfield Terriers, on the field of football. On October 7, 1977, on the same field, a new queen was crowned, as tradition car- ried on. The presentation of the royal court and the crowning of the queen were the highlights of a half-time pro- gram also featuring the NAHS Marching Band accom- panied by alumni and a parade of floats. The floats were designed with the theme " Roasting the Opponent Teams " in mind. In the opinion of the judges, the freshmen class entry, " Rams Don ' t Pussyfoot Around " , captured the idea best. The float featured Lynette Aughney and Virgil Sheets as cheerleaders from oppos- ing teams, Ricky Ruffer and Buster the Ram, and Rog- er Calbetzer as a Wildcat on a stretcher, a casualty of the game. The court was driven in cars furnished by Cheever Homecoming court: K. Caulkins, S. Holcomb, S. Wyatt, Queen K. Drake, J. Binkley, D. Petrie, K. Baker. Pontiac and Dean Sharp. The princesses were escorted to the Student Council float, entitled " Queen of Hearts, " first. Leading off was freshman princess Kari Baker and her escort John Drake, followed by sopho- more princess Dawn Petrie and her escort Rob Dobbe- laere and junior princess Julie Binkley with her escort Ryan May. The queen candidates followed them. Kay Caulkins was escorted by her brother Todd Caulkins, while Kay Drake was escorted by her father, Harmon Drake. Sue Holcomb followed them on the arm of her father Bert Holcomb, and Sonja Wyatt, escorted by her father, Walter Wyatt, completed the court. Amid exploding flash bulbs, Kay Drake was pro- nounced Fall Homecoming Queen for the 1977-1978 reign. Co-captains David Buck and Mark Schmitt pre- sented Kay with her crown and a bouquet of red roses. Then the queen of hearts and her court were escorted off the field and into North Adams history. VIVA CITY The announcer ' s voice starts, " Wel- come to tonight ' s game between the North Adams Rams and ... " and the cheerleaders ' voices rise up over the announcer ' s. " Rams Speller! Hit it! " The girls braved every kind of ele- ment cheering the team on to many an exciting victory. They also sponsored pep sessions to get the school ' s spirit racing. They put on one sl it entitled " If I Were Not a Cheerleader " and another which featured lines like " These are the helmets our boys wear to cover up their long, long hair. " The class of ' 78 fought it out with the class of ' 81 in the class spirit competition and emerged victorious with the spirit ball 3 times straight. Both squads were advised by Patty Loss of Hillsdale Col- lege. Sweet roll sales and a jersey auction raised money. The lucl y jer- sey winners were allowed to wear the shirt of their favorite player the last three hours of the day. J.V. Cheerleaders — Lynette Aughney, Chris Sharp, Marilyn Blacl , Dawn Pe- trie, Colleen Campbell. Varsity Cheerleaders — Karen Hartsell, Michele Haack, Yvonne Cook, Advisor Miss Loss, Sue Holcomb, Jennifer Penix, Sarah Irish. LEGENDARY ,» J?l l yg SFIH r — n m ' - ' ' ' " • ' •» " ! Tw™ H fc if S Tournament team — Front row: K. Cook, B. Johnson, K. Ruder, K. Drake, M. Spohr. Second row: Mgr. K. Horn, J. Pickell, B. Hull, C. Warren, R. Hawkins, Coach Williams. Back row: G. Dwyer, K. Caul- kins, P. Neer, T. Buck. J.V. basketball — Front row: K. Cook, J. Pickell, K. Lynch, D. Sems, Mgr. M. Schmucker, B. Barber. Back row: T. Buck, A. Brumar, S. Pawlowski, K. Williams. The excitement was thick enough to reach out and touch. Nobody was doing much work that afternoon. See, everyone had something a little more important on their minds. If this group of girls won, no, when they won the game that night, then they would play for all the marbles. The marbles, in this case, being the girls ' basketball state championship. The gym vibrated with pride as the girls walked into a pep session honoring them that morn- ing. Spirit rocketed to a fever pitch as the team prepared to leave. Around noon, the girls, coaches, and administrators left for DeWitt behind a fire truck escort. Their en- thusiastic fans followed them out of town in a convoy containing a large amount of the school ' s enrollment. As hoped for, victory rode on the Rams ' side and hopes were aimed