Norristown Area High School - Spice Yearbook (Norristown, PA)

 - Class of 1947

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Text from Pages 1 - 176 of the 1947 volume: 1 .r x '44, . -44-.44 I I X 1 " Sf'i Vfw 1 L, f x , ' -. W , W W-: f., - me --- .r w K we 'f Q, '2- Yiiek '-- N1,,g,1-V-3 . A Anne- , ff ,rv 'V N ,Y,5g,,'g. , . '39-:Ll A M., Y I ' f' ,f w,-2 - M. f,,- M- 1' ,V U. WQJQJQ147 AV . Q J. ,44 -3. ,VF L , 'A ,X g.5,,,f,, . 'fin V, -1, X, 1 ru 'X i X' x X -Q- FICE 1747 14 fb Zaienfzawm Jfagfz Selma! O 0 Wafndfawn, pa. Qaaew ln preparing the Sp ce of l9-l7 the staff has struven to present 1 brol which ten years hence wnll afford you pleasure multtplted 1 hundred fold We have trued to capture verbally and ptctortallv the bastc structure f N H S as well as some detatls gnggles nd gaffavvs thtt make scnr at the essence of our young nves We couldnt nnclude the favornte song or the pressed corsage V J Day or Stnatra lmposslble too were tne telephone conversations vvuth a bug moment the sound Wtsdom of a commencement sp alfer Chrtstmas partles or the taste of a gooey sundae flavored vvnth the worlds best smule But we have a lnttle of everythtng else The present tn whuch we luve ns an nntegral part of the future ahead It ns the hope of the staff that what we may have missed vvtll be amply suggested by what we have not Ganlenh Admrnlstratlon and Faculty Pa e 9 The Faculty Sensors Pa e Zl The Sponsor The Offtcers The Congres Nuttonml l-l nor Society Day vvtth a Sent The Albun Orr Ctft Sensor Superlattves Acttvtttes .lunnors and Sophomores P1ge 85 The Class of -lb The Cluss of 49 Acttvtttes Page lO5 Student Counctl Publtcuttons Vocatlonal Soct tx Ltbrarx Debatlng Trufftc Cheerleadtng Assemb x C mmtttcc A Capella Cholr Band and Orchestra Banklng Sports Page l2D Football Hockey Cross Country Bsslcetba I Swtrnmtng Track Baseball Tenntg l A X S I c .1 Q I Q Q C 1 . ' . , I l U . . , , , . . , Q ' . c QT I' . . . , . , . . Q , The Superintendent The School Board The Prlnctpal ' s 1 . -J A or 1 L . .....,.. C L e 3 . ' l 0 fbecfacalaan 70 Me anlaae despite the tear ot contlict depres sion atomic destruction moral dec ine and a twilight of cultural development 70 Me anime because ot the hope ot a blessed peace tion moral rcgenerat on and a brilliant dawn of cultural development 70 Zine Qufuae we who will help to create it dcdicate this the l947 Spicc I O O I O . . . ,. . . . . . . I O O . . 0 economic security . . . atomic construc- O O Secifian 0416 ,4 mznwbmlzm ancf Zlwdtff Cladly dnd they learn and gladly do they guymg us the keys to our future teach ..,. guiding, moulding, encouraglng 7fze S ' lencfenf DR ELLWOOD A C-EIGES To the members of the class of June l947 farewell and best wlshes You are about to step unto a world stnvlng for peace Your teachers and the entire admunlstratuve staff are confident that you will do your share an bulldlng the future Ameruca World War ll demonstrated the sterllng character of our youth The nation owes them a great debt We are ncher for the valor they dusplayed for the valuant way an whlch they assumed herntage when you are confronted with whatever dnffucultues you encounter nn the days that Ile ahead Your experuences In the next few years wall provide a gen ulne test of your character ln the long run In the great battle of lute no brullsancy of Intellect no perfection of sknlls wlll count very much when wenghed In the balance against those vlrtues we group together under the name of character ELLWOOD A CEICES Superintendent lO the burdens of duty. May l urge you to be ever mindful of this Bottom Row: George W, Wood, M. Eugene Seltzer, Vincent Codshall, H. Walton Wood, Mrs, Mabel K. Krusen, Mrs, Jennie B. Lawson. Top Row: Harold R. Kratz, Secy., lver Gustafson, Warren K. Oberholtzer, Treas., Robert J. Cottschall, Dr, Ellwood A. C-eiges, Supt. The se:retary and his se:retar3,fN'r, Krat: and Mrs. Vveand School Bam! Nine responsible community citizens from varied walks of life . . . organizing, planning, mapping, and appointing . . . democratically chosen by their fellow towns men, they insure for lNlorristovvn's children an education for the future. Working with the board, but not as official members, are the secretary, treasurer, and their chief appointee, the superintendent. Fresh from their most recent achievements-improvement of the facilities of Roosevelt Field, includ- ing the athletes' field house and the play- ing field drainageg the complete co-or- dination of the twelve year curriculum. and the installation of kindergartens. this group is preparing a further program for expansion in the entire local edu- cational system, 7he Pune a MISS EMMA E CHRISTIAN To the Class of I947 Dear Frnends Three happy years have passed and novv you stand on the threshold of adult lute Are you prepared to take your places are you ready to be the strong and able men and women that we hope you wlll be? Achrevement has ever been the prerogative of youth We count on you Craduates ot the Class of IQ47 to welcome each day as a new tleld ot endeavor It as tor you to decade whether thls wall be a better world The tate of a great natuon rests upon your young shoulders Do you accept the challenge t your noble tradltrons vvull you keep tanth wuth your blood bought herntage7 Co out to meet your destunles vvuth strong prude and hugh courage Lute vvull return to you what you gave to It Most suncerely EMMA E CHRISTIAN I L c o ,M . , of , f 1 U'g3f,, . X - 4 O X . lf: . ' 1 . ,Z M ' if i It - t J - ' - - F, 5 ffikf? . 1 AQ ? - g -T , L, , z, M 2 W ' ! .- W2 1 1 ffl , K, .X 5 gvg W! 'A 1' . . I ff 6 ,f 1. 0 - ' ' , . ' 13' ' Wm , , V wi an Is? f u g 2, " " ,, ff I A M A 1.1 A gh. f 'w 'IF' . s ' 2 I 1 - 2? 1 I S Q w 4 ,. , 1 r ' 5 K f f mis' e ""Ql 1 5 S, 1 "cf ? 1 ' 7 , 4 Nl' " W, A :Q t I Q QCVZTW QQ ' ' I . ,,,V M ,hr If , 5 , , fn , W , 'V fig? ,wr ff. f5,"f"i 'fyvnfff 5133333332511 Q WY, wg J r ,ww ,M .. ff 6 I 1' 'Gt if 3 W 32 Q I I 3 QL 1 A , i A iff A' P ff" , Q 55" , 1 l , x I , L Q, gi I K :Q 4 .J gg Ig, hi-sway W , x A ffl '- ' J 'V 'A , , 13' W .LJ I L 'ba FL Efil i ir If Ai A 5' , , ,ff 'iw keg Q wr W 5 E . an gg J' I' I V P' C C 96 an Q Oo Oo O05 0: Dr J f h nw 9 ,, an M iw Q X XX- Q 1 rf' U1 f ' s. XX 2 'YW- mf...-as ' A 'if' -W .Q Wie Q-ffl rvwfnggf . S 'L I 1 V 44 :-z' ,V ,, 5- 2,1- ,q"' I .Q ,, ., f..,, H, , in-as -. ' . 5 :-' ,M 1 W ,,." -J 's J., + Seddon LUG- Sefuaad, nm xt xearb Tm Cc, mem L lf e Q um 'Wiz NNJU VMI E I T qi 'A V A if sch--Q cps .3 1: 4 bx Mm charm. and a SMD cf rscrwbed parm . .H Th ji1rT3 ti f v ic' S g "d Y '7!w 571011404 MR ADDISONJ ALLEN Our best washes to Mr Addrson J Allen friend and sponsor of the Class of 47 has wut and orlglnallty wlll linger long wrth us we wall remember hum as he guided us In our many actuvltues and undertakings at N H S 22 v . . , X ,R 'Wie Uffam WILLIAM IVIUSSELIVIAN President ANNE SCHWEIKER Vice President HELEN MILLER Secretary JOHN PISANO Treasurer 23 'nun ! 1. Ba duet chairmen talk things over '47 "The time has come," the Presidenf said, "Ta talk of serious things--W Of Promsfa bandeannouncements too Of credit cards -'not kingsi' - And why you all love laughter so And who has songs to sing " Had Muzzy been an executive of Wonderland, Congress meetings might have been presided over thusly-but he had more patience than Mr. Carroll's Walrus and the most reproving words we ever head from him were "When every representative is at one meeting, we'll have a party." , . . Business might come, business might go, but nonsense went on for- ever. The bulletin board had to be kept interestingly up to date with general class reminders lSome chronicly forgetful representatives were advised to tie ropes around their necks as gentle hintsl-a coffee drinker's poll was taken at banquet time-lwhich brings us to the time somebody firmly de- clared that Dorsey's brass section was terrible, we'd have Jimmy Rayll- name cards were ordered-committee activities checked Vcourse nobody ever talks about the suggestion to raise grass on the gym floor, Despite the hysterics, the members of the Brain Sifter of the senior class got work done, people informed, and still left things in good order, Bottom Row: Janet Schultz, Joan Cunningham, Natalie Alleva, Betty Fabbri, Joan Nash, Nancy Roeder, Arlene Cray, Dorothy Walker, Eleanor Smith, Marion Benz, Jean Snyder. Second Row: Mildred C-eorgetti, Phyllis Angstadt, Jane Cagliola, Emily George, Hazel Freas, Jean Weand, Eleanor Roberts, Nancy l-leyser, Louise Long, Catherine Reese, Dorothy Mullzn, Patricia Lukehart, Janet Morrison, Sara Jane Crisdale. Top Row: Lidie Jarman, Nancy Cloud, Joseph Schiele, George Baldwin, Cyril Farrelly, C-eorge Knous, John Tammaro, Drew Wagner, William Spangler, Jere Slack, Nancy l-lorrocks, Peggy Jo Coleman, James Martino, fvalianaf Alanna Scholarship, leadership, character, and service . . . basic principals form- , , . I Secretar Schultz, Vice President Schweiker, Sponsor Miss Berger ing the keystone of the National Hon- Y President Ro or Society . , . basic requirements for choice of eligible aspirants . . . seven girls were chosen to membership in November, but it wasn't until March that the remaining members gathered in Room l3 for the first completely populated meeting. There were 29 to be exact . . . so many that new installation regalia had to be made. There were new features included in the assembly . . . the most interesting was the ap- pearance of alumni members as a part of the program. New speeches for in- terpretation of the emblem were given . . . and the '47 members of the local chapter took their oath, gave their pledge, and received the coveted Society emblems. Left to RightfFront Row: Anna DiNenna, Janet Friedman, Ethel Fliegelman, Peggy Jo Coleman, Caroline Faulkner, Janet Schultz, Dorothy Mullin, Connie Minnich, Peggy Lou Roth- ermel, Natalie Alleva. Second Row: Anne Schweiker, June Ferrier, Nancy Heyser, Eleanor Vore, Dolores Reu- mont, Martha King, Phyllis Herzel, Elsie Bell, Betty Fabbri Nancy Cloud. Back Row: Helen Miller, Naomi Hertzler, James Klouse, Michael Maggio, George Rogers, Joan Nash, Eleanor Roberts. Absent when picture was taken: Janet Morrison, William Musselman. gers if f '1,w Yr Q , , I-K -'25 1. Q? Aa. Q, v I in my ff' 'wp-'Ml , is V ,QF i F ..-ig i 'rm n I .W W f V ' 'X x, tel., - Alf , A f ws. N' fri? ' - ' G 'L -' f' 5 ' - Q , i f V 'W AL g - ' Ji' up . H -L 5 af 53 9.x '. " -,,' 'v fn ' ' 5 ,Q W - 9 , :ily . K:-N sf y Q 1 I. , K , 7' AH? 3 ' ig!! Q' ' ,A i "wr Y ,Cox gtg! ,. I X 5 In f. 2 fwd -s ' Y . U ' ' 3 ," s - D ' , I S I ' fs 'ir "V 7 A A 4- .4 N' f'ifff?w 1 ji M, 'A' 4-Q Liurtx g 4 PM I,-: is M - . 'X ' 0 nv- G me , A 5 K I ww, zfflf . ' , ff -4. ' ' V ,N Q' I -. U! Q -AL-Q V if, f:-1, Q Q . 1 9, AV K tn! ,f - , . 3 , H- a ' in qv' .J K I ' ' nv" PM ' aa- A W J X Q '65 1 ' , 1 ' ,V Qi! A . . 1 an A1 . f?!'AE Y 4. D 0 Tl . ,l 3' 6 I 14 Sealed or ice cream , . , the deserts were the best on the menu. . . . Lunch was over and the journalists struggled with unity, coherence and re- dundancy. l 145 ln government or sociology there is bound to be a heated discussion . , . communism-divorce . . . pro-con . . . yeshno ,.,. At the same time the future drattsmen were learning to draw any- thing with a trench curve, T-square, and dividers. , . , Meetings came to order all week long-home rooms, student council, congresses, clubs .... Parliamentary rules were the order of the day, V 3 120 End ot the day-I If you weren't putting out a year-book, or playing bas- ketball, or doing a million other things.l -So out to get the bus or just to walk home .... IOZOO After we saw the Buzz Boys win again, it was on to the corner store .... Sweets to the sweet-and may the best man winl Bottom to top. Food' Government a la Cth perod T-square and straight edges Now wc go homo? A last fling bctorc bed P Shi. 1 uzf'-V' MILDRED C ADAMS HOME ROOM l Senior Play Com Red Cross Club Chrnese Reltet Club l Patr Jt Club 2 Correspondence Club 3 A LOU I SE ACN EW HOME ROOM l Sentor Play Conn Hn Eye l 2 3 Exchange Edutor A Capella l Bankung Ottacer l E semble l 2 3 Press Club l Arts and Crafts 2 Correspmd n c C u V Pres 3 BARBARA H ALKER HOME ROOM l Red Cross Knlttung Club 2 3 V Pres Correspondence Club 3 SALLIE JENNINOS ALKER HOME ROOM l Junuor Prom Com Sensor Banquet Corn Student Councl 3 C l Teams l 2 3 lntra Mural Sports l 2 Hockey JV 2 V 3 Curls Swummung V l Handbook Rep l H R Sec 2 Art Club l Leaders Club 2 3 RICHARD C ALLAN HOME ROOM l Class Congress l 2 Sensor Play Com Junior Usher Boys Swummung 3 Swlmmung Manager l 2 3 All Sports Club I Swnmmlng Club 2 3 NATALI E JOAN ALLEVA HOME ROOM l Class Congress Jumor Prom Com Junior Assembly Com Senlor Play Com Senior Banquet Com ye I H R Treas 2 Press Club l Cre Club V Pres 2 Spanush Club Sec 2 Correspondence Club Pres 3 DOROTHY ALLOWAY ALBERT ALTIERI HOME ROOM l Cross Country J V I Bowlnng Club I JOE L AMATO HOME ROOM l Rutle Range Team 3 Rutle Club l Typing Club 3 WILLIAM P AMBLER HOME ROOM l Junuor Usher Band 2 Cross Country JV 3 H R Treas 3 PETER C AMMON HOME ROOM 4 Sensor Play Com Junuor Assembly Com Junior Prom Com Cross Country J V 2 V 3 Track J V 2 V 3 Tennus Manager I Rufle Club 2 Walters Club 3 ec GRACE ANDREWS HOME ROOM -I Junuor Assembly Junuor Prom Com Sensor Banquet Com Assembly Com 3 Band l 2 Color Teams l 2 Csrls Basketball JV l 2 V 3 Stamp and Bond Rep 3 Leaders Club 2 3 Typlng Club 2 FLORENCE E ANCIELUCCI HOME ROOM 3 Sensor Play Com Usher Student Councll 3 H Ey l 2 3 Col Teamsl Spice Rep 2 Handbook Rep 3 H R Treas 3 Press Clubl Spannsh Club 2 PHYLLIS ANCISTADT HOME ROOM 4 Class Congress Z 3 Sensor Play Com Junuor Assembly Com Junior Prom Com Sensor Banquet Com H ndbook Rep 3 B U T Club l Red Cross 2 Typing Club 3 JOHN P ANTONELLI HOME Room 3 LILLIAN A ARENA HOME ROOM 3 Sent Play Com Color Teams l 2 3 lntra Mural Sports l Hockey HI Eye Re H R Pres 3 Creek Club 2 Russran Club 2 Slavtc Club 3 Sec Adams Agnew Alker B Alker S Allan Alleva Alloway Altterl Amato Ambler Ammon Andrews Angeluccr Angstadt Antonelll Arena 29 -- ' . 