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i' Ex 5 ' F ii ii M QI! ll ll I l ... 1 I - 'L r f ww n .4 5 -3-2 I ..- HN- --...4- ' - af---M I N7 .- , A CIA -P ,gf ,, s N . . A f K .L A ni' 4... 71,-7"-Aim Kruk , , r 3 xi :N ,f . , 40 "M W T 1' , , . 1 1 A fs. I W ww , ' . , . a 4 , . I run 5 P Fnrewnrll gg Half past nmeteen hundred represents the mldpomt of the Twentieth Century The years that made up the first half of this century have been full of dlscoverles and progress You have taken part nn those years and now you will turn to the second half of the century wlth many expectations for nineteen fifty your year of graduation Before you start these next fifty years how about lookmg back through the past year and re llvlng those hugh school days as you may want to many tumes an the future On every page of thus book you wall find pictures and stories about the thmgs that happened to you and your friends Each day at N H S was crowded with actlvlty and an effort has been made to cover all phases of school llfe Thus book was created wlth the hope that It wlll bring back to you all the thmgs that made half past nineteen hundred such a wonderful year at Norrlstown Hugh Many of the pictures that you wlll see were taken wlthout the sublects knowledge Table nf Contents Tlt e Foreword Dedlcatlon Senior Editors of Spice Admlmstratlon and Faculty Sensors Underclassmen Actlvrtles Athletlcs 104 ' I .... ..... 2 Honor Page ....... 5 ' ' ......... 6 ' ' ' ..... . 7 ' .......... 'l8 . . . . . . . . 62 ' ' ' ......... 76 We Hnnnr . . . Muss Maude C Leuster At the mud pount of the century we pause to honor Muss Maude C Leuster who reaches the end of her teachung career as we reach our Hugh School Com mencement Her servuce to students began un 1907 when she was graduated from West Chester and contunued wuthout unterruptuon whule she contunued col lege work and receuved her Bachelor of Scuence degree from the Unuversuty of Pennsylvanua Her experuences un the teachung field have been varued They unclude teachung un all of the grades un the elementary school un the first specual Hugh School and un our own Senuor Hugh School Her quuet unassumung contru butuon of servuce has been nearly a half century un length As we pause to honor her for her record of servuce we also want to express e hope that her favorute hobby travel whuch has already carrued her over e enture Unuted States and beyond wull un the comung years odd further to e pleasures and rewards whuch she so ruchly deserves ln her quuet way she would tell you that her greatest unterest us un Englush bu those who have known her would scuy that luke all good teachers her greatest unterest has always been her students or adiustment school ever to be operated in Norristown, in Rittenhouse Junior th ' , , ' ' 1h . . - I . . . th ' ' . t D , ' , Dedllzallnn Tu thi, fulurl uf lhl Class ul lg lll mth llu lllllll that lhly mll Slflll dS hard lu Svnulu 1 laehllq llnlwr-sal IIPHIZP as lhm lhd tn mah lhl lr rmzurrl dl Wurrlatllun Hnjh nnrthx md rllstlllljlllahld I I I I I I ' r ,,-N'- I I I , I I I I 1 ' I ' II I E I l :I l E I I I , v v I1 I I II I I J I I I I I - ll I l I I I I I I I 1 . 2. Senior Edlturs Spice Dorothy Le-wus Edwm G Keplwort Morllyn Buzby Roddy Rotlwern e Jock Ducldy Clllo Mullm Joy Mullen Borboro Ruttemlwouse I Krle Ann Pusher Hovch Hllle Q 7 TCR IN SPONJSOP OPY ELWOQ 5 L Fi F lOQ E l EVWOQ DATA LJLTV HEI QQ F l F ODUFT ON I I - '- so N , cms? I fi k X ' W l ASW 'o -or ,wr 5 Tore D l Paorocaawwv sorrow A F-.i' . ro- Jll n bel wares 'ARE ' womb ,Q ron ' oem Al fv, V I 1 54 ll 5th .eg w so 58 ' 0, 63.8 ,Q X0 'ppxp QQCQ 6 Y 2 gg? X To the Members of the Class of 1950 Upon the completion of your experiences IH hugh school you come to the end and the begmnmg of Important perlods ln llfe Whether you go to college or enter the buslness world be a good cltlzen always The success of the Amer: can form of government depends upon good old fashuoned loyalty patriotism faith In God and love of a free country Today we Amerucans have many grave problems to solve many threaten :ng evsls to fight and many deeds to do Our generatlon IS a time of great change and challenge So far In history we have had the wlsdom the strength the courage and God s help to surmount our problems But we must face facts as they are Ideals and attamments which we chernsh now sway In a precaruous balance Mllluons of people throughout the world are Iookmg for leadershnp Fortunately here In the Umted States we have been spared the brutal deso latlon and mnsery of war Thus blesslng has not been a sample whum of Destmy lf we fanl to use thus advantage In a true and enlightened manner then we can surely expect to be confronted wlth ductatorshnp and tyranny Peace like Freedom IS not a gift that tarrues long In hands of cowards or those who are feeble or too short snghted to deserve lt As you go through life hold hugh and guard well the prlnclples upon whlch Amerlca was founded Farewell May good fortune and happlness be yours In good measure ELLWOOD A GEIGES Superlntendent June T 950 'IO 1 1 - ' ' 1 1 , . I I ' - 1 1 1 1 I . 1 ' 1 1 1 .jak- To the Class of 1950 Dear Friends You have reached another mnlestone along the road of llfe You are goung out to take your places un the world and to become a part of a larger plan for llvmg Now IS the tnme for you to apply the lessons you have learned Now IS the tume for you to shoulder the responsnbllltles that must mevltably be yours Have you learned your lessons well? Are you prepared to assume your share of the heavy tasks that must be performed by you for you have youth and youth ns the golden time of Iufe It IS the tume of great achuevement ut ns the period of advancement Use It wisely nt ns fleetmg and once gone wall never return Be fearless and have fauth falth In yourselves un your tradutuons un the future of the great country whose destmy lles ID your hands and In a God who rules over us all It us wathm your power to make the second half of thus century one that wnll brmg to frumon the hopes for peace and happiness among the peoples of the earth Do not betray your trust Most snncerely EMMA E CHRISTIAN 11 1 t I I - 1 - F 1 1 1 1 I The Addison J. Allen H. R. 7. English Mask and Wig Club Miss Amanda L. Bell H. R. 6. Modern Living Knitting Club, Waiters Club Miss Helen A. Bomberger Assisiant Librarian Miss Rhoda E. Bowers Librarian library Club Wilford M. Bucher, Jr. industrial Arfs, Coach Woodcraft Club nf Edgar F. Byerly Plumbing Shop, Sheet Metal Shop Miss Josephine C. Clemmer H. R. 41. U. S. History Jr. Historians Nicholas T. Dolas H. R. 16. Gen. Math, English, Maih Vocational Sociefy Lawson S. Earl Physical Education, Coach Mrs. Mary Downey Fluck Director of Vocal Music, Music Appreciation The Deon N. Gould H. R. 37. French, Latin Miss Mary l.. Henderson Typing, Stenogropl-my Harry S. Herbert H. R. 45. U. s. History Elmer C. Hoffman H. R. 63. Bookkeeping Hi-Y Club Miss Anna Hunsberger Modern Living Boys' Cooking Club nf Edwin G. Kephart Mathematics Spice Csponsorl Miss Margarei A. Krebs H. R. 29. Typewriting Personal Typewrifing Social Dancing Club Miss Maude C. Leister H. R. 13. English Robert W. Long H. R. 38. German, Economics German Club Miss Sophie Maclntyre Direcior of Cafeteria The Leon E. Maru Woodshop, Coach Stage Club Cris Pappas H. R. 40. Refail Selling, Advanced Ariihmeiic, Coach S. Roberi Polis Physical Educalion, Coach Mrs. Cora M. Rambo H. R. 39. Social Studies, World History German School Club Miss Katharine G. Rindlaub H. R. 9. English Apollo Club 1952 Class Sponsor nf Leonard K. Rofhermel H. R. 5l. Physics, Algebra Plone Geometry Rifle Club Harold K. Scheirer H. R. 53. Biology Hi-Eye ond Spice Business Staff E. Ray Shank H. R. 44. Remedial English Miss Harriet M. Sfyer H. R. 4. English Truvel Club Hurry S. Wolf H. R. 55. English Senior Science 1 Biology K S Q Q N X + 5 E N + 1 ll The class of 1950 stands at the pinnacle of progress made in the first half of the twentieth century. In the years to come, the class of l95O will be one of the first classes noticed because of its conspicuous position at Half-Past Nineteen Hundred. It will always represent the best in N. H. S., for it had all the char- acteristics which were necessary for an ideal class. The group was conscientious and hardworking, yet they always enjoyed themselves. The class started to work in its iunior year when it held a profitable pen and pencil set sale and built up a substantial treasury for the senior year with its many activities. The outcome of this sale seemed to give the class a green light, and from then on, there was iust no stopping them. The ring sale, the close contest for class oFlicers, the assembly, and the unforgettable Prom all Bottom Row: Roeder, Bruno, Conseal, Loughlin, Hendrickson, DiNenna, Emerson, Steinmetz, Kline, Katsias, DeMatthews Rittenhouse Custer, Fratt, Forgione, Jarman, Giannone, Capo- Nave. bianco Santungelo. Top Row: Rothermel, Van Liew, Ruccius, Wilfong Timmons Second Row: Willauer, Bonenberger, Marchese, Kulp, Mullin, Atkinson, Collins, Shaner, McClure, Banks, Sweisfort Serum' CLASS OFFICERS left to right Treasurer Arthur Herr Secretary Shirley Dearolf Vice President Marilyn Buzby President Morton Frenlich Class showed very clearly that they always achieved success through effort and determination. Those iunior events helped to make their lives well- balanced and wholesome and gave them valu- able experience. Their senior year was just a continuation of the fine record. First on the calendar was the Senior Play, "Daddy Longlegs," whose cast re- ceived well-deserved congratulations. Next came the all-important Banquet with its romantic at- mosphere. The many months of preparation for it gave the class the most wonderful affair of their school years. Then soon after, the Senior Assembly was staged, and as the last few weeks of school rolled around, the Prom came and went. Then finally-Graduation! Top-Morton takes over where Drew leaves 05. Bottom-Shirley accepts the Key of Knowledge. MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Seated: Isabelle Meliclr, Dorothy Lewis, Virginia Dale, Janet Ughes, Jeanette Schneier, Virginia Butwin, June Jarman, Marilyn Buzby, Shirley Dearolf. Standing: Alexandria Peter- sohn, Rodman Rothermel, Wallace Nelawet, Leonard Krause Wallace Evans, John Duddy, Robert Williams, Morton Freilich Priscilla Mullin. Member, but not in picture: Jill Kriebel. 3 i i 'Q Uutstanulinq Seniors Around the puano left to rught John Duady Marulyn Buzby Shurley Dearolf Arthur Herr Rodman Rothermel Prusculla Mullun Morton Freuluch Wallace Evans Anne Fusher Dorothy Lewus These are the portrauts of the ten outstandung senuors selected by the class of 1950 Morton Freuluch There were tumes when everythung went wrong for hum but he always came through smulung He was Mr Malaprop of 1950 Marulyn Buzby Buz was our all Amerucan gurl a hard worker a good ath lete scholar and fruend Arthur Herr Artue watched hus calorues and plans to outluve the rest of us' When anyone needed somethung done well they always called on Art Wally Evans Wally was a combunatuon of good athlete and student He was a lady kuller from hus sophomore to hus senuor year well see hus name wuth the word enguneer behund ut Dorothy Lewus When Dottue and Mort took opposute sudes on a subuect the words flew thuck and fast We hope she meets those Penn athletes Anne Fusher Her recutatuon of Frankue and Johnny always sent us unto gales of laughter She was an outstandung actress and a good athlete Shurley Dearolf She was a worker uncognuto A fruendly gurl full of fun an excellent student and a leader Prusculla Mullun A Quaker gurl of many moods some tumes full of lute yet sometumes depressed She was always there to lend a helpung hand .lack Duddy An abstractuonust un art and sometumes un thunkung although we could always rely on hum for new and fascunatung udeas on every sublect 22 z . . . I . z - . . I I - , , - z . . . I . I ,, . ,, . . . Rodman Rothermel: Roddy always knew how to handle things. Some day , . . ,, . ,, . . . . . . ,, . ,, . ' I : . . I . . I I : . I . . I z . . . I . . . . I lflur Spnnsnr To My Class When you the members of the class of l950 will be readung thus message most of our expernences together wnll be but a memory Our prolects the pen and pencnl sale the hot dog stand the Senlor Play wall seem far back nn hnstory Our worrues the ever present sale of tlckets the mnllnon and one de tolls of the Senior Banquet wall seem quute ummportant Our many humorous lncldents the concealing of our hokey pokey wagon our scenery with George attached blowung away Morton outslde the stage curtam makmg a speech and standung firmly on a rug whuch had to be moved qulckly these too wull pro voke a reflectuve smlle Instead of the gay laughter we gave them then However these are the experlnces through whnch we learned to work play laugh and worry together for our class Now thus lnttle umt of ours must break up To all of you who have done so much for your class my slmple thank you seems very xnadequate but l do appreclate all you have done May our experuences together serve as a foundo tuon for your new and wnder contacts and help you to work and play success fully wherever you may be My very best washes for the future of every mem ber of my class of 1950 ESTHER R BRIGHT 23 ans, I I - u 11 - - - I I , L . I - .1 I I - r I I I - u 11 ' I I EMILEE M. ALFS Lee Home Room 35 Student Council 15 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Ban- quet Committee5 Library 'I5 Color Teams 25 Red Cross 25 Flower and Hobby Show 2. KENNETH ABNEY Home Room 4 Traffic 25 Football Manager 15 Apollo Club 'l. DONALD W. ALBERT Duclxie Home Room 35 Vocational Society, Treasurer 'I5 Band 35 Proiection Club. ELIZABETH C. ALLEBACH Betty Home Room 35 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Banquet Committeep Hi- Eye 25 Press Club T. ANTOINETTE ALTIERI Halfie Home Room 35 Color Teams 25 Spice Representative 3. A. MICHEAL ANGELUCCI Mike Home Room 35 Vocational Society 'I5 Proiection Club. CATHERINE F. ANZELLOTTO Cay Home Room 36 Student Council 25 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Ban- quet Committee5 Junior Assembly5 Junior Prom Com- mittee5 Color Teams 35 Red Cross Representative 15 Knitting Club 'I5 Junior Historians Club 25 Secretory 15 Delegate to Eastern Regional Convention 2. ROBERT EDWARD ARMSTRONG Bob Home Room 36 Senior Play Cast5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Assembly5 Junior Prom Committeeg Hi-Eye 35 Rifte Club 25 Hi-Eye Representative lj Home Room President 'l5 Key Club5 Rifle Club5 Spanish Club5 Press Club5 W. N. A. R. Broadcast5 Commencement Usher. 24 JANICE ATKINSON Ja Ja Home Room 36 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Hi-Eye Typist 2: A Capella Choir 3: Girls' Ensemble 3: Southeastern District Chorus of Pa. 2: Forensic State Contest Mixed Quartet 1: Junior Assembly. CLARENCE L. BANKS Home Room 35 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committee: Junior Assembly: Boys' En- semble 2: Stage Club 2: Trofiic Club l: Flower and Hobby Show. JOAN F. BARR Home Room 4 Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Hi-Eye 2: A Capella Choir 2: Red Cross l: Home Room Secretary-Treasurer T: Girls' En- semble 3: Leaders' Club l: School Store: Flower and Hobby Show. EDWIN D. BARROW Diz Home Room 35 Football 2: Softball-Intramural: Red Cross Representav tive 3: Sports Club 2. JENNIE BARTOLOMEI Home Room 36 Senior Play Cast: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: Cheerleading 3 Co- Coptain: Color Teams 2: Home Room Secretary 1: Spanish Club T: Knitting Club l: Flower and Hobby Show. A. ARNOLD BEAN Home Room 4 Vocational Society T. THOMAS BEAVER Crisco Home Room 4 Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Publications Business Staff 3: A Capella Choir T: Dancing Club 3. RENNIE BENNETT Ren Home Room 36 Football 2: Traclc 2: Home Room Treasurer l: Boys Chorus 'l: Football Club 2. 