at the top. The next day, the team took the floor in Michigan State ' s Jenison Field House in the Class D state finals. Fighting all the way, the girls finally bowed out to Rock Mid- Peninsula. The regular season team was comprised of six seniors: Kay Caulkins, Kay Drake, Glenda Dwyer, Ronda Hawkins, Beth Johnson and Penny Neer; and three juniors: Becky Hull, Karen Ruder, and Cathy Warren. Tina Buck, Karia Cook, Jennifer Pickell and Mert Spohr, all sophomores, were added to the team as they entered tournaments. The girls, coached by Kevin Williams and Gary Beach, finished with a league record of 17 and 0, and an over- all record of 24 and 1 along with the knowl- edge that they will be forever lodged in North Adams history. The J.V. basketball team, coached by Gary Beach, was somewhat overshadowed by their elders success. They finished with a 16 and 1 record, however, and another season ' s exper- ience under the belts. PREPARATION Seventh grade — Front row: C. Owens, T. Newell, L. Gavott, L. Price, K. Pickell. Back row: C. Newell, S. Winner, N. Johnston, W. Lynch, K. Hoover, L. Duby, C. MacLennan, T. Findley. Eighth grade — Front row: R. Harring, C. Petrie, S. May, M. Bowman, A. Norris. Back row: T. Carr, S. Johnston, M. Schmucker, S. McClain, S. Miller, D. Bordner, V. Cook. Not pictured: Coach Mike Betz. DRIVEN Kipp Williams Roger Blakeslee John Flannery Tim and Tom Smith Not pictured: Coach Gaberdiel Roger Foust ATTAIN J.V. — Front row: K. Cook, M. Trumble, K. Williams, C. Hicks, Second row: K. Lynch, D. Petrie, Back row: S. O ' Dell, J. Pickell, Coach Breeden, B. Barber, P. Daniels, Manager C. Petrie. Varsity — Front row: H. Campbell, J. Binkley, M. Haack, Manager C. Pe- trie. Second row: D. Dear, Y. Cook, Back row: K. Drake, K. Horn, Coach Breeden, P. Neer, J. Johnson, B. Hull, A. Fry. Volleyball is a relatively new sport in North Adams. But for a program still in its infancy, it ' s doing very well. In fact, very well indeed, because the varsi- ty went to the quarter-finals before finally being defeated. The J.V. team emerged with flying colors also, finishing with a perfect record. STRIVE VARSITY FOOTBALL VARSITY BASEBALL GIRLS ' VARSITY BASKETBALL NA 20 Bronson NA 56 Tekonsha NA 42 Waldron NA 22 Litchfield NA 16 PIttsford NA 12 Camden NA 12 Litchfield NA 32 Britton- Macon Overall record: 6-3 SCAA record: 4-1 14 NA 6 Camden 1 NA 49 Jonesvllle 13 6 NA 1 Tekonsha 8 NA 57 Camden 24 12 NA 8 Hanover 4 NA 57 Tekonsha 40 6 NA 8 PIttsford 4 NA 61 Litchfield 45 12 NA 3 Litchfield 2 NA 78 Addison 37 12 NA 7 Camden NA 72 PIttsford 24 27 NA 1 Tekonsha 11 NA 66 Onsted 22 14 NA 3 PIttsford NA 73 Waldron 2 8 NA 5 Litchfield 8 NA 65 Camden 11 NA 4 Camden 2 NA 56 Grass Lake 47 NA 4 Tekonsha NA 47 Tekonsha 21 NA 12 Hanover 2 NA 52 Litchfield 33 NA 7 PIttsford 6 NA 61 PIttsford 21 NA 6 Waldron 10 NA 71 Western 20 NA 12 Litchfield 4 NA 82 Waldron 30 NA 2 Adrian Madison 7 NA 77 Centervllle 42 Tournaments NA 63 Jonesvllle 21 Overall record: 11-5 SCAA record: 9-4 Regular season record: 17-0 Tournaments: NA 58 Camden 31 NA 53 Tekonsha 23 NA 50 Litchfield 33 District title NA 51 Gallen 27 NA 70 Battle Creek 49 Regional title NA 60 Grass Lake 57 NA 52 Maple Clty- Glen Lake 42 NA 40 Rock Mid-Peninsula 56 Overall record: 24-1 f mlF ' STS i w t 1 kL HOME 22 Q|||| BOYS ' ARSITY BASKETBALL NA 38 Hanover 40 NA 53 Waldron 32 NA 65 Reading 42 NA 43 Plttsford 41 NA 57 Centerville54 NA 48 Camden 47 NA 43 Addison 56 NA 73 Morenci 79 NA 57 Tekonsha 45 NA 65 Litchfield 61 NA 53 Homer 45 NA 57 Waldron 46 NA 47 Hanover 45 OT NA 47 Camden 33 NA 64 Tekonsha 55 NA 45 Jonesville 38 NA 53 Litchfield 58 NA 54 Plttsford 45 NA 50 Adrian Madison 73 Overall record: 14-5 1 aCAA record: 7-1 ■ JV BASKETBALL FRESHMAN BASKETBALL NA 49 Hanover 47 OT NA 52 Waldron 29 NA 38 Waldron 40 NA 49 Reading 48 NA 24 Reading 57 NA 53 Centervllle34 NA 53 Plttsford 49 NA 65 Camden 49 NA 44 CentervilleSO 1 NA 60 Plttsford 12 NA 44 Camden 55 NA 40 Tekonsha 26 NA 46 Addison 58 NA 42 Hanover 54 NA 44 Morenci 73 NA 56 Litchfield 41 NA 41 Tekonsha 38 NA 50 Homer 37 NA 39 Litchfield 32 NA 44 Waldron 23 NA ? Homer ? Records incomplete NA ? Waldron 7 NA 32 Hanover 42 NA 35 Camden 