43 '- , , , 3 ,Z1 3g I 1 n 1 , 1 1 1 f Q C' I b, , . . 7 45 ' .1 I 3 Oir 1 , 1 . 1 . . 1 . L . .2. 3: rv, 1, 2, vt 3gTrack Jy, I, 2, V. 'Q 1 ' " , , , ' 1 f 31 ' .1 ' .1 1: I .gl-Ii-E ,2,3g , , . 1 1 ek HOME ROOM l7JunIor Prom Com.g Hi-Eye Rep, 31 H. R. Sec. 3, -- , g ' 3 i- e , , 3 or .g .gl a , 3 , . 3 ll I 1 cr ,Q . . 1 1 J.V. lg - p.21 , , . 1 3 I A , . X DV X Fx HJ t L, XMT 7 , ?- ll E '1 I V" 'ffbf fx' my 5 PKK? 1. F.',7l,i:3 ff- Liv' L iiy. L L, g..g,L. LL, .QHLY ifl S-I fflliff NV Iv! 1, 'f 'RXX-Jfif iff U VW 2 'A LMNE F'ECUXlfx E'A?'V Vwfx'-Q C EQIIQ Vxj13X'QV, EST L gE!'V. F GUY. n'TV"I'?'F,fW I.1SfV 1 A 1. , H 2 ilfzll f'kE A FL" 'QEWNE '-CWI J!f,Q'.' ' if-.1-NG'. E 'f1.RAY E EET' QIEL 1- ,.. ss. 5? 4, Q 9 f .2 4.1, .JI .- , uv 4.1 . 4 M 7fc"AQ X4 Q:-'P 'X 'ff 5 fix ' f, f 'Q ' fl X . 4 , "V - W I ff 9 , ' 'S ' " 3' f if W ' : ,ff ' h I 1? M ,f tp f - ' Mffgifi fy X F792 Y . V K 5 M " 4' ' ' A , -if" rn. psgiq, as 7' 1 af fa' -fl? V ,env i I ,... .1-. ,av-ng "fra wd5"'L1 'BSR 32' .fi X1 fi ! I v'aW"' ,cr lx , fm' x 13" . if 3, rx ef! 1-on Q, fn R. 1 ' -I' ,J --4 .nr- 'H xi? g L x . Af' fx 'Wa mi ct L X A .. I 5 'fi iw s 'Jag MN' a. 6' .-mir-. tfi .4' l 'T l v, x ? 4 a 13" ,ff uf I nr GW' N .il awuo A If af ,-S ff-s ,-Y an' 9 'IT7 'f-. rw ,qw QQ 4 X CLAIRE E BROWNE 'VIE ROOVI 3b Clas C ngres 7 J n w JClu ANOELI NE A BRUNO HO'VlE ROOM 7 Junrr Prnrn Com Sen cr Banquet C rn Student Councrl 3 Sp ce 2 H T e Sec 3 Apollc C ub I Spam h Club 7 Red Cross Knlttung u V ANCELINE T BRUNO HO'VlE ROOM I Abell Club Mask and Vxftg 3 PHYLLIS C BRLJNO HONIE ROOM 7 M1 li 1ndVVlg Club Slaxlc C ub Treas 3 WILLIAM S BUCHANAN HOME ROOM 7 Banklng Offlcer 3 Herne Econornrcs 2 3 Leathercraft Club 2 EDWIN R BUCKMAN HOME ROOM 7 Sensor Play Cast Jun: r Assembly Junuor Prom Com Football J V Z nnus J V l V 2 3 Sp R p 3 H Ey R p 2 3 Stamp and Bon Rep l Mas and Wag Club Treas 3 MARY ELLEN BUTLER HoME Room 5 H Eye Rep 3 spam It cub 3 MARJORIE E BUTZ HOME ROOM 6 Cheerleachng 2 3 Banklng Otfucer 2 Chunese Reluef Club l Plu Production Club 2 JANE E CAOLIOLA Pres 2 B U T Clubl Sec Lead rs Club2 Home Economics Club 3 C-urls Chorusl 2 W CRAYDON CAIRL HOME ROOM 9 S mor Play Cast H Eye I 2 3 Press Club l Debatmg Club 2 3 WNAR Broaclcastung Procluctng Chalrrnan MICHAEL J CALAMIA HOME ROOM 9 V catuonal Scctety Z 3 V Pres FootballJV l V 2 3 Tracl4JV R Pre ELEANOR L CAMPBELL Home Rootyl 7 Apollo 1 2 R d Cros Club 2 3 NICK CARl3O JR HOME ROOM Zl Student Councnl VINCENT C CARl3O HOME ROOM 9 Home Econornucs u l Apollo Club l 3 DOLORES E CARFAC-NO HONAE ROOM ll Clrls Chorus l Sp: ep 3 H Eye R p 2 3 R d Cr Club l Greenhouse Club 2 Leathercraft Club 3 NANCY LOU CARVER HOME ROOM 7 S n r Play C Junuor As emblx Coler Teams 3 Sophomore Dra matuc Club l Tyotng Club L Leathercraft Club 3 Br wnc C B uno A A Bruno A T Bruno Buchan n Buckrnan Butler Butz C a Calrl Calamna Campbel Caron 'N Carb V Carfagno CSVVSV 34 HO - . L s " A' S ,Q unlor Pro 1 C' n gAp'tllf b 3. IT Y J I 3 f Y l Reb 3 R. r as, 2, g 'I ' 'Q s Lg ' Cl b, P es. 3 A 3 - X 3 C 2' 3. Te .. , 3 ice e.l 3 T- e e. I, 3 -ld . gl I - f 1- , 1 s l . HOME ROOM 6----Class Congress 3g Color Teams I, 23 Starnp and l3oncl Rep. 23 H, R. V, Q 3 i- , , 1 , ' , 2 ---- o ' J , , A ,g , , , , , 3 . , lg H, , S. 3. I 1 , 3 e s , . -- 3. Cl b 3 , 3 Pres, I -- ' ,2, 33 'Ce R ,2, g i- e . , 1 e oss e to . cm.g ' s J: 3 3 - Q ' 4, , r , , . , , . 1 R. agftol L ' I M' 4 if A5558 r"'7' fit? ' ,I 97 g O gf: ' Q ,J v I i Z1 ,l Ja -' . nal ,ff .GWR L-vi 'K A "3 11 J N A42 . '75 Ji 9 :fl v M 22- A I' L ,fl t Y11' .X FN 'i'-V' -7' . - 5"' ern. ,qi fan Q m f"' . Y" Q-,' . H-. , 3 if ..-""'f7 f" Q5 1 ff?-1 .y 1 'Z ' .Ia ,Y ,rs-G-ZH' 4' TTD fr .M .xi , A ,La A ' 3 w ,y .,:g'A: .va za ,--54 1' A Jn, :Q'?'if,an-4, X IQ, ., H Z 7 -Ei' f QQ.. Y" . ",- w L.-51 Q' G " fm? P , f W? ni 7 0 -- 3 W ,Qi 'DQS' ff Q -- Q h.YI"iiT5, 1 ,331 5 ,, ,.,, - -.-9 X 1 V, I, , ,L 3 7 M5 9 If ,Ar .. .Vg .. X I ,., M Ming, , . 3 I 9? 4- r'- , "" A' ,lf ii , -sv , , , ,M-ff f f, 1+ -254 ip W 6 4241 'v,v4,1H, '14 4x 'A-15'-I fx? '17 K' ' JOHN E CASSEY ME ROOM I Semfr play C1 T emyr Banquet Com Jum r rom C m rv Assembly Hu Eye 2 3 Assembly Com 2 3 Traffc 2 Terr I5 J V 2 Barkmq Ofrqgf I R P e 7 V Pres 3 Sopb mere Drwmatlcs Clu I P Vlask and Wlg Club res Pres 2 Y C u Se BENJAMIN A CAVALIERE ME ROONI I3 B seball J V I V wwmmmg M naeer I 2 ye 3 urwkur ff Cer vw rr MARION C- CHAMBERS HOME ROOM 7 Sraplrmcm re Drimutl s Club Leutbercraft Club 2 3 CATHERINE ELIZABETH CHEATLEY HOME ROOM G Sensor Play C m Space 3 Sramp and Jn Rep Teas 2 V Res 3 Seblwom rf. DF'!"YI8TlC ub I r LJ ub V Pres BLANCI-IE CHLEBOVICH HOME ROOW1 5 B rvklrwg O'fICer I H R re NICOLAS B CICIPPIO HOME ROOM 9 Cr ss C urwrry Manager I P s 3 0 in Club Rfe Cub I V R es Typing Cluv ANNE CIMMINO MEROOMI3 BUTClbI c r ull ClrTe1m BEA-I-RICE CIRACE CLARK ME ROOM 9 J rm Pr m Cf emfnr Bmquet Clm A apella Irwfra Mum orts 2 H ye Rep r ms nu In u un M1sI4 and I ub 2 R1 Fl IIC SOFVICL lub Cnrrespfmc nee lub Crls cnsembe THOMAS CLINTON HOME ROOM I3 Jun: r Assembly Jun Jr Prom C rn Sgnlvr Banque? Com Traffic r ry 1 NANCY CLOUD HOME ROOM I Class Congress l 2 3 Semgr Rlay C m Serwlor Banque? Com umor Prom Com H Eye I 2 Clrcu an rw wager 3 A Capella I 3 Red Cr u I Leaders Club 2 CHARLES COCNATO HOME ROOM I3 V cafuorml Svelety 2 3 sebil JV 1- an R Pr s PECIOY JO COLEMAN HOME ROOM I3 Clwss Congress I 2 3 Jurwl r Assembly Jumor Prom Com Semfur 1r1queT Com StudentCuur1C1l 3 H Ey I C r ewms Tnr1lsJV I 7 Cnrls Swnmmmg lvlurmzger 3 Hamlbuc ess Club I Le Iers Club 2 JACOB S COLLETTI I-I ME ROOM I-I Sfulluwt Cm will 3 Spin I1 Club 3 LOUIS CONCILEO HOME ROOM I3 Bwsebull J V T JAMES CRITS HOME ROOM 9 B eb1llJV I Home EC rw mvcs CI lb JEAN ANN CROLL H ME ROOM II UT Leathercraft Club 3 4 RTr Cassev CI'1lebOv1CI'1 Cllnron Colleftl Caya were Clclppue C ucl C rwgwlee 37 Chambers C mmm Cogrwaf CrlTS Cbearl Clark C erma HO 3 - 4 e315 f 1 3 P 2 gJu 0 H, , -. 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'nv- ei PTC 5 ,J CLARA MAE RAUDENBLJSH ME ROOM Q6 C l r TC nas 3 Cla B ,,rnr Knsttrng rg: laou e Club S r e Tea CATHARINE E REESE HOME ROOM lg Cla s Cnngress l 2 Senlor Play Cona Junror Assembly Jun or Prorn Corn Sensor Banquet Com Hr Exe l Assocrate Erlrtor 3 Managrn E It r Assembly Cornmrttee 3 Carrespondrng Ser Co or Tearns Handbook Rep 3 Horne Roorn Sec Treas 3 Press Club Mask anl Vsfle Club Lrterarw Staff Club DOLORES A RELJMONT 'vlE ROOM D6 Color Teanas Vxll7TVTl!V'l2 H me Room rcas 3 Knitting Club Play Production Club VOC'iI3Ul7Vy Club C,ilTlfT'll,lT1lfY Serylee l 2 Surgreal Dressrng Corps l Catatena Worlf 2 3 SARA RICCIOLI ME ROOM 46 S rnp and B nd Reb orne Room V D 3 S Productron Club GEORGE RlGHTER HOME ROOM Sl Sensor Play Corn Junlor Assernblx B nfl 2 3 Orclanstr Z 3 ack J V l Stage Club l 2 Orclaestra Club 2 LOlSA RILEY HOME ROOM 49 Junror Prorn Com Sensor Banquet Com A Capella 2 3 Leathercraft Club Specral Ensemble 2 3 AMERICO FELIX RIZZO ME Room Sl Lbrarvl 2 Lb Cr JOSEPH ROBBINS HOME ROOM SD Vocaf nal Socrety 2 attrc l BETTY ROBERTS HOME ROOM S6 Senlor Play Com Co or Tearns 3 Stamp and Bond Rep 3 B Club Red Cross Club Garden Club Apollo Club ELEANOR H ROBERTS HOME ROOM 56 Class Congress l 3 Senlor Plax Corn Senuor Banquet Conn Junior Assembly Junror Pr rn Cnna Hrrr-Q Ro rn V Pres RICHARD ROl3llXlSOlXl HOME ROOM 3l Basketball C ub M rlne C rps ROBERT A RODENBAUGI-I HOME ROOM 55 T arm 1 v NANCY ROEDER ME ROOM gl C ass C aqrr s l a ssernbly Junlor Prrna C w A mbly C na O Accornpanrst Home Roorn Sec Orclmstra Club l Companesf CHARLES W ROGERS HOME ROOM 4-4 enror Plax C rn JLn Assenablx and Proleetron Club 7 3 Stage Nl nager GEORGE P ROGERS HOME ROOM 42 S at r C Tra Broadcastrng Club DONALD W ROSE HOME ROOM -l-l S nr r Pl arnp and B nd Reb H t S lCQ. Ona Pr vxllng nrr aroquet nw VCT S V3 3DC, 3 Gr l nd Bcx Ensemble AC S rnp anrl B R D a a me Clu Debatln ua ac u at a 'tlanage Rrlle Te na C ub Raudenbuslw Rrqnter R berts I' Reese RllEy ober R ger 62 Reurn Rrzzo R bln R ger Rlccrol x bbln R Clenb HO r S - no a 'I Irwin Rebel Club. en wers A Clubl G s 2.33 eurl . l,2,3. + '- - s r , , 31 .1 3 1 , I . .3 2 ' . Z, 1 . . K I g d ' A. . -. 1 l Q 2: A L HOr 1' S ' -L 1, 2. 3 ' K J V l 1 C T - . 2 3 l 1 J Q L - Q W ' , , - HO - ta L o 23 H X , res. l. 3 ec. 2: Play -- . .5 fi a , 3 a .1 Tr . . 3 , 3 1 , 3. HO -- l L V , 3 i rary lun l, 2. '-- ro: ' .3gTr. ,Z. - ' fC .3 5 3 , 3 . LJ T l f 2 - f J .1 1 ' 5 fi . .3 X ,o , 2, 3 - . l 3 a 'r o . f r . L, 3. HO E - lc , or k 5 s ,2, 32 Senmr Pl y Castg SC B - Cc, 1 Jun r A 3 A rr-3 ssc .Z.3g lc1rl.21ACt 'll1l,2 3 1 , 31 2 1 . 21 rs' .a 1 S' r . --V S . L 3 ,Q 1 'rr 3 ta L 'nfl or 31 St ' L, , J L . E , . - er r, Play astg iff C 2, 3: Trffl lil 1 '1 Cl l 1 R r y 'se rp ay Cas 1 p l, 2, 3, Crrc lf tor . M ll 'S ' a St C , lg 'nae R' es 33 B3 H L l . cnt ' l R Po E er R . ts 0. sf" Y U Rzede rc s TZ -S R236 fa? -sr- ' , , , " Avg if ,- 'Q if , -. Xa' i yi I K if 1 szif 9' i .yi 37 fa. 6'-T D 'VIH Q q I - -or '-"P" ' ff Y A Q . ww W Q at , 1.,:' Q T? MQ .Af ' J .lf .-l . -J., .4 , - . ,.., . - 1,, W L ' I 5 xr Q QQ, 50 5 fc- -rn P ' x , 3 Uh ' gf ,., 5 , ' H 'N ' ' . ' 17 '17' ,V " ' Il A My ,. 2. ,t , . , f, wif-v-QL:- Q -: . - 1. 1" -16 ' . Q . ,-af. V -,F f+1f'- 2 f fgrfl- ,.,fw: '.', "'i"'QE1,,'s.,' - 52',' f' 2 'Q' :M rr .2 - we , ' 1 '- . e if tl! ,ga-Q ' 1.5. D If 'QQ 1 in ,. ff ,fz :fir ' T ,,5, fi. an, rr-5. Y x J f Q x ' in A N In .31 .1 T if v E: - If E t ,f-if . . . p A JD, Y F ' K .-av iii, as , 7 " 1 - 'Ax Q, , rf. . . .1-N 3 . x Y7 'YQ lu A -- r - vm . 'i l Q - f fu fl L K sf' ,gi fi? W 'S X .- ' - at . --tv' NN? , Va 25.9. 1-U X Z, X 4 1 ll ' Q21 V- - .v K E EQ ' ,407 ' s fa 'F' af' -3 fl 511' 1095? --Q IVA - o P A 1 .L 'Q r IT' - N. C . U x 'I X "1 4- , ff? 13 Q,--, ' 'jk' .QR g Ol X i' ,J 45 5 ' '27 , 'T ' 'QS . 4 "TZ" .2 w XL 1 X D 3 A4 ,- ', ' wr-+ " V 1x wi VX. :.f,... Mx, p-A V AV 7 IXVLHF TT ',1L,f-Yf -KK .LA 1.1K-', " V lj 'ffkr Qp',W,"r 'JY' - X '. 'XJCM f ff I7 ,Ajx-', . 'Y 1' . VN , .R ' k' CAN NlNlE5'XfF-X SKLLYV ,, 'Q' 'V ' wx" bw r f .xv ,. V 5 lfil, I fllfl, . V , ' ZZAI. -N 2,3 , X., 1- fml f,',f-.KL .yy '. ,Q r ' NWC 5rv'v.LE X 6.5. '7 -49 fs' Wa g fy 5 A15 ' ,zfgffin f , .af J ,as pp-155 '7' wi' ..-V' .gf -QV' - J Ni ' is .:, f--, -ff . I . f. , .FL J ljirw , ff? 4 ' '-qw 5' . ..7 Iwi 'T' AS' -hmff. ,,,, ii f lk! 5' R -5 2 ra 1, if A' .ard --1 , , fi 5 .4 , 1" Mkff 1 :W y sz? 1 , , ff , . Jfifg ' Q ,, , Q I . I B if ,A-6 J! fy., 'lu' 5 1-H. ,J , Aa 4 IT-vi Q ,uf A!-L 46' Q" P - 1 .ngffi f sl-,Q 1 3 ,Q .mfs va is 3 Xl 'in 6.5 'v fa any ' fx Lx . 