25 Bumps WILLIAM BERRY Home Room 36 Library lg Home Room Vice President l. MICHAEL BILELLA Mickey Home Room A Orchestra 35 Band 3: Dislricl Bandg Valley Forge Band. OLIVIA ETHEL BLOCKSON Honey Home Room 36 Senior Play Commifteep Assembly Commitlee 'lg Travel- ing Club 'lg Typing Club lg Flower and Hobby Show 2. Color Teams Lee Junior Prom LOIS BODEY Home Room 4 Senior Play Commiiteep Senior Banquet Commifteey Li- brary 25 Swimming 27 E. V. P. Clubp Travel Club. JEAN K. BOLGER Home Room 4 lp Girls' Ensemble 'lg Garden Club 2. LORETTA BONENBERGER Bonnie Home Room 5 Senior Congressp Junior Congress: Sophomore Congressy Senior Play Commilleep Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Commilfeep Apollo Club 3 Secrefaryg Typing Club lg Leaders' Club 2. LE ROY BOYD Home Room 7 Commiffeeg Woodcraft Club l. CHARLES L. BRAY Terry Home Room 7 Vocalional Society ly Sergeanl al Arms ly Proieclion Club 1. 26 MIRIAM BRELSFORD Sissie Home Room 4 Swimming 2: Color Teoms 3: E. P. V. Club 'l: Knitting Club. JAMES W. BRIGHT, JR. Jimmy Home Room 4 Senior Play Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Orches- tra 3: Band 3: Library 1: Swimming 2: Home Room Vice President 1: Home Room President 1: Library Club 1: Swimming Club 2: District Band 1: Suburban Bond l: Valley Forge Band l. DALE BRITTAIN Duke Home Room 9 Home Room Treasurer l. T CAROLYN BROWER Carole Home Room 5 Shorty Senior Bonquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Maiorettes 2: Spice Representative 'l: Girls' Ensemble 1. ANNA T. BRUNO Home Room 4 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: Publications Business Stal? 3: Assembly Committee 'I: Hockey 3: Tennis 3: Swimming Manager 'l: Spice Representative 2: Hi-Eye Representative 2: Flower and Hobby Show. GUS J. BRUNO Home Room 5 Traffic Club 2: Football 'l. MARIE A. BRUNO Frenchie Home Room 5 Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: Cheerleading Captain 3: Color Teams: Knitting Club 1 President: Hi- Eye 2: leaders' Club l: Student Council 3. GERTRUDE MARY BURGER Trudy Home Room 7 Swimming 1: Color Teams 2: Mosk 8- Wig Club 'I Leaders' Club 1: Knitting Club 'l: Rifle Club 'l: Flower and Hobby Show. 27 BETTY JANE BUTTERWORTH Bep Home Room 6 Band 3: Banking Representative 'I: Red Cross Repre- sentative I: Knitting Club 2: Oil Painting Club I. VIRGINIA J. BUTWIN Ginny Home Room 6 Student Council 3: Senior Play Committee: Senior Ban- quet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Color Teams 2: Home Room Vice President 'I: Mask and Wig Club 'I: Oil Painting Club I. MARILYN M. BUZBY Buz Home Room 6 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Student Council I: Senior Play Committee: Senior Ban- quet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Com- mittee: Spice 3: Basketball I: Hockey 2 Captain: Soft- ball 'I: Color Teams 3: Home Room President I: Home Room Secretory 'l: Student Court 'l. JUNE CAIN Home Room 7 MARIE T. CALABRESE Remee Home Room 6 Senior Play Committee: Color Teams 2: Home Room Vice President I: Knitting Club 3. NORMAN CAN DELOR Derf Home Room 9 Traffic Club 3: Banking 3: Greenhouse Club 'I. CARLO D. CAPOBIANCO Cap Home Room 9 LUCY M. CAPOBIANCO Home Room 6 Senior Congress: Garden Club 3: Flower and Hobby Show. 28 JULIA CARBO Jul Home Room 7 Color Teams lg Typing Clubg Knitting Club Secretary. CHARLES D. CARFAGNO Charlie Home Room 'Il FRANCIS EARL CARFAGNO Frannie Home Room I4 Senior Banquet Committee: Track 'I. WILLIAM B. CARTER Bill Home Room ll Home Room President 31 Stage Club 25 Stage Crew 2 JOANNE C. CASSELBERRY .lo Home Room 7 Junior Congress: Sophomore Congressp Student Coun- cil 'lg Senior Play Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Senior Banquet Committee: Hockey 35 Softball Ip Swim- ming 29 Color Teams 35 Home Room Secretary lp Lead- ers' Club 25 Mask and Wig Club 2j E. V. P. Club: All Girls' Sports Club Officer: Flower and Hobby Show 3g Commencement Usher. BETTY LOU CASSEY Cass Home Room 9 Basketball 35 Softball 35 Color Teams 25 Manager of Hockey 37 Hi-Eye Representative 'lg Girls' Sports Club I Ofticerg Girls' Ensemble I. EUGENE C. CATAGNUS Gene Home Room I4 Senior Banquet Committeeg Vocational Society lg Cross Country 35 Track 'Ig Proiection Club l. ANTHONY CATANIA Home Room 14 Wood Shop Club 2. 29 EURELIO CAVALIER Chuck Home Room 9 Cross Country 35 Swimming 25 Home Room Vice Presi- dent 2. MARGARET ANN CHAMBERS Home Room 7 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Color Teams 35 Spice Repre- sentative 15 Greenhouse Club 15 Garden Club 15 Lead- ers' Club 15 Flower and Hobby Show 35 Commence- ment Usher 1. JERRY CIRAFISI Jelo Home Room 14 Band 'I5 Football 15 Rifle 15 Sports Club 1. ELIZABETH ANN CLARK Bette Ann Home Room 9 Student Council 25 Senior Play Cast5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Assembly5 Junior Prom Committee5 Hi-Eye 35 Assembly Committee 15 Hi-Eye Representative 15 Red Cross 15 Junior Historian Club 15 Mask and Wig Club 15 Press Club 1. EULALAR CLARY Candy Home Room 11 Student Council 25 Senior Banquet Committee5 A Capella Choir 35 Girls' Ensemble 25 Leaders' Club 15 Girls' Chorus 15 Travel Club 1. ANNA MAE CLINE Sissy Home Room 7 Senior Congress5 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Ban- quet Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Color Teams 25 Garden Club 3 Secretary5 Knitting Club 15 Flower and Hobby Show. CHESTER M. CLOUD, JR. Chet Home Room 14 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Vo- cational Society 1 Historian5 Bond 25 Basketball 15 Home Room President 15 Proiection Club 1. HARRY NELSON COLE King Cole Home Room 17 Traffic Club 15 Boys' Cooking Club 15 Proiection Club 1 30 JOSEPH COLEMAN Bunny Home Room 7 Junior Assembly5 Junior Prom Committee5 Hi-Eye As- sociate Editor and Eritor-in-Chief 35 Hi-Eye Represen- tative I5 Home Room Vice President I5 Key Club 25 Mask and Wig Club 25 Press Club 15 Waiters Club 25 Color Guard I5 Commencement Usher 'I. PASQUALE ANTHONY COLLETTI Pat Home Room 'I4 Senior Banquet Committee5 Banking 35 Stamp and Coin Club 'I. ALMA B. COLLINS AI Home Room 9 Senior Congress5 Junior Congress5 Sophomore Congress5 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior AssembIy5 Junior Prom Committee5 Hi-Eye Head Typist 25 Color Teams 25 Manager of Swimming 25 Home Room Secretary 35 Spanish Club 'I5 Knitting Club 25 Leaders' Club 2. KATHERINE E. COLLINS Kath Home Room 9 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Apollo Club lp Typing Club I5 German Club 2. BERYL M. CONARD Milton Berle Home Room 9 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Banking 35 Red Cross 35 Knit- ting Club 'I5 Garden Club I5 Apollo Club I5 German School Club T. ELAINE MARIE CONSEAL Sealie Home Room 'l'I Senior Congress5 Junior Congress5 Sophomore Congress, Hi-Eye Girls' Sports Editor 35 Rifle 35 Banking Repre- sentative 'I5 Home Room Treasurer 'I5 Girls' Ensemble 2. J. MARIE COX Home Room 'I4 Student Council 'I5 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Ban- quet Committee5 Hockey 'I5 Swimming 25 Color Teams 35 Home Room Vice President 'I5 Home Room Treasurer 'I5 Girls' Sports Club Ofllcer 'l. PHYLLIS JEANNE CRABTREE Phil Home Room II Senior Play Committee5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Prom C0mmillee5 Hi-Eye 25 Assembly Committee 'I5 A Capella Choir 25 Banking 25 Home Room Secretary 'I5 Girls' Ensemble 35 Press Club 'lj Spanish Club I. 3l Bob Stage Club ROBERT W. CRAWFORD Home Room I6 I. DOROTHY J. CRESMER Dottie Home Room 9 Student Council 35 Senior Play Committeey Senior Ban- quet Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Color Teams RAYMOND J. DAMIANI 'Ip Spanish Club 'lp Knitting Club 2. DONALD CULP Home Room 'I6 Senior Play Committeep Commencement Usher. BETTY LOU CUSTER Home Room 'IA Senior Senior Junior Tennis sentative 'lp Greenhouse Club 'I. VIRGINIA A. DALE Ginny Home Room 'I7 Junior Congressp Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assem- blyp Junior Prom Committeeg Maiorettes 25 Hockey 27 Home Room Vice President 'lg Home Room Secretary 25 Garden Club 3 Sercetaryp Co-Chairman of Flower and Hobby Showg Student Court. Congressp Junior Congressg Sophomore Congress Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committee Assembly: Basketball 37 Hockey lg Softball I 'Ig Home Room Secretary 25 Red Cross Repre Essie Home Room 'I6 Senior Play Committeeg Vocational Society 'lg Corre- sponding Secretaryy Proiection Club 'lp Cross Country 21 Banking Representative 'lp Home Room President If Home Room Treasurer 'lg Commencement Usher. ETHEL MAE DANNAKER Home Room I7 Red Cross lp Garden Club 3 Vice President: Knitting Club: Flower and Hobby Show Co-Chairman. LeEDDA DANNENHOWER Sissie Home Room l'I Senior Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committeey Junior Assemblyg Junior Prom Committeeg A Capella Choir 37 Maiorettes 25 Basketball 35 Hockey 31 Softball 'lg Color Teams Officiating 25 Spice Representative 25 Hi-Eye Representative 25 Home Room Secretary 'Ig Leaders' Club 3g Girls' Ensemble 3g Mask and Wig Club lg Assembly Committee. 32 DIANA DAVIS Home Room 'l'l Senior Play Committee7 Junior Prom Committee7 As- sembly Committee I7 A Capella Choir 37 Color Teams 27 Girls' Ensemble 37 Apollo Club l7 Mask and Wig Club I. GEORGE KING DAYWALT Josh Home Room I6 Senior Play Committee7 Senior Banquet Committeeg Junior Prom Committeep Baseball 27 Basketball 27 Cross Country 'I7 Boys' Cooking Club I7 Commencement Usher. SHIRLEY JANE DEAROLF Home Room I4 Senior Congress7 Student Council I7 Senior Play Com- mittee7 Senior Banquet Committee7 Junior Assembly7 Junior Prom Committee7 A Capella Choir 3 Vice Presi- dent 37 Color Teams 37 Handbook Stafi T7 Stamp and Bond Representative 'I7 Home Room President 'I7 Home Room Secretary I7 Mask and Wig Club 'I7 Girls' En- semble 37 Oil Painting Club I7 Student Court7 Secre- tary of the Class. PATRICIA A. DeMATTHEWS Patsy Home Room 41 Senior Congress7 Junior Congress7 Sophomore Congressg Senior Play Committee7 Junior Assembly7 Color Teams 27 Home Room Secretary 'I7 Garden Club 27 Knitting Club l. FRANCIS A. DENARO Frank Home Room I7 DURRELL DETWILER Dewey Home Room 'I7 MARGARET M. DIAMOND Peggy Home Room I7 Senior Play Committee7 Senior Banquet Committe7 Junior Assembly7 Junior Prom Committee7 Maiorettes 27 Hockey 27 Home Room Vice President 27 Red Cross Representa- tive 'I7 Garden Club 3 President7 Co-Chairman of the Flower and Hobby Show. GEORGE J. DICILLO Dunninger Home Room I7 Home Room President 3. 33 I JOSEPH DANIEL DIENNO Joe Home Room 41 JOAN A. DiNENNA Home Room I6 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Senior Play Com- mittee: Junior Assembly: A Capella Choir 3: Color Teams 3: Handbook Staff I: Girls' Ensemble 3: Mask and Wig Club I. JOHN H. DOUGLASS Doug Home Room I6 Vocational Society 'I President: Hi-Eye Representative 1: Home Room Vice President 'I: Proiection Club 1. JOHN H. DUDDY, III Jack Home Room 43 Student Council 1 Treasurer and President: Senior Ban- quet Committee Chairman: Junior Prom Committee General Chairman: Spice 3: A Capella Choir I: Tennis Manager 2: Debating 2: Key Club: Christmas Pageant Narrator: Football Program Editor: Color Guard 'I: CATHERINE EHINGER Student Court. WILLIS EDWARDS Will Home Room 56 A Capella Choir 'l: Tramc 'I Sercetary: Baseball 2: Home Room President 'l: Key Club 3: Boys' Chorus 2: Com- mencement Usher. Kay Home Room I6 Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: A Capella Choir 2: Library 2: Color Teams 2: Home Room Secretary 'l: Girls' Ensemble 2: Spanish Club 'I: Mask and Wig Club 'l: Library Club 2. MARY ANNE EVANS MARIAN EMERSON Mickey Home Room 'I7 Senior Congress: Cheerleading 3: Spice Representative I: Knitting Club 2: Mask and Wig Club l. M. A. Home Room 43 Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: Assembly Committee 2: Basketball 2: Hockey 2: Color Teams 3: Spice Representative T: Home Room Secretary 'l. 34 G. WALLACE EVANS Wally Home Room 38 Junior Prom Committee5 A Capella Choir l5 Basketball 3: Spice Representative lg Home Room President 25 Key Club 25 Student Council President lp Student Court. JEAN ELLEN EVELER Darty Home Room 17 Rifle lp Swimming 25 Color Teams 35 Leaders' Club 'I5 Rifle Club l5 Oil Painting Club l5 Girls' Ensemble 'I5 Flower and Hobby Show 35 A Capella Choir 1. MARY JOSEPHINE FALCO MCO Home Room 17 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Red Cross Representative 25 Knitting Club lg Apollo Club 15 Flower and Hobby Show. SHIRLEY DIANNE FARMAN Dolly Home Room 38 Senior Play Committee5 Calor Teams 25 Home Room Secretary 25 Knitting Club 25 School Store. DANESE J. FAULKNER Dennie Home Room 38 Senior Play Cast5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Assembly5 Junior Prom Committee5 Hi-Eye 35 Publica' tions Business StafT 3 Exchange Editor5 A Capella Choir 25 Swimming 'I5 Banking Representative 'lg Home Room Vice President 'l5 Home Room Treasurer 'I5 Press Club. ROBERT FEENEY Bob Home Room 30 Home Room Vice President 'l5 Stage Club 'l. RICHARD ALLAN FEIST Feistie Home Room 38 Sophomore Congressp Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Baseball 25 Basketball lg Home Room Vice President 25 Home Room Treasurer l. EDITH JANE FICHTER Edieiane Home Room 'I7 Student Council 25 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Assembly5 Junior Prom Committeey Color Teams 25 Hi- Eye Representative lp Banking Representative 'I5 Red Cross Representative lj Home Room Secretary 'l5 Debat- ing Club ly Garden Club 'I5 Flower and Hobby Show 2. 35 ANN MINNETTA FISHER Annie Home Room 38 Student Council 2: Senior Play Student Director: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: Hi-Eye 3: Spice 3: Basketball 3 Captain: Hockey I: Softball 1: Hi-Eye Representative 2: Home Room Treasurer l: Girls' Sports Club President: Student Council Vice President: Student Court: Forensic Poetry Contest: T. H. Contest: Christmas Pageant Narrator. HARLEY M. FOELKER Turp Home Room Cross Country I: Football I: Basketball 3. MARTHA M. FORGIONE Marty Home Room 38 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: Garden Club 3: Flower and Hobby Show 3: Color Teams 'l. JAMES E. FOSTER, JR. Jim Home Roc Student Council I: Baseball 'l: Typing Club LOIS L. FRATT Lo Home Room 30 Senior Congress: .lunior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: Hi-Eye 3: Softball Manager 3: Color Teams 3: Swimming 2: Press Club: Speech Club: Apollo Club: Travel Club: School Store Staff: Hi-Eye Representative. m I. MORRIS MORTON FREILICH Mort Home Room 30 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Senior Play Corn- mittee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Hi-Eye 3 Associate Editor: Spice 'I: A Capella Choir 'l: Debating 2: Tennis 2: Home Room President I: Home Room Vice President 'I: Key Club 3: President of Mask and Wig Club 'I: President of Senior Class: Color Guard: NANCY JANE FULMER Student Court: Oratorical Contest Winner. GLADYS MARIE FUHRMAN Home Room 38 Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Hi- Eye 3: Assembly Committee 2: Red Cross Representa- tive 'l: Press Club I: Knitting Club 'l: Junior Historians Club 2. Nan Home Room 30 Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Garden Club 2: Tatting Club I: Knitting Club 1: School Store Staff. 