40 NA 34 Tekonsha 36 NA 64 Jonesville 65 NA 52 Litchfield 37 NA 46 Plttsford 43 NA 33 Adrian Madison 44 Overall record: 8-11 SCAA record: 6-4 PERS EVERE Ah, basketball! From that first thump of the ball slamming against the backboard to the fading echo of the final buzzer, there is the tinge of a never-say-die spirit. Rams spirit, the same spirit that led the boys ' varsity team to a co-championship this season. The first game was a hint to what the season would be like. Even though it was a loss, it was a close game, going down to the final seconds, giving the huge home crowd something to get excited about. As the season grew older, the boys grew better, racking up numerous victories, a lot of them, close, nerve-wracking games. The starting line-up usually consisted of seniors, with juniors playing back-up through long, tiring games. The biggest game of the season was against arch-rival, Litchfield. The gym was literally filled to the rafters as the Rams and Terriers fought it out for first place in the league. To the intense disappointment of the boys and the home crowd, Litchfield emerged victorious that night, later repeating the performance in N.A. ' s first tournament game, ending strong hopes for a dis- trict title. The 1977-78 varsity basketball team fin- ished with a league record of 9 and 1, and an over-all record of 14 and 2. Below — Front row: R. Raber, R. Rossman, Second row: Coach White, R. Has- ten, T. Hunt, G. Cox, R. May. Back row: K. Wil- liams, R. Redding, J. Schmucl er, D. Buck. Miss- ing: Jeff Titus. Left — Guard Tom Hunt dives for the ball in Friday the 13th victory over Litchfield, J.V. basketball — Kneeling: T. Crall, K. Wasnich, R. Dobblelaere, R. Creek. Standing: K. Hart, D. Glei, T. Smith, W. Tyler, D. Fouty, Coach K. Williams. Freshmen - Front row: Coach A. Williams, R. Penix, G. Russ, T. Dwyer, C. Kyser, G. Rhoades. Back row: T. Hochstedler, K. Lyons, J. Drake, T. Crall, S. Woodruff. The J.V. boy ' s basketball team, coached by Kevin Williams, also has to put up with some over-shadowing by the varsity. But they had some nail-biting, teeth- clenching games of their own. Finishing with an 8-11 record, the J.V. ' s found themselves veterans of court pressure. Many a close game had the fans screaming. It wasn ' t an especially victorious season, but it was a learning season. Coach Al Williams, after a short breather from coaching, returned to take over the freshmen team. According to the guys, Coach Williams instilled fear in the hearts of his men. They totally demolished some of their opponents and lost only once, to Hanover. In tournaments, they defeated Adrian-Madison to take the championship and the trophy. Eighth grade — Front row: S. Petrie, S. Pickell, D. Kittle, K. Alley, C. Parks. Second row: D. Creek, R. Raber, M. Hull, B. Keeling, R. Neer. Back row: B. Spratt, M. Walworth, D. Dear, T. Ward, R. Hochstedler. Not pictured: Coach R. Gaberdiel. Seventh grade — Front row: T. Alley, K. Grubbs, T. Taylor, J. Hunt, K. Penix. Back row: D. Ruder, B. Lynch, T. Weidner, J. Chambers, Coach B. Dwyer. Not pictured: T. Smith. The eighth grade team also added a trophy to the case. They emerged from their two-game tournaments as victors. The team, coached by Mr. Gaverdiel, lost only once during their season, by one point in overtime. The seventh grade, with Coach Dwyer, suffered through a tough sea- son this year. They played some real- ly close games, going down to the fi- nal buzzer. Their first tournament game was lost by only one point. They played Litchfield, who had lost only two games coming in. ELECTRICITY art ' .isir ' m..