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C-rls' Chfrus 7f1fe Qi!! Oftentimes combining powers and resources is more effective in at- taining a goal than struggling to the same end alone, Last spring, the classes of 1946, 1947, and 1948, having reached that conclusion, pooled their efforts and established a fund to provide the school with a permanent monument for its former members who had served their country in World War ll. After much deliberation, two bronze plaques-one commemora- tive of all who served, and the other memorializing those who sacrificed their lives in that service-were placed in the foyer. The Dedication Service, an impressively quiet and simple program, was held on Janu- ary16th . . , Remarks were made by principal and superintendent . . . clergymen of the Christian and He- brew faiths offered prayers . . . an alumni of the Class of 1923 made the address . . . the class officers with color guard unveiled their flower banked gifts . . . "To live in hearts we leave be- hind is not to die." VIRGINIA D, ZORA-1-lome Room 63 Library Z, 3, Color Teams 1,231-tome Room Sec 2 Home Room Treas, 23 Red Cross Club 13 Library Club 2 3 Patriotic Services Club 2, Beginners' Knitting Club 3 WESLEY K. SWARTLEY, JR.-Home Room 1929-1946 Class Congress 1, 2, 31 Junior Prom Committee Voca tional Society 2, 3, -D4 Seniafz. 5u7zwLfaf1Iue4 se 4:1 Here they are -elected by you-trom our senior class. The Senior Superlativesl l l Most Pleasing Personality-Helen Miller William Musselman Prettiest Girl-Patsy Schweiker Most Handsome Boy-Donald Saylor Biggest Talkers--Jack Cassey Elaine Worth Most Studious-Connie Minnich George Rogers Outstanding Negroeshlirances Sims Winfield Brown Most Quietehlorma Jane Silk John l-lutchman Best Dancers-Elaine Worth Thomas Clinton Outstanding Leaders-Dorothy Mullin William Musselman J' YN T?" 'wwf ' Pawn It took five weeks, gallons of paint, and tons of paper, but we had the real thing! It was Fairyland, straight from Grimm Brothers. A gingerbread house with pink and white frosting . . . lace paper flowers sprouting from the floor and the bleachers. . . deer and bunnies, blue birds and the Seven Dwarfs . . . the Wicked Witch and Horrible Ogre graced the chap's corner . . . and the winged pink horse everyone cooed over rated the only white light bulb in the gym. We floated about to Horace Clyde's music under a ceiling of bobbing balloons . . . drank 32 quarts of punch while sitting and walking in the grass of the starlit court . . . There were Japanese lanterns and spring flowers, intermission guitarist . . . gowns straight from Vogue and carna- tions in the buttonholes of flocks of charming princes . . . for just three hours we lived the Junior Prom. On the page opposite: Top-'Twas a lovely way to spend an evening. Center-The pink horse is way back on the wall. Bottom- . . . How nice to see you! . . . 76 ,,. s f '-be 7 ,v f,-. Q . . 5 if fi" 1'.. '- , s - 54 '31 f 'fs' ' - f 54" ' v 4 X ae -, vu Q.: r ,J 4 i 4 , I 7f 312 V-4. 1 a - 1 5 ff E I U 0 , K ,, O O . Si, n' V1 - ' ' i V, ' if M 'ef ' Q 'M Q .1 V6 mi ' E R as - . ' x ,. , . Q 'Q V V 5 ,1 , , - , I ' ,f X - Sfvwf' 4 . M Mxn- ' xy: 'L XQ9 13 f 099 S Y x 0 : K , X9 Ox ' ' 0' .'. , 4- M' 'd K Jew 'Hgh nd Q NC. i. 1 ll 4.74 NX ,f 'L , , ' I, z 5 . V I 'J il v Y I 5 1 .Af I? cz 5 If Bob turns over Cap and Gown to Muzzy millfian WGA Work-fun, fun-work . . . we're steeped in itl Even be- fore our Junior year, when we were organized, we've had big ideas .,.. When the election was be- hind us, the traditional money making project was before us. ln no time so were the boxes of stationery-When we could scale the goolish-green piles we used Miss Bell's room for straightening out orders and tangled financial records. In Spring we set out to prove Connie Minnich's propo- sition that "jazz existed in every period of history." The proof was presented under the title "Escapades of l946." Egyptians and the mummy . . . Queen Elizabeth's court enlivened by the bestockinged Shakespeare . . . the 49'ers excited by Pistol Packin' Papa . . . the Clay Nineties and authentically cos- tumed in heirloom gowns .,.. There was plenty for all to do consequently new friendships burst into bloom everywhere. In May we made our trip to Fairyland via the Prom Express! By Commencement time we were quite ready for "seniorhood" and its Left to RightgFront Row: King, Martha, Roeder, Nancy, Johnson, Thelma, l-lerzel, Phyl- lis, Forsyth, Joy, Minnich, Connie, Kilpatrick, Jack, Delcamp, Patricia, Delfrancisco, Alphonso' Starr, Phyllis, Pisano, John, Second Row: Coleman, Peggy Jo, Cartland, Jean, Walker, Dorothy, Jones, Charlotte, Wil- lauer, Janet, Blades, Sarah, Schonely, Bill, Amore, Anne, Buckman, Edwin, McCabe, Thomas' v Rogers, Charles, Spangler, William, O'Neill, John, Ciberson, John, McCarvey, Patricia, Roberts, Eleanor, Cassey, John, Wood, Betty Jane, Zimmerman, Warren, Morrison, Janet, Betton, Janet' Mullin, Dorothy. y Back Row: Clinton, Thomas, Estes, Robert, Mooie, David, MacMuIlan, Nancy, Davis, Ei- leen? Worth, Elaine, Santangelo, Nancy, Hayes, Ann, Mathews, Larry, Bean, Christian, Feld- man, Cyvia. Um Wwkwu ensuing responsibilities. Once the transfer ceremony was completed and Bill was robed in the traditional gown and Helen held the Key, we popped buttons quite copiously. Full-fledged senority came with Fall .... Before we knew it, the Senior Play was history and Christmas was at hand. Congress sent Santa and a four- man committee to the public kindergarten. There were toys and oranges for all, but Muzzy Claus seemed more tickled Jean passes on the Key of Knowledge to than the rest. Once the Banquet was out of the way, all plunged into production of "Behind the Locked Door." This too was a Minnich-brainchild. lt was a full hour of gypsies, mountaineers and screaming zombies .,.. All in a haunted house, The second performance was for the Father's Night meeting of the Home and School Association. lt's not likely that any of it will be soon forgotten . . . we can accept the future never forgetting that Ambition was our weakness. Helen Left to Right-Front Row: Bell, Elsie, Ciartland, Jean, Downes, Jane, Wells, Elizabetrwi Nash, Joan, Baptiste, Elaine, Johnson, Thelma, Jones, Isabel, Delcamp, Patty, Miller, l-lelen: Clark, Beatrice, Silk. Norma, Vore, Eleanor, Pisano, John: 'Neand, Jean, l-lerzei, Phyllis, Caglica, Jane, l-leil, Betty, DiNenna, Anna, Rothermel, Peggy Lou, Coleman, Peggy Jo, Roeder, Nancy lVlacMullan, Nancy Second Rowi Andrews, Cirace: Schonely, Bill, Starr, Phyllis, l-leyser, Nancy, Cairl, Cram- clon, Zimmerman, Warren, Buckman, Edwin, Forsyth, Joy, Canavazos, Nicholas, l-lille, Eleanir' Bright, Chester, Minnich, Connie, Kilpatrick. Jack, Kulp, Jean, Spangler, B ll, Rose, Donald, Worth, E'aine, Wood. James, Slack, Jere, Vxfilson, Earl, Bingamen, Paul, Ciberson. John, Vlfhite, Howard, l-lertzler, Naomi, O'Neil' Jack, Barnard, Joan. 79 Wd! 160: The senior s play was never like this tense court room drama hysterical comedy superlative staging a murder trial tor the plot the audience as iury success for the cast s weeks ot practice iitterbugging coke sipping and singing Miss Price was a most patient director High lights ot the three acts Karen s hysterics Larry s comforting em brace Magda Svenson s condemning kissing as a sin and Rubie O Toole loudly stating lt was doity iudge final minutes ot suspense heightened by eerie silhouettes and Sibelius Finlandia theme Karen? Well nobody quite knows Friday Guilty' Saturday Not Guilty' Miss Kreb s ticket committee unraveled admission confusion Miss Bell s charges coddled costumes publicity gang put out sketches posters and announcements while Mrs Rundle s Indians maintained a property lost and found Plastic surgeons dispensed make up stage crew efficiency in tight spots the director and her assistants quieted last minute nerves and the show went on SENIOR PLAY CAST 47 Justice William Heath William Musselman Clerk ot the Court Donald Rose Bailift John Pisano Matron Helen Stanley Policemen John O Neill Edwin Buckman Court Stenographer Nancy Roeder District Attorney Flint Nicholas Ganavazos His Secretary Lois Ste'n Defense Attorney Stephens Graydon Cairl His Secretary Janet Schultz Karen Andre Anne Schweiker Dr. Thomas Kirkland Earl Wilson Mrs. John Hutchins lsabel Jones Homer Van Fleet Warren Zimmerman Elmer Sweeney William Spangler Nancy Lee Faulkner Jean Kulp Magda Svenson Eleanor Hille John Graham Whitfield George Rogers Jane Chandler Doris Gregg Sigurd Junquist John Giberson Larry Regan John Cassey Roberta Van Rensselaer Ethel Fliegelman On the page opposite: Top, left-Mugs by Mullin, Right-Saturday nights' acquitting iury. Cerner-Direo tors King, Miss Price, and Neuhauser. Bottom, left-Committee chairmen Motes. Yocum, Cheatley. Wood, Bell, and Fabbri. Right-Stage crew paints scenery. ' if x. , 3' A . ffm' 'liz' 5 f g I 1-1 fx 4 Q 4 ' J ' fl V 42177, . X WEN' Wm ihggfzqf - I' fm ,M Warm FW' 860404 Just the nrght before nt had snowed and the eughth of February seemed the coldest night of the wunter wand drlftung snow and freezmg ant: freeze The cafe just dldn t look luke the cafe candlelught and pennanted cenllng on each table a tnny colorful carousel and elght whnte mats and tasseled programs There were dainty colored napkans to brush away crumbs of the turkey dunner :ce cream with strum berries and cookies Programs got autographed then on to the gym Barnum s has nothxng on our crrcus twas a dead ranger for a three nnger In the center of the floor sprouted a merry go round a whurllng lnghted merry go round Other co lossal constructuons a wnshung booth and bag headed clown a circus tram wnth drummer horse elephant one mermaud Kung Cole and a bug flat footed lown But the merry go round broke down' lVluzzy fretted has father repaired we smlled and It spun on :ts duzzy way For some three hours we found dancung very pleasant Jimmy Ray does wonderous things to musuc drank punch were gnven the charms lbuts of blue and gold but so xmportantll Almost everyone had car trouble but all managed to get to a party or someplace for more food A2 O v . .n . . .... , , , ... U . . , . t . , . . r . . v ' ' 1 - V ,- L . " . , . - P 31 f v w -' VV I W9f.+' V -X X " .A"" X YQ 2 J, , 'y'-v fx f, ,f-ff f 1 v- 5 I.: Y' 19 .5 ' 4 W rf' A 'V 'fd 'af 1 X . . vA9'f' I.. i 2 .mQg"ilbf"f' -V :+ .,,.:'.!'::.,,.,-, s , 41 s3i.AA"'kl w QL K, Ms ,' x ,, I , 4 r Q , 1- , y:1,: f.-, , ' ' 1 3. i riffs ,.:fA".g., 5 I . 4 M-ai 1 nity, XY. '- 'V' gl' 'X 'rf F A It F I cal l--FQ' r ii! NS qs eclian Jam 1014044 ana! Sopfzamafzed stone OD whlch they stand the thrcs hold of the future I The rung .,.. a symbol f f the stepping asf-2 Sponsor of '48-Mr. Norman T Machemer . nt. .6.4 Did you see those people outside 63 last November? What was the commotion? Not tickets for a L. lvl. game, simply the first official activity of the Class of '-48. That symbol of a goal finally reached, the ring, was now their's. Even though his class was not fully organized, lvlr. lvlachemer tied enough loose strings together to guide the sale of stationery, and sell it they did. Green boxes of the "personalized" stuff fill many a desk drawer in Norristown. Very suddenly the Class was in the midst of elections. Closely contested battles were the order of the day, as the eight candidates vied for the four positions. Lobb and Fiest, Sylvia and Joyce were the victors, and since the spoils belong to them, they went to work. The assembly began to take shape, talent rushed to answer the call, dancers, comics and straight actors studied hard to present the Juniors at their best in their public appearance. As the year ends, they prepare to take over the reigns which the upper- classmen will give to the President and Secretary at Craduation. The Juniors will begin their last year going strong toward that ultimate goal-gradua- tion in l948. Bottom Row: Dorothy Vernacchio, Mary Carter, Ruth Ann Snyder, Janet Statler, Lydia Mae Clarey, Betty Sweeney, Betty DeArigelis, Betty Anders, Barbara Moyer, Betty Betton. Second Row: Jean Wiedemoyer, Phyllis Reumont, Marjorie Fischer, Gladys Silvers, Mariorie Turner, Margaret Kemner, Dot Bonenberger, Jean Ambler, Sarah Henderson, Gerry Frick, Anne Koenig Top Row: John Arena, Roy Fisher, Robert Klouse. David Debus, James McCaughan. Robert Sheldon Parke Ulrich, Allen Field, Pasqual Pergene, Alfred DeFerro, Robert Scott, Thomas Jacobs, Marple Rambo 87 HOME ROOMS 9 TO I6 Lett to Rrght- -Bottom Row: Davenport, Bernice Culbreath, Wulhelrnuna: Cole, Muldred: Wheeler Vlontca: Dernng: Phylltsg Frascnno, Theresa: Cio- cnola, Marne: Duscsannr, Rosemarne: Ctraber. Mar- guerite: Culp, Ruth: Dever, Roberta: Freas, Mar- jorie: Dawes, Jean: Farley, Patty. Second Row: DelBono, Mary: Catanzaro, Anne Caul, Jane: Ctanley, Joan: Bonenberger, Dorothy Salpert, Esther: Focht, Peggyann: Cloud, Alice Schwetker, Sylvia: Dewees, Kay: Cladtelter, Patty Dllllnger, Kathryn: Crabtree, Lorraune: Wheeler Bettyl DeAngelrs, Betty: Cnaccuo, Mary: DeJohn Wana Thani Row: Dcnahovyer, Fred: Ferreru, Donald Feust, Harold: Freld, Alan: DelFerro, Alfred Anders, Norms: Bray, Wrllnarn: Capetola, Danuel Hoffman, Robert: Ferrrzzx, Henry: Damlann Francxs: D'Arnore, Albert: DICICVSHUI' l-larry: Bl! lrtto, Phrltpg Cotteta, Mlchael: Celet, Sullrvan. Top Row: Galley, Wayne: Law, Keuth: Dudnlck, Rrehard: Crltfln, James: Debrazlo, Salvatore Class, Clark: Capone, Andrew: Cuono, Dornlnrck Deetmone, Sal: Crabattone, John' Cartagno, Pat C-eorge, Julro: Bontempo, Anthony: Carson, Albert a O Mask and XNlg Club HOME ROOMS l7 TO 3-1 Left to Right-'Bottom Row: Jefferies, Rose: Carges, Shirley, Getty, Barbara, Famous, Dorothy, Frick, Geraldine, Cress, Jacqueline, Hollis, Anna Mae, Hood, Janel Keehn, Joan, Henderson, Sarah Jane, Hallman, June, McClure, Elaine. Second Rowi Fisher, Mariorie, Franzone. Mary, Hartranft, Peggy Jo, Cambone, Cladys1 Harris Evelyn, English, Anita, Heacock, Dorothy, Evans, Bernardine, Hart, Lilliang McClure, Hazel, Cary, Florineg Detwiler, Helen, Carafano, Carmellag Fotheringham, Jane. Third Row: Fiegger, Charles, Fenstermacher, James, Griffin, Kenneth, lannelli, Joseph, Anselm. Paul, Class, Craig, Casper, Thomas, Fisher, Roy, Martin, Anthony, Hallman, James, Cambone, Cer- aldg Hoffman, Dawson, Arena, John, Fryer, William. Top Row: Hurst, William, Jarman, Alonzo, Hamilton, Floyd, Cehret, Allen, Kehr, Robert: Lombardi, Francis, Genuardi, Joe, Harrison, Harold, Hansberry, Frederick, Keyser, Bill, Conard, Jerryg Karr, George. Leaders' Club Press Club HOME ROOMS 35 TO 39 Left to Right-Bottom Row: Firth, Doris, Koons Betty Lou, Kirkpatrick, Dolores, Hobson, June Raebiger, Betty, Marino, Charlotte, Mancini Dorothy, Kuntz, Betty Ann, Lackner, Marion lnterrante, Josephine, Kelso, Mildred, Kratz, Susan Latshaw, Jean. Second Row: Lesher, Virginia, LaMonte, Anna- mae, Koons, Lois, Mauger, Gerry, Mash, Mary LaPenta, Stella, Mayall, Grace, Haring, Mildred Kinsey, Dorothy, Kemner, Margaret, l-lock, Janice Richard, Joanne, Hoy, Jean, Koenig, Anne. Third Row: Klouse, Robert, Marchese, Philip Kriebel, William, Lombardi, Michael, Long, Fred Markley, l-larry, Manning, George, Knoeller, Al- bert, Molino, Larry, McConnell, Robert, Hille Edward, Lesher, Bill, Leventhal, Irwin, Loeb, Lee Loughery, Paul. Top Row: Mastrocola, Joseph, Mclfaughan James, Love, Charles, Martin, Charles, Johnson David, Kinckner, Donald, Marx, Henry, Leopold William, Loesch, Lin, Lobb, Fred, Larson, Walter Jacobs, Thomas, Wolf, Nathan, Markley, Richard Mauceri, Perry. HOME ROOMS 45 TO 55 Lett to RightfBottom Row: Schappell, Doris Santangelo, Catherine, Rotay, Marianne, Santan gelo, Mary, Russo, Betty, Ronca, Rose, Stanwood. Doris, Ross, Dolores, Spielberg, Dori, Roscoe Dorothy, Snyder, Shirley, Snyder, Ruth Ann, Scan lan, Celeste, Ridge, Jean. Second Row: Romito, Anna, Renfro, Anna Santangelo, Antonette, Shatter, Doris, Shannon Betty, Shaeffer, Sylvia, Reumont, Phyllis, Scherd Nancy, Silver, Gladys, Robbins, Ruth, Robbins Doris, Sobeck, Jean, Shuler, Mildred, Potteiger Earlene, Rieger, Elaine, Schaffer, Angeline, Ral- ston, Nancy. Third Row: Thomas, John, Steinberg, Robert Santangelo, Alfonso, Richmond, Thomas, Richards William, Struzek, Walter, Pettine, Richard, Rilr-n Henry, Pilotti, Benjamin, Smith, Richard, Prete Agostino, Santora, Nick, Rieger, Fred, Top Row: Sisler, De-Larme, Reynolds, Richard Schneier. Louis, Scott, Robert, Santangelo, Joseph Schoettle, Tom, Rex, William, Sheldon, Robert Rapine, Chester, Smith, Byron, Sander, Carl, Saylor RaYC Salamone, Harmen, Moser, Russell. ' 4 r""1 Apollo Club J O0 'IN 'lr HOME ROOMS 56 to 63 Lett to Right-Bottom Row: Vernacchio, Doro- thyg Stitler, Janet, Sweeney, Betty, Thomas, Shir- ley, Sandone, Patricia, Ward, Dorothy, Thomas, Jane, Zimmerman, Betty, Weidemoyer, Jean, Wilkinson, Anne, Zollers, Bernice, Zummo, Cath- erine, Wright, Betty. Second Row: Walton, Carolyn, Wandriss, Jac- queline, Volpe, Ida, Wanner, Shirley, Slough Thelma, Reese, Joan, Undercuftler, Florence' v Volpe, Josephine, Seitrit, Mary, Valerio, Rose, Walters, Nancy, Williams, Thelma, Mosser, Helen, Third Row: Irwin, Robert, Youngjohns, Richard, Tucker, Linden, Tupper, George, Sutera, Michael, William, Corden, Weand, Richard, Torrisi, Philip' Williams, Nelson, Waddington, Harold. Top Row: Woodland, David, Shulby, Lane, i Mullin, David, Chiazzese, Martin, Dolenti, Alfred: Tarlecki, Richard, Testa, Frank, Thompson, James S., Ulrich, Parke, Woodbury, Melvin. - .W s' HOME ROOM 58 Left to Right: Marjorie Turner, Richard Vagnoni Gertrude Sauer, Frank Tutterice, Dorothy Tipton Frank Schmidt, Norman Venezia, Ethel Toal, George Walker, Joan Wheeler. Safzfzamafzed. We camo from Ruttcnhousc . . . HOME ROOMS 7, 9. ll, 73. I-l Left T: Rlght- f-Bottom Row: Caragnani, .lc-nnle Arena, Marne, Clccarone, Roseg Chlldresg, Vw an lxflulvey, Nancyg Carole, Jane, Brntaun, Jinrce Bosclacco, Rosemarleg Butler, Vurglnlag Burger Gertrude, Clpallone, Mane: Clark, Doro, Carbo Mane, Cassel, Bertha. Second Row: Carbo, Maman, Caoaro, Lulllan Caglna, lda Mane, Chale, Rltag Dnllenzo, Rosalle Clrafese, Lilliang Ciccarohe, Eleanor, Catagnus Mary, Cafagnus, Margaret, Capparello, Dolores Bruno, Mary, Speacht, Anne. Third Row: Carfagno, Anthony, Zurnmo Thomasg Farm, Vincent, Bono, Vuncenfg Richard Carl, Cararnenuco, Jusfung Burger, Wulluamg Brlscoe Kelmlrg Darden, Davis, Tyson, Robert, Updegrove Wulluamg Dilworth, Robert, Cantello, Albert, De- laney, Lester, Bolger, John, Bortz, Wnlliam. Top Row: Durnford, Cordon, Angelucci, John Brogan, William, Butler, Thomas, Detwuler, Phulup Cressrnan, Wulmerg Dorman, Donald, l-larnes Frank, Drago, Vincent, Caperlla, Robert, Cleven- srlne, Earl, Campbell, Lawrence, Bosler, Linwood Hardy, Ceorgeg Volpe, Eslro. HOME ROOMS iS, l6, 17, Zi Left to Right-Bottom Row: Dooner, Ann Weber, Joan, De-Marco, Rosemarie, Curry, Dolores Cross, Jean, Farguhar, Rita, DeMatthews, Frances Evans, Betty, Diamond, Janet, Dannaker, Ethe - l Mae, Dunnum, Dorothy, Dorris, Grace, Francis. Margaret, Crognale. Palma. Second Row: Conard, Sarah, DeCrazio, Theresa Culbreath, Alberta, Fisher, Vera, Delaney, Marie Daller, Marlee, Forsyth, Martha, Cressman, Doris - DeCarlo, Mary Ann, Coleman, Betty, Detwiler, Dorothy, DiCarlo, Rosalie, Ford, Dolores. Third Rowz Cenuardi, Salvatore, Fryer, Samuel v Heck, Walter, Fox, Leon, Ferreri, William, Di- Nolfi, Joseph, Waddington, Donald, Focht, Wil- liam, Heckler, Newton, Williams, George, DeCarlo William, Fusco, William, Creenwalt, John, Fe- liciani, Calvin. Top Row: Cey, Theodore, Carges, John, Fenton Edwin, Heist, Robert, VanBuskirk, Harry, DeCicco Anthony, Guest, Richard, Culbreath, John, Eisen- berger, Elmer, Fisher, Vincent, Hadrich, Robert Heywood, William, DeStefano, Lawrence, Cray, Russell. l and Stewart Sopfaamaaai . . . . and Worcester , . . . HOME ROOMS l. 3, 4, 5. C, 53 Lett to Right -Bottom Row: Brooks, Jean, Bar- rett, Janice, Alleva, Adeline, Beatrice, Rita, Bacchi. Mary, Armstrong, Sonia, Bealer, Dolores, Bate- man, Doris, Angstadt, Maryiane, Basile. Theresa Alexy, Suzanne, Bean, Gladys, Bock, Ida Marie Alba, Theresa, Adams, Jocelyn, Badger, Alice. Second Row: Anzellotto, Elizabeth, Cagliano Josephine, Bove, Olympia, Brown, Helen, Brown Betty Jane, Batdorf, Joan, Boot, Jean, Allerton Nancy, Alleva, Betty, Alleva, lrene, Vetter, Eliza- beth, Stout, Dorothy, Basile, Cloria, Bertolette Mary Jane, Bazemore, Evelyn, Stovall, Ella Ruth Allen, Elease, Creger, Nancy, Baird, Eileen, Betz Josephine. Third Row: Brown, Robert, Vitabile, Alphonso Angstadt, Kermit, Tornetto, Augustus, Hector Richard, Beideman, Daniel, Walker, Charles, Ab- bott, Eugene, Arena, Vincent, Blackburn, Irvin Abney, Kenneth, Wells, Coleman, Ames. Chris- topher, Beadle, John. Top Row: Templeton, Virgil, Biehl, Paul, Buono Anthony, Briggs, Thomas, Burness, Donald, Car- diner, Gilbert, Boyle, Edward, Brown, Haven Bortz, Myron, Blake, Paul, Bailift, Donald, Baker Ralph, Ahlquist, Harry, Blattner, Karl, Almeida Felix. HOME ROOMS 35, 36, 37, 38, 59 Left to Right-Bottom Row: Steele, Shirley, Cambone, Norma, Cross, Hilda, Hennessey, Frances, Harrison, Marylee, Shrader, Ethel, Harris, Marjorie, Smith, Constance, Hess, Alberta, Hun- sicker, Kathryn, Hastings, Kay, Hunsicker, Sara Jane, Green, Janet, lllingworth, Betty Ruth, Hes- san. Fay. Second Row: Vogt, Dorothy, Vicchio, Angie, Johnston, Margaret, Williams, Elizabeth Ann, Johnson, Dorris, Johnson, Joan, Reuben, Ida May, Hansley, Louise, Wheeler, Maryanne, Kotlinski, Elizabeth, Jones, Ruth, Hadley, Joan, Cuarini, Mary, Jones, Elinor, Hoisington, Thelma, Smith, Dorothy, Lenhart, Josephine, Hoy, Elizabeth, Hampton, Dorothy, Taormina, Nancy, VanLan- deghem, Helen, McKeever, Frances. Third Row: Laubert, Clayton, Smoyer, Theodore, imperial, Charles, Torrisi, Mauro, Lockoff, Leon, West, James, Marchese, Paul, Lynch, Benny, O'Donnell, David, MacDonald, Robert, Long, Marvin, MacMullan, Robert, McKeon, Elbert, Mc- Fadden, John. Top Row: Madonna, Victor, Mitchell, William, Kratz, Richard, Hauser, Fred, Mancini, Nick, Lcbb, Alfred, Jaffe, Gerald, Keeler, Ralph, Johnson, Williarn, Maio, Benny, Larkin, Walter, Lukens. John, Lovett, Robert, McDonnell, Joe, Landis. Richard, Mash, Anthony. Sa 2 I - Mr. Tyson works al-I-I-I day long nw' S ed HOME ROOMS 39, 40, 4l, 42, 58 Lett to Right'-Bottom Row: Naye, Philomena, Soldano, Rose, Kennedy, Barbara, Long, Nancy, Koons, Florence, Marinari, Mane, Wagner, Doris, Lemon, Jeanette, Knowels, Shirley, Moles, Palma, Wanner, Margaret, Scholl, Edith, Scholl, Matilda, Warburton, Nan, Lilley, Mildred, Nlazzerle, Ma- deline. Second Row: Scott, Shirley, Kindig, Audrey: Watson, Alice, Linfante, Antoinette: Latshaw, Frances, Marino, Betty, Kulp, Doris, Lanigan, Dolores, Young, Barbara, Mason, Mildred, Spear- man, Mildred, Hallman, Virginia, Maniscalco, Josephine, Mandracchia, Nancy, McDevitt, Mary Theresa, Youngblud, Nancy, Tommaro, Antonetteg Malavolta, Sara, Strickler, Lois, Marale, Jean, Phifer, Janet. Third Row: Neilson, Hiram, Megay, Robert, Williams, Edward, Smith, Richard, Wilson, l-larry, Schlesman, Joseph, Steffen, Clarence, Milito, Michael, Oftner, Ray, Nagle, Earl, O'Donnell, Meridith, Oliver, Paul, Marinani, Adolph, Mar- cella, Mario, Monastero, Michael, Mitchell, Robert. Top Row: Nyce, Herbert, Moll, Wm., Menei, James, Marston, Ralph, Myers, Bill, Yoder, James, Montague, Budd, Moore, Harry, Smith, Robert, Markley, Dick, Tornetta, Charles, Middleton, Ray- mond, Tasca, Francis, Oliver, Melvin, Mills, Robert, Marino, Lawrence. ll .,. ,if idk! fksiy i Elin T' ffio ra . Q YY Bewildered, anxious, nervous, over-awed, and maybe a little scared, the SOO or so Sopho- mores from all around Norristown came into the school one day in September. They landed M' MW' L HU' Gt 'bf 'Wm . , , and the Seniors seemed to have the situation well in hand, But by the end of the week all had discovered their classrooms and were not quite as impressed by the big-wigs of the upper-classes. By lvlidwinter they were so much a part of the high school that Congress meetings were called to get the '49'ers under way, Mr. l-lerr took over the coaching of this new team, setting them off on the right foot. ln February they were legally allowed to vote in homeroom affairs and some were elected to offices, Each newcomer was a bit more at home- ready and enthusiastic about accepting responsibility, Those lil' sophs are coming into their own-on to junior-hood where the real work begins. Top Row Donald Barlitt, Thomas Hollocher. Clarence Rader Earl Cove'-swine Lawrence Campbell, Robert Sellers, Linwood Boslcr. Ralph Keeler, Ronald Reichman, Leon Fox Thomas Br ggs. Charles Tornetta Virgil Templeton, Ray Ottner Second Row Margaret Creeps, Dorothy Snyder, Olympia Bove, Dorts Clark, Nancy Vulvey, Jean Boot, Shirley Tinkler, El:zabeth Kotlinski, Elinor Jones, Dorris Miller, Nancy Santangelo, Martha Forsyth, Florence Koons. Bottom Row. Shirley Steele, Connie Schiavo, Janet Rittenhouse, Rose Marie Dektarco, Adaline Alleva. Palma Crognale, Antoinette Lintante, Dorris Newman, Norma Zollers, Patsy Obernoltzer, Dorothy Smith, lean West ag . - Q V595 ' f 'iff' 'fl xv: , s ,ia Q V A. Q '-il f ffav ' I -1. FN?-ll . Q O 1 ,Ak Q .5 sf 5' F .