36 JOSEPH F. GALLO Joe Home Room 30 Typing Club 1. THERESA A. GALULLO Tre Home Room 31 Student Council lg Senior Play Committeeg Senior Ban quet Committeeg Junior Assemblyg Junior Prom Com mittee: Color Teams 35 Home Room Vice President 2. FRANK J. GENOVA Home Room 31 Junior Assemblyg Orchestra 37 Band 35 Orchestra Club 3. ALLEN WILSON GETTY Al Home Room 31 Greenhouse Club 35 Cafeteria 37 Chorus 3. HARRY GIAMO Home Room 31 Sophomore Congress: Junior Assembly: Orchestra 31 Band 3g Intramural Softball 2. ANN THERESA GIANNINI Chip Home Room 31 A Capella Choir 25 Girls' Ensemble 3. ANNETTE J. GIANNONE Home Room 31 Senior Congressg Junior Congress: A Copella Choir 25 Leaders' Club 3: Girls' Ensemble 35 Girls' Chorus 15 Home Room Vice President 1. RICHARD M. GLEASON Dick Home Room 31 Swimming 25 Home Room President 1. 37 BETTY LOU GOLSTON B. L. Home Room 30 Senior Play Castg Senior Banquet Committeeg Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committeeg Basketball 35 Color Teams 35 Home Room Secretary 'ly Leaders' Club lp Girls' Ensemble 'lp School Store Staff 2. JEAN ARDELL GRAHAM Jeanne Home Room 31 Spice Representative 'Ig Banking Representative 'ly Apollo Club If School Store Stolf. RICHARD C. GRAMM Dick Home Room 33 Student Council 'lg Senior Banquet Committeep Voca- tional Society l Chaplaing Cross Country 25 Proiec- tion Club l. ROCCO GRAN ESE Rocky Home Room 33 Traffic 3 Chiefg Home Room President l. VINCENT J. GRECO Home Room 33 Orchestra 21 Library 2. LONA CAROLINE GREGER Cissie Home Room 31 Junior Prom Committee: Banking 35 Red Cross 1. R. KENNETH GREIM Ken Home Room 33 Banking lg Junior Historians' Club 2. A. JEAN GROSS Jeanie Home Room 'I6 Greenhouse Club 'Ig Garden Club lp Apollo Club 'l. 38 MARSHALL D. HALLMAN Bird Home Room 29 Senior Congress: Junior Congressg Sophomore Congressg Senior Play Committeeg Baseball 35 Key Club 25 Home Room President 'Ip Home Room Vice President Ig Flower and Hobby Show. DOROTHY LOUISE HANNAWAY Dottie Lou Home Room 33 Library 35 Home Room Vice President Ig Library Club 3 Treasurer and President. LOUISE C. HANSLEY Sissie Home Room 40 Library 'Ig Library Club 'Ig Typing Club I. PHYLLIS ANNE HARNER Phil Home Room 33 Student Council Ig Senior Play Committee: Senior Ban- quet Committeeg A Capella Choir Ig Hi-Eye Represen- tative 2g Girls' Ensemble Ig Mask and Wig Club 'Ig Travel Club 'I. DONALD K. HAYDEN Heap Home Room 29 Swimming 'Ig Track 'Ig Football 3g Football Club I. BETTY R. HENDRICKSON Home Room 33 Senior Congressg Junior Congressp Sophomore Congressp Senior Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Handbook Staff 'Ig Home Room Vice President If Typing Club I. ANTHONY HENLEY, II Diamond Home Room 29 Junior Prom Committeep Trafific 3. SMITH HERBERT, JR. Home Room 40 Football Ig Spanish Club If Chorus 2. 39 ARTHUR L. HERR, JR. Art Home Room 40 Senior Congress5 Junior Congress5 Senior Banquet Com- mittee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Publications Business Staff 35 Cross Country 'I5 Basketball Manager 35 Home Room President 'I5 Home Room Vice President I5 Wait- er's Club 3: Stage Club 25 Color Guard5 Key Club Treasurer5 Class Treasurerg Student Court. RUTH K. HERTZLER Home Room 29 Student Council I5 Senior Play Committee5 Junior As- sembly5 Junior Prom Committee5 Hi-Eye 3 Associate Editor Managing Editor5 Assembly Committee T5 A Capella Choir 35 Color Teams 'I5 Red Cross 'I5 Press Club 'I5 Girls' Ensemble 2. ELIZABETH LOUISE HILLE Hotch Home Room 29 Senior Play Cast5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Spice 35 A Capella Choir 35 Orchestra 25 Band 35 Color Teams l5 Hi-Eye 35 Home Room Sec- retary 3. RICHARD L. HIRSCHHORN Hershey Home Room 40 Library 25 Spice Representative 25 Hi-Eye Representative 'I5 Home Room Treasurer I5 Mask and Wig Club l Debating Club l. E. ROBERT HOFSAS Eli Home Room 40 Senior Play Cast5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 A Capella Choir 25 Banking Represen- tative l5 Handbook Staff 15 Home Room Vice President 15 Boys' Chorus 'I5 Boys' Ensemble 2. ALBERT C. HOLBROOK Al Home R Rifle 35 Stage Crew l. MARIAN L. HUNSBERGER Noneie Home Room 29 Greenhouse Club 2 President5 Flower and Hobby Show 3. L. MAE HUNSICKER oom 40 Home Room 29 Student Council 25 Senior Play Cast5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Softball I5 Hi-Eye Representative I5 Speech Club l Vice President5 Flower and Hobby Show. 40 JUNE JARMAN Home Room 40 Senior Congress: Junior Congressg Sophomore Congressg Senior Play Castg Senior Banquet Committeep Junior Prom Committeeg Hi-Eye 31 Color Teams 2g Softball Manager 25 Home Room Secretary 'lg Home Room Treas- urer lg Press Club lp Speech Club 'lg German Club lg Spanish Club l. JOHN JOSEPH JEFFERS Jeff Home Room 44 Vocational Society lp Cross Country 3 George Ober- holtzer Awardg Projection Club 'lg Home Room Presi- dent lg Home Room Treasurer l. JEAN E. JOHNSON Liz Home Room 40 Senior Play Committee: Spanish Club 25 Apollo Club l. ARTHUR K. JORDON Artie Home Room 37 Senior Banquet Committeeg Hi-Eye 3 Boys' Sports Editorg Baseball Manager 25 Spice Representative 'lp Hi-Eye Representative lg Banking 25 Press Club lg German Club lp Stamp and Coin 2 Secretaryg Commencement HELEN KATSIAS Usher lg Home Room Treasurer. JESSIE JULIAN Jess Home Room 44 Senior Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committeeg Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committeeg Assembly Committee lg Color Teams 25 Banking Representative lg Red Cross Representative lg Home Room Vice Presif dent lg Junior Historians Club T. Home Room 44 Senior Congressg Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committeep Junior Prom Committee: Color Teams 35 Knitting Club lg Junior Historians Club T. FRANK C. KEIRSEY Home Room 33 Cross Country 'lg Football 2: Track 2. BARBARA ANN KENNEDY Barbe Home Room 39 Spanish Club lg Apollo Club lg Travel Club l. 4l JOHN A. KEPLINGER Home Room 34 Spanish Club I: Oil Painting Club I. JEAN L. KEYSER Kais Home Room 44 Senior Banquet Committee: Senior Play Committee: Hi- Eye 2: Spice Typist I: Basketball 2: Hoclley 3: Softball I: Spice Representative I: Home Room Secretary 'l: Home Room Treasurer I: Junior Historians Club I: All Girls' Sports Club Treasurer. ELLEN KERR KIRK Home Room 37 PAUL C. KRAMER Skip Home Room 39 Swimming 3. LEONARD M. KRAUSE Len Home Room 34 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Pioy Cast: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: Hi-Eye 3 Sports Photographer: Home Room President 'l: Mask and Wig Club I: German Club I President: Spanish Club I: Press Club I: Dancing Club l. JILL KRIEBEL Home Room 37 Student Council 3: Senior Play Committee: Senior Ban- quet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Spice 3: Swimming Manager 2: Tennis Manager 2: Color Teams 2: Home Room President 'I: School Store. JOAN PATRICIA KULP Pat Home Room 37 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Cheerleading 2: Color Teams I: Home Room President 'I, Home Room Vice President 1. R. LESTER KULP, JR. Home Room 39 Vocational Society I Recording Secretary: Proiection Club I. 42 ROBERT E. KULP Bob Home Room 34 Student Council 35 Senior Play Committeeg Senior Ban- quet Committeeg Tramc 3g Cooking Club 'l. Ben FAY LaRUE LANZ Fay Home Room 37 Senior Banquet Committee- Junior Assembly Color I Y Teams 'lg Hi-Eye Representative ig Junior Historians Club 1. BENJAMIN W. LARE Home Room 'I3 Junior Prom Committeeg Banking Representative 2: Typ- ing Club lp Stage and Proiection Club 'lf Dancing Club. SHIRLEY B. LARE Shirl Home Room 44 Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committeeg Junior Prom Committeep Library ig Color Teams 'lg Hi- Eye Representative 'Ig Handbook Staff 1. ISABEL MA RY LATSHAW Izzy Home Room 34 Senior Banquet Committeeg Color Teams 3g Spice Rep- resentative 2p Hi-Eye Representative 25 Spanish Club Ig Travel Club 'l. DORIS R. LAW Home Room 44 Knitting Club 'lg Tatting Club ip Oil Painting Club ig Sports Club Representative lg Color Teams 3. MARY I. LAW Mary Belle Home Room 34 Senior Banquet Committeeg Color Teams 25 Spanish Club 1. AMMON LEESON Doc Home Room 39 Rifle 1. 43 HERBERT LEBOLD Herb Home Room I3 DOROTHY ANN LEWIS Dottie Home Room 13 Student Council I: Junior Prom Committee: Spice 3, Editor-in-Chief: Tennis Manager 3: Hi-Eye Representa- tive I: Sports Scrap Book. EMILY L. LEWIS Home Room 39 Library 2: Color Teams 2: Spice Representative I: Hi- Eye Representative 2: Home Room Treasurer I: Red Cross Representative 2: Apollo Club I: Travel Club 1: Library Club 2: Flower and Hobby Show. WILLIAM B. LIGHT Bill Home Room I3 Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Football 3: Home Room President I: Athletic Club 3: Commencement Usher. ANDREW LIVINGSTON, JR. Cass Home Room I3 Senior Play Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Traftic I: Cross Country 3: Track 3: Boys' Ensemble 2: Cafeteria. PHYLLIS ANN LOUGHLIN Phyl Home Room 13 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: A Capella Choir 2: Spice Representa- tive 2: Home Room Secretary 2: Home Room Treasurer I: Girls' Ensemble 2. LOIS E. LOUX Lo Home Room 39 Senior Banquet Committee: Color Teams 3: Home Room Vice President I: Dancing Club I: Knitting Club I: Tat- ting Club I. LOUISE JANE LOWRIE Larri Home Room I6 Student Council 2 Secretary: Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Spice 2: Swimming 2: Color Teams 3: Greenhouse Club I. 44 PHILOMENA MADDONNA Phil Home Room 13 Red Cross Representative Tp Spanish Club 1. THEODORE T. MAGID Ted Home Room 31 Senior Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committee Cross Country Manager 1j Tennis 2g Boys' Chorus, DOROTHY MALONE Dot Home Room 39 Junior Prom Committeey Assembly Committee. Color Teams lg Apollo Club 1g Typing Club T. JOHN JOSEPH MANCINI Johnnie Home Room 41 Traffic 3g Banking Representative 1, JOSEPHINE ANN MARCHESE Jo Home Room 39 Senior Congressg Junior Congress: Sophomore Congressg Senior Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committeeg Junior Assemblyp Junior Prom Committee: Color Teams 35 Home Room President 1g E. V. P. Club Tp Knitting Club 15 Leaders' Club 1. PHYLLIS M. MARlNELl.O Phil Home Room 13 Student Council 1g Junior Prom Committeeg Stomp and Bond Representative 2: E. V. P. Club 15 Chorus 25 Flower and Hobby Show 2. RUTH C. MARSHALL Home Room 13 Tennis lg Knitting Club 15 Typing Club 1. ANTHONY D. MARTINO Tippy Home Room 3 Vocational Society 1g Band 37 Proiection Club 2. 45 SARA JANE McARTHUR Janie Home Room 33 Junior Prom Committeep Mask and Wig Club 25 Travel Club 3. JEAN E. MCCABE Home Room 37 Junior Prom Committee: Basketball 'lg Hockey 'lp Softball lp Color Teams 35 Basketball Manager 25 Typing Clubg Cafeteria. WALTER S. McCLU RE Wally Home Room 3 Senior Congressp Junior Congressy Sophomore Congressp Junior Prom Committeep Vocational Society 'l Vice Presi- dentg Cross Country 35 Basketball Manager 25 Proiec- tion Clubg Commencement Usher. ISABELLE L. MELICK ls Home Room 13 Senior Banquet Committeep Junior Pram Committee: A Capella Choir 'lg Hockey 3g Tennis 31 Spice Represen- tative 'lg Hi-Eye Representative lg Home Room President 'lp Leaders' Club 25 Mask and Wig Club 'l. JULlA V. MEOLI Boobie Home Room 41 Apollo Club l. WILLIAM C. MEOLI Bill Home Room 3 Home Room President 2. JOHN EDWARD MIKSCH Butch Home Room 3 Senior Play Committee: Band 35 Stage 31 Dancing Club lg Art Metal Club l. SOPHIA LEE MOORE Chick Home Room 3 Senior Banquet Committeeg Basketball ly Color Teams 3j Apollo Club 2. 46 E. JOY MULLEN Joy Home Room 43 Senior Play Cast5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior AssembIy5 Junior Prom Committee5 Spice 35 Assembly Committee 2 President5 Hockey I5 Color Teams 35 Home Room President 'I5 Home Room Treasurer I5 Athletic Cilla Scrapbook, ANNE MARIE MULLIN Annie Home Room 43 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior AssembIy5 Junior Prom Committee5 Assembly Committee 25 Hockey 35 Color Teams 35 Home Room President 'I5 Home Room Vice President 'I5 Home Room Secretary I5 Leaders' Club I. PRISCILLA ALDEN MULLIN Home Room 43 Senior Congress5 Junior Congress5 Sophomore Congressg Senior Play Cast5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior AssembIy5 Junior Prom Committee5 Spice 35 Assembly Committee I5 Hockey I5 Color Teams 35 Senior Bulletin Board5 Student Court5 Radio Broadcasts. ELIZABETH L. MYERS Bettie Lou Home Student Council I Executive Committee5 Room 59 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior AssembIy5 Junior Prom Committee5 Swimming 25 Color Teams 35 Handbook Staff I- Home Room Sercetar 'I5 Junior His- I Y torians Club I5 Girls' Ensemble. GEORGE C. NAFZGAR Home Room 59 Home Room Treasurer 2, DORIS M. NAILON Home Room 46 Senior Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Color Teams 25 Home Room Vice President I5 Home Room Treasurer 'I. FRANCES NAVE Fran Home Room 59 Senior Congress5 Junior Congress5 Sophomore Congress5 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior AssembIy5 Junior Prom Committee5 Hockey 'Ig Color Teams 35 Leaders' Club: Flower and Hobby Show- Student Court Secretary. 1 WALLACE S. NELOWET Wally Home Room 59 Senior Play Cast5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior Prom Committee5 Hi-Eye 25 Track 25 Spice Representa- tive I5 Home Room Vice President 25 Mask and Wig Club 25 Key CIub5 Student Court. 47 PASQUALE A. ORSINI Pat Home Room 45 Senior Play Committee. CHARLES C. PALLADINO Chuckie Home Room 45 Sophomore Congressg Tratlic 25 Football lg Home Room Vice President I. LOUIS PALMIERI Home Room 43 Orchestra 35 Band 3. PATRICIA PANCOAST Patti Home Room 53 Color Teams I. JOSEPH PARENTE .Ioe Home Room 45 RALPH PASCHAL Home Room 59 ALBERT F. PASCHALL AI Home Room 59 A Capella Choir 'Ig Boys' Ensemble 2. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH PAUL Curly Home Room 59 Senior Banquet Committee: A Capella Choir 35 Orches- tra 3p Band 3: Color Teams 'lg Spice Representative 'Ip Hi-Eye Representative Ig Home Room Secretary 'ly Girls' Ensemble 37 Apollo Club Ig Oil Pointing Club Ig Music and Forensic Contest. 