- ' ;r to Varsity Cheerleaders (above) — Front: Carol Petrle, Jennifer Penix, Karen Hartsell. Back: Kay Caulkins, Sue Holcomb, Diane Bump. Jr. High Cheerleaders (below) — Front: Lisa Gavitt, Carolyn Newell, Cheryl Pelton. Back: Miss Breeden, Wendy Lynch, Darcy Bordner, Vicky Cook. J. V. Cheerleaders (above) — Pam Pelton, Colleen Campbell, Marilyn Black, Sherry Pawlowski, Chris Sharp, Michelle Ackerman. The beat goes on. Stomp, stomp, clap! Stomp, stomp, clap! We will, we will, stomp you!) It was a battle cry, a Rams battle cry. The generals were the girls pictured on these two pages. They urged enthusi- astic crowds on to greater heights of Ram-Mania. Basket- ball season was incredibly row- dy this year. The bleachers and the gym itself, echoed to the cheers, applause, and stomping of the 78 brand of spirit. Lend- ing to the frenzy in the stands were loyal fans Mike Owens, Rod Daniels, Heather Camp- bell, Alan Staley, Laurie Lynch, Dale Spahr, Keith Hart, Marietta Owens, Kris Williams, Tim Tucker, Don Zorn and Bill Johnston. Top — Homecoming court sen- iors: Randy Rossman, Diane Richards, David Buck, Lynette Addleman, and Mike Owens. Missing: Glenda Dwyer. Center — Sophomore prince and princess Troy Dwyer and Anna Brumar, junior princess Carol Petrie, and freshman prince Todd Dwyer. Missing: junior prince Bob Haack and freshman princess Sherri Clark. Bottom — Eighth grade prince and princess Tim Ward and Darcy Bordner and Seventh grade princess and prince Wen- dy Lynch and Terry Smith. SUPREME They could have lit t he gym just on the electricity, excitement, and tension crackling through the air. It wasn ' t enough that the gym was packed for the biggest basketball game of the season. Oh no, they stacked people on top of people because it was also Winter Homecoming. Postponed because of our friendly, neighborhood blizzard, the pageantry had been re- scheduled for February 17th, and the nerves were wound up tight. Couples entered the gym according to grade: Terry Smith and Wendy Lynch, 7th grade prince and princess, Tim Ward and Darcy Bordner, re- presenting the 8th grade, Todd Dwyer and Sherri Clark, freshman prince and princess, Troy Dwyer and Anna Brumar, the sophomores ' selected candidates. " Standing on the edge of time, " Dave and Ronda, 1978. and Bob Haack and Carol Petrie, representing the ju- niors. Following them were the four couples vying for the crown: Lynette Addleman and Mike Owens, Glenda Dwyer and Dave Cook, Ronda Hawkins and David Buck, and Diane Richards and Randy Rossman. Round- ing out the court were last year ' s king and queen. Jay Alton and Carole Blakley. As the candidates stood at center court, blinded by the camera fiends ' flashbulbs, Ronda Hawkins and Dave Cook were announced as king and queen to reign for the next year. After being given the royal works, the couples majestically retreated to the crowded safe- ty of the hall for the congratualtions to follow. A seesaw. That ' s the word that best describes base- ball season this year. The league lead seesawed back and forth between North Adams, Litchfield, Waldron, you name the team, they probably held the lead at one time. The guys were also playing under a handicap a lot of the time. It was miserable weather, with rain and cold temperatures hindering many a contest. The end of a successful season, H-4, unfortunately saw the defending league champs fall a little short of retaining the crown. Fate caught up with the Rams again, bumping them out of tournament contention in a pre-district bout against Adrian-Madison. Two team members, Dave Buck and Ron Redding, went on to play American Legion baseball after the season ended. Front row: R. Redding, D. Bump, D. Caulkins, G. Cox. Second row: R. Hasten, R. Hicks, R. Rossman, T. Hunt, Coach Anspaugh. Back row: B. Johnston, D. Buck, R. Raber, C. Aughney, K. Hart. Missing: D. Spahr. IMPRESSIVE The J.V. ' s, with Coach Dwyer, saw a split season with a record of 4-3, playing under the same weather conditions the varsity faced. However, they faced them admirably, led by the pitching skills of Wayne Tyler. Wayne also pitched part of a scrimmage for the varsity at Hanover. David Buck, Keith Hart and Randy Raber head for the dug-out. Front row: Coach Dwyer, Manager S. Aughney, R. Wheaton, C. Thompson. Second row: R. Creek, W. Tyler, T. Dwyer, R. Gray. Back row: D. Caulkins, D. Fouty, T. Smith, T. Crall, S. Woodruff. Front row: D. Fouty, R. Marring, T. Crall, R. Creek, B. Pickell, Coach J. Lubaway. Second row: G. Cox, T. Morrison, J. Rader, K. Wasnich, D. Daniels, J. Daniels. Back row: R. Raber, R. Redding, K. Williams, S. Miller, S. Spratt, B. Johnston, D. Buck. PERSISTENCE The boys ' track team had kind of a lean season this year. They had their share of