- , . , M, 1 , " ' P ' Q ". .I 1 Seclian 4am Our prebemt V1 bbwes orgy ,Demon perha Q VH 1 x a gm I O 0 ' Q I,fQf 5 Ji, provzdmg a bctrirwfoss wel! pf ex f CG . ps NC Lum MM gc tv " Slacfenl Ga 'I With a look ot warning from Wm, J. Spangler and a pseudo rap ot the gavei the weekly meeting ot council would get under way, Depending on the time ot year the 40 representatives could and would argue .... P. S. S, C. A, meeting and Banquet plans, pep rallies, cheer contests, election requirements. student courts, Get Acquaintance Dance, basket- ball dances, Old S. S., the grounds clean- up, the school store, the this and the that-all were debated to the dire end. First semester, Bubbles took roll, then Ethel when the second semester brought as? I Bottom Row' Dorothy Roscoe, Betty Lou Koons, Mary Brendlinger, Peggy Lou Rothermel, Donald Saylor, William Mullen, Michael Maggie, John Hutchman, Elaine Worth. Martha King, Sallie Alker, Elizabeth Organtini. Second Row, Angeline Bruno, Lois Dougherty, Ethel Fliegelman, Brearly Bennett, Betsy Borkey, Margaret Hopkins, Mary Lou Matz, Kathryn DeFusco, Millie Scholl. Claire Townsend, Theodora Huber. Top Row: Nancy Miller, Betty Jane Wood. James Wood, Edward Swayze, Jacob Colletti, Nazzareno Spurzo, Michael Disanto, Nicholas Carbo, Frank Sardaro, John Ciberson, Florence Angc-lu:cl, Esther Salarnone Peglstrataon for the big afta:rl , M114 4, I , ,WH 4, f ,J vfflmfff . ,, , jr, Q, ,V 1' ZW, QM f 5 2 N "iff" ,i A , 5, ,i.,A2h,:31 ,r ' . . 1 ,fr U . 7- ,, ' 1 f I 7 , . 5 xx J 'Q 6 59 3 1 gg, 1 fe u A fi, 1,1 ids 3 Y, A5 1 YJ 1 ffl! 15 g av YY 4 w y, Q2 'GQ I wx if 'y M127 A a A ji i 2, 3 Z : E aw , , is A 1 '12 M 5? V- x Q A 5 at do ,xr Q r XIDXA x , 9 an A , I Jill-Zye Hi-Eye started oft with a bang this year, First came the choosing ot the statt, which really depended wholly on three things-loyalty, dependability, and a willing attitude! A tew weeks of breaking in new staff members and it was Halloween and time to have a dance. Hi-Eye can "throw" dances as well as throw a paper together -they have a knack! All year Room ll was practically Grand Central Station of NHS. People from every corner of the school found their way to the assignment boards, then to the desk tor a few reams ot assignment paper. 3:20 rarely meant the end ot a hard day tor the staff editorsg reading. editing, typing, planning layout dummies -many times worries about the paper's actual appearance. But by Friday the curious students received the long awaited highlight of the week, the Eyes and Eiars of NHS-Hi-Eye. lO8 Bottom Row. Norman Rader, Thomas Hollocher, Robert Sheldon, Carl Sanders, Nelson Fellman, Donald Ferreri. Craydon Calrl, Linford Loesch, Jack Cassey. Second Row: Carmella Perna, Jean Gartland, Naomi Hertzler, Joyce Barlow, Louise Agnew, Catherine Reese, Warren Zimmerman, Sylvia Schweiker, Jacqueline Cross, Frances Sims, Connie Minnich, Nancy Cloud, Martha King, Third Row: Barbara Getty, Betty Lou Miksch, Earlene Potteiger, Helen Canning, Mildred Ceorgetti, Virginia Lesher, Betty Heil, Anna DnNenna, Betty Sweeney, Mary Brendlinger, Betty Ahders, Dolores McClennon, Helen Miller, Eileen Davis, Natalie Alleva, June Hobson Top Row' Ruth Ann Snyder, Barbara Hollander, Cath- erine Sirncox, Janet Lock, Mildred Bosler, Betty Lou Koons, Betty Betton, Anna Mae Hollis. Geraldine Brooks Claire Townsend, Mildred Haring Florence Angelucci Marianne Borkey, Dorothy Mullin, Peggy Lou Rothermel Elaine Worth, Mr. Kistler and Miss Fabbri posed in repose Bottom Row' Janice Hoch, Joan Wheeler, Helen Miller, Martha King, Janet Schultz, Frances Sims, Eleanor Rob- erts, Dorothy Roscoe. Sara Jane Hunsicker, Jean Norman. Second Row: Patricia Sandone, Joanne Richards, Elaine Reiger, Doris Kulp, Martha Forsyth Dorothv Smith. Ma'lee Daller, Fay Hessan, Mary Brendlinger, Shirley Tinkler, Eileen Davis, Top Row: James Martino, Shirley Snyder, Joan Batdorf, Richard Kratz, Henry Renninger, William Schonely, Edwin Fenton, Richard Guest, Dori Spielberg, Naomi Sayers 'Joe and Ke:-big boss and little boss S . Up in 36 and around two corners in 53, two staffs worked valiantly, and of- ten hilariously. For several months the Spice of '47 was a mass ot untyped copy. unidentified pictures. engravers and printers proofs, advertiser promises and untold pledge cards. Then the deadline rush began. l-lacked, slashed copy was given the final trip through the typewrit- er. pictures were marked, senior appointe ments were finished off, and things began to untangle. But carbonabe-smudged and heavy-eyed we made the deadline-the proof is in the pudding-just turn the page either way . . . ll IO9 TDK? TPI tmfwvcswwcf Jr Swim' Lufs Stow. H. me .arm-Y Frwcdmam Spin' CO'TCr MQW' ,N'OC1vwCSdJ, LJ v C r y bod y X-xrgrkx' jf, Qian, M f WNV r'1E,A N4 ff C" T " ' O-pm r Uv r-loaf Twlfwxt Drgfdmg P-fx Exp Miss Blakey and Miss English, the handbook handies alfa Do you want to know how many people can be seated in the cafeg why there is a key on our school emblemg who has what clubs wheng or the prizes awarded at graduation? Try reading your hand- book-that little blue and white 2 x 4 distributed to the Sophs each fall, Built and improved by Sophs, the lil' encyclopedia helped everyone find their way around the halls and haunts of N. l-l. S, But the staff had had enough- they found interviewing teachers harder than pulling teeth-the teeth are easier to find. Bottom Row: Celeste Scanlan, Mildred Schuler. Betty Nvright Susan Kratz Top Row Pasquale Pergiiic Alfred DelFcrro First Row: Donald Saylor, Joseph Beatrice, John Hutchman, Clarence Newman, Herbert Torbidone, William Mullen, Michael Calamia. Second Row: Joseph Scheile, Jerald Strouse, Norman Haley, George Robbins, Eugene Beyer, Jerome Entenman, Ralph Hyatt, William Valerio. Back Row: Carl Hunsicker, Anthony Morrione, George Blattner, Laven Mitchell, Albert Sbei, Charles Cognato, Charles Lewis, David Hawkins, Jack Nuttall, Kenneth Ambler, Philip Schettone. . only Each spring, along with Ulightly turning fancies" and seasonal showers, the junior boys of the vocational department experience a feeling of hesitant expectancy-awaiting the announcement of the newly elected members of the Vocational Society. By requiring good grades, faculty approval and selec- tion by the standing members, the Society is kept small-and oh, so secret. Mr. Dolas barely knows what his boys are doing, but everyone knows and remembers the colossal barn dance with its hay wagon, pumpkins and extra special music that was their grand public appearance. VOCATIONAL SOCIETY OFFICERS Clarence Newman ................ President Michael Calamia . . . Vice President John Hutchman .. ............. Secretary William Mullen . . . . Corresponding Secretary Joseph Beatrice . . ........... Treasurer Donald Saylor ..... . . Chaplain Herbert Torbidone . . . . Historian ll2 Top- -Sponsor. Mr. Dolas. Presndc Clarcrvcc Newman Conor more Dui! scisuov 3 V OH ' 1 1 ::".'5' - xoc 301' J .xC'k I I Bottom Row' Nancy Bean Florence Booz. Betty Mus:areIli, Gloria Martella, Barbara Moyer, Virginia Zorru Susan Kratz fecond Row, Betty DcAngclrs, Patricia Sandone. Joan Frankcnficld, Frances Hcnncsscy. Third Row Sonya Armstrong. Peggy Frazier, Gilda Pagano, Mary Coins Top Row. Thomas Clinton, James McCaughan WW Stop ..t. Look at .... and read, as it you'd ever have time, the books in the NHS. Library, Brousing there, under the radarfic eyes of Miss Bowers and Miss Bomberger, a student can find al- most anything, perhaps even some crumbs lett over from one of the gay parties or teas held in our room of silence l?l, Fiction, biography, poetry, all could go home for a torenight, but encyclopedias. references and magazines were only cvernight guests with us students. And for some reason the fines were always awaiting us. Those assistants could count, and multiply, and help. So that vvas our library, tive days a week-8120 to 4:00. ll4 Library lades, M ss Boy-.ers and Miss Bombcrger Top Row: William Nevvitt, George Rogers, William Spangler, Warren Zimmerman, Craydon Cairl. Bottom Row: Ethel Fliegelman, John Pisano, Ann Schweiker, Mr. Shaffer and Ethel As our worthy opponents said-vvhetlv er Trenton, Bethlehem or even Univer- sity of Pennsylvania frosh-you can't keep a good man dovvn. So, for the argu- mentative souls, Mr. Donald E. Shaffer, again sponsored the Debating Team. Out pointed or not, these two girls and three boys, fought to the bitter end of social- ized medicine, then returned to Room 4 to find out their mistakes. A iolly good fist pounding group-and great talkers alll wife See that man stalking around that corner? That's no ordinary man, that's a symboll lt's the "Major",-Mr. Harold Reinmiller to the uninitiated-the shin- ing example of how his traffic squad should work. Cutting corners, running to lunch, Ioafing to assembly were trying tribulations shouldered by his "boys". The currently small squad backed Chief Sardaro and minute, money-mad treasurer l-lunsberger in their efforts to keep order in our long green corridors. Too busy to have their regular dance, the fellows retaliated by making us "dance" through school properly. Chief Sardaro and the Maior Top Row: Michael Discianni, James Smith Lewis Cardy, Lew Loeb, William Brey, William Hunsbergcr, R II M D 'd P I usse oser, avi eop es Bottom Row: Clayton K. Laubcrt, Donald Shelly. Ray Offncr, Robert Rodcnbaugh Bottom Row Norma Jane Silk, Dorothy Vernacchlo, Mildred Schulcr, Florence Monastero, Ann l-left-ner. Top Row Doris Yocurn, Janet Lock. Celeste Scanlon, Elaine Law, Marioric Butz l-lead cheerleader Xkocd ac: 'Jr E..f'er 'he Wed wa on rg' 0fzeefLfeaJeM After one day of practice. the watch- vvords of the cheerleaders were "Oh, my aching backlu From the first week of school Coach Butler had these gals work- ing. The enlarged squad tried new cheers and formations . . 4 pep rallies with all the trimmings lcooperative get-tovgetha ers with council! . , . watched with pleasure the renaissance of old S. S. 'school spirit, that isl . . , excitin' basketball games and voices reaching thin screaming peaks. With all of that, from September to May, those indespensible lassies certainly earned those big white Ns. ll7 Lett to Right7Top Row: Alfred Lobb, Jack Cassey, Walter Larkin, Bill Schonely, David Friedeborn, James Wood, William Newitt, Fred Lobb, Bill Dannehower, James McCaughen, Michael Maggio, David Frankenfield. Second Row: Beverly Cladtelter, Marlee Daller, Jane Downes, Delores lvicClennon, Dorothy Tipton, Catherine Reese, Grace Andrews, Betty Keyser, Ann Taylor, Nancy Roeder, Jean Am- bler, Anita English. First Row: Connie Minnich, Frances Simms, Patti Delcamp, Jane Cennone, Eleanor l-lille, Janet Rittenhouse, l-lazel McClure, Ethel Fliegelman, Anna Canavazos, Mildred Schuler. 