48 JOSEPH C. PELLECHIA Peaches Home Room 45 Banking Representative 35 Home Economics Club l. ROBERT PENNOCK Bob Home Room 45 Football 'l. JOHN PETACCIO Johnny Home Room 46 Band 25 Home Room Vice President 'l. ALEXANDRIA H. PETERSOHN Alex Home Room 3l Sophomore Congressg Senior Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committee General Chairman: Junior Prom Committeeg Assembly Committeeg Orchestra 29 Hi-Eye Representative 2. Vi if Z, 44 WILLIAM PIGEON Heap Home Room 45 Swimming lg Swimming Manager 2. DOROTHY J. PIERSON Dottie Home Room 45 Student Council 'Ig Senior Play Committeeg Senior Ban- quet Committeeg Junior Prom Committee: Home Room Secretary 25 Spanish Club 'Ig Knitting Club 2. EARL G. PLACE Govvy Home Room 46 Senior Banquet Committeeg Football 3: Home Room President 25 Football Club 3. MARGUERITE PLANK Margie Home Room 45 Senior Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committeep Junior Prom Committee: Hi-Eye 35 Assembly Committee 'lg Basketball Manager 25 Hi-Eye Representative 'l. 49 HAROLD GORDON PLATT Gordie Home Room 45 Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committeeg A Capella Choir 25 Basketball 35 Foot- ball 27 Home Room President 'Ip Home Room Vice Presi- dent 25 Key Club 3. PETER PRINCE Pete Home Room 46 Swimming 'lg Swimming Club 3. ANNE M. PUCHE Home Room 59 Color Teams 3: Home Room President 'l. RALPH PULEO Home Room 45 PAUL E. PUNYKO Punk Home Room 46 Boys' Cooking Club 'lg Handicraft Club 2. DONALD H. RALSTON Don Home Room 49 Junior Historians Club l. CHARLES E. RAMSEY Charlie Home Room 49 Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committeeg Junior Assembly Committeeg Junior Prom Committee: Hi-Eye 37 Junior Historians Club 2 State President ond Eastern Regional President: Mask and Wig Club 'lg Key Club ig Press Club 'lg Commencement Usher. JOSEPH R. RAUDENBUSH Joe Home Room 49 Vocational Society lg Cross Country 'lg Track 25 Hi-Eye Representative lg Proiection Club i. 50 JOYCE E. REBER H. WILMER RAY Bruz Home Room 49 Senior Play Committeep Senior Banquet Committeeg Junior Prom Committeeg Basketball 'lg Tennis 25 Spice Representative 'lg Mask and Wig Club 'lg Cooking Club lp Key Club. Sophomore Committeeg 3: Banking BARBA RA Barb Senior Congress: Junior mittee: Senior Banquet Junior Prom Committee- Home Room 46 Congressg Student Council 25 Senior Play Senior Banquet Committeeg Color Teams Representative l. RITTENHOUSE Home Room 45 Congress: Senior Play Com- Committeeg Junior Assemblyg S ice 3 Ma'orettes 2 Hocke I P 5 l 5 Y 37 Color Teams 'lg Banking Representative l. Ros ROSALIE C. ROBBINS Home Room 46 Color Teams 27 Apollo Club lg Mask and Wig Club lg Girls' Ensemble 'Ip Girls' Chorus 2. JANET ROEDER Jan Home Room 46 Senior Congressy Junior Congressp Senior Play Cost: Senior Banquet Committeep Junior Assemblyg Junior Prom Committeep Hi-Eye 35 A Capella Choir 'lg Hi-Eye Representative lg Girls' Ensemble If Mask and Wig Club lj Press Club l. MARY C. ROMANO Mary Home Room 45 Spice Representative lg Red Cross Representative 2g Apollo Club lg Knitting Club l. PASQUALE ROMANO at Home Room 49 Vocational Society lg Proiection Club l. ANN JANE ROMEIS Jane Home Room 49 Student Council lg Junior Prom Committee Grls En semble 25 Knitting Club l. 51 GLORIA C. RONCA Home Room 46 Senior Play Committee. RODMAN S. ROTHERMEL Roddy Home Room 49 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Spice 1: Rifle 2: Hi-Eye Repre- sentative 1: Boys' Cooking Club 1: Key Club 3 President: Waiters' Club 3: Mask and Wig Club 1: Color Guard: Flower and Hobby Show 1: Student Court: Head Usher at Commencement. DAVID M. RUCCIUS ev Home Room 51 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: emor Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: Hi-Eye 3: A C la Choir 3: Library 1: Stomp and Bond Represen- tatwe 1 Boys' Ensemble 3: Press Club 1: Key Club 3: chool Store Manager 1. MARY R. RUSSO Home Room 46 Senior Play Committee 1: Color Teams 3: Knitting Club 1: Mask and Wig 2. ROSLYN ELEONORE SABLOSKY Roz Home Room 49 Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: Hi-Eye 3: Cheerleading 2: Color Teams 1: Home Room Secretary 1: Girls' Ensemble 2: Press Club 1: Knitting Club 1. PAULINE A. SALAMONE Home Room 51 Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Color Teams 3: Home Room Secretary 2: Knitting Club 1. ROSE MARIE SALAMONE Debby Home Room 51 Student Council 2: Senior Play Committee: Senior Ban- quet Committee: Color Teams 3: Knitting Club 1. JOHN A. SAMACICIA Sam Home Room 56 Senior Banquet Committee: Rifie 1. 52 FRANCES SANTANGELO Frqnnie Home Room 53 Senior Congressg Senior Play Committeeg Senior Ban- quet Commineeg Hi-Eye Representative 'Ig Home Room Secretary 'lp Apollo Club 'l. EMANUEL SARDARO Pickel Home Room 51 Band 2. ALYCE L. SCHELL Home Room 44 Student Council lg Junior Prom Committeey A Capella Choir 'Ip Home Room Secretary if Junior Historians' Club if Girls' Ensemble 35 Hobby Show 3. ROBERT H. SCHMIDT Bob Home Room 53 JEANETTE SCHNEIER Sissy Home Room 5l Senior Play Castg Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committeeg Hi-Eye 25 Assembly Committee 'Ip A Capella Choir 'lg Color Teams 35 Home Room Presi- dent 'Ip Home Room Secretory ig Hi-Eye Representative 35 Handbook Staff i Editory Girls' Ensemble i. NATALIE SCHOETTLE Nat Home Room 51 Senior Play Committeeg Senior Banquet Committee Junior Prom Committeeg Color Teams 35 Red Cross 2 Home Room Vice President lp Knitting Club lg Chorus i SALVATORE A. SCOMA Sol Home Room 53 Home Room President 'l. ROBERT SCOTT Randolph Home Room 55 Traffic 25 Football lg Banking 'l. 53 W5 LEONARD SEETON Skip Home Room 55 NANCY LEE SHAEFF Butch Home Room 55 Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Orchestra 1: Band 3: Majorettes 1: Home Room Secretary-Treasurer 2: Flower and Hobby Show 1. CARL W. SHANER Shin Home Room 55 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: A Capella Choir 2: Home Room Vice President 1: Boys' Ensemble: Boys' Chorus: Flower and Hobby Show 1. KENNETH SHEPPERACK Home Room 55 ETHEL M. SH RADER Eth Home Room 40 Senior Play Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Color Teams 3: Junior Historians' Club 2: Apollo Club 3: Ger- man Club 1: Secretary of Apollo Club 2: Girls' Chorus 1. KENNETH D. SLOUGH Slough Home Room 55 Hi-Eye Representative 1: Greenhouse 2. JOAN SMITH Home Room 56 Color Teams 1: Spice Representative 1: Flower and Hobby Show 1. RUSSELL EUGENE SMITH Ozark Home Room 58 Vocational Society 1: Proiection Club 1. 54 J. WILLISON SMITH, Ill Will Home Room 55 Senior Banquet Committee: Cross Country lg Tennis lg Cross Country Manager 2: Spice Representative 25 Waiters' Club 3: Flower and Hobby Show 2. MILDRED SPENCE Shorty Home Room 55 Color Teams 35 Leaders' Club 'lp Girls' Ensemble lg Girls' Chorus 35 Flower and Hobby Show. REGINA M. SPINELLI Ginny Home Room 55 Home Room Secretary 'ly Apollo Club 2: Spanish Club l. ROBERT A. STAUFFER Bob Home Room 56 Junior Assemblyg Junior Prom Committee. Band 35 Flower and Hobby Show 2. DAWN STEINMETZ Home Room 56 Senior Congressp Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Banquet Committeey Junior Prom Committeeg Hi- Eye Typist 25 A Capella Choir 2j Color Teams lg Home Room Vice President lg Handbook Staff lg Red Cross Representative 'lp Girls' Ensemble 35 Leaders' Club 35 Flower and Hobby Show 'l. JOHN W. STITELER Tiny Home Room 56 Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committeeg Junior Prom Committeep Vocational Society ip Home Room Vice President lp Proiection Club 'lg Commence- ment Usher: Flower and Hobby Show. DOROTHY O. STOUT Dot Home Room 63 Color Teams 25 Home Room Secretary 25 Garden Club 'l Secretaryg Knitting Club 3. NANCY J. STOY Home Room 55 Garden Club 2g Flower ond Hobby Show 2. 55 JOHN SUTCH Johnny Home Room 58 Cross Country 3: Track 3: Home Room Vice President l: Stamp Club Vice President 'l. AXEL H. SWANSON, III BETTE M. SUTTON Home Room 56 Maiorettes 2: Spice Representative 2: Hi-Eye Represen- tative 1: Leaders' Club l: Girls' Ensemble 2. HAROLD E. SWEISFORT Zip Home Room 58 Student Council 1: Senior Banquet Committee: Mask and Wig Club: Rifle Club: Radio Broadcasts. Home Room 58 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Senior Play Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Traf- fic 2: Home Room President l. DOLORES E. TESTA Dee Home Room 56 Softball 2: Color Teams l: Hi-Eye Representative 'l: Home Room Secretary 'l: Apollo Club 2 Vice President: Flower and Hobby Show l. REGINA A. TIMMONS MARGUERITE E. THOMPSON Rita Home Room 58 Senior Play Cast: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: A Capella Choir 2: Color Teams 3: Spice Representative 2: Stamp and Bond Representative l: Home Room Secretary 3: Mask and Wig Club 2: Garden Club 3: Girls' Chorus 1. Regie Home Room 60 Senior Congress: Junior Congress: Senior Play Cast: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: Hi-Eye 3: Color Teams 3: Press Club I: Junior Historians' Club 1: Mask and Wig Club 'lp Greenhouse Club l. MARY TORBIDONE Home Room 58 Senior Play Committee: Color Teams 3: School Store Staff: Flower and Hobby Show. 56 Millie Typing Clu ANTHONY G. TORNETTA Home Room 1 b. ANTHONY J. TORNETTA Gfimp Home Room 58 lnlramural Softball I. CARMELLA TORNETTA Home Room 60 Color Teams 35 Banking Represenlative 25 Home Room Treasurer l5 Garden Club 'l5 Girls' Ensemble 'I5 Travel Club 'l5 Flower and Hobby Show. PHILIP S. TORRISI Phil Home Room CARL TROILO Bull Home Room 61 VIOLET E. TRUMP Vi Home Room 60 Junior Prom Commifieeg Color Teams 35 Home Room Treasurer 25 Greenhouse Club T5 Girls' Ensemble 25 JANET UGHES Spanish Club 35 Flower and Hobby Show MILDRED E. TURNER Milly Home Room 60 Sophomore Congress5 Sludenl Council 25 Senior Play Commiffee5 Color Teams 35 Red Cross Representative T5 Greenhouse Club 'I5 Spanish Club 'l5 Flower and Hobby Show 2. Home Room 60 Senior Play Commifteeg Senior Banquet Commiflee5 Junior Assembly5 Junior Prom Committee5 Hi-Eye 3 Typis15 A Capella Choir 25 Color Teams 35 Tennis 'l5 Home Room Secretary 35 Garden Club 25 Girls' Ensemble 35 Greenhouse Club l5 School Sfore5 Flower and Hobby Show. 57 JOSEPH J. URIANI Joe Home Room 60 Band 35 Traffic 15 Home Room President 15 Typing Club 15 Hi-Y Club 1. THOMAS VALENTINE Home Room 60 Traffic 15 Intramurul Softball 25 Football 2. LEONARD VAN LANDEGHEM Len Home Room 63 Student Council 15 Traffic 3. GEORGE VAN LIEW Don Juan Home Room 61 Senior Congress5 Junior Congress5 Sophomore Congress5 Senior Play Cast. HARRY D. VENEZIA Sax Home Room 61 Senior PIay5 Orchestra 35 Band 35 Track 1. ERMINIA S. VOLPE Errie Home Room 61 Senior Play Committee5 Senior Banquet Committee5 Junior AssembIy5 Junior Prom Committee5 Color Teams 25 Banking Representative 15 Stamp and Bond Repre- sentative 15 Home Room Secretary 25 Student Court Stenographer 1. ROBERT G. WAGNER Inky Home Room 61 Student Council 15 Basketball 35 Cross Country 35 Track 25 Home Room President 15 Sports Club 1. JOAN ANN WALLACE Home Room 63 58 MA RY S. WALTERS Home Room 61 Student Council lg Senior Play Committeey Senior Ban- quet Committeeg A Capella Choir 25 Garden Club 3: Girls' Ensemble 3. DONALD WEBSTER Web Home Room 63 Vocational Society 27 Praiection Club I. STUART WEIDMAN Stew Home Room 63 Vocational Society lg Rifle 31 Rifie Club 3. JAMES H. WEST Westy Home Room 37 Traffic lg Football Manager 37 Home Room Vice Presi dent 'lp Football Club 2. PAULA WHEELER Shrimp Home Room 61 Senior Banquet Committeep Hockey If Color Teams 37 Mask and Wig 3. WILLIAM T. WILFONG Admiral Home Room 'I Senior Congressg Band 25 Junior Historians' Club I. SHIRLEY A. WILLAUER Home Room 63 Senior Congressg Senior Play Committee: Senior Ban- quet Committeeg Junior Assemblyg Junior Prom Com- mittee: Hi-Eye 35 Library 'Ip Red Cross Representative 35 Library Club 3 Treasurer. EDDIE WILLIAMS Home Room 'I3 Boys' Cooking Club. 59 GEORGE A. WILLIAMS, JR. Gus Home Room 63 Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Traffic 2: Baseball I: Basketball 2: Football 2: Track 2: Home Room Vice President 'l: Boys' Chorus I: Football Club 2. H. ROBERT WILLIAMS Bob Home Room 63 Senior Play Cast: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Assembly: Junior Prom Committee: A Capella Choir 3 President: Orchestra 3: Band 3: Debating 2: Boys' En- semble: Key Club 2: Southeastern District Chorus 3: Southeastern District Band 2. JOHN L. WINTERBOTTOM Jack Home Room 63 Senior Play Cast: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Orchestra 2: Band 2: Spice Represen- tative 'I: Home Room President I: Key Club: Radio Broadcasts. EDWARD WILSON WOODSIDE Eddie Home Room 63 Junior Prom Committee: Football 2: Hi-Y Club 2 Presi- dent and Treasurer: Baseball 2. ROBERT WUESTHOFF Bob Home Room 6'I Student Council 'I: Senior Play Committee: Senior Ban- quet Committee: Swimming I: Junior Historians Club 'I. BARBARA ELIZABETH YEAKLE Barbs Home Room 43 Student Council 'I: Senior Play Cast: Senior Banquet Committee: Color Teams I: Spice Representative I: Hi- Eye Representative I: Home Room Vice President T: Junior Historians' Club I. NANCY T. YODER Nans Home Room 63 Senior Play Committee: Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Color Teams 2: Mask and Wig Club I: Spanish Club I. SHIRLEY L. YOST Yo Home Room 63 Senior Banquet Committee: Junior Prom Committee: Basketball 2: Softball 2: Hockey Manager 3: Home Room Secretary I: Oil Pointing Club 3. 60 PAUL L. YOUNT, JR. Yount Home Room 63 Hi-Y Club 'I, RALPH ZIEGLER, JR. Sleepy Home Room 63 Vocational Society lg Rifle 35 Rifle Club 3. WILLIAM D. ZIEGLER, JR. Bill Home Room 63 Junior Congress: Sophomore Congress: Student Council 'lg Senior Banquet Committeeg Basketball lg Cross Coun- try lg Swimming 'lg Tennis 31 Track 'l Hi-Eye Represen- tative 35 Home Room Vice President 25 Key Club 3. LOIS ZIMMERLING Home Room 35 Color Teams 35 Banking Representative 25 Flower and Hobby Show 2. THOMAS D. ZUMMO, JR. Tom Home Room I4 Wood Shop 25 Boys' Cooking Club l. POST GRADUATE IN 1949-1950 VINCENT J. GIGLIOTTI Vince Home Room l Student Council 2g Junior Prom Committeep Boys' Chorus 25 Basketball Manager lg Banking Representative lg Stamp and Bond Representative lp Stage C'ub lg Typ- ing Club 'l. 61 7 Y NNI! af 9W"l uplff-1 ?f1C7'7 67"'ff2, i : "Nf'4 2+ I u ,M .-......- 4 Ja.. -.,-Am., us M -. ..., 4 ef.. -.-l- ,- n ... ..- .-.-. -A.. -- -X.:-,. .1 ... .., ,TJ u..,yx,- L ..f -L... .-. ...,..-..-.,.J4i ,. -..,.,.. , ,I, s... ..x,....' . I Q f'-T: Lrluk- -,lug -k- Q .-.. .. . "iz cd ef' :-- X.. - 'L IL L f 2:11 h" r" 5' T' h r Sfvrr-e and S'- 'lryuf' izwrl- 1 S' "' -7N,r,,,'q1ana'T 456, ay. ff f1,. 1 bl ,71- h and VQ P:L'.h-hifi. V' mah' V' h'z 67 LX - g-iii? ZNG. 4' , Q NQCI EQ56' ' i. 4 "f".f,L'i Z 7 itgf. Q! 2' JQ -53.5 ------ f ii ff ' Q- 1 X x ., , 1 In r .F 5, 1, , 6.3 f 'f4.Q3'f'! P K I . lv , Q...-ww. M M W 'N ah . E u Af W w' I px, ai ff Yr .sQQi4Q f' A.. WJ.- f f 2,!:.,4A Jw, f f :x ,.:1rifi:jf Y "rid ax' M ' if f ' i I 1' A 4 , ' . l I Z ,, 'rf wg , 5 Q fl ' .-s.- A - -35. Q QQ LE FH- U fx 'I GM QM? 'Iv V 3 . ry as ga Ya .5-1 L Xxx .ii ,ii It ffz -4 ' r - E K! 4 Lai 1 HOME ROOMS l AND 3 lTop left aboveb Bottom Row: Marjorie Baird, Lillian Bazemore, Mary Grace Alleva, Phyllis Baker, Patty Ames, Velma Aker, Joan Adams, Rosemarie Beatrice, Marie Baccke. Second Row: William At- kins, Janice Hipkins, Elizabeth Beyerline, Shirley Ashbridge, Geraldino Bonkonslci, Priscilla Bingaman, Betty Bailifi, Nicholas Arena. Top Row: James Greco, Wayne Arnold, Warren Zeig- enfus, Fred Alleva, Paul Barrow, David McCoy, Jack Allen, Louis Matthew. HOME ROOM 5 CBottom left abovel Bottom Row: Joanne Burchell, Rosareen Cardomone, Suzanne Brown, Gladys Byrd, Delores Bryan, Sarah Campbell, Doris Zollers, Marion Buchanan, Maryann Brunner, Rose Carfagno. Second Row: Calvin Brown, Eugene Bernstiel, Rose Certo, Francis Calamia, Marie Capperella, Mary Cantello, Doris Bartz, Joe Aicholty, Arthur Bonekemper. Top Row: Charles Bayemore, Edward Amole, James Jackson, Patrick Bradley, David Brewer, Jack Armstrong, Robert Brazier, Donald Zern, Jack Youmans, Paul Angstadt, Samuel Beyer. Hume HOME ROOM A lTop right abovel Bottom Row: June Bennett, Dolores Angelucci, Rose Bono, Florence Brown, Miriam Abney, Barbara Brown, Teresa Boch- nowicz, Doris Bitting, Mildred Bernardo, Kathryn Brooks. Sec- ond Row: Howard Bateman, George Balzona, Doris Bechtel, Margaret Arena, Philip Weiss, John Bateman. Top Row: Alfred Aleky, Carl Beaver, William Bethea, Merill Beyer, Donald Allebach. HOME ROOM 6 CBottom right abovej Bottom Row: Bessie Cardy, Dorothy Cohen, Joan Chase, Arlene Cressman, Nancy Carlin, Hattie Culbreath, Charlotte Greco, Eldora Danfort, Wilma Butler. Top Row: Vera D'Abbene, Marie Capperella, Dolores Angelo, Elaine Buono, Charlotta Leichel, Barbara Butera, Deborah Carver, Helen Butler, Nancy Camp- bell, Anna Coscia. HOME ROOM 7 fTop left belowj Bottom Row: Janet Cuthbert, Alice Clark, Jane Caracoppa, RoseAnn Caramenico, Annie Davis, Lillia Mae Danforth, Joan Cressman, Charlotte Catairia, Theresa Castenova, Rita Chale. Top Row: Harry Catania, Albert Carbo, Herbert Campbell, James Brown, Louis Bono, Robert Butera, Edward Cashmore, James Bealer, Robert Beyer, Robert Curll, Richard Buchenauer. HOME ROOM ll lBottom left belowb Bottom Row: Adele Detweiler, Shirley Down, Mary DePetrillo, Verdell Culbreath, Florence Conard, Antoinette DelPizzo, Jac- queline Davis, Mary Jane Callahan, Thoedora DiBattista, Eliza- beth Frederick, Anna Marie DiJohn. Second Row: Daniel Di- Marcella, Richard Bradbury, John Cantello, Hugh Crawford, Donald Burger, Vincent Capasso, William Curtis, John Fichter, Victor Evangelist. Top Row: Peter Carbo, William Curry, Ger- ald Cianciulli, George Epright, James Carey, Richard Brooke, Gerald