assorted places, but never quite won a meet. They competed in about twelve meets altogether. They had a few notable special competitors, like the 440 relay team of Dave Buck, Ron Redding, John Rader, and Keith Wasnich at the area best meet, and Dave Buck in discus at league meet. The boy ' s team was coached by Mr. Lubaway. The girls ' track team, coached by Miss Breeden, also had kind of a rough season. The one exception was, of course. Penny Neer. Penny tore up the league, later going on to assorted invitationals and eventually competing in the Nationals, placing 8th in shot put. She also broke the state record in shot put, but it was a week after the state meet, and an invitational, so the old record stood. As for the home front, Michele Ack- erman was a team stand-out in the 880. The girls had about 18 including area bests, the league meet, and regionals. The 440 relay team took third place at the league meet. The girls ran in poor weather almost all the time, as did the guys, and it really was rather a discouraging year for track. Front: Coach B. Breeden. Second row: S. Pawlowski, M. Ladd. Third row: T. Lati- mer, M. Spohr, K. Williams. Fourth row: M. Ackerman, D. Sems. Back: P. Neer. Jr. High track is a growing interest in North Adams, as can be seen by the size of the team. With the earli- er attention and training, the possibility of a growing high school program is sound. The team had about four meets this year, with league teams like Pittsford and Camden. They even had a record broken by Scott Duby in the 440 run. Scott also ran the 220 and com- peted in the long jump. The mile relay team was also a notable stand-out, holding their own in first place. They were: Bryan Spratt, Darren Kittle, David Creek, and Mike Hull. Mike Hull also did well in another event, the high jump. People competing in other areas were Steve Pickell and David Creek in pole vault, Sherry Clark and Wendy Lynch in shot put, Don Rader in hurdles, and Lorraine Duby in the 440. Coached by Mr. White, the Jr. High team went to an all-league meet. The boys ' team placed first and the girls placed third. Front row: S. May, T. Cross, S. Clark, C. Petrie, K. Ellis, R. Brumar, W. Lynch, T. Cole. 2nd row: D. Norris, S. Johnston, T. Carr, M. Dospoy, S. Petrie, R. Raber, T. Pickell, D. Kittle, K. Hoover, R. Schmitt. 3rd row: D. Par- rish, l l. Johnston, M. Schmucker, S. Winner, L. Duby, J. Jones, H. Brockman, D. Creek, C. Freed, S. Pickell, Coach White. 4th row: T. Ward, M. Hull, B. Spratt, R. Phillips, D. Rader, W. Tyler, R. Neer, D. Dear. MATCHLESS Kneeling, front: K. Cook. 2nd row: C. Thompson, K. Drake, K. Williams. Standing, 3rd row: Y. Cook, S. Pawlowski, K. Horn, D. Bump, B. Johnson, C. Sharp, J. Pickell. Back row: D. Bump, Coach Cook, P. Neer, G. Dwyer. Who were those people in gold knickers and green shirts buring up the diamond? None other than the N.A. Girls ' Softball team. They fin- ished very well, with only two losses for the regular season. Coach Cook would like the team ' s victorious op- ponent to remain anonymous, but for the record, it was Morenci. The team reached the finals in dis- tricts before being defeated. But they went out in style, with Anita Fry hit- ting home runs both times at bat in that last game. One team member said she was pleased with the performances of the rookies this year. They came on strong, filling in gaps left in last year ' s team, which bodes well for the future of the team. Penny Neer and Dawn Bump traded off at first base, Yvonne Cook was at second, Kris Williams played short- stop, Kirstie Horn was at third, Anita Fry was catcher, and pitchers were Kay Drake and Beth Johnson. As for the outfield, Karia Cook was in left field, either Kay, Beth or Diane Bump played center, and either Col- leen Thompson, Sherry Pawlowski, or Chris Sharp reigned over right field. Sidelined with knee injuries, Jenni- fer Pickell played an impatient spec- tator, and Glenda Dwyer kept stats. According to another spokesman, the team is anxiously awaiting next season. There seems to be a rumor circulating that Coach Cook himself may have to don a pair of those gold knickers the team wears. GRADUA TES FUTURITY Senior