1qddemfLf4f ea-mmilfee No two were ever alike . . . the com- mittee must have been full of individual- ists. Each Friday morning or afternoon twhatever their whim might happen to bel we all piled into that enormous-gon geous auditorium to hear ot careers or listen to a solid little bunch give with an outstanding interpretation ot modern jazz .... Variety was the spice ot the as- semblymens' lives-from the Band con- cert, to sports awards , . .to a movie and the Oratorical Contest twinner-Cray- don Cairll .,,, The sheet shortage didn't seem to hit this gang for twice one walk- ed down the aisle, once over old S. S, and once as a toga tor Caesar when he ape peared on the clever Red Cross show .... There were personalities like former Jus- tice Owen J. Roberts and musicians like ll8 l Miss Maneval and President Schultz Organist Eric Wilkinson . . , comedy that only comes with one of the class produc- tions . . . and many more? 14 Ga efzoh At last their master pieces were brought about with many hours of prac- tice, careful study of notes, intense listen- ing and concentrated following of a baton, lt was like music of angels .,,. ascend- ing and descending as the voices of eigthy-six boys and girls run melodiously up and down the scale, There was a song filled with laughter and gaiety .,.. and then one of sadness. The flute like sounds of the soprano, the full resound- ing notes of the baritones and basses . . . . the bell like tone of the tenors , . .. the harmonious echo of the altos, all blending together into one definite style of music. All this is the A Capella Choir of NHS, attired in their kings blue gowns and 'WST F'U1k and Pfesldcm Sfhwflv white collars, presenting programs in our Yule Musikana, Assembly programs, Dedication Services and Mothers' Club. Left to Right-Row One, Thelma Hfvsington, Nancy Allerton, Mildred Spotts, Beatrice Clark, Jean Ridge, Alice Cloud, Martha Forsyth, Virginia Lesher, Marianne Borkey, Joy Forsyth, Ann Farra, Dorothy Smith, Mary Carter, Row Two Peggy l-larfrantt, Else Bell, Mildred Bosler, Jean Norman, Jean Garland, Mrs Fluck, Dorothy Snyder, Joan Keehn, Betty lllingworth, Jean Kulp, Carole Robertson, Betty Betton, Janet Locke Row Three Nancy Roeder, Ruth Kelly, Barbara Cc-tty, Betty Sweeney, Nlarie Myers, Dorothy Airey. Phyll.s Rcumont, Lois Riley, Nancy Williams, Anna DiNenna, Charlotte Marino, Doris Carter, Anna Canavozos Row Four: Anne Mullin, Virgil Templeton, Dorothy Famous, Janet Gennaria, Dorothy Tipton Lou se Agnew, Marion Benz, Joan Ma:Mullen, Sara Jane l-loppes, Nancy Cloud, Martha Marstellar, Betty Shannon, Shirley Tinkler, Betty Zimmerman, Louise Long, Carolyn Ruth, Jane Hood, Davd Woodland. Row Five: Thomas Schoettle, Dan Bertolctte, Robert Dilworth, Robert Red, Donald Rittenhouse, Earl Clevenstine, William Rex, Alfred Lobb, Fred Ryder, James O'DonneIl, Fred Lobb, Kenneth Butera William Hedstrom, John Connelly. Richard Davis, Schonely Henry Rennmger, William DeAngelis, Harry Marklcy, Russell Sands, George Hardy, Robert Mills Left to Right-First Circle: Tarlecki, Richard, Frankenfield, David, Goldman, Jerry, Piacitelli, Phillip, Thompson, James, Righter, Ben, Youngjohns, Richard, Santangelo, Alphonso, Heck, Walter, Hock, Paul. Right Side: Bray, Thomas, Gray, Russell, Dewees, Lane, Willauer, David, Phillips, William. Left Side: Anselm, Paul, Billers, Joseph, MacDonald, Robert, Scheirer, Franklin, Georgetti, Benny, Hoy, Betty, Barber, Stanley. First Riser: Moore, David, Williams, Gordon, Lesher, William, Salamone, Raymond, Estes, Robert, Vitabile, Alfonso, Borkey, Marianne, Sander, Carl, Lelli, Anthony, Sands, Russell, Petters, Robert. Back Row: Smith, Byron, Templeton, Virgil, Bertolette, Daniel, Martin, Charles, Getty, Barbara, Ludwick, Nancy, Parante, Sylvia, Lesher, Virginia, Newman, Doris, Kilpatrick, Jack, Clinton, Thomas, Griffin, James, Fox, Leon, Schonely, William, Bean, Christian. l3amlanJ0a Column left, one, two, halt, and Mr. I-lolton was changing the boys who played into the boys who played and marched. Page such and such, one, two, play .... this time Mr. Holton was mak- ing radio stars from the same ambitious material, WNAR was supplying the audience. And with the same one, two, the band turned out a Yule Musikana. Then certain privileged members went to District Band, that dark and had been stormy night in February, The fast stepping Majorettes of the football season chose this occasion to become ushers, along with some interested boys, and the band played on. But not to forget the orchestra, we now mention our small ones. Seen seldom about in activities that brought fame and glory, this group struggled to present their best in the assemblies where they did show face. 120 fi I V "'Yi'f7Q5 . ,r ' V 2' 1' ! K - ' A ' H ,. - gy 1 t Q V W AA V 4 . , a t V - Q Q J. A A ' ' - v A Rx, 1 - P- i Q , 4,4 f ' . , f I x X 5. , N, . ,O ,, ,A 5 lm if - "io . f 4 M . 1 ' r KJ x V-X ,f 'Q E5 f 5 ' K A N A '9 J J -an :' LM u 2' ,' . dv I Q Z 1 6 1 'S ' , ll 1- -1 z If 'iP,, ll i u nu F " """' 1 Q w..-, An' . , Q - f bf - A f.w,f---'.T.- , 1' if"-1' 4:5 41 L I' ,V 'xl 1' 4 . I pq '14 , 1 r'f-f' ft" ,1 x " wif! f ff D 4 'I - NY? 'au VX. 6 '92 . . ' , Q ... . 1 . , , l u h V ms . , I Z The representatives from the three top Home Rooms-left to right- Cyril Farrelly HR. 21 1 Josephine Volpe H.R. 57: Benjamin Lynch HR. 36, anfain . . . Hovv many are in this Home Room? How many banked? Well, do something about it! . . . Activity period Monday generally found forty harassed officers begging their respective rooms to invest in the future, save for college, or that car, or that date. And a good number did just that. Enough, anyway, to start a good tight for the annual picture avvard, presented by the Norristown Penn Trust Company. Pennies andfor dollars invested there came in mighty handy, anyone will admit. Opposite Page: Top Left4Spirit a la model Top Right-Fact or Fiction? P? CenteriLetting loose after L.M.'s cooked goose! Bottom Left-No rushg no food! Bottom Right4Bortniansky's Cherubirns, again? l22 I i , - ,,.',,. ,I 1 f , ' iyfr gig' , ' f'?X2iAf,p K iw 4' 14' Q ,Qi F. w f ', 4 , x '4 In-EY V i' PX Sv K K ,uf '-8'L'iaA:b 5 S I 7 " - , 4. - W A I 4 XX V' 'ig V ',f3'. , gs .Si 2' Q if av, J, xi Qi N fp , ' 4 I N V 1, ,., I , .. 1 ix l f f 5. - - , 1 .1 -L W ii 2 V . - .f X .f 9' 1xn'w . if ik. + f 31: f 'Q ' -Q -if fy K3 T, :wg xv P K ,f 321 H5555 A 3 N -fb., . Q. ,A-,,,-.4..'.f" 1. Q . if f , !- ff " "IT 11411111151 'B X I 'S 'b , ' 1, . 1 . i qffx g ff, ' 1' f :r'. :X rn, ' f 7 fl' fga . 1 'X' Z- I I l 18 .el- hx Q fl S 1" 449 4 1 M as is' 35 'Wing rffff' . ' em Seolian 5720-414 r rw 5 ix M16 QJVTWL uw Our .11 we , wprh PM r' wma A U QLVN r mumcfes View satzffgifw uw fra nfl mir pp ' A X 2 1 4 b . 4 Along about eight one warm tall night the lights of Roosevelt Field shone bright- ly for the first game of the season, Two hours later they shone on our tirst loss, and a narrow one at that. The next week the gods were kind and we chalked up our first, and last, victory, The rest ot the season can be remembered, it needs be, by incidents. We dream ot the blocked kick that Hunsicker ran back for a score against Radnor, but still laugh at our tardy band and Cheerleaders at Pottstown, The battle with Lower Merion was, as usual, a heart- Picture Above Bottom Row: Herbert Abbott, Rich- ard Haines, Harold Badger, Warren Atkinson, John Dawalt, Eugene Coder, Henry Butler, Chester Bright, Joseph Ctenuardi, Gus Patson, Herbert Torbidone, Fred Long. Second Row: Beniamin Curll, Manager, Charles Cog- nato, Richard Antonelli, Kieth Long, Carl Hunsicker, Paul Bingaman, Michael Calarnia, Winfield Brown, Wil- liam Mullen, William DiSanto, James Wood, Manager. Top Row: Anthony Fusco, Alex DiNoIti, Robert Cain, Frank Mitchel, Robert Campbell, Norman Rader, Curtis Coull, Fred Cymbalok, Alfred Cymbalok. 'rf 9' Varsity Coaches Xvieneke and Paocas l26 . l as 5 I ig 1 ZW sky 'X y A Coaches of a champion J.V. squad, Mr. Bucher and Mr Melick breaker, but Birdgeport was far worse. When the goalposts went down they merely joined Norristown's spirit, We weren't feeling very happy. But someone mentioned lvlr. Bucher's undefeated J.V, boys, and life wasn't quite so sad, These little boys were such a well-oiled team that only intercepted passes brought scores for the opponent. l-lere was the promise of things to come. good things at that. But even so, their eight wins added to the big brother's one didn't do more than equal the opponents' victories. First Row: Roney, Dennis, Zameta, Smith, Cox, J., Lloyd, Cain, Ciamo, Keyser, Mitchell, Fisher, DiCicco, l-ladrick, Second Row: Sellers, Dewees, Puleo, Johnson, Rader, Cressrnan, Bontempo, Fusco, Pecharro, Law, Yorck, Fontaine, Curll, Third Row: Deacon, DiNoIfi, Stayton, Butler, Scotts, Spinozzi, Mroz, Patson, Youngjohns, Hudnut, Briesicker. Fourth Row: Paschall, Fellman, Swayzee, Orsini, Joseph, l-lutchrnan, Salarnone, Tyson, Musselman, Correo, Fifth Row: Troilo, V., Irwin. D., Cox, A., Triese, Goodman, Darden, Bono, Natalini, Wells, lrwin, R., Mano, Faini, Troilo, C., Delvlarco, C-enuardi. NHS 6 6 T2 O O 9 O 7 7 O FOOTBALL Opponent Overbrook . , . . 7 Radnor .... O Haverford . . . 20 Pottstown . . 34 Chester ..... I3 Phoenrxvnlle .. 14 Abungton ,.., Z6 Lower Merton , , 14 Conshohocken . 7 Bridgeport . 2 Top -Ha, Ha!-You're tt! Center-Stopped at The flfty . . J.V4 FOOTBALL NHS 7 Overbrook ...... 7 Ambler .... T9 Haverford ... 32 Pottstown . . 27 Radnor ..... 7 Hull School .. 6 Abnngton . , . 27 Lower Merion Bottornf Haif The twred VTGVOQS COVYTC . . , ,W Opponent O O 6 7 O O O O ,,,,Yq,,f:, f .Qi , X-COUNTRY SCORES N HS Opponent Ambler . . . Haverford . . Chester .... Upper Darby Lansdale . . . Lower Merion Birdsboro ., Alumni .... Springfield . District I Championship Norristown . . , Haverford Upper Darby Norristown vra? I .V M "" Marcus Hook Lions Club Championship Upper Darby . . Haverford .... State Finals-Norri stown fourth HOCKEY SCORES NHS Opponent Upper Menon Lansdale . . . Cheltenham Spring City . Springfield . Lower Merion Abington .. Upper Darby Radnor .... Top-The Champs talk things over Center-Well-somebody get it! Bottom-Son's of Mercury! 9 410643, With special late Summer training at hockey camp, the Eaglettes and their coach, Miss Yanisch, hoped for an extra spe- cial season, Once school started, they wore out the hockey field and themselves in an effort to prepare for their tough season. Just before the first game they pressed their tunics and elected vivacious Nancy I-lorrocks their captain-Later on a cheerleader was assigned to boost further the interest that grew in spite of the short scores. But nothing seem to help-so it was that, with spirit high, a tear in their favorite bus driver's eye, the pretty hockey team ended the season with one vic- tory-glory bel-two ties-and six defeats. ix xr Miss Yanisch, Miss Horrocks, and Mrs, Herr Left to RightQBottom Row: Peggy Lou Roth- ermel, Caroline Faulkner, Peggy Jo Coleman Nancy Horrocks, Betty Keyser, June Ferrier, Ger- trude Woodland, Theresa Giannone. Top Row: Helen Miller, Anna Mae Hollis Patsy Oberholtzer, Sallie Alker, Louise Long Nancy MacMullan, Elaine Worth, Mgr. Mr. Earl and Mr. Herr-The coaches of the vear NHS 56 42 4l 49 62 42 48 52 45 56 60 49 64 VARSITY SCORES Phoenixville . Radnor .... Berwyn . Chester . . Bridgeport . . Radnor . . . Bridgeport . Pottstown . . Upper Darby Abington . . . Haverford . , Chester ..., Lower Merion Opponent 27 23 i8 30 l6 l6 23 40 32 l7 34 25 47 Bay! Baakeldall These were the i'l3uzz Boys" and all Nor- ristown took them into their hearts. We broke down doors to see them play and in return they broke records 4.., The season brought a new individual single game of 34 points by Moe Schiavo , . . the toppling of Radnor lin the last breathless secondsl winning the dis- trict title for us . . . laughter to our throats watching the hordes ot squashed people at the Lower lvlerion game . . . tears in our eyes when Williamsport's 7 points snapped our streak ..,. 52 Pottstown . 4 , 49 50 Cheltenham . , . 35 48 Upper Darby . . . , 23 50 Abington .... . 3l 84 Berwyn .... , 29 78 Haverford . . . , 20 70 Lower Merion ,. 35 6l Cheltenham ..,,...,... 39 60 Phoenixville ......,,.... l9 P, l. A. A. FINALS NHS Opponent 44 Yeadon .... 29 5l Ridley Twp. . . 29 37 Radnor ..... 34 40 Williamsport .,......... 47 Lett to Right-Bottom Row: Richard Dewees, Harry Lobnitz, Robert Dewees, Dominick Cuono, Carmen Schiavo, Michael Maggio. Top Row: Ronald Bolton, Curtis Coull, David Trout, Eugene Coder, William Musselman, Joseph Genuardi, Philip Marchese, David Friedeborn. Left to Rightflfirst Row: Richard Landis, Carl Sanders, John Daywalt, Robert Cain, Mel vin Woodbury, Carl I-Iuber. Back Row: James Werkiser, Robert Scott, Leroy Scott, Philip Piacitelli, Michael Monas tero, William DeCarlo, Thomas Richmond, Earl Clevenstine, Richard Youngjohns, Virgil Tem pleton. JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES NHS Opponent 3O Chester ....,. . I3 I7 Radnor , , 4 , I4 Sl Lower Merion , . . 25 45 Berwyn , , S 26 Pottstown .... . I7 35 Chester . . . 8 Cheltenham . 3I Bridgeport . , 6 Upper Darby 23 Radnor .... I9 Abington . . 29 Bridgeport . . 9 Berwyn - - V . 33 Pottstown . . I8 Haverford . . . 3I Upper Darby . . 20 LOWQI' Marion 34 Abington . . , I4 Cheltenham . 33 Haverford ...,.,.. . . . . 6 We glorified in their team work . . . yet we learned to recognize their individual stamps . . . Lobnitz's lightening fast dribble . . . Schiavo's one hand push up . . . Dick and Bob Dewees' set shots . , . Cuonos brilliant floor play . . . but it is as a great team that we shall always remember them, Under N. H. Sfs "won" and only Lawson Earl, the hard-working hotshots of the hardwood were really hot 'n hard to beat, The promise of things to come is our un- defeated Jayvee team. Always overshadowed by the Varsity, these kids ran through Zl straight without a loss. All these things led to the inevitable cli- max-suburban and district one titles, our first undefeated regular season, and the name of Norristown's greatest court combination, "The Buzz Boys." Phoenixville , Y . ,f 1 E3 xx 1 A . - X l , . Q 7711 -N I . M , 15,4 W ff " 'f 1 ll :Z7f'ffl5'2,1 I ,1 ,of K f ' M,,9,9,, ,X Z' i ,etijyff ,fig I 55522 f , . y,g',,,g,,, , f'1Q22g?'ff?iz,f:f:t, ff 95 -' Ji f L' zz .f,g,,,e ,M .3 , . ,.