Catagnus, Edward Coughey. Pinnms HOME ROOM 9 lTop right belowb Bottom Row: Jean Dellabuno, Rosalea De Carlo, Mildred Glauner, Henrietta Davis, Marie Desimone, Susan Cirafesi, Janet Collins, Rosalie Cognato, Mildred Coates. Second Row: Carmen DiBattista, Anthony Carbo, Vlalter Bocknowicz, Con- stance Collin, Arlene Coder, Mawin Brooke, Kenneth Collin, Harold Clemens. Top Row: Robert Dasher, Philip Bugg, Claude Collins, Sebastian Bufo, John Bosler, Carroll Davis. HOME ROOM 13 lBottom right below! Bottom Row: Betty Demchik, Joan Detwiler, Betty Jane Mash, Betty Jean Freas, Naomi Buchanan, Carrie Culbreath, Virginia DiBattista, Rita Dilucia, Willa Elliott, Zita Eazio, Mary Dili- berto. Second Row: Daniel Dannaker, Rudolph Darden, David Fiorillo, Philip Connor, Richard Burke, William Gey, Charles Franzone, Edward Coccia. Top Row: Walter Foshenner, Charles Butler, Glenn Burger, Kenneth DeWitt. HOME ROOM i4 lTop left abovel Bottom Row Beatrice Durrante Inge Duerr Betty June Fred drlck Katherine Free Ann Dlnofrio Dorothy Williams Anne Downes Nancy Doorman Anna Ecker Minnie Edmond Edna Dixon Second Row Michael Dippolito William Yocum William Heebner Adolph Fusco Richard Cassel Joseph Cantymaglla Gino Crognale HOME ROOM 'I7 lBottom left abovel Bottom Row: Dominica George, Dorothy Gough, Mary Ann Gleason, Doris Friday, Eleanor Ewan, Marie Fragale, Gloria Gambone, Elizabeth Goodman, Patricia Epright. Second Row: Nelson Dalton, Alfred DeSimone, John Evans, Joe Estabrook, Thomas Dumucz, Joseph Dunn, Salvatore Gambone, James Dannehower, Harold Fligelman. Top Row: Rudolph Cusumano, Charles D'Abbene, Earl Espenship, Jack Cohan, Theodore Ellis, Charles Frangiosa, Ralph Fluharty, Frank DeBenny. Home HOME ROOM I6 lTop right abovej Bottom Row Shirley Frederick Elizabeth Ann Evans Nancy Frledl Virginia Evans Marlene Furlong Jessie Farquhar Cynthia Gehret Delores Fry Theresa Forgione Patricia Ganley Elaine Fielitz Top Row Joe Cusumano Robert Donley Otto Becker William Easton Richard Gerber William Demetris Augustus Frisco Salvatore Drago Eugene Dunlap John DlLullo HOME ROOM 29 lBottom right abovel Bottom Row: Frances Giamo, Arlene Georgetti, Catherine Gelet, Janice Gfodfelter, Patsy Gough, Mary Jane Hoy, Nancy Hadley, Jane Huston, Joan Gehman, Constance Grimley. Second Row: Doris Hobson, Gloria Gigliotti, Nancy Goodfriend, Mary Georges, Mary Grow, Nancy Gilinger, Martha Williams. Top Row: Meredith Garnett, Louis Granese, John Harkin, Salvatore Gambone, Salvatore Gallo, John Fitzcharles, James Failing, Charles Gehret, Frank Giambrone. HOME ROOM 30 Hop left belowl Bottom Row: Joan Hall, Winifred Harkin, Joan Heller, Elaine Hille, Mariorie Staley, Georgianna Greger, Shirley Haines, Carol Harris, Jean Greger, Lorraine Hess. Top Row: Alfred Faust, Francis Haley, Donald Gray, Catherine Herbert, Bertha Hadrick, Ben Garnet, Harold Graham, Richard Firth. HOME ROOM 33 lBottom left belowj Bottom Row: Delores Donahue, Jean Hittle, Joan Hoch, Joan Houston, Evelyn Hertzler, Madelyn Helman, Virginia Hurst, Dorothy Hemming, Catherine Jones, Patricia lnterrante. Sec- ond Row: Ronald Hillsworth, Joseph Lauro, Rose Hatchel, Alice Smrek, Janet Hansell, Delores Hazel, John Hofter, Ronald Campbell, Top Row: Frances Heller, James Heller, Evan Gaily, William Hummelreich, David Henning, Richard Keyser, David Heebner, James Hansley. Hunms HOME ROOM 31 ITop right belowl Bottom Row: Shirley Hannaway, Peggy Huber, Mary Helen Hartlieb, Nancy Hathaway, Nancy Hassinger, Phyllis Heebner, Josephine Lisinicchi, Patsy Hoch, Beverly Hurst. Second Row: Horace Heller, Edward Guzzardo, Fernando Fusco, Joseph Hadriclc, Anthony Hannold, Tommy Fulmer, Philip Giouinco, Donald Frith, Richard Goodman. Top Row: Eugene Hille, Jim Greenwalt, Jess Herbert, Ralph Hallman, William Gardino. HOME ROOM 34 lBottom right belowj Bottom Row: Loretta Jefferies, Patricia Hoftman, Eleanor Mar- tesi, Rita Maniscalco, Sara Munshower, Anna Jackinski, Marie Hoy, Joan Jefferies, Sue Marinari, Sally Holman, Delores Marston. Second Row: Robert Harris, Louis Nave, Rose Moreno, Barbare Lee Horner, Joan McCabe, Nettie Johnson, Adelia Moore, Louis Pasquale, Earl Lemon. Top Row: Charles Hicks, Robert Knowles, Kenneth Lanan, Bob Phifer. HOME ROOM 35 KTop left abovel Bottom Row: Jacqueline Jones, Gloria Huxley, Doris Kilpatrick, Phyllis Hitchens, Letty Lawler, Elma Haywood, Barbara Kilmer, Barbara Hoffman, Nancy Hittle, Marie Hynes, Betty lndelicato, Frances Lannutti. Top Row: Carl Lare, Robert Johnson, Ray- mond Heil, Ronald Jones, Theodore Hartman, Jack Hopper, Donald Albert, John Lock, William Johnson, Eugene Kratz, Nicolas DiRenzo. HOME ROOM 37 lBottom left abovel Bottom Row: Isabelle Madonni, Lorraine Marinari, Louise Koe- nig, Theresa Lepre, Jane McClure, Frances Mandracchia, Betty Jarman, Christine Mancini, Dolores Kohler. Second Row: Donald Huston, Robert Hoisington, Allen Keehn, Kenneth Kline, John Kirlcbride, Robert Jones, Arthur Lirifante. Top Row: Thomas Hynes, Howard Kriebel, David Mayberry, Donald Kehr, Robert New, Fred Interrante. Hume HOME ROOM 36 CTop right abovej Bottom Row: Theora Lindsey, Bette Hunsicker, Patricia King, Florence Jacobs, Frances Hunsburger, Frances Kiemer, Elaine Jones, Roseann Johnston, Marie Jordan, Barbara Jones. Sec- ond Row: Dominic Martorana, Carmen Molinaro, Philip Manis- calco, Shirley Kennedy, Betty Jalloway, Lois Kratz, Cecil John- ston, David Heyser, William Lemon. Top Row: Robert Kerr, James Michener, George Hitman, Richard Love, Norman lmest HOME ROOM 38 lBottam right obovel Bottom Row: Helene Hauer, Arlene Marconi, Doris King, Mar- garet Kainath, Shirley Laird, Patsy Leonard, Marie Kuntz, Maryanne Manifesto, Vivian Lindsey, Mary Willianls. Second Row: Francis Ciccarone, Jerome Leventhal, Mary Kotlinski, Donna Kessler, Barbara Hansell, Grace King, Harry Keyser, Frank Jones. Top Row: William Hollocher, Jack Hogan, Robert Focht, Joe Licata. HOME ROOM 39 rTop left belowi Bottom Row: Dahlia Lombardi, Nancy Keplinger, Liberty Lau- lcidis, Anna Marinari, Margaret Marconi, Helen Johnson, Helen Mariani, Betty Jones, Esther Katsias, Elizabeth Keefer, Nancy Loux. Top Row: Russell Martin, Kenneth Luton, Willard Klein- top, George Kenworthy, Robert Roehm, James lrvin. HOME ROOM Al lBottom left belowj Bottom Row: Marie Kirkbride, Jean Petriello, Ruth McClure, Marilyn Miner, Kathryn Leeson, Mary Lenhardt, Betty Booth, Jeanette McArdle, Jane Lobnitz, Gloria McClure, Marguretta Lukens. Second Row: Charles Ludwig, Robert Marsteller, Donald Meoli, Nancy Matthews, Pearline Jones, Barbara Luton, Mary- anne Pizzico, Peter Melle, Daniel Keplinger, John Linsinbigler. Top Row: William March, James Randolph, George Reid, Philip Matheson, Carl Ressler, Glenn Martin, Theodora Heisner, William Morkley, Roland Mancini. Hnnms HOME ROOM 40 'Top right belowy Bottom Row: Elaine Marston, Pauline Martorono, Rose Manis- calco, Janet Marberger, Mae Kirk, Rita Pellechio, Doris Mark' ley, Geraldine MacCorkle, Elaine Marshman, Lois Lawrence, Second Row: Merrill Kufp, George Long, Louis Laghi, Bertha Moore, Janet Mason, Ronald Leister, Fred McCarty, Joseph Puleo, Bently McCoy. Top Row: Charles Mason, Bill Sayers, Charles Bloclrson, Vincent Rafteo, Fred Little. HOME ROOM 43 KBottom right belowl Bottom Row: Josephine Mash, Marlene Marchese, Anna Mage gio, Kay McMonigle, Cassandra Rawn, Also King, Cora Mc- Fadden, Claire Price, Marlene Miller, Agnes McKay, Mary Anne Moulder, Sally Miles. Top Row: William Manning, Harry Muscarelli, Chris Siegle, Tony Rivellini, Robert McCourt, Jack McCoy, George McCurdy, Dick Johnson, Russell Mumbauer, Jacob Muscanera, George Mullen. HOME ROOM 44 lTop left abovej Bottom Row Mary McMeekin Shirley Moyer Jeanette Oney Sandra Miller Elizabeth Monastero Vera Morabuto Vivian Miluto Helen Neilson Anne Matozza Yvonne Myers Second Row John Norman Dominick Nave Caryl Newitt Peter Nem phos Lois Naylor Vienna Paschal Peter Chiaravallotti Leon Newman William Pennock Top Row Jack Nolan Raymond Miller Lemuel Rogers George Ortllp Gordon Wanner Daniel Mulholland Robert Montgomery HOME ROOM 46 lBottom left above? Bottom Row: Joan Pealer, Gloria Patson, Ruth Pierson, Dorothy Pierce, Joscphine Scotti, Patricia Piermarini, Mary Principe, Lena Pergine, Joan DiBasco, Rose Marie Pasquale, Gloria Petaccio, Top Row: Arthur Ostrom, Richard Ott, Ralph Parkin, Adam Patzolc, Betty Parker, Irene Peccharo, Don Shank, Joe Perry, John Scarpulla, Charles Suntangelo. Home HOME ROOM 45 lTop right above! Bottom Row Delores Pascuccl Rose Romano Frances Mllito Jane Miller Nancy Roscoe Kathleen Pearson Marie Motes Margaret Rubert Janice Myers Geraldine Paciello Emma Nucolai Top Row Franklin Rose John Naclon Andrew Rotando George Phillips Lawrence Plummer Leonard Moss Robert Smith Paul O Donnell Ronald Pascuccl John Neilson Lawrence Plccirilli Donald Nuss Stephen Orosz HOME ROOM 49 fBottom right abovej Bottom Row: Dorothy Pinder, Marie Petrolini, Anna Sabella, Lillian Russo, RoseMarie Pasquale, Betty Lou Rhoads, Marie Puche, Evelyn Picard, Ruth Petaccio, Nancy Smith. Second Row: Shirlee Reiff, Sarah Smith, Anna Poniatowicz, Mae Helen Sims, Andora Perry, Olga Schoettle, Vada Rittenhouse, Carol Can- field. Top Row: lra Polk, Eugene Spinnozzi, Marlin Pressler, Bill Quinty, Ferdinand Pilz, John Santangelo. HOME ROOM 51 lTop left belowj Bottom Row: Sarah Prizer, Lucretia Principe, Eleanor Righter, Phyllis Marchese, Elizabeth Razor, Mary Barker, Sally Richards, Mary Smyth, Jean Roberts, Ruth Scholl, Joan Speilhofier, Carol Shaw. Second Row: Francis Romano, Walter Smith, Gray Price, Ellis Reese, Thomas Ritchie, Nicholas Pupillo, David Richie, John Salamone, Harold Sheirer. Top Row: Russell Rodenbaugh, Ralph Miligarse, William Rice, Anthony Ratkiewicz. HOME ROOM 55 lBottom left belowj Bottom Row: Jean Shainline, Joanne Smith, Jeanette Smith, Beatrice Robinson, Joanne Salomone, Mary Sinclair, Mary Scott, Jean Schaffer, Marguerite Shaw, Carmella Tornetta, Lena Toto. Second Row: Paul Saylor, Dawila Schlesman, Ken- neth Slater, Salvatore Scoma, Fannie Suber, Earl Schrack, Joseph Schettone, Earl Shaffer, Charles Scott. Top Row: Dick Schonley, Francis Sylvester, Alvin Shelow, Stephen Sobeck. Hnnms HOME ROOM 53 lTop right belowj Bottom Row: Rita Romano, Nancy Seifert, Patricia Strouse, Barbara Sobeck, Theresa Roncace, Nancy Stephens, Margret Romano, Doris Snell, Sue Ross, Doris Smith. Second Row: Joseph Salvo, Michael Robbins, Frank Russo, William Scheetz, Elaine Rogers, Martha Lee Taggart, Robert Rose, Kenneth Ruths, Victor Romano, Russell Sclafani. Top Row: Ronald Roden- bough, Charles Sandler, Bill Steinbach, Nelson Taylor, Donald Scheid, Richard Rogers, Joseph Rogers. HOME ROOM 56 lBottom right belowb Bottom Row: Mildred Undercoffler, Antoinette Testa, Ester Ty- son, Edith Kriebel, Dorothy Steele, Kathryn Smith, Dianne Tay- lor, Janet Swanson, Doris Smith, Marjorie Smith. Second Row: John Tornetta, Sabina Testa, Walter Silks, Fred Shanaman, Elizabeth Staffano, Peggy Tomasello, Marie Spurio, Alan Shelly, Raymond Peacock, John Spearman, John Stephens. Top Row: Jack Schwenk, Carl Slavick, Ralph Shepperd. Hume HOME ROOM 58 QTop left abovej Bottom Row: Angeline Tornetta, Frances Troilo, Elizabeth End- slow, Nancy Ughes, Gertrude Tyson, Joanne Steinbright, Joan Stetler, Gale Stillwell. Second Row: Wayne Smith, Paul Wisler, Robert Solomito, Carmen Volpe, Walter Smith, Robert Sunder- mier, Jaime Graves, Robert Stoy, Harrison White, Albert Vivian. Top Row: Richard Vagnoni, Robert Stanwood, Jesse Stonier. HOME ROOMS 60 AND 63 lBottom left abovej Bottom Row: Anne Venezia, Margery Watson, Nancy Yocum, Rosalie Weaver, Bethanne Worth, Patricia Ziegler, Barbara Wagner, Arlene Smith, Jean Young, Lillian Wells, Helen Zol- lers, Shirley Wells. Middle Row: Josephine Volpe, Eleanor Volpe, Jean Wilding, Dorothy Woodward, Evelyn White, Shirley Wil- son, Elaine Worthington, Elaine Yorgey, Patricia Weand, Mary Weaver, Betty Mae Washington. Top Row: Salvatore Testa, Richard Valerio, Fred Wood, Delores Simon, Louise White, George Thorpe, George Trauger, Kenneth Tucker, Charles Zieg- enfus. Hnums HOME ROOM 59 CTop right abovel Bottom Row: Mary Jane Supplee, Isabel Undercuftler, Betty Ann Vernacchio, Elizabeth Tornetta, Joan Vagel, Esther Van Landeghem, Darlene Troutman, Gloria Thompson, Betty Lou Thomas, Mary Thompson, Angeline Trecroce, Second Row Ralph Walters, Louis Zambella, Beniamin Supplee, Robert Thorpe, Teresa Robbins, Billie Joan Thoms, Henry Oney, An thony Valerio, Gaetano Zambella, Herbert Smith. Top Row Peter Stanbridge, William Sundermeir, Albert Stead, Fred Waldrop. HOME ROOM 61 CBottom right abovel Bottom Row: Jessie Trump, Mary Hurley, Elaine Wein, Helen Seltzer, Gertrude West, Sally Wein, Joan Watson, Ruth Mc- Laughlin, Adalaid Whetstone, Beatrice Volpe, Edith Walker, Elaine Williams. Top Row: Charles Tuturice, James Loughlin, James Weiss, Edward Waterbury, Harry Weaver, Peter Mioz, Clarence Smith, Billy Werkiser, John Gullotto, Daniel Walters. The N H S campus has changed since T938 when students first came to school here In those days there was lust a bug bulldnng surrounded by a large expanse of grass In the turbulent years whuch have followed everythlng has changed except the flag flying atop the hundred foot pole The brrcks of the bulldlng have mellowed a but the grass has become deeply rooted trees and bushes have been planted and have flourushed and the memorial maples have begun to spread their shade The students who flrst entered the new bulldnng have grown to become heads of famllles, some have come back to be teachers, and some of the older teachers have retnred Everythnng IS different, time has made It so, except that flag and the thtngs It stands for, freedom, democracy and the other rnghts that Amerlcan school children, and adults, are all too likely to forget During the war another flag flew below the Stars and Stripes, It was the Mlnute man Flag for hugh sales of war bonds and stamps It was the stu dents way of saying that they wanted to do their part Old Glory stall flles proudly over our campus, a symbol of an unchangnng Ideal un a changung world 75 D Q t s Q Q ,T WW W7 90 mullllhnn x.mM!Aw4w,,, !F X Q l FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS From left to right Betty Lou Myers, Sergeant-at-Arms, Anne Fisher, Vice President, Wallace Evans President Louise Lowrie, Secretaryg Jack Duddy, Treasurer. What a busy year it was for Student Council! The legislative activity started early in October when an enthusiastic group of representatives met in the Tower Room to plan the annual "Get Acquainted" Dance, the resumption of Student Court sessions, and the form of assistance to the School Store, newly divorced from the Council. With these completed, Council turned to new, challenging prob- lems. Everyone cooperated wonderfully in making the campaign for donations to the fund for the purchase of a portrait of Professor A. D. Eisenhower a success. You will remember the loads of fun they had while they worked trimming the Christmas trees land the foyer floorl, racing over the lawns on cold, foggy mornings to clean up trash, and the fun and confusion of candy selling at bas- ketball games? FIRST SEMESTER COUNCIL Bottom Row: Bruno, Alleva, Romeis, Turner, Pascucci, Staffano, Cresmer, Pierson, Marinello, Salamone, Butwin. Second Row: Huber, Hunsicker, Yeakle, Leeson, Kriebel, Jones, DiNofrio, Fichter, Schell, Scott, Casselberry. Top Row: Kulp, Swanson, Aalfs, Walters, Bechtel, Taggart, Reber, Anzellotto, Clary, Gramm, Foster, Ziegler. The Light of Jusfic Eagles' Paradise The biggest achievement was the furtherance of friendship between N. H. S. and the girls high school at Heilbronn, Germany. Home Rooms came through again with marvelous support of the magazine and letter campaigns. Council established a European Schools