officers: Vice-president Mike Owens, Treasurer Diane Richards, and Secretary Sonja Wyatt. Not pictured: President Glenda Dwyer. Below left: Jane Cousino concentrates on a project in the art room. Below right: Tim Tucker and Mike Wingart concentrate on their typing skills. The seniors of 1978. They had stand-outs from one end of the spectrum to the other. From scholas- tically to athletically, from dramatically to social- ly. The motto this very diversified group of people chose was " Youth is the opportunity to do some- thing and to become somebody. " , and they certain- ly did their best while in school. The class colors were chosen as green and gold and the flowers were yellow and white roses. Class advisors were Mr. An- spaugh, Mr. Carter and Mrs. Evers. The usual royalty was chosen from the senior class. Kay Drake was elected fall homecoming queen. Her fellow competitors were Kay Caulkins, Sue Holcomb and Sonja Wyatt. In February, four senior couples were presented as crown contenders. Couples were: Lynette Addleman and Mike Owens, Glenda Dwyer and Dave Cook, Ronda Haw- kins and David Buck, and Diane Richards and Randy Rossman. Ronda Hawkins and Dave Cook were chosen as king and queen. Kathy Reimschisel was chosen as D.A.R. representative for North Adams. The class of 1978 walked through N.A. ' s halls for the last time, as students, on May 21st. Diplomas were presented, tassels were switched, and another moment went down in time. David James Buck Cheryl Taylor Curtis John Charles Flannery Glenda Ruth Dwyer i Anita Fry Michele Haack Roxanne Angela Griffls Ronda Hawkins Susan Lynne Holcomb Jennifer J. Penlx David Estelle Freed, Jr. Yes, the seniors were out of school. But it definitely wasn ' t a vacation. The athletes had their usual games and practices, some seniors started full-time jobs, oth- ers spent the week trying to adjust to the free time. In any case, there were a few minor functions the seniors were expected back for, like the trip and graduation. The honors assembly was held Wednesday, the 17th. Honors stu- dents were recognized and cords were presented. Penny Neer was named valedictorian, Laurie Lynch, salutatorian, and Diane Richards, third in the class. Kathy Reimschisel received the Lion ' s Club scholarship and the Drama award, Laurie Lynch, the govern- ment award, and Dave Buck and Penny Neer, the Alpha Beta awards. Jennifer Penix, Sue Hol- comb and Robin Rutan shared the journalism award, and Mike Win- gart was presented with the Office Practice award. Honor students were Dave Buck, Alan Staley, Kathy Reimschisel, Katy Caulkins, Bill Johnston, Glenda Dwyer, and Sarah Irish. Following the assembly was the total insanity of graduation re- hearsal. Indoor practice was order- ly chaos and outdoor practice be- came buried in flying dandelions. Thursday the 18th was the senior trip. A local business paid the sen- iors ' way to Cedar Point and fifty out of sixty-three seniors went. The weather was beautiful and many a prize-winning sunburn was acquired. Euchre was the bus-trip pastime, along with sleeping to recuperate from an early start. The final activity to top off the week was graduation. The 21st dawned cold and cloudy, moving the proceedings inside. Much to the disappointment of many graduates, the skies cleared as the first couple walked into the gym. Even the hall outside the gym was filled as Reverend Kenneth Muck gave the baccalaureate address, followed by the presentation of the class and the salutatory and vale- dictory addresses. Tears mingled with laughter in the halls after- wards, as graduates said good-bye to classmates, friends, and the many memories hovering, invisi- bly, around them. A ceo MP L ISHMEN T Lynette Addleman — Band-1,2,3,4; stageband- 4; band council-2,3,4; G.A.A.-3,4; yearbook- 4; homecoming queen candidate-4; Drama- 3,4. Carl Blakley — housebuilding-4; choir-4. Daria Renee Bolenbaugh — F.H.A.-4. David James Buck — student council-2,3,4; Drama-4; N.H.S. -2,3,4; football-1,2,3,4; bas- ketball-1,2,3,4; baseball-1,2,3,4; track-3,4; Boy ' s State Rep.; S.A.E.-4. Dave Bump — basketball-1; Chatterbox-4; pho- tography-4. Steven L. Caskey — housebuilding-3,4. Kay Alice Caulkins — cheerleading-1,4; F.H.A.