-fwf...fv it W Mrs. Gorman M658 N. H. Sfs sports teams seem to be haunted by double, triple, and quadru- ple number combinations. ln the case of the girls' basketball team it was the Big Three.. .three wins, three ties, and three loses ..,. Mid season was a bit confusing with a change of coaches- Miss Yanisch to Mrs. Gorman - but guards and forwards snapped into form with enough ease to tie the first game coached by the new coach. The greatest "day in the morning" of the whole season was the victory over undefeated Lower Merion .,,. ln the Hall of Thrills was the "Bee-uoo-tee- ful" midcourt shot of Jo Koons that ac- tually went in . . . that was the B-port game .... Top score getter for the team was Junie Ferrier who chalked up l49 net swishers. Left to Right--First Row: Ethel Schroeder, Dorothy Roscoe, Joan Fitzgerald, Rose Ciccer- one, Betty Hoy, Wilhelmina Culbreth, Ann Pellechio, Nancy Horrocks, Charlotte Marino, Second Row: Betty Jane Wood, Betty Keyser, Janet Diamond, Nancy Youngblood, Jean Norman, Theresa Rubert, Mary Jane Angstadt, Sarah Jane Henderson, Elease Allen, Lois Koons. Back Row: June Ferrier, Aldine Loughlin, Marie Marinari, Patsy Oberholtzer, Edith Brais- lin, Betty Betton, Anna Mae Hollis, Geraldine Brooks, Janet Schultz, Elsie Hallman, Betty ' Lou Koons. S . . Q C',"l-lixc' curls Hcrc c mt thc "i VVXQ. girls' Yup, that was the main bugaboo for the team-Abeauty and the MY, pool just didnt mix. But there was practicing to be done-meets to be won-so Mrs l-lerr and Mrs Smith got them into sera ious work, Westtown was the tightest meet-the girls waited for almost an hour before the final score was tallied- the rag doll mascot went in for her fourth dunking ..,, Although the Mermaids were pretty much all wet, the Mermen were six meets wetter ..,. Twice the boys piled up 45 points to the oppositions Zl and then a nerve wracker at Wilmington- anybody's meet until the last - and close-racell ,... The Regional meet found Jack Cooper and Clarence Wil- son in the lOO-yd. free-style-Cooper placing secondg Charlie Love chose the 220 free-style race placing third .... Everyone on both teams, coaches as well, are looking forward to next year and . . . new suits. 1250 Top -Coaches Landes and Herr Bottom--Captains Morrison and Hunsicker Left to Right----Top Row: Peggy Jo Coleman, Janet Morrison, Corinne Rush, Gertrude Woodland, Betsy Borkev, Carolyn Corson, Anna Whnte, Doris Robbins, Mrs, Smith, Mrs. l-lerr. First Row: Mary Keenan, Dorothy Vocht, Dorris Wagner, Ciertrude Sauers, Evlyn Pierce. Marianne Borkey, Martha Forsyth, Marlee Daller, Ida Marie Bach. l ,sl 1 9' 9. 'tr' - -, ft" " 'E' ug v , 1 f fi Ah. .an-..,, - 'lf 'S : M .mx-..,, 1' as r if ww Q? 1' 4 if Q avg' Q f . ' . 145' -1 2 , M ,J I f " 1 -nab '7wcla Our track boys of the '46 spring either accentuated the positive or elim- inated completely-all season long one sided scores haunted Pete Lewis' boys. By and large, the West Catholic meet was most disappointing. Not only did the Eaglemen go down before foreign foes, but Dick Hinterleiter remained a fallen sparrow-left wing in a sling. On a damp day in May, 900 boys started the showers and slammed locker doors as they christened our new field house. Occasion :-the annual Norris- town lnterscholastic Meets. NHS men laughed at Old Man Weather and romped into third place. 1 ln the District One meet, Upper Darby was the victorious host-the Blue and White placed second. At State Finals, Ron Coder won one of seven firsts in pole vault, while Winnie Brown and John Lawler represented NHS in the running broad jump and Shot put. Left to Right-Bottom Row: Lochery, Paul, Coull, Curtis, Sisler, Delarme, O'Neill, Jack, Allan, Richard. Second Row: Hallman, Robert, Coder, Ronald, Bean, Robert, Davis, Richard, Debus, David, Newman, Clarence, Butler, Edward, Wosczna, Francis, Elliot, William, Criffo, Sam. Third Row: Brown, Winfield, Steiner, William, Schmidt, Frank, Lawler, John, Mathews, Larry, Abbott, Herbert, Lawler, James, Friedeborn, David, Heyser, William, Griffin. Kenneth. Top Row: C-ailey, Wayne, Haley, Norman, Exar, Nick, Miller, Fred, Spence, Calvin, Williams, Sidney, Joseph, Franklin. 160 tal l Top--Coach Lewis. Center-Mathews, a mighty man is he! Bottom-'tWinner Winnie". NHS Opponents 72 Reading ,. . 45 46l,2 Hill School ,... 7OV2 45 West Catholic , . . 72 97 Pottstown .... 20 84 Ambler ...,..,..,.. 33 Penn Relays-3rd in Suburban. Venzke Relays-3rd. Norristown lnterscholastics-3rd, District l Championships--Znd. State Championships. Brown-3rd in broad jump, Coderklst in pole vault. I X X T-5 . v xiizfn l39 NHS 4 O 4 5 4 2 6 Left to Right-Bottom Row: Robert Atkinson, Charles Lewis, Thomas Basile, James Crits, Thomas Richmond, Charles Hood, John Brogan. Top Row: Benjamin Cavaliere, Robert Ziegler, Robert Kehr, Herbert Emerson, Frank Zinni, Alan Lewis, Mgr. E '46's warm spring breezes and the diamond allure of the converted grid- iron brought baseball enthusiasts out in droves-well-a hundred or so at least-These rooters for America's favorite sport watched N. H. S. team win and lose equally well 3 to land, at the end of the season, straddling the proverb- ial fence. lt was a seven-seven lno chance at elevenl setup. With unprecedented good fortune, Cheltenham won two games . . . twice Pitcher Zinni tossed one-hitters . . . at the twilight fray with Lower Merion Mr. Weather Man got his signals mixed and threw in a rainstorm- but it was of little consequence to Mr. Wieneke's nine-men who just managed to get the game under their bats. As to post season activity-Charlie Hood, veteran Eagle catcher has gone in search of a permanent berth with the Phillies .... Pleasant knots to tie up the strings of a pleasantly even season! BASEBALL Opponent Bridgeport ., 2 Bridgeport . Cheltenham , l Cheltenham Abington . . . l l Abington . . Lower Merion 8 Lower Merion Haverford .. 3 Haverford .. Radnor ..... 3 Radnor ,... Upper Darby . 5 Upper Darby l4 Coaches Herr and Wweneke Lefty" Cavaliers Charlue Lewis Pirches, it "V i ,4, , i V i my if , i it l HQ t , 4 im-5 2 bw It 1, " t' i V V ' v ' a J. E 4 4' 5' -,N I 'U 92 :, -- 1 Ky at cvwws + y ,Y ,W ,V l 5 UN' he , Jef' Si, 4' - 'gu n f , i f, 'a 5 ' .mn l 4 .. , nun: N X r l ' X" ' V .av , ' ea 9' , V -' V 5 ' , . 1.5 ,M 5 , , Wa' f V. T5 ' Q in Ah fizai- -0- W 7 Bottom Pcs-. Kay Dewces Peggy Logan. Jean Abbott, A ' Sylvia Schx-.c ker Heien Miller Top Row Anne Schvvcikcr, lcmc Fcrricr, Ntarr, Jane Hcimcr. Ann Robinson. Mgr Quaid' '7en,mA As to the girls ,... it didn't last long. lt didnt get much publicity. lt didn't stop raining very long: but, it was fun vvhile it lasted. Brads Beauties discovered the en- chantments of long trips lall l3 ot them in po' lil' Si V. I., busl, the charms of host schools, the glory ot victory, and the disappointment of defeat .... espe- cially at the raclcets of L, lvl. and Radnor. Lite will be lite, so tennis went on after those harrowing matches, and lust about outstayed school. ClRLS' TENNIS NHS Crip ngr' 5 Coe-tenham , Q -1 Berwxn . , ' l 7 Radnor . . . . -1 1 l Lansdowne , , , . . 4 Abington--Postpihed A Upper Darby , , , . . . 3 Ciatesxille M, Lswer Nlerion Qoakertown . Center- rs ESFU-':fV""C'fi', 'Iss Ee'tv E'aj.-.a Eottonr- 'er t Q.-., rrgpglwi l-i3 it , ai .,, X 'Fig Qi? -..... :--.."i!'a-h.A ,-ii. Now that you have your book, we can say that preparing it for you, checking layouts, pictures and such, has meant hours of hard work. Urgent proofing had to be done just the day when the spring sun was so inviting that the thought of a printed page was horriblel Despite it all, it was funl . . . be- cause ofthe association with the rest of the staff-their criticisms, help, and snappy repartee . . . because of the limitless cooperation from every one whose help we sought . , . Here we'd like to express our deep gratitude for that assistance, so intrinsic to the completion of Spice . . . to every one at the Bussa Studio, where all our pictures were made . . . to lvlr. Flammer, of the engraving company . . . and Mr. Esser, the printer . . A to the senior mem- bers of the Teen Age Club for their generous gift . . . and affectionate ap- preciation to our faculty sponsors, Mr, Scheirer, who kept us from bank- ruptcy, and to Mr, Kephart, whose geniality eased us through production and deadline difficulties. . , Our postscript wish . . . that the Future shall lead you through pleasant roads and that your success be limited only by your desires. THE STAFF. l44 School ns not a preparatlon for lute school as I e The ablllty to handle what money you have IS a Even though now you are dealung nn only small amounts the experience In saving and handlung money IS snvaluable You can open a savings account at the Norris town Penn Trust Company wuth as lvttle as Sl OC nrrlslnwn Penn Trust Company MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM l-4 ll XI l'f l prime requisite for successful living. l A 5 LQ'-'J SEM U , il Continuous improvements in yearbook design as well as in photo-engraving procedure are the primary Considerations that influence your choice of engravers. Over a period ot years, we have earned the distinction of being leaders in both design and procedure. Our congratulations to your yearbook statt. lt has been a genuine pleasure to cooperate with them in producing your Class record book. A yes, from Maine to Florida STEVENS HIGH lMe.l STATE TEACHERS COIL. lMass.l PUTNAM ACADEMY lConn.l ATHENS HIGH IOIIIQI sT. MARY ACADEMY lMich.l CGRTIAND TEACHERS IN. Y,I TEMPLE UNIVERSITY lPa,J UNIV. or DELAWARE lDel.l AIIEGHENY HIGH IMd.I MAN HIGH SCHOOL Iw. Va.t FOREST IAKE ACADEMY IEIn.I ff El Fr - . ,f xx 3254! f pe e 3 , A-, 9""'fA. i A fl HERE'S A HELPING HAND . f E 'e' . U fs E ,Q Q The only one ot its kind--a "continuIng catalogue ot over l5O .few modern and practical layouts plus helpful production information. l 4 5 1 FQ Schools and Colleges all over the country have found in this cata- logue the EASY way to prepare their yearbooks and to execute the en- QYOVIDQ part ot the job. Every yearbook staff needs one-reserve Your copy of the NEW Fall edition now. THE BASIL L. SMITH SYSTEM v1016 Cherry St. 0 Phila. 7, Pa. -- Meet the Rest for the Best at JUHNNIE 5 THE NORTH END BRIGHT SPOT JANE LOGAN DELUXE ICE CREAM POWELL C7 WOOD STREETS JOHN D ILLINGWORTI-I Evans, Ennqer, OWERS FOR OCCASIONS and BHYHT ANNA EATANESE I NSU RANCE C 32I DeKALB STREET fi Bef W Kurtz Hrnlhers THE CLASS OF Processors of Quality Foods 6 Hgh SCI' O' Smce I892 BRIDGEPORT PA FOR REAL FRESH PASTEURIZED HOMOGENIZED AND RAW MILK CREAM AND MILK PRODUCTS IIAKLANIJ FARMS I4 7 I F L A L L 'R Curren Ar ade, Norrisfovvn, Pa. I Congratulatuons an :shes to '47 i' , I Els nhower Semor I o I I ' Home and School Association , I , . J, 1 7 OFFICIAL JEWELER NORRISTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Hubert .I Snuli Cn Establ shed I 902 Manufacturing Jeweler CLASS AND COLLEGE RINGS CHARMS MEDALS PINS WITH YEAR GUARDS SORORITY AND FRATERNITY PINS TROPH IES PROM FAVORS For Qualnty at a Reasonable Pnce Buy Direct from the Manufacturer IOOI CHESTNUT STREET VICTORY BUILDING PHILADELPHIA LDERS HARDWARE MILL SUPPLIES LLOYD H DAUB HARDWARE NORRISTOWN PA PHONE 4670 BRIDGEPORT PA PHONE 4672 COMPLIMENTS OF Lee Ture and Rubber Co 1435 W MAIN STREET ROGER S JEWELRY COMPANY 83 EAST MAIN STREET NORRISTOWN PA HARLEY FISHER Ma age HUD WHITE VALLEY FORGE HOTEL Dustnnctrve Men s Wear I ?' Y- II ,I O BU! For I ' ' ' NORRISTOWN, PA. ' J. , n r KI Q AT " 'II I48 ADAM SEHEIIIT BREWING IIIJMPANY NORRISTOWN PA 'V ik si? iv COM PLI MENTS OF ik wif wi PHOTO ENGRAVING THIS LITTLE IVIAN REPRESENTS THE FINEST QUALITY HI-XLFTIINES LINE CUTS UH EUMBIN!