Committee to ship examples of our personal projects including art work, term papers in English, sociology, and home eco- nomics, recordings from speech and music classes, and many photographs to our German friends. These were a few of the many things Council did in 1949-50 because ofthe fine cooperation of students and faculty and the outstanding leadership of its officers. SECOND SEMESTER COUNCIL Bottom Row Shainllne Allevi Bruno Diamond Reber Secretary Duddy President Fisher Vice Pres: dent Swanson Sergeant at Arms Steffano Hadley Golston Second Row Casselberry Harner Marlnello Clary Walters Aalfs Butera DINOffI0 Lawrie Anzellotto Pierson Turner Desimone Top Row Leeson Schell Petersohn Taggert Ziegler Gvgliotti Allebach Kulp Richards Kriebel Myers Jones Yeaklc Hofsas Treasurer absent Mr. Kephart and Editor Dorothy Lewis The wheels of progress Spice Like most students, you too will like to look back over your yearbook and appreciate it, not for its face value, but for the memories and funny reminders that the book holds. Perhaps the most carefree yet serious minded group in school was the Spice Staff which worked and had fun under the sponsorship of Mr. Kephart. When the deadline was creeping up, room 42 sounded like a morgue, excepting the clicking of the typewriter or a few words of advice here and there. Then as things eased up and the book was ready to be "put to bed", the desks once again were decorated with bags of potato chips and candy, and roars of laughter over someone telling a stale ioke could be heard throughout the halls. Accompanying the loosen- ing up of duties came those mysteries of "who hid my notebook", or "my goodness, how did my pocketbook get in the wastebasket?" All these things began to pop when the "copy sent" file was consistantly growing thicker. Then, when all work was done they'd settle back and scheme things for Kep's "Never, Never" book. That was "Spice", not excluding the cry for snappy captions, identifying "pics", teasing the other fellow at the slightest provocation, com- pleting copy, and straightening the iumble of Senior Data. Think, headaches and all, wasn't it fun to watch it be compiled and finally emerge as your yearbook! SPICE STAFF Bottom Row: Duddy, Mullen, Fisher, Hille, Buzby, Mullin, Keyser, Kriebel, Rittenhouse, Rothermel. Se:- ond Row: Smith, Steinbright, Ewan, Hollocher, Connor, Weiss, Elliott, Scotti. Top Row: Young, King, Naylor, Rittenhouse, DiNofrio, Jordan. Hi-E H Much of the spirit of our high school days would have been missing without Hi-Eye, that bi-weekly newspaper that informed the students of N. H. S. cf the many activities around school. Directing the staff, consisting of sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors, was the very cap- able editor-in-chief, Joe Coleman. If Joe ever had any problems which stumped him, or if he ever approached something in a difficult and odd way, Mr. Kistler, the faculty advisor, used his experience and skill to set Joe straight. For this he deserved a great deal of credit. The paper not only gave enjoyment to the students who read the interesting articles, edi- torials, and gossip, but also gave the staff mem- bers some practical experience in iournalism and some self satisfaction. When it was over, they all agreed that the hours spent in room ll were profitable. Upon entering high school, each new student received a copy of the HANDBOOK which was a great aid in giving him rules and other infor- mation concerning Norristown High School. Too many students took these helpful handbooks for granted, and didn't stop to think of the time and work which went into their production. The T950 staff did a fine job of revising and adding to the Handbook under the guidance of Miss Bertha Duckers. Hl-EYE STAFF Bottom Row: Pasquale, Fisher, Ughes, Buono, Keyser, Schneier. Second Row: Roeder, Allevi, Allebach Conseal, Coscia, Plank. Third Row: Perry, Smith, Furhman, Kin , Weand, Barr, Steinmetz, Atkinson Q . Fourth Row: Downes, Allen, Gehman, Sablosky, Faulkner, Cognato. Fifth Row: Jarman, Clark, Crabtree, Greger, Willauer, Taggart, Collins, Timmons. Sixth Row: Fliegelman, Butler, Culbreath, Hertzler, Gehret, Ziegenfus, Jordan. Top Row: Freilich, Leventhal, Ramsey, Allen, Nelowet, Krause, Ruccius, Standbridge Mr. Kistler with Hi-Eye Editor Joseph Coleman The Hand Book Staff with their sponsor Miss Duckers Us P V1.5 .M 3 F 4 . , ,,.,?s, 3 , Q . .-,,4 Q.-. .. s pd. . V4 , xt 'Lv fn , , 634' V bf. ' ' ix 9 is X ff 231' 2 M m -M, 1 sf 1, A m 1,, I M Y. ll T , 8 y H K elf" 1 8' M ,4 :QA , b 'l 1 ., K4 'V I K if 1 3' 93" , I! Q - ,,., 4 1-42 if: AQ' 'I-.1 ng..."-P'-' 'P+ "--'F' 4, 51,,' . 05 A. 4' ' F, nl. - ,1 - ..Q.,-,. ' ,L-L" "' f'-M Q, A 'N fivifs fi .a. Q-n-lj,M Ii ' Y I 'EV A-.:'4 "9"'u',::"LS4"P 'Zi' Mr. Dolas with President Douglas Vnnalinnal Snniet This article is dedicated to the men behind the scenes, the Vocationals. They may be compared to the managers of top notch teams, propmen in a stage production, or even to the proof-readers for this very yearbook. They got none of the glory or thanks, iust the "dirty work." Think carefully now, whenever you enioyed a movie in the auditorium did you ever stop to consider who was running the proiector? Or did you ever realize who did all the odd repair iobs around the school so unassumingly? You probably never stopped to think who engineered the more dif- ficult decorations at our proms and banquet. Nine out of ten occasions they were our unac- claimed heroes, the vocational boys. If they had a good scholastic average, they were probably given the honor of membership in the Vocational Society, provided that they had, in addition the approval of their teachers and fellow vocationals. The Society's duties varied greatly, they were on call at any time to do anything that required their mechanical and technical skill. They staged an interesting assembly and gave a barn dance which cast its spell with plaid shirts, dungarees, wagon wheels, and gay lights. Something else they'll always be noted for was the way that they yelled at the pep rallies. They always sat up among the rafters and made them ring. Top Row: Bray, Cloud, Kulp, Douglas, Gramm, Albert, McClure, Domiani. First Row: Smith, Angellucci, Raudenbush, Martino, Stiteler, Weidman, Romano, Jeffers, Bean, Catagnus. Bottom Row: Banks, Linsinbigler, Keyser, Martin, Smith, Testa, Dunlap. Second Row: Nemphos, Sweis- fort, Candelor, Trauger, Bozemore, Livingston. Third Row: Kulp, Guzzardo, Schlesman, Uriani, Bruno, Henley. Fourth Row: Van Landeghem, Cole, Matthews, Royer, Greco, Orner, Rogers. Fifth Row: Abney Golston, Johnson, Mancinni, Granese, Paladino, Sayers. Top Row: Bugg, Ressler, Ray, Butera, Arnold Mayberry, Scott. f 1 Do you still want to know who that fellow was who grabbed you by the arm and mur- murred in a soothing snarl, "gum in the waste- T ff' basket", or "around all four traffic officersn? That did seem like such a silly bother. Although no one realized it, they were trying to keep order S d when everyone cluttered in a corner or tried to turn the hall into a fifty yard dash. Once in a while they gave the student court a little busi- ness. Sometimes in the cafeteria a person was so engrossed in devouring his food that he left those bothersome books on the table. Ah yes, the officers would come along and relieve the Mr- Reinmiller Gnd C0P'Uif' Gfenew tables of such extra baggage. The problem then remained of how to get them back and dash into class before the bell rang. Mr. Reinmiller was the proud sponsor of those law enforcers, and he beamed every time they did their job well. These men didn't stop at iust handling way- ward students in the halls or Caf. They often were the men behind the doors during Mothers' Club, the men behind the hot dog stands during I-7 football games, and many times the receivers of much ridicule. Under Captain Granese the school remained in safety-no broken bones, no smashed toes, and no black eyes! 1 wj. fsfif- J ' , - A,- 1 " .Q , , , 'L v ' ' ,, Q Q' A s . .,,, f . -' f .Q '7:iw.r- V , ly, w , ,, , ' . ,Q mwzgzy ,L , . :, .,,,Q. if V35 , ' -Q Y :Q ' 1 -Q1 A , Q,,, w5'm+ffw'1 ' f 3 222? ffm ' . A A ' 4 ,:,.,-'..4 'aw 'rw f ag -awgww 1 -' ': 2+ 3. .Ag 'f 1Pm 4:: " , -1'-pl gg3j,j1f ,u,?w' ,. 4 4 , 1 ,ff ,,, A ,, ,Tp Q ff' ' Q Af -'I ' ' 4 ste - 3 E , X-1 , f . Q 4 11 Q 4 H 0 , , Q s- - mf 5 X' , ' 3' 'rx' - ' - v . f --L Q eg . I - If E ' Q, , 1 K,-' in ' 1 s gang ,'t..'gi. Q rf! 'Yi 1 Kyiv , Z ,, I vw 7 , ,, 'MH ii ,,-Sadr -f L 0, F , c 4.91.1 , A A -11-'Q' .ffl ft' l QU: ' 3 55,117 M-ww , V ,' :T gi?-QTQQVL4, Wf- 7 X , .. J N The Cafeteria Between 11:15 and 1:00 o'clock every day, the cafeteria was the most popular spot in N. H. S. as anyone, knowing the appetites of school kids, would have quick- ly agreed. There the students gathered with their friends to chat about studies and dates, pick apart teachers, study for a fifth period test, solve all the problems of the day, and while doing all this, they iust squeezed in enough time to eat. Miss Maclntyre, the "Caf" director, planned those meals that were so tempt- ing to "waist-line watchers," and all the pounds lost during summer months gradu- ally slipped up on the girls again. Day after day you could see them sitting sipping tomato iuice, while those handsome, slim fellows stacked their trays with everything imaginable. One wonders how they ever managed to move from the "Cat" after such a large meal. Maybe it was the atmosphere that stim- ulated the appetite, for many times you'd find love struck girls gazing out the large windows onto the athletic field where their handsome romeos were taking gym, lor maybe it was the new gym teachert. The scene was so inspiring! Then again, it could have been the aroma of "food" squeezing its way through the doors ahead of time. lt was disheartening, though, to storm the "Caf" entrance only to be met by Mr. Reinmiller's open arms! l?J And oh, how hard it was to go to the very end of the lunch line, after you had gone through so much trouble to be set up. There were those special occasions when the cafeteria assumed an unusual appear- ance. Birthday cakes were seen on table cloths! Once during the year platters of turkey, filling, and cranberries appeared before devouring mouths, but most of the time it was just the "Caf." The wrath of the master Hustle, bustle, and eat Did you hear? Oh, but you must have Was that your lunch shift? W f.g, 94, 33 . Ag yy S 5, ' 9 f Q1 92 4 Avi: W Y A' ,A,, if? - f 2 535 . 93 Q A gigs ' ,K gp. , ,gg ' ,E g 3:45, ,zaiffff ' A ' L ,Y 'iii 1, -W . .ff ' Q H ' 314 ia, us :L rg, ' Q, , . A ,- wr , ,, f - ,.. 4. . ' X ,n M 1 si f' 73 X af gifs . 45 , 14 Q, : ,H P Q ' Lax f' A, f HP' sg I E if A 9 , , .s 1 5 .5 vi igyfyygx 5,-f.?,,Qg Xywkxx kwa , ang., ,'gQ1X 'fexw fx X, f., x. X y -Kxg'i5" ij X' . N- ww i5'Y'f'?5I1.V'15,:1s,v,,A1 gf- ,E m1N .X,gi,. qw, W X 9, X Wa f h XS '23 X 179 ' ' . X. Vg X 'wX - X - X, CAI- ' VL: AV Sp ' U 'xv -' x I W5 C! Fx, - 1,4 -I ' iw' - 5' X X ' T 'Lg as- S2 v-'H x. 1, , ,ffm ff N. Q- ,Ai 6 R lf X, ixflwsanz g ij fm? 'Q Q ' 5 if XX f " L 9, 59 ,X , 4 ' f fm' 1? .9 . xx Bottom Row: Hazel, Clarke, Weaver, Bailift. Second Row: Evangelist, Giamo, Uriani, Marsteller Palmieri Markley, Venezia. Third Row: Butterworth, Garnett, Canfield, Hille, Beyer, Muscanera Fourth Row Evans Keehn, Oney, Schettone, Cashmere, Quinty. Top Row: Allen, Genova, Alexy, Sundermelr Miller Duddy As you can see, the N. H. S. Band offered anything from Bach to Bebop. Director Damon Holton wielded the baton, and with such pleas- ing results that it seemed the band was in almost constant activity. Things started off with a clash of symbols and a blast of drums during football season. It was easy to understand the spirit the band added to the game by playing as the students sang, and even contributing a few cheers of their own! Their drills at half time were a marvelous spectacle, they de- served the credit they received. Work for the band really began in earnest after that, however, com- pensation came when they received the "Award of Merit" for participat- ing in the Cultural Olympics. Seven members represented us at the South- eastern District Band, too. That was really sensational! But to top it off, two members from N. H. S., Harry Giamo and Harry Venezia, were asked to play in the All State Band, we had good reason to be proud of them. Before this, seventeen of the band members played in the Valley Forge Area Band Concert, given at our own high school. Consistently, however the band was preparing for a laudable climax, the annual spring Music Festival. Then too, the whole group entertained in an assembly program, while a few of the members played individual numbers from time to time. The band was really one of the hardest working groups in the school, and deserved every bit of glory which passed their way. 89 .Q J V 45 K ml , M ,A ,. g , V ' 5 ' 4, Q51 -r A A '1 15 W Q P Q 4 V' V , LV QA? ,gy .7 . fu - fa' Q g 'T' B X Q W Y Y ' X w A , N W me 9 53.5-2.212i lf? 19-'G avg, itqfgifa E S' AYWAQA! if in 3 3 4 3 21 Lf . ' ? is' 3' V Q i Q f ., ' 4' 'xx 1,4 W 3 gl Y A ' 1,4 J' ' A' Q 4 1 'H Af ,M K M! E A, I 14+ 3 gf' -Wy! ,Al sf Q f 3, 3 3 3 3 ?, 3 -wr f -5.1 Q , ,U ,Q .3 90 A penny for your thoughts Smiles of satisfaction 'I ' P With the dreamy music of the Kenmore Karavan beckoning, the juniors entered "candy land." After they had breezed through the arch, a glittering paradise became theirs for one short evening. The walls were adorned with lollipops, ginger-bread men, ice cream sundaes and all confectionaries that portrayed the theme, "Sugar and Spice." A delightful candy castle gleamed across the room at the starry eyed dancers. In one corner they found a little hokey pokey man with his stand of colored bottles, and as the couples waltzed farther across the floor they found the candy wishing well filled to overflowing with bright balloons. Everybody glowed with that intangible feeling of pride, that satisfaction of having created this huge success, for they were the ones who had searched their brain for creative ideas, painted the props, and staged the entire festivity. Their clean-up committee convened to complete the iob at the wee hour of 7:00 the following Monday morning. So ended the gala affair, their Junior Prom-except- ing, perhaps,-some torn crepe paper tucked sadly away in a memory book. T a for six-Iced or hot Blues in the night If wont be long now Kings and Queens to 5 I B All they needed were the words, "All Aboard", and the Seniors were oft to Florida, the land of their Senior Banquet. You can bet your bottom dollar that none of them missed it either. After eating a luscious dinner in Norristown, they climbed on the Pull- man and headed south three flights of stairs for their own "Playground of the World". Arriving at last, they stepped off the imaginary train into a land of sunshine and fun. Miles and miles of ocean with sandy beaches caught their eyes. Palm trees waved overhead and everyone was enchanted by the surround- ing scenery. Soft music filled the air and dreamy-eyed couples drifted across the floor. Everyone seemed to be having a marvelous time. The highlight of that night in Florida was the moment they received their treasured charms. Memories of the years gone by filled each Senior's eyes as he proudly held his charm and sang the "Blue and White". All too soon, the 11:30 train pulled in to return each couple to the reality of Norristown. As they again climbed aboard, tired but happy, they knew they would never forget that wonderful night in Florida. Fun at the beach Ouch! lP. S.J they weren't r the night really tired Senior Play "HI-ll1llY LUNG-I.EI'i5" The month of November was a month of much excitement and school spirit. The reason?