- 2; basketball-1,2,3,4; softball-3; voleyball-2; track-1,2; G. A. A. -1,2; N.H.S. -3,4; S.A.E.- 2,3,4; class princess-1; homecoming queen candidate-4; class secretary-2; student council (secretary)-4. David Bradley Cook — ba$ketball-l,2,3; foot- ball-2,3,4; track-1,2; S.A.E.-3,4; class vice- president-2. Jeff Cornish Jane Cousino Joan Sue Cousino — track-2. Gale Crandall — G. A. A. -1,2,3,4. Brenda June Creek — track-2; 4-H-l,2,3. Cheryl Taylor Curtis — cheerleader-1; G.A.A.- 1,2,3,4; F.H.A.-1,2; F.F.A.-4; band-1,2; S.A.E.-3; Chatterbox-3. Cindy Curtis — G. A. A. -1,2,3,4; F.F.A.-1,2,3. Donald Daniels — housebuilding-3,4; track-1,4. Rodney Daniels — football-1,2,3,4; band- 1,2,3,4; basketball-1,2; Drama-3,4; house- building-3,4. Kay Elise Drake — basketball-1,2,3,4; volley- ball-1,2,3,4; track-1,2,3,4; Softball -2,3,4; drama-4; G. A. A. -1,2,4; F.H.A.-1,2,3; class secretary-2; S. A. E. -1,2, 3, 4; student council- 1,2; football homecoming queen-4. Glenda Ruth Dwyer — F.H.A.-1,2; G.A.A.- 1,2,3,4; basketball-1,2,3,4; volleyball-1, 2,3,4; track-1,4; softball-2,3,4; S. A. E. -2,3,4; student council-2,3,4; N.H.S. -2, 3,4; class president- 3,4. John Charles Flannery 3,4; drama-4. golf-1,3,4; yearbook- Dottie Dendy Kevin Dospoy 3,4. basketball-1,2; housebuilding David Estelle Freed, Jr. — housebuilding-3; Chatterbox-4. Anita Fry — band-1,2,3,4; volleyball-2,3,4; bas- ketball-1; G. A. A. -1,2,3,4; track-2; Chatter- box-4. Roxanne Angela Grlffis — band-1,2,3,4; G.A.A.- 1,2,3,4; choir-4; pep club-1; S.A.E.-2; drama- 3,4; F.H.A.-1,2; Honors Band-4. Michele Haack — basketball-2; volleyball- 1,2,3,4; cheerleading-4; F.H.A.-1,2; S.A.E.- 2,3,4; G. A. A. -1,3; pep club-4. Kim Harris Randy Lawrence Hasten — housebuilding-4; bas- ketball-1,2,3,4; football-1,2,3,4; baseball-3,4. Ronda Hawkins — basketball-4; track-3; soft- ball-3; G. A. A. -1,2,3,4; F.H.A.-1,2; S.A.E.- 1,2,3, (president)4; student council-4; home- coming princess-2; winter homecoming queen- 4. Ray Hicks — baseball-3,4; football-3,4; S.A.E.- 3; yearbook-3; basketball-1,2; Co-op-3; band- 1 2,3,4. Susan Lynne Holcomb — volleyball-1, 2; cheer- leading-3,4; G. A. A. -1,2,3,4; S. A. E. -1,2,3,4; F.H.A.-1,2,3; choir-4; Chatterbox-4; drama- 3,4; pep club-1,2; class treasurer-2; band council-4; football homecoming queen candi- date-4; winter homecoming princess-3; student council-4. Thomas Richard Hunt — basketball-1,2,3,4; F.F.A.-1,2; S.A.E.-4; drama-3,4. SENIOR INDEX Sarah May Irish — band-1,2,3,4; track-1; cheer- leading-1,2,3,4; G. A. A. -1,2, 3,4; band coun- cil-2,4; drama-3,4; majorette-2,3; Honors Band-4. Beth Ann Johnson — F.H.A.-1,2,3; G.A.A.- 1,3,4; yearbook-3; drama-3,4; basketball- 1,2,3,4; volleyball-1,2; track-1; softball- 2,3,4. William John Johnston 4; baseball-3,4. S.A.E.-3,4; pep club- Jo Marie Keck — F.H.A.-1,2,3; F.F.A.-1,2,3,4; track-2; Parliamentary Procedure team-1,2. Laurie Lynne Lynch — drama-3,4; G.A.A.- 2,3,4; band-1,2,3,4; yearbook-3,4; N.H.S.-4. Sheila Ann Lyons — G.A.A.-3,4. Mitchell Marsh — football-1,2,4; housebuilding- 3,4; track-1,4. Gina Mason — G. A. A. -1,2,3,4; Chatterbox-3,4. Scott G. Miller — football-1; F.F. A. -1,2,3,4; Co-op, Godfrey Brothers, Inc. -4. April Sue Monroe — F.H. A. -1,2,3,4; G.A.A.- 1,2,3,4; S.A.E.-1,2,3,4; choir-4; pep club-1,2; Lit magazine-2. Penny Lou Neer — basketball-1,2,3,4; volley- ball-1,2,3,4; track-1,2,3,4; softball-1,2,3,4; S. A. E. -1,2,3,4; cheerleader-1; F.H. A. -2; Lit magazine-2; N.H.S. -2,3,4; G. A. A. -1,2,3,4; class treasurer-3; drama-3,4; girl ' s state rep.- 3. Michael Owens — F.F. A. -1,4; pep club-4; foot- ball-3,4; class vice-president-4; drama-4; winter homecoming king candidate-4; Co-op, Kline ' s Dairy Farm-4. Diane Richards — G. A. A. -1,2, 3,4; band-1,2,3,4; class treasurer-4; Honors Band-4; winter home- coming queen candidate-4. Randy Scott Rossman — basketball-1,2,3,4; baseball-1,2,3,4; football-1; class vice-presi- dent-3; photography-4; class prince-3; winter homecoming king candidate-4. Robin Marie Rutan — G. A. A. -1,2,3,4; track-1; Chatterbox-4. Mark Schmitt — F.F. A. -1,2,3,4; football- 1,2,3,4; basketball-1; class prince-1. Dale Robert Spahr — football-3,4; basketball-1; drama-4; F.F. A. -2. Jeanette Sue Spence — S.A.E.