-ITIUNS ON DEEPLY ETCI-IED ZINC ALLOY OR COPPER PLATES - NUHHISTUWN HERALD Inc ISO I 1' 'VI I gr I 1 , . MEIIIIY S 408 DeKALB STREET l HAWN GARAGE NoRRlsTowN PA e pho 2323 NASH Sales Servlce FLGWERS Tame ANY Place Occasnon 209 E MAIN STREET WILLIAM YEAGER NOWSTOWN PA 538 DeKALB ST Pho 5070 PCL lfL6lfl0l'l The all important event of school lnfe Craduatuon ns urely worth a cap and gown portrait The personal exchange of these photo graphs keeps school memorues for all time BUSSA STUDIII and ABT SHIIP 332 DeKALB STREET Photographs of the Better Knnd l5l u fl l E 'I' T le ne Norristown In . . . A If . ne l ci O . - ' ' . ' . S Cares Wvsl End Pharmacy YOUR REXALL DRUG STORE Prescription Speclalusts and Surgrcal Appliances ho e 166 621 West Ma s all V IJ L P E CLOTHING STORE rorz Men Young Men Boys Suuts Trousers Sport Coats Ladues and Gents Custom Tailor W Ma shall St Nor to rm a Lllllan E Smith Gifts Greetmg Cards NORRISTOWN PA TELEPHONE 5505 McAllister fr Moms PLUMBING AND HEATING CONTRACTORS 225 W Ary St NORRISTOWN PA 0793-0794 OPPERS Ill In KOPPIIS COKE you get more for your tuel dollar Almost all pure carbon lt dellvers more heat wlth less waste More heat per ton means less expend ture per w nter Its high ire burns slow steady even doesnt waste heat saves you money For a warm comfortable house next winter svlth less Ire tending get KOPPIRS COX! RAINEY WOOD COKE COMPANY CONSIIOIIOCKIN PA 1 ! P rl 7 'ph Sl' 714 . r ., ris w, P 403 W, MARSHALL STREET . I ., , Phoncsi df! f i- i . I 152 UW I5 THE TIME FUR ALI. GIJUD ME And at us sndeed tame hugh tlme for Amerrca partlcularly nts youth to flnd agaln the :deals of :ts founders to take pride ln mothenng the op pressed to exemplufy the meanlng of mercy sympathy and love to share ln proud humullty a sample beluef an Cod For great are the problems of future years the enormous challenglng problems that we shall have to solve If we consider ourselves to be the great free people of the post war world We shall have to solve them nn the spnrnt of helpfulness and brotherhood We shall have to dedlcate our strength and our free Ideals rn wnsdom to brlng about the lastlng peace that wnll fund no natlon a pawn no man a scape goat but all way several tlmes and It dad not work The other way will never work We luke to thrnk that out of these troublous tnmes there may stem a new dugnnty never yet attained fo all mankind rooted In Faith and flowering not In mere tolerance but In knndluness and sympathy rn a real wash to understand our fellow rnen You the youth of Ameruca who must now assume responsrbllrty for leadershup and vusuon wall have no small part In determunung whether that wxsh shall be fulfllled that good men really have corne to the and of thenr fellow human belngs D H E BUYH 53 I I I peoples neighbors and lfriends. We tried it the other I l TELEPHONE 2290 SULLIVAN ASHII General Roofmg and Shop Sheet Metal Work Insulation Sndnng Waterproofing and Heater Work BUILDING MATERIALS SOLD THE CLASS or 47 HEHSIJN 5 42 E MAIN STREET NORRISTOWN PA SOCIAL STATIONERY GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS ll M Feldman, Im: IO W MAIN ST NORRISTOWN PHONES 2454 2455 AUTUM!-ITIII HE!-ITINII SERVICE 421 W MARSHALL ST 0645 NORRISTOWN COMPLI MENTS OF KULP and TACIGART ESSo STATION COMPLI MENTS OF WILDMIIN MFE IJIJ T E Congratulations and Best Wishes to GREE-I-'NC' CARDS BOOKS 9 1 l l I ' . I . - I I 154 Wlfln A OU are the sculptor of your own existence The goal you set as the model by which you work and the present ns the clay wnth which you are workzng moldnng your tomorrow by your deeds of today You can t remodel the past the future us only yours to anticipate but NOW rs your time to shape as you wnll Savmg rs the fvrst great prnncuple of all success If at were posslble to lnlect the qualuty of savnng into every gurl and boy we would have a great many more real men and women MUNTBIIMEHY TRUST IIUMPANY Over 60 Years of Service NORRISTOWN PENNSYLVANIA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE coRPoRATroN ll ll l55 ffvflraf- tl- . 2 nj' NN f lg, 'J 'gl L. v iffy, - I V PELTENT 5 BQOXVN u DQKALB STREETS Breyers ice Cream Spoorxed the l Old Fashioned Way Sodws C1 Surwdae -9 Q SERVICE Z 1 NN MAIN STREET NCRRISTOWN PA As Your Grocer for 3 wwf wg, PRODUCT! s, WNTE MAcARop9Rf:Iug1 Arena 8 Sn NORR I STOVXJN ns, Inc PA RPETS PUCS VENETIAN BLINDS JOLEU S XVINDOW SHADES FRANK BATDIIHF I-'ome Decorator NORRISTOWN PA 5 m to hec1WTrwo tObI gat o TH Y M II A NIJRHISTUWN Servmg Norrrstown Men and Boys Over 61 Years ' Emmfam me f qu C F , T l 1 A f T T 1 1 Magazmcs C V5 ,Nj I li ,- V T T rr cu S Sooo TT.. TT' 'VVY T - TQ UNY slr T A ,T r' .3 , CN 1 T O T!! 5 L? C ' 2' , I fi U W T , - Q' V . . W , 1 1 PHONE T950 1 T U A N1 lr V 1 VT 3 :A , . ' T V H A T, Us M ' 'S T H 4 T 'I Y' I li U 1 T , . 'I "I X Telcphowc- 11012 IO-4 DeKalb Shoo' ,. , 9 '35 l E Tx a S Forms I u It I rw WARD' ia Y """efwf,,,,W,q M4 3j fi1 , ,r 7' .. A Tl T E IT ' I n l I 'M 3 T' OF V Ev . . H N 'T il 1 3 . i V 1 3 1 I 56 1 5 W SX 253 Q www 2 if ati? GP We mean Cllberts Clothes and you that as now that you ve graduated you know how Important nt ns to be correctly attnred to be out front to stay on top GILBERT S Clothes 157 . - - E .Wy EW 5 ,- Q ':'-1":EF12522251115:11:-.Qf1E5?::E.i'EfSf-'Z'..,fs,I'Eii:sf'i' '? I I .t.A22ees5szsQ2514gfQI:Ezifffffiessalzeasseffff 2 1'I5A5iZIfI5?5?525E5SE5E5Efi2if52afE2EiEiE?z's':-p.1 -:if -- X '31 "'Q .,.,. 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' tif! ir if 'A' JUMMEHILL TUBING IIUMPANY BRIDGEPORT PA 'A' ir 'A' The Orlglnal STEHN FURNITURE IIUMPANY of Norrnstown 156 WEST MAIN STREET 921 1947 .I A Luqan Vlnk Pharmacist 837 DeKALB STREET NORRISTOWN PA Ph es 0678 3344 POWER C7 RESIDENTIAL WIRING WILLIAM J HOGAN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR ct cal F a d Ap NORRISTOWN PA H1-ILLMAN EL H!-IDELIFF 517 19 21 WEST MARSHALL STREET Furnishings for the Family NOTIONS NOVELTIES GIFTS .I F SPILLANE 5 and ICC STORES W M sh St 1352 P ell St t DeK Ib St NORRISTOWN BRIDGEPORT FROM A FRIEND on - I I I u . Ele ri ixtures n pliances IIO E. Marshall Street I I - - 506 . ar all reel' I . . . ow ree 419 a reet l l' 1 159 FIRST FASI-IIOINS If I H 5 'I' IVIUIJHE BHUS WHOLESALE L kt II I II OO Ort anew as Frults and PrOduCe O S frst at Chatlns the Nor Stovvn BOBOUOI-I MARKET Home t Moe Tha IOOO Natlonally Ad vertlsed Brands IIHATLIIXI 5 Congratulanons to SPICE OF I947 W S IVIUSSELIVIAN ELECTRAOIST Department Sturt: MAIN AND MILL STREETS CI I gf NQIQRISTQWN COMPLI MENTS OF JAMES LEES 8 SUNS EIJMPANY BRIDGEPORT PA IVIINERVA and COLUMBIA Hand Knlttlng Yarns LEES CLEAR COLOR CARPET I6O I If , I I Q I I ' I, I n I I ' ' , I V . . . VI I III . I . I III U V m ' II ,,,,L,,,j, I - I T TT I. . IF:TTTTT ' A I - I I I I ' II II I ' I Q -F- I: I , I . I , I .. ,I H l'llIlIllvI' U11ffIllI'r.I' MIIII INIQ I I 5-IO Iurcw I , PA I I I I I I I. I II II I I I ,I II , . II E. II I I I 'I I I. I I I I If FRIEDIVIAN S INEW Yami STUHE EOR NICER TI-IINCS Clarence V Steffen 4 6 EAST MARSHALL ST uahfy Flowers NES 3 BOOKS STATIONERY CREETINC- CARDS Sames Bunk Stun' S D KALB ST NORRISTOWN PA fqnne '7awneq C D KAIEB STITEET NORRISTO VN PA Clothes for every occasuon Ooe Shop with Confidence BLUIIH S NORRISTOWN Ilnng Merchandise Of IVIerlT TTC S SL, 3? S C A S Jef I y I II I I I ' ,, I at I I I Q j 9 I RI-IOI 1 IfIIAI9IoJ I II ,, I I SS I I X 1 L J Y, .Y 1, ,Y Q, .I Y II ,I If II' I 'II I I I , I I Se ' ' JI c .. , . II so I so ' W A SINCEISSAI C S X 1 X II. . Y Y A :Iam 9.53 To Sao I new 9133 If 9120 I I6I Amcrzco is Haunting 011 you f A Cap A Gown A Diploma Do Not Make A Graduation A Glrl A Boy and Youthful Hopes and Enthuslasms Do Graduatrng rnto a new career backed bs a Cherrshed Herrrage of Amerrcan Ideals Your place rn the world ns to See P an Strrse bevond the Old Horrzons serrtably brmgrng a Mythncal Utopra rnto Clearer Realrsm Frll vsell your Role rn esers Scene rn Lrfes Drama Amerrca IS counrrng on you Wfe are proud to present thls school annual as a sample of the criftsmanshrp design and servrce of whrch vue are capable It vsas a pleasure to vsork wlth the staff 10 a cooper atne effort to accomplrsh such a merrtorlous task as this excellent book We extend con gratulatrons The Kutztown Publrshrng Co Przzzfef s ami Pzzblzsbef s 245 W lNIAlN STRFET IN IxUT7TOXXN PFNNSX LVANIA 162 v 0 o 1 ... ... . , . ... 1 ..... V , , . l 4 . . . ., 1 rvx . 4 9 V v Y'V - . 4 . I - a Q O ,,. , ,- Y . vf uv ,., . . r . . . 1, ,lr r A df ACCUUNTING SECRETARIAI. 1 2 3 Year Courses for Men and Women fl, J SUMMER TERM 8 Weeks Beglnnnng June 16 Shorthand and Typnng Courses for those who plan fo offend college Q Brush up and Regular Courses FALL TERM Day Sepf 2 Evening Sepf I5 F """"' '565 EARLY emzoumfur Aovlsuus EFEIIRCE scHooL fs rs yp In 52I00f MYERS DRUG STORE MORRIS COHEN Pho BSC PHONES 0537 cf 0638 328 DeKALB STREET NORRISTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS OF STROEHMANN BROS CO Janes and LEWIS 1701 MARKLEY STREET Your ESSO Dealer For Happy Motoring See Us W I-I Kneas Lumber C nc LUMBER FUEL OI' MILLWORK COAL SOO E MAIN STREET Phone 2975 Complumermts of a Frnend pprove or Vac-ram' Training yy' . , . -Wa ld", QQ - fl , - - ou . . Peirce e oo u ding, Pine l. ni of Bread, Phllu el I 2, Pa. Call, w N or phone nn az If - or calalug and daloiledinlormoilon , . I o., I . H - H Harry A Henna WHOLESALE STATIONEQY AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES P e C POTTSTOWN PA BUICK THE STYLE STAR FOR I947 Chas W Mann Motor MARKL Y a CI MARSHALL STREETS NORRISTOWN PA FLAVIJHITE IEE CREAM j QKCIUOI' 5 mt? Made IH Norrlstown LInCoIn Battery G Tlre Co ZI5 WEST MAIN STREET NORRISTOWN PA Croodrlch Footwear Tennus Hockey BasI4etbaII Sportmg Goods COMPLIMENTS OE Y. W. II. A. I g W-, 1 I II II Ii ' I II' I Est. II . r II . ' II I I I ' ' I Co. I I I1 II E " III Im 94 I I , .S ' , , I IIi I II II 'I I I I I II .N II I. I III II I I I I ' l 1 . 10 I . . III IIE II- II II Ik Iii Ii' I I Z II I I II , I I I I I - I I I I I I I .. - I64 J Tfxf w 1 I 1 1 x, J 1.2 1 F f Lt 7 C N N ' f ', , X111 uf- 'vawh 1: ,e -, r ,, mi- :rw b '.,' .1'. x, . , ,, 'A 4 . !,..f, 44 , Ami' - , E., NCL-,. . ,- VT V x. VLW, w ,rw f Qt+,1u N , QL . , M , ZJVEH JY "al P "f SLU. , rfgyz, Vw 1 ,rt , ,,, . Ay, 'ww f f11'w,1.f wx - f, v.jr' ,W V ' 'r 'w ' ffl fr 'T ' I L.. ,W , 'J 1 , 'v ' dy" ',, pi 'X ' ,Q ' ' Y gn 'Y f- ! . Hmm 1' "N w...,, .4,, nv ' , uf- ir' .,, INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Arena Cr Sons Inc Asko Sulllvan Automatlc Heating Serylce Batdorf Frank Block s Boyd D Rae Bussa Studuo and Art Shop Care s West End Pharmacy Cat nese Anna Chatlnn s Department Store Cloud J Fenton Daub Lloyd H Evans Conger and Beyer Feldman D M Inc Felten 5 Flavorlte Ice Cream Friend Hallman and Radcliff Hogan Wrlluam J Home and School Assoc Jones and Lewns Johnnle s Keene Est HarryA Kerson s Kneas W H Lumber C nc Kulp and Taggart Kurtz Brothers Kutztown Publxshrng Co Lees James and Sons Co Lee Tlre and Rubber Co Ltncolr' Battery and Tlre McAIIIster and Morris 9 D 34 Q4 J D9 D 4 6 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 D4 4 '7 4 D7 McCoy s Mann Motor Co Chas Moore Brothers Montgomery Trust Co Musselman W S Myers Drug Store New York Store Norrxstown Herald Inc Norrlstown Penn Trust Co Oakland Farms Pterce School Rauney Wood Coke Rawn Garage Roger S Jewelry Co Sames Book Store Scheldt Brewlng Co Adam Sears Roebuck and C Smith Basal L Smith Lllllan E S I ane J F Steffen Clarence V Stern Furnuture Co Stroehmann Bros Co Summerull Tubung Co Tawney Anne Vn J A Lo Volpe Clothung Store Whute Bud Wuldman Mfg Co Yeager Wllllam Y M C A YWCA J 4 4 9 4 4 4 I67 I I , ,. ..,.....,. I-6 ' ....,.....,,....,.., I'I , , t...., .....,, I s ., .w...r...16 ' Co.,,. I' ........,.. . . I6O , I ...t......,,.,. I'6 . ........, 155 ', ........,.,........., ISI , . . .,......., .. I6O , . .......,....,,... IF, ....,,...... I63 ' ....., ISI ...,..,.,. IGI ' I .,,.., I52 ' , , ...... .. ISO a , .,.,,......... I 7 ' . ..,.., I4S " ., ...... I6O ........,...... I47 , , ,......,...,. IS ' ................ I63 . ....,..,....,.. I8 ' CO. ......... I52 , ........ I 7 ....,,.......... ISI . . . . .,,....,... I5 I . .,.... I 8 ' .,...,......,....... IS6 ..........., l6I ' ............ I6 ' ' ,, l49 ' ...,,,.....,..... IS, I63 , o, ..,...,. I56 CiIbert's Clothes ....,.4.....,. I57 Sook, Robert J. ,...,......... I48 ,..,...,...I59 ', ' I . ..........., I59 ' , ' . ........... IS2 , ........ I 7 p'll , 4 . ..,.......,.. I5 , ....,..,....I6I " .................,. I7 ' , ....,....., . IS9 . . . .....,.,... I6 , . ........ .. I63 ' .,... ....,..,.,.... I 5' , ..,,.,,.. ISS , . , o.,I I63 , ........,.. l6l , .......,,.,.. I' lk, , . gan ,........... I59 .,......... I7 ' ...,..... .. I52 . ...,.... I6L ', .......,,.... I 8 , , ...,... I6O ' A. . ,....,. I5 . .....,.. I 8 , ........,.,... ISI . Co. ..... I64 . .... .....,..,......... I 56 'Wg ..-1 1'2-Q. ,ER-i l AL scrwb, Yearbook A 6 Member fmsowb V D ,E L i, i ii 9 EL v I -A r, " r -L QNX ff pw PIL",-1 Uri: Sif'.'.:':: by Tr. ?'f..'i""-'rn Ppi.As?..iC Ccfixz

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