-the Senior Play "Daddy Long-Legs." This wave of ambition started when Miss Price, the faculty director, an- nounced the long awaited title. That started things off, for there followed im- mediately a cloud-burst of enthusiasm for parts in the cast and places on the committees. After many headaches for Miss Price and her student assistant, Anne Fisher, the finalists were announced and the production began. The members of the cast remember the little amusing incidents, which popped up every now and then during the many practices, as well as they remem- ber the actual production. When the two "big" nights finally did arrive everybody who had helped in any way was at least a little tense and nervous. And when it was over they all breathed a deep sigh of relief, stuck their chests way out, and beamed all over with pride. The story was one whose memory will linger for a long time. Remember those scheming orphans at the "John Grier Home," old Mrs. Lippit with her rasp- ing voice, the queer old trustees, and kind Miss Pritchard. And of course no one will forget Judy and Jervis, the stars, who carried the plot and who did such excellent iobs. The whole cast blended together perfectly to make it the big success it was. To Miss Christian and some others the play was a pleasant silver anni- versary. For in 1924 N. H. S. gave the very same play under the direction of Miss Christian. No matter which way you look at it the play was tops, and every senior can rightfully display his pride. Everything goes "Poor homeless little waifs" .4 -W , ' " iiqa '5 A s hr"'fM' , M Q, .mf W Q47 fs Ex f Y . 4 '. 9 9' I Si , IQ ! I Q e 3:45 thrnuqh FIRST PERIOD uypangp Typing drills kept these ambitious stu- dents on their toes. Their greatest ambition was to hand in a paper marked 60 words per minute-no errors. Miss Krebs stood guard to make certain that everyone watched their copy and not their fingers. SECOND PERIOD lElectric Shopl "We did anything and everything in the electrical field" could have been this shop's slogan. Some of the "everything's" were winding motors, wiring houses, running generator sets, and blowing fuses. Mr. Henry presided as chief electrician. THIRD PERIOD ISoIid Geometryj Richard Hirschhorn explains the sphere -with Mr. SchuIer's help and correction- to an attentive class. Solid Geometry cer- tainly presented its problems-ones like proving those daily theorems and cram- ming for that test every other Friday. Nev- ertheless, Mr. Schuler's Pennsylvania Dutch accent and subtle wit left the classes smil- ing. the Day FOURTH PERIOD lGovern mentj Someone evidently knows the answer to Mr. Spangler's question! Maybe it's the be- ginning of a heated argument over com- munism, taxes, or the United Nations. Then again, local government could have been the topic of discussion-it often was. FIFTH PERIOD CChemistryJ America's future chemists! That day they struggled with acids and bases. Honestly, it was really a headache to get them neutral- ized. SIXTH PERIOD lPhysicsJ The question ofthe day was--What does MA lMechanical Advantage, they told mel equal? Wally Nelowet, taking over Physics class, tried to give us the answer. Believe me, it wasn't as easy as it looked. That 7th Monday General Chorus was composed of any and all students who wanted to sing. Mrs. Fluck led the group as they vocalized many favorites, old and new. It was relaxation for them, and entertainment for the other groups meeting at the same time-why, you could even hear them 'way up in the tower room! Tuesday This was the day we looked forward to -early dismissal! One and all made a quick dash to the door and were gone. Don't ask us what happened to the three boys in the picture! Wednesday Home room meeting was that one day in the week when we could get together and air our grievances. After the regular business was over, some of the rooms had fierce debates on topics of the day, while others held spelling bees, Truth and Con- sequences programs and brain-teasing quizzes. Period Wednesday Banking was a regular Wednesday event. The thrifty home room members gave their weekly savings to representa- tives who turned them over to a Norris- town Penn Trust official. These girls are filling out their banking slips right now. Thursday Assembly was our favorite activity period. We'd congregate in the auditorium to be entertained or educated, depending upon the program of the day. The Spice assembly was always anticipated with eagerness. In this photo a '49er receives his long-awaited annual. Friday Seems that the basketball club didn't have much athletic business that afternoon, so they turned to studying. Ordinarily they would have discussed their opponents plays, or received a pep-talk in preparation for the next game. That day, however, our boys proved that they had brains as well as brawn. ,1- Clubs The clubs of Norristown High School were important cogs of the wheel,-the school. They added a finishing touch to the week, and seventh periods on Fridays were very welcome when they finally rolled around. There were many clubs and they all helped to develop diFferent talents and interests of the students. The Drafting Club sponsored by Mr. Foster, taught structural drawing. The Sophomore Dramatics Club created interest and appreciation in dra- matics and the theater. lt was sponsored by Miss Price and Mrs. Borzellica. Then there was the Spanish Club, also sponsored by Mrs. Borzellica which acquainted students not taking the language with it and Span- ish customs. Another language club, Ger- man, sponsored by Mr. Long promoted knowledge of German culture to interested students. For the slightly more artistic minded there was the Oil Painting Club, which, sponsored by Miss Keisan, taught the use of oil paints. On the practical side of art was Boys' Cooking Club which helped sat- isfy the sophomore boys' desire to cook. This was sponsored by Miss Hunsberger. The Social Dancing Club taught social graces and basic dancing, and was spon- sored by Miss Krebs. Mr. Allen's Mask and Wig Club aimed to develop a deeper in- terest ond appreciation of amateur dra- Waiters' Club Junior Historians Art Music matics. The Apollo Club sponsored by Miss Rindlaub aimed to interest the students in good music and the lives of composers. Miss Bell's Knitting Club of course aided in the "knit-one-purl-two" line of basic fem- inine thinking. Mr. Bucher sponsored the Wood Craft Club which worked along hobby lines. For those students with a tiair for botany were Mr. Herr's Greenhouse Club and Miss Robinson's Garden Club. Along the writing line, there was the German correspondence club, which, spon- sored by Mrs. Rambo, helped to develop friendship with our adopted school in Heil- bronn, Germany. The Junior Historians learned about local history, under the sponsorship of Miss Clemmer. Mr. Martz's Stage Club was a big help to assemblies, for its main purpose was to work with stage and projection equipment. Mr. Schuler's Key Club promoted good citizenship in the school and community. It developed character and leadership in its boys. The athletic clubs were: Mr. Landes' Boys' Swimming Club, Mr. Herr's Basketball Club, and Mrs. Anders' Leaders' Club made up of girls who helped in gym classes. All these different groups helped to vary the everyday "school" life of the students by developing hidden talents which will assist many in making their lives more com- plete. Stage Club Wood Craft Girls' Sports Club Mask and Wig "School" to the students of N.H.S. didn't necessarily mean "work". A glance these pictures will illustrate why very easily. Christmas time separated Them from their books and found them scurrying around getting excuses from class to practice for the Christmas Pageant. And they called ther'nSelV9S angels! . . . There were the football games, remembered especially by those who had softdrinks spilled down their backs or mustard smeared on their coats at the stands .... Then, ol' course, no one ever thought of a Friday night without a iaunt to the "Sil" to see the kids. How they squeezed into that bulging place was more than anyone could understand! . . . For the more diligent and serious-minded was the Flower and Hobby Show. It was always a surprise to find who did what in his spare time .... And there were always those anticipated annual events, Proms, Spice Assembly, and class proiects .... Then too were the gatherings after lunch when the girls would primp up and comb their hair, the result . . . Glamour! . . And those who experienced study- ing or acting under Mr. Allen's direction found how completely human the N.H.S. teachers were. . ., I v u n,,3.5 ii I5 37- ' fx if 1 .I 'Q gl . J if Q QQ 7 v ,au 'vf I ,, ,ml , 'nys K , In 545 4-Qi, if 11 5 Q ' r Q f Q 1 4' f I , lk X ' 1---11-1.--.,.-.-.. . v H I 1. :::,: c .. 1r:p.-,-- - ,,, Q ,f Mi 94 'il' Bottom Row: Yost, Testa, Hay, Delaney, Brown, Lenhardt. Second Row: DeMarco, Robbins, Cassey, Hadley Hitchens, McMichael, Walker, Smith. Top Row: Mrs. Herr, Fratt, Collin, Fisher, Marinari, Hennessy, Tyson Davis, Jarman, Mgr., Coder, Mgr. Had you discovered the world of sports at N. H. S. wasn't completely occupied by men? The girls, back in 1949, opened their softball season early in May with a win from their old softball rival Phoenixville. With femininity but proficiency in their game they swept all oppo' sition aside until they met the purple and white for a second time. "Revenge" was Phoenix's main objective, and, to the N. H. S. team's dismay, they reached their goal. That one loss seemed so small, and yet it was actually great because with that game went their laurels. Betty Hoy, the vivacious captain, kept that "ne'er die" spirit olive in her girls, and their sportsmanship couldn't have been topped. The tribute still goes to Mrs. Herr, a wonderful per- son as well as coach, who steered the softball team through. It may have been a changing world and almost "man-run", but those girls made the fellows in N. H. S. open their eyes wide in amazement. Cassey at the bat it-X of .- lwqq Girls' Snfthall S... ...7 S... ...9 ...IA ...ll ...7 Phoenixville Collegeville Collegeville Pottstown . Upper Darby Phoenixville -97'-vw Bottom Row: Bruno, Elliott. Second Row: McClure, Custer, Melick. Top Row: Mrs. Anders, Dallar, D. L. Smith, A. Smith, Lewis, Mgr., Kriebel, Mgr. GIRLS' TENNIS N. H. S.... N. H. S..., N.H.S. N.H.S. N.H.S. N. H. S.... N. H. S.... N.H.S. Anna stoops to conquer Abington ....... Tredyffrin-Easttown Upper Darby .... Radnor . . . . Cheltenham . . Lansdowne Haverford . . . Lower Merion 'audi' 'raw , Y The hands of the clock crept round again, and there we were-waiting for the first doubles to finish their match. But we had one consolation -Anna and Marlee always won! And let's not forget that Betty Lou Custer, better known as Crutch, was undefeated, too. Those girls were terrific! Another day we waited while the bus driver Qwith the help f'?J of the teaml patiently searched for the Philmont Country Club, but we made up for lost time. Cheltenham was defeated 5-0 after we arrived. The scores of the matches will soon be for- gotten, it's the little things that we'll remember. Things like our lucky stuffed monkey, Daniel, the rain during the Radnor match, the time Willa Elliott played forty-six games against her Upper Darby opponent, and the scramble for pepper- mints before the games. To celebrate a successful season Conly one close defeatj how about a cheer for the team? When? Well theres no time like the present .J Fry 'Y ifhzl Bottom Row: Lewis. Second Row: Fox, Wilmer Ray, Ryder. Third Row: Magid, Allen Ziegler William Ray. Top Row: Mr. Earl, Coach, Neilson, Mgr., Genuardi, Mgr. Down on the tennis court off Coolidge Boule- vard, the plots of clay were over-run by Mr. Earl's tennis boys, hoping for a Suburban Con- ference Championship. They followed through with the old know-how in handling the racket to swing out six perfect matches. Come rain they continued practice inside, come shine they were hard at work perfecting their skills which paid off well. As the story goes with its heartbreaks, the boys stepped back to drop a total of four points to Radnor and to Lower Merion in the last two seasonal meets. Then that unconquerable "ex- perience" returned bringing individual honors to determined men. Those two white streaks that caught our eye were Drew Lewis and Fred Ryder volleying to victory in a District One Doubles Chamiponship. These Eagles showed their prowess for individual laurels in a post seasonal match. The funny everyday incidents down at the courts added spice and broke up the monotony of slaving over a hot court. The episodes over the water fountain, the tight competition within the team itself, and the mad dash QD to put the nets up helped to add variety. A mixture of initiative, talent, skill, and sports- manship makes up a powerful team, and those boys had everything, including the honors! .-gg.. 1. BOYS' .5 .5 .5 ..5 .5 .5 .5 .3 TENNIS Abington . . . . . 0 Pottstown .... . . . 0 Upper Darby .... ... 0 Radnor ..... . . . 0 Cheltenham . . . . . . 0 Lansdowne . . . 0 Haverford .. .. . 0 Lower Merion . . . 2 Bruz waits for a back hand Bottom Row: Markley, Roney, Ames. Second Row: Wagner, Smith, Haines, Kiersey, Johnson, Campbell, Fisher Piacitelli. Third Row: Mr. Lewis, Coach, J. Hadrick, Mgr., Dannehower, Bennett, R. Hadrick, Ellis J Werkiser, W. Werkiser, Cantello, Nemphos, Sobeck, Mr. Landes, Asst. Coach. Top Row: Rauden- bush Zern, Matthews, Nelowet, Bufo, Narr, Livingston, Sutch, Rose. N. H. S. 77 2X3 Reading 39 W3 N. H. S. 53 Chester 64 Lower Merion 25 N. H. S. at Lower Merion Relays 3 first places N. H. S. 90Vz Ambler 32V2 Pottstown 20 N. H. S. at Penn Relays l second, 'l third N. H. S. 80Vz Upper Darby 3616 Norristown Interscholastics second in Suburban A N. H. S. at Boyertown three first places N. H. S. at Upper Darby District 'l Won District Championship Seabiscuit and Citation ,ab , Track They iust ran and ran-and what did it get them? First of all, second place in the Norristown lnterscholastics, and later, at Boyertown, three trophies from the Venzke Relays. To make all this possible, Head Coach Lewis and his able assistant, Mr. Landes, enforced the grueling practices lrunning, high jumping, throwing, and hurdlingj which helped to make the team the fine one it became. To mention only a 'few of its conscientious members-Doc Cantello broke the school iavelin record C184 ft. 'l0 in.D and won this same contest in the state meet. Because of this he placed on the 2nd All American Track Team as named by Look Magazine. Also plac- ing in the state contest were Clarence Smith, broad lump, Robert Campbell, high iump, and Vince Fisher, shot put. Phil Piacitelli created no little excitement when he was accidentally shot by the manager with the starting gun. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, however, and recovered in time to participate in the next meet. Ending the season with a grand finale, our team proudly placed first in the District I Cham- pionship-iust one more trophy added to their already lengthy list. Bottom Row: Weaver. Second Row: Bailiff, Hazel, Myers, Clark. Top Row: Dale Sutton Dannehower Brower, Diamond, Rittenhouse. The hope of thawing out their hands and feet, the proud feeling they had when everyone said they had so much courage to brave the weather, and the thrill of helping to win the football games accounted for the high strutting and flawless twirling ofthe Maiorettes. Even at the close of the season, at the Thanks- giving Day game, they had iust as much desire to stick by their team. At this conclusion, they brought Santa, his sleigh, and sleigh bells into Roosevelt Field with trotting steps as his rein"dear". Yes, they were N. H. S.'s own human Ma- iorettes! Then, to reward these girls and the school for all their support, the team filled the Christmas stocking of every student ahead of time with a victory over Bridgeport. Those Majorettes added that last dash of color to liven up the cheering spirit of N. H. S. En Guarde VARSITY FOOTBALL Starting at left side: Mr. Polis, Asst. Coach, Valentine, Blockson, Barrow, Jackson, Hicks, Ellis, Desimone, Hoffman, C. Smith, Hayden, Shank, W. Smith, Mgr., Platt, Sylvester, Randolph, West, Mgr., Hitman, Foelker, Valerio, Place, Gambone, Keyser, Migliarese, Mr. Pappas, Coach. Pnnthall Every fall local fans donned their warmest outfits and brought the horseblankets out of moth balls, and at the end of the school day everyone cried, "See you at the game!" Every year the students followed their football team through all kinds of weather, enjoying their wins, feeling bad when they lost, but always sticking by them! The first game was a dramatic one to behold. At the half the score board revealed the glad news-Norristown 13, Central 0. The last half brought anything but joy. The opponents squared their shoulders and crashed through the N. H. S. line bringing the sad climax-Norristown 13, Central 14. The Radnor game was a hard one to forget. Radnor scored on the second play and it looked as if the Eagles were done. Our boys weren't discouraged though, of course not. Gordie Platt recovered a fumble near the end of the first quarter on our own 45 yard line. Shank, on a 4th down, bulled his way 28 yards, passed to Jim Randolph on the 8 and Jim ran the rest of the way. In the second period Charlie Blockson VARSITY Opponent 14 7 0 19 0 0 7 20 19 0 The Ballet Ru Central Radnor Overbrook Pottstown Chester Phoenixville Haverford Lower Merion Easton Bridgeport 559 "Get him before he gets me" JUNIOR VARSITY N. H. S. Opponent 0 0 Forfeit Pottstown 19 7 0 27 T2 26 7 T8 J.V. FOOTBALL Bottom Row: Michener, Mgr., Curll, Schonley, Marfz. Second Row: Puleo, Pisano, Butler, Scoma. Third Row: Gallo, Fronzone, Zambella, Hadrick. Fourth Row: Brown, Spearman, Mason, Bean. Fifth Row: Dasher, Clemens, Stanwaod, Smith. Top Row: Dannehower, Abney, Plummer, Nolan, Culbreath. Overbrook Radnor Hill School Collegeville Haverford H out -Trappe 2 scored on an intercepted Radnor pass. That game was one for the records! The game with Overbrook proved that the N. H. S. eleven were a well coordinated group. Glenn Martin replaced Don Shank, who was on the injured list. Between Glenn and Charlie Block- son, the Eagles got a first clown on two plays. Clarence Smith started to run the pigskin and was able to stay on his feet because of good blocking and went all the way for a well-earned T.D. The Eagles recovered a fumble and were oft for their third. Smitty looked as if he were trapped and tossed the ball to Don Hayden, waiting on the goal line. At the end of the first quarter the Eagles led T9-O. Jim Randolph scored the fourth N. H. S. T.D. on a long aerial by Clar- ence Smith. The contests between the Trojans and the Eagles began back in the beginning of the cen- tury. The T949 game was a tough one for the Eagles, but it was iust one of those unpredict- able off-nights. The Chester squad threatened in the second quarter Cot one gamel when they were on the 2 yard line. The timely five yard penalty was a great aid. The Eagles really missed their star center, Bill Light, who was kept from his beloved sport because of a leg iniury. 1 ft 'IA . fl fl 'AM Al ' i'3fM'5, :fw"'X ui? ' 1 9' 'fl 1 4D ? ,Y 91 Wg 'T 11 " V2Sff9'-5 A A 1 affgg 5 S '91 3 s 'W' A 2 E if 1 1 I , 'Lv r- , X 5 R3 14- 3 my' 4 f'Q"' K I .4 v-,. ' F gf" 1 ' x if v T I rx' ' 1 5 af N K I -' ly Z1 4 " 'Wh gg s 1 af. , TQ Q if Q .t .....1... fag :Fw T' X Y ,lgiflw .. fm f W Q14 , S'-fi X,i 5 , Hr, Bottom Row: Ziegler, Wagner, Werkiser, Catagnus, Santangelo, Jeffers, Sutch, Markley, Livingston, Wood side. Second Row: Bufo, Rose, Alleva, Raffeo, McCarty, Daywalt, Ludwig, Steinbach, Peacock, Catagnus Martorana, Parkin. Top Row: McClure, D'Abbene, Sandler, March, Zern, Rodenbaugh, Raudenbush, Butera Hartman, Damiani, Hoff, Cavalier. Standing: Gey, Mgr., Connor, Mgr., Mr. Lawson Earl. They were lining up, the crowd was tense, and the N. H. S. Cross Country team was oft to a great season, even though they did stumble along the way on stones, tagged Lansdale and Haverford, the runners finished their season in a blaze of glory by winning the suburban trophy. The J. V. team also turned in a great season by winning every contest in which they ran, including the Annual District One Meet. Cross Country difters from other sports at N. H. S. in one maior point, after the runners had preliminary instructions from coach Earl, they were completely on their own, to use their knowledge and previous training as they saw fit. Because of this, more credit was due the fellow who earned a name for him- self in Cross Country. Led by Bill Ziegler, John Jefters, and Gene Catcignus the team ran up a record of five wins and two defects, took second honors in the district meet and placed eighth in the state. Thus the "49" season proved a great success. The line is wide when it starts VARSITY N. H. S. Opponent 19 Upper Darby 44 25 Lower Merion 36 T5 Abington 48 'l5 Ambler 50 34 Lansdale 21 20 Chester 43 30 Haverford 29 2nd in District 2nd-Marcus Hook 8ll'1 State Bottom Row: Hitchens, Bono, Cantello. Second Row: Scotti, Rittenhouse, Horner, Pellechio, Buzby. Top Raw: Yost, Mgr., Mullin, Pearson, McCabe, Haines, Dannehower, Cassey, Mgr. The season was not spectacular, the wins few, the injuries-many, yet it was with regret we saw the last game roll around. There had always been the hope,-"well, maybe the next game-." The team seemed as though they got in a rut and stayed there. They tried and tried, but the scores didn't climb. When school started, they were wearing out the hockey field with drills and tactics in preparation for their tough schedule. For the first game they dug out their shin guards, pressed their tunics, and elected a captain, Marlyn Buzby. The girls completed their season with 2 ties and 4 defeats. Although the J. V.'s fared better by winning over half their games, in tallying up the scores of both teams it seemed hard to believe the girls worked as hard as they did with no better returns. No one could understand what it really was that held them back. Take as an example the Upper Darby game. The spirit ran high, posters were made for the locker room and bus with the challenging words, "Beat Upper Darby," even our determination seemed stronger, but-another loss! Along with the old senior dependables was a powerful nucleus of sopho- mores and juniors. They had spirit, tactics, ability, and skill. One question will remain "what was missing which kept the hockey team from being tops?" Sun and shadow d'Y' GIRLS' HOCKEY Varsity H. S. Opponent 0 2 2 2 1 1 1 3 0 3 0 2 Cheltenham Bridgeport Lower Merion Upper Merion Radnor Upper Darby ,M I N . Al f 'f M " l .d4ix.',1 'fjh Ky: A' - " xwliklay Mfg '3 lm WW will ,, . f c 'fi N , "swan ' , Q2 ' wg Xxxw' N: f X R87 4? iv' f ' QI' 'aw' "' ' K X Y ' ' :xxx ,f IJ "At:J,'0f'i Awo5rav Wlkfsrw "WA 3 x. . it XX sd I P Wisfvyi 'Sha we g ' 'lp 'X 4 wi 1. I in fe K ?j.gA!yN7: 1 X fw H E .vii 'N I f W wir X1 9 WRITSWIQ 'Mg ' ,Env 1 QWSHW - ' 65' X ' ,, ' , QQ 7 , , X f "W I' nf Qi 1 . ,s ,. 3 6 E H, X1 9652 'lf 'i I , 1 X, ff . Y 'Y K, "sf O ,- L, 0 ' Q .1- 15" ,J Q 'f X f 5 1 Q r 4 , 1 if , 4 af E an Z M. 23 , Q gg, faire 3,135 lg Q ,VI 5' W Wim P' S if W - W0 a WUQ4 S :2f f' ' m'2""'1 BEM: Q ' , f - f x up W 4, qfxt I: ' 1 gd , , 'C , F15 5 -f gif 'gfiin ' QRISIW Q, ' 'I It X I m Lx ' i ' lx I '19 4 A ' ' m f, , N 15 -F 'FE "'2,5,ig,,i ' 'Q +. -', 1 Q Y' 3 QW' ,p 10 g ivfmsm Q? f ' M , 70 W - X f ' I , xf'M1'i '18 Q i f "Qw'.. p- ' fe. Q, .l. V.'s at Lower Merion. lt was necessary to play two extra periods because of a tie score then, in the breath-taking "sudden death" period, Sam Bufo as the first to send the ball through the basket, and our boys remained undefeated throughout the sea- son. A high point in the basketball season was the Varsity-Faculty game. Who won? Our own high school Eagles, of course! During the halt the teachers engaged in a foul shooting contest-while wearing box- ing gloves! Coach Herr beat them all with 3 good shots out of 5. His prize-a tin lov- ing cup made by the sheet metal shop! Due tribute should be paid to the three Varsity players who ended their basketball career at N. H, S. this past season. They are Wally Evans, star center, Inky Wagner, full of scintillating spirit, and "Turp" Foelker, who could always be counted on to pull us through. Art Herr, Jr. held the difficult and unlauded position of Senior Manager -taking care of the suits and balls: with- out which the teams couldn't play. We commend these boys, Mr. Herr, and the whole team for an exciting, well-played season. BOYS' BASKETBALL N. H. S. Opponent 28 Haverford School 40 56 Bridgeport 22 55 Pottstown 28 36 Atlantic City 45 57 Alumni 41 41 Radnor ' 49 51 Abington 31 46 Chester 39 29 Upper Darby 37 33 Haverford 51 56 Lower Merion 29 34 Cheltenham 36 32 Abington 25 28 Chester 44 48 Upper Darby 38 38 Haverford 47 40 Lower Merion 47 50 Cheltenham 29 BOYS' BASKETBALL J.V. N. H, S, Opponent 52 Bridgeport 16 32 Pottstown 10 48 Alumni 31 30 Radnor 18 40 Abington 16 32 Chester 23 49 Upper Darby 12 27 Haverford 26 41 Lower Merion 20 Abington Chester Upper Darby Haverford Lower Merton Cheltenham K P A ff' W x , E, ff 311 Qu J? L gifdf .V an A ',f3.sf5,H4s Q13 ,Q algal. 'I 2 Q' ' gg Q Q 'Ja i .. 114 A Ja 1 c f fia4"V"l 4""lg"W M fy K U yin? YQ l If AQ ,A aw 6 ' 'f -Q - ' , -z 3 ...Q X, , , 4 flfiazxk' 'lu af 3 Q Q I R' W' nw .L Bottom Row: Kramer, Heebner, Tuturice, Gleason, Bosler, Bright. Second Row: Mr. Landes, Frith, Jones, Hopper, Plummer, Crognale, Phillips. Top Row: Pigeon, Mgr., Bodger, Hille, Pisano, Martin, Johnson, Mgr. HZO, H20 everywhere but not a drop to drink. That didn't worry our boys because they were too busy winning meets to take time out to drink. Mr. Landes and his proteges spent hours at the "Y" pool developing their talents. The first meet resulted in a tie, but after that our fellows really started to spread their fins and take over. A few loyal followers were always there to cheer the team on. Despite the damp, sticky at- mosphere they always gave the swimmers a big boost, and the mermen did everything in their power to live up to those expectations. Wilmington was the first team to go home vic- torious, and right after that meet the boys took on West Chester. By defeating them Norristown gained a firmer grasp on the Suburban Cham- pionship. Heebner, Tuturice, Frith, and Bosler were considered the best swimmers on the team, but Mr. Landes stated that all the boys were good, and everyone agreed with him. Look mom! Wings! Good lChlorineJ to the last drop N. H. S. Opponent 33 George School 33 39 Eddystone 27 47 Upper Darby 'l8 44 Westtown 22 35 Pottstown 31 20 Wilmington 46 45 West Chester 2'l 23 Lancaster 43 55 Abington 'l'l 2'I Coatesville 45 District Champions Regionals John Bosler-2nd-50 yard free-style State William Heebner-4th-100 yard breast stroke Bottom Row: Conseal, Hazel, Canfield. Standing Left: Armstrong. Second Row: Holbrook, McCoy, Eveler, Conard, lanan. Standing Right: Mr. Rothermel. Top Row: Ott, Dewitt, Harris, Scheid. H. S. Opponent 491 Haverford 487 494 Upper Darby 495 496 Quakertown 487 495 Doylestown 497 487 Abington 483 488 Lower Merion 493 490 West Catholic 489 487 Yeadon 477 There was a look of determination on the face of the rifle squad this year, and from a glance at the scoreboard they really must have meant it. There's just no doubt about it coach Leonard Rothermel's sharpshooters had a "bang" up season and to be more specific, the best in the history of N. H. S. Twice in one year they broke the school record, boosting it up to 496 which in anybody's opinion is darn good shoot- ing. There was a new look on the rifle range this year which added variety to the scenery. If you hadn't heard you could probably easily guess-"girls," Maybe that's one reason the members of the squad thoroughly enioyed their season, even though it got pretty depressing at times when those little holes iust wouldn't go in the right places. Whether it was the feminine influence, or a year in which they just went to it, the squad really buckled down and did a fine iob. Halt! or we'll shoot Home on the range 1 X 5 .X N X 2 v Don Shank, Bill Light, H. O. KFritzJ Crisler, Dr. Ellwood A. Geiges, Al Wistert. The athletes of Norristown High for the year '48-'49 will probably never forget the All-Sports Banquet given in their honor. The evening began in the cafeteria with the serving of a delicious roast beef dinner. After this much-appreciated "Victors' Feast" they went to the auditorium where they were entertained by five big names in sports. One by one these admired and beloved figures took their place on the stage and spoke to eager listeners, Joe Fulks, of the Philadelphia Warriors, Al Wistert, of the Philadelphia Eagles, Bob Allman, blind golfer and wrestler, Howie Dalmar, of the Philadel- phia Warriors, and finally, Fritz Krisler, of the University of Michigan, who gave a very inspiring and enlightening talk which made everyone sit up and take notice. When the program was over, a flock of autograph seekers swarmed back- stage to get all of the precious signatures, so that they might remember more vividly the time they saw their ideals face to face. Left to Right: Howard Dallmar, Robert G. Allman, Miss Christian, Kingsley Clark, Joseph Fulks. e--1 ft MJ' 75, ?.f. ,vi N Q 'i' I L, 14--1 gg, 1a,.J..,,, A MAX fp- ,. 'I 'wk 4 'Q "Also selected short subjects" on sports at N.H.S.: He almost got away that time but then again, you can't get very far with three Eagles hovering that close. . . . When boxing came around in gym class everybody paid close atten- tion, because if he didn't, he might have worn a black eye for a week. . . . From the expression on the faces ofthe maiorettes the next down must have been pretty important .... Even though his "diving form" looks good to us, things probably looked mixed up to him. . . . Pep rallies were a dream for the cheerleaders cause the gang really responded .... Half time at the girls' basket- ball game-"Boy, their number seventeen is really good". . . . That's a boy, Johnny! lt took three things to be tops in x-country: lots of practice, good training rules, and a love forthe sport .... Mr. Bucher, why so glum? lt must have been one to go for the other team .... You're done brother! May- be you can get away from one if your lucky, but four? Never! Not the way those boys from N.H.S. tackle. . . The law of averages says it should go in. Doggone it! Why couldn't fate have been on our side for once. QK if A Q 'W A Jul f I i X ' 'ski .KI iff! ' ' Q Y ff an '- f X , 'Q . 1-in ' v "', :fn ,A Q.-, Q' f. I , .iw L, "-?3Q?ff.'fyzf:1,'::Q'22: K. M ' 'jj'--I ifF14'v-ffz, V., ,J . Y'1'f fi?1 ?f:f?"xl'-fl? .luzrnzn wf"'q!,L?vgk,:, ' .p" .na .X Q .s Y, rx W I J x L ' "" f' "' H+?-fn 'A S 5 E ' I , ,I 'Q' J kvw. , 3 ,af ' I 3 r' . , . we I f ' v 1 ff JIIIIO. I .Q Llllll' 1,011 LUNG' Ullllllllvll y0lll' IOHI' ILPUUIIA fnv ,S,7l.l'l' ?!f'IU'. lofsrj. -9 AHIT All!! ll Lllllllfl lilllt' AUFIIII IIOIH' l'.5l'0I'l. Al'I'IllIlll'III! ii I'l'l'0l'l! of IIOIH' fl'l'lJ I'l'7lll'l'0lf ll fof of IUOVL. HH!! .Q LHOUI IAN, llllll .XX 1,0 HXOIIII ll'l.lA HH' l'lI IAUHLIHV Ulf I' 10,50 ll' I0 ll' ,IPI . 1,1 JUIIIUI' llflll' 1.1 II0ll' ll, 11.5 flllll' HJIOII. I I I I I II I ' ' ' I ' 1 . Ill!!! ,9 Aww' l!Ul'I'l'.5llllUll ,IIAQA :MIA IA1' Anim IAUI IHOP, you aff urfufn JOHIUKIIIII. au uw' Iruvvf fnIo IL4' .il'l'lIIIll Auf! of I 7 ' fne l'0l1lllI'll. ' UII IIHI' of fnofc' I'0lgLl"l JAIIL5. 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