-4; choir-4. Glenn Spratt — football-1,2,3,4; track-1,2,3,4; basketball-1, (manager)2,4; class vice-presi- dent-1. Alan Staley Becky Ann Stockford — G. A. A. -1,2,3,4; F.H.A.- 1,4; F.F. A. -3,4; S.A.E.-4; drama-4; choir-4. Jeffrey J. Titus — housebuilding-3,4; basket- ball-1,2,3,4; F.F. A. -1,2,3,4. Richard E. Todd, Jr. — band-1; Chatterbox-4. Tim Tucker — track-3; Co-op-4. Michael Wingart Sonja Wyatt — class secretary-4; choir-1,2,3; football homecoming queen candidate-4. Roger Yoder Don Zorn — Chatterbox-4; Boy ' s State-3. Jennifer Jo Penix — G. A. A. -1,2,3,4; drama-4; Chatterbox-4; cheerleading-3,4. Randall Jay Raber — football-1,2,3,4; basket- ball-1,2,3,4; track-2; class president-2. Kathy Jo Reimschisel — band-1,2,3,4; Honors Band-4; G. A. A. -1,2,3,4; drama-3,4; H.H.S.- 4; class secretary-3; band council-4; girl ' s state alternate-3; D.A.R.-4. 1 Right: Halloween came early this year. Below: " Quietly now, while I turn the page. " GRATITUDE The yearbool staff would like to thank all the photographers who made this book possible: the Powell people, George, Lyn- ette Addleman, Roger Hunt, Dennis Phil- lips, Mrs. Watkins, Tina Buck, our own Miss Fish, Mr. Ruder, the Hillsdale Daily News and Mr. Kowalski. Without these peo- ple, the book would have been words and white space. We ' d also like to thank Don Zorn for his sports stats which we couldn ' t have done without and Mr. Kevin Williams for letting us borrow his " most prized pos- session " to record a piece of history. Most of all, we ' d like to thank all the " gang " down at N.A.H.S. Without you, there obvi ously wouldn ' t be a book. Each and every one of you made 1977-78 a year worth re- membering. Thanks again! The one that got away. Kevin Lyons creating in the shop. A leprechaun at leisure. ■.l " w l N$ Relax, Kay. It ' s over now. A cheerful Bill Caskey at work. FINANCE ■c M«nib r F 0.1 C. HILLSDALE COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Main Office: 31 S. Howell Hillsdale 437-7303 Buchanan Office: 150 Lewis Hillsdale 437-3396 Grosvenor Office: 228 E. Chicago Jonesville 849-9949 HILLSDALE COUNTY ' SONLY FULL-TIME TRUST DEPARTMENT ROGER A. LOSEY JEWELER ORANGE BLOSSOM BLUE BIRD DIAMONDS • Caravelle ' Seiko Bulova •Accutron Girard Perregaux Watches EXPERT REPAIR ON WATCHES AND JEWELRY FREE ENGRAVING WITH PURCHASE SILVERWARE GIFTS Since 1872 HIGH SCHOOL CLASS RINGS 437-4381 36 N. Howell LYNCH BROS. INSURANCE AGENCY, INC Agents: Richard J. Lynch, North Adams-Phone 287-5170 Helen N. Gray, Jonesville - Phone 849-9698 Insurance for the Future 108 W. Main Street North Adams, Michigan 49262 Office Phone (517) 287-4226 (517) 848-2360 PLAYFORD MUSIC CO, CRAIG PLAYFORD 228 E. CHICAGO OWNIR JONESVI1.LC. MICH. ABZSO ■■Call ahead for las 1211 E. Chicago Road at Waldron Somerset Center, Ml 688-4437 FIRST NATIONAL BANK NORTH ADAMS, MICHIGAN 102 E. Main NORTH ADAMS, MI. 49262 287-4216 Welcome I ' o cafeI 1 PALACE 38 N. HOWELL HILLSDALE, MI. BROAD STREET MARKET 55 N. BROAD HILLSDALE Open 9 AM to 12 Midnight Daily 437-2411 Free Parking " The Downtown Store with Much More " NORTH ADAMS LUMBER COMPANY 117 Vreeland Street North Adams, Michigan 49262 Phone 287-4252 FREE DELI VERY — FREE ESTIMATES CALL 849-9906 AHEAD •FEZ A •PO ' BOYS •BAGELS •HAM ROLLS •STROMBOLI PEZA •5 Sizes •Choice of 10 items •All food orders freshly prepared EAT IN TAKE OUT OR DELIVERY BRING YOUR FAMILY TO OUR HOUSE TONIGHT! FIEBIG JEWELERS 242 East Chicago Street Jonesville, Michigan 849-4751 CONGRATULATIOIMS CLASS OF ' 78 ' fnung Mm ' s Wmr 61 McCoUum St. HILLSDALE, MICH. 49242 Phone 517 437-2600 " Clothing With Class " THE CORNER STORE 101 W. Main North Adams, Michigan Groceries, Fresh Vegetables, Gold Meats, Ice, Cold Pop, Beer and Wine, 7 days per week. PATRONS J.S. BROWN H.J. GELZER and SON, INC. MECKLEY ' S FLAVOR FRUIT FARM PAYNE AND GREEN HARDWARE WILLIAM ROSS GEORGE RUSS and SONS MERVIN SOMMERS W.R. SPENCER - FASCO INC. IT WAS A GREAT YEAR TO REMEMBER, WASN ' T IT? xV. x:: ' XV Cv ' ' vT ,3 ' J OsJ u o-y B J- , ; ■ , ' Nr- A c - ' e s|

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